Syrian Tragedy proved: The UN is quite Useless

February 9, 2012

The Syrian Tragedy can show us that the UN is a TOTALLY useless organization“, many truly believe. But in a shitty world that is full of stupid sheep, the UN should be as stupid as and as useless as what we see now. Some say: “The UN is a corrupt circus, exactly like this shitty world”. Unfortunately, the hypocrite west is the main corrupt element of this corrupt circus, not Russia or China. U.S. Ambassador has said: “any further bloodshed that flows will be on their (Russia’s and China’s) hands“. It’s right, but she pretends ignorance that “the bloodshed in 2011, when more than 5000 Syrians were killed and more than 20,000 Syrians were tortured, is on the American and European hands “. The hypocrite west is the main responsible for the Syrian Tragedy. We have not forgotten how the Western companies aid Assad in killing Syrians (check Archive) and how the hypocrite west closed its dirty eyes to the Syrian massacre in 2011. We have not forgotten how the hypocrite west tried to play with public opinion by using the stupid Arab League, that is the league of brutal dictators and medieval regimes. The stupid Arab League is a joke, and their stupid mission in Syria was a very stupid joke. We have not forgotten what the media reported in the late-2011: “Banners [in Syria], written in English, say: “Damn the world’s presidents and Nato leaders. How can you smell the Syrian blood, watch the people die and then sleep tonight?“. Many people who are not like the stupid sheep, have not forgotten many things. And that’s why one of the stupid UN officials recently said: “The Security Council is in a position where it has to do something or else we lose credibility in the international community“. But the stupid UN has already lost its credibility in the international community, and now even the stupidest people know that the UN is a totally useless organization. Now many say: “the western politicians are so stupid and so shameless. They can’t solve the problems of this shitty world; they are part of the problem”. The world needs a new order, and a new global organization that efficiently manages and resolves the global conflicts, specially the conflicts between the people and the politicians.


We should think about a solution, instead of cursing today’s shitty world. I think in the medium term, a new global organization should try to hold referendum in the countries involve in serious conflicts between the politicians and the people. And if a brutal regime and a savage dictator didn’t allow the international community to hold a free referendum, the international community should use force to help the people and the victims of the savage dictator. And in the long term, we should get rid of all politicians; They are evil men. As we said before, in the age of the internet and information, why we, the ordinary people, should transfer our powers to a small corrupt group called Politicians? We ourselves can vote and can participate in making collective decisions. We dont need representative; We all can be representative of
. The Iranian tragedy in 2009-2011, and the Syrian tragedy in 2011, can show us that the corrupt politicians, specially the hypocrite western politicians, are directly responsible for the horrible tragedies of this shitty world. Some truly say: “The US and Europe are worse than Russia and China. Who expect that Russia and China defend human rights or the freedom and democracy? China’s regime is a stupid regime like the western regimes. They are businessmen and are not as stupid as Russia. But even Russia is not a serious threat. The Russian regime will have its own serious problems in 2012, when the Russian people will rise up against their savage dictator (Putin) after the 2012 election show. Now, Russia just wants to preserve his right to slaughter, starve and crush any government opposition in Russia, and that’s why they veto the resolutions against Assad. Russia is exactly like Iran and Syria, and that’s why the Russian bastards had complained that the UN resolution was an attempt at ‘regime change’ in Syria”. It’s so obvious that If the people in Iran, Syria, Russia or any other country want “regime change” or “fundamental change”, then ‘regime change’ will be the most reasonable thing in the world. “Regime Change” is not a taboo. Those who are scared of a free referendum or a free election, are those who try to covert “regime change” into a taboo. These bastards are the stupid lefts and the lovers of Putin, Stalin, Chavez, Assad, Mullahs, and other savage dictators.


The stupid Lefts support the Syrian dictator, Assad, without shame. In the recent days, Hugo Chavez and other Bolivarian bastards in the Latin America have supported Assad. In the recent months, some western stupid lefts wrote in the Guardian: “They want to topple President Assad. It’s a game. And this is how it is played: They mount a media campaign to denigrate any Syrian efforts at reform [!]; try to instigate divisions within the army and the elite; and ultimately President Assad will fall. They see the Syria ‘game’ as the logical successor to the supposedly successful Libya game [!!] Iran [Mullahs] has said that it will respond to any external intervention in Syria [!]. It’s good [!!!]. Assad is so powerful and strong. Only external intervention could change the equation, but for the opposition to call for it would be political suicide [!!], and they know it. The external opposition continues to fudge its stance on external intervention, and with good reason: the internal opposition rejects it [!!!!]”. These shameless jerks who defend the savage dictators without shame, call themselves “intellectual”. And it’s so tragic that many people in the west follow these bastards like stupid sheep. Of course, the wise guys in the west say: “You would prefer to see Assad remain in power, regardless of how many thousands of protesters die? Shame on you. How much is the Assad regime paying you? Assad is a myopic dictator who murders those who dare to express their voices. You say nothing about the children and women slaughtered everywhere. Shame on you. The Syrians know much more of the reality on the ground than you do. Go to Syria and try to peacefully protest. See what happens to you. That goes for all Westerners and others who canonize dictators just because they’re anti-‘imperialism’ and Western when it suits them“. Why the stupid lefts and those who defend Assad and the Mullahs, should live in the free world? These stupid bastards should be forced to live in Iran and Syria. They betray the ordinary people, but why these stupid bastards should be able to live in the free world, and from there defend the dictators? These stupid bastards, who are stupider and more disgusting than the politicians, should be forced to live under tyranny.


Unfortunately, the stupid lefts and the fake intellectuals help the hypocrite politicians and the savage dictators. They love and support Putin, Chavez, Assad, Mullahs, and other savage tyrants. We have not forgotten how they shed crocodile’s tear for the savage Gaddafi. Now, some say: “Russia vetoed the resolution, and it’s a sign of the
‘re-Putinization’ of Russian foreign policy (referring to expectations that Vladimir Putin will return to the presidency in march 2012)”, but the stupid lefts love Putin and Russian veto, and as some wise guys say: “they provide unconditional support for a hated regime representing the interests of merely 10% of the population and resented by 80-90% of the population. The resented minority government starts killing its opponents/ subjects, and the stupid lefts support it. It’s really shameful. The fascists in the Syrian and Iranian regimes gun down peaceful protesters, detain, torture, gang rape, mutilate and execute at will, but the stupid lefts support them. They have no sympathy for the Syrian people who are dying in their thousands, having endured decades of brutal dictatorship. They pretend ignorance about what Iranians or Syrians want and what’s the true meaning of the tyranny. They are shameless jerks who don’t deserve to live in the free world”. The stupid lefts and all stupid bastards who don’t care about the poor Syrians, Iranians, and other victims of the savage dictators, and instead defend Putin, Chavez, Assad, Gaddafi, Mullahs, and other savage dictators, are animals who don’t allow the world to become a better place. These stupid bastards and indifferent animals are exactly like the corrupt politicians who have converted the UN into a totally useless organization. The Syrian people and the Iranian people, and other suppressed nations, are not just victim of their savage dictators or Russia/ China. But they are victim of the hypocrite west, and also the stupid lefts and the fake intellectuals who live in the free world but defend the savage dictators without shame. These stupid bastards who pretend they are anti-war, are worse than the war-lovers. Many know the true colors of the war lovers, but the stupid bastards still can fool the naive people in the west. And it’s one of the great tragedy of this shitty world.

When Iranian Baboons Immigrate from Iran

December 13, 2011

The Iranian expats who live in the west are a large group, about 4 million people. As we said before, before 1979, immigrating from Iran and living in the west was not in fashion, and Iranians could go and live in the west very easily, and even without any visa (Iranians could travel to Europe without any visa in 1970s). But after the Islamic revolution, when all doors were closed and Iranians had to live like a prisoner in Iran that is the Mullah prison, “immigration form Iran” became a fashion and many want to immigrate from Iran at any price or without any study or any thought. As we said before, some ask: “Do 4 million Iranian expats who live in the west have 4 wise people?” But unfortunately, when you look at the Iranian expats community, what you see is very disappointing. Unfortunately, the Iranian baboons are not just the Iranian politicians, Iranian journalists, Iranian fake intellectuals, or political activists. You can find the Iranian baboons among other Iranian groups, too. We already wrote about five groups of Iranian baboons in the west , that are political activist, and now we write about some other groups of Iranians who have immigrated from Iran, but were or have became Iranian baboon outside Iran. The following groups are part of Iranian baboons community : (It’s interesting to know that an Iranian baboon can be member of several groups, not just one of the following groups)

(6) The sheep and fashion-lovers : They are like sheep and only follow the fashion. They have immigrated from Iran only because it was in fashion and it was a high class thing. They knew nothing about the west and the local and global problems. The only thing they knew was that they can remove the Islamic Hejab in the west, or they can go to the nightclub, bar or disco there. Most of them thought the west is “Heaven” or “Utopia”, because the media or others said this. Most of them have not a happy life in the US, Canada, or Europe, but they don’t come back to Iran, because it’s not in fashion and it means they have been sheep. Of course, in the recent years we have a new fashion in Iran: “Some stupid Iranians who have got their citizenship from the western countries, live 11 months in Iran and 1 months outside Iran”. Some of these Iranian sheep work for the Mullahs or the Monarchists, and kiss their ass, or repeat the fake Intellectuals’ bullshits.

(7) Ignorants and idiots : They had serious illusions about the west and living in the west. They knew nothing about the living, the culture, or other things in the west. They knew nothing about the differences and similarities between Iran and the west. They did not know what is good in the west or Iran and what is bad, and what problems are global problems. They thought living in the west is like living in a Hollywood movie. So, when they saw the truth, they became frustrated, and some of them sold themselves to the Mullahs or other reactionary groups. While they had many typical problems and stupidities of Iranians, they thought they can live in the west like a normal person. But when they reached there, they started “ChosNaleh” (“Pathetic Moaning”). Some of them go back to Iran after getting their western citizenship, and start to eat from both the manger and the nosebag, that means they work for the Mullahs and earn money in Iran by kissing the Mullahs’ ass, and spend their dirty money in the west

(8) Ass-kissers : They believe that “Kissing Ass” is the key to success. They kiss everybody’s ass for money. They have not any value, principle, dignity, or honor. They only know “Money”. Some of them are great crooks, thieves, and embezzlers, and after embezzling a lot of money, go to the west and live there. But many of them are little crooks and little thieves, and Iranians call them “Aftabeh Dozd” (cheap thief). They live in the US, Canada, and Europe, by kissing ass. They think “Kissing Ass” is the global key to success, and hence some of them believe they are the most successful people in the world, because they know the global rules, and the rules of the game in all around the world; They are global ass-kissers.


(9) Islamists and Nationalists : They were Islamist or nationalist when they left Iran. They were bigoted religious or chauvinist people that the human rights, women rights, child rights, or other modern human values were meaningless or unimportant for them. Some of them were forced to leave Iran, but others were or became missionary or mercenary. They try to live in the west exactly like when they were in Iran, without any change. Soma say: “These bastards pollute the outside world, like inside Iran”. Of course, almost all groups of Iranian baboons are like this group and pollute the outside world like inside Iran. Anyway, after some years, they are ready to work for the Mullahs and become a mercenary. They call the Mullahs, Iran’s regime or Iran’s government, and want to work for their own government. They are student, businessman, etc and some of them live in the west while they love Iran and dream about living in the Mullah hell in Iran. Of course, most of them don’t go back to Iran, but they often talk nonsense about Iran or the Mullah heaven in Iran. They often do “ChosNaleh” (“Pathetic Moaning”).

(10) Hypocrite Iranians : They try to eat from both the manger and the nosebag, that means they work for the Mullahs and the Mullah regime, but enjoy living in the west, too. In fact, they live in the west, but they earn money in Iran. When they come to Iran, they kiss the Mullahs’ ass and insult the west and the western culture, but when they go to the west and live there, they insult the Iranian culture and Iranian people. They earn money only with their links and connections in Iran. They are corrupt people who betray Iran, Iranians, the west, the world, and everything. In fact, they live like a chameleon and a double agent. They live in the west, but earn money and embezzle the people money in Iran. They are like “Opportunists and Mercenaries” group (group five), but they are not political activists. They are charlatan who live like animal.

(11) Crooks and Thieves : They are like the Mullahs and their families, but are not member of the Mullah regime. They kiss the Mullahs’ ass, but some of them are irreligious. They have made a lot of dirty money by embezzlement, theft, smuggling, defrauding, illegal contracts, illegal speculation, illegal grant, or other dirty tricks. They can easily buy the immigration visa or the citizenship of almost all western countries. In the west, they are called “successful businessman”, “entrepreneur”, or “investor”, and can spent their dirty money there without any problem. After leaving Iran, some of them try to work with the Mullahs or with the western companies, but others just spend their dirty money there. They have embezzled a lot of money that they, their children, and their grandchildren can live in luxury for at least 100 years.

(12) “For the sake of my children” group : These couples say that they want to immigrate from Iran only for the sake of their children. Some of them are honest, and after leaving Iran they only work for their children’s success, and don’t care about their own life or feelings. But some of them are dishonest, and after leaving Iran they divorce and destroy their children life, or make their children’s life hell. They are not happy, and often talk nonsense about Iran, the Mullahs, the west, the world, and other things. They are ready to become mercenary or stooge. Some of them who are very frustrated, start to work with Mullahs or kiss the Mullahs’ ass, or become ass-kisser, stooge or mercenary.

Best Movies: “Cinema Paradiso” (1989)

December 10, 2011

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (New Paradise Cinema), internationally released as “Cinema Paradiso”, is an Italian comedy drama film written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. I think Cinema Paradiso is a masterpiece, a 9/10 movie, that Tornatore made it in 1988, at the age of 32. It’s about a famous film director, Salvatore (Toto), and his life in Italy, specially his childhood in 1950s and 1960s. The Iranian society has many similarities with the Italian society, and “Cinema Paradiso” can be considered as a film about Iran and the Iranian society, too. After receiving news about the death of an old friend (Alfredo), Toto remembers his childhood as a smart son of a war widow in a Sicilian town and at the Cinema Paradiso where Alfredo, the projectionist, treated him as his son. Told in a flashback, Salvatore reminiscences about his childhood and his relationship with Alfredo. Under the fatherly influence of Alfredo, Toto falls in love with film and cinema, and learn many things. The film was originally released in Italy at 155 minutes, but poor box office performance led to it being shortened to 120 minutes for international release. This international version won many awards, from Oscar and Golden Globe to Cannes and BAFTA. In 2002, the director’s cut 175-minute version was released, that was a masterpiece. The Mullah TV has showed it once, in about 80 minutes ! that was quite nonsense, a collection of unrelated scenes. But the three-hour international director’s cut (175 minutes) is really a masterpiece. It’s a story about friendship, love, cinema, people, humanity, religion, censorship, Italian society, history, and many other things. The priest that censors the movies is like the Mullahs, and the atmosphere inside the cinema and the small town is like what you could see in Iran in the past decades. In the several scenes of the movies being shown in the cinema, there is frequent booing from the audience, during the “censored” sections. The films suddenly jump, missing a kiss or embrace. In fact, the local priest, that is like a moderate Mullah, has ordered that these sections be cut out. The film attempts to educate the “outsider” not familiar with Italian society after the world war II. You can watch it again and again and see more and more details that pertain to the people and the history.


The uncut Cinema Paradiso is more than anything else about life and the effect of the decisions we make . Alfredo, a wise but illiterate guy whose life has been wasted by the stupidities of his time and his stupid town, tries to prevent Toto from wasting his life and making stupid decisions. In one of the best scenes, Alferedo advises Toto and says : “Get out of here! Go to Rome. You’re young and the world is yours. I’m old. I don’t want to hear you talk anymore. I want to hear others talking about you. Don’t come back. Don’t think about us. Don’t look back. Don’t write. Don’t give in to nostalgia. Forget us all. If you do and you come back, don’t come see me. I won’t let you in my house. Understand? Whatever you end up doing, love it. The way you loved the projection booth when you were a little squirt.” It’s what many wise Iranians tell their children or the youth in today’s Iran, about leaving Iran and its Mullah hell. But unfortunately, many who leave Iran become stupider than Iranians inside Iran. Maybe Alfredo’s advise is only good and helpful for the wise and smart guys, not for everybody. Anyway, Alfredo also adds: “Living here day by day, you think it’s the center of the world. You believe nothing will ever change. Then you leave: a year, two years. When you come back, everything’s changed. You have to go away for a long time, many years , before you can come back and find your people, and the land where you were born. Right now you’re blinder than I am. Toto: ‘Who said that? Gary Cooper? James Stewart? Henry Fonda?’ Alfredo: ‘No, Toto. Nobody said it. This time it’s all me. Life isn’t like in the movies. Life, is much harder“. What Alfredo says about love, that changes Toto’s life, can be very helpful for many youths: “Out of the fire of love come ashes. Even the greatest love eventually fizzles out”. Some critics say: “This film makes you laugh and makes you cry, yet it is so simple and straightforward. There is no Hollywood superstars, no special effects, just pure emotions and feelings, love, fear, grief and regret, nostalgia for childhood and youth, memories of places and times that will not come back, memories of the loved ones. This movie is there to affect your feelings.”


The three-hour international director’s cut (175 Minutes), is a masterpiece. Divided into three sections, the first section is about little Toto and Alfredo. One of the best scenes is Toto’s face as he watches the footage that will be censored by the town priest. The second section shows Toto as a youth, when he falls in love with Elena. The story of relationship between Toto and Elena, and her parent reactions, and many other things reminds Iranians of today’s Iran and yesterday’s Iran. In the final section, Salvatore, now a great film director, returns to his town after 30 years to attend Alfredo’s funeral. Salvatore’s reunion with Elena, Salvatore’s reunion with his mother, beside seeing his sister and the old people and old friends, shows us the bitter truth, the tragedy of life, and also the depth of Alfredo’s wisdom. The audience inside the cinema Paradiso are great. The man who only goes to the cinema to sleep and is always awoken by kids, the thugs and mobs, the priest who censors the movies, the couple who see each other for the first time, the fascist who spits on others, the couple who make love in the cinema, the prostitute who works in the cinema, and the people, specially the kids and the youth, who scare, laugh, boo, or masturbate, and many other things are interesting. Ennio Morricone’s music is great, and it’s really hard to find a serious weak point in the film. Alfredo complains and says: “Progress always comes late”, and it’s what many say in Iran and all around the world. ‘Progress always comes late’, but disasters and tragedies always come soon. And it’s part of the tragedy of life. If you want to see a good movie about the human life, and how similar the humans and their life are in all around the world, you can watch “Cinema Paradiso”.

Iranian Expats and Iranian Baboons

December 9, 2011

The Iranian expats who live in the west are a large group, about 4 million people, larger than many countries in the Middle East (Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Libya, etc). If they had helped Iranians inside Iran and worked for the freedom and democracy in Iran, many problems would have been solved. But since 2009, the majority of Iranian expats only have shown that they are very very stupid. As we said before, many ask: “Do these 4 million Iranians, who live in the North America and Europe, have 4 wise people ?! Unfortunately the answer is negative. But why? It’s a very important question. We try to answer it in some articles. When you look at the Iranian community outside Iran, it’s like you look at the night sky and the far galaxies. As you know, when you look at the sky, what you see is the old time; you don’t see the present time, but you see for instance 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 years, 50000 years, or 50 million years ago. So, when you look at the Iranian communities in the North America and Europe, you see the past decades in Iran, mainly the 1970s. Unfortunately, the majority of Iranian expats are Iranian baboons, who live in the past, and are very hypocrite, reactionary, charlatan, or stupid. Since 1979, when many Iranians have started to flee or immigrate from Iran, they polluted the atmosphere of the Iranian community outside Iran, that was a small but a elite community. Before 1979, immigrating from Iran and living in the west was not in fashion, and Iranians could go and live in the west very easily, and even without any visa (Iranians could travel to Europe without any visa in 1970s). So, those who went to the west and lived there, were a very small group and thought about living in the west and chose it thoughtfully. But after the Islamic revolution, when all doors were closed and the Mullahs and the Islamists created a medieval hell in Iran and called it “Islamic heaven”, many fled or immigrated from Iran, while they did not have any significant difference with the Mullahs and were so stupid or ignorant. The majority of those who immigrated or fled from Iran in the past decades, especially in 1979 and 1980s, were as stupid as the Mullahs and remained or became political activists outside Iran. But they are very stupid and reactionary, and that’s why they are called “Iranian baboons”. They are like the Mullahs and the Islamists and are the main responsible for creating the disaster of 1979 in Iran. The main groups of these Iranian baboons are as follows:

(1) Monarchists : They are Pahlavists and still live in 1970s. They had a key role in creating the disaster of 1979. They are rich, because they have embezzled a lot money in Pahlavi’s era. They live in the US, and think many Iranians inside Iran are still illiterate or live in the rural areas, or live like 1970s. Some of them only love Pahlavi and hate the Mullahs, but most of them work with the Mullahs and kiss the Mullahs’ ass. They are like dead zombies and want to restore the Monarchy in Iran. They love money and kiss everybody’s ass for money. Freedom or Democracy are meaningless words for them, and their favorite words are: “Your Majesty”, “Kissing Ass”, “Kissing Hands”, “Javid Shah”, “Pahlavi”, “Power”, and “Money”.

(2) Marxists and the stupid lefts: They still live in 1970s. They are Marxists and love Mao and Stalin. They have created the disaster of 1979 and the great tragedy of 1980s. They mainly live in Europe, but you can find them in Canada and the US, while they still think comrade Stalin and comrade Putin are great men and Russia is a dream land. Some of them are Islamists, and most of them have been terrorists in the past. Some of these ex-terrorists kiss the Mullahs’ ass and work for the
Islamist-Reformists now, but most of them still try to restore Stalin’s utopia or Communist Utopia in Iran. Freedom or Democracy are imperialistic words for them, and their favorite words are : “Comrade”, “Proletariat’s Dictatorship”, “Counter Revolution”, “Russia”, “Bourgeoisie”, “Imperialism”, “Class war”, and “Power”.


(3) Islamist-Reformists: They still live in 1980s and 1990s. They are Islamists and have created the disaster of 1979, the great tragedy of 1980s, the great frustration of 2000s, and the great betrayal of 2009. They live in Europe, the US, and Canada, and are master at telling big lies and playing games. Some of them are ex-member of Mullah Gestapo and pretend they are “intellectual”. They love the Islamic regime and kiss the Mullahs’ ass and work for keeping the Islamic regime safe. Their golden era is the late 1990s, while many naive people thought they can change the Mullah regime. But when the stupid coward Khatami destroyed the people movement after 8 years, and finally when they betrayed the people in 2009, they became a dead group like the Monarchist or the Marxist. Freedom or Democracy are tools of deception for them, and their favorite words are : “Khatami”, “Karoubi”, “Chomsky”, “limited democracy”, “Eslahat (Islamic reform)”, “Kissing ass”, “Money”, and “Power”

(4) The Mullahs and their families: They kill, rape, and torture Iran’s people. They try to stay in power at any price. They love Iron’s fist policy and enjoy killing and torturing others. They are very hypocrite and are master at telling big lies and pretending. They live in Britain, Canada, the US, Germany, Australia, and the whole world, and invest the embezzled money there. They say that the west is a hell, but they love living in the hell. They try to defend the Islamic regime and its Islamic heaven in Iran, while they themselves flee from this Islamic heaven and prefer to live in “the western hell”. They make love with the western politicians and the western mass media, while at the same time suffocate and suppress Iranians in “their Islamic heaven” in Iran. Freedom or Democracy are forbidden and anti-Islamic words for them, and their favorite words are : “Lie”, “Hypocrisy”, “Kissing Hand”, “Kissing Ass”, “Velayat”, “Basij”, “London”, “Britain”, “Jihad”, “Blood”, “Violence”, “Censorship”, “Power”, “Embezzlement”, and “Money”.

(5) Opportunists and Mercenaries: They always go where the wind is blowing. They kiss the Mullahs’ ass and the western politicians’ ass, and the Monarchists’ ass, and any other ass. But they like to call themselves “Intellectual” or “Thinker” or “Journalist”. They love playing games and their mercenary job. If you give them money, they would do any shameful job without shame. While they call themselves “Intellect”, many believe “political prostitute” is a better name for them. They live in the west and betray the people in Iran. While Iranians live in the Mullah hell in Iran and should live with 30% to %50 inflation rate and the economic disaster, and should be tortured in the prisons or killed in the streets, and should live under the Orwellian surveillance and the medieval laws, the mercenaries and opportunists betray the people, try to suffocate the people’s voice, and have a main role in creating the current situation in Iran. Freedom or Democracy are stupid words for them, and their favorite words are : “Lie”, “Hypocrisy”, “Kissing Ass”, “Playing Game”, “Intellectual”, “Money” and “Money”.

Do you think these groups can have 4 wise guys? And when these Iranian bastards are the main political activists outside Iran, and manage almost all Iranian media outside Iran, do you think the 2009 movement could succeed ?

Iranian monarchists and American republicans

December 8, 2011

In these days, the stupid Iranian Monarchists and their ultra-stupid leader, Reza Pahlavi, play very stupid games. Some say: “They try to deceive the American politicians. They have sold some of the stupid and discredited Iranian baboons’ media, like, and when Iranians inside Iran have boycotted these stupid media and other Iranian baboons’ media, these stupid bastards try to pretend that what their mercenaries say is what Iranians inside Iran say, and in this way they try to deceive the Americans. But are the American politicians so naive that a handful of stupid mercenaries can deceive them?” It’s the question of many Iranians inside Iran, too. In the recent days, Reza Pahlavi was a joke. In the anniversary of killing three university students in 1950s by the Pahlavi regime, that some call it “Student day”, Reza Pahlavi issued a stupid statement that is a ridiculous copy of Mousavi’s statements. Many said: “This stupid bastard, Reza Pahlavi, thinks the Mullahs ruled in 1950s and those three students were killed by the Mullahs, or the US-backed military coup in 1950s was for the Mullahs. This jerk, Reza Pahlavi, is a stupid joke and Iranians inside Iran only laugh at him”. As you know, in 1950s, the US supported a military coup in Iran and saved Pahlavi’s ass. The Iranians students that were angry at the US, protested against the US and Pahlavi in the Tehran University, when the US President had come to Iran, and Pahlavi killed three students inside the Tehran university. “The stupidest person in the world is Reza Pahlavi. He doesn’t know that those students were killed by his father, when his father was U.S. puppet in 1950s”, many say and laugh. Unfortunately, the American media /politicians that are republicans in the old republic system of the world, try to make love with the monarchists and anti-Republic Iranians, and it’s one of the greatest jokes of all times. As we said before, the Iranian Monarchists have two versions: the religious Monarchists (the Mullahs and their Islamist followers), and the secular Monarchists (Phahlavi and his fans in LA, California). The secular Monarchists (Pahlavists) are dead zombies who live in the US, and Iranian inside Iran hate them very much. But some stupid American media and politicians try to make love with the stupid Iranian Monarchists, and try to pretend that these stupid bastards are a pro-democracy force! “It’s a suicide for the US, if they support the Iranian Monarchists. 2010s is not 1950s, and those who supported the Mullahs in 2009 should know that supporting the Monarchists in 2010s is the final nail in their coffin. Iran is a pro-US nation and the number of pro-US people in Iran is larger than any other country in the world. Today’s Iran has more than 20 million university educated people, and even god can not restore the monarchy in Iran. It’s better for the US and its long-term interests that they stop supporting the evil forces (the Mullahs and the Monarchists), and instead support the freedom and democracy and a secular republic in Iran. It’s what Iranians want. Otherwise, 70 million anti-Islamist and anti-Pahlavist Iranians, and more than 20 million university educated people in Iran, would hate the US and would become anti-US. Is it what the US wants?” Now, lets take a look at a fictional story about the relation between the American media and the Iranian Monarchists. It’s a fictional story about an imaginary American media (XPost) and its interview with an imaginary Iranian Monarchist (Mr. IranDoost). It’s a fictional story that shows how they try to deceive public opinion in the US, Iran, and the whole world.


Before the Interview

Mr. Smith, the manager of XPost, is talking with his old friend in Washington. His old friend, John, asks him to work with some Iranian Monarchists. But Mr. Smith says: “The Monarchists? John, do you want to disgrace me? XPost is not a cheap American media” John: “We work with the Monarchists since 1950s. They are our old stooge. For example, Mr. IranDoost is a great Monarchist in LA, who works for us and for some Republican institutions in California”. Smith: “Is it a joke? A Monarchist work for republicans ?!” John: “Iranian Monarchists are our friend and puppet, and they have started to pretend that they are pro-democracy. They ask us to help them to restore the Monarchy in Iran.” Smith: “Restoring the Monarchy in Iran? in 21st century?” John: “Yes, they know we always support the dictators and the dictatorship in other countries, so they hope we can help them. Oh, you should not call them Monarchist. The Iranian Monarchists know that Iranians and other nations hate the monarchists, so they call themselves ‘Constitutionalist” ! And Iranians call them “Pahlavists”. But it’s better you call them Constitutionalist instead of Monarchist. Or you can call him ‘Iranian Expert’.” Smith: “Wow. so, Mr. IranDoost is not an Iranian expert, but we should call him ‘Iranian expert’. Is he a typical jerk that we should pretend he is an expert?” John: “yah, but who cares? who knows Iran, Iranians, or what happen in Iran? you can use a baboon and pretend that he is an Iranian expert; who cares and who knows the truth?” Smith: “OK” John: “your reports should only pretend that he is a pro-democracy and well-informed Iranians, that’s all. They should not say that he is a monarchist or a stupid reactionary Iranian” Smith” OK, John. Don’t worry”.


During the Interview

Reporter: “Mr. IranDoost, as a Iranian expert what do you think about the political scene in Iran?” IranDoost: “We have Ahmadinejad, the president, who has many supporters and is the winner of the election in 2009, and we have Khamenei who has not many supporters and they fight against each other. It’s a power struggle. Ahmadinejad wants to be friend of Americans, but some don’t allow him” Reporter: “So, you love Ahmadinejad. But what do you think about the US sanctions?” IranDoost: “Some believe that the US sanctions hurt the ordinary Iranians, not Iran’s regime, but Iranians inside Iran that toppled Pahlavi should pay its price. The US punishes the ordinary Iranians, not the regime, because it’s necessary for freedom and democracy in Iran. We only care about the power, excuse me, the freedom and democracy, and the people who live in Iran should pay its prices.” Reporter: “Wow. What do you think about the US policy towards Iran? What shall the US do?” IranDoost: “The US should invest in Ahmadinejad, and then in Khamenei, and after that in Mr. Pahlavi and the Iranian opposition in the US” Reporter: “Who are these Iranian oppositions in the US?” IranDoost: “They are a very modern and pro-democracy force. They have been here for about 30 years and have worked for the American politicians and for a democratic and secular monarchy in Iran” Reporter: “What? Monarchy?” IranDoost: “yes, monarchy; what’s wrong? Of course, you know that you should edit our interview and you can change ‘secular monarchy’ with ‘secular system’ or …” Report: “Yah, but they told me that you are expert and liberal, not a monarchist” IranDoost: “Yes, I’m a liberal, but a liberal monarchist” Reporter: “What’s your plan for Iran’s future?” IranDoost: “we want to restore the Monarchy in Iran. We want to take Iran back to 1960s, when we worked for you, and you loved us” Reporter: “But Iranians hate you and your era. That’s why they kicked you out of Iran. Now, many Iranians are young and educated and they hate you. They will not accept the Monarchy” IranDoost: “who cares about Iranians? we only want to have your support, the American support, and it’s enough for us. If the US supports us, we can restore the Monarchy in Iran. Of course, the US still tries to reach a deal with the Mullahs, but we, the Monarchists, are their second option. In fact, we want to be their second option. That’s why I give you interview, and you care about us” Reporter: “Wow, I did not know anything about these matters. I only wanted to have a interview with you about Iran. So, lets finish our interview. I have a bad headache now. Who is who in Iran, and who are friends of the US?” IranDoost: “Ahmadinejad is friend of the US, and if he can not succeed in seizing the power, the US can invest in Khamenei, and if they can not reach an agreement, the Iranian opposition in the US is the best option for the US, for having a better Iran” Reporter: “really? a better future with the Monarchists?” IranDoost: “Yah, why not? it’s what we and our dear friends in Washington are working for it”


After the Interview

Reporter: “Mr. Smith, this IranDoost is idiot. He only talks nonsense. What he says is bullshit. Do you really want to publish his bullshits?” Smith: “Yes, who cares? and who knows the truth? We edit his bullshits and publish it. I just want to help my old friends in Washington” Reporter: “But IranDoost is a stupid reactionary Monarchist. The Iranian Monarchists are very reactionary and stupid. Do you think the US can invest in them?” Smith: “I know these monarchists are idiot, but we should do our own job. We should help our old friends in Washington and prepare public opinion, that’s all. Lets edit the interview and publish it” Reporter: “The Americans should know the truth about Iran and Iranians. But they are brainwashed. They are misled. We mislead them” Smith: “It’s part of our job, boy. Yah, many don’t know the truth about Iran and Iranians. But we should do our job” Reporter: “But what we do is not fair. It also makes Iranians angry.” Smith: “Who cares about Iranians?” Reporter: “But …” Smith: “Did you know Persian language?” Report: “Yah, a little” Smith: “Do you know what Iranians, those who live in Iran, not these jerks in LA, think about us and the American media? Reporter: “As far as I know, apparently they are really angry at us. They hate the Monarchists and the Islamists, and those who support these reactionary groups.” Smith: “It’s understandable. But we should do our job. And they should solve their own problems” Reporter: “But we create these problems for them. I hope they can forgive us in the future” Smith: “I hope so. But lets publish his bullshits and make our old friends happy. Oh, what this idiot told you when he left here?” Reporter: “He said: ‘Javid Shah’.” Smith: “What? what it means?” Reporter: “it’s the Hitler salute of the Iranian Monarchists, and it means “Long live Shah”. They are really stupid”. Smith: “My old friends in Washington only love the old fart and the reactionary jerks. But please edit the bullshits of this idiot in a way that the people think he is a pro-democracy and Iranian expert” Reporter: “OK”

What Iranians Expect from the West

November 23, 2011

In these days, the hypocrite western politicians and those who make love with the Mullah Mafia and the Mullah embezzlers in the US, the UK, Canada, France, and Europe try to deceive the world by playing new games. These hypocrite bastards want to impose new sanctions on Iranians inside Iran, while the Mullah Mafia, the Mullah embezzlers, the Mullah TVs, and many savage Mullahs and their families work and live in the west and invest the dirty embezzled money there. The hypocrite western politicians try to impose new sanctions on Iranians inside Iran, while they refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and instead aided the savage Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. “You can’t work with the Mullah Mafia and make love with the Mullah agents, and convert the VOA and the BBC to the voices of the Mullahs, and then talk nonsense about sanctions. In this way, you only show that you are a stupid jerk”, many Iranians say in these days. In fact, Iranians inside Iran are very angry at the western politicians. Almost all Iranians inside Iran know that Obama and the western countries refused to help Iranians and the anti-Mullah movement, and instead they preferred to help and support the savage Mullahs. But it’s funny that now these stupid bastards have started to talk nonsense about the Mullah threats! It’s really a stupid joke. Iranians hate Obama and it’s quite understandable. Almost all Iranians inside Iran say: “Obama has betrayed us; Obama has converted the VOA into the VOM (Voice of Mullah Mafia); Obama has allowed Khamenei’s TV to work in Washington; Obama has allowed the Mullahs, the Mullah embezzlers, and the Mullah lobbyists to live in the US. Obama is not friend of Iranians. Obama is friend of the savage Mullahs who kill, torture and rape Iranians”. As we said before, the vast majority of Iranians were pro-west and pro-US before 2009. In fact, Iranians are the only nation in the Middle East and Africa, and maybe in the world world, that are really pro-west and anti-Islamists. Some believe that the rate of pro-US people in Europe is less than Iran. But as you know, Obama and other western politicians betrayed Iranians. It was a great strategic mistake. Now, Iranians are angry at these stupid bastards. “But if they insisted on being jerk and asshole and want to do another great strategic mistakes, then Iranians would hate them, and would not remain friend of the hypocrite west. You can’t be a hypocrite jerk and expect others to remain your friend”, Iranians say. The western policies towards Iranians and Mullahs are really disgusting. Maybe the stupid bastards in Washington and London think that we live in 19th or 18th century, but do the world and the people really want to come back to that dark age? If the people in Persia, China, Russia, etc think that the west is hypocrite and what the west says about the human rights and democracy is bullshit, and the west only supports the dictators and fucks the ordinary people, what would happen? If the people in Persia, China, Russia, etc decide to fuck the hypocrite west that ignore them and betray them, what would happen? Do we want to come back to the dark age of hatred and war? Is it what the people in 21st century want? Is it in the interests of the west and the world? The people in the west should know how their politicians betray their friends and their natural allies in Iran and other part of the worlds. And they should ask their politicians to stop being stupid jerk.


The following list is the minimum of what the hypocrite western politicians should do for calming Iranians, and for avoiding great strategic mistakes. It’s what the people in the west can ask their politicians to do about Iran:

(1) Apologize to Iranians for refusing to help them and their anti-Mullahs movement in 2009. Apologize to Iranians for helping and supporting the savage Mullahs since 2009 until now. Apologize to Iranians right now, not after 50 years, like what you did about 1953 US-backed military coup in Iran.

(2) Try the western companies and those who have aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians since 2009 until now. What they do is a serious crime against humanity. All western companies who work with the savage Mullah regime are animal, but those who aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians are criminal.

(3) Apologize to Iranians for allowing the savage Mullahs, their families, the Mullahs embezzlers, and the Mullah Mafia to go to the west and live there, and invest the dirty embezzled money there. Apologize to Iranians for imposing stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs.

(4) Try all Mullahs and their families, all Mullah embezzlers, all Mullah agents and all Mullah lobbyists (Mullah Mafia) who live in the west, and deport them to Iran. And Cut all links and contacts with the Mullah Mafia and Iranian baboons in the US and Europe, and deport them to Iran.

(5) Stop pretending that the Iranian expats are representative of Iranians inside Iran. The Iranian journalists, political activists (from Khatamist to Pahlavist), and fake intellectuals who live outside Iran are very hated figures inside Iran. Stop supporting these stupid bastards and their websites /media financially and politically.

(6) Apologize to Iranians for the shameful behaviors of the BBC Persian and the VOA Farsi since 2009, and promise that they will stop working with the Mullah Mafia. Close down Khamenei’s TV in London and Washington, and apologize to Iranians.

(7) Cut all links and connections with the Monarchists (Pahlavists), the Rajavists, and the Islamist-Reformists. Stop supporting these stupid bastards that Iranians inside Iran hate all of them. Do you know what happen when these stupid bastards call for a rally in Iran? less than 100 people accept their call ! so, Stop supporting these stupid bastards financially or politically.

(8) Apologize to Iranians for helping the Mullahs to censor the internet and create a great firewall in Iran, and help Iranians to bypass the censorship and the monitoring. Iranians inside Iran are victims of the western tools of suppression, while Iranians can’t buy any western products because of the stupid western sanctions ! It’s not joke, it’s Western Hypocrisy.

(9) Support establishing a Secular Republic in Iran, that is what Iranians inside Iran want, and aid Iranians in reaching this goal. Stop censoring and suffocating the voices of Iranians inside Iran. It’s so obvious that a Secular Republic in Iran, and freedom and democracy in Iran and all around the world, is better for all humans and the whole world.

(10) Stop talking nonsense about attacking Iran in the name of nuclear issues. Stop talking nonsense about imposing new sanctions on Iranians. Any attack or sanction should be only for aiding Iranians in toppling the Mullah regime, and only should aim at the Mullahs and their families. The current stupid sanctions only hurt the ordinary Iranians, while the Mullahs make love with the hypocrite western politicians, and easily go and live in the west, and invest the dirty embezzled money there.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi captured

November 20, 2011

“Saif al-Islam, the Libyan dictator’s heir is captured”, the media reported. It’s a good news that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the bitch, will face justice soon. Saif was very savage and even after the fall of Tripoli talked nonsense and threatened the Libyan people with mass murder. He had many interviews and statements, and said that he and his savage father would kill everybody and would destroy Libya. He delivered a bloodthirsty 40-minute television statement to Libyans warning that the regime planned to “eradicate” the protesters. He warned of “rivers of blood” if demonstrators refused to accept Gaddafi. “We will fight until the last man, the last woman, the last bullet,” he said. “We will kill all rats.” But now, the wild dog has been captured, and has been converted into a coward rat. It’s like what will happen to the savage Mullahs and their families in the near future.


Apparently Saif al-Islam, the savage son of Gaddafi, has been arrested in the southern desert and taken to the town of Zintan. He was caught while apparently attempting to flee the country. The media reported: “Ahmed Ammar, one of Saif’s captors, said that his unit of 15 men in three vehicles, acting on a tip-off, had intercepted two cars carrying Saif and four others near the small oil town of Obari at about 1.30am on Friday. “At the beginning he was very scared. He thought we would kill him,” Ammar said”. Now, all Libyans are happy. “I’m very happy. We got rid of the tyrant and now we’ve got rid of his kids too”, a Libyan said. Saif and other savage sons of Gaddafi have raped, tortured, and killed Libyans. The female bodyguards of Gaddafi said that Saif and Gaddafi’s sons raped them and many other Libyan girls regularly. These bastards were exactly like the savage Mullahs and their families who plunder and destroy this country and kill, torture and rape the people. Now, Iranians wish they could see the arrest of all savage Mullahs and their families in the near future.


The media reported: “After the fighters fired into the air and ground in order to halt the cars, they asked the identity of the travelers. The man in charge replied that he was “AbdoSalam”. But the fighters quickly recognized him as Saif al-Islam and seized him. Video footage, shown on Libyan television, pictured him wrapped in a brown blanket and lying on a mattress. Saif, aged 39, and former intelligence chief, Abdullah Senussi were the last two senior figures to be sought by the new government. Senussi’s whereabouts is still unclear”. Saif was the responsible for the Gaddafi regime’s secret dealings with the West and had many links and contacts with the hypocrite western politicians, especially the British bastards. His relations with Tony Blair and the British collages and universities are undeniable facts. But many believe he is like Saddam, and will say nothing in the court.


“This is the final chapter of the Libyan drama,” an NTC official said. “We will put him on trial in Libya and he will be judged by Libyan law for his crimes. He has instigated others to kill, has misused public funds, threatened and instigated and even took part in recruiting and bringing in mercenaries”, he said. “Saif had 4×4 vehicles. He was not hurt and will be taken for trial so Libyans will be able to prosecute him and get back their money”, he added. Apparently Said is held in a military base in Zintan. The media reported: “Saif was flown by NTC forces to Zintan, where an angry crowd attempted to storm the plane”. The savage Gaddafi and his savage sons destroyed Zintan and killed many there.


“He was holding up three heavily bandaged fingers from injuries sustained in a bombing as he fled the town of Bani Walid the day before Gaddafi’s death. In a brief conversation with a Reuters reporter, Saif said his hand had been injured in a Nato air raid last month”, the media reported. Sooner or later, Saif will face justice, and the story of savage Gaddafi will be finished in Libya. But I hope the Libyan can start building their country soon, and they can create a democracy there by avoiding the Islamists. The rate and number of wise or liberal Libyans is not very small, and they can warn other Libyans about the danger of Islamists and repeating Iran’s history in Libya. Now, the young and educated Libyans have a good opportunity to make a better future, and I think (and hope) they will not miss this golden and great opportunity.


Saif al-Islam reached the end of the line, and it’s a very good news for the suppressed nations in all around the world, and a very bad news for the savage dictators and their agents and mercenaries in the west. Today, Iranians are happy, but Iranian baboons and the stupid lefts are sad and angry. They should be angry. Now, it’s clear that killing everyone and destroying everything can’t save the savage dictators, and it only worsens their fates. A regime that fires on its own people and considers them just so much meat for the butchery, has lost every bit of its right to legitimacy and to govern. Sooner or later, according to a scenario lacking only the last act, its fall is inevitable. In the history of the 21st century, this law already has a name – it’s the Gaddafi Theorem. If the world really refuse to help the savage Mullahs and Assad, and instead help Iranians and Syrians, the Gaddafi Theorem shows us that in the near future the Mullahs and Bastard Assad will go where Gaddafi went. And certainly it will be in interests of the whole world.

Western Companies Aid Assad in Killing Syrians

November 11, 2011

In the recent days, Bloomberg had a new report about western companies that aid Bastard Assaid in killing and torturing Syrians . As we said before, Bloomberg had a report about Iran and how western companies aid the savage Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians (check Archive), and now you can see the same thing is true for Syria. The report is about monitoring the internet traffic in Syria with the help of western companies. It can be very interesting for Iranians, because we have the same situation in Iran. In fact, the Mullahs block and monitor the internet traffic with the help of western companies. The report says: “Syrias current electronic surveillance captures only a portion of the nations communications, and lacks the new systems ability to monitor all Internet traffic“, and it’s like our situation in Iran in 2007 or 2008. But the report adds: “Now NetApp storage will allow agents to archive communications for future searches or mapping of peoples contacts“. And it’s like our situation in Iran, in 2009, 2010 and 2011, when the Mullahs got aid of western companies. Unfortunately, the world thinks that the savage dictators of Iran and Syria are enemy of the west. As you know, almost all other dictatorship and savage dictators in the Middle East and Africa are friends of the west, and the world knows this matter. But the western mass media and the stupid lefts pretend that Iran’s regime and Syria’s regime are enemy of the west and the western countries are fighting against them. And that’s why the western countries have imposed dreadful sanctions on Iran (and also on Syria). Unfortunately many naive people have accepted this big lie. But now, Bloomberg’s reports can show the truth. Of course, as we said before, there are many other evidences that can prove: “The war between the Mullahs and the west is a fake and phony war”. It’s really tragic that Iranians (and also Syrians) should pay the high price of the fake and phony war between their regime and the west. While the Mullahs and their families can go to the west and invest the dirty embezzled money there, the ordinary Iranians are the victims of dreadful western sanctions, and they can not transfer money to outside Iran, or work with the foreign banks, or get visa and go to the west, or buy western products, or do many other things that are quite normal and routine in other countries. The same thing is true about Syria and Syrians, and we know that many members of Bastard Assad family live in the UK, and other western countries. Until know, Bastard Assad has killed at least 4,000 Syrians (3,000 is the old number), but the west has closed its eyes to this great tragedy. “In Syria, a banner, written in English, says: “Damn the world’s presidents and Nato leaders. How can you smell the Syrian blood, watch the people die and then sleep tonight?“, the media reported recently. It’s what Syrians say, and it’s exactly like what Iranians said in 2009, and in 2011. Anyway, lets take a look at excerpts of Bloomberg’s report:

“As Syrias crackdown on protests has had more than 3,000 lives since March, Italian technicians in telecom offices from Damascus to Aleppo have been busy equipping Assads regime with the power to intercept, scan and catalog virtually every e-mail that flows through the country. Employees of Area SpA, a surveillance company based outside Milan, are installing the system under the direction of Syrian intelligence agents, whove pushed the Italians to finish, saying they urgently need to track people, a person familiar with the project says. The Area employees have flown into Damascus in shifts this year as the violence has escalated, says the person, who has worked on the system for Area. Area is using equipment from American and European companies, according to documents obtained by Bloomberg and the person familiar with the job. The project includes Sunnyvale, California-based NetApp Inc. (NTAP) storage hardware and software for archiving e-mails; probes to scan Syrias communications network from Paris-based Qosmos SA; and gear from Germanys Utimaco Safeware AG (USA) that connects tapped telecom lines to Areas monitoring-center computers. The Italians bunk in a 3-bedroom rental apartment in a residential Damascus neighborhood near a sports stadium when they work on the system, which is in a test phase, according to the person, who requested anonymity because Area employees sign non-disclosure agreements with the company. When the system is complete, Syrian security agents will be able to follow targets on flat-screen workstations that display communications and Web use in near-real time alongside graphics that map citizens networks of electronic contacts. Such a system is custom-made for repression, says an expert. Any company selling monitoring surveillance technology to the Assad regime is complicit in human rights crimes, he says. Area, which got its start in 1996, has code-named the system Asfador. The price tag is more than 13 million euros ($17.9 million)”


“Area Chief Executive Officer Andrea Formenti says he cant discuss specific clients or contracts. Area is installing the system, which includes companys Captor monitoring-center computers, through a contract with state-owned Syrian Telecommunication Establishment, or STE. Also known as Syrian Telecom, the company is the nations main fixed-line operator. Without the Area gear, Syrias current electronic surveillance captures only a portion of the nations communications, and lacks the new systems ability to monitor all Internet traffic, say the two people who know of Syrias capabilities through their work for Area. Businesses that sell surveillance equipment to Syria should be held accountable for aiding repression, says Edward Mousa, a Syrian blogger who has fled to Sweden. Every single company who is selling monitoring technology to the Syrian government is a partner to stopping democracy in Syria, he says. They are a partner to the killing of people in Syria. They are helping the Syrian government stay in control. The European Union has imposed a series of sanctions against Syria, including a ban on arms sales and a freeze on assets of people in the regime [and these stupid sanctions are only for deceiving the naive people in the west]. The sanctions dont prohibit European companies from selling Syria the sort of equipment in Areas project [!!!!]. The U.S. has banned most American exports to Syria other than food or medicine since 2004. That means the U.S. government may need to determine if the shipment of NetApps hardware to Syria violated sanctions [!!] Syrias purchase of the system illustrates how authoritarian governments [that the western media pretend they are enemy of the west and are fighting against the west, and the naive people accept this big lie] are using Western-produced surveillance technology to track dissidents. In Iran, a Bloomberg News investigation showed, European companies provided gear to track citizens locations and communications that law [savage] Mullah security agencies would have access to.”

The U.S. is looking into reports that Syria is using technology made by Blue Coat Systems Inc. (BCSI), another company based in Sunnyvale, to censor the Internet and record browsing histories“, State Department spokeswoman said at Oct. 24 news briefing. [As we said before, Swedish hackers, Telecomix, downloaded 54 gigabytes of Syrian telecommunications data that indicated that the Blue Coat technology was being used to filter Internet in Syria. They said that these devices are clearly manufactured by Blue Coat, a big American company, and used by the Syrian regime]. The turmoil began in mid-March. Two weeks into the violence, on March 30, Italian employees of NetApp and Area exchanged e-mails in which the computer supplier gave advice to the surveillance company on how to configure equipment that had just been delivered, copies of the correspondence show. That same day, Assad addressed the parliament, blaming the protests on a conspiracy. If the battle was imposed on us today, we welcome it, he said. By then, more than 90 people had been killed in clashes. An Area schematic for NetApp Storage Cluster B, dated May 26, shows how the U.S. companys stacks of disks were being wired in computer cabinets. The schematic bears the Asfador code name as well as a cover sheet titled STE PDN Monitoring Center Project. On May 26, Assad’s security forces killed more protesters, bringing the death toll to more than 1,100 people.If Areas installation is completed as planned, Assad regime will gain the power to dip into virtually any corner of the Internet in Syria. Schematics for the system show it includes probes in the traffic of mobile phone companies and Internet service providers, capturing both domestic and international traffic. NetApp storage will allow agents to archive communications for future searches or mapping of peoples contacts, according to the documents and the person familiar with the system. The equipment has already been set up in an air-conditioned room at a telecom exchange building in the Mouhajireen neighborhood of Damascus, where about 30 metal racks hold the computers that handle the surveillance and storage, the person familiar with the installation says. Two people familiar with terms of the deal say that as a final stage of the installation, the contract stipulates Area employees will train the Syrian security agents and teaching them how to track citizens [and kill and torture them]

How Western Countries Suffocate Iranians’ Voices

November 9, 2011

In the recent days that are the days of dirty politics, media hype, war game, western hypocrisy, and great scandals, you can see a very stupid tragicomedy about suffocating the real voices of Iranians inside Iran. Now, those who refused to help Iranians in 2009 and 2011, and preferred to help and support the savage Mullahs, try to suffocate Iranians’ voices, and talk nonsense about the Mullah regime and nuclear threats, while in 2009 they could solve all problems and threats by helping and supporting Iranians and their movement. In 2009, many Iranians asked the stupid Obama to solve the nuclear issues by supporting Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement. They asked Obama which side he was on, the Mullah regimes or the peoples. They cried out for his direct help. The Iranian people chanted, Obama, Obama, youre either with us or with them. But we all know which side he chose. As you know, and as we said before, the hypocrite western politicians and their companies refused to help Iranians and the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, but they aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. They refused to help Iranians, but they allowed the corrupt and savage Mullahs and their families to go to the west and invest the dirty embezzled money there. They imposed sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, not on the savage Mullahs. The hypocrite American politicians refused to help Iranians, but they wrote secret letters to Khamenei, and convert the VOA into the VOM (Voices of Mullah Mafia). They refused to help Iranians, but they allowed Khamenei’s TV and Mullah Mafia to work in the US. But unfortunately, it’s not the whole story. Now, the hypocrite western politicians try to suffocate the voices of Iranians inside Iran. It’s what some can feel it now. Unfortunately, the hypocrite western politicians and their media try to pretend that the Iranian jerks and Iranian bastards who are dead rats for Iranians inside Iran, are representative of Iranians. The Iranians baboons and fake Intellectuals who are worthless idiots are called “Iranians intellectuals”, while Iranians inside Iran and those who speak about what the people want or what really happened in 2009 and in 2011, are censored, suffocated, or boycotted. It’s really horrible. Some say: “Maybe it’s a new project, a new plot”. But we are not sure. We hope this new project at least has not any dangerous part or crime against humanity (like betraying the Iranian activists/ protesters to the Mullah regime). We hope (and prefer) this new project is quite unreal and imaginary. As you know, it’s better that you try to laugh at the greatest tragedies, instead of being angry, being depressed, seeking revenge, or committing suicide! So, what you read here is part of a fictional letter about the current events (the new project), and how the western countries try to suffocate the voices of Iranians inside Iran. It’s an imaginary and unreal letter that is written by some Iranians; it’s a fictional black comedy; but it’s not baseless, and it’s said that it’s based on a true story.

“Recently, the media has revealed a top secret letter to Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy. This letter has been written by several high rank agents in several western intelligence services. They are a group of experts who think the western countries should suffocate the Iranians’ voices. They think if the world hears the real voices of Iranians, or if Iranians can organize themselves and can have media, it would be very dangerous for the western politicians and also for their allies in Iran (the Mullahs). Here are excerpts of the letter and the items that these experts recommend them to the western leaders:

(1) We should sell the Mullahs the tools of suppression and tools of surveillance. Our companies should aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. Until now, the Mullahs have been very good stooge for us, and we should help them to stay in power at any price. But the world should not know the truth. The world should think that we and the Mullahs are enemy of each other.

(2)Our companies should create a great firewall for the Mullah regime. Iranians should not have any access or safe access to the internet or the mobile networks. We should aid the Mullah in creating a real Orwellian world in Iran, and our companies should sell the Mullahs all they need and all they want. Our sanctions should only make problem for the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs. We all know that our sanctions should not harm the Mullahs and the Mullah regime and should not make any problem for them.

(3)We should aid the Mullahs in unplugging the internet in Iran. Our media and our government should support this Mullah plan, by remaining silent, and our companies should support the Mullahs, by selling them what they need for achieving their goals. Without the internet we can be sure that the world will not hear the real voices of Iranians, and it’s very good for us and our plots.

(4)Our media and their Persian services, from the BBC Persian to the VOA Farsi and Radio Farda, should only work with the Iranians who are mercenary or our stooge, including the Islamist Reformists, the Mullah agents, and the Monarchists. In our mass media, we should only hear the voices of the war lovers, or the stupid anti-war who love and support the Mullah regime. Those who are wise anti-war and can understand the differences between help and intervention, should be suffocated immediately. The wise anti-war are very dangerous for us.

(5)We should support the websites and media of the Iranian expats who are mercenary or our stooge. Iranians inside Iran call them “Iranian Baboons’ websites”, but for us they are lovely mercenaries who work with low wages. We should support them financially and politically, and while Iranians have boycotted them, we should pretend that they are representative of Iranians.

(6)All Iranians who talk about our secret deals and our secret love affair with the Mullahs should be boycotted. All Iranians who speak about what we and Obama did in 2009 and how we betrayed Iranians who were our friend, and those who know the truth, and those who know that we not only refused to help Iranians but also we aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, should be suffocated. They are very dangerous.


(7)We should ask the providers of Blog services and Blog hosts to censor the real voices of Iranians as much as possible. Their “Iran” tags, Iran news, etc, should not broadcast the voices of Iranians inside Iran. Their motto should be like this: “Everything is allowed, except the real voices of Iranians”. Our people in the west should not be able to find any website in the internet that broadcasts the real voices of Iranians. The real voices of Iranians inside Iran should not be heard.

(8)All our mass media should only work with Iranians who are mercenary, including the Mullah agents, the Mullah Mafia, the Monarchists, the Islamist-Reformists, and others who are hated figures in Iran. Our mass media should boycott the normal and ordinary Iranians. Our mass media should not have any report about the reality of the Iranian life and the Iranian views. The world should think that Iranians are Islamist, or stupid and ignorant, and Iran has not any real intellectual or any normal, wise and open-minded people. We should tell big lies; the bigger, the better.

(9)All Iranians who say: “Any war against the Mullah regime should be only for helping and freeing Iranians, and any other excuse, like the nuclear issues, is not acceptable at all”, should be suffocated. They are very dangerous. We should only support and encourage two groups: [1]The war-lovers, that are our stooge [2]The stupid anti-war, that work as Mullah agents in the west, and they ask the world to not help Iranians. They are Mullah lovers, and many of them work as our mercenary, too. Almost all Iranians hate these two groups, and call them “Iranian baboons”, but we should strongly support them.

(10) All Iranians that are part of the 90% inside Iran, who hate the Mullahs and the Islamist-Reformists, should be suffocated. They are very dangerous for us and our Iranian mercenaries (the Mullahs and the Islamists). In addition, all Iranians that are part of the 99% inside Iran, who hate the Monarchists (Pahlavists), should be suffocated as well. They are really dangerous for our future plans. Only those who are our mercenaries or Mullah agents should have right to speak.

(11)Our mass media and Iranian baboons’ media should say that Iranians have only two options: [1]Accepting the Mullah regime [2]Accepting war against Iran in the name of nuclear issues. They should not say we can help Iranians, by serious political pressure on the Mullahs, or by smart war against the Mullahs for helping and freeing Iranians and with the help of the Iranians. We know that Iranians ask us to help them. They only accept a limited and smart war, if it was for helping and freeing them, not for any other excuse. But It’s very dangerous for us. Our mercenaries should tell Iranians that they can not expect the world to help them; And the world is enemy of Iran and Iranians.

(12) All western embassies in Tehran should not grant the ordinary Iranians visa, and we should treat them like animals. Only the Mullahs and their families, the Mullah agents, the Mullah embezzlers, the Islamists (Fundamentalist and Reformists), and other crooks and mercenaries in Iran should be able to get visa. If the wise and normal Iranians could go to the west, the world and the west will know Iranians and who they are and what they want, and it’s very dangerous for us. So, we should convert Iran into a big prison that no one can escape from it, except the bastards.

(13)The ordinary Iranians inside Iran should not have any voice and any media, and it’s vital for us. Our mass media, the Iranian baboons’ media, our blog service providers, etc all should be like the Mullah media who censor and suffocate the Iranians’ voices. Our mass media and the media of our Iranian mercenaries should try to create “straw hero” for us. They should focus on the unknown and hated Mullah agents or worthless idiot mercenaries, and make them hero. It’s should be our strategy for controlling the people and the future. The wise and normal Iranians should be ignored and boycotted.

(14)All Iranians who know the truth about our fake war with the Mullahs, should be suffocated immediately. The world should not know the truth. The world should not know that our war against the Mullahs is a fake and phony war. It’s very very dangerous for us. The stupid lefts, that are our stooge, should repeat their previous big lies and they should pretend that we and the Mullahs are enemy of each others, and the Mullahs are not our stooge.

(15)We should support the stupid lefts, and also the Islamist-Reformists and all other fake intellectuals who tell big lies about what Iranians want. Those who support the dictators and dictatorship in the name of fighting against imperialism are our best friends, and our media should care about them and make them hero. These idiots are our best tool for deceiving the naive people in all around the world.

VOA, Ramin Asgard, Obama, and Mullahs

November 7, 2011

In the recent days, the Voice of America (VOA), its Persian service, and its new director, Ramin Asgard, have become symbol of charlatanism, hypocrisy, and love affair with Iranian baboons and Mullah Mafia in Washington. In February 2011, we wrote (check Archive): “Now the VOA has changed the chairman of VOA Farsi and has replaced Ali Sajadi and his team with Ramin Asgard and his team. Asgard is unknown for us in Iran, but we could wait and see. He can show us the US policy“. And now Ramin Asgard (and also Hillary Clinton, Obama, etc) has shown us the US policy towards the Mullahs. The VOA is a state media and belongs to the US State Department. The VOA shows what the US State Department and Obama administration want. The American tax payers pay for the VOA. But many Americans know nothing about what the VOA says or does in the name of the Americans. The VOA only works with Iranian baboons, i.e. the Mullah agents or the Monarchists. Recently, the Voice of Americas Persian service (VOA Farsi) has eliminated three broadcasters known for their anti-Mullah positions, and Mohsen Sazegara has said he has boycotted the VOA and has cut his ties with the VOA. In a youtube video, Sazegara has talked about the internal matters of VOA including but not limited to the Director of VOA and other staff. “Each Person who wants to topple the Mullah regime, and doesn’t love Khamenei and the Mullah regime, they kick him out of the VOA“, Sazgara said. Mohsen Sazegara (and his son!) worked for the VOA. Mohsen Sazegara is an Iranian politician with a dark history (as a savage Islamist and member of Mullah Gestapo), and he is not a free, independent and open-minded Iranian, but he is better than other Iranian bastards who work for the VOA. It’s what many Iranians believe. In fact, the VOA is like the city of the blind people, and Sazegara is like the person who has one eye and can be the king ! But what Sazegara has said about members of VOAs staff who have either been fired or are in the process of being fired, because they were anti-Mullahs and did not love the Islamic regime, is very important and meaningful. Some stupid Americans and friends of Ramin Asgard said: “Sazegara tries to bolster support for the toppling the Mullahs or weakening the Mullah regime without any regard for U.S. policy !! or what is good for United States national security concerns”. And it’s really funny, and also very meaningful.


As we said before, Ramin Asgard, now the director of VOA Farsi, worked at the U.S. consultate in Dubai. He worked closely with the Mullah lobbyists. Some say: “Asgard worked closely with NIAC founder Trita Parsi, offering to allow Parsi to ‘handpick Iranian-Americans to staff the State Departments primary field office on Iran’, according to a former aide to Sen. Tom Coburn”. And some add: “Jamshid Chalangi, Batebi, Mohsen Sazegara, and others are not important for Iranians, but what the VOA does, and how they treat the pro-Mullahs and the Monarchists are important. After 2009 debacle, the VOA has lost many of its audiences in Iran, and now many don’t watch the VOA; but now after Asgard changes and the current scandals, the VOA really went bankrupt in Iran. They just waste the American tax payer’s money.” In the recent days, some American jerks who are friends of Ramin Asgard have said: “According to the US International Broadcasting Act of 1994, United States international broadcasting shall include a balanced and comprehensive projection of U.S. thought and institutions. Now, the VOA is conducted in accordance with the highest professional standards of broadcast journalism” And Iranians say: “Oh, yah, working with the Mullah Mafia or the Monarchists means ‘Highest Professional Standards’ ! we had forgotten that!
Motherf-u-c-k-ers, do you think Iranians are blind or as stupid as you? You make love with the Mullahs or the Monarchists, i.e. the most hated groups in Iran who are very reactionary and more than 90% of Iranians hate them, but you call this ‘the highest professional standards of broadcast journalism’. You jerks, are so shameless.” But it’s not the whole tragic story of the VOA. Recently, Amir Abbas Fakhravar has become active in the VOA, and it’s very funny. This stupid and opportunist Iranian who has fled to the US in 2000s, pretends that he is one of the regime’s leading opponents, and student opposition leader !! But Iranians say: “A jerk and an Iranian baboon like Abbas FakhrAvar, can tell big lies, and it’s not important. Who cares about him? But the important point is that the Americans and their media care about this bastard, and call him student opposition leader !, while almost all Iranians and Iranian students say: “FakhrAvar Dige Sage Kieh” that means:”Who is this little unknown dog, FakhrAvar? he is Mr. nobody“.


As we said before, the tragicomedy of stupid Iranian expats who live in the US is really embarrassing. Ahmad Batebi, his ex-wife (Tara Niazi), Abbas Fakhravar, and many other Iranian bastards who have fled to the US, accused each other of being member of Mullah Mafia and working for the Mullah regime. It’s not very clear that which side tells the truth, but it’s so obvious that at least one side works for the Mullah regime. But it’s interesting that all of these bastards, and even some one like Khazali, the baby Godzilla, have worked with the VOA. As we said before, unfortunately the Voice of America (VOA) has become VOM, i.e. “Voice of Mullahs” or “Voice of Monarchists”. Apparently, the VOA can not be a reasonable media and always should work with the Iranian bastards and the most reactionary Iranians, who are very hated figures in Iran. And unfortunately, it’s exactly like the US policy towards Iran and the Mullah regime. The stupid and hypocrite US politicians prefer to work with the Mullah regime or the Monarchists, who are very hated groups in Iran, and more than 90% of Iranians hate them. In fact, the Islamist Monarchists and the secular Monarchists and their leader, Khamenei and Pahlavi, are two side of the same coin and many Iranians are aware of this matter, but the stupid American politicians are blind or pretend ignorance. Supporting the freedom and democracy, and a secular Republic in Iran is really in the US interests. And it’s better for the whole world and for having a better world. But unfortunately many American politicians don’t care about the long term interests, and they only work for their personal short term interests that can be very dangerous and harmful for the long term interests of the Americans. The VOA, as a state media that shows the US policy and wastes the American tax payers’ money, should not be like the Iranian Baboons’ media that even have not 1000 daily visitors. Unfortunately, the VOA and Obama administration only have disgraced the US in Iran and among Iranians, and it’s certainly is not in the US interests. As we said before, almost all Iranians had a very positive view about the US and Americans, but after what the US politicians and the US media did in 2009 and in the past two years, many things are changing in Iran. The VOA and Obama are the main responsible for disgracing the US in Iran and among the people who are anti-Mullahs, anti-Islamists, and pro-West. The American tax payers should know how their politicians spend their tax on disgracing the US and Americans among the friends of America in Iran. It certainly is not in the interests of the Americans.

Miliband: Fairness is not in Cameron’s DNA !

November 7, 2011

Yesterday the British media reported that Ed Miliband has said: “Fairness is not in Cameron’s DNA”. Miliband has said that Cameron defends the interests of Britain’s top one per cent and Cameron is incapable of standing up for the remaining 99 per cent . Ed Miliband has added: “David Cameron really is doing a terrific job of looking after the vested interests, the privileged, the powerful and the wealthiest 1 per cent. It’s the other 99 per cent who feel desperately let down. David Cameron doesn’t get it. It is not in his DNA. It is not what drives him in his politics. Working for a more responsible, fairer capitalism is not what gets him up in the morning. Even he would be hard pressed to claim it was his raison d’etre”. As you know, the British politicians are very opportunist and apparently now they try to make use of OWS protests. The stupid Tories and stupid Labours are like each other. In fact, Britons and also Iranians and other nations have not seen any important difference between Blair and Cameron. These jerks are like each other and don’t care about the British people and their real problems; Also all of them are British Mullah Maker and the main supporter of the savage Mullahs in Iran. Now, lets take a closer look at British Politicians’ DNA.


What is in British Politicians’ DNA: Lie, Hypocrisy, Deceit, Foolishness, Shamelessness, Unfaithfulness, Unfairness, Shortsightedness, Brutality, Colonialism, Opportunism, Charlatanism, Exploitation, Corruption, Bribery, Being Mullah lover, Being Mullah Maker, Being main supporter of Mullahs, Dreaming about restoring the British Empire, Making love with savage dictators, Loving Spy Game and War Game, Making corrupt universities, Talking nonsense, etc.

What is not in British Politicians’ DNA: Fairness, Truthfulness, Honesty, Faithfulness, Farsightedness, Goodness, Wisdom, Love, Sympathy, Humanity, Decency, Being Anti-Mullah, Respecting people and their intelligence, Listening to the people voices, Care about British People and Protesters, Care about NHS and students, etc.

How Iranian Baboons’ Websites Work

November 6, 2011

In the recent days, several scandals have revealed more truths about the true colors of Iranian Baboons and their websites, and now even the stupidest Iranians can see what others saw at least two years ago. The current story of VOA Farsi and how Ramin Asgard, the new director of VOA Farsi, has showed his true color and also true color of Obama administration, is informative and interesting and we will write about it later. But what has happened in Jaras, Kalame, Balatarin, and other Iranian baboons’ websites and how these bastards went bankrupt and why some of them want to close down their discredited shops, are ridiculous stories of worthless baboons, and we don’t want to waste our time by writing about it. Almost all Iranian baboons’ websites are quite unbearable and have not any serious visitor in Iran, but some of these stupid websites get financial support from European countries, and is one of them. RoozOnline is an Iranian baboons’ website that tries to be like the BBC Persian or VOA Farsi ! Those who are behind RoozOnline -Behnoud, Nabavi, etc- are really hypocrite, and before 2009, many Iranians inside Iran didn’t know their true colors. But after the tragedy of 2009, and when these bastards betrayed the people movement, the people saw their true colors, and now they are so disgraced and discredited among Iranians. Of course, these bastards still desperately try to save their beloved Mullah regime, and it’s not bad if we have a look at what they do now. In fact, the story of Roozonline is important, because the western countries support them, and the western mass media pretend that they are “Iranian Oppositions”, or they are representative of Iranians, while it’s a big lie. Iranians inside Iran hate the Iranian baboons and their websites, and almost all Iranians have boycotted them. The world should know more about the tragicomedy of Iranian baboons and their websites. Recently, Roozonline’s jerks, desperately try to make the Khamenei’s agents hero, but the people only laugh at them. Recently, they had two interviews with two Khamenei’s agents, Khazali and Nourizad, in November 1&2, 2011, and these ridiculous interviews were Roozonline’s headlines. The baby Godzilla, Mehdi Khazali, is the member of Mullah Gestapo, close friend of Saeed Emami and a member of Emami’s team in the Chain Murders (i.e. when the Mullah Gestapo killed hundreds of Iranian scholars/oppositions and tortured thousands of them in 1990s), and his father, Ayatollah Khazali, is one of the most savage high rank Mullahs. Iranian Baboons and their websites call him “Doctor Khazali”, but Iranians call him “Doctor Khaz” (Khaz in Persian means “Fur”), “baby Godzilla”, etc. The other Khamenei’s agent is Mohammad Nourizad, who is a Sepahi baboon and member of Mullah Gestapo, ex-member of Mullah Pravda (Keyhan), and a savage Islamist who has worn a new mask and pretends that he is an Islamist-Reformist. Of course, he is so stupid, because he has become an Islamist-Reformist when all Iranians hate the Islamist-Reformists ! Anyway, lets have a look at “how Iranian baboons’ websites make love with Khamenei’s agents”, while European countries support them financially, and they pretend that they are anti-Mullah and opposition. Now Iranians know that these bastards are frightened of Mullah’s down fall and desperately try to prevent what will happen to the Mullahs in the near future.


RoozOnline’s Interview with Sepahi Baboon (Nourizad)

(RoozOnline, No. 1518, 1390/8/10) RO jerk (RoozOnline’s jerk): “Why have you written 9 letters to the leader, Khamenei? Your letters are love letters to the leader. They are great critical letters. But why you call Khamenei “dear father, or great leader’?” Nourizad: “I love our leader, Khamenei. He is a very brave and strong man. I just want to ask him to keep our Islamic regime safe and strong, before it’s too late. Theocracy or what we call it ‘Velayat Faqil’ is a great system, and even the westerners can love this system. Vali Faqih or Islamic leader (Islamic dictator) is a great man who loves the people and wants to help them. We love our great leader. We don’t want to topple the Islamic regime. Without our great Islamic leader, we only can have civil war in Iran” RO Jerk: “You love Khamenei, but why he doesn’t answer your letters and your questions? what do you think about the future? what will happen to our leader, Khamenei?” Nourizad: “I can see a great fall down. We should do something before it’s late. Gaddafi’s fate is very dangerous. Libyans hated Gaddafi, and now Iranians hate our great leader, Khamenei. It’s very dangerous for us. We should do something before it’s too late” RO Jerk: “you are a great man, and your letters are very important for us; but I don’t know why the people don’t care about you and your letters” Nourizad: “I love our great leader, Khamenei. But I also don’t know why the people don’t care about me and my letters. But I’m very happy that you care about me and my letters, and try to make me a hero. God bless you, dear friends. If we work together, we can save our beloved Islamic regime, and I hope we can direct the people to the right direction, before it’s too late. Now, the people don’t care about us and it’s very dangerous.” RO jerk: “If we work together, we will succeed” Nourizad: “I hope so. We should do something before it’s too late”

RoozOnline’s Interview with baby Godzilla (Khazali)

(RoozOnline, No. 1519, 1390/8/11) RO Jerk: “Oh, Doctor Khaz, you are a great brave man. Do you think where are we going and what will happen?” Dr. Khaz: “I can see a big down fall; they will fall” RO Jerk: “Who are these “They”? it’s Mr. shit or beyond him?” Khaz: “I mean the ruling groups, not the Islamic regime.” RO Jerk: “You are like Nourizad. And both of you are great men who care about our great Islamic regime. But what will happen to our leader Khamenei?” Khaz: “We love the Islamic regime. We are ready to die for the Islamic regime. I think the Islamic regime is strong, but Libyas’ case and Gaddafi’s fate was very painful, and also dangerous for us. We should learn from it before it’s too late.” RO Jerk: “Has Khamenei, our great leader, had some mistakes?” Khaz: “I don’t know. I’m just frightened of Libya’s story. It should not happen in Iran. It’s very dangerous for us, especially for our great leader, Khamenei.” RO Jerk: “what do you think about the new election, the parliament election?” Khaz: “We love the elections in the Islamic regime. But unfortunately the people are angry and don’t accept what we say” RO Jerk: “What should we do?” Khaz: “You should support me, and I should support you. That’s what we should do now; maybe the people listen to us, and we can save our beloved Islamic regime in this way”. RO jerk: “I hope so. Thanks dear hero”

Iranian baboons’ websites are really a tragic joke. They are really stupid and think they can save their beloved Mullah regime by this sort of stupid shows and stupid comedies. The above interviews are real and we only change few things for becoming funnier, but what they said and the gist of the interviews are exactly like what you read here. It’s really shameful and ridiculous. Iranians inside Iran only laugh at these jerks, and some shake their heads and say: “What we thought about these jerks in 2009? These jerks were our media in 2009. These stupid jerks were our journalists in 2009. So, it’s so obvious that our movement had to be fucked up. But now, we know the true colors of these shameless jerks and tomorrow will be another day” The tragedy of Iranian Baboons’ media and Iranian journalists who live outside Iran, is very big and very shameful scandal in Iran’s history. Shame on them all.

Akbar Ganji = Fake Intellectual

November 5, 2011

As we said before, in the recent days, Akbar Ganji has revealed his true color and clearly proved that he is an ‘Iranian Baboon’. The story of Ganji is a typical story of Iranian fake intellectuals who betrayed the people and their movement in 2009. Iranians ask: “Why our 2009 movement failed and who betrayed us?” For finding the answer, you can think about the story of Ganji very carefully. Ganji and many other Islamist-Reformists and ex-members of Mullah Gestapo pretend that they are intellectual. But Iranians say: “These bastards gained reputation because others can not speak and are suffocated by the savage Mullahs”. And some add: “When only the Islamists (Mullahs or reformists) can talk or write, and others should remain silent or should be killed or tortured, then some one like Ganji can impersonate an intellectual”. As Iranians say: “In city of the blind people, the person who has only one eye is the king“. It’s an Iranian old saying that tells the truth about Ganji and other Islamist-Reformists. The stupid Islamist, like Ganji, are intellectuals in the city of the blind and stupid Islamists, not in free Iran when Iranians and their real thinkers and real intellectuals can talk, write, or speak their minds. When all open-minded Iranians are brutally suppressed by Mullahs, Iran is like the city of the blind people, and Iranian baboons and someone like Ganji, Abdi, Mohajerani, etc can impersonate intellectuals. And that’s why these bastards love the Mullah regime. Without the Mullah regime, and in a free Iran that everyone can talk or write, who cares about these stupid Islamist jerks? So, they defend the Mullah regime, because the Mullahs have created a medieval hell that normal Iranians can’t write, talk, or speak their minds.Some one like Akbar Ganji can gain reputation, only because the savage Mullahs suffocate other voices and other people, and the real intellectuals and wise Iranians can not openly and publicly speak their minds. You can ask: “Why Ganji could write about the chain murders and others could not?” In the past years, the Iranian baboons answered: “because Ganji is very talented and brave. We don’t have any other investigative reporter in Iran [!]”. But now all Iranians know the real answer: “Ganji was member of Mullah Gestapo, and he negotiated and made love with the Mullah Gestapo. But others only could be tortured and killed by the Mullah Gestapo”. Among the stupid Islamist-Reformists, only Mousavi was honest and told the truth. Mousavi said: “I know the people vote for me, because they don’t have any other alternative in the Islamic regime. I know the people were not free and only chose between two evils, and finally they elected me as the lesser evil“. In Iran, only the Islamists can be candidate in the Mullah elections, and the Mullahs don’t allow others to participate in any election. The Mullahs have created a closed society and only the Islamists have right to be active in almost all fields, including cultural and social fields. In Iran, only the Islamist and Mullah mercenaries have right to talk or work in television, radio, cinema, arts, book industry, newspapers and other media, universities, public spaces, etc. These stupid bastards who are illiterate, untalented, and worthless thugs become cultural or social figures, because others are brutally suppressed by the savage Mullahs. Under these conditions, Ganji and other Islamist jerks have delusion about themselves and as Iranians say: “They think AliAbad (a small village) is a city”. In fact, in a free Iran, and when everybody can talk, write, or work, the Islamist jerks become worthless idiots. Iranians say: “if the Mullahs and the Islamists have not a gun in their hands and don’t threaten to kill and torture us, who respect these bastards or listen to their bullshits”.

The stupid Ganji showed his true color in one of his recent articles, “Human rights or American Pawns” (October 26, 2011); he wrote (our comments are in parentheses): “The west attacked Libya in the name of human rights. It’s like what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan (you jerk know the truth, but as Iranians say: “Chun Sarf Nemikoneh Khodesh ro be Khariat Mizaneh” [because it’s not in his interests, he pretends ignorance; he pretends that he is a donkey] ) The US always supports the dictatorship, like Saudi Arabia (but not the Mullah regime!) and it’s in US interests (!) Why Khamenei’s terrorism is bad, but Obama’s terrorism is Good? (Thank you jerk; we are quite sure that your true color). Ahmad Shahid’s report about the human rights violation in Iran is not wrong, it’s really true, but the western country make use of it for attacking Iran, so it’s bad for Iran (Ahmad Shahid’s report is a very weak and stupid report. But the Mullah mercenaries are angry at this stupid weak report, because it can be dangerous for their beloved Islamic regime! Wow !) I’m not agree with National Congress, or any other opposition group that the US make for us. Some Iranian expats are American Pawns and they don’t care about Iran or the Islamist-Reformists who are in jail in Iran (you jerk, are really hypocrite. Why you have not written any articles about the stupid Monarchists, or the Mullah Mafia in the US, or the stupid Iranian expats? Why you don’t protest against the stupid reactionary Iranians who live in the US?. You and your friends think the people are blind or as stupid as you, but they are not. They hate you the Islamists, and also the Monarchists and the Rajavists, and you and your American/Mullah masters can not save the hated reactionary groups). USA does what is in its own interest. USA doesn’t bring us the freedom and democracy. The US and the world should not attack Iran, and topple the Islamic regime. It’s illegal. It doesn’t bring us freedom and democracy (you jerk are worry for your beloved Islamic regime. But Iranians know If the US or the UN help Iranians in toppling the savage Mullahs, it’s in their own interests, too. In the American Revolution, the French helped the Americans.So, since the French helped Americans, it means that the Americans were stooge of the French? or the French brought Americans freedom and democracy?. No, the French just helped the Americans because it was in their own interests, too. And It’s what Iranians want, and what should happen in Iran). The Libyans killed Gaddafi like a dog, and the world and Iranians are happy, why? why should we happy? (because Iranians live in Iran under a medieval tyranny, and they don’t live in the US and don’t get the mercenary money from your western and Mullah masters. In 2009, many Iranians asked themselves why Ganji and others don’t create an alternative group and alternative media for organizing the people and establishing a secular Republic in Iran. But now they know how naive they were in 2009. Now they know all Khamenei’s Diamonds for deceit and the reasons of Green Movement’s failure, and that’s why they are happy.)”


Akbar Ganji’s recent articles clearly answer many questions about 2009. It can show us why the Iranian movement failed, or who betrayed the people in 2009. Ganji, desperately try to be an Islamist baby Chomsky (Jujeh Chomsky). But he doesn’t know when Iranians shit on the head of Chomsky and know how stupid Chomsky is, they don’t care about an Islamist who desperately tries to copy Chomsky’s stupidity. In fact, If you mix Big Laden or Khomeini with Noam Chomsky the result is Akbar Ganji who is an Islamist left !. The stupid lefts and the Islamist lefts are like each other, and so shameless. Today, they say: “Gaddafi was a stooge of CIA and the US. Gaddafi was a CIA agent in Libya in the past 40 years”. But yesterday they said: “Gaddafi is the enemy of the western imperialism. He is hero, a revolutionary”. At least the stupid Chavez is honest and repeats their past bullshits today, but the majority of the stupid lefts are hypocrite and dishonest. Today, they say the same thing about the savage Mullahs: “The Mullahs are the enemy of the western imperialism. They are hero, revolutionary, and anti-West”, but tomorrow when the Mullahs would be toppled, they would say: “The Mullahs were CIA agents. They worked for the US. They were the stooge of the US. Don’t you read the history?!” These stupid jerks are really so shameless. But Iranians know the truth. They know about the passionate love affair between the Mullahs and the US, and between the US and reactionary Iranians. And they know who are mercenary and stooge of the Mullahs and the US. It’s a good question if you ask: “Why Ganji and other Iranian baboons don’t write anything about the stupid Monarchists and other reactionary groups? Why Ganji and other Iranian baboons don’t write anything about what Khamenei has said about establishing the Islamic Monarchy and abolishing the Republic system? and Why Ganji and other Iranian baboons don’t write anything about Mullah Mafia in the west ?” If they really care about the freedom and democracy in Iran, why they don’t try to organize the people? why are they frightened of organizing the people? why they don’t protest against western hypocrisy and the Mullahs who go to the west and invest the dirty embezzled money there, while the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs pay the price of stupid western sanctions? why they don’t protest against the small reactionary and hated groups, like Monarchists, Rajavists, etc, i.e. the bastards who try to make a secret deal with the American jerks in Washington?. Many say: “if Ganji and other Iranian baboons were not mercenary, they publicly would attack the stupid Monarchists, and would work for organizing the people and establishing a secular Republic system in Iran. It’s what the people want; It’s what the people expect from their intellectuals. But the stupid Ganji and other Iranian baboons, have gone to the US and spend the mercenary money there and don’t care about freedom, democracy, and our terrible conditions here.”

The story of stupid Ganji can show the true meaning of the tragedy of Iranian intellectualism and the tragedy of the fake intellectuals in Iran. As we said before, it’s really shameful that almost all Iranian intellectuals, with only minor exceptions, have been stupid stooge and mercenary. Now, Akbar Ganji has become the last on the long list of Iranian fake intellectuals. As we said before, many believed that the ex-member of Mullah Gestapo can’t become intellectual or independent journalist, but they wanted to give Ganji a chance to change himself. He received so much attention and respect, more than he deserved, but when he had to help the people who made him hero, he betrayed the people. Now, he lives in the US, and like other Iranian jerks who live outside Iran and are mercenary or indifferent, doesn’t care about the victims of his beloved Islamic regime. The young Iranians should try to learn from the shameful fates and shameful stories of Iranian fake intellectuals. The feature belongs to the new generation of Iranians. “The older generations of Iranians, those who are 50+, are very stupid and reactionary, and only when they die, Iran become a modern country and we can enjoy freedom and democracy in Iran. The older generations are disaster makers who created this medieval tyranny by their stupid reactionary revolution in 1979”, many young Iranians say. Now, thousands real but unknown intellectuals live in Iran, and they are not as stupid as their parents and the fake intellectuals and mercenaries who make love with the Mullah Gestapo and are the main responsible for the death of Green Movement and the current situation in Iran. Unfortunately the world still think that these fake intellectuals and mercenaries are symbol of the Iranian intellectualism! It’s really horrible. Unfortunately the western mass media pretend that these Iranian jerks are representative of Iranians inside Iran, but it’s a big lie. These bastards are dead in Iran, and the world should know the younger generations of Iranians and their intellectuals. In 2009, after the Ashoura day, the fake intellectuals could discourage the people and save their beloved Islamic regime. But now they are so disgraced and discredited in Iran. The world should know that 2010s is not like 1970s or even 1990s. Now Iran has about 20 million university-educated people and thousands young and real intellects. They have not any voice or media now, but the future belongs to them. They certainly will topple the Mullahs regime, establish a secular Republic, and throw the fake Iranian intellects in the trash can of history. Ganji, Behnoud, and other worthless Iranian bastards, are like other worthless traitors, mercenaries, and Iranian baboons in the trash can of Iran’s history.

We, WordPress, and Censorship

November 5, 2011

Recently, after what we wrote about Hillary Clinton and the BBC , and specially after what we wrote about the western companies that aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians , WordPress has kicked us out of almost all WordPress’s tags (“Iran”, “News”, “Politics”, “USA”, “Europe”, “Canada”, “UK”, “Obama”, “Iran News”, etc). As you know Iranians live under the tyranny, a very brutal medieval religious tyranny, and know censors and censorship very well. All days and all nights we experience dreadful censorship in Iran and it’s really horrible. As you know, the Mullahs have imposed dreadful restrictions and dreadful surveillance on Iranians, and relaying the Iranian voices to the outside world is a very difficult and dangerous job. We chose WordPress, because WordPress is well-known and has had an important role in developing the Citizen Journalism, and because many think it’s a reliable and independent service. Now, we are confused. We not sure about the true meaning of what has happened. We are not sure who decided to kick us out of WordPress tags and why (specially in these critical days). We are not sure that we should expect they delete our website soon. And we are not sure about many things, because we live under a medieval tyranny in Iran, and can see everything is possible (some even say we can’t be sure about the privacy and security of our website now).

As we said before, some months ago, we experienced a weaker version of the current incident (about Rajavi’s group and “Iran” tag), but at that time it became clear that it was a mistake, or a personal shortcoming. Now, we dont know why again we have been kicked out of almost all WordPress tags, including Iran tag. We respect to WordPress and its contribute to the world and the citizen journalism. We really dont know why this strange and weird event has happened again. We hope that it’s an error or mistake, and we could be in the Iran tag and other WordPress tags, as before

We still think WordPress believes in “Freedom of Speech” and “Free Exchange of Information”, but what has happened is really confusing. As we all know, censorship is an act of tyranny and suffocation. As you know, we are not here to have fun, but we are here to write about the Iranian voices that are heavily censored by the savage Mullahs, and also by the western mass media. We are here to write about the western hypocrisy and their fake war and their secret deals with the savage Mullahs. We are here to write about what happened in 2009 and why the savage Mullahs could suppress the Iranian movement by killing, torturing and raping tens of thousands of Iranians, and who supported and helped the savage Mullahs, and who ignored Iranians. We are here to write about the stupidity of the stupid lefts and rights, and fake intellectuals. We are here to write about the unreported stories, the unreported facts, the unreported brutalities, and the unreported double standards. We are here to write about the global problems, the global misunderstandings and global misconceptions. And we are here to write about the local and global problems, but we write for public opinion and all open-minded people in all around the world, not for the politicians and the dirty politics. If we can not write about these matters in WordPress, please let us know.

Obama’s secret Letter to Khamenei & War Game

November 4, 2011

“Obama has sent his third secret letter to Khamenei”. It’s what Reuters and Iranian media reported in the recent days. But many hypocrite western mass media did not cover this important news. Apparently, Obama’s third secret letter, and also Khamenei’s answer, were not like his previous love letters to Khamenei. Apparently, they know that their love story, their secret talks and secret deals have been revealed by the new scandals, and now they need a war game and media hype to cover up the scandals and also their economic crisis and the corruptions. Many believe that the new stupid media hype and war game is a joke, and it has designed to divert attention from important issues. But it’s possible that the bastards want to cover up all crises and scandals by a stupid war game. As we said before, in 2009, when the savage Mullahs were killing, torturing and raping tens of thousands Iranians , the stupid Obama wrote Khamenei twice. It was a strategic mistake, and made Iranians angry. Of course, some tried to pretend that the secret letters, especially the second letter, was sent before the Mullah coup in 2009 , but many think that it’s a big lie, and many evidences, such as what VOA did in 2009, and what Obama and his administration did in 2009 show us the truth. What the stupid and hypocrite western politicians did in 2009, was a strategic mistake, and now they talk about war game against Iran, in the name of nuclear issues, not human rights, and it’s another great strategic mistake. It’s only a shameful tactic in their shameful negotiations with the savage Mullahs. But we should congratulate the Iranian expats, the traitors, and mercenaries, specially Islamist-Reformists and Ashoura Day’s traitors -Khatami, Ganji, Behnoud, Abdi, Nabavi, etc- for betraying the people movement and for helping the Mullahs and the hypocrite western politicians in 2009. The story of mercenaries, and also western paradoxes before and after 2009, is a long story and you can check our Archive or Categories for finding more information. But as we said before, Iranians know the hypocrite western politicians and what they did in 2009. If they wanted to help Iranians, it would be acceptable, but any attack against Iran in the name of nuclear issues, is not acceptable at all. We all know there are many important differences between the wise anti-war and the stupid anti-war who support the tyranny and encourage the Iron First policy. The jerks and mercenaries who betrayed the Iranian movement in 2009, specially the Islamist-Reformists and Ashoura Day’s traitors, are very stupid anti-war and are responsible for our tragic conditions in Iran. Iranians will not forgive them and their great betrayals. But what Iranians say about the hypocrite western politicians are more important: “In 2009, when motherf-u-c-k-er Obama and his stupid administration had to help Iranians (and it was in US interests) he preferred to make love with the savage Mullahs, and ignored Iranians. When Iranians needed international help and support, the hypocrite western politicians made love with the savage Mullahs and ignored Iranians; even their shameless companies aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. Now, if they want to attack Iran in the name of nuclear issue or terrorism (not for helping Iranians ), it would be another strategic mistake, and Iranians will not accept it at all. Iranians are anti-Islamists and pro-west, but this strategic mistake will change everything, and you can be sure that Iranians will not remain pro-west


Apparently the stupid western politicians always should be jerk and asshole, and being wise and reasonable is what you can’t expect from these stupid bastards. In 2009, and even now in 2011, if they helped Iranians in their struggle against the savage Mullahs, it would be in Iranians’ interests and the west’s interests; it would be a win-win situation and Iranians not only would support the west and accept its help, but they would appreciate the west a lot and the west could solve its problems with the help of Iranians. But the western politicians preferred to support the savage Mullahs and aid them in killing and torturing Iranians. Now, they talk about war game in the name of nuclear issues (not for helping Iranians), and it’s so obvious that not only Iranians will not accept it under any condition, but they will hate the west and the western politicians . Almost all Iranians believe: “The savage Mullahs are stooge of the west. The savage Mullahs are not Iranian. They are Arab or pro-Arab fanatics who only want to destroy Iran with the help of their western supporters. The west did not help Iranians in 2009, and we never forget it. But if they want to destroy Iran in the name of nuclear issues, Iranians who are pro-west, can not remain their friend any longer. Who helped the Mullahs into Iran in 1979? the Europeans and the Americans. Who helped the savage Mullahs in 2009, when they killed, tortured and raped Iranians? the Europeans and the Americans. Who ignored Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009? and Who imposed stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, but made love with the savage Mullahs? the Europeans and the Americans” .Many believe the current media hype and war game is a stupid joke . “War with Iran is the last thing Obama needs with the American economy in dire trouble and a tough White House election campaign looming next year. It’s not going to happen during Obama’s presidency (Obama and Mullahs are close friends). Of course, the I-s-r-a-e-l-i cabinet was reported on Wednesday to be debating whether to launch air strikes on Iranian nuclear sites. But it’s bullshit”, some say. Iran has about 50 million youths, who are pro-west and anti-Islamist, but if the west insists on being stupid and ignoring Iranians and their rights and their dreadful conditions in Iran, then everything will change and Iranians will change their views. The west should know that we don’t live in the Stone Age or the Colonialism Age, and this kind of shameful hypocrisy and strategic mistake can’t be acceptable at all. You can’t aid the savage Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians and then talk about war game in the name of nuclear issues ! . “British officials (i.e. British Mullah Makers) say that if Washington presses ahead it will seek, and receive, UK military help for any mission, despite some deep reservations within the coalition government”, the media reported. And Iranians said: “British Mullah Makers tell joke. They know how Iranians are angry at them for what they did in 2009, for example for what the BBC did, or for what the British companies did, or for what the British Defense Minister, Liam Fox, did in 2009 (check Archive), and for all they did in the past 30 years, and also in the past 300 years. They should know Iranians know the truth, and if they want to destroy Iran with the help of Mullahs, it will open old wounds; all old wounds in the past 300 years. And then all Iranians badly would want to give a proper answer to the British Mullah Makers”.


Yesterday, Khamenei said: “I have many secret documents that if I revealed them, they would disgrace the west”. And Iranians said: “Yes, Khamenei has many secret documents about his secret relationship with the hypocrite British and American politicians. Khamenei can disgrace the British Mullah Makers, and American politicians if he revealed the documents about his secret love affairs with them”. The western hypocrisy and stupidity is really beyond imagination. Iranians are the only nation in the Middle East and Africa who are anti-Islamist, and friend of the west. But the west betrayed Iranians and also its own interests in 2009. Now, Iranians are angry at the west. But if the west wants to do another strategic mistake, Iranians will not remain angry, and anger will convert into deep hate. In these days, some Iranians wrote open letter to the western politicians and said: “After the current scandals, we felt it necessary to write to you and express our disappointment and outrage. Your appeasement policies toward the Mullahs and doubletalk have in large measure contributed to the current situation in Iran. Obama remained shamefully silent which Iranians were butchered by Basij and Hezbollah thugs. The US should apologize to the Iranian people and the suffering brought onto them because of misguided policies of the US in 2009. For you and Obama to identify the mullahs as Iranians, shows the austerity of knowledge about our culture and history. Mullahs despise our cultural heritage and our ancient civilization. Mullahs view Iran as a conquered country. You insult us if you think that mullahs have any respect or show any pride in our ancient culture and our ancient country. Your strategy to not to confront the mullahs and willingness to pursue secret talks and secret deals with the savage Mullahs, is an insult to Iranians. Of course, your companies who aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians in 2009, are criminal and have Iranian blood in their hands. You should know that Iranians have reached the conclusion that the Mullah regime cannot be reformed. They want a regime change. They want a free, democratic and secular Republic in Iran . And it’s in your interests, too. You can help Iranians. It’s better for you. It’s in your own interests. It’s a win-win situation. The United States should try to support Iranians inside Iran who want to establish a free, democratic and secular Republic in Iran and should stop supporting reactionary Iranian expats, like the Monarchists, the Rajavists, and the
. Thirty three years of empty rhetoric and double talk ought to be enough. If you helped Iranians in their struggle, they will support you and remain your close friends, but if you preferred to be stupid bastard by ignoring Iranians and what they want, by ignoring human rights, and by destroying Iran in the name of nuclear issues, it would be a great strategic mistake, and 75 million Iranians will hate you and will not be your friend any longer. They will teach your mercenaries (i.e. the Mullahs, the Monarchists / Rajavists, and the Islamist-Reformists), a lesson that the world will never forget it.” I think if you try to put yourself in the place of Iranians, you can understand them very easily.

Western Companies Aid Mullahs in Killing Iranians

November 3, 2011

In the recent days, Bloomberg had a very important report about the western companies who aid the savage Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. Unfortunately, Iranians have been killed, tortured and raped by the help of the Western Companies, specially Ericsson and British companies. It’s a very serious crime. It’s not just a simple case of typical western hypocrisy. The report says: “When Mullah security officers needed to locate a target one night in late 2009, one former Ericsson employee says he got an emergency call to come into the office to fix a glitch in an Ericsson positioning center“. Apparently Ericsson still continue to maintain the system for the savage Mullahs. It’s really horrible. In 2009, many said: “Iranians and non-Iranians who work for the western companies, and those who work for Iranian state companies, and with their western technologies, should write and talk about those who aid the savage Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians.” And now, in 2011, a very small part of what happened in 2009, has been revealed by Bloomberg’s report. Many Iranians are aware of many parts of Bloomberg’s report, but this report can be shocking for many non-Iranians. Of course, there are many unreported tragic stories about how the western politicians aid the savage Mullahs in staying in power, and in killing and torturing tens of thousands Iranians. But even the current report clearly proves who supported the savage Mullahs in 2009, and why the Mullahs have become very powerful and can block many anti-censorship tools, and why their filtering system have become number one in the world. It’s so obvious that Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, and other western companies and western countries, specially the UK and the US, who helped the savage Mullahs, have Iranians’ blood on their hand. Here are experts of the report:

“Pourheydar, 30, says, he learned that he was not only fighting the Mullah regime, but also companies that armed Mullahs with technology to monitor dissidents like him. About half the political prisoners he met in jail told him Mullah police had tracked their communications and movements through their cell phones, he says. This is a commerce of death for the companies that place this technology in the hands of dictatorships, Pourheydar says. Even as the Mullahs pursued a brutal political crackdown, including arrests and executions surrounding [the greatest election fraud in Iran’s history], European companies supplied Mullahs with location tracking and text-message monitoring equipment that can turn mobile phones into tools for surveillance. Stockholm-based Ericsson AB, Creativity Software Ltd. of the UK and Dublin-based AdaptiveMobile Security Ltd. marketed or provided gear over the past two years that Mullah security agencies would have access to, according to more than 100 documents and interviews with more than two dozen technicians and managers who worked on the systems. Ericsson and Creativity Software offered technology expressly for law enforcement use [!!!!] -including a location monitoring product proposed by Ericsson in early 2009, and one sold this year by Creativity, according to the interviews. Ericsson, the worlds largest maker of wireless networks, confirmed that in the fourth quarter of 2009 [i.e. when Iranian were killing by the savage Mullahs in the streets and when Iranians asked the west for help, but they refused to help] it sold a mobile-positioning center to MTN Irancell, Irans second-largest mobile provider. When Mullah security officers needed to locate a target one night in late 2009, one former Ericsson employee says he got an emergency call to come into the office to fix a glitch in an Ericsson positioning center. Ericsson says it will continue to maintain the system, but that it decided in October 2010 it would no longer sell any products into Iran due to recent efforts to tighten sanctions.”

Early this year, Creativity Software sold a system that enables Mullah security forces to monitor cell phone locations , according to three people familiar with the transaction. With it, police can track a targets movements every 15 seconds and plot the locations on a map, according to a 19-page company product specification document. Creativity Software confirms that Irancell is a client, but declined to discuss sales of any location-tracking gear, saying it would breach contract confidentiality [!!!!]. AdaptiveMobile, backed by the investment arm of Intel Corp. (INTC), proposed a system in partnership with Ericsson for Irans largest mobile provider [MCI] in 2010 that would filter, block and store cell phone text messages, according to two people familiar with the discussions. An Ericsson spokesman confirmed the proposal. The British company still services commercial gear for a similar system it sold in 2008 to Irancell. Mullah Police have access to the system, say two former Irancell managers. The three European companies continued to do business in Iran amid [2009 and when Iranians were killed by the savage Mullahs and when the hypocrite western countries have imposed their stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians]. And they continued after competitor Nokia Siemens Networks faced an international No to Nokia boycott . Ericsson, which bid on the system, was told by MCI, Irans largest wireless operator, to partner with AdaptiveMobile for monitoring and filtering technology, according to Ericsson spokesman. Ericsson didnt win the contract, he says. The $5.5 million system AdaptiveMobile proposed could handle more than 10,000 messages per second and archive them for a period of 180 days, according to a company proposal. The archive would contain 54 terabytes [55000 gigabytes] of storage, according to the document. Before the election [show] on January 24, 2009, Ericsson officials pitched a tracking system specifically for Mullah security agencies to MCI [Wow !!], according to documents describing the Tehran meeting. One month earlier, the UN had expressed deep concern at serious human rights violations in Iran [!!!]”


The Mullahs would be able to track subscribers with easy and friendly identification of geographic positions on a map, according to Ericssons 51-page proposal to MCI, which serves 44 million subscribers. A list of basic features says maps could reveal the whereabouts of 200,000 MCI mobile-phone subscribers at a time and archive the locations for later analysis [Wow !! where are you George Orwell? Can you hear this ?]” Siavash Fahimi, an Ericsson employee, saw up close how these systems can be abused. The 27-year-old Iranian worked for Ericsson in Tehran until 2010, installing several different systems . Sipping tea last month beneath a tangerine tree outside a cafe in central Turkey, Fahimi recounts how he joined the protests that spilled into the streets in June 2009. Police arrested him on the outskirts of a rally that December, beating him with fists and a baton and jailing him for 52 days. Security agents interrogated him 14 times, presenting transcripts of text messages plus an elaborate diagram showing all the people hed called -and then everyone theyd called. They knew where he was at specific times, producing phone location records. And they pressed him to say he was a spy, threatening to arrest his friends and family unless he supplied more information. Fahimi fled to Turkey after receiving a two-year prison sentence. “ I worked on the technology and I was a victim of the technology, as well, [stupid] Fahimi says. [Court, law, no], that isnt the case in Iran, he says. They can monitor whoever they want, for their own purposes, not for the benefit of society and people. Creativity Software, based southwest of London in Kingston upon Thames, announced a deal in August 2009 to sell Irancell commercial customer location services. Early this year, it sold the mobile phone provider a second system that allows the Mullahs to locate and track targets, according to three people familiar with the transaction. A lot of people were not happy they were working on a project in Iran [!!] [but they worked, and said nothing !!], Venu Gokaram says, who worked for Creativity Software until early this year. Gokaram says he worked only on commercial products and didnt share those concerns [!!!]”

“AdaptiveMobile sold Irancell technology to filter, block, store, and monitor text messages. An Adaptive document detailed the system requirements. It would analyze all messages in English, Persian or Arabic for keywords or phrases; store them; and flag those caught by filters for review [it’s ‘Deep Packet Inspection’ (DPI) that we already wrote about it (check Archive)]. While Adaptives executives confirm the Irancell deal, but they deny any involvement with Mullah security or police [and think the people are as stupid as them! ] We are sure our product is not being used in this way, says AdaptiveMobile CEO Brian Collins [, the British jerk]. As recently as 2010, AdaptiveMobile attempted to sell a similar product to MCI, the one on which it partnered with Ericsson. If a Western or outside interest ends up cooperating with the Mullahs, then they come to the table with blood on their hands, says a U.S. senator. The beatings that claimed four of his front teeth were nothing compared to the mental torture, Pourheydar says. Mullah Guards one day announced he was to be executed. They forced him to stand on a stool, blindfolded and handcuffed, with a tightened noose around his neck . He remained there, legs trembling, for 25 minutes, until guards called it off and told him theyd be back. “All these companies, which sell monitoring services and listening devices to Iran, directly have roles in keeping this regime in power, Pourheydar says. [Recently, Pourheydar has also said that when the Mullahs arrested his friends in a rally, he knew that they would arrest him very soon. So, he turned off his cell phone, removed its Sim card and battery, and fled from Tehran. But after one month, when he turned his cell phone on for some minutes, the Mullah thugs found him and arrested him, within hours. Living in Iran is really like living in an Orwellian world, and having cell phone is really dangerous. Pourheydar was lucky, but many were not as lucking as him. Those who were killed in the streets or in the secret prisons and were buried in the mass graves or unknown graves were victims of Islamists’ savageness, western hypocrisy, and mercenaries’ betrayals.]”

The Bloomberg’s report has many stupid and weak parts, and it’s really annoying, but it’s good that finally a western media relayed part of Iranians’ voices. The tragedy of 2009 has many unreported stories. The savage Mullahs killed, tortured, and raped tens of thousands Iranians in 2009, but unfortunately Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, and many British companies and western countries helped the savage Mullahs, and have Iranians’ blood on their hand. The western mass media stupidly try to play with public opinion and deceive them by telling big lies. For example, they say: “Iran is one of many authoritarian countries across the Mideast and North Africa employing Western surveillance tools for political repression”. But it’s a big lie. Iran is not like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and other dictatorships. As you know, Iran (and also Syria), is considered as the enemy of the west, and the hypocrite western countries pretend that they are the enemy of the Mullahs. But other dictatorships are considered as friends of the west. It’s a very important matter, and the hypocrite mass media don’t say anything about this important difference. The Mullah regime is not like other dictatorships who use Western surveillance tools, because the world think that the west and the Mullah regime are enemy of each other. But it’s a very big lie that the western mass media repeats it, and naive people accept it. What you can see now, is the true meaning of the fake war between the fake enemies. It’s the true meaning of what we say about the fake and phony war between the west and the savage Mullahs. It’s the true meaning of the big lies that the stupid lefts and their stupid leader Chomsky, tell. It’s the true meaning of the western paradoxes. It’s the true meaning of the stupidity of naive people who think the west and the Mullahs are enemy of each other, and are fighting against each other. But now many can see the truth. Now the current report can show that the western politicians, i.e. the western jerks, are not simply a bunch of hypocrite stupid bastards who supported the savage Mullahs in 2009 and in the past 33 years, but they have Iranians’ blood on their dirty hands. And it’s a very serious crime.

Halloween, Mean Girls Style !

November 2, 2011

Halloween is a Christian/Western holiday on October 31, the night before All Saints Day. As we said before, many believe that the ancient festival of Iranians, ChaharShanbeh Soori, is the root of Halloween. Typical festive Halloween activities, include trick-or-treating, carving jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, playing pranks, telling scary stories, ghost-spirit things, etc are like what Iranians (Persians), do in ChaharShanbe Soori since the ancient time. But in the recent decades, Halloween has changed, and now many ask: “Oh, we can’t understand. Halloween is s-e-x-y or scary?”


In fact, Halloween has become “The Mean Girls Halloween”. What mean girls said in “Mean Girls”(2004) movie was joke, but it’s the heart of today Halloween: “In the regular world, Halloween is when you dress up like a zombie, or children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. But in Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut, and others (your parents, friends, etc) can not say anything about it” In fact, “Mean Girls Style” explains how girls can dress like a slut on Halloween.


Many take Mean Girls advice seriously, specially those who love the fashion and the fashion world. Of course, some still believe: “The combination of short skirts, low shirts and polyester-spandex mix will only make you look and feel cheap”. But those who love exposing themselves, body painting, or having fun, only laugh at these views. They are creating a new Halloween. In fact, recently Halloween is about s-e-x before it is about “trick or treat” or ghosts, zombies, etc.


Some say: “The s-e-x-y costume is now as much a part of Halloween as candy corn and Tootsie Rolls. Provocative dress seems like a modern phenomenon. The second half of the 20th century, especially since 1970s, is when you see an explosion of adult costumes. It was also when the celebration of Halloween spilled out onto the streets and into nightclubs, after decades in churches or community centers. Now, people spring for the s-e-x-y-stuff because its mass-produced and therefore cheap, and no one cares if it looks cheap, because it doesnt need to last longer than a night”. In fact, recently some take Mean Girls advice too seriously.


“We like to call it Slutty Halloween. After 2004’s Mean Girls, Slutty Halloween truly became a ‘thing’. Now, Halloween is a chance for normal girls to crank their assets up to their chin and embrace their slaggy alter egos for a night. Halloween offers the chance to dress slutty. But there’s a very practical reason for forgoing Slutty Halloween: it’s cold”, some say. But many don’t care if it’s cold or it’s hot, they only follow the fashion. Some ask: “How can we solve the s-e-x-y Halloween problem?”, and some answer: “there is no way; It makes people hate you!” Such a brilliant answer! Of course, many truly think that having fun is much more better than thinking about death, ghosts, zombies, etc. They say: “Lets have fun for one night; that’s all”.


Halloween or Hallow-een has a funny meaning in Persian Language. In fact, “Halloo” or Hallow” in Persian means “idiot”, so Halloween means “festival of idiots”. As you know, the old Halloween and its root in Iran, was really stupid. But now, many only want to have fun. And it’s not bad; it’s really good. But those who still care about ghosts, zombies, etc or those who are like sheep and only follow the fashion, make Halloween the festival of idiots. Some Americans say: “Halloween is its third-largest season after Valentines Day and Christmas. It’s big business now, and as those in the $7 billion American Halloween industry will tell you, money is always s-e-x-y. Not surprisingly, a s-e-x-y-money costume can be yours for $30”.

Those who care about the fashion world, should watch Robert Altman’s Ready to Wear (1994) . It’s a black comedy about the fashion world and its stupidities. It’s not one of Altman’s good movies, but it’s not a bad movie. Its subject and what Altman wants to say, specially at the end of the movie, are interesting.

Canada = Safe Heaven for Mullah Embezzlers?

November 1, 2011

In the recent days, the Globe and Mail had a new report about the new Mullah embezzlers in Canada. And an Iranian weekly in Canada, Hafteh, has merged all reports about this new scandal (the report is in Persian Language) and reported that brother of the great Mullah embezzler, who has embezzled at least 30000 billion Rial ($3 billion), is Mehregan AmirKhosravi, and he and his family have fled to Canada. Apparently, last week they have gone to the Immigration Office in Montreal, Quebec, for applying for Citizenship or Permanent Resident Visa as inventor or entrepreneur !! (they can train embezzlers in Canada!) Apparently, “Amir Khosravi” is the family name of the great Khayemal (ass-kisser) and Mullah embezzler whose full name is “Mahafarid AmirKhosravi”. He also is known as “Amir Mansour Aria”, and his corporation that has embezzled the huge amount is known as “Amir Mansour Aria’s Holding Company”. The report adds: “AmirKhosravi’s brother, “Mehregan Amir Khosravi” and his wife, Tuba Abdollah-Zadeh, who have fled to Canada and recently have gone to the Montreal Immigration Office, are high rank managers of the notorious holding company. When his brother was arrested in August, Mehregan AmirKhosravi was in Turkey, and quickly fled to Canada, and joint his wife and his children, who had fled to Canada in 2008. AmirKhosravi, the great Mullah embezzler, has three bothers, Masoud Mehregan, and Mardavich, who were born in Rasht, Gilan province. Masoud lived in the eastern Tehran, but after the embezzlement he changed his house, and went to the northern Tehran, Zaferanieh [a very expensive part of Tehran]. Now, Massoud AmirKhosravi who is the only educated man in AmirKhosravi’s family, works as a professor in the Azad University, Tehran Jonoub, it its Civil Engineering Department. Masoud AmirKhosravi’s family, his wife and his child, have fled to the US and now live in the US [!!]. Mehregan AmirKhosravi was the second man in their notorious holding company, and he has bought a $1million house for his young girl, Hiva AmirKhosravi, who is 19 and studies at John Abbott, a Collage in western Montreal Her $1million house is located in Montreal’s West Island (No. 217, Dali Street)”. Unfortunately, and apparently, Canada has become a safe heaven for the Mullahs and those Khayemal jerks who kiss the Mullahs’ ass and embezzle the people money. It’s horrible that some one like Mehregan AmirKhosravi, and his family, can spend and invest the dirty embezzled money in Canada.


Mehregan AmirKhosravi and Khavari are only the tip of the iceberg. Many Mullahs and Mullah embezzlers have gone to Canada or the US, and have invested the dirty embezzled money there“, many Iranians believe. “Canadians have said that they are investigating the case of Khavari and his citizenship in Canada. But you can be sure about what will happen to Khavari. They don’t deport him and his family to Iran. Maybe they arrest him for a while, but after some months they release him, and then Khavari will laugh at us and start spending the dirty embezzled money in Canada. Khavari, AmirKhosravi and other Mullah embezzlers and all high rank savage Mullahs and their families who live in Canada, think that Canada is a safe heaven and no one and nothing threaten them and their embezzled money in Canada.They only laugh at us and after some months they return to their dirty routine life and spend the dirty embezzled money there and enjoy their dirty life in Canada“, some Iranians say. In these days. some Mullah media reported that the real amount of the embezzlement is not 30000 billion Rial ($3 billion), but it’s 47000 billion Rial ($4.7 billion). As we said before, this embezzlement was the largest embezzlement in Iran’s history, but recently, the Mullahs broke the record, and now the largest embezzlement in Iran’s history is an embezzlement in Saipa. They have embezzled about 100000 billion Rial ($10 billion). Apparently these embezzlers have Canadian citizenship, too. It’s really horrible. A high ranking official in the Canadian government has told the BBC Persian that Canadian officials were ‘aware’ of the embezzlement charges against Khavari, but they allowed him to enter Canada“, the media reported. It’s really shameful. The media also added: “Maybe Canadians knew the truth about AmirKhosravi and his wife, but they also allowed these crooks to live in Canada. AmirKhosravi’s wife, “Tooba AbdollahZadeh Siahkali”, is one of the Mullah embezzler who has got huge amounts as loan from banks, but she has not repaid it.” The pictures of AmirKhosravi and his wife in Montreal, are sadly funny. Some say: “AmirKhosravi’s wife, “Tuba (Tooba) AbdollahZadeh Siahkali”, who has been a Khayemal (ass-kisser) in Tehran and has kissed the Mullahs’ ass and has slept with the high rank Mullahs, is a crook that has changed his face in Canada and has become one of the hypocrite Mullah lovers. These jerks make love with the savage Mullahs in Iran, embezzle huge amounts, and then go to the west and live like a westerner crook, and spend the dirty embezzled money there. But the hypocrite western politicians impose sanction on the ordinary Iranians, who hate the Mullahs and Iranian jerks who kiss the Mullahs’ ass.”


As we said before, the Canadian government and the Canadian politicians should answer many serious questions about their relationship with the Mullahs. Apparently, the Canadian security agencies and intelligence services verify all immigration applications and all immigration applicants, especially Iranians because Iran is under the western sanctions. And it raises serious questions about the Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers and how they have gone to Canada and invested the dirty embezzled money there. Apparently, the Canadian authorities were aware of the truth, and it’s really horrible; it’s a very big scandal for Canada. Even if they knew nothing, they should answer why did they know nothing? why they did not know the obvious things that almost all Iranians know it? and how can the high rank Mullahs and Mullah embezzlers go to Canada, without any security check, while the poor ordinary Iranians should wait 4 to 8 years in the stupid queue for immigration to Canada, and the Canadian embassy in Tehran, like other western embassies, treats the ordinary Iranians like animals? Does Canada only respect the embezzlers and the savage Mullahs, and they can buy the Canadian immigration and everything in Canada, by their dirty embezzled money? Is Canada a safe heaven for the savage Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers? Is this the true meaning of the Canadian Values? The Canadian government should answer to Iranians’ questions, that also are the questions of many Canadians and many other liberal and open-minded people in all around the world. Canada should facilitate the process of immigration for the wise ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs and the Islamists in Iran, and should not allow the Mullahs, the Islamists and the crooks, who are savage ,corrupt and Khayemal (ass-kisser), to go to Canada, but unfortunately in the last decade exactly the opposite has been seen. Unfortunately Canada allows the savage Mullahs and the savage Islamists to go to Canada very easily via business visa or business immigration, while these bastards have created a medieval hell in Iran for all Iranians, have embezzled Iranians’ money, and systematically kill and torture Iranians, and plunder Iran. Instead of hardening attitude toward the wise ordinary Iranians who hate the savage Mullahs and the Islamists and are the main victim of the savage Mullahs, Canada should focus on the Mullahs, the Islamists and the embezzlers, and should not allow them to go to Canada and live there. Canada should make its immigration process short for the wise ordinary Iranians, but should make it long and difficult for the Mullahs, the Islamists, and the embezzlers, not vice versa.

Akbar Ganji = Iranian Baboon

October 31, 2011

In the recent days, Akbar Ganji has revealed his true color and clearly proved that he is an ‘Iranian Baboon’. In fact, the story of Ganji is a tragicomedy, the story of a straw hero that can show us why the Iranian movement failed in 2009 and who betrayed it. In a series of two articles we will write about Ganji’s hypocrisy and stupidity, and close his file in this website. We had doubt about the tone of these two articles about Ganji, but finally we preferred to not choose the moderate tone, because many Iranians are angry at Iranian baboons but the tone of rare articles about them is moderate. So, we preferred that the tone of our articles reflects the people’s feelings. As we said before (check Archive), in the past years many thought Akbar Ganji, the ex-member of Mullah intelligence service, is a free and independent journalist, but now he has showed his true color. In these days, many say that Ganji is a new Madhi, a “Khamenei’s Diamond for deceit”. In his recent articles, especially for ‘the BBC Persian’, the shameless jerk, Ganji, wrote: “The Nato killed ten thousands in Libya, not Gaddafi [!!]. Many Libyans did not hate Gaddafi [!!] The Libyan Revolution was not a real people revolution, but the revolutionaries were stooge of the west [!!] Why Iranians are happy about Gaddafi’ fall and Gaddafi’s death? Why the western countries try to organize the Iranian oppositions and make a National Council? It’s very dangerous“. These bullshits are exactly what Khamenei’s agents and “Khamenei’s Diamond for Deceit” should say. “If we already had doubt about Ganji, now there is no doubt that “Ganji, the ex-member of Mullah Gestapo, is an Iranian baboon, who is frightened to death of organizing the people and organizing the real and effective protests against the savage Mullah regime. Iranian Baboons love the Islamic regime and try to keep it safe. Ganji is a Chalquz (bird shit) who has gone to the US, and now spends the mercenary money there and doesn’t care about Iranians and their terrible conditions in Iran. He tells himself: ‘lets have fun and lets enjoy life in the US; who cares about Iranians and their f-u-c-k-ing conditions in Iran. Let they being f-u-c-k-ed in Iran. Let they being killed, tortured, and raped in Iran. Who cares? I only love my mercenary job and the mercenary money.’ This shameless jerk only laughs at us and our dreadful conditions in Iran”, many Iranians say in these days. They also add: “We made a jerk and an ex-member of Mullah Gestapo, a hero, while he did not deserve it. He was a straw hero. But now we have seen his true color, and want to get rid of this straw hero. Who knew this Chalquz (Ganji) in 1997? The world knew nothing about him, and only when the people cared about him because they thought he is a free and independent journalist, he gained reputation. But now the Chalquz shows his true color and betrays the people. Shame on you Chalquz (Ganji)”.

It’s good that the only remaining Islamist-Reformists that many were not sure about his true color, finally assured all Iranians of his true color. The shameless jerk, Ganji, played with Iranians, but as we said before, in 2010 he reached the end of the line when he talked nonsense about the greatest election fraud in Iran’s history (he said:” we can not be sure about the huge election fraud in 2009. Maybe there was not any election fraud”!!), and now in 2011, all Iranians can be sure about his true color. It’s really shameful that Ganji played with Iranians in late 1990s and early 2000s. The shameless jerk, Ganji, pretended that he is free and independent and many had believed this big lie, but in 2011 he finally confessed to the truth. In an article in RoozOnline (No. 1394, 1390/02/15), “Khamenei’s Mercenaries or AN’s Mercenaries”, that Ganji wrote it some months ago but we read it recently, Ganji clearly confessed: “When I started to write about the Chain Murders (in late 1990s), the Mullahs intelligence service invited me for negotiation about this matter [!!] Several high rank managers of the intelligence services and the deputy minister participated in that meeting and discussion [!!] The deputy minister told me: ‘You can write about the Chain Murders, but just tells that all victims are the current victims and we don’t have any other victim’. And I said: ‘More than 100 people were killed’. But they said: ‘No, more than 350 people were killed [!] But we should close the file. Talking about the Chain Murders don’t solve any problem’ . I said: “I will talk about Falahian (the ex-minister of Mullah intelligence service). I can be silent about his bosses, but you should arrest him”. And they said: ‘No, if we arrest him, he will say that Khamenei ordered me and Khamenei is aware of everything. We can’t do that’. I said: ‘I can’t obey all your orders’. And they say: ‘If you write about the high rank bosses, you will spend at least 10 to 15 years in the prison. It’s what Nezam (Khamenei) says’. It’s really unbelievable. It’s what Ganji wrote himself, about his negotiations with the Mullah Gestapo ! who were the savage killers in the Chain Murders. As Iranians say: “What we thought, and what it was”. Some say: “We thought Ganji was free and independent. We did not know he had negotiations with the Mullah Gestapo about the Chain Murders ! We knew that Ganji was an ex-member of the Mullah Gestapo, but we thought that he had cut his ties with the Mullah Gestapo. But we were wrong, and he has been in contact with his bosses in the Mullah Gestapo, and obeyed orders from above. He still obeys orders from above”. As we said before, when Ganji fled from Iran with the help of his friends in the Mullah Gestapo, and when in 2008 he got $500,000 form Americans, he started to tell lie and talk nonsense, and clearly proved that he did not deserve the attention and the respect that he had received. “He sold himself for $500,000 and for the mercenary money that he gets from the Mullahs”, many say in these days.


In his recent stupid article for the BBC Persian, “Turn Iran into Libya?” (October 25, 2011), the shameless jerk, Ganji, wrote (our comments are in parentheses): “What happened in Libya is not revolution [it’s a plot]; it’s not “People Revolution with International Help”. Some people hated Gaddafi, but many didn’t. (Oh, yah, Libyans loved Gaddafi and that’s why they treated him like a dog. Oh, yah, Libyans are like Iranians who love the savage Mullahs! In fact, all humans love their killers and rapists!). Ten of thousands of Libyans have been killed, and the Nato have killed them (Oh, yah, like what the Nato did in Iran in 2009; When the Nato killed, raped and tortured Iranians!) Killing Gaddafi was a serious human rights violation (Oh, yah, you’re worry for your master, Khamenei, but you can not save him. If he wants to become Gaddafi and impose civil war on Iran, Iranians will kill him in a way that Gaddafi’s death will seem like a happy end for the savage dictators) Gaddafi’s death was like Hoveyda’s death in 1979, who was killed by the Mullahs (When you jerk were a savage Islamist in 1979, your savage friends killed Hoveyda, the prime minister of Pahlavi, in the prison and during the trial. Hoveyda was not killed during the war or in the war field, like Gaddafi. And Pahlavi was not Gaddafi, and did not impose civil war on Iran, and did not stay in power at any price. But you the savage Islamists, killed all his men who had helped you in seizing the power. The story of your savageness in 1979 and 1980s is a unique story) Why Iranians are silent about Gaddafi’s death, and why Iranians don’t defend Gaddafi and his rights? (because they aren’t as stupid as you idiot jerk) Why all Iranians are happy? Why all Iranians are happy that the Libyan dictator and his regime have gone? (because they aren’t an idiot mercenary like you, who wants to save the savage Mullahs) Why Iranians only want to topple the Islamic regime? (because they are not stupid and know you and savage Mullahs) Now, many Iranians allow themselves to ask the USA and other western countries to help them. Where is our national proud or our national traditions? (it’s in your ass, the shameless jerk. You and your friends who are mercenary and work for the savage Mullahs and western politicians, should be ashamed of yourselves, not the people. They live in 21st century, not in 19th century or 1970s, when you and your stupid comrades talked about the Islamic Proletariat-Bourgeoisie or Proletariat’s Dictatorship bullshits). Why you are happy about Libya and for Libyans? Do you forget Iraq and Afghanistan? (No. It’s you that forget everything, including the people and their dreadful conditions in Iran.
Motherf-u-c-k-er liar, why you pretend ignorance about Afghanistan. Iranians are not ignorant Americans. They know Afghans, and lived with them. If you want to tell lie and repeat Chomsky’s bullshits, at first you should check your audience. Only If they were Americans, you can tell these big lies. I think when you wrote these lines, you had smoked or eaten extra shit and were high!).”

The shameless jerk, Ganji, also added: “They want to create an Islamic regime in Libya, and it’s horrible. Iranians know what it means (yes they know, and that’s why they hate you the Islamist-Reformists, who love the Islamic regime). Now the US and western countries want to attack Iran. Why they try to impose sanction on the Central Bank of Iran? (Please show your true color more)Why the US and western countries try to organize the Iranian oppositions and make a National Council? (thanks, it’s enough, Mr. Khamenei’s Diamond for Deceit; the new Madhi). The Nato imposed war on Libya and killed ten thousands of Libyans (This big lie is what Mr. shit, the King of Lairs, said. You jerk, are like Mr. shit) And if they want to attack Iran, million will be killed. You should be frightened of this. They will kill you (Oh, yah, the people should only be killed, tortured, and raped by the savage Islamists. Motherf-u-c-k-er, do you think the people are as stupid as you and you can threatened them to accept the savage Mullahs. If you and your Mullah masters want to impose civil war or any war on Iran, Iranians will teach you a lesson that the world will never forget it. You know how angry the people are. If you impose war on Iran, the volcano will erupt and then you will see how the lampposts and guillotines will entertain you savage Islamists. In this case, Gaddafi’s death will become a happy end for you). Some say: ‘It’s the price of toppling a brutal regime”, but it’s laughable. Some say we only have two options: accepting “Mullah regime” or accepting “Western Countries”. (you jerk only distorts what we and others said in 2009: “The Islamist-Reformists and the western politicians pretend that there are only 2 options: (1)Working with the Mullah regime (and f-u-c-k-ing Iranians) (2)War against Iran. And because they are very very good guys, they don’t choose the second option!” You jerk, can not escape form your paradox by repeating and distorting what others say). Reaching to the freedom and human rights is a long process (Yes, it is; but you shameless jerks pretend that this process has started in 2009 or 1997 !, while all Iranians know that this process has started in 1905 (Constitutional Revolution), or even earlier. You jerks, distort the facts and the history. You deliberately mislead foreigners and betray Iranians. The world knows that 2011 is “Arab Spring”, but 1979 was “Iran Spring”. The Iranian movement in 2009, was a unique modern anti-Mullahs and anti-Islamists movement, that Arabs would experience it it 2100 ! Iran and young Iranians are much more modern than all Arab and non-Arab states in the Middle East and Africa, and Iranians will establish the first real secular Republic in the Muslim world very soon.Iran with 20 million university educated people, thousands young and real intellectuals, and 50 million youths under age 35, don’t allow the stupid Islamists or the stupid Monarchists to repeat the history in Iran. All Iranians hate the Islamists and the Monarchists and it’s an undeniable fact. You jerk, have reached the end of the line in Iran)” The shameless jerk, Ganji, clearly shows that he is master at talking nonsense or as Iranians say: “He is master at connecting Fart with Forehead“. It’s a funny Iranian proverb that is used when you want to say what the speaker says is quite nonsense and he desperately tries to connect the unrelated facts to each other; the facts that are totally unrelated to each others. Now, Ganji and all Iranian baboons desperately try to connect Fart with Forehead, but the people only laugh at them and their stupidity. The story of Ganji was a stupid tragicomedy about a straw hero that finally became ‘Iranian Baboon”, and now this stupid story has finished for almost all Iranians.

Tragedy of Syria, Stupid Lefts, & Gaddafi’s Death

October 30, 2011

After Hillary Clinton’s big lies, the poor Syrian protesters took to the streets demanding a “no fly” zone to protect civilians seeking the ouster of Bastard Assad. The Syrian demonstrators call for foreign intervention to protect civilians as NATO has done in Libya. And it’s a clear answer to Hillary Clinton, who had said Syrians have not asked the US to help them . Assad has killed at least 3,000 people, according to the UN, but who cares? The stupid lefts defend Assad in the name of fighting against imperialism. And the hypocrite western politician tell big lies and make secret deals with Assad. The western hypocrisy is really unbelievable. “Syria is using equipment and software developed by an American company to censor the Internet and conduct surveillance of its citizens . The equipment, developed by California-based Blue Coat Systems, is being used by Assad regime to block access to the Internet and crack down on the people. An expert of Privacy International, a London-based group that challenges government surveillance, said Blue Coats products can enable a government to monitor the Internet activity of large numbers of people. In the wrong hands, Blue Coat technology can all too easily be used as a tool of political control, he said. A lot of the manufacturers dont want to know whos buying their technology because they could be subject to fines or prosecution in their countries, another expert said. Reports of Syrias use of Blue Coat products originated with Telecomix, a group of Swedish hackers who support the suppressed nations. Telecomix released electronic records from the Syria Telecommunications Establishment, which the group said showed that the government was using Blue Coat equipment to prohibit its citizens from browsing certain Web sites and social media . In August, Telecomix activists said they downloaded 54 gigabytes of Syrian telecommunications data that indicated that the Blue Coat technology was being used to filter Internet communications in Syria. These devices are clearly manufactured by Blue Coat, and they are clearly in Syria and administered by the state telecommunications company, said a hacker of Telecomix. They are being used to block Syrians of every political stripe, and even those not politically active, of accessing sites that we in the West take for granted. They are also being used to monitor the communications of peaceful dissidents”. Hundreds of Western companies are pitching these kinds of surveillance technologies to some of the most authoritarian regimes in the world [including the savage Mullahs and Bastard Assad], turning a blind eye to the ways in which these dangerous technologies are being used to monitor and oppress“, the media reported. It’s the true meaning of western hypocrisy and their fake and phony war with Bastard Assad and also the Mullahs. The stupid lefts and the hypocrite western politicians are two sides of the same coin. They don’t care about the people, tell big lies about what the people want, support the savage dictators and sell them suppression tools, but shed crocodile tears for savage Gaddafi.


In Friday, Bastard Assad’s security forces opened fire on protesters, killing at least 40 civilians. The Syrian activist coalition LCC said that security forces were firing randomly at houses and people. And In a massive demonstration in Hama, Syrians demanded an end to Assad’s regime, as well as his prosecution. In Homs, snipers fired into
crowds.Protesters wounded in the rallies in Syria have been tortured and abused inside hospitals, and in some cases deliberately refused medical treatment, according to a damning report by Amnesty International. In fact, the savage Syrian government was using hospitals as ‘instruments of repression’ in its ongoing efforts to crush
. “The report said medical staff, nurses and security forces had all physically and verbally attacked patients. Seriously wounded demonstrators suspected of taking part in anti-government rallies had been carted off from hospital to military jails, Amnesty added. The report paints a picture of human rights violations in four government-run hospitals, in the cities of Banias, Homs and Tell Kalakh, with the military trawling wards in search of the opposition. The situation has grown so bad that wounded protesters are now seeking treatment in makeshift field hospitals instead, it says. Security officials have also accused doctors of siding with demonstrators -arresting them and taking them away”, the media reported. It’s really horrible. The savage Mullahs and all savage dictators use similar methods of intimidation. “The report cites examples of treatment being denied, in contravention of medical ethics. In one case a patient, 28, who was shot in the foot, was told by a doctor at Homs military hospital: “I’m not going to clean your wound; I’m waiting for your foot to rot so that we can cut it off.” One severely wounded patient, Ahmed, woke from surgery to discover seven or eight security officials standing round his bed. One witness said: “He opened his eyes and said: ‘Where am I?’ They all suddenly jumped on him and started beating and hitting him. They shouted at him: ‘You pig, you want freedom, eh?‘ Ahmed was later taken from hospital. His whereabouts are unknown. In another case, soldiers took a young injured protester to the Homs military hospital morgue and asked him to identify bodies of men from his hometown. He recognized three -but failed to identify the others. Officials locked him in, leaving him shivering among the bodies. “After hours, I felt so cold deep in my bones and couldn’t stop shivering,” he recalled, adding that he made up some names in order to “save myself”, the media added. “Where are those motherf-u-c-k-e-r bastards who shed crocodile tears for Gaddafi in the name of human rights? Why they have shut their f-u-c-k-ing mouth now?“, many ask. Now, you can see how the savage dictators treat the people and the patients, and you can see how the stupid lefts have closed their damn f-u-c-k-i-n-g eyes to this savageness. The stupid bastards only shed crocodile tears for the savage dictators, who systematically violate human rights and create horrible disasters. The savage dictators are really worse than pigs. What Bastard Assad do to Syrians is like what the savage Mullahs did to Iranians in 2009. Those who close their eyes to this savageness, but shed crocodile tears for Gaddafi, are really pig, stupid pig.


The number of Syrian protesters appeared to fall earlier this month, but has increased again after the death of Gaddafi gave opposition groups new heart. “The savage Bastard Assad talks about reform for deceiving the west and ignorant westerners. Killing people is not an act of reform. We aren’t calling for economic or even political reform under Assad, but for the departure of this bloodstained president and free elections. What Assad says are big lies. They are meaningless and he must go. Bastard Assad only wants to buy more time”, the Syrian activists say. It’s the tactic that all savage dictators use it. In 2009, the savage Mullahs tried to buy more time, and the motherf-u-c-k-er Islamist-Reformists helped the savage Mullahs. Gaddafi used the same tactics, too. The savage dictators and their tactics are exactly the same. They also use the tactic of intimidation or as Iranians say: “Eating extra shit, or Big Fart tactic”.Now Bastard Assad has warned that Western action against his regime would cause an ‘earthquake’ that would ‘burn the whole region’. As Iranians say: “He has eaten extra shit”. The media reported: “In his first interview with a Western journalist since Syria’s seven-month uprising began, Assad told The Sunday Telegraph that intervention against his regime could cause ‘another Afghanistan’. Western countries “are going to ratchet up the pressure, definitely,” he said. “But Syria is different in every respect from Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen. The history is different. The politics is different. “Syria is the hub now in this region. It is the fault line, and if you play with the ground you will cause an earthquake. Do you want to see another Afghanistan, or tens of Afghanistans? “Any problem in Syria will burn the whole region”, Assad added”. Can you see the similarity between what Bastard Assad or Khamenei says and what the stupid lefts say? The savage dictator’s logic and the stupid lefts’ logic are exactly the same. It’s very interesting and important. These bastards talk about “Afghanistan”, while Iranians and others who know Afghans and Afghanistan, have seen the conditions of Afghanistan before and after 2001. When Afghans lived like animal and killed each others in their ruined cities and no one cared about them and their stupid civil war, who cared or talked about Afghanistan? Now, when Afghans have a country and can like live human, the bastards shed crocodile tears for Afghans. The motherf-u-c-k-er liars only try to deceive the ignorant Americans who stupidly think that Afghanistan is Vietnam !! But it’s a big lie. It’s so obvious when the savage dictators can see the large number of the stupid lefts and their stupid fans and followers in the US and the West, they try to make use of this situation and this stupidity for saving themselves and their savage regimes. And it’s another service that the stupid lefts provide for the savage dictators: “Creating a stupid illusion, and threatening public opinion with it”.

Wise Anti-War vs Stupid Anti-War

October 29, 2011

In the 21st century, many say or pretend that they are anti-war. It’s good that apparently many have understood that ‘war is evil, and war is not solution’. As you know, there is not any good war, and those who love war have not read the human history and know nothing about war and its horrible disasters. But unfortunately, or fortunately, being “anti-war” has become a “fashion”, and the stupid lefts, the fake intellectuals and the their stupid fans and followers, who love and support the tyranny and the savage dictators, are anti-war. But they are not wise anti-war. They are stupid anti-war who disgrace the whole anti-war concepts and movement. These stupid bastards say: “The world and the people should not fight against the savage dictators, because it’s war, and war is bad, and we all should be anti-war“.This funny paradox is the end of charlatanism. These stupid bastards pretend ignorance that war is bad, but being indifferent to the victims of the savage dictators, who are killed, tortured, and raped by the savage dictators is worst. These stupid bastards support the tyranny and the savage tyrants, and in the best case they say: “We are sorry for the victims of the savage dictators. But there is not any solution for them, and they have to bear the savage dictators. We live in the free world and can enjoy the freedom and democracy, but they have to live under tyranny and accept the savage dictators and their savageness, because the only solution for them is ‘war against the savage dictators’, but we know that war is bad. So, we only can be sorry for them“. It’s exactly what the fake intellectuals say. These stupid bastards live in the free world, and enjoy many basic rights that having them is a dream for those who live under the tyranny. They can write and publish their books without being killed or tortured, they can have their own media or website and free access to the internet without being killed or tortured, they can protest and assemble without being killed, they can organize themselves and their movements without being killed, they can speak their minds without being killed, they can live their own life and they can enjoy many other basic rights without being killed and tortured. But those who live under the tyranny not only can not have any of these basic rights, but even they can not choose what they want to wear, what they want to eat or drink, what they want to read, watch or listen, where they want to go, which lifestyle, which relationship, which belief, or which thoughts they want to have, etc, without the threat of being killed, arrested, or tortured. But no one care about these people who even can not breath freely. The stupid anti-war don’t care about the victims of the savage dictators and what happen to them. These stupid bastards just pretend that they are human or anti-war, while in the best case they are indifferent animals who don’t care about others.

The great Howard Zinn once said: “we should protest against wars, any war, but we should have a solution for the victims of the brutal dictators. We can’t be indifferent. We should help the victims and support them”. It’s what the wise anti-war say. But the stupid anti-war, who are stupid, hypocrite, or mercenary, only protest against war, without having any solution for the victims of the savage dictators. And the poor victims should pay the price of this stupidity of the fake and hypocrite Intellectuals. It’s so obvious that the US or any other county is not “world police”. But it’s so obvious that the world needs police. We, all, should help the victims of the savage dictators, and it’s a human duty and also it’s in our own interests. It’s exactly like the story of Albert Camus’ The Plauge. When you help the victims of the plague and care about them, it’s both a human duty and a necessary action for protecting yourself. When you are indifferent, the plague will spread, and sooner or later you will be its victim. When you don’t care about others, then others will not care about you as well, and then the politicians, bankers and big corporations will fuck you, and you deserve it. There is no doubt that we do not have any good war, but sometimes war is inevitable. Sometimes the savage dictators impose war on their own people, and they ask us to help them, and we should help the victims . The savage dictators want to stay in power at any price. They are merciless and full-armed. But the people are defenseless, unarmed, and helpless. And it’s so obvious that the iron fist can destroy everything and suppress the people, if the world refuses to help the people. Those who can’t understand this, can think about their own local community. Do you know why you or the civilized society need police? or why we don’t allow the armed gangs to do whatever they want to do? or why the civilized society and its police protect its citizens from the thugs who want to kill, rape, or torture the people or destroy the city? It’s so obvious that both the local and global community have their own thugs and need their own police. As you know, when the world refused to help Libyans, Gaddafi used the iron fist and killed and suppressed the Libyans. In those days, only Benghazi had remained and many were really worry. But finally at the last moments before the fall of Benghazi and the failure of Libyan Revolution, the Nato and the UN helped the Libyans. Unfortunately, the UN and the Nato are very hypocrite. They repeatedly have shown that they are not reliable or good force.But the tragic point is that in this f-u-c-k-ing world you can not find any other alternative to the Nato or the UN. It’s really a very very big problem. The world really needs a serious and responsible alternative to the Nato or the UN. But unfortunately, the current alternative to the Nato, the UN or the US, is the stupid lefts who support the savage dictators and don’t care about the victims of the savage dictators.


It’s so obvious that if the US or any other country wants to invade Iran in the name of nuclear weapons or any other stupid excuse, like the current stupid conflict between the savage Saudis and the savage Mullahs, we and almost all Iranians inside Iran will not accept it. Iranians know that any military operation against the savage Mullahs should be done only for helping and freeing Iranians (ie for human rights), and any other excuse is not acceptable at all. Iranians know that the Mullahs are Arabs or pro-Arabs, and destroying Iran is the main wish of the savage Arabs (not wise Arabs). Sarkozy, Cameron, Obama, and others western jerks, who not only closed their dirty eyes but helped the Mullah regime and made secret deals with the savage Mullahs in 2009, are very hated figures in Iran.There is no doubt that these jerks don’t care about Iranians or human rights, and if they want to destroy Iran with the help of the Mullahs, Iranians will f-u-c-k both of them, i.e. the savage Mullahs and the hypocrite western politicians. But all these matters don’t mean that Iranians don’t need help or the world should not help Iranians, or what the stupid lefts say is right. Toppling the savage Mullahs and all savage dictators is in Iranians’ interests, west’s interests, and world’s interests. When you ask the stupid lefts: “What’s your solution, and how do you want to help the poor victims of the savage dictators?” They answer: “We have not any solution. We only know that war is bad and imperialistic. The people have to bear the savage dictators”. These bastards don’t care about what happen to the people. And it’s so obvious that the suppressed nations hate these stupid bastards. Unfortunately, the fake intellectuals clearly say: ‘The dictators will and decision for killing everybody and destroying everything, is the determining factor. And if the dictator wants to stay in power at any price, there is not any solution for the people, and they should accept the tyranny; We are sorry, but they should bear the savage dictators and their savageness“. It’s really shameful. In fact, these shameless jerks try to encourage the Iron Fist policy, and discourage the people. They clearly say that if the dictators want to stay in power, they should be merciless and kill everybody and destroy everything, and the world should not help the people. What these fake intellectuals say is the greatest possible betrayal in the 21st century. The mass media repeat this bullshit, but the case of Libya shows different thing. Almost all fake intellectuals and stupid lefts shed crocodile tear for Libya, but why? It’s a good question. They are angry, because the case of Libya revealed a very important matter. As we said before, Libya and Gaddafi’s fate showed that the dictators will and decision for killing everybody and destroying everything for staying in power at any price, is not the determining factor. But the people will, their organization, and the international help is the determining factor.

All humans should try to tell the victims of the savage dictators that the world cares about them, and they have solution, and it’s not the dictator’s will and decision that determines their fate or the fate of their movements. But the fake intellectuals and the stupid lefts exactly go in the opposite direction. And that’s why many think these stupid bastards are animal or mercenary. At least we are sure that the Iranian fake intellectuals are mercenary. In fact, they deliberately and systematically try to discourage the people and destroy their movement. It’s exactly what they did in 2009, and unfortunately they succeeded in their shameful plans. It’s a good question if you ask “why they succeeded in 2009?” There are many reasons, but the main reason is that many people did not know the true colors of Iranian fake intellectuals in 2009; and the real intellectuals, wise guys, and the ordinary Iranians did not have any media in 2009 . But now, in 2011, many problems have been solved. Now, the majority of Iranians know the fake intellectuals and the Iranian baboons -Ganji, Behnoud, Nabavi, Abdi, Khatami, Mohajerani, etc – and their true colors. Now, the BBC, the VOA, and the Iranian baboons’ media – the oppositions’ websites like Green websites or are very very disgraced and discredited in Iran. In these days, the Iranian baboons’ websites have less than 1000 members and visitors, and some of them want to close down their disgraced shop. It’s very meaningful. But unfortunately the ordinary Iranians still are voiceless and have not any media. It’s a very big problem. As we said before, Iranians’ urgent need is “Alternative Groups” and “Alternative Media”. In addition, Iranians and other suppressed nations need that the world, public opinion, and the real intellectuals support them. There are many ways for helping Iranians, Syrians and other suppressed nations, and the war is the last and final option. The serious political pressure on the savage dictators, stopping any secret deal and secret talk with them, broadcasting the real voices of people, creating effective people media for the voiceless silent majority, etc are the minimum that the world could and should do. The world should hear the real voices of Iranians inside Iran, not the voice of the stupid Iranian expats and Iranian jerks and fake intellectuals. The world should know that the stupid Iranian expats and their reactionary groups (the stupid Monarchists, Rajavists, Islamist-Reformists, etc) are a very very small minority in Iran , and they are not representative of Iranians inside Iran. The wise anti-war should be ready to fight against the stupid anti-war, the fake intellectuals, and the stupid war-lovers. I hope the wise anti-war in all around the world, try to find some effective solutions for helping the suppressed nations and the victims of the savage dictators.

Gaddafi, Mussolini, and “Dog Killing”

October 24, 2011

Mussolini’s death was worse than Gaddafi’s death, but many have a terrible memory. They also have forgotten how Norwegians felt anger at Breivik (they wished they could torture him), who had killed 80 people in 2 hours, not hundreds of thousands in 40 years. Those who think the Libyans are savage because they killed the savage Gaddafi like a dog, should know that the Italians were more savage when they killed Mussolini, the savage fascist of Italy, in 1945. Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci were captured by the partisans on 27 April 1945, near the village of Dongo, as they headed for Switzerland to board a plane to escape to Spain. The partisans and the people beat Mussolini and Petacci to death, and the next day, they were both summarily executed. Then the mutilated bodies of Mussolini and his mistress were hung upside down outside the forecourt of a Milan garage, and the people stoned their bodies and ridiculed and abused them .


Mussolini’s death, and also Ceausescu’s death during the Romanian Revolution in 1989, was more tragic than Gaddafi’s death. But they all were savage dictators who had taken their society back to the Stone Age. They were like Khamenei, Assad and other savage dictators who systematically kill and torture the people and destroy and plunder everything. Mussolini was a symbol, and his tragic death was very symbolic, tragic, and meaningful. He and his mistress, along with most of the members of their 15-man train, primarily ministers and officials of the Italian Social Republic, ,were tortured, killed, mutilated, kicked, stoned, hanged, and ridiculed. If you compare what Italians did in Milan, with what Libyans do in Misrata and that large freezer, then Libyans seem really modern.


On 29 April 1945, the bodies of Mussolini, Petacci, and the other executed Fascists were loaded into a moving van and trucked south to Milan. After being shot, kicked, and spat upon, the bodies were hung upside down on meathooks from the roof of a gas station. The bodies were then stoned by civilians from below. The corpse of Mussolini and other fascists became subject to ridicule and abuse. Some even say Petacci had been gang-raped before she was shot. If the stupid lefts try to compare Libyans with Italians, then Libyans seem like angels and saints, while Italians seem like the ancient savages and those who enjoyed the Gladiator Savageness. But the truth is that you can not judge Italians, and also Libyans. You should read the history of Italy under Mussolini, and then you can understand what they did to Mussolini was quite normal.


What would the Britons and other Europeans have done to Hitler, if they had captured him alive? Hitler knew the answer. In fact, when Hitler heard how Mussolini had been executed and put on public display, he vowed he would not let this happen to him. A few days later Hitler and Eva Braun killed themselves, and their bodies were burned in a hole outside his Berlin bunker, as he had ordered. In fact, all savage dictators should know that the people will not treat them like animals, because many respect the animals and their rights. “Dog Killing” (Sag Koshi) is the title of an Iranian movie that is about a cruel charlatan who destroys many lives and betrays many friends, and finally the victims decide to kill him like a dog. In fact, some think “Dog Killing” is a punishment for those who live like a rabid dog. But what the people do to the savage dictators is beyond “Dog Killing”, because compared to the savage dictators, the rabid dogs seem like saints or angels. So, the people don’t kill the savage dictators like dog, but they kill the savage dictators like Mussolini (or Gaddafi).


The Italians beat Mussolini and Petacci to death. They tortured the savage Mussolini and his prostitute, and the pictures show what they did to the savage Fascists. In 1945, a Time’s reporter reported: “One woman fired five shots into Mussolini’s body, and shouted: “Five shots for my five assassinated sons”. Others cried: “He died too quickly! He should have suffered!” But the hate of many was wordless. They could only spit. While I watched, a civilian tramped across the bodies and dealt Mussolini’s shaven head a terrific kick. Someone pushed the twisted head into a more natural position again with a rifle butt. A bullet had pierced Mussolini’s skull over the left eye and emerged at the back, leaving a hole from which the brains dripped. Mistress Petacci, 25, wore a white silk blouse. In her breast were two bullet holes ringed by dark circles of dried blood”. So, when Libyans say: “Gaddafi made our lives hell. We wanted to see him dead with our own eyes. Who cares if it’s not dignified for him. That was not his concern for any of the people here”, and when they wait in a long queue for seeing Gaddafi body, it’s quite modern and normal.


Milan was like Misrata. It was in Milan that Mussolini founded Europe’s first fascist movement in 1919, and then he came to power in 1922 after the so-called March on Rome. Following the collapse of the Fascist Dictatorship, Mussolini and the remanants of his command along with the Germans were in Milan. And we all know what Gaddafi did to Misrata and its people. In 1945, the Time’s reporter also added: “When I and other correspondents reached the scene, a howling mob was struggling for place beside the heap of cadavers. Partisan guards vainly fired rifle and pistol shots into the air to keep the crowd back.” Now, some say: “Dont Judge The Libyan People For Killing Gaddafi. Gaddafis death was like Mussolini’s death in 1945, and Ceausescu’s death in 1989. They were also entirely understandable, as is Gaddafis.” In fact, the savage dictators who take the human society back to the Stone Age, can not expect their victims to treat them like a modern and civilized man. They and their behaviors and their system belong to the Stone Age, so their final days should be like that age, as well. The savage Mullahs and their mercenaries in Iran and outside Iran, can be sure that if they continue to take Iran back to the Stone Age, what Iranians will do to them and also to the Monarchists, i.e. the last Mullah and the last King, will be something worse than what Italians did to Mussolini and the savage fascists in Italy; something that the world would never forget it.

Savage Gaddafi’s Last Moments

October 23, 2011

“How Gaddafi was captured and killed?”, many ask. Gaddafi’s last moments still is not quite clear, and you can not be sure about the details. But you can be sure that the savage Gaddafi can not hurt his people any longer. Libyans and many others don’t care how “The Mad Dog died like a dog” or how “The Coward Rat died like a rat”; they care about the people and the victims of the savage tyrant. They are happy, because the savage Gaddafi is dead and the pillars of the brutal regime have all fallen. “Until now, some people still thought that Gaddafi could somehow come back. Now we can really breathe freely”, Libyans said. The media reported: “Gaddafi’s final day most likely began as it ended: In a squeeze. He was almost surely in the 700-square-yard area of Sirte where he and his loyalists had resisted about two months. At around 8am, the freedom fighters began an assault on that small final area, to free Sirte. It was around that time that Gaddafi got in a convoy to flee. He was in a convoy of up to 100 vehicles which tried to break out of Sirte – the last centre of his resistance after eight months of killing people and destroying Libya by imposing civil war on Libyans. Two weeks ago, a NTC official had said: “We know some of the call signs of those inside [Sirte]. We know that call sign ‘1’ refers to Mo’atissim Gaddafi and that ‘3’ refers to Mansour Dhao, who is commanding the defences. We have an inkling too about someone known as ‘2’, who we have not heard from for a while and who has either escaped or been killed.” Maybe he was Abdullah Senussi, Gaddafi’s intelligence chief. There is someone important in there, too. We have heard several times about something called ‘the asset’ which has been moved around the city. But we don’t know who is the asset. We think Gaddafi is in hiding in the Sahara desert”. But Gaddafi had fled in a small convoy to Sirte on the day Tripoli fell. His son Moatassem followed in a second convoy. In fact, ‘the asset’ was Gaddafi himself, who would die in the city, humiliated begging his captors not to shoot him. Dragged from hiding in a drainage pipe, a wounded Gaddafi raised his hands and begged revolutionary fighters: Dont kill me, my sons. A fighter says: “Gaddafi was like crazy. He had gone insane. He was waving a white sack above his head”. As they continued to drag him through the road he whispered: “What are you doing? It’s Haraam [forbidden in Islam !!]” Apparently just killing the savage dictators is Haraam ! But killing thousands of thousands people and torturing and raping ten thousands is not Haraam. It’s the logic of the savage Mullahs and all savage dictators who want to stay in power at any price. They declare: “There is no mercy. Let the country burn; Let the people die”, and then they kill everybody and destroy everything for staying in power, but finally when they are captured, they beg for mercy.


“Gaddafi was confused, clearly frightened. He was pleading for his life.He was repeating that he would give everyone cash, that he would pay for our children to go to school. At one point someone yelled at him that instead of talking about money [and bribe], he should pray, and entrust his soul to God before dying. Buthe continued to say he was ready to give us money, lots of money and gold “, a NTC fighter said. “In his last day of life, Gaddafi attempted to leave the last pocket in the shattered seaside District Two to reach the countryside beyond Sirte’s eastern boundary. One of Gaddafi inner circle who traveled with him on his last convoy is Mansour Dhao -number “3” in the pro-Gaddafi radio codes- a former commander of Libya’s Revolutionary Guards [i.e. Gaddafi’s Sepah !]. And like Gaddafi, Dhao was not supposed to be in Sirte. Instead, it was widely reported that Dhao had fled Libya in a convoy of cars heading for Niger. But as the weeks of the siege of Sirte went on, it became clear this was not true. Now, the injured Dhao is in hospital, and he confirmed he had been in the same convoy with Gaddafi when he had been captured and his son killed. Dhao was interviewed by a television crew. “We left the area where we were staying, to head towards Jarif. The rebels were surrounding the whole area, so we had heavy clashes with them and tried to escape towards Jarif and break out of the siege. After that the rebels surrounded us outside the area and prevented us from reaching the road to Jarif. They launched heavy raids on us which led to the destruction of the cars and the death of many individuals who were with us”, Dhao said. Apparently, only a few vehicles in the convoy were hit, neither carrying Gaddafi, a Western official said. But the rest of the convoy was forced to detour and scatter. “At the time of the strike,” a Nato spokesman said, “Nato did not know that Gaddafi was in the convoy. These armed vehicles were leaving Sirte at high speed and were attempting to force their way around the outskirts of the city. The vehicles were carrying a substantial amount of weapons and ammunition.” The attack dispersed the convoy into several groups. As NTC fighters descended on the fleeing groups of cars, some individuals jumped from their vehicles to escape on foot, among them Gaddafi and a group of guards. Finding a trail of blood, NTC fighters followed it to a sandy culvert with two storm drains. In one of these Gaddafi was hiding. “Gaddafi was very delusional and complained about the lack of electricity and water. Any attempts to persuade him to flee the country and give up power were ignored,” said Dhao. Dhao also said that it was Mo’atissim who took control of his father’s safety, making all the key decisions until the end. “Mo’atissim was in charge of everything”, he added. His face heavily bruised, Dhao insisted it was Mo’atissim who organized each movement of Gaddafi as he was ferried between safe houses, moving location on average every four days before becoming trapped in Sirte, the monument that became his living mausoleum”, the media reported. Apparently, Mo’atissim, one of the savage sons of the savage Gaddafi, was captured and killed about one or two hours after the death of his savage father.


The savage Gaddafi, his savage sons, and many high rank official of his savage regime were alive after the attack to their convey. Dhao says: “After that we came out of the cars and split into several groups and we walked on foot, and I was with Gaddafi’s group that included Abu Bakr Yunis Jabr and Gaddafi’s sons, and several soldiers. I do not know what happened in the final moments, because I was unconscious after I was hit on my back.” Apparently in the afternoon, about 2 pm, Gaddafi was discovered cowering in the drain. And at about 3pm Reuters reported Gaddafi has died of wounds sustained during his capture. “Already the last minutes in Gaddafi’s life have gained a grisly status. A spectacle of pain and humiliation, the end of the man who once styled himself the “king of the kings of Africa” has been told in snatches of mobile phone footage and blurry stills and contradictory statements. It is the longest of these fragments of a death -a jerky three minutes and more shot by a fighter on his iPhone that describes those moments in the most detail. A dazed and confused Gaddafi is led from the drain where he was captured, bleeding heavily from a deep wound on the left side of his head, from his arm, and, apparently, from other injuries to his neck and torso, staining his tunic red with blood. Gaddafi was already wounded in the head and chest and found alone in the drain pipe, surrounded by the bodies of his guards. He is next seen on the ground, surrounded by men with weapons firing in the air, before being lifted on to a pickup truck as men around him shout that the ruler for more than four decades should be “kept alive” and punish”, the media reported. Apparently the angry Libyans beat the savage dictator, and at time, no one wanted to kill him. They only wanted to beat him and humiliate him. And it’s quite normal and understandable. In fact, it’s a wish and dream for almost all ordinary people who live under the tyranny. They wish they could punish the savage dictator who kill, torture, and rape the people, and take them back to the Stone Age, and rule the police state with the iron fist. Apparently during beating him and humiliating him, Gaddafi’s men and his sons began to attack the NTC fighters for releasing Gaddafi, and at that time, some decided to kill him. Of course, it has not confirmed yet, and many details are unclear. Freelance photojournalist Holly Pickett said that she saw an ambulance carrying Gaddafi. She said: ‘We chased the ambulance with our ambulance. They drove back to the field hospital, where wounded and dead fighters had been brought for the past several weeks in the battle for Sirte. The doors of the ambulance were open, and everyone was chasing it on foot. People were screaming; a few fired their weapons in the air. They were hugging each other. Through the open back doors, I could see Gaddafis head and shoulders -the frizzy hair, partly bald head and blood. It was, to me, unmistakably him. I took a couple photographs, but needed to change lenses. I was attaching my long lens to my camera body when we were sideswiped and run off the road by one of the many armed trucks driven by the revolutionaries. At every checkpoint between Sirte and Misrata, crowds had gathered and wanted to know if we were the ambulance with Gaddafi’s body in it. Upon hearing the truth, that Gaddafi was truly dead, revolutionaries at the checkpoints were beside themselves, shouting with joy‘.


Gaddafi body is kept in the freezer for a few days to make sure that everybody knows he is dead“, said NTC officials. It can be a good decision because many stupid Africans and mercenaries still think Gaddafi is alive and will come back very soon. It also can decrease the level of Libyans’ anger and they can finally get rid of their dangerous emotions, i.e. hate and anger. It can be an inevitable psychological cure for a deep and intense hatred of the savage dictator, who ruined everything in Libya in the past 40 years. Now, I hope the Libyans can be freed from all evil emotions, i.e. hate and anger, and then they try to focus on rebuilding their country and establishing a democratic system in Libya. The war, the blood, and the fire, have ended in Libya, and now all Libyans know that the blood of their martyrs did not went in veil. So, they should get rid of all evil emotions and evil actions, i.e. war and violence, very soon and instead they should focus on positive emotions and positive actions, like hope, happiness, love, education, rebuilding, hard work, etc. “We have been waiting for this historic moment for a long time,” Jibril said in the capital of Tripoli. ‘Gaddafi was taken out of a sewage pipe. When we started moving him he was hit by a bullet in his right arm’, he told a news conference. ‘When the car was moving it was caught in crossfire between the revolutionaries and Gaddafi forces in which he was hit by a bullet in the head,” Jibril added. “There’s something in our hearts we want to get out,” A young Libyan told Reuters as he waited for seeing Gaddafi’s body. “It is the injustice of 40 years. There is hatred inside. We want to see him”. And one woman in Misrata said: “I’m tongue-tied, I don’t know how to talk to express my happiness. This is the reaction of all, nearly all Libyan people. The spirits are very high and its indescribable”. I hope they can use the high spirits for building a modern and democratic country. Gaddafi and his forces loved the night and the darkness. “At night that Gaddafi’s forces were most active. They probed for weak positions. Their cars attempting to break out as the net closed”, the media reported. But now the darkness and the savage dictator have gone, and Libyans can enjoy the light and the freedom. I hope the can get rid of the darkness and the medieval evil forces for ever.

Gaddafi, Human Rights, and Stupid lefts

October 22, 2011

In these days, the stupid lefts, who are the main enemy of the freedom, democracy and human rights, shed crocodile tears for human rights. These stupid bastards, who always defend the tyranny and the savage tyrants, don’t care about human rights and the victims of the savage dictators and the people who are slaughtered, tortured, and raped by the savage dictators, but they shed crocodile tears for the savage dictators in the name of human rights. It’s the funniest joke of 21st century. The stupid lefts showed their true colors in 2011 and also in 2009, when the people, Iranians and non-Iranians, protested against the savage Mullahs and the savage dictators and were killed, raped and tortured by them, but the stupid lefts had closed their dirty eyes without shame, or defended the savage killers and rapists in the name of independence and fighting against imperialism. We should not forget that the stupid lefts always defend the tyranny and the savageness. They showed their true colors in 1930s and 1940s, when they defended Fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism, or closed their eyes to them, in the name of fighting against imperialism. But unfortunately the people don’t read the history, and you can see that these stupid bastards still have many fans and followers in 21st century. Unfortunately, the awful truth is that many are like sheep and always follow the fashion and the fake intellectuals. Some Iranian intellectual say: “The stupid lefts can be called ‘Modern Savages’. They are like the savage Europeans in 16th and 17th centuries who were slaveholder and brutally killed and exploited other humans (aboriginals, slaves, etc), but called themselves ‘Civilized Human’ ! It’s a historical joke; They thought they could kill and torture everybody, because they wore nice clothes and called themselves ‘Gentleman’; And because their fake intellectuals called them ‘civilized human’, while their poor victims were called ‘savage’.” Now, in 21st century, those who supported the savage Gaddafi and his savageness, call themselves “civilized human”, but the poor Libyans are called “savage”, because they have killed the savage dictator. It’s really a tragic joke, like the tragic jokes in 16th and 17th centuries, when the savage Europeans who were Colonialist or Slaveholder called themselves ‘civilized human’ and called others ‘savage’.


In these days, everybody can understand why this f-u-c-k-ing world has the current f-u-c-k-ing conditions and has many many stupid and dreadful problems. When the stupid lefts and the modern savages are the famous intellectuals of this f-u-c-k-ing world, do you think we can expect to have a better world ?! When the majority of the people are like sheep and follow these fake intellectuals, what do you expect from this f-u-c-k-ing world? It’s so obvious that those who support the tyranny and the savage tyrants in the name of independence and fighting against imperialism should be disgraced and discredited, not the people who fight against the savage dictators and send them to hell. But apparently in this f-u-c-king world “everything is in reverse”, and the modern savages who defend the tyranny and the savage dictators are hero. The stupid lefts who are enemy of human rights and always defend the savage dictators and don’t care about the people who are victims of the savage dictators, have become ‘Defender of Human Rights’, and no one protests against this great hypocrisy. I think you can cry or laugh at this tragic joke for hours. Anyway, if you want to understand Libyans and their feeling about Gaddafi, you should live under the tyranny or you should read Libya’s history in the past 40 years, and only after that you can understand Libyans. “Hundreds of ordinary Libyans queued up outside a refrigerated meat store in Misrata, where the dead dictator was being stored. A guard allowed small groups into the room to celebrate next to Gaddafis body. They posed for photos and flashing victory signs. One of them says: “We were rats and now he is lying dead at our feet like a rat. How can we not be happy this day”. Shaban, a Libyans who had taken part in Gaddafi’s capture, said “His blood is on my shirt. I’ll never wash it”, the media reported. They also added: “Gaddafi and Muttasim, 34, were laid out on blankets in refrigerated meat containers a few miles apart in Misurata. The freedom fighters who had cornered the Mad Dog in his birthplace and the son responsible for orchestrating dead end resistance to the uprising, were euphoric. There were only the gleam of happiness in the eyes of people who had liberated the country. The bodies were on stretchers, Muammar Gaddafi in a temporary military barracks, Mutassim Gaddafi in a container. These were temporary resting places for the former dictator and his son. Looking down at the body of Gaddafi, Firuz, a 55-year-old schoolteacher, shook his head as he recalled a brother and a cousin who had died in Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison, a place of fear and despair. ‘Twelve hundred prisoners were murdered there,’ he said. ‘It is difficult for outsiders to understand, but he was responsible for so many lives lost, families who never found out what happened to those who disappeared. We feared him, I was afraid. But now …’ . For 40 years, Libya has been like watching a bad soap opera. Now, it’s the last act”.


Some of Libya’s injured freedom fighters also said: “When I heard he had been killed, I felt all right. I felt as if I didn’t have these injuries … I was so happy. I was dancing here. I was injured because of him … Death is better for him, because if you cut off a snake’s head the body dies too. This way the people who were with Gaddafi will be no more … We respect the dead. But not Gaddafi. If they kill him 1,000 times, I think it will not pay back the Libyans what he has done. He killed many many people. He destroyed Libya. All our oil revenues went to Africa, to Sudan, Chad, to Hamas and Fatah”. The savage Gaddafi was like the savage Mullahs and Khamenei who tell the biggest lies and are very cruel to the people. As we said before, the savage Gaddafi said: “They love me, all my people, they would die to protect me. The whole Libyan people have told me they are willing to die for me … There is no state with a democracy except Libya on the whole planet … At the suitable time we will open the arms depot so all Libyans, so that Libya becomes red with fire … There will be no mercy. Our troops will be coming to Benghazi tonight [before Nato attack]”. Now, the savage dictator has gone, and his supporters, i.e. the stupid lefts who are the modern savages, are angry. They should be angry. They have lost their beloved friend, the savage Gaddafi. These stupid bastards should bark at those who don’t follow them like blind sheep and can see ‘the king is naked’ . I can understand the stupid lefts who have lost their beloved friend, the savage Gaddafi. They fear that they can lose all their beloved friends, including the savage Mullahs and Bastard Assad, very soon and then without the tyranny and the savage tyrants they don’t know what they should do in this f-u-c-k-ing world. We should not forget that the stupid lefts, who are the modern savages, have closed their dirty eyes to what happen in Iran and Syria, and to our dreadful conditions in where these stupid bastards deserve to live. The stupid lefts, who are the modern savages, have closed their dirty eyes to the Mullah savageness, to the systematical human rights violation, to unplugging internet in Iran, to dreadful corruptions in Iran, to fake war between the Mullahs and the west, to the passionate love affair between the Mullahs and the west, and to many other shameful tragedies, and instead they support the savage Mullahs and other savage regimes by any means and without any shame. These modern savages are really more dangerous that the ancient savages. And they tell the funniest joke of the history: “You can kill, rape, and torture the people for 40 years, and we strongly support you. But when the people rebel against you and try to kill you, we will rise up and defend you and your human rights. We shed crocodile tears for you and call your killers ‘barbarian’. We are really proud of you and ourselves and call you and ourselves ‘martyr’, ‘civilized human’, ‘intellectual’, ‘defender of human rights’, etc. And some stupid and ignorant people support us.”

Who are savage: Libyans or Stupid Lefts?

October 21, 2011

Yesterday, some stupid people, especially stupid lefts, stupid Africans, and stupid Iranian expats, shed crocodile tears for Gaddafi and human rights. These stupid bastards weep crocodile tears for the savage Gaddafi who killed and tortured hundred thousands Libyans in four decades and at least 25,000 to 50,000 Libyans in 2011. These stupid bastards weep crocodile tears for the savage Gaddafi who used all his power and his gun machines against the people, who have no guns, no nothing. The world and the people ask Gaddafi to stop killing and torturing the people, and ask him to leave Libya after 42 years brutal dictatorship, but the savage Gaddafi refused. In the past months, he clearly proved that he is a savage dictator, worse than any other human monster. But now, some stupid bastards say: “I am sorry for the death of anyone, even Gaddafi. I can not understand the very great joy of the Libyans …Gaddafi would most likely still be alive if we did not attack Libya. So, this man’s death is on all our shoulders. If the future of Libya is in the hands of the barbarians killing Gaddafi and dragging him through the streets then it has no future“. These shameless jerks are really stupid. The truth is “The Libyans killed the savage Gaddafi, and the stupid lefts supported the savage Gaddafi and his savageness”, and the good question is “Who are savage? those who killed the savage dictator, or those who loved the savage dictator and support him and his savageness?” I think the answer is very clear. The wise and civilized humans protest against killing animals and criminals, but they don’t defend the savageness and also the savage dictators. The wise and civilized humans don’t shed crocodile tears for a savage dictator who tried to kill everybody and destroy everything for staying in power at any price. The wise and civilized humans know that compared to the savage dictators, animals are civilized human being and criminals are angel. They know that the animals and the criminals have rights and it’s the rule, the rule of modern society, but they also know that in the whole world there is only and only one exception to the rule, and it’s about the savage dictators who systematically kill, rape, and torture thousands of thousands people, and rule a police state by the iron fist. “Those who love and support the savage dictators and defend their savageness in the name of human values, are not human being. They defend the savageness and the savage dictators, and disgrace and discredit the human values. They should be called ‘Hypocrite Savage’ or ‘Hypocrite Barbarian’“, some say. Yes, those who killed the savage Gaddafi are not savage, but those who support and defend the savage Gaddafi and shed crocodile tears for him are savage and barbarian.


Yesterday, one of the worthless Hypocrite Savages and Hypocrite Barbarians, Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez, called Gaddafi “a martyr” and said his death was “an outrage”. The Venezuela’s savage dictator said: Sadly the death of Gaddafi has been confirmed. They assassinated him. It is another outrage. We shall remember Gaddafi our whole lives as a great fighter, a revolutionary and a martyr. The saddest thing is that in its quest to dominate the world, the empire and its allies are setting it on fire. It’s Chavez’s true color. Some said: “Shame on the savage dictator of Venezuela, and shame on the stupid lefts who support him”. Those how support Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez, should be proud of themselves, and they are, because some of these shameless jerks say: “This is not Justice, these people (Libyans who killed Gaddafi) are no better than Gaddafi”. These hypocrite savages don’t deserve to live in the free world. They must be forced to live in Iran, Syria, etc and experience the taste of savageness, brutality, and justice. You can not live in the free world and bullshit those who live under tyranny. There is no doubt that Libyans should try to control their emotions, and it’s so obvious that anger, revenge, and washing blood with blood is not the solution. It’s so obvious that you can not wash blood with blood. It’s so obvious that Libyans must refuse to punish Gaddafi regime’s officials without court, and it’s better they forgive almost all Gaddafi regime’s officials, except high rank officials and those who killed and tortured the people. It’s what the human history teach us. It’s what the previous experiences in the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Islamic Revolution in Iran, etc clearly show us. The angry people must stop using violence and washing blood with blood. But the case of killing savage Gaddafi and the high rank officials of Gaddafi regime has a different story. The savage dictators and their high rank mercenaries should know that they can not kill everyone, destroy everything, and violate human rights and expect others to respect their human rights. It’s impossible. The savage dictator of Iran and his Basiji and Sepahi thugs clearly declare that they think the people are dumb and naive, because these stupid bastards can kill, rape and torture the people, and then they can be sure that the people will not punish them in the future, because the people are naive and respect the human rights. Of course, these bastards should know that the fake intellectuals are so naive and stupid, not the people. The savage dictators and those who systematically kill, rape and torture the people should know that they are worse than animals, and the people will not treat them like animals. The people respect animals and their rights, but they will treat the savage dictators like Gaddafi.


The Venezuela’s savage dictator and those who support him, have shown their true colors over and over. The wise guys and the ordinary people hate them, and some have a good answer for them: “Those whose families and relatives died under to regime, really would find you a contemptible bunch of bastards who always support the savageness and the savage dictators in the name of human values.” You can understand the Libyans and their anger. “Gaddafi died too easily. I was hoping he could have been dragged into the square so every one of us could punish him, so he could be hanged. So he could suffer as he made others suffer”, some Libyans said. And some others added: “He doesn’t know how we feel. I’d love to see Gaddafi suffering as we suffered. We should catch him alive. People should see his humiliation”. Gaddafi was a savage and brutal dictator. As you probably know, Gaddafi declared political parties and organizations of all sorts a fundamental sin, banishing them as a constitutional evil and against the basic values of Libyans !! He outlawed public gatherings, and in the 1990s international travel and foreign-language education. This made a political opposition impossible. As we said before, even the people could not choose the color of their rooms and their houses in Gaddafi’s era; and it was Gaddafi’s order. As you know, in the recent months several mass graves have been found in Tripoli, and several thousands had been buried in those mass graves. And it’s just part of Gaddafi’s savageness. So, it’s so obvious who are savage; those who killed the savage dictator, or those who supported the savageness. Of course, the stupid lefts and his stupid fans and followers are more dangerous than the classic savages. Because they defend the savageness in the name of human values. The great Karl Popper once said: “Our civilization is still in its infancy, as it were, and which continues to grow in spite of the fact that it has been so often betrayed by so many of the [fake] intellectual leaders of mankind. Many who because of their intelligence and training should be held responsible for what they say , announce that there is no escape from tyranny (totalitarianism). They ask us whether we are really naive enough to believe that democracy can be permanent. They defend the tyranny in the name of intellectualism. We know that only democracy provides an institutional framework that permits reform without violence, and so the use of reason in political matters. But their story tends to discourage those who fight totalitarianism; its motive is to support the revolt against civilization. We can ask : “Why do all these social philosophies support the revolt against civilization? And what is the secret of their popularity? Why they attract and seduce so many [fake] intellectuals?