Life, Human Suffering, Suicide, and Tony Scott

August 23, 2012

“Famed director Tony Scott jumped Off an L.A. bridge, and committed suicide on 19 August 2012. Witnesses described seeing Scott park his car on the Vincent Thomas Bridge, a 56-metre-high bridge overlooking Los Angeles harbor, and leaping to his death ‘without hesitation’ at about 12.30pm local time. Some said a suicide note was found in Scott’s car, which was parked on one of the eastbound lanes of the bridge. Tony Scott directed such films as ‘Top Gun’, ‘Spy Game’, and ‘Enemy of the State’. The 68-year-old Tony Scott was the younger brother of director Ridley Scott”, the media reported. And some added: “Tony Scott had inoperable brain cancer and killed himself to spare his family the pain of watching his slow death, sources close to him have revealed. He didnt have any money problems or family problems. He lived in Beverly Hills, and his wife, Donna, is a model and actress who had appeared in some of his films. Tony Scott met his wife Donna in 1994, after two unsuccessful marriages. She gave birth to twins Max and Frank in 2000. Scott loved action films, and his tragic death can be the last action scene of his action films. His tragic death comes just weeks after he was pictured looking pained as he left a Beverly Hills restaurant on July 23. Scott had been in hospital earlier this summer and told friends it was for a hip operation. But they knew he had previously kicked cancer and suspected it had come back”. The story of his cancer has not been confirmed yet. Some media also added: “A passenger in a vehicle that was crossing the bridge at the time, says: ‘He was on the roadway close to the fence looking around. He looked nervous. I thought it was some extreme sports guy. (Scott) paused a couple of seconds and then began to climb the fence … He put his foot on the top of the fence and paused again … and then he threw himself off‘”. In these days, Tony Scott’s suicide and many other bad news make many feel bad. So, lets write about the tragedy of life, the human suffering, suicide, and hope. “Life is Tragedy“, the wise guys say; and who can deny it? Life is not like a movie. Life is a real tragedy, or as Woody Allen says: “Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable”. Suicide is a very complicated subject. Some ask: “Is suicide a solution?” It’s hard to say yes, and it’s hard to say no! Humans have many fundamental questions about Life, Meaning of Life, Death, and many other things, that have remained unanswered. Religion, delusion, self-deception, and other tricks can bring hope, or can offer some hope, that is certainly good, but they provide no real answers. “Life is Tragedy“, and a little self-deception can be good or acceptable, but with excessive self-deception, life just becomes a great tragedy. Almost all humans have problem with life and “Meaning of Life”, and when they become deeply depressed, they think about suicide. Many people, specially the depressed people, ask: “Why we have to keep on breathing?” It’s a very serious question, and everybody tries to find his/her own answer, but I think one of the best answers is what you can see in Cast Away (2000), a famous film directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks: “You just have to keep on breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise and who knows what the tide will bring“. It’s the best shortest answer that I’ve heard.


Cast Away is a very good film, and I think it has one of the best dialog in the history of cinema, specially when Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) talk about life and hope. Let’s take a look at some excerpts from Chuck’s dialog: “I was going to die there [on that island], totally alone. The only choice I had, the only thing I could control was when, and how and where it [my death] was going to happen. So, I made a rope and I went up to the summit, to hang myself. I had to test it; you know me. And the weight of the log, snapped the limb of the tree, so I couldn’t even kill myself the way I wanted to. I had power over ‘nothing’. And that’s when this feeling came over me like a warm blanket. I knew, somehow that I had to stay alive. I had to keep breathing. Even though there was no reason to hope. And all my logic said that I would never see this place again. So that’s what I did. I stayed alive. I kept breathing. And one day, my logic was proven all wrong because the tide came in, and gave me a sail. And now, here I am. I’m back … Now, I’ve lost her. I’m so sad … But I know what I have to do now. I got to keep breathing. Because tomorrow, the sun will rise, and who knows what the tide could bring?“. It’s one of the best dialog in the history of cinema, and it’s one of the best and shortest dialog about the human life and hope. Many have seen Cast Away (2000). Chuck is one of the typical American businessmen who want to be ‘successful’ and don’t want to be ‘loser’. And when he is cast away on a small island, he changes his views about life, “success”, “losers”, “hope”, etc. But all of us can be a Chuck. You don’t need ‘being cast away on a remote island’ for understanding many things. The human suffering, the mental pains, or the human life that is full of horrible tragedies, can show you many things. When a bad thing happen to your loved ones or yourself, you can be a Chuck. When you lose your hopes or part of your hopes, or when you are too upset or get depressed, you can be a Chuck. And it’s when you can think or behave like Chuck. And it’s when you can tell yourself: “Let’s keep breathing. who knows what the tide will bring tomorrow“. Only a very few people are satisfied with their life, as only a very few people have a few problems with Life, Illness, the Old Age, etc. Most people have many serious problems in this shitty world, and suffer from the same pains and the same tragedies. Most people have many serious problems with the basic needs and the basic questions. In the US, Europe, and other parts of the world, depression, mental disorders, poverty, drug addiction, irresponsible parents, cold-blooded people that are indifferent to others, suicide and other horrible problems are still among the serious social problems. But you should not forget that there’s nothing worse than living in a shithole like Iran under the Mullah regime, that in which the Mullahs and the West cause people many unique horrible problems. Our situation in Iran under the Mullah regime is like or worse than Chuck’s situation on that remote island. When Chuck said: “I don’t want to stay here and die on this shithole island spending the rest of my life talking …“, you could think that the writer has copied this from what some Iranians say in Iran. In fact, Iranians can understand Chuck well. Of course other people can understand him as well, if they can live with open eye and open mind.


“Tony Scott was rich, and could satisfy most of his needs. We can’t understand why he and other rich people commit suicide”, some say. But if they know about the hierarchy of needs, or the existential issues, they can understand why even the super rich people get depressed or commit suicide. And that’s why some wise guys say: “If you solved all the political problems in the world, and solved all the relationship problems, and nobody was starving and everyone was living in peace and all of that, we would still have existential issues”. Money, fame, and even peace, freedom, democracy, justice, good family, good society, and many other good things don’t solve all human problems; these good things are good tools for solving problems, and just lack of them create many many horrible problems. In fact, these good things and many of our needs are Deficiency Needs, that means ‘only the lack or shortage of them create very serious problems’. We have written about these issues in “Maslows Hierarchy of Needs” and “Maslow Hierarchy of Needs and Critics” (check Archive). Having good society or good family is very important, but it doesn’t solve all human problems. Yah, it can be very depressing, but it also can be a good news for all of us, specially those who live under a brutal dictatorship. All of us live in a bad society, with corrupt politicians, corrupt systems, and the bad guys that try to hurt us. But when you know even if you live in a good society, you still can have many problems, it can help to ease your pains. It can show you that you need “real solutions”. It can show you that if you try to explore and reach your full human potential, and become one of the self actualized people, you not only feel more alive, happier, self-sufficient, more aware of truth, justice, harmony, goodness, and so on, but you have more chance to find a solution to the fundamental problems or the existential issues. Of course when you live in a shithole like Iran under the Mullah regime, it’s hard to become a self actualized, but it’s not impossible. In such shitholes, you can feel the true meaning of tragedy, pain, or the human suffering. As you know, ‘humans generally prefer a safe, orderly, predictable, organized world, which they can count on, and in which unexpected, unmanageable or other dangerous things do not happen, and in which, in any case, they have powerful supporters who protect and shield them from harm’. A good society should make its members feel safe enough from criminals, and other bad guys and bad things. But when you live in a shithole like Iran under the Mullah regime, the brutal puppet regime has just one goal: the people should not feel safe or good. In such shitholes, most people are unsatisfied, because their safety needs, their basic needs, and their human needs are largely unsatisfied. In the recent years, when you see the Iranian people, most of them are unhappy and unsatisfied. They are not satisfied with many things, including the stupid service they received. In Iran, when you go to a hospital or a court building, you can see the depth of the tragedy, and how the world’s most corrupt regime can create a corrupt system and a corrupt society. Recently, I was forced to go to a hospital for a loved one. The corrupt system or the unkind health care workers can really piss you off. When you see even many health care workers have become greedy businessmen or cold-blooded jerks, it’s really tragic. Of course it’s so obvious that those who have many unsatisfied basic needs and safety needs, become selfish, nervous, and indifferent to others. A brutal corrupt system can create many greedy and selfish people. But in Iran, you still can see hopeful things. After the recent earthquakes in Iran, the Iranian people that don’t trust Mullahs and the Mullah regime, tried to help the victims directly. The Iranian people don’t trust Mullahs, but they tried to trust athletes and other public figures, and donated more than $50 million to the victims. Only two athletes could collect more than $5 million donations. And it proves that Mullahs, their brutal puppet regime and their corrupt system are the main problem, not people. It clearly proves that the Iranian people just need trustworthy figures or trustworthy alternative for getting rid of the Western puppets and the big shithole that has been created by them. In fact, even in this shithole, people can keep breathing and think that “tomorrow the sun will rise, and who knows what the tide will bring”. Tony Scott, Chuck, and Iranians had much in common.


The Iranian people live in a very difficult and tragic situation. Here, life is more meaningless than many other places. A very brutal puppet regime and puppets of the West have created a big shithole here. The crooks, the killers, the mercenaries, the jerks, and the meanest and stupidest people, that the stupid West and the stupid lefts love them and support them, create and rule this shithole and try to make our life hell. But when even in this shithole, some people can tell themselves: ‘lets keep on breathing, who knows what the tide can bring”, or when even some one like Stephen Hawking, that have lived with the prospect of an imminent death for the last 50 years, says: ‘Im not afraid of death, but Im in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do first’, it can mean that all humans in all around the world, can try to keep on breathing, and can tell themselves: ‘Who knows what the tide will bring. Maybe tomorrow the tide gives us … ‘. Of course as the witty Iranians say: ‘In this shithole, the tide often gives us shit and shitty things’. But even in the worst possible conditions, no one knows what the tide will bring, and it’s not a lie; It’s the meaning of ‘hope’. I can understand Tony Scoot. No one can blame him. But some wise guys say: “Yah, suicide can be a solution; but why are you in such a hurry to die? Sooner or later, you die. It’s inevitable. So, don’t hurry to die”. And some wise guys add: “Many wise guys think about suicide. They have some plans for suicide. They don’t care about death, but they have so much that they prefer to do first”. And some wise guys say: “Sometimes [you are like Chuck, and] you even can’t kill yourself the way you want to. You think you have power over nothing. But you have power over many things. You can choose your thoughts, and your views about the world, yourself, your life, etc”. Many things annoy humans, and “money” or “fame” can’t solve many problems. As some say: “Tony Scott was a British-born film director and producer. He was the youngest of three brothers. As a result of his father’s career in the British military, his family moved around a lot. Their mother loved the going to the movies and instilled a love of cinema in her children. He and his brothers were rich and well-known. They had everything”. But the human suffering and the tragedy of life is not just a physical issue. It’s a mental pain. Many try to use self-deception methods, and many can’t deceive themselves with such things. But you can be in no hurry to die, and can tell yourself: ‘Who knows what the tide will bring. Maybe tomorrow the tide brings … ‘. We all can get rid of our stupid needs. As Maslow said: “The healthy, normal, fortunate man has no s-e-x needs or hunger needs, or needs for safety, or for love, or for prestige, or self-esteem, except in stray moments of quickly passing threat”. Many people envy others, and it’s really stupid. When you know the human needs, the human suffering, and the tragedy of life, you don’t envy others, and don’t hurt yourself by your stupidities. When you see that many Iranians say: ‘I envy Americans or Canadians, they seem so happy there’, or when you see that many Americans, Canadians, Europeans, etc say: ‘We are not happy. We have many serious problems here” or ‘I really envy the rich men, they seem so happy’, and when you see what the rich and well-known figures say or do, you can see the main issues. As the wise guys say: ‘Life is tragic, but sometimes you can see life as a fight against ‘meaningless life’, and you can fight to the last drop of blood, or the last drop of hope, or the last drop of money. Sometimes you are so tired of everything, and suicide seems like a good solution, but it’s better you don’t hurry to die. Maybe when you are so tired of life, you can think about Chuck and what he said: ‘tomorrow, the sun will rise, and who knows what the tide will bring in'”.

Ayatollah Noam Chomsky and Mullahs

October 12, 2011

In these days, when the Mullahs try to unplug the internet in Iran, but the world has close its eyes ; and when Iranian activists are lashed for writing open letter, and when the savage Mullahs can go to the west and live there, while the ordinary Iranians can not, you can see many problems of this stupid world. One of the main problems of this stupid world is that its top intellectual is some one like Chomsky, who defends the savage dictators in the name of fighting against imperialism. And the other problem is that those who criticize Chomsky are the stupid rights and the Zionists. Unfortunately, the liberals and open-minded people, and also the real intellectuals, have closed their mouths and don’t talk about Chomsky’s stupidity. The Jewish-American left, Chomsky, defends the savage Mullahs and Muslim fanatics, including Sheikh Fadlallah and Hassan Nasrallah. In fact, Chomsky that here we call him ‘Ayatollah Chomsky’, and other stupid lefts think that Independence and fighting against imperialism are the most important things. They don’t care about freedom and human rights, while ‘freedom’ is much more important than ‘Independence’ and fighting against imperialism . Ayatollah Chomsky works with Khameneis TV (Press TV) without any shame. He supports the Mullah regime and Hezbollah, without any shame. As we said before, Ayatollah Chomsky defends the Mullah regime and says: ‘There are some democratic freedoms in Iran !!’ . And Iranians say: “if Chomsky’s knowledge about the US is the same as his knowledge about Iran, we should be really sorry for all American intellectuals and the whole world.” So, let’s talk more about Ayatollah Chomsky.


In May of 2006, Ayatollah Chomsky visited Lebanon and met with Hezbollah’s savage leader Hassan Nasrallah. Ayatollah Chomsky received a heros welcome and effectively acted as a propagandist for the terrorist group as he repeated much of its rhetoric and lies on Hezbollahs own Al Manar TV. Ayatollah Chomsky had dinner with Hassan Nasrallah, the savage Mullah who is Khamenei’s puppet and has helped Khamenei in killing and raping the Iranian protesters. Ayatollah Chomsky once said: “I think Nasrallah has a reasoned argument and a persuasive argument that the arms should be in the hands of Hezbollah !!” In fact, Ayatollah Chomsky supports savageness and tyranny without any shame. We have not forgotten that in 2011, he said: “ a majority believes that security would be improved if the Mullah regime had nuclear weapons !! Arab opinion supports the Mullah regime in Iran and a Mullah nuclear weapons program in Iran !!! Ayatollah Chomsky doesnt talk about Iranian wills, but instead he ignores Iranian views and emphasizes on Arab views !! Such a foolishness! It’s like that we talk about the French president and the French regime, but instead of the French people, we talk about the Britons and how they love the French system !! Ayatollah Chomsky pretends ignorance about many things. Some Lebanese said: “The stupid Chomsky does not know that the Hezbollah arms threaten the Lebanese people more than the I-s-r-a-e-l-is.” Maybe he knows, but he prefers to pretend ignorance.


Ayatollah Chomsky pretends ignorance about many things. He talks nonsense about Iran and Saudi Arabia and their differences. What he says about Hezbollah is a pile of shit. One of his interviews in 2006 is interesting: “Q: Hezbollah is a highly militarized organization that runs South Lebanon in a way that is hardly reflective of secular democratic ideals. Chomsky: Its interesting that secular Lebanese would not take that attitude !! Q: Most of them see Hezbollah as an extension of Iran. Chomsky: No, they dont !!! Q: They believe that the Iranians are trying to rip up their state. Chomsky: Ultra-right-wing Lebanese think that !!! Others didnt look at it that way. If you get to the ultra-nationalist right, they do look at it that way. But thats not Lebanon !” Ayatollah Chomsky is a real charlatan. He tells blatant lie about the relation between Hezbollah and the Mullahs in Iran. He doesn’t know or pretend ignorance that Nassrallah is Khamenei’s puppet and kisses the ass and hands of Khamenie, and openly declares that Khamenei is his leader. In 2009, Nassrallah and Hezbollah sent more than 1500 militiamen for killing Iranians. In Iran, Iranians can see the Hezbollah thugs in the streets, and know how Hezbollah and the Mullahs love each other and work with each other, but Ayatollah Chomsky is a blind brainless charlatan. All Iranians know that the Mullahs have created Hezbollah in 1980s, but the stupid Chomsky prefers to pretend ignorance, or as Iranians say: “Khodesho be Khariat Bezaneh” (He prefers to pretend that he is a donkey !)


“Chomsky needs to live here for a while to understand what happened during the past 30 years and why most Lebanese are against the Hezbollah arms,” some Lebanese said. And as we said before, Chomsky and other stupid lefts don’t deserve to live in the free world. They must be forced to live in Iran, and maybe after that they can understand the true meaning of their bullshits. It’s very important. You can not live in the free world and love the tyranny and the savage dictators. You must be forced to live under the tyranny and experience the taste of your bullshits, and maybe after that you can see the truth. Of course, if your were wise, you can see the truth by reading the history and learning from the human history, but when you were like Chomsky, and at age 80+, you are like a stupid jerk who can not change under any conditions. We don’t expect that Chomsky and many other stupid lefts, who are old fool and old bastard, can change, but we hope that the young people in all around the world can see the depth of Chomsky’s stupidity. The stupid lefts still can deceive the innocent youths and it’s really shameful. The stupidity of Chomsky or the stupid lefts is a serious global problem, and all wise guys in all around the world should care about it . We should not forget that the stupid lefts was one of the main responsible for the big tragedy of 1930s, the plague of 1930s.


Ayatollah Chomsky, is a blind and brainless left. He can not see how the savage Mullahs kill, rape, and torture the young Iranians, who want to have a modern and secular government, and want to enjoy the basic human rights and the basic freedom in Iran. Ayatollah Chomsky, doesn’t care about Iranians and how the savage Mullahs lash Iranian activists for writing an open letter to the Mullahs ! Ayatollah Chomsky supports the savageness and the savage dictators in the name of fighting against imperialism . As we said before, the stupid Chomsky has showed his true color over and over. For example, Chomsky defends Hugo Chavez, who is a lifelong dictator in Venezuela. Chomsky tells big lies about Chavez, without any shame. But he lives in the free world and praises the dictatorship. It’s not fair. He must be forced to live in Venezuela or Iran . He can not live in the free world and talks nonsense about our dreadful conditions in Iran. He can not live in the free world and makes love with the savage Mullahs who kill and rape Iranians. He and other stupid lefts must be forced to live in Iran. The American youths should know Chomsky and his stupidity, and should not repeat Chomsky’s bullshits, whiteout thinking about them. The American youths should read the world history, and should learn about the world and what happens in the world, for example about what happens in Iran and how the savage Mullahs treat the people, and then they can understand the depth of Chomsky’s stupidity.


Ayatollah Chomsky is master at saying the stupidest things. What he says about 9/11 is totally meaningless . Ayatollah Chomsky stupidly thinks that the Taliban could solved 9/11 issue ! He stupidly thinks that the Taliban was a legitimate and good government, and the world had to respect the Taliban !! Ayatollah Chomsky, is really a reactionary stupid left, and I don’t know why some call him
“intellectual”. Ayatollah Chomsky is not intellectual and doesn’t care about the freedom and the enemies of the freedom and democracy. He is only a stupid political activist and a reactionary person who always supports the reactionary groups. Once he said: “Hezbollah is the majority party in Lebanon, so they are not evil forces” ! Such a stupid reason ! Ayatollah Chomsky is really brainless. Hezbollah is not the majority party in Lebanon, but even it was, what did it mean or what did it show? Did it mean that Hezbollah is not a reactionary group?!! Ayatollah Chomsky, defends the savage Mullahs and reactionary groups, and it’s among the most shameful and incendiary behavior ever undertaken by a stupid left in the US. Ayatollah Chomsky supports the reactionary groups, independent of this fact that they are minority or majority. He supports the Islamists and the Mullah regime in Iran, while they are a very very small minority in Iran, less than 10%, and the ordinary people hate them. Recently, the Mullahs have said that environmental protests against the drying up of Irans Lake Urmia were a protest against God !! But Ayatollah Chomsky loves and supports these savage Mullahs.


Some say: “Chomsky has used the influence granted him as a prominent linguist to support militant organizations and murderous dictatorships, including not only Hezbollah and Hamas, but also the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia, and the Mullah regime in Iran”. Ayatollah Chomsky is a worthless stupid jerk, and we don’t want to waste time by writing about him and his stupidity, but unfortunately the world knows him as a famous intellectual and it’s very dangerous. Some say: “The mass media care about him, only because he is naive and stupid and they can make use of him and his stupidity”. And some even add: “Chomsky is a stooge of the western politicians, who always want to have a stupid and weak enemy. Which stupid enemy can be better than stupid Chomsky, who defends the tyranny and the savage tyrants ?!” As Iranians say: “If you want to destroy and discredit something, it’s better that you try to defend it so badly, by using ultra-stupid logic. In this way, you can be sure that you will destroy and discredit that thing”. And it’s exactly what Ayatollah Chomsky does. And finally I want to tell the young Americans and the young westerners: “Never trust a man who loves the Mullahs, and defends the Mullahs. Never trust a man who defends the Mullahs (and other savage tyrants) in the name of independence, freedom, democracy, tolerance, human rights, fighting against imperialism, or fighting against evil forces. You can be sure that such person is a real stupid bastard or a real hypocrite bastard.”

Savage Mullahs Lashed Iranian Activist

October 11, 2011

An Iranian student activist, Peyman Aref, has been lashed 74 times for insulting Mr. shit ! The media reported: “The Mullah court sentenced an Iranian activist, Peyman Aref, to 74 lashes as well as one year in jail and a lifetime ban from journalism and political activity for the charge of “insulting Mr. shit”. Aref was sentenced in March 2010 to a year in jail after being found guilty of propaganda against the Mullah regime for speaking to foreign media. He was also sentenced to 74 lashes for writing an “insulting” letter to Mr. shit [Ahmadinejad] !! and given a lifetime ban on working as a journalist or membership of any political parties” Now, Mr. stupid, Noam Chomsky, and his stupid fans, should be proud of themselves, because they support the savage Mullahs and the savageness in the name of independence and fighting against imperialism.


Aref said after his release: “Whenever Mr. shit goes to New York, he boasts that Iran is the world’s freest country but I was brutally flogged in my country for insulting him .” As we said before, the stupid American mass media are really stupid and make love with Mr. shit, instead of asking him serious questions. Aref added: “My crime was that I wrote an open letter to Mr. shit and reminded him of what he did to the universities.” Apparently the savage Mullahs have taken offence because Aref refused to begin his letter with the formal greeting “Salam” [Hello] !! as a sign of protest. As we said before, the Mullahs have imported this sort of savageness from Saudi Arabia. And now you can understand why Iranians hate the Islamists, and also why Iranians hate the stupid lefts and their leader Noam Chomsky, who talk nonsense about Iran and Saudi Arabia, and support the savage Islamists in the name of fighting against imperialism.


“Aref’s jail sentence came to an end on Sunday but, hours before his release from Tehran’s notorious Evin prison, Aref was told the lashing would be carried out. A masked prison guard carried out the lashing in presence of Aref’s wife and the Mullahs .”, the media reported. Now, many say: “It’s really a tragic joke. Lashing people sentenced to various charges such as those caught drinking alcohol or for desecrating Islam or the Mullahs is a savageness that the Mullahs have imported it form Saudi Arabia. Lashing Aref for insulting Mr. shit only proves how savage the Mullahs are”. And it also proves how stupid and jerk the stupid lefts are, who support the savage Mullahs. Peyman Aref was stupid and worked with the Islamist-reformists, but his mother and his wife seem like the ordinary Iranians not Islamists. So, many hope that he can change, and leaves the Islamist-reformists. Now, many say: “Don’t be stupid Aref. If you and your friends remain stupid, i.e. stooge of the Islamist-Reformists, then you deserve the lashes.”


We should congratulate all traitors and mercenaries, especially Iranian baboons and Ashoura Day’s traitors for this flogging and savageness. These stupid bastards who betrayed the people, have created this f-u-c-k-ing situation for Iran and Iranians. They really should be proud of themselves now. And they are, because now the Ashoura Day’s traitors say: Why dont the people go to the streets and protest to this flagging? And Iranians answer: “because when they were killed and raped, you the shameless jerks betrayed them. And because the people are not stupid. They go to the streets and being killed for what? for keeping the Islamic regime safe?! or for you, the Iranian baboons? (for the Monarchits ?! for the Rajavists?! or for the Islamists ?!) The people are not stupid. If Iranians want to go the streets, they will protest against the traitors, who betrayed the people after Ashoura Day; and against the Iranian jerks who live in the free world but still are sheep and support the Monarchy or work with the Mullah regime. The people are not stupid. They dont kill themselves for unclear goals and reactionary groups”. In fact, what Iranians need is alternative groups and alternative media for changing regime and establishing a pure Republic system in Iran , not protest to this case of flagging or that case of savageness.

Khamenei Fled to the UK !

October 11, 2011

“Khamenei and his family fled to the UK !”, it’s what we would hear in the near future. Why not? Do you think it’s impossible? but why? When thousands high rank Mullahs and their families live in London, and Khamenei’s TV work in London for about 4 years, why do you think it’s impossible? When many Mullahs and their families, many Mullah embezzlers, Mullah thieves and Mullah terrorists live in the UK, the US and Canada, why do you think it’s impossible? In the recent days, again some Mullahs and Mullah agents have fled to the UK and the US. After Canadian scandal, now a baby Godzilla and member of Mullah intelligence service, Mehdi Khazali, the son of Ayatollah Khazali, who is a very high rank savage Mullah, has fled from Iran. Some say he has fled to the UK ! (or maybe the US). As we said before, the baby Godzilla, Mehdi Khazali, is the bastard who told a big ridiculous stupid lie some months ago, and some stupid Iranian exapts believed his bullshits. In the recent days, the Mullah media also reported that a high rank member of the Mullah intelligence service, and a Khamenei’s aide, Shariatmadari, who was Commerce’s minister in 2000s, has fled to the US. In fact, according to the Mullah media, he and his family have US green card ! The Mullah media also reported that the son of Mohsen Rezaei, who worked for the Mullah Expediency Council, has fled to the UK and now live in London ! Mohsen Rezaei was the head of the Mullah Gestapo, IRGC (Sepah), for more than 15 years ! Iranians know that another son of Mohsen Rezaei has fled to the US, and freely live in the US since early 2000s, and in 2010 he came back to Iran, but after some months, again went to the US !! These shameful stories really seem like jokes, but unfortunately it’s really true that the US and the UK authorities make love with the savage Mullahs, and their war against the Mullahs is a phony war, a fake shameful war. Now some Iranians say: “When these bastards who are thugs of the Mullah intelligence service and the Mullah Gestapo can easily go and live in the UK and the US, and the Mullah thieves and those who are part of the largest embezzlement in Iran’s history have Canadian citizenship and go to Canada, so it’s so obvious that in the near future we will hear that the boss of all Islamist killers, rapists and thieves, Khamenei, has fled to the UK and lives there . Almost all Iranians know that Khamenei is the best friend of the British Mullah Makers. The UK is the best place for him” !


Mohammad Shariatmadari, who is said has gone to the US, is a member Khamenei’s Council for Foreign Policy Strategy !! Shariatmadari also is a member of an fundamentalist Islamist party “Defenders of the Islamic Values” ! Of course, he has said: “I’m in Iran”, but he has not said that his family are not in London or the US !! The Mullah media said that his family lived in London !!, and now the US authorities have accepted this bastard and his family in the US. But it’s not a new or unbelievable thing. As we said before, the Mullah terrorist and the high rank member of Mullah Mafia, Mousavian, lives in the US and works for the Princeton university, or some high rank members of Mullah Mafia live in the US and work for Harvard university, and Mohsen Rezaei’s son have gone to the US and live there. In the recent days, the Mullah media also reported that Hadad Adel’s daughter lived in the US and recently has come back to Iran !! Hadad Adel is Khamenei’s close relative, and the notorious Khamenei’s son, Mojtaba, is Hadad Adel’s son-in-law ! So, you can see how the US and the UK make love with the savage Mullahs, and their stupid sanctions against Iran is only against the poor ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs and are the main victim of the Mullahs. Under these ridiculous conditions, it’s quite natural and quite possible that in the near future we hear that Khamenei and his family have fled to the UK ! It’s funny and important to know that many Mullahs and Mullah agents leave Iran legally and without any problem or difficulty. For example, Mohajerani has said that when he left Iran, he used the VIP section of the Tehran airport. And now, the baby Godzillah, Khazali, has fled to the UK easily and legally, maybe via VIP. It’s important because these bastards pretend that they are anti-Mullahs or “Opposition” ! and also because many Iranian activists can not have passport and can not leave Iran legally. Now, many say, the baby Godzillah, Khazali, want to be another Madhi ! But only the stupid British and American bastards in the BBC and the VOA care about him! Anyway, in the near future, the media will report: “Khamenei fled to the UK, and now after some days, Mr. shit and Rafsanjani have fled to the US. In addition, many other high rank Mullahs have fled to the UK, the US, and Canada. Now, in LA and London, the Monarchists and the Mullahs live with each other in peace, and make love with each other and f-u-c-k each other with the dirty embezzled money there.”


In the recent days, the western media are silent about the Canadian Scandal and why the high rank Mullahs and their families live in the west. The stupid Iranian expats are also quite silent, and have closed their dirty mouths. It’s really shameful that more than 4 million Iranians live outside Iran but the majority of them are stupid bastards (you know, 4 million is really big, because Libya’s population is near 6 million, Lebanon’s is 4 million, Bahrain’s is less than 1 million, etc). The majority of Iranian-Americans and Iranian-Canadians are really stupid bastards. The only hardly acceptable action in Canada has been a petition against Khavari or an open letter to Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper . The petition said: “We are writing to express our grave concern with the arrival of Mahmoud Reza Khavari to Canada. As you are aware, until very recently Khavari served in the highest reaches of the Islamic regime by serving as Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Iranian largest state-owned financial institution, the Bank Melli. More recently, Khavari was identified as one of the principal figures at the centre of the largest financial embezzlement in Iranian history … For years members of the Iranian-Canadian community have been concerned that high ranking members of the Islamic regime and their relatives are securing residency status in Canada and funneling their investments to this country. Our expressions of concern to various Members of Parliament are seldom given their proper due, and are generally dismissed with mere suggestions that we proceed to inform Canadian authorities of any individuals with ties to the Mullah regime… Many law abiding Iranians face great difficulty securing visas to visit their relatives in Canada. Moreover, Iranians face restrictions on transferring money out of the country given sanctions imposed by the international community. As such, you can appreciate how appalled we are to hear that Khavari has slipped into Canada with evident ease and faced no difficulties transferring his ill-gotten gains to Canada … As you are aware, the Bank Melli has been among the financial institutions sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department since 2007… Given these considerations, we ask that the Canadian Government immediately initiate a full investigation to consider whether Khavari has complied with Canadian rules and regulations …Turning a blind eye or failure to act by the Canadian Government with respect to Kharavi would send a signal to other high ranking members and Government functionaries of the Islamic regime that Canada represents a safe haven to which they may escape with impunity.” This petition is not too bad, but it should has been much more stronger. But apparently it’s the best thing that you can expect it from Iranian-Canadians, that the majority of them are hypocrite stupid bastards.

Environmental Disaster: Karun River’s Tragedy

October 10, 2011

The Karun (also spelled as Karoun and Karoon) was Iran’s largest and most effluent, and the only navigable, river. It was about 450 miles (720 km) long. It rises in the Zard Kuh (Yellow mountain) of the Zagros Range, receiving many tributaries, such as the Dez and the Kuhrang, before passing through the capital of Khuzestan Province, the city of Ahwaz. Now, Karun is another victim of the Mullah regime and their dreadful stupid plans. In the recent years, the Mullah construction of new stupid dams on the Karun, totally destroyed this great river, its basin, and its ecology.


Karun is an ancient river. The Karun River valley was inhabited in 3,000 B.C. or earlier. Some say: “In the Biblical tradition, Karun is to be identified with Pishon, one of the four rivers of Eden/Paradise. The others being Tigris, Euphrates and the Karkheh (“Gihon” of the Biblical story). In the early classical times, Karun was known as the Pasitigris, which may be pointing etymologically to the source of the Biblical name, Pishon”. Now, the savage Mullahs have destroyed this ancient river and the city of Ahvaz. Before the Islamic revolution, many Iranians were happy in Ahvaz, and sang the old songs -like “Labe Karun” (on Karun’s bank)- and danced around the river, but now they have nothing except disaster and tragedy.


The largest river by discharge in Iran, the Karun river’s watershed covered 65,230 square kilometers (25,190 sq mi) in parts of two Iranian provinces. The river had an average discharge of 575 cubic metres per second (20,300 cu ft/s). Karun has been an important route for the transport of petroleum to the Persian Gulf, and was an important commercial waterway. But now, the Karun River has been destroyed. There are many dams on the Karun River: Gotvand Dam, Masjed Soleyman Dam, Karun-1, Karun-3, Karun-2, Karun-4, Karun-5, etc ! These stupid dams on the Karun have had a significant effect on the river and the ecology of the river, and have required the relocation of thousands of residents.


Famous silent film documentary “Grass: A Nation’s Battle for Life (1925)” tells the story of Bakhtiari tribe crossing this river with 50,000 people and 500,000 animals. I saw that film (Iran’s state TV has showed it) and the pictures of Karun in the film clearly show how the savage Mullahs have destroyed Karun and Iran’s environment. In fact, the old pictures of Karun, and nights of Karun, can show how Karun changed. Before the Islamic revolution, the people of Ahvaz and Khuzestan were happy there and had happy times with Karun. But now Ahavaz is the most polluted city of the world and Karun is nothing except a nostalgic name.


One of the most tragic facts about Karun and the Mullah regime is that the savage Mullahs destroy both Karun river and Karun basin, and then in 2010, they started to export the fertile soil of Karun basin and Khuzestan to the Arab states ! In 2010, the Mullah media reported: “We have started to export soil to Qater ! This small Arab state, Qatar, is a desert and has not any fertile soil, so we try to export Iran’s soil there !!” At that time, some Iranian said: “the savage Mullahs clearly have proved that they are anti-Iran and anti-Iranians; they are Arab or pro-Arab. So, it’s so obvious that they try to destroy Iran, and export all our resources to the Arab states.” And some environmental activists said: “It’s a great environmental disaster. On the other hand, the fertile soil is very important for a dry country like Iran, but these bastards destroy the environment and export the soil to Qater, a small country that plunders the oil and gas resources, and doesn’t respect to the environment and anything.”


The Karun’s tragedy, is another great disaster in the Mullah era. The Mullahs are really the enemy of the environment, Iran, and Iranians. The Mullah regime is the worst regime in Iran’s history. The Mullahs have been able to destroy Iran and plunder its national resources and its national wealth, in about 30 years ! The history will not forget and forgive the savage Mullahs and the stupid bastards who are mercenary, and work for the savage Mullahs and for keeping the Mullah regime safe. For seeing more pictures of Karun’s tragedy, you can check here .

Occupy Wall Street, Demands, and Donations

October 9, 2011

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has at least two sides: a dark side and a bright side. Here I want to write about its bright side (in the future articles, we would write about its dark side, too). The young American protesters should know that they have many important and helpful facilities there. They should know that the Iranian protesters can not have any of these great facilities in Iran. This what the stupid lefts and the fake intellectuals don’t tell the people there. One of the most interesting and helpful facilities that they have in the US, is good internet and good level of freedom for having many free websites and “forums”. They can freely discuss many important things, including their demands. In the recent days, has listed eight demands in its forum that can be considered as the first list of demands in OWS movement. These demands are : (1)Change banking laws (2)Prosecute the Wall Street criminals and those broke the law and helped cause the 2008 financial crisis (3)Fair Election (corporations should not spend as much as they want on elections. All political candidates should be given equal time for free in the public media during campaign season) (4) Fair Tax (at least Congress pass the Buffette rule on fair taxation) (5)Protect the integrity of the marketplace (6)Limit the influence of the Lobbyists (7)Eliminate the ability of former government regulators going to work for corporations that they once regulated (8)Eliminate the “Personhood” legal status for corporations. It’s a good list. Of course, some OWS organizers and protesters have said: “This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands .” Yes, it’s not official list of demands, but it’s a good list, and they should have an official list of demands; it’s very important. They should make an official list of demands in their general assemblies, very soon. It’s very important.


The first list of demands is good. But some important items can be added. Maybe the most important item is about “Direct Democracy” and Referendum: -“Lets have Referendum on controversial issues. It can be called “Applied direct democracy”. The people should decide about the controversial issues, and holding referendum every now and then is a very good idea. I think only in Switzerland, the people have this sort of useful direct democracy. The Swiss people can launch a petition for or against any subject, and if the petition has about 100,000 signatures (or more, I forget the exact number now) they can have a referendum on this subject. It’s great. And it can be very helpful in the US, Iran, and all other countries. There are many controversial issues in the US, like Taxation, Global warming, Military spending, Big corporations, etc, but they can be solved by direct democracy, and holding referendum on these issues. Why not ? It’s what people want and it’s what democracy says. If what they say about the 99% and 1% is right, then the solution is very clear. So, if they have a good and modern law about holding referendum, like Switzerland, then they can always hold Referendum on controversial issues. The other items in the demands list can be about military spending and waging war. And the other one can be about Complete Transparency Act. The privacy is very important in personal life, but not in political life; There should be total transparency. Politicians are making decisions and passing laws on behalf of We the People. They are accountable to us and it should be open and clear how the will of the people is being served. The people comments about the demands list are interesting: “Here is a program even the MSM can understand: 1-Regulate markets 2-Tax the rich 3-Hold Wall Street accountable 4-Restore democracy … We can’t enact a living wage or environmental protections with a congress that is bought by Walmart! … We need “The Second Bill of Rights” with the following rights: -The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation -The right of every family to a decent home -The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health -The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment”. It’s very important that the people discuss the demands and finalize the list of demands ASAP.


The facilities that the American organizers have there, are really amazing and important. One of the most interesting and helpful facilities that the American protesters have in the US, is “Donation”. It’s a very important facility, but in Iran and many other brutal dictatorship, donation is a serious crime. In the US, unlike Iran, people can donate and help the activists and protesters, and the US authorities don’t kill or torture anyone for donating. On the other hand, the US, unlike Iran, is not under stupid sanctions, and the protesters can have banking facilities, mailing facilities, etc for receiving the donations. The American protesters and activists should know that Iranians think they live in heaven, because they have many important facilities there, while Iranians are deprived of them here. ABC news reported: “They greet inquisitive pedestrians at the Occupy Wall Street protest’s welcoming table in the financial district’s Zuccotti Park, in Manhattan. The table (above picture) accepts donations, and provides protest literature and an opportunity for new participants to join the demonstrations”. It’s really good. But in Iran, the stupid western sanctions and the Mullah severe surveillance have made donation or organizing impossible. Donate’s page of is very interesting. The people can donate online, and all donations are tax deductible. They also can mail their check or money order, or they can make a telephone donation. They can donate “laundry and shower”, or order the protesters food. The organizers say : “Please only send non-perishable goods, luckily we are able to receive packages of any size !” or “Order form Liberatos pizza -order online- order the Occu-pie [!] Please order vegan or non-meat pizzas (Please try to focus on vegan and vegetarian options with some meat options)”. The people comments are very interesting: “I desperately want to send a box of supplies. I live several states away, and I dont know anyone in New York; Would the parks address work for this?… I just donated 100 bucks. That should get you guys some pizzas. Keep it up, youre doing the right thing … just donated $10- not much- but if everyone sent something- we could keep this movement going … I am pregnant, I ordered some pizza for you guys, I wish there was a way to know that it was actually being delivered. I wish you all the best … According to Lydia at, the site you get sent to if you order from Liberatos Pizza, Happy ordering! … Just donated $100. Hope that you can use it”


It’s very important that the American protesters can organize themselves there. “On Day 1, no one knew what that would look like. Fast forward to Day 19, and Zuccotti Park is loaded with makeshift camps and organized “stations”: medical, food, legal, media, security and more”, the media reported. I don’t forget 2009, when Iranians had 9 months protests and demonstrations without any organization, any organizer, and any donation. That was a great and historical job that the ordinary Iranians did at that time. They not only did not have any freedom and any of great facilities that the Americans have now (and should appreciate it a lot), but also they knew that the savage Mullahs and their savage Basiji and Sepahi thugs would kill them, rape them and torture them, but they continued to protests, and thousands of them were killed, and ten thousands were arrested and tortured. (Shame on stupid bastards, the mercenaries and fake intellectuals who betrayed the people and the people movement in Iran). Here, we know how important is the matter of organizing, and also having freedom to protest. Here, we know how horrible is having a savage and barbarian government. Americans should not forget what they have there. Here, the police and state thugs are illiterate, Islamist, and savage, but the majority of people are young, anti-Islamist, university-educated and modern. Here, we have savage police and savage militia who kill and rape the people. But there, they have the funny matter of “Horny Protesters ! and Horny Police !”. As you know the American protesters sleep in parks. “When new arrivals turn out, volunteers swiftly equip them with donated sleeping bags and food”, the media reported. But some protesters are really horny, and some call them “Horny Protesters !”, who are very active in the sleeping bags ! It’s comic, but quite normal. But another comic matter, that is also very tragic, is about the horny police, who arrest the young females in strange ways. In so obvious that some of the horny police (or people), are charlatan and corrupt, of course not all of them. But the police should not be irresponsible. The corrupt people can corrupt many things. In these days, some Americans and non-Americans are worry about the people money, the donations. But I think (and hope) there is a lot of wise and honest guys there as organizers, who certainly don’t allow the charlatan to steal the people money, the donations. Americans should know that there, their police are stupid and horny !, but here, our police are so savage and uncivilized. And it’s a very very big difference.


Some people comments about OWS movement, donations, etc are very interesting. Reading some comments can really wet eyes. They can show us that the corps of the good guys is really big: “So heartened to see all of you standing up for fairness and a country where everyone has a chance to live the American Dream … We are not lazy. We are not indifferent. But, with a puppet government under the control of corporate fat cats who see us as a threat to their power, we often do feel very helpless… I just ordered Occu-Pies for you guys. enjoy. wish could be there. keep up the good work … I live hundreds of miles away. I sent 2 pizzas for you, please let me know if it arrives, I will send more … How can I donate for umbrellas?… I am coming to the park tomorrow, please let me know what supplies are really needed right now so I can purchase them when I’m on my way … As a father of 4 I dont have much to give, but as a computer man and advocate for your cause there is much I can achieve … Is there a way I can donate some money for someone to hold a placard saying Wall St. Needs ethical review and requirements, we at the mercy of vulgar vandals … You are not alone. The whole world is watching and you have many many supporters out here. Wish I had a lot of money but I could only send a small donation as I am on social security fixed income. Thank for for speaking up for me and others like me … Please continue the fight for an ethical government … I dont have much, but can I send cash?… trying to sent you guys a few pizzas … Just ordered 20 sandwiches from Panini. I hope they get to you folks … I have some extra blankets. would they be useful for you guys? I live in Brooklyn… You guys need a Paypal or Dwolla account. I live in the UK (former Californian) and want to send you money… Im in Canada and our Harper govt is horribly corrupt and serves to perpetuate the needs of the wealthy above all others… Heres hoping my paltry $50 can make a difference … I just donated $10.00 as I am retired and I cant afford much… My mother and I just sent you a box of supplies! A bit of food, soap, blanket, earplugs, tea tree oil, and a bunch of other supplies… You are all amazing! I just ordered 7 pizzas and a case of water bottles for you… Will you accept homemade cookies? My mother wants to send you homemade cookies”

Albert Camus’s “The Plague”, 4

October 8, 2011

It’s the last part of our excerpts of The Plague, that is an allegorical story of our current world. Our excerpts are a very compact version of Albert Camus’s The Plague, and three parts have been published before, and here are the the last part :

The announcement that there had been 302 deaths in the third week of the plague did not stir the imagination . On the one hand, perhaps not all of them died of plague. And, on the other hand, no one in the town knew how many people died every week in ordinary times. The town had a population of two hundred thousand inhabitants. People had no idea if this proportion of deaths was normal … The fifth week produced 321 deaths and the sixth 345. These increases, at least, were convincing -but not enough for the townspeople, for all their anxiety, to abandon entirely the impression that it was merely an incident, annoying of course, but none the less temporary. So they went on walking around the streets and sitting on the cafe terraces. On the whole, they were not cowardly, joking with each other more often than bewailing their fate, and pretending to accept with good humor discomforts that would clearly not last. Appearances were saved. Yet around the end of the month, more or less during the week of prayer that is mentioned below, more serious transformations altered the face of the town. First of all the Prefect took steps to deal with traffic and supplies. Supplies were limited and petrol rationed. Measures were even taken to save electricity. Only essential goods would be brought by road or air to Oran. As a result, traffic decreased progressively until it almost disappeared altogether, some shops selling luxury goods shut down overnight and others hung ‘sold out’ notices in their windows, while queues of customers formed in front of their doors. So Oran took on an unusual appearance. The number of pedestrians rose and, at slack times, many people, who had been reduced to inactivity by the closing of shops and some offices, filled the streets and cafes … Of course the cinemas took advantage of this general holiday and did good business … Then, at the end of this same month, the ecclesiastical authorities of the town decided to wage war on the plague by their own means, by organizing a week of collective prayer… Whether this sermon had any effect on our townspeople is hard to say… Shortly after the sermon the warm weather began. It was approaching the end of June … The newspapers published decrees repeating the prohibition against going out and threatening the disobedient with prison. Patrols scoured the town … What is true of the ills of this world is also true of the plague. It may serve to make some people great. However, when you see the suffering and pain that it brings, you have to be mad, blind or a coward to resign yourself to the plague … The evil in the world comes almost always from ignorance, and goodwill can cause as much damage as ill-will if it is not enlightened. People are more often good than bad, though in fact that is not the question. But they are more or less ignorant and this is what one calls vice or virtue, the most appalling vice being the ignorance that thinks it knows everything and which consequently authorizes itself to kill … A lot of new moralists appeared in the town at this moment, saying that nothing was any use and that we should go down on our knees … And what precisely remains to be told before we come to the height of the plague, while the pestilence was gathering all its strength for an assault on the town, so that it could take hold of it for good, are the long, desperate, monotonous efforts that a few individuals like Rambert made to rediscover happiness and to preserve from the plague that part of themselves that they defended against all assault. This was their way of resisting the threat of slavery, and even though this resistance was evidently not as effective as the other, the narrator’s opinion is that it had its own logic and, in its very futility and contradictions, also bore witness to the element of pride in each of us at the time. Rambert struggled to prevent the plague from taking him. When it had been proved to him that he could not leave the town by legal means, he decided, as he told Rieux, to try the other sort … Rieux said: “You’re right, Rambert, quite right … But I have to tell you this: this whole thing is not about heroism. It’s about decency. It may seem a ridiculous idea, but the only way to fight the plague is with decency.’ ‘What is decency?’ Rambert asked, suddenly serious. ‘In general, I can’t say, but in my case I know that it consists in doing my job ‘, Dr. Rieux said. ‘I don’t know what my job is. Perhaps I really am wrong to choose love.’ Rieux stood in front of him. ‘No!’ he said emphatically. ‘You are not wrong.’ … Very early the next morning, Rambert telephoned the doctor: ‘Would you agree to let me work with you until I find the means to get out of town?’ There was a silence on the end of the line, then: ‘Yes, Rambert. Thank you’.

So, week in, week out, the prisoners of the plague struggled along as best they could. As we have seen, a few, like Rambert, even managed to imagine that they were acting as free men and that they could still choose. But in reality one could say, at that moment, in the middle of August, that the plague had covered everything. There were no longer any individual destinies, but a collective history that was the plague, and feelings shared by all . The greatest of these were feelings of separation and exile, with all that that involved of fear and rebellion. This is why the narrator feels it appropriate, at this high point of heat and sickness, to describe the general situation and, for the sake of examples, the violence of our living fellow-citizens, the burials of the dead and the suffering of parted lovers … It really is necessary to speak about burials, and the narrator apologizes for the fact … How can you avoid burials when the day comes when someone you love has need of one? Well, the main feature of our ceremonies at the start was speed! All the formalities were simplified and in general funerary pomp and circumstance were discarded … In time of plague, everything was sacrificed to efficiency. Moreover, while at the start the morale of the people was affected by such practices – because the desire to be decently buried is more widespread than you might think – luckily, after a short while, there was an urgent problem of food supplies and the attention of the inhabitants turned towards more immediate concerns … When the epidemic levelled out after August, the accumulated number of victims was far greater than the capacity of our little cemetery … The bodies were hastily thrown into pits … The narrator is perfectly well aware how unfortunate it is that he cannot here describe something truly spectacular, for example some reassuring hero or an impressive action, similar to those that one finds in old stories. The trouble is, there is nothing less spectacular than a pestilence and, if only because they last so long, great misfortunes are monotonous. In the memory of those who have lived through them, the dreadful days of the plague do not seem like vast flames, cruel and magnificent, but rather like an endless trampling that flattened everything in its path … Did our fellow-citizens, at least those who suffered the most from this separation, ever get used to the situation? … At the start of the plague they remembered the person whom they had lost very well and they were sorry to be without them … then they had memory but not enough imagination.And at the second stage of the plague the memory also went … No one among us experienced any great feelings any more, but everyone had banal feelings. ‘It’s time it ended,’ they said, because, in a period of pestilence, it is normal to wish for the end of collective suffering and because they really did want it to end. But the words were spoken without the anger or bitterness of the early days, and only with the few arguments that still remained clear to us, which were feeble ones. The great, fierce surge of feeling of the first weeks had given way to a dejection … The townspeople had adapted, they had come to heel, as people say, because that was all they could do. Naturally, they still had an attitude of misfortune and suffering, but they did not feel its sting … The truth must be told: the plague had taken away from all of them the power of love or even of friendship, for love demands some future, and for us there was only the here and now … But what did they look like, these separated people, you ask. Well, the answer is simple: like nothing. Or, if you prefer, they looked like everyone, part of the general scene … During the months of September and October the plague kept the town bent beneath it. As it was a case of marking time, many hundreds of thousands of people were still kicking their heels for endless weeks. Mist, heat and rain followed one another in the sky … Rieux and his friends now discovered how tired they were. Indeed, the members of the health teams could no longer overcome their tiredness. Dr Rieux noticed it when he observed the steady growth of a strange indifference in himself and in his friends … Discovering, seeing, describing, noting and then condemning – that was Dr. Rieux’s task. Wives would seize him by the wrist and scream: ‘Doctor, give him life!’ But he was not there to give life, he was there to order isolation. What use then was the hatred that he could read on people’s faces? ‘You have no heart,’ someone once told him … But the most dangerous effect of the exhaustion that gradually overtook all those who carried on this struggle against the affliction was not this indifference to outside events and the feelings of others, but the neglect to which they gave way. They tended at this time to avoid any gesture that was not absolutely necessary or which seemed to them to tax their strength too much. As a result, these men came increasingly to neglect the very rules of hygiene that they had drawn up, to overlook some of the various disinfecting procedures that they ought to apply to themselves; they would sometimes hurry to see patients suffering from pulmonary plague without taking the necessary precautions … This is where the real danger lay, because it was the very struggle against the plague that made them more vulnerable to the plague; in short, they were gambling on chance and chance is on nobody’s side.

Poor families consequently found themselves in a very difficult situation, while the rich lacked for practically nothing. Because of the efficient impartiality which it brought to its administrations, the plague should have worked for greater equality among our fellow-citizens through the normal interplay of egoism, but in fact it heightened the feeling of injustice in the hearts of men. Of course, no one could fault the equality of death, but it was not one that anybody wanted. … Naturally, the newspapers followed the order that they had been given, to be optimistic at any cost. Reading them you would think that the main characteristic of the situation was ‘the moving example of calm and courage’ shown by the people. But in a town shut in on itself, where nothing could remain secret, no one had any illusions about the ‘example’ given by the population . And, to get a correct notion of the calm and courage in question, one had only to go into a place of quarantine or one of the isolation camps that the authorities had set up … In his notebooks, Tarrou describes a visit that he made with Rambert to the camp situated in the municipal stadium … The stands were full of people, and the field was covered with several hundred red tents inside which one could see, from a distance, bedding and bundles … these are forgotten people and they know it. Their acquaintances have forgotten them because they are thinking about other things, and that is quite understandable. As for those who love them, they have also forgotten them because they must be exhausting themselves in appeals and schemes to get them out. The more they think about getting them out, the less they think about the person to be got out. That, too, is normal. And when it comes down to it, you realize that no one is really capable of thinking of anyone else, even in the worst misfortune. … There were several other camps of the same kind in the town … Rieux and Tarrou found Grand half-seated in his bed, and Dr. Rieux was horrified to see on his face the progress of the disease that was eating him up … After injecting the serum, Rieux told his friend that Grand would not survive the night and Tarrou offered to stay. The doctor accepted. Throughout the night Rieux was haunted by the idea that Grand was dying. Yet the following morning he found him sitting up in bed talking to Tarrou. His temperature was normal. He showed only the usual symptoms of complete exhaustion … By the evening Grand could be considered saved. Rieux could not understand this resurrection … The general statistics showed a decline in the disease … “Although this sudden decline in the disease was unexpected, the townspeople were in no hurry to celebrate. The preceding months, though they had increased the desire for liberation, had also taught them prudence and accustomed them to count less and less on a rapid end to the epidemic. However, this new development was the subject of every conversation and, in the depths of people’s hearts, there was a great, unadmitted hope. All else was secondary … And, in truth, the plague did not end in a few days … In reality, it was hard to decide whether this was a victory or not. All one could do was to observe that the sickness seemed to be going as it had arrived. The strategy being used against it had not changed; it had been ineffective yesterday, and now it was apparently successful. One merely had the feeling that the disease had exhausted itself, or perhaps that it was retiring after achieving all its objectives. In a sense, its role was completed … The population lived in this secret turmoil until January 25. In that week the figures fell so low that, after consulting the medical commission, the Prefecture announced that the epidemic could be considered under control … the gates of the town would remain closed for two more weeks and sanitary measures continued for a month … The gates of the town finally opened, at dawn one fine February morning, and the event was hailed by the people, the newspapers, the radio … They were dancing on every square. Traffic had increased considerably from one day to the next and the cars, of which there were now many more, had difficulty driving along the packed streets. The bells of the town pealed out continually throughout the afternoon, filling the blue and gold sky with their vibrations. In the churches, they were holding services of thanksgiving. But at the same time places of pleasure were full to bursting and the cafes were handing out their last supplies of spirits, with no thought to the future … the plague bacillus never dies or vanishes entirely, that it can remain dormant for dozens of years in furniture or clothing, that it waits patiently in bedrooms, cellars, trunks, handkerchiefs and old papers, and that perhaps the day will come when, for the instruction or misfortune of mankind, the plague will rouse its rats and send them to die in some well-contented city

Steve Jobs, American Dream, and Wall Street

October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011, died in California at age 56, on October 5, 2011, seven years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Steve Jobs was very rich. Forbes estimated his net wealth at $8.3 billion in 2010, making him the 42nd wealthiest American. In September 2011, Jobs was ranked No.17 on Forbes: The World’s Most Powerful People. In these days, the mass media talk about Jobs and his life. But despite the media hype, some say: “Jobs was a Napoleon”. A former colleague, once said that Jobs “would have made an excellent king of France
” ! And Fortune once wrote that he was “considered one of Silicon Valley’s leading egomaniacs”. In fact, Jobs had many fans, and many critics. Many love him, and many hate him. Many thought he is a great man, and many thought he and Bill Gates have become evil forces. Steve Jobs did not have only one face, and even his pictures show this fact ! Jobs was a successful salesman with many dreadful mistakes (moral, commercial, etc), but he also was a co-inventor in dozens US patents related to a range of technologies from actual computer and portable devices to user interfaces (including touch-based), speakers, keyboards, etc. And we should not forget that Steven Paul (Steve Jobs), was an orphan adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View, California in February 1955 . In fact, Steven Paul (Steve Jobs), lived the American dream and finally reached the Wall Street ! It can be important for “Occupy Wall Street” protesters.


Steve Jobs, that his pictures show him as gangster, businessman, evil man, ordinary man, man of science, pioneer, etc, was born in San Francisco. He was adopted after being born to Abdulfattah John Jandali, a Syrian man, and graduate student Joanne Schieble. The couple were not married at the time and keeping him would have been deemed shameful by their communities. Jobs was brought up by Paul and Clara Jobs (In the recent years, Jandali, a casino boss, said he wanted to meet his son but Jobs thought he was after money). After school, Jobs attended lectures at the Hewlett-Packard electronics firm in Palo Alto, California. There he was hired as a summer employee. Another employee at Hewlett-Packard was Stephen Wozniak a recent dropout from the University of California at Berkeley. An engineering whiz with a passion for inventing electronic gadgets, Wozniak was an electronics hacker that was perfecting his “blue box,” an illegal pocket-size telephone attachment that would allow the user to make free
long-distance calls. Jobs helped Wozniak sell a number of the devices to customers. Following high school graduation in 1972, Jobs enrolled at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Although he dropped out after only one semester, he continued auditing classes at Reed, while sleeping on the floor in friends’ rooms, returning Coke bottles for food money, and getting weekly free meals at the local Hare Krishna temple. In the fall of 1974, He took a job as a technician at Atari, a manufacturer of popular video games. Jobs then traveled to India, in search of spiritual enlightenment. At that time, he was a drug addict. He came back a Buddhist with his head shaved and wearing traditional Indian clothing. And in 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and others founded Apple.


Wozniak and Jobs designed the Apple I computer in Jobs’s bedroom and they built the prototype in the Jobs’ garage. Jobs showed the machine to a local electronics equipment retailer, who ordered twenty-five. Jobs received marketing advice from a friend, who was a retired CEO from Intel, and he helped them with marketing strategies for selling their new product. Jobs and Wozniak put together their first computer, called the Apple I. They marketed it in 1976 at a price of $666. The Apple I was the first single-board computer with built-in video interface, and on-board ROM, which told the machine how to load other programs from an external source. In the late 1970s, Jobs and Wozniak, and others -designed, developed, and marketed one of the first commercially successful lines of personal computers, the Apple II series. Jobs encouraged independent programmers to invent applications for Apple II. The result was a library of some 16,000 software programs. Over the past seven years of Apple’s creation, Jobs had created a strong productive company with a growth curve like a straight line North with no serious competitors. From 1978 to 1983, its compound growth rate was over 150% a year. Jobs in 1981 introduced the Apple III, that was a total failure. Then they designed the Macintosh to compete with the PC. Some say: ” the Macintosh introduced in 1984 !! Orwell knew Big Brother and Steve Jobs very well !!”. After losing a power struggle with the board of directors in 1985, Jobs resigned from Apple and founded NeXT. In fact, Jobs had become a Wall Street’s man.


Yesterday, Richard Stallman wrote: “Steve Jobs, the pioneer of the computer as a jail made cool, designed to sever fools from their freedom, has died. As Chicago Mayor Harold Washington said of the corrupt former Mayor Daley, “I’m not glad he’s dead, but I’m glad he’s gone .” Nobody deserves to have to die –not Jobs, not Mr. Bill, not even people guilty of bigger evils than theirs. But we all deserve the end of Jobs’ malign influence on people’s computing. Unfortunately, that influence continues despite his absence. We can only hope his successors, as they attempt to carry on his legacy, will be less effective”. But some said: “Great man, great ideas, who made himself from nothing”, while some added: “And again he became nothing; nothing except a greedy businessman, a greedy man of Wall Street”. BusinessWeek magazine once had written that “Jobs isn’t widely known for his association with philanthropic causes”, compared to Bill Gates’ efforts. After resuming control of Apple in 1997, Jobs eliminated all corporate philanthropy programs. Some also added: “Jobs’s drive for perfection often lead him to be ignorant to other people’s ideas. One ex-employee recalls how Jobs was demanding that, on principle, he would often reject anyone’s work the first time it was shown to him. To cope with this unreasonableness, workers deliberately presented their worst work first [!!], saving their best for a subsequent presentation, when it could have a better chance of satisfying the boss’s expectations [!]” In fact, at that time Jobs seemed more like a Big Brother !


After leaving Apple, Jobs founded NeXT Computer in 1985 with $7 million. A year later, Jobs was running out of money, and with no product on the horizon, he appealed for venture capital. Eventually, he attracted the attention of billionaire Ross Perot who invested heavily in the company. In 1986, Jobs acquired the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm Ltd, which was spun off as Pixar Animation Studios. He remained CEO and majority shareholder at 50.1 percent until its acquisition by The Walt Disney Company in 2006. Consequently Jobs became Disney’s largest individual shareholder at 7 percent and a member of Disney’s Board of Directors. NeXT workstations were first released in 1990, priced at $9,999. In 1996, Apple announced that it would buy NeXT for $429 million. The deal was finalized in late 1996, bringing Jobs back to the company he had co-founded, and he served as its CEO from 1997 until August 2011. Jobs was an ambitious businessman. In 1983, Steve Jobs lured John Sculley away from Pepsi-Cola to serve as Apple’s CEO, asking, “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?” It fact, the men of Wall Street are not like each other. Some of them are more stupid and sell sugar or salt water for the rest of their life, but some of them are less stupid and more dangerous and sell Big Brother’s tools like iPhone to change the world and realize the Orwellian nightmares.


In mid-2004, Jobs announced to his employees that he had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his pancreas. In April 2009, Jobs underwent a liver transplant at Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute in Memphis, Tennessee. Jobs had a wife, Laurene, to whom he was married for 20 years, three children (form her), Reed (born 1991), Erin (born 1995), and Eve (born 1998); and a fourth child, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, from a previous relationship. Jobs was unique, like many other humans. He had his own strong and weak points, like other humans. He had his own great mistakes, like many others. He lived the American dream, but unfortunately, he was like many others who lived the American dream, and gradually became the evil forces, the evil men of Wall Street. It’s a good question, if we ask : ‘If the majority of those who live the American dream, finally reach the Wall Street, then it’s ‘American nightmare’, not ‘American dream’, isn’t it ?!!’ In these days, it’s not bad that ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests think about this matter, i.e. about American dream and Wall Street. There are many interesting questions like how the ordinary men can become the evil men of Wall street, or how an ordinary man can become a Big Brother. Jobs was a very successful salesman, but what the mass media say about him (or Bill Gates), is really media hype. The younger generations can learn from his strong points, but they should avoid from his dreadful weak points that can make them new evil men, new Big Brothers.

Syria, the UN, and the West

October 6, 2011

In the recent days, the stupid Russia and China vetoed the toothless UN resolution against the Bastard Assad regime. “After seven months of near complete inaction in the Council, while at least 2,700 people were being killed, and thousands injured, arrested or tortured, this vote is a disgrace. By casting their veto, Russia and China are enabling the Syrian government’s abhorrent repression campaign,” said the UN director for Human Rights Watch. It’s true. It’s really shameful. The veto right belongs to the stupid world of 1910s or 1930s, not 2010s. Managing the world with the law of the jungle is really unacceptable in the 21st century. The UN is too stupid and too weak. The world needs a new democratic and global council that really supports peace, freedom, and democracy in all around the world, and strongly condemns and fights against the tyranny and the savage tyrants in all around the world. Now, Syrians are really angry at both the UN and the West. Russia and China are evil powers and no one expect them anything. But the West has remained silent and inactive for more than seven months, and it’s not acceptable at all. “The majority of protesters against Bastard Assad regime remain committed to peaceful means, but over the past few weeks there has been a discernible shift to armed resistance. A Syrian says: “The West isn’t helping us so we have no choice. What would you do? . I need to protect my family, my home and my land. I’m not just going to sit in my house and wait to be killed”. Patience for peaceful protest has expired after at least 2,700 civilians have died since Syrians first joined the uprisings of the Arab Spring. “They are coming into people’s houses and raping our sisters and daughters. If anyone comes near my family, I would not hesitate to pull the pin on this grenade. Thousands of people have died here and still we wait for help. It seems that Syrian blood is cheap ,” he adds, expressing the group’s dismay at the international community’s failure to intervene. “This is a regime built on force. And it can’t be brought down but with force. We lived under it for 40 years”, he adds.”


The media also reported: “The city of Rastan last week endured five days of sustained fighting between the Bastard Assad thugs and and the people. Bastard Assad troops were yesterday continuing house-to-house arrests that have detained more than 3,000 people in three days. “Many army members including soldiers and officers were executed after they refused to shoot at civilians or tried to defect. The Bastard Assad thugs used hundreds of tanks and rocket launchers in its war to invade the town. I saw the tanks and rocket lanchers with my own eyes, they were positioned at the eastern part of Rastan. Even military fighters were used in this battle”, an eyewitness said. The situation in Syria is really tragic. Now Syrians are angry and frustrated. “There’s no way out of this except to fight,” said an activist from Homs. “For the people of Homs the international community are not with us and we know that for sure. Russia and China will continue to protect Assad and as long as that happens, he will hunt us down.” The poor Syrians, like Iranians in 2009 and 2011, are really alone, and after seven months massacre, no one care about them. It’s really shameful. After the shameful veto, Susan Rice, the US ambassador at the UN, said: “This is about whether this council, during a time of sweeping change in the Middle East, will stand with peaceful protestors crying out for freedom -or with a regime of thugs with guns that tramples human dignity and human rights. That is a cheap ruse by those who would rather sell arms to the Syrian regime than stand with the Syrian people”. But we do not forget that in 2009, Susan Rice and other stupid members of Obama administration, did not do anything at the UN for supporting the poor Iranians. They did not stand with peaceful protestors crying out for freedom and democracy in Iran, and instead they stood with the Mullahs and the Mullah regime, a regime of thugs with guns that tramples human dignity and human rights. Shame on the UN and the western politicians; And Shame on the stupid lefts and their leader Noam Chomsky, who defend the savage dictators, especially the Mullahs and Bastard Assad.

The Mullahs and The BBC

October 6, 2011

In the recent days, Iranians laugh at a new ridiculous fake war between the Mullahs and the UK (the BBC). The stupid BBC Persian, that is a pro-Mullahs media and no wise guy has any doubt about this matter, has aired a documentary movie about Khamenei’s life. This shitty documentary movie just repeated some shitty unimportant and well-known facts about Khamenei, but it emphasized that “Khamenei is very smart ! and Khamenei has a big brain ! and Khamenei is very scary !” After this shitty worthless movie, the Mullahs arrested some journalist and film makers who have worked with the BBC in Iran. The BBC Persian’s stupid manager, Saba, said: “This documentary movie is not a special thing. We have not changed our policy [we still support the Mullahs and Khamenei !]. What the movie says is what all people know [!!] We have told the Mullahs that we have not changed our policy [!!]”. The BBC, especially the BBC Persian that Iranians call it ‘The Ayatollah BBC’ , was one of the main pro-Mullahs media in 2009, and at that time the BBC showed its true color and shocked the Iranian youths. What the BBC did in 2009, was really beyond hypocrisy, and was really unbelievable for many young Iranians who had not seen the true color of the BBC. Now many young Iranians believe: “There is no doubt that the BBC’s main goal in 2009 was ‘Keeping the Mullah regime safe’. Now, we know that the Ayatollah BBC is the real friend of the Mullahs and the Mullah regime”.


Yesterday, Peter Horrocks, the head of global news at BBC said: “Recent direct actions against the BBC by Iran cannot be ignored [!] We are seeing the levels of intimidation and bullying as well as attempts to interfere with our independence reaching new levels [!!!] – particularly since a documentary about the supreme leader was aired. Many of our Iranian employees who live in London are fearful to return to their country [!!]. But now Iranian police and officials have been arresting, questioning and intimidating the relatives of BBC staff. We believe that the relatives and friends of around 10 BBC staff have been treated this way. The relatives have been told to tell the BBC staff to stop appearing on air, to return to Iran, or to secretly provide information on the BBC to the Iranian authorities . Six independent documentary makers whose films have appeared on BBC Persian TV have also been arrested in Iran. Although these film-makers have never been employed or commissioned by the BBC, they are paying the price for an indirect connection to the BBC“. It’s a funny confession, and can show why some believe that some BBC staff work for the Mullahs, and the name of these poor stupid film makers was given to the Mullahs by BBC staff. And that’s why many believe that the Iranians activists should not work with the BBC and other pro-Mullahs mass media. The love story of the Mullahs and the UK is very amazing. The headquarter of Khamenei’s TV, Press TV, is in London, and since 2007, Khamenei’s TV has a very large building and many staff in London. The Khamenei’s TV, Press TV, officially works in London without any problem and any restriction, and laughs at all those stupid people and the stupid lefts who think the Mullahs and the British Mullah Makers are enemy of each other.

National Interests or Animal Interests ?

October 5, 2011

In this year, 2011, that is the year of revolutions and uprisings in the whole world, many try to look at the world through the ancient glasses. Many, especially some stupid Iranians and westerners, say: “The world powers work for their own national interests and they have right to exploit other countries, or betray the human values, or tell big lies and pretend ignorance, or support the dictators and the dictatorship in other countries, etc because what they do are in their own national interests. We should not protest against them or expect them, for example, to protest against unplugging the internet in Iran, or to stop selling the suppressive tools and technologies to the Mullahs, or to stop accepting the Mullahs and the dirty embezzled money in their countries, or to stop making secret deals with the killers and rapists in Iran, Syria, and other countries, because they work for their own national interests; And supporting the savage Mullahs and other tyrants, or remaining silent, are in their national interests“. It’s one of the stupidest logic that the stupid or ignorant people use it in the 21st century to justify the shameful animal behaviors. If this stupid logic was used in 18th century, when many used the same logic for justifying the slavery or the colonialism, it was a bit understandable, because at that time the human society was very stupid and reactionary, and had much more similarities with the animal society. But now, in 2010s, we can not use the slaveholders’ logic . 2010s is not like 1910s or 1810s. In the past centuries, we have had a special kind of evolution in the human society, that can be called “Cultural Evolution”, and it’s the progress of human consciousness and intellectual-emotional growth, the evolution of human conscience, the evolution of human values, the evolution of science and technology, etc. The cultural evolution has created a more civilized human society in 21st century, and now, compared to the past centuries, the human life has less similarities with the animal life. Now, you can not justify the brutality, the violence, the exploitation, the injustice, the charlatanism, the animal behaviors, the hypocrisy, the double standards, etc in the name of national or personal Interests.

The law of the jungle is the idea that people should only look after themselves and not care about other people if they want to succeed. It’s the law of the jungle and the law of the animal life that you should f-u-c-k other people if you want to succeed. It’s shortsightedness, that is the main problem of the animals . But in 21st century, many humans are not like animals, because of the cultural evolution. If the humans wanted to continue to use the national or personal interests to justify the animal behaviors, now we would still have the slavery in the world. The personal interests or national interests are a very good excuse for justifying the slavery, the feudalism, the colonialism, etc . It was in slaveholder’s personal interests to exploit the poor black slaves . And the countries that exploited the slaves and the African states, thought that these animal acts were in their national interests. But this sort of personal or national interests are animal interests. They are short-term interests that create horrible disasters. The animal interests are just useful for the animal life, that has no human meaning or no civilization. In the past centuries, the Europeans called the American or African aboriginals “Savage” or “Barbarian”, because those aboriginals were not like the modern human, and their life was much more like the animal life. In fact, the Europeans thought or pretended that those aboriginals lived an animal life, and had more animal instincts than them, and had less human conscience or human values. Of course, those ignorant Europeans were savage, too. Because like animals and other “savage” humans, they used the law of the jungle and the animal instincts to wage war against the aboriginals, for killing and exploiting them. The animals commit many animal crimes, and it’s in their personal interests or their national interests (group’s interests). The animals kill each other, eat each other, rape each other, exploit each other, etc. For animals, the justice or the injustice, exploitation or equality, right or wrong, truth or lie, value or principle, conscience or far-sightedness, etc are totally meaningless . The animals are very narrow-minded and short-sighted, and do almost all things for their own short-term personal interests. The majority of humans in the past centuries were like the animals. But now we know that being a civilized human is very important, and living like animals is very dangerous for us.


Now, there are too many reasons for explaining the importance of being a civilized human and the dangerous of being animal. In 150,000 to 10,000 years ago, our ancestors lived an animal life. For example, they waged war against each other for food and s-e-x; or the males fought over a female, like the animals. In fact, they were very narrow-minded and short-sighted, and long-term benefits or interests were meaningless for them. But they did not have any atomic bombs or weapons of mass destruction. And the number of the people that they could kill, or the death and destruction that they could create, was very limited . But now, if the humans wanted to remain animal, they could destroy the whole world and the whole animate beings. In the past centuries and millennia, the humans did not have serious biological evolution, but instead they had cultural evolution that is much more important than the biological evolution . The human beings tried to see the long-term benefits or interests; They tried to find ways for being more happy and more successful. They tried to have civilization. They tried to have science, documented knowledge, progress, development, etc for solving their countless horrible problems in the wild nature. They tried to avoid meaningless animal wars, and instead tried to collaborate with each other to build a more stable basis for more development and solving more problems. And in this way, they gradually became a civilized human. They learned that they can be more successful, if they try to work together and have a well-ordered society. They learned that they can be more happy if they try to help or love each other, instead of killing or hating each other. They learned that they can be more happy and more successful, if they have justice instead of injustice, freedom instead of suffocation, knowledge instead of ignorance, democracy instead of tyranny, science instead of illusion, tolerance instead of bigotry, collaboration instead of exploitation, global community instead of colonialism, etc . All of these human progresses and human values are human legacies and part of our human civilization, that are quite distinct from the animal instincts and animal values. Of course, the cultural evolution has not been printed in our genes, and it’s a big problem. I hope the humans will find a way for solving this problem in the future. If we want to have a stable progress and development -that even the horrible natural, cosmic, or human disasters can not change it- we should solve this problem.

The human mind can understand the importance of the cultural evolution, and the distinctions between the human life and the animal life. Some say: “we should try to be realistic about human nature and idealistic about the necessity for the exercise of conscience in the marketplace”. They say “human nature”, but they mean “animal nature”. They think our animal nature is very powerful, and the biological evolution is much more important than cultural evolution. Of course, the biological evolution and the animal instincts are very strong, but we should not underestimate the power of the human mind and the cultural evolution. The human brain and the human mind are very powerful. The human mind that is the main source of the cultural evolution, can meet almost all basic human needs. The human mind can overcome all animal instincts and can make us a unique creature. The human mind can learn us that we can enjoy science or arts more than war or fight. It’s the power of human mind that we can enjoy science, knowledge, or intellectual activities much more than food, procreation, s-e-x, or other animal instincts . It’s the power of human mind that we can think about the universe, its laws, its origin or our origin, and many other basic and interesting questions. It’s the power of human mind that we could abolish the slavery, the feudalism, the colonialism, the women’s rights violations, the monarchy, the systematical discriminations, etc. It’s the power of human mind that we could have public education for all people, not just for the rich . And now in 21st century, many think that we can use the power of the human mind to have a justice global society and a justice world without any border or any discrimination; or to have democracy for all people; or to have freedom and human rights for all people; or to have serious global collaboration for building a better world . We can use the human mind to see our long-term interests, our happiness and our success in more stable and more enjoyable way, as a single global community. The animal instincts direct animals and those who live like animals. The human cultural evolution has adjusted our animal instincts in a way that we can not use the animal interests to justify supporting the tyranny or the savage tyrants in the 21st century. You can not defend the tyranny and the savage tyrants, and then call yourself “Human” or “Civilized Human”. It’s impossible. Those who call animal interests ‘national or personal interests’, and try to use it as an excuse to justify the western or eastern hypocrisy, are animal, not human. They are like the people who lived in 150,000 years ago, when the humans lived like animals .

Canada, Mullahs, and Serious Questions

October 2, 2011

In these days, many Iranians don’t feel good. In fact, if you want to not close your eyes, and if you want to not be like the charlatans, and if you want to live a human life, not an animal life, you can not feel good at all. The current news about unplugging internet, the world’s silence, the love story of the Mullahs and Canada, etc are really shitty and unbelievable. The western hypocrisy is really tragic. Yesterday, the Globe and Mail had a very weak and very bad report about the Mullah embezzler who has fled to Canada , but they revealed: “Iranian-Canadian [!] Mahmoud Reza Khavari, the chairman of the board and managing director of Irans largest bank, the state-owned Bank Melli [National Bank of Iran] is reported to be in the Toronto area -where a $3million home is owned in his name. Property records show a Toronto home thats registered in Khavaris name not far from newspaper magnate Conrad Blacks mansion in Torontos affluent Bridle Path neighborhood. The Suncrest Drive property was bought for $2,925,000 on July 30, 2007. When The Globe and Mail approached the house Friday, a woman at the property would not answer any questions“. In 2007, Iranians had to wait 4 to 8 years in the long stupid queue for immigration to Canada, and could not transfer even $100 to Canada, and all of these shameful things were due to the stupid western sanctions against the Mullah regime. But at the same time, the Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers could get their immigration visa very easily, and could transfer millions and billions of the embezzled money to Canada. Can you believe this ? It’s really beyond hypocrisy. The stupid Globe and Mail added: “Officials in Canada are not speaking to the case. But the Canadian government has no extradition treaty with Iran, nor can it legally extradite individuals to countries that are likely to torture prisoners or impose death-penalty sentences “. It’s really shameful. Now many Iranians ask: “Canada treat the ordinary Iranians like animals, but they can grant immigration visa to the Mullahs, the Mullah families and the embezzlers, and can accept their dirty and black money, and of course they can not extradite the Mullahs and the thieves to Iran !!, is it a joke or what ?! Is Canada a safe house for the Mullahs and the thieves? What you call this ? hypocrisy or beyond any possible hypocrisy? ” The Globe and Mail also published a photo of the $3-million home of the Mullah embezzler in Toronto. Now, many Iranians who asked: “Where is our oil money?” can have an answer : “Part of it, is in Canada. The Mullahs have bought big houses and big businesses there, by our money”.


The stupid Globe and Mail also added: “It not uncommon for Irans elite [!!!] to have dual citizenship [but it’s illegal in Iran !] or close relatives living in the West. It’s really shameful that they call the Mullahs ‘Iran’s elite’ . The Mullahs, the thieves, and the embezzlers are not ‘elite’ or ‘Irans elite‘; maybe these jerks are “Canada’s elite” -who knows?- but it’s really shameful. The stupid Globe and Mail should ask or answer why the Mullahs and the Mullah families can go to Canada and live there, and why the ordinary Iranians should be the main victim of the stupid sanctions against Iran . The world should ask why the ordinary Iranians can not transfer $100 to Canada, but the Mullahs can transfer $3,000,000, and can buy big houses there. We, all, should ask why should the ordinary Iranians wait 4 to 8 years in the long stupid queue for immigration, but the Mullahs can get their immigration visa very easily and the Mullah families can go there and invest the dirty stolen money there. Isn’t it a clear sing of a fake war between the fake enemies? The stupid western politicians pretend that their stupid sanctions are against the Mullahs not the people. But isn’t it a big lie ? Who are the main victim of the stupid western sanctions, the Mullahs or the ordinary Iranians who are the victim of the Mullah brutality? When they call the Mullahs and the Mullah thieves/rapists ‘Iran’s elite’ and make love with the Mullahs, isn’t it a sign of dreadful corruption in Canada? An Iranian in Canada says: “Here, when you want to transfer $10,000+, it should be reported to a federal agency. If you hide it, it has a very serious outcome. It’s for preventing the money laundry. So, we can ask serious questions about the money that the Mullahs have stolen form Iran and transferred it to Canada. How can the corrupt Mullahs transfer millions or billions dollar in Canada ?” It’s so obvious that these stolen money, are the people money. Now many Iranians ask: “Why do the Canadian authorities allow the Mullahs to go to Canada and invest the stolen money there? Are their stupid sanctions against the ordinary Iranians or against the savage Mullahs? What’s the use of these stupid sanctions, when the Mullahs can go to Canada and invest the stolen money there? Is it the true meaning of ‘Rule of Law’ in Canada ? Do they only want to torture the ordinary Iranians? Do they only want to steal Iran’s money? or Do they want to make fool of themselves and the rest of the world, or what ? ” All of these questions are very important. The open-minded Canadians and the wise Iranians in Canada, who are not jerk and Khayemal (ass-kisser) like the majority of the stupid
Iranian-Canadians, should seriously protest against this great hypocrisy, corruption, and double standard.


Yesterday, the Mullah media reported: “The son of Khavari [the Mullah Embezzler] is “Ardavan Khavari” (above picture, left), who has established a big travel agency in Canada by the stolen money.” In fact, according to the Mullah media, “Ardavan Khavari”, son of the bitch, like his bastard father that was the head of the largest bank of the Middle East and Africa that the Mullahs call it “‘the largest Islamic Bank” !!, and like the Mullah Economics Minister, Hosseini who is a stupid wrestler !! and also a relative of Khavari ! (below picture), is a stupid illiterate jerk and a big thief who has invested the stolen money in a big travel agency, “Jerry Caplan Travel”. This Mullah travel agency has at least 8 branches (with different names) in different countries, including the UK and I-s-r-a-e-l !! Now many Iranians say: “It’s the true meaning of the fake and phony war between the Mullahs, the West, and the Zionists”. It’s really true. The Mullah embezzler, Khavari and his family, including son of the bitch, “Ardavan Khavari”, have Canadian citizenship, like many other Mullahs and Mullah families who live in Canada and have Canadian citizenship. These Islamist bastards stole Iranians’ money from Iran and invest it in Canada. They kill, rape, and torture Iranians, and then go to Canada and make love with the hypocrite Canadian politicians. Can the world accept this level of hypocrisy and charlatanism? Can the world accept that the hypocrite Canadian politicians impose dreadful sanctions on Iran, but not on the Mullahs and the Islamists, but on the poor ordinary Iranians who are the main victim of the savage Mullahs ? Why should Iranians pay the high price of the fake war between the fake enemies, i.e. between the Mullahs and the west ? Why can the Mullahs and their families go to Canada, the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, etc, and live there, but the ordinary Iranians can not get visa of the western countries, because of the stupid sanctions ? Why Iranians can not transfer even $100 to the west, but the Mullahs can easily transfer billions of the dirty stolen money there ?? These questions are very important. As we said before, many of the Mullahs and the Mullah families live in Canada and the UK. Even some members of Khamenei family live in Canada. And even, Khamenei’s wife and children go to the UK regularly !! Also, thousands of high rank Mullahs and high rank members of the Mullah Gestapo (Sepah or IRGC) and their families live in Canada, the US and the UK, but the world has closed its eyes and says nothing, why? really why ?! You should think about it.


Yesterday, a few Iranians in Canada started to write about this great scandal and hypocrisy, of course with extreme caution ! But it’s not enough. All free and open-minded Canadians and Iranian-Canadians in Canada and all around the world, should protest against this great hypocrisy and charlatanism. They should ask why the Mullahs and the Mullah families can go and live in Canada? They should protest against the Canadian authorities who have accepted the Mullahs, their families, and their stolen money in Canada. They should try to find the Mullahs and the Mullah families in Canada and try to deport them to Iran, i.e. the heaven that they have created for the poor Iranians, but they themselves flee from it . The Mullahs call Iran ‘the Islamic heaven’ !! and call the west ‘the anti-Islamic hell’, but these bastards run away from their own heaven and go to hell !! The Mullahs and the Islamists in Iran have not any right to leave Iran, and live in the west. They must live in Iran, in the dreadful conditions that they have created for us. Iranians have not any kind of basic freedom in Iran under the Mullah regime, for example the right of choosing their clothes !, the right of living their own life! or the right of having access to the internet ! Now, these bastards have started to unplug internet in Iran. The poor Iranians are raped, killed and tortured for Hijab, for asking a simple question, or for protesting, and their basic human rights are denied by the Mullahs, but the Mullahs and their families try to escape form this hell that they have created for others !! . Is this acceptable? Iranians know that some members of Rafsanjani family, Larijani family, Mesbah Yazdi family, Nategh Nouri family, and many other high rank Mullah thieves live in Canada and invest the stolen money there. But all of them must be deported to Iran. Is this acceptable that the Mullahs and their families go to the west and the poor Iranians live like a prisoner in the hell that the Mullahs hare created for Iranians ? Is this level of hypocrisy, corruption, and charlatanism is acceptable for the world, and the people who live in 21st century? It’s really the greatest possible hypocrisy in the human history (and of course, a very clear sign of the Islamists’ bankruptcy).


The stupid Canadian authorities should answer to many questions. They should answer: why they accept the Mullahs and the Mullah families? Why they accept the money that the Mullahs have stolen from Iran ? Why they impose their stupid sanctions on the poor ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs and the Islamists and are the main victim of the Mullahs ? What’s the use of these stupid sanctions when they grant immigration visa or any kind of visa to the Mullahs and their families, and when the Mullahs can invest the embezzled money there? The hypocrisy of the Canadian authorities are really unbelievable. Now, some Iranians say: “The Canadian Embassy in Iran treats Iranians like animals. Iranians should wait in the stupid queues in the street and can not go inside the embassy building ! Iranians should pay their immigration application fee in Canadian Dollar, but the Canadian Embassy does not accept cash, while they know that Iran are under stupid sanctions and the Iranian bank can not transfer money to Canada, and there is no foreign bank in Iran. So, some Iranians go to Dubai or Syria for paying $500 !! That means, for example the people in the UK, go to Italy for paying a $500 fee ! And of course, a stupid black market has been created in Iran, and you should pay 800$ to the smugglers and they pay $500 for you to the Canadian banks !! Some say the Canadian Embassy in Iran, is part of the black market, but we are not sure about it. But there is no doubt that the Canadian Embassy knows the problem of Iranian applicants, but they don’t care, and do nothing for solving the problems. The Canadian Embassy in Tehran has not any facility for Iranian applicants. Iranians should go to Syria ! (a small country with 20 million population; Iran is 75 million) for any phase of the long process of immigration to Canada, a process that takes 4 to 8 years to finish !! And in the recent months, when Syria is unsafe, Canadians have suspended everything, don’t answer any questions and have not any alternative solution for Iranians ! Before 2005, for some years, the Canadian Embassy in Tehran accepted ‘pay in cash’, and have some other facilities for Iranians, like ‘interview in Tehran’, but in the recent years, they just humiliate Iranians, and make love with the Mullahs.” It’s really shameful. It’s really beyond hypocrisy. If you try to put yourself in the place of Iranians, you can understand the depth of the tragedy, and the depth of Iranians’ anger .


Iranians know that all Mullahs, without any exception, did not have anything in 1979. At that time they were so poor and even could not buy a used car for themselves, but now they have multimillion dollar home and multibillion dollar business in Iran and the west. There is no doubt that the money that the Mullahs invest in Canada, the UK, and other western countries, is a dirty money that they have stolen from Iran. It’s the oil money, the people money that the corrupt Mullahs have stolen from Iranians. The two Mullah bankers and their boss, Mr. shit, are only part of the corrupt Mullah system, but their story is informative. The resume of Mahmoud Reza Khavari, the head of Melli Bank and the Mullah thief who has fled to Canada, and the resume of Mohammad Jahromi, the head of Saderat Bank that is Mr shits’ close friend, are very interesting. The media reported: “Khavari was member of the Board of Directors in Tehran Stock Exchange, the ex-head of Bank Sepah, member of the Board of Directors in Bank of Industry and Mine, and Chairman of the Board in Companies such as: Sepah Investment Company, Bank Melli Iran Investment Company, Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Company, Gole Gohar Iron ore Compan, Sepah Brokerage, etc.” But this Mullah thug, like many other high rank Mullahs, could get his immigration visa from Canada, and invested the stolen money there. Mohammad Jahromi’s story is more interesting. “Jahromi, that calls himself ‘Dr. Seyed Mohammad Jahromi’, is a big charlatan and a big thief. His PhD degree is a fake one. In fact, he even has not a high school diploma !! His real name is not Mohammad, but it’s “Ali-Naghi” ! And he is not a Seyed, too !! In fact, after the Islamic revolution he invented the title ‘Seyed’ (a religious title that is inherited from father) for himself ! Jahromi is a real charlatan and spends a lot of money for covering his crimes. Jahromi has found “The Secret of Survival” in the Islamic regime. He found that “in the Islamic regime, you should pay the bosses’ share and then you can steal everything“. Jahromi, is Nategh Nouri’s son-in-low, and Nategh Nouri is a close friend of Khamenei and the head of Khamenei’s investigation office !! After the Islamic revolution, when Jahromi was 19, he was appointed as the governor of Amol, Zanjan, Semnan, Fars, Lorstan, etc. Nategh Nouri helped him a lot, and he became a member of Mullah Mafia in 1980s. Many called him “Mr. Smuggler“, because he smuggled the valuable antiques and many parts of our cultural and national heritage in Shiraz (Persepolis) out of Iran. And in this way, Jahromi that was a poor peasant before the Islamic revolution, became a trillionaire after the revolution. In 2005, he became one of the main aides of Mr. shit. His plan for granting loans to the small businesses, was one of main resource of huge embezzlements and one of the main causes of the 50% inflation rate in Iran”, the media reported. And in this way Mr. shit, Jahromi, Khavari, and all other Islamist bastards fucked and destroyed all parts of Iran and Iran’s economic in less than 6 years.


“The 30,000 billion Rials that they have stolen, is just part of Jahromi and Mr. shit’s embezzlements after 2005. Jahromi and Mr. shit destroyed Iran’s economy, and now the ordinary Iranians should pay the price of the Mullah corruptions. The subsidiary cuts plan is a direct result of these corruptions. In the past years, about $400 billion of $600 billion national earnings have lost. In fact, the Mullahs have stolen them. Mr shit reduced the interest rate to 6%, while the inflation rate was 36% !! And in this way, the people who had saved their money in the banks lost the value of their money, and the Mullahs who got big loans from the banks became billionaire or trillionaire ! (Mr. shit’s friends have got more than 100,000 billion Rials loans form the banks in the recent years !) It was Jahromi and Mr. shit’s plan, and they called it ‘Islamic Banking’ What the Mullahs, including Jahromi and Mr. shit, have done in the past 30 years should be called “The Islamic Robbery” that is the greatest possible robbery of the human history. The Mullahs are the greatest possible crooks in the world”, the media added. It’s really shameful that the west, and especially Canada, the US, the UK, France, and Germany work and make love with the Islamist crooks who are killer and rapist and suppress the ordinary Iranians. Now, it has become very clear that the stupid western sanctions, are just a clear sign of hypocrisy and charlatanism. The stupid western politicians make love with the Mullahs, and impose sanctions on the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs and are the main victim of the Mullahs’ brutality. It’s really beyond hypocrisy. You should live in Iran to understand our dreadful situation here. When you live in Iran as an ordinary Iranian, not as a Mullah or Islamist, you can not buy anything form the outside world; you can not transfer money to the outside world. You can not work with any international bank; you can not get visa from the western countries; you can not leave Iran and should live here like a prisoner; you can not have access to many tools, many facilities, many services, many software, many books, etc, and when you ask Why? your answer is: ‘because the western politicians have imposed sanctions on Iran’. But the Mullahs and their families can have all of these banned things. Isn’t it the biggest possible joke in the human history ? Of course, part of this great joke is funnier. The stupid lefts and some one like Noam Chomsky think that the west are the enemy of the Mullahs and the Islamic regime !!

Albert Camus’s “The Plague”, 3

October 1, 2011

It’s the third part of our excerpts of The Plague, that is an allegorical story of our current world. Our excerpts are a very compact version of Albert Camus’s The Plague, and will be published in four parts. The first and second parts have been published before, and here are the third part :

“The following day, as a result of what was considered excessive insistence, Rieux persuaded the Prefect’s office to appoint a health commission … Richard announced that in his opinion they should not give way to panic: all they could say for certain was that it was an infection with inguinal complications; and it was dangerous to jump to conclusions. Old Castel announced that he knew very well it was plague, but that, of course, if they were to acknowledge the fact officially, they would have to take stern measures. He knew that, underneath, this was what held his colleagues back and as a result, not to upset them, he was quite willing to state that it was not plague… Richard emphasized that this meant they should not rush to judgment and that they would at least have to wait for the statistical result of the series of analyses, which had begun a few days earlier …Richard felt that they should not paint too black a picture, and that in any case there was no proof of contagion since the relatives of his patients were still unaffected …‘If we don’t acknowledge it,’ said Rieux, ‘it still threatens to kill half the population of the town’. Richard interrupted nervously … Rieux asked: “Was Dr Richard prepared to take responsibility for stating that the epidemic would stop without strict preventive health measures?” Richard hesitated and looked at Rieux. ‘Sincerely, tell me what you think: are you certain that this is plague?’ ‘You’re asking the wrong question. It is not a matter of vocabulary, but a matter of time’ … The day after the conference, it even entered the newspapers, but under a harmless guise, since they merely made a few allusions to it . On the day after that Rieux could read some little white posters that they had rapidly had stuck up in the least obtrusive corners of the town. From this poster it was hard to reach the conclusion that the authorities were confronting the situation. The measures were far from draconian and it appeared that a good deal had been done to avoid upsetting public opinion.The preamble to the decree announced that a few cases of a pernicious fever had been detected in the commune of Oran, though it was not yet possible to say whether or not it was contagious. These cases were not specific enough to be really disturbing and there was no doubt that the population would remain calm … The day before, around ten patients had died in the town … ‘People are talking about an epidemic. Is it true, doctor?’, the patient asked. ‘People are always talking, that’s normal,’ Rieux said. ‘You’re right. And when a dozen people die, they’ll say it’s the end of the world. It’s just what we don’t need‘ … Up to then, sick people had made it easy for him, they had come halfway to meet him. Now, for the first time, the doctor felt that they were reticent, retreating into the depths of their illness with a kind of suspicious astonishment. This was a struggle to which he had not yet become accustomed … ‘So doctor, is it cholera?’ “Where did you get that idea?’ ‘In the paper. The radio says the same thing.’ ‘No, it’s not cholera. ‘In any case,’ the old man said, in a state of great excitement, ‘they’re exaggerating, aren’t they, those bigwigs?’ ‘Don’t believe any of it,’ said the doctor.… However, in four days the infection took four surprising leaps: 16 dead, then 24, 28 and 32. On the fourth day they announced the opening of the auxiliary hospital in an infants’ school … Rieux decided to phone the Prefect. ‘What we are doing is not enough.’ ‘I have the figures,’ the Prefect said. ‘They certainly are disturbing.’ ‘They are more than disturbing, they are quite unequivocal.’ ‘I’m going to ask for instructions from the State government.’ Rieux hung up, ‘Instructions! What he needs is imagination’ … In the evenings the same crowd filled the streets and queues extended outside the cinemas. The epidemic seemed to be declining and for a few days they counted only ten or so deaths. Then, suddenly, it shot up. On the day when the death-toll once more reached thirty , Rieux looked at the official telegram which the Prefect had held out to him, saying: ‘They’re scared.’ The telegram read: “‘DECLARE A STATE OF PLAGUE STOP CLOSE THE TOWN'”

“From that point on, it could be said that the plague became the affair of us all. Up to then, despite the surprise and anxiety that these unusual events had brought us, everyone had gone on with his business, as well as he could, in the usual place. And that no doubt would continue. But, once the gates were closed, they all noticed that they were in the same boat, including the narrator himself, and that they had to adjust to the fact. This is how, for example, a quite individual feeling such as being separated from a loved one suddenly became, in the very first weeks, the feeling of a whole people and, together with fear, the greatest agony of that long period of exile … One of the most remarkable consequences of the closing of the gates was, indeed, a sudden separation of people who were not prepared for it. Mothers and children, wives, husbands and lovers, who had imagined a few days earlier that they were embarking on a temporary separation, who had embraced on the platform of the station with some pieces of last-minute advice, sure that they would see one another a few days or a few weeks later, deeply entrenched in their idiotic human faith in the future , this parting causing barely a pause in the course of their everyday concerns, found themselves abruptly and irremediably divided, prevented from meeting or communicating with one another, because the gates were closed some hours before the decree was published and, of course, it was impossible to consider individual cases … Even the faint satisfaction of writing letters was denied us. On the one hand, the town was no longer linked to the rest of the country by the usual means of communication, and on the other, a new decree forbade the exchange of any correspondence, to prevent letters from transmitting the infection … Intercity telephone calls, permitted at first, caused such overcrowding in public phone booths and on the lines that they were entirely stopped for a few days, then strictly limited to what were described as urgent cases … Very soon, those who were prisoners of the plague realized the danger to which they were exposing their loved ones and resigned themselves to enduring separation. At the worst point in the epidemic, we saw only one case where human feelings proved stronger than the fear of a horrible death. This was not, as you might imagine, a case of two young lovers induced to put love before suffering … In reality, we suffered doubly: from our own suffering first and then from what we imagined to be that of the absent loved one, whether son, spouse or lover … Thus, the first thing that the plague brought to our fellow-citizens was exile … At that moment, the collapse of the people’s morale, their will power and their patience was so abrupt that they felt they would never be able to climb back out of their hole. Consequently, they forced themselves never to think of the end of their suffering, never again to look towards the future and always, as it were, to keep their eyes lowered. But naturally this caution, this way of deceiving one’s pain and dropping one’s guard to refuse to fight, was ill-rewarded. At the same time as avoiding the collapse that they wished to avert at any price, they also deprived themselves of those moments, actually quite frequent, when they might have forgotten the plague by imagining their coming reunion with the ones they loved. Though this was exile, in most cases it was exile at home. And though the narrator only suffered an ordinary exile, he should not forget those, like the journalist Rambert and others, whose situation was different, and for whom the pain of separation was amplified by the fact that, being travelers surprised by the plague in the town, they were separated not only from the person to whom they could not return, but from their homes as well … Finally, in these extremes of loneliness, no one could hope for help from his neighbor and everyone remained alone with his anxieties… At the very moment when the inhabitants of the town started to panic, their thoughts were entirely concerned with the person for whom they were waiting. The egotism of love protected them in the midst of the general distress and, if they did think about the plague, it was always and only to the extent that it risked making their separation eternal … Their despair saved them from panic, so there was some good in their misfortune. For example, if it happened that one of them did succumb to the disease, it was almost always before he became aware of it. Dragged away from the long dialogue that he was holding inside himself with a shadow, he would then be cast forthwith into the still deeper silence of the earth. He had no time for anything. Despite these unusual scenes, the townspeople apparently found it hard to understand what was happening to them. There were those shared feelings, like separation or fear, but people also went on giving priority to their personal concerns. No one yet had really accepted the idea of the disease . Most were chiefly affected by whatever upset their habits or touched on their interests. They were annoyed or irritated by them, and these are not feelings with which to fight the plague”

Urgent Action: about Unplugging Internet in Iran

September 30, 2011

The world has closed its eyes, and our tragic conditions in Iran become worse and worse. In these days, many Iranians say: “We don’t know we should laugh at our situation, or we should cry”. The situation is so tragic-comic and so unbelievable. As we said before, the Iranian activists and the ordinary internet users have a very dreadful conditions in Iran , but in the recent days, these dreadful conditions have become worse. In fact, the internet speed in Iran has become very very slow, and the Mullahs, by using the western suppressive technologies that the hypocrite western countries have sold to them, try to f-u-c-k the internet in Iran. In fact, they have started to unplug the internet in Iran, in a gradual process . Many can not believe this giant ridiculous tragedy, simply because it’s too big to believe it’s true !! “They really want to unplug the internet; but the world has closed its eyes and says nothing; it’s unreal, it’s a bad dream, isn’t it?”, many Iranians say. In these days, many Iranians are angry, shocked, or depressed. Many are really angry at the hypocrite western politicians who are the main supporter of their fake enemy, i.e. the Mullahs. Iranians are angry at the stupid Iranian expats, too . Many truly believe that the Iranian stupid bastards who live outside Iran and do nothing about the dreadful conditions of Iranians inside Iran, are really jerk. As we said before, we and many others are disappointed at Iranian expats, that the majority of them are reactionary and Khayemal (ass-kisser) people. The Iranian jerks and assholes who live outside Iran, not only will not do anything about improving the situation, but they only can worsen the situation and make new dreadful problems for us . But the world and public opinion should know about the true meaning of our tragedy in Iran, and the true meaning of the western politicians’ hypocrisy. They should know that the Mullahs with the help of their western supporters want to unplug the internet in Iran. They clearly declared it some months ago. . And now they try to implement their evil plan. The hypocrite western mass media and politicians have closed their eyes, and have shut their mouths and don’t say anything about this vital matter. But the world should not remain silent. The world and public opinion should not close their eyes. If a country can unplug the internet and f-u-c-k all internet connections for about 40 million internet users, and the world close its eyes without any reaction, then it will be the biggest possible tragedy in 21st century. It’s a dreadful plague that will pollute everywhere. The hypocrite western mass media and politicians have showed us that they are the main supporter of the Mullahs and the Mullah regime. But if the international community, the ordinary people and public opinion put enough pressure on these bastards, they would be forced to say something and do something about this vital matter .


As we said before, the Mullah regime is taking steps toward an aggressive new form of censorship: a so-called national Internet that could, in effect, disconnect Iranian cyberspace from the rest of the world . The Mullahs see the project as a way to end the fight for control of the Internet. As we said before, Iran is the most sophisticated nation in online censoring, and now the majority of VPN connections have become unsafe, and many of them connect to the machines that have invalid IP addresses: 10.x.x.x. . These Invalid IP addresses, that are address of local networks, are the address of the Mullah Surveillance Machines. Now, Iran has become like a big private company (a company with 40 million staff !!) and the internet in Iran has become like a local network of that giant company !! Its the first serious step in unplugging the internet in Iran and imposing dreadful restrictions and dreadful Orwellian surveillance on Iranian internet users . Yesterday, some ISPs blocked all VPN connections and many circumvention tools, that already have been unsafe or highly problematic. Our current situation in Iran is so dreadful; the internet speed is very very slow and many things are blocked. If one day you saw that our website did not have a new post, you should know that finally the internet has been unplugged and disconnected in Iran !. But before it’s too late, the world should do something about this horrible tragedy. The internet is the only way to relay the voices of the ordinary Iranians to the outside world. When the hypocrite western mass media, and the Iranian baboon’s websites distort the facts about Iran and Iranians, the internet is the only media for the voiceless ordinary Iranians. Iran has about 40 million internet users (of its 75 million population), and if the Mullahs can unplug the internet in Iran, and we don’t see any serious global reaction and international backlash, then you can be sure that the same thing will happen in other countries in the near future. Now, many Iranians say: “Wise and liberal people in the whole world, the corps of good guys, please do something about this serious global threat. If the Mullah regime can unplug the internet in Iran, and the world closes its eyes on this vital matter, then you should expect that one day your government block your internet, too. Have you forgotten the ridiculous plans after the Wikileaks scandal? Unplugging the internet in Iran in 21st century, is a very big global tragedy. Please do something about this vital matter, by writing about it, by contacting your mass media, etc. The mass media should pay enough attention to this vital matter, and the Mullahs should see the serious international reactions, and just after that they would retreat and stop their evil plan.

If the Mullahs can unplug the internet in Iran, and the world remains silent, it will be another dreadful “Plague” that threatens all people in all around the world. Don’t forget the tragedy and the plague of 1930s. In “The Plague”, Albert Camus said: “There have been as many plagues in the world as there have been wars, yet plagues and wars always find people equally unprepared. They were unprepared, as were the rest of the townspeople, and this is how one should understand his reluctance to believe . When plague breaks out people say: ‘It won’t last, it’s too stupid.’ And it’s certainly too stupid, but that doesn’t prevent it from lasting. The people tell themselves that it is unreal, that it is a bad dream which will end. But it does not always end and, from one bad dream to the next, it is people who end. Why should they have thought about the plague, which negates the future, negates journeys and debate? They considered themselves free and no one will ever be free as long as there is plague, pestilence and famine “.

Albert Camus’s “The Plague”, 2

September 30, 2011

It’s the second part of our excerpts of The Plague, that is an allegorical story of our current world. Our excerpts are a very compact version of Albert Camus’s The Plague, and will be published in four parts. The first part was published before, and here are the second part:

“The following day, April 30, an already warm breeze was blowing beneath a damp blue sky. It brought a scent of flowers from the most distant suburbs. The sounds of morning in the streets seemed livelier and merrier than usual … Even Rieux, reassured by a letter from his wife, went down to see the concierge in a light-hearted mood. And that morning, indeed, the man’s temperature had fallen to 38 degrees. Though weak, the patient was smiling in his bed … But at noon the patient’s temperature suddenly rose to 40 degrees, he was constantly delirious and vomiting again … Two hours later, in the ambulance, the doctor and the wife were leaning over the patient. Broken words emerged from his mouth … ‘The rats!’ he said. … His wife wept. ‘Is there no hope then, doctor?’ ‘He is dead,’ Rieux said … Our fellow-citizens, as they now realized, had never thought that our little town might be a place particularly chosen as one where rats die in the sun and concierges perish from peculiar illnesses . From this point of view, indeed, they were mistaken and discovered that they had to adjust their ideas. If it had all stopped there, old habits would no doubt have regained the upper hand. But others of our fellow-citizens, who were not concierges or poor people, were to follow Michel down that same path. This was where fear began -and with it, serious reflection … Here is what Tarrou has to say about the business of the rats: ‘In town, a tram was stopped today because they found a dead rat on it; no one knew where it came from. Two or three women got off. The rat was thrown out and the tram drove away … Dr Rieux knew what was up. Once the concierge’s body had been put in isolation, he telephoned Richard to ask him about these inguinal infections. ‘I don’t understand it,’ Richard replied. ‘Two deaths, one in forty-eight hours, the other in three days. I left the second of these one morning giving every appearance of being on the mend’. … He asked Richard, the president of the Association of Doctors in Oran, if new patients could be isolated … He answered “No”. Everything stuck to one’s hands as the day went on and Rieux felt a growing sense of foreboding with every visit he made. That same day, on the outskirts of the town, one of the old man’s neighbors, delirious, pressed his groin and started to vomit … The press, which had had so much to say about the business of the rats, fell silent. This is because rats die in the street and people in their bedrooms; and newspapers are only concerned with the street … In barely a few days the number of fatal cases multiplied, and it was clear to those who were concerned with this curious illness that they were dealing with a real epidemic… The word ‘plague’ had just been spoken for the first time … Pestilence is in fact very common, but we find it hard to believe in a pestilence when it descends upon us. There have been as many plagues in the world as there have been wars, yet plagues and wars always find people equally unprepared. Dr Rieux was unprepared, as were the rest of the townspeople, and this is how one should understand his reluctance to believe. One should also understand that he was divided between anxiety and confidence. When war breaks out people say: ‘It won’t last, it’s too stupid.’ And war is certainly too stupid, but that doesn’t prevent it from lasting. Stupidity always carries doggedly on, as people would notice if they were not always thinking about themselves . In this respect, the citizens of Oran were like the rest of the world, they thought about themselves; in other words, they were humanists: they did not believe in pestilence. A pestilence does not have human dimensions, so people tell themselves that it is unreal, that it is a bad dream which will end. But it does not always end and, from one bad dream to the next, it is people who end, humanists first of all because they have not prepared themselves . The people of our town were no more guilty than anyone else, they merely forgot to be modest and thought that everything was still possible for them , which implied that pestilence was impossible. They continued with business, with making arrangements for travel and holding opinions. Why should they have thought about the plague, which negates the future, negates journeys and debate? They considered themselves free and no one will ever be free as long as there is plague, pestilence and famine .”

“Even after Dr Rieux had acknowledged to his friend that a handful of sick people in different places had unexpectedly died of plague, the danger seemed unreal to him… the doctor could barely feel the first stirrings of that slight nausea with regard to the future that is known as anxiety. He tried to put together in his mind what he knew about the disease. Figures drifted through his head and he thought that the thirty or so great plagues recorded in history had caused nearly a hundred million deaths. But what are a hundred million deaths? When one has fought a war, one hardly knows any more what a dead person is. And if a dead man has no significance unless one has seen him dead, a hundred million bodies spread through history are just a mist drifting through the
. The doctor recalled the plague of Constantinople which, according to Procopius, claimed ten thousand victims in one day. Ten thousand dead equals five times the audience in a large cinema. That’s what you should do. You should get all the people coming out of five cinemas, take them to a square in the town and make them die in a heap; then you would grasp it better . At least, one might put some known faces on this anonymous pile. But of course it would be impossible; apart from which, who knows ten thousand faces? In any event, people like Procopius were not able to count, as is well known. In Canton, seventy years ago, forty thousand rats died of plague before the pestilence affected the human inhabitants . But in 1871 they didn’t have any means of counting rats. The calculation was a matter of approximation, of more or less, with an obvious margin for error. It is true that the word ‘plague’ had been spoken, it is true that at that very moment the pestilence was tossing and beating down one or two victims. But that could end, couldn’t it? What he must do was to acknowledge clearly what had to be acknowledged, drive away all needless shadows and take whatever measures were required. After that, the plague would cease because plague was inconceivable, or because it was wrongly conceived. If it did stop, as was most likely, then all would be well. Otherwise, they would understand what it was and know if there was some means by which they might come to terms with it, so as eventually to overcome it. Dr Rieux had reached this point in his thoughts when Joseph Grand was announced … The doctor saw Grand come in with his neighbor Cottard. The civil servant was waving a sheet of paper. ‘The figures are rising, doctor,’ he announced. ‘Eleven deaths in forty-eight hours … at first sight Grand was nothing more than the minor clerk at the Hotel de Ville that he appeared to be. Tall and thin, he was swamped by his clothes, always choosing them too large under the mistaken impression that this would give him more wear out of them … If you add to this portrait his manner of walking like a young priest, his ability to hug the walls and slide through doorways, his odor of smoke and cellars, and every appearance of insignificance, you will agree that he could not be imagined anywhere except behind a desk … In one sense, you could say that his life was exemplary. He was one of those men, as rare among us as anywhere else, who always have the courage of their better feelings. Indeed, the little that he revealed of himself testified to goodness and attachments that people nowadays are afraid to admit. He did not blush to acknowledge that he loved his nephews and his sister … That evening, as Rieux watched the civil servant leave, he realized suddenly what Grand meant: he must surely be writing a book or something of that sort. This reassured Rieux all the way to the laboratory, where he did finally go. He knew that it was silly of him to feel like this, but he could not believe that the plague might really get a hold on a town where you could still find humble civil servants who devoted their free moments to honorable obsessions. More exactly, he could not imagine how such obsessions fitted into the context of the plague, and so concluded that, in practical terms, the plague had no future among the people of our town

Albert Camus’s “The Plague”, 1

September 23, 2011

Albert Camus (1913-1960) was a real intellect, and his “The Plague” is the story of our time. Camus was one of the wise guys in 1940s and 1950s. In 1957, he received the Nobel Prize for literature, but it’s not as important as Camus’s open mind. His attack on Stalinist Communism in “The Rebel” (1951) ended his friendship with (stupid) Sartre, who at that time still supported Stalin. . Albert Camus was not a lunatic left, like the other stupid western intellects of his time. Camus was briefly a member of the Communist Party, but very soon saw the depth of their stupidity. In 1940, he became involved in the Resistance movement against the occupying Nazis, and he began writing for the underground newspaper Combat in 1943. He also published his first major works. The Plague (1947) is one of them. ‘The Plague’ is Albert Camus’s most successful novel. It was published in 1947, when Camus was 33, and was an immediate triumph . Within a year it had been translated into nine languages. It has never been out of print and was established as a classic of world literature even before its author’s untimely death in a car accident in January 1960. The Plague is the book by which Camus is known to millions of readers. In “The Plague”, Camus wrote about the plague of his own time, i.e. “Nazism and Fascism” and its roots. The Plague is an allegorical story. The Plague is the story of our time in 2010s, too. As Camus said” The plague bacillus never dies or vanishes entirely; it can remain dormant for dozens of years in furniture or clothing; it waits patiently in bedrooms, cellars, trunks, handkerchiefs and old papers, and perhaps the day will come when, for the instruction or misfortune of mankind, the plague will rouse its rats and send them to die in some well-contented city .” Now let’s take a look at excerpts of “The Plague”, that is an allegorical story of our current world. Our excerpts are a very compact version of “The Plague”, and will be published in four parts. Here are the first part:

“Oran is an ordinary town … It has to be said that the town itself is ugly. Its appearance is calm and it takes some time to appreciate what makes it different from so many other trading ports all over the world … A convenient way of getting to know a town is to find out how people work there, how they love and how they die … That is to say that people are bored and that they make an effort to adopt certain habits. Our fellow-citizens work a good deal, but always in order to make money. They are especially interested in trade and first of all, as they say, they are engaged in doing business. Naturally, they also enjoy simple pleasures: they love women, the cinema and sea bathing . But they very sensibly keep these activities for Saturday evening and Sunday, while trying on other days of the week to earn a lot of money. In the evenings, when they leave their offices, they gather at a set time in cafes, they walk along the same boulevard or else they come out on their balconies. The desires of the youngest among them are short and violent, while the lives of their elders are limited to clubs for players of boules, dinners of friendly associations or groups where they bet heavily on the turn of a card … Something more distinctive about our town is how difficult it can be to die there. ‘Difficult’ is not actually the right word; it is more a question of discomfort. It is never pleasant being ill, but there are towns and countries which support you in sickness and where one can, as it were, let oneself go . A sick person needs tenderness, he quite naturally likes to lean on something. But in Oran, the extreme climate, the amount of business going on, the insignificance of the surroundings, the speed with which night falls and the quality of pleasure, all demand good health. A sick person is very lonely here … You will understand what could be disagreeable about death, even a modern one, when it happens in such a dry place. Even so this meager information may give a sufficient idea of our town. In any event, one should not exaggerate. It is important to stress the ordinariness of the town and its life. But one easily passes the time away when one has a routine. To the very extent that our town encourages routine, one might say that all is for the best. Admittedly, seen like that, life is not too exciting. At least disorder is unknown among us. And our people, open, likeable and energetic, have always elicited a fair degree of respect from travelers … By now, it will be easy to accept that nothing could lead the people of our town to expect the events that took place in the spring of that year and which, as we later understood, were like the forerunners of the series of grave happenings that this history intends to describe. To some people these facts will seem quite natural; to others, on the contrary, improbable. … On the morning of April 16, Dr Bernard Rieux emerged from his consulting-room and came across a dead rat in the middle of the landing. At the time he pushed the animal aside without paying attention to it and went down the stairs . But once he was in the street it occurred to him that the rat should not have been there and he turned back to inform the concierge. The concierge’s, Old Michel, reaction made him still more aware of the incongruity of his discovery. To him the presence of this dead rat had seemed merely odd, while for the concierge it was an outrage. In fact, the man was adamant: there were no rats in the house. However much the doctor assured him that there was one on the first-floor landing, probably dead, Michel’s conviction was firm. There were no rats in the house, so this one must have been brought in from outside. In short, it was a practical joke . That same evening Rieux was standing in the corridor of the building, looking for his keys before going up to his flat, when he saw a large rat emerge hesitantly from the dark depths of the corridor, its fur damp. The creature stopped, seemed to be trying to get its balance, stopped again, spun round and round with a faint cry and eventually fell, blood spurting from its half-open lips. The doctor looked at it for a moment, then went upstairs. “The next day, April 17, at 8 o’clock, the concierge stopped the doctor as he went past and accused some jokers of having put three dead rats in the middle of the corridor. They must have been caught with large traps because they were covered in blood. … Rieux was intrigued and decided to start his rounds in the outer districts where the poorest of his patients lived . Here the rubbish was collected much later in the dayand his car, driving along the straight, dusty roads of this area, brushed against boxes of rubbish lying on the edge of the pavement. In one street he drove down in this way the doctor counted a dozen rats, tipped out on the dirty rags and vegetable peelings … Rieux was soon to find that the whole district was talking about the rats .”

“When he had finished his visits he went home … The telegram was to tell Rieux that his mother was arriving the next day. She would be looking after her son’s house while his sick wife was away … Rambert came straight to the point. He was doing an investigation for a large Parisian newspaper about the living conditions of the Arabs and wanted information about their state of health. Dr. Rieux told him that their health was not good … The doctor told him that there was an intriguing report to be written about the number of dead rats that were turning up in the town at the moment. … The next morning, April 18, the doctor was bringing his mother home from the station and found Michel looking even more poorly: from the cellar to the attic, there were a dozen rats lying on the stairs. The dustbins in the neighboring houses were full of them. The doctor’s mother was not surprised when he told her. ‘Things like that happen.’ … Rieux phoned the district rodent control service, where he knew the director. Had he heard about these rats which were emerging in large numbers and dying in the open? Yes, he had been informed; they had even discovered more than fifty of them in his own offices, which were not far from the port … His cleaner had just told him that they had picked up several hundred dead rats in the large factory where her husband worked. In any event, it was around this time that our townspeople started to become concerned. Indeed, from the 18th onwards, factories and warehouses began to produce hundreds of bodies of dead rats … That was the day the evening papers picked up the matter, asking if the civic authorities intended to do something, or not, and what emergency measures had they planned to protect the public from this disgusting infestation. The authorities had not considered or planned anything at all, but started by holding a council meeting to discuss it. An order was given to the rodent control service to collect the dead rats every morning at dawn. When the collection was over, two of the service’s vans should take the animals to the waste incineration plant to have them burnt. Despite this, in the days that followed the situation got worse. The number of rodents picked up continued to increase and the harvest was greater morning by morning. After the fourth day the rats started to emerge in groups to die. They came up from basements and cubby-holes, cellars and drains, in long swaying lines; they staggered in the light, collapsed and died, right next to people. At night, in corridors and side-streets, one could clearly hear the tiny squeaks as they expired. In the morning, on the outskirts of town, you would find them stretched out in the gutter with a little floret of blood on their pointed muzzles, some blown up and rotting, others stiff, with their whiskers still standing up. In the town itself you found them in small heaps, on landings or in the courtyards of houses. They also came to die, one by one, in council offices, in schoolyards, sometimes on the terraces of cafes. Our fellow-citizens were amazed to come across them in the busiest parts of town . The parade-ground, the boulevards and the sea-front promenade were contaminated by them at intervals. Cleared of its dead animals at dawn, the town got them back through the day in increasing numbers. More than one person walking at night along the pavement would experience the feeling of the elastic bulk of a still fresh corpse under his feet … Things got to the point where Infodoc (the agency for information and documentation, ‘all you need to know on any subject’) announced in its free radio news program that 6,231 rats had been collected and burned in a single day, the 25th . This figure, which gave a clear meaning to the daily spectacle that everyone in town had in front of their eyes, disconcerted them even more. Up to then people had merely complained about a rather disgusting accident. Now they saw that there was something threatening in this phenomenon , the extent and origin of which was not yet clear to them … However, on April 28 Infodoc announced a collection of around eight thousand rats and anxiety reached its peak in the town. People called for radical measures, accusing the authorities of inaction, and some families who had seaside homes were already talking about escaping to them. But the following day the agency announced that the phenomenon had abruptly stopped and that the rodent control service had gathered only an insignificant number of dead rats. The town heaved a sigh of relief. Yet it was on that same day, at twelve, that Dr Rieux, pulling up in his car in front of his block of flats, saw the concierge at the end of the street, walking along painfully, his head bent forward, his arms and legs akimbo, like a puppet. … Rieux looked into the dark corners of the corridors and asked Grand, the civil servant, if the rats had entirely vanished from the area. Grand had no idea. Certainly people had spoken a good deal about the business, but he paid very little attention to rumors in the neighborhood …The vendors of the evening papers were shouting that the invasion of rats had ended

Obama’s Middle East Speech

May 19, 2011

Tonight Obama opened his mouth and bullshitted us again. What he does is the real meaning of Charlatanism, and what he says, like his Middle East speech is the real meaning of hypocrisy. Mr stupid Obama allowed Khamenei and Mullah Mafia to open a TV studio in Washington, for the first time after the Islamic revolution and then he pretends that he is Iranians’ friend. This unprecedented act is very meaningful for all wise people. Mr. stupid Obama makes secret deals with the Mullah Mafia in Washington, New York, Boston, Princeton, etc. But now he bullshits us again. Shame on you, Obama. Shame on your charlatanism, and your hypocrisy. Now Lets take a look at Obama’s Middle East speech (our comments come in parenthesis), he says: “I count on Hillary every day, and I believe that she will go down as of the finest Secretaries of State in our nation’s history (Obama is really stupid) … For six months, we have witnessed an extraordinary change take place in the Middle East and North Africa … Two leaders have stepped aside. More may follow (Of course you select how is the next, and you have exempted your real friend, Khamenei) … Sometimes, in the course of history, the actions of ordinary citizens spark movements for change because they speak to a longing for freedom that has built up for years (and they reach their goals, in spite of the fact that you are their enemy) … The story of this Revolution, and the ones that followed, should not have come as a surprise. … In too many countries, power has been concentrated in the hands of the few (and you supported and still support the few !). … But in a global economy based on knowledge and innovation, no development strategy can be based solely upon what comes out of the ground (but you badly need “what comes out of the ground” (oil) and supported this stupid strategy in ME). Nor can people reach their potential when you cannot start a business without paying a bribe (and you pay a bribe to all dictators). In the face of these challenges, too many leaders in the region tried to direct their people’s grievances elsewhere. The West was blamed as the source of all ills, a half century after the end of colonialism (The West are still are the source of many problems, especially in ME. The reason = what comes out of the ground” (oil))

Mr stupid Obama adds: “But the events of the past six months show us that strategies of repression and diversion won’t work anymore. Satellite television and the Internet provide a window into the wider world (Satellite television like your VOA or BBC, are you kidding ??!!) … For decades, the US has pursued a set of core interests in the region : countering terrorism and stopping the spread of nuclear weapons (don’t be stupid Mr. Charlatan, your core interests are: “oil”, supporting dictators, supporting Islamists, and not supporting human rights) … Moreover, failure to speak to the broader aspirations of ordinary people will only feed the suspicion that has festered for years that the US pursues our own interests at their expense (it’s a historical fact; it’s totally true). … The US opposes the use of violence and repression against the people of the region (oh, really? motherf-u-c-k-er you shut your fucking mouth in 2009 and wrote secret letter for Khamenei, when his dogs/thugs was killing and raping Iranians) … Our support for these principles is not a secondary interest (ha ha, Don’t be stupid Mr. Charlatan, we know you and Capitalism’s principles; Cats don’t catch mice for the sake of god !), today I am making it clear that it is a top priority that must be translated into concrete actions (ha ha) … But in Libya, we saw the prospect of imminent massacre, had a mandate for action, and heard the Libyan people’s call for help (But you did not hear the Iranian people’s call for help or the Syrian people’s call for help) … Most recently, the Syrian regime has chosen the path of murder and the mass arrests of its citizens (Like Mullah’s regime. Khamenei is Bastard Assad’s teacher). The US has condemned these actions (oh, really? please don’t bother yourself) … Thus far, Syria has followed its Iranian ally, seeking assistance from Tehran in the tactics of suppression (Shame on you, Charlatan. You know the truth, but shut your f-u-c-k-ing mouth). This speaks to the hypocrisy of the Iranian regime, which says it stand for the rights of protesters abroad, yet suppresses its people at home (and you support them, and allow them to have a TV studio in Washington, wrote secret letters to them, and make secret deals with them. Shame on you.). Let us remember that the first peaceful protests were in the streets of Tehran, where the government brutalized women and men (and you did not do anything for the poeple. Shame on you), and threw innocent people into jail. We still hear the chants echo from the rooftops of Tehran. The image of a young woman dying in the streets is still seared in our memory. And we will continue to insist that the Iranian people deserve their universal rights, and a government that does not smother their aspirations (Where is your words for Egypt: “must”, “immediately”, “urgent”. Shame on you, Mr. Charlatan) … Our opposition to Iran’s intolerance -as well as its illicit nuclear program, and its sponsorship of terror- is well known (ha ha, it’s very very well known, but only for the stupid lefts. Others open their eyes and will see “Your Apparent Paradox”, Mr stupid Charlatan.) … So in the months ahead, America must use all our influence to encourage reform in the region (to encourage reform in where you want) … If you take out oil exports, this region of over 400 million people exports roughly the same amount as Switzerland (you want them to be in this tragic conditions, “oil exports” is very important for you) … Prosperity also requires tearing down walls that stand in the way of progress; the corruption of elites who steal from their people; the red tape that stops an idea from becoming a business; the patronage that distributes wealth based on tribe or sect (please do something about these issues in the US, first)”

This political rhetoric only deceives the stupid people. Do we forget the stupid Obama’s reaction to Iranian protests, and Obama’s reaction to Egyptian protests When Iranians were in the streets, Mr Obama bullshitted us. We have experienced it in 2009, 2010, and 2011. In fact, the greatest paradox of the west is so clear and so apparent Who can deny it?

Iranians become Dumb outside Iran

May 19, 2011

In the recent days, the Islamist-Reformists, a.k.a. “Iranian Baboons”, have tried to defend their stupid leader, Khatami. They try to justify Khatami’s bullshits and calm the people. The majority of these stupid Iranians, have fled the country and now live in the EU or the US. They show us a very important neglected matter :”Iranians become Dumb outside Iran”. It’s not just Akbar Ganji that had become dumb outside Iran (Of course, in the recent weeks he has tries to write more acceptable articles.) The crap that Babak Dadd wrote about Khatami’s bullshits, is another evidence In fact, yesterday Iranians had to say: “Babak Dadd, Babak vaDadd !” (Babak was sodomized, Babak gave up”) The stupid Babak Dadd was a Khatami’s assistant. In fact, he wrote Khamati’s speeches in his eight year’s presidency. He and his brother were Islamist, and they were among the creators of the great tragedy, the Islamic revolution. Now the stupid Babak Dadd says: “Why the people attack Khatami? Mousavi and Karoubi are in jail, but the people don’t do anything for them … Do we deserve Mousavi and Karoubi? no, we don’t deserve these brave leaders !! … “. The stupid Babak Dadd is ultra-stupid like his friends, and all of them are so shameless. They are “Iranian Baboons”, the
Islamist-Reformists. As we said in an open letter to Mousavi, about 80 days ago, Mousavi’s friends and Iranian Baboons are the main responsible of discouraging the people. What they did was the real meaning of betraying the people’s hope, and betraying the people’s trust.

Now the stupid shameless Iranian Baboons have become creditors. But we should say to them: “Hey charlatans, you are debtor, not creditor. You betrayed the people. You owe the people a lot”. The stupid Babak Dad is really so shameless and did not deserve what he got last year, i.e. a political asylum in France. Ten thousands of the innocent boys and girls were killed, raped, jailed and tortured by Khamenei’s thugs/dogs, and the majority of them could not get a political asylum. Now many Iranian refugees are seeking political asylum in Turkey, and their conditions are really so tragic (some of then killed themselves) but Mr. stupid Babak Dadd got his political asylum very easily, and now lives in France with his son and daughter, and bullshits Iranians. Shame on you Babak Bouzineh, you are so shameless. What did you do for the people’s movement, except what you did for your own benefits? You and your stupid friends owe to Iranians a lot. You, the stupid Islamists, are not only the main responsible of creating the Islamic regime and creating the current f-u-c-k-ing conditions in Iran, but you are the main responsible of the death of Green Movement, that was a complete fiasco. You should seek forgiveness, and you should be very happy if the history forgive you, the idiot Islamists .

The majority of Iranian people are not as stupid as Iranian Baboons. They don’t want to be killed for saving the Islamic regime ! They don’t want to be killed for keeping the Islamic regime safe !! They are not stupid and what they did in the recent months was really meaningful. They said: “ The Green Movement died. Mousavi and Karoubi, who said that they want to save the Islamic regime, put an end to the Green Movement, and now they are not important for us “. The green movement died three months ago. Now the main problem of Iran is not the people or even the regime, the main problem of Iran is the stupid Iranian expats (stupid journalists and politicians). They are so stupid and so shameless. The Iranian’s urgent need is an Alternative. This alternative group should be the real voice of the people, the majority’s voice, and should organize the people.

It’s very comic-tragic that the majority of Iranians who leave Iran, become dumb and stupid outside Iran. It’s really shameful. But the new generation of Iranians, who have some young thinkers and activists that can be called “global citizen”, are not like their stupid parents. They were silent in the past years, but now they have started to write and talk. They are not as stupid as the older generation of Iranians, who were and are “Disaster-Maker”. They will change the Islamic regime, the Iranians’ image, and Iranians’ stupidity syndrome, inside and outside Iran .