Hypocrite West, Mullahs, and new Sanctions

February 1, 2012

Recently, the Bloomberg had a funny report about the new sanctions that Obama have imposed on Iranians: The Mullah Regime Profiting From Sanctions, U.S. Treasury Says . It’s really beyond hypocrisy. The Bloomberg’s reported that the stupid monkey Obama and his stupid administration know that the Mullah regime and the Sepah (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC]) profit from the US sanctions ‘on the back of the average Iranian’ as the nations currency plunges under pressure from US sanctions. The Bloomberg reported: “U.S. Treasury Undersecretary David Cohen said the gap between the two rates has provided an arbitrage opportunity exploited by officials and businesses affiliated with the IRGC, the military arm thats under sanctions for suspected nuclear weapons work. They are among regime elements able to obtain foreign currency at the favorable official exchange rate and sell it for a profit in exchange bureaus at the market rate, he told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in written testimony. ‘Ordinary Iranians are urgently seeking out foreign currency such as dollars or euros for safety, yet they are having trouble accessing hard currency, and when they can, they have to pay the unofficial market rate,’ said Cohen. ‘At the same time, senior government officials and preferred businesses, including IRGC-owned and controlled operations, are able to access foreign exchange at the official rate, essentially engaging in profitable arbitrage on the back of the average Iranian,’ according to Cohen. The market value of the Rial has been dropping for months. The official rial-to-dollar rate was 11,030 on Dec. 21, while the market rate at currency bureaus soared to 15,300 the same day [now, it’s about 20,000]. The 39 percent gap last week was the widest in about 20 years and it underscores that Iranians dont trust finance officials to stabilize the economy. Clearly sanctions are hurting the economy, but are the sanctions putting pressure on the key institutions they are intended to pressure, or could it be making the government more powerful relative to the population than it was before? … In every single profitable industry in Iran, you see the IRGC. They are becoming more and more corrupt every day. The wrong people are benefiting, while ordinary Iranians suffer inflation … Anyone with preferential access to cheaper dollars ‘will try to make profit out of this,’ Scott Lucas, an Iran specialist at the University of Birmingham in England, said in an interview”. It’s clearly show that the American and British officials are not ignorant. They know the truth. They are hypocrite bastards. David Cohen is a hypocrite motherf-u-c-k-er monkey. Do you know what his words mean? You can ask yourself : “when the American monkeys know that they just torture the ordinary Iranians, not the Mullahs, why they impose sanctions on the ordinary Iranians who are anti-Mullahs and
anti-Islamists?” It’s a very important question. And its answer is exactly like the answer of the following question: “Why the stupid monkey Obama and other American monkeys refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009 and 2011, and instead aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians?”


What the US Treasury Undersecretary David Cohen says only proves that the American monkeys want to torture the ordinary Iranians, not the Mullahs. In fact, they want to make their Mullah friends happy (by aiding them in profiting more). It can also help the stupid monkey Obama to be elected again. These bastards thought that their dirty game is a win-win game for both the savage Mullahs and the Western monkeys. In fact, the hypocrite western bastards exactly know what they do: “They help their Mullah friends, and torture the ordinary Iranians, and finally win some big concessions, and then both the savage Mullahs and the western monkeys are happy”. You can ask yourself: “Who profit from the sanctions and who suffer from the sanctions? And what’s the aim of the sanctions?” The answer of this question show you how the hypocrite west help their Mullah friends. And the Bloomberg’s report give you the answer. In fact, the answer is very clear. In the recent days, many Iranians asked: “Why the Mullahs tried to show that the US sanctions are working? Why they sent green signal for Obama and his team that the sanctions are working and the Iran economy has serious problems, while they should say the exact opposite?” It’s a serious question, and that’s why Keyhan, the Mullah Pravda, could not remain silent. They said: “Does Mr shit (Ahmadinejad) work for USA? (Is Mr. shit a CIA agent?” As funny Iranians say: “digeh gandesh badjoori daroomadeh”. Now, many Iranians think more about what happened in 2009. As we said before, in 2009 the American Baboons and CIA agents supported the Mullahs and Mr. shit . You can ask yourself : “Why CIA agents should support Mr. shit?” In fact, what Keyhan wrote in the last week, was the result of questions that many people asked themselves: “Why the Mullahs are happy about the new sanctions? Why they try to create more economic anarchy? Why they try to say that the economic situation is so horrible? Why they try to help Obama?” Some funny Iranians say: “In the near future, Keyhan and the Mullah media would report: ‘Ahmadijenad is a CIA agent, and Khamenei is a MI6 agent ! And the 2009 coup was a American-British-backed coup against the people. And the Basiji thugs who killed and raped the people were British agents!'” It seems like joke, but you should think about it. As we said before, the American Baboons and the ex-CIA agents supported Mr. shit in 2009. And as we said before, the IMF really loves Mr shit and praises him a lot (check Archive). It’s really important. You can ask: “Why the US officials, specially the stupid Monkey (Obama), the IMF, and the CIA agents love Mr. shit?” The answer of this question is the answer of the following question: “Why the US and the West refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009-2011, and instead supported Mr. shit and the Mullahs, and aided them in killing Iranians?”


As we said before, Liam Fox, the UK defense secretary met with the Mullah Mafia some days before the 2009 coup . Do you know what it means? As we said before, Wikileaks revealed that a high rank Mullah and a high rank member of Sepah (IRGC), who live in London !, asked the British and American officials to refused to help the Iranians and their movement in 2009 . Do you know what it means? As we said before, the Western companies sold the suppression tools and the surveillance tools to the Mullahs in 2009 and 2010, when the Mullahs were killing the Iranians in the streets (check Archive). Do you know what it means? I think even the stupidest people know what it means. But if you are a typical ignorant westerner, you should check our archive before any judgment and asking any stupid question about what you read here. You should know that the mass media brainwash you, and you can’t see the truth. In Iran, when even Keyhan asks: “Does Mr. shit work for the US?”, it clearly shows that even the stupidest Iranians know the truth. It’s funny to know that some hours after Keyhan’s article, Mr. shit that had refused to sign a new interest rate bill, finally signed it. It was very important. Since 2006, Mr shit insisted on decreasing the interest rate. He fucked the Iran’s economy. The widespread corruption, and the largest embezzlements in Iran’s history is the result of what he did. Mr. shit and his friends embezzled more than $48 billion only form the banks, while the ordinary people couldn’t save their money in the banks, because of Mr shit’s economic miracles. Mr. shit had decreased the interest rate from 18% to %6, while he had increased the inflation rate from 15% to 50%. It really was the greatest economic miracle in Iran’s history. It created the largest embezzlements in Iran’s history, and the greatest corruptions in Iran’s history. But he still refused to sign a new interest rate bill. And that’s why some funny Iranians say: “In the near future, Keyhan would report: Ahmadijenad is a CIA agent, and Khamenei is a MI6 agent !” As we said before, the main plan of the stupid monkey Obama is clear. The stupid monkey Obama, who is friend of the Mullahs and enemy of Iranians, want to be elected again, and the Mullahs try to aid their dear friend in the 2012 election . But can they succeed? It’s not clear. Their current dirty game, is a very risky game. Both sides know it. Public opinion and what they do is very important. They can change everything. They can force the western monkeys to change their plans. In fact, as funny Iranians say: “Yeho didi varagh bargasht” (it’s a game of chance; you can lose it, while you think you are winning). The Mullahs can be the victim of the current dirty game. The Mullahs are eager to give big concessions. They are not as stupid as Gaddafi. They are old friends of the hypocrite west. The Iran-Contra scandal in 1980s was like “the Apparent Paradox” in 2009 and 2011 (check Archive), but the Mullahs know that this time many people are aware of the truth, and this risky dirty game can become their last dirty game with the hypocrite west. They know that the hypocrite west sells its friends very easily. In fact, the hypocrite west doesn’t have any permanent friend or enemy.


The hypocrite west knows that their dirty game and their dirty tricks are so risky. The western media reported: “By imposing new economic sanctions that aim to punish ordinary Iranians Washington and its European allies have embraced a risky strategy that could backfire on their efforts to stop Tehran’s suspected nuclear weapons program. But some officials acknowledge doubts about whether indiscriminate sanctions will turn the country against the mullahs [!!!], or only serve to stir anger against the West. There is a risk that acute suffering of Iran’s people could split the Western coalition that supports sanctions” We have already written about the stupid bastards who talk nonsense and say: “sanctions will turn the country against the mullahs [!!!]” These motherf-u-c-k-er bastards are those who refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009 and 2011. When the Iranians were in the streets and were killed by the Mullahs, these stupid bastards not only refused to help Iranians, but they aided the Mullahs in killing the Iranians. These hypocrite monkeys are more shameless than the Mullahs. They impose more sanctions on Iranians, instead of apologizing them for betraying them in 2009-2011. The hypocrite western monkeys are really so stupid and if public opinion in all around the world can be a little wiser, these stupid monkeys will go to hell for ever. The media reported: “The first victims will be the poor and helpless. Then the middle class. And all of them can become anti-West and anti-US, while they are anti-Mullah and anti-Islamist now. But Colin Kahl, who until last month was a senior Pentagon official for the Middle East, said he saw ‘some evidence’ in anecdotal comments of Iranians [Iranian exapts] that sanctions will increase public pressure on authorities“. Colin Kahl is a stupid bastard like David Cohen. They listen to the voice of Iranian exapts who are stooge of the west or the Mullahs. The Iranian exapts are enemy of Iranians inside Iran. Many truly believe that the Rajavists and the Monarchists (Pahlavists) are stooge of the Mullahs. These stupid bastards try to disgrace the Iranian oppositions. They want to disappoint the people. Even 100 people in Iran don’t care about these stupid bastards and their call for any protest, but the hypocrite west support these bastards and their media, like Balatarin.com, financially. If these bastards want to return to Iran, Iranians inside Iran only will entertain them with Guillotine. Iranians inside Iran deeply hate the Iranian exapts who are really dead zombie. They are worthless pieces of shit that still live in 1970s and 1980s, but Iranians inside Iran have progressed more than 300 years in the past 33 years. The media reported: “David Cohen said: ‘We have no interest in harming ordinary Iranians. But the responsibility for that lays clearly with the Iranian government” David Cohen is a hypocrite stupid monkey, who think others are as stupid as himself. We have already written about What Iranians expect from the West . They should read it carefully, and should apologize to Iranians for betraying them in 2009-2011. Apologize to Iranians, right now, before it’s too late. You can’t make love with the savage Mullahs and betray Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009-2011, and then talk about sanctions. You can’t allow the Mullahs, the Mullah embezzlers, the Mullah TV, and Mullah Mafia to live in Canada, the US, and the UK, and then talk about sanctions. In the recent days, the media reported: “More than 5000 of the high rank Mullahs have a child or a close relative inside the UK, specially in London”. As we said before, the close relative and family of Khamenei, Rafsanjani, Larijani, Yazdi, Mesbah, and many other high rank Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers live in Canada, the US, and specially in the UK. In these days, the Iranians inside Iran are learning more about the true colors of the hypocrite west. Unfortunately, 2012 can become another 1953, and the hypocrite west and the stupid western monkeys are the first and last responsible for this matter. The good guys in the west should know these matters and should do something, before it’s too late.

US sanctions against ordinary Iranians

June 25, 2011

The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions against Iran’s national airline, Iran Air, barring Americans from doing business with it. In fact, the stupid American politicians impose sanctions against the ordinary Iranians, not the Mullahs. Iran Air has been under US sanctions since 1995 that have prevented any sale of Boeing or Airbus aircraft or spare parts to it, and as a result it has become one of the most dilapidated airlines in the world, and many ordinary Iranians have been killed in the aviation accidents. But it’s not the whole story. While the motherf-u-c-k-er American bastards impose sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, they allow the Khamenei’s TV to work in Washington (for the first time in the past 30 years), and Khamenei’s TV can easily work inside the US. . The new sanctions “may have an impact on Iranian people (but) the Iranian people are not the target of these actions,” the U.S. official told reporters. Shame on you, the hypocrite American bastards. Do we forget how VOA supported the Mullah regime in 2009? Do we forget Obama’s secret letters to Khemenei Do we forget how VOA covered the Iranian protests in 2009? Do we forget how the CIA agents, like the American baboon, support the Mullah regime? The stupid Western sanctions only hurt the ordinary Iranians. In July 2010, the European Union banned most of Iran Air’s planes from its airspace. The stupid and hypocrite EU and US have banned most of ordinary Iranians from traveling to the West, while the Mullahs and their families can easily go to the West, for living and/or spending the embezzled money.


“Rockets or missiles have been transported via Iran Air passenger aircraft, and IRGC (Sepah) officers occasionally take control over Iran Air flights carrying special IRGC-related cargo,” the Treasury Department said in a statement. “Preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons is a top U.S. government priority” the American bastards added. Yes, who cares to human rights and killing the innocent people. You, the Western politicians, have so stupid and charlatan. You can not see even your own long term benefits. The Passenger aircrafts and the ordinary Iranians are so dangerous for you, but the Mullahs, their family, Khemenei’s TV, etc are your friends and and you and your IMF (International Monetary Fund) love the Mullahs . It’s so tragic that the ordinary Iranians should pay the price of the Western hypocrisy and their fake war with the Mullahs. The hypocrite West impose sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, while the Mullah Mafia work with the Western Bastards inside the US and Europe. Have we forgotten how Americans work with the Khamenei’s dogs at Harvard University, or with a terrorist at Princeton University, or with Khamenei’s TV at Washington, or with Khmenei’s family at Canada, or with Rafsanjani’s son at Oxford University, etc ? No, the Western hypocrisy only can deceive the lunatic lefts and the naive people, i.e. some one like Noam Chomsky.

Shame on Obama. Shame on American politicians. Shame on all Western supporters of Mullahs, who work with Mullah Mafia, but impose sanctions on the ordinary Iranians. Shame on the lunatic lefts and their stupid leader Noam Chomsky, who are blind and can not see The Western Paradox , especially the Apparent Paradox of the West

British Media, British Censorship

June 25, 2011

Finally after more than 50 days, the Guardian published parts of Mahmoudian’s letter, on June 24, 2011. As we said before, Mahmoudian published a letter about rape and sodomy in Iran’s prisons, in the early May . As we said before, the Guardian and British Media’s reactions to the Spanish and Greek protests, were like their reactions to Iranian protests, and could be called “British Censorship”. They ignore and censor the main events and the main news, and then after some months, publish some stupid reports about them. It’s British Censorship. Of course, all Western mass media suffer from censorship, but the story of British media and British Censorship is very funny. So, if you want to have the latest news of Iran, Spain, Greece, and the whole world, you can read the Guardian and watch the BBC. In this way, you can be sure that you know nothing about what really happens in the world .

Mullahs and Zionists: A Phony War

May 26, 2011

Non-Iranians can be shocked to hear that the I-s-r-e-a-l’s regime and Zionists work with the Mullah’s regime and Islamists. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton has announced sanctions on seven international companies due to their unsavory ties to Irans energy sector, including Israel’s Ofer Brothers Group The report says: “The Ofer Brothers Group, a familyowned business that owns Zim Integrated Shipping Services, the worlds 10th largest shipping company; a majority of the Israel Corporation, the countrys largest holding company; and more, has been slapped with penalties for allegedly providing an $8.65 million tanker to the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, according to the US Department of State … The Ofer Brothers Group also has holdings in Israel Chemicals, Oil Refineries Ltd. and Bank Mizrahi”

H-a-a-r-e-t-z wrote yesterday: “At least 200 international companies operating in Israel maintain extensive trade ties with Iran. These ties include investments in the Iranian energy industry, which is Iran’s main income source and serves to funnel funds to develop missiles, the nuclear program and other unconventional weapons. … the Israeli Airports Authority purchased hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment from Danish and German companies operating in Iran, and after Haaretz reported it, Israel still did nothing”

This new scandal, is very smaller than Iran Contra Scandal, and the great apparent paradox of the West , but it’s very meaningful and can show us that the Mullahs fight against the West and I-s-r-e-a-l is a sham fight, a fake fight, a false fight, a Phony War, or as Iranians say: “Jange Zargary”. It has always been a shame fight and “Jange Zargary”. Iran Contra Scandal can show us everything. Iran Contra Scandal in 1980s, proves many things. Even before 1979, and before the Islamic revolution, the West and especially the US worked with the Mullahs, and toppled the Shah

The World, wake up; Wake up and open your eyes; Wake up and see the fake fight, the Apparent Paradox.

The West and The Shah

March 4, 2011

The Feb 14th rally was held three days after the anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran. We should think more about how the Islamic revolution were created. Indeed, what happened behind the scenes is very important and many people are ignorant of it. As we said before in Iran, the UK, and the BBC we could find some useful sources about the contemporary history. The online English sources (the good ones) about the Shah and Islamic revolution are few, but the books that were written by western diplomats, ex-regime people, and ex-revolutionaries are good enough. For instance the following books revealed some good secret facts:

[1] “Mission to Iran”, by William H. Sullivan , the US ambassador in Iran 1977 – 1979
[2] “The Pride and The Fall”, by Anthony Parsons, the UK ambassador in Iran 1974 – 1979
[3] “Mission to Tehran” by General Robert E. Huyser, US General who was secretly sent to Iran in 1979

I hope you could find these books outside Iran. Here we have just an old and maybe censored translation of them. Indeed, if anyone could find or make an online version of them and send a link for us, we think the Iranians would be very happy and grateful.

And now some hidden facts: Do you know that the US asked the Shah to leave Iran, like the cases of Mubarak and Ben Ali? and Do you know that the Shah was very seek (he had cancer) as Ben Ali, and the 83 years old Mubarak? Sullivan pointed to some hidden facts in book[1]. Here are excerpts of it:

‘Our first meeting with Iranian dissidents have been held secretly in the secret places … But in the spring of 1978 (exactly one year before the Islamic revolution) the situations were changed and we seized the opportunity … our Embassy developed its contact networks within the Iranian dissidents and won their confidence … Most of them were surprised by our opinions and the fact that how much our opinions were close to them … Once the Shah asked me, with astonishment, that what has he done wrong with the US that the CIA want to topple him? then the Shah added that he can understand the root of the UK’s hostility towards himself, but he can not understand the roots of the US’s hostility … In my next meetings with the Shah, he never talked about this issue again or complain of our contacts with the Iranian dissidents, but instead he often asked me “What are your Mullah friends doing?!” We finally could make contacts with Ayatollah Beheshti (Khomeini’s senior advisor) … The Shah asked me and Parsons, the UK ambassador in Iran, to meet him regularly. At the first meeting he said us indirectly that he is sick and want to resign and crown his son king of Iran … After the UK refused to accept the Az-hari cabinet, our mutual meeting with Shah was cancelled … In another meeting with the Shah, I informed him about what our agent was going to tell Khomeini. The Shah listened carefully, and then asked me to inform him of the result of our negotiation with Khomeini … Finally I took a secret message form Washington. I had to meet the Shah and told him that his expediency and the US’s expediency implied that he should leave Iran as soon as possible … After I said it to Shah, he desperately asked: “Well, but where should I go?

And Do you know that the West considered the Shah as a threat to the economic stability of the world and the responsible of the inflation and economic crisis of 1970s? Actually after 1974, the West saw Shah as an ambitious man who increased the oil price and did not obey them as before; They wanted to get rid of him. Check books [1],[2],[3]. Also the Time had an interesting interview with Shah at 1974. And this is part 2 of the interview. . It could be very helpful. Here are excerpts of the interview:

‘At the Treasury Department (of the US) the Shah is generally thought of a megalomaniac whose stubbornness and greed over oil prices represent a threat to the economic stability of the world. Treasury Secretary William Simon has publicly described the Shah as a “nut” and as “irresponsible & reckless.” …. President Ford and Kissinger in his latest United Nations speech, abruptly cautioned the oil-producing nations not to price their product at disastrously high levels … But the Shah warned: “Nobody can dictate to us .. If this is a serious policy of the US, then on this subject we are going to have a very serious clash” … The Shah said: sometimes I wonder why others want to be so generous [in attempting to lower oil prices] at our expense .. you must have leadership and strong governments in the West to stop inflation … The Arab states of the Persian Gulf are apprehensive about the massive military power of the Shah … but at the same time, they are pleased with the Shah’s insistence on higher oil prices … Within the councils of OPEC, the Shah has consistently argued for keeping prices high … but many Western leaders find it hard to accept the Shah’s argument

It’s like the scenario for Egypt and Tunisia, isn’t it ? In fact, What Obama did and said about Egypt and Mubarak is like what Jimmy Carter did with Iran and the Shah. We should really think more about the historical facts. Howard Zinn thought us that we should be very skeptical towards the standard history.

The Apparent Paradox

February 25, 2011

There is an apparent paradox in the US and West’s reactions to the Iranian protests and Egyptian protests. It’s an important apparent paradox, maybe the greatest paradox of the US and the West, and we should pay more attention to it. Indeed, what we said before in ” Iran, the West, and a Paradox“, should be more explained and discussed in details. This time we want to remind ourselves of some important issues like the Capitalism principles or the Iran-Contra scandal in 1980s. We should try to compare Iran with Egypt systematically. In fact, we have some main hypotheses or axioms:

[1] Mubarak and his regime are the West’s friend
[2] Khamenei and his regime are the West’s enemy
[3] Accusing opposition of being US puppets could succeed in Iran. [4] Capitalism that rules the US says: “There is no permanent friend or no permanent enemy. Our Interests determine our friends and enemies.” and “Our leader is our interests”

And we have some important theses that the West and Western media have concluded form above hypotheses:
[5] The US or West doesn’t help Iranians, for Iranians’ sake (because of hypothesis[3])
[6] The US or West doesn’t want the Islamic regime (because of hypothesis[2])
[7] The US or West could do nothing politically to help Iranians or the US has no influence in Iran and it is not in a position to do anything behind the scene (because of hypothesis[2])

There is no doubt that hypothesis[4] is correct. The Capitalism and its principles rule American politicians life. Hypothesis[1] were correct for decades, but because of hypothesis[4] it could be incorrect now and Mubarak could become an enemy for the US and its interests. Hypothesis[2] could not be correct for all years and all cases as well. In fact, for many years and many cases the US and Islamic regime were the real friend. The Islamic regime has served the US interest. ‘ The media should not deceive us, we should see the obvious facts and think more about the hidden or obvious interests. In the near future we would write more about how the Islamic regime serve the US interest. But don’t forget that hypothesis[4] and the Capitalism principles could simply reject thesis[5] and reach us to a paradox. But we could provide much more supportive facts.

The media repeatedly emphasize the importance of the theses [6] and [7]. But do we forget the Iran-Contra scandal in 1980s ? the three-way arrangement between the US, I-s-r-a-e-l and the Islamic regime, from 1981 to 1986, in which Iran bought American weapons from I-s-r-a-l in order to finance President Reagan’s covert death squads in Central America. [*] Here we could see how fake enemies could work together. The media repeatedly say:’ There is great hostility between the US and Iran ‘ . But this hostility or fight could be a fake or sham fight. Is this impossible? No, at least the Iran-Contra scandal showed us that it’s possible [*] It is naive to think that it’s impossible. Their fight could be sham fight, a false fight, and as we call it in Iran a “Jange Zargary”. Indeed, their mutual interests and hypothesis[4] imply this fake fight. Don’t forget that the Islamic regime is a capitalistic regime, too.

The facts show us that the Mubarak’s regime and its thugs were going to regard the US support as “foreign meddling” and support Mubarak in reaction, but they were just a minority and the majority of Egyptians welcomed the US support. Did we forget the street battle between Mubarak’s thugs and Egyptian protesters? We have exactly the same fact in Iran, and hypothesis[3] is totally wrong. The majority of Iranians welcome the US support, and just Basijis and Khamenei’s thugs, are going to regard the US support as “foreign meddling” and support Khamenie in reaction. This would be a big mistake or a big lie, if we think or say the opposite. The media should not deceive the foreigners about hypothesis[3] and they should be aware that Iranians hate the Khamenie’s regime much more than any other nation in the world. The Khamenie’s regime is the enemy of Iranians and the majority of Iranians want to topple the regime and welcome any foreign support and help. Indeed, hypothesis[3] is totally incorrect, and theses[5] and [7] are just hypocrisy and a big lie.

We end with a simple questions: Do we treat our enemy like our friend ? If hypothesis[2] and thesis[6] were correct, The West or US certainly would do their best to topple their enemy. At least they would help the Iranians as much as they helped Egyptians. They would be so excited and happy to hear about Iranian protests, and they had to be so sad and angry about Egyptian protests, not vice versa. They would use their media to provoke and help Iranians, like what they did in Egypt. They would make speeches about Iran at least like their speeches about Egypt, full of ‘must’, ‘urge’ and ‘immediately’ . ‘But why do they refuse? Why do they content themselves to merely political rhetoric? Why do they act as if Mubarak is their enemy and Khamenei is their friend? We know that If a matter were vital for their interests, they would not consider public opinion at all. They would ignore public opinion or deceive them by political rhetoric. We have not forgotten their shameful reaction to Wikileaks. Iranians say:’ We just want Obama to make speeches about Iran like what he did for Egypt and Mubarak. We want him to put serious political pressure on the regime, like what he did with Egypt, but why does he refuse?

[*] Howard Zinn in his famous book ‘People History of United States’ has written about this fact in details. And the following sources are not bad: – The U.S. and Iran, Friend or Enemy ?
IranContra.org with some formal details
The Iran-Contra scandal
The Iran-Contra Affair 20 Years On

Shame on Germany and EU

February 23, 2011

German foreign minister met with Ahmadinejad ‘ This is an important news and we should pay more attention to it. The report says:

‘ Leading Iranian exile opposition representatives called Guido Westerwelle’s visit a “disgrace,” saying Germany was bowing to the regime and it could deal a blow to popular protests gathering new steam amid the turmoil in the Middle East … “This is a simply a disgrace,” said Kazem Moussavi, a spokesman for the Green Party of Iran in Germany. He added Westerwelle’s visit came as a blow in the face of those currently taking to the streets in Iran … “His meeting ignored the ruling regime’s terror, the people’s suffering,” he said, warning the president could now use Westerwelle’s visit for his propaganda … However, the rare top-level visit by a Western government representative in Tehran secured the release of the two German reporters …In a similar case, Clotilde Reiss, a young French academic, battled charges of spying in Iran for more than 10 months last year, but was eventually allowed to return to France in May after tenuous negotiations’

And we know that Backhaus declined to discuss details of how the release had been achieved. He said diplomatic efforts were made continuously behind the scenes. The trip of German foreign minister to Tehran, in these critical moments, is not a pure accident. They sent a message to Tehran and had a secret deal and negotiations with the Islamic regime. Shame on Germany and Europe.

Iran, the West, and a Paradox

February 18, 2011

These days we have a good opportunity to see a great paradox and think more about it. The West repeatedly has said that the Iranian regime is the enemy of the West and they are fond of toppling the regime. Many people in the whole world have believed this fact. But if this fact is true, the West should make use of the Iranian protests and try to help the protesters as much as possible to topple the regime. If this fact is true, the West should be so excited and very happy to see Iranian protests. If this fact is true, Western media should cover the Iranian protests from morning to night, like the case of Egypt. ssIf this fact is true, Obama should express an strong position on the Iranian protests and the brutal suppression, more stronger than its position on the Egyptian protests, because Mubarak and its regime was a friend of the US while Khamenie and its regime is an enemy of the US. But why do we see the exact opposite ?

The Obama’s position and the West’s position on the Iranian protests are contrary to what they have told the world about their hostility towards the Khamenei’s regime. Why aren’t they happy to see an uprising in Iran? If they were the enemy of the Khamenei’s regime, they would try to help Iranians more than Egyptians. If they were the enemy of the Khamenei’s regime, they would try to make speeches about Iran that at least could be the same as their speeches about Egypt and Mubarak: “We therefore urge the Egyptian government to spell out in clear and unambiguous language the step by step process that will lead to democracy … Violence must be forsaken. It is imperative that the government not respond to the aspirations of their people with repression or brutality. The voices of the Egyptian people must be heard”. Iranians want this sort of speeches, but they refuse.

It’s not purely accidental that the West has a double standard about Iran and Egypt. It’s not purely accidental that the West wanted to topple its friend Mubarak, but don’t want to topple its enemy Khamenei. The political rhetoric of the West should not deceive us. We should look at the obvious facts and try to ask why is there a difference between what they say about Iran and what they do? It’s could be sham fight, a false fight, and as we call it in Iran a “Jange Zargary”. “Jange Zargary” means a sham fight or a false fight between goldsmiths. An old Iranian saying tell us: “In Bazaar of gold, goldsmiths always try to fight with each other. But they just want to raise prices, they just want to keep their own interests, and the customers should not be fooled. This is a Jange Zargary.”

If Western powers were honest, they would try to help Iranians to topple the Khamenei’s regime, instead of imposing stupid sanctions on Iran, that just make the people weak and make the regime strong.