Iranian Opposition and Islamists = Dead Rats

June 17, 2012

In the third anniversary of the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, even the dumbest people can see an undeniable fact that we have repeatedly written about it during the past year: ‘today’s Iranian opposition, from the Islamist-Reformists and Green Council to the Monarchists and Mujaheds, are dead rats and more than 90% of Iranians hate both the Mullah regime and today’s Iranian opposition’. The reason is obvious, and we have already written about it (check Archive). The Iranian opposition, that we call them ‘Ashura traitors and Iranian baboons’, betrayed the people movement, and Iranians inside Iran only can hate them. The stupid West that supports these bastards financially and politically, only disgraced and discredited itself. As the people media report: “In the recent days, the Islamist-Reformists talked about ‘keeping the Islamic regime safe’, and asked the people to hold a rally in the anniversary of the Islamists’ betrayals, but even two people didn’t attend the rally, and all people shit and spit on their face. Now, the Islamist-Reformists are as hateful as the Monarchists (Pahlavists) who have no supporter in Iran and even two people don’t care about them and their actions”. It’s true. Now, even the dumbest animals know that the Islamist-Reformists, from Abbas Abdi and Khatami to ‘Mullah Ghanbar and Mullah Nuri’ are dead rats, and the people hate them as much as they hate the Mullahs and the Monarchists. Iranians say: “Mullah Ghanbar and Mullah Nuri, Shah and Shazdeh, and the Iranian expats are as stupid as Mullah Hasani and the Basiji thugs. The stupid West and the Western faggots (the Western monkeys) support these bastards financially and politically, but they just show us who is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran”. I don’t know why the West is so stupid. In Iran, even the little kids can see that the vast majority of Iranians (more than 90%) hate both the secular Monarchy and the religious Monarchy, and the people want “fundamental changes (serious changes)”. Reform is a term that the Islamist-Reformists have disgraced and destroyed it. But in our second Open Letter to Mousavi (check Archive), and in our article about Bakhtiar’s Reforms in 1979, we wrote about the real Reforms and this fact that today’s Iranians ask for something like Bakhtiar’s Reforms in 1979. Reform means ‘go forwards and win concessions from the regime’. But what the Islamist-Reformists have done, and love, is: ‘go backwards and repeatedly give concessions to the regime [!!]’. It’s not Reform, it’s ‘Making fun of yourself and Reform’. “These stupid bastards betrayed the people and called it ‘Reform’. For about 8 years they played with the people. When they had the upper hands in both the parliament and the government, they could not change any thing. They just kissed Khamenei’s ass and called themselves Khamenei’s servant. It was their ‘Reform’ ! These bastards think ‘Ba Dasteh Koor-ha Tarafand’ (all people are blind), but these bastards are stupid and blind, not the people”, Iranians say. The stupid Islamist-Reformists think that today’s Iranians are as stupid as themselves. But Iranians only spit on them and their western supporters. Since 1997 to 2010, the Islamist-Reformists, from Khatami and Behnoud to Ganji and Abdi, proved that the Iranian Reformists are worthless pigs who are only master at betraying the people and telling big shameful lies. And that’s why the people hate these pigs as much as they hate the MMM, i.e. Mullahs, Mujaheds, and Monarchists.


The West and the Mullah regime love “Dumb and Dumber”, i.e. Khatami and Pahlavi, because they can aid the Mullahs in keeping the Islamic regime safe. When these bastards are leaders of the Iranian opposition, the people hate the opposition as much as they hate the regime. “The West and the Mullah Gestapo love these bastards, and support them financially and politically, because they can discredit and dishonor the Iranian opposition. Of course, the West has another reason for supporting these bastards. They think the Iranian opposition should be their mercenaries and Iranians should not be able to get rid of dictatorship and dictators. They love the Shah and the Mullah, and they think Iran should not be a free and strong country, because in this way they would not be able to exploit Iran’s oil and the Middle East’s oil, and they can’t rule the world with the law of the jungle”, Iranians say. The west and their Iranian mercenaries love these equations: “those who oppose to Mullahs and Islamists = those who love or praise Monarchists and Peza Pofyooz” and “those who oppose to Monarchists and Pahlavists = those who love or praise the Islamist-Reformists and the Islamic regime”. But Iranians inside Iran, and anyone with half a brain knows how laughable these equations are. Iranians inside Iran shit and spit on all Iranian baboons, including Islamists-Reformists, Islamist-Nationalists, Monarchists, Pahlavists, Rajavists, and the Iranian journalists and
pseudo-intellectuals. These bastards are “Iranian Baboons”, and their media, specially the cesspool of, are like the Los Angeles TVs, that almost all Iranians hated them and they went bankrupt and wasted the Americans’ money. Unfortunately, the US and the UK and their media are so stupid. They have become the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. But they are not alone in betraying Iranians. Recently, the Dutch monkeys and the Dutch media in Netherlands and Germany showed us their true colors, too. “The Dutch faggots in Netherlands refuse to grant visa to the ordinary Iranians, but they support the Iranian baboons and their media, from RoozOnline and Radia Zamaneh to, financially. But it’s not the whole story. Recently, the Dutch monkeys and their media in Netherlands and Germany have started to support Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahalvi) and the Iranian Monarchists. The Dutch monkeys and the Iranian baboons live like prostitutes. They just obey the American orders. Now, you can understand why the Basijis and the Mullahs could hack the Dutch systems. The Dutch faggots are cheap, and sell themselves easily”. I hope the ordinary people in Netherlands and Germany ask their stupid politicians to stop betraying the freedom and democracy in Iran. The Dutch monkeys and the Western baboons should stop supporting the Iranian baboons, including the Islamist-Reformists, the Iranian Monarchists, and the Iranian bastards (journalists), that more than 90% of Iranians hate them all. Now, the wise angry Iranians say: “The list of those countries that betray Iranians and should be punished in the future, is a list of stupid colonial powers – “the US, the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, France, etc”. They still are animals, and think the world is a jungle. The only things that they can understand is ‘the law of the jungle’. They are the image of ‘the West’, and it’s so obvious that when they defend the Iranian baboons, from the Ashura traitors to the Iranian Monarchists, and when they try to make a good deal with the Mullah regime, they just prove that the West is the enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran, and Iranians inside Iran should hate the West and should see it as an enemy, not a friend”. I hope the good people in the West can change this image of the West.


The Iranian Opposition or ‘All the Mullah’s men’, i.e. the Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors, are stupid animals that even can’t understand why the people hate them and their masters. In these days, the stupid son of Hoda Saber, a stupid Islamist-Nationalist and a follower of Ezzat Sahabi, has written an open letter. We have already written about the tragic death of Hoda Saber and Haleh Sahabi, and why Iranians didn’t care about them. It’s the Iranian Crime and Punishment. Hoda Saber loved and defended Ezzat Sahabi, one of the Ashura traitors. When Ezzat Sahabi and the Islamist-Nationalist betrayed the people after the Ashura massacre, Hoda Saber and his stupid friends had to know that payback time is near. The tragic deaths of Haleh Sahabi and Hoda Saber should be a lesson for all Iranian traitors and mercenaries. All Iranian baboons and all betrayers should know that the payback time is near. The Ashura traitors and the Iranian baboons should die of shame, but they have no shame and they still tell stupid jokes. Recently, the stupid son of Saber has said: “Why the people don’t care about us and my father? We still support Khatami and Islamists, who attended in the Mullah election and shamed us. But the people don’t care about us [!!] The people are stupid and don’t deserve the freedom and democracy”. This little shit is like his stupid father, and other Ashura traitors. They have no shame and think other people are as stupid as themselves. They say: “Why the people don’t protest, and don’t defend the Islamist-Reformists, including Mousavi and Karoubi ?”. And the funny Iranians say: “Because the people are not stupid, and have not eaten ‘Maghze Khar’ (donkey’s brain). You, the stupid faggots, betrayed the people and asked the people to stay in their homes, and clearly said that ‘the street protest is enough, and is not our solution’, but now, you the shameless faggots ask why the people don’t protest ?! You should die of shame, idiots”. The main cesspool of Iranian baboons,, tries to discourage and disappoint the people. But the wise guys know what the Iranian people are doing is a slap in the face of Iranian baboons and vultures, and is a sign of wisdom. “The main enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran is not the Mullahs, but it’s the west and its Iranian mercenaries. For solving the problem of the freedom and democracy in Iran, you should know the main enemies of the freedom and democracy in Iran. You should know how the Western media, the Western intellectuals, the Western lefts, the Western journalists, the Western polling organizations, the Iranian baboons, the Iranian expats, and other jerks betray the freedom and democracy in Iran. And only in this way, you can find a good solution”, the wise Iranians say. It’s so obvious when the Iranian people are voiceless and have no media, and when only the vultures are on the political stage, the people should wait for a proper time. As we said before, what the people did in 2012 were good slaps in the face of Mullahs, Iranian baboons, and their western supporters. We have already written about all these good slaps (check Archive). Now, even the donkeys and the dumbest animals know that the Iranian opposition and the Iranian baboons are bankrupt. Those who betrayed the Iranian people and didn’t allow them to win some concessions from the Mullahs, are not Reformists or Peace-mongers. These jerks are wolves in sheep’s clothing. The 2012 can show us that these stupid bastards are warmongers or work for warmongers. Those who betrayed the people from 1997 to 2010, and didn’t allow the people to win concessions from the Mullah regime, are not Reformists. They are traitors. They are the main responsible for the current war threats in the name of nuclear issue, the horrible economic crisis, the horrible tyranny and suffocation, the new sanctions, the Western plots against Iran, our horrible conditions in the big prison (Iran), and any war, any classic revolution, or any violence in the future. Now, Iran has a bankrupt regime and a bankrupt opposition, that the stupid West loves and supports both of them. But the future belongs to the younger generations of Iranians, i.e. the majority of Iranians (About 70% of Iranians are 35-, and 85% of Iranians are 45-) that are at least as modern as their western counterparts. They ask for “fundamental changes”. They are the silent majority, and have no media, and everybody betrays them. But as the wise Iranians say: “they are watching the betrayers, from the West to the Iranian baboons, and sooner or later they will have their own media and their own groups, and they will teach the betrayers a historic lesson. Sooner or later they will change many things in Iran and the world”.

1979 vs 2012, Bakhtiar vs Mousavi

January 29, 2012

“2012 can become a new 1979. We should be ready to accept a new Bakhtiar”, some Iranians say. As we said before, the younger generations of Iranians only want fundamental change or big concessions, not another revolution. And if the Mullahs were not too stupid, this time the people would not reject a new Bakhtiar. In 1979, the majority of Iranians were illiterate and stupid, but now the majority of Iranians are literate and modern . In 2009, Mousavi and his stupidities wasted the best opportunity to win some big concessions from the Mullahs, but some still believe: “MirHossein Mousavi can be another Shapur Bakhtiar”. As we said before, Shapur Bakhtiar was the Shah’s last prime minister, and if the stupid Iranian intellectuals had accepted his plan in 1979, his progressive programs would have solved many problems in Iran and would have prevented a stupid revolution in Iran. But in 1979, 99% of the Iranian intellectuals “had eaten Maghze Khar (donkey brain)” that means they were very very stupid. They still are very stupid, but the younger generations of Iranians, that thousands of them are unknown intellectuals, are not like these idiots. As we said before, the majority of Iranians inside Iran (about 75%) are young people under the age of 35. In 2009, the Iranian baboons and Ashura traitors, that most of them were over the age of 50, controlled the media and betrayed Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement. They censored the voices of the ordinary people and the wise guys and didn’t allow the people to win big concessions from the Mullahs. They could fool many people, because they have monopolized the Iranian media, and many people did not know their true colors in 2009. Unfortunately, the western countries supported, and still support, these stupid bastards financially. But now, Iranians inside Iran know the true colors of these bastards. The Iranian baboons, from the Islamist-Reformist (Khatamists) to the Monarchists (Pahlavists), are worthless pieces of shit and Iranians inside Iran hate all of them. But Mousavi is different. Mousavi still can be an acceptable figure for both the people and the intellectuals, But Mousavi’s programs should be at least as strong as Bakhtiar’s programs in 1979. Mousavi still can play the role of Bakhtiar and can prevent form another revolution in Iran, but his programs should be at least as strong as Bakhtiar’s programs. Mousavi himself knows how angry the people are, and how the people hate the Mullahs. Mousavi knows that almost all Iranians hate his friends, i.e. the Islamist reformists and the Iranian baboons, and only he himself, not his stupid friends who are really stupid bastard, can win the people’s confidence if he tries to be wise and reasonable, at least like Bakhtiar. Some think that Mousavi is wiser than Bakhtiar, but he should prove it in practical terms. Shapur Bakhtiar’s address in the Parliament in 1979, that was published in the Etellaat newspaper on January 11, 1979, is important. It can be considered as Mousavi’s address in the Parliament in the near future. Let’s take a look at part of Shapur Bakhtiar’s address and his programs. Mousavi’s address and programs should be at least as strong as Bakhtiar’s :

(Please note that for some programs, a new program that is equivalent to today’s conditions has been added in [ ] )

Honorable Mr. Speaker of the National consultative Assembly, Ladies and Gentlemen, during the turbulent history of our ancient Land, there were dark days that were in fact, mostly the consequence of short-lived foreign subjugation. Though it seems to be the consequence of 25 year rule of corrupt and incompetent governments, the present danger to the unity and very existence of the country, is rather rooted in a huge international conspiracy against the integrity and sovereignty of Iran … My government is the obvious outcome of a revolution, which began two years ago, against continuous violations and indescribable disasters that had become commonplace. My government favors the main goals of the National Front of Iran and will try to implement them … We must all give this new government a chance to direct the country towards a progressive and incorrupt regime based on … the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Here are my programs:


Highlights of Government’s Emergency Programs

(1) Dissolution of the Organization for Information and Security of the Country, (SAVAK) [Sepah & Basij] (2) Expeditious trials for plunderers and violators of people’s rights (3) Appointment of an independent commission to investigate the activities of former SAVAK officials [Sepahi and Basji thugs] and the prosecution of the violators (4) Release of all political prisoners (5) Rehabilitation of all political prisoners detained since 1953 [since 1980] (6) Payment of appropriate compensation to all those who have been detained over a year or have been harassed or disabled due to political charges (since 1953) [since 1980] (7) Payment of appropriate compensation to minor and under tutelage survivors of all those who lost their lives while detained in so called security detention centers (8) Abolish martial law [Abolish all restrictions and laws since 2005] (9) Pass a law in the parliament to officially call recent political victims “martyrs” (10) Pay compensation to the families of the “martyrs” and those who were disabled during the recent struggle (11) End the strikes [End the internet filtering (censorship) and other kind of censorship in Iran] (12) Create an atmosphere of cooperation between the government and the clergy so the Ayatollahs can supervise the function of government [Create an atmosphere of cooperation between the government and the seculars so the seculars and the intellectuals can supervise the function of government] (13) Repair the recent destruction [all Mullah economic plans] (14) Revitalize production in the country to improve the economy (15) Organize free elections [Dissolution of Shooraye Negahban (Guardian Council)] (16) Expel all unnecessary foreign workers [Expel all Mullahs from the government. They should come back to Qom] (17) Restore the rule of law in the country [Expel all Mullahs in the Judiciary system and change all laws according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, during a gradual process]

The Foreign Policy of the Iranian Government

The government is determined to protect the national interests as well as the rights that guarantee the sovereignty, security, and unity of the nation. The Main Principles of the Foreign Policy are: (1) Strengthen and extend the political, economic, and cultural relationships with the Islamic countries [will all western countries, specially the United States] (2) Continue and extend relationships with all countries (3) Consider the common interests of the Iranian nation with developing countries [with all countries of the world] (4)Iran will support any efforts to resolve international conflicts and restore peace in all around the world (5) The policy of Iran is based on unconditional support of the United Nation’s Charter as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related covenants. Iran will try to protect and support human rights and the legitimate demands of those nations struggling against colonialism [and tyranny], or its effects, in all forms (6)Regarding the fight against apartheid [and all sort of discrimination against race, color, religion, gender, etc] (7) Try to Solve the Middle East problem

Highlights of the Domestic Policy of the Government

(1)Safeguard of the individual and public freedoms, such as freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of press, [freedom of assembly and association] (2)Rehabilitation of the Judiciary and protection of its independence [The supreme leader and the Mullahs will not have any role in the Judiciary system] (3)Government noninterference in the planning and management of the country’s industry [Dissolution of all Bonyads (like Bonyad Mostazafan] and all economic activities of Sepah and Basij] (4)Decentralization in all areas of the country’s administration and reorganization of the system [Khamenei will resign and the Velayat Faqih article in the Constitution will change. Most of the power of the Supreme Leader will be transferred to the President] (5)Provide for the welfare of the government employees by adjusting their salaries to the minimum cost-of-living, and providing additional benefits for them to increase their performance [Both the prices and the incomes will be adjusted. If the incomes in Iran are about 4 to 10 times less than Europe and North America, then all prices in Iran should be about 4 to 10 times less than Europe and North America] (6)Consistently fight corruption both in public and private sectors (7)Planning, organizing and implementing projects whose goal is to make the country self sufficient (8) Make all-out efforts to fight inflation [the inflation rate always should be less than 10%] (9)Effectively implement the social security plan for all Iranians (10) Some necessary changes in some ministries

I think even the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons know that only these programs, or programs that are as strong as these programs, can prevent from another revolution in Iran. And I think the majority of Iranians inside Iran can accept these programs and can support Mousavi, if he proposed such programs as his programs in the near future.

Obama = Friend of Mullahs, Enemy of Iranians

January 24, 2012

These days are important, and can teach Iranians and non-Iranian many things about this shitty world. Unfortunately, Iranians inside Iran and the freedom and democracy in Iran, don’t have just one enemy, but have three enemies: The Mullahs (Islamists), the Iranian baboons (specially Iranian expats), and the Hypocrite West. In these days, the European monkeys (Sarkozy, Cameron, Merkel, etc) and the stupid monkey Obama have started a very stupid dirty game. Mr. stupid monkey Obama wants to be re-elected. The stupid monkeys in the west want to win new big concessions from the Mullahs, and nobody cares about the people, the freedom, the democracy, and the human rights in Iran. When you compare 2009-2011 with 2012, you can understand many things. When the Mullahs were killing Iranians in the streets, the hypocrite west refused to help Iranians, and instead, they aided the Mullahs in killing the people, because at that time the main issue was the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran. But today, the hypocrite west and the western monkeys impose dreadful sanctions on Iranians, because they only care about the nuclear issue, not the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran. It’s very very important. And that’s why many Iranians truly believe the Hypocrite West is their main enemy. It’s the hypocrite west that aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians, and blocking the internet in Iran. It’s the Hypocrite West that imposed stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, but allowed the Mullahs, their families and the Mullahs embezzlers to go and live in the West. It’s the Hypocrite West that did not care about the human rights and democracy in Iran, and closed its dirty eyes and dirty mouth to everything, because they thought: “We can make a good deal with the Mullah regime, that is a corrupt and weak regime in Iran. The Mullahs will give us big concessions, because they have no public support in Iran“. The Mullahs love Obama, and try to help him to be elected again. In 2009, when the Mullahs were killing and suppressing Iranians, they badly needed foreign help and support. Do you know what did the Mullahs expect from the West in 2009? They expected that the West and Obama refuse to put pressure on them or make any problem for them, and it’s exactly what the stupid monkey Obama did for the Mullahs. So, the Mullahs love him, and try to help him. Some funny Iranians say: “Obama’s 4th secret letter to Khamenei was very short: ‘Dear friends, please help me to be elected again. I helped you in 2009 and 2011, and now it’s your turn. I need a new fake war, a new war game. You should help me in the 2012 election’. And now the Mullahs try to help their dear friend.” The European monkeys (Sarkozy, Cameron, Merkel, etc) are not important at all, and here I prefer to write about the stupid American monkey, Obama. It’s sadly funny that a stupid monkey like Obama can tell the stupidest jokes and can play with public opinion, while no one asks him serious questions. The stupid monkey Obama betrayed Iranians in 2009-2011, and now in 2012, in the election year, he desperately tries to make a good deal with the Mullahs. The stupid monkey Obama puts pressure on the Iranian people, because he wants to make a good deal with the savage Mullahs. The stupid monkey Obama is so shameless, more than the Mullahs. The stupid monkey Obama and his team wrote love letters to Khamenei and supported the savage Mullahs in 2009 and refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009 and 2011, when the Iranian people were killed in the streets, but now they say: “We have imposed more sanctions on Iranians, because we want to encourage Iranians to protest against the Mullahs !!!! “. How shameless and how bastard these American monkeys are. Do they think the people are sheep or stupid monkeys like them? The people in Iran, are not like the stupid people in the west who accept Obama’s shameful bullshits like stupid sheep. I don’t know why the wise people in the west don’t protest against the stupid monkey Obama and his shameful bullshits. I don’t know why no one asks the stupid monkey Obama: “Hey you motherf-u-c-k-er monkey, when Iranians protested against the Mullahs and were killed in the streets in about 9 months, you wrote love letter to Khamenei and sold the suppression tools and the surveillance tools to the Mullahs, and aided them in killing Iranians. But now, you motherf-u-c-k-er monkey want to encourage Iranians to protest against the Mullahs ?!!! You motherf-u-c-k-er stupid monkey think we are a stupid monkey like you?” Instead of apologizing to Iranians for betraying them and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009 and 2011, the stupid monkey Obama imposes more sanctions on Iranians. It’s so shameful and so ridiculous. No one ask the stupid monkey Obama: “Hey you motherf-u-c-k-er monkey, why you didn’t impose these new sanctions in 2009 and 2011, when Iranians asked you to help them? Hey you motherf-u-c-k-er monkey Obama, why you refused to put any political pressure on the Mullahs, when almost all Iranians inside Iran asked you to help them?” It’s so obvious that the stupid monkey Obama is enemy of Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran. It’s so ridiculous that the stupid monkey Obama can fool public opinion in 2012. Unfortunately, almost all people are silent in the US and the world. Only Iranians (inside Iran) truly say: “Obama is a stupid monkey and a hypocrite bastard. He is friend of the Mullahs and Islamists. But he is enemy of the Iranians and freedom and democracy in Iran“.The stupid monkey Obama wants to save his dirty ass in the next election, but I hope Americans can avoid being so stupid. They should kick the stupid monkey out of Washington. I don’t know why the Americans still try to elect between two great evils, the Democrats and the Republicans. In 2012 election, the Americans can boycott the election, or can vote for a third-party or independent candidate. The US needs serious change. Instead of the stupid OWS movement whose goals and demands were unclear, the wise Americans should ask and work for a real change, like direct democracy. With a clear list of demands, the Americans can win some big concessions from their stupid politicians. The stupid monkey is like the stupid Chomsky, who defends Chavez, Mullahs, and other savage tyrants in the name of human values. As we said before, the stupid Chomsky is not intellectual. He is a stupid politician like the stupid monkey Obama. Both of these stupid bastards had the same policy in 2009 and 2011. They both defended the Mullahs. Shame on both the stupid monkey (Obama) and the stupid donkey (Chomsky). Where are the real American intellectuals? Have they slept? Why they are silent? The stupid monkey (Obama) really has fucked the US and the whole world. The story of the stupid monkey, specially his policy on Iran since 2009, is a ridiculous tragicomedy that can show us how stupid the today’s world is. It’s really so tragic that all media in all around the world say nothing about the great apparent paradoxes and Obama’s hypocrisy. Just Republicans, and some one like McCain, have protested against the stupid monkey Obama. But almost all other Americans, specially the intellectuals and the journalists are silent. It’s really disappointing and shameful. When many people in the US can’t understand the simplest things, can the US have better condition than today’s conditions? A country with many idiots or naive people, and many inactive or indifferent people, in the best case is like today’s USA. I hope the wise guys and the good guys in the US don’t remain silent and inactive. Some wise guys say: “Boycott the election; Boycott the stupid monkey, and ask for a real change in the US”.


In the recent days, Iranians inside Iran say: “een harumzadeh Obama fekr kardeh har Gohi khast mitoneh bokhoreh?” (The stupid bastard Obama thinks he can eat shit or extra shit and can do whatever he wants to do, and no one says nothing about his shameful behaviors?). They also add: “The stupid monkey Obama eats shit. He eats extra shit. What he wants to eat is shit, but this shit is bigger than his dirty mouth”. In the recent days, Salehi, the Mullah FM said: “The US and Obama want deal. They want to make a deal with us. They secretly say to us that they want deal and negotiation. They want to reach an agreement with us, but in the public places they talk nonsense, and talk about other things” It’s exactly like what Gaddafi’ son said in July 2011. As we said before, Gaddafis son said: “Nato wants deal. Under the table they are trying to negotiate with us a deal. They say: ‘If you accept this deal, we will take care of the court. What does it mean?”. The son of savage Gaddafi said that Nato has offered the regime an under the table deal. We all know that Gaddafi tried to bribe the West. But the secret deals between the savage Gaddafi and the Western bastards could not save Gaddafi, because the world and public opinion could not accept anything except Gaddafi’s downfall. And now, the stupid monkey Obama, who thinks his deals with the Mullahs can save him and his stupid presidency, is as stupid as Gaddafi. The world and public opinion should be too stupid to allow the stupid monkey Obama to make a deal with the Mullah regime -the regime of killers, rapists, crooks, and thieves. The stupid monkey can’t not save the Mullahs, as the Mullahs can’t save the stupid monkey Obama as well. The stupid lefts in the US say nothing about Obama’s hypocrisy and stupidity. They don’t ask why Obama didn’t help Iranians in 2009 and 2011, and why he only cares about the nuclear issue, not the human rights. These stupid bastards who pretend they are anti-war, only say: “There is no need to war, sanctions are working”. These motherf-u-c-k-er bastards don’t ask what’s the aim of war or sanctions? Dealing with the savage Mullahs ?!! or Saving Iranians and helping Iranians to get rid of the Mullahs? The main issue is the nuclear issue or the human rights and democracy ?!! The Iranians inside Iran say to these idiots and all bad guys in the west: “If you want to make a good deal with the Mullahs, yah, sanctions and war game and anything else are working for you, the hypocrite pigs. But in this way, Iranians and all wise guys in all around the world will know your true colors. The Mullahs remain your friends, like that past 30 years, but this time 75 million Iranians become your enemy, stupid pigs. In this way, you, the worthless pigs only show Iranians that you are just a bunch of asshole pigs, and you should be treated like pigs. Can you, the pigs, understand the human language (Zaboon Adamizad)? Or we should speak to you with your own language that is the animal language? You, the pigs, only show us that you are as stupid as your savage ancestors in the Colonialism Age. But this time you will learn that you should forget the Colonialism Age forever, stupid pigs”. It’s so obvious that Iranians are angry now. They should be angry. Some wise guys say: “Obama and other idiots in the West have proved that they are stupid bastards. We ask them to apologize to Iranians for betraying them and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009 and 2011. Apologize to Iranians for betraying them, right now, before it’s too late. Otherwise, you can be sure that the younger generations of Iranians who have been pro-West and pro-US in the past two decades, only can hate the US and the west”. As we said before, even the western analysts say that Iran has the largest number of anti-Islamists and pro-West and pro-USA people in the Middle East and the whole world. But the stupid monkey Obama and his shameful behaviors has changed many things. Now, Iranians are ready to hate the US. Now Iranians ask: “Why we should pay the price of Obama’s stupidity and Obama’s hypocrisy? The stupid monkey Obama is the worst US president, and he himself should pay the price of his stupidities”. For more than 40 years, from 1953 to the early 1990s, almost all Iranians hated the US. Do you know why? It has a funny story. In 1905, during the Constitutional Revolution in Iran, some Americans helped Iranians, and many Iranians thought the US is a good force, not an evil force. During 1910 to 1952, Iranians deeply hated the UK and Russia, but they liked the US and respected the US, and thought the US is their friends. It’s funny to know that even Mossadeq thought that the US is a good force, and the US would support Iranians in their struggle against the British Bastards in the early 1950s. Mossadeq thought in this way, because the majority of Iranians thought in this way, and thought the US is their friend, not their enemy. But in 1953, when the CIA-backed coup toppled Mossadeq’s government in Iran, Iranians hated the US. And for more than four decades, Iranians deeply hated the US. The Americans became symbol of Colonialism, like the UK. Now the stupid monkey Obama tries to repeat history, and wants to convert 2012 into another 1953. The stupid monkey Obama wants to make a good deal with the Mullahs, by torturing the ordinary Iranians, and it’s really so shameful. It’s beyond hypocrisy. Until now, many Iranians have tried to make distinction between the stupid monkey Obama and the US. But what is happening now, can change everything. Some say: “Obama is the enemy of Iranians. No one expect him to respect the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran, but those Americans who are not as stupid as Obama, should criticize the stupid monkey Obama for betraying Iranians and their anti-Mullahs in 2009-2011. But now, we can’t see or hear any reasonable voices in the US. In this way, Iranians can’t make distinction between the stupid monkey Obama and the US, any longer”. I hope the wise guys and the good guys in the US don’t remain silent.

1979: When Reza Pahlavi’s father Fled from Iran

January 19, 2012

On January 16, 1979, the Shah fled from Iran to Egypt. Following his flight, people took to streets to celebrate. Now, after about 33 years, Reza Pahlavi, the son of the toppled Shah, thinks he can deceive the people and the world by telling stupid jokes. The funny Iranians inside Iran say: “Let’s read a joke: ’33 years later, in 2045 CE, the son of Khamenei, who fled from Iran in 2012 and the people toppled his medieval Mullah regime, live in exile in the UK (or Canada). But he stupidly thinks he can restore the Mullah regime in Iran with the help of the UK. He gives stupid interviews and tells stupid jokes about the importance of religion and the Mullahs in Iran. He publishes a report about the violation of human rights in Iran ! The Islamists who live in exile, support him and his bullshits, while Iranians inside Iran only laugh at him and his supporters’. And it’s exactly like the today’s story of Reza Pahlavi and the stupid Iranian Monarchists who live in the US”. The world should know more about the stupid Iranian Monarchists. There are many similarities between the revolutionary era of 1978-1979 and today. Iranians and non-Iranians can learn many things from history, so lets take a look at history and what happened in 1978-1979. In January 1979, the BBC reported: “The Shah of Iran has fled the country following months of increasingly violent protests against his regime. Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi and his wife, Empress Farah, left Tehran and flew to Aswan in Egypt. The couple’s three youngest children were flown to the US yesterday. Official reports say the Shah has left for a ‘vacation’ and medical treatment. The news of the Shah’s departure was greeted with mass celebrations across Iran“.You can ask yourself: “Why the people were so happy at that time?” It’s a very important question. The Shah died in exile in Egypt in 1980. But why the Shah, who was pro-West, fled into exile in 1979? The non-Iranians know nothing about “Guadeloupe Conference“. In 1979, the media reported: “This conference of the heads of four Western powers -U.S., UK, France and West Germany- was held in the first week of January 1979 on the island of Guadeloupe. French President Giscard d’Estaing, who hosted the Guadeloupe Conference, US President Jimmy Carter, British Prime Minister James Callaghan, and German chancellor Helmut Schmidt attended this conference, and reached the conclusion that Shah could no more stay in power and his stay would only raise tensions. In a press conference, the US secretary of state Cyrus Vance announced that Shah was getting ready for holidays outside Iran”. Can you believe it? In fact, the story of Shah in 1979, was like the story of Mubarak (Egypt) and Bin Ali (Tunisia) in 2011. But why all people, including leftist, rightist, extremist, democratic wings and also foreign countries did not want Shah any more? It’s clear why the West didn’t want the Shah, because Iran had become a regional economic and military power, but the West was stupid and wanted a weak and puppet regime in Iran. But why did Iran’s people hate the Shah? Why on January 16, 1979, the people started chanting, dancing, offering free candies and cookies and the sound of car horns did not stop the whole day? Why the Shah was sad, but the people were so happy at that day?


The above questions is like this: “Why the people hate the Mullahs now? Why they are too eager to see Khamenei’ downfall?” In the revolutionary era of 1978-1979, about 2000 people were killed and thousands were arrested and tortured, and it’s like 2009-2011. In fact, there are many similarities between these days and those days, like the brutal dictatorship, the people who deeply hate the regime, Etellaat’s article, Rafsanjani’s downfall (like Hoveyda’s downfall), people’s letters to Khamenei, Change of Western policy on Iran’s regime, the horrible economic crisis in Iran, the economic crisis in the world, and many other things. In 1978 and even in 1979, no one predicted that the Shah was in imminent danger of falling in spite of increasing unrest spreading across the county. The people should not be disappointed, because the dictators are toppled when no one predicts it. Of course, in today’s Iran some predict the imminent downfall of the Mullahs. Now, everybody hates the Mullahs and wants to get rid of the Mullahs. But the people should read history and learn when they should do the proper work at the proper time. Iran’s history can show them when they should insist on change and protest, when they should stop protesting and instead should accept the big concessions, and when they should prevent themselves from creating another stupid revolution. The non-Iranians can learn many things from Iran’s contemporary history, too. In 1941, Russia and Britain invaded Iran and installed a puppet ruler (Shah). This new puppet ruler was son of Reza Kachal, the brutal dictator. As we said before, the great Iranian intellectual, Sadegh Hedayat, called Reza Shah “Reza Kachal” (Reza the bald). Reza Kachal is the grandfather of Reza Pahalvi. In 1910s and 1920s, “Ahmad Shah” was king of Iran. “Ahmad Shah”, the last king of Qajar dynasty, was the most modern King in Iran’s history. He not only respected the Parliament and the Constitutional Monarchy, but he really believed in the rule of law, Parliament, Freedom, Democracy, etc. He was kid when became king. The World War I created many disasters in Iran, and it was his bad luck and Iran’s bad luck. But in the mid-1920s, the British bastards hated “Ahmad Shah”, because he was young, modern, and open-minded and they could not deceive him. But Reza Kachal was a stupid illiterate soldier who just obeyed orders from above. So, the Britons made him king. The British bastard toppled the Qajar dynasty, mainly because “Ahmad Shah” was not like his stupid ancestors, and unlike them, he was modern. Of course, “Ahmad Shah” has his own stupidities and weak points, but compared to Reza Kachal, “Ahmad Shah” was intellectual. The British bastards wanted a puppet ruler in Iran, so they made Reza Kachal king, by a British-backed Military coup in 1925. But it’s funny to know that even Reza Kachal didn’t remain puppet. When Reza Kachal fled from Iran in 1941, he was not a puppet, but he was a stupid and weak brutal dictator who wanted to oppose the UK. But he had suppressed his own people, and Iranians really hated him. They preferred the British soldiers to Reza Kachal and his brutal dictatorship. It’s the tragedy of all brutal dictatorships who torture the people in a way that they prefer any force to the brutal dictator and his regime. In 1979, we had the same situation in Iran. The people only wanted to get rid of the Shah and the brutal Monarchists, at any price and by any means.


On January 16, 1979, the Etellaat newspaper had a big headline: “The Shah Went”, but the people changed the headline to “The Shah Fled”, because it was more meaningful. The Shah had fled from Iran, and even he himself knew it, and that’s why he cried and was very sad. The Khayemals (ass-kissers), that some of them still live in LA, California, and some of them were executed by the Mullahs, kissed the Shah’s legs and the Shah’s hands and asked him to stay in Iran, but the Shah was so stupid and so coward. The Shah was a puppet ruler like his father. And like his father he didn’t want to remain puppet in his last years. But when you suppress your own people and kill them and torture them, and insult them and treat them like slaves, they only can hate you and they don’t help you. The Shah wore crown in 1941 after British troops occupied Iran and forced his dictator father to go to exile. In the 1940s, that was a tragedy for Iran and the world, the journalists and the open minded people could breath freely in Iran. In the late 1940s, a national movement was begun to nationalize oil industry in Iran which were monopolized by Britain. But in early 1950s, the Shah who was puppet of Britain, opposed the decision. The nationwide protests in 1951 forced him to appoint Mosaddeq premier. In August 1953, the Shah attempted to dismiss Mosaddeq, who was one of the leader of “The Oil Nationalization Movement “, but the premiers popular support was so great that the Shah himself was forced to fled from Iran. But very soon the US and the UK supported a Military coup against Mosaddeq, and the shah returned to take power. It’s so funny to know that the Mullahs and the Islamists supported the UK and the Shah at that time. In fact, the Mullahs have always been close friend or puppet of the UK. In 1953, a CIA-sponsored coup ousted Mossadeq and his nationalist supporters and returned the Shah to power as an absolute monarch. He became a puppet of the US, and also a brutal dictator. The oil companies were returned to their foreign owners, the Parliament was largely stripped of its power, and the people and the opponents to the regime were ruthlessly suppressed. The Shah’s American-trained secret police, the SAVAK, had been thought to have successfully terrorized the population into submission during the next two decades through widespread killings, torture and mass detentions. From 1953 to 1973, the Shah was US poppet and a brutal dictator, but in 1974 he started to be more independent, and the West decided to topple him. But if the Shah was not so stupid and had not suppressed the people, and had respected the Constitutional Monarchy, Iranians would have supported him and aided him in his struggle with the hypocrite west. But the Shah was a coward and stupid dictator. Some say: “In December 1977, the Shah’s police massacred dozen of religious protestors and the resentment boiled over into open anger. In June 1978, the Shah made a number of concessions, such as the repeal of the ‘imperial calendar’ to the oppositions and the forces opposing him, but repression also continued. Strikes and sabotage were on the rise while wages dropped due to an economic downturn. The shah imposed martial law, and on ‘Black Friday’, September 8, 1978, troops gunned down hundreds of protestors. In October and November of 1978, a series of strikes by civil servants and workers in government industries crippled the country. Oil workers struck for about one month, bringing the economy to a dead halt, despite fruitless attempts to send troops into the oilfields”.


You can ask: Why many happy boys and happy girls went to the street and celebrated the Shah’s departure on January 16, 1979? Why the people started chanting, dancing, offering free candies and cookies and the sound of car horns did not stop the whole day? The Monarchists answer: “Because the people were so stupid”. It’s exactly like what the Mullahs say now. All people hate the Mullahs and the Islamists, but the Mullahs say: “Those who hate us are stupid people who can’t understand the value of independence, Islam, etc”. Maybe, 30 years later, the shameless Mullahs who would live in exile, like today’s Monarchists, would say: “The people in 2010s were stupid”. But now, we all can understand why the people hate the Mullahs and the Islamists. Who are the main responsible for another revolution in today’s Iran? The Mullahs and the Islamists, their thugs, and their mercenaries. And who were the main responsible for the Islamic revolution in 1979? The Shah and the Monarchists. And that’s why Iranians inside Iran say: “If the stupid Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi want to come back to Iran, we will entertain them with Guillotine“. If the Basiji thugs and the Mullahs fled from Iran during another revolution, and If after 30 years they want to restore the Mullah regime in Iran, what will Iranians do to them? The answer is very clear. The stupid Iranian Monarchists try to deceive the world, but Iranians inside Iran only laugh at them. The Shah and the Monarchists were exactly like Khamenei and the Mullahs, and the people hate both of them. Today, the majority of Iranians are literate and 20 million Iranian are university-educated. But in 1979, the majority of Iranians were illiterate and ignorant, and that’s why the 1979 Revolution could not bring fundamental change, and the secular tyranny was replaced with the religious tyranny. “In late November 1978, the Shahs nightly speeches were interrupted when workers cut off the electricity at precisely the time of his scheduled addresses. And in December 1978, soldiers began to desert. And finally after Guadeloupe Conference, the shah fled from Iran to Egypt on January 16, 1979″, historians say. It reminds many of Egypt and Tunisia in 2011. In the mid-1970s, the stupid Shah thought that his American-trained secret police, the Savak, can save him. He thought the Savak has successfully terrorized the people, and the widespread killings, torture and mass detentions could prevent the protests and the revolution. By the mid-1970s, most of the leftist, liberal, nationalist, and almost all opposition leaders had been successfully repressed through murder, imprisonment or exile, and most of their organizations banned. The stupid Shah was the main responsible for the 1979 revolution. Like other brutal dictators, he was so stupid and blind.


The 1979 revolution in Iran failed, because at that time the majority of Iranians (60% to 75%) were illiterate and about 80% of Iranians followed the Mullahs like sheep. But now, more that 85% of Iranians are literate and more than 90% of Iranians hate all Mullahs, all Islamists, all Monarchists, all Marxists, all Iranian Baboons. In 1979, about 75% of Iranians lived in the rural area, but now about 75% of Iranians live in the urban area. In 1979, Iran’s population was about 33 million, but the number of university students were so small, about 200 thousands, and only about 10% of them were female. But now, Iran has about 4 to 5 million university students and about 65% of them are female. Now, Iran has about 20 million university-educated people, and about 60% of them are female. And that’s why Iran will become a modern country in the near future, with or without a revolution . Following the success of the Islamic revolution, the Islamists instituted a theocratic dictatorship and wiped out other groups, because the majority of the people were illiterate and supported the Mullahs. At that time, 99% of the Iranian intellectuals were so stupid. Most of them were Marxists, Islamists, or Islamist-Marxists. They were at least as stupid as the Mullahs. Women were illiterate and inactive. But now, the modern Iranian girls and boys whose population is about 50 million, are at least as modern as their counterparts in the West. In January 1979, when Bakhtiar became Prime Minister, he took several measures to appeal to the opposition movement such as ending all restrictions on the press, freeing political prisoners, dissolution of SAVAK, lifting martial law, and promising free elections. At that time, If the opposition, the journalist, and specially the intellectuals had been wise, they would have accepted Bakhtiar’s measures, instead of supporting the savage Mullahs, Khomeini, and a stupid revolution. But the Iranian intellectuals were so stupid at that time. Bakhtiar became Shah’s last prime minister, because both the Shah and the Iranian intellectuals were so stupid. Iranians hate the Marxists and the stupid lefts, mainly because they have created many disasters in Iran from 1930s to 1980s. Most of them were puppet of Russia. They betrayed everything for the sake of USSR. But even the non-Marxist Iranians were so stupid. As we said before, Masoud Behnoud has confessed how stupid and how bastard he and his friends were in 1979, when almost all Iranian journalists and Iranian intellectuals didn’t support Bakhtiar and his progressive measures. Instead of supporting the Bakhtiar government, they supported Khomeini and the Mullahs, and within some years all of them badly paid the price of their horrible stupid mistakes.They didn’t do the proper work at the proper time. They still don’t do the proper work at the proper time. In 2009, they betrayed the young Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement, and tried to prevent efficient non-violent protests like remaining in the streets, general strike, daily protests, etc. The people could not win any concession from Khamenei and the Mullah regime, only because the Iranian baboons and the Islamist-Reformists betrayed the people. If those who controlled the media had not betrayed the people, and instead had asked the people to stay in the streets, within some weeks or some months the people would have won big concessions from the Mullahs. But the people only paid a very high price, without any outcome or any concession. The wise guys know that sometimes, like 2009 and 2011, you should insist on efficient non-violent protests, because you should win some major concessions, and sometimes, like 1979, when the regime gives big concessions to you, you should stop protesting and creating a stupid revolution. But the older generations of Iranians, i.e. almost all 50+ Iranians and the Iranian baboons, could not understand it. They betrayed the people in 1979, 1980s, 1997 to 2004, 2009, and 2011. They still betray the people, but the majority of Iranians hate them now. Unlike the Iranian baboons, the young wise Iranians know what is concession, when they should stop protesting and accept big concessions, and when they should stop creating another revolution. The younger generations of Iranians only want fundamental change or big concessions, not another revolution. They know that Revolution has a very very high price, and they should avoid it as much as possible. But they are not scared of Revolution, too. They know that they should solve the problem of the tyranny in Iran once and for all . It’s really shameful that after 100 years (after “Constitutional Revolution”), and in the 21st century, we still have the tyranny in Iran. The future and what will happen, is depend on what the Mullahs do. If they wanted to be as stupid as Gaddafi and other savage tyrants, then they can be sure that their fate will be worse than Gaddafi. The younger generations of Iranians will teach them a lesson that the world history will never forget it. But if the Mullahs were not too stupid, the transition can be clean and modern. It’s better for both sides, specially for the Mullahs. In 1979, the BBC reported: “British and American expats living in Iran (regarded as symbols of Colonialism) have been the frequent target of attacks. Thousands have left Iran”. I ask the bad guys in the west, specially in the US, the UK, France, and Germany to think about it.

Urgent Action: Save Internet & Victims of Internet

January 18, 2012

“Saeed Malekpour is in solitary confinement, and they told him hed be there until he was executed. The savage Mullahs want to execute him within the next days”, the people media reported. Saeed Malekpour is an Iranian who managed a website. The Mullah accused him of Corrupt on Earth and War against God”, only because of managing a website. It’s sadly funny that those who have embezzled the people money, and killed, tortured, and raped men and women, want to execute a poor boy in the name of “Moral Values”. Some say: “The savage who want to defend the truth or the moral values by telling big lies, executing the poor people, and killing, torturing, and raping the people, only disgrace those truth and moral values. The truth and the values that you should defend them by this sort of barbaric actions, is nothing except Big Lies and Barbaric Values”. We have already written about Saeed Malekpour’s Tragedy . In the recent days, the western mass media have closed their eyes to this great tragedy, and say nothing and do nothing. They tore their ass up for a woman who had killed his husband in Iran, but now they do nothing for a person whose crime is “managing a website”. Please don’t remain silent, inactive, or indifferent, and ask the world and the mass media to put pressure on the Mullah regime. No one in any country should not lose his life because of managing a website and exercise his rights to freedom of opinion, freedom of choice, and freedom of speech. As we said before, they wanted to execute him in 2011, but the global pressure prevented it. It’s not clear why the savage Mullahs play with the internet users and the people’ nerves every now and then. Some say: “They want to intimidate the people, but for what? In this way, the frustrated people just want to save themselves from the medieval tyranny of the savage Mullahs, at any price and by any means. What’s the use of this sort of barbarism? Do they want the internet users in Iran rise up, and each of them holds a gun and goes to the streets, and send them to hell? Do they want to have a fate worse than Gaddafi’s fate and Mussolini’s fate?” In these days, the Wikipedia and other digital activists protest against the SOPA and the violation of the people’s rights in the internet, and the savage Mullahs want to execute a person who managed a website. It’s so tragic. Please care about both the SOPA and the tragedy of the internet and the victims of the internet in Iran. The world should ask the Mullahs to stop being savage, and the world should ask the hypocrite west to stop being hypocrite bastard. Those who defend the SOPA, are those who sell the tools of surveillance to the Mullahs and aided them in killing Iranians. They are those bastards who only care about the nuclear issue, not the human rights. We have already written about the SOPA and the evil plans for the internet censorship in the US and Canada. Of course, the people in the free world, especially the stupid left and Chomsky’s fans in the US, should open their eyes and see the whole truth. In the US, at least no one loses his life for protesting or managing a website. But in the countries that the stupid left defend them, the situation is so horrible.

Please do something about both the SOPA and the tragedy of the internet and the victims of the internet in Iran. Please don’t remain silent, inactive, or indifferent.

Golden Globe 2012 and Asghar Farhadi

January 16, 2012

“Asghar Farhadi’s drama ‘A Separation’ won the best foreign language film award at the 69th Golden Globes on Sunday”, the media reported. Asghar Farhadi is a young Iranian filmmaker that is more important and talented than someone like Abbas Kiarostami that Iranians call him “Abbas Khayemal (Ass-kisser)” because he kisses the Mullahs’ ass. The media added: “Accepting his award, Farhadi thanked his cast, crew, producers and distributors. ‘When I was coming up on stage, I was thinking what I should say here,’ he said, ‘I prefer to say something about my people. They are a truly peace-loving people.’ Standing on stage, next to Farhadi, was actor/ writer Peyman Moaadi who portrays Nader in ‘A Separation’. Farhadi was one of the winners at 17th annual Critics Choice Awards (for Best Foreign Language Film), too”.


The nominations for Best Foreign Language Film in the 69th Golden Globe were: The Flowers Of War (China), In The Land of Blood and Honey (USA), The Kid With a Bike (Belgium), A Separation (Iran), and The Skin I Live In (Spain). The media reported: “A Separation is the first Iranian film that win a Golden Globe. Beating Angelina Jolies ‘In the Land of Honey and Blood’ and Pedro Almodovars ‘The Skin I Live in’, A Separation has a good chance of winning this years Oscar”. In the past two years, Farhadi has defended the Iranian movement, in Berlin Film Festival, in France, in “House of Cinema Festival”, etc. Farhadi has not betrayed the people yet. He has defended the Iranian anti-Mullah movement. But now in the US, he has refused to support the people movement. In fact, in the recent months he has begun to become more conservative, and now he is on the edge of becoming Khayemal (ass-kisser).


The 69th Golden Globe Awards were held on Sunday night in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Woody Allen won the Best Screenplay award for “Midnight in Paris”. Meryl Streep won the Best Actress award (Drama) for “The Iron Lady”. Martin Scorsese won the Best Director award for “Hugo”. George Clooney won the Best Actor award (Drama) for “The Descendants”. “The Descendants” won the Best Drama award, and “The Artist” won the Best Comedy award. You can find the full list of the nominations and winners in Golden Globe’s official website. It’s funny to know that some stupid or unimportant details can be important in Iran. Farhadi and Moaadi’s clothes were appropriate and normal, but it has angered the savage Mullahs, because they believe “wearing tie or bow tie is non-Islamic”. Fardahi shook Angelina Jolie’s hands, and it’s quite normal. But some say why he didn’t shake her hands warmly, while the savage Mullahs say why he shook a woman’s hand, specially Jolie’s hands. I don’t know why he didn’t shake Jolie’s hands warmly with two hands. Maybe he is frightened of the Mullahs. Maybe, it’s part of his personality. But it’s a personal matter, and unimportant matter. It’s none of our business. But what Farhadi would say in the Oscar’s night, if he wins the Oscar, will be important for many Iranians.


Farhadi is on the edge of becoming Khayemal (ass-kisser). Iranians will call him “Asghar Khayemal”, if he kisses the Mullahs’ ass or says any positive thing about the Mullah regime. And the people will be disappointed at him, if he remains silent and conservative. He can use the Oscar’s night to defend the ordinary Iranians and their movement. He should talk about the martyrs and the victims. Iranians are alone and voiceless. Everybody betrays them. But the Oscar’s night is a rare opportunity to support them. Farhadi can give a good speech that night. As we said before, the vast majority of Iranian filmmakers and Iranian celebrities are Khayemal (ass-kisser). They are opportunist, charlatan, and sycophant. Until now, Farhadi has been among the rare exceptions, and many hope he doesn’t become “Asghar Khayemal” in the near future. Almost all casts and crews of his film, “Separation of Nader and Simin”, are Khayemal. Maybe only “Leila Hatami” (Simin) or “Moaadi” (Nader) can be among the exceptions. Unfortunately, when Iranian celebrities become more famous, they become more Khayemal, too.


I’ve heard good and bad things about “A Separation”, that its full name is “Separation of Nader and Simin” or “Nader and Simin, A Separation”. I’ve not seen this film yet, but other Farhadi’s films were not bad. Of course, they were not good, too. “ChaharShanbe Soori” (Wednesday Feast) and “About Elly” are not bad films. I liked some scenes of ‘About Elly’, but the whole film was not good. Many things in this film were stupid. Of course, ‘About Elly’ was better than almost all Iranian movies in the recent years, but it doesn’t mean that ‘About Elly’ is a good film. I liked “ChaharShanbe Soori” (Wednesday Feast), more than “About Elly”. As you know, the Mullahs censor many things and don’t allow the Iranian filmmakers to make their own films, and that’s why almost all Iranian films are shitty, horrible, or unacceptable. The lack of basic freedoms, the horrible censorship, the self-censorship, and the Khayemali (kissing ass) are among the main obstacles in the way of all Iranians, including the Iranian filmmakers.


The young Iranian filmmakers are much more talented than someone like “Abbas Khayemal”. Asghar Farhadi is just one of the young Iranian filmmakers who can become global filmmakers, if they refuse to kiss the Mullahs’ ass, and if they could make their own films without the Mullah censorship and other restrictions that the Mullahs impose on them. Iranians have many unknown good filmmakers, and if you want one name, I can give you the name of “Hojjat Ghasemzadeh Asl”, who has four TV films, that are much more better than Farhadi’s works. The works of some young and unknown Iranian filmmakers, like “Ghasemzadeh Asl”, are “global artifacts”, at least much more than Farhadi’s works. The freedom, specially freedom of speech and freedom from censorship and suffocation, is necessary for making any good work. Many Iranians can’t work because the savage Mullahs don’t allow them or because they don’t want to kiss the Mullahs’ ass, and that’s why the majority of young Iranian intellectuals, writers, artists, filmmakers, philosophers, thinkers, etc are unknown. But after the Mullahs, the world will hear more about them.

[P.S. In the above pix, the person that some tell funny jokes about his taste in clothing, is Pedro Almodovar, the most famous Spanish filmmaker]

Iran and West: Nuclear Issue or Human Rights ?

January 14, 2012

In these days, those who wrote love letters to Khamenei in 2009 and closed their dirty eyes to the great brutal suppression in Iran; and those who refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullahs, and instead aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians and tried to reach a good deal with the Mullahs; and those who imposed their stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, but allowed the Mullah embezzlers and tens of thousands of the Mullahs and their families to go to the west, live there in luxury, and invest the embezzled money there, try to play with public opinion again. Now, instead of apologizing to Iranians for their shameful behaviors, the stupid bastards want to torture the ordinary Iranians in the name of the nuclear issue. In 2009 and 2011, it was so obvious that Iranians wanted to topple the Mullah regime and wanted to get rid of the Basiji thugs and the savage Mullahs who kill and torture Iranians, but the hypocrite west supported these bastards and refused to help the ordinary Iranians who were victims of these bastards who are stupidly called scientist, scholar, investor, entrepreneur, journalist, etc. The tragedy of Iran since 2009 until now, and the tragedy of Syria, are the key to understand the depth of stupidity of this shitty world. The hypocrite west pretends that Iran’s regime and Syria’s regime are the enemy of the west, but just look at the depth of the western hypocrisy and how they treat their enemies like their friends. The case of Egypt and Iran is so informative, too. The mass media and the fake intellectuals tell big lies and brainwash the people, but the Egypt’s regime was pro-West and Egypt’s people are Islamist or pro-Islamist. But Iran is the exact opposite of Egypt. The Iran’s people are anti-Islamist. But just look how the hypocrite west handled the Egypt’s protests and the Iran’s protests (check Archive). Do you know what the Iranians inside Iran say in these day: “What happened in 2009 and 2011 showed that the hypocrite west doesn’t care about the freedom, democracy and the human rights in Iran. In 2009, we thought the West is our friend and they would help us to topple the Mullah regime, but the hypocrite west not only refused to help us, but they aided the Mullahs in killing us. The hypocrite west is the enemy of Iranians, and is the friend of the Mullahs and the Islamists“. There is no need to an IQ of 160 to understand how the hypocrite west betrayed Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009 and 2011. There is no need to an IQ of 160 to understand the difference between Obama’s reaction to the Egypt’s protests and the Iran’s protests. There is no need to an IQ of 160 to understand the paradoxes of the west or their great scandals, like the Iran-Contra scandal in 1980s, or what they did in 2009, or the great scandal of selling the tools of suppression and surveillance to the Mullahs in 2009 and 2010. Even a person with an IQ of 75 can understand these matters that we have already written about them (check Archive). For example, the apparent paradox and the Iran-Contra scandal can show you many things. But unfortunately, most of the people in the world know nothing about these important issues. No one asks the hypocrite west if you were really the enemy of the Mullahs, what is the Iran-Contra scandal in 1980s? No one asks the hypocrite west if you were really the enemy of the Mullahs or you really wanted to solve the nuclear issue, why didn’t you support the Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009 at least as much as you supported the Egyptians in 2011? No one asks the hypocrite west why you aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians in 2009, and why many Mullahs, Mullah embezzlers, and Mullah agents live in the US, the UK, Canada, etc? Sometimes you think the world is full of the blind sheep and the blind idiots. We have already written about the Ashura traitors and the Hypocrite West , and what Timothy Garton Ash wrote in January 2010. Ash wrote: The Ashura protests should shame the west into a change of policy on Iran. Martyrdom is piled upon martyrdom. The senior members of the Obama administration suggest that they want to try to exploit the weakness of the Mullah regime to win some inches on the nuclear negotiation, neglecting the mile that might be gained by political change. Iranians listen carefully to what the west is saying. At this critical moment, it would be shaming if what Iranians who are risking their lives for more freedom heard was, in effect, the west only really cares about the nuclear issue. And that would only be reinforced by photographs of the Mullahs meeting with high European and American officials -again to talk only about the nuclear issue. At this moment, the message Europe and America together should send to the Mullahs is: ‘ We are in no hurry to shake the hand the Mullahs extend to us, when it has just been wiped clean of peoples blood’. That message would accord better with both our values and our long-term interests . Ash was a rare exception in the west who didn’t tell lie. Unfortunately, the Iranian inside Iran have been victim of the Western Hypocrisy since the 18th century. Here, when I say the west or the hypocrite west, I mean the bad guys in the west, not the good guys or the good things there. I should repeat this matter, because the new readers will judge us by this article. If you are a new reader or a typical ignorant westerner who thinks the Mullahs and the west are enemy of each other, or Iranians are Islamist and love the Mullahs, you should check our archive and read our pervious articles. Please check our archive, before asking any stupid question or before any judgment about what you read here. Unfortunately, the mass media brainwash the people, and many can’t see the truth. Recently, the hypocrite west has focused on the Nuclear Issue again. These bastards have forgotten the freedom, democracy, and the human rights issues in Iran since 2009, and only said: “We can do nothing for Iranians. We want to help them, but their regime is not our friend“. But now just look what they can do, if they want to do something. Those idiots who tried to justify Obama and said: “what could he do?”, should open their eyes and see what this stupid monkey could do in 2009. What he could do in 2009, for helping Iranians and for the sake of the freedom, democracy and human rights, but he refused, is what he does it now, for the sake of the nuclear issue and for their own stupid animal interests, not for Iranians. It’s very very tragic and very very important. They betrayed Iranians inside Iran, and still betray them. Shame on you the stupid monkey, Obama.


We have already written about What Iranians Expect form the West, and we only emphasized the importance of apologizing to Iranians, because it’s very critical. If the hypocrite west apologizes to Iranians, it would show that they don’t want to insult us and our intelligence and don’t want to repeat their stupid mistakes again . But if they refuse to apologize to Iranians, it only means that they still are hypocrite bastard and they still think we live in the Slavery Age or the Colonialism Age. Their apology also shows us whether they care about their own long-term interests or not. We have already written about Iranians and Nuclear Energy and how Iranians think about the nuclear issue. And now the west and the western politicians should answer a simple question: “Do you want Friend or Puppet?“. It’s a simple question that many thinks its answer is very clear, but unfortunately it’s not. In the Colonialism Age and the Slavery Age, the west only wanted puppet or slave, but are they still too stupid to want puppet or slave? It’s so obvious when we and others say: “we are friend of the west”, it doesn’t mean that we want to be their puppet. Being friend is one thing, and being puppet is another thing. I know that even the dumbest people of the world know this matter, but unfortunately the stupid bastards specially the Iranian baboons, the stupid Iranian expats, and the western politicians don’t want to understand it. I can understand why the Iranian baboons and the stupid Iranian expats don’t want to understand this matter. They are worthless mercenary who live by kissing ass. They are puppet. These stupid bastards, like the Iranian Monarchists in LA, California, or the Rajavists and other Iranian jerks know that they have not any supporter in Iran, so their beloved regime is a puppet regime like the Pahlavi regime or the Qajar regime in the Colonialism Age. They desperately try to ask the Americans to aid them in establishing another puppet regime in Iran. But who cares about these stupid bastards in Iran? The younger generations of Iranians are friend of the west and the whole world, but it doesn’t mean that they want to be puppet of the west. Iran and the West can be close friends. There are many similarities between Iranians and the westerners, and they can be very close friends. As we said before, the roots of the western culture, traditions, and many things in the west are Iran (Persia). So, it’s so obvious that they can be very close friends. On the other hand, we all are humans, and the humans in all around the world are like each other. What is called ‘Cultural Difference’ is a very marginal difference. It’s not important. Even two siblings are different from each other. It’s not important. When two members of one family can be very different from each other, it just means that ‘blood’, ‘race’, ‘nationality’, etc are not important at all. You can understand a wise guy in the US or any other place of the world, more than a typical stupid Iranian. And you can understand a wise guy in Iran, more than a typical idiot in the US or any other place of the world. But all these matters don’t mean that the west still can play the role of master, and others should play the role of slave. The master/ slave game has been finished. The younger generations of Iranians are educated and modern, at least as modern as their counterparts in the west. Most of them believe that all people in all around the world should help each other to build a better world. Compared to the racists, the religious fanatics, the chauvinists, and other typical idiots in the west, the majority of Iranians, who are young and modern, seem like intellectuals. Today, all wise guys in all around the world know that your nationality, your race, and your gender don’t determine whether you are a good guy or a bad guy, or whether you are idiot or wise. Where you were born is not important. We don’t inherit knowledge and wisdom from our parents. We don’t inherit knowledge and wisdom through our genes. We should acquire it. All youths in all around the world should start from zero, and should try to acquire knowledge and wisdom. If you learn nothing and live like sheep, then you are idiot or ignorant, independent of where you live. The main problem in Iran that the world should care about it, is not the nuclear issue, but it’s the brutal dictatorship. If the world aids Iranians in solving the main problem, then the nuclear issue and other issues would be solved automatically. But otherwise, if they still want to be as stupid as 2009 and 2011, and instead of apologizing to Iranians inside Iran, they want to impose new stupid sanctions on Iranians, they only show how stupid and how bastard they are. Any war game and any new sanction in the name of the nuclear issue is not acceptable for Iranians inside Iran. They ask: “Do you want to help us and do you care about the freedom, democracy and human rights ? or you only care about your stupid short-term interests (your animal interests) and the nuclear issue and want to destroy Iran ? If you want to help us, at first you should apologize to us for betraying us in 2009 and 2011. We have an old saying : ‘Aval Baradarito Sabet kon baad …’ that in this case means: ‘At first, you should prove that you are our friend, then we can talk about other things‘. The hypocrite west should be very careful. Iranians asked and still ask for help, not intervention”. We would write more about the differences between help and intervention, but it’s not very complicated. As we said before, the world should help the suppressed nations, but it doesn’t mean “Intervention or Meddling”. Today’s world needs a new organization to help the suppressed nations, because the Nato, the US, and the UN are very stupid. They often refuse to help the suppressed nations, and they are so mean and so hypocrite. The meaning of “Help” is very clear, for instance, the French helped the Americans during the American Revolution; or the Nato helped Libyans in 2011, despite all Nato’s betrayals and mistakes. The hypocrite west should stop being bastard. It’s so obvious that the nuclear issue is not the main issue. The human rights and the brutal dictatorship is the main issue (even the nuclear bomb would not save the Islamic regime, as it could not save USSR). And it’s so obvious that in the 21st century If you need puppet or slave, not friend, then the people can’t be your friend; they only can be your enemy. It’s not very complicated. So, we all should ask the west:Do you want Friend or Puppet? and Do you want to help Iranians, or you only care about your stupid animal interests? . If you were not as stupid as the slaveholders in the Slavery Age, you could understand that a modern Republic in Iran is in your own interests, too. It’s better for your own long-term interests, idiots. And it’s exactly like what the slaves and the wise guys told the stupid slaveholders in the Slavery Age. They also added: “The abolition of slavery (like the abolition of the tyranny and the secular or religious Monarchy in Iran) is inevitable. Stop standing on the wrong side of history, idiots

First time as Tragedy, the second as Farce

January 12, 2012

These days many Iranians don’t know whether they should be happy or sad, and whether they should cry or laugh. Many are not sure what they see is real or a dream, it’s joke or tragedy, or it’s tragicomedy or farce. It’s said: “The great events and dictators in world history reappear in one fashion or another; But the first time as tragedy, the second as farce“. These days we can feel it in Iran. I don’t know it’s farce or tragicomedy, but it’s sadly laughable. What we see in these days is really like a ridiculous black comedy. Let’s take a look at part of the story of these days. You yourself can decide whether it’s farce or tragicomedy:

– As we said before, in Iran the inflation rate is about 30% to 50%, but the interest rates that the banks paid to you for your money is about 5% to 9% ! So, you should be too stupid to keep your money in the banks. The rate that the banks charge you for their loans is about 18% to 30%, but the Mullahs get loans with the rate 9% to 12% !!, and often they don’t repay it. It’s an easy way for becoming rich. In the past six years, the Mullahs have embezzled more than $48 billion dollar, while the ordinary people whose money were in the banks, experienced a decrease in the interest rate from 18% to 6% and an increase in the inflation rate from 15% to 50%. It’s what the Mullahs call it ‘Justice’ or ‘Islamic Banking’. While the ordinary Iranians can not get a loan of $10,000 with the rate 20%, the Mullahs and their thugs get loans of $10 million to $100 million with the rate 10%, and even don’t repay them !! The Mullah media confess: “more than 1000 people have got loans, about $6 billion, but they don’t repay their loans ! We have 10 banks, that 9 of them are totally bankrupted”. It’s what the Mullahs call it ‘Islamic Justice” or “Islamic Banking”. In the past years, the Mullahs said that the interest rates is non-Islamic and anti-Islamic , but the inflation rate that is about 30% to 50% is Islamic. It’s exactly like what Khomeini and the Mullahs had said in 1980s. Anyway, in the recent days, the Mullahs that their economy is on the edge of collapse, have said: “[After six years that were full of big lies and big embezzlements, and after destroying the economy in Iran,] we understand that the interest rates should be equal to the inflation rate. Now, the inflation rate is about 20%, so the interest rates will become 20%”. Of course, the inflation rate in today’s Iran is equal to 40%. How we live in this Islamic Heaven in Iran ?

– Hossein Alaei wrote an article in the Ettelaat newspaper, in January 9, 2012, in the anniversary of “January 9, 1978”, the day that “the Pahlavi regime made a big mistake by publishing an article in the Ettelaat newspaper, and ignited the sparks of the revolution”, some believe. Hossein Alaei is a high rank Sepahi (high rank officer of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC], also known as “Sepah” or “Mullah Gestapo”). Some say: “Hossein Alaei is the first commander of the IRGC navy at the time of its formation in 1985. He also served as Guard chief of staff, deputy defense minister, and head of the Defense Ministry’s aerospace division”. Alaei made a comparison between Iran during the revolutionary era of 1978-79, and what happened in 2009 and 2011. Alaei wrote: “In 1978, the Pahlavi killed about 2000 protesters in Iran [like what the Mullah regime did in 2009]. They were killing and arresting more and more people, while they were losing their power more and more. Before the violent crackdown, the people did not chant against the Shah (Pahlavi), but after the brutal suppression the people started to chant against the Shah himself and asked for regime change [It’s exactly like what the people did in 2009 and 2011, when they started to chant directly against Khamenei and asked for regime change]. They started writing letter to the Shah, and the Shah (Pahlavi) was rightfully declared as the person behind all the countrys problems (and it’s exactly like today). Within just one year, the Shah, who thought that he is the owner of Iran, was forced to flee from Iran. Probably, after fleeing from Iran, the Shah would has asked himself the following questions: … Would the situation have not ended better if I had allowed the people to hold peaceful protests? Wouldnt I have obtained better results If I had not ordered the security forces to shoot at the people? If instead of placing prominent political leaders under house arrest, I had paved the way for a dialogue, would I have been forced to flee the country? If instead of accusing the people of being provoked by foreign countries, I had refrained from insulting their intelligence, would I still have been forced to seek asylum in foreign countries? If instead of accusing opponents of acting against national security, I had accepted the opposition, recognized it as legal and guaranteed their rights, couldn’t I have stayed in power longer?” Alaei’s article is a clear sign of the imminent downfall.

– The Mullah regime is a religious Absolute Monarchy, and the Pahlavi’s regime was a secular Absolute Monarchy. When the people asked the Pahlavi to respect the Constitutional Monarchy, he killed and tortured the people. And it’s exactly like what the Mullahs did and still do in Iran. It’s so obvious that Iranians inside Iran hate the Monarchy, but the Iranian baboons and their community in LA, California, are dead zombies who still live in the 1970s. They love kissing the hand and the ass of Pahlavi, their Majesty. They want to have a Shepherd. They are sheep and live like sheep, and that’s why they need shepherd. Their shepherd is a stupid bastard called ‘Reza Pahlavi’, who is the grandson of ‘Reza Kachal’ (Reza the bald). Sadegh Hedayat, the great Iranian intellectual, called Reza Shah “Reza Kachal”, because Reza Kachal was an illiterate brutal dictator. Reza Kachal was an illiterate soldier that the British bastards made him King. Reza Kachal was a stupid illiterate farmer, who became soldier. Reza Kachal, Mr. stupid nobody, became somebody in the 1910s with the help of the UK, and the Britons made him king in 1920s, because he was a good puppet. Now, the stupid grandson of Reza Kachal dream of becoming a new Reza Kachal with the help of Americans. But no one cares about him in Iran, and the people only laugh at him. “But if the Americans want to care about Reza Pahlavi, Iranians inside Iran will entertain him with a special thing: Guillotine“, some say. It’s funny that some great idiots try to kiss the Pahlavi’s ass in the name of freedom and democracy. They are exactly like the stupid bastards who kiss the Khomeini’s ass in 1978, or the Hitler’s ass in 1930s. They defend the Fascism and the Tyranny in the name of freedom and democracy. But they have reappeared as farce, not as tragedy. When they repeat Khomeini’s word “Vahdat Kalama” (unity), Iranians inside Iran laugh heartily.


– When Hoveyda was kissing the Pahlvai’s hand in the last years of the Pahlavi’s regime, he did not think that his end is near. Now, some Mullahs are like Hoveyda, some pretend ignorance about the imminent downfall, and some are really confused. The confused Mullahs and their media reported: “The members of the (Mullah) Cyber Army and those who are the soldiers and officers of the Soft War earn about $7 per hour for putting comments under the websites in the internet“. And the Wall Street Journal added: “A cleric blogger [Mullah] based in the holy city of Qum, Ahmad Najimi, said in his blog last week that the Islamic regime was paying mercenaries hired in the network known as the ‘Cyber Army’ the equivalent of $7 per hour to swarm the Web with positive comments about the Islamic regime and post negative comments against dissidents. That is consistent with comments from the Revolutionary Guards’ commander in Tehran who said some 2,000 bloggers had been recruited and trained as Cyber Army staff“. It’s a funny confession and a sign of the imminent downfall. It’s what all Iranians knew it, but unfortunately, the western mass media pretends what these Mullah mercenaries say are what the Iranian inside Iran say. It’s funny to know that the Mullah media also confessed: “They (our mercenaries) put comments in the websites, but the people don’t care about them. Instead, some of them care about what the people say and lose their faith [!]; They want to brainwash the people, but finally the people brainwash them [!]; Sooner or later, they lose their faith, like the ordinary people or those who don’t believe in anything; They become prostitute[!]” Some funny Iranians say: “Do you know that these Mullah mercenaries and other Iranian mercenaries have a special website for themselves? It’s ‘’.”

– The people reporters said: “ [the main website of the Iranian baboons] has been converted to Reza Pahlavi’s website. All Iranians know that Reza Pahlavi supports financially. But why the west supports and Reza Pahlavi financially? Why they waste their people’s tax on the worthless mercenaries? Reza Pahlavi and Mr. Balatarin are worthless shits; who care about them? they are like the Los Angeles TVs. But why the west supports them financially? It’s the main issue. In fact, is a new version of the bankrupted Los Angeles TVs. At first, The Los Angeles TVs -i.e. the Monarchist’s media in LA, California, that were satellite TVs and went bankrupted some years ago- got financial aids from the US government, but then all of them went bankrupted, because the Iranian inside Iran didn’t care about them. Do the American politicians want to repeat their stupid mistake again?”. It’s an important question. Many Iranians inside Iran say: “Reza Pahlavi dige sagge kieh” (Reza Pahlavi is Mr. stupid nobody); “Reza Pahlavi sagge ki bashe ke ahamiati dashte bashe” (Reza Pahlavi is a worthless shit. Who cares about him?) But our main question is: Do the Americans care about him? Reza Pahlavi and are worthless shits, and no one cares about them in Iran, but does the west cares about them? Do they have any evil plan or what ? If they openly support Reza Pahlavi, it would be a declaration of war against 75 million Iranians. We will never forgive and forget them, and this time they will pay the price of their betrayals”. When we and others write about the stupid bastards like Reza Pahlavi,, and the Monarchists, it doesn’t mean that they are important, but many in Iran think that these stupid bastards try to deceive the west and the world. Iranians inside Iran know the true colors of these stupid bastards, but the world know nothing about them, and should know more about them. “Do the American politicians want to repeat their stupid mistake again?”, it’s a tragic-comic question and you can’t be sure about its answer.

– The people reporters said: “Recently, Masoud Behnoud’s team have started to work with Reza Pahlavi . It’s probably a mission that the western countries and/ or the Mullahs have defined it. What Masoumeh Alinejad, Behnoud’s mistress, did in the recent days (her interview with Reza Pahlavi) is part of an evil plan. Maybe, those who support Masoud Behnoud’s team financially, think he can help them like 1978 and 1979. But he is a dead bastard now. Those who waste their money on him and his mercenaries, are really retard. They should know that Iranians inside Iran believe there is no difference between the Basiji thugs and the worthless mercenaries like Behnoud or Mr. Balatarin or Reza Pahlavi. The judgment day and the payback time is near. Those who betrayed the people in 2009 and 2011, and those who destroyed Iran, plundered its resources, and killed and tortured the people, and those who dreams of becoming a new Khomeini [or a new Reza Kachal] and want to restore the Monarchy in Iran, will be tried in the near future. In Iran, the Guillotine are ready for entertaining the last King and the last Mullahs, if they want to take us back to the Stone Age”. In fact, Iranians inside Iran want to get rid of both the last Mullah (Khamenei) and the last King (Reza Pahlavi) at the same time. The Iranian baboons, the Iranian expats, and the older generations of Iranians still are very stupid and still betray the younger generations. But the majority of Iranians inside Iran are young and modern. In the recent days, an Iranian Inside Iran, Alireza PirPourAli, has written a good open letter to Khamenei and has published in his Facebook page. Many like his letter, because it’s part of the real voices of Iranians inside Iran. Millions people who are as brave as or as wise as PirPourAli, and millions people who are braver or wiser than him live in today’s Iran. All of them are young, educated, and modern, and want to put an end to the Islamic or secular Monarchy and the tyranny in Iran for ever. The future belongs to them.

The Secrets of Success in Iran and the World

January 10, 2012

Many people in all around the world want to know the secrets of success. If you have a very rich family, you don’t need to know the secrets of success. You already are successful, because the first secret of success is “being lucky”, and you already are lucky enough. You are part of the 1%, and your father or one of your ancestors already knew the secrets of success, but other people who are part of the 99%, should try to find the secrets of success. In Iran, the golden rule and the key secret of success is: “Being Charlatan and Being Khayemal (ass-kisser)”. The charlatan and the stupid typical Iranian Khayemal (ass-kisser) can become millionaire, can become a famous or popular figure, can work with the western institutes or the western companies, can easily get visa and can easily go to or live in each western country that they want, etc. The secrets of their success are as follows: (1) Embezzle money as much as you can (2)Deceive a rich girl/boy who has a rich family to marry you (3)Betray your family and your friends whenever it’s in your interests (4)Kiss your boss’s ass, and also the Mullahs’ ass as much as you can (5)Tell lies and deceive the people as much as you can (6)Do whatever the majority do. And live like sheep and follow the fashion (7)Always pretend that you are friend of each person you see; always pretend how much you love them, but always talk about them behind their back and say how much you hate them or how much they are stupid (8)Try to have many shallow relationships with the rich or powerful people. You can use them. Forget honesty or intimacy (9)Bribe everybody and try to solve all your problems by bribery (10) Be clever (“Zerangh Bash”), f-u-c-k others and their rights as much as you can. These secrets are the basic secrets of success in Iran. But if you want to be more successful or want to become somebody, you should try to be a fake intellectual or a mercenary. The fake intellectuals and the typical Iranian mercenaries are the most successful people in Iran, because they not only know the above secrets, but they are aware of the following secrets: (11)Only say what the west and the western media want to hear. Forget the truth or telling the truth (12)Always and only work for the money. Write or say what your sponsors dictate to you (13)Support the Islamists, the Monarchists, the terrorists, any other group who gives you good money. If the people asked you why you defend these reactionary bastards, just say: “It’s freedom and democracy. I can defend whatever I want. Why you behave like dictators?” (14)Get financial aids from the western countries in the name of defending the Iranians inside Iran, while your job is ‘Betraying Iranians inside’ (15)Betray the people in 2009 and 2011 and say that “Iranians should leave the streets; The street protests are enough; Iran doesn’t need revolution or fundamental change”. But in 2012 say: “Why Iranians are so stupid and inactive. Why they don’t do anything for revolution or fundamental change in Iran” And if the people said: “You are a stupid jerk, a worthless mercenary”, you would say: “Why you use bad language? It shows that you are an uncivilized man” (16) Be shameless in a way that compared to you, Mr. shit seems like a saint (17) Tell shameful lies when you look at the people’s eyes. Don’t tell lie only behind their back, but tell lie when you look at their eyes (18) Deny what you did to the people or how you betrayed the people. If they insist and show you undeniable facts, you should say: “Oh, what I did was for the sake of the people. They were stupid and what I did was better for them” (19) Do drugs as much as you can, and say : “It’s what all real intellectuals should do. It’s modernism”. (20) Always tell the biggest possible lies. Your lies should be so big. The bigger, the better. For example you can say: “50% of Iranians still support the Mullah regime” or “10% of Iranians support Reza Pahlavi”. These items are the secrets of success in Iran. Those who hate these secrets, should live like a prisoner in the big prison (Iran), because the western countries and the western politicians don’t allow them to live the big prison


Unfortunately, Khayemali (Kissing ass) is the key secret of success in almost all parts of this shitty world. But there is an important and tragic difference between Iran and the west. The wise Iranians can’t be as successful as the dumbest idiots in the west, because the world treat them like a second-class citizen. The idiots in the west, from the religious fanatics to the typical idiot in the US or the west, that their utopia is somewhere like Las Vegas, specially when they can live there like the leading roles of the B movies or the adult movies, are first-class citizens in this shitty world, and can go to other countries without any visa or any restriction, but the wise Iranians should be second-class citizens and should live in Iran like prisoners. The typical idiot in the US or the west have their own secret of success, and that’s why they are first-class citizens. The secret of their success is their belief in the following things: (1)Those who live in the US or the west are human, but those who live in the rest of the world are animal or have come from Mars or Moon (2)Only the Americans and the westerners are able to be scientist, intellectual, philosopher, artist, filmmaker, humorist, etc (3)The religious fanatics who live in the West are modern people, but the open-minded people or the ordinary people in other parts of the world are fanatic (4)The illiterate or idiot people who live like sheep in the west are modern, but the educated, open-minded and modern people who live in other parts of the world are idiot (5)Doing drugs or living like the leading roles off the B movies or the adult movies is the most important thing of the world (6)Mathematics, Physics, or Science is hard and also useless. The people should not waste their life on such things (7)Iranians are Arab and Islamist. They love the Mullahs and hate the Americans (8)Iranians are terrorist. They live in the desert, and have no city, no modern life, nothing (9) Reading books, thinking, using your brain, or studying is hard and useless. Just try to have fun. God Bless Beer/ Drugs (10) Where you were born is important, not who you are. But who make these idiots first-class citizens, and who make the wise guys in Iran and other countries second-class citizens? The policymakers and the bad guys in the west, who think the secret of their success is their belief in the following things: (1)We are master, and others are slave (2)We are powerful, and others are weak (3)We are smart, but others are retard (4)We can tell big lies, and everybody accepts it (5)We make love with the Mullahs, but we can pretend that the Mullahs are our enemy (6)While we supported the Mullahs in 2009 and 2011, and tens of thousands of high rank Mullahs live in the west and make love with us, we can impose sanctions on the ordinary Iranians in the name of fighting against the Mullahs (7)We are goods, but others, specially Iranians, are bad (8)The mass media and the fake intellectuals are our tools for controlling and brainwashing the people (9)We can work with the mercenaries who are very hated figures in Iran and other countries, but we can pretend that they are representative of the people in Iran and other countries (10)We can defend the tyranny and the brutal dictators in the name of the freedom, democracy and human rights. These items or these secrets seem like joke, but unfortunately, when you live like a prisoner in the prison (Iran), you can see that they are not joke.

Living like a Prisoner in a Big Prison named Iran

January 7, 2012

When you live in Iran, you live like a prisoner in a big prison. It’s a feeling that only the prisoners can understand it. If you live in the free world, you can’t understand it. Maybe, only if you put yourself in the place of a prisoner in the Nazi prisons, the Fascist prisons, or the Communist prisons, like what you can see in the movies, you could understand us. The Iranians who don’t want to close their eyes and don’t want to sell themselves and don’t want to live like animal, are forced to live like a prisoner in a big prison. Those who live like a prisoner in Iran can not leave this big prison, mainly because of the hypocrite west, not the Mullahs. The hypocrite west has imposed many stupid sanctions and many dreadful restrictions on Iranians, while the Mullahs and their families and their mercenaries can easily go to the west, can invest the embezzled money there, and can live in luxury there. It’s so tragic. When you live in the big prison (Iran), a monkey like Obama can cut all your access to the outside world. You can’t have access to any foreign bank, any foreign market, any foreign community, or any foreign product (except the stupid Chinese ones), and the western embassies treat you like animal, and the international media say nothing about you, except big lies. Here, a monkey like Obama makes love with the Mullahs and those who kill and torture the people, but instead impose dreadful sanctions on the victims and the ordinary people. Here, a little monkey like Khamenei and a bunch of Chalquz (bird shit) decide about your private life, from your clothes and your relationship to the books you read, the movie and the media you watch, and the music you listen. Here, the monkeys and the Chalquz can disconnect your internet access whenever they want, and a monkey like Obama helps them. Here, the monkeys and the Chalquz ban you from writing, speaking your mind, having website, protesting, assembling, and any other activity in the public space, but a monkey like Obama makes love with them and allows them to have TV studio in the US. Here, many people earn money by kissing ass, because the Mullahs control 99% of the economy, and many people prefer to live like animal, because living like human is equal to suffering. Here, all basic needs and basic rights are in deep crisis, and the only way to live in comfort is ‘being ass-kisser and embezzling the oil money’. It’s what is called ‘the rule of the game’ here. Those who hate “the rule of the game”, and don’t want to sell themselves, have many problems and live like a prisoner in a big prison. The hypocrite west has a key role in this great tragedy. They have imposed stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, not the Mullahs. Do you know which people are allowed by the west to leave Iran? or Who can leave this big prison? The crooks, the thieves, the monkeys, the baboons, the sheep, the Chalquz (bird shit), etc. The Mullahs, their families, the Basiji thugs, and other Iranian baboons can leave the big prison without any problem. The cases of great crooks like Khavari, Amir Khosravi, Buzari, Rafsanjani, Mohajerani, Reza Pahlavi, etc who have gone to Canada, the US, the UK and other western countries and live there in luxury is just the tip of the iceberg. The number of the Basji thugs, the Islamists, the Mullahs, the Monarchists, the Rajavists, the Marxists, etc who live in the UK, Canada, the US, etc and have US Green Card is not small. The worthless mercenaries like Ganji, Behnoud, Nabavi, Amirarjmand, etc can leave the big prison, because they are mercenary or political prostitute. Under these conditions, it’s so obvious that the majority of the Iranian expats should be the dumbest jerks of the world. And that’s why a Basiji Chalquz like Mehdi Yahyanejad that some call him “Mr. Balatarin”, can launch a website ( in the name of Iranians inside Iran and freedom and democracy, and get financial aids, but his stupid website becomes the website of traitors and mercenaries, and betrays Iranians inside Iran; That’s why a Monarchist Chalquz like Reza Pahlavi, the grandson of “Reza Kachal” (“Reza the bald”. Sadegh Hedayat called Reza Shah “Reza Kachal”) who is nothing expect a stupid illiterate crook, can buy the journalists and mercenaries, in a way that Iranians inside Iran say: “naveh Reza Kachal ham vase ma Adam shode” (the grandson of Reza Kachal, Mr. stupid nobody, wants to become somebody); That’s why a baby political prostitute like Masoumeh Alinejad, who is Masoud Behnoud’s mistress, can flee to the UK in the name of the freedom and defending the Iranian inside Iran, but there she works for the Mullah Mafia and Masoud Behound, and flirts with Reza Pahlavi and has interview with him, as a mission that has been defined by the western politicians and/or the Mullahs and its goal is very clear, and of course very stupid (it’s a mission impossible); That’s why a charlatan and a baby baboon like Mohammad Mostafaei, who was a stupid lawyer in Iran, can flee to Norway in 2011 in the name of women’s rights and children’s rights, but there he becomes a Reza Pahlavi’s defender. In fact, all of these tragic jokes have one reason: the west just allows the Iranian baboons and the mercenaries to leave the big prison. It’s the tragic story of the western countries and Iranian baboons. When the ordinary Iranians can not get visa from the western embassies in Iran, or when Iranian refugees in Turkey, who live in the refugee camps in very horrible conditions, can’t get visa from the western embassies in Turkey, the political prostitutes and the worthless mercenaries like Alinejad, Mostafaii, Amirarjmand, Basiji thugs, etc can easily go to the UK, Canada, the US, Norway, France, Germany, etc. Iran is a big prison, but who is the prison guard? the hypocrite west and the western politicians. Just in some cases, the Mullahs play the role of the prison guard and don’t allow Iranians to leave Iran, but in most of the cases, the hypocrite west plays the role of the prison guard. The situation in Iran is not like North Korea, that its main problem is “the passport” and its regime doesn’t allow the people to leave the country. In Iran, the main problem is not “the passport”, but it’s “the visa”. In this shitty world, for leaving the big prisons you need both the passport and the visa. Those who live like a prisoner in Iran can not leave the big prison, because of the stupid western sanctions and the dreadful restrictions that the hypocrite west has imposed on Iranians, but the Mullahs, their families, and the crooks and mercenaries can easily go to the west and invest the embezzled money there, and live in luxury there.


Why many people in Iran and many other places of the world should live like a prisoner in a big prison? Why the people who are not nationalist and don’t care about any special race or nationality, can’t live like a free man, but the crooks and many of the stupid people who are nationalist or even racist or chauvinist or religious fanatic can be free and can go and live wherever they want ? Today, the world knows some basic rights as the universal human rights, but the right to immigration without any restriction, i.e. the right to live in any place of our planet Earth without any restriction, still is not considered as a basic and universal right for all humans. It’s like the situation in the 18th or the 19th century. At that time, many thought the right to education is a special right for the rich. At that time, only the rich kids could go to school, and other kids had to work since the age of 5 in the horrible working conditions, 16 to 18 hours par day. At that time, only the rich kids had access to the modern technology, and could travel abroad. At that time, the black slaves and the poor people lived in pure hell. The black slaves were considered as animal without any human rights. And the poor people in Europe and America could not vote and did not have any political right. They did not right to education, as they did not have any other civil, political, economic, social, and cultural right. But now, the humans have a “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, at least on paper. The rights described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights include the right to life, liberty, and security; to freedom of conscience, religion, opinion, expression, association, and assembly; to freedom from arbitrary arrest; to a fair and impartial trial; to freedom from interference in correspondence, privacy, or home; to a secure society and an adequate standard of living; to education; and to rest and leisure. The declaration also affirms the rights to travel from a home country at will and return at will; to work under favorable conditions, receive equal pay for equal work, and join labor unions at will; and to participate in government and in the social life of the community. But all of these rights were meaningless in the 18th century, or even in the 19th centuries, as the women rights and the children rights were meaningless. The right to immigration without any restriction, i.e. the right to live in any place of our planet Earth, is a basic universal right like other meaningless rights in the past centuries, but it still is meaningless and the politicians and the media have converted it into an evil right or a luxurious right. They buy and sell this right (immigration). It’s exactly like the situation in the 18th and 19th centuries when the basic human rights were sold and bought by money and social standing. Why a stupid officer can decide whether you can leave the big prison or not? Why the stupid politicians can decide whether you can enjoy your basic right to immigration or not ? Why the stupid politicians can decide whether you can travel abroad or not? It’s exactly like the 18th and 19th centuries when the stupid politicians could decide whether you can vote or not, whether you can go to school or not, whether you should be slave or not, whether you can enjoy rest and leisure or not, etc. Now, only the rich countries can enjoy the right to immigration without any serious restriction, i.e. the right to live in any place of our planet Earth and it’s exactly like the stupid conditions of the 18th and 19th centuries, when only the rich kids had the right to education, rest, leisure, etc. The wise guys and the real intellectuals in all around the world should think and write more about this shameful tragedy. It’s like a new kind of Slavery. And it’s harmful for both the rich and poor countries. When only the rich kids had right to education, the human society was full of illiterate thugs that could prevent the human progress, and could threaten the rich. In fact, many people were illiterate, unhappy and unsatisfied and it caused many serious problems. And now when mainly the mercenaries, the charlatan, and the crooks can leave the big prisons, they pollute where they go, and many people are unhappy and unsatisfied and it causes many serious problems. It can create war, hatred, violence, and many other evil things exactly like the past centuries. Our planet Earth belongs to all humans, and if all humans had been free, those who can understand each other more, would have been able to create their own communities without any national border . A wise man in Iran is like a wise man in Canada or the US. And a stupid or religious man in Canada or the US, is like a stupid or religious man in Iran and other countries. Why you should judge the people by their nationalities? The wise guys, the idiots, the religious fanatics, the intellectuals, etc in all around the world are like each other, independent of their nationality. The humans are human, independent of where they live. You should be too stupid or too naive, if you judge people by their nationality. A stupid religious fanatic in the US is exactly like a stupid religious fanatic in Iran, and they have much in common. A wise intellectual in the US is exactly like a wise intellectual in Iran, and they have a lot in common . The people that can be happy with each other, should be able to live with each other, and it’s better for the whole world. When the number of happy and satisfied people increase, the number of horrible or stupid problems decrease. It’s very important. If all people in our planet can enjoy freedom and democracy, and all people can choose where they want to live without any restriction, then the number of happy and satisfied people would increase. Then more people can reach the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid. Then we will have a better world. If the idiots and the stupid people in all around the world can live with each other, they can understand the true meaning of their stupidity better. Why the Islamists should live outside the Islamic heaven in Iran, and then bullshit others about the Islamic heaven? If all Islamists live in the Islamic heaven, and all religious fanatics live in their own Utopia, and all stupid lefts and Marxists live in their stupid Utopia, etc then not only they are happy, but it can solve many problems. It seems like a joke, but really it’s not bad if the Islamists, the Mullahs, the Christian fanatics, the Jew fanatics, the Marxists, the Monarchists, and other idiots could have their own community (country) and could f-u-c-k themselves there from morning to night, that means ‘live in a way they want to live, without hurting others who hate their laws and their lifestyle’. And only when they or their children hate their Utopia, they are allowed to leave there. Why we (the ordinary people) should pay the price of the stupidity of the Mullahs, the fanatics, the capitalists, the racists, the communists and other idiots? Anyway, it’s so obvious when the western politicians allow the Basiji thugs, the crooks, the Islamists, the mercenaries, and other idiots to live in the west, while the wise and normal people are forced to live in the big prison, it’s a great betrayal and they betray both their own people and the people who live in the big prison. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the number of unhappy and unsatisfied people was very larger than today, and that’s why that time was full of many periodic wars, violent riots, horrible crimes, class war, violence, etc. I hope the wise guys can think and write about this important matter, and can aid the prisoners of the big prisons in being freed from the big prison.

P.S. Let’s think about a funny global solution like this: Each state determines which kind of state or community it wants to be. The majority of the people decide about it and determine it. In this way, for instance, parts of Europe become community for the racists, or the religious fanatics, and other parts become community for the socialists, the intellectuals, the liberals, the artists, etc; Or parts of the US and Canada can become community for the religious fanatics, the capitalists, or the idiots, and other parts can become community for the wise guys, the scientists, the socialists, the filmmakers, etc; Or Iran can become community for the Khayemals (ass-kissers), the liberals, the seculars, the spiritual people, etc; Or Saudi Arabia, small countries of the Persian Gulf, Egypt, etc can become a community for the Islamists. And after this phase, all people in all around the world can select their favorite community, and can go there and live there. Think about it. And don’t forget that the idiots in the US, Iran, Europe and other countries have a lot in common with each other, as the wise guys and others have a lot in common with each other. The people that have a lot in common with each other, can have their own community, without any national border. Think about it.

Western Hypocrisy and Tragedy of Internet in Iran

January 4, 2012

“Iranians should say goodbye to the internet. The internet in Iran will be disconnected within several weeks”, the Mullah media reported yesterday. Now, even checking emails is very hard in Iran. The average internet speed has been near 2kb/s in the last month. I don’t know until when we can update here. We have already written about this tragedy (check Archive). Disconnecting the internet is a clear sign of brutal dictatorship and Mullah savageness, and has a very high price for the Mullahs, while it doesn’t solve their problems. With or without the internet, the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons will go to hell. With the internet, they can hope that they can go to hell in a modern way, but without the internet they can be sure that their fate will be worse than Mussolini’s fate and Gaddafi’s fate. The classic revolution doesn’t need the internet or any modern technology. But just look at the hypocrite west and how the hypocrite bastards have closed their eyes. The hypocrite west sells the censorship tools and the suppression tools to the Mullahs and closes its dirty eyes to disconnecting the internet in Iran. It’s a great tragedy. In fact, the main enemy of the internet in Iran is not the Mullahs, it’s the west and “Western Hypocrisy”. The world and public opinion should know more about the western hypocrisy and how the west betrays Iranians. Since when the Mullahs clearly declared that they want to disconnect the internet in Iran, and when the internet speed became very slow, the western mass media and the whole world have closed their dirty eyes and their dirty mouth and say nothing about this great tragedy. We and many other Iranians inside Iran wrote about this great tragedy and asked the world to do something about it. But nothing happened. It’s really disappointing. Unfortunately, the Iranian inside Iran are not just victim of the Mullahs, but they are victim of the hypocrite west, too. Here, when I say ‘the west’ or ‘the hypocrite west’, I mean the bad guys in the west, not the good guys or the good things there. It’s so obvious that we and most of Iranians inside Iran are very angry at the hypocrite west and what they did in 2011 and 2009. If you put yourself in the place of Iranians inside Iran, you can understand our anger. If you are a new reader or a typical ignorant westerner who thinks the Mullahs and the west are enemy of each other, you should check our archive and read our pervious articles. Otherwise, you can’t understand the true meaning of what you read here. Please check our archive, before asking any stupid question or before any judgment about what you read here. What you read is just a logical result of what happened in 2011 and 2009. Unfortunately, the west betrayed Iranians in 2009 and aided the Mullahs in suppressing Iranians. The hypocrite west sells the censorship tools and the surveillance tools to the Mullahs. It’s very tragic. The Mullahs want to disconnect the internet in Iran (with the help of the west), but the western mass media say nothing about it. Do you know what it means? If you are not stupid, you know what it means. What happened in 2009 and 2011 (you can find many articles about this matter in our archive) can show us that the west still thinks we live in the 19th or 18th century, in the dark ages of Slavery and Colonialism. But public opinion and the good guys are very powerful now. If all good guys ask change, it certainly would happen. And that’s why the bad guys try to use “Divide and Conquer” tactics, and their mass media try to brainwash the people. But if the good guys remain inactive and indifferent, the bad guys can take the world back to the dark ages of of war and hatred. Unfortunately, many good guys have closed their eyes and their mouth now, while the bad guys are very active. These tragic conditions are like the plague of 1930s. In the 20th century, the west created two world wars that killed about 80 million and had more than 200 million victims. The west has already shown how savage and how stupid it could be. Unfortunately, 2010s has many similarities with 1930s. The number of the idiots in the west is not small, and it’s so dangerous. The bad guys try to discourage the good guys. They want to disappoint us. They can brainwash the idiots. And the best case for them is when the good guys are inactive or indifferent. If you live in the west, you should know when you are indifferent, you repeat history and betray yourself. The Iranians inside Iran don’t expect you to help them. Just do something for yourselves. In these days, the Iranians inside Iran say to the west: “Maa raa beh Kheireh tu Omidi Nist, Shar Maresan” (We don’t expect you to help us, just stop hurting us). It’s clearly show that they are disappointed at the west. In 2009, many Iranians asked the west to help them, but the west refused to help Iranians. It was a great shock for the majority of Iranians, who were young and thought the west is their friend, and the west supports the freedom and democracy in Iran. Now, they are angry and just say: “Stop hurting us; Stop betraying us; Stop aiding our Killers; Stop being hypocrite bastard; Stop being our enemy“. It’s very tragic. The wise guys know what it means, and what will happen if the world and the west remain indifferent and repeat their great stupid mistakes again. But if all good guys help each other, “change” and “better world” will not remain a dream.


Unfortunately, the good guys are silent, inactive, or indifferent. I don’t know who you are. You, the reader, can be a good guy or a bad guy. In this website, we write only for the good guys in all around the world. We don’t write for the bad guys, but they read here, too. If you are one of the bad guys in the west, you should know that today is not like the Colonialism Age, and today’s Iranians are not like their stupid parents in the 1970s or 1950s, or their stupid ancestors in the Colonialism Age. This time, they can teach you a lesson that you will never forget it. But the corps of the good guys should not remain inactive and indifferent. The bad guys are very active. In the dark ages of hatred and war, the whole world, not just some nations, will be victim. It’s like the story of the Plague. We and the majority of Iranians inside Iran are not disappointed at the good guys in all around the world. We are just totally disappointed at the west, and also the Iranian expats, who are worthless pieces of shit. The Iranian expats are worse than the Mullahs. What they did in 2009 and in 2011, clearly proved that they are the dumbest jerks of the world. Iranians inside Iran did a great historic job in 2009, and in about 9 months tens of thousands of them were killed, arrested, and tortured by the savage Mullahs. But the Iranian expats betrayed them. You don’t need the long list of their betrayals to know the truth, just ask yourself what these stupid bastards have done about the tragedy of the internet in Iran, in the past months? We have already written about this matter. The Iranian expats not only did nothing, but as Masoud Behnoud -the head of Iranian Journalist Mafia and a member of Mullah Mafia in London- clearly confessed, they are happy. The worthless pieces of shit are happy that the Mullahs want to disconnect the internet in Iran. The Rajavist, the Monarchist, the Pahlavists, the Islamist-Reformist, and all Iranian baboons are happy that the voices of Iranians inside Iran will not be heard. But the west support them financially and politically. As we said before, it’s “a Dangerous Plot against Iran and Future of Iran”. Of course, with or without the internet, the Iranian baboons will go to hell like the Mullahs. But the world should know that the Iranian exapts are enemy of Iranians inside Iran. Some of these stupid bastards, the Rajavists, helped Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war. The Mullahs, the Rajavists, the Pahlavists, and all the worthless pieces of shit are exactly like each other. They betray everything and everyone, only for the power or the money. Most of the 4 million Iranians that live in the west are worthless pieces of shit. The number of wise or normal Iranian expats are very very small, and if you, the reader, are one of them, you should know that if you remained inactive and indifferent, you have not any difference with the worthless pieces of shit. The world and public opinion in all around the world should know that Iranians inside Iran hate most of Iranian expats. The world and public opinion should know how the west supports the Iranian baboons and the worthless pieces of shit financially and politically. The world and public opinion should know how the west and the western mass media have closed their dirty eyes to the tragedy of the internet and disconnecting the internet in Iran. All good guys in all around the world should talk and write about this matter. If you are one of the good guys, please write or talk about this great tragedy. There is no need to spend money, or do any other action. Just write about it and talk about it. Lets the world knows the Western Hypocrisy. Let’s the world knows how hypocrite the west is. Let’s the world knows the long list of the western paradox, that just two items of them are: (1)When the Mullahs were butchering Iranians in 2009, the west sold tools of surveillance and tools of censorship to the Mullahs and aided them in killing Iranians (2)Tens of thousands of Mullahs, Mullah mercenaries, and Mullah embezzlers live in the west and invest the embezzled money there. Let’s the world knows how the west betrays Iranians and how their stupid sanctions only hurt the ordinary Iranians, not the Mullahs. Let’s the world knows that the West and the Mullahs want to destroy Iran with the help of each other. Do you know why Iranians say: “The west doesn’t want to topple the Mullahs. They just want to destroy Iran. They don’t care about the freedom, democracy and human rights in Iran. If they had cared about these matters or had wanted to topple the Mullah regime, they would have helped Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009“, please think about it, and talk about it. It’s a very very tragic fact. The stupid bastards don’t know that Iran’s main resource is not the oil, but it’s human resources, and nothing can destroy it. Unfortunately, our today conditions are like the last years of the Slavery Age. The stupid greedy slaveholders were so stupid and could not understand that a world without slavery is not only inevitable, but it’s a better world for all people, including themselves. They stupidly and desperately tried to prevent the inevitable change. They were on the wrong side of history, as the west is now. Let’s public opinion know how the west sells the censorship tools and the surveillance tools to the Mullahs and aids them in disconnecting the internet in Iran. Lets the world knows how the west and the western mass media have closed their eyes to disconnecting the internet in Iran. If public opinion know these things and the western hypocrisy, the bad guys can’t succeed in their evil plans. If you are a good guy in the west and all around the world, please don’t remain silent. Otherwise, you can’t call yourself good guy.

Goodbye 2011

December 30, 2011

The historic year of uprisings and revolutions has reached the end of the line. In Iran, and many other countries, the 2011 started with “Hope” and many tried to take ‘hope’ out of their Pandora’s box. Since when it was opened for the first time and all disasters were taken out of it and filled the world, Pandora’s box has become useless, and often is empty. Now, all people have their own empty Pandora’s box, and every now and then they put their hope in it and close the door. In fact, Pandora’s box has become a grave for Hope. The world is already full of disasters and horrible problems, and when many people put their hope in their Pandora’s box, the world and the life become a real nightmare, a pure hell. But when the people open their Pandora’s box and bring out “Hope”, like what they did in 2011, the world and the life become more tolerable. In 2011, many people in all around the world, from the Arab world to the US and Europe, brought out “hope” and went to the streets and fought for ‘Change’ and ‘Fresh Air’. In some countries, like Libya, Syria, and Iran, asking for ‘change and fresh air’ had a very high price and resulted in ‘Blood Bath’. The world helped the Libyans and they could save themselves, but Syrians, Iranians (that their struggle has started since 2009) and others just had “Blood Bath” and paid a very high price, without any outcome. The case of Iran was different from all other cases, because the Iranians hate the Islamists and are anti-Islamists, while all other nations in the Middle East and Africa are Islamist or pro-Islamist. Many thought this key difference can encourage the world and its leader to help Iranians, at least as much as they helped the Egyptians that were Islamists. But the stupid Obama and other hypocrite western leaders clearly proved that the Mullahs and the Islamists are their key friend and key alley. In fact, they need a straw and fake enemy to justify their awful policies, and also to deceive public opinion, and which straw enemy and fake enemy is better than the Mullahs? The Mullahs destroy Iran and disgrace Iran and Iranians and make a hell in Iran, and in this way make the stupid Arabs and other bastards happy. The Mullahs play the role of “the enemy of the west”, while tens of thousands of the high rank Mullahs and their families and their agents live in the west and invest the embezzled money there, and make love with the western politicians in the North America and Europe. It’s a great tragedy. The apparent paradoxes of the west, and the signs of their hypocrisy and double standard, are more than what we have written about it in this website. What you can find in our archive, is just part of the tragedy, but unfortunately many people are still ignorant and naive. They are blind and can not see the truth. Unfortunately, many are like sheep and only follow the fashion or what the media and the fake intellectuals dictate to them. The stupid lefts and some like Chomsky are their hero, and they are not aware of what happen in the world. They live like sheep, and the whole world pay its price. When many people still are idiot and live like sheep, the world can not be a better place. And that’s why many people put their “hope” in their Pandora’s box in the last months of 2011. Many Iranians and non-Iranians lost their hopes again. Now, ‘Hope’ is in Pandora’s box, while some try to close its door and some try to keep it open.


As you can see in our archive, the 2011 was full of great events. The tragedy of Libya and Syria, and the bitter story of OWS, UK riots, Greek protests, Spanish protests, Russia, North Korea, etc were just part of these great events. Many people are unhappy and want ‘change”, and if they don’t bury their hopes in their Pandora’s box, and continue to fight for ‘Change’ and a better world, they can succeed. The world has many global problems, like the great problem of the idiots and those who live like sheep, the problem of the hypocrite mass media, the problem of the fake intellectuals, the problem of the corrupt politicians, the problem of the greedy rich, etc. But these problems are solvable problems. Even the problems of Iranians and some other nations, like the tragedy of brutal dictatorship, lack of basic freedoms, lack of basic rights, the tragedy of basic needs, the corps of mercenaries and traitors, the dreadful hypocrisy, the horrible betrayals, the brutal suffocation and suppression, etc are solvable problems. Just the wise people and the good guys in all around the world should help each other. They can solve these problems. But unfortunately, many people in the free world can not understand the true meaning of many problems. They can’t understand the roots of their own problems and the true meaning of our horrible problems. It’s so dangerous, because the history can repeat itself and the people can repeat the great mistakes. Some problems in Iran are so unique, but the world should know them, learn form them, and help solve them. The bitter story of the Iranian baboons and those who betrayed the Iran’s people was a unique story. More than 4 million Iranians live in the west, but the majority of them are among the Iranian baboons and the dumbest people in our planet, and it’s a great tragedy. These stupid bastards still live in 1970s and 1980s, and still think Stalin, Pahlavi, etc were great leaders, or Communism, Monarchy, or Theocracy are great systems. The Iranian baboons betrayed Iranians inside Iran. The Iranian baboons have imposed a silent war on Iran and each day thousands of Iranians die of the silent war; they are the silent victims of the silent war. The Ashura traitors said that Iranians should not go to the streets and the street protests are enough. They deliberately tried to prevent the non-violent protests – general strike, sit-down strike, daily protests, etc- and suffocated the voices of Iranians inside Iran. The Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors said that the non-violent protests is not the solution and Iranians should wait and accept the silent death. It’s exactly what the Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors did and said (check Archive). These stupid bastards not only betrayed the people and the victims, from the martyrs to the wounded people and those who are tortured in the prisons, but they are the main responsible for any war, any violence and any disaster in the future. The Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors that said Iranians don’t need any effective non-violent protest, and asked the western politicians to not help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement, are traitors and mercenaries who are the main responsible for any war or any violence in the future. In 2011, all Iranians inside Iran, even the stupidest people, could see the true colors of the Iranian baboons, and it was a good news. Now, the Iranian baboons, from Khatami, Ganji, Abdi, Behnoud, Nabavi, and Mohajerani to Pahlavi and Mr. Balatarin, are so disgraced and discredited in Iran. Now, many people know that these bastards are the main responsible for the death of Green Movement, our horrible situation in Iran, and any war or any disaster in the future.


In 2011, we tried to update here on a daily basis. Even when many people were depressed or disappointed, we updated here daily. It was a very hard job. The tragedy of the internet in Iran -that we have already written about it, and it recently has reached its peak again- was a very big problem; The tragedy of public depression, disappointment, and frustration was a very big problem; The tragedy of suppression, surveillance and suffocation was a very big problem; The tragedy of the economic crisis and the horrible living conditions was a very big problem; But despite all of these horrible problems, we updated here on a daily basis. I don’t know what will happen in 2012. There are many horrible problems in Iran, and the depression, the disappointment and the betrayal are just part of our great tragedy here. The 2011 was a unique year that started with ‘global hope’. In the new year, we will try to update here at least on a weekly basis, several times a week. There are many important things that should be written. What will happen to the Iran’s people or what will happen in the future is unclear, but I think the main message of this website and other people websites to the outside world is: “We exist. If we are silent and don’t speak our minds, it doesn’t mean that we don’t exist “. In fact, the silent majority in Iran, that the corps of the silent intellectuals are part of it, exist and they are watching the world and the Iranian baboons. It’s so obvious that the silent majority are the determining factor, and they create the true images of today’s Iran and shape its future. Iranians have an old saying: “Har Bishe Goman Mabar Ke Khalist, Shayad ke Palang Khofte Bashad”, that in this case means: “when the people are silent, you should not think that they don’t exist and you can do whatever you want to do, maybe the people (the lions and the leopards) are watching you”. When the people are silent, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. The silent majority in Iran and the younger generations of Iranian intellectuals are watching the Iranian baboons and the western politicians. They clearly say: ‘We can be silent, but we exist and we are watching you, laughing at you, and spitting on you’. If the people are silent or they are suffocated, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. The silent majority in Iran are modern and anti-Islamist, and that’s why the Mullahs and their mercenaries are frightened to death of them. The silent majority in Iran is really a very huge bomb. We hope the stupid bastards don’t play with the silent majority’s bomb more, because if it exploded, it not only would destroy many things, but it would send the Mullahs, their Islam, the Islamists, the western mercenaries and the Iranian baboons to hell for ever. The world should know more about the silent majority in Iran, and should understand this simple fact that the majority of Iranians inside Iran are at least as modern as the people in the modern world. The majority of Iranians are young, educated, anti-Islamist, and modern, but unfortunately the world and the world leaders betray them. They are suffocated, and the mass media censor their voices, but they exist. The silent majority in Iran have many small websites and small web pages, like ours, that their main message is: “We can be silent, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t exist“.

2012 is the End of the World

December 29, 2011

2012 is the End of the World, of course for the idiots. It’s really tragic that there are many idiots who still care about the shamans and the prophecy and other things that belong to the Stone Age. Some say: “The existence of almost 1,000,000 websites on 2012 indicates a huge fascination with this subject”, but it’s just indicates many idiots still live in the world. The idiots are the main responsible for the main problems, not the politicians or the greedy rich. The idiots say that the Mayan calendar points to the end of the world on December 21 2012 as the doomsday. Some speak of a Nostradamus 2012 doomsday prediction. Some speak about the biblical PROPHECIES OF ARMAGEDDON. Unfortunately, the majority of these idiots live in the US and the west. It’s really horrible. Even the university educated people believe in these bullshits. In Iran, the idiots care about the end of the world in 2012, because it’s in fashion in the west. But they don’t know the real story of the 2012 prophecy, and the history of this sort of stupid prophecies in the west. Some idiots had claimed that 2011 was the end of the world. As we said before, On May 21 2011 the Harold Camping Prediction about the rapture and final judgment failed . But it was not the first time that the idiots talked nonsense about the end of the world. The past centuries, even the 19th and 20th centuries, are full of many failed prophecies and many idiots who thought the world would end soon. As we said before, many people don’t know anything about the idiots and the religious fanatics in the west, who believe in the greatest possible jokes . Many stupidly think Iran has many idiots or fanatics, while the number of idiots and fanatics in the US and the west are more than Iran. Which Iranian thinks that the earth is flat or the sun orbits the earth? but at least 60 million Americans believe in these bullshits. Can you believe it? Which Iranian say to another Iranian : “Do not sell your house and give the money away, don’t quit your job, don’t leave your loved ones. Don’t do anything that will damage your life just for a stupid prophecy and what the stupid priests or the shamans say”?, but it’s what many ordinary Americans tell the stupid Americans. It’s really horrible. Since the Stone Age, the shamans and the charlatans have played with the idiots, but even in the 21st century, many idiots still care about them. The shamans are like the religious fanatics who say: “Interpretations of the Bible reveal that the date for Armageddon, the final battle between Good and Evil, has been set down for 2012. This final war led by the devil against I-s-r-a-e-l will proceed (come before) the second coming of Jesus Christ. The second coming of Christ proceeds the final judgment of mankind by Almighty God as each person is brought before their creator”. It’s a very stupid joke, but some stupid politicians are religious fanatic and care about these bullshits, and try to manage the world by these bullshits that is called Apocalypse Politics . As we said before, the stupidity of these idiots and this tragic fact that many idiots still live in our plant is very important and dangerous.


It’s so obvious that 2012 is the foolsday, not the doomsday. The idiots who still care about the shamans and the prophecy, don’t know that many Mayans themselves do not believe in the Mayan Calendar prophecy. The Mayan civilization was located in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. There are many Mayan ruins, two of the most famous ruins are Chichen Itza and Tulum. Some Mayans say: “Accepting the Mayan 2012 prophecy logically requires acceptance of the following theories: our sun is a god; the sun is powered by the blood of human sacrifice; the creation moment occurred at 3114 BC”. Are you foolish enough to accept these shits? Some funny guys say: “Dear idiots who believe the world will end in 2012, If the Mayans were so good at predicting things, they’d have seen the Spanish coming“. As you know the Spanish invaders killed almost all Mayans and destroyed their cities, but some Mayan shamans thought that the Spanish Killers are God agents ! At that time, the Mayans were called ‘barbarian’, but now many idiots care about their myths. The idiots are saying it’ll be God himself who presses the stop button. “Just because the earth has survived various doomsday predictions so far, does not guarantee it will still be here in the year 2012”, they say. After many false predictions in the past centuries, the idiots still are idiot. It’s the main tragedy of this f-u-c-king world. Do you remember what the idiots said about 1999 and 2000?: “Nostradamus has said that the year 1999, seventh month, From the sky will come a great King of Terror”. Nostradamus was a medieval shaman, and what the idiots and shamans say is “Tautology”, or is not “falsifiable”. And this is the main difference between the scientist and the shaman: Shamans’ bullshits are not testable. If you lived in the Nostradamus’s time, you could not test his bullshits, you had to wait until 1999. But it’s funny that even after 1999, when everybody saw that he was idiot, some said: “Nostradamus was only wrong about 1999” It’s the logic of the idiots, they say: “Our theory was wrong about this prediction, but if you wait 100 years, we would have a correct prediction “. Many philosophers, like the great Karl Popper, have written about the difference between Science and Bullshit. And that’s why the shaman and the idiots in the 21st century, try to pretend what they say is scientific, or the scientists, physicists, NASA, etc support their bullshits. For instance, the idiots talk about “Earth’s collision with a black hole !!, passing asteroid or a planet called Nibiru!!”. The poor NASA has to answer these bullshits. NASA has a FAQ page about 2012 bullshits: “Question: Is there a planet or brown dwarf called Nibiru or Planet X or Eris that is approaching the Earth and threatening our planet with widespread destruction? Answer: Nibiru and other stories are an Internet hoax. There is no factual basis for these claims. If Nibiru or Planet X were real and headed for an encounter with the Earth in 2012, astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade, and it would be visible by now to the naked eye. Obviously, it does not exist. Eris is real, but it is a dwarf planet similar to Pluto that will remain in the outer solar system; the closest it can come to Earth is about 4 billion miles.”


Some say: “The story started with claims that Nibiru, a Sumerian supposed planet, is headed toward Earth. This catastrophe was initially predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened, the doomsday date was moved forward to December 2012 !!!” It’s so ridicules that the charlatan can fool the idiots so easily. They only move forward their doomsday date ! but the idiots still care about them. It’s not joke, it’s the main tragedy of our time: “The tragedy of the idiots”. Many people know nothing about the difference between Science and Bullshit. In the NASA website you read: “Question: Are there any threats to the Earth in 2012? Many Internet websites say the world will end in December 2012. Answer: Nothing bad will happen to the Earth in 2012. Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years, and credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012″. What the scientist say is based on the facts, and their theories can predict many things, and if their predictions were wrong, their theory would go to the trash can. You should not wait 400 years to test what they say is wrong or right, and if they were wrong, they would not say “Oh, we are sorry. This prediction was wrong, but our theory is right”. What the science and the scientists say about the history and the future of the earth, the world, or the humans are very important and interesting. They talk about the real problems and the real issues, instead of imaginary bullshits. Since life began on Earth, several major mass extinctions have occurred. The experts say: “Over 98% of documented species are now extinct. Some believe that extinction events occurred periodically, every 25 to 30 million years. They say some reasons, including the problems related to the sun, oscillations in the galactic plane, or passage through the Milky Way’s spiral arms, cause this. Of course, many believe that mass extinctions are not periodic. Mass extinctions are thought to result when a long-term stress is compounded by a short term shock. Some summarized the relationship between mass extinctions and events which are most often cited as causes of mass extinctions. There are four categories: Flood basalt events, Sea-level fall, Asteroid impacts producing craters over 100 km wide, Asteroid impacts producing craters less than 100 km wide. Of course, others suggested many other causes like: Anoxic events, Hydrogen sulfide emissions from the seas, Oceanic overturn, supernova or gamma ray burst, Continental drift, Plate tectonics, etc.” In the past 600 million years there have been many mass extinctions and giant natural disasters that the idiots could call them “the end of the world” or “the end of the times”, but they were just the end of an era. The experts say: “Mass extinctions have sometimes accelerated the evolution of life on Earth. When dominance of particular ecological niches passes from one group of organisms to another, it is rarely because the new dominant group is ‘superior’ to the old and usually because an extinction event eliminates the old dominant group and makes way for the new one”. They also add: “The classical ‘Big Five’ mass extinctions theory says that there are at least five mass extinctions in the past 600 million years: (1) End Cretaceous: about 70 to 65 millions years ago, about 75% of species went extinct. After that Mammals and birds emerged as dominant land vertebrates (2) End Triassic: about 200 million years ago, about 55% of species went extinct. Most non-dinosaurian species were eliminated. (3) End Permian: about 250 million years ago, Earth’s largest extinction killed about 90% to 99% of all species. It’s called ‘The Great Dying‘, and had enormous evolutionary significance. On land, it ended the primacy of mammal-like reptiles. The recovery of vertebrates took 30 million years (4) End Devonian: about 370 million years ago 70% of all species went extinct. (5) End Ordovician: about 450 million years ago about 60% of all species went extinct.”


Of course, there many lesser extinction events include the Toba Eruption in 70,000 years ago, after the rise of the modern humans. The experts say: “The Flood basalt events produced dust and emitted sulfur and carbon dioxide which inhibited photosynthesis, poisoned many organisms with acid rains, created global warming, and caused food chains to collapse. It is speculated that Massive volcanism caused or contributed to the End Cretaceous, End Permian, and End Triassic extinctions. But the biggest volcanic eruption since the rise of modern humans, Homo sapiens, is the great eruption of Toba, in Sumatra, Indonesia about 70,000 years ago. It produced 2800 km3 (cubic kilometers) of ash and may have reduced the worlds human population to only 10,000 people. Scientists use VEI (Volcano Explosivity Index) to measure the magnitude of volcanic blasts. Its a logarithmic scale that runs from 1 to 8. A VEI 1 eruption spews less than 10,000 m3 of ash and lava; a VEI 8 eruption puts out more than 1000 km3 of the stuff. The Toba eruption was a huge VEI 8″. In fact, if the priests and idiots lived 70,000 years ago, they thought it’s the end of the world and the end of the times. The Toba Eruption was really a giant disaster, and you can be sure that many humans at that time would have thought that it’s the end of the world. But it did not. It just killed most of humans ! and made a hell for some years. But the earth and the life on Earth continued. The experts say: “The Toba Eruption caused a six year long volcanic winter and 1000-year-long instant Ice Age. In fact, for 1000 years immediately following the eruption, the earth witnessed temperatures colder than during the Last Glacial Maximum at 20,000 years ago. It may have decimated Modern Mans entire population. Genetic evidence suggests that Human population size fell to about 10,000 adults between 50 and 100 thousand years ago. The most plausible scenario is that all the survivors were populations living in Africa, whose descendants would go on to populate the world. Recent analysis of mitochondrial DNA have set the estimates for the major migration from Africa about 70,000 years ago”. If the today’s idiots had seen the Toba Eruption, what would they have said? maybe something like this: “It’s the end of the world. It’s the judgment day. It’s the doomsday.” I don’t know why the idiots always talk about the end of the world. Maybe, they need hope or a solution for their existential problems, but their stupid illusions produce neither hope nor any solution. It’s only useful for deceiving the naive people and making money. Do you know how much money the idiots spend on these bullshits? some say it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Anyway, the Toba Eruption was not the largest eruption of all times. The experts say: “The largest eruption we have firm evidence for in geologic history is the La Garita Caldera eruption in Colorado about 28 million years ago, in the Oligocene Epoch. That put 5000 km3 of lava into play. And likely the most powerful eruptions ever were the Siberian Traps in the Russian region of Siberia, about 250 million years ago (End Permian). The highest ranking on the volcanic scale is VEI 8. Yellow Stone was VEI 8. But the Siberian traps would have been far off the scale. The Siberian traps were likely responsible for The Great Dying. Its original volume of lava is estimated to range from 1 to 4 million km3 (1000 times more than VEI 8). Life on land took 30 million years to recover from the environmental disruptions which may have been caused by the eruption of the Siberian Traps


What would the idiots have said, if they had seen The Great Dying and the Siberian Traps? The Great Dying was really apocalyptic, but even the Great Dying was not the end of the world. Even if 99% of all species and all humans would die – that is quite impossible and need something more than a nuclear war, flood basalt, sea-level fall, asteroid impact, etc- the life still continues on Earth, as it has continued in the past 3 billion years. In the worst possible case, 99% of the 7 billion humans that live on Earth now, can go extinct. But even 1% of the humans are about 70 million people. Even if 99.9999% of all humans go extinct, that is quite impossible, there are still about 10,000 people who can build a new world. After some hundred years, or some thousands years, the remaining humans can reproduce our current civilization. So, even if the greatest possible catastrophic event occurs, the humans can survive. But even if 100% of humans die, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of the humans, like the end of dinosaurs, and the life still continues on Earth, as it has continued for more than 3 billion years. The earth had many nightmares in the past 4.5 billion years. The collision with another planet, that produced the Moon, was so apocalyptic, but after about 1 billion years, the life started to expand. The flood basalt events gave both life and death to Earth. The sea-level falls could reduce the continental shelf area sufficiently to cause a marine mass extinction, and could disrupt weather patterns enough to cause extinctions on land. The sea-level falls, that are the result of other events, are associated with most of the mass extinctions, including all of the “Big Five”. The Earth has always been subject to impacts by comets and asteroids, although big hits are very rare. The last big impact was 65 million years ago, and that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. In the recent decades, NASA astronomers are trying to find any large near-Earth asteroids long before they hit. The impact of a very large asteroid or comet could have caused food chains to collapse by producing dust and thus inhibiting photosynthesis. Such impacts could also have caused mega-tsunamis and /or global forest fires and/or acid rains. There are many other threats that threaten Earth. For instance, Global Warming, Oceanic overturn (a disruption of water circulation which lets surface water sink straight down, bringing anoxic deep water to the surface and therefore killing many organisms), Changes in Earth’s Magnetic Field (Shield), Movement of the Continents, etc. It is thought that the creation of the super-continent Pangaea contributed to the End Permian mass extinction. Movement of the continents can cause or contribute to extinctions in several ways: by initiating or ending ice ages; by changing ocean and wind currents and thus altering climate; by opening seaways or land bridges. Occasionally continental drift creates a super-continent which includes the vast majority of Earth’s land area, which is likely reduce the total area of continental shelf (the most species-rich part of the ocean). These threats are real threats, and can happen millions years later. There are many real threats, and when the humans learn more things, the number of the threats increase, but it only has one meaning and one result: “We, the humans, should try to find new homes and new planets for ourselves. The earth will not be safe for ever. We should have some alternatives to the Earth, the Solar System, and the Milky Way”.

2011 Top Ten, tragicomic version

December 28, 2011

The following events, people, or groups can be a top ten list for 2011:

(1) Gaddafi : After killing about 50,000 Libyans and destroying the whole Libya for staying in power at any price, and after imposing a 7-months civil war on Libya and the poor Libyans, Gaddafi went to hell and joint his beloved friends: Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam, Stalin, Kim il Sung, etc. In the Arab Spring, only Libya and Syria had a very brutal dictator. In Egypt or Tunisia the dictators listened to their foreign master that did not stay in power. The stupid lefts shed crocodile tears for Gaddafi in the name of human rights, but many knew why the stupid lefts are angry and upset. Gaddafi’s fate became “Gaddafi Theorem”, and clearly showed that the Iron Fist Policy and killing and suppressing the people can’t save the brutal dictators, if the world refuses to help the dictator, and instead helps the people.

(2) Credit Card Nations: The problems in many countries are really complicated, but if you want to simplify the problems, you can say: They are “Credit Card Nations”. They don’t care about saving and the saving accounts, and buy many things with credit cards, and always are in debt. The wise guys said: “Forget credit cards; Buy things when you have enough cash”. But many did not care about this important advise, and the economic crisis screwed up them all. Many people in “Credit Card Nations” still don’t care about “Deficit” and “Debt”, and in this way they screw up themselves more. They don’t think about the main problems, and instead some of them think about repeating the history and the nightmares like Communism, Theocracy, etc.

(3) Noam Chomsky : He became the symbol of the stupid lefts. They don’t care about the victims of the tyranny and the savage tyrants, but defend the tyranny and the savage tyrants in the name of fighting against imperialism. Chomsky became the symbol of those idiots who don’t care about the freedom, democracy, and human rights, and instead talk about independence, imperialism, and capitalism. But only when you care about the freedom, democracy, and human rights, you can solve the problems of imperialism and capitalism. Otherwise, you are an idiot like the imperialists and capitalists. The great joke is that Chomsky and his friends are called “Intellectual”. The ignorant or idiot people follow them like the sheep, mainly because it’s in fashion.

(4) Mullah Embezzlers: The Mullah embezzlements in 2011, were the largest embezzlements in Iran’s history: $3 billion, $10 billion, $2 billion, etc. Many said that the total amount of the Mullah embezzlements is about $48 billion. But the western countries and their politicians don’t have any problem with the Mullah embezzlers. The Mullah embezzlers can freely embezzle the people money, and can freely go to the west and live there. The western sanctions have only been designed to hurt the ordinary Iranians, not the Mullahs. Many say: “It shows us that the west is the friend of the corrupt and savage Mullahs, but is the enemy of the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs”.

(5) Iranian Baboons: Finally Iranians knew the true colors of all Iranian baboons. Khatami, Ganji, Abdi, Behnoud, Islamist-Reformists, etc, and the Iranian baboons’ media, like Balatarin, Roozonline, etc became totally disgraced and discredited. Now they are exactly like the great baby baboon, Reza Pahlavi, who is a very hated figure and a symbol of foolishness. But while Iranians inside Iran hate the Iranian baboons, the western countries support them financially and politically. Some say: “Apparently, the western leaders always should support the jerks and the a-s-s-holes, and the words like wisdom, long-term interests, honesty, humanity, better world, future, etc are totally meaningless for them”.


(6) Obama : Writing love letters to Khamenei, or allowing the Khamenei’s TV to work in Washington was just part of Obama’s miracles in 2011. The coward Obama disappointed the Americans’ hope, and could not do anything about the economic crisis in the US. The Americans, the Iranians, and many other nations are angry at Obama, because he is stupid, coward, and charlatan. Some thought that the stupid Obama would be a new Martin Luther King, but he is a new Jimmy Carter.

(7) Berlusconi: Finally Berlusconi or BerlusHorny, the symbol of corruption and Mafia in Europe, resigned. Berlusconi could show us many things, including the dreadful corruption in Europe in 21st century, and also the value of democracy in Europe. When many other nations can’t get rid of their corrupt and brutal dictators without war and very high price, the Europeans can get rid of their rulers very easily. But unfortunately, many Europeans and westerners don’t know the value of what they have. They also don’t think about their real problems until the time of the crisis. And at that time, they mainly think about repeating the history, not solving the problems.

(8) Bashar Assad: What the Syrians and Bashar Assad did in 2011, showed us the depth of the western hypocrisy and the western stupidity. When they pretend that Assad is their enemy, they did not support the ordinary Syrians, and instead their companies aided Assad in killing the Syrians. Everyone with eyes open, know what the western companies and the western politicians did in 2009, about Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement, was worse than what they did about Syria and Syrians. The bastards who pretended that the Mullahs are their enemy, made love with the Mullahs and the Mullah Mafia in London and Washington, and wrote love letters to Khamenei, and sold tools of suppression to the Mullahs. Now just the blind people and those who live like the sheep still think the west and the Mullahs are enemy of each other.

(9) Western Hypocrisy and Stupidity: Those who think the western hypocrisy is a sing of wisdom or intelligence, and those who talk about the national interests and the necessity of using any means for reaching goals, are idiots who still live in the past centuries. But unfortunately, their number is not very small. In 2011, they still defended the values and principles of the Slavery Age, the Colonialism Age, and the Stone Age. But when you support the Mullahs and other brutal dictators and make love with them secretly and openly, and defend yourself in the name of the national interests, you just prove that you are a narrow-minded animal. The animals who live in the jungle, still live like 50 thousands yours or 50 millions years ago, because they can’t think about their long-term interests and can’t learn form the history. They are shortsighted, have small brain, and only work for animal interests.

(10) The Sheep: 2011 showed us that the number of the people who live like the sheep in all around the world, is not small. Unfortunately, many only follow the fashion, the media, and the fake intellectuals. They don’t know the world, don’t read the history, and just repeat the mass media’s bullshits or the fake intellectuals’ bullshits. They can not think independently of the media and the fake intellectuals. It’s a very big problem. Some of them still say: “Iranians are Islamists and love the Mullahs”, or “Iranians are Arabs and Muslim fanatics” or “the Monarchy is the best system for Iran and the world world” or “The Mullahs and the western politicians are enemy of each other”, or “Iranians still live like 1979”. The people who live like the sheep, in the best case are the fans and followers of the stupid lefts and someone like Chomsky. But when the intellectuals of the damn world are the stupid lefts and someone like Chomsky, and many people still live like the sheep, do you think we can have a better world ? The politicians or the greedy rich are not the main problems of the damn world, the fake intellectuals and the people who live like the sheep are the main problem. I hope the humans can think about the main problems more seriously. These problems are solvable and the solutions can make our world a better place to live .

We have already written about each of the above items. You can check our archive for finding more information.

Black Comedy: Anything Else (2003)

December 27, 2011

Anything Else (2003) is a black comedy film by Woody Allen, and like other black comedies, it’s a comedy about the tragedy of life and the horrible problems. What the critics said about this film was very negative, but I give it 8/10. Anything Else is not a masterpiece, but it’s a good movie. Some say: “We read a lot of reviews saying that Woody is just repeating himself, but you know what? It doesn’t matter.” In fact, many things just repeat over and over: the love stories, the tragedies, the problems, the life, the death, the relationships, etc. It’s part of the human life. Anything Else, like other Allen’s movies, is about existential issues, human relationships, problems of relationships, the deceit, paranoia and delusions, childlike adults, frustration, commitment, etc. Again neurotic couples doing many neurotic things. But everyone is a little neurotic. This film is about the life and the problems of a young writer, Jerry Falk (Jason Biggs). Jerry’s problems with a new crazy girlfriend, Amanda (Christina Ricci) and her crazy mother, and his relations with a crazy writer, Dobel (Woody Allen), and also a crazy manager/ agent (De Vito) is like a true story. Amanda is a crazy and annoying girlfriend who is complex, difficult, uninterested in s-e-x for months, unfaithful, and her crazy mother is moving in with them. Woody Allen himself plays the older teacher, David Dobel, who gives lots of wise and crazy advice to Jerry. He is “a crazy wise old man”. In an interview about his life, Woody Allen was asked: “if there is one of your films that tells us the most about your philosophy of life?” And he answered: “Well, to date-if it’s just that-I would probably say Anything Else. In terms of just me personally as a kind of wretched little complaining vantz, I think you would see that in Anything Else. There’s a lot of me in there. I’m not saying that Anything Else is my best film, although, I didn’t think it was a bad film at all- I think that one is better than many films of mine that were more successful. I won’t say that it’s never the case, but very often there’s no correlation between the quality of one’s work artistically and its commercial success. Everybody knows that” In fact, Woody Allen and his real life is a combination of Jerry Falk and David Dobel, but who can be perfect? everyone has his own problems and stupidities. Anything Else is a good typical Woody Allen film, with a lot of paranoia and irony. There are many memorable scenes in this film.


Anything Else was awful at the US box office, like most of Woody Allen’s films, grossed only $3 million. Some say: “As has become common with Allens films, it performed better overseas, grossing $10 million, but could not make back its $18 million shooting budget or the $10 million Dreamworks spent marketing the film. However, the reception was not entirely negative; in 2009, it was cited by Quentin Tarantino as one of his favorite 20 films since 1992”. It’s a modern movie with a typical Woody Allen style dialogue. It’s full of great dialogue. Falk: ‘Do you love me?’ Amanda: ‘What a question. Just because I pull away when you touch me?’ … Dobel: ‘The pill makes her crazy? Falk, she is crazy. The Pentagon should use her hormones for chemical warfare‘ … Dobel: ‘I promised students of my class I’m gonna take them to the Caravaggio exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum. You know, I try to give them a little culture now and then so they don’t beat each other to death with bicycle chains all the time‘. Woody Allen uses his old material in this movie, like a paranoid Jew. His jokes about the stupid Jews make many fanatic Jews angry, but many wise Jews love him and his jokes. Woody Allen’s movies deal with everyday urban life of the middle class intellectuals, artists, writers, etc. with all their love, s-e-x, professional, personal, and philosophical problems. Anything Else is one of these films, and it shows us part of the unseen facts about the daily life in the US and New York. It’s interesting to know that Anything Else and other Allen’s movies can show you part of our life in Iran, too. You can see almost all characters of Anything Else and other Allen’s movies in today’s Iran. In fact, these characters are universal characters and their problems are universal problems. Amanda’s mother is a childlike mother that almost all Iranians have someone like her among their relatives. This childlike crazy mother is really a global character that you can find her everywhere. Jerry’s agent, Harvey, is an old man that lives with his mother and charges Jerry 25 percent, while the standard is 10%, but Jerry is his only client. Harvey is an uneducated businessman, an ex-salesman in the clothing industry, that has become agent of a young writer. Americans call him ‘loser’, but he is just ‘a wrong man in a wrong place’. It’s a familiar character in all around the world.


Amanda seems like an annoying girlfriend who cheats on her boyfriend, but she clearly talks about her problem with commitment and sends enough signal to Jerry, who is naive and blind. When Dobel says: “Amanda is cheating on you”. Jerry asks: “How do you know? You just see her for minutes” Dobel: “I see it in her eyes”. He advises Jerry to spy on her. When Jerry finds the truth, he asks Amanda: “I saw three of you. You, your acting teacher, and your diaphragm. Where could be your diaphragm? There is no such thing as a diaphragm repair shop.’ Amanda: ‘Okay. Okay, I slept with Ron Keller (acting teacher). But I didn’t do it because I care about him‘. Falk: No? What then? To punish him?‘ Amanda: ‘No, I did it because I had to find out if there was something wrong with me. Because I can’t sleep with you, the person that I love. I had to know if I was some kind of freak, or frigid. I had to know if I could even get aroused anymore and have an orgasm’. Falk: ‘And can you?’ Amanda: ‘Yeah. It’s good news. I can‘. Amanda: “Don’t be mad at Ron. He was just trying to help” Jerry: ‘Remind me, please, to put him on my Christmas list, if I could figure out how to make a letter bomb‘. Jerry: ‘OK. Where’s the rifle? I need the rifle. I’m going to blow my brains out!’ Amanda: ‘Oh, don’t be so middle class! I did it as much for you as for me‘ Girls like Amanda, and Boys like Jerry, do exist everywhere, in the US, Iran, and everywhere. What Amanda says about herself in the flash back, is a black joke about the ethical values and the hypocrisy in today’s world. Jerry’s girlfriend: “Where did you go to school?” Amanda :” Ethical culture . Fieldstone. But I dropped out.” Amanda’s boyfriend: “One of the professors fall in love with her” Amanda: “It was terrible. He was married. It was way too much pressure for all of us. His poor wife.” Amanda’s character and the jokes that Woody Allen’s has written about her in the script is like the Iranian jokes (the Rashti jokes). When Amanda came back from a 2-weeks trip to Italy with a man, she confesses: “Yah, I did it. But I thought of you. You were really the person I was really making love to in Naples and Florence, and Venice, and on the airplane 40,000 feet in the air, and … ” Jerry: “OK. Enough.” Amanda: “And at the Vatican”. There are many universal black jokes in this film. Woody Allen’s jokes about the stupid drug users and snorting cocaine, that is as funny as the similar jokes in “Hannah and Her Sisters”, is universal, and the scenes about the thugs in New York, remind you of a global problem, and this fact that ultra-stupid people are everywhere.


Anything Else is a black comedy. It forces you to think about many things, including the tragedy of life. It’s not a comedy and happy movie that you can watch it when you are depressed or unhappy. But it’s a movie about global issues. Jerry and Dobel go to the Central Park in New York and talk about the life and their problems. It’s like what many Iranians and other people in all around the world do. Dobel’s dialogue and theories are great. Dobel: ‘Last night I was home alone in my apartment and I conjured up a threesome with me, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, and it was very very erotic. As a matter of fact if I’m not mistaken, it was the first time those two great actresses ever appeared in anything together“. Dobel: “I was married when I was young. I should have known something was wrong on the wedding night, when her family danced around my table chanting: ‘We will make him one of us“. Jerry’ shrink is a typical idiot you can find him everywhere. Dobel says: “Since the beginning of time people have been, you know, frightened and, and unhappy, and they’re scared of death, and they’re scared of getting old, and there’s always been priests around, and shamans, and now shrinks, to tell ’em, “Look, I know you’re frightened, but I can help you. Of course, it is going to cost you a few bucks…” But they can’t help you, because life is what it is”. Woody Allen’s jokes with the doctors are funny, specially about the relation between Amanda and the unknown doctor. Jerry: “The doctor had better s-e-x examining her than I’ve had in six months’. Dobel’s medical theories is as funny as his stupid theories about the end of time and the end of world and the end of civilization. Dobel: “I have a theory that too much rejections (by partner) causes cancer.” Anything Else is a black comedy that can show you many things and many issues are universal. In fact, Anything Else is a movie that can show you how similar are the human life in all around the world. When you make a movie, or write a book or article, or create any arts work or intellectual work about the existential issues, the human life, or the human problems, you are a global creator and your work is a universal artifact. Anything Else is one of these universal artifacts.

Iran in 2011: Betrayal and Silent War

December 26, 2011

2011 started with the air pollution crisis and ends with the air pollution crisis in Iran. Almost everything in Iran is polluted, like the polluted air, and everything is in crisis, like the air pollution crisis. The polluted media, the polluted journalists, the polluted intellects, the polluted elite, etc created a very horrible situation in Iran. In February 2011, the Iran’s people, that the majority of them are young and educated, proved that they are not the main problem of Iran. They went to the streets and were killed, arrested, and tortured again, like 2009. But the Iranian baboons betrayed the people again. 2011 had a long story of betrayal, paradox, hypocrisy, foolishness, and double standard. You can check our archive to find more about this long story and how the world leaders and the Iranian baboons betrayed Iranians again. The silent majority in Iran proved that they are at least as modern as their counterparts in the modern world. The Iranians who are 50+ have been very stupid and very ignorant, but they are in minority now (less than 15%). The majority of Iranian baboons, who are mercenary, traitor, or fake intellectual are 50+. These stupid bastards still have a main role in Iran, because they still have power, money, and media. They control the media and suffocate the silent majority, specially the younger generations of Iranians. But unfortunately the western countries support these stupid bastards financially and politically. Masoud Behnoud clearly said that the voices of Iranians inside Iran should not be heard. These bastards censor the voices of the younger generations, but the western countries support them financially. We have written many articles about the Iranian baboons and the accursed generation of Iranians, but many other articles should be written about these stupid “Disaster Makers”. I hope the world stops supporting the Iranian baboons, and instead supports the younger generations of Iranians who are modern and want to rejoin the international community. As you know, Iran (Persia) is one of the oldest member of the human society, and one of “The Cradles of Civilization”. In the past 300 years, Iran had many horrible problems. But who can be on top for ever or for a very long time? Each man or each nation has its own ups and downs, and the past 300 years were Iran’s downs. In the past 300 years, the majority of Iranians were illiterate and lived in the rural areas, and the main job of the stupid Iranian rulers was playing with their slave women in their harem. So, Iran became a very stupid country and lost everything, from prestige and power to welfare and progress. But even in these horrible conditions, Iran was the first nation in the Middle East and Africa that had Constitutional Revolution and Parliament in the 1900s. The illiteracy and the public ignorance, and also the betrayals and stupidity of the fake intellectuals have been the main factors in the failure of the progressive and pro-democracy movements in Iran since 1900s. But now many things have changed, and the younger generations of Iranians are modern, while the Iranian fake intellectuals, who are 50+, still are idiot.

The silent majority in Iran, that are the younger generations of Iranians and the wise old Iranians, are as modern as their western counterparts. Their education, their life styles, their views, their beliefs, and also their mistakes, their stupidities, their problems, etc are like their western counterparts. In 1900s, 1950s, 1970s and 1980s Iranians had many significant differences with the people in the west, and the Iranian youths were stupider and less-developed than their counterparts in the west. But now everything has changed, and you can say that the young Iranians at least are as modern as their counterparts in the west. It’s a very big change. When the younger generations are modern, sooner or later, with or without foreign help, and with or without a classic revolution, Iran’s regime will change and Iran will become a modern country. The older generations of Iranians (50+) will die in the future and you can be sure that Iran will become a very modern country after that, even not sooner. Iran will become a modern country, not because of its elite or its natural resources, but because of its human resources and its modern people who are in majority. No war, no threat, and nothing can change this valuable and critical attribute. It’s very very important. The future of Iran is very bright, because its younger generations are very modern now. Today, everything is depressive and disappointing in Iran; Many people are depressed and disappointed; The traitors, the mercenaries and the fake intellectuals betray the people, but Iranians should not forget that their future is very bright, because the future belongs to the younger generations of Iranians. The new generation of Iranian intellectuals are very modern and very open-minded and are able to play global roles. Today, thousands of them live in Iran, while they are silent. They live in a hell, and their conditions are very horrible. The world should care about them, and should know how they live in crisis in Iran. The air pollution crisis in the major cities of Ian, is just a good example or symbol of our horrible conditions in Iran. “Air pollution in Isfahan has passed the alerting level and all government offices, universities, and schools will be closed in Isfahan in the next two days”, the media reported recently. Heavy air pollution forces many Iranian cities to close all government offices, universities, and schools for several days. In the winter, pollutants reach alarming levels in almost all Iranian cities, but in some cities like Tehran and Isfahan, the air pollution passes the alerting and critical levels. In the recent days, the Hamshahri (a state newspaper in Tehran) said that each day about 310 people die of the air pollution and its related illnesses in Tehran ” The state media also adds: “each day about 700 people die of the car accidents in Iran” In fact, each day at least 1000 people die of the Mullah mismanagement and the Mullah corruption in Iran. It’s exactly like a war. It’s a silent war. That’s why many Iranians ask: “If we had a war or a revolution, for toppling the Mullah regime, how many people would die each day?” The costs and the victims of the silent war that is a collection of the economic disaster, the depression disaster, the healthcare disaster, the air pollution disaster, the environmental disaster, the embezzlement and corruption disaster, and many other disasters, are really incalculable. But we can be sure that each day thousands of Iranians die of the silent war, and millions of dollars is wasted due to the silent war. It’s really a war. And who are main responsible of the silent war? The Iranian baboons, the Ashura traitors.


The experts say: “Tiny air particles, from cars and dirty power plants, that can penetrate the lungs and enter the bloodstream contribute to heart disease, lung cancer, asthma, and acute lower respiratory infections. Those particles less than 10 micrometers in diameter (PM10) pose a great health concern because they can pass through the nose and throat and get deep into the lungs. The PM10, sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) kill the people gradually. The amount of sulfur dioxide (SO2) in the air of Isfahan and Tehran is 50 to 100 times more than the world standards . SO2 is very soluble in the upper respiratory tract and exerts an immediate irritant effect on the respiratory mucosa.” It’s just part of our great tragedy in Iran. The living conditions in Iran are very horrible and unacceptable. The corrupt and brutal Mullahs have created this hell and call it “Islamic Heaven”, but their families and their children don’t live in this Islamic Heaven, and the hypocrite western politicians allow them to go to the west and live there. They embezzle the people money, and spend it and invest it in the west, but the hypocrite western politicians impose their stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs and are victim of the Mullah regime. In fact, the western hypocrisy is the other part of our great tragedy in Iran. This year, 2011, we all saw that the western hypocrisy is just part of the western stupidity. If the western leaders had not been stupid and had seen their own long term interests, they would not have refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement. If they had not been blind and stupid, they would not have supported the Mullahs and aided them in killing Iranians. Their hypocrisy and their fake war with the Mullahs is a sing of stupidity, not wisdom or intelligence. If they had not been stupid, they would have been able to understand this simple fact that a modern and secular Republic system in Iran would be their close friend and their close ally and it can solve many problems. If they had not been stupid, they would have been able to understand this simple fact that sooner of later Iran will become a modern country, and those who help the Mullahs and other reactionary Iranians groups just disgrace themselves, like the defenders of the slavery, and it’s against their own interests. “They can make our life hell, they can create many problems for us, but they can not change the inevitable future. If they insist on being stupid and charlatan, they can be sure that sooner or later they will pay the prices of their shameful behaviors“, Iranians say. It’s not a sing of wisdom, if you try to live like the 19th century or the 18th century. Those who are against the freedom and democracy in Iran, and support the evil forces, just show the depth of their stupidity and will pay its prices. “Living like a modern and civilized good guy, is a sign of wisdom, and it’s better for your own interest and your own life and also for the whole world”, the wise guys say.


Today, Hatam Ghaderi, the known intellectual in Iran who has not sold himself yet, wrote about the most important events in 2011. He wrote that the OWS protests in the US, and the revolutions in the Arab world, are as important as the air pollution crisis in Tehran. It’s a good point. The main problem in Iran, is not the people. They proved that they are brave and modern. What they did in 2009, and also in 2011, proved it. The Iranians and their movement in 2009, inspired the Arabs, the Americans, and the Europeans. The Iranian movement in 2009 not only was the first base of all uprisings in 2011, but it was more modern than almost all uprisings in 2011. The main problem of Iran is the Iranian baboons. Ghaderi wrote about what the Hamshahri has reported (each day about 310 people die of air pollution in Tehran) and asked: “How many people died in the Arab revolutions (in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, etc), and how many people die of the air pollution in Iran?” In fact, we can ask If we had a war (or a revolution), how many people would die each day?. As we said before, the Iranian baboons like Akabar Ganji, Abbas Abdi, Masoud Behnoud, and all Ashura Traitors and fake intellectuals who betray the people and their movement, have imposed a Silent War on Iran. When each day at least 310 people die of the air pollution in Tehran, it clearly means we have a “Silent War” in Iran. And the Iranian baboons and their betrayals have imposed this silent war on Iranians. Many say: “Khon Bachehaye Mardom and Felakat and Badbakhti Maa Noondooni een Haroomzadehast” (the Iranian baboons earn their money by betraying us; the martyrs’ blood and our horrible conditions is a tool of making money for the Iranian baboons). Ghaderi also wrote that many people suffer from depression, cancer, and other mental and physical illnesses due to the air pollution and other pollutants (tyranny’s pollutants). And finally he wrote that in these months he doesn’t read the news, and doesn’t care about the media and the news, and it’s like what many other people do in Iran. It’s a result of Iranian baboon’s betrayals. The people hate the media, because almost all Iranian media are the Iranian baboons’ media, and the western mass media are like them, too. Ghaderi added: “Many die while they are silent. But it’s better you die when you are not silent“. In fact, the silent war has the silent victims and the silent death, bu some say: “Silent Death is so pathetic and pitiful. It’s better you stand up and die (Istadeh Bemiri)”. In 2011, the depression was a very serious problem in Iran, and many are depressed now. In fact, in these horrible conditions, the normal reaction is depression. It’s very very hard to avoid being depressed in today’s Iran. The Mullahs, their mercenaries, the fake intellectuals, the Iranian baboons, the Iranian expats, the stupid lefts, the western leaders and the western supporters of the Mullahs, and many other things are so depressive and so disappointing. Now, many Iranians have closed their eyes and don’t care about anything except being alive or living like animals. Those who want to live like humans are so depressed or disappointed. Writing, reading, thinking, watching, listening, etc are so difficult in these horrible conditions. I don’t know how we could write here in 2011. But we had to write before we die. The problems in Iran are not comparable to the west. Here, you live in a big prison named “Iran”, and everyone betrays you. The western politicians, their stupid sanctions, and the western mass media have a key role in creating this big prison. Here, the economic crisis is like the air pollution crisis. Everything is really shitty and creepy here. But we should not forget what some wise guys say: “A country that its younger generations are modern, sooner or later will become modern. But if you want to accelerate the process, do this: If you are going to die, don’t choose the silent death, and if you are going to live, don’t choose the animal life”.

Iranian Monarchists and Constitutional Monarchy

December 25, 2011

The Mullahs are just part of the great tragedy of today’s Iran. The Iranian baboons who live in the west, from the Islamist-Reformists to the Monarchists and the Marxists, are the other part. The stupid Monarchists who live in LA, California, and spend the embezzled money (what they have stolen from Iran in 1970s) on restoring the Monarchy, are worst than the Mullahs. These bastards live in the free world, in the old republic system, but instead of working for the progressive goals and what Iranian inside Iran want, they work for a very reactionary goal: “Restoring the Monarchy in 21st century”. They are so stupid and bigoted, exactly like the Mullahs and their Basiji thugs. They still live in the 1970s or the 18th century, and their tactics is exactly like the Mullah tactics in 1970s. It’s not bad we take a look at their plans and their actions for restoring the monarchy in Iran. The world should know more about these stupid bastards, who are the dumbest people in our planet. The stupid Iranian monarchists stupidly talk about “Constitutional Monarchy”. They believe they can restore the monarchy in Iran by using the following items:

(1) Propaganda Campaign for Constitutional Monarchy : The stupid monarchists think their best trick is that they say: “We want a Constitutional Monarchy like the European countries. Iran should have the Monarchy, like Britain and Sweden. The Republic system has very awful versions like the Mullah regime, Saddam regime, Assad regime, etc. So, we are constitutionalist and want Constitutional Monarchy”. These idiots pretend that the Mullah regime, Assad regime, etc are Republic systems, while they are Monarchy systems. These systems have a lifelong leader or president as the monarch. In fact, the leader or the president in these systems are like the monarch, and these systems are bad because they are like the monarchy !. These idiots don’t know that if Sweden and Britain still have “Constitutional Monarchy”, it’s because they did not want to have a bloody revolution (and its high prices) and preferred to limit the power of the monarch gradually. But Iranians had a bloody revolution in 1979 and toppled the monarchy and paid its prices. Now, the Islamic regime has become the Islamic Monarchy, and if Iranians want to be constitutionalist and want to have Constitutional Monarchy, they should try to keep the Mullah regime safe, and limit the power of the Islamic monarch (Vali Faqih) gradually. It’s a great stupid joke that you ask for a bloody revolution for toppling the regime, but you pretend that you are constitutionalist ! These stupid bastards don’t know that today’s constitutionalist in Iran are Mousavi, Karrubi, and the Islamist-Reformists, who wanted to limit the power of the Islamic Monarch by the constitution . Of course, the people know the fate of the constitutionalism in the Islamic regime and the true meaning of reform in the Islamic regime that its constitution is a great stupid joke, and that’s why they hate the constitutionalists. In addition, which stupid nation (except England in 17th century) has been too stupid to have a bloody revolution for restoring the Monarchy?! All revolutionaries always clearly claim that they hate the Monarchy. Which stupid revolutionary has been monarchist ?! Even the Mullahs pretended that they were republican and hated the Monarchy. If the stupid monarchists had wanted to be constitutionalist, they would have been constitutionalist in 1970s, when they were in power. But at that time they defended the Absolute Monarchy, and killed and tortured the people who asked Pahlavi to respect the Constitutional Monarchy. Being Constitutionalist when there is no Pahlvai regime, is a great stupid joke that makes the dead chicken laugh. At the present time, if you want to be a Constitutionalist, you should defend the brutal Mullah regime, like what the Islamist-Reformists do. The Iranian Monarchists are really the dumbest people in the world. The Qajar dynasty was a Constitutional Monarchy in the 1910s and 1920s, but the Pahlavi toppled it with the help of Britain, and converted it into the Absolute Monarchy. Iran had a secular Absolute Monarchy from 1930 to 1979.

(2) American supporters: The monarchists that are sure they don’t have any supporter in Iran, desperately try to find some American supporters in the US. They try to deceive the American politicians and their media, but until now the Americans have not given them a clear answer. The American politicians can see how disgraced and discredited are the stupid monarchists, and know that if they openly support the monarchists, it would be a suicide for them. The monarchists that badly need a foreign supporter, because they don’t have any supporter in Iran, don’t know that the American politicians are capitalist and businessman. They prefer to support a group that have enough power or enough supporter in Iran, not the stupid Monarchists who are a small hated group.

(3) Money : As you know “money” is very important, specially for buying the politicians, the media, and the journalists. The stupid monarchists have enough money, because they have embezzled enough money in the Pahlavi era, specially in 1970s. Some of these stupid bastards are great crooks and great thieves. They have become millionaire or billionaire in the Pahlavi era, by kissing the Pahlavi’s ass. And that’s why they want to restore the monarchy. They dream about the 1970s, when they could embezzle the oil money and the people money, and could be somebody, by kissing Pahlavi’s ass or the Pahlavi’s hands.


(4) Iranian baboons’ media: For deceiving the American politicians and the naive people, the stupid Monarchists badly need media. But their own media are so disgraced and discredited. So, they tried to buy some Iranian baboons’ media, like “Balatarin” and “Khodnevis”, because they had some readers in Iran. But the stupid Monarchists did not know that all Iranian baboons’ media became disgraced after 2009. The journalists and the media who have sold themselves are so disgraced in Iran. The people truly believe that they are mercenary or they are like the prostitutes who only work for money. In fact, they are “Political Prostitute”. Of course, compared to the political prostitutes, the ordinary prostitutes are saint and angel.

(5) A handful of the dumbest people as mercenary: After buying some Iranian baboons’ media, the stupid Monarchists needed a handful of the dumbest people to work as their mercenaries. This group is a special version of the Basiji thugs, that are called “JanNesar” (“those who kill themselves for the king”). They also can be called “Mozduran Maghz Khar Khordeh” (the mercenary who have eaten donkey brain). The JanNesar, who are the monarchist Basiji thugs, think we live in the 18th century, and all people are as stupid as them, or as Iranian say: “they think the people have eaten Maghze Khar (donkey brain) like themselves”.

(6) The Stone Age : The stupid Iranian monarchists badly need an era like the Stone Age. If 70% of Iranians were illiterate, and only some thousands people had university education, and only some thousands knew the world and had access to the media or the internet, and only some thousands knew the history, it would be a good era for the Monarchists. The Monarchists badly need such era, that is like the Stone Age. But now, when about 65 million of Iranians are literate, about 20 million have
university-education, and about 55 million are young (35-) and educated, and at least 45 million have access to the internet, the foreign films, the foreign books, and the foreign media, even god can’t restore the monarchy in Iran.

(7) Islamist-Reformists and other hated groups: The stupid bastard monarchists badly need a disgraced enemy. They know that the hated groups like the Mullahs and the Islamist-Reformists have a few supporters in Iran, so they try to pretend that those who hate the Monarchists or protest against these stupid bastards are the Mullahs or the Islamist-Reformists. When the ordinary people say how much they hate the monarchists and their stupid leader, Reza Pahlavi, these bastards say: “You are a Mullah or an Islamist-Reformist; you want to keep the Mullah regime safe; that’s why you hate Reza Pahlavi”. It could be a good dirty trick if we lived in the Stone Age, but now it’s just a laughable bullshit. Those who hate the Mullahs and the Islamist-Reformists in Iran, hate the Monarchists and Reza Pahlvai more than the Mullahs, because these bastards disgrace the opposition and the Iranian movement.


(8) Khomeini’s tactics: The stupid Reza Pahlavi thinks he can use Khomeini’s tactics and Taqiyya. As we said before, Taqiyya is a holy dirty trick for deceiving the naive people (check Archive). Khomeini used Taqiyya in 1978. When was in France, Khomeini said: “I think the Islamic government is the best government, but I don’t impose my views on Iranians. I accept what the people want. We would have a referendum in Iran, and I would accept what Iranians want. In Islam and the Islamic government, all people are free and can speak their mind. We oppose the prostitution and the immoral behaviors, not the democracy or the women rights, or the human rights. We and our Islam are the main supporter of the democracy, the freedom and the human rights. When I go to Iran, I will go to Qom, and continue my previous job as a teacher. The Mullahs are teacher and men of religion and men of science, not politicians and men of power. The Mullahs will not have any role in the future government. They will go to Qom and work as teacher. We don’t work for the power or the money. We work for a free Iran, that everyone can be free and can speak his mind.” It’s so laughable, but the stupid Reza Pahlvai exactly repeats these bullshits and think the people are as stupid as himself. “Reza Pahlvai’s IQ is 50-, near donkey’s IQ and Chicken’s IQ”, the people say.

(9) Reza Pahlavi’s stupid tricks: Besides repeating the Khomeini’s tactics and Taqiyya, the stupid Reza Pahlavi uses new tactics, too. He writes stupid statements that are a ridiculous copy of Mousavi’s statements; They are good stupid jokes. He also tries to sue the Mullahs in the UN ! The stupid bastard Pahlavi thinks that Iranians inside Iran are like the stupid sheep in LA, that Iranians call them “Jamaat Maghze Khar Khorde”. The stupid sheep in LA, are like other Iranian sheep in the west who still live in 1970s and 1980s. The stupid Iranian sheep in LA and other western countries, are mainly 50+. They have had a main role in creating the 1979 disaster in Iran. Most of these stupid bastards supported Khomeini in 1978, in the name of fighting against the Pahlavi regime. They followed Khomeini, like the stupid sheep and created a horrible disaster. These bastards say: ‘Khomeini’s words were beautiful; he could deceive us.’ But if they had read history, had not been stupid and had known the Mullahs, they would not have followed Khomeini like sheep. They were so stupid and so naive, and that’s why the younger generation of Iranians hate all of these stupid bastards and curse them from morning to night. But now some of these stupid bastards ask the youth to repeat the great mistakes of 1978, by following or caring about the stupid Reza Pahlavi. But 2010s is not 1970s. “Reza Pahlavi only can go to hell and f-u-c-k himself”, the Iranians inside Iran say. The young Iranians are not like the Iranian stupid sheep in 1970s. “Iran will be a free country, when the older generations of Iranians (all 50+ Iranians) die and go to hell“, many young Iranians believe. Some funny Iranians say: “Yes, the ordinary people are sheep, but they are like the sheep in the west, not the sheep in 1970s. Now, ‘For seeking refuge from the brutal shepherd, they don’t ask the wolf to help them] (Baraye Farar az Dast Choopane Zalem, az Agha Gorgeh Komak Nemikhahand)”

(10) A small group of fans and followers: “Jamaat Maghze Khar Khorde” (stupid sheep who have eaten donkey brain) are less than 1 million people who live in LA and all around the world. The majority of them are 50+, and they have embezzled the people money in the Pahlavi era. Those who killed and tortured the people in the Pahlavi era, i.e. members of SAVAK, and the great crooks are the brains behind the monarchists. These rotten brains could not save the Pahlavi regime in 1970s when the majority of Iranians were illiterate and naive, but now they want to restore the monarchy in 2010s when the majority of Iranians are at least as modern as their counterparts in the west. And it’s one of the greatest possible joke of all times.

Air Pollution Crisis in Tehran

December 24, 2011

These days are the season for horrible air pollution crisis in Tehran (and other Iranian big cities). In the recent years, spring and summer are the season for a special kind of air pollution crisis called ‘Dust Pollution crisis’ , and autumn and winter are season for another kind of air pollution crisis in Tehran called “Inversion Crisis”. In the recent days, the Mullah media officially declared that this year we had only 2 clean days in Tehran, and last year (2010) we had only 14 clean days. Can you believe it? The Mullah media don’t talk about the air pollution and censor the news about it, but their rare confessions like this one, has one reason: “The air pollution crisis in Tehran is very very serious”. All people who live in Tehran feel it well. When you go to the streets for just 1 to 2 hours, you feel one or some of the following symptoms: horrible headache, sore throat, red eyes, heart-ache, chest-ache, asthmatic difficulties in breathing, feeling of nausea and vertigo, etc. They are common symptoms of pollution-related illnesses. The horrible and mysterious headache is what all people experience it in Tehran’s winter. All of these damn serious problems are the Mullah gifts for Iranians. The experts advise that children, the elderly, and people suffering from heart and lung disease should stay indoors. In fact, all people should stay indoors as much as possible. Tehrans air pollution is a very serious crisis, and the danger posed by Tehrans air pollution crisis is no less than an earthquake, or a war. The air pollution in Tehran kills tens of thousands of people each year, and reduces the life expectancy in Tehran by 10% (6 to 7 years). But It just kills people gradually. The Mullah media officially confess that each year more than 10,000 people die from pollution-related illnesses in winter. About 10,000 reported deaths from the effects of nitrous oxide, lead, zinc, dust particles, etc are official number. When the Mullahs talk about 10,000 victims, the real number of victims should be tens of thousands. As we said before, Heidarzadeh, former head of Tehran city councils clean air office, said life in the city amounted to ‘mass suicide’. He told the ISNA: The danger posed by Tehrans air pollution crisis is no less than an earthquake, with the difference that the destructive effects of an earthquake are instantaneous, whereas air pollution kills innocent people gradually. It’s what the Mullah officials say. “You even can not breath in this f-u-c-king Mullah regime”, the people say. The Mullahs and Islamists have plundered and destroyed everything in Iran, and the air pollution crisis in Tehran has only one main reason: systematical corruption and horrible mismanagement. And it’s the result of the absence of freedom, specially freedom of press and freedom of speech.


In the winter, the combination of cold, still air and about 10 million damn non-standard Iranian cars that are “smoke generators”, produces clouds of black smoke that reduces visibility to a few hundred meters. Each winter, emergency services report a big rise in hospital admissions for heart, chest and respiratory problems. In the recent years, we have the air pollution crisis in spring and summer, too. Before Mr. shit era, we didnt have any air pollution crisis in spring and summer. In fact, we did not have any dust storm in Tehran. But the Mullah miracles are so great, and the Mullahs are master at creating horrible disasters. In Tehran, you can not breath without headache, and its really horrible. Do you think what Iranians say about these horrible conditions? In Tehran, “Taxi Talks” can show you many things. In Tehran, the taxi are a main part of the public transport system, and many people use taxi. Each taxi has many passengers (In Iran, you can hail a taxi even if it already had a passenger. In fact, many taxis work in a special route, like a bus, but they don’t have any station like the bus, and you can get on /off it wherever you want). Many people start to talk about the problems when they get on the taxi. It’s quite normal that the people use bad language and rude words for the Mullahs, the Basij and the Hezbollah. But in the recent months, they also use bad language and rude words (Fohsh Khahar- Madar) for Khatami, Akbar Ganji, Reza Pahlavi and all other Iranian baboons, specially the Islamist-Reformists and the Monarchists. In the horrible traffic jam of Tehran, and when the air pollution crisis is killing the people, they curse the Iranian baboons for betraying the people in 2009 and 2011. It’s quite understandable. They also curse the western countries and the western politicians, specially Obama, for betraying Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement. It’s quite understandable, too. When Obama refused to help Iranians in 2009, and instead wrote love letters to Khamenei, Iranians were not blind like Noam Chomsky. Anyway, “Taxi Talks” in Tehran are really meaningful. From 1997 to 2002, many people (about 50%) were supporting Khatami or the Islamist-Reformists and “Taxi Talks” clearly showed it. But now, “Taxi Talks” show us that more than 90% of the people deeply hate the Mullah regime and all Islamists. It’s really very very hard to find a person who defends the Islamic regime. Who can love the Mullahs who kill, torture and rape the people? Who can love the Mullahs who plunder the national resources and the embezzle the people money? Who can love the widespread corruption and the brutal dictatorship? Who can love the Mullahs who have created a great economic disaster and a great environmental disaster (including a horrible air pollution crisis)? The Iranian baboons and all traitors and mercenaries who betrayed the people in 2009 are responsible for all current disasters in Iran. The people curse these bastards, and it’s quite understandable. Those who die of economic disaster, air pollution, non-standard cars /planes, non-standard roads, etc are like the victims of the Iranian movement in 2009 and 2011. These days, the victims (the family of martyrs, the wounded people, and the arrested people and their families) and the ordinary people curse the Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors, because they are the main responsible for the current horrible conditions in Iran.

North Korea and its Tragic Jokes

December 23, 2011

The life in all “Animal Farms” is like a horrible nightmare. What the tourists say about North Korea and its nightmares is like tragic jokes. They can show us part of the tragedy of living in Animal Farm. When you read about North Korea and its tragic jokes, you can laugh or cry for hours. But you only read it, but the poor people in North Korea should live it. It’s like our tragic situation in Iran. When you live in the tragic jokes, it’s really like living in a horrible nightmare. But the outsiders can laugh at it, because it’s a great tragicomedy. Anyway, here are excerpt of what the tourists say about North Korea and its tragic jokes:

In the center of Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, a huge bronze statue looms above the city. It portrays Kim Il-sung, the founder of regime known as ‘The Great Leader’. I watched as groups of schoolchildren placed flowers in front of the statue and then, in unison, bowed their heads in reverence. As I turned to leave, I heard an odd sound. Behind the statue was a man whose job it was to prevent birds from defecating on The Great Leaders image by jumping up and down and waving his arms while yelling, ‘Whoosh’

In the empty streets of Pyongyang, that there is no car and no traffic, they have the traffic girls who direct Pyongyangs sparse traffic. When I asked if it was true that Kim Jong-il had designed the uniforms for the traffic girls, our guide replied, Of course!, as if I had just asked the dumbest question in the world

The foreign community who live in NK is kept to 500 people, of which about 150 non Chinese/ non Russian. The statistics on foreigners living in Pyongyang (mostly working in embassies or UN) is a regular subject of jokes and the arrival or departure of anyone is an event celebrated at the one bar managed by foreigners (and restricted to foreigners based in Pyongyang). Outside of hotel bars and two diplomatic clubs opened in the evening, there is simply no night life in Pyongyang. I never once saw a restaurant. Restaurants must have existed for the elite, but no signs marked their location and they weren’t advertised . North Korea is the land where the people are not allowed to go to restaurant. They also can’t afford it.


That night we was allowed to walk in a residential cluster of apartment buildings. The shuffling of our feet echoed between the walls with apocalyptic gloom. And then we heard the lonely notes of a saxophone from somewhere above us. I finally spotted the guy sitting high in a window, and he waved. I felt I’d formed a genuine connection with someone in North Korea. I felt his frustration and his pain. I stopped there in the middle of the empty street to listen, and for a moment the barriers they’d built between us fell away …. I told one of our guides that I had heard that Kim Jong-il was a fan of the movies. The guide was indignant. ‘No,’ he exclaimed. ‘He is not a fan; he is a genius of cinema‘.

It took me nearly a week to realize why Pyongyang felt so much like a stage set. It wasn’t just the marble monuments and the enormous public buildings, the empty ten-lane streets and the weird scarcity of people. It was the almost total absence of shops . In all our bus rides through the city, I’d seen nothing to suggest that people actually lived there. There is several shops that obviously exist for the benefit of Pyongyang’s small number of resident foreigners – embassy and aid workers and its even scarcer visitors. North Korea is No Shop Land.

They had a Currency Reform in 1992. What they did about the old and new currency units was unique. The banks in North Korea exchanged up to 300 won per person over 17 (the exchange rate was 1 : 1)Up to 20,000 won of additional money per individual was received by banks as savings, but anything exceeding this was entirely invalidated. The money kept in savings was held until the following year, and then each household was allowed to withdraw up to 4,000 won. And the rest was seized.

Images of father and son are everywhere: on billboards, in every classroom and library, and in every home. Each person in NK should have a portrait of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in his home, and if he damages it, he would be punished. The security forces check homes. Images of father and son are everywhere, even in every subway car.


North Korea even uses its own calendar, measuring time from the year of Kim Il-sungs birth (1912). Thus our 2008 is North Koreas ‘Juche 97.’ North Koreans have grown up being taught that Kim Il-sung is responsible for inventing the philosophy they live by, known as Juche. Many don’t know Karl Marx, and their propaganda machine pretend that Kim il Sung is Karl Marx. Many people know that the Juche philosophy and the propaganda is total bullshit, but no one shows it in public. Many people just pretend to believe.

Midway through our 2-hour drive to the International Friendship Exhibition, our bus broke down. We were ordered by our guides not only to stay on the bus and not take photographs. In any other country, the guides would have used their cell phones to call their office. But in North Korea many don’t have cell phones. After much haggling, one of our guides convinced the soldiers to loan him a bicycle, upon which he raced north towards the nearest hotel, five miles away. Eventually he returned with a bus he had borrowed from a group of Chinese tourists who were eating lunch. Unfortunately, this bus, too, broke down, and we were forced to walk the rest of the way to the hotel.

Kim Jong il has its own Ten Commandments, known as The Ten Principles, that the Party uses to restrict the people. Every North Korean has to memorize it and follow at home, work and school. The Ten Principles say, for instance, they should have the regular evaluation meetings, and they have to confess flaws and mistakes they or others made in their work or personal lives (it’s like what the stupid Iranian Marxists and Rajavists do. They want to convert Iran into North Korea). These evaluation meetings are held weekly. In addition, Everyone must attend meetings, lectures and lessons to learn the Great Father’s revolutionary ideology and actively study it for 2 hours everyday. Following the concept of family purge, if a citizen is accused of a crime, specially political or ideological crime, three generations of his family are also either imprisoned or banished to remote areas.

The night before we entered North Korea, we had dinner at a North Korean restaurant in China. My son met an executive of a North Korean company that develops surveillance and recognition technology for the Chinese. After a pleasant conversation about computers, the North Korean executive told my son, You dont seem like Americans. My son asked him how many other Americans he had met. None. Youre the first. Maybe after that he realized that Americans are not the bloodthirsty demons he had been taught we are


The North Korean authorities have thoughtfully constructed overhead bridges to allow pedestrians to cross the streets without interfering with traffic. Of course, there is no traffic, but at least the citizens of Pyongyang are able to build their muscles by climbing up and down

Their propaganda machine says that Kim Il-sung created the world, and Kim Jong-il could control the weather. They say Kim Jong-il had ability to stop the rain and make the sun come out. They try to brainwash the people, but the new generations are not like their parents. They are smuggling MP3 players, USB flashes, DVDs, used laptops and cameras, as well as South Korean cosmetics, music and movies. It has become commonplace for classmates to gather in one students home and watch foreign movies together or exchange DVDs with others.

Their propaganda machine says that in 1945 Japan surrendered to Kim Il-Sung, not America. They say Japan surrendered to the Korean resistance groups, led by Kim Il-Sung. One guide told us that although soccer is the most popular sport in North Korea, he personally preferred basketball because ‘Kim Jong-il has taught us that Koreans are a short race, and playing basketball will make us taller

“There was a supermarket in Pyongyang, that was run by an Argentine businessman, and it was where the North Korean elite and resident foreigners shopped. For the rest of the population there are no shops. The rest survive on government rations, and on what little food they’re permitted to grow for themselves. A Scandinavian aid worker told us she couldn’t go outside the city without permission. The entire time we talked she spoke in a low voice, looked around often, and was very careful in her choice of words. While browsing the music section I saw four harmonica boxes. I asked the attendant if I could see one of the harmonicas. She opened the boxes one after another, but they were all empty. It felt like I’d punched another small hole in the façade.

When I moved back from NK to China, I felt such a sense of freedom simply from walking down the street. People were laughing, music boomed from nearby bars, girls wore short skirts and smiled. Never in my life did I expect China to feel like the land of freedom. But after going to NK, I thought China is the land of freedom. I just wanted to sit there all night just to soak it all in. Compared to Pyongyang, Beijing was a free land.

North Korean Defectors’ Stories

December 22, 2011

North Korea is a ‘Communist Heaven’ for the Marxists, and a pure hell for is people. North Korea is a real “Animal Farm”, and “The land where cows cry for humans“, as its people say. The story of North Korean “Animal Farm” and its poor victims, is very tragic and the world should know more about it. In the recent days, The DailyNK, a pro-democracy website about North Korea, reported: “Following Kim Il Sungs death in 1994, people were in extreme grief. However, the atmosphere is quite different this time. The people are organized, and volunteerism is absent. A source inside North Korea says: ‘After Kim Il Sungs death everyone cried and wailed but they arent now. The people who came to the Kim Il Sung statue to offer their condolences are crying deliberately because they are being watched‘. The majority of people show no emotion once they turn their back on the statue”. In fact, hypocrisy is a main part of everyday life in all brutal dictatorships. The DailyNK has a special section about North Korean Defectors. The DailyNK’s Defector’s Story is a collection of testimonies about the real life in North Korea (NK). They say: “With 20,000 defectors now in South Korea, there is no shortage of testimony about NK conditions”. It’s not bad we take a look at some of these tragic stories. In “Spring Brings Forth More Pain”, defectors say: “Cows are taken care of by farmers on collective farms; they are seen as precious national property. While [food] distribution to the farmer can be reduced, distribution to the cow must remain fixed, and if the cow dies, the farmer can be executed, so people even joke, ‘Cows also prey on humans’. A defector said that her uncle was executed because ‘he butchered a cow he was in charge of to save a friend who was on the brink of starvation’. Another defector, said a father and son killed a cow and ate it with other members of their family. Upon discovery of this fact, the son was executed and father was sent to a labor detention facility, where he eventually committed suicide by swallowing a nail”. I think if Karl Marx had heard about the fate of his stupid Utopia, he would have killed himself by swallowing a box of nail.


In “Kim Leaves Legacy of Disgrace”, the DailyNK says: “Defectors who escaped from North Korea in the mid-1990s share terrible memories of The March of Tribulation (North Koreas period of famine). This extreme food crisis went on for about four years, from 1995 to 1998. Different research institutes have made different findings, but anywhere from 2 to 3 million people are estimated to have died due to disease or starvation caused by food shortages in this period. At the same time, the countrys system of state-led production was collapsed, taking out the distribution system along with it. The collapse of the distribution system forced the North Korean people out into mountains and fields in search of food. Desperation and the difficulty of obtaining real food drove many to eat tree bark or roots. Yet even in these difficult times, Kim Jong Il famously enjoyed living high off the hog. In the period after he took power [in 1994], he spent several thousand dollars on a single meal, or 20 million dollars on gifts for his close associates. Kim built over 10 private vacation homes throughout scenic areas of North Korea and enjoyed spending each of his seasonal vacations at a different one. One of his vacation homes has an underwater floor made of 10 centimeter thick reinforced glass to see 100 meters beneath the sea. Kim spent $890 million on expanding the Kumsusan Memorial Palace, which is where Kim Il Sungs body is entombed”. All Animal Farms are like each others, and the dreadful corruption is a main part of all brutal dictatorships. In “What Are People Doing on Kim Jong Il’s Birthday?” a defector say: “The commemorative events for Kim Jong Il’s birthday takes place from the beginning of February. The civilians have to participate in every event. Laborers, as soon as they get to work, have to carefully read propagandistic documents praising Kim Jong Il for 20 minutes and have to learn new songs praising him. Mobilized civilians sit and wait for the completion of the events while shuddering in cold interiors without heating systems. Each household is given two days worth of provisions as well as a bottle of liquor and oil. Approximately a kilogram of snacks (candy, cookies, gum, and traditional rice cookies) are given to elementary school students and pre-school children”. It reminds Iranians of 1980s and all other years of the Mullah regime in Iran. Our “Animal Farm” in Iran has many similarities with North Koreans’.


In “Korean Wave a Motivation for Many”, defectors say: “[In 2011,] one of nine defectors currently under investigation in Nagasaki revealed that he was inspired to defect after watching South Korean dramas and films. Knowing that North Korean people watch South Korean dramas in secret is one thing, being shown that they can inspire people to run from their country by such things is quite another. While in the past a majority of defectors chose to escape because they were having trouble surviving, nowadays it seems that freedom and relative abundance in South Korea are becoming driving forces, too. When you see the images of freedom in Korean dramas, the thought, I want to live that way comes up naturally. No matter how often [the regime] say dont watch, the people dont listen.” All Iranians are familiar with this phenomenon. When you have not any kind of freedom, and even can’t fart freely, as funny Iranians say, you just want to get rid of the hell that you are forced to live in it. Many free people can not understand it, but the prisoners, Iranians and North Koreans understand it well. In “People Seeking Hope from Fortune Tellers”, defectors say: “Compared with religious activities, which could lead to execution or a political prison camp, the punishment for visiting a fortune teller was, and is, relatively minor. North Korean defectors believe that the main reason for the increase in visits to fortune tellers in 1990s, was complete loss of faith in the regime. Even though it is really hard to survive, the reason people will spend the money for five kilos of rice on a shaman is because they want to find hope, even though it is just in words. They draw courage and strength from the belief that even though not everything the shaman tells them is right, if they go this way, good things will happen. Fortune telling is still a banned practice in North Korea. Not that it seems to be having much effect, the authorities have responded to the growth of the activity with lectures about how it is contrary to communism. One day, a young intellectual from the village who has watched the woman coming and going to the shrine tells her, ‘There is no such thing as superstition. Every person is the master of his own destiny.’ Finally convinced by the man, the woman destroys the shrine”. Those idiots who think the religion is the main problem of Iran, should read more about USSR or North Korea and its anti-religion regime. Animal Farm has two versions: secular Animal Farm (like USSR and North Korea) and religious Animal Farm (like the Mullah regime in Iran and the European Middle Age). And the world should know that the young intellectuals are everywhere, even in North Korea and its villages. It’s very important. It’s what the mass media tell lie about it.


In “The Land Where Weather is Criminal”, a defector says: “North Korea forces its people to display loyalty to the Supreme Leader. Take the case of No.1 Works (each person in NK should have a portrait of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in his house, and if he damages it, he would be punished; it’s called ‘No 1 Work’). There are countless cases of people being punished because they damaged No.1 Works (even if the rain, flood, or bad weather damage the portraits, the people will be punished).” It’s really a horrible joke, but it’s part of the tragedy of living in Animal Farm. The stupid Marxists and the bastards who still talk about Communism are among the stupidest people of all times. Even animals can learn from their mistakes. In “People Collecting Herbs Fill Mountain”, a defector says: “There are many workers who have a job which does not give any salary or distribution. They have to go to work even if there is nothing to do. If not, they are a subject to be sent to labor camp or receive ideology reeducation for certain period. The average monthly wage of a North Korean worker is about 4,000 won. Currently, rice is sold for 1,500 won and corn is for 600 won. If the assumption is that each member of family of four consumes about 500g daily, the cost of purchasing two kilograms of rice would be 3,000 won and the same amount of corn is 1,200 won. Even if they survive on corn, it can only last for three days. Many, since do not have enough rice for one meal a day, they cook all kinds of wild vegetables or some roots with corn powder and eat it as porridge. People, who conduct a small business, are eating corn with rice three times a day, but those who cannot go to the market barely have around two meals of corn per day . People don’t have money. A few Chinese travelers, who were bringing industrial goods (clothing, shoes, cosmetics) to North Korea, are facing difficulties as their products are not being sold. Since the used product is cheaper than the new one, people looking for used goods have increased. Recently people who smuggle used clothing from South Korea are making money “. In fact, in the Communist Utopia and all brutal dictatorships, the black market and horrible corruption is a main element. But the stupid Marxists don’t understand the importance of freedom. They don’t care about freedom, and instead, defend the brutal dictators in the name of fighting against imperialism.


In “People with Nothing Should Not Be Afraid”, a defector says: “As much as I suffered, my family members must have suffered as well. They must have hurt just as much as I hurt. But, still recovering from my illness, I could do nothing for them. There was only one thing I could do, and that was to leave. After saying farewell to my brother, I left on a journey, but without a clear destination. I wandered about to here and there. Finally, I found myself standing on the bank of the Tumen River with a heart full of desperation. I must have looked like a walking corpse. A 19-year old girl called Yeon, whose hand I was holding as I stepped into the river, began to cry out of fear. But she had already abandoned everything to get to this point, so what was she afraid of? ‘Did you not even think of these things? Do not cry.’ At these words, Yeon stopped crying …. I was in China, where the fear of being sent back to the North was constantly following me like a shadow. [I found a job, but] they taunted me, claiming they would report me to the Communist Party and talked behind my back for being a North Korean woman, resenting my working so hard. I did not know how to handle any of these situations, so I would cry alone in the bathroom until my face swelled up.” The Communist Heaven, like all other Ideological Heavens, is a pure hell that just creates horrible disasters. The people who live in the Ideological Heavens -like North Korea, Iran, etc- live like a prisoner in a big prison. The basic needs, the basic rights, and the basic freedoms are not important for those who have them, but they are very vital and critical for those who don’t have them. It’s like other basic needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Many people in the west can not understand the true meaning of the tragedy of “lack of basic freedoms” or “lack of basic rights”. Maybe, some think it’s not important, and it can’t create any problem for those who live in the west. But it’s wrong. Many people in the west can’t understand the horrible conditions in Iran or North Korea, and sometimes stupidly say that it’s like their own conditions in the west. But it can create a great disaster, because “History can repeat itself”. Many OWS protesters are fans or followers of Chomsky and the stupid lefts, and talk nonsense about Communism or Theocracy or abolishing Democracy and Republic system. They can’t understand the importance of freedom and what they have in the US and the free world. They can understand many things, and It can create horrible disasters. When you forget history, or don’t read history, you only can repeat history. Caring about the dreadful conditions in North Korea or Iran, or understanding the depth of Chomsky’s foolishness, is not just a moral or intellectual issue. The world should help North Koreans and other suppressed nations, and should not not forget that “History can repeat itself” and “Humans can repeat great mistakes and great disasters”.

Yalda, Christmas, Iranians, and Mithraism

December 21, 2011

The Yalda Night (Shab-e Yalda), also known as the Chelleh Night (Shab-e Chelleh) or Zayeshmehr, has been one of the most important celebrations in Persia since at least 5,000 years ago. Yalda Night is an Aryan celebration, and followers of Mithraism have held its traditions since the ancient time in Persia. Yalda Night is the Persian Winter Solstice Celebration. Yalda is celebrated on the Northern Hemisphere’s longest night of the year, that is, on the eve of the Winter Solstice. Yalda means “Birth”, and is a “Birthday Celebration”. It’s birthday of Mithra or Mehr, the ancient Persian god of light, wisdom, and sun. As we said before, The two Persian religions, Mithraism and Zoroastrianism are among the oldest religion in the world. Zoroastrianism is the first monolithic religion in the world. Mithraism and Zoroastrianism both influenced a lot of following religions -including Christianity. Many ancient religious traditions in Persia are global traditions now . When Romans accepted Christianity, about 300 years after birth of Jesus Christ, churches determined Mithra or Mehr (sun) Birth Celebration as birthday of Jesus Christ, since the exact date of his birth was unclear. When Mithraism was transferred from ancient Persia to other parts of the world, many Europeans celebrated December 21 as Jesus Christ Birthday, but from 4th Century onward due to some mistakes in calculation, Christmas day was determined December 25. In fact, Christmas night was Yalda night. Some ask sarcastically: “Is everything Persian?” Will Durant, in “The Story of Civilizaiton” (volume 1) writes: “Where did civilization begin? Where is Cradle of Civilization ? It’s unanswerable. But the arid regions of central Asia [Persia] were once moist and temperate, nourished with great lakes and abundant streams. The recession of the last ice wave slowly dried up this area, until the rainfall was insufficient to support all cities. In the ancient Persia, at Susa [and also at Jiroft (Kerman), and at Marlik (Gilan), and other regions], in remains of a culture which belongs to 9000 BC to 4000 BC, we find the cultivation of wheat, barley and millet, the use of copper, the domestication of animals, and the ornamentation of pottery in styles so conventionalized as to suggest an artistic background and tradition of many centuries. Our story begins with the Orient, not merely because Asia was the scene of the oldest civilizations known to us, but because those civilizations formed the background and basis of that Greek and Roman culture. Our science, our literature, our philosophy and our religion, go back to the Orient [mainly Persia]


There are many similarities between the Mithraic and Christian traditions. Some experts say: “Mithra’s date of birth, became that of Christianity. Sunday (day of the sun), holiday of the Mithraists, became the holiday of the Christians. The Virgin Birth, Resurrection, Satan, Heaven, Hell, Limbo, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and many other things like holy bread, holy water, the candles used for Christmas, etc are remaining of Mithraism and Zoroastrianism”. Even the first Greek historians, like Xenophon in 2500 years ago, have written about this fact that Mithra is an Iranian god, but some stupid scholars in the 19th and 20th centuries, who were the puppet of the politicians tried to change the history. The exact date of Jesus birth is unclear. Some say: “If the accounts in the Bible are correct, the time of Jesus birth would have been closer to mid-summer, for this is when shepherds would have been ‘tending their flocks in the field’ and the new lambs were born”. But there is not doubt that Mithraism was the major religion in the Roman Empire before Christianity, and choosing 25th December as Christ’s birthday was because of Yalda and Mirthra’s birthday. But some scholars that were politicians’ puppets tried to say that Mithraism is a Roman cult, not a Persian cult. In the ancient Persian literature you can find many things and many references to the Mithra and Mirthaism (“Kishe Mehr”). The ancient Persian myths is full of stories about Mithra or Mehr. There are also many old Persian texts, known as Pahlavi texts, that belong to 3000 to 4000 years ago and talk about Mithra. Iranians also have a holy book named “Avesta” that belongs to 4000 years ago. In the Avesta, the sacred Zoroastrian writings of the ancient Persians, Mithra appears as the chief Yazata, or good spirit, and ruler of the world. In Zoroastrianism, together with Rashnu ‘Justice’ and Sraosha (Soroush) “Obedience”, Mithra is one of the three judges at the Chinvat bridge, the “bridge of separation” that all souls must cross. In the Zoroastrian calendar, the 16th day of the month and the 7th month of the year are dedicated to, and under the protection of Mithra or Mehr. Some believe the Greeks of Asia Minor accepted Mithraism in the Persian Empire in 7th to 4th century BC, and helped to spread the cult (, and also changed parts of it). Others believe that Mithraism was brought to Rome in 1st century BC.


After Islam, Yalda like other Zoroastrian festivals was attacked by the Arabs. But Yalda was important for the Persians and they kept it safe under any condition. In the ancient Persia and its religions, Zoroastrianism and Mithraism, the winter solstice was an auspicious day, and included customs intended to protect people from misfortune. The people had (and still have) small parties and gatherings and eat the last remaining fresh fruits from summer, like watermelon and pomegranate. They also eat Ajil (nuts and dried fruit). Iranians used nuts and dried fruits a lot. Ajil , watermelon, and pomegranate are symbol of Yalda. Watermelon especially kept from summer for this ceremony. Yalda has its own Sofreh. Sofreh that means ‘spread’, is a cloth (table linen) spread on the carpet, on the table, or on the Korsi, on which food is served. In the Persian religious traditions, Sofreh had a special meaning, too. When Iranians, specially women, wanted to have a religious ceremony, or wanted to ask God or holy spirits to do something for them, they had Sofreh. In fact, Sofreh Haftseen (Nowruz), Sofreh Yalda, Sofreh Nazr, Sofreh Bibi or Pari [fairy], etc are part of this ancient Persian tradition. Sofreh Yalda, like Sofreh Haftseen, has its own items including Ajil, watermelon, pomegranate, sweets, candle, dried and fresh fruits. In the old times, Sofreh Yalda was placed on the Korsi. The Korsi is a traditional piece of furniture similar to a very short table, covered by a thick blanket. In fact, Korsi is the old Persian table since the ancient time. People sit around the Korsi and put their legs under the blanket. Inside the Korsi, heat is generated by means of coal or heaters. Of course, now only in some rural areas you can find the Korsi. Prior to Thomas Edison’s invention, decorating and lighting the house and yard with candles was also part of the tradition, but few have continued this tradition. In ancient Yalda, fires and candles were burnt all night to ensure the defeat of the forces of Ahriman. There were prayers to God to ensure the total victory of the sun that was essential for the protection of winter crops. They thought the sun is reborn after Yalda. It was also believed that God would grant people’s wishes in that day. Another faded tradition is giving the present of dried fruits and nuts to family and friends in small parchments tied with ribbon. New traditions include on-line sharing of pictures from Yalda gatherings, wishing each other a happy Yalda in phone calls or SMS or on social networks. In Yalda night, many Iranians spend the longest night of the year with family members and friends.


Christmas is like Yalda, because its root is Yalda and Mithraism. The lack of good written sources on Mithraism is largely due to this fact that Mithraism is a very old religion. It belongs to the pre-Zoroastrian era, in 5000 to 10,000 years ago. Some say: ‘the Zoroastrian clergy preferred to mix Mithraism with Zoroastrianism, and tried to destroy Mithraic sources as much as possible’. Some experts say: “The founder of modern Mithraic studies, Franz Cumont, talked nonsense a lot. But even for Cumont, Mithraism in the West was Romanized Mazdaism, that still means its core is a Persian religion (Mazdaism is a Persian religion). The old Persian texts, notably the Bundahin, which carry the Zoroastrian cosmological accounts are several centuries later than the Roman-era artifacts”. According to the Persian myths, Mithra was born of Anahita, an immaculate virgin mother. You still can find many Anahita temples and other Mithraic temples in the central Iran (Fars, Yazd, etc), the southern Iran (Kuzestan), the western Iran (Kurdistan), and the eastern Iran (Sistan, Harat, etc). The Greeks and the Romans viewed Persia as a land of wisdom and civilization. The today’s bullshits should not deceive you.Xenophon, a contemporary of Socrates, was a Greek historian. He is known for his writings on the history of his own times, the 4th century BC, specially for descriptions of life in ancient Greece and the Persia Empire. Herodotus is also a Greek historian in the 5th century BC, who wrote about Persians and the Persian Empire a lot. Herodotus was enemy of Iranians, and Xenophon was not a friend, but both admired Persians a lot. Xenophon had a special book about Cyrus the Great, “Cyropaedia “, and a famous book, “Anabasis”, about his trip to Persia. Herodotus and others told some big lie about Persians, but it had psychological reasons. Some wise Greeks say: “Greeks saw much to admire in Persian culture. The Greek attitude toward the Persians was probably a complex mixture of fascination, envy, and contempt. Telling lie about the Persians, that were a super power at that time, served to bolster Greek self-esteem and self-righteousness in the aftermath of the Persian invasion” Unfortunately, this “complex mixture of fascination, envy, and contempt” still continue in somewhere (not in Greece). I hope they can get rid of this sort of evil emotions or can control the animal instincts. We should live in today, as a modern and civilized human. We should not distort the facts or the history, because of a “mixture of fascination, envy, and contempt”.


The ancient Persians had many festivals and tried to be happy as much as possible, even in the winters. Chelleh Night is 40 days after winter. Persians had two special festival periods in the winter that are called Chelleh Bozorg (great Chelleh) and Chelleh Kuchik (small Chelleh). The great Chelleh begins on the first day of winter and lasts forty day. The small Chelleh begins on a day after the great Chelleh and lasts twenty days (20 days + 20 nights = 40). These two Chelleh are associated with special festivities and customs throughout Persia. The first night of the great Chelleh is Chelleh night or Yalda night. The ancient Persians and the Zoroastrian thought that “being sad, depressed, or disappointed” is an evil thing. They tried to be happy as much as possible, and that’s why they had many festivals (more than 30 festivals) in each year. In the ancient Persian Calendar, each day and each month had a name. The day on which the day-name and month-name dedications intersect was dedicated to the divinity of that day/ month, and was celebrated with a Jashn (ceremony/ feast) in honor of that divinity. Unfortunately, after the Arab invasion, the stupid Arabs forbade being happy and the joyful festivals. For more than 200 years they tried to destroy all Persian traditions. Of course, they could not succeed and many Persian traditions survived, but many things changed. Unfortunately, some think Europe always was modern like today, and Persia always was like today. But you can easily read the history and find the truth. Europe is modern now, but not in the past, and Persia is one of the main “Cradles of Civilization”, along with India and China. The Mullahs are Arab or pro-Arab bastards (not wise and respectful Arabs) who hate Iran’s history and Iran’s traditions. Who can deny this? It’s so obvious that your today’s conditions can not show your past and your history. Yes, just today is important. But why some stupid bastards try to change the history? why they tell big lies? When some bastards talk nonsense about the past, it’s an attack on the truth, and those who care about the truth should defend it. It’s not a nationalist thing, it’s just defending the truth. Those who tell lie about the past, tell lie about today as well. We all can see those who tell lie about the Persian history, tell blatant lie about today’s Iran and Iranians and many other things, too. Maybe, they still suffer from a “mixture of envy and contempt”. They should go to a mental hospital and cure themselves. It’s necessary for having a better life and a better world.

How North Koreans live in North Korea

December 20, 2011

North Korea is the closest and most isolated country of the world, and many people in all around world know nothing about North Korea. The international mass media tell lies about many things, for instance, what they say about Iran and Iranians is totally bullshit and wrong. So, they are not reliable and what they say about North Koreans can be as reliable as what they say about Iranians. We all should try to not accept mass media’s bullshits without our own research. We all can know more about North Koreans by our own research. What the mass media show us is not the true image. Unfortunately, North Korea’s regime is worse than Iran’s and many other countries. The Communists have created a pure hell in North Korea. But it doesn’t mean that all North Koreans are stupid or totally ignorant. The North Koreans are humans, like all of us, and all humans hate the tyrants and those who make their life hell. The reason and the human history show us that the humans hate the tyranny and corruption, and sooner or later they will rise up and protest against the tyrant. The North Korean propaganda machine shows us the pictures of mourning people in North Korea or China, but it’s exactly like what the Mullah propaganda machine, or Gaddafi and Assad propaganda machine shows the world. Unfortunately, the western mass media only repeats what these propaganda machines say. It’s really a great tragicomedy. North Korea that the Communists call it DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is a small country. It covers an area of 120,000 km2, and shares land borders with China and Russia to the north, and South Korea to the south. North Korea’s population is about 24 million (half of South Korea’s), and Pyongyang with 3.5 million is its capital and largest city. Other cities are less than 1 million. North Korea’s life expectancy is about 64 years. Infant mortality stood at a high level of 51 (12 times that of South Korea). Buddhism and Confucianism are the main religions in DPRK, but the majority (15 million) declare or pretend that they are irreligion, because the regime is anti-religion. Education in North Korea is free and compulsory until the secondary level, and is controlled by the government. North Korea has a high literacy rate, about 99%, but North Koreans live in an Animal Farm, a pure hell that the Marxists and the Communists call it “Communist Heaven” or “Communist Utopia”


The North Korean ‘Communist Heaven’ is a pure hell. Most of the people with phone, mobile phone, and Internet access are ‘pro-regime’. If one wants a phone installed, they would need to indicate why they want a phone. Most of telephones are installed in government offices, collective farms, and state-owned enterprises, and only 10 percent controlled by individuals or households. The mobile phones were forbidden. But in 2004, about 20,000 people could have mobile phones in Pyongyang, but it was forbidden again. In 2010, the number of North Koreans owned a mobile phone reach 300,000. And in 2011, this number increased to about 700,000 users. In fact, about 60% of Pyongyang’s citizens between the age of 20 and 50 have a cellphone now. The country has no commercial Internet service providers, and the ordinary North Koreans do not have access to the Internet. Since 2000, they have a nationwide Intranet service called Kwangmyong (bright), which connecting all government institutions, and features e-mail service, censored news, search engine, etc. It’s an Intranet (local network), and is not connected to the Internet. PCs are unusual at home, and many don’t have PC or laptop. Kwangmyong is largely used in the universities and libraries. Attempting to access to the Internet illegally can be punishable by long sentences in a labor camp, but it can not stop many young educated people. Near the border region, cell phones allowing the transmission of news and even video to the other side. Cell-phone videos have provided the outside world with rare glimpses of life inside the country, as well as documentation of human rights abuses. North Korea has a few Internet café, and a handful of elite ass-kissers have access to the Internet via a pipeline through China, but this is almost certainly filtered, monitored and logged. Some say: “Only a few thousand people are allowed direct access to the internet (legally). The rest are ‘protected’ by a local version of China ‘great firewall’, controlled by the Korean Computer Centre. Yet even today, more and more business cards in Pyongyang carry e-mail addresses, albeit usually collective ones [!] A west European businessman said he is astonished by the speed with which his North Korean counterparts respond to his e-mails, leading him to wonder if teams of people are using the same name. This is, however, North Korea, and sometimes weeks go by in virtual silence”


Satellite Internet coverage is available, offering download and upload speeds up to 400 kbit/s, however it’s so difficult to smuggle a satellite terminal into the country. According to the Daily NK, a pro-democracy news site based in South Korea, computer classes cost more than six months wages for the average North Korean. The country has a very minimal presence on the internet, but in 2007 the .kp domain was created for North Korea’s regime. There are only dozens of websites in North Korea, but the North Korean regime trains computer hackers in the universities. North Korea has a very high degree of censorship. There is no freedom of press, and all media outlets are strictly owned and controlled by the North Korean regime. Visitors are not allowed to bring a radio or TV set. Radio or TV sets, which can be bought in North Korea, are preset to receive only the government frequencies and sealed with a label. It is a serious criminal offence to manipulate the sets and receive radio or television broadcasts from outside North Korea. It is illegal for North Koreans to listen to anything other than state-run radio. North Korea jams the South Korean broadcasts and all foreign shortwave broadcast services. The type of the jamming on shortwave is ‘Jet Plane Noise’, which makes it very hard to hear the radio broadcasts (like Iran). But these horrible and medieval restrictions can not stop the people. Some say: “listening to South Korean radio could result in capital punishment. However, many North Koreans now illegally listen to Southern music, watch South Korean videotapes, etc. They often bribe the officials “. In fact, bribery has become prevalent throughout the country, and it’s a common feature in all tyrannies in all times. There are many similarities between Mullahs in Iran and Communists in North Korea. Kim Jong-il’s book, Guidance for Journalists, advises that “newspapers carry articles in which they unfailingly hold the president in high esteem, adore him and praise him as the great revolutionary leader”. All North Korean journalists are members of the Communist party. Only news that favors the regime is permitted, whilst news that covers the economic and political problems in the country, or criticisms of the regime is not allowed. And it’s exactly like our situation in Iran.


In North Korea, GDP is about $40 billion and GDP per capita is about $1,800. Mainly because of a prolonged mismanagement, Communist bullshits, and corruption and suffocation, the economic situation is so horrible in North Korea. Everything in North Korea is state-controlled, and there is no market and private sector. More than 25% of GNP in North Korea devotes to the military. In fact, the lack of freedom, from personal freedom to freedom of press, has a main result: tyranny and widespread corruption. It’s what Karl Marx and his stupid followers could not understand it. The average salary in North Korea was about $50 per month in 2004 , and the average official salary in 2011 is $2 per month, while the actual monthly income seems to be around $15, because most North Koreans earn money in illegal small businesses. It’s really horrible. It’s the Communist Utopia that the stupid bastard Marxists talk about it. Everything in North Korea is communist. The collective farms, the shared apartment, the shared email address, the shared phone, etc. Of course, food rations, housing, healthcare, and education are offered from the state for free. But many people die from lack of food and lack of healthcare. The World Food Program and UNICEF found that 7% of children were severely malnourished; 37% were chronically malnourished; and 23% were underweight. The North Korean famine resulted in the deaths of between 300,000 and 800,000 North Koreans per year during the three year famine in 1990s. A report from Amnesty International said that the North Korea’s health care system is unable to provide sterilized needles, clean water, food and medicine. Most hospitals operate without electricity or heat, and doctors are forced to work by candlelight. Hospitals no longer stock medicines because staff sells them on the black market. It’s exactly what is called “Communist Utopia”. The demise of the communist regimes in the Soviet Union and East European countries, that supported North Korea’s regime financially, created more economic disasters for North Koreans in 1990s. In fact, it created a great human disaster there. But the North Korean regime still talks about “Communist Utopia”.


North Koreans have not ‘freedom of movement’. They cannot freely travel around the country, much less travel abroad. The North Korean government treats emigrants from the country as defectors ! and they are routinely beaten and sent to prison camps, or even executed. Public and secret executions of prisoners specially in cases of escape attempts, is a great tragicomedy in North Korea. They don’t allow the people to leave “Communist Utopia”! and the poor people should live in North Korea like a prisoner. Even domestic travels need “Travel Permit”. Only the loyal and healthiest citizens are allowed to live in Pyongyang. Those who are suspected of sedition are expelled from the city. People traveling from Pyongyang to other regions typically travel by rail. But in order to travel out of Pyongyang, people need an official travel
. In fact, North Korea is like a big prison and no one can escape from it easily (like Iran). A tourist says: “there are restrictions for North Korean citizen traveling inside their country. Especially traveling to Pyongyang is not easy for local people and requires a special permit”. A small number of capitalistic elements are gradually spreading, including a number of advertising billboards along certain highways, but private cars in North Korea are still a rare sight. The streets in Pyongyang are almost empty. Satellite photos of North Korea show an almost complete absence of vehicles on all of its roads throughout the country, even in its cities. Only the authorities and the high rank ass-kissers may own or lease vehicles. The majority of North Korean have bicycles. A tourist says: “Traffic is scarce, we only see some tourist busses, some military trucks and very few ‘private’ cars. But they have ‘shared-space’ concept also for highways: They are used by cars, bicycles and pedestrians !“. The public transport in North Korea, specially in Pyongyang is not so bad. They had metro, trolleybuses and trams. Water transport on the major rivers and along the coasts plays a growing role in freight and passenger traffic. But North Korea’s international air connections are so stupid. All civil aircraft are operated by Air Koryo: about 35 aircraft in 2010, which were purchased from the Soviet Union and Russia.


There is no private Bank or foreign bank in North Korea. The Central Bank of North Korea, under the Ministry of Finance, has a network of about 250 local branches. In fact, the people have no extra money, so they need no bank ! North Korea’s economy has been unique in its elimination of markets. By 1960s, market elements had been suppressed almost completely. Almost all items, from food to clothes, have traditionally been handed out through a public distribution system, with money only having a symbolic meaning. Since the 1950s, a majority of North Koreans have received their food through the public distribution system (PDS). The PDS forces farmers in agricultural regions to hand over a portion of their production to the government and then reallocates the surplus to urban regions.About 60% of the entire North Korean population, which represents the entire urban population, receives food through this government-run system. The PDS daily per person rations was about 150 grams in 1994, and reached as low as 30 grams by 1997. The PDS failed to provide any food in 1998 and 1999 (average ration was about 5 gram). And that’s why millions were dead in North Korea in 1990s. By 2005 the PDS was only supplying households with approximately one half of an absolute minimum caloric need. Daily per person rations were halved in 2011 is about 200 grams. It’s really the true meaning of “Communist Utopia”. The only market in North Korea is the black market and the deception market. The political prisoners and their families are sent to the special camps, where they are prohibited from marrying, required to grow their own food, and cut off from external communication. But this fact that they have many political prisoners (some say about 200,000) proves that the North Koreans are not as stupid or ignorant as the world thinks. They fight and protest, but they are brutally suppressed. In fact, no one cares about them. The Chinese and Russian bastards help the North Korean regime, and the western politicians close their eyes. Only the South Korea helps them every now and then.


The propaganda in North Korea is so horrible and so laughable. A tourist says: “Their propaganda machine says that Kim Il-sung ‘created the world’, and Kim Jong-il could ‘control the weather’. We went to the Kumsusan Memorial Palace that is a mausoleum for Kim Il Sung. Before seeing Kim Il Sungs embalmed body, we passed some other rooms. In one of them we were given earphones and heard that the whole world was shocked after Kim Il Sung died in 1994 and that there was mourning all over the world [!!!]“. Approximately 90% of news broadcasts in North Korea is propaganda, in an effort to mislead the North Korean public as to the outside world’s perceptions of the country. Some say: “When Kim Jong-Il visited Russia in 2011, official DPRK media reported Russians as being ‘awestruck’ by the encounter, revering Kim Jong-il’s ability to ‘stop the rain and make the sun come out’ [!!]” We can laugh at these stupid jokes, but the poor North Korean should live with these horrible jokes. It’s like our conditions in Iran. In fact, all brutal dictatorship are horrible joke and horrible nightmare. The propaganda machine in North Korea said: “South Korea is a poverty-stricken land, where American soldiers shot Korean children”. But South Korea and its differences with the north can show us the great miracle of Communism. South Korea also can show us the great miracle of Mullahs and Islamists in Iran. South Korea was less developed than Iran in 1970s. North Korea has 12 newspapers, 20 periodicals, 4 TV channels, and 11 radio channels, that all are in Pyongyang and all are part of the state propaganda machine (like Iran). There is no Foreign newspapers (like Iran). Many North Koreans don’t have a television set in their home. But VHS tapes that smuggled from China is popular. South Korean music and Hollywood movies are said to be spreading at a ‘rapid rate’ throughout North Korea despite the threat of punishment; the police and inspection teams are regularly bribed (like Iran). 99% of people are literate in North Korea, but Education is strictly controlled by the government (like Iran). The school curriculum has both academic and ideological content (like Iran). More than 10 percent of instruction is devoted to the “Great Kim Il Sung” and “Communist Morality.” Primary schools are known as people’s schools, and children attend them from the age of 6 to 9. Then from age 10 to 16, they attend either a regular or a special secondary school. Two notable universities in the DPRK are the Kim Il-sung University and Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, both in Pyongyang. The Pyongyang Business School has been established by the Swiss government. The number of university-educated North Koreans is not large, but many North Korean are not stupid. What their state propaganda machine shows us, should not deceive us. What they show us are the North Korean Basiji ! The number of the North Korean Basiji is not clear, but it’s so obvious that they are not in majority.

Here , you can find more pictures of North Korea and Pyongyang. It’s a travel blog of an Austrian who traveled to North Korea in 2008.

Vaclav Havel Died at 75

December 19, 2011

Vaclav Havel, the hero of Velvet Revolutions, died at 75 on 18 December 2011, in the last days of the year of uprisings and revolution. The media reported: “Havel became a source of inspiration to Czechs, and to all of Eastern Europe in late 1980s. He went from prisoner to president in 1989, the year the Berlin Wall fell and communism crumbled across the region. Havel died Sunday morning, at his weekend home in the northern Czech Republic. The 75-year-old former chain-smoker had a history of chronic respiratory problems dating back to his time in prison. Havel was the first President of the Czech Republic (19932003). He wrote over 20 plays and numerous non-fiction works, translated internationally”, the media reported. “The end of Czechoslovakia’s totalitarian regime was called the Velvet Revolution because of how smooth the transition seemed: Communism dead in a matter of weeks, without a shot fired. But for Vaclav Havel, it was a moment he helped pay for with decades of suffering and struggle. The dissident playwright spent years in jail but never lost his defiance. ‘His peaceful resistance shook the foundations of an empire, exposed the emptiness of a repressive ideology, and proved that moral leadership is more powerful than any weapon,’ said Obama. ‘He also embodied the aspirations of half a continent that had been cut off by the Iron Curtain, and helped unleash tides of history that led to a united and democratic Europe.’ Lech Walesa, former Polish president and the Nobel Peace Prize-winning founder of the country’s anti-communist Solidarity movement, called Havel ‘a great fighter for the freedom of nations and for democracy. While he was president, the Czech Republic split from Slovakia, but it also made dramatic gains in economic might,’ the media reported.


“Havel first made a name for himself after the 1968 Soviet-led invasion that crushed the Prague Spring reforms. Havel’s plays were banned as hard-liners installed by Moscow snuffed out every whiff of rebellion. But he continued to write, producing a series of underground essays. One of his best-known essays, ‘The Power of the Powerless,’ was written in 1978. Havel knew that suppression firsthand. He was born Oct. 5, 1936, in Prague, the child of a wealthy family that lost extensive property to communist nationalization in 1948. Because of Havel’s bourgeois history, the Communist regime did not allow Havel to study formally after he had completed his required schooling in 1951. Havel was denied a formal education, eventually earning a degree at night school and starting out in theater as a stagehand. He also studied drama by correspondence. Following the suppression of the Prague Spring in 1968, he was banned from the theatre and became politically active. In those years, he was forced to take a job in a brewery, an experience he wrote about in his play Audience. His political activism began in earnest in January 1977, when he co-authored the human rights manifesto Charter 77, and the cause drew widening attention in the West. His political activities resulted in multiple stays in prison. His longest stay in prison, from June 1979 to January 1984, is documented in Letters to Olga, his late wife. In 1988, thousands of mostly young people marched through central Prague, yelling Havel’s name. Havel’s arrest in January 1989 at another street protest and his subsequent trial generated anger at home and abroad”, the media reported.


“Pressure for change was so strong that the communists released him in May. That fall, communism began to collapse across Eastern Europe, and in November the Berlin Wall fell. Eight days later, police brutally broke up a demonstration by thousands of Prague students. It was the signal that Havel and his countrymen had awaited. Very soon a broad new opposition movement was founded, and hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets. In three heady weeks, communist rule was broken. On Dec. 29, 1989, Havel was elected Czechoslovakia’s president by the country’s still-communist parliament. In 1992, when it became clear that the Czechoslovak federation was heading for a split, Havel resigned as president, but he remained popular and was elected president of the new Czech Republic. After some years, the serious newspapers questioned his political visions, and the tabloids focused mainly on his private life. Havel left office in 2003, after his second term as Czech president, and one of his greatest political opponents was elected his successor. Havel said: ‘Truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred’. It became his revolutionary motto”, the media reported. Havel said: ‘I am deeply convinced that a fully-fledged democracy cannot exist without responsibility, nor can it exist without the rule of law. Unless a legal system is grounded on moral order, it can neither operate properly nor command respect. (Without this) we will live in an indifferent, demoralized and undemocratic society’. In fact, Havel was a politician who cared about morality and humanity. Havel’s memoir of his experience as President, To the Castle and Back, was published in May 2007.


The Prague Spring, that was a critical moment in Havel’s life, was a period of political liberalization in Czechoslovakia in 1968. The Prague Spring reforms were an attempt by Dubcek, the Communist leader of Czechoslovakia, to grant additional rights to its citizens. But the Soviets sent thousands of Warsaw Pact troops and tanks to occupy the country. The Warsaw Pact was the Communist version of Nato. In those years, the US and other western countries did not support the Prague Spring and its poor pro-democracy activists, as they did not support other uprisings in the Eastern Europe, like the Hungarian revolution. Some said that it’s a tactic of the cold war. But in the recent years, even the Hollywood makes movies and TV series, like the Company (2007), about the western hypocrisy and western betrayals in the Eastern Europe during the cold war. It’s like the story of our time. The hypocrite western leaders refused to help Iranians and Syrians. They pretended that the brutal dictators in Iran and Syria are enemy of the west, but they did not support the movements against these brutal dictators. But it’s not the whole story. Anyone with eyes open know that the hypocrite western leaders supported these brutal dictators. The hypocrite western leaders, their companies and their media aided the Mullahs and Assad in suppressing and killing the people. They make love with Mullah Mafia and support them. They work with the Mullah embezzlers. They make love with the Mullahs and their families, and also with the Mullah mercenaries and the Mullah TVs in the US and the UK. The stupid western sanctions just hurt the ordinary people who hate the Mullahs and fight against them (If you want to know more about these facts, check our archive). The stupid western sanctions are exactly like the political rhetoric, and its goal is clear: “Deceiving public opinion and the naive people in all around the world”. But the hypocrite western leaders should know all Iranians listen carefully to what they say and what they do. 2010s is not 1970s or 1950s. These days, if you want to be a hypocrite stupid bastard, it has a very high price. Being a hypocrite stupid bastard is a stupid, immoral and inhuman thing, but if you just know money and power, you should know that it has a very high price, too. It’s better you try to be a normal human. Being a hypocrite stupid bastard is just a sign of dreadful foolishness.

North Korean Dictator Died at 70

December 19, 2011

“North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jung il, has died at 70. Kim’s death was announced today, 19 December 2011, by the North Korean state TV in Pyongyang”, the media reported. Wow, such a historic year is 2011. Even in its last days, it has great news. The North Koreans are so lucky that their dictator went to hell, without any protest. Now they can get rid of the whole brutal dictatorship, if they go to the streets. The revolution and uprising in North Korea, the closest society in the world? Yah, why not, it’s not impossible. The young North Koreans can create a great uprising there. They can put an end to the Kim family’s brutal dictatorship. The young North Koreans can learn from their counterparts in all around the world. 2011 is really the best year for the death of North Korean dictator. But the North Korean propaganda machine still is a joke. The media reported: “The North Korea’s state TV said: ‘Our great leader Comrade Kim Jung-il passed away at 8:30 a.m. on Dec. 17’. The tearful and weeping presenter, dressed in black funeral attire, announced that Kim had died two days earlier of ‘physical and mental over-work‘ [!!]”. It’s really a good joke. Some say: “Apparently he died on Dec. 17 of heart attack while he was on a domestic train trip”. The media also added: “North Korea’s state-run news agency, KCNA, urged people to unite behind the dictator’s son. ‘All party members, military men and the public should faithfully follow the leadership of comrade Kim Jung-un and protect and further strengthen the unified front of the party, military and the public,’ KCNA said. But the comrade Kim Jung-un is a little kid, 27 ! In fact, the little Kim is a little kid. Some say: “Kim’s death will cause huge shock waves across North Korea. Kim’s death could herald ‘very unstable times’ in North Korea


“Kim Jung il extended a cult of personality, when many of the nations 24 million citizens lived on an average income of less than a dollar a day. He was likely born in the Soviet Union in 1941, when his father and other Korean communist exiles receiving military and other training. Kim lived a life of privilege in the capital, Pyongyang, when his family returned to the divided peninsula in 1945. Kim likely spent many of his younger years in China to receive an education and to keep him safe during the 1950-1953 Korean War. Kim joined the ruling Workers Party of Korea in 1964 and quickly rose through its ranks. By 1973, he was the partys secretary of propaganda, and in 1974 his father anointed him as his successor. Kim Jung Il inherited power after his father, North Korean founder Kim il Sung, in 1994. And in September 2010, Kim Jung il unveiled his third son, the twenty-something Kim Jung Un, as his successor, putting him in high-ranking posts. The communist country’s ‘Dear Leader’ reputed to have had a taste for cigars, cognac and gourmet cuisine – was believed to have had diabetes and heart disease”, the media reported. The youngest son of the dictator, is a baby-faced 27-year-old kid, who can covert into a brutal dictator, if the young North Koreans were stupid and inactive as their parents. But 2011 is the year of uprisings and revolutions, and a little stupid kid, should not become their “dear great leader” again. 2012 can be the last year of North Korean Dictatorship, if the young North Koreans create an uprising, and the world help them and support them.


“The dictator Kim rarely spoke in public, almost never traveled abroad and has an official biography that is steeped in propaganda but lacking in concrete substance. Like his father, Kim had a fear of flying, and always traveled by private armored train for state visits to Russia and China“, the media reported. In fact, Kim had a fear of death, like other brutal dictators. But finally he died, and the people got rid of him. Kim was a brutal dictator, but like other brutal dictators, from Hitler and Gaddafi to Saddam and Khamenei, Kim had his own hobbies. The media reported: “Kim was said to be a film fan, owning a collection of more than 20,000 films. He loved Hong Kong action films and any movie starring Elizabeth Taylor. He was the author of the book ‘On the Art of the Cinema’. In 1978, on Kim’s orders, South Korean film director Shin Sang-ok and his actress wife Choi Eun-hee were kidnapped in order to build a North Korean film industry [!]” But Kim was very brutal and hypocrite. “Kim Jung Il had been groomed for 20 years to lead the communist nation founded by his father and built according to the principle of “juche,” or self-reliance. But North Korea even is unable to feed its own people. In 1990s, following the famine, the number of North Koreans fleeing the country through China rose dramatically. Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans died in the famine in the 1990s. But Kim Jung il and his propaganda machine said: ‘People of the world, if you are looking for miracles, come to Korea. Do not believe in God. Believe in the great man’. During a visit to China in 1983, Chinese leader Hu Yaobang advised him to promote tourism. But Kim said that tourists would be able to identify North Koreas defenses [!]”, the media reported. All brutal dictators are exactly like each other.


“Kim il Sung (1912 -1994), fought for independence from Korea’s colonial ruler, Japan, from a base in Russia. He emerged as a communist leader after returning to Korea in 1945 after Japan was defeated in World War II. With the peninsula divided between the Soviet the U.S., Kim il Sung was appointed as North Korea’s leader in 1948 by Russians. The North invaded the South in 1950, sparking a war that would last three years, kill millions of civilians. Kim il Sung meshed Stalinist ideology with a cult of personality that encompassed him and his son. North Korea’s propaganda machine refers to Kim il Sung as the ‘Great Leader’, and to Kim Jung il as ‘Dear Leader’. Their portraits hang in every building in North Korea and on the lapels of every dutiful North Korean”, the media reported. The poor North Koreans really live in an Animal Farm, exactly like Iranians, Syrians, etc. The media also added: “Kim had at least three sons with two women, as well as a daughter by a third. His eldest son, Kim Jung Nam, 38, is believed to have fallen out of favor with his father after he was caught trying to enter Japan on a fake passport in 2001 saying he wanted to visit Disney’s Tokyo resort . His two other sons by another woman, Kim Jung Chul and Kim Jung Un, are in their 20s. Their mother reportedly died several years ago. Kim Jung-il’s youngest son, Kim Jung Un, 27, is his father heir. In October 2010, he appeared with his father at a mass-scale military parade, orchestrated to showcase Pyongyang’s might as it builds support for another hereditary power transfer.”


“Kim Jung-un, or Kim Jung-eun, formerly Kim Jung-woon, is the third and youngest son of the North Korean dictator. He was born in 1984. He attended the English-language International School of Berne, Switzerland until 1998 under a pseudonym. His classmates said: ‘It must have been 1993 when he came to the school. His English was bad at first. He was surrounded by the best gadgets that the rest of us kids couldn’t afford -TVs, video recorder, a Sony PlayStation. He had a cook, a driver, a private teacher. We watched a lot of kung-fu films -especially Jackie Chan movies. After school we met at the basketball court and threw a few baskets, with both of us pretending to be Michael Jordan. We spoke about girls, and at weekends there were parties and a lot of under-age drinking. Most of all he listened to the North Korean national anthem, which we must have heard 1,000 times together. He left without getting any exam results at all. He was much more interested in football and basketball than lessons’. He studied at a top private school in Switzerland. He reportedly stayed in Switzerland until late 1999 or early 2000 when former classmates claimed he disappeared”, the media reported. When the majority of North Koreans live in poverty, the hypocrite Comrades live in luxury with the people money. It’s the classic story of all “Animal Farms”. But in 2010s, all brutal dictators and all “Animal Farms” can say hello to their end, if the world support the suppressed people, and stop helping the brutal dictators. When the world and the west refused to help Iranians and Syrians, they just showed the depth of their stupidity and hypocrisy. But the world can be a better and safer place for all people, if the brutal dictators in Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc. go to hell.


The little kid, Kim Jung-un is expected to become dictator of the country after his father. Of course, some believe that Jung-un’s uncle Chang Sung-taek will act as regent, as Jung-un is too inexperienced to immediately lead the country. Now, the North Koreans are in shock. And it’s quite normal. The brutal dictators picture as god or super human, and their life is a mystery. The media reported: “Few firm facts are available when it comes to North Korea, and not much is clear about the man who was called ‘Dear Leader’, ‘fearless leader’ and ‘the great successor to the revolutionary cause’, by their propaganda machine. Kim Jung-il was the centre of an elaborate personality cult inherited from his father”. Even the little kid, the little Kim, had the same story. “For many years, only one confirmed photograph of him was known outside North Korea, apparently taken in the mid-1990s, when he was eleven. The first official image of him as an adult was a group photograph released on 30 September 2010 at the end of the party conference that effectively anointed him, in which he is seated in the front row, two places from his father”, the media added. But now in 2011, everything has changed, and the dictators can not fool the people by this sort of old dirty tricks. The young North Koreans can learn from their counterparts in all around the world. The above picture, that shows the little Kim among the stupid generals that are the old farts and the old ass-kissers, is very meaningful. These stupid old farts want to fool the people in North Korea. But can they succeed in their evil plan in 2011? Maybe we would see a serious power struggle in North Korea, but the North Korean youths can shock the whole world, if they rise up and wake up in the last days of the year of uprisings and revolutions.

Rafsanjani, Corruption, Oxford, UK and Canada

December 18, 2011

Yesterday, Macleans had a report about a Mullah embezzler, Houshang Bouzari, who lives in Canada and has sued a high rank member of Mullah Mafia in London, Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani. The report had very weak points, but it’s about a great ridiculous tragicomedy. Houshang Bouzari is a Mullah embezzler like Mahmoud Reza Khavari and his familyor like Amir Khosravi and his family, who both are Mullah embezzler and part of the largest embezzlement in Iran’s history, but they have fled to Canada and now live there, and spend the dirty embezzled money there. Houshang Bouzari was a member of the Mullah regime in 1980s and 1990s. His story in that era, when Rafsanjani was a brutal dictator, is like Khavari and AmirKhosravi’s story in Mr shit’s era. The years of Rafsanjani’s dictatorship were so dark, like the Mr shit’s era; Iranians call that era “Years of ‘Chain Murders’ (when Mullahs killed hundreds of scholars, activists, and oppositions inside and outside Iran); years of torture and suffocation; years of widespread corruption and large embezzlements; etc”. But now Bouzari, that funny Iranians call him “Bouzari Bouzine” (Bourzari the baboon), lives in Canada, sues the Mullahs, and spends the embezzled money. You can imagine that one day Khavari or Amir Khosravi would sue the Mullahs in Canada, too. It’s really a tragic joke. Unfortunately, some stupid Iranian expats and western mass media try to make Bouzari a hero. But Bouzari and Rafsanjani both are part of the corrupt and medieval Mullah regime. In 2005, in an interview with Shahrvand newspaper in Canada, Bouzari clearly talked about his role in the Mullah regime and the widespread corruption of Rafsanjani and other Mullahs (You can find his interview in many Iranian websites (Just google it). It’s in Persian language, and we use part of it here). Many Iranian baboons and their media, like Balatarin, Roozonline, etc, don’t cover the news about the corrupt Rafsanjani and the Mullah Mafia in the UK and the US. It’s very funny. On the other hand, some stupid Iranian expats care about Bouzari, because he has said some anti-Mullah things. Maybe Khavari, the great Mullah embezzler, would say some anti-Mullah things in the future and become a hero for these idiots, too. It’s really shameful and unacceptable that the Mullah embezzlers can flee to the west, and then by saying some anti-Mullah things they can become hero, and can spend the dirty embezzled money without any problem. As we said before, the UK, the US, Canada and other western countries should answer many serious questions about the stupid sanctions, and the Mullah Mafia and the Mullah embezzlers who live in the west. Now, lets take a look at Macleans’ report: (our comments are in parentheses)

“The son of a former Iranian president who is pursuing a doctorate at the University of Oxford under hotly contested circumstances has been ordered by an Ontario court to pay a Canadian man millions of dollars in compensation for torture he suffered while imprisoned in Iran (This man, Bouzari, that they call them a Canadian, is an Iranian baboon who worked for the Mullah regime, from 1979 to 1993. In 2005, he clearly said that he was a high rank manager in the Mullah Oil Ministry, Mullah state TV, Mullah Parliament, Mullah Administration, etc). Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani is the fourth child of Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who was president of Iran from 1989 to 1997, and whose family is among the wealthiest in the country. (corruptest is right, not wealthiest. All Mullahs, including Rafsanjani, were so poor before 1979) It was while Akbar Rafsanjani was president that Houshang Bouzari crossed paths with his son, Mehdi. Bouzari had worked as an adviser to the Iranian parliament and oil ministry (It’s a big lie. Bouzari, was a manager, not an advisor, in the Mullah oil ministry and Parliament. He is a corrupt Iranian baboon who worked for the Mullah regime. All Iranians know that those who are manager in the oil ministry in Iran, are among the corruptest people in the world; the Mullahs trust them and they embezzle the people money in large scale). But he severed ties to the government in 1987 and became an international business consultant, helping foreign companies strike deals to tap Irans oil wealth (In fact, when he was a manager in the Mullah Oil Ministry, he kissed the Mullahs’ ass and embezzled the people money, and became a super rich. He was a Rafsanjani’s puppet, and as he himself said in 2005, he had established a company for himself in 1990s, ‘Refinery and Oil Industry Development Company’, and the Mullahs gave him very large contracts for maintenance in the Iranian refineries in Arak, Tabriz, Bandar Abbasi, Mahshahr, Asalouyeh, Pars Jonoubi, etc. Iranians know what it means: He has embezzled multi-billion dollar. He was part of Mullah Mafia and worked with the western oil companies like Halliburton, too. In 2005, he himself said that the cost of his projects was $4 billion). In 1991, he had signed a monster contract involving five European and Japanese companies. Soon after he got a message that President Rafsanjani and Mehdi wanted to meet with him. Bouzari was then living in Italy but he flew back to meet them. The president told Bouzari that he wanted Mehdi, then about 22 years old, to learn the oil business (it can show us how the Mullahs work with their mercenaries). It smelled bad from the beginning, Bouzari said in an interview with Macleans. He couldnt say no, but didnt want the presidents spoiled son interfering in his business. To keep him at bay, I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars sending him all over the world, enjoying his life, going to luxury hotels. Im sorry to say to you that my company even paid for the escort companies that the guy ordered for the hotels in Park Lane, London, Geneva, wherever you can imagine (Can you see how the Iranian baboons work for the hypocrite Mullahs, bribe the Mullahs, kiss the Mullahs’ ass, embezzle the people money, and finally flee to the west? The Mullahs use them for living in luxury. Funny Iranians say: ‘Bouzari and other Baboons and Khayemals (ass-kissers) play the role of pimp for the Mullahs and their families’). This worked for awhile, but soon, says Bouzari, Mehdi, through a friend, demanded $50 million to keep the project afloat. Bouzari refused. Even had he been willing to pay, he and his partners stood to make far less than that in commission on the deal. Bouzari tried to appease Mehdi by agreeing to work as his personal adviser. He seemed mollified (It has a long story that Bouzari told more about it in 2005. Rafsanaji regularly went to London, and Bouzari bribed him. As you know London is the second home of all Mullahs. Bouzari was ready to pay millions dollar bribe to Rafsanjani, and it was just part of the money that he had embezzled. But Rafsanjani was so greedy. Unfortunately, such corrupt people live in Canada and the UK, now. Rafsanjani lives in London, and Bouzari in Canada, and both spend the dirty embezzled money there)”


“But when Bouzari flew to Tehran in May 1993, the driver and bodyguard Mehdi usually sent to meet him at the airport were not there. Nine days later security agents arrested him in his Tehran apartment. (It’s the fate of all corrupt Khayemals who kiss the Mullahs’ ass and embezzle the people money. The Mullah security system said he is a corrupt person, and they were not wrong. But he was a corrupt man who worked for a corrupt system. In 2005, Bouzari said that he had bribed the managers of Mullah security system and the Mullah Judiciary, too; and he thought ‘little’ Mehdi can’t hurt him. But it was a miscalculation. He also tried blackmail to stop Mehdi Rafsanjani, by using pictures that showed Rafsanjani with nude women in Tehran, or with a tape that proved Rafsanji had asked him bribe. But these tricks did not save Bouzari). Bouzari spent the next eight months in Tehrans Evin and Towhid prisons. [He was brutally tortured]. In August 1993, Bouzaris wife, Fereshteh Yousefi, sent $3 million to Iran; Macleans has seen documents showing this, and Bouzari released in February 1994 (This $3 million bribe, was just a small part of what he had embezzled). It took another $250,000 bribe before Bouzari got his passport back and left Iran for good. Hes been a Canadian citizen since 2002 (As we said before, it’s really shameful and unbelievable that the corrupt Mullah embezzlers can get the Canadian citizenship. The story becomes more tragic when you know the ordinary Iranians should wait 6 to 8 years in the long stupid immigration queue, because the west has imposed stupid sanctions on Iranians. In fact, the victim of the stupid western sanctions are the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullah regime, not the Mullahs and their families). In 2005, Bouzari instructed his lawyer Mark Arnold to file a case against seven individuals he believed played a role in his torture, including Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani, at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The judge ordered Mehdi to pay Bouzari and his family almost $13 million in damages. That Mehdi is a student in Britain. Kaveh Moussavi, an associate research fellow at the University of Oxfords Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, first noticed Mehdi at the back of a university seminar last fall. Moussavi recognized Mehdi and initially couldnt believe he might be an Oxford student. Moussavi became more outraged the deeper he probed into how Mehdi was admitted. He complained. Ali Reza Sheikholeslami, an emeritus professor at Oxfords Wadham College, has described Mehdis admission as ‘highly discriminatory’ and ‘smacking of favouritism.’ He swore in an affidavit that Edmund Herzig, professor of Persian studies at Oxford, told a graduate student to help Mehdi prepare his application and doctoral thesis proposal about the Iranian constitution. Sheikholeslami also alleged that Mehdis application references were worthless, as they were all lackeys of his father. Mehdis admission was assessed primarily by Edmund Herzig, with what the university describes as a ‘subsidiary role’ played by Homa Katouzian, a member of the faculty of Oriental studies. When contacted by Macleans, Herzig declined comment. Homa Katouzian did not respond to an interview request. A university spokesperson conrmed to Macleans that the universitys usual requirement that students be procient in English was waived for Mehdi. ‘The university is condent that the decision [to admit Mehdi]. Whether or not people think the decision was sound academically, it was denitely not corrupt,’ the Oxford spokesperson said in a written statement to Macleans. Oxfords registrar, however, has also written to Moussavi to say the university would review its admissions process because of his complaint. Moussavi told Macleans: ‘If they found nothing, why would they want to do that?’ ”


It’s really shameful. Shame on the Oxford university, that many think it’s a prestigious university. But almost all Iranians hate the Oxford university and other British universities because they are among the most corrupt universities in the world. They work with the brutal dictators, from Rafsanjani and other Mullahs to Bastard Assad’s men and Gaddafi’s sons (check Archive). Houshang Bouzari in his interview with Shahrvand newspaper in Canada in 2005, has said many things about the Mullah corruptions in 1980s, when he was part of the Mullah regime. Bouzari said: “Three groups worked as broker in “Buying Guns” (for Iran-Iraq war). Mohsen Kangarlou was one of them that worked for Behzad Nabavi and Mousavi’s office (Mousavi that some know him as leader of Green Movement, was part of the corrupt system; Iranians know that in 2009, the Mullahs arrested Mousavi’s brother in law, Shapour Kazemi. But many don’t know that he was very rich, because he had become a factory owner in 1980s and 1990s, when Mousavi was the Prime Minister of the corrupt system). They work with a bank in Lebanon, and a bank in Switzerland, “National Republic Bank of New York”, and these banks transferred the unclean money easily. One day in 1985, I saw Aghazadeh, the oil ministry, when he sent a $20 million check for Kangarlou. Khatami’s nephew, Vafa Tabesh, could block some of our projects. In fact, each high rank Mullah, has his own clan and team for embezzling the people money (In fact, the Islamist-Reformists, from Khatami to Karoubi, are like other corrupt Mullahs. They all are part of the corrupt system of Islamists). Rafsanjani controlled ‘selling oil’, and many high rank officials in the oil ministry were his men (including Bouzari himself !). Rafsanjani had his own team in “Buying Guns”. Ahmad Khomeini, and Khomeini’s office, had their own team, too. The embezzlements in the oil ministry were like this: Mr. X went to XLand and signed a contract for selling oil, but when the oil price was $11.50 in the market, the contract’s price was $11, and the 50 cent distributed among both corrupt sides, fifty-fifty. The 50 cent in these contracts is a huge amount, for instance $5 million. Sometimes, this 50 cent, became $5 or more, and their dirty profits increased astronomically. In 1980, many western companies blocked Iranian money and assets that belonged to the 1970s. The family and friends of the high rank Mullahs tried to reach a deal with these companies, for instance with Eurodif company in France (for $300 million) or with many American companies (for multi-billions dollar). What they got from these western companies, went in their own pockets, not in the national treasury. In Iran-Contra scandal in 1980s, Rafsanjani and his nephew, Ali Hashemi, had the main role”. What the corrupt Bouzari said, was just less than 1% of the widespread corruption in the Mullah regime. Anyway, Macleans’ report is a report about the great tragedy of Iranian expats, too. Those who live in the west as scholars or work for the prestigious universities or institutions, but at the same time kiss the Mullahs’ ass and work for the Mullahs, are Iranian baboons. These bastards, like Katouzian, Abbas Edallat, and other Iranian jerks in the UK, or their counterparts in the US, like Houshang AmirAhmadi, Trita Parsi, etc are worse than the Mullahs. Public opinion in the world know the Mullahs, but they don’t know the Iranian baboons who work for the Mullahs. These bastards are Iranian baboon and work for the Mullah Mafia. They are mercenary and Khayemal (Ass-kisser). But unfortunately they are not a small group. There is not any reliable data about the rate or the number of the Iranian baboons among the Iranian expats community, but many evidences can show us that they are in majority. The wise and respectful Iranian expats are in minority. Maybe just about 10% of Iranian expats are wise and respectful people who know Iran, world, history, etc, and don’t kiss anybody’s ass. They hate the Mullahs, Pahlavists, Khatamists, Rajavists, and Marxists. But this group is not politically active, and most of them hate politics. They also hate the hypocrite Iranian bastards, the stupid Iranian expats, the hypocrite western politicians and mass media, etc. They just live their own life. They know what Sa’di, the great Persian poet said: “If you have no sympathy for human pain – The name of human you cannot retain”. But most of them say: “We have sympathy for human pain, but we don’t show it. We are just inactive, not indifferent”. They are not like other Iranian expats, but the real humans and the wise good guys who live in the free world, should practically care about others and those who live in a medieval hell in Iran and other parts of the world. They should protest against the tyranny, the hypocrisy, the corruption, and the double standard. They should do something, and show their sympathy. Their Sympathy should become Empathy.