Chele and Yalda: Orwell, Matrix, Control

December 22, 2013

In this year (2013) and this Chele season (Yalda season) Iranians talk about British Mullahs, Iran’s enemies, and main problems. As the wise Iranians say: “This year (2013) showed what the Iranian people said about the UK, Mullahs, Arabs, the US, etc was not wrong. Now all people can see the love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan (USA)’, the love story of ‘Arabs and Jews’, etc. . Now it’s clear that the West is behind Islamists, Monarchists, Marxists (MEK), terrorists, dictators and all evil forces. In pre-2009, most Iranians that are young and educated were pro-American and pro-West. But now many things have changed. The West has sowed the seeds of hate since 2009. They showed that the West is the main Enemy of ‘Freedom, Democracy, and Progress’ in Iran”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “the love story of ‘Mullahs and their Great Satan (USA)’ is as ridiculous as the love story of ‘savage Jews and savage Arabs. Now Mullahs and their Javad (Zarif) defend those who threaten Iran with genocide! Their Javad (Zarif) says: ‘It is only natural for US lawmakers to [threaten Iran with nuke and to] be skeptical of Iran nuclear deal [!] I believe that’s only natural in a democratic society [!!]’ (WP, Dec 2013) Zarif is badly showing his true face, and that’s why the Iranian people say: ‘Zarif is an anti-Iranian [whore]’ or ‘Zarif is an American spy’ ! Iranians know Islamists and their Western employers. As Iranians say: for the UK, the US, Jews and Islamists ‘Democracy’ means Tyranny and Sadism!”. They also add: “Islamists and their Zarif make love with those who threaten Iran with nuke! This anti-Iranian Islamist, Zarif, has said to the Washington Post (WP): ‘[American incitement to genocide against Iran] is an internal matter for the U.S. and I believe the Americans are quite capable of handling it’ ! (WP, Dec 2013) Islamists tell jokes, and praise sadists, barbarians, and US Sadism (sanction). And the sadists and human-eaters (the West) have become Narcissists, and say to their stupid agent (Zarif): ‘We think of ourselves as the extraordinary nation’ ! (WP, Dec 2013) Mullahs are stooges/ slaves of these narcissistic barbarians. But the Iranian people and all good guys hate barbarians, sadists, and puppet dictators”. The Chele season remind many of the Iranian values, and the West’s bad guys. We have already written about “Yalda, Christmas, and Mithraism” (check Archive). At the Chele/ Yalda night, Iranians celebrate the victory of light over darkness, which symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. As the wise Iranians say: “the longest night of the year, that is on the eve of the Winter Solstice, had a symbolic meaning for Iranians: the rebirth of the Mehr (Sun). Ancient Iranians celebrated the victory of good (light) over evil (darkness) that comes after this night. It’s a clear sign of the Iranian wisdom. Since the ancient time, the force of evil (Western barbarians, etc) hated the home of Good (Iran) and the Iranian mindset […] They were/ are so jealous of the land of Aryans (Iran). They have always told big and laughable lies. Their stupid paradoxes has a long history. For instance, the first Christians like St Augustine said: ‘we hold this (Christmas) day Holy, not like the pagans (Persians !) because of the Birth of the Sun, but because of the birth of him (Jesus) who made it Holy’ !! This clearly explains the origin of Christmas. This festivity was an Iranian festivity, dedicated to the Birth of our Iranian Mithra (Mehr / Sun) that was adopted by the Christians. But the West and its stooges still talk nonsense”. As some wise Iranians say: ‘the Western barbarians refer to Iranians as Pagan!, while almost all good things in the West have Iranian roots! Iranians were civilized people who praised the Good, the Truth, Tolerance and Human values, while Westerners were barbarians and human-eaters, and Jews openly praised Genocide, Racism, and Barbarism […] Now even the good Westerners talk about ‘The Origin of Christmas’ or ‘The Truth Behind Christmas’, and say: ‘Christmas was originally the Iranian Yalda festival, meant to commemorate the birth of the Mithra. Iranians [even] eat red things during their Yalda Feast. Pomegranates and watermelons are an essential part of the Iranian Yalda’! The wise Westerners said: ‘Iranian civilization formed the background and basis of that Greek and Roman culture. Our science, our literature, our philosophy and our religion, go back to the land of Aryans (Iran)’. But the Western media, the English Lie Factory (UK media), and the West’s whores like Massoume Price, Javad Jackson, etc still tell laughable lies, and desperately try to hide or distort the truth. Now it’s obvious why Iranians are angry, and say: ‘Dige Barbar-ha ham moda-ii Miras-e Ma shodan !’ (Now even barbarians claim that they are the possessors of our Iranian legacy/ civilization!) […] The West and its stooges remind you of the Matrix and Agent Smith, who said: ‘our Matrix is more real & better than your real world’ ! The West even says humans don’t deserve to live in the West’s Perfect Matrix! They are like Agent Smith, who said: ‘the first Matrix attempted to simulate a perfect world, free of pain and suffering. But the human minds could not accept such a prefect world’! The Barbarian West and Agent Smith believe: Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure! It’s what the Christian/ Jewish Barbarians say. Read what Zionists, Rabbis, Haredi, Evangelists, Mormons, etc say. They are still barbarians. They still try to ruin or control the civilized world. They still tell big lies, and falsify the past and everything. But they just make people aware! Now many say: This year (2013) showed that the West is really like the Matrix!”.


These years remind many of ‘1984’ and the Matrix. As you know, the Matrix is a good philosophical film, of course if you ignore its many weak points! But here lets forget the philosophy and the technology. As some wise Iranians say: “The Matrix reminds many of Orwell’s 1984. Even in the West, the good guys mix the Matrix metaphors with Orwellian metaphors, and talk about the West’s true face. They even tell people: ‘Everything you know is a lie. Everything you know (and think you know) about the history, the West, etc is a big lie’. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say it’s not wrong. The Westerners live in the Matrix”. As you know, the Matrix is a ‘reality’ that everyone lives, but isn’t really ‘real’! We have already written about “Reality and Fantasy” (check Archive). But as some wise Iranians say: “Even if you ignore Snowden and NSA, many things can show you that the West is like the Matrix. What the West’s media says is Virtual Reality, not Reality. They censor almost all important facts/ news. They openly talk about Mind Control and control mechanisms! You live in such a Matrix. But this Matrix is recognizable. The Matrix suffers from many bugs, errors, or mistakes, that you can call them ‘clues’. There are many clues: the 2009 coup was one of these bugs/ clues. What the Lefty media and the English Lie Factory (UK media) do/ say are clues. What US Congressmen say/ do are clues. What the Left (Chomsky, etc) and the Right (Brzezinski, etc) do, and their collaborations are vital clues. The story of the Left and the IMF plans in Iran is a good clue”. They also add: “In the Matrix movie, one of the good scenes is when Neo wakes up in his cell (real world), and sees the grim truth of reality. When Neo sees all cables (chains), all cells, and this fact that all humans are really prisoners in a big prison, it’s really one of the scariest things you can see. It as scary as this fact that the one, the oracle, and all guides are part of the system! They are part of the Matrix and its design! It reminds you of today’s world!”. They also add: “In the Matrix movie, you can see many stupid things. For instance, its ‘Biblical references’ (Zion, chosen people, trinity, prophecy, Armageddon, the one (superman), etc) are stupid. It’s shameful that The Matrix was under the influence of the Christian/ Jewish Zionists, who worship ‘Zion’, Genocide, Racism, Slavery, and other barbaric things. In the Matrix, religious beliefs, Nuclear Armageddon, etc remind you of the religious fanatics and the Hollywood crap. As the Westerners say: ‘In the Matrix, we created a nuclear winter, blocking out the sun, in hopes of depriving the machines of power. Then the machines [tried to use us] as electrical generators! Billions of us are harnessed to the power grid, each one living out his life in a little pod. To keep us in our pods, the machines feed a virtual reality program (the Matrix) into our brains that gives us the experience of a normal human living in 1999’. But it’s not the whole story. The Matrix is the story of Control. The Matrix reminds you of today’s world, that is an Orwellian World. As Snowden and the 2013 scandals revealed, all tech giants and media, and almost all journalists, scientists, intellects, etc work for the Matrix (Big Brother’s agencies, etc)”. They also add: “In the Matrix, Architect, Oracle, all guides, and even Neo (the one) are part of the Game! They are part of the Matrix of Control. The guides just try to keep the whole system safe and secure […] In today’s world, who can remind you of the guides in the Matrix?! Yah, Noam Chomsky, and even Edward Snowden”. They also add: “Snowden is an ex-CIA agent, and Chomsky works for the system. The stories of Iran and the 2009 coup clearly showed how and why lefty agents like Chomsky praise/ defend IMF plans, dictators, Islamists, Marxists, Imperialists (Brzezinski, etc), terrorists, CIA agents (Leveretts, etc), and other bad guys. Lefty agents like Chomsky are part of the system. They are agents of (Matrix)”. In this year (2013), many Iranians talked about the 2009 Coup and its lessons. As some wise Iranians say: “Do you think a bunch of Islamists control Iran?! Islamists have no public support in Iran, and more than 90% of Iranians hate them so much. They rely on foreign support. The Matrix of the West and its stooges help and support them. But the fate of puppet dictators, and those who sacrifice their people for foreigners and foreign support, is quite clear”. They also add: “Even the wise Westerners know their Matrix. But as they say: ‘Where is the protest, the outrage, the sense of betrayal? The West’s Sheeple live like sheep’. Most Westerners even don’t know that the ‘Agents’ Chomsky, Brzezinski, Leveretts, etc are the agents of the Matrix, and part of the great Delusion. It’s
disappointing. But you should not forget that many people like Snowden, Manning, and Swartz exist. It’s not important whether Snowden or Manning is part of the system or not. But it’s important that many insiders are like Snowden and Manning, or hate the bad guys […] The bad guys and their shameful acts just disillusion people. What they did in 2009 made Iranians aware. Now many Iranians say: ‘Who control Iran, hurt Iranians, and are the main enemies of freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran? a bunch of Islamist Neanderthals or Basiji Chalquz (retards)?! no; you should be so naive to believe it. The US and the UK are behind the Mullah regime. The West and its stooges shape (this Matrix)’! Now Iranians have become aware, but most Westerners still live like sheep. The real change will occur, only when most humans become aware and ask for change”.


As the wise Iranians say: ‘People truly have doubts, and ask: ‘Do we really live in a Matrix?’ But unfortunately, this year showed that people live in a Matrix of lies, a Matrix of Deception, a Matrix of Illusion. The Big Brother’s media and the Ministry of Truth try to control everything, and create a Matrix. Matrix is a big prison. Those who live in the Matrix are prisoners, but they are not aware of this fact! It’s like what you can see in the West. But Iran is different. Iran has become a big prison. But Iranians are aware of this horrible fact. They even know the prison guards. Iranians say: ‘who are the prison guards?! The West and its stooges!’ Iran’s people clearly say: ‘We hate this puppet regime. This zoo. This prison’. But most Westerners still live like sheep or slaves […] Morpheus said: [the truth is that] you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage … born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind‘. When Morpheus asks Neo to choose between a red pill and a blue pill, he essentially offers the choice between ‘living in the fantasy world (under illusion)’ and ‘knowing the truth, even if it’s scary, shocking, depressing, and
‘. In this [shitty world], we all should choose between a red pill and a blue pill. The Sheeple (sheep people) choose the blue pill, ie living like slaves in the Matrix. But many people are like Neo -who takes the red pill that awakens him from his dream world into the less seductive reality. They don’t want to be slaves. They choose the red pill, even when they are told: ‘After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill -you stay in Wonderland and [see] how deep the rabbit-hole goes’. After taking the red pill (ie becoming aware) you are told: ‘Welcome to the desert of the real ! Look at the West’s true face, the Left’s true face […] The Matrix and the 2009 coup truly showed that Truth is stranger than Fiction“. They also add: “The Sheeple prefer to live like slaves, in a Matrix of illusion. They don’t know that Rabbis, Mullahs, Priests, Marxists, etc are the stupid Shamans of the 21st century. They don’t know that Journalists, and those many scientists who are paid to tell big lies and mislead people, are the stupid Whores of the 21st century. But many people are not Sheeple. They want to break the chains of the Matrix that held them prisoner. They say, as Morpheus said: ‘The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. You can see it when you (surf the internet, read the press), or you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth’. Unfortunately, the West and its stooges desperately try to blind people from the truth. They tell big lies about everything, including history, science, technology, freedom, democracy, and everything. Snowden and the 2013 scandals showed that the truth, or the rabbit hole, extends much deeper than you ever could have imagined . And that’s why Obama and US/ UK politicians say: ‘Snowden leaks caused a lot of ‘unnecessary damage’ !”. This year (2013) made many people aware. As some wise Iranians say: “Now many can understand Iranians better. Now even the Westerners talk about The Media Matrix or ‘the hegemonic control exercised by the media’ ! Now even the wise Westerners say: ‘We see the world through the mass media. They feed us disinformation and lies that serve the agendas of those in control, then, instead of being told the truth, we will learn not about the real world, but about the world they wish us to see, one that will serve their plan for global control’ (Nov 2013). Sooner or later people would know the Ministry of Truth, its systematic lies and systematic falsifications. Sooner or later people would know the British Barbarians and those who try to rewrite the history. Sooner or later even five-year old kids would know the English Lie Factory (UK media), and Intellectual whores and Big Brother’s agents like Chomsky, who are not outside the system, but they are part of the system, part of the Control”.


Some wise Iranians say: “In the West, people live in a Matrix of Control. Snowden, NSA, and all 2013 scandals showed that it’s not a conspiracy theory. In this year (2013), the UK media, aka the English Lie Factory, showed why the funny Iranians refer to the Western press/ media as The western Presstitute!. In this year, the West and its prostitutes (Lefts, Islamists and other whores) showed why the funny Iranians refer to the Lefty media as the Lefty Presstitute. In this year, you could see why the wise guys refer to the Western Culture as ‘A Barbaric Culture’, ‘A Culture of Delusion’, etc. In this year, you could see why the funny Iranians make joke about ‘the Western Sadists’, and say: ‘The Barbarian West already praised Sadism, Racism, Genocide, Xenophobia, etc. But now they praise Masochism, and gain pleasure from hurting or betraying their own people’! The stories of Snowden, NSA, Lavabit, UK, Guardians, etc showed that the West is the Matrix. Control, telling big lies, brainwashing, sowing the seed of hate, and falsifying history is part of their daily life. They love rewriting history! In their history, barbarians are heroes, and the land of Barbarians (West) is the cradle of civilization! It’s the worst joke in history. Even if you forget that Western Barbarians were eating humans for thousands of years, many other facts can show you the truth. Christian fanatics and Jewish fanatics are really barbarians. Read their Jewish Bible, and see how they openly praise Racism, Genocide, and Barbarism. What the British Barbarians did in the recent centuries are unbelievable. What the UK Barbarians did in Australia is one of the greatest genocides in history. They occupied the land of native people, massacred millions of them (most of them), and finally practiced ‘scientific racism’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’ on the few remaining native Australians! The tragic story of ‘Lost Generations’ has happened in the 20th century! The very tragic story of Australia, is like the very tragic stories of America, Africa, India, Middle East, and all those areas that were attacked/ occupied by the British Barbarians. But it’s really shameful that a group of Barbarians (Britons) -who were much worse than the Nazi- committed genocide, ethnic cleansing, and barbaric crimes against humanity, but the media still tries to hide such historic facts”. They also add: “In the Matrix of the bad guys, Ignorance is Bliss. The bad guys ask all of us to live in the Matrix, the Big Brother’s world. They want to enslave all Humans in all around the world. They hate the Good, and what is good and decent. So, to fight them and their Matrix one has to be a good guy and live like a real good guy. If you think and behave like bad guys, you just help them, and you are one of them“. It’s a good point. They also add: “we all should try to know the Matrix. The wise guys say: ‘What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain’. In the world of philosophy, such matters are very complicated. But in the world of politics, media, and society, such things and knowing the truth, or at least part of the truth, is not very complicated. If you open your eyes, and free your mind from the media’s prison, you can find answers to many questions […] In this year, you can understand many things better. Now the United Barbarians (from the Barbarian West to savage Arabs/ Jews), their collaborations, their incitement to genocide, etc reveal many things. Now you can understand why Iranians spit/ laugh at the United Barbarians, and say: ‘Dige Barbar-ha, Adam-Khora, va Malakh-khora ham vase ma Adam Shodan !’ (Now even barbarians, human-eaters, and locust-eaters pretend that they were civilized humans!) Now you can understand why even the wise westerners say: ‘The Greek attitude toward the Persians was a complex mixture of fascination, envy, and contempt. Telling lie about the Persians, that were a super power at that time, served [to heal the inferiority complex of] the ancient Greeks’. The West’s bad guys still sow the seeds of hate, because they suffer from ‘Inferiority Complex’, a ‘mixture of envy and contempt’, and many Barbaric complexes. They and all bad guys are sick people who should be sent to a psychiatric hospital”.

Nothing But the Truth (2008)

October 12, 2012

In these days, most Iranians are angry at the US and know that the US is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. But in these days, even those who care about the truth are sad or angry, because the main issue is more important than Iran or USA. The main issue is “Truth”. Some ask us: “Do you only care about Iran?” We, the authors of this website, just care about the truth. We don’t care about Iran, USA, Europe or any other countries. Our criticisms of the US, the West, the Mullahs, the Iranian figures, and others don’t have any political, racial, or ideological reasons. We criticize them, because they betray the truth and tell big shameful lies. In the near future, we will publish some strong criticisms of the US and the West, because our motto in this website is: ‘Nothing But the Truth’. As you probably know, it’s an old motto. It’s the motto of the great men in the human history. We all should care about it. But in these years, many people have forgotten it, and many idiots betray the truth. They only care about mercenary money, and help the bad guys in creating tyranny, control, corruption, and other evil things. Unfortunately, the media, the journalists, and the intellects in the West get money and betray everything. They censor the news, distort the truth, and behave like the Mullahs. They are paid to betray the truth, and it’s one of the most important problems in today’s West. Those public figures that get money and betray the truth and the people, are definitely bad guys. They live like animals at the bottom of the Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid. They sell their souls, their pens, their friends, and everything, and create Anima Farm. They pretend that they are modern humans, while they are modern pig or modern sheep. But unfortunately, many people don’t know these bastards and other bad guys. In these days, the US election farce and the US foolishness and shamelessness and many other shameful events need severe criticism and mockery. But before publishing severe criticism and mockery of the US and the West, that can cause misunderstanding, lets write about a film that can show you our motto and part of our philosophy of life. Nothing But the Truth (2008) is one of the best political and philosophical films, and can show you whether you know the bad guys or not. Iran’s state TV showed this film in 95min, while its runtime is about 105min. I give this film 8/10. This film that shows the roots of many serious problems in USA, was a victim of “American Censorship”. As the media report: “This film never got a theatrical release“. But what is this film that became a victim of “American Censorship”? Its a drama about freedom of the press, the judicial system and the corrupt system in the US. The film is about the tragedy of the freedom in the most free country of this shitty world. This film can pose many important ethical questions. In this film, a journalist, Rachel Armstrong (Kate Beckinsale), discovers a fellow soccer mom Doren (Vera Farmiga) is working for the CIA and is part of a US plot against a foreign country. Rachel’s article becomes front-page news, but the US government accuses her of treason, and says that Rachel is a threat to national security! They try to punish a journalist for telling the truth and revealing the secrets of an evil plot! Like the Mullah regime and other dictatorships, the US authorities use “National Security” as an excuse for censorship and suffocation. A special Federal prosecutor Dubois (Matt Dillon) and a grand jury want to know who her source is. In this film, everything has a symbolic meaning. Rachel can be an American that tries to tell the truth about the 2009 coup or the secret relations between the US and the Mullahs. In this film, many things can remind you of the Mullah regime. Judge Hall behaves like Mullahs or stooges, and Rechel is jailed for contempt of court!. Days become weeks, and then months, but Rachel still is in prison. The US corrupt system tries to destroy her life, and everybody betrays her, but she doesn’t surrender to the bad guys. The CIA assassinates Doren. Rachel is hopeless. Her husband, the journalists, the mass media and everybody betray her. Even her lawyer, a high profile attorney (Alan Alda), asks her to give up, but she just cares about the truth. Alda argues her case before the Supreme Court, but even the Supreme Court is part of the corrupt system. They decide against her.


I know that watching this film or seeing the true face of USA is really shocking and depressing for many Iranians. But in these days, Iranians are accepting the sad truths about the US, and Rachel’s story can show the roots of many problems in the West. Rachel spends one year in prison, because it’s what the CIA wants! Eventually, Judge Hall decides to release her after one year, but on the day she is released, they arrest her again! This kind of situation is all too familiar to Iranians & those who live under tyranny. Rachel loses her job, her family life, and everything. There is no hope. If she doesn’t make a deal with the CIA, she should spend 20 years in prison! And finally for the sake of her young son, Rachel gives up and stops fighting. It’s very tragic. This film has a very bad ending, but not because of this sad truth that Rachel finally gives up, but because the story of Rachel’s source is a stupid story. As film critics say: “The ending is absolute crap. Movie flows really well until the last 5 min! This movie was 90% really good and the remaining 10% killed it”. But this bad ending is not important. If you forget the last 5 min or the first 10 min, many parts of the film have serious thought-provoking messages. The film that is about the fundamental principles and the truth, is full of good dialog and good questions. In these years, many pseudo intellectuals talk about the relativism, and use it as an excuse for justifying the shameful behaviors. We have already written about this issue in “Alternative to Tribalism: Good Guys vs. Bad Guys” (check Archive). The bastards say: “The world and the people are not black and white. Everything is grey“. But it’s a big lie. Yah, many many things are grey, but it doesn’t mean that everything is grey. Yah, each person has his own whiteness and blackness, but those who have + 75% whiteness or blackness are not grey. Even those who are familiar with painting and mixing colors, are aware of this fact! In this film, Rachel and few others are good guys; Alda and many others are grey guys; but Dubois, Judge Hall, Ray (Rachel’s husband) and others belong to the spectrum of the bad guys. The badness of Dubois is not like the badness of Ray, but all of them belong to the tribe of the bad guys. They are those who create tyranny and corrupt system, or support it and strengthen it. They are like the Iranian baboons. Some say: “Though there have been numerous films made about truth and justice, only a few of them remain as good as ‘Nothing But the Truth’. This film is an important film”. It’s true, and maybe that’s why the American pigs censored and boycotted it. Even the title of the film, ‘Nothing But the Truth’, is very good. The title might sound clichéd but it fits. The title, as an old motto, is the most important thing for the real intellectuals. In fact, the most important difference between the real intellectuals and the pseudo intellectuals is that the real intellectuals only care about the truth. But the pseudo intellectuals care about power, politics, money, etc more than the truth. Most people don’t know why Noam Chomsky is a pseudo intellectual. Chomsky is not a real intellectual, because he cares about politics more than truth. Chomsky is a political activist that defends Chavez, Mullahs, and other dictators for political reasons. Chomsky and most lefty intellects are pseudo intellectuals because they care about many things but the truth. Chomsky and many lefties even are not good guys, because the real good guys care about the truth a lot. Anyway, Rachel is a reporter that risks everything to do the right thing, but unfortunately what she does is meaningless for many people in today’s West. I don’t know how many people in the US and the world see Rechel as an idiot, but their number is equal to the number of the Sheeple and the stupid bastards. The American idiots say: “Choices have consequences. Rachel had a choice. She fought, and they punished her!” Many Americans are really stupid. They are like Rachel’s husband (Roy). Rachel’s lawyer says to Roy: “If you think your wife felt like she had a choice in this, [you are a pig]”, and Rachel says to Roy: “You’re cheating on your wife, while she is fucking rotting in jail?”, but many Americans defend Roy, because they are like Roy. Some of them say: “I have sympathy for Roy. I feel she deserved every thing she got. She ruined her life and her husbands all for a stupid reason … I have sympathy for other characters who suffered the consequences of her stupid, selfish actions [!!]… They try to paint a picture of a martyr that you are to feel sorry for, but I can’t. She is willing to sacrifice her husband, her son and her freedom for what? for truth? she is idiot“. Can you believe it?! As the wise guys say: “It’s the true face of the American pigs, and that’s why the US has become the land of the pigs and the land of the bad guys. Many Americans are like their corrupt politicians”. In fact, Rachel’s husband is an idiot that becomes a stupid pig, but many Americans are like or worse than him, and it’s one of the greatest problems in USA and the West.


Unfortunately, even many open-minded people can’t understand the true meaning of Relativism and Bigotry. Sometimes they claim that something is an important principle, while it’s not; and sometimes they claim there is no principle or no value, and say: “you can’t find any ‘absolutely wrong’ or ‘absolutely right’ thing”. Politicians and other bad guys love these bullshit that can help them a lot. But it’s obvious that it’s not the true meaning of relativism. For instance, the following things are absolutely wrong: killing the innocent people, torturing the people, embezzling people money, being part of a corrupt system and defending it, being mercenary and kissing dictators’ ass, etc. You can’t work for the bad guys, and make love with the brutal dictators and then say: ‘Oh, it’s not absolutely wrong. We all are grey !’. Those who think in this way are those who make or strengthen the tyranny. They defend the brutal dictators in the name of relativism! Mussolini that was a journalist became a brutal dictator, because he was one of these bastards that pretend everything is relative. These bastards can bring Fascism to USA. The US government doesn’t want the truth to leak, and reporters are jailed for defending the truth. It’s absolutely wrong, but charlatans and ass-kissers defend it or justify it. Rachel’s story is like the true story of Bradley Manning, Assange, and others. Alda, Rachel’s lawyer, gives the keynote speech of the film in the Supreme Court, and says: “In 1972 in Branzburg v. Hayes, this court ruled against the right of reporters to withhold the names of their sources before a grand jury, and it gave the power to the government to imprison the reporters… Stewart said: ‘As the years pass, the power of government becomes more and more pervasive. Those in power, whatever their politics, want only to perpetuate it and the people are the victims ‘. Well, the years have passed, and that power is pervasive … [if she revealed her source,] No source would ever speak to her and to her newspaper again, and then tomorrow when we lock up journalists from other newspapers, we’ll make those publications irrelevant as well, and thus we’ll make the First Amendment irrelevant. And then how will we know if a president has covered up crimes? Or if an army officer has condoned torture? We, as a nation, will no longer be able to hold those in power accountable to those whom they have power over. And what then is the nature of government when it has no fear of accountability? We should shudder at the thought. Imprisoning journalists? That’s for other countries. That’s for countries who fear their citizens. Some time ago, I told [Rachel] that I was there to represent her and not a principle. [But finally] I realized that with great people, there’s no difference between principle and the person“. It’s very important. Think about it. If you don’t know Alda, you think he is an Iranian that talks about Iran and the Mullah regime! It’s a very dangerous and meaningful similarity. Think about it, specially after the story of “Delisting the terrorist group (MEK) that is Marxist and Islamist”. This story that proved the US is the bad guy, is the most important non-secret story in the US history, as the Iranian 9/11 (2009 coup) is the most important secret story in the US history. As the wise Iranians say: “If the American people know the truth behind the Iranian 9/11, many things would change in USA, because the story of the Iranian 9/11 is the story of Control, cheating tactics and brainwashing tactics in the US. The story of the Iranian 9/11 is the story of Chomsky, the stupid lefts, and those wolves in sheep’s clothing that work for the CIA and the bad guys, and betray the American people in the name of defending them and helping them. They betray Americans in the name of alternative”. Some US film critics say: “this film was both exhilarating and frustrating, because so few films dare to tackle intelligent, provocative, socially relevant topics in a framework that doesnt condescend“. In fact, only a few Americans talk about the serious problems in the US, and it’s a great tragedy.


“Nothing But the Truth” talks about the old excuse of all brutal dictators: National Security and National Interests. The film tries to show the idiots that the first victim of this old excuse is the freedom and democracy. And it’s really true. Some say: “Nothing But the Truth practically shows how cruel and bad the government is in countries of the west which like to use word ‘democracy’ in their description, when actually they have many secret mercenaries in their Animal Farms. They completely ruin the life of a journalist, because she defends the truth”. And some add: “This story is true, moving and cruel, exactly the reflection of our reality and the world we are living in. You don’t get fed with all the nationalistic propaganda like in so many other American movies. Here, you see the real problems”. Some also add: “It’s like a film about WikiLeaks, Bradely Manning, and Assange. The governments do the evil things in the name of ‘homeland security’, and it’s the base of the tyranny”. And some Iranians say: “A US judge says to a journalist: ‘I want you to understand that if I should order you to reveal your source, that if you don’t do so, I’m gonna hold you in contempt of court, and that you will be jailed until you obey my order‘. But it’s exactly like what the Mullahs do. It’s the act of tyranny”. In fact, Judge Hall behaves like Mullahs. He says to Rachel: “You are defying my order[!], and I hold you in contempt of court”. And it’s exactly the language of tyranny. As some wise Iranians say: “Is Judge a dictator in the US ?! What the American judges say is exactly like the language of Mullahs. Why the judges in USA behave like dictators? Do they think they are master, and others are their slave? The judge should not have any special power”. It’s very important, but unfortunately many Westerners don’t know that ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Anyway, on the beginning of the film, we are informed that the story is fictitious, but as some say: “the film is based on the stories of Valerie Plame and Judith Miller. In the real life, Miller that worked for the New York Times, was imprisoned for not revealing the source which reported Plame (wife of a former US Ambassador) as a secret agent from the CIA”. Nothing But the Truth is not a stupid film. Rachel is not a hero. When everybody betrays her, instead of spending 20 years in prison, she makes a deal. She gives up for the sake of her son, and who can blame her? She is really alone, and her loneliness is very tragic. Those around her, from her employers and her people to her lawyer, her husband and others betray her. In fact, this film shows why some Americans call USA ‘a Nation of Sheep’, and why most Americans are the stupid sheep, and why U.S. corrupt system is not Democracy, but it’s “Sheepocracy” or “Corruptocracy”. The US system loves the public ignorance. The scene in which Rachel’s lawyer is asking her to give up and informs her that the public is no longer behind her, and thinks she is being selfish and a bad mother, is very moving. And in one of the best scenes, Rachel is interviewed by a Barbara Walters like journalist that pretends to be interested in their professional bond, tries to help the bad guys and betrays her. As some wise guys say: “The good guys who watches this film will find respect for Rachel. If you have no sympathy for her, it means that you are not a good guy”. And it reminds me of the story of traitors. The normal humans hate traitors. A traitor is a bad guy, but not because he betrays a special country or group, but because he betrays the truth, and loves telling lie and selling his soul.


It’s obvious that a well-informed guy is behind the film. As the media report: “The writer/ director Rod Lurie spent 13 years in the newspaper business. At age 18 he began attending U.S. Military Academy. Upon graduation in 1984, he spent 4 years serving in the army. He worked part-time as freelance journalist, writing film reviews. After fulfilling his obligation to the Army, he became a full-time film critic. Lurie’s best film, Nothing But the Truth, is a [victim of American censorship], and is currently in distribution hell, which means you might have to seek it out. But it’s worth the trouble. The film is important and shows part of the hidden facts in the US“. And some wise Americans add: “And that’s why they try to prevent the people from watching it. The truth is that both Republicans and Democrats are fucking the freedom and democracy in the US”. The film can show you many things about today’s USA. Rachel’s prison is like a Mullah prison. Some prisoners that are the government’s mercenaries, beat her to death. US system is badly corrupted. As some Americans say: “The US has less than 5% of the world’s population. But it has almost 25% of the world’s prison! They have turned the US into ‘a nation of jailers’! California now spends more on its prisons than it does on higher education!“. It’s obvious why ‘a nation of sheep’ becomes ‘a nation of jailers’. Lurie writes funny dialogue about US prisoners like this one: “That fat piece of shit over there keeps farting all night. About to turn my carjacking beef into a homicide if I stay over there“. And Lurie shows many serious problems in the US with simple dialogue. When a typical media whore tries to betray her, Rachel says: “Do you try to get a fellow journalist to betray her integrity? .. You’re never gonna have to worry about the government coming after you, because they don’t care how you found out where Paris had dinner last nigh”. As the wise Iranians say: “most American journalists are cheap and superficial idiots who get money and betray everything. Only a very few journalists are like Rachel. And that’s why the US has become the land of the bad guy”. As Rachel’s lawyer, Alda, says: “The weather has changed. In the old days, this would have been a lot easier to fight. The public would have called you a hero. [But now], no paper in this country has continued covering your story”. It’s the great tragedy of today’s USA. But it’s more than a mistake. As Alda says: “Sometimes a mistake is like invading Russia in winter”. In fact, sometimes a mistake is like returning to the dark ages and converting the US into a tyrannical, corrupt shithole. This film not only shows us the US corrupt system, but it shows us the US Sheeple and how they help the bad guys. At the beginning, the film can seem kinda dumb and pointless, but as the film goes forward and the story progresses you just like it more and more. The Mullahs changed some dialogue of the film, but seeing this film in Iran’s state TV was acceptable. The “bad guys” of this film are real bad guys, specially those stupid people that help the corrupt system and justify its evil acts in the name of national interests or personal interests. And It reminds me of the story of the Barbarians and “How the Barbarians Shaped Today’s World” and “How the former Barbarians are still barbarians”. We will write about this story, and also about the wise Iranians that talk about “the Western Barbarians” who still don’t allow us to have a better world. We should write about many things. For instance, about the old Persian poems, and why the wise Iranians read them and say to the stupid West: “In this ancient country, our Lions roared and passed – The barking of you, the little dogs, will pass too; The dust of those who had horses settled (passed) – The dust of your jackasses shall pass too; Your turn came to you, the barbarians, by way of noble men (Persians) – The time of your barbaric rule will pass too; The knight of annihilation who check mates the King – Will also capture you, the pawns , too”. We should write why Iranians say: “Are Americans Mongol ?!”, or why they talk about the British Barbarians and European Barbarians. In this website, we just care about the truth. And if you tell big lies and betray the truth and the humans, it’s not important that you are Iranian, American, European, Canadian, Asian, Arab, Jew, African, etc; we will tell the truth, and we will publish severe criticisms and mockery of you, your history and your pathetic pretence. In this website, our motto is: Nothing But the Truth. And I hope one day all humans care about the truth a lot.

Irene Zazians: Iranian Actress in 1950s and 1970s

July 30, 2012

Irene Zazians, Iran’s Elizabeth Taylor, died at age 85. She started as an actor in 1948, and became a super star in the 1950s. After the Islamic revolution, the Mullahs banned her from participating in any artistic or outdoor activities. Irene had no children. She was an anti-Mullah actress”, the media reported. Irene’s death can remind us of the tragedy of human life and many other shitty things in this shitty world, but let’s forget these tragic facts. Irene and her life can show many things about the Iranian society in the 20th century, including the true meaning of being Iranian and living in Iran. Irene Zazians, better known as Irene, was an Iranian Christian, or Armenian. As the people media report: “When Russia attacked Persia and occupied today’s Armenia in the 19th century, and when the Ottoman Turks started to massacre Armenians in the early 20th century, many Armenians immigrated to Persia, their ancient homeland, and one of these Armenians was Irene’s father (the Caucasus that Russia occupied it in the 19th century, was part of Persia since thousands years go). Irene was born in 1927. She was a theater actress, and started her work in the Sadi Theater in Tehran”. They also add: “Irene was a victim of censorship and dictatorship in both the Pahlavi regime and the Mullah regime. When the Pahlavi regime slapped a ban on the Sadi Theater in 1950, Irene was among those rare artists who protested against this shameful ban. But the Pahlavi regime that was a brutal puppet dictatorship, hated the intellects and the wise artists, and only cared about ‘Abgushti’ (cheap and stupid) works, artists, intellects, etc. The Sadi Theater and almost all serious theater groups could not continue their works after the 1953 coup, when the US aided Pahlavi II in becoming a brutal puppet dictator, like his stupid father”.


“In 1957, Irene started her work in cinema. In 1958, she was the first Iranian actress that worn Bikini in an Iranian film, “Paradise Messenger”. Irene said: ‘At that time, the Italian films were so popular in Iran, and the Iranian people loved to see Sofia Loren and other women who wore Bikini in the Italian films. But our film became so popular and people loved it, even more than the Italian films’. It’s funny to know that after several months, the Pahlavi regime decided to censor this film, and seized it. Irene Zazians was a famous film star in the 1950s and the 1970s. But in the 1960s, for more than 5 years she didn’t appear in any films, partly because Iranian films had become ‘Abgushti’ (cheap and stupid), and censorship was so severe”, the people media add. Many don’t know when most of European women and American women were so conservative and didn’t wear Bikini, a group of Iranian women wore Bikini. As the media report: “Bikini, or Bikini Atoll, is an island in the Pacific Ocean where the US performed nuclear weapons tests from 1946 until the 1960s. In 1946, four days after the first atomic test on the Bikini atoll, a French fashion designer introduced a two-piece swimsuit. The coincidence of earthshaking events attached the name ‘Bikini’ to the suit, perhaps to suggest its explosive effect on the fashion world”. But as the people media add: “In the 1940s and the 1950s, most of Western women were still so conservative and traditionalist. And when the Iranian celebrities started to wear Bikini, most of American women and European women didn’t wear Bikini. At that time, only a few western women wore Bikini”.


“After the Islamic revolution, and until her death, Irene didn’t sell her soul. When most of Iranian film stars [that were stupid and Khayemal (ass-kisser)] kissed the Mullah’s ass and could continue their stupid artistic works in Iran under the Mullah regime, Irene refused to kiss the Mullah’s ass. The Mullahs and Islamists that are Arabs, pro-Arabs, and anti-Iran, ruined her life, as they ruined Iran”, the people media add. As Irene’s friends say, Irene used to call the Mullahs and the Islamists ‘the Motherfucker’, and she had got depressed in the recent years. In fact, Irene looked like today’s Iranians, not the older generations of Iranians. In the post-2009 era, most of Iranians feel sad, lonely, or depressed, and Irene was one of them. The story of these years is “Hekayat-e MatharGhabegi” (the story of The Motherfucker) that we should write more about it later. In “Hekayat-e MatharGhabegi”, the Mullahs and the Islamists that most of Iranians truly see them as British agents, Arabs, or anti-Iran forces, are not the only bad guys or the only motherfucker. As the wise Iranians say: “the US, the West, the lefts, the Iranian baboons, the British bastards, the Arab pigs, and other jerks, that helped the Mullah regime, are like the Mullahs or even worse than them”. In “Hekayat-e MatharGhabegi”, that is the story of our time, the idiots and the Khayemal (ass-kisser) help the Mullahs, the West, and other bad guys, and betray the ordinary people. It’s a new version of an old story. In in her own time, Irene and other modern Iranians were in the minority in Iran, and became a victim of the Western betrayals and puppets of the West (Pahlavists and Islamists) in 1953, 1979, etc. But it’s really tragic that the modern Iranians are still victim of the Western betrayals and puppets of the West (Mullahs, Pahlavists, and other Iranian baboons), while they are in the majority in Iran today.


“Irene Zazians, Nosrat Karimi, and a few other artists were anti-Mullahs. Irene played a major role in Nosrat Karimi’s Mohallel (1971) that was a film about the Arab traditions, and how Mullahs and Islamists work as pimp. In 1971, the Mullah Motahari, that was Khomeini’s right hand man, wrote an article and denounced this film, and the Pahlavi regime published his article in the state-owned newspaper (Keyhan). Then very soon, just after three days, the Shah and the Pahlavi regime slapped a ban on this film. In fact, both the Mullahs and the Pahlavi regime worked together to censor films, books, and other intellectual works. Both of these two evil forces just loved cheap and stupid works”, the people media add. In fact, both the Mullahs and the Pahlavi regime that were puppets of the West, and their mission was ‘keeping Iran backward’, worked together and tried to impose censorship and dictatorship on Iranians. As the wise Iranians say: “these two evil forces, i.e. Mullahs (Islamists) and Monarchists (Pahlavists), that are puppets of the West, still work together and try to accomplish their mission”. In these days, the stupid Mullahs have started a funny game, that as many Iranians say: “It clearly proves that the Mullahs are British agents and their mission is ‘destroying Iran and keeping Iran backward'”. After implementing the IMF plan, destroying Iran’s economy, and helping the Western sanctions, the Mullahs have recently started to talk about ‘abolishing family planning policies’ and ‘destroying birth-control programs’, amid the Western sanctions and the economic crises!


“Irene had no children, but most of Iranians were not like her. “After the 1979 revolution, the Mullahs encouraged a baby boom and tried to keep Iran backward. But that baby boom didn’t help the Mullahs and their Western employers. In the recent days, the Western media angrily reported: ‘Iran has become a very urbanised society with a largely educated people’. The West is so angry that Iranians have become modern, and can build a modern and strong country soon. And that’s why the Mullahs, that are puppets of the West, try to help the West again. In these days, the Mullahs, that have not forgotten their mission, send green signal to the West, by encouraging a new baby boom amid the economic disasters! They declare: ‘Family planning programs have been cut from the budget. Get busy and have babies’ ! But the stupid Mullahs and their Western employers don’t know how Iran has changed, and how Iranians hate them”, the people media add. In the 1950s or the 1970s, when Irene was a film star, most of Iranians were illiterate and lived in the rural areas. But now the vast majority of Iranians are well-educated and live in the urban areas. And that’s why both the Mullahs and the West can’t not fool people as before. “In 2009, and after the 2009 coup, the Mullahs tried to make the West happy, and declared that for each new baby they give $1000, and then pay $100 every year. But no one gave a damn shit about them, because Iranians have become aware. And it makes the West and puppets of the West so angry”, the wise Iranians say. Irene can show us the differences between the 2010s and the 1970s. When she was a famous film star, only a few Iranians were as modern as their western counterparts, but now, today’s Iranians at least are as modern as their Western counterparts.


The Iranian society has changed a lot, and now many can understand some one like Irene Zazians well. Iran has had the largest and fastest drop in fertility ever recorded- from about 6.5 births per woman to less than 1.5 today. And it helped to usher in social changes. With smaller families, parents could invest more in their children’s education. Women became better educated, and their influence grew. Female university students now outnumber males 65% to 35%. In fact, Iran has changed a lot, and Iranians have become modern people. Now, most of Iranians hate Mullahs and see them as non-Iranian or British agent, and no one gives a shit about Mullahs. Now, the West and puppets of the West can’t fool Iranians as before, and it’s a very big change. Now, many Iranians say: “This Jewish Spy (Ahmadinejad), the Arab pigs and the British agents (Mullahs) desperately try to serve the West’s interests and keep Iran backward. But nothing can help the Mullahs and the West. The last baby boom not only didn’t help them, but badly f-u-c-ked the Mullahs and the Islamists in Iran”. The wise Iranians add: “The Mullahs and their Western employers want to convert Iran into a new Pakistan or Afghanistan. But these idiots don’t know that Iran’s strong point is its people and its youth, who are modern and anti-Islamists. The last baby boom in the 1980s created today’s Iranians, i.e. more than 75% of Iranians that are young and modern, and hate Mullahs and puppets of the West. They created the 1997 movement and the 2009 revolt. And they will put an end to the Mullah regime and the Monarchy system in the near future”. Now, Iran has not just one Irene or few modern people. Now, most of Iranian men and women are as modern as Irene Zazians, and many of them are wiser, more educated, and more modern than Irene. The Mullahs and other puppets of the West have reached the end of the line.

Kim Ki-duk and Eastern Films

May 14, 2012

The cinema is a global language, and all humans can understand the good Eastern or Western films, because we all are human, and our life, our problems, and our challenges are alike. In the East, Japan, India, and Iran have an old or well-known cinema, but in the recent two decades, some counties like South Korea have had some good filmmakers, and Kim Ki-duk (1960-now) is one of them. Kim Ki-duk is a good South Korean filmmaker that has some good films. In Iran and other parts of the world, many only know the South Korean adult films or its shitty TV series, but Kim Ki-duk has some good films, and at least one of his films can give you some sort of “Inner Peace”. In this shitty world, that many still are prisoners of the basic needs and the animal needs, the humans still seek “Inner Peace”. And Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (2003) is a movie about “Inner Peace”, “Buddhism”, and the human life. I give this movie 7/10. The story is about the life of a Buddhist monk as he passes through the seasons of his life, from childhood to old age. The Mullah TV has shown this film, in about 85 min, but the movie’s runtime is about 105 min. The film is very poetic and very quiet, but the idiots in the Mullah TV had censored the scenes that were related to the relation between the girl and the young Buddhist. “Spring, …” is a quiet film, and takes a look at life as a whole, while other Kim Ki-duk’s films are R-rated or X-rated movies about special problems. Many think Kim Ki-duk’s films are like other stupid Chinese or South Korean adult films, but Kim Ki-duk is a good filmmaker. At least, two of Kim Ki-duk’s films, “3-Iron (Bin-jip) (2004)” and “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (2003)”, that I watched them, were good films. In 2004, he received Best Director awards at two different film festivals, for two different films. At the Berlin International Film Festival , he was awarded for Samaritan Girl (2004), and at the Venice Film Festival he won for 3-Iron (Bin-jip) (2004). “Spring, …” is a quiet film with beautiful scenes. In first season, the Spring, we see a very young Buddhist living with his master on a small floating monastery, drifting on a lake in the serene forested mountains of Korea. It’s a very beautiful valley and a good place for shooting a movie. All the film is happening in this small valley, and in the five seasons (of the human life). We never leave the valley that surrounds the lake, we never know what year is currently going on outside of the forest, but we see how a young boy grows and becomes an old man. Many things are symbolic, and are related to the Buddhism’s philosophy. For instance, the doors have no walls, so they have just symbolic meaning. But the people treat the doors as they have walls, and open and close them like the normal doors, and only when the young Buddhist want to live like an ordinary boy, he ignores the rules. The beauty of the scenes is really amazing. I think the main part of the pleasure of seeing this film belongs to its beautiful scenes, its cinematography, and its music. And it’s what many Iranian filmmakers don’t care about it. In this film, the beauty of nature is being maximized by the art of the camera. The music is great, specially what you hear at the end of the Summer and at the end of the movie. It’s really good. It can give you some sort of “Inner Peace”. Of course, this film is not so deep, and what it says about many problems or the roots of problems is stupid, but many in all the world like this film, because it’s about the human life and part of the human problems in all around the world. You can watch it, enjoy its beauty, and forget this shitty world, at least for two hours.


East Asia (China), like Southern Asia (India) and West Asia (Persia), has a rich culture and an ancient civilization, and cinema can show it to you. “Spring, Summer, …” can show you that the humans in all around the world are like each other. Iran’s culture and Iranian mysticism have many similarities with East Asia’. Since the ancient time, the Chinese were familiar with Persia and its rich culture, and vice versa. So, Iranians can understand many things in East Asia (except their foods and eating Cockroaches !), but other nations can understand the Eastern Asians, as well, because all of us are human. “Spring, …” is a symbolic movie that all humans can understand its main subject. It gives all humans some sort of good feelings, because many things in this film is beautiful, simple, and about the main human problems. Of course, the film has many stupid things. In the Summer, a girl that has an unspecified illness is brought to the Buddhist master by her mother. The young isolated Buddhist is s-e-x-ually attracted to the young girl, that is quite normal, but the film tries to say “s-e-x = corruption and murder”. The old monk says: “Lust awakens the desire to possess. And that awakens the intent to murder”. The old monk says the girl should go. Unable to live without her, the boy leaves the monastery and follows the girl. They get married, she cheats on him, and he kills her. It’s a stupid cliché. Who says that if you had s-e-x, you would become a killer? In this way, all humans were serial killers! But the truth is, if you were a stupid isolated man like the isolated monks, you would become a psycho and a killer. But despite all stupid things in the film, it’s not a bad film, and can give you some sort of “Inner Peace”. The beautiful nature, the beautiful music, and the simplicity can tell you many things. Kim Ki-duk said of the film: “I intended to portray the joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure of our lives through four seasons and through the life of a monk who lives in a temple surrounded only by nature. The floating temple was used to show the speed in which life can change, the way that one can wake up and find that East has become West and West has become East, that irony of life“. In fact, in the recent decades, the West tries to become like the East, and the East tries to become like the West. What you can see in Iran, India, China, Japan, South Korea, etc, can show you that the Eastern people want to become like the westerners. But at the same time, what you can see in the US and Europe, and how much they care about Buddhism, Inner Peace, etc can show you that the Western people want to become like the easterners, too. Some think it’s a bad thing, but I think it’s a good thing. The people in all around the world are human, and can learn from each other and can try to solve their problems with the help of each other. It’s a very good thing. It’s part of a good globalization.


“Spring, Summer, …” can force you to think about the life and the main problems in human life. You can see it as a film about “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”, and about the unsatisfied needs, the higher needs, the human needs, and the animal needs. It’s a film about the human stupidities and the tragedy of life. The five seasons can show you the speed of your aging process. These seasons are seasons of human life. The first Spring is full of stupid mistakes or stupid dreams. The Summer is full of naivety, animal needs, stupid dreams, stupid mistakes, etc. The Fall is full of regret, anger, etc. And the Winter is when you can gain wisdom, before it’s too late. Finally, returning to “Spring”, the cycle is completed: you have a stupid boy that has become a wise old man, but … In the film, the new master lives in the monastery with the abandoned baby, now his apprentice. The boy is shown to repeating the old mistakes, echoing his predecessor. History repeats itself. It’s a bitter truth, but humans can try to find a solution for it. It’s a solvable problem (I would write about it later). In this film, the old monk and his lifestyle is a cliché, a stupid cliché, but the way he accepts his death and kills himself is interesting. He seals his ears, eyes, nose and mouth with paper, and commits suicide at his death’s time. Since the ancient time, the humans dream about this sort of death. They didn’t want to die like animals. When you see how animals die, specially how elephants die, it reminds you of human death, and it has created many philosophical questions about death, life, afterlife, and many other things since the ancient time. Recently, I saw a documentary film about elephants’ death, that was very interesting. The elephants’ natural death is so tragic, like the humans’ death. And perhaps that’s why some ancient Indians talked about afterlife for both humans and animals. You should see elephants’ natural death, and only after that you can understand ancient Indians, and also why the wise people defend animals’ rights. “Kim ki-duk was accused of hurting animals in his films. He said it’s part of East Asia’s traditions, but many Koreans protested against him, and he made this film for answering them. Kim ki-duk himself appears as the man in the Winter season, to show that he and his films are not only about s-e-x and violence”, some say. The Mullah TV showed “Spring, …”, but they didn’t show other Kim ki-duk’s films, because as funny Iranians say: “When the stupid Mullahs censored these films, nothing remained”. But they are not bad films. At least “3-Iron” that I saw it, is not a bad film. 3-Iron’s plot revolves around the relationship between a young drifter and an abused housewife. The film is notable for the lack of dialogue between its characters. In fact, “Spring, …” and “3-Iron” have a few dialogue. The dialogue in “Spring, Summer, …” is rare and stupid, but the scenes and the music tell you many things. And in “3-Iron”, the characters are depressed or silent. In fact, many Eastern Asians are not talkative, unlike many Iranians who are talkative. Maybe, that’s why they have many depressed people there. I don’t know why many Easter Asians are shy or silent. Is it a genetic issue or a cultural issue? Anyway, recently I watched a good Japanese movie in the state TV, Castaway on the Moon (2009) , and I liked it. I have not watched the original version that its runtime is 115min. The Mullah TV show it in about 105min, but it was acceptable. At first, it seemed like a stupid film and a stupid version of “Cast Away (2000)” (By Zemeckis and Tom Hanks) that I loved it, but after a while it became a good film about a depressed boy and a depressed girl in Japan. The girl who takes close-up shots of the moon and has not left her apartment in years, spies the cast away boy on the island, and it changes their lives. This movie is about Hope, depression, modern life, modern youths in the modern world, etc. And again, it can show you how similar are humans in all around the world, and how tragic the life is in all around the world.


Iranians and non-Iranians can understand the Eastern cinema or the Western cinema, because the cinema is a global language. We all are human, and our life and our problems are alike. What is called “the cultural difference” is really a marginal thing. Even two siblings have their own differences. When you think about the East, you can’t stop thinking about the story of Iran, Japan, China, and South Korea in the past 150 years. Iran and Japan started their modernism at the same time, while China and South Korea were behind them. But the West and the story of Colonialism, and and the story of Oil, changed many things. In 1970s, Iran tried to be as successful as Japan, while China and South Korea were less developed than Iran. When Iran had the car industry in 1960s and 1970s, South Korea had nothing, except a military dictatorship. But the West didn’t allow Iran to become a powerful country, and when the new Western puppets (Mullahs) were destroying Iran, South Korea started its rapid modernism. Today’s South Korea can show you how the Mullahs destroyed Iran. In fact, if the West and the Western puppets, specially the Mullahs, had not destroyed Iran and its image, at least Iran would have been like today’s South Korea. If you want to know how the Mullahs destroyed Iran, you can compare Iran and South Korea in the 2010s and in the 1970s. Today’s conditions in South Korea and its global position, is the minimum that Iranians could have it now. The culture, the contemporary history, the problems, etc in Iran and South Korea are almost alike. So, you can look at South Korea, and see how the Mullahs destroyed Iran. Of course, the human resources, the human development and many other things that are related to the people, not the regimes, have their own natural state in Iran, Korea, and Japan, and today’s Iranians are at least as modern as and as wise as their counterparts in Japan and Korea. But if you want to see how the Mullahs destroyed Iran and its position, you can see it in this simple fact that today the South Koreans can travel to 130 countries without visa, but Iranians … . I hope Iranians and all other nations can get rid of the brutal dictatorship and can realize their potential. It’s good for the whole world. Anyway, Kim Ki-duk’s page in has many interesting things about Kim ki-duk and South Korea. They say: “Kim ki-duk’s family moved to Seoul when he was 9, and there he attended agricultural training school before dropping out at age 17 to take up work in factories. From age 20 to 25 he served in the marines, where he is said to have fit in well. Afterwards he spent two years at a church for the visually impaired with the thought of becoming a preacher. Then in 1990, scraping up all the money he had to buy a plane ticket, he traveled to Paris where he spent two years selling his paintings (a lifelong hobby) on the street. Kim says he went to the movie theater for the first time in his life at this time” I don’t know it’s a joke, or it’s a true thing, but if it’s true, it again could show you how the Mullahs destroyed Iran. It also can be a good lesson for all of us: “Don’t worry about the past or the wasted times. Just start to realize your potential. It’s not late, just stand up and follow your dreams”. They add: “Kim is a rare case of a director who has won accolades and found box-office success overseas, but has largely failed to connect with Korean critics or audiences. In terms of his influences, his aesthetics, the stories he tells, and his local and international reception, Kim Ki-duk seems to inhabit a world all his own. A major shift occurred in Kim’s career with his ninth, ‘Spring, …’. Although he continued to focus on marginalized elements of society, his work took on a more consciously spiritual aspect, downplaying violence. Kim’s softer style played well with foreign audiences. ‘Spring, …’ and ‘3-Iron’ were strong successes in Europe and North America”. Apparently, many Koreans hate Kim ki-duk, and it’s a typical problem in all Eastern nations. I don’t know whether Kim Ki-duk is a Khayemal (ass-kisser) or not. But if he is not a Khayemal like Abbas Khayemal (Kiarostami), South Koreans should stop being stupid. Kim ki-duk is free to make his own movies, and if he is not a Khayemal or charlatan like Abbas Khayemal (Kiarostami), he deserves the international attention. I hope one day in the near future, all people in all around the world, can get rid of the brutal dictatorship, can enjoy the freedom and democracy, and can express themselves. That day, many people can show their talents and can realize their potential. And that day the world will become a better world, and all humans will have a better world.

A Separation, An Actress, A Role, and An Image

February 29, 2012

‘A Separation’ is not a foreign film at all. Those people are exactly like us“, many Western film critics say. If you want to know why ‘A Separation’ has made such an impact in the West, you should know that many ignorant people in the West had horrible misconceptions about Iran and Iranians; They thought: “Iranians live in the deserts. They have no car, no street, no fridge, no washing machine, no modern life, nothing. Iranians are uncivilized people”. If you want to understand the depth of the tragedy, you can think of a naive person who believes that “Sareh Bayat” is like her role (Razieh) and her image in “A Separation”. But the image of “Sareh Bayat” in “A Separation” is not like Bayat’s real life. It’s a false image. It’s just a movie. But the naive people can’t understand it. And it can be like the story of the false image of Iran in the Western media. The naive people in the West can’t understand that today’s Iran is not like the false image of Iran in the Western media. The below pictures are the real pictures of “Sareh Bayat”. You can compare them with “Razieh”, her role in “A Separation”, and think about it. (Of course, the differences between today’s Iran and the false image of Iran in the Western media, are so big, and you should compare Razieh with the nude pictures of Bayat! But I could not find her nude pix)


As we said before, Farhadi’s film, A Separation, is conservative. “A Separation” deliberately ignores many serious things. But the film still can show you many good things. For example, Nader teaches her daughter the life skills. He teaches her not to be sheep. It’s common in Iran. When Nader asks Termeh a question, and Termeh gives a wrong answer, and when for justifying herself she says: ‘it’s what our teacher has said. It’s what our books have said”, Nader answers: “Never use this excuse again. What is wrong, is wrong. It’s not important who says it or where it’s written”. And when Termeh says: “OK, but in this way they don’t give me a proper grade”, Nader answers: “It’s not important”. In fact, Iranians fight against “brainwashing” and “living like stupid sheep”, and that’s why the Mullahs can’t brainwash the majority of Iranians and their kids. The family and the parents fight against the lies and the stupid things that the Mullahs, from the Mullah media to the Mullah education system, try to teach their kids. It’s very important. It’s what the world can learn from Iranians.


The Western media often doesn’t say that Iran has a young, educated, and modern population that is trying to express itself under a very brutal theocratic tyranny. In 2012, we can see that ‘ignorance is a bliss’ in the West, and many people are either ignorant or naive there. Unfortunately, we also can see that many people are racist, chauvinist, or nationalist there. They clearly say that they have problem with Iran and Iranians, not with the Mullahs. They clearly say that a free and democratic Iran is not in their national interests, and they prefer a weak puppet regime in Iran -like the Mullah regime and the Pahlavi regime. It’s really horrible. These racist people are bad guys who don’t care about the truth, the freedom, democracy, human rights, and other human values. They only care about their animal interests. They are very shortsighted and fanatic, like the animals. It’s very annoying and disappointing. But all people in the West are not like them. Many people are just unaware of the truth; They are not like the bad guys, who deliberately don’t want to see the truth, and don’t care about the truth. I hope they can open their eyes and can see the truth, via the film industry or the internet.


‘A Separation’ had two Oscar nominations, mainly because many truly thought ‘A Separation’ is not a foreign film. It’s very important. The non-Iranians think that “Sareh Bayat” should be a religious fanatic woman in her real life, and maybe that’s why they ignored her good performance in “A Separation’, and didn’t care about her in the Oscar. They even didn’t invite her to the Academy Awards ceremony. But the following pictures can show you that the woman who played “Razieh”, is an ordinary Iranian and a good actress. Meryl Streep played the role of a religious fanatic in ‘Doubt’ (2008), but it doesn’t mean that she is a religious fanatic in her real life. The same is true about Sareh Bayat and many other actors. “Sareh Bayat” was a forgotten actress at Oscar 2012. But before the Oscar, she had received the Silver Bear for Best Actress in a Supporting Role from Berlin International Film Festival, and in the 32nd London Critics Circle Film Awards she won Supporting Actress of the Year. Razieh was very religious, while the pictures clearly show that Bayat is not like Razieh. Of course, some say: “If Bayat, in her real life, was a decent and honest woman like Razieh, it would be great. In fact, if Razieh could be more modern and open-minded, she would be a great woman”. It’s not wrong.


Some truly say: “There are many talented people in Iran who will never produce anything because of all the limitations, blocks, obstacles, anti Sharia accusations, etc. Please do not treat Iranians like some aliens who can’t be creative or win Oscars. Without the current regime, a lot more Iranians would have been able to compete in a lot more international events”. It’s really true. The false image of Iran, that is produced by the Mullahs and the Western media, is very stupid and very shameful. They don’t say anything about the important differences between the Iran’s regime and the Iran’s people. They deliberately don’t say that the Iran’s regime is a hated regime in Iran, and only about 5% of the people support it. They don’t say that more than 70 millions of Iranians are victims of a very brutal medieval regime. They say nothing about the Mullah election show. They don’t say that the bad guys in the West support this medieval regime, while the majority of Iranians hate it. They don’t say that Iranians inside Iran followed the Oscar ceremony and other international events via illegal satellite dishes. They don’t say that Iranians inside Iran are not ignorant, and most of them are at least as wise as their counterparts in the west.


After seeing “A Separation”, some people in the West said: “We didn’t know that everyone in Iran has a fridge, a TV set, a washing machine, etc. We didn’t know that many Iranians have car, modern life, and modern thoughts. But now, we know that many things in Iran, like divorce, aging parents, economics, religion and social standing can be applied to any circumstance in any modern culture. The culture in Iran seemed mysterious, but now we know that the Iranian culture is like our culture”. It’s good that finally an Iranian film could show part of the real image of Iran. “‘A Separation’ drives home the oft-ignored fact that Iran is full of educated, sophisticated and cultured people who don’t agree with their government“, an American film critic said. It’s really true. The bad guys in the West, from the mass media to the politicians, tell big shameful lies and try to distort the facts. The bad guys in the West are like the bad guys in Iran, and both of them try to create false images, hatred, and war. The bad guys are stupid and think it’s in their interests, and it makes huge profits for them. But it’s shortsightedness. If they can see their own long term interests, they would change their minds. But they are blind and stupid. They still try to live like animals, and try to exploit others. And unfortunately, the ignorant people and the conservative people help the bad guys a lot.


As we said before, Farhadi has become conservative. In 2009, he defended the Iranian movement and the martyrs, when he was in Paris, and in 2010, he even defended the Iranian movement, when he was in Tehran, in the House of Cinema ceremony. But now in 2012, he even doesn’t defend the House of Cinema, and say nothing about the great tragedy of the Iranian cinema. He doesn’t say that the Mullahs recently closed the House of Cinema -that more than 4000 Iranian filmmakers were its members (It was a non-governmental body that helped and supported the Iranian filmmakers). The fate of the House of Cinema, and Farhadi’s reaction to it, both are very shameful and meaningful. The fate of the House of Cinema also can show you why we say :”the majority of the Iranian filmmakers are Khayemal (ass-kisser)”. Anyway, Farhadi has become conservative, and his film is conservative as well, and doesn’t answer many questions. For instance, at the beginning of the film, the judge asks Simin why she wants to leave Iran. She responds that she doesn’t want to raise her daughter “in these circumstances”. But Farhadi never says or shows any thing about “these circumstances“. Non-Iranians ask themselves: “What circumstances?” But they can’t find their answer in the film.


If you want to know the answer of “What circumstances?”, you should think about the difference between the Iran’s regime and the Iran’s people; You should think about what happened in 2009, when the savage Mullahs killed, raped, and tortured tens of thousands of the ordinary Iranians. You can also think about the difference between an actress, Sareh Bayat, and her role, Razieh. Sareh Bayat only played Rezieh’s role. But Sareh Bayat and many other Iranian actors are like the majority of Iranians who are modern, and hate the Mullahs, their norms and their laws. Farhadi’s film, A Separaion, only shows you the Iran’s people, and doesn’t say anything about the Iran’s regime. Of course, even this limited image can be very useful for the outside world, and that’s why some wise American film critics say: “You may walk out of the theater, but you can’t walk out of the movie (‘A Separation’). Because its story is all around us. Much of the reason that ‘A Separation’ has made such an impact in the West -a virtual sweep of the critics’ prizes, a Golden Globe and two Oscar nominations, including a virtually unheard of nod for a non-US screenplay – is that it isn’t a foreign film at all“.

Oscar 2012 and Asghar Farhadi

February 27, 2012

A Separation and Asghar Farhadi won the best foreign language film at the 84th Academy Awards. Asghar Farhadi’s film is the first Persian film that wins the Oscar. Farhadi was nominated for a best screenplay Oscar, too. The Academy Award is just the latest for ‘A Separation,’ which has already collected a Golden Globe, an Independent Spirit Award, the Cesar Award (French Oscar) and many other statuettes during this awards season. The 84th Academy Awards was really non-American, because the Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actor were French. Billy Crystal, the host, that told some good jokes tonight, said: “They must be going nuts in France right now, or whatever the French have in place of joy”. It’s interesting to know that Farhadi’s film, ‘A Separation’, has become a great event in the US, because it shows part of the real image of today’s Iran and today’s Iranians. This film also shows the world that many issues in Iran and other parts of the world are global issues, and the people in all around the world, specially the Iranian people and the people in the West, have many things in common. As we said before, the root of many things in the West, from the culture to the religion, is Iran and its Aryan Culture. Iran, that means “the land of Aryans”, is really one of the main Cradles of Civilization in the world. It’s funny to know that almost all film critics in the US have said positive things about “A Separation”, and tonight all of them said: “The win is well deserved”.


“The 84th Academy Awards ceremony, on February 26, 2012 (5:30 pm, with a red carpet ceremony at 4 pm), was televised live in the United States on ABC. This year’s awards took place at the Hollywood and Highland Centre (formerly the Kodak theatre) after film company Kodak filed for bankruptcy and asked for. Billy Crystal was the host. This is Crystal’s ninth time serving as host for the Academy Awards. (Bob Hope has the record, 18 times)”, the media reported. Kodak bankruptcy was a funny sign of the economic crisis in the US. ‘We’re here at the beautiful Chapter 11 theatre‘ announced Billy Crystal. He added: ‘The movies have always been there for us. So tonight, enjoy yourself. Because nothing can take the sting out of our economic worries more than millionaires presenting themselves with little gold statues‘. It’s really the best joke about the stupidities of the Oscar Ceremony, and also those people who care about it a lot. Anyway, “The Artist” and “Hugo” both won five awards. The Artists won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor. The Artist had 11 nominations, and Hugo had 10 nominations. The Iron Lady won two awards, including Best Actress for Meryl Streep. It is her third Oscar win from an astounding 17 nominations. Woody Allen won Best Writing. You can check the full list of the winners here .


“Meryl Streep and Farhadi met each other before the Oscar night”, the Iranian media reported. But many knew nothing about what happened at the Spirit Award ceremony. Those who love the gossip and the stupid things a lot, have slept now, but they would care about this matter a lot, at tomorrow. “Kate Beckinsale kisses Asghar Farhadi as she presents him with the award for Best International Film at the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California, February 25, 2012”, the American media reported. Apparently, Farhadi has tried to answer to the critiques about Angelina Jolie’s story. I don’t know why these stupid things should be important for many people. Tonight, many cared about Angelina Jolie’s leg, Jennifer Lopez’s tits, Angelina Jolie’s arms, and other stupid things that is part of the usual stupidity of the Academy Awards ceremony. “When the modern sheep care about these matters a lot, what can we expect from today’s world. The media play with us, and the politicians exploit us, but many still live like sheep and care about the stupid things a lot. And that’s why we call the current era ‘The Age of Stupidity'”, some say. It’s so obvious that the people need joy and entertainment, but joy and entertainment is one thing, and living like sheep is another thing. Anyway, Sandra Bullock presents the Oscar for best foreign language film to Iranian film A Separation. And Farhadi’s speech was like his films, that means it was not bad, but it was not good, too.


Asghar Farhadi’s Oscar speech was not so bad, but it could be much more better. Farhadi said: ‘At this time, many Iranians all over the world are watching us. And I imagine them to be very happy. They are happy not because of an important award or a film or a filmmaker. But because at the time when talk of war, intimidation and aggression is exchanged between politicians, the name of their country, Iran, is spoken here through her glorious culture. A rich and ancient culture that has been hidden under the heavy dust of politics. I proudly offer this award to the people of my country, a people who respect all cultures and civilizations and despise hostility and resentment”. Farhadi’s speech had good parts. But he had to offer this award to the victims and the martyrs. He had to talk about the people’s pain and sufferings in the past two years. He had to talk about Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and how he betrayed Iranians and the freedom and democracy in the 2009-2011 period, and how he still betray the people. He had to talk about the savage Mullahs who kill and torture the people. He had to talk about many things, with a wise and short speech. He had enough time to write a good short speech for tonight. But his speech was like his films. Apparently, you can’t expect more things from him. I hope one day the younger generations of Iranians, that many of them are much more talented and much more open-minded than Farhadi, can show the world that Farhadi and his film are just a very small part of the Iran’s reality, and today’s Iran has many wiser and braver people, and also many better works. Of course, Farhadi and his films are not bad or embarrassing, and he deserves the awards. But Farhadi showed that he has the potential for becoming “Asghar Khayemal” (Asghar ass-kisser)


The 84th Oscar was a French Oscar. The little known French director, Michel Hazanavicius, was “the happiest director in the world”, as he himself said. And the French actor, Jean Dujardin, who won Best Actor, was the happiest actor in the world. Crystal said: “They must be going nuts in France right now, or whatever the French have in place of joy”. In these days, many Iranians don’t care about the Oscar a lot. When Mr. stupid monkey (Obama) and other European and American monkeys, who betrayed Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran and aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians, desperately try to torture the ordinary Iranians, who cares about the Oscar? When Mr. stupid monkey (Obama) and other Western monkeys try to make a good deal with the Mullahs, and most of the ordinary people in the West forget what happened in 2009 and who betrayed who and who was the bad guy, who can care about the Oscar a lot? As Crystal said millionaires presenting themselves with little gold statues and some winners become millionaire, but what happen to the ordinary people? Who speaks about or cares about the ordinary people and their pain and suffering? Some funny Iranians say: “the (below) pictures prove that Farhadi’s daughter (Sarina Farhadi) has more balls that his father ! Farhadi’s daughter has the balls to appear without Hijab (Islamic veil), while Leila Hatami has not the balls, and Farhadi himself has not the balls to give a good speech at the Oscar night”. The below picture, that is a picture before the 84th Academy Awards on Feb. 26, 2012, show (from left): Leila Hatami, Mahmoud Kalari, Peyman Moadi, Sarina Farhadi, Thomas Langmann, and Asghar Farhadi)


The 84th Academy Awards had its own special moments. The media reported: “Streep’s speech begins on a disarmingly self-deprecating note. ‘When they called my name I imagined half of America going ‘Aw, no! Her! Again!’. Hugo, Scorsese’s 3D film, is dominating the technical categories and comfortably leads the field. The traditional Oscar obituary montage, was a sad, soulful trip along the stills of Ben Gazzara, Elizabeth Taylor, etc. After 82-year-old Christopher Plummer won the supporting actor prize, Crystal quipped: ‘The average age for winners has just jumped to 67’. ‘Please welcome the original girl with the dragon tattoo,’ says Billy Crystal, waving one arm to introduce Angelina Jolie. We learned that ‘Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg’ has its very own Twitter account. Jolie wanted to gave Oscar to Woody Allen, but he was no there. He was back in New York, he doesn’t like LA. ‘The Academy accepts this award on his behalf,’ smiles Jolie. Meryl Streep’s makeup artist took home a statuette for transforming Streep into Maggie Thatcher. ‘The Undefeated’ wins best documentary, one of the producers calls it ‘f-u-c-k-ing wonderful’ ! Backstage heard it, producers bleeped it out for the audience at home. Crystal said that when he came out of ‘The Help’ he wanted to ‘hug the first black woman that I saw. From Beverly Hills, thats about a 45 minute drive‘.” Some of Billy Crystal’s jokes were really good.


Before the Oscar night, Peyman Moadi’s wrote an open letter to Farhadi. He wrote: “Here in Iran, many (Mullahs and Mullah film critics) try to say that your film is a bad or weak film, and you don’t deserve to win the awards, and your awards are political awards … I always thought Woody Allen is a genius. When Woody Allen sent a message to you, via her sister, and said that he could not go to LA, but we would be happy to see you in New York to discuss about your film, I finally realized the true meaning of what others say about ‘A Separation’. Woody Allen had said that for years he didn’t expect to be able to see a film, not only from our cinema, but from the cinema in the whole world, that had such impact on him. When the producer of ‘the Artist’ said: ‘When I saw ‘A Separation’ I wished I was its producer’ … When Angelina Jolie asked you, honestly and without any gesture, to play in your next film, and when you said that your next film is a French language film, and she said that she can learn the French language until that time, it was really one of the proudest moment. When Meryl Streep asked you about the film directing, and then said that she wants to work with you, or when Spielberg said ‘A Separation’ is the best film of this year in the whole world, and when many others that I am not allowed to name them here, said that your film is their favorite film, I understood that ‘A Separation’ is a great film … your story with Robert De Niro, Bob Dylan, and many others that praised you and your film, should be told … In New York, when you said: ‘the similarities between the people in all around the world is much more than their differences, but the politicians try to emphasize the differences, and pretend that the differences are so big‘ , they warmly applauded you”


Moadi added: “An American Film critic had said: ‘If you want to attack Iran, first watch ‘A Separation’ and see the people that you want to attack them. After that, you would change your minds’ Asghar you have done your duty. Your film was more important that your speech (at the Golden Globe or Oscar)”. It’s true. ‘A Separation’ is not a bad film. But If Moadi tries to say that it’s a great film, it’s not true. ‘A Separation’ has become a great event, because it’s the first Iranian film that tries to show a true image of Iran. The world knows nothing about today’s Iran, and it’s the first time that the world can see part of the real image of today’s Iran and Iranians in a film. That’s why ‘A Separation’ has become a great event. But Farhadi has become conservative, and it’s not good. His speech could be better. The Oscar night was a rare opportunity, and he could use it better. Of course, no once expect him to be an intellectual, or a hero, but at least he could repeat what he had already said about the martyrs and the Iranian movement. Anyway, in the recent days, John Anderson wrote an article in the CNN (on February 20, 2012), with the title “How an Iranian film unites us all”. What John Anderson wrote was the first reasonable thing that we heard from the Americans. We would write more about it later. “Parodying the Gaddafi-type dictator he plays in his upcoming film, ‘The Dictator,’ Baron Cohen showed up carrying what he said were the ashes of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. Then he spilled them all over the E! host’s tuxedo”, the media reported. Baron Cohen and his ideas were funny. I hope one day in the near future, the comedians make joke about the toppled Mullahs in the Oscar ceremony.

A Separation (2011) and Asghar Farhadi’s Films

January 27, 2012

A Separation (2011) that won Golden Globe 2012, and is nominated for Oscar 2012, is like other Farhadi’s films, that means : “It’s not a bad film; and it’s not a good film”. After watching “A Separation”, that its full title is “Separation of Nader and Simin” or “Nader and Simin, A Separation”, I can say this film has many stupid problems, specially in cinematography, acting, and self-censorship. It would have been better if the previous films of Farhadi, specially About Elly (2009), or his best film Fireworks Wednesday (2006) , had won Golden Globe or Oscar, not “A Separation”. I watched ‘About Elly’ again, and it was really better than “A Separation”. I watched the first serious film of Farhadi, “Fireworks Wednesday” (Chaarshanbe Soori) again, and I think “A Separation” is a weaker version of this film. I give “A Separation” 6/10, “Fireworks Wednesday” 7/10, and “About Elly” 7/10 (only for its first 30 minutes that has some great scenes). If you want to understand how bad cinematography or acting is in “A Separation”, you can compare it with “Fireworks Wednesday”, that was a better version of “A Separation”, or with “About Elly”. The suspension in “Fireworks Wednesday” was a little weaker than “A Separation”, but other things, like the subject (marital infidelity), cinematography, acting, etc were better than “A Separation”. And “About Elly” had some great scenes. If you want to watch a film about today’s Iran and the majority of Iranians, who are young and modern, you should watch ‘About Elly’. Of course, Iranian filmmakers, including Asghar Farhadi, can’t show many parts of the real life in Iran, because the Mullahs don’t allow them and censor their works, but even those parts that Farhadi shows in his films, specially in “About Elly”, can be very interesting for the outside world. Iranian filmmakers, including Farhadi, can’t show women without Hijab, while the Iranian women have not Hijab in their private life and inside their homes. Iranian filmmakers can’t show many normal relationships between men and women, and many other common things in Iran, and also many problems in the society, because the Mullahs don’t allow them. So, what you see in the Iranian films is a censored version of “Reality”. Iranians and their private lives are much more modern and funnier than what you see in the Iranian films. But even this limited and censored image, shocks and surprises many non-Iranians. Some say: “There are many misconceptions about the Iranian society, and in particular about the role of women in the private life. But in today’s Iran, the women are empowered. Sepideh who’s treated as the matriarch of the group, and all other women in “About Elly” are real women in today’s Iran. The women speak freely and express their opinions, and have their votes considered when deciding for the group as a whole. The men and women dance, laugh, and are happy with each other, and it’s part of the ordinary life in Iran”. What you can see in “About Elly” and “A Separation” are the middle-class or average Iranians, and in “Fireworks Wednesday” you can see the lower class and the middle class. In “A Separation”, Fardahi is more conservative, and his self-censorship annoys many Iranians inside Iran. But even in “A Separation”, Farhadi doesn’t tell big shameful lies, and you can’t say what you see is unreal. “Fireworks Wednesday” is better than “A Separation”, and Farhadi is less conservative in “Fireworks Wednesday” and has less self-censorship. What you can see in Farhadi’s films is today’s Iran, a modern country with modern people and modern problems, and of course with a medieval regime, a dreadful tyranny, and its related problems.


The main weak point of “A Separation” is its stupid cinematography. When you watch this film (for the first time), you can’t stop using bad language about Kalari, the stupid cinematographer of this film. Camera shake that occurs during hand held shooting is so horrible in this film. In the recent years, ‘hand held shooting’ or ‘hand held camera’ has become a fashion in Iran, and many stupid cinematographers often use this technique, and give the viewers horrible headache. I don’t know why camera movements/ angles are so stupid in this film. The shaky camera kills you. The stupid Kalari has shit on the whole film. Even compared to “Fireworks Wednesday” or “About Elly”, camera art in “A Separation” is so horrible. I’m not a filmmaker or an expert, but like those who have watched many films and have learned something, I just compare this film to other films that I love them. Iranian filmmakers should forget “Hand-held camera”, they use it so badly. I don’t know why Farhadi has used a lot of “Medium Shot” and “Close-Up” in this film. I don’t know why he doesn’t allow the people to see Tehran and both its beauty and its ugliness. Some say: “Although an audience’s attention may be focused on characters in the foreground, they will also be looking at the background for additional clues/ information. Let the people, specially the future generations and non-Iranians who know nothing about Iran, see the background. Let the people see the streets and the city and the social life in the background, for god sake“. In “A Separation”, only in very a few scenes you see nice shots of streets or city. if this film had have more nice shots, it would have been a good film. But unfortunately, almost all shots are so stupid and you can’t see anything expect the actors and camera shake ! I don’t know why Farhadi has forgotten color and music. Some of stupid fans of Farhadi say: “Without even a single note of music, Farhadi makes great films”. But its so stupid. Why Farhadi doesn’t use any music in his films? In ‘About Elly’, we don’t hear any music, while this film could have a very nice music, specially natural music in the cars or when they want to dance, or when they are scared or exhausted, etc. It’s a great weak point for Fardai. Of course, I know that the savage Mullahs censors the good music, but Farhadi doesn’t use any music, even legal or classic music, in his films. If ‘A Separation’ had not have the stupid ‘shaky camera’ and many stupid ‘Medium Shot’, and instead, if it had have many good ‘Wide-angle shot’, ‘Long Shot’, ‘Extreme Long Shot’, etc, and if we had been able to see Tehran, its streets, its people, its social life, etc in the background, then this film would become a good film. “Fireworks Wednesday” was a better film, because it had a little good music, a little nice shots of Tehran and streets, etc. In 2006, we thought: “Oh, it’s his first serious film. In his next films he will be better”. But apparently, Farhadi wants to go backward, instead of going forward! When you see Woody Allen’s films, you can see New York or Manhattan. He makes film about the human relationship and the domestic life, but he shows you many things about New York or Manhattan, too. And his nice shots give you good feeling and also good information. It’s what Farhadi and many other Iranians filmmakers forget it. “A Separation” should show us Tehran and the streets and many other things in the background, but it doesn’t show us anything. But in “Fireworks Wednesday” we can see more things in background, and we can see more nice shots. Farhadi should go forward, but form “Fireworks Wednesday” to “A Separation” he has gone backward.


The other weak points of Farhadi and his films are “set designing” and choosing the locations. “About Elly” and its stories happen in “Shomal”, the north Iran, that we have already written about it. But we don’t see Shomal in “About Elly”. Farhadi doesn’t show us the beauty of Shomal, while Iranians just go to Shomal to see its natural beauty. But Farhadi just shows us a very stupid ruined villa and the shores of the Caspian Sea, that we have already written about its horrible problems. What Farhadi shows us is not real Shomal. He could tell his stories, and at the same time he could show us Shomal and its beauty, and it this way, “About Elly” would have become a good film. Many Iranian filmmakers stupidly think that dirty shots and dirty scenes mean “art” ! But the nice shots and nice scenes are art. In the films that are about the social problems and the reality, like Farhadi’s films, you should show the real things, both the beauty and the ugliness, in the nice shots. In ‘About Elly’, we can’t see Shomal as Iranians see it in their trips. Farhadi just shows us a few nice shots, and other shots and other things are dirty and stupid. We don’t see both the beauties and the environmental disasters of Shomal. We just see stupid things, not reality. The actors and their performance in “About Elly” and “Fireworks Wednesday” were good or even great, while the acting in “A Separation” was not good. In “A Separation”, only Razieh (Sareh Bayat) was good, and Hodjat (Shahab Hosseini), Razieh’s daughter (little girl), Nader’s father, and the judge were not bad. But others were not good. In “About Elly”, the casting and assigning the roles to the actors was so stupid. The forty-something man and twenty-something wife, or vice versa, was so stupid, specially when you say they were classmate. As some experts say, in “A Separation” the Mise En Scène (‘putting things in the picture’ or ‘arranging the frame’ that concerns the design and arrangement of the image) were stupid. Color is an important part of mise-en-scene in that it creates mood and atmosphere, but colors, and also Lighting, Framing, Shooting, etc are not good in this film. In Iran, more that 500,000 people went to cinema and watched this film. As we said before, the people have boycotted the Mullah cinema, and the average number of viewers of an Iranian films in the recent years is about 50,000. Those few people who go to cinema, want to see comic scenes and laugh, while “A Separation” was dark and tragic. I think the people were very very kind to Farhadi. I hope Farhadi will not disappoint the people, and defends them in the Oscar’s night. Many average Iranians like “About Elly” more than “A Separation”, because “About Elly” is a fun-filled drama of family and friends, and only 50% of it is dark and tragic. It had no Happy End. It had a Tragic End, but the people liked it because of its first 30 to 45 minutes. It’s so obvious that in Iran, that is full of horrible tragic things, the people badly need to be happy and laugh, and they don’t want to be sad and cry, at least when they watch film. It’s better if Iranian filmmakers and Farhadi can make more films like “Fireworks Wednesday” or “About Elly”, specially like its first 30 minutes that can make people happy. In “Fireworks Wednesday”, Rouhi, a young lower class girl, finds herself in the midst of a domestic dispute between a couple of middle class upwards. Mojdeh suspects that her husband is having an affair with with a woman (hairdresser) next door. She feels cheated and isolated and on the eve of their departure to another country. She is having a total breakdown. “Fireworks Wednesday” is not a fun-filled film like the first 45 minutes of “About Elly”, and is not as dark and tragic as “A Separation” or the last 60 minutes of “About Elly”, but in this film Farhadi is less conservative and shows many problems in today’s Iran, without torturing you, and it’s good. Of course, some Iranians say: “In this film, the ancient tradition of Persians, Chaharshanbe soori (“Fireworks Wednesday” or “Wednesday Feast” that we have already written about it [check Archive]), has been shown like a dangerous street riot throughout the film and the sound of explosions is heard in all scenes. Is this really all we have in “Chaharshanbe soori”?” No, it’s not all we have in Chaharshanbe soori. It’s not the whole truth, but many problems that Farhadi shows in this film are real problems.


The non-Iranians don’t know which parts of the life in “A Separation” is real and which parts are unreal. As we said before, Farhadi doesn’t tell big shameful lies in this film, but he has some stupid big mistakes in this film. For example, many think (and many non-Iranian film critics say) that Simin and Nadar are a couple of middle-class upwards ! But it’s totally wrong. Simin and Nadar are average people, like 80% of Iranians who live in the cities. Nadar works in a bank, that it’s a low level job in Iran. Some funny Iranians say: “When you can’t find any other work in Iran, you go to a bank and work for it” And Simin is a teacher, and it’s a common job in Iran. Some funny Iranians say: “The majority of young Iranians are university-educated people, and when they can’t find a proper job, they prefer to become teacher”. So, Simin and Nadar are a couple of middle-class downwards, not upwards. But some stupid dialogue in this film, about the rich and the poor, create misconception for non-Iranians. Rouhi in “Fireworks Wednesday” is a member of lower class, while Hodjat and Razieh (in “A Separation”) are not a couple of lower class, but they are poor middle-class. They have not any difference with Nader and Simin, and it’s a reality in Iran. Both Hodjat and Razieh are literate and modern (conservative), and Hodjat’s dialogue about the poor and the rich, is unreal. In fact, Nader, Simin, Hodjat, Razieh, and the teacher are members of the same social class in Iran, and I think what Hodjat says is what Farhadi wants to say to the outside world. For instance, when Hodjat says: ‘Why do you think we are animal or live like animals?’ it’s what Hodjat says to the outside world, not to Iranians. Hodjat has been bankrupted and that’s why he is so poor, but as a shoe-maker and a businessman in Bazaar, he and his friends earn more money than Simin, Nadar, and the teacher, and are richer than them !! It’s what the non-Iranians should know about this film. In fact, Razieh can become a teacher or work in a bank, and Hodjat can embezzle money or can earn good money by dirty tricks, and can become a member of upper class in Iran. It’s what often happens in today’s Iran ! Hodjat has enough potential to become a crook and embezzler, or a Basiji thug. He can earn good money. Many businessmen in Iran, earn money in this way. Anyway, I don’t know why Farhadi shows “electric fan” in Nader’s house, while it belongs to 30 years ago, not today. It’s stupid and unreal. And about “telling lie” as a social problem, we know that Iranians tell more lies, more than what Farhadi shows us in “A Separation”. Of course, Nader and his daughter and the people who hate telling lie, exist in Iran, but they are not in majority. “Fireworks Wednesday” is a better film about the problem of “telling lie” in Iran, and what you see in “Fireworks Wednesday” is the reality, and what the majority of Iranians do or see in their life. And about film’s title, some funny Iranians say: “Why the name of this film is ‘Nader and Simin, A Separation’, while this film is about Razieh and Nader” Anyway, despite all stupid mistakes, “A Separation” shows many true things. For example, about the daily life, or the role of women in the family. Iranians are not like Arabs, and even a very conservative religious woman like Razieh is not like Arabs. It’s very important. Razieh is a symbol of very conservative religious people in Iran, but even Razieh is not as stupid as the Arabs. Hodjat seems so stupid, but he is not idiot, and it’s the reality of today’s Iran. Nader is an ordinary man and a good guy that cares about his daughter and his family, even more than Simin who is the mother, and it’s part of the reality of today’s Iran. Nader or Simin are not in the majority in Iran and the world, but you can find many people like them in Iran and the world. Just some stupid Iranian expats and some stupid Americans can say: “Nader is a perfect man, but Where in the world do we find such ethereal men? In the middle east? I think not! How contradictory to reality! ” These stupid bastards know nothing about today’s Iran. The mass media have brainwashed them, and these stupid bastards can’t see how modern today’s Iranians are. And I think that’s why Farhadi put some special dialogue in Hodjat’s mouth (“Why do you think we live like animals?”). The non-Iranians know nothing about Iran and Iranians, and that’s why the Iranian filmmakers should try to show the Iran’s reality to the outside world.


In the, you can find some funny user comments about A Separation: “from Netherlands: Caught A Separation in Amsterdam last night, fully unprepared for its greatness. I hadn’t been swept off my feet for a while, but this Iranian Hitchcockian drama sucked us in for 2 hours and left us very, very impressed … from Stockholm, Sweden: And it comes from Iran. The first thing you read on the screen is ‘In the name of God’. Well, anyway it’s the best story, the best cutting, the best actors you’ve seen for long … from UK: this is one of the most heart breaking and real movies I have seen this year. you can not leave the movie for even 1 second and characters are such real ones that you start to put yourself in their position and think what would I do?” Unfortunately, the majority of the people in the West and the outside world have horrible misconceptions about Iran and Iranians. They don’t know there are many serious differences between the Iran’s regime and the Iran’s people, and between the private life and the public life in Iran. As we said before, the Mullahs and their thugs have occupied Iran, and now Iran is an occupied land. As we said before, Iran or Persia with more than 15,000 years history of civilization, is one of the main cradles of civilization in the world. The root of the culture and many other things in the West is Iran (Persia). And the majority of Iranians are not like the Mullahs and the Islamists. “About Elly” is really better than “A Separation”, and if you want to see an acceptable film about today’s Iran, you can see “About Elly”. The non-Iranians say: “The first thing you read on the screen is ‘In the name of God'” or “the Iranian women have Hejab (the veil) even in their homes”. But its what the Mullahs have imposed on the Iranian filmmakers. Many stupid things that you see in the Iranian films are result of the Mullah censorship and self-censorship, or what the Mullahs have imposed on the filmmakers. Inside their own houses, and in their private life, Iranians have not any difference with the people in the West, but the Iranian filmmakers are not allowed to show this fact. The conditions of the public life, for instance in the Iranian hospitals and the Iranian courts, are so horrible, more than what you see in “A Separation”. The Mullahs have destroyed many things in Iran. In the real life, Nader and Simin would talk about the horrible conditions in the stupid Islamic courts, the detentions, the hospitals, etc. But in this film, you don’t see the reality. In the real life, the courts, the judge, the soldiers, etc are not as kind as what Farhadi shows us. The bribery and horrible corruption is what Farhadi doesn’t show us. In the real life, Nader, after going to the detention and the court, would decide to leave Iran as soon as possible ! But in this film you can’t see the reality. Some funny Iranians say: “In Iran, you should always pray to God and ask him that you don’t go to any court or any hospital in Iran”. The situation in the courts and the hospitals is really so horrible. But the Mullahs don’t allow the filmmakers to show the real social problems. The dirty and stupid state buildings, the rude and stupid judges, soldiers, nurses, etc, in addition to the widespread corruption, are part of the public life in Iran. It’s what the Mullahs have created it and want to hide it. Farhadi doesn’t tell you why Simin want to leave Iran, while it’s very important. Farhadi doesn’t tell the truth about many things, because the Mullahs don’t allow it. This level of self-censorship and conservativeness in “A Separation” annoys many Iranians. It’s so ridiculous that Farhadi deliberately doesn’t talk about many serious issues. Farhadi just try to avoid telling big shameful lies, but even this level of self-censorship has made the savage Mullahs angry. Anyway, If you want to see a better version of “A Separation”, you should watch “Fireworks Wednesday”. And if you want to watch a good film about today’s Iranians, you should watch the first 30 minutes of “About Elly”.

Golden Globe 2012 and Asghar Farhadi

January 16, 2012

“Asghar Farhadi’s drama ‘A Separation’ won the best foreign language film award at the 69th Golden Globes on Sunday”, the media reported. Asghar Farhadi is a young Iranian filmmaker that is more important and talented than someone like Abbas Kiarostami that Iranians call him “Abbas Khayemal (Ass-kisser)” because he kisses the Mullahs’ ass. The media added: “Accepting his award, Farhadi thanked his cast, crew, producers and distributors. ‘When I was coming up on stage, I was thinking what I should say here,’ he said, ‘I prefer to say something about my people. They are a truly peace-loving people.’ Standing on stage, next to Farhadi, was actor/ writer Peyman Moaadi who portrays Nader in ‘A Separation’. Farhadi was one of the winners at 17th annual Critics Choice Awards (for Best Foreign Language Film), too”.


The nominations for Best Foreign Language Film in the 69th Golden Globe were: The Flowers Of War (China), In The Land of Blood and Honey (USA), The Kid With a Bike (Belgium), A Separation (Iran), and The Skin I Live In (Spain). The media reported: “A Separation is the first Iranian film that win a Golden Globe. Beating Angelina Jolies ‘In the Land of Honey and Blood’ and Pedro Almodovars ‘The Skin I Live in’, A Separation has a good chance of winning this years Oscar”. In the past two years, Farhadi has defended the Iranian movement, in Berlin Film Festival, in France, in “House of Cinema Festival”, etc. Farhadi has not betrayed the people yet. He has defended the Iranian anti-Mullah movement. But now in the US, he has refused to support the people movement. In fact, in the recent months he has begun to become more conservative, and now he is on the edge of becoming Khayemal (ass-kisser).


The 69th Golden Globe Awards were held on Sunday night in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Woody Allen won the Best Screenplay award for “Midnight in Paris”. Meryl Streep won the Best Actress award (Drama) for “The Iron Lady”. Martin Scorsese won the Best Director award for “Hugo”. George Clooney won the Best Actor award (Drama) for “The Descendants”. “The Descendants” won the Best Drama award, and “The Artist” won the Best Comedy award. You can find the full list of the nominations and winners in Golden Globe’s official website. It’s funny to know that some stupid or unimportant details can be important in Iran. Farhadi and Moaadi’s clothes were appropriate and normal, but it has angered the savage Mullahs, because they believe “wearing tie or bow tie is non-Islamic”. Fardahi shook Angelina Jolie’s hands, and it’s quite normal. But some say why he didn’t shake her hands warmly, while the savage Mullahs say why he shook a woman’s hand, specially Jolie’s hands. I don’t know why he didn’t shake Jolie’s hands warmly with two hands. Maybe he is frightened of the Mullahs. Maybe, it’s part of his personality. But it’s a personal matter, and unimportant matter. It’s none of our business. But what Farhadi would say in the Oscar’s night, if he wins the Oscar, will be important for many Iranians.


Farhadi is on the edge of becoming Khayemal (ass-kisser). Iranians will call him “Asghar Khayemal”, if he kisses the Mullahs’ ass or says any positive thing about the Mullah regime. And the people will be disappointed at him, if he remains silent and conservative. He can use the Oscar’s night to defend the ordinary Iranians and their movement. He should talk about the martyrs and the victims. Iranians are alone and voiceless. Everybody betrays them. But the Oscar’s night is a rare opportunity to support them. Farhadi can give a good speech that night. As we said before, the vast majority of Iranian filmmakers and Iranian celebrities are Khayemal (ass-kisser). They are opportunist, charlatan, and sycophant. Until now, Farhadi has been among the rare exceptions, and many hope he doesn’t become “Asghar Khayemal” in the near future. Almost all casts and crews of his film, “Separation of Nader and Simin”, are Khayemal. Maybe only “Leila Hatami” (Simin) or “Moaadi” (Nader) can be among the exceptions. Unfortunately, when Iranian celebrities become more famous, they become more Khayemal, too.


I’ve heard good and bad things about “A Separation”, that its full name is “Separation of Nader and Simin” or “Nader and Simin, A Separation”. I’ve not seen this film yet, but other Farhadi’s films were not bad. Of course, they were not good, too. “ChaharShanbe Soori” (Wednesday Feast) and “About Elly” are not bad films. I liked some scenes of ‘About Elly’, but the whole film was not good. Many things in this film were stupid. Of course, ‘About Elly’ was better than almost all Iranian movies in the recent years, but it doesn’t mean that ‘About Elly’ is a good film. I liked “ChaharShanbe Soori” (Wednesday Feast), more than “About Elly”. As you know, the Mullahs censor many things and don’t allow the Iranian filmmakers to make their own films, and that’s why almost all Iranian films are shitty, horrible, or unacceptable. The lack of basic freedoms, the horrible censorship, the self-censorship, and the Khayemali (kissing ass) are among the main obstacles in the way of all Iranians, including the Iranian filmmakers.


The young Iranian filmmakers are much more talented than someone like “Abbas Khayemal”. Asghar Farhadi is just one of the young Iranian filmmakers who can become global filmmakers, if they refuse to kiss the Mullahs’ ass, and if they could make their own films without the Mullah censorship and other restrictions that the Mullahs impose on them. Iranians have many unknown good filmmakers, and if you want one name, I can give you the name of “Hojjat Ghasemzadeh Asl”, who has four TV films, that are much more better than Farhadi’s works. The works of some young and unknown Iranian filmmakers, like “Ghasemzadeh Asl”, are “global artifacts”, at least much more than Farhadi’s works. The freedom, specially freedom of speech and freedom from censorship and suffocation, is necessary for making any good work. Many Iranians can’t work because the savage Mullahs don’t allow them or because they don’t want to kiss the Mullahs’ ass, and that’s why the majority of young Iranian intellectuals, writers, artists, filmmakers, philosophers, thinkers, etc are unknown. But after the Mullahs, the world will hear more about them.

[P.S. In the above pix, the person that some tell funny jokes about his taste in clothing, is Pedro Almodovar, the most famous Spanish filmmaker]

Black Comedy: Anything Else (2003)

December 27, 2011

Anything Else (2003) is a black comedy film by Woody Allen, and like other black comedies, it’s a comedy about the tragedy of life and the horrible problems. What the critics said about this film was very negative, but I give it 8/10. Anything Else is not a masterpiece, but it’s a good movie. Some say: “We read a lot of reviews saying that Woody is just repeating himself, but you know what? It doesn’t matter.” In fact, many things just repeat over and over: the love stories, the tragedies, the problems, the life, the death, the relationships, etc. It’s part of the human life. Anything Else, like other Allen’s movies, is about existential issues, human relationships, problems of relationships, the deceit, paranoia and delusions, childlike adults, frustration, commitment, etc. Again neurotic couples doing many neurotic things. But everyone is a little neurotic. This film is about the life and the problems of a young writer, Jerry Falk (Jason Biggs). Jerry’s problems with a new crazy girlfriend, Amanda (Christina Ricci) and her crazy mother, and his relations with a crazy writer, Dobel (Woody Allen), and also a crazy manager/ agent (De Vito) is like a true story. Amanda is a crazy and annoying girlfriend who is complex, difficult, uninterested in s-e-x for months, unfaithful, and her crazy mother is moving in with them. Woody Allen himself plays the older teacher, David Dobel, who gives lots of wise and crazy advice to Jerry. He is “a crazy wise old man”. In an interview about his life, Woody Allen was asked: “if there is one of your films that tells us the most about your philosophy of life?” And he answered: “Well, to date-if it’s just that-I would probably say Anything Else. In terms of just me personally as a kind of wretched little complaining vantz, I think you would see that in Anything Else. There’s a lot of me in there. I’m not saying that Anything Else is my best film, although, I didn’t think it was a bad film at all- I think that one is better than many films of mine that were more successful. I won’t say that it’s never the case, but very often there’s no correlation between the quality of one’s work artistically and its commercial success. Everybody knows that” In fact, Woody Allen and his real life is a combination of Jerry Falk and David Dobel, but who can be perfect? everyone has his own problems and stupidities. Anything Else is a good typical Woody Allen film, with a lot of paranoia and irony. There are many memorable scenes in this film.


Anything Else was awful at the US box office, like most of Woody Allen’s films, grossed only $3 million. Some say: “As has become common with Allens films, it performed better overseas, grossing $10 million, but could not make back its $18 million shooting budget or the $10 million Dreamworks spent marketing the film. However, the reception was not entirely negative; in 2009, it was cited by Quentin Tarantino as one of his favorite 20 films since 1992”. It’s a modern movie with a typical Woody Allen style dialogue. It’s full of great dialogue. Falk: ‘Do you love me?’ Amanda: ‘What a question. Just because I pull away when you touch me?’ … Dobel: ‘The pill makes her crazy? Falk, she is crazy. The Pentagon should use her hormones for chemical warfare‘ … Dobel: ‘I promised students of my class I’m gonna take them to the Caravaggio exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum. You know, I try to give them a little culture now and then so they don’t beat each other to death with bicycle chains all the time‘. Woody Allen uses his old material in this movie, like a paranoid Jew. His jokes about the stupid Jews make many fanatic Jews angry, but many wise Jews love him and his jokes. Woody Allen’s movies deal with everyday urban life of the middle class intellectuals, artists, writers, etc. with all their love, s-e-x, professional, personal, and philosophical problems. Anything Else is one of these films, and it shows us part of the unseen facts about the daily life in the US and New York. It’s interesting to know that Anything Else and other Allen’s movies can show you part of our life in Iran, too. You can see almost all characters of Anything Else and other Allen’s movies in today’s Iran. In fact, these characters are universal characters and their problems are universal problems. Amanda’s mother is a childlike mother that almost all Iranians have someone like her among their relatives. This childlike crazy mother is really a global character that you can find her everywhere. Jerry’s agent, Harvey, is an old man that lives with his mother and charges Jerry 25 percent, while the standard is 10%, but Jerry is his only client. Harvey is an uneducated businessman, an ex-salesman in the clothing industry, that has become agent of a young writer. Americans call him ‘loser’, but he is just ‘a wrong man in a wrong place’. It’s a familiar character in all around the world.


Amanda seems like an annoying girlfriend who cheats on her boyfriend, but she clearly talks about her problem with commitment and sends enough signal to Jerry, who is naive and blind. When Dobel says: “Amanda is cheating on you”. Jerry asks: “How do you know? You just see her for minutes” Dobel: “I see it in her eyes”. He advises Jerry to spy on her. When Jerry finds the truth, he asks Amanda: “I saw three of you. You, your acting teacher, and your diaphragm. Where could be your diaphragm? There is no such thing as a diaphragm repair shop.’ Amanda: ‘Okay. Okay, I slept with Ron Keller (acting teacher). But I didn’t do it because I care about him‘. Falk: No? What then? To punish him?‘ Amanda: ‘No, I did it because I had to find out if there was something wrong with me. Because I can’t sleep with you, the person that I love. I had to know if I was some kind of freak, or frigid. I had to know if I could even get aroused anymore and have an orgasm’. Falk: ‘And can you?’ Amanda: ‘Yeah. It’s good news. I can‘. Amanda: “Don’t be mad at Ron. He was just trying to help” Jerry: ‘Remind me, please, to put him on my Christmas list, if I could figure out how to make a letter bomb‘. Jerry: ‘OK. Where’s the rifle? I need the rifle. I’m going to blow my brains out!’ Amanda: ‘Oh, don’t be so middle class! I did it as much for you as for me‘ Girls like Amanda, and Boys like Jerry, do exist everywhere, in the US, Iran, and everywhere. What Amanda says about herself in the flash back, is a black joke about the ethical values and the hypocrisy in today’s world. Jerry’s girlfriend: “Where did you go to school?” Amanda :” Ethical culture . Fieldstone. But I dropped out.” Amanda’s boyfriend: “One of the professors fall in love with her” Amanda: “It was terrible. He was married. It was way too much pressure for all of us. His poor wife.” Amanda’s character and the jokes that Woody Allen’s has written about her in the script is like the Iranian jokes (the Rashti jokes). When Amanda came back from a 2-weeks trip to Italy with a man, she confesses: “Yah, I did it. But I thought of you. You were really the person I was really making love to in Naples and Florence, and Venice, and on the airplane 40,000 feet in the air, and … ” Jerry: “OK. Enough.” Amanda: “And at the Vatican”. There are many universal black jokes in this film. Woody Allen’s jokes about the stupid drug users and snorting cocaine, that is as funny as the similar jokes in “Hannah and Her Sisters”, is universal, and the scenes about the thugs in New York, remind you of a global problem, and this fact that ultra-stupid people are everywhere.


Anything Else is a black comedy. It forces you to think about many things, including the tragedy of life. It’s not a comedy and happy movie that you can watch it when you are depressed or unhappy. But it’s a movie about global issues. Jerry and Dobel go to the Central Park in New York and talk about the life and their problems. It’s like what many Iranians and other people in all around the world do. Dobel’s dialogue and theories are great. Dobel: ‘Last night I was home alone in my apartment and I conjured up a threesome with me, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, and it was very very erotic. As a matter of fact if I’m not mistaken, it was the first time those two great actresses ever appeared in anything together“. Dobel: “I was married when I was young. I should have known something was wrong on the wedding night, when her family danced around my table chanting: ‘We will make him one of us“. Jerry’ shrink is a typical idiot you can find him everywhere. Dobel says: “Since the beginning of time people have been, you know, frightened and, and unhappy, and they’re scared of death, and they’re scared of getting old, and there’s always been priests around, and shamans, and now shrinks, to tell ’em, “Look, I know you’re frightened, but I can help you. Of course, it is going to cost you a few bucks…” But they can’t help you, because life is what it is”. Woody Allen’s jokes with the doctors are funny, specially about the relation between Amanda and the unknown doctor. Jerry: “The doctor had better s-e-x examining her than I’ve had in six months’. Dobel’s medical theories is as funny as his stupid theories about the end of time and the end of world and the end of civilization. Dobel: “I have a theory that too much rejections (by partner) causes cancer.” Anything Else is a black comedy that can show you many things and many issues are universal. In fact, Anything Else is a movie that can show you how similar are the human life in all around the world. When you make a movie, or write a book or article, or create any arts work or intellectual work about the existential issues, the human life, or the human problems, you are a global creator and your work is a universal artifact. Anything Else is one of these universal artifacts.

Best Movies: “Cinema Paradiso” (1989)

December 10, 2011

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (New Paradise Cinema), internationally released as “Cinema Paradiso”, is an Italian comedy drama film written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. I think Cinema Paradiso is a masterpiece, a 9/10 movie, that Tornatore made it in 1988, at the age of 32. It’s about a famous film director, Salvatore (Toto), and his life in Italy, specially his childhood in 1950s and 1960s. The Iranian society has many similarities with the Italian society, and “Cinema Paradiso” can be considered as a film about Iran and the Iranian society, too. After receiving news about the death of an old friend (Alfredo), Toto remembers his childhood as a smart son of a war widow in a Sicilian town and at the Cinema Paradiso where Alfredo, the projectionist, treated him as his son. Told in a flashback, Salvatore reminiscences about his childhood and his relationship with Alfredo. Under the fatherly influence of Alfredo, Toto falls in love with film and cinema, and learn many things. The film was originally released in Italy at 155 minutes, but poor box office performance led to it being shortened to 120 minutes for international release. This international version won many awards, from Oscar and Golden Globe to Cannes and BAFTA. In 2002, the director’s cut 175-minute version was released, that was a masterpiece. The Mullah TV has showed it once, in about 80 minutes ! that was quite nonsense, a collection of unrelated scenes. But the three-hour international director’s cut (175 minutes) is really a masterpiece. It’s a story about friendship, love, cinema, people, humanity, religion, censorship, Italian society, history, and many other things. The priest that censors the movies is like the Mullahs, and the atmosphere inside the cinema and the small town is like what you could see in Iran in the past decades. In the several scenes of the movies being shown in the cinema, there is frequent booing from the audience, during the “censored” sections. The films suddenly jump, missing a kiss or embrace. In fact, the local priest, that is like a moderate Mullah, has ordered that these sections be cut out. The film attempts to educate the “outsider” not familiar with Italian society after the world war II. You can watch it again and again and see more and more details that pertain to the people and the history.


The uncut Cinema Paradiso is more than anything else about life and the effect of the decisions we make . Alfredo, a wise but illiterate guy whose life has been wasted by the stupidities of his time and his stupid town, tries to prevent Toto from wasting his life and making stupid decisions. In one of the best scenes, Alferedo advises Toto and says : “Get out of here! Go to Rome. You’re young and the world is yours. I’m old. I don’t want to hear you talk anymore. I want to hear others talking about you. Don’t come back. Don’t think about us. Don’t look back. Don’t write. Don’t give in to nostalgia. Forget us all. If you do and you come back, don’t come see me. I won’t let you in my house. Understand? Whatever you end up doing, love it. The way you loved the projection booth when you were a little squirt.” It’s what many wise Iranians tell their children or the youth in today’s Iran, about leaving Iran and its Mullah hell. But unfortunately, many who leave Iran become stupider than Iranians inside Iran. Maybe Alfredo’s advise is only good and helpful for the wise and smart guys, not for everybody. Anyway, Alfredo also adds: “Living here day by day, you think it’s the center of the world. You believe nothing will ever change. Then you leave: a year, two years. When you come back, everything’s changed. You have to go away for a long time, many years , before you can come back and find your people, and the land where you were born. Right now you’re blinder than I am. Toto: ‘Who said that? Gary Cooper? James Stewart? Henry Fonda?’ Alfredo: ‘No, Toto. Nobody said it. This time it’s all me. Life isn’t like in the movies. Life, is much harder“. What Alfredo says about love, that changes Toto’s life, can be very helpful for many youths: “Out of the fire of love come ashes. Even the greatest love eventually fizzles out”. Some critics say: “This film makes you laugh and makes you cry, yet it is so simple and straightforward. There is no Hollywood superstars, no special effects, just pure emotions and feelings, love, fear, grief and regret, nostalgia for childhood and youth, memories of places and times that will not come back, memories of the loved ones. This movie is there to affect your feelings.”


The three-hour international director’s cut (175 Minutes), is a masterpiece. Divided into three sections, the first section is about little Toto and Alfredo. One of the best scenes is Toto’s face as he watches the footage that will be censored by the town priest. The second section shows Toto as a youth, when he falls in love with Elena. The story of relationship between Toto and Elena, and her parent reactions, and many other things reminds Iranians of today’s Iran and yesterday’s Iran. In the final section, Salvatore, now a great film director, returns to his town after 30 years to attend Alfredo’s funeral. Salvatore’s reunion with Elena, Salvatore’s reunion with his mother, beside seeing his sister and the old people and old friends, shows us the bitter truth, the tragedy of life, and also the depth of Alfredo’s wisdom. The audience inside the cinema Paradiso are great. The man who only goes to the cinema to sleep and is always awoken by kids, the thugs and mobs, the priest who censors the movies, the couple who see each other for the first time, the fascist who spits on others, the couple who make love in the cinema, the prostitute who works in the cinema, and the people, specially the kids and the youth, who scare, laugh, boo, or masturbate, and many other things are interesting. Ennio Morricone’s music is great, and it’s really hard to find a serious weak point in the film. Alfredo complains and says: “Progress always comes late”, and it’s what many say in Iran and all around the world. ‘Progress always comes late’, but disasters and tragedies always come soon. And it’s part of the tragedy of life. If you want to see a good movie about the human life, and how similar the humans and their life are in all around the world, you can watch “Cinema Paradiso”.

Helen Mirren, Children, and Honesty

November 28, 2011

Recently, the famous British actress, Helen Mirren, 66, had an interview with the Observer, and talked about her controversial life and why she has not any children. It’s not bad we take a look at Mirren’s life and some important global problems. Helen Mirren has won an Academy Award, four SAG Awards, four BAFTAs, three Golden Globes, four Emmy Awards, and two Cannes Awards. Mirren was a rebel and started her career as an actress in 1965, at age 20. She says: “Im a would-be rebel -the good girl whod like to be a bad one. Im still the good girl who wants to be a bad girl. But Ill never make it as a bad girl. Im not a moralist and I never have been, but Im too fearful, too much of a wimp, really”. Helen Mirren, like other humans, has had great mistakes or weak points (like using drugs), but she has not been cheap and nasty like many other celebrities. Once she had said: “I am so happy that I didn’t have children. Well, you know, because I’ve had freedom”. And in the recent interview she has said: “The children are funny, but I never wanted to have them. There are far too many people in the world. It is my contribution to ecology “! Mirren has been honest with herself about many things. Some say: “Helen Mirren is not irresponsible and stupid; she has decided for herself and her life honestly and thoughtfully. You should know that there is a trade-off between s-e-x-u-al freedom and children, if you want to be honest and responsible and enjoy s-e-x-u-al freedom”. Many people, in Iran and the west, are really charlatan and live an animal life. They are unfaithful partner and totally irresponsible parent. According to a Persian old saying: “They want to have both date and donkey” (hamm Khar and hamm Khorma), that in this case means they want to enjoy the benefits of having family and children, but they also try to live like a single boy or girl and are totally irresponsible and dishonest. But Mirren is not like them. And some say: “that’s why she still is famous and attractive at age 66, after 46 years continuous work as an actress”


In the recent interview, Helen Mirren said: “I think some men and women just don’t have a deep urge to procreate. It’s funny, I was watching this program on TV last night, Two Greedy Italians, and one of them announced: ‘The most important things in life are food and procreation.’ Well for me, neither of those things is centrally important. The children are funny, and I just love them, but I never wanted to have them. I really tried to want it at one point. I thought maybe I should. But I never convinced myself. I think still it is very fine not to want children. There are far too many people in the world. It is my contribution to ecology. You write your life story by the choices you make. You never know if they have been a mistake. Those moments of decision are so difficult. I went through a phase of consulting the I Ching, which was useful in that it freed you up to listen to your instinct. Though often it would say things such as, ‘The water will pour down from the mountain and the sea will churn’ and you had to make of it what you wanted to. I don’t think I have slept in the same bed for more than 3 or 4 months my whole life. I am always planting vegetables that I never get to eat and flowers that I never see. I have always moved around the world. What I have learned is that you come more to accept that you are never going to get it right. For any kind of artist, your whole life is a struggle to be free in your art form. I know now that you never get there. But you do get as close as you can”. As you know, food and procreation are the most important things for animals and the animal life. And the wise humans try to have a human life. They think about many things, specially about the dilemma of creating another human for living in this shitty world. But unfortunately, many still live like animals and can’t understand that creating a new baby is equal to the greatest possible responsibility. And the poor and innocent babies are victims of these stupid bastards who convert the human society into an animal colony with many horrible animal problems. Just take a look at Africa, Asia, America, and even Europe, and see the dreadful conditions of children and how many humans still live like animals. The world will be a better place, only when the number of irresponsible and stupid humans who live like animals decreases significantly.


Helen Mirren has added: “I learned quite early on in life that we are all two people. And one of those people none of us will ever know. Acting is a great deal to do with accepting that other person and coming to terms with her. You can’t control how other people see you or think of you. But you have to be comfortable with that. You didn’t encounter that s-e-x-ism so much in the theatre, but it was a norm of everyday life … I was also my own worst enemy to a certain extent. I was into girlie things and also what I would call eroticism as art; I had a relationship with a photographer [James Wedge] and explored that. I never saw a conflict in those things. Your personal dignity seems a separate thing from that to me. And it is a question of taste. To this day, I still can’t quite explain why one thing is vulgar and one thing is not, but I know for sure which is which. [Mirren was famous early in her film career for her apparently relaxed attitude to nudity] If I catch a glimpse of myself in “Age of Consent” [above and below pictures], with James Mason, the first film I did, it is a bit, ‘Wow! Who is that funny little hairy fat girl? [!]’ It is a different person [!]. Every cell in your body is different. It’s not really you at all … My father very much wanted to assimilate. He wanted a British family and not to live in the past as his father had done. But however hard he tried, my father was Russian in his heart. He spoke Russian but he didn’t want to. And he certainly didn’t want us to. He was a socialist”. Some say: “What Helen Mirren says about her early films is not acceptable and is a sign of hypocrisy or stupidity”. But some add: “what she says about her early films or her past can be understandable, because we and our views change during our life, and it’s progress”.


Of her scandalous early roles in 1969s Age of Consent (when she stripped as the teenage muse of an older painter) or in Caligula (1979), Mirren says she had a plan. She says: When I did Caligula, for example, I hadnt really done movies. And she adds, I much prefer overt s-e-x-uality to sleazy, vulgar prurience”. In fact, from the scandal-plagued Caligula (1979) and “Age of Consent” (1969) to the controversial “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover” (1989) and “The Calendar Girls” (2003), she always has been very controversial or notorious, but she says: “I love being notorious. Of course, Im getting less notorious as I get older. People forget that I ever was”. Mirren’s story is the story of the censorship in the UK, too. In 1960s, as soon as she left college, she was a rising star at the RSC whod begun her repertoire of provocative film roles with 1969s Age of Consent, that ran into trouble with censors in the UK. Just after 35 years, both the original score and cut scenes were reinstated when the film was restored in 2005. Some say: “Mirren was 22 at the time the filming of Age of Consent began, but even now at age 66 she still is very controversial and has many fans.” And some adds: “She has had many problems or mistakes. But she has been honest. She has not cheated on any body. She has no children and no responsibility for her children. She enjoys her freedom without telling lie and being irresponsible.” Honesty is an important human value. Some claims that almost half of Britain’s women cheat on their partners. And it’s a big global problem. In fact, being hypocrite and dishonest is equal to being a stupid bastard politician, and we know what the stupid bastard politicians do with the world. Some Iranians say: “In Iran, more than half of Iranian men and women cheat on their partners, and have extramarital affairs. They tell blatant lies, and destroy the life of their children while they should be responsible about their children.” It’s ridiculous that many of these unfaithful and hypocrite bastards say that some one like Helen Mirren is corrupt !! These stupid bastards are like the hypocrite Mullahs who kill, torture, and rape men and women, but arrest the youths for Hejab or having GF/ BF, in the name of the Moral Values !


Last year the media reported: “At 65, Helen Mirren is also that rare thing: an actress who has kept both her body and her career hot without going under the knife. She describes a recent encounter in Los Angeles with two women who had evidently indulged in some cosmetic enhancements. Their lips made them look like huge platypuses or ducks or something, Mirren says, turning her own lips inside out to illustrate. I went: God, look at those two Los Angeles women! And I heard them talking and they both had complete British accents! I do think people should do whatever makes them happy. Even those ladies with those ridiculous lips. If they look at themselves in the mirror and they go: Wow! I look good! So what? It again shows that Mirren is not too stupid. If you were honest with yourself and wanted to have plastic surgery for being more happy, what can be wrong with that? It can be a sign of wisdom. But if you were a sheep who wanted to have plastic surgery because it’s in fashion or because others do it, it’s really stupid. It’s a clear sign of “Foolishness Disease”. It’s really shameful that the number of hypocrite and dishonest people in the whole world is large. The people who are like a sheep, and tell lie and are unfaithful, dishonest and irresponsible, and then justify themselves by blaming others or the world, are really stupid bastards. They often blame the free and independent people for being corrupt, while themselves are the most corrupt people in the world. They are dishonest, unfaithful, and irresponsible, and make humans’ life hell. In the recent years, the number of hypocrite and dishonest people in Iran has increased dramatically . It’s one of the main Mullah miracle in Iran, but the ordinary Iranians should try to not justify themselves by only blaming the Mullahs. Being honest and wise is a matter of personal choice. You can be wise and honest even in the dreadful conditions. Some Iranians say: “If you regularly cheat on your wife or husband, if you have extramarital affairs while you have children, if you have married because your wife or your husband were rich, and if you are a big liar who tell lie to everyone including your family and your close friends, you are a stupid jerk who deserves to be fucked by both the Mullahs and the hypocrite western politicians.” It’s really true. You can not be dishonest, unfaithful, liar, asshole and jerk, and then ask : “Why does the world has many f-u-c-k-ing problems ?” In fact, You, yourself are part of the damn problems.

Thanksgiving in Iran and North America

November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Day is an annual holiday in both the US and Canada. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the U.S. and on the second Monday of October in Canada. Thanksgiving in North America had originated from a mix of European/ Persian and Native traditions. Typically in Persia, and then in Europe, festivals were held before and after the harvest cycles to give thanks for a good harvest. As we said before, many Western traditions have Persian roots, and among them are April 1st (13-bedar), Halloween (CharShanbe Soori), Thanksgiving (Megregan), Christmas (Sadeh/ Yalda), etc. As we said before, the Persian religion (Zoroastrianism) is the root of Christianity and many other religions. And many Europeans were Aryans (Iranians) who immigrated to Europe from Iran. The Zoroastrian doctrine of heaven ,hell, and limbo influenced other faiths. Christianity further assimilated the Zoroastrian belief of the souls afterlife and the appearance of a savior, resurrection, and eternal life at the end of the world. Zoroasters notions also affected the development of Christian beliefs about demons and angels, the afterlife, and heaven and hell, as well as the concept of resurrection of the dead at the end of time . As we said before, ‘Iran’ literally means ‘land of Aryans’, and many Europeans immigrated form Iran. So, it’s so obvious that many Persian traditions became popular in the west. Thanksgiving history in the US, according to scholars, was an autumn harvest festival. And it’s exactly like the Persian traditions of Mehregan, a day of thanksgiving which everyone show the mehr (love) they have for each other. Mehregan was a very important day in the Persian year. It was celebrated in the seventh month, Mehr, at the time of harvest and beginning of winter. On those days, farmers carried out their harvest and prayed to God for it. Thanksgiving history in the US is not very clear, but some say that the first gathering among the pilgrims and the Winnebago Indians, took place in 1621 and was regarded as a harvest festival event. This idea of holding a harvest feast was not something new to the pilgrims. Many cultures throughout history had held feasts and banquets honoring their individual deities or simply being thankful for the bounty. At that time, Native Americans had also celebrated the end of a harvest season.


Mehregan is one of the two most important ancient Iranian festivals known, dating back at least as far as the earliest Aryans (Iranians). The word “Mehr” (in Mehregan) in the Persian language means kindness. Mehr represents knowledge, love, light and friendship. Mehregan and its festival falls on the 196th day of the Iranian year (10th Mehr, 2nd Oct.). Avestan texts divide the Iranian year into two equal parts or seasons. The first season was summer and the second was winter. The coming of the two seasons would be celebrated through Nowruz and Mehregan. It was celebrated on the 16th of the seventh month, Mehr, at the time of harvest and beginning of winter. This feast would be celebrated for six days. On these days, farmers carried out their harvest and prayed to God for it. The seventh month in the Persian calendar is named Mehr and is dedicated to the Goddess of Light (Mithra or Mehr). Her followers believed that she defeated evil and darkness, a scene that is often depicted with a triumphant lion residing over a bull. The Perisan also believe Fereydouns victory over Azydahak (Zahhak in Ferdosis Shahnameh) happened on Mehregan day (it’s an old Persian Myth). Hence, Mehregan is a day of victory when angels helped Fereydoun and Kaveh gain victory over Zahhak. They imprisoned him in the Damavand Mountain where he died from his wounds six days later. In Birunis 11th-century book of instructions on the art of astrology, the astronomer observed that some people gave preference to Mehregan over Nowruz just as they prefer autumn over spring. Mehregan was celebrated in an extravagant style at Persepolis. Not only was it the time for harvest, but it was also the time when the taxes were collected. No matter what the origins, Persians all over celebrate this festival in the fall signifying the season of harvest and thanksgiving. Friendships are renewed and families are visited. The festival is also a reminder of the cornerstone of the religion of Zoroaster – good words, good deeds and good thoughts. Now, the Iranian Zoroastrians are celebrating this auspicious occasion on October 2. At lunch time, everyone in the family stands in front of the mirror to pray. Handfuls of wild marjoram, lotus and sugar plum seeds are thrown over each others heads while they embrace one another. Of course, the Mullahs and the Islamist have banned other Iranians from celebrating Mehregan, but after the Mullahs downfall, Iranians again will celebrate Mehregan and all other Persian festivals in all around Persia.


Thanksgiving in the US is a religious day, but like many other religious days in the US, Thanksgiving has become a happy and joyful secular day in the recent decades. The history of Thanksgiving in the US is not very clear, but some believe the first Thanksgiving in the US was the feast shared with the Wampanoag Indians. They say: “During the first winter in 1621, 46 of the 102 pilgrims died. But the following year resulted in a plentiful harvest. The pilgrims decided to celebrate with a feast that would include 90 natives who helped the pilgrims survive during that first winter. The next recorded day of Thanksgiving occurred in 1631 when a ship full of supplies that was feared to be lost at sea actually pulled into Boston Harbor. Governor Bradford again ordered a day of Thanksgiving and prayer”. And some historians add: “After the revolutionary wars, George Washington issued the first national Thanksgiving Day Proclamation in the year 1789 and again in 1795. Washington wrote: ‘Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits … we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions”. The state of New York officially made Thanksgiving Day an annual custom in 1817. Abraham Lincoln issued a ‘Thanksgiving Proclamation’ on third October 1863 and officially set aside the last Thursday of November as the national day for Thanksgiving. Franklin Roosevelt restored Thursday before last of November as Thanksgiving Day in the year 1939. And Congress passed a law on December 26, 1941, ensuring that all Americans would celebrate a unified Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November every year”. Thanksgiving is the turkey’s day in the US. In a survey conducted by the National Turkey Federation, nearly 88 percent of Americans said they eat turkey at Thanksgiving. Some say: “An estimated 248 million turkeys will be raised for slaughter in the US, up 2 percent from 2010’s total, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Last year’s birds were worth about U.S. $4.37 billion. About 46 million turkeys ended up on U.S. dinner tables last Thanksgiving -or about 736 million pounds (334 million kilograms) of turkey meat, according to estimates from the National Turkey Federation. The American Automobile Association (AAA) estimated that 42.2 million Americans traveled 50 miles or more from home over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 2010”. Apparently Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the United States. Native Americans had domesticated the turkey centuries before European contact. And early European explorers of the New World had returned to Europe with turkeys in tow after encountering them at Native American settlements.


Thanksgiving is observed on the every fourth Thursday of November, so its date is not fixed (2011- Thursday, November 24th, 2012- Thursday, November 22nd, 2013- Thursday, November 28th, etc). The Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of the month, and the reason for the earlier date in October is their earlier harvest occurring farther to the north. There are many myths about Thanksgiving in the US. Some historians say: “The Plimoth settlers did not refer to themselves as Pilgrims. Pilgrims are people who travel for religious reasons, such as Muslims who make a pilgrimage to Mecca. Most of those who arrived here from England were religious dissidents who had broken away from the Church of England. They called themselves Saints; others called them Separatists. Some of the settlers were Puritans, dissidents but not separatists who wanted to purify the Church. It wasnt until around the time of the American Revolution that the name Pilgrims came to be associated with the Plimoth settlers, and the Pilgrims became the symbol of American morality and Christian faith, fortitude, and family. But the colonists were not just innocent refugees from religious persecution. By 1620, hundreds of Native people had already been to England and back, most as captives; so the Plimoth colonists knew full well that the land they were settling on was inhabited. Nevertheless, their belief system taught them that any land that was unimproved was wild and theirs for the taking; that the people who lived there were roving heathens with no right to the land. Both the Separatists and Puritans were rigid fundamentalists who came here fully intending to take the land away from its Native inhabitants and establish a new nation, their Holy Kingdom. The Plimoth colonists were never concerned with freedom of religion for anyone but themselves. By 1675, there were some 50,000 colonists in the place they had named New England. They had killed many native Americans. That year, Metacom, a son of Massasoit, one of the first whose generosity had saved the lives of the starving settlers, led a rebellion against them. By the end of the conflict known as King Philips War, most of the Indian peoples of the Northeast region had been either completely wiped out, sold into slavery, or had fled for safety into Canada. Shortly after Metacoms death, Plimoth Colony declared a day of thanksgiving for the English victory over the Indians”

A Solution to the Problems of Middle East !

November 25, 2011

In these days, when the majority of stupid Egyptians can’t understand what they do is “choosing between two great evils”, and the Islamists are as dangerous as the Military officers, we have a good solution for the whole region. Our solution seems like a joke, but it really can solve many problems in the Middle East, specially when the stupid Egyptians and the stupid Arabs want to repeat the mistakes of 1979. As you know, the majority of Arabs are like the stupid Egyptians and want to establish an Islamic system in their countries. In fact, the majority of Arabs are stupid Islamist or pro-Islamist, and the number of wise and liberal Arabs is very small. On the other hand, the majority of Iranians are anti-Islamist and hate the Mullahs and the Islamists. So, we can think about some sort of exchanging people or importing/exporting people as an effective solution. In the best case, the number of pro-Mullahs and pro-Islamist people (reformists, fundamentalists, etc) in Iran is about 3 to 4 million, and the number of wise and liberal people in the whole Arab world, from Egypt and Saudi Arabia to Lebanon and Bahrain, is about 4 to 5 million. So, it’s not bad that Iranians export the Islamists and the Mullahs, who are Arabs or pro-Arabs, to the stupid Egypt and the Arab world, and instead the wise and liberal Arabs and Egyptians who have many dreadful problems and difficulties in their own countries go to Iran and live here. I think almost all Iranians will accept this solution.


In this way, Iran becomes a secular and democratic Republic and all secular, liberal and open-minded people of the Middle East can go here and live here. On the other hand, the savage Mullahs and the Iranian Islamists can go where they have many supporters, and there they can f-u-c-k and rape each others as much as they want. In this way, after 50 years, when the Mullahs and the Islamists fucked the whole Egypt and the Middle East, the stupid Egyptians and the stupid Arabs will understand that they should try to be anti-Islamist. It’s a good and feasible solution. As you probably know, the liberal and open-minded people in Egypt and the stupid Arab world have many dreadful problems there, and some of them really want to go to Iran and live here with Iranians that are modern and anti-Islamist. And the majority of Iranians want to get rid of the savage Mullahs and the Islamists. Even the stupid lefts and some like Noam Chomsky says that the Mullahs have many supporters in the Arab worlds, but Iranians hate the Mullahs. So, Iranians can export the Mullahs and Islamists to the Arab world, and in this way even the Mullahs and the Arabs can be happy, and can establish an Islamic regime there, and can f-u-c-k and rape each others as much as they want. It’s a very democratic, peaceful, and modern solution. Please don’t laugh at this solution, and take it serious. With this solution, everybody can be happy, even the savage Mullahs and the stupid Islamists !

Halloween, Mean Girls Style !

November 2, 2011

Halloween is a Christian/Western holiday on October 31, the night before All Saints Day. As we said before, many believe that the ancient festival of Iranians, ChaharShanbeh Soori, is the root of Halloween. Typical festive Halloween activities, include trick-or-treating, carving jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, playing pranks, telling scary stories, ghost-spirit things, etc are like what Iranians (Persians), do in ChaharShanbe Soori since the ancient time. But in the recent decades, Halloween has changed, and now many ask: “Oh, we can’t understand. Halloween is s-e-x-y or scary?”


In fact, Halloween has become “The Mean Girls Halloween”. What mean girls said in “Mean Girls”(2004) movie was joke, but it’s the heart of today Halloween: “In the regular world, Halloween is when you dress up like a zombie, or children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. But in Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut, and others (your parents, friends, etc) can not say anything about it” In fact, “Mean Girls Style” explains how girls can dress like a slut on Halloween.


Many take Mean Girls advice seriously, specially those who love the fashion and the fashion world. Of course, some still believe: “The combination of short skirts, low shirts and polyester-spandex mix will only make you look and feel cheap”. But those who love exposing themselves, body painting, or having fun, only laugh at these views. They are creating a new Halloween. In fact, recently Halloween is about s-e-x before it is about “trick or treat” or ghosts, zombies, etc.


Some say: “The s-e-x-y costume is now as much a part of Halloween as candy corn and Tootsie Rolls. Provocative dress seems like a modern phenomenon. The second half of the 20th century, especially since 1970s, is when you see an explosion of adult costumes. It was also when the celebration of Halloween spilled out onto the streets and into nightclubs, after decades in churches or community centers. Now, people spring for the s-e-x-y-stuff because its mass-produced and therefore cheap, and no one cares if it looks cheap, because it doesnt need to last longer than a night”. In fact, recently some take Mean Girls advice too seriously.


“We like to call it Slutty Halloween. After 2004’s Mean Girls, Slutty Halloween truly became a ‘thing’. Now, Halloween is a chance for normal girls to crank their assets up to their chin and embrace their slaggy alter egos for a night. Halloween offers the chance to dress slutty. But there’s a very practical reason for forgoing Slutty Halloween: it’s cold”, some say. But many don’t care if it’s cold or it’s hot, they only follow the fashion. Some ask: “How can we solve the s-e-x-y Halloween problem?”, and some answer: “there is no way; It makes people hate you!” Such a brilliant answer! Of course, many truly think that having fun is much more better than thinking about death, ghosts, zombies, etc. They say: “Lets have fun for one night; that’s all”.


Halloween or Hallow-een has a funny meaning in Persian Language. In fact, “Halloo” or Hallow” in Persian means “idiot”, so Halloween means “festival of idiots”. As you know, the old Halloween and its root in Iran, was really stupid. But now, many only want to have fun. And it’s not bad; it’s really good. But those who still care about ghosts, zombies, etc or those who are like sheep and only follow the fashion, make Halloween the festival of idiots. Some Americans say: “Halloween is its third-largest season after Valentines Day and Christmas. It’s big business now, and as those in the $7 billion American Halloween industry will tell you, money is always s-e-x-y. Not surprisingly, a s-e-x-y-money costume can be yours for $30”.

Those who care about the fashion world, should watch Robert Altman’s Ready to Wear (1994) . It’s a black comedy about the fashion world and its stupidities. It’s not one of Altman’s good movies, but it’s not a bad movie. Its subject and what Altman wants to say, specially at the end of the movie, are interesting.

Mullahs, Victims, and The West

October 3, 2011

In the recent days, a young woman in the city of Mashhad, the most religious city of Iran, and two young bloggers in Tehran, a girl and a boy, have become the latest victim of the Mullah war against fun and human rights. “In the city of Mashhad, a young girl attending a private party at a friends apartment has died after falling off the sixth story of the building, when the Mullah police attempted to arrest her and her other friends. The Mullah police attempted to enter the apartment by force, to stop the party !! (a private party !!) and arrested 4 males and 4 females !”, the media reported. In fact, the young woman, whose name and age has not been disclosed, jumped to her death over the weekend of September 24-25 from the sixth floor of a building in the religious city of Mashhad, but why? for escaping from a raid being conducted by Mullah security forces against a mixed-gender private party she was attending !! “These raids by Mullah police to people’s homes are clear human rights violations and attacks into people’s private lives,” Iranians say. It can show the true meaning of the Islamic heaven that the savage Mullahs have created for us in Iran. But the shameless hypocrite western politicians make love with the savage Mullahs and allow the Mullahs and their families to escape from this Islamic heaven that they have created for Iranians, and live in the west. Our tragic life in Iran under the Mullah regime is unbelievable. In the recent days, the Mullahs said that they want to execute Youssef Nadarkhani, because he has become a Christian (Now he is accused of “apostasy”, and the Mullahs said he was raised as a Muslim, and can not change his religion !). And in the recent days, two Iranian bloggers have killed themselves after being detained and tortured by Mullah security thugs of the Mullah ministry of intelligence. Following their release, Behnam Ganji, and his partner Nahal Sahebi committed suicide on 1 September and 28 September 2011, respectively. It’s really horrible, and you can imagine the depth of Iranians’ anger when they see that the Mullahs, the Mullah embezzlers, the Mullah families, and the children of the savage Mullahs can go to Canada very easily and the shameless hypocrite Canadian politicians allow these savage bastards to live there and spend the dirty and black money there. The poor ordinary Iranian boys and girls are killed, just because of the brutality and the savageness of the Mullahs, but the western countries allow the savage Mullahs and their f-u-c-k-ing children and families to live in the west. The savage Mullahs and their families run away from the Islamic heaven that they have created for Iranians, but the poor Iranian youths who hate the Mullahs and the Islamists are forced to live in this Islamic heaven ! And the western countries don’t allow the ordinary Iranians to leave Iran, because they have imposed stupid sanctions on Iran, but not on the Mullahs and the Islamists, but on the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs and are the main victim of the Mullahs. And that’s why many think that the hypocrite western politicians try to punish the ordinary Iranians, because they fight against the Mullahs, who are the close friends of the western politicians.


The Iranian youths fight against the Mullahs and their western supporters with bare hands. The Iranian youths are wise, and try to have fun, even in the city of Mashhad, the most religious city of Iran ! Iran’s youths have become more eager to break the Mullah rules and the Mullah norms, even in Mashhad. “Whatever was banned and was supposed not to happen is happening in all parts of Iran. It demonstrates that the Mullahs have failed“, Iranians say. The pictures of the Iranian youths in the religious city of Mashhad are interesting (above picture). Mashhad and Qom are the only religious cities in Iran, but even in these two religious cities the Iranian youths fight against the Mullahs and the Mullah norms. It’s very meaningful and can show many things . It can show the depth of Mullah bankruptcy in Iran, and the depth of stupidity of those who talk nonsense about Iran. Of course, some of them are not stupid, they are jerk and bastard mercenaries who work for the Mullahs in the western countries. These bastards, like the stupid bastard Hooshang AmirAhmadi, are Mullah mercenaries and are paid to tell big lie and deceive public opinion in the US and the world. These bastards are political prostitute. But unfortunately these political prostitutes, like the Mullahs, enjoy the full support of the western politicians. “When thousands Mullahs and Mullah families live in the US, the UK, Canada, etc. and no one in the west says nothing about this great hypocrisy, what it means ? it’s so obvious that the western countries are the main supporters of the Mullahs and the Mullah regime”, many Iranians say in these days. When you live in Iran and experience the tragedy of living here, like what happened in Mashhad, you automatically are very angry at the western supporters of the Mullahs. The tragedy of Mashhad is really a great tragedy, but sadly, the Mashhad woman’s fate is not unique. In the past 30 years, there have have been many cases of young people who have been killed while trying to escape the Mullah police forces at party raids. The movie “Persepolise” (2007) by Marjane Satrapi showspart of this tragic history. In the past 30 years, many Iranians have been detained, fined, and lashed because of their appearance, for attending parties, for mingling with members of the opposite s-e-x, for drinking alcohol, for participating in water-gun fights, or other activities that are being taken for granted in many other countries. It’s the true image of the Islamic heaven that the Mullahs have created for us in Iran, but these bastards and their f-u-c-k-ing families try to escape from this Islamic heaven and go to the west, where they call it “hell”. In fact, the Mullahs prefer to go to hell and live there !! The history will not forget the Mullah hypocrisy. The history will not forget the western hypocrisy, as well. And the history and Iranians will not forgive Canada, if they don’t deport the Mullahs and Mullah families who live in Canada and spend the people money there. They should deport all Mullahs and Mullah families ASAP.


Some Iranians truly say: “Having fun, offers temporary liberation and an outlet for individuality and spontaneity- and this is something that the Mullah regime doesn’t like . The Mullahs feel that fun somewhat diminishes individuals’ discipline and obligations to the big cause; the Islamic cause that is defined by the Mullah regime”. Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi and other savage Mullahs, whose family and relatives live in Canada, the US, and the UK, say: “If a young student surfs the Internet until late in the night, or if he watches movies, or if he attends parties, he will forget his morning prayers and he cannot become a pious man. So we should unplug the internet, break all movies’ DVDs, and attack to all private parties” !! It’s sadly funny, but it becomes funnier when you know that these savage Mullahs and Mullah families can easily go to the west and live there. “We’ve been told since our childhood, at school, that laughter is bad. We were told it’s vulgar and frivolous to laugh. One has to be serious. The Mullahs told us: ‘There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious’. In fact, the Mullahs have worked hard to banish laughter, playfulness, or other such behavior from public life through warnings and serious punishments”, some Iranians say. They also add: “Having fun in Iran under the Mullah regime, is often accompanied by a feeling of fear. We spent days in jail for trying to have a good time. We were not like the Mullahs; We didn’t tell lie, or steal anything, or kill any one, or embezzle anything. We had just invited friends over !! It was our crime !” And some add: “As a result of the battle being waged the past three decades, fun has turned into an underground and secretive action. Parties are held in soundproofed homes, or after bribing the police. Those who choose to defy the official Mullah ban, listen to banned music and watch banned movies at home. And there are signs that, despite the obstacles, many young Iranians pay much more attention to their physical appearance, fashion, and latest music hits, than the values preached by the Mullahs”. It’s funny to know that a Mullah police spokesman says that the Mullah police raid in Mashhad was an operation by the special forces on an “evil party”, an “evil private party” !! Now, many Iranians say: “The Mullahs have forbidden mixed s-e-x gatherings and imposes heavy s-e-x segregation in Iranian schools, universities and other public places, and arrest boys and girls in the private parties, but they, themselves and their f-u-c-k-ing children and families go to the west, and f-u-c-k themselves in the night clubs there . It’s the true meaning of Mullah Islam”. And also it’s the true meaning of the stupid love story between the Mullahs and the west. The ordinary Iranians should be killed by the Mullahs, but the savage killers are allowed to go to Canada, the US, the UK, etc and live there. Shame on the hypocrite western politicians who allow the savage Mullahs and their families to go to the western countries and live there.

The Bankruptcy of Islamist-Reformists in Iran

September 27, 2011

Mousavi Khoeiniha, one of the main leader of the Islamist-Reformists, who had eaten shit and talked nonsense about Khamenei and Islamict regime , recently has said that he has not the balls to tell the truth !! The stupid bastard, Mousavi Khoeiniha, has said: ” I don’t have enough courage to speak my mind. I do not have the courage to tell you the truth. If I tell the truth, they would arrest me like Mousavi and Karoubi“. As we said before, even one Iranian has not defended Khoeini and the Islamist-Reformists and their shameful bullshits, and now they desperately try to justify themselves without offering an apology. But the ordinary Iranians have answered them very well. Khoeini, like other Iranian stupid bastards and their stupid websites, censor the majority of people comments, but even those comments that have been published in his website can show us the truth. A people comment that has been allowed to publish in, says: “If you don’t have the balls to tell the truth, please shut your (dirty) mouth and remain silent”. What the ordinary Iranians say in other websites is much more funnier, for example they say : “We know you, the Islamist-Bastards. You want to save your beloved Islamic regime, but now you clearly know that you are totally bankrupted in Iran. Now the people hate the triple KH : “KHomeini, KHamenei, KHatami”. It’s the most important victory for the people, and the most important defeat for the Mullahs. We congratulate all Iranians inside Iran for this great victory.”


The other people comment that has been allowed to publish in, says: “As an Islamist-Reformist who has voted to Mousavi, I ask you : ‘Please don’t speak on behalf of me about Khamenei, the election, the Islamic regime, etc.” Who are you? When have you had my vote ? You just want to save your interests and your group, not the people. Hold a referendum about Khameni and the Islamic regime if you want to know what the people say and what the people want “. It’s what the stupid fans of the stupid Baboons, a.k.a the Islamist-Reformists, say and it’s a clear sing that the Islamist-Reformists have been totally bankrupted in Iran. In the recent days, Khoeiniha that had seen the people backlash to his last bullshits, also said : “We are not able to impose the Islamic regime on the people, if they reject it.” And the ordinary Iranians said: “Oh, it’s another scientific discovery ! by the stupid Khatamists.
Motherf-u-c-k-ers, why you tell the most obvious things in the world, and then think that you have said a new or important thing !! You are totally bankrupted in Iran, and you are not able to do anything in Iran, including saving your beloved Islamic regime. Now, even the small group of your fans reject you and shit on your heads !” It’s really funny, and give the majority of Iranians great pleasure. Now, many non-Iranians think that the Iranian movement has stopped in Iran, but if they know that the current bankruptcy of the Islamist-Reformists in Iran is much more important than the stupid futile protests (in 2009 and 2011) that were conducted by the Islamist-Reformists , they would change their mind. What we see in Iran in the recent months, is much more important, much more meaningful, and much more enjoyable than the previous events in Iran. Now, almost all Iranians want to topple the Mullahs and want to establish a pure Republic system in Iran. They just need new organizers and new media.

U.S. Hikers: We Tasted the Mullah’s Brutality

September 26, 2011

We experienced a taste of the Iranian regime’s brutality“. It’s what the US hikers said in New York. Many thought the two US hikers would be as stupid as the woman who was freed last year, and after that kissed the Mullahs’ ass. But the two hikers talked about what happened to them and also what happen to the innocent Iranians who are the main victim of the savage Mullahs. Bauer said: “We have been held in almost total isolation from the world and everything we love, stripped of our rights and freedom . You may ask us, now that you are free, can you forgive the Iranian government [the Mullahs] for what it has done to you? Our answer is this: How can we forgive the Iranian government when it continues to imprison so many other innocent people and prisoners of conscience? It is the Iranian people who bear the brunt of this government’s cruelty and disregard for human rights. There are people in Iran who are imprisoned for years, simply for attending a protest, for writing a pro-democracy blog, or for, worse, being an unpopular faith. Journalists remain behind bars and innocent people have been executed “. Yes, it’s really true. The poor Iranian people are the main victim of the savage Mullahs, who are considered as a foreign occupier in Iran. In 2009, many Iranians called the Mullahs and the Mullah thugs : “I-s-r-a-e-l-i Bastards”. And it was very very meaningful and sarcastic. It shocked many Basiji and pro-Mullah thugs, and even some of them quit their mercenary job after thinking about this sarcastic slogan. In fact, the majority of Iranians truly believe that the Mullahs are a foreign occupier, who have occupied Iran and destroy it and plunder its national wealth in a harsh way. The Iranians believe that the Mullahs are pro-Arab and anti-Iranian agents who work for the western countries and the Arab-Islamists . While public opinion in Iran think in this way, the western media and the western politicians make love with the Mullahs and call them “Iranian government”, or “Iranian president”, etc. It’s beyond hypocrisy. What the two hikers experienced in Iran, was just a small part of our tragedy in Iran, the big tragedy that the western countries have had a main role in creating it. In 1979, the majority of Iranians were stupid and fooled, but in 2009, the majority of Iranians clearly saw how the western politicians supported the Mullahs and the Mullah regime.


Joshua Fattal said: “Many times, too many times, we heard the screams of other prisoners being beaten and there was nothing we could do to help them. We lived in a world of lies and false hope. In prison, we lived in a world of lies and false hope. The investigators lied that [the ambassador] from the Swiss Embassy in Tehran did not want to see us. They told us, again falsely, that they we would be given due process and access to our lawyer , the courageous and persistent Mr. Masoud Shafiee. Most infuriatingly, they told us that our families stopped writing us letters . In all the time we spent in detention, we had a total of 15 minutes of telephone calls with our families, and one short visit from our mother. We had to go on hunger strikes repeatedly just to receive letters from our loved ones”. And it’s the reality of our dreadful conditions in Iran, and the true meaning of the Mullah regime, that the hypocrite western politicians support it. But it’s not the whole story, and the two hikers tried to help the American politicians who shamefully try to make secret deals with the Mullahs. Joshua Fattal stupidly said: “Releasing us is a good gesture and no positive step should go unnoticed [!!]. We applaud the Iranian authorities for finally making the right decision regarding our case [!]”. And Bauer said: “If the Iranian government wants to change its image in the world [!!!!] , and ease international pressure, it should release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience immediately”. It’s really shameful. It’s what the Iranian Baboons say. It’s so obvious that the Mullah government is not the Iranian government. The Mullah government is a pro-Arab and anti-Iranian government, and is the main enemy of Iranians. The savage Mullahs should be toppled, but the American (hikers and politicians) want to allow them to change their image in the world !! You should be ashamed of yourself, American hikers. It’s really shameful that the two hikers, who experienced a taste of the Iranian regime’s brutality , talked nonsense about the Mullah government and try to help the American bastards in Washington, who are the main supporter of the savage Mullahs. I hope the two hikers, who know that Iranians are the main victim of the Mullahs’ brutality, shut their mouths and don’t repeat the US authorities’ bullshits. I hope they will be honest and tell the truth about the political pressure on them. I hope they have the balls to tell the world that the political pressure inside the US, don’t allow them to tell the whole truth.

Best Movies: “Stranger Than Fiction” (2006)

September 24, 2011

Some movies are made only once in a decade. And “Stranger Than Fiction” (2006) is one of them. I think “Stranger Than Fiction” is a 8+/10 movie. The story is extraordinary and unique, and the whole cast is quite good, from Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhaal to Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. In fact, “Stranger Than Fiction” is the best movie of Ferrell and Gyllenhaal. They are both great in this movie. Ferrell is exceptional as Harold Crick, an IRS-agent whose lonely life is only soothed by his regular cataloguing of the mundane details of his existence. The main story and the main themes of the movie are really good. One day, Harold Crick’s world is upset by the introduction of a voice in his head. The voice is narrating everything he does (the doctors think it’s a schizophrenia). But when the voice informs Harold that his demise is imminent, he enlists literature professor Jules Hilbert (Dustin Hoffman) to try to get to the bottom of what is happening to him. Together they try to figure out what kind of story Harold’s life is turning into, be it a comedy or a tragedy, and if the plot is something he can take control of or is out of his hands . Harold’s life is an example of our life. Like Harold, we, all, should try to test our life, to see if it’s a comedy or tragedy !! or we can take control of it or it’s out of our hands. What Harold does for testing his life and the genre of his story, is really interesting. It’s what we should do about our own real life !!


Harold’s life is a comedy, but unfortunately or fortunately the real life is not comedy. Some say: “It’s a tragedy, or in the best case, is a tragicomedy”. But like Harold we should try to learn how we can face the tragedy, how we can avoid living a stupid nonsense life, and how we can live our life. One of the main things Harold pursues is his crush on Ana Pascal, the rebel baker who has left the Harvard for baking cookies. Ana says: “I wanted to change the world; so I went to the Harvard. I was gonna make the world a better place with my degree … But finally I understood that I can change the world by bakery, too”. Ana Pascal, she’s played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, is a lovely girl; a lovely revolutionary who refuses to pay her taxes, based on intellectual reasons. She is sarcastic, witty, and a smart alike. When Harold showed up to do her audit, her rejection and her reactions are very interesting. Of course, Harold’s life is an imaginary life and finally becomes a cliché, but it still can be a good example of our real life. Harold’s life that is written by an author, and is out of his control, has some meaningful similarities with the real life. Sometimes our life is out of our control, and sometimes we think our life, or part of it, is written by others or by an unknown author. Harold, like all of us, doesn’t want to die, too. But the literature professor (Dustin Hoffman) asks him to accept his death, and says: “You will die. [We can not run away from death]. Even if you avoid this death, another will find you. And I guarantee you, it won’t be nearly as poetic or meaningful as this one”. But Harold challenges him. Harold’s challenges are common challenges, i.e. the human challenges with the tragedy of life. And Harold’s final decision is a common choice, too.


Stranger Than Fiction is written by a relative newcomer, Zach Helm, and directed by Marc Foster, who is the director of ”Finding Neverland” and ”Monster’s Ball’. Zach and Foster, both did a great job in Stranger Than Fiction. An American critic, who has watched the film in the cinema, said: “When I first walked out of the movie theatre on a Friday night after seeing Stranger Than Fiction, I couldn’t believe what a good time I had. As soon as we were done, my friend and I knew why some people hated it (they wanted a silly movie) and others loved it (they were open to something more unique). We both fell in the latter category. For the next several days, every time my friend and I were in contact, we talked about it. Stranger Than Fiction stuck with us, and it just got better with age”. We have watched the DVD of Stranger Than Fiction, and had the same experience. I think some Iranians have watched it in the state TV. Recently, the Iran’s state TV showed it again, of course with many stupid censorship. “Stranger Than Fiction” has not any censorable scene, but the stupid Mullahs only try to f-u-c-k everything as much as they can! (the movie is about 105 min, and when the Mullahs showed it in 2007, they showed 95 min of it, and now in 2011 they showed 80 min of it !!) Anyway, if you want to see a good comedy and think about human life, you can see Stranger Than Fiction’s DVD (without Mullah censorship).

Iranian Stupid Bastard: Reza Pahlavi

September 22, 2011

Reza Pahlavi is the stupid leader of the ultra-stupid Monarchists, who live in the US, i.e. in an old Republic system ! These stupid bastards are like stupid sheep, who want to have “Big Brother”, or as Iranians say “Sare Khar” (Donkey’s head) and desperately try to restore the monarchy in the 21st century. Many Iranians say: “The Monarchy and the Mullah regime are two side of the same coin, and both are dead for us. “Taj” (crown), Amameh (Mullah’s hat), the religious tyranny (Mullah regime) and the secular tyranny (Monarchy) are so disgraced and hateful in Iran”


The Monarchists call Reza Pahlavi “Shah-Zadeh” (Prince), while the ordinary Iranians call him “Shazdeh” that is a funny term for referring to the hated a-s-s-h-o-l-e-s. In the recent years, “Shazdeh” and “Mullah” have become funny insulting words for calling the stupid jerks. Iranians say: “Shazdeh wish he seized the throne form Mullah (Khamenei). Shazdeh wish he wore the crown again. But it’s an impossible dream. Shazdeh can not put the crown on his head, he must put it into his ass”. In Iran, Shazdeh is as hateful as Mullah, and Iranians truly believe they are the same shit.


The stupid Monarchists say: “Shah (Pahlavi)is the father of Iran. Iran is the land of many ethnicities and only Shah (Pahlavi) can keep all ethnic groups united!”. And the stupid Islamists say: “Vali Faqih (Khamenei) is the father of Iran. Iran is the land of many ethnicities and only Vali Faqih (Khamenei) can keep all ethnic groups united!”. The Monarchists and the Islamists have the same vocabulary, too. For example, “Big Brother” for the Monarchists is “Shah” and for the Islamists is “Vali Faqih”; “Gestapo” for the Monarchists is “Savak” and for the Islamists is “Sepah”; “State thugs” for the Monarchists is “Jan Nesar”, and for the Islamists is “Fadaii (Basiji)”; “Your Majesty” for the Monarchists is “Alahazrat” and for the Islamists is “Ozma (Moazam)”; “The Hitler Salute” for the Monarchists is “Javid Shah”, and for the Islamists is “Payande Rahbar”.


So, Iranians truly say: “the Islamists = the Monarchists = the stupid sheep”. The vast majority of Iranians inside Iran believe: “This is 21st century, this is not the 1800s. This is 2010s, this is not 1970s. The stupid Pahlavi tries to be another Khomeini, but it’s impossible. The stupid Pahlavi and his stupid fans have eaten “Maghze Khar” (Donkey’s brain) and think others have eaten it too ! But the educated Iranians in 21st century, are not as stupid as these stupid bastards; They are not the stupid sheep of 1970s. The stupid Pahlavi thinks that he can use Khomeini’s tactics and deceive the people; But it’s an impossible dream. Iranians inside Iran, are not like the stupid sheep in LA, who still live in 1970s”


“The stupid Pahlavi and the stupid Monarchists still think that the US can help them to restore the monarchy. These stupid bastards don’t know that even God can not restore the monarchy in the 21st century !! The Reza Pahlavi and stupid Monarchists want to establish a secular “Thugocracy” in Iran, that is an “Idiocracy” or a “Sheepocracy”. But Iranians say: “Both the monarchy and the Islamic regime, i.e. the secular Thugocracy or religious Thugocracy, belong to history. Those who want to restore the Monarchy or the Islamic regime, i.e. the Idiocracy or the Sheepocracy, in Iran in 21st century, only have one solution: ‘They can go and f-u-c-k themselves in the US and the UK”.


“No nation swallows its own vomit”, some say. In fact, no man and no nation eat its own shit. The Iranian bastards in the US who want to eat shit and restore the Monarchy in 21st century, are a bunch of psychotic bastards who belong to the Stone Age. The Iranian youths ask: “Why these stupid cavemen, i.e. stupid Monarchists, can live in the US ?? Does the US have place for the cavemen and the Stone Age’ people?” But as we said before, when groups who believe in the flat earth ! or those who believe that the Sun orbits the earth !!, can live in the US, then the stupid Monarchists can live there, too. There is not any significant difference between them !

Largest Embezzlement in Iran’s History: 30000 Billion !

September 18, 2011

The Mullahs and the Mullah regime are the most corrupt regime in Iran’s history. Recently, the Biggest case of embezzlement in Iran’s history has been revealed: Mr. shit’s friends have embezzled more than 30000 Billion Rials ! (more than $3 billion) only from one bank. Mr. shit is part of the Mullah corrupt system, but some stupid lefts in the west think that Mr. shit or the Mullahs are friend of the poor people ! The Largest Embezzlement in Iran’s History, is just one of the of the Islamic miracle of the corrupt Mullahs. Some experts say: “In the past 5 years, Iran has had more than $600 billion earning, but about $400 billion of it has been lost !!” Mr. shit and Khamenei call their coup government “the cleanest, most corruption-free government in Iran’s history” !!! And it’s really the biggest possible joke in Iran’s history. Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Mr shit’s first vice president, is officially accused of being a leader of a group that embezzled about 20000 billion Rials [$2 billion] through insurance fraud and other irregularities! “The Mullah bank accounts in the western countries are full of the people money, the stolen money. The Mullahs are the biggest liars, the biggest thieves, and the most hypocrite charlatans in Iran’s history. The Mullah regime is the most corrupt regime in Iran’s history “, many Iranians say in these days. “In the recent days, Abdol Reza Rahmani Fazli, head of the Calculation Tribunal, reported that Mr. shit has not deposited 120 trillion Rials !! [$12 billion] of the nation’s earnings from oil exports into the national treasury “, the media reported. Now many Iranians say: “The old thieves, i.e. the stupid Shah and the stupid Pahlavi family had wasted, stolen, and plundered ‘Billions’ over 50 years, but these new thieves, the Mullahs, have wasted, stolen, and plundered ‘Trillions’ over 30 years “. Some also say: “It’s interesting how privacy of a person who’s accused of stealing billions of dollars is protected by the Mullahs, while a petty thief would be publicly humiliated for stealing less than 0.000001% of that amount ! It’s interesting how privacy of a big thief who has stolen billions of dollars is protected by the Mullahs, while the protesters and ordinary people are tortured, raped, and killed for protesting against the corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt regime.” Now, it’s easy to understand why the economic situation in Iran is so dreadful; Why the prices in Iran and Canada are almost equal, while the Iranian incomes are 4 to 10 times less than the Canadian incomes. . Now some say: “When institutionalized injustice assumes hold of a justice system, systematic corruption would be an inevitable outcome”. And some add: “Do you know what the Islamic regime means? It means: “Lack of any kind of freedom, violation of every basic human rights, and widespread and systematic financial corruption “. It’s very interesting that Tehran-e Emrooz, the Mullah newspaper close to Ghalibaf, reported that of the $3 billion embezzled, about $2.8 billion has already been transferred abroad !! to Europe and North America. In fact, all the Mullahs, not just Mr shit and his friends, transfer their stolen money to Europe and North America. Some say: “The stupid western politicians in the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, the US, etc make secret deals with the Mullahs and they invest the stolen money there”. It’s really shameful. As you know, Gaddafi and Assad, and almost all other savage tyrants are like the Mullahs, and invest the stolen money in the west.


“The main figure behind the biggest embezzlement in Iran’s history is Amir Mansour Khosravi, who has a controlling interest in Irans largest railroad company, the Engineering Services and Technical Foundation for Railroads, known as Traverse, which employs 8,000 people. The shares of a large steel corporation in Khuzestan have been sold to the Amir Mansoor Aria Investment Group. In 2010, 40 percent of Khuzestan Steel was sold to the same group, which had already taken control of 95 percent of National Steel of Iran the previous year. In addition, 95 percent of the Machine Tool Corporation of Lorestan was sold to this corrupt investment group . Khosravi also had two Football clubs, one in Northern Iran (Damash Gilan) and one in Southern Iran (Aria). This year, he wanted to establish a bank, Aria Bank, for himself by the stolen money, and Mr. shit’s government had given him all the necessary permissions ! He had established many other corporations, in many fields, by the stolen money, including: ‘Damash Gilan Mineral Water, Marlic Glass, Noavaran Electronic, Gohar Lake Food Industry, Tehran Miners, etc’. From 2007 to 2009, he had stolen about $80 Million. In 2009, he stole more than $800 Million. And since 2010, he has stolen more than $2 Billion !”, the media reported. But who is Amir Mansour Khosravi, (also known as “Amir Khosravi”, and “Amir Mansour Aria”) ? He is Mr. shit’s close friend; He is the bastard who bought Mr. shit’s car last year. The Mullah media say that he lives in Germany, and is one of the Iranian expat Khayemals (ass-lickers) . “When he came back to Iran [form Germany] in the mid-2000s, he had less than $1 Million, but now after a few years, he has been able to steal at least $3 Billion !!”, the Mullah media reported. Last year he paid 20 Billion Rials ($2 million) for buying Mr shit’s car !! And of course it was less than 0.1 % of the 30000 Billion Rials stolen money !! “It so obvious that he has paid more bribe to Mr. shit and other Mullahs, maybe about 30% of the stolen money”, some say. Amir Abedini, a corrupt Football manager, and many other Iranian bastards were Khosravi’s aides, but his main aides and supporters were Mr. shit and his team. “They embezzled about 28000 Rials (about $3 billion) just from one branch of Saderat Bank in Khozestan Province !! Two state banks, i.e. Bank Saderat (Export Bank) and Bank Melli (National Bank !!) were the main source of the embezzlement. The close friends of Mr. shit manage this two national banks”, the media added. It’s so obvious that when they can embezzle about 28000 Rials (about $3 billion) just from one branch of Saderat Bank, you can be sure that the Mullahs have embezzled hundreds billion dollars from all national banks. The corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt system are a very tragic black comedy. The Mullah media reported: “Gholam Hossein Elham, one of Mr shit’s allies and his ex-spokesman, said that people pay large sums to be given important positions within the government. ‘Some time ago, a person told another person, ‘You pay $200,000 to be appointed the head of such and such division,’ Elham said as an example “, When the Mullahs confess to this level of corruption, it means that the 30000 Billion Rials embezzlement, i.e. the Largest Embezzlement in Iran’s History, is just a small part of the Mullah corruption, less than 0.01% !


“Khosravi swallowing an entire bank, and the Mullahs swallowing the entire economy, while uttering, “Holoo, boro too geloo” (Peach, go down my throat). In these days, Shariatmadari, the managing editor of Kayhan, i.e. Khamenei’s newspaper, wrote about Mr’s shit corruption, and Mr shit’s friends wrote about Shariatmadari’s corruption! They said that he have made many contacts to cover up what has happened. But almost all Iranians know the truth. They know that both sides of this phony war, i.e. all the Mullahs and the Islamists in Iran, are great thieves, and in their shameful story ‘Dozd-ha Ay Dozd Ay Dozd Mikonand’ (the thieves, for deceiving the people, point at other person and shout ‘Thief, Thief’ !)”, some Iranians say in these days. The story of the Mullah corruption is a very long story. In the recent days some media reported: “Three Iranians have been arrested by the Swiss police at the International Airport in Bern, Switzerland. The three Iranian nationals were carrying twelve suitcases full of currencies such as US dollars, euros and British pounds estimated at about one billion US dollars. The three claimed their original destination was Urmieh, Iran and they had boarded the wrong flight by mistake !! ” It’s a rumor now, but it can be a true story. The corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt Islamic system are really unique in the world. But many stupid Arabs in the Arab world are still Islamists or pro-Islamists and want to establish an Islamic regime in their countries. They really deserve to be called “The stupidest people in the world”. They deserve to be f-u-c-ked and plundered by the Mullahs and the savage tyrants.

Iranian Bastards and Iranian Expats

September 17, 2011

In the recent days, Mojtab Vahedi, an ex-member of Islamist-Reformists who has fled to the US in 2010, has talked about “the necessity of establishing a National Congress for Iranians”. He truly said that the stupid Monarchists and the stupid Rajavists who support the tyranny, secular or religious, or those who support the violence and terrorism can not be member of the National Congress. He said: “The groups who support a dictator, either Shah (king) or Vali Faqih (Islamic dictator; some one like Khamenei) [or any other Big Brother] are reactionary groups, and Iranians inside Iran hate them “. It’s really true. Of course, Vahedi is not a trustworthy politician and his resume is dark, but what he says now is much more better than what other stupid Iranian bastards say. “Vahedi should clearly declare how he thinks about the great bastards, i.e. the Khatamists and Rafsanjani mercenaries. They are friends of Vahedi, and the enemy of the ordinary Iranians. These great bastards defend the Islamic regime and Khamenei, and Vahedi should clearly denounce them”, many Iranians say in these days. Of course, Vahedi has denounced the great bastards in the recent weeks, but many Iranians believe: “It’s not enough. He should denounce them openly and clearly. He should say that these great bastards (the Islamists) are as stupid as and as unfavorable as the stupid Monarchists and the stupid Rajavists”. It’s really true. Vahedi should draw a clear line between himself and all other reactionary groups, and only after that the people can think about him and what he wants to do. What Vahedi says now is like what we repeatedly said in the past months. The alternative groups and the alternative media, that support the ordinary people and what they want, is a very very important and urgent need. And what Vahedi says now is close to what we said before. But it’s not enough, and Vahedi and his friends should clearly and openly denounce the stupid Islamist-Reformists and other Iranian baboons, too. They also should try to create an alternative media. But it’s not the whole story. In the recent days, almost all Iranian baboons have attacked Vahedi. Many of these Iranian bastards are Khatamists or Rafsanjani mercenaries that we have written about them before. But some of these stupid bastards who live in the US, Canada, or Europe and call themselves “anti-Mullah intellectual”, stupidly defend the Monarchists, the Rajavists, and other reactionary groups. One of these stupid bastards is “Esmaeel Nouri Alla”, a very little monkey who lives outside Iran for more than two decades. This stupid little monkey is one of the stupidest Iranian expats who had held a very stupid and shameful conference in Toronto .


The stupid little bastard, Nouri Alla, who defends the ultra-stupid Monarchists in the name of Secularism, is a very little unknown monkey that many Iranians even don’t know his name. The little monkey, Nouri Alla, is one of Iranian bastards who created the Islamic regime. In the late 1970s, the little monkey and other Iranian baboons and Iranian fake intellects defended Khomeini and the Islamic revolution. And now, these little bastards that are really dead for the younger generation of Iranians, have opened their dirty f-u-c-k-ing mouths again and defend the Monarchists and secular tyranny, and call themselves “Intellectual” !! “These Iranian bastards who live in the US, Canada, and Europe, are just rotten brains, but a very shameless rotten brains. These Iranian bastards have not apologized for what they did in 1970s; For defending the Mullahs and creating the Islamic regime. But now they defend another tyranny and another tyrant again. These stupid bastards defend the Monarchists in the name of secularism, and then call themselves ‘Intellectual’!“, some Iranian say. They also add: “Why these stupid bastards can live in the US or Canada, while many young Iranian intellects can not leave Iran, and should live here like a prisoner ?? Why the stupid western politicians are so stupid and support these bastards ??“. It’s really true. Iranians inside Iran just laugh at these little stupid bastards. These Iranian bastards are dead for the younger generation of Iranian intellects. The little monkey, Nouri Alla, like other Iranian bastards, suffers form many dreadful mental complexes, including inferiority complex. The little monkey has said: “What Vahedi says is our plan !! Our conference in Toronto, the Green Seculars, [that defend the Monarchists in the name of secularism !!!], is the National Congress” !! This little stupid bastard should be angry and talks nonsense, because all Iranians inside Iran shitted on his head, and also on the head of all stupid Monarchists and Rajavists, in the past months, especially after their stupid conference in Toronto. “Vahedi’s plan and any other plan for establishing a National Congress for Iranians, must not include the stupid reactionary groups who defend the stupid reactionary goals. The stupid Monarchists, the stupid Rajavists, and the stupid Islamists are very small groups in Iran, while they are the main groups of Iranian baboons. These stupid bastards can not be member of any National Congress“, many real Iranian intellects say in these days. It’s really true. The little monkey, Nouri Alla, and all other Iranian bastards should be angry, because their stupid reactionary groups, i.e. the stupid Monarchists, the stupid Rajavits, etc are very very hated groups in Iran. These stupid bastards will not have any role in the future of Iran. These stupid bastards should be dead in exile. The stupid Iranian expats, like Nikahang Kosar (, who defend these great bastards should know that they only disgrace themselves more than before. These stupid Iranian expats really deserve to be called “Iranian bastards”, who support the stupidest Iranian bastards. Shame on them all.

Scarlett Johansson and Leaked Photos (Videos)

September 16, 2011

Scarlett Johansson’s pictures have leaked on the Internet. Scarlett Johansson, 26, has admitted that she took naked photographs of herself which were leaked online. “The FBI has been called in to investigate how the private photographs were hacked from her mobile phone”, the media reported. Now some ask: “Are these photos are really private and leaked by hackers or … ?” And some say: “That seems like one of those dumb things celebrities do with smart phones. Some of them really wish that some one leaks their photos ! And some of them are victim of hacking. But keep doing what your doing Scarlett”. The issue of the private photos or videos of the celebrities is very controversial. It’s so obvious that publishing “the personal and private” photos or videos of the ordinary people is not acceptable at all, but are photos or videos of the celebrities (especially in the public space) are unpunishable too (in the name of privacy right, etc)?


The lawyers of the celebrities often talk about “the copyright law”, that means they (and their clients) only want money, and really don’t care about the privacy issue. They threatened to sue any media which publishes the pictures, in the name of copyright matters. Many think that the media hype and the copyright shits are just an excuse for making more money for the celebrities. Some say: “All celebrities should know that many eyes watch them, and many people are curious about their private life. The celebrities should stop playing with public opinion. The people that make the celebrities hero and rich, have right to see some private photos of them!” Even if the non-political celebrities were exempted from this rule, the politicians and the clergymen not only are not exempted from this rule, but the people should try to leak the photos and videos of these hypocrite bastards as much as possible.


The leaked private photos or videos of the celebrities is a global issue. In the recent years, many Iranian celebrities have been victim of leaked s-e-x videos. The most controversial case was the case of Zahra Amir Ebrahimi. Many Iranians saw her s-e-x video that was leaked by her ex-boyfriend. She lost her job and the Mullahs did not allow her to continue her job as an actress ! But the leaked videos of the Mullahs have a different story. The Mullahs or the Islamists are very very hypocrite. As you know, this fact that the Mullahs, who force Iranian women to wear Hejab and impose many other stupid things on Iranian youths, themselves have many illegal s-e-x or rape men or women is very very shameful, but what they do about their leaked videos is really more shameful. “The Mullahs raped men and women without any shame. Have you forgotten the case of Zanjan University? The Basiji professor wanted to rape a female student is his office, but when she taped and leaked the case, the Mullahs not only did not arrest the rapist, but they arrested the poor girl ! And that Basiji rapist even did not lose his job !! It’s the Mullah logic”, some Iranian say


In the recent years, Iranians have heard about many stories of the Mullah rapists and the Basiji rapists, but in almost all cases the rapists have been freed soon or even have not been arrested at all. In a leak video of the Mullahs, a robed cleric is caught on a hidden camera in a private room. ‘He walks to the door to let a chador-clad woman enter. Nobody saw you come in, did they? he asks her first. The cleric was apparently a member of the government-run Friday Prayers Committee in Hamedan province. He was a married cleric. “One thing we had never seen before was a clerics naked butt, commented one young Iranian below the online video clip. Iranians glee at exposing such hypocrisy, however, is tinged by another sentiment: anger”, the media reported in 2008.


The media also added: “Many remember how last year -ironically in the same province of Hamedan- a medical student (Zahra Bani-yaghub) was arrested by the Morality Police for sitting with her fiancé in a public park. When her family was finally allowed to visit her 48 hours later, they were asked to remove her lifeless body . The state blocked an investigation by warning that any discussion would only give the enemys propagandists their much-needed opportunity to attack us. Some months ago, the Tehran police chief, Zareie, was found to have an odd fetish, ordering six prostitutes to say their prayers before him while naked (he is currently free on bail). The Mullah Police chief, Zareie, was the head of the Mullah Moral Police of Tehran !! ” the media reported. It’s really so ridiculous and so shameful. It’s the Mullah logic.


“Johansson is the latest victim of the phone-hacking ring thought to be responsible for stealing naked photos and videos from at least 50 female Hollywood celebrities. Others include: Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Hudgens, etc”, the media reported. Some say: “Scarlett Johansson should try to be like her roles in the Woody Allen’s movies. She should not play with public opinion. Don’t be stupid Scarlett. Either don’t take nude photos, or lets people enjoy them too!” Anyway, If you take nude photo of yourself, and really don’t want that others see it, don’t save it in your cell phone or laptop.

Iranian Celebrities in 1970s and 2010s

September 14, 2011

The story of Iranian celebrities in the past decades can show us how Iran and Iranians changed. In fact, they show us what have changed and what have not changed in Iran. Iranian Celebrities before and after the Islamic Revolution have their own similarities and differences with each other. But the main common feature is that: “The vast majority of them are Khayemal (ass-licker)”. The vast majority of Iranian celebrities, before and after the Islamic revolution, are really stupid and sycophant. They kiss the ass of people in authority, and sell themselves to the authorities. It’s really shameful. But now, 30 years after the Islamic revolution, the younger generation of Iranian celebrities are much more educated, talented, smarter, and even much more beautiful than their counterparts in the Pahlavi era. Some say: “Almost all celebrities of that era were stupid and Javad, like Javad Yasari ! or Shahram Shab-Pareh ! (Shahram the Moth!). Of course, there were some exceptions, like Googoosh”. In fact, Googoosh was the greatest celebrity before the Islamic revolution.


Except Googoosh and a dozen, almost all other old Iranian celebrities seem really stupid. Some say: “When you look at the pictures of the celebrities of the Pahlavi era, the pictures of ,for example, Ebi, Shahram Shab-Pareh, NooshAfarin, Satter, etc that were the famous young celebrities of that era, you can understand that many of them were Oskol ! (retard), exactly like the people of that era !”. It’s a very funny fact. Some say: “the first and leading roles of the best movies at that era and the present time, i.e. the heroes that the ordinary people love them, can show us many things. In that era, they were hooligans, illiterate thugs, or the poor people. And now, they are university students, intellects, or the rich people.” It’s really funny. Indeed, in 1970s almost all Iranians, from the celebrities and intellectuals to the ordinary people and the authorities were Oskol (retard)! As we said before, now for example many Iranian families choose Iranian names for their children , but at that time, even the stupid Pahlavi family chose Islamic-Arabic names for their children (Reza, Ali-Reza, Gholam-Reza !, etc).


As we said before, Iran in 1960s and 1970s had many serious problems and paradoxes. The pictures of the famous celebrities of that era, like Leila Forouhar, Shahram Shab-Pareh, Naser Hejazi, Parvin, Sattar, etc or the scenes of the Iranian movies of that time, are really funny and can show us many things. Some say: “The celebrities of that time, and the stupid movies of that time, both were Ab-Gooshti (cheap and nasty). When some one like Parvin, the stupid footballer, was a famous celebrity of that era, it shows us that the majority of the people of that time were really Oskol (retard). The stupid Parvin was a illiterate thug that even “could not speak like Adam” (it’s a Persian slang that means “he was very stupid and could not speak well”), but the majority of Iranians, that were stupid, loved him ! Now, the majority of Iranians, that are young, only laugh at some one like the stupid Parvin, Shahram Shab-Pareh, Javad Yasari, and many other stupid celebrities of that era.”


In fact, many old Iranian celebrities are like Shahram Shab-Pareh, who is still a real stupid. Some say: “While his old girlfriend, Leila Forouhar, has become an acceptable celebrity, but the stupid Shahram is still very stupid. The brother of Shahram Shab-Pareh works with the Mullahs, especially Mr. shit. He has a Satellite Channel, but his main office is in Tehran ! Shahram Shab-Pareh and many other stupid old celebrities who live in LA, are really Oskol and Khayemal. In the recent years, they work with the Mullahs and the Mullah mafia. In fact, they are like many stupid Monarchists in the US, who work with the Mullahs openly or secretly. Last year, Mr. shit’s team said that “Moeen”, “Bijan Mortazavi”, “Habib”, and some other stupid celebrities who live in exile (in LA), accepted Mr. shit’s invitation and came Iran !! These stupid bastards showed that they are dead bastards.” It’s very funny. In fact, in the recent years no one care about the stupid Iranian celebrities in the US. The majority of them are dead bastards.

As we said before, after the Islamic revolution, Iranian female film stars and Iranian celebrities have the main problem of the older generations, i.e. the majority of them are stupid and Khayemal (ass-licker). But there are some significant differences between them. The young celebrities are not illiterate. They have not any family restriction for working as an artist. Of course, the Mullah restrictions, i.e. the official Islamic restrictions, are much more than the Pahlavi era; for example the women can not become singer or dancer, because it’s against the Mullah laws!, but in the Pahlavi era the majority of Iranian families did not allow their children to work as actor, singer, dancer, etc. In fact, the majority of Iranians were stupid or illiterate, and while there were no legal restriction, they did not allow their children, especially their girls, to engage in any artistic activity. So, a small minority of the people became artist, and they were not the most talented ones.


After the Islamic revolution, especially in 2000s, the younger generations of Iranians did not have the stupid restrictions of the older generations. The majority of them were educated and did not have any family restriction for working as an actor. Of course, they have a new set of dreadful restrictions, i.e. the Mullah restrictions. But the Mullah restrictions can not stop them. Now many ordinary young people, especially girls, engage in artistic or athletic activities. Their number is not comparable to the Pahlavi era. Now, many things have changed. Now, almost all Iranian celebrities are independent of the past. In 1990s and before that, few celebrities gained reputations because they were like the old celebrities. For instance, Mahnaz Afshar gained a reputation because she was like Googoosh. But other celebrities, especially in 2000s, were totally independent of the past. The celebrities like Niki Karimi, Katayoon Riahi (above picture), Leila Otradi (below picture), Reza Golzar, and many others not only did not look like the old celebrities, but they were much more talented and even beautiful than them. Of course, they are as Khayemal as the older generations !


In the past decades, at least since the mid-1990s, the Iranian youths have fought for what they want, and have changed the Mullah red lines. In fact, the youth forced the Mullahs to reconsider their stupid red lines. Each year, the Mullahs are forced to change their stupid red lines, and draw new red lines, because the majority of Iranian youths challenge the Mullah red lines and cross them. In fact, in a constant battle between the Mullahs and the youths, the Mullahs retreat constantly and the youths advance more and more. It’s an undeniable fact . Just take a look at the Iranian society and its changes between 2000s and 2010s or between 1990s and 2010s. Iran has changed a lot. You can be sure that the Mullahs would lose the battle in the near future. Now, the Mullahs have reached the end of the line.

Seeing Films in Mullah TV: Baaria (2009)

September 11, 2011

This weekend, the Mullah TV showed Baarìa (2009) , a film directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. Baaria is Sicilian slang for Bagheria where Tornatore was born and this is an autobiographic epic of three generations in the Sicilian village where he was born. The Baaria’s runtime is about 150 min, but the Mullah TV showed it in 80 min !! that means about half of the movie had been censored !! Baaria is not a good film; Baaria” is not a masterpiece, but when we saw it in the Mullah TV, it had became a total disaster, a true headache !, a collection of stupid irrelevant scenes ! You could not understand the main story and the main subject of the film !, and also many scenes and many characters of the film. It’s was really ridiculous. “Why these bastards, the Mullahs, show Tornatore’s movies in their stupid TV? When we saw “Cinema Paradiso” (1989) in the Mullah TV, it was a complete disaster. But when we saw “Cinema Paradiso” DVD, it was another film!, a great film! In fact, more than 50% of “Cinema Paradiso” had been censored in the Mullah TV, many its key scenes and subjects !! The same is true about Baaria, 1900, etc”, some Iranian film lovers say. It’s really ridiculous. The stupid Mullahs show a famous film, while they censor 50% of it !, and then the famous film becomes a very stupid nonsense film !


We only saw the lower part of the film’s poster in the Mullah TV, and the upper part were totally censored. “Baaria is a comedy film. In fact, it’s Tornatore’s “Amarcord”, the critics say. But when we saw it in the Mullah TV, it was a stupid nonsense shit ! All comic parts of it, had been censored !! “Featuring guest appearances by Monica Bellucci, Baaria is another “Malena” … Peppino’s daughter calling her father a fascist for not allowing her to wear a mini-skirt”, the critics add. But we did not see Monica Bellucci nor many other female roles of the movie !! All female stories of the film had been totally censored !!, even the main story of the film, the love story of the first female role ! In the recent weeks, the Mullah TV also showed “Spartacus” (directed by Stanley Kubrick) with many censorship. “At least 40% of the movie had been censored !! Why these bastards try to show the classic films, while they want to censor 50% of a classic film ?! The Mullahs censor the real life, the virtual life and even the dreams. These bastards censor everything and think the people have not any alternative in 21st century. But almost all Iranians, even in the small villages, have Satellite dishes and see Satellite channels, and laugh at the stupid bastards, the Mullahs. These bastards censor the movies in the name of ‘Moral values’, while they rape the men and women in the prisons and also in the private parties”, some Iranian say. It’s one of the greatest jokes of the Mullah era.

Iranian Film Stars, Actors

July 15, 2011

The outside world knows nothing about Iranian actors and actresses. Iran is isolated by the Mullahs and their Western supporters, and is not part of the International community. It has caused a lot problems for all Iranians, including Iranian actors. As we said before, the Iranian female film stars and all Iranian actors had their own weak and strong points. They could be global film stars if the Mullah regime is toppled, but the number of Iranian celebrities who are not Khayemal (ass-licker) are really small, and the majority of this tiny minority are women. Now lets take a quick look at the most famous Iranian actors.

Reza Golzar

Reza Golzar, is the star of 2000s. His fans think that he is a super star. Golzar is not a very bad actor, but his films, like almost all Iranian films in the recent years, are really cheap and nasty. Of course, he and Mahnaz Afshar have some movies with each other that are not as dreadful as other Iranian movies.


Bahram Radan

His fans think that he is “Iranian Leo Dicaprio” !! He and Mahnaz Afshar began their works at the same time and by a very cheap film. But after that Radan tried to learn something. He wanted to become a real actor, but he was not very successful, although he has some movies that are a bit better than his first shitty films.


Actors like Parviz Parastouie, Reza Kianan, Akbar Abdi, Ezzat Entezami, Farhad Aslani, Reza Attaran, Hamid Farokhnejad, Amin Hayaei (8 below pictures), Mehdi Hashemi, etc are good actors but the majority of them are Khayemal (ass-licker). Some of them, like Akbar Abdi and Amin Hayaei, are very stupid and Khayemal, and some of them like Kianian and Entezami are Khayemal, but less than others. And some of them are like Attaran, who was arrested in July 2009, in front of Ghoba Square. He was one of the Iranian protesters in that day.


While many American actors are civil activist or political activist, the Iranian actors are very conservative. In fact, the majority of them are really stupid and uneducated, and others prefer to be silent and are frightened of being arrested. Of course, remaining silent is understandable, but unfortunately many of Iranian actors are opportunists and try to kiss the Mullahs’ ass and think that the people would forget or forgive their shameful acts.


Some of young Iranian actors have been arrested during the Iranian protests. Ramin Parchami is one of them that still is in the prison. And in the recent days, Pegah Ahangarani, a young female actor, has been arrested. Prior to her arrest, Ahangarani had been expected to report on the 2011 Womens World Cup for Germanys Deutsche Welle.


As we said before, the majority of Iranian celebrities have not talked publicly about the Mullah coup and the people movement. And a considerable number of them have kissed the Mullahs’ ass. It’s really shameful. Of course a minority of Iranian celebrities, including some film directors, some theater directors, some play writers, etc have defended the Iranian movement, and some of them have paid its price. It’s so obvious that when the majority of Iranian film makers are stupid and Khayemal, then the Mullah cinema should be bankrupted. In fact, the average number of Iranian cinema goers has reduced to about 250,000 per month !, i.e. less than 0.3% of Iran’s population ! And an Iranian film is seen by about 50,000 viewers ! (the average number of viewers) It’s really one of the Mullah’s miracles and a clear sign of the Islamists’ bankruptcy in Iran.