Muharram and Ashura in Iran

December 5, 2011

In these days, Muharram and Ashura remind many of the 2009 protests and the historic story of Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors. The fake intellectuals, mercenaries, and traitors who betray the people movement in 2009, were worst than the Mullahs. The people knew the Mullahs and their Basiji thugs, but the Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors who tried to keep the Mullah regime safe, pretended that they are anti-Mullah. These stupid bastards and the savage Mullahs created a historical milestone for Iran and Iranians. Before 2009, Muharram and Ashura had its own characteristics, but after 2009 many things changed. Tassua and Ashura (9th and 10th of Muharram) are official holidays in Iran. Third Imam of Shi’a and his family and followers (known as “72 people”) were killed by army of Yazid at the Battle of Karbala on the 10th of Muharram (Ashura) in 680 CE, and the surviving members of his family and his followers were taken captive and marched to Damascus and imprisoned there. Shi’as believe the Battle of Karbala was between the forces of good and evil, with Hussein representing good while Yazid represented evil. As we said before, Shiism is the Iranian version of Islam, and the traditions of Muharram and it’s festival of Mourning, has a deep Persian root. After the Arab invasion, the legends of Siavash and his innocence and his martyrdom, and Shiavashan, the festival of Mourning for Siavash, were mixed with other Persian traditions and created the festival of Muharram. Some say: “Iranians believed that Hussein and his martyrdom in the battle of Karbala, while his army had about 100 soldiers and Yazid’s army had 10,000 soldiers, was like the story of Siavash and his martyrdom. The savage Arabs who killed Hussein, the grandson of Muhammad, were the enemy of Iranians who had occupied Iran. So, when Iranians heard that the savage Arabs killed those who fought against the Arab dictator, Yazid, they used this tragedy to fight against the savage Arabs”


Muharram is the first month of the Arabic/ Islamic calendar. Since the Arabic calendar is a lunar calendar, Muharram moves from year to year when compared with the Iranian calendar (and also the Gregorian calendar). Muharran is when the Arabs celebrate their new year, and are happy. But Iranians converted Muharram into a mourning month, and in this way fought against the Arabs. While the Arabs were wearing their white clothes, while had forbidden others to wear black cloth, Iranians were wearing their black clothes and performed their ancient mourning festival, Siavashan, for Hussein and his remembrance. They said: “Imam Hussein and his supporters were killed for the truthfulness and fighting against tyranny and oppression”. As we said before, the Safavid era had the main rule in converting Muharram and Ashura into a national festival in Iran. They used Muharram and Ashura, and other Persian traditions to fight against the Arabs and the Ottoman Turks who were Sunni Muslims. The festival of Muharram and Ashura was totally symbolic, and had many similarities with Siavashan. The Iranians used the ancient Persian tradition of “Nazr” (distributing free foods among the people) to cook Nazri (charity food) in Muharram. It’s an ancient Persian tradition that the people cook food and give it to others, including the poor, friends and family, in their ceremonies. This charity food or free food, is called Nazri. In fact, Iranians donate food and call it Nazr. The Nazri foods in Muharram are Iranian foods like Gheimeh, Ghorme Sabzi, Morgh, Kebab, Adas Polo, and many other local foods. But the main food or Nazri in Muharram is “Gheymeh” that is also called “Gheimeh Ashura” or “Gheymeh Nazri”. Gheimeh or Gheymeh is one of the delicious Iranian stews (with yellow split peas as its key element) that is eaten with rice. In fact, it’s a “Polo Khoresht” (Pilaf and Stew). When it’s cooked in the large scale as Nazri, with its special techniques and traditions, it becomes more delicious, and I think if each of you eat “Gheymeh Nazri”, you would never forget its delicious taste.


In Muharram and in Ashura days, you can see people who line up to get Nazri foods. They do it because Nazri foods are very delicious. Of course, some old people believe Nazri food has healing power, but after 2009, many religious people say: “The Nazri foods of the Mullahs and the savage Islamists who killed, raped, and tortured the people has killing power, not healing power !”. Many irreligious people and those who are non-Muslim eat Nazri food in Ashura day, only because it’s very delicious. Some say: “The Ashura day is like a festival of food. Many are in the streets and enjoy foods and seeing each others in the streets. In fact, it’s like what has happened to the religious days in the US and other parts of the world. In Ashura day, you can see the ordinary boys and girls that have a Nazri food in their hands, or eat Nazri foods with each others, and are happy and enjoy their day”. In fact, before 2009, the festival of Muharram and Ashura were changing gradually. As we said before: “The ordinary Iranian youths changed even Muharram and Ashura. The Mullah newspapers confess: In Muharram’s nights, women and girls in tight clothes and transparent scarves and guys dressed in Western fashion lit candles while laughing their hearts out. In this disgraceful event which is like a large street party, women and girls, as well as men and boys, mocked Muslims beliefs and sanctities in the most shameless manner [!] Some long-haired guys would openly cuddle girls creating awful and immoral scenes [!] Fast, provoking music gave the street party more steam. Everythings become a farce [!]. They no more respect anyone, even Imam Hussein. But after 2009, even many religious people have changed, and don’t think like before. And its a very important and meaningful change in Iran. Now, many religious people say: “Ashura is a tribute to truth and justice and condemnation of tyranny anytime and anywhere. And now the Mullahs and the savage Islamists are symbol of injustice and tyranny”.


After 2009, Ashura day reminds Iranians of the Mullahs’ savagery. Many religious people in Iran have changed their minds after what the savage Mullahs and their Islamist thugs did to the people in 2009. Who can forget the Ashura massacre in 1388? At that Ashoura day, the savage Mullahs killed at least 40 to 50 men and women in Iran, and many believe the number of victims is really larger than this. Now, even the religious people in Iran say: “For us, Karbala and Ashura is what happened in 2009 and what happened in Kahrizah and in the streets of Iranian cities. 1400 years ago, 72 great soldiers were killed in a war, because they wanted to be free and didn’t want to kiss the dictator’s ass, the Yazid’s ass. At that time, those 72 people were in the minority, but they fought for their values and principles. But in 2009, 72 million people that were in majority fought for freedom and democracy, and the savage dictator and his evil men, who were in minority, killed and raped the ordinary people in the streets and secret prisons, not in the war field. Yazid didn’t rape men and women, but Khamenei and the Mullahs showed that they are worse than Yazid”. It’s what the religious people say. They also add: “The savage Mullahs talk nonsense about 1400 years ago. They say that Imam Hussein and his soldiers fought against a brutal dictator (Yazid) and his mercenaries, and were killed because they cared about “fighting against hypocrisy” or “fighting against big lies”, or “fighting against mercenaries who sell themselves and their humanity”. But in 2009, the savage Mullahs and their savage Basiji thugs proved that they are worse than Yazid and his mercenaries. They told the biggest possible lies; they were the greatest possible hypocrite men; and they killed and raped men and women who only protested against hypocrisy and big lies”. And some religious people add: “The savage Mullahs and savage Islamists are joke. It’s funny that the savage Mullahs and savage Islamists shed crocodile tears for 1400 years ago and for what Yazid did in a classic war, that was quite normal among the savage Arabs at that time. But what the Mullahs did in 2009 was worse than 1400 years ago. They killed, raped, and tortured tens of thousands ordinary people for staying in power at any price.”


The festival of Muharram and Ashura is held in other countries, specially in areas that were part of Persia in the past. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and many other parts of Great Persia have the same ceremonies in Muharram. Its funny that even the American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan help the people in cooking Nazri foods in Ashura Day. In fact, cooking Nazri food and giving it to others is a good tradition, and can become a global tradition. Of course, when the savage Mullahs and their savage Basiji thugs kill, torture, and suppress the people, everything that is related to them would destroy, and it’s what Iranians can see it in the recent years. In the past years, the people cooked Nazri by their own money and held Muharram ceremonies by their own will, but in the recent years, the Mullahs give the oil money to the Islamists for cooking Nazri and holding Muharram ceremonies, and it’s a clear sign of the Mullahs’ bankruptcy in Iran. The Mullah TV and radio channels alter their programs in Muharram and become a mourning station, and desperately try to encourage the people to participating in the Muharram ceremonies, but the people don’t care about the Mullahs and what they say, and it’s another clear sign of the Mullahs’ bankruptcy in Iran. Tazieh (meaning condolence theater) and Pardeh-khani (dramatic narration that accompanies events depicted on painted curtains), that date back to the pre-Islamic period, have been destroyed too. In fact, the Mullahs proved that if you want to destroy a tradition in your country, you can employ the Mullahs and the Mullah system to defend that tradition. And in this way, after some years, you can be sure that not only the tradition is totally forgotten and ruined, but everybody hates it. Indeed, In 21st century, when you force others to accept something and kill and torture the people to accept that thing, you can be sure that you only disgrace and discredit yourself and that thing.


The Muharram and Ashura is a festival for the religious people in Iran. As we said before, being religious or irreligious is not the important matter; being sheep or charlatan is the important matter. Many ordinary people who are religious people in Iran or the US , or in any other part of the world, are good guys who just care about honesty, humanity, truthfulness, and many other human values. They care about other people and try to help others, and don’t want to impose their religion on others. They want to live in peace with others. Who can have any problem with these good guys who live like humans ? They are certainly much more better than those irreligious people who live like animals and are sheep or charlatan. But it’s so obvious that a religious charlatan is more dangerous that an irreligious charlatan. And the religious savagery is more dangerous than irreligious savagery. Those who kill and torture others in the name of god or religion are like the savage people in the Stone Age, who were more dangerous than animals, because they were more powerful and more bigoted. In 2009, and in that historic Ashura day, dozens or hundreds of Iranians were killed in the streets. But the Ashura traitors, and the jerk and bastards like Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi, Abbas Abdi, Akbar Ganji, Ezzat Sahabi, Khatami, Khoeini, etc betrayed the people and their bloods. These stupid bastards who were straw heroes of the naive people and pretended that they are nationalist or intellectual, betrayed the people and sold themselves to the Mullahs or the western politicians. But now, in 2011, the people know their true colors and they are so disgraced in Iran. In the recent days, some of these stupid jerks decided to fall into a pool of sewage. They clearly praised Reza Pahlavi, the leader of the Monarchists. These stupid jerks have been converted into sewage, and the people will dump them into the WC of Iran’s history very soon. The WC of history is the best place for these worthless jerks and stupid mercenaries.

For seeing more picture of Nazri Foods and Nazri Cooking, you can check here

A very Brief History of Iran and Iranian Religions

December 4, 2011

These days are days of Muharram and its Persian traditions that some call it “Festival of Muharram”. Muharram and its Persian traditions in Iran, that are part of Shiism, the Iranian version of Islam, can be divided into two era, before 2009 and after 2009. The 2009 massacre, the Ashura massacre, and the story of the Ashura traitors have changed many things in Iran that we would write more about it later. But now, it’s not bad we take a look at the history of Iran and Iranian religions. As you probably know, the religion in Iran has a very long history, more than 10,000 years. Mithraism and Zoroastrianism are two old Persian religions that influenced almost all religions. As we said before, Iran was a big country and only in 19th century and after the Russian and British attacks to Iran (Persia), the country became as small as today’s Iran. The eastern neighbor of Iran was India, and China was the eastern-north neighbor. In the north of Iran, in today’s Russia, the savage tribes lived in the cold and empty areas. The western neighbors of Iran were different countries at different times, from Babylonians and Assyrians to Greeks, Turks, and Egyptians. In the south of Iran, there was the hot and empty desert of Arabia with a few savage tribes. Before the Arab invasion in 1400 years ago, Iranians never thought that the hot and empty desert of Arabia and its savage tribes could make any problem for them. Arabs occupied Iran for about 200 years and after that Iranians tried to free their country and had a series of long and continuous wars with their western neighbors, Arabs and Turks. Mongols and their invasions from the east, solved the problems of Arabs for ever, but they created a new tragedy and a big disaster for Iranians for about 200 years. In the Safavid era, and after 1501, Iranians restored the Persian Empire, but like Europe and other parts of the world, the long and continuous wars, specially with the western neighbors, were part of the daily life. Before the 19th century, only the western borders of Iran changed every now and then, and were not like the Persian Empire in the 5th century BC (below map); but the northern, eastern and southern borders were almost fixed. The story of civilization is like the story of Iran. Hegel writes in his book The Philosophy of history: “The principle of evolution begins with the history of Iran”. The main part of the story of civilization began after the last Ice Age. Broadly speaking, the Stone Age began roughly 2.5 million years ago and ended in parts of the world after the last Ice Age. In the Stone Age, Human groups in different parts of the world began using stone tools at different times and abandoned stone for metal tools at different times. What we know it as “Religion”, is part of the story of civilization, mainly after the Stone Age. As we said before, the history of human evolution, and also the story of civilization and the ancient history have many unclear and ambiguous things. But we can draw a very big and rough picture of what has happened after the Ice Age.


During the last Ice Age, in 15,000 to 10,000 years ago, almost all parts of Europe and North America were buried under thick layers of ice. Australia and America were totally isolated and had their own civilization and their own spiritual traditions, but Africa, Asia, and Europe were connected to each others, as “the old world”, and what we know it as “Religion” is a legacy of “the old world”. As you know, the main civilizations of the old world are: Iran, India, China, Egypt, and Greece. Jason Cooper in his book “Mithras: Mysteries and initiation rediscovered” says: “An Iranian, Zoroaster, is the most important person in the recorded history of religion. The first man to promulgate a divinely revealed religion. He influenced the religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Manicheism, etc. Over half the world has accepted a significant portion of his precepts under the guise of one or another of these faiths.” But who were Persians or Iranians? “I am Darius, the great king, the king of kings, Persian, the son of a Persian, ‘Aryan’, from the Aryan race”. It’s what you can read in the Darius’s Inscription in Naqshe-e-Rostam (in Persepolis). It’s one of most valid written evidences of the history of the Aryans. Darius I, the Achaemenian king, in the 5th century BC, declares himself a Persian and an Aryan. Herodotus, that some know him as the father of history, wrote in the 5th century BC, in his book History of Herodotus: “In ancient times, Iranians were renowned as Aryans among themselves and their neighbors”. In fact, as the oldest written records of the human history confirm, the residents of the Iranian Plateau were Aryans. Petri said: “When Egypt had only just begun the art of pottery, the people of Iran were painting beautiful pictures on ceramics.” In fact, when Europe were buried under thick layers of ice, Iranians were creating pictures on earthenware. At the end of the Ice Age, as a result of excessive rainfall on the Alborz and Zagros Mountains and the melting of the ice accumulated on the mountains, the rivers flowing through the Iranian Plateau were so large, and there were several large lakes in the central Persia. After thousands years, with the continuous warming of the earth and the decrease in rainfall, the lakes and rivers gradually became smaller and the peoples living around them, who had a common language and Aryan culture, had to find new solutions for themselves. Some decided to migrate from Iran, mainly to Europe.


The historians believe that one of the largest ancient Iranian tribes was Cas Su, Cassi and Kassi, which means fair-eyed and fair-faced. The name of central city of Kashan (Kassan) and also the name of the Caspian sea are a relic of this ancient Aryan tribe. Many relics of the Kassi tribe have also been found in the central Iran, in Qazvin and Khorramabad and other regions. The ancient paintings in central Iran that date back to 15,000 BC show people riding horses. These first Aryan inhabitants of Iran were polytheists, worshiping, as most other primitive people, natural phenomena such as fire, water, wind, the moon and the sun. But they gradually developed a cult that is known as “Mithraism” or “Kish Mehr”. In fact, the major religions of Iran can be divided into three distinct periods. Pre Zoroastrian, Zoroastrian, and the Islamic period. Zoroaster (Zarathushtra) was a Persian who founded Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s oldest living religions, in about 4000 years ago. But many Persian myths and Persian customs are older than Zoroastrianism and belong to Pre Zoroastrian. Mithraism, is the main religion in the pre Zoroastrian era in Iran. Mithra or Mehr was the ancient Persian god of light and wisdom. Mithraism was the root of Zoroastrianism, and Zoroastrianism was the first monolithic religion in the world. Mithraism and Zoroastrianism both influenced a lot of following religions -including Christianity. Many ancient religious traditions in Persia are global traditions now. The idea of life after death, notions of heaven, hell and limbo, the idea of Satan or Ahriman, the idea of crossing of the bridge on the road to heaven (that decide the final fate), the idea of resurrection, the idea of being judged after the death, notion of individual judgment, the idea of fasting and paying religious tax, regarding fire as a sacred entity, using candle and fire in the funeral rites and the ritual, charity and distributing food among the poor, symbolic uses of food, animal sacrifice, avoiding certain foods, thanksgiving to God, daily and periodic ceremonies and ritual, a series of holy days and holy festivals and celebrations, and many other traditions are among what the Persian introduced to the world in 10,000 to 4,000 years ago. Some believe that after Alexander’s era, Mithraism spread rapidly throughout Rome (Italy) and the Roman provinces in the 1st century BC. Mithraism became popular there, and Christianity borrowed many things from Mithraism, that we would write more about it later. Mithraism was older than Zoroastrianism, and many Persian traditions and the Persian myths about Mithra, Anahita, Jamshid, Siavash, Arash, Kaveh, Zahak, Sraosha (Soroush), Rashnu, etc are older than Zoroastrianism and belongs to Pre Zoroastrian, mainly to the Mithraic culture. Anahita or Nahid is the old Persian form of an Iranian goddess, as the divinity of ‘the Waters’ (Aban) and hence associated with fertility, healing and wisdom. [now “Aban” is the name of the 8th month in the Iranian calendar, and “Mehr” is the name of the 7th month].


Anahita that was known as “the Lady of Persia” is considered as the mother of Mithra. Legends about Mithra claim that he was conceived by a young virgin named Anahita or Nahid. It is said that Anahita became impregnated magically while bathing in the waters of Lake Hamun in Sistan (eastern Iran). Now, the Anahita Temples or Mithraic temples (Mithraeums), are found in all around Persia. One of the largest Anahita Temple in western Persia at Kangavar (in Kermanshah), dedicated to “Anahita, the Immaculate Virgin Mother of the Lord Mithra”. Other Mithraic temples were built in Khuzestan and in Central Iran near present-day Mahallat, and also in Bishapur (in Fars, below picture), Hamedan, Istakhr, Yazd, Ray, Armenia (north-west Persia), etc. Some say: “The “most beloved mountain shrines of the Zoroastrians of Yazd, set beside a living spring and a great confluence of water-courses, is devoted to Banu-Pars, “the Lady of Persia” (Anahita)”. Anahita and Mithra’s sculptures are found in almost all ancient cities in Iran. Artaxerxes’ inscription at Susa reads: “By the will of Ahura Mazda, Anahita, and Mithra I built this palace. May Ahura Mazda, Anahita, and Mithra protect me from all evil”. The above picture is a sculpture of Anahita in Maragha. Zoroaster used the Mithraic culture, and Zoroastrianism had many similarities with Mithraism. Some historians say: “Zoroaster changed the Mithraic culture. The many gods of the Iranian were supplanted by a new deity who was the supreme deity of the Good. This deity became known as Ahura Mazda, or the “Wise Lord.” Opposed to Ahura Mazda was Ahriman, the “Angry Spirit,” the chief deity of evil. Both deities had underlings and partners. The chief allies of Ahura Mazda were the “Amentas Spenta.” Created by the “Wise Lord,” these “Bounteous” or “Holy Immortals” included Mithra. There was a hymn to Mithra in the Zarathustrian holy work, the Avesta. It is a beautiful hymn or Yast, in it Ahura Mazda addresses Zoroaster , saying that when he created Mithra, he made him as worthy of worship as himself. In Avesta, Anahita is “Aredvi Sura Anahita” (immaculate or mighty Anahita) and she is not only a divinity, but also the source of the world river and the (name of the) world river itself. They believed all the waters of the world created by Ahura Mazda originate from the source Aredvi Sura Anahita”


“The era of Mithraism continued all the way to the time of Sasanian who strongly favored Zoroastrianism hence destroyed many belongings of the Mithraism in the Persian Empire. A similar fate destroyed Mithraism in the west when the birth of Christianity took over Mithraism. Some believe that the Romans feared being taken over by the Persians and tried to become independent. But the Roman Empire regarded Iran as the birth place of Mithraism and they made no attempt to hide it. Christianity had many similarities with Mithraism, from Virgin birth and Christmases to Killing and Resurrection. Iranians had, and still have, a special feast on December 25, on the night that Iranians call it “Yalda Night” (Birthday Night), that was the birthday of Mithra. On 25 December, the Persians had a general festival of the light and the sun. Have you ever wondered why December 25th was chosen to celebrate the birth of Christ? we would write more about it later. Anyway, in Iran, before the Arab invasion, there was a rigid class system in which the noble remained so through heredity, and the lower classes were forever denied the chance of social rise no matter how able or clever. And then came the Muslims, with a monotheistic faith, which promised equal opportunities to all. Of course, the fanatic Arabs were so stupid and savage. They resorted to ethnic prejudices and a social hierarchy in which the Arab was the master by birth. So, Iranians did not accept the Arab version of Islam, and they created their own version of Islam. Shiism first developed and spread among Iranians and gradually extended all over the world, but most Muslims have always been Sunnis or “the people of the (Prophet’s) tradition”. Sufism or Sufi Mysticism is another important cult or sect that was made by Iranians within Islam. Iranians already had their own Mysticism in Zoroastrianism and Mithraism. Unfortunately, many know nothing about the Iranian version of Islam, Shiism and Sufism. The majority of the religious people in Iran are fans or followers of Iranian Mysticism or Sufism, and they hate the Mullahs and the Mullah Islam. Shiism and Sufism have fought against the racist and fanatic Arabs. When the Arabs celebrated their new year in Muharram, Iranians had the festival of mourning in Muharram, and in this way they fought against the fanatic Arabs. The Iranian mystics have always fought against the orthodox and the fanatics. An Iranian mystic in 11th century said to his followers: You should feed every one that knocks your doors, and you never ever ask them about their religion or race . The great Persian poets, like Hafiz, Rumi, Attar, Khayyam, Abu-Saeed, Baba Taher, etc were Sufi. Even non-Sufi Iranian poets were so open-minded. Sadi, one of the great Iranian poets who lived in the 13th century, said: “Human beings are members of a whole – In creation of one essence and soul; If one member is afflicted with pain – Other members uneasy will remain; If you have no sympathy for human pain – The name of human you cannot retain”.


In fact, Iranians were not like Arabs, and they tried to mix Islam, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, and other Persian traditions and created a new sect for themselves. In the Safavid era (1501- 1722), the Safavids who were Sufi, used this new sect to restore the Persian Empire. Many of current Islamic traditions in Iran, including the Nazri and Sofreh tradition, and the festival of Muharram and Ashura, are parts of the new or old Persian traditions that the Safavids restored or created them. In Iran, Siavash was a national hero and the first innocent martyr since the Mithraic era. The legend of Siavash says that he was a legendary Persian prince, son of Kay Kavus, Shah of Iran, and due to the treason of his stepmother, Sudabeh (with whom he refused to have s-e-x; like the story of Joseph and Zuleikha), exiled himself to Turan where he was killed innocently by order of the Turanian King (Afrasiab). Siavash was later avenged by his son Kai Khosrow. Siavash is a symbol of innocence in the Persian mythology. Since at least 5000 years ago, Iranians have had a ceremony or festival, “Suge Saivash” or “Saivashan”, that was a festival of Mourning for Saivash. It’s quite clear that what Iranians and Shiite Muslims do in Muharram is not Arabic tradition. It’s totally a Persian tradition. In Iran, one of the ancient traditions is that the people cook food and give it to others, including the poor, friends and family. This charity food or free food, is called “Nazri”. In fact, Iranians donate food and this act is call “Nazr”. It occurs when you ask something of God, and promise to make and distribute some kind of food to other people, in return. Nazr and Sofreh is a religious Persian tradition. During the festival of Mehregan and Nowruz, meat and bread were distributed, and the Zoroastrian have the tradition of Sofreh and Sofreh Nazr. In fact, traditions like Nazr, Sofreh, Festival of Muharram, Islamic Mysticism, etc are Persian traditions, not Arab traditions. Some funny Iranians say: “Arab Malakh-Khur ro che be in Harfa” (The Arabs who ate Grasshopper could not even think about these matters). According to the Persian myths, the Siavash’s blood became the first “Tulip”, and after that the tulip became the symbol of martyrs. Siavash and his legends have created many things, including the first religious theater and plays (Tazieh), the first mourning festivals (Siavashan), the first mourning songs, etc. Some say: “Iranians didn’t expect any respect from Arabs, but it’s funny while the Persian traditions and the Persian religions have had a great and significant influence on the western culture and the western religion (Christianity), the western media and the western politicians talk nonsense about Persia and Persians”. It’s really shameful.

Iran Tour Guide: Students, Hospitality, Hotels

December 3, 2011

The mass media tell big lies about Iran and Iranians. Many don’t know that Iran’s regime is a medieval regime that the western politicians support it, while Iran’s people are modern and nice people that are victim of the western hypocrisy. You can ask yourself why the mass media tell big lies, but here I don’t want to answer it. Here I want to write about the basic facts that even the stupid Iranian expats tell lie about it. These bastards still live in 1970s, and know nothing about today’s Iran. They mislead non-Iranians and disgrace Iranians inside Iran. Iran is full of ancient cities, and even in the small towns you can find historical sites, Persian generosity and hospitality, and also modern and educated boys and girls, and of course signs of a medieval regime with a few supporters, i.e. less than 10% of Iranians. Even in the small towns (like Shushtar, Dezful, Andimeshk, etc) you can see what the Iranian baboons or the western mass media tell about Iran is a big lie. A German tourist writes: “In Dezful, when a man drove by on his motorcycle asking if he could take my picture I could not have cared less. I did not smile either. It was just too hot. I hate heat. It was 37 degrees Celsius in the shade. I look red when I just think red. But when it is 37 degrees, I have walked around for 2 hours mid-day, and I find myself in long sleeves and under a black woolen scarf, I look fire-hydrant red and ill and I feel like I am going to die. Five minutes later that man came back with his wife in tow. Did I want to come to their house for tea and some food? I really must have looked pitiful. I did not even do the Iranian polite decline. I accepted. Their living room was shady, a fan was going and I got tea, an orange, an apple, and some chocolate and by the time I was ready to leave two scarves were piled up in front of me and three Iranian coins. I did more than the three polite declines, but was forced to accept it all. Once again, it is hard to describe the hospitality and generosity of all the people I meet. That was Nasser and Mahnos and their son Mohammed. None of them spoke English. Mohammed found a phrase book and read phrase after phrase to me [!!] So, we had some good laughs. Mahnos was relaxed, short-sleeved and without any head cover until I asked to take a photo with her” [1] Do you think how many Iranians have seem a small town like Dezful in the southern Iran? less than 5% ! But even those tourists who go to these small towns in Iran, can see signs of the Persian Culture and Persian Civilization.


Some tourists say: “Perhaps the best way we can illustrate Iranian generosity is to ask you to think of how often, in your travels in other countries, have you been invited in to people’s homes to eat with their family?” Fortunately, or unfortunately, Iranians love other people, specially the westerners ! A British woman writes: “You really can’t get away from people talking to you in Iran, mostly its good, although the constant “hello, where are you from” from about every 5th person who passes you can get a bit frustrating. In Esfahan, one day I spent a couple of hours in the square trying to write postcards, I was very over talking to people after spending about an hour with a constant stream of people introducing themselves to me and talking to me abut Iran. I was trying to hide under tree’s and in corners but somehow people found me[!] Basically everywhere you go people invite for tea, stuff you with food and give you their phone number in case you get into any trouble. And the great difference in Iran is that it isn’t exclusively males that talk to you.”[4] It’s really the true image of Iranians. She also adds: “I was crossing the street at a busy intersection that has a little police kiosk, they have loudspeakers and are constantly talking to the traffic, once as I walked past, I heard “Hello” over the loud speaker”[4] And a German woman writes: “In Andimeshk, at the bus station I met a group of female university students. They asked the ever same question: Where are you from? Where are you going? Lucky I, one of the students was on her way to Shushtar, the same town that was my goal. I don’t know how I would have found my way around without her (Roya). Roya lead on and all I had to do was follow. In Shushtar, her father picked her up and the two of them dropped me off at my hotel. Smooth sailing all along. Not surprisingly, Roya declared that she would come to the hotel at 9am in the morning to show me around Shushtar. I didn’t ask for that, nor did she leave me much of an option to decline. Her English is minimal, but she has a translator function in her cell phone! She is pulling phrases out of that which helped us to communicate”[1]


Do you know how many Iranians have seen the small town of Andimeshk or Shushtar? less than 5% ! But the majority of young girls and boys in these small towns, like other parts of Iran, are university students who are smarter and wiser than many stupid Iranian expats. In fact, Iran is full of university educated men and women, and the majority of Iranians are young, educated, and anti-Mullahs. The German woman adds: “In Shoushtar, I met four girls at the water shoots who wanted to talk to me. And within a few minutes I had an invitation to join them for lunch. They seemed prepared with a huge picnic basket which they had lugged here all the way from Ahvaz, where they were from. One of them spoke English and translated back and forth. How could I refuse an opportunity to hang out with some women? By now I knew the town better than they did and directed them to a courtyard in a beautifully restored Khouzestan villa. A huge tree shaded the yard. We sat, ate and chatted for a good two hours” [1] The world should know the true image of today’s Iran. Unfortunately, the Iranian baboons and the stupid Iranian expats and the western mass media talk nonsense about Iran, and mislead the non-Iranians. These stupid bastards are worthless mercenaries who kiss the Mullahs’ ass or the western politicians’ ass, or both asses. Iran’s regime will change soon, only because the majority of Iranians inside Iran are young and educated boys and girls who live like other parts of the modern world. The world should care about the young and modern Iranians inside Iran, and should boycott the Iranian baboons and the stupid Iranian expats who are worthless jerks. The German woman adds: “In Shush, Dazful, Andimeshk I could not see any satellite dishes on the rooftops. But they told me that they all have satellite dishes. Just not on their rooftops. If they were visible, the [Mullah] police would be knocking on their doors. So, everyone has it but nobody sees it. The old story: Put pressure on your kid, your students, your society and they will do exactly what you don’t want them to do behind your back, anyhow . What else is new? I am glad to hear that the Iranians are bypassing internet filters and are getting their hands on as much TV as they want” [1] It’s really true, and it’s the true image of today’s Iran.


An American tourist writes: “Iran wasn’t quite how I imagined it would be. A lot more developed, a lot more open, a lot more en mode. The people are very very curious; we had a full time job of answering the same question from strangers wherever we went: “Where you from?” and “what do you think of Iran?” We probably made more friends in Iran than in our entire journey elsewhere. Thanks to CouchSurfing (“CS”) -an online network of people volunteering to host travelers at their homes. It’s cultural integration through living with locals. We found the Irani community to be a very welcoming bunch, even for CS newbies like us who hardly have references from other CS members. Our most amazing experience was with our hosts in Tehran. They went out of their way to do things for us that really touched our hearts: checking schedules, booking tickets, printing maps, feeding us and packing a sandwich for our long overnight bus ride – all things we are eternally grateful for and will always remember. Meeting them for the first time was like meeting old friends (actually I don’t even think my friends would take care of us this well) and saying goodbye was tough. In Kerman, our hosts came to us with a big family welcome. Mama Sara fed us, spooning spatula after spatula of food, making sure our plates were always full and the rice or spaghetti pot empty. And here in Mashhad [the most religious city of Iran], our host wasn’t home when we arrived this morning but we didn’t wait in the cold. “Make yourself at home, the door-key is in the shoe” he told us over the phone. He even left his apartment in our care because he had to fly out tonight. “Stay as long as you like, just remember to switch off the gas and leave the keys when you go”. Speechless! The entire CS crew in Mashhad came out to meet us for dinner, what a pity we couldn’t stay longer. This type of hospitality is unheard of in the world I come from, where we learn to protect ourselves before helping others (covering your ass is the first lesson in surviving the corporate world). What a way to get under the skin of a country pounded by western media for all the wrong reasons”


As we said before, Iran has its own problems and stupidities. The Iranian hotels are among the stupidest things that the tourists can see in Iran. While many Iranian hotels have a building, decoration, or appearance like the western hotels, but their services, their prices, and their behaviors are among the worst in the world. It’s rare to find someone praises an Iranian hotel, but some praise an Inn in Tehran. Firouzeh is a cheap, old, and stupid Inn in Tehran’s cheapest area that is full of stores selling car parts ! Even Afghans or rural Iranians don’t go to an Inn like Firouzeh, but many western tourists call it “Hotel” and praise it !, because Lonely Planet recommends it! and because it has a good service. A German tourists writes: “Lonely Planet was right on the mark by recommending this hotel because of Mousavir’s one man show. Firouzeh is a 40 year old unremarkable, no star hotel in a loud Southern neighborhood [near Tehran Bazaar ! In fact, it’s a Guest House in AmirKabir St.] It has nothing but its low price going for it. But Mousavi turns it into something more valuable than any four star hotel by going beyond caring about his guest’s welfare. He will act as your travel agent making endless phone calls on your behalf, or as your bank when you need money and the banks are closed. When I told Mousavi that I was leaving per bus to Hamadan, he arranged for a taxi, found out that there is a special VIP bus station, made and confirmed the reservation, called me in the taxi to make sure we were on our way (he was not yet at work) and since we were running late due to heavy traffic, he called the bus company from home instructing them to wait for me! Wow! I have never had service like that“[1]. In, the tourists write: “Mousavi greeted us every morning with a smile. The staff was efficient, friendly and also greeted … The breakfast is good -ask for fried eggs instead of boiled- they taste divine … Mousavi is the Kindest and most helpful hotel manager in all of Iran. In fact, the best I’ve ever experienced”. The stupid managers of many Iranian hotels and Iranian businesses should learn from Mousavi that has a stupid and old Guest House in a very stupid location in Tehran. They should know that if they try to not be greedy and stupid, it would be better for themselves, their business, and their reputation. The beautiful hotels and Inns of Tehran should treat the tourists well, like this stupid and old Inn in a very stupid and dirty area of Tehran. The stupid prices and the stupid services of many Iranian hotels are really shameful and only disgrace Iran’s hotels.


Unfortunately many know nothing about the differences between Iran’s regime and Iran’s people. They only listen to the western mass media’s bullshits. It’s really shameful. Some even insult Iranians, and those who try to be nice and rude, say: “Iranians are nomadic tribes and have nomadic roots”! The main source of this misunderstanding is that many don’t read history. Those who talk nonsense about Persia and many other parts of the world, don’t know that the story of civilization began in 10,000 or 15,000 years ago, not in 500 years ago ! And that’s why some funny Iranian nationalists say: “When your ancestors lived like animals and were barbarian tribes, our ancestors had big cities and a great civilization in Persia. Read history and then you would know who were barbarian and who had civilization”. The people should read history, specially books that have been written by the western scholars, and then they would know how Europeans and other nations lived in the past. As you know, the first humans lived a nomadic life, but after the first ages, they started agriculture and created cities and become civilized. And there is no doubt that the Persians became civilized thousands years before the westerners and many other nations. Only in the past 300 years, the west was more modern than Persia. A British tourist writes: “Yazd is officially the oldest continually inhabited city in the world. Which makes it pretty damn old. Yazd was a different world. It was quiet and brown, very brown. The city is also home to some Zoroastrian sites, a religion that was the first monolithic religion in the world and thought to influence a lot of following religions -including Christianity” [4] In fact, those who talk nonsense about Persia are two groups: (1) Ignorant, unaware, or uneducated people (2)Bastards and those who often talk nonsense and tell big lies. The first group can easily read history and educate themselves. But the second group has not any solution, maybe except going to a mental hospital and resting for a while

[The pictures that you see here, are the pictures of Shomal]

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Iran Tour Guide: Shomal and Unseen Facts

December 1, 2011

The non-Iranians know nothing about Iran (Persia). The western mass media tell lie about Iran and Iranians. Many know nothing about the differences between Iran’s regime and Iran’s people. When the tourists go to Iran, in the best case, they have a “Lonely Planet” book and have a little knowledge about Iran’s history and some ancient cities in Iran, but their knowledge about today’s Iran and many other things is zero. We have not read “Lonely Planet” book about Iran, but we checked their website. What they say about many things in Iran is not true. Of course, many believe they are the best available source for the tourists, and it’s not wrong. So, we decide to write a series of articles, “Iran Tour Guide”, about Iran, Iranians and their culture. In this series, that can be called “A Guide to Iran and Iranian Culture”, we want to write about the unseen facts that non-Iranians can’t find in “Lonely Planet” and other sources. It can complete what we have already written about Iranians and their culture (check Archive). Unfortunately, non-Iranians know nothing about the difference between Iran’s regime and Iran’s people. Only when they go to Iran, they see the truth. A tourist writes: “Its just really interesting to see how much Iranians do not support the government here. The regime here tries to isolate Iran, with internet filters, and tv/newspaper restrictions, but everyone gets around it. And though I knew Iran wouldnt be this closed off conservative society its really surprising how much. Iran really does have a crazy mix of Western and Persian culture. Unlike other parts of the Middle East where the government dont impose regulations, but society is very conservative, here in Iran its the opposite, with a ridiculously conservative government and a society [that is very modern] doing whatever they want“[4] It’s exactly what the western mass media tell lie about it. In addition, many tourists know nothing about the natural beauties of Iran. They only know some ancient cities in Iran, and know nothing about Shomal, the green part of Iran. We have already written about Iran’s maps and the beauties and problems of Shomal, the north part of Iran. Iranians love Shomal. Many Iranians have seen Shomal, but they only have heard about the other parts of Iran. But the non-Iranians only know the central Iran, or the western, eastern, or southern Iran, but Shomal (the northern Iran) that its jungles have a very long history (before the Ice Age) and its cities are among the ancient cities of the world, is totally unknown to them.


The non-Iranians really know nothing about Shomal and its beauties, and of course about the tragedy of Iranian beaches in the Mullah era that we have already written about it (check Archive). A German tourist writes: “We left Tabriz into northern direction to hit the Caspian Sea, which we were very curious to see. Beach, swimming[!], fresh air, delicious oriental food -some kind of these thoughts were circling in our heads. After a damn long drive over the Alborz mountains, we made it to the coast, but we were mostly disappointed of its appearance. The hole 750 km of Iran’s coastline was completely overcrowded and overloaded with buildings or remainings of those. Because we didn’t find a place to park the car at the seaside [they traveled by their own car (a van)]. We spent the night in a very poor looking area with little houses, and dreamed about upcoming adventures. The next morning we were pretty surprised, when an Iranian lady came by to our car knocking at the door. First of all, we were annoyed by her waking us up, but we soon realized that she was holding a breakfast on a plate (tea, biscuits, fruits etc.) right in front of her. Of course, we kindly opened up and the woman warmly invited us into her house for lunch . After another night at the Caspian Sea we headed back south, again through the Alborz mountains, to make it to Tehran. When we arrived, it was an Iranian celebration day (Nowruz, 13-Bedar). Tehran, a city of approx. 15 Million people, was like dead, as all the people went out into the nearby mountains for vacation and all shops were closed.” [2] Apparently, these tourists knew nothing about Nowruz, and also about Shomal and this fact that they could spend their whole trip in Shomal and enjoy its natural beauties, historical sites, and delicious foods. It’s exactly what many Iranians do. But maybe “Lonely Planet” has not written anything about this matter and this great part of Iran! We advise the tourists to travel to Iran like Iranians. At least they should know Shomal as much as they know the ancient and famous cities of Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz, Esfahan, Kashan, Kermanshah, Hamedan, etc. Many Iranians have not seen Yazd or Kerman, but they have seen Shomal.


Almost all non-Iranians write about the generosity and hospitality of Iranians, and it’s really interesting. Iranians have a very friendly behavior towards tourists and non-Iranians, specially Europeans and Americans. A German woman writes: “It was New Years Eve in Iran and we had very nice encounters with the locals in Esfahan. We had just left the Royal square (Naghshe Jahan Sq), but when we heard all that noise, we turned around. We split up and within a few minutes each of us was engaged in conversation with some Iranians. It really is striking how quickly contacts are made when you walk around alone as a non-native. I saw a young couple taking pictures of each other and I offered to take a picture of both of them. From there it went: First she wanted her picture taken with me, then he with me. Before long, another couple joined us who wanted to ask me a few questions and wanted to film me. And before I knew it, the original couple offered me their miniature Noruz table display, which they had brought along for decoration,as a gift! I rejected and rejected, and then accepted it. Now we had to exchange names and I was scrambling for a gift to give them in return. At last I found a Michigan button with a pin and explained that I was German, but was working in Michigan. That pleased them very much, especially when I explained, that all the gifts from Iran will become teaching material for my students. Again, I was overwhelmed by the generosity and warmth of total strangers. I had walked into this square with nothing and walked out with a gift box in hand!” [1] Iranian generosity and hospitality are really among the best in the world, but the stupid western mass media talk nonsense about Iranians, and mislead the non-Iranians. They don’t say that the Mullahs and the Islamists are very hated figures in Iran, and Iranians hate them. They don’t speak about the differences between Iran’s people and Iran’s regime; And it’s really shameful.


A Swedish tourist writes: “When we reached the beautifully lit Khaju Bridge (in Esfahan) we got invited to share a picnic with a family in the grassy slopes. Before we knew it we were in a cab towards their home, where we all danced in their living room. In lack of typical Swedish dancing I tried my Pulp Fiction moves. Judging from their faces they had never seen anything more weird in their entire lives. A great evening” [3] It’s really the true meaning of Iranian life and how Iranians live in Iran. The image of Iran that is drawn by the stupid western mass media is so unreal and so shameful. And it makes Iranians angry. A German woman writes: “The taxi driver looked at me and said: Welcome to my city. This is one of two things I hear in just about every store, office, bank, internet café and even on the street. The other is a question: What do you think of Iran? Iranians know very well, how their country and their leaders are viewed abroad. As this is vastly unjust towards them, they try to make up for it by extending themselves in every possible way and they ask your opinion hoping to hear a positive answer [in fact, they want to know whether you are ignorant or not! and do you know the differences between Iran’s regime and Iran’s people?]” [1]. She also adds: “Akbar, that I met him and his wife (Parvin) at the airport, has been calling just about every day to make sure I am OK. Mahsa, with whom I explored Hamadan yesterday, has been calling twice already to make sure I dont need any help. I really dont need any help and I wont get lost and I am OK. I might just have to turn the phone off” [1] I think what she has written is so clear and so meaningful, and of course so tragic. It’s the story of the western ignorance, and how Iranians are victims of the western hypocrisy and the western stupidity, and how the hypocrite western mass media tell big lies about Iran and Iran’s people.


The tourists taste the generosity and hospitality of Iranians since the first moments of their trips. A German tourist writes: “In Airplane, I sat next to a couple from Iran: Akbar and Parvin. After about ½ the flight we started to talk. Both spoke English. As it turns out, they had a car parked at the airport and offered to take me back to town with them. What a relief. Akbars son runs a four star hotel. He offered to get me the special family rate. Instead of $120 to $160 per room it would only be $80. I had to politely decline and explain that with 3.5 months of travel my budget is more around $20-40 per night. A no-star hotel was needed. He kindly called my Lonely Planet pick and reserved a room for me. Both also invited me to their summer home near Estfahan during the New Year festival, Nowruz. That might be an offer I wont turn down. But then, there will be two of us. Nicola from London will be joining me during that time. So, I think I will decline once again. But then they offered to have me over for dinner tomorrow. I accepted. Akbar insisted on coming into the hotel with me to make sure that everything was fine. He paid the clerk 50,000 Rials as a down payment no matter how much I protested. This tops even the level of kindness and help I experienced in Syria” [1] This kind of hospitality is quite normal among Iranians, but non-Iranians know nothing about it. Of course, everywhere has its own problems. Some Iranians, specially the Islamists and the salesmen, are stupid and charlatan, but when we talk about Iranians, we mean the majority of ordinary Iranians, and the general mood that you can see in Iran. I also should add that many Iranians are nosy, and many play games with each others. In addition, some Iranians are not very kind to each others; they are only kind to non-Iranians ! It’s shameful, but it can be understandable when you see, because of the Mullahs and the Islamic regime, Iranians can not trust each others, and they are frightened of the Mullah informants and the Iranian hypocrite bastards who work for the Mullah regime or are psychotic charlatan. But non-Iranians know nothing about the problems of Iranians in the Mullah regime, and also about the old and rich culture and civilization of Iran.


The German woman adds: “After Akbar left my hotel, it took no more than 10 minutes when he called the hotel back to ask if I was hungry. He was going to come back and take me to their house to eat! I could only insist that I was completely filled from the meal we had gotten at the airplane and there was absolutely no need for them to turn around in this heavy traffic. Wow! What a welcome to Iran” [1]. All Iranians know that this sort of hospitality is quite normal among Iranians. In fact, it’s part of Iranian culture. But many non-Iranians know nothing about Persia, its nice people, and its old and rich culture. The Iranian generosity and hospitality are independent of where you meet Iranians inside Iran. In the small towns or big cities, in the poor or rich areas, or in the rural or urban areas you always can find the Iranian generosity and hospitality, and we would write more about it later. The tourists should see the unseen beauties of Iran and Iranians, by seeing the ordinary people, and by seeing Shomal and its natural beauties in cities like Ramsar, Masouleh, Abbas Abbad, Rasht, Kelardasht, Tonekabon, Sarri, etc. For example, the historical town of Masooleh (above picture), has an attractive nature and a wonderful architecture with an antiquity of more than 2000 years. It is situated at a distance of 60 km from Rasht, capital of Gilan province, and 1050 m above the Caspian sea. From the architectural point of view, Masouleh is unique in the world, so that the yard of a house is the roof of another one. There are many beautiful and ancient cities in Shomal. Ramsar and Kerlardasht are two of them, that like almost all parts of Shomal, have many green mountains, green roads, jungles, green valleys, waterfalls, rivers, springs, etc that have created a very beautiful and eye-catching natural landscape. But unfortunately the tourists don’t know Shomal, and many other things in Iran. When you read their blogs or travel dairies, you can find many wrong and stupid things; and it’s a result of western media’s lies about Iran. We would write more about this matter later.

[The pictures that you see here, are the pictures of Shomal]

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Thanksgiving in Iran and North America

November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Day is an annual holiday in both the US and Canada. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the U.S. and on the second Monday of October in Canada. Thanksgiving in North America had originated from a mix of European/ Persian and Native traditions. Typically in Persia, and then in Europe, festivals were held before and after the harvest cycles to give thanks for a good harvest. As we said before, many Western traditions have Persian roots, and among them are April 1st (13-bedar), Halloween (CharShanbe Soori), Thanksgiving (Megregan), Christmas (Sadeh/ Yalda), etc. As we said before, the Persian religion (Zoroastrianism) is the root of Christianity and many other religions. And many Europeans were Aryans (Iranians) who immigrated to Europe from Iran. The Zoroastrian doctrine of heaven ,hell, and limbo influenced other faiths. Christianity further assimilated the Zoroastrian belief of the souls afterlife and the appearance of a savior, resurrection, and eternal life at the end of the world. Zoroasters notions also affected the development of Christian beliefs about demons and angels, the afterlife, and heaven and hell, as well as the concept of resurrection of the dead at the end of time . As we said before, ‘Iran’ literally means ‘land of Aryans’, and many Europeans immigrated form Iran. So, it’s so obvious that many Persian traditions became popular in the west. Thanksgiving history in the US, according to scholars, was an autumn harvest festival. And it’s exactly like the Persian traditions of Mehregan, a day of thanksgiving which everyone show the mehr (love) they have for each other. Mehregan was a very important day in the Persian year. It was celebrated in the seventh month, Mehr, at the time of harvest and beginning of winter. On those days, farmers carried out their harvest and prayed to God for it. Thanksgiving history in the US is not very clear, but some say that the first gathering among the pilgrims and the Winnebago Indians, took place in 1621 and was regarded as a harvest festival event. This idea of holding a harvest feast was not something new to the pilgrims. Many cultures throughout history had held feasts and banquets honoring their individual deities or simply being thankful for the bounty. At that time, Native Americans had also celebrated the end of a harvest season.


Mehregan is one of the two most important ancient Iranian festivals known, dating back at least as far as the earliest Aryans (Iranians). The word “Mehr” (in Mehregan) in the Persian language means kindness. Mehr represents knowledge, love, light and friendship. Mehregan and its festival falls on the 196th day of the Iranian year (10th Mehr, 2nd Oct.). Avestan texts divide the Iranian year into two equal parts or seasons. The first season was summer and the second was winter. The coming of the two seasons would be celebrated through Nowruz and Mehregan. It was celebrated on the 16th of the seventh month, Mehr, at the time of harvest and beginning of winter. This feast would be celebrated for six days. On these days, farmers carried out their harvest and prayed to God for it. The seventh month in the Persian calendar is named Mehr and is dedicated to the Goddess of Light (Mithra or Mehr). Her followers believed that she defeated evil and darkness, a scene that is often depicted with a triumphant lion residing over a bull. The Perisan also believe Fereydouns victory over Azydahak (Zahhak in Ferdosis Shahnameh) happened on Mehregan day (it’s an old Persian Myth). Hence, Mehregan is a day of victory when angels helped Fereydoun and Kaveh gain victory over Zahhak. They imprisoned him in the Damavand Mountain where he died from his wounds six days later. In Birunis 11th-century book of instructions on the art of astrology, the astronomer observed that some people gave preference to Mehregan over Nowruz just as they prefer autumn over spring. Mehregan was celebrated in an extravagant style at Persepolis. Not only was it the time for harvest, but it was also the time when the taxes were collected. No matter what the origins, Persians all over celebrate this festival in the fall signifying the season of harvest and thanksgiving. Friendships are renewed and families are visited. The festival is also a reminder of the cornerstone of the religion of Zoroaster – good words, good deeds and good thoughts. Now, the Iranian Zoroastrians are celebrating this auspicious occasion on October 2. At lunch time, everyone in the family stands in front of the mirror to pray. Handfuls of wild marjoram, lotus and sugar plum seeds are thrown over each others heads while they embrace one another. Of course, the Mullahs and the Islamist have banned other Iranians from celebrating Mehregan, but after the Mullahs downfall, Iranians again will celebrate Mehregan and all other Persian festivals in all around Persia.


Thanksgiving in the US is a religious day, but like many other religious days in the US, Thanksgiving has become a happy and joyful secular day in the recent decades. The history of Thanksgiving in the US is not very clear, but some believe the first Thanksgiving in the US was the feast shared with the Wampanoag Indians. They say: “During the first winter in 1621, 46 of the 102 pilgrims died. But the following year resulted in a plentiful harvest. The pilgrims decided to celebrate with a feast that would include 90 natives who helped the pilgrims survive during that first winter. The next recorded day of Thanksgiving occurred in 1631 when a ship full of supplies that was feared to be lost at sea actually pulled into Boston Harbor. Governor Bradford again ordered a day of Thanksgiving and prayer”. And some historians add: “After the revolutionary wars, George Washington issued the first national Thanksgiving Day Proclamation in the year 1789 and again in 1795. Washington wrote: ‘Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits … we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions”. The state of New York officially made Thanksgiving Day an annual custom in 1817. Abraham Lincoln issued a ‘Thanksgiving Proclamation’ on third October 1863 and officially set aside the last Thursday of November as the national day for Thanksgiving. Franklin Roosevelt restored Thursday before last of November as Thanksgiving Day in the year 1939. And Congress passed a law on December 26, 1941, ensuring that all Americans would celebrate a unified Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November every year”. Thanksgiving is the turkey’s day in the US. In a survey conducted by the National Turkey Federation, nearly 88 percent of Americans said they eat turkey at Thanksgiving. Some say: “An estimated 248 million turkeys will be raised for slaughter in the US, up 2 percent from 2010’s total, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Last year’s birds were worth about U.S. $4.37 billion. About 46 million turkeys ended up on U.S. dinner tables last Thanksgiving -or about 736 million pounds (334 million kilograms) of turkey meat, according to estimates from the National Turkey Federation. The American Automobile Association (AAA) estimated that 42.2 million Americans traveled 50 miles or more from home over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 2010”. Apparently Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the United States. Native Americans had domesticated the turkey centuries before European contact. And early European explorers of the New World had returned to Europe with turkeys in tow after encountering them at Native American settlements.


Thanksgiving is observed on the every fourth Thursday of November, so its date is not fixed (2011- Thursday, November 24th, 2012- Thursday, November 22nd, 2013- Thursday, November 28th, etc). The Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of the month, and the reason for the earlier date in October is their earlier harvest occurring farther to the north. There are many myths about Thanksgiving in the US. Some historians say: “The Plimoth settlers did not refer to themselves as Pilgrims. Pilgrims are people who travel for religious reasons, such as Muslims who make a pilgrimage to Mecca. Most of those who arrived here from England were religious dissidents who had broken away from the Church of England. They called themselves Saints; others called them Separatists. Some of the settlers were Puritans, dissidents but not separatists who wanted to purify the Church. It wasnt until around the time of the American Revolution that the name Pilgrims came to be associated with the Plimoth settlers, and the Pilgrims became the symbol of American morality and Christian faith, fortitude, and family. But the colonists were not just innocent refugees from religious persecution. By 1620, hundreds of Native people had already been to England and back, most as captives; so the Plimoth colonists knew full well that the land they were settling on was inhabited. Nevertheless, their belief system taught them that any land that was unimproved was wild and theirs for the taking; that the people who lived there were roving heathens with no right to the land. Both the Separatists and Puritans were rigid fundamentalists who came here fully intending to take the land away from its Native inhabitants and establish a new nation, their Holy Kingdom. The Plimoth colonists were never concerned with freedom of religion for anyone but themselves. By 1675, there were some 50,000 colonists in the place they had named New England. They had killed many native Americans. That year, Metacom, a son of Massasoit, one of the first whose generosity had saved the lives of the starving settlers, led a rebellion against them. By the end of the conflict known as King Philips War, most of the Indian peoples of the Northeast region had been either completely wiped out, sold into slavery, or had fled for safety into Canada. Shortly after Metacoms death, Plimoth Colony declared a day of thanksgiving for the English victory over the Indians”

Iranian Foods vs Western Foods

November 17, 2011

Iranians, like other nations, have many stupid traditions and stupid weak points. But the story of Iranian traditions and Iranian expats is one of the stupidest things. While the stupid Iranian expats have the stupidest Iranian weak points (like telling lie, kissing ass, etc), they talk nonsense about many things, including the Iranian foods that are the best part of the Iranian traditions. The traditional Iranian Foods, specially Kaleh Pache are unknown in the world, but when you search the web, you can find that the stupid Iranian expats have misled the non-Iranians. These Iranian jerks who often kiss the Mullahs’ ass and the Pahlavi’s ass, distort the facts. These stupid bastards pretend that they are intellect, while they are “typical disgusting Iranian baboons”, who often tell lie, kiss ass, and are very jealous, hypocrite, nosy, etc. These Iranian jerks are so disgusting and should be deported to Iran, and here they should be brought to trial for the embezzled money and what they have stolen from Iran. It’s funny that these stupid bastards don’t talk about the stupid Iranian traditions or the “typical disgusting characteristics of the Iranian baboons”, but they talk nonsense about some Iranian traditions that are not so bad, without knowing anything about other parts of the world.


As we said before, “Kaleh Pacheh” (or “Kale Pache”) is one of the traditional Iranian foods that tastes good, but it’s the most controversial Iranian food. Since the ancient time, herbs and vegetables have been the main parts of the Iranian foods, and it’s rare in the world. Iranians have one of the richest cuisine in the world that is full of herbs and vegetables, and vegans love it. Iranians have a very long list of foods that are only made by herbs and vegetables. Iranians did not eat many things, like pig, lobster, shrimp, etc that Europeans still eat them. But when they killed a sheep, they tried to use all its meat, and it had economic reasons. As you know, the Chinese eat all animate objects! The Eastern countries, especially the Chinese, eat cats, rats, dogs, bugs, cockroaches, crickets, etc. And the European eat “Lobster” and many sea creatures that are like a bigger version of the cockroaches !


Many Iranians say: “How can they eat lobster? or how can they bear seeing lobster in their plate?, or how they can bear cooking lobster?” As you know, many American and European women and men can’t bear cooking lobster, and some can’t bear seeing it in their plates. And it’s exactly like our story in Iran. The vast majority of Iranian hate cooking Kaleh Pacheh, or seeing how they cook it. Some even hate eating “Kale Pache”. Iranians who want to eat Kaleh Pacheh, go to its special restaurants, and enjoy eating Kaleh Pache that is “meat” and “fat”. Some think Iranians put the sheep’s head on the table and eat it !!! But it’s a joke, a very big lie. It’s what Europeans do, not Iranians. Europeans put fish, lobster, shrimp, etc with its head, its legs/ crawls, and its open eyes on the table and eat it. In fact, this sort of serving foods is a Chinese / Japanese/ European tradition, not a Persian tradition.


Those Iranians and non-Iranians who hate seeing the cooking bowl of “Kale Pache”, also hate seeing lobster, fish head, etc. Many Iranians ask: “Why Europeans serve fish with its head, or lobster in its original shape? It’s really horrible”. Yes, it’s really horrible. But the Chinese are worse than Europeans and many Iranians and non-Iranians can’t bear seeing Chinese foods and how they cook all animate objects ! Of course, when you can’t see the original shape of what you eat, and you just see small or large portions of meat, what you eat can be everything, including lobster, cat, crocodile, monkey, Kale Pache, etc. Only when you see the truth, it becomes horrible! But the Chinese, Japanese, Europeans, etc eat animals in their original shapes, and it’s really horrible. In fact, the cooking bowl of Kaleh Pache is much more acceptable than the Chinese, Japanese, or European kitchens. And a plate of “Kale Pache” is much more acceptable than a plate of lobster, rat, cat, live fish, etc.


Some Iranians say: “Those who eat meat, actually eat hands, legs, etc of the animals, and it’s as horrible as eating inner meats of head or foot of a sheep”. In fact, Kaleh Pache is meat and fat of sheep, and has different parts. When you go to its restaurant you have many options: “Zaboon” (Tongue), “Bana Goosh” (Chin), “Cheshm” (Eye), “Maghz” (Brain), “Pache” (Foot), “Ab Goosht” (Water), etc. Many Iranians, we included, only order “Bana Goosh” and “Zaboon”, that are delicious meat, and have not any special shape or taste. “Cheshm” is meat, but its shape is horrible. And “Brain”, is only fat, and its shape is so horrible. I only tested “Brain” once, and it was like a weird mushy fat, a very stupid fat. So, if you wanted to test “Kale Pache” in Iran, you should only order “Bana Goosh” and “Zaboon”, and then you become a lover of Kaleh Pacheh! The tourists should know that many Iranians only eat “Bana Goosh” and “Zaboon”.


A Swedish tourist that had eaten Kaleh Pacheh in Tehran, said: “First we got a bowl of the water (Ab Goosht) that the sheep head had been boiled in it. Next was a plate with tongue, followed by a plate with chin. The final plate was the brains and the eyes. I felt like a zombie as I let loose on the pieces, which were really unlike anything Id ever eaten before. Finally, a sweet pomegranate beer provided a nice contrast to the meat”. In fact, they had eaten like a horse ! When he was asked: “How did the sheep brain REALLY taste? Did you finish it?”, he answered: “The brain tasted weird, maybe some strange mix between mushroom and truffle [!] But our plates were actually quite empty afterwards !” Apparently many tourists eat a lot of “Brain” ! and it’s both funny and horrible! It’s not like what Iranians do. The tourists should forget “Brain”, and instead they should eat “Kale Pache” like Iranians. Funny Iranians say: “Those who eat Brain are brainless“! Iranians also have a funny slang about eating brain. When Iranians say: “X has eaten Maghze Khar (donkey brain)”, it means: “X is very very very stupid”. So, if you ate Brain, you would be like Reza Pahlavi and the Monarchists who eat donkey brain! As you know, 99% of Iranians believe: “Reza Pahlavi and the Monarchists have eaten Maghze Khar (donkey brain)” !

Abbas Khayemal (Kiarostami), Taghvai, Vafamehr

November 12, 2011

Recently, Abbas Kiarostami that we and many other Iranians call him “Abbas Kayemal” (Abbas Ass-kisser) has opened his damn mouth and talked nonsense about our situation in Iran. Unfortunately many non-Iranians think “Abbas Kiarostami is one of the great filmmakers of our time.” But it’s a stupid joke. Abbas Kayemal is just a great ass-kisser and a worthless Iranian baboon and the stupid French made him a straw hero. In his recent interview, on October 13, 2011, with a German radio (search web for “Kiarostami ,, dkultur”) he has told stupid joke about his shitty films, but his funnier joke is about our situation in Iran. The German interviewer ask him: “Our listeners might expect, that you comment on the current situation in Iran”. And Abbas Kayemal say: “What angers me, is the West’s reaction to Panahi’s arrest, and also the reaction of Panahi himself. Now, Panahi is free; he has even made a movie that was shown at Cannes [!!!!] [what this jerk talks about is a 2-minute short film!]. I just do not understand why they tell lie [!!]. It annoys me that the West does not seem to acknowledge that he is no longer in prison. And that’s why I react so annoying. The simple truth is that Panahi is no longer in custody”. Abbas Kayemal is really a worthless jerk. He doesn’t talk about what happened to Panahi in jail; He doesn’t say that the Mullahs have officially declared that Panahi can’t make film for 20 years; He doesn’t say that Panahi’s crime was “Film Making”! He doesn’t talk about other film makers that have been arrested recently, and about the majority of film makers that can’t make film in Iran. Abbas Kayemal is really a worthless jerk who only kisses the Mullah’s ass and works as an apologist for the savage Mullahs. In the recent weeks, the Mullahs have arrested many Iranian film makers, but Abbas Kayemal talks nonsense and defends the Mullah regime. He doesn’t say anything about the arrested film makers and arrested actresses, especially about Nasser Taghvai’s wife, Marzieh Vafamehr.


Iranians know that in the recent weeks the media reported: “Marzieh Vafamehr, an Iranian actress sentenced to 90 lashes and a year in prison after appearing in Iranian film “My Tehran for Sale”. One scene in the film shows her without Islamic Hejab (the head-covering Iranian women are forced to wear), while she appears to drink alcohol in another. “My Tehran for Sale” is a short film that an Iranian expat has made it as her thesis for an Australian university. The actress, Marzieh Vafamehr, seems to have been released after about two months in jail, and after an appeal court reduced her imprisonment to three months and overturned the flogging sentence”. In the recent weeks, more than 20 film makers, specially the documentary film makers, were arrested too. But Abbas Khayemal, not only shut his f-u-c-k-ing mouth about this matter, but he works as an apologist for the Mullah regime! Shame on you, Abbas Khayemal. The world should know that Abbas Khayemal is a worthless baboon. And it’s not the first time that he shows his true colors. In the past years, Abbas Khayemal has shown his true colors over and over. In 2005, he said: “I support Mr. shit; I vote for Mr. shit”. And in 2009, when the Mullahs were killing and raping Iranians, Abbas Khayemal defended the Mullah regime, and said Mr. shit and Mullahs are as bad as the world thinks! Now almost all Iranians know that Abbas Khayemal is a worthless Iranian baboon. Some ask: “Why the west only cares about the Iranian baboons and Iranian jerks? Abbas Kayemal is a worthless baboon with many shitty and worthless films. He only kisses the savage Mullahs’ ass, and Iranians hate him.” Nasser Taghvai is an Iranian film maker (director & screenwriter) that is more talented than Abbas Khayemal, but the west doesn’t care about him, because he is independent and anti-Mullah, and doesn’t kiss the Mullah’s ass. Of course, Taghvai and many other Iranian film makers have serious weak points, but some young Iranian artists are very talented. If Iran was a free country, the young anti-Mullah artists would show the world that they are much more talented than Abbas Khayemal, whose fate would be like the fate of Nazi, Fascist, or Stalinist film makers. Now, the people only spit on their graves, and the world has forgotten them.


Recently, Taghvai’s ex-wife, Shahrnoosh ParsiPour, has said: “I met Vafamehr in Turkey. She was a nice girl, very nice girl. I loved her. Vafamehr was more younger than our son (son of Taghvai & ParsiPour), but she was a real mother for my son. I mean, she can be a good mother for my son, while she is younger than him”. This kind of sarcastic comments is quite normal among Iranians, especially Iranian women! But some funny Iranians say: “You can call Nasser Taghvai “Nasser Hashari” (Nasser Horny), because when he met Vafamehr, he was (about) 50 and she was (about) 20. Apparently, Nasser Hashari (only) kisses the women’s ass, but it can be quite normal. You can call Nasser Taghvai “Nasser Shireie” (Nasser Opium), because apparently he loves opium. Of course, it’s a serious weak point, but he has not kissed the Mullahs’ ass; and that’s the important matter. In fact, being horny is much more better than being ass-kisser”. So, that’s why many Iranians say: “Sage Taghvai be Kiarostami sharaf dareh” (even Taghvai’s dog is more honorable than Kiarostami). Unfortunately, Abbas Khayemal and his stupid tragic story is just another tragicomedy in Iran’s history; It’s part of the tragedy of Iranian intellectualism and the tragedy of Iranian fake intellectuals. “The world should know Abbas Khayemal and his true color, and they should not care about him”, many Iranians say in these days. And many add: “Abbas Khayemal, Tu un Ruhe Akhound Parastet (Damn you, the Mullah lover, Abbas Khayemal)”. In fact, Abbas Khayemal is worst than the Islamist film makers, and some one like Ebrahim Hatamikia, who recently has kissed the Mullahs’ ass. Some one like Hatamikia is a Basiji baboon and doesn’t pretend that he is an intellectual. Everybody knows that Hatamikia is a Khayemal and a Mullah lover. But Abbas Khayemal is a charlatan who has tried to deceive the world and public opinion, or as Iranians say: “He tries to eat from both the manger and the nose-bag“. Abbas Khayemal is really an Iranian baboon and a fake intellectual, and the world should know it.

Iranian Stupid Bastard: Reza Pahlavi

September 22, 2011

Reza Pahlavi is the stupid leader of the ultra-stupid Monarchists, who live in the US, i.e. in an old Republic system ! These stupid bastards are like stupid sheep, who want to have “Big Brother”, or as Iranians say “Sare Khar” (Donkey’s head) and desperately try to restore the monarchy in the 21st century. Many Iranians say: “The Monarchy and the Mullah regime are two side of the same coin, and both are dead for us. “Taj” (crown), Amameh (Mullah’s hat), the religious tyranny (Mullah regime) and the secular tyranny (Monarchy) are so disgraced and hateful in Iran”


The Monarchists call Reza Pahlavi “Shah-Zadeh” (Prince), while the ordinary Iranians call him “Shazdeh” that is a funny term for referring to the hated a-s-s-h-o-l-e-s. In the recent years, “Shazdeh” and “Mullah” have become funny insulting words for calling the stupid jerks. Iranians say: “Shazdeh wish he seized the throne form Mullah (Khamenei). Shazdeh wish he wore the crown again. But it’s an impossible dream. Shazdeh can not put the crown on his head, he must put it into his ass”. In Iran, Shazdeh is as hateful as Mullah, and Iranians truly believe they are the same shit.


The stupid Monarchists say: “Shah (Pahlavi)is the father of Iran. Iran is the land of many ethnicities and only Shah (Pahlavi) can keep all ethnic groups united!”. And the stupid Islamists say: “Vali Faqih (Khamenei) is the father of Iran. Iran is the land of many ethnicities and only Vali Faqih (Khamenei) can keep all ethnic groups united!”. The Monarchists and the Islamists have the same vocabulary, too. For example, “Big Brother” for the Monarchists is “Shah” and for the Islamists is “Vali Faqih”; “Gestapo” for the Monarchists is “Savak” and for the Islamists is “Sepah”; “State thugs” for the Monarchists is “Jan Nesar”, and for the Islamists is “Fadaii (Basiji)”; “Your Majesty” for the Monarchists is “Alahazrat” and for the Islamists is “Ozma (Moazam)”; “The Hitler Salute” for the Monarchists is “Javid Shah”, and for the Islamists is “Payande Rahbar”.


So, Iranians truly say: “the Islamists = the Monarchists = the stupid sheep”. The vast majority of Iranians inside Iran believe: “This is 21st century, this is not the 1800s. This is 2010s, this is not 1970s. The stupid Pahlavi tries to be another Khomeini, but it’s impossible. The stupid Pahlavi and his stupid fans have eaten “Maghze Khar” (Donkey’s brain) and think others have eaten it too ! But the educated Iranians in 21st century, are not as stupid as these stupid bastards; They are not the stupid sheep of 1970s. The stupid Pahlavi thinks that he can use Khomeini’s tactics and deceive the people; But it’s an impossible dream. Iranians inside Iran, are not like the stupid sheep in LA, who still live in 1970s”


“The stupid Pahlavi and the stupid Monarchists still think that the US can help them to restore the monarchy. These stupid bastards don’t know that even God can not restore the monarchy in the 21st century !! The Reza Pahlavi and stupid Monarchists want to establish a secular “Thugocracy” in Iran, that is an “Idiocracy” or a “Sheepocracy”. But Iranians say: “Both the monarchy and the Islamic regime, i.e. the secular Thugocracy or religious Thugocracy, belong to history. Those who want to restore the Monarchy or the Islamic regime, i.e. the Idiocracy or the Sheepocracy, in Iran in 21st century, only have one solution: ‘They can go and f-u-c-k themselves in the US and the UK”.


“No nation swallows its own vomit”, some say. In fact, no man and no nation eat its own shit. The Iranian bastards in the US who want to eat shit and restore the Monarchy in 21st century, are a bunch of psychotic bastards who belong to the Stone Age. The Iranian youths ask: “Why these stupid cavemen, i.e. stupid Monarchists, can live in the US ?? Does the US have place for the cavemen and the Stone Age’ people?” But as we said before, when groups who believe in the flat earth ! or those who believe that the Sun orbits the earth !!, can live in the US, then the stupid Monarchists can live there, too. There is not any significant difference between them !

Iranian Daily Life and Western Misconceptions

September 19, 2011

The world knows nothing about Iranians and the Iranian life. Many have dreadful delusions about Iran. Many think that Iran is an Arab state !! Many think that Iranians are pro-Islamists !! and Many think that Iranians are like the Mullahs. Iran is not part of the global community, because the Mullahs and the hypocrite western politicians don’t allow it. But Iran is one of the oldest member of the global community and is the most modern country in the Middle East. The western media often has dreadful articles about Iran, but an article by Peter Hitchens in the Daily Mail in 2007 , that had its own weak points, was a rare good and acceptable article about Iran. I like it because it has many good and true points about the ordinary Iranians and the daily life in Iran. On the other hand, it also has written by a non-Iranian and it’s impossible to accuse him of something like being chauvinist or nationalist. Hitchens said: “The last thing the Mullahs need is for the peoples of Europe and America to know much about their country and its people, or to realize the truth – that Iran is our natural ally in the Middle East, a European civilization trapped by history and geography in the midst of Arabia. It does not belong there, culturally or religiously. We treat Turkey like a brother, when it is a militant Islamic state kept secular only by a disguised military dictatorship. And we treat Iran like a pariah, when it’s a largely secular nation kept Islamic only by an ageing and discredited, but open, despotism. ” It’s really true. Iran or Persia is really much more modern than all nations in the Middle East and Africa, from the Arab states to Turkey and Egypt. For more than 3000 years, at least since Zoroaster’s time to Muhammad, Arabs were just the barbarian tribes inside or outside the deserts of the southern borders of Iran (Persia). Even now in 21st century and in what the media call it “the Arab Spring”, you can see that the majority of Turks and Arabs are Islamists or pro-Islamists, while the majority of Iranians hate Islamists and pro-Islamists. It’s very important and meaningful. Iranians and many Europeans are “Arian” and the Arians immigrated to Europe form Iran (Persia). Of course, it’s so obvious that there is no difference between the human beings. All of us are African, and have immigrated from there. And there is no difference between young and modern Arabs or Turks and Iranians. Indeed, the facts about Iran and Iranians are not racist facts. But the people should know about these facts, because many have dreadful misconceptions about Iran and Iranians.


Hitchens said: “In the past ten days I have traveled across beautiful, hospitable Persia and talked to many of its people. I have been inside private homes and found out what Iranian people think and why. I have tried to understand the sweet, sad mystery of Iran’s unique brand of Islam, quite unlike the hard, aggressive faith found in the Arab lands .” It’s really true. Even Iranian Islam is not like Arab Islam. Hitchens added: “Now some think they have found something to be afraid of in Iran. This is the land of the glowering Mullahs, the book-burning mobs, the Fatwas of death and the black chador. When I told my friends and family I was going to Tehran, they looked at me as if I were taking a short break in Mordor. But the people of Iran are probably the most pro-Western in the world. By bringing this information back to you I expect to annoy the frowning Mullahs, who want their people to fear us as much as Bush and Blair want us to fear Iran. They long for our rage and threats “. It’s really true. Both the Mullahs and the stupid western politicians have a lot of interests in their phony war with each other, so they distort the facts and try to deceive public opinion. Hitchens also added: “I am under no illusions about how barbaric the government can be to those who challenge it openly in the Press or other public forums. But I think its power is waning, and can be kept alive only if we are fool enough to fall for the propaganda of the people who brought us the Iraq War”. It’s really true. We know for example, many British people hate Blair or Cameron, while the vast majority of Iranians deeply hate the Mullahs. Hitchens added: “I have also talked to those who enjoy the illicit thrill of drinking whisky in an Islamic republic whose soldiers still spend hours smashing smuggled cargoes of alcohol. I have observed the cunning efforts of Iran’s women to subvert and mock the ridiculous dress codes forced on them by silly old men. I have seen how many others choose to follow rules of modesty they personally believe in ” It’s really true. It’s the reality of Iran and Iranian life. It’s the true meaning of Iranian daily life in 21st century.


Hitchens said: “I have been told unprintably rude jokes about Khomeini [and the Mullahs]. Let me begin in Tehran, Iran’s colossal, ugly and charming capital city. This is a very young city in a very youthful country. About 40 per cent of Iran’s 70million people are 15 years old or younger, and in Tehran the concentration of the young is even greater. On the walls of the long-deserted US Embassy, site of the kidnap of dozens of diplomats, slogans in English and Persian still promise to inflict a great defeat on America. But these things are old, flaking, faded and largely ignored by the people. They have other things on their minds – mainly private life” It’s really true. The Iranian private life, and what Iranians have on their minds, are totally different from the Mullah propaganda or the western media propaganda. Iranians hate the Mullahs, the Mullah values, and the Mullahs norms. Each person who goes to Iran, can realize the truth soon. Hitchens also added: “In a bustling restaurant in north Tehran, where Iran’s wealthy middle classes live, it is obvious that Islamic dress has been forced on the many women present and that they are determined to let everyone know it is not their choice“. It’s really true, but it’s not only about Tehran or north Tehran. Almost in all parts of Tehran, and in all cities of Iran, you can see the same thing. Hitchens added: “Personally, I found Tehran much less oppressively Islamic than Kensington High Street in London, where an ever-growing number of women voluntarily go about in black shrouds, masks and veils. This is not some medieval theocracy where females are hidden away or forced to do the will of their menfolk. Men and women sit in animated mixed groups at the lunch tables, conversing as equals. Headscarves are worn. It is still the absolute law. But they are worn in such a way as to make a fool of that law. They are pushed back as far as they can go without actually falling off, held in place by no more than a blast of hairspray, revealing the front parts of elaborate and often vertical hairstyles – frequently blonde “, It’s really true. It’s really a funny fact (specially about Kensington street!). And It’s the reality of daily life in Iran, in almost all parts of Iran and all parts of Tehran.


Hitchens said: “In a park by a lake, some teenage girls are splashing each other. Incredibly, several of them have illegally taken off their headscarves. Even more incredibly, their teachers pretend not to notice. On the streets the women walk and stand like Parisians. Somehow, with a belt here and an adjustment there, they manage to make the modest ‘Manteau’ jackets look chic. They laugh and chatter . The days when public laughter was a criminal offence are long gone. About one in 50 seems to have had recent plastic surgery on her nose. They wear their bandages with pride and some even stick plaster on their faces to pretend that they have undergone this subversive surgery. The desire among lovely Persian women to look like Snow White is strange but it is a direct reaction to authority’s attempts to make them look like bats and crows . The fashionable cafes are full of painted, un-Islamic butterflies, sipping milkshakes or coffee. The upstairs rooms are reserved -by common consent- for couples to meet away from the intrusive eyes of their families [and the Mullah Police]”. It’s really true. The people who have gone to Iran, and the people who live in Iran, know that what Hitchens says is the reality of Iran and Iranian life. Even in the recent years, after 2007 and Hitchens’ trip, many things have changed in Iran and Iran has become more unbelievable for the foreign tourists. As we said before, the majority of Iranians are young, and Iran changes constantly and dramatically , and that’s why many, can not understand Iran and Iranians inside Iran. Hitchens added: “There is plenty of extramarital and illicit s-e-x in Iran. Among the rich, operations for ‘revirginisation’ are quite common before marriage, and contraceptives, once prohibited, are now freely on sale. Prostitutes patrol the night streets. I point this out not because I am specially glad about it, but to show how morals enforced from on high will fail if they do not have real popular support “. It’s really true. And we would write more about it later. Hitchens also added: “In the evenings, cinemas are popular places for some mild canoodling, though it is unlikely to go further than a Fifties-style kiss”. It’s really funny for many Iranians and some of them say: “Apparently the cinemas in the west are popular places for the kissing couples and French Kiss, too !! Until now, we think that it’s only true for Iran and Italy !!!”. Apparently Hitchens has not gone inside a cinema in Iran and has not seen the Iranian kissing couples in cinemas ! Some funny Iranians say: “It’s so obvious that the Iranian youths don’t go to cinemas to see the f-u-c-k-ing Mullah movies. After 2009 coup, the number of cinema goers have decreased dramatically. But those who went or still go to cinemas, go there to kiss and fondle each other, in the dark auditoriums of cinemas !”


Hitchens said: “The more the Islamic Republic tells them to loathe America, the more they yearn to to live in America. In this country, America is probably more popular, even now, than in any other country on the planet ” It’s really true. And it’s one of the most important fact, and of course the funniest fact about Iran and Iranians. While many think that Iranians are like other people of the Middle East, who are the enemy of the West and western people (especially the US and Americans), but Iranians hate the Islamists and the stupid Arabs as much as they hate the Mullahs, and they love the West and western people (especially the US and Americans) as much as they love their own country and people. The majority of Iranians yearn to live in American, Canada, or even Europe. Of course the stupid western politicians have imposed many stupid restrictions on Iranians. The western embassies in Tehran don’t respect Iranians and treat them very very badly. We would write more about this important matter later, but you should know that Iranians have to wait in the long stupid immigration queue, for about 6 to 8 years !! [or even more] Can you believe it ?! In fact, Iranians are the main victim of the fake and phony war between the Mullahs and the hypocrite western politicians. While the ordinary Iranians cannot get work visa, student visa, and tourist visa from almost all western embassies in Tehran, but the Mullahs can get their visa very easily. The hypocrite Mullahs and their families go to Europe (especially UK, Germany, and France) or Canada and Australia, and spend the stolen money there !! while the stupid sanctions are only for the ordinary Iranians ! It’s really shameful, and many Iranians are really angry about this matter. Hitchens added: “I took the clean, comfortable sleeper train 500 miles east to the shrine city of Mashhad, near the Afghan border, where I met many devout but open-minded and tolerant Iranians . In some houses, the women stayed covered at all times and I could not even shake hands with them, bowing instead. In others, they dressed and acted like Westerners”, It’s really true. Even in the religious cities of Iran, i.e. Qom and Mashhad, the majority of the people hate the Mullahs and don’t want to be like them. It’s not just Tehran or other big cities of Iran, like Esfehan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Yazd, etc (that have about 50% of Iranian population), that have tolerant and normal people, but almost all cities of Iran, even the holy religious cities, have the majority of normal and tolerant people who hate the Mullahs and the Mullah norms.


We should note that Hitchens had some misunderstanding about some things. For example, he talks nonsense about the poor people or the Mr shit’s votes in 2005. But about Mashhad, the most religious city of Iran, Hitchens said: “I have never been anywhere with such a sense of generous hospitality and consideration to strangers. The austere brand of Islam favored in Saudi Arabia is specially displeased by the Shia love of relics and glitter. When Iranian Shias go to Mecca, they are said to be treated with cold hostility. The only Shia beloved in the Sunni world is Mr. shit”. It’s really true. But Hitchens added: “It is the poor who have largely benefited from the revolution, which gave them state jobs and good schools“, it’s really wrong. The poor is the main victim of the Islamic revolution. They are the main victim of the widespread corruption and the dreadful economic situation. The poor really hates the Mullahs. The majority of Iranians, more than 70%, are the middle Class families who live around the poverty line, but they have proper education and have access to the latest technologies of 21st century. Of course, Hitchens tried to correct himself and added: “Even here [In Southern Tehran], things are not quite what they seem. My guide in this part of the city was Reza, who is now unemployed thanks to the mullahs’ mismanagement of what ought to be a fabulously rich oil and gas economy. In his part of town, there is often more fervor for football than for Islam .” It’s really true. In Southern Tehran, and in the rural areas, the people really hate the Mullahs, and suffer from the Mullah corruption and the Mullah mismanagement. As we said before, about 50% of Iranians live under poverty line, but these middle class families or the poor are the main enemy of the Mullahs. Who can love the corrupt greedy Mullahs who destroy the economics, the environment, the ordinary life and everything ?? The poor people have not enough money, but they are not blind and brainless. They can see the obvious things and can understand who is the main responsible for their dreadful situation. Hitchens also added: “There is a general belief that British spies are behind everything in Iran. It sounds funny, but it isn’t. It dates partly from the 19th Century when, with guile and bribes, British agents controlled the south of the country, hoping to keep the western borders of the Indian Empire safe”. It’s really true, but the truth is more than what Hitchens says. The history of relationship between Iran and the UK can tell the truth.

Largest Embezzlement in Iran’s History: 30000 Billion !

September 18, 2011

The Mullahs and the Mullah regime are the most corrupt regime in Iran’s history. Recently, the Biggest case of embezzlement in Iran’s history has been revealed: Mr. shit’s friends have embezzled more than 30000 Billion Rials ! (more than $3 billion) only from one bank. Mr. shit is part of the Mullah corrupt system, but some stupid lefts in the west think that Mr. shit or the Mullahs are friend of the poor people ! The Largest Embezzlement in Iran’s History, is just one of the of the Islamic miracle of the corrupt Mullahs. Some experts say: “In the past 5 years, Iran has had more than $600 billion earning, but about $400 billion of it has been lost !!” Mr. shit and Khamenei call their coup government “the cleanest, most corruption-free government in Iran’s history” !!! And it’s really the biggest possible joke in Iran’s history. Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Mr shit’s first vice president, is officially accused of being a leader of a group that embezzled about 20000 billion Rials [$2 billion] through insurance fraud and other irregularities! “The Mullah bank accounts in the western countries are full of the people money, the stolen money. The Mullahs are the biggest liars, the biggest thieves, and the most hypocrite charlatans in Iran’s history. The Mullah regime is the most corrupt regime in Iran’s history “, many Iranians say in these days. “In the recent days, Abdol Reza Rahmani Fazli, head of the Calculation Tribunal, reported that Mr. shit has not deposited 120 trillion Rials !! [$12 billion] of the nation’s earnings from oil exports into the national treasury “, the media reported. Now many Iranians say: “The old thieves, i.e. the stupid Shah and the stupid Pahlavi family had wasted, stolen, and plundered ‘Billions’ over 50 years, but these new thieves, the Mullahs, have wasted, stolen, and plundered ‘Trillions’ over 30 years “. Some also say: “It’s interesting how privacy of a person who’s accused of stealing billions of dollars is protected by the Mullahs, while a petty thief would be publicly humiliated for stealing less than 0.000001% of that amount ! It’s interesting how privacy of a big thief who has stolen billions of dollars is protected by the Mullahs, while the protesters and ordinary people are tortured, raped, and killed for protesting against the corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt regime.” Now, it’s easy to understand why the economic situation in Iran is so dreadful; Why the prices in Iran and Canada are almost equal, while the Iranian incomes are 4 to 10 times less than the Canadian incomes. . Now some say: “When institutionalized injustice assumes hold of a justice system, systematic corruption would be an inevitable outcome”. And some add: “Do you know what the Islamic regime means? It means: “Lack of any kind of freedom, violation of every basic human rights, and widespread and systematic financial corruption “. It’s very interesting that Tehran-e Emrooz, the Mullah newspaper close to Ghalibaf, reported that of the $3 billion embezzled, about $2.8 billion has already been transferred abroad !! to Europe and North America. In fact, all the Mullahs, not just Mr shit and his friends, transfer their stolen money to Europe and North America. Some say: “The stupid western politicians in the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, the US, etc make secret deals with the Mullahs and they invest the stolen money there”. It’s really shameful. As you know, Gaddafi and Assad, and almost all other savage tyrants are like the Mullahs, and invest the stolen money in the west.


“The main figure behind the biggest embezzlement in Iran’s history is Amir Mansour Khosravi, who has a controlling interest in Irans largest railroad company, the Engineering Services and Technical Foundation for Railroads, known as Traverse, which employs 8,000 people. The shares of a large steel corporation in Khuzestan have been sold to the Amir Mansoor Aria Investment Group. In 2010, 40 percent of Khuzestan Steel was sold to the same group, which had already taken control of 95 percent of National Steel of Iran the previous year. In addition, 95 percent of the Machine Tool Corporation of Lorestan was sold to this corrupt investment group . Khosravi also had two Football clubs, one in Northern Iran (Damash Gilan) and one in Southern Iran (Aria). This year, he wanted to establish a bank, Aria Bank, for himself by the stolen money, and Mr. shit’s government had given him all the necessary permissions ! He had established many other corporations, in many fields, by the stolen money, including: ‘Damash Gilan Mineral Water, Marlic Glass, Noavaran Electronic, Gohar Lake Food Industry, Tehran Miners, etc’. From 2007 to 2009, he had stolen about $80 Million. In 2009, he stole more than $800 Million. And since 2010, he has stolen more than $2 Billion !”, the media reported. But who is Amir Mansour Khosravi, (also known as “Amir Khosravi”, and “Amir Mansour Aria”) ? He is Mr. shit’s close friend; He is the bastard who bought Mr. shit’s car last year. The Mullah media say that he lives in Germany, and is one of the Iranian expat Khayemals (ass-lickers) . “When he came back to Iran [form Germany] in the mid-2000s, he had less than $1 Million, but now after a few years, he has been able to steal at least $3 Billion !!”, the Mullah media reported. Last year he paid 20 Billion Rials ($2 million) for buying Mr shit’s car !! And of course it was less than 0.1 % of the 30000 Billion Rials stolen money !! “It so obvious that he has paid more bribe to Mr. shit and other Mullahs, maybe about 30% of the stolen money”, some say. Amir Abedini, a corrupt Football manager, and many other Iranian bastards were Khosravi’s aides, but his main aides and supporters were Mr. shit and his team. “They embezzled about 28000 Rials (about $3 billion) just from one branch of Saderat Bank in Khozestan Province !! Two state banks, i.e. Bank Saderat (Export Bank) and Bank Melli (National Bank !!) were the main source of the embezzlement. The close friends of Mr. shit manage this two national banks”, the media added. It’s so obvious that when they can embezzle about 28000 Rials (about $3 billion) just from one branch of Saderat Bank, you can be sure that the Mullahs have embezzled hundreds billion dollars from all national banks. The corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt system are a very tragic black comedy. The Mullah media reported: “Gholam Hossein Elham, one of Mr shit’s allies and his ex-spokesman, said that people pay large sums to be given important positions within the government. ‘Some time ago, a person told another person, ‘You pay $200,000 to be appointed the head of such and such division,’ Elham said as an example “, When the Mullahs confess to this level of corruption, it means that the 30000 Billion Rials embezzlement, i.e. the Largest Embezzlement in Iran’s History, is just a small part of the Mullah corruption, less than 0.01% !


“Khosravi swallowing an entire bank, and the Mullahs swallowing the entire economy, while uttering, “Holoo, boro too geloo” (Peach, go down my throat). In these days, Shariatmadari, the managing editor of Kayhan, i.e. Khamenei’s newspaper, wrote about Mr’s shit corruption, and Mr shit’s friends wrote about Shariatmadari’s corruption! They said that he have made many contacts to cover up what has happened. But almost all Iranians know the truth. They know that both sides of this phony war, i.e. all the Mullahs and the Islamists in Iran, are great thieves, and in their shameful story ‘Dozd-ha Ay Dozd Ay Dozd Mikonand’ (the thieves, for deceiving the people, point at other person and shout ‘Thief, Thief’ !)”, some Iranians say in these days. The story of the Mullah corruption is a very long story. In the recent days some media reported: “Three Iranians have been arrested by the Swiss police at the International Airport in Bern, Switzerland. The three Iranian nationals were carrying twelve suitcases full of currencies such as US dollars, euros and British pounds estimated at about one billion US dollars. The three claimed their original destination was Urmieh, Iran and they had boarded the wrong flight by mistake !! ” It’s a rumor now, but it can be a true story. The corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt Islamic system are really unique in the world. But many stupid Arabs in the Arab world are still Islamists or pro-Islamists and want to establish an Islamic regime in their countries. They really deserve to be called “The stupidest people in the world”. They deserve to be f-u-c-ked and plundered by the Mullahs and the savage tyrants.

Iranian Bastards and Iranian Expats

September 17, 2011

In the recent days, Mojtab Vahedi, an ex-member of Islamist-Reformists who has fled to the US in 2010, has talked about “the necessity of establishing a National Congress for Iranians”. He truly said that the stupid Monarchists and the stupid Rajavists who support the tyranny, secular or religious, or those who support the violence and terrorism can not be member of the National Congress. He said: “The groups who support a dictator, either Shah (king) or Vali Faqih (Islamic dictator; some one like Khamenei) [or any other Big Brother] are reactionary groups, and Iranians inside Iran hate them “. It’s really true. Of course, Vahedi is not a trustworthy politician and his resume is dark, but what he says now is much more better than what other stupid Iranian bastards say. “Vahedi should clearly declare how he thinks about the great bastards, i.e. the Khatamists and Rafsanjani mercenaries. They are friends of Vahedi, and the enemy of the ordinary Iranians. These great bastards defend the Islamic regime and Khamenei, and Vahedi should clearly denounce them”, many Iranians say in these days. Of course, Vahedi has denounced the great bastards in the recent weeks, but many Iranians believe: “It’s not enough. He should denounce them openly and clearly. He should say that these great bastards (the Islamists) are as stupid as and as unfavorable as the stupid Monarchists and the stupid Rajavists”. It’s really true. Vahedi should draw a clear line between himself and all other reactionary groups, and only after that the people can think about him and what he wants to do. What Vahedi says now is like what we repeatedly said in the past months. The alternative groups and the alternative media, that support the ordinary people and what they want, is a very very important and urgent need. And what Vahedi says now is close to what we said before. But it’s not enough, and Vahedi and his friends should clearly and openly denounce the stupid Islamist-Reformists and other Iranian baboons, too. They also should try to create an alternative media. But it’s not the whole story. In the recent days, almost all Iranian baboons have attacked Vahedi. Many of these Iranian bastards are Khatamists or Rafsanjani mercenaries that we have written about them before. But some of these stupid bastards who live in the US, Canada, or Europe and call themselves “anti-Mullah intellectual”, stupidly defend the Monarchists, the Rajavists, and other reactionary groups. One of these stupid bastards is “Esmaeel Nouri Alla”, a very little monkey who lives outside Iran for more than two decades. This stupid little monkey is one of the stupidest Iranian expats who had held a very stupid and shameful conference in Toronto .


The stupid little bastard, Nouri Alla, who defends the ultra-stupid Monarchists in the name of Secularism, is a very little unknown monkey that many Iranians even don’t know his name. The little monkey, Nouri Alla, is one of Iranian bastards who created the Islamic regime. In the late 1970s, the little monkey and other Iranian baboons and Iranian fake intellects defended Khomeini and the Islamic revolution. And now, these little bastards that are really dead for the younger generation of Iranians, have opened their dirty f-u-c-k-ing mouths again and defend the Monarchists and secular tyranny, and call themselves “Intellectual” !! “These Iranian bastards who live in the US, Canada, and Europe, are just rotten brains, but a very shameless rotten brains. These Iranian bastards have not apologized for what they did in 1970s; For defending the Mullahs and creating the Islamic regime. But now they defend another tyranny and another tyrant again. These stupid bastards defend the Monarchists in the name of secularism, and then call themselves ‘Intellectual’!“, some Iranian say. They also add: “Why these stupid bastards can live in the US or Canada, while many young Iranian intellects can not leave Iran, and should live here like a prisoner ?? Why the stupid western politicians are so stupid and support these bastards ??“. It’s really true. Iranians inside Iran just laugh at these little stupid bastards. These Iranian bastards are dead for the younger generation of Iranian intellects. The little monkey, Nouri Alla, like other Iranian bastards, suffers form many dreadful mental complexes, including inferiority complex. The little monkey has said: “What Vahedi says is our plan !! Our conference in Toronto, the Green Seculars, [that defend the Monarchists in the name of secularism !!!], is the National Congress” !! This little stupid bastard should be angry and talks nonsense, because all Iranians inside Iran shitted on his head, and also on the head of all stupid Monarchists and Rajavists, in the past months, especially after their stupid conference in Toronto. “Vahedi’s plan and any other plan for establishing a National Congress for Iranians, must not include the stupid reactionary groups who defend the stupid reactionary goals. The stupid Monarchists, the stupid Rajavists, and the stupid Islamists are very small groups in Iran, while they are the main groups of Iranian baboons. These stupid bastards can not be member of any National Congress“, many real Iranian intellects say in these days. It’s really true. The little monkey, Nouri Alla, and all other Iranian bastards should be angry, because their stupid reactionary groups, i.e. the stupid Monarchists, the stupid Rajavits, etc are very very hated groups in Iran. These stupid bastards will not have any role in the future of Iran. These stupid bastards should be dead in exile. The stupid Iranian expats, like Nikahang Kosar (, who defend these great bastards should know that they only disgrace themselves more than before. These stupid Iranian expats really deserve to be called “Iranian bastards”, who support the stupidest Iranian bastards. Shame on them all.

Ramadan and Mullah Logic in Iran

August 22, 2011

Today is a public religious holiday in Iran, and this week is a special week of mourning in “Ramadan”. In Iran, the ordinary life changes in Radaman, and the Mullahs force all Iranians to be like them; Eating and drinking in public places, even in personal cars, in the restaurants or in the streets are banned; The Mullahs change the state TV programs; Their shitty programs become much more shittier and you can only see the f-u-c-k-ing faces of Mullahs in all seven channels of the state TV. Ramadan is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, lying, intercourse, etc. But in the recent years, especially after the 2009 Mullah coup, Ramadan has changed in Iran. First, lets take a look at the past and the traditional Ramadan in Iran. In Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food and drink, through fasting, from dawn to sunset. At sunset, the family will gather the fast-breaking meal known as Iftar or Eftar. In Iran, it’s a meal of Aash, Naan (bread), Panir (white cheese), Sabzi (herbs), Polo (Pilaff), Stews, date, Zulbia, etc. The first pre-dawn meal (before the sunrise) is called “Sahari”, and is eaten at about 4 a.m. In Iran, it’s a meal like Eftar, but a bit lighter. The dates of Ramadan vary, moving backwards by about eleven days each year depending on the moon; thus, a person will have fasted every day of the calendar year in 34 years’ time . Now, Muslim fast during the hottest month of year, for about 16 hours par day, i.e. form 4.30 a.m. to 20.30 p.m. They should not drink any water in this hot weather, 40C+. Some say: “it’s not healthy; it’s wrong”; but others say: “Hot weather or cold weather is not the main issue. To Fast or not to Fast, it’s not the main question or problem. Fasting is a matter of faith, not health. You can fast and think it’s very healthy, like many Muslims. But the problem is that you can not force others to fast; You can not force others to think or live like you . It’s the main problem.” Now, in 2010s, Ramadan in Iran is not like the past, and not like the Arab world. Some old Iranians say: “30 years ago, Raman was in the summer, like the recent years, but at that time the majority of Iranians fasted, unlike the current situation. Now, the majority of young Iranians prefer to not bother themselves with fasting.” They are right. But why and how this change happened? Now, in 2011, when you look at the people in the streets and the work places, you find that the number of the ordinary people who don’t fast during Ramadan, is very larger. You can say that they are the majority. They hate the Mullahs and all things that are related to the Mullahs, including Ramadan and fasting. Some of them say: “We hate the Mullahs and don’t want to be like them. In addition, we don’t want to become ill in this hot summer, by avoiding drinking water”. And some of them add: “The Mullahs say Ramadan teaches them to practice patience, self-control, and empathy for others, etc. But we have not forgotten 2009. Ramadan teaches the Mullahs and Islamists to kill, torture, and rape the people. In the recent years, Islam means fraud, kill, torture, lie, rape, oppress, and mass arrest for us. It’s what Ramadan teaches the Islamists in Iran .” In fact, the Iranians are really angry at the Mullahs and Islamists, and after 2009 crackdowns, many ordinary people have lost their religious faith. It’s an undeniable fact. But it’s not the whole story.


The Mullah behaviors, the Mullah norms, and the Mullah laws are very ridiculous. In Islam, the elderly, the chronically ill, women during the period of their menstruation, those traveling, etc are exempt from fasting. In Islam, as Iranians knew it, you can not force others to fast. In fact, Hijab, fast, pray, etc should not be forced. But the Mullahs say: “In Ramada, eating public is forbidden according to Sharia law and is an example of an obvious crime and is prosecutable. It is obvious that excuses like illnesses and trips do not justify eating in public ” They arrest the people, Muslim or non-Muslim, who want to drink or eat something during the daylight hours in Raman. But many people fight against this stupid law, and in fact, for Iranians “fight against fasting” have become a fight against the Mullahs ! Now, the Mullahs and their dogs are so desperate and helpless, because the majority have chosen this way of fighting. In the work places or the streets, you can see many people who eat or drink inside their cars, in the parks, etc. But all restaurants are closed. It’s so ridiculous. Iranians did not have this sort of Islam in the past decades. Muslims and non-Muslims lived in peace with each other, and no one force others to fast. This sort of stupid bans are the Mullah invention, that can only disgrace the religion more and more. In fact, what the Mullahs did in these years, had a direct impact on the number of Iranian Muslims, and the Iranian views on Islam. It’s so obvious that after 2009, what has happened to the Islam’s image in Iran. The number of Iranians who fast during Ramadan, has decreased significantly. Of course, it’s not very important. Being religious or being irreligious is not important. I knew many people who were religious, but were real human. And I knew many people who were irreligious, but were really bastard . The Iranian Muslims have not been like Arab Muslims. Iranians created an Islamic cult called “Sufism (Islamic mysticism)” in 12th century. Many great Persian poets, like Hafiz, Rumi, Attar, etc were Sufi. They were open-minded. The Sufis believed that all humans should love each other, and should live in peace with each other. They thought that all humans are a symbol of God . The Mullahs and Arabs were the enemy of Sufis, and said that they are Mortad (apostate). The Muslim fanatics killed many Sufis. For example, they killed Mansur Hallaj, because he said: “There is no external God. We all are God.” Attar, Rumi, Hafiz, and almost all other Sufis believed in what Hallaj said. Attar (1119-1220 CE) most well known masterpiece of “Mantiq at-Tayr” known as “The Conference of the Birds”, is the story of a journey by a group of 30 birds, led by a hoopoe for finding “Simorgh” (God). Hoopoe is an allegory of a Sufi sheikh or master leading his pupils to enlightenment. There is a clever word play between the words Simorgh – a mysterious bird in Iranian mythology- and “Si morgh” meaning “thirty birds” in Persian. The birds must cross seven valleys in order to find the Simorgh: Talab (Yearning), Eshq (Love), Marifat (Gnosis), Istighnah (Detachment), Tawheed (Unity of God), Hayrat (Bewilderment) and, finally, Fuqur and Fana (Selflessness and Oblivion in God). These represent the stations that a Sufi must pass through to realize the true nature of God. When the 30 birds finally arrive in the land of Simorgh, all they see there are each other and the reflection of the 30 birds in a lake -not the mythical Simorgh. It is the Sufi doctrine that God is not external or separate from the universe, rather is the totality of existence. The 30 birds seeking the Simorgh realize that Simorgh is nothing more than their transcendent totality. The idea of God within is an idea intrinsic to most interpretations of Sufism. It’s very interesting that the majority of religious Iranians think that Sufis, i.e. some one like Attar, Rumi, or Hafiz, are the real Muslim, not the Mullahs. The Hafiz’s Divan (Hafiz’s book of poems) is a holly book for Iranians. Islam for Iranians is more like the Sufi Islam, the Hafiz’s Islam or Attar’s Islam, not the Mullah Islam. The Mullah logic is so disgusting, and in the recent years, Iranians try to show that they hate the Mullah logic


In Raman, the Mullahs and their dogs do their best to ensure that the fast was observed Restaurants and snack bars closed during the daylight hours . It’s really disgusting. An Iranian girl wrote in her blog what is the story of many Iranians in Ramadan: “My friends and I were not fasting, hiding in our car in a quiet neighborhood close to our university and having our lunch before going to an afternoon class . Suddenly somebody started banging the car’s window – it was a huge, scary Mullah Police officer who had caught us eating. We knew how to deal with this unpleasant accident – some money all he needs. We drive away while kept calling him a jerk. Of course, not everyone is so lucky to escape misery so easily in Iran where you can easily get lashed for not following Islamic law.” And she added: “Relationships between people and their God (if ones believes) is a part of private life and not publicly enforced; where there is respect for the dignity of human beings and personal choices; where nobody has permission to force anybody else to heaven or coerce religious observance. So enjoy being a Muslim. But don’t force it on me, and respect the rights of others to practice what they believe ” It’s what the majority of Iranians believe. But what the Mullahs do is forcing others to accept their thoughts. It’s what we call “The Mullah Logic”. These days are the anniversary of 1988 massacre in the Mullah prisons. The survivors’ memories can show us the real meaning of the Mullah logic. One of them say: “We were among the first group of leftists that was summoned to go in front of the Gohar Dasht Death Committee. I was summoned into the room a little before noon. They asked me questions regarding my religious beliefs, such as “Are you Muslim?” I said, “Yes, I am Muslim.” Then they asked, “Do you pray?” I said, “No.” They asked, “Why don’t you pray?” I said, “I did not pray before I was imprisoned, and I think if I pray in prison then that means I am pretending and not really praying. I don’t want to pretend that I am what I was not outside of prison. I don’t want to pray because I am in prison. This type of praying by force has no value before God.” Then they asked: “Do you believe in God?” I said, “Yes.” They finally said: “Take him out of the room and beat him until he prays .” It was late evening. There, they again asked us whether we would pray. Some agreed to pray. I and those who refused to pray were then taken to a few beds and ordered to lie down. They tied us to the bed posts. Next, they began whipping us. Ten lashes for every prayer session missed . Me and my friend, Jalil, decided to tell them to take us to the Committee again. Once I was in front of the Death Committee, I showed them my feet and said, “If this is your Islam, I am not a Muslim.” I told him that forced prayer was meaningless. I told him that I would continue to refuse prayer because I was being forced to do it. The guards then escorted me out of the room and placed me in a queue of prisoners who were to be sent to their deaths. But that night, I finally told them that I would pray. One of the guards went up to the front and began praying. The guards asked us to follow his lead. This was the beginning of the end of our resistance in prison. After so much killing and torture, after so many shattered lives, we could not continue on any longer. After they took us back to our rooms and closed the door, I burst into tears.”


Iranians and non-Iranians can see the current serious change in Iranian Ramadan. A foreign tourist writes in her blog: “It’s Ramadan. I’m in the metro, with some teenagers sitting in front of me. After a few minutes, they take biscuits and cakes from their bags and start eating. They are laughing out loud (it’s kind of protest). People are looking at them, some with a big smile, but many stay indifferent. Some say: “now, statesmen annoy people under the name of religion and Islam, and it’s obvious that young people hate all the things that have the label of religion on them” Some others say: “Everything that has the pressure of compulsion and force behind it is ruined in advance. When sometimes they arrest people because of eating in Ramadan, it’s clear that young people do exactly these things out of spite.” Some, who are still Muslim, say: “Sometimes we ask ourselves: this is the same thing that the Mullahs, these evil people, do and they are proud of it, so what is the difference between us and the Mullahs?! ” It’s the main question of many Iranians. Many can not find a proper answer for it. When they read history, and learn more about the Mullah era, their doubts increase. The Mullah logic is really horrible. They force others to accept their thoughts and think they can save their religion in this way. It’s not a joke or unreal thing. It’s exactly what the Mullahs have done in the past 30 years. Another survivor of 1988 massacre, say: “I was a high-rank member of the Tudeh Party. In July 1988, we learned about the UN-brokered cease-fire with Iraq. I remember very clearly the prison environment during those days. Many thought that any day, the prison gates would be torn down and we would walk out as heroes [!!!] . Around that time, some vague news reached us from the men’s wards of Gohar Dasht that they had begun executing male prisoners. I must confess that when I heard the news, I was in complete disbelief. On August 25, 1988, they began whipping leftist prisoners. I was summoned to go in front of the Death Commission on August 26. On the day they took me there, I had no idea where I was going. There were lots of prisoners sitting in the hallway and waiting. They asked me : “Do you pray?” I said, “No.” He asked, “How about your parents?” I said, “My father doesn’t pray.” He said: “Take her. Until she prays and comes to Islam, whip her “. When it was time for our first prayer session, they took us to the torture chamber for a whipping. They tied our hands and feet to the bed, threw a blanket on our heads, and shoved a dirty piece of cloth in our mouths. They wanted to shut us up. Then they whipped us. They lashed me for five days, five times a day. Finally I acknowledged that I can no longer bear torture and I accepted to pray. I was completely broken and disheveled. The day I finally said that I believed in Islam was a very painful day for me “. Can you believe this? It’s really horrible. It’s the real meaning of the Mullah logic and the Islamic Middle Age.


In the past decades, Raman was the month of “Nazri”. This is an Iranian Muslim tradition of Nazr. Nazr occurs when you ask something of God, and promise to make and distribute some kind of food to others, in return. “Nazri” in Persian means the food cooked in honor of God and is given to the poor, family and friends. It’s an ancient and good tradition. But the Mullahs have shitted on beliefs, and now Nazri is fading way. An old Iranian says: “I remember when I was a child, my grandmother who was the eldest in her family would make an Aash for the health and well being of all our big family throughout the year. All the family came over and one or two truly huge pots were heated up on a massive stove made for the purpose, in the middle of the yard. The pans were so huge one could fit into them ! We were told that if we made a wish while we were stirring the Aash then it had a good chance of coming true. As children we loved those nights when the elders were busy talking and we were free to stay up very late and play. I still remember those nights with great nostalgia “. It’s what the religious Iranians did in the past. But the Mullahs shitted on everything, and called it “Islamic logic”, that is more like the evil logic. The Mullah era is a horrible nightmare in the Iran’s history. Another survivor of 1988 massacre says: “It was the summer of 1988 that we heard some news about the mass execution. We did not hear anything about those leftists who were summoned away, until one night we noticed several prisoners entering our ward. I sat beside the wall and sent our Morse code. A friend answered : “We all accepted that we are Muslim and we agreed to write against our beliefs. We accepted to pray and become Muslim.” I was truly shocked. They had resisted for all years. Then one day, they summoned me. He asked: “Are you a Muslim?” I responded: “This information is personal.” He again asked: “Do you pray?” I responded: “This information is also personal.” He then asked: “What about your parents?” I said: “My parents are Muslim.” He said: “so, you are a Mortad (apostate). The Quran state that an apostate man must be executed. An apostate woman must be whipped until she accepts to say that she is a Muslim or dies . Take her out, brother.” The guard escorted me to a solitary cell. He asked me if I was going to pray. I said no. He directed me to a wooden chair and ordered me to lie down. I did. Then he began whipping me as he recited verses related to treatment of apostate women. They beat us five times a day. They summoned us during prayer hours: at 12 a.m., 4 a.m., 2 p.m., and 4 p.m. There were two prisoners who managed to resist. The rest gave up after some days. I told them that I had begun menstruating. They gave me three days of rest. Finally I found that I can no longer bear torture and I accepted to pray .” Can you call it logic ? Can you call it religious logic? The Mullahs and their logic only disgrace the religion more and more, like what the church and the pope did in the European Middle Age. But what happened in Europe? One day the ordinary religious people, not intellects or elites, rose up and f-u-c-ked the church, the pope, and the religion . Some wise Iranians say: “If the Iranian Islamists really care about their religion, they should read about what happened in the European Middle Age. You can not force others to accept the religion. Even the prophets knew this fact. You can not whip others to become Muslim. You can not whip others or kill others, because they don’t want to be Muslim. It’s only disgrace Islam. The fate of this logic, the Mullah logic, is very clear. Now what we see in these years, is a direct result of the Mullah logic. And in the near future, we can see more serious results of the Mullah logic. The Mullahs’ fate in Iran, will be worse than the church and the pope’s fate in Europe . Wake up before it’s too late.”

Ordinary Iranian Youths vs the Mullahs

July 22, 2011

In the modern world, like the ancient world, the majority of people are ordinary people. The intellectuals, i.e. the people who can think independently – independent of media, reactionary thoughts, other people, etc- are a small minority. The ordinary people have many weak points; they can not understand many things; they do many wrong things; they are fooled by the media and the politicians. In fact, the ordinary people are not very wise or smart, but they accept or reject “changes” and determine the future of the society. In Iran, the ordinary people will determine the fate of Iranian movement and the fate of the Iranian modernism, as well. Now, the ordinary Iranian youths, not merely the young intellects or liberals, hate the Mullahs and their regime and fight against the Mullah values/norms .


The ordinary Iranian girls and boys, are not intellectuals. They are like other ordinary people in the modern world. They are like the ordinary people in the West . They hate the Mullahs and their stupid norms. They watch western TV channels, they hear western music, they see western films, and they stupidly follow the western fashion. In fact, they are as stupid as and as smart as the western boys and girls. They really hate the Mullahs and the Islamic regime. Even if they remain silent and do nothing except living their own life, they would topple the Mullahs. Because their normal life, their ordinary life is a serious fight against the Mullahs and their Islamic laws. They just live their own life, but they do the most efficient work for toppling the Mullah regime at the same time, even without being aware of it .


The ordinary Iranian girls and boys are stupid followers of the western fashion. Some of Them are like the stupid ordinary boys and girls in the west. They don’t have any idea about the stupid fashion that they follow, but they are sure that they hate the Mullah norms and their Islamic laws. They only want to be like other “normal and ordinary” people in the world. They hate being like the Islamists and the Mullahs . Of course, they have many weak points. Many of them are very stupid and use drugs. “Iran is the worst nation worldwide for drug abuse”, the Mullah newspaper cites a high-ranking official, who adds: “Because Iran has become a transit land for drugs and has a young population, we are more exposed to this danger than other countries [!]” But many ordinary Iranians do drugs because it’s in fashion, or because the westerners do drugs! Some stupid fashions like doing drugs are dangerous, but many other stupid fashions can be a sing of protest and rebel against the Mullahs.


The ordinary Iranian youths have changed everything, even the most sacred Islamic ceremony in Iran, i.e. Moharam and Ashura. The Mullah newspapers confess: “In Moharam’s nights, in Ashura’s nights, women and girls in tight clothes and transparent scarves and guys dressed in Western fashion lit candles while laughing their hearts out. In this disgraceful event which is like a large street party, women and girls…as well as boys…mocked Muslims’ beliefs and sanctities in the most shameless manner [!] . Some long-haired guys would openly cuddle girls creating awful and immoral scenes [!]. Fast, provoking music gave the street party more steam. Everything’s become a farce [!]. They no more respect anyone, even Imam Hossein [!] “. Now not only the private life of many Iranian boys and girls is non-Islamic or anti-Islamic, but their public life and what they do in the streets and public places, in the day and night, is a clear sign of what they want.


Iran has about 4 to 5 million university students, and more than 20 million university educated people. The majority of them are ordinary people, like the rest of the modern world. They are not like their stupid parents. They are not religious fanatic or fundamentalist. They are not intellectual, very wise or very smart, like their western counterparts; but they are not as stupid as the Mullahs and their stupid parents. They are only ordinary people who want to have a happy and joyful life like other people in the modern world . Of course, a considerable number of the Iranian youths are liberal or intellectual. They are very open-minded and think about the problems of their own community and the global community. This group of young Iranians, like their counterparts in the modern world, try to think about the problems and the solutions, on behalf of the rest of people.


The 1979 Islamic revolution seems certain to be undone by its own children. Sooner or later, the younger generations of Iranians would topple the Mullah regime . Even if they remain silent and do nothing except living their own ordinary life, they would topple the Mullahs. Their ordinary life, itself is a constant fight against the Mullah norms and the Islamic regime. They just live their own life, but they do the most efficient work for toppling the Mullah regime at the same time, even without being aware of it

Tir & 18th Tir: from 1999 to 2011

July 21, 2011

On the twelfth anniversary of 18th Tir, 1378 (July 8, 1999), the Iranian Student Protests of July 1999, a vital process finished in Iran: “Fayand Khar-Fahm Shodan” (the process of gaining donkey understanding!, i.e. when even the donkeys understand some thing). “Khar-Fahm Shodan” is a funny Persian idiom that use to speak about the most stupid people, the donkeys, and their understanding of an issue. When you say: “Khar-Fahm Shodand” that means “They (the idiots) finally understood it”. And now in Tir 1390 (July 2011), the Iranians inside Iran proved that “Khar-Fahm Shodand”. The 18th Tir 1390 (2011) was the most important and meaningful anniversary of 18th Tir. This year the people’s silence was much more meaningful that the former stupid protests in the past decade. Iranians showed that they don’t want to be stupid and follow the
Islamist-Reformists. In fact, Iranians are thinking about “revolution” and toppling the Islamic regime, and the Iranian Baboons, i.e. the Islamist-Reformists, have been dead and buried in Iran.
. In Tir 1390, all Iranians saw the depth of Islamist-Reformists’ confusion and bankruptcy. The stupid coward Khatami desperately tried to eat shit. He has understood that the people hate him and his stupid plans for participating in the Mullah election and forgiving Khamenei. He tries to deceive the people again, but the Iranians say: “who cares; who cares about stupid Khatami and his new regret. Khatami, the little monkey, is dead for us.” The stupid Masoud Behnoud, one of the Mullah’s men, one of the leader of Rafsanjani’s mercenaries, and one of the main responsible for the death of Green Movement tried to pretend ignorance of their betrayals’ impact, and showed the depth of their foolishness and charlatanism. Yesterday, he said: “The people have tired of everything. They don’t care about the Islamist-Reformist’s destiny. They don’t care about the Islamist-Reformist prisoners. They don’t care about the
Islamist-Reformists’ letters and speeches [!!]. They don’t care about what we say [our bullshits] about Iran [!!]. They don’t care about the death of Sahabi, the Islamist-Nationalist. Why they don’t care about us and our advises [our bullshits] ? [!!]”


The stupid bastard, Behnoud, only describes the result of his betrayals, and says nothing about the reason, and as Iranians say: “Khodesh ro be Khariat Mizaneh”, i.e. he pretends ignorance of the reason, and tries to mislead the ignorant Iranian expats or non-Iranians. But the reason is very clear, “Iranians hate the Islamist-Reformists; They have tired of mercenaries and traitors, who betrayed the people after Ashoura Day. They have tired of Iranian Baboons and their shameful betrayals“. Khatami, Behnoud, Abdi, and all other stupid Islamist-Reformists, were one of the main obstacle in the road of fundamental change, but now these bastards have been dead and buried in Iran. Now, Iran experiences “the calm before the storm“. But as we said before, Iran and Iranians are in urgent need of : Alternative Groups and Alternative Media . It’s very very important. The corps of the unknown intellectuals should try to organize themselves and the people. It’s an urgent need. Each “Change” needs an “Idea”, and each “Idea” needs the support of the majority and organizing the majority for bringing the real change. Now “the idea” -the idea for fundamental change- has been invented by the unknown real intellectuals, and the majority of Iranians support the idea, but there is not any organization and organizer group for materializing the idea. There is not any free media, any people media, that support the idea and organize the people. All Iranian media inside Iran are the Mullah media, and all Iranian media outside Iran are the traitors’ media and reactionary media. It has been the biggest problem since 2009. The stupid jerks, i.e. the stupid Iranian expats who are reactionary or mercenary, and their media should be boycotted, but it’s not enough. The alternative groups and alternative media should be created very soon.


The Iranian movement for freedom and democracy began in 1999, not in 2009. That year, i.e. 1999, was the beginning of the Islamist-Reformists’ betrayals, too. In 1999, hundreds thousands of students took to the streets, pelting stones at security forces and setting fire to pictures of Khamenei. The forces of repression attacked student dormitories, murdered and beat up the young protesters, or threw the students through windows from their 2nd and 3rd floor rooms. In 1999, the protests were not limited to Tehran. Major Iranian cities such as Tabriz, Mashhad, Shiraz and Esfahan were scenes of violent and widespread demonstrations as well. In those days, mass pro-democracy protests occurred in near 20 cities including Tabriz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Kerman, etc and it was the first time that a movement seriously threatened to overthrow the Mullah regime. In those days, the Islamist-Reformists showed their true color. The Mullah “Supreme National Security Council” met under the chairmanship of Khatami and issued the order of “National Suppression.” The result of that order was unknown number of deaths, paralyzed, maimed, and injured protesters along with thousands protesters who have been imprisoned and tortured. Instead of defending the rights of the pro-democracy movement and exposing the oppressors, the
Islamist-Reformists abandoned the protesters, and talked nonsense about the future. In those days, they claimed that the regime would try the criminals. But nothing happened and the story of 18th Massacre was like the story of the Chain Murders, i.e. a series of murders and disappearances from 1988-1998. The victims included more than 100 writers, translators, poets, political activists, and ordinary citizens. They were killed by the Khamenei’s dogs in a variety of places -Tehran, Paris, Berlin, etc -, and by variety of means -car crashes, stabbings, shootings, injections with potassium to simulate a heart attack, etc. The last murders happened in 1998, when a political leader (Dariush Forouhar), his wife and three dissident writers, were murdered in Tehran, in the span of two months. And after that the Khamenei’s dogs officially confessed that they were the killers. But what happened to the killers? Nothing. And now all of them have come back, and do their previous work, i.e. killing, torturing, raping, etc . It’s the greatest joke of the Mullah regime, and shows the depth of Khatami’s foolishness and Khatamists’ charlatanism. It shows why Iranians hate Khatami and Khatamists.

The situation in 1990s, was totally different from our situation in 2010s. At that time, the idea for fundamental change had not been invented, and the majority of Iranian intellectuals were the stupid bastards who had created the Islamic regime. At that time, these fake intellectuals were able to deceive the people. At that time, the people were fooled and thought that the Islamist-Reformists are able to change the regime in a long peaceful process. At that time, the Khatamists and the Islamist-Reformists were able to deceive and mislead the people. Form 1999 to 2011, Iranians paid a very high price for their dreadful mistake, but finally they understood that the Mullah regime is unchangeable and the Khatamists and the Islamist-Reformists are a bunch of stupid mercenary and traitor. Now almost all Iranians know that the stupid coward Khatami is the greatest stupid wimp in the Iran’s history. Now, in 2011, the wise analysts can see “the calm before the storm” in Iran. The storm that will throw the Mullahs and the Islamists, from Khatami to Khamenei, into the trash can of the history.

Summer, Travel, and Mullah Beaches

July 16, 2011

The summer is the season for travel, especially travel to the beach. But our story in Iran is a little different. As we said before, Shomal, i.e. the North of Iran and the south beach of Caspian Sea, is the green part of Iran. But unfortunately the story of Caspian sea’s beaches (or Persian Gulf’s, etc) is very tragic. In the past decade, the Sepah and Basij, and other private and public plunderers, have taken control of all beaches, and now we dont have any free, public and clean beach in Shomal. The Iranian beaches are Islamic beaches, and the Mullahs and their moral police don’t allow the women to swim in the sea, or to wear swimsuit in the beach. The women must have Hijab in the sea and the beach.


When the Iranian youths take a look at the pictures of the Iranian beaches in the Pahlavi’s era , they say: “The older generations of Iranians, i.e. our parents, were really stupid and jerk. At least they were free in the streets, the beaches, the clubs, etc but we have not any kind of freedom. Not only we don’t have any political or social freedom, but we don’t have any personal freedom. And the main responsible for this terrible situation is the older generations of Iranians, who are really stupid.” And when you take a look at the Iranian beaches in the Mullah regime, you can understand them and their anger.


The stupid Islamic restrictions, and the dreadful environmental pollution in the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea, force the Iranians to travel abroad. The dreadful economic conditions in Iran, is another of main reasons for traveling abroad. It’s really ridiculous that in Iran the domestic travels are more expensive than the foreign travels !! In the recent years, the Iranians say: “since we have not eaten “Maghze Khar” (Donkey’s brain), i.e. we are not stupid, we prefer to travel abroad. It’s cheaper, without any stupid Islamic restriction, and without any moral police, etc.” The foreign travels have become more popular among Iranians, but because of the difficulty in getting visa, the popular and feasible destinations for Iranians are Turkey, Dubai, India, Malaysia, etc that need no visa or Iranians could get their visa without serious problem (It’s really ridiculous that only the Mullahs and their families and friends can go to the Spanish, Italian, or French beaches! )


The funny Iranians say: “The people that go to Shomal or Kish for enjoying the beach, are dumb. But the foreign tourists that go to Shomal or Kish for enjoying the beaches, are dumber !” In the summer, temperatures in Shomal reaches to 40 C (110F) !!. In addition, Shomal is extremely humid. And temperatures in the south of the Iran and Persian Gulf’s beaches reaches to 50 C (130 F) !! and when you add the hot and sultry weather to the Mullahs and their moral police, it’s really horrible. So, only the idiots travel to the Persian Gulf or Caspian Sea in the summer ! In fact, the worst season for traveling to Iran, is the summer ! The Europeans love the summer, its sun, its hot weather, etc but the majority of Iranians hate the summer’s sun . The summer and its hot weather in Tehran is really horrible. Tehran is not humid in summer, but its temperatures reaches to 45 C (120 F), and as Iranians say: “Your balls boil in this hot weather“. But the women must wear Hijab in this hot weather !!


In the hot and sultry weather of Iranian beaches, the women must wear Hijab. It’s really horrible. Of course many Iranian women try to fight against the Mullahs and their stupid laws and that’s why the Iranian summer is the high season for fight, not flight ! But despite the hot weather and the Mullah laws, many Iranians travel to Shomal, not for enjoying its beaches, but for enjoying its green jungles, its green mountains, its natural beauty, etc. But as we said before, the Mullahs have destroyed Shomal and its natural resources, and the sensitive Iranians, who care about the environment, can not bear to go to Shomal in the recent years. Unfortunately, the conditions of the Persian Gulf’s beaches are like the Caspian Sea’s, or even worse. As we said before, the Red Tide Crisis in Persian Gulf, the story of the raw sewage that is dumped into the sea, and the dreadful oil pollution, etc have destroyed the Persian Gulf. And all fishes and see creatures of Persian Gulf have a taste and strong smell of oil ! . The sensitive Iranians say: “Traveling Iran, in the Mullah’s era, is equal to headache”.


Iran and Shomal have many natural beauties, and the tourists love it. But the summer, i.e. between June and September, is the worst season for traveling to Shomal and many parts of Iran. The best season, is from (late) September to December, and from March to June. In Iran, the northwest areas, including Ardebil, and some areas in Zagros and Alborz mountains, are the best place in the summer. Temperatures in these areas are about 30C (85 F), without humidity. But the Iranian beaches in the Mullah regime, are a hell on earth! So, forget the Iranian beaches and the Iranian summer. As the funny Iranians say: “(because of bad weather plus bad Hejab) the Iranian summer is : when your balls boil, while your dick stick; when your head stick, while your body stink; when your scarf is loosened, while the Mullahs’ jaw is tightened; when your manteau is short, while the Mullah’s baton is long; when your shirt, skirt, sleeve, etc are short, while the Mullahs’ beard, the Mullahs’ claw, and the Mullahs’ snout are long

Persian Slang, Iranian Saying

July 11, 2011

The old and new sayings and slang of each language/culture can show us many thing about that culture. The ordinary everyday language has many special sayings and slang that can show us how the people think and how they live. The Persian language, as one of the old languages of the world that has changed a lot since some thousands years ago, is full of sayings and slang, and many of them are really funny and can be used internationally. Lets take a look at some of them.

A group of the Persian sayings/slangs are made with the word “Ass” (“Koon”). Here are some of these sayings/slang:
1. When you are excessively happy , tooye koonet aroosieh ( there is a wedding in your ass).
2. When you are teasing people, koonet mikhareh (you have an itchy ass).
3. When you are lazy, koonet goshade (your ass hole is large). 4. When you are forgetful or silly, saret ba koonet bazi mikoneh (your head is playing with your ass )
5. When you lose a favorite, koonet misouzeh (your ass burns). 6. When you work damn hard, koonet pareh misheh (your ass is torn up).
7. When you are scared and shaken, barq az koonet mipareh (light comes out of your ass).
8. When you are extremely frightened , ann tou koonet Alaska mishe (shit becomes ice cream in your ass)
9. When you are damn tired, joonet az koonet dar mireh (your life comes out of your ass).
10. When you are incredibly lucky, az koon shans myiari (your luck comes out of your ass).
11. When you demonstrate disregard for someone, barash koon kaj mikoni (you turn your ass).
12. When you try to bribe someone else, koon midi (let him to f-u-c-k your ass ).
13. When you have a very sharp vision, koonet ham cheshm dareh (your ass has an eye, too).
14. When you think very highly of yourself, az koone fil oftadi (you has come out of Elephant’s ass ).
15. When something terrible happens for you, koonet jer mikhore (your ass is torn up)

When the older generation of Iranians wrote English letter, they were so funny/stupid! They used a lot of Persian old sayings in their English letters ! The following letter is like the letters of the Iranian employees of the NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company), to their American boss (Mr. Hamilton) in 1960s:

Dear Mr. Hamilton, … Since Mr. Ahmadi transferred here everything has changed. “I put him in the seed of my eyes. I don’t know “what a wet wood I have sold him“. He is really Daddy burned. With all kinds of “Cat Dancing” he has tried to become the “eye and the light ” of Mr. Wilson. He made so much “mouse running” that finally Mr. Wilson “became donkey“, and appointed Mr. Ahmadi as his right hand man. Mr. Wilson promised me that next year he would make me his left hand man, but “my eye didn’t drink water“, and I knew that he was trying to put a “hat on my head“. But I did not know “what kind of dirt should I put on my head“. Since that he was just “putting watermelon under my arms ” Knowing that this transfer was only “good for his aunt“. Mr Ahmadi is really an opportunist and I know that when”his donkey passed over the bridge“, then “he will not be the servant of God “. He has not any skill. “His head is playing with his butt “, but unfortunately Mr. Wilson thinks “ the neighbor’s chicken is a goose “. I went to visit Mr. Ahmadi’s wife and complained about him. At first, she said: “Evaa, Dirt on my head ” But after a minute she said: “Ghosts of your stomach; Take away your mortician; Don’t Drop worms; Happiness has been hitting you under your stomach ? if I say that you wanted to rape me, Mr. Hamilton will fire you, so “Don’t dance the cat “, “Don’t hit yourself into left Ali ally“, and leave my husband alone”. I started begging her to forget that I ever came to see her and forget my visit altogether. I said “you saw camel, you did not see camel ” but she was not “ getting off the devils donkey ” Imagine “how much my ass burns .” I said to her: “My 0.02 cent just fell , please forget our visit”, but she said: “To my death? you should say “I ate shit “, “the donkey understood” ” Mr. Hamilton, “I turn around your head“, you are my only hope and my “back and shelter“. “I swear you to the 14 innocents ” please “do some work for me “. Now Mr. Ahmadi’s wife doesn’t answer me, and only says: “ Poison of snake; Pain without a cure” And even Mr. Ahmadi says: “My father came out, and I will take out your father . Mr. Hamilton, please do some work for me .

And some other Iranian sayings/slangs: – The bride can’t dance so she claims the room is crooked (looking for an excuse) – I have your weather (support) – Light in your eye (sarcastic congratulation) –The mortician should take your face away (funny hate) -You cannot ride a camel bending bending (stupid secret job) – Our donkey didn’t have a tail from childhood (funny regret) – S/he came to shape her/his eyebrow but instead poked her/his eye out (stupid improve) – The light that you need in your home don’t give it to the mosque (don’t be fanatic) – If you give a dead man too much freedom he will shit in his coffin (funny complaint) -The mouse that couldn’t go through a hole got a broom tied to his tail (stupid ambition) – The man who wasn’t allowed in the village kept asking for the mayor (being cheeky) – Donkey is yourself (for idiot charlatan) -I’ll hit you so hard you’ll bark like a dog (funny threat) – Don’t let your blood boil or your milk will go dry (funny threat) – Don’t make your blood dirty (funny sympathy) -Snake poison; Pain without a cure (funny anger) -You ate shit (complaint) – When you are given a horse as a gift, don’t count his teeth (being grateful) – The donkey understood (Khar-Fahm Shodan) (when the most stupid people, the donkeys, finally understand some thing)

Iran in 1960s and 1970s

July 10, 2011

As you know Iran has experienced a medieval religious tyranny since 1979, but from 1920s to 1979 Iran was a secular tyranny.The British authorities appointed Reza Shah, who was an illiterate soldier. Reza Shah was a stupid secular dictator, but he could change Iran. He reduced the Mullahs’ influence, and forced the women to remove their Hejab. In 1920s, the majority of Iranian women were illiterate and wore burka. But Reza Shah did not focus on the literacy issue, and instead, he banned women form wearing Hejab, and imposed it by force! The first schools, the first universities, the first railroad, the first standard roads, the first national banks, the first modern cinema, the first modern army, the first modern cities, the first radio station, and many other first things were made in the Reza Shah’s era. But Reza Shah was a brutal and illiterate dictator. Reza Shah and his son, i.e. Pahlavi I and Pahlavi II, were not able to understand that they had to change Iran by focusing on the education and literacy issue. Today, when the Iranian youths see the pictures of those days, they say: “How nice was the university atmosphere in the Pahlavi’s era. The boys and girls were free. It’s so cool ! Why there were so stupid and followed the reactionary stupid Mullahs?! etc” But they should not forget that the majority of the people were illiterate and poor in the Pahlavi’s era, under the Pahlavi’s secular tyranny.


Changing the Islamic culture by force was the biggest mistake of Reza Shah. Instead of forbidding Hejab, he had to focus on the mandatory education for boys and girls in all parts of Iran. If all Iranian kids, who were born in 1920s, had become literate, Iran would have changed radically and constantly. The literacy rate in Reza Shah’s era changed form about 1% to about 10%, but more than 90% of the people remained totally ignorant and illiterate. Reza Shah’s son was not able to understand the importance of literacy/education and sustainable development, too. If in 1960s the stupid Pahlavi had focused on mandatory education for all Iranian kids, Iran would have changed dramatically. The literacy rate in the Pahlavi II’s era was about 25% to 40% (the exact number is not clear), and the majority of Iranians were illiterate and ignorant. The stupid Pahlavi family did not know that the best way for fighting against the Mullahs and their reactionary Islam was “increasing the literacy level”. The Iranian society in 1960s and 1970s, was not able to understand the importance of the modernism, and the Pahlvi’s modernism was a stupid superficial modernism . They had created a little Paris and London within the northern Tehran and some other parts of Iran, but the rest of Iran was really undeveloped and the majority of Iranians were illiterate.


The Pahlavi II was as stupid as the Pahlavi I. He was not an illiterate and uneducated tyrant like his father, but he was a stupid secular dictator, who stupidly thought that he is an intellectual ! The stupid Pahlavi II, like his father, was appointed by the British authorities, and in 1953, after the American-British Military Coup in Iran, he became an American puppet. After the coup, Pahlavi II became a real dictator, who congratulated himself from morning to night . A small minority, about 10% to 25%, kissed his ass and were agreed with him, his modernism, and his dictatorship. And the majority of Iranians were illiterate, ignorant, , religious fanatic or stupid lefts. The majority of them were the followers of the Mullahs. And the stupid Pahlavi had underestimated the power of the Mullahs. The number of Iranians who wanted to be modern or tried to be modern, was really small. In 1970s, the Iranian beaches were as modern as the western beaches, and the northern Tehran was like Paris and London, but other parts of Tehran, and other parts of Iran were like a hell, like the rest of the undeveloped world .


In 1970s, Iran’s population reached to 30 million, but the number of university students was near 100 to 200 thousands, i.e. less than 1%. And the number of university-educated people was about 3%, i.e. near 1 million. (Now in 2010s, Iran’s population is 75 million, the number of university students is 4 to 5 million, i.e. near 7%, and the number of university-educated people is more than 30%). In the best cast, only 25% of the Iranians enjoyed the Pahlavi’s modernism, and the rest was poor and fanatic. The gap between the rich and the poor was really unbelievable. The rich lived like their counterparts in the west, and the poor lived in the hell. If you compare 1970s with 2010s, the result is very interesting. The women’s right and s-e-x-u-a-l freedom in 1970s were really better our current situation, but the freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of thought, political freedom, etc were like 2010s. In fact, the modern dictatorship of the Shah needed reform, unlike the reactionary regime of the Mullahs that is a medieval religious tyranny.


In 1970s, Iran was a member of the international community, and enjoyed social freedom, international respect, some sort of modernism, etc. But the Iranian intellectuals were really dumb. As the stupid Masoud Behnoud confessed: “Iranian intellectuals were the main responsible for 1979 revolution. In 1963, the ordinary people and the intellectuals supported the Shah and his reforms … But in 1978, the majority of Iranian intellectuals had become frustrated with Shah and his regime; they hated the Shah, not the people who were neutral … It’s not true that we say: ‘the ordinary people created the protests’ … In fact, the intellectuals created the protests and then the people and [unknown] Khomeini joined them … the intellects learn the people who is the oppressor, who is the corrupt” It’s really true. The Islamic revolution was the main result of the Iranian intellects’ stupidity. The secular tyranny of Shah was not as reactionary as the Mullah tyranny. The stupid intellects had to focus on reforming it, not changing it, and replacing it with the most reactionary regime of the world .


In 1970s, the school, the university, the beach, the cinema, and many other public places in Iran were like their western counterparts, and the Iranian women were encouraged to be modern and remove their Hejab. But the number of girls that wanted to be free and modern was really small. The stupid Shah was a modern coward tyrant and a stupid puppet of Britain and USA. As we said before, In his last years, the Shah wanted to be independent. And affter 1974, the West saw Shah as an ambitious man who did not obey them as before. So, they wanted to get rid of him. The West considered the Shah as a threat to the economic stability of the world and the responsible of the inflation and economic crisis of 1970s. And finally the US asked the Shah to leave Iran, like the cases of Mubarak and Ben Ali in 2011. . The stupid Behnoud confessed: “In 1974, the Shah was in London and said: ‘the Jews manage the world … the blue eyes (the Westerners) have exploited our resources … we want to get rid of them … we want to manage the world’ “. In 1979, the West supported the Mullahs and tried to topple the Shah’s regime. And now, i.e. from 2009 until now, the West has strongly supported the Mullahs and their reactionary regime, and tries to keep the Islamic regime safe. But it’s now the whole story.


The known Iranian intellects and journalists showed the depth of their stupidity in 1979 and 2009. Unfortunately the majority of them always have been mercenary. The stupid Behnoud confessed : “In 1979, when the journalists wanted to break their strike, I said to Ayatollah Beheshti : “It’s better that Khomeini commands us to break the strike; it strengthens his position”. And when Bakhtiar, the then PM who had granted the (unconditional) freedom of press, heard about it, he told me: “I wish you, the journalists, were your own master, but unfortunately you want to be a slave of a new ‘Agha Balasar’, a new ‘Sare Khare’ (a new Big Brother)” . What Behnoud and others did in 1979, was like what they did in 2009 and 2011. But were they only some stupid/ignorant jerks or … ? It’s not very clear, but now we can be sure that they are mercenary. Who are the main responsible for the death of Green Movement and the current situation in Iran? These bastards, who are fake intellectuals, but unfortunately the world knows them as the Iranian intellects and the symbol of the Iranian intellectualism! Last year, after the Ashoura day, they discouraged the people and saved the beloved Islamic regime. Now they are so disgraced and their sell-by date have been passed. 2010s is not like 1970s. Now Iran has about 15 to 20 million university-educated people and thousands of unknown real intellects. These young unknown intellects have not any voice or media now, but the future belongs to them. They certainly will change the Mullah’s regime, establish a pure Republic, and throw the fake Iranian intellects in the trash can of the history.

Iranian Toilet vs Western Toilet

July 9, 2011

In “18 Tir”, It’s better that we write about a related topic: “Iranian toilet”! Iranian toilet or “squat toilet” -also known as an Arabic, French, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Turkish or Natural-Position toilet- is a toilet used by squatting, rather than sitting. There are several types of squat toilets, but they all consist essentially of a hole in the ground. It is very common in Iran and prevalent throughout mainland China, India, Southeast Asia and South Asia. It is also prevalent in Turkey and can still be found in some public buildings and at motorway services in France, Italy, Uruguay, Balkans etc. In Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia, squat toilets can be found. It is also used in the Middle East and can be found in rural areas of Greece and Italy. The main benefit of using squat toilets is: “It does not involve any contact between the butt and the shit or the pee! or thighs with a potentially unsanitary surface. And It is also easier to clean, maintain, and use ” The Iranian toilet has its own problems, but it’s one of the most clean toilet in the world. As some funny Iranians say: “Iranians have the cleanest ass in the world. When you see the ass of non-Iranians, it’s really dirty (shitty!) Only when they take a bath and wash their ass with a lot of water and soap, their ass is as clean as Iranian ass ! ” There are many different ways to clean oneself after using the toilet. It depends on national mores and local resources. The most common choice in the Western world is toilet paper. In Iran, the custom is to use water, either with or without toilet paper. Of course, the majority of Lady’s toilets/restrooms in Iran have toilet paper, and the majority of young Iranian women use toilet paper with or without water.


Some Iranians try to make a fool, or kid the Western tourists about the Iranian toilet. But the tourists believe the jokes and write in their travel blogs some thing like this: “While squatting over the Iranian toilet you try to aim to get your droppings in the hole [!!!]” or “because there is no soap [!!!] the left hand doesnt feel too clean” Apparently these bloggers are fooled by nasty Iranians! The Westerners think that cleaning with water and soap is not clean, but some Iranians ask: “Don’t they wash their ass, even in the bath ?!! How they wash it? with their hands and then they wash their hands. The same thing is true about Iranian toilet . You had a water tap and a hose or a jar, with an endless supply of water, plus a flush and/or toilet paper in the majority of toilets in the urban areas”. Having access to water in the restroom is really very vital ! Iranians have many problems with the Western Toilet, or as Iranians call “Farangi Toilet”, especially when they can not find any water resource inside the restroom. Some Iranian expats say: “Cleaning with toilet paper is not enough for many Iranians, and when they are outside Iran, they should take a shower each time the go to the toilet !” Some times the Western toilets in the public restrooms are really dirty and unacceptable.


Some Westerners say: “We have to admit that We avoid public restrooms” or “We never sit on a public toilet seat” or “the toilets in most public houses are disgusting, pee all over, stinking, dirty toilet seat, etc”. or “Why are our public toilets still so dirty and messy?” And some Iranian expats say: “Poor toilet condition is a worldwide problem, but direct contact with germs, shits, pees, etc, is really shitty. In Iran, at least you and your skin don’t have any contact with any germs, shits, etc ” And some Westerners say: “We’ve been to all manner of different public toilets from motorway service stations and train stations to pubs and nightclubs. You can be pretty certain that half of them will have a cubicle containing a yellow stained dripping bum seat at some point “. The Japanese toilet has a similarity with Iranian toilet, and some Westerners say: “”While traveling in Japan, I experienced the Japanese style toilet -a long, narrow trough at floor level requiring the user to squat – Odd, yes, but quite sanitary “. It’s really right, squat toilets are quite sanitary. But the Japanese culture has some funny difference with Iranian one, as some Westerners say: “Japanese men in three-piece suits will pee into street in full view of the passing public. Many restrooms are uni-s-e-x- [!], so women have to file past the line of men peeing at urinals [!!]. ‘We are trained not to look’ our Japanese friend told us” Many Iranians think that the Western people don’t care about sanitation and cleanness; They say: “The Westerners go to the toilet with their shoes, and then with that dirty shoes go to their bed, their sofa, their living rooms, etc. It’s really disgusting and dirty . But Iranians leave their shoes behind the doors.” But it’s not the whole story, and many western toilets are clean and funny.


Public toilets in all around the world have been associated with graffiti, often of a transgressive or low-brow humorous nature. In Iran and in the West, we can see the same situation. Of course in Iranian public toilets, the political/satirical graffiti is more than any other place of the world. Some Iranians say: “In Iran, the most free public place is the public toilet !, and it shows the level of freedom in Iran under the Mullah regime “. Some Western toilet graffiti says: “Here I lie in stinky vapor, Because some bastard stole the toilet paper, Shall I lie, or shall I linger, Or shall I be forced to use my finger ! (without any water) … I came here To shit and stink But all I do Is sit and think … But I come here to scratch my balls, And read the bullshit on the walls … Fart loud if you love Jesus! … Everybody pisses on the floor. Be a hero and shit on the ceiling! ” And some Iranian toilet graffiti says: “Only for the Mullahs … Don’t push too much, your ass is “made in Iran”, so it’s torn very easily … the Mullahs should eat this … I came here only because I wanted to see Mr. shit … I came here only because I wanted to see the real face of the Mullahs, especially Khatami … Welcome to Khatami’s house … Here, we serve Khatami’s food … Khatami it’s for you. We had to do it in 1999, but now the toilets of this university can provide your foods, and all your friends’ foods, until your death. Eat shit man, Eat shit”. For seeing more pictures of Iranian toilet and finding more information about it, you can check here and here .

Iranian Boys and Girls

July 8, 2011

In the recent days, a psychotic boy killed a girl in Tehran, and this horrible event shocked many Iranians. The poor girl has been knifed to death by her classmate, because she had said no to the psychotic boy and had not wanted to marry him or being his girlfriend. This sort of events are global, and stupid psychotic boys and girls are found every where, but the case of Iran has some special characteristics. The majority of Iranian boys and girls fight against the Mullahs and their Islamic
laws/restrictions, and only less than 1% of the youth are as psychotic as that stupid brutal boy, but the Islamic laws have had its special side effects on Iran and Iranian youths. The Iranian boys and girls are separated from each other since the school age (until the end of high school). The Mullahs and their Islamic laws don’t allow the boys and girls to know each other since their childhood, so they are obsessed about each other . The boys don’t know the girls, and vice versa. Any relation between them is illegal and has serious legal punishment. But the majority of Iranian boys and girls ignore the Islamic laws and have relationship with each other, since the high school age. But the unhealthy/unsafe relationships are a serious problem, because all laws, all media, the education system, all education stuffs, etc, are against the normal relationships. It’s so obvious that the charlatans and psychotic people are every where, and in Iran the number of the people who are obsessed with s-e-x is really considerable, and the relationships in many places, especially in the work places, between male employers and female employees are really unhealthy. The inexperienced youth should be smart and learn from the available experiences or try to fight against censorship and learn about the basic matters.


The Iranian society still experiences “a transition from traditionalism to modernism ” that we call it “Iranian transition “. Since 1900s until know, i.e. more than 100 years, Iranian society has been involved in the process of Iranian transition . The process has been extremely painful, and Iranians have paid a very high price for it. The process has had its own ups and downs, but now many believes that Iran is in the last phase of the process. Now the Iranian families want to be modern, but they don’t know how. They don’t know how they can help their boys and girls, and keep them safe -safe from charlatans and psychotics . They don’t have any related first hand experience or knowledge, too. They need education, like any other society . The Mullahs and their reactionary system, deliberately try to mislead and misinform the people and only say: “Being modern is very dangerous”. But in the recent decade, the age of Internet and Information has helped Iranians a lot . They try to fight against censorship and learn what they need, by reading about the human history and the human experience. The majority of educated Iranian boys and girls try to know each other by talking to each other, by touching each other, etc, or even by living with each other.


The younger generation of Iranians experience some things that many non-Iranians can not believe it. In Iran and under the savage Islamic regime, with their reactionary Islamic laws and punishments, many Iranian boys and girls live with each other without any marriage and any legal certificate. They are friend and their families know that they have not married with each other, and have accepted it. It’s like a miracle for the Muslim countries. It’s part of the Iranian transition, and has started since the early 2000s. The rate of “Khane Mojaradi” (bachelor house) for GF/BF couples has increased dramatically. Now the majority of boys marry when they are 30+ and the majority of girls marry when they are near 30. And before that the majority of them experience some long/short relationships with the opposite gender. Now seeing the scene of kissing couples in the parks, in the cars, and in the coffee shops, etc, are not surprising and almost all Iranians have seen such scenes or they have been part of the scenes !


In 1980s, the Mullahs and the Islamists desperately tried to stop the Iranian transition . The Basiji thugs brutally suppressed the young boys and girls. The censorship and suppression were really unbelievable. Video, music, love, joy, relationship, free speech, free thought, etc had been banned. But the Mullahs could not stop the Iranian transition, and ironically accelerated it. After the Islamic revolution and the baby boom, the rate of literacy and especially female literacy increased, and in late 1990s, the majority of young Iranians, who were educated or literate, wanted change. It’s so obvious when the majority want some thing and fight for it, then no power can prevent them from reaching their goals. Since then, the Mullahs only fight for controlling the speed of change. They are sure that they can not change the situation, but they want to intimidate the people and decrease the speech of the Iranian transition. In fact, the process of the Iranian transition, is the natural dying process of the Mullahs in Iran. The majority of Iranians fight against the Mullahs and their Islamic laws, and that’s why the Mullahs are so hopeless and desperate. Now the majority of Iranians know that The Islamic Republic of Rapists has reached the end of the line. In the recent weeks, the Mullahs said that they want to separate boys and girls in the universities, but suddenly they retreated and confessed: “It’s only “playing with fire”; We don’t need any new riot”


Chalquz (bird shit!), i.e. local staffs (park police, etc) or other reactionary mercenaries who try to arrest the young couples, are like Basiji and Moral police. Many Iranians have seen a scene like the above and below pictures, i.e. when a Chalquz tries to arrest a young couple. Many Iranian boys and girls try to bribe the Chalquz to free them, and this has becom part of the Iranian life under the Mullah regime. As we said before, The Islamic Republic of Rapists has ‘Moral Police’, ‘Basij’, ‘Chalquz’, etc for controlling and arresting the young boys and girls, but many of these Islamist bastards, are Islamist rapists who try to rape their victims . In 1980s, the situation was really horrible and the punishments were really serious. “Persepolise (2007)” movie, by Marjane Satrapi, tries to show the situation of 1980s, and is worth seeing. In 1980s, the Islamists Rapists raped the arrested women and virgin girls, and sooner or later an Iranians will make a film about this great tragedy. The Islamist Rapists are among the most reactionary savage humans in our planet earth, but the good news is that they are becoming extinct in Iran, and in the near future they will just a dreadful tragic history.


The Islamists the Basiji and the Chalquz only have polluted the Iranian society. They kill, rape, and torture the ordinary Iranians, and try to stop the Iranian transition, that is in its last phase. In the near future they will be in their cage inside the Iranian Zoo for the Islamist Animals.

June 2009: First weeks after Coup

June 29, 2011

In June 2009, and in the first weeks after the Mullah’s coup, the Islamic regime was on the edge of downfall. The biggest lie about 2009 protests is that the protests were not widespread and were limited to Tehran. Of course Tehran, with 14 million population, is the biggest city of the Middle East, and is bigger than many countries of the region ! In fact, Tehran is a big country for itself ! bigger than I-s-r-e-a-l, Libya, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, etc. But in the first months of the protests, Iran rose up, not Tehran, but unfortunately without any plan and leadership. There were many protests in all major cities, like Isfahan, Shiraz, Rasht, Yazd, Kermanshah, Babol, Yasouj, etc. Many people were killed in these cities. There are many footages of Basiji raid in Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Yasouj, etc. It’s an undeniable fact.


It was 4pm at Motahari street in Tehran, June 13, 2009, that the people started their mass protests and the Khamenei’s dogs/thugs shot at the people and brutality beat them with baton, club, chain, etc. After that the people started to set the trash cans, buses, etc, on fire. After that the protests started in other cities, and Iran and Tehran were a sheer hell for the Mullahs. On June 14, 2009, at Motahari street, Kargar street, Valiasr street, Fatemi street, Azadi street, Vanak Square, Valiasr Square, Hafte-tir Square, Enghelab Square, Tajrish Square, etc in Tehran, and In Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Rasht, Babol, Kurdistan cities, etc the people were protesting like other parts of Iran and Tehran, and seeing a typical scene :”Khamenei’s thugs/dogs started to run towards the people. Some people escaped and some others ran towards them and threw stones.” Many people were killed by Khamenei’s dogs/thugs in the streets. On June 15, 2009, the mass demonstration in the Azadi street, with more than 3 million people, proved one thing: “Mullahs’ downfall is near”. Many people, at least more than 30 people, were killed on June 15, 2009. From June 16 to June 19, the people were in the streets, and all major cities of Iran saw what was called “revolution”. If the stupid Mousavi and his team were not too stupid, and tried to organize the people, then in the first week Khamenei had accepted his defeat. But Mousavi showed that he is not the man of fundamental change. He was only an Islamist veteran .


So, in this way, on June 19, 2009, Khamenei said (in his notorious Friday speech) : “About the issue of elections, the main issue of the country, there are three issues. One will be for the political leaders, our president, activists, western counties and leaders of the media. The elections of the 12 June was proof of participation of the people. It was a show of their love for their regime [!!!]. We can’t find other countries with such a level of democracy [!!!] … There were claims of fraud before the election … All of the candidates are part of this system and regime, all four candidates support the regime … The issue is inside the system. The dispute is not against the revolution [!!!]. The dispute was among candidates [!!!] Rumors spread that were not true, and gave a bad image to the previous government. Calling the president a liar is good? The president who is trusted by people [!!!] was accused of lying [Mousavi called AN a liar] they insulted the president, said he was superstitious [Now Khamenei and his thugs said Mr. shit is superstitious !] … I have known Mr. Rafsanjani for a long time … Mr. Rafsanjani is my dear and old friend, for more than 50 years … he spent all his money on the revolution [!!] … But I do have some difference with him, and my viewpoint is more closer to Mr. shit … The Islamic republic is not cheating against others [!!] There is no cheating inside the election system [!!] it is well controlled [!!] There may been mistakes, but 11 million [fake votes] is not possible [!!]… The candidates should be careful about what they say and do … Some diplomats from the west are showing their real face and that they are enemies. The worst are the British [i.e. his master, his dear old friend. But he is allowed to use the British tactics for deceiving the naive people, the tactics of “Jange Zargary” (fake fights) ] … The street is the place of living and trading. Why are you taking to the streets? Street demonstrations are a target for terrorist plots. Who would be responsible if something happened? The people that go to the streets are responsible of any event and what would happen [!!] … Rioting after the election is not a good way. It questions the election [!!] If they continue, the consequences will be their responsibility [!!!]”


After June 19, 2009, the widespread use of anit-Khamenei chants started. On June 19, 2009, Mousavi did not called on his supporters to stage protests, but the people pledged to gather in Tehran and other cities, on Saturday afternoon … The people, not Mousavi and Islamists, were calling for protesters to take to the streets at 4pm. They said: “Khamenei, the direct responsibility for any damage to people’s lives or property from now on lies with you”. And some people told each other: “Don’t forget that the British FM said: ‘we don’t want to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries … the election is a internal matter and we respect the legal president’ It shows us the real face of the British politicians … The British bastards want to support their puppet, Khamenei” On June 20, 2009, millions of brave Iranians went to the streets and fought against Khamenei’s thugs/dogs with bare hands. On June 20, 2009, at least more than 50 people were killed, including Neda Agha Soltan. The bloody Saturday, came after the bloody Monday and the bloody first week. From June 21 to June 28, the people were on the streets, but the stupid Mousavi and his stupid team did not try to organize the people. In fact, they had not any plan, and the people were killed in the streets without any plan and without any outcome.


The powerful mass protests continued for more than two months. Last year, the Sepahi and Basiji thugs confessed that from June 12 to August 15, they had the most dreadful situation in the past 30 years, and their Islamic regime was on the edge of downfall. And only God -with the help of Mousavi, the Islamist-Reformists, and the Western supporters of Khamenei- saved the Islamic regime from fall. It was a miracle for the Islamists, but an apparent betrayal for the people. What Iranians saw in the first two months after the coup, was unbelievable for many people. They saw how savage and brutal are the Islamists. They saw that the Islamists could rape men and women for staying in power. They saw that how charlatan and how hypocrite are the West and the Western politicians, who are the real supporter of the Islamists in Iran. They saw how charlatan and how hypocrite are the Western media, from BBC and VOA to Guardian and Washington Post. They saw how stupid and bastard are the
Islamist-Reformists, who fights only for their own benefit.
After that the people started to choose their own path, and then before and after the Ashoura Day, the people and the Islamists were on two different sides. After the Ashoura Day, the majority of people said goodbye to the Green Movement, and the green movement died for many people. But only in 2011, the official death of Green Movement announced that all the people accepted that the Green movement died. After that a new movement, a people movement for toppling the Islamic regime, was born.

Persian Foods, Iranian Cuisine

June 28, 2011

Iran or Persia, as one of the ancient civilizations of the world, has its own cuisine. In fact, Iranian/Persian cuisine is one of the oldest and richest cuisines in the world, and is typically vastly different from what is found in other part of the Middle East. Many Persian words about food and drinks are used in other languages, including English language; the words like Candy (Persian root “Qand”), Sugar (Shekar), Lemon (Limu), Pistachio (Pistah), Gizzard (Jigar), Spinach, Caviar, Julep (Gulab), Syrup (Shireh), Sherbet or sorbet or Syrup (form Persian roots “Shireh” (Syrup) and “Shir” (milk). It’s close to other Persian words like Shirin/Shirini (sweet), “Shekar” (sugar), Shahd (sappy), “Sharab” (wine), etc and then was imported into Arabic language), Carafe (Qarabeh [Tong]), Pilaf (Polow), Kebab or Kabob, Sumac, Calabash (Kharbuzeh), Orange (Narang), Alcohol, Sherry (Shirazi [wine]), etc . But the Persian cuisine is not widely recognized, and the main reason is very clear : the Mullahs . In fact, everything in Iran is political, even foods ! The world knows that Iran or Persia is not part of the global community, only because of the Mullahs. But after toppling the Mullahs in Iran, the world would hear a lot about Persian cuisine. Iranian/Persian cuisine has lots of similarity to Turkish and Greek cuisines in some dishes due to cultural contacts with Greeks and Turks. In fact, Greeks learned many things from Iranians in the ancient time, and vice versa. And in the modern time, Turks learned many things from Iranians, and vice versa. In the previous posts, we introduced some traditional Iranian foods like Nan Sangak, Kale Pache, and Abgousht or Dizi and some traditional and special foods for Nowruz, like Sabzi Polo, Ajil, and Cholo Kabab . But the list of traditional and special Iranian foods is very long. Each part or province of Iran has its own list of special foods. It’s so obvious that each ancient civilization should be like this, and its list of special foods should be very long. In this article, we try to list some of the main Iranian foods and then later, in the other articles, we would write more about each of them.

The traditional drink accompanying Iranian dishes is “Doogh“, a combination of yogurt, still or carbonated water, and dried mint. As we said before, “Sherbet” (Sorbet or Syrup) is a Persian word that is used in other language, including English language. So, it’s so obvious that Iranian drinks/sherbets have many special types, such as: Khak shir (herbal drink), Tokhme Sharbati (herbal drink), different kinds of Araghijat (different kinds of herbal drinks), Aab Zereshk (barberry juice), Aab Anaar (pomegranate juice), Sekanjebin, Aab Hendevaneh (watermelon juice), and many others. Iranian dessert dishes range from Bastani-e Za-ferani (Persian ice cream that serves with saffron) to Faludeh (a frozen sorbet made with thin starch noodles and rosewater). In Persian language “Bastani” means “Ice cream”, and Persian ice creams is flavored with saffron, rosewater, etc. There are also many types of Iranian sweets, and non-Iranian sweets that have an Iranian twist, such as the addition of saffron, pistachios, and walnuts. As we said before, Candy (Persian root “Qand”), Sugar (Shekar), etc are Persian words, so it’s obvious that Iranians should have many special types of sweets or Shirini . The traditional Iranian sweets are: Shirini Berenji (a type of rice cookie), Shirini Nokhodchi (clover-shaped chickpea flour cookies), Gaz (special sweet of Esfahan), Sohan (Honey Toffee), Baghlava, Basloogh, Kolouche (a large cookie usually with a walnut or fig filling), Shirini Keshmeshi (raisin and saffron cookies), Noghl (sugar-coated almonds), Nabaat (sugar-candy), Zulbia, Bamieh, Gush-e Fil (Zulbia have been popular in other parts of the world at least since early medieval times ), etc. In fact, each province of Iran, has dozens of special sherbets and sweets, and listing all of them is very hard.

Iranian breads are special and flat breads. There are four major Iranian breads : Nan Sangak (that is considered as the national bread), Nan Lavash (thin, flaky and round or oval, and is also the oldest known bread in the Middle East and Central Asia), Nan Taftoon (Thin, but thicker than Lavash, soft and round.), and Nan Barbari (thick and oval-shaped, also known as Tabrizi Bread, for its origins in and links to the city of Tabriz). In Iran, there are said to be more than forty types of wheat breads from very dark to very light. Iranian bread is the main part of Iranian breakfast. In Iran, breakfast is called Sobhaneh or Nashtayi . The basic traditional Iranian breakfast consists of a variety of Iranian breads, Paneer (White cheese), Kheme or Sarshir (whipped heavy cream), and a variety of fruit jams and spreads. Other popular traditional breakfasts include Haleem or Halim (wheatmeal served plain or more commonly with shredded lamb or turkey -similar to Western oatmeal in some respects; see below picture), Adasi (a delicious boiled lentil; see below picture), and Kale Pache (Kaleh Pacheh) .


Iranian Polow/Polo (rice) is very famous and very old. It is believed that rice (berenj in Persian) was brought to Iran from the Indian subcontinent in ancient times . Polo is often eaten by Khoresht (stews). Polo Khoresht has many different kinds like: Geymeh, Gormeh Sabzi, Fesnjan, Baghali Polo, Zereshk Polo, Sabzi Polo, etc. Sometimes Polo is eaten without Khoresht, like: Loubi Polo, Adas Polo, Dami or Dam-Pokhtak, Shirin Polo, Albaloo Polo, etc. One of the oldest recipes, which can trace its existence back to the time of Persian empire, is khoresht Fesenjan, consisting of duck or sometimes chicken in a rich pomegranate-and-walnut sauce that yields a distinctive brown color, most often served with white rice . The eggplant (aubergine) is “the potato of Iran”, and many foods are made by eggplant. Iranians call eggplant “Morghe Siah Bijoon”, that means “Black inanimate Chicken ” ! Iranians are fond of fresh green salads dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, etc. Vegetables such as spinach, green beans, broad beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, Sabzi ( herbs like basil, cilantro, fenugreek greens, tarragon, Persian watercress or Shaahi, etc), spring onions, etc are one of the main part of the Iranian/Persian foods.

Now lets take a look at two ancient and famous Iranian foods: Aash, and Dolmeh.

Aash (Iranian Soup)

Aash is a special kind of soup, and can be called “Persian soup”. In fact, Ash is similar to soup but thicker, which is usually served hot. Aash has many different kinds, like Aash Reshte, Aash-e Sholeh-Ghalamkar, Aash Jo, Aash Anar, Aash Alou, Aash Mast, Aash Torsh, Aash Isfanaj, etc. Depending on the type of Aash, it could contain different types of grain, legumes (chick peas, black-eye beans, lentils), vegetables, herbs (parsley, spinach, dill, spring onion ends, coriander, dried mint), onions, oil, meat, garlic, Reshteh (noodle) and spices, such as salt, pepper, turmeric, saffron, etc. Depending on the ingredients, it can be considered a full meal. The most common Aash is Aash Reshteh .


Aash Reshteh’s ingredients are: Reshteh (noodle; special Iranian noodle), Sabzi Aash (i.e special herbs for Aash, that include: parsley, cilantro, spinach, green onions, etc), chickpeas, red beans or red kidney beans, lentils (optional), onion and garlic, and
Kashk (whey; special Iranian whey) . Iranians eat Aash with a lot of Kashk. In fact, they add some Kashk to their Aash when eating it. Nanaa Dagh (the sautéed mint, onions, and garlic) and Kashk are used for decorating Aash. A good Aash should be very thick, or as Iranians say “Jaa-Oftadeh”, i.e. cooking a good Aash is very time consuming, and at least 2 or 3 hours is needed for cooking a good Aash.



Aash is a especial food for many occasion, from feast/ceremony to picnic and outdoor activities, like Charshabeh Soori , 13-Bedar , outdoor or indoor parties, Ramedan (a month of Islamic fast), Travel (before, after, or during travel), etc.

Dolme / Dolmeh

The term Dolma describes any vegetable stuffed with rice or a rice-and meat mixture. In fact, Dolmeh is an stuffing/mixture inside a vegetable, like grape leave, bell pepper, tomato, eggplant, etc . The main part of Dolme is the stuffing/mixture, that is a combination of onion, rice, yellow split peas, ground beef, herbs (parsley, cilantro, green onions, dill, Tarragon, mint, etc). Then the (emptied) vegetables are stuffed with the cooked stuffing/mixture, and will be boiled in water.


Dolmeh Barge Mo (Stuffed Grape Leaves) is the most common of Persian Dolmeh . There are a variety of ways to make the mixture that is wrapped with the grape leaves. In fact, some of the stuffing/mixture is placed on the leaf and then the leaf is wrapped.


For more Information:

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How Iran Changed: from 1905 to 2010

June 27, 2011

In the past 100 years, Iran has changed a lot. The official and unofficial statistics and data, besides what the old people said about the past 100 years, can create a big picture of how Iran changed in the past years. We have used the statistics and date of the UN, (UNHDR, Unisef, etc), World Bank, Iran Amar (Statistics) Center, Journalistic data/statistics, Well-known writers/intellects’ data and estimations, etc for drawing an acceptable big picture. This big picture, is a pig picture, not precise and detailed picture, but can show us how Iran has reached to its current situation. The five important milestones in Iran’s history are: (1) 1905: near “the Constitutional Revolution” (2) 1953: after the Oil Nationalization Movement, and before the CIA-MI6 coup in Iran (3)1978: near the Islamic Revolution (4) 1997: near the Islamic Reform Movement (4) 2010: After the Khamenei’s coup, and before the Iranian Revolution for establishing a “Secular and Democratic Republic”:

1905 1953 1978 1997 2010
Population (million) 10 20 35 65 75
Literacy rate (T) 1% 10% 40% 80% 85%
Literacy rate (F) ~ 0% 1% 15% 70% 85%
Literacy rate (Y) 1% 10% 50% 85% 95%
Middle Class (R) ~0% ~5% 15% 55% 70%
Poor/Low Class (R) 95% 85% 75% 35% 20%
Urban Population (R) 5% 15% 30% 60% 75%
near Poverty Line (R) 95% 85% 70% 50% 50%
University-educated Adults 0% 1% 3% 10% 30%
University Students sH tT hT 3~4 million 4~5 million
Inflation rate 2~3 % 5% 20% 40%
Dollar Exchange rate ~ 2 ~ 5 70 8000 12000
40 liter Petrol (price) $1 $4 $35
Number of Cars 0 tT hT 6~7 million ~20 million
Average Salary $100 $200 $2000 $4500 $12K
Average Price (Car) $1500 $6000 $15K
Average Price (House) $13K $50K $500K
Islamists’ Population (R) 99% 90% 80% 40% 10%
Monarchists’ Population (R) 80% 60% 20% 2% 1%
under Mullahs’ influence (R) 99% 95% 90% 20% 5%
Life Expectancy (year) 40 45 55 65 70
Employed Women (R) 0% ~1% ~5% 35% 60%
University Educated Girls (R) 0% ~1% ~5% 65% 75%
Infant mortality rate 30% 15% 2% 0.006% 0.003%
Fertility (children/family)+ 12 10 6 3 1.5
Television audiences (R) 0% ~0% 20% 90% 99%
Liar/Hypocrite Adults (R) 90% 90% 85% 90% 90%
Embezzler/Corrupt Adult (R) 70% 70% 70% 70% 75%
Jealous Adults (R) 90% 90% 85% 90% 90%
Drug addicts/users (R) 75% 65% 30% 25% 25%
Nosy Adults (R) 90% 90% 90% 90% 90%
Flatterer Adults (R) 90% 80% 80% 80% 80%
Fake Intellectuals (R) 90% 90% 90% 90% 90%
Charlatan Journalists (R) 80% 90% 90% 90% 95%
Music listeners/lovers (R) 1% 5% 35% 70% 90%
having Boy/Girlfriend (R) ~0% ~1% ~5% 20% 80%
Marriage age (year) 15 ~17 21 26 30
Marriage age (F) (year) 11 14 16 22 27
Divorce rate (R) ~1% ~2% ~6% 30% 60%
Child Literacy rate (T) ~1% 5% 65% 95% 99%
Child Literacy rate (F) ~0% 1% 35% 95% 99%
Atheists (R) 0% ~0% 1% 5% 10%
Agnostics (R) ~0% 1% 3% 10% 20%
Religious Fanatics (R) 99% 90% 75% 25% 5%
Cinema Goers (R)* 0% 10% 35% 10% 1%
National Films’ lovers (R)* 0% 35% 20% 10% 1%
Film lovers (R) 0% 10% 20% 50% 80%
Travelers to Mecca (P/A) 90%/ ~0% 90%/1% 90%/2% 50%/5% 30%/ 3%
Travelers to Iraq (P/A) 90%/ ~0% 90%/ 1% 90% /5% 50%/ 0% 25%/ 3%
Travelers to NIC (P/A) 0%/ 0% 0%/ 0% 5%/ ~0% 50%/ 1% 90%/ 5%
Internet users (R) 1% 70%
Tel /Cell phone users (R) 1% 50% 90%
Satellite TV users (R) 0% 10% 80%
Access to Electricity (R) 1% 25% 80% 95%
Visa-Free counties ++ ~70 ~5 ~10

R = rate, F= female, Y= Youth, T= Total, sH= some Hundreds, tT= tens of Thousands, hT= hundreds of Thousands, NIC= Non-Islamic Countries, P/A= Potential rate/ Actual rate (i.e. the potential rate of the people who love to travel to X, and the actual rate of the people who succeed in travel to X. In the recent decades, the visa and getting visa is a serious obstacle for Iranian travelers)

(+) : the average number of children per family (*): After the Islamic revolution, especially in the 1980s and in the recent years, the number of Iranian cinema goers have decreased seriously, and the reason is so obvious: “Islamic censorship and low quality movies” (++) : The number of countries that Iranian can go without visa. In 1978, Iranians could go to the Europe and many other countries without visa, and getting visa of almost all counties was very very easy. But in the recent years/decades, the Iranian passport is among the most disgraced and discredited passports.

In the above table ‘Adults’ means the people aged 25 and over.

Saudi Women and Iranian Women

June 23, 2011

The lunatic lefts and many other people around the world, know nothing about the real differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia. As we said before, Noam Chomsky and his followers are really stupid, and can not understand that: Iranians are much more modern than Arabs of Saudi Arabi, but Irans regime is more brutal and reactionary than Saudi Arabias regime . A Saudi woman, who writes in Saudiwoman’s blog , can show us the meaning of these differences. She seems like the Islamist-Reformists in Iran. In fact, the majority of open-minded Saudi people, in the best case are like the stupid Iranian Islamist-Reformists. “ Saudi girls just wanna have fun ” is one of Saudiwoman’s informative posts. Look at the below picture, and how the poor young Saudi women, try to be goofy and play with their eyes, i.e. the only visible part of their body. The poor Saudi women are imprisoned within the burka/abaya, but they don’t protest against Hijab. The majority of Saudi women have accepted the Islamic Hijab and support the Islamic laws. But in Iran the social situation is quite different. In fact, not only the burka/abaya has been extinct in Iran, but the majority of Iranian women fight against forced Hijab


Some comments in Saudiwoman’s blog are interesting: “Hijab is supposed to dignify a woman. These girls are just making fools of themselves and of hijab and Islam !!. I am not against having fun but … I am an American Muslim and I realize that my restrictions are my salvation !! (Shame on you stupid Americans!!) … Do we not see that Lebanons prosperity is fueled by s-e-x-u-a-lly frustrated Saudi men who go to Lebanon to have s-e-x with women … The Saudi men go out of the country to have s-e-x, drink alcohol ! and do drugs! … Its hard to understand the motive behind the article. If the idea being proposed here is that people involved in adultery should not be punished, that idea is not acceptable. If the point is that the Islamic laws and punishment is too harsh, although I am a woman, I dont think it is too harsh . It is the way Islam has asked to do so … Covering women head to toe in black is sickening. That’s why sodomy is so rife in Muslim Arabic Countries … Saudi Muslims are so reactionary” But as we said before, the majority of Iranians and Iranian Women are really different and hate the reactionary Islamic laws. Iranian Women’s Activists are really brave and modern. And the Islamic regime tries to brutally suppress the majority of Iranian young women, who try to be happy and fight against the reactionary Islamic laws, including Hijab.


In the recent weeks, the world heard more about “Saudi Women’s Driving Ban“, and a new campaign for defending this basic right. In fact, in the Arab Spring, while many Arabs protest against their dictators, the Saudi Arabs only protest against the most reactionary laws of their reactionary society. And it’s very meaningful. When Saudi “Commission for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue” (it’s a very familiar name for Iranians) arrested Manal Al-Sherif, after driving a car in Khobar and publishing a video about it, (King) Abdullah in an interview with Barbara Walters, said that women driving is a societal issue. Abdullah said that only Saudi society could determine the appropriate time when women can drive cars. He said he believed that time was soon! It’s like a joke, but it’s really right. Women driving, and women rights, is a societal issue in Saudi Arabia. When in 2011, the Saudi women start to fight against the most stupid ban in the world, i.e. “Saudi Women’s Driving Ban”, it shows us how reactionary is the Saudi society. The good question is: ‘ When will Saudi women protest against Hijab or Islamic veil?’ maybe in 2111 !! The below pictures can show us the difference between Iranian and Saudi societies.


The structure of Saudi Society, like other Arab-Muslim countries, is extremely unhealthy and reactionary. The literacy rate of Saudi women is very law, near %50. Some comments below the Saudiwoman’s posts are very interesting: “Im a Saudi girl and I hate Saudi men, their giving me the nausea. They say: “Don’t look to any people, Don’t do this. Don’t do that” Theyre the biggest hypocrite in the earth. They don’t want girls to success and having jobs, they hate seeing us happy …. I really want to see more outdoor activities, I want to see Saudi girls in the Olympics … May Saudi Arabia be ruled by women one day, and may they clad the men in burkas and beat them all day long while they enjoy their freedom! Revenge is sweet! … Women in our community and countries dont even go out hiking, running, or bicycling as it is viewed as immodest. … Mullahs are sodomizing boys, the internet is used almost exclusively for p-o-r-n-o-graphy … Remember the case of a sentence of 40 lashes was handed out to a 75-year-old woman in Saudi Arabia! The woman, who was also sentenced to four months imprisonment, was found guilty of being in the company of two men, who were not her relatives … Today 80% of engineers in Saudi Arabia are foreigners and the competency of the 20% who are Saudis is questionable … Seeing the poor Saudi young women in burka/abaya, is very sickening. ”


Saudiwoman writes: “The punishments that are most newsworthy when it comes to Saudi Arabia, are the ones given to people guilty of Khilwa [Khalwat] (unrelated man and woman [friends!] alone together) and extramarital s-e-x. A punishment for Khilwa is common and weve all come across muttawas trolling coffee shops and restaurants searching for pairs who seem too happy to be related. But what happens after they are caught? the man and woman are separated at the spot and questioned to see if their stories correspond … finally he (and she) will most likely be sentenced a number of lashes across the back !! Extramarital s-e-x on the other hand is extremely serious (“Sangsar” that means “stoning to death !!”) Infidelity is an automatic death sentence !! Singles are imprisoned and whipped !!” It’s the reality of savage Muslims. And it’s what the Mullahs have imported to Iran from Saudi Arabia : “Brutality and Barbarism”. But the main point is that the majority of Saudi people accept this Islamic shit, but the majority of Iranians reject it and fight against it .


Polygamy is legal and widespread in Saudi Arabia . The Saudiwoman write: “man might take on a second wife and not see his first except twice a month to pay the bills. And the woman stays on and is patient because thats what a good woman does. In Saudi Arabia the husband divorce his wife even without letting her know ! In his own time the husband can go to the courts and obtain a document of his decision and send a copy to the ex-wife !!. Alimony and child custody is not a big deal either and definitely not mandated ! . Several women I personally know have never gotten any financial support from their ex-husbands. The women could not divorce their husband! except three cases: proof that the husband is a drug addict, has AIDS or being a daughter of a VIP! Otherwise the process is stressful, and lead to her never seeing her children again! In one case the judge and his assistants demanded from the wife that she detail her husbands performance in bed !! Another woman had to pay her dowry back in full after more than a decade of marriage and four children !” All of these shits are the result of Islamic laws. But Iranian women and men protest against the Mullahs and their Islamic laws.


The Mullahs wanted to make another Saudi Arabia in Iran. But Iranian society rejected it. Polygamy is legal in Iran, but it’s not an accepted social norm in Iran . Just Mullahs and Muslim fanatics, i.e. less that 5% of Iranians, accept this shit. In fact, Iranians and Iranian culture have not accepted many of Arabian-Islamic customs. And the Mullahs could not change the situation . Divorce process in Iran is not like Saudi Arabia. The Mullahs and their Islamic laws have f-u-c-ked the women’s right, but even in these conditions, the man could not divorce a woman like Saudi Arabia. The Divorce process in Iran is too long, near one year to two years, and alimony, dowry, and child custody is a very big deal. Many men are imprisoned for dowry or alimony. In the recent years, ,many young Iranian women make use of a facility named “the Conditions before Marriage”, that is an Islamic facility for silencing Iranian women’s activists. In fact, the women can ask for all they want before the marriage, like divorce’s right, custody’s right, outdoor work’s right, study’s right, housing’s right, etc, and in this way, the women would gain their basic rights.


As we said before, the Mullah’s regime in Iran is really more savage than Saudi’s regime. But it’s the Iranian people and their culture that are much more modern than Saudi Arabia’s. The stupid Iranian Muslim fanatics are a tiny minority inside Iran, while the stupid Saudi Muslim fanatics are the majority inside Saudi Arabia. The stupid Muslim fanatics in Iran and Saudi Arabia are alike, and both of them have the same strategy. And a Saudi Muslim fanatic’s comment in Saudiwoman’s blog describes it in this way: “Comment on negative aspects has no use; It is just hanging out dirty laundry for the world to see . It’s not productive to the Saudi society”. But we know that a healthy society should “hang out dirty laundry for the world to see “, otherwise the dirty laundry will choke the society and its citizens. The stupid Muslim fanatics in Saudi Arabia don’t know anything about the reality of Islam. As a funny comment in Saudiwoman’s blog says: “To most Saudi (and non-Saudi) Muslims, the Quran is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it. They just scroll to the bottom and click I agree. But they should try to read the whole story and then click “I agree”.

Mullah Nasreddin’s Jokes

June 19, 2011

Mullah (Molla) Nasreddin is a Persian character who appears in thousands of stories, always witty, sometimes wise, even philosophic, sometimes the instigator of practical jokes on others and often a fool or the butt of a joke. Stories relating to Mollah Nasreddin are generally humorous, but in the subtle humor there is always a lesson to be learned. Mullah Nasreddin is a satirical Sufi figure who is believed to have lived around 13th century. Nasreddin was a wise man, remembered for his funny stories. Sufism is an Iranian sect of Islam, that values inner quality above external piety. The people of Bukhara (Part of Persia/Iran that now is in Uzbekistan) claim him to be a native of that city, but the Turks have tried to make him a denizen of Turkey ! The Turks are really shameless. In the recent years, they claim that the great Persian Poet, Jalal al-Din Rumi (Molavi) was a Turk !! There is no doubt that Rumi is a Persian. All his works is in Persian, all his family lived in Persia, etc but the Turks say his a Turk ! Some funny Iranians say: “If Rumi was a Turk, then Shakespeare was a Turk, too”. The case of Mullah (Molla) Nasreddin is like the case of Rumi. The great satirical works of great Persian Poets and writers like Rumi, Sa’di, Obeid, etc around 12th to 14th century, can show us the roots of Nasreddin. Now Mullah Nasruddin is an international character and his tales are from many ages and many cultures. There are Persian, Persian subcultures (Kurdish, and all former parts of Persia like Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc) Turkish, Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Greek, Serbian, etc sources for Nasruddin tales. He is known as Nasrudin, Joha, Hojas, Jiha, Juha, Khodja, Molla, Apendi, Afandi, etc. 19961997 was declared International Nasreddin Year by UNESCO. Now lets take a look at some Mullah Nasreddin’s jokes.

Once Mullah was invited to deliver a sermon. When he got on the pulpit, he asked, Do you know what I am going to say? The audience replied “no”, so he announced, I have no desire to speak to people who don’t even know what I will be talking about! and left.

The people felt embarrassed and called him back again the next day. This time, when he asked the same question, the people replied yes. So Nasreddin said, Well, since you already know what I am going to say, I won’t waste any more of your time! and left

Now the people were really perplexed. They decided to try one more time and once again invited the Mulla to speak the following week. Once again he asked the same question – Do you know what I am going to say? Now the people were prepared and so half of them answered “yes” while the other half replied “no”. So Nasreddin said Let the half who know what I am going to say, tell it to the half who don’t, and left

A neighbour asked Mullah : “Mullah, I want to borrow your donkey.” “I am sorry,” said the Mullah, “but I have already lent it out.”
As soon as he had spoken, the donkey brayed. The sound came from Nasrudin’s stable. “But Mullah, I can hear the donkey, in there!” As he shut the door in the man’s face, Nasrudin said, with dignity, “A man who believes the word of a donkey in preference to my word does not deserve to be lent anything.”

Nasreddin was walking in the Bazaar with a large group of followers. Whatever Nasreddin did, his followers immediately copied. Every few steps Nasreddin would stop and shake his hands in the air, touch his feet and jump up yelling “Hu Hu Hu!”. So his followers would also stop and do exactly the same thing. One of the merchants, who knew Nasreddin, quietly asked him: “What are you doing my old friend? Why are these people imitating you?” “I have become a Sufi Sheikh,” replied Nasreddin. “These are my Murids (spiritual seekers); I am helping them reach enlightenment!” “How do you know when they reach enlightenment?”
“Thats the easy part! Every morning I count them. The ones who have left have reached enlightenment!”

Some one said: “Nasrudin, your donkey has been lost.” he said: “Thank goodness I was not on the donkey at the time, or I would be lost too.”

Mullah said: “I can see in the dark.” the people said:”That may be so, Mullah. But if it is true, why do you sometimes carry a candle at night?” he said: “To prevent other people form bumping into me.”

A man called, wanting to borrow a rope.”You cannot have it,” said Nasrudin. “Why not?” “Because it is in use.” “But I can see it just lying there, on the ground.” “That’s right: that’s its use.”

One of the neighbors found Nasreddin scattering crumbs all around his house. “Why are you doing that?” he asked.
“I’m keeping the tigers away,” replied Nasreddin. “But there aren’t any tigers around here,” said the neighbor. “That’s right,” said Nasreddin. “You see how well it works?”

The donkey of Mollah is missing and he asks a man if he has seen it. He says the donkey has changed and has become the judge of the town. Mollah says: I believe you since when I was teaching my students, the donkey would shake his ears and listen attentively.

One day someone asked Mollah, “What are the best qualities of mankind?” “Well,” he replied, “a philosopher once told me that there are two. He had forgotten the one, but he told me the other. But to tell you the truth, I’ve since forgotten that one, too.”

In the old days, men were permitted to have more than one wife. Mollah himself took a second wife who was younger than the first one. One evening he came home to find them quarreling about which of them Molla loved more. At first, Mollah told them he loved them both, but neither of them were satisfied with his answer. Then the older one asked, “Well, just suppose the three of us were in a boat, and it started to sink. Which of us would you try to save?” Mollah thought for a moment, and then said to his older wife, “My dear, you know how to swim, don’t you?”

One day the King invited Mollah to his palace for dinner. The royal chef prepared, among others, a cabbage recipe for the occasion. After the dinner, the King asked, “How did you like the cabbage?” “It was very delicious,” complimented Mollah. “I thought it tasted awful,” said the King. “You’re right,” added Mollah, “it was very bland.” “But you just said it tasted ‘delicious,'” the King noted. “Yes, but I’m the servant of His Majesty, not of the cabbage,” he replied

June 2009: Iranian Voters and their Votes

June 12, 2011

In Iran, we don’t have any reliable statistics about the political and non-political views of Iranians. In fact, the statistics and any precise data and information are the enemy of Mullahs and their Islamic regime. The Mullahs love ignorance and being ignorant, and their Islamic regime is based on it. But even in this situation, we still can have some sort of acceptable analysis about the Iranians and their views. Here we want to take a look at Iranian voters and their votes. In 2009, and in the past elections, we had three main groups of Iranian eligible voters. If we assume that the average number of eligible voters in the past elections was near 40 million, then the three main groups of eligible voters were as follow :

Group A : about 35% (14 million) of eligible voters, who boycotted almost any election in the Islamic regime (exception 1997 election) Group B : about 50% (20 million) of eligible voters, who voted only if they thought that they can change the behavior or power structure of the Islamic regime by their votes. The majority of them were young voters who sought “change” and “reform”.
Group C: about 15% (6 million) of eligible voters, who almost always voted for either Islamists-Reformists or Islamists.

In 2009, the number of eligible voters was near 45 million, and about 40% of group A, about 80% of group B, and about 90% of group C , participated in the election. It was for the first time that about 40% of group A, participated in an election. It’s almost obvious that voters of group A and B voted for Mousavi or Karoubi. But the interesting fact is that even the voters of group C, did not vote for Mr. shit, and many of them voted for Mousavi or Rezaii . So, in 2009, about 25 million to 30 million voted for Mousavi or Karoubi, and the number of Mr. shit’s votes, in the best case with the miracle of dead people’s ID cards, was near 5 million. But the Islamists and Khemenei’s thugs, who are the followers of Goebbels and Nazis, had a motto : “the bigger lie the better’, and so they called that Mr. shit had 24 million votes !!, and Mousavi and Karoubi had 13 million votes ! In fact, the number of Mr. shit’s votes were multiplied by 5 ! In this way the biggest election fraud in the history of Iran was formed and the frustrated Iranians poured into the streets after the election day.

The demographics of these three groups could be very interesting:

Urban Rural University-educated Literate Age:20~45 years
group A 75% 25% 60% 90% 70%
group B 60% 40% 40% 70% 70%
group C 35% 65% 10% 40% 50%

One of the interesting questions is about the structure of the Iranian protesters. In fact, about 90% of group A, about 80% of group B, and about 50% of group C protested after the election. The interesting point is that the group A, i.e. who boycott almost all elections and only about 40% of them voted in the 2009 election, were the main protesters and the most educated and active protesters. In fact, the group A who wanted to topple the Islamic regime, made use of the huge election fraud and along with the group B, protested against Khamenei and the Islamic regime. The group A wanted to topple the Islamic regime from the beginning of the protests, but group B preferred to follow the leadership of Mousavi. Now after 2 years, the majority of group B say that the group A were right and they had to listen to the group A. Now the majority of group B, have become members of the group A, and want to topple the Islamic regime ASAP. And the majority of group C have become members of group B.Now in 2011, the structure of the three main groups of eligible voters/protesters have changed as follow :

Group A : about 80% (36 million) of eligible voters, who not only boycott any election in the Islamic regime, but ask for fundamental change, and want to topple the whole reactionary system of the Mullahs, including the Islamist-Reformists (i.e. Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries). Their bottom line is “toppling Khamenie”
Group B : about 18% (8 million) of eligible voters, who vote only if the managers of the election fraud, and Basiji killers and rapists would be brought to the trial. They could make deal with Khamenei, of course not like the stupid Khatami..
Group C: about 2% (1 million) still vote for either
Islamists-Reformists or Islamists.