Nowruz, Norouz, Norooz: New Year in Persia

April 12, 2016

The following post was written in Nowruz, but we couldn?t send it due to the Terrible Internet Censorship -including Terrible attacks on HTTPS connections. We have already written about this Western-made Problem in posts like : ?Internet Tragedy, Evil Censors: West or Devil ?? (Check archive; that post talks about The Internet Tragedy in Rouhani era, How the West helps Mullahs, and How Rouhanis -with the help of the West- run attacks on the Internet & HTTPS connections)

“In Nowruz (= Persian New Year) People of Persia often think or talk about the past, the present and the future. In Nowruz, People of Persia prefer to talk about Good things. Nowruz is actually the Day of Hope -when a harsh Winter goes, and a new Spring comes”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “But recent years are like the Zahak’s era, when Ahriman (= Great Evil) and its stooges hurt Iranians & all Good guys a lot. Ahriman and its stooges -ie Barbarians- have always been Anti-Iran & Anti-Civilization. Ahriman and its stooges -from UK / US leaders to CIA’s Arabs- still try to destroy the Iranian values (ie Human values), and to hurt Iranians & all Good guys. It’s their mission. They are savages, and their favorite world is the world of ‘ Mad Max‘. Now they even make films about their ‘Mad Max‘ world, which is the world of Psychopaths & Barbarians = the British world = Ahriman’s world or American world. If you take a look at Britain’s history, you can see that Britain was the Land of Barbarians & Savage cannibals, and the Ahriman world or the ‘Mad Max‘ world is actually the British World. American Barbarians are children of British Barbarians. So their favorite films & their favorite world is the ‘ Mad Max‘ world, ie the world of Psychopaths & Barbarians“. They also add: “America is truly Fascist. Now the fucking America openly supports Arabs, Islamic Dictators & Islamic Nekbat. America is Evil. In their fucking Obama era, Internet Censorship is Going from Bad to Worse. In their fucking Rouhani-Obama era, all problems are Going from Bad to Worse. After their new Nuclear Deal / Islamic Nekbat, Internet Censorship, Economic problems, increasing prices, Systematic Lies, Censorship and all problems are Going from Bad to Worse in Iran. But the fucking America & Western-barbarian countries censor all news/ facts. Of course it’s obvious why the Fascist France, the Barbarian Britain and the Fucking America censor all news, and just support Rouhanis. Now the American Monkey (Obama) works as the Leader of the Mullah regime, and says to Iran’s people: ‘You should support the Islamic Regime and the Islamic Turkmenchay, and (you never see) the so-called economic benefits of the Nuclear Turkmenchay’ ! It’s what the Ayatollah Obama says in the 2016 Nowruz! The Ayatollah Monkey (= Obama) and the American monkey business are so stupid. Now they clearly show why the Mullah regime is run by CIA/ MI6, and Why & How the Great Satan and Mullahs say the same things, tell the same Lies. But it’s not the whole story. Now in March 2016, this American Monkey Obama openly defends Surveillance & Tyranny in America . Just look what this American Monkey Obama says about Encryption & Internet in March 2016, and How he defends Orwellian Censorship & Surveillance in America! This new year is the Monkey year, and as Iranians say: In the Monkey year, this American Monkey (Obama) will go to hell‘ ! This American Fascist Monkey (= Obama) created the 2009 Coup and many other Evil things -including a new version of Anti-Iran Sadism. This American Fascist Monkey (Obama) helped Mullahs and killed, tortured & hurt millions of Iranians in 2009 & recent years. This CIA Monkey (= Obama) is a symbol of all American Animals (= US politicians) in the United States of Animals (USA) Now in the Monkey year, this American Monkey (Obama) will go to hell, but a new pig, a new monkey or a new monster will become US president, and will run the United States of Animals! And it’s the real tragedy. Now all sane humans can see the Rise of Fascism & Naked Fascism in America. But in the United States of Assholes (USA), many people live like sheep, and know nothing about American Fascism or American Sadism, and also about the CIA’s Islamists, the CIA’s Rouhani, the CIA’s Mullahs, the CIA’s Marxists, the CIA’s Lefts etc”. They also add: “The good Americans, like Iranians, know the American Lies, the American Censorship, the American Lie Factory or the Evil Empire of America. They can see How France, the UK and the US support Arabs & Rouhanis (= Iran’s enemies) But in the United States of Animals (USA), Saudis & Rouhanis are heroes, CIA heroes! In the United States of Arabs (USA), Savage Saudis and Savage Arabs are America’s allies & America’s close friends! In the United States of Ahriman (USA), they censor all news, rewrite history and censor all facts. But now many can see How the UK & USA censor all facts and rewrite history, or How the UK & USA support Savage Arabs & Islamists, or how the UK & USA censor Everything, including Historical facts”. We have already written about [1]: “Nowruz Ceremonies: Iranian Gifts to Mankind” (Check Archive) But it’s important to note that when you write about ‘Iranian Gifts to Mankind’ or about [2]: Nowruz, Norooz: Iranian Legacy vs the West (Check Archive), they try to censor & boycott you! Even when you write about Iran’s history or about [3]: Nowruz: Iran vs Mother of Darkness (Check Archive), they try to censor & boycott you! As the wise Iranians say: “It’s important that the West and its stooges censor all facts, falsify the past and the present, and distort the Truth. It?s important that the Enemy of Iranians has always been the Enemy of the Truth and the Enemy of the Good [3] Iran?s enemies have always been Barbarians & Bad guys [3] Nowruz can remind you of many things including the long history of Iranian Civilization, and the long history of European Barbarians & British Barbarism [2][3] You cannot ignore The Sick & Psychotic Mindset of the West. Unfortunately, The Mindset of the West is still the Mindset of Barbarians. They desperately try to hurt all humans, to control/ enslave all humans, to censor all facts and to rewrite history, because The Mindset of the West is the Mindset of Psychopaths & Barbarians“. We have already written about [4]: Iranian Mindset (check Archive), and why and how the Iranian mindset is different from the Western mindset or Barbarian mindset [4] We have already written about [5]: “Sick, Psychotic Mindsets: Mindset of Barbarians” (check Archive), and why The Mindset of the West is the Mindset of Psychopaths, and why & how the difference between Persia and the West is the difference between a human mindset and a barbarian mindset [4][5] Now it’s quite clear why the wise Iranians say: “If you read history – and take a look at recent centuries or recent events- you can easily see why The Mindset of UK & USA is the Mindset of Psychopaths & Barbarians. The West, like Psychopaths, just try to hurt & exploit Human beings, and to corrupt all Good things including Science. In recent years, we all can see why The West is Evil (= Ahriman) The story of these years, like the story of Zahak’s era, is actually the story of ‘Iran vs Barbarians’ or ‘Iran vs Ahriman’. Barbarians or Ahriman’s children (= The Devil’s children, Satan’s children) still try to hurt Iranians & all Humans. Now Ahriman’s children are actually the CIA’s children and the MI6’s children. Ahriman’s children created the 1979 Fetneh, the Islamic Turkmenchay, the 2009 Massacre, and many other Disasters. Ahriman’s children are Arabs, Ayatollahs and other stooges of the West. Rouhani & Ayatollahs are Ahriman’s children / Zahak’s children. Ahriman’s children worship France, Britain & Savage Arabia. Zahak’s children attack Persia & Iranian values, but defend Tazis ( = Savage Arabs/ Jews), Jewish God ( = Tazi God) and Tazi values ( = Arab / Jewish values) Ahriman’s children are Anti-Iran Arabs/ Jews and other Barbarians who defend Tazi values like Intolerance, Racism, Sadism, Genocide, Killing children, Killing & Exploiting other nations, Hurting Humans, Tyranny, Censorship, Oppression, and Controlling / Enslaving humans . (Because of the Terrible Internet Censorship, we could not use any new Nowruz pictures. So because of this Terrible Internet Censorship, and as this new Year is the Monkey Year, we preferred to use the Monkey pictures in this Nowruz post)


As the wise Iranians say: “Iran’s people created and introduced new year ceremonies into the world. Nowruz is the oldest New Year celebration in the world [1] Nowruz is a symbol of the Iranian Legacy, and says a lot about both Iran ( = the land of Aryans) and the West ( = the land of Barbarians) [2] Iran’s history is The History of the Civilized World. Iran, as the world?s oldest country, has had a lot of ups and downs [3] One day, the Land of Aryans (ie Iran) created and introduced Culture, Civilization, Human values and many other first-rate innovations into the world. And one day, Iranians underestimated Barbarians & Ahriman, and then Barbarians could hurt Iranians & all Good guys a lot. These lessons of history are important, and show that you should not underestimate Ahriman & Barbarians even if you live in Persia, the Land of the Good & the Cradle of Civilization. In fact, even the Home of Civilization (ie Iran) is vulnerable. The long history of Aryan / Iranian Civilization shows that We Civilized people should not underestimate barbarians & psychopaths & their Evil plans. We civilized people should not take great pride in ourselves & our achievements, and ignore Barbarians. We civilized people should not ignore or underestimate Ahriman & Barbarians & their Stupidities & their Evil Plans. These lessons are the lessons of Iran’s history“. As some wise Iranians say: “Ayatollahs are not Iranians, and that’s why they hate Nowruz, Yalda and Iranian values. Now even idiots can see why Khamenei and Rouhani are Ajnabi & Nokar-e Ajnabi. Khamenei and Rouhani are Ahriman’s children. Now they lick their Great Satan’s ass & Tazi ass (Saudi ass / Zionist ass), create Islamic Zellat / Nekbat, and refer to their Zionist IMF Plans or ‘the IMF / CIA Recipe for Disaster’ as their Islamic Economy (ie Eqtesade Moqarebati) ! So now even the 3% can see why Ayatollah is Ahrimahi. Recent years clearly show why Ayatollahs are Anti-Iran & Ahrimahi (= Forces of Evil) Savage Arabs/ Islamists have always been Ahrimani & Anti-Iran. If you read history, you can see that Savage Arabs like Ghazali (1058- 1111) said: ‘Nowruz & all Iranian festivals must be abandoned and one should not even mention the name of Nowruz, 4Shanbe Soori etc’ [2] Ghazali is the God-Father of Masons & Mullahs. ‘Savage Arabs & Anti-Iranian pigs like Ghazali said: ?Nowruz and all Iranian traditions will become degraded and no name or trace of them shall remain? ! But these Anti-Iran pigs & their evil wishes went to hell (.. een Arezoo ro beh Gur bordan) [2] The Devil’s agents -including Savage Arabs/ Jews/ Islamists- are Big losers. Now not only Iranian intellects & Iranian scholars but average Iranians say: Those savage Arabs who invaded Persia in 1400 years ago were like DAESH ( ISIS / ISIL)! It’s what Average Iranians (not Intellects) say in Iran. In recent years, and in Bazaars, Taxis / Metros and other public places in Iran you can see that ordinary Iranians (not Intellects) say: ‘DAESH ( ISIS / ISIL) and Savage Saudis just show us Why & How the Savage Arabs invaded Persia in 1400 years ago‘ ! It’s so important that now kids and ordinary Iranians (not Intellects or scholars) say such things in Iran. It says a lot about Public Anger, Public Rage, and also Public Awareness in Iran (…) Iranians are angry, and they should be angry. In the 2016 Nowruz, like the 2014 Yalda & all these years, Islamists & Ayatollahs (= the Ajnabi) attack Nowruz & Iranian traditions. In this Nowruz season (Esfand), when you go to Tehran’s Bazaar you can see why Basij is DAESH, and how Basij & Mullahs (= DAESH & ISIS) use military forces & military equipments in Tehran’s Bazaar to ban Nowruz, and to attack Iran’s Nowruz ceremonies! Mullahs themselves declare that this heavy military presence in Tehran’s Bazaar is ‘for banning Nowruz Street Markets, and for banning Nowruz traditions! In 2016, Ayatollahs & Rouhani (= DAESH & ISIS) still try to ban Nowruz! In 2016, Mullahs still try to ban Nowruz in public places! After the 1979 Fetneh, Islamists desperately try to ban Nowruz in Iran’s public places! Rouhani & Ayatollahs are Arabs & Ajnabis, like DAESH. In 2009, all Iranians (the 97%) could see how Tazis & DAESH (= Basijis) kill & hurt Iran’s people in Iran’s streets. But now even the 3% can see how Tazis & DAESH (= Mullahs = ISIL = Basijis) attack Persia & Iranian Civilization. Hezbollah, Basijis & Ayatollahs are Arabs, not Iranians. And it’s what their own Leaders say. For instance just look what Hassan Nasrallah says about Persia & Iranian Civilization. This Savage Arab, Hassan Nasrollah, is part of the 2009 CIA Coup. In 2009, and in a notorious video (that you can easily find it in the internet), this Savage Arab, Hassan Nasrallah, talks like Zionists/ DAESH/ Saudis, and attacks Persia & Iranian civilization and says: ‘There is nothing in Iran called Iranian culture or Iranian civilization (!!!) What exists in Iran is Islam and Arabic culture’ !! (2009) Can you believe it?! In their Arabia, their Religion is Religion of Lies, Religion of Satan. So they tell such Blatant Lies in the name of Religion. Only Freemasons and Satanists like Saudis, Mullahs & Nasrallah can tell such Big Lies in the name of Religion. Of course besides his Arabic Lies & Jokes, this Savage Arab, Hassan Nasrallah, makes a good confession and says: ‘ Ayatollahs are Arabs, son of Arabs .. Khomeini is an Arab, son of Arab .. Imam Khamenei is Arab, Sayyed, Son of Arab, from Quraish, from Hashim, from (Savage Arabia !) .. Mullahs are Arabs .. Ayatollahs are Arabs, sons of Arabs .. Now the Iranian people try to put an end to (this Arabic regime of Mullahs) The Iranian people wants the fall of (this Anti-Iranian) Arabic Regime of Islamists. These are nothing but mirages (!!) (We Savage Arabs, CIA’s Islamists & CIA’s Arabs will kill Iranian people and will suppress Iran’s people with the help of the CIA & UK ! )’ ! (2009) It’s important that the Hezbollah leaders say that Ayatollahs are Arabs, and son of Arab ( = Ajnabi) ! It’s important that Savage Arabs like Saudis & Hezbollah attack Persia & Iranian Civilization. In 2009, and after what CIA’s Hezbollah, Basijis & Nasrollah did and said in 2009, all Iranian people (the 97%) chanted: No Gaza, No Lebanon (ie Fuck Gaza, Fuck Lebanon) We all defend our Iran’! And it’s obvious why this slogan became one of the main slogans in 2009. Now even the 3% praise the Iranian wisdom in 2009, because now they can see Savage Arabs & Zionists are the same shit. Now even idiots can see that Arabia and Zionists are Brothers (…) Even Islamists know that their so-called Arabic Culture is the Culture of DAESH & Saudi Arabia = Culture of Piss-eaters & Shit-eaters! Even they themselves know their Arabic-Barbaric history, their Age of Ignorance & Barbarity, and the Barbaric-Arabic Culture of Saudis, ISIS & Jewish-Arab Barbarians. But they worship Satan, and tell Big lies. In 2009, Iran’s people had Wisdom or Basirat !, and they chanted: Fuck Gaza, Fuck Lebanon, Fuck Arab barbarians, Fuck Zionists & Fuck Hezbollah! In 2009, Iran’s people had Wisdom or Basirat !, and knew that Savage Arabs, Zionists and Hezbollah are the same shit. And now in 2016, all sane humans can see how Arabia & Zionists make love, and why Arabia & Zionists are the same shit, the same Anti-Iran shit. Savage Arabs, Zionists & Hezbollah & Ayatollahs are CIA’s children, UK’s children or Ahriman’s children. In 2009, Iran’s people had Wisdom or Basirat !, and were aware of such facts. And now in 2016, even Westerners can see why Islamic State & Islamic Regime are puppets of the West. Now even Westerners write about ‘the Alliance of Arabia & Israel’, ‘the Arab Alliance with Zionists’, ‘the Jewish Alliance with Arabs’ or ‘Islamic State: the CIA’s Army of Psychopaths’ ! Now even the 3% can see that Islamic State (ISIS / Saudis) & Islamic Regime (Mullahs) are the CIA’s Army of Psychopaths or the UK’s Army of Psychopaths. Now even the 3% can see, and openly say that, the Jewish-Arab Religion is Religion of Nekbat, Religion of Zellat, Religion of Barbarity or Religion of Lies. Iranians already knew and said that The Religion of Piss-eaters & Blood-eaters is nothing but a Satanic Religion. But now even the 3% / idiots say that The Religion of Savage Arabs/ Islamists / DAESH is a Satanic Religion! This Savage Arab, Mullah Nasrollah, is one of CIA’s Islamists who massacred Iran’s people in 2009. But the CIA & Chomsky whitewash him. Hezbollah & Nasrollah, like Savage Saudis & Zionists, attack Persia, Persian Civilization & Persian people. The Savage Hezbollah leader, Nasrallah, is Anti-Iran. He himself says that he is Anti-Persia & Anti-Iranian. But CIA’s Chomsky & CIA media still say that CIA’s Hezbollah and their leader, Nasrollah, are pro-Iran & pro-Iranian! Such CIA’s Lies just show that Mullah Nasrollah is MI6 / CIA agent. What ISIS, Hezbollah, Saudis, Zionists & Ayatollahs do and say about Persia & Iranian Civilization clearly show that all of them are Anti-Iran & Ahrimani, and all of them are CIA’s children & MI6’s children”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the 3% can see How Islamists & Mullahs ( = MI6’s children = CIA’s children) create the Nuclear Turkmenchay, as the CIA’s children ( = UK’s children) already created the 2009 Coup, the 1979 Coup and the 1953 Coup. Now even the 3% / idiots can see why Basijis, Salehi and Iraqchi are CIA agents & Arabs, or why Rouhani, Zarif and Ayatollahs are CIA agents & Freemasons. Now the American Monkey (Obama), British Barbarians and all CIA media & UK media openly defend the Islamic Regimes and the Islamic-Fascist Leaders -from Rouhanis to Saudis! Now the CIA media & UK media openly defend Mullahs or Saudis! Now after their Nuclear Deal, Internet Censorship, Economic problems, increasing prices, IMF Plans, Systematic Censorship, Systematic Lies and all problems are Going from Bad to Worse! So now even the 3% can see why Khamenei or Rouhani is CIA/ MI6 agent. Now only the West, the UK & the US openly defend Arabs, Rouhanis & Islamic Regimes! The West’s Barbarians are so stupid. But you should not underestimate them. Iran’s history shows that only when Iranians ignored or underestimated Barbarians & Ahriman, Iran became weak, and then Barbarians invaded Persia and created many problems”. They also add: “The Tazis who invaded Persia were like DAESH. They created many disasters in a short time. And finally, they went to hell. But if you read history, you can see that Iranians tried to teach Civilization to Tazis. Persians even tried to insert Iranian values ( = Human values) into Tazi Religion! As all informed people know, The pure Tazi Religion is the Religion of DAESH, Saudis & Zionists. In fact, The pure Tazi Religion is a Satanic Religion. If you read history, you can see that Iranians -including Iranian Sufis/ Arefs/ Mystics- tried to insert Iranian values ( = Human values) into Tazi Religions/ Jewish Religions. So now you can see two different kinds of Beliefs in Religions: (a) Tazi-Jewish Beliefs = Barbarian Beliefs (b) Iranian Beliefs = Human values. The DAESH / ISIS evil acts revealed many things. So now even the 3% and Religious people say: Religion without Iranian values ( = Human values) is nothing but a Satanic & Barbarian thing. Now it’s quite clear that Tazi values like Intolerance, Sadism, Racism, Tyranny, Censorship, Slavery, Killing children, Killing Non-believers etc are Satanic values”. As some wise Iranians say: “Iran, that means ?the land of Aryans?, has a long list of traditions that have became Global traditions now [4] For instance, Tolerance is a Persian tradition. If you read history, you can see that Most Iranians have always cared about Goodness & Good guys, not about a special religion or a special race [4] And it?s Persian Tolerance [4] Historians and Non-Iranians have already written about Persian Tolerance or ‘Iranian Tolerance towards different religions & different views [1][4] Persian Tolerance is so important, simply because the Dark & Long history of Intolerance & Religious Racism/ Barbarism in the West and Western/ Jewish Religions is important & undeniable. As you know, ‘The Jewish God (= Western God) praises Intolerance, Racism and Barbarism. He asks his slaves to kill children and non-Believers ( = Free Men)! He loves Slaves, and kills Free Men! [4] Tazi God (Western God) loves Genocide. But the Persian God is the Good & the Truth. He is full of love & tolerance [4] And it?s a key difference. Barbarians including Savage Arabs/ Jews are proud of their Intolerance & Barbarism. But Iranians are proud of Persian Tolerance & Civilization. It?s the Persian Religion & Persian Mysticism that is the glorious peaceful religion Philosophy of the world [4] No one can deny it, because there are many many texts and evidence about it [4] The Iranian Religion is Religion of Love, while the Tazi Religion ( = Jewish/ Arab Religion) is Religion of Barbarity, Religion of Lies or Religion of Satan. In Persia, God means Hagh (Truth) or Khoob (Good), and such God cannot love Islamists & those who tell Big lies, kill children & torture people [4] But the Tazi God loves savagery, slavery, tyranny & inhumanity [4] The Jewish God (Western God) is the God of Barbarians & Psychopaths [4][5] The Barbarians still rule the UK, the US and the West, and openly praise bullying, barbarism & sadism [5] These psychos and sadists -who rule and control the West- have a very psychotic mindset [5] They openly defend enslaving & hurting all humans and all nations. But instead of spending their life in psychiatric hospitals, these sick psychos rule the West ! They are called the West?s leaders or the West?s elites ! [5] They have created the Islamic State, and now they openly defend Rouhanis, and talk about ‘Britain?s Biggest-Ever Trade Mission to Visit Mullahs in May 2016’ ! Now Islamic Freemasons like Nahavandian & Rouhani openly give Masonic Handshakes to UK’s leaders & France’s leaders! In 2016, Islamic Masons like Nahavandian & Zarif go to London, and remind many of the Pahlavi & Qajar era! Now if you take a look at the British Media -from the BBC to the Guardian- you can easily see the Hidden hand behind Ayatollahs . Now even the 3% can see that The Hidden hand behind Mullahs is the UK’s hand & CIA’s hand ( = Satan’s hand ) ! Now even non-Iranians say: the Hidden hand behind Islamists is the Hand of the CIA/ MI6 ‘ ! (2016) Now even Westerners write about ‘The Hidden hand behind Islamists’, and say: The West not only created ISIS & Islamists, but the West (openly) supports Saudis and (Rouhanis)’ ! (2016) CIA’s whores / charlatans like Noam Chomsky say: ‘Why do you say that the West created Islamists & Mullahs? (!!) The West has only created Islamists like ISIS (!!) If the West created Mullahs, then why do the West condemn Mullahs, and why do Mullahs condemn the West?’ !! They know why the West & CIA’s Islamists condemn each other. They know that the West condemns ISIS too, but also created it! But they (ie US’s Lefts & Basijis) stupidly say: Yah, the CIA & the West created ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Saudis etc .. But the CIA & the West didn’t create Islamists / Ayatollahs’ !! Their childish paradoxes & stupidities are so laughable. If they really know why the CIA and the West created ISIS / ISIL, Al Qaeda etc, then the answer of this question: Who do you say the West created Ayatollahs?, is so simple: The West created Mullahs for the same reasons that the West created ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Saudis etc .. For the same reasons the West & UK created Ayatollahs’. All CIA’s Islamists -from ISIS, Taliban, Mullahs & Saudis to Bokon Haram, Basijis, Hezbollah etc- do and say the same things. All of them are Anti-Iran & savages, and serve the West’s interests. All of them worship the Tazi God. Their Tazi God is the God of DAESH/ ISIS. The Tazi God is the God of Zionists & UK’s Mullahs. The Tazi God is The God of Savage Saudis & Islamists. In fact, their Tazi God is Ahriman. By attacking Iranian values & Persian Civilization, they just show that: Hezbollah = DAESH, Arabia = Israel, or Hezbollah = Zionists = ISIS/ ISIL = Basijis = Saudis = Satanists. Now after their Islamic Turkmenchay, even the 3% talk about Islamic Nekbat & Islamic Zellat & How Islamists bow down to America & Ahriman! Now even the 3% talk about How Rouhanis and Khamenie bow down to America & Great Satan! (… Moqabele America & Estekbar Zanu zadan ! ) This Arab faggot Hassan Nasrollah is a little Freemason, and a piece of CIA shit. He is not important. But it’s important that Zionists, Hezbollah / Nasrollah and DAESH & Saudis say the same Anti-Persian things. Now even the 3% can see why ISIS & Hezbollah are Zionist / Masonic organizations, why Islamists & Saudis are Zionist / Masonic agents, or why the Saudi Regime or the Mullah regime is a Zionist / Masonic regime”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Celebrating Nowruz is like Celebrating the Death of Dictators. In this Nowruz, Masons or Ahriman’s children like Mullah Vaez Tabasi, Khazali, Salahshur, Zibakalam family etc die and go to hell. Such deaths ( = Death of Dictators/ Devils) and public happiness or people’s reactions to such deaths can remind you of this fact that Celebrating the Death of Dictators is actually like Celebrating Nowruz = Celebrating the Death of Harsh Winters = Celebrating the Death of Dark Forces. Now even idiots can see why America, Ayatollahs, Zionists & Arabia are Ahrimani forces (= Forces of Darkness) Now even the West’s media talk about ‘The Alliance between Arabia & Zionists’ ! or ‘Allied Brothers: Arabs & Jews’, or How Arabs & Jews Shape a Satanic Alliance! Now their own Mass Media talk about ‘Allied Barbarians (Arabia & America) and say: ‘America and Arabia are as savage as each other’ ! (2016) America is a Fascist ‘United States of Animals’ (USA), simply because their top intellectuals are Nazi intellectuals / Fascist intellectuals like Noam Chomsky – who openly defend brutal dictators, Fascism, Islamic Fascists, terrorists, capitalists, imperialists and other Evil forces. Noam Chomsky is worse than Donald Trump and other American Fascists. Now America is like Nazi Germany, and Noam Chomsky is worse than Nazi Intellectuals. Now Islamic Fascists & Savage Arabs are called America’s allies! Now the CIA Fascist Monkey (= Obama) and the CIA Fascist Donkey ( = Chomsky) openly defend Islamic Regime, Islamic Fascism & Islamic Turkmenchay! Now in 2016, the MI6 and CIA Media are Apologists of the Islamic Regime! Now even Non-Iranians can see How the US and UK Media are Apologists of the Islamic Regime & Rouhanis!”. They also add: “After Snow-down & Lavabit etc, America’s good guys can see why The US is turning into a Fascist Police State. But the current social atmosphere in America that led to Chomsky’s popularity or Trump?s popularity is actually worse than the build-up to Fascism in Europe”. As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know Barbarians and Fascists, you should know the West and the Tazis. The so-called Arabic Culture or Jewish Culture (= Tazi Culture) is the Culture of Barbarians like DAESH (ISIS), Zionists & Saudis. If you read history, you can see that when Jews/ Arabs were worshiping Racism, Barbarism & Inhumanity and were eating shit, piss & blood, and when European Barbarians & Britons were eating human flesh and human blood, the Iranian people were writing about Human Values, Religion of Love etc. When Persia and Iranians cared about the Good, Truth, Tolerance & Humanity’, and talked about ‘Good thoughts, Good wills & Good deeds’, Arabs of Savage Arabia were officially Barbarians, and lived in the Age of Barbaric Ignorance. And it’s what their own historians say. All Arabs are not Tazis, Liars or Bad guys. Now the good Arabs & the good Jews hate Tazis and their Evil acts. They know that what Iranians say about Tazis or Arabs are historical facts. Arab Barbarity, Jewish Racism, or Arab/ Jewish Savagery is a Fact. Iranians condemn Racism, but Iranians tell the Truth. When you eat piss, you are piss-eater! When you love to eat shit, you are shit-eater! When you eat locust, you are locust-eater! This is Fact or Truth, not Racism, Insult or anything else. Savage Arabs didn’t wash their shitty/ dirty asses, so they were called Arab-e Kun Nashur ! This is Fact. Savage Arabs are piss-eaters, locust-eaters, Kun Nashur etc. What Iranians say about Arabs are facts, undeniable facts. Now DAESH & Saudis can show you why ancient Iranians condemned Arab Barbarians, and said: ‘Arab barbarians who eat piss, shit and lizards, now want … (Zeh Shah-e Shotor Khordan & Susmar, Arab ra beh Jaii residast kar .. )’ Saudis & Arab Islamists are still piss-eaters. If you search the internet, you can easily see how Arabs drink camel’s piss, or how Arabs wash their faces with camel’s piss! This is Fact, undeniable fact. So Iranians truly said: ‘Savage Arabs eat Piss & Shit, simply because their Tazi religion is a shitty Satanic religion, in which Piss & Shit and other dirty things are holy things‘ ! If you read history, and do some research, you can find many things about Arab barbarians and their barbaric invasion to Persia & Civilized World. Many Historians have already written about How Savage Arabs invaded Persia & Civilized World. The Savage Arabs, who were like today’s DAESH, massacred millions of women & children in Persia and other countries. But it’s not the whole story. If you read history, you can see that most historians say: ‘The Arab invaders (talked like DAESH and) said that Persian books, Iranian books and all modern books are not needed, because they should have only one book !, and their Tazi holy book is sufficient for them! Thus, Persia’s huge libraries were destroyed and the books or the products of the generations of Persian scientists and scholars were burned in fire. Many Persians who were literate, with most Iranian historians, writers and scholars were massacred and their books burned .. the history of Persia after the Arab Barbarian invasion can be summarized in three words: Brutal Oppression, Genocide, and Resistance‘. And here (lets talk) a little about The Iranian Resistance to Arab Barbarians. Many (know) ‘Yazdgird’s letter to Omar’. Some historians say this letter is not a real letter from Yazdgird to Omar. But it’s quite clear that this letter is what Iranians always said to Tazis after the Tazi invasion. So lets take a look at part of the so-called Yazdgird’s letter to Omar, which is actually the letter of all Iranians to Savage Arabia: (you can easily find this famous letter in the internet) From: Persia .. To: Tazis … You barbarians want to direct us towards God?! .. You ‘Little Savage‘ offer us to worship (your Tazi God = Satan) ?! .. It has been thousands of years that Persians worship God, and pray to God Five Times a day .. This land of Culture & Art (hate you Barbarians) .. When we established the tradition of Civilization, Cultured Life & Good deeds in the world, (you were eating piss & shit & blood) .. We Persians waved the flag of ‘Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds’ .. You Tazi people are Savages and (Devil-worshipers) .. Tazi people have no value for God and God’s creatures. You kill children, Rape Women, bury your daughters alive, kidnap people’s wives & steal their property .. You Tazis love Barbarity and Genocide. Your hearts are made of stone. We condemn all these Evil which you do. How can you talk about God when you commit these Evil acts? .. Persians know God, but you (Tazis are Devil-worshipers) .. We are not the same as you. We are not in the same level as you. We help other human beings, we spread Love among humanity, we spread Good throughout the Earth .. We Aryans have been spreading Civilization & Culture & Love & Tolerance throughout the whole world for thousands of years .. But you in the name of your Tazi God invade other nations and other men’s lands. You mass murder the people, and create disasters .. You are Evil forces .. Your Tazi God commands you to murder, to rape, to pillage & to destroy .. (this Tazi God is definitely Satan / Ahriman) .. You Arab Barbarians want to teach people the love of God by your Barbaric invasions, your Barbarian acts, and your Logic of Sword?! You are Savages .. the Civilized people like us (hate you, the little Savages) .. We Persians have thousands of years of Culture & Civilization behind us .. You Tazis are savages, and your barbarianism, mass murder & pillage in the name of your Tazi God is (a clear sign of your Satanic Religion) .. We suggest you & your gang of bandits pack up & move back to your deserts where you used to (eat Camel’s shit & drink Camel’s piss) .. You and your band of thieves (are) ‘Savage Beasts with hearts of stone’ (who) mass murder people, kill children, rape wives .. Don’t do these Evil acts in the name of God .. Put a stop to your criminal Barbaric behaviors .. ‘. This letter is an old & historical letter. After the Tazi invasion, the wise Persians have always said such things to the uncultured Arabs. This letter is just a symbol of Persian Wisdom in Ancient Iran. Now If you want to write a letter to Saudi leaders, Zionist leaders, Hezbollah/ Mullah leaders or DAESH leaders, you will write the same letter, and it says a lot about the Wisdom of Persia & Ancient Iranians”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Nowruz (= Persian New Year) is celebrated in Great Persia, from the Persian Gulf to Central Asia, and wherever you find Persian culture, including even parts of China, India and Eastern Europe. The Enemy of Nowruz and the Enemy of Iran have always been Barbarians and Evil Forces. Tazis are just one group of these Evil Forces. Now in the 2016 Nowruz, we can see Tazis in Tehran. Now Tazis & DAESH try to ban Nuwruz in Tehran’s Bazaars. Basijis & Ayatollahs are Tazis & DAESH (= ISIS/ ISIL) in Iran, who desperately try to hurt Iranians and to ban Nowruz in Iran’s public places. Tazis -including DEASH, Saudis & Mullahs- hate Nowruz. If you read history, you can see that Nowruz has been banned or suppressed by Barbarian groups like Savage Arabs, Savage Turks, Muftis/ Mullahs, Taliban, Ayatollahs, DAESH, Basijis, Savage Saudis, Savage Turks, Savage Russians, British Masons/ Mullahs and other Barbarians. If you read history, you can see that Nowruz was made illegal by Arab Barbarians who invaded Persia. Nowruz was also made illegal by the Soviet Union and Russian barbarians who invaded Persia. Nowruz was made illegal by the Taliban. Nowruz was made illegal by Savage Turks & Mongols. Nowruz is still made illegal by Savage Turks, Turkish Islamists, CIA’s Turks & CIA’s Islamists in Turkey & other Fascist-Islamist countries. In fact, all Barbarians including Savage Arabs, Soviet Union, Taliban, Savage Turks, Mullahs and DAESH have tried to ban Nowruz, but failed to curb the popularity of Nowruz and Iranian values. Now even the 3% say: ‘the Soviet Union tried to ban Nowruz & celebrating Nowruz in public places .. but after their downfall, (our Iranian Brothers who lived in that occupied part of Persia) -from Azerbaijan to Tajikestan- could freely celebrate Nowruz in public places, sports stadiums etc’ (2016) It’s true. After the Death of the Soviet Union, people in many parts of Great Persia -from Azerbaijan to Tajikestan- could celebrate Nowruz in streets, sports stadiums & public places. But in the Satanic Regime of Mullahs, Iranian people cannot celebrate Nowruz in streets, sports stadiums & public places, simply because Mullahs & Islamists are Ajnabi / Arabs / Tazis who have occupied our Iran. After the Islamic Turkmenchay, even idiots can see why the Mullah regime is an Anti-Iranian regime, or why The Tazi Regime of Mullahs is a puppet regime. Now even the 3% can see How the Arabic Regime of Mullahs serves the West’s interests. Now all sane people can see why ‘The Masonic-Arabic Regime of Mullahs is the worst Anti-Iranian regime‘ [3] Now even the 3% can see why ‘Mullahs and Islamists are insane animals, and Non-Iranian puppets of the West‘ [3] If Iran had an Iranian regime, and if Iran was ruled by Iranians, then Iranian people could freely celebrate Nowruz in streets, sports stadiums and public places. But as Iran’s people truly say: “The Mullah Regime is Arab, Ajnabi & Anti-Iran .. and only after the Death of this Anti-Iran Regime of Mullahs – who have occupied our Iran- all Iranians will celebrate Nowruz in streets, sports stadiums & public places”. They also add: “Islamists & Ayatollahs are Ahriman’s children, who just serve the West’s interests. The MI6 / CIA’s children including Ayatollahs, Zionists & Saudis are Anti-Persia. But if you read history, you can see that Barbarians & Ahriman’s children have always been the Enemies of Persia & Nowruz. If you read history, you can that the Jewish-Arab culture was a Barbarian culture. Even the good Arabs and Arab scholars talk about their Age of Ignorance, or when the Arabic culture was a Satanic-Barbaric culture. Now ISIS & Saudis try to prove that the Arabic culture is still a Barbaric culture! The good Arabs are normal humans, but Savage Arabs & Saudis are still piss-eaters, shit-eaters, and insane animals. Tazis and British Barbarians are the same shit. Just think about British Colonialism & British invasions = The Neo-Barbarian Invasion. As you know, UK’s neo-barbarians & Western neo-barbarians tried to invade all countries, to massacre native people, and to exploit & enslave all nations. They referred to this Barbarity as Colonialism! The West did such Barbarities in the name of Religion! In fact, The West = The Tazi. If you watch their own films about Europe’s Nazis & Fascists, you can see that Europe’s Fascists & Nazis were exactly like DAESH (ISIS). It’s so important that the West’s Fascists & Nazis, British Barbarians & DAESH (ISIS / ISIL) do the same Evil acts “. They also add: “The story of Modern Iran is clear. Iran?s Decline began in the 18th century, and then in the 19th century the West’s neo-barbarians invaded Persia. They killed millions of Iranians, and occupied many parts of Iran, including today?s Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Persian lands/ islands in the Persian Gulf, etc [1] France, Britain and other Barbarians are sworn enemies of Iran & Civilization. ‘Even the Westerner scholars say that Iran is like a large museum of arts, culture, and civilization. When the archaeologists try to study different parts of Iran, they just find many evidence of a great civilization’ [1] But do you know what the archaeologists find in France or Britain? They often find many evidence of cannibalism, barbarism, and savagery’ ! [1] It’s so important. Now even Iran?s enemies confess: ?Iran was a real Super-power .. You can not ignore the Iranian nation that has Grandeur/ Greatness in their DNA? ! [3] (….) It’s obvious why Barbarians -from American barbarians to Arabs & British Barbarians-
hate Persia (…) Iran, the Land of Aryans, has always tried to teach Culture & Civilization to Barbarians -from European barbarians to Tazis, Turk-Mongols etc. If you read history, you can see that one day Barbarians were in the majority, and all of them were Enemies of Iran & Culture & Civilization & Iranian values (= Human values) But such things didn’t disappoint Iranians and their hopes. Thus today most humans are civilized people (…) But one day Barbarians were in the majority. One day Genocide, Sadism, Racism, Barbarity, Slavery, Inhumanity, intolerance and other Jewish-British-Barbarian values were part of the daily life in the West and many parts of the world [3] But now Barbarians are not in the majority. Now Barbarians are forced to pretend that they care about our Iranian values (ie Human values)’ [3] It’s a great victory. Now US officials, French/ British Barbarians and Jewish/ Arab Barbarians are among the last remaining parts of Barbarians. They still try to hurt Humans. Now even if you write about Nowruz or History, they try to censor & boycott you! Ahriman’s children and Barbarians still exist, and the story of ‘Iran vs Barbarians’ or ‘The Good vs the Evil’ is still continued. But now the Iranian values are universal values. Now our Iranian values are called ‘Universal values’. And it’s a great victory for all Good guys. Now British Barbarians, Western Barbarians, Tazis (Tazis = Savage Arabs + Savage Jews) and other Barbarians cannot defend their own barbarians values and their own barbarian traditions. They are forced to pretend that they care about our Iranian values, aka human values. And it’s a great victory for all good guys. Now Non-Iranians say: ‘Nowruz ceremonies are symbolic representations of two Iranian concepts: Good and Evil [2] Now most humans hate Jewish values, Western values, British values or Barbarian values such as Genocide, Sadism, Racism, Barbarity, Savagery, Slavery, inequality, injustice, inhumanity, intolerance and other Jewish values, Tazi values or Western values [3] ‘Now most humans care about our Iranian values –
including Truth, Tolerance, Humanity, Logic, Justice, Equality, Liberty, Kindness, Happiness etc. In fact, Good is alive, and Evil is dying [3] And Nowruz can remind you of such facts, such signs and such hopes [3] Nowruz is the Day of Hope, a real Hope. Nowruz’s message is clear: The harsh Winter goes, and finally a real Spring comes’. Barbarians -from Islamists to Western Barbarians- are on the wrong side of history. The Savage West, Barbarians and ‘Those who tell big lies, falsify the past and the present, censor News / Facts, hurt other humans and bully other nations are on the wrong side of history, and sooner or later they will go to hell. It?s what Nowruz, the Iranian Legacy, and the History of Iran, as the oldest country on earth, show all of us’ [1][2]

Happy Nowruz, Happy New Year

Mullah, Qajar, Pahlavi: Nuclear Turkmanchai

March 1, 2015

“Before recent years, Fath Ali Shah was seen as the Most incompetent rulers. Before the Mullah regime, the Qajar regime was the worst of the worst. The so-called Treaty of Turckmanchai (or Torkmanchai) was created by Masons in the Qajar era. In the past, Turckmanchai, Qajar, Fath Ali Shah or Shah Sultan Hussein was the symbol of the Worst of the Worst. But now many things have changed. If what the Western media say about the America-Ayatollah deal or the US-Mullah nuclear deal is really true, then this deal is a Nuclear Turkmanchai, and Mullahs are worse than Fath Ali Shah and Shah Sultan Hussein”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Now, in 2015, Hassan Rouhani and his Leader remind many of Hassan Elchi (Hajji Baba) and Fath Ali Shah. Even those who know Little about History are familiar with Qajar, Fath Ali Shah, Hajji Baba and Turckmanchai. But Mullahs are worse than Qajars. Their Nu-clear Deal is still No-Clear. But what the West and Mullahs do and say are very shameful. If what the US media say about Nu-clear Turkmanchai is really true, then Mullah Ali Khamenei is worse than Fath Ali Shah and Shah Sultan Hussein. Now Mullah Ali and his Hassan Freemason act and talk like Fath Ali Shah and Hajji Baba. After a lot of Arro-Gooz (Barking & Farting), Mullahs openly talk about their ‘Shitty Mourning’ (Azaa gereften) & Shitty Confusion (Goh Gijieh gereftan). Apparently they want to eat/ drink the Cup of Poison (Jam-e Zahr) and the Cup of Shit (Riq-e Rahmat). All Iranians (+97%) are so happy that Mullahs -from the Ayatollah Arro-Gooz to the Ayatollah Mason- are destroying the last vestiges of their own legitimacy/ credibility. It’s really a good thing. Thank God that Mullahs are such insane animals. Thank God that the West and Mullahs are revealing the secrets of the Masonic Coups of 2009, 1979, 1953 etc. Thank God that Iran’s enemies are such retards”. In these days, what the Bad guys do and say are a complete farce. As some wise Iranians say: “Many things are still unclear. But apparently Mullahs want to accept the Nuclear Turkmanchai. Now in Feb 2015, the Fucking Mullahs try to disconnect almost all internet connections in Iran, and the the Fucking West censors all news. In some days, almost all internet connections are disconnected in Iran, but the Fucking West censors such news. In these days, Terrible Internet Filtering and Terrible Internet Censorship just shows/ proves one thing: The US-Mullah deal is A Nuclear Turkmanchai, and Mullahs stupidly try to hide this History Shame/ Stain (Nang) with Censorship & more Stains (Rang)! If their deal was a good deal, then would they stupidly try to block the internet in Iran?! Now, in some days the Internet is totally disconnected in Iran. In some says, we cannot open any website or any webpage. But just look how the West censors such important news. Now all sane people can see who is the Number one Enemy of Freedom & Democracy in Iran. Now all normal humans can see the Truth of what Iranians said & say about the West and Mullahs. Now it’s obvious why all Iranians are angry, and say: Fuck USA, Fuck Rouhani, Fuck UK; Fuck Mullahs ..’ Now even idiots can understand why Iranians sarcastically say: The Savage West really cares about Freedom, Democracy & Human Rights, and that’s why the Savage America and the Barbarian Britain censor all facts and all news, and desperately try to hurt Iranians and to help Islamists! Thank God that Iran’s enemies are such idiots. Thank God that the West and its Mullahs just try to create more Anger, more Hatred, and a huge Repository of Anger / Gunpowder (Anbar-e Baroot …) in Iran. A sane regime tries to avoid such things, to avoid Explosion of Public Anger or Explosion of Public Hatred. But Mullahs are insane slaves of the West. Instead of defusing this Huge Bomb, Mullahs just try to add more fuel to the Fire! Now any spark can explode this giant Repository of Hatred & Anger (Anbar-e Baroot …) Thank God that Islamists/ Mullahs are such stupid slaves of the West”. They also add: “Many Iranians know Iran’s enemies well, and that’s why they preferred to avoid a classic revolution in Iran. But if Mullahs eat more shits, then Explosion of Public Anger and Explosion of Public Hatred is not only inevitable , but a good and useful thing for Iran. Apparently Iranians should kill all Mullahs; Iranians should kill all Islamists; and even one Mullah, one Mason or one Islamist should not be allowed to live in Iran. Apparently it’s what Mullahs/ Islamists want! Islamists and Mullahs eat British Shits, and the fate of those who eat British shits from the British Akhor is quite clear”. We have already written about the Western-made Evil Fire-wall and the Western-made Tragedy of Internet in Iran (check Archive for: [1]: “English Barbarians vs Iran: Behind the Evil Firewall”, “Internet Tragedy, Evil Censors: West or Devil ?!” etc) But as some wise Iranians say: “Now this British Spy (Rouhani) and the Mother of Mullahs (the West) create a Historic Farce. In 2014, when you did ‘Trace route’, you could see that your packets go through more than 6 Orwellian Machines! [1] In fact, filtering, spying, tracking, surveillance and all Orwellian acts had increased by 200% in the Fucking Rouhani era [1] But now in Feb 2015, If you do ‘Trace route’, you can see that many packets go through more than 10 Orwellian Machines! So, it’s obvious why the internet is almost disconnected. In some days, we cannot open any webpage, even a simple webpage like Google’s first page! Now all Iranians say: Fuck America; Fuck Islamists; Fuck Britain; Fuck Rouhani … Now even the 3% say: Fuck Rouhani ! But just look How the West censors all news. It’s so funny, and so important. Now even the 3% know that the Fucking Rouhani is much worse than Razmara and AhmadiNejad (AN). Rouhani and Mullahs just listen to Masonic/ British dictates. British pigs have always said to their puppet dictators: ‘You should try to keep your people illiterate, ignorant, and hungry. You should try to destroy your country, and to hurt your people. You should try to make your people angry. Your people should hate you so much. If the people hate you so much, they will obey you. But if the people don’t hate you, they don’t obey you‘ ! And it’s not a joke. It’s what British pigs said to Pahlavis. It’s what British pigs say to Mullahs. Now even Westerners talk about such British advice, and say: ‘the UK (dictates to) Mullahs: Iran should not become strong and independent. Iranians should not be kept well informed about the state of affairs. This is why Masons introduced a severe Censorship and Internet Filters’ ! In these days, the UK is Ghayem / Vakil Vasi (passionate advocate) of Rouhani & Mullahs, and it’s so funny. This Historic Farce is so important. Now even idiots know that Making concessions abroad, Suppressing people at home is a British policy belongs to the 19th century, and the fate of English Rouhanis is worse than the fate of Razmara, Gaddafi etc”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now the Bad guys are making many things clear, and so we all should thank the Bad guys for Khar Fahm Kardan (making all people aware) Now the West and the 2009 Traitors are confirming many things. Just look how the so-called exiled journalists/ exiled media censor all news/ facts, lick the ass of the West and/or Mullah, crap about Iran and Iranians, and help Iran’s enemies. Journalists/ Activists in Exile are like or worse than Mullahs. Now it’s clear that the so-called Journalists/ Activists in Exile are actually Big Brother’s agents or CIA/ MI6 agents. Their Orwellian media -from Ayatollah BBC and VOA to RoozOnline and Gooya- are worse than the Mullah media. In and after 2009, all Iranians could see the true colors of Media and Journalists in the West”. They also add: “the West’s media games are silly games. What they say about the US-Mullah deal shows that they just want to Test the water. In fact, the West and its Mullahs want to test public opinions and public reactions. All of them know that the only important matter is the people, Iran’s people. Now even idiots talk about Desperation in the Mullah Camp or Desperation in the Western Camp! The current situation is a terrible mess (Khar-to-Khar) Just look what Jewish pigs, American pigs, Arab pigs, British pigs and Islamists do and say. It’s so funny. Now Arabs and Jews are Brothers!, as Mad Mullahs and Great Satan are Brothers, and as Marxists and their Capitalist IMF are Brothers. Words can’t express how silly the current situation is. Now Iran’s people use Satire and Sarcasm to express their anger, and any sane person knows what would happen if instead of using Culture/ Satire/ Sarcasm to express their anger, Iran’s people use other tools/ means to express their anger. Now even idiots talk about Explosion of Public Anger or Explosion of Public Hatred towards the West’s stooges (Islamists, Masons etc) in the near future. Now even idiots know that Childish games or media games cannot fool Iranian people”. They also add: “the Ayatollah Motherfucker writes silly letters to the West, but hurts Iran’s people. But when all Iranians can see and feel the Tragedy of Islamic Censorship, the Tragedy of Islamist Lies, the Tragedy of Islamic Sadism/ Corruption, or the Tragedy of Masonic/ Islamist Insanity, then what is the fate of Mullahs or the Religion of Mullahs?! When Islamists and the Ayatollah Freemason write love letters to the West, but desperately try to act like ISIS, Taliban, Yazid & Shemr in Iran, what the people will say about the Religion of Islamists?! When ISIL, Mullahs, Savage Islamists, Savage Britons and the Savage West act like Barbarians, justify and legalize Terror, Bullying, Sadism, Censorship, Injustice and Falsehood, what normal humans will say about the West’s Religions, the West’s values, and the West’s stooges?! Many Humans are not blind or stupid, and say: ‘Even If the people just Fart, then the Wind will send all (Islamists and Masons) to Hell ! Even If the people just Spit, then the Flood will send all (Mullahs and Masons) to Hell’ ! Now all Iranians talk about Rouhani’s Evil acts, including increasing prices, terrible censorship and terrible Internet. But Just look How the West censors all news of Iran, how the West tells big lies, how the West supports Rouhani, Islamists, Terrorists (MEK/ NCRI) and other Evil forces. Now even idiots can see that the West is the Mother of All Evil. The West is the Mother of Darkness. The West is the Mother of Mullahs”. They also add: “If you want to know more about their Nuclear Turkmanchai, just look what Salehi says. Salehi is a non-Iranian pig. Ali Akbar Slahi is an Iraqi/ Arab. And what he says in these days can show that he is an Iraqi CIA agent. Ali Akbar Salehi is an Arab Agent of Iran’s enemies. Salehi and all Savage Arabs/ Islamists tell many big lies, do many evil acts, hurt Iran & Iranians, lick the ass of Satan, and only care about money & power. But they just show you that their Masonic Islam is really the Religion of Lies, the Religion of Satan, or the Religion of Arro-Gooz. Now even the 3% can see why Velayat Faqih is Velayat Vaqih, and Faqih is Vaqih (so Shameless) All Iranians know that ‘If you kill people, steal peoples money, violate peoples rights, tell many big lies and do all evil things, then you are a slave of the Devil and an enemy of the God and the People’. The Religion of Mullahs is really a Satanic Religion or Masonic Religion, and that’s why Mullahs and ISIL / Savage Saudis/ Jewish Fanatics/ British Masons do and say the same things. Now the Western media say: “the Mullah regime is busy oppressing the Iranian people and licking (the West’s ass)’ ! (Feb 2015) They praise the Mullah Surrender to the West! Now the US media talk about fooling their Mullahs, and a face-saving amount of enrichment capability ! They want to fool Mullahs with Chocolate (Ab-Nabat)! They say: US officials defined that face-saving amount as a few thousands centrifuges .. most of Irans fuel would be shipped out to Russia .. Mullahs should reconfigures their centrifuges in a way that would greatly lower their efficiency‘ !! (NYT, Feb 2015) What they say about Fordow, centrifuges, Arak and everything is very shameful. This is A Nuclear Torkmanchia. Mullahs love licking the West’s ass, and following the West’s Dictates. But Iran is very different from Mullahs. All Iranians know Iran’s Red Lies. Iran and Iranians will never accept such Nuclear Turkmanchai. Mullahs are Anti-Iranian puppets of the West. The West can humiliate Mullahs, and If the West humiliates Mullahs, then All Iranians (+97%) just happily say: Thank God ! Now Masons and Mullahs are just making the 3% aware. And it’s really a godsend for Iran. Now even the 3% talk about Al-Fatehe (the End) or Fatehe Velayat (End of Mullahs)! In Iran, all Iranians (97% + 3%) know the meaning of Arro-Gooz (Barking & Farting), Vadadegi (bad surrender), Daryoozegi (crappy begging), Malarkey, Turkmanchai, Debacle, Farce etc. The Ayatollah Arro-Gooz created the 2009 Coup and killed Iran’s people, and now he openly licks the ass of his Great Satan, and talks about his Shitty Confusion. Now Basijis should change their old slogans into new slogans such as: Ey Rahbar-e Vadadeh, Ahamdeh-im Amadeh (Hey the Shitty Leader, We are ready) ! or ‘Ey Rahbar-e Bozqaleh, Ahamdeh-im Amadeh (Hey the Stupid Leader, we are ready) ! or Ey Rahbar-e Gusaleh, Ahamdeh-im Amadeh ! (Hey the Crappy Leader, we are ready)”. They also add: “Now what Mullahs say and do are really the Worst of the Worst (az een Bad-tar Nemishe …) Even their Mullah leaders confess to this issue. Now all Iranians know Mullah, his Arbab (=Master), his Arman (= Ideal), his Afsar (= Bridle) and his Akhor (= Manger). All Iranians know who control the Afsar of Mullahs, and why Mullahs eat British shits from the US/ British Akhor. Now even the 3% can see that those who kill/ hurt Iran’s people, lick the West’s ass, and make love with their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan are the Worst Puppets of the West. The Nuclear Torkmanchai will confirm many things. It will change many things”. They also add: “Islamist slogans were so stupid. Islamists have very stupid slogans such as: Death to America! But now Iran can have good and modern slogans such as: Death to Ayatollah America! All normal humans can understand its Sarcasm. In the new Iranian Revolution, people’s slogans will be good, modern and satirical slogans such as: Death to Ayatollah America!, Death to Ayatollah England!, Death to the Ayatollah West etc. Now it’s clear that Anti-Americanism actually means Anti-Barbarism, Anti-Sadism, Anti-Mullah, Anti-Tyranny, Anti-Censorship etc. If you are anti-Barbarian, Anti-Tyranny, Anti-Evil or anti-Islamist, then you are actually Anti-American, Anti-British or Anti-West. In fact, all normal humans are Anti-American, because pro-American means pro-Bullying, pro-Sadism, pro-Ayatollah, pro-Islamist, pro-Tyranny, pro-Censorship, pro-Slavery, pro-Fascism and pro-Evil. Now the West and Mullahs just show you that If you want a better life and a better world, then you should fight against the USA, the UK, the Savage West and all stooges of the West. Now it’s quite clear that the West is the Devil, and ‘Relations with the US and the West = more Tyranny, more Censorship, more Sadism, more Disasters, more Poverty and more Problems ‘. After 2009, many things became clear. Now any sane person can see who is behind Mullahs, who support Tyranny and Evil forces, who censor all news of Iran, and who try to hurt Iran’s people”. They also add: “Idiot is Idiot, and his name can be Mason, Mullah-Ali, Qand-Ali, Fath-Ali, Gooz-Ali, Jack, Javad, Sick, Strew, Barack, David, Dalton etc. It’s obvious why the West love idiots such as Mullah Fath Ali Shah or Rouhani. The West loves Rouhanis, because Rouanis are insane idiots, useful idiots. The shameful stories of IMF Plans, increasing all prices, false statistics, aiding the Enemy, and creating fake crises and Economic Insanity in Rouhani era is worse than AN’s era. Now all Iranians can see that what the Fucking Rouhani says about Price of Chicken, Price of Milk, Prices of Basic needs, 0% inflation ! and other fake statistics is worse than AN’s lies. Now even the 3% say: Rouhani is much worse than AhmadiNejad (AN = Shit). Now all Iranians curse Rouhani. But just look how the CIA and the UK love and support Rouhani. This Historic Farce is so important. Now the UK is Vakil Vasi (passionate advocate) of Rouhani and Mullahs, and Ayatollah Jack Straw openly says: I [defend] the Mullah regime, because I should defend Britains national interest’ !! In fact, Rouhanis just serve the interests of the UK and the West. The UK and its Mullahs are bad jokes. Just look how Mullahs and the Mullah TV make love with Savage Saudis and Anti-Iran Arabs. Now the Mullah TV is officially Saudi TV or Arab TV ! The Mullah TV’s new manager is an Arab Spy/ Mason from Arabia. Now they openly say: Mullahs and Savage Saudis/ Wahhabis are Brothers! But it’s not the whole story. Now the mass media report: Jews and Arabs cooperating! Jews and Arabs cooperating on (x y z) against Iran’ !! In fact Mullahs and Arabs/ Jews are Brothers, as Jews and Arabs are members of the same race/ tribe. Jews and Arabs are Brothers, and that’s why Jews sleep with Arabs, and the Media talk about the Moment of Truth on Jews and Arabs ! …. But Iranian people are watching Iran’s enemies. Iranians are watching the fucking West and Mullahs. Iranians are watching the fucking Jews and Arabs/ Mullahs. All Iranians defend Iran’s rights, and know why the ungrateful Jews are like or worse than Mullahs”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Iran is not the West. Even the CIA agents confess: ‘Iranian people do not like to be told what to do by anyone .. Iran’s people don’t like to be slaves of (anyone)’. The West can enslave Islamists. The West can humiliate Mullahs/ Arabs. But Iran and Iranians are very different from Mullahs, Islamists, Arabs or other uncultured pigs. Iran is the Cradle of Culture & Civilization. For thousands of years, Irans motto was and is: You must not Oppress others, and you must not allow others to Oppress you. All Iranians say to the West: We will never give you what you want for threats. If you threaten us, we will make you regret it’. Mullahs hurt Iran & lick the ass of US Bullies, and gain nothing but Eternal Shame (Nang-e Abadi), Eternal Damnation, and Eternal Curse. But All Iranians hate bullies and oppressors – including Little Shits (Chalquz) such as Mullahs or Western Bullies. The 3 main slogans of 1979 were: 1 Independence (Esteqlal) 2 Freedom (Azadi) 3 Republic (Jomhuri), because it’s what all Iranians wanted. But in all these years, specially in and after 2009, the West and its non-Iranian puppets -including Mullahs, Masons, Marxists, Islamists etc- just tried to destroy Freedom (Azadi), Republic (Jomhuri) and also Independence (Esteqlal) in Iran. The current Farce is about Independence. In 2009, people could see the true face of Islamic Monarchy, Islamist Tyranny, Islamic Fascism and Islamic Censorship/ Sadism. But now even idiots talk about Independence, and say: Mullahs just destroy the last vestiges of their own legitimacy/ credibility’ ! Mullahs are bad retards. They even don’t know that when the West talks about 10 years limits, they actually talk about Buying Time, Vadeh Sar-e Kharman or Hajji Hajji Mecca (circus of empty promises)”. They also add: “It’s obvious why Iran and Iranians will never accept any deal between the Dictator and the Devil (West). These years (2009 to 2015) clearly showed that the result of such deals are nothing but: 2009 CIA Coup, Killing Iran’s people, IMF Plans, Hurting Iran’s people, Evil Fire-wall, more Tyranny, more Censorship, more Sadism, more Economic problems and more Evil acts. The West is still Savage, Sadist and Uncultured. And Mullahs are worse than Shah Sultan Hussein. Mullahs think Belahat (stupidity) is Basirat (Vision)! Now Mullahs talk about their Shitty Mourning (Azaa gereftan) and Shitty confusion (Goh Gijeh gereftan) because Mullahs have Belahat, not Basirat. Mullahs have always licked the West’s ass. The West can humiliate Mullahs, as they did in their Masonic War in the 1980s. Mullahs/ Islamists are Children of the Devil. But now the only important matter is the people of Iran -who hate Rouhani, Islamists and the West’s Bullies so much. The West has badly confused. Just look how Freemasons such as Straw, Sick, Chomsky or Richard Dalton defend Mullahs. Just look how Crooks & Daltons praise Islamists. Just look what the CIA/ MI6 media say about this female spy/ whore, Masih Alinejad. Those who steal all Iranian freemasons now talk about Stealthy Freedoms! It’s obvious why British Barbarians, the CIA and MI6 love Masonic whores such as Masih AliNejad, Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi or Akbar Ganji. It’s obvious why the Ayatollah MI6 loves these uneducated Masonic whores, aka the 2009 Traitors”. They also add: “Iranians have repeatedly said that Mullahs just eat both onions & sticks. It’s obvious why the West says: this (Nuclear Turkmanchai) is a deal on the fate of the Islamic Regime ‘ ! (Feb 2015) Mullah concessions are like eating onions & sticks (For more info, check Archive for [2]: ‘Guardians of Big Brother’, ‘Big Brother Mafia’, ‘Mullahcracy and Illusion of Democracy in America’, etc) Idiots even don’t know what can prevent people from rebelling [2] The large gap between Irans people and Irans regime is like a huge bomb [2] Iran’s regime should try to fill the gap, and defuse the bomb [2] But just look what this Masonic regime of Mullah does. They just try to add more fuel to the fire, to make Iranians even angrier, and to widen the gap! Idiots even don’t know that hurting the people, Insulting the people’s intelligence, Bullying, Barbarity, Licking the West’s ass and doing all evil acts just make a National Will to topple the Dictator and the Puppet Regime. Repeating old lies, implementing IMF plans/ Enemys plans, aiding the Enemy, hurting Iranians, giving concessions to the West, and acting like retards are like or worse than eating onions & sticks [2] What Mullahs do is the Worst of the Worst (az een Bad-tar Nemishe …) What Rouhani says and does, like what AN or Pahlavi said and did, is nothing but ‘Khod Goozi, Khod Khandi …’, that (in this case) means: When all people know you, hate you, and laugh at you, then you stupidly try to fool whom?! You only make a fool of yourself ! You only fool yourself ! But Mullahs, like Gaddafi and all psychotic Slaves, are blind retards”. They also add: “Mullahs are in deep shit, and we all know why they are in deep shit. We all know why the UK media say: Mullahs, an opportunity to be seized ! [2] We all know why the West sees Mullahs and Mullah Weakness as an opportunity to be seized [2] We all know why the UK mass media say: ‘Mullahs want to make a deal with the West .. and Iran remains an Islamic theocracy with a tight hold on its citizens’ !! [2] British Barbarians express their wishes, but show you many things. Now it’s clear that the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran is not Mullahs, but is the West. The main enemies of Freedom & Democracy in Iran are (in order of priority): (A) The anti-Iran West (UK, USA, EU, Russia, etc) (B) Puppets of the West (Jews, Arabs, Mullah Regime and other puppets including Whores/ Spies in Exile)’ [2] In today’s Iran, there is a National Demand for Democracy and Nukes. And it’s obvious why Iran must have Nukes and Democracy. After 2009, the story of ‘Iran and West: Nuclear Issue or Human Rights ?‘ (check Archive) was very informative. Now it’s quite clear that The West doesn’t care about Freedom, Democracy or Human Rights. In these years (2009 to 2014), the Wests Evil acts just convinced Iranians that Iran must have nukes and democracy Iran must be a free, independent, and powerful country. And its what all Iranians (97% + 3%) want [2] Even the Western media confess: Bully Iran into giving up its programs just convince all Iranians that Iran should have nuclear bombs … 96% of Iranians say they are supportive, not only of Irans right to enrichment, but of Irans right to possess a nuclear weapon .. the reasons they give for this support are either because Iran is a major nation or because as long as (the West) has nuclear weapons, we need them too’ [2] After 2009, many things have became clear. Now even the West’s good guys know that the West is Savage & Sadist. The West only cares about the Law of the Jungle. The West is the number one Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Progress in Iran”.

2009 to 2014: Lessons of Historic Years

December 31, 2014

“2014 was a historic year, and confirmed many things. 2014 events were important and informative. All these years (from 2009 to 2014) are historic years, and have historic lessons for Iranians and all normal Humans. These years showed that what is said about the UK, the US, the Left or the West is not a myth or conspiracy theory. Plain facts are not Conspiracy theories. Now even idiots can see that Islamists (from ISIS/ Saudis to Mullahs) are puppets/ slaves of Big Brother”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “the year 2014 showed that the West badly suffers from Terrible Insanity. In 2014, the West censored all news, even the Biggest news. The news of the 2014 Referendum, the news of IMF Plans, the news of Rouhani’s Evil acts -increasing Censorship, MITM attacks, Evil Fire-wall and all kinds of pollutions in 2014- were censored by the UK, the Left and the West. In 2014, we all could see how the West censors the Biggest news in a silly way, and how the West tells the Biggest lies in a silly way. Now it’s quite clear that Western Media, US media or UK media is A Lie Factory. You can call them Orwellian Media, Big Brother’s Media, Masonic Media, Evil Media etc because they tell Orwellian lies, and censor all news/ facts in an Orwellian way. They suffer from Orwellian Insanity. In fact, Western Insanity is Masonic Insanity. In the West, Terrible Slavery and Orwellian Tyranny is called Democracy, as Terrible Censorship & Terrible Big Lies is called Journalism. In 2014, even idiots started to talk about ‘The Myth Of The Free Press in the West’ ! (2014) In 2014, even the West’s shitty intellects say their Western Mass Media are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing! In 2009, they denied Facts. But now they talk about ‘the Death of Journalism’ (2014), or ‘the fundamental Corruption/ Hypocrisy in the West’! (2014) Now they confess that their media, including the Washington Post, the NY Times, the BBC, the Guardian etc are Big Brother’s Media. In 2009, they ignored many things. But now they talk about ‘the Satanic campaign against (the Truth) by both the CI-A and the Media‘ ! (2014) They still say nothing about ‘the Satanic campaign against Iran by both the Company and the Media. But now they talk about ‘The Tragedy of Gary Webb’ ! (2014) ‘Kill the Messenger’ film was released in Oct 2014, and now idiots talk about ‘How the Press and the C-IA Killed Web-b’ ! But they don’t say what it really means. Gary Webb (1955- 2004) was an investigative journalist whose awards included a Pulitzer in 1990. In his important speeches, for instance in [1]: “Gary Webb Speaks” (January 1999), Web-b talked about American Journalism, and the true meaning of Dark Alliance. He said: ‘I’ve been a daily news reporter for about 20 years (in the US) … In the US, the media will believe the government before they believe anything! This has been the most amazing thing to me .. The major news organizations in this country (USA) just (cares about) what (Big Brother) has admitted it! .. NY Times, Washington Post and LA Times (are the CIA media) .. they said we don’t support this story, even though it’s true!’ [1] In fact, Western Media is a Lie Factory, and they don’t care about Iranian values such as Speak Truth to Power. In these years (2009 to 2014), we all could see that US media and UK media just obey Big Brother’s orders. And this is Western Journalism. As Webb said: ‘One of the things which these newspapers who dissed my story were saying was, we can’t believe that the C-IA would know about (Evil acts) and let it happen! LA Times, W Post and NY Times ran articles this year casting doubt on (plain facts)’ [1] And it’s exactly like what they do/ say about the 2009 CIA Coup and all important evens in recent years. Webb said: ‘I’d come home at night and I’d watch the hearings. Then I’d pick up the paper the next morning, and it was completely different! And I couldn’t figure it out, and this has bothered me all these years’ [1] And it’s exactly like what we all saw in recent years. What the Western media say is completely different from the reality. US media/ journalists are Big Brother’s whores. As Webb said: ‘they look like dopes .. (they say) who’s going to find out (the Truth)? And even if somebody found out about it, what are they going to do? … That’s the big danger that everybody has sort of missed’ [1] What Web-b said about American Journalism is so important. Many already knew that the C-IA deliberately create drugs and import/ export drugs. But Webb’s great work was, as even Americans say, Exposing the mass media (2014) Webbs story and Snow-den’s story revealed many things. Now it’s clear that most of the Western Journalists are spies/ stooges – who lick the ass of Power. In recent years, we all could see what the Washington Post’s spies, the BBC’s spies, the Guardian’s spies say and do. Now even Western idiots say: ‘The Post is rapidly losing all credibility .. and tragically [!!] they are not alone in the ranks of our main stream media’ ! (2014) In fact, now even idiots can see that the Land of the Free is officially becoming the Land of the Free-Masons. Now the UK, the US and the EU openly support MEK/ PMOI, aka Marxist-Islamist Terrorists or Mujahideen (Jihadis) ! Now it’s clear who is behind MEK/ PMOI, Monarchists, Khatamists and Freemasons like Rouhani, Zibakalam, Nourizadeh, Behnoud, Ganji, Mullah Mesbah, Mullah Haeri and all Mullahs. Now all Masonic faggots -from Basijis and Rouhani to Pahlavists, Khatamists and unknown Masonic faggots like Abazari or Fayaz Zahed- are dead rats in Iran. Now it’s clear why most Masonic faggots are non-Iranians, and have fake/ funny names such as Rouhani, Iraq-chi, Akhund-Zadeh, Taleb-Zadeh, Haram-Zadeh, Arab-Zadeh, Zena-Zadeh, Abazari, Zakah-Zadeh etc. Now even kids know the West’s spies/ stooges -from Rouhani, Khatamists & Basijis to Malkum and Akhund-Zadeh. Now it’s quite clear Who is behind Rouhanis & the Mullah regime”.


As some wise Iranians say: “the last days of December is the anniversary of the Ashura Massacre – one of the worst Massacres in 2009. In these days, the Masonic Media – including BBC & Mullah TV- openly defend their 2009 Coup and their beloved 2009 Massacres. In these days, Rouhani -like all Masonic Mullahs- openly defends the 2009 Massacres and Killing Iran’s Children and Iran’s People in 2009. What Rouhani and Mullahs say about their beloved 2009 Massacres and 2009 Coup is like or worse than what Pahlavis said about their 1953 Coup. But the West censors all news, and badly tries to not allow the World to see why Rouhani is an Enemy of Greens, why Rouhani is an Enemy of Iran’s people, and why Rouhani is a British Agent. But now all politically aware humans know how the CIA and MI6 (ie the Company) created the 1953 Coup, and the 2009 Coup. They know How the Company helped Mullahs in 1953, 1979, and 2009. They know Who were behind Mullahs, thugs and whores. They know How the West helped Mullahs and Islamist pigs. They know why Iran’s people will never forget and forgive ‘Iranian Blood on Mullah Hands’, Iranian Blood on American Hands and Iranian Blood on British Hands. Many books can, and should, be written about the 2009 Coup and the role of the Company, Marxists, Western media/ polling organizations etc. The 2009 Coup was the Company’s project/ product. And the Company’s agents like Leverets – who work for the C-IA for +20 years- can show you many things. You can ask yourself: Why such Jewish CIA agents should strongly defend Mullahs, Islamist killers and 2009 Coup?! Their 2009 Coup was really worse than their 1953 Coup. Now it’s clear that Masons and Crypto Jews control the Mullah regime; and AhmadiNajead (AN) was officially a Jew, a Jewish Agent, a Jewish Free-Mason. In 2009, Mullahs and Basjis killed Iran’s people with the help of the West. But it’s not the whole story. In 2009, Mullahs and Basijis actually killed themselves for defending their Zionist IMF and the West’s interests. Basijis just proved why the Mullah Regime is a Masonic Regime, a Tazi Regime, an Anti-Iran Regime. And now this Masonic regime is a dead regime, because all Iranians (+97%) hate it, and all Iranians know who is behind Mullahs. These years (2009 to 2014) revealed the main problem of Iran. Mullahs and Islamists/ Basijis are little shits (Chalquz) and little savages. And Iran’s main problem is not Mullah or Chalquz. The Main problem and the Great Evil is the West and Masonic Mafia, ie those who are behind Mullahs and puppet Dictators. Iran’s people should actually fight against Big Brother, the West and Masonic Mafia. All well-educated people know How The US, the UK and the Brotherhood created Islamism, Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabism, Salafism, Bahaism, Mullah-ism, Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc. These years showed that Devils Game or Dark Alliance is not a myth”. They also add: “In 2009, the Company’s agents/ journalists were in Iran. They told big lies, and showed that Gary Webb was Right. In the West, the Company’s agents are called Journalists, and that’s why the West’s journalists just tell big lies about Iran. It’s funny that the West’s best report about Iran, Greens and 2009 Coup was a report by Robert Dreyfuss. In 2009, Dreyfuss was in Iran. And if you search the internet, you can easily find his article [2]: Iran’s Greet Wave (the Nation, July 2009) After saying some stupid things, Dreyfuss says many true things. He says: ‘A few days before the vote, there were already signs that things might get ugly. On June 9 a widely reported leak from the Interior Ministry said that Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi had issued a fatwa permitting vote counters to manipulate the results in favor of (AN). ‘To you, as administrators of the election, everything is permitted to this end,’ Mullah Mesbah wrote. Ayatollah Mesbah (is) godfather to a network of (non-Iranian spies/ stooges). For that network the word of Mesbah is law. The following day, June 10, the ideological czar of the IRGC issued a warning that the regime was prepared to take strong action against the Green Wave .. It was a chilling reminder of who had the guns’ [2] Mullah Mesbah is just one of Jewish Mullahs and Masonic Mullahs in Iran. Jewish/ Masonic Mullahs like Mesbah, Jannati, Rouhani, Yazdi, Makarem, Haeri etc are like ISIS (DAESH) and Savage Saudis. They say bloodshed, lying, stealing, raping, killing children and all evil things are good things, because Power, Satan, Satanism or staying in power at any price is a good thing. Mullahs are really the sons of the UK. Dreyfuss also adds: ‘It was clear by nightfall on election day (June 12, 2009) that something was wrong. Across Tehran, troop transports rumbled out of the IRGC’s fortified bases. Before the polls had even closed, Tehran took on the air of an occupied city. Later that night, ominously, my cellphone went dead, like everyone else’s. Not long past midnight, the Interior Ministry declared AhmadiNejad the victor, crediting him with nearly two-thirds of a record turnout, having accomplished the near-magical feat of counting tens of millions of paper ballots in a couple of hours ! Later that day, as outrage over what was widely seen as a manipulated result rippled across Iran, Khamenei confirmed AN’s win. Millions poured into the streets in protest’ [2] The magical job of Mullahs was Masonic Magic or Masonic Insanity, because all Iranians knew that Rouhanis didn’t count ballots/ people’s votes. The Company and its Rouhanis just Engineered results. They stupidly wanted to make Iranians even angrier. And now in 2014, you can see that Rouahnis badly suffer from Masonic Insanity, and they still try to obey the West/ IMF’s orders, and to make people even angrier. Mullahs, like ISIS, are programmed slaves of the Masonic Mafia. Mullahs just obey orders. The Masonic Insanity of Mullahs is exactly like the the Masonic Insanity of Pahlavis”. They also add: “Iran’s people are not blind. ‘Describing what the regime did as a Coup d’etat, (Iranians say:) ‘(why) they occupied the offices of newspapers, to (change headlines/ reports on the election) .. Over next days newspapers were closed, Internet sites blocked or disabled and opposition campaign offices attacked and shuttered. (Thousands) of officials, journalists and dissidents were arrested ‘ [2] The 2009 Coup was A Classic Coup d’etat. The 2009 Coup was a manufactured coup by the Company and Sworn Enemies of Iran. You can ask: Who supported the 2009 CIA Coup? And the answer is clear. We all know what the BBC, the VOA, the ABC, the NBC, the Lefts, and all Masonic media -including Lefty media- did in 2009 and these years. Now, in 2014, the BBC and Rouhani openly defend their 2009 Coup and 2009 Massacres, and the Mullah TV openly confirm that ‘BBC & VOA’ badly supported Mullahs in 2009! They badly reveal the Secrets of the 2009 Coup (check Archive) And you, like Dreyfuss, can ask: Why the BBC, the IMF, the Jewish CIA, or the Company’s branches such as Chatham House in London [2] openly support Mullahs and the 2009 Coup?! Now it’s clear why Mullahs, Masons, Marxists, Jewish CIA/ MI6 agents ‘denounced Iranian people and peaceful demonstrators as people backed by Zionists, Evil Britain and CIA’ ! [2] The West is badly Orwellian. ‘Within (several months), the street protests had withered under the brutal muscle of the IRGC and Basij (and with the help of the West & the Company). They choked off virtually all opposition communications, arrested Moussavi’s campaign staff, shuttered his newspapers , banned him from state-controlled radio and TV. Basij thugs invaded homes to beat people …’ [2] The story of 2009 was the story of Zahak, Deevs and the Devil. Zahak was a puppet of the Devil (the West). In 2009, All devils (Deevs) -form Marxists to US Officials- supported Zahak. But ‘in direct defiance of (Zahak & the Devil) Mousavi denounced the (Barbarian) Bloody assaults on Iran’s people’ [2] So All Iranians (+97%) cared about Mousavi only because he didn’t lick the ass of Zahak and the Devil”. They also add: “In these years, we all could see the role of Chomsky and Marxists in defending Mullahs, their Zionist IMF and their Imperialist Brothers. Now it’s clear why Islamists or Marxists are Masons. In 2009, many saw or said: ‘IRGC commanders, both active and retired, act as a kind of fraternity or freemasonry’ [2] But now it’s quite clear why Islamists/ Mullahs are Masons and slaves of the West. In 2009, Iranians could see the end of Velayat faqih (Fatehe Velayat) [2] And in 2014, even Retards/ Basijis talk about Fatehe Velayat! It’s one of the most important events in 2014 – that the West badly censored it”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The barbaric Britons/ Americans and their stooges, including Rouhani and Ashoura Traitors/ 2009 traitors, love to lick the Devil’s ass. But all Iranians (+97%) hate Rouhani and all Islamists so much. Now all Iranians know that Rouhani is worse than AN. The West censors all news, but now even the Mullah media confess that all Greens hate Rouhani, because Rouhani is an Enemy of the Greens (ie Iran’s people)! In fact, Rouhani is an Enemy of the People; Rouhani is a sworn Enemy of Iran. Rouhani is a British Agent. All Rouhani’s men -from TurkAN and Jannati to Faheshe Ebtekar- are non-Iranians or sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian people. Basijis and Mullahs are spies/ stooges of the West, and it’s not a myth. As Dreyfuss said: ‘(In 2009) Nemat-Zadeh, who (is a Basiji and minister of Industry under Rouhani), said: I’m a businessman, not politician [!!] It’s the desire of most of us (Basijis/ Masons) to rebuild relations with the US (ie Great Satan)‘! [2] Dreyfuss even says: ‘As many insiders told me in Iran, Khamenei and AhmadiNejad (AN) see value in a rapprochement with the US’ ! [2] Now you all can see the Love story of Mullahs and their Zionist IMF/ Great Satan. But in 2009, ‘Sir Richard Dalton, who served as Britain’s ambassador in Tehran (said): If Khamenei and (AN/ Basijis) retain their iron grip on power, both Mullahs and the US will face inevitable pressure to resume diplomacy [!!] ‘ !! [2] The UK or the MI6 is the Mother of Mullahs (Mather Aroos), and the Mother of Mullahs can remind you of old Persian jokes. The Mother of Mullahs revealed many things. And now even idiots can see why the notorious freemasons such as Dalton, Jack Straw, Ashton, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Chomsky, Cameron, BBC, Guardian etc love and support Mullahs”. They also add: “The story of the 2009 Coup is the story ‘The Media, The CIA and the Coup’. The Company’s agents such as Noam Chomsky, Leverets, Oliver Stone, Gary Sick and Think Thanks can show you many things about Democracy, Intellectualism or Journalism in the UK and the US. If you want to know the 2009 CIA Coup or 2014 events better, you can think about what Gary Webb said about Journalism and Media in the West. Western journalists are the Company’s whores/ slaves [1] As Webb said: ‘Editors calling up and saying, well gee, this isn’t what AP wrote! They said we’ve got to make it the same, we don’t want to be different! We don’t want our story to be different from (Big Brother’s story) !‘ ! [1] In the West, Media/ Journalists tell the same big lies, because they obey the same Big Brother. And it’s one of the 2014 lessons. After their Terrible Censorship and Terrible Big lies in 2014, now everybody has to shit/ pee on Journalism in the West”. They also add: “Webb said many good things about US-Mullah love affair. For instance, he truly said: ‘Iran-contra controversy is one of the worst scandals .. Iran-contra scandal was worse than Watergate’ [1] The real name of Iran-contra scandal is Mullah-Contra or Mullah-Company scandal. But do you know what the US media say about Mullah-Contra or 2009 CIA Coup?! As Webb said: ‘the Press (and all media) played a very big part in downplaying that scandal .. (Mullah-Contra) was one of the most interesting and totally frustrating things .. Ollie North, the blue-eyed American (was the Company’s agent) .. Oliver North said that he was a CIA asset .. We were looking at Ollie North and Iran-Contra Scandal. So I said, did anybody investigate this? And the answer was, No! .. Oliver North was involved in drug trafficking’ [1] Rouhani and Oliver North are Brothers, and the love story of Rouhani and the Company is a long story, as the love story of AN/ Rouhani and their Zionist IMF is a long story. But you can ask: why the US media says nothing about such important stories?! Webb said: ‘We’re spending millions of dollars to find out how many times Bill Clinton had s-ex with Monica Lewinsky! Why aren’t we interested in how much the CIA knew about drug traffic (or 2009 Coup etc)?! Who is profiting from this? .. The C-IA is involved in drug trafficking (or 2009 Coup etc)? Let’s know about it. Let’s find out about it. Let’s do something about it. But Nobody wants to touch this thing in the US !’ [1] The US regime is like the Mullah regime. ‘US media all uncritically defend the Company[1], and try to fool people. Webb truly said: ‘They want us to forget about it. They want us to concentrate on (stupid things) because it’s titillating. It keeps us occupied. It keeps us diverted. Don’t let them do it‘ [1] Iranians and all normal humans will never forget the 2009 Coup and these years. Now most humans are becoming aware. Now even idiots talk about ‘Gary Webb and Media Manipulation’ (Nov 2014), and say: ‘Webb Was Right [!] .. Americans still count on the mainstream media to define reality for them .. You (cannot ignore) the CIAs relations with journalists. Americans should know about such Dark Alliance .. (all Humans) need to know about such Dark alliances .. the US major news media -NY Times, LA Times, Post, WSJ etc- tried to not only disparage the scandal but also (discourage people)’ ! Now even Westerners can see what Dark Alliance means. In 2014, even Westerners say: ‘Maryam Feridon, the daughter of Hossein Feridon, the brother of Hassan Feridon (ie Hassan Rouhani), lived in the UK. She attended (the Masonic London School of Economics thanks to a Masonic scholarship)! Maryam Rouhani now lives in New York. (But why) Maryam Rouhani, Mehdi Zarif, Ahmad Iraq-chi and (many other Mullahs & their families) should live (in the UK or USA?! Why) Mullahs should live in London, NY, Toronto etc (while we impose our) Sanctions on Iran’s people?’ ! (2014)”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now all Iranians (97%) know why Rouhani is much worse than AhmadiNejad (AN). Rouhani is not Iranian. Rouhani is ‘Made in Glasgow’ – ‘Made in Britain’. Rouhani has increased Terrible Censorship, Internet Filtering, MITM Attacks and all Evil things. But in Dec 2014, when you google for ‘Rouhani Internet Censorship’, the search results (on first pages) are what the CIA media and the MI6 media say, such as: Rouhani slams internet censorship [!!!], Rouhani Battles for Internet Freedom [!!!], Rouhani suggests online freedom for Iran [!!!], Rouhani’s insistence on faster internet [!!!] etc. This level of Orwellian Lies, this level of Censorship, and this level of Stupidity and Insanity in the West just confirm that what Iranians or people like Cathy O’Brien and Gary Web-b said about the US and the UK was/ is really true. In 2014, Rouhani Administration fucked Internet Freedom. In 2014, all Iranians talked about Rouhani’s Evil acts – including fucking Internet, MITM attacks, and How Rouhanis fuck SSL connections by using American tools and British devices. But the West badly censors all news/ facts, and again proves that the West is the Mother of Mullahs, and the Mother of Darkness. Rouhani, like ISIS, is a programmed slave of the West. Rouhani badly suffers from Masonic Insanity, and that’s why he just tries to make Iran’s people even angrier, and to show his true face in a silly way. Rouhani is like Sharif-Emami and other stupid Freemasons in the Pahlavi era. Rouhani is a British Chalquz, and he just obeys his English/ Masonic Masters (Arbab). What this Masonic faggot/ slave of the UK, Rouhani, is doing just reminds you of the last year of the Pahlavi regime. Maybe they program/ command Rouhani to repeat history. Who knows. But in Iran, Iranian people or the silent majority is the determining factor, and they shape the future. Now Iran’s people are angry & silent, but all analysts know the silent majoritys Bomb. And if this Giant Bomb exploded, it not only would send Mullahs/ Islamists to hell, but it would change many things in the West and the World”. They also add: “Now even idiots know that Any phenomenon that is created by force cannot endure. The forces of Darkness are big losers. In 2014, Non-Iranians and the Company’s agents- from Rouhani, Zibakalam, Ganji, Behnoud, Nabavi and Laylaz to Ali Nourizadeh and all Islamists/ Khatamists- openly defend IMF, Slavery, Big Lies, Big Brother’s Cults, the Anti-Iran West or the Mullah regime. But now it’s clear who are members of the Brotherhood, and why the Brotherhood’s members are not dissidents or Opposition groups. As Orwell said, the Brotherhood is actually Big Brother’s team, and now all sane people can see what it really means. Islamists are the Brotherhood’s agents. Now even idiots and the 3% say: ‘In 1974, The Shah embarked on a massive 24 nuclear power station program. (But) Mullahs attacked Iran’s nuclear programs, and (served the West’s interests) .. (The Company) brought Mullahs into power in 1979. And Mullahs shut down and mothballed the civilian nuclear program of the Shah for 10 to 20 years’ ! (2014) Now even idiots know why the UK and Colonial powers created Islamism and Islamists (Mullahs, ISIS, Wahhabism, Al-Qaeda etc) Islamists are against progress, against Iran, against Truth & Logic, against Iranian values, against Great Persia, against Basic Rights & Women’s rights, and against all good things. Islamists are like medieval-minded religious fanatics in the US and the UK, but Islamists just serve the interests of the West. The Masonic Regime of Mullahs, ISIS or Savage Saudis just serve the West’s interests, and now no one can deny this fact. Islamists are the sons of Satan (ie the West). And the Motto of the West, the Devil and the Company is: Create big problems, and then deny problems or deny your role! … Today Create, support and defend Rouhani, Mullahs, MEK, ISIS, Taliban, Savage Saudis etc, and tomorrow Deny everything!‘ ! But now many know such Orwellian tactics”. They also add: “The West loves Masonic Opposition/ Alternative, and that’s why the West supported, and still supports, Mullahs, Monarchists, Mujaheds (Jihadis) etc. In the US, Chomsky is a symbol of the Brotherhood and Masonic Alternative/ Opposition/ Dissident. These years showed that Noam Chomsky is a high rank member of the Brotherhood and Big Brother’s Mafia. And If you still cannot see the true face of Chomsky, and if you don’t know why Chomsky is the Brotherhood, you actually know nothing about real problems”. They also add: “Now US pigs and all Western pigs openly support NCRI/ PMOI/ MEK, ie Marxist-Islamist Terrorists! In Dec 2014, US pigs and EU faggots say: ‘Rouhani is the worse than AN .. But the PMOI (ie Marxist-Islamist Terrorists) is a progressive & democratic Muslim force’ !! (Dec 2014) Can you believe it?! What all Western media say is a combination of 1% to 10% true things and 90% to 99% Big Lies & Orwellian crap. And It’s the reality of Journalism in the West. The West is badly Orwellian. In Dec 2014, the American Thinker says: ‘Islamist-Marxist Terrorists (PMOI/ MEK) have presented a plan for the establishment of a democratic, secular, and non-nuclear Iran which respects equal rights for men and women [!!!] Islamist-Marxist Terrorists (PMOI/ MEK) have played a major role in denouncing Irans human rights violations [!!], and its meddling in Arab countries [!!]’ (Dec 2014) The American Retards, which called themselves American Thinkers!, say ISIS, Savage Saudis and Islamist-Marxist Terrorists (PMOI) care about Human Rights, women’s rights and Iranian values! The West openly supports Islamist-Marxist Terrorists (MEK), ie a small terrorist group with about 1000 to 3000 male and female members/ sex slaves/ prisoners. They don’t care that 99.9999% of Iranians know and hate MEK/ PMOI, as they don’t care that 97% of Iranians know and hate Rouhani and all Mullahs. They just act like Retards and Mongols, because they suffer from Masonic Insanity – Terrible Insanity. They say ISIS, MEK and Saudi Terrorists fight against terrorism and fundamentalism! (Dec 2014) It’s obvious why the US and its Terrorist allies tell such bad jokes. The USA and its Terrorist allies are the real Axis of Evil. Now it’s clear that the US is not a force of good. The US or the West is a force of Evil, the Great Evil, the Mother of Darkness”.

2014 Yalda: Satanic West behind Anti-Iran Mullahs?

December 25, 2014

“In the Land of Aryans (Iran), ZayeshMehr or Yalda symbolized the triumph of Light and Goodness over the Devil and Darkness. ZayeshMehr, Yalda or Shab-e Cheleh is celebrated on the eve of the first day of the winter (December 21). In Great Persia, the longest night of the year is the Eve of ZayeshMehr/ Yalda or the Birth of Mehr (Mithra). In the Land of Aryans (Iran), people celebrate the victory of Light over Darkness at the longest night of the year, ie when idiots think the Darkness and Dark Forces are defeating the Light and the Good. But in the Cradle of Culture & Civilization (Iran/ Persia), people knew the true meaning of Hope, Wisdom, Goodness etc. Iran was really a great nation. And today’s Iranians can remind you of Ancient Iran and Great Persia. Now Iranians are among the World’s most educated, wisest and smartest people. But the 2014 Yalda clearly showed that Mullahs are not Iranians. The 2014 Yalda again proved that Mullahs are the Forces of Darkness, and The West is The Mother of Darkness“, some wise Iranians say. We have already written about Yalda or Cheleh (for more info, check “Yalda, Christmas, Iranians, and Mithraism” etc) In these days, we wanted to write more about Yalda, Christmas, Iranian Symbols/ Symbolism, and Persian Roots of Christmas Traditions. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘The 2014 Yalda was a historic event. Just look what Mullahs and Masons did at The 2014 Yalda Night. The fucking Mullah TV has 20 channels. But at the 2014 Yalda, all of these fucking channels were mourning channels, and said nothing -even a single word- about Yalda and this important Iranian celebration. At the 2014 Yalda, all Masonic Media -including BBC, VOA etc- censored Yalda in a silly way. The 2014 Yalda clearly showed that Mullahs are Tazis, not Iranians. The 2014 Yalda again proved that the Mullah Regime is an Anti-Iranian Masonic Regime, and the Satanic West/ UK is behind the Masonic Regime of Mullahs”. They also add: “Before 2009, and before the stories of Snow-den and what the West did in 2014 and recent years, you could say those who talk about ‘UK or US’s Horrifying Secrets or ‘Mind Control’ are conspiracy theorists. But now, when the West shows its true colors in a silly way, you cannot ignore many things. Now all normal humans are becoming aware. If you search the internet, you can see that even Americans talk about ‘The Brotherhood and The Manipulation of Society‘, and say: ‘Mind control experiments, so-called (UK) Nazi science, (is) about the human psyche .. One of the most sinister mind control program is Project MK Ultra .. American Nazis tried to continue their experiments in which thousands of lesser human beings – prisoners, mental patients etc- have been forced to participate. Experiments have included removing a person’s existing personality by electro-therapy and then programming new ones by psychic driving .. the CIA openly admit to having used this form of subversive technology for use against America’s political enemies .. An integral part of MK-Ultra is Project Monarch – whereby the minds of women and children are brutally taken over in order to provide pedophiles, politicians, criminals and Satanists with s-ex slaves … the details of this horrific plan to take over the planet through mass mind-control have come from the ex-CIA mind-controlled slave, Cathy O’Brien, and are described in harrowing detail in her book Trance Formation Of America. After a lifetime in the Project Monarch mind-control program she became what is known as a ‘Presidential Model’ – a s-ex slave used specifically by the US presidents for perverted abuse. Her abusers include the presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush as well as a host of other key US politicians. These fiends would routinely torture and rape her and later her little kid, Kelly, for personal gratification whilst using drugs and electric shock trauma to erase her memory .. Cathy was used in many major political /criminal covert operations including the Iran-Contra deals .. Gerald Ford (who later became President of the US after Nixon) had begun recruiting ‘children for mind-control studies’ .. By selling Cathy into this program, her (criminal) father gained immunity & money .. Cathy (a little kid) was repeatedly prostituted to local Freemasons, politicians, Catholic priests, Satanists .. In 1968, they introduced Cathy to the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who then abused her and used her for p-orn .. Then Cathy was ‘given’ to US Senator and Ku Klux Klan affiliate, Robert C. Byrd who tortured her in Sado-Masochistic s-ex & p-orn … She was taken out of school and relocated at a Catholic High School – with other slaves or ‘Chosen Ones’ as they were referred to … Although ‘owned’ by Byrd, Cathy was given ‘handlers’ to keep an eye on her. One such person was Wayne Cox, a Satanist and serial killer who had gained immunity through his involvement in Project Monarch .. Cox loved cannibalistic Satanism .. Cox still runs a trade in human body parts for Satanists .. Cox became the father of Cathy’s only daughter, Kelly, who was born in 1980 .. Cathy’s first position as a ‘Presidential Model’ was to Ronald Reagan. Reagan asked his p-o-rnographer, Larry Flynt (owner of Hustler magazine) to make pictures to his own specs which became known as ‘Uncle Ronnie’s Bedtime Stories’ .. Cathy was prostituted to King Fahd of Saudi Arabia .. In 1982, they dealt cocaine to Bill Clinton, and Hilary Clinton performed oral s-ex upon Cathy .. One of the most brutal of all of her abusers was Dick Cheney .. In 1983, George Bush began raping Kelly – a 3 years old girl .. In 1986, Cathy and Kelly were taken to Mount Shasta in California, where George Bush (under the influence of his favorite drug – Heroin) raped Kelly and burnt Cathy’s thighs .. When Cathy was 29 she became aware that Presidential Models were not allowed to live much beyond the age of 30 .. In the UK, the British counterpart to Project Monarch is Project Ultra Green’. It’s what Americans say. But now, after what the US and the UK did in recent years, can you still see such things as conspiracy theories?”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In the 2014 Yalda, the Mullah TV was not alone in ignoring Yalda, fucking itself and saying nothing about Yalda and Iranian traditions/ values. In the 2014 Yalda, the BBC Persian, the VOA Persian and all fucking media of the UK and the US -which air their fucking programs in Persian and for Iranians!- acted like the Mullah TV. It’s funny that this year (2014) the Ayatollah BBC and the Ayatollah VOA didn’t have any program about Yalda, and said nothing about Yalda. This level of Censorship and this level of Stupidity & Insanity is unbelievable. In 2009, and also in the 2014 Yalda and all these years, the Ayatollah BBC and the Ayatollah VOA clearly proved why the West is the Mother of Darkness, and why the West is the Mother of this Anti-Iranian Regime of Mullahs. In the 2014 Yalda, all Free-masons -from Mullahs and Islamists to UK regime and UK media- clearly showed their true colors. Mullahs/ Masons say: 2 million people (3%) support the Mullah regime! But they don’t say that 73 million people (97%) hate Mullahs and all Dictators, Oppressors and puppets of the Savage West. The 97% of Iranians hate Mullahs, and care about Iranian values and ‘Condemnation of Tyranny and Oppression anytime and anywhere’. The 2014 Yalda again proved that Mullahs and Islamists are Devil-worshipers and puppets of the Satanic West. Islamists are the forces of Darkness. Yalda is a national festival or a national celebration, in which Iranians celebrate the great victory of Iran (the forces of Light) over Zakah, Deevs (Devils), Ahriman (Great Evil) and all forces of Darkness. So, it’s obvious why today’s Zahak, Deevs and Ahriman hate Yalda and Iranian traditions/ values. Our Yalda is the ancient symbol of the victory of Light over Darkness, and the victory of Iranians over the Devil and All Evil forces. So, it’s obvious why Mullahs and Masons hate our Yalda and our Iranian traditions”. They also add: “Now If you search the internet, you can find many things about the the Darker realities of the West. If you search the internet, you can find many things about Cathy O’Brien (1957- now) and her famous book, [1]: ‘Trance Formation of America’. In her famous book, O’Brien says many shocking things about ‘S-ex slave training camp’, Satanic rituals, Systematic Corruption, Systematic Slavery, and Systematic abuse of children in the US. O’Brien says: ‘Bohemian Grove in California is an exclusive club where all s-exual and satanic perversions are catered for US Officials and high rank politicians .. US involvement in drug distribution, p-o-rnography, and slavery is justified to fund Black Budget activities .. They (US officials) use the Nazi and KKK principles of Annihilation of other races and cultures .. In the US, Entertainers were used to buy, sell, and distribute cocaine brought into the US by the US government .. their War on Drugs is actually ‘Eliminating Competition’ .. President Reagan explained to me that the illegal CIA activities I was forced to participate in are Justified as they fund covert activities’ [1] O’Brien, like Webb and other Americans, talks about ‘Drug networks run by US Congressmen’ [1], or ‘the CIA cocaine and heroin distribution operations and mind-control projects’ [1], or ‘the illegal p-orn films that contributed to funding CIA operations’ [1], or ‘Drug transactions for funding the Pentagon’s Black Ops Budgets’ [1] We all should think more about what OBrien says, because if what she says is really true, as what Snow-den said was true, then The West is officially The Mother of Darkness, and the West is officially Barbarian, Savage & Satanist. In her book, OBrien talks about Cannibalism ritual and Satanism, and say: ‘We came to a homeless man sleeping on the ground. Cox ordered me to kiss him, then shot him between the eyes while I was still only inches away. He then used a machete to chop off the man’s hands .. In total shock, I was laid and subjected to rape and torture while they indulged in s-ex, blood and cannibalism ritual‘ [1] If you read the long history of The Barbarian West, you can see that what OBrien and other Americans say is not a new thing (We have already written about the long History of Barbarians and Barbarism in the UK and the West; Check Archive) For thousands of years, British Barbarians and European Barbarians were Human-eaters (Adam-khor). They loved to eat children/ humans, and to drink human blood. They were worse than savage Beasts. But unfortunately, it’s not the whole story. According to OBrien and other Americans, the West’s bad guys still live like their savage barbarian ancestors. They still love Barbarian/ Satanic/ Masonic rituals. They are not Animals. But they are worse than savage Animals -exactly like their savage ancestors. Apparently, the West’s religion is still a Barbarian/ Satanic Religion. You can ask: Why Americans talk about ‘The strong political ties between the Catholic church and the US Government‘ [1] and say: You could no longer differentiate between Catholicism and Satanism‘ [1] The US is Occult Theocracy [1] Apparently, the West is still in the Dark Age. And in the West’s Dark Age, they create the 2009 CIA Coup, praise the Anti-Iran Sadism & Racism, as they praise ‘cocaine and body parts distribution for Satanic rituals [1] But these Satanist Barbarians pose as good, modern or religious people! ‘Cox carried a Bible with him everywhere! Cox justified eating human body and drinking human blood, ‘ being washed in the blood‘ and ‘murdering children‘ in the name of God .. Cox dismembered his murdered victims and distributed the Hands of Glory to fellow Satanists, Mormons and Catholics’ [1] But Is it a myth? Now any sane person can see what they do to innocent children/ people in all around the World. Western pigs openly talk about World dominance or Total Control“. They also add: “These years are The Yalda Night of the World. The West and its stooges (Mullahs etc) are the forces of Darkness at this time of Yalda Night of the World. But as our history and our traditions show, the fate of all Yalda Nights and all forces of Darkness is quite clear. Iran’s people can defy and defeat Darkness on its longest moment, and it’s the message of Yalda and our Iranian Traditions. Our wise Iranian ancestors – who created Culture & Civilization- knew that all Barbarians and all uncultured pigs are little savages, and the forces of Light can defeat them. Yalda shows that Iranians and all good guys can defy Darkness on its longest moment. It’s the message of our Yalda and our Iranian traditions. If Humans become aware, and ask for Change, then Real Change will occur. Now the Fucking West is nearing the End, and Iranians will never forget these years and historic events -form the 2009 Coup to the 2014 Referendum and the 2014 Yalda. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) hate the Ayatollah BBC and the Ayatollah UK so much. Now all Masonic Media -from the BBC and Mullah TV to Lefty Media- are hateful media in Iran. The 2014 Yalda clearly showed that the BBC and Mullah TV are controlled by a single team. What Mullahs and Western media did in 2009, 2014 and all these years clearly show that a single Masonic Mafia control all mass media (Mullah/ Lefty/ Western media) and all puppet regimes, including the English Regime of Mullahs”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In the West, many people are not bad guys. Good Britons or good Americans don’t think or act like British Barbarians. The good Westerners, like all good guys, care about Truth, Logic and what is good and decent. The good and educated Westerners know that Yule or Christmas is an old Tradition from Persia / Iran. They know why almost all good Traditions in the West have Aryan/ Iranian roots. They know the Persian Roots of Christmas Traditions. But we all should ask ourselves: Why the anti-Iranian pigs -from British Barbarians and US pigs to Mullahs and Tazis (Savage Arabs/ Jews)- hate Iranian values, Iranian Legacy, Aryan Culture & Aryan Civilization? It’s a key question. All good guys, including the good people in the West, should try to know more about the Barbarian West, and the roots of problems. Many problems have deep roots in the West’s Barbarian traditions”. They also add: “Yalda reminds Iranians of many good things, and of many dark things including the forces of Darkness, Dark Alliance etc. Yalda can remind you of the story of Dark Alliance and Gary Webb. You can ask yourself: What Gary Web-b said, and why they killed him in 2004? Why they killed a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and a whistleblower who talked the CIA evil acts? His articles/ speeches, or his famous book, ‘Dark Alliance: C-IA Drug Trafficking’, show that Web-b was a weaker version of Snow-den. But the forces of Darkness killed him in 2004. The story of Web-b is the story of ‘Kill the Messenger’. But the story of Webb is just one of many dark stories of the Satanic/ Savage West. And now many good guys talk about such stories, as they talk about ‘the Illuminati social engineering’, Brotherhood Control, Big Brother Cults, Slavery, Satanism etc in the West. Now many talk about The Hidden History of Evil, or The Untold History of Evil. And now you cannot ignore or reject such things as conspiracy theories. Before 2009, and before what the West did in 2014 and recent years, you could ignore or reject many things as Conspiracy theories. But now the soup is too salty, and even their own media talk about CIA tortures or CIA/ N-SA evil acts. After the 2009 CIA Coup, many things changed”. They also add: “Now if you read O’Brien’s book [1], you can see that what O’Brien says is like what Gary Web-b said. What O’Brien says is like what George Orwell said in 1984. What O’Brien says is like what Stanley Kubrick said in his last film (EWS). O’Brien, and after her Taylor and other survivors talk about Satanic Projects in the US and the West. What they say is really shocking. But after 2009 and recent years, we all know that the true face of the West is really shocking. Now it’s obvious why OBrien says US Presidents and US Senators are faggots, pedophiles, Satanists, Sadists, Rapists, Psychos and drug addicts [1] In & after 2009, they showed their true colors. OBrien says: Fascists, faggots, perverts, pedophiles, psychos and sadists rule the US and the West [1] And in recent years, they showed that it’s not a myth. Who created the 2009 Coup, and who praise the Anti-Iran Sadism & Racism, tell very big lies and censor all news and all facts in a silly way? Do normal humans can do such evil acts? Now we all can see how the UK and the US openly defend the Cult of MEK/ PMOI (ie Marxist-Islamist Terrorists), the Cult of Bahai, the Cult of Mullahs, the Cult of Saudis/ ISIS and other Tazis cults and Satanic cults”. The story of Cult, Ideology and Slavery is a long story. We have already written about it (Check Archive for “Slaves of Ideology” etc), and we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “Now all normal humans can understand the Darker realities of the West better. The stories of Bill Clinton, Berlusconi, BBC Hosts, Bush and other stupid faggots in the US and the West are not hidden facts. Now many can see obvious facts. Now many know that Yalda is very older than Christmas, and Iranian Yalda is the root of Christmas. Yalda is an Aryan ceremony and all Iranians celebrate it, as they have celebrated it for thousands of years in the Land of Aryans (Iran). But Mullahs are Tazis (ie Savage Arab/ Jews). And Tazis and Nazis are the same shit. Mullahs are the sons of Zahak. Mullahs are Anti-Iran, but pro-Tazi (Tazi-parast), pro-Devil and pro-Deevs. The 2014 Yalda again showed that Islamist is Ahrimani; Basiji is Ahrimani, as Tazi is Ahrimani, and PMOI/ MEK/ ISIS is Ahrimani. In Persian language, which is the laughable of Civilization, Ahrimani means ‘Force of Evil/ Darkness’. Since the ancient time, Iranians know Ahriman (Evil), Good, God, Humanity, Love, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, Tolerance, Wisdom, Happiness, Joy etc. But Islamists and all Ahrimani Forces are Anti-Happiness, Anti-Humanity, Anti-Truth and Anti-Iran. If you read O’Briens book [1], you can understand many things better. Now even Westerners are becoming aware, and say for instance: ‘Kubrick and his Eyes Wide Shut (EWS) echo the accounts of C-IA sex slaves such as Cathy O’Brien, Candy Jones, Brice Taylor etc .. EWS showed how they control the world, and many are blind to it .. Learn more about (Barbarian West), Satanic Cults etc, and start doing research. The more you learn, the more you begin to see what is happening .. Kubrick died shortly after the release of EWS. But he died or killed?’ ! (2014) Normal Humans are becoming aware. And now it’s clear that those who hurt or betrayed Iranians and Freedom & Democracy in Iran, are those Barbarians & Sadists who ‘always provided Justification, and (pretended) they were serving their country, rather than destroying it from the inside out!’ [1]”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In the 2014 Yalda, Morteza Ahmadi died at the age of 90. Morteza Ahmadi was an Iranian, and cared about Iranian traditions, Iranian music, happiness and other Iranian values. Morteza Ahmadi hated Mullahs, and cared about all Iranian things that Mullahs and Anti-Iran pigs try to destroy them; and that’s why all Iranians care about Ahmadi. Morteza Ahmadi didn’t sell his soul to Mullahs or the Savage West. So, all Iranians care about him. All Iranians hate ass-lickers and stupid faggots – who lick the ass of Zahak and Ahrimani forces. And Pigs like Ezatollah Entezami are Khayemal (ass-lickers). Entezami (Ezat Khayemal) cares about the fucking Gaza, but not about Iranian children or the 2009 Coup. Our people ask: Why these faggots said/ did nothing about the 2009 Coup and Iranian Children who were killed in 2009 and all these years, but now these faggots shed crocodile tears for the fucking Gaza & Anti-Iran pigs?! Iranians are not blind. Iran’s people are really wise and smart people, and that’s why they laugh/ spit at all jerks and bad guys. Yalda or Cheleh is a time of Joy. Since the ancient time, Iranians try to be happy, to have fun, and to say funny things at Yalda Night. In this year (2014), Iranians ridicule and spit/ laugh at on all jerks, all Mullahs, and all supporters of Mullahs. Iranians say many funny things. For instance, they spit/ laugh at stupid whores like Qasem Khani, Behareh Rahmana and other Basiji Celebs. Iranians refer to these whores as ‘Faheshe Hokumati’ (Islamist whores), Sag-bazan-e Velayat etc. Mullahs talk about ‘Sar-bazan-e Velayat’ (Soldiers/ fans of Mullahs). But Iranians talk about ‘Sag-bazan-e Velayat ! (ie whores & non-believers who lick the Mullah ass for money) or Sagan-e Velayat (dogs of Mullahs). It’s obvious why Iranians care about Anti-Islamist celebs like Ahmadi, Hejazi or Pashai, and why Iranians hate Islamist whores or Sag-bazan-e Velayat such as QasemKhani, Rahnama, Ferdosi-pur, Sharifi-nia etc. In 2014 and Yalda Night, Iranians say many funny things about Qasem Khani, Ruzeh Khani, Qatel Khani etc: You know why fat whores like Rahnama sell themselves to Mullahs? Only Mullahs & Arabs can like fat whores … ‘ ! It’s obvious why Iran’s people hate Islamist whores. The West censors all news/ facts, but now all Iranians (+97) say: ‘Rouhani is a stupid faggot .. Rouhani is a Big Liar, an Enemy of Iran’s People’. It’s obvious why all Iranians (+97%) hate Rouhanis, and why Iranians say to Mullahs: ‘You crooks, thieves, liars and (…) care about God?!! (Shoma Mal-e Mardom Khora (…) Khoda & Peyqambar Saretoon mishe?!!) Iranians know Mullahs well. But now Iranians say many funny things about the UK and the West: ‘these Barbarians & Human-eaters (…) care about Humanity or Human Rights?! …’ (Dige Adam-Khora ham vase ma Adam Shodan …)! Now all Iranians (+97%) know that Mullahs and Islamists are a bunch of crooks, thieves, liars, charlatans, jerks etc (Dozd, Daqal, Doruq-gu, Mal-e Mardom Khor etc) The 2014 Yalda again proved that Mullah, Madah, ISIS & Savage Saudis are the same shit; Mullah and Madah are Masons and Friends of the Devil. The 2014 Yalda, like the 2009 Coup and all historic events, is nothing but Eternal Damnation/ Shame for Islamists. Now even idiots can see why Islamist is Anti-Iran; why Islamist is Anti-Truth; and why Islamist is Slave of Satan & Sworn Enemies of Iran. Tazis and Barbarians are the same shit. Tazi history, like British history, is full of big lies and bad jokes. The UK and Tazis love Big Lies. They know that all normal humans hate Tazi / Islamist values, so they try to pretend that their values are Iranian values! As you know, In the History of Islam almost all great scientists, great scholars and great intellects were Iranians (Persians). But Tazis/ Islamists try to pretend that Great Iranians and Great Iranian scholars such as Avicenna, Razi, Kharazmi, Briruni, Farabi, Ebn Moghafae etc were Arabs! They even try to pretend that Saadi, Hafez and those who wrote in Persian & about Persian values, were Arab Islamists! Apparently they think if they add a stupid ‘Al’ to everything, then everything becomes Arab! In fact, they say Al-Iran, Al-Iranian, Al-America or Al-Europe are Arab things! These Arabs were/are Al-Barbarian, Al-ANimal, All-Faggot, Al-Retard. The stupid Arabs are uncultured and uneducated, and that’s why Iranians referred to them as Tazi, ‘Malakh-khor (Locust-eaters), Kun-Nashur (dirty asses) etc. Even the good Arabs/ Jews know savage Arabs, Arab-e Kun Nashur, Arab-e Malakh Khor or Savage Saudis, ISIS etc. Tazis are stupid animals. The Masonic Regime of Mullahs ban Yalda or Yalda tours, and think it’s a good thing! But they just confirm that Mullah is Tazi; Mullah is Anti-Iran; Mullah is Slave of Satan & Sworn Enemies of Iran. Tazi values are Satanic values, and now ISIS, Savage Saudis and all Tazis show the true colors of Tazi values. Now even idiots and the 3% know Who is Anti-Iran. These years -from the 2009 Coup to the 2014 Yalda- clearly show that Basij-i is DAESH-i, and Mullahs are worse than DAESH and Savage Saudis. The Anti-Iran Regime of Mullahs openly defend Anti-Iranian-ism, and attack Iranian values, Iranian traditions, Iranian culture and Iranian identity. So now even idiots and the 3% can see Who is Anti-Iranian. The Mullah regime is a puppet of The Satanic West. And the Satanic West still praise Colonialism Cannibalism, Capitalism, Sadism, Barbarism etc. As Orwell said in 1984: ‘(the West) seeks power entirely for its own sake. (the West is) not interested in the good of others; (the West is) interested solely in power … (they are) the priests of power. In the West, God is Power; and Mullahs and Western pigs are the priests of power. In the UK and the West, they still censor all news and all facts, and impudently claim that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts. But now most Humans are becoming aware; they can grasp analogies, perceive logical errors, and detect hypocrisy, stupidity and insanity”.

Western Stupidity: Bullying, Barbarity, Hypocrisy

November 26, 2014

“In the civilized world, the change speed is very slow mainly because the bad guys resist change, and the people need a long time to understand real problems and the necessity of Change. The process of ‘Khar Fahm shodan’ take a long time to be completed. ‘Khar Fahm shodan’ means ‘becoming aware; when even idiots can understand the problem’ [1] Before any serious change in the human society, the vast majority of the people should understand the necessity of Change, and ask for Change, and it takes a long time [1] The bad guys often try to keep people ignorant and stupid. The bad guys hate the process of ‘Khar Fahm shodan’, but love the process of ‘Khar shodan’ or Khar kardan -ie fooling people, misleading people etc (For more info, check Archive for [1]: ‘Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change’ etc) But now most humans are becoming aware. Just take a look at Ferguson, Missouri, USA, UK and other parts of the world. The bad guys and their Orwellian-Evil acts just make people aware and angrier. We all should thank the bad guys for making all people aware, sowing the seeds of hate, making people even angrier, and helping the process of ‘Khar Fahm shodan’. Public awareness and Hatred of the West and bad guys are on the increase, and it’s very good news. The West and its stooges suffer from Mongolism and Mad Cow Disease. In 2014, they kill innocent children, but openly defend killers. It’s obvious why people are so angry in Ferguson or Missouri. America, like the UK, suffers from Racism, Sadism and Mongolism. In 2014, they openly threaten Iranian people with Air Pollution and further Darkening the skies above Tehran. In 2014, they openly ask Basijis or Islamists ‘to improve the image of Great Satan in Iran. Terrorists and those who created the 2009 Coup and killed/ hurt Iranian people with the help of the West, now want to ‘improve the image of the West in Iran’ (GU, Nov 2014) In this year (2014), even idiots can see why Iranians and others refer to the UK media and the Guardian (GU) as the Guardian of Barbarians or the Guardian of Lies. In recent days, the Guardian of Barbarians and Western Media openly say: ‘All Iranians are sneaky deceivers who are not to be trusted’ (GU, Nov 2014) or ‘All Iranians are egotistical, deceptive, secretive, manipulative, and selfish’ (Gu, Nov 2014) Can you believe it? Thank God that the UK is such a stupid cesspit of Racists and Barbarians – who just proving what Iranians say about British Barbarity and British values is not a myth. Now the UK craps about all Iranians, and tries to show/ prove that Britons are still ‘Barbar va Kun-Nashur’ (Barbarians and dirty pigs) But we, Iranians, don’t know what’s the use of such stupidity. Apparently, the Guardian (GU) and UK media try to prove that British values are Barbarian values, or Britons are still Barbarians and Uncultured pigs. But we, Iranians, know the UK; we know that good Britons exist, as British pigs exist. All Britons are not bad guys. We know that even good Britons hate U.K. pigs and British Barbarians […] This year (2014) is a good time to know the West and the root of problems in Iran. Just look how the West censors all news, tells big lies, and helps Mullahs. Just look how the West tries to hurt Iran’s people, and to help Islamists, Terrorists and other Evil forces. Now the US media says: ‘McCain and Graham (who defend Islamists/ Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt) support MEK/ NCRI (ie Islamist-Marxist Terrorists) US Congress sees MEK/ NCRI as the core group advocating a free Iran [!!!] … US Congress considers MEK/ NCRI (ie Islamist-Marxist Terrorists) worthy of support of the US‘! (Nov 2014) Can you believe it? And do you know who say such crap? US pigs like Tanter – who was a member of the National Security Council in the US government. America is really Animal Farm, not only because of what you can see in Ferguson and other US cities, but because US pigs like Tanter are US scholars, and they openly say: ‘Islamists, Marxists and Terrorists advocating A free Iran that does not become a nuclear-armed state’ (Nov 2014) Western Pigs and FMs still say Slavery is Freedom, Terrorists care about Democracy, and a free country is a slave of the West. Those who created the 2009 CIA Coup hate a Free Iran, because a Free Iran will be a Democracy, a nuclear power, and a strong and independent country. Islamists lick the ass of the Savage West. But Iranians and A Free Iran hate Bullies, Barbarians and the Savage West. What the US and the UK say about ISIS/ MEK/ Islamists and a Free Iran is very funny and important. It can reveal their main tactics. They create and support devils like ISIS, MEK, Khomeini, Mullahs, Wahhabis, Saudis, Terrorists and Dictators, but they pretend otherwise. Who created ISIS? Who created Islamism? Who created Khomeini? Who created the Mullah regime? Who created Reza Shah and Pahlavis? Who created Saudis, Wahhabis, Terrorists or Zionists? The West creates such devils, but after a while, the West starts to play the Blame Game (Bazi Keebud Keebud Man Nabudam). Now most humans know the story of ISIS and Syria, as Iranians know the stories of the 2009 Coup, the 1953 Coup, the 1979 Coup, MEK, Khomeini, Pahlavis, Islamists, AN, Rouhani and other puppets of the West. Now many know Devil’s Game”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In the 20th century, the West was King-Maker, Hero-Maker and Revolution-Maker. All educated people know the story of the 1953 Coup. But the story of the 1979 Coup is more interesting. Now if you read history, watch documentary films and read old newspapers, and if you compare the 1978/ 1979 events with the 2009 events, you can easily understand why Iranians say: ‘Mullahs were puppets of the West; what happened in 1978 was a complete farce; A few stupid protests with the help of the West, the media, and the Army are a complete Farce, not a Revolution; what happened in 1978/ 1979 was an Evil Project; 1978 was calmer than 2009 and recent years, and there was no serious protests in 1978 (Baba Aslan Khabari Nabud … ); If you ignore a few mass protests in the last days, the truth is that: A few faggots/ whores with the help of the West, the Media, the Army, the stupid Shah, and all tools and foreign supports created a Farce, but the West called it a Revolution. The West and its Media made a hero out of the unknown Khomeini. In 1978, the West and its Media said: Khomeini is a Defender of Democracy! Khomeini advocating a Free Iran! And now, in 2014, they say MEK (ie Islamists/ Marxist Terrorists) advocating a Free Iran. Their scenario and tactics are the same. In 1978, the West said that Mullahs are the core group advocating a Free Iran. But in 1978, most Iranians were ignorant and illiterate. But now in 2014, Iranians are among the world’s most informed and educated people. Now 99.9999% of Iranians know and hate MEK/ NCRI, and the West just makes a fool of itself, and reveals its secrets. Now Iranians know the West’s Game, the Devil’s Game, and that’s why all Iranians just boo the stupid West, laugh at the stupid UK, and say: We all know your stupid tactics (een Kalak-ha dige Qadimi shode) But the stupid West still thinks: Today we create and support MEK/ ISIS/ AN/ Rouhani/ Brotherhood/ Islamism etc, but tomorrow we deny our role, chant anti-Islamist slogans, fool people and play the Blame Game (Bazi Keebud Keebud ..) If you want to know more about British tactics, Islamism, Al-Afghani, Khomeini, Beheshti, Kashani, Navab and other Mullahs and Islamists you can read American books like Devils Game, and see what even Americans say about close relations between Mullahs and CIA/ MI6 officials – such as Donald Wilbur, Richard Cottam, John Waller, Lam Lambton etc; It’s funny that even Americans say: Mullah Navvab and Islamists (Fadayan) worked with CI-A & M-I6 (C&M); Mullah Kashani received large sums of money from (C&M); During the seven years that he was stationed in Iran, Waller, the CI-A station chief, developed a warm relationship with Mullah Kashani; Waller and (C&M) funded Mullah Kashani directly; Waller adds, with a wry grin, that even Ayatollahs are corruptable! It’s funny that Americans say such things. It’s funny that now even Americans say: ‘In 1953, the (C&M) used Mullah Kashani’s power among the masses of Tehran’s slums’ or ‘Khomeini was a frequent visitor to Kashani’s home’. Now even idiots talk about Devil’s Game, Friends of the Devil, How the UK created Islamism and Mullahism, or How Islamists assassinated many intellects and three Prime Ministers -Hajir, Razmara and Mansur- with the help of the UK. It’s funny that Mullahs say: Razmara said anti-Iranian things; he crapped about Iranian industries. But Mullahs are worse than Razmara. Mullahs say more Anti-Iranian things. Now Mullah Parliament, Mullah Haeri or Rouhani’s men (Turkan, Zibakalam etc) repeat Razmara’s words and say many Anti-Iranian things. TurkAn is Rouhani’s aide. He is actually Turk+ AN = TurkAN. He and Mullahs are worse than Razmara. What Mullahs and Rouhani’s men say about Iran, Iranians or Iranian industries are worse than what Razmara said. The soup is too salty, and now even the 3% put comments at the Mullah media and say: ‘Is Turk-AN really Iranian? .. Why (Mullahs) and crooks/ thieves like AN and TurkAN say anti-Iranian things, while they and (their Western Arbab) created all problems in Iran? .. Why such pigs and non-Iranians should become high rank managers in Iran? .. God Bless Razmara! (Basijis, Mullahs) and Rouhani’s men are worse than Razmara’ (2014) Now the 3% compare the fate of Rouhani’s men with the fate of Razmara. But the 97% of Iranians are wiser, and say better things; they say: Islamists and Mullahs are enemies of Iran; they should resign; they should not be managers/ decision-makers in Iran”. In these days, many non-Iranians talk about the Nuclear Talks. But many things are more important than this Nuclear Farce. As some wise Iranians say: “the Nuclear Farce is a bad joke. Just look how Mullahs and Great Satan make love, and what Mullahs say about their beloved UK and US. The West and its stooges say many stupid things. They even talk about key concessions by Mullahs and ‘Banning the use of advanced centrifuges’ or ‘Constraints on the research and development (R&D) and building new centrifuges’ (NYT, Nov 2014) But the West’s stooges are not important. Iranian people and what Iranians want are important. And now Iranians say: UK and USA are bullies; bullies are cowards .. Iran must reject bullies’ Deal. The NPT is an Orwellian law, which says: All countries are equal, but some countries are more equal. So, Iran must reject the NPT. As Iranians say: only if the UK and France stop their nuclear programs, using advanced centrifuges or doing R&D, then Iran can think about limiting its programs. Now UK/ US/ French faggots talk about Nuclear Consortium (like their old Oil Consortium), and say: ‘For a considerable fee, Russia would convert Iran’s fuel into rods’ (NYT, Nov 2014) Now instead of rejecting the West’s bullshit, and instead of talking about the Iranian-made nuclear plants, Mullahs talk about the new Russian nuclear plants (Nov 2014) But all Iranians know what Mullahs and Salehi already said about building the new nuclear power plants/ reactors by Iranian scientists. Basiji faggots like Salehi cannot play with Iranian people. All Iranians (97% + 3%) hate the West’s Bullying, and want Iran to be a strong and independent country. But Mullahs are not Iranians. And what Mullahs do just make the 3% aware, destroy the last vestiges of their own legitimacy, and it’s equal to Fateh Velayat – the End of All Mullahs and this English Mullah regime”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Most Iranians (including us) hate politics. We are so tired of politics. But in this shitty world, all aspects of life have been polluted by politics. Now Big Brother tries to control/ enslave all humans. Now a bunch of barbarians and stupid faggots insult and hurt all Iranians. So, we cannot remain silent. Most people (including us) prefer to talk/ care about arts, sciences, Iranian legacy, human legacy and the so-called non-political things. But now Each and EVERY aspect of human life has been polluted by Big Brother’s whores. They crap about everything. The Western faggots even tell big lies about Iranian traditions. Now their mass media have Crappy/ Orwellian articles such as: ‘Playing the Game of Taarof: Obama’s Letter’ (Huffington Post, Nov 2014) or ‘Iranian Tarof and Nuclear negotiations’ (GU, Nov 2014) Taarof means ‘courtesy, politeness, common courtesy, or exchanging courtesies. When the UK and Europeans were savage barbarians/ Human-eaters, Iranians cared about courtesy and politeness, and exchanged courtesies. But do you know what English barbarians say now? Just take a look at the Guardian of Lies and Western media, and see how they crap about common courtesy. ‘Having Taarof with sb’ means Exchanging Courtesies with sb; showing the courtesy and respect to sb. In Iran, we have two key idioms: Taarof Darim (we have Taarof with sb) and Tarof Nadarim (we don’t have Tarof with sb). Iranians have Tarof with friends and good guys; Iranians don’t have Tarof with bad guys and enemies (Ba Heyvan/ Ba Doshman/ Ba Barbar-ha Taarof Nadarand). All sane people know that Iranians have Taarof with only friends and good guys (Ba Adam-ha/ Doostan Tarof Darim). But the stupid West and British faggots even don’t know such obvious things. British pigs just love to tell big lies. Apparently Lying, Wickedness and Foolishness are part of the British DNA. But it’s funny that the US media just repeat English Lies. The US, like Mullahs and Arabs, tend to praise the blind (UK) leading the blind. But sane people are not blind. Only Big Brother’s whores like Richard Stallman can still praise the Guardian of Lies and US-British pigs. In this year (2014), when Iranians talk about English Censorship or the West’s Big Lies about Iran, Sanctions or Air Pollution, US-British pigs react by repeating their big lies, and saying: ‘Every breath you take: the environmental consequences of Iran sanctions’ ! (GU, Nov 2014) Can you believe it? But whores like Richard Stallman praise the Guardian of Lies, and say: ‘Iran has worked around western sanctions at the cost of destroying its environment. The result is dust storms and Air pollution’ (Nov 2014) US-British pigs are bad retards. They say nothing about the Western-made Tragedy of Internet, Terrible Filtering/ Censorship, MITM Attacks and all Orwellian attacks on the internet in the Rouhani’s era, but they openly praise ‘hurting all Iranians‘ (GU, Nov 2014) They think defending Racism, Sadism, Bullying, Lying, Censoring, or proving that British values are Barbarians values is a good thing. The UK suffers from Mongolism. Britain was officially the land of Barbarians. And now they try to prove that the UK is still Barbarian, Sadist and Racist. The UK suffers from Goh Gijeh (shitty confusion) & Kun Suzeh (burnt ass) because now all Iranians have become aware, and know the Little Britain and those who are behind Mullahs and Main problems in Iran. Now all Iranians hate the UK and English Mullahs. Now you can easily see the depth of Mullah Bankruptcy in Iran. Even sports can show you the truths. About 72 to 2 hours before the recent Derby, the Mullah TV killed itself to invite people to stadium. But Iranians said a Big No to Mullahs. In fact, even sporting events show that the Mullah regime is a very Bankrupt Regime. In 1978/ 1979, the Pahlavi regime had much more supporters than the Mullah regime in 2014. Now even idiots talk about the story of Pashaei (young musician), the story of Mullah Mahdavi Kani (the notorious English Mullah) and the depth of the Mullah regime’s bankruptcy. Now even idiots and the 3% talk about English Islam and Fatehe Velayat (Death of Mullahism & all Mullahs). Now all Iranians boo and ridicule those celebrities who lick the asses of Mullahs and the West. And now even idiots talk about this issue and its meanings, but the West censors all facts/ news”. They also add: “Mullah Haeri, Mullah MPs, Zibakalam, Behnoud, Ganji, Islamists, Khatamists, Exiled Journalists, Rouhanis and all stooges of the West say or censor the same things, because they work for the same Arbab (Master). All of them defend Slavery, Obeying Big Brother, Fooling people – Velayat Paziri, Goosfand Sazi, Tahmiq etc. They want to convert people into Slaves and Sheeple. They know that a Goosfand (sheep) can become a Basiji; A Goosfand (sheep) can become a Pahlavist or Islamist; A Goosfand can become a Terrorist; A Goosfand can become a spy/ whore / stooge. A Goosfand is a Slave, and just cares about what Cult, Ideology or big brothers say. A Goosfand can become Mesbah, Jannati, Bin Laden, Zibakalam, Behnoud, Ganji, Islamist, Zionist, Marxist, Capitalist or any other puppet of the West and the Devil. So the West and Big Brother love to create more Goosfand, and to convert Religion into a Factory that produces Goosfand”. In this year (2014), as some wise Iranians say: “many say good things. Now even the 3% and idiots say good things such as: ‘the West doesn’t care about human rights or democracy in Iran .. What Islamists and Mullah TV say about (Election Boycott, Election Show, Legitimacy Crisis) in other countries is just a bad copy of what Iranians say about Mullahs .. Human Rights or Election Boycott in (Bahrain) is good, but in Iran is bad?! .. Killing children in Gaza is bad, but in Iran is good?! .. the West supports all Dictators and Islamists including ISIS, MEK (Mullahs) etc’ (2014) Now pigs like Zibakalam, ISIS, Saudis, Tazis and Mullahs try to destroy their own cults. It’s none of our business. They can prove that their own religion/ cult is the Religion of Lies, the Religion of Slavery, the Religion of Barbarians, or the Religion of Barbarity and Hypocrisy. It’s none of our business. But the story of Iranian values is another story. We, Iranians, care about our Iran and our Iranian values, not about their British-Tazi-Jewish cults or their Mullah regime. We, Iranians, defend our Iranian values such as Freedom, Truth, Justice, Human Rights, Honesty, Humanity, and Condemnation of Tyranny and Oppression anytime and anywhere”.

As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know more about British Barbarians and their Ministry of Truth, you should take a look at the Guardian, the BBC and other UK media. In 2014, the UK media tell the biggest lies in history. Now they openly say: the UK believes in total sincerity’ ! (GU, Nov 2014) In this year (2014), the Guardian (GU) and the UK media tell the most laughable jokes of all times. Now British faggots openly bully/ threaten our Iran and our people, and say: ‘Iranians are under threat of attack by the West if the negotiations do not end in an agreement that pleases the West‘ ! (GU, Nov 2014) British bullies are bad jokes. Now they talk about ‘Iranian kind of insincerity’, and say: ‘(Bullies) and Westerners believe in total sincerity’ ! (GU, Nov 2014) But as Liars and British faggots have low IQs and short memories, they immediately add: ‘the classic Jim Carrey movie Liar Liar showed that a policy of constant directness and sincerity is the quickest path to utter social ruin‘ ! Their childish paradoxes are so laughable. Apparently, Lying and Stupidity are really part of the British DNA. British pigs are sneaky and stupid deceivers, and now even the good Britons are aware of this issue. Now only Mullahs, Retards and Whores like the UK. Now the Mullah TV openly licks the ass of the UK and British FM, and praises British pigs. Now Islamists, Marxists and Terrorists try ‘to improve the image of the Barbarian UK, the Great Satan and Imperialists in Iran ! Mullahs, like their English Master, suffer from Mongolism. As our people say: For a short time, Mongolia and Mongols ruled the world, but what happened to Mongols?! The fate of the UK is worse than the fate of Mongolia and Mongols .. if the Savage West can have nukes, then Iran, the Cradle of Civilization, must have nukes’. Now all Iranians can see obvious facts including: the West just wants to keep Iran weak, dependent and under Tyranny; Great Satan is a Friend of Mullahs, but an Enemy of Iran; the West is the Devil, and Islamists are Friends of the Devil. Now even the 3% or idiots say: ‘Mullahs want to surrender Irans dignity, along with the last vestiges of their own legitimacy, by accepting the dictates of western powers .. but they cannot ignore (red lines) because Irans society is in a completely explosive state’ (Nov 2014) But the West is really stupid. A few whores/ faggots – who are Devil-worshiper, Money-worshiper, US-worshiper, Mullah-worshiper (Akhund-parast), Shah-worshiper, UK-worshiper etc- can praise Western Bullying, Western Barbarity and Western Hypocrisy, but whores/ faggots are just a very small percent of Humanity. Now the West gains nothing from Bullying, Lying and Censoring but losing all its credibility and legitimacy. Now all sane people know that if the West tried to prove that the West is Anti-Democracy, the West is Anti-Humanity, or the UK and the US don’t care about Truth, Logic, Humanity, Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights or Human values, then the End of the West and the Death of the Evil Empire is inevitable and imminent. Now in 2014, even the good Britons say: ‘Big Brother Britain is getting out of hand … the UK does not feel like a free and democratic country … (In the UK,) Each and EVERY aspect of our lives are recorded and monitored. That is not a democracy, it is a police state .. But many in this country (UK) are stupid and complacent .. they havent got a clue that Big Brother will affect each and every British citizen’ (2014) The world and all good guys should know more about the Orwellian West, and also about the Persian Origin of Democracy, the Persian Origin of Human Rights, and the Persian Origin of Music/ Arts/ Sciences/ Culture and Civilization. Now many good guys know or say: ‘Human rights such as the right to choose, freedom, equity, equality, freedom of religion and the like are Iranian values, not Western values. Struggle for freedom and the right to choose are 100% Iranian, and among the ancient Iranian values. Tolerance, Freedom and the right to choose may be non-Arab, non-Jewish or non-European, but they are very much Iranian’. It’s funny that even National Geographic says: ‘The concepts of Freedom, Democracy and Human rights may not have originated with the Greeks but in Iran … Iranians were the world’s first religiously and culturally tolerant people‘. But unfortunately many still don’t know Iran, Iranian values or this fact that ancient Aryans and Zoroastrians referred to Iran as ‘the Land of the Free/ Freedom (SarZamin Azadegan). In recent centuries, Western pigs try to QeQereh (stupidly repeat) what Iranians said in the past. They fooled humanity for a while. But now many things have changed. Now those who see Savage Saudis as their allies/ friends, and those who support Tazis (ie savage Arabs/ Jews), Terrorists and Bullies are losing all their credibility. Now the media reports: ‘Yaalon says: ‘In bazaar and the (game of Logic, Thinking and Reasoning), Iranians are the best’ (Nov 2014) It’s true. But in Stupidity, Inhumanity, Barbarity and Genocide, the West and Tazis are the best. Tazis and Nazis are the same shit. And Iranians hate Tazis and Nazis. The world should know more about Iran and Iranian Legacy. In about 4000 years ago, Iranians talked about ‘Rule with Wisdom’, and said: ‘Happy life in peaceful pastures come to us through good rule .. Who can bring peace to us from cruel and wicked men .. A righteous government is Guided by the law of Truth‘. It’s what Iranians said in about 4000 years ago, ie when European Barbarians and Tazis were eating each other, and even didn’t know what is Culture and Civilization. In about 4000 years ago, Iranians believed the truth, wisdom and human kindness were necessary elements for a good leader. In about 4000 years ago, Iranians talked about the Law of Truth and Justice. But the stupid West still talks about the Law of the Jungle, Bullying and Orwellian laws. But we, Iranians, just care about the Law of Truth, not about Orwellian laws. Those who say: all humans or all countries are equal, but some are more equal, are stupid pigs. They still live in the Age of Barbarism”.

Internet Tragedy, Evil Censors: West or Devil ?!

October 21, 2014

“In 2014, even the simple act of accessing the internet is so ridiculous. In some days, they send terrible noise/ parasite, or slow down the internet speed in a way that you even cannot open a simple page like Google’s page! But even when the internet speed is more than zero, their Devil Fire-Wall block almost everything, including HTTPS/ SSL ports. Rouhani is worse than AN. Before Rouhani, it took you 5 minutes to check your emails. But now, in the Rouhani’s era, it takes you 10 to 60 minutes to check your emails in Iran. Rouhani has decreased internet speed. Rouhani has badly increased Internet Censorship. Rouhanis often fuck or block all SSL connections. So, Anti-Fil-Ter (AFT) tools don’t work properly. But even when AFT tools work, you are faced with new problems. In this Fucking Rouhani’s era, even when you use AFT tools, Rouhanis and their Western devices can attack SSL, can send fake digital certificates, and can screw all SSL connections. Now Rouhanis don’t allow Iranians to log on to websites in a normal way. Rouhanis send fake digital certificates, and openly try to intercept SSL connections. Rouhanis openly try to launch Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack on all HTTPS/ SSL connections, even when you use AFT tools! The West has aided Rouhanis in polluting/ controlling AFT tools, and in intercepting SSL connections and launching MITM attacks. So in this Fucking Rouhani’s era, even the simple act of checking emails or searching the web takes a lot of time. In the past, it took us 10 min. to google something. But now, in the Fucking Rouhani’s era, it takes us 60 min. to do the same search. Rouhani is really worse than AN. But just look what the West and the Media say. They censor all facts, and tell big lies”. In these days, the West censors all news in a silly way, and tells big lies in a silly way. But as some wise Iranians say: “Iranians know what the West and its stooges (Rouhanis etc) do. Rouhanis use British-American tools to intercept & break SSL. Rouhanis (Mullahs) try to intercept all SSL connections with the help of the UK, the US and the West. What Rouhanis do is clear, because now even Westerners talk about [1]: ‘How the N-SA, and your boss, can intercept and break SSL !‘ (ZDNet) As they say: ‘there are many ways to attack SSL … But why go to all that trouble when you can just buy a SSL interception pro-xy, such as Blue Coat Systems to do the job for you?!’ ! [1] As you know, Mullahs use Blue Coat’s pro-xies. Blue Coat is an American Company, and like other American/ British companies, they aid Mullahs in intercepting and breaking SSL. As the West’s good guys say: ‘Blue Coat is the biggest name in the SSL interception business. This American Company, like other Western companies, aids Mullahs in keeping all Iranian users under Surveillance‘. In fact, it’s clear that the UK and the US sell Mullahs Orwellian Tools -ie suppression tools, surveillance tools and filtering/ censorship tools. And a specific example of the West’s Orwellian tools is the so-called SSL Pro-xy. The Ayatollah UK and the Ayatollah USA sell Rouhanis SSL pro-xy or SSL Interception Device. As their own experts say: ‘SSL pro-xy intercepts traffic between your computer and the Internet. When you surf to a ‘secure’ site, this (Evil device), and not your browser, get the real Web server certificate and handles setting up a perfect SSL connection between it and the Web server! (Evil device) then sends you a fake digital certificate, which looks like the Web server’s certificate, and sets up a ‘secure’ connection between your browser and (Evil device)’ ! [1] It’s MITM attack. And now Rouhanis use Evil devices at the ISP’s level (as a part of their Devil Fire-wall) to launch MITM attacks and to break/ intercept SSL. SSL interception devices often cause certificate errors [1], and now all Iranians are faced with such errors. Iranian internet users are often faced with Fake Digital Certificate or Certificate error/ warning, because Mullahs use the British-American-made SSL Interception Devices at all ISPs, and launch MITM attacks on all SSL connections. It’s their Smart Fil-Tering!”. The West is really Orwellian. As the wise Iranians say: “Just look how the West, the Left and all Western media -including Lefty media and Alternative media- censor all facts and all news. Rouhani has increased internet censorship. Rouhani sends fake digital certificates and runs (MITM attacks). But the West and its media censor all news, and tell the exact opposite of the Truth. It’s a great Shame, and a great Scandal. And that’s why now even the West’s good guys talk about the Collapse of Journalism. Now the West and all media censor news, tell the same big lies and act like the Big Brother’s Orchestra. (In Sep & Oct 2014,) when you google ‘Rouhani / Iran Internet Censorship’, you can see the West censors all facts and just tells Orwellian Lies such as: ‘Rouhani Is Bringing Internet Freedoms Back To Iran’ [!!!!], Rouhani moves to ease Internet censorship via ‘Smart Fil-tering’ [!!!!] Internet freedom in Iran defended by Rouhani [!!!!] The West is the Empire of Lies. In the West, all media and all journalists play in the same Evil Orchestra. Big Brother leads this Evil Orchestra, and pigs like the Ayatollah Chomsky help Big Brother. Now we all are seeing/ witnessing historic events, including the Collapse of Journalism and the Collapse of Western Democracy. In the West, all journalists and public intellectuals are slaves of Big Brother, and just care about Money and Power. In fact, the West’s intellects and journalists – like Mullahs, Marxists, Basijis, Islamists, Zionists, Fanatics etc- have sold their souls to the Devil”.


In this year (2014), the most shameful thing is that all media, all public figures and even the so-called Western Freedom-fighters and Alternative Media censor the important news/ facts, and tell the same big lies. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even people like Richard Stallman and his friends -who call themselves Defenders of Internet Freedom, Open Internet, Free Software etc- censor all facts and help the bad guys. Iranians, like most humans, already thought that Stallman and his friends (Tor’s guys, OpenSSL’s guys, EFF’s guys, Linux’s guys, GNU’s guys etc) are good guys. But now Stallman and his friends lick the ass of Big Brother, censor news, and just help Censors, Oppressors, Rouhanis and other bad guys. Apparently Stallman and his friends work for Big Brother, and that’s why Big Brother’s media like the Ayatollah Guardian is their beloved/ reliable media. Richard Stallman is a Jew, and has a Jewish family. But Iranians didn’t care about his Jewish root. Iranians thought he is a good Jew. But apparently he is a puppet Jew like his beloved Chomsky. Apparently Stallman and his friends are part of the Devil’s Game or Big Brother’s Projects. Yah, it’s hard to believe that even people like Stallman, Tor’s guys and EFF’s guys are part of the Big Brother’s Mafia. But unfortunately, they talk & act like their Ayatollah Noam Chomsky – who shamelessly supports Brutal Dictators, Mullahs, Censors, Islamists and other Oppressors. Now, many truly say: It’s hard to put your feelings into word; even the West’s Freedom-fighters (what a joke) are bad guys?!”. They also add: “Before 2014, the West didn’t censor all news in a silly way. For instance, they already said: ‘Iranian users revealed a MITM attack via a fake certificate’; or they talked about the story of ‘Fake digital certificates, DigiNotar and Mullahs’ (check Archive). They even said: ‘Blue Coat Internet surveillance devices used in Iran and Syria’. Their Citizen Lab or Reporters Without Borders said: ‘US Blue Coat and Western companies are the Enemies of Internet’. But now, in the Rouhani’s era, the West censors all news, and their Citizen Lab, EFF, Reporters Without Borders etc have closed their mouth and their eyes. Rouhani has increased Internet Censorship. Rouhani attacks all Iranian users with Fake Digital certificates and MITM attack. But the West censors all news, and tells big lies”. They also add: “The West and its Internet companies can detect MITM attacks, but why they say nothing and just help Rouhanis?! The answer is clear. The West is the Mother of All Evil. The West is behind Rouhanis, aids Rouhanis, and supports Rouhanis. The West is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Open Internet. The West is behind the Devil’s Fire-wall in Iran. The West is the root of All Evil . In the West, all media and all journalists/ public figures play in Big Brother’s Orchestra. If Big Brother says: Censor X, Do this or Do that, then all media & all journalists obey Big Brother“. They also add: “In the past, their Reporters Without Boarders said: ‘American Company Blue Coat (BC), a large IT company based in California, is best known for providing filtering and censorship devices for dictators .. BC devices use Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to survey and censor the Internet’. But now they don’t say how Rouhanis use DPI, MITM and British-American devices to increase Censorship, Filtering, Surveillance, Tyranny & Oppression in Iran”. We have already written about the Western-made Tragedy of Internet in Iran (check Archive). But now what the West does is a real eye-opener. As some wise Iranians say: “the West’s systematic Censorship and the West’s systematic Lies show that the West is not a democracy. The West is Animal Farm. The Ayatollah Great Satan wants to make a deal with Mullahs, so they censor all news and the voices of all Iranians. The West’s journalists, the West’s media and the West’s intellects lick the ass of Big Brother, and obey his orders. This is the West. In the West, Censorship is Freedom. In the West, the Ayatollah Devil is Watching you, but you should be proud of the Devil […] Our people ask: the UN is United Nazis, United Neanderthals or what?! But the West is proud that its UN (ie United Neanderthals) is a defender of Barbarity and Oppression. The West is a bad joke. Now they praise their Rich Kids in Iran. They censor the voices of all Iranians, but talk about a bunch of stupid faggots – who are nothing but MI6 kids or Basiji kids. All Iranians laugh at these stupid faggots, but the Ayatollah Guardian and the Ayatollah BBC censor all news of Iran but support Basiji kids and Basiji censors. Now we all can see what is British Islam, and why even Westerners talk about ‘the Masonic Roots of Islamists’ or ‘the Masonic Roots of Mullahs’. Now the Anti-Iran Mullah TV, Mullah Parliament, Rouhani and other British spies/ stooges like Ahmad Tavakoli – who learned Islamic Economy from the UK & IMF – can show you that their Zionist IMF is actually the Ayatollah IMF, as their Great Satan is the Ayatollah Satan. The West and Mullahs are really the same shit. Who said: ‘Web monitoring devices made by U.S. firms detected in Iran’ ?! The Ayatollah Washington Post and US media! They already said: ‘ Web filtering devices made by U.S. companies detected in Iran … American-made devices for Internet surveillance have been sold to Mullahs, in apparent violation of U.S. sanctions’ !! But now they censor all news […] Now when the West talks about Freedom, Democracy or Human Rights, almost all Iranians boo the West, and say: Arvah-e Amatoon ! The West is the Devil. The West is (Animal Farm). The West is […]”.

As some wise Iranians say: “We, Iranians, had repeatedly said that if the West’s people don’t care about the Western-made Plague/ Tragedy in Iran, then this Plague would badly hurt them. Before 2014, their media talked about ‘How American-Made Tech Help Dictators Censor the Internet’ or ‘How American companies, British companies, and Canadian companies provide Internet filtering and surveillance tools to Mullahs‘ ! Their Ayatollah Post said: ‘Cisco Systems, which makes Internet routers, sold surveillance technology to China and (Mullahs)[!] .. these American tools can be used for Web filtering, spying, surveillance and traffic analysis’ ! They already said: ‘Evil tools like McAfee’s Smart-Fil-ter, and (Evil products) of Blue Coat, NetApp, Web-Washer, Web-Sense, Nokia etc are used by Mullahs, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey’. But now this Plague has polluted the US and the West. Now even Americans say: ‘Hello, my employer has new pro-xies, with ssl intercept enabled. All in the name of Transparency .. I get an error about MITM, and I can see the certificate is not valid’ ! (2014) In fact, now the Plague hurts all of them. Now their media says: ‘French government uses Fake Certificates to read its people’s traffic’ ! Now the West’s employers openly use ‘MITM pro-xy’ !, and their media says: ‘Your employer has a right to perform MITM on you [!] Your employer has a right to watch you‘ ! (2014) The West has officially become Animal Farm. They openly say: ‘Big Brother has a right to watch you and to spy on you’! The West says: Big Brother is Watching you, because Big Brother has a right to watch you’ ! But in the West’s Animal Farm, Sheeple accept such Orwellian crap. Now any bad guys (Har Naneh Qamari), from Basijis and Turks to US employers, can use Blue Coat evil tools, can become a big brother, and can spy on people and fuck privacy. Now Western experts warn their people: ‘If your boss has set up BC device correctly you won’t feel anything because they’ll have arranged to have their own SSL certificate registered on your machine as a valid certificate! If not, you’ll receive an error message, which, if you click on to continue, will accept the Fake certificate‘ [1] In fact, the West is like or worse than the Mullah Regime. Now even their own experts talk about ‘Fake SSL Certificates for MITM Attacks’ (2014), and say: ‘Rogue SSL certificates are used to commit MITM attacks that leave the users under the impression that they are engaged in an encrypted session … Setting up a rogue wireless access point is one of the easiest ways to carry out such attacks .. Wireless internet is so (Orwellian). In all wireless networks, the attacker can easily fuck/ monitor all traffic’. Now many talk about the shameful story of ‘Tor and N-SA’, and even the mass media says: Tor Stinks ! Tor, OpenSSL, EFF, GNU etc have a strong and very unpleasant smell. Aow even Westerners talk about this issue. For instance, a Western blogger, [2]:, says: ‘Tor was a secret project, funded by DARPA … At the very end of 2004, the US Navy cut most of its Tor funding, released it under an open source license and, oddly, the project was handed over to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)! .. EFFs Dave Maass told me by email .. EFF curiously failed to mention that Tor was developed primarily for military and intelligence use!’ ! [2] Now Richard Stallman and his friends not only censor the important news of Iran, but they censor all news about Tor, OpenSSL and Big Brother’s projects. So, it’s obvious why many ask: Stallman is a Big Brother’s agent?! Tor’s guys and EFF’s guys work for Big Brother?!’ Now even Westerners ask: Who kept boosting and promoting Tor as a powerful privacy tool?! [2] They say: In 2007, it appears that all of Tors funding came from the US government via two grants. The first came from the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), a CI-A spinoff that now operates under the Broadcasting Board of Governors. IBB runs Voice of America (VOA). The CI-A supposedly cut IBB financing in the 1970s after its ties to Cold War propaganda arms like Radio Free Europe were exposed .. the second chunk of cash came from the US State Department’ [2] It’s what Westerners say. They even say: ‘In 2013, the Washington Post revealed that N-SA controls Tor Network’ [2] But Stallman and his friends censor all facts, and just help Evil and Big Brothers”. As some wise Iranians say: “Many have become aware, and that’s why they refer to NS-A as SS, KGB, Gestapo etc. As Americans say: ‘TOR is a great way for SS/ governments to identify and track people .. Tor Network is controlled by SS, but EFF (pretends otherwise) [2] .. SS and GC-HQ run Tor nodes [2] .. All bad guys can run a Tor node’ ! Unfortunately, Tor is Kashk (Orwellian), SSL is Kashk, VP-N is Kashk, and HTTPS is Kashk, as Modern Cryptography is Kashk, and a product of SS […] Now the Ayatollah West aids Mullahs and other Cyber-criminals in using fake SSL Certificates and running MITM attacks against the people. Now you are witnessing the Collapse Of Western Democracy, as you are witnessing the Collapse of Islamism, Mullahism, Tazi Cults and Arab/ Jewish Satanism”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In the West’s Evil Empire, whores like the Ayatollah Chomsky are heroes. But if Westerners want a real change, they should know the Ayatollah Chomsky. They should know that the West is the Devil, and Marxists and Islamists are the Devil’s slaves. The story of the Ayatollah IMF, Smart Sanctions & Smart Fil-tering is ridiculous, but informative. It can show you who is the Ayatollah Chomsky, and who is the Ayatollah UK or the Ayatollah Satan. Now when the Ayatollah BBC says: ‘Rouhani tells Clerics web is vital’ ! (Sep 2014), all Iranians know that Rouhani means Cleric, and the real news is: Rouhani (Cleric) tells other Clerics Censorship/ Filtering/ Tyranny is vital’. Now the Ayatollah UK and its media -from the Ayatollah BBC to the Ayatollah Guardian- just show Iranians why the UK is Animal Farm, why Rouhani is a stooge of the West, or why the Ayatollah West is bankrupt, losing all credibility and nearing the End. But the West’s people are ignorant, and should become aware. In the West, the good guys can see and feel the Plague, and say: ‘Targeted surveillance is focused on individuals, but Mass surveillance on all people. The West’s people (like Iranians) are victims of Mass surveillance’. They even talk about ‘the Changing Landscape of Digital Surveillance’, and say: ‘Mass surveillance of communication networks is (Orwellian) .. NS-A’s systems store about 2 billion emails per day .. Blue Coat, as a silicon valley vendor, (shows that) systems like Tor, VP-N and HTTPS are not secure … Facebook and WhatsApp are SS projects .. PGP and GnuPG are deeply broken and downright dangerous .. Billions of people rely on SSL. But HTTPS and SSL don’t protect your communications from being snooped on by (Big Brothers)‘. The West’s good guys say such things. But the West’s public figures/ intellectuals (ie celebrities) and the so-called Western Freedom-fighters accept Evil, cooperate with Evil, and play in Big Brother’s Orchestra. The West’s average people are not bad guys. They are ignorant, and should become aware. But the West’s media, the West’s public figures and whores like the Ayatollah Chomsky mislead and misinform their people. They cooperate with Evil, and play in the Evil Orchestra. They defend censors, oppressors, dictators and other bad guys, and actually show that the West is the Mother of All Evil […] Even the West’s good guys say: ‘the West’s Evil products provide SSL-cracking capabilities to dictators’. But the West’s pigs talk about ‘the benefits of Evil products’, and say: ‘companies can use such tools to deny their employees access to Facebook during working hours [!] Companies can read their employees’ emails, and can (spy) on their employees [!] (These are) the benefits of (Big Brother’s Blue Coat)!”. In this year (2014), many talk about ‘Solutions’, but as some wise Iranians say: ‘most of these solutions are not real solutions. For about 15 years, the experts knew that PKI or SSL is not secure. But what they did?! When experts, universities and professors work for Big Brother, you cannot have any real solution. First and foremost, universities, mathematicians and all scientists must stop working with Big Brother and Evil agencies like SS. All good guys should condemn evil tools, evil agencies and evil stooges. Now any bad guys (Har Naneh Qamari) can buy and use evil tools like SSL pro-xy. As the West’s good guys say: ‘In the West, Enterprises routinely intercept SSL connections! They say they want to make sure you aren’t leaking their data or doing (bad things)!’ Western companies are evil companies. But it’s not the main problem. Western values are Barbarian-Orwellian values, and the West is an Orwellian society, and it’s the main problem. In the West, Big Brothers control media, universities, think tanks, scientists, intellects, journalists and everything, and it’s the main problem. The West is A Lie Factory. The West is the Empire of Lies, and it’s the main problem. Good scientists and good experts can solve technical problems and find new solutions, but first and foremost the main problems should be solved or (at least) recognized as real problems. You cannot deny or ignore the main problems, but try to find real solutions. In the Orwellian Society, ‘Big Brother reading your private e-mails and looking over your shoulder when you visit all websites’. You cannot ask Big Brother to create secure/ private tools for you. Of course the West’s good guys know such obvious things. Now they say: ‘Western Society is on the Brink of Collapse’ (2014), and add: ‘the West is returning to the DARK AGES, when only a few Barons ruled everything and everyone, while the average individual became a slave, a serf, a working-machine, always in debt to the system’. It’s good that they talk about the New Dark Ages in the West or about the concept of the Prison Planet or the Big Brother Planet. The West’s people and the whole world should know that the West is not a democracy, and the West doesn’t care about Freedom, Human Rights, Truth, Tolerance and other Iranian values (aka Human values). Now the West’s good guys say to their people: ‘At what point will you decide to try to resist, or to learn more about the system and the planners who are doing this to you?’ (2014) In fact, after 2009 and after Snow-den, many things have changed, and now even Westerners talk about the Collapse of Journalism, ‘Orwellian Journalism’, the Fall of the West or the West’s Evil Empire. Now it’s quite clear that the West is on the wrong side of history, and if humans want a better world and a better life, all humans should fight against the West’s Evil Empire and those who have sold their souls to the Devil”.

Big Brother Projects: Hajji Baba and England

October 15, 2014

“They say: ‘the Adventures of Hajji Baba’ is the most popular Oriental novel in the English language! They have ‘Hajji Baba club’ and Hajji Baba society! They even have Hajji Baba song! If you search the internet, you can see what they (UK/ West) say about Hajji Baba. Their stupid Hajji Baba song says: ‘(We) formed the first Persian novel [!] (We ridicule & crap) about Iranian love of poetry [!] (This is our Oriental novel !) Hafiz’s poems are (stupid)! Yes friend, (We Britons hate) Hafiz, Ferdowsi, Rumi (Mowlavi) and Saadi ! .. the beauties of Persia [?!] Who is the (Persian King), a drinker of wine with monkey’s face’ ! Hajji Baba’s book says a lot about the UK and the West. In their Hajji Baba, they say: ‘Sufi is a free thinker .. Sufis are (tolerant & open-minded), and even the infidels are undefiled in their sight [!] And these are wise men of Persia [!] These are the lights of the world ! (But Tolerance is a bad thing! The tolerant/ cultured Persians are bad guys !)Curses on their beard! Curses on their fathers and mothers! Curses on their children [!!] Curses on Attar [!!!] Curses on Rumi [!!!]‘ ! [1] And this is Hajji Baba’s book. This is their most popular Oriental novel in the English language. These sick Barbarians, who wrote such Anti-Cultural crap, are wise men of the UK! These uncultured Barbarians, ie Britons & Europeans, still think and act like their savage ancestors, but pretend otherwise. Read their books and see how they attack Truth, Logic, Literature, Tolerance and Persia. Hajji Baba is one of the first Big Brother’s projects, and can show you many things about the Barbarian West, and a Barbarian Culture and a congenital inferiority complex in the UK and the West”, some wise Iranians say. In this year (2014), the West censors all news in a silly way, and tell big lies in a silly way, and it reminds many of the 19th century. As some Iranians say: “Now the Ayatollah BBC, the Ayatollah Guardian and the Ayatollah UK media censor all news, support their Rouhani, and tell childish lies about Iran. What the Ayatollah West and its media – from the Ayatollah Huffington Post and the Ayatollah New York Times to the Ayatollah CNN and the Ayatollah BBC –
do and say is so childish and so ridiculous. Now even kids laugh/ spit at the Ayatollah Britain and the United States of Ayatollah (USA) ! But the systematic lies and the systematic censorship in the West remind many of the past and Big Brother’s projects . Iran’s people know Big Brother’s projects, and that’s why now even the Western media (in Persian) confesses their 1979 Coup was one of their Big Brother’s projects, Mullahs -from Al-Afghani to Al-Hindi (Khomeini)- were Big Brother’s stooges, the West made a hero out of Khomeini, and created this Anti-Iranian regime”. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s not important what you call them: Big Brother’s projects, Masonic projects, Evil projects, Orwellian projects, British projects etc. They exist, and Iranians and all sane people can see and feel them. After the 2009 CIA Coup, we all could see that Big Brother’s Project is not a myth. When the Ayatollah IMF and the Ayatollah CIA openly make love with Mullahs, and when the Ayatollah UK, the Ayatollah West, Lefts and all media openly censor all news, tell the same big lies and act like the Evil Orchestra, any sane person can see that Big Brother’s Mafia is not a myth. But since the 19th century, Big Brother has led this Orwellian orchestra“. In this year (2014), Rouhani has increased the Internet Censorship/ Filtering in Iran. As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, Rouhanis have badly increased the Internet Censorship/ Filtering. Now Rouhani has increased All Kinds of Censorship, including Sending Terrible Noise and Terrible Parasite. Now even the simple act of accessing the internet is so Ridiculous & Orwellian, but the West and even its so-called Free Software activists, including Richard Stallman and the Tor’s guys, censor all news and just help Rouhanis and Censors. Big Brother’s Mafia is not a myth. Just look how the West, its intellects and its media help Censors, Oppressors or Mullahs. And How Mullahs, including this English Eshak (Rouhani), just try to serve the West’s interests, to aid Iran’s enemies, to hurt Iran and Iranians, and to lick the ass of Big Brother. Mullahs and Islamists, as a British invention, just try to aid the Enemy of Persia. Mullahs and Islamists, like their English Arbab (Arbab = master), still think today is the 19th century! Mullahs and Islamists, like their Masonic Brothers, still live in Ahd-e Boogh (19th century). Now the stupid West and its Freedom-fighters (what a joke) censor all news, tells childish lies and openly aids/ supports Rouhanis and Censors. In fact, the Ayatollah West shows that Big Brother’s Mafia and their Evil projects lie at the root of all problems“. So, we have decided to write a series of articles about ‘Big Brother’s Projects’. Hajji Baba is one of the first Big Brother’s projects, and will be discussed in two posts (the first post is what you read here). Hajji Baba is a very stupid and Orwellian book, but Hajji Baba is important, because as the wise Iranians say: “Hajji Baba was one of the first products of the UK Lie Factory (UK Ministry of Truth), and can show you how the Big Brother’s Mafia works”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Hajji Baba, as a product of the UK Ministry of Truth, is full of childish lies. Now you can find and read the last edition of Hajji Baba as [1]: a free e-book at Project Gutenberg. This edition [1] is a special edition, because Lord Curzon wrote its introduction. But the first edition was published in 1824, not in 1895 (at the Curzon’s time). James Morier (1782- 1849) was officially a Free-Mason (FM), a psychotic FM. His ‘Hajji Baba’ in 1824, and even his next editions in the 1830s, was full of psychotic delusions and childish lies. So they decided to edit Morier’s crap, and to censor/ edit many part of Hajji Baba’s first editions. In the late 19th century, English FMs like Curzon and Browne tried to publish new editions of Hajji Baba, and what you can find in the internet are these last editions – with many censorship and improvement! But even these editions can show you many things”. They also add: “Free-Masons (FMs) like Lord Curzon clearly showed that Hajji Baba was a Masonic Project. This stupid FM, Curzon, openly and shamelessly said: ‘Hajji Baba is an estimate of the Persian character, whose great and national vice is lying, and whose weapons, instead of the sword and spear, are treachery, deceit, and falsehood … And he revels in his tales of Persian cowardice .. in conflict with the troops of a European Power (ie Russian barbarians who invaded Persia), Morier put (his own words) into the mouth of his characters (ie Mullahs) .. Similarly, though doubtless with an additional instigation of ambassadorial prudence, Harford Jones (Brydges), Moriers own chief, wrote (about) characteristics of the Iranian people‘ !! [1] The UK, whose great and national vice is Barbarity, Eating Humans, Drinking Human Blood and Telling Big lies, and whose weapons are the Ministry of Truth, the Lie Factory, and the Orwellian media pretended that ‘A stupid stooge of the UK = Persia! Hajji Baba’s goal was clear: the decline of Persias image in the West. Hajji Baba was full of childish lies and childish paradoxes. For instance, English Barbarians and their James Morier said: ‘Persians have had Genghis, Timours and Nadirs’ !! [1] This is their Hajji Baba and their English IQ! English faggots said Genghis & Mongols were Iranians! In fact, if they now say: Obama is Iranian; Hitler was Iranian; or Cameron and UK Queen are Iranians, It would be less laughable. English Barbarians and their Morier were illiterate & uneducated, but said: Ignorance is Strength! They didn’t know ‘whether Persia was part of the East, or the East part of Persia?’ They even didn’t know ‘whether England was part of London, or London part of England?’ ! [1] They even didn’t know that Genghis and Timours -Like Obama, Cameron and Hitler- are not Iranians. Morier, like all British faggots, was uneducated and uncultured. He just tried to connect Fart to Forehead. For instance, he said Non-Iranians or Sworn enemies of Iran (like Turk-Mongol Barbarians) are Iranians [1], but Iranians/ Aryans -like Kurds, Medes, Armenians and other Iranians- are not Iranians! [1] His Hajji Baba has about 80 chapters, and in many chapters Morier stupidly tries to pretend that Ottoman Turks are Persians! [1], or Arabs are Iranians! [1] This is Hajji Baba and English IQ. English retards pretended that Tazis, savage Arabs and sworn enemies of Iran & Civilization are Iranians! They still use the same tactics. They know that Mullahs/ Islamists are Arabs and Anti-Iranian pigs. But they still pretend that their Arab/ Anti-Iran Mullahs are Iranians! But any educated person knows that Arabs are not Iranians, as Britons are not Iranians (Aryans). Any educated person knows that Arabs had Caliph, while Iranians had Shah, not Caliph. But Morier said: ‘Persians have Calip .. (King) in Persia is khalifeh or caliph’ !! [1] This is Hajji Baba’s book. British pigs were uneducated and uncultured. When they wanted to ridicule Persia, they used a stupid beggar and said: ‘He (beggar) is among the modern Persians what Sam and Afrasiab were among the ancient’ ! [1] This is their Hajji Baba. The stupid UK even didn’t know who is Afrasiab! (Afrasiab was not Iranian) The UK Logic was so childish. Now If you say: A British football hooligan = All Britons! Cameron = all Britons! A British football hooligan can remind us of Newton, Darwin or British intellects!, you are are as stupid and uncultured as the UK. The UK and Morier were so uncultured, and their most popular Oriental novel tried to justify Savagery, Barbarity, and Russian-Barbarian invasions to Persia [1] In many chapters of his stupid books, Morier defended the occupying army of the Russian barbarians and said, for instance: ‘I saw Persians with uplifted swords, attacking defenseless Russians’ !! [1] or ‘the good Russian (invaders!) had been the first to fall a sacrifice to the attack of the Persians’ ! [1] or ‘”Hajji, tell me, how many Russians have you killed?’ ! [1] or ‘the Persians, having completed their deeds of horror, had retired from the scene of action, leaving to villagers the melancholy task of burying the dead bodies of thirty wretched Russians’ !! [1] The Russian army was the Invader/ Occupying army. Russian barbarians waged war, invaded Persia, and killed millions of innocent and defenseless Persians -with the help of the Barbarian UK. But Morier and British pigs said Barbarians and Invaders are good guys, but Iranians who defend their country and fight against Barbarian invaders are bad guys! This is the British-Barbarian Logic. The UK was officially the land of Barbarians, and the Home of the Devil […] But Iranian Logic has always been a Human logic. Since the ancient time, Iranians have said: ‘Our Persia is a great country, and we don’t invade other countries. But If you attack our Persia, and hurt/ kill our people, we will resist, fight back, kill you like pigs, and make you regret’. This is the Iranian logic. Since the ancient time, many Barbarians (from Europeans to Tazis) have invaded Persia. Persians just defended, and most Persian wars were merely defensive wars. It’s so important, because the UK and other Barbarians loved war, barbarity and bloodshed”.

As some wise Iranians say: “James Morier told many childish lies, but had a few good confessions. For instance, he said: ‘ Persians are (as strong as) male Lions’ ! [1] He knew what Iranians say about Barbarians, including Russian dogs and English pigs. In the 19th century, all Barbarians – including the UK, Franks (today’s France & Germany) and Russians- united against Persia and invaded the Home of the Good (Iran). But even at that time, as Morier confessed, Iranians knew obvious things and said: ‘Whose dogs are Russians? .. Russians are (nothing but) the dogs of Europe’ ! [1] Morier had good confessions. For instance, he talked about ‘the Russian occupation of Teflis, Baadkoo, Derbent, and of all which belong to Persia‘ [1] In fact, he showed where was and is the Iranian territory, and which parts of Iran have been occupied by British-Russian barbarians, and must return home. He talked about Bokhara, Herat, Erivan, Ganja, Georgia and other parts of Persia [1] He actually showed which cities/ areas belong to Iran, the Land of Aryans. James Morier was a Kodan (brainless idiot). He tried to pretend that Iranians are not Iranians!, but non-Iranians are Iranians! For instance, in many chapters of his Hajji Baba, he tried to pretend that Kurds, ie one of the first Iranians, are not Iranians! Morier and English pigs put their own words into the mouth of Kurds, and pretended that Kurds (ie Iranians) say about other Iranians: ‘You do not know the Persians! Lying is their great, national vice [!!] We advise you, as a general rule, not to put your trust in Persians [!!]‘ ! [1] Can you believe it?! Which Iranians can say such Anti-Iranian crap ?! But Morier and English pigs had low IQs, and pretended that Kurds (ie Iranians) say to other Iranians: ‘You may talk of your hospitality, and of your kindness to strangers, But You Persians are a wicked nation‘ !! [1] English Barbarians told such childish lies. But those who know Iran and history, know that Kurds -like other Iranians-
were & are so zealous in defending Iran. Who bravely fought against Turks, Arabs and other enemies of Iran? Who have always defended our Iran? Iranians like Kurds, Azeri, Lur and other Iranians. Even the stupid Morier confessed that ‘Kurds fight against Arabs, Turks and other enemies of Persia’ ! [1] But as Morier and English pigs had low IQs and short memories, they said paradoxical things. For instance, Morier confessed: ‘ Persia is the country which, from the beginning of the world to the present day, has always been famous for the genius of its inhabitants, and the wisdom and splendour of (its people)’ [1] In fact, Morier and English pigs knew that our Iran is the Cradle of Culture & Civilization, and our Persia is the Land of Wisdom & Goodness. And that’s why they were & are so jealous of our Persia. The story of Britain and British Barbarians is exactly like what Iranians said about the UK in the 19th century: ‘the most miserable and neglected of creatures, all of a sudden found themselves the object of universal attention/ admiration ‘ ! [1] And it’s one of the best and shortest comments about the UK and British Barbarians”. They also add: “Hajji Baba has 80 chapters [1], and in most chapters the stupid Morier tries to pretend: ‘A very stupid person in Iran = all Iranians and all great men of Persia’ ! He even tried to pretend that Luti = Sufi ! [1], or Dervish = Luti ! [1] Morier and Britons were uneducated, and they even didn’t know who is a Dervish, who is a Luti, who is a Sufi, who is a Scientist, who is a scholar, who is a man of literature, who is a poet etc. They even didn’t know that Luti (Lat/ thug) is not Scholar! English pigs were so uneducated. If you want to talk/ act like them, you should say: The UK football hooligans = British philosophers & English intellects ! or ‘British hooligans/ thugs = Newton & Darwin’ ! And it’s exactly like the English Logic in Hajji Baba. Morier said a thug, a Luti, or a stupid person = All Iranians, all Iranian scholars, or all great men of Persia! This childish logic has deep roots in the Land of Barbarians (UK), and (we should write more about it later)”. They also add: “In the Barbarian modes of thought, ie in the British modes of thought, a thug/ hooligan = All scholars! This is the UK logic. British Barbarians said an illiterate thug is ‘the most perfect dervish in Persia’ ! [1] This is the UK Hajji Baba. Their Hajji Baba is full of Anti-Iranian sentiment. Anti-Iranian sentiment is feelings and expression of hostility, hatred, discrimination, or prejudice towards Iran and its culture, and towards persons based on their race and nationality. Anti-Persianism or Anti-Iranianism is actually Anti-Humanism. Only Barbarians and those who hate Culture, Literature, Tolerance, Humanity and Civilization can hate Iran and Iranian values […] Even the Persian thugs (Lutis) were saints and angels compared to the English men and European intellects. Even the Persian thugs (Lutis) cared about human values like honesty, humanity, and many civilized red lines. But as history shows, even the British elite was ‘a Barbarian and a drinker of human blood’. The British were naked Barbarians (Pictish), and savage Human-eaters. And their logic and their values still belong to the Age of Barbarism. We all know their Barbarous-British Colonialism. They are the followers of Satan and the defenders of Barbarity, Racism, Sadism and Genocide. Who created and/ or defended Systematic Racism, Systematic Slavery (Slave Trade), Systematic Genocide, and Systematic Sadism & Exploitation in Africa, America, Australia or Asia?! The Orwellian-Satanic logic of Hajji Baba is the Logic of the West. They still praise Sadism, Censorship and Barbarism. They still say: Rouhani/ AhmadiNejad = Iran, or Hajji Baba = Iran! But now all normal humans say to the stupid West: ‘According to your own logic, Obama = America, Hitler = Germany, Cameron = Britain, British Barbarians = all Britons, or American animals = all Americans ?!”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘Even the educated Britons know that James Morier was so stupid (Zaye)! So, some of them try to pretend that: ‘Morier was a Turk’ ! or ‘Morier was born and nurtured in a Turkish atmosphere’ ! Morier loved Genghis and Turko-Mongol Barbarians. But does it mean James Morier was a Turk-e Khar (Turkish donkey)?! For about 200 years, James Morier (above picture) was a good Briton, but now suddenly, he becomes a Turk?! Morier was a real Briton, because he had low IQ and told childish lies in a silly way. Morier talked and acted like today’s UK media – from the Ayatollah BBC to the Ayatollah Guardian. British Barbarians were & are like Tazis (Savage Arabs/ Jews) and Turkish donkeys. The UK and British Barbarians still love and praise Genghis and Mongol Barbarians, because the British invasion to the civilized world was like the Turko-Mongol invasion. Turko-Mongol Barbarians invaded Persia, China, India, and the rest of the world. And it’s exactly like what British Barbarians and Western Barbarians did […] English pigs still refer to Genghis as a Hero or a Real politician! In fact, English Barbarians love other Barbarians, but hate Culture, Literature, Persia and great poets like Hafiz, Saadi, Attar and Rumi’ [1] This is Britain, the main land/ cesspit of Barbarians and Barbarism”. They also add: “Morier, like all British Barbarians, was psychotic and uneducated. And now even the good Britons say: ‘Morier’s letters and diaries make it clear that from the start he had (a psychotic, racist & Orwellian attitude) towards Persia’ ! James Justinian Morier, know as James Morier, was a politician (diplomat) and a Free-mason (FM), but English Barbarians call him intellect, writer or Orientalist! They say a Jafang Nameh (a book of crap/ a crappy book) like Hajji Baba was an Orientalist project!, apparently because their Morier hated Culture, Literature and Tolerance, and said: ‘Sufis, Dervishs and tolerant Persians are a set of bad heathens’ ! [1] Morier had low IQ. He used Persian terms like Dalal (broker), Eshek Mirza (Eshek = donkey) and Namerd Khan (Namerd = traitor), but he didn’t know what these terms really mean, and why Persians use such funny, sarcastic terms. Morier stupidly tried to copy from Persians, but his fake and English-made terms like Mirza Fuzul (nosy), Mirza Ahmak (stupid), Mullah Nadan (idiot), or Dervish Bideen (Bideen = irreligious) were so childish. Iranians had a great sense of humor, but British pigs had low IQs and even didn’t know why Iranians referred to a traitor or a stooge as Eshak Mirza or Namard Khan. For instance, Rouhani is Eshak Mirza, or the prince of Herat was Eshak Mirza [1] because English pigs could fool him into betraying Persia. Traitors and Puppets of Enemy (UK etc) were called ‘Namerd Khan’. The UK stooges and Mullahs were Namerd (traitors), but Morier had low IQ. Morier and UK were really Eshak! They openly said: ‘Mirza Ahmak is a Persian Doctor like Avicenna ‘ ! [1] This is their Hajji Baba. They said Dervish Bideen is a bad guy because he defends the Truth, the Good, Tolerance, Humanity and all Humans! [1] But their Lord Curzon said such crap shows ‘the talents of the British writer’ ! [1] British pigs are bad jokes. In Curzon and Morier’s eyes, Barbarians are good guys, but the civilized and tolerant people of Persia are infidels, loquacious, and naives! [1] The UK and Europe were, and still are, savage and uncultured. Who still defend the Anti-Iran Sadism, Racism or Genocide?! Who censor all news and all facts, and still tell childish lies? Now non-Iranians say: ‘Britons are liars by nature. Lying, Hypocrisy or Barbarity is part of the British DNA’ ! British Barbarians are uncultured racists & sadists. But we, Iranians, are not racists. We are not like them. We, Iranians, don’t say: All Britons are bad guys/ barbarians by nature. We, Iranians, know and say Good Britons exist, as Good Jews/ Arabs/ Turks etc exist. Iranians are not racists. Iranians care about all good guys in all around the world. It’s part of our Iranian Culture and Persian Wisdom. Even Morier confessed, ‘Persians say: Wisdom is better than everything; Wisdom is even better than riches!’ [1] But British pigs could not understand such things. The level of Persian Wisdom is much more higher than the level of the UK”. They also add: “Now the normal humans truly say: the UK is a Third world country/ a backward country simply because their most prestigious media is A Lie Factory like the Guardian’. It’s true. The UK media- from the Ayatollah BBC to the Ayatollah Guardian- clearly show that the UK is a backward/ Orwellian cesspit. But you should not forget that the UK has been an Orwellian Cesspit for a long time. George Orwell wrote several articles about ‘Censorship in Britain‘. You can find these articles in the internet. Try to find and read, for instance [2]: ‘Censorship in England’ (by George Orwell, 1928) or [2]: ‘Orwell’s Preface to Animal Farm‘, aka ‘the Freedom of the Press’ (by Orwell, 1945). Now even the good Britons say: ‘George Orwell’s original preface to Animal Farm was about Censorship in the UK. But in a shocking bit of Orwellian irony, this preface is censored from almost all print editions of the book!‘ ! In fact, Orwell tried to say that the UK is Animal Farm, and his famous novels (‘Animal Farm’ & ‘1984’) are about the UK, the British Animal Farm and the UK Ministry of Truth. Orwell knew the Big Brother’s Mafia or the British-Masonic projects. Orwell said: ‘the British press is (heavily) censored. But the same kind of veiled censorship (ie Orwellian censorship) also operates in books and periodicals, as well as in plays, films and radio … The present state of affairs regarding censorship in English is as follows. In the theatre, each play must be submitted for inspection by a censor nominated by the government, who can ban its performance or request alterations’ ! [2] And this is the Modern UK ! Rouhanis are actually the stooges/ followers of the UK. As even the good Britons know and say, ‘Animal Farm’ or ‘1984’ was actually about the UK, its Orwellian Society and its Ministry of Truth (UK Lie Factory). In these years, even the good Britons write about ‘How London became the censorship capital of the world‘ !, and say: ‘In the UK, Big brother is watching and recording us all. Every time we go online, we display our thoughts, our interests, our desires, our curiosities, or our politics. All of these things are recorded by the Big Brother‘ ! (2014) But Satan and Big Brother’s Mafia try to create the same Orwellian Situation in all countries, including Iran. Now Big Brother’s Mafia, ie all media and all public figures, just help and defend Censors, Oppressors and Rouhanis. They still say: Rouhani/ Hajji Baba = Iran, or Curses on Tolerance; Curses on Iranian values and Curses on the Truth and the Good. But now ‘the habits of the West appear so ridiculous and disgusting’, and even idiots are becoming aware. In the 19th century, UK pigs like Curzon said: ‘Tehran, Meshed, Ispahan and Shiraz will share the fate of Persepolis and Susa’ ! [1] But now it’s clear that the fate of the UK is like or worse than the fate of Mongols and Mongolia. In the UK, the voice of a dumb ass like James Morier is called harmony! In the UK and the West, the Orwellian media and dumb asses still censor all news or all voices, and try to fool their Sheeple in a silly way, because they still believe: In the country of the dumb the sound of one voice, be it even that of an ass, would be called harmony ! [1]”.

Persian Power, Persian Lions: Iran is Unstoppable

September 3, 2014

The dirty world of politics has polluted all aspects of life. As some wise Iranians say: ‘many people (including us) prefer to talk (write) about the so-called non-political issues. But the damn world of politics has polluted everything – including arts, sciences, technology, philosophy, history, daily life, entertainment, sports etc. Most people (including us) hate politics and all politicians. Most people (including us) prefer to ignore the fucking politics and the fucking politicians, but all aspects of life – from economy and health care to culture and all kinds of comfort – have been polluted with politics and politicians. When even your foods, your air, water, milk and all basic needs have been polluted with politicians, can you ignore the fucking world of politics?! In these days, Mullahs still send noise and parasite, and try to slow down the terrible internet speed in Iran, but the West censors all facts. Sometimes (for some days) Mullahs try to block all internet ports and all internet connections. Sometimes (for some days) Mullahs try to block all HTTPS/ SSL connections. Sometimes (for some days) Mullahs try to block all HTTP connections and all ports. Mullahs and their Arbabs (masters) try to pollute everything – including internet, foods, air, environment, culture etc. Under such fucking conditions, can people ignore the fucking politics and what the fucking Rouhanis, the fucking West and the fucking Lefts do? Now the West censors all news and all facts. The Mad West has lost its mind, and acts like retards […] If the West and its media were not insane, they would not censor all news and all facts in this childish way, and they would not show their true face in this stupid way. This level of Censorship just shows that the Mad West is dying from the Mad Cow Disease”. They also add: “Now even the world of sciences and the world of sports show that Persian power is on the rise, and Iran is becoming a world power again. Now even idiots know that Iran’s Golden Generations can restore Great Persia, and can make Iran a world power again. Now Iran’s brains, Iran’s scientists, Iran’s sportsmen, Iran’s volleyball men etc show that even the worst sanctions in history and even the worst Anti-Iran Racism and Sadism in history cannot stop Iran and Iranians. But Mullahs and Islamists still try to obey their English Arbab (master), and to do what colonial powers (Estemar) want. Instead of boosting national confidence, national pride and ‘Yes We Can’, Mullahs and Islamists just say Anti-Iranian things and still repeat what their Arbabs – ie English barbarians and savage colonial powers (Estemar)- said in the 19th century. Now the Mad Mullahs themselves show that they are Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews). In August 2014, even the Mullah media say: ‘Why Mullahs and the Mullah TV (and Mullah Parliament) say many Anti-Iran things or support sworn enemies of Iran? Do we want to prove that the Mullah regime is an Anti-Iranian regime, and Mullahs are Ajnabi (anti-Iranian pigs)?’ ! It’s what their own media say. In fact, the soup is too salty, and now even idiots know that Mullahs and Islamists are not Iranians. In these days, a senior Jewish-English Mullah, Makarem, has said: ‘the high speed internet is Haram (forbidden/ not Kosher !); the high speed internet (like VHS recorders, music players, cinema, films, microphone etc) is unethical, harmful and contrary to Tazi/ Jewish principles‘ ! Tazi Mullahs like Makarem act like DEASH (ISIL), and just make Iran’s people even angrier. Tazi Rouhanis like Makarem, Qalibaf and Mullah MPs are stupid bastards, and even don’t ask themselves: what’s the use of acting like DAESH (ISIL) and Jewish fanatics? what’s the use of licking the UK ass, serving the West’s interests, and hurting Iran’s people? Now even their own media say: ‘Makarem is a Jew, a Jewish convert. His ancestors were Jews. Makarem is a Jewish convert (ie he is still a Jew)’ ! Now many say: ‘Mullah Makarem is a great cook and embezzler, known as ‘the King of Sugar Smugglers’. And as Sabeti (Savak) says, Mullah Makarem worked for Savak (Pahlavi Gestapo). But even if you ignore such facts, it’s quite clear that the Religion of Makarem and Rouhanis is like the Religion of DAESH (ISIL) and Zionists. Now even the people’s comments at the Mullah media ask good questions like: ‘Why Qalibaf and (Makarem etc) say such DAESH-i things, exactly when DAESH (ISIL) is committing barbarous crimes in Iraq?! Do Qalibaf and (Makarem etc) want to prove that all Mullahs are DAESH-i, and the Mullah regime is a DAESH-i regime?! If Qalibaf and (Makarem etc) are not spies and stooges of Iran’s enemies, why they should say such DAESH-i things and damage Iran’s image at this moment of time?!‘ In fact, even idiots know who serve the West’s interests, who still work for colonial powers (Estemar), and who still try to hurt Iranians and to work on damaging Iran’s image. Now even idiots know who act and talk like DEASH, Zionists, Tazis and sworn enemies of Iran […] Mullahs were puppets of British Colonialism (Estemar-e Englis). In the 19th century, English pigs paid Mullahs and said to Iranians: ‘Patriotism is a bad thing. You should not be proud of your country and your legacy. You Iranians have always been internationalists, and cared about all humans. You Iranians were not racists. So, instead of defending Iran, you should become
Foreign-worshiper (Biganeh-parast) .. National Pride or Patriotism is a bad thing, but Foreign-worshiping (Biganeh-parasti), West-worshiping (Qarb-parasti), Arab-worshiping, Tazi-worshiping, UK-worshiping, Russia-worshiping or US-worshiping is a good thing’ ! It’s exactly like what English Barbarians, colonial powers and their stooges (Mullahs etc) said in the 19th century. English barbarians and Tazis said the same things. It’s obvious why barbarians said such things in the past. But the main question is: Why Mullahs and Islamists still say the same stupid things? Why Mullahs and Islamists hate Iran and National Pride and National Legacy in Iran? All Iranians are proud of Iranian legacy, Iranian values and Iranian gifts to mankind. The wise non-Iranians praise Iran and see Iran as the birthplace of culture and human values. But why Mullahs still lick the ass of the Barbarian UK, and still say many pro-Tazi and anti-Iranian things?”.

The 2014 Fields Medal was so important, and revealed many things. As some wise Iranians say: “Mirzakhani and Iran’s brains are symbols of National Pride and ‘Yes We Can’ in Iran. But the main question is: Why Mullahs and Islamists hate Iran’s brains, Iran’s progress, Iran’s positive image, Iran’s national pride, and restoring Persia? Are Mullahs and Islamists still puppets of the UK and the British Barbarous Colonialism (Estemar- Englis)? We all know what the Barbarian UK and Colonial powers (Estemar) did to our Iran in the 19th century. All Iranians know who were behind the so-called Golestan Treaty (in 1813), the so-called Torkamanchai Treaty (in 1828) and other disasters in the 19th century. All Iranians know who is who. But Mullahs still say ‘Doing Researching is a bad thing; Ignorance is Strength’ ! Mullahs still obey their English Arbab (master), and still lick the ass of the Barbarian UK. But today is not the 19th century. Today’s Iranians are much more modern, educated and wiser than their Western counterparts. Now not only ancient Iranians, Iran’s history and Iran’s legacy, but today’s Iranians and the large army of wise and educated Iranians show that Iran is Unstoppable. But it’s important to note that even in the 19th century English barbarians confessed: ‘Iran and Iranians have natural and congenital talents .. No one can break the spirit of Iran .. Iran is a weird nation. You cannot defeat them. Iran always (even in the worst conditions) has some Great men and great heroes .. Resistance (& fighting against Evil forces) is an inherent part of the Iranian culture‘. Such English confessions are important, because all informed people know ‘the British Barbarous Colonialism’ and what English barbarians did to the world in the 19th century. But Mullahs and other puppets of the West even refuse to ask themselves why their English Arbab said: No one can break the spirit of Iran; Iran is a weird nation; You cannot defeat them’. Iran has been like a live and eternal spring, and has always created great men, great ideas, and great things”. They also add: “Now even the wise Westerners talk about ‘How Britain Created Salafism, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Bahaism, Zionism etc. But the main question is Why the UK created Salafism, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Bahaism etc? Now even Westerners say: ‘Iran Didnt Create ISIS; We Did; the West Did’ ! (Aug 2014) Now there is no doubt that the UK, the EU and the USA are behind all Islamists, including DAESH (ISIL) and English Rouhanis (Mullahs). But you should ask yourself: ‘Why the UK and the West support Mullahs and Islamists, and why Mullahs and Islamists still try to hurt Persia and to serve the interests of the West? Now many say: ISIL is a product of Western Colonialism, and English Mullahs were products of British Colonialism in the 19th century. But even if you don’t know history, current events can show you many things. Now the West and its media clearly show you who is behind Islamists and Rouhanis (Mullahs). Now the UK media, known as the English Lie Factory, works as Rouhanis media, and Rouhani himself confesses to this issue. In August 2014, Rouhani says: ‘Why Iranians and Iran’s media don’t support me? why only the IMF, the World Bank and the UK media support me and defend me? [!!] .. Iranians should support me, because the IMF, the World Bank, the UK media and the US media praise me and defend me [!!]’ (August 2014) Can you believe it ?! Even the Mullah media published this big and shameful news. But the West, the Left and all Western media censor such facts/ news. The West is the Capital of Censorship. But Iranian people just laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, only their Zionist IMF, their Great Satan, their English Arbab (master) and Colonial powers (Estemar) support Rouhani and Islamists’! All Iranians (+97%) hate this English Pofyooz (Rouhani) and all Mullahs. But it’s funny and important that Rouhanis themselves confess that only their Zionist IMF, their English Arbab (master) and ‘Estemar’ love and support Rouhanis (Mullahs). It’s a historic confession. Rouhani made a good and historic confession: Only the IMF, the World Bank, the English Lie Factory (ie UK media) and the Savage West love and support Rouhani and Islamists. Now all Iranians (+97%) hate Rouhani and Islamists so much. Rouhani’s dual policy -ie Repression and Oppression for Iran, but Concession for the West and Iran’s enemies’ – is like or worse than the Qajar’s policy or the Barbarian UK policy in the 19th century. Rouhani is like or worse than Mirza Abul Hasan Elchi (ilchi) and Mirza Aqa Khan Nuri. What Mullahs and their English Arbab (master) do in the 21st century is just a farcical version of what English Barbarians and their puppets did in the 19th century”. We should write more about the story of ‘Britain and Persia’ in the 19th Century. But as some wise Iranians say: “Rouhanis still live in the 19th century, and still lick the ass of their Arbab. Super-idiots still don’t know that when the 97% of Iranians hate you, and only IMF, English barbarians, Tazis and other notorious bad guys support you and praise you, you have no future in Iran and your fate is quite clear. Understanding such things doesn’t need High IQ. Only Pahlavi, Mullahs, Islamists and other super-idiots cannot understand such things”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even sciences and sports show that Iran is unstoppable. What Iranians did and do is really a miracle. Despite all threats and all sanctions, Iranian sportsmen can defeat the USA, the UK, Italy, Germany, Russia etc. Despite the toughest Sanctions/ worst Sadism in history, Persian Lions can defeat the USA and the West’s paper tigers. It’s so important. Despite all efforts to keep Iran weak and dependent, Iran’s Golden Generations are making Iran a world power again. Iranians can live inside or outside Iran, but all of them care about Iran, Iranian legacy and Iranian values. Iran’s Golden Generations actually show the world the Persian Power. Despite all sanctions, all censorship, all big lies, all brainwashing campaigns and all forced restrictions, Iranians are among the world’s most educated and most informed people. It’s very very important. Barbarians and bad guys, from the West and the Left to Tazi Mullahs, have desperately tried to keep Iranians stupid and ignorant. But their evil acts have backfired. Now many Iranians repeat our ancient proverbs, and say to the West and it’s puppets: ‘You only disgrace and discredit yourself, and cause us a few problems’ (Erze Khod Mibari-o Zahmat Ma Midari …). Despite all threats, all sanctions and all sadistic acts, Iranians are among the world’s best brains and best talents. Iran’s brains, Iran’s scientists, Iran’s sportsmen and Iran’s average people show the world that all evil acts, including imposed wars, coups, sanctions and Barking and Farting (ArroGooz), cannot stop Iran and Iranians. Since the ancient time, all Barbarians -including the Savage Tazis and the Savage West- have always tried to destroy our Iran, the Home of the Good. But the main question is: Have they succeeded ? Satan and all barbarians have created many crises and many disasters. But Satan and the sons of Satan have never been able to destroy and to get rid of our Iran, the Home of the Good. Our Iran, as the birthplace of Culture and Human values, received a lot of wounds, but was a proud and strong wounded. Satan and barbarians have always wanted to destroy the Home of the Good (Iran), and our Iran has always fought solely against all barbarians, all bad guys and all evil forces. But who was the winners? Our Iran. Our Iranian legacy and our Iranian values changed the world. One day barbarians were in the majority, but now they are in the minority. One day the sons of Satan could openly defend their barbarian values, but now, all normal humans and all good guys, who are in the majority, condemn Tazi/ Barbarian values and defend our Iranian values and our Iranian legacy. It’s a great victory for the Home of the Good (Iran) and all good guys. Now it’s clear who is morally and totally bankrupt. But the bankrupt barbarians still think that their evil acts and their Barking and Farting (ArroGooz) can stop our Iran. They still think their Bullying and Barbarity can stop Iran and Iranians. The bankrupt barbarians are bad jokes. Even in the 19th century, when Iran was in very poor conditions, barbarians confessed that ‘Iran and Iranians have natural and congenital talents; No one can break the spirit of Iran; Iran is a weird nation; You cannot defeat them; Iran always has some Great men’. In the 19th century, most Iranians were uneducated, and Iran had a few well-educated people. But now the large army of wise, smart and well-educated Iranians show the world the Persian Power and the potential of Persian Lions. Now the large army of educated Iranians want to restore Great Persia. As non-Iranians say: Iranians have learned to think big’ ! It’s true. Irans brains and Irans people have learned to think big, and to not give up easily. Its part of our Iranian culture and our Iranian traditions. Iranians don’t give up easily. Iranians don’t get easily disappointed. Iranians know that the Good, Truth and Logic, is the final winner. Iranians know the Evil is a big loser […] Iranians will never forget the past 200 years. Iranians will never forget and forgive Golestan, Torkamanchai, the 1953 Coup, the 2009 Coup and what English barbarians and the Savage West did in the past 200 years. Those who know history, know that Mullahs and Islamists were ‘Nokar-e Ajaneb’ (puppets of Iran’s enemies). But even if you don’t know history, you still can see the truths. Just ask yourself: Who supports Rouhanis (Mullahs) or MEK? Why Rouhanis implement the so-called Zionist IMF plans in Iran? Who censors all news of Iran, who tells big lies, who works as Rouhani’s media, who supports Rouhani, who censors the 2014 Referendum, or Who say Anti-Iranian things? […] Just look what their Exiled journalists or their Mullah Parliament do and say. The 2014 Fields Medal was a symbol of ‘Yes We Can’ and national pride in Iran. But their Anti-Iran Mullah Parliament, their Anti-Iran Mullah TV and their Exiled whores just say to Iranians: ‘National pride is a bad thing .. We are stupid; No We Can Not .. Iranians should hate Iran and Iran’s brains’ ! The Anti-Iranian whores just remind you of the 19th century and ‘the Inheritance of Colonialism’. They still worship their Great Satan and their English Arbab (master), and try to promote Foreign-worshiping (Biganeh-parasti), West-worshiping (Qarb-parasti), Arab-worshiping, Tazi-worshiping etc. Mullahs and Islamists -from Rouhani and exiled whores to Mullah MPs and Mullah TV- can remind you of ‘Hajji Baba’. James Morier, the author of ‘Hajji Baba’, was a stupid English barbarian. He wrote a stupid story about the notorious puppet of England, Elchi or Hajji Baba that all Iranians hated him, but said: our Hajji Baba is a symbol of your Iran’ ! In facts, English barbarians have always used non-Iranians or the most stupid whores as their own spies/ stooges, and they have always pretended that their own spies/ stooges are representatives of Iran and Iranians. Now Rouhanis (Mullahs) and Anti-Iranian whores like Akbar Ganji, Masoud Behnoud and the so-called Exiled journalists are new versions of Hajji Baba. Now ‘Hajji Baba in England’ or ‘Hajji Baba in America’ still crap about Iran, and still lick the West’s ass and the Mullah ass. But today is not the 19th century (Ahd-e Boogh)”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Iranian people care about Iran’s volleyball team, not only because they can defeat USA, Russia, Italy and all world powers, but because they are Iranians. Iran’s volleyball men are not Basijis or Islamists. Iran’s volleyball men dress, think, talk and act like Iranians, and that’s why we, Iranians, care about them. If they were Basijis/ Islamists, Iranian people would hate them and spit at them. Now Iran’s volleyball men think and act like Iranians, and that’s why they have succeeded in defeating all world powers […] Now all Iranians hate Islamists and Anti-Iranian whores like Akbar Ganji, Hatami-kia, Merila Zareie and all Mullah TV celebs, who lick the Mullah ass, the West’s ass, the Tazi’s ass and the Enemy’s ass. Now the Tazi TV (Mullah TV) says many Anti-Iranian things. Now the Satan TV (Mullah TV) openly defends their Zionist IMF, their Great Satan and their English Arbab. Now the English Barbarian TV (Mullah TV) openly defends the colonial powers (Estemar), the Anti-Iran Arabs and the savage Tazis. Now the Savage Arab TV (Mullah TV) openly defends the Anti-Iranian pigs and the Anti-Iran acts. Now the Anti-Iran TV (Mullah TV) openly attacks Iran’s brains, Iran’s talents, Iran’s students, and Iran’s Golden Generations. Now the West and the Left censor all facts and all news, and show who is behind Islamists and the Satanic Regime of Islamists. In this year (2014), the systematic lies and the systematic censorship in the West are unbelievable, but eye-opener. Now you can see what has really happened in the past. The West and Tazis were the same shit. They sold us our own ideas and our own values, but they called it Modernity, Western modernity! Barbarians pretended that they cared about our Iranian values. Barbarians pretended that they cared about human rights, freedom, democracy, peace, brotherhood, laws etc. But the West’s main law was and is the Law of the Jungle. It’s part of the West’s barbarian culture. They still praise Bullying, Sadism, Racism and Barbarity. They are still Anti-Iran, Anti-Progress, Anti-Truth, and Anti-Human”. We have already written about the Anti-Iran West and the Law of the Jungle (check Archive). But as some wise Iranians say: “the West and its puppets still act like retards and barbarians. They know that ‘Persian Lion has not lost its power .. Persian power is on the rise’. They know that Iran is unstoppable. They know that even with the help of Mullahs/ traitors and all dirty/ barbaric tricks, the Wests paper tiger cannot defeat the Persian Lion. The Mad West has confused. The West badly tries to censor all news of Iran, to help Rouhanis, and to damage the public image of Iran. Mullahs still aid the anti-Iran West in destroying the public image of Iran. But all good guys, including good Jews, good Arabs and good Westerners, can see the true image of Iran, Iran’s brains and Iran’s talents. The 2014 Fields Medal, the 2014 FIVB World Championship and many other events show the world the real image of Iran and Iranians. Iran’s people don’t think and act like the West or Tazis. They say: ‘Iran must be a Superpower again, as it used to be’, because they know who want to keep Iran and other nations weak, and who try to turn all humans into slaves. Iranians cared, and still care, about human values, all humans and all good guys, and that’s why Satan and barbarians hated, and still hate, Iran and Iranians […] The West, barbarians and all evil forces are on the wrong side of history; and we, Iranians, still tell them: ‘Stop acting like savage animals; Be humans, not animals (Adam Bashid); Live like normal humans (Mesl-e Adam); Stop worshiping money and power; Basic needs are low level needs, and cannot make you really happy. If you live like normal humans and good guys, it’s better for you .. the Evil Empire can be sure that all parts of our Great Iran -form Georgia and Armenia to Tajikistan and all parts of Caucasus, that were occupied by the Russian-British barbarians in the 19th century- will return home. We, Iranians will never forget and accept stupid things like Torkamanchai’. We, Iranians, say to Mullahs and other puppets of the West: Stop licking the UK ass and the West’s ass; Stop hurting Iran’s people; Stop helping Iran’s enemies and serving the West’s interests; Stop implementing the Enemy’s plans, including the IMF plans. Resign from the government, or Allow Iran’s experts, Iran’s brains, Iran’s talents and Iran’s people to solve Iran’s problems and to convert Iran into a Superpower again. If you are really Iranians, you should care about the Good, the Truth, Iran and Iranian values (ie human values), and you should Stop Foreign-worshiping (Biganeh-parasti), West-worshiping (Qarb-parasti), Arab-worshiping or Tazi-worshiping. If you are really Iranians, you can simply show it. For instance, Stop implementing the IMF Plans and the UK plans; Stop Censorship, Corruption, Big lies and Crapping about Iran; Stop attacking and hurting Iran’s brains, Iran’s talents, Iran’s people and Iran’s national pride; Instead of obeying the UK, and trying to create baby boom or to keep Iran weak, try to restore Great Iran. If you really care about Iran’s population, and If you are really Iranians, you should say that the people of Tajikistan, Herat, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, and all parts of the Caucasus and Great Iran are Iranian people. If you are really Iranians, instead of licking the UK ass and caring about Tazis and sworn enemies of Iran, you should care about all good guys in all around the world and all Iranians in all parts of Great Iran”.

Iranian Woman Makes History: Math Nobel Prize

August 16, 2014

“The Fields Medal is the highest honour a mathematician can attain. Now, for the first time in history, a woman wins the Fields Medal prize. The first female winner of the Fields Medal -aka the Nobel prize for mathematics- is Iranian. Maryam Mirzakhani is the world’s first woman who wins the most prestigious prize in mathematics. A woman, an Iranian woman, Maryam Mirzakhani, wins the Math Nobel prize for the first time in history, but Mullahs and their Mullah TV (ie Satan TV) don’t care about such historic events. Mullahs and Islamists are savage Arabs, sick pigs (Bimar) and stupid psychos (Ravani). They hurt Iranians, censor the voices of Iranians, and just care about the fucking Gaza, savage Arabs and Jewish Islamists. Mullahs and Basjis are worse than DAESH (ISIL) and Taliban. Mullahs and Islamists are animals, not humans. They use DAESH methods and Jewish methods. Mullahs and Islamists are not Iranians. If you don’t live in Iran and cannot see the true colors of Islamists, you can take a look at the Jewish fanatics, the West’s religious fanatics, or the West’s history. Now in Iraq, Syria and other countries Islamists commit barbaric crimes, Jewish Genocide and other Satanic-Medieval acts, because Islamists are the followers of the Jewish-Western barbarian-medieval traditions. These years show that all Islamists are Sadists, Satanists and Savage animals. All Islamists are the sons of Satan and sworn enemies of Iran”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, everything has been polluted with dirty politics. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even foods, milk, air, arts, sciences and maths have been polluted by politicians, Islamists and other psychos and sadists. Now an Iranian woman makes history and becomes the first female winner of the most prestigious prize in math, but Mullahs censor such big news. Now Mullahs hurt Iran’s people, and help Arabs and Iran’s enemies. Now all Iranians curse Mullahs and Islamic industries because Mullahs use whores and retards to manage their fucking industries. Now more than 50 Iranians (women and children) are killed by Mullahs in an air crash. But the Mullah TV just cares the Fucking Gaza and savage Arabs. Mullahs are Arabs, and think Arab blood or Arab children are more important than Iranian blood or Iranian children. The Mullah TV is nothing but Arab TV or Anti-Iran TV. Now the Mullah TV, ie the Satan TV, clearly proves that Mullahs are the most anti-Iranian people in the world. But the West and English Barbarians, ie the main Arbab (master) and the main supporter of Mullahs, censor all facts and all news. Now even idiots can see that the West is behind DAESH (ISIL), Taliban, Mullahs and all savage Islamists. Now it’s clear that the West loves Mullahs and Islamists because Mullahs and Islamists are the world’s worst anti-Iranian pigs“. They also add: “In these days, Mullahs send terrible noise and parasite, slow down the internet speed, and increase Filtering & Censorship. Now the West and its puppets (Mullahs, lefts etc) censor news, and create media circus. But Iranian people just spit & laugh at the Mullah media circus and the West’s media circus. Now Iranian people use F-words a lot. Now cursing Mullahs and saying Fuck Rouhanis, Fuck Gaza, Fuck Islamists and Fuck all Barbarians including Zionists, UK, Islamic Barbarians etc have become part of the daily life in Iran”. In these days, idiots care about the media circus over Gaza and ISIL, but Iranians and good guys care about real news and real problems. As some wise Iranians say: “the media circus over Gaza or ISIL is so disgusting. Now Islamists, Marxists, killers, rapists, racists and sadists have become defenders of children, women and moral values. It’s laughable, and disgusting. Now the Western Censorship and the important stories of Islamic Censorship, Islamic Lies, Islamic Oppression, Islamic Tyranny, Islamic Corruption and all Islamic Pollutions can show you that all Islamists are Satanists, Sadists and Savage beasts. Islamists hate Truth, Logic, Humanity and other Iranian values (ie human values). Now the world’s first woman wins the most prestigious prize in mathematics. This women is an Iranian woman. But Mullahs and Basijis are dying from jealousy and confusion, because Mullahs and Basijis are Arabs/ Jews, not Iranians. The Anti-Iran Mullah TV (ie Satan TV) is a Jewish/ Arab TV. They just care about the anti-Iran Arabs/ Jews. Now even idiots say: How Mullahs and Islamists should prove that they are anti-Iranian pigs? How Mullahs and Islamists should prove that they are Ajnabi (Arabs/ Jews etc) or Mozdoor-e Ajnabi (puppets of Iran’s enemies)? Mullahs don’t care about Iran’s children, or about the symbols of ‘Yes We Can’ and national pride in Iran, because Mullahs are Ajnabi or Mozdoor-e Ajnabi. Mullahs and their savage Brothers (ISIL/ DAESH/ Zionists etc) hate Persia, Persian people, and Persian values. Mullahs and all Islamists only love Barbarism, Sadism, Tyranny, Oppression, Lying, Stealing, Filtering, Censorship and other Satanic things. Only Satan and savage people, including the Savage West, can love or defend Islamists and other barbarians”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Iran’s people are angry, and they should be angry. An Iranian woman is the first female mathematician in history that wins the Math Nobel Prize. But just look what Mullahs and the Mullah TV (ie Satan TV) do and say. The Mullah TV is (ie Satan TV) is Anti-Persia and Anti-Iranian. Mullahs and Islamists are psychos and sadists. They openly defend Anti-Iran Arabs, and praise Iran’s enemies. Mullahs and their Fucking Gaza and their Savage Brothers (ISIL, Zionists, UK etc) are bad jokes. When Mullahs, Islamists, DAESH, Basiji, sadists, rapists, killers, psychos and barbarians shed crocodile tears for children and women, it just makes people laugh. When Mullahs, Islamists and other sadists, psychos and barbarians censor the voice of people, tell many big lies, commit many evil acts, and defend Barbarism, Racism, Sadism and Censorship, sane people and normal humans cannot close their eyes. Iranian people and all normal humans can only hate sadists and barbarians like Islamists and Zionists. Now the terrible noise and parasite, the terrible Filtering, the terrible Censorship, and the terrible internet speed in Iran clearly show that Mullahs, like Zionists, love DAESH (ISIL) and DEASH methods. But what’s the use of hurting Iranians and using DAESH methods? What was the result of such Jewish-English-Satanic acts in the 1980s? The current large army of wise and smart Iranians were little children in the 1980s. Mirzakhani was one of these Iranian children in the 1980s. But even in that dark and medieval decade, Islamists and their Arbabs (masters) could not succeed. Their Jewish-English-Satanic acts just backfired, and now the large army of wise, smart and educated Iranians are among the world’s smartest and wisest people. Mirzakhani is just the tip of the ice berg. Mirzakhani is just a symbol of Iran’s Golden Generations, who learned a lot from their pain and suffering. These years proved that today’s Iranians are really wiser and smarter than their western counterparts. Now Iran’s Golden Generations are knowing and thinking about global problems, real problems and real solutions, and it will change the world. Now Iranians want to topple the Big Brother’s Evil Empire, because this Evil Empire is behind most pains and problems in Iran and the world. Now it’s clear that Mullahs are not important at all. Their Arbab (master), ie the Big Brother, is the main problem. Islamists and Basijis are Kodan (ultra-stupid pigs) and Pakhmeh (brainless idiots). Iran’s people know Islamists well. In Iran, people know who is Nokhbeh (elite, exceptional talent), and who is Pakhmeh (brainless idiot). Nokhbeh has high IQ, and first and foremost hates pigs like Mullahs and Islamists. But Pakhmeh has low IQ, loves Islamists or fanatics, and doesn’t care about Truth, Logic, Humanity, Tolerance and other Iranian values. Iran is the Land of Aryans, the Land of Nokhbegan (elites, exceptional talents). But the Mullah regime is the Regime of Pakhmegan (brainless idiots). In Iran, we have many Navabegh (Genius). But the Islamist Regime is the Regime of Navabigh (stupid retards). The difference between Navabegh and Navabigh is like the difference between Iran’s people and Iran’s regime. Now Iran’s people are among the world’s wisest and smartest men and women. But Iran’s regime is one of the world’s stupidest regimes, because it’s what the West wants. The West creates and uses the world’s stupidest regimes and the world’s worst puppet regimes like the Mullah regime and the Pahlavi regime to hurt Iranians and to keep Iran weak. Basjis and Islamists, like Pahlavists, are Corrupt, Kodan (ultra-stupid pigs) and Pakhmeh (brainless idiots). The West uses them to hurt Iranians, to serve the West’s interests, and to keep Iran weak and unfree. Now all good guys, including good Arabs, good Jews and good Westerners, can see how Islamists work for the West, and how Islamists serve the West’s interests. Islamists and Basijis are bad retards. They love fake things, including fake universities degrees, fake gestures and fake titles. In Iran’s universities, Islamists and Basijis are called Sahmieh-ie (Quota guys). Iran’s prestigious universities have high admissions standards. Only top students can gain admission to Iran’s prestigious universities. But Basijis and Islamists enjoy a ‘special privilege’ or ‘special admission’ known as ‘Quota’ (Sahmieh). In fact, Mullahs force Iran’s prestigious universities to admit a special number of Basijis and Islamists, aka Kodan-ha (ultra-stupid pigs) and Pakhmeh-ha (brainless idiots). Mullahs use these retards to fuck and control Iran’s universities. In Iran, Basijis and Islamists are known as Sahmieh-ie (Quota guys), because Mullahs have imposed them and their quota on universities. In Iran’s prestigious universities, all students can see that Basijis and Islamists are Kodan and Pakhmeh. But Mullahs use these Basijis and Islamists, ie Kodan-ha and Pakhmeh-ha, as managers, ministers and decision-makers in the Mullah system. Mullahs refer to these retards as ‘experts’, ‘Nokhbeh’, doctors etc. But as our people say, if Sahmieh-ie, Basiji and Islamist (ie Kodan-ha & Pakhmeh-ha) are ‘experts’ and ‘Nokhbeh’, then animals are professors, monkeys are scientists, and cows are Albert Einstein! Mullahs say Pakhmeh is Nokhbeh or ‘Brainless Idiots are exceptional talents’, and it’s not a joke. In the Mullah regime, Kodan-ha and Pakhmeh-ha control everything, from economy to industries. Iran’s brains and the large army of wise, smart and educated Iranians are systematically suppressed, because it’s what the Big Brother wants, and Mullahs just try to obey the Big Brother and to keep Iran weak and dependent. Almost all Iranians are aware of this issue. Iranians know why English Mullahs love Kodan-ha, Pakhmeh-ha, whores and ass-lickers, and why English Rouhanis hate Iran’s brains and Iran’s exceptional talents, including Mirzakhani and many many other Iranians”.


As some Iranians say: “Mullahs still try to hurt Iran’s people. Sometimes Mullahs send terrible noise & parasite, block all Internet ports and protocols, and slow down the internet speed in a way that the Internet seems totally disconnected to Iranians“. In these days, we wanted to write about Maryam Mirzakhani, to use her pictures, and to focus on her and her historic success. But the Mullah evil acts and the terrible filtering and censorship changed our minds. Now we recommend that you google Maryam Mirzakhani, and read more about her, her life and her works. But here lets focus on other issues. As some wise Iranians say: “Mirzakhani has become a symbol of ‘Yes We Can’ and national pride in Iran. But Mullahs are enemies of Iran, and a symbol of English Colonialism and Anti-Iranian policies. Mirzakhani is a member of Iran’s Golden Generations. In the 1980s, the Golden Generations of Iranians didn’t exist, or they were little kids. In the 1980s, Satan was trying to hurt Iranians and to hit them with war, sadism, medieval tyranny, baby boom and many other evil acts. But Satan’s evil acts backfired, led to the birth of Iran’s Golden Generations, and made Iranians wiser and stronger. Iran’s Golden Generations had good teachers. Their teachers were a few wise Iranians, and a lot of pains, sufferings and problems – Mullah-made problems and Western-made problems. In the 1980s and 1990s, most of the Iranian children lived like Mirzakhani. They didn’t live in luxury. They didn’t live like American children or European children. But they became self-educated and self-made men and women; and now they are among the world’s smartest and wisest men and women. Iran’s Golden Generations have already shocked the Evil Empire. They created the 2009 Anti-Mullah movement, one of the most modern and progressive movements in history. They changed Iran for ever, and now they are changing the world. Now an Iranian woman is the world’s first female winner of the Math Nobel Prize, because Iranian men and women are pioneers in many fields. Now Iranian women and men are among the world’s greatest thinkers, philosophers, scientists, engineers, intellects etc. Now the West is bankrupt, but Persia is on the rise. Now the West’s top intellectuals are stupid pigs like Chomsky. Now the West is morally and intellectually bankrupt, and as Snow-den showed, even Western scientists and intellects are stupid slaves of money and power. Yah, the West has many good guys and good scientists. But in the West, whores, idiots and bad guys are decision-makers and control many things. The West and its stooges (Mullahs etc) are the same shit. The West and Mullahs help each other. The West asks Mullahs to hurt Iran’s people, and to not allow Iran’s brains to solve Iran’s problems, or to make Iran a superpower again. Mullahs and Islamists, ie Kodan-ha (ultra-stupid pigs), Pakhmeh-ha (brainless idiots) and Barbar-ha (barbarians), just obey the West’s orders, hurt Iran’s people and Iran’s brains, and create the so-called Brain Drain. It’s the Mullah mission. It’s what the West wants. Iran has many brains and wise guys, but only retards, ass-lickers and brainless idiots are allowed to manage Iran. The Mullah Parliament and the Mullah Government (AN-Rohani’s cabinet) are Anti-Iranian cesspools, in which Basijis and Islamists, ie retards, whores and non-Iranians decide about Iran, Iran’s universities, Iran’s industries, Iran’s progress, Iran’s economy etc. The Mullah Parliament is a disgusting cesspool of anti-Iranian spies and stooges who just help Iran’s enemies and hurt Iran’s people. In the Mullah Regime, Kodan-ha, Pakhmeh-ha, Dozd-ha (crooks), Khayemal-ha (ass-lickers), spies, whores and non-Iranian pigs are decision-makers, and decide about all aspects of life in Iran. So, it’s obvious why Iran’s exceptional talents and Iran’s brains prefer to leave Iran. But it’s not the whole story. In these years, the West openly refers to our brains and our exceptional talents as their own brains and their own talents. It’s laughable and unbelievable, but now in 2014, the Western media has headlines like ‘Iran’s Brain Drain Is the West’s Gain‘ !! In fact, if you ask yourself: why they hurt Iranians, and what’s the West’s gain? they show you part of the answer: Iran’s Brain Drain is the West’s Gain! They happily say: ‘During the past two years, at least 50% of top-performing students with undergraduate degrees in science and engineering left Iran .. Each year about 100,000 Iranian brains leave Iran’. They openly talk about: ‘the exit of Irans brightest minds, and say: ‘It’s the West’s gain’ ! Yah, it’s shocking and unbelievable. But after 2009, and after Snow-den, you can understand the West’s plans and the West’s wishes better. The West’s stooges, ie Kodan-ha, Pakhmeh-ha and Barbar-ha, hurt Iran’s people’s and Iran’s brightest minds, because it’s what the West wants. But the West and its stooges are big losers. For Iranians, inside Iran or outside Iran is not important. Iranians are not racists. Iranians see Immigration as a good thing. Iranians care about all good guys in all around the world. Iranians can live inside Iran or outside Iran, but all Iranians care about Iran, the birthplace of Culture and Human Values. The West’s stupid pigs think they are smart guys (Fekr mikonan Kheili Zerangan). They see our pain as their gain. But they are big losers. Iranians don’t think like the West’s pigs; but even if Iranians wanted to think like the West’s pigs, they would say: If we want to topple the West’s Evil Empire, we need millions of Iranians to live in the West; and now millions of Iranians live in the West! The West’s pigs are big losers. Now they pretend that Iranian/ Chinese/ Indian/ non-Western brains are their own brains, because they are badly bankrupt. Now their own scientists are slaves of money, power, N-SA and Big Brothers. Now their own scientists just remind you of films like ‘A Beautiful Mind’, in which Beautiful Minds work for the NS-A and the Evil Empire, and become ugly minds and sick minds. But real scientists care about truth and science, not money and politics. The West’s good guys and the West’s real scientists are like the good guys and the real scientists in Iran and the world. It’s an Iranian view. Iranians are not racists. Iranians think that Truth, humanity and human values are much more important than one race or one nation. It’s an Iranian view. Iranians care about all humans. But the West’s pigs are racists and sadists, and desperately try to hurt other people, and to keep other nations weak. The Western values are Barbarian values and Satanic things like Racism, Sadism, Utilitarianism, the Law of the Jungle, Power-worshiping, Money-worshiping, Devil-worshiping, Lying, Stealing, Inhumanity, Hypocrisy etc”.

As some wise Iranians say: “The 2014 Fields Medal is a historic event. A woman wins the most prestigious prize in mathematics for the first time in history. And this woman is an Iranian woman. Now you can compare the 2014 World Cup with the 2014 Fields Medal. As you know, Mullahs and Islamist pigs repeated the West’s crap during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and said: ‘this is Iran’s level; this is our level’ ! But the 2014 Fields Medal shows the real level of Iran, and now Iranians say to Mullahs, Islamist pigs and Western pigs: This is Iran’s level; this is our level“. They also add: “Now many talk about Mirzakhani and her works. As mathematicians say Mirzakhanis monumental work draws deep connections between topology, geometry and dynamical systems. Mirzakhani’s most important achievement is her work on dynamics, says McMullen of Harvard University. ‘Many natural problems in dynamics have no exact mathematical solution. But Mirzakhani found that dynamical systems evolving in ways the systems’ trajectories are tightly constrained to follow algebraic laws .. Mirzakhanis achievements combine superb problem-solving ability, ambitious mathematical vision and fluency in many disciplines, which is unusual in the modern era, when considerable specialization is often required to reach the frontier’, McMullen adds. Iran’s people and scientists actually combine Iranian traditions with modern things, and yah, it’s unusual in the West. But who cares about the stupid West. The real intellects care about truth and logic, not about the stupid West or what is usual or usual in the stupid West. Mirzakhani can remind you of many other Iranians. ‘Mirzakhani has a reputation among mathematicians for tackling the most difficult questions in her field with dogged persistence. She has a fearless ambition when it comes to math,’ says McMullen. As the media says: ‘Mirzakhani doesnt feel intimidated by mathematicians who knock down one problem after another. ‘I dont get easily disappointed; I don’t not give up easily ,’ she says’. But it’s an Iranian tradition. Iranians dont get easily disappointed; Iranians don’t not give up easily. Mirzakhani went to a famous high school – Farzanegan, one of the public high schools for Exceptional Talents in Iran. But you should not forget that Mirzakhani is just one of many many Exceptional Talents in Iran. Her education and self-education in Iran instilled in her an ambition to do something great with her life. As a teenager, Mirzakhani took part in international mathematics olympiads and won gold medals in 1994 and in 1995. As Mirzakhani says: ‘I went to Farzanegan, and had good teachers. I met my friend Roya Beheshti there .. It is invaluable to have a friend who shares your interests, and it helps you stay motivated’. Mirzakhani lived, thought and acted like many other Iranians. She went to Sharif University (in Tehran), and ‘met many inspiring mathematicians at Sharif University’. After earning her bachelor’s degree in 1999, she left Iran to work on her doctorate at Harvard University under the guidance of Fields Medalist Curt McMullen. She completed her PhD at Harvard in 2004. As her colleagues say: by borrowing principles from several fields, she has brought a new level of understanding to an area of mathematics called low dimensional topology. Mirzakhani’s earliest work involved solving the decades-old problem of calculating the volumes of moduli spaces of curves on Riemann surfaces. These objects are mostly theoretical, but real-world examples include amoebae and doughnuts’. In 2008, she became a professor of mathematics at Stanford, where she lives with her husband (Jan Vondrak) and her daughter (Anahita). As she says: Doing research is like being lost in a jungle and trying to use all the knowledge that you can gather to come up with some new tricks, and with some luck you might find a way out’. Mirzakhani can remind you of the Iranian school of thought. As McMullen says: ‘In 2006, she tackled the problem of what happens to a hyperbolic surface when its geometry is deformed using a mechanism akin to a strike-slip earthquake. Before Mirzakhanis work, this problem was completely unapproachable. But with a one-line proof, she constructed a bridge between this completely opaque theory and another theory thats completely transparent’. Mirzakhani has also worked on one of the largest open problems -about the behaviors of a ball that is bouncing around a billiard table. Billiards provides some of the simplest examples of dynamical systems -systems that evolve over time according to a given set of rules – but the behavior of the ball has proven unexpectedly hard to pin down. For about 100 years, mathematicians were thinking about this problem. They showed that understanding the ‘moduli space’ is the key to understanding billiards. And in 2012 and 2013, Mirzakhani and Eskin, and another Iranian (Amir Mohamadi) did ‘a titanic work’ in this field. This work is ‘the beginning of a new era, as many say”. They also add: “real scientists don’t care about money. They care about the truth and ‘the excitement of discovery and enjoyment of understanding something new’. As Mirzakhani says: ‘the most rewarding part is the ‘Aha’ moment, the excitement of discovery and enjoyment of understanding something new – the feeling of being on top of a hill and having a clear view’. Real scientists don’t care about money. The Fields Institute, based in Toronto, awards each winner only CAN $15,000! But it’s shameful that the West doesn’t care about real scientists, while a stupid footballer, a stupid porn start or an NSA scientist can earn millions of dollars. In the Orwellian world, idiots and whores are heroes and millionaires, but real scientists are called poor nerds […] Mirzakhani revealed the potential of Iran’s brains. She showed why Iranian people say: Yes We Can. Mirzakhani showed the world the real potential of the large army of young, wise, smart and educated Iranians. Now even idiots know that the bad guys will never be able to stop Iran’s people and Iran’s progress. Now the media says: Mirzakhani has learned to think big’. But most Iranians, Iran’s brains and Iran’s people, have learned to think big, and to not give up easily. It’s part of Iranian culture and Iranian traditions. Mirzakhani says many ‘Iranian things’ like: ‘I dont give up easily .. You have to ignore low-hanging fruit .. the barriers for girls who are interested in sciences is not lower now than they were when I grew up. Balancing career and family is still a big challenge .. Most of the time, doing research for me is like being on a long hike with no trail and no end in sight”.

Ahmad Shamlou Poems: Such A Weird Time It Is

July 29, 2014

“Islamists are psychos. They still send terrible noise and parasite, increase Filtering and Censorship, get on people’s nerves, and stupidly try to obey their Arbab (ie Satan/ Great Satan) and to make Iran’s people even angrier. Islamists are really psychos, anti-Culture and anti-Good. As the media reports, the 14th commemoration ceremony for the passing of Iranian poet Ahmad Shamloo was attacked by Islamists. Islamists are psychos. Islamists even attack literature, poets and poems. It’s the true meaning of Rouhani’s policy and his English democracy. All Islamists are sick pigs. Now Qalibaf openly tries to become Bin Laden, Seyed Zia or Mullah Omar! Qalibaf and his friends, Basiji/ Islamist faggots, are like Rouhani and try to hide their corruptions/ embezzlements by acting like Taliban or Seyed Zia. But do they stupidly dream of repeating Seyed Zia’s English Coup, aka the 1921 Coup? It’s not clear. But it’s clear that Iran’s people hate all Mullahs, and English Mullahs, from Seyed Zia to Seyed Ali, were and are enemies of Iran. Now even the very stupid Islamists/ Basijis talk about the End of Regime (Fatehe Regime), because now + 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs and know that Islamists are nothing but the sons of Satan or the slaves of England”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, many things are stupid and ridiculous. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs help the West’s Lie Factory, and the West helps the Mullah Lie Factory. Tragedy at its peak becomes Comedy, and now Iranians just laugh and spit at the UK and its puppets, ie Mullahs, Islamists and exiled whores. Now the English Censorship, the West’s Censorship and the Mullah Censorship make many laugh, and remind many of (Shamlou and) ‘Such A Weird Time’. Now the West censors all facts/ news. Now Islamists and other animals openly attack Iranian Culture and Literature. Islamists and their Arbab show that they are sworn enemies of Iranian Culture and Iranian values, and it means, Islamists and their Arbab are sworn enemies of Culture, Civilization and Humanity. Islamists hate Shamlou, because Shamlou was not illiterate, stupid, uncultured, Khayemal (ass-licker), slave, or bad guy. Shamlu hated Dictatorship and brutal dictators, from Shah to Mullahs. Ahmad Shamlou (1925- 2000) was a Nobel prize nominee for literature in 1984. The themes in his poetry range from political issues mostly freedom to human condition and love. Ahmad Shamloo had his own problems/ weak points, but Iranians care about him because Shamlou was not Khayemal (ass-licker), while most of his friends/ colleagues were Khayemal. Ahmad Shamlou was not a slave of money and power, and that’s why Iranians and good guys care about him. But Islamists and Basijis are slaves of Satan and agents of the Devil, and that’s why they defend savage Arabs and their Zionist IMF, but attack Shamlou and Iran’s people. Islamists are sick pigs, and their Arab/ Jewish ideology is Satanism. Islamists and Zionists worship Satan, and that’s why they tell many big lies, steal people’s money and people’s votes, hurt innocent people, and kill innocent children. Islamists and Zionists are slaves of Jewish God/ Satan”. Shamlou, Shamloo or Shamlu is Iran’s most celebrated contemporary poet. Shamlu, an iconic figure in Iranian literature and modern poetry, passed away on July 25, 2000 at the age of 75. One of his famous poems is known as “Such a strange time” or “Such a weird time”. Lets take a look at part of this poem:

Such a weird time it is, my dear

They smell your mouth

To find out if you have told someone:

I love you

They smell your heart

Such a weird time it is, my dear

They knock on your door at the dark night,

to kill the light, to break your Lamp

You must hide the Light in dark closets

Such a strange time it is, my dear

They cut off the smiles from lips,

and the songs from throats,

You must hide your Emotions in dark closets

Such a strange time it is, my dear

Drunk with victory,

Satan celebrates a feast at mourning table

You must hide God in dark closets

Such a weird time it is, my dear …


In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs and the West act like retards and psychos. The West’s Lie Factory helps the Mullah Lie Factory, and shows that the West is really the Land of Systematic Censorship. We live in such a weird time. Terrible Censorship and Terrible big lies have become part of the daily life. Such a weird time it is (Ruzegar-e Qaribist); good guys are silent, but whores, faggots, ass-lickers, retards and Big Brother’s agents pretend that they are intellectuals, dissidents, critics or the people’s voice. Such a weird time it is. It’s When Lies tell the Truth. But the West and its puppets even censor ‘When Lies tell the Truth’. Such a weird time it is; A group of the stupid bastards, ie the stupid Rights, tear their asses and kill themselves to defend savage Jews. On the other hand, another group of the stupid bastards, ie the stupid Lefts, tear their asses and kill themselves to defend savage Arabs. They don’t care about Truth, Humanity and Iranian values. They shed crocodile tears for Arabs/ Jews, but they just play dirty political games. They don’t care about average people and people’s pain. All stupid bastards are enemies of Iran and Iranian values. In 2009, 2012, 2013, and 2014, they closed their dirty eyes to the anti-Iran Sadism, the Jewish incitement to genocide, and the people’s pain and suffering in Iran; they even defended Mullahs and the anti-Iran evil acts and the Jewish incitement to genocide. Now the Stupid lefts -from big pigs like Chomsky to little shits like Ganji- shed crocodile tears for Arabs. But in these years, they didn’t defend Iran or Iran’s people, and said nothing about the anti-Iran Jews/ Arabs. They could see the Anti-Iran Sadism, the Anti-Iran evil acts, the love stories of ‘the IMF, Islamists, Arabs and Zionists’. They knew how the West, Arabs and Zionists united against Iran, and how Western bullies and Zionists threatened Iran with wars, nukes and genocide. But they closed their dirty mouths. But now these pigs -from big pigs like Noam Chomsky to little shits like Akbar Ganji and exiled whores- tear their asses and kill themselves to defend the Anti-Iran savage Arabs (Koon khode-shoon ro baray Arab-hay Zede-Iran Jer Midan) […] Iran’s people are great people. Iranians care about all innocent children, including Arab children and Jewish children. But Iranians have not forgotten how Savage Arabs and Savage Jews united against Iran in 2012 and 2013. Iranians have not forgotten how Hamas and Palestine defended Saddam, and helped Saddam during the Iraq-Iran war. Iranians know why the media says: ‘Hamas and Palestinians didn’t care about Iran or Iran’s interests, and strongly defended Syrian terrorists, Syrian Islamists, ISIS and other (savage Islamists) in Syria and Iraq’. Iranians know that Arabs, like Jews, are so ungrateful. Iranians have not forgotten how Hamas and all savage Arabs were happy in 2009, and even aided Mullahs in killing Iranian children in 2009. Iranian people know many things, and that’s why Iranians hate all savage pigs in both fucking Is-rael and fuc-king Gaza. Iran’s people only care about innocent children, and about good guys (good Arabs or good Jews) who are not savage, uncultured, ungrateful and anti-Iranian”. They also add: “Islamists and Zionists are two sides of the same coin. Islamists and Khatamists are not Iranians. They are Arabs or Jews. One day they defend bad Arabs, and one day they defend bad Jews. They are stupid psychos. Big Brother’s agents -from big pigs like Chomsky to little shits like Khatamists and exiled whores- don’t care about Iranian values, aka Human values. They have low IQs, and as Sadeq Hedayat said: ‘they can see a small straw in other people’s eyes, but they cannot see a very big hockey stick in their own asses ! (Kah ra beh Cheshm Digaran Mibinand, Ama Dasteh Bil ra beh Koon khod Nemibinand !) The stupid Lefts stupidly care about small problems (a small straw), while they close their fucking eyes to big problems and main problems. They suffer from big paradoxes, and the love story of ‘Islamists and Zionist IMF’ is just one of their many paradoxes. Sadeq Hedayat, the great Iranian intellectual, knew these stupid bastards and said good things about them. If you want to feel the joy of reading Hedayat’s comments and the power of Hedayat’s satire, you should know the Persian language. Translation ruins many things […] Hedayat knew their AnAnaat. He knew why they cannot see ‘Dasteh Bil ra beh…’ ! Hedayat and Shamlu knew AnAnaat, and now all Iranians can see and feel AnAnaat. Now Iranians say: ‘Such a weird time it is; You must hide God in the closet; you must hide the Light in dark closets […] Now Shamlu’s poems, which are new poems, have turned into one of the classics of literature. Now Shamlu’s comments like ‘the grave digger’s wages Exceed the price of human life and human freedom’, have turned into proverbs”. So, Lets take a look at a small part of Shamlu’s poems:

I have never feared death

Even though

Its hands were more fragile

Than banality

I dread, however, to die

In a land where

The grave digger’s wages

Exceed the price of human freedom


Shamlou talked about Hope at the Darkest times and the Darkest Nights. He said: In the end one night, Moon will be rising .. One night moon will come …

A Moon-Lit Night

On a moon-lit night

Moon is in my dream

It takes me with it

Alley to alley,

Valley to valley

On a moon-lit night

Moon is in my dream

It takes me with it

Out of the prison

Like a little moth

Into the dark night

It takes me where the

Martyrs of the town

With lanterns of blood

In the squares and streets

Cry until the dawn:

In the end one night

Moon will be rising

Over that mountain

Over the valley

And into the square,

Passing happily

One night moon will come

One night moon will come

As some wise Iranians say: “In the world whole, it is very rare to find real intellectuals. But Hedayat and Shamloo are among those rare people that you can call them Real Intellectuals. You can see Shamlou as a weaker version of Hedayat. [We have already written about Sadeq Hedayat (1903- 1951); check Archive] Hedayat knew and hated English Mullahs, including Seyed Zia and Martikeh Kashi (Mullah Kashani). If you want to know English Colonialism, Mullahs and Islamists better, you should know what Iranian Intellectuals like Hedayat said about them. Seyed Zia was a Mullah, an English Mullah. Seyed Zia was a notorious Free-m-ason. Seyed Zia said AnAnaat means traditions, and all people should care about AnAnaat. But Hedayat and his friends laughed/ spat at Seyed Zia and English Mullahs, and used AnAnaat in a sarcastic and satirical way (An = shit; so Hedayat said AnAnaat means shitty things, shitty/ evil acts etc). Hedayat referred to Seyed Zia, English Mullahs and other shitty things as AnAnaat. In the Pearl Cannon, Hedayat said the English love your AnAnaat, and they respect your religious AnAnaat, because they want to keep your country weak and backward. It’s the English Policy stupid. Hedayat knew that the UK just uses AnAnaat and religious fanatics to keep Iran weak. Hedayat knew that what religious fanatics and slaves of Ideology do is AnAnaat (shitty things; evil acts etc). He knew why the UK loves AnAnaat. He knew English Mullahs like Seyed Zia. Seyed Zia acted like today’s Mullahs and Taliban. For instance, he forbad drinking alcohol and men-women relations, while he himself lived like Satanists and had close relations with England and Jewish Zionists. Average people, intellectuals like Hedayat, and even politicians like Mossadeq hated Seyed Zia. But who were friends of Seyed Zia? Pahlavi, Islamists, Zionists and England. Now all historians confirm that Seyed Zia was a puppet of England (Nokar-e Englis). But Islamists still love or defend Seyed Zia’s AnAnaat”. They also add: “Seyed Zia published ‘Shargh Newspaper’ and AnAnaat Pamphlet, and now Seyed Zia’s followers and their media -from the BBC to ‘Shargh Newspaper’ – still love AnAnaat, and still defend Rouhani and the Mullah AnAnaat. But now these stupid bastards are the 3%, and the 97% of Iranians hate them”. Iranian people know bad guys, but many non-Iranians are still ignorant. As some wise Iranians say: “English AnAnaat, Jewish AnAnaat, religious AnAnaat, Ideological AnAnaat, political AnAnaat and economical AnAnaat have polluted the whole world. The West loves AnAnaat so much. Now people like Snow-den talk about the Western AnAnaat. But what’s the consequence of AnAnaat. As Hedayat said: ‘Anqadr AnAnaat Kardand ke Sahraye Karbala shod’ ! (they made too much AnAnaat, and finally it brought great disaster/ downfall etc). The West, Islamists and all religious fanatics are stupid psychos. They even don’t know that their stupid AnAnaat just accelerate the speed of their own downfall and their own End”. Unfortunately, many don’t know Iranian thinkers, Iranian poets, and other great men of Persia. Many even don’t know that Iranian poets are among the World’s greatest poets. But as some wise Iranians say: “Even Iran’s modern poets, including Shamlu, are great poets. Shamlu has many good poems. But many (including us) prefer his sociopolitical poems. You should read Shamlu’s poems in Persian. But you should not forget that Shamlou was actually sending a message of hope to all humans: Listen Fairies, the long night is ending; Not much remains of the night; Now the slaves are ready to pick up torches; and beat the soul of the night with them; and finish off the Devil’s darkness … Listen fairies …”

(the following poem is part of Shamlou’s famous poem Paria or Fairies)


Once upon a time,

Three pretty Fairies sat at sunset

“Boo-hoo,” cried the Fairies

their tears were like rain from spring clouds

Their hair was as long as rope

and as dark as night

Before them, upon the horizon

Was a city of enslaved men

Behind them, black and cold

sat the old fabled Castle

They listened; and from the city they heard

the sounds of chains clinking

While from behind them in the castle

came the nightly moans



Dear Fairies, why are you crying?

(We want to defeat all Devils)

Why don’t you come to our City?

Our city wants to celebrate tonight

For the Devil’s house has been overthrown

The Devil is mad, the people are happy

Listen Fairies, the long night is ending

and the doors of the Evil castle are fastened

There is no place for Devils to run now

For them, the forests will be barren

For them, the jungles will be desert

The chains will be open

Slave-holders and Devils will be ashamed

the slaves are being freed

They become a flood,

a flood of slaves

a flood of anger, Whoosh!

The slaves are becoming free

Once upon a time,

Three pretty fairies sat at sunset

“Boo-hoo,” cried the Fairies

and their tears were like rain from spring clouds

Before them, upon the horizon

Was a city of enslaved boys

Behind them, black and cold

sat the Devil’s Castle

They listened; and from the city they heard

the sounds of chains clinking

Listen fairies …

Not much remains of the night

Now the slaves are ready to pick up torches

and beat the soul of the night with them

and finish off the Devil’s darkness

Listen fairies …

Ancient Iran: Persian Legacy (Xenophon)

May 19, 2014

“When idiots talk about Ancient Iran (ancient Persia) they try to talk about ‘the Persia of Herodotus and Xenophon’ ! But it’s funny that idiots even don’t know Herodotus, Xenophon and the Persia of Herodotus and Xenophon! Idiots and stupid bastards don’t care about Truth, Logic and History. They just love to praise the Barbarian West, and to crap about the birthplace of Culture and Civilization (ie Iran). But they have low IQs, and the 300 movie is just one of their stupid products. The anti-Iran Mafia and their leader, Great Satan, are a bunch of stupid barbarians, human-eaters (Adam-khor) and locust-eaters (Malakh-khor), who hate Humanity, Wisdom, Culture and Civilization. They talk about ‘the Persia of Herodotus and Xenophon’ !, but they don’t say who were Herodotus and Xenophon, and what they said! Xenophon, also known as Xenophon of Athens, was a contemporary and admirer of Socrates. His books about Iran (Persia), ‘Cyropaedia’ and ‘Anabasis’, can be considered as the Enemy’s confessions!”. We should write more about Xenophon, who is known for his writings on the history of his own times, the 4th century BC. But here lets take a look at one of the Xenophon books [1], “Cyropaedia: the education of Cyrus”, and see what Xenophon said about Iran and Iranians. Xenophon’s Cyropaedia [1] has about eight chapters, and in Chapter I, Xenophon speaks of Persia and Persians as a whole. Xenophon says: “Persian children go to school and give their time to learning justice and righteousness. Persian boys are instructed in temperance and self-restraint, and they find the utmost help towards the attainment of this virtue in the self-respecting behavior of their elders, shown them day by day .. Continence in meat and drink is another branch of instruction” [1] Xenophon also adds: “Persian boys take their food not with their mother but with their teacher. They bring from home the staple of their meal, dry bread with nasturtium for a relish, and to slake their thirst they bring a drinking-cup, to dip in the running stream” [1]. What Xenophon says is important, because it can show you a small part of the Iranian Legacy and the Persian Glory. As some wise Iranians say: “Idiots and bad guys censor all historical facts, and only say that Xenophon wrote: ‘Persians are taught to shoot with the bow and to fling the javelin. In their cities, Persians have an open place or square dedicated to Freedom (Free Square they call it), where stand the palace and other public buildings . From this place all goods for sale are rigidly excluded, and all hawkers and hucksters with their yells and cries and vulgarities. This square, where the public buildings stand is divided into four quarters .. The law requires the citizens to present themselves at certain times and seasons in their appointed places. The elders may, as a rule, choose their own time, except on certain fixed days, when they too are expected to present themselves like the rest. Moreover, the young men are bound to sleep at night round the public buildings, with their arms at their side; only the married men among them are exempt’ [1]. But Xenophon says many interesting things such as: ‘the teachers of the boys are chosen from the elders, and those are appointed who are thought best fitted to make the best of their lads. The teachers of the youths are selected from the grown men, and on the same principle; and for the grown men themselves and their own governors (teachers); the choice falls on those who will. Finally, the elders themselves have presidents of their own, chosen to see that they too perform their duty to the full. We will now describe the services demanded from the different classes, and thus it will appear how the Persians endeavor to improve their citizens .. the Persian teachers spend the chief part of the day in deciding cases for their pupils .. there will be charges, we know, of picking and stealing, of violence, of fraud, of calumny, and so forth. The case is heard and the offender, if shown to be guilty, is punished’ [1]. The stupid West censors such historic facts, which can make people aware. They even censor what their own Xenophon has said ! They censor what Xenophon says about ‘the charge of ingratitude in Persia [1] As Xenophon says: ‘In Persia, [ungrateful people] convicted of refusing to repay a debt of kindness when it was fully in his power meets with severe chastisement. They reason that the ungrateful man is the most likely to forget his duty to his parents, to his fatherland, and his friends. Shamelessness, Persians hold, treads close on the heels of ingratitude, and thus ingratitude is the ringleader and chief instigator to every kind of baseness‘ [1]. In fact, even Xenophon knew why Persians hate ungrateful Westerners, including ungrateful Jews/ Arabs and ungrateful Greeks. But the ungrateful West is still ungrateful and uncultured. They even censor what their own Xenophon says! For instance, Xenophon says: ‘Every Persian is entitled to send his children to the public schools of righteousness and justice. As a fact, all who can afford to bring up their children without working do send them there. A lad who has passed through a public school has a right to go and take his place among the youths, but those who have not gone through the first course may not join them. In the same way the youths who have fulfilled the duties of their class are entitled eventually to rank with the men, and to share in office and honor: but they must first spend their full time among the youths; if not, they go no further. Finally, those who as grown men have lived without reproach may take their station at last among the elders. Thus these elders form a college, every member of which has passed through the full circle of noble learning; and this is that Persian polity and that Persian training which, in their belief, can win them the flower of
‘ [1] This is ancient Iran, the birthplace of Culture and Civilization. But the Barbarian West just loves to crap about Iran. The anti-Iran West and the anti-Iran Mafia are sworn enemies of the Truth and all good guys. But they have low IQs, and don’t know that their big lies and their evil acts are a godsend for Iran, Iranians and all good guys in the 21st century. British Censorship and American Censorship just remind you of ancient censors and ancient barbarians, who loved to burn Persian books and Persian libraries. European Barbarians and Arab/ Jewish barbarians destroyed Iranian books and Iranian libraries, because their motto was, and steal is: Culture and Civilization is Dangerous … and Censorship protects you from Reality !”.


As the wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the Persia of Xenophon, you should study what Xenophon says, not what the US media, the Hollywood, and the Evil Empire say! But unfortunately, many don’t know such obvious things. In about 2500 years ago, Xenophon said: ‘And even to this day signs are left bearing witness to that ancient temperance of Persians and the ancient discipline that preserved it. To this day it is still considered shameful for a Persian to spit in public, or wipe the nose, or show signs of wind‘ [1] But when Persians were such cultured people, European were savage Barbarians and Britons were savage human-eaters (Adam-khor), who loved to eat men, women and children! […] When European Barbarians were eating humans and drinking human blood, and didn’t know how to utter or spell Culture and Civilization, Iranians even refused to spit in public! Do you know what it means?! Any sane person knows what it means. The Western barbarians have no shame. They even censor what their own Xenophon says! […] Xenophon adds: ‘when the Persian have reached the age of fifty years or more, then they take rank as elders, and the title is deserved. These elders no longer go on military service beyond the frontier; they stay at home and decide all cases, public and private both. Even capital charges are left to their decision, and it is they who choose all the magistrates. If a youth or a grown man breaks the law he is brought into court by the governors of his tribe, who act as suitors in the case, aided by any other citizen who pleases. The cause is heard before the elders and they pronounce judgment‘ [1] In fact, Iranians hated the Jewish laws, the Jewish/ Western barbarian laws. In Cyropaedia, Xenophon talks about Cyrus the Great, who was a great role model for all civilized humans, including civilized Greeks. Xenophon shows how Cyrus’s mother taught him the human values, including ‘justice, politeness, good manners, freedom, loyalty, honesty, respect to family, friends and elders, law and respect to law, discipline, respect to both private life and public life, community services, or Continence in meat and drink‘ [1] Xenophon even talks about the ‘Persian curiosity and thirst for knowledge‘ [1] Xenophon even shows you how Cyrus and his parents, as an example of ancient Iranians, discussed about tyranny, freedom, justice etc [1] For instance, a dialogue between Persians (Cyrus and his parents) in 2500 years ago is: ‘When the interests of mankind are at stake, they will obey with joy the man whom they believe to be wiser than themselves. You may prove this on all sides: you may see how the sick man will beg the doctor to tell him what he ought to do, how a whole ship’s company will listen to the pilot, how travelers will cling to the one who knows the way better, as they believe, than they do themselves. But if men think that obedience will lead them to disaster, then nothing, neither penalties, nor persuasion, nor gifts, will avail to rouse them. For no man accepts a bribe to his own destruction [Cyrus’s father says] The best way to secure obedience is to be thought wiser than those we rule? Yes, that is my belief. [Cyrus’s father says]. We, Persians, have an unwritten law that we teach our children as we teach our servants, simply and solely not to lie, and not to cheat, and not to covert, and if they did otherwise to punish them, hoping to make them humane and law-abiding citizens‘ [1] The World and the West should bow before the Iranian Culture and the Iranian wisdom. But the West is so ungrateful and uncultured. In Cyropaedia, Xenophon talks about many interesting things, including the Council of Persia‘ and this fact that the Council of Elders appointed Cyrus. Xenophon even says: ‘Persians feel there are certain things that the gods has permitted us to attain through learning and study and training’ [1] But just look what the Barbarian West now says about Iran, the Land of Science, Arts and Culture. The West and all Barbarians have no shame and no brain. Their own Xenophon said: ‘when we came to realise the character of Cyrus the Persian, we [bowed before] him .. For ourselves, considering his title to our admiration proved, we set ourselves to inquire what his parentage might have been and his natural parts, and how he was trained and brought up to attain so high a pitch of excellence in the government of men. And all we could learn from others about him or felt we might infer for ourselves we will here endeavor to set forth’. In fact, Cyrus and ancient Iranians were role models for ancient Greeks. Iran, the land of Aryans, is much older than the Persian Empire. Even in 2500 years ago, Xenophon talked about ‘the ancient temperance of Persians and the ancient discipline that preserved it’ ! [1] In fact, even Xenophon knew that Iran, the land of Aryans and the birthplace of civilization and culture, is very very older than Greece. But the Barbarian West just loves to tell big lies. Of course the informed people just laugh at the Barbarian West. In 2014, even the good Westerners talk about ‘300-II Movie’, and ask ‘Who are the Barbarians?!’ They know that the best name for the 300 movie is ‘Barbarians vs Persia’ ! In 2014, Iranians say: ‘Barbarians tried to eliminate our culture, they burned our books, they even tried to change our language, to ban our values/ traditions etc. However, that did not happen because there is no way to change who we are, it is in our souls’. In 2014, even the good Westerners say: ‘Barbarians kill ambassadors. They kill those who are wounded in war. They sent the beautiful girls of their cities to top of a mountain to be gang raped by the ugliest lepers! They teach children to be ruthless and illogical killing machines that enjoy being blood thirsty animals! But who are these barbarians? According to the Hollywood (300), these [savage barbarians] are the Spartans! And Who are they fighting against? They are fighting against Persians and Great Persia!, whose names are repeatedly mentioned in our holy texts as the savior, freedom fighter, liberator etc. Persians freed the Jews from bondage in Babylon, and helped them return home and [have their own religion]’ ! But the ungrateful West, like the ungrateful Jews, is so ungrateful. Almost all their good things have Iranian roots. Almost all their modern values have Iranian roots. But they are so ungrateful, and just crap about ‘Iran, the home of Science, Arts and Culture’. They crap about the Persian Legacy and the Iranian Civilization that is the most glorious and peaceful civilizations of all times. Of course many Westerners know the truth, and say for instance: ‘Iranians have always protected their culture to the point foreign invaders were not able to get rid of it, no matter how much they tried’. But the good Westerners are often silent. Many good and wise Westerners know that Iran is the birthplace of culture and civilization. They even know that Iranian religions were and are the most peaceful religions in the world. They know that Iranian values brought real values of peace, humanity, tolerance and freedom. They know that Barbarians burned Persian books, and said that people were not even allowed to talk about Iranian values, Iranian legacy and Iranian civilization. They know Barbarians. They know the Orwellian West. But they are silent, and their silence allows the bad guys to perform more evil acts. But in the post-Snowden era, it’s clear why the good guys should break their silence”.

For more information:

[1] Xenophon’s Books at Project Gutenberg e-texts.

Satanism, Religion, Islamists and their Great Satan

May 13, 2014

“Islamists and their Great Satan hurt Iran, but actually change Iran! Now all Iranians (+97%) hate Islamists and Great Satan, and many Iranians hate Religion and all religious things. It’s a natural reaction to what Islamists did and do. Rouhanis (Mullahs) and Islamists are worse than animals. Rouhanis still send horrible noise/ parasite, slow down the internet, increase Filtering & Censorship, and desperately to hurt Iran and Iranians, and to serve the interests of the West and Great Satan. Now it’s clear that the Jewish Religion of Mullahs is Satanism, and Iranian people hate this Arab/ Jewish Satanism. In April 2014 and in a historic Referendum, the 97% of Iranians said a Big No to the Mullah Church, and the Arab/ Jewish Religion of Islamists. But you should not forget that the first nation who talked about modern religions and ‘Good and Evil’ were Iranians. As you know, God comes from Persian Khoda (Goda, God), as Good comes from Persian Khoob (Goob, Good). Such terms and such concepts have Iranian roots. Khoda became God, Nik became nice, Khoob became Good, Bad became Bad, Ahriman became Evil or Satan, or Deevs became devils. The Jewish/ Western people borrowed these concepts from Great Iran and Iranians. But as Jewish/ Western pigs were uncultured or barbarians, they mixed these Iranian concepts with their own barbaric beliefs and their own barbarian traditions, and poisoned/ polluted everything. Now the Jewish/ Western pigs openly attack Iranian values, and openly defend Genocide, Racism and Sadism, and shamelessly say that their Jewish God and their Jewish Bible praise such Barbaric/ Satanic things!”, some wise Iranians say. Iranian people know what is Good or Evil, and what is Religion, Morality or human values, because as the wise Iranians say: “such concepts have Iranian roots. The first modern religions were created by Iranians. The first human values were Iranian values. Modern values and moral concepts were firstly invented by Iranians. So, Iran and Iranians know what they are talking about. The best nation who can talk about religion, morality and human values is Iran. Iran’s religious people used to see Iranian Religion as ‘Karkhaneh Ensan Sazi’ (a factory that produces good guys). But the Mullah Religion, the West’s Religion, and the Arab/ Jewish Religion of Islamists is nothing but ‘Karkhaneh Heyvan Sazi’ (a factory that produces savage animals)! If you have doubt, you can take a look at what the West and Islamists do in Iran, Syria, Egypt, Saudi, USA, UK etc. Religious fanatics act like brainless animals. In Syria, we all can see that the Arab/ Jewish Religion of Islamists is actually ‘Karkhaneh Barbar Sazi’ (a factory that produces barbarians)! In Syria, Islamists act like British barbarians and European human-eaters (Adam-khora). But why Islamists and religious fanatics become such savage beasts? Iranians intellectuals have already answered such questions”. They also add: “The Jewish Religion of Islamists, like the religion of all religious fanatics, is ‘Karkhaneh Bardeh Sazi’ (a factory that produces slaves) or Karkhaneh Goosfand Sazi (a factory that produces Sheep/ Sheeple ). This factory, which is a dirty business, asks people to become slaves of the Church and Big Brothers. They ask people to put their brains into their asses, to lose their humanity, and to become slaves of clergymen. They say Ignorance is Strength, Science is Evil, Knowledge is Evil, or Slavery is Freedom. Mullahs and all clergymen hate Science and Knowledge, and love Ignorance and Sheeple. But why? They know that if people try to use their brains and their common sense, to think and care about logic, and to not live like sheep, then they would lose the main source of their power. So, they say to people: Science is evil. Using your brain is evil’ ! But any sane person knows what is good or evil. Ignorance is evil, or Knowledge is evil?! Closing your mind is evil, or being open-minded is evil ?! Being Slave is evil, or being a free man is evil?! Religious fanatics try to turn people into slaves or Sheeple. Religious fanatics are actually the sons of Satan. Just look what they do in the USA, Syria, Iraq, Egypt Saudi, etc. In Syria, savage Islamists/ Arabs are proud of butchering innocent people and innocent children. Islamists and Zionists are two sides of the same coin. They are killers, torturers and barbarians, because their Satanic Religion is ‘Karkhaneh Barbar Sazi’ (a factory that produces barbarians). They are stooges/ slaves of Satan and Satanic forces like the UK and the USA. They are followers of English Islam (British Islamist) or Jewish Islam. In the 1980s, Mullahs themselves talked about ‘American Islam’, and said that a group of Mullahs are follower of American Islam! But after 2009, all people can see that Mullahs are followers of English Islam or Jewish Islam. After 2009, AhmadiNejad (AN) are Jannati are symbols of Arab/ Jewish Islam, and Rouhani and his supreme leader are symbols of American/ English Islam. But in Iran, people are followers of Iranian Islam. The Iranian version of Islam is different from English Islam or Jewish Islam. In fact, Iranians are followers of their own religions, not Arab/ Jewish religions. Iranian people believe in Iranian God, in Iranian values and in Iranian beliefs. Iranians, both irreligious and religious people, hate Arab/ Jewish beliefs and English/ Satanic beliefs. Only Mullahs and Islamists (ie the 3%) love and praise Arab/ English beliefs, Jewish beliefs and Satanic beliefs”.

As the wise Iranians say: “Islamists and their Great Satan are a godsend for Iran. Their evil acts just backfire. They actually ask people to hate Religion. Maybe they want to destroy Religion and all religious things, and it’s their mission. (Who knows) But it’s none of our business. We, Iranians, are even happy to see the true face of their Satanic Religions and the death of their Religions. Since the ancient time, we, Iranians, have believed in Iranian values -like Truth and Tolerance- which is the base and the root of human values. We, Iranians, already knew and said that ‘Good or Evil’ is independent of religion and race. If we, Iranians, want to be worried about something, it’s not Religion, but it’s Human values, Humanity and Iranian Legacy. Almost all Iranians, religious or irreligious, believe in Iranian values like Truth, Tolerance, Kindness, Sympathy, Love, Justice etc. But the Barbarian West and its stooges (ie Islamists, Marxists etc) hate Iranian values. They believe in the Jewish-English values like Racism, Sadism, Intolerance, Genocide and Savagery. They hate Iranian God, and love Satan and Jewish God (Western God). They love Big Lies, Hypocrisy, Stupidity and Wickedness. Iranian intellectuals like Sadeq Hedayat already knew why Islamists and all religious fanatics become killers, torturers, spies, stooges, liars, and agents of Satan. As Hedayat said in 100 years ago: ‘Why Mullahs and Islamists become spies and stooges? Because their Jewish religion praises evil acts like Lying, Spying, Hypocrisy, selling your soul, and selling your honor, your brain, and your humanity. Their religion is an enemy of the Truth and any Progress. Their religion is the logic of Sword, and the business of beggars (Kaseh Gedaii). Their religion is Poverty, Crying Wolf, Beggary,
Dead-worshiping, and obeying a cruel and brutal Jewish God (ie Satan). Their religion and their religious things is a combination of (Satanic beliefs), Madness, Meanness, Big Lies, Utilitarianism (Sood-parasti), Dirt, Death and Disaster. Why are they so mean and obeying a bloodthirsty God (ie Satan)? .. their Jewish God is a brutal tyrant and a cruel oppressor, who just asks people to kill, to plunder, to tell big lies, to steal people’s money, and to violate people’s rights .. They are horny pigs and sex addicts, and just care about stomach, and what is under stomach. Their religion is based on stomach and under stomach … they just try to destroy the world, and to pollute the world with Hypocrisy, Meanness, Licking ass, Lying, shamelessness, brainlessness, poverty, spying etc. This Sedition (Fetneh) and this Jewish religion has been created by the Jewish spies, who wanted to hurt Iran and Iranians .. This Jewish religion is the Enemy of the people, and only Colonialists, Imperialists and (Satanists) love such religions’. It’s what Hedayat and Iranians said in 100 years ago. In fact, Iranians knew why clergymen and the UK ask people to not use their brain, to become slave, and to become Cheap & Mean (Past (Khar) & Zalil). Slaves can easily become spies and stooges of bad guys. When you don’t use your brain, and when you just obey what you are told, and when you have no honor and no principle, you can easily become spy and stooge. The UK and all bad guys love Islamists, because Islamists are stupid slaves. In the past, the bad guys told people: ‘Obey us; listen to us; become slaves of the Church and Religion’. And now they tell people: ‘Obey us; listen to us, and become slaves of the West, slaves of money, or slaves of power’! They say to journalists and intellects: Become whores and just do what you are told’ ! The West and the Jewish-Satanic religions try to create slaves, whores, spies, stooges and ‘Mojudat-e Past, Ahmaq & Matherqahbe (creatures who are so mean, stupid & motherfucker)”. They also add: “When you don’t use your brain, close your mind, and just obey your Arbabs (masters), you are actually a stooge of evil forces. In 2014, the Mullah TV aired what Rigi, the terrorist, said in prison. Rigi was an Islamist and a terrorist, but apparently he had changed. This time, they didn’t forced him to talk about real Islamists and such bullshits. This time, what Rigi said didn’t seem like forced confessions, because he said important things like: ‘Religious Fanaticism and Bigotry has blinded me. When you close your mind, you lose your humanity, and you can do all evil things, all terrorist acts. You can kill innocent men and women. You can even kill innocent children. Religious Fanaticism has blinded me. When you close your mind and don’t use your common sense, you become a religious fanatic, and a puppet of evil forces. You don’t know what you do. You don’t think. You just obey. You become a terrorist, and an agent/ slave of Satan‘. Maybe it’s a forced confession, but it’s important that even Rigi and Mullahs show people the base and the truth of Satanism and Satanic Religions. Those who live like sheep, and blindly obey the Church and clergymen are actually obeying Satan. Religious Circles that ask youths or adults to tell big lie, to hide the truth, to kill, to torture, to oppress, to hurt, to steal etc are really Satanic Circles. In Iran, they don’t dare to openly praise evil acts. So, they act like secret societies and Freemasons. They are the sons of the UK and Zionists. As you know, Queen of England -as were her predecessors- is the head of state and head of the Church of England. She has created an Orwellian society in Britain. But English Barbarians have no shame, and refer to this English-Satanic Dictatorship as Democracy! The Church of England is actually the Church of Satan, and the Church of Satan is the Arbab (master) of the Jewish Church and the Church of Mullahs. In the Church of Satan, Satanists call themselves religious people and shed crocodile tears for God, Religion, or even Morality. Great Satan and Big Brothers love slaves, whores, and brainless faggots and call them Intellectuals! In the West and the Mullah regime, spies and whores are heroes! They even refer to whores, spies and brainless faggots as journalists or intellects! In the West, Islamist whores and CIA agents like Akbar Ganji are called journalists or even intellectuals. In the West, Satanic whores like Noam Chomsky are heroes. They openly praise leftist ideology, Islamist ideology, Capitalist ideology and other Satanic ideologies. They openly praise the dirty world of politics and big lies”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Those who tell many big lies, steal people’s money, kill and torture people, censor people’s voices, and perform all evil acts are followers of Satan, and their religion is Satanism. Those who defend Intolerance, Racism, Sadism, Genocide and Barbarism are definitely Ahrimani (Satanists) and followers of Satan. These bad guys, including Islamists and all religious fanatics, lose their Humanity. They become whores and slaves of evil forces. It’s what we all can see in Iran and the world. Just look what Islamists, Zionists and Christian fanatics say and do. They don’t care about Truth, Logic, Tolerance, Humanity and Human values. They even openly say that they hate Logic, Science, Truth, Tolerance and Human values (ie what is universally good and decent)! They are actually the followers of Satan. They hate Science and Knowledge, and their Satanic logic is the logic of Sword, the logic of power, the law of the jungle. Religious Fanaticism is the real Satanism. Just ask yourself: Why Islamists and all religious fanatics are killers, liars, terrorists, rapists, sadists, hypocrites, barbarians, crooks and thieves? They are the followers of Satan, the sons of Satan. Of course all religious people are not bad guys. Some of them are normal humans, and just have their own views and their own life styles. In Iran, religious people say good things like: ‘Mullahs don’t believe in God & Prophets. So, what Iranians say to Mullahs is like what Imam Hussein said to the Yazid’s army: If you don’t have religion, at least be a free man, and act like a liberated man’ (Agar Din Nadarid, Hadeaqal Azadeh Bashid)! It’s what average Iranians sarcastically say to Islamists and Mullahs! Azadeh and Azadegi means ‘a free man’ or ‘acting like a liberated man’; indeed it means: Don’t be slave; don’t be stooge. Iranians know that Mullahs are slaves of Great Satan, and followers of Yazid and Moawiah’ ! Now almost all Iranians say to Islamists and Mullahs: ‘you don’t have any honors (Sharaf Nadarid)! you are not humans (Adam Nistid)! you are worse than Yazid! you are psychos (Ravani)! you are sick pigs (Bimar)! you are Ajnabi (non-Iranians) and have occupied our Iran’. In fact, Iranians know that Mullahs and Islamists are Arabs/ Jews (Ajnabi), not Iranians. In 2009, all Iranians saw that Islamists are members of the Satan’s army. In 2009, average Iranians referred to Basijis and Islamists as Zionists and I-s-raelis! It’s so important. Islamists are slaves/ stooges of Zionists and the Barbarian UK, and Iranian people know it. In April 2014, the 97% of Iranians revealed the depth of Iranian Wisdom. All humans should learn from Iranian people, and open their eyes. What Islamists, Zionists and Christian fanatics are doing and saying (about Iran, Syria, Egypt, Saudi etc) show that religious fanatics are the sons of Satan. In Iran, Islamists are crooks, thieves, big liars, killers or spies/ stooges of Great Satan. Islamists are enemies of the people. Islamists just aid the West in creating Dictatorship. Just look what Islamists did in Iran, Egypt, Syria etc. In Egypt, Islamists just aid dictators like Mubarak and Al-Sisi. Even if you ignore that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood are Freemasons and stooges of English Colonialism and Freemasonry, you can ask: Why Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood started to implement the IMF plans in Egypt?! In May 2014, even the Mullah TV confesses: ‘(our Islamist regime implements IMF Plans. But even) in Egypt, Morsi and Islamists are stooges of the IMF, and implement IMF Plans’ ! (May 2014) In fact, it’s the truth of their Islamic Awakening! Mullahs, Muslim Brotherhood, and all Islamists are stooges of Great Satan, and their mission was and is: Paving the way for the Barbarian West, Colonialism, Despotism and the so-called Imperialism“. Iranians know who is who, but as some wise Iranians say: “the Western idiots even don’t know that social developments are beyond the Big Brother’s control. Westerners don’t know the home of the Good (Iran). Even the good Westerners say: ‘They are fed anti-X or anti-Y propaganda, since childhood. But the paradox is that Iranian become highly educated under this dictator regime’. Westerners don’t know that Iranians have old sayings/ ancient proverbs like: ‘Enemy can be a godsend’ ! or ‘You can learn Politeness (ie Goodness) from impolite people (ie bad guys)’ ! In Iran, Mullahs like Mesbah and Jannati are godsend. English/ Jewish Mullahs like Jannati, Mesbah, Rouhani etc just show that Mullahs are followers of Satan, and the Mullah religion is actually the English/ Jewish Satanism. But you should not forget that Mullahs cannot say to their rank and file: ‘What we say is a big lie; Lets be hypocrite; Lets steal people’s money; Let’s kill or use people’ ! Even the 3% (3-darsadi-ha), ie the rank and file of the regime, don’t accept such crap. The rank and file think that their leaders are honest, and believe in God and Morality! But when they see that their leaders are big liars and bad guys, at first they deny. But sooner or later they will become aware, and will rebel. Now even the rank and file of the regime say: ‘(Dareh Gandesh dar Miad)! Mullahs don’t believe in God & Prophets; If they believed in such things, they would not tell big lies and would not perform such evil acts’ ! Mullahs have always tried to fool people. But Mullahs cannot openly tell people: ‘We don’t believe in God and our own bullshit. We just want to fool you and use you. We just want to brainwash you into becoming our slaves’ ! Mullahs (ie clergymen) and the Church say that irreligious people are Satanists! But it’s a big lie. They just try to hide this important fact that Mullahs, Islamists and all religious fanatics are Satanists and the real followers of Satan. Many irreligious people are good guys. Many irreligious people are much more better than Mullahs and religious fanatics. Many irreligious people are normal humans. But religious fanatics are savage animals. Instead of caring about the truth and what is good and decent, religious fanatics just care about their Arbabs (masters). In Iran, our people say to Islamists: Instead of caring about AN and Mullahs, you must care about the truth. If you are really religious people, you must care about the truth, not the Arbabs’ ! It shows the depth of Iranian Wisdom”.

The world should know more about Iran and Iranian views. We have already written about [1]: “A very Brief History of Iran and Iranian Religions”, “Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance”, “Morality, Ethics, Religion, and Humanity”, or “Immorality, Religious Fanatics, Evil Empire” (check Archive). But as the wise Iranians say: “the world still knows nothing about Iranian beliefs. Iranians say if religion becomes Slavery or Opium, it would be a very bad and dangerous thing. We, Iranians, say if Fashion, Media, or any ideologies and modern things become Opium or Slavery, it’s like or worse than Religion. If you are slave, your Arbab (master) is not important. If you are sheep, your shepherd is not important! The bad guys want to make people slaves and Sheeple. The bad guys actually say: ‘One day people should be slaves of the church, and one day people should be slaves of Fashion. One day people are slaves of media, and one day people are slaves of Religion, slaves of Money, or slaves of Power! But slaves are slaves, and only their Arbabs (masters) are different’ ! Iranians have always said that Slavery is an evil thing. Jews, Arabs and others see God as Arbab (master), Big Brother, or Tyrant. They see themselves as ‘Slaves of God’ ! But Iranians see God as as Friend (Doost) or Lover. Iranians refer to God as the Doost (Friend), the Good, the Love etc. It’s so important. Such differences between Iranian views and Jewish/ Western views are important”. They also add: “All bad guys, religious or irreligious, ask people to be slaves or whores. Some bad guys ask people to be slaves of the church or slaves of religion. Some bad guys ask people to be slaves of fashion, slaves of media, or slaves of money and power. But slave is slave, and whore is whore. Whores and slaves just obey their Arbabs (masters), and cannot act like free men, liberated men, and real humans. A slave can be a slave of all evil forces. One day s/he is a slave of Mullahs, and one day s/he is a slave of the West“. They also add: “In all around the world, slaves, whores, crooks, thieves, killers and all bad guys are almost alike. But it’s funny and important to know that even Iran’s bad guys have some sort of Morality. Since the ancient time, even Iranian thieves/ thugs have some sort of Morality and Ethics. Compared to the Arab/ Jewish/ Western bad guys, the Iranian thieves/ thugs -known as Ayyaaran, Lootis etc- seem like saints and angels. If you take a look at Iran’s history and Iran’s literature, you can see that even Iran’s bad guys were much more cultured and civilized than the West. Even Iran’s bad guys cared about human values, and didn’t cross many red lines. It’s so important. Mullahs and Islamists are not Iranians, because they think and act like Arabs/ Jews (Ajnabi), not Iranians. Mullahs and Islamists hate Persia, Iranian values, Iranian culture and Iranian civilization. Mullahs and Islamists are Ajnabi or Mozdoor-e Ajnabi (puppets of Ajnabi). They are stupid followers of Satan. Both Mullahs and the West say: everyone and everything is for sale, all the time, and there’s nothing that shouldn’t be for sale’ ! They are the worst whores. Female whores, who sell their bodies, are much more honorable than Mullahs, religious fanatics and political whores, who sell everything. These bastards worship money and power. They have no morality and no principle. When they call themselves religious people, it’s obvious why many people hate religion so much. But people should not forget that good things, including Ethics and Human values, are independent of Religion. But unfortunately, many irreligious guys often say: ‘we don’t want to be slaves of the church and religion; but we want to be slaves of money, slaves of power, slaves of fashion etc’ ! In fact, they only change their Arbabs (masters), and remain slaves! But it’s so stupid. There is no real difference between slaves of the church/ religion and slaves of the West/ Big Brother/ fashion/ money/ power etc. The good guys seek the truth, want to live like free men, and try to make a better world, a better life, etc. The good guys don’t want to be slaves of anything. It’s the Iranian view. But unfortunately in the West, even university students, scientists and intellects are whores/ slaves, and just care about money and power, not the truth. It’s a very tragic fact. In the West, even scientists and intellects have become whores and slaves, and it’s one of the West’s biggest problems”. They also add: “The world should know more about Iran and Iranian values. In Iran, Truth, Tolerance, Logic, Kindness, Niki (Nice things), Love, Sympathy, and high level values are national values. The first nation who said: ‘If you have no sympathy for human pain, the name of human you cannot retain’, were Iranians. When Europeans were killing and eating each other, and when Jews, Arabs and Westerners were praising Racism, Sadism, Genocide, Barbarism and Intolerance, Iranians were talking and writing about Tolerance and high level values. It’s the main difference between Iran and the West. Iran, the land of Aryans, is the home of the first cultured and civilized humans; and the West is the ancient land of Barbarians and Barbarism. It’s important. The first humans who said Racism, Intolerance, Fanaticism, Bigotry etc are evil things were Iranians. The Persian literature is full of many good examples that can show you the truth. A long list of great Persian writers/ thinkers – that the world just knows some of them like Zoroaster, Rumi, Attar, Khayam, Hafiz, Saadi, Ferdowsi, Nezami etc- can show you why Iranians were and are quite different from the Western barbarians or the savage Jews/ Arabs. Great Iran has many great men, who were and are unknown or little known but they can show you why Iran is the home of Human values, and the land of Culture and Civilization. Iranian values, Iranian legacy and Iranians like Mani, Mazdak, Kharaqani, Ansari, Bastami and many many others show you what is Iranian Tolerance and Iranian Logic, and why Iranians say: ‘Being Good Guy is important, not your race and your religion’. Humanity and Tolerance have deep roots in Iranian Culture. It’s quite different from what you can see in the the Arab/ Jewish Culture and the Western Culture. Iranian values are good things like Truth, Tolerance, Love, Kindness, Sympathy, Equality, Justice etc. But Arab/ Jewish values are Satanic things like Racism, Intolerance, Genocide, Sadism, Sexism, the law of the jungle, Lying etc. The Western values were and are barbaric values like Racism, Sadism, Selfishness, Hypocrisy, Shortsightedness, Power, Money, Inhumanity, the Law of the Jungle etc. You should not forget that Nazism, Fascism, Colonialism, Utilitarianism, Capitalism, Holocaust, Apartheid, World Wars etc are the fruits of the
Jewish-Western-Satanic beliefs. We, Iranians, don’t say that all Westerners/ Arabs/ Jews are bad guys, as we don’t say that all Iranians are good guys. Goodness or badness is independent of race and religion, and it’s an Iranian belief, one of the old Iranian beliefs. But after 2009, we all can see that Iranian values and Iranian beliefs are quite different from the West’s barbaric values and the Jewish-Western-Satanic beliefs”.

Little Britain vs Persia: Persian Question (Curzon)

March 27, 2014

“In the past 200 years, the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Progress in Iran is Britain, the land of Barbarians. These years showed that what Iranians already said about Britain was not wrong. These years showed that what George Orwell said about the UK -from the Ministry of Truth to Big Brother Corporation (BBC)- was not wrong. These years showed that If Iranians want to enjoy freedom, democracy and progress, they should know the UK and its stooges (the US is a new version of the UK). All good guys should know the long story of the Barbarian UK, the British Colonialism and the British Evil Empire. It’s necessary to have a better world”, the wise Iranians say. In this year, many things are ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “the UK media acts as Rohani’s media. Mullahs still send noise/ parasite, and try to slow down the filtered Internet. The West’s media and the Mullah Great Firewall -which is a British-American product- just remind you of the Orwellian World of ‘1984’. The British media -from the BBC to the Guardian- is ‘Lie Factory’. They tell big lies and censor everything. The UK and the West falsify the past, because as Orwell said, they believe: ‘Who controls the past, controls the future, and who controls the present controls the past’ ! But as ancient Iranians said, liars and bad guys suffer from many problems, including short memory and low IQs. They and their contradictions (paradoxes) can reveal many things”. We have already written about the past (history) and what Europe said about Persia, [for instance, check Archive for [2]: “Iran Gifts to Mankind: German Confession (Olearius)”] and here lets take a look at Curzon’s book [1]: ‘Persia and the Persian Question’. Curzon is a British politician, and it’s obvious that his book is not reliable. But as some Iranians say: “European books are full of lies, and are not reliable, but Common sense (Aghl-e Salim) can help you to judge what you read, and to find their contradictions/ confessions”. Curzon is a notorious politicians. As some wise Iranians say: “Lord Curzon (1859- 1925) was a high rank politician, a high rank freemason/ spy, and a high rank ideologue of British Colonialism. ‘In the autumn and winter of 1889’ [1] Curzon was in Iran, and his book[1] was written in the early 1890s; and in the late 1890s, Curzon was appointed governor-general of India! Curzon was a conservative member of the House of Commons, and served as parliamentary under-secretary for India, and for foreign affairs (1895- 98) in Robert Salisbury’s second and third governments. In the 1910s, Curzon became leader of the House of Lords, and a member of the war cabinet. From 1919 to 1924, Curzon was the UK foreign secretary. The UK and Curzon were behind the 1921 Coup (Pahlavi’s coup), and Curzon was the architect of the ill-fated 1919 Pact”. They also add: “In his book [1], Curzon talked about ‘his lifelong concern for Persia’ ! [1], ‘Britain’s problems in Persia’ [1], and ‘Britain’s position in Persia’ [1] He even said that most of the British tourists/ agents who went to Persia and wrote about Persia ‘worked for the East India Company’! [1] As Curzon said, ‘Anglo-Persian relations were in the hands of the East India Company‘! [1] It’s a good confession. Most Freemasons and British Spies worked for the East India Company, and it was the East India Company that paid Mullahs ‘Indian Money’ !”. They also add: “Curzon was a typical British Politician, ie a typical stupid bastard. He said: I am a friend of Persia ! [1] But he crapped about Persia, and praised the UK for occupying many parts of Iran, including Eastern Iran [1] Curzon’s book can reveal part of the UK Orwellian tactics. Curzon said Iran is considered as ‘The Origin of the Aryans’. But ‘now (in the 19th century), [the Ministry of Truth] reject this old hypothesis. ‘But I still prefer the old hypothesis’ ! [1] It’s funny and important. In the 19th century, the UK started to rewrite history and to falsify the past, but most people just laughed at the UK; So, in Curzon’s book Iran was still the land of Aryans, as the Persian Gulf was still the Persian Gulf [1] In fact, before the 20th century, most people didn’t care about false names or fabricated history manufactured by the Evil Empire (Ministry of Truth, etc)”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘Little Britain has committed the greatest crimes and evil acts in history, and common sense and scientific evidence tell you to reject what the Evil Empire says. Now even modern sciences show that Britons were Barbarians and Human-eaters (Adam-khor), and Arabs/ Jews were savages and Locust-eaters. The West’s Jewish Bibles and Jewish religions praised Genocide, Sadism, Racism, and Intolerance. They still praise such barbaric things. But Iranians are the first humans who talked about Tolerance, Basic Rights and Human values, and that’s why many tried to know more about Persia, and to learn from it. The West learned a lot from Iran. As Curzon confessed: ‘the
administrative regime of Persia is in essence the same at this day as under the Achaemenian. Persia is divided into satrapies or provinces, ruled by governor-generals who are appointed by, and are directly responsible to, the Crown, and these are further subdivided into beluks, or districts, cities and their dependencies, and towns, the lieutenant governors […]’ [1] In fact, when Americans and Europeans didn’t know how to utter or spell ‘system’, ‘government’, ‘law’ etc Iranians had a modern government. Europeans learned (from Persia) about ‘the tax list’ [1], ‘Barats, or orders, payable some weeks or months from date’ [1], and ‘Darogheh (head of police), Kalantar (mayor of a city), Kadkhoda (head of a village), etc’ [1] When Europeans didn’t know what is clerks, secretaries, or accountants, as Curzon said: ‘In Iran, every minister, every governor, every petty official, was surrounded by an immense staff of munshis, mirzas, and mustofis, i.e. clerks, secretaries, and accountants‘ [1] But the West is so ungrateful and so shameless. They said: ‘the system is so open in Persia’ ! [1], and added: ‘From one point of view, Persia is the most democratic country in the world‘ [1] But they loved to crap about Persia, and to praise the Fake Democracy and the Barbarian-Orwellian System in Europe! They talked about ‘the theory of the law in Persia‘ [1], and said: ‘the law in Persia consists of two branches: the religious law, and the common law .. criminal cases are decided by the ecclesiastical, and civil cases by the secular courts‘ [1] But they loved to crap about Persia, and to praise the Medieval laws and the Law of the Jungle in Britain (Europe)! As our people say: ‘Even dogs are grateful. If you give or learn dogs something, they are grateful’. But Europeans, specially British pigs, are so ungrateful”. They also add: “Curzon has indirectly confessed to many things. For instance, he said: ‘Government is Machiavellian. Religion inspiring at one moment the bigot’s rage, at the next the agnostic’s indifference. The most scandalous corruption is combined with a scrupulous regard for the moral law’ ! [1] And it’s the philosophy of Britain and their Mullahs. As they say: ‘one of the chief reasons the Roman oligarchy survived for 1,000 years was because it had learned how to use cults and religions to control its people‘ ! It’s what Britons said in the 19th century, when the UK started ‘a cult-building project’ [1] This British religion-building project created many new cults, including Mormonism, Bahaism, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Zionism, and other freemasonic cults. Iranians reject this religion-building project, but Britons said: ‘Persians could not be otherwise described than as the greatest rascals in the world’ ! [1] It’s funny, because the British rascals, the worst barbarians in history, said such things. Freemasons and British barbarians like Curzen and Malcolm said: ‘Persia [should be] a backward country’ ! [1] They and their UK were behind the Mullahs, the Treaty of Gulistan in 1813, and the Treaty of Turkomanchai in 1828 [1] In Iran’s history, we have many Hakim (scientist, doctor, expert). Hakim was pro-Iranian and pro-Truth, while Mullah was/ is fanatic, stooge/ spy, anti-Iranian and anti-Truth. Mullahs were/ are slaves of the Devil and Iran’s enemies. But Curzon and the UK pretended that Mullah is Hakim! [1] They still pretend that their own spies are Iranians or representatives of Iranians! It’s one of the old British tactics”. They also add: “Curzon talked about Iran’s Civil Society and people’s organizations like ‘Majlis of elders, or rish-sefid’ in Persia [1] As Curzon said: ‘[In small towns, Iran’s judiciary system is unique]. A council of elders is convoked in the house of a leading citizen. Both sides state their case; the documents are produced and inspected; and a decision, which is almost always in the nature of a compromise, is given. The verdict is signed and registered by the authorities’ [1] It shows that Persia was much more modern than Europe. When Europeans were following the Jewish law of ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’ [1], Iranians cared about ‘compromise’, and ‘separation from both the state and the church’. Curzon even confessed: ‘In Persia, the Shah is not the religious head of [the Church]’ [1] It’s important, because we all know the Medieval Europe”. They also add: “Bribery and Corruption (Lobbying) was, and still is, a main part of the political system in the UK, the US and the EU. But they crap about ‘Corruption in Persia’ ! [1] Persia was not Utopia, and suffered from corruption. But it’s funny that those who openly praise Bribery and Corruption (Lobbying), and those whose system is still based on Bribery and Corruption (Lobbying), crap about Persia!”. As some wise Iranians say: “The UK just tried to worsen the problems in Persia. They used Mullahs and other traitors to create more problems. Curzon said: ‘Women in [Northern Iran & many parts of Iran] never cover the face, but converse freely with man’ [1] But the UK just supported Mullahs and fanatics. Curzon knew ‘the interesting pages of the Persian history’ [1] But he loved ‘the Persia of Malcolm, of Morier, of Ouseley, and of [other Freemasons]’ ! [1] He just cared about spies/ stooges, who were like today’s British stooges -from Rouhani to Behnoud. Curzon acted liked Ashton, Straw, BBC, Guardian etc”.


As some wise Iranians say: “It’s funny that the UK hated Nadir Shah and Agha Mohammed Khan because ‘they defeated Russia and Iran’s enemies, and tried to restore Great Iran’! Curzon hated Nadir Shah, because ‘in the reign of Nadir Shah, [traitors to Iran, including] Mullahs have been superseded and ignored’ ! [1], and ‘Nadir Shah overran the East’ ! [1] ‘In 1729, Nadir Shah gained his great victory over [Traitors to Iran]’ [1], and it made Britain angry. In the early 18th century, traitors and barbarians attacked Persia. ‘Russians attacked Persia, the shore of the Caspian’ [1] Russian barbarians killed many Iranians. But Iran’s people resisted, and as Curzon said: ‘Gilan became the grave of Russians’ ! [1] But as Curzon was a shameless idiot, he added: ‘Russians very prudently [!] consented to evacuate Persia in 1734, without drawing any advantage from it’! [1] He falsified history, but said: ‘There is another version of [history !] According to this version [ie the Truth], a patriotic Persian, Nadir Shah, having obtained the throne, sent an imperious ultimatum to the Russian army, that unless the Russians [stopped killing Iranians & occupying Persia], Nadir Shah would send his army to sweep all Russians into the sea‘ [1] It’s obvious why the UK and all barbarians hate Nadir, a patriotic Persian. Nadir knew how to deal with Barbarians; and maybe that’s why they assassinated Nadir […] Nadir Shah made many mistakes, and did many bad/ stupid things. But it’s funny that the UK was glad of Nadir’s assassination & Agha Mohammed Khan’s assassination!”. They also add: “Unfortunately, India helped Iran’s enemies, and when Nadir decided to punish India for betraying Iran, he didn’t think about the European/ British pigs – ie enemies of both Iran and India- who were ready to make use of any hostility between Iran and India. For thousands of years, Iran had defended India against the Barbarian West. The Greek historians thought that India and Persia are brothers, because many Indians fought against Iran’s enemies, and the Persian Army actually defended both Iran and India. As history shows, only when Iran was not as strong as it used to be, barbarians could hurt India. The stories of Arab invasion, Mongol invasion, etc are not hidden facts. But the story of British invasion of India is more informative […] India betrayed Iran, Nadir punished India, and Britain used ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics, and finally occupied India. And when did the Barbarian UK start to occupy India? After ‘the death of Nadir Shah in 1747’ ! [1] The stupid Indians thought that Britain is like Iran, and would never occupy India! But Britain was a land of Barbarism; and when it was too late, Indians saw that what Britain gave India was Occupation, Colonialism, Exploitation etc”. The sad story of ‘Iran, India and Britain’ needs more attention, and we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “Iran, India and China are old neighbors. The UK ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics cannot hide the long history (+8000 years) of close relations between Iran and India, and also the long history (+5000 years) of close relations between China, Persia and India. The long story of Silk Road is as important as this fact that the number of wars between Persia and China, or Persia and India in 5000 years is less than the number of wars between England and Scotland in 100 years!”. In the 1790s, Iran was still a world power. As Curzon says: “[Even] under Agha Mohammed Khan, Persians destroyed the Russian armies” [1] In fact, as some wise Iranians say: “Even at the turn of the 19th century, Iran was as powerful as Russia and Britain. But in the 1800s and 1810s, the United Barbarians (UK, Russia etc) attacked Persia. But Persians were naive and thought that Europeans are as civilized, honest and reliable as Persians, while it was a wrong assumption”. They also add: “the story of the UK and Eastern Iran is informative. Eastern Iran is the birthplace of many Iranian legends/ heroes, including Rustam. Even Curzon knew ‘the heroic Rustam in the Iranian myths’ [1] Eastern Iran is one of the oldest parts of Iran. Curzon even said: ‘Sistanis [Eastern Iranians] are Iranians of the purest Aryan type‘ [1] But Britain occupied many parts of Eastern Iran, and called it ‘British protected territory’! They openly talked about the idea of creating ‘an independent Afghanistan’ [1] and ‘an independent Baluchistan (Pakistan)’ ! [1] British barbarians occupied our ancient lands, called our Iranian lands ‘British protected territory’ [1], and talked about ‘the chance afforded to Persia of invading [British protected territory]’ ! [1] If you occupy Scotland and Wales, and call them ‘Persian protected territory’, you are less shameless than the UK!”. Those who read history know why Iran should hate the UK. As some wise Iranians say: “Now Iranians talk about the payback time and returning Britain’s favors! But Iranians and all good guys should learn from history. Little Britain is a tiny virus, and a good vaccine can kill the British-Barbarian virus. This good vaccine is Awareness. At first, people should know U.K. virus […] The UK tried to study ‘the personality of the future king of Persia’ ! [1] They said: ‘[this Shah] pays marked respect to Mullahs’ ! [1] or ‘He is under the influence of Mullahs’ !! [1] But why Britain loved Mullahs?! Qajar kings were so stupid, but most of them were not stooges of foreigners. Even Fath-Ali Shah was independent, and hated Iran’s enemies (the first puppet regimes in Iran’s modern history were Pahlavis, and then Mullahs). But since the 19th century, the UK has used Mullahs and other stooges to create more tyranny and more problems in Iran. Relations between Britain and Mullahs, or ‘Britain and Babis (Bahais)’ are important. Curzon praised ‘the Babi conspiracy’ ! [1], and even said: ‘the Babi movement was initiated by [our] Mullahs and Hajis’! [1] Curzon and Britain praised ‘Jewish converts‘ [1], and it’s funny that many British Mullahs, Babis and other stooges were ‘Jewish converts‘! In his book [1], Curzon becomes a defender of Mullahs and Jewish converts, and a Bahai ideologue! It’s very funny. Curzon just reminds your of today’s British media”.


As the wise Iranians say: “The Evil Empire and its media try to fool people, and to blind people. They have no shame. They are like Curzon, who told big lies and crapped about Persia, but said: ‘I am a friend of Persia’ ! [1] Curzon even talked about ‘introduction of a series of reforms into Persia’ ! [1] He shamelessly said: ‘We may give Persia railroads; we may work its mines and exploit its resources; but we shall not have brought it within the pale of civilized nations [!!]’ [1] British Barbarians have no shame. They learned Civilization and all good and civilized things from us, Persians. But in the past 200 years, ‘Barbarians wanted to teach us Civilization !, while the UK Civilization was/ is nothing but Modern Barbarism. Curzon talked about ‘Persian education’ [1], and said: ‘Education is very cheap in Persia, only 1 to 3 kran [~1s] per month’ [1] He even said: ‘the lower classes in Persia are the best educated in the East‘ ! [1] But he believed it’s a bad thing, and Iranians should not be educated people! Curzon said: ‘I would organize a coup d’état in the Persian schools’ !! [1] He talked about ‘better teachers’ ! [1], and his better teachers were Mullahs! [1] Curzon’s plans and all British plans in the 19th century were like IMF Plans and British-Mullah plans in these years. The UK has always prayed for ‘the stupidity of Persians’ [1], and said: ‘How faint is the hope that Persia will ever work out her own salvation’ !! [1] or ‘Until a better régime is inaugurated in the country, the necessity of foreign assistance will continue to be felt’ ![1] The UK and its spies still tell such things. They have no shame. They create many problems for Persia, but want ‘to assist in the solution of Persia’s problems’! [1] Their Curzon said: ‘Colonial domination repeatedly gave rise to mass resistance by Iran’s people’ [1], but added: ‘the iron wall of resistance [in Persia], built up by all the most selfish instincts, is opposed to our progressive ideas [!!]’ [1] But it shows that Iranians were not stupid. Iranians were naive and thought that Britons are humans. But Britons were human-eaters (Adam-Khor), not humans (Adam)!”. If people want to have a better world and a better life, they should learn from the past. As some wise Iranians say: “All good guys should know British tactics. And if you want to know British tactics, you can read Orwell’s novels: 1984 and Animal Farm. The UK is a real Animal Farm, in which the Big Brother falsifies the past and controls intellects […] since the ancient time, Barbarians have used the same tactics. They loved to destroy Iranian libraries. They set Iran’s libraries and Persian books on the fire, because they wanted to hide the truth, and to claim that Persia -the Cradle of Civilization- didn’t exit, or Persians were stupid! But no one can hide the truth for ever, and that’s why even Curzon confessed: ‘the Persian is so very superior to any other Asiatic, to Indian, or Turk, [or Arab/ Jew], or even Russian .. If Britons [want to conquer] the East, Persia and the military resources of Persia [should be destroyed]‘ ! [1] The UK tried to poison Iran. As Curzon said: ‘In 1850, the first newspaper was established, under an English editor, whose duty was to [control & censor everything !]’ ! [1] What the UK gave Iran was Censorship, Orwellian media, and other Satanic things”. Curzon’s book can reveal many things. As some wise Iranians say: ‘He talked about the value of the Iranian Currency, and said: ‘[In 1800s] Malcolm gave the value of the Toman as 1l. [In 1820s] Fraser valued it at 11s. [In 1870s] Toman was worth 8s. In 1890, when I was in Persia, it had sunk to 6s’ [1] In fact, the UK tried to ruin Iran’s Currency. In 1900, a Toman was worth 10 dollar. In 1978, a Toman was wroth 0.14 dollar, ie a dollar was worth 7 Toman; and now, under the Mullah Regime, a Dollar is worth 3000 Toman! It can explain why the UK, the US and the IMF love Mullahs!”. They also add: “the IMF, the UK and their Rouhanis (Mullahs) have always tried to create more problems in Iran. But when Britons were Barbarians and knew nothing about systems of business and administration, the Persian Mint made coins, and Iranian money-changers, Iranian accountants and Iranian men of ‘commerce and industry’ created ‘International Commerce’ (Silk Road, etc) and managed international trade between Persia and India-China […] When Britons were playing with the skulls of the beheaded victims, and when Europe’s modern games were Barbaric Games like gladiatorial combats, Persians were playing Chess. Even in the 17th century, Iran was more modern than Europe, and as Olearious said: ‘Epidemical diseases, such as the bloody-flux and the plague, are not so ordinary here [in Persia] as in Europe. Persians are very neat’ [2] But Rouhanis still lick the UK’s ass. Rouhanis (Mullahs) make love with their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan, and desperately try to implement IMF Plan, and to create more economic crises in Iran, while their Arbab (Master) already said: ‘[We] invaders should know the conditions in Iran’! [1] Now the Large Army of Angry Iranians is ready to explode, and Iranians know who is who, and as Curzon said: ‘If the Persians were united, nothing [can defeat] Persia’ ! [1] Today’s Iranians remind many of Persia’s Golden Ages, in which as Europeans said: ‘there were an infinite number of men in Persia who live only by writing’ [2] In fact, when many Iranians were educated people whose jobs were writing, thinking, inventing, doing research etc, Iran was a superpower or a world power. And now millions of Iranians are wise and well-educated people, who know what they should do […] Curzon was the architect of ‘1919 pact; and now Ashton and Straw act like Curzon. But today is not the 19th century, as 1919 is 2020! Now Little Britain is in deep shit. Now, many talk about the End of the US, the End of the UK (Scotland’s independence, etc), the West’s bankruptcy, and the collapse of the Evil Empire. Now, Persia, China and India are on the rise”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘Curzon talked about Tehran, and said: ‘In the 1620s, [Europeans wrote:] Teheran is a large city. The gardens being extremely large, and producing abundance of fruit of various descriptions, of an excellent quality. All the streets are watered by a number of considerable streamlets. The streets, moreover, are shaded by beautiful, lofty plane-trees, called in Persia Chenar; some of them are so extremely thick that it would take from two to three men to clasp them round .. Tehran’s inhabitants are pretty stately, the Women lovely, and curious in novelties’ [1] Curzon even said: ‘[19th century Tehran] is beautiful. In Tehran, shops were seen with glass windows. Street lamp-posts built for gas. Avenues bordered with footpaths and planted with trees’ [1] Curzon even said: ‘In Persia, the streets are stone paved’ [1], and ‘Sang farsh (lit. stone carpet)’ [1] is an Iranian industry. But as British bastards have low IQs, Curzon added: ‘Tehran has been Europeanized’ !! [1] Europeans/ Britons were barbarians and learned all civilized things from Persia [2] Almost all good things in Europe had Iranian roots, or had been Iranianized! [2] But Europe had no shame, and told paradoxical jokes. Curzon’s book says a lot about the British jealousy and the British inferiority complex. When Curzon talks about ‘handsome buildings in the Persian style’ [1], and ‘beautiful gardens, with ingenious arts’ [1] and says: ‘It is shocking to our eye, but not to a Persian’s‘ [1], you can see who is who. When he talks about ‘the great Persian Palaces .. the King of Kings .. the exquisite luxury .. the white marble throne, a great structure .. Mirror works, Persia arts, Persian architecture, Persia crowns, jewels, thrones, lovely gardens, elegant kiosques etc’ [1], you can see the British jealousy. When he says: ‘At the festival of Nowruz or New Year, the Shah displays himself to the people in a fashion not essentially different from that in which Darius and Xerxes appeared in the Talars of Persepolis 2,500 years ago’ [1], and when he talks about ‘Ancient Persia – the Persia of Herodotus and Xenophon’ ! [1], you can see the British inferiority complex, and also this fact that even at the worst time in Persia – ie in the 19th century, known as ‘the worst of the worst’- Britain still envied Persia”, They also add: “When London was swathed in smoke and pollution, ‘Tehran was clean’ [1] Curzon even talked about ‘the large number of trees and gardens in Niavaran, Agdasieh [etc]’ [1], and said: ‘These are all in the immediate neighbourhood of Teheran, [on] the hill-slope known as Shimran. There are many tasteful and beautiful residences in Shimran [that belong to] Shah’s sons and the nobility’ [1] In fact, Shimran or Northern Tehran has always been a beautiful place. As Curzon says, ‘[Even in the 19th century] Shimran Road is a very passable road, planted for the most part with trees, leads to Gulhek on the north’ [1] In the 19th century, Europeans started to live in Northern Tehran [1] As Curzon said: ‘Germans now live at Dizashub; Austrians are leaseholders at Rustamabad’ [1] But as Britons were uncultured, they praised Colonialism and said: ‘Britain is favored in the possession of the village of Gulhek [!] Russia is similarly favored in the possession of the village of Zargandeh’ [1] […] At that time, many Europeans knew who is who; so Curzon was forced to say: ‘[As] Fraser said: Iranians were as respectful and polite as their towns were admirable, and the bazaars were as excellent as the towns’ [1] or ‘Persian roads had at one time been paved with cobbles, [but now] they have fallen into ruin’ [1] or ‘lakes and fountains, like most such things in Persia, have gone to ruin’ [1] or ‘In Northern Iran, Rice is the staple of every-day consumption’ [1]; ‘the manufacture of gunpowder is a local industry in Iran’ [1]; the cost of tickets for [Tehran to Ray train] is two krans or one kran (1 Rial), according to the class’; ‘there are tigers in the north [of Iran], and lions in the south and south-west’ [1]; ‘In Persia, soap boiling is a chief local industry’ [1]; ‘Persians are the first nation to embrace a monotheistic faith’ [1] ‘the Shah’s library has bookcases behind glass doors, and in which I saw well-bound European books’ [!]; ‘When you arrive in Persia you still can [find &] buy everything in the bazaar of any Persian town’ [1] Curzon knew ‘principles of humanity and the laws of hospitality in Persia’ [1] He knew that ‘Iran is a great country’ [1] He knew that ”In the past centuries, Persia was wealthy and famous’ [1] But he and his UK preferred to tell big lies, and to distort facts”.

Nowruz, Norooz: Iranian Legacy vs the West

March 21, 2014

Nowruz or Norooz, the Iranian New Year, is when the nature renews itself and overcomes the harshness of winter. Nowruz represents the victory over the Darkness. As the wise Iranians say: “Nowruz is very political ! Nowruz ceremonies are symbolic representations of two Iranian concepts – the End and the Rebirth; or Good and Evil. Nowruz is a symbol of the Iranian victory over the forces of Ahriman (Evil). Nowruz is full of Hope, a real and important Hope. Nowruz heralds the defeat of the forces of Ahriman/ Darkness. In the Nowruz season, you can see the true meaning of the Iranian Legacy and the Iranian Wisdom”. The Nowruz celebrations go back as far as recorded history. Nowruz is as old as the oldest legends -including the ancient legends of ‘Jamshid, Zahak and Kaveh’ – that we have already written about them. Nowruz is a season full of hope, love, laughter and happiness. As the wise Iranians say: “In the Norooz season, Iranians prefer to talk/ write about good and positive things. But in these years, the forces of Darkness, ie the West and its stooges (Islamists, etc) just remind you of the Zahak era. In these dark years (after the 2009 Coup), the West and all bad guys desperately try to hurt the Iranian people. The West showed, and still shows, that they are enemies of the Iranian people and the Iranian legacy. In March 2014, the 300 movie still tells childish lies, and shows that the West is really nothing but the home of Evil and the land of Barbarians. All well-educated people know that the West is the ancient land of Barbarism. But many preferred to think that the West has changed, and many preferred to forget the past. But these years show that the West is still Barbarian. They still think and behave like their savage ancestors, and openly praise Genocide, Sadism, Racism, Collective Punishment, Bullying other nations, War, Military leverage, etc. What Iran (the land of Aryans) gave the West was Civilization, Culture and Human values, ie the Iranian Legacy. But the Barbarian West could not change its barbaric nature. These years showed that the West is so ungrateful, so mean and so stupid. In their 300 movie, a bunch of Barbarians (Spartans), ie the 300 savage and naked barbarians are heroes, but the Great Iran and the good and civilized Iranians are bad guys! The West has no shame. Lets assume that you live in 4014 (ie 2000 years later), and you want to be as shameless as the West; so, you should say: Do you know the 9/11 attacks? In 2001, Al-Qaeda – a good and popular group of 300 Arabs- defeated the US Army and +300 million Americans, and occupied America. This event is known as the 9/11 attacks’ ! If you can tell such big lies, you are as shameless/ brainless as the UK, the US, and the 300 movie”. They also add: “Nowruz is a symbol of the Iranian Legacy, and says a lot about both Iran (the land of Aryans) and the West (the land of Barbarians). In the late 16th century, Pope Gregory ordered a new calendar (Gregorian Calendar) to replace the Iranian calendars in Europe. The new calendar called for New Year’s Day to be celebrated Jan 1. But as historians say, many refused to accept the new date and continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on March 25 or April 1. As European historians say: ‘One problem was that many people didn’t like this new day. They decided to continue celebrating [Nowruz] in the spring, like their Aryan (Iranian) ancestors‘ ! But do you know how Europe solved ‘this problem’?! Barbarians started to kill and torture those who were celebrating the Iranian New Year (Nowruz) in Europe! The West has always been uncultured. But when European Barbarians were eating humans, and even didn’t know how to utter or spell ‘Civilization’, ‘Arts’, ‘New Year’ etc, Iranians were celebrating Nowruz and writing about Arts, Culture, Humanity and Iranian values -including goodness, kindness, happiness, joy, friendship, hope etc. When Iranians were talking about Good, Evil, Truth, Tolerance etc, Europeans were eating humans, and living live savage beasts”. We have already written about Iranian Gifts to Mankind: Nowruz Ceremonies , and why the West is so ungrateful. But as some wise Iranians say: “Most non-Iranians know nothing about the Iranian legacy. They even know nothing about Nowruz (ie the New Year ceremonies), as a legacy from Iranians. Those who start to know Iran and Nowruz say: ‘What an abundance of symbolism; ancient Iranians were wise people .. In harmony with rebirth of nature, the Persian New Year (Nowruz) begins on the first day of spring. The concept of the new year beginning with spring is so fitting. The world should [bow to the Iranian Wisdom]’. But most people still know nothing about the Iranian Legacy, because the West is still uncultured and ungrateful, and just tries to censor the facts, to falsify the past and the present, and to distort the Truth”.


In the 2014 Nowruz, the Iranian people are just cursing Rouhani for creating economic crisis. As some wise Iranians say: “In 18 & 19 March, the Mullah TV reported that Rouhani’s cabinet and the Mullah TV have several meetings for ‘Preparing Public Opinion’ !, and Fooling People into accepting the IMF Plan! This British Money (Rouhani) openly said: ‘We want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans after Nowruz. ‘Sali keh Nekoost az …’ ! (our shitty plan in this spring confirms that this new year is a shitty year !). Mullahs are worse than Animals. All Iranians (+99%) know and hate the IMF Plan’s disastrous results. All Iranians (+99%) hate the anti-Iran Mullah TV and the IMF Plan. All Iranians and all normal humans hate high inflation and economic crises, but the West and their Mullahs say that people love such things! Now, all Iranians (+99%) just spit at this British Animal (Rouhani), and say good things like: ‘this British Spy (Rouhani) is worse than that Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad [AN]) .. Rouhani is not Iranian, because his supporters & his media openly say: ‘his main goal is: hurting Iranians, humiliating Iran, and helping Iran’s enemies’ .. Rouhani is a British spy, who implements the AN’s plan and the Enemy’s plan .. Rouhani is a British agent, who just wants to create more poverty, more inflation, and more disasters in Iran. It’s his British Mission .. If Rouhani really eats such shit (ie if he implements IMF Plan), he would be more hateful than AN and UK .. Rouhani is a Pofyooz. Only the UK and the US love Rouhani, because he serves the West’s interests and hurts Iranians .. All Rouhanis (Mullahs) are pro-Arab (Arab-parast) and anti-Iranian. Their Jewish God is Ahriman (Satan), and that’s why they tell many big lies and do all evil things .. The Mullah TV openly confesses: We, Islamists, have nothing except Shamelessness! Islamists are really as stupid as their Arbabs (Masters), ie the Devil and the UK”. In these days, the Western media, specially the UK media, work as the Mullah media and make you laugh. As some wise Iranians say: “British Barbarians and Mullahs are two sides of the same coin. Now what the UK media says about Nowruz and Iranian traditions is exactly like what Mullahs say! If you take a look at what the Guardian and other Mi6 media say about Chaharshanbe Soori, Zoroastrians, ancient Iranians etc you can see that what the UK and Mullahs say is a copy of each other! It’s so important. Many know that the UK is so jealous, so mean, and so stupid (Now the stupid UK even says: ‘Iran means the land of Aryans. But Ireland means the land of Aryans, too’ !) But many don’t know that the UK media works as the Mullah media, and the UK is the teacher of Mullahs. The UK & the US just care about Islamists, terrorists, dictators, and other bad guys. The UK, the US, and their spies/ whores like MEK, Basijis, Bahais and those who work with the Big Brother’s media – from the BBC and CNN to the Guardian and Huffington Post- hate the Truth and what is good and decent. They tell jokes like: if Tolerance is an Iranian value, why Iranians don’t tolerate [terrorists, dictators, and sadists]?! These idiots don’t know obvious things. They don’t know that Iranians say: You are free to worship Shit, and be a Shit-worshiper. Iranians will tolerate you. Iranians have always said: ‘Mosa be Din Khod, Isah be Din Khod (Moses can have his own religion, Jesus can have his own religion). In fact, Iranians have always believed that you are free to have your own beliefs. It’s part of the Iranian Legacy, and we all know why it’s so important. When Iranians were such tolerant people, the Jews/ Arabs/ Europeans were barbarians and openly praised Intolerance and Genocide. But the bad guys play with concepts like Tolerance and Intolerance, while Iranians even say: ‘You are free to worship Shit. It’s none of our business. But if you worship Shit and want to force others to worship Shit as well, we will not tolerate you. If you worship Shit, but praise Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Terrorism etc and try to hurt other humans, Iranians and all wise & normal people will not tolerate you’. Iran is the home of Tolerance, and Iranians say: ‘You are free to worship Shit, but you are not free to hurt other humans and to force them to accept your bullshit’ ! It’s the Iranian Legacy. But non-Iranian pigs defend Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Intolerance, Big Lies etc and expect Iranians to tolerate them! Iranians and all wise people will not tolerate the intolerant people. What people like Karl Popper said about ‘Enemies of Open Society’ is like what the great Iranians said about Enemies of the Good and Enemies of the Truth. If you try to hurt other humans and to bully other nations, and to justify Tyranny, Racism, Sadism, Genocide etc Iranians will not tolerate you. Since the ancient time, Iranians care about the Truth and telling the Truth. Even the Greek historians (in 2500 years ago) confessed that Iranians care about speaking the truth, being honest, and being grateful. As even the Western scholars say, Tolerance and Truth have always been among the Iranian values. So, Iranians know Enemies of the Truth. Iranians hate Islamists, because Islamists act like the bad Jews – ie because Islamists are intolerant people who tell many big lies. If you tell many big lies, and just try to fool people and to control/ enslave people, Iranians and all wise people will not tolerate you“. In these days, Mullahs and their Anti-Iran Mullah TV act like the UK and the British media. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now Mullahs say to people: Give your oil money to us! We want to help the poor! But Iranians laugh and say: ‘Hey Motherfuckers (Mullahs), if we want to help the poor, we will give our money, our oil money, directly to the poor, not to you! – who just steal our oil money’. Mullahs are stupid bastards. They say: Our TV channels like iFilm want to tell the world (Arabs, Westerners etc) what is the Iranian Culture. But on this Nowruz, their iFilm not only refuses to talk about Nowruz and Iranian traditions, but they air Arabic songs and Arabic music, and praise the anti-Iran Locust-eaters! Mullahs and their teacher, the UK, are the same shit. In 2014, British barbarians refer to non-Iranian pigs (ie their own spies) as ‘representatives of Iran’s civil society’ ! Now it’s quite clear that the main Enemy of Iran is the UK, as the main supporter of Mullahs is the UK. In fact, the UK and the US are the Devil, while Mullahs are Zahak, ie the Arab agents of the Devil. If Iranians want to get rid of Zahak, they should fight against all agents of the Devil. And as Nowruz and Iran’s history show, Iranians can defeat all devils and Satan’s agents, including Zahak”.


The world should know more about Nowruz, the oldest New Year celebration in the world. We have already written about part of the Nowruz traditions (check Archive). As we said before, Nowruz is celebrated from March 21st (Spring equinox) to April 1st. Nowruz is still celebrated in all parts of the Great Iran. As the wise Iranians say: ‘In the 19th century, the neo-barbarians (ie the UK and Russia) invaded the Great Iran (Persia), killed millions of Iranians and occupied many parts of Iran, including today’s Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Persian lands/ islands in the Persian Gulf, etc. But they could not ruin the Iranian legacy and the Iranian culture. Yah, most non-Iranians know nothing about the Iranian Legacy, including Iranian language, Iranian literate, Iranian festivals, Iranian traditions, Iranian innovations, Iranian arts, and Iranian values. But those who seek the truth, can find the truth. They can see who is who. The average people in all part of Great Iran, specially in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Great Khorasan/ Herat, Great Kurdistan, Great Sistan etc still care Iran and Iranian traditions, including Nowruz. They still remind you of the ancient Iranian cities of Samarghand, Bukhara, Balkh, Herat, Marv and many other Iranian cities in our Great Kharazm. Our bothers and sisters in Tajikistan and all parts of Great Iran think like other Iranians, ie they think about Restoring Great Iran (Persia) and Freeing all occupied parts of Iran Zamin (Great Iran) from the forces of Ahriman. Rejoining and Restoring Great Iran is important, partly because of the disintegration and downfall of the UK and the US. As Iranians truly say, Mullahs are not Iranians and have occupied our Iran. Mullahs and Islamists are anti-Persia, anti-Iranian, and Arab stooges of the Devil. Mullahs still praise savage Arabs and anti-Iranian pigs like Ghazali (1058- 1111), who declared that Nowruz and all Iranian festivals must be abandoned and one should not even mention the name of Nowruz, Mehregan, Sadeh, ChaharShanbe Soori etc. Anti-Iranian pigs like Ghazali said: ‘the Iranian-Zoroastrian traditions will become degraded and no name or trace of them shall remain’! But what happened to these devils and their evil wishes? As our people say: they and their evil wishes went to hell (… een Arezoo ro beh Gur bordanad)! Satan and his agents -including the savage Arabs/ Jews- desperately tried to ruin Nowruz and Iranian traditions, but they failed. A detailed account of Nowruz celebration in the 10th-century Isfahan says: ‘During the Nowruz festival, people gather for seven days in a suburb of Isfahan; they enjoy various food and go around visiting decorated shops. The inhabitants and those coming from other places to participate in this festival, spend a good deal of money, wear beautiful clothes, and take part in gatherings for plays and merrymaking. Skillful singers, both male and female, take their places side by side on the riverside along the palaces. The whole atmosphere is filled with joy and happiness. Many assemble on rooftops and in the markets, engage in festivities, drinking, consuming sweets, etc. It is a well-established tradition’. The festive celebration of Nowruz during the Safavid period (17th century) is well attested, too. Even in the Safavid era, female dancers, musicians & singers entertained Iran’s people at Nowruz. Iranians, including the great Iranian writers/ poets, have always fought against the forces of Ahriman, and Iran has always had great men like Ferdowsi, Nezami, Biruni, Khayyam, Rumi, Attar etc who cared about Iranian values and Iranian culture […] For instance lets take a look at what Rumi says about the story of ‘Moses and Shepherd’. It’s a famous story, and Rumi tries to show you the difference between the Iranian mindset and the Jewish mindset. As Rumi says, a shepherd talked to God, but used improper words and rude words. When Moses saw this shepherd, he said to the shepherd: you should do this and do that, and you cannot talk to God in this way. But ‘God’s voice came to Moses at that time, what you do is a crime .. We don’t care about your gestures and your words, We just look inside and care about your intentions and your heart .. the heart is the essence, not your gestures and your words’. So, ‘When Moses heard the Lord’s harsh reprimand, Ran after the shepherd over the sand .. He apologized to the shepherd and said: “Seek no ceremony, system or rule, and say whatever you want; your blasphemy is faith .. Don’t [censor] yourself’. In fact, the Iranian God says the heart is the essence, and you should not censor the voices of others and yourself. Indeed, the Iranian God is kind, tolerant, and open-minded, while the Arab/ Jewish God loves Censorship, Sadism, Intolerance, Genocide, War etc. The Anti-Iran West, Islamists and their Arab/ Jewish God are the forces of Ahriman/ Darkness. They have occupied our Iran, the Land of the Good and the Home of Tolerance. But as most Iranians chanted in 2009: ‘We, Iranians, get our Iran back; We fight and we get our Iran back’. It’s one of the most important slogans in 2009 and these years. In fact, Iranians say to today’s Zahak and all agents of Satan: ‘We are descendants (sons/ girls) of Kaveh, Arash, Rostam, Cyrus etc. We get our Iran back. We are descendants of Ferdowsi, Khayyam, Rumi, Attar etc. We get our Iran back. We don’t allow Ahriman and its agents -from Islamists to the Anti-Iran West- to implement their evil plans, and to ruin the Good and the Truth. Iranian values -from Truth to Tolerance- and Iranian traditions/ festivals -from Nowruz (New Year), Mehregan (Thanksgiving) and Cheleh (Yalda/ Christmas) to Sadeh and Tirgan- show why Iran, the Land of Aryans, is the Cradle of Civilization, and why Iranians have always hated the forces of Ahriman (Evil), and talked about the defeat of the forces of Ahriman. As the Iranian traditions show, the forces of Evil are losers. Just look at the UK and the US. Now many say: the End of the UK is near, and Scotland’s independence is just a sign. Now many, including good Americans, talk about America’s Evil Empire, and the End of the Evil Empire […] Those who tell big lies, falsify the past and the present, censor the voice of people, hurt other humans and bully other nations are the forces of Ahriman (Evil). They are on the wrong side of history, and sooner or later they will go to hell. It’s what Nowruz, the Iranian Legacy, and the history of Iran, as the oldest country on earth, show all of us”.

Happy Nowruz/ Norooz

Anti-Iran Rouhanis, IMF and United Barbarians

February 14, 2014

These days are historic days. The West and its stooges (Islamists, Marxists etc) are making history, and if you can open your eyes, you can learn a lot. There are important lessons to be learned from these days. As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, their media openly says: ‘Humiliating Iranians is Rouhani Agenda !’ (Feb 2014) Do you know who says this?! The Mullah Media, and the pro-Rouhani’s media! They openly say: ‘Humiliating Iranians and hurting Iranians are among Rouhani’s main goals. Rouhani tries to humiliate Iranians, because he wants to make a deal with the West. Humiliating Iranians is part of the [Mullah-Satan deals]. Humiliating Iranians is a good thing. The US-Mullah deal is worth Humiliating the Iranian people’ (Feb 2014) Maybe you think it’s a joke, or it’s too ridiculous to be true! You are not alone. For several days, many were shocked, and could not believe this level of Mongolism. But if you check the Mullah media and the pro-Rouhani websites like KhabarOnline (
ht-tp:// ), you can see that it’s not a joke. Mullahs and Islamists are bad Mongols. Their IQs are less than the pig’s IQ. They openly say: ‘Rohani is a smart guy, and that’s why Rohani tries to humiliate Iranians, and to make a deal with the US and the West‘ ! Even in the Qajar era, the stupid Qajars didn’t say such things. In Iran’s history, no one has said such things. Mullahs are worse than Qajars and Pahlavis. Anti-Iranian agents like Rouhani, AhmadiNejad (AN), Khatami, and all Mullahs are the worst anti-Iranian agents and the worst enemy spies in history”. These days are important and historic days. If you open your eyes, you can learn many things. As the wise Iranians say: “The West and the Left censor almost all news. It’s so important. The West and the Left tell many many big lies. It’s so important. The West and all bad guys -from Islamists to Marxists- cannot hide their true colors and their shameful paradoxes any longer. They are in deep shit. The daily Orwellian Lies and the horrible Censorship in the UK, the US, and the West are unique in history. The West’s propaganda machine is breaking all world records for
Evil-Orwellian acts. Each week, or even each day, if you want to list all American lies, British lies, and American-British Censorship in the Western media, you should write one or two books! This level of censorship and Orwellian behavior is a clear sign of bankruptcy, confusion, desperation and frustration. They have confused, and that’s why they show their true face in this way. Now the IMF and this British monkey (Rohani) not only reveal the secrets of the 1979 Tragedy and the 2009 Coup, but they reveal truths about Chomsky, Marxists and all agents of the Big Brother. The story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’ [for more info, check Archive] can show you everything you need to know about Chomsky, Marxists, Islamists and the Big Brother. It can explain why Chomsky is a CIA agent, or why Marxists and Islamists are pawns of the so-called Imperialists. Now it’s quite clear that who is the main obstacle on the road to freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran. The West, the United Barbarians, is the main obstacle”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “the IMF team was in Iran, and many asked why this British Monkey (Rouhani) should distribute free foods, and should give the Mullah TV an interview (on Feb 5) about the IMF plans at this moment in time (when the IMF team is in Iran)?! When the IMF team is in Iran, Rouhani says he wants to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans! This British Monkey (Rouhani) knows that 99% of Iranians hate the IMF plans. But why he ate such shit?! The answer is clear. The IMF plan is part of the US-Mullah deals, and Mullahs must obey the IMF. Mullahs must make Satan happy. On 5 Feb 2013, this British spy (Rouhani) wanted to make the IMF happy. Now their media says: “Hurting and humiliating Iranians is Rouhani’s main goal’ ! In fact, Ruining Iran and Destroying Iran’s economy is Rouhani’s main goal. This British spy (Rouhani) is like that Jewish Spy (AN). They both reveal that the Mullah regime is the worst anti-Iran regime in history. In Jan. 2014, when Reuters reported: ‘The IMF mission visits Iran for its first assessment of the impact of US sanctions’ !, many could not believe it. They said: ‘Is the Mullah era like the Qajar era?!’ But the IMF team arrived in Iran on Jan. 25 2014, and met with Rouhanis (Mullahs) and uneducated Islamists (Tayebnia, etc) -who refer to Bank as Bang !, but the IMF calls them Economists! The Mullah TV was so happy that Mullahs lick the IMF’s ass. Satan and the IMF were happy, too. The IMF said Wednesday (12 Feb) ‘In Iran, Inflation and unemployment are high. [We are happy that our IMF plans worked]. The Mullah government needs to continue pursuing the priority of subsidy reform, including increasing domestic energy prices‘ ! (AFP, Feb 2014) The sons of Satan collaborate: the IMF orders, the Islamists obey, and the West and the Left censor all news! It’s funny that the CIA media (Huffington Post, LobeLog etc ) and the MI6 media (the Guardian, BBC etc) refer to the IMF Plan as ‘RouhaniCare’ ! (Feb 2014) They even say If you want to know Iran and Iranians, ‘you should read My Uncle Napoleon and other [MI6-engineered] books’ ! (2014) They actually say if you want to know Snowden and his revelations, you should read what the NSA and the GCHQ say, because the NSA and the GCHQ tell the truth! It’s funny that all anti-Iranian agents have low IQs. All anti-Iran agents have no shame, and no brain”.


In these days, many talk about traitors, Islamists, whores, and the West. As the wise Iranians say: “The West censors almost everything. The Left and the Jewish CIA just repeat their old lies and their old crap, and censor all important facts. Mullahs and their British masters have badly confused, and their media openly and shamelessly says: ‘Rouhani wants to make a deal with the West. So, Rouhani should humiliate Iranians. Rouhani made a show of distributing free foods, because he had to show the West that the IMF plans have worked, and have created poverty, more injustice, and more economic disasters

Little Britain, Great Iran: British Barbarians vs Persia

February 2, 2014

In these days, and in the anniversary of the 1979 Tragedy, many talk about Mullahs, Britain and Satan. As some wise Iranians say: “Iranians don’t want to live in the past. But the UK and the US just show us that the past is so important, and Iranians should not forget the past and the roots of problems! Now the UK and the US censor all facts/ news of Iran, tell big lies, make love with Mullahs, Islamists, and Jewish/ Arab Terrorists, and falsify the past and the present. The good guys, including the good Britons and the good Americans, should condemn all bad guys who tell big lies and hurt other humans. You cannot defend the bad guys or the big lies, and call yourself a good guy”. They also add: “In 2014, the UK media like the Guardian and the CIA media like the Huffington Post not only censor all facts/ news of Iran, but they openly praise the Mullah Regime! In 2014, the UK most prestigious media, ie the Guardian of Big Brother & Barbarians, still censors everything and just tells Orwellian Lies about Persia. All British media -from BBC and Reuters to Guardian- crap about Persia. Barbarians hate Persia. In 2014, the notorious MI6 agent, Gareth Smyth, the head of Tehran Bureau (at the Guardian) says their MI6 has published a new book about Iran: ‘Persia in Crisis’ ! When they should publish books like ‘Little Britain in Deep Shit’ because of the 2013 NSA-GCHQ scandals, the 2014 referendum on independence in Scotland, the End of the UK etc, they talk about a ‘careful calculation’, Shia clerics (Mullahs) and Persia’s decline ! In 2014, the CIA talks about a new version of the 300 movie! They even talk about a new book about Iran, ‘A Manufactured Crisis’, written by a Lefty-CIA agent Gareth Porter, who licks the Mullah ass. Instead of publishing books like ‘A CIA Manufactured Coup in 2009’ or ‘Mullahs, Sanctions and IMF Plans: A Manufactured Crisis’ !, they just reveal who is behind the Mullah regime. The MI6-CIA books like ‘Going to Tehran’, ‘A Manufactured Crisis’, ‘Persia in Crisis’ ! say a lot behind the scenes”. In these days, many things are ridiculous, and many Iranians including the wise Iranians say: “the US, the UK and their stooges have become so shameless. We, Iranians, should return their favors! (Bayad az Khejalate-shun Dar-Biaym!)”. Iranians are angry at the West. But as the wise Iranians say to Westerners: “We, Iranians, don’t say you are bad guys because your politicians are bad guys. But your media, your politicians etc say Iran’s regime = Iran’s people! They insult and hurt all Iranians. They praise ‘collective punishments’! They openly hurt Iranians, and help Mullahs in hurting Iranians. They openly & shamelessly praise ‘imposing collective punishments on Iranians’!. If you are good guy, you should not remain silent. We, Iranians, don’t judge you by your race, your religion, your fathers, your Govs etc. It’s an ancient Iranian belief. Iranians are very different from the Racist West, Jews/ Arabs etc. Iranians judge you by your own behaviors, by yourself”. They also add: “All barbarians are sworn enemies of Great Iran and Iranian values, known as human values. They still try to rewrite history. They still shed crocodile tears for us, or for Freedom & Democracy! But Persians will put an end to such Orwellian farces. The American-British barbarians falsify the past and the present, but the British Lies, or Orwellian movies like the 300 movie, just reveal the West’s intentions, the Devil’s intentions”. It’s important that the UK, the US, the Left and all bad guys are anti-Persia, anti-Truth, anti-Iran, but pro-Mullah, pro-Tyranny, pro-Terrorist etc. As the wise Iranians say: “Britain, the land of Barbarians and Barbarism, is a tiny virus, but it can reveal the root of problems. In the recent centuries, they could hurt the Civilized World and all humans. They even could hurt Great Iran. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Little Britain plundered our resources, occupied our lands, killed our people, and created many disasters. They could hurt Persia a lot. But why?!”. It’s a good question. They also add: “You can find part of the answer in the long history of Persian Civilization. In each millennium, when Iranians underestimated tiny viruses and barbarians, a tiny virus could hurt Persia a lot […] Even British books like [*]: ‘Persia and the Persian Question’, written by a Curzon (1859- 1925), can be informative. Many know Curzon, a high rank British politician, and an ideologue of the British Colonialism. People like Chomsky love Curzon, and say: ‘LORD Curzon was a very honest [Imperialist]’ ! Curzon was a typical British bastard. Curzon was a bad guy, with bad intentions and low IQs. But he had good confessions. For instance, he confessed that even in the 1790s, and even ‘under Agha Mohammed Khan, the Russian armies were destroyed by the Persians’ [*] Curzon even confessed: ‘The Persian is so very superior to any other Asiatic, to Indian, or Turk, [or Arab/ Jew], or even Russian .. If Britons [want to conquer/ enslave] the East, Persia and the military resources of Persia [should be destroyed]‘ ! [*]”. We have already written about part of the long history of Barbarians and Barbarism in Britain (for more info, check Archive). But subjects like ‘the history of Britain’ and ‘the psychology of Britain’ need more attention. We should write more about Britain, the Savage West, Curzon, his book [*] etc and return their favors! But here lets focus on the background information.


As the wise Iranians say: “In the recent centuries, the best word for describing Britain is Parvenu. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Britons desperately tried to link themselves to Iran, the land of Aryans. In the 19th century, Britons like Sharon Turner said ‘Do the English Originated in Persia?‘ ! They talked about ‘the Aryan origin of Anglo-Saxons’ !, and said: ‘Anglo-Saxons were probably the Sakai or Sacae [!!] from the Caspian’ [!] .. the Sakai, by the very name of Saxones, lived in the regions about the Caspian sea, in Persia’ ! You can laugh at their jokes, but it’s clear why Britons tried to pretend that ‘Anglo-Saxons were Aryans and lived in Persia’ ! Britons were rootless barbarians, and tried to link and attach themselves to a Great Nation and a Glorious Land, ie Iran (Persia), the land of Aryans and the cradle of Civilization. Britain, the worst Barbarian Country in history, was a small island. For thousands of years, Britons were naked Barbarians, and savage human-eaters. Before the 12th and 13th centuries, almost all civilized humans even didn’t know that this small island (Britain) and this cesspool of Barbarians exists. Even British historians say: ‘No towns are known in Scotland until the 12th century’. Before the 13th century, only Romans knew Britons, and referred to Britons as savage beasts, savage barbarians etc. So, it’s obvious why Britons suffer from a deep-rooted inferiority complex“. They also add: “From the 15th to 18th centuries, Britons tried to study about Persia. They went to Persia, and learned a lot from Persia. They even learned that almost all good and civilized things are connected to Iran, the land of Aryans. So, they tried to link themselves to the land of Aryans. They started to use Iranian symbols (Lion, Sun etc) and Iranian legacy. But Britons were Parvenus. They just tried to imitate Iran & Iranians superficially, while Culture & Civilization is a deep-rooted thing. For thousands of years, Iranians had a glorious civilization, but Britons thought that ‘superficial resemblance’ and ‘superficial similarity’ is enough, and if naked barbarians wore clothes, used modern tools, and called themselves Great Britain, it would mean that they are as civilized as Persians! They thought if you wear glasses and modern clothes, it would mean that you are intellect ! But ‘superficial resemblance’ didn’t change their barbaric values/ views. Britons became noble savages. They attacked many countries. They tried to enslave humans. But in Iran, they were very inferior to the local people. Even in the late 19th century (when Persia was in its worst situation) as the Western historians say: ‘Like almost all Britons, Curzon was dazzled by Persians and the glorious past of Persia’. Curzon, the British Viceroy of India, was a politician and a colonialist/ imperialist. But even in Curzon’s book [*] you can see how Britons felt inferior to Persia”. They also add: “Curzon was a stupid animal, but his crap can reveal many things. For instance, he said: ‘The Persian, considered as a mere animal, is so very superior to any other Asiatic, to an Indian, or Turk, or even Russian’ ! [*] Curzon was a weird animal. He said: ‘As an animal a Persian is the finest creature in the world, for an Oriental he is so certainly. They are fine muscular men, and their powers of endurance are quite exceptional. The physique of the Persian men is admirable, and their power of endurance is great’ ! [*] Curzon can reveal ‘the psychology of Britain’, and the depth of their Inferiority Complex and their Wickedness”. They also add: “British books, like Curzon’s book [*], are full of crap, big lies, bullshit and Orwellian jokes. But their confessions are funny and important. For instance, they said: ‘If Persia had no other claim to respect, at least a continuous national history for thousands of years is a distinction which few countries can exhibit‘ ! [*] Britons were afraid of Persia, because they knew ‘Az Asb Oftadeh, Az Asl keh Nayoftadeh’ ! ([Persia] has lost its properties, but not its nobility/ greatness). They were so jealous of the Persian Glory and many things in Persia. Curzon jealously wrote about ‘the King of Kings .. the exquisite luxury .. the great palaces .. handsome buildings in the Persian style .. the white marble throne, a great structure .. mirror works, thousand angles mirrors in which the Persians are so undeniably clever .. Persian arts .. Persian crowns, jewels, thrones .. lovely gardens, elegant kiosques, ingenious arts’ [*], and confessed ‘it is shocking to our eye, but not to a Persian’s‘ ! [*] Of course Britons often tried to hide their complexes behind their crap and their evil wishes. For instance, Curzon said: ‘the Persian symbols, the Lion and the Sun, are no more than a boastful symbol of disaster’! [*] or ‘Persia never become a rich, or a producing, or a manufacturing country’ ! [*] Barbarians were/ are afraid of Persia, the land of the Good. As Curzon confessed: ‘Ancient Persians taught their sons to speak the truth’ [*] But when Iranians taught their sons to speak the truth, Britons taught their sons to eat humans and to suck human blood. Britons were savage Barbarians, and that’s why their Ministry of Truth tried to rewrite history. But they didn’t know that, as ancient Persians said, you cannot hide the truth for ever; you cannot hide the moon behind dark clouds for ever”. In the recent centuries, the UK has been the main Enemy of Iran and many other countries. As some wise Iranians say: “In these years, in the 1970s, and in the 20th and 19th centuries, who was the main supporter of Mullahs and all anti-Democracy forces in Iran? the UK, the worst Orwellian State in history. In 2013 and 2014, who is the main supporter of Rouhani and the Mullah regime? The UK media, the worst Orwellian media in history. In 2014, Jack Straw and British MPs visit Mullahs in Iran, while Mullahs and the Mullah TV celebrate the 2009 CIA coup and the UK-backed Massacre of Iranians! Even in 2014, UK Parliamentary committee meets the Islamist-Marxist terrorists (MEK/ NCRI) in Paris, while 99.99% of Iranians hate the MEK. Even in 2014, the UK media openly praises the Mullah TV!, and says: ‘The Mullah TV Breaks Taboo’ ! (Jan 2014) They love the Mullah TV, which is a cesspool of the MI6/ CIA agents. The West loves Mullahs and whores, because the West knows that a free and strong Iran will not allow barbarians to exploit other nations. The West knows who is who. Now they talk about ‘Barbarian Arts in Europe’, ‘How Christianity Civilized Barbarian Europe’, or ‘The Barbarian Contribution to Medieval Civilization’ ! They know who is who, and that’s why they create puppet regimes like the Mullah regime, and use their puppets to keep Persia weak. Now British spies and CIA agents are very active in the Mullah Parliament, the Mullah TV and other parts of the Mullah Regime. But now it’s clear that the UK and the US are the main enemies of the freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran”.


As the wise Iranians say: “British bastards have always had bad intentions, because they were human-eaters (Adam-khor), not humans (Adam). In the 19th century, the UK strongly supported and helped Russia, and the United Barbarians attacked Persia. Even in the 19th century, neither Russia, nor Britain was able to defeat Persia. As Curzon confessed, even in the 1790s, and even ‘under Agha Mohammed Khan, the Russian armies were destroyed by the Persians’ [*] It’s very important. Barbarians united against Persia. But as many ask: why Persia could not defeat the United Barbarians? It’s [a good question]. In the 19th century, Persia became a victim of its own naivety/ stupidity. Persians were naive, and thought Britons are humans! They underestimated Britain, which was a tiny virus. But as you know, if you underestimate a tiny virus, it can kill you! A tiny virus can kill a great human, an elephant, or even a dinosaur! In the 18th and 19th centuries, Persians allowed British barbarians like ‘John Malcolm, to explore Beluchistan, Herat, Sistan etc’ ! [*] Persians were naive, while British Barbarians worked on the idea of occupying Persia, disintegration of Persia and creating ‘an independent Afghanistan/ Baluchistan [Pakistan]’ [*] etc. Before their barbaric invasions to Persia, they tried to know Persia and the Persian weak points. But Persians were naive, and as Curzon said: ‘a traveller [a spy] in Persia has a greater freedom of movement than in any other inhabited country in the world’ !! [*] They tried to know ‘every aspect of Persian life’ ! [*], ‘provinces, cities, roads, institutions, resources, and army’ [*] But Iranians were naive. They underestimated the British virus. So, the great tragedy occurred. Britain was a tiny virus, but it could pollute everywhere”. They also add: “Iranians were naive, and their naivety was a result of their Excessive Decency. Iranians thought all humans should be good guys with good intentions. But unfortunately, it’s a wrong assumption. Excessive Goodness and Naivety were among Iran’s main mistakes in the 19th and 20th centuries”. We should write more about this issue later. But as the wise Iranians say: “Today’s Iranians know problems and solutions. The Golden Generation of Iranians were born in the 1970s & 1980s. They know the world, history, etc. They can restore ‘Great Iran’. They can make all humans aware. They know that Vaccine can kill Virus. They know that there is a good vaccine against the Evil-British virus. This vaccine is Awareness”. They also add: “All people should know Britain and British tactics. Britain occupied our Persian lands in the Persian Gulf, displaced the Persian residents by force, moved savage Arabs to our lands, and then called them ‘the Arab states of Persian Gulf’! British tactics were like the Jewish tactics. They used the same tactics in America, Canada, Australia, etc. British barbarians occupied our lands -our ancient lands in Persia- but called these occupied lands ‘British protected territory’ ! [*] and talked about ‘preventing Persia from invading British protected territory’ ! [*] Britons have no shame. But what if Persians occupy Scotland or Wales, and then refer to these lands as ‘Persian protected territory’?! Britons can only understand such logic! You should occupy Scotland or England, and call it ‘Persian protected territory’ !, and if British pigs attacked this ‘Persian protected territory’, you should say it’s against law; its illegal ! It’s exactly what the UK did in the 19th century”. History is important. As some wise Iranians say: “All of Iran’s oil was stolen by the Anglo Oil Company, the British company that would later become British Petroleum (BP). The UK and BP owe Iran trillions of Dollar. They must pay these trillions of dollar back. But do you know what Mullahs do?! Rouhani invites BP to steal Iran’s oil ! Rouhani and British Mullahs make love with Satan, the UK and the IMF, and still try to implement the IMF Plans, ie the MI6/ CIA plans, in Iran! Rouhani is proving that he is a British Spy. Now Iranians have started to say: ‘Rouhani is worse than AN’. The large army of Angry Iranians know how they should deal with Rouhani and other British spies”. They also add: “Islamists/ Basijis are stupid clowns, because their teacher is the UK. Recently the Mullah media says: ‘Babak Zanjani is a Basiji, a member of Sepah (Revolutionary Guards). Zanjani worked for Khatam al Anbia, the Guards’ empire. Who made the unknown poor Zanjani a billionaire was the Revolutionary Guards. When Qassemi, the head of Khatam al Anbia, became oil minister, he asked Zanjani to sell [steal] Iran’s oil. Zanjani was AN’s friend’. But as their teacher is the Orwellian UK, they stupidly add: ‘Zanjani was a CIA agent, and a part of the Sedition in 2009 [!] Zanjani worked for Iran’s enemies, not Islamic regime’! Idiots make a fool of themselves, while almost all Iranians know that Islamists/ Basijis work for Iran’s enemies, and serve the West’s interests. As Iran’s people truly say: ‘Islamists are not Iranians. The Mullah TV clearly says they hate Persia! When bros in Tajikistan and all parts of Great Iran talk about ‘Restoring Great Iran’, do you know what the Mullah TV says? The Mullah TV says: ‘Tajikistan is a different country. Please change the subject’ !! .. Islamists are Arabs, and sworn enemies of Persia .. Since the 19th century, Mullahs have been slaves of the British Colonialism .. the UK and barbarians occupied our ancient lands. But all parts of Persia -from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kurdistan- will return home soon .. Britain and its slaves think that their barbaric tactic of ‘Zur Tepun’ (only by force) still work in the 21st century! .. They just shatter all illusions. Now even idiots know that Mullahs/ Islamists are Arabs/ Jews (S-e-m-ites), not Iranians. Now even idiots know that the UK is behind the Mullah regime .. the stupid UK still censors everything, tells big & bad lies, and thinks such Orwellian tactics still work!”.


As the wise Iranians say: “In these years, all humans can see how the United Barbarians desperately try to hurt Iran and Iranians. The United Barbarians desperately try to stop Iran and Iran’s progress, because they know the importance of Iran. Even in the 19 centuries, they confessed that ‘Persia is an important factor in the determination of our policy in the East’ ! [*] or ‘The Persian is so very superior to any other Asiatic, to Indian, or Turk, [or Arab/ Jew], or even Russian .. If Britons [want to conquer] the East, Persia and the military resources of Persia [should be destroyed]‘ ! [*] They openly talked about ‘the principles of humanity in Iran‘ [*], and ‘the despair of Western scholars’ ! [*] […] So, they tried to poison all people -from clergymen & journalists to scientists & intellects- with money. As you know, they still try to buy and sell media, journalists, fanatics, idiots etc. But they have reached the end of the line, because many have become aware, and people like Snowden are everywhere. Now the West is morally, culturally, and economically bankrupt. Now even idiots know that the West’s Evil Empire tries to control and enslave all humans. The 2013 events were important. The West showed its true face. They also showed that no one and no force can stop Persia, if all Iranians decide to put an end to the West’s Evil Empire. Now the UK media and the US media censor almost everything, tell bad lies and shatter all illusions, because they have confused. The UK and the US are nearing the End. The main source of their power was the illusions of democracy, freedom etc. But now they themselves are destroying these
“. In these days, idiots repeat a common fallacy that we should write more about it later. But as the wise Iranians: “Iran, the land of Aryans, was and is the land of the Good, and the Home of the Good Guys (Khaneh Khooban). But does it mean that Iran was Utopia, or all Iranians are good guys?! No. It just means that the land of the Good (Iran) was/ is the opposite of the land of the Barbarism (UK/ the West). We don’t say all Iranians are good guys, or all Westerners are bad guys. Iran and Iranians have many problems. For instance, even ancient Iranians prayed to God for protecting Iran from Lying. But charlatans say: ‘Lying or Hypocrisy has been a serious issue in Iran since the ancient time. So, Iran is like the West’ ! But this fallacy is really stupid, because when Lying was a problem in Iran, Eating Humans and Barbarism was part of the daily life in the West! When Lying was a moral issue in Iran, Genocide and Barbarism was part of the daily life in the Jewish/ Arabian lands! Britons were naked, savage barbarians; they were eating men and women; they were committing genocide and horrible crimes against humanity. But when Europeans were such savage barbarians, Iranians were concerned about Lying! It’s the difference between the land of the Good (Iran) and the land of Barbarians (the West)”. They also add: “Iranians were not saints or angels. But Iranians were not barbarians, when Europeans were savage barbarians. It’s very important. Iranians were moral people, had good intentions, and cared about Truth, Tolerance, Kindness and Sympathy, when Britons and Europeans were eating humans, including their friends and their rivals ! It’s so important. When Arabs/ Jews were openly praising Genocide, Mass Murder, Racism, Intolerance etc Iranians were tolerant people and allowed other nations to have their own religions and their own life styles. It’s very important. Even in these years (after the 2009 coup) the West and all bad guys, including Jews/ Arabs, show their true colors. They openly praise Genocide, Anti-Iran Racism, Collective Punishment, Big Lies, Bullying, Nuking Iran, torturing all Iranians etc. The Devil and its agents -including Western Barbarians, savage Jews and Mullahs- are sworn enemies of the Land of the Good (Persia). They just want to destroy the Good, all Good Guys and all Good Things. But We, Persians, will never let this happen. These years clearly show that the struggle between Persia (Iran) and the West (ie the Evil Empire) is really the struggle between good and evil. But these years also show that the Evil Empire is bankrupt, and nearing the end. Sooner or later Persians and all good guys, including the good Westerners, will put an end to the Evil Empire. The United Barbarians, aka the Evil Empire, have confused and just show their true colors and disillusion more and more people. Now more people say: ‘Iran, the Land of Aryans, Wake up! The Persian Lion Wake up! Great Persia, the Cradle of Civilization, wake up and put an end to the Evil Empire of the Savage West”.

Chele and Yalda: Orwell, Matrix, Control

December 22, 2013

In this year (2013) and this Chele season (Yalda season) Iranians talk about British Mullahs, Iran’s enemies, and main problems. As the wise Iranians say: “This year (2013) showed what the Iranian people said about the UK, Mullahs, Arabs, the US, etc was not wrong. Now all people can see the love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan (USA)’, the love story of ‘Arabs and Jews’, etc. . Now it’s clear that the West is behind Islamists, Monarchists, Marxists (MEK), terrorists, dictators and all evil forces. In pre-2009, most Iranians that are young and educated were pro-American and pro-West. But now many things have changed. The West has sowed the seeds of hate since 2009. They showed that the West is the main Enemy of ‘Freedom, Democracy, and Progress’ in Iran”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “the love story of ‘Mullahs and their Great Satan (USA)’ is as ridiculous as the love story of ‘savage Jews and savage Arabs. Now Mullahs and their Javad (Zarif) defend those who threaten Iran with genocide! Their Javad (Zarif) says: ‘It is only natural for US lawmakers to [threaten Iran with nuke and to] be skeptical of Iran nuclear deal [!] I believe that’s only natural in a democratic society [!!]’ (WP, Dec 2013) Zarif is badly showing his true face, and that’s why the Iranian people say: ‘Zarif is an anti-Iranian [whore]’ or ‘Zarif is an American spy’ ! Iranians know Islamists and their Western employers. As Iranians say: for the UK, the US, Jews and Islamists ‘Democracy’ means Tyranny and Sadism!”. They also add: “Islamists and their Zarif make love with those who threaten Iran with nuke! This anti-Iranian Islamist, Zarif, has said to the Washington Post (WP): ‘[American incitement to genocide against Iran] is an internal matter for the U.S. and I believe the Americans are quite capable of handling it’ ! (WP, Dec 2013) Islamists tell jokes, and praise sadists, barbarians, and US Sadism (sanction). And the sadists and human-eaters (the West) have become Narcissists, and say to their stupid agent (Zarif): ‘We think of ourselves as the extraordinary nation’ ! (WP, Dec 2013) Mullahs are stooges/ slaves of these narcissistic barbarians. But the Iranian people and all good guys hate barbarians, sadists, and puppet dictators”. The Chele season remind many of the Iranian values, and the West’s bad guys. We have already written about “Yalda, Christmas, and Mithraism” (check Archive). At the Chele/ Yalda night, Iranians celebrate the victory of light over darkness, which symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. As the wise Iranians say: “the longest night of the year, that is on the eve of the Winter Solstice, had a symbolic meaning for Iranians: the rebirth of the Mehr (Sun). Ancient Iranians celebrated the victory of good (light) over evil (darkness) that comes after this night. It’s a clear sign of the Iranian wisdom. Since the ancient time, the force of evil (Western barbarians, etc) hated the home of Good (Iran) and the Iranian mindset […] They were/ are so jealous of the land of Aryans (Iran). They have always told big and laughable lies. Their stupid paradoxes has a long history. For instance, the first Christians like St Augustine said: ‘we hold this (Christmas) day Holy, not like the pagans (Persians !) because of the Birth of the Sun, but because of the birth of him (Jesus) who made it Holy’ !! This clearly explains the origin of Christmas. This festivity was an Iranian festivity, dedicated to the Birth of our Iranian Mithra (Mehr / Sun) that was adopted by the Christians. But the West and its stooges still talk nonsense”. As some wise Iranians say: ‘the Western barbarians refer to Iranians as Pagan!, while almost all good things in the West have Iranian roots! Iranians were civilized people who praised the Good, the Truth, Tolerance and Human values, while Westerners were barbarians and human-eaters, and Jews openly praised Genocide, Racism, and Barbarism […] Now even the good Westerners talk about ‘The Origin of Christmas’ or ‘The Truth Behind Christmas’, and say: ‘Christmas was originally the Iranian Yalda festival, meant to commemorate the birth of the Mithra. Iranians [even] eat red things during their Yalda Feast. Pomegranates and watermelons are an essential part of the Iranian Yalda’! The wise Westerners said: ‘Iranian civilization formed the background and basis of that Greek and Roman culture. Our science, our literature, our philosophy and our religion, go back to the land of Aryans (Iran)’. But the Western media, the English Lie Factory (UK media), and the West’s whores like Massoume Price, Javad Jackson, etc still tell laughable lies, and desperately try to hide or distort the truth. Now it’s obvious why Iranians are angry, and say: ‘Dige Barbar-ha ham moda-ii Miras-e Ma shodan !’ (Now even barbarians claim that they are the possessors of our Iranian legacy/ civilization!) […] The West and its stooges remind you of the Matrix and Agent Smith, who said: ‘our Matrix is more real & better than your real world’ ! The West even says humans don’t deserve to live in the West’s Perfect Matrix! They are like Agent Smith, who said: ‘the first Matrix attempted to simulate a perfect world, free of pain and suffering. But the human minds could not accept such a prefect world’! The Barbarian West and Agent Smith believe: Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure! It’s what the Christian/ Jewish Barbarians say. Read what Zionists, Rabbis, Haredi, Evangelists, Mormons, etc say. They are still barbarians. They still try to ruin or control the civilized world. They still tell big lies, and falsify the past and everything. But they just make people aware! Now many say: This year (2013) showed that the West is really like the Matrix!”.


These years remind many of ‘1984’ and the Matrix. As you know, the Matrix is a good philosophical film, of course if you ignore its many weak points! But here lets forget the philosophy and the technology. As some wise Iranians say: “The Matrix reminds many of Orwell’s 1984. Even in the West, the good guys mix the Matrix metaphors with Orwellian metaphors, and talk about the West’s true face. They even tell people: ‘Everything you know is a lie. Everything you know (and think you know) about the history, the West, etc is a big lie’. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say it’s not wrong. The Westerners live in the Matrix”. As you know, the Matrix is a ‘reality’ that everyone lives, but isn’t really ‘real’! We have already written about “Reality and Fantasy” (check Archive). But as some wise Iranians say: “Even if you ignore Snowden and NSA, many things can show you that the West is like the Matrix. What the West’s media says is Virtual Reality, not Reality. They censor almost all important facts/ news. They openly talk about Mind Control and control mechanisms! You live in such a Matrix. But this Matrix is recognizable. The Matrix suffers from many bugs, errors, or mistakes, that you can call them ‘clues’. There are many clues: the 2009 coup was one of these bugs/ clues. What the Lefty media and the English Lie Factory (UK media) do/ say are clues. What US Congressmen say/ do are clues. What the Left (Chomsky, etc) and the Right (Brzezinski, etc) do, and their collaborations are vital clues. The story of the Left and the IMF plans in Iran is a good clue”. They also add: “In the Matrix movie, one of the good scenes is when Neo wakes up in his cell (real world), and sees the grim truth of reality. When Neo sees all cables (chains), all cells, and this fact that all humans are really prisoners in a big prison, it’s really one of the scariest things you can see. It as scary as this fact that the one, the oracle, and all guides are part of the system! They are part of the Matrix and its design! It reminds you of today’s world!”. They also add: “In the Matrix movie, you can see many stupid things. For instance, its ‘Biblical references’ (Zion, chosen people, trinity, prophecy, Armageddon, the one (superman), etc) are stupid. It’s shameful that The Matrix was under the influence of the Christian/ Jewish Zionists, who worship ‘Zion’, Genocide, Racism, Slavery, and other barbaric things. In the Matrix, religious beliefs, Nuclear Armageddon, etc remind you of the religious fanatics and the Hollywood crap. As the Westerners say: ‘In the Matrix, we created a nuclear winter, blocking out the sun, in hopes of depriving the machines of power. Then the machines [tried to use us] as electrical generators! Billions of us are harnessed to the power grid, each one living out his life in a little pod. To keep us in our pods, the machines feed a virtual reality program (the Matrix) into our brains that gives us the experience of a normal human living in 1999’. But it’s not the whole story. The Matrix is the story of Control. The Matrix reminds you of today’s world, that is an Orwellian World. As Snowden and the 2013 scandals revealed, all tech giants and media, and almost all journalists, scientists, intellects, etc work for the Matrix (Big Brother’s agencies, etc)”. They also add: “In the Matrix, Architect, Oracle, all guides, and even Neo (the one) are part of the Game! They are part of the Matrix of Control. The guides just try to keep the whole system safe and secure […] In today’s world, who can remind you of the guides in the Matrix?! Yah, Noam Chomsky, and even Edward Snowden”. They also add: “Snowden is an ex-CIA agent, and Chomsky works for the system. The stories of Iran and the 2009 coup clearly showed how and why lefty agents like Chomsky praise/ defend IMF plans, dictators, Islamists, Marxists, Imperialists (Brzezinski, etc), terrorists, CIA agents (Leveretts, etc), and other bad guys. Lefty agents like Chomsky are part of the system. They are agents of (Matrix)”. In this year (2013), many Iranians talked about the 2009 Coup and its lessons. As some wise Iranians say: “Do you think a bunch of Islamists control Iran?! Islamists have no public support in Iran, and more than 90% of Iranians hate them so much. They rely on foreign support. The Matrix of the West and its stooges help and support them. But the fate of puppet dictators, and those who sacrifice their people for foreigners and foreign support, is quite clear”. They also add: “Even the wise Westerners know their Matrix. But as they say: ‘Where is the protest, the outrage, the sense of betrayal? The West’s Sheeple live like sheep’. Most Westerners even don’t know that the ‘Agents’ Chomsky, Brzezinski, Leveretts, etc are the agents of the Matrix, and part of the great Delusion. It’s
disappointing. But you should not forget that many people like Snowden, Manning, and Swartz exist. It’s not important whether Snowden or Manning is part of the system or not. But it’s important that many insiders are like Snowden and Manning, or hate the bad guys […] The bad guys and their shameful acts just disillusion people. What they did in 2009 made Iranians aware. Now many Iranians say: ‘Who control Iran, hurt Iranians, and are the main enemies of freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran? a bunch of Islamist Neanderthals or Basiji Chalquz (retards)?! no; you should be so naive to believe it. The US and the UK are behind the Mullah regime. The West and its stooges shape (this Matrix)’! Now Iranians have become aware, but most Westerners still live like sheep. The real change will occur, only when most humans become aware and ask for change”.


As the wise Iranians say: ‘People truly have doubts, and ask: ‘Do we really live in a Matrix?’ But unfortunately, this year showed that people live in a Matrix of lies, a Matrix of Deception, a Matrix of Illusion. The Big Brother’s media and the Ministry of Truth try to control everything, and create a Matrix. Matrix is a big prison. Those who live in the Matrix are prisoners, but they are not aware of this fact! It’s like what you can see in the West. But Iran is different. Iran has become a big prison. But Iranians are aware of this horrible fact. They even know the prison guards. Iranians say: ‘who are the prison guards?! The West and its stooges!’ Iran’s people clearly say: ‘We hate this puppet regime. This zoo. This prison’. But most Westerners still live like sheep or slaves […] Morpheus said: [the truth is that] you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage … born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind‘. When Morpheus asks Neo to choose between a red pill and a blue pill, he essentially offers the choice between ‘living in the fantasy world (under illusion)’ and ‘knowing the truth, even if it’s scary, shocking, depressing, and
‘. In this [shitty world], we all should choose between a red pill and a blue pill. The Sheeple (sheep people) choose the blue pill, ie living like slaves in the Matrix. But many people are like Neo -who takes the red pill that awakens him from his dream world into the less seductive reality. They don’t want to be slaves. They choose the red pill, even when they are told: ‘After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill -you stay in Wonderland and [see] how deep the rabbit-hole goes’. After taking the red pill (ie becoming aware) you are told: ‘Welcome to the desert of the real ! Look at the West’s true face, the Left’s true face […] The Matrix and the 2009 coup truly showed that Truth is stranger than Fiction“. They also add: “The Sheeple prefer to live like slaves, in a Matrix of illusion. They don’t know that Rabbis, Mullahs, Priests, Marxists, etc are the stupid Shamans of the 21st century. They don’t know that Journalists, and those many scientists who are paid to tell big lies and mislead people, are the stupid Whores of the 21st century. But many people are not Sheeple. They want to break the chains of the Matrix that held them prisoner. They say, as Morpheus said: ‘The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. You can see it when you (surf the internet, read the press), or you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth’. Unfortunately, the West and its stooges desperately try to blind people from the truth. They tell big lies about everything, including history, science, technology, freedom, democracy, and everything. Snowden and the 2013 scandals showed that the truth, or the rabbit hole, extends much deeper than you ever could have imagined . And that’s why Obama and US/ UK politicians say: ‘Snowden leaks caused a lot of ‘unnecessary damage’ !”. This year (2013) made many people aware. As some wise Iranians say: “Now many can understand Iranians better. Now even the Westerners talk about The Media Matrix or ‘the hegemonic control exercised by the media’ ! Now even the wise Westerners say: ‘We see the world through the mass media. They feed us disinformation and lies that serve the agendas of those in control, then, instead of being told the truth, we will learn not about the real world, but about the world they wish us to see, one that will serve their plan for global control’ (Nov 2013). Sooner or later people would know the Ministry of Truth, its systematic lies and systematic falsifications. Sooner or later people would know the British Barbarians and those who try to rewrite the history. Sooner or later even five-year old kids would know the English Lie Factory (UK media), and Intellectual whores and Big Brother’s agents like Chomsky, who are not outside the system, but they are part of the system, part of the Control”.


Some wise Iranians say: “In the West, people live in a Matrix of Control. Snowden, NSA, and all 2013 scandals showed that it’s not a conspiracy theory. In this year (2013), the UK media, aka the English Lie Factory, showed why the funny Iranians refer to the Western press/ media as The western Presstitute!. In this year, the West and its prostitutes (Lefts, Islamists and other whores) showed why the funny Iranians refer to the Lefty media as the Lefty Presstitute. In this year, you could see why the wise guys refer to the Western Culture as ‘A Barbaric Culture’, ‘A Culture of Delusion’, etc. In this year, you could see why the funny Iranians make joke about ‘the Western Sadists’, and say: ‘The Barbarian West already praised Sadism, Racism, Genocide, Xenophobia, etc. But now they praise Masochism, and gain pleasure from hurting or betraying their own people’! The stories of Snowden, NSA, Lavabit, UK, Guardians, etc showed that the West is the Matrix. Control, telling big lies, brainwashing, sowing the seed of hate, and falsifying history is part of their daily life. They love rewriting history! In their history, barbarians are heroes, and the land of Barbarians (West) is the cradle of civilization! It’s the worst joke in history. Even if you forget that Western Barbarians were eating humans for thousands of years, many other facts can show you the truth. Christian fanatics and Jewish fanatics are really barbarians. Read their Jewish Bible, and see how they openly praise Racism, Genocide, and Barbarism. What the British Barbarians did in the recent centuries are unbelievable. What the UK Barbarians did in Australia is one of the greatest genocides in history. They occupied the land of native people, massacred millions of them (most of them), and finally practiced ‘scientific racism’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’ on the few remaining native Australians! The tragic story of ‘Lost Generations’ has happened in the 20th century! The very tragic story of Australia, is like the very tragic stories of America, Africa, India, Middle East, and all those areas that were attacked/ occupied by the British Barbarians. But it’s really shameful that a group of Barbarians (Britons) -who were much worse than the Nazi- committed genocide, ethnic cleansing, and barbaric crimes against humanity, but the media still tries to hide such historic facts”. They also add: “In the Matrix of the bad guys, Ignorance is Bliss. The bad guys ask all of us to live in the Matrix, the Big Brother’s world. They want to enslave all Humans in all around the world. They hate the Good, and what is good and decent. So, to fight them and their Matrix one has to be a good guy and live like a real good guy. If you think and behave like bad guys, you just help them, and you are one of them“. It’s a good point. They also add: “we all should try to know the Matrix. The wise guys say: ‘What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain’. In the world of philosophy, such matters are very complicated. But in the world of politics, media, and society, such things and knowing the truth, or at least part of the truth, is not very complicated. If you open your eyes, and free your mind from the media’s prison, you can find answers to many questions […] In this year, you can understand many things better. Now the United Barbarians (from the Barbarian West to savage Arabs/ Jews), their collaborations, their incitement to genocide, etc reveal many things. Now you can understand why Iranians spit/ laugh at the United Barbarians, and say: ‘Dige Barbar-ha, Adam-Khora, va Malakh-khora ham vase ma Adam Shodan !’ (Now even barbarians, human-eaters, and locust-eaters pretend that they were civilized humans!) Now you can understand why even the wise westerners say: ‘The Greek attitude toward the Persians was a complex mixture of fascination, envy, and contempt. Telling lie about the Persians, that were a super power at that time, served [to heal the inferiority complex of] the ancient Greeks’. The West’s bad guys still sow the seeds of hate, because they suffer from ‘Inferiority Complex’, a ‘mixture of envy and contempt’, and many Barbaric complexes. They and all bad guys are sick people who should be sent to a psychiatric hospital”.

How Iranians Changed: 1980s and Animations

December 16, 2013

In the last days of 2013, as some Iranians say: “The West still tells big lies, and badly censors the voice of Iran’s people. The West and its stooges still censor all important facts/ news of Iran. Mullahs still send noise/ parasite, and try to slow down the filtered internet. The UK, the US and their slaves (Islamists, Jews, exiled whores, etc) are badly showing their true colors, and just create more and more hatred of the West and its stooges“. But here lets forget these shitty, stupid things. As Iranians truly say: “In this [shitty world], everything -ie everyday life, all aspects of life, and our pain and suffering- has become a political issue, because [Big Brother and its slaves] try to control everything […] This year (Snowden, NSA, etc) showed that everything -even [Math or Science]- is a political issue!”. Many people, including us, are sick and tired of the world of politics, and what the West and its stooges do and say. So, here lets try to forget all shitty (political), stupid things. In this year (2013), some asked: “How Iranians changed and became such modern people? The West and Islamists tried to keep Iran backward; But how could Iranians manage to become such wise and informed people?”. It’s a good question. So, here lets write about this issue, and part of the answer. As the wise Iranians say: “Many good books can, and should, be written about [this issue]. But now Iranians don’t have any media. Now the West and its puppets control everything. Now only Islamists, stooges, and exiled journalists/ activists -who call themselves intellectual !, ‘Iranian Diaspora’ etc while they are nothing but ‘political prostitutes’ or ‘anti-Iranian whores- are allowed to publish books about Iran, Iranians, How Iranians Lived or How Iranians Changed (Ma Chegune Ma Shodim)! But political prostitutes and anti-Iranian whores work for the Big Brother. They know nothing about the world, West and Iran. They get money, sell their soul, and just say and do what the bad guys want. But it’s Prostitution, not Science. It’s Prostitution, not Journalism or Intellectualism ! […] Iran is the oldest country on earth, and the cradle of civilization. For thousands of years, Iran (Persia) was among the most advanced countries on earth. Iran is the birthplace of many many innovations. Iran is also the birthplace of Tolerance and many modern values, known as the human values”. But unfortunately, many know nothing about Iran. As we said before, Iran has had its own ups and downs. The past 300 years were Iran’s downs, because most Iranians became illiterate and ignorant. But now many things have changed. As some wise Iranians say: “Even in the past 300 years, Iran had many progressive movements, more than any other countries in Asia and Africa. But now more than 85% of Iranians are 40- (ie they were born in the 1970s and post-1970s). These Iranians are modern people. More than 95% of them are educated, and more than 40% of them are university-educated. They know the world, history, science, arts, politics, and many other things better than their Western counterparts. So, the 21st century will be Iran’s century“.


As some wise Iranians say: “The 1980s is a nostalgic decade for most Iranians. But War, Revolution, Tyranny, Oppression, Islamists, Marxists and other idiots and other disasters had created hard times in the 1980s. So, why Iranians feel quite nostalgic for the 1980s?! In that decade, the large army of modern Iranians were born or grown (In 1990, 50% of Iranians were 17-) In the 1980s, most Iranians were becoming disillusioned with Islamists, Marxists and many other retards and bad guys. In the 1980s, the majority of Iranians (in big cities, small cities, villages, etc) started to watch TV and know the world through TV. Iran’s state TV had only 2 channels, that aired their programs from 17pm to 23pm! But all Iranians clearly remember, and feel nostalgic for, children programs and animations (aka cartoons) in the 1980s”. They also add: “Iranians watched Nippon’s animations. Nippon Japanese Company produced its animations based on good works of literature. Nippon’s golden years was the 1980s. At that time, both kids and adults could enjoy Nippon’s products, which cared about the human life, the human problems, the life skills, and many other good things. In the 1980s, Iran’s state TV was full of Islamist propaganda. This stupid propaganda just backfired and created more and more hatred of Mullahs (Islamists). But it’s not the whole story. In the 1980s, Iran’s state TV showed a few good programs like Nippon’s products and Iranian products. In the 1980s, many good and wise Iranians -that most of them are now among the liberal artists in Iran- produced or controlled many children programs in Iran’s state TV […] Iran had a rich culture and a rich history, and just need a spark for getting rid of ignorance that had hurt Iran [in the past 300 years]. The 1980s and its events, specially the baby boom and the TV series, were the spark Iran needed. The 1980s’ events were designed to keep Iran weak and backward. But they backfired. The bad guys, their shameful acts and their stupid propaganda just created more and more hatred and awareness in Iran. And yah, it’s like what the stupid West is doing in the 2010s!”. They also add: “The 1980s’ TV series, at least in Iran, mixed themes such as loyalty, friendship, truthfulness, etc with the modern world and modern things. The Iranian kids learned a lot from Iranian products like [a long list of the Iranian products in the 1980s]. The Iranian kids also learned a lot from Nippon’s products; for instance, ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ (‘Flone on …’ or Dr Ernest) (1981), adapted from a good novel, was about a shipwrecked Swiss family on an uninhabited island. Dr Ernest’s Family and Iranians both need the same things (Hope, etc), and both were cast away on an isolated island, and both were trying to cope with many problems, and both finally became stronger […] ‘The Story of Perrine’ (1978) was a good series, too. This Nippon’s anime series has shown in Japan, Iran, France, England, and Canada. Based on a French novel, Perrine is a self-made girl. Before dying, her father asks his wife and Perrine to return to his father, who is a very rich man. They lack the money for the trip, but many tougher problems await Perrine, her mother, their dog Baron and Palikare, their donkey. Perrine had to overcome many hardships, losing her father in Bosnia and then her mother in Paris. Perrine’s problems resembled Iran’s problems! And like the story of Iran and Iranians, Perrine’s horrible problems just made her stronger and wiser”.


Some say: “Iranians are the nation of Nostalgia! In Iran, there is a nostalgia for the good old days”. But they think it’s a bad thing! But as the wise Iranians say: “Living in the past is bad, but learning from the past is good and important. You should not forget the past, and repeat history! In bad days or hard times, Iranians think about the good old days and the roots of problems. It’s a sign of the Iranian wisdom. It’s good that our people don’t have a short memory, and don’t forget the past. Only the bad guys ask Iranians to forget their past, their identity, their culture, their history, or their glorious days”. Iranians know who is who. As some wise Iranians say: “the golden years of the anime industry (Japanese animation) was the 1980s. At that time, anime taught good things to kids. But now, the anime industry just care about Robots, science-fictional crap, etc. They talk about ‘new theme, new style’, etc but these new things are nothing but stupid hypes and fevers, s-e-x, violence and other stupid things in ‘their declining anime industry’. In the 1980s, both kids and adults could see and enjoy Nippon’s products, because they had good themes, good stories, and even good music. For instance, Iranians still remember “Alps Stories: My Annette” (1983) and its music. Of course some say: ‘In Iran, its opening soundtrack changed to a Persian music, by a Persian composer Majid Entezami, wrote for Cello & SANTOOR, a traditional Persian instrument’. But this Iranian music was like or even better than the original music!”. They also add: “some say: ‘At that time, the animations were made by Nippon (Japan), but their themes, their stories, their music, etc changed in Iran!’ Only part of this issue is true. But it’s good that they changed stupid things to good things for children. All normal humans know that s-e-x and violence have harmful effects on children […] Nippon’s products had good themes. In the Alps Stories, Annette and Lucien were happy kids, but ‘their happy days turned into a long period of suffering’, and it reminded many of Iran and also the human life. In ‘Katri, Girl of the Meadows’ (Hanna) (1984), adapted from a Finnish novel, Katri (Hanna) lives on a farm of Finland. She encounters many unfortunate events, but Katri bears her hardship through hard work and a strong will. It’s a good lesson”. They also add: “In Nippon’s masterpieces, Iranian kids could know Switzerland, Finland, French, Italy, Japan, Australia, and other parts of the world. For instance, in ‘Lucy of the Southern Rainbows’ (Mohajeran) (1982), adapted from an Australian novel, Lucy’s poor family moves from England to Australia planning to live in their Australian dreams! It said a lot about England, Australia, Immigration, etc […] At that time, animations showed Iranians that the West’s ordinary people are normal humans, like Iranians. So, in the years before the 2009 coup, Iranians didn’t hate the West, and even had positive views about the West. Of course, the 2009 coup and the Western betrayals/ crimes changed many things. In the recent years, Iranians could see that the Western politicians are really bad guys, the Western media are Orwellian media, and the western systems are corrupt systems […] Even the lesser-known Nippon’s products like ‘Belle and Sebastian’ (1984), ‘Rascal the Raccoon’ (Ramcal), “School of Love” (Madresh Walt), “Honeybee Hutch”, etc [1][2][3] said that Iranians and all normal humans care about the same things. In the 1980s, Nippon’s products and many other animations, including American and European animations, showed Iranian kids that all normal humans are almost alike, all bad guys are almost alike, and propaganda machines are big & bad liars”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In Japan, ‘World Masterpiece Theater’ [4], aka ‘The Classic Family Theater Series’, aired from 1970 to 1997. To date, only a few series were ever dubbed in English for the American market. But most series were dubbed in Persian, and almost all Iranians have seen these masterpieces”. They also add: “Since its establishment in 1975, NIPPON ANIMATION has tried to produce high quality animation programs. In the 1980s and 1990s, Nippon’s products were among the world’s best animations, and it’s good that Iranian kids watched them. But why they had two different effects in Iran and Japan?!”. It’s a good question, but it doesn’t have a short and simple answer. As the wise Iranians say: “you can find answers to such questions in important matters like the differences between the Iranian culture and the Japanese culture, the Western betrayals and what the West did to Iran, etc. Iranians, that had a rich culture and a rich history, cared about their own culture, and the roots of problems. Iranians were victims of the West and its stooges, and cared about these old and open wounds […] The stupid West and its puppets still try to open old wounds and make Iranians aware!”. They also add: “In the East, Japan became the first advanced country in the 20th century. But as you know, history doesn’t begin in the 20th century! Even the well-known Japanese TV series, Oshin (1983/ 1984), showed how Japan changed. In 1907, seven-year-old Oshin is sent off by her father to work as a babysitter. Despite the horrible physical and verbal abuse, Oshin endures it for the sake of her family. However, when she is unjustly accused of stealing money, she runs away. Oshin was and is a symbol of Japan’s hard times and Japan’s poor beginnings […] In the 1980s, when Iran’s state TV showed Oshin, the Japanese media reported: ‘some Iranians thought the scenes of Oshin’s difficult youth were actually of the Japan of today and according to NHK, Iranians inquired how they could send rice to Japan ‘ ! It’s really important. It says a lot about the Iranian culture and the Iranian goodness. In the 1980s, in the midst of Iraq’s war, Iranians had a difficult time. But they still cared about other humans, and wanted to send rice to Japan, to help the poor people in Japan! The world and history should bow to such a great nation”. As some wise Iranians say: “The story of Oshin is based on the biography of a Japanese woman. Oshin showed that a person should never lose humanity, and should never give up -even in the hardest times. And that’s why Iranians cared about Oshin, and had a lot of sympathy for her. Oshin aired in 59 countries, including Japan, Iran, India, China, Poland, and Belgium. NHK released Oshin on DVD in 2003, because if you ask many people: ‘who is the most famous Japanese person in the world? the answer is Oshin! Nippon’s products, people like Ayako Kobayashi (the little Oshin) and other good Japanese people create a positive image of Japan in Iran. And we hope that Japan and other nations don’t follow the path of the stupid West, but instead, try to maintain their positive images”.


As some Iranians say: “In the 1980s, Iranians watched many non-Japanese animations, too. The good products like ‘Pat & Mat’, made in Czechoslovakia, played in 80s and 90s, are still nostalgic. ‘Pat & Mat’ music is still a popular rhythm and a symbol of stupidity! But most of the Western animations were, and are, just highly entertaining. For instance, ‘Tom and Jerry’, ‘Pink Panther’, ‘Great Grape Ape Show’ (Guril Angori), ‘Lucky Luke’, etc reminded Iranians of this fact that humor or satire is a global thing. But at that time, only some Western animations (that belonged to the 1960s) like ‘Yogi Bear’, ‘Tennessee Tuxedo’, etc were both informative and entertaining […] And it’s funny that Iranian kids knew the West through Japanese animations!”. As some wise Iranians say: “Idiots worship the stupid West, and say: ‘All good things -including Adventures of Sinbad and those good TV series that we saw in the 1980s – were American’ !! Idiots don’t know that those animations were Japanese, not American. These idiots, who worship the stupid West, are like those who worship the stupid Arabs, the stupid Russia, etc; All of them are anti-Iranian retards”. In these years, many talk about “the lessons of the 1980s”. As the wise Iranians say: “The main lesson of the 1980s is: In Iran, bullying, oppression, censorship, propaganda, and other Orwellian-Stalinist tactics backfire, and just create more hatred and more awareness. Iran is not a small and new-born country like North Korea or Arab states. Iran, the land of Aryans, is the oldest country on earth, and has a rich culture and a glorious and ancient civilization. Iran (Persia) is one of the world powers/ superpowers for thousands of years. The 1980s, like other hard times in Iran’s history, showed that great nations can have ups and downs, but if they try to learn from their mistakes, and if they try to know the roots of problems, they can overcome all obstacles. The bad guys, specially the West and its stooges, put many many obstacles in the way of ‘Freedom, Democracy, and Progress’ in Iran. But as Iranians showed, such obstacles cannot stop a great nation; and obstacles, crises, and hard times make cultured people/ great nations stronger and wiser. Those who hurt ordinary people and sow the seeds of hate are stupid bad guys. Those Americans who try to prove that America is a Rogue State, or ‘American Democracy’ means ‘Sadism, Racism, Narcissism, and Fascism’, are stupid bad guys. They are on the wrong side of history. The history and the reason show that the future belong to the good guys, not those who love and praise war, racism, sadism, tyranny, oppression, inhumanity, big lies, censorship, brainwashing, mass spying, Orwellian society and other bad things”.

For more information:

[1] imdb: A List of Cartoons that Iran’s TV showed in the 1980s
[2] Nippon Animation’s Classics [3] Many cartoons that Iranians watched in the 1980s were Nippon’s best products, aka the Masterpiece/ Classics
[4] More about World Masterpiece Theater and what Iranians watched in the 1980s

Who is Afraid of Iran and Iranian Legacy ?

September 8, 2013

In these days, many say: “The US is playing ‘Wag the Dog 2.0’ over Syria to cover up the 2013 Scandals [that are the greatest scandals in US history]”. They also add: “Once again, the anti-Iran West/ Jews are threatening Iran with war and barbarism! They say many stupid things like: The war on Iran begins .. in Syria“. But it’s not the whole story. As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, you can see a weird thing: Iran’s enemies talk nonsense and Iran’s people try to defend Iran by talking about Iranian Legacy and Iranian values, or by criticizing the West, the Jewish Culture, the Arabian values, etc but Mullahs, Islamists, and the so-called Activists/ Journalists in Exile just censor the voices of people, send parasite, or increase censorship & filtering”. We all should think about such weird things. As some wise Iranians say: “Who is really Afraid of Iran and Iranian Legacy? Why Islamists and the so-called Journalists/ Activists in Exile aid Iran’s Enemies, tell big lies, censor the voices of people , and try not to allow Iran’s people to defend Iran and Iranian values?! [In these days and] every now and then Mullahs start to send parasite, slow down the internet, increase the internet filtering, or attack Iran’s women/ men in the streets ! But why? They want to hurt Iran’s people and help Iran’s enemies?! or they want to hide the true face of the Anti-Iran West/ Jews/ etc?!”. We all should think about these issues. As some wise Iranians say: “Every now and then Mullahs slow down the internet or send noise/ parasite on the internet lines (telephone lines, etc). And it raises many questions like: Why they try to slow down the internet, when Iranians are seeing (talking about) US scandals & UK farces? Why they send parasite and slow down the internet, when Iranians talk about Iranian Legacy, Iranian values, or the Barbarian West, the Barbarian Jews/ Arabs/ etc?! Do they want to prevent people from defending Iran and Iranian Legacy?! or do they want to prove that they are anti-Iranian puppets of the West?! What’s the use of such stupidities? Have they forgotten what happened in 1941 (Pahlavi I’s downfall), 1978 (Pahlavi II’s), or 2003 (Saddam’s)?!”. We have already written about Semitic Locust Eaters, stupid Turks and other bad guys who hate the Iranian Legacy (check Archive for “Iranian Legacy Confuses Arab Locust Eaters”). But as some wise Iranians say: “Now not only Iran’s enemies (the Anti-Iran West/ Jews/ Arabs etc) talk nonsense or attack Iranians, but even exiled Iranians and Iran’s regime aid Iran’s enemies. Both the so-called exiled Iranians and Iran’s regime say nothing about the anti-Iran Jews and Jewish Barbarism! They lick the ass of the anti-Iran West. They call themselves ‘Iranian’! But if they are Iranians, why they just hurts Iran’s people and help Iran’s enemies?! Why they even praise the Anti-Iran Jews and the Anti-Iran Arabs, who are the same Barbarians with the same barbaric values/ culture?! If the culture of Mullahs and Islamists is not the Arabian/ Jewish Culture, why Mullahs and Islamists don’t defend the Iranian Culture and Iranian values, and just try to defend the barbaric values of the savage Arabs/ Jews?!“. Iranians talk/ write about History, Iranian Legacy and Iranian Values like Truth, Goodness, Tolerance, or Peace, because it’s not a threat to anyone except those who love Barbarism, Genocide, War and evil things. But personally, I don’t like to write about some issues. For instance, I don’t like to write, think, or even read about the Arabian/ Jewish history that is full of sickening, medieval things. I prefer to write about the future and a better world. But when the bad guys tell big lies and try to censor or hide the truth, and when even those who call themselves ‘Iranian’ tell big lies and aid Iran’s enemies, we all should care about those things that they try to hide/ censor. It’s vital for having a better world. We all should know whether those who call themselves good guy, democrat, intellect, tolerant, ‘Human’, ‘Iranian’, etc are honest or not. So, here lets take a look at some historic facts. It will help us know their true colors. We still have doubt about many of them, but their reactions can make many things clear.


As many know, and as the wise Iranians say: “the Jewish Bible and the old Jewish texts show that the old Semites were lovers of barbaric things like Genocide, Racism, violence and war. The Jewish Bible and many other facts show that ancient Semites loved and praised Barbarism, Genocide and Racism. Even in today’s world the Jewish barbarians say: ‘Non-Jews have no place in the world, only to serve the people of I-s-rael [!!]’. They hate Iranians and the Iranian values like Tolerance, Humanity, Love, Kindness, Goodness, Peace, etc. There are many informative facts about these Semites, ie Jews+ Arabs. And Iranians can talk about such things, if the anti-Iran Semites would not stop hurting Iran and Iranians. The ungrateful Jews/ Arabs should know that Iranians know who is who, and who didn’t/ don’t deserve the Iranian favors”. As some wise Iranians say: “Idiots praise Semites, Mesopotamia, Babylonians, or Assyrians, specially when they want to attack Persia and Iranians! These idiots don’t know that they actually help Iran! They don’t know that Mesopotamia was so close to ‘Zagros Region’. They don’t know who were Mesopotamians, and who were Iranians. Mesopotamia was under the influence of two main groups: Iranians and Semites. Cultured people in Mesopotamia were Kurds and other Iranians. But those Sumerians/ Mesopotamians who fought against Iran and Iranian values were the savage Semites. And the savage Semites were those Arabs, Israelites, Assyrians, Babylonians, etc who loved Genocide and Barbaric crimes against humanity. They were ‘the Lords of Genocide’ and committed barbaric crimes against each other. In about 2500 years ago, Iranians (Persians) helped the good Jews/ Semites, and save them from being killed and tortured by the savage Semites in Mesopotamia, etc. It’s a historic fact that no one can deny it. The ungrateful Jews owe a lot to Iranians. They learned many many things from Iran and Iranians, but now […] They just tell big lies, while their savior and the Cradle of Civilization is Iran (Zagros Region +other parts of Iran), not Mesopotamia“. We should write more about these issues later. But there are many historic facts about the ungrateful Jews and what they learned from Iran (Persia). For instance, as some historians say: “When Iranians saved Jews from being annihilated, they went to Iran and then began to use perfume and incense. Without any doubt, the perfume and incenses which are burnt in churches and synagogues today, follow the traditions set by Iranians .. many of the Iranian traditions gradually became parts of Judaism and Christianity .. According to the Old Testament, Ester Book, when Ester, a Jewish girl, wanted to be included among the women of Iran’s royal court, she had to be cleaned and purified. She was so dirty, like other Semitic girls. So, the purifications of 6 months with myrrh oil and 6 months with perfumes were carried out ! .. [Even western scholars say that] use of perfume and aromatic materials, burning of myrrh and ambergris were among the Iranian (Manicheans) customs and rites”. As some wise Iranians say: “Those idiots who praise Semites, Assyrians, etc know nothing about history. They even don’t know the Bible. They don’t know that ‘Assyrians were the Lords of the Massacres. But as their historians say: ‘Assyrians were Semitic people. Like most Semitic people, Assyrians were lovers of war and violence. Amongst the people of the ancient world, they were famous for their cruelty’. Even today’s Semites/ Assyrians say: ‘Assyrians/ Semites were not merciful conquerors [!] Once they conquered a civilization, they flattened it. This was a preemptive measure to avoid uprisings [!] [But] because of their famed brutality, many hated them. People say that the brutality of the Assyrians was their downfall, and yes, the victims and other civilizations rose up and destroyed our Assyrian (Semitic) civilization [!]’. In fact, only bad guys and barbarians were/ are afraid of Iran, Iranian Legacy, Truth and Human Values”.


Many ask: “Who are Semites, Assyrians, Jews, Arabs, etc?” As the experts say: “In the recent centuries, the term Semites used for peoples listed in the Bible as descended from Shem (Sem), the eldest son of Noah. These peoples are Jews, Arabs, Akkadian and Phoenicians […] Assyrians, Babylonians, etc are considered [as subgroups of these] main groups of Semitic people”. As some Western scholars say: “In the Bible books of Nahum and Jonah we [see just part of] the cruelties of Semites, Assyrians, etc. The ruthless and formidable Assyrians were perhaps the most brutal Semitic group”. Of course some non-Iranian experts say: “Almost all Semitic groups were the same shits .. Semites and Assyrians were brutal and murdered, tortured, or enslaved other people … [But] the Persians throughout their history, lived peacefully and were merciful to other people”. As the independent experts say: “Assyrians are among the oldest Semitic people. The supreme Assyrian god was Ashur, the war god, cruel and savage. Assyrians (Semites) loved genocide and massacring other people. They tried to [ethnically cleanse] their rivals: their cities were destroyed, all their men, women and children were brutally killed, and their heads hanged in trees. Assyrians and Semitic people were so [savage]”. But as some wise Iranians say: “Do you know Who helped the good Semites/ Jews? Iran and Iranians. And do you know Who put an end to the savage Assyrians and other savage Semites? Iran and Iranians. Today’s Iranians don’t want to open old wounds. But those who hurt/ insult Iran and Iranians, should know that today’s Iranians know who is who […] Iranians are decent people. Persians (Iranians) were/ are very kind, merciful, and civilized people. And there is no doubt that Iranian values were/ are very different from barbaric/ inhumane values of the Semites. Iranians allowed other people to enjoy their own lifestyles and their own religions. Only one nation, ie Iran, has had such nice-liberal-tolerant culture”. The West and its stooges tell many big lies. For instance, they tell big lies about Veil (Hijab) and its history. But as most experts say: “Veil or Hijab is a Semitic product. Assyrian laws and their treatment of women were like or worse than among Babylonians & Israelites. In the Semitic lands (including Assyria) the status of women was deplorable. Their men were harsh, violent, and cruel people to their women and other people. The old Semites believed free women had no reason to roam the streets and mingle with slaves and prostitutes [!] And hence, women seclusion was born”. Even the Jews talk about “the traditional Jewish veils”, and we should write more about ‘Veil’ or ‘Hijab’ as a Semitic Legacy. But as some non-Iranians say: “the veil (Hijab) is a mandatory requirement for dutiful Jews/ Christians .. Rabbis define woman’s hair and woman’s voice as s-e-x-ually erotic (ervah) .. Haredi or Jewish fanatics are worse than Islamists [& Basiji thugs!] .. in a Haredi community, women are only allowed to walk late at night, when men don’t see them; activities are either for men only or for women only; they wear Hijab, and their children throw rocks at the less religious ones”. Unfortunately, as some wise Iranians say: “Many know nothing about Jewish fanatics. They know nothing about Hijab, Polygamy, Genocide, or incitement to Genocide and Crimes against Humanity in Judaism and Christianity. They also know nothing about Iran or Iranian values. They don’t know that Iranian women are not like Jewish/ Arab women. They don’t know the Iranian heroines of Iranian Stories/ Myths. They don’t know Iran, Iranian stories, Iranian women, Iranian culture, Iranian values and other many things including the role of women in Iran. They don’t know that even in Safavid’s era, Iran’s women worked as warriors. In Tehran, you still can find Emamzadeh ‘Haft Dokhtaran’ (Shrine of Seven Girls)! These girls were brave soldiers who fought against Iran’s enemies in the Safavid’s era. They were not like the Mullah whores who go/ flee to the West, while the Iranian people are forced to live in the Mullah-made hell, that is a UK-backed hell”.


In this year (2013), many things make Iranians angry. For instance, as some wise Iranians say: “Now the media reports: ‘Khomeini’s grandchild lives in Toronto .. Many high rank Mullahs and their families live in Canada‘! But If you were Iranians, what you would react to the West and such news?! Ordinary Iranians should live in the Mullah-made hell. But the West makes love with Mullahs, and allows Mullah families to leave the Mullah-made hell! Khomeini’s girls ir their pix [above pix] are not important. But it’s important that many Mullahs and their families live in the UK, Canada, etc while the West imposes its stupid sanctions on the Iranian people! It makes Iranians so mad”. Unfortunately, most Westerners are ignorant. They think Iranians are Arabs! They know nothing about the long list of the great Iranian women/ men. They even don’t know that Iran is Persia, or ‘Iran’ means ‘the land of Aryans’. As some wise Iranians say: “Those who lived in Iran were called Aryans (Iranians). And as almost all good things and good values came from Iran (land of Aryans), most Europeans tried to pretend that they are Aryans (Iranians) or descendents of Aryans (Iranians). In the recent centuries, it has became a fashion in Europe! Even the Brits or those bad guys who loved war and genocide, or those who praised Racism and created the Holocaust, tried to pretend that they are Aryans! It was a bad joke”. Many don’t know Iranians, because of the mass brainwashing. But as informed people know, and as we can see in Iran, Iranians are decent and modest people. Iranians don’t like to congratulate themselves, and it’s part of the Iranian Culture. But those who hurt and insult Iran and Iranians, and those who tell big lies, should know that Iranians react strongly to such things, and it’s part of the Iranian Culture, too. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “People are becoming aware. The stories of Manning, Miranda, Snowden, Lavabit, etc just force people to say: the US and the UK say journalists are terrorists and ‘critics and whistleblowers’ are traitors! The US and the UK just help Islamists, Terrorists, and other bad guys. The US and the UK are the Worst of the Worst, and the main enemies of Journalism, Freedom, and Free Press”. They also add: “Now the media reports: ‘Is-rael asks the US to not ease pressure on Iran .. Is-r-aelis ask the US to bomb Syria .. their main target is Iran, not Syria. [They yearn for] bombing Iran’. But the Jewish state is not important at all. They are nothing but stupid puppets of the West. They just lick the West’s ass, while it’s the West that created the Holocaust! […] The Savage Jews hurt Iran & Iranians, and then ask: ‘Why Jew-Friendly Persia Became Anti-Jew’ ! But Jews should ask themselves: Who can love those who are so ungrateful, and praise War and Genocide?!”. They also add: “Those who love to talk about the forces of good and evil, should know that the Iranian people, who defend Peace, Goodness, Humanity, Tolerance, etc and follow the Iranian creed of good thoughts, good words, good deeds’ are the forces of good. And those who love War, Armageddon, Racism or Genocide are the forces of evil. Those who use their holy barbaric books to justify Racism, War and Genocide, are the forces of evil. It’s obvious that those Western-Jewish Barbarians who openly talk about ‘Hurting Iranians’, ‘Annihilating Iranians’, ‘Bombing Iran’ ! or Attacking Iran! are the stupid forces of Evil. They just reveal their true face, dig their own graves, and increase the hatred of the West and its stooges. But as you know, the West has ‘Pedar Koshtegi’ (deep hatred) towards the Jews. They say: ‘Jews killed Jesus’. And as you know, the West created the Holocaust, while Iran helped the ungrateful Jews. But the main question is: Why Islamists and others censor such facts, and just help the Holocaust-creators (ie West) and the anti-Iran Semites? Why those stooges who call themselves ‘Iranian’ just aid Iran’s enemies, tell big lies, censor the voices of people, and try not to allow the Iranian people to talk about Iranian Civilization and Iranian Legacy, and defend Iran and Iranian values?! Who is really Afraid of Iran, Iranians, Iranian values and Iranian Legacy? And who is the Enemy?”. I hope all good guys can think about such questions.

Iranian Fashion, Persian Models

September 2, 2013

In these days, many talk about “Wag the Dog 2.0”, US Scandals, or “the Love Story of Mullahs and Great Satan”! But here lets forget these issues. In these days, the media reports: “Mullah Morality Police raid Tehran’s recreation centers and try to arrest those women who wear leggings under their manteau … In August 29, the Mullah Fashion police arrested some Iranian women for wearing tights under their mandatory Hijab (long jackets/ manteau) !”. As some wise Iranians say: “Mad Mullahs and ‘Great Satan’ just aid each other in hurting Iranians and destroying Iran’s image. Recently, the US media reported: ‘Nina Moradi is attractive. She was qualified to run the election, and succeeded in her campaign for a city council position in Qazvin [!] [But now,] Mullahs try to ‘Disqualify her For Being Too Attractive’ ! The West just cares about those news/ facts that are created by Islamist faggots with the aim of destroying Iran’s image. The West just helps Mullahs. Now, the British media openly help this British Rouhani and his UK-backed cabinet. As the witty Iranians say: ‘when Mullahs appoint Zarif as their Foreign Minister, they should appoint Googoosh as their Minster of Arts & Culture ! (Googoosh, the female Iranian singer/ dancer, has close ties with US and Islamists!) But now they appoint Zarif as their FM, but the son of Bin Laden (Janati) as their Minster of Arts & Culture! And the UK media -from the BBC to the Guardian- openly defends Janati and Basiji faggots’. Iranians hate Iran’s regime. The West helps Iran’s regime and hurts Iran’s people, but shamelessly says: Iran’s regime = Iran’s people! & The West hates Iran’s regime!”. Recently Iranians talk about many funny stories. But here lets focus on the story of fashion/beautify industry, not funny stories like the story of Rouhani and his ‘UK-backed’ cabinet. As some Iranians say: ‘The West and its stooges badly suffer from ‘Goh Gijeh’ (shitty confusion). Their paradoxes and their double-edged attacks on people’s rights are so laughable. Now even the Mullah-made Fashion/ Design companies and their Fashions are oppressed, and it’s as laughable as Western Paradoxes”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The West and its stooges, including Mullahs, just try to destroy Iran’s public image. They just say stupid things about Iran. For instance, the Western idiots say: ‘Iranians use Western customs’, or ‘Iranians wear our Clothing’ ! or ‘Fashion, Makeup, or Beauty is a Western thing’! Westerners, who were naked barbarians and lived like dirty pigs, tell such jokes! But when Europeans even didn’t know how to utter or spell ‘Cloth’, ‘Beauty’, ‘Fashion’, Makeup, etc Iranians had a long history of Makeup/ Beauty industry”. It’s a good point. We have already written about the history of Barbarism and Barbarians in Europe and Britain (check Archive). As the wise Iranians say: “They tell us: ‘You wear European clothing’! And we just say: Don’t tell joke! When Europeans were naked barbarians, Iranians wore decent cloths and used perfumes. Even the ancient Greeks admired Persians for wearing perfume and makeup and attributed the origin of such things to Persia. Europeans just used Iranian coats, Iranian shirts, Iranian pants, skirts, etc and just made them shorter or tighter! That’s all! Those who know history, know who is who”. The world should know the Iranian Legacy, and we should write more about it. But as we said before, even the European tourists have confessed to part of the truth: “Persians are very neat, as well in their rooms and furniture of them, as in their habit; wherein they would not have so much as a spot to be seen: insomuch that those who are of ability to do it, change them as soon as they are ever so little stained, and others, who are not much before hand with the world, have them washed once a week. Which is very much contrary to the humor of [Europeans], among whom a man seldom see any clothes but what are full of nastiness and shine with grease”. (check Archive for [*]: “Iran Gifts to Mankind: German Confession”). The West hurts and insults Iranians, and doesn’t allow the world to know Iran or the truth. But as the experts say: “Iranians are the first manufacturers of perfume and discoverers of cosmetic powders and sweet smelling oils or beauty creams. Cosmetic and perfume have been used in Iran for over 6500 years ago“. Today’s Persians are like ancient Persians. And despite all Mullah attacks on all aspects of life in Iran, fashion and beauty is still alive in Iran.


“As Xenophone said [in 2500 years ago], Persians have a great fancy to black hair, and when it is not fully black they color it“ [*]. And as the wise Iranians say: “In about 7000 years ago -before Egyptians and others- Iranians applied minerals (roshoor, etc) to their skin, washed their Hair with the leaves from Sedre (Lotus tree), used Sormeh (Kohl) around their eyes, or used Henna and hair dyes to color their hair. Perfume-making is an Iranian industry, and has a long history in Iran. Golab or ‘Rose water’ (from Persian Gol + Ab = Flower+ water) is 100% Iranian and among the first perfumes in the world. Moshk, a perfume of the dried blood of gazelles, was firstly produced by Iranians. Hair dyes and Henna (a reddish-brown dye) were firstly used by Iranians. Soap was invented by Iranians. And do you know who discovered Alcohol? Iranians (Razi). Iran is the land of first things. As the experts say: ‘In northern Zagros, the oldest jar of wine was found. This jar was one of six vessels containing the remains of 7,000-year-old wine’. But the West is so ungrateful. Not only their wine, but even their makeup/ fashion business has Iranian root. But they are so ungrateful. Iran (the land of Aryans) gave the West a glorious gift. This gift was Civilization. But what the West gave to Iran? War, Colonialism, Insult, etc. Now, Iranians know the West’s betrayals or the anti-Iranian puppets of the West, including Islamists. Now Iranians are mad at the West”. They also add: “Islamists often talk about the West’s ‘Cultural Invasion’, while it’s the West that was under Iran’s cultural influence. In Europe, the great cultural influence came from Iran, the land of Aryans. If the naked barbarians in Europe wore clothes, it’s a cultural influence from Iran, the cradle of civilization”. They also add: “Mullahs and their Jewish/ Arabic values is the worst cultural invasion of Iran! What hurt Iran and Iranian Culture is Islamists and their Jewish/ Arabic culture. They have polluted our country. But their fate is clear. Now even Mullah Fashions reveal that in the battle between Iranians and Mullahs, it’s the Iranian people that go forward to achieve their goals, and Mullahs just retreat constantly”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Iranians are happy to see the human cultural development. Iranians are happy to see the progress and development of other nations. Since the ancient time, Iranians have helped other nations to become developed/ cultured nations. But the West is so mean, so jealous, and so ungrateful. They just try to keep other nation weak or undeveloped. Now these former barbarians who have learned many many many things from Iran (Persia), insult Iranians and say Iran cannot have advanced technologies! These former barbarians (the West) are bad jokes”. They also add: ‘We know that the Human Civilization is a legacy from all humans. But when the uncultured West and its stooges talk nonsense, deny the Iranian Legacy and try to hide the long history of Iranian Civilization and Persian gifts to mankind, we cannot remain silent. The non-Iranian experts say: ‘The history of makeup spans at least 6,000 years in human history. Some evidence of eye make up, dated from 4,000 BC, was found in Egypt .. Other fascinating fact in the history of makeup was that Persians used henna and hair dye’. But they just tell part of the truth about Persia. Many things in Persia are older than Egypt. According to the new studies: ‘Eye makeup has been used in Iran since (at least) 4500 BC. Archaeological discoveries at Zagros region also indicate that Iran women used to wear lipstick, rouge, etc in 2000 BC’. Even the ancient Greeks and others attributed the origin of perfumes and cosmetics to Persia”. They also add: “In today’s Iran, Mullahs act like the West, and try to deny the rights of Iran and Iranians. But even the Mullah dress restrictions just have the opposite effect, and a social uprising can break out any minute. Islamists have polluted our country, but even the Mullah Fashion Shows, that are stupid shows, reveal that the fate of Mullahs is like the fate of all Iran’s enemies. After all barbaric invasion -from Arab to Greek invasions- Iranians could protect their cultural identity, and finally it was Iranians that changed the invaders and their barbaric culture. Only one nation, ie Iran, can proudly say: We could make many Barbarians Civilized”.


As the experts say: “Since the ancient time, Iranian women and men wore perfumes and cosmetics. Fashion, that means ‘a style of clothes, hair etc that is popular at a particular time’, has a long history in Iran. But it’s important to note that Iranians always used decent fashions. In the ancient Persia, Iranian didn’t have Hijab. But Iranian men and women wore decent clothes”. As some wise Iranians say: “Hijab is a Jewish/ Arabic artifact. Hijab is a 100% non-Iranian thing. Ancient Iranians were civilized men. They wore decent clothes, and were very different from naked barbarians in Europe, or bigoted barbarians in Arabia. European/ British barbarians looked like dirty pigs. They didn’t know many civilized things. Knowledge of perfumery came to Europe as early as recent centuries. Before the Renaissance (14th to 17th centuries), Europe was officially barbarian, uncivilized and undeveloped, and that’s why the West experts talk about ‘History of Makeup From the 17th Century’. Of course even after the 17th Century most Westerners were so stupid. As historians say: ‘In 1770, the British Parliament passed a law condemning makeup, stating that women found guilty of seducing men. In the 1800s, makeup was viewed as vulgar and only worn by actors and prostitutes! [Even] in the late 19th century, full makeup was still seen as sinful. In Elizabethan England, cosmetics were seen as a health threat .. Only in 1884, perfumers in Paris introduced the first European lipstick .. and just during the 20th century, make-up became fashionable in America and Europe’. The makeup/ beauty industry has a short history in the West”. They also add: “The West insults Iranians, and Mullahs attack Iranians, who just want to be as chic, pretty and joyful as ancient Iranians. But now many Iranians like Tala Golzar, Shaghayegh Claudia Lynx, etc force the fashion world to say: ‘Persian models are among the top models in the world’. Today’s Iran has many young and talented models and designers. They can create new fashions in the world. It’s what Iranians want or prefer. But Mullahs hate it, because Mullahs are enemies of Iran and Iranian values”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Ordinary Iranians are not philosophers or intellectuals! They are like other people. But they are wiser and more politically aware than their Western counterparts. They hate racial or political issues. They say: ‘We welcome any good idea. We should not close our minds to new ideas’. Since the ancient time, Iranians have been quite open-minded about diversity and new ideas”. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs are puppets of Iran’s enemies, and as the mass media says: ‘Rouhani’s cabinet shows dual policy track … The cabinet choices made by Rouhani signal that [Mullahs] are pursuing a dual policy track: a shift in foreign polices to [give concessions to the West] but far less compromise on opening up domestic politics and social freedom‘ (WSJ, 17 August 2013). In fact, even the idiots know that Mullahs are puppets of the West, and enemies of Iranians. But they should know that Mullahs and Great Satan (US) get nowhere with such dual policies that belong to the Colonialism Age. The US is just losing all its respects in Iran and the world. After the 2009 coup, Iranians not only became disillusioned with Islamists, but they are becoming disillusioned with the West. Now even the media confesses: Iranians dislike their government, but they are devoted to their country, Iran. They resent the so-called Iranian diaspora, and say: They just [betray us] .. those who live [in UK & US] are not Iranian at all (August 2013)”. We would write more about these issues later. But as the wise Iranians say: ‘the West and their stooges just tried to hurt Iranians. They didn’t allow our women to enjoy many freedoms, but it backfired and just helped Iran women to become educated, anti-Islamist, and well-informed! Now many Iranian women say: ‘Books are more important than scarves. I’d prefer to wear a Hijab all my life if it means reading uncensored books’. Mullahs and their masters are in deep shit. The West uses the fashion industry and s-e-x-ual freedoms to keep their people ignorant and busy with stupid things. But in Iran, they are in deep shit. They know that Mullah Paradoxes are dangerous, but unsolvable; and it just can lead to the End of Mullahs, and also the End of the West’s stooges in Iran”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Many ordinary Iranians are models -better than western models! Those who leave Iran can become top models. But in Iran, Mullahs don’t allow Persian models to express themselves. Fashion in the Mullah era is stupid. Mullah Fashion Shows are disgusting. Mullah Fashion Police hurt average Iranians. The savage Islamists force Iranians to wear what Mullahs want! So, most Iranians just wear what Mullahs hate it, and say: ‘We love it, because Mullahs hate it !“. In these days, idiots talk about tights, leggings, and new fashions in Iran. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Iranians have the right to decide about their bodies and their clothes. It’s a basic right. Europeans were naked barbarians; but Iranians are civilized people, and Clothing is the product of Civilization. So, Iranians know what they should wear, or how to manage their clothes and bodies. Iranians don’t need that the savage Arabs (Mullahs) tell them what to wear or how to wear! And about tights and leggings, it’s important to note that Mullahs force Iran’s sportswomen to wear tights and headscarf !, and call it ‘A Battle for Hijab’ ! Instead of wearing what the world’s sportswomen wear, ie loose shorts and t-shirts that is suitable for sports, Mullahs force sportswomen to wear tights! It’s really ridiculous that when you watch a football/ futsal match between European & Iranian women, those whose dresses seem improper or indecent are Iranians! Mullah miracles and Mullah Paradoxes are so laughable”. We should write more about Mullah Paradoxes and the West’s big lies. But as the wise, angry Iranians say: ‘The Barbarian West is like the Savage Arabs/ Jews. They are so ungrateful. Now they have forgotten how they killed themselves to learn new things form Persia (Iran), or to follow the Iranian-style fashions. Now what these former barbarians say is like this: ‘We were naked barbarians. You gave us cloth. Later we made it shorter or tighter. But now instead of being grateful, we claim that we gave you cloth!’ The West and the former Barbarians have forgotten many things. But we, Iranians, have not forgotten! In today’s West, many don’t know Iran and the world. But in today’s Iran, many know the world and history”. I hope all good guys try to know the world and history.

Iran Sports, Iranian Heroes and Western Retards

July 30, 2013

“The West is really turning into a backward cesspool. Now ‘the Australian Retards’ and the Western Racists show that they are backward people, whose logic is ‘Mantegh Mazafar’ ! (A Barbaric Logic that belongs to the Stone Age!). They have nothing to say. They just show you why the Western Logic is ‘Bullying’, Censorship, ‘Telling Big Lies’, etc; and why the West’s brain is in its ass. The Western Retards are laughable. Their views belong to the Stone Age. Their IQ is less than zero. They have no answer and no rational explanation for our questions. They know nothing about the world, history, civilization and human values. Iranian Logic confuses the Western Retards. Now, what they do and say just prove why the West is turning into a backward cesspool, and why the West is still savage, uncultured, anti-Democracy, anti-Humanity, anti-Peace, anti-Progress, and anti-Logic“, some wise Iranians say. We have already written about the Barbarian West and the long history of Barbarians and Barbarism in Europe and Britain [5]. And we should write more about the Backward West and the Western Retards. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now many things -from the tragedy of Snowden and the parody of ‘Democracy & UK Royal Baby’ ! to the dark history of Barbarism & Racism in Australia- tell the truth about the Backward West”. In these years, the Western Retards just make Iranians aware. As the wise Iranians say: “What the West did and said in these years is among the most informative events in history. The 2009 Coup and the 2013 Show create a unique era that tells the truth about the West, Mullahs, Islamists, journalists, pseudo intellects, spies, traitors, etc”. They also add: “When Iranians were ‘writing’ about Human values and Civilization, Westerners were eating humans and were savage barbarians. But today’s Iranians don’t say all Westerners are still barbarians, or all Westerners = Western pigs. But the Western Retards say Iran’s Regime = Iran’s People!, while we all know who is behind the anti-Iranian Mullah regime. Not only the 2009 coup and killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians, but many other historic facts -from Guadeloupe Conference, Sullivan-Huyser missions, UK-US-Mullahs links in the 1970s, and Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980s to the AN’s era and the post-2009 farces- show who is behind the Mullah regime. Even before the 2013 Mullah Show, we all could see how the US/ UK media help Mullahs and tell big lies about Iran and the 2013 Show. Several books can be written about the big lies that were told by the Orwellian media like the AP, the BBC, the Guardian, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, the Economist, RFE/ RL, etc in 2013”. It’s obvious why almost all Iranians are mad at the West. We have already written about the whys, and also about those who sow the seeds of hate (check Archive). But as some Iranians say: “Many Westerners are blind and stupid. They live like sheep, and even don’t know that Mullahs and West are exchanging green signals. Now, Khamenei/ Mullahs try to eat both ‘Onions and Sticks’. They still defend the 2009 coup and the Jewish Spy (AN), and allow AN to repeat his big lies. But the West censors such news; they even say nothing about what AN [AhmadiNejad] did to Iran’s economy. But we, Iranians, know what happened in the AN’s era. Iranians know that the average inflation rate in the AN’s era is more than 700%. Iranians know how AN created the greatest inflation rate, the greatest embezzlements, the greatest corruption /mismanagement, and the stupidest crises in Iran’s history. Iranians know how AN destroyed National Products, how AN implemented the IMF plans, how AN served the West’s interests, and how AN helped the West’s anti-Iran sanctions. Iranians know this Jewish Spy (AN) and British Mullahs. [For more info, check Archive]. The Western Sheeple are brainwashed by their media; but Iranians know who is who, and who is behind the Mullah regime”. The West and its Orwellian media not only censor the news/ facts about politics, economics, sciences, people, basic rights, etc, but they even censor the news/ facts about sports and entertainment. So, here lets take a look at some censored facts about Iran’s sports. It can be informative.


As the people media report: “Iranian climbers, Puya Keyvani, Aidin Bozorgi and Mojtaba Jarahi [above picture] went missing while descending the Broad Peak. These Iranians used a new route, known as the Iranian Route, on Broad Peak summit”. The story of these Iranian climbers is like the story of Iran’s sports. As some wise Iranians say: “The West censors everything -even facts/ news about sports ! Now, the couch of Iran football team, Carlos Queiroz, says Iran’s regime tries to weaken Iran’s team just before the 2014 World Cup. But he knows nothing about the anti-Iranian Mullah regime, and what they did to Iran’s team in the 1998/ 2006 World Cups. But Iranians know the truth. In these years, many events reveal the truth. For instance, Iran was a world power in the world of Futsal. With an Iranian coach, Shams, Iran rivaled Brazil and Spain. Iran could beat Spain, Brazil, etc. Shams and Iranians said: ‘Iran must win the World Championship’. But do you know what Mullahs did, and what happened to the Iranian coach, Shams? Mullahs fired him, and destroyed Iran’s team! Mullahs, as the most anti-Iranian pigs in the world, just play the role of Brake Pedal in the path of Progress in Iran. It’s their mission. It’s what the West wants them. There are many other examples. For instance, in the world of Taekwondo, Iran is a world power. An Iranian couch made Iran’s team the World Champion. For the first time in history, one team (Iran’s team) could win the 2011 World Championship inside Korea! Iran’s couch, as the world’s best couch, said: ‘This team will be the 2012 Olympic Champion’. But do you know what Mullahs did, and what happened to Iran’s coach?! Just before the Olympics, Mullahs fired him and destroyed Iran’s team! As all Iranians know, Iran’s wrestling team, Iran’s archery team, Iran’s rowing team, Iran’s weightlifting team, Iran’s athletics team, Iran’s swimming team, and almost all Iranian teams have the same story: Those teams/ federations/ couches/ etc who are successful, and can win the world championship or can make Iran a world power, are systematically suppressed, fired, or destroyed by the anti-Iran Mullahs. As all Iranians know, about 6 months before the 2012 Olympics, Mullahs changed most federations/ couches who wanted to participate in the Olympic games! Can you believe it?! AN and Anti-Iran Mullahs did their best to make Iran unsuccessful. Iranians still remember how Iranian Olympians cried and said why Mullahs change their coach, their manager, their federation, etc. But how many non-Iranians are aware of such facts? The West censors everything”. Unfortunately, the West censors what Iranians say about the Racist West, the anti-Iranian pigs, or even about Iran’s sports. Now, some wise Iranians say: “As the Snowden’s story revealed, the Western Retards just try to Blame/ Shoot the Messengers. It’s their Logic! They just hurt Iranians. But as the world of sports shows: Despite all obstacles, Iranians go forwards. Mullahs and the West just try to slow down Iran’s progress. But Iran (Persia) is becoming a world power again, and no one can stop the brave Persians”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Even in the world of sports, you can see how the anti-Iranian Mullahs oppress Iranians and replace the talented/ successful Iranians with Islamist pigs. Mullahs and exiled journalists lick the West’s ass, destroy Iran and its image, and just obey the West’ orders. They and the West know that if one nation can defeat the West, and if one nation can be better than the West in all fields and all domains, it’s Iran (Persia), the Cradle of Civilization. So, they just try to keep Iran weak and unfree. And that’s why they help Mullahs, censor the voices of Iranians, and support all anti-democracy groups”, some wise Iranians say. The Western Retards live like sheep, and just repeat the big lies that are told by their media. As some wise Iranians say: “The West’s Sheeple know nothing about Iran or the world. Their media don’t allow them to know real heroes. Hollywood and the Western media just make fake heroes. The West and the Western media censor everything, even Borzorgi’s letter. They only say: ‘Before the expedition, Bozorgi wrote a letter that suggests the group were unhappy with the federation’s management’ ! (Guardian, 24 July 2013). But what is Bozorgi’s letter that the West censors it?” They also add: “Parasto A. posted Bozorgi’s letter on her blog ‘Khak’. Before his departure for Broad Peak, Aidin Bozorgi wrote this letter and asked her to publish it in proper time. In his letter, Aidin writes: ‘In the name of Broad Peak and with the hope for change .. we want to climb mountains .. we dont want to be under their pressure .. we dont want to be blind .. We want our own way, our own path .. We are here on an 8000er to engrave our Irans name. We are here to murmur: [We restore Great Iran] .. Who is able to stand in front of our resolution? … Danger is fearful of our resolution. [We] don’t need permission form those sitting behind a desk and think of themselves as authorities. Those [idiots] who think of themselves as elites‘. Aidin and Iranians know who is who. In his letter, Aidin added: ‘Our resolution is to fly high .. Our resolution has roots deep within [Iran’s history] .. it doesn’t know defeat, doesn’t understand obstruction, doesn’t think of being killed or ridiculed … [Mullahs/ authorities don’t care about us] .. We are not backed by government money .. [But] our support is our patience. Our support is you, the people, not the jealous ones .. Our support is you, not the fake heroes‘. Aidin and Iranians know the anti-Iranian Mullahs, the anti-Iranian Retards, the fake heroes, and the obstacles/ risks. But Iranian heroes like Aidin know what they should say and do. ‘We say, be afraid, your reign will end soon .. We say our goal is not the summit … Our intention it is not receiving Heroism decree, becoming elites; it’s not making noise, being on TV .. Our goal is to climb high, our goal is to experience, our goal is to see, to touch. Our goal is to learn, to learn from defeat. We say not having courage is shameful for us. Stagnation is shameful for us’, Aidin wrote. He also added: ‘We say laugh at our defeat, [but] our turn will come too. When our defeats will be like a ladder taking us up to the highest heights .. And from up there, our message will reach everyone .. Our message is the message of [Great Iran] .. It’s a message of change’. He also wrote: ‘We are not alone, this mountain is with us .. It’s calling us to its lost heavens .. It’s calling us because we had the audacity to attack its boundaries .. We are not alone. You support us. You who will continue this path, you who will keep alive this thought process. You who will not be deceived by [the West] and will not [act like Retards/ Whores]. It is you that are our pride, our motivation .. It is you that will always remain alive. The future belongs to you. The future depends on you. All you need to do is to have the desire, for the best, for the progress, for the highest and the firsts‘. It’s Aidin Bozorgi’s letter, that was censored. The West and Mullahs hate Iranians like Aidin Bozorgi. They know that Aidin and many Iranians inside Iran just remind you of Iranian Lions like Piruz Nahavandi (Abu Lolo), Behzad Khorasani (Abu Muslim), Babak Khoramdin, and many other heroes who bravely fought against the savage Arabs and the Iran’s enemies. The anti-Iran West just loves and needs British Mullahs and spies/ stooges like AN, Janati, Rohani, Khatami, Behnoud, etc. Mullahs and Islamists are Arabs, pro-Arab (Arab-parast), and anti-Iranian. The anti-Iran West asks them to keep Iran weak and unfree. And Islamists just serve the West’s interests”.


In these days, many talk about the three Iranian climbers. But the West and the Western Retards censor or boycott many facts – from Bozorgi’s letter to what an American Climber, Scott Powrie, wrote in his blog [1]: “I met the Iranian team in Islamabad .. I was expecting that Iranians would not wait [for us] and would instead want to get to the mountain [ASAP]. But, as I soon would find, the Iranian team was comprised of good-hearted men, very nice and thoughtful of others .. The Iranian team was made up of the highest quality individuals .. Base camp life with these guys was wonderful .. They had brought many goods from Iran; cheese, meats, pickled veg, dried fruit, nuts. This was their own food to sustain them for the entire expedition and they didn’t need to share. But they were very giving and wanted us to feel welcome and try their [Iranian foods], offering all of what they had for us to try”[1]. What Powrie saw is the Culture of the Cradle of Civilization (Iran) and its good-hearted men, who are ‘thoughtful of others’. As the wise Iranians say: “In the Land of Human Values (Iran), people care about all humans. But in the Racist West, the main law is the law of the jungle [4]. The Western Retards don’t know that your culture and your thoughts, not your tools, show whether you are backward people or not. The stupid Westerners are Modern Sheeple. As Iranians tell them: ‘You still think or act like your savage ancestors, and your views/ values belong to the Stone Age. You live like Sheep and use modern tools. You are Modern Sheep [4]”. As Powrie says: “Iranians extended the same giving nature on the mountain. One of our climbers, Brian, had an accident near C1. He had fallen and broken his leg in 6 places. Mojtaba was descending from C3 and was exhausted. [But] even as weak as he was he gave aid to Brian, helping to lower him down the fixed lines and even lent his ascender to a HAP to help finish the rescue”[1]. It’s the Iranian Culture. But the US pigs and the Western Retards desperately try to hurt such great nation. As some wise Iranians say: “Iranian climbers just remind you of this fact that the Iranian legends -from all living legends to Arash (that ‘Archery’ came from his name) and the long list of the ancient Iran’s legends- are real heroes who show the world our glorious Culture and our glorious Civilization”. As Powrie says: “I have been lucky enough to live in many different places and meet many different people. Some good, some bad and in some rare cases you meet some who evoke a powerful feeling of good inside you, almost like a white light of happiness. These people are the ones that make this world a better place to live .. There are so few of these special people .. Aidin, Puya, and Mojtaba are of these few, rare people … The entire Iranian team was a great show of talent and character, an amazing reflection of their country from which they came” [1]. People like Scott Powrie are good guys, simply because they don’t tell big lies, and don’t act/ think like the Western Retards/ Racists. Powrie says: “Iranians that we had been climbing with made an incredible summit on a new route up Broad Peak. It was a monstrous achievement for these extremely talented climbers .. I will keep my thoughts with them and hope they will read this themselves when they are rescued” [1]. I know that many Americans/ Westerners are good guys like Powrie. But unfortunately, they are silent, and the bad guys/ retards have the upper hand in the US and the West, and it’s the real tragedy.


In these days, you can hear all sorts of rumors about the three Iranian climbers. As experts say: “It’s not clear what has happened to them. They successfully reached the summit of Broad Peak on Tuesday morning (July 16th). They were supposed to reach C3 by the evening. But the descent became complicated”. As their friends say: ‘Aidin contacted and said one of them is injured. But he also added: ‘We are not like those people who abandon their injured friend, and just think about their own life . We help our injured friend, and all of us will go down’. Many things are not clear. As some experts say: ‘July 18th: 7am, the climbers contacted Base Camp (BC) and said that they are in need to food’. But as some experts add: ‘Why did they contact BC? because climbers in C3 were unable to go up due to health issues. Ramin Shojaei and Afshin Saadi were in C3 camp. They had to support the summit team. But since 2009, Shojaei has always had health problems in C3. Shojaei was […] In July 17th, If Shojaei and others could go up 500m, they could help the summit team. But they […] Shojaei was the leader of the group!’. As some say: “Aidin Bozorgi called BC [and Iran] again at 20:25. He was near the Broad Peak pass (at around 7800m). Aidin said that their tent has been torn off; [their friend] isn’t in good condition and they are in need of food” [2]. Iran’s regime must help/ support Iranians. But as most Iranians say: “the anti-Iranian Mullahs don’t care about the life of Iranians. They just care about money, power, and licking [the West’s ass]”. As some say: “July 19th: Aidin said that they are unable to move … Aidin contacted again, telling that their situation is critical” [2]. But Mullahs didn’t help them, and Pakistani officials said: “our helicopters cannot fly beyond 6500m”! [2]. Unfortunately, instead of providing help, many non-Iranians just started to say: “It’s the time to say goodbye to brave men”! But as many know, “July 20th: 13:30: Aidin called Iran via his satellite phone. After spending more than a week above [7500m], and 3 days without food, his words were scattered” [2]. But instead of providing help, many just loved to “say goodbye to brave Iranians”! As some say: “July 20th: 19:00 Aidin called BC (Iran), and again asked for assistance” [2]. But as some add: “The West is so savage. Due to the West’s anti-Iran sanctions, the satellite phone provider didn’t aid in finding the location of climbers. Only a group of Germans tried to provide help”. But on the July 21st, “Pakistanis [and Germans] declared the end of their stupid rescue attempts!”, as many say. And on July 23rd, as some said: “[A non-Pakistani] helicopter flight is planned for today [!] Flight is dependent on weather conditions[!] Weather, that has been stable so far [!], is deteriorating .. Helicopter couldn’t achieve the required height due to [bad weather !]”. [2] As some wise Iranians say: “Many just wasted time. Many betrayed the Iranian team. But Iranian climbers bravely fought for Life. Some say: ‘On his last contact, Aidin asked for an update with regard to a rescue. Apparently, he tried to descend. He had reached on top a huge steep wall’. They bravely fought for about 10 days at around 7800m. They remind you of Mohammad Oraz (1969, 2003), who was the first Muslim and the leader of the first Iranian group on the Top of the World. Oraz and a team of four Iranians reached the summit of Everest in 1998. But in 2003, Oraz was hit by an avalanche near G1’s summit, and fought for about 15 days. His brave Iranian friends brought him to Base Camp, in a very bad weather. He even was brought to a Hospital in Islamabad […]”. Thousands of climbers have died on Himalayan heights. Many ask: “Why do they risk their life to ascend Himalayan Peaks?”. As some wise Iranians say: “In 1998, Oraz came to the Sharif University, and talked about his trip to Everest and its risks. When he showed his unique and interesting pictures of Everest, you could see why they risk their life. The beauty of Himalaya kills them!”. Climbers often talk about the beauty or importance of the 8000ers. As they say: “The 8000ers are 14 mountains that are 8,000+ meters high. They are all located in the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges in Asia. The 8,000ers are: (1)Everest (2)K2 (3)Kangchen-Junga (4)Lhotse (5)Makalu (6)Cho Oyu (7)Dhaulagiri (8)Manaslu (9)Nanga Parbat (10)Annapurna (11)Gasherbrum I [G1/ K5], (12)Broad Peak [K3] (13)Gasherbrum II [G2/ K4], (14)Shisha Pangma. Only about 30 people have reached the summit of all 14 8000ers”. Many have died on the 8000ers [3]. As some climbers say: “The cause of death on the 8000ers are: Avalanche, Fall, Altitude sickness, Exhaustion, Frostbite, Cardiac arrest, Sudden death, etc. A dozen of Iranians have died on the 8000ers: Oraz (G1, 2003, Avalanche [died in hospital]), Khadem (K2, 2004, Lost in storm), Mir-Shekari (Manaslu, 2011, Altitude sickness), Leila Esfandyari (G2, 2011, Fall), Naseri (Manaslu, 2012, Disappeared), etc. Iranian lady, Leila Esfandyari fell to her death, while attempting to return back from G2s summit. Iranian ladies, Leila Esfandyari and Parvaneh Kazemi are among few women in the world that have climbed the 8000ers. But Mullah Mountaineering Federation hates them. Mullahs just hurt them. But Iranian climbers are among the world’s best climbers. Mehdi Amidi was missed in France, while he had already climbed almost all 8000ers. Azim Gheichisaz can be the first Iranian to complete 14x8000er. Recently, he climbed Makalu without Oxygen and Sherpa support. Makalu is Azim’s 11th 8000er; only 3 left to complete 14x8000er”. As some Iranians say: “the three Iranians climbers are like Leila Esfandyari, who said: ‘If I fall, let me remain there’. Now, her body/ their bodies rest in the icy heights of Himalaya … Rest In Peace, the Iranian Heroes”.

For more information:

[1] American Climber writes about Iranian Climbers
[2] Broad Peak New Route: Iranian Route
[3] A List of Deaths on Eight-thousanders (8000ers)
[4] Check our Archive page for : “Iranian Lions and Anti-Iran West” (July 2013), “Modern Human vs. Modern Sheep” (March 2012), “Sheeple and Stupid Protests in the West” (Aug 2012), “Lady Gaga and Modern Sheep” (July 2012), “Only Bad Guys & Sheeple live in the West?” (July 2012), “USA: A Nation of Sheep” (Oct 2012), “The West Anti-Iran Racism” (May 2013), etc. [5] Check our Archive page for : “Barbarians and Barbarism in Europe, a dark History” (Oct 2012), “West, Falsification of History, and Ministry of Truth” (Nov 2012), “Britain = Ancient Land of Barbarians and Barbarism” (Nov 2012), etc.

Persian Power, Iranian Lions, and Anti-Iran West

July 4, 2013

“The End of America, and the End of the West is really near. Just take a look at Snowden’s story. The Savage West has lost its mind. European barbarians openly aid savage Americans in violating basic human rights, and prove that the West is the main Enemy of Human Rights. US Congress and savage Americans openly defend Tyranny, Oppression, Racism, Fascism, etc and show that we all should refer to America as the Fascist America, the Racist America, or the Savage America. It’s funny that even Egyptians have become aware, and see Morsi and Islamists as ‘Stooges of America’, and chant anti-Obama & anti-Morsi slogans. The West is a big, bad loser. Now, the Savage West clearly says that they want to hurt the Iranian people. But as their media confess: ‘Persian Lion has not lost its power .. Persian power is on the rise!”, some wise Iranians say. Recently, the Western media are full of anti-Iran propaganda and racist crap -like ‘Persian power: Can Iran be stopped?’ (June 2013)- that we should write more about them later. But the story of “the Anti-Iran West and Persian Power” has become funny and informative. As the media report: ‘In the 2013 FIVB World League, Iran volleyball team outscored team Italy in two games. Iran made the biggest surprise and defeated the best European team’ or ‘June 28, 2013: Iran defeated the eight-time World League winners Italy, in an extraordinary game in Modena, Italy. Iran has already defeated Serbia, the last years bronze medalist’ or ‘June 30, 2013: Iran defeated France in the FIVB U19 World Championship’ or ‘Iran beat Italy 3-1, but Italy won the 2nd game [ended 3-2] with the help of referee and dirty tricks. Iranian lions brought team Italy to its knees’. Sports are not important, but the anti-Iran West and their shameful behavior is another matter. As many say: “The West is racist. Their anti-Iran Racism & their anti-Iran propaganda attack all Iranians. The Racist West is uncultured and stupid. As Italians revealed, when they see that the Persian Lion can defeat the West’s paper tiger in a clean game, they use all dirty tricks to win a dirty game. The Anti-Iran West knows that in the game of Logic, Culture, Civilization, or in any Fair Play, they cannot defeat Persia. But it’s funny that even with the help of Mullahs/ traitors and all dirty/ barbaric tricks, the West’s paper tiger cannot defeat the Persian Lion. The West has confused and is helpless”.


As some Iranians say: “The anti-Iran West censors everything. Even pictures of Iranian fans are censored. The West tries to not allow the world to know real Iranians and true Iran. Hundreds of Iranian fans in Italy shocked Italians, but when you search/ google for their pictures, you find nothing! [Iranian fans in Italy were like what you see here]. The West and Islamists are anti-Iran. When normal humans at the Mullah TV show a few pictures of Iranian fans, Islamist rapists and Basiji faggots like Ali Motahari protest against it! These Islamists, who are the 1% in Iran, suppress the 99% with the help of the West”. They also add: “Iranian fans in Italy proved many things; and after the first match, Italian officials used many dirty tricks to not allow Iranians to come and support team Iran”. As some wise Iranians say: “Real news/ pictures of Iran and Iranians are among the rare things in the internet. But why?! The West and search engines censor/ boycott everything [including our website!] that tells the truth about Iran and Iranians”. They also add: “Most Westerners are ignorant. They even don’t know that Iran is Persia or Persia is Iran! But Julio Velasco, the well-known coach of Iran, is not ignorant. When Italian journalists asked him about Iran, Velasco said to them: ‘Iranians are not Arabs. Iranians don’t live like Arabs. Iranians are very different from Arabs. Iran is a safe, peaceful, and interesting country. Iran is [the land of Aryans]. Iranians are cultured people of an ancient noble civilization. What [the West says] about Iran is wrong’. It’s funny that Velasco is much more Iranian than Mullahs and exiled journalists. Now, many Iranians say: Bravo Velasco! you don’t sell your soul .. Julio Velasco is more Iranian than Mullahs .. Velasco is a good guy. He is an Italian-Argentinean, but he is much more Iranian than Islamists, Pahlavists, and other traitors .. Good guys like Velasco tell the truth, but the anti-Iran West still pretends that Iran = Mullah! .. Mullahs and Islamists are anti-Iran, anti-Iranian, pro-Arab (Arab-parast), or Arabs. They kill Iranians and hate Iranian Civilization and Iranian Culture, and the West loves them and all Arab Locust-eaters”.


“Iranian fans and real Iranians can nullify and invalidate the West’s anti-Iran propaganda, and that’s why the West and the Western media censor pictures of Iranian fans”, many Iranians say. They also add: “It’s funny that both Mullahs and the West censor real pictures of Iranian. Mullahs have always aided the anti-Iran West in destroying the public image of Iran and Iranians . Mullahs and Islamists, aka Basiji faggots & Islamist whores, only serve the Anti-Iran West’s interests”. As some Iranians say: “Iranian fans in Italy were great. Their chants were so loud that people watching at home could hear them. But both Mullahs and the West hate Iranian fans and censor real Iranians. The West is anti-Truth and anti-Democracy. They support anti-democracy groups -ie Mullahs, Marxist-Islamists (MEK), Monarchists, etc- but they ban/ censor ordinary Iranians”. They also add: “Many know the story of the 2012 Olympics, and how Mullahs helped the anti-Iran West, and instead of strengthening Iranian Olympians, they just hurt our Olympians. But despite all sabotage, Iranian Olympians made a miracle: ‘If all countries of Middle East, Western Asia & Southern Asia -including all Arab states, Jewish state and many others- be considered as one country, then as the 2012 games showed: the number of this country’s medals is less than the number of Iran’s medals! Iran also had a better performance than Canada, Sweden, Spain, etc”. They also add: “If Mullahs and traitors didn’t help the anti-Iran West, then Iran could be a superpower again. Mullahs and traitors just try to play the role of the Brake Pedal in the path of progress in Iran. They are stooges of Big Brother”. As tourists say: “Those who travel to Iran find their preconceptions about Iran wrong; westerners find they are brainwashed by their media, and this ancient land (Iran) is different”. As some wise Iranians say: “The Racist West pretends that Iran’s regime = Iran’s people, while Mullahs are Arabs and pro-Arab (Arab-Parast), not Iranians. Iranian players and Iranian fans [see pix] expose today’s Iran, while the West and Mullahs both try to create a fake image of Iran. They are in fear of the Rise of Persia and Persians […] The media report: ‘Persian footballers facing jail for kissing fans’! Mullahs torture Iranians, destroy Iran’s image, and serve the Big Brother’s interests. But nothing can stop the lions of Persia”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Julio Velasco (born 1952), the head coach of Iran volleyball team and one of the biggest names in the volleyball world, is an Argentinean- Italian. And the head coach of Iran football team, Carlos Queiroz, former Real Madrid, Man United and Portugal coach, is a Portuguese. But both Velasco and Queiroz defend Iran and praise Iranians. They, like all ordinary Westerners who travel to Iran, say that the anti-Iran propaganda is shameful. As Velasco’s wife, Rebecca, says: Iran’s culture is a very very big and interesting culture. Persian poets, Iranian foods, etc are great. Iranians are very nice people. They are very gentle “. The bad guys in the West control and censor the media, the internet, and everything, but they cannot fool all people. Many Westerners still live like normal humans. As some Iranians say: “Many Italians are not bad guys. ‘We played well but not as good as Iranians. They played a fantastic match’, said some Italians. Many Italians know what is sport, what is racism/ fascism, or what is dirty game/ dirty politics. Iranians know obvious things, too. Iranians don’t say: ‘Italy’s people = Mussolini, Berlusconi, or Sicily Mafia’. But the anti-Iran West and their big lies -like Iran’s regime = Iran’s people- are so stupid”. They also add: ‘Many Westerners are not bad guys. The general atmosphere in Italy was good. Supporters cheered for their team and had fun. At the first match, Italians could see Iranian fans and it surprised them. But Italian officials used many dirty tricks to not allow Iranian fans to support team Iran at the second match, that was a weaker version of that football match in South Korea. South Koreans were really worse than Italian officials. South Koreans threw bottles, cans/ debris at Iranians. ‘As the Iranian players celebrated on the pitch at Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium, Korean fans threw water bottles and other items’, the media reported”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘All Asians, including Koreans, know the Persian Power and Iranian Lions. When you talk about Iran, its power and its history, you don’t talk about a regime, but you talk about people, culture, thousands of years of civilization, and many important facts. But the stupid coach of Korean team said anti-Iranian things, mixed sports with dirty politics, and ate a shit that was bigger than his mouth. Iranians called his comments ‘shameful’, and called for an apology. But instead of apologizing, the uncultured Koreans ate more shits, and their verbal attacks and racist comments didnt stop. Their politest words were uttered by their stupid captain, who said ‘I will make Iran captain shed tears of blood’! The silence of Korean federation and Korean officials was shameful. Instead of apologizing for the shameful comments of their coach, they put his big picture everywhere, even in Iran’s locker room! But team Iran defeated them at their home. The uncultured Koreans confused, hurled bottles and debris at Iranians, and punched the Iranian goalkeeper in the face. But do you know what the mass media said about such things?! They censored everything! The FIFA and the West’s mass media said nothing about the uncultured Koreans and their shameful behavior. The West and the mass media censored news, pictures, and everything. But you should ask yourself: ‘what if, God Forbids, Iranians acted like Koreans? Then from morning to night, the West and the mass media would open their dirty mouth and would bullshit the world”. They also add: “The uncultured Koreans (not all Koreans) and their shameful anti-Iran Racism remind many of the anti-Iran West and its stooges. It’s so shameful that South Korea becomes a puppet of the anti-Iran West”.


As some Iranians say: “South Korean media and Korean officials showed that they are puppets of Big Brother. Instead of apologizing for their shameful behavior, they blamed Iran’s coach, Queiroz, and talked about ‘Queiroz’s aggressive behavior’! and said: ‘At the end of the game, he offered our coach obscene gesture’! The West censored everything, and just covered Queiroz’s reaction! And it’s one of their main Orwellian tactics. They censor everything, tell big lies, ‘Connect Fart to Forehead’ (ie try to connect unrelated things), and try to mislead and brainwash people. But many are not stupid. Now some Westerners say: ‘Korean officials blame Iranians, while they provoked Iranians and Korean fans showered the field with plastic bottles‘. Now, even Koreans say: many Korean fans said they felt ashamed of the crowd’s behavior. But newspapers pointed the finger of blame at Iran”. Many Koreans are not bad guys, and as some Iranians say: “The Anti-Iran West uses ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics and poisons everything, even sports and entertainment, with dirty politics. We, Iranians, don’t want to judge Korea by its bad guys or its uncultured fans. But we ask: ‘What if some Iranians acted like Koreans? what would the mass media and the anti-Iran West said?! Koreans and their coach deserve an ‘up-yours’ gesture. But it’s funny that the West defends them, and praises Racism! The West is really the Great Evil. The World League debutants Iran defeats Italy, and reveals the Persian Power, but the anti-Iran West pretends that the Iranian Lions are weak and cannot defeat Big Brother and his little dogs, Zionists. Iran is the world champion in many fields – even in the FIVB U19 World Championship. But the West censors such facts, because facts show that if Iran can be free and independent, then Iran can easily be a superpower again. The West obeys the law of the jungle. They know that Persia will not allow them to hurt and exploit other nations, and that’s why they are worried about the Persian Power”.


“According to dictionaries, ‘the Law of the Jungle’ means: ‘(1) the idea that people should only look after themselves and not care about other people if they want to succeed (2) the principle that only the strongest creatures will stay alive’. In the West, the main law is the law of the jungle“, the wise Iranians say. We would write about this issue later. But as some wise Iranians say: “Their media clearly say: ‘Iran should not become the regional hegemon [!!] It is not in the Wests interest [!]’ (June 2013). The Barbarian West knows that a free and strong Iran will not allow a bunch of barbarians and human-eaters to exploit and enslave other nations. The West stupidly says: ‘When Persian power is on the rise, it is not the time to back away from the Middle East’! (June 2013), but no one asks them: “What are you doing in the Middle East?! What if the Iranian army and others go to Europe and North America?! What if Iranians act like you, idiots?!”. As the wise Iranians say: “The West is so stupid. We tell them: ‘Hey idiots, you only understand force and the law of the jungle. But Iranians are not stupid, and it’s their decency (Nejabat)/ wisdom, not their foolishness (Hemaghat)/ weakness, that prevent them from acting/ thinking like you. Iranians know that the Truth, the Good, all humans/ good guys are more important than one nation, one race, or one tribe. But your low IQs don’t allow you to understand such things. We care about all humans and human values. But you are animals, and your main law is the law of the jungle. You are racists, fascists, and big idiots. Iranians say: ‘Those who work/ practice better/ harder should win a match. If Iran wins all matches, it’s boring. Sports, entertainment, etc should create joy, peace, good feelings and good things for all humans’. We, Iranians, will be happy to see the progress and development of other humans and other nations; we know it’s in the interests of all humans, and can lead to a better world, a better life, and a win-win situation. But you, the savage West, cannot understand such things. You are anti-Progress and anti-Peace. Yah, Persia and Persian power is on the rise, and it scares you. You and your stooges (Mullahs & other anti-democracy forces) just want to keep Iran week, dependent, and unfree. But we, today’s Persians, never let this happen. And we say to Great Iran: ‘Iran, the Land of Aryans, Wake up! The Persian Lion Wake up! Great Persia, the Cradle of Civilization, wake up and put an end to the Evil Empire of the Savage West”.

2013 Happy Days: Street Celebrations after 4 Years

June 19, 2013

“Happy days are here again”, many say in these days. In Iran, this week is a weak of great Joy. “After four years, and after all bitter days, Iranians flooded the streets, laughed and danced with joy, and put an end to the AN’s era”, many say. The AN’s era was a bad, shitty era. After the 2009 coup, Iranians were not happy, and you could not see a real/ big smile on their faces in public places. But now, “Iranians celebrate the End of Shit, ie the End of AN (AhmadiNejad) [In Persian, AN means shit]”, as people say. Now, “A new era of joy, happiness, and hope has begun”, as many say. “This great nation deserve more joys, more happiness, and more happy days“, many truly say. And it’s really true. The idiots cannot understand why Iranians are happy. They think that Iranians are happy for this British Rohani !! But most Iranians don’t give a shit about the British Mullahs. “Who cares about the Mullahs?!”, people say. “They retreated. They gave us concessions. We, our protests, and our silence forced them to retreat. And it’s the important issue. Now, it’s a time of joy. Happy days will return to [the Land of the Good (Iran)]. The bad guys hate Hope and Happiness, but Hope and Joy are coming back. Now, our streets are full of joys and hope, and who can deny it?”, many truly say.


“After the 2009 coup, Iranians were not happy, and you could not see the look of joy on their face. But now, most Iranians are happy. The third week of June became a historic week. Two happy events came right after each other. We could beat Mullahs in front of their Basiji supporters, and we also could beat Korea in front of their supporters !”, many say. But the anti-Iran idiots don’t know why Iranians are happy. “Millions of joyous Iranians flooded the streets on Tuesday after the national team beat South Korea (1-0) and qualified for the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil”, the media reported. But the idiots know nothing about “Pride and Joy”! and also about this fact that “these two happy events marked the end of an era, a shitty era, the AN’s era”. “We’ve had bitter days these last eight years, specially after the 2009 coup. Two victories in one week can give people what they need, and what they deserve”, many truly say. The End of AN (shit) is a sweet victory, “specially when you know that the West, the CIA, the UK, the Jewish Nazi, and all bad guys openly or secretly supported this Jewish piece of shit (AN)”, as some wise Iranians say.


Iranians are happy, and it’s good. “On Saturday night, they celebrated the End of Shit (AN) and the Mullah retreats. This AN (shit) and all Basiji shits were worse than Mongols (Ghome Moghol). They ruined our country, and killed our people. But the stupid West pretended that Iranians love their killers! But now even idiots see and confess that ‘Iranians chant anti-AN/ anti-Mullah slogans, such as: AhmadiNejad, bye bye; Go to Hell (shithole)”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The US, the UK, the Lefts, and all those sick bastards who supported this Jewish AN (shit) and his coup, are nothing but ‘a bunch of rabid animals’ who hate Goodness, Hope, Joy, Happiness, and good things”. In these days, the savage Jews and the anti-Iran pigs are angry, and they should be angry. Iranians are happy, but “Iranians hate AN, Rohani, Khatami, and all British Mullahs and all anti-democracy groups, and it makes the anti-Iran pigs angry. Hope, Wisdom, Joy, Awareness, Happiness, etc make the good guys happy, but make the bad guys angry”, many truly say. They also add: “Mullahs could appoint Jalili, AN, Qalibaf, Rohani, etc as President. Iranians boycotted the election shows, and protested. And Mullahs retreated from the 2009 coup, and made concessions. This British Rohani is not important. Who cares about him?! Rohani is a shit like Velyati or Qalibaf, and he just tries to help the Mullah regime. But appointing him is a big retreat, a big confession to the 2009 coup, and a symbolic bow to the will of the people. And it’s the main issue”.


“After a long time, the people of Iran have a sweet week. Iranians now have a sense of national pride, and their street celebrations put an emphatic stamp on the end of AN’s era. They danced in the Streets. They hugged and cried tears of joy. They laughed at the Islamists. They ridiculed the Mullahs. They chanted anti-regime and pro-Iran slogans. And this proves that the vast majority of Iranians love Iran, but hate the Mullah regime and their oppressive government“, many truly say. They also add: “Two happy events in four days was a godsend, and it’s funny that we had the same situation in 1997. ‘2 Khordad’ and ’28 Azar’ in 1997 were like these two happy events in 2013. But at that time (1997), the Mullah regime were shocked, but the people had voted, expected a big change, and were happy. But this time (2013), the Mullahs stupidly try to engineer a farcical version of the 1997 events! This time the regime is not shocked, but Iranians are shocked, because they didn’t vote, and didn’t expect such changes and such concessions Now, the regime tries to make concessions, indirectly confesses to the 2009 coup, or partly surrenders to the will of the people, and it’s what makes people happy, and it’s the source of their pride and joy”.


The story of these happy days is the story of “A Great Nation and A Great Happiness”. As you know, “Success in sport is a source of national pride”. But it’s funny that both this time (2013) and that time (1997), Iranians fought against the anti-Iran idiots, and won. As many say: “In 1997, some Australians laughed at Iranians and chanted anti-Iran slogans. And now, the coach of Korean team said anti-Iran things, and ate bad shit, an extra shit, a shit that was bigger than his mouth. But Iranians taught all anti-Iranian shits a good lesson. We defeated them at their own country. We humiliated them in front of their people at their home!”. And it says a lot about Iran psychology. As many truly say: “Iranians are the men of Great Battles. Iranians don’t take small battles or weak rivals serious. But when arrogant idiots, who stupidly think that they are great, or better than Iranians!, threaten Iranians or say anti-Iran things, Iranians will teach them a good lesson (even with bare hands) and will defeat them (even at their own home!)”. It’s really funny that Iranians win almost all great Battles, but they don’t take small battles serious, and lose many minor battles! Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s the story of a Great/ Proud Nation, its victories and its defeats in its long history of Civilization. And it can describe why sometimes the little barbarians and the little bad guys could create big problems for the Proud Nation of Iran.


“Iranians didn’t care about the little barbarians and the savage bad guys -form Alexander and Spartans to Arabs and Mongols. Iranians didn’t take them serious. Iranians (Persians) even didn’t imagine that one day the little Alexander, the little Britain, or the little Arabs could create big problems for the Great Iran (Great Persia), the Cradle of Civilization […] But it’s not the whole story. When the little bad guys became arrogant, and started to think that they are better than Iranians, then Iranians started to teach them good lessons, and finally sent them to hell”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, the savage Jews and the anti-Iran mercenaries say many stupid things. They don’t know that “Joy and Happiness is more important than money, power, etc”, as the wise guys say. The idiots blame Iranians, and as some wise Iranians say: “Idiots and anti-Iran pigs just want to see our pain and suffering, not our joy and happiness. They love hatred, war, and bad feelings, and hate love, peace, and happiness. These bad guys, ie. the Jewish faggots and the anti-Iran faggots, including the terrorists (MEK), the Pahlavists, the Islamists, the savage Semites, and other uncivilized pigs, are anti-Iran, anti-Civilization, anti-Peace, anti-Progress, anti-Joy, anti-Happiness, anti-Democracy, and anti-Humanity. They just pray for war, hatred, disaster, darkness, and other bad things”.


“The normal humans want a world that is free from war, hatred, bad things, and bad guys. They want to have more joy, more happiness, more awareness, more justice, more humanity, more peace, and more good things. But the bad guys and the abnormal men just want to have more wars, more hatred, more disasters, more injustice, more pain, and more bad things. They hate happy people and happy days. But the good guys, even in hard times, live with hope and memories of happy days, days of joy, hope, and good things”, some wise Iranians. The bad guys really hate joy, happiness, and awareness, because they hate Hope. They know that Hope can bring Change and Progress. And that’s why the bad guys try to create Disappointment, and disappoint all of us. But as the wise Iranians say: “Joy, happiness, and awareness bring Hope, and hope brings Change, Progress, and other good things. Hope is a miracle cure for any Pandora Box. But unfortunately, many don’t know that the main concession from the bad guys is Joy, Happiness, Awareness, and Hope. And now, Iranians won such concessions, and it’s a victory. With hope and happiness, the great nation of Iran can change the whole world. Now, the shitty days appear to be ending, and those great/ happy days of our glorious past can soon be here again. Iranians deserve much more happy days. And with happiness and awareness, they can create more happy days, more happy events, more changes, more awareness, and more good things. The future belongs to the Iranian people and all good guys in all around world. The future belongs to the good guys, not the bad guys. And not only it’s the true meaning of Hope, but it’s what we all can be sure of it. The future belongs to the Good, not the Evil”.

2013 Show: The West Fake Democracy, A Farce

June 10, 2013

In these days, many things reveal the true face of the West’s Fake Democracy, from the story of the US-backed Islamist Dictator in Turkey to ‘Prism, the most significant leaks in US history/ the most important scandals in American history/ and an executive Coup against the US constitution !’, as Americans say. Now, “Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old former technical assistant for the CIA”, says: “NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything. If I wanted to see your emails or your wife’s phone, all I have to do is use intercepts. I can get your emails, passwords, phone records, credit cards”. He also adds: ‘We hack everyone everywhere. You are not even aware of what is possible. The extent of their capabilities is horrifying. You will never be safe whatever protections you put in place. We collect more data from America than we do from Russia”. He talks about the US Fake Democracy and the Big Brother’s Mafia, and adds: “I could not do this without accepting the risk of prison. You can’t come up against the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies and not accept the risk. If they want to get you, over time they will. I do not expect to see home again”. It’s really shameful that USA is turning into an Orwellian hell like Stalin’s USSR. It’s really shameful that “Internet’s big names -Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple- give the US government backdoor access to users’ private information”, as Snowden says. But this historic scandal says a lot about the West’s Fake Democracy, as the US-Mullah story or the UK-Mullah love affair says a lot about the Barbarian-Orwellian West and their Fake Democracy. As the wise Iranians say: “In these days, the Big Brother’s Mafia, ie the West and its stooges, try to heat up the Mullah Show. Iranians have no voice and no media. All media and all media whores bombard people with a propaganda campaign, but they only can fool a few Iranians! The Big Brother’s Mafia and their media -from the Mullah Media, the US media, and the UK media to the Lefty media and all Big Brother’s media- have a big propaganda campaign about the 2013 Mullah Show. But they are not able to fool/ manipulate most Iranians, and it’s a great victory for Iran and all good guys”. Now, Big Brother’s media tell historic jokes like this: “AhmadiNejad (AN) is still popular among Iranians”! or “Iran Elections 2013: Voter Views Suggest Wide Open Race” ! (AP, June 2013). As some wise Iranians say: “Big Brother’s media tell Orwellian lies such as: ‘A pro-AN candidate like Jalili will have a good number of votes’ ! (AP, June 2013). But if they said: A pro-Bin Laden candidate will have a good number of votes in America, specially in New York ! it would be less laughable”. The West and its whores censor the neews and tell big lies. As some wise Iranians say: “In the recent days, Khamenei said: ‘A vote for any of these eight candidates is a vote for the Islamic regime and a vote of confidence in our system and our elections’ (June 2013). And Iranians reacted: ‘Yah, these eight candidates are Khamenei’s dogs, and a vote for any of them is a vote for the brutal dictator. We all know that only 5 to 6 millions vote, ie less than 10% of Iranians. Whoever votes is a great traitor, who commits a crime and betrays Iran and the martyrs’ blood’. But the Orwellian collaboration between the Mullahs and the West is so sickening. The West’s media only try to heat up the Mullah Show. But ‘Khamenei accuses foreign media of attempting to undermine the 2013 Mullah Show’ ! (June 2013) God Bless 1984! ‘Mullahs accuses Britain of operating spy ring to undermine elections’ ! the Orwellian AP reports. But the British media just act as the Mullah Media! UK and Mullahs are two sides of the same coin”. They also add: “The UK-Mullah games is a farce. Now UK stooges say: ‘The regime disqualified Rafsanjani, but he not only didn’t protest, but Rafsanjani even defended the regime and asked people to help Khamenei! So, we should follow him, and participate in the election show’! And it’s not joke. It’s exactly what stupid whores like Abbas Abdi, Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi say”. They also add: “After the Rafsanjani-gate, his aide, Marashi, said: Rafsanjani would protest by talking to people in an open letter! But Rafsanjani only licked Khamenei’s ass in a short letter, and all media censored his stupid letter! Iranians know Rafsanjani and hate him. But stupid whores remind you of an ancient story: ‘Once upon a time, a brutal dictator wanted to know whether the so-called elite would protest against him or not. He ordered that his soldiers whipped those who enter/ leave the city. So, people had to wait in a long queue at the city gates, and soldiers whipped them one by one. After a long time, the elite decided to protest. But they said to the dictator: ‘Your majesty, whipping people at the city gates is a very good decision, but there is a little problem. People should wait in long queues. Your majesty, if the number of soldiers who whip people increased and the length of queues decreased, we would be so grateful’! Whores protest in this way!”. As the wise Iranians say: “The West and whores say: Democracy means Licking Ass. They clearly say: ‘Boycotting election shows is not protest; Participating in election shows is protest’ ! (June 2013) But now, even average Iranians make jokes and say: ‘Yah, boycotting election shows is not protest, but licking dictator’s ass and betraying people’s blood is protest! .. Yah, Democracy means election frauds, killing people, kissing ass, spying, etc .. Yah, Tyranny is Democracy, Licking Ass is Protest, Killing People/ Killing Democracy is Reform, and War is Peace! .. Yah, spies and killers are Reformists! .. Yah, Khatami and those who lick Big Brother’s ass and betray people’s blood are heroes!”


“What the West and whores say just reveals the true face of the West’s Fake Democracy, in which War is Peace and Khayemali (Licking Ass) is Protest! The West and its whores are bad jokes. They create crisis, and then they deny their role, cry wolf, and accuse their victims of creating crisis! In 2009, spies and Brake Pedals ruined Iran and destroyed the people movement and the people’s hopes, but now they shed crocodile tears and blame people!”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Idiots can create such a big problem that even an army of wise guys cannot solve it easily. In 2009, the West and its whores destroyed a modern movement that could put an end to many problems -from Tyranny to Nuclear issues. But now, they shed crocodile tears for Iran! They betrayed Iran, but made our people aware, and it’s good. Awareness is the key to success. Iranians lack two important things: Media and Organization. But with Awareness, sooner or later Iranians will have what they need, and will change many things. Now, Iranians should increase their awareness, and also their patience to wait for a proper time. The Enemy (West+ Mullahs) is in deep shit, and nearing the End”. They also add: “All Khamenei’s dogs are the same shit. But all of them have a great fear of people. They all know that problems like economic crises, social crises, war threats, social freedoms, etc must be solved. They all know that they should not arouse more anger in Iran. Khamenei and all his dogs, from Jalili to Qalibaf, know that the regime is on the edge of downfall”. But as some wise Iranians say: “Cesspools like the BBC and try to make a hero/ bogeyman of Khamenei’s dogs! For instance, they praise a British Mullah, Rowhani, who was educated in Glasgow, UK. The UK media say: ‘Rohani has already co-operated with the UK to suspend nuclear enrichment[!] Rowhani is Reformist [!!] He injects life into the race for Iran [!!]’ (June 2013) But now even average Iranians say: ‘They love this British Mullah, Rohani, because he is a British stooge”! The whores that the West calls them Reformists have no Shame and no Sharaf (honor). Now, most Iranians guess that Khamenei wants to appoint Jalili as President. And as wise Iranians say: ‘Appointing Jalili has one meaning; and appointing Velayati or Qalibaf has their own meanings. Only Khamenei decides, and we should wait and see”. But as some wise Iranians say: “All whores just aid Khamenei in appointing Jalili. Only a few Khatamists say that the regime tries to use them as their own funeral pyre. They recently say: ‘We should not take part in this election. We should not [help the regime] at any price. We must not allow the regime to put us on a path that is a dead-end’ (June 2013). They are aware of the story of Karrubi’s votes in 2009, and know what it means. But most Khatamists and all whores/ spies only help the dictator in appointing the notorious Basji thug, Jalili“. As the wise Iranians say: “Faggot has two meanings. Most know its first meaning, but Faggot also means: ‘small sticks that are tied together, used for burning on a fire’. Now, Whores are Faggots! and instead of declaring that all people and all media must boycott this stupid election show, they only play the role of Faggot, lick the dictator’s ass, and burn on his fire!” They also add: “But why do the West and its whores love Jalili? As their media confessed: ‘The West wants Irans president be someone who brings negative attention to Iran (Guardian, May 2013). Faggots like Behnoud, Abdi, Ganji, Nourizadeh, Nabavi, etc only help the West and show that the main problem of Iran is Big Brother’s Mafia, not Mullahs“. In these days, most Iranians say: “The Mullah Debate is Fake, and Boring”, but as educated Iranians say: “The West, their media and their whores provide Live Coverage for the Mullah Debate Show! Whores like ‘Saeed Kamali Dehghan of the Guardian’, ‘Golnaz Esfandiari of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/ RL)’, ‘Scott Lucas of Enduring America (EA)’, and other spies pretend that fake debates are real debates, and Tyranny is Democracy!”. They also add: “We all should know these stupid whores. Saeed Kamali Dehgan is a little kid. As a stupid, little whore (born 1985), he started to work for the Guardian and/or the MI6 in 2007-2008 (at age 22). He can show that how little kids (like Shadi Sadr) get money/ ‘Ghaghalili’ (childish snacks) and sell their souls. Scott Lucas, the so-called ‘Iran-UK specialist’ works with the BBC and says: Iranians still love Mullahs and election shows! But he himself adds: ‘I have taught in Iran, worked and met with Mullahs[!] I have written for their newspapers, still comment on Mullah TV, and I am still an Adjunct Professor at the University of Tehran [!] and also the University of Tel Aviv ! I am honored to have worked with many Basiji students[!] Some of them are amongst my close friends [!]’. Scott Locus works with NIAC, AIC, CIA, etc. The story of Scott Locus, Gareth Smyth, Jason Rezaian, and other whores at Tehran Bureau, the Guardian, the Washington Post, the PBS, the AP, is a long story […] [that we should write more about it later]. But even a stupid whore like Golnaz Sfandiari can show you many things. Golnaz Esfandiari (born 1969) lives in Washington, and works for RFE/ RL/ RF (Radio Farda) as a Senior Correspondent. Sfandiari has a close/ direct connection with the Pahlavi Family, but she licks all dictators’ asses, including the Mullah Ass […] Whores have a closed circle. Esfandiari works with Behnoud, his friends, etc. On 13 May 2013, Esfandiari and Scott Lucas wrote: Rafsanjani is an attractive candidate to Iranian voters!” Unfortunately, media whores and Big Brother’s agents are a main part of the West’s Fake Democracy. The West refers to whores as Specialist, Intellect, Journalist, etc, and it’s so shameful. Those who tell big lies, work for bad guys, and sell and buy everything including Truth, Democracy and Freedom are the main enemies of a better world and a better future. They just care about money and power, and serve the Big Brother’s interests.


The West’s Fake Democracy can fool many Westerners. But Iranians know and hate Fake Democracy. As the wise Iranians say: “Unfortunately, what Iranians see in these days – ie fake debates, a limited group of corrupt-hateful politicians, media whores, systematic censorship, systematic lies/ brainwashing, Orwellian tactics, empty words/ gestures, etc- is part of the West’s Fake Democracy, ie it’s like what you can see in the UK, the US, and the West. In fact, what Iranians see now is the true face of the West’s Fake Democracy”. You can find many similarities between the 2013 Mullah Show, the 2012 US Election Farce, or the UK fake democracy. As some wise Iranians say: “People say: ‘Mullah election is the ultimate joke’ or ‘Mullah election show is very laughable’. But do you think USA or UK is a democracy?! A closed circle of corrupt politicians and a bunch of whores only create an illusion of Democracy in the West. The US sham debates are like the current Mullah debates. Questions, answers, lies, censorship methods, brainwashing methods, and other Orwellian methods are alike in many ways. But the important point is that Iranians laugh at such debate shows, but Americans take them serious! Americans are fooled by their media, but Iranians laugh at the media. And it’s a key difference”. They also add: “Iranians have no media. All media -from the Mullah media and the exiled media to almost all Western media- tell big lies and try to deceive people. All media bombard people with big lies, false data, inverting the truth, etc. They try to brainwash people. But it’s important to note that the number of brainwashed people in the West is much more than Iran. In fact, Iran has an informed public compared with the US, the UK, and the West“. In these days, the Big Brother’s Mafia has a ridiculous propaganda campaign about the 2013 Show. But many Iranians just laugh at them, and make jokes like this: “The Ayatollah BBC is a branch of the Mullah TV?! .. No, the Mullah TV is a branch of the BBC! .. If this month before the Mullah Show becomes 12 months, then Mullahcracy turns into US Fake Democracy! .. Mullah Democracy (Mullahcracy) is a British Democracy, ie it’s a very very indirect democracy and a very very direct tyranny! .. whores like Behnoud are paid by the UK to say: Tyranny = Democracy, 10% = 90%, Fraud = Election .. Mullahcracy is a British Democracy, ie it’s a fake democracy .. The Mullah Debate Show is like the US Debate Show, because Mullahcracy is like US/ UK Fake Democracy .. British Democracy is a system in which dictators and whores create election shows, defend election frauds, and say 1000 = 80,000,000!”. Iranians know Fake Democracy. But unfortunately, most Americans know nothing about “US Election Farce and Sham Democracy in America” (check archive). As we said before, “2012 US Election Tells the Truth about USA” (check Archive). US story is the story of “A Nation of Sheep” (check Archive). But most Iranians know the obvious things. They say: “British mullahs have created a political system that serves their own interests and the West’s interests .. Mullahs kill people, and then the CIA and the UK say it’s Democracy!”. Iranians are not stupid. Now, even the Big Brother’s media, like RFE/RL and BBC, confess: ‘We receive a flood of comments from Iran, in which Iranians say: Mullahs are playing a game. We are not going to vote .. In 2009, we voted, but [learned that there is no election] in this regime .. whoever votes commits a crime .. This regime has no base among the people .. We don’t want to legitimize this Tyranny by [caring about] puppet candidates and fake election .. Frankly, We hold both Mullah and the West responsible for the current situation”. But as some wise Iranians say: “The mass media often tell big lies and censor the news. Why the UK media and cesspools like BBC/ RoozOnline attack Galibaf, but defend Rohani?! Why they don’t say that all dogs are the same shit, and only the dictator decides about everything? Why they don’t say that even if you want to categorize shits, Galibaf is the better shit, Jalili is the worst shit, Aref is a better shit than Rohani, etc? Why do they censor Jalili-Velayati farce? Even the Mullah media report: ‘They revealed the regime’s secrets. ‘You, Jalili and AN, destroyed Larijani’s attempts to find a solution, when he was nearing a real solution. You didn’t let the nuclear issue be solved’, said Velayati, foreign policy adviser to Khamenei. Velayati revealed […]’ But what the West’s media say is worse/ weaker than what the Mullah media say! They love big lies, and after the Mullah Show, they would say: ‘70% of Iranians, or 130% of Iranians loved the Mullah regime and voted!’ But who cares? The lies, hypocrisy, double standards, idiocy, and self-deception of the West is so stupid”.


“Big Brother’s Mafia and their whores say to Iranians: If you don’t participate in this election show, then Khamenei will appoint Jalili! But the truth is: ‘There is no Election, and If Iranians participate in this election show, then Khamenei will appoint Jalili and pretend that Iranians voted for Jalili’ ! It’s what they did in 2009: Iranians voted for Mousavi, but Mullahs, UK, and CIA said that Iranians voted for AN”, the wise Iranians say. The West’s Orwellian tactics and the West’s Fake Democracy say a lot about the story of Democracy and Barbarians. As the wise Iranians say: “In the uncivilized World, the default was the law of the jungle. In the Barbaric World, you was free to kill others, to eat others, to rape others, to exploit others, and to live like animals. But in the Civilized world, you had limitations, restrictions, laws, discipline, government, etc; and you was not free to kill/ rape people, to be naked, etc”. They also add: “But all things in the uncivilized world were not bad! In that world, you had all kind of freedoms, including good freedoms. In the uncivilized world, you were free from many things”. They also add: “In the civilized world, all things were not good. Limitations, laws, restricted social life, control, etc naturally led to Tyranny and Dictatorship. Unfortunately, Tyranny is among the products of the Civilized World, while the first idea of Democracy belongs to the uncivilized World !”. It’s a very important issue. Iranians have good theories about it, and we should write more about it later. But If you ask yourself: Why did all Civilizations suffer from Tyranny?! The answer can be shocking: “Tyranny was a natural product of Civilization“. We should write about the role of Iranians (Aryans), Civilization, and barbarians in developing Democracy. But now even the Westerners talk about “The Truth of Democracy”, “How Democracy was born”, or this fact that “In the Barbarian West, in Athens, and in a barbaric society that was built on slave labor, [slaughtering others, eating others, using/ exploiting others, spying others, etc] there was no Democracy”. The West’s Fake Democracy has its roots in the Barbarian West and the uncivilized World. And as some wise Iranians say: “These barbaric roots cause the West to praise War, Genocide, Racism, and Barbaric Crimes against humanity. They are really uncultured, and even when they want to show their sympathy, they say: ‘Many Iranians are still licking their wounds [!!] from their disputed loss [!] in 2009, they might be reluctant to vote’ ! (Economist, June 2013) But many Britons are still licking the Mullah Ass !, because British barbarians have two types: (1)those who love and support Islamists (2) those who love and support other anti-democracy forces! The first group licks the Mullah Ass, and the second group licks dictators’ asses”. They also add: “A British barbarian like Lord Alton can show you the truth of the UK. Alton says: ‘In 2009, Iranians took to the streets. Their rallies turned into widespread protests, which were brutally crushed .. the Iranian people want regime change’. It seems good, but this British barbarian, Lord Alton, adds: ‘The solution lies outside the regime and in the legitimate and democratic opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, led by Rajavi and the Islamist-Marxist terrorist MEK !” As the wise Iranians say: “The West openly/ shamelessly defends all anti-democracy groups. Now, Americans openly defends Jewish Nazis and Islamist-Marxists. Now, Canadians and Britons openly praise the terrorist MEK or a shit like Reza Pahlavi. Now, Iranians ask: ‘How Shameless is the West?! Why do they act like animals ?! Why do Britons/ Americans live like animas?! Aren’t they humans?! And we have to answer: ‘Inha keh Adam Nabudand, Adam-Khor Budand !‘ (They were human-eaters, not humans !) They don’t care about Human values. Their values are Lie, Hypocrisy, Savagery, Selfishness, Sucking Human Blood, Using/ Eating Humans, etc”. Unfortunately, the so-called Free Press in the so-called Free world, only tell big lies and try to show that the West has a stupid or misinformed Public. Of course we know that all westerners are not stupid/ bad guys. But as some wise Iranians say: “The stupid Westerners love whores like Chomsky, Finkelstein and the Leveretts. They talk about Third-worldist complexes [!] in Iran, while it’s the US/ UK that is a third-world nation of idiots, and it’s Iran that has an informed public. But now, ‘Dige Adam-Khora Ham Vase Ma Adam Shodand !’ (now even human-eaters pretend that they are humans!)”. As some wise Iranians say: “Look at ‘the shameless way the West lies to you’. The Iranian people say: ‘No Tyranny: Na Shah, Na Mollah, Na Mozdoor’. But the West pays Islamist whores like Taghi Rahmani to say: ‘Iran’s pro-democracy forces must accept that they are not the majority [!!]’ (May 2013) Islamist whores tell big lies, because they prefer the Enemy’s interests to the Truth. They shed crocodile tears for Iran, but they only aid the Enemy. The US media say on a daily basis: ‘US has unveiled aggressive new sanctions targeting this or that’! But whores help the anti-Iran sanctions, while average Iranians ask: ‘What’s this stupid sanctions?!’, and the wise Iranians answer: ‘It’s nothing new. US Retards just reapplying their tacky sanctions over and over, and pretend that it’s a new thing! American Retards only ridicule USA and make a fool of themselves. Their sanctions are Fool’s Sanctions. They are living in a Fool’s Paradise. They accuse Iranians, while they themselves are barbarians, tell big lies, betray their people, and praise/ defend Racism, Nazism, Genocide, and other barbaric things’. Now the stupid West just reveal the true colors of the West’s Fake Democracy and the Western Values. And it’s a bad Farce”.

The Anti-Democracy West: Why Iranians Changed

June 4, 2013

In these days, the stupid West pretends that the year 2009 didn’t exist or Iranians have forgotten what happened in 2009. But as the wise Iranians say: “The 2009 coup is a very important milestone in Iran’s history. In the per-2009 era, most Iranians that are young, modern, and educated, had a positive/ optimistic view on the US and the West. The majority of Iranians [including us] preferred not to see the West as the Enemy or the Evil. The majority of Iranians preferred to ignore the past, or to think that the West and the US care about Freedom and Democracy. The vast majority of Iranians hated Islamists and anti-democracy groups, but they imagined that the West and USA really care about Freedom, Democracy, and Human values. But the 2009 coup and what happened after that, shocked Iranians and changed many things in Iran. After the 2009 coup, Iranians’ views on the West/ USA started to change. It was a gradual change. During a gradual process, from 2009 to 2013, the West/ USA revealed their true colors and their real intentions more and more, and Iranians became aware more and more. During a gradual process, Iranians saw that the West and the US just want to keep Iran weak and unfree“. In this website, we reflect the voices of Iranians inside Iran, and that’s why even the tone of our writings in this website can show you how Iran changed, and how Iranians changed their views and their attitudes gradually. In this website, we repeatedly warned the West about ‘sowing the seeds of hate’. The old readers know, and if you check our previous writings you would know, that we repeatedly warned the West and the US. But as some wise Iranians say: “The stupid West just insisted on showing us who is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran! The West just supported anti-democracy groups. The West loves Bullying and Barbarism, and they still try to show that only bad guys and savage beasts live in the West. Such a wisdom! Such a brain!”. They also add: “The 2009 betrayals, the West’s anti-Iran Racism, the West’s big lies, the West’s bullying, the West’s support of all anti-democracy groups -from Islamist-Marxists (MEK) to Mullahs and Monarchists- had only one result: Now Iranians, even the wise Iranians, are so mad at the West. Now even the wise Iranians refer to the West as the Savage West, the Barbarian West, the Orwellian West, the Enemy, the Evil, etc”. Politically aware people know why Iranians are mad at the West. But as the wise, angry Iranians say: “Many Westerners are so stupid. Their brain is in their ass. But if they get their heads out of their asses, they can see how the West openly and stupidly supports all anti-democracy groups -from Islamist-Marxists (MEK) to Pahlavists- that more than 99% of Iranians know them and hate them. If the Westerners get their heads out of their asses, they can see how Chomsky defends dictators/ Islamists, and serves the Evil interests. If they get their heads out of their asses, they can see that it’s the West and the Jews that love Savagery, praise Genocide, and say that their barbaric Bible allows them to commit genocide. If they get their heads out of their asses, they can see that it’s the West that supports Islamists, while more than 90% of Iranians hate Islamists. If they get their heads out of their asses, they can see that it’s the West that has a long history of Barbarism; and it’s the UK and Europe that have been barbarian human-eaters for a long time; and it’s Iran (Persia) that has been the Cradle of Civilization and the Home of Human Values”. Iranians are angry, but as the wise Iranians say: “Who can deny the long history of Barbarism in UK and Europe? And who can deny the long history of Civilization in Iran? Tolerance and Human Rights are among the Iranian Legacy, while Genocide and Barbaric crimes against humanity are among the Semite/ Western Legacy”. The stupid West is proving many things. “US Senate voted 99-0 to adopt a resolution that supports [Jewish Nazism]. USA, it said, should support [Jewish Nazis], if Israel ‘wants to take military action against Iran !“, US media reported on 23 May 2013. I don’t know why they try to prove that America is an insane/ uncivilized country. But now most Iranians that one day had a positive view of USA, say: “Why is the Nazi America so stupid? Why are Americans so mean/ so stupid? etc”. Defending Nazism or using the Nazi Logic only cause people to hate the US. Who can love the Nazi America or the anti-Democracy West?


In 2011, we wrote about “What Iranians Expect from the West” and what the West should do. We said to the West: “Apologize to Iranians for refusing to help their anti-Mullah movement in 2009. Apologize to Iranians for helping and supporting Mullahs and anti-democracy groups. Apologize to Iranians right now, before it’s too late”. But what did the stupid West do?! They just tried to prove that the US and the West are stupid bad guys. In 2012, the US, the UK, the EU and Canada openly and shamelessly started to support the Marxist-Islamist terrorists -known as MEK, MKO, PMOI, NCR, NCRI, etc- that more than 99.99% of Iranians know them and hate them so much. But what you would react, if some said: “Lets once and for all turn to the American people. We should support the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Al-Qaede, who are the main pro-democracy groups in the US. Americans love the KKK and Bin Laden. Americans know that Al-Qaede is secular democratic group, as the KKK is a democratic group that cares about Human Rights“! Maybe you think that it’s a joke. But it’s exactly like what the stupid West/ US say to Iranians. As some wise Iranians say: “In 2012- 2013, the stupid West says: ‘Lets once and for all turn to the Iranian people. We should support the freedom and democracy in Iran, and …’, but when Iranians get excited and ask: ‘And what?!’, they answer: ‘And we should support the democratic groups like the Islamist-Marxist terrorist MEK and welcome the MEK as the true representation of Iran’! (Guardian, 2013). In this year (2013), the Western media are full of such bullshits. When you read their articles, you firstly cannot believe what you read, because they say: ‘The world should not ignore the on-going demands for genuine democratic change by millions of Iranians’. But very soon they make you laugh and add: ‘We must stand with the [terrorist MEK] and the Monarchists! Rajavis plan calls for a democratic secular republic in Iran, free of nuclear program’ (Independent, May 2013). In 2013, the so-called British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom says: ‘The MEK, due to its deep roots inside Iranian society [!!] and because of its democratic program [!!] for the future of Iran, is our favorite Iranian Opposition’. Can you believe it?! But what if Iranians said: ‘We should support the KKK and Al-Qaede, due to their deep roots inside American society and because of their democratic program for the future of America!’ What would you react?!” The West is a bad joke. As some wise Iranians say: “Recently, Swedish faggots help Marxists, Monarchists, and Whores at Stockholm, and British faggots praise them and cover them at the BBC & the Guardian! Recently, Canadian pigs support the Islamist-Marxist MEK and the reactionary Monarchists, and then they claim it’s Democracy! Swede, Canada, and the West’s Fake Democracy are bad jokes. Recently, their media reported: ‘Reza Pahlavi, Irans shah-in-waiting [!], is in Toronto to meet with Canadian politicians about the Iranian National Council [that only has 610 members, fans & supporters!]’ ! (Toronto Star, June 2013) Canadian faggots also added: ‘FM John Baird tries to open a dialogue with opposition members in the diaspora!’ Canadian pigs and Canada’s Fake Democracy openly support anti-democracy groups -from the terrorist MEK to Pahlavists- that more than 99% of Iranians know them and hate them so much. Apparently, it’s the true meaning of Western Democracy!“. The western policies towards Iran and Iranians are really ridiculous and disgusting. But they make people aware. As the wise Iranians say: “Most Iranians know that Obama and the West killed the 2009 anti-Mullah movement, and aided Mullahs in killing Iranians. In the Middle East, and maybe in the world world, only one nation was pro-West, pro-US, and anti-Islamist. As Europeans said: ‘The rate of pro-US people in Europe is less than Iran’! But the stupid US and the Anti-Democracy West changed many things in Iran. Now, many Iranians say: ‘The West only loves anti-democracy groups. The US and the West didn’t support our 2009 movement, because it was modern and democratic. The West and the US only support dictators/ stooges, not modern, democratic and independent movements like our 2009 movement‘. In fact, Iranians have become aware”. They also add: “Iranians often think that all humans should be as good as good Iranians, but unfortunately, it’s a wrong assumption. Many Westerners are pigs and just use you and exploit you. They think/ act like their barbarian ancestors. They hate Goodness, Humanity, Truth, and other good things. They just care about money, power, and animal values”. The West’s Hypocrisy, the West’s Racism, the West’s Barbarism, and the West’s Fake Democracy have changed many things in Iran. But the stupid West still thinks that empty words, empty gestures, or ‘shedding crocodile tears’, can fool Iranians! But as many say: “Oon Mama ro dige Lulu Bord! (ie they should know that the 2010s is not the 1970s!). Now, it’s clear that the West is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran. Now it’s clear that the West is the main creator/ supporter of all anti-democracy groups in Iran”. As the wise Iranians say: “The main mistake/ problem of Iranians was Excessive Goodness‘, that leads to Naivety. According to dictionaries: ‘You are Naive, when you trust people too much and believe that good things will always happen’. It was Iran’s main problem”. We should write more about this issue later. Unfortunately, the bad guys and the Savage West have always tried to take advantage of the Iranian Goodness. The sad stories of the 19th century, 1905, 1910s to 1950s, 1979, 1997 to 2005, and 2009 clearly show how the West and its stooges took advantage of Iran’s Naivety, ie the Excessive Goodness of Iranians. But now, most Iranians know the West and its stooges, from Mullahs to whores in exile (the diaspora).


“In 2009 and recent years, the Iranian people not only could see the true face of British Mullahs and the Nazi Britain, but they also could see the true face of the whole West. And it’s a godsend for Iran and Iranians. Now, even the British media confess: ‘British democracy is in terminal decline. Democratic Audit says that the [British Fake Democracy] is [nearing the End] and leaves UK increasingly unstable’. Now, anyone with half a brain knows that a regime that kills its people, and a regime that more than 90% of its people hate it so much, cannot last for a long time. But the stupid West loves bankrupt pigs. In 2009, UK media, US media, and the CIA/ MI6 agents said that 1million = 24million. And now in 2013, they say that 1000 = 75,000,000! They openly support all anti-democracy groups, from Mullahs to Marxist terrorists. In 2009, the CIA polling organizations, including World Public Opinion, published fake polls and said: ‘In Iran, over eight in ten say they are satisfied with the Mullah regime’ ! And in 2010, some days after the Ashura Massacre -in which thousands of Iranians were killed and tortured by the Islamic regime- the CIA polling organizations said: ‘In Iran, seven in ten say that they see AhmadiNejad as the legitimate president. About eight in ten say the election was free and fair‘. The CIA agents, from Leverett to Chomsky, and the CIA fake polls made people laugh and also aware. If they had said: ‘In Is-r-ael, over eight in ten say they love Hitler’ or ‘In the US, over eight in ten say they love Bin Laden’, it was more acceptable”, the wise Iranians say. The West is so stupid. Now, they openly praise Genocide, Racism, and Barbarism. Now, the US Congress openly supports the anti-Iran Racism and the Jewish Nazism. As some wise Iranians say: “Crooks and thieves of US Congress just reveal the true meaning of American Nazism. US Congress, that is a cesspool of Barbarians and Retards, just shows that America is turning into a Nazi state. US barbarians praise Racism and Nazism, and prove that the US is the main Rogue State. They think that all humans are slaves of a bunch of US faggots! USA really suffers from Mad Cow Disease!” .They also add: “Whores help the US, but sooner or later Iranians will cut/ break US horn (Shakhesho Mishkanand). The savage US clearly says: ‘Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel stresses Israel’s right to strike Iran’ ! (April 2013) or ‘Every option, including genocide, must be on the table’ ! (April 2013) The savage Jews/ Americans openly write about ‘NUCLEAR ATTACKS on Iran’ ! or ‘Could Tehran be the next Hiroshima?’ ! or ‘What Would Happen if Israel Nuked Iran’ ! (May 2013). Iranians should put aside their Excessive Goodness. Now after all barbaric threats, Iranians have every right to say to the bad Jews: ‘If you, the savage Jews wage war and attack Iran, you not only prove that the Jews deserved the Holocaust, but you show that Iran should teach you a lesson, that you would refer to Hitler as ‘Dear Uncle’ ! (keh beh Hitler begid Agh Daii !)’. Today’s Iranians know why we should not tolerate Barbarism and Intolerance. Those who love Racism and praise Genocide are savages. And if savages wage war and attack Iran, they will deserve annihilation”. They also add: “What would happen If the people of Persia, India, China, etc see the West as the main Enemy of Humanity? What would happen If the people of Persia, China, India, etc decide to punish the savage West? The West loves war, hatred, barbarism, and the law of the jungle. But what’s the result of the law of the jungle? Those who sow Wind, will reap Typhoon. Now, many are watching the Insane West, and many are ready to take revenge and return the West’s barbaric favors”. In Iran, many educated Iranians are monitoring the Western media, and as they say: “The West’s Orwellian media, from the AP to the Guardian, and their Orwellian journalists [from Scott Lucas and Jason Rezaian to Gareth Smyth and Kamali Dehghan] reveal the depth of the West’s bankruptcy. The stupid Westerners think that they are smart guys, but they tell stupid lies like ‘American people love Bin Laden! They defend small anti-democracy groups. They have low IQs. They even cannot use a face-saving formula. They tell stupid lies, help Mullah Show, and use stupid kids as their analysts. But Iranians know Khamenei’s dogs in the 2013 Show, who are categorized into: (1)Qalibaf [+Aref] (2)Velayati [+Rowhani, Gharazi] (3)Jalili [+Hadad, Rezaie]. Iranians know that there is no election, and Khamenei just appoints a new dog as President. If Khamenei wants less shits (a better public image), he appoints (1); If he wants more shits, he appoints (3); and if he wants a shit in between, he appoints (2). Only Khamenei decides, but the West says: Iranians Decide! The West and its whores try to heat up Mullah Show and boost up UK stooges like Rowhani, or shits like Jalili. The West is so mean and so stupid. But as the old Iranians said: ‘Enemy can become a godsend, if Lord wills it’. And now, the stupid West, that is nearing the End, is a real godsend”.


“The 2009 CIA-Mullah coup, the West’s Fake Democracy, and the West’s anti-Iran Racism revealed many things. There is no need to know the long story of US Fake Democracy -from the story of Manning and OWS to the KKK and US election farces. Now it’s clear that both US lefts and US rights hate Democracy and want to keep all countries weak and undemocratic. In fact, those Americans who support anti-democracy forces and serve the Big Brother’s interests, have two main groups: (1) US lefts, part of the CIA and US gov, their media and their stooges, who support Islamists, terrorists, Marxists, etc (2) US rights, part of the CIA and US gov, their media and their stooges, who support terrorists, dictators, monarchists, etc. These two groups are two sides of the same coin, and you can see their counterparts in all Western countries. But people just know the second group, who are known as Imperialists. But the first group -ie whores like Chomsky and Leverett- and the second group work together to keep all countries weak and under tyranny. They not only support the Islamists, but they support all dictators -from Chavez to Saudi dictator- and all anti-democracy groups, including Marxist-Islamists (MEK) and Monarchists (Pahlavists) that more than 99% of Iranians hate them so much. Now you can see the West’s Fake Democracy in many places, from US and UK to Turkey, Egypt and Syria. The West and USA know that only dictators and puppet regimes can serve the US-Evil interests. They know that if nations become aware and enjoy real freedom and democracy, the West/ USA will not be able to exploit them and plunder their resources. And that’s why US lefts and US rights say to Iranian: You have only two options: the Mullah regime or anti-democracy shits like MEK or Pahlavi! The West clearly declares that Iran must be weak and unfree. But today’s Iranians never let this happen. They know that Iran must have: (1)Real Republic and Real Democracy (2)Nukes, Modern Weapons, and Advanced Technologies”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “The stupid West tells big lies and tries to heat up the 2013 Mullah Show, but why? The Western media act like the Mullah media and help the Mullah Propaganda, but why? The stupid West openly and shamelessly defend the notorious Islamist-Marxist terrorists, but why? The West is morally, economically, and intellectually bankrupt. They know that their end is near, and that’s why they have confused, and reveal their true colors in this way. Now only spies/ whores praise the West. Before the 2009 coup, most Iranians [including us] hated to say: ‘this works for the CIA or that works for the MI6’. But now it’s clear that whores like Behnoud and his friends work for whom”. The story of “the West and the Whores” has become a long story that we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Now, those who played the role of Brake Pedal in 2009 -ie whores like Khatami, Behnoud, Abdi, Ganji, Nabavi, etc- reveal their secrets. Now, a stupid whore like Masoud Behnoud clearly says: ‘I know that we, [the exiled pigs], know nothing about Iran’s realities and what is happening in Iran. But I think that the majority of Iranians are like us, and they want to participate in election shows’ ! (May 2013). In fact, the stupid whores think that all people are whores! Of course old whores know that they are bankrupt. Now an old whore like Behnoud says: ‘I am 67. Now I cannot manipulate people[!] They have become aware. They see Mullah Shows as election shows. But we still should ask people to participate in election shows. We should say that the election fraud or the 2009 coup is not important. We should participate in election shows and help the system’ ! (May 2013) Spies badly reveal their secrets. Now, a stupid whore like Abbas Abdi clearly says: ‘We, Islamic-Reformists, should accept what the system (ie West+ Mullah regime) dictates to us. We should not provoke people to protest. We should not allow people to have a movement like the 2009 movement. The 2009 events should not be repeated. We should help the system, not [the people]. We don’t have any red lines. Election shows, Election frauds, Tyranny, Massacres, etc are not our red lines. We just care about [money and power]’ (May 2013) But the West calls such whores Reformists!, because they help Mullahs and anti-Iran plots/ sanctions. In the US and the West, whores are heroes. But in Iran, even little kids say: ‘The UK, the US, and their whores badly try to aid Mullahs in creating a fake election Epic!’ Iranians have become aware, and know the West and its whores, from Behnoud to Pahlavi. Now, the West’s empty words and empty gestures cannot fool Iranians. Now most Iranians know that the US only supports spies and anti-democracy groups”. And it’s a big change in Iran. Before the 2009 coup, most Iranians were pro-West and pro-US. But now they can see the true face of the Ant-Democracy West, and it’s among the most important changes in Iran and the world.