My News of Iran, 15 March, 3

March 15, 2011

9pm: Viva people … this regime just need a bit more firecracker !! … I think tonight more than 1,000,000kg TNT were exploded in Tehran! It’s really “Apocalypse Now”!

9pm: The people reporters say that the people in Isfahan, Shahin Shar, control the main parts of the city.

9pm: The people reporters say that in Tehranpars, the eastern Tehran, the people have f-u-c-k-e-d Khamenei’s dogs/thugs. The control of all the streets are in the people’s hands there.

10pm: Today was great. but the people should continue to protest, and don’t allow Khamenei’s dogs/thugs to reorganize themselves.

10pm: Today the people proved that they could do many things without any media support … Today Iranians were boycotted by all mass media, western or Iranian media …. but the people did their job, very well.

10pm: Shame on the western media and western politicians that don’t support the Iranians. They are the friends of Mullahs, and in the past weeks, every one that had a little mind, could be sure of it.

11pm: Today was the people’s day … Khamenei’s dogs/thugs did not have the balls to attack the people and beat them as before … and the people show them a part of the picture of the Iranian Judgement Day.

11pm: Today was great. the people show that they could f-u-c-k the stupid Islamists and all opposition bastards as well as the regime … Viva the brave people

12pm: If just one week could be like the Chaharshanbe Soori, the Islamic regime will be toppled I bet you, all

12am: Bye for now

My News of Iran, 15 March, 2

March 15, 2011

6pm: I could hear the sound of firecrackers … they are continuous and very loud … It’s like you are in a Hollywood movie, for example in “Saving Private Ryan”, loud explosions repeat over and over … All parts of Tehran are really the battlefield now.

6pm: All the past Charshanbe Soori’s were not like this one … Viva the brave people. The regime has closed all schools and universities today and tomorrow. The people reporters say that Basiji thugs, that come from other cities, use of the schools as their base camps !

6pm: The people in Mirdamad, Jordan, Shahrak Gharb, Azadi, Enghelab, Valisar, and in south of Tehran, in Javadieh, Khazaneh, Shoush, etc. are in the streets … and the Basiji thugs have not the balls to go near the people … Viva the brave people … Tonight, the people could finish their jobs, if they were a bit more wise. Fireworks stuff and firecrackers are really helpful. Khamenei’s dogs/thugs are frightened to death.

7pm: Oh, firecrackers are really great … It’s more than “Saving Private Ryan”!! … It’s “Apocalypse Now” !!

7pm: The people reporters say that Khamenei’s dogs/thugs closed all the shops in the religious city of Qom, at 4pm. It’s a very important news. It shows us that even Qom is not safe for Mullahs !!

7pm: Viva the brave people, All cities of Iran are exploded tonight … the people reporters says that in Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan, Abadan, All cities of Kurdistand province, Tabriz, Rasht, Sari, Babol, Kermanshah, Hamedan, Karaj, etc. are really “Apocalypse Now”!

7pm: Khamenei’s dogs/thugs have not the balls tonight … It’s the way, the people should f-u-c-k these bastards in this way … Hey you, Basiji thugs, the mother-f-u-c-k–e-r coward bastards, what’s happened to your f-u-c-k-i-n-g balls tonight ?

8pm: Oh, holy shit … firecrackers badly explode … It’s remind me of “Full Metal Jacket” and the great Stanley Kubrick.

8pm: the people reporters say that the people in Roodaki and Azadi streets, set some vehicles and motorbikes of Khamenis’ dogs/thugs on fire … Viva people

8pm: The people reporters say that the people in the city of Sanandaj, Kurdistan, have captured the city hall !

8pm: Tonight the people chant :” Death to Mullahs” and it’s a very interesting new chant !! … It’s the first time that the people chant: “Death to Mullahs” . Viva the brave people.

8pm: The people sign and dance everywhere … and it’s like a Cultural Revolution … It’s what Mullahs really are frightened of it. If the people choose the life, then the death is for Mullahs … we are sure about it .. Viva the brave Iranians, the lions of Perisa

It’s continued …

My News of Iran, 15 March, 1

March 15, 2011

8am: Tonight is Chaharshanbe Soori. The Internet speed is very slow from yesterday.

9am: The regime is frightened of Charshanbe Soori Tonight the people will use of their firecrackers. Tonight the people will not fight just with bare hands. and it could be very interesting. We should wait and see what will be happened.

10am: The f-u-c-k-i-n-g opposition websites treat like March 8th. They have ignored the people and their protests, again. But the people have learned a lot form March 8th. Today they will f-u-c-k the oppositions (Islamists) as well as the regime.

11am: In the last week the ordinary people knew the Islamist oppositions more than before. They could see the real face of these bastards. They learned that they should be independent of all Iranian journalists, the bastard jerks. Shame on them.

12pm: Again Helicopters … Khamenei’s dogs/thugs make use of their Helicopters again. I could hear them. They prepare themselves for tonight. Tonight, Tehran would be a battlefield again.

1pm: The f-u-c-k-i-n-g opposition websites still have shut their f-u-c-k-i-n-g mouths. From now on, I never refer to these bastards, again. They are so miserable. And it’s written just for the record.

2pm: The Khamenei’s thugs are in the streets. It’s not important. Traitors are more important than Khamenei’s dogs/thugs. But the people have known their friends and their enemies. It’s a good sign. The next year, 1390, is another year.

3pm: again Helicopters … they are like Gaddafi’s tanks and planes. We need a no-fly zone in Tehran !!

4pm: Just one working day is left of the year 1389. Thursday and Friday are our weekend in Iran. And next Saturday and Sunday are official holidays before the New Year. The next Monday (21st March) is the first day of Nowruz holidays, i.e. New Year.

5pm: Is anyone killed tonight? It would be very painful. Killing before the New Year, and before the Nowruz. Oh, how awful. This High Price should be an outcome … We think next year, the people would organize themselves better, and would topple Khamenei.

It’s continued … Chaharshanbe Soori just begin after 6pm.

My News of Iran, 8 March

March 8, 2011

9am : The Internet speed in slow as usual.

10am : The opposition websites don’t say anything about today protest. Shame on them all.

11am : In the Battle of Mullahs , Khamenei defeated Rafsanjani. It’s the best news for us. The people want to f-u-c-k both of them.

12pm : The opposition websites and Iranian journalists are still silent and have shut their f-u-c-k-i-n-g mouths. Shame on them all.

1pm : Next week is the last week of the year. Just 10 days are left to the New Persian Year and ancient Norouz.

2pm : The rally will begin at 4pm, but all opposition websites still have slept. That’s really another sign of The Invisible Hands .

3pm : The Khamenei’s thugs are on the streets. But most of oppositions websites still have shut their f-u-c-k-i-n-g mouths.

4pm : The opposition websites and Iranian journalists, shame on you all. shame on you, bastards.

4pm : Don’t Iranians have a f-u-c-k-i-n-g independent and normal group outside Iran? All Iranian expats should be stupid and bastards ?

5pm : All main squares of Tehran are full of Khamenei’s dogs/thugs. In some places like Vanak Sq. and Valiasr Sq. the clashes have begun.

6pm : Shame on Iranian journalists. Apparently there were shocked today, because their master, Rafsanjani was f-u-c-k-e-d up today badly! Shame on them all. Go to hell, bastards.

7pm : The people reporters say that the people are in Mohseni Sq., Vanak, Valiasr, Shariati, Mirdamad, Enghelab, Karimkhan, Abbasabad, etc. despite the military presence of Khamenei’s dogs in all areas of Tehran. The drivers honk their horns. I could hear them.

8pm : Apparently we should be outside Iran. If we were there, we could organize the people by building a really free and independent website … But from inside Iran we could do nothing. It’s a really tragic-comic story that the Iranians expats that have enough freedom and tools, are so stupid or ignorant, and Iranians inside Iran are being crippled by the great firewall and the horrible security pressures. The West and Western media? … no … forget it … they are congenital bastards.

9pm : The people reporters say that today we have rally in many cities, like Mashhad, Babol, Isfahan, Rasht, etc.

10pm : The people reporters say that many women and men have been beaten to death by Basiji thugs in Shariati, Mohseni, Valiasr, Mirdamad, Enghelab, Kargar, Amirabad, etc. Hundreds of people were arrested by Basiji thugs.

10pm : The discontinuous protest is just a vivid sign of foolishness. A high price without any outcome. Are you really nuts, Iranians ??!! That’s why many people want to ignore the stupid protest. Organizers, wise organizers, organizers outside Iran. It’s an urgent need.

11pm : bye for now

My News of Iran, 01 Mar, 3

March 1, 2011

9pm: The below picture is for 2009 protests and now in 2011, the situation is worse than 2009. the Internet is totally f-u-c-ked up and the people could not upload new images and videos … This picture is part of our story in these days. Iranian women are very active and very very brave Today they fight against Seid Ali’s dogs/thugs like men, Viva Iranian women


9pm: The traffic in Tehran are blocked totally. All the cars and drivers sound their horns, Viva people … I could hear them. They also chant: “Death to Seid Ali”

10pm: The people are still in the streets … Today the regime’s dogs/thugs are so wild … the lions of Persia should just continue to protest, in a daily basis and then very soon we would see the people’s victory.

10pm: At least one person shot dead in the city of Ahvaz.

10pm: The people reporters say that until now, at least more than 2000 people were arrested in Tehran.

10pm: some brave people and lions of Persia, have installed a poster in Niayesh Highway that says: ” The dictator, say Hi to your End.” Viva brave people

10pm: The people reporters say that the windscreens of many cars in the streets of Tehran were broke by Basiji thugs. They want to intimidate the people.

11pm: Today was a great day … Millions of the brave people and lions of Persia fought against the regime’s dogs/thugs in many cities of Iran. Viva the brave people … we should continue to protest and a daily and continuous protest could topple Seid Ali even in Esfand and before the ancient Norouz and Persian New Year.

11pm: bye for now

My News of Iran, 01 Mar, 2

March 1, 2011

5pm: Tomorrow is the birth day of Mousavi … tomorrow Mousvai become a 70 years old man … Man, you could be a historical figure … why don’t you finish the historical role and historical duty? you could be a national and international figure, man. but you have to try to be more wise … Happy birth day man, Happy birth day, Mousavi

5pm: The people reporters say that the lions of Persia chants: “Death to Khamenei” in different parts of Tehran. In Hossein Sq., Engelab Sq., Resalat Sq. , Karimkhan Sq. , Vanak Sq., Valiasr Sq., Tohid Sq. Behboodi, etc. Viva people . Viva Lions of Persia

6pm: The people reporters say that the lions of Persia have gathered in Tabriz, Shiraz, Mashhad, Isfahan,ect and chant: “Death to Seid Ali”.

6pm: Just about 10 thousands went to Azadi stadium … other lions of Persia wanted to f-u-c-k the dictator … Viva!

6pm: The BBC Persia, the great motherf-u-c-k-e-r, said that the Internet speed in Tehran is normal …. British Bastards you are so worthless for us … I just mentioned this event for the history … the Internet speed is a disaster … near Zero!

6pm: The people reporters say that the violence clashes between Seid Ali’s dogs and lions of Persia, are very serious in all parts of Tehran …Seid Ali’s dogs are full armed savages, but lions of Persia are unarmed and civilians.

7pm: The barbarian regime has used of stupid kids … they are 13 or 14 years old … all of them are about 3 thousands and have a steel baton or a steel chain in their hands … poor kids … they were brainwashed … like kid soldiers in Africa.

7pm: “” has reported that people could hear many gunshots in all parts of Tehran. The people reporters say that the continuous gunshots could be heard in cental Tehran, especially in Enghelab, Valiasr, Vanak, Resalat, etc.

7pm: The people reporters say that the regime’s dogs hit the people with the electric shockers …. and until many women and child have been wounded … but the lion of Persia still fight with savage dogs … Viva people

7pm: Reza Sayah, an Iranian reporter in CNN, has said: “protesters disrobe cleric riding as passenger on motorbike near Azdi & Enghelab” Viva people !! … F-u-c-k all Mullahs … It’s what we said before The End of Islamic Middle Ages he also added: protesters chant “Khamenei is murderer — His authority is void”

7pm: The people reporters have said about a very tense situation in the religious city of Mashhad, as protests and security presence are increasing on Ahmadabad Avenue, Mashhad.

8pm: Shots have been fired at protesters gathering on Azarbaijan St. Also the regime’s dogs attempted to arrest a protester at the intersection of Eskandari&Enqelab, but they were forced to release him because of the reaction from the lions of Persia.

8pm: All Metro stations in central Tehran were closed by the coward regime.

8pm: Many people reporter say : “Tehran looks like a military base … but the people don’t fear”

8pm: The lions of Persia, set two vehicles of regime’s dogs & thugs to fire, in Enghelab St. … the Clash are very serious there.

8pm: All people reporters say that today Millions of the brave people are in the streets of Tehran. Viva people

8pm: the lions of Persia, set the big banner/poster of Seid Ali on fire, at some squares like Sadeghie Sq.

8pm: The bastard regime again has gathered hundreds of arrested protesters in the building of IRNA, the state news agency !!!! and use it as a prison that are located in Valiasr-Fatemi. Actually all the news agency of this savage regime are a prison. Shame on Western media (most of them) that call IRNA, a reliable and decent news source.

8pm: Iran is in the blood and fire now All parts of Tehran and Iran are a battlefield now … the Internet speed is near Zero and I don’t know when I could post this … but I’m sure that I will post very soon … Seid Ali Gaddafi, the lions of Persia will f-u-c-k you and your thugs, under any condition … any condition.

8pm: The violence clashes between Seid Ali Gaddafi’s thugs/dogs and the brave people in the cities of Tabriz, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Babol, Ahvaz, Kurdistan province, Rasht, have been reported by the people reporters, the lions of Persian. Viva brave people

My News of Iran, 01 Mar

March 1, 2011

9am: the Internet speed is very slow, near 1kb/s.
10am: Today is rainy and windy, much more like a winter day. But the people want to create another “Ashura Day” as 2010 Ashura. The rally would begin at 5pm.
11am: Today an international football (soccer) game will be held at Azadi stadium in the afternoon. The regime are really frightened of the probable 100,000 spectators. The spectators would joined to the people after the game and it’s very interesting !
12pm: The regime and Tehran are on red alert. Today’s rally would be bigger than two previous ones. But I hope that the people keep to protesting in a continuous and daily basis, until a big success. This sort of discontinuous protest is not good and just has high price without any outcome.
1pm: Until now more than 25 cities of Iran, call for the today rally. Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, Rasht, Kerman, Ardebil, Ahvaz, Boushehr, Babol, Hamedan, Orumieh, Sanandaj, Khoramabad, Sari, Gorgan, Arak, Tonekabon, Kermanshah, Shahrekurd, Kashan, Ghazvin, Semnan, Mahabad, etc.
2pm: The students and lecturers of Tehran University have not attended in their classes today. And apparently many cars sound their horns in different parts of Tehran, and I could hear them now. 3pm: The UK and regime play new games with public opinion. and some stupid foreigners are fooled. from Yesterday the British media has wrote about “Iran’s protest to London 2012 Olympic Logo” … F-u-c-k you UK and your stupid logo and your stupid media … You are really bastards. But, Hey you Bastards, you could not save your friends Khamenei and his regime, I bet you. Iranians will f-u-c-k both you and your puppet very soooooooon.
4pm: Seid Ali’ dogs are in the streets of Tehran, but the people will f-u-c-k them in all parts of Tehran and all parts of Iran … Today is Iranian “Judgment Day”.
5pm: The brave people have occupied the Resalat Sq. … A main square near the Heshmatieh Perison … The rumors say that Mousavi is in Heshmatieh … The Lions of Persia, F-u-c-k this savage Mullahs and their dogs …You are the sons and daughters of Cyrus the Great … The lions of Persia have shocked the regime’s dogs … Viva the brave people!
5pm: Today the general atmosphere are so weird and emotional … All things are ready for a Big Blast … All the people that I saw, cried and said, with a lump in their throat, “We get back our Iran of these Mullahs, of these bastards, of these British dogs …”
5pm: Lions of Persia, today is your day … You should f-u-c-k Mullahs and their dogs + Their Birtish and American masters and supporters … F-u-c-k them all … all of them … You could do it … Because you are the sons and daughters of Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great … You are the inheritors of The Great Persia and The Great Persian Empire, that treated all people well and saved Jews and all other suppressed people …. You should show the world that The Great Persia is still alive and is pride of you.

Urgent: Mousavi is in Jail

February 27, 2011

Shame on Mousavi’s webstie,, that we should receive Mousavi’s news form the CNN. The CNN has said : Iran’s two opposition leaders, their wives are placed in ‘safe house’ they have added: “Moussavi, Karrubi and their wives were placed in a “safe house” for their own welfare !!!!!!!!!!! , but they have not been arrested !!!!!!!!, Iranian government sources told CNN Saturday !!!!!! …. The human rights organization also pointed out that “a ‘safe house’ is considered a place for the secret detention of high security-value detainees, which is not under the control of the judiciary or any other monitoring mechanisms. The Revolutionary Guards and Iranian intelligence agencies are well-known for using safe houses for all methods and techniques to get confessions from detainees without scrutiny or pressure from other legal bodies … During the protests earlier this month, foreign journalists were denied visas, accredited journalists living in the country were restricted from covering the demonstrations, and internet speed slowed to a crawl in an apparent attempt to restrict information from being transmitted out of the country ” It’s very interesting that CNN has some secret Iranian government sources !

We say to, and Mousavi’s team that:

Call for a general strike, immediately , stupid bastards.

For more information check here

My News of Iran, 26 Feb

February 26, 2011

Call for a general strike, immediately , stupid bastards.

Shame on Mousavi’s website. We disagree with Mousavi, but we respect his human rights. Mousavi and his wife have been lost since Feb 24, and nobody knows where they are. The unknown reporters say that the lights of Mousavi’s house and Karoubi’s house have been switched off since Thursday, Feb 24. Some unknown doctors have said that they have seen Mousavi in the hospital. But Mousavi’s website,, has shut its mouth. It’s ridiculous that Mousavi’s website is not as concerned as the people about Mousavi’s life. We disagree with Mousavi, but we are concerned about his life. Mousavi’s website,, should react strongly and immediately to the rumors and the people reports. If they are not correct, should rebut them and says where is Mousavi, or if they are correct, they should strongly react. We say to that: Call for a general strike, immediately , stupid bastards.

Khatami, Lies, and Betrayal

Today Khatami, the ex-president, has said that the protesters want to keep the Islamic regime strong and safe!! He added: ‘the people want the Islamic regime. the people want to keep it safe ….’. Khatami is just a ultra-coward bastard. In fact, in the eight years of his presidency, all the good things were done by the people and Khatami could only waste the glorious opportunity that the people gave him. Khatami didn’t have the balls to get challenged Khamenei. He didn’t have the balls to cause any real change and reform. The people gave the legislative branch and the executive branch to the Khatamists by their votes, but these ‘Inglorious Bastards’ just wasted the glorious opportunity and disappointed the people’s hope.

Rafsanjani, The BastardFather

The BastardsFather, Rafsanjani, after 2 years of mumbling and silence, finally open his mouth and condemn the protesters. Today Rafsanjani, the ex-president and the KingMaker, has said that the protesters in the Feb 14th and Feb 20th rallies, were anti-Islam and anti-Islamic revolution. He has added that he want to keep the Islamic regime strong and safe. We knew him, but some Iranian journalists vigorously defended him. Indeed, Mousavi and his team were just one of the key factors in screwing the movement last year. Another major factor were these stupid journalists. And another major factor were the Khatamists (the Islamic Reformists).

The Last Tango in Qom ?

The son of Ayatollah Montazeri, an opponent of Khamenei, that live in the religious city of Qom, has sent an open letter to Khamenei and has said: ‘You should save the Islamic republic, you should do the last acts, you should create a small council with 5 members: ‘Yourself, Rafsanjani, Khatami, Mousavi, and Karoubi’. It’s our last chance to save the Islamic republic.’ And another Ayatollah, Dastgheib, has sent an open letter to Khamenei and has said: ‘Free Mousavi and Karoubi ASAP … We should keep the Islamic republic safe and with this brutal acts we just provoke the people … we should give a little freedom to the people.’

The People vs Islamists

Today the people were really angry. Each person, each blog and each website that I have seen, says just one thing: “F-u-c-k you Khatami”, “F-u-c-k you Rafsanjani”, “F-u-c-k you Islamists”, and “F-u-c-k all you bastards”. Now the people say that they would never forgive Khatami and stupid journalists. In fact, the atmosphere is so tense and unfriendly. But I think the people’s reactions to this shameful betrayal are completely normal. Today Iranians said: ‘Iranians don’t want to kill themselves by stupid and aimless plans. Iranians want to get rid of a brutal religious dictator.’

There Will Be Blood ?

Libya and its dictator is like Iran and its dictator. Libyans are toppling the dictator in a police state, just because they act directly. Of course we don’t want to act totally like Libyans, but our dictator is like their dictator, and we should immediately make use of non-violent direct acts. Khamenei and his thugs, will act like Gaddafi, but the world should help Iranians and Iranians should make use of direct acts such as General strike.

Revolutionary Road

We are sure that the new revolution is inevitable and Khatamists and Rafsanjanists population are as small as Khameneists population. Apparently they have thought that the people are so stupid, and once again they could deceive the people. But this time the conditions have been changed and the people know what they want. All the people are against Khatamists, Rafsanjanists and Khameneists.

After that some lunatic groups arranged a plan for protests in the Tuesdays, March 1st, 9th, and 16th, the opportunist Mousavie’s website,, has said that we call for two rallies in March 1st and 16th ! but it’s not the whole story. They delete the stream of user’s comments and have ignored what the people say: “Have you decided to have a picnic, or to topple the dictator? we want a continuous and serious daily protests to topple the dictator, we don’t want to be killed for this stupid discontinuous plans and protests. we are not your pawns. we are not nuts.” Of course has been forced to publish some of these user comments, because the people are really angry now.

Iranians are on the last parts of their long road to the freedom and democracy. Khatami, Mousavi, stupid journalists and any other stupid bastards could not stop the people. Last year the ‘Inglorious Bastards’ achieved their last success, and today is really a new day

my News of Iran, 24 Feb

February 25, 2011

Gaddafi don’t go and wait a second for your old friends …

Very soon Gaddaffi and Khamenei will go to hell …….
AN (Ahmadinejad) is just Khamenei’s monkey

The regime try to intimidate the people, and vice versa

Today afternoon, a lot of Basiji thugs and security forces have been seen in Tehran – Enghelab Sq. Valiasr Sq., Vanak Sq., Ferdosi Sq., Park wey, Fatemi, Takhte-Tavous, Jomhouri, Abass-Abad, Amirabad, and Enghelab – Me and many others saw this by our own eyes. The people scare the regime to the death. Some small groups of protesters wanted to hold a rally in central Tehran. These days the regime has been scared to death.

The stupidness of the Islamic regime

Tonight the chairman of Ettelaat (Intelligence Service of Iran), Moslehi, has said some stupid bullshits in state TV. He has said: “Mousavi was a stooge of the West !! … He wanted to topple the Islamic revolution … the Feb 14th rally was nothing serious for us. The Feb 20th rally was nothing serious for us … The UK and BBC helped the protesters !!!!” Tonight many Iranians say:’ Hey you stupid bastard, we know that the UK and BBC help the regime … the regime is a stooge of the West … and Moslehi is an Islamic version of Joseph Goebbels and Iranian version of Iraqi propaganda man “Saeed Al-Sahhaf” (in Sadam’s regime) that said big lies even when the American soldiers were inside Baghdad and near his office’

New Plans for More Protests

The Iranian protesters try to organize themselves. some new organizing groups has been formed. Until now a plan named ‘ Weekly Protests in the Tuesdays ” caught some eyes. But other people say: ‘ We need a continues and daily protests, not weekly protests.’ This month, in Persian Calendar, is Esfand and the last month of the year. Now we have just 20 days before ancient Norouz or (Persian) the New Year (March 21st). Iranians hope that this Norouz or this New Year Holidays, will be the last Norouz for the Islamic regime. Amen !!!

my News of Iran, 23 Feb

February 24, 2011

11 Billion Dollars were lost

The Parliament of the regime has said that 11 Billion Dollars of the oil money were lost. They have said that: ‘ AN’s (coup) government has not reported that what they did with 11 Billion Dollars of the oil money, we could not find it in the treasury.’ The corruption of Mullahs and the regime is unbelievable. When the regime’s Parliament says in public that 11 Billion Dollars were lost, we could easily guess that at least 100 Billion Dollars were lost in the last years. Actually the widespread financial corruption have been reached the point that the regime had to cut off the subsidies.

an Unreported Martyr

The people reporters and opposition websites confirmed the indentity of a new martyr in Tehran. Amir-Hossein Tehranchi was shot dead in Feb 14th, but the security forces have silenced his family. One of his friend has told his story. Until now he is the fourth martyr. As far as we know, the real number of martyrs are much than it.

More protests at the Next week

This week Iranians were shocked by the Mousavi and his team again and now they need more time for organizing themselves.

My News of Iran, Feb 22

February 22, 2011

8am: the Internet speed is very slow.

9am: In These two days, people discussed with each other how to continue the protests. Iranians really need an organizer group; A wise and acceptable organizer group. Libyans finished the job, Hurry up Iranians!

10am: Classmates of martyr “Hamed Nour-Mohammadi” in Shiraz University, have said that :’We will have a gathering in Feb 23′ . Apparently the security forces dropped down the late Nour-Mohammadi over a bridge in Daneshjoo Sq. of Shiraz.

11am: Abdolkarim Soroush, an ex-revolutionary Islamist philosopher and a former senior member of Cultural Revolution Council that now live in U.S., has said in a letter: ‘Maybe God is dead. Maybe God don’t exist … Damn the Islamic revolution that just increase the number of atheists in Iran !!’ He was an ultra-stupid extremist in the first decade of the Islamic revolution.

12am: the regime fucked Karoubi up! Yesterday some large cherry bombs had blown up inside his house ! And today his son and
daughter-in-law were arrested. Karoubi’s senior advisor is in U.S., but has not done anything until now.

2pm: the people want to do something in Feb 23 or Feb 24. But until now there is no unanimity

4pm: Most of Iranians that live outside Iran, are completely unaware of what happen in Iran. We criticize the West for being stupid and doing nothing, while these Iranians deserve more criticism. Shame on these stupid Iranians .

5pm: Many active groups of Iranian expats are so stupid and reactionary . Instead of providing help, they fight with each other and ignore the people inside Iran. Bastards, we have no media, no media coverage and no communication tools here. Do something about it

7pm: Ignacio Pérez-Cambra , the Consul of Spain in Iran , was arrested for a period of four hours during the early part of the day on 14 February !! Spain later demanded an explanation or apology from the Iranian government about the arrest of Pérez-Cambra that included a “satisfactory response”, threatening to call him home from Iran if one was not received Stupid Spain should call him from Iran … but stupid Spain accepts Iranian apology for “diplomatic incident”

9pm: Wall Street Journal has a new and good report. Iran Opposition Considers More Protests

10pm: bye for now

My News of Iran, 20 Feb, 3

February 20, 2011

6pm: All opposition websites approved that at least one protester was shot dead in Hafte Tir Sq.

6pm: In front of IRIB (State TV and Radio) headquarter in Valiasr St., Jame Jam, the violent clashes between the people and security forces are very very serious.

6pm: a violent clash between the people and security forces in Mirdamad St. was reported by the people reporters.

7pm: Some groups of people are in the Azadi St. Today all parts of Tehran is a battlefield. Viva people!

7pm: After dark, more people are in the streets.

7pm: An earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale shook Tehran I did not feel it.

8pm: Apparently thousands of people were arrested in main squares of Tehran. the people reporters have said that they have seen many of arrested people in the buses and ambulance vans of Bajis. All opposition websites confirmed it.

8pm: Some new chants: ‘ Drop dead Seid Ali, Meet dead Ben Ali’ and I’ll fight, I’ll die, I’ll take back Iran Seid Ali is the first name of Khamenei and Ben Ali dead yesterday.

8pm: Metro station at Gholhak was closed by security forces. Apparently the violent clashes between the regime’s thugs and the people are very serious at Gholhak. All parts of Iran and Tehran are the battlefield now.

9pm: Until now the people reporters have reported serious violent clashes in the cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Marivan, Mahabad, Sanandaj, Zahedan, Rasht, Kerman, and Kermanshah.

9pm: the Guardian has not any live report of Iranian protests … nothing … Absolutely nothing Shame on the Guardian.

9pm: the people reporters say that In the city of Mahabad, in Kurdistan province, A woman was shot dead

10pm: the people reporters say that one person was shot on the Parkway bridge.

10pm: Shame on the New Your Times Iran Squelches Protest Attempt in Capital They tell lies, ignore the protests in the other cities, and ignore Hundreds of Thousands people that fought against full armed thugs of regime with bare hands. Shame on you, shame on you Western media.

11pm: the Internet is totally cut off. Again they could not bear the 1kb/s speed!

11pm: Today Iranians showed great courage. Today Western media showed their double standard and hypocrisy. Today Iranians were alone in Iran.

11pm: The protests will continue. Once again the US and Western media show that they want this regime, and are the real supporters of the regime. How do they cover the blood and fire in Iran? How do they react to the brutal suppression? Compare it with the case of Egypt. shame on you bastards.

12am: the Internet still is totally cut off. by for now

My News of Iran, 20 Feb, 2

February 20, 2011

3pm: After the Internet, all the telephone lines, wired and wireless, were cut off in many areas of Tehran

3pm: the regime’s tactic is: ‘Shutting all the doors and suppressing the voiceless protesters’. Western media help the regime in this scenario. But the brave Iranians fight against both the regime and the hypocrite West

3pm: Some thousands of protesters have been seen in Sohrevardi Street. they chant: “Death to Khamenei”

3pm: The houses of Khamenei, Mousavi and Ahmadijed are near the Valiasr St.. Now this security zone are full of security forces.

3pm: All Malls, shopping centers and shops in the Valiasr Sq. area were closed

4pm: Outside it is still raining

4pm: In many places in Tehran such as Valiasr Sq., Enghelab Sq., Hafte Tir Sq, Vanak Sq., Keshavarz Boulevard, Parkway bridge, Arirabad, Sohrevardi , etc. the clash between armed regime’s thugs and the protesters are very serious. Basiji thugs and riot police have shot teargas, rubber bullets, and real bullets.

4pm: In other cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, the cities of Kurdistan especially Mahabad and Sanandaj, the clash between the people and the regime’s thugs are very serious.

4pm: The people have took the control of Valisar Sq.. They have seized Valiasr Sq. from Basiji thugs and riot police. Viva people!

5pm: People have gathered in front of the IRIB center (the state TV and Radio) and chanted. they chant: ‘Death to Khamenei’, ‘Our stain, our stain, our state TV’

5pm: Until now Western media like CNN, Reuters, BBC, AP and others have not covered Iranian protests. They have not any news about the rally and violence clashes shame on them. shame on these bastards.

5pm: Viva Iranians, Viva people ! they fight with bare hands. they have no media coverage. the hypocrite Western Media have shut their mouths, but the Iranians fight against the full armed Basiji thugs and want to create a miracle again.

My News of Iran, 20 Feb, 1

February 20, 2011

8am: the Internet speed is very slow, some ISPs are down.

8am: Today is the day of National protest. In Tehran the people want to hold the rally in Valiasr Street. The length of Valiasr St. is 16km, from Rahahan Sq. in the south (Railway Sq.) to Tajrish Sq. in the north.

9am: Washingtonpost: Former top-ranking U.S. officials urged the Obama administration to take an Iranian dissident group off its list of terrorist organizations Stupid American politicians … They should always be stupid. They should help the Iranians inside Iran, not a terrorist group like the Mujahedeen-e Khalq, or MEK, O NCR

10am:,, and Radio Farda have said that one of the regime’s diplomat in the Italy, the Chief of Regime’s Consulate in Milan, Ahmad Maleki, has joined to the people. He has resigned yesterday.

11am: and indirectly call for a strike in Abadan Refinery, the greatest Refinery of Iran and the oldest of the Middle East . They have said At least a group of the workers of Abadan Refinery have struck.

12pm: Two days ago, Feb 18, the New Yorker has published a fake report of Iran named “Marching in Tehran”. It’s fake because the reporter has said: I was at home on the morning of February 14th, a gray, wintry day in Tehran …. But February 14th was a sunny and shiny day like a spring day. We don’t want to link to a fake article. You could find it easily, if you want.

12pm: A lot of riot police and Basiji thugs, some thousands, are in the Valiasr Street. They want to intimidate the people with their motorbikes, three hours before the rally. the rally will begin at 3pm

1pm: The Internet was cut off. I am disconnected now!

1pm:,, and Radio Farda have said: ‘ the regime has freed 2 German prisoners today, during the official trip of foreign minister of Germany to Iran.’ Apparently it’s a new secret deal between the regime and Germany. shame on Germany.

2pm: Today is very gray and cloudy. Now it’s starting to rain.

2pm: Some groups of people have been seen in the different parts of Valiasr St.

2pm: The regime sends a fake SMS to many people and says: “the rally was cancelled, the Green Movement group” !!! the sender telephone number is 0983000, a public number.

My News of Iran, 19 Feb

February 20, 2011

9am: the Internet speed is very slow, some ISPs are down.

10am: Today the people prepare themselves for 20 Feb rally.

11am: Again the regime has hired mercenaries for DDOS attack. They opposition websites are down.

12pm: A new video collection of 14 Feb rally

1pm:Fox News tell lies, but much less than British media: Fox news: ‘It’s no more ‘Where’s my vote?’ Iranians are aiming straight for Khamenei Shame on BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, etc.

2pm: The world’s reaction to the Iran’s events is very very weak.

3pm: in Germany, has a Farsi Radio and website for Iranians that has said: ‘Iranians want to topple Khamenie’s regime’. it’s a good sign that shows that the Germany has heard Iranians’ voice.

4pm: Apparently an organizer group has been formed. A group name ‘Coordination Group for Green Path of Hope’ has been formed in the outside of Iran. We should wait and see. They should be Independent, not the puppet of the US or EU.

5pm: Finally at the last moment, the Guardian has said that Iranians opposition call for fresh protests. But this report is too late, ignores many facts that we said here, and has problem: -‘thousands of protesters’ ! or ‘Dozens were injured’, ha ha! It has not made no mention of the fact our Internet and all communication tools are blocked.

6pm: Iranians try to identify Basiji thugs that beat the people in 14 Feb rally. Many of Basiji thugs had worn mask, but the people try to identify them by scrutinizing the photos and videos.

7pm: Until now the identity of one Basiji thug that has been very very brutal was identified.

8pm: Tomorrow is the day of the national protest.

9pm: bye for now

my News of Iran, 18 Feb

February 19, 2011

8am: the Internet speed is still very slow.

8am: the Daily Telegraph has said senior officers of the Revolutionary Gaurd (IRGG or Sepah) pledges to hold fire. The the senior officers have written a letter to their commanding officer demanding assurances that they will not be required to open fire on anti-government demonstrators.

9am: This important letter could be true. The senior officers of Sepah have said: ‘We promise our people that we will not shoot nor beat our brothers who are seeking to express legitimate protest against the policies and conduct of their leader.’ This letter could be false, but sooner or latter a similar letter would be written.

9am: the Daily Telegraph’s position on Khamenei is the same as all other British media: ‘pro-democracy activists protested against Ahmadinejad’s government !!, chanting “death to the dictator”‘ bastards. Iranians protest against Khanemei’s regime not Ahmadinejad. The UK wants to save its puppet. bastards

10am: Just look at the Guardian and how they cover Iran’s news in these critical days … They ignore a lot of our news and put Baharin and Yemen there … shame on them

11am: says: ‘Dozens of protesters were arrested in city of Kerman during the 14 Feb rally.’

12pm:, the website of Mousavi, has said that Mousavi is under a house arrest: ‘The security forces dismissed bodyguards of Mousavi .. Mousavi and his wife are under house arrested’ has published the address of Mousavi’s house for the first time. His house is near the Khamenei’s house ! and Ahmadinejad’s house ! in a security zone in central Tehran

1pm: A general strike call by Kurds on 20 Feb, in all cities of Kurdistan

2pm: Janati, 85, a key figure and ultra-extremist Mullah that people call him ‘the retard fossil’, has said : ‘Mousavi and Karoubi should not have any access to the people. Their phones, their Internet, their cell phones should be blocked. They should not send or receive any messages’ The world should react to what he says.

3pm: Janati, the retard fossil, and an small group of Basiji thugs were bussed into Enghelab Sq. The regime supporters are only some thousands. Tehran has 12 million population. Next months the regime is gone, believe me the people should not give up.

4pm: Again dozens of activists and journalists were arrested. Actually each day dozens of activists are arrested.

5pm: the ministry of Islamic Culture has said: ‘ foreign media should obey our rules and should not cover the protests. We check them daily … most of foreign media don’t want to be expelled form Iran by us. They often listen to what we say.’ Yes, the foreign media are bastard and stupid. If they were not coward and hypocrite, they would boycott the regime and its news.

6pm: the people prepare themselves for the gathering and rally of Feb 20. They say: ‘We should finish the job’

7pm: the Sepah, IRRG, have some military bases in Tehran. the Sar-Allah base and Rassuol-Allah Base organize Basiji thugs and bus them into the main streets and squares of Tehran. They have about 500 buses that could mobilize near 20 thousands Basiji thugs at the time of crisis. In normal days they use 20 buses and about 1 thousand Basiji thugs. Our oil money is plundered by Sepah and Basij in this way.

8pm: the state TV said: ‘We successfully blocked near 85 thousands SMS messages in 14 Feb … we successfully blocked the Azadi Sq. and don’t allow the protesters to convert Azadi Sq. to Tahrir Sq. (in Cairo) … We successfully blocked the Internet and the protesters could not send their photos and videos to the outside world’ !! they are so stupid and confess their sins and crimes.

9pm: From tomorrow the protests and strikes start … 20 Feb is the day of national protest.

9pm: bye for now

my News of Iran, 17 Feb

February 17, 2011

8am: the Internet speed is still very very slow

8am: the regime uses “Deep Packet Inspection” for blocking Yahoo Email, Gmail and other popular websites in Iran. Apparently they could manipulate the ID data (username or password) in each login request, HTTP or HTTPS. Now the login request is rejected many times and users could not login in many websites.

9am: the Internet censorship and “”Deep Packet Inspection” in Iran is an important matter that we should write more about them later, but now I could say that the West, especially Nokia-Siemens, has sold the technology to the regime. Shame on them

9am: Keyhan, the regime’s Pravda, has said:’ Saane Zhale was our spy! He worked for us. He gave secret news to us, to the Ettelaat (Intelligence Service of the regime)’ Keyhan is a congenital bastard

10am: John McCain has said to VOA Farsi: ‘We should help and support Iranians, we should call for the regime change in Iran. Obama’s position is not good.” Iranians hate the stupid Obama and could not forgive him. The world should see the real face of the hypocrite Obama

10am: Students of the University of Arts have called for a strike: ‘ we will close the university for at least one week. we will not attend in any classes.’ It’s possible that students of other universities join them in this strike.

11am: Dozens of students of the University of Arts have been arrested Yesterday

11am: The outside world is deaf, mute, and blind. Western media ignore Iran and the critical situation in Iran. They don’t ask themselves:’ Why couldn’t we see more pictures or videos form inside of Iran? Western media ignore this fact that we have a total block here and all communication tools and the Internet are down and blocked. shame on them. shame on them

12pm: Apparently the daughters of Mousavi have said: “We don’t know the current place of our father and mother. the regime doesn’t allow us to meet them. we are worried’ But the official website of Mousavi,, that is managed from outside of Iran, in Germany and England, has not said anything about these sort of news. Mousavi is a real stupid.

12pm:, the official website of Mousavi that is managed from outside of Iran, in Germany and England, censors the people’s comments. They are like Keyhan. They want to silence people. stupid bastards

1pm: Another video of 14 Feb protests

1pm: ‘Wait for the Big Bang of Iranians. Sooner or later the outside world would see a new revolution in Iran’. I can see that many people said above words. The level of Iranians’ angry are very high, but they need a good spark and good media support.

2pm: Dozens of civil activists and students have arrested today

3pm: the last words of martyred “Mohammad Mokhtari” in his facebook page:’I prefer standing up and being death to humiliation and this sort of living’

3pm: There are disagreements among Iranian dissidents and protesters about the best way to continue the movement. some of them still want Reform and others, a majority, want a real change, a Revolution. The stupid Reformists/Islamist hide their intention now, but they could go behind the majority’s back. Iranians should be very careful now.

4pm: The students of all universities of Tehran want to strike for at least one week

4pm: Mousavi’s website,, has said: “we would have a gathering for our dear martyrs at the seventh day after their death, at 3pm of 20 Feb, before the anniversary of Holy Prophet Mohammad !!, at the main squares of all cities of Iran

5pm: There is a chaos in Iran. Many people don’t want to follow the stupid Mousavi and his group again. Of course they could use of any gatherings or rallies, but it’s not a good solution. The mistakes of the 2009 protests and the 1979 revolution are still in front of us.

5pm: 21 Feb is an Islamic holyday in Iran. 20 Feb is Sunday but a working day in Iran. Iranians have a traditional that hold 4 funeral ceremonies for each dead person! at the first, third, seventh, and fortieth days after the death.

6pm: Our anticipation for the number of arrests at 14 Feb (150 * 10 = 1500) is correct ! Now many Iranian websites say that the number of arrests at 14 Feb are about 1500.

7pm: the regime that has arrested Saane Zhale’s brother, ask him to deny his last night interview with VOA !

8pm: the regime’s head of the judiciary has said: ‘the political expediency tells us that we should not arrest Mousavi and Karoubi now!’ such an independent judiciary! this is the real meaning of the Islamic judiciary system.

8pm: Today people started to discuss the need of an organizer group. It’s a good sign and an major step forward. I think Mousavi and his group feared that they could lose their control and reacted very soon.

9pm: The world should clear its position. If they remain silent or hypocrite, they would fully deserve the regime and the Islamic version of the Nazi Germany

9pm: bye for now

my News of Iran, 16 Feb

February 17, 2011

8am: the internet speed is so slow, 1kb/s !

8am: First Obama and then Mousavi. Last midnight, Mousavi dashed people’s hope, like what Obama did before that (We have talked about that in the separate posts)

9am: Basiji thugs are in the Art University. The killers arrange funeral for their killed victims. This is not a Mafia Movie, but the regime’s “God Father” is an Islamic version of Hitler or Stalin. I bless Joseph Stalin because he was an atheist !

10am: Our situation in Iran is so Orwellian. Here ‘lie is truth’, ‘Violence is Mercy’ and ‘the killer is the Killed’s lover’

11am: A cartoon of Khamenei and Joseph Stalin in today’s Rooz newspaper:

12pm: Keyhan newspaper, the newspaper of Khamenei, has said: ‘the number of demonstrators in 14 Feb rally was just 300 to 400 people, while the number of demonstrators in our rally in the anniversary of the revolution in 11 Feb, was 50 Million people!’ It’s not a joke, it’s exactly what they said. Keyhan is a follower of Paul Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda school in Nazi Germany. Their motto is “The Bigger lie, The Better”

1pm: Keyhan is quite similar to Pravda , the newspaper of Communist Party in USSR

2pm: Another video of 14 Feb protests

3pm: Basiji thugs have beaten students in the Art University and the streets.

4pm: Apparently Basiji thugs have paraded with their motorbikes around the empty street of Valiasr.

5pm: The Facebook page of ‘Mohammad Mokhtari”, the second killed person, had a picture of him and a logo for 14 Feb demonstration:

6pm: You could find some video of 14 Feb protests in here:

7pm: Today the Guardian, Al-Jazeera and all Western mass media had nothing about our current terrible situation in Iran

8pm: some of the Basiji thugs and Hezbollah thugs of Lebanon. the Hezbollah’s flag has been seen in Basiji’s pictures

9pm: Rafsanjani has said: ‘those attended in 14 Feb rally, are betrayal’. Stupid people in the Green Movement that thought Rafsanjani is their friend, could see the real face of him.

10pm: Sanee Zhale’s brother, in an interview with VOA Farsi, said: ‘My brother is not a Basiji. This is a Ettelaat’s (Intelligence Service of Iran) game. My cousin work for Ettelaat, and yesterday he came to us and ask for my brother picture.’ He was crying when talked about his brother story

10pm: the regime arrest the Sanee Zhale’s brother, after the interview with VOA

11pm: bye for now

my News of Iran, 15 Feb, 3

February 16, 2011

3pm: The Internet speed is 1b/s !!

3pm: The identity of the killed person is revealed. “Sanee Zhale”, 26, was student of Art University in Tehran. He was a Kurd and lived with his family in Kurdestan. The regime has many many problems with Kurds in the past years.

3pm: the stupid regime has said that “Sanee Zhale” was a Basiji !! they want to arrange a funeral for him at 16 Feb ! It’s a new tactic. But it’s like a suicide for them. the people just need an excuse for more gathering and rally

3pm: Apparently today the Art University has been closed by students. they have not attended their class.

4pm: the regime really wants to suicide. the state TV said: “Members of the parliament (i.e the Basiji thugs) declare that Mousavi and Karoubi should be executed!” and then show footage of the parliament that they chanted : Death to Mousavi, Death to Karoubi, Death to Khatami. They show this footage repeatedly.

4pm: if the regime arrests Mousavi or Karoubi officially, It could be the best case for the people. This could be the fianl spark for a revolution; the regime will be gone after that. Now the people say: ‘Please arrest Mousavi, please, please. We want a revolution and you get it to us.’

4pm: the state TV showed Ali Larijani, the speaker of parliament and a Basiji thug, while he said: ‘if they want to hold a demonstration against God or Islam, could we allow them? the punishment for the enemies of God or Islam is clear. (death)’ It’s the real face and nature of Islam

5pm: In city of Rasht, in Northern Iran, thousands of people were in the main streets and fought against Basiji thugs.

5pm: the state TV said: ‘ 150 conspirators were arrested yesterday’. if we multiply it by their normal error factor (10) we could conclude that at least 1500 people were arrested in yesterday.

6pm: the state TV said: ‘ Terrorists and Mojahedin group killed 2 students and wounded 9 others yesterday’ !! They think the world and the people are as stupid as them. But it proves that at least hundreds of people were killed or wounded yesterday.

7pm: the state TV repeatedly show the footage of the parliament. People have become very angry and tomorrow is a destination day. The parliament of regime wants the death of protesters and death of Mousavi and Karoubi! and clearly declares it to the outside world. I think the regime is sure that it would not be faced with a serious backlash from the US & EU.

7pm: Actually Mousavi is finished for many people but still could be a good final spark for a revolution. Please arrest him ASAP.

7pm: The Internet speed is as before, the Iranian websites are down, HTTPS and other ports are blocked, Satellite channels and phones and other communication tools are down. And today we don’t have any serious protests in Tehran.

8pm: the state TV repeatedly ask the people to attend the funeral of “Sanee Zhale” in tomorrow morning, 16 Feb. the regime is a masterpiece of hypocrisy . Tomorrow is an important day for Iranians and Iran.

8pm: The identity of second killed person is revealed. “Mohamad Mokhtari”, 22, was shot by Basiji thugs.

8pm: Mr. Obama finally opened his mouth and said bullshit again like 2009. Mr. Obama, Iranians are brave enough and don’t need your stupid advice, but you are coward and hypocrite. I hope the world could see your real face.

10pm: the regime tries to deceive the outside world, and the CNN headline says: ‘the parliament of Iran Condemns Protests’. shame on you Western media. Your news, headlines and reports are full of hypocrisy. Instead of taking the piss out of the regime and its parliament, instead of emphasizing the need of urgent help, you make fun of yourselves.

10pm: Iranians are very very angry, but they need an organizer, a leader. Mousavi is better than ultra-coward Khatami, but he is an ex-revolutionary too, and just wants to save the Islamic Revolution. He said and showed it many times. Iranians have nothing, no media, no communication tools, no support, nothing. The regime uses modern tools, but the people have just ancient tools. Our condition is worse than the Slavery Age.

11pm: Tomorrow morning, Tehran would be a battlefield again, for a very very unfair battle.

11pm: bye for now

News about Iran, 15 Feb, 2

February 15, 2011

12pm: The internet is totally switched off again. They have blocked Yahoo Email and HTTPs port.

12pm: the people in Tehran and other cities of Iran, want to hold another protest rally for today.

12pm: Until now nobody knows what has exactly happened last night. Apparently people have gone to their home at midnight.

12pm: this video shows how people put the picture of Khamenei on fire: :

12pm: the state TV said:’ Hypocrites, monarchists, thugs and seditionists who wanted to create public disorder in Iran were arrested by our brave nation. These people set garbage bins on fire and damaged public property.’ bastards

12pm: The Guardian said: ‘BBC is complaining at the difficultly of filming in Iran. Here are some Radio Farda videos !! from Iran today’ . Ha!, the Guardian you could not save your friend Ayatollah BBC . BBC is just wants an excuse for its shameful acts. bastards

12pm: Western Media report Iranian protests under the title of “Unrest in Middle East”. They mixed the news of 75 Millions Iran with 1 Million Bahrain or 15 Millions Yemen, It’s very interesting. Do you forget how exclusively they covered 80 Millions Egypt?

1pm: The main Difference between the protesters in Iran and the protesters in Yemen and Bahrain is that Iranian protesters have a theocracy, but want democracy and a secular regime and many of them are anti-Islamist, while protesters in Yemen and Bahrain have a semi-secular regime, but want a theocracy! and many of them are Islamist. stupid Islamist

1pm: Now I’m sure that Western Media have not emphasized , that the regime has blocked all communication tools in Iran, and that’s why the outside world could not hear any news form inside of Iran.

1pm: The tactic of the regime for blocking all communication channels, could be successful just when Western media ignore and overlook it, as they did last year and do it now.

1pm: an Egyptian has posted a comment under the live blog of the Guardian and said: the Guardian and Al-Jazeera have stopped broadcasting the revolution, which must be a corporate decision to appease its paymaster . They tell me that I should just go back to normal, my demands will be met by the army !

2pm: the Guardian have put a translator in its live blog for Arab and Arabic language. but as far as I can remember they did not do the same thing in 2009, and also now, for Iranian protests.

2pm: Most of Western media says: Thousands of people took to the streets to demonstrate against the regime of
Ahmadinejad. but the truth is: Hundreds of Thousands of people took to the streets to demonstrate against the regime of Khamenei .

4pm: Until now the Huffingtonpost’s report has been the best among Western Media: Hundreds of Thousands March:

4pm: Huffingtonpost’s report says some important realities to foreign readers, such as : 1- ‘Foreign media are banned from covering street protests in Iran.’ 2-‘Fars news agency, which is linked to the Revolutionary Guard’ 3- ‘ An Iranian dies but doesn’t accept humiliation,’ demonstrators chanted.’

2am: this video shows how police behaved brutally towards students yesterday:

2pm: Now again all opposition websites are down. the regime want to prevent of another rally.

2pm: Reuters: British Foreign Secretary said: ‘Ahmadinejad told the Egyptian people that they had the right to express their own views, but ……’ . bastard. Hey you! pro-Mullah English bastard, all Iranians know that Ahmadinejad is khamenei’s puppet and Khamenei is your poppet. But you could not save your puppet. Now Iranians say: Death to Khamenei

2pm: The Guardian says some shameful things in its reports: 1- ‘Thousands of defiant protesters in Iran…’ not hundreds of thousands 2- ‘ “death to the dictator”, a reference to both Khamenei, and Ahmadinejad !’ not just Khamenei, the UK wants to keep the regime and its leader, a puppet of the UK 3- ‘

my News of Iran, 15 Feb, 1

February 15, 2011

8am: I could not see any good report and coverage in Western media. All of them are ignorance of the true situation or pretend ignorance. Part of it could be the result of communication block in Iran. people could not sent their photos and videos with this shitty Internet speed.

8am: the Internet speed is still near 1b/s !

9am: Our situation in Iran is a joke. The regime has blocked all communication tools and shut people’s mouth, and then says whatever it wants. But it’s not the whole story. the outside world and Western media believe this shit. It’s another joke!

10am: reporter has said some good things, such as: “It’s fascinating to me that in 2009 this administration (in the US) offered NO support to the demonstrators in Iran- in fact- just the opposite” bless you man!

10am: reporter has said: “Come on, Baraqqi. Let’s hear the rhetoric about ‘young people clamoring for change’”bless you man!

10am: A popular chant in yesterday rally was: “Khamenei, have some shame! Look at Mubarak!”

10am: reporter has truly said: There’s no tv coverage here. It seems bizarre. I don’t get it. Why ignore Iran…again? … They don’t have reporters there, but they could certainly be covering the reports coming in from tweets, youtube, etc bless you man!

10am: reporter has truly said: The difference in the coverage and interest of the MSM between Egypt and Iran is stunning. bless you man!

11am: A BBC producer in the Iranian capital, who was affected by the gas, described central Tehran as “total chaos”. Oh! apparently the regime was blind and could not see he is a friend, a BBC man! Shame on you “Ayatollah BBC”

11am: The mosque served as a gathering place and hangout for Basij thugs. This is the real meaning of Islam.

11am: the state TV said: “the protesters are
monarchists-saboteurs-anti-Islam conspirators”

my News of Iran, 14 Feb, 4

February 15, 2011

8pm: At least one person was shot by riot police and Basiji thugs and was killed

8pm: after this tragic killing, the people attacked police and fired their cars and motorbikes

8pm: Mr. Obama we watch you. We would never forgive you if you shut you eyes to these crimes again

8.30pm: the Internet speed is still near 1b/s !

8.30pm: the opposition websites have been attacked. the regime has hired mercenaries for DDOS attack. the regime wants to cut off all information resources. First the Internet, satellite channels, cellphones, phone boothes!, and now websites. the outside world should do something about this. The regime wants to make a black box.

8.30pm: Iranians had a bloody Valentine day. Now Iran is in blood and fire.

9pm: The people in other major cities of Iran like Isfahan, Shiraz, Rasht, Kermanshah, etc. have attended in the rally.

9pm: Hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested in Tehran.

9pm: Hundreds of people have been arrested in Isfahan, Shiraz, Rasht, Kermanshah and other cities.

9.30pm: Now we have a communication block in Iran. the regime has blocked all communication tools.

9.30pm: In violent clash between unarmed people and armed Basiji thugs in the cities of Isfahan and Shiraz, many people were seriously wounded. The exact number of wounded people is not clear.

10pm: Still many people are in the streets and apparently want to stay in Azadi Sq. until tomorrow.

10pm: Riot police and Basiji thugs have killed some people in separate parts of Central Tehran. the exact number of victims is not clear

10.30pm: You could find many video of Today events in Search for “25 Bahman” or “Iran 14 Feb”

10.30pm: The world should react strongly against the brutal suppression of the regime.

11pm: Almost all Iranian websites are down. Just Facebook and Youtube work poorly.

11pm: the people still fight against riot police and Basiji thugs in some parts of central Tehran.

11.30pm: the Internet speed is still near 1b/s !

11.30pm: Many young protesters have some plans for tomorrow.

12am: a general strike call could be very effective and helpful

12am: bye for now

my News of Iran, 14 Feb, 3

February 15, 2011

b>5pm: Some flying helicopters have been seen above centeral Tehran. Now centeral Tehran is a battlefield. And the battle is between unarmed people in one side and armed riot police and Basiji thugs in other side.

5pm: Many shops are closed in Central Tehran. Security forces have told all shopkeepers to close down by 3 pm

5pm: Riot police and Basiji thugs beat all people in the Enghelab St., woman, men, and children.

5pm: Basiji thugs have used their motorbikes again. Motorbike riders savagely have attacked the people in the streets. They are like camel riders in Cairo.

5pm: All cellphone networks and SMS services are blocked in the center of Tehran.

5pm: Riot police and Basijis beat every person that wants to go near a phone booth !

5.30pm: again the Internet speed decrease from 1kb/s to 1b/s !

5.30pm: a chant of a group of people is: “Biker riders in Tehran, Camel riders in Cairo, Death to Dictator “

5.30pm: I could hear the ambulance sirens and police sirens.

5.30pm: students of Sharif University, that is located near Azadi Sq., have gone to Azai (Freedom) Sq.

5.30pm: many drivers in the streets of central Tehran have sounded their horns. I could hear them.

6pm: Western media have not showed any acceptable report to the world yet.

6pm: Violent clash between unarmed people and armed riot police and Basiji thugs have been worsened in the center of Tehran.

6pm: I could hear the voice of people that say : “Mubarak, Ben Ali, the next is Seid Ali” Seid Ali is the first name of Khamenei, the tyrant leadership of Iran.

6pm: the main chant of people has became: “Death to Khamenei” instead of “Death to Dictator”, more direct and clear.

6.30pm: the people have blocked Yadegar highway, a major highway in western Tehran.

6.30pm: the website of Mousavi says: “Millions of people are in the streets and it has shocked the police and Basij. They beat the people because they have gone mad. But the people have met each others again”

6.30pm: The sun went down

6.30pm: It seems that the regime has lost the control of situation, and whatever it does, the situation become more complicated and people become more aggressive. If the people stay in the streets until tomorrow and for next days, the regime would be toppled. They should stay in the streets.

7pm: People chant anti-government slogans in the buses. In one case a bus were stopped and their passengers were beaten to death by riot police.

7pm: Riot police have started shooting at the people.

7pm: Iranians need support. Mr. Obama we wait for your speeches and positions like the case of Egypt and Mubarak. Do you think what is good for Egypt is not good for Iran? we watch you

7.30pm: the regime cut off the electricity in the Enghelab St.

7.30pm: one woman has been shot in the hand.

7.30pm: After dark, another groups of people have come into the streets

7.30pm: People have fired garbage and garbage cans in the streets.

my News of Iran, 14 Feb, 2

February 14, 2011

11am: a young person has been seen at the top of crane in the center of Tehran, near Ghasr (Palace) Crossing. He or she has a placard or image about the rally.

11pm: the students of Tehran University, the university in the path of rally (Enghelab St. & Azadi St.), said that Bajis, pro-regime Militia, wants to bring thousands of its members to the university for suppressing the students. They asked the people for help.

12pm: the last word of many young protesters before going to the rally: “We demand the fall of the regime”

1.30pm: some groups of people have been seen in the Enghelab St. (Revolution St.) and neighbor streets. the length of path of rally, Azadi St.+ Enghelab St., is near 10km from Hossein Sq. to Azadi Sq.

2pm: the Internet is switched off in many locations. Now I’m disconnected!.

2pm: the regime send parasite to all communication channels, wired or wireless. They even send parasite to ordinary telephone lines for disabling all dialup & ADSL connections. Now we could clearly hear the noise by the modem speaker.

2pm: the police and plain clothes have stood on the sidewalks and ask the people to not stop.

2pm: Riot police have stood on the main squares.

2.30pm: Now the Internet is totally switched off in almost all parts of Tehran.

3pm: more groups of people have been seen in Sadeqie Sq., Shariati St. , and also in the Enghelab St.

3.30pm: Apparently Hamrah Aval, the public Cellphone operator, has blocked its network in the center of Tehran.

3.30pm: the current speed of Internet is near 1kb/s !

3.30pm: Subway stations in the Enghelab St. and Azadi St. have been closed.

4pm: the people reporters say that in Isfahan and Shiraz cities, the people are in the streets.

4pm: the first shots of tear gas have been seen in the Valiasr and College crossing.

4pm: the first gunshots have been heard in the Enghelab Sq. the clash between riot police and demonstrators are very serious there.

4pm: the first chants of protesters has been heard: “Death to Dictator”

4.30pm: Riot police have blocked Azadi Sq.