Mullah Corruption, The Lefts, and The West

June 12, 2012

In the third anniversary of the 2009 coup and the Iranian anti-Mullah movement, Iranians are thinking, talking, or writing about the regime of crooks, thieves, killers and rapists, i.e. the Mullah regime, and its western supporters, specially the US and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama). Now, many Iranians know how the West, including the Western politicians and the Western intellectuals, betrayed Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran. Now, many Iranians say: “In the past three years, the West clearly proved: ‘The West and the US are the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran‘. When the US and the West sold tools of suppression and surveillance (Orwellian technology) to the Mullahs and betrayed the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, and when they made love with the Mullahs but imposed sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, they just proved that the West is friend of Mullahs, and enemy of modern Iranians, i.e. more than 90% of Iranians that hated Mullahs and Islamists”. And almost all Iranians add: “The West and Mullahs are old friends. What the West said about freedom, democracy, or human rights was bullshit. Their stupid sanctions and their phony war with the Mullahs just have one goal: ‘Destroying Iran’. We were naive and thought the West is our friend. But the West is our enemy, not our friend“. It’s so obvious that Iranians should be angry at the West. When Mullah crooks, Mullah terrorists, and Mullah killers can go and live in Canada, the US, and Europe, and when the West is making love with them, while the ordinary Iranians suffer from the Western sanctions, Iranians only can spit on the West. Now, many Iranians are thinking or talking about the whys, not the how. They are thinking, talking, or writing about the roots of problems. For instance, some talk about the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the IMF’s plans for Iran. We have already written about the IMF’s love affair with the Mullahs. Iranians say: “The IMF is a Mullah-lover, and in the past seven years, they have praised the Mullahs a lot, because the Mullahs implement the IMF’s plans, and destroy Iran’s economy. But why the IMF, that the lefts know it as the best tool of US Imperialism, loves and praises the Mullahs and the widespread Mullah corruption and Mullah savagery? And why the Western lefts have closed their dirty eyes?” It’s a good question. They also add: “The Mullahs implemented the IMF’s plans, including Subsidies Cut Plan, and f-u-c-ked Iran’s economy more than before, and created a horrible crisis and inflation, but the stupid lefts and their spiritual leader, Noam Chomsky, are blind or have closed their dirty eyes. Of course, many Iranians are not blind, like the stupid donkey (Chomsky), and can see how the West supported the Mullahs in the past three years”.Now, many Iranians are thinking or talking about the root of problems, and it’s a result of Western betrayals and the West’s refusal to apologize to Iranians for betraying the anti-Mullah movement. For instance, Iranians say: “The Mullahs are the most corrupt people in the world. Recently, even the Mullah media confess that Mr. shit and his cabinet are badly corrupted. Their media reported that Mr shit (Ahmadinejad) and his close friends, including Mr. shit’s VPs, Rahimi and Mashaei, have embezzled more than $48 billion. In a show trial for Fatemi Mafia or Bimeh Embezzlement, Jaber Abdali confessed that he has bribed Mr. shit’s son and Mr. shit close friends, including Bahonar and Daneshjo, with the help of Mr. shit’s VP. Abdali and Ramihi stole billions of dollars from a public insurance company and gave millions of dollars to almost all Mullah MPs. On the other hand, the Mullahs confessed that Mr. shit’s close friends, including Mashaei, Khavari and Khosravi have stolen more than $3 billion from Iranian banks. But why both the Western lefts and the Western politicians supported the Mullah crooks and their military coup in 2009?”. And the wise Iranians answer: “The stupid lefts and Chomsky defended the Mullahs and betrayed Iranians, because it’s their mission. They not only don’t care about the freedom and democracy, but even what they say about corruption or imperialism is bullshit. They are aware of the IMF’s plans and the Mullah corruption, and this fact that the Mullahs and the IMF have destroyed Iran’s economy and have caused extensive inflation, but they still support the Mullahs. It’s too naive to think that Chomsky and other stupid lefts are not intellectual mercenaries. When you take a look at what happened in the past three years, specially the role of the stupid lefts, you can see that there is only two options: (1)Chomsky and the stupid lefts are blind and have the lowest IQs (an IQ of 50-) (2) Chomsky and the stupid lefts are intellectual mercenaries. Those who support the corrupt Mullahs and the Mullah tyranny, just help the Western politicians. Obama sold secret weapons (Orwellian technology) to the Mullahs and aided them in killing and torturing Iranians, because the West still wants to keep Iran backward and doesn’t wants to allow the young and modern Iranians to live in a free and strong country. The Iranian dictators suppress and silence the young and modern Iranians, and that’s why the West always supported, and still supports, the Iranian dictators, form the Mullahs to the stupid Pahlavi“.


“The Mullah regime is the most corrupt regime in Iran’s history. The Mullahs and the Islamists are the most corrupt people on Earth, and the greatest systematic corruption and the greatest record for embezzlement and financial corruption belong to the Mullah regime. The Mullahs and Islamists have broken all records for corruption in Iran’s history“, many Iranians truly say. In the recent days, the media reported: “a steep increase in the price of bread has shocked many Iranians. This is the third time in about one year that the price of bread has gone up significantly. The price of bread has already increased more than 400%, when the Mullahs implemented IMF’s plan in 2010- 2011. Iran’s inflation rate rises to more than 50% percent. ‘Everything has doubled in price. Our friends live in USA, and its cheaper to go shopping there’, an Iranian says”. The horrible inflation rate is a result of the Mullah corruption and the Mullah mismanagement. The wise Iranians say: “The Western sanctions are not as harmful as the Mullah corruption and mismanagement, and the West knows it well. The Mullahs implement the IMF’s plans, and the IMF and the West praise the Mullahs and their systematic corruption and mismanagement, that have destroyed Iran and Iran’s economy. In 2012, the shameless Mullahs talk about ‘national productions’ and say: ‘interest rate should be related to inflation rate’, but in the past 7 years, i.e. in Mr. shit’s era, the Mullahs not only destroyed ‘national productions’, that caused horrible inflation and unemployment, but the Mullahs always defended the interest rate of about 5%, while the inflation rate was about %40 !, and it created the greatest embezzlements in Iran’s history. But who defended the Mullahs and their systematic corruption? the IMF and the West”. In the recent weeks, Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi’s show trial was so funny. The people media reported: “Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi, who became Mr. shit’s close friend and created the greatest Embezzlement in Iran’s history, was poor and had nothing. Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi is a thirty-something Basiji thug. His lawyer introduced him as ‘a member of a Basiji family’. In 2006 (in Mr. shit’s era), Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi that lived in Gilan as a poor Basiji thug, could get a loan of $50,000, because he was a Basiji and had contacts with Mr. shit. He not only didn’t repay the loan, but he learned how you can become a billionaire in the corrupt Mullah system. Within just two years, he got more loans for his paper companies (fake companies), didn’t repay them, and became a billionaire. Amir-Khosravi that had become a close friend of Mr. shit, learned the golden rule of how you can steal the people money in the Mullah system: Just kiss the Mullahs’ ass, and bribe the high rank Mullahs and members of Mullah Gestapo. In the pre-2009 era, Mah-Afarid embezzled about $200 million, but in the post-2009 era, he could embezzle more than $2,800 million. He had bribed all Mullahs, and he thought he has become a high-rank crook and the Mullahs don’t arrest him. But he didn’t know that many Mullahs and Islamists had stolen more than $3 billion, and he was just a little and low rank crook in the Mullah system. The Mullahs sacrificed him easily. Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi was arrested, but his close friends and his managers are free, like Mafia movies. Of course, his brother, his family, and some of his friends, including Khavari, have fled to Canada, and live there in luxury and spend the stolen money there without any problem !” The wise guys add: “Those who defend the Mullah crooks and the Mullah killers, know that the West needs enemy, specially fake enemy, and which fake enemy can be better than the corrupt dictators, including the Mullahs, Assad, or Chavez, who destroy their countries, suck their people’s blood, and serve the West’s interests directly or indirectly”.


“Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi was a poor Basiji thug. He was born in the first years of the 1970s in a poor Islamist family. He could steal about $3 billion from Iran’s banks. It’s the greatest embezzlement in Iran’s history, but Khosravi isn’t a high rank Mullah crook. In his show trial, one of his fellow crooks said: “Khosravi was a thirty-something boy, and in this country they don’t allow a little boy to control and manage an industry. They used him, and he was just a piece of a large dirty game. Mr. Khosravi, you should talk about them, the main criminals, who used you. Say who helped you, and say who helped Khavari to flee to Canada. Say and save us”. Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi and his show trial just remind you of Mafia movies. As the people media reported: ‘In his show trial, Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi said: ‘The high rank Mullahs supported me, and if they remain silent and don’t defend me now, I will talk about them in the next session. I can provide many evidence against them‘. The Mullah judge: ‘There is no next session. It’s your first and last session‘. Khosravi: ‘You can’t wait one week, and you should finish all things in just one session ?! Isn’t it an excuse to cover up the main criminals ?’ The Mullah judge: ‘No, it’s your propaganda. You relation with the high rank Mullahs is not important for us [!!]. It’s your first and last session; Talk about your own crimes; you will not have any extra time [!!]'”. It’s really like a Mafia Movie or a Spy movie, when the managers and the boss try to silence a low rank agent. As we said before, and as many Iranians say, Khosravi was just a very small piece of the corrupt Mullah system. In his stupid show trial, Khosravi talked about the widespread Mullah corruption, but Iranians already knew it. The Mullahs didn’t allow him to talk about the key thieves and main crooks, but Iranians know them well. The full details of the Mullah corruption will be revealed after the Mullahs’ downfall, but as we said before, the Mullah bank accounts in the Western banks, and what all Iranians can see by their own eyes in Iran, just prove that almost all Mullahs and Islamists are crooks and thieves. As the wise Iranians say: “The Mullahs and Islamists just break the world record for corruption. The Mullah media reports about ‘Embezzling 480,000 Billion Rials ($48 Billion) over a 6-year period’, but it’s just a small part of the tragedy. The Mullahs and their ass-kissers live in North Tehran, that is awash with Mercedes and Porsche SUVs costing as much as $500,000, after the sanction/ import tax has been paid [!] But the majority of Iranian families earn about $500 to $1000 a month, while everything, including foods and basic needs, is more expensive than the US and Canada”. We have already written about “Prices in Iran and Canada”, that is one of the Mullah miracles. “In this country, only the Mullahs and those who kiss the Mullahs’ ass can become millionaire or billionaire. They steal the people’s money and our oil money and save it in their bank accounts in the Western banks, but the Western jerks and their banks impose sanctions on the ordinary Iranians !”, many Iranians say. And a new Iranian joke says: “the story of the Mullah crooks is like the story of ‘Usual Suspects’ movie. When you arrest Khosravi or other Mullah crooks, they say that their master, Keyser Shoze (KS), is the main criminal, and KS can be a nickname for the high rank Mullahs or the Mullah Gestapo. When you arrest the high rank Mullahs and members of Mullah Gestapo, they say that their master, KS, is the main criminal, and KS can be a nickname for Khamenei. And when you would arrest Khamenei, he would say that his master, KS, is the main criminal, and KS can be a nickname for Queen Elizabeth and Obama. And when you would arrest Queen Elizabeth and Obama, they would say that their master, KS, is the main criminal, and they just obeyed KS. But who actually is Keyser Shoze? Do you know who is Keyser Shoze? No, your guess is not a good guess. Keyser Shoze is Noam Chomsky!”. Iranians spit on the Mullahs and also on the lefts, Chomsky, and the West that defended the Mullah regime, and aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. In fact, many Iranians know ‘Usual Suspects’, and even those bastards who play the role of Keyser Shoze !


In the post-2009 era, many Iranians express their wishes and their angers by their art works, and the above picture is one of them. Of course, in a better picture you should see more Mullahs and Iranian baboons, including Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi), Khatami, Masoud Behnoud, Mr. Balatarin, and other stupid pigs, that the West support them financially and politically. It’s really shameful that the West supports Mullahs, Monarchists, and Iranian baboons, and that’s why Iranians inside Iran are angry at the West and spit at the West, that has become the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. In the recent days, an Islamist-Reformist, Mullah Nouri, has said: “We want to keep the Islamic regime safe. We don’t want to topple it. The people still love us and the Islamic regime”. It’s a good joke. It’s so obvious that Khatami, Mullah Nouri, and other Islamist-Reformists love the regime of crooks, thieves, killers and rapists, and want to keep it safe. Islamist-Reformists and Iranian baboons don’t care about what the people want, but it’s funny to know that they live in the West, and the Western countries support them and their media financially ! It’s really shameful, and now many Iranians ask: When more than 90% of Iranians hate Mullahs, Monarchists, Islamists, and other Iranian baboons, why the West support these bastards? It’s a good question. The Islamist-Reformists, the Iranian baboons, specially the Iranian Monarchists, and their Western supporters stupidly try to pretend that Iranians only have two options: (1) Religious Dictatorship (i.e. Mullahs and Islamist-Reformists) (2) Secular Dictatorship (i.e. Monarchists and Pahlavists). These stupid bastards think Iranians inside Iran are as stupid as the Iranian expats. We have already written about Iran’s population and how the Iranian society has changed fundamentally (check Archive). When today’s Iranians, that at least are as modern as their Western counterparts, see these funny Western options for Iran, they only laugh at the stupid West and its Iranian mercenaries, that their IQ is less than a dead rat’s IQ! In these conditions, Iranians only can hate the West, and that’s why Iranians inside Iran just shit and spit on the Iranian baboons and their Western supporters. Fortunately, the younger generations of Iranian intellectuals are not as stupid as the older generations. They know the world, the old excuses and the old dirty tricks. They are not mercenary and don’t sell their souls for a visa or a fistful of dollar, and that’s why the Western bastards censor them and ignore them. They are creating a new discourse on many things in Iran, and as the wise guys say: “If they can leave the big prison (Iran), they can change many things, and that’s why the West doesn’t allow them to leave the big prison. And in their absence, the Iranian baboons and their media, including the cesspool of, try to distort the facts, and discourage and disappoint the people”. Iranians inside Iran are not stupid, and ask funny questions about the West and the Iranian baboons. For instance, they ask: “Why the West supports the cesspool of Balatarin or RoozOnline financially and politically? is a cesspool [of Ashura traitors and Behnoud’s protégés], but why Netherlands and other Western countries support it financially? Why the West and the Western politicians support the Iranian baboons, but don’t allow the wise Iranians to leave Iran ?” These questions are very important and meaningful. The wise Iranians add: “The cesspool of Balatarin, i.e the main websites of Iranian baboons, has become the home of Mullah Gestapo. If you want to hear the voice of Mullah Gestapo and their favorite opposition groups and their favorite idiots, you should check Balatarin. But why the Americans support this cesspool financially and politically?” It’s an important question, and we should write more about this cesspool and its Western supporters. Unfortunately, the Iranian expats, that in the best case should be called “novice democrats” or Neophytes, are so stupid. The neophytes think they should allow the Iranian Monarchists (fascists) to work for establishing a Monarchy system in Iran, and it’s democracy ! But in Iran, the wise Iranians know the enemies of democracy and open society. They know the old dirty tricks. They are tolerant, but they know why they should not tolerate the intolerant. They know that less than 10% of Iranians support the Mullahs and Islamists, and less than 1% of Iranians support the Iranian Monarchists and other idiots, but they know that the Mullahs or the Monarchists are evil forces not because they have a few supporters. They are evil forces because they are anti-democracy and because they are enemies of open society. The number of their supporters is not important at all. The enemies of the open society, including the fascists, the Monarchists, the Nazi, and the Mullahs want to destroy the open society and repeat history. Those who defend the Mullahs, the Monarchists, the Fascists, or the Terrorists, in the name of freedom or democracy, are worthless whores that try to use the freedom and democracy to destroy it. They try to make use of people’s naivety to repeat the great historical disasters. They should be prosecuted. The wise Iranians know the differences between democracy and gesture of democracy, and that’s why they truly say: “The Iranian Monarchists (Pahlavists), the Mullahs (Islamists), and the terrorists and fascists are anti-democracy forces and should be banned from working for their cause (i.e. political activities)“. We have already written about this issue, and we would write more about it later, but here and in the third anniversary of the anti-Mullah movement, I prefer to finish this writing with what the wise Iranians say: “Now, after three years, almost all Iranian baboons, from Khatami to Reza Pofyooz, are dead rats, and Iranians inside Iran only spit on them and their graves. It’s a good news. Now, the Iranian public is changing its views about the West, because the West not only refuses to apologize to modern Iranians, but imposes more sanctions on them, tries to make a good deal with the Mullahs, and supports the Iranian baboons and some one like Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahalvi) that is a little dictator. Iranians are seeing the true face of the West, and the Western betrayals in Iran and the world (that has a long story, and we would write more about them later) have changed many things. The West should know that they sow the seeds of hate in Iranians’ hearts, and sooner or later they will reap what they sow, and they will pay the price of their betrayals”.

Western Hypocrisy & our Pain and Suffering in Iran

May 10, 2012

In these days, when the internet in Iran is very very slow and censored, some media, including the Mullah state TV, report that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank praise the Mullahs and their Subsidies Cut Plan, known as “Rideman Plan” (shitting plan). The Western hypocrisy has really reached its peak. “The US and the EU and their puppets, including the IMF and the World Bank, openly and secretly make love with the Mullahs, but at the same time, the Western jerks impose more sanctions on the ordinary Iranians“, many Iranians say. In these days, the Mullahs want to implement the second phase of their Subsidies Cut Plan (Rideman Plan), and it’s really funny, because the Mullahs deliberately try to increase the price of basic foods and basic needs, and try to serve Obama’s interests. In fact, Obama needs to pretend that his stupid sanctions are working, and the Mullahs aid him. If you can open your mind, you can see many things in this farce. Rideman Plan has already raised the price of basic needs 400%, and it’s independent of the Western sanctions. A Mullah has said: ‘Before Mr. shit, and since the first human on Earth, the maximum price of meat was 40,000 Rials, but in the recent years, Mr. shit has raised the price of meat to 250,000 Rials’. You can ask yourself, why the Mullahs officially declare that they want to implement the second phase of Rideman Plan at this time, when their Rideman Plan only strengthens the Western sanctions ?! Some say: “The Mullahs know that their new Rideman Plan can lead to a riot, but they are sure of their secret deals with the US, and they are sure that they can kill many Iranians, and the West not only closes its dirty eyes, but the West would aid them in killing Iranians”. And some add: “The Mullahs want to implement their Rideman Plan, because the IMF and the World Bank love it and praise it. Of course, before 2006, the Mullahs said the IMF and the World Bank are Zionist and Imperialist organizations !, and their plans are Zionist and imperialist plans !, but now they implement the Zionist plans and help the Imperialist sanctions !! The Mullahs’ mission is simple: Destroying Iran and serving the interests of their Western masters”. What is happening in these days is really funny and important. The IMF and the World banks praise the Mullahs, but the SWIFT and other Western puppets impose sanctions on Iranians. “Apparently, Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) is sure that the Westerners are really stupid and ignorant, and can’s see the truth, because their media whores and pseudo-intellectuals can brainwash their people and can play with their people well“, some wise Iranians say. It’s really tragic that many people live like sheep in the West. The current farce can show many things, including the depth of hypocrisy and stupidity of the American lefts and the Europeans lefts. Now, some wise Iranians can see an important fact: the stupid lefts in the West are stooges of politicians . “If you were the US, how do you support your beloved dictators in Iran and Saudi Arabia? The US can show you that you need at least two groups; and you should avoid at least two groups. You need a group like FoxNews that defend Saudi’s dictator and attack Iran’s dictator; and you need a group like Chomsky and the leftist media that defend Iran’s dictator and attack Saudi’s dictator. These two puppet groups can aid you in supporting your beloved dictators, and no one can guess that both groups work for you. But you should avoid at least two groups; a group that defend both dictators in Iran and Suadi, and a group that attack both dictators in Iran and Saudi; because the former are idiots that reveal your secrets, and the latter are wise people that you should silence them; and that’s why the Western media ignore or silence the members of this group”, some wise Iranian say.

You can ask yourself: “Why the Western media only care about some one like Chomsky and other leftist bastards who support the tyranny and the savage dictators, including the Mullahs, and why the the Western media introduce these idiots as ‘intellectual’ or ‘alternative’?“. It’s an important question. Some wise Iranians say: “because they are pseudo-intellectuals, and most of them are stooges of the Western politicians. They are intellectual mercenaries who support imperialism in the name of fighting against imperialism“. In these days, the Mullahs say they want to implement the new Rideman Plan, while they officially declare that prices of basic needs have already increased 150%, in the past two months. Some Mullahs say: ‘the new Rideman Plan can lead to a riot. If this plan continues, then even our [few] supporters will protest, and it’s so dangerous‘. It reminds you of a Persian proverb: ‘The soup is so salty that even the cook can’t deny it’. But many people say: ‘the Mullahs are sure that the West makes deal with them, and that’s why they not only don’t have any fear of the Western sanctions, but they want to implement their new Rideman Plan that can lead to a riot”. Those who are familiar with the anatomy of revolution, know that economic crisis and economic plans like Ridemal Plan are detonators of Revolution, but why the Mullahs love these detonators? Some high rank Mullahs say: “Our brothers in the US and the EU, specially Hajj Hussein Obama, really love us and help us. We don’t have any fear of revolution, because we can kill all Iranians, and the West not only says nothing, but they will aid us in killing Iranians. The Western media, the Western politicians, and the Western lefts are our close friends. They proved it in 2009. We can do whatever we want to do, and they just help us and support us”. It’s so obvious that Iranians are victims of the West and the Western puppets (Mullahs/ Mercenaries/ Monarchists/ Lefts/ Pseudo-intellectuals/ etc). It’s so obvious that in the Iranian struggle for freedom and democracy, the Mullahs are just one of the obstacles, and of course they are not the main obstacle. “The post-2009 era showed us that the Mullahs are not the main obstacle, but the Western countries and the stooges of the West that support the Mullahs by any means, are the main obstacle. But sooner or later, Iranians will defeat the Western puppets and their Western supporters. The Iranian people have become aware, and they know who is behind the Mullahs and who is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “The post-2009 era showed that today’s Iranians are not so stupid. Just look at today’s world and see how stupid other nations are. Iranians are not like the stupid Arabs who still love the Islamists, or like the stupid Russians who still love their Animal Farm, or like the stupid Westerners who still care about their pseudo-intellectuals and their media”. There is no doubt that Iranians are victims of the Western Hypocrisy and the Western puppets, but unfortunately, many Americans and Europeans can’t see the truth, and just follow their politicians like sheep. “It’s really shameful that Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and other Western politicians think their people are like sheep. In the recent days, and in the last months of the election year, Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) talks about gays and gays’ rights, because he thinks he can fool the Sheeple in the election year”, wise guys say. It’s really a tragic fact.


“The internet in Iran is very very slow, and the tragedy of freedom, people’s rights, corruption and economic crises is really unbearable, but when you hear about the Western hypocrisy, for instance about IMF and the World Bank’s love affair with the Mullahs, or when you see the Mullah TV still airs its programs from Washington and London, you just want to express your love and your thanks to the motherf-u-c-k-er West !”, cool Iranians say. In the recent days, the IMF and the World Bank praised the Mullahs again, but many stupid Westerners still can’t see the truth. The wise Iranians say: “Many westerners are really stupid and ignorant. They can’t see that the Western politicians, the Western media, or the Western companies aided the Mullahs in killing, torturing, and silencing Iranians in 2009. They don’t know why the majority of Western leftists defended the Mullah regime in 2009, and why they support Obama’s love affairs with the Mullahs. They don’t know that the majority of the Western left are pseudo intellectuals and media whores. They are like the stupid sheep. They and their media whores and pseudo-intellectuals cause many problems for us, and our pain and suffering in Iran is a direct result of what they do”. It’s really true that our problems and our pain and suffering in Iran is a direct result of Western hypocrisy and Western stupidity. “Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran have many enemies, and the Mullah is just one of them. The Western countries, the western media, the Western left, the Western intellectuals, the Western racists and chauvinists, the Arabs, the Zionists, the Iranian mercenaries, the Iranian expats that most of them are very stupid and very reactionary, and many other evil forces try to create serious problems for us, and they are eager to torture us. They are worse than the Mullahs, and we are forced to fight against all of these evil forces. We don’t have just one enemy, and the Mullahs are not our main enemy”, the wise Iranians say. It’s a bitter truth that you can feel it in Iran. The savage Mullahs are just a small part of our problems in Iran. The Western politicians, the Western media, and the Western intellectuals who support the Mullahs or tell big lies about Iran and Iranians are really worse than the Mullahs. Those western jerks who say: “Iran has no rights. Iran is a poor and crappy nation and Iranians have not right”, are animals that the world knows them and their true face, but the Western left and the Western intellectuals who defend the Mullahs without shame, are popular in the West. “How narrow minded the leftist figures are, and how ignorant they are toward crimes done by the Islamic regime in Iran. These leftists are nothing by a bunch of hypocrites who just betray the ordinary people and the oppressed nations“, many Iranians say.

“The world doesn’t know that the leftist, smug, ignorant, stupid, over-paid academics, journalists, government officials, and self-declared ‘experts’ are evil forces. The world doesn’t know about ‘Western Hypocrisy and Tragedy of Internet in Iran’ (check Archive). The world doesn’t know ‘How the West Apologizes’ (check Archive). The world doesn’t know that the West makes love with the Mullahs, but imposes sanctions on the ordinary Iranians who are anti-Mullahs. It’s really tragic. We are really victims of the Western Hypocrisy and the Western Ignorance”, some Iranians add. The tragedy of the Iranian expats and the Iranian mercenaries who live in the West, and the story of Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, James Petras, and almost all leftist figures in the West, who showed us their true colors in the post-2009 era, are just parts of a bigger problem. When you live in Iran and suffer from the people’s pain and suffering, you can’t remain silent about many things, including the Iranian mercenaries and the Western leftist media whores and pseudo-intellectuals, mainly because you can see a bigger problem. You can see that the West loves mercenaries and the sheep, and hates the wise people. You can see that the West only support the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons. You can see that the West only grant visa to the Mullahs, crooks, and the stupid sheep, and if any person protests or wants to remain free, independent, or open-minded, s/he can’t get Western visa and can’t leave the big prison (Iran). You can see how the West supports the intellectual mercenaries who try to distort the facts and hide the truth. “When only the stupid sheep and the charlatans and the Islamists can leave Iran, who can reflect the people’s voices, who can talk bout the truth, and who can help the Iranians inside Iran? When the West doesn’t allow the wise Iranians to leave Iran, stooges and mercenaries gain the upper hand, for instance the shithole of with its 1000 members, who are mercenaries or sick and ultra-stupid Iranian expats, becomes the main website of the Iranian opposition; and Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahalvi) and Khatami and other hated baboons, that 90% of Iranians hate them, desperately try to fool the people, and the West stupidly supports the Iranian baboons financially and politically“, the wise Iranians say. We have already written about these issues, but unfortunately, many still know nothing about the Western Hypocrisy, the Western pseudo-intellectuals, and the wolves in sheep’s clothing, who have caused many serious problems for us in Iran. The wise Iranians say: “Our pain and suffering in Iran is a direct result of Western Hypocrisy and Western betrayals. Chomsky and those leftist figures who pretend ignorance about the West’s love affairs with the Mullahs, and don’t want to see, for instance, the IMF and World bank’s love affairs with the Mullahs, are not ignorant people. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and our pains and sufferings are caused by them. The Mullahs are not the main problem. They are a herd of stupid wolves that everybody knows them well. The wolves in sheep’s clothing, that their number is not small, are the main problem “. It’s really hard to say it’s wrong.


“The Western politicians and the Western far-rights are the wolves, while the Western intellectuals and the Western lefts are the wolves in sheep’s clothing“, some say. Many Iranians, including us, can’t forget how the wolves in sheep’s clothing defended the savage Mullahs, and betrayed the anti-Mullah movement in 2009. Our pain and suffering in Iran forces us not to forget their betrayals. But it’s not the whole story. They are so shameless and not only refuse to apologize to us for their betrayals, but they betray Iranians more and more, and that’s why we should write more about the old wounds of 2009, and how the wolves in sheep’s clothing support the so-called imperialism in the name of fighting against imperialism. It’s really tragic that the Western jerks who defend the savage Mullahs should live in the free world, but the wise Iranians should live in Iran and should be victims of the savage Mullahs and their Western supporters. Those who want to know the truth, can learn many things from the 2009 and its tragedies. World Socialist Web Site ( published a shameful article on 15 June 2009 (written by a stupid jerk called ‘Barry Grey’) that said: “Ahmadinejad has defeated Mousavi by a 30 percent margin, but the imperialist media proclaimed the election a fraud [!]. They try to give the impression that Tehran has been placed under martial law, with droves of black-clad police roaming the city and beating oppositionists [!!!] But for anyone with a serious knowledge of Iranian society and politics, the decisive victory of Ahmadinejad could not have come as a surprise [!!!] Mousavi opposes Ahmadinejads populist subsidies to the urban poor and the peasantry [!!!] The imperialist media attack two regime deemed by Washington to be an obstacle to US imperialist interests- Ahmadinejad in Iran, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela”. Oh, even rereading these bullshits and big lies can make you sick. But these motherfu-k-c-er lairs who tell big lies should live in the free world, while the wise Iranians that these stupid bastards should wax their shoes, should live under tyranny because of these jerks. The wise Iranians say: “Even a little kid knows that Mousavi was like a social-democrat and Ahmadinejad was a far-right fascist, but the western lefts, who are intellectual whores, love telling big shameful lies. Of course, the blatant hypocrisy and inconsistency of Leftists on Iran was particularly acute during the Arab Spring, or the uprisings in some Arab states in 2011. Suddenly all of the criticisms Leftists hurled against Iranian protesters, who were anti-Islamists, became virtues of the Arab uprisings and the Islamist Arabs, especially in Tunisia and Egypt”. It’s really true. The 2011 revealed many secrets of 2009.

If you don’t condemn the Mullah state violence, you are promoting Western imperialism“, the wise guys say, and it’s really true. “Those jerks, including Chomsky, who support the Mullahs and their brutal dictatorship in Iran are supporting Western imperialism. Any anti-war position on Iran must include opposition to the Mullah state-repression against Iranians“, the wise guys say, but the pseudo intellectuals love pretending ignorance. “What were the consequences of the majority of North American leftists taking a position in support of the Mullah regime and its savagery in 2009?”, the wise guys ask. And we all know the answer. “The left just love tyranny and the brutal dictators. The western left-wing intellectuals have always viewed other people as second-class people; as slaves; as pawns in a conflict against the imperialism . But we are all human, we all have the same rights. There are certain members of the left, like Kinzer [a real motherf-u-c-k-er], that think human rights are only for white people, and other people should suffer from tyranny and savagery, because they deserve it. They pretend ignorance that Iranian dictators in past 100 years, from Pahlavi to Mullahs, have been stooges of the West, and the young and modern Iranians (i.e. the majority of Iranians) who are at least as wise as their western counterparts should suffer from tyranny, because the West is hypocrite and aids the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. They believe those who are born slave, because their parents were slave, should remain slave. They clearly say: ‘The Iranian people should have the freedom to choose their own dictator [!] They deserve their dictator, and the West only should support their dictator, and should aid their dictator in killing them‘. These jerks love and defend Mullahs, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez and other brutal dictators who hate human rights. They are stupid utilitarian. They are animals in human clothing. They and their stupid supporters deserve their corrupt politicians. But unfortunately many don’t know them the their true face. Many don’t know that the left always looks for way to excuse brutal regimes as long as they pretend that they are opposed to the imperialism. And many don’t know that the stupid lefts support the imperialism by defending the brutal dictators in the name of fighting against imperialism! Recently, Chomsky has said: ‘The only way the rulers (i.e. our employers !) can overcome is by control of opinions and attitudes‘. In fact, the leftist pseudo-intellectuals know their job well. And our pain and suffering in Iran is a direct result of their hypocrisy and their betrayals”, some wise Iranians say. Think about it. It can show you many things.

Syrian Tragedy proved: The UN is quite Useless

February 9, 2012

The Syrian Tragedy can show us that the UN is a TOTALLY useless organization“, many truly believe. But in a shitty world that is full of stupid sheep, the UN should be as stupid as and as useless as what we see now. Some say: “The UN is a corrupt circus, exactly like this shitty world”. Unfortunately, the hypocrite west is the main corrupt element of this corrupt circus, not Russia or China. U.S. Ambassador has said: “any further bloodshed that flows will be on their (Russia’s and China’s) hands“. It’s right, but she pretends ignorance that “the bloodshed in 2011, when more than 5000 Syrians were killed and more than 20,000 Syrians were tortured, is on the American and European hands “. The hypocrite west is the main responsible for the Syrian Tragedy. We have not forgotten how the Western companies aid Assad in killing Syrians (check Archive) and how the hypocrite west closed its dirty eyes to the Syrian massacre in 2011. We have not forgotten how the hypocrite west tried to play with public opinion by using the stupid Arab League, that is the league of brutal dictators and medieval regimes. The stupid Arab League is a joke, and their stupid mission in Syria was a very stupid joke. We have not forgotten what the media reported in the late-2011: “Banners [in Syria], written in English, say: “Damn the world’s presidents and Nato leaders. How can you smell the Syrian blood, watch the people die and then sleep tonight?“. Many people who are not like the stupid sheep, have not forgotten many things. And that’s why one of the stupid UN officials recently said: “The Security Council is in a position where it has to do something or else we lose credibility in the international community“. But the stupid UN has already lost its credibility in the international community, and now even the stupidest people know that the UN is a totally useless organization. Now many say: “the western politicians are so stupid and so shameless. They can’t solve the problems of this shitty world; they are part of the problem”. The world needs a new order, and a new global organization that efficiently manages and resolves the global conflicts, specially the conflicts between the people and the politicians.


We should think about a solution, instead of cursing today’s shitty world. I think in the medium term, a new global organization should try to hold referendum in the countries involve in serious conflicts between the politicians and the people. And if a brutal regime and a savage dictator didn’t allow the international community to hold a free referendum, the international community should use force to help the people and the victims of the savage dictator. And in the long term, we should get rid of all politicians; They are evil men. As we said before, in the age of the internet and information, why we, the ordinary people, should transfer our powers to a small corrupt group called Politicians? We ourselves can vote and can participate in making collective decisions. We dont need representative; We all can be representative of
. The Iranian tragedy in 2009-2011, and the Syrian tragedy in 2011, can show us that the corrupt politicians, specially the hypocrite western politicians, are directly responsible for the horrible tragedies of this shitty world. Some truly say: “The US and Europe are worse than Russia and China. Who expect that Russia and China defend human rights or the freedom and democracy? China’s regime is a stupid regime like the western regimes. They are businessmen and are not as stupid as Russia. But even Russia is not a serious threat. The Russian regime will have its own serious problems in 2012, when the Russian people will rise up against their savage dictator (Putin) after the 2012 election show. Now, Russia just wants to preserve his right to slaughter, starve and crush any government opposition in Russia, and that’s why they veto the resolutions against Assad. Russia is exactly like Iran and Syria, and that’s why the Russian bastards had complained that the UN resolution was an attempt at ‘regime change’ in Syria”. It’s so obvious that If the people in Iran, Syria, Russia or any other country want “regime change” or “fundamental change”, then ‘regime change’ will be the most reasonable thing in the world. “Regime Change” is not a taboo. Those who are scared of a free referendum or a free election, are those who try to covert “regime change” into a taboo. These bastards are the stupid lefts and the lovers of Putin, Stalin, Chavez, Assad, Mullahs, and other savage dictators.


The stupid Lefts support the Syrian dictator, Assad, without shame. In the recent days, Hugo Chavez and other Bolivarian bastards in the Latin America have supported Assad. In the recent months, some western stupid lefts wrote in the Guardian: “They want to topple President Assad. It’s a game. And this is how it is played: They mount a media campaign to denigrate any Syrian efforts at reform [!]; try to instigate divisions within the army and the elite; and ultimately President Assad will fall. They see the Syria ‘game’ as the logical successor to the supposedly successful Libya game [!!] Iran [Mullahs] has said that it will respond to any external intervention in Syria [!]. It’s good [!!!]. Assad is so powerful and strong. Only external intervention could change the equation, but for the opposition to call for it would be political suicide [!!], and they know it. The external opposition continues to fudge its stance on external intervention, and with good reason: the internal opposition rejects it [!!!!]”. These shameless jerks who defend the savage dictators without shame, call themselves “intellectual”. And it’s so tragic that many people in the west follow these bastards like stupid sheep. Of course, the wise guys in the west say: “You would prefer to see Assad remain in power, regardless of how many thousands of protesters die? Shame on you. How much is the Assad regime paying you? Assad is a myopic dictator who murders those who dare to express their voices. You say nothing about the children and women slaughtered everywhere. Shame on you. The Syrians know much more of the reality on the ground than you do. Go to Syria and try to peacefully protest. See what happens to you. That goes for all Westerners and others who canonize dictators just because they’re anti-‘imperialism’ and Western when it suits them“. Why the stupid lefts and those who defend Assad and the Mullahs, should live in the free world? These stupid bastards should be forced to live in Iran and Syria. They betray the ordinary people, but why these stupid bastards should be able to live in the free world, and from there defend the dictators? These stupid bastards, who are stupider and more disgusting than the politicians, should be forced to live under tyranny.


Unfortunately, the stupid lefts and the fake intellectuals help the hypocrite politicians and the savage dictators. They love and support Putin, Chavez, Assad, Mullahs, and other savage tyrants. We have not forgotten how they shed crocodile’s tear for the savage Gaddafi. Now, some say: “Russia vetoed the resolution, and it’s a sign of the
‘re-Putinization’ of Russian foreign policy (referring to expectations that Vladimir Putin will return to the presidency in march 2012)”, but the stupid lefts love Putin and Russian veto, and as some wise guys say: “they provide unconditional support for a hated regime representing the interests of merely 10% of the population and resented by 80-90% of the population. The resented minority government starts killing its opponents/ subjects, and the stupid lefts support it. It’s really shameful. The fascists in the Syrian and Iranian regimes gun down peaceful protesters, detain, torture, gang rape, mutilate and execute at will, but the stupid lefts support them. They have no sympathy for the Syrian people who are dying in their thousands, having endured decades of brutal dictatorship. They pretend ignorance about what Iranians or Syrians want and what’s the true meaning of the tyranny. They are shameless jerks who don’t deserve to live in the free world”. The stupid lefts and all stupid bastards who don’t care about the poor Syrians, Iranians, and other victims of the savage dictators, and instead defend Putin, Chavez, Assad, Gaddafi, Mullahs, and other savage dictators, are animals who don’t allow the world to become a better place. These stupid bastards and indifferent animals are exactly like the corrupt politicians who have converted the UN into a totally useless organization. The Syrian people and the Iranian people, and other suppressed nations, are not just victim of their savage dictators or Russia/ China. But they are victim of the hypocrite west, and also the stupid lefts and the fake intellectuals who live in the free world but defend the savage dictators without shame. These stupid bastards who pretend they are anti-war, are worse than the war-lovers. Many know the true colors of the war lovers, but the stupid bastards still can fool the naive people in the west. And it’s one of the great tragedy of this shitty world.

Karl Marx: Myths and Truths

December 15, 2011

Karl Marx (1818- 1883) is a hero for the Marxists, and an evil for many other people. There are many myths about Karl Marx, and many don’t know the truths. Karl Marx, his life, his legacy, and his great mistakes can be important, because in 2011, many try to repeat history and want to repeat Marx’s mistakes, while they are not as honest as him. In the past 150 years, many have called themselves “Marxists”, but they have only disgraced and discredited Marx, because Marx himself was not as stupid and dishonest as his stupid followers (Marxists). In fact, Karl Marx was a great man with many great mistakes. Marx’s legacy has at least two sides. The stupid Marxists, from the Communists/ Stalinists to today’s stupid lefts, have disgraced and discredited Marx a lot. Now, many think that Karl Marx was an evil man like Stalin. But Karl Marx was a social reformist and a thinker, that had many great mistakes and his stupid followers created many great disasters. Marx saw the horrible conditions in the 19th century Europe, and tried to find solutions. He wanted to do something about those horrible conditions. For knowing Marx, you should know his time, and the dreadful conditions of the 19th century. Charles Dickens and his novels, and the movies that have been made based on his novels, and many other novels and works in the 19th century, can show us the horrible conditions of the US, Britain, Europe, and the whole world in the 19th century. At that time, men, women and children had a very horrible working conditions and had to work 16 hours to 18 hours a day, for a very low income that often was not enough for being alive. The factory owners and other capitalists exploited the workers, and many young girls and young boys died before the age 30, because they had to live and work in a horrible working conditions that was full of fatal diseases, fatal accidents, lack of sleep, lack of food, lack of health care, lack of vacation, etc since the age 5. The majority of children had to work in these horrible working conditions or had to live like a homeless, and could not have any education. There was not any public education, and just the rich kids could have education and became literate or educated. The literacy rate in the North America and Europe was about 10%, that means about 90% of the people were illiterate. The kids, the women, and almost all people, except the rich, were illiterate and had a very horrible living conditions. The child rights, the women rights, the human rights, the basic rights, social supports, etc were meaningless at that time. The children, the women, and the majority had to work 16 to 18 hours per day, like the black slaves, mainly without any holiday, and that’s why they died very soon. The life expectancy in the North America and Europe was about 40 years. In these horrible conditions, some great men like Marx, Dickens, and others tried to defend the child rights, the worker rights, etc. Karl Marx emphasized the public and mandatory education for all children, and it was his best work. If you and your children in the US, Europe, and all around the world, can enjoy the public education, you should know that the public and mandatory education for all children is Marx’s legacy. If all children can go to school like the rich kids, you should know that it’s Marx’s legacy. If you don’t work 16 to 18 hours per day, and instead work 8 hours per day, you should know that it’s Marx’s legacy. If you have a trade union and can protest against the greedy employers, your working conditions or your income, it’s Marx’s legacy. If you can have annual vacations, unemployment benefits, free education, free health care, social security, and many other things you should know that it’s Marx’s legacy. In fact, part of Marx’s legacy is great. But it’s not the whole story, and as you know, many horrible and awful things are part of Marx’s legacy, too. In fact, Marx’s legacy has two sides. The tragedy of Communism, Stalin’s regime, USSR, millions deaths in USSR, Proletariat’s Dictatorship, abolishing Private property and Personal freedom, Historicism, the stupid laws of history, and other horrible things are Marx’s legacy, too. Popper said: “Marx was one of the first philosophers to develop the views which later were called Pragmatism. Science, Marx taught, should yield practical results. Marx said: ‘Always look at the fruits, the practical consequences of a theory . They tell something even of its scientific structure’,” but what were the fruits of Marx’ theories? Historicism, Historical Prophecy, Communism, Leninism, Stalinism, USSR, Totalitarianism, Animal Farm, and hundreds millions victims


Marx could be a great social reformer, but part of him was a stupid and naive revolutionary. Of course, he was a honest idiot, not a stupid bastard. But the majority of his followers and those who called themselves “Marxist”, were, and still are, stupid bastard. For knowing Marx, we should know his life, too. Marx was born into a rich family in Trier on the river Moselle, in Germany. His father, Heinrich Marx, was a lawyer and later counselor of justice, and his grandfather was the rabbi of Trie. At the age of 17, Marx enrolled in the Faculty of Law at the University of Bonn. The following year, Marx’s father sent him to University of Berlin, a prestigious university, where he remained four years. So, Marx was a bourgeois, not a proletarian, and until his death he lived like a bourgeois, not a proletarian. Of course, Marx did not try to deny or hide this fact, but his stupid followers try to distort the facts. Anyway, Marx became a liberal opposition to the Prussian autocracy, moved into journalism and, in 1842, became editor, in Cologne, a liberal newspaper backed by industrialists (not workers). The Prussian government closed the paper, and Marx emigrated to France. During his first few months in Paris, Marx became a communist. It was also in Paris that Marx developed his lifelong partnership with Friedrich Engels (1820-1895). Marx was expelled from Paris in 1844 and with Engels, moved to Brussels where he remained for the next three years, visiting England where Engels’ family had cotton spinning business in Manchester. In fact, Engels was a real bourgeois and a rich man, too. He supported Marx financially. And it’s another funny historical fact. In Brussels, Marx devoted himself to an intensive study of history and elaborated what came to be known as the materialist conception of history. At that time Marx had no job, like his whole life, and his family and friends supported him financially. In 1848, Marx moved back to Paris when a revolution first broke out and onto Germany where he founded, again in Cologne. Marx’s paper was suppressed and he sought refuge in London in 1849, and lived there in “exile” until his death. Marx had a love-hate relationship with Britain. Settling in London, Marx was optimistic about the imminence of a new revolutionary outbreak in Europe. The stupid lefts have always had such delusions in the past 150 years, but what Marx said was not as stupid as what his followers say. During the first half of the 1850s, the Marx family lived in a three room flat in the Soho quarter of London, with difficulty. Of course, their conditions were not like the horrible conditions of the poor class that Marx called them “the proletariat”. Marx’s major source of income at this time was Engels who was trying a steadily increasing income from the family business in Manchester. Engels and his family were rich, and Marx was so lucking that had a rich friend. Marx really was lucky, because inheritances from his wife’s uncles and her mother, and a further inheritance of money and a house from an old colleague, allowed him to live in more comfort. Marx did not have any job in his life, except thinking and writing book or article. Darwin and many other great men in Europe had the same situation. They had rich family and focused only on thinking and writing without any serious financial problem. But Marx wanted to abolish these ‘bourgeois privileges’, while he himself enjoyed it and lived by it. In fact, Marx was a bourgeois and live like a bourgeois, while he tried to fight against whom he called them ‘the bourgeois’, and it’s one of the ridiculous paradoxes of Marx . In 1850s, Marx wrote weekly articles as a foreign correspondent for the New York Daily Tribune. In fact, Marx and Americans were not enemy of each others as some stupid people say. Marx also was devoting his time and energy to the First International, (communists gatherings) to whose General Council he was elected at its inception in 1864. The most important political event during the existence of the International was the Paris Commune of 1871 when the citizens of Paris rebelled against their government and held the city for two months, but finally were brutally suppressed. Marx supported this rebellion and the violent protests. In fact, he did not believe in non-violent protests and thought it’s a bourgeois thing, and it was a great mistake. The violent only creates violent and “Animal Farm”. During the last decade of his life, Marx’s health declined. He traveled to European spas and even to Algeria in search of recuperation. But the deaths of his eldest daughter and his wife clouded the last years of his life. In fact, Marx did not live like a proletarian, and his lifestyle and his whole life was like a bourgeois, but he talked nonsense about the class war and the proletariat dictatorship. Of course, he was honest and did not hide any thing, but his followers were so stupid and charlatan. Marx stupidly emphasized the importance of class war and uniting the uneducated and illiterate workers. Marx could not understand that the illiterate and ignorant workers are as stupid and dangerous as the greedy rich, and they can not build a better world. At that time, the poor class, or the proletariat, had very horrible conditions and more than 99% of them were illiterate and ignorant. But Marx was not one of them and had not lived like them or with them. Marx was a bourgeois, and did not have first hand knowledge about the proletariat, their stupidities, and their problems. The poor class needed education and social reform, not the stupid Communism and the great tragedy of the proletariat dictatorship that killed millions proletarians and destroyed many other lives. Marx could be a great social reformer, but his great mistakes converted him into a symbol of stupidity and great mistakes. Some stupid Marxists say: “Just as Darwin discovered the law of development or organic nature, Marx discovered the law of development of human history”. It’s really ridiculous and laughable that they talk nonsense about the greatest mistake of Marx. We would write more about it later.

How Western Countries Suffocate Iranians’ Voices

November 9, 2011

In the recent days that are the days of dirty politics, media hype, war game, western hypocrisy, and great scandals, you can see a very stupid tragicomedy about suffocating the real voices of Iranians inside Iran. Now, those who refused to help Iranians in 2009 and 2011, and preferred to help and support the savage Mullahs, try to suffocate Iranians’ voices, and talk nonsense about the Mullah regime and nuclear threats, while in 2009 they could solve all problems and threats by helping and supporting Iranians and their movement. In 2009, many Iranians asked the stupid Obama to solve the nuclear issues by supporting Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement. They asked Obama which side he was on, the Mullah regimes or the peoples. They cried out for his direct help. The Iranian people chanted, Obama, Obama, youre either with us or with them. But we all know which side he chose. As you know, and as we said before, the hypocrite western politicians and their companies refused to help Iranians and the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, but they aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. They refused to help Iranians, but they allowed the corrupt and savage Mullahs and their families to go to the west and invest the dirty embezzled money there. They imposed sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, not on the savage Mullahs. The hypocrite American politicians refused to help Iranians, but they wrote secret letters to Khamenei, and convert the VOA into the VOM (Voices of Mullah Mafia). They refused to help Iranians, but they allowed Khamenei’s TV and Mullah Mafia to work in the US. But unfortunately, it’s not the whole story. Now, the hypocrite western politicians try to suffocate the voices of Iranians inside Iran. It’s what some can feel it now. Unfortunately, the hypocrite western politicians and their media try to pretend that the Iranian jerks and Iranian bastards who are dead rats for Iranians inside Iran, are representative of Iranians. The Iranians baboons and fake Intellectuals who are worthless idiots are called “Iranians intellectuals”, while Iranians inside Iran and those who speak about what the people want or what really happened in 2009 and in 2011, are censored, suffocated, or boycotted. It’s really horrible. Some say: “Maybe it’s a new project, a new plot”. But we are not sure. We hope this new project at least has not any dangerous part or crime against humanity (like betraying the Iranian activists/ protesters to the Mullah regime). We hope (and prefer) this new project is quite unreal and imaginary. As you know, it’s better that you try to laugh at the greatest tragedies, instead of being angry, being depressed, seeking revenge, or committing suicide! So, what you read here is part of a fictional letter about the current events (the new project), and how the western countries try to suffocate the voices of Iranians inside Iran. It’s an imaginary and unreal letter that is written by some Iranians; it’s a fictional black comedy; but it’s not baseless, and it’s said that it’s based on a true story.

“Recently, the media has revealed a top secret letter to Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy. This letter has been written by several high rank agents in several western intelligence services. They are a group of experts who think the western countries should suffocate the Iranians’ voices. They think if the world hears the real voices of Iranians, or if Iranians can organize themselves and can have media, it would be very dangerous for the western politicians and also for their allies in Iran (the Mullahs). Here are excerpts of the letter and the items that these experts recommend them to the western leaders:

(1) We should sell the Mullahs the tools of suppression and tools of surveillance. Our companies should aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. Until now, the Mullahs have been very good stooge for us, and we should help them to stay in power at any price. But the world should not know the truth. The world should think that we and the Mullahs are enemy of each other.

(2)Our companies should create a great firewall for the Mullah regime. Iranians should not have any access or safe access to the internet or the mobile networks. We should aid the Mullah in creating a real Orwellian world in Iran, and our companies should sell the Mullahs all they need and all they want. Our sanctions should only make problem for the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs. We all know that our sanctions should not harm the Mullahs and the Mullah regime and should not make any problem for them.

(3)We should aid the Mullahs in unplugging the internet in Iran. Our media and our government should support this Mullah plan, by remaining silent, and our companies should support the Mullahs, by selling them what they need for achieving their goals. Without the internet we can be sure that the world will not hear the real voices of Iranians, and it’s very good for us and our plots.

(4)Our media and their Persian services, from the BBC Persian to the VOA Farsi and Radio Farda, should only work with the Iranians who are mercenary or our stooge, including the Islamist Reformists, the Mullah agents, and the Monarchists. In our mass media, we should only hear the voices of the war lovers, or the stupid anti-war who love and support the Mullah regime. Those who are wise anti-war and can understand the differences between help and intervention, should be suffocated immediately. The wise anti-war are very dangerous for us.

(5)We should support the websites and media of the Iranian expats who are mercenary or our stooge. Iranians inside Iran call them “Iranian Baboons’ websites”, but for us they are lovely mercenaries who work with low wages. We should support them financially and politically, and while Iranians have boycotted them, we should pretend that they are representative of Iranians.

(6)All Iranians who talk about our secret deals and our secret love affair with the Mullahs should be boycotted. All Iranians who speak about what we and Obama did in 2009 and how we betrayed Iranians who were our friend, and those who know the truth, and those who know that we not only refused to help Iranians but also we aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, should be suffocated. They are very dangerous.


(7)We should ask the providers of Blog services and Blog hosts to censor the real voices of Iranians as much as possible. Their “Iran” tags, Iran news, etc, should not broadcast the voices of Iranians inside Iran. Their motto should be like this: “Everything is allowed, except the real voices of Iranians”. Our people in the west should not be able to find any website in the internet that broadcasts the real voices of Iranians. The real voices of Iranians inside Iran should not be heard.

(8)All our mass media should only work with Iranians who are mercenary, including the Mullah agents, the Mullah Mafia, the Monarchists, the Islamist-Reformists, and others who are hated figures in Iran. Our mass media should boycott the normal and ordinary Iranians. Our mass media should not have any report about the reality of the Iranian life and the Iranian views. The world should think that Iranians are Islamist, or stupid and ignorant, and Iran has not any real intellectual or any normal, wise and open-minded people. We should tell big lies; the bigger, the better.

(9)All Iranians who say: “Any war against the Mullah regime should be only for helping and freeing Iranians, and any other excuse, like the nuclear issues, is not acceptable at all”, should be suffocated. They are very dangerous. We should only support and encourage two groups: [1]The war-lovers, that are our stooge [2]The stupid anti-war, that work as Mullah agents in the west, and they ask the world to not help Iranians. They are Mullah lovers, and many of them work as our mercenary, too. Almost all Iranians hate these two groups, and call them “Iranian baboons”, but we should strongly support them.

(10) All Iranians that are part of the 90% inside Iran, who hate the Mullahs and the Islamist-Reformists, should be suffocated. They are very dangerous for us and our Iranian mercenaries (the Mullahs and the Islamists). In addition, all Iranians that are part of the 99% inside Iran, who hate the Monarchists (Pahlavists), should be suffocated as well. They are really dangerous for our future plans. Only those who are our mercenaries or Mullah agents should have right to speak.

(11)Our mass media and Iranian baboons’ media should say that Iranians have only two options: [1]Accepting the Mullah regime [2]Accepting war against Iran in the name of nuclear issues. They should not say we can help Iranians, by serious political pressure on the Mullahs, or by smart war against the Mullahs for helping and freeing Iranians and with the help of the Iranians. We know that Iranians ask us to help them. They only accept a limited and smart war, if it was for helping and freeing them, not for any other excuse. But It’s very dangerous for us. Our mercenaries should tell Iranians that they can not expect the world to help them; And the world is enemy of Iran and Iranians.

(12) All western embassies in Tehran should not grant the ordinary Iranians visa, and we should treat them like animals. Only the Mullahs and their families, the Mullah agents, the Mullah embezzlers, the Islamists (Fundamentalist and Reformists), and other crooks and mercenaries in Iran should be able to get visa. If the wise and normal Iranians could go to the west, the world and the west will know Iranians and who they are and what they want, and it’s very dangerous for us. So, we should convert Iran into a big prison that no one can escape from it, except the bastards.

(13)The ordinary Iranians inside Iran should not have any voice and any media, and it’s vital for us. Our mass media, the Iranian baboons’ media, our blog service providers, etc all should be like the Mullah media who censor and suffocate the Iranians’ voices. Our mass media and the media of our Iranian mercenaries should try to create “straw hero” for us. They should focus on the unknown and hated Mullah agents or worthless idiot mercenaries, and make them hero. It’s should be our strategy for controlling the people and the future. The wise and normal Iranians should be ignored and boycotted.

(14)All Iranians who know the truth about our fake war with the Mullahs, should be suffocated immediately. The world should not know the truth. The world should not know that our war against the Mullahs is a fake and phony war. It’s very very dangerous for us. The stupid lefts, that are our stooge, should repeat their previous big lies and they should pretend that we and the Mullahs are enemy of each others, and the Mullahs are not our stooge.

(15)We should support the stupid lefts, and also the Islamist-Reformists and all other fake intellectuals who tell big lies about what Iranians want. Those who support the dictators and dictatorship in the name of fighting against imperialism are our best friends, and our media should care about them and make them hero. These idiots are our best tool for deceiving the naive people in all around the world.

Tragedy of Syria, Stupid Lefts, & Gaddafi’s Death

October 30, 2011

After Hillary Clinton’s big lies, the poor Syrian protesters took to the streets demanding a “no fly” zone to protect civilians seeking the ouster of Bastard Assad. The Syrian demonstrators call for foreign intervention to protect civilians as NATO has done in Libya. And it’s a clear answer to Hillary Clinton, who had said Syrians have not asked the US to help them . Assad has killed at least 3,000 people, according to the UN, but who cares? The stupid lefts defend Assad in the name of fighting against imperialism. And the hypocrite western politician tell big lies and make secret deals with Assad. The western hypocrisy is really unbelievable. “Syria is using equipment and software developed by an American company to censor the Internet and conduct surveillance of its citizens . The equipment, developed by California-based Blue Coat Systems, is being used by Assad regime to block access to the Internet and crack down on the people. An expert of Privacy International, a London-based group that challenges government surveillance, said Blue Coats products can enable a government to monitor the Internet activity of large numbers of people. In the wrong hands, Blue Coat technology can all too easily be used as a tool of political control, he said. A lot of the manufacturers dont want to know whos buying their technology because they could be subject to fines or prosecution in their countries, another expert said. Reports of Syrias use of Blue Coat products originated with Telecomix, a group of Swedish hackers who support the suppressed nations. Telecomix released electronic records from the Syria Telecommunications Establishment, which the group said showed that the government was using Blue Coat equipment to prohibit its citizens from browsing certain Web sites and social media . In August, Telecomix activists said they downloaded 54 gigabytes of Syrian telecommunications data that indicated that the Blue Coat technology was being used to filter Internet communications in Syria. These devices are clearly manufactured by Blue Coat, and they are clearly in Syria and administered by the state telecommunications company, said a hacker of Telecomix. They are being used to block Syrians of every political stripe, and even those not politically active, of accessing sites that we in the West take for granted. They are also being used to monitor the communications of peaceful dissidents”. Hundreds of Western companies are pitching these kinds of surveillance technologies to some of the most authoritarian regimes in the world [including the savage Mullahs and Bastard Assad], turning a blind eye to the ways in which these dangerous technologies are being used to monitor and oppress“, the media reported. It’s the true meaning of western hypocrisy and their fake and phony war with Bastard Assad and also the Mullahs. The stupid lefts and the hypocrite western politicians are two sides of the same coin. They don’t care about the people, tell big lies about what the people want, support the savage dictators and sell them suppression tools, but shed crocodile tears for savage Gaddafi.


In Friday, Bastard Assad’s security forces opened fire on protesters, killing at least 40 civilians. The Syrian activist coalition LCC said that security forces were firing randomly at houses and people. And In a massive demonstration in Hama, Syrians demanded an end to Assad’s regime, as well as his prosecution. In Homs, snipers fired into
crowds.Protesters wounded in the rallies in Syria have been tortured and abused inside hospitals, and in some cases deliberately refused medical treatment, according to a damning report by Amnesty International. In fact, the savage Syrian government was using hospitals as ‘instruments of repression’ in its ongoing efforts to crush
. “The report said medical staff, nurses and security forces had all physically and verbally attacked patients. Seriously wounded demonstrators suspected of taking part in anti-government rallies had been carted off from hospital to military jails, Amnesty added. The report paints a picture of human rights violations in four government-run hospitals, in the cities of Banias, Homs and Tell Kalakh, with the military trawling wards in search of the opposition. The situation has grown so bad that wounded protesters are now seeking treatment in makeshift field hospitals instead, it says. Security officials have also accused doctors of siding with demonstrators -arresting them and taking them away”, the media reported. It’s really horrible. The savage Mullahs and all savage dictators use similar methods of intimidation. “The report cites examples of treatment being denied, in contravention of medical ethics. In one case a patient, 28, who was shot in the foot, was told by a doctor at Homs military hospital: “I’m not going to clean your wound; I’m waiting for your foot to rot so that we can cut it off.” One severely wounded patient, Ahmed, woke from surgery to discover seven or eight security officials standing round his bed. One witness said: “He opened his eyes and said: ‘Where am I?’ They all suddenly jumped on him and started beating and hitting him. They shouted at him: ‘You pig, you want freedom, eh?‘ Ahmed was later taken from hospital. His whereabouts are unknown. In another case, soldiers took a young injured protester to the Homs military hospital morgue and asked him to identify bodies of men from his hometown. He recognized three -but failed to identify the others. Officials locked him in, leaving him shivering among the bodies. “After hours, I felt so cold deep in my bones and couldn’t stop shivering,” he recalled, adding that he made up some names in order to “save myself”, the media added. “Where are those motherf-u-c-k-e-r bastards who shed crocodile tears for Gaddafi in the name of human rights? Why they have shut their f-u-c-k-ing mouth now?“, many ask. Now, you can see how the savage dictators treat the people and the patients, and you can see how the stupid lefts have closed their damn f-u-c-k-i-n-g eyes to this savageness. The stupid bastards only shed crocodile tears for the savage dictators, who systematically violate human rights and create horrible disasters. The savage dictators are really worse than pigs. What Bastard Assad do to Syrians is like what the savage Mullahs did to Iranians in 2009. Those who close their eyes to this savageness, but shed crocodile tears for Gaddafi, are really pig, stupid pig.


The number of Syrian protesters appeared to fall earlier this month, but has increased again after the death of Gaddafi gave opposition groups new heart. “The savage Bastard Assad talks about reform for deceiving the west and ignorant westerners. Killing people is not an act of reform. We aren’t calling for economic or even political reform under Assad, but for the departure of this bloodstained president and free elections. What Assad says are big lies. They are meaningless and he must go. Bastard Assad only wants to buy more time”, the Syrian activists say. It’s the tactic that all savage dictators use it. In 2009, the savage Mullahs tried to buy more time, and the motherf-u-c-k-er Islamist-Reformists helped the savage Mullahs. Gaddafi used the same tactics, too. The savage dictators and their tactics are exactly the same. They also use the tactic of intimidation or as Iranians say: “Eating extra shit, or Big Fart tactic”.Now Bastard Assad has warned that Western action against his regime would cause an ‘earthquake’ that would ‘burn the whole region’. As Iranians say: “He has eaten extra shit”. The media reported: “In his first interview with a Western journalist since Syria’s seven-month uprising began, Assad told The Sunday Telegraph that intervention against his regime could cause ‘another Afghanistan’. Western countries “are going to ratchet up the pressure, definitely,” he said. “But Syria is different in every respect from Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen. The history is different. The politics is different. “Syria is the hub now in this region. It is the fault line, and if you play with the ground you will cause an earthquake. Do you want to see another Afghanistan, or tens of Afghanistans? “Any problem in Syria will burn the whole region”, Assad added”. Can you see the similarity between what Bastard Assad or Khamenei says and what the stupid lefts say? The savage dictator’s logic and the stupid lefts’ logic are exactly the same. It’s very interesting and important. These bastards talk about “Afghanistan”, while Iranians and others who know Afghans and Afghanistan, have seen the conditions of Afghanistan before and after 2001. When Afghans lived like animal and killed each others in their ruined cities and no one cared about them and their stupid civil war, who cared or talked about Afghanistan? Now, when Afghans have a country and can like live human, the bastards shed crocodile tears for Afghans. The motherf-u-c-k-er liars only try to deceive the ignorant Americans who stupidly think that Afghanistan is Vietnam !! But it’s a big lie. It’s so obvious when the savage dictators can see the large number of the stupid lefts and their stupid fans and followers in the US and the West, they try to make use of this situation and this stupidity for saving themselves and their savage regimes. And it’s another service that the stupid lefts provide for the savage dictators: “Creating a stupid illusion, and threatening public opinion with it”.

Wise Anti-War vs Stupid Anti-War

October 29, 2011

In the 21st century, many say or pretend that they are anti-war. It’s good that apparently many have understood that ‘war is evil, and war is not solution’. As you know, there is not any good war, and those who love war have not read the human history and know nothing about war and its horrible disasters. But unfortunately, or fortunately, being “anti-war” has become a “fashion”, and the stupid lefts, the fake intellectuals and the their stupid fans and followers, who love and support the tyranny and the savage dictators, are anti-war. But they are not wise anti-war. They are stupid anti-war who disgrace the whole anti-war concepts and movement. These stupid bastards say: “The world and the people should not fight against the savage dictators, because it’s war, and war is bad, and we all should be anti-war“.This funny paradox is the end of charlatanism. These stupid bastards pretend ignorance that war is bad, but being indifferent to the victims of the savage dictators, who are killed, tortured, and raped by the savage dictators is worst. These stupid bastards support the tyranny and the savage tyrants, and in the best case they say: “We are sorry for the victims of the savage dictators. But there is not any solution for them, and they have to bear the savage dictators. We live in the free world and can enjoy the freedom and democracy, but they have to live under tyranny and accept the savage dictators and their savageness, because the only solution for them is ‘war against the savage dictators’, but we know that war is bad. So, we only can be sorry for them“. It’s exactly what the fake intellectuals say. These stupid bastards live in the free world, and enjoy many basic rights that having them is a dream for those who live under the tyranny. They can write and publish their books without being killed or tortured, they can have their own media or website and free access to the internet without being killed or tortured, they can protest and assemble without being killed, they can organize themselves and their movements without being killed, they can speak their minds without being killed, they can live their own life and they can enjoy many other basic rights without being killed and tortured. But those who live under the tyranny not only can not have any of these basic rights, but even they can not choose what they want to wear, what they want to eat or drink, what they want to read, watch or listen, where they want to go, which lifestyle, which relationship, which belief, or which thoughts they want to have, etc, without the threat of being killed, arrested, or tortured. But no one care about these people who even can not breath freely. The stupid anti-war don’t care about the victims of the savage dictators and what happen to them. These stupid bastards just pretend that they are human or anti-war, while in the best case they are indifferent animals who don’t care about others.

The great Howard Zinn once said: “we should protest against wars, any war, but we should have a solution for the victims of the brutal dictators. We can’t be indifferent. We should help the victims and support them”. It’s what the wise anti-war say. But the stupid anti-war, who are stupid, hypocrite, or mercenary, only protest against war, without having any solution for the victims of the savage dictators. And the poor victims should pay the price of this stupidity of the fake and hypocrite Intellectuals. It’s so obvious that the US or any other county is not “world police”. But it’s so obvious that the world needs police. We, all, should help the victims of the savage dictators, and it’s a human duty and also it’s in our own interests. It’s exactly like the story of Albert Camus’ The Plauge. When you help the victims of the plague and care about them, it’s both a human duty and a necessary action for protecting yourself. When you are indifferent, the plague will spread, and sooner or later you will be its victim. When you don’t care about others, then others will not care about you as well, and then the politicians, bankers and big corporations will fuck you, and you deserve it. There is no doubt that we do not have any good war, but sometimes war is inevitable. Sometimes the savage dictators impose war on their own people, and they ask us to help them, and we should help the victims . The savage dictators want to stay in power at any price. They are merciless and full-armed. But the people are defenseless, unarmed, and helpless. And it’s so obvious that the iron fist can destroy everything and suppress the people, if the world refuses to help the people. Those who can’t understand this, can think about their own local community. Do you know why you or the civilized society need police? or why we don’t allow the armed gangs to do whatever they want to do? or why the civilized society and its police protect its citizens from the thugs who want to kill, rape, or torture the people or destroy the city? It’s so obvious that both the local and global community have their own thugs and need their own police. As you know, when the world refused to help Libyans, Gaddafi used the iron fist and killed and suppressed the Libyans. In those days, only Benghazi had remained and many were really worry. But finally at the last moments before the fall of Benghazi and the failure of Libyan Revolution, the Nato and the UN helped the Libyans. Unfortunately, the UN and the Nato are very hypocrite. They repeatedly have shown that they are not reliable or good force.But the tragic point is that in this f-u-c-k-ing world you can not find any other alternative to the Nato or the UN. It’s really a very very big problem. The world really needs a serious and responsible alternative to the Nato or the UN. But unfortunately, the current alternative to the Nato, the UN or the US, is the stupid lefts who support the savage dictators and don’t care about the victims of the savage dictators.


It’s so obvious that if the US or any other country wants to invade Iran in the name of nuclear weapons or any other stupid excuse, like the current stupid conflict between the savage Saudis and the savage Mullahs, we and almost all Iranians inside Iran will not accept it. Iranians know that any military operation against the savage Mullahs should be done only for helping and freeing Iranians (ie for human rights), and any other excuse is not acceptable at all. Iranians know that the Mullahs are Arabs or pro-Arabs, and destroying Iran is the main wish of the savage Arabs (not wise Arabs). Sarkozy, Cameron, Obama, and others western jerks, who not only closed their dirty eyes but helped the Mullah regime and made secret deals with the savage Mullahs in 2009, are very hated figures in Iran.There is no doubt that these jerks don’t care about Iranians or human rights, and if they want to destroy Iran with the help of the Mullahs, Iranians will f-u-c-k both of them, i.e. the savage Mullahs and the hypocrite western politicians. But all these matters don’t mean that Iranians don’t need help or the world should not help Iranians, or what the stupid lefts say is right. Toppling the savage Mullahs and all savage dictators is in Iranians’ interests, west’s interests, and world’s interests. When you ask the stupid lefts: “What’s your solution, and how do you want to help the poor victims of the savage dictators?” They answer: “We have not any solution. We only know that war is bad and imperialistic. The people have to bear the savage dictators”. These bastards don’t care about what happen to the people. And it’s so obvious that the suppressed nations hate these stupid bastards. Unfortunately, the fake intellectuals clearly say: ‘The dictators will and decision for killing everybody and destroying everything, is the determining factor. And if the dictator wants to stay in power at any price, there is not any solution for the people, and they should accept the tyranny; We are sorry, but they should bear the savage dictators and their savageness“. It’s really shameful. In fact, these shameless jerks try to encourage the Iron Fist policy, and discourage the people. They clearly say that if the dictators want to stay in power, they should be merciless and kill everybody and destroy everything, and the world should not help the people. What these fake intellectuals say is the greatest possible betrayal in the 21st century. The mass media repeat this bullshit, but the case of Libya shows different thing. Almost all fake intellectuals and stupid lefts shed crocodile tear for Libya, but why? It’s a good question. They are angry, because the case of Libya revealed a very important matter. As we said before, Libya and Gaddafi’s fate showed that the dictators will and decision for killing everybody and destroying everything for staying in power at any price, is not the determining factor. But the people will, their organization, and the international help is the determining factor.

All humans should try to tell the victims of the savage dictators that the world cares about them, and they have solution, and it’s not the dictator’s will and decision that determines their fate or the fate of their movements. But the fake intellectuals and the stupid lefts exactly go in the opposite direction. And that’s why many think these stupid bastards are animal or mercenary. At least we are sure that the Iranian fake intellectuals are mercenary. In fact, they deliberately and systematically try to discourage the people and destroy their movement. It’s exactly what they did in 2009, and unfortunately they succeeded in their shameful plans. It’s a good question if you ask “why they succeeded in 2009?” There are many reasons, but the main reason is that many people did not know the true colors of Iranian fake intellectuals in 2009; and the real intellectuals, wise guys, and the ordinary Iranians did not have any media in 2009 . But now, in 2011, many problems have been solved. Now, the majority of Iranians know the fake intellectuals and the Iranian baboons -Ganji, Behnoud, Nabavi, Abdi, Khatami, Mohajerani, etc – and their true colors. Now, the BBC, the VOA, and the Iranian baboons’ media – the oppositions’ websites like Green websites or are very very disgraced and discredited in Iran. In these days, the Iranian baboons’ websites have less than 1000 members and visitors, and some of them want to close down their disgraced shop. It’s very meaningful. But unfortunately the ordinary Iranians still are voiceless and have not any media. It’s a very big problem. As we said before, Iranians’ urgent need is “Alternative Groups” and “Alternative Media”. In addition, Iranians and other suppressed nations need that the world, public opinion, and the real intellectuals support them. There are many ways for helping Iranians, Syrians and other suppressed nations, and the war is the last and final option. The serious political pressure on the savage dictators, stopping any secret deal and secret talk with them, broadcasting the real voices of people, creating effective people media for the voiceless silent majority, etc are the minimum that the world could and should do. The world should hear the real voices of Iranians inside Iran, not the voice of the stupid Iranian expats and Iranian jerks and fake intellectuals. The world should know that the stupid Iranian expats and their reactionary groups (the stupid Monarchists, Rajavists, Islamist-Reformists, etc) are a very very small minority in Iran , and they are not representative of Iranians inside Iran. The wise anti-war should be ready to fight against the stupid anti-war, the fake intellectuals, and the stupid war-lovers. I hope the wise anti-war in all around the world, try to find some effective solutions for helping the suppressed nations and the victims of the savage dictators.

Gaddafi, Human Rights, and Stupid lefts

October 22, 2011

In these days, the stupid lefts, who are the main enemy of the freedom, democracy and human rights, shed crocodile tears for human rights. These stupid bastards, who always defend the tyranny and the savage tyrants, don’t care about human rights and the victims of the savage dictators and the people who are slaughtered, tortured, and raped by the savage dictators, but they shed crocodile tears for the savage dictators in the name of human rights. It’s the funniest joke of 21st century. The stupid lefts showed their true colors in 2011 and also in 2009, when the people, Iranians and non-Iranians, protested against the savage Mullahs and the savage dictators and were killed, raped and tortured by them, but the stupid lefts had closed their dirty eyes without shame, or defended the savage killers and rapists in the name of independence and fighting against imperialism. We should not forget that the stupid lefts always defend the tyranny and the savageness. They showed their true colors in 1930s and 1940s, when they defended Fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism, or closed their eyes to them, in the name of fighting against imperialism. But unfortunately the people don’t read the history, and you can see that these stupid bastards still have many fans and followers in 21st century. Unfortunately, the awful truth is that many are like sheep and always follow the fashion and the fake intellectuals. Some Iranian intellectual say: “The stupid lefts can be called ‘Modern Savages’. They are like the savage Europeans in 16th and 17th centuries who were slaveholder and brutally killed and exploited other humans (aboriginals, slaves, etc), but called themselves ‘Civilized Human’ ! It’s a historical joke; They thought they could kill and torture everybody, because they wore nice clothes and called themselves ‘Gentleman’; And because their fake intellectuals called them ‘civilized human’, while their poor victims were called ‘savage’.” Now, in 21st century, those who supported the savage Gaddafi and his savageness, call themselves “civilized human”, but the poor Libyans are called “savage”, because they have killed the savage dictator. It’s really a tragic joke, like the tragic jokes in 16th and 17th centuries, when the savage Europeans who were Colonialist or Slaveholder called themselves ‘civilized human’ and called others ‘savage’.


In these days, everybody can understand why this f-u-c-k-ing world has the current f-u-c-k-ing conditions and has many many stupid and dreadful problems. When the stupid lefts and the modern savages are the famous intellectuals of this f-u-c-k-ing world, do you think we can expect to have a better world ?! When the majority of the people are like sheep and follow these fake intellectuals, what do you expect from this f-u-c-k-ing world? It’s so obvious that those who support the tyranny and the savage tyrants in the name of independence and fighting against imperialism should be disgraced and discredited, not the people who fight against the savage dictators and send them to hell. But apparently in this f-u-c-king world “everything is in reverse”, and the modern savages who defend the tyranny and the savage dictators are hero. The stupid lefts who are enemy of human rights and always defend the savage dictators and don’t care about the people who are victims of the savage dictators, have become ‘Defender of Human Rights’, and no one protests against this great hypocrisy. I think you can cry or laugh at this tragic joke for hours. Anyway, if you want to understand Libyans and their feeling about Gaddafi, you should live under the tyranny or you should read Libya’s history in the past 40 years, and only after that you can understand Libyans. “Hundreds of ordinary Libyans queued up outside a refrigerated meat store in Misrata, where the dead dictator was being stored. A guard allowed small groups into the room to celebrate next to Gaddafis body. They posed for photos and flashing victory signs. One of them says: “We were rats and now he is lying dead at our feet like a rat. How can we not be happy this day”. Shaban, a Libyans who had taken part in Gaddafi’s capture, said “His blood is on my shirt. I’ll never wash it”, the media reported. They also added: “Gaddafi and Muttasim, 34, were laid out on blankets in refrigerated meat containers a few miles apart in Misurata. The freedom fighters who had cornered the Mad Dog in his birthplace and the son responsible for orchestrating dead end resistance to the uprising, were euphoric. There were only the gleam of happiness in the eyes of people who had liberated the country. The bodies were on stretchers, Muammar Gaddafi in a temporary military barracks, Mutassim Gaddafi in a container. These were temporary resting places for the former dictator and his son. Looking down at the body of Gaddafi, Firuz, a 55-year-old schoolteacher, shook his head as he recalled a brother and a cousin who had died in Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison, a place of fear and despair. ‘Twelve hundred prisoners were murdered there,’ he said. ‘It is difficult for outsiders to understand, but he was responsible for so many lives lost, families who never found out what happened to those who disappeared. We feared him, I was afraid. But now …’ . For 40 years, Libya has been like watching a bad soap opera. Now, it’s the last act”.


Some of Libya’s injured freedom fighters also said: “When I heard he had been killed, I felt all right. I felt as if I didn’t have these injuries … I was so happy. I was dancing here. I was injured because of him … Death is better for him, because if you cut off a snake’s head the body dies too. This way the people who were with Gaddafi will be no more … We respect the dead. But not Gaddafi. If they kill him 1,000 times, I think it will not pay back the Libyans what he has done. He killed many many people. He destroyed Libya. All our oil revenues went to Africa, to Sudan, Chad, to Hamas and Fatah”. The savage Gaddafi was like the savage Mullahs and Khamenei who tell the biggest lies and are very cruel to the people. As we said before, the savage Gaddafi said: “They love me, all my people, they would die to protect me. The whole Libyan people have told me they are willing to die for me … There is no state with a democracy except Libya on the whole planet … At the suitable time we will open the arms depot so all Libyans, so that Libya becomes red with fire … There will be no mercy. Our troops will be coming to Benghazi tonight [before Nato attack]”. Now, the savage dictator has gone, and his supporters, i.e. the stupid lefts who are the modern savages, are angry. They should be angry. They have lost their beloved friend, the savage Gaddafi. These stupid bastards should bark at those who don’t follow them like blind sheep and can see ‘the king is naked’ . I can understand the stupid lefts who have lost their beloved friend, the savage Gaddafi. They fear that they can lose all their beloved friends, including the savage Mullahs and Bastard Assad, very soon and then without the tyranny and the savage tyrants they don’t know what they should do in this f-u-c-k-ing world. We should not forget that the stupid lefts, who are the modern savages, have closed their dirty eyes to what happen in Iran and Syria, and to our dreadful conditions in where these stupid bastards deserve to live. The stupid lefts, who are the modern savages, have closed their dirty eyes to the Mullah savageness, to the systematical human rights violation, to unplugging internet in Iran, to dreadful corruptions in Iran, to fake war between the Mullahs and the west, to the passionate love affair between the Mullahs and the west, and to many other shameful tragedies, and instead they support the savage Mullahs and other savage regimes by any means and without any shame. These modern savages are really more dangerous that the ancient savages. And they tell the funniest joke of the history: “You can kill, rape, and torture the people for 40 years, and we strongly support you. But when the people rebel against you and try to kill you, we will rise up and defend you and your human rights. We shed crocodile tears for you and call your killers ‘barbarian’. We are really proud of you and ourselves and call you and ourselves ‘martyr’, ‘civilized human’, ‘intellectual’, ‘defender of human rights’, etc. And some stupid and ignorant people support us.”

Who are savage: Libyans or Stupid Lefts?

October 21, 2011

Yesterday, some stupid people, especially stupid lefts, stupid Africans, and stupid Iranian expats, shed crocodile tears for Gaddafi and human rights. These stupid bastards weep crocodile tears for the savage Gaddafi who killed and tortured hundred thousands Libyans in four decades and at least 25,000 to 50,000 Libyans in 2011. These stupid bastards weep crocodile tears for the savage Gaddafi who used all his power and his gun machines against the people, who have no guns, no nothing. The world and the people ask Gaddafi to stop killing and torturing the people, and ask him to leave Libya after 42 years brutal dictatorship, but the savage Gaddafi refused. In the past months, he clearly proved that he is a savage dictator, worse than any other human monster. But now, some stupid bastards say: “I am sorry for the death of anyone, even Gaddafi. I can not understand the very great joy of the Libyans …Gaddafi would most likely still be alive if we did not attack Libya. So, this man’s death is on all our shoulders. If the future of Libya is in the hands of the barbarians killing Gaddafi and dragging him through the streets then it has no future“. These shameless jerks are really stupid. The truth is “The Libyans killed the savage Gaddafi, and the stupid lefts supported the savage Gaddafi and his savageness”, and the good question is “Who are savage? those who killed the savage dictator, or those who loved the savage dictator and support him and his savageness?” I think the answer is very clear. The wise and civilized humans protest against killing animals and criminals, but they don’t defend the savageness and also the savage dictators. The wise and civilized humans don’t shed crocodile tears for a savage dictator who tried to kill everybody and destroy everything for staying in power at any price. The wise and civilized humans know that compared to the savage dictators, animals are civilized human being and criminals are angel. They know that the animals and the criminals have rights and it’s the rule, the rule of modern society, but they also know that in the whole world there is only and only one exception to the rule, and it’s about the savage dictators who systematically kill, rape, and torture thousands of thousands people, and rule a police state by the iron fist. “Those who love and support the savage dictators and defend their savageness in the name of human values, are not human being. They defend the savageness and the savage dictators, and disgrace and discredit the human values. They should be called ‘Hypocrite Savage’ or ‘Hypocrite Barbarian’“, some say. Yes, those who killed the savage Gaddafi are not savage, but those who support and defend the savage Gaddafi and shed crocodile tears for him are savage and barbarian.


Yesterday, one of the worthless Hypocrite Savages and Hypocrite Barbarians, Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez, called Gaddafi “a martyr” and said his death was “an outrage”. The Venezuela’s savage dictator said: Sadly the death of Gaddafi has been confirmed. They assassinated him. It is another outrage. We shall remember Gaddafi our whole lives as a great fighter, a revolutionary and a martyr. The saddest thing is that in its quest to dominate the world, the empire and its allies are setting it on fire. It’s Chavez’s true color. Some said: “Shame on the savage dictator of Venezuela, and shame on the stupid lefts who support him”. Those how support Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez, should be proud of themselves, and they are, because some of these shameless jerks say: “This is not Justice, these people (Libyans who killed Gaddafi) are no better than Gaddafi”. These hypocrite savages don’t deserve to live in the free world. They must be forced to live in Iran, Syria, etc and experience the taste of savageness, brutality, and justice. You can not live in the free world and bullshit those who live under tyranny. There is no doubt that Libyans should try to control their emotions, and it’s so obvious that anger, revenge, and washing blood with blood is not the solution. It’s so obvious that you can not wash blood with blood. It’s so obvious that Libyans must refuse to punish Gaddafi regime’s officials without court, and it’s better they forgive almost all Gaddafi regime’s officials, except high rank officials and those who killed and tortured the people. It’s what the human history teach us. It’s what the previous experiences in the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Islamic Revolution in Iran, etc clearly show us. The angry people must stop using violence and washing blood with blood. But the case of killing savage Gaddafi and the high rank officials of Gaddafi regime has a different story. The savage dictators and their high rank mercenaries should know that they can not kill everyone, destroy everything, and violate human rights and expect others to respect their human rights. It’s impossible. The savage dictator of Iran and his Basiji and Sepahi thugs clearly declare that they think the people are dumb and naive, because these stupid bastards can kill, rape and torture the people, and then they can be sure that the people will not punish them in the future, because the people are naive and respect the human rights. Of course, these bastards should know that the fake intellectuals are so naive and stupid, not the people. The savage dictators and those who systematically kill, rape and torture the people should know that they are worse than animals, and the people will not treat them like animals. The people respect animals and their rights, but they will treat the savage dictators like Gaddafi.


The Venezuela’s savage dictator and those who support him, have shown their true colors over and over. The wise guys and the ordinary people hate them, and some have a good answer for them: “Those whose families and relatives died under to regime, really would find you a contemptible bunch of bastards who always support the savageness and the savage dictators in the name of human values.” You can understand the Libyans and their anger. “Gaddafi died too easily. I was hoping he could have been dragged into the square so every one of us could punish him, so he could be hanged. So he could suffer as he made others suffer”, some Libyans said. And some others added: “He doesn’t know how we feel. I’d love to see Gaddafi suffering as we suffered. We should catch him alive. People should see his humiliation”. Gaddafi was a savage and brutal dictator. As you probably know, Gaddafi declared political parties and organizations of all sorts a fundamental sin, banishing them as a constitutional evil and against the basic values of Libyans !! He outlawed public gatherings, and in the 1990s international travel and foreign-language education. This made a political opposition impossible. As we said before, even the people could not choose the color of their rooms and their houses in Gaddafi’s era; and it was Gaddafi’s order. As you know, in the recent months several mass graves have been found in Tripoli, and several thousands had been buried in those mass graves. And it’s just part of Gaddafi’s savageness. So, it’s so obvious who are savage; those who killed the savage dictator, or those who supported the savageness. Of course, the stupid lefts and his stupid fans and followers are more dangerous than the classic savages. Because they defend the savageness in the name of human values. The great Karl Popper once said: “Our civilization is still in its infancy, as it were, and which continues to grow in spite of the fact that it has been so often betrayed by so many of the [fake] intellectual leaders of mankind. Many who because of their intelligence and training should be held responsible for what they say , announce that there is no escape from tyranny (totalitarianism). They ask us whether we are really naive enough to believe that democracy can be permanent. They defend the tyranny in the name of intellectualism. We know that only democracy provides an institutional framework that permits reform without violence, and so the use of reason in political matters. But their story tends to discourage those who fight totalitarianism; its motive is to support the revolt against civilization. We can ask : “Why do all these social philosophies support the revolt against civilization? And what is the secret of their popularity? Why they attract and seduce so many [fake] intellectuals?

Occupy Wall Street, 99%, Obama, and Chavez

October 13, 2011

The western mass media still have closed their eyes to the tragedy of unplugging internet in Iran . They don’t ask the stupid Obama “why has he allowed Khamenei’s TV to work in the US, and why has he allowed many savage Mullahs and their families to live in the US ?” or they don’t say anything about the Canadian scandal or about hot line between the Mullahs and the US, but instead they focus on a stupid shitty conflict between the savage Arabs of Saudi Arabia and the savage Mullahs and the hypocrite US authorities who are really stupid. Now many Iranians say: “F-u-c-k you Obama, and f-u-c-k Saudi Arabia, and f-u-c-k- the Mullahs. All you shameless jerks are enemy of human rights, freedom and democracy.” Beside these shitty stupid news, the media reported that Obama has talked about the “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS). And Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez has opened his dirty mouth and defended OWS, and the savage shameless Mullahs have said that OWS is “American Spring” ! The world is really stupid. Anyway, speaking at a news conference, Obama said he understands the protesters frustration, “Obviously Ive heard of it. Ive seen it on TV. I think it expresses the frustrations that the American people feel Yes, I think people are frustrated, and the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works. Now, keep in mind I have said before and I will continue to repeat, we have to have a strong, effective financial sector in order for us to grow”, he said. Obama has given backing to a new proposal that would impose a 5 percent surtax on income above $1 million. Senate Democrats announced the measure this week as an alternative to Obamas proposed tax increases (Buffett Tax bill) on incomes above $250,000. Obama said hes “fine” with the alternative approach. But now, many think Obama would retreat again. Of course, it only deteriorates Obama’s fate, because the US economic crisis is really serious. “The Census Bureau’s annual report released a snapshot of the economic well-being of U.S. households for 2010, when joblessness hovered above 9 per cent for a second year. The overall poverty rate climbed to 15.1 per cent, or 46.2 million, up from 14.3 per cent in 2009. It means one in six now live in poverty, the highest number ever. In 2010, the top 20% of Americans earned 49.4% of the nation’s income. The top 1% account for 24% of all income. Last year Warren Buffett, who has a $50bn personal fortune, paid $6.9m in federal taxes -17.4% of his taxable income. The other 20 people in his office paid between 33% and 41% [!!!]“, the media reported. Now, many Americans are really angry, but they can become soldier or stooge of the stupid lefts and the stupid politicians. It’s what they should really avoid it.


“While the poor and middle-class fight for us in Afghanistan and while most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks,” Buffett wrote in the New York Times last month. “Bush caused this, but Obama has not fought hard against the Republicans who have sought to make it worse”, some liberals say. It’s true, Obama has not the balls, but it’s not the main problem of the US. It’s like the myth of the 99% and the %1. Many, including us, don’t think this stupid myth is true. As we said before, the number of ignorant and stupid people in the US is really large . About 20% of Americans think the Sun revolves around the Earth, an idea science had abandoned by the 17th century !!That means at least 60 million people in the US are really stupid and ignorant. The number of religious fanatics in the US is really large. Several recent studies and surveys have estimated the number of evangelicals in the US at about 25-30% of the population, or roughly between 70 and 80 million people ! Its really horrible ! Some Americans say: “Many are really ignorant here. They elected some one like George Bush, twice. The number of Americans who can correctly identify and name the three branches of government is up to 50% [!!]” So, it’s so obvious that the stupid myth of the 99% is not true. The US is not a dictatorship, and the people can freely vote and decide about their future and their government, but the main problem is many are stupid and ignorant.Many in the US, and the whole world, suffer from what we have called it “Foolishness Disease”. They are like sheep and can not think independently of the mass media and the fake intellectuals. They only follow the fashion, and repeat what the media dictate. Some Americans say: “The rich people refuse to pay their fare share of tax and try to persuade poor people to vote against their own best interests by manipulating them and the media with propaganda and lies“. It’s very important, but the OWS protesters have forgotten it. They have forgotten the huge number of stupid and ignorant people in the US, that can vote against their own best interests. The stupid myth of the 99% is what the stupid Chomsky and the stupid lefts dictate, for deceiving the naive people. The US is not a dictatorship, for example like Iran, that the huge election fraud and military coup rape the people votes and what they want. Compared to our dreadful situation in Iran, the US is really a heaven ! The story of the 99% and the 1% is true in Iran and other medieval dictatorships, but not in the US. The American society is deeply divided on many controversial issues, and the chance of winning a referendum about them are fifty-fifty. The OWS protesters should not forget this important matter. If the OWS protesters really want to solve the problems, they should try to find ways for reducing the number of the stupid and ignorant people in the US. Of course, it’s a global problem. As we said before, “In the US, the west, and the whole world, the main problem is peoples ignorance, the public ignorance. If the people were wise and well-informed, many problems would be solved very soon. The ignorant people make stupid decisions about their governments, their future, their problems, and their solutions “.


Recently, Obama has said: “Those who have done well, including me, should pay our fair share. I reject the idea that asking a hedge fund manager to pay the same tax rate as a plumber or teacher is class warfare . Either we ask the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share in taxes, or we’re going to have to ask seniors to pay more for Medicare. We can’t afford to do both”. And some said : “The measure would prevent millionaires and billionaires taking advantage of lower tax rates on investment earnings than the rates middle-income taxpayers pay on their wages “. But the Republicans condemned Obama and his plan. Obama in his Tax speech (“Buffett Tax” address) said: “We face an economic crisis that has left millions of our neighbors jobless, and a political crisis that has made things worse. Millions of Americans are looking for work. Across our country, families are doing their best just to scrape by -giving up nights out with the family to save on gas or make the mortgage, or postponing retirement to send a child to college. For decades now, Americans have seen the decks too often stacked against them. And they know that Washington has not always put their interests first. Too often, our Nation’s capital has been consumed by partisanship. Too often, the needs of special interests or politics have been put ahead of what is best for the country . That is what must change. The Budget Control Act that I signed into law last month will cut annual Government spending by about $1 trillion over the next 10 years. It also charges the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction with finding an additional $1.5 trillion in savings. I am sending to the Congress this detailed plan to pay for this jobs bill and realize more than $3 trillion in net deficit reduction over the next 10 years . This would generate more than $4 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade. It also includes nearly $580 billion in cuts and reforms to mandatory programs of which $320 billion is savings from Federal health programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.”


Obama’s tax speech was important, because it raised hopes in the international markets. He said: “The plan also realizes more than $1 trillion in savings over the next 10 years from our draw downs in Afghanistan and Iraq. And the plan calls for the Congress to undertake comprehensive tax reform that lowers tax rates, closes loopholes, boosts job creation here at home, cuts the deficit by $1.5 trillion, and observes the Buffett Rule -that people making more than $1 million a year should not pay a smaller share of their income in taxes than middle-class families pay .Together with the expiration of the high-income tax cuts from 2001 and 2003, these measures would be more than enough to reach this $1.5 trillion target. They include cutting tax preferences for high-income households, eliminating tax breaks for oil and gas companies, closing the carried interest loophole for investment fund managers, and eliminating benefits for those who use corporate jets . I have little doubt that some of these proposals will not be popular with those who benefit from these affected programs. This plan lives up to a simple idea: as a Nation, we can live within our means while still making the investments we need to prosper. It follows a balanced approach: asking everyone to do their part, so no one has to bear all the burden. And it says that everyone -including millionaires and billionaires -has to pay their fair share. These may be tough times for our country, but I have a deep faith in the American spirit, and we are tougher than the times we live in and bigger than the politics we have recently seen. If we all put partisanship aside and roll up our sleeves, I have no doubt that we can meet the challenges of the moment”. Now some skeptical people believe that OWS movement can become a pressure group for the Democrats or the stupid lefts, and it’s not good. Now, it’s a guess, but when OWS protesters don’t talk about their official demands clearly and openly, and when everything is officially unclear even after four weeks, then what the skeptical people say can be a good guess. The OWS protesters and the young Americans should be wise and should know that they should have a clear list of demands. Otherwise, they will be stooge of the opportunist groups, and it’s really horrible.


It’s really shameful and ridiculous that after Chomsky’s support, now Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez has defended OWS. The great bastard condemned on Saturday the horrible repression of anti-Wall Street protesters [!!!] He said: “This movement of popular outrage is expanding to 10 cities and the repression is horrible !!” Maybe this shameless jerk thinks that the US is like Venezuela or Iran or Libya or Syria ! The world saw how this savage jerk supported the savage Gaddafi. Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez expressed solidarity with American activists, and it’s a big stain on OWS’s reputation. The OWS protesters should reject Chavez’s support, immediately. Chavez only can disgrace and discredit the OWS movement, and Americans should not be stupid and naive. Tomorrow, Khamenei, Mr. shit, the Mullahs and all other global jerks will support OWS, too. But Americans should be wise, and reject all of these shameful ridiculous supports. If Americans remain stupid and don’t reject the shameful supports, and don’t condemn Chavez, the Mullahs, Chomsky, and other stupid lefts and global jerks, then the OWS protests will be nothing, except a stupid backward reactionary movement. And many people, including us, will not support it. Some say: “The Republicans had “Tea Party” and now the Democrats have “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS). There is a lot of similarities between Tea Party movement and OWS movement. Of course, there are some differences. The Tea Party seemed to be a movement of older Americans, more conservative, whiter. OWS protesters are younger, more diverse. They’ve got a sense of humor and they play better music. There’s no question, though, that they’re angry and frustrated. Of course, what surprised us was how festive the atmosphere was. Nobody would describe a Tea Party meeting as festive.” It’s so obvious that OWS movement should not be another “Tea Party”. The young American protesters should not be stooge of the politicians, the Democrats or the stupid lefts. OWS should have clear demands and clear reactions to the stupid lefts and the stupid bastards that support them. Otherwise, OWS is nothing except a stupid ‘Tea Party’ for the stupid lefts !

Ayatollah Noam Chomsky and Mullahs

October 12, 2011

In these days, when the Mullahs try to unplug the internet in Iran, but the world has close its eyes ; and when Iranian activists are lashed for writing open letter, and when the savage Mullahs can go to the west and live there, while the ordinary Iranians can not, you can see many problems of this stupid world. One of the main problems of this stupid world is that its top intellectual is some one like Chomsky, who defends the savage dictators in the name of fighting against imperialism. And the other problem is that those who criticize Chomsky are the stupid rights and the Zionists. Unfortunately, the liberals and open-minded people, and also the real intellectuals, have closed their mouths and don’t talk about Chomsky’s stupidity. The Jewish-American left, Chomsky, defends the savage Mullahs and Muslim fanatics, including Sheikh Fadlallah and Hassan Nasrallah. In fact, Chomsky that here we call him ‘Ayatollah Chomsky’, and other stupid lefts think that Independence and fighting against imperialism are the most important things. They don’t care about freedom and human rights, while ‘freedom’ is much more important than ‘Independence’ and fighting against imperialism . Ayatollah Chomsky works with Khameneis TV (Press TV) without any shame. He supports the Mullah regime and Hezbollah, without any shame. As we said before, Ayatollah Chomsky defends the Mullah regime and says: ‘There are some democratic freedoms in Iran !!’ . And Iranians say: “if Chomsky’s knowledge about the US is the same as his knowledge about Iran, we should be really sorry for all American intellectuals and the whole world.” So, let’s talk more about Ayatollah Chomsky.


In May of 2006, Ayatollah Chomsky visited Lebanon and met with Hezbollah’s savage leader Hassan Nasrallah. Ayatollah Chomsky received a heros welcome and effectively acted as a propagandist for the terrorist group as he repeated much of its rhetoric and lies on Hezbollahs own Al Manar TV. Ayatollah Chomsky had dinner with Hassan Nasrallah, the savage Mullah who is Khamenei’s puppet and has helped Khamenei in killing and raping the Iranian protesters. Ayatollah Chomsky once said: “I think Nasrallah has a reasoned argument and a persuasive argument that the arms should be in the hands of Hezbollah !!” In fact, Ayatollah Chomsky supports savageness and tyranny without any shame. We have not forgotten that in 2011, he said: “ a majority believes that security would be improved if the Mullah regime had nuclear weapons !! Arab opinion supports the Mullah regime in Iran and a Mullah nuclear weapons program in Iran !!! Ayatollah Chomsky doesnt talk about Iranian wills, but instead he ignores Iranian views and emphasizes on Arab views !! Such a foolishness! It’s like that we talk about the French president and the French regime, but instead of the French people, we talk about the Britons and how they love the French system !! Ayatollah Chomsky pretends ignorance about many things. Some Lebanese said: “The stupid Chomsky does not know that the Hezbollah arms threaten the Lebanese people more than the I-s-r-a-e-l-is.” Maybe he knows, but he prefers to pretend ignorance.


Ayatollah Chomsky pretends ignorance about many things. He talks nonsense about Iran and Saudi Arabia and their differences. What he says about Hezbollah is a pile of shit. One of his interviews in 2006 is interesting: “Q: Hezbollah is a highly militarized organization that runs South Lebanon in a way that is hardly reflective of secular democratic ideals. Chomsky: Its interesting that secular Lebanese would not take that attitude !! Q: Most of them see Hezbollah as an extension of Iran. Chomsky: No, they dont !!! Q: They believe that the Iranians are trying to rip up their state. Chomsky: Ultra-right-wing Lebanese think that !!! Others didnt look at it that way. If you get to the ultra-nationalist right, they do look at it that way. But thats not Lebanon !” Ayatollah Chomsky is a real charlatan. He tells blatant lie about the relation between Hezbollah and the Mullahs in Iran. He doesn’t know or pretend ignorance that Nassrallah is Khamenei’s puppet and kisses the ass and hands of Khamenie, and openly declares that Khamenei is his leader. In 2009, Nassrallah and Hezbollah sent more than 1500 militiamen for killing Iranians. In Iran, Iranians can see the Hezbollah thugs in the streets, and know how Hezbollah and the Mullahs love each other and work with each other, but Ayatollah Chomsky is a blind brainless charlatan. All Iranians know that the Mullahs have created Hezbollah in 1980s, but the stupid Chomsky prefers to pretend ignorance, or as Iranians say: “Khodesho be Khariat Bezaneh” (He prefers to pretend that he is a donkey !)


“Chomsky needs to live here for a while to understand what happened during the past 30 years and why most Lebanese are against the Hezbollah arms,” some Lebanese said. And as we said before, Chomsky and other stupid lefts don’t deserve to live in the free world. They must be forced to live in Iran, and maybe after that they can understand the true meaning of their bullshits. It’s very important. You can not live in the free world and love the tyranny and the savage dictators. You must be forced to live under the tyranny and experience the taste of your bullshits, and maybe after that you can see the truth. Of course, if your were wise, you can see the truth by reading the history and learning from the human history, but when you were like Chomsky, and at age 80+, you are like a stupid jerk who can not change under any conditions. We don’t expect that Chomsky and many other stupid lefts, who are old fool and old bastard, can change, but we hope that the young people in all around the world can see the depth of Chomsky’s stupidity. The stupid lefts still can deceive the innocent youths and it’s really shameful. The stupidity of Chomsky or the stupid lefts is a serious global problem, and all wise guys in all around the world should care about it . We should not forget that the stupid lefts was one of the main responsible for the big tragedy of 1930s, the plague of 1930s.


Ayatollah Chomsky, is a blind and brainless left. He can not see how the savage Mullahs kill, rape, and torture the young Iranians, who want to have a modern and secular government, and want to enjoy the basic human rights and the basic freedom in Iran. Ayatollah Chomsky, doesn’t care about Iranians and how the savage Mullahs lash Iranian activists for writing an open letter to the Mullahs ! Ayatollah Chomsky supports the savageness and the savage dictators in the name of fighting against imperialism . As we said before, the stupid Chomsky has showed his true color over and over. For example, Chomsky defends Hugo Chavez, who is a lifelong dictator in Venezuela. Chomsky tells big lies about Chavez, without any shame. But he lives in the free world and praises the dictatorship. It’s not fair. He must be forced to live in Venezuela or Iran . He can not live in the free world and talks nonsense about our dreadful conditions in Iran. He can not live in the free world and makes love with the savage Mullahs who kill and rape Iranians. He and other stupid lefts must be forced to live in Iran. The American youths should know Chomsky and his stupidity, and should not repeat Chomsky’s bullshits, whiteout thinking about them. The American youths should read the world history, and should learn about the world and what happens in the world, for example about what happens in Iran and how the savage Mullahs treat the people, and then they can understand the depth of Chomsky’s stupidity.


Ayatollah Chomsky is master at saying the stupidest things. What he says about 9/11 is totally meaningless . Ayatollah Chomsky stupidly thinks that the Taliban could solved 9/11 issue ! He stupidly thinks that the Taliban was a legitimate and good government, and the world had to respect the Taliban !! Ayatollah Chomsky, is really a reactionary stupid left, and I don’t know why some call him
“intellectual”. Ayatollah Chomsky is not intellectual and doesn’t care about the freedom and the enemies of the freedom and democracy. He is only a stupid political activist and a reactionary person who always supports the reactionary groups. Once he said: “Hezbollah is the majority party in Lebanon, so they are not evil forces” ! Such a stupid reason ! Ayatollah Chomsky is really brainless. Hezbollah is not the majority party in Lebanon, but even it was, what did it mean or what did it show? Did it mean that Hezbollah is not a reactionary group?!! Ayatollah Chomsky, defends the savage Mullahs and reactionary groups, and it’s among the most shameful and incendiary behavior ever undertaken by a stupid left in the US. Ayatollah Chomsky supports the reactionary groups, independent of this fact that they are minority or majority. He supports the Islamists and the Mullah regime in Iran, while they are a very very small minority in Iran, less than 10%, and the ordinary people hate them. Recently, the Mullahs have said that environmental protests against the drying up of Irans Lake Urmia were a protest against God !! But Ayatollah Chomsky loves and supports these savage Mullahs.


Some say: “Chomsky has used the influence granted him as a prominent linguist to support militant organizations and murderous dictatorships, including not only Hezbollah and Hamas, but also the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia, and the Mullah regime in Iran”. Ayatollah Chomsky is a worthless stupid jerk, and we don’t want to waste time by writing about him and his stupidity, but unfortunately the world knows him as a famous intellectual and it’s very dangerous. Some say: “The mass media care about him, only because he is naive and stupid and they can make use of him and his stupidity”. And some even add: “Chomsky is a stooge of the western politicians, who always want to have a stupid and weak enemy. Which stupid enemy can be better than stupid Chomsky, who defends the tyranny and the savage tyrants ?!” As Iranians say: “If you want to destroy and discredit something, it’s better that you try to defend it so badly, by using ultra-stupid logic. In this way, you can be sure that you will destroy and discredit that thing”. And it’s exactly what Ayatollah Chomsky does. And finally I want to tell the young Americans and the young westerners: “Never trust a man who loves the Mullahs, and defends the Mullahs. Never trust a man who defends the Mullahs (and other savage tyrants) in the name of independence, freedom, democracy, tolerance, human rights, fighting against imperialism, or fighting against evil forces. You can be sure that such person is a real stupid bastard or a real hypocrite bastard.”

Albert Camus’s “The Plague”, 4

October 8, 2011

It’s the last part of our excerpts of The Plague, that is an allegorical story of our current world. Our excerpts are a very compact version of Albert Camus’s The Plague, and three parts have been published before, and here are the the last part :

The announcement that there had been 302 deaths in the third week of the plague did not stir the imagination . On the one hand, perhaps not all of them died of plague. And, on the other hand, no one in the town knew how many people died every week in ordinary times. The town had a population of two hundred thousand inhabitants. People had no idea if this proportion of deaths was normal … The fifth week produced 321 deaths and the sixth 345. These increases, at least, were convincing -but not enough for the townspeople, for all their anxiety, to abandon entirely the impression that it was merely an incident, annoying of course, but none the less temporary. So they went on walking around the streets and sitting on the cafe terraces. On the whole, they were not cowardly, joking with each other more often than bewailing their fate, and pretending to accept with good humor discomforts that would clearly not last. Appearances were saved. Yet around the end of the month, more or less during the week of prayer that is mentioned below, more serious transformations altered the face of the town. First of all the Prefect took steps to deal with traffic and supplies. Supplies were limited and petrol rationed. Measures were even taken to save electricity. Only essential goods would be brought by road or air to Oran. As a result, traffic decreased progressively until it almost disappeared altogether, some shops selling luxury goods shut down overnight and others hung ‘sold out’ notices in their windows, while queues of customers formed in front of their doors. So Oran took on an unusual appearance. The number of pedestrians rose and, at slack times, many people, who had been reduced to inactivity by the closing of shops and some offices, filled the streets and cafes … Of course the cinemas took advantage of this general holiday and did good business … Then, at the end of this same month, the ecclesiastical authorities of the town decided to wage war on the plague by their own means, by organizing a week of collective prayer… Whether this sermon had any effect on our townspeople is hard to say… Shortly after the sermon the warm weather began. It was approaching the end of June … The newspapers published decrees repeating the prohibition against going out and threatening the disobedient with prison. Patrols scoured the town … What is true of the ills of this world is also true of the plague. It may serve to make some people great. However, when you see the suffering and pain that it brings, you have to be mad, blind or a coward to resign yourself to the plague … The evil in the world comes almost always from ignorance, and goodwill can cause as much damage as ill-will if it is not enlightened. People are more often good than bad, though in fact that is not the question. But they are more or less ignorant and this is what one calls vice or virtue, the most appalling vice being the ignorance that thinks it knows everything and which consequently authorizes itself to kill … A lot of new moralists appeared in the town at this moment, saying that nothing was any use and that we should go down on our knees … And what precisely remains to be told before we come to the height of the plague, while the pestilence was gathering all its strength for an assault on the town, so that it could take hold of it for good, are the long, desperate, monotonous efforts that a few individuals like Rambert made to rediscover happiness and to preserve from the plague that part of themselves that they defended against all assault. This was their way of resisting the threat of slavery, and even though this resistance was evidently not as effective as the other, the narrator’s opinion is that it had its own logic and, in its very futility and contradictions, also bore witness to the element of pride in each of us at the time. Rambert struggled to prevent the plague from taking him. When it had been proved to him that he could not leave the town by legal means, he decided, as he told Rieux, to try the other sort … Rieux said: “You’re right, Rambert, quite right … But I have to tell you this: this whole thing is not about heroism. It’s about decency. It may seem a ridiculous idea, but the only way to fight the plague is with decency.’ ‘What is decency?’ Rambert asked, suddenly serious. ‘In general, I can’t say, but in my case I know that it consists in doing my job ‘, Dr. Rieux said. ‘I don’t know what my job is. Perhaps I really am wrong to choose love.’ Rieux stood in front of him. ‘No!’ he said emphatically. ‘You are not wrong.’ … Very early the next morning, Rambert telephoned the doctor: ‘Would you agree to let me work with you until I find the means to get out of town?’ There was a silence on the end of the line, then: ‘Yes, Rambert. Thank you’.

So, week in, week out, the prisoners of the plague struggled along as best they could. As we have seen, a few, like Rambert, even managed to imagine that they were acting as free men and that they could still choose. But in reality one could say, at that moment, in the middle of August, that the plague had covered everything. There were no longer any individual destinies, but a collective history that was the plague, and feelings shared by all . The greatest of these were feelings of separation and exile, with all that that involved of fear and rebellion. This is why the narrator feels it appropriate, at this high point of heat and sickness, to describe the general situation and, for the sake of examples, the violence of our living fellow-citizens, the burials of the dead and the suffering of parted lovers … It really is necessary to speak about burials, and the narrator apologizes for the fact … How can you avoid burials when the day comes when someone you love has need of one? Well, the main feature of our ceremonies at the start was speed! All the formalities were simplified and in general funerary pomp and circumstance were discarded … In time of plague, everything was sacrificed to efficiency. Moreover, while at the start the morale of the people was affected by such practices – because the desire to be decently buried is more widespread than you might think – luckily, after a short while, there was an urgent problem of food supplies and the attention of the inhabitants turned towards more immediate concerns … When the epidemic levelled out after August, the accumulated number of victims was far greater than the capacity of our little cemetery … The bodies were hastily thrown into pits … The narrator is perfectly well aware how unfortunate it is that he cannot here describe something truly spectacular, for example some reassuring hero or an impressive action, similar to those that one finds in old stories. The trouble is, there is nothing less spectacular than a pestilence and, if only because they last so long, great misfortunes are monotonous. In the memory of those who have lived through them, the dreadful days of the plague do not seem like vast flames, cruel and magnificent, but rather like an endless trampling that flattened everything in its path … Did our fellow-citizens, at least those who suffered the most from this separation, ever get used to the situation? … At the start of the plague they remembered the person whom they had lost very well and they were sorry to be without them … then they had memory but not enough imagination.And at the second stage of the plague the memory also went … No one among us experienced any great feelings any more, but everyone had banal feelings. ‘It’s time it ended,’ they said, because, in a period of pestilence, it is normal to wish for the end of collective suffering and because they really did want it to end. But the words were spoken without the anger or bitterness of the early days, and only with the few arguments that still remained clear to us, which were feeble ones. The great, fierce surge of feeling of the first weeks had given way to a dejection … The townspeople had adapted, they had come to heel, as people say, because that was all they could do. Naturally, they still had an attitude of misfortune and suffering, but they did not feel its sting … The truth must be told: the plague had taken away from all of them the power of love or even of friendship, for love demands some future, and for us there was only the here and now … But what did they look like, these separated people, you ask. Well, the answer is simple: like nothing. Or, if you prefer, they looked like everyone, part of the general scene … During the months of September and October the plague kept the town bent beneath it. As it was a case of marking time, many hundreds of thousands of people were still kicking their heels for endless weeks. Mist, heat and rain followed one another in the sky … Rieux and his friends now discovered how tired they were. Indeed, the members of the health teams could no longer overcome their tiredness. Dr Rieux noticed it when he observed the steady growth of a strange indifference in himself and in his friends … Discovering, seeing, describing, noting and then condemning – that was Dr. Rieux’s task. Wives would seize him by the wrist and scream: ‘Doctor, give him life!’ But he was not there to give life, he was there to order isolation. What use then was the hatred that he could read on people’s faces? ‘You have no heart,’ someone once told him … But the most dangerous effect of the exhaustion that gradually overtook all those who carried on this struggle against the affliction was not this indifference to outside events and the feelings of others, but the neglect to which they gave way. They tended at this time to avoid any gesture that was not absolutely necessary or which seemed to them to tax their strength too much. As a result, these men came increasingly to neglect the very rules of hygiene that they had drawn up, to overlook some of the various disinfecting procedures that they ought to apply to themselves; they would sometimes hurry to see patients suffering from pulmonary plague without taking the necessary precautions … This is where the real danger lay, because it was the very struggle against the plague that made them more vulnerable to the plague; in short, they were gambling on chance and chance is on nobody’s side.

Poor families consequently found themselves in a very difficult situation, while the rich lacked for practically nothing. Because of the efficient impartiality which it brought to its administrations, the plague should have worked for greater equality among our fellow-citizens through the normal interplay of egoism, but in fact it heightened the feeling of injustice in the hearts of men. Of course, no one could fault the equality of death, but it was not one that anybody wanted. … Naturally, the newspapers followed the order that they had been given, to be optimistic at any cost. Reading them you would think that the main characteristic of the situation was ‘the moving example of calm and courage’ shown by the people. But in a town shut in on itself, where nothing could remain secret, no one had any illusions about the ‘example’ given by the population . And, to get a correct notion of the calm and courage in question, one had only to go into a place of quarantine or one of the isolation camps that the authorities had set up … In his notebooks, Tarrou describes a visit that he made with Rambert to the camp situated in the municipal stadium … The stands were full of people, and the field was covered with several hundred red tents inside which one could see, from a distance, bedding and bundles … these are forgotten people and they know it. Their acquaintances have forgotten them because they are thinking about other things, and that is quite understandable. As for those who love them, they have also forgotten them because they must be exhausting themselves in appeals and schemes to get them out. The more they think about getting them out, the less they think about the person to be got out. That, too, is normal. And when it comes down to it, you realize that no one is really capable of thinking of anyone else, even in the worst misfortune. … There were several other camps of the same kind in the town … Rieux and Tarrou found Grand half-seated in his bed, and Dr. Rieux was horrified to see on his face the progress of the disease that was eating him up … After injecting the serum, Rieux told his friend that Grand would not survive the night and Tarrou offered to stay. The doctor accepted. Throughout the night Rieux was haunted by the idea that Grand was dying. Yet the following morning he found him sitting up in bed talking to Tarrou. His temperature was normal. He showed only the usual symptoms of complete exhaustion … By the evening Grand could be considered saved. Rieux could not understand this resurrection … The general statistics showed a decline in the disease … “Although this sudden decline in the disease was unexpected, the townspeople were in no hurry to celebrate. The preceding months, though they had increased the desire for liberation, had also taught them prudence and accustomed them to count less and less on a rapid end to the epidemic. However, this new development was the subject of every conversation and, in the depths of people’s hearts, there was a great, unadmitted hope. All else was secondary … And, in truth, the plague did not end in a few days … In reality, it was hard to decide whether this was a victory or not. All one could do was to observe that the sickness seemed to be going as it had arrived. The strategy being used against it had not changed; it had been ineffective yesterday, and now it was apparently successful. One merely had the feeling that the disease had exhausted itself, or perhaps that it was retiring after achieving all its objectives. In a sense, its role was completed … The population lived in this secret turmoil until January 25. In that week the figures fell so low that, after consulting the medical commission, the Prefecture announced that the epidemic could be considered under control … the gates of the town would remain closed for two more weeks and sanitary measures continued for a month … The gates of the town finally opened, at dawn one fine February morning, and the event was hailed by the people, the newspapers, the radio … They were dancing on every square. Traffic had increased considerably from one day to the next and the cars, of which there were now many more, had difficulty driving along the packed streets. The bells of the town pealed out continually throughout the afternoon, filling the blue and gold sky with their vibrations. In the churches, they were holding services of thanksgiving. But at the same time places of pleasure were full to bursting and the cafes were handing out their last supplies of spirits, with no thought to the future … the plague bacillus never dies or vanishes entirely, that it can remain dormant for dozens of years in furniture or clothing, that it waits patiently in bedrooms, cellars, trunks, handkerchiefs and old papers, and that perhaps the day will come when, for the instruction or misfortune of mankind, the plague will rouse its rats and send them to die in some well-contented city

Albert Camus’s “The Plague”, 3

October 1, 2011

It’s the third part of our excerpts of The Plague, that is an allegorical story of our current world. Our excerpts are a very compact version of Albert Camus’s The Plague, and will be published in four parts. The first and second parts have been published before, and here are the third part :

“The following day, as a result of what was considered excessive insistence, Rieux persuaded the Prefect’s office to appoint a health commission … Richard announced that in his opinion they should not give way to panic: all they could say for certain was that it was an infection with inguinal complications; and it was dangerous to jump to conclusions. Old Castel announced that he knew very well it was plague, but that, of course, if they were to acknowledge the fact officially, they would have to take stern measures. He knew that, underneath, this was what held his colleagues back and as a result, not to upset them, he was quite willing to state that it was not plague… Richard emphasized that this meant they should not rush to judgment and that they would at least have to wait for the statistical result of the series of analyses, which had begun a few days earlier …Richard felt that they should not paint too black a picture, and that in any case there was no proof of contagion since the relatives of his patients were still unaffected …‘If we don’t acknowledge it,’ said Rieux, ‘it still threatens to kill half the population of the town’. Richard interrupted nervously … Rieux asked: “Was Dr Richard prepared to take responsibility for stating that the epidemic would stop without strict preventive health measures?” Richard hesitated and looked at Rieux. ‘Sincerely, tell me what you think: are you certain that this is plague?’ ‘You’re asking the wrong question. It is not a matter of vocabulary, but a matter of time’ … The day after the conference, it even entered the newspapers, but under a harmless guise, since they merely made a few allusions to it . On the day after that Rieux could read some little white posters that they had rapidly had stuck up in the least obtrusive corners of the town. From this poster it was hard to reach the conclusion that the authorities were confronting the situation. The measures were far from draconian and it appeared that a good deal had been done to avoid upsetting public opinion.The preamble to the decree announced that a few cases of a pernicious fever had been detected in the commune of Oran, though it was not yet possible to say whether or not it was contagious. These cases were not specific enough to be really disturbing and there was no doubt that the population would remain calm … The day before, around ten patients had died in the town … ‘People are talking about an epidemic. Is it true, doctor?’, the patient asked. ‘People are always talking, that’s normal,’ Rieux said. ‘You’re right. And when a dozen people die, they’ll say it’s the end of the world. It’s just what we don’t need‘ … Up to then, sick people had made it easy for him, they had come halfway to meet him. Now, for the first time, the doctor felt that they were reticent, retreating into the depths of their illness with a kind of suspicious astonishment. This was a struggle to which he had not yet become accustomed … ‘So doctor, is it cholera?’ “Where did you get that idea?’ ‘In the paper. The radio says the same thing.’ ‘No, it’s not cholera. ‘In any case,’ the old man said, in a state of great excitement, ‘they’re exaggerating, aren’t they, those bigwigs?’ ‘Don’t believe any of it,’ said the doctor.… However, in four days the infection took four surprising leaps: 16 dead, then 24, 28 and 32. On the fourth day they announced the opening of the auxiliary hospital in an infants’ school … Rieux decided to phone the Prefect. ‘What we are doing is not enough.’ ‘I have the figures,’ the Prefect said. ‘They certainly are disturbing.’ ‘They are more than disturbing, they are quite unequivocal.’ ‘I’m going to ask for instructions from the State government.’ Rieux hung up, ‘Instructions! What he needs is imagination’ … In the evenings the same crowd filled the streets and queues extended outside the cinemas. The epidemic seemed to be declining and for a few days they counted only ten or so deaths. Then, suddenly, it shot up. On the day when the death-toll once more reached thirty , Rieux looked at the official telegram which the Prefect had held out to him, saying: ‘They’re scared.’ The telegram read: “‘DECLARE A STATE OF PLAGUE STOP CLOSE THE TOWN'”

“From that point on, it could be said that the plague became the affair of us all. Up to then, despite the surprise and anxiety that these unusual events had brought us, everyone had gone on with his business, as well as he could, in the usual place. And that no doubt would continue. But, once the gates were closed, they all noticed that they were in the same boat, including the narrator himself, and that they had to adjust to the fact. This is how, for example, a quite individual feeling such as being separated from a loved one suddenly became, in the very first weeks, the feeling of a whole people and, together with fear, the greatest agony of that long period of exile … One of the most remarkable consequences of the closing of the gates was, indeed, a sudden separation of people who were not prepared for it. Mothers and children, wives, husbands and lovers, who had imagined a few days earlier that they were embarking on a temporary separation, who had embraced on the platform of the station with some pieces of last-minute advice, sure that they would see one another a few days or a few weeks later, deeply entrenched in their idiotic human faith in the future , this parting causing barely a pause in the course of their everyday concerns, found themselves abruptly and irremediably divided, prevented from meeting or communicating with one another, because the gates were closed some hours before the decree was published and, of course, it was impossible to consider individual cases … Even the faint satisfaction of writing letters was denied us. On the one hand, the town was no longer linked to the rest of the country by the usual means of communication, and on the other, a new decree forbade the exchange of any correspondence, to prevent letters from transmitting the infection … Intercity telephone calls, permitted at first, caused such overcrowding in public phone booths and on the lines that they were entirely stopped for a few days, then strictly limited to what were described as urgent cases … Very soon, those who were prisoners of the plague realized the danger to which they were exposing their loved ones and resigned themselves to enduring separation. At the worst point in the epidemic, we saw only one case where human feelings proved stronger than the fear of a horrible death. This was not, as you might imagine, a case of two young lovers induced to put love before suffering … In reality, we suffered doubly: from our own suffering first and then from what we imagined to be that of the absent loved one, whether son, spouse or lover … Thus, the first thing that the plague brought to our fellow-citizens was exile … At that moment, the collapse of the people’s morale, their will power and their patience was so abrupt that they felt they would never be able to climb back out of their hole. Consequently, they forced themselves never to think of the end of their suffering, never again to look towards the future and always, as it were, to keep their eyes lowered. But naturally this caution, this way of deceiving one’s pain and dropping one’s guard to refuse to fight, was ill-rewarded. At the same time as avoiding the collapse that they wished to avert at any price, they also deprived themselves of those moments, actually quite frequent, when they might have forgotten the plague by imagining their coming reunion with the ones they loved. Though this was exile, in most cases it was exile at home. And though the narrator only suffered an ordinary exile, he should not forget those, like the journalist Rambert and others, whose situation was different, and for whom the pain of separation was amplified by the fact that, being travelers surprised by the plague in the town, they were separated not only from the person to whom they could not return, but from their homes as well … Finally, in these extremes of loneliness, no one could hope for help from his neighbor and everyone remained alone with his anxieties… At the very moment when the inhabitants of the town started to panic, their thoughts were entirely concerned with the person for whom they were waiting. The egotism of love protected them in the midst of the general distress and, if they did think about the plague, it was always and only to the extent that it risked making their separation eternal … Their despair saved them from panic, so there was some good in their misfortune. For example, if it happened that one of them did succumb to the disease, it was almost always before he became aware of it. Dragged away from the long dialogue that he was holding inside himself with a shadow, he would then be cast forthwith into the still deeper silence of the earth. He had no time for anything. Despite these unusual scenes, the townspeople apparently found it hard to understand what was happening to them. There were those shared feelings, like separation or fear, but people also went on giving priority to their personal concerns. No one yet had really accepted the idea of the disease . Most were chiefly affected by whatever upset their habits or touched on their interests. They were annoyed or irritated by them, and these are not feelings with which to fight the plague”

Albert Camus’s “The Plague”, 2

September 30, 2011

It’s the second part of our excerpts of The Plague, that is an allegorical story of our current world. Our excerpts are a very compact version of Albert Camus’s The Plague, and will be published in four parts. The first part was published before, and here are the second part:

“The following day, April 30, an already warm breeze was blowing beneath a damp blue sky. It brought a scent of flowers from the most distant suburbs. The sounds of morning in the streets seemed livelier and merrier than usual … Even Rieux, reassured by a letter from his wife, went down to see the concierge in a light-hearted mood. And that morning, indeed, the man’s temperature had fallen to 38 degrees. Though weak, the patient was smiling in his bed … But at noon the patient’s temperature suddenly rose to 40 degrees, he was constantly delirious and vomiting again … Two hours later, in the ambulance, the doctor and the wife were leaning over the patient. Broken words emerged from his mouth … ‘The rats!’ he said. … His wife wept. ‘Is there no hope then, doctor?’ ‘He is dead,’ Rieux said … Our fellow-citizens, as they now realized, had never thought that our little town might be a place particularly chosen as one where rats die in the sun and concierges perish from peculiar illnesses . From this point of view, indeed, they were mistaken and discovered that they had to adjust their ideas. If it had all stopped there, old habits would no doubt have regained the upper hand. But others of our fellow-citizens, who were not concierges or poor people, were to follow Michel down that same path. This was where fear began -and with it, serious reflection … Here is what Tarrou has to say about the business of the rats: ‘In town, a tram was stopped today because they found a dead rat on it; no one knew where it came from. Two or three women got off. The rat was thrown out and the tram drove away … Dr Rieux knew what was up. Once the concierge’s body had been put in isolation, he telephoned Richard to ask him about these inguinal infections. ‘I don’t understand it,’ Richard replied. ‘Two deaths, one in forty-eight hours, the other in three days. I left the second of these one morning giving every appearance of being on the mend’. … He asked Richard, the president of the Association of Doctors in Oran, if new patients could be isolated … He answered “No”. Everything stuck to one’s hands as the day went on and Rieux felt a growing sense of foreboding with every visit he made. That same day, on the outskirts of the town, one of the old man’s neighbors, delirious, pressed his groin and started to vomit … The press, which had had so much to say about the business of the rats, fell silent. This is because rats die in the street and people in their bedrooms; and newspapers are only concerned with the street … In barely a few days the number of fatal cases multiplied, and it was clear to those who were concerned with this curious illness that they were dealing with a real epidemic… The word ‘plague’ had just been spoken for the first time … Pestilence is in fact very common, but we find it hard to believe in a pestilence when it descends upon us. There have been as many plagues in the world as there have been wars, yet plagues and wars always find people equally unprepared. Dr Rieux was unprepared, as were the rest of the townspeople, and this is how one should understand his reluctance to believe. One should also understand that he was divided between anxiety and confidence. When war breaks out people say: ‘It won’t last, it’s too stupid.’ And war is certainly too stupid, but that doesn’t prevent it from lasting. Stupidity always carries doggedly on, as people would notice if they were not always thinking about themselves . In this respect, the citizens of Oran were like the rest of the world, they thought about themselves; in other words, they were humanists: they did not believe in pestilence. A pestilence does not have human dimensions, so people tell themselves that it is unreal, that it is a bad dream which will end. But it does not always end and, from one bad dream to the next, it is people who end, humanists first of all because they have not prepared themselves . The people of our town were no more guilty than anyone else, they merely forgot to be modest and thought that everything was still possible for them , which implied that pestilence was impossible. They continued with business, with making arrangements for travel and holding opinions. Why should they have thought about the plague, which negates the future, negates journeys and debate? They considered themselves free and no one will ever be free as long as there is plague, pestilence and famine .”

“Even after Dr Rieux had acknowledged to his friend that a handful of sick people in different places had unexpectedly died of plague, the danger seemed unreal to him… the doctor could barely feel the first stirrings of that slight nausea with regard to the future that is known as anxiety. He tried to put together in his mind what he knew about the disease. Figures drifted through his head and he thought that the thirty or so great plagues recorded in history had caused nearly a hundred million deaths. But what are a hundred million deaths? When one has fought a war, one hardly knows any more what a dead person is. And if a dead man has no significance unless one has seen him dead, a hundred million bodies spread through history are just a mist drifting through the
. The doctor recalled the plague of Constantinople which, according to Procopius, claimed ten thousand victims in one day. Ten thousand dead equals five times the audience in a large cinema. That’s what you should do. You should get all the people coming out of five cinemas, take them to a square in the town and make them die in a heap; then you would grasp it better . At least, one might put some known faces on this anonymous pile. But of course it would be impossible; apart from which, who knows ten thousand faces? In any event, people like Procopius were not able to count, as is well known. In Canton, seventy years ago, forty thousand rats died of plague before the pestilence affected the human inhabitants . But in 1871 they didn’t have any means of counting rats. The calculation was a matter of approximation, of more or less, with an obvious margin for error. It is true that the word ‘plague’ had been spoken, it is true that at that very moment the pestilence was tossing and beating down one or two victims. But that could end, couldn’t it? What he must do was to acknowledge clearly what had to be acknowledged, drive away all needless shadows and take whatever measures were required. After that, the plague would cease because plague was inconceivable, or because it was wrongly conceived. If it did stop, as was most likely, then all would be well. Otherwise, they would understand what it was and know if there was some means by which they might come to terms with it, so as eventually to overcome it. Dr Rieux had reached this point in his thoughts when Joseph Grand was announced … The doctor saw Grand come in with his neighbor Cottard. The civil servant was waving a sheet of paper. ‘The figures are rising, doctor,’ he announced. ‘Eleven deaths in forty-eight hours … at first sight Grand was nothing more than the minor clerk at the Hotel de Ville that he appeared to be. Tall and thin, he was swamped by his clothes, always choosing them too large under the mistaken impression that this would give him more wear out of them … If you add to this portrait his manner of walking like a young priest, his ability to hug the walls and slide through doorways, his odor of smoke and cellars, and every appearance of insignificance, you will agree that he could not be imagined anywhere except behind a desk … In one sense, you could say that his life was exemplary. He was one of those men, as rare among us as anywhere else, who always have the courage of their better feelings. Indeed, the little that he revealed of himself testified to goodness and attachments that people nowadays are afraid to admit. He did not blush to acknowledge that he loved his nephews and his sister … That evening, as Rieux watched the civil servant leave, he realized suddenly what Grand meant: he must surely be writing a book or something of that sort. This reassured Rieux all the way to the laboratory, where he did finally go. He knew that it was silly of him to feel like this, but he could not believe that the plague might really get a hold on a town where you could still find humble civil servants who devoted their free moments to honorable obsessions. More exactly, he could not imagine how such obsessions fitted into the context of the plague, and so concluded that, in practical terms, the plague had no future among the people of our town

Albert Camus’s “The Plague”, 1

September 23, 2011

Albert Camus (1913-1960) was a real intellect, and his “The Plague” is the story of our time. Camus was one of the wise guys in 1940s and 1950s. In 1957, he received the Nobel Prize for literature, but it’s not as important as Camus’s open mind. His attack on Stalinist Communism in “The Rebel” (1951) ended his friendship with (stupid) Sartre, who at that time still supported Stalin. . Albert Camus was not a lunatic left, like the other stupid western intellects of his time. Camus was briefly a member of the Communist Party, but very soon saw the depth of their stupidity. In 1940, he became involved in the Resistance movement against the occupying Nazis, and he began writing for the underground newspaper Combat in 1943. He also published his first major works. The Plague (1947) is one of them. ‘The Plague’ is Albert Camus’s most successful novel. It was published in 1947, when Camus was 33, and was an immediate triumph . Within a year it had been translated into nine languages. It has never been out of print and was established as a classic of world literature even before its author’s untimely death in a car accident in January 1960. The Plague is the book by which Camus is known to millions of readers. In “The Plague”, Camus wrote about the plague of his own time, i.e. “Nazism and Fascism” and its roots. The Plague is an allegorical story. The Plague is the story of our time in 2010s, too. As Camus said” The plague bacillus never dies or vanishes entirely; it can remain dormant for dozens of years in furniture or clothing; it waits patiently in bedrooms, cellars, trunks, handkerchiefs and old papers, and perhaps the day will come when, for the instruction or misfortune of mankind, the plague will rouse its rats and send them to die in some well-contented city .” Now let’s take a look at excerpts of “The Plague”, that is an allegorical story of our current world. Our excerpts are a very compact version of “The Plague”, and will be published in four parts. Here are the first part:

“Oran is an ordinary town … It has to be said that the town itself is ugly. Its appearance is calm and it takes some time to appreciate what makes it different from so many other trading ports all over the world … A convenient way of getting to know a town is to find out how people work there, how they love and how they die … That is to say that people are bored and that they make an effort to adopt certain habits. Our fellow-citizens work a good deal, but always in order to make money. They are especially interested in trade and first of all, as they say, they are engaged in doing business. Naturally, they also enjoy simple pleasures: they love women, the cinema and sea bathing . But they very sensibly keep these activities for Saturday evening and Sunday, while trying on other days of the week to earn a lot of money. In the evenings, when they leave their offices, they gather at a set time in cafes, they walk along the same boulevard or else they come out on their balconies. The desires of the youngest among them are short and violent, while the lives of their elders are limited to clubs for players of boules, dinners of friendly associations or groups where they bet heavily on the turn of a card … Something more distinctive about our town is how difficult it can be to die there. ‘Difficult’ is not actually the right word; it is more a question of discomfort. It is never pleasant being ill, but there are towns and countries which support you in sickness and where one can, as it were, let oneself go . A sick person needs tenderness, he quite naturally likes to lean on something. But in Oran, the extreme climate, the amount of business going on, the insignificance of the surroundings, the speed with which night falls and the quality of pleasure, all demand good health. A sick person is very lonely here … You will understand what could be disagreeable about death, even a modern one, when it happens in such a dry place. Even so this meager information may give a sufficient idea of our town. In any event, one should not exaggerate. It is important to stress the ordinariness of the town and its life. But one easily passes the time away when one has a routine. To the very extent that our town encourages routine, one might say that all is for the best. Admittedly, seen like that, life is not too exciting. At least disorder is unknown among us. And our people, open, likeable and energetic, have always elicited a fair degree of respect from travelers … By now, it will be easy to accept that nothing could lead the people of our town to expect the events that took place in the spring of that year and which, as we later understood, were like the forerunners of the series of grave happenings that this history intends to describe. To some people these facts will seem quite natural; to others, on the contrary, improbable. … On the morning of April 16, Dr Bernard Rieux emerged from his consulting-room and came across a dead rat in the middle of the landing. At the time he pushed the animal aside without paying attention to it and went down the stairs . But once he was in the street it occurred to him that the rat should not have been there and he turned back to inform the concierge. The concierge’s, Old Michel, reaction made him still more aware of the incongruity of his discovery. To him the presence of this dead rat had seemed merely odd, while for the concierge it was an outrage. In fact, the man was adamant: there were no rats in the house. However much the doctor assured him that there was one on the first-floor landing, probably dead, Michel’s conviction was firm. There were no rats in the house, so this one must have been brought in from outside. In short, it was a practical joke . That same evening Rieux was standing in the corridor of the building, looking for his keys before going up to his flat, when he saw a large rat emerge hesitantly from the dark depths of the corridor, its fur damp. The creature stopped, seemed to be trying to get its balance, stopped again, spun round and round with a faint cry and eventually fell, blood spurting from its half-open lips. The doctor looked at it for a moment, then went upstairs. “The next day, April 17, at 8 o’clock, the concierge stopped the doctor as he went past and accused some jokers of having put three dead rats in the middle of the corridor. They must have been caught with large traps because they were covered in blood. … Rieux was intrigued and decided to start his rounds in the outer districts where the poorest of his patients lived . Here the rubbish was collected much later in the dayand his car, driving along the straight, dusty roads of this area, brushed against boxes of rubbish lying on the edge of the pavement. In one street he drove down in this way the doctor counted a dozen rats, tipped out on the dirty rags and vegetable peelings … Rieux was soon to find that the whole district was talking about the rats .”

“When he had finished his visits he went home … The telegram was to tell Rieux that his mother was arriving the next day. She would be looking after her son’s house while his sick wife was away … Rambert came straight to the point. He was doing an investigation for a large Parisian newspaper about the living conditions of the Arabs and wanted information about their state of health. Dr. Rieux told him that their health was not good … The doctor told him that there was an intriguing report to be written about the number of dead rats that were turning up in the town at the moment. … The next morning, April 18, the doctor was bringing his mother home from the station and found Michel looking even more poorly: from the cellar to the attic, there were a dozen rats lying on the stairs. The dustbins in the neighboring houses were full of them. The doctor’s mother was not surprised when he told her. ‘Things like that happen.’ … Rieux phoned the district rodent control service, where he knew the director. Had he heard about these rats which were emerging in large numbers and dying in the open? Yes, he had been informed; they had even discovered more than fifty of them in his own offices, which were not far from the port … His cleaner had just told him that they had picked up several hundred dead rats in the large factory where her husband worked. In any event, it was around this time that our townspeople started to become concerned. Indeed, from the 18th onwards, factories and warehouses began to produce hundreds of bodies of dead rats … That was the day the evening papers picked up the matter, asking if the civic authorities intended to do something, or not, and what emergency measures had they planned to protect the public from this disgusting infestation. The authorities had not considered or planned anything at all, but started by holding a council meeting to discuss it. An order was given to the rodent control service to collect the dead rats every morning at dawn. When the collection was over, two of the service’s vans should take the animals to the waste incineration plant to have them burnt. Despite this, in the days that followed the situation got worse. The number of rodents picked up continued to increase and the harvest was greater morning by morning. After the fourth day the rats started to emerge in groups to die. They came up from basements and cubby-holes, cellars and drains, in long swaying lines; they staggered in the light, collapsed and died, right next to people. At night, in corridors and side-streets, one could clearly hear the tiny squeaks as they expired. In the morning, on the outskirts of town, you would find them stretched out in the gutter with a little floret of blood on their pointed muzzles, some blown up and rotting, others stiff, with their whiskers still standing up. In the town itself you found them in small heaps, on landings or in the courtyards of houses. They also came to die, one by one, in council offices, in schoolyards, sometimes on the terraces of cafes. Our fellow-citizens were amazed to come across them in the busiest parts of town . The parade-ground, the boulevards and the sea-front promenade were contaminated by them at intervals. Cleared of its dead animals at dawn, the town got them back through the day in increasing numbers. More than one person walking at night along the pavement would experience the feeling of the elastic bulk of a still fresh corpse under his feet … Things got to the point where Infodoc (the agency for information and documentation, ‘all you need to know on any subject’) announced in its free radio news program that 6,231 rats had been collected and burned in a single day, the 25th . This figure, which gave a clear meaning to the daily spectacle that everyone in town had in front of their eyes, disconcerted them even more. Up to then people had merely complained about a rather disgusting accident. Now they saw that there was something threatening in this phenomenon , the extent and origin of which was not yet clear to them … However, on April 28 Infodoc announced a collection of around eight thousand rats and anxiety reached its peak in the town. People called for radical measures, accusing the authorities of inaction, and some families who had seaside homes were already talking about escaping to them. But the following day the agency announced that the phenomenon had abruptly stopped and that the rodent control service had gathered only an insignificant number of dead rats. The town heaved a sigh of relief. Yet it was on that same day, at twelve, that Dr Rieux, pulling up in his car in front of his block of flats, saw the concierge at the end of the street, walking along painfully, his head bent forward, his arms and legs akimbo, like a puppet. … Rieux looked into the dark corners of the corridors and asked Grand, the civil servant, if the rats had entirely vanished from the area. Grand had no idea. Certainly people had spoken a good deal about the business, but he paid very little attention to rumors in the neighborhood …The vendors of the evening papers were shouting that the invasion of rats had ended

9/11 and Mr. Stupid (Noam Chomsky)

September 21, 2011

In the recent days, Noam Chomsky had some interviews with the western media and again talked nonsense about 9/11 and the Arab world. Democracy Now had an interview with him on September 13, 2011. Noam Chomsky, or “Mr. stupid” as we call him here, is full of shit and shitty contradictions. He says: “Right at this moment, Obama has succeeded in descending even below George W. Bush in approval in the Arab world .” It’s really stupid. The Arab world is a very stupid reactionary world, and can not show us anything about the goodness or badness of anything. Some funny Iranians say: “F-u-c-k you and the Arab world, man. Why the Arab world should be important, while we know it’s a very stupid and reactionary world. Sometimes Mr. stupid criticize Saudi Arabia’s government, but he doesn’t say that the main problem is the Saudi society, i.e. the main part of his beloved Arab world. Mr. stupid talks nonsense about Iran and Saudi Arabia, while he pretends ignorance about the difference between Iran and Saudi Arabia . Mr. stupid is really so shameless. He talks nonsense about Iran’s regime and Saudi regime, while he know nothing about the difference between Iranian society and Saudi society .” As we said before, Mr. stupid clearly says that the Arab world love the Mullah regime and the Mullahs ! , while Iranians hate the Mullahs and the Mullah regime. It’s like we say Neo-Nazi groups in Germany supported the Bush regime in the US, so the Bush regime was a very good regime and very popular. Mr. stupid tries to use this sort of stupid arguments to say that the Mullah regime is popular !! Yes, the Mullah regime is popular, but for non-Iranians !! i.e. some one like Mr. stupid and the ultra-stupid Arabs in the Arab world . As we said before, Mr. stupid, who love the Mullah regime, must be forced to live in Iran. He doesn’t deserve to live in the free world. Mr. stupid also adds: “Theres a perception in the Arab world that the US supports harsh, oppressive dictatorships and that the U.S. blocks democracy and development and that we do it because we want to keep control over their energy resources”. But it’s very funny that Mr stupid and his stupid fans support harsh, oppressive dictatorships in the name of independence. They support Chavez, Gaddafi, Khamenei, Assad, and other savage tyrants in the name of fighting against imperialism. They blocks democracy and development and that they do it because they want to fight against the imperialism ! It’s really stupid. Mr. stupid doesn’t say that the US supports harsh, oppressive dictatorships in Iran and Syria, too. He and his stupid friends try to pretend ignorance about this important matter.

Mr. stupid, Noam Chomsky, adds: “the 9/11 attack was pretty harshly criticized throughout the Muslim world, but particularly in the jihadi movement, you know, fatwas from leading clerics, harsh condemnation [!]… We did not pursue the options for diplomatic, peaceful, negotiated settlements …There were tentative offers from the Taliban to allow a trial of bin Laden [!!] It was not pursued [!!!] “. Chomsky really deserves to be called “Mr. stupid”. He calls his shitty idea “An Alternative Solution for 9/11” !! It’s really shameful. He pretends ignorance that the Taliban and the Islamists are Orwellian evil and what they say are Orwellian concepts (for them, ‘Justice’ means “injustice”, ‘peace’ means “war”, ‘love’ means “hate”, etc). They are exactly like the Mullahs. The only thing that is totally meaningless in their system is “Justice” and a fair trial ! Iranians can understand the depth of the stupidity of Noam Chomsky and the stupid lefts easily. Mr. stupid and his fans think that Iran or Afghanistan are like the US !, where they can publish their bullshits whiteout any serious outcome. These bastards don’t know that if you ask a very simple question about “Justice”, “Fair trial”, “Free speech”, “Free election”, etc in Iran or Taliban regime, you will send to the prison and will be raped and tortured there. These stupid bastards don’t know that in a medieval dictatorship system, like the Mullah regime and Taliban regime, you have not any right and you should obey the Big Brother without asking any question. Chomsky and the stupid lefts pretend ignorance about the Taliban and Afghanistan. But we, i.e. Iranians inside Iran, know Afghans and Afghanistan. Before 2001, Afghanistan was a total disaster for all Afghans. They had a very dreadful civil war for about 25 years, and many of them lived in Iran or Pakistan. The stupid Afghan Islamists killed each other and the civilians, and had ruined Afghanistan. In 2001, when the US and Nato attacked Afghanistan, almost all ordinary Afghans were very very happy. The savage Taliban and 25 years civil war had sickened all Afghans. Their main wish was that a foreign country or the UN comes and solves their dreadful problems. In 2001, they want to kiss the US’s hands. We have seen how happy were Afghans and how happy they are now. Of course, in the recent years they have had many stupid problems there, but compared to the pre-2001 era, their current situation is like heaven. In 2001, many Afghans said: “the attack on the Taliban regime and Afghanistan is a gift form God“. In 2001, Afghans did not have anything, absolutely nothing. But now, they have a country, a future, etc. They also enjoy rebuilding, freedom and free media (much more than Iran), etc. But the stupid lefts pretend that Afghanistan is Vietnam. And it’s a big lie. The stupid lefts are big liars and big jerks . It’s so obvious that there are many problems in Afghanistan, but the stupid lefts who loved Taliban and civil war in Afghanistan, have not any right to talk about these problems. These bastards, themselves are part of the problem. These bastards pretend ignorance about Afghan conditions before 2001, and how many of Afghans were killed, raped, and tortured. The number is really much more than the number of victims after 2001. As we said before, Mr. stupid and other stupid lefts had the same solution for Libya and about the savage Gaddafi. In fact, they wanted to save the savage Gaddafi and his medieval regime, that was their close friend . These stupid bastards don’t deserve to live in the free world; they must be forced to live in Iran to understand the true meaning of Taliban or Mullah justice, and also the true meaning of their shameful and ridiculous alternative solution !

The stupid lefts defend all stupid reactionary things in the world, including the Arab world. In the recent months, the media reported: “ Hundreds of thousands of ultra-religious Egyptian Islamists packed Tahrir Square (of Egypt) in an unprecedented show of support for the creation of an Islamic republic</strong". "The Islamists showed their true colors today, said a liberal Egyptian. From this day on, everyone will know these guys cant tolerate others views. Theyve been pretending they can work with others, he added. The report said: "the prospect of something like Iran was very much on the minds of remnants of the secular youth movement that led Egypts popular uprising in the spring, who were in Tahrir Square Friday. It was the largest protest in Egypt since the February departure of Mubarak and, overwhelmed by the Islamists numbers and by the Islamists stark religious agenda, the secularists walked out of the square and complained to the press that they had been deceived and would have no part of further joint protests with the Islamist groups. Banners put in place in the wee hours of Friday morning proclaimed, 'Islamic law is above the constitution [!!]‘ while chants used throughout the day in the square insisted ‘the people want to implement Sharia [!!]‘.’We can live in an Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood in government,’ said a Christian Egyptian, but not if they govern by Sharia. This is not the Egypt we want. The spokesman for the fundamentalist Salafists , dismissed the complaints of the secularists. There was no agreement, he said, referring to the concord said to have been reached between the two sides to avoid confrontation. If they [the secularists] dont want an Islamic state, theyre free to go [!!!!!]. He challenged them: If theyre so sure they represent the people, let them see if they can fill a square with three- or four-million people. Show us … We are the people. This is an Islamic country. And this is the Arab world that the stupid lefts defend it ! In the recent days, Turkey’s prime minister was in Egypt and said: “To Egyptians who view secularism as removing religion from the state, or as an infidel state, I say you are mistaken. It means respect to all religions. If this is implemented, the entire society will live in safety. Turkish secularism respects atheists. Do not be wary of secularism. I hope there will be a secular state in Egypt”. But the stupid Egyptian Islamists said: “In Turkey, when a man finds a woman in bed with another man, he can’t kill her because it is not permitted there [!]. In Turkey, when you find a non-believer man in the media, you can’t fire him or arrest him because it is not permitted there. It means that Turkey violates Islamic Shariah law” [!!] And this is the Arab world. This is the stupid Arab World that the stupid lefts defend it. The stupid pro-Islamist people in Egypt need some one like Khamenei, and they really deserve to be raped and killed by the Islamists, and only after that they will understand the true meaning of what they want now. Some Iranians say: “ Such kind of foolishness in 21st century, only proves that many Egyptians and many Arabs of the Arab World are like blind sheep ! ” It’s really true. The Arab world is very stupid, but Iran is not like the Arab world. Iran is much more modern that the Arab world. The majority of ordinary people in Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and even in Turkey are pro-Islamists. But the majority of Iranians hate all Islamists very much. It’s very important. In fact, Iran is really much more than all countries of the Middle East and Africa. Their societies and their people are at least 50 years more backward than Iran. Of course, Iran’s regime, i.e. the Mullahs who are anti-Iranians and pro-Arabs, is the stupidest regime of the Middle East. But the stupid lefts and their stupid leader, Noam Chomsky, defend both the Arab world and the Mullah regime, i.e. the most reactionary things in the world. They are the real enemy of the ordinary Iranians and all free and liberal people in the world.

9/11 and Michael Moore

September 17, 2011

Michael Moore is a very controversial figure. He exaggerates many things, but sometimes tells the truth. You can not be sure about him, because sometimes he looks like a stupid left, and sometimes he looks like a wise left. His movies are like himself. Part of his movies, part of their scenes or themes are really stupid, and part of them are very good. But all of these contradictions make Michael Moore, who recently has published a book about his life, especially after 9/11 and his war against Bush. has published an article that is an excerpt from Michael Moore’s new book, “Here Comes Trouble”. This article can show us Michael Moore’s paradoxes and contradictions, that are the left’s paradoxes and contradictions. He says he faced death threats, intimidation, and harassment, but he could have nine Navy Seals as his bodyguards; ‘Guys who had a cool head and who could take you out with a piece of dental floss in a matter of nanoseconds’. He says that some people and some studios were angry at him. “ The studio that had promised to fund my next film had called up after the Oscar speech and said that they were backing out of their signed contract with me -if I didn’t like it, I could go f-u-c-k myself “, but he could make another movie; A movie against Bush !! “The movie would go on to open at No 1 all across North America. And, to make matters worse for the White House, it opened at No 1 in all 50 states, even in the deep south. It broke the box office record long held by the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi for the largest opening weekend ever for a film that opened on 1,000 screens or less “. He certainly doesn’t know that if he lived in Iran, he could not have any of these luxury facilities ! He could not even go f-u-c-k himself, because the Mullahs f-u-c-ked him before ! He would be arrested after 9/11, and he would be raped in the prison, and then his family had to receive his dead body after some weeks or months. He says that for the two and a half years, he didn’t leave his house much. But he could “threw himself into getting Barack Obama elected, and helped toss two Republican congressmen from Michigan out of office. He set up a popular website, and he was elected to the board of governors of the same Academy Awards that had booed him. “. Michael Moore and other lefts should clearly appreciate the freedom, and of course the level of the freedom that they have there, but they don’t. They are not like the great Howard Zinn. Instead, many stupid lefts defend the tyranny and the savage tyrants in all around the world ! It’s beyond hypocrisy. It’s beyond charlatanism. You can, and should, fight against the greedy Capitalists, the stupid rights, the war lovers, the Imperialists, the big corporations, etc, but you can not, and should not, defend the tyranny and the savage tyrants in the name of your battle. Many stupid lefts can not understand this simple but vital matter . Can Michael Moore make a movie about the stupidity and savageness of Chavez, Gaddafi, Assad, or Khamenei ?? or Can he make a movie about the fake war between the fake enemies, i.e. between the western politicians and the Mullahs ?? Anyway, now lets take a look at excerpts of the article, that is an excerpt from Michael Moore’s new book:

“Wishes for my early demise seemed to be everywhere. They were certainly on the mind of CNN’s Bill Hemmer one sunny July morning in 2004. Holding a microphone in front of my face on the floor of the 2004 Democratic National Convention, live on CNN, he asked me what I thought about how the American people were feeling about Michael Moore: “I’ve heard people say they wish Michael Moore were dead.” Hemmer said it like he was simply stating the obvious, like, “of course they want to kill you!” He just assumed his audience already understood this truism, as surely as they accept that the sun rises in the east and corn comes on a cob … It was the night of 23 March 2003. Four nights earlier, Bush had invaded Iraq. This was an illegal, immoral, stupid invasion – but that was not how Americans saw it. More than 70% of the public backed the war . And on the fourth night of this very popular war, my film Bowling for Columbine was up for an Academy Award. I went to the ceremony but was not allowed, along with any of the nominees, to talk to the press while walking down the red carpet into Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre. There was the fear that someone might say something – and in wartime we need everyone behind the war effort and on the same page . The actress Diane Lane came on to the stage and read the list of nominees for best documentary. The envelope was opened, and she announced with unbridled glee that I had won the Oscar. The main floor, filled with the Oscar-nominated actors, directors and writers, leapt to its feet and gave me a very long standing ovation. I had asked the nominees from the other documentary films to join me on the stage in case I won, and they did. The ovation finally ended, and then I spoke: “I’ve invited my fellow documentary nominees on the stage with us. They are here in solidarity with me because we like non-fiction. We like non-fiction, yet we live in fictitious times. We live in a time where we have fictitious election results that elect a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons. Whether it’s the fiction of duct tape or the fiction of orange alerts: we are against this war, Mr Bush. Shame on you, Mr Bush. Shame on you! And anytime you’ve got the Pope and the Dixie Chicks against you, your time is up! Thank you very much .” About halfway through these remarks, all hell broke loose. There were boos, very loud boos, from the upper floors and from backstage. (A few -Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep- tried to cheer me on from their seats, but they were no match.) The producer of the show ordered the orchestra to start playing to drown me out. The microphone started to descend into the floor … Champagne and breathmint are the first two words all Oscar winners hear. But, lucky me, I got to hear a third. An angry stagehand came right up to the side of my head, screaming as loud as he could in my ear: “ASSHOLE!” … That night I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and turned on the TV. For the next hour I watched the local TV stations do their Oscar night wrap-up shows and as I flipped between the channels, I listened to one pundit after another question my sanity, criticize my speech and say, over and over, in essence: “I don’t know what got into him!” … I turned off the computer and I turned off the lights and I sat there in the chair in the dark, going over and over what I had done. Good job, Mike. And good riddance.”

“When we got back to our home in northern Michigan, the local beautification committee had dumped three truckloads of horse manure waist-high in our driveway so that we wouldn’t be able to enter our property a property which, by the way, was freshly decorated with a dozen or so signs nailed to our trees: GET OUT! MOVE TO CUBA! COMMIE SCUM! TRAITOR! LEAVE NOW OR ELSE! I had no intention of leaving …The hate mail after the Oscar speech was so voluminous, it almost seemed as if Hallmark had opened a new division where greeting card writers were assigned the task of penning odes to my passing. (“For a Special Motherfucker ” “Get Well Soon from Your Mysterious Car Accident!” “Here’s to a Happy Stroke!”) The phone calls to my house were actually creepier. It’s a whole different fright machine when a human voice is attached to the madness and you think: “This person literally risked arrest to say this over a phone line!” You had to admire the balls -or insanity- of that. But the worst moments were when people came on to our property. These individuals would just walk down the driveway, always looking like rejects from the cast of Night of the Living Dead, never moving very fast, but always advancing with singleminded purposefulness. Few were actual haters; most were just crazy. We kept the sheriff’s deputies busy until they finally suggested we might want to get our own security, or perhaps our own police force. Which we did. We met with the head of the top security agency in the country, an elite outfit that did not hire ex-cops, nor any “tough guys” or bouncer-types. They preferred to use only Navy Seals and other ex-Special Forces. Guys who had a cool head and who could take you out with a piece of dental floss in a matter of nanoseconds. By the end of the year, due to the alarming increase of threats and attempts on me, I had nine ex-Seals surrounding me, round-the-clock . After the Oscar riot and the resulting persona-non-grata status I held as the most hated man in America, I decided to do what anyone in my position would do: make a movie suggesting the president of the United States is a war criminal. I mean, why take the easy road? It was already over for me, anyway. The studio that had promised to fund my next film had called up after the Oscar speech and said that they were backing out of their signed contract with me -if I didn’t like it, I could go fuck myself . Fortunately, another studio picked up the deal but cautioned that perhaps I should be careful not to piss off the ticket-buying public. The owner of the studio had backed the invasion of Iraq. I told him I had already pissed off the ticket-buying public, so why don’t we just make the best movie possible, straight from the heart – and, well, if nobody liked that, there was always straight-to-video. ”

“In the midst of all this turmoil I began shooting Fahrenheit 9/11. I told everyone on my crew to operate as if this was going to be the last job we were ever going to have in the movie business. This wasn’t meant to be an inspirational speech -I really believed that this was going to be it. And so we spent the next 11 months putting together our cinematic indictment of an administration and a country gone mad. The release of the film in 2004, just a little more than a year after the start of the war, came at a time when the vast majority of Americans still backed the war. We premiered it at the Cannes film festival, where we were awarded the top prize, the Palme d’Or, by an international jury headed by Quentin Tarantino. It was the first time in nearly 50 years a documentary had won the prize . This initial overwhelming response to Fahrenheit 9/11 spooked the Bush White House, convincing those in charge of his re-election campaign that a movie could be the tipping point that might bring them down. They hired a pollster to find out the effect the film would have on voters. After screening the movie with three different audiences in three separate cities, the news Karl Rove received was not good. The movie was not only giving a much-needed boost to the Democratic base (who were wild about the film), it was, oddly, having a distinct effect also on female Republican voters. The studio’s own polling had already confirmed that an amazing one-third of Republican voters -after watching the movie- said they would recommend the film to other people . But the White House pollster reported something even more dangerous -10% of Republican females said that after watching Fahrenheit 9/11, they had decided to either vote for John Kerry or to just stay home. In an election that could be decided by only a few percentage points, this was devastating news. The movie would go on to open at No 1 all across North America. And, to make matters worse for the White House, it opened at No 1 in all 50 states, even in the deep south … It broke the box office record long held by the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi for the largest opening weekend ever for a film that opened on 1,000 screens or less … The attacks on me that followed were like mad works of fiction, crazy, madeup stuff that I refused to respond to because I didn’t want to dignify the noise. On TV, on the radio, in op-eds, on the internet -everywhere- it was suggested that Michael Moore hates America, he’s a liar, a conspiracy nut and a croissant-eater. The campaign against me was meant to stop too many Republicans from seeing the film … The ex-Navy Seals moved in with us. When I walked down a public sidewalk they would have to form a circle around me . At night they wore night-vision goggles and other special equipment that I’m convinced few people outside CIA headquarters have ever seen. The agency protecting me had a threat assessment division. Their job was to investigate anyone who had made a credible threat against me [!!]. One day, I asked to see the file. … I could no longer go out in public without an incident happening. It started with small stuff, such as people in a restaurant asking to be moved to a different table when I was seated next to them, or a taxi driver who would stop his cab in mid-traffic to scream at me . The verbal abuse soon turned physical, and the Seals were now on high alert. For security reasons, I will not go into too much detail here [!!!], partly on the advice of the agency and partly because I don’t want to give these criminals any more of the attention they were seeking: -In Nashville, a man with a knife leapt up on the stage and started coming toward me. -In Fort Lauderdale, a man in a nice suit saw me on the sidewalk and went crazy. He took the lid off his hot, scalding coffee and threw it at my face”

“As the months wore on, even after Bush’s re-election, the constant drumbeat against me only intensified. When Glenn Beck said that he was thinking of killing me, he was neither fined by the broadcasting regulator nor arrested by the NYPD. He was, essentially, making a call to have me killed, and no one in the media at that time reported it. And then a man trespassed on our property and left something outside our bedroom window when I wasn’t home. It terrorised my wife. He even videotaped himself doing this. When the police investigated, he said he was making a ‘documentary’. He called it Shooting Michael Moore. And when you went to his website, and the words Shooting Michael Moore came on the screen, the sound of a gunshot went off … I will not share with you the impact this had, at that time, on my personal life, but suffice it to say I would not wish this on anyone. More than once I have asked myself if all this work was really worth it. And, if I had it to do over again, would I? If I could take back that Oscar speech and just walk up on the stage and thank my agent and tuxedo designer and get off without another word, would I? … For the next two and a half years, I didn’t leave the house much. From January 2005 to May 2007, I did not appear on a single TV show … And then to my rescue rode President Bush. He said something that helped snap me out of it. I had heard him say it before, but this time when I heard him, I felt like he was speaking directly to me. He said: “If we give in to the terrorists, the terrorists win.” And he was right. His terrorists were winning! Against me! What was I doing sitting inside the house? I opened up the blinds, folded up my pity party, and went back to work. I made three films in three years, threw myself into getting Barack Obama elected, and helped toss two Republican congressmen from Michigan out of office. I set up a popular website, and I was elected to the board of governors of the same Academy Awards that had booed me. Eventually I found myself back on The Tonight Show for the first time in a while. As I was leaving the stage, the guy who was operating the boom microphone approached me. “You probably don’t remember me,” he said nervously. “I never thought I would ever see you again or get the chance to talk to you. I can’t believe I get to do this.”Do what? I thought. I braced myself for the man’s soon-to-be-broken hand. “I never thought I’d get to apologise to you,” he said, as a few tears started to come into his eyes. “I’m the guy who ruined your Oscar night. I’m the guy who yelled ‘ASSHOLE’ into your ear right after you came off the stage. I thought you were attacking the president -but you were right. He did lie to us. And I’ve had to carry this with me now all these years, and I’m so sorry ” By now he was starting to fall apart, and all I could think to do was to reach out and give him a huge hug. “It’s OK, man,” I said, a big smile on my face. “I accept your apology. But you do not need to apologise to me. You believed your president! You’re supposed to believe your president! If we can’t expect that as just the minimum from whoever’s in office, then, shit, we’re doomed.” “Thank you,” he said, relieved. “Thank you for understanding.” “Understanding?” I said. “This isn’t about understanding. I’ve told this funny story for years now, about the first two words you hear when you’re an Oscar winner -and how I got to hear a bonus word! Man, don’t take that story away from me! People love it!” He laughed, and I laughed. “Yeah,” he said, “there aren’t many good stories like that”

Ganji, Shariati, and Iranian fake Intellectuals

September 13, 2011

Ali Shariati was the spiritual leader of Iranian Baboons in 1970s. He has been called the ‘ideologue’ of the IslamicRevolution. His fans called him “Islamic intellectual” !, while he was a very stupid Islamist-Marxist. In fact, he was an Islamic fundamentalist. Ali Shariati was a great stupid baboon, and we could call him the real founder of the Islamic revolution of 1979, i.e. one of the biggest tragedies of the history of Iran and world. Some funny Iranians say: “Ali Shariati was Noam Chomsky of Iran in 1970s; or Noam Chomsky is Ali Shariati of USA” !! In the recent months, Akbar Ganji has written some critical articles about the stupid Shariati, the Islamist-Marxist Chomsky of Iran. These articles are not bad and can show how the fake intellectuals can destroy a country or the whole world. Reading these articles can be useful for all young Muslims, especially non-Iranians (Of course, Ganji’s articles are in Persian. Apparently after 5 years living in the US, he has not learned English). Ganji’s articles truly show how the stupid Shariati worked with SAVAK (Shah’s intelligence service), how he hated democracy and fought against democracy, how he clearly defended Islamic dictatorship and theocracy, how he clearly defended violence and ‘Bloody Islam’, etc. Ganji was a stupid fan of Shariati in 1970s and 1980s, but now he is not as stupid as Shariati or other Iranian Baboons, especially the Khatamists and Rafsanjani mercenaries. Ganji is still a close friend of many Iranian Baboons, but he is not as corrupt as them. He is not a corrupt charlatan, like other Iranian baboons that only think about money and their mercenary jobs. Of course in the recent months, Ganji defended Khatami and showed that he is a fake intellectual. As we said before, Akbar Ganji has disappointed many Iranians, but he is still the only member of Iranian Baboons’ circle that is not very corrupt and dishonest, and you can write about him and his views, and in this way you show the depth of the stupidity of Iranian baboons and Iranian fake intellectuals.

In his recent articles, Ganji showed the depth of Shariati’s stupidity and a long list of his great dreadful mistakes, but at the end, he defended Shariati and said: “At that time, at his age, Shariati did not have our current dreadful experiences. He could not see the future [and the result of his bullshits and his dreadful theories]; so we should not condemn him.” It’s a stupid cliché that all Iranian fake intellectuals try to use it. It’s part of Iranian Intellectualism’s tragedy . But as we said before, some one like Sadeq Hedayat, 1903-195, can show us that even in 100 years ago, Iranians could be wise and intellect. He was one of the first well-known atheists in Iran. He was a great critic of the Mullahs, the fake intellects, the religion, the stupid religious superstitions, etc. What the stupid Shariati could not understand, Hedayat had understood 50 years earlier. The stupid Iranian baboons can not justify themselves, and their horrible stupidity and their dreadful mistakes, by saying: “At that time, we did not have your today facilities, like the internet, so we had right to be stupid.” Sadeq Hedayat’s life is a good example that shows that these bastards are really stupid. These bastards had many technological facilities in 1970s, while Hedayat did not have them in 1930s or 1940s; But compared to these bastards, Hedayat was God ! He could see the depth of stupidity of Stalin and Stalinism, while the majority of the stupid Iranian fake intellectuals were Marxist-Stalinist ! Hedayat truly said: “They are like sheep and only follow the fashion “. The stupid Shariati was blind and could see the result of his dreadful bullshits. The Islamist logic and the Mullah logic was very clear. For example, the fate of Ahmad Kasravi, a moderate Muslim who wanted to be open-minded and tried to fight against the Mullahs and the religious superstitions, was very informative. As we said before, the Mullahs and the Muslim fanatics assassinated Kasravi in 1940s. The Mullahs thugs who kill and rape the ordinary Iranians in 2010s, are exactly the followers of Kasravi’s killers. They clearly declare it. Their logic is exactly the same. But the stupid Shariati was a blind sheep. He really knew nothing about the history of the world and Iran. He had lived in France for some years, but was like a stupid sheep.

The Iranian Baboon’s excuse for their dreadful stupidity and their horrible mistakes is really unacceptable. These bastards did know the world and the history. Charles Darwin lived in 19th century. As you know, in 1860s or 1870s, i.e. 100 years before Shariati, Darwin was a great open-minded and intellectual. Charles Darwin’s religious views can show us the truth. As you know, in 19th century many western intellects were like Darwin, and had learned the lessons of the European Middle Age. But 100 years later, Iranian fake intellectuals, like the stupid Shariati, could not understand that they should not work for strengthening the Islamic Middle Ages . These bastards had reactionary goals (establishing a religious government), and used reactionary means (violence and terrorism). As Will Durant, 1885-1981, says in The Story of Civilization, these stupid bastards belonged to “The Age of Faith”, not “The Age of Reason”, so they should not even be called “Intellectual”. They were reactionary people with dreadful reactionary plans, who lived in 1970s, not in 1370s or 1470s !! They lived when the world and the history knew the religious and secular tyranny and totalitarianism. But these stupid bastards, defended the tyranny in the name of some ultra-stupid Islamic-Marxist goals. They were really stupider than Noam Chomsky. Like the stupid Chomsky, they defended the tyranny and religious dictatorship, in the name of independence and fighting against the Imperialism, but they also worked for establishing a real Islamic government !, that means “a real Islamic Orwellian society”. They were stupid lefts, but a special version: ‘The Islamist lefts’ ! . Akbar Ganji is more liberal than other stupid Islamist lefts, but he still is a stupid fan of Noam Chomsky. He stupidly praised Noam Chomsky, maybe because it’s a fashion in USA ! In fact, he is a sheep like Shariati. Like a sheep, he can not think independently about the depth of Noam Chomsky’s stupidity . But it’s not the whole story.

In these months, Akbar Ganji defended the stupid Khatami. In fact, the end of Akbar Ganji was very clear, but he clearly proved that he is a stupid political activist, not an intellectual. Some say: “Ganaji, the ex-member of Mullah intelligence service, can not be an intellectual. When he sees that the Islamic regime is on the edge of collapse, he tries to defend the stupid Khatami “. Ganji stupidly says that Khatami is not “Betrayal“. Is his two stupid articles, on June 28, 2011 and July 6, 2011, he wrote about Khatami, Khamenei and Mr. shit. He stupidly tried to defend Khatami and emphasized: “ Khatami is not disloyal to the people. We should not use the words like ‘Betrayal’, ‘Disloyal’, or ‘Traitor’, about him “. But Iranians know that Khatami has been disloyal to his people, their movement, and their blood. Because Iranians are not as stupid as Ganji and know the meaning of the words “Betray”, “Betrayal”, “Disloyal”, “Traitor”, etc. They feel the meaning of these words by their heart, and of course they can find the meaning of these words in the dictionaries. The famous dictionaries say: “Betray = ‘To be disloyal to someone who trusts you so that they are harmed or upset; To stop supporting your old beliefs and principles, especially in order to get power or avoid trouble. Disloyal = ‘Doing or saying things that do not support your friends, your people, [your people’s blood, etc]’. Betrayal = ‘When you betray your friends, your people, or someone who trusts you’. Traitor = ‘Someone who is disloyal to their country, friends, people, beliefs, [people’s blood, etc]’. It’s very clear that Khatami betrayed the people, the people’s hope and the people trust, because Khatami was disloyal to the people who trusts him and Mousavi in 1997 and 2009, and the people are harmed and upset now. Khatami stopped supporting the people, especially in order to get power or avoid trouble. Khatami do and say many things that do not support the people and what the people want. Khatami do and say many things that do not support the people’s blood, the victims, and what they want. So, the people truly say that Khatami is a traitor or betrayer. What Ganji and other stupid fake intellectuals can not understand is that many young Iranians are not sheep. Compared to Ganji , Shariati, and other Iranian fake intellectuals, the young generation of Iranian intellects are God ! They know the world and the history, and will put an end to the Islamic Middle Age in Iran.

9/11: Questions, Conspiracy Theories, & Stupid Lefts

September 12, 2011

Since the 9/11 attacks, a variety of questions and conspiracy theories have been put forward in web sites, books, and films. Some questions are really legitimate and important. They are unanswered questions of the survivors, the ordinary people or the wise guys. “People conquer their fears by drawing connections between unconnected facts and tragedies to create a unified theory that brings order out of chaos. What they want to do is not irrational”, some wise guys say. But many questions and theories have been created by the stupid lefts, i.e. those who support the tyranny and the savage tyrants in all around the world, in the name of fighting against Imperialism. These stupid bastards, and their leader Noam Chomsky, are the enemy of the freedom and democracy in the world. These stupid bastards don’t care about the human rights and the killed people in USA, Iran, Libya, Syria, etc. They clearly and openly defend the savage tyrants, from Chavez and Gaddafi to Khamenei and Assad, in the name of independence and fighting against Imperialism. As we said before, these stupid bastards don’t deserve to live in the free world. They must be forced to live in Iran, Venezuela, Syria, etc. They love the Chavez’s tyranny or the Khamenei’s barbarism, while they live in the free world. It’s really unfair. They deserve to be tortured, raped, and killed by the savage tyrants. It’s so obvious that If the US government was like the Mullah regime, these stupid bastards could not ask even a simple question about 9/11, without being raped and killed in the prisons . It’s very important. These stupid lefts are stupid charlatans, and must be forced to live in Iran. We, all, should draw a clear line between ourselves and the stupid lefts. These stupid bastards are worse than the ruling group of the US, and if they gain the power, they would convert the US to another Syria, Venezuela, USSR, etc. “While we know that the stupid lefts are full of shit, but we can understand that there is some serious unanswered questions about the 9/11”, some wise liberals say. “By 2004, conspiracy theories about the 9/11 began to gain ground in the US. One explanation is that the rise in popularity stemmed more from growing criticism of the Iraq War. Between 2004 and 2006, mainstream coverage of the conspiracy theories increased. Reacting to the growing publicity, the U.S. government issued responses to the theories, including a formal analysis by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the collapse of the World Trade Center and a revised 2006 State Department webpage to debunk the theories. . But some still think that their answers are not enough”, the alternative media reported. We should not forget that the Mullahs defend the conspiracy theories. We should not forget that Al-Qaeda has repeatedly claimed responsibility for the attacks, with chief deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri accusing the Mullahs and the Shia Muslims of denigrating Sunni successes in hurting America ! “What the savage Mullahs and other stupid Muslim fanatics say about 9/11, is not conspiracy theory, it’s “Dirty Charlatanism”; it’s a tactic of the rapist Islamist fascists”, many Iranians believe.


Some say: “The lack of a serious independent investigation is a real problem”. It’s true, but who wants to carry out ‘the independent investigation’? The stupid lefts ?!! If you can find some wise liberal people or group, who hate both the Capitalists and Noam Chomsky, who hate all kind of the tyranny and the tyrants, who hate both the stupid lefts and stupid rights, etc we and many others will strongly support “the independent investigation”. But one of the main global problem is that you can not find a wise and independent group for conducting “the independent investigation”. Under these conditions, each investigation can raise doubts. In fact, it’s one of the main problems of the current f-u-c-k-ing world, i.e. “the lack of wise and independent intellectuals“. Noam Chomsky and the stupid lefts are not intellectuals. They clearly and openly defend the tyranny and the savage tyrants. Before answering to the 9/11questions, we should try to solve the problem of the stupid lefts. If the world had enough number of the real intellectuals and independent thinkers, then many problems would be solved automatically, including the 9/11 questions . Some say: “About one third of Americans believe that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job. The first elaborated theories appeared in Europe. One week after the attacks the “inside job” theory was mentioned in Le Monde. In a 2010 ZDF online poll, 67% of respondents, mainly Europeans, identified “George Bush” (27%), “U.S. Authorities” (25%) or the “Armaments Lobby” (15%) as having been behind the 9/11 attacks”. But many ordinary people are under the influence of the stupid lefts. It’s really shameful. The stupid lefts can deceive the people, and it’s really a big problem. For example, the stupid lefts claim that they are “Anti-War”, and some naive people accept this big lie. But the stupid lefts only disgrace “Anti-War” movements. These stupid bastards clearly and openly support the tyranny and the savage tyrants who kill and rape thousands of thousands innocent people. The cases of Iran, Libya, Syria, etc can show us the truth. Chavez and many other stupid lefts support the savage Gaddafi. These stupid bastards are not “Anti-War”, they are ‘anti-freedom’ and ‘anti-democracy’ . Almost all Iranians and all other suppressed nations hate the stupid lefts, who defended and supported the dictators like Khamenei, Assad, Gaddafi, etc. But unfortunately many ordinary western people can not understand the depth of the stupidity of the stupid lefts, and it’s a very big problem.


Various 9/11 conspiracy theories, question the official account of the events of September 11, 2001. The most prominent conspiracy theory is that the collapse of the World Trade Center and 7 World Trade Center were the result of a controlled demolition rather than structural weakening due to fire. (Of course, some say these people have not seen a Boeing 757 or 747, or the fuel tanks of a Boeing in their life) The other conspiracy theory is about in-flight calls were made from cell phones in hi-jacked airplanes. Theorists claim that these phone calls are not real ! Another prominent belief is that the Pentagon was hit by a missile launched by elements from inside the U.S. government. Theorists say: “The Pentagon crash may be the most puzzling event of the day. The impact holes in the pentagon were much smaller then a commercial American Airlines plane.” Another theory is about the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Theorists say: “In the event that a airplane were to be hijacked, NORAD is prepared to send out fighter jets which can debilitate or shoot down an airplane. But on 9/11/01, NORAD commanded defense systems to Stand-down, because of their lack of presence during the attacks.” Another conspiracy theory is about the Flight 93, that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It is believed that the passengers fought back, and crashed the plane into a field. But skeptics believe that Flight 93 landed safely, while a substitute plane was shot out of the sky ! Other theorists believe that the passengers were murdered or relocated, and will never be found. The US government has tried to answered some of the conspiracy theories . Some of these theories are really stupid or have been answered before, but some of them need more investigation and more serious answers. But as we said before, the main question is how we can carry out the independent investigation. The stupid lefts, i.e. the main supporters of the conspiracy theories are worse than the US authorities, and can not conduct any independent investigation about anything. These bastards are close friends of the Mullahs, Chavez, Gaddafi, Assad, etc. These stupid bastards clearly and openly defend the tyranny and the savage tyrants. They are the main enemy of the freedom and the human rights.


When the both side of the problem are really stupid, “the independent investigation” is meaningless. When Noam Chomsky, Chavez, the stupid lefts, the Mullahs, the religious fanatics, etc are one side of the problem, and the stupid rights, the capitalists, the lair media, the stupid corrupt politicians, etc are the other side of the problem, we can be sure that both sides are evil, and the problem is really unsolvable. For solving many problems of the world, for having a better world, and for enjoying the real freedom and democracy, we, all, should try to get rid of both stupid lefts and stupid rights ASAP . After that we, all, could have the independent investigation about many things, including the 9/11 attacks.

Noam Chomsky’s True Color

July 15, 2011

In the recent days, The stupid Noam Chomsky tried to criticize his beloved tyrant ‘Hugo Chavez’ , but now he denies his criticism. As we said before, the stupid Guardian said: Noam Chomsky criticizes old friend Hugo Chavez for assault on democracy. But some wise people said: Reading the whole transcript, wed say Chomskys position is much more nuanced than denounces old friend implies . Now the stupid Noam Chomsky confesses, and reveals his true color. In a new interview with a stupid left, Noam Chomsky says: “The Guardian/Observer version [of my interview about Chavez], as I anticipated, is quite deceptive … Q: Do you think Venezuela is less democratic a society today than when Chavez was first elected in 1998? The impression given by the Carroll article is that you believe that the concentration of executive power that has taken place under Chavez has made it less democratic than 13 years ago. CHOMSKY: I dont think so, and never suggested it [!!!]… Q: The way she was treated convinced you of [Venezuelan Judge] Afiuni’s innocence? Chomsky: The letter says nothing about guilt or innocence [!!!] [stupid liars]. It does not address that issue [!!]. Personally, I consider the charges rather weak, but neither I nor the Carr Center are able to evaluate the evidence [!!!]…. It says she has suffered enough violence and humiliation and should receive clemency [!!!]… I should add that criticism made by the US is absurd [!!!]. At this point, for example, Bradley Manning, who has not been convicted, is imprisoned for almost a year, mostly in solitary confinement, which amounts to torture … I know about the president’s health and hope for his full and speedy recovery [!] … In 2009, I spent a couple of hours with him … It was very interesting and informative [!!] … Q: As a defender of Chavez and other leftist governments in Latin America, do situations like this let you down? Chomsky: To say that I am an defender of them is somewhat misleading [!!!]. I am a defender of Latin American independence [!!], [and an enemy of their freedom and democracy] … For the first time in 500 years there have been movements in Latin America [blah blah] …I think that’s very good, and I certainly defend that [!!!]. I think the developments in South America in the last decade are probably the most exciting in the world [!!!!] … Q: In Venezuela, your expectations have been disappointed? Chomsky: I have no particular expectations [!]. I follow with interest what happens [!!] ..I hope they show mercy in the case of the judge [!!!] [who needs Chavez’s mercy and Chomsky’s sympathy?!!] … Was the U.S. was a fascist dictatorship under Franklin Delano Roosevelt? [!!!] He served four terms. Term limits can be debated to be good or bad [!!!], but there are no strong arguments [!!!] ” The stupid bastard, who call you intellectual?


Noam Chomsky is a stupid defender of tyranny and dictatorship. Public opinion should ask him to go and live in Venezuela or Iran. He loves Chavez, Khamenei and their regime, Ok, but why he lives in the US ? Why he lives there and talks nonsense about the f-u-c-k-i-ng situations in Venezuela or Iran? Chomsky should be forced to live in Venezuela or Iran, and then maybe he would be able to understand the real meaning of his bullshits. He behaves and lies like the politicians. Who calls this stupid bastard, Noam Chomsky, an intellectual ? He is a stupid Marxist, and his stupid fans are among the most stupid people in the world. They should be forced to live in Iran or Venezuela. Living in Iran or Venezuela would cure them of their dreadful delusions. It’s so obvious that the US has many serious problems and the American democracy has many serious illnesses and needs serious improvements, but compared to Iran or Venezuela, the US is Paradise. The bastard Chomsky pretends ignorance of the Roosevelt’s case and stupidly compares it with Chavez’s case [1]. And about the Bradley Manning’s case he behaves like Khamenei. Manning’s case is so embarrassing, but we should not forget that Manning was a military man and his case is a military case, not a civil case. Do you know what happens to some one like Manning in Iran or Venezuela ? [2]. All reports about the dreadful conditions of the Mullah’s prison, is about the civil prisons, not the military prisons. In Iran, the military prisoners have not any right, and even the western media don’t speak about them. Using the Manning’s case for justifying the brutality of Chavez or Khamenei is charlatanism . Compared to Iran’s judiciary system or Venezuela’s judiciary system, the U.S. military courts are free, and the U.S. civil courts are Paradise. Noam Chomsky and his fans don’t deserve to live in the US. They should be forced to live in Venezuela or Iran. You should not forget that If the U.S. conditions were like Venezuela’s or Iran’s, Chomsky would be jailed, exiled, or executed. He lives in the US without any serious problem. He can publish his stupid books, can give stupid interviews, can talk nonsense, etc but Iranians should dice with death to write or talk about everything. Many Iranians, including us, ask: “Why he should be free, but we have not any kind of freedom? Why he can freely bullshit us, but we should dice with death to write about his bullshits?” And the Iranian intellects say: “The World has many dreadful problems, but do you know why? It’s not because of its hypocrite politicians, i.e. some one like Obama, Bush, Blair, Sarkozy, Cameron, etc. It’s a common mistake. The World has many dreadful problems because its intellectuals are some one like Noam Chomsky. He and his stupid fans are the fake intellects and the real enemy of Freedom. These psychotic people who think that Chavez, Khamenei, Gaddafi, Assad, etc are hero, because they are the enemy of the US, are like the ultra-stupid lefts in 1930s and later decades, who defended Stalin, Hitler, Nazism, Fascism, and Stalinism against the American Imperialism.” Shame on them all.

[1]The bastard Chomsky doesn’t say anything about the Chavez’s military coup in 1992, and the fact that Chavez is a military man like Mubarak, who wants to be a dictator and a lifelong president/leader like Mubarak, Assad, Bin Ali, Gaddafi, Khamenei, etc . Chomsky pretends ignorance of Roosevelt’s case. Roosevelt was a historical exception in the US history. Roosevelt was elected in a free election, in World War II’s era, and before and after him no American president has had more than 2 terms. But for avoiding any possible problem, after the war the U.S. Constitution changed and the 22nd Constitutional Amendment said: “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice“. In fact, in more than two centuries, members of Congress have proposed thousands of amendments, and 27 have made it all the way to ratification. It’s like a dream for Iranians. The first 12, including the Bill of Rights, were in place by 1804. After the civil war, the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments ratified. The 13th abolished slavery. The 15th gave blacks the right to vote, though it was not widely enforced until the 1960s. The 14th Amendment has often been called a second constitutional revolution because it shifted power from the states to the federal government. Several later amendments dealt with the right to vote. The 19th Amendment said: “Women have the right to vote”. Some amendments were really interesting. The 18th Amendment in 1919, was the ban on alcohol known as Prohibition. But in 1933, the 21st Amendment repealed it. It’s the real meaning of “correcting mistakes in a democratic way”. It’s like a dream for Iranians and many other nations.

[2] As we said before, The condition of Bradley Manning in the military jail is like our condition in Iran. The inhumane conditions of Bradley Mannings detention is so embarrassing and ridiculous . But comparing a civil case with a military case for justifying the Chavez’s tyranny is charlatanism. The Iranian version of Bradley Manning’s case is the 1988 massacre in the Mullah’s prisons . Of course many of the Iranian prisoners were not like Bradley Manning. They were not military men, and their crime was distributing pamphlet or being member of the atheist group. Noam Chomsky insults Manning by using his case for justifying the tyranny. Does Manning defend a tyrant like Chavez? Noam Chomsky shows that he is a real bastard, a real charlatan.

Noam Chomsky and Hugo Chavez

July 7, 2011

Hugo Chavez has long considered Noam Chomsky one of his best friends in the west. He turned one of Chomsky’s books into an overnight bestseller after brandishing it during a UN speech. He hosted Chomsky in Caracas with smiles and pomp. Earlier this year Chavez even suggested Washington make Chomsky the US ambassador to Venezuela ! Hugo Chavez has been highly and widely praised by the stupid Noam Chomsky. In fact, Naive Chomsky is an expert in praising the dictators and tyrants, who are the Chomsky’s lovers. Now the case of Jude Afiuni, that is only one of the Hugo Chavez’s brutalities, has disgraced Chomsky, and he tries to improve his image. Judge Afiuni earned Chavez’s ire in December 2009 by freeing a prominent banker facing corruption charges. Chavez called the judge a criminal and demanded she be jailed for 30 years. “That judge has to pay for what she has done.” Venezuelan judge, Maria Lourdes Afiuni, 47, a single mother with cancer, without any trial spent over a year in jail, where she was assaulted by other prisoners. Now the stupid Chomsky reveals he has lobbied Chavez behind the scenes since late last year for freeing Afiuni. The Guardian published a transcript of its interview with Noam Chomsky, on July 4, 2011. The stupid Guardian said: “Noam Chomsky criticizes old friend Hugo Chavez for assault on democracy”. But some wise people said: “Reading the whole transcript, we’d say Chomsky’s position is much more nuanced than “denounces old friend” implies ” Now, Lets take a look that what he has said: “Well as far as I’m aware she’s not receiving any trial at all. I rather doubt, I’d be sceptical about whether she could receive a fair trial … My suspicion is that the judiciary is not as independent as it should be. We may compare it to Colombia next door. Colombia’s human rights record is incomparably worse … It’s obviously improper for the executive to intervene and impose a jail sentence without a trial. And I should say that the United States is in no position to complain about this [!!] … The executive intervention in a case of severe violation of civil liberties … doesn’t change the judgment about Venezuela [!!!!] …Venezuela has come under vicious, unremitting attack by the US and the west generally, … so, I think it’s natural that the leftwing commentators won’t want to join in it [!!!] In 2009, I said that there are steps towards a better world in Venezuela and as far as I know that’s true [!!!]


The stupid Chomsky added: “Venezuela has played a significant role in very important developments in South America and Latin America [!!!] … So yes I think these are positive initiatives which have to be balanced against other things [!!!] I think what’s happened in Latin America in the past 10 years is probably the most exciting and positive development to take place in the world [!!!] … In Venezuela, It’s a trend which has developed towards the centralisation of power in the executive which I don’t think is a healthy development [!!!] … Concentration of executive power, unless it’s very temporary and for specific circumstances [!] , it’s an assault on democracy … About Venezuela, as I said you can debate whether circumstances require it [!!!] -both internal circumstances and the external threat of attack and so on, so that’s a legitimate debate [!!!] ” When you read his stupid interview and his stupid defense of Hugo motherf-u-c-ke-r Chavez, you can be sure that Noam Chomsky is a real stupid bastard, his fans are among one of the most stupid people in the world. In his open letter, Chomsky said: “With this public letter I want to express my open support of the liberty of judge María Lourdes Afiuni, detained in Venezuela since December 2009 … The way she was detained, the inadequate conditions of her imprisonment, the degrading treatment she suffered … the dramatic erosion of her health and the cruelty displayed against her, all duly documented, left me greatly worried about her physical and psychological wellbeing, as well as about her personal safety … However, judge Afiuni has suffered enough. She has been subject to acts of violence and humiliations to undermine her human dignity. I am convinced that she must be set free, not only due to her physical and psychological health conditions, but in conformance with the human dignity the Bolivarian revolution presents as a goal [!!!!] … I shall keep high hopes that President Chavez will consider a humanitarian act that will end the judge’s detention [!!!]” Now some people ask the stupid Chomsky: “Mr. stupid, Hasn’t it been clear that Chavez cares more about power than about justice or democracy?” And some wise people say: “Chomsky is a stupid Marxist who can not understand the essential difference between a liberal democracy like the USA and a totalitarian country like Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, etc. He opposes the USA and Cuba or Iran. But he stupidly thinks they are equally oppressive. The liberal position is that Chomsky refuses to choose freedom over tyranny, and therefore all his nuance is for nothing ” In fact, Mr. stupid f-u-c-ks the freedom in the name of independence, and in this way, he becomes the number one enemy of the suppressed people, especially Iranians who are brutally suppressed by the Mullah regime. Mr. stupid, Chomsky, and his stupid fans are as dangerous as Capitalism and Imperialism for the world and the people . Shame on them all.

Saudi Women and Iranian Women

June 23, 2011

The lunatic lefts and many other people around the world, know nothing about the real differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia. As we said before, Noam Chomsky and his followers are really stupid, and can not understand that: Iranians are much more modern than Arabs of Saudi Arabi, but Irans regime is more brutal and reactionary than Saudi Arabias regime . A Saudi woman, who writes in Saudiwoman’s blog , can show us the meaning of these differences. She seems like the Islamist-Reformists in Iran. In fact, the majority of open-minded Saudi people, in the best case are like the stupid Iranian Islamist-Reformists. “ Saudi girls just wanna have fun ” is one of Saudiwoman’s informative posts. Look at the below picture, and how the poor young Saudi women, try to be goofy and play with their eyes, i.e. the only visible part of their body. The poor Saudi women are imprisoned within the burka/abaya, but they don’t protest against Hijab. The majority of Saudi women have accepted the Islamic Hijab and support the Islamic laws. But in Iran the social situation is quite different. In fact, not only the burka/abaya has been extinct in Iran, but the majority of Iranian women fight against forced Hijab


Some comments in Saudiwoman’s blog are interesting: “Hijab is supposed to dignify a woman. These girls are just making fools of themselves and of hijab and Islam !!. I am not against having fun but … I am an American Muslim and I realize that my restrictions are my salvation !! (Shame on you stupid Americans!!) … Do we not see that Lebanons prosperity is fueled by s-e-x-u-a-lly frustrated Saudi men who go to Lebanon to have s-e-x with women … The Saudi men go out of the country to have s-e-x, drink alcohol ! and do drugs! … Its hard to understand the motive behind the article. If the idea being proposed here is that people involved in adultery should not be punished, that idea is not acceptable. If the point is that the Islamic laws and punishment is too harsh, although I am a woman, I dont think it is too harsh . It is the way Islam has asked to do so … Covering women head to toe in black is sickening. That’s why sodomy is so rife in Muslim Arabic Countries … Saudi Muslims are so reactionary” But as we said before, the majority of Iranians and Iranian Women are really different and hate the reactionary Islamic laws. Iranian Women’s Activists are really brave and modern. And the Islamic regime tries to brutally suppress the majority of Iranian young women, who try to be happy and fight against the reactionary Islamic laws, including Hijab.


In the recent weeks, the world heard more about “Saudi Women’s Driving Ban“, and a new campaign for defending this basic right. In fact, in the Arab Spring, while many Arabs protest against their dictators, the Saudi Arabs only protest against the most reactionary laws of their reactionary society. And it’s very meaningful. When Saudi “Commission for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue” (it’s a very familiar name for Iranians) arrested Manal Al-Sherif, after driving a car in Khobar and publishing a video about it, (King) Abdullah in an interview with Barbara Walters, said that women driving is a societal issue. Abdullah said that only Saudi society could determine the appropriate time when women can drive cars. He said he believed that time was soon! It’s like a joke, but it’s really right. Women driving, and women rights, is a societal issue in Saudi Arabia. When in 2011, the Saudi women start to fight against the most stupid ban in the world, i.e. “Saudi Women’s Driving Ban”, it shows us how reactionary is the Saudi society. The good question is: ‘ When will Saudi women protest against Hijab or Islamic veil?’ maybe in 2111 !! The below pictures can show us the difference between Iranian and Saudi societies.


The structure of Saudi Society, like other Arab-Muslim countries, is extremely unhealthy and reactionary. The literacy rate of Saudi women is very law, near %50. Some comments below the Saudiwoman’s posts are very interesting: “Im a Saudi girl and I hate Saudi men, their giving me the nausea. They say: “Don’t look to any people, Don’t do this. Don’t do that” Theyre the biggest hypocrite in the earth. They don’t want girls to success and having jobs, they hate seeing us happy …. I really want to see more outdoor activities, I want to see Saudi girls in the Olympics … May Saudi Arabia be ruled by women one day, and may they clad the men in burkas and beat them all day long while they enjoy their freedom! Revenge is sweet! … Women in our community and countries dont even go out hiking, running, or bicycling as it is viewed as immodest. … Mullahs are sodomizing boys, the internet is used almost exclusively for p-o-r-n-o-graphy … Remember the case of a sentence of 40 lashes was handed out to a 75-year-old woman in Saudi Arabia! The woman, who was also sentenced to four months imprisonment, was found guilty of being in the company of two men, who were not her relatives … Today 80% of engineers in Saudi Arabia are foreigners and the competency of the 20% who are Saudis is questionable … Seeing the poor Saudi young women in burka/abaya, is very sickening. ”


Saudiwoman writes: “The punishments that are most newsworthy when it comes to Saudi Arabia, are the ones given to people guilty of Khilwa [Khalwat] (unrelated man and woman [friends!] alone together) and extramarital s-e-x. A punishment for Khilwa is common and weve all come across muttawas trolling coffee shops and restaurants searching for pairs who seem too happy to be related. But what happens after they are caught? the man and woman are separated at the spot and questioned to see if their stories correspond … finally he (and she) will most likely be sentenced a number of lashes across the back !! Extramarital s-e-x on the other hand is extremely serious (“Sangsar” that means “stoning to death !!”) Infidelity is an automatic death sentence !! Singles are imprisoned and whipped !!” It’s the reality of savage Muslims. And it’s what the Mullahs have imported to Iran from Saudi Arabia : “Brutality and Barbarism”. But the main point is that the majority of Saudi people accept this Islamic shit, but the majority of Iranians reject it and fight against it .


Polygamy is legal and widespread in Saudi Arabia . The Saudiwoman write: “man might take on a second wife and not see his first except twice a month to pay the bills. And the woman stays on and is patient because thats what a good woman does. In Saudi Arabia the husband divorce his wife even without letting her know ! In his own time the husband can go to the courts and obtain a document of his decision and send a copy to the ex-wife !!. Alimony and child custody is not a big deal either and definitely not mandated ! . Several women I personally know have never gotten any financial support from their ex-husbands. The women could not divorce their husband! except three cases: proof that the husband is a drug addict, has AIDS or being a daughter of a VIP! Otherwise the process is stressful, and lead to her never seeing her children again! In one case the judge and his assistants demanded from the wife that she detail her husbands performance in bed !! Another woman had to pay her dowry back in full after more than a decade of marriage and four children !” All of these shits are the result of Islamic laws. But Iranian women and men protest against the Mullahs and their Islamic laws.


The Mullahs wanted to make another Saudi Arabia in Iran. But Iranian society rejected it. Polygamy is legal in Iran, but it’s not an accepted social norm in Iran . Just Mullahs and Muslim fanatics, i.e. less that 5% of Iranians, accept this shit. In fact, Iranians and Iranian culture have not accepted many of Arabian-Islamic customs. And the Mullahs could not change the situation . Divorce process in Iran is not like Saudi Arabia. The Mullahs and their Islamic laws have f-u-c-ked the women’s right, but even in these conditions, the man could not divorce a woman like Saudi Arabia. The Divorce process in Iran is too long, near one year to two years, and alimony, dowry, and child custody is a very big deal. Many men are imprisoned for dowry or alimony. In the recent years, ,many young Iranian women make use of a facility named “the Conditions before Marriage”, that is an Islamic facility for silencing Iranian women’s activists. In fact, the women can ask for all they want before the marriage, like divorce’s right, custody’s right, outdoor work’s right, study’s right, housing’s right, etc, and in this way, the women would gain their basic rights.


As we said before, the Mullah’s regime in Iran is really more savage than Saudi’s regime. But it’s the Iranian people and their culture that are much more modern than Saudi Arabia’s. The stupid Iranian Muslim fanatics are a tiny minority inside Iran, while the stupid Saudi Muslim fanatics are the majority inside Saudi Arabia. The stupid Muslim fanatics in Iran and Saudi Arabia are alike, and both of them have the same strategy. And a Saudi Muslim fanatic’s comment in Saudiwoman’s blog describes it in this way: “Comment on negative aspects has no use; It is just hanging out dirty laundry for the world to see . It’s not productive to the Saudi society”. But we know that a healthy society should “hang out dirty laundry for the world to see “, otherwise the dirty laundry will choke the society and its citizens. The stupid Muslim fanatics in Saudi Arabia don’t know anything about the reality of Islam. As a funny comment in Saudiwoman’s blog says: “To most Saudi (and non-Saudi) Muslims, the Quran is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it. They just scroll to the bottom and click I agree. But they should try to read the whole story and then click “I agree”.

Iran and Saudi Arabia

May 10, 2011

Noam Chomsky (Naive Chomsky) and other stupid lefts compare Iran and Saudi Arabia every now and then and say: “Saudi Arabia is worst than Iran, Saudi Arabi’s regime is much more reactionary than Iran’s regime. Compared to Saudi Arabia’s reigme, Mullah’s regime seems like a democratic regime”. But the stupid lefts and their leader, Noam Chomsky, are really stupid. They are blind and deaf, and can not understand that “Iranians are much more modern than Arabs of Saudi Arabi, but Iran’s regime is more brutal and reactionary than Saudi Arabia’s regime” They can not understand the clear difference between Iranians and Arabs, and Iran’s regime and Saudi Arabia’s. Now Lets take a closer look at Iran and Saudi Arabia, and then we will see how stupid are Noam Chomsky and their fans.

Iran and Arabs hostility is like French and England hostility, and their clashes have a long story. Iranians/Persians did not know anything about Arabs for more than 3000 years, because they were savage tribes in the remote and isolated deserts of Iran/Persia. But these savage tribes that ate grasshopper and lizard in the terrible conditions of Arabian deserts, made use of the corruption in Iran. The Mobads, Zoroastrian clergy, and the corrupt Zoroastrian religion in 6th century CE, were exactly like today Mullahs and Islam in Iran . They exploited the people, and caused a lot of problems and discomforts. The corrupt king (Shah) and the corrupt Mobads, became so unacceptable in the 6th and 7th century CE. In fact, after 2300 years, the Zoroastrian religion had become like today Islam or Christianity. Iranians desperately sought the change, like our today condition in Iran. So when Arabs attacked Iran/Persian, the majority of ordinary Iranians did not support the corrupt king and corrupt Mobads. But the savage Arabs were not better that the corrupt king and Mobads. In the first 200 years of Arab rule in Iran/Persia, Arab fanatics took revenge on Iranians by treating Iranians as second-class citizens . There was a custom among the Arab tribes that the weaker or poorer tribes should attach themselves to stronger or more prosperous ones as clients or Mawali. The Arabs considered Iranians as Mawali of Arab tribes . But these new Mawali were much more modern than Arabs !! The customs, laws, and traditions of the Sasanians, who had long administrative experience, were adopted in the Islamic territories. The Islamic tyranny, the Umayyads, was oppressive and gave rise to a number of movements and rebellions, mostly of a politico-religious nature, as an expression of Persian unease, antagonism, and opposition. The Eastern Iran, Khorasan, proved the most active breeding ground for such movements. When Shiism posed as a protest movement against orthodoxy, Persians flocked to it. When the Shiite in Persia turned into an Abbasid one, led by Abu Moslem in Khorasan , many Persians welcomed it. The movement grew in strength, and in one of the most dramatic episodes of Islamic history Abu Moslem and his Iranian supporters managed to defeat and topple the Umayyad caliphate. The gradual conversion of Iranians to Islam, in more than 200 years, brought changes in Iranian life. Mosques were built, often on the location of former fire temples. Hejab or the Islamic veil became widespread and mandatory, and Iranian women were forced to wear Hejab. But an important fact about Iran/Persia in the Islamic period is that, in spite of over 200 years of Arab rule in Iran/Persia, Iranians/Persians did not lose their language, and thereby their separate identity , whereas most other countries conquered by the Arab Muslims, notably Egypt assumed an Arab identity and adopted the Arabic language. Iranians remained Iranian, and protected their own language and their own ancient traditions, like Nowruz. Iranians had a major role in toppling the Umayyads, and after that the Barmakids, who served as powerful viziers under Harun-al-Rashid and his sons, illustrate the new positions that some of the Persians had risen to. After that the Iranians began to increase their influence in all aspects of the Muslim life, and even they could create some new religious sect and cult for themselves.

Iranians have a long history of civil protests in the modern history, too. In 1900, when Arabs were Mawali of Ottoman Turks and again ate grasshopper and lizard in Arabian deserts, Iranians fought for Parliament and Constitution. Iran have had parliament and election since 1910, while Arab states even don’t have any parliament and election now . But the main obstacle of Iranian progress in the contemporary history, was Islam and the Mullahs, i.e. Arab religion and pro-Arabs Iranians. Even today, the Mullahs and the Islamic regime try to define an Islamic identity for Iranians, and fights against the Iranian Identity. But the majority of Iranians are disagreed with Mullahs. They think that the Iranian Identity is much more important than Islam, specially Mullahs’s Islam. The Mullahs are pro-Arabs, and the enemy of Iran and Iranians. The Mullahs destroyed Iran, and created an unprecedented opportunity for Arabs to make use of Iran’s weakness. In 1960s and 1970s, Iran had a secular judiciary system, and some modern non-Islamic laws for protecting woman’s rights, child’s rights, etc, while Arabs f-u-c-k-ed themselves with Islamic laws in Arabian deserts. Hejab or Islamic veil was not mandatory in Iran, since 1935, while Arabs f-u-c-k-ed themselves with Islamic Hejab. It’s the main difference between Iran and Saudi Arabia. But its a difference between the people and their culture, not between their regimes. The Iranian people are much more modern than Arabs, but their regime have a different story. The Mullahs and Islamic regime are not an Iranian regime. They are pro-Arabs, and Islamic regime. They are the main enemy of Iran and Iranians. They raped the Iranian men and women, for the first time in the Iranian modern history. Does Saudi Arabia’s regime systematically rape Arabs ? No, they just torture and kill Arabs. But the Mullah’s regime in Iran not only kill and torture Iranians, but they rape Iranian men and women. Khomeini officially declared that protecting Islamic power and Islamic regime is more important than any other thing, even Islamic laws. Khomeini said that it’s one of Muhammad’s traditions, and he was right. But when and where Muhammad lived? In Saudi Arabia, and in the Age of Ignorance; When Arabs killed their daughters; When Arabs was savage and lived in empty deserts and ate grasshopper and lizards; When Arabs washed their faces with their Camel’s piss; When Arabs lived with their Camel’s piss and Camel’s shits; When camels were as important as humans for Arabs, and they counted their camels with the same unit (Nafar) as they counted humans!! Under these conditions, what Muhammad said and did was a miracle for Arabs, and really it was. He changed some Arabian stupid traditions, and it was good for Arabs. Jesus Christ’s story could be like Muhammad’s story, if he could escape from his enemies’ hands and established a government, like Muhammad. But what did Muhammad do about his opponents or the apostates, i.e. Muslims who did not want to be Muslims? Didn’t Muhammad protect his regime/religion at any price? What would Muhammad react, if some groups want to topple his regime? The answer is so clear (if it’s not clear for you, you should read the history). Now the Mullahs, the followers of Muhammad in Iran, like the followers of Jesus in the Middle Age,want to protect their Islamic regime at any price. “Any price” really means “any price”, i.e. killing, raping, torturing, butchery, genocide and any other crime against humanity. As we said before, Khomeini officially declared this matter and this Islamic intention; And even for less important matters, like Hejab and Islamic veils, the Islamist pigs want to shed blood. They clearly and openly declare their intention. The Mullahs in Iran are Mahdavists, and the stupid Noam Chomsky and his fans don’t know anything about Mahdavists. They don’t know that the Mullah’s regime and the Mahdavists want the Nuclear bombs for the Second Coming of Mahdi, not deterrence. They want to prepare the apocalyptic conditions of the Second Coming of Mahdi . But the stupid Noam Chomsky and his fans think that the Mullah’s regime wants nukes for deterrence. They don’t know that Saudi’s regime is not a Mahdavist regime, and Sunni Mulism didn’t believe in Mahdi, but Mullah’s regime is a Mahdavist regime, and seriously works for the Second Coming of Mahdi.

We know that Iran is the least free country in the Freedom of the Internet, and outranked Saudi Arabia . The same is true for the freedom of the press, and the freedom of the expression. Iran has the largest number of arrested journalists in the whole world, more than Saudi Arabia. Iran has the largest number of banned newspapers in the whole world, more than Saudi Arabia. The Mullah’s regime shut down more than 200 newspapers in the last decade. Iran has the greatest number of banned publishers and banned published books. The Mullah’s regime shut down more than 100 publishers and 10,000 book titles in the recent years. Iran is the greatest prison of journalists, writers, thinkers, and activists in the whole world , and one of its rivals is Saudi Arabia. So, don’t be stupid the stupid lefts! You should know that most of reactionary issues in Saudi Arabia are related to the Saudi people and Arab traditions. Yes, the Saudi regime is very reactionary, but not more than its own people, and not more than Iran’s regime. Hejab and Islamic veils in Saudi Arabia is one of the main result of Saudi people’s stupidity. How many Saudi women hate Islamic Hejab or have bad Hejab? less than 1% !! The foreign tourists could have not any Hejab in Saudi Arabia. Bun in Iran, under the Islamic laws of the Mullah’s regime, all women, foreign tourist or Iranian women, must have Hejab. The majority of Saudi protesters, and opponents of Saudi regime, are Muslim fanatics, who think that Saudi regime is not enough Islamic and should be more reactionary !! We can see the same conditions in Bahrain and Yemen (and even in Egypt). We have not forgotten that Osama bin Laden was a Saudi man, who protested to Saudi regime, and thought that Saudi regime should be more reactionary! But the majority of Iranian protesters, and opponents of Mullah’s regime, think that the main problem of Iran is Islam, Islamic laws, and Islamic culture. Iranians want to get rid of Islamic regime and Islamic laws, and put an end to the Islamic Middle Age in Iran. . It’s the main difference between Iranians and Arabs. The majority of 25 million Saudis love Islam and Islamic reactionary laws, but the majority of 75 million Iranians hate Islamic regime and the Islamic laws, including Hejab. They protests in many ways, but their protests are ruthlessly suppressed, and it’s the real tragedy. You are really ultra-stupid, stupid lefts. shame on you all.

Naive Chomsky = Enemy of Iranians

May 3, 2011

Naive Chomsky’s bullshitted us about Iran in his recent speech in Amsterdam . But his bullshits should be explained more. Lets take a look at the second part of Naive Chomsky’s crap about Iran :”It is glaringly obvious why Iran would seek a deterrent capacity !!!!; a look at the military bases and nuclear forces in the region suffices to explain … But Iran’s threat goes beyond deterrence. It is also seeking to expand its influence in neighboring countries, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence emphasize, and in this way to “destabilize” the region ! The U.S. invasion and military occupation of Iran’s neighbors is “stabilization.” Iran’s efforts to extend its influence to them are “destabilization” !! hence plainly illegitimate !!… Other concerns about Iran are equally interesting to explore, but perhaps this is enough to reveal the guiding principles and their status in imperial culture. As Franklin Delano Roosevelts planners emphasized at the dawn of the contemporary world system, the U.S. cannot tolerate “any exercise of sovereignty” that interferes with its global designs … The U.S. and Europe are united in punishing Iran for its threat to stability !!!, but it is useful to recall how isolated they are !!! The nonaligned countries have vigorously supported Iran’s right to enrich uranium !!!! In the region, Arab public opinion even strongly favors Iranian nuclear weapons !!!!!!!! … There is also much concern about the growing Chinese military threat. A recent Pentagon study warned that China’s military budget is approaching “one-fifth of what the Pentagon spent to operate and carry out the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” a fraction of the U.S. military budget, of course … Deep-seated imperial doctrine aside, there is good reason for China’s neighbors to be concerned about its growing military and commercial power. And though Arab opinion supports an Iranian nuclear weapons program !!!, we certainly should not do so . ”

Naive Chomsky ignores Iranian views, but he emphasizes on Arab views ! Such a foolishness! We are not sure about Arab public opinion in the recent years. The young Arabs are not like their parents. They support the freedom and democracy, at least more than their parents. The western polls about Arab public opinion are not reliable. But if we accept the logic of Naive Chomsky, and what Naive Chomsky says about Arabs, i.e. what was true in former times, then Naive Chomsky becomes an enemy of Iranians. According to Naive Chomsky, the majority of ordinary Arabs support pro-Arabs Mullahs or pro-Arabs Muslims in Iran, but it’s not the whole truth, and he doesn’t say that they hate Iran/Persia and Iranians/Persians; They hate the majority of Iranians that want to restore the glory and grandeur of Persia/Iran. In fact, Naive Chomsky, who is a lover of (old) Arab public opinion, is an enemy of Iranians and Iranian public opinion. Iranian public opinion hates Arabs and Arab public opinion, but they support the young educated Arabs that fight for the freedom and democracy, whom are not pan-Arab and racist. But why Iranian public opinion hate Arabs ? Because: Arab public opinion changes the ancient name of “Persian Gulf”; Arab public opinion supports Islamists and Muslim fanatics; Arab public opinion supports Islam and Mullahs; Arab public opinion prefers that Iran is weak and destroyed, so they can secure the future of their illegitimate interests. Indeed, the history of Iran and Arab states, is like the history of the UK and France. Is English language is like French language, because they have the same alphabet? Do Englishmen love Frenchmen, because their countries are English Channel’s neighbors ? The people that read the history know the truth. so Noam Chomsky, i.e. Naive Chomsky shows us that he is the number one enemy of Iranians, and the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in the developing world. Naive Chomsky is the number one enemy of suppressed nations, and the people that were killed and raped by Khamenei’s regime and other brutal dictators in China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. Naive Chomsky shows us that he is the first and most important supporters of the reactionary regimes and brutal tyrants. Not only he defends Iran’s regime and China’s regime, but he defends the support of an Iranian nuclear weapons program! In fact, Naive Chomsky proves that his stupidity is congenital. Naive Chomsky is blind and deaf and can not see the Iranian views about Mullah’s regime and Mullah’s nuclear energy/weapons. Shame on Mr. stupid Naive Chomsky.

Chavez, Gaddafi, Assad

April 29, 2011

Again the Venezuelan dictator, the lifelong president, Hugo Chavez, repeated his condemnation of Nato military strikes. “Who gave them the right to do this? It’s crazy. Because they don’t like the leader Gaddafi !!!!, because they want to take Libya’s oil and water. They are throwing bombs everywhere.” In the recent days, Moscow and Beijing said that Nato was trying to assassinate Libya’s dictator !! We are sure that killing the savage Gaddafi is the best solution for ending the massacre and the civil war in Libya. But the dictators support the dictators, and they are the real friend of each other. On Monday Chávez expressed support for Syria’s dictator, Bastard Assad, in the wake of a crackdown on pro-democracy protests that has reportedly left hundreds dead. Venezuela’s dictator blamed “terrorists” for the protests in the Syrian city of Deraa. In fact, all savage and brutal dictators are friends of Venezuela’s dictator, and he strongly supports them. We have not forgotten his bullshits about Gaddafi . And now he said the same bullshits about Bastard Assad. Indeed, he is sure that he and his regime can be the next dictatorship that would be given the taste of civil protests.


“We’ve had enough abuse, wars and invasions directed against third world countries,” said the stupid Chavez. He is the close friends of Mr. shit and Khamenei, that kill and rape Iranians. As we said before, Venezuela’s dictator was the leader of the unsuccessful military coup of 1992. He has changed the Venezuelan Constitution and has become himself the lifetime president . In fact, in order to ensure that he took hold in Venezuela, Chavez spoke of ruling beyond 2030 !! Under the 1999 constitution, he could not legally stand for re-election again, and so brought about a referendum to eliminate term limits in 2009 ! The lunatic and stupid lefts are the real supporters of the dictators, especially Hugo Chavez. They bullshit us about Chavez. But, as we said before, they are blind and ultra-stupid. They don’t know anything about the world history. They know nothing about tyranny. They should be forced to live in Iran, under the religious tyranny. They really don’t deserve what they have.