Basic Skills: Logic and Learning from Contradictions

April 8, 2014

“Psychologists and psychiatrists talk about the importance of ‘Life Skills’. They truly say all people should know a set of basic skills, and learn how to deal with the problems of everyday life. They say the basic skills, known as ‘Life Skills’, show people how to manage their emotions, and how to face with and/or solve the problems of daily life. But they often ignore this important fact that ‘we live in an Orwellian world; and If anger or stress is part of everyday life, brainwashing and fooling people is part of everyday life, too”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “the Arts of Problem Solving is part of the basic skills. But most people know nothing about it. The Arts of Reasoning – that shows you how to use Logic, how to use your brain etc- is part of the basic skills, too. But most people know nothing about such important skills [...] All bad guys -from crooks and charlatans to media and Big Brother- love Sheeple, ie those who live like sheep. The bad guys hate a better world in which most people know basic skills. As they say, ‘Knowledge is Power; So, people should remain ignorant’ ! The bad guys love Power, Lying and Ignorance, while the good guys care about Knowledge, Truth and Logic. The bad guys try to fool and use people, while the good guys care about a better world and a better life for all humans”. In these years, many talk about ‘Basic Skills’ and ‘Life Skills’. So, it’s not bad that we write about our own views and Iranian views in a series of articles. We see Logic and the Arts of Reasoning as part of the basic skills, because (according to dictionaries) ‘Reasoning = a process of thinking carefully about something in order to make a judgment’. As you know, most people talk about ‘logic’, ‘logical way of thinking’, ‘logical explanation’, ‘logical reasons’ etc, but many don’t know what is logic, and how they can use logic. According to dictionaries, “Logic = a way of thinking or a formal method of reasoning that is based on a series of facts or ideas connected in a correct way”. As the wise Iranians say: “Logic can be a very complicated subject. The experts see logic as ‘mathematical logic’ or part of ‘philosophy of science’. But we all can, and should, use logic in daily life. Logic is not just a mathematical/ scientific thing. Using logic is actually using a thinking process in which facts and ideas are connected in a correct way”. But the main question is: what is ‘a correct way’?! As some wise Iranians say: ‘It’s a simple question, but its answer is very complicated (the answer is actually a subject that ‘Logic as a whole’ talks about it). But one of the important parts of the answer can be useful for all people: ‘In a correct way’ means ‘in a consistent way’ or ‘without inconsistency’. Inconsistency, contradiction ad paradox are synonyms of each other. Inconsistency or contradiction is ‘a situation in which two things or two statements are different and cannot both be true. If you want to know how to find inconsistency/ contradiction , there is no need to become a master at logic. For instance, when politicians say: ‘Black is White’ or ‘War is Peace’, any sane person can find contradiction. You just need Comment Sense (Aghl-e Salim) to find inconsistency in everyday life”. Logic is useful for all people. As some wise Iranians say: “We all can learn from contradictions. For instance, ‘before 2009′ most Iranians didn’t have any first-hand experience/ knowledge about the West. But ‘after 2009′, the West’s contradictions showed the West’s true face, and gave Iranians first-hand experience. As many Iranians say, today we can see the West’s true face, their big lies and their contradictions with our own eyes. But when today, at the age of Internet and Information, the UK and the West tell such big lies and do such evil acts, it’s obvious what they did in the past (recent centuries)! The West’s contradictions and the West’s bad lies say a lot about both the present and the past, specially about what the West’s Animal Farm did in recent centuries”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Many people [including us] are sick and tired of this Orwellian World and the dirty world of politics and media. But the Orwellian world of media and politics is a good example of a very illogical world, and can teach you about Logic, ‘Finding Contradictions and Learning from Contradictions’. As ancient Iranians said, Evil and Enemy can be useful ! The world of politics and media is a very illogical world, and politicians, media and all bad guys are full of crap and contradictions. [So,] if you want to know who is a bad guy, and who tries to fool people, you can focus on finding inconsistency. What the West, media and other bad guys do/ say suffer from many apparent contradictions. For instance, they say: ‘We hate Islamists’, but they openly support Islamists in Egypt, Syria etc. They say: ‘We hate Islamists, Marxists and terrorists’, but they shamelessly support a notorious Marxist-Islamist terrorist group (MEK)! They say: ‘we are against wars’, but from morning to night they threaten Iran with aggressive wars and military leverage/ option! They say: ‘We care about human rights’, but they openly attack basic rights, including privacy and free speech (free internet etc)”. Apparent contradictions are important, and can reveal the true colors of the Bad Guys. As some wise Iranians say: ‘There are many examples of apparent contradictions. For instance, the Lefts say: ‘the IMF is Imperialist’, and Mullahs say: ‘We hate Imperialists/ Zionists; the IMF is a Zionist/ Imperialist Organization’ ! But Mullahs are in bed with their Zionist IMF and try to implement the Zionist IMF Plans in Iran!, while the Lefts praise Mullahs and the Imperialist IMF ! It’s a very ridiculous paradox. The West and Mullahs refer to ‘Sanction Game’ as ‘Economic War’ ! But AN, Rouhani, and Mullahs just aid the Enemy’s sanctions and implement the Zionist IMF Plans amid the so-called Economic war, and call it Resistance! In 2012 and 2013, the US and the UK said: ‘USA imposes sanctions in hopes that Iranians start a revolution to overthrow their government’ !! But common sense and Logic say: ‘It’s very illogical; it’s bullshit, because they refused to impose such sanctions in 2009, when Iranians were in the streets and had already started a revolution to overthrow their government !’. The CIA agents and lefty/ Islamist whores -from Leveretts to Akbar Ganji- say: ‘the goal of sanctions is indeed the overthrow of the Mullah regime‘ !! But common sense and logic say: ‘If the goal of sanctions was indeed the overthrow of the Mullah regime, the US would have imposed these sanctions in 2009, when the Iranian people were in the street‘. But in 2009, the US and the West just aided Mullahs in suppressing the anti-Mullah movement. These apparent paradoxes [are so important]. These years show that the goal of sanctions is like the goal of the 2009 CIA Coup, the goal of IMF Plans, and the goal of Mullahs and all anti-Iranian agents, ie it is: ‘Keeping Iran weak, dependent and under Tyranny’. It’s what the West wants, and that’s why they love and support Mullahs and all anti-Democracy groups. Iranians are not blind or stupid, and learn from apparent paradoxes”. They also add: “The CIA agents like Leveretts and Chomsky are full of
contradictions. [For instance] In 2009, they said: ‘Iranians love AN, because AN hates Rafsanjani’ ! But in 2013, they said: ‘Iranians love Rouhani, because Rouhani loves Rafsanjani’ ! The West and its Mullahs suffer from many shitty and apparent contradictions”. What Iran’s people say is very logical (Hesab-e 2, 2 ta 4 ta), and is based on facts and common sense. As some Iranians say: “In these days, even the Mullah media says: ‘the Iranian people just ridicule Rouhani and the IMF Plans‘ !! (April 2014) It’s so [important] that even the Mullah media says such things. But the West censors all news/ facts. The West and its Mullahs refer to their Zionist IMF Plans as Reform or Resistance Economy! But Iranians can see contradictions, and refer to Mullahs -who are in bed with their Zionist IMF- as puppets of the West, and to the Mullah Economy as Eqtesad-e Moqarebati (Fucking Economy)”. We should write more about these days later, but as some wise Iranians say: “Now Rouhani and his government are like -or even more hateful than- AhmadiNejad (AN) and AN’s government. Now Rouhani aids the Enemy, and the Enemy (UK/ US media) says: ‘[In Iran,] our sanctions has caused inflation to skyrocket‘ ! (March 2014), while the IMF Plans and the love story of ‘the IMF and Rouhani’ are censored by the Enemy (the anti-Iran West). Now it’s obvious who aid the Enemy and play the role of ‘Brake Pedals‘ in the path of Iran’s Progress. Now it’s clear who is who. Obama, UK media, and the MI6/ CIA agents -from pigs like Leveretts, Sick, Chomsky and Jack Straw to Chalquz (shits) like Journalists in Exile (Ganji, Behnoud, etc)- love and support Rouhani and his anti-Iranian policies. But almost all Iranians inside Iran hate and curse Rouhani and IMF Plans. Iran’s people are mad at this anti-Iranian spy, Rouhani. But the BBC says: ‘the International Monetary Fund (IMF) welcomes the increase in Iran’s domestic prices, including energy prices, and says this plan is a priority‘ !! (April 2014) In fact, Rouhani just makes the IMF and the West happy”. They also add: “Now, the large army of Angry Iranians have forced even the Western analysts to confess: ‘The honeymoon with Rouhani’s government is over. The new increase in prices drives up discontent with Rouhani’s government’ ! (April 2014) Now, even the Mullah media publishes part of the Iranian people’s comments, in which Iranians say good things like: ‘Rouhani’s gov is the first gov that openly threaten all Iranians .. Rouhani showed his true face. Rouhani is an Enemy of the People .. Rouhani’s gov is the worst gov in Iran’s history‘ ! It’s funny that the Mullah media publishes such things. It shows that the soup is too salty, and Rouhani is becoming a hateful figure and a dead/ burnt piece for everyone”. We should write more about the current farce later. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Now it’s clear that Rouhani and Mullahs are eating both ‘Onions and Sticks’. Mullahs just dance to the Enemy’s tune, and Rouhani is becoming the worst anti-Iranian stooge in Iran’s history. Just look who are Rouhani’s supporters: the IMF, the UK, the US, and those who already aided Mullahs in suppressing Iranians in 2009! These anti-Iranian psychos often call themselves ‘Anti-Mullah’, but tell paradoxical jokes like: ‘ Iranians, specially the poor, love Mullahs and IMF Plans. Iranian people, specially the working class, love high inflation, poverty, economic crises, and economic instability. Iranians have a societal desire for cooperating with Khamenei, and for ruining Iran’s economy. Mullahs kill Iranians, but Iranians love their killers. Islamists torture Iranians, but Iranians love their torturers. Mullahs create economic crises, but Iranians love economic crises. Iranians love Iran’s enemies, including the anti-Iran West !”. The West and its stooges suffer from apparent contradictions. As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to learn about Logic, Inconsistency, and ‘How to find Inconsistency’, you should use good examples like the stories of ‘the West, Mullahs, Sanctions, IMF Plan and its disastrous results [We have repeatedly written about them; check Archive for: 'Prices in Iran: The World Highest Inflation Rate', 'The IMF and Islamists, Marxists and Imperialists', etc]. The Racist West says: Iran’s people = Iran’s regime !, while Iran’s people hate the Mullah regime, and it’s the West that loves and supports the Mullah regime. Iran’s people have learned from the West’s contradictions, and that’s why almost all Iranians say: Iran must have nukes; the West is the Enemy of Iran’s people, not Mullahs’. Before 2009, Iranians said: ‘the Mullah regime should not have nukes’. But now many things have changed [...] In these years the West says: ‘Iran (not Mullahs) should not have nukes, while Iran’s enemies have nukes, threaten Iran with nukes, and try to keep Iran weak, dependent & unfree’ ! It’s the logic of the anti-Iran West. The anti-Iran West is the Great Evil and the main Enemy of Iran’s people and Iranian values, including Truth, Logic, Tolerance, Humanity, Goodness etc”.


The first thing that any logician and any logical person should know is “Incompleteness”, including “incompleteness theorems”. As some wise Iranian say: “Even mathematics is not a finished object. A computer can never be programmed to answer all mathematical questions. It’s what Kurt Godel proved [we have already written about Kurt Godel, the greatest logician of all times; check Archive] Inside any logical system, there are propositions that are neither provable nor disprovable. In fact, there is no logical system that can capture all the truths (of mathematic, etc). Godel also proved that no logical system for mathematics could, by its own devices, be shown to be free from inconsistency. It’s known as the 2nd incompleteness theorem. In fact, you cannot use a logical system to prove that its own logic is free from inconsistency! Such things can confuse many people. But the message behind such things is so important. The message is simple: nothing is complete, even mathematics or logical systems; don’t close your mind, don’t be fanatic, and don’t see the world in black and white; open your mind to new ideas, new thoughts and new systems. It’s what Logic and the greatest logicians said and say. Of course the bad guys try to pollute such good concepts with Fallacy (Safsateh) [For more info, check Archive for: 'Nothing But the Truth', 'Alternative to Tribalism: Good Guys vs. Bad Guys', etc] Fallacy is ‘a weakness in someone’s argument or ideas which is caused by a (deliberate) mistake in their thinking and their logic’. Finding fallacy is harder than finding inconsistency”. They also add: “Mathematic is very accurate and very logical. Many great men saw Mathematics as the language of God. The importance of Mathematics, as the language of science, is quite clear. In today’s world, almost all modern sciences, including Modern Physics, have become a branch of mathematics, that’s why they have become accurate sciences, and ‘to prove’ in these sciences often means ‘to mathematically prove’. But in the past, the so-called natural sciences and human sciences were different. Many idiots, fanatics, and charlatans referred to their own crap and bullshit as ‘proof’, ‘logic’, or ‘scientific things’, because it was not clear that what is logical/ scientific approach, scientific analysis, or scientific method. Even it was not clear that What is Science! The first men who seriously talked about the differences between Science and non-Science, and the differences between scientists and shamans/ clergymen/ fanatics were great people like Karl Popper (1902- 1994). Karl Popper, as one of the great men in the Philosophy of Science, made many things clear. What Popper said in his famous book, ‘The Logic of Scientific
‘ was important. He talked about a criterion of testability and falsifiability for scientific validity. Testability means that you should be able to test scientific things. Popper said: ‘Scientific theories are hypotheses from which can be deduced statements testable by observation; if the observations falsify these statements, the hypothesis is refuted. If a hypothesis survives the tests, it may be tentatively accepted’. Falsifiability means ‘freeing from Fallacy’. In fact, if something just uses fallacy and dirty tricks to justify itself – ie if it’s consistent with all possible conditions and observations- it is unscientific’. For instance, If you say: ‘If Satan wills, X and Y would happen’. It’s not scientific, because you can justify it in all possible conditions (if x and y would happen, you can say: Oh, Yah, Satan wills’. But if x or y didn’t happen, you can say: Oh, yah, Satan didn’t will). In fact, Fallacy and Loophole (that adds nothing to our knowledge, and just allows bad guys to play with people) is bullshit, not science. Popper talked about the logic of falsification, and dogmatic and critical thinking, and said: ‘critical thinking is the very essence of rationality”. We should write more about Logic, Science and non-Science. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Politicians, Clergymen, Religious fanatics, and Shamans are full of crap and paradoxes. They are stupid and dishonest persons. They tell you: Black is White, but if you protest and say it’s a paradox or nonsense, then in the best case, they would say: please ignore it; it’s not a big problem! Please let us to fool people, to play with people! [...] But If Science/ Math tells you: Black is White, then it would not say: please forgive me, please accept me! But it would say: Please throw me into the trash can/ dustbin. I’m absolute nonsense’. Science is honest, and the real scientists and all wise people value truth and knowledge above all else. They approach problems and theories with skepticism. They can ignore existing rules and define their own approach to problems and solutions. They just care about Truth and knowing more, not money, power or playing with people [...] In the past, scientists try to know about all sciences. It was a good and natural thing. When you love to know, and when you value knowledge and truth above all else, you love to know many things, not just a special thing. But today, many scientists have become whores or slaves, and just care about money or what the system, universities, spying agencies (NSA etc), think thanks etc dictate. Today many stupidly refer to technicians and engineers as scientists! But those who are not creative, live/ think/ act like machines and slave robots, and just do what the system wants are not scientists. Even those who are so creative but work for the bad guys, including big companies and Big Brother’s agencies, are creative whores/ slaves, not scientists. As Snowden’s revelations and the current Orwellian Technologies show, we need a new group of scientists, who not only care about Truth, but they are experts in different fields and different subjects, including Logic, Ethics, Philosophy etc. Such scientists exist, but their number is small, because the current education systems try to create modern slaves/ whores and those who can easily be poisoned by money and other [low level] needs”. We should write more about these issues later.

Ahvaz to Tehran: Horrible Air Pollution, No Solution

December 4, 2013

In these days, Iranians talk about the old wounds, including “the Air Pollution”. In these days, “the Horrible Air Pollution in Iran” makes breathing very difficult, and most people complain of headache, sore throat, chest-ache, feeling of nausea, etc. We have already written about the Air Pollution (check Archive for [*]: “Iran in 2011: Betrayal and Silent War” (Dec 2011), “Air Pollution Crisis in Tehran”, (Dec 2011), “Nowruz 2012 and Air Pollution” (March 2012), “Ahvaz has the Worst Air Pollution in the World” (Sep 2011), etc). But “the Horrible Air Pollution” stills exist, hurt Iranians, and reminds them of many old wounds and open wounds. As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs still censor all facts, send [horrible noise/ parasite], try to slow down the internet and tighten the internet filtering, and the West still censors facts/ news of Iran -including ‘Pollution, Corruption and Mismanagement’ in the Mullah regime- mainly because such facts can reveal many things. The UK and the US even censor the so-called Rouhani’s 100-day report, in which this stupid Rouhani said a few good things about Corruption and Mismanagement in the AN’s era. But why almost all Western media censored what Rouhani said about the AN’s era?! As our people say: ‘AN was a Jewish spy, and the West is AN-Lover (shit-Lover)! If they tell the truth about their AN, it reveals the secrets of their spies, their 2009 coup, etc’. Iranians say such things, while the West, the Left, Sick, Jewish Americans and US politicians talk about ‘Our old friend AhmadiNejad (AN)‘ !, praise Mullahs, or say they miss AN !” In these days, many things are laughable, but here lets focus on the story of Air Pollution in Iran and its solutions. As some wise Iranians say: “Iranians refer to the horrible air pollution as ‘the Silent War’, ‘the Chemical War’, etc. Now almost all people in Tehran and other Iranian cities feel ‘the common symptoms of pollution-related illnesses’ [*] But Mullahs censor all facts, and have no solution and nothing to do except pray for wind ! In the best case, their media just says people stay indoors, while the indoor pollution is like or more than the outdoor pollution”. As you know, the toxic air pollutants are very dangerous. They enter the body, and some toxic air pollutants accumulate in body tissues. In fact, the toxic air pollutants can enter the food chains, and cancer and other health effects can result from exposures to air toxics [1] But as the wise Iranians: “Mullahs and their Western employers just try to hide the truth. In this [Mullah shithole] even Air Pollution is a political issue! In this f-u-cking [Mullah Heaven] everything is political; even healthcare and the people’s health (Salamat-e Mardom) is a political issue, and Mullahs [send noise], slow down the internet, and censor everything. Mullahs desperately try to hide/ censor those obvious things that everybody can feel them and see them! Islamists are bad retards, and that’s why Iranians curse Islamists and say: ‘Fuck you, Islamists. Fuck you and your barbaric beliefs, that are Jewish beliefs .. their Jewish God is the god of Barbarism, Lie, Hypocrisy, Corruption, Pollution etc .. Fuck you, Mullahs/ Arabs. Fuck you, your British teachers & your American supporters”. They also add: “When you live in Tehran and other Iranian cities, there’s no escaping the fact that air pollution has horrible effects on all people. The Mullah media says each year 10,000 Iranians die from pollution-related illnesses. But when Mullahs talk about 10,000 victims, the real number of victims should be tens of thousands. In Iran, statistics are not reliable, and it’s one of the fruits of Tyranny and Oppression. The lack of scientific/ reliable statistics is a serious problem. In Iran, the official statistics, ie Mullah statistics, are fake and political statistics, which often try to say Black is White!” In Iran, ‘common sense’ (Aghl-e Salim) is very important. As some wise Iranians say: “In Iran, even economic statistics are not reliable at all. In Iran, even the acceptable statistics are ‘fairly accurate’, and fairly means: more than a little, but much less than very! So, Iranians [including us] only accept those statistics/ data that ordinary people, independent scientists/ experts, and Common Sense (Aghl-e Salim) can accept them. For instance, most Iranians say the minimum wage in Iran is about $1 per hour, but Mullahs reject it, and talk nonsense. But lets assume you are a teach of a kindergarten in Tehran. Do you know what is your monthly wage?! (even) according to the Mullah TV: You earn a monthly wage of 75 dollar (2m Rial) for about 150hours works! (Nov 2013) It’s equal to 50 cent per hour! But Mullahs and their Lefty supporters still talk nonsense, and deny what Iranians say about minimum wages, inflation rates, prices, IMF plans etc in Iran [...] All bad guys tell big lies. So, all people should use their common sense when they talk about problems or solutions. But many many Westerners still live like sheep”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs (Islamists) have made breathing difficult for all people, and it’s what all people can feel it and see it. But as Islamists are followers of the UK and Jews/ Arabs, they try to censor obvious things and hide the truth of everything! Do you remember the story of HIV/ AIDs in Iran?! Islamists attacked those non-political activists who talked about HIV/ AIDs! But now even the stupid Mullahs confess that Mullah Lies and Mullah Censorship only worsened the problems. The air pollution crisis in the major cities of Iran, is just a good example or a symbol of the horrible problems in the Mullah regime. Only retards, stupid Islamists and other stupid bastards work with the Mullah system, which suffers from horrible mismanagement, idiocy, corruption, tyranny, etc. When air pollution in Tehran, Isfahan, Mashad, Ahvaz, Arak, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, and other Iranian cities pass the horrible level, Mullahs have no Solution, except censorship, talking nonsense, praying for wind, and making people angrier. In the winter (from November to March) pollutants reach critical levels, and the major cities should close all government offices and schools for all days, or people must stay indoors for all days of winter! But Mullahs do nothing to solve problems, and the West censors all facts. The West and its stooges -including Islamists, Islamist-Reformists, Monarchists, Exiled journalists etc- just try to hurt and betray Iran’s people, and that’s why the Iranian people openly use rude words and a stream of invective (Fohsh Khar-Madar) for referring to Mullahs, Khatamists, Pahlavists, Marxists, exiled journalists, Obama, UK etc”. As we said before, “Taxi Talks” in Iran [1] are important, and clearly show that almost all Iranians know that ‘Iran’s main problems have only one reason: the Mullah regime and its systematical corruption and horrible
mismanagement’ [*] As the wise Iranians say: “In Iran -from Ahvaz to Tehran- the horrible air pollution is the result of Tyranny and the absence of Freedom. The West and its stooges are really Disaster Makers. Mullahs just try to hurt Iranians, and serve the West’s interests. But the future of Iran is bright, because the future belongs to the younger generations of Iranians. Mullahs and their western employers just remind you of this old Persian proverb: ‘You just disgrace/ dishonor yourself, and make temporary problems for us’ (Erz-e Khod Mibari-o …)” They also add: “Those who decide about Iran’s air quality, Iran’s industry, or Iran’s economy are a bunch of spies and stooges, who are non-Iranians or anti-Iranians. Now the Mullah media talks about a Basiji faggot, Jamshid Pajouyan, and says: ‘Pajouyan work for the IMF and World Bank [!] He is the architect of ‘Cutting Subsidies Plan’ (IMF Plan) in Iran’! It’s a sad truth that Basiji faggots like Pajouyan or the Rouhani’s cabinet, who are non-Iranians or anti-Iranian stooges, decide about Iran, while the real Iranian elites and the large army of the wise and well-educated Iranians are systematically suppressed, mainly because they can solve Iran’s problems! The large army of the wise and well-educated Iranians know problems and solutions. They know the world and history. They know that ‘In 19th-century London, smog was so severe that street lights were turned on by noon because soot and smog darkened the midday sky!’ They know the stupid UK. They know that in 1952 in London about 4,000 people died in one of the notorious smog events known as London Fogs. They know how Londoners died from ‘Air Pollution’. They know ‘Los Angeles Smog Crisis‘. They know Tokyo Smog crisis (Smog is intense pollution usually trapped by a thermal inversion ) They know why Americans referred to Los Angeles as ‘Smog City, U.S.A.’ !, and why London had the title ‘Smog City, Europe’! But they ask: “Why Mullahs have turned our cities into smog cities, while we already knew problems and solutions?”. They also add: “ON 14 Sep, 1955, the LA Times reported: ‘they asked for roadblocks on all freeways leading into downtown Los Angeles. APCD Director requested the power to close oil refineries, and all petrol-chemical plants’. Iranians and many people still remember how ‘the Yogi Bear Show’ and U.S. animations talked about the horrible air pollution in the US. In those cartoons all people wore a Gas Mask, and it was a satirical exaggeration. But in today’s Tehran and Ahvaz, all people should really wear a Gas Mask, because the current air pollution in Iran is really like a chemical attack”. They also add: “In April 1987, National Geographic (NG) reported on the Air Pollution in the West. As they said: ‘[Here in California, you have] a metallic taste in your mouth and a queasy stomach .. When the wind died and the fumes lingered, it kept us like prisoners in our homes .. Airborne pollutants play a significant role in killing trees .. Perhaps the most controversial environmental issue of the decade is acid rain, but that too is clouded in mystery .. We are in the infancy of understanding the full effects on an atmosphere acidified by burning fossil fuels .. [But] our mistakes are costly. Americans spend more than 10 billion dollars a year on medical problems caused by pollutants .. Japan’s problems are far from over. [Their] buildings were disappearing behind smog. Nitrogen oxide emissions from Tokyo traffic are still high the children are often ill and sometimes can barely breathe .. London’s sulfurous smog [was horrible] .. What we are now doing is to inject [pollution] into the atmosphere .. We are our own guinea pigs” (NG, April 1987) After this well-known National Geographic article, Congress passed a new Clean Air Act in 1990″. They also add: “Iranians know the global problems, and solutions. But Mullahs just try to worsen the problems, censor all facts, and hurt Iranians, and that’s why our people say: the Mullah regime not only is ‘a puppet regime’, but is ‘an occupying regime’. Mullahs/ Islamists are Arabs, and have occupied our country”. They also add: “Each year in the U.S., industrial operations emit nearly 100 million tons of pollutants into the air’ [1] Toxic pollutant was/ is ‘the number one environmental threat to the health of children in the US’ [1] ‘Most air toxics -originate from mobile sources (vehicles), stationary sources (factories, refineries, etc), and indoor sources- can cause Cancer and horrible illnesses [...] It’s really shameful that even the so-called Air Cleaners, that are used in homes, are polluters. As the experts say: ‘Ozone Generators are Sold As Air Cleaners’! [1] So, it’s not important that we, Iranians, cannot buy a good air cleaner or a gas mask in Iran, because today’s air cleaners are really stupid [...] In these stupid conditions, inventing a pollution detector device can be more useful. At least we should know about ‘Indoor Air Quality’ and the levels of major pollutants in our homes. Experts say: In homes, CO should be X ppm, SO2 should be Y ppm, etc. But people are not able to measure the major air pollutants in homes. If all people were able to use a pollution-meter or a pollution detector device in homes, then it could show them how horrible the pollution levels are … and it could bring Change”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The West and its stooges are anti-Iranian and anti-Human. The US congressmen like Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) and other pigs in Congress openly say they want sanctions to ‘hurt the Iranian people‘ ! (Nov 2013) The West and its stooges are not human. They are worse than animals [...] Now it’s quite clear who has converted Iran into a big prison, and who wants to hurt Iranians and keep Iran weak and unfree”. As we said before, ‘Iran, as an ancient nation, had its own ups and downs. The past 300 years were Iran’s downs. Iran’s people were illiterate, and Iran’s rulers were [stupid stooges]‘ [*] So, ‘Iran lost everything, from prestige and power to welfare and progress. But even in these horrible conditions, Iran was the first nation in Asia and Africa that had [many progressive movements]‘ [1] As the wise Iranians say: “the West and its stooges, specially the UK and its puppets (ie Mullahs, Mercenaries, etc) have imposed many horrible problems on Iran. The English Lie Factory and the Ministry of Truth still censor all important facts/ news, and just try to help Mullahs and traitors [...] Ahvaz, Tehran, and other Iranian cities suffer from the World’s worst Air pollution. As the people’s media says: ‘Ahvaz’s people suffer from horrible problems, simply because they are brave Iranians who hate the UK and the anti-Iran Arabs. In Ahvaz (and also in Tehran etc) the horrible air pollution makes breathing very difficult. SO2, NOx etc can react with rain/ water (H2O) and other chemicals in the air to from very dangerous things like nitric acid or Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) which make breathing very difficult. But the West and Mullahs censor such facts’. As our experts say: ‘what you can see in Ahvaz is not a classic acid rain. Ahvaz, and also Tehran, suffer from a new severe form of acid rain’. Our scientists should do more researches and more tests. But Mullahs just censor all facts and hurt our scientists. Our experts and our well-educated people know how they should solve Iran’s problems, But Mullahs and the West desperately try not to allow Iran’s problems to be solved [...] In Ahvaz and in Tehran, you can see one of the worst acid rains in history. But why? In Tehran, Shomal, Jonub, and the whole Iran you can see the worst environmental disasters in Iran’s history, simply because the Mullah regime is the worst anti-Iranian, puppet and polluted regime in Iran’s history”. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs have no shame and no brain. Thousands of Iranians are in Ahvaz’s hospitals because of the horrible air pollution, but the anti-Iran Mullah TV censors all facts, and says: ‘Ahvaz is not a polluted city. Ahvah has one of the cleanest air in the world’ !(Sep 2013) The Mullah TV is a cesspool of UK spies and Anti-Iranian pigs. They act like the English Lie Factory, and their big lies are like the British lies, because their teacher is the UK”. In November 2013, the people media reported: “In Ahvaz, Abadan, etc the acid rains and the horrible air pollution make breathing very difficult. About 14,000 people in Ahvaz have been hospitalized. The acid rain in Tehran is horrible, too. But Mullahs just try to hide the truth”. As some experts say: “High level of SO2 and NOx cause acid rain and do damage human health. In Ahvaz and Tehran, more researches/ studies should be done. But Mullahs just try to hide the truth”. Many people know “Acid Rain”. “Acid rain occurs when SO2 and NOx react in the atmosphere with water, oxygen, and other chemicals to form various acidic compounds” [1] Many know the solution: “Reducing emissions of SO2 and NOx that cause acid rain” [1] But as many Iranians say: “the Mullah regime is an anti-Iranian regime, and that’s why they do nothing to solve Iran’s problems”. As the experts say: “the major air pollutants, which are called the 6 ‘criteria’ pollutants, are: 1- Carbon monoxide (CO) 2- Sulfur dioxide (SO2) 3- Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) 4- Particulate matters (nitrates, sulfates, zinc, and many other metals) 5- Lead (Sb) 6- Ozone (O3). Their Major Source is motor-vehicles and plants (ie burning fossil fuels)” [1] As some Iranian experts say: “Some pollutants return to Earth in the form of acid rain, and Inversion (thermal inversion) brings almost all pollutants to the earth’s surface. It’s what we can see in Tehran, specially at night. Tehran Smog is really like a chemical attack, and all people should wear a gas mask”. As the experts said and say: ‘Air pollutants can penetrate the lungs and enter the bloodstream. Those particles less than 10 micrometers (PM10) pose a great health concern ” [*] “The PM10, SO2, NO2, & CO kill the people gradually. The amount of SO2 in the air of Ahvaz, Tehran, and Isfahan is about 100 times more than the world standards. SO2 is very [dangerous]” [*] But as the experts say: “In this year (2013), Ahvaz, Tehran, etc suffer from more severe problems, and its reason is not clear. There are many rumors, but it’s not quite clear that which kind of shits Mullahs are eating. Maybe their new cars have serious problems. Maybe Mullahs have added more sulfur (S) to petrol”. They also add: “Mullahs just try to hide/ censor the facts of Air Quality, an indication of the
healthfulness of the air based on the quantity of major pollutants. Air samples are often graded on a scale of 0 to 500, indicating how many parts per million (ppm) contain major pollutants. A sample of 0 to 50 ppm indicates good air quality; 100 to 200 ppm, unhealthy; and 300 to 500 ppm, hazardous or horrible. But Mullahs censor/ change the real ppm numbers. In Tehran and Ahvaz, many pollutants are 1000+ ppm! [...] Smog was/ is a global problem. But Mullahs just [act like retards], while the Iranian people ask: “Why Mullahs have not tried to solve the Smog problem in the past 20 years? Why Mullahs just try to worsen the problems?! why is the Air Pollution in this year (2013) even worse than the last year (2012) ?!”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Our experts know the problem of air pollution, and its solutions. As our experts say: ‘Pollution is controlled in two ways: with limiting and capturing pollutants already created, and by limiting the quantity of pollutants produced in the first place. End-of-the-pipe devices -including catalytic converters in automobiles and various kinds of filters in industrial plants- are well-known. Catalytic Converter reduces the amount of pollutants in the automobile’s exhaust gases, and since the early 1980s, all new cars sold in the US have been equipped with catalytic converters. But Mullahs don’t allow Iran’s cars to have catalytic converters! In 2009, AN and Islamists openly said that new cars should not have catalytic converters! Our experts can build good catalytic converters, but Mullahs and their Auto Industry Mafia have a monopoly on almost all air polluter devices in Iran. Our Iranian experts can create a real national auto industry that can compete with the West. But they are systematically suppressed by Mullahs, who serve the interests of Iran’s enemies. As our people say: ‘Mullahs love corruption & pollution, because their brains/ heads are full of shits and other pollutants’! Almost all Iranians know that we should focus on preventing pollution than on curing it. Fossil fuels should be reformulated to achieve cleaner burning (Iranian experts are working on new bio diesels, that have no sulfur, nitrates, acids, and harmful pollutants). Car manufacturers should produce much more cars that run on electricity or on cleaner-burning fuels. But the Car Mafia in Iran and the world still resist any serious changes”. Iranians know many problems and solutions. As some wise Iranians say: “In Europe, during periods of intense smog, pollution control authorities often urge people to avoid trips by car. In bad-air periods, authorities in Paris make bus and subway travel temporarily free. These temporary solutions are not real solutions, but they are better than nothing. But Mullahs even refuse to use such temporary solutions in all days of winter and bad-air periods. In Tehran, half of the cars are banned in only a few days, while if they were banned in all days of winter, it could be a good temporary solution. But Mullahs don’t use good temporary solutions, and don’t care about real solutions. The Iranian people demand cleaner technologies, cleaner cars, cleaner fuels, etc. They know the standard solutions. But Mullahs just worsen the problems”. Iranians know the world. As some wise Iranians say: “We know that the US is the world’s largest polluter. The US accounts for about 35% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Russia is the next largest polluter at 17%. We know that man-made pollutions are global problems. We know Garbage Sea in Pacific Ocean, aka the great Pacific garbage patch. The sources of pollutants is the US, Canada and Japan [...] Now smog in the US is expected to increase again. As their experts say: ‘New efforts/ solutions to control air pollution will be necessary’. Our Iranian scientists work on new methods and new solutions, but Mullahs even refuse to use the old, known solutions! Mullahs are like Jews, who have no shame and say to Iranians: ‘We have never threatened you -why are you threatening us?’ ! The savage Jews pretend that the Jewish Incitement to Genocide is not a threat, and Sheldon Adelson, Rabbi Yosef (Shas), Goldberg, etc were praising Persians! The Jewish barbarians are followers of Hitler and Goebbels, as Mullahs are followers of Jews and the UK”. As the wise Iranians say: “In today’s world, Iranians and other nations talk about man-made problems, man-made pollutions, and this fact that Pollution is changing Earth’s atmosphere. Now many humans are aware of ‘Global Warming’, and this fact that most air pollution comes from one human activity: burning Fossil Fuels. Many experts truly talk about the atmosphere’s ability to cleanse itself of pollutants, and this fact that man-made pollutants are changing the atmosphere and its abilities. Some Iranian experts talk about finding methods for increasing the atmosphere’s ability to cleanse itself, and say: ‘pollution take place in the lowest layer of the atmosphere, the troposphere, which at its widest extends from Earth’s surface to about 16 km. The troposphere is the region in which most weather occurs. This is the layer in which most clouds and most winds occur [...] So, we can try to create local winds and local clouds, and get rid of pollutants in major cities. The modern meteorology is a science (based on physics and mathematics). We can think about creating something like the exhaust pipe for the Earth, and sending pollutions into the empty universe, where they can be converted into raw materials for making new stars and new planets’. Those Iranians who say such things are good people with good intentions. But you should not forget that such innovations and such science can backfire. The bad guys can convert such science into ‘Evil Science’. Now politicians and bad guys try to control all scientists and the whole ‘Science and Technology’, that is a legacy from the good and wise humans. So, before or during solving any serious problems, all humans should try to get rid of politicians, the main bad guys and those bad things that belong to the tribe of the bad guys, including tyranny, corruption, suppression, censorship, public ignorance, etc”.

For more Information:

[1] Check the website of “US Environmental Protection Agency”, URL: ht-tp://

British Tyranny: Horrible Censorship, Orwellian Lies

November 11, 2013

In these days, ‘British Tyranny’ is so laughable. In September 2013, we wrote about the UK Guardians of Big Brother and a small part of horrible censorship in the UK media and the Guardian. But as the wise Iranians say: “Apparently the British barbarians want to set a new world record for horrible censorship and Orwellian lies. The barbarian UK has lost its mind. They used to pretend that they are smart bad guys! They used to hide their true colors. They pretended that they use smart lies or smart censorship! But now they just make a fool of themselves. Now ‘the Little Britain and the UK government openly defend tyranny and censorship, and the British media (Guardian, etc) and their ridiculous and horrible censorship in Britain show that ‘the little UK is in deep shit, and suffers from ‘Goh Gijeh’ (shitty confusion)”. In these days, many talk about “Police State Britain” and say, for instance: “Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) operates like NSA. They’re out-of-control rogue agencies. They spy on their own people .. Obama (and UK) wage war on freedom. They target whistleblowers and investigative journalists exposing government wrongdoing .. [In Britain,] Journalists involved in exposing government wrongdoing are threatened ! .. America and Britain want unchallenged power. They want government wrongdoing suppressed. UK Prime Minister David Cameron threatens Britain’s media ! .. [In Britain,] the national interest has always been what’s good for the government, not what’s right for the people .. On August 18, UK authorities detained Glenn Greenwald’s partner, David Miranda .. On November 2, Reuters headlined ‘NSA Leaks Journalist Glenn Greenwald’s Partner Accused of ‘Terrorism,’ ‘Espionage’! .. Most chilling is that UK security services, on their own, can decide if legitimate journalism is terrorism .. The so-called ‘Enemy’ apparently is We the people” ! (Nov 2013, in It’s a good point. As the wise Iranians say: “The English Lie Factory has been bankrupted, and many people are becoming aware. The stories of GCHQ, Britain’s Great Firewall, the UK internet filtering and surveillance, etc are making non-Iranians aware of this fact that the UK regime is a totalitarian regime. But Iranians already knew the Orwellian UK. Now even the stupid BBC and Jack Straw openly say that the UK has been a bad guy, and that’s why almost all Iranians hate the UK ! [...] Now the wise/ good Britons talk about their ‘Orwellian nightmares’, and say: [In the UK, we have] one government surveillance camera for every 14 British people ! Britain has the world’s largest number of surveillance cameras. [In the UK,] the Big Brother is watching you and your private life (all your
communications, internet browsing, etc). Britons live [like slaves, and their media are] worse than Fox News and the Nazi media”. We have already written about the Orwellian UK, the British Barbarians, and the long history of Barbarism in Britain (check Archive). And now, as some wise Iranians say: “many can see why the land of barbarians (UK) is the first and the worst Orwellian society. Now the stupid UK openly attacks the freedom of the press!, and that’s why even non-Iranians are becoming aware, and say: ‘Police State Britain [says:] Journalism is Terrorism‘ (Nov 2013) Now even the so-called British ‘Human rights groups’ (who are not good guys) say to David Cameron: ‘the UK government’s response to the revelations of mass surveillance is eroding fundamental human rights in the country. The UK government’s response has been to condemn Journalism .. We are concerned about ‘Your call on 16 October 2013 for a House of Commons Select Committee to review whether the [British media] has damaged national security by publishing material provided by Snowden, and a subsequent announcement that the review will be conducted by the Home Affairs Select Committee as part of their inquiry into anti-terrorism .. National security should never be used to justify preventing disclosures of illegalities or wrongdoing, no matter how embarrassing such disclosures may be to the UK government‘! (Nov 2013) The British bastards say such things, because the UK soup is too salty, and now even idiots are aware of ‘the UK government’s pressure on the media/ journalists’. The UK soup is too salty, and now even the stupid Britons talk about the Beginning of Fascist Tyranny in Britain !”.


In these days, many talk about the West and Iran’s nuclear program. As the wise Iranians say: “The Guardian and other Big Brother’s media tell bad jokes. They censor all important news/ facts, strongly support this British Rouhani, and say: ‘There are reasons to be cheerful .. [Rouhani] hints at significant concessions over nuclear program [!!]‘ (GU, Oct 2013) But their beloved Rouhani is just becoming a hateful figure in Iran! Now the West’s retards and barbarians -including the British, the French, and Jews- are playing silly games (‘good cop, bad cop’, etc). The Jewish/ French faggots play the role of bad dogs, and the British faggots play the role of good dogs and say: ‘Rouhani is a very good [puppet]! Very good progress made!’ (GU, Nov 2013) But the Iranian people just laugh at the stupid West. Iranians, and even Mullahs, know the West’s silly games (‘good cop, bad cop’, etc) well. But the Iranian people [including us] are not politicians, and hate silly/ political games. The Iranian people clearly say: ‘Iran must have nuclear weapon‘. Iranians know that if the US/ British/ French/ Jewish barbarians have nukes, then Iran must have nukes. No one is able to deny Iran’s rights. The Iranian people know that the main issue is the freedom and democracy, not the nuclear issue. Iranians know how the West has betrayed the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran [...] After the US-backed 2009 coup and the West’s anti-Iranian Racism/ Barbarism in 2012 and 2013, almost all Iranians say: ‘The West just wants to keep Iran weak and unfree. So, Iran (even the Mullah regime) must have nukes. Iran must be a world power. Iran must be a free and welfare state‘. Iranians are not stupid, and know that the US is badly bankrupt. The US faggots are traitors to freedom, democracy, and Iranian people. So, it’s obvious why Iranian people just fart in US face, and say: Why the US faggots even were not able to wage war on Syria?! Because the US is in deep shit, and [any serious war will be equal to the End of USA!] Iran must have nukes and everything, and the US faggots can go to hell and fuck themselves’. The US faggots are bankrupt, blind and stupid. Now even Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg, an anti-Iran Jewish Nazi, says: ‘the US desperately tries to find a way out of the confrontation with Iran’ ! (Oct 2013) [...] Iran, the Cradle of Civilization, and Iranian people are such a great nation that they sit at one side (of a table) and all bad guys and all barbarians sit at the other side! Iran and Iranians are such a great nation that they solely (Yek-taneh) can fight against all bad guys and all barbarians, including US, UK, France, Jews, Arabs, Russia, etc! [...] Iranian people are not politicians, but know political games. Now almost all Iranian people say: ‘Lets wait and see which kind of shit Rouhani wants to eat ! (Che Gohi Mikhad Bokhore) – that means (lets wait and see what he wants to do and how he wants to solve the main problems). Our red line is the basic rights of Iran and Iranians’. Almost all Iranians defend Iran and Iran’s rights, not the Mullah regime. Iranians have become aware of the real intentions of the anti-Iran West and the anti-Iran Jews/ Arabs, etc. Iranians know that public or private meetings between Mullahs and Great Satan (USA) just disgrace and discredit both of them, and it’s a good thing. Iranians know many things”. They also add: “Iranians just laugh at this British Rouhani and the stupid West. Rouhani’s Central Bank openly says: ‘The fall of the Rial value is good, but the fall of the Dollar value is bad’ ! (24 Sep 2013) But the UK media and the US media censor it ! They not only censor such big news, but they stupidly make a fool of themselves and say: ‘Crippling US sanctions have caused the value of the Iranian Rial to plummet’ !! (Reuters, 16 Oct 2013) The stupid West has no shame and no brain. They not only censor this important fact that Mullahs just implement IMF plans and lick IMF’s ass, but they say: ‘Our sanctions (not our IMF plans!) work! They censor what the Iranian people say about British Mullahs, IMF plans, and stupid sanctions. The West’s horrible censorship is so laughable. In October 2013, the most important facts/ news of Iran were: – Rouhani’s cabinet praise IMF plans and the fall of Rial value – Rouhani’s cabinet say they want to obey IMF’s orders and cut that 15$ aid; and almost all Iranians spit at Rouhani – Rouhani’s Industry Minister (Nemat-Zadeh) openly says: ‘the high price of car is a good thing. People should not expect that car price goes down. We defend high prices and high inflation’! – Rouhani’s Spokesman, Health Minister, Economy Minister, Industry Minister, etc openly defend soaring prices, IMF plans, and high inflation – Rouhani’s Central Bank openly says: ‘High Inflation is a good and useful thing ! People should not expect that high inflation goes down’ ! – A newspaper (Bahar) is closed down, and Rouhan’s Islamic Culture Minister (Jannati) openly defends censorship and suppression – Rouhani’s cabinet openly says that the fate or conditions of political prisoners, including Mousavi and Karroubi, are not important to Rouhani – Rouhani changes his Education minister, and Iranian students laugh at Rouhani. These big news, and similar news, were the most important news/ facts in October 2013. But do you know what the Guardian, the British media, the US media, and the Lefty media said/ did in October 2013 ?! They censored almost all of these big news and important facts! But it’s not the whole story. The Guardian and the UK media not only censored these big news, but they told big, laughable lies”. So, here lets take a look at what the Guardian said in October 2013. It can show you why the wise Iranians refer to the UK as ‘the first Orwellian Society’ or the Worst Big Brother’s state.


As some wise Iranians say: “The British censorship is really horrible. The Guardian, ie the UK most prestigious media !, censors almost all important facts/ news, including Rouhani cabinet’s comments about IMF plans, political prisoners, newspapers, high prices, cutting that 15$, corruptions, etc. These news are the most important news of Iran, and almost all Iranians talk about them. But the Guardian and the UK media censored such big news! But do you know what was on the Guardian’s first pages in October 2013?! Their Orwellian headlines/ reports were so laughable. For instance, they said: ‘ ‘Iran opens doors to tourists as Rouhani fosters thaw in relations with the west’ ! (GU, 18 Oct 2013) or ‘Iran arrests network of homos-e-xuals and Satanists‘ at birthday party’ ! (GU, 10 October 2013) Many of these Orwellian crap are written by a little MI6 whore, Saeed Kamali Dehghan (SKD !), who is an anti-Iranian whore/ spy. The funny guys call him a ‘Shitty, Kiddie Devil’ ! (SKD !) But the Guardian, MI6 and GCHQ are full of such shitty, kiddie devils. They love to lick the Big Brother’s ass. They also love to bring facts right out of their ass. For instance, they write about a dozen of Satanists in a small city, while as you know, each day Mullahs arrest a dozen of partygoers and ordinary people in Iran, but the Guardian and British faggots censor all such facts/ news. As Iranians say: ‘why they only wrote about Satanist faggots?! maybe because this small group was a network of UK-backed pigs in Iran’! The Guardian loves to bring facts right out of its ass. On 31 Oct 2013, they censored everything and their SKD wrote about an unknown stooge (that they call him a Tehran-based artist) who could not visit US due to visa ‘complications’! It’s really a big news! As they say this stooge is ‘Iran’s own superman’! But 99.9999% of Iranians don’t know him !, because ‘He is actually very isolated’ ! The Guardian’s lies are laughable. They censor all important news/ facts, and tell stupid lies. And it’s the true meaning of British Journalism! In British Journalism, you must censor all important facts/ news and what the ordinary people (the so-called 99%) say or want. In British Journalism, you should bring facts out of your ass and only care about what the %1 say or want ! . This Orwellian Journalism has a long history in the UK. The British media, aka the Ministry of Truth, only tries to fool people. They desperately try to make heroes out of retards and faggots, who easily sell their soul to the devil. For instance, in the recent days the Guardian censored everything, and wrote about an anti-Iranian faggot, Ebrahim Nabavi, who is one of the 2009 hateful traitors! As Iranians say: ‘Only the UK and (Ministry of Truth, ie BBC, GU, etc) care about this anti-Iranian spy/ faggot. Every year this faggot says he wants to return to Iran! And now he says to the GU: ‘I supported Rouhani with all my energy; I want to return to Iran’! Apparently the UK wants to send him to Iran, because he thinks that’s the price of licking Rouhani’s ass and betraying the people’s blood, and the UK needs spies/ stooges like Nabavi, Zibakalam, Behnoud, Ganji, etc”. They also add: “Now Iranians see Rouhani, his cabinet, and his supporters as ‘A Bunch of Retards‘ or ‘A Bunch of Stupid Mules’. Now Rouhani’s Central Bank man (Seif), who is an anti-Iranian whore/ spy, openly says: ‘High Inflation is good [!] We don’t want to reduce inflation [!] The current inflation rate (44%) is good [!!]‘ But the Guardian and the West censor what this Basiji faggot (Seif) says, because it can reveal many things. The Guardian (GU) says nothing about Corruption & Mismanagement in the Mullah regime. In October 2013, Iranians and even the Mullah media talked about Corruption in Football (Mullah Football) and Corruption in the AN era. But the GU censored these facts [..] In October 2013, a newspaper (Bahar) was closed down by Rouhani and Jannati. But the Guardian censored this fact for more than 15 days (2 weeks)! The GU and the UK badly love and support Ali Jannati, the son of Bin Laden. And now this UK-backed Basiji faggot, ie Rouhani’s minister of culture and Islamic guidance, openly praises censorship and shutdown of a newspaper! Iranians know Jannani and Rouhani, and spit at them. But the UK badly loves these retards. Iranians say: ‘It’s truly ridiculous. Instead of criticizing the suspension of a newspaper, Rouhani’s gov openly support censorship and tyranny!, and the UK openly supports Rouhani !’. But the stupid Guardian says: ‘Iranians [love] Rouhani and Jannati’ !’ or ”Rouhani has the overwhelming support of the Iranian nation’ !! (Oct 2013) The Guardian (GU) even had a laughable, Orwellian headline: ‘Jannati wants to relax book censorship’ ! (GU, 24 Oct 2013) The Guardian is really much worse than the Nazi media and the Stalin’s media. But the GU is so stupid. The GU is just proving why Jannati and Rouhani are British spies, and why almost all Iranians say: The UK is behind the Mullah regime”. They also add: “Mullah newspapers (Bahar, etc) are not important at all. As even the Mullah media says: ‘In 2000, 50 people read one newspaper; but now, 50,000 people read one newspaper in Iran. The daily circulation of all newspapers in Iran has been reduced to 250,000′ ! Iranians hate Mullah newspapers, because Iranians hate censorship and British Mullahs, including Khatami and Rouhani [...] Now this anti-Iranian pig Khatami has become a hateful figure. Iranians hate all Khatamists, but the UK still supports them. The Guardian says: ’500 prominent Iranian intellectuals [!] wrote to Obama’ (GU, 23 Sep 2013) But who are these 500 men?! They are a bunch of unknown whores that 99% of Iranians have never heard the names of 490 of them!, and non-Iranians only know one of them, Asghar Farhadi. Asghar Khayemal (Farhadi) signed this letter and licked the Mullah ass, and Mullahs sent his new film (the Past) to Oscar! [...] The GU also talks about ‘the prominent intellectual Saeed Hajjarian [!!]‘, but Iranians just laugh and say: ‘It’s funny that they love/ praise this prominent anti-Iranian spy & high rank member of Mullah Gestapo!’ The Guardian has no shame, and says: ‘this letter says with a loud voice that Rouhani has the support of reformists and those seeking for democracy in Iran’ ! And Iranians just laugh and say: Ajab! God Bless Goebbels ! (Baz Khoda Pedare Goebbels ro Biamorzeh !) The UK and the Guardian are really worse than Goebbels and Stalin [...] British journalists and many many British scientists work for the Big Brother, and maybe that’s why Hardy wrote about ‘Evil Science’, ‘War and Science’, etc in his book ‘Mathematical Apology’ (1940). Hardy said: ‘my mathematics (Number theory) is free from corruption. My mathematics is not an evil science .. Only the elementary mathematics is an evil science’! The poor Hardy [...] Hardy wrote on the last page of his book: ‘they tell me that I think (and talk) a lot about ‘War and Science’ and [Evil Science] ! Apparently Hardy didn’t know that the UK and bad guys believe: ‘Freedom of Speech’ means ‘Freedom of Silence’ !”.


As the wise Iranians say: “The UK is really the Animal Farm of Big Brother. Do you remember the story of that British Terrorist in Kenya? As the people’s media says: ‘A British woman, Samantha Lewthwaite, who was a member of the MI6, turned terrorist ! Kenyan officials already said that a white British woman was the head of the terrorist attack on a shopping mall in Kenya’. But the Guardian said nothing about this British terrorist!, because the UK believes All terrorists are equal, but British terrorists are more equal ! The UK terrorists are the worse terrorists in history. They have killed millions of Iranians, Indians, Africans, Americans, and Asians [...] The UK has no shame, and no brain. In this year, their media said: ‘British diplomats tried to convince their US counterparts to suppress ‘very embarrassing’ details of MI6’s role in the 1953 coup in Iran [!] (Telegraph, Aug 2013) But when ‘Britons tried to suppress details of MI6 role in Iran coup’ (Telegraph, Aug 2013), Iranians already knew the truth! And now funny Iranians say: ‘the UK tried to suppress details of MI6 role in which coup?! 1921 coup, 1953 coup, 2009 coup, 1979 disaster, or other disasters?!’ ‘The Little Britain’ is a sick retard [...] Their Guardian censors almost all important news and tell bad lies, and their BBC makes a fool of itself and says: ‘Iran was part of the Ottoman Empire! Iran is a fake (British-made) country, like the Arab states !’ (Oct 2013) The British IQ is less than the Pig IQ. This fake and barbarian country (UK) thinks the human history begins in the 19th century! The Land of Barbarians (UK) is so jealous of Iran (Persia), the Persian Glory, and this fact that Iran is the oldest country on earth. When Britons sucked the Iranians’ cocks and begged Iran, as a superpower, to fight against the Ottoman Empire, the BBC and most of the British things even didn’t exist ! [...] The Barbarian UK is so laughable. They say: ‘For Syria’s sake, end Iran’s isolation’ ! (GU, Sep 2013) Read it again: For Syria’s sake, not for freedom, democracy, human rights, or Iranian people! [...] The UK openly supports bankrupt whores/ spies like Khatamists, Pahlavists, or MEK. But it’s a clear sign of the UK bankruptcy. The UK is totally confused. Now they say:’ Netanyahu’s interview is a perfect lesson in how not to talk to Iranians [!] .. Netanyahu’s comments to the BBC ‘prompted a backlash and a wave of negative reaction by almost all Iranians’ ! (GU, Oct 2013) The Jewish pigs and their British masters wanted to test the water. But when Netanyahu spoke directly to Iranians for the first time, both the Barbarian UK and the Jewish barbarians saw the plain truth: Almost all Iranians hate the anti-Iran West, including the UK and the Jewish barbarians [...] After the 2009 coup, many things have changed in Iran. Now the savage Mullahs are making love with their Great Satan (USA) !, but ordinary Iranians laugh and say: Down with USA ! Down with Obama !”. As the wise Iranians say: “Many non-Iranians don’t know How UK Media Insult their Intelligence! But some try to be optimist, and say: OK, the BBC, the Guardian, and most of the UK media are Big Brother’s media, but the Independent is not bad !’ And we say: OK. Lets be optimistic about the Independent! Lets read what they say. Lets read ‘Hassan Rouhani is not a moderate’ ! (16 Oct 2013) that has a good title. At first, they say: ‘Iranian people have suffered greatly under the rule of a theocratic dictatorship. [Mullahs] have deprived Iranians from their basic human rights. [Mullahs] decide how the Iranian people must dress, what they are allowed to read, watch or listen to’. Yah, it’s not bad. You can ask: Are pigs flying that the Brits say such things?! But let’s read more. They add: ‘Sadly, the reality in Iran is that you cannot openly challenge the ruling elite’s medieval policies. However many brave Iranians do just that, in defiance of the regime and at great personal risk to themselves’. Yah, you can ask: Is the Sky falling down that the Brits say such things?! But lets read more. After saying a few good things, they reveal their true colors, and say: ‘ the President-elect of the [Islamist-Marxist terrorist] MEK (NCRI), Mrs Maryam Rajavi is the force for good [and] legitimate representatives of the Iranian people .. the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom supports Rajavi and [the MEK, ie the tiny group of Marxist-Islamist terrorists] ! .. we should empower and support the MEK’ ! Can you believe it?! It’s exactly what the Independent wrote on 16 Oct 2013. The Independent and British faggots like Robert Fisk are worse than Goebbels”. They also add: “Many already said: ‘The English are experts at the art of hiding their misdeeds behind a facade of virtue. They have been at it for centuries, and it has become a part of their nature‘. But now you can see that the English are stupid bad guys, who act like a [bad retard]. They openly support Islamists, Marxists, Terrorists, Dictators, and all anti-Democracy Groups, and then shed Crocodile tears for Democracy ! They use this formula in Iran, Egypt, Syria, and almost all parts of the world, including the UK and the US ! Now they openly defend Tyranny, Censorship, and Orwellian Society in the UK! The Barbarian UK has lost its mind. Their big lies and their horrible censorship just prove the truth of what George Orwell said about the UK in ’1984′, ‘Animal Farm’, etc. As Orwell and many others truly said: In the UK, Ignorance is Strength; Freedom is Slavery; Tyranny is Democracy; Lie is Truth; and Censorship is Freedom of Expression !”.

Corrupted Science, or Why is The West Bankrupt?

November 5, 2013

“[In this year (2013),] many say the West is bankrupt. Now even a member of US Congress says: ‘Congressional oversight of the NSA is a joke’ ! (Oct 2013) But as many know, and as the 2013 scandals show: ‘In the West, Democracy is a joke; Privacy is a joke; Free Press is a joke; Intellectual (like Chomsky) is a joke; Scientific Integrity/ Honesty is a joke’. Now the US government and the UK government openly defend Tyranny and Orwellian Society! Now David Cameron and the UK government openly praise Censorship and Tyranny, and say: ‘what the media is dealing with is dangerous for national security [!] What has happened [ie revealing a small part of Corruption, Orwellian methods & Orwellian Tyranny in the UK] has damaged national security and [revealed] Britain’s secrets’ ! (Oct 2013) Now it’s clear that the UK/ US ‘War on Terror’ is nothing but ‘the War on Democracy’, ‘the War on Privacy’, ‘the War on Freedom’, and ‘the War on Human Rights’. Now many can see that the West (ie ‘the Evil Empire‘) is morally, culturally, intellectually, and economically bankrupt. But the main question is: the West (the Evil empire) went bankrupt, but why?”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Several books can be written about this issue/ question. But a short and simple answer is Corruption. What the 2013 scandals reveal is the West’s Cancer of Corruption. ‘Corruption in Media’, ‘Corruption in Government’, ‘Corruption in Society’, and Corruption in Science are just parts of this Cancer of Corruption. Now even Westerners talk about corrupt media, ‘corrupted representational system’, or ‘corrupted democracy in the UK and the US’. But their writings only have good titles like ‘Cancer of Corruption, Seeds of Destruction‘ [6] They often say nothing about their main problems, including their corrupt culture, corrupt scientists & corrupt intellectuals”. Unfortunately, many know nothing about “Corrupted Scientists” in the West. In the recent posts, we wrote about the “Biggest Scandal in History of Science & Technology” (check Archive), but as the wise Iranians say: “Many still cannot see the depth of tragedy. This fact that the Western scientists sell their souls, work for the bad guys, and have been poisoned with money is so important, simply because scientists should be good people, with good intentions. Scientists should care about the truth and the joys of Science, not money and the joys of licking the Big Brother’s ass! With good scientists you can have Progress, Development, Better World, Better Life, etc. But with corrupted scientists you can only have Evil Science, Orwellian Society, Disaster, Evil Empire, Corrupt Society, etc”. Scientists must care about the truth or the real science, not money. But unfortunately, many Western scientists are bad/ corrupted people, with bad intentions. As some Americans say: “Abramoff might be the most prominent example of the corruption that has infected [our country] but he is not the best example of it” [8] It’s a good point. The story of the widespread and systematic corruption in the West is not about a few bad guys like Abramoff. As the wise Iranians say: “Corrupt scientists, corrupt journalists, corrupt media, etc are much more important than Abramoff. The US pigs/ crooks like Jack Abramoff, Dana Rohrabacher, Sheldon Adelson, Bob Nay, Enron’s guys, Congressmen, etc are only the tip of the iceberg”. We have already written about “the Lobbying industry in USA” (check Archive). Now even Americans say: ‘For many Americans, lobbying is a form of bribery .. After bribes were outlawed, lobbyists realized that the law permitted them to pay congressmen Consulting Fees’! [8] “Bribery and Corruption is a legal business in the West, but they play with words and refer to ‘bribe’ as gift, consulting fee, etc and think it can hide the truth! But now even Americans know ‘How Money Corrupts Congress’, and that’s why the US media confesses: ‘Trust in our government has reached an all-time low’ ! And in the near future, they will say: ‘Trust in our science and scientists has reached an all-time low’!, because the 2013 scandals are revealing ‘How the West and Money Corrupt Science”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Books like ‘Corrupted Science: Fraud, Ideology and Politics in Science’ [9] say: ‘Did you know that test results were faked by such scientific giants as Isaac Newton and Galileo?!’ [9] But the main issue is not a few fake results. The main issue is ‘widespread and systematic Corruption’ in the Western Science and Technology. The main problem is that many many Western scientists work for the bad guys, and care about money, not the truth. In the West, they sell and buy everything, including Science and scientists! But people don’t know ‘puppet scientists’ or ‘puppet intellectuals’ (ie pigs like Noam Chomsky). People didn’t know the West’s ‘War on Truth’. But the 2013 scandals are making people aware of ‘the Ministry of Truth’, the Illusion of Choice, and ‘the War on Truth/ Science’ in the UK and the US”.


There are many examples of ‘Corrupted Science’ / Corrupted Scientists in the West. We have already written about some of them (check Archive). But here lets focus on a new popular example: Chemistry and the Food industry. In this year (2013), many talk about Monsanto and The Monsanto Protection Act. As you know, some documentary films like “The Future of Food” (2004) have investigated Monsanto’s products, and unlabelled, patented, “genetically engineered foods (GMOs)” in the US. We should write more about Monsanto and GMOs later, but as the wise Iranians say: “the main question is: What’s in our foods? and what are corrupt scientists/ food producers doing? Unfortunately, many know nothing about chemical food additives and their toxic effects. Processed foods, which most Americans eat every day, typically contains industrial chemical additives to preserve, flavor, thicken, etc [4] These chemicals, additives, and artificial ingredients are toxins and poisons, and create cancer and other horrible diseases [2][4][5][6] Now even the mass media says: ‘Most food that comes in a packet or container contains at least some food additives, [that you know them as] three digit numbers [like E951, E110, E250]‘ [3] But they pretend that most of these chemical additives or E numbers are not harmful to people and/or environment! [3] But as the experts say: ‘If you are shocked to learn that industrial chemicals are routinely in the food you are feeding to your family, you will be even more shocked to read about a new study published (in August 2013) in the professional journal Reproductive Toxicology .. the researchers report that about 1,000 additives are in the food supply without the FDA’s knowledge’ ! [4] But it’s not the whole story”. They also add: “You can accept a few food additives. But they use more than ‘8,000 FDA-regulated additives !‘ [4], and thousands of secret additives [4] Now their experts say: ‘manufacturers intentionally add thousands of [toxic] additives to our foods’ ! [4] And it’s funny that both ‘FDA and the food industry [are corrupt] and say chemical food-additives are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) !‘ [4] Now even their experts say: ‘Money (Bribery) has corrupted the FDA and the food industry’ ! [4][5] Now many ask good questions like ‘Why Are Industrial Chemicals in Food Not Safety Tested?’ [4], and the answer is clear: because of ‘Corruption in the FDA, EFSA, and other Food Safety Authorities. The food authorities know that thousands of chemical food additives should be safety tested by the independent scientists, but they don’t allow this to happen! Unfortunately, most Americans are so ignorant. Only some Americans ask: ‘Is Our Food Poisoning US?’ [5] or ‘Why are Americans so addicted to processed food?!‘ [5] ‘Food is supposed to provide us nourishment and health but because of the chemicals it contains, what we consume has become a major threat to our health’ [5] But most Americans don’t know How bad processed foods are”. They also add: “corrupt scientists and corrupt media try to fool people by words like ‘improved’, ‘enriched’ foods. Some Americans talk about ‘the mass poisoning’ [4] and ‘Exploration of American stupidity’ [4], but most Americans know nothing about ‘dangerous additives [that] are found in everyday items like soda, mac and cheese, cake, candy and almost all Western foods’! [2] Only a few Americans know that the FDA has been corrupted. They say: ‘the Food industry is poisoning our people, and the FDA looking the other way on toxic food ingredients’ ! [4] or ‘In America today, we are all being bombarded by chemicals, poisons and toxins’ [2] But most people even don’t know that ‘there are many chemicals to change the texture of food .. instant mashed potatoes is even lighter and fluffier than anything you could ever make at home’ [4][5]“. They also add: “It’s obvious that ‘with growing greed and corruption, food safety is being bypassed’ [4] But corrupt scientists just try to hide the truth and help the bad guys. For instance, as some experts say: ‘Oxytocin ‘increases milk production, while it destroys the cow’s reproductive system. Not only is the cow harmed, but those who drink milk from oxytocin-injected cows are also at risk, especially children’ [5] ‘Oxytocin is also used for growing vegetables’ [5]. But ‘because of such hormones in food, minor girls are attaining early puberty’ [5] and ‘Americans are sicker and die younger than other people’ [5]“. As some Iranians say: “In Iran, the bad guys are following the US like sheep. Recently, the greedy pigs use chemical gases to change the color of tangerine (make the green tangerine yellow)! But at least Iranians don’t use any GMOs, and many processed foods. Mullah authorities are as corrupt as US authorities, but they cannot fool our people, and most Iranians hate ‘processed foods”. But in ‘the United State of GMOs’ [4] ‘US food companies pick oranges that are green and unripe, and [with a chemical process] make them look like what you wish them to look like. Colorants, artificial flavors/ sugars/ thickeners/ etc are tampering with traditionally healthy foods such as meat, milk and yogurt’ [2] As some wise Iranians say: “The EU Commission and its EFSA are as corrupt as the FDA and US Congress. Many know about ‘EU Commission deception, coverup’ [6] or ‘EFSA coverup on behalf of Monsanto, that over half of the scientists involved’ [4][6]. The West’s bad guys control the media and ‘hope the obedient mass media would take the headline and close the embarrassing stories’ ! [6] In North America, corruption has reached a new peak. Americans talk about ‘a list of ingredients that are banned across the globe but still allowed for use here in USA’ ! [5], and Canadians say: Canada Wants VPNs to Log Customers .. Harper wants to destroy VPN services by stripping them of the very service they’re designed to provide: Security and Anonymity!’ (Oct 2013)”.


As some Iranians say: “The story of genetically modified foods, aka GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) is [a long story]. Monsanto and the corporate food giants, Kelloggs, General Mills, Nestle, Coca Cola, etc use [corrupt scientists] to hide the truth of GMOs”. But even if you ignore GMOs, “Genetic pollution” and this fact that “some toxins enter the food chain genetically, through genetic engineering of seeds and crops” [5], the story of chemical food additives (E numbers) is still shocking. As some say: “The next time you go to the supermarket, pick up a few products and read the labels. You will be shocked by what you find” [2]. As some Iranians say: “their labels are full of E numbers [..] Almost all foods in McDonalds and other fast food chains like Subway and Starbucks are factory processed foods. They use artificial flavors to add fake tastes to their shits (processed foods). Fake lemon flavor, fake butter flavor, fake berry flavor, etc make up while none of these ingredients are actually used to make (processed foods)”. As some Americans say: “Monsanto had repeatedly refused scientific requests to publish the exact chemicals used in its products” ! [6] The cancer of corruption in the US is really horrible. As Americans say: “the government has their hands tied by big food industry and chemical company lobbyists that basically control what the FDA approves” [5] This level of corruption belongs to third world countries and backward nations. As the wise Iranians say: “when the FDA is corrupt, it means that the US government is a corrupt government, and America is a corrupt society. Such horrible corruption has predictable results. As some say: ‘Diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes are absolutely exploding in America’ [2] and ‘41% of Americans are projected to get cancer in their lifetime‘ [5] But it’s not the whole story. Now even Americans talk about ‘The Alarming Corruption of the Think Tanks’ ! [8], and say: ‘The think tanks should be institutions for scholarship and research. [They should be] universities without teaching. But in [the 20th century] the think tanks became a political instrument in service of extremism [and barbarism]‘ ! [8] The cancer of corruption is killing the West’s Evil Empire. Now even the Western scientists are as ‘Corrupt’ as their politicians”. As some Americans say: “Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) lays out five of the primary ‘methods of abuse’ utilized by corporations ‘to exert influence at every step of the scientific and policy-making processes .. Corrupting the Science, Shaping public perception, restricting agency effectiveness, influencing Congress, and exploiting judicial pathways are the five ‘methods of abuse’ noted … How they Corrupt Science? As UCS says: ‘By (1) suppressing research (2) Intimidating scientists (3) Manipulating researches (4) Ghostwriting scientific articles (corrupting the integrity of scientific journals by ‘planting’ ghostwritten articles that actually promote their products) (5) Publication bias (selectively publishing positive results and burying negative results” [7] But it’s just part of the truth. As some wise Iranians say: “They buy and sell scientists and their works. They bribe scientists to write/ say what they want. In these years, many write about ‘WHO Scientists Corruption Scandals’, ‘How Drug Company Money Is Undermining Science’ (2012, Scientific American), or the story of Monsanto or ‘the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI)’. ‘ILSI is funded by the multinational GM and Monsanto’ [1] But ‘ILSI describes itself as a public interest non-profit’ ! [1] They and ‘the European Food Safety Authority’ (EFSA) don’t allow ‘scientists to publish independent and critical research’ ! [1] Only the industry-funded scientists (ie corrupt scientists) are able to publish their fake/ corrupt works ! [1] In fact, the scientific journals censor/ boycott independent scientists! [1] And under such conditions, it’s obvious why the American polling organizations (like Gallup) publish fake polls, why the Western mass media tells big lies and censors many things, and why the West is ethically and intellectually bankrupt”. The 2013 scandals are making people aware. As the wise Iranians say: “Now even Americans say: ‘We Live Under a Total Surveillance State in America’. Now even Britons say: ‘In our Orwellian society, many things (from cable boxes to any computer that is inside your home) snoop on us. Our people are ignorant, and the establishment wants to keep people ignorant’. But sooner or later, most people will know the West’s Evil Empire, corrupt scientists, and corrupt intellectuals like Noam Chomsky, who are not well intentioned people. They defend Islamists, dictators, IMF plans, CIA plans, etc but pretend otherwise ! [...] Noam Chomsky is an ignoble bastard. Chomsky, Brezizenski, Gary Sick, the lefts and so-called imperialists help each other and tell the same lies about Iran, Islamists, dictators, etc. Pigs like Chomsky are rotten brains, and signs of moral decay, intellectual decay, and cultural decay in the West. And when their top intellectuals are corrupt people, and their scientists, their FDA, EFSA, etc are rotten to the core, it just just remind you of a Persian proverb: ‘Harch-e Begandad …’ (corruptible things are salted, but what happens when [incorruptible] Salt goes rotten!) [...] Their media/ journalists and their scientists/ intellectuals are as corrupt as their politicians, and it can explain why their intellectuals/ thinkers don’t have any new things to say [...] Iranians laugh at the Mullah books, and refer to them as ‘Jame-ol Abaatil-e val Azdad’ ! (All Crap and Contradictions !) etc; but most of the Western/ Lefty books/ writings are full of ‘Crap and Contradictions’, too [...] The West’s popular intellectuals are less honorable then Prostitutes. They are like the Guardian and the British media, and just tell big lies, bring facts right out of their ass, and ignore many important facts, because their job is ‘misleading the Western public’.”


As the wise Iranians say: “In this year (2013), many people protest against The Monsanto Protection Act, simply because ‘Instead of protecting the American people, the US government (Congress, White House, etc) protect Monsanto’ ! The passage of the Monsanto Protection Act is one of the most shameful episodes of US history. Now even Americans say: ‘the passage of [this act] is another sign of how corrupt and tyrannical is the US system, and how out of touch Congress and the White House are with the US public’ (Aug 2013). The farcical story of ‘Labeling of GMO Products’ is so laughable. Monsanto and US Congress say: ‘Don’t tell people what they’re eating! Ignorance is Strength!’ In March 2013, when ‘Obama signed Monsanto Protection Act’, many Americans said: ‘Obama sold out the public and signed this bill’ [3], and many protested against Monsanto and US gov. Some groups like ‘Food Democracy Now’ say: We’re marching: To Stop the Continued Corruption of Our Democracy … the bad guys (Monsanto) produce 75% of foods/ processed foods that we eat and feed our families everyday’ [6] But US Congress loves monopoly, corruption, war, barbarism, and other evil things”. They also add: “Over 90% of the American people support mandatory labeling of GM foods [4] Americans say: ‘They don’t want to allow us to understand what we are eating [!] But it is our fundamental right to know what’s in our food’ [4]. But the US regime even doesn’t allow people to know what they are eating! It’s really horrible. As many experts say: ‘the truth is we don’t really know how much our food is hurting us or if it is in fact safe’ ! [4] Now many ask: ‘If GMOs are so good, why they don’t allow people to know which foods are GMOs or non-GMOs ?! ‘ And the wise guys say: We don’t say GMOs are good or bad. We just say: Label them so people can make their own choices‘. But the US regime acts like a Tyrannical/ Orwellian regime. The US Cyber mercenaries are like the UK Cyber mercenaries, who are paid to put stupid comments and help the bad guys. They say for instance: ‘If you fear GMO foods, grow your own. Explain why you seek to impose your hysteria on others [!] .. anti-GMO propaganda is not Science [!] .. Don’t impose your beliefs on me; I love GMOs .. I trust Monsanto far more than I trust you’! [3] Mercenaries tell bad jokes, while many ask: If GM food is so wonderful why you don’t label it?!”. They also add: “Monsanto and US Congress act like a stupid dictator whose intention is to continue in power in spite of the will of the people. But it just backfires. Now even Americans say: ‘Monsanto Targets the Heart of Science’ [1] The West has become the Mecca for Corruption, and the soup is too salty that even their mass media confesses that they have a corrupt and closed society, not an open society! They say: ‘David Bickford, a former legal director of MI5 and MI6, says: ‘Secrecy in this country (UK) is over-protected and under-regulated. The UK has signally failed to prepare itself for openness [!]‘ (Oct 2013)”. Unfortunately, the West suffers from both the cancer of corruption and the cancer of ignorance. As Snowden truly says: ‘public indifference is the real enemy in the NSA affair‘. Now the media reports: ‘Most Britons don’t seem to worry that government is collecting their personal data! A recent YouGov poll asked [British] respondents about the GCHQ and surveillance on ordinary people. 42% said that they thought the GCHQ was ‘about right’! and a further 22% thought that the GCHQ did not have enough powers! In another question, British respondents were asked whether they thought Snowden’s revelations were a good or a bad thing; 43% thought they were bad’ ! (Oct 2013) As the wise Iranians say: “Their polls actually say their people have low IQs and are so stupid! But unfortunately, this fact that they don’t’ protest against their Big Brother, their corrupt government, and their Orwellian society, show that these polls are not baseless. When their wise guys should explain to their people why ‘Tyranny is a bad thing’ ! or why ‘mass spying is not a good thing’ !, and when Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, says (at an event hosted by the New America Foundation): ‘Government spying is the nature of our society! there’s been spying for years; there’s been surveillance for years; it’s the nature of our society’ ! (Sep 2013), it shows that Ignorance and Corruption is the pillar of their society, and that’s why only idiots, corrupt scientists/ intellects, media whores, crooks and other bad guys get the publicity and the money in the West”. They also add: “Islamists and journalists/ actives in exile just repeat (QerQereh) what the stupid West says. They just desire to ape the West like monkeys. But Iranians are not stupid. We, Iranians, don’t see the West in black and white. We know that many Westerners are good guys or normal humans. We don’t say all Western scientists are corrupt people. But there are many terrible people who have called themselves scientists/ intellectuals in the West. They hurt and betray the freedom seeking people in Iran and the world. They wanted, and still want, to turn people into sheeple. But now at least Iranian people have become aware [...] Transparency is the most important element in a Democracy, and all normal humans want to have a fair, democratic society. But now the West stupidly pretends that ‘Truth or Transparency is the Enemy!’ But even people like Lincoln knew that ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time & some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time‘. Today seems like the calm before the storm or the ‘volcano of resentment’. Evil things do not last forever. The Evil Empire has reached the end of line”.

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American-Jewish Barbarians, Genocide of Iranians

October 30, 2013

In this year (2013), the West tries to make people hate the West! As the wise Iranians say: “the West openly defends mass spying, watching people, and controlling and corrupting science and scientists! [...] The anti-Iranian Front, ie the United Barbarians, has lost its mind. Now the Jewish-American Barbarians openly ask for Genocide of Iranians! As the mass media reports: ‘Sheldon Adelson says the US should fire Atomic Bomb at Iran. On 22 Oct 2013, and in an event in New York City at Yeshiva University, Sheldon Adelson said: the US should fire an atomic bomb into Tehran, and Iran should be ‘wiped out’. This [public incitement to genocide] made global headlines and lit up the blogosphere’. Sheldon Adelson is a Jewish-American barbarian that the US media calls him a Billionaire or a Casino Mongol ! But it’s funny that Sheldon Adelson said barbaric things in an American university, and his barbaric comments were met with applause by the audience! As the media reports: ‘Jews, US ambassadors, US Senators, and the others on the panel – including Pulitzer-prize winning journalists- didn’t object to Adelson’s barbaric idea‘ ! (Oct 2013)”. Unfortunately, Barbarians and savage retards control the West, while most Westerners are not bad guys. Now average westerners put comments and say: “Just compares how viewers would react if an Iranian threatened such aggression .. A Jew urging genocide of Iranians in a Jewish campus and in front of an American crowd and gets applauded ?! .. It shows that Jews are barbarians .. Adelson says his America wipe Iran off the map. He urged the US attack Iran with nuke! But what is most disturbing is the applause. Are all Americans/ Jews [barbarians]?! .. I was shaking after watching the audience applaud Adelson’s barbaric threat to kill millions. Is America a barbarian country? .. Hitler was [right]. [Savage Jews] deserve annihilation” (Oct 2013). Adelson’s crap and the public backlash against it are big news. Some of the US mass media covered it [*], but almost all British mass media, including the Guardian, censored such big news! We should write more about the UK and its mass media that are censoring all important news of Iran. But as the wise Iranians say: “the British media is the worst Orwellian media in history. British Lies and British Censorship go beyond Orwell’s imagination [...] But the UK is so stupid. Now, the Guardian and UK censor everything and support Rouhani/ Mullahs by censorship and big lies, but they just prove that Rouhani is nothing but a British spy! [...] Now the Brits and Jews both act like savage retards. The Jewish Rabbis say: ‘[As Adelson said] an atomic bomb should be fired into an Iranian desert, and then we should threaten to fire an atomic bomb into Tehran. US must go to extremes to ensure that Iran never gets a nuke’ ! (25 Oct 2013) The Jewish Barbarians have low IQs. They love Genocide & Barbarism, because their Jewish Bible praises Genocide and Racism. But all normal humans hate such barbaric things”. Iranians, the world and history will never forget these days, the Barbarian West, Jewish Barbarians, their public incitement to genocide, their anti-Iranian Racism, their anti-Iran Barbarism, and the 2013 scandals. In these days, the wise Iranians are angry, and say: “Jewish-American Barbarians are showing that the West and Jews are savage retards/ monsters, and the only thing they understand is Force and Nuke. If you use Adelson’s words, you can say: So there’s an atomic weapon, goes over ballistic missiles, the middle of a [US] desert, that doesn’t hurt a soul. And then you say, ‘See! The next one is in the middle of [Washington] ! So, we mean business. You want to be wiped out? Go ahead and (eat shit) ! [Applause]‘ ! or ‘So there’s an atomic weapon, goes over ballistic missiles, the middle of the [I-s-raeli] desert, that just hurts [a few pigs]. And then you say, See! The next one is in the middle of [Tel Aviv] !’ All Jewish barbaric comments in these years and this fact that Jews openly threaten others with Nuke & Genocide, prove two things: (1) all nations have every right to threaten Jews with nukes, and Jews deserve annihilation (2)Iran must have nukes, and Iranians/ good guys must clear the world form barbarians [...] Sheldon Adelson looks like an ugly pig. But all savage Jews who love Genocide, and say: ‘Nuking Tehran is good, but it wouldn’t advance our interests’ !, are savage pigs, not humans. They all deserve annihilation”.


The mass media reports: “ recorded Adelson’s speech. In this video, Adelson suggests that instead of diplomacy, we should nuke Iran!”. But as some wise Iranians say: “Sheldon Adelson is a stupid Barbarian, but those Jews/ Americans who applaud Adelson are worse than him. In the 21st century, such public incitement to genocide just proves that the West and Jews are still Barbarians”. In these days, as the wise Iranians say: “you can easily see who is anti-Iranian, who is anti-Civilization, who is anti-Humanity, and who is spy or bad guy. The Western Barbarians are showing their true faces. But they also reveal the truth about the so-called Activists/ Journalists in Exile. Now you can understand why most Iranians say: the anti-Iranian media like BBC, VOA, Gooya, Rooz, Balatarin, Kaleme, etc are actually the CIA/ MI6 media’. These bastards censor Adelson’s news and all big news. But it’s not the whole story. In 2012 and 2013, what pigs like Hooshang HassanYari, Masoud Behnoud and other anti-Iranian spies say is like Adelson’s barbaric jokes. Now it’s clear that pigs like Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi, Akbar Gajni, Pahlavists, Khatamists and all ‘Activists/ Journalists in Exile’, are nothing but a bunch of anti-Iranian spies/ stooges”. In these days, the educated Iranians say: ‘Sheldon Adelson is an anti-Iranian Barbarian. But who is more anti-Iranian, Adelson or AN? AN ! And who is more anti-Iranian, Adelson or Rouhani ?! Rouhani just obeys the IMF, tells big lies, and tries to hurt Iranian people, who ask him: ‘Do something to sue AN/ Basijis for horrible corruptions. Do something to bring down the prices of foods, housing, car, dollar, etc. People want freedom and welfare. Stop implementing IMF Plans/ Enemy’s plans’. But what is this British Rouhani doing?!”. As some wise Iranians say: “UK and Mullahs try to prove that Rouhani is a British Spy! What they say about IMF Plans (cutting subsidies, Rial, etc) are stupid lies. Now even taxi drivers say: Dorogh Migan, Mesle Sag! (They tell big lies, like stupid dogs/ pigs!). In 2012, AN said: we want to raise the price of Dollar by 300%. But this %300 increase in our revenues belongs to people, and we will pay each person his/ her share (~ $100 per month)!‘. But now Rouhani’s team say to people: ‘We will not pay your share of that 300% increase in dollar price; we even want to cut what AN paid you ($15)!’ They actually say: We are worse than AN! [...] $15 for all Iranians is just equal to $12 billions per year, while just one Basiji faggot (Zanjani) has embezzled $12+ billions! (AN and his friends have embezzled over $400 billions; with this money you can pay all Iranians $15 for 35 years!) Now it’s clear that IMF Plan (cutting subsidies) was a disastrous economic coup. But the Mullah Parliament says: ‘The government should have the courage to state that IMF Plan has failed and that the payments ($15) will be discontinued to all citizens‘ ! (Oct 2013) Islamists have low IQs, but Iranians say: ‘Mullahs must confess that IMF Plan (subsidy reform) has failed and all prices will restore to prices in 2010, before implementing IMF plan‘. In these days, only the UK/ CIA media like the Guardian and Al-Monitor defend Rouhani. For instance, they say: ‘[In Iran] average citizens would appreciate more [IMF plans] if they are communicated appropriately’ ! (Oct 2013) These stupid CIA/ MI6 agents just show you who is behind Rouhani”. They also add: “The Guardian and UK Media are worse than the Mullah media. Do you remember what they said about ‘Rouhani’s trip to New York, and his return to Iran (in Sep 2013)’? UK/ US media said: A huge crowd of Rouhani’s supporters welcomed him! But this huge crowd was nothing but about 100 whores who were bussed to the airport! In Sep 2013, Iranians put comments and said: ‘About 100 Basiji faggots shouting ‘Death to USA’, and 100 Islamic whores shouting ‘Thank you Rouhani’! But the UK/ US media referred to them as a huge crowd or a larger group of Rouhani’s supporters! .. the West says 100 to 200 faggots are ‘a large group’, because all puppets of the West only have such a large group of supporters in Iran! .. Since when 100 whores are a huge crowd?! .. 75,000,000 people live in Iran, and 74,000,000 people hate AN, Rouhani, Mullahs and UK, but 74,000,000 people is not a large group, according to the British logic! In the UK/ US logic, 100 or 200 whores is a large group! .. In New York, Americans didn’t ask Mullahs/ Rouhani even one question about Human Rights! .. UK and US are the main enemies of Democracy and Progress in Iran and the world .. ABC, NBC, PBS, CNN, BBC, Guardian, etc love Rouhani and Janati, but hate Freedom and Democracy .. Mullahs/ Islamists just desire to ape the UK like monkeys and that’s why the UK loves them’ (Sep 2013)”. As the wise Iranians say: “The West acts like a bad retard. They censor this fact that Mullahs obey the IMF and praise the fall of Rial. But they say: ‘Iran sanctions are really hurting .. sanctions have brought Iran’s economy to its knees .. their economy is in real trouble, said William Luers, director of The Iran Project‘ ! (CSMonitor, 16 Oct 2013). They also add: ‘Iran has enough cash on hand .. Iranians [can] use their other option, which is to rebuild their economy‘ ! Their paradoxical lies and their Iran Projects are laughable [...] The ugly, stupid pigs like Adelson are not important. The main Enemy of Iran is the UK, the Jewish CIA and their anti-Iranian stooges”.


In these days, many things are informative. As some Iranians say: “The Mullah media censored Adelson’s anti-Iran comments!, and proved many things”. And the wise Iranians say: “In October 2013, Gary Sick, one of the sick supporters of the Mullah regime, went to Carnegie Council and made good confessions. Carnegie Council said: ‘Sick served on the National Security Council under three presidents -Ford, Carter, and Reagan’. And Sick added: ‘I’ve been living with this whole business of US-Iran relations since 1977‘. As many know, Sick and his boss Brzizenski, are known as the Architects of the Mullah regime. And now Sick says: ‘The Shah had forces in Lebanon supporting the Shia of southern Lebanon in his day‘ ! In fact, he confess that when the Shah started to care about Iran’s national interests, and wanted to have nukes, presence in Lebanon, etc the US and the UK tried to topple him. As many say: ‘Imam Mousa Sader was sent to Lebanon by the Shah’. Sadr was Imam, the most popular Shia leader. But in 1979, he was suddenly kidnapped/ killed! [...] Just ask yourself: When Jews attacked Lebanon? After toppling Shah, killing Sadr, and weakening Iran. Sick made good confessions at Carnegie Council. Sick said: ‘ [Now even] Jewish Americans think that AhmadiNejad [AN] was a M-o-s-s-ad agent, and he was actually working for I-s-rael‘ ! (Oct 2013) Now even non-Iranians say AN was a Jewish spy! Now what Rouhani, Zarif, and all Mullahs do/ say just has one meaning: ‘they actually confess that AN served the Zionist interests’. All Iranians are aware of this stupid Mullah retreat (180 degrees change), that just reminds you of the ‘Onions & Sticks’ story. Mullahs retreat and make concessions, but it just disgraces/ discredits them! [...] If they really want to correct their big mistakes, they must apologize to people, and should have the courage to state that the real Sedition (Fetneh) was AN and his supporters. Repeating old lies is not Solution. We all know what the Left, the Jewish CIA, and Islamists said about AN and anti-AN candidates in 2009. But now they say: ‘Rouhani, first of all, tried to identify himself as a sort of anti-AhmadiNejad’ ! (Oct 2013) Now they confess: ‘[AN] was a disaster for Iran’ or ‘AN was a Jewish spy’ (Oct 2013) But it’s exactly what Iranians said in 2009 and past years. Even the stupid Karoubi/ Mousavi said such things. But what Mullahs, the Left and the Jewish CIA did/ said in 2009?”. They also add: “Islamists have always served the West’s interests. Most of them are anti-Iranians [...] Iranians don’t aid the West or Iran’s enemies. The Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Sick, Chomsky, etc) love AN and Islamists, because of destroying Iran and Iran’s image. Now Sick says: ‘Nobody likes Iranians; people fear or hate Iranians, just because of the image that has been created‘ ! (Oct 2013) In fact, Sick confesses that AN, Mullahs and Islamists who hurt/ torture Iranians and attack Iranian Civilization and Iranian values like Tolerance are actually serving the West’s interests by destroying Iran’s image [...] Now Rouhani and his stupid cabinet lick the ass of IMF, tell big lies, insult the people’s intelligence, and act like retards. Apparently they want to prove that Rouhani is a British spy, and British spies are worse than Jewish spies (AN)! Now almost all Iranians are cursing Rouhani. But pigs like Sick and Chomsky praise Rouhani and Khatamists (Ganji, etc). Sick says: ‘Ganji was [right]. Khamenei is a super-pragmatist .. Khamenei and his power is not the kind of thing that you think of a Stalin or Saddam’ ! (Oct 2013) Relations between the Jewish CIA and Khatamists are funny [...] Just ask yourself: When did the US and its puppet (Saddam) attack Iran? After toppling the Shah, and when the anti-Iranian Islamists (ie Khatamists like Abdi, Hajarian, Ganji, Asgharzadeh, etc) attacked the US embassy and gave the US an excuse to attack Iran. The anti-Iranian Islamists betrayed people in 2009 and said: We are Brake Pedals! But these spies/ stooges have always been ‘Brake Pedals’ in the path of Progress and Democracy in Iran. In 1997-2004, they were Brake Pedals and betrayed Iran and Iranians (pigs/ spies like Asgharzadeh even said: Tehran doesn’t need Metro! Iran should not have the metro system!) [...] Gary Sick says: ‘[It's good that] Iran is one of the biggest importers of grain – and ours wheat, rice, etc’ ! (Oct 2013) He actually confesses to the truth of what Iranians already said: ‘AN just aids the West/ IMF in destroying Iran’s national product. AN and Islamists just serve the West’s interests’. Now the West confesses that Iranians are not stupid. Now Carnegie Council’s guys say: ‘Persian Civilization is very old and very sophisticated, a great civilization. The educated Iranians are more sophisticated than Americans‘ (Oct 2013). They confess that Iranians are wiser/ smarter than their Western counterparts, because everyone who reads Iranian websites or listens to Iranian people, can see the truth. Now the Western mass media has headlines like: ‘Iran Outwits the US’ (20 Oct 2013) and says: ‘ Iran understands the West far, far better than the West understands Iran. Iranians know the West well. They have studied the West culturally, historically, religiously and linguistically. Iranians know the Achilles heel of the West’ ! They read what Iranian people say, and that’s why they confess: Iranians are far, far better/ smarter than the West. Now even idiots say: ‘Iranians are not stupid; Iranians support whichever side the bad guys (UK, Jewish CIA, lefts, etc) don’t support’ ! But the bad guys still support Rouhani, because Rouhani tells big lies and defends hyperinflation, the fall of Rial, IMF Plans, and anti-Iranian policies! Now Rouhani’s cabinet openly say: Hyperinflation, the fall of Rial, and high prices of Car, Foods, etc are good! Now all Iranians laugh at Rouhani. If he really implements IMF Plans (cut $15, etc) and other anti-Iran policies, Rouhani will be a hateful figure worse than AhmadiNejad (AN). Rouhani is free to prove that he is a British spy [...] But we care about Iran. Now Iran’s enemies will be happy to see big riots and civil war in Iran, and Rouhani just tries to make Iran’s enemies happy [...] Now Iran’s enemies confess: ‘[Our sanctions are stupid] Any sanctions relief at all would lead to the quick crumbling of the entire sanctions program .. Many countries, and many companies, are eager to see the sanctions disintegrate‘ ! (Bloomberg, Oct 2013) Iran’s enemies are in deep shit, and that’s why Adelson and Jewish barbarians have confused. Now only Iran’s regime (Rouhani, Islamists, retards in Mullah Parliament, etc) can aid Iran’s enemies. If instead of stopping IMF Plans, they continue to obey the IMF, they just prove that Rouhani, all Mullahs and all Islamists are puppets of Iran’s enemies”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Now the western media has headlines like ‘I-s-rael and Arab States in Secret Talks over Iran ! (Oct 2013) In fact, they show that ‘Bad Jews and Bad Arabs are the same shits, and deserve each other’. The anti-Iran Jews/ Arabs (ie savage Se-m-i-t-es) are sworn enemies of goodness, decency, and Iranian values (aka human values) . When the West’s media talks about ‘Se-m-ite states, I-s-rael and Saudi Arabia’ and their collaborations! (Oct 2013), they actually show you why Iranian people say: ‘Fuck you Palestine, Fuck you Arabs, Fuck you Jewish pigs’. Hamas and Palestinians aided Saddam in the Iraq war against Iran. And now the collaborations between Arab pigs and Jewish pigs reveal the truth of Sem[..] (Jews and Arabs are Sem[..]; but Iran is the land of Aryans)”. Iranians know the British tactic of “Divide and Rule”, and as the wise Iranians say: “Iranians have no problem with the good Jews and the good Arabs, who hate pigs like Adelson, Jewish fanatics, Islamists and Arab dictators. Iranians are friends and supporters of all good guys in all around the world. It’s part of the Iranian Culture. For thousands of years, Tolerance, kindness and goodness has been part of the Iranian culture, and that’s why many refer to Iran as the Home of Human values, or the birthplace of Tolerance/ Human Rights. But unfortunately, the bad guys and barbarians have always fought against the cradle of civilization (Iran) and Iranian values”. We have already written the savage Semi[..] in posts like “Jewish Fanatics, Jewish Theocracy”, “Who is Afraid of Iran and Iranian Legacy?” or “Iranian Legacy Confuses Arab Locust Eaters” (check Archive). As many know, Iranian Muslims are not Islamists. Iranian Muslims care about Iranian traditions, not Arabian/ Jewish traditions. (For more info, check Archive for “Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance”) As the wise Iranians say: “Islamists are anti-Iranian and pro-Arab (Arab-parast). Their God is a Jewish God, ie the god of war, brutality, barbarism, slavery, etc. But Iranian Muslims [are not Islamists]. Iranian God is the god of love, kindness, tolerance, friendship, good deeds, good wills, etc. All Barbarians, and also those who have a Jewish God, are anti-Iranian and hate Iranian values like Tolerance, Goodness, Kindness, etc. And now these Forces of Evil try to present a united front against Iran. But they cannot unite. They hate each other! Friendship, Trust, etc belong to our tribe, ie the tribe of good guys. In the tribe of bad guys, the West, Jews, Arabs, etc just try to fuck & hurt each other! the US is spying on EU! Jews kill Arabs, Arabs kill Westerns, and the West kills Jews and Arabs! Who created the Holocaust?! the West. Who has ‘Pedar Koshtegi’ (deep hatred) towards Jews and say: ‘Jews killed Jesus’? the West. The West, Jews, Arabs, etc deserve each other [...] It’s funny that the CIA and pigs like Rohrabacher try to use the stupid Turks/ Arabs/ Jews/ Islamists to hurt Iran! Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), who introduced a resolution to create separatism in Iran, is one of the top detractor of the Green Movement. As their media say: ‘Rohrabacher worked as a speechwriter and presidential adviser in the Reagan White House‘. Dana Rohrabacher is a close friend to Jack Abramoff ! It’s funny that Abramoff had two close friends, congressmen Bob Ney and Rohrabacher, who both are members of the CIA and the anti-Iran or pro-Mullah Lobby in the US! [..] Now the CIA pigs like Rohrabacher openly defend the savage Turks, the savage Arabs, and the Islamist-Marxist terrorists (MEK)”. We should write more about this American faggot, Dana Rohrabacher. But it’s sadly funny that crooks and barbarians like Adelson and Rohrabacher control the US. As the wise Iranians say: “Now Gary Sick and the US system say: the Mullah regime is the 21-Century Island of Stability ! (Oct 2013) And it just reminds you of what they said in 1978: the Shah regime is the 20-Century Island of Stability !. Now many things are laughable. Now the US/ UK media say: Rohani has strengthened the position of the Sick-Brzezinski side of US foreign policy’ ! (Oct 2013) Now Basijis say: ‘We were fooled; they played with us; they used us; Mullahs and Great Satan are closed friends’! Now even NYTimes reports: ‘[Basijis say:] ‘We must hold on to ‘Death to America’; otherwise, our revolution will be lost’. Anti-Americanism is an important part of the Islamic regime’s ideology/ legitimacy. A poll conducted in 2003 showed that most people favored establishing ties with America. But the pollsters were jailed! [But now after the US-backed 2009 coup, and when Iranians hate Obama and his USA] Rouhani wants to [publish fake polls] on this issue’ ! (19 Oct 2013) Now pigs like Sheldon Adelson proves that Zionism = Nazism, and Iran’s enemies = stupid Barbarians. But if Rouhani continues his current anti-Iranian/ IMF policies, it will prove that Rouhani is worse than pigs like Sheldon Adelson [..] Now Iranians make jokes and say: ‘Rouhani and his CBI are Jamshid Besmellah’ ! or ‘Rouhani and his cabinet are worse than Jamshid Besmellah !”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Recently the UK media made a good confession: The UK government did a study on how to make the public feel good about wars! In the past, they openly defended War and Racism. But now the bad guys in the UK and the West are forced to use language or values that belong to the tribe of good guys. And it’s a real victory for Iranians and all good guys. Now only spies and whores praise the West. Now when Rouhani tells big lies, or when ‘BBC, Rooz, or other spies talk with savage Mullahs and say: Majority of Iranians Want Relations With the US’, almost all Iranians just laugh and say: Ajab ! All Iranians hate those who are behind the 2009 coup and all our pain and suffering in these years. Iranians just laugh/ spit at the West and cesspools like BBC, VOA, Rooz, Balatarin, etc”. They also add: “The West has confused. Their media talks about ‘Signs Of Rift Between I-s-r-ael and USA over Iran‘ (20 Oct 2013) and says: ‘an Explosion between Netanyahu and Obama appears to be inevitable’ ! (20 Oct 2013) Now the American people [put good comments] and say: ‘American people certainly hope the rift grows and I-s-rael cuts all ties with us .. Americans will no longer allow I-s-rael to dictate what US foreign policy will be .. While so many Americans (50 millions) are subsisting on food stamps, losing their homes, the US is giving I-s-rael billions of dollar every year! .. Only 2% of US population are Jews .. Jews act like a spoiled brat .. Jews are trouble makers’ (Oct 2013). Now their mass media says: It’s Time to Put an End to I-s-r-ael’s Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell’ Nuclear Policy! (Oct 2013), and adds: “Whereas Iran signed the NPT, I-s-rael has not -and is therefore not subject to any oversight. I-s-rael’s nuclear facility at Dimona, a city in Negev desert, dedicated to production of [nukes]‘ (Oct 2013) Now the West’s media says: ‘I-s-raeli whistleblower Mordechai V-a-n-u-nu, a nuclear technician who revealed details of I-s-rael’s nuclear weapons program to the press in 1986, is an Is-raeli Edward Snowden. Va-n-unu spent 18 years in prison!’ (Oct 2013). In 1974, after the story of Indian nuke and Jewish nuke, Iran wanted to have nuke. But at that time Mullahs and Islamists opposed Iran’s nuclear program, served the West’s interests, and aided the West in toppling the Shah [...] Now Gallup and the US publish fake polls, and it just remind you of the CIA polls in 2009, when they said 90% of Iranians love AN! (= 90% of Americans love Bin Laden!) [...] But after such big lies, the CIA-backed 2009 coup and all US crimes/ betrayals in these years, now almost all Iranians believe Iran must have nuclear weapons. Now almost all Iranians know and hate Iran’s enemies, ie those pigs who threaten Iran with war, genocide, sanction and barbarism. But the stupid West says: ‘Iranians still love Obama & his USA’! If they say: Jews still love Hitler, it’s less laughable. The West has lost its mind and acts like a bad retard, because the West is bankrupt and nearing the End, while Iran will be a world power soon”. In these days, even the wise Iranians are angry. And it’s obvious why they are angry, and why both Iranians and non-Iranian people put comments and say: “Jews love Nuclear Genocide, and deserve Annihilation .. Public incitement to genocide must be prosecuted; they should arrest Adelson and those who applauded .. the worst part is that this Jewish barbarian received applause! Both Adelson and Yeshiva University should be prosecuted .. all Jewish Nazis/ Jewish barbarians should be prosecuted for incitement to genocide .. No wonder Iranians want nukes; Iran must defend itself against these barbarians .. Jewish Bible and Jewish holy texts are barbaric books, because they praise genocide .. Adelson just tries to prove: Judaism = Barbarism! .. Adelson just makes Hitler look like a nice guy! .. Adelson has given millions of dollars to a hawkish think tank, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD)! For Jews, Democracy means Genocide! .. Adelson and American Jews are precisely the reason Iran needs nukes .. As long as there are Sheldons, Bibis and such in the world, we fully support Iran’s nuclear program” (Oct 2013). In these days, as the wise Iranians say: “the West and its stooges censor many things and tell many big lies. But anyone with half a brain knows that such big lies and such horrible censorship is a clear sign of Bankruptcy (Eflas) and Frustration (Darmandegi). When they openly call for Genocide of Iranians and turn public opinion against themselves, it just proves that they are totally confused and frustrated [...] Most Westerners are not bad guys, and truly say: ‘Public incitement to genocide should be prosecuted’. But the bad guys are stupid. The Jewish-American barbarians love Genocide, because it’s part of their barbaric holy texts and their barbaric culture. But in the 21st century, public incitement to genocide is a clear sign of Barbarism, and all Iranians, all humans, and the whole word will not tolerate the Jewish-American barbarians”.

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Japan and A Weird Syndrome

October 24, 2013

In these days, you can see many weird things. As some Iranians say: “the anti-Iran Front, aka United Barbarians, has lost its mind. These Barbarians, from the Barbarian UK to the savage Jews/ Arabs/ etc, are just revealing the truth of the West’s DNA. Now it’s clear that ‘Lie, Censorship, and Barbarism is part of British DNA’ and ‘Hypocrisy, Stupidity, and Corruption is part of American DNA’ [...] Just look at their stupid UNESCO. The uncultured Turks of Azerbaijan act like Taliban and destroy Nezami’s museum, but UNESCO says nothing about this Anti-Cultural move. The Azeri people, as a part of the Iranian nation, protest against Azerbaijan’s regime, but UNESCO loves the anti-Cultural regimes! [...] Now Rouhani and his cabinet act like the stupid Turks. They are in a hurry to show their true face. They lick the ass of the UK/ US/ IMF, while people know and say many things about this British Rouhani (ie Hassan Mullah that his real name is Hassan Freydoon). Now even the Western media talks about’the role of Rouhani in the Iran Contra Scandal‘. They say: ‘Do you know who was one of the three Mullahs the cake-bearing McFarlane dealt with in Tehran 27 years ago? He was Hassan Rouhani’! (Washington Post)” In these days, as the wise Iranians say: “the Iranian people say good things about British Rouhanis/ Mullahs, who are in a hurry to prove that all Mullahs are anti-Iranian stooges of the West/ IMF and Rouhani is worse than AhmadiNejad (AN)! But we can wait and see how Rouhani proves the truth of what is said about him”. In these days, many things are weird and laughable. As the wise Iranians say: “The British Media, their big lies and their horrible censorship are so laughable, and just show that even ‘the Guardian, ie the UK most prestigious media, is nothing but a cesspool of spies and stooges”. But here lets ignore such facts. In these days, the mass media says: “Young people in Japan don’t care about s-e-x” or “Japan Has Given Up on S-e-x”. Of course as some Iranians say: “what the mass media says in October 2013 is a copy of (‘No S-e-x and the City’) [4] in July 2013″. But now many talk about a ‘weird thing’ in Japan: “Recent Japanese studies point to a startling trend among the nation’s under-40s: a rising aversion to s-ex and dating” [4] The media says Japan is the land of the 40 year old virgins! or Japan is moving to a sexless society. “A 2013 JFPA survey found that 45% of women ages 16 to 24 were not interested in or disliked s-e-xual contact .. A 2011 government survey reported that 49% of Japanese women ages 18 to 34 don’t have any boyfriend, husband [or s-e-xual partner]“[4] It’s weird. Some say: “No way this can be correct”. But as many know, Japan has failed to address the complex issue of ‘Modernism and
Traditionalism’. “Traditional values” and ‘modern problems’ is a central theme in many good Japanese works – including ‘Oshin’ (1983-4), the most popular TV series in Japan and Iran, and good Japanese movies like “Castaway on the Moon” (2009), that is about Japanese youths and their problems, including severe depression. As some wise Iranians say: “Japan has a traditional and weird society. In a 2012 government survey, 51% of the Japanese population said they believed women should stay at home while men go out to work[4] But at the same time the Japanese are too busy playing video games and watching robotic-crappy films. As some say: ‘the Japanese 30-year old virgin only get turned on when they watch female robots!’ In the 1980s, the Japanese animations were among the best works in the world. But now their children are watching stupid things. Japan’s paradoxes are tragicomic. In the real world, they live in a traditional society, but their children live in a weird, unreal world. As some say: ‘their expectations of each other have not adjusted. Many men still want women to be submissive, while women are turned off by these men’ [4] Japan suffers from a weird combination of ‘Modernism and Traditionalism’. And this weird problem leads to weird Syndromes. As some say: ‘while around 53% of adult Americans and 82% of Brazilians has s-e-x at least once a week, only 34% of Japanese do [4]“. Many surveys, specially Western surveys, are not reliable. What Gallup and others say about Iran is nothing but big laughable lies, and it raises doubts about all Western surveys. For instance, when they say: ’40% of American women have never been married, and 20% of American women in their 40s have not had children’! Is it correct? Who knows! But what is said about Japan is based on the Japanese surveys, not the Western surveys. In 2010, the Japanese media reported: ‘one-third (32.7%) of the Japanese people say they had no s-e-x at all in 2009″ ! [6] As some wise Iranians say: ‘the Japanese media talks about ‘S-exless marriage’ [6][7] It’s understandable. But they add: ‘Few married women interested in having an affair’ [7] It’s weird. They say: ‘nearly half of all marriages in Japan are se-xless’ [7] It’s understandable. But when they poll ‘married women in their 40s. Question 1: Have you ever had an extra-marital affair?’ No, say … 89.2%’ [7] It’s weird. ‘Question 2: Have you ever wanted to have an affair? Another landslide victory for the no’s – 87.9% versus 12.1%’ [7] As they say: ‘It’s Shocking’ [7] What the Japanese say about the whys is paradoxical: ‘My children and home are important to me (cited by 44% of respondents); It’s unthinkable from a moral point of view (42%); I haven’t met anyone (23%) … I’m afraid my husband would find out (10%)” [7]. Japan is quite an old fashioned place in many respects. But they care much about Hollywood and the Western fashion’. Japan has followed the West like sheep. But as some say: ‘what the Japanese men want, ie the ideal Japanese woman is cute, se-xy, and quiet‘ [9] Japan is not a ‘ladies first’ culture, so as some say: if a guy treats a Japanese girl with basic good manners like opening doors and such, she tends to be impressed [9] Japan suffers from weird problems. As many say: ‘millions of young people aren’t even dating because they feel so apathetic about s-ex. This is a real thing, Japanese media is calling it sekkusu shinai shokogun, which translates to celibacy syndrome”.


The Western media just repeats what the Japanese media says [6][7]. As the media reports: “[In Japan] a survey in 2011 found that 61% of unmarried men and 49% of women aged 18-34 were not in any kind of romantic relationship. Another study found that a third of people under 30 had never dated at all. Many have reached their mid-30s without managing to move out of home. About 13 million unmarried people in Japan who currently live with their parents, around three million are over the age of 35 [Many] can’t relate to the opposite s-ex physically or in any other way. They flinch if I touch them,’ a Japanese counselor says” (Oct 2013). As some wise Iranians say: “If they say: there is no marriage in Japan. It can be understandable. But when they say: there is no s-e-x. It’s weird. And when they say: ‘there is no intimacy’ or ‘there is no friendship’! It’s horrible. But apparently, the lack of friendship and the lack of intimacy is a serious problem in Japan today. It’s what you see in their movies and their media”. As the wise Iranians say: “We all should ask: What has happened? Why many Japanese say: I care about my job. I lost interest in dating’. Does the Japanese Culture of Hard Work, ie the Culture of Workaholic, create nothing but a bunch of robots, who has no emotion, even s-exual emotions? Japan still has a traditional society. Their media says: Married working women are sometimes demonized as ‘Devil wives’. So, it’s obvious why Japan’s Institute of Population and Social Security reports an astonishing 90% of young women believe that staying single is preferable to marriage. But marriage and intimacy are two different things. And the main question is Why Japan is experiencing ‘a flight from human intimacy’? It’s a weird fact, and many talk about it. It’s much more weird and much more important than what a Japanese counselor says: ‘Sometimes, for an extra fee, I get naked with my male clients to physically guide them around the female form’! The Japanese men say: ‘a large tribe of men under 40 live without s-e-x .. I don’t earn a huge salary to go on dates .. I don’t want the responsibility of a woman .. I’ve learned to live without s-e-x .. Emotional entanglements are too complicated. I can’t be bothered .. I don’t have time for a regular girlfriend’. You should ask why their men say such things, and why their girls say: ‘I don’t miss boyfriends or s-e-x. I don’t even like holding hands .. I don’t have time for a regular boyfriend’. In the 1980s, the Japanese animations taught children about life skills and human intimacy. But now most of the Japanese animations/ children movies are stupid”. In these years many say: ‘under the surface, Japan is conservative and traditional”[1][2][3][4][5] But while Iranians can understand many things in Japan, Westerners cannot. They think Japan is weird, because: “Apartments and houses are [small]. Most people sleep on the floor. Homes and apartments do not have central heating and air conditioning, but each room has a heater/air conditioner unit. Domestic lighting tends to be fluorescent. It’s brighter. Japanese follows a SOV (subject, object, verb) order rather than English which follow a SVO (subject, verb, object) order” [2] The West cannot understand Japan, but now the Western media says: “Is Japan providing a glimpse of all our futures? Many of the shifts there are occurring in other advanced nations, too”. They also add: “With a vast army of older people and an ever-dwindling younger generation, Japan may become the land of the old people. It’s our future .. Aversion to marriage and intimacy in modern life is not unique to Japan” (Oct 2013). The West and the mass media don’t care about the roots of problems. But ordinary people ask good questions [1][8][9]. The people’s comments are better than what the mass media says. Ordinary people say: “No Japanese men serves food to a Japanese women .. Why do the Japanese, especially girls, stare at foreigners? .. Xenophobia is a serious issue in Japan .. In the Japanese values, premarital s-e-x is a bad thing .. Cohabiting or unmarried parenthood is still unusual in Japan .. they suffer from a conflict [between traditionalism and modernism]“.


Some say: “Don’t take these silly polls serious. They are merely meant to sell magazines”. But in these years, many ordinary people talk about Japan’s problems. For instance, in “What It’s Like to Be Female and Foreign in Japan” [3], an American woman says: “[In Japan] cute baristas at Starbucks wouldn’t look at me, business men on bicycles ran over me and college students hurriedly backed away from me with mumbled apologies whenever I tried to strike up a conversation about the weather or ask for directions”[3] What she says is funny. “Most days I felt unattractive, unwanted and worst of all, unfemale … when not even a short skirt or slinky top attracted more than a passing glance and even construction workers, who could usually be counted on for a leer, regarded me with bored, blank expressions, I felt very, very alone”! [3] You can laugh at this American woman, or see her as a big loser. But she is not alone, and many say something like: “In [Japan], the nerd is king .. Those men wouldn’t have been able to score a date at home if they’d been a calender but in [Japan] they’d nabbed the prom queen .. Japanese woman see Western men -even the nerdy ones- as attractive dating prospects”[1][3][6][9]. Of course as some Iranians say: “when Western women talk about ‘traditional, close-minded Japanese men’, many say: ‘you can keep the Western women in the west. They are fat, evil and smell like yeast. In addition, they think that everyone should praise them! They seem to be expecting some thing that they do not deserve’! It’s not clear who is right and who is wrong! But American women have a terrible reputation. American women are a common object of ridicule among other nations”. Some websites like [1] talk about “the Japanese way of chauvinism” [1] They say: “s-e-xual harassment is another cultural part of Japan, that happens on a daily basis at most places of work in Japan” [1] They also say: “The Japanese are s-e-xist in the same way that they are racist” [1] “For many foreigners in Japan, ‘Gaijin’ (foreigner) in most circumstances means ‘You are an outsider and will never belong to Japanese society” [1] But Japan is not alone in suffering from these problems. Many are aware of the story of Racism in the West. And as some say: “Rates of psychological illness in Japan and the United States are comparable: 24% of Japanese adults and 25% of American adults have suffered some sort of mental health problem” [5] Of course some say weird things about Japan: “it will definitely shock you to hear that many Japanese women have never even looked at their v-a-gina!” [1] As some wise Iranians say: “It also shocks you to hear that ‘According to surveys cited by the Japanese newspaper (Yomiuri Shimbun) more and more young people have problems making friends in the real world and resort to actually paying for rented friends in order to avoid being seen alone and labeled as loners’ [8] ‘Rent a Friend’ or ‘Fake Friend service’ [8] in Japan is shocking, mainly because ‘there is nothing s-e-xual about this kind of rent-a-friend service. Lonely Japanese people are just looking for someone to act as their friend’ [8] In 2007, some said: ‘Japanese people don’t have enough s-ex -at least according to condom manufacturer Durex’s survey of s-ex lifestyles around the world’ [8] Japan is the main producer of AV films in Asia. But as some say: ‘Japanese AV films (p-o-rnographic videos) are [unreal things], reality doesn’t mirror movie magic. [8] Japan is a weird traditional society. As some say: ‘many young people still live at home with their parents. So, where do couple go to, ‘do it’? The so-called love hotels are the answer’ [9] ‘These hotels feature [many things] all to be paid anonymously into a machine’ [9] Japan is so weird. ‘Sometime ago, one of the TV stations in Japan organized a contest in which men had to call their wives and talk to them as long as possible to earn money. The conversations were unbelievably hilarious since most women were too shocked to find that their husbands actually wanted to talk to them and wanted to terminate the conversation as soon as possible’, some Japanese say. Japan is really the land of weird and paradoxical things”.


In 2012, the US media had headlines like: “Japan Population Decline: Third Of Nation’s Youth Have ‘No Interest’ In S-e-x” [5] They said it’s a bad thing that “Japan Population Decline”! And now, in 2013, as the wise Iranians say: “the US and the UK shed crocodile tears for Japan’s shrinking population. But as many know, Japan has been seriously overcrowded for years. Japan has one of the highest population densities in the world. Lessening that to something a bit more sane is actually good. Some say: ‘[Maybe] by 2100 only 60 million people live in Japan’. But it’s not a bad thing. It’s not equal to Extinction, as idiots say. But the real problem is: In 2100, only 60 million people live in Japan, but 50 millions of them are old, retired people! It’s a serious problem”. They also add: “It’s good that many hate marriage and don’t want to act like baby-making machines. And it’s good that many love marriage, or want to have children. A good balance between these two groups can create a better world. In the story of Japan, marriage is not the main issue, as the media says. The main issue is intimacy & friendship. We should ask: Why most of the Japanese people are workaholic, depressed, or alone? Why friendship & intimacy are fading away? why s-ex is fading away, and depression is on the rise?! Why some Japanese say: I’d rather spend my money on clothes [etc] than buying women dinner or gifts’ [4], while women are not s-e-x objects or baby-making machines? [4]“. They also add: “the Japanese media reports: ’33.5% of the Japanese said they didn’t see any merit in marriage” [7] But it’s not ‘a national catastrophe’, as the West says. In the world today those individuals who never marry exist in significant numbers. And it’s not a bad thing. Problems like depression, pessimism, living like sheep, obeying Big Brother, corrupt scientists, corrupt media etc are bad things, and that’s why the West ‘might eventually perish into extinction”. The Japanese put good comments in their media: “Japan is an overworked overstressed nation where people spend far more time laboring away at the office than they do with family or friends .. Everyone is communicating here but people are losing their social skills. Why? Online everything replacing real relationships and connections with people .. Stress is a key factor in why people are not managing to focus on their personal lives .. s-e-xless marriages in Japan [and the West] have a common root: deception and depression .. more men are over worked at their jobs and come home without the energy .. decades ago, S-ex in this country was replaced by Narcissism .. [it's funny that] Japan has produced more adult movies than Asian nations” [6][7]. The American comments are funny and informative, too: “A theory that seeks to explain Japan’s shrinking population is that they spend too much time engaged with technology .. many young women still live with their parents; it’s the [main problem !] .. I kind of envy the Japanese, because they are so far ahead of us” ! [5] As some wise Iranians say: ‘Apparently, most Westerners live like sheep and/or slaves. As Snowden says: Ignorance is the main problem of the US and the West. Most Americans even don’t care about their own freedoms/ rights. They think Ignorance is Strength! Even their scientists/ intellectuals are slaves of Big Brother, and have been poisoned with money. It’s the main problem of the West, and it will lead to the End of the West. Now the West is morally, culturally, economically, and intellectually bankrupt”. The Western analysts say stupid things, but the wise Iranians say good things like: “The children movies and animations should be free of se-x and violence, and should show children good things like human values, real friendship, life skills etc. In the recent years, the Japanese animations, their characters, and their stories are really stupid. But in the 1980s, Nippon (a Japanese company) produced very good animations. Nippon had ‘the World Masterpiece Theater series’ and TV series based on good novels and good works of literature. The golden years of the anime industry (Japanese animation) was the late 1970s and the 1980s. At that time, they cared about themes such as loyalty, friendship, life skills, etc. ‘The World Masterpiece Theater series’ have several masterpieces, and Iranians have watched almost all of them”. We should write more about the children movies/ animations, specially those good animations that Iranians watched them in the 1980s. At that time (1980s) both kids and adults could enjoy the Japanese animations, which were based on good novels and good stories. Iranians still remember Nippon’s animations like: ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ (Dr Ernest’s Family) (1981), ‘The Story of Perrine’ (1978), “Lucy of the Southern Rainbows” (Mohajeran
[Immigrants]) (1982), “Alps Stories: My Annette” (1983), “Katri, Girl of the Meadows” (Hanna) (1984), and other good works of Nippon’s ‘the World Masterpiece Theater series’. Many people, even in Europe, Canada, etc have watched these good animations. But as the wise Iranians say: “the cultural and historical roots are important [...] In Japan and other countries, ‘World Masterpiece Theater’ aired from 1970 to 1997. And in Iran, it aired from 1980. But the media and their programs had and have two different effects on Iran and Japan (and the West). In Iran, the younger generation are among the most informed and wise people in the world and history. But in Japan and the West, their younger generation suffer from many serious problems, including Ignorance. And the main question is: Why?”. Think about it. We would write more about this issue later.

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Norway to Mullahs: Iran must be a Welfare State

October 18, 2013

In these days, most Iranians say: “Rouhani and his stupid cabinet are hurrying to show their true face!”, and many add: “Rouhani and his team are worse than AN. They even want to cut the AN’s aid ($15 per month)! They not only defend the fall of Rial !, but they repeat AN’s bullshit before the economic coup (cutting subsidies)! Rouhani and his team are stupid pigs”. In these days, many laugh and say: “this British Rouhani and the stupid UK/ US publish fake polls, tell stupid lies, repeat big mistakes and act like retards, and don’t know that events in history can reappear, but the first time as Tragedy, the second as Farce“. In these days, Iranians talk about the stupid Mullahs and stupid problems, specially economic problems, while the West’s media censors the voices of people and tells big lies. But here lets focus on solutions and what the wise Iranians say about “problems and solutions”. As the wise Iranians say: “Islamists just serve the West’s interests. In the Mullah system, retards and crooks are managers/ decision-makers, and those many Iranians who can solve Iran’s problems are suppressed. Even in colleges and universalities, retards and ass-lickers have the upper-hand, and the large army of the real Iranian elites, who can convert Iran into a world power, are systematically suppressed”. Many Iranians know the world and history. They say, for instance: “Norway reveals the truth: Instead of cutting subsidies or obeying the IMF, Iran must be a Welfare State”. Many Iranians know problems, and also solutions. As some wise Iranians say: “Iran and Norway both have an oil-dependent economy. Norway is a new and small country, but Iran is the cradle of civilization, the oldest country on earth, and the richest gas/ oil nation on earth. Today’s Iranians at least are as wise and educated as Norwegians. But Iran’s regime is so stupid. Norway established its Petroleum Fund in 1990. This fund is where the surplus of Norway’s oil sector is deposited. The surplus is generated from income tax on oil companies, levied on oil/ gas agreements, etc. Their fund’s current value is about $700 billion, or $140,000 per Norwegian“. They also add: “But in Iran, Mullahs just [act like retards]. In 2000, they created a stupid Oil Fund, known as ‘Saving Fund’. With the highest rise in oil revenues in the 2000s, the fund’s current value should be more than $1000 billion, or $14,000 per Iranian. But now even Mullahs say ‘AN’s corruption and
mismanagement’ ruined this fund. But Iranians ask: “What has happened to more than $1,500 billions of Iran’s revenues in the past 10 years? They should say what has happened to our money. Where is our oil money? in Mullah pockets or Western pockets?!’ Iran’s Oil Fund was plundered by AN and Mullahs. Now even the Mullah Parliament says: $400 billions have been lost (embezzled)!”. They also add: “Norway has many problems. But in Norway, the fund operates in a transparent manner. Its performance is disclosed every quarter. Norway’s government has many websites [1][2][7], in which they report to people on almost everything, including the details of oil revenues. But the colonial powers (like UK & US) and their tools (like IMF & lefts) just want to keep Iran unfree, week and dependent. They are behind the main problems of Iran and Iran’s economy (ie tyranny, puppet regimes, lack of freedom, lack of transparency, etc)”. As the wise Iranians say: “Iran has the biggest oil & gas resources in the world. Iran is number one in the oil & gas reserves in the world. Iran also has one of the world’s best Human Resources. Iran is a very rich country. Iran must be a Welfare State“. They also add: “But the West/ IMF and the retards/ spies in exile [pigs in BBC Persian, RoozOnline, etc] pretend that Iran is a poor country!, and that’s why Iran should cut subsidies! The West loves Islamists and retards, who just repeat (QerQereh) what the stupid West says. Islamists and whores in exile have low IQs. They worship the West or lick the ass of idiots like Chomsky or the IMF boss! [...] the West censors the voices of Iranian people, and just care about retards/ whores like [Khomeini's girls, Rouhani's men, Khatamists, Pahlavists, MEK, etc]. But the large army of well-educated Iranians know what is ‘Aghl-e Salim’ (Common Sense), and they use their common sense when they talk about problems or solutions”.


In these years, many talk about ‘the welfare state‘, but the stupid Americans pretend that ‘Welfare State’ is Marxism or Socialism! The welfare state, as many define it, “is based on the principles of equality of opportunity, and equal access to the basic needs. In a welfare state, all people have access to basic things they need, such as healthcare, education, and food”. In fact, ‘welfare state’ is about “Maslow Hierarchy of Needs” (check Archive), and as we said before “the basic needs of all humans, without any discrimination, must be fulfilled in the modern society. [Basic needs = the first 2 levels of Maslow’s pyramid]. In this way the whole society will be more powerful. [Happy people] can build a very very better world”. But as the wise Iranians say: “there is no real welfare state in the world today. There are some models like the Nordic model; but they call themselves ‘Socialist systems’! They have many problems”. But here lets ignore their problems. As the wise Iranians say: “Norway is an oil nation with a model of welfare state. Norway has many problems, and Iran should have its own model of welfare state, and should eliminate the stupid problems of other models (today’s welfare states are: ‘Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, etc), Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada, and a few other countries) But these models at least show: what Iranians said/ say is perfectly feasible”. As Norwegians say: “[In Norway] everyone has access to child benefits, unemployment benefits, pensions, maternity/ paternity and medical benefits no matter their wage or social status. Another good element is that Norway’s welfare state is very supportive of children (all medical care is free for children & pregnant women) The health care service is almost free. Education, even university, is free for all .. social welfare is a safety net. If anything happens such as sickness or unemployment, it is reassuring to know that you can get help if needed. Living in a place that has a strong welfare system gives extra security or peace of mind” [4]. It’s interesting to know that some compare the tax rates in the US and Norway [6], and the result is funny: there is no significant difference! “The effective income tax rate in Norway is 43%; in Massachusetts is 33%, and in Florida is 28%” [6]. As Norwegians say: “In Norway a bottom end wage is about kr. 240,000 [$48,000]. The poverty level is considered below kr. 215,000. A one bedroom apartment in Oslo to rent is kr. 72,000 p.a ($14,000)” [5] Of course many Norwegians complain, or say for instance: “Eating out is certainly a luxury. One large pizza at a restaurant is kr. 250 ($50); a large MacDonald meal is kr.120 ($20) .. Catching a bus for a day set you back kr. 50 ($10) .. Unemployment benefit only entitles you to a percentage of your previous wage, and after a year you are cut off unless for good reasons like injury .. a third of your wage gone to the tax-man .. for maternity leave/ paternity benefits you will need to have worked for a year .. basic pension is similar to a students income” [5] As many know, “with a population of 5 million, Norway is a small Scandinavian country” [8] But Norway enjoys “a [$700 billion] pension fund -one of the biggest in the world” [8] As some wise Iranians say: “In Norway, they have two oil funds: 1- the Petroleum Fund, that changed its name in 2006 to the ‘Government Pension Fund -Global’ (GPFG), and is only allowed to invest abroad 2- ‘Government Pension Fund -Norway’ (formerly the National Insurance Scheme Fund) that is allowed to invest only domestically. The idea behind the oil funds is ‘to pay for the future well-being of the people’ and ‘saving for the public rather than short-term spending and private profit. Norway’s regime knows obvious things. They say: In Norway, the sudden increase in oil prices has meant larger inflows to the fund and enhanced long-term welfare for its citizens’ [1] But in the Mullah regime, the sudden increase in oil prices has meant biggest corruptions and highest inflation rates in history!”. Now even Canada tries to know “How Norwegians have insulated their economy from the Dutch Disease” [8] They try to find a cure to Canada’s Dutch disease, and the Norwegian cure is simple: “When oil income exceeded what was needed to strengthen the welfare state, the rest was placed in a fund for future use (and investing abroad)” [9]. As some wise Iranians say: “What Norway did is like what Iranians already said, and the key point is: Investing abroad. ‘GPFG is invested in about 7,000 companies, in 70 countries. On average, the Fund owns 1.3% of all listed equities in the world’ [1][7]“. They also add: “Since 2005, Iranian economists warned AN about ‘Dutch Disease’ and pumping more and more money into the economy and Mullah pockets. All wise Iranians warned that it just creates Hyperinflation and ruins Iran’s economy. They said the surplus of Iran’s oil revenues should be invested abroad (in other countries), and it not only prevents the Dutch Disease
(hyperinflation, stagflation, etc), but it can convert Iran into a world power, and a welfare state. But AN and Mullahs just obeyed the IMF, and severed the West’s interests”. They also add: “Norwegians say: ‘a well functioning welfare system makes the economy less vulnerable to economic shocks ‘ [2]. But Mullahs love economic shocks and just obey the IMF. After a 1000% increase in the price of basic goods, they still want to implement IMF Plan!, which created nothing but disaster. Now British Mullahs (Rouhani, etc) say they want to cut the so-called AN Aid ($15 per month) to 20 million people! If they really do it, it not only proves that Rouhani is a British spy and Rouhani is worse than AN, but it can cause big riots, simply because: 1- Iran doesn’t have 20 million rich men, 2- they even don’t know who is rich or who is poor, because their tax system is so stupid. Mullah paradoxes are laughable. If they had a good/ transparent tax system, they would not need to obey the IMF and dig their own grave”. Iranians know many things. As some wise Iranians say: “Islamists are sick idiots. But Norwegians refer to Americans as Yankees [9], Donkeys, etc and say: ‘In America and Europe, they have spent money they don’t have. But we don’t spend money we do have‘ [1] In Norway, ‘troublemakers/ populists’ create many problems/ corruptions, and the story of ‘Statoil and Mullahs’ is just one example. Their oil production started in 1971, and now oil is Norway’s most important industry. But they don’t act like Islamists, and don’t lick the IMF’s ass. They know why Iranians and others say: ‘IMF is anti-Wellbeing (anti-Welfare). IMF loves corruption and hates transparency, justice, and progress”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, Rouhani’s team act like retards, while almost all people laugh/ spit at them. Rouhani’s economic guys are really retards. They go to the Mullah TV, and tell bad old jokes. For instance, Rouhani’s spokesman (Nobakht), who is a Basiji faggot, says: ‘Our prices (petrol price, etc) are less than
international prices. So, we should increase them” (Oct 2013) or Rouhani’s Health minister, who is a Basiji retard, says: ‘In Iran, petrol is cheaper than water; we should cut subsidies and use this money to build xy” (Oct 2013) But most Iranians laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, AN said exactly the same thing!, and then AN raised the price of petrol by 900%! (from 800r to 7000r) But what happened?! what they did to that money?! Did they build xy?! No, Mullahs just put our money in their own pockets’. Rouhani’s men are sick retards. In 2010- 2011, the value of dollar was about 10,000r, so when AN implemented the IMF plans and cut subsidies, all Iranian prices became equal to the international prices!, while the Iranian incomes were a lot (about 1000%) less than the international incomes!, and Iran’s people actually paid massive subsidies to Iran’s regime! But in 2012- 2013, after ruining Iran’s national product, Mullahs raised the dollar value by 300%, and it just nullified their IMF Plans ! [..] when the dollar value increased by 300%, the petrol price, that was 70 cents, became 20 cents! It just nullified their IMF Plans! It also ruined Rial and people’s incomes (average income, that was $1000, became $300!) But Rouhani says the 300% increase in dollar value is good !”. They also add: “IMF Plans and Mullah acts in 2010-2013 had no result, and just created a vicious circle of hyperinflation. Mullahs just hurt Iranians, and helped the West. But Rouhani’s men act like retards and try to prove that British spies (Rouhani, etc) are worse than Jewish spies (AN, etc)! Now almost all Iranians just laugh at Rouhani’s team and say: these motherfuckers are stupid mules (Olagh/ Oscol); they have no shame and no brain; after implementing [IMF Plan] and a 1000% increase in the price of everything, that was a total failure, now they say: ‘Az Noe Dam Dam !’ (Lets go back to square one! Lets repeat our big mistakes!)“. We should write more about the funny paradox of ‘IMF Plan & Dollar Value’. But now, most Iranians say: “petrol price is 7k R and water price is 3k R; but Mullahs still tell joke .. they cut subsidies and prices of petrol, electricity, water, flour, bread, etc increased by 1000%. But what happened?! .. they just ruined Iran’s economy .. They pay us in Rial, but they ask us to pay them in Dollar! Our income is in Rial, but our spending is in Dollar! F-u-ck you, British Mullahs”. Iran’s people are not stupid. Many Iranians truly say: “instead of cutting subsidies, they should increase subsidies and Iranians should live in a real [Welfare State]. Iran is a very rich country. If Mullahs don’t steal our money and don’t help Iran’s enemies, Iranians can live in one of the best [Welfare States]“. Now even little kids know that the IMF Plan was a total disaster. But Mullahs still obey the IMF. As some wise Iranians say: “Norway and Canada talk about ‘Tax Reform’ and ‘high taxation rates for oil companies’. But the stupid Mullahs still talk about ‘IMF plans’ or ‘Subsidies Reform’, while Iran need ‘Tax Reform’, Transparency, Low inflation, etc. In Iran, most people know obvious things, and say: Iran is a rich country .. Iran must have a low inflation rate [2% to 5%] Iran must invest the oil money, but Mullahs just waste our oil money or divert it into their own pockets”. They also add: “In Norway, they care about CO2 tax on the oil industry [9] and ‘limiting the power of foreign oil companies’ [9]. In Norway, foreign oil companies like Shell say: ‘Norwegian state enjoys a somewhere between 60% and 70% of the whole profits’ [9] But Mullahs even refuse to impose a ‘tax on Bazaris (Islamist businessmen) who pay no tax (0%)!’ The Mullah system is a corrupt and stupid system. Their Central Bank defends the fall of the Rial value and ‘high inflation’ !, while Norway Central Bank knows obvious things”. As the wise Iranians say: “Iran’s massive oil wealth is much more than Norway’s. Norwegians just save and invest their oil money, and use its profits to make a welfare state. As their media says: ‘Western countries are suffering from huge national debt and sluggish economies, [but] Norway is in the world’s luckiest position. Norway’s welfare state and management of its oil resources that have made the country so strong when [the West and] the US are proving to be weak‘ (Aug 2013). If Iran’s regime had acted like Norway and Iran’s welfare state and managing oil funds had made Iran so strong, then instead of talking about sanctions, the West would have kissed Iran’s ass”. They also add: “Mullahs are so stupid. But Norway knows obvious things. They know ‘If Norway had used the oil money in the ordinary economy at the same rate it flowed in, there would undoubtedly have been seriously negative consequence’ [1][2] Norway subsidizes petrol for its own people‘ [1] They know that ‘price stability’ or ‘low and stable inflation‘ is so important [2] They say: ‘Inflation is the same as a decline in the value of money. The higher inflation becomes, the less your savings are worth. When inflation is high, it tends to be variable. It creates uncertainty as households/ firms become unsure of their future income and expenses. The objective of [our] monetary policy is annual inflation of [2% to 3%]‘ [2] They know obvious things about Inflation rate and Interest rate (when interest rate is 9%, inflation rate must be 7% or 8%, not 44%!) They know if you care about justice, and if you want to help national product or people, then you must care about ‘low and stable inflation‘ and transparency. Norway Central Bank is not as dishonest as Mullahs. Their website has a ‘Price Calculator’ page, in which as they say: ‘you can calculate equivalent value of 100 1900-kroner in 2003 [or] 1816. [You can find] the rise (in per cent) in the price level in the selected period. You can calculate price inflation from 1516‘! [2] By looking at Norway Central Bank’s website, any sane person can see how AN and Mullahs played with ‘monetary policy’, ‘interest rates’, ‘economic stability’ etc and ruined Iran’s economy. Norway tries to ‘make the economy less vulnerable to economic shocks ‘ [2] But Mullahs love economic shocks!, and just obey the IMF. AN licked the IMF’s ass and said: ‘Economic shocks and High inflation are good’ ! And now Rouhani and his Central Bank obey the IMF and say: the fall of the Rial value is good !”.


As the wise Iranians say: “In the post-2009, the West, the left and Islamists showed their true face. When Iran was experiencing the biggest rise in oil prices and oil revenues, AN and Mullahs ruined Iran’s economy, and instead of talking about Iranian welfare state, they started cutting subsidies, obeying the IMF, and ruining Iran’s national product! And the Left praised them!”. Iran is richer than Norway. But as the OECD says: “In Norway, the average household net-adjusted disposable income is $31,459 a year, more than the OECD average of $23, 047 [& the Iran average of $3,600!] .. In terms of employment, over 75% of [Norwegians] have a paid job, above the OECD average of 66% .. and the top 20% of the Norwegians earn [just] 4 times as much as the bottom 20%” [3] But as some Iranians say: “In Iran, the top 10% of the population earn 50 times as much as the bottom 10%! In fact, Mullahs f-u-ck the poor, and the Left praise Mullahs!”. They also add: “Mullahs and idiots tell many bad jokes. For instance, they say: ‘Iranians work 44hours a week and 2024 hours a year; but it’s less than the working hours in the West’ ! But as the OECD reports: ‘People in Norway work 1426 hours a year, less than the OECD average of 1776 hours‘! [3] 1426 hours a year mean ’4 hours per day’! In fact, you can say: In Norway, the number of holidays is 180 days (half a year!), and Norwegians only work 8 hours per day in 180 days’! As Norwegians say: ‘Vacations and free-time is very important in Norway 38-hour working week (5 days * 7.5 hours)’. By a simple calculation [(52 [weeks] * 38 [hours] – 1426) / 38 = 14.5], you can see that Norwegians can enjoy about 14 weeks (3 months) vacations! They truly say: ‘long work hours impair personal health, [efficiency, etc]‘ [3] The wise guys care about Efficiency, while retards care about Slavery, and that’s why +75% of working hours in Iran is wasted. As the OECD says: ‘Norwegians are more satisfied with their lives .. 86% of Norwegians say they have more positive experiences in an average day (enjoyment, etc) than negative ones (pain, worry, sadness, etc). This figure is higher than the OECD average of 80%’ [3] But in Iran, this figure is less than 35% (one third), because Iran’s regime is a stupid anti-Iran regime”. Norway has many problems. As some Iranians say: “If you check the Norwegian blogs/ websites, you can see that they criticize their corrupt politicians, who are populists and Bribe voters with Oil Money. But at least Norway’s regime is not anti-Norwegian!, and cares about Norway, not IMF or foreign companies!”. They also add: “What Iran needs is simple: Open Society. Iran can have a good and fair tax system, and the oil money can convert Iran into a world power. But Mullahs just obey the UK/ IMF, and serve the West’s interests”. They also add: “Norway’s oil fund aims to have 60% of its money in equities, 35% in bonds, and 5% in real estate’ [1][7] (equities = shares in a company from which you receives some of the company’s profits) They say: Petroleum Fund’s average return is 4% .. Investments in real estate returned 4%; equities returned 1% and bonds 1.5%’ [2][7] Yah, their investments are stupid. But Iranians are good businessmen, and know that ‘equities are not stable; real state [...]“. They also add: “some say the welfare state is good, but is not stable; welfare state = bankruptcy! But it’s wrong. If instead of spending your (oil) money, you save it, invest it, and just use returns on your investments, you will get richer [...] Norway shows the truth of what Iranians already said: ‘Oil may be a cause of corruption & unaccountable government. But with an open society and a transparent system for saving/ investing the oil wealth, you can solve many problems and politicians cannot ruin all things’. Now ‘solution’ is clear: We can use our oil money to invest in highly profitable businesses in the world. We can use our oil money to buy a large share of the world’s industries. If Norway has 7,000 companies in 70 countries, Iran can have 70,000 companies in 170 countries. If Norway owns 1.3% of all equities in the world, Iran can own 10% of all equities, bonds and real states in the world. Iran is the richest oil nation on earth. Iran (Persia) used to be a superpower, and now the large army of young, wise, and educated Iranians can restore the Aryan/ Persian Glory. Islamists and ass-lickers just serve the West’s interests. But the real Iranian elites have many good plans, and know what Iran needs -from a renaissance in Science, Technology, and Research And Development to a renaissance in Freedom & Democracy. Iranians know that Iran’s economy needs Transparency more than anything else. When Iran suffers from the lack of transparency, widespread corruption ruins everything, and Iranian people will not pay tax to a corrupt system that suffers of tyranny and mismanagement. If you look at the long history of Iranian Civilization, you can see that Iranians have always resisted paying tax to tyrants, puppet regimes, or corrupt governments. It’s part of the Iranian culture. So, Iran’s regime must care about Transparency, if they want to ask Iranians to pay tax. Iran’s enemies just try to keep Iran undemocratic, because they know that if Iran can get rid of tyranny and mismanagement, then Iran will be a superpower again [...] When Norway talks about ‘tax reform’, ‘low and stable inflation’, ‘public oversight’, ‘transparency’, ‘social safety nets’, ‘tax-financed welfare state with generous benefits & high quality public services’, etc it just remind you of what the wise Iranians said in the 20th century. And you should not forget that ‘100 years ago, Norway was among the poorer countries of Europe and the world[2] And you should not forget that today’s Iranians are wiser and more informed than their Western counterparts. They can easily convert Iran into a world power”. Yah, today’s Iranians know what is good for Iran.

For more information:

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Biggest Scandal in History of Science & Technology

October 13, 2013

This year (2013) has become the year of the Biggest Scandals. Now the media reports: “RSA, Major US security company, warns over NSA link to encryption algorithms. RSA says: ‘Random number generator & its mathematical formula developed by the National Security Agency (NSA)“! (Oct 2013) Now the media reports: “Cryptography standards, run by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), push for a formula that N-S-A could break it .. NIST accepted the NS-A proposal” ! (Oct 2013) Now the mass media says: ‘NSA and GCHQ are deliberately weakening common security algorithms, protocols, products, and standards’! (Oct 2013) It’s really shameful. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now most people are aware of this fact that Big Brother, NS-A, G-CHQ, etc are watching people by mass spying or mass
surveillance; but the real important facts are those lesser-known facts that Snowden, many experts, and some Western media are [talking about them], ie facts like: ‘relations between NSA and NIST’, ‘relations between GCHQ and Scientists’, etc. Now they openly say: ‘GCHQ scientists first developed many cryptographic algorithms in the 1970s!’ or ‘a GCHQ mathematician named James Ellis started research into the key distribution problem’, or ‘GC-HQ mathematician Clifford Cocks, who invented the practical method of public key cryptography in 1973, and Ralph Benjamin, who was G-C-HQ’s chief scientist from 1971 to 1982, are well-known scientists!’. The 2013 scandals are not new things, but they are important, because now the mass media and ordinary people talk about them, while many experts already knew or guessed such things. In the past, most people didn’t know G-CHQ, N-SA, etc. But now, even the Western mass media says, for instance: GC-HQ is Britain’s Most Secret Intelligence Agency”. In this year, when you read what the experts already said, you can understand them better. For instance, the experts said: ‘The PKI discovery was kept secret to avoid revealing how closely the G-CHQ was working with the NS-A at the time [1970s] . The [works of] G-C-HQ scientists James Ellis, Clifford Cocks and Matthew Williamson only came to light in 1997, when their work was declassified”[1]. As the wise Iranians say: “Most people see math as a pure non-political science, and
mathematicians as pure scientists. But the 2013 revelations are changing many things. [Now] the West is confessing that many Western
mathematicians/ scientists work for Big Brother’s agencies. Now they confess that they intentionally put many backdoors and flaws in almost all products, protocols, standards, and scientific works. This scandal is the Biggest scandal in the history of Science and Technology“. Now many experts say: “The current scandals show that even the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is a branch of the NS-A”. But it’s not the whole story. We have already written about “Iranian Legacy” and what the wise Iranians say about “sciences like History, Archeology, or Linguistics” (check Archive). And the current scandals can explain why the wise Iranians talk about “Scientific Misconduct” or “Scientific Lies” in the West, and say: ‘The UK and the West pollute Science with ‘Lie’, ‘Censorship’, ‘Hiding the truth’, ‘Fabrication’, ‘Falsification’, etc. Scientists should care about the truth, but [many Western Scientists] just care about money .. many can guess why sciences like History or Archaeology serve political interests, but many even cannot guess that sciences like Linguistics have become political sciences”. But now the 2013 scandals show that even Mathematics, Computer Science, etc have become political sciences! As some Iranians say: “In the 20th century, Modern Cryptography, Information Theory, etc were born. But now the West says many big names in such fields were GC-HQ’s agents, NS-A’s agents, etc! [...] experts knew that Alan Turing worked for G-CHQ. If you google ‘GCHQ Alan Turing’ you can find many things. Alan Turing is one of the biggest names in Computer Science. But now, the West actually says: ‘Many Western mathematicians/ scientists are like Turing, and they worked and still work for Big Brother, and G-CHQ, N-SA, etc’! If it is not the Biggest scandal in the history of science and technology, it’s what?! [...] As many say: ‘In 1954 Alan Turing died of cyanide poisoning, and the UK said he committed suicide’. Turing’s fate reminds you of the fate of Orwell and his wife [...] Now it’s quite clear that what Orwell said about the UK, Big Brother, Ministry of Truth, etc was not a myth. Orwell just tried to show us part of the Truth of [the UK and the Evil Empire of the West]“.


The 2013 scandals are really shocking and unbelievable. Now, even Americans put comments and say: “Oh, Jesus. No wonder they want Snowden back .. Our country is under attack, and the attacker is our own government, but yet, there are still Americans who will do everything to help deepen the Tyranny, all in the name of patriotism .. Reading the depth of what we have partially already known is really sickening .. the N-SA works with national standards (NIST, etc) to promote weak, vulnerable cryptography?! It’s unbelievable .. N-SA has the power to use NIST for evil, and we’re highly dependent on NIST standards! .. relations between NS-A and NIST is shocking .. The governments of the US and UK are corrupting Science .. Oh, Jesus. NS-A pays American CAs to generate phony certificates .. NS-A pays the Certificate Authorities (CAs) and ask them to obey Big Brother! .. they control science; they control everything .. Jesus. the N-SA and GxxQ invented Modern Cryptography and crypto algorithms?! .. Russia and China are far behind the US and UK .. Crypto standards are now suspect, NIST has less credibility than Stalin”. It’s obvious why people are shocked. As some Americans say: “Pre-Snowden, if you told people the N-SA or [GxxQ] is spying on people [controlling Science] and control [and brainwash] everyone in the world, most would say it’s a conspiracy theory! or yeah right, when pigs fly!”. But now, the 2013 scandals are changing people, and most people in all around the world are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the West. Now, many think/ talk about ‘the depth of the tragedy’. For instance, some Iranians say: “Now, we can understand many things, including Hollywood movies, better. Do you remember ‘Beautiful Mind’? The story of a well-known American mathematician who works for the NS-A !, and gets sick”. In 2010, Zdnet had an interview with GC-HQ’s mathematicians, C. Cocks and R. Benjamin[1], who said: “NSA collaborated with Stanford and MIT to develop [...] there was a steady flow of people traveling between N-S-A headquarters and Stanford as part of the project” ! [1] And now, most people can understand such facts better. As the wise Iranians say: “Now it’s clear that many Western scientists work for ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Ministry of Truth’. It’s really shocking and unbelievable, even if you already knew it or guessed it. This fact that Western scientists (even mathematicians) or Western ‘Scientific Centers’ work with Big Brother’s agencies is really the Biggest Scandal in the history of science and technology”. It’s interesting to know that British mathematicians/ scientists say: ‘We do feel very happy [that we] are working for [GxxQ]‘ ! [1] They are proud of G-C-HQ, and talk about “A lot of work [GxxQ] can’t publicize”! [1] As the wise, angry Iranians say: “Do you know why British scientists are such stupid bastards? because the UK is the land of Barbarians. [Many Britons are good guys; but their bad guys, ie] British barbarians still hate the truth, goodness, and all good things. British Barbarians have polluted everything, even science and scientists, because they are the forces of evil and the founders of the Big Brother’s Animal Farm”. We have already written about a small part of the long history of Barbarism in Britain, and also about
“Falsification of History and Ministry of Truth” (check Archive). And now many Iranians and non-Iranians say good things like: “the current scandals show that the UK has poisoned everything, even Science with lies and falsification .. In his Mathematician’s Apology, written in 1940, Hardy had stated: ‘Real mathematics has no effects on war [and Big Brother]. Real mathematics means pure mathematics, such as the number theory that is at the heart of [Hardy &] Cocks’s works’. But Cocks proved that Hardy was wrong. Cocks and many British mathematicians worked for G-CHQ! Was Hardy aware of this fact? or did he himself work for G-C-HQ, and that’s why he wrote ‘The Mathematician’s Apology’ ?! .. British mathematicians worked for GC-HQ, that was a top-secret government establishment and most even were not aware of its existence! .. In 1984 (really in 1984!) UK began to confess that GxxQ exists!”. In these days, as some Iranians say: “the Western mass media badly tries to censor the voices of people. But they cannot censor all facts and all voices, because now even the Western media says: ‘GC-HQ, UK
eavesdropping headquarters, is the British equivalent of the NS-A. They collect and save the details of all online communication in the UK ! .. the new head of MI5 launched a robust defense of GCH-Q, Mass Surveillance, and Orwellian Society! .. the head of MI5 sees the internet as a Threat! U.K. officials see [Freedom and Democracy] as a Threat!’ (Oct 2013)”. Now many experts say good things like: “Number Theory was one of the purest, non-practical branches of mathematics. But now, number theory/ cryptography has become one of the Big Brother’s sciences! .. the story of Alan Turing and GC-HQ’s agents shows that perhaps RSA (Rivest, Shamir, Adleman) work for the NS-A .. For more than 40 years, they tried to hide the truth of GC-HQ and N-S-A .. Ellis, [GxxQ's mathematician] said: Most scientists aim to be the first to publish their work. But we work in closed communities ! .. Clifford Cocks won Silver at the International Mathematical Olympiad. He specialized in number theory, but joined G-CHQ in 1973. He invented the RSA algorithm, 3 years before it was developed at the NS-A and MIT .. Modern Cryptography is [a branch of math] and number theory, but who has invented it? NS-A, GC-HQ, or Big Brother?! .. IEEE marked the GxxQ inventions with an award ! .. In the past, mathematicians/ number theorists were symbols of real scientists, who don’t care about money! But now British mathematicians and Western scientists are proud of working for the Big Brother and the Forces of Evil !”.


As some experts say: “American and British scientists have poisoned ‘Science and Technology’. They are slaves of Big Brother. [Now] even some branches of mathematics like Game theory, Cryptography, etc have become the evil sciences! It’s a legacy from [the Barbarian West]“. The 2013 scandals are so important, and we all should think and care about them. In these days, some write about “the Alternative History of Cryptography” and some Iranians say: “now it’s clear that what they say about the security and safety of cryptographic protocols/ algorithms/ standards etc all is bullshit (Hamash Kashke!) When even NIST, MIT, RSA, Tor, etc work with the NS-A, it’s quite clear that what people like Aaron Swartz or Snowden say is just a small part of a big, shameful Truth, ie the Truth of the Evil Empire of the Barbarian West”. In these days, experts say: ‘modern cryptography is a branch of mathematics, not a secret science. But in modern cryptography, pure mathematicians [sell their souls and help the bad guys]. For the first time in history, many mathematicians aid [bad guys] in putting backdoor/ weakness in the mathematical algorithms!”. In these days, many say: “We can’t see a border between ‘bad’ and ‘worst’ people/ nations! Even the US has become a Big Brother state!“. In these days, many things are stupid. As the media reported: “US court ordered Levison to hand over Lavabit’s encryption keys. Two days later Levison, the founder of Lavabit, obeyed the order and handed over the keys hours after he shuttered Lavabit” (Oct 2013). Now even the mass media reports: “the US and UK ask technology companies to install secret weaknesses or ‘backdoors’ into their products” (Oct 2013). But many still say stupid things like: “I trust the US” or “I trust Greenwald”! As some wise Iranians say: “When even scientists work for Big Brother, only retards can trust journalists [...] Glenn Greenwald is not a good guy. This American faggot openly defends British Mullahs or lefty spies [...] The Guardian and the bad guys just try to save face with leaking some burnt data. If Greenwald was a good guy, he would not work with a stupid Big Brother media like the Guardian. If Greenwald was a good guy, he would not lick the ass of Jewish CIA, Leverett, Chomsky, etc”. In these days, people can see the true colors of many things. As the people’s media reports: “[they say] Tor is a popular tool designed to protect online anonymity, despite the fact the Tor is primarily funded and promoted by the US government itself ! [Now] the mass media talks about ‘government-mandated backdoors’ in tools like Tor ! [Now even] the Western media says: those who use Tor and Firefox browser, give the NS-A full control over their computers, including access to files, all keystrokes and all online activity! Now they talk about ‘the End of the Internet, as we knew it!”. In these days, many things are stupid. But the good news is that many people are not stupid. The people’s comments in the Tor Blog and other websites are funny and important: “You say the Tor Project is a nonprofit organization, but you get money from US government (NS-A)! ..Now it’s safe to assume that Tor is controlled by US government (N-S-A, etc) .. We are tired of the lies and deceits from the Tor Project .. Tor network is part of the NS-A network .. Tor was invented by the US government. That should tell you all you need to know! .. Did the US gov invent the Tor system and Firefox browser to control dissidents?! .. If I was NS-A, I would set up a company just like TOR or Silk Road .. people need new tools, real good guys, and a new, fresh air; Tor just tries to fool people”. We should write more about the Tragedy of Tor, and how they play with people. But as the wise Iranians say: “the 2013 scandals will change the whole world. The 2013 scandals can remind you of the 2009 coup and the post-2009 scandals/ betrayals, which changed Iran and Iranians for ever. The 2013 scandals ruin the West’s reputation, and sooner or later all people will know the true face of the UK and the West, and the truth of what Iranians say about the Barbarian UK, the British media, etc [...] Throughout the 19th century, the Forces of Evil (ie British Barbarians, Russians, etc) hurt Iran and Iranians, plundered Iran’s resources, and occupied many parts of Iran, the oldest country on earth. But sooner or later, Iranians will restore Great Iran, and those Iranian lands that were occupied by the Forces of Evil in the past 200 years -from Persian Gulf lands to Tajikistan, and from Tajikistan to Azerbaijan, Georgia, etc- will return home”. In these days, many things are stupid. But the good news is that not only Iranians, but most people in all around the world are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the West, the bad guys, and “the forces of evil”. As the wise Iranians truly say: “Sooner or later, good guys will change many things; Iranian scientists and many other good guys will reveal the truth of the Barbarian UK and the systematic lies in the past 200 years; and almost all sciences (History, Archaeology, Linguistics, etc) will be purified by those who just care about the truth, not political, commercial, racial, and other interests”.

For more information:

[1] “GCHQ pioneers on birth of public key crypto”, October 2010 (URL: h-t-tp://

Prices in Iran: The World Highest Inflation Rate

October 8, 2013

“In this year (2013), the UK and the West tell obvious/ stupid lies, censor the most important facts, and act like retards. Now Rouhani is making love with IMF, and food prices are increasing in Iran, but the UK/ US media just tell stupid lies like: ‘Iran’s economy boosted by Rouhani. Food prices experience a decline’! When almost all Iranians are cursing British Mullahs (Rouhani, etc) for raising prices, the UK media acts like retards and tells the exact opposite of the truth!”, the wise Iranians say. The story of ‘Systematic Censorship and Systematic Lies’ in the West is a long story. As the wise Iranians say: “the Guardian and almost all Western media censor many facts. For instance, they censor the story of ‘Rouhani, IMF, Rial, etc’ [for more info, check recent posts]. They even censor AN’s corruptions and AN’s legacy! AN will be remembered, above all, for the 2009 coup, killing/ torturing Iranians, serving the West’s interests, implementing IMF Plans, and creating the biggest corruptions and the highest inflation rates in Iran’s history. But the West and the Left say nothing about AN’s Legacy and AN’s corruptions”. We have already written about AN and economic problems in Iran (check Archive). But as some wise Iranians say: “The West just tells big lies. Western Censorship, specially British Censorship, is the worst Censorship in history. Iranians know AN, who said: ‘I pump more and more money into the economy; I am going to fuel [Hyperinflation]! Now, even the World Economic Forum reports that Iran has the World’s highest inflation rate. Now, even Mullahs says AhmadiNejad (AN) ruined Iran’s economy. But the West censors all facts and brainwashes non-Iranians, who even don’t know what the Highest Inflation means [...] About 20 countries (Switzerland, Japan, etc) have an inflation rate of about 1%; about 50 countries (Austria, Canada, etc) have an inflation rate of about 2%, and the inflation rate in about 60 countries (US, Brazil, China, etc) is 3% to 5%; about 50 countries (India, Turkey, Russia, etc) have an inflation rate of 6% to 9%, and the inflation rate in other countries is less than 20%. Only in Iran the official inflation rate is 44%! But what these inflation rates mean? Lets assume that you pay X dollar to buy something. In those countries that the inflation rate is 1%, after 70 years you should pay 2X dollar to buy the same thing; when the inflation rate is 2%, after 35 years you should pay 2X dollar; and when the inflation rate is 5%, after 15 years you should pay 2X dollar to buy the same thing. But in Iran, just after several months you should pay 2X dollar to buy the same thing! It’s the true meaning of the World’s Highest Inflation rate”. They also add: “In 2005, we went shopping and paid X rial; but in 2013, we should pay 5X to 20X rial for buying the same things! The average inflation rate in the AN’s era is more than 800% !“. The story of “What AN and Mullahs did/ do to Iran’s economy” is a long story. But here lets take a look at what Iranians say about Iran’s Inflation rate. As Iranians say: “From 2005 to 2013, AN just tried to ruin Iran’s economy. As many say, it was his Jewish mission. From 2005 to 2009, AN damages the banking system and monetary systems. When the inflation rate was 35%, AN and his team (Jahromi and other crooks) reduced the interest rate to 9% and started to loan their Basiji friends billions of dollars. But do you know what it means? When a Basiji got a loan of $1 billion, he automatically made a huge profit ($200 million) because of the big difference (20%) between ‘interest rate’ and ‘inflation rate’. But as Mullahs say, even this 20% illegal profit was not enough for AN and his friends. So, they refused to repay their loans! As Mullahs say, they still refuse to return more than 1,500,000 billion Rail ($48+ billion)! Such corruptions made AN and Mullahs billionaires, but damaged Iran’s economy. AN and his friends were poor beggars. They and their families were not rich people. But now these beggars are billionaires and trillionairs! For instance, Babak Zanjani, who calls himself ‘Economic Basiji’, is a friend of AN. As the Mullah media says: ‘Babak Zanjani owes the Iranian treasury $2 billion! (60 trillion Rial) Zanjani also owes the banking system $8 billion! (250 trillion Rial) He has embezzled billions of dollars’. But do you know who is this Basiji faggot, Zanjani? He himself says: I was ‘the Chauffeur of a high rank Mullah‘! But this poor chauffeur, Zanjani, adds: ‘Now the worth of my financial resources is 13.5 billion euros’! (550 trillion R) As many Iranians say: when a chauffeur and a low rank Basiji can embezzle $10 billions, how much money AN and Mullahs have embezzled in the past years?! [...] But it’s important to note that the UK, the US, the West and the Left censor such facts! They just refer to Zanjani as ‘Tycoon’ ! and say: He is young; he wears a $30,000 watch; he is a successful businessman’! They just praise crooks and thieves, and that’s why the Mullah crooks flee to Canada and Britain, and invest their dirty money there”.

Table 1- Minimum Wage and Minimum costs in Iran and the West (2013)

Items Iran Canada Austria
Minimum Wage (hour) 1$ (30k R) 8$ 9 Euro
A simple breakfast 1.5$ (45k R) 1.5$ 1 Euro
Sandwich (McDonald) 2$ (60k R) 1.5$ 2 Euro
Fast-food (McDonald) 5$ (150k R) 3$ 3 Euro
Minimum Wage (day) 6$ (180k R) 50$ 55 Euro
Outdoor Clothing (cheap) 20$ (600k R) 30$ 30 Euro
Minimum Wage (month) 160$ (5m R) 1200$ 1300 Euro
Rent for 1-bdr Aptr 200$ (6m R) 600$ 600 Euro
A small, used car 3000$ (90mR) 2500$ 2000 Euro
Canned tuna (200g) 2.5$ (75k R) 3$ 3 Euro
Fruits or Snacks (1kg) 2$ (60k R) 2$ 2 Euro

The West and the Left censor many facts, including the unbalanced relation between minimum wage and minimum costs in Iran. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs have created the world’s worst social injustice. Even in the Capitalist West, the relation between ‘income and costs’, and the gap between the poor and the rich is better than Iran under the Mullah regime! [...] A simple worker in Austria can eat 9 simple breakfasts by 1hour work, but a simple worker in Iran even cannot eat 1 simple breakfast by 1hour work! A simple worker in Canada can eat 10 decent meals by 8hour works, but a simple worker in Iran just can eat 1 decent meal by 8hour works! And it’s just one of the Mullah miracles in Iran”. Table-1 can show you the horrible conditions in Iran. But as many Iranians say: “Mullahs are among the worst crooks, thieves, and [capitalists] in the world! [...] Pool-e Mellat-o Sag Khor Kardand (people’s money was eaten by Mullah dogs), and that’s why they cut subsidies exactly when Iran was so rich and had the highest revenues in Iran’s history“. Iran’s people are not stupid. They know what has happened. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the Mullah media says AN and Mullahs have embezzled ‘billions of dollars’, and that’s why Iran faced economic problems, despite the biggest rise in Iran’s oil revenues. As even the Mullah Parliament says, more than 400 billion dollars (10,000,000 billion Rial !) have been lost (embezzled) in the past 8 years !‘. AN and Mullahs created the biggest corruptions in Iran’s history, and it led to the Highest Inflation rates in history. But it’s not the whole story”. They also add: “The important thing is that the West and the Left say nothing about such facts, and censor them. Now even Mullahs talk about part of AN’s corruptions. But the West and the Left censor all facts! [...] They just show us who was behind that Jewish AN”. In these years, the West and its stooges -including ‘Journalists/ Activists in Exile’, aka Whores/ Spies in Exile- tell many big lies. We have written about their lies (check Archive), and now most Iranians say: “AN and [exiled whores] just served the West’s interests. Now even Mullahs talk about ‘Domestic Sanctions’ or ‘Internal Sanctions’ that means: AN and whores helped US sanctions!”. But non-Iranians are not aware of such things. As some wise Iranians say: “Non-Iranians don’t know many things. For instance, they don’t know what AN did to agricultural products in Iran. Now even the Mullah media says: ‘AN and [Basijis] bought the high quality Iranian wheat at the half price of the low quality foreign wheat’! As even Rouhani’s team say: ‘AN bought foreign wheat for 12,000 Rial, but at the same time, AN bought Iranian wheat for less than 6,000 Rial! In 2005, Iran was 95% self-sufficient in wheat, but with AN’s policies, Iran is now (in 2013) just 30% self-sufficient in wheat!’“. They also add: “It’s just one of AN’s anti-Iran acts. AN and Islamists just tried to keep Iran weak and dependent, and that’s why the Jewish CIA and pigs like Leverett and Chomsky love Islamists. After the 2009 coup, those who killed and tortured Iran’s people with the help of the West and the Left, tried to accomplish their mission. They openly started to implement the Enemy’s Plan and IMF Plan in Iran! They cut subsidies, when Iran had the highest revenues in Iran’s history!. As many say: ‘AN and Islamists ruined National Product, cut subsidies, and obeyed IMF, because they were puppets of the West. They just tried to pave the way for the anti-Iran sanctions in 2012‘. In 2010, many said IMF Plan is stupid, because the Paradox of ‘IMF Plan and Dollar Value’ was stupid. In 2010, Mullahs cut subsidies, raised prices, but refused to change the dollar value in Iran. They actually helped and subsidized the non-Iranian producers! Mullahs didn’t raise prices of imported /foreign products, and only raised prices of Iranian products! In 2010, and from 2005 to 2011, they just tried to ruin Iran’s national product”. In Iran, most Iranians are aware of such things. As some wise Iranians say: “In 2012, the West just tried to present the disastrous results of IMF Plan as the results of US/ EU sanctions, and it was so laughable [...] In 2012, Iran’s regime had to stop obeying the IMF. But do you know what AN and Mullahs did? They started to implement the 2nd phase of IMF Plan, and increased the dollar value by 300%! In 2010 and 2011, they refused to increase the dollar value in Iran. But in 2012, when the US propaganda machine needed such huge increase, Mullahs helped USA and sanctions, and created a vicious circle of hyperinflation! Now even the Mullah Central Bank (CBI) clearly says: ‘The fall of the dollar value is bad, but the fall of the Rial value is good’! Now almost all Iranians laugh and say: Oh, yah, Mullahs work for the US ! .. this hyperinflation is a Mullah-made crisis”.

Table 2- How (average) Prices changed in the AhmadiNejad’s era

Items Price in 2004 Price in 2013 Inflation rate
Bean (1kg) 6,000 R 80,000 R 1300%
Bus ticket 200 R 4,000 R 2000%
Metro ticket 500 R 5,000 R 1000%
Bread 500 R 7,000 R 1400%
Pen 500 R 5,000 R 1000%
Egg 500 R 4,000 R 700%
Chicken (1.8kg) 40,000 R 200,000 R 500%
Canned tuna (120g) 10,000 R 50,000 R 500%
Soap 2,000 R 14,000 R 700%
Shampoo 8,000 R 40,000 R 500%
Cooking oil (1l) 10,000 R 50,000 R 500%
Rice (1kg) 10,000 R 60,000 R 600%
Ajil (1kg) 35k R 450k R 1300%
Pistachio (1kg) 50k R 700k R 1400%
Ground beef (1kg) 30k R 200k R 700%
Stewing beef (1kg) 45k R 270k R 600%
Sirloin steak (1kg) 70k R 370k R 600%
Butter (50g) 2000 R 12,000 R 600%
Cheese (200g) 10,000R 50,000 R 500%
Tea (1kg) 35k R 180k R 600%
Apple (1kg) 5000 R 35,000 R 700%
Watermelon (1Kg) 2000 R 14,000 R 700%
Orange juice (1l) 15k R 60k R 400%
Facial tissue 2,000 R 20,000 R 1000%
Shoes 250k R 1000k R 400%
Utility bills 200k R 2000k R 1000%
Housing (1m) 7m R 55m R 800%
Medicine (eye drops) 1,000 R 20,000 R 2000%
Petrol (1l) 800 R 7000 R 900%

(R = Rial, M = Million, K = a thousand)

We have already written about “Prices in Iran and Canada” (check Archive). But the West, the Left, and their media censor such things and just tell big lies. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, the Mullah Central Bank (CBI) puts the inflation rate at 44%, while the real inflation rate is 200%. Now the price of everything is increasing. But the British media, including the Guardian, just tell the exact opposite of the truth! As our people say: UK is just proving that Rouhani is a British spy! Now, this motherfucker (Rouhani) meets with the IMF boss, and says the fall of the Rial value is good!, but the UK and the West censor such facts, and just support this British Rouhani by telling big lies”. They also add: “In the Rouhani’s era (Jun to Oct 2013) price of rice, egg, chicken, yogurt, cheese, milk, and other staples have increased by 50%! The price of almost everything is increasing, because this motherfucker (Rouhani) still implements IMF Plan and says the fall of the dollar value is bad !. Now almost all Iranians are talking about such facts, but the British pigs and their stooges just tell big lies”. As most Iranians say: “In 2005, the average (monthly) salary for an average Iranian was about $1000. But now it’s about $300!, while the price of everything has increased by 500% to 2000%!”. Table-2 can show you the terrible conditions in Iran. But most non-Iranians even don’t know the story of “IMF and Mullahs”. As some wise Iranians say: “After the CIA-backed 2009 coup, AN and Mullahs implemented IMF Plan in Iran, and the Left and Noam Chomsky defended IMF and IMF Plan in Iran! It’s important that the Left defends IMF, and both the West and the Left tell the same big lies”. They also add: “In 2009, the inflation rate of the AN’s first term was about 200%. But at that time, the Jewish CIA and the Left said that AN enjoys the support of Iranians! Even in 2012, the Guardian and Big Brother’s media said ‘Iranians, specially the poor, still love AN’! [for more info, check Archive]. In fact, the West and the Left said and say Iranians love AN and Mullahs, because Iranians love hyperinflation and economic crises, and because Iranians have come from Mars or Moon!”. They also add: “The West and the Left are stupid bad guys. They just care about whores/ spies. For instance, they care about Akbar Ganji and other Islamist whores/ spies, who say: ‘US sanctions [not IMF Plans!] have badly damaged Iran’s economy[!] .. the goal of sanctions is indeed the overthrow of the Mullah regime [!!!]‘. But even Iran’s little kids say: ‘If the goal of sanctions was indeed the overthrow of the Mullah regime, the US would have imposed these sanctions in 2009, when the Iranian people were in the streets, and asked for it !‘. The whores/ spies tell laughable lies, while almost all Iranians know the truth. Now, many talk bout ‘the usual Hypocrisy and double standards in America‘, and even the West’s media confesses: ‘It’s difficult to maintain the current level of sanctions pressure for two reasons. First, because Iran now [is not] easy to hate. Second, Iran is bent on promoting transparency and efficiency in the Iranian economy’ (Reuters, Sep 2013). In fact, they confess that if Mullahs stop aiding the West and sanctions, then the West should go to hell and f-u-ck itself. But such facts, or even the story of ‘Inflation Rate’ in Iran are censored by the West and its stooges”. They also add: “If you compare 2013 with 1979, you can see that the Iranian currency, Rial, lost more than 50,000% of its exchange value in the Mullah era; and the average inflation rate of the Mullah era is more than 100,000%! (In 1979, price of a simple breakfast was 15R, and in 2013, it’s 45,000R, ie 300,000% increase; In 1979, price of a small car was 100k R, but in 2013, it’s 150,000k R, ie 150,000% increase; In 1979, price of gold coin was 4.5k R, and in 2013, it’s 11,000k R, ie 250,000% increase; In 1979, petrol price was 10R, and in 2013, it’s 7,000R, ie 70,000% increase; In 1979, dollar price was 70R; [...]) You should not forget that Inflation Rate is relative (relative to your base prices/ your base year). For instance, if you compare 2013 with 2012, the inflation rate is about 100% to 200%. But If you compare 2013 with 2004, the average inflation rate is more than 800%”.

Table 3- Iran’s Average Inflation rates in the past 100 years

Era (years) Its Inflation Rate Its Main Reason
1910 to 1919 200% World War1+ UK
1920 to 1929 75% -
1930 to 1939 50% -
1940 to 1949 150% World War 2
1950 to 1959 50% -
1960 to 1969 10% -
1970 to 1978 75% Unbalanced
1980 to 1988 250% War
1989 to 1996 400% Rafsanjani’s acts
1997 to 2004 150% -
2005 to 2013 (AN) 800% AN’s acts+ IMF plans

As the wise Iranians say: “In the Mullah system, many things including the inflation rate and the tax system are so stupid. In Iran, the rich people pay no tax (0%)! In Iran, the inflation rate is not 2% or 10%, but it’s 200%! But Instead of improving the tax system and solving the real problems, Mullahs implement IMF Plan (Enemy’s plan), cut subsidies and help sanctions! If they improve the tax system, it can solve many problems, including the problems of ‘unfair subsidies’, ‘lack of transparency’, and ‘dependence on oil’. But they just obey the West/ IMF”. In these days, many Iranians say: “Rouhani is following the path of AN [...] Rouhani’s economic guys are stupid pigs. His minister of economy is a Basiji faggot, Tayebnia, who licked AN’s ass. This motherfucker and his friends got Iran into this mess. Rouhani appoints a Basiji crook, Seif, as the head of Central Bank (CBI). Now Rouhani’s men (Seif/ Tayebnia/etc) say: ‘the fall of the Rial value is good, but the fall of the dollar value is bad’!, while almost all Iranians say: these stupid pigs work for UK or US”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now many ask: Rouhani’s cabinet is worse than AN’s cabinet? In 2012, AN raised dollar price by 300% and said: We cut the subsidy of dollar in Iran; we raise the price of Dollar by 300%, and it will lead to a %300 increase in the government’s revenues [and a 300%+ increase in the price of everything!] But people should know that we will pay their share. This %300 increase in our revenues belongs to people, and we pay each person his/ her share (about $100 per month) !‘. It’s what AN and his team said. But do you know what Rouhani’s team say? They say: ‘We not only will not pay people’s share of that 300% increase in dollar price, but we want to cut that $15 that AN paid to each person in Iran!’ They actually say: We are worse than AN!”. In this year, the UK and the West tell many bad lies, but most Iranians say many good things. For instance, Iranians say: “UK, BBC, and all British media support this British Rouhani, because he serves UK interests .. even Jack Straw confessed that Mullahs serve Britain’s national interests! .. Rouhani is like AN, and just makes people angrier .. Rouhani and his team are hurrying to show their true colors! .. Rouhani was UK’s favorite candidate .. it’s good that British Mullahs try to make Iranians angrier; they dig their own grave .. UK media and [British barbarians] tell big lies, support Rouhani, but actually reveal the truth of UK and Mullahs! .. Mullahs said: we cut subsidies and use this money to build 10,000 schools/ factories! But they built zero schools/ factories, and put our money in their pockets .. Corruption is a synonym of Mullah! even the Mullah Football system is as corrupt as hell .. the main problem is corruption and mismanagement, not sanctions or subsidies .. Mullahs hate transparency, honesty etc and that’s why UK loves them .. UK and USA are the main enemies of freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran .. the West is as corrupt as hell; even their journalists/ their intellects are whores; they are paid to tell big lies .. the West has been poisoned by money (corruption), and that’s why they love Mullahs .. even Mullahs say: ‘AN and his friends embezzled billions of dollars, and transferred their dirty money to UK or Canada’! but the West censors such facts .. it’s obvious what would happen if Rouhani acts like AN. Now, Iran is like a huge bomb that is ready to explode .. Iranian people are so angry. Now even Mullahs ask: what would happen if people hate Rouhani more than AN ?! .. Who hates justice, goodness and other Iranian values? UK, West, Jews, and Islamists .. it’s obvious that If Rouhani and Mullahs [obey IMF] and make Iranians angrier, it just accelerates the arrival of Big Bang”. In these days, the wise Iranians say: “The West’s media -from the CNN to the Guardian- tells childish lies, because the West is bankrupt and has lost its mind. Now even Americans say America is economically, politically, and morally bankrupt. Now, even Britons say the UK is the worst police state/ Big Brother state in the world. Now the stories of [NSA, GCHQ, RSA, NIST, Tor, SSL] etc are the biggest scandals in the history of Science and Technology, and show that the West is on the wrong side of history, and the End of the West is near”. They also add: “The future belongs to Iranians and good guys, not those who are on the wrong side of history. Sooner or later, the large gap between Iran’s people and Iran’s regime will be filled, and Iran’s regime will be as modern as Iranians, and Iran will be a superpower again. The night before dawn is always the darkest. Now Iran’s enemies bark a lot. But just look at the US, the UK, and other bankrupt states in the West. They are morally, intellectually and economically bankrupt; they have confused; now they say [US to Iran: We are not suckers!] because they are really big losers/ suckers; they have lost their minds; they are losing face and everything. They are turning into backward and bankrupt police states, and it just reminds you of the old lessons of history”.

Jewish Fanatics, Jewish Theocracy

October 3, 2013

In these days, many things are stupid, but informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the most important news -including what Mullahs said about Rial, Dollar and IMF- are censored by almost all Western media! Now Facebook licks the Mullah ass. Now in Facebook, by switching the language setting from English to Persian, the ‘Send’ button becomes ‘Long Live Rouhani’ ! But the West censors such facts [...] Mullahs say ‘Facebook’ is a Zionist website!, and IMF is a Zionist organization! But now the West, Mullahs and Zionists are making love. Now the [British Barbarians] and the Guardian censor all important news, and tell big Orwellian lies like: 100 Rouhani’s ass-lickers = 75 million Iranians! Now most Iranians laugh and say: ‘Only the UK and USA love Rouhani, because he is a British Mullah’. Now most Iranians say funny things about UK, US and Mullahs. But the West and its stooges censor the voices of people. Now most non-Iranians laugh at Netanyahu, while the West tries to censor their comments. But as many say, it’s shocking that Americans put a huge number of anti-Is-rael comments”. They also add: “After Netanyahu UN speech, Americans put many comments like: ‘Netanyahu has no charm; all he can be is offensive .. I wish I could believe Netanyahu. But I don’t! .. Netanyahu is a Nazi in victim’s clothing .. We are sick and tired of War and Netanyahu .. the History of the Heb-rew people is one of war and violence .. Old Testament is replete with examples of the use of war and violence to achieve their goals .. Religious Fascism is at the core of the Jewish state. I-s-r-ael is a Theocracy based upon the false claim that the Jews are ‘Chosen people’ (what a joke) .. Why are we giving this Jewish War Criminal retard any of our money? .. We should put sanctions on I-s-rael .. Netanyahu is the most despised person in the US .. Iran’s Nuclear Program is more transparent than I-s-r-ael’s Nuclear Program’ (Oct 2013). Now not only Americans, but even the Jewish media says: ‘Is-r-ael finds itself largely alone on the world stage .. Is-rael could end up becoming the 21st century Cassandra’ ! (Haaretz, Sep 2013). Now most people hate Netanyahu, but they still know nothing about Jewish Mullahs and also British Mullahs”. As the wise Iranians say: “After saying many anti-Persian things, now the anti-Iran Jews say: ‘Some 2,500 years ago the great Persian king Cyrus ended the Babylonian exile of the Jewish people. He issued a famous edict in which he proclaimed the right of the Jews. It’s a Persian decree’! (UN, 1 Oct 2013). It’s true. The ungrateful Jews owe a lot to Iranians. But they just desperately try to hurt Iran’s people and deny Iran’s rights. Iranians hate that Jewish Spy (AN), who just served the Jewish interests. But the stupid Jews say: Iran’s regime = Iran’s people! [...] We wish we could believe Netanyahu. But we don’t! We wish we could believe Jewish Mullahs. But we don’t ‘because facts are stubborn things, and the facts’ are that they are worse than Islamists; they just help Mullahs and hurt Iranians. The little Jews even threaten Iran with war and destruction! [...] Jewish Mullahs and Netanyahu have nothing to say, while Iranians have many things to say about the Truth of Bad Jews [...] Jewish Fanatics (Jewish Mullahs) are at the root of many problems. The Shas party and their leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who pray for the annihilation of Iran, are Har-edi Jews [...]“. So, here lets take a look at a short article about ‘Jewish Fanatics’. It can show you a small part of the truth.


Many know nothing about “Jewish Fanatics”, whose main group is ‘Haredi Jews’. “Ha-redi Judaism is the most [important] form of Orthodox Judaism” [6]. But most people don’t know the Orthodox Jews, and also this fact that the Jewish state is a Theocracy, not a Democracy. Even the Jewish comments in/ under the Jewish blogs can shock people: “I live in a H-a-redi community, were colors are not allowed [!], slits are forbidden, women are only allowed to bike/ walk late at night [!] or early in the morning, when men don’t see them [!] Women don’t go out much. Activities are either for men only, or for women only [!], and public performances (even kosher ones!) are not allowed [!] Men don’t give rides to women even inside the community, even if it rains [!] Ha-redi women cover their hair, and their children throw rocks at and insult the less religious ones” ! [3]. As [wise Iranians] say: “Jewish fanatics are worse than Muslim fanatics. But many don’t know them. Many don’t know that what Islamists say/ do is just an imitation of what Jewish fanatics say/ do. Even most Islamists/ Basijis don’t know that what they do/ say is exactly like what Jewish fanatics do/ say! Maybe if they knew the truth, they would stop acting like the Jewish retards [...] The West and bad Jews need Islamists for many reasons [...] they use Islamists to hide the truth of the Jewish traditions and Jewish fanatics. But even in about 100 years ago, Iranians were writing about the Jewish root of Arabs/ Islamists. If you want to know what Iranian intellectuals said about Islamists, Arabs, Jewish God, Jewish Legacy, etc you can read, for instance, Sadeq Hedayat’s satirical work: Pearl Canon”. Most people don’t know that Jewish Fanatics, who are worse than Islamists, have political parties. “United Torah and Shas are two H-a-redi parties in the Knesset which advocate a Halachic state (Jewish Theocracy)”, the good Jews say. The voices of the good Jews are censored; the number of good resources (books, articles, films, etc) for learning about Jewish Fanatics (Ha-redi) is small, and its reason is clear. The Big Brother and the ‘Systematic Censorship & Brainwashing’ try to prevent people from knowing Jewish Fanatics [...] Most of those who write about Jewish fanatics are like Islamist-Reformists. For instance, a female blogger writes about Ultra-Orthodox Jews (Ha-redi), but she says: “I am an Orthodox Jew” ! [2] She even says: “I am a Zionist” [2] or “If a Jew wants to be secular, s/he should follow what the Bible teaches” [2] Unfortunately, you cannot find a good Jewish site in the internet. As some say: “A significant number of secular Jews adopt a Haredi lifestyle”![6] [...] The total world Jewish population in 2010 was estimated at 14 million, of whom 6.5 million lived in the US and 6 million in Is-rael [6]. There are about 1.5 million H-a-redi Jews [5][6]. But as some say: “H-aredi families have an average of 6 children .. the number of H-a-redim in 2060 may be equal to the number of non-Haredi Jews”! [6] Hundred of thousands of H-a-redi Jews live in the US [5] “Large H-a-redi population exist in New York, Lakewood, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland and Baltimore”[6]. In these years, some even write about “Jewish fundamentalism in the US” [4] or this fact that “49% of New York’s Jewish children are H-aredi”! [4] They say: “American Jews actively support H-aredim” [4]. But the main question is: Who are Jewish Fanatics (H-a-redi), and What they do/ say?


Jewish fanatics or Jewish Fundamentalists have different names. “Call them what you will -[Orthodox, Ultra-Orthodox], H-a-redim, black hats, etc” [4], some Jews say. They also add: “H-a-redi people are those Jews who wear black hats” [1][4]. “They wear black jackets and hats .. They are called Haredi or Haredim in the plural” [5][6]. As some say: “The word Ha-r-edi is simply the Hebrew translation of Orthodox, and is derived from Charada, which is interpreted as one who trembles in awe of God; the word itself means fear [6] .. Har-eidi means ‘fear of G-d refers to the Orthodox Jews [3]“. As some Iranians say: “God is a Persian word. The Persian Khoda (Goda) became God. But non-Aryans (non-Iranians) refer to Khoda by different names. Jews use [Hashem, etc], Arabs use Allah, etc”. [We have written bout Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance ; and the difference between the Iranian mindset and the Jewish/ Arabian/ Western mindset. But most people don't know the Iranian legacy]. As some say: “Jewish law, known as Halacha, is considered a set of [divine laws], and is a guide for everything a Jew does from the moment of awakening until the moment of sleep .. the final determinations as to the applicability of the law in all situations rests in the hands of the local Orthodox rabbi or posek” [5]. The life of the Jewish Orthodox, aka Haredi life, is so stupid. “Ha-redi poskim (authorities in Jewish law) forbid television and films, reading secular newspapers or books not related to Judaism” ! [5][6] “Ha-redi rabbis also forbid using the Internet without filters that block ‘inappropriate’ material! Because of this, H-a-redim use mobile phones that are programmed to disable internet, and I-s-r-aeli companies now offer cell phones with limited capabilities to accommodate Har-edim”! [5][6]. In a Ha-redi community, “Boys and girls attend separate schools“[1][5]. Women wear Hijab (veil) [3]. They throw stones at Bad-Hijab women, ie those who don’t wear Hijab! [4][1] As some Jews say: “Ha-redi men attack [Bad Hijab] women .. Ha-r-edi men attack BF/ GF couples”! [2]. The Jewish fanatics are really savages. “They suck blood from the penises of infants” ! [4] or as the Jews say: “H-a-redi men believe It’s forbidden to look women, at anything, even her little finger and hair, and it is forbidden even to hear her speak” ! [2]. “[Bad-Hijab] girls and boys are attacked by H-aredi men, who shout at them, and pelt with garbage in plastic bags which burst all over them” [3]. The Orthodox Jews talk about “the issue of Kol Isha” (the voice of a woman) [2], and say: “It’s forbidden to hear the voice of a woman in general” ! [2] But how many people are aware of such facts? As [some wise Iranians] say: “What Islamists say/ do is just a weaker version of what Jews say /do. But how many people know this fact? All people should ask themselves: Jewish Fanatics remind you of what?!”. In the Jewish state, they have segregated buses, where women should sit in the back of the bus! [2] As some Jews say: “Ha-r-edi men verbally abuse a woman who has sat in the front of the bus“! [2] They talk about “The terrible situations on I-s-raeli buses, with the verbal, emotional and even physical abuse of women who dare not to sit in their place at the back of the bus” ! [2]. They also say: “the Jewish men harass and intimidate women for sitting in the front of the bus” [2]. The Jews talk about “the Tzniyut police” [2], ie Fashion Police and Morality Police, who even “condemn women for having a hair show”! [3] The Jewish fanatics are worse than Islamists and Basiji Thugs. In the Jewish states, they have “the separation of Jewish women on buses and public streets“! [1] Many don’t know how the Jews treat women. They don’t know that “H-a-redim Harassing Women Prompt Ultra-Orthodox Backlash” ! (Bloomberg, July 2013). They don’t know The Women of the Wall, ie those Jewish women who ask for equal worship at shrines and public places. But even in 2013, the media reports: “the Orthodox Jews hurling eggs and curses, yelling ‘Death to the Reform’ ! [Death to Women] attacked the women of the wall .. On July 8, 2013 hundreds of black-hatted men roared, clapped and sang to drown out the women’s prayers”. The vast majority of Iranians (90%+) hate Mullahs and Islamists, but most Jews (50%+) still defend Jewish Fanatics! [1][4] As some Jews say: “When I mentioned this incident (Ha-redi attacks) to people in my community, they all said more or less the same thing: ‘this does not represent Ha-r-eidim as a group .. don’t blame the H-a-reidim” !! [3]


The anti-Iran Shas is a Ha-redi party. As some say: “the Shas party, [as a Ha-redi party] was set up in the early 1980s”[5]. “H-a-redi rabbi Ovadia Yosef” [6] is a Jewish barbarian who prays for Annihilation of Iran [for more info, check Archive: "Jewish Mullahs Pray for Annihilation of Iran"]. Ovadia Yosef, who is dying now, is a high rank Rabbi who says: ‘Non-Jews were born only to serve us. Non-Jews have no place in the world -only to serve the people of I-s-rael’ !! But the real tragedy is that the world doesn’t know these Jewish barbarians; and most Jews (50%+) support H-areidim! [1][4]; and “demographers tell us that 49% of New York’s Jewish children are H-a-redi“! [4] The story of ‘Jewish fanatics in the US’ is a long story. A some say: “Since 1973, buses catering for H-a-redi Jews running from New York into Manhattan have had separate areas for men and women” !! [6] Many cannot believe such facts, simply because the Western media misinforms people. As some Americans say: “In the Hasidic village of Kiryas Joel, New York, an entrance sign asks visitors to ‘maintain gender separation in all public areas’ [!!] and the bus stops have separate waiting areas for men and women” [6]. But most people are not aware of such facts. They don’t know that “I-s-raeli airlines provide gender separated flights” ! [6]. Many just tell big lies about Iranians, while they know nothing about Iran, the US, or the Jewish state. As some say: “Studying in secular institutions is [banned] in Haredi communities. They often just study in Religious Schools known as Yeshivas” [5][6]. “About 60% of the Ha-redi men do not have regular jobs, preferring religious study, which is heavily subsidized by the government” ! [5]. As some say: “As of 2012 it was estimated that only 37% of H-a-redi men were employed .. All Is-raelis are obligated to enlist military service by law, for either 3 years (men) or 2 years (women). Only H-aredim are exempted from military service”! [6] But the bankrupt US just tells paradoxical lies: “American Jews are actively supporting H-a-redim .. H-a-redim in Is-rael put their American brothers to shame” ! [4] In New York, they protest against “Jewish fanatics who suck blood directly from the penises of infants”[4] But they don’t know the true story of the Jews and the West. As [wise Iranians] say: “They don’t know many things, including: Jewish fanatics are worse than Muslim fanatics; the West created the Holocaust; Europe’s Jews were forced to live in closed ghetto; the West just tried to kill and torture all Jews, but Iran helped good Jews and saved them from annihilation”. They also add: “Jewish Laws and what Jewish Mullahs do/ say just confirm that the root of such things is Jewish”. But the West just loves to censor the important facts and tells big lies. They say nothing about “Tznius Police” (religious police) in the Jewish state. But as Jews say: “Tzniut means modesty, and the classical symbol of Tzniut is the veil (Hijab)”. They also add: “[our] religious police dictate where we can walk, what we can eat, and how everyone must dress” [1] The Rabbis say: “The hair of a woman is erva” [2], and “the voice of a woman is erva” [2], and “woman is erva” ! [1][2] (Ervah or Erva = evil or erotic) But the West censors all facts. The Jews talk about ‘a new ‘Burka’ movement in the Jewish state”[2] But how many people know “Jewish Burka”, “Jewish Hijab”, or this fact that Burka or Hijab is a Jewish/ S-e-m-itic product? As some Iranians say: “Jews talk about ‘the laws of Tzniut’, and Arabs/ Islamists talk about ‘the laws of Hijab’. Jews and Islamists both have Hijab. Jews and Islamists both regard Hijab (covering up) as a declaration of freedom! Hijab is a legacy of Jews. Hijab (veil) is a legacy of S-e-mi[-]“. As almost all schedulers say: “The first use of the veil dates back to the Assyrians and S-e-mi[-]” [6] The experts talk about “Assyrian/ S-emi[-] laws about veils” and say: “their law dictated that wives, daughters, and widows must wear a veil .. their women were considered property and legally belonged to their fathers until marriage, when ownership passed to their husbands” ! [6]. But the Western media just tells big lies. For instance, they tell bad lies about “the Code of Hammurabi”. They say the Code of Hammurabi is the first charter of Human Rights ! only because they don’t want to confess that the Cyrus Charter or the Iranian texts are the first charters of Human Rights. [We should write more about this issue later,] but as even the Jews say: “Women were treated harshly under the Code of Hammurabi. Women were often charged with corporal and capital punishment for breaking this barbaric law”.


Many say all Jews are bad guys. But Iranians say: “No, the good Jews exist. People like Woody Allen, Albert Einstein, or many Iranian Jews are good Jews. The good Jews exist”. As [wise Iranians] say: “The bad Jews are those Jews who still care about their barbaric texts/ traditions, and praise Jewish fanatics”. It’s hard to say which percent of the Jews are Orthodox, but many say: “they are the majority (50%+); the good Jews are the minority”. And it’s consistent with what you can see in the internet and the Jewish media. As some experts say: “the good Jews don’t care about ‘Old Testament’ and barbaric traditions. In Judaism, the term Bible refers to the 24 books that make up what Christians call the Old Testament [...] There was no Old Testament until the 2nd or 3rd century AD, when emerging Christians began to collect their own writings”. But many Jews are like Islamist-Reformists. This Jewish lady [1] is one of them. She says: ‘Personally, I cover my hair because I feel it increases my humility’ ! [1] The Jewish lady praises Tzniyut (Hijab) [1] and just condemns “the midrash of the Jewish woman who was praised because her house’s walls ‘never saw a hair on her head” [1] The best things that she or Jewish Reformists say is: “there are many Jewish paths to Hashem” [1] But their views are paradoxical. For instance, they say: “Haredi Leaders Forbid Hiking. [But] instead of banning hiking, they should ban inappropriate clothing” ! [2] Orthodox Jews just show that Jewish Theocracy and what Iranians say (Islamists love the Jewish Culture, and hate the Iranian Culture) is not a myth. As some Jews say: “the only difference between a ‘modern Orthodox’ Jew and a traditional one is: Tzniyut, because the definition of tzniyut is a matter of interpretation”! The Jewish paradoxes are funny. They say: “the Jewish state asks p-orn stars ‘what does your mother do’ [?!]“. But they add: “We don’t want to hear anything negative about the Jewish state” [1] Their ‘Love/Hate” Relationship with Is-r-ael” [2] and their paradoxes are laughable. They condemn “the non-Kosher New York subway, where men and women are pressed together” ! [3] They praise Kosher (Halal) things [1] But they ridicule those Jews who say: “Kosher Camera don’t take pictures of women and women’s faces” ! [2] Jewish fanatics say: “Most cameras aren’t Kosher [!]” [2], while most Jews talk about kos-her dressing, kosh-er politics, etc [2] and ask: ‘What is Really Kos-her, Halachically?’ ! [2] The Jewish lady and many Jews say: “Coen Brothers are Self-Hating Jews” [2] ! They hate Woody Allen and Coens, because they think “we don’t need public depiction of Jews in a sarcastic, negative light”! [2] They write about “Jewish WMDs” [2] and ask: Jewish Weapons of Mass Destruction are Kosher?! [2] They say: “I know the reason Jews are so smart, and neurotic. It’s the diet. Kos-her things”! [2] Are they joking?! [...] They praise Halakhah (Jewish way of life) [2] But they say: H-a-redi society is intolerant [1][6], only because ‘H-a-redi Society’ is an absolute disgrace. In H-a-redi society, you should even avoid things like driving a car on the Sabbath [6]. H-aredi men look the other way on purpose to avoid eye contact with women [6] Even the show of exposed arms is too much [6] In the Jewish state, “the prohibition of publishing/ viewing photographs of women” is a serious issue! [1][5][6]. The Jewish state is a Ha-redi society. “Their newspaper is checked/ censored by a rabbinical censor” [6]. “H-aredi newspapers refuses to print pictures of women, due to the laws of Tznius. [Even in America,] newspapers like Hamodia, don’t show women at all. They are widely read by many in north of NYC and Brooklyn! .. [Even in New York] the Jews have Tznius police (fashion police) to make sure women are adhering to strict rules governing skirt, sleeve, and neckline length” ! [1][5][6]. As some say: “Thousands of Ha-redim live in Manhattan. These Jews are worse than Islamists”. But the West just tells bad lies. They say: “Like Christian fundamentalism, Jewish fundamentalism is a new thing” !! [4] In fact, they say their Bible, their Old Testament, or their history is a new thing! They tell very big and laughable lies like: “Orthodox Jews look like the secular Persians of Iran [!!!]” [4] As Iranians say: The West has no shame. Their big lies are so shameful and so laughable, like those lies that ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Ministry of Truth’ said in Orwell’s 1984“. Yah, the West has no shame. As Iranians say: “I-s-r-ael is a terrorist state and a backward Theocracy. But why the West supports them?! Why [Jewish Barbarians] should have nuclear weapons and the West just praises Jewish Mullahs and Jewish bombs?”. Now, even Americans say: “the H-a-redi system threatens the Jewish community, both in the US and in I-s-r-ael. Jewish fundamentalism is not good for the Jews”! [4] Even the Jews say: “What is Judaism coming to? Sharia law, that’s all” [2]. But the UK and the anti-Iran West have no shame, and just tell big lies about Iran, Iranians, Jews, etc. Their big lies just remind you of Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm.

For more information:

[1] Lady Night, Jewish Woman’s blog (, with links to many Jewish websites.
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Ultra-Orthodox, Hashkafa, Kosher, Jewish Law, etc
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West, Lies, and Censorship: Rouhani, IMF, Rial

September 28, 2013

In these days, many talk about the love story of ‘Mullahs and Great Satan’. But here lets focus on some important facts/ news that are censored by the West and the mass media. As the wise Iranian say: “In these days, the West and the Western media just insult the intelligence of people. They tell many big lies, and remind you of Goebbels and Stalin. They censor many facts. For instance, the Mullah Central Bank (CBI) and the CBI governor say: ‘The fall of the US dollar value in Iran is bad. But the fall of the Rial value is good. Any further fall of the dollar value will be harmful‘ ! (24 Sep 2013). But almost all British media -including the Guardian- and the US media censor this important fact/ news, while the Iranian people laugh and say: ‘the fall of the dollar value is bad, but the fall of the Rial value is good?! This motherfucker (CBI boss) works for the US?! These ant-Iranian Mullahs work for the UK or the CIA?!’. What Mullahs say about Dollar and Rial is so important. But almost all Western media censor this fact”. They also add: “The Guardian, the British Neanderthals, and the Left censor the important news/ facts, including what the Mullah Central Bank (CBI) says/ does, or what the IMF and Mullahs say/ do. In these days, the Mullah TV reported: ‘ International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde met Rouhani on Tuesday [24 Sep 2013].. In his first day in New York, Rouhani met with the IMF boss .. the IMF chairwoman went from Washington to New York, only to meet Rouhani’ !! But the Guardian and other Big Brother media censor this fact/ news [...] The Left sees IMF as Evil or Imperialist. And Mullahs used to say IMF is a Zionist organization! So, the Love story of ‘IMF and Mullahs’ is important [...] Now Zangeneh, the Mullah oil minister, says: ‘We want to increase the oil/ gas price in Iran; we want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans in Iran’ ! But the West and the left censor such facts. They still assume people are not able to see obvious lies. In the Information Age, they tell bad lies and insult the intelligence of people! They are stupid bad guys”. It’s important that the UK, the US, the Left, the West, and their stooges censor the above-mentioned facts/ news. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs obey the IMF and say the fall of the Rial value is good !, and Rouhani makes love with the IMF’s boss, but the British barbarians and their stooges censor such things! Now Iranians laugh and ask: ‘Why Rouhani met with IMF boss?! Why AN and Rouhani implement the IMF plans in Iran, weaken Iran’s Rial and strengthen US dollar?! Why the West (and the left) tell big lies?! Why the Guardian and the UK media censor important facts?! Is Rouhani a British spy?!’. The British media and the US media censor the big news/ important facts, but they just make people aware. Now, the Iranian people say: ‘This motherfucker (Rouhani) said (during his election show campaign): ‘I promise to restore the value of the Iranian Passport and the Iranian Currency (Rial). I promise to increase the value of Iran’s national currency (Rial)’ ! But now he says: ‘the fall of Dollar value is bad, but the fall of Rial value is good’ ! .. this motherfucker (Rouhani) is a stooge like that Jewish spy (AN). He hurts Iran, and helps the West .. The West refers to ‘Rouhani and Obama’ as ‘Hassan and Hussein, real brothers’ ! .. They just confirm what we, Iranians, said: Mullahs and Great Satan (USA) are close friends! US pigs aided Mullahs in [killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians] in 2009 .. now even the stupidest people -ie Americans & Brits- can see what Iranians say about UK, US and Mullahs is not [a myth] .. Now, it’s obvious why the Iranian people say: ‘Iranians didn’t vote for AN or Rouhani. This motherfucker (Rouhani) is a British Mullah, like that Jewish spy (AN). Only UK & USA praise him and help him with Lies and Censorship”. In these days, many things are informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the Guardian (GU) and the British Neanderthals censor all important news/ facts, and just tell paradoxical jokes like: ‘Iran’s economy boosted by Rouhani. Food prices experience a decline in Iran .. In Iran, the US sanctions are breaking everyone’s knees’ ! (GU, Sep 2013). Iranians know British Barbarians and Lefty Pigs, but now even some of the US media say: ‘Rouhani met the IMF’s chief, and it’s a clear sign that Rouhani is a [puppet of] the West’ ! They also report: ‘the Mullah partnership with the IMF is deepened .. the IMF visited Iran in 2011 to assess the state of Iran’s economy [!!] [And now in 2013], the IMF [wants to] visit Iran again. The IMF mission to Iran will take a closer look at the impact of US sanctions in Iran [!!]‘ (Sep 2013) Can you believe it?! If Mullahs allowed the CIA to take a closer look at the impact of US sanctions in Iran, it would be less laughable!”. In these days, many things are laughable. As the wise Iranians say: “the West and the left love lies, censorship, duplicity and subterfuge [...] AN, Rouhani and Mullahs implement the IMF plans in Iran. But the left censors such facts! If you want to know why Noam Chomsky is a stupid pig and a bad guy, just ask yourself: Why Chomsky and the left say nothing about the love story of ‘IMF and Mullah’s? Why they even praise the IMF plans in Iran?! [...] Now Iranians laugh and say: ‘The left helps the IMF and Mullahs; but why?! Mullahs obey the IMF; but why? Mullahs aid Iran’s enemies and serve the West’s interests; but why?!”. The current events are historic events. As some wise Iranians say: “Rouhani meets with the IMF’s chief, and the Mullah Central Bank (CBI) openly says the fall the dollar value is bad, but the fall of the rial value is good!. The Guardian and the English media censor these big news/ facts. The BBC Persian and the Mullah TV cover the CBI’s crap. It creates a big scandal. After one day, they see public backlash against this big scandal. And on 25 Sep 2013, they start to make excuses for this historic scandal. But now, almost all Iranians say [good things like]: ‘Mullahs just serve the West’s interests .. the Mullah regime, not sanctions, has ruined Iran’s economy .. AN created the biggest corruptions in Iran’s history; AN intentionally was helping sanctions, and now Rouhani is following AN .. Who supports AN or Rouhani? UK & US .. Who hurts Iranians, helps Mullahs, and has Iranian blood on its hands? UK & USA .. Islamists/ Basijis just serve the UK/ US interests .. Mullahs intentionally are sabotaging Iran’s economy .. Almost all Iranians hate Islamists and [Obama Bin Laden]. This American pig (Hussein Obama Bin Biden) is a stupid terrorist and a big loser”.


In these days, many Iranians say: “How Mullahs should prove that they are puppets of the West?! How Rouhani should prove that he is a British Mullah?! What they are doing is not enough for you?! Now they openly try to make love with their British masters and their Great Satan! Now they openly try to strengthen US Dollar, and weaken Iran’s Rial ! When the dollar value is declining in Iran, Mullahs say: It’s bad; the Rial value should be declining!“. It’s really important that the US media and the UK media not only censor such facts/ news, but they tell bad lies: “Iran is losing the economic battle [!], because Iran’s currency (Rial) fell against the dollar [!!]“. We have already written about the Barbarian UK and the Ministry of Truth (check Archive). But as some wise Iranians say: ‘The Ministry of Truth is stupid. The British media and the Guardian censor all things that reveal the true colors of the UK, the West, and their stooges, including Mullahs and spies in exile. They just tell big lies or talk about those things that can damage the Iran’s image! For instance, they censor the news of Rouhani, IMF, Rial, CBI, Iran’s woman, etc, but they say: ‘Iran lawmakers [not Mullahs!] pass bill allowing men to marry adopted daughters’ ! (GU, 26 Sep 2013). A little MI6 agent, S. K. Dehghan, writes this under an image of Afghanistan’s women, and GU publishes this on its first pages [...] British barbarians are stupid. The 2014 Scotland referendum and many other things show that the End of the Barbarian Britain is near. The End of this backward-Orwellian cesspool, the Barbarian UK, is near because they act like retards and tell many bad and childish lies”. The UK is really stupid. As some wise Iranians say: “Even little kids know that the 2009 coup has changed many things in Iran. But the Guardian (GU) and British barbarians still tell bad lies and censor the voices of people. For instance, they say: ‘Iranian people no longer believe in the idea of American animosity’ ! (GU, Sep 2013) [...] In Iran, the price of everything is still increasing, because Mullahs are implementing the IMF plans, weakening Rial and strengthening Dollar. But GU and UK Media censor such facts and tell big lies. Now Mullahs intentionally are sabotaging Iran’s economy, but the stupid UK says: ‘Sanctions work! In Iran, sanctions are breaking everyone’s knees’ ! (GU, Sep 2013). But the truth is that their beloved Mullahs, not their stupid sanctions, work! It’s Mullahs and Basiji faggots that serve the West’s interests [...] Now, the Western media says: ‘ Sanctions Worked; Time to act on Iran is now .. Khamenei and Rouhani are showing every sign of interest in reaching an agreement with the West, because sanctions have worked [!!]‘ (Sep 2013). They talk about ‘The Collapse of Iran’s Rial’ !, but they don’t say how AN, Rouhani and Mullahs help sanctions and hurt Rial. They say nothing about the story of IMF Plans in Iran. They don’t say why Mullahs don’t allow the dollar value to decrease! They don’t say why Mullahs don’t allow the Rial value to increase! The UK media censors many things. The British Censorship is the worst Censorship in history”. In these days, the UK media and the US media censor the voices of the Iranian people. And it’s important to note that almost all media in the West tell the same big lies, and try to pretend that the Iranian people love the US and Mullahs, and praise the love story of ‘Mullahs and Great Satan (US)’ ! In these days, the Big Brother media tells many bad lies, while the Iranian people say many good/ funny things like: “AN left a Jewish Legacy in Iran: IMF plans, the World’s Highest Inflation Rate, and the World’s biggest corruptions! .. AN just tried to complete his Jewish missions .. AN + Rouhani = the worst contradictions and the worst puppets in history .. Obama and Mullahs just stoke anti-American sentiment in Iran .. Mullahs + IMF = Zionists! .. the story of wheat can show you how AN and Mullahs ruined the national products .. In 2011, AN was praised by the IMF boss for finally fulfilling all the demands the IMF placed on Iran! .. the CBI says 30% of Mullah crooks, who have embezzled people’s money, should be freed! .. When the price of gold or dollar increases in Iran, the UK and Mullahs are happy, but when the price of gold or dollar decease in Iran, they are angry and try to increase it ! .. [Lefty Neanderthals] defend the IMF and Mullah crooks, but shed crocodile tears for the poor! .. [Religious Neanderthals] in the US, the Jewish state, and Iran are crooks and thieves. They are the same shit .. the West says sanctions choking Iran’s economy!, while it’s IMF and Mullahs that chocking the economy .. The price of gold or dollar in Iranian market dropped. But Mullahs said it’s a bad thing!, and the US/ UK media censored this fact! It’s a very big scandal .. It just prove that Mullahs are anti-Iranian puppets of UK and USA .. CBI works for IMF, and protests against the fall of dollar value! .. Mullahs just help foreign currencies, and ruin Rial .. UK & USA refer to ‘Rouhani and Obama’ as ‘Hassan and Hussein, close brothers’! They yearn for a Handshake between Hassan and Hussein! .. They say we expected some kind of ‘Love Actually’ moment, a Hollywood ending! They said to Rouhani: ‘You would at least say hello, shake hands, break the ice’ (CNN) So, Rouhani obeyed the Great Satan and gave them a Hollywood ending! .. What Mullahs and Obama did/ do is worse than ‘Iran Contra scandal’ in the 1980s – when Robert McFarlane, Reagan’s national security adviser went to Iran! .. UK & GU say: ‘In Iran, ‘Death to America’ has almost died out at public gatherings in 2013! Now Mullahs and Rouhani hail their Great Satan as great nation!’ But Iranians say: ‘Mullahs and Islamists are losing face and everything; it’s good, very good !‘ .. the Guardian and CIA agents like Jason Rezaian say: ‘Iranians love Obama. Iranians say: ‘Obama spoke beautifully (at UN). I really love this man. He has so much class’ .. We love the US and sanctions. The US sanctions are breaking everyone’s knees in Iran’ ! (GU, 27 Sep 2013) UK and GU tell the biggest lies and the worst jokes in history! .. This British Rouhani uses Twitter to make love with Great Satan! But now, many ask him: ‘What is your answer to Tweeting and posting on social media when the people of Iran don’t have access to that?’. Even US pigs and CNN ask him such things, because today is not the 19th century (Age of Puppet Dictators) .. UK says nothing about the story of IMF, CBI, Rial, etc because it reveals the truth of British Mullahs .. Only US and UK love AN & Rouhani .. this motherfucker Rouhani makes love with Great Satan, but fucks Rial, not Dollar! .. Islamists and Basiji faggots work for US, UK and IMF .. West (UK/ US) and Mullahs are in bed together and both are so disgusting .. IMF loves Mullahs, because Mullahs serve UK/ US interests .. price of everything is increasing because Rouhani is obeying the IMF; but the West tries to hide this fact .. Obama and Mullahs make love. British pigs defend/ praise Mullahs. But they just prove: What Iranians said and say about the UK, the US and Mullahs is not a myth or Conspiracy theory .. Guardian (GU) had a rare and good confession: “[Why] We should back Rouhani” ! (26 Sep 2013) GU said: “Rouhani needs our full support [!!] He calls America not a great Satan but ‘very dear and near to our hearts’! He is an ally of [UK] power brokers as the Larijani family’ ! (GU, 26 Sep 2013) .. the Brits are so stupid. Now even Jack Straw says: ‘I’m a British politician. I [defend] the Mullah regime, because I should defend Britain’s national interest [!!]‘. In fact, the Brits confess that Mullahs serve Britain’s national interest ! .. Big Brother media like the Guardian/ CNN controls the West. In the West, Big Brother’s agents and media whores like Fareed Zakaria, Amanpour, Leverett, or Chomsky are heroes .. Westerners are stupid, and see their whores as heroes! .. when whores are heroes, the West is nothing but a stupid whorehouse , and Westerners deserve all they get, including the Orwellian spying/ control”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Now Americans are so happy that Obama can talk with Mullahs! In Egypt and Syria, Americans and Obama were big losers, and that’s why they badly need a Handshake with their Rouhani. But can America save face with hugging Mullahs and kissing Islamist ass?! Americans are big losers, and just disgrace and discredit the US more and more. The USA is just nearing the End”. They also add: “Americans are losers, that’s why they are happy that Obama licks the Mullah ass! But Iranians are wise and proud people, and that’s why they just laugh at the US and Mullahs, and make new jokes [...]“. We would write more about these Iranian jokes/ comments later. But now the West and the left censor many facts, including: “The World Economic Forum Report .. they report that Iran has the World’s Highest Inflation Rate” (Sep 2013). As some wise Iranians say: “Iranians know why Iran has the World’s Highest Inflation Rate. But the West and the Left, and their leader Noam Chomsky, say nothing about such things, and just defend those who created the biggest corruptions in Iran’s history, and the Biggest Injustice in the world [...] Now even the Mullah media talk about a very small part of Corruptions/ Embezzlements in the AN’s era. For instance, they say: “AN has embezzled ’160 billions’ Rial .. AN and Astan Ghods have embezzled 120,000 billions Rial in a Railway project .. AN and his close friend, Zanjani, have embezzled more than $8 billion (250,000 billions Rial) from the banking system’. But the UK media and the Western media censor these facts, which are big news. In these days, even the Mullah media say: AN’s team have stolen money from people; but they defend their corruptions, while Rouhani’s team (Torkan) say: ‘Mage Ers-e Pedaretoon-e’ (Is it an inheritance from your fathers?!)’. But the politest things that our people say is: ‘[...] Mage Ers-e Pedare Pofyoozeshoon-e’ ! (What they stole is people’s money, not an inheritance from their f-u-cking fathers!)’. But the West censors such facts/ news. Now, the best/ politest things that the Iranian people say about AN, Basijis and Mullahs is ‘Yek Mosht Dozd va Male Mardom Khor’ (a bunch of crooks and thieves!)”. We should write more about such facts later. But it’s really important that the Guardian, the British media and the US media censor the important facts and just tell big lies. The story of the Iranian currency (Rial), the US currency (Dollar) and the AN’s era is very informative. We should write more about it later. But as many Iranians say: “AN (AhmadiNejad) and Mullahs just tried to ruin Iran’s economy. They served the West’s interests .. In the AN’s era, Rial lost more than 200% of its exchange value. AN created the biggest corruptions in Iran’s history .. When Iran had the highest revenue in Iran’s history, AN/ Mullahs not only didn’t increase subsidies or financial aids to people, but they started to cut subsidies! .. AN embezzled $400 billion. Most of the Iran’s money and Iran’s revenue have been stolen by AN and Mullahs .. In 1979, the price of Dollar was 70 Rial. And in 2012-2013, the price of Dollar is about 35,000 Rial ! So, In the Mullah era, the Iranian currency, Rial, lost more than 50,000% of its exchange value. Do you know what it means ?!”. Iranians are not stupid. It’s the West that is so stupid. Now, most Iranians say: “The Mullah system is rife with corruption and embezzlement. The government, not sanctions, has ruined Iran’s economy“. Now even the Mullah media talks about AN’s corruption and mismanagement, and denounces the IMF plans as destructive plans. But as the wise Iranians say: “the UK and the British stooges still tell bad/ childish lies. The British media and the Guardian think that if they censor the main news/ facts, people can accept ‘Obvious Lies’ as the truth! But now even the Mullah media says: ‘the surveys (polls, SMS polls, etc) show: Most Iranians think ‘corruption & mismanagement’ caused the current economic problems. More than 85% of Iranians think that economic misery is domestically produced. And ‘more than 95% of Iranians think the AN’s acts and the IMF plans (cutting subsidies) were very destructive’. Now even Mullahs and Rouhani’s team talk about ‘foreign sanctions’ and ‘Domestic Sanctions’! And ‘domestic sanctions’ means: ‘AN just aided the West and US sanctions!”. They also add: “Iranians know what Iran and Iran’s economy need [...] Iranians know that the inflation rate must be 2% to 5%, not 200%! The average inflation rate of the AN’s era is about 800%! And that’s why the IMF loved AN [...] Instead of making love with the IMF/ West, Iran’s regime should solve the real problems. For instance, the Mullah tax system is so stupid. In Iran, the rich people pay no tax (0%) ! Instead of implementing the IMF plans and cutting subsidies, they should improve the tax system and increase its transparency [...] British Mullahs are worse than US Republicans- Capitalists. In Iran, the rich people pay no tax (0%) ! In Iran, only ordinary people should pay tax (10% to 40%)! But why the Left and the stupid Chomsky say nothing about such facts [...] The Best things that Islamists say about ‘Cutting subsidies’ is: ‘Both the rich and the poor use basic subsidies and it’s unfair’! Mullahs just shed crocodile tears for the poor. But the wise economists say: ‘Both the rich and the poor can use basic subsidies, but the rich should pay higher taxes, and the poor should pay no tax. With a good/ fair tax system, the rich pay higher taxes, and it solves the problem of ‘unfair subsidies’ and many other problems, including the systematic injustice and the lack of transparency’. As our wise economists say: ‘Why only the poor people and average Iranians pay tax?! Businessmen, rich men, crooks, Mullahs, Islamists, Bazaries, etc pay no tax (0%) !, while they should pay higher taxes (40%). It can solve many problems. ‘IMF Plan’ is not Solution. The West and IMF are enemies of Iran and Iranians”. As some wise Iranians say: “The UK and the British media are like or worse than Mullahs. They censor all important facts/ news, and don’t know that their stupid Censorship and their childish lies just insult the intelligence of people. And in the Information Age, the fate of those who insult the intelligence of people is quite clear. They are on the wrong side of history”.

Britain and the Guardian: Guardians of Big Brother

September 23, 2013

In these days, if you open your eyes, you can learn many things. As the wise Iranians say: “The UK and the British media are revealing many things. What the Guardian, the BBC, and the British Media say are the biggest lies in history. Now you can see why the BBC is the Big Brother Corporation, or why the Guardian is the guardian of Big Brother, or why most Iranians hate the UK and British Mullahs”. They also add: “In this year (before and after the 2013 Mullah Show) the Guardian, the BBC and the British media tell many historic lies. Several books can be written about the British Lies in 2013″. But here lets just take a look at what the Guardian says in these days, and what Iranians say about the UK. As the wise Iranians say: “the Guardian, the BBC, and the British media use many British-Orwellian tricks, but their best dirty trick is ‘Old Trick’. The basic elements of ‘Old Trick’ are: (1)censoring facts/ news (2)telling the exact opposite of the truth! For instance, when Mullahs are hurting Iranian women in the streets, the Guardian uses ‘Old Trick’, that means: (1)they censor this fact (2)they try to help Mullahs with inventing a stupid story. When Iranian woman are being suppressed, the British pigs censor this fact, and talk about an unknown British Islamist (Gerami), call her ‘Iran’s first female triathlete’ !, and pretend Mullahs are giving Iran’s women more freedom! The UK and the Guardian (GU) use ‘Old Trick’ a lot. For instance, Mullahs increase the internet filtering and send paradise on the internet lines. But do you know what does GU do?! They use ‘Old Trick’: (1)they censor news/ facts of the tragedy of the internet in Iran (2)they not only censor the facts, but they tell big lie: ‘Iran removes filters from Twitter and Facebook’ ! (Sep 2013) [...] As Iranians and even the WSJ say: ‘The cabinet choices (Zarif, Janati, etc) made by Rouhani signal that Mullahs are pursuing a dual policy: (Giving concessions to the West, Oppressing Iranians at home)’. Iranians hate Janati and know the meaning of his appointment. But do you know what does GU do?! They use ‘Old Trick’: (1) they censor the facts (2) they tell bad lies and praise Janati, the son of Bin Laden! The Guardian and the BBC say: ‘Although Janati is son of hardliner, but he raises press hopes of greater freedoms [!!] Iranians say Janati is a fundamentalist, and a firm believers in Velayat Faqih (Islamic Tyranny) .. But Janati is a capable official. He’s a diplomat who has traveled around the world [!] He has an open mind [!!]‘ (Aug 2013) Can you believe it?! [...] In this year, even the Mullah media and Rouhani’s team talk about the horrible corruptions and embezzlements in the AN’s era, and Iranians publicly curse AN. But do know what does GU do?! They use ‘Old Trick’: (1)they censor the facts, and say nothing about AN’s corruptions (2)they not only censor the facts, but they even say: ‘Iranians, specially the poor, still love AN’ ! What the Guardian says is the biggest lies and the biggest insults to human intelligence in history. There are many other examples. For instance, Mullahs are still fucking Iran’s economy. Now Iranians and even the Mullah media report: ‘Gas Bills go up .. 30% increase in Egg’s price .. 50% increase in the internet’s price .. 50% increase in the price of bus/ metro ticket etc’. But do you know what does the Guardian say/ do?! They not only censor such facts and say nothing about ‘IMF Plans’ in Iran, but they tell big lies: ‘Iran’s economy boosted by Rouhani [!] Food prices experienced a decline in staple categories like grains, meat, and sugar’ !! (Sep 2013). History will never forget the British Lies [...] According to dictionaries, ‘Guardian = (1) [Negahban] someone who protects something (2) [Ghayem] someone who is legally responsible for looking after somebody’. And now it’s obvious why Iranians say: the UK is the guardian of Mullahs. In Iran, when you ask people Who is the Mullahs’ guardian? Most people say: the UK ! Iranians are not stupid”. They also add: “In this year, when you read the Guardian, you not only think that you are reading the Mullah media, but you think that you are living in the Orwellian world of ’1984′. In the UK, the most prestigious media is the Guardian! And when their most prestigious media is this Big Brother media [...]“. They also add: “Some think that the Guardian is the guardian of democracy! But the Guardian is nothing but the guardian of Big Brother. In these years, a group of Greek/ Spanish protesters write about the Guardian’s lies/ censorship [for more info, check Archive]. Even the Brits write about censorship, cover-up, corruption and lie within the Guardian, the BBC, or the British media. But what they say suffer from two main problems: (1)their uncensored materials are weak or unverifiable (2) their good things are censored! As the Britons say: ‘MI5, MI6, and GCHQ censor everything. GCHQ totally censors the Internet to block access to [critical remarks/ websites] and their caches on Search Engines’! And that’s why it’s hard to find even one good cartoon/ article about the UK problems. As the Britons say: ‘British Censorship goes beyond Orwell’s imagination. The UK censors the internet and search engines to block out those parts of the Internet they wish to remain hidden’. The UK is really the land of Censorship”.


The good Britons try to tell the truth about the UK. But unfortunately, the voices of good Britons are censored. The number of good and serious websites in the UK is small. For instance, some Britons have created a website about the Guardian lies[1] and try to tell “the story of corruption and cover-up within the British Press” [1]. They say good things like: “In the UK, the history books are rewritten .. the Guardian (the most influential newspaper in the UK) succeeded in deceiving the British nation .. the Guardian is ‘a serial liar’ [and just tries to] brainwash the people of Britain” [1]. But what these Britons say is not a new thing. And we, Iranians, cannot verify their facts. I hope more non-Iranians can write about more facts, but here lets just focus on what Iranians say. As some wise Iranians say: “What the Guardian, the BBC and the British media did and said in 2009 and 2013 revealed their true colors. Now there is no doubt that the Guardian censors the voices of people, and ‘Comment is Not Free’ at the Guardian. They censor the voices of Iranians, but publishes the big lies of spies/ whores! In 2013, the Guardian has a new section, ‘Tehran Bureau’. Gareth Smyth, the notorious MI6 agent and the chairman of Tehran Bureau, loves to tell big lies like: ‘Iranian people, specially the poor, love AN’! (May 2013) or ‘Iranians [love] Khatami. ‘Khatami strikes back’ ! (Sep 2013). And it’s funny that some days after his new bullshits, Khatami had an article on the Guardian!, in which Khatami licks the US/ UK ass! As many know and say: ‘Tehran Bureau is a cesspool of stupid spies. A bunch of MI6/ CIA agents and little whores (like G. Smyth, Jason R., Borger, Kamali Dehghan, Ganji, Behnoud, etc) write/ work for the Guardian (GU) and Tehran Bureau (TB). The Guardian’s Tehran Bureau is nothing but the Tehran Bureau of the MI6/ CIA’. Many TB’s articles have anonymous authors. But as Iranians guess, these articles are written by Jason R. or Smyth. Now Mullahs are hurting Iranian women/ men, and Iranians are laughing at Mullahs and their ‘Heroic Cowardliness’, but GU & TB just tell bad lies: ‘Rouhani sets out his vision for a new and free Iran ! .. the Iranian people love Khamenei’s talk of ‘heroic flexibility’ !! (Sep 2013) Yah, it’s unbelievable! But it’s exactly what GU & TB say”. As the witty Iranians say: “Now when Iranians watch the BBC or read the Guardian, they use many nice words [that are better left unsaid]! Their politest words are Mathar-ghabeha (Motherfuckers), Jaake[..] (Pimps), Bastards, etc. Now, the Iranian people laugh at the UK and UK stooges, and say: ‘What the UK, the BBC and the Guardian are doing is ‘Heroic Pimping! .. Britain and British stooges play the role of ‘Pimp’ ! .. the BBC and the British media are Mullah Media .. What the UK is doing is Heroic Pimping!, and what British Mullahs are doing is Heroic Prostitution! .. What Mullahs say about their ‘Heroic Softness’ is one of the best jokes of all times. Mullahs say: ‘what Whores do is a Heroic job’ ! But the Guardian just praises Mullahs and refer to their ‘heroic crap’ as ‘Champion’s Leniency’!, while the Iranian people say: ‘Heroic Softness or ‘Bozdeli Ghahramanane!’ (Heroic Cowardliness!) is the most laughable contradiction in terms .. Heroic Softness is ‘[..]Dadan Ghahramanane or Heroic Prostitution! .. the UK loves Mullah Heroic Weakness!’. In fact, Iranians know the UK, but the UK still acts like retards”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs are hurting Iranian women/ men. The internet was/ is too slow. Mullahs still violate people’s basic rights. But the British media censors the facts and tells big lies. For instance, GU’s First page has shameful headlines like: 19 Sep 2013: ‘Iran frees prisoners ahead of US visit + Rouhani’s [bullshits]‘, 20 Sep 2013: ‘Obama may meet Rouhani + Rouhani sets out vision for new Iran ! + Editorial: An opportunity to be seized etc’, 22 Sep 2013: ‘Hardliners’ tacit support for Rouhani + Editorial: Rouhani’s courage offers real Hope! etc’. The Guardian (GU) and the BBC just insult your intelligence. GU tells bad lies like: ‘After years of seeing their personal freedoms and political demands quashed, young Iranians hope Rouhani’s government will create open up Iranian society [!!!] .. Iranians love Khamenei and his recent comments about ‘Heroic [Cowards]‘ [!!] .. Iranians love the recent talks between Mullahs and the US [!!] .. In Iran, the US sanctions are breaking everyone’s knees [!!!] Iranians say: ‘We want to see that Obama shakes hands with Rohani’ [!!!]‘ (GU, Sep 2013) Can you believe it?! It’s exactly what the CIA/MI6 agents -Jason R., Kamali, etc- write at GU in September 2013. Now the Guardian tells the biggest lies in history”. They also add: “In September 2013, GU writes about: ‘A political opening-up in Iran ahead of Rouhani’s UN visit’ !, ‘A historic meeting between Mullahs and Great Satan !, ‘Rouhani’s attempt to improve Mullah relations with the West’ ! or ‘Mullahs: an opportunity to be seized’ ! The UK and the British pigs see Mullahs and Mullah Heroic Weakness as an opportunity to be seized !. As Iranians say, now the soup is too salty and even the cook protests against it! Now, the Mullah TV stupidly tries to reject what the Guardian and the BBC say, because what they say just proves that the UK is behind the Mullah regime, and Mullahs are nothing but ‘British Stooges’. So, Mullahs desperately try to save face. Of course they don’t condemn the Guardian! Because the Guardia not only censors the important news/ facts, but tells big lies and helps Islamists. Now GU, UK, and UK stooges talk about ‘their plans for a new and free Iran’ !!, but GU clearly adds: ‘There are today more than enough signs to indicate that Mullahs want to make a deal with the West … and Iran remains an Islamic theocracy with a tight hold on its citizens [!!]” (GU, Sep 2013). Can you believe it?! They tell paradoxical jokes! But what they say is the British dream. It’s what the British barbarians want. They still live in 19th century, and dream of their puppet dictators! But today’s Persians just laugh at the UK. Persians will certainly pay Britain back for what the UK did and do to Iran. Sooner or later, Iran and Iranians will say to the UK: Now it’s payback time”.


Some Britons say: “Censorship by the British media is a very real threat to democracy” [1] They write about “the Guardian’s liars and their lies” [1]. But most Britons don’t know that the UK has hurt other nations. As the wise Iranians say: “The UK has been the number one enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran. Many think that the Mullah regime is the main enemy of Iranians and good things in Iran. But the recent years revealed the truth. The truth is that the world is very complex, and the main Enemy of ‘Freedom, Democracy, and Progress’ in Iran is not Mullahs, but is the West. The main enemies of the Iranian people and the freedom and democracy in Iran are (in order of priority & importance): (A) The anti-Iran West (-1-UK -2-USA -3-EU, Russia, etc) (B) Puppets of the West (-4-Jews and Arabs -5- Mullah Regime -6- other puppets, including Whores/ Spies in Exile)”. We have already written about this issue (Check Archive for “Iranians Should Stop Anti-Iran Mafia, not Mullahs”, etc), and we should write more about it later. But as the wise Iranians: “The UK is the old enemy of Iran and democracy in Iran. The UK has Iranian blood on its hands, and must be made to pay. Now the British media just show that Iran’s national interests is the exact opposite of what the UK/ Islamists want. In these days, Big Brother’s media says: ‘White House [loves] Historic Obama meeting with Mullahs! .. White House spokesman acknowledged Dramatic shifts in Mullah language .. Mullahs and the US worked together closely [!] on the 2003 Mullah Grand Bargain offer to America, an initiative ignored by Bush’ (Sep 2013). Now the UK and UK stooges talk about ‘their plans for a new and free Iran [!!]‘ (Sep 2013). But almost all Iranians hate the UK, and don’t want the Barbarian UK and UK stooges make plan for Iran! Iranians asked Mullahs to stop listening to the UK advice & being puppets of the UK. But now, ‘Former British Foreign Secretary says Mullahs are Ready For A Settlement’ On Nuclear Issue [!]‘ (REF, Sep 2013) As our people ask: ‘British Foreign Secretary works for Mullahs, or he is Mullahs’ legal guardian?!‘. The stupid UK is revealing many things. Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw had an interview with RFE shortly after Khamenei’s talk of ‘Heroic Cowardliness’. What Straw said to this CIA media was [so funny]. Straw said: ‘I’m a British politician. I [defend] the Mullah regime, because I should defend Britain’s national interest [!!]‘ It’s obvious why Iranians just laugh and say: ‘Ajab ! Mullahs and Britain?! Mullahs and Great Satan?! Mullahs & Estekbar (Imperialists-Zionists) are making love?! Ajab!’ The Iranian people are much smarter than the British pigs. Now average Iranians say: ‘the so-called Activists/ Journalists in Exile are nothing but [Whores/ Spies in Exile]. They are stooges of the UK and US. They are the most stupid/ incapable [UK stooges since the Qajar dynasty (1779-1924)]‘ ! Today’s Iranians are among the most informed people in history”. They also add: “When the West praises Mullahs, Iranians start hooting with laughter! When ‘US State Department praises the Mullah regime’ or ‘UK foreign secretary, Hague, praises Mullahs and their Heroic Cowardliness’, or when the notorious anti-Iran whore, Jason Rezaian, writes for the Guardian/ Washington Post: ‘Iranians love Obama and Mullahs’ !, or when the media says: ‘Mullahs celebrating the Zionist new year’ or ‘Zarif and the daughter of US House leader Nancy Pelosi [make love] on Twitter’. The Iranian people just laugh at the West and Mullahs, and express their anger by making jokes like: ‘Although access to the so-called Zionist websites (Facebook & social media) and millions of other websites, is blocked to the Iranian people, Mullahs and the West make love on Zionist websites!, and prove that Islamists are Heroic prostitutes and the West is Heroic Pimp! .. Mullahs and Hajj Hussein (Obama) are close friends and Heroic Cowards’. Now, the Guardian says: ‘[We] worked very hard to select Rouhani’ ! (Sep 2013) It’s a rare and good confession. In this year, GU, UK media, and US media -from the CIA media like RFE to the Washington Post, AP, NY times and Huffington Post- worked very hard to help the 2013 Mullah Show. In this year, even the Britons say: ‘UK government moves to censor media coverage of recent scandals .. In July 2013, GCHQ’s agents went to the Guardian’s offices and supervised the destruction of the hard drives containing information acquired from Snowden. A D-Notice was issued the day after Snowden’s leaks. But the Guardian or the BBC did not reveal the D-Notice’s existence. In the UK, D-Notice is just one of the official requests to news editors not to publish or broadcast facts on the grounds of ‘national security’ or ‘national interests’. A D-Notice was also served on the UK media in November 2010, 2 days prior to WikiLeaks leaks’. But the real tragedy is that you can see the same things in the US. Now the Britons say: ‘The response of media outlets to the June 17, 2013 D-Notice is ample proof that the British Media are controlled by the Big Brother. The overwhelming majority of the British media have complied with the D-Notice and remained silent. The UK right-wing media even launched an open attack on Snowden using anti-democratic/ authoritarian arguments’. And it’s like what you can see in the US. When a political whore like Noam Chomsky is the US top intellectual, Americans soon will repeat what the witty Brits say: ‘[the best things that] the UK regime says to the media and people is: Keep Calm and Don’t Eat Shit !”.


The wise Iranians say: “Most Iranians know the UK, and say: ‘the UK just tries to keep Iran weak and dependent’. Iranians know why the UK media praises Islamists and ‘Mullah Weakness/ Foolishness’. Iranians are not stupid. Now when you ask Iranians: What’s the Mullah policy? Most Iranians say: ‘Making concessions abroad, Suppressing people at home It’s a British policy [belongs to the 19th century]‘ ! Iranians also say: ‘We don’t want the UK praises Iran’s regime. We don’t want [the Jewish CIA, Leverett, etc] praise Iran’s regime. We don’t want Iran’s enemies praise Iran’s regime”. After the 2013 show, we wrote about the Iranian comments on [*]: What Mullahs must do and What Mullahs should not do. As most Iranians said and say: ‘If Mullahs try to give concessions to Iranians, it’s a good thing’. But Iranians also add: “Mullahs and their masters should know that they get nowhere with this British policy (Making concessions abroad, Suppressing people at home) that belong to the 19th century or the Age of Puppet Dictators”. As the wise Iranians say: “The UK and the Guardian say: ‘There are today more than enough signs to indicate that Mullahs want to make a deal with the US .. [these signs are] the recent exchange of letters between the US and Mullahs; the decision to transfer the nuclear file to Zarif; Mullah speech about Heroic [Cowardliness]; Increasing the internet [Filtering and Censorship] [!]; [Attacking] the Iranian woman [in the streets] [!]; and many other [shameful] things! Mullahs are waving the olive branch!’ (GU, Sep 2013)’. The Guardian and the BBC love idiots or whores like Khatamists/ Islamists, while most Iranians see Islamists as ‘a bunch of whores/ spies’. Khatamists and Whores/ Spies in Exile just say what ‘UK & US’ want. For instance, they say: ‘The US must seize this opportunity to repair relations with Mullahs .. the Mullah regime has taken substantial steps towards reform in Iran [!!] .. today even the supreme leader is speaking of ‘Heroic Cowardliness’! .. Even Basijis and Hardliners Join Supporters of Talks with the US [!] .. Mullahs Preparing the Political Atmosphere for a Deal with Great Satan!’. The UK loves whores/ Islamists. The British media, including the BBC, the Guardian, the Economists, the Reuters, the Times, and the Financial Times, are the Big Brother media, and repeat the same big lies/ bullshits. Now the British-American propaganda machines just remind you of ’1984′ or the Goebbels propaganda”. They also add: “If Mullahs follow the UK advice, their fate is quite clear. Now even the Western media says: ‘Western diplomats believe Mullahs is playing a high-risk strategy that could face resistance from Iranians’ (Sep 2013). Mullahs have two main choices: (1) they listen to the UK, the US, the Jewish CIA, etc and care about what the West or the anti-Iranian pigs want (2) they listen to the Iranian people, and care about what Iran and Iranians want. Now, Iranians clearly say: ‘Obama, the UK, and traitors (Khatamists, etc) should go to hell .. First and foremost, the US most apologize to the Iranian people for the US-backed 2009 coup, and what the US did in these years’. The US and Mullahs get nowhere with denying the most important events in Iran’s modern history, ie the 2009 coup, the West’s anti-Iran Racism, or the story of that Jewish spy (AN). Now, even their own analysts say: ‘AN (AhmadiNejad) was a catastrophe for Iran. He did more damage than could be imagined‘! But when Mullahs insult people’s intelligence, deny problems, hurt Iranians, and when the internet, media, artists, writers, thinkers, etc are openly/ harshly banned, censored and filtered, Iranians only can hate Mullahs, and no one can ask Iranians to forgive Mullahs”. They also add: “Now you can hear the voices of two groups: people and pimps! Pimps controls prostitutes, and now the British pimps, the Jewish pimps, the Lefty pimps, etc try to control prostitutes like Islamists. Now Iran’s people just joke about pimps. Iranian people are silent, but they are watching the ‘Mullah- Great Satan’ game. Iranians are watching the UK and the British media. Iranians are watching the West and its puppets. Iranians are watching the anti-Iran pimps”. As we said before, the West and its whores censor many facts, and play stupid games. But Iranians know why the anti-Iran Jews/ Arabs say: “No time left for negotiations with Iran .. we must do everything [ie War] to prevent Iran [not Mullahs] from obtaining nuke”! Iranians know why the West loves and helps Islamists, terrorists, or dictators. As we said before, [**]: Iranians know who is who. Iranians know what they want. “[The majority of Iranians] say: We are not politicians. We don’t care about Rohani, AN, or other shits .. But they must solve political and economical problems. It’s their job. [It’s the job of politicians to solve political problems]. They must defend Iran’s Rights. They must care about what we, Iranians, want. What we want is a free and powerful country“ [**]. As the wise Iranians say: “What people say about the current events is very different from what the media and political whores say. The Iranian people just care about freedom, democracy, better life, better world, and other good things. But political whores just care about power, nuclear issue, licking ass etc”. Iranians know the UK and Islamists, and “[the wise Iranians say to Mullahs]: Stop following the UK advice.. they [praise you, because] they love your idiocy .. British barbarians eat their friends! So, instead of listening to the UK, listen to Iranians” [*]. We have already written about the story of ‘Onions and Sticks’ [*]. And as many said and say: “Iranians know what is election, what is concession, [what is Big Lie, what is Tyranny, what is Censorship] and what is like drinking the cup of poison .. the large gap between Iran’s people and Iran’s regime [is so important] .. Iranians are not stupid .. If Mullahs make real concessions, Iranians can accept it. But stupid things like repeating old lies, using old tactics, implementing IMF plans/ Enemy’s plans, aiding the Enemy/ Sanctions, listening to the British advice, hurting Iranians, giving concessions to the West, acting like big idiots, etc is like or worse than eating onions and sticks” [*].

For more information:

[1] , check section 1, 2, 3, etc
[2] Check the Guardian website and their Iran page,
h-t-tp://, and do a reality check !

Internet Filtering in the West !

September 18, 2013

In these days, Iranians say: “Mullahs still help the West and hurt Iranian men/ women. They still send noise/ parasite on the internet lines and slow down the internet, while Islamists exchange love letters/ messages with Great Satan, and call it ‘Heroic Softness’ or ‘Heroic Cowardliness’! The West and its stooges still censor all important facts. The West censors what Mullahs say about ‘Heroic Cowardliness’ or ‘Heroic Prostitution’! The West censors the voices of people, and the UK media acts as Mullah media! The West and the UK are bad jokes”. But as some Iranians add: “Non-Iranians don’t know the UK, the West, or Censorship and ‘Internet Censorship’ in the West. They don’t know that the West sold the internet filtering tools to Mullahs, and the West’s motto was: Test it in Iran, Use it in the West !“. We have already written and warned about Filtering & Censorship in the West and Iran [1][2][3]. But as many Iranians say: “[Westerners don't know that] the West sold the filtering/ censorship tools to Mullahs and dictators. They tested these tools, and now the Western countries use these tools in the West!”. In July 2013, the people’s media reported: “UK Prime Minister Cameron promised to make p-o-rn filters standard on the Internet! Cameron announced online p-o-rn would soon become automatically blocked in the UK, in order to protect children[!] The filters will be implemented by the UK’s major ISPs, which encompass 95% of UK web users. The UK filters even block web forums[!] The UK asks search engines to stop showing returns for bad words! In the name of keeping children safe, the UK imposes Internet filters on everything”. In this year, many things are stupid, but informative. As some wise Iranians say: “the West’s mass media censors the news of the UK Great Firewall that is like the China’s Great Firewall. But the people’s media has headlines like: ‘British PM to enact internet censorship’, ‘UK Great Firewall’, ‘UK Filter Will Censor Political Speech’, ‘UK Internet Filter Block Conspiracy Theories’, etc. The fate of those who hurt and betrayed Iranians is very informative. As the Britons says: ‘the Great Firewall of Britain will block almost everything. All sorts of good things are going to be blocked by default’ (Sep 2013). They even say: ‘UK Internet Filter Blocks VPNs’ (Sep 2013). But their mass media censors such facts. The Mullah media censors such things, too. And the so-called ‘Journalists in Exile’, who are nothing but Whores/ Spies in Exile, censor everything. In fact, the Big Brother Mafia censors all things that reveal the West’s true face”. They also add: “The Orwellian Censorship is a product of the UK. As some say: ‘I was in the UK in 2002 and went into a local library where I attempted to access some political sites. They were blocked ! And the librarian told me it was done because ‘politics’ is not suitable for children!’. Censorship is not a new thing in the UK. The new thing is that many people have become aware, and can see what George Orwell said about the UK is not a myth, as the Barbarian UK is not a myth. [For more info on the history of 'Barbarian Britain', check Archive]“. As the wise Iranians say: “Now the UK talks about the internet filtering to protect children from harmful things! But their barbaric culture is full of s-e-x, violence, lie, exploitation, and harmful things! They want to protect children by Internet Censorship!, while their stupid culture is the culture of s-e-x addicts, hooligans, vampires, and man-eaters! The UK says the goal of the British Great Firewall is to protect children! But it’s a bad joke [..] the s-ex addicts want to protect children from se-x?! They bombard people with both p-o-rn and censorship. The UK just tries to keep its people stupid and busy with s-e-x and superficial things. But it’s important to note that those who have tried to keep their people stupid and s-e-x addicts, just converted their countries into backward nations. It’s what you can see in the UK and the US. Just think about the UK riots, the OWS, and all events in recent years, and compare them with the Iranian movements [...] Now in the Jewish state, and also in New York, they enjoy the Kosher internet ! (Rabbis forbid using the Internet without filters that block inappropriate things!) and the Ko-sher life (Hare-di Rabbis forbid television and films, and reading secular newspapers/ books)! The media censors this fact that in the Jewish state, and also in the Jewish areas of New York, they have Fashion Police or Morality Police (tzniyut police), ‘Prohibition of women singing’ , ‘Separation of women on buses’!, ‘Separate schools for boys & girls’, ‘Separate waiting areas for men & women at the bus stops’!, etc. But in the near future, not only the Brits and the secular Jews, but even the Americans will enjoy the ‘Bureau of Morality’ that censors, filters, and controls everything”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Even the Britons say: ‘Britain tries to ban the media from reporting matters of national security. MI5, MI6, GCHQ, etc can request that the media does not report a story. They can prevent news outlets from reporting stories deemed by the Government to be against the national interests .. GCHQ now totally censors the Internet to block access to websites and their caches on Search Engines. They censor the internet and search engines to block out those parts of the Internet they wish to remain hidden .. the UK government wants to decide what films, websites or books are appropriate for you to read or watch’ ! But the story of ‘Censorship and surveillance in the UK‘ is a long and funny story. In 1948, Orwell wrote a story about ‘London in 1984′ and coined the term ‘Big Brother’ (B-B-), because he wanted to tell the truth about ‘the Ministry of Truth’, the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) and ‘Censorship and surveillance’ in the UK. And now we all can see how the UK, the US, and those who betrayed Iranians and other people are turning into Orwellian states and Backward states, while today’s Iranians are among the most informed people in the world. The Western systems have tried to keep their people stupid, s-e-x addicts, and Sheeple. But this policy was a double-edged sword, and converted them into backward nations. Now their people are so ignorant, while Iranians are among the most modern/ informed people in the world. Now it’s the Iranian people that can educate the Westerners about Freedom, Democracy, Tyranny, Human Legacy, and real problems. Today’s Iranians are like the ancient Iranians (Aryans/ Persians), and have many new things to say. Now (once again) Iranians have new ideas, new thoughts, and new and modern solutions, while ‘Western Intellects’ have nothing to say and just support dictators, Islamists, & terrorists!”. They also add: “Now even average Iranians educate the West’s people and say to them: ‘those who praise the UK filters are so stupid. The UK, Mullahs and Jews say it’s about p-o-r-n. But it was never about p-o-rn. It’s just about ‘Censorship’ .. Censorship is good or bad?! If you find censorship acceptable, you and your basic rights will be the first victims .. the true target of UK filter is political sites, forums, and all good and informative sites, ie non-Kos-her sites .. All non-Kosher sites will be blocked by your Jewish controlled government! It’s the real problem with internet filtering’ (Aug 2013). Now the Britons say: ‘In the UK, we are now combining this machinery for internet surveillance with restrictions on what content you can and can’t view online. The Great Firewall of Britain is an infrastructure for monitoring and censoring content on the internet’. But they know nothing about British Mullahs, or how the UK media and the Lefty media tell big lies. But Iranians are not ignorant. In these days, the British media and the British stooges censor many things. They not only censor this fact that Mullahs are f-u-c-king the internet in Iran, but they shamelessly tell big lies like: ‘Iran removes filters from Twitter and Facebook’! (16 Sep 2013) Can you believe it?! The UK media -from the BBC to the Guardian- work as the Mullah media. But they just show you who is behind Mullahs, and why Iranians hate the UK and British Mullahs. In these days, the British Mafia (ie UK media and UK stooges who call themselves ‘Journalists in Exile’, while they are nothing but ‘Whores/ Spies in Exile’) censor many facts. They even praise Mullahs and Janati! (they praise Mullahs for ‘Heroic Prostitution’!) They say nothing about the truth of Iran, Iranian women and Mullah oppression. They censor the truth. But now they all talk about Shirin Gerami, while Iranians say: ‘She is a British woman, not an ‘Iranian woman’, as the UK says. Iran’s women have been denied permission to swim in international events .. Iranians women are those who are oppressed by British Mullahs .. Mullahs and their British masters hate Iranian women and hurt them. The UK and British Mullahs just love British whores! .. When Iranian women are oppressed by British Mullahs, a British whore cannot save Mullah face with the help of the British media/ mafia! .. Gerami has spent more than 90% of her life in the UK. She is a British Islamist. She just tells ‘the true story of British Mullahs and British Mafia”. The British media loves to talk nonsense. But in 2011, we all saw how the UK attacked the internet, and arrested the users of facebook and social media [3]. And as we said before, not only the 2011 UK riots and historic facts, but the British lies, the British Censorship, or even this fact that you cannot find even one cartoon about ‘British Censorship’ or ‘Orwellian UK’ in the internet say a lot about the truth of the UK. But unfortunately, many non-Iranians don’t know the UK. In these days, as Iranians say: “UK media reports: ‘UK Senior officials will meet with Rouhani at UN’ (Sep 2013). They say ‘Great Satan has send new [love letters] to Mullahs’! But they don’t say that If the US is ‘Great Satan’, then the UK is [Great Barbarian] or ‘Great Bastard’!, and almost all Iranians hate the UK. The teacher of Mullahs is the UK. Mullahs just use ‘British tactics’ and follow the British advice. Mullahs are nothing but British stooges, and the story of ‘Mullahs and [British Barbarians]‘ and ‘Heroic Prostitution’ is more shameful than ‘the Love Story of Mullahs and Great Satan”. The UK media censors many things. But now even their own people laugh at the UK, or put comment and say: “In the UK, you can find a n-u-de figure everywhere. How do we go from a fucking, nude, fighting-in-pubs, s-e-x addict culture to this new filtering?! .. Big Brother tells me what is and what isn’t good for me! .. Jews say our girls dress like prostitutes! Jews and Americans are s-e-x-ually obsessed. Americans get shocked when mothers are breast feeding in public. I place Americans in the same box as Jews .. If you’re not looking for po-rn in the newsagents then it is easy to avoid them. The Internet is similar .. England is full of paradoxes. They are s-e-x addicts, and [their stupid culture is the culture of] violence and s-e-x. [But now they talk] about Internet Filtering and protecting children! .. If the real value of adults were friendship, love, contained ego, etc kids would follow that path .. Our values should change first instead to censor the internet .. UK internet censorship is worse than [Mullah/ Jewish internet filtering] .. Western government’s voracity for Internet censorship has increased many fold .. who supports Internet censorship? the bad guys or those who want to protect you?!”.


In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “Not only the UK media, but even the US media censors many facts. They censor many things about ‘Wag the Dog 2.0′, ‘the Love Story of Mad Mullahs and Great Satan’ or ‘the American Censorship’. But in August 2013, the people’s media had headlines like: ‘Censorship Shows Seamy Side of America’, ‘Censorship, American Style’, ‘Censorship in U.S. libraries‘, etc. In August 2013, the people’s media reported: “We’re not talking about Soviet Russia. We’re talking about America, where the media [talks about] ‘Balkanisation of the internet’ ! .. national filtering and other restrictions would transform the global internet into a series of nation-state networks. Soon there would be a ‘Russian internet’, ‘American internet’ and so on! ‘Internet Censorship Bill in U.S. Congress‘ stand a chance of passing and we risk becoming the society of 1984″. They also add: “In September 2013, the people’s media says: ‘This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the enforcement of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which brought new levels of censorship to libraries across the US. CIPA was signed into law in 2000 and found constitutional by the Supreme Court in 2003. According to CIPA, libraries must place filters on all the computers owned by the library. Many Schools are covered by CIPA, too. [But] What is censored under CIPA? s-e-xual content, social networking sites, political sites, and sites with controversial issues like Censorship or WikiLeaks[!] Libraries across the US are routinely over blocking content, censoring far more than is necessary under the CIPA’. As some Americans say: “One target for censorship in the US has been the Internet. To date, the Internet censorship movements have taken two predominant forms: limiting what can be viewed or what can be posted on the Internet. Several bills focusing on information posted and viewed on the Internet have passed recent US Congresses: CDA (Communications Decency Act), COPA, CIPA, etc. In 1996, the CDA made it illegal to view p-o-rn and other ‘indecent’ material on computer networks! Although the CDA was deemed unconstitutional for its wording, those who supported Internet censorship soon crafted new legislations to limit access and publication of certain information .. In 1998, McCain and Republicans proposed the Internet School Filtering Act! In 1998, the US media said the support for internet censorship has increased. They said more than 50% of Americans support Internet Censorship”. In this year, the Western media censors many things, including the voices of people. But in the Age of Internet, many people put comments and say: ‘US gov, not US people, love Internet Censorship .. Idiots are taking the US toward total censorship. They censor anything they disagree with .. Cultural Censorship in US/ UK is stupid .. James Joyce’s Ulysses was not allowed into the US until 1933 .. from the 1960s, the issue of s-e-x education in schools was highly controversial in the US; more recently, the question of AIDS education has stirred debate .. UK/ US feminists attempted to ban p-o-r-n as injurious to women .. [It's shameful that] now even Americans say: ‘If you are having trouble accessing sites like WordPress or Blogger from your normal browser, it may be due to an IP block ! To verify this, go to If it shows that the site is up for everyone, then you have a censorship issue! .. US gov decides what we are allowed to see! .. UK gov now promises a ‘clean’ and ‘Kos-her’ Internet and our people are happy! Our people are stupid. They love Tyranny! .. UK and US spy on people, censor the internet, and their ministry of truth defines what is allowable content! .. Royal Baby Show was a cover for the UK Great Firewall, totalitarian control of the Internet, and blocking all ‘unwanted’ content .. s-e-x is natural and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and not something you can lock in the closet and run away from. The Brits just deny the truth .. the UK is full of s-e-x addicts and horny pigs. They are disgusting pigs who are too primitive and uncivilized to control their urges. This filtering doesn’t work in UK! .. Our Government Censorship has Crossed the Line .. Americans are so sensitive to n-u-dity and women’s dressing. Remember when Janet Jackson let her nipple hang out on live TV, and the whole US went off the hinge .. US and UK say the internet is many times dangerous than p-o-rn

2013 Scandals: Biggest Scandals in US History

September 13, 2013

In these days, many things are laughable. As many Iranians say: “Mullahs and Islamists use facebook, tweeter or other websites to send messages of love to Great Satan (US) and Zionists!, while the Iranian people cannot use most websites because they are filtered (censored) in Iran! Mullahs [send noise/ parasite on the internet lines (telephone lines, etc)] try to slow down the internet, but their media says: ‘Mullahs use the uncensored internet! .. Islamists use the unfiltered internet to exchange [love messages with Zionists and Great Satan!], while ordinary Iranians should use the fucked, filtered, and low speed internet’! [Spies/ whores put many stupid comments] in the Western mass media, while the voices of Iranian people are censored by the West and its stooges. Apparently Islamists and their Western masters think we live in the 19th century, when puppet dictators hurt their people and helped the West! Idiots think the 21st century is like the Age of Colonialism and puppet dictators. But it’s obvious that the West and its puppets get nowhere with the dual policies of the 19th century. They just increase the public hatred of the West and its puppets“. In these days, many things are shameful. But on the anniversary of the 9/11, lets write about the 2013 scandals. As the wise Iranians say: “The 2013 scandals -from the stories of Snowden, Swartz, Manning, Miranda, Lavabit and US Spying to US support of Islamists and terrorists in Iran, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, etc- are more important than the 9/11. The current Wag the Dog over Syria is a desperate attempt to hide the 2013 scandals that are the biggest scandals in US history. The US is on the Wrong Side of History. Now the US openly attacks Freedom & Basic Rights. Now the US says critics are terrorists or traitors! The US is turning into the Worst of the Worst. Now even Americans say: the arrest of David Miranda indicates that our surveillance state is trying to make Criticism harder. They are declaring Journalism criminal”. In these days, the media reports: “US and UK spy agencies (NSA, CIA, MI6, GHCQ, etc) destroy privacy and security on the internet. HTTPS or SSL encryption used by email and banking services offers no protection against NSA spying. Encrypted internet data are exploitable. Service providers named as Hotmail, Google, Yahoo and Facebook aid [UK/ US regimes] in decrypting people’s messages .. companies line up to perform bulk decryption of user data .. NSA spends $250+ million a year on its Sigint Project, which ‘engages US and foreign IT industries to decrypt people’s messages or to influence Software/ Hardware products’ designs to make them Exploitable.. Sigint is the abbreviation for signals intelligence, a technical term for electronic eavesdropping . They even pay chip-makers to insert back doors .. they maintain a database of encryption keys for most tools .. they can break the encryption of VPNs, Tor, SSL and other encryption tools/ protocols” (Sep 2013). In these days, many experts say: “We are living in the Orwellian world of ’1984′ .. the US/ UK projects are the biggest Orwellian projects in history. It’s a long-running secret war on encryption, privacy, and free internet .. They have inserted their ‘back door’ in most tools. Network devices -routers, switches, firewalls, etc- have surveillance capabilities already built in .. they pay IT companies to spy on people, and kill Freedom, Privacy, Security and everything .. NSA paid millions of dollars to the IT companies involved in the Prism Spying program. Big Brother pays IT companies to spy on people & watch people!”. In this year, ,any people are becoming aware. They say good things like: “Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, etc are in bed with the US gov. They are paid to betray people .. the mass media says: ‘the US has betrayed the internet [!]‘, while the truth is that the US has betrayed the people, the internet and everything .. we can no longer trust the US .. If they try to censor the voices of people, then would people say: ‘We love the US! We obey the US?! no. It just increase the Hatred of USA .. Who can love those who try to kill ‘Freedom & Democracy’ ?!”.


As the wise Iranians say: “What people say about the US is based on facts. The US regime is acting like the Fascist/ Stalinist regimes. Now even the CEO of Yahoo says: ‘We faced jail if we revealed NSA programs’ ! (Sep 2013) It’s really shameful. The 2013 scandals, including the Manning’s show trail, the shut down of Lavabit, the arrest of David Miranda, or what the US says and does about Snowden and American critics/ whistleblowers [that we already wrote about them in the recent posts] are really the worst scandals in US history”. They also add: “Bad guys use the same tactics in UK, US, Iran, etc. Those tools that are used by Mullahs to control the internet, are not Mullah-made tools. The West and Western companies sold and still sell these tools to Mullahs and dictators. [For more info, check Archive]. The West first hurt, censored, and oppressed Iranians and other nations, and then started to hurt and betray the Western people. Now, ‘UK even forces newspaper to destroy their docs’, and Brits/ Americans live in the worst Orwellian states, because they didn’t care about other people, and didn’t learn the old lessons of history [...] now their media says: ‘NSA spying breeds mistrust and suspicion of the US’. But as many say: ‘the truth is that US companies are losing billions of dollars in a public backlash over NSA spying and US mass surveillance‘. Now US companies say: ‘our reputation has been and continues to be harmed’ !, but they are refusing to say how much money they receive from the US regime for spying on people. Now they try to save face with filing lawsuit against NSA in the foreign intelligence surveillance (Fisa) court! But who can trust the US or US companies any longer?!”. As some wise Iranians say: “The US regime censors many facts, but it just makes people aware. Now many ask about What gets censored in America?. Link Iranians in 2009, they can see that the US gov, US lefts, US intellects and most media and public figures in America are big liars/ censors, who try to hide many things, including the McCain-Graham support of Islamists. They all censored this fact that ‘Republicans defend Islamists in Egypt’! America’s Censorship System and US Ministry of Truth is not a myth”. The bad guys try to hide/ censor the 2013 scandals, but as some wise Iranians say: “it just creates more ‘Public anti-Americanism and hatred towards USA’. Who can love the US, when they openly support Islamists? Recently, their media reported: UK (William Hague) and EU foreign ministers supported Morsi and Islamists, and said the EU would review its relations with Egypt, and halt EU $6.67 billion aid’ (Aug 2013). But now the Egyptian people sign a petition that its main message is: ‘Egypt must reject US aid/ EU aid. The West should go to hell !‘. Now McCain and US officials say: ‘We essentially have 2 choices in Egypt, and that’s Egyptian people or Muslim Brotherhood .. Our choice is Muslim Brotherhood!’ (Aug 2013). It’s obvious why people only laugh at the US, and many ‘music videos ridicule the US’. As even the US media says: ‘US has lost all credibility in the Middle East .. A music video says USA helps terrorists. It shows a picture of Obama dressed like Osama. The song calls Obama a traitor, ‘like Islamists’. The video curses both [USA & Islamists] .. the whole world is laughing at Obama and the US‘ (Aug 2013). Now many people say: ‘the US supports Islamists and terrorists, but censors people’s questions and expect people say: We love Obama, Islamists, USA, and terrorists! But what people (Westerners, etc) now say about Obama and the US?! They burn Obama’s pictures, and call him Terrorist, Bin Laden, ‘Dog of Jews’, Stalin, Vampire, Hitler, etc. Does it what the US wants?!”


“The US thinks they can do whatever they want to do?! The US thinks the civilized world is a jungle and the main law is the law of the jungle?! The US thinks we still live in the 19th century?!”, many ask in these days. They can see the US stupid games. As some wise Iranians say: “People can see that Americans are big liars and big idiots. The US thinks Orwellian tactics can help them. But if they censor the media, people cannot see that the US is playing ‘Wag the Dog 2.0′ over Syria to cover up the 2013 Scandals that are the biggest scandals in US history ?! If they censor the internet, people cannot see that ‘Obama sent his top Zionist aide, Jeffrey Feltman to Tehran to meet with Zarif’ ! or ‘Mullahs tweet Rosh Hashanah blessing to Zionists’! or ‘A powerful rabbi with influence in I-s-r-a-el’s halls of power has been invited to meet with Rouhani in New York’! Even in the 1980s, when the internet didn’t exist, Iranians saw many things and said good things about Mullahs, UK, US, etc [...] Idiots don’t know that today’s Iranians ask many good questions like: ‘Since when Islamists loved Zionists?! Since when Mullahs marked the Jewish new year with kissing Zionists?! Since when Mullahs made love with Zionists and Great Satan?! [...] Why the US aided Mullahs in 2009? Why the US aided Egyptian Islamists? Why the US acts like the UK? and why they love Islamists/ dictators/ terrorists? People ask many questions, and you cannot answer to them by denying, filtering, censorship, sending parasite, telling big lies, etc [...] If they censor people’s questions, it just creates more doubts and more questions. When they tell big lies, insult people’s intelligence, and censor people’s voices, it just makes people aware and increases the hatred of the West. The West and its leader, the US, are big losers. In these days, they say: ‘It’s difficult to maintain the current level of sanctions pressure on Iran for (many) reasons [!]‘ (Reuters, Sep 2013), and their main reason is ‘promoting transparency and efficiency in Iran’s domestic economy’! In fact, they confess that Mullahs only help US sanctions, and without Mullahs, the US faggots should go to hell and fuck themselves. But the so-called Journalists/ Activists in exile, aka Whores/ Spies in exile, say nothing about these issues. They even say nothing about the 2013 scandals. The Lefts and Whores/ Spies in Exile censor the voices of people, and just praise Islamists or that Jewish spy (AN) who implemented the IMF plans in Iran”. As the wise Iranians say: “the hatred of the West is on the increase, mainly because the West is turning into the Worst of the Worst. Now the Big Brother’s media -from the BBC to the Guardian, and from the CNN to the NY times- openly defend big liars, terrorists, Islamists, dictators, aggressive wars, barbaric acts, Censorship and Stalinist tactics. Now the US is supporting the Worst of the Worst, including those who love War, Genocide and Racism, or a terrorist group (MEK) that is Islamist and Marxist! Now they say critics are terrorists and ‘whistleblowers’ are traitors! The US is really turning into the Worst of the Worst”. In these days, many say good things like: “the bad guys try to fool [Western people]. They try to popularize the belief that VPNs will stop the NSA .. They say VPN is a solution to get away from PRISM and NSA spying! But not only NSA and VPN providers can spy on you, but the issue isn’t just data coming from you, but where it lands! A VPN it’s not going to prevent the NSA from accessing servers, reading emails, etc .. We need new solutions; and this blatant violation of our human rights needs to cease now .. US motto is ‘Ignorance is Strength’! .. it takes the NSA mere fractions of a second to decrypt AES encryption. They read our messages. They see all people as ‘intelligence agency targets’ or ‘Big Brother targets .. Direct taps into backbone Internet channels, such as the ones installed by the NSA as part of the BLARNEY program, must be explicitly outlawed. Such taps allow storing and data-mining of all Internet communications, and compromising all private data and everyone’s privacy .. Current events in UK and US give rise to deep concern. Are we living in 1984?!”.


As the wise Iranians say: “In 2009, the US aided Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians. And in 2013, the US openly supports Islamists, Marxists, terrorists, and all evil forces in all around the world. Such a rapid progress! Apparently, they think if the US attacks ‘Freedom and Democracy’, people would love the US! Idiots don’t know that Iranians and many others are not stupid. Many can see that the US is playing a stupid game (Wag the Dog 2.0!) over Syria. They can see why the media reports: ‘the White House made clear that the US doesn’t want to overthrow the Assad regime [!!]. Spokesman Carney said: The options we are considering are not about regime change [!!]‘ (27 Aug 2013). They can see why the media says: ‘Using similar language to Cameron , Nick Clegg said: What we are not considering is trying to topple the Assad regime [!!]‘ (27 Aug 2013). Now our people say: ‘British bastards/ American jerks don’t care about Freedom, Democracy, or Human Rights’. Now the media reports: ‘Britain runs a secret internet-monitoring station in the Middle East to intercept and process vast quantities of emails, telephone calls and web traffic on behalf of Western intelligence agencies‘ (Independent, August 2013). But it doesn’t surprise Iranians, because our people know the British bastards well. And now they are seeing America’s true colors. Now Iranians just spit on the US, and say: ‘the US and those who aided Mullahs in suppressing Iranians in 2009, must go to hell’ ! The CIA-backed 2009 coup was worse than the US-backed 1953 coup, and Americans are just increasing ‘the public Hatred of the US”. They also add: “Now the US shut downs email providers. The US censors the voices of people. The US is spying on people. The US says critics and whistleblowers are terrorists or traitors! Now the US reminds many of Stalinist tactics. So, who can love this US?! Now many ask: Do the US and the West want to save face with Stalinist tactics?! Would the Stalinist tactics like Censorship, Filtering, Wag the Dog games, NSA spying, etc improve the public image of the US?! If US senators and US officials, from McCain and Graham to Obama, support Islamists, Al-Qaede, Taliban, Marxist-Islamists (MEK), Monarchists, and other evil forces, it would help the US?!’ It’s obvious that the 2013 scandals just force people to hate the US. The anti-Iran Racism and aiding bad guys just force people to hate the US [...] You cannot behave like dictators, and expect people to love you or respect you! You cannot force people to love you! Now after the Iranian tragedy, the Egyptian Farce, the Syrian tragicomedy and all scandals in the past 4 years, who can accept that the US cares about Democracy or Human Rights?! The US and the West cannot save face with acting like Stalin and Hitler”. In these days, some Americans talk about “the jailed American journalist Barrett Brown”, and say: “the Obama regime is trying to forbid journalist Barrett Brown (and his lawyers) from talking to the media. Obama is the enemy of journalism and democracy in the US”. In these days, many things are so shameful. But the shameful events -from the ‘Wag the Dog 2.0′ to ‘War on Internet’- just create more questions, more doubts, or more awareness. Now even in the Western websites, like, you can read: ‘Blanket surveillance capabilities such as the NSA’s PRISM, seriously threaten the human rights to free speech and privacy and with them the foundations of our democracies .. the US has demonstrated -in the cases of Manning and others- that its treatment of whistleblowers is a cause for grave concern. The public labeling of Edward Snowden as a ‘traitor’ by various US officials and media is one of [the most shameful episodes in US history]“. In fact, many can see that the West is on the Wrong Side of History. It’s not bad. But as we said before, only when most people can see a problem and ask for change, the real Change will begin. We should wait and see when most Americans/ Westerners can see the main problems.

The American Stalinism

August 27, 2013

“In the 1910s, people lived with the British Evil Empire, the World War, the great famines, and many other disasters like the stupid Revolutions (1917 Tragedy in USSR, etc). But in the 2010s, many things have changed. Now the USSR and the UK Empire don’t exist, but now the US is following the USSR and the Barbarian UK! Now the US regime plays ‘Wag the Dog’, and tries to hide US Stalinists scandals”, some Iranians say. In 2012, we wrote about Religious Fascism in America. But in this year (2013), as the wise Iranians say: “the US tries to break all world records for Wickedness. Now the US openly supports Islamists, Marxists (MEK), and all evil forces. Now even Americans talk about ‘Stalinist tactics to Silence critics in USA’. Now everything is possible in USA!”. They also add: “Stalinism and Fascism are much similar in their methods and practices. But ‘Fascism is associated with Hitler’s brutal dictatorship and other fascist regimes in Europe’, while ‘Stalinism is associated with Stalin’s brutal dictatorship in USSR’. Those Americans who refer to USA as USSA, actually say: ‘USA is like USSR’ or ‘USA suffers from Stalinism’. But Sheeple live in a pure fantasy world, and close their minds to the outside world”. Unfortunately, there is a large number of Sheeple. But in this website, we (authors) don’t write for Sheeple or idiots, but we write for the present and future generations of good guys. In this year (2013), non-Westerners are becoming disillusioned with the US and the West, but as the wise Iranians say: “Westerners still defend their corrupt regimes or deny their main problems. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that most Americans are so stupid. Their wise guys are now trying to inform their people of ‘Why Tyranny is a bad thing’ ! and it says a lot about American IQ & American Foolishness”. In this year, many historic scandals like the stories of Swartz, Snowden, Manning, Miranda, Lavabit, etc show that the US is suffering from Stalinism. According to dictionaries ‘Stalinism = Methods used by Stalin. The main features of Stalinism are tyranny, and [evil deeds] were used to silence critics and to prevent any opposition’. A few Americans like James Cannon have already written about “American Stalinism”[1], and as the wise Iranians say: “It’s not important that they said many stupid things, and/or were Marxists. But it’s important that what they said about Stalinism is exactly like what you can see in today’s USA!”. I recommend that you read about Stalinism, or glance at Cannon’s work[1], and think about it. “Stalinism manifests itself in a police state and a terrorist apparatus”[1]. “The illusions of the masses as to the real nature of Stalinism are nourished and kept alive by the Stalinist propaganda machines with their perfected technique of demagogy and mass deception” [1]. And it’s exactly like what you can see in today’s America. “American Stalinists have endorsed and defended all the crimes and betrayals of [bad guys], and therefore fully share the guilt for them. The apologist and defender of [bad guys] is himself a [bad guy]” [1] And now the US regime and US intellectuals work as the apologists and defenders of dictators, Islamists, terrorists, etc. Even in the 1940s, Cannon knew Chomskyists!, and said: “[In USA], the Stalinists and the anti-Stalinists serve the same master in different ways”[1] He also added: “the greatest power of Stalinism derives from the illusion in the minds of [people] ” [1] As the wise Iranians say: “the greatest power of all dictators/ bad guys derives from the illusion in the minds of people. If people can see ‘King is Naked’, and if Americans can see the US is on the wrong side of history and the US regime is using Stalinist tactics, then many things will change. But when ‘despite all the crimes and betrayals of the US regime’, Americans still defend their regime, then the fate of the US is like the fate of the USSR. Only some Americans say:’ Obama’s USA is a Cross Between Stalinist USSR and Nazi Germany .. If Uncle Barack is not stopped, we will be in a new USSR!’. But most Americans are stupid. They don’t know ‘the record of Obama’s America is indeed a record of crimes and betrayals’. They even don’t know that the Manning trail was like ‘the Show trials in Stalins USSR’. Those Americans who say: ‘Manning’s apology reminds us of Stalin’s show trials’, are among the 1% of Americans, who know the world and history. As they say: ‘[in the best care] only 10% of Americans (30 millions) are not [so stupid]‘. But 10% is very small, isn’t it?!”. Some Americans talk about “Obama, Stalin and Hitler” and say good things like: the Manning trial puts Stalin to shame .. the entire trial was a farce .. the purposes of such show trials and [Stalinist tactics] are to make the public quail in terror before the power of the state .. the Manning show trial is a declaration of war on all critics of the US Gov .. History will never forget the unforgivable crimes of Obama. History will never forget [the 2009 coup, the Anti-Iran Racism,] the indefinite detention, the show trials, the murder of innocent people, Obamas nonexistent humanity, the Orwellian spying, the crushing critics, the brainwashing citizens, [the open support of Islamists, Terrorists, Marxists] etc”. But it’s not the whole story.


Today’s West is really turning into a backward society. Even the so-called public intellectuals in the West just work as the apologists and defenders of brutal dictators, Islamists, and corrupt regimes. It’s so shameful. As the wise Iranians say: “Most Americans are ignorant, and don’t know that ‘the US and the UK officially declaring war not only on whistleblowers, but on journalism‘, as some Americans say. Now the US and the UK say journalists are terrorists, and whistleblowers are traitors! But how many Westerners rally to protest against such Tyranny in the West?! [..] Westerners are so ignorant. They don’t know what George Orwell said about the UK and the British Tyranny is not a myth, and the UK is a stupid police state. They don’t know that Britain is the Land of the Barbarians, Bastards, and Big Lairs. They don’t know how the British Barbarians helped and still help Mullahs, Marxists, Monarchists, and all evil forces. They even don’t know why ‘Persecuting whistleblowers & journalists who report crimes the government is trying to hide, is nothing but Tyranny’. In today’s West, most people are ignorant, and almost all public figures are fake heroes. Chomsky is a political prostitute, and even journalists like Glenn Greenwald are stupid and defend Leverett, spies, etc [..] Fascism and Stalinism need such conditions to rise up again”. They also add: “Miranda scandal is so shameful, but Greenwald has serious weak points like defending bad guys. We all should ask: why almost all public figures in America and Britain should have serious weak points?! Why the wise guys or normal people, who condemn all bad guys, are systematically censored or boycotted in the West ?!“. It’s a good point. In these days, the media reported: “Bradley Manning says: ‘I am Chelsea Manning’ ! After his [shameful apology], Manning [smeared himself] again. He issued a [stupid statement in improper time] and said: ‘I want everyone to know the real me. I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female. Given the way that I feel, and have felt since childhood, I want to begin hormone therapy [ASAP]. I request that you refer to me by my new name and use the feminine pronoun [!]” (22 August 2013) As the wise Iranians say: “In the US, many still say gays are faggots; and when a whistleblower obeys US Stalins, and then immediately says he is gay or female, it discredits all whistleblowers [..] In the US and the West, public figures, public intellectuals or journalists should be fake heroes, that means they should have serious weak points; they should be so stupid, and they should defend bad guys and bad things. Those who tell the truth, don’t sell their souls, and don’t defend bad guys are censored or boycotted. It’s one of the main Stalinist/ Orwellian tactics”. Unfortunately, most Americans are so naive, and remind you of this fact that “the mass influence of the Stalinists is not the result of police measures. In the main it is the product of the illusions of the masses, nourished and reinforced by the demagogy and deception of the Stalinist propaganda” [1]. As some wise Iranians say: “In July 2013, Richard Stallman -who is wiser than many Americans- said: ‘I don’t trust Obama. I trust Snowden (Manning)’ ! But after the Manning’s apology, Stallman wrote: ‘Manning should have stood firm in defending the moral legitimacy of [Whistle-blowing]. I don’t despise Manning for not being such a hero .. but I feel a great disappointment. I still admire the past Manning, but I can’t admire the present Manning. With a heavy heart, I no longer plan to celebrate Bradley Manning Day‘ (August 2013). ‘American Naivety’ is unbelievable, and just helps American Fascism/ Stalinism [..] the US regime acts like the Mullah regime and uses those Stalinist tactics that most Iranians know them well. But most Americans are so ignorant. They even don’t know the show trials. In the 1930′s Stalin began his elimination of all who opposed him. This was called the Great Purge. In the Moscow Trials of the Great Purge period, ie the first Show Trials, the old Bolshevik leaders -Kamenev, Zinoviev, Bukharin, etc-
apologized and said they hurt the USSR. Kamenev said at his trial: ‘I Kamenev, together with Zinoviev and Trotsky, organized and guided [plots]. My motives?.. We were actuated by hatred and by lust of power’! They all apologized and admitted their crimes in court just as Stalin wished. The old Bolsheviks agreed to say what Stalin wants on condition that their lives would be spared. But they all were executed, after saying what Stalin wanted. And now after his shameful apology, Manning sentenced to 35 years in prison. Manning is young and inexperienced. His alcoholic parents and then the US regime tortured/ bullied him”. They also add: “Many say Manning’s statements are forced confessions, because what Manning did was ‘Smearing himself’. It’s a known Stalinist tactic [..] Manning, Greenwald, etc are not heroes. We defend their basic rights, while many Americans call them gay, ‘fag traitor’, etc [..] we think the important thing is the Truth, not the US, Manning or Greenwald [..] What US & UK say/ do about journalists and their families is so shameful. In 1934, Stalin signed a decree that held the family of a prisoner as guilty as he was. And now US & UK use the same Stalinist tactics [..] Some say: ‘Why photographs of Manning dressed in make-up, wig, and womens clothing are published? Are fag whistleblowers the only ones with the balls to stand up to the regime?[!] They seek to make an example of Manning’. But many Americans defend the US regime and say: ‘Manning is a fag traitor/ gay faggot/ gay martyr ‘. There is no public protests against the Stalinist tactics in America, and it shows that the American Society is really a backward society”. Of course some Americans write about: “Manning conviction: A sick parody of justice”, “Totalitarianism at the Heart of the Obama Scandals”, “Are Bush and Obama Different from Hitler and Stalin?”, etc. Even some Americans say: “Move Over Stalin: Obama Takes The Gold” [2], and add: “[American Tyranny] has reached totalitarian levels that would make Stalin, Mao, and Hitler envious!”[2] But as many ask: “How many Americans are aware of ‘the Crimes and Betrayals of [the US Stalin (Obama)] and the US regime? How many Americans know that US foreign policy relies on propping up dictators, terrorists, Islamists and corrupt regimes? How many Americans know the world and history?”.


Some Americans say: “We know that our emails, internet posts, and online activity are being heavily monitored. We know that our phone call data is being collected, our snail-mail covers are being tracked, and the US government are tracking & storing our healthcare information [and] collecting & monitoring citizens personal financial accounts”[2]. But most Americans don’t protest against such Orwellian system! As some Americans truly say: “We surely face a greater tyranny from Washington today than the colonists faced under King George. What remains to be seen, is when Americans decide theyve had enough“[2]. It’s true. We all should wait and see when Americans decide theyve had enough Tyranny. But as the witty Iranians say: “the US openly supports Islamists, Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK) and all evil forces, but it’s not enough for Americans! The US regime aided Islamists in killing the Iranian people, but it’s not enough for Americans! Americans badly need a naked Tyranny and [Stalinism] in America”. They also add: “Americans are so stupid, but it doesn’t mean that they love Tyranny and want to be fucked up by a brutal dictator. They are still in denial phase. They still deny that Fascism, Stalinism, and Capitalism (Western Systems) are much similar in their methods and practices. But when it’s too late, they will stop denying!”. It’s obvious that the USSR’s Stalinism is different from the USA’s Stalinism, but as some Americans say: “the difference between Bush/Obama and Hitler/Stalin has narrowed alarmingly: aggressive wars, torture, show trials, renditions, abasement of rights, attacks on free speech, claims of executive privileges and powers, propaganda machinery, claims of the power to assassinate, waging wars, holding prisoners without trial, favoritism to particular interests, multiplication of arbitrary agencies & bureaucracies, a rising climate of fear, encouraging people to spy on one another, massive surveillance, messianic goals, etc. This list is no doubt incomplete” (, August 2013). As some wise Iranians say: “The mass deception of the Big Brother’s media is dreadful. They work with spies, political whores, and bad guys, who get money and tell big lies. The Big Brother’s media works with the CIA agents like Leverett and Ganji, who defend the 2009 coup and the Islamic dictators. Now Stalinist spies like Akbar Ganji openly praise Khamenei !, and the CNN & BBC praise these shits”. They also add: “The stupid CIA-Mullah agents like Ganji are not important at all. Islamist-Reformists and the so-called Journalists/ Activists in exile, that almost all of them are spies or bad guys, are not important at all. But it’s important that they openly defend bad guys, tell big lies, and censor many things. It’s important that the so-called Media in Exile gets money from the West, and censors the facts and news about Manning, Miranda, Snowden, and other shameful events in the US and the UK. It’s important that almost all Journalists/ Activists in exile are nothing but stupid stooges who lick the West’s ass and serve the same master (Big Brother Mafia). They all show us why the Khatami’s era was nothing but a total failure, why Iranians refer to Islamists/ journalists as whores, spies, etc and why Iranians should fight against the US and the UK, if they want Freedom and Democracy [..] Now even the taxi drivers in Iran say: ‘If US and UK wanted to bring the Islamic regime down, then instead of aiding Mullahs in killing/ suppressing the Iranian people in 2009, they would have supported the Iranian people and the anti-Mullah protests .. Khatamists are stupid traitors. Khamenei is really smarter than [Islamist pigs] like Khatami, Ganji, etc .. the West loves Islamists, and just wants to destroy Egypt, Syria, etc’. In fact, most Iranians know the West and fake heroes -from little whores like Ganji & Behnoud to big whores like Chomsky. But how many Americans know fake heroes?”. In these days some Americans say good things like: ‘Lindsey Graham isn’t US’s first openly gay Senator?! .. Graham defends Egypt’s Islamists and NSA Spying Programs! Everyone knows Graham is Faggot .. Graham [who defends Islamists and Anti-Iran Racism] is a terrorist faggot .. Graham shows that the US has become a nation ruled by greed and apathy .. Senator Graham is Gay, but Anti-LGBT!”. Now some Americans say: “On August 8th, the Guardian posted a fake ‘Exclusive’ letter from 55 [whores that the UK calls them] ‘political prisoners’ in Iran [!] The BBC soon followed. The Financial Times excitedly posted the fake letter. [But] Do prisoners in Iran use Wi-Fi to keep themselves informed about the outside world, and then decide to write a collective essay and send it to the Guardian ?!!“. But most Westerners still don’t know their media and their bad guys. As some wise Iranians say: “Most Iranians know that Khamenei is a British Mullah. Most Iranians know Islamists, whores, and spies like Khatamists who are puppets of the West. But most Americans don’t know their bad guys. Only some Americans truly say: ‘US Democracy has become a joke -and it’s not funny .. the first Stalin was [a tragedy], but our American Stalin is a bad joke”.


As some wise Iranians say: “if you google for ‘Obama and Stalin’, you can find many things. But most Westerners don’t know the crimes of the American Stalin. They know nothing about the 2009 coup or the US support of Islamists, terrorists, and dictators. They don’t know Stalinist tactics. They don’t know that the West raises ‘the Stalinist technique of falsifying, lying, and slandering’. They don’t know how the US and the UK tell big lies. They even don’t know the ‘Wag the Dog’ tactics. Now the US is playing Wag the Dog over Syria, but no one asks: Why in the middle of Manning-Miranda scandals, the US plays Wag the Dog over Syria?! The West’s media and journalists are bad jokes. In the middle of the Stalinist scandals, they talk about a restricted war in Syria! And it’s exactly like ‘Wag the Dog’ film. They want to divert public attention form the greatest scandals in US history . It’s one of the known Stalinist tactics. Now almost all media in the US, the UK, etc just talk about Syria, and say nothing about the Manning Show Trial and other historic scandals. They just tell big lies about Syria, and no one asks: Why the US and the West just tried to destroy Syria, and did nothing in the past 3 years?! Why America is supporting Al Queida in Syria?! Why the US is supporting Salafis (savage Islamists) in Syria?! Why the UK supports Assad & his British wife?! Why the US, the UK, and the Lefts help both the Syrian Dictator and the Syrian terrorists?!”. In Iran, most people know what the West is doing to Syria or Egypt and as they say: “the West supports Islamists and dictators, because the West wants to enslave other states. In Egypt and Syria, the Islamists and the Army are killing Democracy, and it’s what the West wants”. As some wise Iranians say: “The US lefts & rights both support evil forces. They both use Stalinist methods, and tell big lies. They both love War and Terrorism. Of course they know that any serious war will lead to the End of the United States. So, they just talk about a restricted war in Syria! They just want to divert attentions from the current scandals, including the US support of Islamists “. Recently even some Americans say: “US Fascism is a serious threat to world peace .. Obama trampled rights, destroyed privacy, heightened secrecy, ruined trust, and worst of all, betrayed so many of the fundamental principles on which this country is founded”. But as some wise Iranians say: “they don’t know that the West tries to hide historic facts. For instance, the West tried to hide this fact that ‘the 1953 coup was a Western-backed coup’. Of course they now confess that the 1953 coup is a Western-backed coup! But the 2009 coup is much more important than the 1953 coup. Perhaps in the 2070s, the West would confess: the 2009 coup is a CIA-UK-backed coup. But Iranians already know who created the 2009 coup. Iranians know why and how Islamists, Lefts, CIA, UK, etc created the 2009 coup. Iranians know the role of media, journalists, Marxists, and Islamists in 2009 and 1953. Now the CIA confesses to part of the truth, including ‘the US support of Marxists and media whores in 1953′ ! or ‘the UK support of Mullahs and Islamists in 1953′. But as our people say: ‘UK & US have always supported dictators, Islamists, and evil forces. [Now] they openly support Marxist terrorists (MEK), Monarchists, etc. In the recent years, UK and CIA openly support Islamists and show us who is behind the Mullah regime”. As the wise Iranians say: “The first Orwellian country and the first Big Brother state in the world is Britain. Even before the USSR, the UK used Orwellian tactics. [the US already fought against the UK]. But now, the US is following the UK! it’s shameful”. In these days, many say good things like: “the modern people don’t need heroes. All good guys are heroes .. We care about whistleblowers and defend [their basic rights], but not their stupidities .. We just defend what is good and decent .. Americans should stop being so naive. They need an ethical code like this: ‘Help those who say and do good things, but don’t trust them’ .. Trust is a very complicated issue .. It’s too naive to trust politicians, media, or public figures .. Naivety just helps bad guys .. The US is on the Wrong Side of History .. For more on [Stalinism] read George Orwells 1984, or the Big Brother’s media like the Guardian”. As Cannon said: “Can [people] still believe in Stalinism? Are there any illusions left? The known reaction of [people] would give us the answer. The very fact that the terror, instead of mitigating, grows worse from year to year, with the police apparatus swelling to ever more monstrous proportions-
all this testifies not to the strength of the Stalinist regime, but to its weakness, to its isolation and lack of mass support. The Stalinist regime isolated from [people] and ruling by terror alone, is weakest at the moment when it appears to be most secure” [1]. Think about it.

For more Information:

[1] American Stalinism and Anti-Stalinism , by James P. Cannon, 1947
[2] Move Over Stalin: Obama Takes The Gold , 2013

1984, US version: American Fascism, US Stalinism

August 21, 2013

“The US regime is acting like the worst regimes in history. Now the US regime forces whistleblowers, dissidents, email providers, journalists, etc to apologize for ‘committing crimes against the American people’! It’s exactly like what Stalin, Fascists, and brutal dictators did and do. US Stalinist show trials (like Bradley Manning trial), the story of Snowden and many other shameful events just reveal ‘the End of American Democracy‘ and ‘the Rise of American Fascism“, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “The US is attacking Freedom, Democracy, and Basic Rights, and showing that the US has become a police state. But most Americans still live like sheep, and don’t care about what the US regime is doing inside and outside America. They even don’t care about their own freedom and privacy! US Sheeple just aid their leaders in creating Fascism”. In these days, many things are so shameful. For instance, as the people’s media reports: “The US regime has forced, one of the alternative Email providers, to shut down. The US regime says Lavabit and all email providers have 2 options: Join the NSA Spying Program or Die! The USA is really like the USSR. In his statement, Ladar Levison who is Owner and Operator of Lavabit, says: ‘I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people [!!] or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit .. I wish that I could legally share with you the events that led to my decision. I cannot [!!] I feel you deserve to know whats going on [!] the first amendment is supposed to guarantee me the freedom to speak out in situations like this [!] Unfortunately, Congress has passed laws that say otherwise[!] .. I cannot share my experiences over the last six weeks, even though I have twice made the appropriate requests .. This experience has taught me one very important lesson: … I would strongly recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the US [!!]‘ [1][2][3]“. This statement is so important. It doesn’t sound like a message coming from a citizen of a free country. As the wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the US regime, the American society, or the American Fascism, you should think about such statements. Accusations like ‘to become complicit in crimes against people‘ is what the worst regimes in history said and say to dissidents and critics. But most Americans know nothing about this issue. Recently, the media published ‘Bradley Manning statement’, and reported: ‘Manning took the stand at the sentencing part of his trial and pleaded for mercy! Bradley Manning is facing a jail sentence of 100 years. But on an attempt to receive a reduced sentence, he apologized and begged forgiveness. Looking nervous, he turned to the martial judge and said: ‘I want to start off with an apology. I am sorry that my actions hurt people [!!]‘‘. [Fascist US hopes] this apology will disappoint Manning’s supporters. Manning statement [finished with these words]: ‘I have flaws and issues that I have to deal with, but I know that I can and will be a better person. I hope that you can give me the opportunity to prove, not through words, but through conduct, that I am a good person and that I can return to productive place in society. Thank you, Your Honor’. (14 August 2013)”. Manning trial is really shameful. As many say: “Manning hurt people?! Manning’s actions just hurt USSA & US Stalin! .. Manning didn’t hurt anyone but politicians .. In USSA, you should apologize for telling the truth! .. Manning trial was like a Stalinist show trial .. Mannings apology was extracted by force .. These American-Stalinist show trials and NSA Orwellian programs just prove that the US is a Big Brother state”.


“The story of Snowden is the greatest scandal in US history, and shows that today’s USA is a police state. In [August 2013], many events [need more attention]. For instance, Tor Mail, a secure email provider for users of Tor network, was shut down. FBI raids and took down Tor Mail! A few days later, secure email provider Lavabit, which had provided US whistleblower with an email address, was shut down! And after Lavabit, another secure email provider Silent Circle was shut down ahead of receiving data requests from the US government! Do you know what it means?! The US has lost its mind, and suffers from ‘Mad Cow Disease’. They say those who don’t obey the Big Brother, should be suppressed. The US says ‘Big Brother’ loves people, but ‘Truth-tellers’ hurts people!”, the wise Iranians say. In these days, the media reported: “Greenwald’s partner, David Miranda, was being detained under the Terrorism Act. The US and the UK [openly] try to bully journalists and their families”. As the people’s media reports: “Like Stalin and KGB, the US and the UK say journalists are traitors or terrorists! The US and the UK are sending a message of intimidation to all journalists. Miranda said the UK had pandered to the US in intimidating him. ‘They were threatening me all the time and saying I would be put in jail if I didn’t co-operate’, Miranda said. The UK government has threatened newspapers to destroy Snowden’s documents, and now the British newspapers say computers containing files from Snowden are physically destroyed !”. Many know the Orwellian UK, but the important point is that, as the wise Iranians say: “the US has become a Big Brother state, while most Americans still defend the US regime or US lefts! Americans are the stupidest people in the world. They still defend their bad guys, and dig their own grave. America needs public awareness, and if Americans remain stupid, America would turn into the worst fascist state in history. The number of wise Americans is very small. In the US, the wise guys are censored, and whores like Chomsky are heroes. But do you know who are making Americans aware? The US fascists, who are big idiots! Now, the American Fascists (in Congress, White House, etc) openly defend Islamists, terrorists, dictators, Orwellian acts, etc and openly attack Basic Rights and Basic Freedoms!”. In these days, some Americans say good things: “We have a fascist government; they even didn’t allow Lavabit to tell us what happened! .. At least Lavabit’s users get a taste of [US Fascism]! .. Goodbye Freedom & Democracy. Hello the US Evil Empire .. Welcome to Nazi America .. Pick any hundred random Americans off the street, you’ll be lucky to find even one of them who knows who Snowden is .. Americans are the stupidest people on Earth; many refer to Snowden as ‘that terrorist traitor Russian guy’!”. In these days, many Iranians say good things: ‘the US regime is like the Mullah regime?! .. Sending an email is like giving a letter to the Post Office. You expect the Post Office to deliver the letter based on the address written on the envelope. But US mail carriers open your letter, read it, and make copies of it ! .. USA is economically & intellectually bankrupt; the majority of Americans are so ignorant; So, it’s a good time to restore Fascism in the West .. USA has become the Land of the Sheeple and Pseudo Intellects. Where are their good guys? why are the wise Americans silent? why are the good Americans ignorant? .. Educated Americans still praise idiots like Chomsky, and still know nothing about the main problems .. Americans seem like big idiots, who are too stupid to understand the main problems .. US officials openly help Islamists, but most Americans still deny the truth! .. Americans are stupid sheeple. They deserve what they get .. those sheeple who hurt other nations and don’t care about the human pain, deserve fascism and all what they get .. Americanism is a form of Fascism! America openly helps Islamists/ terrorists, and openly violates basic rights .. all good guys should fight against the US”.


“The strange story of Lavabit” [5] has shocked many Americans. They are shocked to hear that ‘[Lavabit's owner] is not allowed to even tell people what happened’. As many say: “Yahoo/ Gmail alternatives are now being forced to shut down! It’s big news inside the online community. It shows that the US is a Big Brother state”. As the wise Iranians say: “The US media often say China, Russia, etc censor or bully dissidents. But now America censors dissidents and bullies email providers, dissidents and truth-tellers into saying their actions hurt people! The US regime is like the worst regimes in history, which didn’t allow their citizens to speak freely, and said: ‘it hurts people’ or ‘it hurts national security’. Now even the FOX news says: ‘This is exactly what as Americans were not supposed to have to do -worry about breaking laws when were talking to the press’ (9 August 2013)”. In these days, Levison says: ‘If You Knew What I Know About Email, You Might Not Use It‘[3] and Phil Zimmermann, one of Silent Circles founders and the guy who created the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), says: ‘I dont use e-mail (& PGP tools) that much anymore’ ![6] He also adds: “There are far too many leaks of information and metadata in E-mail protocols. E-mail as we know it with SMTP, POP3, and IMAP cannot be secure”. But as some wise Iranians say: “Zimmermann [acts like] a businessman and just talks about his own Silent Circle, while people like him should try to create new protocols, new designs, new alternatives, etc. The experts say: ‘Theres no Secure E-Mail. Even if the messages were encrypted, the governments are able to crack them once it got the messages’. But the experts should try to create new ideas for secure messaging. Many say: ‘Lavabit Shuts Down Rather than Join NSA Spy Network’. But they don’t ask why other email providers join NSA Spy Network! They even don’t ask people to boycott these email providers. It’s shameful”. They also add: “the media reports: ‘the US systematically and intentionally reads your private messages containing information you don’t want anyone to know’. They even say: ‘Gmail Users Shouldn’t Expect Privacy, Google Says In Filing’ (NPR, 14 August 2013) They also add: ‘Google says: email users cannot be surprised if their emails are processed by [snoopers] in the course of delivery .. Gmail, that has 400 million users, says anyone sending an email is essentially giving their implied consent to [spying]!’. But most Americans still live like sheep and don’t protest against US Orwellian system. They even don’t stop using the Orwellian email services or social networks”. In Iran and the world many people used alternative Email providers like Lavabit. And now they ask: What Alternatives are left? As some experts say: “We all need new alternatives. The old alternatives like Hushmail cooperate with Canadian and US regimes and has been caught controversially handing over user data”. As Phil Zimmermann says: ‘Our mail server is in Canada. But the US can approach the Canadian judicial system and ask for them to cooperate, and the Canadians might choose to cooperate’! [6] Now many say: “It’s the End of Mail Privacy. It’s the End of Privacy and Freedom in America”. But the Internet is a double-edged sword. It can be a tool for mass surveillance, and it can be a tool for direct democracy and getting rid of politicians. And it’s important to note that the American Fascism or what the US regime says and does is a double-edged tyranny. We would write more about this issue later. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now the US regime says whistleblowers and truth-tellers are traitors! Now the US is spying on people, and reminding them of ’1984′, but it’s a double-edged attack on people. They are spying on people and creating an Orwellian society, but at the same time, they are revealing their true colors and making all people aware . So, they are actually digging their own graves. Now even Americans laugh at the US regime and say: ‘Those who betray the US are its leaders who have ignored their oath to defend the Constitution’”.


“In interviews with CNET and Forbes, Ladar Levison, 32, spoke about Lavabit and how the US government [acts like fascist regimes]. Levison can’t talk for legal reasons about [what has happened]“! [2][3] But he says: “I built Lavabit in a reaction to the Patriot Act. I didn’t want to be in a position to turn [user data] over without judicial review .. the US government tried to bully me .. People have the right to know what their government is doing … [But] I can’t tell you what [the US government is doing] ! .. [Here in the US, we have secret laws] .. Just the idea of secret laws bothers me tremendously .. We’ve shown that our important freedoms can’t be trusted to Congress, they need to be placed in the Constitution” [2][3]. Lavabit was a small company. “Lavabit at the time of the shutdown had 410,000 users, with 200,000 e-mails sent a day. Lavabit had 40,000 logging per day. Levison had just one full-time employee” [2][3]. But as Snowden says: “Employees and leaders at Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, and the rest of our internet titans must ask themselves why they aren’t fighting for our interests the same way small businesses are. America cannot succeed as a country where individuals like Levison have to relocate their businesses abroad”. But what would happen if most companies act like Lavabit or defend the basic rights? As the US mass media says: “Companies that receive surveillance demands [from US government] faced two bad options: to die or to spy .. [But] If enough companies were to take the drastic step of shutting down, the government would find itself in [deep shit]” [4]. In fact, even the idiots know the solution. As some wise Iranians say: “America’s Fascist regime should know that ‘Lavabit was created in 2004, in response to the Patriot Act’. And now many radical services can be created in response to the NSA”. They also add: “The good guys don’t need hero, and people like Levison, Manning or Snowden are not heroes. ‘Levison isnt an privacy absolutist[!] He has cooperated in the past with the US government [!!] .. It’s [just] the governments method that bothers him‘ ! [2][3] Levison, Snowden, etc are just better than great evils. But Americans are so naive. [In the best care,] they say: ‘I don’t trust Obama. I trust Snowden (Levison, etc)’ ! But the wise people don’t trust an ex-CIA agent. They defend the basic rights of Snowden and other whistleblowers, but they don’t trust ex-spies, politicians, media, or public figures. They know that Snowden tells us something that’s been common knowledge for a long time. They care about messages, not messengers. They just care about what is said/ done, and what is true, good, and decent”. The good guys try to use their brains, but the bad guys are stupid. The bad guys pay a very high price for their evil deeds, including betraying people’s trust. As some wise Iranians say: “What the US regime does/says about Snowden, NSA Spying, etc has serious effect on US economy. Now, the US media talks about ‘Snowden Effect’, and has reports like ‘Snowden chill: Aftershocks hit Silicon Valley’ (August 2013). They say: ‘US cloud computing industry could lose up to $35 billion as a result of the NSA spying programs. Even before Snowdens big reveal, foreign companies were pushing for a larger share of the market … Now those foreign companies have an effective new marketing slogan, We wont Spy on you‘ ! The US bad guys are big losers. When the media says: ‘Snowdens E-mail Provider Forced to Shut Down’, who can trust US companies?! When Lavabit’s founder says: ‘I would strongly recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the US‘; who can trust or like America and US companies anymore?! The Fascist USA is a big loser. They lose all their respects (Aberu). The US and other bad guys are on the wrong side of history”. In these days, Iranian and non-Iranian comments are interesting: “there are many political, cultural and economic reasons for [American Fascism] and Americas bankruptcy .. what we see now is American Wickedness & American Tyranny .. Show trial, Tyranny, Suppression, Censorship in USA?! It’s Fascism, Stupid ! .. the bad guys [the Big Brother Mafia] use the same tactics in Iran, USA, UK, etc .. USA Shut downs Email Providers?! It’s American Democracy?! .. It’s like the love story of Mullahs and Great Satan (USA) ! .. those Western regimes that openly (shamelessly) hurt the Iranian people and help Islamists, are turning into the worse fascist regimes in history and hurting their own people! It’s one of the old lessons of history .. Sheeple and idiots cannot understand the main problems, but [we hope] the good guys can open their eyes”.

For more Information:

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[2] CNET: Interview with Lavabit owner
[3] Forbes: If You Knew What I Know About Email …
[4] Foreign Policy: Spy or Die [!]
[5] Americans: The strange story of Lavabit
[6] Forbes’s interview with Phil Zimmermann

The Big Brother Mafia and anti-Americanism

August 15, 2013

In these years, the story of “America and Islamists” is shattering many illusions. As the wise Iranians say: “Before the 2009 coup, most Iranians were pro-American. They were under many illusions. Iranians were under the illusion that the US really cares about Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights. Iranians were under the illusion that the US really hates Islamists, terrorists, and anti-democracy groups. Iranians didn’t know that both Democrats & Republicans love Islamists, terrorists, and evil forces. Iranians were under the illusion that if they want to enjoy Freedom and Democracy, they only should fight against the Mullah regime, and the US and the West would help the Iranian people, not the Islamic regime! But after the 2009 coup, Iranians saw and see how Islamists and their Great Satan (USA) help each other !”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Idiots tell bad jokes. They say: ‘the UK, the Jewish CIA, or Americans like Chomsky defend Iran’s interests!, and that’s why they love Mullahs and other puppets the West’! But Iranians don’t need that the stupid Americans/ Brits defend Iran’s interests! Iranians know Islamists/ Mullahs, who are pro-Arab (Arab-parast) and anti-Iranian. Iranians know that Mullahs or US-Mullah affairs serve which interests. Iranians know that Mullahs cannot openly make love/ deal with their Great Satan (US). Who can accept the Mullah-Satan love affair?! Basijis ?! or Iranians?! Mullahs killed and suppressed Iranians and destroyed Iran and its public image. Mullahs hate Iran, Iranian Culture and Iranian Values (like Tolerance, Humanity, etc). Mullah just serve the West’s interests. If Iran had a good and democratic regime, then would the US be able to deny Iran’s rights to have nuclear weapons? If the world could see that Iranians are cultured people & good guys, who hate all bad guys including Islamists, then would the West be able to hurt Iranians and threaten Iran? If the world could know the Iranian Legacy and the Iranian Culture, then would the West be able to insult Iranians? If the world could know the wise Iranians and the power of the Iranian Logic/ Wisdom, then would the West be able to talk nonsense, act like animals, or deny Iran’s rights? Islamists just serve the West’s interests. The Mullah regime is a puppet regime. The Iranian experts, who can convert Iran into a world power, and the Iranian people, who can expose the real image of Iran, are systematically suppressed by Mullahs. And it’s what the West wants. They know that if Iranians were free, and if Iran had a real
Iranian-democratic regime, then Iran would be a superpower again. They love Mullahs, because Mullahs hate Iran and Iranian values/ culture”. Many Iranians, including the wise Iranians, know Iran’s problems. As the wise Iranians say: “Iranians were naive and optimistic. Iranians were under the illusion that the so-called Journalists in Exile are not spies or bad guys. Iranians were under the illusion that Islamist-Reformists (Khatamists) are not spies or bad guys. But now these bastards openly confess (in Mullah Media, Mullah Parliament, etc) they are the regime’s agents, and in 2009 (&1997) they just wanted to fool people and destroy people’s movement! Iranians were under the illusion that the UK media, the US media, the Lefty media, etc don’t tell big and systematic lies. Iranians were under the illusion that ‘Comment is Free’ in the West’s mass media. Iranians were under the illusion that the West’s Polling Organizations don’t publish fake polls. Iranians were under the illusion that Western journalists don’t tell big lies”. They also add: “But after the 2009 coup, the stupid West shattered many illusions. They didn’t know that when they tell big lies and insult people’s intelligence, they are actually revealing their true colors. They didn’t know that when they tell big lies, defend big lairs, and censor the voices of people, they are actually making people aware. They didn’t know that all people are not as stupid as Americans. They didn’t know that when their media and their stooges repeat the same big lies, use the same tactics, work with the same bad guys, and all work together to orchestrate stupid plots, many can see that a Global Mafia -ie the Big Brother Mafia that controls media, puppet regimes, pseudo intellectuals, etc- is behind many events. Those who live like sheep repeat the media’s big lies. But those who don’t close their minds to the outside world, can see the facts. And now many facts seem like the pieces of a large puzzle, and need more attention”.



We, the authors of this website, hate politics, politicians, political activists, and those who just care about money and power, and their language is political language. As the wise Iranians say: “In the best case, political activists are like Noam Chomsky and think power is more important than the truth. They pretend that they are good guys, and say: ‘We tell big lies and defend the truth’! Their paradoxes are laughable. But we all can see who is a good guy, or who is a political prostitute. First and foremost, we should see who defends whom. Those who defends the bad things or the bad guys -ie dictators, politicians, racists, fascists, big liars, killers etc- are not good guys. Those who defend the anti-Iran Racism, the American Fascism, the 2009 coup, the Mullah-Obama’s crimes, the West’s crimes, the anti-Iran sanctions, the US-Mullah relations, etc are political prostitutes who lick the ass of Power“. They also add: “The story of Snowden is the greatest scandal in US history. Now, the US openly attacks Freedom, Democracy, and Basic Rights. Now US officials openly support Islamists. Now the US is trying to break all world records for wickedness and evil deeds! Now the US has started to shut down the alternative Email Providers! Now even Google says Gmail Users Shouldn’t Expect Privacy!”. As the people’s media reports: “Snowden used Lavabit’s email service, and the US forced to shut down. The US regime said Lavabit has 2 options: Join the NSA Spying Program or Die! After TorMail and Lavabit, Silent Circle said it was shutting its email service ahead of receiving data requests from the US government. [Now, even] Google says Gmail users have no privacy. As US experts say: ‘It’s the End of Privacy in the US. There is no email privacy any more. Don’t use Email as far as possible. Email is one of the first targets for spying (surveillance). There is no privacy (freedom) in the US”. It’s really shameful. In his statement, the Owner of Lavabit says: “I have been forced to make a difficult decision .. I wish that I could legally share with you the events that led to my decision. I cannot [!!] I feel you deserve to know what’s going on[!] the first amendment is supposed to guarantee me the freedom to speak out in situations like this [!!] Unfortunately, Congress has passed laws that say otherwise [!!] .. This experience has taught me one very important lesson: … I would strongly recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the United States [!!] “. This event and this statement say a lot about the US regime and American Fascism, and we would write more about it. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now the US regime acts like the worst fascist regimes in history; US officials openly support Islamists/ terrorists; US media tells big laughable lies, but Khatamists, Islamists, Marxists, etc are becoming pro-American!”. As some wise Iranians say: “Many Khatamists (Islamist-Reformists) like Ganji, Hajarian, Abdi, etc were members of Mullah Gestapo. Most Iranians preferred to be optimistic about these ex-spies. But now, these spies (Hajarian, Ganji, Abdi, etc) openly and shamelessly defend the 2009 coup and betray the people’s blood. As average Iranians say:
‘Islamist-Reformists and all Islamists sell everything -even their souls, their mothers, etc- for staying in power at any price [...] Now Khatamists lick the Mullah ass and betray the people, but they gain nothing and the Mullahs treat them like shits. Khatamists are ‘Choobe 2Sar Gohi’ (very big losers)! Islamist-Reformists are nothing but [stupid bad guys]‘. Now just the bad guys -including the Jewish CIA, the Western media, the Lefts, etc- support the anti-Iranian Islamists, who defend the 2009 coup, the Mullah regime, and the US-Mullah affairs. Now the Big Brother Mafia is not a myth. Just ask yourself: ‘Who helped Rohani? Who helped AN? Who tried to heat up the 2013 Show? Who published fake polls? Who said Iranians love AN, because Iranians love hyperinflation? Who told big lies in 2009 and 2013? Who can write for the West’s media? Who can put comments in the West’s mass media? What facts & news get a lot of attention in the West’s media? What facts & news get less or no attention in the West? The West censors the voice of whom? Who support Islamists or Islamic dictators in Turkey, Egypt etc? Why the Jewish agents of CIA defend Islamists and Mullahs? Why only spies and big liars can write/ work for the West’s mass media? etc’. In this year (2013), almost all Western media repeat the same big lies about Iran, Rouhani, Mullah Elections, Khatamists, Islamists, etc. All British-MI6 Media, from the BBC to the Guardian, praise this British Rohani and his cabinet. They even praise Ali Janati (the son of Bin Laden!), who is a Basiji ! The UK/ US media and their stooges (ie exiled media/ journalists, Islamists, lefts, etc) tell the same big lies, and it’s important. Now even the Mullah Media and Mullah Parliament confess that Mullah officials are crooks and thieves who just plunder Iran’s resources, but the US/ UK media and their stooges still defend crooks, thieves, and killers”. They also add: “It’s funny that the US supports Islamists; the anti-American pigs (Islamists/ Marxists) are becoming pro-American!; and the pro-American people are becoming anti-American. The Marxist or Islamic Anti-Americanism was so stupid and disgusting. But the new Anti-Americanism = Defending Freedom, Democracy, & Human Rights, and Rejecting US Fascism, US Orwellian acts, US support of Islamists, Marxists (MEK), Monarchists and other evil forces”. They also add: “Look at Egypt, Turkey etc; the US openly supports Islamist dictators, and one week after the McCain-Graham visit to Egypt, Egypt is on the edge of Civil War, because instead of supporting Free election & Referendum, the US supports Islamists. The West loves Islamists, because Islamists are stupid bad guys, who ruin their countries, kill their people, destroy all hopes for Democracy, Reform, etc and serve the West’s interests. Islamists have no principles. They just care about power. They tell big lies, and their Arabic/ Jewish logic is like the West’s logic. Now the US is following this barbaric logic, and the stories of Snowden, Manning, Swartz, Orwellian Spying, Email Privacy, etc show that the US is a fascist/ police state. Now the US openly supports tyranny, dictators, and evil forces, and show that all good guys, all libertarians and all freedom-fighters should fight against the Fascist America, if they want to have a better world and a better life”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Orwell, Goebbels, and many others (even films like ‘Wag the Dog’) reveal the tactics of the Big Brother Mafia. These British-Orwellian tactics are used to misinform people, and to engineer public opinion. But now many people are becoming aware. Now, the Big Brother Mafia has confused: they openly attack Basic Rights, and openly support Islamists! Now Islamists (Khatamists, Basijis, Salafis, Saudis, etc) defend the Fascist America and the Jewish CIA!, while all good guys protest against the Fascist USA .. Now, US officials -from McCain and Graham to Obama and Chomsky- defend Islamists and terrorists. Now, it’s clear that Islamists are enemies of Iran, but friends and puppets of America … The good Americans are victims of their Fascist regime, but the Sheeple defend their Fascist regimes .. USA is really turning into a backward country. The rate & number of Religious Fanatics in the US is much more than Iran .. Now, the US is a stupid bad guy on the wrong side of history. The good Americans should not remain silent”. In these days, many talk about anti-Americanism. As the wise Iranians say: “Marxist or Islamic anti-Americanism was a bad joke. But as the US regime is showing us, the real anti-Americanism = defending the Iranian values, ie defending the Truth, the Humanity, the Human values, the Tolerance, the Human rights, and other good things. One day most Iranians were pro-American. But now many things have changed in Iran, and if the US continues to hurt Iranians and help Islamists and anti-democracy groups, it will create more anti-Americanism and more anti-American sentiments in Iran and the world”. They also add: “The West just cares political issues like the Nuclear Issue. But most Iranians just care about Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights, a better world and a better life. Iranians hate Mullahs, not Iran. The West’s anti-Iran Racism (sanctions, 2009 crimes, etc) just convinced Iranians that Iran must have nuclear weapons … Iran must be a free, independent, and powerful country. And it’s what all Iranians want: Iran not only must enjoy real Freedom and real Democracy, but Iran must have nuclear weapons and all advanced tools that secure Iran’s progress, Iran’s national security and Iran’s national interests … Politicians create crises, and it’s the job of politicians to solve political problems. We hate politics and politicians“. They also add: “Most Iranians cared about the US (& West), because they imagined that the US (& West) care about Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights. But if the US or the West becomes the main Enemy of Iranians and all good guys and good things, then no one would give a shit about the US or the West. The stupid West should know that we don’t live in the 19th century or in the age of puppet dictators, who suppressed their people and gave concessions to the West”. In these days, many Iranians say good things. As they say: “Khamenei, Rohani and their cabinet show that Mullahs want to make love/ deal with Great Satan! But Mullahs and [their Great Satan (US)] are in deep shit. Mullahs know what happened to Morsi and those Islamists who openly made love with the US. Mullahs know what happened after the 2009 coup. Mullahs know that people are the determining factor. The silent majority of Iranians [including the corps of Iranian intellectuals] are watching the West and its stooges, and [the West should know that] the Information Age is not like the Colonialism Age!”. They also add: “We are not politicians. We don’t care about Rohani, AN, or other shits. We don’t care about this shit or that shit in the Mullah regime, that is a shitty regime. But they must solve political and economical problems. It’s their job. They must defend Iran’s Rights. They must care about what we, Iranians, need and want. What we want is a free, independent, and powerful country. What we want is a better life and a better society in which we could freely express our opinions, and we could freely have our own lifestyles and enjoy our own life. [The Big Brother Mafia] cannot ignore people. [The real power is the power of people]. We, the people, can be silent, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t exist“.

The Anti-Iran West and The Law of the Jungle

July 14, 2013

In these years many things prove that the West is anti-Democracy, anti-Progress, and anti-Iran. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, the US retards openly support Taliban, Marxists (MEK), terrorists, Salafis, Islamists or those Jewish Barbarians who say: ‘Non-Jews were born only to serve Jews’! Now, the US retards openly says: ‘If Irans scientists succeed in manufacturing [this or that], then US interests would be in peril‘ (June 2013). The Western leaders, aka the Western retards, are anti-Peace and anti-Progress. They know that if we were strong and free nations, then they cannot exploit and plunder our resources. They think the world is a jungle and they can eat any shits that they want! But even if the world is a jungle, lions (of Persia) can easily defeat hawks, asses, and dogs (of the West)!”. As the wise Iranians say: “The uncultured West still sees the civilized world as a jungle. The West’s main law is ‘the law of the jungle’, that according to dictionaries, means: ‘(1) the idea that people should only look after themselves and not care about other people if they want to succeed (2) the principle that only the strongest creatures will stay alive’. Many Westerners think if they want to succeed, they should forget ethics and humanity, and they should live like animals, whose small brains don’t allow them to understand human values and long-term interests. Animals are short-sighted, and don’t care about long-term goals and long-term interests. They cannot understand the benefits/ advantages of Peace, Progress, Collaboration, Far-sightedness, Happiness, Culture, Civilization, or Human values. They cannot understand the problems/ disadvantages of War, Savagery, Short-sightedness, Selfishness, Bullying, or barbaric values. They just obey the law of the jungle. For instance, when carnivores attack herbivores, they often start to run away. Each herbivore obeys the law of the jungle and doesn’t care about others. But if instead of obeying the law of the jungle, they try to work together as a team (like below pix), they can defeat all carnivores, and carnivores cannot hurt them. But herbivores and cows have low IQs, and that’s why carnivores eat them! But it’s funny that many westerners are worse than cows! Their Gov./ bad guys attack them and hurt them, but they [...]“. The story of US whistleblowers, the Western Racism, the Western crimes, etc -that we have written about them (check Archive)- force the wise Iranians to say: “The West loves Bullying and Barbaric values, because the West has a long history of Barbarism. Barbaric values is part of the Western culture. They say: ‘You should cheat/ betray/ hurt others if you want to succeed’. In their societies and their foreign relations, they obey this barbaric law. Now, they say: Iran should not have this or that, because it’s not in the West’s interests!”. The West’s anti-Iran sanctions and the West’s anti-Iran/ pro-Islamist policies are undeniable facts (check Archive). I don’t know why they try to prove that the West is anti-Iran, anti-Democracy, anti-Progress, and anti-Humanity. But they should know they reap what they sow. Now, all pro-American people in Iran are changing their views about the US and the West. The West’s Anti-Iranian sentiment is so shameful. Let’s give you a new example.


As some wise Iranians say: “British barbarians and savage Jews openly and shamelessly praise Racism and say anti-Iran things. For instance, Jeffery Goldberg, the Jewish Nazi, and the British barbarians write shameful propaganda pieces, like [*]: ‘Persian power: Can Iran be stopped?’ (Economist, 22 June 2013). They clearly say that they and their stooges try to destroy Iran and hurt Iranians, but ‘yet the Persian lion has not lost its power‘ ! [*] These Jewish-British barbarians clearly say that they hate Persia and Persians. Of course they love Mullahs and Islamists, who are Arabs and aid the Savage West in keeping Persia weak and unfree”. They also add: “The Jewish-British barbarians make funny confessions. For instance, they confess that their main concern is about Iran’s power: ‘the balance of power between Iran and [the West] has been shifting in Irans favor’ [*]. These savage beasts and uncultured pigs say: ‘Despite [all our attacks], the Iranian state is a powerful beast compared with its neighbors, and is keen to assert itself abroad’ [*] The British-Jewish barbarians openly say that Iran should be a weak country, because the West/ Jews want to be the strongest beasts! They know that Persian power is on the rise[*] and Irans progress and Irans peaceful development is not in the interests of savage beasts. Peace, Progress, Justice, a better life, and all good things have always made pigs angry. In the past 300 years, the British pigs have always tried to keep other nations weak and unfree. They want to exploit/ plunder other nations. So, others should remain weak! Now, they clearly say: ‘Iran should not become the regional hegemon [!!] It is not in the Wests interest [!!]‘ [*] But as Iranians say: ‘Regional hegemon?! Iran must be a Superpower and the most powerful country in the world, as it used to be. The Anti-Iran West, aka the Barbarian West, can be sure that all parts of Great Iran -form Georgia and Armenia to Tajikistan and all parts of the Caucasus, that were occupied by the Russian-British barbarians in the 19th century- will return home. Those who know history, know Persia and all parts of Great Iran, including Great Khorasan, Great Khawrazm, Great Sistan, Great Kurdistan, Great Azerbaijan, Great Elam and Khuzestan, etc. Mullahs are pro-Arab (Arab-parast) and anti-Iranian. They just server the West’s interests. But we, Iranians, will put an end to the West’s Evil Empire”. They also add: “Persia is the heart/ brain of the Civilized World. We, Persians, know our old enemies/ friends. Barbarians have always been our enemies, because they were enemies of Culture and Civilization. But as many know, our relations with India date back to about 8,000 years ago; our relations with China date back to about 5,000 years ago. India and China are our old friends. Our economic relations has a long history. The Silk Road is just one example. (Of course India, China, and others can remain our friends, only if they don’t follow the West like sheep). The informed people know our glorious past and our glorious culture. Iran has a great cultural/ civilizational influence on the world. Iran is the Cradle of Civilization, and the Iranian values is the base of the Human values. Iran means ‘the land of Aryans’, and cultured people in Europe have Iranian (Aryan) roots. Only barbarians/ bad guys hate our Culture, Humanity, Tolerance, and Human values. For instance, the ungrateful Jews & savage Semites, who just return your favor with ungratefulness and savagery, only love War and Barbarism. They love their Barbaric Bible or books like ‘How to eat shit and die’. Is-r-a-eli Moshe Dayan used to say: ‘Is-r-a-el must be seen as a rabid dog; too dangerous to bother’ ! But the Persian Lions can easily stop all little/ rabid dogs, and all animals who love to eat shit and die”.


“What happened after the 2009 coup, clearly showed that the West is anti-Iran, anti-Democracy, and anti-Humanity. The stupid West openly supports Terrorists, Islamists, Marxists, Monarchists, and all anti-democracy groups that Iranians hate them. In 2009, the West opposed the anti-Mullah sanctions, but in 2012, the West imposed the anti-Iran sanctions! The West and lefts helped the Egyptian Islamists, but betrayed the anti-Islamist Iranians. The West and lefts support the reactionary Islamists in Egypt, Syria, or Turkey. But they hurt the modern people in Iran and other countries, and it says a lot about the Barbarian West”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The Barbarian West and the Savage Jews say: ‘Iranian advisers, money and special forces turn the tide of the war in Syria in Irans favor. The great reason why Obama agreed to arm [Salafis/ Terrorists] in Syria was his reluctance to see Assad hold on to power as a client of Irans‘[*] The Barbarian West thinks that all dictators and all countries should be clients of the West! They imagine that we all are stupid, but the stupid Westerners that have low IQs, can eat any shits that they want and can act like pigs without any backlash! The stupid West talks about ‘National Interests’, and thinks other nations -who are older, wiser and smarter than the stupid West- are stupid !”. It’s a good point. We have already written about [+]: National Interests or Animal Interests” (check Archive). But unfortunately, the stupid Westerners still live in the age of Tribalism, and defend the tribal interests and the law of the jungle. As the wise Iranians say: “The stupid Westerners are like Nazis and Fascists, who said what they do is in their national interests. Now, they say Barbarism and killing others/ torturing others/ hurting others is in their national interests! Their low IQs don’t allow them to ask: ‘What would happen if all humans act like us, and only care about their own national interests?!’ They act like animals. But it’s funny that their ‘national interests’ is nothing but the interests of the 1%. Their politicians wage war and hurt other nations in the name of National Interests, but they only serve the interests of the 1%, ie big corporations, crooks & thieves“. The West supports dictators, terrorists and anti-democracy groups in the name of national interests. “The West used the same logic for justifying Slavery, Colonialism, [Fascism or Nazism]“[+] The West thinks that Iranians don’t talk about ‘National Interests’, because Iranians are stupid or weak! But as many Iranians say: “We didn’t support the Mullah presence in Lebanon, Syria, etc because they often help pigs/ bad guys, and because we thought that the West/ Jews are better than pigs! But now, when the West/ Jews are anti-Democracy, anti-Iran, anti-Peace & anti-Humanity (they kill/ hurt innocent people), we support Iran’s presence in the region and all parts of the world. We know our national interests”. Now, the wise Iranians say to the West: “We know what is national interests, geopolitics, etc. But we think the Truth, the Good, and all humans are more important than one nation or one race. We will be happy to see the progress and development of other humans. We know it can lead to a better world and a better life. But you, the Savage West, cannot understand such things. You are animals. Your main law is the law of the jungle. You say: ‘When Persian power is on the rise, it is not the time to back away from the ME’! [*] But what are you doing in our region? What if the Iranian army and others go to Europe and North America?! and What if Iranians and others act like you, idiots?! Iranians are able to destroy/ dominate you, idiots. If you only understand force and hate the power of logic, Iranians can speak to you with the logic of power”. They also add: “The post-2009 era revealed the West’s true colors, and made Iranians aware. Now, the racist West openly says that the main issue is not the Mullah regime, but is the Persian Power and a free/ democratic Iran! So, as almost all Iranians say: ‘Now, Iran must have everything, including nukes and modern weapons. Yah, the Persian Lion is waking up. But it’s just the beginning. Persians have become aware, now they say: This Barbarian West must be stopped. And We, Iranians, will stop them. We will break/ cut their beak !“.


In this year, many Iranians say: “We thought that the West is not savage and uncultured. ‘Fekr Mikardim Adamand !’ (We thought they are humans/ good guys!). But now it’s clear that they are ‘Yek Mosht Barbar & Vahshi Bi-Farhang !’ (a bunch of barbarians & uncultured savages)”. Now, many ordinary Westerners/ Iranians put comments, and say: “With the exception of UK, US and Is-r-a-el, all nations on earth desire only peace .. Why shouldn’t Iran have nuclear weapons? Worse states have them .. When was the last time Iran attacked any other country? How many countries in the region and the whole world have such a non-aggressive record? .. The West has no right to be interfering in the ME and other parts of the World .. When we, Iranians, see the Hypocrisy of the West, and this fact that they just want to hurt us, we support any efforts to have nuclear weapons .. What is being called ‘the West’ is nothing more than our stupid politicians .. UK tries to use their Machiavellic principle of divide to conquer .. UK hands are full of blood .. I am a Chinese student. Iran is great. Go to Iran, it’s different than you think .. The West is a paper tiger. The West should not play with the Persian Lion’s tail ! .. The Mullah regime is a British puppet regime. Mullahs are pro-Arab and anti-Persia .. Iran must enjoy real democracy. Iran must have nuclear weapons“. As some wise Iranians say: “Many know what happened in the Shah’s era. In the 1960s-1970s, Israel, Pakistan, India, etc wanted to have nukes. But when Iran wanted to have nukes, the West/ Jews started to topple the Shah. In the 1970s, Mullahs that worked for the UK/ USA, started to oppose Iran’s nuclear programs. What Mullahs said in the 1970s, was exactly like what Reza Pahlavi and other traitors say today. The West’s stooges have always tried to keep Iran weak and unfree. Iran could have nukes and many things in the 1970s. But at that time, the Shah was a big idiot and a corrupted dictator; and the West could topple the stupid Shah with the help of Islamists/ traitors -who served the West’s interests- because Iranians were naive. But now, Iranians have become ware. Now, they say: ‘Iran, even this regime, must have nukes’. In the 2010s, Iranians will not repeat the 1970s mistakes”. Recently, the stupid West tells many anti-Iranian jokes. As some wise Iranians say: ‘The West’s anti-Iran Sanctions is a big insult to all nations. The US openly says to all nations: ‘We decide about you, your domestic affairs, your foreign relations, and your trades’! Now, they say: ‘Georgia has become the new Dubai [!] Iranian companies are marketing their products in Georgia [!!] Companies registered by Iranians in Georgia shot up to 1,489 last year from just 84 in 2010. Georgian officials say they regard Iran as too important to ignore. [But we should not allow] Georgia and Iran to have economic relations [!!]” (WJS, June 2013). Can you believe it?! They openly eat such shits that is bigger that their mouth. The Barbarian West thinks that all nations should bow to a bunch of US faggots! But now, Iranians clearly declare: ‘Instead of caring about a stupid wasteland like Dubai, we must invest in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, and other parts of Great Iran. The people of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, and all parts of the Caucasus and Great Iran are our own people. Our strategic investment and our strategic approach for developing all parts of Great Iran, is in the interests of Iran and the civilized world”. They also add: “We care about all humans. Even if the two countries of North America would become 50 to 60 countries (after the End of USA), we would not act like the West, and would not try to exploit them by using ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics. But if the West attacks our interests at our home/ region, we will pay them back for what they did in the past 300 years; and those barbarians who exploited other nations in the past 300 years will be sent to hell”. The West’s anti-Iran Racism/ Sanctions just show us the West’s confusion, bankruptcy, idiocy and evilness. As some wise Iranians say: “The Barbarian West thinks that all humans/ all nations are slaves of a bunch of Western faggots! But now, even their media talk about ‘the shocking evidence of Americas weakening position in the world ‘, and confess: ‘The World Kicks Sand In Uncle Sam’s Face‘ (Forbes, June 2013). They say that Japan, India, China, etc work with Iran, and don’t want to be slaves of America! Iran have, and should have, good relations with all countries in South America, Africa, Asia, and all parts of Great Iran and all independent nations. Iran, the land or Aryans, can also have good relations with many European nations -like Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, etc. In the recent years, we could know our friends and our enemies better. It was a godsend for Iran. The fate of Iran’s enemies and those who obey the law of the jungle, is clear. They are on the wrong side of history, and will go to hell”.

Mullahcracy and Illusion of Democracy in America

June 29, 2013

The 2013 Mullah Show can remind you of an ancient story. As Iranians say: “Once upon a time, a ruler wanted to punish a stupid businessman. The ruler said to the businessman: ‘You have three options: (1) you pay us 100 gold coins (2) we beat you with sticks, 100 times (3) here, in front of us, you eat 100 onions. The stupid businessman said: ‘Your majesty, I eat onions’. But when he started to eat onions, he found it so hard. But he continued; he ate and ate, but when he had eaten about 80 onions, he was at death’s door. So, he said: ‘Your majesty, I cannot eat more onions. I’m dying. I accept the 2nd option. Please beat me with sticks’. So, they came and started to beat him. But he found it so painful. And finally he was at death’s door. He was not able to bear the pain of the last sticks. So, he said: ‘Your majesty, I’m dying. I cannot bear it. I accept the first option. I pay 100 gold coins’ ! The story of this stupid businessman became a legend/ proverb. And now, Mullahs and their Mullahcracy remind you of this ancient story. Now, Mullahs eat both onions and sticks!, before paying fines. As ancient Iranians said: ‘Idiots eat both onions and sticks, and finally pay heavy fines”. Now, the witty Iranians say to Mullahs: “Hey Idiots, if you want to make concessions, at least make some concessions that can create the illusion of democracy and can fool people into accepting the illusion of choice. Idiots, your concessions are like eating onions and sticks! In the 2013 show, you urinated/ shitted on Jalili, AN, and your slogans and your values. You urinated/ shitted on Sepah, Basij, and the whole regime. You chanted anti-Rafsanjani slogans, and you even disqualified Rafsanjani, while it was like disqualifying the regime. You paid a high price. But now, you, idiots, appoint Rafsanjani protégé, Rohani, as your President! Now, many say: Mullahs act like big idiots, because their teacher is British!”. They also add: “Mullahs are like UK/ US politicians. They are stupid charlatans. They know nothing about the illusion of Democracy and its importance. They don’t know that when people suffer from the illusion that they live in a democracy, their illusion shackle their will to rebel‘. Idiots don’t know that they should not shatter people’s illusions. They don’t know that their concessions should give the illusion of democracy and fool people. Mullahs are so stupid. They make concessions, but people are still ready to rebel !, because Mullah concessions are like eating onions and sticks. The Big Brother’s media tell big lies, pretend ignorance, or defend the regime. But Iranians know what happened in 2009 and 2013. Iranians know why Khamenei appointed Rohani, or why the West helped the Mullah Show. Iranians know what is election, what is concession or retreat, and what is like drinking the cup of poison or eating onions and sticks”. They also add: “A Fake Democracy can prevent people from rebelling. It can fool the world and people. It can prevent war, foreign plots, etc. A Fake Democracy is better than a Blatant Tyranny, and Mullahcracy can be a fake democracy like Western democracies. But Mullahs still try to prove that their regime is a balata tyranny and a puppet regime! Mullahs are proud that the US, the UK, and their whores already knew that Mullahs want to appoint Rohani, and they helped Mullahs/ Rohani [by telling big lies about Iranians]. Mullahs are proud that they act like big idiots and listen to foreign advice! They should try to solve real problems and calm people. This British Rohani and others must not be able to play with Iran’s economy like that Jewish shit (AN). They must strengthen Iran’s Rial. But they still try to strengthen US Dollar! Yah, If Mullahs try to give concessions to Iranians, it’s a good thing. If Mullahs make real concessions, or if they try to create the illusion of democracy in Iran, Iranians can accept it. But stupid things like repeating old lies, using old tactics, implementing IMF plans/ Enemy’s plans, aiding the Enemy/ Sanctions, giving concessions to the West, acting like big idiots, etc is like or worse than eating onions and sticks”.


As the wise Iranians say: “the Age of Secular Revolution, Real Independence, and Real Awareness began in 2009. Now, more than 90% of Iranians hate Islamists and the Islamic regime. But it’s not the whole story. Now, Iranians know the West and/ or the West’s Fake Democracy. Now, the Iranian society is a modern society, at least as modern as the American society or European societies. Now, many Iranians are wiser than Westerners. And it’s so important”. As we said in [*]: “A Hope for Iranians, A Warning to Western Godfathers” [*] (check Archive), even the West confesses that “Iranian society is characterized by strong support for liberal values” [*]. Now, even the West says: “There is an abnormally large gap between the societal potential for liberal democracy in Iran and the actual level of democracy in the country”[*]. And “when such a gap exists, [sooner or later] the countrys level of democracy will adjust in accordance with the societys potential” [*]. Now, even Westerners say: ‘We are amazed by how ready the Iranian people are. Iranian societys potential for liberal democracy and Iranians tolerance is higher than what you can see in the West. The rate and number of religious fanatics or racist people in Iran is really less than the US [or Europe]“[*]. The large gap between Iran’s people and Iran’s regime is like a huge bomb. And as the wise Iranians say: “What the West and Mullahs did in the 2013 Show was a desperate attempt to fill the gap, and defuse the bomb. But when Iranians deserve at least something like US Democracy, old tactics and blatant lies cannot be attractive to Iranians”. Now, the West says: “Iran Can Turn Into a Liberal Democracy’ [*]. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now, even Mullahcracy can turn into a Fake Democracy like US Democracy”. They seriously- satirically say to Mullahs: “Don’t be so stupid, Mullahs. You don’t believe in your own religion and your own bullshits. And as you know, we, Iranians, don’t believe in such things, too. So, don’t make a fool of yourself. If you believed in your own bullshits, or even if you believed in ‘God and Prophets’, then you didn’t kill people, didn’t steal people’s money, didn’t tell big lies, didn’t plunder national resources, didn’t torture people, didn’t try to stay in power at any price, and didn’t act like the West’s bad guys. Now, it’s clear that ‘Mullah and West’ have the same religion: ‘Power & Money’. We, Iranians, care about the Good, the Truth, the Humanity, and the Human values, but you, Mullahs, are like the West, and you just care about ‘money, power, and staying in power at any price’. AhmadiNejad (AN) and his era revealed your true religion/ belief. You totally disgraced/ destroyed your values/ slogans”. They also add: “You have desire to mimic US politicians. Now, many say: ‘Mullahs try to mimic US politicians. Mullah games like ‘Democrats vs Republicans’ game, Orwellian lies/ tactics, Censorship/ brainwashing methods, etc show that Mullahs copy from US Fake Democracy’. You, Mullahs have enough Nastiness, Shamelessness, etc to run a Fake Democracy like US Democracy. But you are so stupid, and have bad advisers. You should stop listening to British advice. There is a better solution. We, Iranians can teach you how to establish US Democracy in Iran. It’s better for you, and Iran. It’s better than listening to UK/ US advice”. They also add: “You should know the pillars of a Fake Democracy. The first things that you should know is that ‘your Mullahcracy must be able to create the illusion of Democracy in Iran. Otherwise, your Mullahcracy is a stupid tyranny, not a fake democracy. Your 2013 games show that you are ready to sacrifice many things and learn new things. So, Stop listening to foreign advice and UK advice. As you know, friendship and affair between you and them is like affair between two bad guys, who are ready to cheat, betray, or kill each other. [Bad guys just care about money and power, not friendship]. And that’s why, you, Mullahs and the West don’t trust each other. You know the fate of Pahlavi, Mubarak, Bin Ali, etc. Stupid sedatives are not solutions; Britons are not friends, idiots. Now, Jack Straw says: ‘Rohani is welcome in Western capitals but no one should crow about it[!] because it will undermine him [!!]‘ (June 2013) or UK says: ‘Khamenei is the master of the tactical retreat’! (June 2013). They love your idiocy. They say: ‘this election restores the damages of the last 8 years’! They just play a stupid, old game. British barbarians eat their friends! So, instead of listening to foreign advice, listen to what the wise Iranians say. It’s better for you, and Iran”.


Unfortunately, many know nothing about the long story of ‘Fake Democracy” or “Illusion of Democracy” in the West. As some wise Iranians say: “Western Democracy is nothing but a Fake Democracy. Even the Athenian system was a form of aristocracy, not democracy. Even if you accept this lie that ‘In Athens, each citizen had a voice in the assembly’, you should know that most Athenians had no voice, because they were slaves, not citizens. More than 60% of people in Athens were slaves!, who were treated like animals. The so-called British Democracy is worse than the Greek jokes. In the past 400 years, the British System was a stupid form of Aristocracy. Before the 20th century, only about 10% of the Britons, ie the rich males, had the right to vote”. We will write more about the history of Democracy, and the role of barbarians and the uncultured West in creating “Fake Democracy”. Iranians, like other normal humans, want real Democracy, not the West’s fake democracy. But as some Iranians say: “When even the US is a fake democracy, and when no county enjoys a Real Democracy in this shitty world, ‘Turing Mullahcracy into US Fake Democracy’ can be a pragmatic step in achieving real democracy. The US system is a little better than the Mullah system, because the former is a fake democracy, but the later is a blatant tyranny”. As the wise Iranians say: “Most Iranians boycotted the 2013 election show, because there is no election. Khamanei appointed Rohani as his President, because he knew that Iranians are so angry, and he is really in a dangerous situation. Now, people say: ‘Mullahs and the West just want to drink the cup of Poison, and make a deal’. Iranians are not stupid”. They also add: “Mullahs retreated. Rejecting Jalili, or treating Jalili, Qalibaf, and Velayati like shits is important, but the West and whores say nothing about it. Jalili was equal to Sepah, Basji, and the last 8 years. Jalili meant ‘The 2009 Coup’. Iranians guessed that Khamenei would appoint Jalili, because rejecting Jalili not only was a big confession to the 2009 coup, but it was equal to urinating/ shitting on the Mullah regime. But on 14 June 2013, Mullahs and Khamenei urinated/ shitted on their own regime and their own slogans, and it was a big surprise. It was a victory for Iranians. But the West and its whores censor such facts, and still talk nonsense about ‘gradual reform’! They still repeat their old rubbish that belong to the Stone Age”. It’s a good point. Khatami and Khatamists are dead in Iran. Now, Iranians know that the so-called Reformists are nothing but stupid charlatans/ traitors. As the wise Iranians say: “If a stupid pig like Khatami is a Reformist, then Khamenei can be a Great Reformist! Iranians should ask/ get concessions directly from Khamenei. Now, we all know that he can make surprising concessions. Of course he and Mullahs are afraid that giving real concessions can lead to a ‘Revolution’. But when the West is anti-Iran and anti-Democracy, and when they only support all anti-democracy groups (Pahlavists, Marxists, Islamists, terrorists [MEK], etc) and when they try to keep Iran weak and unfree, if Khamenei and Mullahs make real concessions, Iranians will not repeat the 1979 mistakes. If they give us real concessions, we don’t reject them. But they should make real concessions. Mullahs still act like retards, and don’t care about their public image and the Illusion of Democracy. They destroy their own public image!, and also Iran’s public image. And it just serves the West’s interests. But US politicians, at least in the past, didn’t act like Mullahs. For instance, both the US and Mullahs control and filter the media/ internet. But Americans do it secretly or indirectly, while Mullahs openly, stupidly, and harshly fuck and filter everything”. They also add: “Mullahs act like retards, and don’t care about face-saving formulas. But Americans, at least in the past, didn’t act like Mullahs. Both the US and Mullahs control election candidates, but Americans use indirect controls such as money, while Mullahs openly ban/ disqualify most candidates (even Rafsanjani), and shit/ urinate on the Illusion of Democracy!”. They also add: “It’s funny that the US goes backwards and Mullahs can go forwards. Now, Americans act like Mullahs and destroy the Illusion of Democracy/ Freedom in America. The stories of Wikileaks, OWS, PRISM, the 2012 US Election Farce, supporting all anti-democracy groups, etc show that USA really goes backwards. Now, they kill the American Dream and the Illusion of Democracy in America. Now, they openly praise Censorship, Control, Corruption, Discrimination, Fanaticism, Nazism, Extremism, Racism, Tyranny, Injustice, etc and that’s why many talk about the End of America. In fact, the US system is nearing the End, because it even cannot give the illusion of Democracy any longer“.


As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs try to convert their Mullahcracy into something like US Fake Democracy. But they don’t know that the main pillar of any Fake Democracy is the illusion of Democracy. If you cannot create the illusion of choice, and if you cannot give the illusion of democracy to your people, you are a Blatant Tyranny, not a Fake Democracy. As Americans say: ‘Americans suffer from the illusion that they live in a democracy. And their illusion of having some liberties shackle their will to rebel‘. But Mullahs don’t care about such things, and just eat sticks and onions”. They also add: “Mullahs tell bad, stupid lies. For instance, on 15 June 2013, the Iranians went to the streets and chanted anti-AN and anti-Tyranny slogans, but the Mullah TV said: ‘Iranians went to the streets to thank our great leader, Khamenei’! Mullahs and Khamenei still tell stupid lies and insult people’s intelligence. But when all Iranians can see/ feel the truth, stupid lies just make people angrier, and shatters all illusions. When all humans hate hyperinflation/ corruption/ financial crisis, Mullahs say: ‘people love AN, hyperinflation and financial crises’! Mullahs act like Mullah Nasreddin and ridicule themselves. When shits like Janati and the Mullah Guardian Council kill the illusion of Democracy, and when the internet, the media, journalists, artists, writers, thinkers, etc are openly and harshly banned, censored and filtered, Mullahcracy is nothing but a blatant Tyranny”. They also add: “Mullahs say: ‘We tell big lies, but they (West) tell big lies, too. We hate Democracy, but they (West) hate Democracy, too. We have censorship, but they have censorship, too’. It’s not wrong, but the important point is that Westerners act like chameleons, secretly and indirectly! But Mullahs act like big idiots, openly, harshly, and shamelessly. Mullah don’t believe in their own religion and their own laws. But when both people and Mullahs don’t believe in such things, Mullahs must stop making people angry”. They also add: “We all should think about real solutions, and feasible solutions. Americans talk about ‘illusion of choice’, ‘illusion of voting’, or ‘illusion of Democracy’ in America. They truly say: ‘Democracy is dead when money controls power . US politicians call themselves public servants, while they are as corrupt as Jack Abramoff. America suffers from the tyranny of money and corruption’. In America, fake debates, election farces, tyranny of money, etc are so laughable. They sell and buy everything, including politicians, laws, freedom and democracy! US Capitalism is Free Corruption, not Free Market. But it’s not the whole story. US system is still better than an absolute monarchy. Absolute monarch even tells his subjects what to wear, what to drink, or how to breath/ fart! In the US, you can write and publish many things, and instead of censoring or silencing you, they boycott you! But in a blatant Tyranny, you can write and publish nothing; you even cannot fart freely!”. They also add: “The US has serious problems. In the US, most people are stupid, or have great illusions. Only some Americans talk about ‘The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny’. Only a few Americans know US corrupt electoral system or ‘the injustices of the two-party-tilted electoral process’. Most Americans are ignorant, and America needs Awareness, public awareness. If many Americans become aware, and ask for real changes, real freedoms, etc, then the US system would change. But now, as some Americans say: ‘Most Americans don’t know that US election laws/ practices severely discriminate [..] Democratic Party and Republican Party control everything [..] We only choose the Lesser of Two Evils. Our elected officials routinely break their election promises and are always free to flout the wishes of their constituents‘. But most American don’t care about such things, and many non-Americans are not aware of such things, or think that only non-Americans call themselves public servants (Khadem) and try to fool people! As Americans say: ‘Most Americans have no real opinions, but only impressions. They are shaped by propaganda, and a typical ‘Wag the Dog‘ strategy’. Unfortunately, many Americans are fanatics. In 2012, more than 57 million Americans (47%) voted for [a stupid Mormon]. The number of religious fanatics in America is much more than Iran’s [we have already written about 'Religious Fanatics' in the US, check Archive]“. They also add: “But most Iranians are not fanatics. Iranians are not racists. They care about all humans. Iran (Persia) is an ancient civilization before any country of the West existed. An as the West says: ‘The Persian Lion (Iranian lions) can change the world’ ! So, we say to Mullahs: ‘It’s shameful that the stupid West has a Fake Democracy and can fool the world, but you [..] Iran at least must have a fake democracy like US Democracy. You love the Republican-Democrat games, and you try to play such games in Iran (AN as a stupid Republican; Rohani as a stupid Democrat, etc). But you still act like big idiots. You screw the illusion of Democracy. You insult people and ban everything. You torture Iranians and force them to believe you! Your Mullah Logic is the Logic of Sword!, that belongs to non-Iranians and blatant tyrannies. But US and the West could fool and manipulate the world, because they could give the illusion of choice/ democracy. It’s US Fake Democracy, stupid! You, Mullahs, eat both ‘onions and sticks’. [Yah,] your Mullahcracy can turn into a fake democracy like US Democracy, and a Fake Democracy is better than a Blatant Tyranny. But at first, and at least, you should know the pillars of A Fake Democracy and the importance of the illusion of Democracy”.

The United States of Big Brother

June 23, 2013

“Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old CIA agent and the whistleblower behind the biggest scandal in US history, said: ‘US regime is spying on its people. The Internets big names -Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple- give the US government backdoor access to users private information’. But what he said is not a new thing. He just confirmed what we already knew!”, many say in these days. But it’s really shameful the US is turning into a police state. As the wise Iranians say: “Many preferred to think that the US is not like the UK. Britain is really an Orwellian state. As Orwell said, Britain is a surveillance state, a police state, a Big Brother state. Spies and Big Brother’s agents control the UK. Now, even the UK media confess: ‘The influence of spies has become too much’ ! (June 2013). They talk about ‘secret courts’, ‘secret laws’, ‘unwritten laws’, or ‘the excessive influence of the CIA and MI6 on the system’ (June 2013). Their media say: ‘UK spied on diplomats at G20 meetings in London’ (June 2013). But it doesn’t surprise anyone. The UK is the land of the spies. The UK is the land of the law of the jungle. Now, even UK spymasters explain how they manipulate politicians, and how they cover up torture, kidnaping and killing (June 2013). The UK has no Constitution, and the main laws in the UK are the unwritten laws and the law of the jungle. British barbarians still think/ act like their savage ancestors. As the Brits say: ‘Spies and secret societies control the UK and British Tyranny’. The well-informed people know the United Barbarians (Britain). But the US wants to become a new Britain! It’s ridiculous. NSA whistleblower Snowden fled to Hong Kong before providing his information to the press. And it’s a great shame to the US that when Americans want to reveal the US government oppression they must flee to China!“. The US Fake Democracy is shameful. Now, many make jokes and say: ‘USA is the land of Flee, not Free! US dissidents are not Free, and they must Flee from US .. American Capitalism is Free Corruption/ Free Tyranny .. In US Fake Democracy, Bribery is free, Spying is free, Supporting terrorists/ anti-democracy forces is free, but journalists, whistleblowers, and truth-tellers are not free .. Snowden showed that American Values are Orwellian values like Control, Censorship, Oppression, Corruption, Hypocrisy .. In America, Control & Lobbying is Democracy, Spying & Censorship is Freedom, and Bribery & Corruption is Capitalism”. In June 2013, many say: ‘US gov is lying to us. US mass surveillance is worse than the 1984 .. NSA regularly hacks into Internet backbone computers around the world, in order to look at people/ organizations’ data. NSA is turning the US into a Big Brother surveillance state”. In June 2013, the US media say: “Whistleblowers are Spies” !; “US congressmen say journalists should be prosecuted for publishing Snowden’s docs’ !; “FBI head claims mass surveillance is what US needs” !; “We can violate the citizens’ rights over their privacy” !; “[Not Americans, but] Hong Kong human rights NGOs rallied in favor of Snowden”!; “Hong Kong (not US) supports Snowden’s basic rights”! Now, the educated Iranians say: “USA is becoming a third world country. The tyranny of America is like the tyranny of Russia. Yah, the US is still a little better; but just a little!”. In these days, the wise, witty Iranians talk about Mullahcracy and American Fake Democracy, and say: “If Mullahs try to create the illusion of Democracy in Iran, then Iran will be like the US! The stupid Mullahs should know the importance of the Illusion of Democracy. They should know that when people have the illusion that they live in a democracy, their illusions shackle their will to rebel. A Fake Democracy can fool the world, too. So, Instead of listening to foreign advice and British advice, Mullahs must listen to our advice. British Barbarians eat their friends, but we can teach Mullahs how they can create a real Fake Democracy or a real illusion! It’s shameful that the US has a Fake Democracy, while Iran has a Blatant Tyranny. Now it’s clear that Iranians are wiser and more modern than Americans, and Mullahs are not stupider than US politicians (even monkeys are smarter than Obama & US politicians !). Mullahs are like Britons/ Americans. Mullahs don’t believe in ‘Khoda va Peyghambar’ (God & Prophets), or in their own bullshits. Mullahs kill people, steal/ embezzle people’s money, tell big lies, torture/ rape people, try to stay in power at any price, and act like the West’s bad guys. So, Don’t be so stupid, Mullahs! Lets turn Mullahcracy into US Fake Democracy! It’s in your and our interests. A Fake Democracy is better than a Blatant Tyranny. Don’t Worry, when stupid pigs like Khatami or Obama are Reformists, then Khamenei can be a Great Reformist!”. It’s a joke, or seems like a joke, but the Mullahcracy can become a Fake Democracy like the US Democracy. It’s possible! We should write more about the Mullahcracy and the illusion of Democracy in America.


“When the US regime betrayed Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, it was obvious that the US regime would betray Americans and the freedom and democracy in America as well. But most Americans were/ are so stupid. Lefts and US pigs tell big lies about Iran, but they and their Orwellian lies just reveal the truth of the United States of Big Brother”, some wise Iranians say. In fact, not only Snowden and the US regime, but even the lefts can reveal the true face of the United States of Big Brother. Let’s give you an example. As some wise Iranians say: “Chomsky and lefts love and support the Jewish CIA agents, the Leveretts. In 2009, these Jewish/ US spies said: ‘Iranians hate Mousavi, because Rafsanjani supports him [!] Ahmadinejads charge that Mousavi was supported by Rafsanjani seemed to play well with voters [!!]‘. But do you know what these spies say in 2013? Now, they say: ‘Iranians vote for Rohani, because Rafsanjani supports him! Rohani, Rafsanjani protégé, wins the election. Iran experts are ignorant [!]‘. The Jewish CIA is laughable. They repeat the regime’s jokes and say 36 million Iranians (72%) voted !, while less than 12 millions voted. Before the 2013 Show, the Jewish CIA and the US/ UK media said that Rohani is a Reformist! But do you know what they say now? Now, they say: ‘Rohani is a conservative. He is not a reformist, even according to Iranian standards’ ! The stupid West thinks that all humans have a short memory or a low IQ, like the American IQ that is less than the Goat’s IQ! US big lies about AN, Jalili, Rohani, Rafsanjani, etc reveal many things, including this fact that why ‘the chairman of CBS said that over 20 million Americans have an IQ of below 57 !”. They also add: “US Orwellian lies are bad, big lies, and just reveal the American IQ! According to Americans, USA scores the lowest IQs, at a national average score of 100-minus. The national average IQ score of Americans is less than many countries (including Iran, Japan, China, Germany, etc)”. Now, many Americans say: ‘Our Government Insults Our Intelligence’. But they don’t know that even Chomsky, the lefts, and their intellects insult their intelligence. As some wise Iranians say: “The Leveretts badly defended their beloved AhmadiNejad (AN)! And naturally, these Jewish CIA agents had to support Jalili, who is a copy of AN. What Jalili says is exactly like what the Leveretts say. In the Mullah Debate shows, only Jalili defended the 2009 coup, and repeated the Leveretts’ bullshit. But on 12 June 2013, the Leveretts wrote at Huffingtonpost: ‘In the final debate show Jalili lost ground to his rivals [because he repeated our bullshit]. Rohani emerged from the debates with rising popular support; Jalili did not; [because] Rafsanjani and Khatami endorsed Rohani’ Can you believe it?! If you want to know the secrets of the 2009 coup/ the 2013 farce, the stupid Leveretts can show you many things. But Americans’ low IQs don’t allow them to see the truth of the Leveretts, Chomsky, the Jewish CIA, and their paradoxes”. They also add: “When Americans have such low IQs, it’s obvious why USA turns into a police state or a third world state. Unfortunately, Americans allow the media, the so-called intellects, and the US regime to tell big lies, aid terrorists, defend Islamists, and support all anti-democracy groups. The Jewish CIA agents (Leveretts) tell the worst Orwellian lies, but Noam Chomsky and lefts support them! The 2009 coup is really a CIA-made coup. But most Americans are not aware of such things; and the real tragedy is that even MIT students see Chomsky and the Jewish CIA as heroes! Americans are stupid, and don’t know that the West and the Lefts are behind the 2009 coup. They don’t know that the 2009 coup’s main goal was: Keeping Iran weak and under tyranny. It’s what the West and all bad guys want”. Unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant, and don’t know that USA is turning into a Fascist- Orwellian state. As the wise Iranians say: “Now, we all can see that the West is behind Taliban, Marxist-Islamists (MEK), Egyptian Islamists, Syrian Salafis, Jewish Nazis, and other terrorists. But the stupid lefts say: ‘Oh, yah, the West is behind Taliban, Marxist-Islamists (MEK), Salafis, Al-Qaede, Jews, dictators, etc but the West is not behind Mullahs. It’s impossible’! They censor the story of AN, Jalili, Rohani, and Rafsanjani. They say nothing about the love story of ‘IMF and Mullahs’. In June 2013, the IMF chair thanked Mullahs for implementing the IMF plans in Iran! But do you know what the Lefts say/ do? These bastards just close their dirty eyes and pretend ignorance! Lefty pigs like Chomsky are nothing but puppets of the Big Brother. They are [Mean, Stupid, and Motherfucker]. And when Americans have such intellects and such media, it’s obvious that they should say: ‘We lose our freedom .. We lose free society, free media, free thoughts, free people .. the CIA is in bed with the media and the huge telecoms .. Everything we do and say is recorded .. Our media and our governments brainwash/ enslave us [but we love them!]“.


The Americans and their stupid hypocrisy are laughable. Now, their media report: “US begins direct talks with Taliban leaders”! And the Lefts say: “Who is behind the Taliban? USA!”. But they also add: “US is behind Taliban and Al-Qaede. [It's possible]. But US is not behind Mullahs and Islamists. It’s impossible’ ! As some wise Iranians say: ‘Pigs like Chomsky try to mislead US students, who know nothing about the world, Iran, Mullahs, Islamists, AN, the 2009 coup, and many other things. Now, the Turkish Dictator, Erdogan, and the Egyptian Dictator, Morsi, kill and suppresses their people. These Islamic dictators are US-backed dictators that both the US regime and the US lefts love and support them. But how many Americans are aware of such facts? The lefts say: ‘Mullah Omar, a guy with 1 eye, is a British-American stooge’ or ‘US and Taliban are old friends’. But they say nothing about Mullahs or Islamic dictators, and when Iranians truly say: ‘UK and Mullahs are old friends’ or ‘US and Mullahs are old friends’, the lefts see it as a Conspiracy Theory! Relations between the lefts and the CIA is amazing!”. In these days, many things are so stupid, but so informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, the US openly works with the Taliban! Maybe in the near future, the US would openly hail Bin Laden as a hero! When Americans openly support the Taliban and the Marxist-Islamists (MEK), everything is possible! Now, the US Congress openly support the Jewish Nazism, and that’s why the Jewish faggots eat shit and say: ‘Iran should be forced to choose between nuclear weapons or survival’ ! (JPost, 19 June). The Jewish Nazi also add: ‘We cannot accept anything less than the total cessation of all enrichment of nuclear materials at all levels, removal from Iran of all enriched nuclear material, closure of Iran’s nuclear facilities’ ! It’s what NetanYabu said during a meeting with Canadian faggots. But the little NetanYabu and the Jewish Nazi are little dogs and little puppets of the US. They just bark. But they and their American masters should know that it’s we, Iranians and the independent world, that will not accept anything less than removal from Israel of all nuclear bombs and nuclear material, and closure of all Israel’s nuclear facilities. The savage Jews praise Racism and Genocide. A Jewish barbarian like Rabbai Yosef, the anti-Iran leader of Shas, says: ‘Non-Jews were born only to serve us [!!] They have no place in the world [!!] -only to serve the people of Israel [!!]‘. The Savage Semites and the Jewish Barbarians really deserved the Holocaust, and Iran and the civilized world should not accept anything less than the total annihilation of all Jewish Barbarians”. Unfortunately, the US supports the savage Jews, who say: ‘Non-Jews were born only to serve Jews’! But when the US supports such barbarians, many become aware and say, for instance: ‘The story of [United States of Big Brother] is very very bigger/ longer than the story of Snowden and US Fake Democracy. The story of [United States of Big Brother] is the story of Chomsky, Leveretts, Lefts, Jewish Nazis, Iran, Islamists, Mullahs, Lobbyists, Marxist-Islamists, terrorists, dictators, [2009 coup], a Nation of Sheep, etc. Snowden says: ‘US government has granted itself power it is not entitled to. There is no public oversight’. But the real tragedy is that the American people don’t strongly protest against such things. America is becoming a third world country, a Nation of Sheep. They accept what their media, their fake intellects, and their government dictate/ instill into them. They accept violations of basic rights. They are big idiots, who stupidly think that they are better than others! The fate of such idiots and such societies is clear”.


The US fake intellects defend the tyranny, the mass surveillance, and other evils. They defend such things in the name of ‘War on Terror’ ! or ‘Fighting against Terrorism/ Imperialism”! But no one ask them about the love stories of “US and Taliban”, “US and Mullahs”, or “US and the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK)”! It’s so shameful. Now, some Americans say: ‘When East Germany collapsed in 1989, the Stasi was reported to have over 90,000 employees and over 170,000 informants. About one in every 63 East Germans aided the Stasi in collecting intelligence on their fellow citizens [...] Now USA is becoming the United Stasi of America!”. Now, the US media say: “NSA, FBI and CIA have had surveillance powers over citizens that KGB and Gestapo could not even dream of !” or “NSA, FBI, CIA analysts have access to anything they want: your emails, your phone calls, and so on”. Now, the US regime says: “What Snowden did was an act of treason”! (21 June). But some say: “Oh, yah, Telling the Truth is an act of Treason in the Empire of Lies !”. Now, the bad guys try to scare people, and say: ‘the US has the whole world under surveillance’ or ‘the US controls everything and everyone’ ! But as the wise guys say: ‘It’s a big lie. Now, even their own spies and young people within the Big Brother’s agencies suffer from ‘Crisis of Conscience’. Now, many are going to think. Snowden are Manning are the tip of the iceberg”. They also add: “You cannot trust spies. But Snowden’s story is informative. According to US media, ‘Edward Snowden is a 29-year-old technical assistant for the CIA. He has spent the last decade working in the spying world. He even doesn’t have a high school diploma. But at the CIA, he trained, and worked on IT security. By 2007, the CIA stationed him with diplomatic cover in Geneva, Switzerland’. He says CIA operatives were attempting to recruit a Swiss banker to obtain secret banking information. He says they plotted to arrest the banker for drunk driving, and then a secret agent seeking to befriend him offered to help, and a bond was formed that led to recruitment. ‘Much of what I saw in Geneva really disillusioned me’, Snowden says. He also adds: ‘I had ‘a very comfortable life’ that included a high salary, a girlfriend, a home in Hawaii, etc. But I’m willing to sacrifice all of that because I can’t in good conscience allow the US government to destroy basic liberties with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building’. It’s not bad. But maybe Snowden and the bad guys just want to scare people. Maybe it’s a game: Scare Tactics! What Snowden says is not a new thing. They try to scare people, while instead of scaring people, they should ask people to protest. All people should know that ‘US collects and stores the emails, the chats, and the phone records of Americans and non-Americans’. All people should protest against such things. All people should know that ‘data obtained from your phones/ digital tools, show your address, your movements, your private life, your private talks, etc’. But instead of fearing, people should protest against such things”. I hope the good Americans and the wise Americans start to protest against both the US regime and the US lefts. Now, many people say good things, and it can increase public awareness. The current protests in Brazil or Turkey -that are protests against tyranny, corruption, bribery, brutality, injustice, poverty, etc- expose the power of people. Now, many put comments and say: ‘Our government is setting up a surveillance state .. our tools are spying on us! .. Smartphones work for the Surveillance State .. Democracy requires an informed public. But we are stupid. We’re living in a police state .. US military that has levelled 22 charges against Bradley Manning, including espionage and ‘aiding the enemy’! In this USA, murder is not the crime; unmasking evidence of it is! .. Google, Facebook, and systems we all use, are spying on us .. private and public companies work with the Big Brother. They betray us .. Google, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, etc want the world to trust them with personal data, emails, photos, documents. But now they are spying on us! .. It has serious consequences for the reputations of all internet companies, who have built their trade on trust”. Unfortunately, many good guys think that the bad guys can control everything, and people can change nothing! But as we already wrote in “Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change” (check Archive), and as the wise Iranians say: “the bad guys are not able to dominate the good guys. True victory over your enemy occurs when they start to use your language. And now all bad guys/ barbarians use our language. They have changed, and ‘We’ (ie ‘Iranians, all good guys, and the civilized world) have changed them. ‘Ma Hatta Adam-Khora & Malakh-Khora ro ham Adam Kardim !’ (We even made human-eaters & locust-eaters humans!) If you take a close look at the Iran’s history or the Civilized World history, you can see that it’s ‘We’ that have changed barbarians, and it’s they that have accepted our culture, our values, and our Civilization. And it’s the True Victory. It’s clear that ‘We’ (Iranians, all good guys, and the civilized world) will defeat all bad guys and all Big Brothers. It’s what both Reason and History tell us”. Think about it. We would write more it later.

The West Anti-Iran Racism

May 18, 2013

“In these days, the US, the UK, Canada and the EU tell big lies and help the Mullahs and all anti-democracy groups. The fascist US Congress that even most Americans don’t like it or see it as the home of crooks and thieves, openly defends the anti-Iran Racism, the Jewish Nazism, the Islamic Communism, and all evil and anti-democracy forces. The US faggots have confused and badly reveal their true colors. As their media report: ‘Frustrated and [confused], US Congress [tries to force] all countries to stop trading with Iran. US Congress [refers to their anti-Iran sanctions as] the most draconian sanctions ever imposed’ ! Now, the American faggots say: ‘All countries should [obey us], and should stop their trades/ relations with Iranians. The US will ban sales of gold by anyone[!] to either the Islamic regime or to Iranian citizens‘! The Savage Americans that their brain is in their ass, helped Mullahs in suppressing Iranian citizens in 2009. And now, the Savage Americans that their IQ is less than pigs’ IQ, have confused and think that a bunch of American faggots can decide about the whole world, and can eat any shits that they want! US faggots should suck [...] Go to hell [...], savage Americans. Your End is near”, some wise Iranians say. And it’s like what many Iranians say. We have already written about “Sanctions and United States of Assholes” (check Archive). What the stupid Yankees say and do just disgrace and discredit themselves, and is not important. Now many clearly say: “United States of Ass imagines that all humans/ all nations are slaves of a bunch of US faggots?!”. But American Racism and US Fascism are important issues. As some wise Iranians say: “These years (2012/ 2013) revealed many things, including the secrets of the 2009 coup, the West’s anti-Iran plots, and the Western Racism/ Barbarism. The West and its mercenaries have become so shameless. ‘Inghadr Poro Shodand Keh’ (they have become so shameless that) they openly and shamelessly praise genocide and barbarism, and use their barbaric Bible to justify barbaric crimes against the Persian nation! ‘Inghadr Poro Shodand’ (they have become so shameless) that even the wise Americans react, and say: Our Jewish God is the God of Racism and Genocide !”. In this year, the US barbarians and the savage Jews say many barbaric things, that we should write more about them later. But as some wise Iranians say: “The savage anti-Iran Jews/ Yankees openly and shamelessly praise Genocide. They even praise ‘Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks, ie NUCLEAR ATTACKS‘ (April 2013) or write: ‘Could Tehran be the next Hiroshima?’ ! or ‘What Would Happen if Israel Nuked Iran’ ! (May 2013) The Jewish Barbarians and the Savage Americans are proving that they are worse than animals. The Savage West openly praises Collective Punishment and says: ‘All Iranians, ie ordinary (anti-Mullah) Iranians that the West betrayed them in 2009, should be punished! It’s not important that you are wise, nice, kind, or a great man; it’s not important who you are, what you do, how you live, what you think, etc; We punish you only because you are Iranian!’ And it’s a clear definition of Racism”. The West’s anti-Iran Racism and the West’s anti-Iran policies have changed many things in Iran. For instance, as some wise Iranians say: “The Nuclear issue is [a good example]. Before the year 2009, pigs like Ali Nourizadeh and Masoud Behnoud, or even Westerners said to Iranians: ‘The West has no problem with Iran. Iranians can have nuclear programs, nukes and everything. We just say that only Mullahs and Islamic regime, that are [blah blah] can not have nuclear programs/ nukes. The West says that Mullahs, not Iran, should not have nuke or nuclear program’. And Iranians could accept this logic, because they hated Mullahs and thought that the West is really honest and cares about freedom, democracy and human values. But the 2009 tragedies and the Western crimes/ betrayals revealed many things. Now, most people know that the West just wants to keep Iran weak, unfree and undeveloped. Now, the West clearly says: We don’t allow Iran and Iranians (not Mullahs) to have nuclear programs or any advanced technologies! In 2012, the Western faggots, that had helped Mullahs in killing Iranians in 2009, started to punish all anti-Mullah Iranians!, and clearly proved that the West is the Enemy of Iranians, Truth, Humanity, and Goodness. And now, Iranians clearly say to the Savage West: “Eat shit and Die. Iran and Iranians not only must have nukes, but even Mullahs must have nukes. Mullahs will go to hell, but our nukes and our advanced technologies will remain in Iran. The West can go to hell and fuck itself‘. It’s quite reasonable/ understandable. When the Racist West proves that the West is enemy of Iran and Iranians, but friend of Mullahs and anti-democracy groups; when the Savage West proves that the West hates Freedom and Democracy, but they love Tyranny, Censorship, Dictators, Terrorists, Marxist-Islamists, Monarchists, Islamists and other pigs; it’s obvious that all Iranians just spit on such Fascist West, and only can hate such stupid, Savage West. Now, it’s clear that the West’s anti-Iran Racism has a deep root in Ku Kluxism, Fascism, Nazism, Colonialism, and Barbarism”.


“If the US and the West cared about the Freedom and Democracy in Iran, and if the US and the West helped the Iranian people in 2009, or at least if the US and the West didn’t betray the Iranian people and the freedom and democracy in Iran, the Iranian people would have not seen the true colors of the West! The stupid West badly and stupidly revealed its true face, and made the people aware. The Western crimes/ betrayals is a godsend for Iranians and all good guys. Thanks God that our enemies are such stupid barbarians, whose IQ is less than pig IQ”, some wise Iranians say. The Anti-Iran sanctions in 2012, ie when the US and the West had already refused to impose any pressure on Mullahs in 2009 -when the Iranian people, that were in the streets, asked for it- showed that the West only wants to keep Iran weak and unfree. As the wise Iranians say: “The West opposed the anti-Mullah sanctions in 2009, but imposed the anti-Iran sanctions in 2012! What it means?! Even the little kids know what it means. The West is anti-Iran and pro-Tyranny. The West just wants to keep Iran weak and unfree. The 2009- 2013 era showed that the West has two main goals: (1)Iran should not be a free country, and Iranians should not enjoy Freedom and Democracy (2)Iran should not be a strong country, and Iranians should not have modern technologies and modern weapons, including nukes. But we, Iranians never let this happen. Iran not only must enjoy real Freedom and Democracy, but Iran must have nuclear weapons, and even weapons that are much stronger than nukes. The Savage West can be sure that Iranians will restore Great Iran, and sooner or later Iran will become a superpower again, as it used to be. And Great Iran, as the Cradle of Civilization, will not allow a bunch of barbarians and human-eaters (Adam-Khor) to hurt and exploit other nations. The younger generations of Iranian intellectuals and Iranian thinkers are much more wiser and smarter than their Western counterparts, and they know how to deal with a bunch of uncultured pigs in the West. The 21st century is not the 19th century, and a bunch of British parvenus and European upstarts cannot hurt and exploit humans“. The West’s bad guys stupidly try to prove that today’s West is still savage and uncultured. Now, the Savage Jews and the American barbarians openly praise genocide and barbarism! As some wise Iranians say: “A savage anti-Iran Jew like Jeffery Goldberg praises Genocide, and refers to Mullahs as ‘Leaders of Persia’ ! But his barbaric crap reveal many things. As Shaul M. wrote in ‘Iran as Haman: Jeffrey Goldbergs Dangerous Analogy’ (Feb 2013, Daily Beast): ‘Goldberg links the Purim story and its villain Haman to present-day Iran. Not only is this analogy dangerous and unproductive; it also misconstrues the Purim story. In the Bible (Exodus 17:8-16) we read of Gods command to commit genocide against the Amalekites. [In the rabbinic tradition,] Haman was considered a descendant of the Amalekites. Jews periodically try to link their enemies with Amalek, and say: Its Gods command to commit genocide against Amalek. In the biblical tradition, all Amalekites must die; men, women, and children! And If a Jew could identify an Amalekite walking harmlessly down the street, he should kill him in cold blood’. The savage Jews love the Holy Jewish Barbarism! But as you know, any books that praises genocide, racism, and savagery, is a Satanic/ Barbaric Book. If the Iranian people have serious problems with Mullahs, it has a clear reason: Mullahs ignore the ancient Iranian values like Tolerance. But the Christian/ Jewish fanatics are worse than Mullahs. They praise genocide, and say: ‘Sometimes genocide is a good thing! In some occasions, our God and our Bible allow us to kill all men, women, and children!’. But even Mullahs don’t say such barbaric things”. Recently, many write or talk about the Jewish Barbarians, but as some wise Iranians say: “Many people, even normal Jews write about ‘the chosen people or Jewish barbarians?‘ (M. Balter), but the West’s Ministry of Truth censor or boycott them. Now, most people know that the Jewish Nazi have polluted the world, and the End of Jewish Nazism can bring about the reign of freedom and justice, not just in the Middle East but in the whole world. The savage Jews -not all Jews- openly praise war, genocide, and savagery. They are a plague. The Jewish Nazi -ie pigs like NetanYabu, Barak, Goldberg, and Lieberman- are a plague that should be removed from the face of the earth“.


As the wise Iranians say: “The Savage Jews praise Barbarism and their barbaric Jewish Bible. They say: ‘The Bible says that God told Joshua and Israelites to carry out the massacres. ‘They devoted the city to the LORD and destroyed with the sword every living thing in it -men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys (Joshua 6)’. And the same claim is made today by the Jewish state. But the important point is that the American barbarians in the White House and the US Congress support and defend the Jewish barbarians and the Biblical Barbarism! The West’s anti-Iran Racism is based on the Jewish/ Biblical logic, that is a barbaric logic. The US-EU sanctions are not important at all, but the West’s anti-Iran Racism is so important. They say that we punish you, we hurt you, and we don’t allow you to do this or do that, because you are an Iranian! It’s not important that you are anti-Mullah, intellectual, scientist, wiser than westerners, etc. They say: It’s not important who you are, how you think or how you live; we punish you because you are Iranian! But it’s the clear definition of Racism, and there is a direct, serious connection between the West’s anti-Iran Racism, the Jewish Racism, and the Biblical Racism“. They also add: “The Savage West and the Savage Jews incite to War and Genocide. They openly talk about the Biblical Genocide and this shameful fact that their barbaric Bible allows them to commit genocide and barbaric crimes against humanity! This level of Barbarism in the 21st century is unbelievable. But the West Anti-Iran Racism is a Jewish-Christian Racism, that has a long history in the Savage West. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is a savage, racist organization in the US, that was founded in the 19th century. As Americans say: ‘the Klan lynched, ate, burned, tortured, raped, and beat the poor people to death, only because they were blacks. Klansmen were savages [like European/ British barbarians]. And there isnt much difference between the KKK and the Tea Party’. Klansmen are Anglo-Celtic barbarians, ie the Savage Americans are the descendants of European barbarians and British human-eaters. But the KKK and Klansmen are Christian fanatics, too. As Americans say: ‘Christian Identity’ is the name of a religious movement uniting many of the racist groups in the US. They promote racism and violence. Their roots are deeply embedded in movements such as the KKK and the Nazi’. It’s what Americans say in articles like [*]: ‘Christian Identity: A Religion for White Racists’ [2010, by Christian Research Institute]“. They also add: “The KKK is praised in the US! As Americans say: ‘Birth of a Nation’ (1915) is a racist film, based on a novel by a Baptist minister entitled The Clansman, an unashamed propaganda piece for the KKK. But this racist film was the first huge box office success in the US, and amassed the equivalent of $200 million! Birth of a Nation contributed to the second rise of the KKK. They had 4 -5 million members by the 1920s!’ In fact, Ku Kluxism in America, Fascism in Italy, and Nazism in Germany are the same shit, and even some say that Ku Kluxism is the root/ mother of Fascism and Nazism”. They also add: “Racism, Fascism and Barbarism has a deep root in America. The Native American Holocaust is more important the Jewish Holocaust. Those who created the Native American Holocaust said that they want to follow the Jewish/ Christian traditions of their barbaric Bible. Religious Racism & Religious Fascism are serious issues in America. The American Film Institute praises the racist Birth of a Nation as one of the greatest films of all-time! And it’s funny that the Savage Americans, ie the KKK and Christian fanatics see ‘Jews as the Great Enemy‘[*]. They have Pedar-Koshtegi (killed-father; deep hatred) towards Jews and say: ‘Jews killed Jesus Christ‘. They also believe: ‘Jews are children of Satan‘[*] It’s funny, isn’t it? But now, the savage Americans shed crocodile tears for Jews, and help the Savage Jews! Ku Kluxism, or the values and beliefs of the KKK is the root of US Fascism, and ‘Jewish Racism + Christian Ku Kluxism = US Anti-Iran Racism”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, US pigs -like David Cohen- say: ‘We try to increase pressure on the value of Iran’s Rial. US is working to undermine Iran’s Rial’. But it’s exactly what AhamadiNejad (AN) and Mullahs do. They aid USA in decreasing Rial’s value! If spies and non-Iranians didn’t rule Iran, Iranians could break/ cut the US horn [Shakhesh-o Mishkastim] and teach the Enemy a good lesson. But now, the Jewish Spy (AN) and the British Mullahs aid the Enemy, as faggots in exile work for the Enemy and prove: ‘Anti-Iran faggots like Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi, Nourizadeh, etc work for the MI6/ CIA’ or ‘RoozOnline and Balatarin are the bankrupt media of the CIA/ MI6′. Now, all anti-Iran whores reveal their true colors by helping/ praising the West’s anti-Iran Racism. And sooner or later, Iranians will teach a good lesson to the Savage West and all anti-Iran whores”.


As the wise Iranians say: “The difference between Iran and the West is the difference between Civilization and Barbarism. Even in today’s America, US Christian Fanatics teach Genocide to their innocent children and ask them to kill all men, women and children! [We have already written about this issue; check archive for 'US Christian Fanatics teach Genocide']. In America, Europe, and Jewish State, they still love and praise Genocide, Armageddon, Racism, Barbarism, and Barbaric crimes against humanity. The Jewish/ Arabic/ Biblical God is the god of Holocaust, Racism, and Genocide. But it’s important to note that the Iranian God is the god of Love, Goodness, Kindness, and Tolerance. It’s a key difference. In Iran, God is a synonym for Good, Love, Truth, Friend, etc. Iranians’ relation with God is based on love and human values. It’s so important. Iranians care about God, only because God is a synonym for Good, Love, Truth, and good things. [Check our archive for 'Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance']. Tolerance, Human Rights, or Seeing God as the Good, Love, Truth, Friend, etc is among the Iranian Legacy and Iranian gifts to mankind. But Genocide, Barbaric crimes against humanity, or Seeing God as the God of Savagery, Barbarism, Racism, Tyranny, etc is among the Jewish/ Arabic/ Western legacy. Many intellects -from Plato and Xenophon to Hegel and Nietzsche- have confessed to such facts. The Iranian values is the base of Human values, while the Jewish/ Arabic/ Western values is the base of Barbaric/ Satanic values. And it’s a key difference. Even the Iranian myths that belong to the ancient time, are based on the Iranian values, including Tolerance, Sympathy, Kindness, Goodness, Truth, Humanity, etc. It’s so important. Even in the modern world, there are many examples that can show you why Iran is the Land of the Good. For instance, Oshin (1983) is a Japanese serialized TV drama, which aired in Japan by NHK in 1983. As of today, Oshin aired in about 60 countries. Many know Oshin, but as the Japanese say: ‘In the 1980s, many didn’t know Japan had such poor beginnings .. Some Iranians thought the scenes of Oshin’s difficult youth were actually of the Japan of today and, according to NHK, ordinary Iranians inquired how they could send rice to Japan‘ ! And it says a lot about Iranians and Iranian values. Iranians watched Oshin in the 1980s – during the Iraq’s war. Iranians had a hard time in the 1980s, but they still cared about other humans, and wanted to send rice to Japan, to help the poor people in Japan! Anyone with 1% brain or 1% humanity knows what is means, and such a great nation is the Iranian nation. But the Savage West/ Jews desperately try to hurt such nation and the Cradle of Civilization. The West and the Jews are so ungrateful. Most good things in the West have Iranian roots. Even the non-Iranian scholars say: ‘While all other world powers persecuted and discriminated against the Jews (e.g. Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans and later Arabs, Germans, Britons, etc), the Iranians were the only world power who liberated and protected the Jews’. But the Jews and the West are so ungrateful”. We have already written about what happened in 2009, how the West betrayed Iranians, or how the savage Jews/ West tell bad/ barbaric jokes (check Archive for: “Zionists Pray for Annihilation of Iran”, “New Monkey Species found in USA, UK, & West”, “Ahmadinejad is a Jew, Holocaust Denier is a Spy”, “Iranian Legacy Confuses Arab Locust Eaters”, etc). The Anti-Iran comments in the mass media are so shameful. In the best case, the savage Jews/ Westerners say: ‘What Netanyahu says is what God wants from the US .. Iran is an Arab country. Iran is the worlds 5th most hated country in the world. Iranians deserve what they get”. Unfortunately, today’s West is turning into the land of the stupid Evil. As the wise Iranians say: “The Land of Barbarians and Big Brother (ie Britain), that has a very short history of civilization but a very long history of Barbarism, systematically tell big lies and systematically falsify everything. They are behind all barbaric crimes/ disasters in the recent centuries. They invented barbaric-Orwellian concepts like Scientific Racism. The Barbarian UK is a small island, but a great criminal”. They also add: “Now, the UK Orwellian media, from the BBC to the Guardian, badly and stupidly help their beloved Mullahs (from Khamenei/ Rafsanjani to Khatami) and all anti-democracy groups (from Pahlavists to Marxists/ Islamists). But sooner or later, Iranian thinkers will shed such light on the shameful history of Britain and British lies, that the term Briton/ English will become a global synonym for words like Savage, Human-Eater, or Big Liar”. All Westerners, all Brits, or all Jews are not bad guys. Many Westerners are not as stupid or uncultured as their bad guys. They say, for instance: ‘IF Israel strikes, Jews = Nazis .. Jewish State is the worlds 2nd most hated country in the world. So, Jews deserve the Holocaust and what they get! .. Educated people know: (1) Semites = Arabs + Jews (ie Jews are Arabs) (2) Iran is the land of Aryans .. Which countries are the world’s 1st most hated countries in the world? USA and UK ! .. WAR WAR WAR! That’s Isr-a-eli scream. Jewish Propaganda is worse than Nazi Propaganda .. Iran is an Arab country?! So, Britain is a Turkish country! Go see a psychiatrist man”. As ancient Iranians and today’s Iranians say: “Your race and your religion is not important. Being Iranian, European, Arab, Jew, American, African, etc is not important at all. Being a good human (Adam budan) is important“. There is no doubt that the US and the West are on the wrong side of history, and their fate is like the fate of all stupid bad guys. But I hope all good guys in the West and the world, can talk or think more about the West’s anti-Iran Racism and its roots. The Western Savagery or the Western Racism is an important, global issue.

Iranians Should Stop Anti-Iran Mafia, not Mullahs !

April 20, 2013

“The Iranian people are victims of the anti-Iran Mafia, and the Mullahs are just a small part of the Anti-Iran Mafia. The post 2009-era prove that If the Iranian people want to have a better life, a better future, a better world, and enjoy freedom, democracy, progress, etc, they should fight against the Anti-Iran Mafia, not the Mullahs. Iranians should stop the Global Mafia, not the Mullahs “, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Do you know when Tragedy becomes Comedy ?! When you live in Iran, and see how the British media and the American media tell big Orwellian jokes about Iran and Iran’s tragedies. It’s when you forget all tragedies and start to laugh at the Orwellian West. It’s when you think that you live in the Big Brother’s world, and what the poor Orwell said about the Big Brother’s Media Mafia in the West was not a myth. It’s when you can see how spies and Big Brother’s mercenaries try to control everything and brainwash masses. It’s when you can understand who was behind the 2009 coup, the 1997-2004 tragicomedy, the 1979 tragedy, the Shah’s comedy, and the tragedy of ‘Keeping Iran Weak, Unfree, and Undeveloped in the past 150 years’. It’s when you forget the current pains/ disasters, and see why the post-2009 era is the most important era in Iran’s history. In this historic era, the stupid West is badly revealing its true colors, and many can see the true face of the Orwellian West and the Big Brother’s media in the West“. In these days, the Orwellian West and the Orwellian media can show you many things. So, lets take a look at some of their Orwellian acts/ lies:

As the people media report: “In these days, the story of IMF plans and gold price in Iran is informative, but the Western media say nothing about it, and censor it. When the international gold price increases by 1% or 1$, the Mullahs raise gold price in Iran, and say: ‘We had to do it. We have a formula that connects ‘the Iran’s gold price to the international gold price’, and you all know it. Each day we calculate the Iran’s gold price by using this formula’. But in the recent days, the international gold price decreased by about 200$. And according to their own formula, the Iran’s gold price must decrease by 2,500,000 Rial to 5,000,000 Rial. But the Mullahs and the Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad or AN) just try to help the West, and deliberately don’t allow gold price to decrease in Iran! And it’s important to note that the Western media say nothing about such facts! They just say: ‘Sanctions work! Irans inflation rate worsened’. They don’t say that Mullahs are deliberately helping the West and sanctions, and Mullahs are implementing the IMF plans, and Mullahs deliberately don’t allow Inflation rate, Dollar’s value, Gold price and other prices to decrease in Iran. Just ask yourself: Why do the West and the Left say nothing about the IMF-Mullah love affair? Why do they say nothing about the story of Rial, Dollar, Gold, and IMF Plans in Iran ?!”. Think about it.

As some wise Iranians say: “Why do the lefts and Chomsky say nothing about this undeniable fact that the Mullah regime implemented the IMF plans after the 2009 coup? Why do the West and the Lefts see the disastrous results of the IMF plans as the result of US-EU sanctions, and no one says nothing ?! Why did the lefts and Chomsky try to defend the 2009 coup ?! Yah, stupid lefts and Chomsky work for the Big Brother. Even Iran’s inflation rate can show you why Iranians hate the Mullahs and the Jewish Spy (AN) so much. Iran’s gold price can show you that the inflation rate in the AhmadiNejad’s era (from 2005 to 2012) is more than 1300% ! But the Left and the West say nothing about such facts, and it’s important”. Think about it.

[Note: Gold Coin's price in 1978 -before the Mullah regime- was 4,000 Rial !]

Year (in the Mullah Era) Price of Gold Coin (in round figures)
1981 35,000 Rial
1985 50,000 Rial
1989 95,000 Rial
1993 190,000 Rial
1997 450,000 Rial
2001 650,000 Rial
2005 1,000,000 Rial
2010 4,500,000 Rial !
2012 14,500,000 Rial !!


As the people media report: “The Jewish Spy (AN) that comes from a Jewish family, still tries to complete his Jewish mission. He tries to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans in 2013. In his new budget plan, the Jewish Spy is trying to reduce Rial’s value by 100%! and raise the price of everything -foods, medicines, gasoline, fuels, etc- by 100% to 300% ! The Jewish spy (AN) still tries to help the West. But when all Iranians specially the poorer people hate him so much, the West’s Orwellian media, including the Guardian say: ‘AN’s measures has maintained his and his government’s popularity, especially among the poorer people [!!]‘ (Guardian, April 2013). Can you believe it ?! The Guardian and the British media are Orwellian media. But if the Mullah regime allows AN to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans amid the West’s sanctions and the season for the Mullah Election Show, it just proves 2 things: (1) Khamenei is nothing but an MI6 agent (2) Mullahs and their Western employers know that the Iranian people hate the Mullah regime so much. In fact, the anti-Iran Mafia know the truth, and they desperately try to hurt Iranians inside Iran, and at the same time, they tell big Orwellian lies about the 2013 Mullah Show that no one gives a shit about it in Iran. This Orwellian policy, that is based on ‘Big Orwellian Lies’, is so stupid; and that’s why the Western employers of Mullahs say: ‘John Kerry asks for patience on US sanctions before Mullah Election’ ! (Reuters, April 2013). They know that the current conditions just lead to the Big Bang and show that the main problem of Iran and the world is the Orwellian-Barbarian West, and the British Mullahs are nothing but Stooges of the anti-Iran Mafia”. Think about it.

As some wise Iranians say: “In the recent days, the Savage Americans try to prove that they are worse than the German Nazi. As almost all US media report: ‘the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee adopted ‘Senate Resolution 65,’ stipulating that the US will assist Israel economically and militarily if the Jewish state wants to take military action against Iran‘ ! Can you believe it ?! In this year (2013), the savage Americans -ie a bunch of religious fanatics, crooks, fascists and terrorists- openly and shamelessly defend the Jewish Nazism, as they defended the Islamic Communism (MEK) in 2012. The savage Americans in US Congress just try to play the role of ‘Bad Cops’ !, but they reveal many things. In the recent days, the American barbarians even allowed the Islamist Communist terrorists (MEK/ NCR) to open Office in Washington, near White House! American barbarians that defend the Jewish Nazism and the Islamic Communism just prove that the End of America and the Fall of the bankrupt West is really near. American barbarians like Robert Menendez, Lindsey Graham, and Dana Rohrabacher can show you why the American terrorists kill the innocent people in Boston, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Colorado, etc. These neo-barbarians think like the KKK and live like their barbarian ancestors in Britain, who hated humans and ate humans. The American barbarians think and act like the British human-eaters and the German Nazi. In fact, the main enemy of a better world and a better future is American Barbarians and British human-eaters, who only understand force, and love and praise war, violence, racism, genocide, lies, slavery, savagery, apartheid, etc. US Congress is showing that the American Fascism is really worse than the Nazism”. Think about it.

As some wise Iranians say: “The West has become the Orwellian West, because their intellects even cannot see the main problems and deny the undeniable facts. Recently (in April 2013) Richard Stallman and other Americans wrote: ‘US senators are proposing even tighter sanctions on Iran, in the name of regime change. A few years ago, lots of Iranians wanted regime change, and were imprisoned and even shot for it. That doesn’t imply they will support this’. But people like Stallman still don’t want to accept the truth, and still resist confessing: ‘A few years ago, lots of Iranians wanted regime change, and were imprisoned and even shot for it. But we Americans (Obama, US gov, US lefts) not only didn’t support them, but we betrayed them and helped the Mullahs in killing and suppressing them‘. We Americans opposed the 2009 anti-Mullah sanctions, but imposed the 2012 anti-Iran sanctions! In 2009, America didn’t want to bring the Mullah regime to its knees, but now after the 2009 betrayals/ crimes, US faggots want to bring the Iranian nation to its knee!’ Unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant, blind, or so stupid. They even don’t ask themselves: “Why do US lefts and Chomsky support Islamists, Dictators, Tyranny, etc?! Why does Chomsky help Brezizenski and Mullah Mafia ?! [Check our archive] Why do US lefts try to help dictators in keeping their countries weak, unfree & undeveloped?’ Even people like Stallman refuse to condemn US Bullying. They just say: ‘Since these sanctions are largely aimed at other countries that buy Iranian oil, they will spark a trade war’ ! They don’t ask: Do the savage Americans think all humans are slaves of USA ? It’s really stupid that the American barbarians support war, genocide, injustice and other evils, but people like Stallman just say: ‘Does exposing US injustices (such as wars of aggression) harm the US, or help the US?’ Incitement to War and Genocide is a clear sign of Barbarism. The US has become the Land of the Idiot and the Land of the stupid Bad Guy, mainly because their intellects cannot see the real problems, and deny the undeniable facts”. Think about it.

As some wise Iranians say: “The inflation rate in the AN’s era is more than 1300%. And in his last year (2013), AN still tries to implement the IMF plans in Iran ! But the Lefts say nothing about such facts. They even don’t say that the inflation rate in the Rafsanjani’s era (1989 to 1997) was more than 400%, and the inflation rate in the Khatami’s era (1997 to 2005) was more than 100%! As you know, the inflation rate should be 1% to 5%, not 100% to 1300%! The Mullahs destroyed Iran and Iran’s economy with corruption, tyranny, mismanagement, hyperinflation, etc and severed the West’s interests. Iranians only can hate such regime and such disasters. Now, all Iranians -even the Islamists- hate AN and Hyperinflation & Financial Corruption in the AN’s era, but the American/ British media say: ‘Iranians still love AN ! His measures has maintained his popularity, especially among the poorer people’ ! Why do they tell such bad, big lies ?! Yah, the West and the Lefts love AN and Mullahs; But why do the stupid CIA agents, from Leverett to Chomsky, say: ‘Iranians love Mullahs, because they love hyperinflation, tyranny, and disasters’ ?! The Lefts know that AN implemented the IMF plans in Iran, and average prices increased by about 700%. But just take a look at the Guardian and the British media, or what the US lefts or Chomsky said and say in 2013/ 2012 and 2009/ 2010. They stupidly prove that the Big Brother’s Mafia is a global mafia that the Lefts and the mass media are just parts of it. Chomsky really works for the Big Brother and is as stupid as the Guardian that doesn’t allow Iranians to put or even see/ read any comments, but at the same time, they work with Tehran Bureau & NIAC, the notorious cesspools of the MI6/ CIA agents”.

As some wise Iranians say: “The American rights (fascists) defend Racism and Fascism, and the American lefts work for the CIA and defend Tyranny and Suppression! The story of Venezuela is so funny. Now, the Venezuelan dictators reject ‘vote recount demanded by oppositions’ !, and the US lefts support dictators, and show that ‘Coup’ or ‘Election Fraud’ is a synonym for ‘Lefts’! The Venezuelan faggot, Maduro, kill and suppress the protesters with the help of the stupid Lefts, whose leader is Chomsky. Maduro, Chavez’s ass-licker, stupidly says: I had 7.5 million votes, and my rival had 7.3 million votes! 50.6% vs. 50.4% ! So, there is no need to vote recount and I rush to declare myself as the winner and the president! The Lefts support me, and I kill and suppress the protesters with the help of US lefts, Obama and Chomsky. God bless Chomsky, Stalin, and Obama !’


As the people media report: ‘Spies and traitors to Iran and Iranians desperately try to heat up the 2013 Mullah Show, while Iranians inside Iran don’t give a shit about the 2013 Mullah Show. In these days, the West and its mercenaries tell bad jokes. For instance, they say: ‘Iran’s Presidential Election [!] Heats up [!!] as Reformist Rowhani [!] Enters Race’. Can you believe it ?! It’s exactly what an anti-Iran mercenary, Farhang Jahanpour, wrote in April 2013! He is an unknown spy that licks UK ass, and they introduce him as: ‘A member of Kellogg College, University of Oxford [!]‘. Mehdi Rafsanjani reminds you of Oxford Uni, but apparently, many MI6 agents work for University of Oxford! In these days, the Orwellian West and their stooges say nothing about the reality of Iran, the 2013 Mullah Election Show and their so-called candidates, who are a bunch of notorious Basiji thugs and Khamenei’s dogs. The CIA/ MI6 media love Khamenei’s dogs, but almost all Iranians (more than 90%) hate them so much. The West loves pigs like Khatami and Behnoud, who are nothing but traitors to Iranians and Freedom and Democracy in Iran. But Iranians hate them”.

As the people media report: ‘In these days, the stupid traitors to Iran and Iranians, including Ebrahim Nabavi, reveal many things. After the Ashura Massacre in 2009-2010, Ebrahim motherfucker Nabavi wrote: ‘Iranians should go back to their homes, and the street protests is enough. The green movement needs a brake pedal. We should wait for a negotiation time, a deal time, a proper time, and if we wait, then in the near future Mousavi will go to Khameneis office and say: Im ready’ ! But now, we all can see that they go to Khameneis office and just say: Dear Dictator, we are ready for Licking your ass !. Now, the brake pedals and the bankrupt whores like Ebrahim Nabavi and Masoud Behnoud say: ‘Khatami Come and Save us! Khatami come and save Iran’! Can you believe it?! They help dictator, betray Iranians, and destroy Iran and the people’s movement, and then talk about Saving Iran! Pigs like Nabavi, Behnoud, and Khatamists are worse than Mullahs. Now, they say: ‘Khatami, we don’t freedom and democracy. Khatami just come and save us!’. They destroyed people’s movements and people’s hopes, and betrayed the freedom and democracy in Iran, and now [...] But Iranians know why the West loves these pigs, call them ‘Iranian Journalists in Exile’ !, and pay them to manage the anti-Iran cesspools like,,,, etc. Khatamists and pigs like Behnoud and Nabavi betrayed the 2009 protests, aided the Anti-Iran Mafia and Mullahs, betrayed Iran and ordinary Iranians, and help the 2012 sanctions & the anti-Iran psywar. They just try to keep Iran weak and unfree. It’s their mission. But now, they are nothing but a bunch of bankrupt whores”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Hooshang Amirahmadi, known as Hooshang Mashang (Hooshang, the super-idiot !) wants to become the Mullah President! He says: ‘Why is Amirahmadi running for President of Iran? Because Elections are the most desirable road to a better future. Boycotting elections is very counterproductive and we all must encourage the voting population to participate in the Mullah elections”! Can you believe it ?! It’s exactly what Hooshang says in 2013, before the 2013 Mullah Election Show. But in 2011, Hooshang said: ‘Iranians participate in the elections, and show that they are stupid and deserve the Islamic regime‘ ! In Sep 2011, Hooshang Mashang had an interview with the VOA and said: ‘Iranians deserve the Islamic regime. In 1979, the majority of Iranians voted this regime. In 1996, the majority of Iranians voted Khatami. And in 2009, the majority participated in the election, and showed that they love Mullahs and deserve the Islamic regime. Iranians are stupid. They dont deserve to enjoy Freedom and Democracy’. [Check our Archive for reading more about Amirahmadi]. But as many say: ‘Faggots like Amirahamdi and Nabavi are bad jokes. Before the Mullah Election Show, they say: ‘We must encourage Iranians to participate in the Mullah elections. Boycotting Mullah elections is so
counterproductive. Mullah Elections are the most desirable road to a better future! All People must participate in the Mullah elections’. But after the Mullahs Election Show, they say: ‘Iranians are so stupid. They still care about the Mullah Election Show! Iranians participated in the Mullah election, and showed that they love the Mullahs and deserve the Islamic regime. Iranians are stupid, and dont deserve to enjoy Freedom and Democracy’ ! And it’s the CIA/ MI6 logic. It’s the West’s logic! The stupid MI6/ CIA agents, that their IQ is near zero, tell such jokes, but now even the little kids in Iran laugh and say: ‘Yah, protesting and boycotting is really so counterproductive for the Mullahs, the West and the anti-Iran Mafia !’.

As some wise Iranians say: “Iranians are not blind and stupid, and it has confused the anti-Iran Mafia. Now, Iranians know that people like Nabavi, Behnoud, Akbar Ganji, Abbas Abdi, Reza Pahlavi, Mehdi YahyaNejad, etc work for the anti-Iran Mafia, and are worse than Mullahs. These Pigs that their favorite job is licking ass and telling big lies, just show why the West love pigs and traitors, and give them money, visa, media, etc. In 2013, Hooshang Mashang (Amirahmadi), the stupid CIA-Mullah agent, says: ‘The Islamic Republic was formed as the result of a great peoples revolution [!] In AhmadiNejad’s era, a degree of self-sufficiency has been achieved and progress has been made in implementing the IMF plans [!!] And the good news is that the Iranian nation continues to remain hopeful of Islamic Reform inside the Mullah regime [!!]‘ Can you believe it ?! It’s exactly what he says in his Presidential Campaign! You can check his website. Hooshang Mashang even confesses: ‘Some inside Iran have called me ‘a CIA agent,’ while some have labeled me ‘an agent of the Islamic regime‘ ! But Iranians see him as a double agent, a CIA agent + a Mullah agent! Even the expatriate Iranians know Hooshang Mashang (Amirahmadi) well, and hate him. But the Orwellian West and the US Orwellian media help pigs like him, and reveal the secrets of the anti-Iran Mafia”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In this year, the average Iranians say: ‘Whores like Masoud Behnoud, Ali Nourizadeh, Ebrahim Nabavi, Mehdi YahyaNejad, Abbas Abdi, Nikahang Kowsar, etc are traitors to Iran and Iranians … The anti-Iran media like Manoto, Balatarin, Gooya, RoozOnline are part of the West’s propaganda machine … most of the so-called Iranian journalists in exile work for the CIA, the MI6, etc’. But why Iranians say such things? In 2009, pigs like Behnoud and Nabavi were worried about the Mullah regime and betrayed the Iranian people. After the Ashura Massacre, Masoud motherfucker Behnoud wrote: Im worried. Im really worried. People should go back to their homes. We know how we should fight for our values, so please listen to us. We are not traitors; we will not betray to the martyrs blood. The street protests is not our solution’. But do you know what’s their solution and how they fight ?! The defend the Mullah regime; they help the anti-Iran psywar; and they clearly say: The Mullah regime is not bad. Killers, rapists, crooks and liars are not bad guys. We should forget the 2009 election fraud, and should participate in the 2013 election’ ! The West loves pigs like Behnoud and his friends. But now, almost all Iranians know pigs like Behnoud, and say: ‘Behnoud and his friends not only betray to the martyrs blood, but they betray to Iran and all Iranians .. Shits like Behnoud are MI6 agents, whose job is ‘Betraying Freedom and Democracy in Iran, and aiding our enemies”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Recently, the Savage Jews had a funny confession: ‘As [Jewish] Defense Minister says: If Iran gets nuclear weapon, it will change the world. We can’t let that happen’ ! (Jpost & Ynetnews, April 2013) Can you believe it?! The savage Jews are worried, because if Iran becomes a strong country – as it used to be- it will change the world ! They know that Iran and Iranians will not allow the Jewish-Western barbarians to hurt and exploit other nations. A free and strong Iran – that runs by Iranians, not mullahs & spies- will change the world, and that’s why the Savage West/ Jews desperately try not to allow Iranians to enjoy Freedom and Democracy. According to the Jewish media: ‘In a conference titled ‘Fighting for the Zionist Dream’ [!], Zionists say: ‘Only one country in the Middle East is and should be Democracy, and it’s the Jewish state, ie [Jewish Theocracy or Jewish Tyranny]” ! (Jpost, April 2013) The CIA/ MI6 media and other Orwellian media from the Guardian, the BBC, the Financial Times, the Telegraph, the Huffington Post, the AP, the Washington Post, and the New York Times to RFE, Trend, Enduring America, and other Big Brother’s media in the West tell big Orwellian lies about Iran, Iranians, the 2009 coup, the 2013 Mullah Election Show, etc, because the West doesn’t want Iran to have a free and strong Republic system. They think: ‘A free and strong Iran will changed the world, and we can’t let that happen’! But sooner or later Iranians and all good guys will change this shitty world”

As some wise Iranians say: “AhmadiNejad comes from a Jewish family, but the West and the Left say nothing about this fact. The West’s censorship, the West’s Orwellian lies, the West’s anti-Iran Racism, the IMF plans, the West’s bullying, etc can show who is the number one enemy of Iran and Iranians. Now, the West and the Jews openly and shamelessly incite to War and Genocide, and the Jews’ Incitement to Genocide is an undeniable fact. They clearly say that their barbaric Bible allows them to commit genocide! They openly say that the God of their Bible, that is the God of Genocide, allows them to kill all men, women, and children! The Jews’ Incitement to Genocide has a clear reason: The Jewish God is the God of Holocaust/ Genocide. The West’s God is the God of Savagery and Barbarism, and defends War (Offensive War) and Genocide. But the traitors to Iran and Iranians, from Akbar Ganji to Khatami, say nothing about the anti-Iranian Jews/ Arabs/ West. They just kiss the Mullah ass, the Arab ass, the West’s ass, and praise US censors and American Censorship! But now, even the average Iranians say: ‘Khatami is both a coward and a traitor. He is worse than Shah Sultan Hussein … Those who betrayed the Iranian people in the 1997-2012 period, are enemies of Truth, Freedom, Goodness, and Iran’. Iranians know that Khatamists are traitors/ bad guys, not Reformers/ Reformists. Idiots like Sohrab Arabi’s mother that betray the martyrs’ blood, just disgrace themselves. The ordinary Iranians are victims of the Orwellian West. But instead of protesting against the stupid West, the Iranian expats betray to Iran and Iranians, or ask about ['Techno/ Electro parties in Iran] ! Recently, a small number of Iranian expats write about ‘Cowards and Traitors’, and say: ‘We are cowards’ or ‘We are traitors’. In fact, all Iranian expats are not so stupid. But the so-called Iranian journalists/ actives in exile are traitors to Iran and Iranians. They are part of the anti-Iran Mafia”.

As the wise Iranians say: “The West’s Orwellian media, even the story of the Guardian, ManotoTV, and British-Orwellian lies [that we would write more about it later] can show that today’s world is really a stupid Orwellian world. The Orwellian West tells big lies and just cares about spies, traitors and bad guys. The Orwellian- Barbarian West hates the truth and the good guys. The Mullahs or the Mullah Shows are not important at all. The main problem of Iran and Iranians is the West, not the Mullahs. The West and its Orwellian media tell big lies about almost everything, including Iran and Iranians. The West is the Great Evil and the main problem of Iranians and all good guys from all over the world. All Iranians and all good guys should know and should stop the West and its mercenaries, ie the Great Evil and the number one enemy of a better world and a better future”. Think about it.

2025: Fall of the West, End of Evil Empire ?!

March 6, 2013

In these days, as some Iranians say: “the Western pigs and their mercenaries, including Mullahs, Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad), Lefts, Khatamists, Pahlavists, Terrorists, and Jewish Nazis are telling bad jokes and collaborating in hurting and betraying the Iranian people. The pain and suffering caused by these bastards is both unforgettable and unforgivable”. But here I don’t want to write about the recent events. As some wise Iranians say: “The best answer to the Barbarian West and its mercenaries, ie those sadists who desperately try to hurt and torturing the ordinary people, is ‘telling the truth about the Barbarian West and their fate”. As some Iranians say: “In these days, the West and its mercenaries bark and fart a lot. But why do both the stupid rights (Imperialists) and the stupid lefts (Chomskyists) support the US-Mullah love affair? Why do even the notorious CIA agents support the Mullah regime and the US-Mullah relation? Why the West and its mercenaries have lost their minds and openly support the hateful anti-Democracy groups and reveal their true colors in a bad way? Why [...]“. The answer can create ‘Hope’, so lets write about part of the answer. I dedicate this short article to all victims of the West’s Evil Empire. As the wise Iranians say: “Iranians and all good guys should know that their resistance and their awareness are very fruitful. The West barks and farts a lot, because they try to hide both their real intentions and their real problems. Now many see the US-EU economic crises as a sign of the end of the Western Empire, aka the Evil Empire. But their economic crises is just part of their problems. When the West openly supports the Islamists, the Communist-Islamist terrorists (MEK) or the hateful Monarchists (Pahlavists), it means that the West is badly bankrupt. In the recent years, many events from the Western uprisings and the Western suppressions to the US election farce, Aaron Swartz and Manning’s tragedies, and the widespread bribery and corruption in the West, just prove one thing: The West is morally, economically, and intellectually bankrupt, and has reached the end of the line”. Unfortunately, many Westerners are so stupid. They don’t care about the Iranian people and other victims of the West, and instead, they lick the ass of their bad guys. But as some wise Iranians say: “They will pay a high price for their foolishness and their inhumanity. The Fall of the West and and the Rise of the Rest is inevitable, because many Westerners live like pigs, and their brain is their ass. The 2009 tragedies, the 2011 farces, the 2012 tragicomedies, the OWS, [the Canadian farce, the UK riots, the EU farces, the US election farce,] etc showed that the West’s brain is really in its ass”. As the wise Iranians say: “The End of America is near, because many Americans are so stupid. In the US, corruption and bribery is free, and crooks and thieves are heroes! In the US, people like Aaron Swartz are killed and people like Jack Abramoff and his friends are heroes! Todays USA seems like a stupid B-movie. Their favorite leaders are [monkeys like] Obama and Romney, and their favorite intellects are [donkeys like] Chomsky and Zizek. They openly and shamelessly support the Communist-Islamist terrorists and the brutal dictators. And it’s the beginning of their end”. The stupid Westerners say: “We can betray or ignore the freedom, democracy, and human values, if it’s in our national interests. We can help the Islamists and the terrorists, and betray the ordinary people in Iran and other countries, if it’s in our national interests”! These self-serving neo-barbarians are bad jokes. As some wise Iranians say: “They are the descendants of those Barbarians and Human-eaters that ate humans and drank human blood. They cannot become Human! (Adam Besho Nistand!) They just prove that the West is a stupid pig that only understands force”. In the recent years, Iranians asked the stupid West to act like humans, but as some wise Iranians say: “The stupid Westerners just laughed at Iranians and tried to hurt and torture the Iranian people more! The Westerners say: ‘Iranians talk about the human values, because they are weak and stupid’! The stupid West cannot understand the difference between Decency (Najabat) and Foolishness (Hemaghat)! The stupid West cannot understand the Iranian logic that is the logic of humanity, human values, and human Civilization . The stupid West only understands their own logic that is a barbarian logic. The Western logic is the logic of power, exploitation, and barbarism. The West and Westerners think that they are smart! (Fekr Mikonand Kheili Zerangand !), and that’s why they act like pigs!” What you read hear about the end of the West’s Evil Empire is based on the Iranian logic, that all good guys can understand it. But what today’s West says about such subjects is often based on the logic of power and exploitation, aka the barbarian logic.


According to the Western logic, you even can kill and eat humans for the sake of money and power. But as Iranians ask: “Can the human-eaters eat humans for a long time? Can the colonialists and the Western pigs exploit other nations and plunder their resources forever? Can the bad guys kill, exploit, or enslave the humans for a long time?” The answer is clear. Even the bad guys say: “You can hurt and torture the humans for a period of time, but sooner or later you will go to hell”. It’s what history and reason show us, too. In the recent years, even the Western bad guys talk about “Fall of the West” and “Rise of the Rest”. At least since 2008, the American experts talk about “2025: the End of US dominance” and add: “European Union will be ‘hobbled giant’ by 2025″. As you probably know, “Global Trends 2025″ [*], a report by National Intelligence Council’s (NIC), that was published in 2008, and “Global Trends 2030″ [**], that was published in 2012, clearly talk about ‘Decline of America’, ‘Fall of the West’ and ‘Rise of the Rest’. As some wise Iranians say: “the global trends report, that produced by NIC every four years, warn that the US will no longer be able to ‘call the shots’ alone, as its power over an increasingly multipolar world begins to wane. As the US media reported: ‘Looking ahead to 2025, the NIC (which coordinates analysis from all US intelligence agencies), foresees a [miserable West], poorly contained by ‘ramshackle’ international institutions’. In fact, many know that the fall of the West is near”. Those who have heard of books and films like “The End of America” (2008) know that talking about “the End of America” or “the Fall of the West” is not a new thing. As some wise Iranians say: “Almost all events in the 2009- 2012 period were signs of the end of America. Those who hurt and betray the freedom seeking Iranians, just dig their own grave. Now, the serious socioeconomic crises in the US and EU are undeniable facts. And who can deny the systematic censorship, brainwashing, and suppression in the West”. Now, even the US leading intelligence organization says: “Today wealth is moving from West to East. At the same time, the US will become ‘less dominant’ in the world. The EU will be losing clout by 2025. Internal bickering and a democracy gap separating Brussels from European voters will leave the EU ‘a hobbled giant’. In 2020, some of the scenes are like the stuff from the World War II newsreels, only this time it’s not Europe but New York and Manhattan. The cumulation of disasters, growing problems, and the like are taking a terrible toll, much greater than we anticipated 20 years ago’ [*][**]. Now, many “warn that [the West] is entering an increasingly unstable and unpredictable period” [*][**] As Americans say: “[The US is really] on the edge of Bankruptcy. 27,000,000 unemployed, 47,000,000 on food stamps, 150,000,000 below the poverty line, $16,500,000,000,000 debt. The total outstanding amount of student-loan debt has crossed the trillion-dollar mark. Credit-card and auto-loan debt is awful. We have to face our ghosts: debts, unemployment, inequality, injustice, endless wars, etc”. They also add: “Chinas high-speed rail system actually exists, while Americas does not. America has no high-speed rail. Americas aging low-speed trains are a great [shame]“[2] Some wise Americans say: “We are not the number one. We’re 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, 4th in labor force and 4th in exports. We lead the world in only three categories: Number of incarcerated citizens per capita, number of idiots and those who believe ghosts and zombies are real [!!], and [number of Wars and WMDs]” ! The story of ‘American Foolishness’ is a long story that we have already written about it [7], and we would write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the United States of Bullying and Bribery, you should know the Barbarians West, their history, and their views. The Western and Jewish Barbarians still say: ‘In our holy books we read of Gods command to commit genocide’. Jews and Americans still say: ‘It’s Gods command to commit genocide against our enemies. In the biblical tradition, all Amalekites must die; men, women, and children‘. The Western and Jewish barbarians love genocide and say it’s their God’s command! The modern weapons allowed these uncultured barbarians to exploit and plunder other nations and their resources. The civilized world, from Persia to India and China, were more wiser and much more civilized that the Barbarian West, but they could not stop the West, only because the Western barbarians had modern weapons. The West knows it well. And that’s why they desperately try not to allow other nations to have any modern weapons. But now their hands are empty, like their empty heads”.


In the recent years, many Americans talk about “US Decline” or say: “The United States is becoming rich, fat, lazy [, and stupid]” [2]. What Americans write about the Fall of the West or the End of America can show you many things. In 2010, some Americans wrote: “Within a few years, the US is functionally bankrupt and the clock is ticking toward midnight on the American Century”[5] They also added: “An opinion poll in 2010 found that 65% of Americans believed the country was now in a state of decline” [5] As some Iranians say: “The American fascists are worried about their future, because they know that other nations are becoming aware, and changing the so-called world geopolitics”. As Americans say: “In 2004, 950,000 engineers graduated from China and India, [and 150,000 engineers graduated from Iran], while only 70,000 graduated from the United States!” [2] They also add: “America’s hidden secret is that most of our engineers are immigrants. More than 75% of all science PhDs in the US are awarded to foreign students. Foreign students and immigrants account for more than 50% of all science researchers in the US. The situation in Canada is much worse than USA. Without immigrants and foreigners -who are Iranians, Indians, Chinese, etc- USA and Canada will be nothing but average [...]“. [2] It’s very important. “Half of all Silicon Valley start-ups have one founder who is an immigrant or first generation American. American productivity depends not on education system or R&D spending, but on immigration policies. If these people are allowed and encouraged to stay, then innovation will happen here. If they leave, they’ll take it with them” [2], Americans say. In fact, as some wise Iranians say: “They are depend on immigrants, ie Iranians, Indians, Chinese, and others. Without immigrants and foreigners, the West is nothing but a paper tiger. Without the talented Asians and non-Westerners, the US and the West will say hello to their end soon”. The US and the West badly need immigrants, but the disgusting Racism, Chauvinism, Narcissism and Fascism in the US and Canada, and their shameful behavior towards Iranians and Asians only would kill “the open and flexible society that is able to absorb other people, cultures, ideas, goods, and services”, as some Americans truly say [2]. And those who kill the open and flexible society, sign their own death sentence. As some Americans say: “US education system, the source of future scientists and innovators, has been falling behind its competitors. After leading the world for decades, the US sank …” [5]. But as some wise Iranians say: “Guess which country has the best growth rate in science and technology, and is the best source of future scientists and innovators? The answer is Iran. The Mullahs and the West could not succeed in keeping Iran and Iranians weak and ignorant”. The majority of Iranians are young people who are more modern, educated, and aware than their Western counterparts, and that’s why by 2025, Iran can be one of the leading countries in Science and Technology, while “By 2025, the United States is likely to face a critical shortage of talented scientists “[5]. Now, “nearly half of all graduate students in the sciences in the US are foreigners, most of whom will be heading home, not staying here as once would have happened” [5] In fact, as the wise Iranians say: “If the young and talented Iranians and Asians see the true face of the West and decide to boycott the stupid West, and if they try to clear their countries of the Western stooges and the puppet dictators, and if they try to (re-)build their own countries, it will put an end to the West’s Evil Empire”. Now, many can understand why the wise Iranians say: “Obama’s mission is simple. He has to save the bankrupt US. At least since 2008, the US strategists know that the End of America is near. The Big Brother chose Obama to save the bankrupt US. But Obama only could worse their problems, and revealed US true colors”. As some wise Iranians say: ” In 2008, ‘Global Trends 2025‘ warned that the spread of western capitalism cannot be taken for granted! But they didn’t say why most people hate ‘western capitalism’ that is nothing but ‘Bribery, Corruption, Bullying and Exploitation’. What the US and the West do about Iran and Iranians, just reveal their true colors and only accelerate the West’s decline. They just prove that the West is still barbarian, hypocrite, liar, shameless, and stupid“. Even the Americans know that their soup is too salty! They say: “The G8 does not include China, India, Brazil, and other fastest-growing large economies in the world -and yet claims to represent the movers and shakers of the world economy! By tradition, the IMF is always headed by a European and the World Bank by an American. This tradition might be charming to an insider. But to the majority who live outside the West, it seems bigoted”! [2] As the witty Iranians say: “The G8 will become the L8 ! (Little 8!) in the 21st century”. And as some wise Iranians say: “The 21st century is Iran’s century, and is when Great Iran (Great Persia) will be restored. We are living through the third great power shift in modern history. The first was the rise of the Barbarian West, around the 18th century. Unfortunately, the Barbarians produced the world as we know it now. It also led to the barbarian dominance of the Barbarian West. The second shift, which took place in the 20th century, was the rise of the United States, as a superpower. And the third great shift is the Rise of the Rest and the Fall of the West in the 21st century. The Rise of Persia, India, China, and others as the ancient powers of the civilized world is equal to the end of Evil Empire”. They also add: “The British Barbarians became a barbarian world power by plundering and exploiting other nations and by killing millions of innocent people. But the Cradle of Civilization (Iran) and Great Iran will restore the idea of the humanitarian superpower. If Great Iran becomes a superpower again, the world will be a better place for all humans”.


“The demise of the United States as a superpower could come far more quickly than anyone imagines” [5], some Americans say. They also add: “Future historians are likely to identify the Bush administrations rash invasion of Iraq in that year as the start of America’s downfall … Empires regularly unravel with unholy speed: just a year for Portugal, 2 years for the Soviet Union, 8 years for France, 11 years for the Ottomans, 17 years for Britain, and 22 years for the United States, counting from 2003″ [5] Many Americans don’t care about other humans and other nations. They think that other nations are stupid and should be slaves of the West! But “whereas it took the West (Britain) more than 150 years to double per capita income, [the Rest] can undergo the same transformation in a tenth of the time, with 100 times more people” [**] As some wise Iranians say: “The Western idiots still think that a little island like Britain, that was the home of Barbarians and Human-eaters, was right to call itself ‘Great’ ! and had right to exploit and plunder other nations! In 2013, Americans write: ‘They (the Rest) are already exercising economic superiority over the US and the EU in a whole host of ways. They produce more goods than we do, they do more total trade in goods than we do, they produce more cars than we do, they produce more gold than we do, they consume more energy than we do, they produce more steel than we do. Every single year, we buy far more from them than they buy from us. Our politicians regularly beg them to lend us money. Today, we owe them trillions of dollars. As they continue to become stronger, we continue to become weaker. Our children some day wake up in a world where [the Rest, not the West] is telling them what to do [!!]‘ . In fact, the American assholes think that all humans and their children should be slaves of the West!, and the Barbarian West should tell all humans what to do! The US assholes are [bad jokes]. Americans are big idiots and cannot understand that if all humans want to think and behave like Americans and want to be so selfish, so mean, and so narcissistic like Americans, then the human world become a stupid jungle that its law is the law of the jungle“. Unfortunately, many Americans are so stupid and shortsighted, and think and act like their stupid politicians. Unfortunately, even most of the so-called American intellects think like their politicians. For instance, what Chomsky, Brzizenski, and Zakaria write about the post-American world, the rise of the rest or “the American decline” [1][2][3][4] are the same crap. As some wise Iranians say: “They laugh at the Rest, including China, India, and Iran, and think that Nationalism, Narcissism, Sadism, Imperialism, Barbarism and Charlatanism are good things! America is turning into the United States of Bribery, Corruption, and Foolishness, mainly because the so-called American intellectuals not only cannot produce any good and new ideas, but they are theorizing Tyranny and Inhumanity, or defending the brutal dictators and the evil forces. People like Chomsky are symbols of the bankrupt West that is morally, economically, and intellectually bankrupt“. It’s a good point. People like Chomsky and Zakaria are worse than the American fascists, who frankly talk about their evil intentions. Many stupidly think that Chomsky is anti-American and cares about other nations! But I can recommend you to read both Chomsky’s works [1][4][6] and Brzizenski’s words [3] and see why Chomsky and Brzizenski are two sides of the same coin. Chomsky says: “Who Owns the World? … Adam Smith had no illusions about the owners, so, to quote him again, ‘All for ourselves and nothing for other people‘. It was true then; its true now” [1] The tone of Chomsky’s “Who Owns the World?” [1] is funny. He says: “What are the most important issues that we face? … Is America Over? Is power is shifting to China and India and others? (heh) … First of all, its highly unlikely [!], at least in the foreseeable future. China and India are very poor countries. Just take a look at, say, the human development index of the United Nations: theyre way down there. China is around 90th. I think India is around 120th. And they have tremendous internal problems -demographic problems, extreme poverty, hopeless inequality, ecological problems” [1] The idiots think that Chomsky cares about other nations, including China and Iran. But Chomsky is a sick charlatan who just laughs at China and India. He says: “China and India remain very poor countries, with enormous internal problems not faced by the West. The US remains the world dominant power by a large margin [!!], and no competitor is in sight [!!], not only in the military dimension, in which of course the US reigns supreme [!]” [4] Can you believe it ?! As the witty Iranians say: “Chomsky is anti-American?! If Chomsky is anti-American, then Goebbels is anti-German!”. Chomsky doesn’t care about other nations or “the victims of England, the victims of the savage injustice of the Europeans in Asia”, and that’s why he openly supports the Islamists and the brutal dictators and helps Obama and the West. Chomsky says: “China is a great assembly plant. China just assembles parts and components, high technology comes from the United States, Europe” [1] In fact, he thinks that “China is stupid” [1][4] and “India is even worse than China” [1][4] As the wise Iranians say: “Chomsky and Brzizenski both help the Evil Empire, and that’s why both love and support the Mullah regime and defend the US-Mullah relation. The stupid lefts and people like Chomsky that support the Islamists and the brutal dictators, are enemies of the ordinary people. They just try to help the bankrupt West, hurt the Rest, and keep the Rest weak, backward, and under tyranny”. Think about it. In fact, there is no need to read Global Trends reports that are about “the rapid and vast geopolitical changes” [*][**] Chomsky and the stupid lefts can show you many things. If you want to know the true colors of the Western chauvinists/ fascists, you can also check websites like that is about “Global Trends 2030″. As the witty Iranians say: “They say that we should love the West, because Colonialism, Barbarism, Nazism, Fascism, Exploitation and Narcissism are good things!”. Both the West and the Lefts are bad jokes. The stupid Chomsky says: “Is America over? Its a kind of paranoia [!], but its the paranoia of the superrich and the superpowerful” !! [6] But as the wise Iranians say: “the Superidiot, Chomsky, and his lefty-CIA friends suffer of the same paranoia as well”. As some Iranians say: “Chomsky is like his friend Chavez. Now Chavez goes where his friend Gaddafi went. Chomsky, Assad, and Mullahs will join their friends Chavez and Gaddafi soon. But why don’t they become human (Adam) before going to hell?”. Chomsky is a superhypocrite. He says: “Every US administration is schizophrenic. They support democracy only if it conforms to certain strategic and economic interests” [6] But Chomsky himself is as schizophrenic as the US gov. As the wise Iranians say: “By supporting the Islamists and the brutal dictators, Chomsky and his friends serve the interests of the US Evil Empire. The superidiots help Obama and support the Mullah regime and betray the modern Iranians, and at the same time, they help Obama and support the Egyptian Islamists and the Egyptian Taliban!”.


“Obama’s mission was, and still is, simple: Obama should save the US Evil Empire, that is morally and economically bankrupt. Obama, Chuck Hagel, Chomsky, Kerry and other American monkeys only try to save their Evil Empire that is on the edge of annihilation”, the wise Iranians add. Iranians are not blind and stupid, and know why the US and the West bark and bluff. They know why as the media report: “New US Defense Chief said that US can’t dictate to the World. Chuck Hagel also adds: ‘We are living in a very defining time, you all know that. It’s a difficult time“. They know why even the Americans talk about “Obama’s Accelerating Downward Spiral For America“. As some Iranians say: “Many know that Obama just worsens US problems. Obama just proves that the US is the Great Evil. In the pre-2009 era, most Iranians thought that the US cares about the freedom and democracy, but now, most people can see that the US cares about everything but the freedom, democracy, human values, and good things! And when a country reach such status, its end is near”. Even Americans know the fate of America and say: “Imperial decline [brings] at least a generation of economic privation. As the economy cools, political temperatures rise, often sparking serious domestic unrest” [5] They also add: “Riding a political tide of disillusionment and despair, a far-right patriot captures the presidency with thundering rhetoric” [5], and it’s the American Fascism, that we all can see its signs. As some wise Iranians say: “Romney’s story, Swartz’s tragedy, or the Oscars farce is just the beginning of the end of the US. Those who betrayed the freedom seeking Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, and those who desperately try to hurt and torture Iranians, know that their Evil Empire is bankrupt. And that’s why they bark, fart and bluff”. The stupid bluffs that Americans use are funny. For instance, Brzizenski says: “the world after America would be increasingly complicated and chaotic“! [3] Brzizenski, that is the architect of the Mullah regime, talks about his evil wishes/ plans and adds: “American dominance is a preferred one than being multi polar, which would lead to chaos [!!] Asia of the 21st century could then begin to resemble Europe of the 20th century [!!] violent and bloodthirsty”! [3] And Chomsky says: “Problems China faces are serious. For India, the problems are far more severe. Those factors driving China’s economic miracle will no longer be available”[4]. As some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious why Brzizenski and Chomsky defend the Mullah regime and the US-Mullah relation, isn’t it?! Chomsky and Brzizenski are collaborating in saving the US Evil Empire. Brzizenski is just a modern-day Nazi who is presided over the murder of millions of innocent people. The power hungry arrogant people like Kissinger and Brzezinski destroy America and the world”. Chomsky and the stupid lefts talk about “the threat of democracy” [1], and defend the brutal dictators and the reactionary forces and try to keep other nations weak and backward. Chomsky and the lefts clearly say: “We managed to ensure that the threat of democracy would be smashed in the most important places” [1] Of course, they pretend that this ‘We’ is just US Imperialists!, but who openly defends Islamists, Assad, Chavez, Gaddafi, and other evil forces?! Chomsky and lefty charlatans know what they do. They say: “Theres a standard procedure. First, you support your favorite dictators as long as possible. But if it becomes really impossible, the army turns against him … You talk about your love of democracy, and then try to restore the old system as much as possible” [1] And it’s exactly what the stupid lefts do about Iran, Syria, Egypt, etc. Chomsky says: “[And about Iran and Middle East,] who cares about the populations, what are called, disparagingly, the Arab street?[!] We dont care about them“[1] It’s a good confession. The stupid Americans say: “Everywhere you go, people angrily denounce American foreign policy” [2], but they don’t ask why. The Americans say: “A young Chinese diplomat told me in 2006, ‘When you tell us that we support a dictatorship in Sudan to have access to its oil, what I want to say is, ‘And how is that different from your support of a medieval monarchy in Saudi Arabia?’ We see the hypocrisy, we just don’t say anything -yet” [2] In fact, many are not blind and stupid, and it’s the Americans that are so stupid. They say: “In many countries such nationalism arises from a pent-up frustration over having to accept an entirely Western, or American, narrative of world history”[2] But they don’t say that when the Americans act like pigs and hurt and betray others, it’s obvious that other nations should hate America. The Americans say: “Faces with a fading superpower incapable of paying the bills, China, India, Iran, and other powers challenge US dominion over the oceans, space, and cyberspace” ! [5] As the wise Iranians say: “The US pigs think that only the West can challenge the Rest’s dominion over the oceans, space, and cyberspace! The stupid US-EU sanctions in 2012- 2013, and the stupid US-EU betrayals in 2009, 2010, and 2011, can only lead Iranians and others to take revenge on the US and the EU. The stupid West that acts like sadists and stupid psychos should know that the payback time is near“. Even Americans know that Iran can take revenge. They say: “By 2025, Iran and Russia will control almost half of the world’s natural gas supply, which will potentially give them enormous leverage over energy-starved Europe” [5] As Iranians say: “In the near future, Iranians will pay the Barbarian West back for what these savage beasts did to Iranians in the 2009-2013 period. Their crimes are unforgivable”. Now, even Americans say: “Asia will be well on its way to returning to being the world’s powerhouse, just as it was before [1700]” [**] They even know the result of their crimes/ betrayals. They say: “The oil shock will hits [the US and the West] like a hurricane, sending prices to startling heights. [And] ill-advised military misadventures, irrational even from an imperial point of view, yield hemorrhaging expenditures or humiliating defeats that only accelerate the loss of power” [5]. In fact, they know that if they eat extra shit, they just dig their own grave. They also add: “OPECs leaders can impose a new oil embargo on the US to protest against killing of untold numbers of …” [5] Those who sow the seeds of hate are the stupidest people. Now, they stupidly say: “[we think] we own the world and anything that weakens our control is a loss to us. We ask how do we prevent further losses? [But] our capacity to preserve control has sharply declined” [1][6] As the wise Iranians say: “They only understand force, and see the world as a jungle. But the world is shifting from anti-Americanism to post-Americanism. Now Iranians are thinking and planning to restore Great Iran and Iranian Civilization. Great Iran will respect, help and support all humans, and will punish those animals who hurt and exploit other people and other nations. Without the West’s Evil Empire, the world is certainly a better place to live”. In the pre-2009 era, most Iranians were pro-American because they thought that the US cares about the freedom and democracy. But now they can see and feel this fact that the US is a stupid bad guy. And as Iranians say: “Those who keeps insisting on being a stupid bad guy, just proves that their end is near and inevitable”.

For more information:

[By googling the following articles, you can easily find them and read them]

[1] “Who Owns the World?”, By Noam Chomsky, (In Democracy Now), 2012 [It's part of Chomsky's speech in Nov 2012 at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst at an event sponsored by the Center for Popular Economics] [2] “The Rise of the Rest”, by Fareed Zakaria, (In Newsweek Magazine) 2008 [3] “After America”, by Zbigniew Brzizenski, (In Foreign Policy) 2012 [4] “Losing the World”, By Noam Chomsky, (In Huffington Post), 2012 [5] “The Decline and Fall of the American Empire”, by Alfred W. McCoy, (In the Nation) 2010
[6] “The Paranoia of the Superrich and Superpowerful”, By Noam Chomsky, (In Huffington Post), 2013 [It's part of Superidiot (Chomsky)’s new interview book with David Barsamian: "..., the New Challenges to U.S. Empire"!]
[7] Check our Archive page for: “Religious Fanatics in the West”, “True Face: Lobbyists and Lobbying Industry in USA”, “2012 US Election Tells the Truth about USA”, etc.
[*],[**]: Global Trends reports, that you can find them at

Sanctions and United States of Assholes !

February 11, 2013

“This year (2013) and the so-called 2013 US sanctions say a lot about the United States of Assholes (USA). Now, the stupid US says: Iran’s earnings have to be credited to accounts in countries that buy Iranian crude! The American assholes add: ‘Iran can only use the funds to buy goods from its oil customers! The US is expected to keep pressuring Iran’s customers [ie all independent countries and independent nations] to make deeper cuts, as dictated by US sanctions law’ !! Today’s USA is a bad joke. They are really the United States of Assholes”, the people media report. I don’t know why US politicians and US media try to prove that the US is a very stupid bad guy. As some Iranians say: “Apparently, the United States of Assholes thinks that all countries are slaves of USA and what the US dictates to other nations is like what a slaveholder dictates to his slaves! The Yankees’ brain is full of shit, and they think that all humans are as stupid as US Sheeple! The US idiots try to decide about other countries, their policies, their banks, their trade, their life, and their independence!” The US has become a very bad joke. The US politicians are so stupid, and their thoughts and their views belong to the Stone Age. They not only badly and stupidly bluff, but they encourage the Iranians and the normal humans to see the US as the Great Evil. Now, even the anti-Mullah Iranians, that were pro-US, refer to USA as the Evil, the Bad guy, the United States of Assholes, the United States of Animals, etc. As some wise Iranians say: “The empty hands of the United States of Animals are like their empty heads. The American pigs are worse than Goebbels and Hitler. They clearly say that all humans and all countries are, or should be, slaves of the US ! The so-called 2013 US sanctions is a stupid bluff, and an insult to human intelligence. The American Fascists live in the Stone Age, and act like their [barbarian ancestors in the Barbarian UK]. They think that the whole world is a slave of the United States of Assholes (USA)! Iranians, history, and the world will never forget US debacles”. We and other Iranians preferred to be optimistic about the US and the West. As some wise Iranians say: “Once upon a time, before the 2009- 2012 period, most Iranians -that are young, modern, and educated- were pro-US and pro-West. Once upon a time, most Iranians thought that the US cares about the freedom and democracy. Once upon a time, most Iranians thought that the US and the West are their friends, not their enemies. But now, we all can see that the US is pro-Islamist, pro-Terrorist, pro-Tyranny, but anti-Iranian, anti-Democracy, and anti-Humanity”. They also add: “Now, we all can see that the West is nothing but a big Animal Farm. Now, we all can see that politicians and media in the UK, the US and the West are like or worse than Goebbels and the Nazi media”. Unfortunately, the bad guys have the upper hand in the US and the West. They tell big Orwellian lies without shame, betray the freedom, democracy and human values without shame, and sow the seeds of hate. But what’s the use of proving that the West is a stupid bad guy? What’s the use of acting like psychos? What’s the use of encouraging the pro-US Iranians to see the US as the United States of Assholes? Now, the Iranian people, that were pro-US and anti-Islamist, are seeing USA as the bad guy and the Great Evil. As the wise Iranians say: “We all know that many bad guys in the US and the West are like the Nazi or the Zionist, and love hatred, war, genocide, Armageddon, Death of Goodness, and other barbaric things including tyranny, savagery, racism, fanaticism, etc, but why can these sick psychos control all policies, all media, and everything in the US and the West? Why do such sick bastards, who are worse than animals, help the Mullahs and betray the Iranians in 2009, but in 2012, no one asks them a serious question about the year 2009?” It’s a good point. Unfortunately, most journalists, writers, or intellects in today’s West have been poisoned by money. They sell their soul and their pen, and become intellectual mercenaries. As the wise Iranians say: “When bribery and financial corruption is called ‘Lobbying’ and becomes a legal business!, it’s obvious why the US and the EU are morally and economically bankrupt, and why the West is pro-Islamist, pro-Terrorist, and pro-Tyranny, and why the US and the EU are the main enemies of the Free Internet and the Freedom and Democracy. The US election farce, the OWS, Aaron Swartz’s death, or even the CIA-Islamist plans in Iran, Egypt and Syria, can show us that the US is turning into an Orwellian Animal Farm”. In these days, what the US says and does is really shameful. As Iranians say: “It’s really shameful that the US is turning into a Fascist state”.


“The American assholes don’t have balls, and don’t dare to say that all countries should obey the US! But they say: ‘We ask China, India, Japan, South Korea and other Iran oil customers (ie many other countries !) to continue to seek alternatives to Iranian oil even if petroleum prices go higher’ ! The US assholes are big idiots”, the people media report. They also add: “Many US politicians are like or worse than Hitler and Goebbels. David Cohen, the undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence at the Treasury, is one of them. He knows that the new US sanction is a bad joke and a bad bluff and most Iranians are changing their views about the US. Iranians still talk about US crimes/ betrayals in 2009. But Cohen says: ”The US will target people and organizations in Iran responsible for human right abuses, especially those who deny the Iranian people their basic freedoms of expression, assembly and speech’ ! As Iranians say: ‘Roo keh Roo nist !’ (Americans have no shame) ‘Baz Khoda Pedare Goebbels ro Biamorzeh !’ (God Bless Goebbels; US pigs are worse than Goebbels!) US politicians insult our intelligence. Do these idiots think that Iranians can forget the 2009 US-Mullah coup and the 2009 US crimes and betrayals ?!” As some Iranians say: “US faggots and their childish tactics just make you laugh. They say: ‘Now, our new sanctions target the Mullah Cyber Police’ !! In fact, they stupidly confess that, as we all know, they helped the Mullah Cyber Police in 2009 ! It’s obvious that if US faggots were humans (Adam), they would have been imposed their current sanctions in 2009. But these Americans are animals, not humans”. As some wise Iranians say: “US assholes don’t dare to threaten China, India, and many other countries, and that’s why they say: ‘The exceptions to China, India and others are granted! US assholes know that NAM countries (more than 120 countries) and others are not slaves of the US. They know that many nations hate the US and US bullying. But they still act like animals, because these Americans are not humans. US monsters only understand force “. I don’t know why the stupid Americans show their true colors to the world. As some wise Iranians say: “The US pigs tell joke and say: ‘Our sanctions restrict Iran’s ability to use oil revenues held in foreign countries!’ But most of these foreign countries want to be independent, and the US and the EU just show them that the West is not reliable, and the so-called international organizations are puppets of the West. In the near future, the US and the EU should go and fuck themselves. After the Mullah regime, Iran must have its own alternative to SWIFT, shipping and insurance systems, etc. Iran and other independent countries must have their own international networks and organizations. Iran, the East, and the whole world must boycott all western-made networks and organizations“. It’s obvious that the Western sanctions badly backfire. Now, some wise Iranians say: “The United States of Assholes is the new Mongolia! O, Barbarians, show us your true colors and make our people aware! Thanks dear Barbarians! You are doing exactly what Great Iran needs! O, Barbarians, reveal the truth and prove that the West is still the Barbarian West. Thank dear Barbarians! You are doing exactly what we and the civilized world need! O, Barbarians, reveal your true faces and prove that the Westerners still think and behave like their savage ancestors, who were Human-eaters. Thank dear Barbarians! You are proving many things!” As some wise Iranians say: “The Americans don’t even dare to tell the truth about their stupid sanctions, and their mass media had funny headlines like this: ‘US sanctions Iranian broadcasters, locks up oil revenues’ ! They know that Iranians and others say: ‘Fuck you, America. Fuck you, Obama’. They hope and expect that their Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad or AN) help them, and that’s why the Jewish Spy (AN) said [yesterday]: ‘If you, Americans, stop pointing the gun at the people of Iran, I personally will talk to you [!!] I myself will enter the talks with you’ ! In these days, the Jewish Spy (AN), the CIA-Mullah media like, and the CIA-Mullah agents like Hooshang Amirahmadi reveal the secrets of the anti-Iran Mafia”. In these days, the Western stooges, the British Mullahs and the Jewish shit (AN) try to hurt and torture the Iranian people by making fake crises and hyperinflation. As some wise Iranians say: “They talked about ‘implementing the 2nd phase of the IMF plan’ amid the Western sanctions! They created many fake crises. They still try to raise the price of everything and help the West and the Western sanctions. But now, even the little kids know the plots and the whys. As Iranians say: “The Jewish spy (AN), the British Mullahs, the Lefts and the CIA agents all work for the US-Mullah relation. The US that is [morally and] economically bankrupt loves the Mullahs. They torture us (Iranians) and try to force us to accept the US-Mullah love affair!” As the wise Iranians say: “The anti-Iran Mafia, from the Jewish shit (AN) and other anti-Iranian mercenaries to the US pigs, have a childish plan: ‘The Iranian people should get so frustrated (Joon beh Lab!). These idiots think that the frustrated Iranians would accept the US-Mullah love affair and the US-Mullah deals! Of course they know that their biggest obstacle is: Tens of millions of Iranians and their awareness. The American pigs and their mercenaries think that, in the near future, they can say: ‘Oh, our sanctions was successful, and the US-Mullah love affair, the US-Mullah deal, and the US-Mullah relation is a result of sanctions ! The Iranian people hate our sanctions, but they love us and our betrayals and our love affair with the Mullahs, aka the US-Mullah love affair !’ But even the Iranian kids know Obamas fundamental purpose and say: ‘Fuck Obama’ ! After the 2009-2012 era, most Iranians know the US-Mullah tactics, that are ridiculous tactics”


Now, even the American conservatives talk and write about “The Futility and Cruelty of Sanctions“! They say: “Most Iranians blame the US. [And] Its a completely normal, common, and predictable response that our policymakers consistently fail to anticipate” ! Now, even Americans write: “This fruitless US sanctions will backfire”, and add: “These sanctions really have no good outcome for the US. Either they fail, or they hurt America and its allies“. Of course, they say nothing about the US crimes and betrayals in 2009, the US-Mullah love affairs, and why Iranians should hate the US. Now, the American media talk about “How Iranians Feel About US Sanctions”, and say: “Iranians overwhelmingly blame the US for the sanctions. In a new Gallup Poll regarding the impact of Western sanctions on Iran, [the stupid Gallup confesses]: ‘ Iranians mostly blame the US for sanctions, still want a nuclear program. The poll indicates that sanctions have not had the desired consequence“. As some Iranians say: “Gallup is a Big Brother’s agency, but when they confess that ‘Most Iranians blame the US, Europe and the UN’, it’s obvious that even the Big Brother knows that ‘his soup is too salty’ ! The stupid Gallup, that is an Orwellian agency, tells big lies about the 2009 coup, and the Iranian views about the US betrayals and the US crimes in 2009, the US-Mullah love affairs, the IMF plans, etc”. Gallup and other Big Brother’s agencies showed us their true colors in 2009. But as some Iranians say: “When even the Big Brother’s agencies say that the US sanctions are not ‘smart sanctions’, but are stupid sanctions !, it means that the Big Brother suffers from ‘Goh Gijeh’ (shitty confusion)! The US opposed to impose the anti-Mullah sanctions in 2009, but now, the stupid Americans impose the anti-Iranian sanctions, and reveal the secrets of the 2009 coup”. They also add: “It’s obvious that Obamas fundamental purpose for picking Chuck Hagel and John Kerry is to keep the US out of a war with Iran. The US is really bankrupt, and cannot wage a new war. The US politicians that are so stupid, just play ridiculous games”. Iranians are not blind and stupid. They say: “Khamenei is so stupid, but US assholes are stupider than him. Khamenei’s reaction to Biden’s bullshit was funny. He said: ‘We will not negotiate under pressure. Direct talks will not solve any problems. The US is desperate for talks because their [...] failed. They need to draw a trump card. And Their trump card is urging us to sit at the negotiating table. But under these conditions, If we want to [make a deal with the US], people will grab our throat‘ ! In fact, even the stupid Khamenei and his British employers know that more than 99% of Iranians hate Western bullying and Western stooges, and Iranians, or even Islamists, will grab Khamenei’s throat !” Now, some Americans write about “The Counterproductive Effects of US Sanctions”, and say: “[The Mullah regime] rarely feels the effects of sanctions. Instead, it is the average citizen who bears the burden of sanctions. The Iranian people [were] pro-American. Why, then, we alienate the Iranian citizenry by [betraying] the Iranian people?” They also add: “By using economic sanctions, the US might actually be playing into the hands of both [Mullahs] and al Qaeda. By exacting collective punishment on the people of Iran, we fortify the argument made by the [Islamists] that the US is really the Great Satan“! They talk about “the stupidity of American senators and congressmen”, but unfortunately, only a few Americans say such things. Unfortunately, only a few Americans are wise enough to say: “If we were smart (heh), we would support the ordinary Iranians, who are anti-Mullah and anti-Islamist. But we just betrayed them, and they should hate us”. In these days, as the some wise Iranians say: “the CIA agents, the lefts, and people like Leverett, Brzizenski, Chomsky, Gary Sick and other sick bastards defend the Mullah regime and the US-Mullah relation. In these days, even the little CIA-Mullah agents like Hooshang Amirahmadi and Khatamists can show us who is who in this shitty world”. They also add: “Chomsky defends the Mullah regime and the US-Mullah relation, and the Mullah TV airs Chomsky’s crap! Now, we are sure that Noam Chomsky is a CIA agent. Now, we are sure that Noam Chomsky and many other lefties work for the CIA“. Personally, I’m not sure about such things. But what Iranians say about Chomsky and other lefties needs more attention. When Chomsky helps Brzizenski and Gary Sick, and when Chomsky defends the Islamists and tells big lies about Iran and Iranians, it’s obvious that Chomsky is a bad guy. We should write more about the stupid lefts and people like Chomsky and their roles in US foreign and domestic policies. In these days, the Western Orwellian media, the lefts, the notorious CIA agents, and the notorious bad guys can show us many things about the US, the Lefts, and the West. And I hope all good guys can learn the lessons of history. I hope the wise Americans at least can remind the stupid Americans that they cannot delete the year 2009 from calendars! As the wise Iranians say: “The stupid Americans should know that they cannot pretend that the year 2009 did not exist! The stupid Americans, their bullshits, their stupid actions, and their big laughable lies just prove that the US is really the United States of Assholes”. Unfortunately, the American society is turning into an Orwellian Animal Farm, and if the good Americans remain silent, the US politicians, the Lefts, and other bad guys and intellectual mercenaries will create a Big Brother’s society in the US, and the American Animal Farm becomes a reality soon. We would write more about this issue later, but as some wise Iranians say: “The American politicians are stupid mules or pretend that they are stupid mules ! (Khod ro beh Khariat Mizanand !) But you gain nothing by proving that you are a stupid mule! At least, in Iran you will gain nothing. In Iran, the stupid mules are the most dishonorable and hateful figures. The Americans should know that the stupid mules create ‘Animal Farm’, and dishonor, discredit, and destroy their country”. Think about it.

Aaron Swartz, Friends, Friendship, Western Culture

January 25, 2013

In these days, many things are so stupid, but very informative. As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, many talk or write about Swartz’s death, the American Tyranny or ‘the Death of American Democracy’, but the Big Brother’s agencies censor them or boycott them, and it’s very meaningful. Apparently, the whole West is as Orwellian as Britain, the home of Barbarians and Big Brother. Britain is really a synonym of the Big Brother’s society. Even ‘the Guardian’ is the guardian of Big Brother, and they even don’t allow Iranians to see and read the people’s comments! What Orwell said about Britain and the Big Brother Corporation was not wrong. In the UK, Freedom is Censorship and Democracy is Tyranny. In these days, the British Barbarians and their media are showing us [many things about] the roots of problems in Iran, the West, and the world. In these days, the British Barbarians and their stooges -specially those mercenaries that their lodges/ cesspools are the anti-Iranian media, including BBC Persian, and show us that the main enemy and the main problem of Iran and Iranians is not the Mullahs, but is the West. Now, the Barbarian West help Mullahs and Mercenaries, and these bastards help the West and sanctions. Their collaborations [is so funny]. Now, the British Mullahs and that Jewish spy (AhmadiNejad) say that they want to implement the second phase of the IMF plan and help the West and the Western sanctions more! Before 2006, the Mullahs said that the IMF is a Zionist organization!, but now a Jewish spy implements the Zionist-Western-Evil plans in Iran and help the Western sanctions! Now, the British media help the mercenaries, and the mercenaries help the Mullahs, the West and sanctions! They all show us the secrets of the 2009 coup and why the West and its mercenaries helped the Mullahs in 2009. Now, even the little kids know that all anti-Iranian pigs, from Mullahs, Pahlavists and Terrorists to Khatamists, Islamists and Mercenaries are stooges of the Barbarian West. Now, even the little kids can see the true face of the West and all puppets of the West, and it’s the best gift and the best news for Iran and Iranians. Now, we all can see that almost all Western media are stupid Orwellian media. They are like the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) and ‘the Guardian’ of Big Brother. They are ‘Mongol (retards)’ and don’t know that what they are doing now is a godsend for Iranians. Thanks God that our enemies are such brainless faggots and such uncultured Barbarians”. They also add: “The tragic stories of Wikileaks, Manning, Swartz, the stupid lefts and Noam Chomsky’s betrayals, and the stupid story of the Stupid Monkey (Obama), his election farce, his sanction farce, his cabinet, his secret talks/ deals with Mullahs, his open support of the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), the Egyptian Taliban and other evil forces, and all his crimes against humanity in the 2009- 2012 period just prove that today’s USA is the land of Evil, and the American Democracy is nothing but the American Tyranny”. But here, I don’t want to write about what the British Barbarians and their stooges are doing, or about the death of the American Democracy. In these days, if you want to know the secrets of the 2009 coup, or if you want to know the 2013 British-American plots, or if you want to see the true face of the West and puppets of the West, you can take a look at the Western Orwellian media, specially the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) and “the Guardian” of Big Brother. But now, I don’t want to write about the Orwellian media. In these days, many say that ‘Reddit co-founder and freedom fighter Aaron Swartz was killed by the US government’. But as some wise Iranians say: “Even if we accept that he committed suicide, the fate of Aaron Swartz can show us many things about the West and the Western Culture, that is the culture of Utilitarians, Opportunists, Colonialists, and Human-eaters”. In these days, Swartz’s friends talk about ‘the disappointment that Aaron expressed about his friends ‘. And it’s very important. So, here lets write about friends, friendships, and the Western culture. As some wise Iranians say: “Capitalism, Fascism, Nazism, Utilitarianism, Colonialism, Orwellian Systems, and severe selfishness, inhumanity, systematic betrayals and dishonesty, systematic falsifications and misinformation, and many other serious problems have deep roots in the British Culture or the European culture, that has been the culture of barbarians and human-eaters”. We have already written about the British Barbarians, the European Barbarians, and the long history of Barbarism in the West (check Archive). But recently, the Western neo-Barbarians, that are trying to prove that the West is nothing but the Evil Empire, encourage Iranians to think or talk more about the Barbarian West and the roots of problems. Now, some wise Iranians say: “Friendship or Humanity has always been meaningless to the European-British Barbarians. They lived like animals. They ate men, women, children, and even their own families. And it’s obvious that friendship, humanity, sympathy, kindness, goodness, trust, etc were and are meaningless to such savage beasts. But the real tragedy is that these savage beasts and their barbaric culture, aka the British Culture, are polluting the whole world”. We and other Iranians only care about the good guys in the West. We know that many Westerners are good guys or want to live like humans, and that’s why they are angry and unsatisfied, or fight against their corrupt Orwellian systems. But the Western-Barbarian culture is polluting many minds, and the ignorant victims would lose their humanity. As you know, the humans and their problems in all around the world are the same, and what the clergymen, the fanatics, and other idiots say about the life and the world is bullshit. But these idiots that some call them ‘Real Retards’ often try to relate the human values to the religion, the race, the stupid ideologies and other bullshits, and it has created many problems. As you know, those normal humans who hate the fanatics, the religion, etc, often don’t hate the human values or the humanity but the real retards and the bad guys try to pretend that those who hate the real retards are, or should be, like those who hate the human values and the good guys. But as the wise Iranians say: “Ethics, human values, goodness, humanity, truth, and other good things are independent of the religion. [The real retards] just help the bad guys”. We would write more about this issue later, but it’s funny to know that even the ancient Iranians said such things. As we said before, Persian Tolerance and Persian Wisdom has a long history. When Europeans ate each other, Iranians wrote and cared about Tolerance, Humanity, Sympathy, Goodness, Friendship, etc. The Persian culture and the Persian language, that is the language of Civilization, is full of wise words and old sayings about the human life. The ancient Persians were wise enough to say wise words like this: “the Wise Enemy heightens (strengthens) you; the Stupid Friend knocks you to the ground”, “Fear the fake friend”, “When you have stupid friends (fake friends), you don’t need any enemy!”, “When you fall down, you wound know your real friends”, “It’s better to have an enemy that is honest than to have a friend who’s putting you down secretly”, “Not everyone that smiles at you is your friend”, etc. As some wise Iranians say: “Now in 2013, only the Iranian people know their fake friends (ie Khatamists and other mercenaries) and their real enemies (ie West and puppets of the West including Mullahs, Pahlavists, Terrorists). Other nations, specially Americans and Europeans are fooled and misled by their enemies and their fake friends, including their politicians, their media, their stupid lefts, and their pseudo intellects”.


As you know, humans are a social species. Social relationships between humans not only is inevitable, but is very useful, and can create progress, development, security, civilization, and other good things and good feelings. As you know, the human relationships is a complicated issue, but the real retards and the bad guys make it much more complicated. ‘Friendship’ is among those concepts that the bad guys and the real retards try to destroy them. Since the ancient times, Iranians have always cared about ‘honesty’, ‘trust’, ‘truthfulness’, ‘love’, friendship, etc. But in the recent centuries, the West and puppets of the West, and their anti-Iranian barbaric culture have polluted many minds in Iran and the world. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, many say that ‘real friends’ and ‘real friendships’ are becoming extinct. But they don’t know that it’s what the Barbarian West wants. Those ignorant people that follow the West like sheep, often don’t know that they just follow the culture of Human-Eaters. They don’t know that the West is the ancient land of Barbarians and Human-eaters. They don’t know that the British Barbarians can’t be ‘real friends’, because they just abuse or eat friends! It’s exactly what their savage ancestors did. In the culture of British Barbarians, the values are: savagery, cruelty, selfishness,
shortsightedness, inhumanity, lie, exploitation, betrayal, ungratefulness, hypocrisy, and other evil things, because the European-British Barbarians have been human-eaters (Adam-Khor), not humans (Adam)“. It’s obvious that many good guys live in Britain and West. The good guys in the UK and the West are like the good guys in Iran and other parts of the world. They live, think, and behave like the real humans. The Western-British Barbarians are those bad guys that hurt and betray the ordinary people in Iran and the whole world. Their culture is really a barbaric culture. In the recent years, not only Westerners, but even Iranians say: “Real friends or actual close friends are in shorter supply“. But most people don’t know the whys. Many people are not honest with themselves and others, and many just follow the Western neo-barbarians like sheep, and it can lead to many disasters, including suicide, mass depression, war, etc. In Iran, like other parts of the world, the Western-Barbarian culture has polluted many minds, but the Iranian-human values are still alive. In the Persian language, Ashena means ‘Acquaintance’ (someone you know, but who is not a friend) and Doost means ‘Friend’ (someone who you know and like very much and enjoy spending time with). In Iran and the civilized world, real friendship is based on trust, and trust means ‘a strong belief in the honesty, goodness etc of someone’. In fact, honesty and goodness is the base of trust. As some wise Iranians say: “The ancient Iranians and the Iranian Sufis call God ‘the Doost’. In fact, ‘Doost’ (friend) can be a god or a real human, that can give you good feelings. But in [this shitty world], many friends are just Ashena (Acquaintance). You cannot be sure about their honesty or their goodness, and they often give you bad feelings”. Friendship or real friendship is based on trust and mutual understanding, but in this shitty world, many refer to their Ashena as their Doost, and just try to use them, abuse them, or exploit them. Such sick relationships is what that the British Barbarians and their followers love it. But the normal humans hate it, and maybe that’s why some of them say: “Why do we really need friends, if friend just means ‘[Ashena]‘ and cannot give us good feelings? Why do we really need friendship, if friendship just means a sick relationship that is full of lie, hypocrisy, mistrust, exploitation, betrayal, etc?” As some say: “We should only care about the healthy relationships and real friendships. The wrong people and fake friends just make us sick”. They also add: “[Many] People think being alone make lonely. [But] being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliness thing in the world“. I agree with them. Being surrounded by the wrong people and fake friends is the worst thing. As Maslow said: “Self-actualizing people need for privacy and comfortable being alone; They have a few close intimate friends rather than many surface relationships”. And it’s a universal issue. Some Westerners say: “Once, after spending four straight days alone in my flat, communicating only with an editor (via email) and myself, I asked: Do I really need friends?”. Those who climb the Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid, know that friends, friendships, foods, sleep, and other deficiency needs are alike. Most of us know that good friends and good guys are good things, and I don’t agree with those who say: “We are a lonely species, born as individual as we are”. Good friends, good guys, and healthy relationships can give us good feelings. But it doesn’t mean that we should accept sick relationships because we think that we are a social species! Those who climb the Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid are comfortable to be alone. They only want, and have, real friendships and healthy personal relationships. They know that the wrong people or sick relationships just give us more bad feelings and/or more problems.


Many Iranians and non-Iranians write or talk about “Fake friends and Real friends”, and the internet is full of quotes and sayings about Friendships and Friends. Some of these sayings, like what I linked to them here, are wise words that prove the wise, good guys still exist, and what the bad guys say about ‘the death of Goodness and Good Guys’ is nothing but their favorite big lie. The Western-Barbarian culture has polluted many minds, but when you see that many people say: “Real friends are those [...] Fake friends are those [...]“, and many believe that “those who betray their family and friends are bad guys”, it means that many still care about ‘goodness’, ‘real friends’, and ‘human values’. When even Westerners repeat wise words (like what I linked to them) or say other reasonable things like this: “FAKE FRIENDS : Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing. REAL FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds butt that left you”, it means that ‘the human values’ are independent of race, religion, etc. ‘Making real friends’ is a global issue, that many write or talk about it. Even Britons talk about “the difficulties of making friends after the age of 30″ or “the differences between fake friends and real friends”. In fact, all good guys think and talk about the same things. As some wise Iranians say: “In the Western culture, the good things have Iranian roots. But many Westerners are just followers of the British Barbarian Culture. They are so selfish, so utilitarian, so mean, so stupid, and badly hypocrites. But it doesn’t mean that all Westerners are like these animals in disguise. Many Westerners are good guys or try to live like humans, and care about ‘truth’, ‘honesty’, goodness, kindness, and other Iranian-human values”. In these years, many people repeat what the British Barbarians and their followers say. For instance, they say: ‘Real friendship is meaningless. Humans have become utilitarian”! or “As you get older, friendships become more utilitarian“. But the truth is: “As you become more utilitarian, friendships become more utilitarian“. Of course, “the difficulties of making friends after the age of 30″ have many different reasons. As some say: “the Western Culture has polluted many minds and has created many sick people, and that’s why making real friends has become difficult”. But it’s not the whole story. As some wise Iranians say: “Two real humans can have different tastes, different views, or different lifestyles and cannot be friends or close friends, but it doesn’t that one of them is a bad guy or a fake friend. It just means that they are different and prefer to spend their time and their life with those who can understand them better“. In fact, Mutual Understanding is an important factor. Of course those who are not honest, tell big lies, hide their true colors, and just try to use you or hurt you, are sick animals, not humans. Some westerners say: “Getting older might mean you don’t make many new friends, but maybe that’s a good thing. You can treat your friends with more care”. But some Westerner add: “No matter how many friends you make, a sense of fatalism can creep in: the period for making real friends, the way you did in your teens, is pretty much over. It’s time to resign yourself to situational friends: KOF’s (kind of friends)”. And it’s a stupid British view. As some wise Iranians say: “When you are young (30-), your views, your values, and your personality have not been shaped, and you often prefer to be open to new friends, new people and new things, and prefer to test many different people. But after the age of 30, most people know, or think that they know, what they want and become very selective about many things, including friends”. It’s a better analysis. They also add: “Many Westerners just want to use and exploit other people and other nations. It’s part of their barbaric culture. Their culture is not like the Iranian culture that cares about humanity and human values. The Western culture is the culture of Utilitarianism and Utilitarian People. But do you know why?”. They also add: “Because the Western culture is the culture of Human-Eaters; and those who ate humans and drank human blood could not understand goodness, kindness, sympathy, humanity, and human values. They really lived like animals”. Think about it. They also add: “In the Western culture, ‘Good’ means ‘good for me; good for my tribe; good for my (animal) interests’. But in Iran, ‘Good’ means ‘good for all; good for mankind; good for the truth and the human values’. And it’s a key difference. Think about it. As we said before, the Iranian Mindset is different from the British-Barbarian Mindset (check Archive).


“Sometimes, you just need to distance yourself form people. If they care (and if they are real friends), they will notice; If they don’t, you know where you stand. In fact, the real friends can understand you and your circumstances, and don’t behave like idiots or ignorant strangers”, some wise guys say. And it reminds me of many things, including Swartz and his disappointment in his friends. As some wise Iranians say: “When the British Culture pollutes somebody’s mind, s/he just behaves like fake friends or animals, and disappoints you. It’s obvious that many Westerners have lost their humanity and just think and behave like the British Barbarians. They only care about money and power, and betray everything. They live like animals, and just help the bad guys. They don’t care about the human values and the high level needs. In fact, the British Culture that is the culture of Human-eaters has polluted their minds”. They also add: “The British Culture that is known as the Western Culture, is the culture of bad guys. This culture has created Colonialism, Capitalism, Utilitarianism, and many other evil things. They make use of the dark side of man’s intellect, and encourage people to lose their humanity and to become animals or bad guys like the British barbarians. They know that the real humans and the good guys can put an end to their Evil Empire, and that’s why they try to create more utilitarian, selfish, mean and stupid people, who can easily become the pawns of barbarians”. Think about it. The real friends and good guys are the exact opposite of the British Barbarians. The real friends are good guys who are honest and care about the human values. As the wise guys say: “Fake friends only tell you what you wanna hear; Real friends tell you what you should hear”. In fact, Honesty and Goodness build Trust and real Friendship. As some wise guys say: “A factor in becoming friends is proximity, but the key factor in remaining friends is trust, mutual understanding, and good feelings. Sometimes two siblings have no mutual understanding of each other, while two persons from two different countries can have more mutual understandings and less differences”. It’s true. Those parameters that can create mutual understandings, trust or good feelings are like those parameters that create different tastes, different personalities, different lifestyles, different views, etc. Some think that sex, culture, race or religion are critical factors, and say: “Friends of the opposite sex obviously last longer. [But] friends of the same culture/ country/ religion/ etc obviously last longer”. But it’s not true as a general rule. Those good guys who are open-minded and live like the real humans, are not slaves of the primitive needs. The tribal values and the tribal traditions, that belong to the Stone Age, are meaningless to them. Of course it doesn’t mean that we can ignore different tastes or different personalities. Some say: “Great minds think alike”, but it doesn’t mean that two great minds can necessarily become close friends. Different tastes, different personalities, or different lifestyles have their own effects, and it’s not a bad thing. Humans are not Sheep, and diversity is the best feature of the human world. Some ask: “How many (close) friends do we need?” And some wise guys answer: “(close) Friends: One to three is sufficient“. It’s a semi-scientific answer. As some scientists say: “You cannot have more than about 150 friends. And those who have more friends, have more ‘superficial friendships’ and ‘superficial relationships’. The quantity of your friends is in inverse proportion to the quality of your friends/ friendships“. As some wise guys say: “Friends are like vinegar; the older, the better!” And some say: “Friends are like god; the wiser, the better”. I agree with them and those who say: ‘the old friends are the best friends’, but as some wise Iranians say: “If the British culture pollutes the minds of the old friends, they become fake friends”. As you know, the good old friends can create positive energy, good feelings, and other good things, but the important point is that the old friends and all good friends should always show each other that they are still good guys, and the Western-Barbarian culture has not polluted their minds. I hope that all good guys and all good friends learn from the mistakes of Aaron Swartz’s friends. The bad guys want to disappoint all of us, and the good friends should not forget it. The bad guys’ tactics are stupid. For instance, they pretend that all Westerners are bad guys or stupid sheeple. But many Westerners think, behave, and talk like Iranians. For instance, they say: “Old friends are brilliant. I’ve only got 4 real friends. It’s quality that counts for me, not quantity. Your humanity is important, not your age. After the age of 30, commitments like kids and families limit your choices”. In all around the world, those who live like humans are good guys, and those who think and behave like animals and bad guys are the same shits. And we should not forget that only the good guys can become good friends or real friends. As some wise Iranians say: “Those whose minds have been polluted by the culture of the British Barbarians, only can become fake friends“. The story of Aaron Swartz can show us that we all should always remind each other that good friends, good guys or Goodness exist. Otherwise, disappointment and bad feelings pollute everywhere. As some wise Iranians say: “Disappointment, hatred, war, animal life, a darker/ shittier world, and other bad things is what the bad guys and the British Barbarians want. We all should know these bastards, their wishes, and their plans. It will create a better life, a better world and a better future, because when you know these bastards, their British Culture -that is the culture of Human-eaters, Colonialists, and Opportunists- cannot pollute your mind”. Think about it.