We, the authors, live in Iran. We are Iranian and seeking to support the freedom and democracy in Iran and all around the world. We regard ourselves as the global citizen. We think all human beings, regardless of their race, color, gender, religion, age, etc. could help each other to make a better world. The world could be a better place if all of us try to help each other.

We are neither Right-wing nor Left-wing. We are neither Marxist nor Anarchist. We think the lunatic Lefts are as unfavorable as the lunatic Rights. We think the lunatic Marxist are as unfavorable as the lunatic Anarchist. We admire someone like the great Howard Zinn for “People Voice” and “People History” and because he was a great human being. But we think the lunatic Left advocates brutal regimes and uses them to blame the Right with, and it is not acceptable for us. We think Fidel Castro, Chavez, Mao, Stalin, and Khrushchev are as unfavorable as Bush, Blair, Thatcher and Obama. We think Capitalism, Islamism, and Zionism are as unfavorable as Communism, Anarchism, Fascism and Nazism.

We think we have to make distinction between the “Left” and the “Lunatic Left”, and between the “Right” and the “Lunatic Right” and etc. But we think the Left should spend a fraction of the energy that it does on, for instance, Palestine, and direct that energy on Iran instead. We say to the Left: ‘Just put aside your hatred for the Right for a while and concentrate on Iran and Islamic Fascism instead.’ We think Muslim fanatics are as dangerous as Christian fanatics and Jew fanatics. We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom of choice. But we think the religious fanatics are so dangerous and “the religion is the opium of the people”

Iran and Iranians are isolated form other parts of the world. The regime impose many restrictions and constraints on the Internet and the free exchange of information. The regime does not want the Iranians’ voice to be heard. But we try to break the limits and reach our voices to the outside world. We try to provide reliable news form inside Iran. We will use reliable and decent sources for our news and views. The people reports and reporters are important to us and we think they should not be ignored. We think the mainstream media, Left-wing or Right-wing, are not people media and most of them are corporate media.

We don’t hope that the politicians, Western or Eastern, help Iranians or other nations because all of them support the Islamic regime and other brutal regimes openly or secretly. But we hope that public opinion and the ordinary people around the world help Iranians in their struggle for freedom and democracy. We hope that the pressure of public opinion force Western countries to reconsider their position on Iran.

We think there is nothing wrong with idea of globalization. We think we should bring people together globally, across national lines in opposition to globalization of capital, to create globalization of people, opposed to traditional notion of globalization. In other words to use globalization in a way that bypasses national boundaries and of course that there is not involved corporate control of the economic decisions that are made about people all over the world. We want a world without national boundaries, but also with people organized. But not organized as nations, but people organized as groups, as collectives, without national and any kind of boundaries. Without any kind of borders, passports, visas. None of that!

P.S. Attention ! Attention !

Dear reader, if you are a human being or if you have come from Mars or Moon, or Galaxy X100 or any other place in the universe, you are our friend and are welcomed here. In fact, we welcome all humans from our planet Earth and all non-humans form other planets. But if you are a religious fanatic, chauvinist, racist, Islamist, Islamist-reformist, Monarchist, Pahlavist, Rajavist, Terrorist, Khatamist, or Chomskyist, you are an alien being here and it’s better you don’t bother yourself with our website; It would be appreciated if you leave here immediately; Thanks.

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