Iranian Jokes in English

These days are historic days. As the wise Iranians say: “These days are full of great jokes ! In these days, the Great Treasons, Great Scandals and Great Defeats are historic jokes! In these days, the Great idiots and the Great stupid Bastards are creating historic Farces! These days are historic days of Great Farces & Great Ends! Now any sane person can see The End of many myths, and the End of many Evil things, including the End of Arab Islam, the End of America , the End of The West’s values = the End of American values = the End of the West’s myths about Democracy, Rule of Law, Free Market, Free Trade and other kinds of Freedoms, Basic Freedoms. Today, a stupid animal and a brainless Fascist Psychopath is the leader of their so-called Free World, and putting an End to their Free World and all its myths, by fucking their Free World and its myths! Now their so-called Free World’s values are Orwellian things like Free Terror , Free Killing, Free Bullying, Free Blackmailing, Free Racism, Free Fascism, Free Censorship, Free Sadism, Free Sanctions, Free Wars, Free Threatening, Free Tyranny, Free Lies, Free Bullshit etc! Now there is no differences between Jokes and Reality! So, it’s still better to talk or write about recent events – which are historic events- in the form of Persian Satire, Persian Humors or Persian Comic / sarcastic remarks. Tragedy at its peak becomes Comedy. Now in the Religious world, ie the Christian world (America & the West) and the Islamic world ( = America allies! ), even Religion is a joke! Their Jewish Religion is a bad joke. Now even their religious leaders – from Mullahs / Muftis to Christian leaders and Arab Jew leaders –
show and prove that their Religion is a joke, a very bad joke! Their Religious Paradoxes are so so shameful, ridiculous and laughable. America’s Religion is exactly like Arab Religion = Mullah Religion. Their Religion is so Jewish and so Ridiculous. Their Religion is Religion of irreligious pigs, who even don’t believe in their own Religion and their own Religious Slogans & Standards ! Now in their Masonic world -from Europe & USA to Arab Islamists/ Mullahs – we all can see that their Religion is Religion of Disbelievers & Hypocrites ! Their Religion is Religion of Charlatans! In fact, their Religion is a Satanic joke ! Their Religion is so Masonic = so Orwellian! Today, even Religion is Orwellian joke! Today, their Religion is irreligious joke! Today, we all can see that Tragedy at its peak becomes a Farce like Sheikh Trump = Rouhani; And Comedy at its peak becomes Tragedy or Trump = Tragic Farce!“. It’s so so tragic that there is no real differences between Jokes and Reality in 2018 ! It’s so horrible, so awful, and so depressing. But In this post you can read about 200 Persian Jokes & Satires, including 100 Persian Jokes, and about 100 funny Persian things including funny Persian Folksongs and funny Persian poems, but because of the FATF Farce & its importance, this new series of Iranian Jokes & Satires are mostly Political jokes, Religious satires or FATF jokes! In the previous two posts you could read more than 500 Persian Jokes & Humors / Satires – including 400 Persian Jokes in English –
and here you can read the next 100 Persian Jokes, and what Iran’s people say about Recent events and Everything in the form of humors, jokes etc.


Persian Joke 401: (It’s the exact opposite of a Mass Media-style joke!) A group of Iranians are talking. Iranian1 says to Iranian2: Lets make jokes about Trump! Iranian2 says: About Trump?! But this shitty US Clown Trump is a joke, and doesn’t need jokes! Now the whole world is laughing at Trump & America! Iranian3 says: Yah, now many refer to Trump as Abu Trump or Sheikh Trump ! But why do all people hate him so much?! Iranian4 says: Because this US Sheikh Abu Trump or Sheikh Trump is a Terrorist Fascist Clown like Saudi Sheikh. Trump is Arab Jew Sheikh of America! Sheikh Jesus = Sheikh Trump is exactly like Sheikh Jasus = Sheikh Spy (Rouhani) ! Sheikh Trump is exactly like Sheikh Pashm-ak (Khamenei) = Sheikh Wool = Sheikh Pashm-of-Diin (Khamenei) = Sheikh Wool & Fool of Religion! Iranian5 says: Yah, now even idiots can see that Sheikh Trump is like Sheikh Jasus (Rouhani) and other Arab Masonic Sheikhs including UK’s Queen Elizabeth al-Sadat ! In these days, Iranians refer to the UK Queen as Elizabeth al-Sadat ! = Elizabeth, the Islamist Arab of UK ! Iranian2 says: Yah, the US and UK are the same Masonic / Islamist shit. Now Sheikh Trump making great confessions! Now Sheikh Trump says to his Arab Dictators = Arab Islamists / Terrorists: We love you ! we’re protecting you! You might not be there for two weeks without us ! (Sep 2018 / Oct 2018) Iranian1: Is it a joke ?! Iranian4: No! It’s exactly what Sheikh Donald Trump says to his Arab Terrorists & Arab Islamists: We Americans love you ! We love your Arab Islam! We’re protecting you! You might not be there for two weeks without us! .. Iranian1: it’s the greatest confession of the 21st century! Iranian2: Yah, and we Iranians say to The American Pig: Yah, it’s true! Your Arab Islamists ( = Saudis, Mullahs etc) and Arab Terrorists might not be there for two weeks without your American support ! It’s what we Iranians have repeatedly said ! And now you American pigs confess to it ! Iranian5: Sheikh Trump is a stupid cow, like his Arab cows = The Sheikh Cow = Arab Islamist leaders. Iranians4: Now it’s quite clear that America is not even a 3rd world country! – or even a 4th world or 5th world’s country! The 6th world is the best place for America under Trump! (America Jahan-e 3om ham nist ! .. USA Jahan-e 6om-e !) Iranian3: Yah, the 6th world’s countries are shithole countries like Trump’s America & Saudi shithole! The 6th world’s country is a shithole that a stupid Fascist Clown & Psychopath is its leader & the Leader of their Free World !! Iranain2: America is one of the 6th World (Jahan-e ShiShom! ) that shamelessly says that Money is Everything! , and if killers and terrorists pay cash ! -pay for their share in the US Business of Terror ! -, then killers and terrorists are free to kill ordinary people & intellects, and even shitty journalists of USA! Iranian1: America is one of the 6th World’s shitholes that stupidly confessing: Arab Islamists and Arab Terrorists might not exist , even for two weeks, without American support ! It’s the Great confession of History, isn’t it?! It’s a great joke of a great shithole, isn’t it?! Iranian4: USA is the greatest Sponsor of Terrorism, and it’s what their Sheikh Trump confessing! Now in 2018, the good Americans write articles like: Orwell’s “1984” and Trump’s America ! (2018), Big Brother Is Watching You: Now America is Orwell’s nightmare! (2018), Trump’s America: An Orwellian nightmare ! (2018) Iranian5: And all sane people know How Orwellian Is Trump’s America ! (2018) And it’s not a joke. It’s the End of America! Now the whole world laugh at America!, because America is a bad joke”

Persian Joke 402: (It’s Anti Keyhan-style joke!) Guy1 says: What is the Biggest Insult to Imam Hussein & Good values? Guy2 says: It’s Zellat and FATF in Muharram of 2018 ! Do you know its symbolic meaning?! Do you know what it means?! Guy3: Yah, the Mullahs are killing Islam of Mullahs!, and .. Guy2: and it’ so good! But Mullahs also killing Good things or Good values, and it’s Bad .. Basiji says: Now even Basijis are Not Basijis ! , and believe in Nothing but Lies ! .. Guy1 says: CIA’s Ayatollah Khamenei ordered his Majlis (parliament) to vote for the FATF! But why ?! And why do CIA’s media whores and cyber whores = CIA’s Basiji and CIA’s Islamists try to pretend that Rouhani and Khamenei are different! , or Larijani and Rouhani agree with FATF, but Khamenei doesn’t agrees?!! .. Basiji: Even we Basijis = stupid animals know CIA’s Ayatollah Khamenei gives his ass to FATF & CIA! But why do the CIA & MI6 play such childish games = British games?! Guy2 says: What do you expect from the UK and their Islamic Masons = 3-Kos-Ke(..) London-i : Khamenei, Rouhani & Larijani of UK ?!! Mullahs are Arab Islamists, not Iranians. And the West and US protecting Arab Islamists! Even Ayatollah BBC and Sheikh Trump say to Islamists / Mullahs: We love you! We’re protecting you! You might not be there for two weeks without us!! And all Iranians know that Mullahs might not be here (in Iran) for two weeks without American support = British support = MI6 & CIA support ! Guy1 says: Now even we stupid Animals = Basijis can see that Khamenei is CIA agent, and Ayatollah BBC and all CIA / MI6 media support Rouhani & Khamenei & Larijani = 3-Kos-Ke(..) London-i ! Basiji says: Yah, now even We stupid Animals = Basijis know that Rouhani and Khamenei are the same shit. If Khamenei didn’t like FATF, he had to use Hokm-e Hokumati ! ( = Islamist Decree ) Gay3 says: Yah, In Khatami’s era, in fucking Islamic Reform era, even the stupid Karoubi said to Khamenie: Don’t reveal Islamic Dictatorship! Don’t use Hokm-e Hokumati ! ( = Islamist Decree ) Let Majlist (Parliament) do its job; and if you the CIA’s Mullah (Khamenie) don’t like it, ask your Senate (Guardian Council) to reject it ! But at that time the fucking Mullah of CIA = Khamenie didn’t listen to such smart advices, and used a Masonic-Islamic tool = Hokm-e Hokumati ! ( = Islamist Decree) to stop Parliament’s plans and Parliament’s job !! It happened in 1999, and led to the 1999 Protests & Massacre. But now in 2018, this fucking Islamist Clown of CIA = Khamenei allows its fucking Islamic Parliament = Majlis to approve FATF !! If the CIA’s Khemenei didn’t like FATF, then the fucking Khamenei used Hokm-e Hokumati ! , like what he did in Reform’s era! Basiji says: Yah, now even Basijis say to Arab Jew Clown of CIA = Khamenei: Hey you the Ayatollah Faggot, why don’t you use Hokm-e Hokumati ?! Where was your Hokm-e Hokumati, during FATF Farce?! Guy2 says: Now Ayatollah shows & proves that Ayatollah’s Islam in his ass !! .. Khamenei’s Islam is in his ass !! , exactly like Khamenei’s Islamic wisdom that is in his ass !! (Hokm-e Hokumati-sh tu Koon-esh bood !! .. Mesl-e oon Basirat-esh keh tu Koon-esh bood !! ) Guy1: Yah, why didn’t Khamenei use Hokm?!! (chera Hokm Nadad?!!) Guy3: He didn’t use Islamist Decree (Hokm), because Khamenei wanted to give his ass to FATF & Great Satan! (Hokm Nadad chon bejaash Koon Dad !! Vaadad !! ) Guy1: The CIA’s Khamenei lets his Majlis approve FATF! But instead of giving his ass to FATF, he could use Hokm! (chera Kood dad .. Hokm-e Hokumati Midad !! ) Basiji says: Khamenei’s job is Koon Dadan = Giving his ass to his Great Satan! Khamenei is a Koonde Baqali ! = Khamenei is a stupid sodomite of CIA. Khamenei didn’t use his Islam, because his Islam is his ass !! (Islam-esh tu Koon-esh bood !! ..Mesl-e oon Basirat-esh keh tu Koon-esh bood !! ) Guy2 says: Yah, for the Anti-Iran things and Anti-Iranian acts, Khamenei used his Islamic Dictatorship & Hokm !! But for giving his ass to Great Satan and for serving the West’s interests, Ayatollah becomes a democrat faggot ! , and put his Islam in his ass !! (een Dayoosa = Mullah-ha Faghat Moghe-e Koon Dadan Democrat mishan !! ..)

Persian Joke 403: (It’s the exact opposite of a Mass Media-style joke!) A group of Iranians are talking. Iranian1 says: the CIA’s Rouhani & MI6’s Khamenei and their Masonic Masters make people laugh. For instance, this Zina-zadeh Rouhani and his Cabinet have created an Islamic Bemal Bemal Farce ! Iranian2: What is this?! Iranian3: A patient has asked the Fucking Rouhani’s heath minister = Zina-Zadeh Hashemi : Hey idiot, you have implemented IMF Plans in all hospitals, and all prices have increased by 1000% in 2016 & 2017! So, We people cannot pay for Physiotherapy .. But the Fucking Rouhani’s heath minister has said: you people don’t need doctors or physiotherapists! What do physiotherapists do?! They just rub you !! (Massage you ! = Malidan !) So, Just go and rub yourself !!! Rub it yourself !! (Boro Khodet Bemal !! ) Iranian2: Is it a joke? Iranian4: Now it’s not a joke !! Their fucking Islam is joke ! Iranian5: Yah, these Islamic Zina-zadeh = the West’s Islamic spies & clowns = CIA’s Rouhani and his cabinet = Islamists are jokes! Iranian6: This new Islamic Farce speaks a lot about their fucking Islam & Islamic Regime. It has created a lot of jokes in Iran. Iranian7: Yah, Now Iranians say to Rouhanis / Basijis: Hey Islamic animals! FATF shows and proves that your Islam Malid !! (your Islam is fucked up!) Rahber-et ke Malid , thu ham Bemal ! Daret Bamal !! (your fucking Islamic Leader licks FATA’s ass, so you Islamists go to Hell & Fuck yourselves!)… Your Islam & Islamic Leader Malid !! FATF shows that, from now on, you Basijis must refer to your Khamenei as Rahbar-e Malide-gan & Gaiide-gan Jahan !! (The Islamic leaders of all Whores & Faggots & Cowards !) FATF Fucked Arab Islam! (FATF Islam ra Gaiid ! ) FATF Fucked your Islam ! So, Islam va Rahbar-etoon keh Malid ! , tu ham Khodet-o Bemal !! Boro Bemal & Bemire !!! (Your fucking Islam & your fucking Islamic Leaders fuck themselves by FATF !! , so you Islamist must go to hell & fuck yourself !! Go away and Die ! Fuck yourself and Drop Dead !!) .. If people knew how to rub it and to lick ass, then they would be Islamic Leaders !! = they would be Khamenei or Rouhani who lick Great Satan’s ass !! (Ageh Malidan Balad bood, keh alan Rahbar bood !! = Rouhani bood = Ayatollah bood !! )”

Persian Joke 404: The witty Iranians say: “It’s an old tradition in Iran, since the Tazi invasion = Jewish Arab Barbarians invasion, that Iranian people mock and fuck Tazi language in many different funny ways. A group of Persian jokes is about the shitty Arabic = Tazi language. These Persian jokes are so funny, but you must read them in Persian. If you want to enjoy such jokes, you also should know a little Arabic! But If you know a little Arabic, and a few Arabic words, then we can use the same Persian methods in English! And here, lets assume that you all know a little Arabic! So, we can translate an ancient Persian joke about the Satanic Arabic / Tazi language in this way: An Arab King said to an Iranian Detective: Apparently, my Arab wife has become a whore, and she sleeps with other men! Please search for evidence -see whether or not it’s true; then Report it to me Secretly! So, Iranian did the job, and then reported the result by using a new language – a funny combination of Arabic & English & Persian !– in this way: I went to see things .. Onzor ela Darz al-Door ! (I saw through the crack of the door) Ra-ayto (I saw) your wife Lengo-ha fe al-Sama ! (her legs are in the air ! ) And a Big thing was Yadkholoon va Yakhrojoon Mokararoon !! (coming and going inside her = penetrating her over and over and over !! ) And your Arab Wife just said: Akh Joon, Akh Joon ! (I like it ! I like it ! )”

Persian Joke 405: The witty Iranians say: “FATF in Muharram or the love story of America & Arab Islamists = Trump & Arab Islamist Terrorists is beyond jokes. Now Islamists fuck Arab Islam of Islamists, and declare its death! The meaning of recent events is so clear: Mullahs = Arab Islamists are fucking their own Islam! Now Arab Islamists have invented new Islamist Surah / Sirah or Advice in their Masonic Islam = Arabic Islamic = Jewish Islam/ Satanic Islam of Arabs. But all Iranians and even all stupid animals / Arab Basijis know what the FATF Farce in Muharram means! So, now you must use their own language, or a funny combination of Arabic & English & Persian and say to all Islamists: Ya Ayohal Oskoloon! (Hey stupid bastards = Islamists) Afalaa Ya-lamoon & Ya-qeloon?!! Hey Jamaate Chiz to Koon!! (Hey the stupid faggots, that a Big Thing is in your Ass ! , why don’t you think ?! why don’t you protest?!) al-FATF ma al-FATF ! Va maa adraaka FATF !! (FATF and oh FATF ! And you idiots cannot understand FATF treasons & FATF Tragedy!) You cannot adraaka FATF !! (Stupid animals = Islamists can never understand FATF tragedy!) You Arab Dayoos or Arab cows call yourself al-Momenoon ?! (Believers?!) But Ya Ayohal al-Momenoon! (Hey Islamists & Mullahs) FATF raft to Koon-etoon !! (FATF was like a Big Dick that raped your Islamist Ass! ) Ya Ayohal Basiji-e Chiz to Koon! (Hey Basijis / Islamists = Sodomites and Whores of Arab Islam !) al-FATF bad-joori raft to Koon-etoon !! (FATF was like a Big Dick that badly fucked/ raped your Arab Islam & Islamists! ) al-Chize Rockefeller raft to Koon-etoon !! (your Rockefellers fuck your Islam of Arab Mullahs!) Ya Ayohal Basiji va al-Mullah = al-Kos-Maqzoon !! (hey you the brainless animals = Arab Islamists) Al-Chiz shod to Koon-etoon va to oon Islam-etoon !! (your ass and your Islam are fucked by FATF, IMF etc) Are you joz-e Kos-Kholoon or among Kos-K(..)shoon ?! (Are you among the stupidest pigs or the stupidest pimps of history?!) Ya Ayohal Kos-Kholoon va al-Jaakeshoon ! (Hey the stupid pigs and stupid pimps) Al-FATF ma al-FATF ! And you cannot adraaka FATF !! … al-Fucker va al-Fucker-roon !! (A fucker like Rouhani = Trump = Khamenei, and a lot of Mother-fuckers like Arab Islamists !) Va ma Adraaka ma al-Fucker va al-Jaakesh va al-Jakeshoon !! (and you the ordinary people can never understand the depth of foolishness & wickedness of Arabs & America & Arab Islam !) Al-Bega ! (Fuck), al-Beza ! (and create a child !) va al-FATF al-reza ! (and call it FATF Coup, because FATF is agree! ) va al-Ziresh Beza ! (and then deny your role and your FATF Coup! ) va al-Arab Islam-o Bega !! (and Fuck Arab Islam by FATF ! ) .. al-FATF ma al-FATF, va ma adraaka al-FATF !, And you cannot adraaka al-FATF ! ….”.

Persian Joke 406: The witty Iranians say: “”After all Disasters -from Saudi ISIS to FATF – you can use a funny combination of Arabic & English & Persian to talk about true colors of Mullahs & Arab Islamists and their fake religion. Now you should say: the Mullahs and Islamists are actually those Satanists that Fi Qolube-hem Maraz ! ( = Maraz daran !! = their Heart is so Sick & Satanic ! ) And fi Koone-hem DastabilAN Taliva !!! (and a long hockey stick is in their ass !! ) And Did you see How raft (went) to Koone-hem (their ass) DastabilAN Taliva (a long hockey stick !) = FATF al-USA ?!! The Mullahs and Arab Islamists are Jewish Satanists that Fi Maqze-hem Pehen ! (their head is full of shit ! ) Fi Qolube-hem A hen !! (A-hen or a coward hen is in their heart ! ) And fi Koone-hem a Dick-an Taliva !! (and in their Arab ass is a Big Dick !! ) In fact, Fi Rou-se-hem a Dick !! (In their head is a Dick ! = Arab Islamists are dickhead pigs! ) fi Qolube-hem a Sick ! (In their Heart is a Sick ) fi Taqare-hem a Pig ! (in their stomach is a Pig ! ) And fi Koone-hem FATF-an Taliva !! (and in their ass is a big hockey Stick !! = FATF ! ). In Iran, Iranians learn both English language and Arabic language in their schools, for about 6 years! Iranians learn Persian language as their national language. But Iranians also learn both English language and Arabic language as the mandatory Foreign language in their elementary schools & high schools (from age 11 to 18) So, almost all Iranians know a little English and a little Arabic. And we hope that other Humans know a little of these things too!, and can enjoy the funny combinations of Arabic & English & Persian! ”

Persian Joke 407: The wise & witty Iranians say: “Zellat & FATF in Muharram ! means the Death of Mullahs and their Islam. Sanctions (Tahrim) & Turkmenchay = Chooz & Piaz means the Death of their Islam & Islamic regime. Now all Iranians fuck Rouhani, and all Iranians spit at Rouhani, and say Rouhani must be killed = Rouhani must be tried and executed for High Treason against Iran, for aiding the Enemy & hurting Iran’s people And we or you just ask ourselves: Why do Mullahs = Rouhanis do such insane Treasons & Stupidities & insane acts?!! really why?!! (Vaqe-AN vase chi ?!! = Akhe chera ?!!) Which normal person fucks himself in this way?!! Is Rouhani a Zombie = a mind-controlled dead Slave of CIA?! Only a Zombie can behave like Rouhani, in such an insane way Jewish Rouhanis implement IMF plans & FATF to create only more and more Disasters & Poverty & Destroying people’s life, and to Fuck Islam & Fuck Rouhani more !! , and to create Ugly Poverty & Disasters & (Faaje-e & Felakat) & Economic Disability & Chaos = IMF Plans & FATF plan of CIA. Iranians are not blind or stupid, and that’s why all Iranians say: Rouhani must be tried and executed for High Treasons against Iran’s people. The depth of Anger & Awareness in Iran is so so unbelievable. Even we Iranians – that know our Iran’s people & talk about their Anger & their Awareness- are shocked now ! Even we are shocked in these days when we see the Iranian people in streets or public places like Bazaar or shopping centers in Iran = real people in real places and How Angry & Aware they are !! Now even we Iranians are shocked by their lever of Awareness & Anger = the level of Awareness & Anger among ordinary Iranian people inside Iran! Iranian people are so so so Angry and Aware, and so so ready for a Big Revolution = a Big Bang, and for killing all Mullahs & all Traitors like dogs , Killing all Traitors – form Mullahs & Monarchists to Terrorists & all Masons . And it’s not a joke! But we or you just ask ourselves: why do these zombies = Rouhanis = Jewish Ayatollahs dig their own grave in such a silly way?!! really why?!! (Vaqe-AN vase chi ?!! = Akhe chera ?!!) Fortunately or unfortunately, what the ordinary Iranian people say about these Zombies = Jewish Arab pigs is true: Only when you kill Rouhani = Zombie = Ayatollah like a pig, then he stops his Treasons & his stupid Evil Acts & Insane Acts !! (Zombie = Ayatollah = Rouhani ro taa mesl-e Sag nakoshan, vel nemikone va dast az Khiyant & Rezelat & Dayoosi bar nemidare !! ) And we just say to these Zombies = Jewish Rouhanis: Why do you do this lever of Treason & Stupidity & Insanity & Wickedness?? really why?! for what silly reasons?! really for what ?!! (eenqadr Khiyanat & Rezalat & Hemaqat vase chi ?!! Akhe chera ?! Akhe vase chi ?!!) Don’t you want to stop your Treasons & Insanity until when Iranian people kill you all Mullahs like pigs ?! Don’t you want to stop this level of Treason & Stupidity & Insanity before it’s too late = before Iran’s people kill all Mullahs like pigs?!( Taa Mardom mesl-e Sag nakoshan-etoon vel nemikonid ?! dast as Khiyanat & Rezalat bar nemidarid ?!!) Zellat & FATF in Muharram ! is your last miracle to save your Islam?! But Zellat & FATF in Muharram ! is the Death of your Mullah Islam & Islamic regime. Turkmenchay of FATF = Koon dadan beh Estekbar !! (Giving ass to Satan!) is your End, your Islam’s Death!

Persian Joke 408: (It’s a Keyhan-style joke) A group of Iranians are talking. Iranian1 says to Iranian2: In these days (2018) all Iranians are so so angry at Rouhani & all Islamists & all Anti-Iran Barbarians including Trump & Arab Jew Sodomites .. Iranian 1 says: Yah. All Iranians are so so angry at Traitors, Anti-Iran Traitors specially Mullahs and Islamists. Iranian2 says: Yah, in these days we all have seem many many real Iranian people who talk about killing Rouhani and Killing Mullahs like dogs. All Iranians are so so angry at Rouhani = Mullahs = Traitors … Iranian4 says: Yah, after Dollar farce = FATF Coup, when Rouhani aiding the Enemy of Iran and trying to do more & more High Treason, and to create more & more Poverty and Disasters in Iran, It’s obvious why many many Iranians truly & angrily say that Rouhani must be executed at Toopkhune Sq in Tehran (Vasat-e Meydun Toopkhune .. ) Iranian5 says: Yah, Toopkhune Sq in Tehran is the Best place for killing Rouhani ! , because it’s the End of Sarafi street, where Rouhani’s FATF Coup and attacking all Sarafi & aid the Enemy happened .. Iranian1 says: yah, the best place is Toopkhune Sq in Tehran, near Grand Baazar of Tehran, that is also where some of the Traitorous Mullahs and the Anti-Iranian Mullahs, the Anti-Iran Mullahs were killed and executed during the Iranian Constitution Revolution of 1905 to 1910 .. Iranian2 says: I have personally seen, with my own eyes, that many Iranians in Grand Bazaar & Toopkhune Sq talking about killing Rouhani and Killing Mullahs like dogs ! Now many many Iranians openly and publicly say that these Anti-Iranian Traitors = FATA’s Mullahs = Khamenei & Rouhani must be executed at Toopkhune Sq in Tehran (Vasat-e Meydun Toopkhune … ) because these Mullahs aiding the Enemy of Iran, creating Dollar farce & Poverty & Poverty & Disasters & Disasters & Nekbat & Kesfat & Rezalat .. Iranian2 says: Yah, we Iranian must finish the unfinished job of the Iranian Revolution of 1905 ! .. Iranian 3 says: Yah, the unfinished job must be finished!”

Persian Joke 409: The witty Iranians say: “It’s obvious why all Iranians are so so so angry, and only want Rouhani’s Death = the Death of all Traitors & the Death of all Mullahs = the Death of Islamic Regime / Puppet regime. The Mullahs aiding the Enemy of Iran, creating Dollar & FATF farce & Poverty & Poverty & Disasters & Disasters & Terrible Treasons. So, it’s obvious why all Iranians say Rouhani, Larijani and Khamenei must tried and executed for all their Treasons & Evil acts; and their execution must be done in Toopkhoone sq !!, at the End of Sarafi street. Now the Ferdowsi street or Sarafi street must be called FATF street !! And all Rouhanis = all Mullahs must be killed / executed at the End of the FATF street !! = Toopkhoone square !! You all know the witty subtle point of the End of the FATF street !! But it’s so funny and so important that the End of the FATF street is Toopkhoone square, where some Anti-Iranian Mullahs were killed and executed during the Iranian Revolution of 1905, in about 100 years ago! Now it’s obvious why Iran’s people say: we Iranian must finish the unfinished job of the Iranian Revolution of 1905 ! The unfinished job must be finished! Now all Mullahs = Rouhanis create the FATF Coup in the FATF street and we all know what is waiting for them at the End of the FATF street= Toopkhoone sq = where some Anti-Iran Mullahs were killed & executed in about 100 years ago. But now all Rouhanis = all Mullahs will be killed or Executed there at the End of the FATF street !!, and Iran will be Free & Strong again, and The unfinished job will be finished! Now all Iranians say: The unfinished job must be finished !

Persian Joke 410: The witty Iranians say: “Lets use our Iranian methods of changing Mullah songs & Mullah things, about an American thing / Terminator thing: Astala Vista Baby ! .. Trump’s fans or Trumpists are stupid pigs who only understand such language. So, lets them: Astala Vista Baby! Trump is Terrorista Baby! .. Astala Vista Baby! Trump is Islamista Baby! .. Astala Vista Baby! Trump is a Fascista Baby! .. Astala Vista Baby ! Trump is Satanista Baby! Trump is Evangelista Baby!! .. Astala Vista Baby! Trump is Faggotista Baby! .. Astala Vista Baby! Trump is Masonista Baby! .. Astala Vista Baby! Trump is Jew-Lover-ista Baby! Trump is Shit-Loverista Baby! .. and so on and so on! And at the End: Astala Vista Baby! Kar-e-tun Tamume Baby! (the End of America is near ! Trump terminating America!) .. Astala Vista Baby! America is Islamista Baby! America Arabista Baby! America be-Gaa raft Baby!! (America is being fucked !, and going to hell ! Trump is the End of America! ) .. Astala Vista Baby! You Kos-Khol hastid Kheily !! (You, Trump’s fans are so stupid pigs! Your Trump is the Death of USA! Trump is your terminator! Now the whole World laugh at USA & Trump & Trumpists! Trump terminates America! ..And Terminate means: to Make sth End ! ) Astala Vista Baby! Fuck you Trumpista Baby !! You are Terrorista Baby! You love Islamista Baby! ”

Persian Satire 1 – Some wise Iranians say: “You all know The Evil Empire of America and The Atlantic Council ! Those who don’t live like sheep know Satanic organizations like CIA, IMF, FATF, The CFR and the CIA’s Atlantic Council ! But Do you know what the CIA’s Atlantic Council says in Sep 2018 ?! Now they openly and shamelessly defend their beloved Khamenei = CIA’s Ayatollah, their Nuclear or No-clear Deal ! (Lets refer to Nuclear as No-clear !) and write shameful articles like: CIA’s Ayatollah Khamenei Reversal on FATF plan: US-Mullahs Talks Possible Under Trump !! (Sep 2018) And it’s not a Joke ! Check their website ! : ! Now CIA’s pigs of the Atlantic Council openly say: Trump’s policy towards Iran is imposing maximum Pressure and (maximum Sadism & Savagery!) .. Acceptance of the No-clear Turkmenchay and the 598 Turkmenchay (of Iraq war in 1989) by CIA’s Ayatollahs, the CIA’s leaders of the Islamic Regime, is a key example of Mullah flexibility and pragmatism !!!! … the Mullahs are drinking new cups of poison !! (including the FATF cup of Death !! ) .. Since 2013, The CIA’s Ayatollah Khamenei adopting a “Heroic capitulation” approach towards his Great Satan !! .. This stunned many Iranians inside Iran, and many outside of Iran ! .. JCPOA = No-clear Turkmenchay crossed all red lines drawn by Khamenei almost in its entirety by trading significant limitations on Iran’s No-clear programs for only partial sanctions relief !!! However, the CIA’s Mullahs accepted and signed this Shameful Capitulation !!! .. the CIA’s Ayatollah Khamenei’s decision to remain in the JCPOA so far despite Trump’s violation, in violating the deal is (so shameful & so humiliating for Mullahs ! ) .. This has happened despite (their fucking Islamic bullshit) threatening repeatedly that Mullahs would abandon the agreement if the US violated it and re-imposed sanctions that had been lifted under the accord !!! .. (So How should Mullahs prove that Mullahs are cowards, and Mullahs are stooges of Great Satan?!) .. Paris-based FATF is (part of the Masonic Mafia = Evil Empire) that tries to monitor all banking transactions worldwide .. Khamenei’s surrender to FATF and Khamenei retreats are (so so shameful & humiliating for Islam & Islamic Regime ! ) Khamenei’s retreat or Khemenei reversal was unimaginable in 2009 ?!! (when CIA’s Mullahs were killing Iran’s people with the help of CIA & MI6 ?! .. No! Never!) .. (Khamenei is a coward of CIA; Khamenei is CIA puppet who) shows again that, despite all the rhetoric, the surrender to the Great Satan and Dramatic changes at the highest levels of power in the Islamic Regime (of CIA’s Mullahs) can occur !!!! .. ‘ (Sep 2018) Can you believe it ?! It’s not a joke ! It’s exactly what the CIA’s Atlantic Council guys say in their official website ! Check their website, and see what the CIA’s pigs say! Now there is no doubt that Rouhani = Khamenei is CIA agent, and the CIA’s Khamenei is an Anti-Iranian slave of the West. As Iranians say, Now after the FATF Farce Hojat Tamam ast ! = there are a lot of undeniable facts & reasons that show and prove that Rouhani = Khamenei is CIA agent. The FATF Farce is just the tip of the iceberg. Since 2009, almost all Iranian people saw and said that Khamenei is CIA, and the CIA and Europe help Mullahs in destroying Iran & hurting Iranians & helping the Enemy of Iran. In 2009, Khamenei’s retreat or Khemenei reversal was so so imaginable, and good ! But at time, USA and the West helped Khamenei !, and aided Mullahs in Killing Iranians, because the fucking USA & West Hate Freedom & Democracy & Progress in Iran & the world. They just want Death & Destruction & Slavery and enslaving people. They just want to keep Iran under tyranny and unfree. If you compare 2009 with 2018, you will understand all things !, better ! Now (in 2018) even stupid animals/ Basijis can see why Khamenei is CIA, and why Iranian people were right. Only a Jewish CIA agent like Rouhani = Khamenei = AhmadiNejad can implement all CIA Plans from 2009 to 2018 – including the 2009 Massacre, the Zionist IMF Plans (Gaayaneh), No-clear Turkmenchay, Oil Turkmenchay (IPC), GMO farce, FATF and many other Zelat / Nakbat of Arab Islam & CIA’s Islamists. Now even stupid animals can see what Khamenei’s FATF means! , and why their CIA’s Imam Ali bin Rockefeller = Khamenei of CIA is so Anti-Iranian and so Arab Jew = az Bikh Arab & Traitor! The Satanic America’s aggressive policies in the world are not hidden facts. But US Barbarians openly defend such American Barbarism = Expansionism & Aggressive policies. Mullahs are Arabs, not Iranians. Mullahs are cowards & cows & slaves of the West. But Iranians, the real Iranians of our Iran say to the Satanic Europe & USA: the Payback time is near! Your End is near! One day in the near future, in the 21st century, you will see that Great Persia’s policy towards The West is imposing maximum Pressure! And that time you must close your dirty mouths! Great Persia’s policy towards The West’s Barbarians will be Tit for Tat & Payback time policies !, and sending all Anti-Iran Barbarians to Shithole WC of history! Payback time is near ! = Nobat-e ma ham mishe ! = Nobat-e Talafi kardan ma ham mirese ! = We will take our Revenge on all Anti-Iran & Anti-Human Barbarians of the West ! American Barbarians who proudly talk about the Savage America’s aggressive policies in the world should wait for a lot of Tit for Tat !! Payback time is near ! ”

Persian Satire 2: Some wise Iranians say: “”You all saw the world laughed at Trump in Sep 2018. You all saw what Sheikh Trump and Netanyahu said at the UN, and how the world is laughing at America and why the US media say: the world is laughing at US .. at the highest level, and directly to US face, Trump’s face ! (Sep 2018) The world laughed at Trump & USA, but what Sheikh Netanyahu said was more laughable! The world laughed at Netanyahu = Jew Clowns, too. But the world should laugh more at Sheikh Netanyahu and other Semitic Sodomites like Netanyahu’s Arab allies = Arab Zionists = Arab Islamic Dictators who openly kill journalists! Netanyahu’s kos-sher = Bullshit is so Kosher! But Netanyahu’s kossher = Netanyahu’s Tofalah / Tefilah remind us of Jewish prayers and Jewish Holy Crap / Holy Bullshit ! The Hebrew word for prayer is Tefilah ! (Tefalah ?! .. But in Persian, Tefalah means Trash! Tefalah means Crap, Trash, Rubbish!) So lets talk more about Jewish Tefilah / Tefalah = Jewish Trash = Jewish Crap / Bullshit = Satanic Jewish Prayers ! Lets talk more about Jewish traditions of Arab Islamists & Zionists! Do you know Jewish Wudu (Wuzu) ?! The Arab Islamist Wudu is the Jewish Ritual washing or wudu. Even Arab Jews have Websites like ! , and talk about such Jewish-Arab things! It’s funny that Jews refer to their Jewish Ghusl & Wudu as Tevilah !! (But in Persian Tavila means: House of Animals / Animal house!! ) Jew Wudu is Washing the right hand 3 times, then the left hand 3 times etc! In fact, Jewish Wudu is Arab Islamist Wudu! But You must ask: When do the Jews do Jewish Wudu = Arab Wudu? Exactly when?! And the answer is: Before prayer, Before reading from the Torah, When a person awakes in the morning !, Before and after Eating and Farting ! , After going to the toilet ! , After cutting ones hair and nails ! After touching a private part !!! , After touching a corpse, before they bless Bani Israel !! (before fucking Bani Isreal ! ) and before telling Kos-sher / kosher Lies at the UN or Jewish Minbar (pulpit) !! It’s so funny, but it’s not a joke! It can explain why the experts say: Arab Islamists = Jews = Mullahs! And the Mullah is so Jewish! Arab Islam is so Jewish! Now even the Arab Jews confess that their Arab Islam is Judaism of Arabs; Arab Islam is Judaism in Arabic ! If you want to know why they say such things, you must do some research about Judaism of Arab Jews! For instance, do you know Jewish prayers?! Jewish law mandates that men pray three times a day, in the morning, afternoon, and at night ! Their Jewish morning pray is called Shachrit (Shash rid = Piss & Shit !!) Many Religious terms in Judaism are funny Persian terms = Persian words that are used for jokes and ridiculing idiots !! But do you know its reasons?! (We will write more about it later) If you know the history of Judaism & Ungrateful Jews, and also the history of Great Persia & Persian Comedy & Persian Comic traditions, you know its reasons! Anyway , Jews begin each day with a short prayer! After ritual washing or Wudu , Jews read a line from Psalms: “Fear of Jewish God (!!) is the beginning of wisdom !!!” Can you believe it ?! This is Jewish Kos-sher ! = Holy Crap ! The Siddur is the Jewish Prayer-book, and you can find many Kos-sher or Funny Crap in it! The Jews have many Jewish websites, and what we say here is what the Jews say in their Jew websites! In fact, our resources are Jewish resources and Top Jewish websites like [1]: (Judaism 101) , , ,, and other famous Jew websites! What we Iranians say is so strong & undeniable , simply because we Iranians use their own famous Jewish resources! In their daily Jewish prayers, the Jews say: Blessed are You, Hashem (!) King of the Universe (!!) .. the soul that you placed within Jews is pure (Jewish & Satanic!) You formed it, You breathed it into me, and You preserve it within me! ..Thanks for Judaism! [1] Then Jewish prayers are followed by passages from the Torah & Talmud ! A quote from the Talmud that lists commandments for which one is allowed & rewarded in both worlds ! [1] And it’s exactly what Arab Islamists do! The Jewish prayer ends by testifying to the Jewish god control over the human soul !! The Jews testify that God looks over the Jewish people, “provides Israel with strength (!!)” and “crowns Israel with glory (!!!)” The Jews thanking their Satanic god for not creating Jews as slaves or as non-Jews (!!!!) [1] Can you believe it ?! Even their fucking Jewish prayers are so Racist ! In fact, the Jews thanking their Satanic god for creating non-Jews as slaves of Jews! Then Jews thanking their Satanic god “for creating me an Israelite !!’ Then the Jewish men thank their Satanic god “for not creating me a woman,” !!!![1] Can you believe it?! It’s Jewish Sexism & Racism! Even their fucking Jewish prayers are so Sexist & Racist! Such facts are not hidden or secret things! But Sheikh Netanyahu must know that we Iranians will reveal their Jew-Arab Secrets, if Jews & Arabs eat more shits in their shitty Brotherhood ! Sheikh Netanyahu is Arab Jew, and a Shit-lover = Saudi-lover! Sheikh Netanyahu is a sodomite, and a dick-lover! And we Iranians have many things to say about Semitic Sodomies, Holy Sodomites of Semites!, and other Savage Semites / Sodomites and their Satanic traditions! Savage Semites= Savage Arabs + Savage Jews = Sodomites should know that many Iranians know them well, so well ! We know their Satanic god = Baal / Yahweh / Lucifer !, and their Satanic Religions!

Persian Satire 3: Some wise Iranians say: “Sheikh Netanyahu is a Cohen or a Son of Zadok = son of Zahak = son of Ahriman. Now The Son of Satan = Sheikh Netanyahu = son of Zahak / Zadok = the Son of Ahriman is Anti-Iran and pro-Arab ! This Jewish pig Sheikh Netanyahu is pro-Arab and Arab-ass-licker ! This Satanic Jew Sheikh Netanyahu is Haman of today’s world, that means: Sheikh Netanyahu is a son of Baal Hammon = Baal Haman ! (Haman Baal !! ) Now you all can see that their Jewish Religion is so Satanic / Semitic and so Anti-Iranian! Their Satanic Judaism or their fucking Judaism is the Satanic Religion of Jewish DoGuzAbad ! = The Jewish Fart-land ! DoGuzAbad or TurGuzAbad that this Jewish Clown (Netanyahu) talks about it at the UN, and makes all Iranians laugh is a funny-comic term that means The Fart land ! . It’s a Turkish-Persian term, for referring to a Turkish Fart Land! But Iranians use it in many funny ways! Guz or Gooz means fart in Persian, and Abad is a Persian word that means land etc. DoGuzAbad or TurGuzAbad is a funny Persian slang term that means: The Fart land ! So, when the Jewish Fart = Netanyahu who comes form the The Jewish Fart land talk and fart about DoGuzAbad or TurGuzAbad , then all Iranians laugh a lot ! But it’s so obvious that when The Jewish Fart = Sheikh Netanyahu who comes form the The Jewish Fart land can say such Jewish Kos-sher = Kosher Crap, then we Iranians can talk about many important facts / things about the Satanic Jews & Satanic Judaism & The Arab Jewish Fart land! For instance, Have you heard about Jewish Kallah?! The Jewish Bride = Kallah ?! Have you heard about Kallah Judaism !, Kallah brides or Holy Whores of Jews?!! Do you know Semitic Baalah, Jewish Kallah or Arab BaAlah ?! Have you heard about Baal & Baalah?! Have you heard about Jewish Baalah and Kallah ?! Have you heard about Jew Witches ! , Jewish Magic, Jewish Witchcraft, Jewish Occults, and many Satanic Traditions of Jews! Have you heard about Jewish Hamsa = Satan’s Hand & Satanic symbol of Jews, Arab Jews & Arab Islamists & Kabbalists & Oculists & Freemasons etc?! Have you heard about Hamsa Hand = Satan’s Hand and symbols of the Illuminati, including All Seeing Eye (= Evil Eye = Satan’s Eye = Jewish Eye), Pyramid, Satan’s hand etc?! Have you heard about Jewish prayers and what the Satanic Jews say as their Jewish prayers ?! Have you heard about the Jewish Ashura = Yom Kippur ?!! Have you heard about Jewish Ashura and Yom Kippur and Satanic Traditions of Jewish Ashura ?!! Have you heard about Jewish Ashura = Yom Kippur, and Jewish Islam of Arabs ?!! Have you heard about the Jewish Zadok, sons of Zadok = sons of Zakah = Jewish Kohen / Cohen = sons of Satan?!! Have you heard about Jadu and Judah ?!! (Jadu = witchcraft) Have you heard about the Jewish Occult, Witchcraft = Jadu & Judah = Jadu & Jambal ?!! Have you heard about Judah = the Jewish land of Jadu = Witchcraft & Black Magic ?! Have you heard about Masonic-Satanic symbols including Black Cube = Kabaa = Jewish Cube = Tefillion?! Have you heard about Satanic symbols & Black Cube of Satanists & Arabs & Masons & Jews?! Have you heard about Arab Islamic Occultism = Jewish Satanism = Masonic Occultism ?!! (We have already written about such facts, and connected some dots (check Archive) And In this post, we want to connect more dots) There are many many many important & interesting facts / dots that should be connected, and many things should be said about The Jewish Fart Land and Jewish Farts like Netanyahu and other Jewish Farts & Faggots = Zahak sons ! = Satan’s sons ! Today, Satan’s farts = Arab Jew pigs and other Satanic pigs must know that their Satanic Game is over. Now even stupid animals can see why the Satanic America & Masons & Trump defend the Satanic Islam of Arabs = Jewish Islam of Arabs, and why the sons of Zadok / Zahak = Jewish Kohen / Kohanims = all Cohen & Satan’s sons work as Anti-Iran Barbarians! We Iranians know them and their secrets. We Iranians know the sons of Zahak = Sons of Satan = Anti-Iran Barbarians and their secrets. There are many interesting facts about the sons of Zadok / Zahak = Jewish Kohen/ Cohen / Rabbis = Arab Mullahs & Christian Pigs of America! Abu Trump = Ayatollah Trump = Sheikh Trump and this Arab Jew Fart Netanyahu = The Arab Netanyahu = Abu Netanyahu (Babu Netanyahu ! ) = al-Netanyahu = Ayatollah Netanyahu = Sheikh Netanyhau = Saudi Netanyahu should know that their Satan’s Game is over! The Devils Game is over. The witty Iranians refer to the Arabic Abu as Babu (BAbu) !! (Abu is Arabic, and means Father! .. But Yabu or Babu is Persian, and means ultra-stupid idiot! ) Abu and Babu & Yabu are synonyms ! Abu Arab = Babu Arab is someone like Trump or Netanyahu (Abu Arab = Father of Arabs!) Abu Arab = Abu Netanyahu or Babu Netanyahu are synonyms! Netanyahu is Arab Babu or Arab Yabu = Netan Yabu! Netanyabu is a Sheikh, and a Babu follower of his Jewish Arab Abu = his Babu fathers! his Yabu fathers !!


Persian Joke 411: They ask Iranians : What would happen if Netanyahu would be Iran’s leader?! Iranians say: Nothing! Only America & the West & all Media don’t defend him, but call him Clown or Terrorist or Greatest Danger etc !! … They ask Iranians : What would happen if Netanyahu = Jew Sheikh Netanyahu would be the leader of Islamic Regime?! Iranians say: Nothing! or Maybe many things get better & really better, because Rouhanis = Mullahs are so Jewish & so Anti-Iran, more than Sheikh Netanyahu !! … And Iranians ask Sheikh Netanyahu: How can a stupid animal become a Netanyahu?! Sheikh Netanyahu says : For becoming a Netanyahu you should : 1 be a self-hating Jew, who creating Anti-Jew cartoons a lot ! 2 be a shit-lover or Arab-lover, who loves Savage Arabs and Saudis = Arab Barbarians a lot ! 3- be an Anti-Iran Barbarian, who hate the Truth & Great Persia & the Good and all Good guys a lot ! 4 be a Religious fanatic and a holy Sodomite, who gives his ass to Jewish Kohens a lot ! , since his childhood ! 5 be a Sodomite Spy ! , who used to work as a male whore in USA ! And said to his CIA friends: Feed me cock! I love cock a lot ! .. If you become such a stupid male whore & Semitic Sodomite, then you are a Sheikh Netanyahu = a Prime Minister of Israel !

Persian Joke 412: The witty Iranians say: “Now Mullahs and Islamists should change their famous Islamist songs (Noha) in this say : Even when you think about Khomeini, you think you are going to a shithole !! = Yad-e Imam-e KosKhola .. Del-o Mibare tuye Khela ! (its rhythm is: lala (2) .. laa .. lala-la! ) their fucking Imam = Ayatollah is fucking their Arab Islam !! (een Imam-e KosKhola ! .. Diin-o borde tuye Khela !! ) their fucking Ayatollah is shitting on Everything, even on their own Islam !! (Goh zadeh tuye Hema-ja ! .. Ride tu Islam-e ina !! ) .. each day, from the early morning, Basiji begins to give his ass, to be whore, and to do Evil & Traitorous acts ! (Sobh-e keh az khab pa mishe .. mire lashoo wa mikon-eh ! .. ta Shab Khiyanat mikoneh !! ) Mullahs do the same, implement FATA, Fuck & Fool Basijis, and also Fuck Islam !! (FATF ejra mikone ! .. Basiji ro Khar mikoneh ! .. Chiz tuye Islam mikoneh ! ..) But I tell to my father, who are these stupid bastards ?! who are these Islamic faggots = Basijis = Arab Sodomies?! (Migam Baba eena chi-AN ! .. een yaru Kos-k(..)sha kiAN ?! .. een Bache Kooni-ha kiAN ?!! ) My father says: they are Basijis = stupid faggots ! Basijis are stupid animals, or male whores and drug addicts & sex addicts of Arab Islam !! (mige Baba, ina KharAN ! .. Hame Bad-o Basiji-AN ! .. Rishu-AN ama Kooni-AN !! .. Rambod-io TataliAN !! .. Kolan ye mosht Amali-AN !! ) Basijis are stupid crooks & thieves ! (Basiji-ha Dozd-o KharAN .. Maal-e Mardom-o mikhorAN !! ) Fuck Basijis, because Basijis are stooges and puppets of Satan ! Fuck Islamists, because Islamists are ass-lickers, and lick Satan’s ass = Big Brother’s ass ! (Khak tu sar-e Basiji-ha ! .. ke Nokar-o Jeer-e KhorAN !! .. Chiz-e Aqa ro MikhorAN !! .. Basiji-ha in-qade KharAN !! ) Fuck Basjis! Basijis are stupid Faggots! Fuck Islamists! Islamists bark a lot, but Islamist are ass-kissers and kiss USA’s ass / FATF’s ass !! The Arab Mullahs & Ayatollahs give their ass to USA & FATF, but say this Total Surrender & Sodomy is a Heroic thing ! (Khak tu sar-e Basiji-ha! .. ke Nokar-o Jir-e KhorAN ! .. Koon midan-o Jer MikhorAN !! .. Dolla mishan Shol MikonAN !! .. vas-e US Qombol mikonAN !! .. Chiz-e Heroic MikonAN !! ) lala (2) .. laa ..lala-la !”

Persian Joke 413: The witty Iranians say: “Now Mullahs and Islamists should change their famous Islamist songs (Noha) in this say : Even when you think about their Khomeini, you think you are going to a shithole !! = Yad-e Imam-e Koonde-ha ! .. Del-o Mibareh tuye Khela ! (its rhythm is: lala (2) .. laa .. lala-la! ) .. Oh, shit, Look what their fucking Imam & their fucking Arab Islam do?!! (Ey Dad-e Bi-Dad ! Ey Khoda! .. Didi Che Kardan ba Shoma ?!! ) Their Islam is a Satanic thing, a Jewish thing ( = Fitneh ) The Jews are behind Arab Islamists, And it’s a Devil Game of Evil Empire ! (Islam-e shoon ye Fetneh bood .. Ye Fitneh Jew-hoodi bood ! .. Poshte Arab Yahoodi bood ! .. yeh Fitneh Jahaani bood ! ) FATF is Satanic & Jewish. Khanemei is Satanic & Jewish = Khamenei is Fitneh (FATF ye Fitneh bood .. Khamenei ye Fitneh bood .. Ye Fitneh Yahoodi bood ! ) Their Islam was a Jewish Cult. Their Arab Islam is the Jewish Cult of Treason & Deception. Their Arab Islam is the Jewish Cult of Sex Jihad & Sodomy Jihad ! (Islam-e shoon ye Fetneh bood .. Khiyaanat-o Tabaani bood ! .. Koon dadan-e Jihadi bood !! ) Their Islam is Jewish Cult. Their Arab Islam is so Jewish! Khamenei is Jew, Rouhani is Jew, Saudis are Jews (Islam-e shun ye Fetneh bud .. een Fitneh Jew-hudi bud ! .. Sayyid Ali Yahudi bud ! ..Rouhani ham Yahudi bud ! = Saudi ham Yahudi bud ! ) Mullahs & Islamists are cowards & cows & worthless male whores! But they call themselves Heroic Faggots ! Islamists give their ass in a heroic way ! Arab Mullahs say Sodomy is a Heroic thing! Arab Mullahs do heroic Sodomy a lot ! Islamists give their ass to Satan/ USA a lot ! But they have no shame, and still bark a lot ! , while Islamists should die of shame (HaghirAN-o Zalil mishAN .. ye Rahbar-e Haghir MishAN ! .. ye Koonde Heroic mishAN !! aalam Heroic MidAN ! .. Koon midan-o Jer MikhorAN ! .. Ama Bazam Dolla MishAN !! .. vas-e Satan Qombol mikonAN !! .. Ziad ham Ar-Ar MikonAN !! ) Fuck Rouhanis & Basjis, because they are Arab Islamists & Stupid pigs! FATF is fucking their Islam so badly, but they are silent & cowards & slaves of Satan Velayat !! (Khak tu sar-e Basiji-aa! .. Ke hata FATF-aa ! .. Raft-e to koon-e Mullah-aa !! ) I Swore to God that Basijis are Yazid’s men & Satan’s whores, and Basijis are stupid Sodomites! (Be-khoda een Basiji-ha .. Hamashun Yazidi-AN ! .. Hamegi Bache Kooni-AN ! .. Jireh Khoro Zena-ZadAN .. Past-Fetrat-o Bi-Sharaf-AN !) .. I tell my father : But why Mullahs & Basiijs are so so stupid ?! (Migam Baba eena KharAN .. Amma Chera Inqad KharAN ?! ) But my father says: Stop it ! It’s enough ! Because these Islamist songs are so so stupid ! (mige Baba, Dige Basse ! .. een Nohe-ha kolan Khaz-e !! ) .. It’s better that the CIA’s Ayatollah Khamenei goes to hell or to a shit-hole, beside his Masters = dead Rockefellers !! (een Imam-e KosKhola ! .. Behtar-e bere tu Khela ! .. Pish-e hamun Rockefeller-ha !! ) lala (2) .. laa ..lala-la !”

Persian Joke 414: Qazanfar becomes Rouhani = Mullah !, and says: Khayrol Omur Osataha !! It’s means: the best thing of thing is its middle !! It’s actually a sexy advice = the best thing is in the middle !! But At first, in Mecca, it was : Khayrol Omur Orataha !! = the best thing is in its sexy organ!! (Orat = se-xy organ!) Oh, shits! Oh, no! I cannot be a fucking Rouhani! So, lets to be Qazanfar again ! Now we should say to Balls-less Mullahs -because Rouhanis & Arab Islamic Sodomites have no balls: Khayrol Omur Khaayotoha!! = The Best thing for you is the Balls !!, even a little balls! Now Rouhanis = Mullahs say: Khayrol Omur Taslim-eha !! = Te Best thing is Total Surrender & Total Treason!! .. Khayrol Omur Koon-Dadan-eha !!! = Khayrol Omur FATF-eha !! = the Best thing is FATF & giving ass to Satan’s FATF !! .. Khayrol Omur Koon-Dadaneha !!! = the Best thing is giving your ass to Satan & FATF !! But let say to Islamists : Khayrol Omur (= FATA) Raft-tu-Koon-eta !!! = The Best thing (FATF) is raping you & going into your ass !! But Mullahs & Basijis still say: Khayrol Omur Nokari-eha !!! = Khayrol Omur Dayoosi-eha !! = the Best thing is shitty begging !! The Best Thing is being Whore & Sodomite & Slave and so on & so on !

Persian Joke 415: The witty Iranians say: “the FATA Farce is so important, and that’s why Iranians create or sing some funny songs about Mullahs and Islamists, and say: Wow! their Arab Islam is being Fucked ! (Ey Vay ke Islam ham beh Gaa Raft !! ) Wow! their Islamic Regime is going to hell & shithole !! ( Ey Jaan! Velaayat tu Khe-laa Raft !! ) Wow! their Arab Islam is being fucked ! Their Arab Islam is giving its ass to Satan !! (Ey Vay ke Islam ham beh Gaa Raft !! .. Koon dad be Sheytan cheh be Gaa Raft !! ) Did you see how Satan’s dick went into their Arab Islam’s ass?!! (Didi ke Chizesh taa be koja Raft ?!! .. Ey Vay ke Islam ham beh Gaa Raft !! ) Is your Arab Islam nothing but Ass-kissing & Ass-licking ?!! (Islam ha-moon Khodet Be-Maal Bood ?!!!! ) Your fucking Islam is nothing but FATF ?!! (Islam ha-moon FATF bood ?!!!! ) Wow! The FATF Farce shows that Mullahs pissed and shitted on Islam ! (Ey Vay ke ShaShid tooye Islam !! .. Aakhund ke bood Mullah-ye Islam !! ) Wow! Mullahs and Islamists are shitting on Islam ! (Ey Vay ke Ridan tooye Islam !! ) Mullahs & Islamists are badly shitting and fucking Islam ! (Akhund che Bad Rid tooye Islam !! ) The Mullahs are nothing but FATF and CIA’s agents ! (Aakhund ha-moon FATF bood !!) the Mullahs are shits from CIA’s shithole ! (Aakhund Gohi az oon Khe-laa bood ! ) Don’t refer to Mullahs as Dayoos, because Mullahs are Sodomites ! (Dayoos Na-goo Akhund ye Koonist !! ) Don’t refer to Mullahs as Pofyoos, because Mullahs are Whores, holy whores !! (Pofyooz Na-goo Aakhund ye Hoorist !! ) ..Fuck Arab Islam if it tells you Islamists : Approve it ! , because It’s what FATF wants !! (Ey Nang be Diinii Keh be-het Goft .. Tasvib Kon !, eeno FATF Goft !!!! ) Fuck Arab Islam that pissing & shitting on Parliament during FATF Farce !! (Ey Nang be Diinii Keh be Majlis … Shashido be-Raft tu Koon-e Majlis ! ) Did you see how Islamists were fucking each other ?! (Didi ke che Man Gaa tu Be-Gaa bood ?!! ) Their Arab Islam was Fucking Islamists ! (Islam Nagoo, Gaa tu be-Gaa bood !! ) their Arab Islam was a Satanic Trap! (Islam Nagoo Dami Ba-laa Bood ! ) Their Arab Islam was a Satanic Shithole !! (Islam Nagoo Chahi Khe-laa Bood !! ) .. Your fucking Islam is FATA ?!! (Islam Ha-moon FATF Bood ?!!) Your fucking Islam is a Satanic Shithole ?!! (Islam Ha-moon Chahi Khe-laa Bood ?!! ) .. Fuck Religion, and Fuck USA more than religion! (Ey Vay be Diin ! 100 Vay beh US !! ) Fuck their Arab Islam that was totally useless ! (Ey Vay keh Islam ham Na-toones! ) Fuck Religion if it is a FATF’s tool ! = Satan’s tool ! (Ey Vay beh Diini keh Na-toones !! ) Fuck Basijis, who are totally useless whores ! (Ey Vay Basiji ham Na-toones !!) Shut the fuck up Basijis! You Basijis are US puppets! (Shut-up Basiji ! Ey Yaar-e US !! ) You Basijsi are Islamic Sodomites / Faggots ! (Ey Vay Shoma Chiz Koon-e-toones !! ) When your Rouhani gives his ass to US! (Koon Dad cho Rouhani beh US !!) This great Shame is your fucking Islam !! (een Nang Ha-moon Islam-e toones !!! ) .. Did you Basijis see how Religion is being fucked?!! (Didi Basiji ! Diin cheh be-Gaa Raft !! ) Did you Basiji see How your Religion is going to hell & shithole !! (Didi Basiji ! Diin tu Khe-laa Raft !! ) Hey Basijis, your Arab Islam is being fucked by your Mullahs & FATF, and going to hell !! (Ey Vay ke Islam-et beh Gaa Raft !! .. Ey Vay ke Diin-et tu Khe-laa Raft !!)

Persian Joke 416: The witty Iranians say: “the FATA Farce is so important, and that’s why Iranians make some funny songs like: Wow! It’s great that their Arab Islam is being Fucked ! (Ey Vay ke Islam ham beh Gaa Raft !! .. Ey Joon! Velaayat tu Khe-laa Raft !! ) It’s so great that the Great Ignorance is being fucked ! (Ey Jaan! Jehaalat tu Khe-laa Raft !! ) It’s so great that the fucking Arab Islamic Regime is being fucked ! (Ey Jaan! Basirat ham be Gaa Raft !! ) It’s so great that all their secrets are being revealed ! (Ey Jaan ke Gandesh bad Da-roomad !! ) Did you see how Islamists and Mullahs show their true colors ?!! (Didi ke Cheh joor Gandesh Da-roomad ?!! ) It’s great that FATF is fucking Arab Islam ! (Ey Vay ke FATF oomad !! ) and their Arab Islam shows its true face & true colors !! (Islam-e Arab Gandesh Da-roomad !! ) It’s so great that the Death of Arab Islam is so near ! (Ey Jaan ke Omresh beh Sa-roomad !! ) Their Arab Islam is showing its true colors, and going to hell for ever !! (Islam-e Arab Taqqesh Da-roomad !! ) It’s so great that Big Secrets are being revealed ! (Ey Jaan ! Che Raazaa shod Ho-veydaa !! ) The Masonic Mullahs are badly showing their true colors ! (Akhund-e Mason Bad Shod-e Ros-vaa !!) … Shut the fuck up Arabs! Close your dirty mouth! , and stop barking ! (Shut up, Arab! Ar-Ar-o Kam Kon !! ) Fuck off Arabs ! Get lost Arab pigs! Go to hell Arab pigs = Mullahs! (Fuck off Arab ! Gooreto Gom Kon !! ) .. Hey Arab Basijis, your Arab Islam is being fucked by FATF, and going to hell (Ey Vay ke Islam-et be-Gaa Raft !! .. Ey Vay ke Diinet tu Khe-laa Raft !) Hey Arab Basiji! Your Arab Islam is fucking your Arab ass !! (Ey Vay ke Islam-et Basiji ! .. Cho Chiz be Maatahte to Jaa Raft !! ) Hey Islamists, their FATA is fucking your ass & your Islam, and you cannot deny it ! (FATF-esh taa beh Kojaa Raft ?! .. een Chiz be-het taa Dast-e Jaa Raft !!! ) .. Fuck Arab Islam if it tells you: You Islamists must allow FATF to fuck your Ass & your Everything !!! (Ey Nang be Diinii Keh be-het Goft … FATF ham taa Dast-e Jaa Raft !!) .. Mullahs fuck you Basijis! Mullahs make a fool of you Basijis! (Aakhund Daret Maalid Basijis! .. Maalid ! Bemal Khoodet Basijis! ) Mullahs badly fuck their supporters! (Gaaiid tho raa Aakhund ! Basiji ! ) Hey Basijis, did you see how Mullahs fucked you?!! (Ey Vay! Che Raft Toot Ey Basiji?!! ) .. It’s so great that their secrets are being revealed, and their Arab I;sam is going to hell for ever!! (Ey Jaan! ke Gandesh bad Da-roomad !! .. Islam-e Arab Taqqesh Da-roomad !!) We Iranians fuck Islam of FATF, that says: Be Slave ! , because it’s what Big Brother or FATF wants ! (Ey Marg be Diinii Keh be-het Goft .. Nokar Sho!, eeno FATF Goft !! ) Death to Islam of Arabs, if it says: Be Whore ! , because it’s what Satan or FATF wants ! (Ey Marg be Diinii Keh be-het Goft .. Dolla Sho !, eeno FATF Goft !!! ) Death to Islam of FATF, that says: Give up & Accept Capitulation ! , because it’s what Europe or FATF wants ! (Ey Marg be Diinii Keh be-het Goft .. Taslim Sho !, eeno FATF Goft !!! ) Death to Islam of Arabs, if it says: Accept FATF & Slavery! , because it’s what FATF or EU wants ! (Ey Marg be Diinii Keh be-het Goft … Dayoos Sho !, eeno FATF Goft !!!! )

Persian Joke 417: Rouhani administration has issued a new decree (Bakhsh-name) and said: (this fact that all Iranians just spit at the Mullahs & the Islamic regime’s officials is an undeniable fact and a good thing ! ) So, Because of the shortage of water & water resources, from now on you don’t need to throw a bowl of water behind the Mullahs and the Islamic regime’s official; your spit is enough !! …

Persian Joke 418: The witty Iranians say: “FATF in Muharram has a very Bad & symbolic meaning, and you all know it, and its reasons. So, after FATF & Rockefeller Iran Projects, Islamists have change their old songs and their Classic Islamist songs in new ways! For instance, now Islamist singers = Maddah song: Hey Ahl-e Haram, Rockefeller baz Nayamad ! , Alam-dar Nayamad ! (we Islamists are so worried about our Master, Rockefeller ! Why Rockefellers don’t come ?!) Hey Ahl-e Haram, FATF baz az dar amad ! , booye Khiamat Amad !! (hey the stupid Islamists, FATF is coming !, and it’s nothing but Treason !) een Rouhani-e Pofyooz be Zanoo Dara-mad ! , booye Khesafat amad !! (Satan brings Rouhani on his knees! Satan brings Arab Islam on its knees! , and it’s so disgusting ! ) een Rouhani-e ma Inb Ziad az kar Dara-mad !!, booye Belahat amad ! (Rouhani is a Jewish Arab Evil ! ..) een Khamenei khod-e Yazid az kar Dara-mad !! , booye Hemaghat Amad !! (Now it’s clear that Khamenei is Yazid ! , Khamenei is Satan’s Arab man! Khamenei is FATF’s man! All Islamists should die of shame! ) Hey Ahl-e Haram, FATF baz Nayamad ! , Alam-dar Nayamad ! ( FATF is our Islamic leader, and we Islamists need FATF so badly ! ) …. Now Islamist singers = Maddah also song : Baaz een che Sooresh ast ! , keh tu koon-e Rahbar ast !! (Now FATF is in Ayatollah’s ass !! .. ) Baaz een che Khiyanat ! , che Bemal-o che Maalesh ast !! (Which kind of Islamic Treason is this !!) Baaz een FATF ! , tuyeh Koon-e Rahbar ast ! (Now FATF goes into Ayatollah’s ass !) Baaz shod FATF !, che Azaa-o che Matam ast !! (FATF is the Death of Arab Islam ..) .. and so on and so

Persian Joke 419: The witty Iranians say: “The CIA’s Ayatollahs and their Bemal Bemal ! ( = Rub! Rub! = the Art of Ball-polishing or the Art of Ass-licking !) have created many jokes in Iran. The CIA’s Rouhanis = Arab Islamists have created a New Islam = Masonic Islam = Jewish-Arabic Islam of Arabs, in which you can find new Islamist Surah / Sirah like this new al-Bemal ! , that is a funny combination of Arabic & English & Persian: Va al-Bemal val Bemali ! Va Bayayd Khodet Bemali !! (= In this fucking Islam of Arabs you should know the Art of Ass-licking and the Art of Surrender and the Art of Treason ! You must know such Satanic-Arabic arts of Jews! ) Va al-Bemal val Bemali ! And this is the Art of Khayemali !! ( = Art of Ass-Licking ! ) Ez Ramayto Maa Ramayt, va ena al-FATA Ramaa !! (people didn’t fuck Arab Islam, but Rouhanis & FATF fuck Arab Islam !! ) Ez Bemalo Maa Bemal, and Khamenei is Khayemal !! (Islamist Art of Ass-licking has created ass-lickera like Ayatollah! Khamenei is Ass-licker of FATF ! ) Maa Bemalo oon Bemal !! , and this is Bemal Bemal = FATF !! (when we Mullahs rub them, and they rub us, this is called FATF or Bemal Bemal = when we Mullahs suck them, and they suck us ! ) oon Bemalo Maa Bemal, va ena al-Khayemaalo Ramaa !! (people don’t fuck Arab Islam, but this Islamic Ass-giver Khamenei & FATF fuck Arab Islam !!) va Baalah-o loves Khayemal va al-Khayemali ! (Arab God = Baalah = Jew God loves all ass-lickers & Art of Ass-licking ! ) And if you doing Bemal Bemal va al-Khayemali KasirAN Kasria! (if you do ass-licking, and licking the ass of Big Brothers a lot ! ) Baalah-o Bemal Bemal-o you fe al-Akherah! (Arab Jew God = Satan will suck your dick in the next world ! ) and this is your Baghiat al-Salehat ! (Ass-licking is a good Islamist art / fart ! ) Val-Agar Khodet Bemali ! (If you rub yourself) Baalah-o Bemal-o you Bemal-AN Kasira !! (Arab God = Satan rub you & reward you a lot ! ) Ya Ayohal Mome-noon! (Hey Islamists!) Boro Daret Bemaloon !! (you must fuck yourself !) Va al-Arab Islam-o Malid ! (And is the End of Arab Islam! ) Hey idiots ask yourself: al-FATF malidoon al-Islam?! (Do FATF love and rub Islam ?!) Or al-FATF Gaiidoon al-Islam ?! (or Do FATF fuck Islam ?!) Ya Ayohal Kos-kholoon, afala ya-lamoon?! (hey stupid pigs = Islamists, why don’t you think?! ) Ey al-Chiz tu Koon-etoon! (Fuck you Islamists!) Pas chera la-ya-lamoon, la-ya-qeloon?!! (why don’t you think, and put your hear in your ass ?!)”

Persian Joke 420: They ask Iranians: What is FATF ?! Iranians say: It’s so simple. FATF means: Mullahs officially & openly declare the Death of Islam, the Death of their Arab Islam ( = Jaar zadane Marg-e Islam! Marge Islam-e Arab/ Akhund) It’s so simple ! FATF is the Death of their Islam & Islamic Regime! We Iranians are actually so so happy! But the Bad thing / Evil thing is that they want to hurt our Iran & Iranian people & Iranian values, too. The West’s Evil Empire want to enslave all humans, including Iranians – one day with Religion and one day with Anti-Religion or FATF! And that’s why we Iranians say: Fuck Islam of FATF ! , that means we Fuck both FATF & Slavery & any Thing or Religion that wants to create Slavery! Fuck Islam of FATF means Fuck Islam of Satan = Fuck American Islam = Fuck Islam of Arabs! = Fuck Islam of Mullahs = Fuck Slavery ! = Fuck Satanic Cults = Fuck Jewish Islam of Arabs = Fuck British Islam or Masonic Islam !

Persian Satire 4: The witty Iranians say: ” Do you know What is pa-Menbari or pa-Manqali?! And why pa-Menbari is pa-Manqali ?! In Persian, pa-Menbari means: those sheeple who sit around Pulpit = those who listen to a religious Pulpit ! But pa-Manqali means: those drug addicts who sit around drug table to do drugs ! So, they are the same shit ! Those cult-addicts who sit around Pulpit are like those drug-addicts who sit around Drug table to do drugs! Pa-Menbari is pa-Manqali = a stupid drug addict that their Cult or Religion is their Opium ! But Menbar = Pulpit is not a Religious thing. Today, the Media is Menbar = the media is pulpit ! Today, pa-menbari are those stupid idiots who sit around the Media or the Menbar of BBC = BBC’s pulpit, the Menbar of VOA = VOA’s pulpit, or the Menbar of the West = The West’s pulpit ! Now all Iranians can see that the Menbar of BBC = The Ayatollah BBC’s pulpit and the West’s pulpit is exactly like the Menbar of Mullahs! The Menbar of CIA Media is like the Mullah Menbar, and both are the same Evil shit. Menbar of Media or Menbar of Mullah or Mufti is Menbar of Satan or Menbar of Mozdur !! = Menbar of Mercenary ! = CIA pulpit & MI6 pulpit ! And we Iranians say to all sheeple = pa-Menbari = pa-Manqal : Baba Olaq jan / Kos-Khol jan! (Hey dear idiots! Hey dear Retards! ) Az Minbar Har chi Shenidi (they say many wrong & stupid things in their Pulpit) Dar Ketab har chi Khandi (they say many wrong & stupid things in their Books) ke nabayad Qabul koni !, fekr koni Dorost-e !! (so you should not accept them –without Critical Thinking & A lot of Research– and stupidly think that they are True Things!) If you accept the West’s menbar or the Media’s menber, then you are a pa-Menbari = Basiji or Sheep (who accept the Menber of Mufti & Satan & Sheikh!)”

Persian Satire 5: The wise Iranians say: “the Media or Menbar say many many wrong & stupid things. The Mullahs and Media whores and other agents of Satan just want to fool you and to deceive you, but in the name of informing you & making you aware & guiding you to the Right direction !! (beh Rah Raast Hedayat konan !!) So don’t accept their propaganda and their lies and bullshits. Don’t accept what they say without Critical Thinking & A lot of Research. Don’t be Sheep ! Even Don’t accept what we say! , without Critical Thinking & A lot of Research. The Mullahs & Bad guys want to fool you and manipulate you, and that’s why they say they are your savior, and they want to redeem you from sins or evils, and they ask you to obey them or obey their god / Satan, and to accept what they & their god say, if you want Redemption & Salvation ! (Rastegari !) Those who say such things are Charlatans, 100% Charlatans. Those who say such things are Satan’s agents. The Good guys or God’s men don’t ask you to obey them! Only Satan wants you to Obey! The Good God doesn’t need your obedience or you Slavery ! But Satan says Slavery is Salvation !! The Good God never ever asks you to obey, and to become Slave of God (Bande / Barde) Only the Evil forces and Satan ask you to Obey, and to become Slave, Slave of God or Satan ( = Bande / Barde) Slave is Slave, and Slave of God is Slave of Satan! The Good God never want you Slave. The Iranian God = Good God asks you to Think, to be Free, Free from Slavery (Bandegy / Bardegy) Only Satan and Satan’s agents say: Slavery is Salvation !! And if you want Salvation, you must be Slave of God = Satan’s slave! They ask you to accept their god’s orders = Cult’s orders and their crap & lies & bullshits without without Critical Thinking & A lot of Research. They say: Evil is Good, Satan is God, Lie is Truth, Slavery is Salvation, Obedience is Good !!”

Persian Satire 6: The Wise Iranians say: “Obedient or Obedience means doing what you are told to do; accepting what you are told ! But do you know What is Thinking or Critical Thinking?! Do some research about it ! But why do we Iranians always ask you to do your own research ?! Why do we Iranians always ask you to do research ?! Because Iranians and all real Wise & Good guys want and know that All people must learn to do their own research, to use their Brain, to think a lot and to do Research a lot, and Not to live like sheep or slave. We Iranians tell you all: Don’t accept what we say ! Do research about it! Only accept the Truth and what is really true. Even Don’t accept what we say without Critical Thinking & A lot of Research. And it’s what our wise Iranian ancestors and all real Good & Wise people have always said. When you say something that you know that it’s really true (Moo Lay-e Darzesh Memireh!), and when you assure of yourself & what you say, then you ask people to do their own research, a lot of research. But when you tell lies & bullshit, and you have a sick mind & sick intentions, you ask people to obey and to accept your crap in the name of God & Good & other good things! We Iranians and all Truth-seekers just care about the Truth & the Good and Decent things, Not Lies & Bullshits & Deceptions & other Evil things! What we Iranians say has a very deep and strong root (Poshtesh beh Kooh bande! = beh Miras-e Niakan & Nikan ! ) Our wise Iranian ancestors = our Niakan, and all wise & Good guys = Nikan, have a strong legacy that is our legacy and is known as our Miras-e Niakan & Nikan = the Good Legacy of our wise Iranian ancestors & All wise Good guys in all around the world. Our Niakan were Nikan (Good guys), Nikan-e Ruzegar = Good guys of their times. Our Niakan and Nikan are synonyms, and have the same root. Our Niakan & Nikan and the Persian word Nik became English Nice! In fact, the root of English nice is Persian Nik. In Persian, Nik means good & nice, and Niki means good deed; what is good & nice (…) When you have such a nice & strong legacy = Iranian legacy = Human legacy, and when you stand on the shoulder of the wise Niakan & Nikan = all wise & good people who lived before us & our era, then you can see new things, say or do new Good things, and add it to the Human legacy, the Iranian legacy. Today, we borrow from our Miras-e Niakan & Nikan, because we want to show our roots and to show that we stand on the shoulder of whom, and we owe our knowledge or wisdom to whom. We, all humans, owe our Sciences & our knowledge & our Arts & our Wisdom to our wise Niakan & Nikan, and we actually borrow from them, and then add something to it and give it to the future generations. All informed people know what it means, and how it has worked for thousands of years. Our wise Iranian ancestors were Nikan-e Ruzegar = Good guys of their own times. But the West’s Bad guys and Barbarians of the West and all Anti-Iran Barbarians & Savage Semites have savage ancestors = Evil ancestors who were Blood-eaters (Khoon-kharan), Human-eaters (Adam-kharan!) and Zena-Zadegan, Dayoosan, Jaakeshan, Qoromsaqan or Ahrimanan-e Ruzegar = Barbarians & Evil forces of their own times! We Iranians have a so so Strong Logic, but they = Anti-Iran Barbarians are so so weak & desperate, and that’s why their logic is the logic of Sword, the logic of Sadism & Censorship = the logic of Satan = the Logic of Trump USA ! = the Logic of Barbarians = the Logic of Barbarity & Bullying & Sadism”.

Persian Satire 7: Some wise Iranians say: “Netanyahu’s kossher Lies = Netanyahu’s Tefalah remind many of Jewish prayers = Jewish Holy Crap or Holy Bullshit of Jews ! The Hebrew word for prayer is Tefilah / Tefalah that means Trash! So lets talk more about Jewish Tefilah = Jewish Trash = Jewish Crap = Kos-sher = Kosher Crap of Jews! The Jewish prayers have been part of Jewish Occult & Jewish Witchcraft = Jewish Jadu & Jambal !, Jadu of Judah! The Jewish Kabbalah or Jewish Occult is like Arab Islamist Occults. And it’s what the Jews say! They say: many Jewish Prayers come from Occult Traditions of the Jewish Witchcraft or Kabbalah [1] You can take a look at Jewish texts or top websites of Jews [1] to see what the Satanic Jews say about their Jewish morning prayer. noon prayer, evening prayer etc ! It’s so laughable, and so informative. Lets take a look at their Satanic Jew prayers in Hebrew! They say in Hebrew : YAHUAH ELOHAYNU YAHUAH echad ! … And it’s exactly like Yuhu Yuha-ha Yu-haa-haa-haa !!! And as all Iranians and informed people know it’s part of the Jadu Jambal’s things = Witchcraft things or what Black magicians say! When the Iranian Comedians and many other comedians want to ridicule Witchcraft & Magicians, they often say: Yuhu-ha-ha Yuha-ha … !! But now you can understand what is its root! If you want to ridicule Witchcraft & Magicians, you can simply read Jewish prayers in Hebrew !! Do you know Jewish Satanic Books and Magical books including The Forbidden Books of Jewish Magic?! Do you many Jewish Holy Crappy books = Jewish Bibles of Bullshit & Witchcraft & Superstitions including Jewish magical manuals such as The Sword of Moses ?!! Many things should be said about Satanic Judaism = Jewish Religion of Witchcraft & Witches (We will write about it later) Satanic Jews were & are Baal-worshipers and Witchcraft-worshipers, so it’s obvious why their Jewish prayers sound like Witchcraft Occult things. And it’s not Joke ! They say in Hebrew in their Satanic Jew prayers : YAHUAH ELOHIYM, YAHUAHA YAHUAHA … !! And God Bless those comedians who tried to ridicule Witchcraft = Jadu in this way! It’s so important that when Comedians wanted & want to ridicule Witchcraft & Witches, they say Jewish Hebrew things! = Yuhu-ha Yahu-ha !! .. So, as the Jewish Bitches only understand Witch-Crap language! , we Iranians say to the Jewish Witch & Jew Bitch Netanyahu: You-Yabu-Ha!! BaBUHA !! Yuhu-ha! .. Yuhuhu! YaHAHA!!! YuHaaHaaHaa! YouHahaha !! Abu NetanYahu is so Yabu & Babu ! BAbu Netanyahu comes from the Jewish DourGuzAbad or DoGuzAbad = the Jewish Fart land ! But NetanYahu = NetanJadu and his Jewish Jadu come from Judah = the Jewish Fart land of Jadu & Judah! We all must try to connect the dots in a true & wise way! And if you connect the dots in a true way, you can see the roots of Yahweh, Yahoo Yohoo or hoo hoo haa haa! = Jewish Witchcraft & Satanism! The Jewish Kohen are Sons of Satan. The Jewish Kohens are Sons of Zadok/ Zahak. It’s an undeniable fact. But there are many interesting facts, undeniable facts and shocking facts about Arab Jews & Sodomites / Semites & Satanists! So, connect the dots !! For instance, Jadu is similar to Judah, isn’t it ?! In Persian, Jadu means Witchcraft ! (and Jadu-gar is Witch) But as you all know, the Satanic land of Jews is called Judah! And yah, Jadu and Judah can reveal many things! Maybe Jadu is from Judah! Many historic facts about Jadu & Judah show that the Satanic Judah was the land of Jadu & Jambal !! (In Persian, when Iranians want to refer to Witchcraft in a funny way (to ridicule it) they use Jadu & Jambal !, that is a funny term !) But maybe Jadu & Jambal is actually Jadu & Judah ! = Jadu of Judah ! It’s important to note that Iranians refer to Jews as Judah! (= Jew-da or Jew-huda ) So, Jadu of Judah means: Jadu of Jews ! = Witchcraft of Jews. In fact, Jadu & Jambal is nothing but Witchcraft of Jews = Satanic Judaism of Jews! And if you read history, you can see that The so-called Jewish land = Judah is the land of Jadu & Jambal ! It’s so important and so undeniable that Judah was the land of Withes & Witchcraft & Occultism & Satanism = Baal cult. Even the Jews confess to it ! [1] The Satanic Jews still defend Jewish Witchcraft, Jewish Kabbalah & Jewish Occults. The Jews even confess: The practice of witchcraft was so pervasive among Jewish women that even the Jewish children of Judah! [1] We Iranians have many things to say about these Satanic Jews and their Barbaric-Satanic traditions = Satanic Judaism! Sheikh Netanyahu wants to show that Jews are pro-Arab and pro-Arab Islamist, but anti-Iran & Anti-Iranian?! OK ! It’s so good ! Sheikh Netanyahu wants to show that Jews are pro-Satan and pro-Evil Empire, but anti-Persia & Anti-Good & Anti-Truth and so ungrateful ?! OK ! It’s so good ! We Iranians thank Sheikh Trump, Sheikh Netanyahu & other Arab Jew Barbarians for revealing the true colors of Anti-Iranian Barbarians = Anti-Human Barbarians! As you know, Satan’s sons have polluted everywhere. Even Yahoo is Jewish or Satanic. Yahoo means Hey hoo ! (like Hey you! ) Ya means hey, hoo means he. Instead of saying Hey Satan or Hey Lucifer, they say hey hoo ! = yoo hoo !!! – that is a secret language of Satanic Jews! Unfortunately, the Bad Jews and Satan’s sons have polluted the whole world and all countries. Many things should be said about Arab Jewish pollutions = Semitic poisons = Satanic poisons, and how Semitic pollutions have polluted all Things – even Iranian things like Shiism, Sufism, and Iranian Judaism = a Good Religion that Iranians made for Jews. As you know, the Jews of Judah & Babylon were Baal-worshipers, and when Iranians saved Jews, Iranians created a Good Religion for Jews and asked them stop Satan-worshipping = Baal-worshiping. Now even many non-Iranians and Jews confess that Persia Created a good Judaism for Jews! Just search the internet ! It’s so important that Persians created a Good Religion for Jews, who were Hebrew Baal-worshipers (we will write more about it later) But Satan-worshipers = Baal-worshipers = Satanic Jews have been so Satanic, so Witch / Bitch, so uncultured, and so so ungrateful & unfaithful / disloyal to God or Good & Iranian values. Do you know Yom Kippur = Jewish Ashura?! (check next sections)

Persian Satire 8: Some wise Iranians say: “the Semitic Religion of America is so Satanic & Orwellian, and like other Semitic Religions don’t care about Iranian values = Human values. They are so Orwellian, and they just pretend that they are not Semitic or Satanic / Masonic, and they love Iranian values = Human values! It’s so important that the US Bad guys = the West’s leaders are so Corrupt, so Satanic / Masonic and so sick & uncultured, but they are forced to pretend that they are good or civilized people who love our Iranian values = Human values! It’s so so important that today and all days, our Iranian values have always been the main symbols of Human Civilization & Good Civilized people. But Semitic values = Semitic / Satanic & Masonic symbols have always been the main symbols of Satanism & Barbarism & Barbarian Bastards ! It’s so so important. Their Trump is just the tip of their iceberg. Today, this insane Fascist Clown Trump is the Leader of Their Free World !! And it’s not joke ! It’s worse than all jokes! The Trump Cult or Trumpism is a Masonic cult. The main Enemy of Iran & all Iranians & all Good guys & The Civilized world is Masons and Freemasonry = Cult of Satan, The Jewish-British Cult of Satan. Now even the good Americans write good articles like Freemasonry: the Invisible cult in their midst! , and say: Freemasonry makes a mockery of God, makes a mockery of Civilization, makes a mockery of Good things, makes a mockery of Human values ( = makes a mockery of Iranian values) It’s an important fact. It’s funny that even The West’s masons write books like Freemasonry – The Invisible Cult, and say: Freemasonry is a Cult, Freemasonry is a False Religion! It’s what the so-called religious Masons say ! It’s a book written by religious Freemasons !! They confess: Lucifer is the god of Freemasonry! .. Masonic symbols are the Star of David (for Jews), the cross (for Christians) and the Crescent (for Islamists) .. the Jewish Arab Star and Crescent are the main (Masonic symbols and Satanic symbols) .. Freemasonry is a cult, a secret society. It’s an organization that contains dark secrets ! It’s important to note that the West’s scholars write books like [2]: Freemasonry and Judaism : Secret Powers behind Revolutions ! (below pix) or even better books like Crescent and Compass : Islamic Freemasons etc (below pix) or shitty books like: Jewish Magic and Superstition !, and confess that The British Islam is Freemasonry, and the Arab Islam is Judaism. In fact, they confess why the old & wise Iranians used to say: the British Islam is Freemasonry (British Islam hamoon Freemasonry-e ! ) or Arab Islam is Judaism in Arabic ! Now we all can see their Satanic Brotherhood or Satan’s Brotherhood ! But now even idiots and the West’s masons write books like Freemasonry: The satanic symbolism and rituals, and Freemasonry and The 20th Century Occult !!, and confess: Freemasons and Jews Worship the same Satan! [2] And it’s what their own masons confess! They even say: In the West, Satanism is a religion .. their god is Satan ! .. Freemasonry is an occult secret society and all Freemasons have aligned themselves with the occult … The word occult means deliberately kept hidden: not revealed to others. The Mason is forbidden by oath not to reveal what goes on behind the closed doors of the lodge even to his wife !! ..Freemasons have definitely participated in occult activities .. According to our research, the first group that used the Masonic lodge for their evil designs were (British Barbarians) As we continue our study of Freemasonry and the occult, we need to look at another secret of (Satanic Judaism) ! And it’s what their own Jewish Masons confess! It’s so important and undeniable that Freemasonry and Occult and also Masons and Secret societies are synonyms. It’s so important to note that according to their own English Dictionaries, Occult means : Connected with Magic powers and things that cannot be explained by Reason (!!) or Science !! In fact, Occult means Jadu & Jambal ! = Witchcraft of Jews = Superstitions (Khorafat ! ) It’s important to note that Khorafat or Superstition means: the medieval belief that particular events happen in a way that cannot be explained by Reason or Science !! The medieval belief that some events bring good or bad luck !! But who care about Occult = Jadu & Jambal ! = Superstitions / Khorafat = bullshits that cannot be explained by Reason and Science?!! Only Satanic Jews and medieval barbarians of Europe’s Dark Ages & The Age of Ignorance = Arab Jahiliyyah = Jewish Islam of Arabs! The Arab Islam is still Arab Jahiliyyah, or Jahiliyyah of Arab Jews / Saudis/ ISIS / DAESH etc. Now the West or America is returning to the Age of Ignorance & Superstitions & Occultism ! Trump is a symbol of the beginning of the new Dark Ages in the US and the West. Today, When Trump talks or When Ignorance Talks, Intelligence Laughs! = When Anti-Iran Barbarians talk, Iranians and all good guys laugh ! = When Trump and American leaders talk, Iranians and the whole Civilized World laugh ! And you all can see what it means : It’s the Death of America; It’s the End of America ! It’s so important that today When the US and the West Talk, Iranians Laugh! , all Civilized Humans Laugh! It’s the End of The West = the End of Their Evil Empire ! Today, When America and its Terrorist allies talk, Iranians and the Civilized World laugh ! Just look how the whole world laugh at Trump & America and its Terrorist allies = Saudi Arabia & Israel & Arab Islamists (Mullahs) & other Anti-Iran Barbarians = America-worshipers !! or FATF-lovers ! / Mason-lovers! “.


Persian Joke 421: Qazanfer says to Basijis: Do you still like Khamenei, the leader of Islamic whores & FATF? Basijis say: almost all Basijis are so angry, because Khamenei (= Aqa = Gentleman) has become a male whore = Gendeman !!! Khamenei gives his ass to FATF & Europe & Estekbar (Dige Aqa ham Koon Dad ! Band ro Aab dad !! Aqa be FATF ham koon dad !!) Qazanfer says: Oh, shit! So, instead of saying :Aqa Noon Dad ! Aqa Joon Dad ! (Daddy gives breads! Daddy gives his life for us!), now all Islamists should say: Aqa Koon Dad !! Aqa Vaa Dad !!, Aqa be-Gaa Dad !!! , Aqa bad dad !! = Daddy bad Daad !! (Khamenei gives his ass! the CIA’s Mullah Khamenei surrenders his Ass / Namus to FATF ! Your Islam gives its ass to Great Satan !!) … And Iranians say to Qazanfar: In 2015, after the No-clear Turkmenchy Farce, Islamic Freemasons like Zarif & Salehi & Iraq-chi went to Mashad for Zirat ! = for mocking & fucking Islam of Turkmenchay more and more! So, What do they do now in their FATF farce = FATF coup = FATF gate?! Qazanfar says: Now they go to Mashad, again! But this time their Mashad is Azadi Stadium! Did you see how this CIA’s Ayatollah Sodomite = Khamenei gives his ass to FATF, and then goes to Mashad = Stadium, to celebrating his Total Surrender & Sodomy & Ass-giving to FATF (koon dadan-e Ayatollah beh FATF) and actually for mocking & fucking Islam, Islam of FATF more & more?!! And it’s not a joke! It’s what The Mullah TV show and say! Iran’s history will never forget and forgive these Islamic sodomites and their Islam of FATF & Turkemenchay!

Persian Joke 422: Iranians say to Qazanfar: The Ayatollah Sodomite = Khamenei gives his ass to FATF & Satan. The CIA’s Ayatollah Whore = Khamenei thinks he is whor !! (whor in Arabic means Free, Free men !! ) But Khamenei is whore or whor ?!! Qazanfar says: Khamenei is Kos-Khol !! = Khamenei is a stupid whore! .. Iranians say: What is Khamenei’s tactic ?! Qazanfar: Khamenei has said to his Mullahs & Basjis:Araba va Akhunda inqadr beh America koon midan ta America az roo bereh !!! (Arab Islamists & Ayatollahs give their ass to America a lot and more than a lot ! , until when America says: OK , it’s enough ! I surrender to your Arab ass-giving jihad !! … America surrendering to your Jewish Sodomy jihad = Arab ass-giving jihad !! This is the fucking Arab Islam = Religion of Koon Dadan ! = Religion of Ass-giving ! = Religion of Sodomy ! = Jewish Religion of Arab Sodomites & whores ! Religion of FATF !

Persian Joke 423: After the No-clear Deal Farce = No-clear Turkmenchay of Trump & Rouhani, the witty Iranians say: “Now Mullahs and Arab Islamists and Islamic Masons have invented new Islamist Surah / Sirah or Advice in their Masonic Islam = Arabic Islam of Great Satan, and say for instance (it’s a funny combination of Arabic & English & Persian !): Al-momenoon al-FATF al-Koonde-oon !! (the real Islamists and Mullahs are those whores who give their ass to FAFT ! ) Ola-eka al-Lazina Sucker-oo Trump’s dick and Fucker-oo and Jaakesh-oo and Koondeh-oo al-Trump va al-FATF Koonan Kasiraa !! (the real Arab Islamists are those pigs who Sucking Trump’s dick a lot, and giving their Arab ass & Islamist ass to America = their Great Satan & FATF a lot and in a heroic way !! ) Al-Poyfoozi va al-Dayoosi ( = pimping and prostituting), al-Taslim va al-Turkmenchay (Total Surrender & Capitulaiton) Al-Lavat (Sodomy), al-Khiyana va al-Khayemali ! ( = Total Treason & Ass-licking) is their only Honar al-Islamia al-Arabia ! (their Islamist art = Arabic Art) This is their Moghavamat al-Islamia and their fucking Islam al-Arabia! (this is their fucking Islamist Resistance and a result of their fucking Arab Islam) Va Fuck-ohom Kolohom Ajma-een ! (and you should fuck all of them! Fuck all Mullahs = Fuck Arab Islamists!) Kol al-Arab al-Faseqoon! (all Arab Islamists are corrupt puppets of the West! ) Kolohom Mother al-Fucker-roon !! (All of them are Arab Mother-fuckers ! ) Kolohom Jakeshoon !! (All Mullahs = Arab Islamists are pigs and pimps! ) KoloYom Chiz TuKoon !! (all Arab Islamists are shitty faggots & Sodomites ! )”

Persian Joke 424: Qazanfar says to Mullahs & Islamists: Islam Islam een bood Islam-etoon ?!! (this is your Islam ?! You used to say Islam Islam a lot ! This fucking Islam of FATF is your fucking Islam?! ) Baba Chiz to Koon-etoon ! , va tu een Islam-etoon ! (Fuck you Islamists, and Fuck your Islam of FATF !) Band ro aab dadin ke !! , beh FATF ham koon dadin ke !! (you Mullahs show your true colors in a very bad way! You Mullahs even give your ass, your dirty Arab Islamic ass to FATF & Rockefellers etc! ) bah Great Satan ham aare ?!! aare-o-eena ?! (you Mullahs make love with Great Satan?!! you Mullahs give your ass to your Great Satan?!) Mullahs say: We Mullahs give our ass to Satan, to save our Satanic Islam of Arabs !! (baraye Hefz-e Islam Arab !!) We Arab Mullahs al-Shashidoona fe al-Islam, va al-Ridoona fe al-Islam, for saving Maataht al-Arab Islam !! (We Arab Mullahs are pissing on Islam, and shitting on Islam, for saving the dirty ass of Arabs & Islam of Arabs !! )

Persian Joke 425: The Ayatollah UK and The Ayatollah BBC defend their British Spy Rouhani and the UK-Mullah love affairs, and issue British Fatwa = Fart-War, and say: this British Dick = British Regime is for all people ! (een Doolat vas-e Mellat-e !! ) The UK’s Islamic Dick = Islamic Government of UK belongs to all people ! ( een Doolat-e Islam-ie UK Doolat-e Mellat-e !! ) And then the fucking UK’s leaders = British Barbarians of The Ayatollah UK ask British people: Do you know what is our British government of people for people ?! ( = Doolat-e Mellat-e UK !) The Brits are silent, but the witty Iranians say: Your British government of people for people is actually your British Queen’s dick ! , that is inside the UK’s ass !! (Hamoon Chizi ke tu Matahte Mellat-e UK-e !! ) In your Orwellian UK, Tyranny is Democracy, War is Peace, and your Islamist UK Queen is a male woman (Ajuze Rishu ! = Rajaaleh ) or a female man, whose dick is in the UK’s ass !

Persian Joke 426: The witty Iranians say: “Now the shitty Mullahs chant shitty slogans against their shitty Rouhani! And it’s a shitty Farce! For instance, the shitty Mullahs say to their own Rouhani = a shitty Mullah: Hey Rouhani keh .. Estakhr Farah dar Entezarat! (Death to Rouhani ! and A death like Rafansanji’s death in Farah Pahlavi’s luxury pool is awaiting Rouhani !) In fact, they want a dead luxury or a luxury death for themselves and their Rouhani in luxury pools or luxury shit-holes! These stupid bastard Mullahs are luxury or lushy / lashy Mullahs! They are shitty gays! But the witty Iranians (of Naf-e Tehroon & Irooon! ), mocking Mullahs & fucking Mullahs, and say: Hey Rouhani ! keh Koon dadan bovad Shoar-at ! (Hey Rouhani, Your motto is Giving your ass to Satan! ) Yek Chiz-e Koloft dar Entezarat !! (So, Big Dicks are awaiting you !! ) Hey Rouhani ! keh Koon dadan bovad Maraam-at ! (Hey Rouhani, that Your manner is Giving your ass to Satan!) een bar Dige Gaiid-e Shod Kol-e Nezaamat !! (this time, you have fucked your Islamic regime so badly! And now the Islamic Regime is going to hell ! ) Hey Rouhani! keh Koon dadan bovad Maraam-at ! Ridi tho Kolan tuye Islam-o Nezaamat !! (you Rouhani and your FATF fuck Islam & Islamic regime so badly!) … Hey Rouhani keh Koon dadi beh Sheytan ! (Hey Rouhani that gave your ass to Satan ! ) Diine tho bovad Islam-e Sheytan ! (your Religion is Arab Islam of Satan! ) … Hey Rouhani Koonde!, Yaar-e Sheytaan ! (Hey the faggot Rouhani, the friend of Satan !) Islam Malid !, besaan-e Your Kaan !! (Islam is been fucked !, like your own ass !! ) .. and so on and so on !

Persian Joke 427: It’s like an old joke made by Parviz Khatibi .. ( Parviz Khatibi (1923 – 1993) was an Iranian film-maker and humorist. After 1979, he left Iran. He hated Mullahs / Islamists. In 1986, he published a book – Tozih al-Latayef ! = An Islamist book of Jokes ! – to fuck and mock the Mullahs & the British Mullah-makers! It’s a Persian book, and You can easily find and download it) In 1979, the manager of The British Circus said: This Islamic-British circus was arranged quickly. (Qarar bud) it was arranged that I use my circus animals in Iran for a short period of time. But now the UK gov asks me to allow my British circus animals ( = Khomeini and Mullahs) to stay in Iran for ever !!

Persian Joke 428: Rouhani says to his Cabinet: our Islamic Turkmenchay has fucked our Islamic regime, and our situation is so bad and so shitty now, in a way that at each weekend, we don’t pray for our dead Islamist friends, but instead our dead friends pray for us !! (Dige Amvaat ham vas-e maa Fatehe mikhonan !! ) .. Q : the zombies and dead people pray for Whom ?! A: Trump or Rouhani = Mullahs / Islamists = America allies = those Satanic pigs whose Death & End is near ! … Q : why do the zombies and dead people pray for Rouhani or Trump ?! A: because Trump or Rouhani is one of them! .. Q : why do the zombies love America allies = Arab Terrorists and Arab Islamists ?! A: because Zombies love Zombies! Zombies like Trump’s America! .. Q: What would happen if you don’t fuck a shitty bitch, who has a dirty ass ?! (Agar beh yek Riqoo-ye Ravani-e Obne Koon-Nashur-e Iran-Setiz Roo bedi chi mishe?! ) A: They will become a Trump, a Saudi King, a Mullah or Netanyahu or Rouhani ! = They will become America or Arrogant & Impudent Traitors & Terrorists & Dictators = America allies !! (Trump mishe ! Netanyahu mishe ! Mullah mishe ! Saudi or Rouhani mishe ! = Basiji or Arab Islamist mishe ! = America Allies mishe !! )

Persian Joke 429: Rouhani says to his Basijis: I badly want, and it’s my dearest wish ( = what Rouhani wants most of all) that at least one normal person or one Iranian says to me: We didn’t expect this or that Treason or Evil thing form you! (Az Shoma Ba-iide ! … ) But unfortunately, Rouhani is so so stupid & bastard that all normal people always expect all kinds of Treasons & Stupid things & Evil Things form Rouhani !! (Rouhani indaqr Kos-Khol & Dayoose ke Hich-vaqt Hichi azash Ba-iid naboode! )

Persian Joke 430: In the Mullah era, the Iranian comic books, and also the Mullah Religious books, have funny names like: Rish-nameh! (Book of Beard !), Jish-nameh ! (Book of Piss! ), Mish-nameh! (book of Sheep!), Sikh-nameh (Book of Erection! ), Mikh-nameh (Book of Nail ! = Book of Basij & FATF ! ), Tigh-nameh! (Book of Blade ! ), Tiz-nameh ! (Book of Dirty Tricks!) , Miz-nameh ! (Book of Managers ! ) idz-nameh ! (Book of Aids / HIV ! ) , Chiz-nameh !! (book of Things! ) , Hiz-nameh ! (Book of S-ex !) , Zir-e-Miz nameh !! (books of Bribery ! = Book of Islamic Embezzlement ! ), Dayoos-Nameh !! (Book of Islamic Whores = Basijis & FATF ! ), Bemal-nameh ! (Book of Ass-licking & FATF) Khodet-Bemal-nameh !! (Book of Islamic Ass-licking ! = Book of Khamenei ! ), Daret-Bemal-nameh !! (Book of Islam & FATF ! = Book of Khamenei & FATF ! ), Khayemal-Nameh !! (Book of Islamic Ass-kissing = Book of Rouhani ! ), Bemal-Bemal-nameh !! (a sexy Book of Love affairs between Rouhani & FATF = Mullahs & Great Satan!!)

Persian Satire 9: Iranians ask Qazanfar: What do you think about the exiled whores or faggots in exile ! = Kooni-haye Kharej Neshin = Monarchists & Masons & Mercenaries?!! Qazanfar says: Exiled faggots and exiled whores are like or worse than Mullahs. The exiled sodomites are Arab Jews and Anti-Iranian pigs. The exiled whores = Monarchists & Mercenaries are Arab Jews or Anti-Iranian pigs who work for the CIA & MI6. They are Not Iranians. They, like Arab Jews, are ShaSh-parast = Piss-worshipers = Shah-parast = Shit-worshipers .. Iranians say : Wow! Qazanfer you are so smarter & wiser than Noam Chomsky & Western intellects ! Qazanfar says: Fuck Chomsky! Fuck The West! These stupid pigs are AN (shit) or AN-tilit = AN-telect (shitty whores) ! They are like Jewish Mullahs or Monarchists, who say they are Anti-God, but pro-Satan = pro-Big Brother !! But how is it possible?! If you are Anti-God, you must be Anti-Big Brother & Anti-Slavery, too. But Monarchists and other Masons say they are Anti-God, but Not Anti-Big Brother = Anti-Shah = Anti-King = Anti-Satan = Anti-Slavery !! Can you believe it ?! It’s a so Great Paradox. They are actually Anti-Good ! These stupid bastards just try to show and prove that Anti-God = Anti-Good = Anti-Truth !! Maybe they are right ! When Shit-worshipers or King-worshipers say that they are Anti-God or Anti-Religion, all people just laugh ! Even Qazanfar laugh a lot ! ShaSh-worshipers = Shah-worshipers = Satan-worshipers = Arab-worshipers = Mullah-worshipers & Slavery-worshipers are the same Satanic shit. All of them are Anti-Good and Anti-Truth and Anti-Iranian values”.

Persian Satire 10: A group of Iranians are talking. Iranian2 says to Iranian1: the stupid Bastards of the West say to Iranians: Why don’t Iranians kill or assassinate Rouhani ?! Mother-fuckers … Iranian1 says: Motherfuckers = the West and those who created this Rouhani, now want to assassinate Rouhani, but .. Iranian3 says: Iranians are ready to kill & assassinate Rouhani or Khamenei & Zarif etc; many Iranians are so ready to assassinate Rouhani, but .. Iranian 4 says: but their main question = Main question of all Iranians is: Do Assassination of Rouhani and Assassination of Zarif & other Traitors of Turkmenchay solve the problems?! Iranians are not stupid. Assassination just whitewash Traitors .. Iranian 5 says: When Americans and others ask Iranians: why don’t you assassinate Rouhani? We Iranians should just say: for the same reason you don’t assassinate Trump !, or for the same reason you don’t assassinate Netanyahu & British Queen etc !.. Iranian 1 says: yah, it’s a good point, and it’s exactly what Iranians say or think about it in Iran and .. Iranian 2 says: we Iranians say to the fucking West’s pigs: If you assassinate Trump & Netanyahu & British Queen, then you can ask Iranians: Why don’t you assassinate Rouhani & Zarif & Larijani & Khamenei and other Arab Jew Traitors of CIA & MI6?!

Persian Satire 11: Qazanfar says to Mullahs: Now in your FATF farce, all Iranians say to Mullahs: Fuck you Mullahs! You Mullahs fuck Islam, your own Islam! But Don’t you feel ashamed ?! Mullahs say: No! Not at all ! If we had even 1% shame, then we didn’t become Mullahs! If we had even 1% brain or shame, then we were not Mullahs!! (age ma 1zare Aqal dashtim, ya hata 1zare Sharaft / Sharm dashtim keh dige Akhund / Mullah na-mishodim !! ) Qazanfar says: FATF shows that Khamenei is Rahbar-e Faheshe-ha & Kooni-haye Jahan !! (Khamenei is Islamic Leader of all Whores & Sodomites of CIA!) FATF shows that Khamenei is Rahbar-e Koon-dadegan-e Aalam !! (Khamenei is Islamic leaders of all Whores & Sodomites of Arab Islam) But Don’t you feel ashamed?! Mullahs say: No! Not at all ! Even we Mullahs know that FATF shows that Khamenei is Rahbar-e Koon-Paregan-e Aalam !! (Khamenei is Islamic leader of all Islamist faggots, who give their ass to Satan !!) But we Mullahs and all Basijis are Koon-Paaregan !! = Arab Ass-givers & Sodomites of CIA ! Qazanfar says: Wow! You Mullahs are really Mullahs!! , and your fucking Arab Islam is Mali-dation ! = Malidation ! (Ass-licking) and Gaii-dation !! (Fuck yourself ! ) Your fucking Islamic Parliament or Majis is Malesh-gahe ! (a Brothel of CIA’s Ass-lickers) Gayesh-gahe ! (a Brothel of Sodomites), Zayesh-gahe ! =a Brothel of pregnant whores !! (Majlis ke nist, Malesh-gahe ! Gayesh-gahe ! Zayesh-gahe ! ) Mullahs say: Yah, so what ?! (Khob ke chi?!!) It’s true. But we Mullahs continue our treasons & our evil acts! Iranians must kill all Mullahs like dogs!, and only at that time Mullahs stop their treasons & their wickedness & their Anti-Iran acts! (Taa Mellat Sag-Khosi = Akhund-khosi Na-knone, maa Mullaha vel na-mikonim !! .. Taa Mardom Rouhani-ha = Mullaha ro mesl Sag na-koshan, maa Mullaha dast as Khiayant & Jenayat & Tukrmenchay & Rezalat & Nekbat & Kesafat bar na-midarim !!)

Persian Satire 12: The witty Iranians say: “In these days, when you ask Iranians: Do you know Rouhani works for whom?! Do you know Rouhani works for which country & which Agency or Spying Agency?! Iranians immediately say: Yah, Rouhani works for the White house! .. Rouhani is one of the White House’s staff members! .. Rouhani works for the CIA and the USA = Rouhani works for the UK & MI6. All Iranians know that the UK and US are the same shit, the same Masonic shit. And it’s obvious why Iranian people now say: The CIA has a branch in Iran, and it’s Khamenei’s beit ! = Khamenei’s house … The White house has a branch in Iran, and it is Rouhani’s house = Rouhani’s White Palace ! , that is like SaadAbad’s White Palace ! (In the Pahlavi regime, Pahlavi had a White Palace ! , in The SaadAbad = Northern Tehran, near Tajrish. Now the Mullahs and Rouhani use The SaabAbad ! ) .. Rouhani is a CIA Economic Terrorist; Rouhani is The Greatest Traitor & Terrrorist in Iran’s history. Only a rare breed like a purple Fox could create the FATF Coup of 2018 = The Greatest Economic Coup in Iran’s history. Trump or Rouhani is a rare breed of CIA / MI6 ! , that means Rouhani is a rare British Breed ! And a British Breed is a particular type of animal that has been developed by CIA / MI6 in a controlled way ! If you have doubt, check your British dictionaries !

Persian Satire 13: They ask Qazanfar: What is Islam of Arabs?! Qazanfar: Koon dadan ! = Giving ass ! , but in a heroic way !!, with a lot of Arro-Gooz = Barking & Farting !! They say: FATF has made you & all Iranians so angry! Now all Iranians use a lot of F-word about Arab Islam & Islamic Regime … Qazanfar: All Iranians Fuck Islam of FATF ! , and say to Mullahs and all Islamists: Be-khab Baba !! Bemal Baba !! Bemir Baba! (Go to hell, and Fuck yourself & your Islam!) Bemal Baba Hal Nadarim !! Arab Islam Malid, tu ham Bemal ! Daret Belam! (Just rut it & kiss its ass !! It’s what your Islam did to Satan & FATF ! So, you Islamists must do the same! Go to hell & fuck yourself! ) Islam-et ke Malid, Tu ham Khodet Bemal ! Bemal-o Bemir ! (FATF fuck your Islam, so you must fuck yourself, and go to hell !) Rahbar-et ke Malid !, tu ham Bemal ! Boro Bemal Baba, Dayoos !! (your Islamic leader = Khamenei gives his ass to Satan & FATF ! so you Islamists must Eat shit & Die ! Drop Dead, Islamic Sodomites = CIA Islamist) Your Arab Islam is Religion of Malidan & Malide-gan! (Religion of Ass-licking & ass-lickers!) Religion of Gaiide-gan !! (Religion of Sodomites) Your Khamenei is Koonde Zamane! (today’s holy sodomite!) Now all Islamists/ Basijis must chant: America Tahdid Mikonad .. Rouhani Qombol Mikonad ! (America threatens, but Rouhani gives his ass to America!) Now what the Mullahs doing is so clear: America Tahrim / Tahdid Mikone! ( America threatens & humiliates Mullahs) Khamenei Qombol mikone ! Beh USA & FATF Koon Mide ! (but Khamenei gives his ass to USA & FATF, and shows that his Islam is so Satanic) America Tahdid / Tahrim Mikonad ! .. Islam Taslim Mishavad !! (Fucking America = Great Satan threatens … but the Fucking Islam is surrendering itself to Satan/ USA/ FATF !! ) Read it in Vizier Shoar-style ! = Vizier / Minister of Slogans!

Persian Satire 14: Some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the roots of today’s problems, you must know history, specially the 19th century and the British Devil Game! You must know British Islam and Islamic Freemasons like Mullah Al-Afghani, Mullah Muhammad Abduh and other Satan’s agents including Wahhabis, Mullahs, Bahais and the British Sheikh Edward Brown!, and how they created new cults/ new Islams, new Hadith and new Surah/ Sirah, and even new Holy Books ! and call them Aqdas or Bayan = Masonic Quran of Bahais! When the witty Iranians use a funny combination of Arabic & English & Persian they actually want to ridicule British Islam, Masonic Islam, Jewish Islam of Arabs, and Pigs like Arab Mullahs/ Masons, Bahais, British Sheikhs like Edward Brown & British Masons who created Aqdas or Bayan or other Holy Crap of Masonic Cults. In the past, only the real Iranian intellectuals knew the British Devil Game. But now, all Iranians are aware of it. The UK is a synonym for the West’s Evil Empire. The West still supports Bad guys & Barbarians –
from Trump & Saudis & Arab Islamists to Zionists and other Terrorists & Evil forces & Masons – including Basijis, Pahlavists, MEK / MKO etc. Yah, the West and the US support Basijis. Now in Oct 2018, their won fucking US Mass Media – including the Washington Post of CIA – confess that the CIA and the US make love with Mullahs & Mullah children = Basijis in USA ! Now even stupid animals can see that what we Iranians have repeatedly said the West & Mullahs & America & Islamists is true, absolutely true. The West is Evil, true Evil. America is Evil. America is true Evil Who is behind Arab Islamists ?! Who is behind Mullahs?! Who is behind Saudis ?! Who is behind Basijis?! Who is behind Arab Dictators ?! Now the fucking America and their US President Sheikh Trump openly and shamelessly confess: We love Islamists ! we’re protecting Islamists! Arab Terrorist & Arab Islamists might not be there for two weeks without us ! It’s of their Great Confessions, isn’t it?! In 2018, they invite Basiji pigs (Hossein Derakhshan etc) to USA! , and the fucking West gives its Free Speech Award to Basiji pigs = Anti-Iran Islamists (Zibakalam) The West or America is Evil. America is true Evil All Iranians know Islamic Spies & Basijis like Hossein Derakhshan. But now this Basiji, Hossein Derakhshan, goes from the Mullah regime to Harvard Kennedy School in 2018 ! The Fucking American media report: The CIA’s Mullah spy, Hossein Derakhshan is a joint fellow with the MIT Media Lab and the Harvard school for 2018 ! All Iranians know Motalefeh = Jewish Islamic Terrorists of MI6 and pigs like Asgaroladai, Iraqi, Iraq-chi, Derakhshan and other Jew Arab pigs of the Mullah regime. Hussein Derakhshan is a Basiji Kooni = Islamic Faggot / Basiji Sodomite = Bache Kooni of Basij & Islamic Regime. All Iranians know the CIA’s Mullah spies like Masound Behnoud, Hussein Derakhshan & Abraham Nabavi & Zibakalam & Ali Nourizadeh and other Arab Jew Whores of CIA. You cannot call them : A Basiji who hired himself out as a spy for the British MI6 & CIA !! or An opportunist Arab Mullah who hired himself out as a spy for the American CIA & MI6 !! It’s what the West’s pigs say, but you should be too stupid to accept such crap! Now the informed people say many good things about the West’s Islamic spies and the West’s Islamic Masons and Beirut’s Masonic Lodges ! , Damascus’s Masonic Lodges ! , Egypt’s Masonic Lodges or Palestine’s Masonic Lodges ! and their graduates – from Pahlavi’s regime officials & Islamic regime’s officials to Arab Leaders & Basijis & Arab Islamic leaders! It’s a long story, but it’s so informative (we will write about it later) It’s the story of Islamic Freemasons who work as Islamic leaders! Now many have started to talk about such issues. Just search the internet ! Now even their own Islamic historians confess that Hoveyda (of Pahlavi regime) and the Arab Salehi (of Islamic No-clear Turkmenchay) are graduates of Beirut’s Masonic Lodges & Colleges! (2018) Ali Akbar Salehi is an Arab, who was born as an Arab Jew in Iraq, and then went to Beirut’s Masonic Lodges & Colleges!, and then to the Masonic Institutes of America! And it’s what the Mullah Media say in 2018 ! Just search the internet! You know this Arab whore, Ali Akbar Salehi of their No-clear Turkmenchay! Now their own Islamic historians confess to old facts about such Arab Islamic Masons ! , including Salehi, Beheshti and The CIA’s Ayatollah Motahari who worked with Savak! The MI6’s Ayatollah Motahari was a close friend of the Savak’s Hussein Nasr ! And now this CIA’s Jewish Islamist Hussein Nasr lives in America, and still talks nonsense! His kid, Vali Nasr is an active Jewish & Anti-Iran Agent of CIA ! All informed Iranians know this Jewish Islamic Mason, Hussein Nasr of Pahlavi Savak! Hussein Nasr is a Jewish Islamic Mason like Al-Afghani, Al-Hindi (Khomeini) and Mullah Mesbah & Jannati – who worked for Savak and Global Freemasonry! And it’s what their own historians confess now! In both the West & Mullah media they confess to such old facts now! They even write books about Islamic Freemasons! [2] If you want to know the secrets of the CIA’s Islamic Revolution of 1979, you must know pigs like Hussein Nasr, and do some research about Masons like Hussein Nasr & Mullah Ehsan Naraghi ! The Islamist or Jewish Masons like Hussein Nasr & Ehsan Naraghi worked for Farah Pahlavi ! They were close friends of Farah Pahlavi ! They were Jew Masons who controlled the stupid Farah Pahlavi, who was a little girl at that time! But now Farah Pahlavi has become an old Bitch, an old Fart = Mason Bitch, and a symbol of Anti-Iran Bitches. Hussein Nasr is a Jew Islamist of Savak and CIA, and the Best thing that you can say about these Mullahs & Masons is: their Brain is in their ass ! their Brain is their Bottom ! their head is playing with their ass ! their head is playing with their bottom ! And it’s a Persian slang term that has become an International one! Traitors are Traitors = masons! Masons are spies and stooges. What Masons did and do is High Treason that is directed against Persia & Persian People & all Good guys of the world.”

Persian Satire 15: Some wise Iranians say: “Now even the West’s guys write books like Crescent and Compass about Islamic Freemasons [2] But they still refuse to confess that these Islamic Masons were Jews or Crytop-Jews or Jew Islamists = Secret Jews of Arab Islam! Now in 2018, the stupid Masons refer to Crypto Jews like Mullah al-Afghani & Mullahs Muhammad Abduh as The Brother Muhammad Abduh !! (below pix) And it’s not a joke! It’s what Masons say now! British Masons love their Islamist Brothers / Mullah Brothers including The Brother Muhammad Abduh !, The Brother Jannati ! , the Brother Rouhani ! , or The Brother Mesbah ! – whose nose is so Jewish ! (below pix) And it’s not a joke ! It’s exactly what Masons say in 2018 ! They openly and shamelessly defend their Masonic Brothers such as The Brother Muhammad Abduh !, The Brother Rouhani !, The Brother Khamenie ! , The Brother Zibakalam ! , The Brother Larijani ! and other Masonic Brothers that you can call them The Brother Mullah ! or The Brother Ayatollah ! or The Brother Basiji ! = Basiji Brother! It’s so funny & informative that both Masons and Mullahs (Basijis) refer to their cult members as Brother ! All Iranians are aware of this issue. Since 1979, Mullahs and Basijis say Brother, Brother a lot (hey Brother, Brother mikonan! ) and that’s why Iranians have made a lot of jokes about this issue, and say for instance: Brother ! Brothor !, Chizet munde layeh door !! (your Thing has been laid at your door !, or between your doors! ) Arab Islam is so Masonic; Islamic Regime of Mullahs is so Masonic The Masons control the Mullah regime. In Iran, they are called 1000 Famil = 1000 Families or Akhund-e Englisi = British Mullahs / Masons. They are Jewish Masons like The Brother Mesbah = The Brother Mullah Mesbah, who speak volume about the Masonic roots of Mullah Regime! The Mullah Mesbah is a Jewish Freemason, that means he is Jew, Mullah and Mason! Their own media confess that he is both Islam-lover and UK-lover !! This Masonic Brother, Mullah Mesbah goes to the UK and North America and their Masonic lodges a lot ! And it’s what their own Islamists media confess ! Just search the internet ! It’s not a hidden fact. Even the Mullah media publish photos of Their Masonic Brothers, Mullah Mesbah and Hadad Adel in the UK or America ! Just search the internet ! But this Mother-fucker Mason Mesbah is a savage Islamic leader, a DEASH / ISIS / Saudi leader ! = a Taliban leader ! All Iranians know what this motherfucker Mason Mesbah said in 1999 or in reform era (Khatami’s era) in their fucking Friday prayers! At that time, this Jewish Arab whore Mullah Mesbah was known as Theoretician of Islamic Tyranny = Masonic Tyranny! , or Theoretician of Islamic Barbarity ! = Theoretician of Tavahosh ! = Theoretician of Islamic Savagery / Arabic Savagery ! All Iranians are aware of this issue. At that time, this Jew Mason Mullah Mesbah talked like ISIS, exactly like ISIS = Savage Saudis. Who can deny such undeniable facts ?! Their fucking Mullah Mesbah is ISIS / Saudi Islam = Jewish Islam of Arabs. But it’s funny and important to note that Mullah Mesbah went to the UK, to learn such Islamic crap & Masonic crap from UK’s Masons & the West’s Masonic lodges! And it’s what their own fucking Islamists confess now! In Reform era, Basijis & Mullahs were so proud to be ISIS / DAESH / Savage Saudis ! But now they pretend that they hate ISIS / DAESH !!! They have no balls, and they are so cowards and cows, and that’s why they don’t confess that ISIS / DAESH is nothing but Islam of Mesbah = Jewish Islam of Arabs = Islam of Saudis & Mullahs = Islam of CIA = Islam of Masons = British Islam of Mullahs & Arabs = Anti-Iran Islam or Anti-Iranian Islam = Islam of FATF ! / Islam of Turkmenchay ! But all Iranians fuck Islam of FATF . All Iranians fuck Islam of ISIS. All Iranians Fuck British Islam = Islam of Treason & Turkmenchay = Saudi Islam = Islam of Arab Cows! We Iranians have already talked about Islamic Masons like al-Afghani and Muhammad Abduh (search Archive) And now many many people & non-Iranians talk about such facts & such Masonic Mullahs including Mullah Afghani’s pupil Mullah Mohammed Abduh, and Mullah Abduh’s pupil Hasan al-Banna= the MI6’s Arab Mason & founder of Muslim Brotherhood !! Now Hasan al-Banna’s grandson = MI6’s Brother Tariq Ramadan (of Oxford ! ) works for the Mullah TV , Press TV !! But why the notorious Freemason Hassan al-Banna’s grandson works for Mullah TV = Press TV ?! The answer is so clear ! The Mullahs are Arab Jew Masons, and the Mullahs worship Anti-Iran Masonslike al-Afghani, al-Banna, Sayyid Qubt and Jamal Abdul Nasser = The Anti-Iran Jew Arab Barbarians = Tazi Barbarians. Now Anti-Iran & Pan-Arab barbarians like the CIA’s Arab Seif = Arab Sword or Abdul Nasser Dayoos is FATF manager of Mullah Regime !! But all media and all journalists have closed their dirty eyes & their dirty mouths! In the fucking West & Western media, they have a key motto: many stories are too True to Tell ! , and that’s why they censor Everything! Now it’s quite clear why Iranians say: We all should try to have a good look for the roots of our Main problems (= Bebin az Koja Mikhori !) You must try to find the Root of problem or the main cause of problem (Rishe Asli Moshkelat !) You must try to learn to distinguish between Cause and Effect (Elat & Malul !) Now in our Iran, the wise people say to each other: If we want to solve Iran’s problems and to put an End to Mullah Regime & all Puppet Regimes, then We or You should try to have a good look for the main cause of problems = the roots of problems ! (Aval Bebin az Koja Mikhori !) And in our Iran, the main cause of problems is the Evil Empire of Masons = the Evil Empire of CIA & Spying Agencies. As you know, Spying Agencies are Secret Societies or Masonic societies / lodges/ cults. These so-called Brothers / Masonic Brothers, work as Amaleh = Slave workers of the Evil Empire. Most of them are kids or brainwashed children = Killer kids = kids who are killers! The Saudi Journalist Farce again showed how the CIA & Masonic Empire use kids and brainwashed children as their Killers / Spies / Agents. Have you seen the pictures of those 15 Saudi Spies / Saudi Terrorists of the CIA’s Saudi Spying agency that went to Turkey to kill Saudi journalist in recent days?! Their photos are so informative! The main point is that most of these Saudi Killers are kids or so young, exactly like the Saudi 9/11 Terrorists! As you know, most of the Saudi 9/11 Terrorists = the CIA’s Arab Terrorists of 9/11 were kids or so young ! The Saudi ISIS are kids or so young. The Arab Islamic Terrorists of CIA are kids. They are the products of the CIA Mind Control projects on children. And it’s so so important. Most of the ISIS and Arab Islamic Barbarians of ISIS / DAESH are kids or so young! And the CIA kids destroyed our Iran. Most of the Islamists or Basijis of the CIA’s Islamic Disaster of 1979 were brainwashed kids of CIA / MI6. It’s a long story, and an Evil project of the Evil Empire. We Iranians have already talked about the CIA’s Satanic Mind Control projects on children (Search Archive)”.


Persian Joke 431: Satan has resigned ! So, lets take a look at Satan’s letter of Resignation: Dear God, I am Satan, and I want to let you know that I want to resign from being your Satan! Today, many Masons including Trump & Saudis & America & Arab Terrorists & Netanyahu & other Anti-Iran Barbarians including Rouhani & Khamenei are more dishonest, more stupid, more shameless, more Charlatan and more Satanic than Satan! So, compared to them, I am a Saint ! Compared to Masons, Satan is a Saint ! So, please accept my resignation, and choose one of the Masons – including Trump, Rouhani, Khamenei, UK Queen etc- as your new Satan ! …. Thank God ! Your old dearest Satan ! (= the old Satan-e Rajim ! = The new Saint Rahim !! )

Persian Joke 432: Gazanfar becomes a wise Philosopher ! , and says: Americans say: what is the difference between a Trump fan and a vibrator? And yah, A Trump fan is a real dick! .. But US Christians are so stupid; they say the Jews have had about 124,000 Prophets ! And their Jewish Bible says their world is about 6000 years old !! So, 124,000 prophets divided by 6000 years is equal to 20 prophets per year, or two Prophets for each month !!, or one Prophet for every two weeks !!! So, Fuck Jewish Bible?! The Jewish Bible is a joke?! But the Satanic Jewish nation needs a new Prophet every two weeks!! .. Which Satanic & Wicked nation needs a new Prophet every week or every month?!! The answer is clear: Satan’s sons = Satanic Jews!

Persian Joke 433: the witty Iranians say: “Do you know Bahai cult, the Masonic Cult of Bahais?! Bahai is Masonic Islamist. Their God is UK! They say: In 1921, Hazrat-e Tomas Edison met with Hazrat-e Bahollah in New York !! After the meeting Hazrat-e Tomas Edison said: Today I understand that the reason of all my inventions is Hazrat-e Bahollah (!!!) and this fact that Hazrat-e Bahollah lives in today’s world !!! (Tamam-e Ekhteraati ke karde-am beh Dalil vojud Hazrat-e Bahollah dar Jahan ast !!! ) Can you believe it?! But It’s not a joke ! It’s what Bahais says in their Websites and their holy books !! The UK and Freemasons create cults like Bahai cult, and now they say: Hazrat-e Bab & Bahollah with the help of Hazrat-e Edward Brown and under his guidance ! (Taht-e Hedayat-e Hazrate Edward Brown of MI6 !) created the holy Book of al-Bayan = Bayan, that is the Bible of Bahai !! .. the Great Freemason (Freemason-e Kabir !) Hazrat-e Ernest Renan said many good things about Hazrat-e Bab & Abdul Baha !! Can you believe it?! Check Bahai websites! It’s obvious why we Iranians ridicule them! Both Bahais and Arab Barbarians are Satanic and Anti-Iran = Anti-Truth, Anti-Good. So, we Iranians say to all of them, all Masons- from Arab Islamists to Bahai, Basiji, Pahlavi and other Islamic Masons: Ya Ayoha al-Fucker-oon va al-Fucker-aat ! (Hey male Islamic fuckers!, and female Islamic fuckers !) al-FATF Gaiid your Mother-aat va al-your Father-aat !! (FATF is fucking your fathers & mothers! ) al-Trump val FATF DokhoolAN fe al-maatahe al-Islam al-Arabia ! , DokhoolAN taa Fiha-Khaledoon !! (Trump loves Arab Islam, but FATF is fucking Islam of Arabs! And it’s beyond your low IQs!) Ya Ayoha al-Sucker-oon va al-Sucker-aat ! (Hey male Suckers!, and female Suckers !) Afala Ya-lamoon?! (Why don’t you think?!) al-FATF is going to your Islamic leader’s Koon ! (= his ass) Hey Jamaat-e Chiz to Koon ! (Hey Islamic Fags / Sodomites!) al-FATF and al-Rockefellers are fucking your Islamic Cults, Masonic cults … and so on and so on !

Persian Joke 434: (Two Persian joke made by Parviz Khatibi in his Tozih al-Latayef, 1985 ) They ask Iranians: 2 + 2 ?! Iranians say: Before the Mullah regime, it was 4; but now the Mullahs and (Ayatollah BBC & UK say 2+ 2 is 10,000 !) … Animals said to the King of Mullahs: Let us leave Iran! His aids said: Why? Fox said: the Mullahs are so foxy = clever at tricking others ! So, Iranians don’t need fox anymore! Dog said: the Basijis and IRGC are your dogs; and they are worse than dogs! So, Iran doesn’t need dog anymore ! Cow said: all your supporters and all Islamists are Cows and worse than Cows! So, Iran doesn’t need Cow anymore ! And finally Donkey said: When you the King of Mullahs = Vali Faqih and Rouhani are in this country, Iran doesn’t need any Donkey ! (ta Rouhani & Vali Faqih dar een Mamlekat Hast, Ehtiaji be Khar nist !! )

Persian Joke 435: (Two Persian joke made by Parviz Khatibi in 1985 ) The Death Angel said to God: I am so tried. I need a vacation ! God said: Why?! The Death Angel said: Because in these 7 years of the Arab-Iraqi war against Iran, I have done a lot of Extra works & overdose !! (ezafe Kari !! ) … Rouhani is in a Refrigerator ! They ask Rouhani: Hey idiot, what are you doing in the refrigerator?! Rouhani says: Because I want to start the cold War!, the cold war with my beloved Arbab = America !!

Persian Joke 436: Qazanfer says to Basijis: Do you Islamic Mother-fuckers = Mullahs & Basijis, remember that in 1980s you sang in the Mullah TV : Baba Aab Dad, Baba Nood Dad, Dige Shoar-e Maa Nist !!! (our Islamic slogans are not: fathers give bread & water &economic facilities !! ) Baba Joon Dad !! Aqa Khoon Dad !!! (But our Islamic slogan is : Islamist Father gives his life for the Satanic Islam of Arabs!! Islamist Father gives his blood for the Satanic Islam & Islamic Regime of Mullahs!) Do you Islamist pigs remember how you sang such shitty Satanic songs in your Satanic Mullah TV (IRIB) from morning to night in 1980s & 1990s ?!! But now your Shoar (Islamic slogans) and your fucking Islam is FATF & Turkmenchay ! Now your Aqa Koon Dad !! Your Aqa = Ayatollah gives his ass to FATF & CIA! Now your Aqa Koon Dad !! Aqa Vaa Dad !!, Aqa be-Gaa Dad !!! ( your Aqa = Khamenei gives his ass to Satan! Khamenei surrenders his ass & his Everything to FATF & Satan !! ) So, Eat Shit, and Die Islamists! Watch the Death of your Satanic Islam = Islam of Arabs & CIA, and then Drop Dead !

Persian Joke 437: The witty Iranians say: “After the FATF farce, you can use a funny combination of Arabic & English & Persian to show how Mullahs and Arab Islamists and Islamic Masons have invented new Islamist Surah / Sirah or Advice in their Masonic Islam = Arabic Islam of Great Satan! You can also use this funny mixed language to say to Mullahs / Islamists, for instance: Ya Ayohal Arab al-Koon Nashoor ! (hey the dirty Arab pigs = the Arab locust-eaters who don’t wash their ass and have dirty ass ! ) al-Fuck your Arab Islam! Your Arab Islam is so Satanic = Anzala mena al-Trump = Satan. Why are you Arabs sucking Trump’s dick, and why do you Arab Islamists allow Trump to fuck you Islamists = to Yadkholoon va Yakhrojoon Mokararoon ?!! (to fuck Arabs over and over !! ) Are you Arabs Kolohom Kos-Kholoon va al-Jaakeshoon ?!! (Are you Arabs, all Arabs are stupid bastards, pimps and whores?!! ) You Arab Islamists are Omol-Fuckers, and KoloYom Omol-Fucker-roon ?!! (Hey Arab mother-fuckers! Are you all Arab Islamists mother-fuckers?!) Why are you Arabs Osko-toon, hey Osko-loon?! (Why you Arabs, the stupid bastard Islamists are silent, and don’t protest against Trump, or FATF?! ) Ya Ayohal Dayoosoona val al-Qoromsaq-qoon !! (hey stupid bastards = Arab Islamists = whores and pimps = Mullahs!) You idiots even cannot Adraaka (understand) al-Satan and what is coming from Satan = Anzala mena al-Satan & al-FATF! Trump is Vali al-Amrokom = your Imam, and his Chiz is in your Koonokom !! (and his Thing is into your ass, your Arab ass !), and his Resalah (mission) is fucking & sucking Arab Cows = Arab Islamists, and Dokhoolakom DokhoolAN Dakhila / Tayeba !! (and fucking you Arab Islamists in a fucking way! )

Persian Joke 438: (Two jokes made by Parviz Khatibi in his Tozih al-Latayef in 1985) They ask Qazanfar: Do you know that Fardoost, the old friend of Shah & the Savak’s head now works for Khomeini?! Qazanfar: yah, Now Savak and Fardoost love Khomeini so much! Now Fardoost should change his name to Khar-doost ! = donkey-lover (In Persian, doost means lover, friend. All Mullahs and Monarchists are Goh-doost or Goh-shifte = Shit-lover ! They are even ShaSh-parast / Goh-parast = Shah-worshipers! ) … After 1979, they ask a man: Are you Savak agent?! He says: No. They say: How can you prove it?! He says: It’s so simple. If I were a Savak Agent, then now I would work for the Mullahs and their Savama = Savak of Mullahs !!

Persian Joke 439: The witty Iranians say: “Now Sheikh Trump is the new Caliph of ISIS & Saudis = Arab Islamists; and the Mullahs and Islamists lick the ass of Great Satan, kiss the ass of FATF of Satan ! So, now you can deprive yourself of using a funny combination of Arabic & English & Persian to fuck & mock the Satanic Islam of these Arab Islamists and to show how they invent new Surah / Sirah = new fake Hadith & fake Quran to justify their Evil Arab acts including their Islamic Treasons. Now US-backed Arab Terrorists = Arab Islamists have invented new Surah/ Sirah: Ya Ayoha al-lazina Amanoo! (Hey Arab Islamists! ) Vatasemu beh Khayat al-Trump (= be Khayat al-Satan !), va la Tafaraghoo !! (= Grab Trump’s tiny dick, and don’t let Trump’s dick become so soft or so small, because if Trump’s dick doesn’t go into your Arab Ass, then all Arab Islamists will go to hell within two weeks !) Now Arab Islamist pigs including Rouhani and Mullahs – who are so Ant-Iranian- have invented the same fake things, and say: Ya Ayoha al-lazina Amanu (Hey Islamists & Mullahs) Vatasemu beh Khayat al-FATF, va la Protest-tattoo!! (Grab FATF’s balls, and don’t reject FATF and don’t protest, because FATF’s dick will save you !, if FATF’s penis rapes your Islamist ass ! ) Vatasemu beh Khayat al-Rockefeller Iran Project, va la Tafaraghoo !! (Grab Rockefeller’s dick ! , and suck it & rub it a lot ! , because Rockefeller’s Iran Project will save your Islamic Regime !! ) In these days, all sane people can see the true face of the Arab Islam & all Islamic regimes”.

Persian Joke 440: The witty Iranians say: “The FATF farce is so so important, and now it’s clear that the CIA’s Mullahs = the CIA’s Arab Islamists have created a New Islam = Masonic Islam = Jewish Islam of Arab pigs, in which you can find new Islamist Surah / Sirah! So, now you can mock & fuck & ridicule Arab Islamists in a funny combination of Arabic & English & Persian: Afala Ra-ayto al-lazine Chiz tu Koon-ahom?!! (Didn’t you see those who had a big thing in their ass ?!! ) Afala Ra-ayto al-lazine FATF raft tu Koon-ahom ?!! (Didn’t you see those Mullahs & Islamists that FATF went into their ass ?!! ) If you accept FATF, you are al-ShaShidoona fi al-Islam and al-Ridoona fi al-Islamic Ideology !! (If you accept FATF, you are actually pissing on Arab Isam, fucking Arab Islamist, and shitting on Islamic Ideology !! ) Ya Ayohal Mufti al-Chiz tu koon! (Hey the Islamic Sodomite = Mullah / Mufti that a CIA dick is in your Arab ass!) If you accept FATF , you Rape al-Islam va al-Gaiidoon al-Arab Islam Kasria !! (IF you accept FATF, you are actually raping Islam, and fucking Arab Islam a lot !!) IFyou accept FATF & IMF Plans, then you are actually al-Shashidid (pissing on) & al-Ridid (shitting on) fi al-your Islam ! If you accept FATF, you are among al-Lazine Chiz tu Koon-ahom fi al-Donya va al-Akherah !! (you Islamists are among Satanic Sodomites and Worthless whores in both worlds, here and in heaven! You Islamists will go to Hell, and God hates you; God fucks You! ) Read it again! If you Islamists accept FATF, then you are among al-Lazine (those who have) Chiz tu Koon-ahom (a Big hockey stick in their ass !! ) fi al-Donya va al-Akherah !! (in this world and in the Judgment day !! = People Fuck You, and God Fucks you! )

Persian Satire 16: The witty Iranians say: “Now even the Americans write about Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump’s Ass !! Now even the Americans talk about Trump’s fury & fire inside the Trump’s ass !! , or how their shitty media & social media including Tweeter Censor Everything ! Iranians Fuck Trump & Rouhani !, but US Fascists censoring Fuck Trump & Rouhani !! They use Bots / Robots and other fake things as their cyber army & cyber whores !! Their shitty social media including Tweeter are bad & sick jokes. They say: Sexual perversions & Sexual perverts are free! Incest , sister-incest or mother-incest raping children = Pedophilia is free! But Political criticism and Telling the Truth is forbidden !!! Defending Dictators & Saudis & Terrorists & pedophiles are free !! But Fuck Trump & Rouhani, and Fucking Trump & Saudis & Sadists & Terrorists & Arab Islamists = America allies are forbidden !! Jewish incest is free! But the Truth is banned ! US pedophiles are free !, but thinkers are censored !! Evil Psychopaths & Pedophiles are free, but Good guys are censored !! And It’s American Freedom ! It’s American Values And It’s not a joke ! America is Evil joke ! They say Arab Terrorists & Arab Islamists and other America allies are to free to kill, and to censor !! You all know the Trump-Saudi Farce! = America-Arab farce = the Trump-Islam farce! Sheikh USA is a shithole country that says Savage Saudis & Arab Terrorists are to free to kill and to censor! It’s American values! It’s American Human Rights! Saudi Arabia is a Medieval shithole, and not important. Who cares about Arabs & little savages like Arab Islamists?! (Arab Sag-e kie ?!) But it’s important that who help and support these worthless Arab Barbarians = Arab Islamists & Arab Terrorists! It’s so funny and important to note that now if you google for Fuck Islam you find many things but if you google for Fuck Arab Islam, you find nothing! If you google for Fuck Arab Islam, or Fuck Arabs, or Fuck Arab Islamists or Fuck Arab Terrorists then you find 0 results!! Zero related results!! You just find porn films! If you google Fuck Arab Islam Fuck Arab Islamists, then you find 0 related results!! And the only issue is the word Arab! If you omit the word Arab, and google Fuck Islam Fuck Islamists, then you find millions of related results! (not po-rn!) It’s so funny, and shows How America loves Arab Islam of Arab Terrorists, and why & how America loves Satanic Islam of Arabia & Arab Terrorists! It’s so funny that any time you use this Satanic key word = Arab, then they Censor all things and you find Zero related search results! But when you omit this Satanic key word = Arab, then you find millions of related things! It’s so so funny & informative, isn’t it ?! USA loves Arab Islamists & Arab Terrorists, but USA hates Good Muslims & Good Islam = Iranian Islam etc”

Persian Satire 17: The wise Iranian say: “For about 6 months, all fucking media and all fucking journalists were silent, and said nothing – even one word- about the FATF Coup = Rouhani’s FATF Coup = Rouhani’s Great Treason = how Rouhani aided the Enemy and increased dollar price by 300% to 500% and created the Greatest Corruption and Economic Instability & Chaos in Iran’s history by implementing FATF Plan = CIA Plan of FATF in Iran. For about 6 months, all fucking media and all fucking journalists closed their dirty mouths & their dirty eyes to such High Treason & Great Betrayals = Aiding the Enemy in such a blatant way! But now when we Iranian people revealed their Treasons & Plots & Evil Acts, and when all secrets of their FATF Coup & FATF Treasons have been revealed (ama hala ke Gandesh Darumade ! ), these mother-fucker whores of CIA & MI6 = Media & Journalists have opened their dirty mouths, to defend FATF & FATF Coup & High Treasons & aiding the Enemy of Iran !! Can you believe it ?! It’s so so laughable, and so so informative. Think about it. It’s so so important, and can show you the roots of all Problems. For about 6 months, they said nothing – even one word- about Rouhani’s Great Treasons & FATF Coup & aiding the Enemy of Iran by FATF Coup & Attacking all Sarafis & increasing Dollar price by + 300% and creating the Greatest Economic Instability and the Greatest Treasons & Corruptions on Earth, and in Iran’s history = Human history . For about 6 months, we Iranians talked about such undeniable facts, but all fucking media and all journalists censored News & Facts, and closed their dirty mouths and their dirty eyes to such important Facts, and censored Everything! And now they open their dirty mouths, to defend FATF Coup & the Greatest Treasons & Corruptions on Earth, and in Iran’s history! It’s so important, and can show you the Root of all Problems. Think about it. It’s better than all jokes & films & tragedies!”

Persian Satire 18: The wise Iranians say: “Now you all can easily see what the Mullahs = Rouhani & Khamenei do is exactly what the CIA & MI6 dictate to them = what the West’s Evil Empire dictate to Mullahs. Exiled whores & Mullahs & all Anti-Iran Whores are one team (one shit), with one goal and the same Insanity / Stupidity, but with different colors & different gestures! Lets forget the classic jokes or Iranian jokes that you can find millions of them in Iran (and it’s the duty or job of all Iranians & millions of good guys to translate Iranian jokes, millions of Iranian jokes from Persian to English etc) Here lets talk about real jokes & important jokes of these days !! Now the CIA & MI6 & Bad guys create many Bad jokes & Sick jokes, and called them Exiled media or Media in Exile !! It’s so so laughable ! The so-called Iranian media in exile – like that is an old shithole of CIA- show their true colors in a blatant way! In the past, we Iranians preferred to think that they are Iranians, but Iranian Baboon/ Traitor or Iranian Kos-Khol / Whore! But now it’s quite clear, 100% clear that most of them are Not Iranian at all; they are Arab Jews; they are Non-Iranian & Anti-Iranian agents of CIA & MI6. Those who control Media in Exile – like, BBC Persian, VOA Farsi etc- are CIA & MI6 & 100% Non-Iranian & Anti-Iranian. They are CIA & MI6 Anti-Iranian spies who just speak or write in Persian. These Non-Iranian whores have learned Persian as their foreign language, or their Spying language! Those who control and manage and write for, BBC, VOA, Manoto and other CIA & MI6 media = Exiled media are CIA & MI6 whores = Anti-Iranian whores who just speak Persian; And we all know Why & How Foreign Spies use a foreign language! Now when you take a look at so-called exiled media = CIA’s Iranian media / MI6’s Iranian media like, BBC, VOA, Manoto and other CIA & MI6 media = Exiled media & Rouhani media, you are being so shocked that How Stupid & Anti-Iranian & Whore/ Mercenary (Mozdoor) they are, and How the idiots = the CIA & MI6 = Foreign Spies use our Persian language as their foreign language in their stupid Psywar / Psychological War against our Iran & The Truth & all Human values. It’s so shocking, but so so informative & laughable!! If you know Persian, just take a look at the Exiled media & Rouhani media = Evil Empire’s media = Spying agencies media for Iran & Middle East !! It’s better than all Jokes! Their Insanity & Stupidity, and their shitty Paradoxes & childish Lies = Orwellian Lies are better than all Jokes! Only when you take a look at these shitty media = CIA media & MI6 media, you can understand the main roots of all problems & your problems (Benini az koja dari mikhori !) more & more! And It’s better than all jokes & all films & tragedies!”

Persian Satire 19: Some wise Iranians say: “Many things should be said about Baal = Yahweh = Lucifer / Satan = God of Jewish Religions = Semitic Cults. Human sacrifices were offered to Yahweh / Baal. But how many people know about the Child sacrifices to Yahweh / Baal ?! Archeologists have found many facts about the Child sacrifices to Yahweh / Baal in Israel, but how many people know such facts?! And who try to censor or hide such historical facts?! If you still know nothing about Human sacrifices to Yahweh / Baal, or the Jewish tradition of Child sacrifices to Yahweh / Baal, you must do some research. At least, search the internet ! Now you can find millions of search results about such facts! The Satanic Yahweh / Baal has different names including Holly Bull, Jewish God, Holy Cow, Lucifer, American God or US Christian God, Masonic God, Hadad, Golden Cow, Moon God, Arab God and many other names. Many experts have already talked about Who is Baal or Yahweb, and What is the symbol of Baal = Yahweb = Lucifer / Satan! (search Archive) The Star and The Crescent are symbols of Baal worship. The Jewish Star is a symbol of Baal & Satanic Occultism of Savage Semites. Crescent is a symbol of Mood God, and belongs to pre-Islam Arabia = Jahiliyyah Arabs! Such facts are not hidden facts! Just search the internet ! The experts and archeologists say that The Star and The Crescent are Satanic symbols of those Satanic Semites who worshiped Satan (= Baal or Holy Bull or Moon God etc) and lived before Islam. Many historical facts including archeological facts show and prove that such claims are Not wrong (below pix) Just do some research ! Now even if you search the internet, you can find many good Scientific info, and also many Kos-sher / Crap, Christian Crap and Jewish Crap. The Christian lies & bullshits, like the the Jewish lies & bullshits, try to pretend that only Arab Islam’s symbols are Satanic! And they don’t talk about many Satanic symbols in Judaism & Christianity! Baal or Yahweh is actually the satanic God of American Christianity! In Europe and in America, they use many Satanic symbols, and even openly worship Baal’s dick / Baal’s shaft (Obelisks) and Golden Cow or Holy Bull (Baal) in their Wall Street, Masonic lodges and many other parts of their Christianity! Now even the good Americans say: American Religion or Freemasonry is devoted to the Obelisk worship = Baal’s penis worship !! The Satanic Christians and Satanic Islamists are exactly the same shit, the same Jewish shit! The Bad guys defend Christianity or Judaism, but attack Islam! The sick idiots & Bad guys defend Satanic Judaism &Christianity, but attack Islam!! It’s so so ridiculous and shameful. But the good guys tell the truths about all Jewish Religions & Jewish Cults. The American idiots even don’t know that Jesus was a Jew; Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi who wanted to become the Jewish King, the Jewish Messiah, and it’s what their own Bible say. But the American idiots even don’t read The Bible !, but defend the Bible !! They are exactly like Taliban or Saudi ISIS ! And it’s not a joke! Just take a look at American Christian websites! They are like or worse than Taliban or Saudi ISIS / DAESH ! Just search the internet ! The US Bad guys are sick & stupid, but the good guys ask good questions like: The Star and The Crescent are symbols of Satanic cults & pagan cults before Islam; So, why do Arabs, Arab Islamists use The Star and / or The Crescent as the symbol of their Arab Islam?!! It’s a good and important question. Arab Jews or Ottomans or Masonic Turk Arab Jew Islamists loved The Star and The Crescent , and used this Satanic symbol in their Arab Islamic flags! Even in their mosques! But why do they use a Satanic symbol & pagan symbol as the main symbol of their Arab Islam ! They don’t have any rational answer ! Some of them stupidly say: Satanic symbols can become holy symbols! Satanic traditions can become holy traditions, If we try to see them as holy things with holy meanings !! And it’s not a joke! It’s exactly what their religious leaders & apologists say! Just search the internet, or watch their TVs ! Even in the Mullah TV, they say such crap in recent years! But if Satanic things can become Holy things, then Satan can become God ! And it’s exactly what has happened! Now Satan is their god ! , and that’s why they tell many big lies, do many Evil acts (steal people’s money, kill people or suppress people or deceive people etc) and create many Treasons & Turkmenchay & Evil things in the name of Religion of God ! Now many talk about The Cult of Mood God (Baal), and The use of its Pagan symbol = crescent moon as the symbol for Arab Islam!, and say: It is a throwback to the days when Arab god was Moon God ! It’s a good point. The good guys say good things. Even the good Muslims ask: Where did Arab Islam obtain its symbol of the crescent moon = a Satanic symbol of Arab Barbarians of pagan Arabia?! Good Muslims don’t like to use such pagan things! But why do Arabs still wear armbands with a star and crescent !, and use Satanic symbol of Arab Jahiliyah as Arab Islam’s symbol?! As you all know, our Iran never used this Satanic symbol of The Crescent and also The Star and The Crescent. In our Iran, this Satanic symbol The Crescent and also The Star and The Crescent were called Sunni symbols = Arab Islam symbols. It’s so so important. Iranians never used these Arab Sunni symbols = Satanic symbols of Arab Barbarians & their Arab Islam. Even The fucking Red Crescent = Hilal Ahmar was never used in Iran before 1979. Iran had its own symbol (Lion), that was Shia symbol. And it’s what event the Mullah TV confess to it now ! For the first time after 1979, now (in recent years) the Mullah TV confess that the Mullahs betrayed Iran & Shia, when Mullahs used The fucking Red Crescent = Hilal Ahmar = Sunni symbol of Satanic Islam of Arabs after 1979 ! It’s so important that now event the fucking Mullah TV confess to such facts. The Iranian symbol was Lion, and it’s a funny historical fact that Iranian Lions always kill holly Bull = Baal = Holy Cow of Jews & Arab barbarians. It’s so important, and has an important Symbol meaning. Ask yourself: Why did Iranian Lion always kill Baal = Holy Bull = Semitic Satan?! It’s so important. Its symbolic meaning is so important. Iranian Lion always kill Holy Bull/ Cow = Baal = Holy Satan of Semites (= Savage Jews + Savage Arabs)! Mullahs are Arabs or Arab Jews, not Iranians; And that’s why the Mullahs used the Arabic symbols & Masonic Symbols after 1979 ! The Mullahs are Masons, and for the first time in Iran’s history, they used Masonic symbols in a blatant way and even built their fucking Islamic Parliament in the shape of an Arab Masonic Pyramid ! Their fucking Islamic Parliament is officially a Masonic Pyramid and a Masonic Lodge, and so it’s obvious why the Mullahs approve FATF and other Masonic bills of CIA & MI6 in their Islamic Parliament = Masonic Lodge of Mullahs ! And it’s so funny that now even their own Mullah Media & Basiji media confess to such facts! Islam of FATF = Islam of Rockefellers is Islam of Khamenei. But all Iranians fuck Islam of FATF ! All Iranians fuck Islam of Rockefellers ! Even the stupid animals / Basijis know why Iranians say: Fuck Islam of FATF ! Fuck Islam of Rockefellers ! Fuck Islam of Turkmenchay! Fuck Islam of Zellat & Nebkat ! Fuck Islam of Arabs & Masons! = Fuck America Islam ! Fuck British Islam = Fuck Islam-e Darbarii / Islam-e Taqoot !!! And it’s so funny & important to note that it’s what their own fucking Imam (Khomeini) said in 1980s ! In fact, the Iranian logic is so so Strong, and no one can deny it. We Iranians just tell them: Why did you and your Dayoos Imam (Khomeini) say in 1979 & 1980s?! What were your Arro-Gooz = Barking & Farting in 1970s & 1980s & 1990s?! Why the Islam of Shah was bad ?!! Why the Islam of Pahlavi was bad ?!! Why the Islam of Masons was bad ?!! So, for the same reasons, all Iranians fuck your Islam of FATF now !! All Iranians fuck Islam of Arab Barbarians = Islam of Trump & CIA = Islam of FATF & Turkmenchay, for the same reasons! And it’s not just a Tit for Tat, or subtle Sarcasm, but it’s an old & real Iranian Belief that the Religion of Zellat & Nekbat = Arab Religion of Slavery is Evil and so so Bad & Satanic. Now all Iranians, and even non-Iranian animals / Basijis say to Mullahs: If you wanted FATF & Rockefellers, If you wanted to accept FATF & Turkmenchay, Qalat Kardid & Goh Khordid Enqelab Kardid Dayoosa= Mullahs = Qoromsaqa !! (… you Mullahs had to eat Shits & Die before 1979 ! .. Fuck Islamic Revolution of Mullahs = Rockefellers !! )”

Persian Satire 20: Some wise Iranians say: “The Satanic Cult of Baal = Religion of Baal was widely accepted among the Jews. And it’s what their own Jewish Bible says! The Cult of Yahweh or the Cult of Hebrew Judaism has its roots in the Cult of Baal ! And it’s what their own scholars say! Just search the internet. Now, in 2018, many talk about Baal and Baalah ! And all humans must know more about Baal and Baalah ! Child sacrifice or Human sacrifice was part of Baal worship of Jews & Arabs. The “priests of Baal” were called Rabbai or Jewish Mullah = Kahin or Kohen/ Cohen ! (= sons of Zadok = Sons of Zahak!) So, all people must try to know Baal and Baalah ! In the past, you could find Nothing about Baalah, and also about sons of Zadok = Sons of Zahak in the internet ! But now, in late 2018, you can find many things! Baalah is female form of Baal. Baalah is the feminine form of Baal. And it’s what the Jews confess now ! A mount in Judah ( = Zion) was called Baalah !! It’s what Jews and Arab Jews say now! They also add: Baalah is also the name of several biblical localities, associated with the worship of Baal ! : (1) Mount Baalah is Jewish Judah ! (2) A city of Baalah is listed in a district of Jewish Judah. It’s known as Balah or or Bilah !! (3) Baalah is mentioned as another name for Kiriath-Jearim … Just search the internet about Baalah ! Now the Jews and Arab Jews confess: A city in the south of Judah called Balah or Bilah! .. Baala or Baalah means mistress or whore (holy whore) !, according to Smith’s Bible Dictionary, 1901 ! .. Mount Baalah was a Jewish mount in the Jewish city of Zion ! .. Sharia Law (Arabic / Islamist) is similar to the Jewish Laws (Jewish Sharia = Talmudic Judaism) .. Turkish Jews in the late 1600’s converted to Islam! They were Turk Islamists who practicing their Kabbalistic Judaism inwardly behind doors ! They were called Ottomans ! or Ottoman Turks ! .. Baal is Satan or allied with Satan in the Bible .. Baalah is female Baal ! .. Baaleh of Judah or Baalah-Judah means The Jewish leader of Judah ! !! And It’s what Non-Iranian websites confess now! But there are many other funny facts, that they don’t talk about them! For instance, Jew-da = Jews became Judah ! = Jew-da / Jew-dah ! And also Yahood or Yah-wud (that means Jew) became Yahweh ! In fact, Yahweh means Jew! Yahweh is Jew = Yahud / Yahwed. And Baal is god of Jews! But when the Satanic Jews wanted to hide their true colors, they referred to Baal as a Jew = Yahweh = Yahud ! But some idiots think only we Iranians say such things! Idiots don’t know that now even the Americans and Jewish websites confess to such facts !! , because the Iranian Logic is so so Strong. Just search the internet ! Now you can find millions of things about Cult of Baal and Masonry, Cult of Mood God, Baal Hammon ( = Haman of Jews! ), Baal hammon child sacrifice, Baal Hadad, Baal Hadad Satanism or Baal Hadad Lucifer in the internet ! Now you can find millions of search results about the Jewish Temple = Baal Temple and Temples whores = Holy Whores = Sacred prostitution = temple prostitution = cult prostitution or religious prostitution that is a Jewish tradition / Semitic tradition. Who was Houri ?! Houri or Houris were Holy whores of Baal temples = Semitic temples, including the holy whores of Kaaba = the holy whorehouse of Mecca, and Zion Temple = Zion’s holy whorehouse ! If you have doubt, just do research, or at least search the internet! Why did pagan Arabs and Arab Satanists regularly go to Mecca, to do Hajj before Islam?!! Before Islam, Hajj was a sexy orgy or a sexy ritual in which Arabs & Jews went to their holy Whorehouse to enjoy holy sex with holy whores = houris = Baal temple’s whores !! And it’s what their own historians confess. Just search the internet ! Read their own history books ! Such facts are not hidden facts. Now even the Islamic websites and Mullah websites confess to Satanic traditions of Arabs before Islam! The soup is too salty! Now even Islamist scholars confess that Adb of Baal = Slave of Baal = Abdul-Baal or Abdulah was an Arab name before Islam, and existed before Islam. They know that before Islam Abdullah = Adb of Baal (Slave of Baal) was pagan Arab, and had Satanic or pagan meaning. But they still try to work as a stupid apologist (Maalekesh !) to justify Satanic things! But the real Truth-seekers and Good guys don’t work as a silly apologist (Malekesh !) that tries to ignore all true Facts, to deny the Truth and to justify the Evil ! The worship of Stones was a Semitic tradition = a Jew Arab tradition. And now even the Arab Jews and Western scholars confess: Worship a stone is Pagan & Semite .. Semites had Holy stones known as béthyle (Hebrew Bethel means “sacred stone”) .. The Jewish stone of Mecca was a Bethel … The Black stone of the Kaaba is a Hebrew Bethel .. Hebrews and Arabs worshiped Sacred stones = idols (Bot) .. Baal or Baalah was an idol, an idol of Mecca ! .. (No one can deny) the worship of stones or the worship of idols in Arabia .. the Hebrew Bethel or Black stone of the Kaaba (was & is) a form of vulva or vagina, a female sexual organ, with a baby’s head coming out ! .. (pagan Arabs talked a lot about) a Baby coming out of Kaaba (or) Baby coming out of Kaaba’s vagina ! .. The word Hajj (Jewish pilgrimage to Mecca) is derived from Hebrew Hack which means friction in Arabic because there was a pagan Arab ritual in which Arab men rubbed their genitals on the Black stone of Kaaba ! that is like a female s-exual organ !! .. Arab men and Arab women turned around Kaaba naked ! ‘ And it’s not a Joke ! It’s the History of Arabs & Jews! It’s what their own historians & history books confess ! No one can deny such facts! Arab Islamists still say that touching or rubbing the Black stone of Kaaba ! that is like a female vagina is a holy thing !! (Savab dareh !! ) In fact, Malidan or Bemal-Bemal or Khodet Bemal = Touching or Rubbing it ! is part of their Holy Sex cult & holy Whorehouse & Holy whores traditions! The Mullahs are Arabs of Satan’s city ! And it’s not a joke ! Mullahs came from Baalbek. And Baalbek means the City of Satan / Baal. Most of the Arabic-Islamic Satanists = Arab Mullahs who have polluted our Iran come from Baalbek, the City of Satan. Do some research about Baalbek, the City of Satan in Lebanon ! It’s so so important, and informative and Eye-opening. Baalbek means City of Baal ! And their holy Bemal-Bemal is their Baal’s tradition! The Arab Jew Mullahs of Baal city have polluted our Iran. And it’s an undeniable fact. It’s important and interesting to note that the Jewish Arab Sheikh Bahai was a man of Baalbek! This motherfucker Jewish Arab Sheikh Bahai is the father of Bahai Cult and also the Mother of all Mullahs ! , that means both Mullahs and Bahai love him so much, and Sheikh Bahai invented Mullah System & Mullah Occultism. Do some research about this Jewish Arab Sheikh Bahai of Baalbek, and about his Kashkool = his Jewish Occult book! Just ask yourself: What did they do in Baalbek, the City of Satan?! The answer is clear: Child sacrifice, Human sacrifices, incest sex with mother, incest sex with sisters, Jewish incest of Jewish perverts, Arab Jewish Pedophilia and Sodomy & other Satanic things of Semites / Sodomites! In fact, the Mullahs and all Anti-Iran Arab Jews are Zina-zadeh ! All of them are Zina-zadeh ! = products of Incest and Baal’s rituals ! Baal or Hadad is a false god. Do some research about Baal’s prophets = Satan’s prophets! Search the internet ! Today, almost all Baal temples are Masonic lodges! Even their own experts confess: The Masonic Lodges are Baal temples .. and Baal Temples were Holy Brothels, like Temple of Mecca (Kaaba) and Temple of Zion (Solomon’s Temple) ! Informed guys know Solomon’s sex perversions, Solomon’s sex songs, and Solomon’s sex slaves = 700 wives of Solomon! Solomon’s Temple was a whorehouse or Holy Brothel, their own Scholars confess! The Jewish Solomon is a symbol of Sodomy & Holy sex slaves, Black Magic, Arab Witchcraft, Jewish Magic, Jewish Witchcraft, Zion = Sodom, Zion’s Sodomy, Zion’s Sodomy Temple or Zion temple’s male prostitutes! So, maybe Solomon word comes form Sodom & Sodomy! Solomon & Sodom & Sodomy are so a like, and maybe synonyms! If you want to know more about Jews & Netanyahu !, Do some research about Solomon & Sodom & Sodomy of Zion Judah !, or about Solomon temple’s male prostitutes ! , or about Solomon’s sexy songs or Solomon’s sodomy ! Sheikh Netanyahu = Sheikh Sodomite of Jews = Sheikh Solomon of Sodomites must know that we Iranians have many things to say about them! The Satanic Jews only say Lies & Bullshits = Kos-sher = Holy Crap of Jewish Fart Land ! But what we Iranians say are true and undeniable facts, and all informed people are aware of them”


Persian Satire 21: Some wise Iranians say: “Iranian Jokes or funny jokes are so laughable. But the West’s Farce = Trump = Terrible Comedy is at its peak now, and that’s why its seems like a Terrible Tragedy! Many make subtle points and say: The Hebrew word Heylel (hay-lal = hey dumb! ) or ‘Helel’ in Arabic is ‘Hilal’ and means crescent moon = the main Symbol of both Arab Islam & Arab Satanism of Arab Jahiliyyah! .. In Mecca, their moon god was the HuBaal (=Baal ) , its symbol was crescent moon! Many People say such things because they want to talk about the true Face of Arab Satanism = Semitic Satanism of Arabs / Jews. Now the Semitic Sodomites threaten our Great Iran! The Barbarians = America and Israel have nukes, but say our Iran / Great Persia should not have nukes!! But it’s obvious what all Iranians will never tolerate Threatening & Bullying & Blackmailing It’s so obvious that when the world’s leading state sponsor of terror = America has the world’s most dangerous weapons, then our Iran must have nukes and stronger than nukes! When this American Barbarian Terrorist Trump has nukes, and threaten our Iran in a blatant barbaric way, then our Iran must have Nukes, and must stop America, fuck America with Iranian nukes! The Anti-Iran barbarians play many silly games, and tell many silly lies. But they are idiots, and don’t know that we Iranians (and all wise people) can play the same US games and can use the same American Logic, if we want ! Many facts are secret, but maybe our Iran has already produced enough Nuclear bombs ! So, lets refer to Nuclear as No-clear !! Now if you google for “Iran has Nuclear weapons already”, you find about 20 millions search results !, including articles like : Iran Already Has Nuclear Weapons! (2018) Iran has the Atomic Bomb already ! (2018) Iran already has Nuclear weapons (2018) Iran already has Nuclear missiles (2018) In fact, the main question is how many No-clear weapons does Iran have?!! , non-Iranians say! Now if you google for ‘How many Nuclear weapons does Iran have’, you find 20 millions search results! In fact, the question is and should be: How many Nuclear Weapons does our Iran have?!! Now if you google for Iran has Nuclear bombs Iran must have nukes, then you find 18 millions search results ! And if you google for Iran has No-clear bombs, and Iranian No-clear Bombs are ready to nuke Trump America!, then you find 2 millions search results ! The stupid animals cannot bully Great Iran. Maybe our Iran has already have enough No-clear Bombs! If Iran had a wise or smart regime, then Now our Iran must have many No-clear Bombs ! The only if or doubt here is that the current regime was not so smart ! In fact, the only problem is that the current regime is not so smart or so Iranian! But maybe even these idiots knew that they must do some right things at the right time! And so, maybe our Iran has already have enough No-clear Bombs, instead of having many Nukes! The Islamists are cowards and stupid cows, while Anti-Iran Barbarians including Americans and Jews use Psywar or Psychological War methods to bluff a lot ! But you can have nukes, without declaring it or talking about it ! You can have No-clear bombs, without declaring it or talking about it ! So, maybe both Israel and Mullahs use this Jewish method, the same method ! But we Iranians prefer to use Iranian methods! And that’s why we Iranians clearly and openly say to Anti-Iran barbarians: Iran must have nukes! Iran must have many nukes and many No-clear bombs, and Maybe our Iran has enough No-clear Bombs! Who knows ! We Iranians are Not stupid, and we can use the same methods, and the same American War methods!, if we want ! Sheikh Trump or Netanyahu = Sheikh Sodomite of Jews = Sheikh Solomon of Sodomites must know that we Iranians = all Iranians fuck Anti-Iran Barbarians with a Good Fire & Fury ! (not with a silly shitty fire & fury = Trump’s fury & fire inside Trump’s ass!) if they deny our Iran’s Rights, and threaten our Iran with Savagery & Sadism. No one can deny our Iran’s Basic Rights including Iran’s Right to have Nukes or No-clear Bombs, and Iran’s Right to defend itself against Barbarians who threaten Iran with nukes or war & Savagery & Sadism. If they threat our Iran with nukes, then our Iran will fuck them with nukes !, with enough nukes! Now many many non-Iranians and good guys of the world truly say: Psychopaths should have nukes, but Iran should not?! .. No wonder Iranians should have nukes; Iran must defend itself against these Anti-Iran barbarians! All sane people of the world know that Trump, US officials or Netanyahu are savage monsters, and the only thing they understand is Force and Nuke. Mullahs are Arabs, cowards and cows. But we Iranians are not the US’s Arabs or Mullahs! We Iranians say to Anti-Iran Barbarians : We Iranians are Great Persia’s men, and as you all know, Greatness is part of Persia’s DNA ! And it’s what even their own US mass media & the West’s mass media confess in recent days / years: Greatness is part of Persian DNA .. Greatness is part of Persia’s People’s DNA (for more info, search Archive) Greatness means: Being Great or extremely good in ability or quality (or Culture & Civilization & Human values/ human standards) and therefore admired by wise people. You cannot buy Greatness by money !! .. Greatness should be part of your DNA ! , or you should acquire it by Goodness & Wisdom & Hard works! And it’s what you Anti-Iran Barbarians never ever have! We Iranians say such things to Anti-Iran Barbarians, only because, as ancient Iranian comedians said, Taa cheshme-shoon darad ! , va Taa Fiha-Khaledoon-shoon Besoozeh ! = to show them the truths in away that their Eyes come out of their Ass = their face ! – that means: to wonder a lot and to be very surprised by these truths-, and they themselves burn their Ass so badly and so deep!! ”

Persian Satire 22: Some wise Iranians say: “Iranian Joke Tellers say funny things, but the West tells bad jokes! They say Trump or the West’s Barbarians can have No-clear weapons, but Iran should not have No-clear weapons !! The West and American bully and blackmail. America Bullying & Blackmailing Mullahs for Greater Nuke Concessions. Trump Threatening, Bullying & Blackmailing Mullahs for Greater Nuke Concessions. You all know what Threatening, Blackmailing, Bullying means. According to dictionaries, to Bully = to frighten somebody and use your power to make somebody do something ! Now even idiots can see that The West and America bully Mullahs! , and Mullahs surrender themselves to Bully boys & FATA of Great Satan! Now even all media confess that The West and America bully Arab Mullahs, and Arab Mullahs surrender themselves to bullies! According to dictionaries, Blackmail = the act of putting pressure on a person or a group to do something they do not want to do ! In fact, what the West or America is doing is nothing but Blackmail. What Trump and America is doing is nothing but Blackmail. According to their own dictionaries, to Blackmail = to force somebody to give you something or do something for you, by threatening them !! And now you all can see how the West and America are blackmailing Mullahs & all countries –
including Russia, China, India etc etc, and how other countries and Mullahs surrender to Blackmailers! And this is FATF ! It’s all meaning of their FATF & Turkmenchay! But we all know why you should never give Terrorists & Bullies & Barbarians what they want for threats. Iranians say to Trump: If America threatens us, America will pay! America will Die = Bullies die. When Trump threatens Iran, then Iranian people Threaten Trump, Warning Trump of Dire Consequences! We Iranians will Crush Terrorists & Bullies & Barbarians like Trump and its shitty America. Our Iranian logic is so so Strong. Who can defend Terrorists & Bullies & Barbarians & Blackmailers like Trump and its shitty America ?! Now the world’s leading state sponsor of Terror = America has the world’s most dangerous weapons (nukes), and that’s why our Iran, our Great Persia must have Nukes, and must stop America, fuck America! , and even nuke America, if America cross all red lines.America must Be careful not to cross our Red lines = all Red lines of the Civilized World or Human Civilization, our Human Civilization that our wise Humans including our wise Iranian / Aryan ancestors have created it.America must Be careful not to cross our Red lines and our laws of Human Civilization. Bullying and Blackmailing and Barbarity are laws of Jungle ! = laws of Savage beasts = laws of Barbarians = laws of the Barbaric West ! But we Iranians = the real civilized people will crush savage Barbarians & their laws of Jungle !, their laws of Barbarism & Inhumanity, as we Aryans / Iranians did it in ancient times, and created Human Civilization & Human values, and concepts of Human laws and laws of Civilization & Civil society & Civil world. Today, it’s clear who is really Barbarian & Beast! , and who is really Civilized & Human! Now Trump and its Terrorists allies show who is really Terrorist, bully and barbarian ! Now Trumps shows and proves that America is a Barbarian country, a Savage Country, a Rouge State. America is a Satanic Country that understand nothing but Force ! But we Iranians will eliminate the threat of America! America is Evil, and We Iranians will eliminate Evil America, and the threat of America for all Humans ! We Iranians and all Great people of Great Persia say to America’s good guys: We Persians stand with you, the Good Americans! The future of the Civilized World depends & belongs to Iranian people and all Good guys of the world who hate America & Barbarians. Stupid Barbarians think our Iran doesn’t have nukes !! But maybe, our Iran already has enough No-clear Bombs! The stupid idiots like Trump & Netanyahu don’t know many things! Many don’t know many things! But we all know what Bully and Blackmail mean! And who are Bullies & Blackmailers & Barbarians now! And how we Humans should react to these worthless Barbarians & Bullies & Blackmailers & Terrorists of USA & the West!”

Persian Satire 23: Some wise Iranians say: “The world is not DoGuzAbad = Jewish Fart Land of Netanyahu ! All witty Iranians say to Sheikh Trump and Sheikh Netanyahu : Hey dear Retards ! (Kos-Khol joon! )The world is not DoGuzAbad (Donya ke DoGuzAbad nist !) The world is not your Jewish Fart Land ! (Donya ke JewGoozAbad ya Kos-Khol-Abad shoma Kos-Khola nist !!) The world is so so bigger !! Now the UN and the whole world laugh at you idiots ! Now the UN and the whole world laugh at America & Trump. So, there is no need to The Iranian Jokes!! When Donald Trump talks , there is no need to Iranian Jokes or any other jokes !! When the stupid America or Donald Trump talks, all sane people laugh ! So there is no need to Iranian Jokes or any other jokes ! Just go and read or listen to Trump’s trash = Trump’s speeches !, and then you will see that there is no need to Iranian Jokes or any jokes! So, here lets talk about more serious things! In these days, the Satanic America and their Sheikh Trump and Zionist pigs including Sheikh Netanyahu and Satanic Jews support Arab Islamists & Arab shithole = Arabia. You all know the story of shitty Saudi journalist, who was a Saudi Islamist Apologist (a CIA’s Islamist apologist), but Savage Saudi Arabia killed him! All sane people know why The Terrorist America ally = The Little Savage Saudi Arabia kills dissidents and journalists, including their own media whores ! The Savage Saudi Arabia is America ally, simply because America is a shithole country, with a shitty clown as its president! As you know, the wise people say: Elect a fucking Clown (like Trump), and Expect a fucking Circus !! No the American Circus is like or worse than the Islamist Circus! But now when Arab cows and Tazi dogs bark and fart a lot, and the CIA’s Arab Islamists desperately try to do Terrorist attacks in Iran (Ahwaz), then Iranians say to the fucking regime: Hey idiots, Take war and fight inside Saudi Arabia. Arab Barbarians = Arab Islamists cannot understand Human language (Zabun-e Amadiza ! ) You should talk with Arab pigs with their own language! Saudi Arabia’s Eastern provinces, Saudi Arabia’s Qatif, Saudi Shia regions and Mecca / Medina are the best places to begin! Take War and Fight inside Saudi Arabia, idiots ! Now Savage Saudis openly & shamelessly support Terrorists including Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK / MKO) = Anti-Iran Arab Terrorists of CIA! So, you must create or publicly support Opposing Groups in Saudi Arabia, specially in Saudi Arabia’s Shia area! Take war inside Saudi Arabia, idiots. Create or openly support Freedom Fighter Groups in Saudi Arabia, specially in Saudi Arabia’s Shia area & Mecca & Medina! Take Fight inside Saudi Arabia, idiots! Free Saudi Arabia! , instead of the fucking Arab shithole of Palestine! At First, Free Saudi Arabia!, idiots !! All Muslims should chant: Free Saudi Arabia! All Muslims should chant : Fuck Zionist Saudis! Fuck Arab Zionists! Fuck Islamic Zionists! And Instead of talking about Free fucking Palestine = Zion = a pan-Arab Zionist shitehole! Free Mecca !, idiots! Focus on Saudi Arabia !, if you are Not CIA’s Islamists ! First, Free Mecca & Medina!idiots, if you are Not CIA’s Islamists! Rah-e Qods (Zion) az Mecca migozarad !! (You path to Zion ! , is from Mecca !! ) Savage Saudis openly and shamelessly say and do many Anti-Iranian things. So, Take War and Fight inside Saudi Arabia, idiots! Rah-e Zion = Qods, az Satanic Arabia migozarad !! (your path to Zion, is from Satanic Arabia!) So, Liberate Saudi Arabia, idiots! Saudi Arabia is a fake country, a fake state that will go to hell soon. But you can accelerate it ! Liberate Saudi Arabia first, and help Arabia’s good guys! Take Fight inside Saudi Arabia, idiots! Arab Islamists only understand this language = their own language !”.

Persian Satire 24: Some wise Iranians say: “now Iranian people say many good things and funny things (but this post has become a very large / long post ! , and we should write about them later !) As you all know, The Fake Arab states of our Persian Gulf are the British-made Arab states in our Persian Gulf. But alll fake Arab sates and British-made Arab states, including Saudi & UAE & Bahrain and other fake & tiny shithole of Arab shit-eaters have polluted our region = our Persia region = our Middle East. As you all know the so-called Middle East belongs to Great Persia and our Persia’s allies. Savage Arabs & Arab terrorists have polluted our Middle East. Savage Arabs & Arab terrorists have no place in our Middle East, and must go to hell, or to America! Only our allies, our Iran’s allies = Humans (not monsters!) are allowed to live in our Middle East. As you know, the good Arabs are our Iran’s allies, because the good Arabs hate Saudis & Arab Barbarians & Arabs Islamists. The good Jews are our Persia’s allies, because the good Jews hate Jewish Barbarians & Arab Barbarians & Zahak’s sons. So, Only and only our Allies, our Iran’s allies = Humans must live in our Middle East ! Humans, Not savage Shits like ISIS, Saudis or Arab Barbarians= America allies! The Savage Arabs & Arab terrorists of CIA must go to hell, or to the West! Savage Arabs & Arab terrorists have polluted our Middle East = our region = our Great Persia’s home. Now Iranian people have created good campaigns in English language, good campaigns like End the Arab Occupation of the Persian Territories in the Persian Gulf! It’s so so obvious that Savage Arabs & Arab terrorists have no place in our Persian Gulf , and in our Middle East, and must go to hell, or to Europe or America! Campaigns like End the Arab Occupation of the Persian Territories in the Middle East, our Middle East are so good and important. Savage Saudis, Savage Arabs & Arab terrorists must go to hell, or to where that created them = USA or UK ! All Iranians fuck Arab Barbarians & Islamic Barbarians = Ajnabis, and say: End the Ajnabi Mullah Occupation of Our Iran = End the Islamic Occupation of Our Iran = End the Ajnabi Occupation of Iran = End Islamist Occupation of Our Iran. As you know, our Iran and our Middle East are synonyms, and if our Iran will be free, then our Middle East will be free, and all Savage Arabs & Arab Terrorists will go to hell forever. All Iranians hate Arab Barbarians = Arab Islamists. And even the good Arabs know its reasons. All informed people know that If you want all Iranians hate you so much, you must act like Trump ! = like this stupid Barbarian Trump that makes love with Arab Barbarians, and Defend Arab Islamists & Arab Terrorists = Arab Barbarians!”

Persian Satire 25: Some wise Iranians say: “the Iranian Joke Tellers tell Iranian jokes, but the West’s leaders like Trump make us laugh with their serious lectures at the UN ! , and the UN and the World laugh at Trump and America. They say they have No-clear weapons and they have no plans to give them up! But we Iranians should not have nukes!, because only Barbarians and Bad guys must have nukes !! The Anti-Iran Mullahs = Satanic Mullahs like Khamenei issue Satanic Fatwa = Fart War against Iran’s No-clear capabilities !! , but Not against their Great Satan’s No-clear capabilities and Not against the West’s No-clear capabilities !! So, everything is clear, isn’t it ?! Khamenei is Anti-Iran agent of CIA, and that’s why the CIA’s Khamenei issuing Satanic Fatwa = Fart War against our Iran’s No-clear capabilities !! , but Not against his Great Satan’s No-clear capabilities and not against his Arbab = his Master = the West’s No-clear capabilities ! His Satanic Islam = Arab Islam is actually : In praise of … Stupidity! = In praise of … Ignorance ! (Arab Jahiliyah!) = In praise of Treason & Turkmenchay & FATF !! But Iranians sarcastically say: Fuck Islam of FATF & Turkmenchay! .. Iran has No-clear bombs, but we don’t show our nukes / No-clear bombs in a shop’s window! We can hide them, like what Jews do! How many No-clear bombs Israel has ?! It’s not clear ! .. And How many No-clear bombs Iran has ?! It’s not clear, too !! How any No-clear weapons Iran has ?! It’s not clear, as well !”

Persian Satire 26: “Some wise Iranians say: “the story of Mullahs and their Tahrim & Turkmenchay (Sanctions & Turkmenchay) is the story of Eating Choob & Piyaz = Eating Onions and Sticks ! (For more info about the story of Onions & Sticks, search Archive!) We Iranians have already & repeatedly talked about it in 2013 to 2015 (check Archive) and why their Rouhani & Islamic Turkmenchay is nothing but Eating Onions & Sticks! But now even stupid animals can see that the Mullahs are Eating both Choob & Piyaz = Mullahs are Eating both Onions and Sticks = Mullahs are Eating both Tahran (Sanctions) and Turkmenchay !! Both Tahrim & Turkmenchay means: both new New Threats/ Sanctions & old Capitulation = Turkmenchay !! We Iranians have already and repeatedly talked about such issues in 2013, 2014 and 2015 (check Archive), but now all humans and even all stupid animals can see that what we Iranians repeatedly said about the Mullahs & the West & their love was true, absolutely true!”

Persian Satire 27: The witty Iranians say: “Goosey Goosey Gander is an English-language nursery rhyme. It seems like a copy of Persian folksongs. It’s funny to note that the old meaning of Gander = stupid man / silly male, has a Persian root: Gand ! In Persian, Gand is a funny & important word that means: silly & dirty, a very silly & dirty thing or mistake or mess-up ! Persian terms like Gand zadan ! , or Gand & Goh ! (Goh means shit !) or Gand-esh ro Dar-avardan ! = Bring Gand, or Bring Gand out of sth are so famous in Persian! Gander or Gand is a Persian term that is used for very stupid people / thing like Rouhani ! In fact, Rouhani is Gand or gander ! So, lets change the classic Goosey Goosey Gander, and say: Goosey Goosey Rouhani ! = Goosey Goosey Gand-er ! , Whither shall I wander? .. Everywhere in this era .. And in UK Queen’s bra! .. There I met an old a Mullah ! .. Who wouldn’t say his prayers ! .. So I took him by his leng / leg ! (As you know the English Leg has a Persian root : Leng !) … And threw him into hell ! ….. Goose-a goose-a Gand-er .. shall Rouhani wander ?! .. Up stairs and down stairs .. In his UK chamber ! … There you’ll find his No-clear Deal ! .. And a race of Evil wills ! .. Rouhani’s deal went crack !.. He nearly broke his back ! .. Rouhani fucked his own back = his own ass !! .. And all Mullahs / Masons went, ‘Quack, quack, quack’ !!”

Persian Satire 28: The witty Iranians say: “The Persian folklore and Persian folksongs – specially the funny ones and also kid ones / kid songs- are so funny, so important, and so so old. The world should know more about it (So, in this post, you read more about Persian folklore, Persian folksongs etc) With a little change in these old Persian folksongs , you can make them new funny songs about current events! Atal matal Tutule is just one of many many Persian folksongs. Its a rhythmic song about “the cow of Hassan (Rouhani) !! (In the previous post, we wrote about it ) In some parts of Iran, it has different names. For instance. in Gilan, Atal matal is also known as Papa Palangi ! Or in Kerman, it is also known as Atalak ti Tatalak !! So lets change them a little, and say: Atalak ti Tatalak ! .. Rohani ride beh Alak !! (Rouhani has shitted on Everything!) .. Mullahe mizaneh Kalak ! (Mullah plays dirty tricks) .. Ey amoon az een Falak ! (this world is so shitty!) .. Akhe Mullah, Ey Kharak ! (Hey stupid animals = Mullahs) .. Diin ham mizaneh Kalak?! (A real Religion play dirty tricks?!) .. Ey Baba!, ridi beh Alak !! (Oh, Mullahs you fuck your own Religion !) .. Tof be Qabret Hassanak ! (Fuck Rouhani! Fuck Hassan Rouhani !) .. Atalak tir Taparak ! .. Diin tu Khela raft !, beh Darak ! (Who cares that the Mullahs fuck their Arab Islam! Fuck Arab Islam! ) .. Rouhani beh Gaa raft !, beh Darak ! (Who cares that they fuck Rouhani & Mullahs! Fuck Rouhani! Fuck Mullahs! ) .. Kha-en beh Fanaa raft !, beh Darak ! (Who cares tht Traitors = Mullahs are going to Hell ! Fuck Traitors! = Fuck Mullahs! ) … Oh Papa ! Papa Palangi ! (Palang = Panther) Be-goo behe-shoon chi-e Palangi !! (Tell them you are which kind of Palang & Palang things !! ) Irani-io Khod-e Palangi ! (You are a real Iranian = a real Lion / Palang) Hamoon Shiri-o Tiger Palangi ! (You are a real Iranian = a real Lion that we can call it Tiger or Palang because of poetic / rhythmic limits!! ) .. ama Rouhani tu ye Mashangi !! (But Rouhani you are a Retarded animal ! ) Dayoos Rouhani chera Milangi ?! (Fucking Rouhani why are you a so cripple whore / faggot ?!) Choob-o Piaz-o Khordi Milangi !! (You Rouhani eating both Onions & Sticks !! and that’s why Rouhani is crippling!) Bad Koon Dadi-o dari Milangi !! (You Rouhani badly giving your ass to West!, and that’s why you Rouhanis are being crippled !!) Hey You Rouhani ! Kheili Mashangi !! (Fuck you Rouhani! Rouhani is a Retarded Pig ! )”

Persian Satire 29: The witty Iranians say: “The witty Iranians say:” The Persian folklore games and Persian folksongs are so great and so funny. Lets change the famous Hamumak murche daare! (bath has ants! ) : Hamumak toon murche daare ?! (your bath has ants?! ) .. Islam toon suse daare ?!! (your Islam has dirty ticks ?!) .. tu koon toon busse daare ?!! (your Islam kicks your dirty ass ?!!) .. Islam toon Sharm Na-daareh ?!! (your Islam has no shame ?!! ) .. Rahbar toon Maqz Na-daareh ?! (your Islamic leader has no brain ?! ) .. Arbab toon Aql daare ?! (your Masonic Master = UK has not brain ?! ) .. Islam toon, Nezam toon chi kam daare?! (Do you know your Islam or Islamic regime needs what ?! ) .. Nezam toon sharm Na-daareh?! (Your Islamic Regime has no Shame! , hasn’t ?! ) .. FATF kam Na-daareh ?!! (your Islam & Islamic regime need more FATF ?!! ) .. Chiz to Koon-esh kam Na-daareh ?!! (your Islam & Islamic regime need more Dicks in its ass ?!! ) … aare! (Yes !) Hamumak toon murche daare ! (your bath has ants!) .. Islam toon murche daare ! (your Islam has ANts!) .. Rahbar toon murche daare ! (your Islamic leader has ANts ! ) .. Bad ham daare ! Sharm Na-daare !! (your Islam & Islamic leaders are full of Shis and ANts ! but they have not shame at all ! ) …FATF ham ke daareh !! (your Islam is Islam of FATF ! Your Arab Islam is Satanic Islam of Arabs & FATF! ) .. Rockefeller ham ke daareh !! (your Islam is Islam of Rockefellers! ) .. Bemal-Bemal, Khodet Bemal ham ke daareh !! (your Arab Islam is full of Traitors, Faggots, Whores & Sexual perverts!) .. Pas hatman, Daret Bemal ham ke daareh !! (So, your Islam also has Fuck Yourself ! , too ! ) Khob pas Boro Deret Bemal ! (So, you Islamist must go Fuck yourself ! ) .. Deret Bezar ! (Hey Islamist Fuck yourself ! ) .. een Diin-o tu Khela bezar !! (throw your Islam away, into a shithole!) .. Goh Bokhoro Boro Bemire !!! (and then Eat shit and Die ! Go to hell, and fuck yourself ! )

Persian Satire 30: The witty Iranians say: “The Persian folklore and Persian folksongs are so old and so funny. Lets take a look at another folksong of Persia, and change it for recent events: Raftim Dar-e Bagh-e Dar Shekashte ! (We went to their shitty Islamic garden, that had a broken door ! ) Didim Aboli / Rohani onja neshasteh !! (and we saw that the idiot Rouhani is there!) Goftim Rohani Barjam-et che-to shod ?!! (We said to idiot: What has happened to your No-clear Deal, stupid Rouhani?!) Gofta ke didid Farjam-esh Goh shod !! (and Stupid bastard Rouhani said: as you all saw, my No-clear Deal was a worthless shit ! ) Goftim Aboli = Rohani Dollar chi-to shod ?!! (We said to idiot : What has happened to your Dollar & Economic promises, Stupid Rouhani?! ) Gofesh ke didi Ridim tush Goh shod !! (CIA’s Rouhani said: as you all saw, we CIA’s Mullahs badly shitted on Dollar & Economy !!) Goftim Aboli = Rohani Islam chi to shod ?!! (We said to idiot : What has happened to your Islam, the stupid Mullah?! ) Goftesh beh Khoda Yek-Ho-ii Goh shod ! (Stupid Mullahs desperately say: the Arab Islam suddenly became a shit ! , a worthless less!! ) Goftim Aboli = Rohani Nezam / Regime che to shod ?! (We said to idiot : What has happened to your Islamic Regime?!) Goftesh keh Nago !, Badjuri Kos Shod ! (Stupid Mullahs said: Don’t talk about it ! The Islamic Regime is going to hell ! )”

Persian Satire 31: The witty Iranians say: “Amu ZanjirBaaf (uncle chain-maker) is a funny Persian folksong of an old Persian folklore games. In it’s rhythmic sentences one asks the other whether he has made the chain! The answer to each question is Bale = Yes! Yes!, and sometimes is No! (for more comic versions!) So, lets change it to : Amu TakbirBaaf ! (uncle slogan-maker !! = Ayatollah ) , Yes! Yes!, Takbir-e thu Bafti ?! (did you make your new slogans ?!!) yes! yes ! , Dooz-o Kalak Bafti ?! (did you make your Lies and Deceptions ?!!) Yes! Yes ! , Baa America Sakhti ?!! (Did you make love with America?!!) Yes! Yes ! ,Baa FATF Sakhti ?! (Did you make love with FATF ?!) Yes! Yes ! , Islam-e thu Bakhti ?! (did you lose your Islam ?!!), Yes! Yes ! , Pas Boro Bemal-o Bia !! Boro Daret Bemal ! (Khodet Bemal !) Goh BoKhoro Bemir !! (So, Get Lost & fuck yourself !! Go, Eat Shit and Die!!) Baa Seday-e chi ?! (Mullahs say: with which noise of animal, we Mullahs should eat shit?! = Mullahs should become which kind of animals?! ) Ba Seday-e Khar ! (making the noise of Donkey! Become Donkey! ) Ba Seday-e Jew-hud Arab, Ar-Ar-Ar !! (making the noise of Arab Jews! ) … Amu Kos-sher-Baaf ! (uncle Bullshit-maker !! = Rouhani / Khamenei) Yes! Yes!, Kos-Sher ra thu Bafti ?! (did you make your lies & bullshits ?!!) Yes! Yes! , Chiz to Koon-et Sakhti ?! (did you make a Big Thing into you ass?!!) Yes ! Yes! , Kar-e Khode thu Sakhti ?! (Did you fuck yourself ?!!) Yes! Yes ! , Islam-e Jadid Sakhti ?! (did you invent a new Islam = Masonic Islam ?!) Yes! Yes ! , beh Mellat Andakhti ?! (did you fool idiots with this shitty new Satanic religion ?! ) No! No! , Pas Cher Nan-Dakhti ?! (Why?!) Chon Mellat Dige Bahooshe ! (because all Iranians have become so smart! ) Hata Aghel tar az Googooshe ! (all Iranian people are even wiser than Googoosh and other Anti-Mullah celebrates!) een Diin ham ke Rootooshe !! = Diin ke Asl nist, Rootooshe ! (our Jew Arab Religion is just a Bad copy, not a genuine or original thing !!) Ye mosth Dorouq ham Tooshe ! (our Jew Arab Religion is full of lies and bullshits !) Faqat ham Arab Vohooshe ! (only Arab Islamists are stupid animals = beasts who accept all bullshits as Religion! ) Trump ham oono Midooshe !!! (Arabs are stupid cows, and Trump fuck & suck Arab cows !! )”

Persian Satire 32: The witty Iranians say: “The Persian folklore songs and Persian folksongs for kids are so old and so funny. Lets change DasDasi Baba-sh miad ! (Clap! Clap! kid’s Daddy will come soon! ): DasDasi Mullah-sh miad ! (Clap! Clap! Mullah will come!) Bah Turkmenchay-sh miad !! (with his new Turkmenchay !! ), Seday-e Ar-Ar-esh miad ! (we can hear his noise that is like animal noise = Ar-Ar !! ) Booye Ar-ramoonesh miad !! (we can also see the End of Mullahs and the Death of their Islamic Regime!) … DasDasi NaNa-sh miad ! (Clap! Clap! their Mother = UK Queen is coming ! ) Bah har dota MaMa-sh miad !! (their British Mother = UK Queen is coming with his two Big Boobs ! ) Bah Chiz-e Candy Charms miad !! (their British Mother = UK Queen is a Bitch who is coming with British Bitches & Whores like Candy Charms !) Kheily Sexy, bah Hijab miad !! (these British sexy whores are in Hijab !! ) DasDasi Amush miad ! (Clap! Clap! their Uncle Sam is coming !! ) Bah har dota Gorge Bush miad ! (their Uncle Sam is coming with his two G. Bush !) Bah Manoto Gugush miad !! (their Uncle Sam is coming with MI6 media like Manoto ! .. and unfortunately, Gugush worked for Manoto of MI6) Bah BBC-o Surush miad !! (their Uncle Sam is coming with the CIA & MI6 media like BBC = Ayatollah BBC of Islamist pigs like Surush & Ganji & Zibakalam & other Arab Jew whores = Anti-Iranian whores) Bahr-e ye mosht Vohoosh miad !! (CIA & MI6 media like BBC & Manoto are only for stupid animals! Only Stupid animals watch them ! ) … DasDasi Dayoos miad ! , Akhund-ak Pofyooz miad !! …. and so on & so on ! It’s important to note that words Nane and MaMe and Mama are Persian words. In fact, Mama has MaMe ! = NaNe has MaMe ! = Mother has boobs! Or Mammals have MaMe ! (boobs) These things are 100% Persian. Mama, NaNe and Mame were used in many old Persian folksongs for kids”.

Persian Satire 33: The witty Iranians say: “The Persian folklore things including Persian folksongs are so great. Lets change the famous Gandom gole Gandom ey Khoda !, Dokhtar mal-e mardom ey Khoda ! (Oh, God, our wheat is for people, Oh God our daughter should be married ! ) : Gandom gole Gandom ey Khoda ! , Islam ham beh Gaa raft ey Khoda !! ( .. Oh, God ! their Arab Islam is going to Hell and shithole !!) Akh Jaan! be-tho Jaanam ey Khoda !, Nezam ham beh Gaa raft ey Khoda !! (Oh, God ! Thank God ! Their Islamic Regime is going to Hell & shithole of history!) Ridan toye Diin ham ey Khoda ! (Oh God, Mullahs shit on Religion!) eena che Bi-sharm-an ey Khoda !!! (Oh God, Mullahs have no shame !) … Gandom gole Gandom ey Khoda ! , Rouhani beh Gaa raft ey Khoda !! (Thank God ! Mullah = Rouhani is being fucked, and going to Hell !) .. Bad Koon-e-shoon Rafte ey Khoda! , Cheh Qadr bi-Aqlan ey Khoda! (Thank God ! that Satan badly fucked Mullahs & Arab Islam! Thank God that Islamists are so so stupid !) Taraf Maalide va Rafte Ey Khoda !! (their Master = the West has badly fucked Islamists) Cheh Qadr Kos-Kholan ey Khoda !! (but Islamists / Rouhanis are so so stupid) Areh Piyaz va Chube ey Khoda ! (Yes God ! It’s the famous story of Onions & Sticks) Cheh Qadr Pofyooz-an ey Khoda ! (Mullahs = Rouhani are so stupid cows &cowards) .. Taraft Gaaide va Rafte ey Khoda !! (their Master = Europe has fucked Mullah so badly!) Cheh Qadr Dayoos-an ey Khoda !! (Mullahs are stupid puppets of the West) … Gandom gole Gandom ey Khoda ! , Diin tu Khela raft ey Khoda !! (Oh God ! their Religion is going to Hell !) .. Bad Ridian va Raftan ey Khoda ! (Mullahs badly shitted on Everything, and now going to hell) .. Naabud-eshun Kon ey Khoda ! (Oh God! Destroy Mullahs! Destroy The West’s Stooges!) .. Goh Zadan va Raftan ey Khoda ! (The West’s stooges fuck all good things, and going to hell) Taqas Begir thu ey Khoda ! (Oh, God, Destroy all of them! Destroy The West’s Evil Empire!) Khordan va Bordan ey Khoda ! (the West’s stooges = Mullahs & Masons stole our money & our resources) Chiz Koon-e-shoon kon ey Khoda !! (Punish them so severely, God ! Put your divine Dick = God’s dick into their ass !!) .. Che Bad Arro-Gooz mikardan Khoda !! (They barked & farted a lot !!) Thu ham Talaafi Kon ey Khoda ! (so God give us a Power / Talent to take our revenge on them!) Beh Che GuzGuzi oftaadan Khoda ! (Thank God that Mullahs / Islamists and all Anti-Iran Barbarians have become so desperate & so humiliated, and the world laugh at them !!) Be-Naazam Talaafi-to Ey Khoda !! (Thank you God! You God punish them so severely, and so beautiful !! Thank you God that take our revenge on Mullahs & Arab Islamists & other Anti-Iran Barbarians = Trump, Satanic Jews etc)

Persian Satire 34: The witty Iranians say: “The Persian folklore and Persian folksongs are so old and so funny. Lets take a look at another folksong of Persia, and change it for recent events: Jom-jomak Barg-e Khazoon ! (Oh, the fall’s fallen leaf !) .. The beautiful hair of Simin Khanoom (Khanoom = Lady = Khatoon etc) .. But here lets forget the beautiful parts of this old Persian folksong of Jom-jomak Barg-e Khazoon! Here lets forget the beautiful Simin Khanoom and her beautiful hair ! As you know, Khanoom or Lady also means Islamic whore or Bad whore = Basiji whore = Arab Jew whore! So, Here lets talk about the Jewish Witches & British Bitches like Rouhani & other Jew Arab whores! So, lets tell them: Jom-jomak Barg-e Khazoon ! .. FATF & Turkmenchay of Rouhani Khanoom ! (= the male whore Rouhani !) .. Raft tu koon-e Islam-e-toon ! (went into the ass of your Arab Islam ! ) .. FATF va een Khanoom ! ( FATF and this Arab Jew whore Rouhani) .. Riddan tuye Islam-e-toon ! (have shitted on your Arab Islam) .. Rouhani Khanoom, Jewish Khanoom! (Rouhani is a Jewish Whore) .. Goh zad tuye Islam-e-toon ! (and this Jewish Rouhani fucked your Islam! ) .. ANtar Khanoom ! , Arab Khanoom (Rouhani is a shitty Arab whore) .. Shashid tuye Islam-e-toon ! (and this Arab Whore Rouhani fucked your Islam ! ) .. Shod Khazoon-e Nezam-e-toon !! (Today is the fall of your Islamic Regime ! )

Persian Satire 35: The witty Iranians say: “In the fall of 2018, Jom-jomak Barg-e Khazoon ! (Oh, the fall’s fallen leaf !) talk about the fall of Mullahs, fallen Islam of Mullahs. So, lets say: Jom-jomak Barg-e Khazoon ! , Bian Begim hame az Azoon ! (Lets talk about it, about their End & Downfall !) .. Shode Khazoon-e Nezam-e-toon ! (Today is the fall of your Islamic Regime ! ) Soqut, Soqute Nezam-e-toon ! (the downfall, the downfall of your Islamic Regime) .. Khord-e dige be-Name-toon !! (is so near & so inevitable, and so good & necessary! ) .. Shod Khazoon-e Islam-e-toon! (Today is the fall of your Arab Islam!) .. Ama ki gaaiid Islam-e-toon ?! (But do you know who fucked your Arab Islam?!) .. Shoma Khodetoon ! , Nezam-e-toon !! (You Islamists fucked your own Islam with your Islamic Regime! You Islamists fucked Islam!) .. Midoonid ki rid to Islam-e-toon ?! (Do you know who shitted on your Arab Islam?! ) Shoma Khodetoon ! , Rahbar-e-toon !! (You Islamists & Your Islamic Leader fucked Islam! ) .. Yadetoone 88 ?! keh oon AN bood tu Koon-e-toon ?! (Do you remember the 2009 and your 2009 coup & 2009 Massacre ?! You the Satanic Islamists and your Jewish AN = AhmadiNejad fucked your own ass & your own Islam ! Showed your true colors! ) Hala AN Kojast?! to Diin-e-toon !! (Now where is AN = Jewish shit?! Now IMF or AN is your Religion!! Now Shit or FATF is your Religion !! Your Jewish AN fucked your Religion!) Malid-o Raft ! Gaaiid-o Raft ! Raft ta dasteh tu Koon-e-toon, tu Diine-e-toon! (Jewish Rouhani & AN fucked your Islam! They fuck and go! But now their Evil acts including IMF & FATF go into your ass & your Islam, and kill your Islam!)”

Persian Satire 36: The witty Iranians say: “The Persian folklore games and its folksongs are so old and so great. Lets change the Gorgam-o galla mi-baram = Wolf and Flock. The wolf and shepherd sing opposing songs while the wolf tries to catch a sheep by running into the flock. Now it’s a fake war or silly game between the shitty Wolf (Trump) and the shitty sheep & cows ( = Mullahs & Arab Islamists) : Gorgam-o galle mi-baram ! (I am a Wolf that kills sheep ! ) Rouhani daram pas mi-zaram !!! (the Islamists say: But our Islamic Shepherd is a CIA agent/ wolf like Rouhani = Ayatollah!! So, we Islamists let Wolves = CIA & FATF kill Islam !!) Trump says: Gorgam-o galle mi-baram ! (I am a Wolf that kills sheep ! ) Islamists say: Islam daram pas mi-zaram !!! (We Islamists are stupid sheep that our silly Islam is a CIA Jewish Islam of Arabs! So, we Islamists let Wolves = Turkmenchay & FATF fuck Islam & Islamists!!) Dandun tho tiz tareh! (your wolf is more brutal !) Islam ama Haghir tareh !! (Arab Islam is more humiliation !!) Trump tho Biq tareh !! (Trump is so so stupid pig), Rahbar-e ma Koon-de tareh !! (Islamic Leader is so so faggot ! ) Terrorist tho Vahshi tareh !! (your USA Arab Terrorists = ISIS & CIA’s Arab terrorists are so so savage), Rahbar ama Dayoos tareh !! (but Khamenei = Rouhani is so so whore & Charlatan! ) Trump tho Kos-Khol tareh !! (your Trump is a stupid retard), Rahbar-e ma Haghir tareh !! (but Rouhani = Khamenei = is so so coward & slave & cow! ) Sheytan tho Bozorg tareh !! (your America is Great Satan !!), Islam ama Zalil tareh !! (but Arab Islam is is so so weak and Satanic, cheap ! ) .. FATF Estek-baareh! (FATF is Imperialism!) .. (pas) Islam hamoon Este-maareh?!! (So, Arab Islam is nothing but a Satanic cult of Colonial Powers & Imperialists?!) … FATF Islam-e shoon !! (their Islam is FATF !) .. Rafteh taa Dast-e Koon-e-shoon !!! (And this Satanic Islam = FATF badly went into their dirty Islamic ass !! ) … and so on and so on !

Persian Satire 37: The witty Iranians say: “Since the ancient time, the nice salesman of Great Persia use funny songs – when they want to sell sth- and some of these funny songs are so funny or famous. Here lets use funny songs like Samanoo, Ay Samanoo! … (a special food for Nowruz) or Namaki, Ay Namaki ! .. (Salt ! Salt-seller ! ..) Lets change them in this way: Jannati ! Ay Jannati ! , Chiz Raft tu Koonet Jannati !! (Hey Mullah Janati, a Big Thing went into your Ass!! ) Jannati ! Ay Jannati ! , Chiz tuye Koonet Jannati !! (Hey Mullah Janati, Fuck you Mullahs & your ass ! ) .. Jannati ! Ay Jannati ! , FATF Koonet Jannati !! (Hey Mullah Janati, FATF Fuck Mullahs & your Islam !! ) Jannati ! Ay Jannati ! , Bad raft tu Koonet Jannati !! (Hey Mullah Janati, this Big Dick / FATF badly goes into your ass !! ) Jannati ! Ay Jannati ! , Cheh Bad Koon Dadi Jannati !! (Hey Mullah Janati, you Mullahs give your ass to Satan in a very bad way !!) Jannati ! Ay Jannati ! , Koon beh ki Dadi Jannati ?!! (Hey Mullah Janati, do you Mullahs know you give your dirty Islamic ass to whom ?!!) Jannati ! Ay Jannati ! , FATF Koonet Jendeii !! ( .. FATF Fuck Mullah Janani = Jewish Ayatollah Whore !!) .. Jannati ! Ay Jannati ! Ridim tu Dinnett Jannati! ( .. Fuck Jewish Janati = Jewish Mullah! ) Jannati ! Ay Jannati ! , Thu yek Jew-hoodi Jannati !! (Hey Mullah Janati, You are a Jew & Jewish Mullah!) Jannati ! Ay Jannati ! , Koon-deh Jew-hoodi Jannati !! (Hey Mullah Janati, you are a Jewish Sodomite = Jewish Mullah!!) Jannati ! Ay Jannati ! , Chiz Raft tu Koonet Jannati !! ( .. FATF went into the ass of Jew Janati ! ) Jannati ! Ay Jannati ! , Tof Tu oon Rooheet Jannati ! ( Fuck Jewish Mullahs & Janati !) The CIA’s Jewish Ayatollahs like Janati killed Iran’s people in 2009, but now these CIA’s Ayatollahs give their ass to FATF & Satan !

Persian Satire 38: The witty Iranians say: “The Persian folklore games and Persian folksongs are so so old and so funny. Lili lili Howzak ! is a Persian game for kids, in which the palm of the hand is imagined to be a pond of water, howz, into which a sparrow or animal falls; each finger, symbolizing a different personality! Lets change Lili lili Howzak in this way: Lili lili Hawzeh ! (Hawzeh of Qom ! = Mullah schools ! ) Mason oomad Aab bokhoreh, oftad tu Hawzeh !! (A masons wanted to drink water, but suddenly fell into Hawzeh! ) .. yeki goft Daresh biarim ! (one finger = Islamist said that we should throw him out of Hawzeh !) ..yeki goft Daresh bezarim ! (one finger = Arab Jew said that we should fuck him!) .. yeki goft Barjaam biarim !! (one finger = Basiji said that lets create new Trukmenchay! ) .. yeki goft Dusesh bedarim !! .. taze FATF ham biarim !! (one finger = Rouhani said that we should love Masons & Turkmenchay !! .. we also should accept FATF & all Masons & CIA agents ! ) .. Ozam goft: Bashe! Manam Khar-e Khar-e Kale Gonde! Yek Koonde Darmunde !! (Khamenei said: OK, Fuck Islam! We accept FATF & Great Satan dictate! Khamenei is a dickhead donkey! Ayatollah is a dickhead stooge of CIA ! Khamenei is a worthless & helpless faggot!) ”

Persian Satire 39: : The witty Iranian say: “The Persian folklore games and Persian folksongs are so so old, and funny. Lets change Tap tap-e Khamir ( Khamir = duff / dough) : Tap tap-e Khamir ! , Shishe por panir! (our store is full of cheese & foods ! ), Rohani Bemir !! / Trump Bemir! (Die Rouhani ! Die Trump ! Drop dead Trump !) .. Tap tap-e Khamir, Rohani bemir ! Basiji bemir ! (Die Rouhani ! Drop dead Basiij !) .. Tap tap-e Khamir, Rohani haqir !, Mesl-e Asir !, Rouhani bemir ! (Rouhani is a slave & stooge of his Masonic Masters = his Arbab! Rouhani is a Pathetic Coward & Shitty Abject! Death to Rouhani ! ) .. Tap tap-e Khamir, Rohani Haqir !, Trump shod Dalir ! = Koondeh shod Dalir !!, Rouhani bemir ! (Khamenei = Rouhani is a Pathetic Coward & Shitty Abject, and that’s why Donald Trump = Stupid Faggot & Stupid Sodomite = Trump calls himself Tough man ! , and becomes so shameless & so arrogant ! Death to Rouhani !) …Tap tap-e Khamir, Rouhani Zalil !, Akhund shod Haqir ! , Mullah bemir ! (Rouhani humiliated himself & Mullahs & Arab Islam ! It’s so good ! Death to Mullahs ! ) .. Tap tap-e Khamir, Rouhani haqir !, Islam shod Zalil ! , Mullah bemir! (this Arab Jew Rouhani humiliated their own Islam & Islamic regime ! It’s so good ! Death to Mullahs! ) … Tap tap-e Khamir, oon Sheikh-e Alil, Haqir-o Zalil ! , Dast-e Ki Balash ?!! Sed Ali Haqir !! (Do you know Which Islamic leader is so mean and so stupid Coward & a silly Cow & coward who barks & farts a lot ?!! The answer is Ali Khamenei = Haqir / Zalil = Slave of Rockefellers!) Tap tap-e Khamir, Seyyed-e Zalil !, Rabhar-e Haghir ! , Dast-e Ki Balash ?!! Sed Ali Haqir !! = Rabhar-e zalil ! (Do you know Which Islamic leader is so mean & so stupid Salve & a silly Coward & Slave who barks & farts a lot ?!! It’s the CIA’s Ayatollah Khamenei = a Slave of FATF & Rockefellers !!)

Persian Satire 40: The witty Iranians say: “Since the ancient time, the funny salesmen of Great Persia use funny songs – when they want to sell sth- and some of these funny songs are so famous. Here lets change Zaalake Zaal Zaalake ! , that is about Zaalake = a kind of Plum or jungle’s fruits: Zaalake Zaal Zaalake !, Een Diin cheqad Kos-Kalakeh !! (this Jewish Arab Religion is full of dirty things & dirty tricks !! ) .. Saalake Saal Saalake !, Een Diin-e yaa Kos-Kalake ?!! (Is this Religion or Dirty Trick ?!!) .. Volake Vool Volake ! , een Diin keh Hamash Kakale !! (This Jewish Religion is nothing but Lies & Deception!!) .. Saalake Saal Saalake !, Diine shoon Diin nist Saalake !! (their Jewish Religion is a Sick thing, a bad disease!) .. Sootake Soot Sootake !!, Een Diin-e yaa Sootsotake?!! (the shitty Jewish Religion of Arabs is nothing but a childish toy ! , for stupid kids?!! ) .. Malake Maal Maalake !! , Een Diin Khodet Bemaalake !! (this shitty Jewish Religion of Arabs is nothing but Ass-licking for Ass-lickers of FATF & Great Satan !!) .. Saalake Saal Saalake !!, Aajab Bemal Bemalake !! (this shitty Jewish Religion of Arab Mullahs is Sodomy Jihad & Sex Jihad with FATF & Satan !! ) .. Zaalake Zaal Zaalake !, FATF BeMalakeh !!! (Satanic Islam of Arabs is Islam of FATF = Islam of Satan !! = American Islam !! ) .. Zaalake Zaal Zaalake !, Great Satan BeMalakeh !! (Satanic Islam of Arabs is American Islam ! = Islam of FATF = Islam of CIA Satan!!), Malake Maal Maalkae!, Aajab Khodet Bemalake !! .. Malake Maal Maalkae!, Aajab Bemal Bemalake !! (Just look How America & Islamists make love and give ass to each other !!)

Persian Satire 41: The witty Iranians say: “The Persian folklore songs are so great and so funny. Lets change the Persian folksong of Yek Hamoomi Man Be-Sazam 40 Sotoon 40 Panjereh ! (Lets build a giant bath-house with 40 pillars & 40 windows !) : Yek Nezami Man Be-Sazam por Dorooq por Masaleh !! (Ayatollahs said: Lets build a shitty Islamic Regime that is full of Lies & Disasters & Bullshits !! ) Yek Khelaai Man Be-Sazam Esme Islam Darbereh !! (Ayatollahs said: Lets build an Islamic shithole = Islamic Regime that fuck Islam & Islamists!! ) Yek Regimi Man Be-Sazam Taq-qe Islam Darbereh !!! (Mullahs said: Lets build a real Islamic Regime that fucks Islam so badly !! , and sends Islam to shithole ! ) Yek Nezami Man Be-Sazam mesl-e Chiz beh Gaa Bereh !! (Ayatollahs said: Lets build a real Islamic Regime that Satan and FATF can fuck it so easily!! ) Koonde Basheh! Mast-o Bazi-cheye usta Rock-feller !!! (Ayatollahs say: the Islamice Regime must be a puppet regime and a faggot regime ! = a puppet regime for Rockefellers !! ) Koon be F-A-ToF! be-deh !! Vaseh-ye usta Rock-feller !! (Ayatollahs say: the Islamic Regime must gives its ass to FATF & Rockefellers! ) … and so on and so on “.

Persian Satire 42: Some wise Iranians say: “Do you know Baal and Jewish history?! It’s so funny! (As we said before) Baal has many different names. Baal is known as Hadad, Hammon (Hamoon!! Hamoon ke midoonid !! Hamoon is a funny Persian word that means: That, that evil you know !! ), Satan, Nimrod, HuBaal, Lucifer, Yahweh, Moloch, Osiris, Mood God, Saturn, etc. Baal has a female form that is known as The Whore of Babylon, Esther, Ishtar, Isis or Baalah, Moon Goddess, Easter, Holy Whore, Mother of Harlots or Mother of all whores! The main land of such Satanic things is Egypt. As you all know, Egypt is the Land of Satanism & Occultism, and that’s why Masons love it so much! In Egypt , Ishtar was Isis, and Egypt’s Satanism is about Isis & Osiris, and their holy Incest ! Do some research about Isis and Osiris and Baal ! Do some research about Egypt Isis and Osiris ! Ask youself: Why all Masons and Satanists love Egypt = the Semitic-Satanic Land of Occultism & Occult crap / witch-crap?! Egypt is the Land of Satanism & Occultism, but why the West loves it so much?! Now even Egypt’s good guys know that Egypt works with Anti-Iran Barbarians, and Masons & Israel & Egypt & Saudi Arab Barbarians try to prove that Egypt is so Satanic & so Stupid ! Egypt’s good guys know that why we Iranians say such things, and what we Iranian say are true facts. In the Satanic Land of Egypt, good guys were slaves of Brutal dictators = Pharaoh / Feron! Even in their Arab Islam & Judaism, their Satanic Pharaohs are symbols of Satan! Moses fought against Pharaohs and Satanic Semites of Egypt! So, Iranians ask: Barbarians and pharaohs and Human-eaters are something that you can be proud of them?!! And answer: Only when you are a Barbarian & have No Good thing ! = when you are Bi-Hame-Chiz !! But do you know what Egypt’s Sodomites = Egypt’s Satanists = Egypt’s Islamists said in the FIFA World Cup of 2018, and what was their official slogan ?!! In the FIFA World Cup of 2018 , Egypt’s slogan was: When you say pharaohs, the world must get up and listen !!!! Now, Egypt is so Stupid & so Satanic! Just do some research about Egyptian mythology, Saturn, Satan and Lucifer, Isis and Osiris etc etc. Egypt is the root of such Evils ! Egypt Occultism = Egypt Satanism = Egypt Witchcraft & Black Magic, Egypt’s Sex-Slave Traditions, and many other Barbaric-Satanic traditions of Semites belong to Egypt & Semites. Egypt is Mecca of Freemasonry & Satanism ! Just do research about Freemasonry & Solomon’s Temple (Baal Temple / Isis Temple) or about Masonry & Egypt, and ask: Why Freemasons are so obsessed with Egypt, and with Baal Temple = Solomon’s Temple?!! Muhammad Abduh = Grand Mufti of Egypt was a Mason, and he is the imam of Arab Islamic Masons! Egypt is the land of Masonic Lodges & Baal temples! The Savage Arab pig of MI6, Jamal Abdul Nasser, who was Anti-Iran and Anti-Persian was a Jew Arab pig of Egypt! Who can deny or hide the pagan Barbarism & Satanism of Ancient Egypt & Semitic Sodomites = Arab Jews?! They said Group Sex/ Group Rape is holy Marriage! A group of men rape the same woman; all men rape her ! And It’s Arab Marriage ! Semitic Marriage! Read history ! Do Research! Their Arab Jahiliyyah & Semitic Satanism & Barbarism is Not a myth! What we Iranians say are true facts, but a very very small part of what We should say! = The Truth = What We & all Humans & Good guys must say!, because all Anti-Iran Barbarians are sworn Enemies of the Truth & the Good. Even Egypt’s good guys know what it means”.

Persian Satire 43: The witty Iranians say: “what the Bad guys including Satanic Jews say is Kos-sher = Kosher Crap / Kosher Bullshit ! = Shero-Ver ! What Sheikh Netanyahu says is Kos-sher or Shero-Ver = Kosher Crap & Big Lies of Satanic Jews. But here lets forget Savage Semites and Satanic Semites and other satanic or dirty things! Lets talk about funny poems and poetry = good sher & funny sher ! All people must know (and We should write more about) the differences between Sher (Poem) and Kos-Sher !! (Jewish Crap/ Arab crap lies!) But here lets talk about Sher (Poem), not Arab Jew Kossher ! All informed people, and those who read history, know Great Persia and the Arts & Sciences of Great Persia, specially the Persian arts including the art of poetry and the art of comedy. Satire = a way of criticizing a person, an idea or an institution in which you use humor to show their faults or weaknesses, is a Persian Tradition, an ancient Iranian tradition. The Great Iranian poets, like Sanani in 800 years ago, said: Shokr Gooyam ke Nazde Ahl-e Honar !, Hazl-am az Jedde Digaran Khosh-tar !! (Thank God that all civilized people & Artists and all Wise men know that our Iranian Satire & Humor is better and more important than the Serious things that idiots & Bad guys say! ) Great Iran is the ancient Land of Arts & Poetry & Comedy. Great Persia is the ancient Land of Poetry & Great Poets & Great Poems. All informed people know it. But many don’t the Persian poetic traditions. So, lets talk about it a little! As all informed people know, the Science of Prosody & the Art of Poetry is an Iranian Art or Persian Science that Iranians invented it. The Civilized world owe a lot to Iranians = Aryans, and the land of Aryans (Iran). Art is a part of Iranian DNA = Aryan DNA / Persian DNA. There are famous old proverbs like: Every Iranian is a Poet, or You are a Poet when you born as a Persian! (Har Irani ye Sha-ere .. Honar Nazd-e Iranian ast .. ) Iranians invented Science of Prosody & Art of Poetry (To put it in a nutshell) In poetry, metre (Wazn) is the basic rhythmic structure of a verse or lines in verse. And Rhyme (Qafieh) is the last word in the line that has the same sound as the last word in the next line, or previous line ! In fact, Rhyme is a word that has the same sound or ends with the same sound as another word. Poem weight or metre has an overall rhythmic pattern. In fact, two basic things are so important in Poetry: An internal rhyme, and an overall rhythmic pattern (Wazn = Metre) It’s a long story. But you all can understand the depth of Poetry Art & Science. Metre is the arrangement of strong and weak stresses in lines of poetry that produces the rhythm. Once the meter of a poem has been chosen, it must be adhered to throughout the poem. It creates rhythm = a strong regular repeated pattern of sounds & things. The study & the actual use of metres and forms of versification are both known as prosody. And you know the story of short syllable, long syllable, long-long syllable etc. This science went from Persia to the West and the world, including Semitic lands. Now the West and others use his old Persian Art & Science. All informed people know that Persia is the Home of Poetry and Great Poets/ Poems. So lets borrow form our wise Iranian ancestors, and say: Sha-eri Tab-ei Ravaan Mikhahad ! (For being a Poet, and for Art of Poetry, you just need a good Human Soul !) Nah Folan Madrak! Na Pul Mikhahad !! (It doesn’t need College or University degree, or even Money !! ) Sha-eri Hoosh tu Honar Mikhahad ! (For being a Poet, and for Poetry Art, you just need Artistic intelligence!) Nah Efeh ! Nah Kos-Kalak Mikhahad !! (It doesn’t need stupid Gestures & Showoff & other dirty games of Fake Intellects!! ) Na Jonoon! Nah Chiz-to-Koon Mikhadah !! (It doesn’t need Stupid faggots who call themselves Artists, or silly Artistic Madness of silly Artists!) Nah Tabaani! Nah Kalak Mikhahad !! (It doesn’t need dirty tricks & lies & deception!) Andaki Danesh ! ye Maqz Mikhahad ! (It’s just needs a little wisdom, and a Brain! ) Yek Kami rhythm ! Tooye Vazn Mikhahad !! (It just needs a little rhythm, in poetic metres!) Yek Kami Knowledge ! Honar Mikhahad ! (It just needs a little knowledge, with enough Art ! ) Yek Kami Qaafii-ye ! rhythm Mikhahad !! (It just needs a little rhyme, and also rhythm & rhythmic pattern!) .. Maa Naboodim Sha-eri Amukhteh! (We don’t have a university Degree in Poetry!) Tab-e Sheri Bood ke Shayad Sukhteh !! (We, like most Persians, just had a Poetic Talent that apparently has been burned or wasted !! ) .. Sher-e Khoob Mani va Ruh Mikhahad (A Good poem needs good meaning & good soul) Sha-eri Dana va Khoob Mikhaahad (It needs a Good & wise Poet) Kar-e Har Boz nist-o Aql Mikhahad ! (Idiots cannot do it ! because it needs a brain! ) Kar-e Har Khar nist-o Hoosh Mikhadah !! (Idiots cannot do it, because it needs intelligence!) Kar-e Boz nist ! Chiz-e Mard Mikhadah !! (stupid faggots cannot do it ! Only wise men can do it!) Kar-e Khar nist! Chiz-e Zan Mikhadah !! (Stupid whores can not do it! Only the wise women can do it !)”

Persian Satire 44: Some wise Iranians say: “Now even the West’s scholars write good articles like Yahweh : The True Devil It’s a good article in a Spanish website, that you can easily find it & read it. They say : Yahweh is Satan himself .. this Jewish claim that Yahweh is a righteous and benevolent father is contrary to reason & all documents, and worse yet a blatant lie .. Who is Yahweh really? .. All documents confirm that Yahweh is the true adversary of humanity .. Yahweh, the Satanic God of Jews & Christian, is a bloodthirsty and vengeful character .. Yahweh, the god of the Old Testament is a Satanic nightmare .. Ritual human sacrifice, the shedding of Human blood for the forgiveness of mistakes, the mass killing of children and newborns, the genocide of whole foreign towns and extreme warmongering are crimes typical of a Satanic cult and a false god = Yahweh .. Such atrocities listed above are deeds of Yahweh = Satan himself ! .. (And it’s not a Lie! It’s what the Bible say! .. Just read the Bible! Read the Jewish Bible! ) .. Yahweh is Satan himself .. (It’s Jewish Charlatanism that they talk about our Iranian values) and say ‘God is love’ or ‘the Lord is merciful’ ! .. (But it’s an Iranian thing, but a Semitic or judo-Christian thing!) The Iranian God is Love, But Yahweh is Satan himself .. The Bible exposes clearly that Yahweh is a wrathful and intolerant god (Psalm 78), warlike and militaristic (Exodus 13:3; Psalm 2:1-12; Deuteronomy 7:23-24), murderous (2 Kings 2:23-24), genocidal (Exodus 32:27-28; Deuteronomy 20:11-17), unmerciful and cruel (1 Samuel 15:2-3), treacherous (Ezekiel 20:25-26), infanticidal (Psalms 135:8; 137:9; Exodus 12:29) and drunken with his lust for gruesome sacrifice (Leviticus 1:5-9) The Bible makes it abundantly clear that the god of the Hebrews is not a god of love! .. The Bible makes it abundantly clear that the Jewish God is a violent, bloodthirsty and ruthless tyrant ! .. The father of these Jews, the devil, has been a murderer and liar from the beginning (John 8:44) .. If anyone still believes that the old Judeochristian deity is a benevolent and loving entity they are only deceiving themselves, they have bought into a professional lie and are not being honest on an intellectual level .. The Bible itself reveals that Yahweh is an authentic demon! The truth is that the immorality and cruelty of the biblical god knows no bounds. Yahweh is in reality a god of war and a warmongering tyrant with a Satanic thirst for conquest who not only enjoys the invasion of foreign territories but also takes a sadistic delight in the destruction of the victims of his Chosen People . According to the Bible, Yahweh orders the Israelites not only to defeat the male warriors of the neighboring peoples but also to massacre ruthlessly all unarmed women, defenseless old men, small children and even newborn infants (1 Samuel 15:2-3; Deuteronomy 2:33-34; 7:16; 13:15; Joshua 6:21; Ezekiel 9:5-7; Isaiah 13:15-18). Yahweh says the Jews must murder all the male children and immolate all the non-virgin girls but are allowed to take for themselves the virgins as the booty of war (Numbers 31:17-18). Yahweh allows his Hebrew warriors to kidnap and rape foreign virgins. But What kind of monster would be capable of asking for the killing of an innocent and defenseless baby? If some of you still believe that a degenerate kid-killer like Yahweh is a god of love and worthy of praise then you seriously lack honesty and have sacrificed your own humanity for a blatant lie. And it’s really true. What these Westerners say is true and good, and we Iranians say to them, and to all real Wise & Good guys of the West : Eyval ! = Bravo ! / Well Done ! Any civilized person knows what is really bad and barbaric. And all real Good guys know that they must care about the Truth”

Persian Satire 45: Some wise Iranians say: “All people must know Jewish Occult Murders,. The Holy land of Sodom ! = Zion, and The Holy land of Sodom & Sodomy ! = Zion & Judah. All people must know How and Why Jews Sacrificed Children as Part of Their Satanic Judaism = Hebrew Religion / Semitic Religion. Now many non-Iranians & the world’s good guys say: the very crimes of child sacrifice and human sacrifice among Jews that caused many of the Good guys to become anti-Semites .. only Savage Barbarians can engage in such barbaric rites as human sacrifice’ ! Just search the internet. They even say: ” Jews have always denied the undeniable facts including the Satanic-Barbaric rituals of their Satanic Judaism .. And it’s obvious why the Satanic Jews try to deny the undeniable facts! The world’s good guys are not stupid ! They know who can believe his god wants him to sacrifice his son! And who can be ready to sacrifice his son to Baal ! Now even their own archaeologists and historians confess: In Israel, the Jews sacrificed their children by burning them alive .. Children who were sacrificed were often burnt in a pit called a Tophet .. Drums were beaten in an attempt to conceal the babies’ cries .. This practice was quite prevalent among Jews who lived in Carthage, Egypt, Israel & Lebanon.. the Semite children were tossed into a burning Tophet as a sacrifice to Baal. Sometimes, children were put in the arms of a bronze bull which had a furnace below it, and allow the flames to consume the child. Their level of cruelty & Barbarism had no bounds. And it’s not a conspiracy theory! Just search the internet, read their own history boos, see their pictures (below pix) and do some research! If you read the Dark history of Jews & Jewish Occultism & Barbarism, their own European & American scholars say: one of the things you find particularly interesting is one of the key terms used by Jews to describe their Satanic act of human sacrifice, namely, Holocaust. Yes, the word Holocaust is a Jewish word that was used to describe when Jews would put a child in flames as a sacrifice to their Jewish deity = Baal / Yahweh / Satan .. A Jewish woman admitted participating in a human sacrifice on Oprah Winfrey show Jewish ritual murder usually occurred around the time of the Jewish holidays of Purim and Passover .. Purim celebrates when, in history, Jews were able to murder a noble Persian and his family, and also murdered thousands of Non-Jews who sought to put an end to wicked acts perpetrated by Satanic Jews who were Satanic Jewish criminals .. Purim, a festival that is commonly associated with ritual murders by Jewish Baal-worshipers = Jews who worshiped Satan / Baal .. There are many such incidents reported in the Old Testament ! … And it’s now a myth or Bullshit or Big Lie of Netanyahu! It’s the true Jewish history! And it’s what their own scholars say. Search the internet. Even Sheikh Netanyahu knows that their own Archaeologists say that the primary deity that the Jewish children were sacrificed to it was Baal or Isis = Baalah! Sheikh Netanyahu is a Bad liar. But all informed people know the Jewish Baal or Baalah! All informed people know the Jewish Satanic traditions of Baal/ Satan”.


Persian Satire 46 – Some wise Iranians say: “Many things should be said about Baal and Jewish traditions including the Jewish Human Sacrifices to Baal / Child Sacrifice to Baal. It’s so important. Do some research about it. Human sacrifices were offered to Yahweh / Baal (= Yahweh = Baal = Jehovah)The two themes of Jewish history are blood and gold, and every practice of the Jews is inextricably bound up with these two factors. And it’s what the good Jews & Western scholars say! Just search the internet! They even say: “Many have not read the Bible, about Isaiah’s denunciations of the Jews as sorcerers and murderers of children! They ask: Which Jews Worship Satan?! They know Satan worship = Baal worship! You can find many books & articles about The History of Jewish Human Sacrifice, and also The History of Jewish Child Sacrifice to Baal / Yahweh ! Just search the internet! Their own historians say: Semites were worshippers of Baal, and Semites sacrificed children on a massive scale .. (even archaeologists confess that) the sons of Semites were sacrificed to Baal ! … the archaeologists note that the bodies of sacrificed young children are found in every stratum of Jewish remains from the earliest times! Just search the internet. What we Iranians say are true facts or what their own historians & archaeologists say! They even confess: the Jewish god of Abraham was Baal or Satan, (simply because) only Satan or Baal can ask you to sacrifice your son! .. and only a Satanist and a follower of Satan / Baal can accept this Satanic order and following such a Satanic tradition of Baal = Child Sacrifices of Baal ! Abraham child sacrifice was Satanic ritual of Baal / Satan. But just look who Arab Islamists = Satanists still worship Baal & Baal’s prophets = Jewish prophets of Satan / Baal ! Do some research about Baal’s prophets = Satan’s prophets, and think about it ! Do some research about Baal = Holly Bull / Holy Cow of Jews ! , about the Great Sin of Jews and the Original Sin of Jews when they started to worship Baal (Holy Cow) again and again and again!, and betrayed God ! = betrayed Iranian God = betrayed Good God ! Do some research about Jewish Ashura = Yom Kippur! Do you know what is the story Yom Kippur ?!”

Persian Satire 47 – The witty Iranians say: “Jewish Rouhani / Ayatollah is a Joke, and just reminds of what the wise ancient Iranians said about such idiots. Rouhani or Khamenei = Jewish Ayatollah is a bad Joke, and reminds us of the Sadi’s jokes in about 700 years ago. The Great Sadi said in about 700 years ago: One day Rouhani got an eye-ache and went to a vet ! The vet put in his eye what he would for beasts and he got blind. The case went before the judge. The judge said there is no compensation, since if Rouhani was not a stupid animal or ass, he wouldn’t seek treatment from a vet ! ( =FATF or Satan! IMF or Rockefellers !) … And one day, Ayatollah Rouhani had many Economic problems. But he went to The IMF & CFR ! The CIA’s agents said Rouhani should implement the Jewish IMF Plans & FATF plans; so Rouhani was fucked up. Rouhani protested and wanted to make an Anti-American gesture, but the Iranian people said there is no justification and no excuses, since if Mullah was not a stupid animal or a great Traitor = CIA agent, he wouldn’t seek treatment from The Zionist IMF & CFR & FATF etc !”

Persian Satire 48 – Some wise Iranians say: “Do you know Zadok / Zahak?! Do you know Sons of Zadok = Jewish Kohen / Cohen = Sons of Zahak?! Idiots don’t know that The Iranian Joke Tellers tell funny jokes, but the wise Iranians talk about true faces and real things, not jokes! We Iranians have already talked about the Sons of Zahak & Ahriman (check Archives) But now even the Jews talk about Ahimaaz, the son of Zadok !! Yah, Ahimaaz or Ahrimaan !!, and Zadok / Zakah !! All Iranians know what it means. All people who know History, and Persia and old Facts know what it means! When we Iranians talked about Sons of Zadok (Kohens) as sons of Zahak, you could not find any things in the internet! Zero! Zero search results! But now even non-Iranians and Jews talk about Ahimaaz, the son of Zadok !! or Ahriman, the son of Zahak !! It’s so funny that the Jewish pigs say that Ahimaaz is the son of Zadok ! It’s what their Jewish Bible says! But all informed people know what Ahimaaz and Zadok = Ahrimaan and Zahak mean! And it’s so important. It’s symbolic meaning is so important. All Enemies of Iran are sons of Ahrimaan and Zahak! , and it’s what they themselves confess now! Ahrimaan is Satan! And Zahak is Satan’s aid = Nayeb-e Satan !! If you don’t know such obvious things, Do some research about it, because it’s so so important, and can show you many things. The Anti-Iran Barbarians are officially sons of Ahrimaan & Zahak! And it’s what they themselves confess now! Take it serious ! It’s not a joke! They say Satan = Ahriman = Ahimaaz was son of the high priest of Jews = Zahak !! They even have a website for Zadokites: !! They say: Zadokites (or Sons of Zadok) are Israel’s leaders! In this Jewish website, Jews say: The Zadokites are Israel’s Priests !! (Israel’s Mullahs / Rabbis) .. Zadokites (or Sons of Satan) were the (Satani priests) of the Jerusalem Temple, since it was first built by Solomon and Zahak !! .. Zadok or (Zahak) was the first High Priest of Jews !!! When the Temple was rebuilt, Zadokites again became its leaders !! It’s so funny, isn’t it ?! Their Jewish Bible says Ahimaaz = Satan married Solomon’s daughters!! Sheikh Netanyahu & Trump and other Jewish Sons of Satan must know that our Iran’s people know them well ! Our Iran’s people are those Great people who defeated the Evil Empire of Ahrimaan & Zahak ! And we will defeat them again! But as witty Iranians say to the West’s Evil Empire: Ageh kar / dor daste maa & Oqalaye maa biofte, yek juri Puz-e tuno mizanim, keh Angosht be-Chiz bemunid ta-abad !!! (If our real Iranians & Wise Iranians become Iran’s managers / leaders, then we Iranians will kick your ass in a way that you stand in Shocked Silence for ever !! )”

Persian Satire 49: Some wise Iranians say: “The Iranian Joke Tellers or all Comedians tell jokes. But facts are not jokes! , and you must be able to distinguish between facts and jokes !!, that means you all must be able to recognize the difference between lies and truths, between myths and facts, between jokes & real things! It’s a Basic Skill and a life Skill = that is also an intellectual Skill & Scientific Skill- that all Humans must have it, acquire it. Politicians and Media whores and all Bad guys don’t tell you what is joke, or what is reality! You yourself must know it ! So, try to learn this Basic Skill, that is part of the Critical Thinking Skills. You all must learn to connect the dots! , that means to connect true facts to reach a rational judgment, and it is also part of the Thinking Skills or Critical Thinking Skills. Let’s give you an example. Do you know the story of the Quran Burning of Uthman ?! And How did Uthman Burn all Qurans, and try to re-edit or re-write Quran? It’s an undeniable fact. But it’s just one fact or dot ! Do you know Uthman’s Brother, Abdullah Ibn Sad Ibn Abi Sarh ?! Lets call him Abi Sarh. It’s an important figure of Arab Islam, that Arab Islamists try to hide him! But now even the good Muslims ask: Who was Abi Sarh, the foster brother of Uthman Affan?! Who was Abi Sarh, the first scribe or writer of Quran?! Why did Abi Sarh, the first writer of Quran leave Islam?! The story of Abi Sarh is a true story, and no one denies it! But Why did Abi Sarh leave Islam?!! Abdullah ibn Sad Ibn Abi Sarh is the first scribe of Arab Islam ! (during their first 13 years in Mecca) So, what happened that he deiced to leave Arab Islam?! The Arabs say: Abi Sarh was able to predict the next phrases of the Quran! But you must do research about it. Almost all Islamic scholars talk about such facts. But the most important thing is that they don’t connect the dots! Abi Sarh was the brother of Uthman, the 3rd Caliph of Arabs! So what was his role in Uthma’s Quran burning & re-writing Quran?! Was Abi Sahr an Islamist at that time ?! What what the last role & the first role of Abi Sarh in improving or writing Quran?! Do some research about the story of Abi Sarh. Both Shia and Sunni scholars talk about it. But they just don’t connect the dots! So, they are so stupid or so charlatan or what?! You all know that If you are a real Religious people, you must do your own Researches before accepting any Thing including your own Religion & Religious things. For all real Religious people it’s a must or obligation. Blind acceptance is Satanic The real Religious people are Not like ISIS / DAESH or Barbarians! They care about the Truth, and only the Truth, and that’s why we Iranians care about them. If you care about the Truth, and only the Truth, then you are a real Good guy, independent of your Religion or your Race, and independent of this fact that you are Religious or Irreligious or any thing else And it’s part of our Iranian values & Iranian Legacy. All real Religious people know that they must defend Religion by using Logic, not by Sword = Satanic Logic of Satan’s men = ISIS & Jew Barbarians & Saudis etc! All sane people know that when you have No answer & no rational thing to say – Nothing to say – then you use the logic of Sword & Terror & Threatening & Bullying & Satan’s methods! But if you act or behave in this way, it’s your End = your Death, and also the Death of your Religion! The End of the Game! , like the End of ISIS /DAESH, or the End of Saudis / Mullahs or the End of Trump = the End of America’s Evil Empire in the near future. You all know that If you behave like ISIS / Arab Islamists, you will go to hell forever and all humans & History will hate & curse you for ever! You = all sane people, and even insane pigs & stupid animals know such facts now! So, try to do some researches about Everything, including Religion & The West & the History & Arab Jews & Evil Empire and Everything. Do some research, find true facts / dots (Not stupid ones or fake ones) and then try to connect the dots !”.

Persian Satire 50 – The witty Iranians say: “many sings and many things show and declare The Death of Arab Islam, or the Death of Mullah Islam. Many symbolic signs or ironic signs like Zellat of Mullahs & FATF in Muharram of 2018 are so important. But some ironic signs are so laughable, like Bahman Mofid in Ashura of 2018! Yah, Bahman Mofid ! , the sexy comedian of Pahlavi that has become a Mullah whore now! In Ashura of 2018, Bahman Mofid was in Mullah TV, at the afternoon of Ashura in 2018 ! (Asr-e Ashura!) Can you believe it?! It’s so so laughable, that you hear the voice of Bahmad Mofid, his comic Jaheli voice in the Mullah TV on the Day of Ashura of 2018 ! Mullah TV showed a shitty Islamist film: Miras-e Marsieh !! = Legacy of Ashura & Islamist Mourning !! = Legacy of FATF & Ashura & Zellat !! This bad film was shown in Ashura of 2018 in Documentary Channel of Mullah TV (IRIB) in which Bahmad Mofid or his voice had a key role: an old Jahel who becomes Mullah-lover! = new Jahel !! But these stupid bastards = Mullahs & Mofid don’t use the real of name of Bahman Mofid. Mullahs introduce Bahman Mofid as Bahman Farivar !! And Farivar is his mother name! Just search the internet! These Mother-fuckers use the name of his mother, Farivar instead of Mofid !, and say Bahman Mofid is Bahman Farivar !! These Islamic Dayoos insult people’s intelligence, and pretend ignorance (Khod ro beh Khariat mizan) that most Iranians know the face or voice of Bahmad Mofid in many of his Sexy Films & Film Farsi & Log Angeles Clips etc!! The story of Bahman Mofid in Ashura of 2018 is not a joke! It’s the reality of Islamic Whores ! Of course the most important thing is their Zellat and FATF in Muharram of 2018. The Islamic Dayoos = Mullahs think if they refer to Bahman Mofid as Bahman Farivar, and use his mother name, then people will not know that Bahman Mofid is sexy Bahman Mofid of sexy films of their Taqoo!! CIA’s Arab Basijis & Mullahs are so Dayoos & so Kos-Khol = so so stupid bastards! And Bahman Mofid is a stupid whore, who just shows that Bahman Mofid was not a mofid or good comedian, but he was a Whore or Clown of Savak = Masons/ Mullahs! Now Bahman Farivar ! = Bahman Mofid is a Whore or Clown of Mullahs & Savak, like other Pahlavist whores = Monarchists whores = Anti-Iranian whores of CIA”.

Persian Satire 51 – The witty Iranians say: “It’s so shameful that celebrities become whores! Bahman Mofid was born in 1942, to Gholam Mofid and Ghodsieh Farivar! His mother was Farivar, and now he use his mother’s name to hide this fact that a Pahlavi Whore of Taqoot has become an Islamic whore of Mullahs !! But whore is whore, even if he changes his name! Now Bahman Mofid is Bahman Dayoos, a Shah-olah who became Dayoosolah! The fucking Mullahs used to say Taqoot, Taqoot a lot ! Taqoot is a shitty Arab Islamist term that means: Jewish Evil or Jewish Satan of Egypt & Pharaoh !! The fucking Mullahs used to Bark a lot, and to say Taqoot, Taqoot a lot ! But now Taqoot is Islam of Mullahs! Taqoot is Islam of Arabs! Taqoot is Islamic Regime of Arab Mullahs! Now even according to the shitty Logic of Mullahs/ Islamists, Taqoot is Ayatollah = Khamenei = FATF’s imam !! Taqoot is FATF of Mullahs! = Islam of FATF & Khamenei = Taqoot !! And it’s their own Logic !, the shitty Logic of Mullahs in 1970s & 1980s & 1990s & 2000s & 2009 Coup etc !! But now even stupid animals = Basijis can see that Khamenei is Taqoot !! Khamenei’s FATF is Taqoot and his Taboot !! (his coffin!) !! Khamenei’s Turkmenchay is Taqoot, and his Taboot ! (his coffin!), and Not his Capoot !! = his shield /condom !! Now Basijjis & Bahman Mofid make love, and Basijis repeat Taqooti things of his shitty Films like Qeysar! Mullahs love Savak’s Qeysar! = Taqoot’s Qeysar !! So, Basijis and Rouhanis say : Maa boodim-o Hajji Basirat ! (Khamenei) We were a group of Islamic Traitors/ Jahel including Hajji Traitor (Khamenei), Hajj Faggot (Rafsanjani) and Hajj Slut (Rouhani) and other Islamic Ass-holes including this Bloody Whore of CIA Javad Zarif ! We Islamists went for Islamic Turkmenchay! (Maa boodim-o Hajji Basirat ! (Khamenei) Akbar Koonde (Rafsanjani), Hassan Dayoos (Rouhani) .. aare-o-eenia Khaili boodim ! , een Javati ham bood !, Javati Kooni = Zarif ! ) We Islamists went for drinking wine & non-Islamic things including Turkmnehcay & Shits! (Raft-e boodim Araq-khori, va Goh-Khori = Turkmenchay-khori !! .. ) We Mullahs drank the first non-Islamic shits for the sake of Europe = Our Masonic Bother ! (Avali-o raftim bala be Salamati Rofaqa = Europe !! ..) But we Islamists & Mullahs drank a lot !, and became so so drunk !! (Patil-e Patil shodim !! ..) So, when we Mullahs were too drunk, the West asked us to sign Turkmenchay deal, but we became so angry! and said: We, Islam & Turkemchay ?! .. Never ! ( .. Tobemiri khaili tu lak shodim ! .. Maa vo Turkmenchay ?! Islam-o Turkmenchay ?! .. Tobemiri khaili tu lak shodam!! .. ) We Islamists badly tried to find our Arab Islamic Sword !! (een jibb, na oon jibb .. ) But we could not find our Islamic balls & sword ! So, we accepted Turkmenchay!! And even FATF !! We even accept FATF and other Humiliations = Zellat. But please! please don’t tell the world that we Islamists are Big losers and Big Cowards ! Please! please! for god sake! We Islamists beg you Iranians! Please! If you tell people that we Islamists are big losers & cowards = puppets of CIA & MI6 !!!, then it’s not Good for Islam!! It’s so bad for Islam !! It sends Islam to hell ! ( … Hala maa goftim Zadim ! Turkmenchay naboode ! … shomam begid naboode ! .. Hala maa goftim Zadim & Bordim ! .. shomam begid zade ! .. vase Islam khoobiat Nadaare !!! ) … ”

Persian Satire 52: The witty Iranians : “The story of Arba-een of FATF !, or Ashura of FATF & Turkmenchay is the story of British Islam or Satan’s Islam of Arab barbarians like Saudi ISIS. It reminds Iranians of 1941 or 1320, then the West and the UK occupied Iran, but the Mullahs helped UK, and instead of talking about fighting against Occupation & Britsih Occupiers, they used their British Islam to talk about going to Karbala, Arba-een etc! Exactly like today! They give their ass to FATF & Satan, but still fart & fart a lot about Arba-een! All Iranians know that the only good thing of Ashura & Muharram was fighting against Satanic things like FATF & Zellat ! It’s the Iranian value, and that’s why it’s good & important. But when these Arab whores give their ass to Satan & FATF, and create Zallat & FATF in Muharram, then their Arba-een is nothing but Satanic Islam of Rockefellers, or Jewish Arab Islam of Satan. All Iranians know this. Even all religious people of our Iran know it, and fuck Islam of FATF. So lets send a message to Satan = Trump = CIA, or FATF of Satan. It can be seen as part of a Love Song for Trump ! : Trump is a Bad ass ! , Trump is a Fat ass ! .. Fuck Trump, the Fat Ass ! … Trump’s ass is Arab ass ! Trump Fucking Arab ass ! Trump fucking his own ass !! .. Fuck Trump, the Bad Ass ! .. Trump is a Faggot ass ! Trump is a Fascist ass ! Trump is Islamist ass ! .. Fuck Trump, the Bad Ass ! .. Trump is a pussy whore ! Trump has a corrupt core! .. Fuck Trump, the shitty Whore ! … Trump’s brain, in his butt ! You Fuck Trump, in his butt ! .. You know Trump, you know, but ! .. Where is his dick ?! In his butt !! … We say Fuck him, You say what ?! .. You love Trump!, but his butt !! .. You Fuck Trump, in his butt !! .. (…) Trump loves his dirty ass ! Trump loves his shitty ass! Who is fucking Trump’s ass?!! .. Trump has a dirty Ass !! Trump has a shitty Ass !! Who is fucking Trump’s ass?!! … Yah, Trump fucking his own Ass !! Trump loving his own ass!! … Trump love his shitty ass! .. So, Who Fuck Trump, The Fat Ass?! .. Trump Fucking US Ass! … Who Fuck Trump, the Bad Ass?! …. ”

Persian Satire 53 – Some wise Iranians say: “Not only the Iranians or Joke Tellers, but all good and wise people joke about Jewish Occultism, and ridicule Jewish Crap about Jinn = djinn = Genie! As you know, Jinn / djinn or Genie is part of the Occult world = Jadoo Jambal and Black Magic. Both Satanic Jews & Arab Islamists worship Jewish Occults & Witchcraf, including Jewish Crap about Jinn = djinn = Genie! Arabs try to prove that their Arab Islam is Jewish Occultism! But do you know the Satanic Cult & Occult of Semites?! Jewish Myths of Jewish Bible are sick jokes, Satanic jokes. But do you know the Satanic jokes or Satanic verses of the Jewish Bible & Talmud ?! Do some research! Now even in the internet, you can find millions of good things about it. In their Satanic Judaism, they do and say Satanic-Barbaric things, more than the Jewish Islam of Arabs! Many Jewish things -and their relation to Arab Islam- are so special. For instance, Have you ever heard about Kallah ?! Yah, about Kallah or Jewish Kallah !! Have you heard about Jewish things like Kallah bride, kallah food, Kallah school, Kallah teacher etc ?!! All people must know more about Semitic Baalah, Jewish Kallah or Arab Baallah! Jews say: The word Kallah means bride! Kallah, the Holy Bride is a holy whore, a complete whore !! .. In the Kabbalah when Malkut (Malakut !!) is joined to Tiferet (the Bridegroom) she is called Kallah (Holy Bride, holy whore) !!! .. Kabbalists say Mary Magdalene is a Kallah !! .. Kallah is about the Sacred whores & Sacred Prostitution !! .. Kabbalists say: Without Kallah Messiah, the Divine image and revelation is incomplete !!! .. The message of the word ‘Kallah’ is that the Satanic Feminine completes & fulfills Satanic Masculine !! Can you believe it?! It’s what Jews & Kabbalists say! Just search the internet, if you have doubt ! They actually say you can see Kallah as Satan in female form! It’s an old Semitic/ Satanic myth, like the story of Isis & Osiris. If you don’t know Isis and Osiris and their Holy Incest !, Do research about it. Isis is a female form of Satan, and Osiris is its male form! In the Satanic Egypt, they had many Satanic myths. Egypt was the Land of Satanism & Occultism, and that’s why the Masons & Satanist worship Egypt !, and that’s why Egypt was & is Anti-Iran & Anti-Truth. Yah, Egypt has many good guys now. But here we don’t talk about them or Egypt’s good things, that were a few or Rare things in Egypt !, but existed ! Many things should be said about Egypt = Satanic Land of Satanism & Occultism, specially now when the Satanic Egypt is so Anti-Iran, and Satanic Egypt’s men work as slaves or puppets of Trump & Anti-Iran Barbarians (we will write about it later) In the Satanic Egypt, they had many Satanic myths & Satanic things. Do you know Saturn of Egypt?! Do you know Isis and Osiris = Baal and Baalah ?! Do some research! Their relation with the concept of Kallah is so funny! It’s important to note that Kallah is also the name of a Jewish convention that was held twice a year in Babylonian !! The Jews say: For each year’s convention of the Kallah, a part of the Talmud was written !! .. The so-called Kallah created the Babylonian Talmud !! Can you believe it?! In fact, Kallah convention was actually a sexy ritual, a holy sexy circle of Satanists that create new cults and new religious texts !!! The Jews still have Kallah convention !! They say for instance: Jews attended Kallah 2010 !! or Kallah 2016 !! The Jews still talk about The importance of their Kallah !! Just search the internet ! Sometimes they referred to it under another names! For instance, they create websites like ! , that is a Jew Arab website for Jews of Arab Islam! Now if you google for Kallah bride, you can find millions of things! In the past, Kallah whores or Kallah brides were the wives of Jewish God = Holy whores !! = Baal temple’s whores! Jews themselves say: Even The Bible testifies to the universality of this Satanic sex practice among Jews! We learn that the wife of the Jewish prophet Hosea was a sacred prostitute!! … It’s so laughable! Just search the internet ! ”

Persian Satire 54 : Some wise Iranians say: ” Now we Iranians and the witty Iranians tell Basijis: Brother-e Basiji, Thu Ye Yahudi Hasti !! (You are a Jew = Basiji is Jew!) But why Iranians say such things?! If you know Jewish Islam of Arabs & Jewish traditions of Arabs, you know the answer ! For instance, do you know Jewish Ashrua?! Yom Kippur or Jewish Ashura is a Jewish traditions of Jews. But do you know Jewish Ashrua or Yom Kippur ?! If you search the internet, you can see that now even the fucking West’s mass media, like the CNN confess to such things, and say: Why Arab Islamists celebrate a Jewish holiday (Jewish Ashura) !! (CNN ) Of course They say Kos-sher thing = kosher lies about Yom Kippur! For instance, they say Yom Kippet is Passover !! But the Hebrews’ escape from Egypt is Passover. The day of passover is called passover !, and is totally different from Yom Kippur! They and their CNN just confess: you’re wondering why Arab Muslims would celebrate a Jewish holiday, that’s because (Arab Islam is a Jewish Cult !) ! We Iranians have already talked about Jewish Ashura & Yom Kippur (search Archive) But we Iranians have many things to say, and many things should be said, and many dots should be connected. So, lets talk a little more about Jewish Ashura or Islamist Yom Kippur. If you search the internet, you can see that Non-Iranians write article like: The Islamic Yom Kippur !! (by Calgary university’s guys!) and say: there are shocking similarities between Arab Islam & Judaism! .. Arab Ashura is Jewish Yom Kippur .. Arabic word Ashura is none other than the Hebrew word Asor or Ashor, the tenth, the term used in the Bible to designate the date of the Yom Kippur … The Arab fast is known as Sawm in Arabic (identical to Jewish word for a fast, tzom ! ) .. the principal observances of Arab Islam derive from Hebrew & Jewish Cults .. (But now both) Jews and Arabs talk about Joy of Yom Kippur = Joy of Ashura !!… (now) the Jewish Arab Ashrua is a joyous festival !! (because they are Anti-Iran & Anti-Truth!) But in the past, Yom Kippur or Jewish Ahsura was a Jewish day devoted to contrite prayers for the Atonement of Jewish Sins! And it’s exactly what the West’s media and all mass media tell big lies about it. In Semitic language = Jew Arab language = Hebrew language, Yom means day, and Kippur is like Kipar/ Kifar (Keifar) = severe penalty or punishment = Retribution = Severe punishment for something Seriously wrong, that Jews have done! Atonement = Kafare / Kapare comes from Kifar / Kipar (Keifar). Yom Kippur means Day of Keifar / Kipar = Day of Retribution = The Day of Retribution for Great sins that Jews have done!, and the Jews say Yom Kippur is The Day of Atonement = Kafareh, a day that the Jews must act in away that show they are so so sorry for their Great Sins = Great Crimes of Jews in the past and present ! If Jews want to escape from their Kipar / Keifar = Retribution = God’s Severe punishment for the Great Crimes that Jews have done, Jews must pay Kafareh = Atonement, and it’s the story of Yom Kippur. The History of Yom Kippur is a long story. But to put it in a nutshell : Moses or Iranians said that Jews must stop worshiping Baal = Holy Bull / Cow, and it’s Satanic-Barbaric traditions. Jews promised. But finally Jews betrayed the Good, again! The Jews started to worship Baal = Holy Cow, again! The Jews betrayed God & Iranians, again! The Jews betrayed Iranian values= All Good things, and Jews started to worship Baa again! This fact that the Jews betray the Good & all Good things, and started to worship Baal and to do Satanic-Barbaric rituals of Baal-worshiping including Witchcraft and Human sacrifices and Child sacrifices to Baal = Holy Bull / Yahweh is the Great Sin/ Treason of Jews, because they showed that Jews don’t want to become Human, civilized or good people (Adam nemishan!) The sin of worshipping the golden calf = Baal = Holy Bull/ Cow has a symbolic meaning. The Jewish Great Crimes against humanity and against Jewish kids / children are so important. Before recent decades and recent Farce, Yom Kippur was the day of Jewish EteKAF = Penitence! The Jewish days of eteKAF or ItiKAF in Arab Islam is the Jewish tradition of EteKAF = Penitence ! (for Semitic Great Sins / Crimes). In the Jewish days of EteKAF = Penitence between their Jewish Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Jews express a lot of regret & cry & weep because you have done those Great Sins / Crimes. And it’s their the Jewish tradition of EteKAF = Penitence (for Great Crimes of Jews) = What the Jews must do in many days, including between their Jewish Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur!, and especially on Yom Kippur! But now the Satanic Jews say that their Yom Kippur = Yom Keifar / Kafareh should be Yom Keiffur !!!! = Day of silly joy ! Keiffur is a comic & funny Persian slang term, like Khar Keif ! … Keiffur or Khar Keif means a bad donkey/ idiot is badly happy!

Persian Satire 55 – Some wise Iranians say: ” it’s so obvious why our Iranian Joke Tellers / Comedians tell Basijis: Tokhm-e Sag-e Basiji !, Tho Khod-e Yahudi Hasti ! (hey the fucking Basijis, you Basijis are Jews! ) Their Arab Islamist Yom Kippur or Jewish Ashura is so Jewish! Jews say: Yom Kippur is probably the most important holiday of the Jewish year! For more info, check their own Top Jewish websites ! [1] The Atonement of Jewish Arab sins or the Atonement of Jewish Sins is & was the main mood of the Jewish Ashura. But now the Satanic Jews say: Now the Jewish mood on Yom Kippur is one of Joy !!, because of the confidence that Jewish God (= Lucifer) has indeed forgiven our Jewish Crimes/ Sins !!!! Can you believe it?! The Satanic Jews also say: Now Israel has no days as joyous as the Day of Atonement (!!!) = the Day of Jewish Sins (!!!) in which the daughters of Jerusalem ( = Jewish whores) would go out to dance in Jewish Brothels !!! It’s so laughable! All informed people know the real Yom Kippur, and the Great Crimes of Jews and the Original Sins of Jews. The Satanic Jews & Arabs are stupid barbarians! They talk about the story of Yom Kippur (Ashura) in the first years of Jewish Islam of Arabs! , and Arab fasting on the 10th of Muharram! The Fast of Ashura = The Fast of Yom Kippur is a Jewish tradition, and part of their Keifar / Kafare / Atonement. The Arab Islamic Yom Kippur = Arab Ashura is a Jewish tradition. Jews and Arabs eat nothing in their Ashura, because of the Fast of Ashura! But Iranians are 100% different ! In Iran, Ashura is festival of foods! Iranians eat foods publicly and in all public places, to show and prove that they are not Arabs or Jews! Iranians say & do many things in public places to remind Satanic Jews & Arabs about their Crimes & Keifar = the Great Crimes of Arab Jews, the Great Sins / Great Crimes that Savage Arabs & Jews have done! It’s so so important. The Iranian Ashura is so important and so Iranian, because it sends all True Messages to Barbarians & Evil men ! = all Anti-Iran Barbarians & Traitors ! We Iranians have already & repeatedly talked about it (check Archive) In Iran, Ashura is the exact opposite of Arab Ashura & Jewish Ashura, and it’s so important. Yah, the Arab Jews have polluted our Iran and Iran’s Ashura with some of their silly symbols & superstitions. But all real & main elements of Iran’s Ashura are the exact opposite of Arab Ashura & Jewish Ashura. It’s so important that Iranians remind all humans about the Great Crimes that Savage Arabs & Jews have done! When they (= Savage Arab Jews) fast and eat Nothing, all Iranians eat foods in all public places and have a National Food Festival day !, to show that they hate Arab Jew Barbarians and their Satanic traditions! It’s so so important. Do some research about Arab Jew Crimes & Arab Jew Ashura! Now even Arab Jews talk about Ashura & Jews of Medina!, or Jewish fast of Yom Kippur, Arab fast of Ashura, Sunni Ashura = Yom Kippur ! etc etc, and say: Ashura is celebrated (!) by both Arab Jews (Sunni Arabs), and by Shia, but for different reasons !! .. Shia (remind the world about all Great Sins & Great Crimes that Savage Arabs & Jews have done!) .. Arab Islamists Celebrating Jewish Yom Kippur! .. A rabbi, an Arab imam and over a hundred Arab Jews & Islamists gathered and celebrated Yom Kippur in Egypt !!! = just like the Arab Islamist holiday called Ashura !! .. What is our next major event? Ramadan in a Synagogue !! … They even write articles like Ashura and Yom Kippur greetings (2017), and stupidly say: Jewish Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur and Arabic (Ras al-Sana = new years of Arabs) fell on the same date .. Both Jewish & Arab calendar is (moon or lunar calendar and so so stupid .. But Iranian calendar is the exact opposite, and Europe borrowed the Persian calendar from Iranians & The land of Aryans = Iran) .. Yom Kippur for Jews is like Ashura for Arabs! .. Jewish Ashura was one of the first holidays Arab Jews established in Arabia !! It’s so shameful that The West & its Media tell many Big Lies about Yom Kippur ! They say it’s Passover!, or They try to hide the Main theme & Real meaning of Yom Kippur = Keifar & Kafare = Retribution & Atonement because of all Jewish Sins & Great Crimes that Arab Jews have done!. They just confess: Yom Kippur or Ashura just illustrates Arabs’ close relationship with Jews !! The Jewish Ashura or Arab Ashura is so Satanic. But it’s important to note that Iranians made it the Day of Asking for The Truth & Justice & Anti-Tyranny things ! It’s so so important. Iranians made it The Day of Fighting against Tyranny & Injustice & Inhumanity & Oppression, exactly like what Iranians did in 2009″

Persian Satire 56 : Some wise Iranians say: “The Arab Jews and Jewish Islamists / Jewish Mullahs from Sheikh Netanyahu to Sheikh Rouhani & Khamenei and other Jewish Mullahs & Arab Islamists have always been Anti-Iran & Anti-Iranian. Now theysay their Yom Kippur is Yom Keifur !!, and they are badly Happy = Keifur !!, because they killed their Imam Hussein!, and because they killed The Truth & Justice & Human values on that day = Ashura ! , exactly like what Mullahs & Basiji did in 2009, on that Ashura day. Now the Mullahs have CFT & FATF Farce = Zellat in Ashura & Muharram! It’s so so important & symbolic : FATF in Muharram !! All Iranians know what it means! FATF in Muharram and this level of Zellat & Daryoozegi of Mullahs & their Satanic Arab Islam is so symbolic, and All Iranians know what it means! It’s Keifar of Mullahs ! It’s obvious why Iranians Sarcastically & Satirically say: It’s Divine Justice ! It’s Keifar of Mullahs ! (Keifar = Retribution) It’s Divine Punishment ! And The Good God = Iranian God’s Punishment is so smart & so ironic & so sarcastic / symbolic !! Now in Ashura or Muharram of 2018, the Mullah have FATF Farce in their Satanic-Islamic Majlis, and approving the Satanic Zellat of Palermo & CFT & FATF bills / shits in Muharram !! … And FATF in Muharram is so symbolic & ironic, isn’t it ?!! It’s Keifar of Arab Islamists & their Satanic Islam. It’s Keifar of those Savage Islamists of CIA & MI6 that killed our Iran’s people in 2009, and at Ashura of 2009, and created the 2009 Massacre . It’s Keifar of Mullahs & Basijis of CIA! The Mullahs killed The Truth & Justice & Human values in 2009, and were so Keifur because of the 2009 Massacre, and of the West & CIA’s help in killing Iranians. But today = 2018 is the day of their Keifar ! = Severe punishment for all Great Crimes that Savage Islamists = Anti-Iran Mullahs & Basijis have done against our Iran & Iranian people. We Iranians care about Iranian values = Human values, because they are so great & good things. Iranians created a day that is the Day of Asking for The Truth & Justice & Human Values! It’s so great, isn’t it?! Iranians created a day that is The Day of Condemnation of Tyranny, Treason & Oppression & Inhumanity anytime and anywhere. It’s so important, isn’t it?! Iranians created a day that is The Day of Fighting against Tyranny & Injustice & Inhumanity & Oppression, like what Iranians did in 2009 and its Ashura. It’s so great, isn’t it?! Now all Iranians sarcastically say: The true Karbalah & true Religion is what Iranians did in 2009 = Fighting against Tyranny & Oppression & Injustice of Satanic Mullahs (of FATF & Rockefellers & IMF!) Even in 2009, all Iranians said that the Mullahs will pay the price of the 2009 Massacre & the 2009 CIA Coup, and the day of their Keifar is so near. And now we all can see that Iranians were right. Now the Death of Arab Islam is their keifar ! FATF is their Keifar! Islamic Turkmenchay = Islamic Zellat is their keifar. Zellat and FATF in Muharram is their keifar ! The Death of Islamic Regime is their keifar ! God bless Iranian people! God bless Iran & its great & wise & brave people! As you all know, the wise & brave people of our Great Iran, our Unique Iran, our Brave Iran have always fought against Tyranny & Injustice & Inhumanity, exactly like what Iranians did in 2009 and all these years. Since the ancient times, Our Brave Iranian people and our Brave Iran, the ancient Land of Lions & Brave People (Shiran & Daliran of Iran) have always fought against all Barbarians & all Evil forces of the World solely = Yek Tanneh !, without any help. In fact, this Unique Honor & Great Honor belongs only to our Great Iran. Since the ancient times, the Unique Honor of being Civilized and Fighting for Human values belong to our Iran, and only to our Great Persia. This Unique Honor & Great Honor = Fighting against all Barbarians & all Evil forces, that is a very very Great honor belongs to our Great Iran = the great cradle of Civilization & Culture & Human values. And we Iranians say such things to Trump & Anti-Iran Barbarians! They must go to hell & fuck themselves, or know more about the great honors & legacies of the Land of Aryans, our Iran/ Persia. One day Barbarians were in the majority, and the world was full of Barbarians; but even at that day, our Great Iran fought against all Barbarians, and defeated all of them, and created the Civilized world, and saved the Human world. It’s a long story. But our Unique Iran, our Great Iran = the Ancient Land of Civilization & Culture & Wise Brave People = The Ancient Land of Lions & Brave People (Shiran & Daliran of Iran ) still fight against all Barbarians & Evil forces solely = Yek Tanneh !, despite all treasons. Such a great people. Such a unique & great nation. Now when you see Iranian people in Iran’s public places and how they express their Awareness & Anger and hatred towards Bullies & Barbarians including America & Mullahs / Islamists & all Anti-Iran Barbarians, you cannot admire them. Such a unique & great nation. Greatness is part of the DNA of Persia nation, this Great nation. One day Barbarians were in the majority, but we Iranians defeated them, all of them. But today is different. Today Barbarians are Not in the majority!, and many many many Good guys live in the whole world, and they are with us = Iranians, and against Bad guys & Barbarians! Maybe they are silent, and maybe they don’t help us actively, but they are Good guys and think & talk like us = Iranians! The Mullahs / Islamists betray Iran, and help The Enemy of Iran. But the World’s good guys are with us, and against Bad guys & Barbarians – from Trump to Islamists”

Persian Satire 57 – Some wise Iranians say: “In Iran, Ashura is Iranian and The Day of Condemnation of Tyranny & Treason & Oppression & Inhumanity anytime and anywhere . It’s so so important. Iranians made it such a great & Iranian thing ! Arabs & Jews fast on Yom Kippur = Ashura! But Iranians eat foods publicly, and have a Food Festival ! Jews say: Yom Kippur is the most important Jewish holiday! .. there are Jewish “books” in which Jewish God inscribes all of your names! On Yom Kippur, the judgment entered in these books is sealed !!!! This day is, essentially, your last appeal, your last chance to change the judgment, to demonstrate your repentance and make amends !!!!! [1] And it just shows that the bad Jews and Mullahs are the same shit. Arab Jews & Arab Islamists are exactly the same shit. In their top Jewish websites [1], Jews say: Yom Kippur atones only for sins between Jews and Hashem ! (not about Jewish crimes against other nations !!) .. Yom Kippur is a complete Sabbath; no work can be performed on that day. Yom Kippur fast is a 24-hour fast (!!) beginning before sunset on the evening before Yom Kippur and ending after nightfall on the day of Yom Kippur .. The Talmud also specifies additional restrictions that are less well-known! .. The Talmud says many things including joy and engaging in sexual relations are all prohibited on Yom Kippur !! .. The Jewish Talmud says : children under the age of nine are not permitted to fast !! .. Most of the Yom Kippur is spent in the synagogue, in prayer. In Orthodox synagogues, services begin early in the morning (8 AM) !! .. the main Jewish prayer of Yom Kippur is Kol Nidre … (Kol nidre means all vows can be broken and Jews are allowed to cheat / deceive!) [1] Kol nidre is Jewish Taqqiya! Even Yom Kippur and Kol Nidre show that Jews are so unfaithful and so untrustworthy, and Jews do not keep their vows! Many things should be said about Yom Kippur and Kol Nidre = Jewish Deceptions / Jewish Taqqiya! (we will write more about it later) But it’s important to note that Jews themselves say in their top Jewish websites: Note that all Jewish sins are confessed in the plural : we have done this, we have done that, emphasizing communal responsibility for Jewish sins !! [1] It’s so important. It speaks volume about their Jewish Great Crimes against humanity. The stupid Arabs & Jews say: there is one day in Muharram on which repenting sinners are forgiven !! This “day of forgiveness” on the 10th of Muharram = Yom Kippur = Ashura !! Its what Arab Sunnis = Arab Killers say! Arab Sunnis are those Arab Killers who killed their Imam Hussein = grandson of Muhammad in Jewish Ashura = Yom Kippur! No one can deny this fact that Arab Sunnis are those Arab Killers who killed Hussein. Arab Islamists say many Jewish lies & crap, like: Hussein didn’t drink water in Ashura = Yom Kippur, because Hussein was fasting, and doing the Arab Jewish tradition of Fast of Yom Kippur !! It’s what Arab Sunnis say. Just search the internet ! They say Yazid & Shemr didn’t allow Hussein’s family to drink water, because of the Jewish Arab Fast of Ashrua /Yom Kippur, and because all Jews & Arab Islamists must fast on Ashura day !! Just search the internet, and google for Ashura Yom Kippur etc! But Iranians truly & sarcastically say: Even little children & babies were fasting ?!! Why didn’t you Savage Arabs allow little children/ kids to drink water ?!! Even if you assume that all of them were Jewish Arab Islamists, and all of them were fasting on that Ashura day, you still must say: But little children or little kids of Hussein’s family were Not fasting !, and even according to your Jewish Sharia / Arab Sharia children under the age of nine are Not permitted to fast ! So, Jewish traditions or Fasting cannot justify Jewish Savagery & Arab Barbarity / Inhumanity! The Anti-Iran Arab Jews are so stupid barbarians”.

Persian Satire 58 – The witty Iranians say: “Who can give their ass to Satan & FATA in Muharram, and then talk about Arba-iin or March of Arba-iin ?!!! Yah, only Satan’s men or Yazid’s men ! = Rockefeller Iran Project’s Basijis = CIA’s Islamists who work as Slaves of Masons & Satan! Who can create Turkmenchay and give their ass to Satan, and then they go to Ziarat to thank Satan for No-clear Turkmenchay ?! Which kinds of Satanic men can fuck Religion in this way ?! Which kinds of Evil men can give their ass to Satan & FATA in Muharram, and then they have Basiji March in Azadi Stadium to thank Satan for FATF & Sodomy & giving ass to Satan ?!! The answer is clear: The Ayatollah Satan (Khamenei) who works for CIA & MI6. The Ayatollah Sodomite (Khamenei) who gives his ass to Satan & FATF, and then fart & fart a lot !, because he knows that his End, his Death is near. The Ayatollah Zombie (Khamenei) is a Jewish Zombie who fucks himself & his Islam in a very Bad & silly way! He just shows that CIA & MI6 control him as a mind-controlled slave = zombie, and he is nothing but a Jew Zombie ! The Islam of ISIS / Saudis = Islam of Rouhanis = Islam of FATF in Muharram is nothing but the Jewish Islam of Zombies!”

Persian Satire 59 – Some wise Iranians say: “The Iranian Joke Tellers say funny things. But reality is worse than all jokes. Mullahs, Arabs and their Jewish Islam is a joke ! Do you know the Jewish Occultism and its Satanic sings / symbols including Hamsa and The Jewish Evil Eye in Arab Islam, and among Arabs?! Arabs and Jews say: Hamsa is an important Jewish symbol & a kabbalistic amulet ! (Telesm) Hamsa is the Jewish symbol of an Evil eye embedded in the palm of an open hand ! It’s a Kabbalistic amulet (Telesm), a Jewish amulet, and an Arabic-Islamic amulet! Arabs refer to Hamsa as Khamsa, and use it a lot ! Many Jews and Arabs wear Hamsa !! The Hamsa is a symbol in everyday Israeli life !! (and Arab life) The hamsa is a symbol of Israel itself !!! It’s so funny, isn’t it ?! If you do some research, you can find many things about Hamsa. Almost all people have see an open hand with an Evil Eye in it ! It’s Hamsa = Satan’s hand ! The Hamsa is the Evil hand & Evil eye, but Arab Jews say this Evil eye is watching you & protecting you !! It’s a Jewish Superstition [1] And it’s what Jews say. In the Jewish Islam of Arabs, Hamsa is known Khamsa or the hand of Fatima !! It’s so shameful. Hamsa Hand is a Jewish occult / magic symbol. But Arab Islamists and Jew Arab Mullahs call it the hand of Fatima !!, or the hand of Abolfazl !! It’s so shameful. Hamsa Evil eye is exactly like the Masonic Slogan of Masons: The Big Brother Eye is Watching you! Satanic Jews say: The Jewish Evil Eye is Watching you !! Do research about Hamsa & Evil Eye! Now if you google for Jewish Evil Eye is Watching you, then you find 75 millions search results !! Can you believe it?! The Hebrew Hamsa = Khamsa of Arabs is so Satanic, and it’s so shameful that Arabs refer to Hamsa / Khamsa as The Hand of Fatima and say:Hamsa or The Hand of Fatima has special significance amongst the Sunni Arabs !!! Just search the internet! Sunni Arabs say: Hamas is a symbolic representation of the pillars of Arab Islam!! Sunni Arabs are so so stupid & Satanic. One of the most common symbols included in the Hamsa Hand is an Evil eye! The Hamsa Hand is heavily used in the Jewish Cult of Kabbalah, who uses the name of Fatima a lot !, but in evil things like Black magic, witchcraft, holy whores etc. Jews say: The Talmud does say and instruct to use amulets for their magical powers !! [1] The Jewish Belief in the Evil eye is strongest in Europe & Asia ! The evil eye is significant in Jewish folklore; it is called the “ayin harah” in Hebrew !! [1] But in Persian ayin means Religion, and harah / kharah means donkeys = stupid idiots/ fools !! So, their Jewish “ayin harah” actually means Religion of Donkeys !! (Khar-Mazhab !! Khar Ayin !!) Religion of Idiots/ Fools !! It’s so funny that If you know Persian, you can understand many Jewish names / Jewish things better !! Some non-Iranian experts say: The Evil Eye or the Eye of Horus is an Ancient Egyptian symbol .. Europe’s Satanists, Arabs and Jews wear Hamsa jewelry ! .. In Latin, the evil eye was fascinum, the origin of the English word “to fascinate” ! It’s funny that now they talk about The new exhibition “Hamsa, Khamsa, Khamsa (!!!)” at Jerusalem, Israel (in 2018) and about Israeli Satanic culture and its growing, widespread appeal !!! They say: this Satanic exhibition examines the place of the Hamsa in Arab Jew society today !! (2018) They add: “In our exhibition we have Israelis, Arabs, Jews, Arab Jews and Satanists !! Ottomans loved hamsa, and used Hamsa a lot .. In Arab culture, Khamsa / Hamsa was typically passed down from mother to daughter !! .. Hamsa is actually the Hand of Holy Whore! .. In Jewish-Egyptian culture, the hamsa is associated with Isis-Osiris and (the product of their incest) Horus !! .. the Evil eye in Hamsa is the Eye of Horus! .. (they also say that the Evil Eye that is Watching you is the moon !, the Arab moon !) … a common expression is “Hamsa, Hamsa, Hamsa, tfu, tfu, tfu” !!! the sound for spitting, to spit out bad luck !!! Fuck Arab Jews! Both Arabs & Jews love Hamsa, and use it a lot! Just search the internet ! They refer to Hamsa hand or Satan’s hand as Hand of Mary (Jesus mother), Fatima (Mohammed’s daughter) and Miriam (Moses sister) !! Now even if you google in Persian, for Satan Hand Khamse, Satan’s Eye Khamse Al-e Aba ! , you can find many good pix and good things! If fact, the Satanic Hamsa / Khamsa is not a hidden fact in Iran. The Anti-Islamist Iranians & Anti-Mullah Iranians say many things about it. But now even stupid animals = Basijis talk about it !, as a Satanic thing in their Arab Islam!”

Persian Satire 60 – Some wise Iranians say: “The Iranian Joke Tellers say funny jokes. But now the Jewish Mullahs & Jewish Islam of Arabs is worse than all jokes! The Jewish Islam of Arabs have polluted our Iran. The Jewish Arabs = the Jewish Mullahs from the Satanic Arabia & City of Baal (Baalbek) have polluted our Iran with Arab-Jewish superstitions. Hamsa or Hamsa Hand is a Satanic symbol in the Jewish Religions including Arab Islam & Judaism & Christianity. If you google for Hamsa hand you can find about 13 millions search results! The Jewish Arab Islamists used to say: Hamsa is Hand of Abalfazl !, and your should use it in Muharaam, as a symbol of Ashura! But in our Iran, such things have always been Khorafeh or Superstition (Ajnabi Khorafeh or Foreign Superstition) Since the Safavid era, Arab Mullahs & Jewish Mullahs of Baal-bek (City of Baal) have polluted our Iran. Masons have polluted all countries, even our Iran. The Jewish Masons and British Masons have polluted all countries, even our Iran, specially in the past 200 years – After Turkmenchay & Barbaric invasion of French-British-Russian barbarians to our Great Persia in the 19th century. But Masonic things or Arab superstitions and Jewish Superstitions have always been Anjani and Foreign things in our Iran. Jewish symbols, Jewish Ashura & Jewish Occult belong to Jews & Arabs. Iranians have always referred to such things as Khorafe = Superstitions, and said: Hey idiots, the main message = Iranian message of Karbala myth is important: Fighting against Tyranny & Injustice & Oppression. It’s Iranian value and 100% Iranian and Good. But in Islam of FATF = Islam of Satan = Jewish Islam of Arabs, only Khorafe & Superstition & Hamsa & Evil things including Slavery & FATF & Lies & Deceptions and other 100% Satanic things are good or important! FATF in Muharram is Hamsa hand or Satan’s hand ! Rouhani’s Islam is Satan’s Islam = FATF’s Islam = Arab Islam of Saudi Arabia! But all Iranians fuck Arab Islam = Satanic Islam of Saudi Arabia ! It’s so so important. The Iranian Islam has always been the Religion of Fighting against Tyranny & Injustice & Inhumanity & Oppression & Slavery and real Evil things! We Iranians only care about the Truth, and the Religion of Telling the Truth even in front of the Dictators & Evil men! All Iranians know it. Even Iran’s religious people = real religious people say & said it’s Jahade Akbar ! = the Best Thing of Things = Telling the Truth, in front of the Dictators & Evil men! = the Greatest Fight against Evil Things = The real religion of real god & good people! And it’s the Iranian Islam, or the Iranian Religion since the ancient times. And Who can deny such undeniable facts? All Iranians including the real religious people of our Great Iran know what is the meaning of Telling the Truth, in front of the Dictators & Evil men! All Good guys and all Iranians know its meaning and its importance. It’s Iranian Legacy. It’s Iranian value = Telling the Truth, even in front of the Dictators & Evil men! All Bad guys must know that we Iranians know the importance of our Iranian values, our Great Iranian values = our Miras-e Niakan & Nikan! = our Great Iranian Legacy. Fuck Religion of Semites! But Long live Iranian values ! Long Live (zende Bad) Iranian Legacy! Fuck Arab Islam ! But Long live Iranian values & Iranian Legacy! , including Telling the Truth in front of the Evil men!, and Fighting against Tyranny & Injustice & Oppression & Slavery & Savagery & Inhumanity anytime and anywhere! IF you tell big lies and defend FATF & Slavery & Turkmenchay & Satanic Islam of FATF & 2009 Massacre then you are Shaytan-e Akbar or Koonde Akbar !! = the most stupid Sodomites of Satan!, or KosKhole Akbar !! = the stupidest slaves of Satan ! But all real religious people know what Jahade Akbar means: Telling the Truth, even in front of the Dictators & Evil men! But Mullahs & Islamists & Basijis are Koonde Akbar & KosKhole Akbar & Satan Akbar ! They are like Satanic Jews or American Christians. Now if you google for Hamsa hand Christianity, Islamic hamsa hand and Judaism hamsa hand = Evil hamsa hand = Kabbalah hand you will find millions of things! Now even if you google for Jewish Occult or Kabbalah Fatima Hamsa Evil you find many good things! Do some research! And think about The story of Freemasonry & the All-seeing Eye = Evil Eye ! Now even the Jews confess: The Jewish Hamsa or Arabic khamsah is amulet and originates from a Semitic root which means “five” / hand .. Hamsa is Dajjal’s hand, Lucifer’s hand ! .. Hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet (Telesm ! ) Some experts say: Ancient Egyptian Satanists carried an amulet with 3 fingers that represented Isis & Osiris and the thumb, their child Horus ! .. the amulet was used by Egyptian Satanists .. In Hebrew, the number five is hamesh, and “Hamesh” is representative of the five books of the Torah ! (It’s funny that in Persian, Hamash is a funny term, that means whole of it !, all of it, all books of .. !) Hamsa used in Jewish Witchcraft. But Jewish idiots say: I wear a necklace that’s called a Hamsa as a point of Jewish pride !!!! Arab Islamists refer to Hamsa / Khamsa as the hand of Islam !! In fact, Arab Islamists fuck Islam. Arab Jewish Islamists including Turkish Islamist also talk about Hamsa / Khamsa of Al-e Aba !! = Zir-e Aba ! = 5 holy men of Islam! It’s so shameful, and so Satanic. The Turkish Islamist pigs = Jewish Turk Islamists refer to Hamsa as Pence-i al-i Aba’ !! (Pence is Hamsa) Search the internet. Islamists refer to Hamsa as Hand of Fatima, as Christians refer to Hamsa as the hand of Mary, the Hand of Jewish Mother of Jesus! And Jews refer to it as the hand of Miriam, the Jewish sister of Moses! They say such silly things, while the Experts say: Hamsa is a Satanic symbol of Holy Whore = Isis = female Baal = Baalah = Easter / Isther = The Great Whore of Semites .. Hamsa is a main symbol of Kabbalah .. Hamsa hand is known by many names including Kabbalah hand, Kabbalah Fatima hand. Now most Jews, including Arabs Jews and Kabbalist Jews love this Satanic symbol, Hamsa, and use it as a Jewish Jewerly !! Now, This Satanic Occult symbol, Hamsa, is Jewish Jewelry, for ‘good luck’ thing ! The Satanic Arab Islamists refer to Satanic Hamse as Holy Hamse = Khamesah Tayebah !!! It’s so so shameful, and satanic, like their Islam of FATF & Hamsa = Satan’s hand!”.


Persian Satire 61 : Some wise Iranians say: “Now you all can see Satan’s hand = Hamsa = Rockefeller’s hand in Muharram! Today, Satan’s hand = Hamsa is FATF ! Satan’s hand = Hamsa is Rockefeller’s hand in Ayatollah’s Aba! Now it’s quite clear who are Jewish agents or Crypto Jews of the CIA Iran Project = Rockefeller Iran Project = The Masonic Basiji Brothers of CIA including Zarif, Salehi, Iraq-chi, Larijani, Rouhani, Khamenei and little shits like Foad Izadi, Nader Talibzadeh, Zibakalam and other little shits = little Arab Jews = Basijis / Khatamists. Now even Jews and Americans say: There were many of the Jewish Spies in the CIA & CFR, including Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller! Now even stupid animals can see that Mullahs are Arabs or Arab Jews, not Iranians. Since the ancient time, Jews controlled Arabs, and used them as Jewish slaves. It’s a long story. So, lets talk more about the Satanic Jews, who still control Arab cows & Arab Barbarians, and even American cows & Trump! Now even Jews write Jewish Articles like ‘Too Holy To Print (!!!) The Forbidden Books of Jewish Magic, or Ancient Jewish Magic: A Ghostly Trace of the Jewish Occult !! Try to find and read them, specially the first one, in which the Jews say – in Jewish Mass media like Haaretz etc: (Do you know) Jewish magic and Witchcraf at the University of Haifa?! …In a storeroom attached to a Cairo synagogue (they found) hundreds of thousands of ancient texts were left because of the Jewish Occult and Jewish Witchcraft !! .. The storeroom and its contents were discovered in the late 19th century .. Magic and witchcraft have influenced Jewish rituals .. The Jewish Holy Witch, the 17th-century Rabbi Moses Zacuto, wrote a Satanic book, Shorshei ha-Shemot, about Jewish Magic = Black Magic ! .. This book was published in Israel (in 1995) But Strangely, the book was unavailable in stores !! , and could only be purchased directly from its publishers! .. I telephoned one of them, Rabbi Shraga Boyer, and he asked that we meet for an interview ! .. the following day at a street corner in Mekor Barukh, an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood adjacent to shuk Mahane Yehuda !, Jerusalem’s central market ! The rabbis said to me that it was their duty to determine the nature of prospective buyers before selling any copies of this Satanic Jewish Book = Jewish Magic Book !! .. Rabbi Yitzhak Kadoori is Israel’s oldest and perhaps most eminent Kabbalist ! .. This Satanic book was published just months before the assassination of Israel’s Prime Minister Yizhak Rabin in 1995 !! (By using this Jewish Magic Book) the Satanic Jews created a Magical Curse (!!) upon the Prime Minister Rabin before the assassin struck !!! .. (In fact) the Jewish curse (is) incitement to violence, the Jewish curse (is) criminal ritual and Terrorism !! .. But (now Jew pigs see) the Jewish magical curses as threats to Israel’s very political stability ! .. This Satanic book, Shorshei ha-Shemot (like ShaShidim tu Shoma ! = Pissing & shitting on Jewish Religion!) is only being sold to the ( Satanic Jews) who make use of it for Practical Kabbalah !!! .. The Satanic Magical books of Jews, like family recipe books (!!), were typically supplemented from generation to generation by their inheritors !! … The Jewish magic is the object of what the Jewish Sigmund Freud called “holy dread” !!! .. Magic or Witchcraft is part of the Jewish culture! .. the Jews refer to the Satanic Magic / Black Magic as Holy Magic !! .. The laws of magic (kishuf) are the Jewish law (Sharia) .. In Hebrew, magic is called kishuf !! (= Mokashefe! .. Kishuf is like Kashkul of Sheikh Bahaii !) .. In the past, the Jewish practiced Jewish Kishuf when, at Friday afternoon meetings, the Jew witches would create a grown calf (!!) and eat it (!!) !! Can you believe it?! Jewish Crap or Jewish Witch-Crap = Witchcraft is so so Ridiculous and Satanic, but so informative, isn’t it ?! Many thins in such Jewish articles need more attention, including Practical Kabbalah !, Jewish Magical Curse !, What Jew witches do and their Satanic Books of Jewish Magic, that are Too Holy To Print !! Think about it, and do some research about it”.

Persian Satire 62 : Some wise Iranians say: “Even the West’s experts say that Khomeini was a Western agent. In books like Hostage to Khomeini, even their own Robert Dreyfuss details how the West installed the Mullahs. But the better title for this book, “Hostage to Khomeini”, by Robert Dreyfuss is “Hostage to CIA” and also “Hostage to Masonic Mafia”! It’s what has really happened to our Iran. In 1978, the CIA’s Ayatollah suddenly became the mouthpiece of the CIA’s Color Revolution with constant coverage from the news networks, especially BBC & British media! Hostage to Khomeini is actually Hostage to British Islam, or Hostage to CIA’s Islam! Many better books should be written, like Hostage to America = Hostage to Masonic Mafia, because now their own American experts confess that Khomeini was an Illuminati agent and an agent of British. Just search the internet.They talk about the CIA’s Old boys or the CIA’s Big Brothers like Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller and refer to them as the CIA within the CIA!! Just search the internet. The so-called the CIA within the CIA created the 1979 Color Revolution of Mullahs, and the Hostage Crisis. And it’s what Non-Iranians & Americans confess now. They talk about ‘The CIA & Rockefeller-Kissinger behind-the-scenes plots to create the Hostage Crisis in Iran. Just search the internet. Trump is a bad ass! Trump is a stupid ass! But all informed people know why & how the CIA created the 1979 Color Revolution of Mullahs, and why Their « Color revolution » in Iran in 1979 is called the Islamic Revolution of Rockefellers! Now in 2018, The Islamic Revolution of Rockefellers create the FATF Revolution !! = the Islamic Revolution of FATF & Estekbar !! that is so so funny and informative like The Revolution of Rockefeller’s Iran Project ! = Islam of Rockefellers! Now it’s quite clear that What happened in 1979 was a « Color Revolution», a typical Color Revolution of CIA & Jewish Mafia / Masonic Mafia. And we all know The Real Causes of the Color Revolutions! Hostage Crisis was Rockefeller’s plan. And it’s what the American experts say. Just search the internet about important things/ facts like Iran Hostage Crisis of Rockefellers, or The Untold Story of Iran’s Revolution ! (As we said before) new books like Waking Up in Tehran: The Untold Story of Iran’s Revolution can show you many things including Khomeini’s ties to the CIA, How the British Mullahs created a corrupted Anti-Iranian Regime, and the CIA cooperation with the Islamic Regime. Now even Americans write articles like The Real Iran Hostage Crisis: A CIA Covert Operation, and confess: Khomeini was not a Che-like figure .. Khomeini was not Iranian … Khomeini had no love for Iran and the people of Iran .. the CIA and CIA’s Islamists created the so-called hostage crisis in 1979 / 1980 … And now we all can see that these CIA’s Islamists –
from AN & Abbas Abdi to Ebtekar & Asqarzadeh – are Jewish Arab pigs or Anti-Iranian Zina-zadeh. They were Rockefeller’s agents, like today Rockefeller’s Iran Project’s agents. They are like Arab Basijis like Abdul-Malek, Abdul-Nasser !, Jabal-Ameli, Talibzadeh, Izadi, Iraq-chi and other Jew Arab faggots = Basijis. Now Iran’s people sarcastically say to America: “Where are the defenders of human rights and democracy now?! And answer: In Savage Arabia, and kill Human Rights! Trump says buy them by money! Give them money, and ask them to kill Human rights !!”.

Persian Satire 63 : Some wise Iranians say: “FATF is nothing but the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Even their won Mullah TV & Media confess to it. FATF is a product of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and CFR Chairman was Rockefeller. It’s not a hidden fact. FATF is equal to Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). These Jewish pigs, Rockefellers have created the 1979 Coup, the 2009 Coup & Massacre, IMF Plans and many many other disasters in Iran. Now even the US media publish articles like David Rockefeller & October Surprise Case (2017), and confess that Americans created Hostage Crisis, and DNA of America is Lie & Deception! They confess that the CIA & Rockefellers wanted to steal Iran’s assets, destroying Iran’s images, and paving the way for 1980s war. When a group of CIA’s Arab Barbarians (Basijis) destroyed Iran’s image & prestige & capabilities in 1979, then the CIA asked another group of CIA’s Arab Barbarians & Arab Terrorists to invade Iran in 1980, and to create 8 years of war & death & destruction, to serve the West’s interests. The story of Anti-Iran Plots & Treasons is a very long story. We Iranians have already talked about it (check Archive) and we should talk about it more and more. Now even Americans confess that Rockefeller’s Banks and Rockefellers stole Iran’s Billions of Dollars! The CIA’s Islamists created the hostage crisis, and CIa’s Rockefellers refused to returned Iran’s money, ie Billions of Dollars ! Now they confess that The CIA’s hostage crisis in Iran was a multi-Billion dollar business But we all know that it’s just a very small part of the Truth, because The CIA’s Islamic Revolution & Hostage Crisis in Iran was a multi-Trillion dollar business and created many many Disasters. It’s a very long story (we will write about it later) Now even non-Iranians and Americans talk about The Hidden Hand behind ‘Color Revolution of Mullahs in Iran’! They know that The MI6, CIA and Rockefellers = The Hidden Hand behind ‘Color Revolution of Mullahs in Iran ! And many things should be said about The Geopolitics of the Color Revolutions ! = The Geopolitics of the CIA’s Islamic Disaster of 1979 !, and how America & Britain have stolen Trillions of Dollars of Oil & Gas & Natural Resources of Iran, and how the UK and USA killed millions of Iranians. The Payback time is near. The US and UK have killed millions of Iranians They have Iranian blood on their hand. But the payback time is near. They have stolen Trillions of Dollars from our Iran. And the payback time is near”.

Persian Satire 64 : Some wise Iranians say: “Now you all can see their true colors of their fucking Arab Islam = Religion of Zellat & Nekbat = Religion of Dirty Disasters & Treasons. The Zellat of FATF Islam = FATF Farce and America-Islamists affairs reveal many things, and that’s why our Iranian people sarcastically say to the West: So, now you confess if you impose real pressures on Mullahs, then Mullahs retreat and even accept FATF & Turkmenchay & Zellat ! (Pas mishod Mullah-a ro ba Zoor / Feshar vadar be kari kard !) So, why didn’t you do this in 2009 ?!! (pas chera 2009 nakardid ?!!) And it’s the key question. It’s the key point. It’s the key Fact ! And it’s the whole story !, all main points ! The Satanic America & West say: pressure for Good things or pressure for Freedom or Democracy is bad or evil, or intervention! And that’s why they didn’t do it in 2009 ! But pressure for Evil things or pressure for Slavery & Bullying & Colonialism & Sadism is good, and Not intervention !! But Iranian people are so smart, and that’s why Iranian people sarcastically say to USA & Europe: So, now you confess that if you impose real pressures on Mullahs, then Mullahs do all things for you, even FATF & Turkmenchay !! (Pas mishod Akhunda ro ba Zoor vadar be har kari kard ! ) So, Why didn’t you the West & US pigs do this in 2009 ?!! (pas chera 2009 nakardid ?!!) In 2009, all Iranians asked you pigs to Put real pressures on Mullahs, for the sake of Good things like the real Freedom & Democracy. But you pigs of the West didn’t do it in 2009! It’s so so important. It can easily show all humans the West’s evil intentions and the West’s evil plans. The What and USA hate Freedom & Democracy, but love Anti-Iran pigs including Arab Dictators, Arab Islamists & Slavery & FATF & Turkmenchay & IMF Plans etc. The West and America only support Dictators & Terrorists. Now their own Leader = the Terrorist Trump openly says to their Arab Terrorists & Dictators: We love you ! we’re protecting you! You might not be there for two weeks without us!! And it’s the story of 2009! He reminds them of 2009 Coup! Now if you open your eyes, you can see all their evil plans and all their evil intentions. Their Satanic media whores & Jew Intellects (Noam Chomsky etc) always defend Evil things. In 2009, they defended Mullahs & 2009 Coup or IMF Plans, and now they defend FATF & Turkmenchay & all Anti-Iran Treasons & Evil acts. Now if you open your eyes, you can see what you must see!”

Persian Satire 65 : The witty Iranians say: “American President is a sick Joke, exactly like Arab Islam. America is a bad joke, exactly like UK or Mullahs! In these days, Iranians talk about 1000 Famil = 1000 Masonic Families who control the Mullah regime. In these days, it became clear that even a shitty TV host, Shafi, was a family member of Khomeini ! And Mullahs hid this fact for about 40 years ! Only when Shafi died, they confess that Shafi was their Khomeini’s family = their Pesar-Khale !! = Khomeini’s cousin! As the Iranian female Comedian, Firoozeh Dumas = A Girl of Abadan in America ! , says: In Persian language, My father’s brothers are my Amoo. My mother’s brother is Dye-yee. My mother’s sister is Khaleh. My father’s sister is Ammeh. My aunts’ husbands are either shohar ammeh or shohar khaleh (shohar = husband) depending on which side of the family they are from. But in English, all these men are simply my “uncles” !! And Only one word describes their children in English, “cousin’ !! Whereas in Persian, we have 8 words to describe the exact relationship of each cousin! And it’s true and so funny (“Funny in Farsi” is a book by Firoozeh Dumas = A Girl of Abadan in USA! We will write about it later) Iranians describe the exact relationship of each cousin, like Pesar-Khaleh! (son of Khaleh) that is also a funny term for describing 1000 Famil & Nepotism etc. Persian slang terms like ‘een ham ke Pesar-Khaleh ya Ahl-e Beit daroomad !! = this idiot was their cousin & 1000 Famil / Nepotism, too! actually describe the true colors of the Islamic regime. When even a shitty TV host, Sport TV host, should be their Pesar-Khaleh = Khomeini’s cousin and a close member of Khomeini family, then it’s obvious What is really happening in important sections of their Satanic-Islamic regime. Mullah are Arabs. Mullahs are Arab Masons. Islamists are sons of Satan. And now, after FATF in Muharram, even stupid animals can see why Arab Islamists are sons of Satan. In fact, Satan = Evil Empire of Masons control the Mullah regime”.

Persian Satire 66: Some wise Iranians say: “Masons or The West’s Evil Empire of Lies censor all facts and all parts of history. So, we all should try to re-read and re-think about all things. For instance, Ahmad Kasravi was a Mullah, and most Iranians think that he became Anti-Mullah, and said anti-Islamist things!, and that’s why Kasravi was not so bad. But unfortunately it’s not true. Ahmad Kasravi was Anti-Iran and pro-Arab Islamists. Kasravi was a Bad guy. Ahmad Kasravi was a Bad Mullah & Mullah. Many Iranians still don’t know , or think it’s a myth! Both Mullahs and Monarchists (Pahlavists) are part of the Evil Empire, and that’s why they didn’t allow people to see the Truth and the real Facts. They still tell big lies and try to blind the people to the Truth. It’s so important, and that’s why we all should try to re-read or re-think about Everything, All things. The real intellectuals cannot tell Big lies and bullshits, and work as intellectual whores or Intellectual clowns of the Evil Empire, that means: They cannot work as Apologists & Censors of the Evil Empire!. Amhad Kasravi is not important, but the truths and true facts about Amhad Kasravi are important, for all Iranians & Truth-seekers, because it can reveal the Evil Empire’s tactics. For instance, do you know about Kasravi’s Satanic project of Burning Books ?!! Yah, Burning Books like Nazis & Fascist & all Anti-Iran Barbarians! This stupid Anti-Iran Pig Ahmad Kasravi were burning Iranian books – books of Hafiz, Ferdowsi, Sadi, Nezami, Attar, and all Great men of Persia! But Masons and Mullahs tried to whitewash him. Burning Iranian books, and defending Arab Islam & Islamists is what Ahmad Kasravi has really done, and such facts are Not lies or bullshits of Bad guys and Kasravi’s enemies. Many many Iranians (we included) knew or know that Kasravi was like Islamist-Reformist, Not a wise intellect or a wise man, but this level of Stupidity & Treason & Satanic Insanity – ie Burning Books & Burning Iranian Books of Great Persian writers and defending Arab Islamists-
seemed like a Big Lie or Conspiracy theory! But now it’s clear how Masons try & tried to whitewash their stupid agents in a bloody way! Many many Iranians (we included) knew that Kasravi was a Mullah & Pahlavist, but they preferred to think that he had really changed! They preferred to ignore many things, or say: Ishala Gorbast !! It’s a Persian proverb, that literally means: We hope it will be a Cat, not a Thief or Evil thing ! And actually means: sometimes you naively say to yourself: this weird thing, weird facts & weird sounds are Not real !! I prefer to ignore them! , and to think that a Cat has caused them! All Iranians and normal humans know that we should ignore little mistakes of others. Mistakes are not important, and should be forgotten and forgiven. But the story of Great Treasons & Great Disasters & Great Evil acts is totally different. You cannot ignore, overlook or close your eyes to Great Treasons & Great Disasters”.

Persian Satire 67: Some wise Iranians say: “the story of Ahmad Kasravi is a long story, and so important, and all people must know it (we will write about it later, because this post has become so so long/ large!) The real story of Kasravi is so shameful. Kasravi was a Mullah for about 20 years, not two years! Twenty years is true! Kasravi was a Politician and a stupid member of the Pahlavi regime for about 10 years ! Kasravi Burning books project is a reality, and a real thing that the stupid Kasravi himself and his stupid fans defend it ! They even celebrate it ! Kasravi Burning books project in 1940s, was a Nazi project & Masonic project, because Kasravi was Anti-Iran Mason & Islamist. Ahmad Kasravi was pro-Arab Islamist, and Anti-Iranian But all Bad guys try to hide such facts, by hiding or censoring Kasravi’s books! The main point is that Kasravi’s great mistakes and Kasravi’s great stupidities & treasons happened in his last years, and when he was an old mature man! It’s so important. At his last years of his life, he had become a Cult Leader, and even said that he is a new prophet or messenger (Bar-AN-gikhte !!), and he had created a Cult business (Cult Dokan!) for himself! The Bad guys censor or hide Kasravi’s stupid books = shitty books that Kasravi wrote in his last years! Do you know his shameful books like Hafiz, Shiism (Shia-gary) , Sufism, Dadgah (court) etc?! Now you can find his official website ( made by his family or fans, and also resources like his own books & his own articles about his life & his Evil acts! Burning books of Hafiz, Rumi, Khayyam, Attar, Ferdowsi, Nezami and all great books of Great Iran is Not a myth or conspiracy theory! But Masons try to hide it, because it’s just one of Kasravi’s Evil acts & Anti-Iran acts! Unfortunately the Truth is that this stupid Mullah, Ahmad Kasravi was Not Anti-Islamist, but he was a pro-Arab Islamist and Anti-Iran Fascist. Ahmad Kasravi defended Arab Islam & Islamists, but attacked Iran & Iranian values & Great men of Great Persia! Who can defend Arab Islam of Arab Barbarians, but attack Great men of Great Persia?!! Who can defend Arab Islamic Barbarians and also burning books & burning Persian Books of Hafiz, Rumi, Khayyam, Attar, Ferdowsi, Nezami and all great books of Great Iran?! This Motherfucker Mason = Ahmad Kasravi wrote a shameful article, the first day of Dey and its story (Yekom Dey-mah va Dastanash!) You can find this article in Persian in the internet. Find it and read it, and see how Stupid & Motherfucker Ahmad Kasravi was! You also must read his Shameful books, including Shia-gary (Shiism), Sufism, What Hazfi says, etc. Of course Read the uncensored versions of these books! (that are about 70 to 100 pages) In the past, you could Not find these books, or you could only find the Censored versions of them – that were 10 to 20 pages! And it’s the reality of the Evil Empire, that is the Empire of Lies & Censorship = the West’s Masonic Empire. When you read his own books & his own crap, you understand why Ahmad Kasravi was a Mason or Turk-e Khar-e Pedar Sag / Dayoos !! = an Anti-Iranian Whore of Evil Empire, who loved Arab Islam & Savage Sunnis or Savage Arab Islamists, but attacked great men of Persia because these great Persians were Anti-Islamist, Anti-Arab Islam, and Anti-Arab Barbarity & Jewish Savagery!“.

Persian Satire 68 : Some wise Iranians say: “Many know nothing about about the so-called Apostasy in Judaism, and Apostasy in Christianity. Do you know Apostasy in Judaism?! What pigs say about Apostasy is Jewish tradition. In Judaism, apostasy refers to the rejection of Judaism and possible defection to another religion by a Jew! The Jewish Bible (Deuteronomy 13:6-11) clearly and shamelessly say: ‘If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend saying you: ‘Let us go and worship other Religions! (or other gods and other ways of life), do not yield to him or listen to him. Kill him !! Do not spare him or shield him. You must certainly put him to death !! Your hand must be the first in putting him to death !! Stone him to death !!!!!!!!! Kill him in a barbaric way !!! Stone him to death !!! So, no one among you Jews will do such an evil thing again !!!! Can you believe it ?! It’s the Jewish Bible! It’s the Jewish tradition ! This level of Savagery & Irrationality & Logic of Sword / Savagery is Jewish tradition. The so-called Sangsar or Stone people to death is a 100% Jewish Tradition. But why the West & Western media censor such facts?! Jews and Arab Jews did this Satanic-Barbaric tradition to those who wanted to have other Religions and other religious ways of life ! Just do some research about it! Their Semitic Judaism or their Christianity is so so Satanic and Barbaric. Do you know what Christians Barbarians did in Europe?! Their Christianity is a synonym for Dark Ages & the Age of Barbarism & Religious Savagery in Europe. In fact, Europe was worse than ISIS / DAESH, and now Arab Barbarians like ISIS just remind you of Europe and the Dark Ages in Europe & Arab Jahiliyyah = Arab Islam = Europe Jahiliyyah! The story of Christian Barbarians & Christian Barbarity is a very long story (we write about it later) Do some research about it ! Trump is not a new thing!”.

Persian Satire 69 : Some wise Iranians say: “American Values is Joke, a very bad joke. Trump is American values! ISIS or Saudi Arabia is America values! This fucking Fascist Terrorist Trump is American values, and And who deny it?! Trump is not the fucking fascist leader of your Free world ?!! Trump is not the fucking fascist leader of your fucking America?!, Iranians sarcastically ask American pigs! And even America’s good guys know that it’s really true. Trump is American values, as Daryoozegi & Bardegi/ Bandegi is Islam of Arabs / Mullahs = Slavery & FATF is Islam of Arabs / Mullahs! Now you all can see that Islamists are slaves of Satan & Great Satan! The Islamic leaders are Arab pigs, Arab cows or Masons! All of them are Stupid Animals, Masons or Traitors. And who can deny such undeniable facts?! All Iranians are aware of this issue. The fucking Islamist-Reformists are the worst kind of Islamists. They created Hostage crisis, and now FATF & Turkmenchay crisis. They betrayed people & people’s blood in 2009, and now create FATF & Turkmenchay & Nekbat of Islam! Now even idiots confess that both Basijis & Islamist-Reformists are worthless shits, and the same shit, and all Iranians hate them so much. Now the so-called Newspapers of Islamist-shits – from Islamist-Reformists to Basijis- are worse than Toilet papers, because no one read them or use them! – even as a Toilet paper !! All Iranians hate them so much, and its what even Islamist-shits / Islamist-Reformists confess now ! Now it’s quite clear that Islamic Masons or Traitors like Basiiis and Islamist-Reformists are Anti-Iranian whores = Mozdoor, Jirekhar, Koonde, Zazil, Haghir Babu and Yabu ! As Iranians say: een Mason-a / Monarchist-a / Islamist-a Beh Khar Goftan Zeki !! , that means: Masons / Monarchists / Islamists are so so worse than stupid animals !! These Islamic Dayoos =Dayoosolah are Masons, and almost all of them are Arab Jew pigs = Anti-Iranian pigs who just betray the Truth, the Good and Great Iran”.

Persian Satire 70: Some wise Iranians say: “Now all people and even all stupid animals can see the so-called Benefits of Islam & Rouhanis & their No-clear Turkmenchay = No-clear Deal with Satan! Rouhanis = Mullahs are Arabs, not Iranians. Now all Islamists are Arabs or Arab Jews, not Iranians. They are stupid slaves & stooges of the West. Now all people and even all stupid animals can see the story of Mullahs & their Islamic Turkmenchay is the story of Eating Choob & Piaz = Eating Onions & Sticks! It’s an ancient Persian story (We have already written about the story of Eating Onions & Sticks in 2013; search Archive) It’s a funny & important story, because it’s the story of Stupid Stooges like Mullahs. It’s the story of today’s Tahrim & Turkmenchay ! = Sanctions & Turkmenchay = Eating both Onions & Sticks! = Mullahs are eating both Turkmenchay & Tahrim (Santions)! And It’s the Death of Mullahs, the Death of Arab Islam. In 2015, we Iranians talked a lot about this fact that Rouhanis = Mullahs Eating both Choob & Piaz = Onions & Stick, and their No-clear Deal is nothing but Eating Choob & Piaz = Eating Onions & Stick! (check Archive) In 2014 and 2013, we Iranians talked about such facts (check Archive) In fact, since the day one (in June 2013) we Iranians have talked about the story of Rouhani & the story of Eating Onions & Sticks ! (check Archive for: Mullahcracy and Illusion of Democracy in America! (June 2013) etc) Since the day one, after Rouhani’s Selection Farce in 2013, we Iranians talked about Choob & Piaz = Onions & Stick, and said to Mullahs: Hey Idiots, your concessions are like eating Onions and Sticks! (June 2013) But now even idiots can see what it means! We Iranians repeatedly said that Mullahs are Arab puppets of the West, and Mullahs are not Iranians. Arabs = Mullahs lick the ass of the West bullies. But Iranians say to the West & Bullies: We Iranians will never give you what you want for threats. If you threaten us and bully our Iran, we will make you regret it (Check archive for posts like [3]: America and Islamists: A Coup, A Lot of Lessons (June 2014), Muharram and Ashura: Iranians vs Oppressors (2013) , Rouhani, Freemasons, Islamic Turkmenchay (2015), Kosher Barbarians and Bully Boys: Kosher Deals !(2015), Illusion of Democracy in America ! (June 2013) etc etc) Rouhani used to say to the West: If you threaten Ayatollah with military force, Khomeini will kiss your hand and run !! [3] If you threaten Mullah with military force, Mullah will kiss your hand and run! [3] But now even stupid animals can see why Iranians sarcastically said & say to Islamists: You Mullahs = Arab Islamists even don’t believe in ‘God and Prophets’ ! If you Mullahs and Arab Islamists believed in ‘God and Prophets’, then you didn’t kill people, didn’t steal people’s money, didn’t tell big lies, didn’t plunder our national resources [3], and didn’t betray Iran & Iranians, didn’t help the Enemy of Iran and didn’t hurt Iran & Iranian! It’s what we Iranians said in June 2013 ! [3] and added: Hey the stupid Mullahs = idiots, you Mullahs are eating both Onions and Sticks! It’s what we Iranians said in June 2013! [3] (check Archive) June 2013 means sine the Day one, oven before the day one! June 2013 was some days after Rouhani’s Selection farce in 2013, even before Rouhani began his work as President of Mullahs & Turkmenchay! Since the day one it was so clear for all wise people or Non-Sheeple that What Rouhanis = Mullahs are doing is Nothing but Eating Choob & Piyaz = Onions & Sticks! [3] And in June 2014 , we Iranians said to Masons: ‘You can rule or fool Iranians only if you pretend that you are a good guy. If you show that you are a bad guy, a bully (an uncultured pig etc) then Iranians will make you regret it [3] Since the ancient time, only If Iranians think you are a good guy, they would like you or care about you. Before 2009, Iranians thought that the West is honest or good, so they cared about the West. But now the West acts like stupid pigs. The West and its stooges (Mullahs etc) even don’t know that If Iranians can see that you are a bad guy or a bully, then nothing, neither penalties, nor sanctions, nor bullying, nor threats and Nothing will stop them from teaching you a good lesson and making you regret [3] (June 2014) And it’s what the ancient Greeks & Romans used to say, since the ancient times, about our Great Persia: If Persians can see that you are a bad guy (bully) or a barbarian , then nothing, neither penalties, nor bullying, nor threats and Nothing will stop them from teaching you a good lesson and making you regret. And it’s a simple fact that the Great idiots like Trump cannot understand it !”

Persian Satire 71: The Wise Iranians say: “Do you know see their new documentary films about new Robots or Robotic spies – like the Age of Robots (2015) ?! Now even the Mullah TV (IRIB) shows new documentary films like The Age of Robots (TV Series 2015) The Age of Robots is a new TV series about new robotic achievements, including robotic bugs, birds and insects as Robotic spies !! It’s so horrible, a very Orwellian nightmare. Since about 20 years ago, it was clear that the new Orwellian nightmare will be a Robotic Orwellian nightmare! And now they openly talk about their robotic insects or bugs that can work as surveillance devices or spying devices !! New spy drones are bugs or insects ! They openly say that the US Air Force was & is developing such Satanic tools!, like a Robotic insect, with a camera and a built-in microphone !, or even with a gun !!, that works as a CIA agent or CIA terrorists to kill people! , or to spy on people! It’s so so Orwellian, isn’t it?! Now in 2018, they openly say: Spider-like robots are capable of carrying out spying tasks !!, and killing tasks !! A six-legged robot that looks like a spider, but moves faster and more efficiently, and works as a CIA spy !! Just search the internet ! A robotic insect or bug with gun (= Magas-e Haftir kesh!! ) is a terrible Orwellian joke or reality?! A robotic bee or mosquito with gun ! (Pashe Haftir kesh !!) is a terrible Orwellian joke or reality now ?! Now in 2018, they openly talk about Robotic cockroaches that work as spying or killer machines ! (Susk-e Haftir kesh ! ) Now in 2018, they talk about Bee drones !!, as CIA’s Terrorist ! Do you know what they can do?! Once the Bee drones are close enough to their targets, they can explode !! It’s terribly Orwellian, isn’t it?! It’s the CIA Robotic Terrorism !! The new kind of American Terrorism will be Robotic Terrorism & Robotic Terrorists! But it’s not a new thing. Since 20 years ago, we Iranians thought about such things, and also about the sick minds who try to create such Sick & Satanic tools and to betray Sciences & Human legacy. US sick minds talk about robotic insects that are actually flying bombs!! Just search the internet! But we Iranians can say to such American sick minds: OK, but what do you think about our Iranian No-clear bombs as small as Bee drone or robotic insects or robotic birds?!! American Sick minds must know that we Iranians are not Not Blind or Stupid! And also, the sick psychos & sick minds that work on the sick & Satanic projects in America must know that they themselves and America will be victims of their own silly Evil games. We Humans, all real Humans must care about the sick Psychos & Sick minds that work on Sick & Satanic projects in the West. Our children and our educated people should Not work for money, on such American projects or Evil projects. If you only care about money, and work for money as a Scientific whore, then you are nothing but an Evil whore. It’s what all children and all educated people must know & must learn. Even a Scientist can become a worthless Whore and an Evil slave, if she or he works for Bad guys and betrays the Truth, betrays the Science, betrays the Human values”.

Persian Satire 72: The Wise Iranians say: “The sick minds of the West talk about Robots as spies! They want to use Robotic insects / bugs as Robotic spies and Robotic killers !! Now many experts and educated people talk about such issues. For instance, check, and their good articles like: A Bug or a Robotic Spy? (2018) Such things are really important (We wanted to, and we preferred to write this post, and the entire post, about this issue and the Age of AI and Robots, But the bad guys and their shitty FATF game, Sanctions game, Blackmailing & Bullying games and Turkmenchay game and other silly satanic games changed our minds) Now the good guys and good experts talk about Orwellian AI = Artificial Intelligence and Orwellian Control. If you google for such facts, you can find many things, including what Americans say: Could Artificial Intelligence Lead to Orwellian Control? (2018) They say many silly things, but a few good things like: Which technology could really benefit humans, and which technology can really hurt or enslave humans ! … AI is Orwellian control ?! (2018) Unfortunately, the answer is Yes ! In this sick world & shitty world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing but Orwellian control. If people remain stupid or silent, then the evil AI or a Robotic Evil control and surveillance can rule world ! The Sick minds ask Scientific whores to use Robotics and AI to create an “immortal dictator,” a “godlike” entity that rules the world, a new Zahak ! , a Robotic Zahak !! , from which Humans can never escape !!, and it’s what the US Jewish sick minds dream about it. Just search the internet, and see what they say! They use Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine intelligence (MI) as Evil tools. The good guys should not be naive. The Bad guys have sick minds and evil intentions. But they can do Nothing, if the good guys and educated people don’t work for them, for money! Now Americans write articles like The Role of Humans in the Age of Robots (2018) and say (our comments are in parentheses) : If you’ve created a conscious machine, it’s not the history of man. That’s the history of gods !! .. we are on a path which will inevitably lead us to (Terrible nightmares !! ) .. Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot prove itself as beneficial to the human race! .. The Jewish billionaire is interested in AI and is of the opinion that (it’s a way to enslave) the human race !!… Now Robots learning to behave like humans, and (to hurt humans and to control humans!) .. Industries that are heavily relying on Human emotions (and Emotional games and Emotional control are Satanic & Orwellian industries of the future! ) .. Are you really analyzable and predictable?! (If you are a sheep or slave, and so analyzable and predictable, then ) you are the master of your own destruction by teaching machines how to control you ! (2018) It’s so obvious if you allow Big Brothers, FATF, New World Order, or even Money, Machines, AI and Anything else to control you & control your life, then you are a slave or sheep, and Nothing but a stupid slave or sheep! You cannot call yourself Human!”

Persian Satire 73: Some wise Iranians say: “The West is a bad Joke. Do you know American Superstitions?! USA or Europe is a sick joke! Do you know European Superstitions! and especially British Superstitions, that are worse than all superstitions, because they are exactly like Jewish Superstitions and even worse than them?! Do you know Popular Superstitions in the West ?! Do some research about it! Now you can find millions things about it in the internet! All people must know Jewish Superstitions or Masonic Superstitions = the West’s Superstitions. European Superstitions just show the Death of Europe, the Death of Europe’s Modernity, and their return to the Dark Ages & Medieval Ages in Europe. Trump and Superstitions show that The West is returning to their Dark Ages & Medieval Ages ! Just Google for European witchcraft or Superstitions in Europe, and take a look at millions of search results! You can also take a look at Books like Witchcraft, Magic and Superstition in England ! , Magic and Superstition in Europe ! , 101 American Superstitions ! , A Book of American Superstitions ! , A Dictionary of American Superstitions ! etc etc etc. Do you know what Superstition means?! Do you know Popular Jewish Superstitions that have polluted most countries: Spitting Three Times by saying “pooh, pooh, pooh” !! .. chewing on a piece of thread !!! , if you don’t want Devils chewing your brain !! …Closing Books That Have Been Left Open !! .. Closing Holy Books That Have Been Left Open Because Holy books become Satanic !!! ( = become Jew Holy books of devils & demons!! So, Dar-e Khela ro benand !!! = Closing Jew Holy Books = Jewish Cesspit of devils !!!) .. Placing Salt in Pockets and Corners of the Room !! …Wearing a Metal Pin on Clothes When Embarking on a Trip?! And Do you know Jewish amulets = Telesm?!! Do you know the Jewish Golem?! (Jewish Golem or Gollum in Hollywood) Do you know Jewish Witchcraft = Jewish Jadu & Jambal ?! It’s a very long story (we will write about it later; this post has become a so long post!) Just check the top Jewish websites = [1] The Jews themselves confess that Sneezing on the Truth !! = Shitting on the Truth !! is the job of Jews !! [1] Can you believe it?! It’s not a joke! The Jews say many silly things [1] For instance, the stupid Jews proudly say: Pulling One’s Ears When Sneezing is Jewish .. the practice of pulling on one’s ears when sneezing is Jewish tradition! , to protect you from evil !!! These Jews are really worse than stupid animals! They live in Israel, and their leader is Sheikh Netanyahu !, from the City of Satan!

Persian Satire 74: Some witty Iranians say: “America and their Arab Islamists are Satanists or Masons. And Satanists worship Baal, Black Cube, Black Magic, Occultism, Slavery, Bullying, Bullshit, Barbarism and Big Lies! So, lets their own American / Trumpist / Terrorist/ Terminator-ist language and tell them: Astala Vista Baby, Who is Terrorista Baby ?! .. Astala Vista Baby, US Terrorista Baby ! .. Astala Vista Baby, Jew is Terrorista Baby ! .. Astala Vista Baby, You love Terrorista Baby! .. Astala Vista Baby, You are Terrorista Baby !! … Astala Vista Baby, Who is Islamista Baby ?!! .. Astala Vista Baby, US Islamista Baby ! … Astala Vista Baby, UK Islamista Baby ! .. Astala Vista Baby, You love Islamista Baby !! … Astala Vista Baby, You are Islamista Baby ! … Astala Vista Baby, You Arabista Baby !! Az Bikh Arabista Baby !! (You are too much Arab !! = You American leaders & Trump are too much Arab and Shit-lover !) .. Astala Vista Baby .. Trump Terrorista Baby! Bad Mogolista Baby!! Bad Koonde-ista Baby !! = Bad Faggot-ista Baby! .. Trump Islamista Baby! Trump Kos-Kholista Kheily !! (Trump is a so so stupid pig) Trump Arabista Baby! Trump Saudista Baby!! .. Shit-eater-ista Baby !! Piss-eater-ista Baby !! …. Trump & Trumpista Baby! Go to Hell-ista Baby! .. Fuck Trump Khiely Baby ! (Fuck Trump so much !) Fuck Trumpista Baby! … Fuck USA Kheily Kheily!! (so so much! )”

Persian Satire 75: Some wise Iranians say: “America is Joke! Do you know why Americans write about “Baal worship in America” (2017) ?! Now many talk about Satanism and Kabbalah: From Judaism to Christianity & Arab Islam! Do you know Arabia’s Temple of Baal ?! Do you know their Baal’s temples, Child sacrifice & Holy Prostitution? Do you know Mecca’s Temple of Baal, Black Cube and Child sacrifice in Arabia? Now even Americans write articles like “Baal worship in America” (2017), and say: American Satanism and Saudi Arab Islam are (so Jewish) Barbarism and Satanism have a very deep root in Arab traditions and Jewish traditions = (Semitic traditions) involving child sacrifice, and involving ritualistic prostitution in their holy temples .. We Americans have become a society that is addicted to watching Satanic rituals. I’m sure you have heard America called a new Babylon! But what did they do in Babylon ?! … Child sacrifices at the altar of Baal ! .. Holy Rape and Sodomy at the altar of Baal ! .. Human sacrifices and at the altar of Baal ! .. If you read their Jewish Bible and Jewish Talmud, (you can easily see why) The Jewish Kings are Prophets of Satan (2017) Do you know Occult Symbols and Black Cube?! Do research ! Jews wear a black cube on their foreheads. This Jewish Black cube is called Tefillin The black cube of Mecca (Kaaba) is exactly like Jewish Tefillin. But the main point is that the Jewish Rabbis say: the Jewish Sharia commands the Jews should have the Black Cube (tefillin) as a sign of being Jewish! In fact, the Black Cube is a sing of being Jewish ! Knowing such facts can help you to understand the true meaning of The Black Cube of Mecca (Kaaba)! In Arabic, Kaaba means Cube ! We Iranians have already talked about such facts (search Archive) Kabbalist Jews say Black cube is Lucifer’s antenna!! And do you know the Black Cubes or Kabaa of Masonic lodges in America or UK ?!! Do some research! The Black Cube or Kabaa is part of the Masonic lodges in America! Just search the internet. Now many ask: Why do many Black cubes or Jewish Signs of Satanism exist in America & Arabia?! US Satanists worship Black Cube! So, it’s obvious why American Satanists love Saudi Arabia and Arab Satanists, isn’t it ?! Satanists love Satanists! UK Barbarians are Satanists & man-eaters (Adam-khor) Now some good Britons say: Many have seen the British Queens sacrifice people and eat their flesh and drink their blood .. The British royals are some of the worst. The British Royal family enjoying the killing, enjoying the sacrifice, and eating the flesh, drinking the blood. (It’s like what) British Masons do in their Masonic lodges! So, do some researches about Black Cubes in America & Masonic Lodges ! About Black Cube = Magic Cube and Satanism! The black cube is the great symbol of Satanism. Do some research about Black Cube, Saturn, Occult Symbolism and Satan, that Satanists say: is Not Dangerous !!!”.


Persian Joke 441: Gazanfar say to Arabs & Arab Islamists: you Arab Jews & Arab Islamists = Semites are the Worst in Disbelief and Hypocrisy !! You Arab Jews & Arab Islamists are the Worst in Disbelief and Hypocrisy !! Do you know who says this ?! Arab say: No, but only you Iranians and other (Good guys) say such things! Jews: It’s Anti-Jew & Anti-Semitism against our Arab-Jew Cults & Occults !! Gazanfar laughs and says : But idiots, Don’t you read your own holy books?! Don’t you Jewish pigs read your own Jewish Bible & Talmud?! Don’t you Arab idiots & Islamists read Quran?! What I said is what Koran says! Even your good Muslims ridicule Arab Islamists, because they know what the Koran says about Arabs, and how and why Arabs are the worst Satanists and the worst Traitors, and the the Worst in Disbelief and Hypocrisy! And it’s what Koran / Quran says! And it’s so obvious why you Arab Islamists even don’t read Quran !!, and only love your Fake Hadith! .. And do you Jews want that I tell you why your own Talmud & Jewish Bible is Anti-Jew, and what says about your Jewish Crimes, Jewish Disbelief & Hypocrisy & Treasons / Disloyalty to God?! ( .. Mikhay begam Pashmaat berizeh?!!) Jews say: Oh, on! Please don’t do it! We thought that you are an idiot ! But now we can see that you are smarter & wiser & better than our Noam Chomsky & Netanyahu & all Jewish leaders !!

Persian Joke 442: Iranians ask Qazanfer: What is your dearest wish?! Qazanfer says: My dearest wish is the End of the World !, or the End of this Millennium in the near future and when God says: Lets change the roles! Now the old Civilizations like Iran / Persia become superpowers again , and US and Europe become shit-hole countries again ! At that time, Americans and Europeans will have Sharia ! , Hijab and other Jewish laws ! , IMF Plans (Yaraneh/ Gayaneh ! ), FATF, Turkmenchay, Internet Filter, Religious Dictatorship, Religious Embezzlements , Religious Farting & Barking, and other Bad things that the slaves of Superpower do in the West! .. At that time Superpower is Persia, and all of the West’s politicians will be stooges of Persia, and all their journalists were slaves of Persia, and all their famous intellects were ass-lickers of Persia … It will be so so Cool, so laughable & so enjoyable .. and Iranians say: Yah, it’s so so cool. But it’s not just a wish! It is actually happening! Just take a look at Europe & USA ! They are returning to their Dark Age & Medieval Ages! And their Trump is just the tip of the iceberg! Their End is near, so so near! The Payback is so near ! All Anti-Iran Barbarians and The West should wait for a lot of Tit for Tat !!

Persian Joke 443: Qazanfar becomes an Economist ! Iranians ask Qazanfar: What is the Poverty Line ?! Qazanfar says: the Poverty Line is an imaginary line (Khat-e Farzi) that I can describe it with an example. If a new luxury SUV car (Shasi Boland ! ) is next to, or beside a shitty Islamic car = KIA shit/ pride! , then the head of KIA’s driver is near the balls of SUV’s driver ( = his crotch = Khesh-tak ! ) and on the same line. In fact, the Head of poor KIA’s driver and the Balls of luxury SUV’s driver are on the same imaginary line. This imaginary line is called The Poverty Line !!

Persian Joke 444: They ask Qazanfar: What is the secret to comedy?!’ Qazanfar says: “It’s like the secret to .. being Donald Trump or Rouhani !! .. Do you know what Trump says in his speeches?! Trump says: Why Iran has acquired the capability to hit the United States with a No-clear weapon ?! Only America should have the capability to hit Iran and other countries with a No-clear weapon!! Why Iran should have serious leverage ?! Only America should have serious leverages like Sanctions, Sadism, Terrorists, Arab Terrorists, Arab Cows / Arab Islamists and other Slaves of Satan ! .. So, now you all know What’s the secret to comedy!

Persian Joke 445: Iranians ask Gazanfar: What is Velayat ?! And who is Vali Faqih ?! Gazanfar says: Vali Faqih is a shameless Sodomite & stupid Faggot (Koonde Vaqih) who gives his ass to his Estekbar & FATF, but at the same time, he talks about Islamic Standards and proposing Islamic Standards = Olgoo-e Islami !! Iranians say: Wow! Koon Midan, Olgoo ham eraa-e Midan ?!! ( = Mullahs giving their ass, but still talking about Islamic Standards?! ) Gazanfar: Yah, these Islamic Sodomites / Faggots are such a shameless Sodomite (een Koonde-ha, Arab-ha = Mullaha, enqadr VaghihAN = FaqihAN !! ) Mullahs giving their ass to their Great Satan, but still proposing Islamic Standards !! (Koon Midan .. Olgoo ham eraa-e Midan !! ) Iranians: Now the CIA’s Mullahs and the CIA’s Khamenei proposing which kind of Islamic Standards?! ( Che Olgoo-ii eraa-e Midan ?!) Gazanfar: Nothing but Bullshit! Pure Crap & Bullshit! Their Islamic Standards are Jewish Standards of Sodomy & Giving ass !! (Olgoo-e Koon Dadan !! ) Islamic Standards of Ass-licking & Ass-kissing !! (Olgoo-e Khayemali = FATF mali !! ) Islamic Standards of Total Surrender & Total Capitulation (Olgoo-e Vadadegy & Daryoozegi & Koondadegy .. !! ) Islamic Standards of Total Treason & Turkmenchay !! (Olgoo-e Turkmenchay & Rezalat & Kesafat ..) Islamic Standards of Total Foolishness & Total Stupidity & Total Shamelessness !! (Olgoo-e Belahat & Hemaghat & Veghahat .. ) This is their fucking Velayat, the fucking Islamic Velayat ! This is their fucking Islamic Standard in recent days / years! And it’s not a joke !

Persian Joke 446: Iranians ask Sheikh UK Queen = Hazrat-e Elizabeth al-Sadat ! : Who is an Islamic Leader or Islamic Saint ?! Sheikh UK Queen says: Islamic saints or Islamic Leaders are those who try to be a good Mason ! , a true Mason! As you all know, we Masons say: a true Muslim is a true Mason ! And a true Mason is a true Muslim ! We Masons also say: a true Jew is a true Mason ! And a true Mason is a true Jew ! We Masons also say: a true Christian is a true Mason ! And a true Mason is a true Christian !! and … Iranians say: and Satan is a true Mason, too ! UK Queen says: Bravo! You Iranians are so smart! Satan is a true Mason, and our Big Brother. Satan is a Jew Brit ! So, Masons are British agents, and serve our British interests. The true Islamic Leaders are Masons = British agents who serve Satan’s interests, by chanting Anti-UK or Anti-USA = Anti-Mason slogans, while they are actually playing games, fool games, to fool idiots & naive people !

Persian Joke 447: Iranians ask Basijis: What did your Arab Islam give us?! (Your Islam .. beh maa chi dad ?!) Basijis say: What do you think? Iranians: Your Islam gave its ass .. to your Great Satan (your Islam .. koon dad !) Your Islam gave its ass or its Namoos to Europe & Colonial powers (your Islam .. Vadad !) But we ask you, What did your Arab Islam give you ?! Basiji1 says: Our Arab Islam gave us Turkmenchay !! (Arab Islam .. Turkmenchay dad !) Basiji 2: Our Arab Islam gave us FATF !! (Arab Islam .. FATF dad !) Basiji 3: Our Jewish Islam & Zionist IMF give us Corruption & Embezzlements, and Poverty for people !! (Arab Islam & IMF .. Faqr va Fesad dad !) Basiji4: Our Arab Islam gave us War & Death & Destruction !! Basiji 5: Our Arab Islam gave us 2009 Massacre & Killing people & Suppression & Oppression !! Basiji 6: Our Arab Islam gave us Zellat & Nekbat & Turkmenchay & FATF .. Basiji 7: Our Arab Islam gave us Nokari-e Ajnabi & Nokari-e Rockefellers & Nokari-e CFR & Billderberg !! (Nokari-e X means: being stooge or puppet of X ) But other Basijis are shocked, and say: Fuck! Fuck Basij & Fuck Islam of Basiji! Do we Basiji know that our Arab Islam is such a Satanic Religion that gives us such Satanic things?! Those 7 Basijis say: We only know what our Aqa = Cult leader tell us! We are Arab Jews, and we just know that Satan is our god, Great Satan is our Arbab = our Master! We Arab Islamists are slaves of Satan & FATF ! And we are proud of it ! … But other Basijis attack them, and revolt, while chanting: Death to Islam of FATF! Death to FATF’s Islam! Death to Islam of Rockefellers! = Death to Islamic Regime of FATF & Rockefellers etc

Persian Joke 448: The life of women has 3 phases : 1. childhood 2. Youth 3. You are still Young and Attractive !! (Cheqadr Khoob Mondi !! ) ! …. The life of Ayatollah or Rouhani has 3 phases : 1. to be Born as a Mason or Arab Jew 2. to live like a Mason or Arab Jew Spy who chants: Death to America & Europe! 3. to die as a Mason or Arab Jew who gives his dirty Islamic ass to Europe & US, and chants: We Mullahs have no problem with Europe = Estekbar !! Our good friend is Europe = Estekbar !! We Mullahs have US Green Card ! We Mullahs are Great Satan’s FATF ! = Fucking Assholes & Traitorous Faggots ( = FATF) ! …. And The life of The Islamic Regime has 3 phases : 1. Barking 2. Farting 3. Making excuses (for FATF etc) and Going to Hell !

Persian Joke 449: Iranian people say: Besides drug addicts and homeless people and careless drives, we should take a drug test (test-
Etiad !) from those who still have a little hope for the future of Rouhani and for saving Rouhani & Islamic Regime of Mullahs from an imminent & inevitable Death & Downfall !! (Hanuz be Ayande een Nezam Omid Daran!! ) Sooner or later Rouhani & Arab Islam of Mullahs & Islamic Regime of Mullahs will go to hell for ever And those who say or hope that it will Not happen, are just drug addicts and Masonic Whores = CIA’s whores and MI6’s prostitutes – who use drugs a lot ! … And Sooner or later means : at some near future, but you are not sure exactly when !

Persian Joke 450: Today’s Iranian girls, who are wise & witty Iranian girls, say: Now we are at such a weird or late age for marriage (tu seni hastim ke) all cases of marriage have ran out or finished ! Boys are either so Good & so Wise that they don’t want to marry ! (they will never marry!), or so Bad & so Stupid that they should not marry !! (they should never be allowed to marry !! = you should never marry them ! ) …. The World’s car industry says that they want to produce a new Car that is Anti-Death ! , that means no one will die from car accident in this car ! .. But the Mullah car industry = the Islamic car industry says that they want to produce a new Islamic Car that is Anti-Life !! , that means no one will be alive after a car accident in this car !!

Persian Satire 76: (It’s a Keyhan-style joke) Qazanfar asks Basijis: What do you think about Khamenei’s FATF ?! Basiijs say: Fuck Khamenei & FATF ! Qazanfar: Who is Khamenie?! Basijis: Khamenei is nothing but a whore. Khamenei is Rockefeller’s stooge = Nayebe Rockefeller! .. Qazanfar: Do all Basijis say such things now?! Basijis: only a small of group of them, who are Arabs, say We Basijis should obey our Satanic-Islamic leader, even when our Islamic leader is a Satanic Sodomite and a Satan’s man! Qazanfar: really ?! Basijis: yah, these Arab sodomites = Basijis say Today is the day of Sodomy Jihad ! & Ass-giving Jihad !! Today is so dangerous! (Emrooz Ruz-e Koon Dadan-e !! .. Emrooz Hava Pas-e !! ) Qazanfar: really ?! So, why are you still Basijis?! Basijis say: Fuck Basijis! We are ex-Basijis! All Basijis are just a small of group. Less than 1% of Iranians. But even we Basajis hate Basij & Basijis & FATF & Khamenei & Mullahs so much. But because of money & only money, we are still among them = Arab whores = Basijis ! Qazanfar says: But it’s Prostitution! It’s Treason! It’s Great Shame .. Basijis say: Yah, we Basijis have lost our Everything, including our faith, our religion, and even our humanity and our honor and our Everything! We Basijis have become Cows or Arabs, too much Arab = az Bikh Arab ! Now even our Basiji media confess that we Basijis have become so Jewish or so Arab Jew! = Rango Booye Yahud (Arab-e Jew-hud) Gerefte-iim !!!

Persian Satire 77: Q: Which kind of Dictators can kill their own shitty journalists and their shitty media whores, but still talk about Freedom & Freedom of Press & Free Speech etc?! A: American Dictators = British Dictators, and their puppets = Saudis = Islamic Terrorists & Barbarians of CIA & MI6 ! … Q: Which kind of Dictators can defend Terrorists and Killers – who kill people and children and even kill shitty journalists and media whores, and even create 9/11 attack?!! A: Trump and America = a shithole country of Dark Ages ! … Q: Which kind of shithole countries say that if the Killers and Terrorists bribe you and give you money, then you can call them your Ally !, and you can ignore their Savagery & Barbarism & Terrorism & 9/11 Attacks etc ?! A: Trump and America = a shithole country of Medieval Ages ! … Q: Which kind of shithole countries say that all kinds of information that can create real Awareness or reveal the Truths are bad and should be censored or boycotted ?! A: UK or America = Evil ! … Q: Do you know why The Truth is the Enemy of America ?! Do you know why The Truth is the Enemy of The West ?! A: It’s so simple. The Truth is the Enemy of Lies !! The Truth is the Enemy of The Evil Empire of Lies!

Persian Satire 78: The witty Iranians say: “Rouhanis, Basijis and Arab Islamists even don’t believe in god and religion! They are exactly like Trump and his Christian fans !! They are Khar Maz-hab and also Sag Maz-hab ! You all know Khar Maz-hab = Stupid Religious fanatics – whose Religion is Religion of Stupid Animals!, Religion of Stupid Mules! But Khar Mazhab is Jewish. In fact, the Satanic Jews have two main groups: Khar Maz-hab, and Sag Mazhab who are also know as Hor-Hori-Mazhab! The Jewish Sag Mazhab – whose Religion is Religion of Jewish puppies and puppets-
even don’t believe in god or in religion, or in anything else! They only believe in money & prostitution! It’s so important both Khar Maz-hab and Sag Maz-hab are Jewish, and two branches of a same Satanic Religion. Religion of Tazi Dogs = Sag is exactly like the Religion of Jewish puppies & puppets. Both groups are Jewish. Both groups are Jews, Arab Jews or Sons of Satan. Sag Mazhab is Trump or Mason = Rouhani / Mullah or Netanyahu = Saudi leaders. But Khar Mazhab are their fans or supporters = Islamists & Christian Taliban & Jewish Taliban! But it’s important to note that one day Sag Mazhab was Khar Mazhab! In fact, most of the Khar Maz-hab finally become Sag Maz-hab! (Khar Mazhab akharesh mishe Sag Mazhab !!) Like most of the Basjis, ISIS, Taliban, US Christians, Islamists & Jews and other Cultists. And the rest of them are being killed ! Only a very few will be saved. And it’s the story of all Satanic Cults & Jewish Religions = Semitic Religions = Satanic Religions

Persian Satire 79: Some wise Iranians say: “As you all know, the Mullahs or Clergymen talk about “the supposed joys of heaven and the sufferings of hell ! , but the Mullahs love the Great Satan’s hell !, and beg for its green cards ! And it’s not a joke. The Mullahs hate their own fucking Islamic Heaven, and love their Great Satan’s hell ! , and beg for their Great Satan’s green cards ! = the Hell’s green cards !! It’s a fact, and all Iranians and Non-Sheeple are aware or it. But this Fact shows that even the Mullahs know that their fucking Islam is Bullshit & Lie, and their Islamic Heaven is worse than all hells !! Their own fucking Islamic Heaven is even worse than Great Satan’s Hell !! So, the Mullahs beg their Great Satan for the Hell’s green cards !! In the US, they have Satanic Cults like Children of God !! And Mullahs = Islamists are part of such Satanic Children of God in USA! Now even the good Americans talk about America’s Christian sex cults: Children of God ! (2018), and say: (children of US cults confess) we American children saw adults having sex in front of us .. We children saw how American adults raping kids in front of us (2018) And it’s Dangerous Cult of Donald Trump (2018) that Americans talk about it. The World of Masons is so Orwellian. Now in 2018, the West’s media confess: The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood was a Freemason; Hassan al Banna was a Masson .. the new unclassified documents also show that The Ideologue of the Muslim Brotherhood was a Freemason; Sayed Qutb was a Freemason (2018) But do you know who has been a fan & lover of Sayed Qutb in Iran?! All media & Mullah media say the Answer is : Ali Khamenei !, and his Heroic Sodomy/ Turkmenchay is actually Qutb’s theory = Masonic theory. Khamenei was the first person who translated & published Qutb’s Masonic books in Iran, and it’s what the Mullah media say! Just Do some research about Sayed Qutb & Khamenei. Now their Islamic media even confess that the Islamic freemason Hassan al Banna’s grandson, Tariq Ramanan works for the Mullah TV (Press TV) ! In the fact, their fucking Mullah TV is a cesspit of Masons & British agents including this notorious Tariq Ramanan who is a Masonic Islamist of Oxford, and also the grandson of al-Banna! , and Banna means Mason! So, How Mullahs should prove that Mullahs are Masons & UK agents = UK Amaleh = UK Banna = Masons ?! The Turkey’s Islamists like Harun Yahya openly talk about their Islam & Global Freemasonry!, and say their Islam is Global Freemasonry !! Can you believe it?! Do some research about British Islam & Global Freemasonry! Today, Reality is worse than all jokes !”

Persian Satire 80: Some wise Iranians say: “Banna means Mason!, and Mullahs are UK Amaleh! Mullahs and Arab Islamists are UK Banna = Masons! Even If you use an English Dictionary, or even a Persian to English dictionary, you can see that Banna means Mason! Banna or Mason means a person who builds using stone, or work with stone! Bannai or Masonry means Building, or Building with stone !! Hassan al-Banna means Hassan Mason = Hassan Rouhani ! The secrets of their Masonic Islam = Arabic Islam / Jewish Islam are so simple, but so important and so informative ! Hamsa or Evil Eye is watching you ! , is a Masonic tradition = Jewish tradition = Semitic / Satanic tradition. The Hamsa is a Masonic Ee in the palm of a hand !! The Hamsa is so so Masonic & Jewish = Satanic. Now if you google for Symbols of the Illuminati: All Seeing Eye and Pyramid , or if you google for Hamsa Evil eye Masons you can find millions of search results !! Even if you google in Persian for Khamse, Hand of Abalfazl, you can find that many Iranians talk about this Jewish-Islamic & Arabic-Satanic symbol !! Iranians say to Islamists: If you Islamist pigs want to become so shocked = Pashmaatun Berizeh ! = Lose your beards & wools, you fools !!, then you must see some shocking pix about Hamsa & Jewish Islam! We Iranians say to Islamists: See this pix ( below pix) or Check this link: h-t-
t-ps:// and many other good links in the internet ! Do some research! Now Arab Islam = British Islam is Freemasonry (British Islam hamoon Freemasonry-e !) Arab Islam is Zionist Judaism! Do you know the sexy Islam of Maddona & Kabbalah ?! The sexy Madonna is Maddah !, or Jew Islamist singer !! The sexy Madonna is Maddah of Arab Jews !, or Jew Arab singer ! The Holy Whore of Kabbala = Madonna = Jewish Whore of Hollywood & Kabbala use Hamsa & Satanic symbols of Arab Jews as her Jewish Jewelry. The Holy Whore of Kabbala = Madonna loves Mecca & Kaaba & Satanism & Black Cube, Hamsa etc ! Do some research ! It’s not a joke ! As yourself: Who are followers of the Jewish Cult of Kabbalah = The Satanic Cult of Kabbalah ?! Kabbalah’s Jewish followers are Satanist whores like Madonna, Brittany Spears, and Demi Moore and many other Jewish whores of Hollywood & Christian America & Arab Islam!! Many experts refer to the Kabbalah as the Cult of Hollywood ! Hamsa is so Satanic, but Hamas is like Hamsa !! , isn’t it?! The Zionists created this Jewish Islamist Terrorist group of Arabs = Hamas ! = Hamsa or Hamas ! And you all know that Hamsa or Hamas was and is so Anti-Iran & Anti-Iranian. Who help Saddam in 1980s, in his Satanic war against Iran?! And who still see the Satanic Arab Saddam as their hero ?! The answer is clear: The Anti-Iran Arab Barbarians like Hamas or Hamsa, Arab Hamsa of Netanyahu ! Freemasonry is so Orwellian. Many called it “the synagogue of Satan” or the Church of Satan ! The Freemasons Became Pope; The Freemason Became Ayatollah; The Freemason Became Prophet o “false prophet”, like Trump & Mormoms & Bahais & Arab Muftis etc. In America, Christian Masons and Christian Zionist talk about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ !! , exactly like Jewish Mullahs! Do you know The Occult Masonic symbols or Occult Symbols = symbols of surveillance = All-Seeing Eyes etc ?! Now even the UK’s good guys say: All-Seeing Eyes surveillance has always played a huge part in British dictatorship and Jewish Tyranny .. Witchcraft is rampant in Britain .. (Harry Potter shits is just the tip of their iceberg) .. The Evil eyes are the symbol of Transport For London, the London’s mass-transit provider !!, exactly like the all-seeing Eye = Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984 ! .. Secure beneath the watchful eyes, their poster says, CCTV and Metropolitan Police on buses are just your Big Brother blah blah !!! … But no one likes the idea that every movement they make is being monitored by Big Brothers .. But the message the British billboard is communicating is the all-seeing eye is good ! (Satan is good !) There is a mentality that everyone is potentially a criminal !!! … For those of us who know the occult and the Illuminati, the feature that stands out above all others is the All-Seeing Eye = Satan’s Eye of Masons in the UK (2018) And it’s what the good Britons say now. All-Seeing Eye occultists use many amulets (Telesm), like an amulet around their necks! = a Qalade = a Dog Collar ! The All-Seeing Eye represents the Luficer, BAAL, Satan himself ! The Brits say: the greatest examples of Satanic Witchcraft = Masonic Witchcraft is found in the House of Windsor, in London ! .. What is an occult definition of a symbol? What is a magical symbol? The true magic symbol is an image which hides an inner meaning. This meaning is usually cunningly hidden behind a form … It’s so Orwellian, so Satanic”.


Persian Joke 451: In Rouhani’s family = Khamenei’s family = Islamic Regime they have an Islamic Cabinet like this: Wife: Minister of Anti-Welfare ! .. Mother of Wife: Minister of War ! .. Sister of Wife : A Spy & Double Agent ! .. Mother of Husband: Minister of Etelaat = Minister of Spying Agency ! .. their family Kolfat / servant = Minister of Work & Workers ! .. Sister of Husband : Minister of Post & Bazresi ! = Minister of Communication !! .. Brother of Wife : Minister of Embezzlement !! .. Brother of Husband : Minister of Dozdi (Stealing money) = Minister of Oil ! .. Father of Wife: Minister of Ershad ! = Minister of Islamic Guidance !! (Islamic Guidance = Gaiidan!) .. Father of Husband: Tash-khis Maslahat !! = Mullah Senate ! and so on and so on! The Islamic Regime of Mullahs is a Family Farce ! , a Family Farce of 1000 Famil ! (= 1000 Masonic families who control Islamic Regime & all things)

Persian Joke 452: The witty Iranians say: “Do you know what is the Best of Best things?! or the Best Joys?! It’s playing Arab-games in front of the stupid Arab Cows! (Joloye Arab-ha Arab-Bazi dar Avardan !!) Playing Jewish tricks in front of the Jews ! (Joloye Jew-ha Jew-hud-Bazi dar Avardan !!) Playing Mullah games/ tricks in front of the Mullahs ! (Joloye Akhund-ha Akhund-Bazi dar Avardan !!) Playing British tricks in front of the British pigs = UK Queen of pigs ! (Joloye Englisi-ha Englisi-Bazi dar Avardan !!) Playing American games / tricks in front of the American leaders = American shits ! (Joloye Americai-ha Americai-Bazi dar Avardan !! = Trump-Bazi dar Avardan !! = Kos-Khol-Bazi dar Avardan !!) Playing American games or US tricks means Playing Trump games = childish games & Ultra-stupid games of American idiots & US clowns = US Presidents! .. And all of this means: In front of the Bad guys, you use their own Logic & their own language & their own games ! , and show these Stupid Bastards = the Bad Guys that you know them & their silly games so well, better than themselves !!

Persian Joke 453: Qazanfar was so skinny. When he went for Military service, the officer said and wrote: This boy is exempt from military service, because of physical disability (Zaf-e Jesmani) Qazanfar became so happy, and said: Oh, Thank God! Now I want to get married, to have a wife! The officer added: and because of mental disability !!! (Zaf-e Aqlani !)

Persian Joke 454: In 2018, and after about 50 to 60 days after Ashura, people hear the voice of Islamic Farting & Barking & Yapping (Zoozeh & Goozeh) from Khamenie & Rouhani’s neighborhood ! They ask a Basiji: What has happened?! The Basiij says: the team of Rouhani and all men of Khamenie & Rouhani have been trapped in a dead-end path !! (Lashkar & Daste-e Aqa = Daste-e Rouhani tuy-e Kooche Bon-Bast gir-karde !! ) It’s the dead-end path of FATF !!

Persian Joke 455: Messages on Ghazanfar’s Answering Machines: I am currently out at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail to get the position ! … I’m not really out of the office. I’m just ignoring you ! … Sorry to have missed you but I am at the doctors having my brain removed so that I may be promoted to management !! , or to become Trump or Rouhani !!

Persian Joke 456: History teacher asks Gazanfar: Can you name some Monarchs and dynasties of Iran’s modern history ?! Gazanfar: Yah, Nader Shah, Fatal Shah, Reza Shah, and these Kos-K(..)Sha !! = Mullahs (in Iran, Iranians use very funny F-words about Mullahs that the rhythm of its words sounds Sha/ Shah or Shash etc ) …. History teacher asks Gazanfar: Can you name a Shah or King that was a puppet of the West & Colonial powers?! Gazanfar says: Yah, Reza Shah and these JaakeSha !! = Mullahs = shitty Islamic pimps!

Persian Joke 457: They ask Qazanfar: Do you know the 12 Imams?! Can you say the name of them? Gazanfar says: I know them, but not in this way! I don’t know their name; I just know them by their face !! (Age bebinam Mishnasam ! ) … And if you are a Christian, this joke should be changed in this way: Gazanfer is Christian! They ask him: Do you know the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ ?! Can you say the name of them? Gazanfar says: I know them, but not in this way! I don’t know their name; I just know them by their face !! … And if you are a Jew, Gazanfer is Jew! They ask him: Do you know the 12 tribes of Israel ?! Can you say the name of them? Gazanfar says (the same thing!) … And Gazanfer himself adds: And if I were a Zoroastrian ( = a follower of the Persian Religion) then when you ask me: Do you know the 12 commanders on the side of Light & Goodness?! Can you say their name?! I say the same thing! But I also add: You must know that almost all Good things have Iranian roots ! And as you all know almost all Evil things & Satanic things have Semitic Jewish roots and European Barbarian roots

Persian Joke 458: Iranians ask Gazanfar: Who are the most stupid people in Iran’s history?! Gazanfar says: Shah and his MalekeSha !! = his apologists !! , and also Khomeini = Rouhani & Khamenei = these JaakeSha and their MalekeSha !! = their apologists ! = BBC whores, VOA whores and other Media whores – who are exactly like Trump and his MalekeSha = his apologists ! … And one day Gazanfar went to Abadan, and asked an Abadani guy: How much you pay for your utility bills, especially your water bill here in Abadan? Abadani guy say: It’s normal, but lets take a look at my last bill – that I have not paid it yet .. Oh, Volak, it’s 1 million Toman !! I think these Islamist shits ( = Mullahs / Rouhani) or God have put the price of the Last Rain of Abadan in my bill !! (beh Gamunom eena oon Barun Akharie ro zadan be-Hesab-e mo !! )

Persian Joke 459: Q: What is Trump doing in his spare time?! A1: Trump is studying America Morality = Satanic Morality = Christian Morality in his spare time ! A2: Trump is teaching Morality to his Arab Terrorists in his spare time !! … Q: What is Rouhani doing in his spare time?! A: In recent days, the Mullah media report that Rouhani is fucking himself (Khodet Bemal !) in his spare time, and then trying to study The Methods of British Treasons = The CIA’s Methods of Treasons in his working hours, because Rouhani wants to become the Greatest Traitor = Stupidest Traitor in Iran’s history ! … Q: What is Khamenei doing in his spare time?! Khamenei is doing drugs in his spare time, and then trying to study How to Become a Great Mason, or How to become a puppet of Rockefellers by implementing Zionist IMF & FATF plans in his working hours !

Persian Joke 460: Am Iranian kid watching TV, and TV shows a documentary film about Animals ! So, kid asks his father: Daddy, do donkeys get married ? His father, Qazanfar, says: Yah, in this shitty world, only donkeys and stupid animals get married !! … And in these days Rouhani says to his British masters: I hate all Iranians, because they call me stupid animal etc .. But his British masters say: Iranians just tell Truth! So, we Masons hate the Truth! Iranians are able to prove what they say! There are many facts that show & prove that you Rouhani are Stupid animal ! Iranians just tell Truth ! So, we Masons should hate the Truth!

Persian Satire 81: The witty Iranians say: “In these days, the Mullah TV shows TV ads about their new Comedy films in Ashura & Moharram! , and say for instance: It’s a new film, full of joys & comic scenes & excitement ! (film-i sarasar Hayajan .. ! ) Khamenei Gave his Ass to Rockefeller & FATF ! (Khamenei beh FATF koon dad !) This is a new Islamic-Satanic film, full of Treason & Ass-licking & Ass-giving & Ass-kissing ! (film-i sarasar Bemal Bemal & Khayemali .. ! ) Rouhani & Khamenei Gave their Ass to CIA & FATF ! But do their Islamic Ass-giving & Islamic Ass-kissing save their fucking Islam & Islamic regime ?! (Aya Koon dadan-e Khamenei beh Rockefeller & FATF vey & Regime-sh ra Nejat Khahad dad ?! ) If you want to know the answer, you should go to the Islamic Cinema = Islamic Shithole / WC, and see this film ! (Bia Khodet Bebin & Khodet Bemal !! .. Boro Khodet Benin & Bemal !! ) This film is a unique film about all Islamic lies, all Islamic paradoxes and all Islamic Crap & Bullshits = Islamist values of Arab Barbarians = Satanic values of Savage Semites ! (film-i darbar-e Malidan , Mast-Mali, Khaye-Mali & BeMal BeMal-e Islami .. va Islam-i ke Malid !! ) You should go to Islamic Whorehouse = Islamic Regime = Islamic Toilet / WC = Islamic Parliament = Islamic Tavileh = Islamic Animal House, and see this Islamic Erotic film ! , that its name is: Islam of FATF in Muharram!!”

Persian Satire 82: Qazanfar says to Basijis: Lets talk about Barakat of FATF = Benefits of FATF = Benefits of your Arab Islam !! FATF is one of Barakat of Islam !! = Benefits of slam !! Your koon dadan = Sodomy is Barakat of your Arab Islam! (Barakat = Benefits) Your Zellat & Kheffat = your humiliation is a Barekat = Benefit for us = Iranians !! Barekallah !!! Barekallah !!! (read it with Azeri accent !) You fucked yourself ! You fucked your Arab Islam! You fucked your Islamic Regime! Barekallah !!! Barekallah !!! (= Well-done ! God fuck you ! = Arab god / Satan bless you !!) You show that Hezbollah is Pashmollalh ! = Pashm of Mullahs ! = fools & wools of Mullahs / Masons ! Barekallah !! Mashallah Pashmollah !! Che Kooni Dad Hezbollah !! (well-done! You badly fucked yourself ! Hezbollah badly giving its ass, to Satan & FATF! Well-done !! You Islamists fuck yourself & your Islam so well !! Well-done !! ) Thank God that you Arabs show and prove that your Arab Islam is so Satanic & so Jewish, and Hezbollah is Hezb-of-Ball ! .. Hezbollah is Pashmollalh ! = Fools & Wools of Satan! And your fucking Islam is Islam of FATF = Islam of Satan = Islam of Arab Jews. Barekallah !! Marhabaa!! = Well-done !

Persian Satire 83: The witty Iranians say: “The FATF farce shows that Basij or Hezbollah is Pashmollah ! = fools & wools of Mullahs & Baal & Baalah! ) Now the Basijis sing and say to themselves: Mashallah Pash-mollah !! (Go bless fools & wools of Mullahs !! ) Mashallah Pashmollah ! Chiz Raft tu Koon-e Hezbollah !! (a Big Thing went into the ass of Hezbollah!) Mashallah Pashmollah ! FATF ham Raft tu Koon-e Hezbollah !! (Oh, shits! even Satanic FATF went into the ass of Hezbollah!) But Just look how their British Brothers and BBC defend Rouhani, and also Pahlavists & Mullahs & Monarchists and all Masonic Mercenaries = ShaShollah !! = piss & shit of Baal & Baalah =Shahollah ! = piss & shit of King & Shah !! Now all Iranians and also all sane people can see that Pashmullah and Shahollah are actually Dayoosolah or ShaShollah !! = piss & shit of Big Brother ! The ShaSholah are Monarchists, Mullahs and Masons and all Mercenaries. The Masons & Monarchists openly say: Javid Shash ! = Long live Piss & shit !! = Long live Queen & Shah ! = Long live Big Brother ! Their Cyber mercenaries = cyber whores openly defend Shash or ShaShollah !! And openly and shamelessly say: Javid Shash ! = Long live Piss & shit !! Their cyber army of Whores & cyber whores are 2-cent whores or 2-zari whores = Bache kooni = Mason-zadeh = Zena-zadeh = Taj-zadeh ! = ShaSh-zadeh = born of piss and shit. They work for the CIA & Evil Empire. They are a very very very small minority, but they and their bots / robots are so active in the cyber space, because the CIA & Evil Empire is behind them. But in the real world, where their bots & robots don’t exist, the real people chant and say to them: Pashmolla or ShaSholla went to Khela be-mola !! (went to shithole, to shithole of History for ever !)

Persian Satire 84: Some wise Iranians say: “Iranian jokes are funny, but now even the US media say and confess: The real nightmare is that the world is laughing at the United State On Sep 25, 2018 !! .. At the United Nations General Assembly, the nightmare came true!! Now America is the butt of the globe’s jokes! ..’ The world is laughing at us,” Trump said in October 2016 : The world is laughing at the stupidity of what we Americans have done with Everything !! … (And now in Sep 2018) Trump tell new (Jokes & bad jokes) at the UN: In less than 2 years, my administration has accomplished more than any other administration in the history of our country !!!! .. It’s a standard Trump line (of Big Lies), which Trump (and Mullahs) usually deliver in front of two primary audiences: Supporters who believe it, and Reporters = Media Whores who just scoff and shake their head, knowing it’s not true !!!! (Sep 2018) Can you believe it?! It’s a great confession about American values, American Journalism and American Stupidity, isn’t it ?! In fact, America & Mullahs are the same. Trump’s speech to the UN and all reactions to Trump were so informative! The Nazi Terrorist Trump said: We reject the ideology of Globalism and accept the doctrine of Nationalism (Nazism) !!!! It’s a great American confession, about their return to the age of Tribalism & Primitivism ! (Badaviat !!) Trumpism is Tribalism and Barbarism of Stone Ages! And it’s the Death of America! America is not a nation! America is not a fake country and a Masonic-made nation. They are a fake nation. Almost all of them are immigrants! But the real Nation is Persia, the oldest country on Earth, with thousands of years of Glorious history. The Big Loser of Tribalism & Nationalism is America! = a fake and new-born country that almost all its people are immigrants! Even Trump and Trump’s parents were British or German immigrants !, not Americans ! Even Trump is not American! Obama was not American ! Most of the Americans are immigrants, not natives = aboriginals! The Big Loser of Tribalism & Nationalism is America! America is a Big Loser. Even in their shitty game of Tribalism & Nationalism, our Iran = our Great Persia is the Winner ! We Persians have thousands of years of Glorious History of a Great Nation! America is a Big Loser, even in their new Evil games! America and its Terrorist allies = America and its Arab allies are rootless Barbarians like ISIS / DAESH = Satan’s sons. Now all Humans and All Good guys hate America and its Terrorist allies. Only stupid animals like them! America sows chaos, death, and destruction. They do not respect their neighbors or borders, or the sovereign rights of nations. Instead, The West’s pigs and America plunder all nations resources to enrich themselves and to spread mayhem across the Middle East and the world. All Iranian people are rightly outraged that the US and the UK have stolen Trillions of dollars from Iran’s treasury and Iran’s oil. But the payback time is near. We Iranians cannot allow the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism = America to possess the planet’s most dangerous weapons. We Iranians crush America! And If they threaten our Iran or our world = the Human world, then we all = all Iranians & all Good guys threaten Anti-Iran Barbarians = Anti-Human Barbarians (including America & its Terrorists allies) with Total Destruction & Fire & Fury & Going to Hell for ever ! The End of America’s Evil Empire is near “.

Persian Satire 85: Some wise Iranians say: “Arabs whores like al-Pahlavi are Arabs, not Iranians. The al-Pahlavi and al-Pahlavists = all Pahlavists / Monarchists are Mason-ist or Satanist whores of The Evil Empire. They are Anti-Iran Clowns or Crowed Clowns, and in our Iran only Guillotines are waiting for al-Pahlavi (Reza Pahlavi) and Pahlavists and their return! The history of Guillotine and the history of Guillotine in French Revolution is a long story (we will write about it later) But you all know at least part of it ! So, you all know why Iranians say: In Iran, only Guillotines are waiting for Monarchists = al-Pahlavi (Reza Pahlavi) and Pahlavists = Masons and Anti-Iran pigs! You all know what it means! Iranian people are making or preparing Guillotines for welcoming Monarchists = Anti-Iran Masons = Pahlavists with Guillotines. Al-Pahlavi is Arab Jew, or Anti-Iran Mason. Only shits (Goh) and Goh-Shifte can like him. The story of Goh-Shifte is so funny! It’s the story of How a Gol-Shifte becomes Goh-Shifte! = the story of a Celebrity that was Gol-Shifte (Flower-lover) but when she went to the West, she became a shit and an ass-licker of Farah Pahlavi = Ajuzeh Pahlavi, and so became a worthless Shit (Goh) and Goh-Shifte (Shit-lover ! ) If you became a political whore, an Anti-Iran whore & Shit-lover = Mullah-lover or Pahlavi-lover or BigBrother-lover, then you actually become Goh-Shifte ! (Shit-lover ! ) So, all humans must know How a Golshifteh becomes a Gohshifteh ! Sometimes you can say, for instance, this or that person is like Golshifteh or a shallow celebrity; and their acts just show How childish & shallow they and their views are. But a Gol-Shifteh can easily become Goh-Shifteh (shit-lover) if she tries to make a complete fool of herself by working as an admirer or apologist for Shah & Arab Dictators & other Evil forces. Now it’s clear that GolShifteh was a Mongol, or MonGol-shifteh ! (retarded, or retard-lover! ), like her Dayoos Father, who worked for both Savak & Mullahs / Masons. Gol-Shifteh was actually MonGol-Shifteh !! (retarded, or retard-lover ! ), that’s why she thinks Iranian people are blind or stupid, but American Barbarians and European barbarians are blah blah! A Goh-Shifteh = MonGolshifteh is a political whore, who knows Nothing but Ass-licking & Treason! This Islamic-Masonic whore GolShifteh has become Anti-Iran & Anti-Iranian Whore, and can show you why all Iranians hate a stupid Anti-Iran whore = MonGol-shifteh !, and How Golshifteh becomes Gohshifteh ! Only a GohShifteh or MonGolshifteh can defend Arab Barbarians or Dictators / Shahs. Sometimes you can say that they need more times because they are too ignorant and having little knowledge or experience. But if they deliberately & repeatedly defend Bad guys & Dictators & Evil forces & Anti-Iran Barbarians, then we all see them as MonGolshifteh (retarded pig) or Goh-Shifteh (shit-lover). We Iranians have No problem with nudity or sex. We Iranians don’t care about what you wear or not wear! We just care about what you do and say about Iranians & The Truth & The Good & Human values, and also about Anti-Iran Barbarians & Evil forces. In fact, we just care about Human values = Iranian values. Today everything is clear, and If you defend Anti-Iran Barbarians & Evil Forces – from Trump & Rouhani to Putin & Pahlavi & Rajavi & UK & France & Saudis & ISIS & Islamists / Zionists etc- then you are a stupid bastard or Bad guy. If you defend Trump or Tyranny & Turkmenchay, then you are a stupid bastard or bad guy. Everything is clear”.


Persian Joke 461: Gazanfer becomes a wise Religious leader / Cult leader ! , and says to his followers: Shah, Cult or Religion is something that is always good & useful , even when it is so so Bad & so harmful ! .. Shah, Cult or Religion is something that is always Holy and from God ! , even when it is so Satanic and Barbaric ! .. Shah, Cult or Religion is something that is always Justifiable and Logical ! , even when it is so iillogical and unjustifiable ! .. Shah, Cult or Religion is something that is always Rational & Spiritual ! , even when it is so irrational and so Satanic ! .. Dictator, Cult or Religion is something that is always Anti-American & Anti-Imperialism ! , even when it is so Satanic, accept IMF & FATF’s dictates, approves FATF & No-clear Turkmenchay, serves the West’s interests, and obeys America’s orders !! And the Jewish Noam Chomsky loves such Cults / Religions so much!

Persian Joke 462: Gazanfar ask idiots: Who do you waste your money on cigarette, and converting your money into smoke ?! But idiots say: Who do you waste your money on foods ?! Foods become shits after digestion! So Why do you convert your money into shits! … And Gazanfar says: Wow! Such a bad smart asses / idiots! And that’s why the Messages on Gazanfar’s Answering Machines (for idiots) are: I will be unable to delete all the unread, worthless emails you send me until I return from vacation! Please be patient and your mail will be deleted in the order it was received ! … You are receiving this automatic notification because I am in there. If I was in, chances are you wouldn’t have received anything at all !

Persian Joke 463: They ask Gazanfar: What is Revolution ?! Gazanfar says: Revolution means a Big Change (Degargooni) ! They say: what do you mean?! Gazanfar says: Lets give you an example. Revolution means: Before 1979, Iranians prayed in their home, and drank wine in the streets ! But after 1979, Iranians prayed in the streets!, and drank wine in their home ! .. Before 1979, Iranians went to mosques, and hated sexy films or porn! But after 1979, Iranians hate mosques, and love sexy films! .. Before 1979, Iranian people were so stupid, and only a very few Iranians were wise, educated, open-minded and pro-Iran & Anti-Islamist! But now after 1979, only a few Iranians are so stupid, uneducated or pro-Mullah = pro-Ajnabi = pro-Islamist! Now Iranian people are Smart, Wise, Educated, Open-minded, pro-Iran and Anti-Islamist & Anti-Mullah = Anti-Monarchy = Anti-West puppets ! Now almost all Iranians know that Masons, Mullahs and Islamists are the West’s puppets = Ajnabi & Nokar-e Ajnabi !

Persian Joke 464: Gazanfar had a cattle ranch (Gaw-dari) One day the WHO’s vets came and said to Gazanfar: Rouhanis love the Great Satan’s New World Order, including WHO & IMF, and even FATF that is Not part of UN ! (FATF is not even a part of UN !! FATF is CFR of USA & G7 !! ) So we are here to ask you: Which kind of foods you give to your cows? Gazanfar said: I use local foods like the peel or skin of local fruits ! .. So, he was fined 1 million Toman by WHO! The Next month, the WHO came and said: Which kind of foods you give to your cows? Gazanfar said: The Best Foods !, like Kebab ! Hot Dog ! Hamburger and Pizza !! So, this time he was fined 5 million Toman by Vets! … The Next month, the WHO came and said: Which kind of foods you give to your cows? Gazanfar said: I don’t know ! I just give them money, and the cows themselves go and buy their foods !!!

Persian Joke 465: Gazanfar says to his girlfriend: You are in my blood ! you are in my heart ! You are in my whole body ! … But his girlfriend doesn’t show any reaction! So, Gazanfar says: You are in my blood ! you are in my body ! And you know, I went to see a doctor, and the doctor said : you Ganzafar has a Parasite in your body and blood !! (ANgal dari !! ) … And they say to Gazanfar: What is Parasite ?! Gazanfar says: Parasite is a Partner or small animal that lives with your or inside you and gets its food & everything from you ! .. In Fact, Parasite is a Mullah! Parasite is a Pahlavi / Shah! Parasite is a Pofyooz like UK !

Persian Joke 466: (some ancient Iranian jokes) When I was in the desert, said Mula Nasruddin one day, I caused an entire tribe of savage Arab Barbarians to run! “However did you do it? ! ” asked an Iranian. Nasruddin said: “Easy. I just ran, and they ran after me and my money!! … And one day Gazanfar asks his wife’s mother: God accepts which amount / which percent of your prayers ?! His wife’s mother says: 50% ! Gazanfar: really ?! How do you know?! His wife’s mother : because I asked God to give me a Khar Pul son-in- law ! , that means he will be both Donkey (stupid) and Wealthy! But now my son-in-law is only Donkey (so stupid), not wealthy ! So God only accepts 50% of my prayers !!

Persian Joke 467: A Great Idiot and a Great liar, Trump and Rouhani, were talking to each other. Rouhani said: One day I went to jungle, and two lions attacked me! I killed one lion, but other lion killed me and ate me ! Trump said: But you are still alive, and have a life ! Rouhani said: Which life?! Do you call my life a life ?! My life is a shit, not a life ! … And If you become a wealthy man, even your Pashm = your wool (hairs) become so valuable and worth a lot of money! If you have doubt, just ask Hajj Abdullah !! (Hajj Abdullah is a stupid Islamic brand that producing Pashm-ak ! = Wooly candies !! or candies that are like wool ! )

Persian Joke 468: Gazanfer became a salesman! One day, a man ask him: How much is this coat? Gazanfar says: 1 million Toman! The man says: Oh! It’s so expensive! How much is that coat? Gazanfar says: Oh, Oh ! Two Oh !! … And a Basiji married an Arab! One day Basiji was watching an Islamic Adult film! But suddenly he saw his Arab wife in this Adult film! So, Basiji said to himself: Thank God that it’s just a film ! Thank God that it’s just a movie / film, not a real thing !!

Persian Joke 469: Gazanfar steals electricity from street cables ! But every 1min he has no electricity in his home! So, he tells his story to his expert friend, and asks him: Why?! for 1min I have electricity in my home, and then for 1min I have no electricity in my home! Why?! This country and its electricity is so shitty, isn’t it?! So, his expert friend does some research, and finally sees that Gazanfar has stolen electricity from Traffic light !!

Persian Joke 470: Qazanfer goes to America ! And after studying American behaviors says to his friends: Do you know Why did Iranians invent alcohol? .. So American pigs like Trump can get laid too! .. Do you know What does an American leader and a bottle of beer have in common? A: They are both empty from the neck up ! .. And do you know what is the difference between a dead dog in the road and a dead Black man or a dead Arab Jew in America? A: Skid marks in front of the dog !!

Persian Satire 86: The witty Iranians say:Gazanfar is praying a lot !, after FATF-gate and after all humiliating defeats of Arab Islam & Mullahs – from Saudi defeats, ISIS defeats, Turkey’ss Islam defeats, No-clear Turkmenchay, FATF Farce, Trump-Islamists scandals, The CIA’s Iran projects of CIA’s Mullahs etc etc. So, they ask Gazanfar: Why are you so happy?! Why do you pray a lot so happily ?! Gazanfar: Thank God that their Arab Islam is been fucked so badly! Thank God that we Iranians can see the humiliation of Mullahs & their Arab Islam ( = Khaari & Zellat-e Islam-e Arab & Akhundi !) Thank God that we Iranians can see the Death of Arab Islam & Islamists ! Thank God that we Iranians can see their Islamic Khefat and their Islamic Koon dadan ! (giving ass), and How Mullahs and Islamists Koon midan beh (give their ass to ) their Great Satan & CIA & FATF & Zionist IMF ! Thank God that now the world and all humans and all animals can see that what our Iranian people have repeatedly said about Mullahs & Islamists = Stooges of the West is true, absolutely true. Now Iranians say to Islamists: Islam, Islam, een bood Islam-e-toon ?!! Chiz to Koon-e-toon !!, een bood Islam-e-toon ?!! (You fucking Islamists / Mullahs always said: Islam, Islam! Now it’s clear that your Islam is FATF! Your Islam is Great Satan! You Islamic Sodomites = Arab Islamists revealing all secrets ! ) Thank God that their Arab Islam Kood dad ! (gave ass to Satan!) Thank God that their Vali Faqih Vaadad & Koon dad ! ( their Islamic Leader gave his ass to FATF & Great Satan) Thank God that their Arab Islam & Islamic Regime Vaadad & Koon Dad & Zanu Zad / Ter Zad !! ( = the fucking Arab Islam & Islamic Regime give up and go to hell for ever!)”

Persian Satire 87: the witty Iranians say: “Now the Ayatollah UK and The Ayatollah BBC issue many Fatwa = FartWar ! In one of their new British Fatwa = FartWar, they say: If an Anti-Iran whore is so so Anti-Iranian, then you should refer to this Anti-Iranian whore as Iranian-UK = Iranian of UK !! In British Islam of Mullahs & Ayatollah BBC, War is called Peace ! , Censorship is Freedom !, Kachal is Zolf-Ali ! (Bald is called hairy! ), Arab Jew is called Iranian! , British Barbarian is called Civilized ! , British Barbarism is Civilization ! , Cannibalism is called Modernism! , and British Barbarity is Morality!! So, If someone is a British Barbarian = Mason and also an Anti-Iranian Bache Kooni, Zina-zadeg, Khayemal, Dayoos, Pofyuz, Qoromsaq, Koon-Nashur ( = Anti-Iranian Faggot, Ass-licker, Sodomite, Pimp and a shitty Whore with an Arab dirty ass ! ) you can refer to him/ her as UK’s Iranian or Iranian of UK !! = Anti-Iranian Barbarian of UK = Ayatollah BBC ! = Monarchist = MEK / MKO = Mercenary = Mullah = Anti-Iran Whore! All of them are the same shit !”

Persian Satire 88: Iranians ask Sheikh Trump : How a group or a country can become your America ally ?! Sheikh Trump says: It’s so so easy! For becoming an America ally, you should : 1 be an Arab Islamist Terrorist like our Saudi Arab Barbarian brothers ! 2 be a an Arab Islamic Terrorist who has created the 9/11 attacks! Our America loves the 9/11 attacks and its Arab terrorists so much ! 3 be a an Arab Islamic Terrorist nation like Saudi Arabia who has created ISIS / DAESH, Taliban and other Islamist Terrorists with the help of our CIA ! 4 be a an Arab Islamic Terrorist country like Saudi Arabia that openly kills journalists – even our CIA’s Arab journalists and our Arab media whores ! 5 be a Killer and a Dictator and a Terrorist and a Fascist, but it’s not enough! You must be Anti-Iran & Anti-Iranian = Anti-Truth & Anti-Good & Anti-Human values It’s so so important ! But Iranians say to Sheikh Trump : So, in this way, the Mullahs are your America allies, too! But why do the idiots think that the Mullahs are not your puppets / allies?! Sheikh Trump says: because these idiots are so so stupid ! When we Americans support Saudi Arabia and the Arab Islamic Terrorists of the 9/11 attacks, it’s so obvious that the Mullahs are our fake Enemy = our stooges / allies, too! But we and our CIA support Mullahs secretly ! It’s our secret !

Persian Satire 89: Lets take a look at Trump quotes ! : these people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive! To be blunt, people would vote for me. They just would. Why? Maybe because I’m so good looking !! Donald Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims, but Not Arab Islamists & Arab Islamic Terrorist, entering the United States !! Sorry losers and haters, but my IQ is one of the highest !- and you know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault that you are not a great idiot like me !! “You know, I go to Washington and I see all these politicians, and I see the swamp. And it’s not a good place. So, I fuck myself !! .. I said we ought to change it from the word swamp to the word cesspool or, perhaps, to the word sewer !! Trump is a sick joke ! = Trump is a Jew Arab Joke!

Persian Satire 90: (It’s a Keyhan-style joke) Basiji 1 says: In these days people fuck Trump & Arabs, mock Trump & Arabs and refer to Trump as Abu Arab !! , that means Father of Arabs ! Trump is Father of Arabs Basiji 2: Yah, Abu Arab Malid ! Dar-e Araba Malid ! (Trump is fucking Arabs!) Abu Arab, Arab ra Gaiid ! (= Abu Arab / Trump fucks Arab Cows! The Father of Arabs = Trump is fucking & doing Incest with Arabs!! ) Saudi Islam = Arab Islam Malid ! (Arab Islam is fucked up!) Qazanfar says: Yah ! But you Islamists / Basijis are Arabs, not Iranian. And all Iranians fuck your Arab Islam & Islamists. Now all Iranians ask: your fucking Islamic love affair with FATF & Great Satan is which kind of Heroic Fuck & Sex position?! (Maalesh bood, Gaayesh bood, ya Saazesh bood ?!! .. ) and answer: there is no difference! Now Iranians sing new funny songs like (sing or read it in Vazir-e Shoar style!): Rahbari Koon Dad beh America ! (Arab Islam’s Leader gives his ass to America!) Akh Jaan! Hala: Marg bar America !! (It’s Great! It’s the Best time to say: Death to America & Arab Islam! ) Rouhani Koon Dad beh America! (their Rouhani gives his ass to US! ) Hala baa ham: Marg bar America! (So, all people must say: Death to America & Islamists! ) een Islam Koon Dad beh America ! (this Arab Islam gives its ass to USA ! ) Akh Jaan! Hala: Marg bar America ! (It’s Great! It’s the Best time to say: Death to America & Arab Islam! ) Baasiji Koon dad beh America! (Basijis give their ass to America ! ) Chiz tu Koonesh ! Marge Bar America ! (Fuck Basijis & Islamists! Death to America ! ) Islamist Koon dad beh America ! (Islamists give their ass to Great Satan! ) Tof beh Qabresh ! Marge Bar America! (Fuck Islamists & Basijis! Death to America ! ) Feizieh Koon dad beh America ! (Qom’s Hawzah = Feizieh give its ass to FATF & US! ) Rid tu Diinesh! Marg bar America! (Fuck their Islam ! Fuck Arab Religion! Death to America! )Akhund ham Koon Dad beh America ! (Mullahs give their ass to FATF & USA! ) Akh Jaan! Hala: Marg bar America ! (So, it’s the Best time to say: Death to America & Ayatollahs! ) Now all Iranians and all sane people can see that Mullahs = FATF = Great Satan = America = Arab Islam & Islamists!”


Persian Joke 471: They ask Qazanfar: What is the symbol of worthless Barbarians?! What is the symbol of Medieval Barbarians & Terrorists of a worthless shithole of Dark Ages?! Qazanfar says: Jew or Arab Clothing ! If you want to show that someone is a worthless Barbarian, you show them in Arab Clothing – like Trump in Arab Clothing, Netanyahu in Arab Clothing etc etc ! Saudi or Arab Islamist and their Arab Clothing is the main symbol of the worthless Barbarians, Medieval Ages, Dark Ages and the Uncivilized & Uncultured savages who are so so worthless! .. Q: You all know Saudis or Arab Islamists are so worthless Barbarians. But do you know who is more worthless than Arab Barbarians?! (Past-tar az een Araba kie?!) who is more worthless than Arab Islamists = Arab Barbarians = Saudis? (Past-tar az Arab-o Tazi-o Saudi kie?!) A: It’s clear. Trump and those who support these worthless Arab Barbarians!! … And Who is worse than Satan?! Those who Dance with Satan! .. Who is worse than Trump, and more worthless than Trump?! Those who Dance with Trump!, or with Satan’s FATF !

Persian Joke 472: The witty Iranians say: As you know, British Barbarians = British cannibals ( = Man eaters = Adam Khora) are worse than Arabs & Jews = Locust-eaters & Piss-eaters! (Malakh-Khora, Shash-khora!) But there is a funny & famous joke about The British cannibals, who worked for an Asian Computer company! One day the company says that One of their developers has disappeared. So, the leader of the British cannibals says to Brits: ” Which of you idiots ate the developer?” One of the British cannibals raises his hand hesitantly, to which the leader of the British cannibals says: “You FOOL! For four weeks we’ve been eating team leaders, managers, and project managers and no-one has noticed anything, and now YOU ate one developer and it got noticed. So hereafter please Don’t eat a person who is working !!

Persian Joke 473: The witty Iranian Men say: Only 20% of all Men have brain ! (Aql daran!) Other men have wife ! (zan daran !! ) … The witty Iranian women say: Only 20% of all Men have brain ! (Aql daran!) Other men have a very stupid tendency to fuck and to be fucked !! About 80% of men have a stupid tendency to fuck themselves and their family !! … And A foreign journalist asks Rouhani (or a Basiji): How do your Islamic Embezzlements work ?! How Do you steal public money / people’s money in Iran?! Rouhani says: It’s so simple! Do you see that welfare project in frond of you? Journalist says: No! There is nothing here. There is no project and nothing here! Rouhani says: Exactly! But this Nothing or Nothing Project is an Islamic project that we have spent 4 Billions of Dollars on it !! = We have put that 4 Billions of Dollars in our pocket !! (Hamin Hichi 4000 Billions Kharj bardashte !! )

Persian Joke 474: A group of Iranian girls love the Persian letters P and Kh so much ! These Iranian girls love Pul Kharj-konan ! (spend money!) Pesar Khar-konan! (deceive boys!) Pethar Kham-konan! (fool their fathers ! ) Pride Khord-konan ! (destroy pride cars / destroy pride of people ! ) Passport-begiran, Kharej-beran ! (Get a Passport and go to foreign countries / foreign travels ! ) Porroo and Khosgel bashan ! (Become so rude and so beautiful ! ) and so on and so on !

Persian Joke 475: (Two Persian joke made by Parviz Khatibi in his Tozih al-Latayef, 1985 ) The Islamic Regime says the import of Foreign Products has been banned ! But Iranian people say: So, how these Foreigners (= Mullahs) and Foreign Products = Basijis & Mullahs have been imported here ?!! … After the 1979 Disaster, even Celebrities and Artists have changed so badly; Fardin has become Bidin ! (irreligious! ) Iman-verdi has lost his Iman (= faith) ! Mahasti has lost his Hasti !! ( = all her properties) Ramesh has lost his ARamesh ! (=her calm & good life) Malek Motie has become Moti ! ( = slave ! ) Emad Ram is not Ram ! ( = not Relax ! ) and (Bahman Mofid is not Mofid ! = not good or useful !! ) and Aqili has become Muslim bin Aqil !!!

Persian Joke 476: A group of Iranian boys love the Persian letters B and K so much! The Iranian boy love Kos Bo.. (fuck pussy!) K.. Bezanan! (deceive girls!) Kolo-yom K-words BegAN ! (Use F-words = K-words a lot in all times! ) Kos-sher BegAN ! (Say Crappy things & Bullshit alot ! ) Kar-nakonan! Buss-bokonan / Booq-bezanan! (don’t do work ! don’t have job !! Just do sexy things!) Kole-zengedi ro Bega-bedan ! (Fuck the entire life ! ) Kolan Berinan beh-zendegi ! (Shit on everything ! ) Koskalak Bazi-konan ! (just play silly games) Kolo-yom Bazi-va-badesh-zari-konan ! (All days play video games and silly games, and then weep a lot ! ) and these Boys Kolan Bokhar-mokhar-nadarn ! (are goods for nothing ! ) and so on and so on !

Persian Joke 477: In these days, in Iran and Tehran, almost all people use a lot of F-words (Fosh) against the Mullahs & the West at most times! But there is a little difference between different parts of Tehran – as a symbol of Iran: (1) In Southern Tehran, they curse Rouhani and use F-words against Mullahs = Rouhanis & Islamic Crooks of MI6 & CIA for about 20 hours a day! Now Islamic Crooks live in Northern Tehran; now most of those who live in Northern Tehran are Mullahs/ Basijs, or Rouhani’s supporters! (2) But even in Northern Tehran, they curse Rouhani and use F-words against Mullahs = Rouhanis for about 10 hours a day! And in the next 10 hours day, they use F-words against UK & USA & those who live in Southern Tehran!, because these idiots supported the Mullahs in 1979 ! (3) In Central Tehran, they curse Rouhani and use F-words against Mullahs = Rouhanis for about 10 hours a day! But it’s not the whole story. For the next 5 hours a day, they use F-words against UK & USA & those who live in Southern Tehran ! , because these pigs supported the Mullahs in 1979 ! And For the next 5 hours a day, they use F-words against Europe & Trump and those who live in Northern Tehran, because these pigs help Rouhanis / Islamists now !

Persian Joke 478: (It’s like a joke made by Parviz Khatibi in his Tozih al-Latayef, 1985 ) Who is this Arab pig, Bani Sag ?! Bani Sadr was an Arab / Arab Jew who became the first president of Mullahs. Even his name Badi Sadr is 100% Arab, and shows that Badi Sag is 100% Arab or Arab Jew. Badi Sag is a Father Sag; his father was an Arab Mullah! Bani Sag has a P.H.D in Islamic Economy (= Eqtesard-e Tuhidi ! = Tu Ridi !! = You just shit ! = Moqarebati ! = Masonic Economy of Mullahs!) But Bani Sag has a P.H.D in Islamic Economy from France’s Freemason universities! The Arab Bani Sag defends Jew Arab Islam, (IMF Plans & FATF ) and other Zionist plans of Mullahs & the West, but call himself an Iranian, or Islamist Socialist !, like Noam Chomsky !!

Persian Joke 479: In Tehran Taxis, Iranians are cursing Mullahs, fucking Mullahs and mocking Mullahs. But in a taxi when an Iranian (guy1) says: the Mullahs are whores and pimps ! the guy2 says: Why do you insult ?! The guy1 says: What?! Do you still like or support Mullahs ?! And the guy2 says: No, never! Fuck Mullahs. But why do you insult whores and pimps ?! Mullahs are so so worse than whores & pimps !! Compared to Mullahs, whores and pimps are saints & angels !! …. And In these days, a Mullah leaves an Iranian Taxi, says to taxi deriver: Brother, Calculate us ! / Calculate our cost ! (maa ro Hesab kon!) And Iran’s taxi drivers say: We fuck you Mullahs, not calculate you! Fuck Mullahs! Go to hell Mullahs! (Ey Akhund-e Dayoos, Maa tho ro AN ya Tokh-memoon ham hesab nekonim !! )

Persian Joke 480: The witty Iranian say: “Rouhanis = Mullahs love the Arabic language & other Satanic languages = Anti-Iran languages, and Arabic letters D and K so much! Mullahs love Dorqu-began Kos-began! (to tell lies & big lies & bullsits ! ) Dozdi Konan ! (to steal money !) Dayoosi-va-mozdoori Konan ! (to be whore and mercenary of the West) …Koon-bedan Dorost ! beh FATF & Great Satan, (to give their dirty Arab ass to FATF & Great Satan) Dayoos-basahan & Koonde-basahan! ( to be Arab Sodomite & Whore of CIA ! ) .. pishe FATF & Great Satan Dola-beshan & Koon-bedan ! (to allow FATF & Great Satan to fuck Mullah ass & Arab Islam) Dari-vari-began , Kos-sher-telavat-konon (to tell lies a lot, and to bullshit a lot ) The fucking Arab Mullahs, and their fucking Arab Islam, talked about The Day of the Greatest Terror !! But now they should talk about The Day of the Greatest Koon-dadan beh (giving ass to) FATF & Great Satan = the Day of the Greatest Shame ! = The Day of the Greatest Terr zadan !! (Ter zadan means: shitting, making terrible mistakes in a shitty way) = the Day of the Death of Arab Islam Now after FATF-gate, Iranians use those D and K letters of Mullahs, and say to Mullahs: Dige Koon-dadid !! (Now all people can see that Mullahs are Sodomites and slaves of America !) Dige Kolan Khafe-shid ! (So, Shut the fuck up Mullah! ) Dige Kolan-bemirid ! (you Mullahs must Die !, fuck off ! ) Dige-chiz Kardid tu Islam-etoon ! (From Now on, all people should only fuck you & your fucking Arab Islam! ) Dige Kolan-be-gaa-raftid ! (All Mullahs will go to Hell soon) Now after giving your dirty Islamic ass to FATF & Great Satan, you Islamists and your fucking Arab Islam of FATF must go to hell for ever !

Persian Satire 91: Some wise Iranians say: “The Iranians philosophers = the good philosophers of Persia used to say, and still say Death is inevitable, and All people die ! But the main point is that How they live, Which works of them remain after them = after their death, and how the world & history remember them. Many people disappear or vanish forever, and only some people remain forever, because their good works remain. After your death, the people and future generations don’t say, for instance: which kind of cars or vehicles you had, which kind of house you had, which kind of luxury shits you had, how much money you had. But if they remember you !, they only remember your good works/ good legacy, and how you did a good & immortal work in your life. So, only idiots care about money a lot ! And they disappear or vanish forever, like those died in 10 thousands years ago! After their death, they become like 7-hezar Salegan = those who died in 7,000 years ago! After your death, there is no difference between you and 10-hezar Salegan ! who died in 10,000 years ago! So, you should always ask yourself: Which kind of people remain forever (che kasani mimanand !) and Which kind of people vanish and go to Hell forever ! (beh Fuck-e Fanaa miravand !) If you live like sheep and care a lot about money and fashion, silly fashions of your times, then you go to hell forever! Only those who work to create a real good legacy will remain – their name or their work or their Legacy remain (name-sham, asar-e shan, Miras-e shan) Today, you don’t ask that Ferdowsi or Avicenna or other Great Scientists & Scholars had which kind of luxury donkey/ horse/ car or Palace! You only ask about their works, because it’s the only important thing, and it will remain forever. So, Don’t be whores ! Don’t be sheep! Don’t be mercenary ! Try to be Human ! (Adam Bashid ! ) Live like Humans (Mesl-e Adam!) But If you are like Trump or Rouhani and being a Human or normal person is so hard for you ! (Agar Adam budan baratoon kheili sakhte !! ), then you are a sick Pig / Psychopath, and you should try to find a good vet = animal doctor ! (berid ye Pezeshki, Dam-pezeshki peyda konid ! ) Only a good vet = Doctor of animals ( = Dam-pezeshk ! ) can help or cure you !”

Persian Satire 92: The witty Iranians say: “The Arab Barbarians and Arab Islamists are so worthless barbarians, and that’s why their Arab Religion is so worthless and so Satanic. They just try to steal and copy from Iran & Iranians & other Civilized nations (QerQereh konon/ Bedozdan ) but in a very shitty way. Now these stupid pigs talk about Rules of Joking in Arab Islam!! It’s a so worthless bullshit, but because it’s so laughable and shows the truths of Arab Religion & Arab Identity, let’s take a look at it. Arab pigs use Satanic Hadith = fake Hadith and Jewish Hadith and Arabic-Barbic Hadith, and say: ‘Uthman (God fucks him!) said: The amount of joking should be so small, like the amount of salt in one’s food !!!! .. the Arab Prophet said: “Do not laugh too much (!!), for laughing makes you sick (!!!) .. ‘Umar ibn al-Khattaab (God fucks him!) said: “Whoever laughs too much or jokes loses respect among Arab Islamists !! ( = Arab barbarians) … The Arab Prophet said: “You must laugh little and weep much !!!! Can you believe it?! Do some research about it! Arab Satanists = Islamists have no shame and no brain. They say: laughter and jokes are against Islam of Arabs!! So, you all must tell jokes and make jokes more and more, as much as you can!! It’s the best fight against Arab Islam = Satanic Islam of Arabs = Jewish Religion of Arabs! The best joke is when Arab pigs talk about Joking in Arab Islam!! Arab Islamists say laugher & Joke is bad, but Savagery & Slavery is good ! Their Arab Islam is a Satanic joke. Their fucking Arab Islam is so Satanic = so Jewish, and worse than all Bad Jokes. Arab Islamists say: the Sunni Imams including Sufyaan ibn ‘Uyaynah (God fucks him ! ) said : Joking is not right, it is to be denounced! It’s Sunnah !!!! Joking is against Arab Sunnah! (= Arab traditions of Arab Islam) Joking is against Islam of Arabs !!! Laughter & jokes are against Arab Islam ! What Arabs say is quite clear, isn’t it ?! Their Satanic Arab logic is so ridiculous and laughable. Arab Barbarians say: Don’t laugh ! because laughing make you human! But you must a slave !, a slave of Arab God = a slave of Satan! The Arab God is Satan = Baal / Baalah = Jewish God who hate Human values = Iranian values. Arab Islamists say: Iranian people joke too much and it becomes a habit for them. This is the opposite of the serious nature (savage nature) which is the characteristic of Arab Islam & Islamists !! And it’s not a joke ! Just search the internet !, and their Satanic Arabic resources. ‘Umar ibn ‘Abd al-‘Azeez (may God farts on his face & his sick mind !! ) said: “Fear joking (!!), for it is folly and generates laugh !! And it’s not a joke ! It’s exactly what Arab Islamists = Arab pigs & Saudis say!, and call it Rules of Joking in Arab Islam!! Arab Islamists & Saudis are such worthless barbarians of Medieval Dark Ages. Arab Islamists & Saudis are such worthless Arab barbarians who hate Iranian values = Human values Now Arab pigs repeat the Iranian jokes, but pretend that these Iranian jokes are Arab Jokes!. The Motherfucker faggots have no shame! These Arabs are so Worthless Shits. Dozdi & Rahzani = Thievery & Robbery is Arab Tradition and all informed people know it, and also know Why Arab Religion is based on Arab Thievery & Robbery!

Persian Satire 93: The witty Iranians say: “America loves Satanic Islam of Arab Terrorists & Satanists, because America is so Satanic. Why you cannot find any related results, when you google for the Satanic Islam of Arabs or Arab Terrorists?! The answer is clear: Because the CIA or America is behind the Satanic Islam of Arabs & Terrorists = Saudis Only when you omit this Satanic word Arab, you find millions of things! The Satanic America & Trump support the Satanic Islam of Arab Terrorists = Saudis, and now in Oct 2018, the whole world can see this undeniable fact, and the whole world laughs at Trump & America & The West who support the Satanic Islam of Arab Dictators & Terrorists = Saudis etc. America is so Satanic, and that’s why they love Arab Terrorists & Arab Islamists. Now even good Americans talk about Satanic America and Inside the Sex Cult of ‘Christ’ !! (2018) or Inside the Sex Cult of Jesus !! (2017) , and say:” Maybe the Jewish Jesus was like the Jewish King Solomon! … and King Solomon had lots of sex slaves & concubines !!! (more than 700 sex slaves!) Now all good guys say the same things, in all around the world – from Great Persia to North America ! Now even the good Muslims – who hate Satanic Islam of Saudis & Arab Terrorists & Arab Dictators- talk about good things like Satanic Islam, or Sexy Islam! They talk about Harun’s Houris !! They know Harun Yahya, and sexy Islam of Turk Arab Jews! Just search the internet, and see what the good Muslims say. The Good Muslims are good guys, who say many good things. For instance, they say: if you want to know Harun Yahya, all you need to do is check out the main website of Harun Yahya: h-t-t-p:// ! .. Read Articles like : An analysis of the Harun Yahya enterprise !! or The Mahdi wears Armani: The bizarre world of Harun Yahya ! The Good Muslims are pro-Iran, pro-Truth, pro-Good, but anti-Lie, anti-Barbarity, anti-Charlatanism, and Anti-Arab Barbarians. So, as Americans say: God bless The Good Muslims ! Turkey’s Harun Yahya is a Turk Jewish Sodomite & Sex Pervert who claimed to be a Savior !! He claimed to be a Jesus or a Mahdi !! Tell them “I am the Jesus, the Messiah = Jewish Mehdi = Jewish King = Jewish savior of Jews or Bani Israel !! Turkey’s Islamist Harun Yahya says! Turkey’s good guys say: His Masonic-Islamic books are available in several languages in Islamic bookshops around the world !!! A wide range of websites also spread his views (that he has said) in His Masonic-Islamic books (= his Satanic-Islamic books) !! This Jew Islamist Harun Yahya call himself the Mahdi !!!!! The Mahdi Wears Armani (!!): An Analysis of the Harun Yahya Enterprise, is a book by Solberg, a Western (Masonic scholar ! ) Turkey’s good guys are pro-Iran, as the good Arabs are pro-Iran, and the good Jews are pro-Iranian & pro-Persia. We Iranians never said, and never say, that all Arabs or All Jews or all people of a country are Bad guys or anything else. But America and Trump attack all Iranians, and put their Sanctions and Sadisms on all Iranians. And this is Racism & Barbarism & Anti-Iranism = Anti-Persianism. What America and Trump say and do is pure Racism & Barbarism & Fascism & Anti-Iranism = Anti-Persianism

Persian Satire 94: Some wise Iranians say: “Today America or Trump is equal to Racism & Barbarism & Fascism & Anti-Iran Barbarity & Anti-Persian Savagery. Just look the American Barbarians do. Their CIA’s Pimps & Pimpeo openly and shamelessly create Anti-Iran Group !! Fuck America & Fuck American Barbarians, who go to Hell soon ! Now America has become Shit-worshiper or Arab-worshiper, and use the worthless Arab shits = the worthless Arab Barbarians (Arab-e Koon-nashur) to create Anti-Iran shit !! We Iranians will never forget and forgive America’s Anti-Iran insanity ! We Iranians will crush America! Just wait and see. The large Army of Wise Iranians, Millions of Wise Iranians, who are so so much Wiser & Smarter than Americans, will crush America’s Evil Empire. Just wait and see. We Iranians will put an End to the West’s Empire Empire. It’s our Iranian Profession, since thousand of years ago. We Iranians are Myth-busters, Evil-busters, Empire-busters and Satan-busters = Zahak-busters and we Iranian can fuck All Evil Forces & All Barbarians solely (Yek Taneh) and without any help. It’s what we have done for thousand of years ago, and when the Barbarians were in the majority. We Iranians sent all Barbarians to hell, or made them civilized. The Human World and the Civilized world owe us and our Great Persia a lot. All Good guys know what it means, and they are grateful. Now We Iranians and all Good guys want to crush America’s Evil Empire and America’s stooges = all Evil Forces – from Islamists & Mullahs to Satanic Jews and Masons and other Barbarians. Now the real Good guys in all around the world are with us, because they are Good & care about the Truth & the Good & Justice and other Human values = Iranian values. The Satanic Jews & Masons have polluted all countries. But all good guys and Iranians ridicule them, as they ridicule Isaac ! , the Daf Isaac !! (below pix) Iranians say: When the Jewish Isaac was a shitty Slut or Daf ! (Vaqti Isaac Daf bood !! ), and then ridicule the Jewish Isaac Nose in a funny way (below pix) But the pictures of Sexy Islam of Turkey or Harun Yahya are real pictures, not jokes! (below pix) The real pictures of Sexy Islam of Harun Yahya (below pix) are so funny, so revealing, and so informative, more than many unreal jokes ! Their Sexy Islam is a real joke! Turkey’s Islam or Erdogan’s Islam is so Satanic and so Masonic. Harun Yahya has been described as an “Islamic sex cult supporting Turkey’s prime minister Erdogan! Turkey’s Sexy Islam is Erdogan’s Islam = Masonic Islam of Harun Yahya & Turk Islamists! And it’s what Turkey’s good guys say. Turkey’s good guys exist – they are millions people = pro-Iran people in Turkey- but their voices are badly censored by the West and Islamists – who want to pretend that all people of Turkey are Bad guys = Turkey’s Islamist barbarians & pan-Turks like Harun Yahya or Erdogan = so Satanic & Mason. But now All Good guys of the World hate Trump & America’s allies = America and its Terrorist allies = America & its Arab Islamist allies. Now you all can see How Great Satan Bringing its Mullah to his Knees, and why US media say: Trump Bringing Turkey to its Knees !! Just look how Islamic Turkey and Turkey’s Islamists are on their knees!, and how all analysts talk about Bringing Turkey to its Knees ! and How Turkey’s Islamic dictator Erdogan licking US ass, and Bringing Turkey’s Islam to its Knees ! This stupid motherfucker, Erdogan, is fucking Turkey by this CIA Coup and his Arab Masonic Islam in Turkey. Now in Oct 2018, the US media report: US pressure prompting Turkey’s Erdogan to kneel at Trump’s feet, release the American pastor for nothing in return !!! (Oct 2018) Just search the internet about Bringing Turkey to its Knees that actually means: Bringing Arab Islam to its Knees = Bringing Ottoman Islam to its Knees! All Islamic Freemasons including Erdogan, Khamenei, Rouhani and Saudis are CIA’s Anti-Iranian pigs. It’s so important that all of them are Anti-Iranian and Non-Iranian, who hate Persia & Iranian values, but love Arab Islam & Masonic Islam = Jewish Islam of Arabs!

Persian Satire 95: Some wise Iranians: “The Sexy Islam and their Great Islamic paradoxes are not jokes, but it should be called The pure Islam of Ottomans! ( Islam-e Nab-e Turki / Ottomani ! ), like the pure Islam of Arabs !! = Islam-e Nab-e Arabi ! = Islam of ISIS / DAESH = Islam of Saudis = Islam of Arab Barbarians. As you all know, and as we Iranians have repeatedly said (search Archive) without the Iranian values, the Arab Islam is so Satanic, and so Weak like a Spider’s nets = Khane ANkaboot ! Saudi 9/11 Attack or DAESH / ISIS is the pure Arab Islam! Saudi Shit Salman or Saudi Bin Laden is the pure Arab Islam! Harun Yahya is Ottoman Islam, and it’s what he and his fans say! Arabs drank piss, and Saudi Arabs still drink piss, and Arabs refer to Camel’s piss as Holy Piss !! (ShaSh al-Shafa !! etc ) Arabs drink piss and Arabs love piss and drinking piss so much! ( bah ShaSh al-Shafa miran Safa !!! ) Arab cows = Saudis or Arab Islamists are so worthless shits, and we Iranians don’t want to waste our time with these worthless Piss-eaters! We just care about their Arbab = America = Holy Satan! Now Trump’s America tries to become a worthless shit like their worthless Arab barbarians or Arab shits of Dark Ages. American Logic is nothing but Bullying & Bullshit – Logic of Sword. According to dictionaries, to Bully = to frighten somebody and use your (Sword) to make somebody do something ! Now even idiots can see that The West and America bully Mullahs! , and the Mullahs surrender themselves to Bully boys & FATA of Great Satan! Now even all media confess that The West and America bully Arab Mullahs, and Arab Mullahs surrender themselves to bullies! According to dictionaries, Blackmail = the act of putting pressure on a person or a group to do something they do not want to do ! In fact, what the West or America is doing is nothing but Blackmail. What Trump and America is doing is nothing but Blackmail. According to their own dictionaries, to Blackmail = to force somebody to give you something or do something for you, by threatening them !! And now you all can see how the West and America are blackmailing others. But it’s not the whole story. What Trump and America do is Terror. According to their own dictionaries, Terror = violent action or The Threat of Violent Action that is intended to cause fear, usually for political purposes! Check your dictionaries! What Trump and America do is Terror, exactly Terror. So, Trump and America are Terrorists. The West and America blackmail their Mullahs and bully their Mullahs. Trump and America use Terror methods. The Mullahs surrender themselves to Terrorists & Bullies & Blackmailers = FATF & Satan! And it’s the so-called Zellat & Nekbat of Arab Islam & Mullahs. But we Iranians have repeatedly said, since the day one, We Iranian people will not be blackmailed into agreeing to The Terrorists’ demands = America’s demands. The Terrorist Trump or the Satanic West can bully & blackmail their Arab Islamists & Mullahs. But We Iranians = Great Persia’s nation will Never be blackmailed into agreeing to The Terrorists’ demands = America’s demands. Since the day one, of their No-clear Deal & Rouhani Farce, we Iranians said this over and over and over: We Iranians will never give you Barbarians of the West what you want for threats. If you threaten us and bully our Iran, we will make you regret it ! We Iranians said this over and over and over in 2015, 2014, 2013, and all these years (check Archive) It has a clear and strong logic, and all sane people know why you should never give Terrorists & Bullies & Barbarians what they want for threats (for more info check Archive) All sane people know what we Iranians said & say to Bad guys: We will never give you what you want for threats; If you threaten us, we will make you regret. The Iranian Logic is so so Strong. But Blackmailers, Bullies and Barbarians and their logic are so fragile and so Weak like a Spider’s nets = Khane ANkaboot ! They are like Arab or American cults. Now even America’s good guys write articles like America’s Christian sex cults: Children of God ! (2018), and say about important things about The Satanic Cult of Donald Trump (2018) Trump is a Jew Mullah like Harun Yahya who says: Bikini is Islamic Hijab! .. Arab Terrorism is American Islam! According to Turkish media, the Islamist Harun Yahya and his kittens support Turkey’s Dictator Erdogan and his CIA coup in Turkey! The CIA’s Erdogan and Turkey’s Islamists Bringing Turkey to its Knees by such Masonic-Arabic Islam of CIA. Trukey’s Harun Yahya says: Arab Islam is Global Freemasonry !!! Can you believe it?! If you have doubt, just Do some research about Sexy Islam Global Freemasonry! Today, Reality is worse than all jokes !”


Persian Joke 481: Iran’s people say: We people use blade for shaving = removing Beard. But Islamists & Mullahs use Beard for playing Blade-game ! = use beard to stealing people’s money and deceiving people! (Maa ba tigh rish mizanim .. Mullaha ba rish tigh mizanan !! ) … And Iran’s people say: the main reason for Milk’s price increase is that Cows are so irresponsible !! (Bi-masuliati Gow-ha !!) Hey The stupid Cow = the Ayatollah Cow = Rouhani / Khamenei, we are talking about you = stupid Arab cows ! .. And a Turk Mason (Erdogan or Harun Yahya) says to his Masonic students: If I save a donkey in a Turkish street – when people hitting donkey- then what is the name of what I did ?! Turk Masonic students say: A strong sense of Brotherhood !!

Persian Joke 482: Iranian truckers love and write Bumper stickers a lot ! What Iranians truckers write on their bumper stickers (= a sign that people stick on the bumper of their cars with a message on it) are actually Iranian jokes or Iranian sarcastic remarks about Love, Life, Politics and Everything! The Iranian Bumper stickers are so funny. For instance, they say: (Oh my Love) I wish your Look had a subtitle !! = I wish the expression in your eyes had a subtitle !! (Ey Kash, Negaahat zir-nevis Daasht !! ) … ( Some truckers say) It’s the fate of running away from school / leaving school !! (and that’s why I have become a trucker = Aqebat Farar az Madrese !) … (and some truckers say) It’s the fate of going to university and getting a university degree !!! (and that’s why I have become a trucker ! = Aqebat Li-sans gereftan !! )

Persian Joke 483: The Iranian Trucks’ bumper stickers are so funny, and have become a new type of Iranian jokes. This new type of Iranian jokes – that has been created in the early decades of the 20th century, when the first cars and trucks imported and used in Iran- is known as Posth Vaneti or Posht Khavari ! (Truck’s back !) The Iranian Trucks’ bumper stickers are actually philosophical jokes, political jokes, love jokes, economical jokes, alarm jokes etc. They are so funny and famous in Iran! For instance, they say: In these days, 2+2 is 10 ! So weird ! (Ki beh Kie !! ) .. In these days, when the Mullahs tell many Big Lies (ki beh Kie !) I am a Porsche ! (Manam Porsche-am !! ) … All people seek a lover / new lover, but I seek a load / a new load !! (Hame Donbal-e Yaran , Ama ManDonbal-e Baram !! ) .. I wish that the Life had a reverse gear ! (Kash Zendegi ham Dande Aqad daasht !! ) .. (In any relationship and) Whenever I made compromises, I became a loser ! (baa har ki Sakhtam, Bakhtam !!)

Persian Joke 484: Some Iranian Trucks’ bumper stickers : All people fear from me, but I fear from a Blue Nissan !! (Ham-e az man mitarsan, man as Nissan-e Aabi ! ) … I am a stupid animal ! , I am a Blue Nissan !! (Manam Kharam ! , Man-am Nissan Aabi-am !! ) Blue Nissan or old Nissan is an old-fashioned Jewish-Japanese pickup truck or small truck that has a very bad reputation in Iran. These Jewish Japanese trucks = Blue Nissan are strong but so rude and have a lack of respect for people – including its driver and other people ! Its drivers have a very bad reputation, too! There are many funny remarks, jokes and bumper stickers about Blue Nissan in Iran! For instance, now the witty Iranians truly say : Idiots thought that Rouhani is a real Truck or good Truck! But Rouhani is a blue Nissan! Rouhani is an Old Jewish Fart & Foreign Fart like a shitty Nissan ! .. Only one thing is worse than a Blue Nissan! Do you know it ?! It’s a Cow or Rouhani = Mullah !! .. Rouhani is a Blue Nissan, but made in England !

Persian Joke 485: Some other Iranian Trucks’ bumper stickers: Ya Aqdas ! , Ya Hich-Kas !! (Aqdas is a funny female name / Arabic name in Iran. Aqdas that means Holy or Holy of Holy !, is a symbol of a very very stupid woman in Iran! So, this Iranian bumper sticker actually says in a sarcastic way: My Love and Only Love is Aqdas ! , not anybody else! .. And in these days, Rouhani and Aqdas are synonyms, and that’s why Iranians say: Ya Aqdas ! , Ya Hich-Kas !! .. Ya Rouhani ! , Ya Hick-Kas !! , that its meaning is : Our Hate and our real Hate is Rouhani ! Death to Rouhani !) … Rafiq-e Bi-Kalak Mother, Rafiq-e Ba-Kalak Mother Zan !! (the Most honest friend is Mother , and the most dishonest friend is the Wife’s mother !! ) … Less and less Children, more and more mistresses / women !! (Farzand Kamtar, Zan Bishtar !! )

Persian Joke 486: Some Iranian Trucks’ bumper stickers : All people fear from me, but I fear from my old mother !! (Ham-e az man mitarsan, man az Nanam !! ) .. All people fear from me, but I fear from a little rain !! (Ham-e az man mitarsan, man as Nam-Nam-e Barun ! ) … All people fear from me, but I fear from Tehran’s raods !! (Ham-e az man mitarsan, man as Jadeh Tehroon !! ) … All people fear from me, but I fear from my Repairer !! (Ham-e az man mitarsan, man as Tamir-karam !! ) … All people fear from me, but I fear from a female driver !! (Ham-e az man mitarsan, man as Ranande Zan !! ) … When you will become old and as old as me, then you even will envy my Farts – not just my successes !! (oon Ruz ke Mesl-e Man Shavi, Qorbun-e Guz / Buq man Shavi ! ) … When you will become so so old, then you just become like me, today’s me ! (oon Ruz ke Pir-e Pir Shavi, Taze Mesl-e Man Mishavi !!)

Persian Joke 487: Some Iranian Trucks’ bumper stickers: Hey God, don’t allow the real Man feel humiliated , and ask a jerk for a job / a load !! (YaRab Mapasand ke Lutian Khar Shavand , Allaf-e ye Lashi vase ye Bar Shavand !! ) … Hey God, don’t allow the real Man feel humiliated , and become pregnant or frustrated under the heavy load of the Life !! (YaRab Mapasand ke Lutian Khar Shavand , Zaiide va Zir-e Zendegi Zar Shavand !! ) Hey God, don’t allow the real Man feel humiliated , and become a victim of this stupid animal whore = Rouhani !! (YaRab Mapasand ke Lutian Khar Shavand , allafe (ye Rouhani) Dayoos Shavand !! ) Those who ignored me or overtook me, were killed / died under me ! (Oon ke az man Gozasht, Zir-e Man dar-Gozasth !! ) … I wish we could re-write our destiny and our life story ! (Kaash mishod Sarnevesh ra az Sar-nevesht ! )

Persian Joke 488: Some Iranian Trucks’ bumper stickers : You did Bad things a lot , and reached no where .. But the Good things had which kind of Bad things / Bad qualities, that you never tried them ?!! (Sad bar Bad-i Kardi va Jaai Naresidi .. Khoob-i che Bad-i dasht ke 1bar nakardi !! ) … You did Bad women a lot !! .. But Aqdas had which kind of Bad qualities that you never fucked her or tried her ?!! (Sad bar Bad Kardi va …. Aqdas che Bad-i dasht ke 1bar nakardi !! ) … A very Bad College student, But a very good Husband ! (Moa-del Pa-iin, Maraam Bala !! ) .. Beautiful girls are so unfaithful ! , and life’s problems are so infinite ! = have no end ! (Khoshgela Bi-Vafaan ! , Moshkela ham Bi-entehaan !! ) Khoshgel Bi-Vafa, Moshkel Bi-Hava ! (a Beautiful girl is so unfaithful , and a Problem is so unexpected ! )

Persian Joke 489: And some other Iranian Trucks’ bumper stickers : (Life and) Death is in God’s hand ! The wife / woman is just a tool or vehicle for God ! = God just using your wife / woman as a way of achieving your Death ! (Marg dast-e Khoda-st, Zan faqat Vasile-ast !! ) … and in these days, many Truckers say: (Life and) Death is in God’s hand ! Trump or Rouhani is just a tool or vehicle ! = Satanic just using Rouhani or Trump as a way of achieving your Death ! (.. Trump = Rouhani faqat Vasile-ast !! ) …Most people fear Death, but I fear Dishonest friends ! (Hame az Marg mitarsan, Man az Refiq-e Na-Mard !! ) .. (Life and) Death is in God’s hand ! The Mullah is just a tool or puppet !! ( … Rouhani = Akhund faqat Vasile-ast !! ) ..

Persian Joke 490: Some Iranian Trucks’ bumper stickers: A little patience .. you will be fucked !! (Andaki Sabr .. Dahan Service ast !! ) It’s a sarcastic joke about a famous Iranian proverb : A little patience .. your problems will be solved !! …. A little patience .. Rouhani and all Mullahs will be fucked !! (Andaki Sabr .. Akhund Service ast ! Rouhani Service ast ! ) … A little patience .. the Downfall of the Mullah Regime is near ! (Andaki Sabr .. Soqut Nazdik ast !! ) … If the wolf gives me milk, then the wolf is my sheep , and if a Stranger remains loyal (to me) then this Stranger is my family, or even better than my family ! (Gorgi ke mara Shir dahad Mish-e man ast, Bigane agar Vafaa konad Kish-e man ast ! ) … If you want to ignore me or overtake me, you should know that all Options are on the Table !!! = all options are on the dashboard !! (Agar az Man Sebqat Begiri, Hame Gozine-ha ruye Dashboard-e !! ) It’s a very good sarcastic joke about Obama, Trump and America’s bully boys = US pigs, that Iranian truckers have made and you can read it on Iranian Trucks’ bumper stickers!

Persian Satire 96: the witty Iranians say: “In these days, Gazanfar sees that The Angel of Death is trying to make some people alive ! Gazanfar, that is shocked, says: hey idiot, what are you doing?! You are The Angel of Death ! And it’s the exact opposite of your job ! The Angel of Death says: Yah, but these poor people should not die now ! They should live for a long time! Their death is against God’s will & God’s law ! Gazanfar: So, why are they dying ?! what has happened ?! The Angel of Death says : This motherfucker Rouhani and his stupid health minister are killing them! The Fucking Rouhani’s health minister has told them: you don’t need any doctors! Khodet Bemal !! (you can cure yourself !! ) So, now they are dying because of this stupid Rouhani .. Gazanfar: Wow! but now many Iranians using Iranian methods including the ancient Iranian medicine methods, and cure themselves … The Angel of Death says: yah, the wise Iranian people use a good Khodet method (Self Help), and the Wise & Good kinds of Khodet methods, including Khodet Hokumat Kon! (Be your own Ruler ! ) Khodet Re-iss Bash ! (Be your Boss) Khodet Rahbar Bash ! (Be your Leader ! You don’t need a stupid pig like Sheikh or Shah as your leader!) Khodet Aghel Bash ! (Be a Wise Man! ) Khodet Adam Bash ! (Be a real Human !) Khodet King Bash ! / Shah Bash (Be your own King !) Khodet Rouhani-o Begaa ! (Fuck Rouhani ! ) Khodet Akhund-o Begaa ! (Fuck Mullahs) Khodet Arab Islam-o Begaa ! (Fuck Arab Islam ) Khodet America ro Bega ! (Fuck America) Khodet Be-ShaSh beh Satanic Religion! (Fuck Semitic / Satanic Religions!) Khodet Berin beh een Diine Jew-hud ! (Fuck Jewish Islam of Arabs) Khodet Qarb ro Bega ! (Fuck the West) Khudet Donya ro Behtar kon ! (Make The World a better place) Khodet Iran & Donya ro Nejat bede ! (Save Iran & the World) and so on and so on !

Persian Satire 97: Some wise Iranians say: “In the Orwellian America = Sheikh Trump’s America, their leader is a Abu Donald al-Trump, an Arab-lover, Cow-lover, Shit-lover & Islamist-lover = Jew-lover.Sheikh Trump’s America is Anti-Iran and Anti-Iranian Barbarian. In Abu Trump’s America, many things are so ridiculous and so weird. For instance, Under the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution, Prostitution is illegal in the USA !! Can you believe it?! Prostitution is illegal in America! It’s worse than all jokes, isn’t it ?! Now in 2018, many talk about American paradoxes and the Most Stupid laws in America! Just search the internet! We Iranians should talk more about the Most Ridiculous laws in America (we write more about it later) America is so Orwellian and so Arab Jew! Prostitution is illegal in America, but Porn is free ! The Sexy America is Anti-Sex ! Can you believe it?! Now if you google for “Prostitution is illegal in America, but Porn is fee”, you can find millions of good things! In a sexy shit-hole like America, Normal Sex is Taboo, but Trump = Pervert is Free !! The Sex Industry is so Orwellian in America! Human Sex and normal sex is taboo, but a pedophile and sexual pervert like Trump is their Holy US President !! Most people don’t know The Truth about Sex and City of America! Sex is Taboo in America (2018), and it’s what many Americans say in 2018 and recent years. America is like Saudi Arabia, but a sexy version of Saudi Arabia! Now even the good Americans write about the Stupid America’s laws that Will Make You Shake Your Head ! (or make you laugh a lot ! ), and say: Flirting with an unmarried woman is illegal in America! Flirting with an unmarried woman risks five years in prison !! (in Michigan etc ) But why do (the American mother-fuckers ridicule Mullahs ?! ) Even Flirting with women is illegal in America !! (2018) Can you believe it ?! You all know what Flirt and Flirting (Las Koshke !) means ! But even Las Koshke = Flirting with women is illegal in America, most parts of America !! Just search the internet ! , and do some research about the Most Ridiculous laws in America !! It’s so funny, and important (But this post has become too long! so, we should write about it later; there are many things that must be said / written, and that’s why this post & recent posts have become too long) The story of these days is like this: you write & write & write about many things, but still many things and most things are left unsaid or unwritten!! It’s so weird !, because now this shitty world is so weird, because shitty Clowns or Masons like Trump or Rouhani have created a shitty Satanic Circus in this shitty world in recent centuries – specially from the 19th century until now !

Persian Satire 98: Some wise Iranians say: “Now even the Jews talk about their Jewish paradoxes, and it’s so important. We all should read their new articles like The Many Contradictions of Israel’s Judaism & Secularism !! (2018, Haaretz), in which the Jews of the Jewish mass media say: “What is the place of religion in the Israel?!! 1 Judaism as Nationalism ! ( = Judaism as Jewish Fascism) Judaism –
or Jewishness- in the modern sense is no longer a religion but a nationality (!), like being French, Swedish or American !!! .. Now if someone doesn’t fast on Yom Kippur or remove chametz from his home, he doesn’t lose his Jewishness !! .. It’s just the opposite: He shows that it’s possible to be a Jew even without having a Religion !!! … 2 Judaism = Religion as Politics !!! .. Political survival is the height of Jewish survival !! .. In answer to the question “What is Judaism,” a real Jew will first of all reply: the framework of my political commitment !!!! .. 3 The political role of Judaism !! .. Jewish Religion is still a certain part of the platform that feeds Jewish nationalism !!! (in fact, Jewish Religion is still a certain part of the platform that feeds Jewish Racism and Jewish Barbarism!) .. Now religion is aware of its limited place, and remains under control !! … 4) The public vs the private !! … This is the Jewish rule: If it’s public, preserve it. If it’s private, omit it !!!! .. Anything related to the intentions, beliefs and personal integrity of the individual should be omitted !!! It’s what Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, said !! .. As a Jew, you must respect the prohibition against travel on Yom Kippur (!!!), accept the fact that the food in the army and hospitals will be kosher (!!), and that Shabbat is the day of the prohibition against Everything !!!! Now these are essential dimensions of Jewish life !!! .. But Unlimited freedom would spell the end of secularism !!!! (Jews Fuck Religion and Jews Fuck) all Religious things that make no contribution to the political aspect of the Jewish people !!! (2018) Can you believe it?! This is their modern Judaism!! (Arvahe Amashoon!) They openly say that privatization of Judaism and the public domain Secularism is bullshit ! Most of the Jews of Israel are very backward, fanatic, satanic and medieval people who are really worse than Mullahs and Basijis. In fact, Mullahs and Basijis are so bad, only because they talk or behave like Fanatic Arab Jews or Satanic Jews of Israel or Arabia! Do you know the Unbelievable Jewish Superstitions?! Most people even don’t know the Unbelievable European Superstitions! Do you know the Unbelievable European Superstitions like: It brings bad luck in France to have 13 guests at the table !! (So) the 13th guest should eat shit in France! .. In Modern France (Arvahe Amashoon!) if your ears are buzzing, it means that someone is gossiping on you! .. And Seeing a spider in the evening heralds good luck !! .. The UK is full of superstitions, Satanic superstitions! Several books should be written about them! But some examples : If a robin comes in to your house its a sign someone will die too! .. A magpie is a sure sign of death!! .. If you have nightmares, put a pair of scissors under you pillow !! .. Repeating “white rabbits” the first day of the month brings luck !!! .. Now stupid Brits = many Brits say: Pronounce “white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits” on the first day of the month before saying anything else!! … And this is the Modern Europe & European Modernity in 2018 ! In fact, It’s the beginning of their new Dark Ages in Europe and the West!”

Persian Satire 99: Some wise Iranians say: “Now even the West’s media confessing that Rouhani put the Islamic Regime in a position of checkmate both at home and abroad (2018) In fact, they confess that their Khamenei’s Turkmenchay & FATF & IMF Plans & 2009 Coup and all Satanic Anti-Iran acts of Rouhanis = Mullahs just put the Islamic Regime in a position of checkmate both at home and abroad. Mullahs are so so stupid slaves of the West. We Iranians, ie almost all Iranians, know that it was the CIA’s mission of Mullahs –
specially the CIA mission of AhmadiNejad = Khamenei = Rouhani that put Iran in a position of checkmate. Since 2009, and since the Jewish AhmadiNejad (AN) = Jewish AN (AN = shit), the Jewish Mullahs & Jewish Basijis – who suppressed & killed Iran’s people in 2009 and implemented Jewish IMF Plans (Gayaneh etc) and did / said many Anti-Iranian things to destroy Iran’s economy & Iran’s image & Iran’s prestige etc etc – just wanted, and it was their Jewish CIA mission, to put Iran in a position of checkmate. But now instead of our Iran, their own Islam & Islamic Regime is in a position of checkmate! It’s so so important that those who wanted to put our Iran & Iranian people in a position of checkmate, now they themselves & their Islam & Islamic Regime are in a position of checkmate! = a position of Total Surrender & Downfall ! As the witty Iranians say: It’s God’s punishment for all Islamists & all anti-Iran Barbarians! And as you all know Iranians invented Chess, and Iranians are Maters of Chess, Masters of Checkmate! , that means Iranians are Masters of putting their Enemies in a position of checkmate. Now all Anti-Iran pigs including Islamists, Mullahs and their Arbab (America / West) are in a position of checkmate. Now the stupid Trump puts America in a position of checkmate! Today, all informed people can see that all Anti-Iran Barbarians – from America to Savage Arabia & Israel- are in a position of checkmate. Just open your eyes! It’s so clear. And who can deny this undeniable fact ?! Trump is killing America! Trump is the Death of America! Now the whole world laugh at America! Now all Iranians laugh at Mullahs & America! Now, All Iranians Attack the West & Mullahs as Source of Iran’s Problems. Now All Iranians Attack Islamists & Arab Islam as Source of Iran’s Problems. All Iranians Attack the West’s stooges = Mullahs & Masons as Source of Iran’s Problems. Their media say: Netanyahu Closer Jewish ties to Arab world !! (Sep 2018) Closer ties between Israel & Arab Islamists!! (Sep 2018) And it’s not a joke! It’s the reality! It’s the Death of Israel ! Now Jewish media talk about closer ties between Jew Zionists & Arabs !!! (Sep 2018) Closer ties between Zionists & Islamists !!! (Sep 2018) And it’s the death of these little Savages = Zionists & Islamist. Now All Iranians fuck Netanyahu! Now in 2018, all Iranians say Death to Islamists = Death to Ayatollahs = Death to Masons = Death to Mullahs! Now even the stupid West media talk about the CIA’s Mullahs and the CIA’s Myths of Islamic Revolution !! (2018) Now the CIA’s pimps and their Mike Pimpeo form Anti-Iran Action Group !! The CIA’s Pimp Pompeo announced the creation of the Anti-Iran Action Group = a group of worthless Arab Barbarians & Terrorists in these days. We Iranians and Iran’s history will never forget and forgive this level of American Wickedness & Foolishness & Shamelessness & Satanic Insanity, that just shows and proves that America is so so desperate, because America’s Evil Empire is in a position of checkmate! = in position of the End of America! = the End of their silly Game! Now they just show their true colors and their very low IQs and the depth of their Childish Stupidity; and it’s their End, their Death = the End of Stupid Barbarians who play Orwellian games!”

Persian Satire 100: Some wise Iranians say: “the stupid Bad guys even censor Arab Jew Cartoons, and Arab Jew photos, especially Jews in Arab clothing! (below pix) They know that Jew in Arab clothing (below pix) can reveal many things, and that’s why they desperately try to hide or censor such good pix / cartoons about Arab Jews = Jews in Arab clothing (below pix) Many Mullahs and Islamic leaders are Jews in Arab clothing! But now even many non-Iranians talk about this issue. Just search the internet. You all have heard about the story of a shitty Saudi Arab journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed by America ally = Savage Saudi Arabia. In fact, America and its Terrorist allies even kill their own shitty journalists! The funny thing is that Khashoggi is a Turkish family name of an Arab and Saudi man! Khashoggi is a Turkish name, and again shows why many Islamists are actually Arab Jew Turk, that means both Turk & Arab! Both Turk & Arab Jew! And as you know, Turk Arab Jews were called Ottomans. And it’s important that even Saudi shits or Saudi kings are Ottomans ! Now CIA’s journalists and CIA’s Arab spies like Trita Tazi andr Marandisay that knew him, Khashoggi or Khashogchi, and say for instance: I knew him from when we both were CIA spies (!!) .. He was a Saudi apologist ! (Maleh-Kesh !) But when the CIA’s Arabs and Saudi shits kill a Saudi Apologist = Maleh-kesh, it means that the CIA’s Arab Terrorists = Saudis have become so shitty cheeky & impudent (Gostakh & Porroo / Jari) And when the Satanic American defend the 9/11 Attacks Arab Terrorists = Saudi Terrorist, then it’s so obvious why these Arab Chalqooz = Arab little shits = Saudis create new Terrorist attacks like killing journalists in Oct 2018, or threatening Canada with the new 9/11 Attacks in August 2018! The Arab Chalqooz = Arab little shits = Saudis are worthless little shits, worthless cows or worthless Terrorists who can work for a worthless shit like Trump. Saudis are little shits = Chalqooz, but Trump is a big shit ! But both shits are shits, worthless shits! The Arab Chalqooz or little shits = Saudis are worthless little shits that even most Arabs hate them so much now! But the US media confess: this Arab shit Mohamed Bin Salman visited Britain and the US earlier this year (2018), it was as if this Savage Saudi Dictator was a rock star on tour! And look at the celebrities he met, NONE OF WHOM said anything about human rights! (Oct 2018) Saudis and Saudi king are worthless little shits = Chalqooz, but who care about these Arab Chalqooz?! Saudis are Piss-eaters; Saudis drink piss! Saudis drink camel’s piss ! And It’s not a Joke ! It’s Reality ! Just search the internet ! Saudis are Shit-eaters; Saudis eat Piss and shit! Saudis eat Piss & shit of Camels! But who care about these Arab Piss-eaters & Shit-eaters ?! The American shits like Trump ! Only a shit or a shit-eater can care about the worthless Arab shits = Saudis = Chalqooz, and Arab shit-eaters / piss-eaters = Saudi Arab Islamists! Now all Good guys including Iranians say to the West: This fascist faggot Terrorist Trump is your leader, and openly shows and says that the West is Anti-Human, the West is Anti-Human Rights, the West is true Evil, America is Evil .. Your fucking god is Money! You worship money! Fuck your American values ! You even buy and sell humans & human rights ! Your Satanic America and Trump say that Everything is Money! You can buy and sell Human Rights & Freedom & Democracy & Everything !! Fuck America ! Fuck American values ! Selling Human Rights, or Buying Tyranny & Terrorism & Barbarity is American value, America’s Democracy or the West’s human rights !! And It’s not a joke ! The West’s is the worst joke in human history! The West and their Unbelievable European Superstitions are worse than all jokes! They can show you why Arab Islamists = Saudis & Rouhanis & Basijis & ISIS and other Arab Islamists & Terrorists love Trump and Medieval Barbarians of Europe ! European Superstitions are so unbelievable and so eye-opening! Europeans say: Spilling Wine On Tables Brings Good Luck !! (Portugal) .. Putting Bread Down Upside Down Is A Bad Omen !! (France!) .. Italians dislike the number 17 so much that man Italian hotels don’t have a 17th level !! Many Italians planes even have no row 17 !!! ( both the number 13 and also 17 are considered bad luck in Italy !) .. Englishmen refuse to pronounce the word “Egg” on the sea, as it is regarded as a bad omen in UK !! .. In Germany it is strongly forbidden to say “cheers,” or “Prost,” with water !! even for a joke!! … Can you believe it?! This is the Modern Europe & European Modernity ! These medieval pigs of UK & Europe call themselves Modern! or synonym of Modernity !! And their claims, their Modernity claims & crap Chiz-e Falak ro Paare karde !! = have raped the world ! They say we are not Modern but only they = the West is modern !!, while they = the West or the UK is worse than DoGoozAbad !! The UK is Fart land ! Even in 21st century, The UK is the Land of Witchcraft & Superstitious Crap of Masons & Stupid Bastards! And Trump is an old fart of the UK = the Fart land of Superstitious Crap of Masons. Trump is a whore of the Fart Land/ Fuck Land !


Persian Joke 491: (A Persian joke made by Parviz Khatibi in his Tozih al-Latayef, 1985 ) They asked the British Queen: what is your dearest wish? The UK Queen said: My dearest wish is to see the Mullah regime in power for ever!, so the UK can continue to exploit Iran’s resources with the help of Mullahs ! .. They asked the French President: what is your dearest wish? The French President (who was a freemason) said: My dearest wish is to see the Iraq-Iran war for ever, so France can sell weapons to both Saddam/ Iraqis and Mullahs, to exploit both sides of war and to plunder both sides! …. They asked the US President and US officials: what is your dearest wish? The US officials said: we don’t have any dearest wish ! , simply because the Islamic Regime of Mullahs is the Best Thing for us, and the Islamic Regime serves our American interests in the Best way ! ( = Ta Akhunda sar-e Karan ham-e chiz bar vefgh-e Morad-e America ast !!)

Persian Joke 492: When Arab Islamic Barbarians invaded Europe, both group of Barbarians = European Barbarians and Arab Barbarians created many tragicomic tales. For instance, one day a Christian, a European elite and an Iranian (Qazanfar) got arrested for drinking. So Arab invaders said: For this terrible crime, they are all sentenced 20 lashes of the whip. But their Arab King said: Today is a holy day, so each of you can make one wish before your whipping. The Christian was first in line; he said: “Please tie a pillow to my back.” This was done, but the pillow only lasted 10 lashes & the Christian had to be carried away bleeding and crying with pain. The European elite was next. He said : “Please fix two pillows to my back.” But even two pillows could only take 15 lashes & the European was fucked up badly. The Iranian was the last one up, but before he could say anything, the Arab king turned to him and said: “You are from a most civilized part of the world and your culture is the greatest in the world. You Iranians made Arabs civilized. For this, you may have two wishes!” So, Qazanfar said: “My first wish is that you give me not 20, but 100 lashes!” The Arab King: Wow! Not only you Iranians are honorable men and powerful man, but you Iranians are so so brave .. If 100 lashes is what you desire, then so be it ..And what is your second wish? Qazanfar: I am The Most stupid Iranian, and all Iranians know me. I am a Persian Talkhak (Joke Teller), and my second wish is: Just Tie the European to my back” !!!

Persian Joke 493: A respectable lady went into the pharmacy, and said, ‘I would like to buy some cyanide (Marg-e Moosh)’ The pharmacist said: ‘Why do you need cyanide?’ The lady: ‘I need it to poison my husband ! ’ The pharmacist: To kill your husband ?!! I cannot do it! I will go to hell ! I’ll lose my license! They’ll throw us in jail. Many bad things will happen. You CANNOT have any cyanide! Never!’ The lady reached into her purse and pulled out a picture of her husband in bed with the pharmacist’s wife ! The pharmacist looked at the picture and said: ‘‘Well now, that’s different. You didn’t tell me you had a prescription!

Persian Joke 494: The wise witty guys used to say: Team work is important; it helps to put the blame on someone else ! … And now the Anti-Iran Barbarians including Trump’s team and Rouhani’s team have a Team work against our Iran, because it helps them to put the blame on someone else !! … And one day Gazanfer phones for a Pizza, and the restaurant’s guy says: OK, in the name of … (what is your name / code & address?) And Gazanfar – that thinks this guy is a Mullah or Basiji- says: OK, sorry, you are right! In the name of God !, and I need a Pizza !!

Persian Joke 495: The story of these days is like an ancient Persian story about the stupid idiots or Mullahs: There’s a lot of excess dirt on the road in Qom. So, all Mullahs think about a solution. But Suddenly Hassan Rouhani says: I found ! I found ! .. We dig a hole to bury all dirt in. It’s a good plan, like all my Economic plans & my Turkmenchay! But some other Mullahs, who still had a little brain, said: But what are you going to do with the dirt that you ‘re digging out of this new hole? ! Rouhani says: Hey, I cannot think about all solutions! It’s your own duty to think about a new solution for the new dirt !!

Persian Joke 496: Gazanfar becomes an English language professor ! , and one of his student asks him: How do we translate The Persian Slang terms like ‘Jamale thu Eshqe ?!!! Gazanfar says: It’s easy: ‘Jamale thu Eshqe literality means Love is Your Face ! , but no! stop! it’s so dangerous & so sexy in English language! In English, they don’t have any Mashti people or even Daash-Mashti! So they don’t know what it means! And It’s not translate-able! You can never translate it, because they don’t have such concepts and such Good men in the West! OK, students, Zat Ziad ! (Bye!) Jim Jamale you !! (F is Face of you), Mim Maraam you !! (M is Manner of You ! )

Persian Joke 497: Gazanfar becomes a Computer professor ! , and says to his students: today I want to teach you the Fundamental Concept of Computer Science in two sentences : (1) Hardware is something that you can smash it into many pieces with a good hammer ! (2) but Software is something that you can only curse it and use a lot of F-words about it !!

Persian Joke 498: Qazanfar says to his friends: We have bought a new dog for our garden, at the price of 10 Millions! It’s so so expensive ! So, this dog is Not guarding our garden and our properties, but instead, each night we are guarding the dog ! , because this dog has become a luxury thing, and many try to steal or kidnap this dog !! (Shaba Shifti Negahbani midim ye-vaght Nadozdanesh !!) … And Gazanfar also says: Chinese men are so alike. So, when Chinese men need a passport photo, they just go to a Chinese supermarket, and say: I need to buy a passport photo !

Persian Joke 499: A group of mountaineers were going to the Everest’s summit. Their Iranian guide was a Qazanfar, who had a terrible stutter ! (Loknat) When they were going from their base camp to the Everest’s summit, Qazanfar was just saying: O-O-o-o , but was not able to speak ! Near the top of Everest, Qazanfar finally said: O-O-O-Oxygen Masks ! Oxygen Masks! I forgot the Oxygen Masks! The leader of group angrily replied: Fuck! We must return! Hey Guys, we must return to the base camp! In their return path, Qazanfar was just saying: K-k-k-k, but was not able to speak ! When they reached the base camp, Qazanfar finally said: K-k-k-kidding ! I was Kidding ! I am kidding ! I have Not forgotten the Oxygen Masks !!

Persian Joke 500: Q: What do you call a Women who always knows where is her Husband ?! A: a Widow !! … A little girl asks her mother: Mom! Why many girls talk about the Prince of their Dream, who has a White horse ?! Who is the Prince of Dream, with a White horse ?! Her mother says: He is a stupid donkey like your father !! … And Qazanfar becomes a Social Analyst ! , and says: If a so-called gentleman opens the car’s door for a lady, you should know that there is only three options: (1) It’s a new car (2) it’s a new woman !! (3) He is a stupid British Barbarian, who wants to pretend that British Barbarians have become civilized pigs! … And Qazanfar also adds: If an ordinary man opens the car’s door for a women, you should know that there is only four options: (1) He is a servant ! (2) She is a whore / mistress !! (3) It’s a film scene !, not a real one ! (4) He is a Western Barbarian who stupidly & desperately tries to shows that the West’s Barbarians have become civilized or moral pigs!! … And in these days, the funny comedians in both Iran and America say the same things. For instance, they say: What is the difference between a fat chick and a US President (Trump)? A: Even a fat chick scores every once in a while! … And What do you get when you cross a US President (Trump) with a pig?! A: I do not know, there are some things a pig just will not do !!!

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