Persian Jokes in English

In these days, there is no differences between Jokes and Reality! So, it’s better to write more about Persian jokes. As you know Tragedy at its peak becomes Comedy. So, as the wise witty Iranians say: “It’s better to talk/ write about Recent events, Important events and Everything in the form of Persian Satire, Persian Humors or Persian Comic / sarcastic remarks” ! If you take a look at the modern world and also at the very long history of Persian Satire and Persian Literature, you can see that Comedy at its peak becomes Tragedy. It’s so tragic and so horrible that there is no real differences between Jokes and Reality in these days. It’s so tragic and so awful. But here lets read some jokes, including unreal jokes, real jokes, and reality jokes! Iranians often joke about all the things. In this post you can read about 300 Persian Jokes & Humors, including 200 Persian Jokes and about 100 Persian Humors or comic / sarcastic remarks. In the previous post you could read 200 Persian Jokes in English, and here you can read the next 200 Persian Jokes, and what Iran’s people say about Recent events and Everything in the form of humors, jokes etc.


Persian Joke 201: Iranians ask Khamenei = Rouhani: Why Do you The Jewish Khamenei = Rouhani help Trump ? Why did you The Jewish Mullah Khamenei = Rouhani = CIA’s Economic Terrorist create the FATA Coup of 2018, attack all Sarafies, and increase dollar price from 3500 Toman to + 10,000 Toman, and help Trump and America?! Khamenei says: As all Islamists know, it’s our Islamic duty to help those who need our help ! .. Now in 2018, America and Trump need our help, and it’s our Islamic duty to help Trump and America because they need our help! Can you understand ?! It’s our Islamic duty to help those who need our help ! Can you understand ?!!

Persian Joke 202: (It’s like an old Persian joke) Qazanfar died and went to heaven. He suddenly saw a huge wall of clocks behind him. He asked, “What are all those clocks?” Angels said: “Those are lie clocks. Everyone on earth has a lie-clock. Every time you lie the hands on the clock will move.” “Oh,” said Qazanfer as he pointed at one of them, “Whose clock is that?” Angels: That’s Persian Zoroaster’s clock. The hands have never moved, indicating that he never told a lie.” Then Angels pointed to another clock, “That’s Cyrus the Great clock. The hands have moved twice, telling us that he only told two lies in his entire life.” Qazanfar was impressed, and then asked : Where’s Trump’s clock or Rouhani’s clock or Khamenei’s clock or Ayatollah’s clock or Jewish / Arab leader’s clocks or British clocks or Chomsky’s clocks or Journalists’ clocks?! Angels said: These clocks are in our offices / our rooms. We are using them as a ceiling fan !!

Persian Joke 203: (It’s a Keyhan-style joke. A Keyhan-style joke is a new kind of Persian joke for ridiculing Mullahs & Islamists = Arab Jews = Stupid Bastards of Keyhan = Anti-Iranian pigs who try to copy from the witty Iranians in a shitty way ! A Keyhan-style joke is actually a multi-purpose joke or, as Iranians say Bah Yek Tir Chand Neshoon Zadan , that means: you hit several Targets with one joke / one shot ! ) Guy1 asks guy2 : What is FATF ? Guy2: FATF means Full Act of Treason, Fuck ! FATF means CIA’s Rouhani = Khamenei implement FATF Plan = Attacking all Sarafis to increase Dollar price from 3500 Toman to 12,000 Toman .. Guy1: Wow! now even Islamic idiots like you know that FATF means The CIA’s Economic Coup of 2018 = FATA Coup of 2018 by Rouhani = Economic Terrorist of CIA = Khamenei .. Guy2: Yah! We also know that Khamenei is CIA Iran Project. Khamenei is Rockefeller’s Iran Project, and that’s why Khamenei defends FATF & Rouhani & Turkmenchay & Treasons .. Guy1: But why your Basiji Brothers & Islamists have closed their dirty mouths, and say nothing about such Economic Coup = FATF Coup and aiding the Enemy in such a blatant way?! Guy2 : Because their fucking Islam means Treason, Slavery and Aiding the Enemy of Iran. Their fucking Islam is Religion of Treason & Turkmenchay. The Arab Islam is The Enemy of The People. Their fucking Arab Islam is Satan’s Religion. Their fucking Islam is Zionist IMF & FATF & Jewish laws. It’s the Jewish Islam of Arabs .. Guy1: But now all Iranians want regime change, and say: Arab Islam Must Go to Hell; Islamic Regime Must Go to Hell; The West’s puppets = Rouhani = Khamenei Must Go to Hell; All Mullahs & West’s stooges including Mojahed & Monarchists (Pahlavists) & Mullahs must be tried and executed for Aiding the Enemy of Iran. Now Iran’s people publish photos & cartoons about The near Downfall of Islamic Regime (above pix) Iranians say: The Newspapers after the Downfall of Mullahs are like the newspapers after the Downfall of Pahlavi ! (above pix) Headline: Khamenei is Gone ! (or Khamene Went to Hell) Bellow khamenei’s pic: Larijanis awaiting judgment. Mid column: Rouhani arrested while fleeing the airport ! Left column (was, is, and should be): Iranian revolution was victorious! .. The Islamic Regime went to Hell ! A group of Pahlavists & Rajavists = Anti-Iran Traitors were arrested at the airport ..Islamic Monarchy Died ! .. In Iran, Monarchy goes to hell for ever ! .. Anti-Iran Traitors like Pahlavists & Islamists & Monarchists and other Stooges of the West must be tried for High Treason & Aiding the Enemy of Iran …

Persian Joke 204: After the End of Islamic Regime, all Iranian people participate in a National Referendum and say a big No to all Mullahs and all Islamists & their Islamic Monarchy & all kinds of Monarchy = Tyranny. So, all Monarchists including Mullahs and Islamists feeling sorry for themselves and say: We are a victim .. We are a victim .. Nothing but a victim! A foreign journalist asks them: “A victim? ! A victim of what? ! And Monarchists, Mullahs and Islamists say: A Victim of Accurate Counting ! .. A victim of a True Election ! = a Non-Fake Election !

Persian Joke 205: A little girl and boy are fighting about the differences between the sexes, and which one is better ! Finally, the boy drops his pants and says: Here’s something I have that you’ll never have! The little girl is pretty upset by this, since it is a physical fact, and runs home crying. But a while later, she comes running back with a smile on her face. She drops her pants and says: My mommy says that with one of these, I can have as many of those as I want !!

Persian Joke 206: They ask Iranians: Who is Khamenei? Iranians: For Basijis, Khamenei is Imam Ali ibn Rockefeller ! ( = Khamenei is Rockefeller’s son ! ) But Iranians call him Ali Rockefeller ! Basijis see Khamenei as their Imam Ali bin Rothschild ! ( = Khamenei is Rothschild’s child ! ) But all Iranians hate Ali Rothschild ..They: What is Khamenei’s job ? Iranians: Khamenei’s job is Treason & aiding Traitors – from Rouhani to AhmadiNejad (AN). Khamenei’s job is Aiding the Enemy of Iran & Iranians. Khamenei has always defended CIA Spies & Anti-Iran traitors like Rouhani, Zarif, AN, Larijani, Rafsanjani and other Jani = Criminals = British-Jewish Spies & Crypto Jews & Arab Jews .. They: Why does Khamenei aid the Enemy of Iran? Why does Khamenei defend Zionist IMF & FATF & CRF & Rockefeller Iran Project? Why does Khamenei help Rouhani now, as Khameneni helped AhmadiNejad in 2009 ? Iranians: because Khamenei is CIA Iran Project. Jewish Ayatollah Khamenei is Omol Fitneh (= mother of all CIA agents in Iran) Khamenei is Rasol Fitneh ( = head of all Traitors) This Arab Jew Khamenei is CIA’s Iran Project, and Khamenei just obeys CIA’s orders. One day, the CIA asks Khamenei to defend AhmadiNejad & to create 2009 Coup/ Massacre; and one day the CIA asks Khamenei to defend Rouhani & to create Turkmenchay & FATF Coup & other Anti-Iran Turkmenchay .. They: Is it a joke or a myth = conspiracy theory ?! Iranians: No, it’s not a joke or a myth. Khamenei is a joke! The Jewish Ayatollah Khamenei is a bad joke; His Basirat is a joke ! Khamenei has always defended Traitors – from AhmadiNejad to Rouhani. The CIA’s Ayatollah Khamenei is a sick joke, and he has always defended Anti-Iran Plans like FATF, IMF Plans, Nuclear Turkmenchay, 2009 Coup etc. Now even their own stupid animals / Basijis can see that The CIA’s Khamenei is Rouhani ; and Rouhani is Khamenei. In fact, Rouhani = Khamenei = AhmadiNejad (= CIA shits) Now even animals can see the true face of Khamenei = MI6’s Jew Mullah of UK. Khamenei is British Queen’s son. Khamenei is Jew Masan. Khamenei is Hojjatieh & Crypto Jew of Mashad, and it’s what their own Basijis say!

Persian Joke 207: They ask Khamenei: (Chi shod =) Why & How did you become such a Mullah & Traitor ? Khamenei says: I ate Donkey’s things ! As you know, If you eat Donkey’s milk, you become a politician ! If you eat Donkey’s brain (Maqze Khar), you become a Shah or Monarchist ! If you eat Donkey’s piss & shit, you become an Arab Islamist ! And If you eat Donkey’s dick, you become a Mullah ! But me Khamenei ate all of them ! Khamenei ate Donkey’s brain & milk & dick & piss & shit, and that’s why Khamenei has become such a Traitor & Freemason ! … They ask Rouhani: Why & How did you become a Rouhani ? Rouhani says: Me Rouhani, like Khamenei, ate all banned things of Donkey! And when I was a child, A rabid donkey bit me! As you know, If a Donkey bites you (Khar gazet begireh), you become a Turk Islamist & a sick Person .. But if the donkey is a rabid donkey (Khare Haar) your fate is so dark ! If a rabid donkey bites you, then you become a Trump or Rouhani = an Anti-Iran Arab Jew !

Persian Joke 208: Qazanfar asks Khamenei & Rouhani: Why do you the stupid Bastards = Mullahs help your Great Satan & Trump ?! Khamenei: We Mullahs are Arabs, and Even if Satan needs our help, we Islamists help Satan, because it’s our Arab Islamic duty! We should help those who need our help! Qazanfar: Don’t you think that you should care about Iran or Iranians because the world knows you Anti-Iran Pigs as leaders of Iran?! Rouhani: No, Iranians don’t need our help; Iranians hate us = Mullahs; Iranians fuck Mullahs; Iranians know us and fuck us .. Qazanfar: So, why don’t you the Mullahs go to hell = your own Arab shithole, and leave our Iran?! Why don’t you Khamenei Die of shame and go to hell?! Get Lost & Die Rouhani ! Our Iran & Iranian people don’t need Spies and Traitors like you Rouhanis = Mullahs .. But Rouhani suddenly says: Yah, Iranians don’t need us = Mullahs. But America and the West need us & our help ! We Mullahs are here to help the West and the Enemy of Iran ! .. And it’s a not joke !

Persian Joke 209: The witty Iranians say: “Tragedy at its peak becomes Comedy; America at its peak becomes Trump ! (= Arab Ass-licker) ! Arab at its peak becomes Cow or Trump’s cow! Jew at its peak becomes Arab or Arab ally ! = Netanyahu ! Now even the US media confessing that America at its peak becomes a shithole country like Saudi Arabia ! (Aug 2018) Trump is proving many things! Islamist at its peak becomes Traitor or Trump’s cow = Trump’s soldiers who implement FATF plans to help America’s future sanctions! Traitor at its peak becomes a Mason like Rouhani = Khamenei who creates Turkmenchays & FATF Coup = CIA’s Economic Coup to increase dollar price from 3500 to 12000 Toman to help Trump & his future Sanctions! Treason at its peak becomes Rouhani = Khamenei! Islamic Economy at its peak becomes Zionist IMF Plans. Ayatollah (Khamenei) at its peak becomes Shah Sultan Hussein, and even whitewashes Shah Sultan (Roye Shah ro Sefid mikone) by implementing FATF plans to give in to America’s bullying and threats! The Islamic Regime at its peak becomes a CIA Puppet Regime worse than Qajars and Pahlavi; The Islamic regime whitewashes Qajar ! (Roye Qajar ro Sefid mikone) Their Islam at its peak becomes Turkmenchay & Koon Dadan (= giving their ass, in a heroic way!) In fact, their Islam at its peak becomes Zelat & Zanu-Zadan dar moqabele America / Satan ! ( = Total surrender to Great Satan! ) Their fucking Islam at its peak is The Satanic Islam of Arabs = Religion of Slavery & Surrender & Satanism. Comedy at its peak becomes Reality. The West’s Democracy at its peak becomes an Islamic Regime! Comedy at its peak becomes Tragedy. The West’s Free Speech at its peak becomes Islamic Fascism, and censoring Everything, and then giving The West’s Free Speech Award to Islamic Fascists like Zibakalam. The West at its peak becomes Trump or Basiji (Zibakalam) or a medieval shit-hole like Saudi Arabia!”

Persian Joke 210 : In these days (Aug 2018), the Mullah media report: The Cow of Islamic Cinema Died !! (Gow-e Cinema Raft !! ) But Iranians say: Which Cow ?! Which of their Islamic Cows have gone to hell ?! Which cow of the Mullah Cinema died ?! The Mullah Cinema has many cows and stupid cows = Khayemal / Mozdoor = Mercenaries and Ass-lickers; So, which of these stupid Cows has died ?!! … In these days, some funny media even report: Iran’s Cow is Gone ! .. or Islamic Cow died ! .. or Mr. Cow Died ! (Aqay-e Gow Raft ! ) But Iranians said: Wow! It’s great! Rouhani has died ?! Rouhani has gone to hell ?! or Khamenei has died?! Which Mullah = Cow has died ?! ….

Persian Joke 211 : An Iranian (Qazanfar) and Donald Trump are on stage in front of a huge crowd. Iranian says to Trump: Do you know that with one little wave of my hand I can make every person in this crowd go wild with joy? This joy will deep into their hearts and for the rest of their lives whenever they speak of this day, they will rejoice! Trump replied: I seriously doubt that. With one little wave of your hand? Show me! .. So the Iranian slapped Trump !!

Persian Joke 212 : Two Saudi Basijis are walking in an Arab desert one day when one Saudi Basiji suddenly has a heart attack and falls to the ground. Shocked, the second Saudi Basiji calls his American Boss and shouts, “Help! I think Hajj Salman is dead, what should I do?” His CIA Boss: “Ok, The first thing to do is to make sure that he really is dead ….” There’s a silence… Then a loud gunshot… Then Saudi Basiji comes back on the phone and says: “Okay, now what? !

Persian Joke 213 : In these days, the ring-tone of Mullah Cellphone / Rouhani Cellphone/ Ayatollah Cellphone is : didin ridim to din! .. to din ridim didin! .. didin ridid to din! .. to din ridin didin !! that means: We Mullahs shitted on Religion ! Did you see How we Mullahs shitted on Religion! We Mullahs Fucked Religion ! .. You Mullahs shitted on Religion! …

Persian Joke 214 : The Road Signs that you can see before entering The City of (5km before entering the city of ) : 1. Qom: Reduce your IQs and Reduce your level of Understanding ! (Az Fahm&Sho-ur Khod Bekahid ! ) 2. Khomeini-Shar : Reduce your Anger, Reduce Speed of your stream of invective against Khomeini ! 3. Qazvin: Please Prepare your pAss ! (Bah Roku vared shavid ! ) 4. Semnan: Rouhani is Arab Jew, not a man of Semnan! Fuck Rouhani ! .. 5. Abadan: Welcome to France ! .. And 5km to Brazil !

Persian Joke 215 : An Ayatollah was a religious fanatic who did a lot of EteKAF in his house! (Etekaf means spiritual Ascension, and spiritual Ascension = a spiritual journey from the earth into heaven ! ) One day, his wife went to his EteKAF room and saw that Ayatollah is badly injured and his face and his body are full of shit & blood ! She said: Yah Sheik, What has happened ?! The Arab Ayatollah said: I told you 100 times that when I want to go to Meraj = spiritual journey at Ascension’s night (Shabaye Meraj !) you should turn off the ceiling fan !!

Persian Joke 216 : They ask a blond girl: How many boyfriends you have ? She says: 3, 4, and sometimes 10 or even 100 ! I am a super-modern girl ! They say: Wow! How do you handle them = handle your relationships with your many boyfriends ?! She says: It’s so easy. Each day of the week I am with one of them; and sometimes, I eat breakfast with one guy; I eat launch with another guy; I eat dinner with another guy .. And sometimes I eat multiple breakfast and multiple launch / dinner in one day !! .. And that’s why we super-modern girls are always on a diet !!

Persian Joke 217 : They ask Gazanfar: Where is the United States of America (USA) ?! Gazanfar: the USA is a shithole country that its greatest Comedians (like Robert Williams) commit suicide because they are so depressed. The USA is also a shithole country that a very stupid Clown = Trump is its President! … They: And where is Iran or Persia ? Gazanfar: Iran is a country in which even the most depressed people and poorest people make a lot of jokes on a daily basis, and Fuck Mullahs / Fuck Islamists / Fuck Rouhani and Fuck the West’s puppets and have a lot of fun on a daily basis !

Persian Joke 218 : In these days, Iranians ask Qazanfar: why are you so angry Qazanfar?! And Qazanfar says: Now All Iranians including Qazanfar are so angry. Now even Qazanfar knows why Rouhani is CIA. Now Qazanfar doesn’t make jokes. Lets forget Trump and his Sanctions = future Sanctions. Even in a normal life, when Everything is normal & there is no Enemy, if they = Government attack all Sarafies and close them down, then the price of Dollar will increase by + 300%. Even when Everything is Good & Normal (= Gol & Bolbol), if you attack all Sarafies and close them and say: having Foreign Currency or Dollar is a crime (Qachaq!), Buying & selling Dollar is a Crime (And it’s FATF, or FATF Plan of CIA), then you just create a great Economic Chaos & Economic Instability, and increase all prices & dollar price. All Iranians know it. Even Qazanfar knows it ! But who can do such things in 2018 ?!! When Trump and The Enemy threaten Iran, who can implement FATF Plan of CIA in Iran?!! The answer is clear: Only The CIA’s Iran Project = Rouhani = Khamenei. In Iran, The CIA is Rouhani. In 2018, they talked about Tak Nerkhi ! (unification plan = A Free market for dollar) and they did FATF plans in the name of Tak Nerkhi = one rate or one price for Dollar in the Free Market ! Before The FATF Coup of 2018, Mullahs had Two exchange rate for Dollar : (1) The official rate -that was about 3000 Toman (2) Free market rate = Sarafi rate – that was about 3800 Toman. But they said that they want to implement Unification plan = FATF Plan = 1 Nerkhi = 1 rate or one price for Dollar in the Free Market at the time of Trump! For the first time in Iran’s History, Rouhani attacked all Sarafis, and then announced a unified exchange rate of 42,000 to the dollar, and banned the Free Market ! = all Sarafis = all Currency shops from operating !! And it’s The FATF Coup of 2018, or part of it ! Now even the Mullah media and (CIA’s media like Al-Monitor = Rouhani media = CIA’s Iran Project’s media) confess that Europe and CIA asked Rouhani to fast-forward its unification plan = FATF Plan !! to help Trump & his Sanctions Plan! But it’s just a small part of the story. The CIA’s Rouhani officially declared that his plan is: to unify the exchange rates! One rate for Dollar in the Free Market ! But when his CIA’s FATF plans increased the Dollar price by + 300% in several weeks, and his CIA mission accomplished (his CIA mission to help Trump), then Rouhani and Mullahs created Shish Nerkhi !!! = 6 different rates / prices for dollar !!! In fact, 2 Rates = 2 Nerkhi became 6 Nerkhi = 6 Rates !!, while they did their FATA Coup in the name of 1 Nerkhi = 1 rate for Dollar in the Free Market ! So, now Even Qazanfar knows their Great Treason & FATA Coup. They attacked all Sarafis and all elements of Free Markets, attacked all principles of Free Markets, attacked all Economic Principles, attacked the Open Market and all its principles in an Blatant way, and aided the Enemy of Iran by increasing the dollar price from 3500 Toman to +10,000 Tomans (…) But do you know know what is the most Weird or Shocking Fact?! (Midooni Ajib-tar chie?!) No one says Nothing !! (hich ki hichi nemige !!) All journalists, all media, all exiled whores and all exiled media and all Western media say nothing – even one word – about Rouhani’s FATA Coup & Rouhani’s Evil acts and How Rouhani helps Trump. Rouhani is Corruption on Earth. Rouhani’s Treasons and Rouhani’s Lies and Rouhani’s FATC Coup show that Rouhani is Corruption on Earth. So, it’s obvious why Iranian people say: Rouhani and Rouhani’s team must be tried and executed for High Treason against Iran & Iranians. Even Qazanfar knows the whys! But just look who defend Rouhani ! The CIA’s Iran Project, Al-Monitor & CIA’s Media defend Rouhani ! Just look how all Media censor all news of FATF Coup in 2018 ! Just look how they censor all news of FATF & Rouhani & FATF Plans including attacking all Sarafis to increase Dollar price and to help Trump! The so-called Exiled Media and all Media censor such important Facts, and say nothing – even on word- about The FATF Coup of 2018 ! .. All Exiled whores = exiled journalists and all exiled media are CIA’s media and CIA’s journalists = CIA’s whores who just say what the CIA wants. They defend the Nuclear Turkmenchay, because it’s want the CIA wants. They defend Rouhani & Traitors & Spies, because it’s want the CIA wants. They are worse than Rouhani. They defend Rouhani & FATF & Anti-Iran Plots, because it’s what the CIA wants. They even defend Trump & Arab Barbarians! They even defend Trump & Anti-Iran Barbarians! And it’s not a joke. They are jokes”.

Persian Joke 219 : They ask Qazanfar: Trump’s insanity & stupidity show that Trump is Turk (Turk-e Khar) or Trump is Arab Jew .. What do you want to say to Trump ?! Qazanafar: I just want to tell Trump: Hey American Sodomite, Don’t play With the Lion’s Tail because .. They: But it’s what their fucking Rouhani of CIA said .. Qazanafar: But Rouhani is Arab Jew, not Iranian; This Arab Jew Rouhani talks like Saddam – about the Mother of Wars that is a 100% Arab Jew thing. Rouhani is Arab Jew, not Iranian. So, he doesn’t know what is Iranian, and also the real meaning of this Iranian Proverb: Don’t play with .. Now I want to explain it more ! As you know Persia is Lion, and the main symbol of Iran is Lion since the ancient time. Don’t Play With the Lion’s Tail actually means Don’t Play With the Lion’s Dick ! In fact, We Iranians say to Trump: Hey American ANt, Don’t Play With the Lion’s Dick ! The more you play with it, the harder it gets ! And then the Lion (Persia) will fuck you and send you to hell ! .. So, BE CAUTIOUS ! Don’t Play With the Lion’s Cock ! BE CAUTIOUS !

Persian Joke 220: (It’s a Persian joke made by the Great Persian Satirist, Zakani, in about 700 years ago) A couple went to court. Woman said to judge: this man doesn’t do his marital duty, and he violates my s-exual rights! Man said to judge: I do whatever I can do with all my strength! Woman said to judge: But Only 5 times (if he does it 5 times a day) make me satisfy ! Man said to Judge: I can only do 3 times; I have no strength for the next 2 times .. So, finally the judge said: OK, in each case / each fight I should sacrifice myself; OK, I will do that 2 times !! ( = 2 times sex with that woman)

Persian Humor 1: Unfortunately, most Non-Iranians know nothing about The Great Persian Satirists including Zakani. Many writings of the Great Persian Humorists including Obeyd Zakani and many other Persian Satirists have never appeared in English. It’s so shameful. The Internet Censorship is so important, and we all should ask: Why do they censor or ignore Today’s Persia, Ancient Persian, and even the Persian Jokes & the Great Works of many Talented and ingenious Satirists & Humorists of Great Persia ? There are some English books about The Great Persian Satirists. One of this book is : Obeyd Zakani The Ethics of the Aristocrats and Satirical Works, translated by Hasan Javadi. It’s a 100 page book (by Hasan Javadi 1985, Jahan Book Co) It’s Not a so bad book. You can easily find this English book in the internet. You can also find the English translation of Zakani’s booklet of ‘Mouse and Cat’ in this link: h-t-t-p:// .. We hope Iranians and other good guys create such good websites more and more. Zakani’s Mouse and Cat’ is an important Satirical story about the fight of the oppressors and the oppressed, and Zakani shows us how a Cat or a Mouse becomes Mullah = Religious Charlatan = Trump! (keh Gorbeh shod Abed-o Zahed-o Mosalmana ! ) We hope that the good guys create many websites about many Persian Satirists & Satirical books of Persia. Zakani’s satirical booklets are really great. Many works of Obeyd Zakani / Qazvini include ‘Oshaqnameh’ (Lovers’ Letter), ‘Akhlaq al-Ashraf’ (Ethics of Elite), Tarifat (Definitions), ‘Dah Fasl’ (Ten Chapters), ‘Sad Pand’ (100 Advices), Hazliat (Adult Jokes) and other works of Zakani clearly show that Zakani is one of the Greatest Satirists & Humorists in Human history, and his great Persian works are actually part of the Human Legacy and the Iranian gifts to mankind. If you know nothing about Ancient Persian Satirists, then you stupidly think a new-born country like the USA (with 250 years history) and American comedians invented Jokes or Comedy !! If you know nothing about Ancient Persian jokes, then you stupidly think many European or American jokes are new jokes !! , while they are just new versions or copies of Persian Jokes, Ancient Persian Jokes

Persian Humor 2: Some wise Iranians say: “As you all know, the Internet Censorship is a very important issue. And The Internet Censorship & Spying is a Global issue. Nazis say Hi Hitler ! , and now Masons say Hi Filter ! (Internet Filter ! ) They read almost all Emails, and monitor all web surfings; and all your social media actives are monitored and controlled by them. The so-called Social Media is actually Social Spying (Mass Spying etc) & Social Engineering & Mind Control Project. Even most of the VPNs or Anti-Filter tools are actually Orwellian tools that the Big Brothers have created them, or control / manipulate them. In fact, this shitty world is so shitty & so Orwellian – beyond most people’s imaginations! The story of Snow-den, and also the closure of Lavabit ( = the closure of a so-called Private Email provider in USA) was one of the Biggest Scandals in the US history and in the History of the Internet & Informatics. So, after the closure of Lavabit, many non-Iranians & Iranians (including us) stopped using personal emails, and stopped doing or using many other things. After the closure of Lavabit, it became so clear that Nothing is private; Big Brothers read Emails, all comments and almost Everything. So, after the closure of Lavabit, many (including us) don’t want to use or read any private emails or private comments. As you all know, private emails or private comment is a joke in today’s world ! So, if you send any private emails or comments (to us, and in this website) you should know that (we) don’t read them! In fact, now many (including us) only read public comments and public things. So, as the Wise Witty Iranians say: if you want to say any positive of negative things, good or bad things, say it in public places or by public comments (ie say / write it in a website, blog etc) Even according to The 99.9% law = The 99.9% Censorship law, Sooner or later we will find your comments, read them, and answer them ! But you must keep The 99.9% Censorship law in your mind ! (We will write more about it later) But to put it in a nutshell: if the Army of Good guys create more than 1000 good things, then you can find 1 or 2 of them by search tools or search engines! In other words, If you say 1000 things or 1000 words, then we can find 1 or 2 of them! And it’s a general law! Now – after many years and many experiments & experiences – it’s clear that Big Brothers & Search Engines try to censor, hide or boycott the 99.9% of The Truth & Everything ! For instance, when you find 20 good things about one issue by using search tools or search engines, it means that at least about 20,000 to 40,000 good things exist ! This rule works in Iran and The West. For instance, If one million of Iranians talk / write about Fucking Rouhani & Fuck Rouhani, then the West & search engines censor 99.9 % of what Iranians say, and you can only find 1000 Fuck Rouhani = 0.1 % ! This law is The 99.9% law or The 99.9% Censorship law ! Of course, it’s a rule of the Best cases = when the CIA & Mafia don’t ask them to censor. If the CIA & Mafia ask them to censor or cover up one issue, then 100% of Everything is censored or boycotted by search engines & media ! (like the case of Iranians Fuck Trump or Iranians Fuck Rouhani etc) Keep this rule in your mind. In the West and Western media, The Truth and Not Censoring the Truth are the exception rather than the rule ! They hide or censor the 99.9 % of all Facts & all real News & Real people’s comments & all True things about Iran and other countries. Keep this law in your mind. This law is The 99.9% law ! Now the West’s mass media openly talk about A New Era of Mass Surveillance in Europe! (2017 / 2018), and shamelessly say: Germany, France and UK – Europe’s powers – have passed laws granting their spying agencies unfettered power to conduct bulk interception of all communications across Europe and beyond !! .. The UK’s “Snoopers Charter” authorizes the UK Government & GCHQ to engage in bulk interception, acquisition, and equipment interference of all communications ! If you send an email to a friend in UK or USA, you can be sure that GCHQ reads your email !! (2017/ 2018) In fact, the UK is like or worse than Mullahs. The UK is the Teacher of Mullahs. The UK is the Master of Mullahs. Now Iranians creating many good cartoons about British Mullahs, and why & how Mullahs are British agents. The new Iranians cartoons show that Rouhani is British Queen’s son, Khamenei is British Mason, and Khomeini was British Agent. Iranians truly say: Our Iran has been destroyed since the day a Mason or a puppet of UK became King or Vali Faqih ! (Vatan az Anrooz Viran shod .. Keh Mozdoor-e Biganeh Rahbar shod !! = Keh Freemason Shah / Rahbar shod ! ) Iranians know who was pulling Pahlavi’s strings! All Iranians know Who is pulling Khamenei’s strings or Rouhani’s strings! If you ask Iranians: Who Pulls the Strings of Mullahs? Their answer is clear: The UK or The CIA. In fact, all Iranians know British Mullahs and their British Master = Arbab ! Now in Aug 2018, even their own Basiji media & Islamist media confess: Rouhani is a British Citizen ! .. and MI6’s Rouhani is a Jewish member of UK Queen’s family! (below pix)”.


Persian Joke 221 : Iranians ask the Ayatollah BBC : Why do you the British pigs of BBC defend Rouhanis & Islamic Regime of Mullahs? The Ayatollah BBC says: for the same reason the UK and the BBC defend Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other Arab Dictators and Arab Islamists & Zionists and Israel and all other Anti-Iran Barbarians & Terrorists ! … And now the Ayatollah BBC & UK & CIA say to Iranians: Please choose one of our puppets as your leaders ?!! Please, Please?! We beg you to choose one of our puppets = Masons = Mullah (Rouhani / Islamist) or Monarch (Pahlavi) or Mercenary (Rajavi, Marxist Islamist etc) ?! But Iran’s people including the Large Army of Wise Iranians = Millions of Mirzadeh Eshghi say to the UK & BBC & CIA & Trump: Hey you stupid Leaders of the West, you have no shame and no honor and no human dignity, but Are you totally Brainless , with no Brain ?!! Hey You The West’s Big Brothers = American Ayatollahs !! (Giram Haya Nadari !! , Sharm-o Sharaf Nadari !! , Hichi Maqz ham Nadari ?!!! Ey Sheikh-e America-ii ?!!! ) Maybe You can play your silly Games & your stupid Dirty Tricks with other nations & other countries, but You can Never, Ever play with us = Iranians ! (een Bazi-o Kalak ra, een Keid-o Sheytanat ra, bah har keh mitavani, bah maa Nemitavani !! )

Persian Joke 222: (It’s a Persian joke about Sheikhs (= Mullahs) made by the Great Persian Satirist, Zakani, in about 700 years ago) On the Sheikhs and Arab Islamists ! Some facts and definitions: The Sheikh = Satan himself ! .. The Donkey = His aids ! .. The Devils = His followers ( = Islamists) .. Non-existent: Their Brain ! .. Lie and Hypocrisy = What the Sheikh says about the world ! .. Nonsense: What the Sheikh says about the world to come !! .. Islamist or Hajji = someone who tells Big lies and swears falsely by God ! .. Roguery, Violence, Hypocrisy, Dissimulation and Falsehood: The ways of the Elite and the Mullahs !!

Persian Joke 223: They ask Qazanfar: What is Rouhani’s policy? Qazanfar: Trump’s policy is “America First” policy, But Rouhani’s policty is Iran Last policy! Rouhani’s policy is Arab First, Jew Second, America Third, Britain Forth, France Fifth ….. and Iran Last !!!! . It’s the Islamic Policy of the Anti-Iranian Regime of Mullahs

Persian Joke 224: One day Qazanfar goes to see a doctor, and says: oh Doctor, the mother of my wife has eaten poison ! Doctor takes a look at her, and says: So, why her head is injured and broken ?! Qazanfar: Because at first she was resisting, and she didn’t want to eat poison !!

Persian Joke 225: The witty Iranian men say: In Iran, all good things are female or women (= Khanoom = lady) like Khorshid Khanoom (Sun), Khanoom Gole (Flower), Khanoom KhoshGele (Beautiful), etc. But all bad things are male or men (Aqa = Sir) like Aqa Gorge ! (Wolf) , Aqa Dozde (Thief), Aqa Khare (Donkey) AN Aqa ! (Shit) ! = Zina-Zadeh = Aqa-zadeh = Harum-zadeh ! = stupid bastards ! etc

Persian Joke 226: They also ask Gazanfar: What is Trump’s success?! Gazanfar: Shitting on America ! And showing & proving that America is a Racist Shitehole country! … They ask Qazanfar: What is Rouhani’s success?! Qazanfar: Shitting on Religion ! (Ridan beh Diin) = Destroying Arab Islam & putting an End to Islamic Regime! … They: How we should spell your name or What we should call you: Qazanfar, Gazanfar, Ghazanfar or … Gazanfer: there is no difference; all of them are the same shit !

Persian Joke 227: Iranians ask Qazanfar: Why do USA and the West support Monarchists & Marxist-Islamists (MEK/ MKO) ?! Qazanfar: It’s The West’s Democracy! In the West & UK, Democracy is Tyranny! Democracy is Monarchy! Iranians: Wow! Qazanafer you have become an intellectual, better than Noam Chomsky! Qazanfar: Fuck Chomsky. Chomsky is a super idiot, worse than Qazanfar. Now even idiots like Qazanafer know that Mullahs = Monarchists are Satl-AN-Talab ! (In Iran, Monarchists are called SaltANat-Talab, but witty Iranians call them Satl-AN-Talab! Satl =bucket, AN = Shit, Talab = seeker / lover; So, Satl-AN-Talab = Shit-seekers ! Shit-Lovers = Monarchists) All Iranians hate Monarchists, including Islamic Monarchists = Mullahs, and secular Monarchists = Pahlavists. All Monarchists are Shit-worshipers and Shit-lovers. Their Shah-zadeh is actually Shash-zadeh (Shash = Piss, zadeh = born) Iranians: But why do the US and the West love Tyranny, Monarchy and Shash-zadeh?! ( = Piss-born = made of piss & shit ! ) Qazanfar: When USA & Trump love and defend Arab Terrorists, Arab Barbarians and Arab Piss-eaters = Arabs who drink piss / camel’s piss, then what can you expect from them?! Piss & Shit is part of America’s DNA = Trump’s DNA ! And that’s why USA & Trump love Arab shit-eaters & Arab piss-eaters = Arab Barbarians = Arab Islamists & Arab Dictators & Arab Terrorists ! The West is full of shit. The West and its stooges are Shits and Shit-lovers like Trump & Trump’s fans. All of them are Satl-AN-Talab = Shit-lovers! Like Mullahs & Basijis, most of the so-called Monarchists & Pahlavists are Arab Jews, not Iranians. Like Mullahs, most of the so-called Monarchists & Pahlavists are Masons or Arab Jews = Shit-eaters and Shit-lovers, that’s why they make love with Saudi Arabia & Anti-Iran Arabs, and also that’s why they are Shash-zadeh and love Shash-zadeh ! ( = Piss-born = made of piss & shit ! ) America is full of shit. America is Shit-lover and Shit-worshiper ! And that’s why America loves Shit-eaters & Piss-eaters = Arab Islamists & Saudis who drink Camel’s piss ! Trump is just the tip of their Shitberg ! (Shit-berg (like iceberg) is a very large mass of shit floating in the sea of piss & shit)

Persian Joke 228: The Great Persian Poet Rumi wrote one of his famous stories about idiots like Rouhanis / Mullahs and their Islamic Turkmenchay. In these days, Iranians see this famous Ancient Story as the story of Rouhanis & Nuclear Trukmenchay: One day two stupid idiots (= Rouhani & Ayatollah) – who had one donkey- were meeting with a group of charlatans (= American thieves / politicians) After the dinner, the Charlatans asked Rouhani & Ayatollah to repeat with them the Turkmenchay’s motto : ‘The donkey is gone, The donkey is gone, The donkey is gone’ (Khar Berafto , Khar Berafto , Khar Beraft ! ) The very stupid idiots = Rouhani & Ayatollah thought that they are happy winners, and charlatans are their friends and want to have fun ! But the very stupid idiots = Rouhani and Ayatollah didn’t know their American friends were secretly selling the donkey, and when the buyer asked: I know the real owners of this donkey. Do they agree?! The charlatans told the buyer: Yah, Rouhani and Ayatollah are agree, Don’t you hear them?! And the buyer looked, and said: Yah, you are right; the great idiots Rouhani and Ayatollah are happy, and happily singing: the donkey is gone, the donkey is gone, the donkey is gone’ ! (= Khar Berafto , Khar Berafto , Khar Beraft ! )

Persian Joke 229: The witty Iranians say: “Now in 2018, even stupid Animals / Basijis confess that The Donkey is gone = Khar Beraft is Islamic motto of Islamic Regime ! In fact, now even idiots know that The donkey is gone = Khar Beraft = The Islamic regime is gone ! = The Arab Islam is gone ! Now all Iranians say bye bye to Arab Islam = Jewish Religion of Arab Donkeys & Monkeys! Now The Jewish Ayatollah (Khamenei) defends this Jewish Freemason (Rouhani) and his Turkmenchay & his FATF Coup of 2018, and even their own Mullah TV confessing that The Jewish Ayatollah Khamenei is CIA Iran Project = Rockefeller’s Iran Project! So, it’s obvious why all Iranians say bye bye to Arab Islam = Jew Religion of Arab Cows & Donkeys, and why even stupid animals / Basijis confess that The donkey is gone = Khar Beraft means : The Islamic regime is gone ! = The Arab Islam is gone ! Now, all Basijis and Mullahs are signing: Khar Berafto , Khar Berafto , Khar Beraft !”

Persian Joke 230: (It’s a new version of an ancient Persian joke) Qazanfar goes to a (Jewish city), and opens a Zoo there ! He says: Entering Fee is 50 Dollar .. but no one comes! .. Then he says: Entering Fee is 40 Dollar .. but no one comes! .. He says: Entering Fee is 30 Dollar .. but no one comes! .. He says: Entering Fee is 10 Dollar .. but no one comes! .. He says: Entering Fee is 1 Dollar .. but no one comes! So, Qazanfar becomes angry and says: It’s Free ! Entering Fee is 0 Dollar! It’s totally Free ! Then (all Jews) come, and (zoo becomes a Jewish city ! ) ! So at this moment, Qazanfar closes the gates of Zoo, and open the doors of Lions cage and all wild animals cages, and says: Now, The Exiting Fee is 100 Dollar !!

Persian Joke 231: Iranians say: Sex is a good and useful thing, and if you do it with your wife / husband it’s a Miracle! If you do it with a loved one it’s Love; if you do it with your secretary it’s leisure ! If you do it with a street hooker it’s Job Creating ! If you do it with a neighbor it’s alliance ! If you do it with a widow or a divorced man it’s Kindness! If you do it with an old woman/ man it’s Self-Sacrifice !! .. But if you rape a woman it’s an Arab Islamist thing, a Jewish Jihad = Arab Islamic Jihad ! Don’t do it !

Persian Joke 232: The Evolution of a female Basiji-Islamic Profile in a Social media: Month1: Without photo .. Month2: photo of an animal .. Month3: photo of a kid .. Month4: photo of a Western girl ! .. Month5: a censored photo of herself .. Month6: a photo of her face .. Month7: a photo of porn stars! .. Month8: a photo of herself with a loose Hijab ! .. Month9: a photo of bikini girls .. Month10: a photo of herself without Hijab .. Month11: a photo of herself in Bikini .. Month12: a photo of herself as an Arab Whore in Jewish Po-rn films !

Persian Joke 233: Qazanfar was checking the Smart-phone of his girlfriend ! Qazanfar: Who is John (Reza) ?! She: He is my social friend ! Qazanfar: Who is David (Davud) ?! She: He is my classmate! Qazanfar: Who is Donald (Ali) ?! She: He is a close friend of mine, he is like my brother! Qazanfar: Who is Frank (Javad) ?! She: He is a good boy! Qazanfar: Who is Kate (Zara) ?! She: She is you ! I prefer to use a fake female name for you because I want that my parents and specially my Mom put their trust in me, and I don’t want to betray their trust, and I want to show them that I don’t have any boy friends !! (ta Shak Nakonan ! )

Persian Joke 234: Do you know why does Trump Bark a lot ?! Same reason a little dog Barks a lot ! … Do you know why does Trump Bark & Fart a lot ?! Because Trump is a little dog and also a farter that reminds Iranians of an ancient Persian joke made by Zakani: (It’s a new version of it .. and Lion is a symbol of Iran / Persia) One day American president (Trump) went on a lion hunt. The American President was Barking and Farting. They asked him, “Why are you Barking?” He said, “So that the lion will be afraid” ! “Why are you farting?” They asked. Trump said, “Because I am afraid too’ !!

Persian Joke 235: They ask Trump: Who is Arab Terrorist? Trump says: America ally ! .. They: Who are savage Arab Terrorists? Trump: America allies who are 9/11 Terrorists ! .. They: Who is a very savage Arab Terrorist? Trump: America allies who are Anti-Freedom and Ant-Human barbarians, but America loves them so much! .. They: Who are so so bad? Trump: They are Iranians who hate Arab Terrorists & Islamists = America allies. Those who hate our America allies = Arab Islamists + Arab Dictators + Arab Terrorists are so so bad !

Persian Joke 236: Qazanfar becomes an Analyst ! , and says: In Iran, Men are the real victims, not the women! For instance, if men wear their best clothes (tip-bezanan), women say: Do you have a date ?! With whom ? .. If men don’t wear good things and dress quickly, women say: you men don’t have any style & good taste ! (Saliqe Nadarid !) .. If men say I Love You a lot, women say: Is this your trick, and Do you want to fool me? What is your secret plan?! .. If men don’t say I Love you, women say: So, you love someone else ?! who is she ?!! … If men laugh a lot, women say: Are you clown?! or what has happened that you are so happy?! Who is she?! .. If men don’t laugh, women say: why are you a sick and depressed pig?! (che Margete ?! ) .. If men ask for dinner , women say: You men only care about foods and your belly ! (Faqat Fekre Shikame) .. If men don’t ask for dinner, women say: It’s not clear he has eaten his shitty foods / dinner with Whom?! Who is she ?! .. (Maloom nist bah ki Sham Koft Karde !! ..)

Persian Joke 237: Iraj Mirza (1873 – 1925) is a famous Poet & Satirist of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1905. But now our Iran’s people change Famous Satirical poems of Iraj, to talk about the current situation! For instance it’s like a Famous poem of Iraj Mirza: Hojat al-Islam Kalak mizanad ! ( = Ayatollah plays dirty Tricks) Gooz Yeka-yek beh Alak mizanad !! ( Ayatollahs Fart & Fart & Fart! ) FATF, Khiyant-o Cou-Deta (FATF, Treasons and Coup detat), Sheikh Dar-e Dooz-o Kalak mizanad ! (Ayatollah plays silly games ! ) Haml-e beh Sarafi-o Arz-eDolar !! (Mullahs attack Sararfis/ Currency Shops & Dollar ! ), Khamenei Baz Kalak mizanad ! (Khamenei plays dirty Tricks again !) Jew-e Rouhani-o Seif al-Arab !! (the Jewish Rouhani & CBI’s Arab Seif = Arab Sword !! ) Koos che Rosva be Falak mizanad !! (are just revealing all Arab Jewish Secrets of Mullahs & their Arab Islam !!! ) Guyand-Aqa Hame Shab zir-e Pol ! (they say Ayatollah goes to secret place! ) Nameh beh Dargah-e Trump mizanad !! (and send many secret messages to Trump !! ) Khaen-e Pasti bovad een Bi-Sharaf !! (Ayatollah = Rouhani is so mean, Anti-Iranian Traitor ! ) Daem Har Ruz Kalak mizadand ! (Rouhani only plays dirty tricks) aamade London ze Baraye Labby ! (Mullahs go to London for Lobbying ! ) Sheikh-e Mason baz Kalak mizanad (the Masonic Rouhani is playing silly games again ! ) Enshalalah 2-ruze Degar (But very soon, in the near future) Kheime az Anja beh Darak mizanad !!! (All Mullahs will go to Hell !!)

Persian Joke 238: The Best Things in Qazvin are : (In Qazvin, butt or ass is called Kan / KAN) Best Place: DoKAN (supermarket) .. Best Car: PayKAN .. Best Footballer: German’s Oliver KAN ! .. Best City: ArdaKAN … Best Animal: PeliKAN .. Best Trade-mark :Kenwood = KANwood ! .. And The Best Islamic Manager: DaadKAN !! (= an Islamist name that means ass-giver ! Daad means gave) After the Nuclear Turkmenchay, DaadKAN is actually the name of all Mullahs and all Basijis who gave their ass to their Great Satan! Now it’s clear that Rouhani or Khamenei is a real DaadKAN !

Persian Joke 239: They ask Gazanqar about How to Kill America, and How to put an End to United States?! Gazanqar : It’s so simple ! Just ask them to vote for Trump, and to make Trump their US President ! Trump himself knows how to fuck America, and How to kill America ! As you know the biggest threat to America is Trump ! …. They ask Americans: Why are Iranians so smart? Americans: Because none of them are blonde ! … They ask Ghazanfar about How to Destroy A Country or The Economy of Country? Ghazanfar: It’s so simple ! Just ask the CIA to create a puppet regime like the Islamic Regime of of Mullahs in that country !! And the second way is that they ask a Rouhani = a Traitor & Economic Terrorist of CIA = Ayatollah to implement IMF Plans and FATF pants in that country, and destroy Economy & Everything ! It’s so simple !

Persian Joke 240: In 1980s, Qazanfar became a Basiji = a stupid animal ! But now Qazanfar is becoming Human ! (dareh Adam mishe ! ) We Iranians ask Qazanfar, The Basiji: Do you know that Rouhani has been forced to change his CBI = Central Bank of Islamists (CBI) ?! Qazanfar: really ?! That CIA’s Arab, Seif, who worked for CIA & CFR & Rockefellers has gone?! Iranians: Yah, The CIA’s Seif is Gone ! Qazanfar: But the CIA’s Seif must be tried and executed for all his Treasons. Iranians: Yah, But in August 2018, this CIA’s Economic Terrorist = Rouhani = Khamenei saw that the secret of his FATF Coup is revealing, so he tried to play new silly games by changing his CIA’s Seif in August 2018 ! But now a CIA Arab, Abdul-Nasser is CBI Governor of Mullahs! Qazanfar: Are you kidding ?! Seif was an Arab Jew (Seif means Sword in Arabic! The CIA’s Seif means the CIA’s Sword ! ) But now this Arab, Seif, has gone but a new Arab with a pan-Arab name, AbdolNasser, has come?! Are you kidding me?! Iranians: No! It’s not a Joke ! Qazanfar: His name is a pan-Arab name = Gamal AbdelNasser of Egypt ?! Only a pan-Arab barbarian is called AbdulNasser. If his name was Saddam or Saddam Hussein, it would be better than AbdolNasser ! Iranians: yah, it’s so ridiculous. Saddam was a follower of Jamal AbdelNasser! The Baath party was AbdelNasser’s party = pan-Arab party ! But now a Baathist = AbdolNasser = a pan-Arab of Baath is CBI Governor of Mullahs !! (In Arabic, Abd means Slave; Abdol / Abdel = Abdul = Abd of = Slave of) AbdolNasser = Abd of Nasser = Slave of Nasser is a 100% pan-Arab name = a Baathist name. Only pan-Arab pigs = Anti-Iran Barbarians name their sons after Saddam or AbdelNasser = Pan-Arab Leader ! The Savage Arab Dictator Jamal AbdelNasser was The Enemy of Iran & Persians & our Persian Gulf. Arab Dictator Jamal AbdulNasser was a Freemason and a British agent. But now The CIA’s Seif = the CIA’s Sword has gone, but CIA’s Arab AbdolNasser = a pan-Arab & Anti-Iran Barbarian is CBI Governor or Mullahs?! How Mullahs should prove that Mullahs are Anti-Iran Arabs?! How Mullahs should prove that Mullahs are pan-Arab Barbarians = Anti-Iran Shits?! Now CIA’s pan-Arab Jamal AbdolNasser Hemmati is CBI Governor of Mullahs !!! And it’s not a joke ! The Islamic Regime of Mullahs is a joke. In fact, The Mullahs = The Baath party! AbdelNasser + Saddam = Ayatollahs! Anti-Iran Arab Barbarians = Saudis + AbdelNasser + Assad + Saddam = Islamic Regime of Mullahs = Baath Party ! Assad or Saddam was Pan-Arab Leader. Saddam or AbdelNasser was Pan-Arab Leader & Anti-Iran Barbarian! So How Mullahs should prove that Mullahs are pan-Arabs & Anti-Iranians?! How Mullahs should prove that their Islamic Regime is a pan-Arab Regime = Anti-Iran Regime?! Qazanfar: Now everything is so clear. Even a stupid idiot like Qazanfar knows that the CIA’s Islamic Regime of Mullahs is Jewish & Arab = Anti-Iran. Which Iranian calls his son AbdolNasser ?!! Only a 100% Non-Iranian pig & a pan-Arab pig is called AbdelNasser or Saddam! AbdolNasser is a code-name that can show you everything. Now a pan-Arab pig, Jamal AbdelNasser Hemati is CBI Governor of Mullahs! And CBI’s deputy is CIA’s Iraq-chi !! So, Khamenei is Saddam Hussein ! Khamenei is Saddam of CIA! (Sad-dam in Persian means 100 Trap or 100 Tricks! ) All Iranians know this CIA’s Arab Spy, Iraq-chi = Arab Jew from Iraq. The story of Iraq-chi and AbdolNasser is not a joke! Their Islamic Regime is a joke. Their Arab Islam is a joke. The UK is a bad joke. The UK’s Mullahs are jokes!

Persian Humor 3: Some wise Iranians say: “Unfortunately, most people know nothing about The British Islam or The Jewish Islam of Arabs. Unfortunately, the British Islam is NOT a joke ! Have you seen or read anything about UK Queen Hijab?! Yah, The UK Queen in Hijab ! Just look ! (below pix) Now in 2018, their own British Islamists say that UK Queen is Sayyid !! Now If you google for British Queen Hijab, British Queen headscarf, Hijab British Queen headscarf etc, then you will find thousands of photos about the British Queen’s Hijab !! (So, according to The 99.9 % Law : Millions of facts & photos exit !) Now British Islamists say : The UK Queen is an Arab Sayyid that means The UK Queen is a Jewish Kohen. And when you take a look at Their Queen Elizabeth & her Hijab, you can understand why the UK Queen is the Mother of Mullahs! As you know, Hijab is a Jewish tradition of Arabs & Jews. In fact, Hijab was a Jewish tradition of Semites. And as Brits say, the UK Queen is a Jew, with the Jewish Blue Blood ! UK Queen is a Jewish follower of Jewish traditions including Hijab, Religious Deception (Taqqiya), Incest, Pedophilia, and Child sacrifices ! Even if you know nothing about the UK’s Jewish Queen and the Satanic Royal Family of UK, then the pictures of UK Queen’s Hijab can show you why many say: The UK Queen is Arab Sayyid = Jewish Cohen !. Now if you google for ‘British Queen Muslim Queen’, then you can find many good things! For instance, Brits and Non-Iranians talk about: UK Queen Elizabeth’s ties to Arab Islamists! , The Queen of England Is a Descendant of Arab Islamists ! , Queen Elizabeth related to Arab Jews = Islamists ! , Queen Elizabeth is a Secret Jew Arab !, Queen Elizabeth is a Secret Jew Islamist ! , UK Queen is a child of Arab Jew Prophets !! It’s so laughable, but it’s not a joke ! The UK Queen wears Hijab! If you have doubt, just search the internet ! , and find thousands of photos of The British Queen in Hijab ! The UK Queen of Barbarians is actually the Masonic Mother of all Islamists, and that’s why Iranians say: Mullahs refer to UK Queen as their Mother or Bibi ! (Bibi-e 2Alam !) ! UK Queen is Queen Mother of Mullahs! Now even the good Brits talk about The Satanic British Royal Family, or The Truth About The So Called Royal Family of UK, and say : They are ALL Jews! The British Royal Family are Arab Jews! The UK Royal family is Rothschild Royal family ! In fact, UK Queens have always been too mush Satanic & too much Arab Jew ( = az Bikh Arab .. ! ) Have you heard about a new Film called The UK Queen Victoria and Adbul ?!! (check Joke 248 ! )”

Persian Humor 4: Some wise Iranians say: “Now the UK’s Islamists openly talk about The Battle for The British Islam ! It’s so laughable. Just search the internet. They talk about their UK Queen Hijab, and also The UK Queen’s British Islam !, and the UK Queen Elizabeth Arab Jew ancestry !! The Barbarians and Evil forces including the UK & the West desperately try to hurt our Iran, (But as we said before) our wise Iranians truly say: If they hurt our Iran & Iranian people, then we Iranians reveal all their secrets, all their Jewish secrets & Masonic secrets ! (Patashoon ro ruye Aab mirizim ! ) But today, there is no need that our wise Iranians reveal the UK secrets! The Wise Iranians can wait ! Now even Brits talk about the UK secrets, and say: (Do you know) The UK Queen Elizabeth Arab Jew ancestry ?! .. British Queen is a Jew Queen ! .. British Queen is an Islamist Jew ! .. British Queen is a secret Jew Islamist ! (2016 to 2018) Many things should be said about The UK Queen of British Barbarians, and we Iranians have many things to say about the British Queen of Barbarians ! (we have already written about it (check Archive) and we will write more about it later) But Now even The UK Queen’s Jewish Hijab shows that The UK Queen is Arab Sayed or Jew Kohen ! And it’s what Brits say ! Just search the internet. Now many talk about Princess Diana’s Jewish mother, and his Jewish lover = a Jew Arab of Egypt. But the Jew Princess Diana was just one of the Jewish members of the Jewish Royal family of UK ! The Brits talk about the Jewish Blood or Blue Blood of The UK Queen = British Queen of Jews! They even say: Trump is British Queen = female Jew ! They picture Trump as British Queen! Trump in British Queen’s clothing! (check below pix) It’s so laughable. Just search the internet. The British Masons & Jews say: Satan save the Queen ! = Jewish God save the Queen ! But the good Brits say: God Fuck the Queen! In recent centuries, and specially since 1979, the Jewish Mullahs & British Mullahs have polluted our Iran; Their Arab Islam = Jewish Islam & British Islam have polluted our Iran. The Jewish British Mullahs and their Battle for British Islam have created many many disasters in our Iran. So, our Iranian people have every rights to Fuck UK & British Jews = British Masons / Mullahs! The UK Queen Hijab, and this fact that the UK Queen wears Hijab is so important. Pictures of UK Queen Elizabeth in Hijab can show you many things. The Queen of UK is actually The Queen of Hijab ! Now British Masons & British Islamists have websites like !! – in which the British Barbarians defend Hijab ! , and talk about how many times their UK Queen Elizabeth wore hijab ! Can you believe it ?! You can find many good photos of the UK Queen of Hijab in their websites! For instance, check this link : h-t-t-ps:// ! When you take a look at such British websites & how British pigs defend Hijab & Queen & British Islam ! , then you can only use K-word = F-word to curse UK and British Queen & British Islam & British Mullahs = British Masons & Islamists!”.


Persian Joke 241: (It’s an old Persian joke) Three American Jews and three Iranian engineers are traveling by train to a conference. At the station, the three American Jews each buy tickets and watch as the three Iranians buy only a single ticket. “How are three people going to travel on only one ticket?”, asked Americans. “Watch and you will see”, answer Iranians . They all board the train. All three Iranians cram into the toilet and close the door behind them. Then conductor comes around collecting tickets. He knocks on the toilet door and says, “Ticket, please”. The door opens just a crack and a single arm emerges with a ticket in hand. The conductor takes it and moves on. The American Jews saw this and agreed it was quite a clever idea. So after the conference, the US Jews decide to copy the Iranians on the return trip and save some money! When they get to the station, they buy a single ticket for the return trip. To their astonishment, the Iranians don’t buy a ticket at all !! “How are you going to travel without a ticket?”, ask US Jews. “Watch and you will see“, say Iranians. When they board the train the American Jews cram into a toilet and Iranians cram into another one nearby. The train departs. Shortly afterward, one of the Iranians leaves his toilet and walks over to the toilet where the American Jews are hiding. He knocks on the door and says, “Ticket, please.” !!

Persian Joke 242: (It’s a Persian joke about Turks, made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) On the Turks and Their Traditions ! Some facts and definitions: Gog and Magog = The Turkish Barbarians who invade other countries .. The Infernal Guards: The Turk leaders ! .. The Famine: The result of their invasion (= Turk Barbaric invasion) ! .. The Confiscation and Thievery: The Turkish gifts ! .. The Flag of Calamity: Their banner ! (Turk banner) .. Plundering: Their profession ! ( = Turk job ! ) .. The Sudden Earthquake: When they come ! .. Paradise or Heaven = What they will never see !! .. (In Zakani’s era Turk-Mongol was the main symbol of Barbarians. In fact, Turks were like Trump and America allies = Arab Islamists & CIA’s Arab Terrorists & Jew Arab Barbarians of our time) And now, when Trump, Saudi & ISIS & Iraq & Turkey’s Islamists( = Erdogan) and Khamenei make love, and do many Anti-Iran Traitorous Evil acts, you should add: Telling Lies and Betraying = Turk Islamist profession! .. Puppet dictator = their leader ! .. Saudi ISIS / DAESH = their soldiers! or their allies .. The CIA = their Master ! .. Anti-American gestures = their game ! .. Jewish Masons = their Islamic leaders including Saudis & Erdogan & Ayatollah .. Khamenei = a Turk Islamist = Anti-Iran Turk Arab Jew of Iraq .. Zionist IMF, Rockefellers, Turkmenchay and FATF = Turl Islamist loves ! = Jew Arab’s loves ! = Khamenei’s loves !

Persian Joke 243 : When God created Arab Mullah / Arab Basiji / Saudi, he just said to his angels: Oh, shit, I have shitted, not created ! (Ma Riddim, Khalq Nakardim ! ) It’s not creation, it’s just shitting, the Art of Shitting ! … In fact, the Mullahs and Basijis = Arab Jews, Trump and Arab Islamists are Shits in Human clothing !

Persian Joke 244: (It’s a Persian joke made by the Great Persian Poet Sadi in about 700 years ago) In the Jungle – that is run by the rule of the Jungle ! – a fox who was running away. We asked : why are you running away? Fox: it said they were catching camels. We said: but you are not a camel ?! why are you running away?! Fox: Because they first arrest you and torture you, and then they try to see or prove that you are a camel or not !!

Persian Joke 245: Iranians say to Rouhani & Khamenei: I don’t know what makes you so stupid; I don’t know which MI6 or CIA projects make you so stupid, but it really works !! … Iranians also say to Rouhani & Khamenei & Larijani & other Arab Jews = Mullahs: Hey Jewish Mullahs, your real Arab homeland called, they want their idiot back ! .. Were you born this stupid, or from where did you take the lessons of Stupidity & being stupid ?! And Mullahs say: In the UK, and the UK’s Masonic Universities that are like Trump University ! … And Trump University is like the Islamic University of Rafsanjani / Velayat-i !

Persian Joke 246: A Basiji was Madah = A man who sings Islamist song. One day he used his wife’s dressmaking book, because his Islamist songs book was like her book (and her wife was a dressmaker) So, when he wanted to sing Islamist songs, he opened the book, and asked Basijis to say & repeat : Abalfazl = Oh Jesus ! .. He sang in this way: The waist of this Islamist woman! Basijis say: Abalfazl = Oh Jesus ! .. The Ass of that Islamist woman! Basijis say: Abalfazl = Oh Jesus! .. The Breast of this Islamist woman, Basijis say: Abalfazl = Oh Jesus ! .. The Boobs of that Islamist woman, Basijis say: Abalfazl = Oh Jesus ! …

Persian Joke 247: The Great Iranian writer, Beyhaqi (995-1077), wrote in 1000 years ago : There was a man who procured concubines for a prince and received ample rewards for them! And a Sheikh told him to remember that Pimping is better than being Sheikh / Mullah ! … Mahasti Ganjavi, a 12th century female poet of Persia, wrote in about 800 years ago: When the Sheikh’s Arab wife came with child, he found it extremely odd, and he was Saying to himself: I am old and cannot have an erection ! And this Arab whore is not Mary! So whence the benediction !!

Persian Joke 248: An Arab baby was born in a bus. His Arab Parents called him Abdul Bus-et ! ( = Abdul Vahed !) In Arabic, Abdul = Abd of = Slave of .. An Arab baby was born in Saudi Royal family. His Saudi Parents called him Abdul Puppet !! .. An Arab baby was born in Emirate Royal family = Arab whorehouse of UAE. His Arab Parents called him Abdul Fucker ! (Abdul Jakesh !) .. An Arab baby was born in Bahrain Royal family = Arab Brothel of Bahrain. His Arab Parents called him Abdul Farter ! (Abdul Kos-Khol !) .. And a Arab Islamist baby was born in British Royal family = Brothel of Britain. The Brits called her UK Queen !! = Abdul Satan ! … And now the UK makes a very shitty film called the UK Queen Victoria and Abdul (2017) ! , that is a film about the love story of UK Queen Victoria & Islamist Abdul ! And it’s not a joke ! It’s Reality! Abdul was an Arab Islamic Mason of India, and the Brits say their UK Queen Victoria learned Arab Islam from him & Islamist Masons! The UK and their Queens are too much Satanic & too much Arab Jew ( = az Bikh Arab .. ! )

Persian Joke 249 : (It’s like a Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) As you know, Americans asked Rouhani to dance! But while Rouhani was dancing, Iranians said, “Oh, Rouhani you are not dancing in good tune; you are just making a fool of yourself !” Rouhani replied: “I don’t dance by the tune, I dance by decree !! … Khamenei defends FATF & Rouhani & Turkmenchay, simply because Rouhani = Khamenei is a Jew Agent of CIA / MI6. Now Both Rouhani & Khamanei Dance with the Great Satan = their American Arbab = British Masters, but they don’t dance by the tune! Rouhani & Khamanei dance by CIA’s decree!

Persian Joke 250 : Iranian-Americans say: I heard Donald Trump wants to deport criminals .. Great when does Trump leave! … But Iranians say: In the near future, When Iranian people want to deport or punish Arab Jew pigs & criminals like Khamenei & Rouhani and other Jewish Mullahs & Arab Islamists = Anti-Iran Barbarians, then the West & Mass media shed crocodile tears for Mullahs & other Arab Islamists, and say: Why are you Iranians so angry & aggressive ?!! (che Melat-e Parkhash-ju-ii ! ) Why are you so intolerant and violent people?! (Eva che Khashen ! ) We and our puppets kill you and torture you, but you should be calm, polite and good victims! Be good victims ! Don’t protest against your Oppressors ! Don’t punish Killers & Criminals! Don’t punish our Agents & our Destroyers of your Iran ! Be good victims! Be good Sheep ! Let us kill you & plunder you & destroy your country and keep you & your country weak and backward ! You must respect Rapists & Killers! … And it’s not a joke. British Logic is a joke. American Logic is a bad joke. They say: If we Criminals kill you and torture you it’s a good thing! But If you punish killers and Criminals it’s a bad thing ! The West defend criminals and shed crocodile tears for Criminals = West’s stooges, but attack victims !

Persian Joke 251: (Two Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) They ask an Arab: why your children don’t look like you ?! Arab: If our Iranian neighbors leave us alone, then our children will be our real children and will look like us ! … An Arab man said to an Iranian woman: I want to taste you, to see you are sweeter or my Arab wife? But Iranian woman said: If you want to know about this issue you can ask my Iranian husband, because he has fucked your Arab wife!, and he knows both tastes !!

Persian Joke 252: They ask Iranians: What is Mullah = Rouhani ?! Iranians: Mufti / Mullah = Rouhani is a poisonous Mushroom that grows near London and Qom, and also in the shitty deserts of Savage Arabia ! … They ask Iranians: What is Trump or US Politician ?! Qazanfar: US Politician or Trump is another kind of poisonous Mushroom that is Shit-lover = Arab Islamist-lover, and grows near Washington and also in American shit-holes ! … They ask Iranians: What is Reza al-Pahlavi or Monarchist = Savaki ? Iranians: Experts say It’s a kind of shitty & weedy weeds = Basijis that grows in CIA’s toilets / WCs near Regime Change area! But we Iranians believe that Monarchist or Reza al-Pahlavi = Pahlavi is Arab Parasite or Microbe that is dead, because our Iran & all Iranians have been vaccinated against Monarchy by Anti-Mullah = Anti-Monarchy vaccine = Anti-Shah vaccine to protect our Iran against Tyranny & Puppet regimes & All puppets of the West ! … They ask Iranians: What is Rajavi or MEK / MKO / PMOI ? Iranians: It’s nothing! Forget it! It’s a kind of a tiny microbe & parasite = an Arab parasite of CIA like the Arab microbe of ISIS, al-Qaeda or al-Pahlavi that all Iranians = 100% Iranians hate it so much, and have been vaccinated against it !

Persian Joke 253: (It’s a Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) An Iranian man saw that an Arab kid was crying a lot and his Arab mother could not make him silent. So, man said to kid: If you don’t stop crying, I will fuck your mother ! And then Arab woman happily said: The kids don’t take your words / our words serious; your words cannot make my kid silent, only your action / our action can make him silent !!

Persian Joke 254: (Two Persian jokes made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) A Iranian man was eating Ice cream (Faludeh), but ice cream was not sweat enough; so he said : Did they make this ice cream before God & Angels teaching Bees how to make honey ?! (Qabl az Vahy beh Zanbur Asal ?! ) … Mullah Nasredin and his donkey – that was a slow and old donkey- were going that a man asked him: Where are you going? Nasredin: I go to the City’s mosque for Friday prayer. Man: But idiot today is Tuesday! Nasredin: Even If (with this donkey) I can reach there until Saturday then I would be a lucky man !

Persian Joke 255: The Patriotic Iranian Hero, Mirzadeh Eshghi (1893 – 1924) was one of the Best and Wise Intellectuals & Satirists of Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1905. The wise Iranians say: “Eshgh means Love, and he called himself Eshghi because his Great Love was Great Iran / Persia. The UK and British Puppet Dictator (Pahlavi) and British Agents killed Eshghi in 1924 / 1303 (We will write more about Eshghi later) Lets take a look at some of his great poems in about 100 years ago; Only with a few changes in these old & Famous poems, you think these Great poems are about FATF Coup of 2018, all Recent Events & all Anti-Iran Mullahs : Such Islamic parliament and its Islamist members must be shitted on ! (Beh Chenin Majlis-o bar Sher-o-Verash Bayad Rid !!) Rouhani & Such Mullahs and their Arab Religion must be shitted on! (Beh chenin Akhundo Diine Arab-ash Bayad Rid ! ) For the sake of Iran, the Shah and the Mullah must be shitted on! (Bahr-e een Molk, beh Shah-e Arab-ash Bayad Rid ! ) .. Their Jewish Islam of Arabs was a Shame / Blot on Humanity, Didn’t you see it ?! (een Diine Jew-hudam beh Khoda Nang-e Bashar Bood !! , Didi Che Khabar Bood ?! ) Whatever Islamists and Mullahs did was loss upon loss ! , Didn’t you see it ? (Har Kar keh Kardand Zarar ruye Zarar Bood, Didi Che Khabar Bood ?! ) These two British Mullahs (Rouhani & Khamenei) hurt and betray all Iranians, Didn’t you see it ?! (Yek Mellati az een 2-Nafar (Rouhani & Khamenei) Khoon bejar Bood !! , Didi Che Khabar Bood ?! ) Their Master is UK, and the UK & London & (FATF) order Rouhani & Khamenei to do Anti-Iran Acts ! , Didn’t you see it ?! (Dastoor ze London bodo bah (FATF) Bood !! , Didi Che Khabar Bood ?!! ) Did you see how The British Ayatollah fooled MPs (and Basijis), and how the British Ayatollah sodomized (Basijis) ?!! (Didi keh Modares ( = Mullah) Vokala ra hame Khar kard, Darb-e hame Tar Kard !!! ) This British Sheikh ( = Rouhani = Khamenei) was actually FATF / Rockefeller !! , Didn’t you see it ?! (een Sheikh-e Pedar Sookhte (= Khamenei) Khod (FATF / Rockefeller) Bood ! , Didi Che Khabar Bood ?!) …. Such a great and beautiful poem (You can read other parts of this Great Satirical Poem in Persian Joke 258) Rouhani’s Coup = The FATF Coup of 2018 is one of the Greatest Treasons in Iran’s history. Khamenei = Rouhani is the Greatest Traitor in Iran’s history. But one day, our Iran had only one Eshghi, and the UK killed him. But today Millions of Eshghi, millions of Mirzadeh Eshghi live in our Iran. It’s so so important”.

Persian Joke 256: (two Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) A man was looking and staring at a beautiful woman in a road. (After some minutes) the beautiful woman said: If you look at me in this way, your thing will be hard but others will do it to me! … An Arab was looking in to a jam of wine and seeing his own face, but said: Mom Mom come and see that a Thief is our jam! His Arab mother came, and after looking at jam said: Oh yah, and an Arab bitch / Ugly whore is with this Arab Thief !!

Persian Joke 257: Two Basiji officers crash their patrol car into a tree. After a moment’s silence, the first Basiji says to the other, “Wow, I think that’s the quickest we’ve ever got to the scene of an accident ! … Qazanfer and Two Basijis were confessing to their great sins! Basiji 1 says: My great sin was when I started to think about Khamenei’s lies ! Basiji 2: My great sin was when I started to think about Islamic lies of Mullahs / Rouhanis ! Qazanfer: My great sin was when I accepted your Islamic lies, and when I thought that you the fucking Basijis and Islamists are humans, not stupid animals !

Persian Joke 258: Mirzadeh Eshghi (1893 – 1924) is a Great Man & Martyr of Great Iran / Persia. The Wise Iranians say: Mirzadeh Eshghi was a young, but great man; and that’s why the little men of the Little Brain including the British Queen and her puppets Reza Pahlavi = Reza Pofyooz al-Pahlavi & British Mullahs / Masons killed Mirzadeh Eshghi . In his Great Poem, Majlis 4om or Didn’t you see it ?! (Didi Che Khabar Bood?!), Eshghi said in 100 years ago: Their Master is UK, and the UK & London order them (Mullahs) to do Anti-Iran Acts, Didn’t you see it ?! (Dastoor ze London bodo bah (FATF) Bood !! , Didi … ?!! ) They (Mullahs) are the Greatest Traitors in Human history, Didn’t you see it ?! (Dar Bi-Sharafi Ebrat-e Tarikh-e Bashar bood !! , Didi Che Khabar Bood?! ) The Mullahs are British Whores of British Lord Curzon (and of Rockefellers) !!! , Didn’t you see it ?! (Ham Siq-e Curzon bodo ham (Rockefeller) bood !!! , Didi … ?! ) Their Baggiest Secret is that the Mullahs are Whores of the UK & Curzon, and it’s the Most important thing !! (Roospi Zan-e Curzon yeh Akhund yeh Mullah-st !!!, Matlab Hame In-jast !!!!! ) This shitty Mullah (Rouhani) is a very shitty, greedy, illiterate & Shameless Spy ! (aan Sheikh-ak Rouhani-e Zar Maslak-e Riqooo !! , Kam Madrak-o Porrooo !!!) This Sodomite Mullah (Rouhani) is a Whore of UK and (Rockefellers), Didn’t you see it ?! (Har Ruz Jolo Rockefelle Lokht-o Damar bood !! , Didi Che Khabar bood ?!! ) This British Mullah (Rouhani) wanted to make (Zarif) Foreign Minister, with the help of the UK Embassy !! (Mikhast (Zarif) ra beh Vezarat beresand ! , ba Zoor-e Sefarat !!! ) In these years this British Mother-fucker (Khamenei) was the Boss of all Mullahs, Didn’t you see his Treasons?! (Har Daf-he ke een Qah-be ! (= Mother-fucker Mullah) Reiisol Foqaha shod !!, Didi ke che Haa shod ?!!) The Religion & Islam was just a toy & tool for (Khamenei) !!, Didn’t you see it ?! (Islam-o Ammameh barayash Sa-re Khar bood !, Didi Che Khabar bood ?! ) This British Ayatollah (Khamenei) shitted on Religion & all Mullahs, Didn’t you see it ?! (Ridi beh Sar-e har che keh Ammame beh Sar bood !!! , Didi … ?! ) Thank God that you Mullahs fucked your Religion! Thank God that the Islamic Regime’s life is short, and the Islamic Regime will go to hell soon! (Sad Shokr keh Omrash cho Zamane beh Gozar bood ! …) …”

Persian Joke 259: Three Arab Basijis stood on one side of the river, wondering how they’re going to get across to the other side. The first Basiji, in desperation, begins to pray: Oh, Satan, please make me smart enough to get across this river! Satan hears this and turns him into an American !, and he swims across the river. The second Arab Basiji then also starts to pray, saying: Oh, Satan = Arab God, please make me twice as smart as the last Basiji so I can get across this river ! So Satan turns him into a Briton, and he desperately tries to build a boat and to row across the river. The third Basiji seeing this, also start to pray: Oh God, real God, please make me as smart as a real human! So God turns him into an Iranian, and he just walks across the bridge !!

Persian Joke 260: They ask Qazanfar: What is Economy?! Qazanfer: The classic books say: the Economy is the relationship between production, trade and the supply of money. But the CIA’s Islamists & CIA’s Rouhanis say: the Economy is the relationship between Islamists and Jewish IMF / FATF and the supply of Tyranny & Turkmenchay ! … They ask Qazanfar: What is inflation ?! Qazanfar: It’s something that is always less than 10%, even if all prices increased by 100% or 1000% ! The rate of inflation will never increase ! Even if all prices increased by 500% !, then the rate of inflation increased by only 1% ! And this is Rouhani’s Economy, and what Rouhani has learned in UK’s Masonic universities ! Mullah or Rouhani is the Greatest Traitor in Iran’s history, who has created the Greatest Treasons (Turkmenchay, FATF Coup etc) in Iran’s history. So, it’s obvious why Iranians say: Rouhani and Rouhani’s team must be tried and executed for High Treason against Iran & Iranian people

Persian Humor 5: Some wise Iranians say: “Almost all Anti-Iran Agents of CIA / MI6 -from Khamenei, Rouhani and other Mullahs to Monarchists / Pahlavists, Marxists and Mujaheds ( = Jihadis = MEK / MKO) are Jew Masons or Arab Jews = Secret Jews. Apparently Raza al-Pahlavi is an Arab Jew of CIA, and now he himself is proving it ! Not only his Big Jewish nose but his relations with Saudi Piss-eaters and other Anti-Iran Arab Barbarians & Arab Jews show that Raza al-Pahlavi is an Arab Jew = Secret Jew. Their own historians say: In 1900s and 1910s, The first Pahlavi – that his fake name was Raza Pahlavi I – was a rootless (non-Iranian servant) & unknown British slave = a Bi-Father&Mother ! = someone whose father was an unknown person, and his mother was an unknown whore, maybe (a Jewish whore) And it’s a good question if you ask: Why do both Reza Shah (Pahlavi) and Khomeini have the same story, with the same non-Iranian roots and with the same secret & mysterious childhood, and both of them are Bi-Father&Mother that means their parents are unknown pigs = secret Jew Agents of UK ?! If you do some research about both Reza Shah (al-Pahlavi) and Khomeini (al-Arab Jew Shah of Mullahs), you can find many good & important things about the Secrets of British Imperialism & Jewish-British Agents (We will write more about it later) But now the witty Iranians say to Raza al-Pahlavi: Don’t you feel ashamed ?! (Khejalat Nemikeshi ?! ) Millions of wise Iranians = Adam Hessabi = Millions of Iranians who are wiser & better than you Pahlavi live in Iran – and they should become Shah / King if Iran wants a King ! – but you the stupid animal & Anti-Iranian Shit see yourself as Shah or Shash?! And Reza al-Pahlavi says: What is Shash? Iranians: Shash means Piss or Urine! All Iranians say Reza al-Pahlavi is Shash of Iran ! Reza al-Pahlavi says: OK, so Shash means Shah! And Pahlavi is Shash of Iran! Iranians: Hey idiot, Tell your Shash-lovers = Shah-lovers = Monarchists = Piss-lovers = Jew Arab piss-eaters who have polluted our Iran: If our Iran wants a King or Shah, then millions of wise Iranians = Adam Hessabi, who are wiser & better than Pahlavi, live in our Iran! But when we Iranians = Millions of Well-educated & Wise Iranians are perfectly capable of becoming King / Shah of Iran, then we should have a election to choose one of them as King, and it’s a Republic system, stupid! Today, our Iran has millions of Kings, millions of Shah, and you Pahlavists/ Monarchists = CIA’s puppets are Shits & Shash! If you have even 1% humanity or Iranian thing, Why don’t you feel ashamed when you talk about Monarchy and your Shash ( = Pahlavi) in the 21st century and in presence of millions of Kings and Millions of Shah = Millions of Wise Iranians?! ( Sharm Nemikonid ?! Khejalat Nemikeshid ?! .. ) You don’t you feel ashamed at all, simply because You Are Not Iranian. As all Iranians know, we Iranians have an ancient proverb about Shameless Jerks like you & your USA & Trump: A little Shame is a good & necessary thing! (Khejalat ham Khoob chizie ..! ) Today is not the 19th century, or 1979 ! If you the Mullahs and Monarchs are God’s Agent or Shadow of God ! (Saye Khoda ! or Neyeb-e Khoda), then we Iranians are God ! (Maa Khod-e Khoda-im ! ) You the CIA’s puppets are Soldiers of our Cyrus the Great ?!! But we Iranians are Cyrus the Great himself ! (Maa Khod-e Kourosh-im) You are CIA’s slaves, Trump’s cows or Anjabi-parast = Arab-worshipers or America-worshipers! You Are Not Iranian! You – from Rajavists / Pahlavists to Mullahs / Islamists- are Anti-Iran Traitors; and the fate of all Anti-Iran Traitors is the same, and quite clear. Our Persia / Iran doesn’t need King / Shah = Shash ! = Vali ! (Vali Faqih) But even if our Iran wants a King, then millions of Wise & Capable Iranians can be King of Iran, and we should have an election for choosing a King, and it’s The Republic System, idiots ! (If you choose a King for 4 years or 8 years, then King is called President ! )”

Persian Humor 6: Some wise Iranians say: “Today, it’s quite clear Who is Iranian, and Who is not ! Today it’s quite clear that Mullahs, Islamists and other Trump’s slaves including al-Pahlavi and Pahlavists are Arab Jews & Shit-lovers / Shit-worshipers and Anti-Iranian Shits & Anti-Iran Traitors. (As we said before) We Iranians call them al-Pahlavi or al-Rouhani, al-Pahlavists etc to show their Tazi, Arab & Anti-Iranian nature. Al-Pahlavi like al-Rouhani, al-Khamenei, al-Rajavi and al-Basiji = al-Saudi pigs are Arab pigs and Anti-Iran shits. In 2018, our Iranian people say to all them: Shut the fuck up, you Anti-Iran Traitors ! (Shoma-ha Khefe shid Khaenin Mozdoor-e Ajnabi = Iran Forushan! ) Today, in 2018, Iranian people say to Anti-Iran Traitors & Arab Jew Spies, including al-Rouhani, al-Pahlavi, al-Khamenei, al-Rajavi, al-Pahlavists, al-Basiji and al-Mullahs and all Arab Jew pigs = Shut the fuck up, you the Anti-Iran Traitors & Stooges of the West ! You Are Not Iranian! You Are Traitor & Spy & Stooge & Slave & Anti-Iran Pig! Now almost all Iranians say such good things, and create good campaigns like: YouAreNotIranian =You-Are-Not-Iranian = You_Are_Not_Iranian , and say to Rouhani, Khamenei & all Mullahs & Basijis & Pahlavists & Rajavists & other CIA agents = Anti-Iran Traitors : Shut the fuck up you Stupid Bastards! You Are not Iranians! It’s so good and so important that Iran’s people say such good things, and show the depth of their Awareness & Wisdom. But Basijis and Islamists and Pahlavists and other stupid bastards of CIA desperately try to copy or repeat (QerQereh konan ! ) what we Iranians & our Iran’s people say! The good pix & cartoons that millions of the real Iranians create and publish in Iran are censored; The Iranian pix & cartoons have pictures of Khamenei & Pahlavi & Rouhani & Rajavi & Basiji, and say to them: Shut the fuck up, you all Anti-Iran Traitors & Stooges of the West ! You Are Not Iranian! (Shoma-ha Hamegi Khefe shid Khaenin Iran Forush .. ! ) But most of such good Iranian pix have dead links now ! Basijis change these pix, omit Mullahs from them, or re-make them! (like below pix, that is a Basij-made pix) But our Iranian people know Who is Who !, and that’s why our Iranian people say to all Masons – from Basijis to Pahlavists: You Are Not Iranians. You are Traitors = Iran Foroush; So, Shut the fuck up Traitors = Masons = Mullahs & Monarchists & Mujahed & Marxist etc! You are Arab Jews! = You are Masons = You are Anti-Iran Traitors = You are Rouhanis ( = Masons! ) If Rouhani or Donald Trump is Iranian, then you are Iranian too! You Islamists and all Trump’s cows & Trump-lovers = Shit-lovers and Ajnabi-parast = Arab-worshipers & America-worshipers are Not Iranians. If Trump & Khamenei & Netanyahu & Rouhani & Saudi King are Iranians, then you are Iranians too ! Al-Basiji, al-Pahlavi (Al-Reza al-Pahlavi), Al-Rajavi (al-Maryah al-Rajavi), Jew Ali al-Nourizadeh (= al-TaziZadeh). al-Hassan al-Rouhani, al-Iraqi ( =al-Khamenei), al-Hindi (al-Khomeini), al-Arab Jew (al-Larijani) and other Arab Jew Bastards are Satan’s children and Enemies of our Iran & Iranian people. Who Betrayed Iran & Iranians?! Their aunts ?! (Amashoon?!) Now, these mother-fuckers and their Jewish British Mother ( = UK Queen) ! Just take a look at their Jewish Nose ! Their Big Jewish Nose ! Al-Pahlavi’s big nose is so Jewish ! , like the Jewish Mullah Mesbah’s nose & Jewish Jahangiri’s nose! All Experts know The Jewish Nose ! There are many kinds of Big Nose. But the Jewish Nose is very special thing ! Now it’s quite clear that Reza al-Pahlavi is exactly like Mullahs and other Jews & Arab Islamists = Trump’s cows = Basijis. So, you can ask yourself: al-Pahlavi is a secret Jew Mason?! al-Pahlavi is a CIA Arab?!! The story of the Secret Jews, their Jewish nose, Jewish Hijab, Jewish Kohanim & Jewish Turbans and other Jewish signs & Jewish traditions is a long story. The wise Iranians say to American Imam Donald bin Trump & British Imam Bibi al-Queen and their pigs: If you hurt our Iran & Iranian people, then we Iranians reveal all your secrets, all your Jewish secrets & Masonic secrets (Patatoon ro ruye Aab mirizim) But our Iran’s wise people can wait ! , because now The Bad guys themselves are revealing their secrets! It’s funny that now even Jews & non-Iranian Jews talk about Jewish Kohen, Jewish Kings, Jewish Kohanim, Jews in Turbans and their Jewish secrets! It’s so informative ! Just search the internet ! Their Jewish Soup is too salty !”


Persian Joke 261: (It’s a new version of old Persian jokes) An overweight guy is watching TV. A TV commercial comes on for a guaranteed weight loss of 10 pounds (4 kg) in a week. So the guy signs up for it. Next morning an incredibly beautiful woman is standing at his door in nothing but a pair of running shoes and a sign about her neck that reads, “If you can catch me, you can have me! As soon as he sees her, she takes off running ! He tries to catch her ! , but is unable. This continues for a week, at the end of which, the man has lost 10 pounds! After this, he tries the next weight loss plan, 15 pounds in a week! The next morning an even more beautiful woman is standing at the door, in similar conditions. The same happens with her as the first woman, except he almost catches her ! .. So, excited about this success, he decides to do the master program! Before he signs up, he is warned about this plan. But he is so greedy and so horny, so he signs up! The next morning, waiting at the door, is a hulking 300 pound muscle man with nothing but a pair of running shoes, a raging erection, and a sign around his neck that says, If I catch you, you’re mine !! The man was supposed to lose 25 pounds in the week; but he lost 34 !!

Persian Joke 262: They ask Basijis: What is Islamic Economy ?! Basiji1: The Islamic Economy is Jewish IMF Plans! Basiji2: The Islamic Economy is Embezzlement, and stealing people’s money! And finally the Basiji Economists say: their Books say the Economy is the relationship between production, trade and the supply of money. But our Islamist books (of Islamic crooks), and According to our Imam Ali bin Rockefeller (Khamenei), the Islamic Economy is the relationship between the FATF, Embezzlement, Thievery and the supply of Bribery ! … They ask Mullahs: What is Islamic Banking ?! Mullah1: Islamic Banking means people invest their money, and we Mullahs steal their money! Mullah2: Islamic Banking means people save their money, and we Mullahs waste their money! Mullah3: Islamic Banking means that Iranian people enjoy Islamic bank loans ( = 1000 dollar) with 30% interest rates !!, while Canadians enjoy Non-Islamic bank loans with 4% interest rates ! And our Basijis = Islamic Crooks enjoy Millions of Dollars as a Bank loan ! Bt Basijis = Islamists don’t repay a loan! .. And finally Rouhani says: What these 3 Mullahs said is true. In fact, the Islamic Banking is Zionist FATF plans & Zionist IMF Plans!

Persian Joke 263: In 1980s, some Iranians were in a private party in Tehran, but suddenly a group of Basii thugs attacked to the party ! Boys and girls were in a big room, that its walls had the pictures of American Hippies and British Hippie singers. But when Basijis saw those pix (Hippies have beard, and look like Basijs) they just said to boys & girls: Shame on you! You stick the pictures of our Basiji Brothers and our Martyrs on your walls, but then you do such non-Islamic things?! Do you love our Basiji religion & these Basiji & Islamist martyrs that their photos are on your walls? … And all boys & girls burst out laughing!

Persian Joke 264: What is Freedom ?! America says: Freedom means you can talk or write, and we can censor you! If you tell the Truth about Trump & America, then we try to censor you and .. and how dare you tell the Truth about America & Trump & American values?! And it’s the American Freedom! Britain: Freedom means you can talk or write what we want or what we tell you! Freedom means our British mass media are free to tell Big lies and to defend Dictators & Mullahs & Traitors and to tell what we dictate to them! And you are free to be silent, or to accept our British Big Lies ! And Don’t make judgment! .. France and Germany: Freedom means we are free to give Free Speech Awards to Nazis & Zionist-Islamist Fascists like Sadegh Zibakalam and other Basijis & Fascists! Freedom means we are free to tell Lies & Big Lies and to insult your intelligence, and you are free to be a good sheep and to accept our dictates. And Don’t make judgment ! Don’t think, and Don’t use your Brain! Be a good sheep!

Persian Joke 265: Gazanfar goes to America & Foreign countries! They ask him: What do you call an American virgin? Gazanfar: A myth ! .. They ask Gazanfar: What do you call an Arab Jew with a half a brain? Gazanfar: Gifted ! … And one day Gazanfar becomes a Jewish intellect, and a close friend of Noam Chomsky! So, he issues the following Jewish Fatwa = Jewish intellectual command : The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less ! … And Team work is important because it helps to put the blame on someone else !

Persian Joke 266: They ask Qazanfar: Donald Trump has had several foreign wives = foreign whores, who were illegal immigrants. But this stupid Bastard Trump attacking immigrants ! What do you think ?! Qazanfer: Trump’s foreign wives = whores are actually foreign workers who do jobs that the real immigrant won’t do! .. So, Trump attack immigrants, but defend whores & pedophiles & rapists and other illegal shits & invaders like Trump and Trump’s family who have invaded & polluted America !

Persian Joke 267: Gazanfar goes to America! They ask him: Why do Americans use the phrase “Ladies first” ?! Gazanfar: The only reason the phrase “Ladies first” was invented was so guys could check out women’s asses ! … They also ask Gazanfar: When and why do Americans use the phrase “Human Rights” ?! Gazanfar: The only reason the phrase “Human Rights” was used in the UK and then in the US was so European Barbarians and British Barbarians could pretend that they are Humans ! , not animals or Barbarians !

Persian Joke 268: They ask Rouhani: What is Zero inflation ? Rouhani says: When a CIA Economic Terrorist ( = Rouhani) attacks all Sarafis, and implement FATF Plans = FATF Coup of 2018, and thus increase the dollar price from 3500 to +10,000 Toman, and then all prices increase and increase and increase on a daily basis, then we and our Islamic media and Western media say: It’s Sanctions, while there is no Sanctions Now! And we just want to help their future Sanctions! Now we and our Islamic media say: When all prices increase and increase and increase because of Rouhani’s Treasons & Rouhani’s FATF Coup, it means Iran enjoys Zero Inflation !! … Now in August 2018, When all prices have increased by 100% or 1000%, the Mullah TV (IRIB) and Rouhani say: the inflation rate is near zero ! The inflation rate is below 10% !! , and it’s Zero inflation ! (August 2018) … And it’s not a joke. Rouhani’s treasons are beyond jokes, and that’s why almost all Iranians say: Mullahs, Hassan Rouhani and Rouhani’s team must be tried and executed for High Treason against Iran and Iranian people

Persian Joke 269: (It’s an ancient Persian joke) Mullah Nasrudin heard a knock at his door one night. He opened the door, and an Arab man standing there said: Mullah, can you help an Arab and provided me with some shelter for the night. I am Arab God’s nephew ! Nasrudin said: Really ?! My house is small. But I can offer the most exalted place to spend the night. Nasrudin stepped outside and turned to Arab man and said, “Follow me.” They went and reached the Mosque. Nasrudin turned to the Arab and said: It’s the Best place that you can stay the night, because it’s your own Uncle’s house !! = your own Arab Palace !

Persian Joke 270: They ask Qazanfar: Do you know why the name of John Bolton is John Bolton ?! He says: This little sodomite John Bolton is a joke. The first name & real name of John Bolton was John Sholkon! Bolton is a Sodomite. Since his childhood, US pedophiles were sodomizing him and telling him: Hey, John Shol-kon ! Hey John Shol-kon ! (John Shol-kon means: John loosen it! John loosen your ass! John loosen your muscle …) So, John Shol-kon, John Sholkon finally became John Bolton !

Persian Joke 271: As you know, many people truly refer to Saudi Arabia’s Muhammad Bin Salman as Muhammad Bin Satan ! But when you say to Iranians that Saudi Muhammad Bin Satan eats this shit or that shit, then Iranians ask: Savage Arabia has had many Muhammad Bin Satan, so you talk about Which of their Muhammad Bin Satan ?! Their first Muhammad Bin Satan, or the last one, or what ?! …. And as you know, Savage Arabs drink piss (camel’s piss, holy piss etc); Savage Arabs eat shits (camel’s shit, locusts, lizards etc) So We Americans conclude that Arab Jews = Arab Islamists, from the first Saudi Muhammad Bin Satan (Bin Abdol-Wahhab) to the last Muhammad Bin Satan (Bin Salman) are good guys simply because they eat shit, drink piss, and create good things like Islamism, Terrorism and The 9/11 Attacks and other good Terrorist attacks .. And it’s part of Trump’s letter to Netanyahu !!

Persian Joke 272: Ali Akbar Dehkhoda (1879 – 1955) is a famous & modern Iranian Satirist of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1905. In his Satirical works including his famous ‘Charand-o Parand = Crap & Non-sense, Deh-khoda says: Adam Smith was a charlatan, and he had been wrong in identifying nature, labour and capital as the three factors of wealth & production, because the (British King and the British Royal family) and all Kings = Shah don’t work, and their natures do not function well because they do drugs every night ! Their Capital is actually people’s money and people’s capital = what they have stolen from people ! So, Adam Smith is a stupid liar … It’s funny that Deh-khoda literally means : Village God ! ( Deh = village, khoda = God )

Persian Joke 273: What is Democracy ?! America says: It’s voting for a Fascist Dictator & Pervert like Trump ! UK says: It’s voting for a lifelong Dictator like the British Queen! God save the Queen ! France says: It’s voting for a Pedophile Bloodthirsty Imperialist Faggot like Bonaparte! Germany says: It’s voting for a Nazi leader ! Hi Hitler ! Arab Islamists say: It’s Arab Islamic Dictatorship that is a kind of Jewish Tyranny & Jewish Sadism & Satanism. Ballaho-Akbar = Baal is Great ! Basijis say: Democracy means You vote, but I count, and we decide, and they control us, and they dictate how we live our lives, and they dictate what we should have and what we should not have. In fact, our Islamic Democracy means giving our dirty Islamic ass to Great Satan in a heroic way! In fact, our Islamic Democracy means Total Treason & Tyranny & Turkmenchay !

Persian Joke 274: What is Human Rights ? America say: Human Rights means Saudi Arabia & Zionists & Arab Islamist Terrorists rape and kill children & other people, and we Americans defend Arab Terrorists, killers and Rapists ! Britain say: Human Rights means We British Barbarians and our puppets = our Jews and our Arab Islamists and our Islamic Dictators violate all human norms and betray all humans, but we and our Ayatollah BBC defend Dictators & Islamists & Traitors! France and Germany say: Human Rights means they kill you or hurt you or censor you and deny your basic rights, but we award them Human Rights awards ! And Basijis and Rouhanis say: Human Rights means we Islamists = The West’s stooges violate all human norms, but the West defend us and help us ! , and even give us the Freedom Speech Award ! Now in 2018, The West gives our Basiji Brother Zibakalam the Freedom Speech Award of 2018 !! … And it’s not a joke. The West is a bad joke !

Persian Joke 275: Do you know what will happen if an Arab faggot sodomized an Arab whore ?! They would produce an Arab Jew baby called Trump ! (= Shit-lover = Saudi-lover) or Bin Salman = Bin Satan … Do you know what will happen if an Arab faggot sodomized an Arab sodomite ?! They would produce an Arab Jew baby called Netanyahu = a Jew sodomite who makes love with Arabs & Islamists = Saudi Sodomites !

Persian Joke 276: Nasime Shomal (1871 – 1934) is a man of our Great Gilan, and a famous Iranian Satirist of our Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1905. In 1900s, the Iranian intellects were Not blind or stupid, and they including Nasime Shomal attacked British Mullahs like Mullah Fazlollah Nuri = A Jewish Cohen/ Mason of UK. Nasime Shomal said: the Mullah is The enemy of the Truth, the Mullah is the murderer of all Freedom-fighters, the Arab Mufti = Mullah selling Religion in the Bazaar! Mullah is Satan’s son; Mullah = Rouhani is UK Queen’s son! Rouhani has no Honor & no Morality & no Dignity & no Humanity, because Mullah = Rouhani has sold all such things in the British Bazaar !!

Persian Joke 277: (It’s like a Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) Satan was asked, “Which class of people do you like the most?” Satan said: Clergymen = Mullahs! They asked the reason. Satan said: Mullahs tell lies and do Evil things and create Turkmenchay and lick Great Satan’s ass, but they do it in the name of God, and they call themselves the Men of God ! And it’s the Biggest insult to the God & the Good ! .. Rabbi / Priest = Clergyman = Mullah / Mufti is the Biggest insult to the God ! … And now we all can see that the Corruptions of Mullahs or Clergymen is exactly like the Hypocrisy & Corruption of Politicians or Western Journalists. The only difference is that Mullahs or Clergymen call themselves Men of God or Anti-Satan (Anti-American), and refer to Politicians and Journalists as Children of Satan or Anti-God !!

Persian Joke 278: Iraj Mirza (1873 – 1925) is a famous Poet & Satirist of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1905. Now Iranians change his Famous Satirical poems, to talk about the current situation! For instance it’s like another Famous poem of Iraj Mirza: Nemidanestam keh ey Namard-e Kooni !! (We didn’t know that you the Sodomites = Ayatollahs = Faggots !) keh Khaen Bashi-o Mozdoor-e Kooni !! (are Big Traitors, Mercenaries & faggot Spies of the West) Qoromsaqi Neshan-e Eftekharat ! (Treason & Sodomy & Rape is your Religion ! ) Trump ham yavar-e tho dar Khiyanat ! (Trump is your friend, and a Traitor like you ! ) FATF tho ra Rosva nemudeh ! (FATF reveals all your Secrets ! ) IMF ham Nezam-at ra Gaiideh !! (The Jewish IMF fucks your Islamic Regime ! ) Boro Khaen ke Inja Gooz be-dadi !! (Your FATF Coup of 2018 was The Biggest Mistake / Fart ! ) Khod-o Arbab-e Khod ra Low be-dadi !! (and revealed all secrets of yourself & your Western Masters! ) Rockefeller baray-e tho Father bood ! (Rockefeller was Khamenei’s Father = your father!) Trump ham mesl-e tho yeh Bi-Father bood ! (Trump is a stupid bastard like you!) Chera har ja yek Jew-hud bashad (why all Arab Jews of your Islamic regime) Tho ra Felfor Qom-o-Khish Bashad ?!! (are Khamenei’s family and friends ?!) Chera dar Basiji-ha Sharaf nist ?! (Why your Basijis are Anti-Iranian pigs ?!) Chera har kas ke yar-e Thost Koonist ?!!! ( Why all Khamenei’s Basijis are faggots or whores?!! ) Tho mikhahi begoo-ii ke Zerangi ?! (you want to show that you are a smart pig like Trump ?! ) va Ya Bi-Sharm-o Mozdoor-e Farangi ?!! (or you want to prove that you Khamenei are a Spy & Stooge of the West ?!) .. Boro Khaen ke Inja Khabt kardi !! (Go to Hell Khamenei, your current treasons are so so big ) .. Rouhani & FATF revealed your Secrets !

Persian Joke 279: Some women say: Men are like public toilets – the good ones are taken and the rest are full of crap !! … Some men say: females are like wild horse – the older they are, the easier they are to pick up! … some men say: A typical woman has only two happy days in her life: 1. her wedding day, and 2. her Divorce day ! .. some women say: A typical man has only two happy days in his life: 1. the day of his first sex with a new woman, and 2. his last sex with her !!

Persian Joke 280: The wise people say: Having sex is like playing bridge – if you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand ! .. Having sex is like eating a delicious food. But if you eat one delicious food over and over, then it becomes so boring and so disgusting ! So, Try to eat a delicious food only every now and then! (GahGaah!) Don’t eat one delicious food over and over! Try to eat many different delicious foods, because eating one food, even the Most Delicious Food, in all days & nights is a very disgusting thing, and even the Best Delicious Food or the Most Delicious Food becomes a shitty or disgusting thing soon ! … And Don’t eat shits or shitty foods or bad foods or poisonous foods, because they kill you, or they make you sick, or they make you hate all foods and all kinds of foods & delicious foods! As you know, a bad s-ex with a shitty partner is like eating shit or a shitty food, a bad food or a poisonous food !

Persian Humor 7: Some wise Iranians say: “In these days, even stupid Animals / Basijis ridicule their Islamic leaders & their Islamic regime! They know How the CIA’s Arabs & Spies like Iraq-chi and other Non-Iranian members of the CIA Iran Project created the FATF Coup and increased dollar price from 3500 to +10,000 Toman! As you know, Iraq-chi was member of their Nuclear Turkmenchay’s Farce. But now their own Basijis and Islamist media confess : This CIA’s Arab of Iraq = Iraq-chi is an Arab Jew of Iraq, and a Non-Iranian agent of The CIA Iran Project. Iraq-chi is an Iraqi Mason who loves the UK so much, and he learned his Masonic lessons from the UK Masonic colleges / lodges. But it’s not the whole story. Iraq-chi’s nephew, Ahmad Iraqchi , became the vice-governor of the Central Bank of Islamic regime (CBI) in 2018, and implemented the FATF Coup of 2018 ! And it’s what their Basiji media say, and add: (The CIA Iran Project’s member Iraq-chi) and his nephew, Ahmad Iraqchi, created FATF Farce and increased Dollar price from 3500 to +10,000 Toman because it’s what the US and Europe want. (The Rockefeller’s Iran Project’s member Iraq-chi) said in a secret session of the Mullah Parliament: Europe supports Mullahs & Nuclear Turkmencyay conditionality (!!), and Europe’s condition is FATF !!! We Mullahs should implement FATF plan and FATF Coup, because it’s what Europe & USA want; and if we don’t implement FATF plan and FATF Coup, then our Islamic Regime will be in deep shit ! (August 2018) And it’s exactly what their own Basijis media & Mullah media confess in August 2018! In fact, their Soup is too Salty ! And that’s why their own media also report in August 2018: Now Ahmad Iraqchi the vice-governor of the Central Bank (CBI) has been arrested for creating Economic Chaos & Dollar Farce ! The soup is too salty, and their Treasons & their FATF Coup is so clear & undeniable. If you want to know more about The FATF Coup of 2018, then you must know The CIA Iran Project’s members like Zarif, Khamenei, Rouhani and Abbas Iraqchi (and hiis nephew Ahmad Iraqchi) and other Jew Arab Masons. Iraqchi is a Mason Arab Jew of Iraq, but as Iranians sarcastically say: In fucking English, they refer to Iraqchi as Araqchi !! Because Iraq is Araq in English laughable !! The UK and CIA call him Araqchi, because they know if they use his real name Iraqchi = Iraq-chi, then all Non-Iranians will understand that Iraq-chi is Iraqi & Arab, not Iranian ! Rouhani’s Coup = The FATF Coup of 2018 is one of the Greatest Treasons in Iran’s history. And today it’s quite clear that Khamenei = Rouhani is the Greatest Traitor in Iran’s history. Now even their own stupid animals / Basijis confess to it ! Khamenei and Rouhani are the same Jewish Shit, and that’s why Khamenei defends Rouhani”.

Persian Humor 8: Some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the Mullahs well, you must know The Secret Jews, Arab Jews, Israelites and Jews in Turbans and the Jewish Secrets ! Unfortunately, most people don’t know What ancient Jews looked like ! , and why Turban = Ammameh is Jewish Hat and a Jewish Tradition. Today, if you want to know more about Jewish Turbans or Jewish Mullahs & their Jewish traditions, you can Google for Jews in Turbans or Turban Jews What ancient Jews looked like ! Now even Jews talk about Jews in Turbans, and Jewish Turban = Ammameh = Jewish Hat ! Now even Non-Iranian guys publish articles like : When Jews wore Turbans: A Surprising History of Jews !! But even Jews talk about Jews in Turbans & Jewish traditions! And What the Jews say is more interesting & more informative! So, lets take a look at a very small part of what the Jews say! In Jewish articles like Jews in Turbans (that you can easily find it in the internet) the Jews publish good & old photos of Jewish Kohen / Kohanim & their Jewish Turbans = Ammameh, and say: (many don’t know) Jews in Turbans and (why we Jews love Turban ! ) .. the Hebrew word for “to wear” (labash / lebas! ) can be used for most garments, but a different Hebrew verb must be used to indicate the wearing of a Jewish hat = Ammameh or Turban : habash !! This Jewish verb means “to wrap” or “bandage” (!!!) .. In fact, ancient Jews tried to wrap or bandage a turban, a long piece of cloth on the Jewish heads (!!) .. the Jewish Hat = Ammameh = Turban was a long piece of cloth that have to be wrapped around the Jew head (!!!) .. the turban was viewed as the distinctive mark of Torah scholars, who saw their Jewish Turbans = Ammameh = Jewish head-covering as a sign of being Jewish Kohen !! Can you believe it ?! It’s what the Jews themselves say! Just search the internet ! Now You can find a dozen Jewish websites about Jewish Turbans! Just search the internet ! In their Jewish websites in English, the Jews say for instance: Jews in Jerusalem wore Turbans (= Ammameh) ! .. As we all Jews know, Turbans ( = Ammameh = Jewish Hat ) play a very special role in Jewish tradition (!!) .. all Jews are servants and slaves to Hashem (!!!) (Hashem is Yahweh! .. Yahweh is known to Orthodox Jews as Hashem !! .. but it’s important to note that many Arab Islamists call themselves Bani Hashem ! = Children of Hashem !! or Bani Israel = Children of Israel ! ) .. the Kohen gadol is the high priest of Jews .. And his sons, the kohanim are the priests of Jews ! .. Let’s take a look at the head-dress of the Kohen gadol first (!!) .. the Kohen gadol wear Mitznefet , that is Hebrew word for Ammameh or Turban (!!) … When we Jews hear of mitznefet, We first think of the word Turban ! .. Wearing Turban or Ammameh is a Jewish custom of Sephardic Jews and (also) of Mizrahi Jews .. We Jews used to seeing pictures of Tzaddikim (righteous Jews) in turbans (!!) … The Kohen gadol also put a Crown of Gold upon their Jewish Turban = Ammameh (!!!) (So, If many Iranians publish pix / cartoons of Khamenei with both Ammameh & Crown ( = Turban & Taj ! ) it actually means that Khamenei is a Jewish Kohen gadol! ) .. Now Let’s take a look at the head-dress of the Kohanim (!!) .. the ordinary Kohen/ Cohen only wear Turban = Ammameh, without a crown of gold upon it (!!!) .. This is also the manner of the Chief Sephardic rabbis etc! And It’s what the Jews say! It’s so so informative & funny, isn’t it?! Many things should be said about Turbans = Jewish Ammameh of Mullahs, that are actually the Turbans of the Kohen gadol and the Kohanim! Now Jewish Islamists and other Jews are revealing their own secrets, and there is no need that The wise Iranians say to the Jewish Imam Bibi al-Netanyahu and all Jewish Mullahs / Kohens : We Iranians have many things to say about your Jewish Traditions & your Jewish Religions, and we Iranians don’t remain silent, If you the ungrateful Jews & Jewish pigs try to hurt our Iran! (…) But the Wise Iranians can wait ! Now Jewish Islamists and many other Jews are revealing their own Jewish secrets! Now even Jews talk about Jewish Hashem and Arab Jew Children of Hashem !! It’s so important. Jews also talk about their Jewish Incest & Pedophilia & Sodomy and also the Jewish Kohen Clothing ( = Mullah clothing), Jewish Hat ( = Mullah hat) and Jewish Hijab / Jewish Burqa and many other Jewish traditions! The Jewish Soup is too salty !” .


Persian Joke 281: About Shit or Religious Shit in Different Religions! Masonic or British Religion: God save the Shit ! Holy Shit! Worship Shits! .. Taoism : Shit happens .. Buddhism: If shit happens, it’s not really shit .. Arab Islam: If shit happens, it’s what Arab God = Jewish God wants! So, Arab Islamists eat piss & shits a lot ! .. Protestantism: Shit happens because we Christians are full of shit ! .. Judaism : Why does this shit always happen to us? Because it’s the will of Holy Shit = Jewish God = Satan ! So (Anti-Iran Jews eat shits a lot ! ) .. Hinduism : This shit happened before .. Catholicism : Shit happens because we Christians are shits ! .. American Evangelism : Send more shit, please ! .. American Christianity: Worship Shits! Vote for Shits ! .. Iranian Religion: No shit ! , and Don’t worship shit ! .. American Christian Cult 1 : Knock knock, shit happens! .. American Christian Cult 2: A good shit happening ! .. Christian Science: Shit happens in your mind! .. American Christian Cult 4: Let’s smoke the shit !! .. American Christian Cult 5: Shit loves me! .. European Cult: What is shit, and why do we love shit ?!

Persian Joke 282: (It’s a new version of an Ancient Iranian joke) There is a woman who has married four times and is still a virgin! Do you know why ?! Her first husband was someone like Donald Trump who couldn’t do anything because he had a small penis ! Her second Husband was an Arab Pedophile who liked underage children! Her third Husband was a Jew Sodomite who liked Sodomy and being Sodomized. And her forth husband was an English language teacher who only used his tongue !

Persian Joke 283: Iranians say: Freedom and Free Speech in the West means Islamic Fascists & Islamic Terrorists like Sadegh Zibakalam & Saudi Arab Terrorists are heroes, and the West gives The West’s Human Rights awards and the West’s Freedom awards to Islamist Fascist Terrorists like Sadegh Zibakalam & other Arab Islamists of Savage Arabia .. And it’s not a joke. The West is a joke! The West’s Freedom is a joke ! The West’s Free Speech is a joke ! The West’s Democracy is a joke! When you see how the West and Western media defend Rouhani or Trump or Zibakalam = Saudis = Arab Terrorists & Jew Arab Barbarians, then you can understand why Iranians say: we Iranians should teach a little culture & Civilization to American Barbarians & European Barbarians. So We Iranians say to the West’s Barbarians: Hey idiots, The 9/11 Arab Terrorists are not good guys, so you should not call them your America allies ! .. Hey stupid animals, America and its Terrorists allies = Arab Terrorists & Arab Islamists are Evil forces! America is Evil; America defends Arab Dictators & Terrorists. Hey stupid pigs, Terrorism and Tyranny & Barbarity & Bullying & Savagery & Sadism & Trump are Not good things, and you should not be proud of them! .. Hey idiots, Don’t worship Shits! Don’t Vote for Shits! Don’t Defend Shits & Shit-eaters = Trump & Saudi Arabs & US officials !

Persian Joke 284: Iranians ask: If your girlfriend tell you to go out and get something that makes her look sexy, do you know what you should do ?! The French guys say: Just go out and find a horny sex addict like Trump or Macron, who will make her look sexy! Britons say: Just go out and get a British Flag, and then ask her to sing God Save the Queen ! (God Fuck the Queen !) ! Americans say: Just go out and get a US Army uniform, and then ask her to become a US Solider and part of US sexy wars and blood-shits ! Arab Islamists say: Just go out and get a Sword, and kills her ! Look sexy?! Satan = Arab God forbids! Arab Jews say: Just go out and ask your Jewish Rabbi: Can she remove her Jewish Burqa and her Jewish Hijab in bed ?!! .. And Qazanfer says: Just go out and get some Water or Wine, to forget the truth and the reality and Everything !!

Persian Joke 285: They ask an Iranian & American: Who is Donald Trump ?! Iranian says: Donald Trump is a Jew Pervert / Prophet with a deep understanding of the Jewish Religion of Barbarians & Perverts = America’s Christianity ! .. American says: Trump is a smart Retard ( = a smart super idiot) with a deep understanding of what stupid pigs want !!

Persian Joke 286: (It’s like a joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) In the past, Chaste was a person who kept his eyes from seeing the unlawful, his ears from Arabian-Jewish Lies, his hands from seizing the property of others, his tongue from uttering telling Big lies, and his soul from carrying out Evil deeds! But now, Chaste is a Charlatan, Traitor & Spy like Larijani, Khamenei or Rouhani who doing all the unlawful, creating Turkmenchay & FATF Coup, telling Big lies, stealing people’s money, seizing the property of people, uttering many Anti-Iranian Lies, committing many Crimes & Treasons against Iran & Iranians, and carrying out all kinds of Evil deeds!

Persian Joke 287: We all know America and its Terrorist allies = America and its Arab Islamist allies. We all can see how Donald Trump defends Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arab Terrorists who created the 9/11 Attacks and many other Terrorist attacks in the world. So instead of calling him the Donald, you should call Trump The 20th hijacker ! = the 20th Jew Arab 9/11 Terrorist of ArArica ! .. Arabia + America = Ararica = Ar-Ar-ica = the land of Donkeys, who Bark/ Bray (do Ar Ar) a lot !

Persian Joke 288: Q: A Jew, an Arab and Trump and Basiji are in a car. Who’s driving? The CIA ! .. A group of Jews and Arabs and US President (Trump / Obama) are in a House. What is creating ? A: ISIS = DAESH = Islamic Terrorism ! … A group of Jews and Saudi Arabs and US officials are in a House. What will happen? A: The next 9/11 Attacks !! .. The Jewish leaders and Arab Islamic leaders and Trump have a meeting. What will happen? A: The World War 3 !

Persian Joke 289: They ask Rouhani: What’s the matter? Why are you worry? Rouhani: It’s my future that worries me! They: What makes your future so dark? Rouhani : My Turkmenchay, My past ! … Trump’s wife used to give Trump a regular inspection every night when he came home! Every hair she discovered on his coat would be cause for a terrible scene. One evening, when she didn’t find a single hair, she screamed at Trump, “Now you are even Running after bald-headed women ?! ‘ Trump: No, wait, please wait ! I want to confess! Tonight, a bald-headed men was Running after Trump and Fucked Trump !

Persian Joke 290: Iranians ask Rouhani: Did they sodomize you a lot, and that’s why you are a Mullah president of Mullah Regime ?! Rouhani: Not a lot ! If they sodomize a Mullah a lot then this Mullah becomes Grand Ayatollah ! (Marja) or the Regime’s Great Leader ! And If they sodomize a Mullah less than this, then this Sodomite becomes a Mullah President like Rouhani !

Persian Joke 291: Gazanfar becomes a University Professor ! And at one of his lectures about Turkish insults / Turk invectives, Gazanfar says: Turk comebacks or insults in Turkish style are so amazing! For instance, Turks say: (instead of saying : Shut up and Get away from me & my eyes) From me and my Eyes Shut up ! (Az Jilo Chisham Khafa Sho ! ) Do you think only you yourself are stupid animal ?! I’m worse than you !, stupider than you!! (Fekr Kardi Faqat Khodet Khari ?! .. man az thou Dayoos-taram !! ) I am a fucking idiot who say crappy things! So, I speak and You shut up !! (Kasi Ba thou Zer Nazad !! ) I am a stupid bastard who say shitty things! So, I speak and you go to hell ! (Vaqti man Zer mizanam thou Jahanam sho birun !! )

Persian Joke 292: In these days, Iranians change the old Iranian Folklore, the old Persian Satirical & Poetic folklore to new funny songs like : (Atal Matal Tootoole is an old Iranian folksongs for kids, like Goosey Goosey Gander! ) Atal-Matal Kootooleh ! (Such a little man!) .. Rouhani is a stupid Cow! But What is his story?! (Rouhani-e Gow che jureh !) .. What has happed to Rouhani & his Turkmenchay ?! (Turkmenchay-esh che jureh?!) .. Rouhani’s Nuclear Deal = Turkmenchay has no benefit and no use ! (Na sud dareh, na Faydeh !) His Religion = Rouhani’s Islam is so crappy and useless (Dinesh ham-ke Bi-Faydeh!) Rouhani’s Islam is Jew Religion of Lies & Deception! (Diinesh Diin-e Faribeh!) Rouhani’s Islam is Arab Religion of Lies ! (Islam-esh Diin-e Doruqe!) Rouhani’s words are lies and bullshit ! (Harf-e-Mullah Zer-e Mofteh !) Rouhani is full of shit ! (Rouhani zer-e Mofte !) …. Atal Matal Rouhani ! .. Fuck you Hassan Rouhani ! (Gor-e Pedar-e Rouhani !) Fuck Rouhani, the aid of Rafsanjani ! (Un Yar-e Rasman-jani !) Fuck Rouhani, the friend of Larijani ! (Hamkar-e Larijani !) Fuck you Rouhani ! (Gor-e Pedar-et Rouhani !) … Atal Matal Salavat ! .. Rouhani is a mod cow; Rouhani suffers from Mad Cow Disease (Gow-e Hassan zadeh Qat ! ) All Islamic slogans and all Rouhani’s words were Big Lies (Bala Raftim .. Paiin oomadim Dough bood, Hame Harf-a-shoon Dorugh bood !!) Their Arab Islam was nothing but a Big Lie?! (Islam ham ke Dorugh bood ?!) .. Atal Matal Soolievat !! ( = Islamist motto) Rouhani is a mad cow (Rouhani-e Gow zadeh Qat ! ) Rouhan has no benefit / no milk, and no Religion, no Faith ! (Nah Shir Dareh, Nah Imoon !) .. Their only benefit is for Anti-Iran Arab Barbarians & UK / England ! (Shiresho bordan Engeles-toon !! ) You like Rouhani can have a Masonic Wife ! (Yek zan-e Mason besoon !! ) .. But If your wife is like Rouhani’s wife = an Arab Jew wife = Sahebeh Arabi = Arab wife of Rouhani, then you are too much Arab and too much Anti-Iranian ! (Esmesho bezar (Sahebe) Arabi !, choon keh Az Bikh Arabi ! ) …

Persian Joke 293: (It’s the new version of an Ancient Persian joke) In the British Jungle, the British Fox was bluffing and telling lies: sometimes I eat wolves .. sometime I eat tigers .. sometimes I eat Lions ! .. But Suddenly the British Fox saw that a Lion, a Persian Lion is behind him, so the British Fox just said: And sometimes I eat shit ! Like today!

Persian Joke 294: After the Nuclear Turkmenchay, Khamenei asked Zarif: Are you Lion (winner) or Fox (loser) ?! (shiri ya rubah ?!) Zarif said: But what is wrong with Donkey or mule ?! (mage Khar ya Oalaq cheshe !) Your Javad Zarif is a stupid animal, a mule ! (Olaq !) We Islamists were Donkeys! Mullahs were Mules! Mullahs are Mules ! ( Khar shodim! Khar Budim ! )

Persian Joke 295: We ask an Abadani guy (= beche Abadan): People say you Abadan’s guys tend to exaggerate everything, and your exaggerations = Laf is beyond our imaginations; is it true ?! Abadani guy: Ki mo ?! (who ? We ?!) Now it’s a rumor. For instance, I am a simple worker, and I tell my stories without exaggeration .. We: really?! what are you exactly doing? Abadani guy: I am a simple worker at the Ray-ban Company in The West. We: really?! the famous Ray-ban company, that their website is! What are you doing there?! Abadani guy: At the Ray-ban company, I just check their products to see which Ray-ban is original, and which Ray-ban is a fake one !!

Persian Joke 296: They ask an Abadani guy : What is the worst kind of Tortures and Human Rights violations? Abadani guy: Mental tortures like they bring a bag full of Ray-ban glasses in front of you and then break every single one of them in front of you! And also physical tortures like they tie your hands & legs so you could not move, then they play Dancing music / Bandari music and dance Bandari in front of you !! .. In fact, when you live in the Islamic Regime of Mullahs, and you cannot publicly Dance with Dancing music / Bandari music, it’s a worst kind of tortures !

Persian Joke 297: The three stages of the life of Khamenei’s & other Arab Islamic leaders are : 1. He believes in Arab Religion. 2. He doesn’t believe in Arab Religion. 3. He is Arab Religion’s leader !! …. The three stages of Mullahs are : 1. He believes in Mullahs 2. He doesn’t believe in Mullahs. 3. He is Mullah ! …. And the three stages of Hassan Rouhani are : He is an Arab Jew 2. He is a non-Iranian Spy of CIA & MI6 3. He is called Iranian and even Iran’s President by the UK & the West !!

Persian Joke 298: The UK and British Masons and their Ayatollah BBC say that their Rouhani is a smart guy! But do you know why ?! Because one day Rouhani, having just got engaged to a new British woman in UK, went to his British fiancée’s home to meet his future British mother-in-law ! “Tell me,” she said, “are you sure that this is the first time you are getting married?” And Rouhani says : Yes, I swear on my four kids that I have never been married before !!

Persian Joke 299: Qazanfar becomes a Saint ! One day, a little boy wrote to Saint Qazanfar saying, “Please send me a sister.”
Saint Qazanfar wrote him back: Okay, send me your mother ! …. In 1976, one dollar was worth 7 Toman, or 70 Rial. But In 1979, After the fucking Islamic Coup of CIA, the value of Iranian currency took a nose-dive. One dollar eventually was worth 80 Tomans or 800 Rial !! ! It was the first Islamic Miracle of CIA’s Mullahs in 1979! But now in 2018, after 40 years, One dollar is worth 100,000 Tomans or 1,000,000 Rial !! But it’s one of many benefits of their fucking Islam & their fucking Islamic Regime & their fucking Arab-Islamic Miracles of CIA !

Persian Joke 300: Normal humans and Iranians say: “I can Not tell a lie.” But Basijis, Islamists, Western / British politicians, Rouhani and Trump say: “I can Not tell the truth.” !! … Qazanfar becomes an Islamic Philosopher! , and says: the Experts believe Religion emerged after Morality. But I say: Yah, Religion emerged after Morality, But Immorality or Religious Charlatanism & Hypocrisy emerged after Religion! .. In All Jewish Religions including US Christianity & Jewish Islam of Arabs / Mullahs, they have 3 Basic laws. Their First Law is: For every Satanic, Barbaric or immoral action, there is a corresponding Religious excuse !! .. Their Second Law is : For every Action, there is a corresponding Jewish-Islamist law ! = Talmudic law ! = Satanic law ! = Biblical / Barbaric law ! .. And their Third Law is: For every Treason, there is a corresponding Rabbi = Mullah / Mufti = Priest / Pope = Rouhani who is Traitor ! , or aiding Traitor !

Persian Humor 9: Some wise Iranians say: “In about 700 or 800 years ago, the Great Persian Poets Sadi made jokes, and said for instance (we just change some names) : One day Ayatollah & Rouhani asked a trusted servant to distribute their Islamic money ( = Turkmenchay’s money) among very Religious people ! Next day the servant returned and said he could not find one. Surprised, Ayatollah & Rouhani said: But there are hundreds of very Religious people in the Mullah city! The servant said: Sir, those who are very Religious hate you and don’t accept your money, and those who support you or accept your money are Not Religious people !! … And it’s exactly the story of The Islamic Regime. Those who support the Islamic Regime of Mullahs and other CIA stooges (Monarchists, Reformists etc) are Not Iranians. And All real Iranians hate the Islamic Regime of Mullahs and other CIA stooges so much. Those who support the Mullahs and Masons ( = Pahlavists, Monarchists, Khatamists etc) are Evil men and very Bad guys = Corrupted Crooks & Charlatans etc. All ordinary people of Iran hate the Islamic Regime of Mullahs so much. As Sadi said, it’s so obvious why even the Religion people of Iran hate Mullahs & Islamists so much. Today, all real Religious people hate Mullahs & Islamic regime so much; and those who support Mullahs or accept Islamic Tyranny & Turkmenchay are neither Religious people, nor Iranian people . It’s so so important. It’s a fact, not a joke! In Iran, all real Religious people hate Liars & Traitors & Tyrants & Oppressors & Charlatans & Anti-Iran Barbarians. It’s so so important. The Main Religious Motto in our Iran was and is: Condemnation of Tyranny & Treason & Oppression anytime and anywhere .. and Fighting against Tyranny & Oppression anytime and anywhere. It’s so important (We have already written about it, check Archive for posts like: Muharram, Islamists, Hypocrisy, Tyranny, Barbarity (2014) etc ) Our Iran’s Religious people are good and honest people who truly say: Rouhanis, Arab Islamists and Basijis are Amaleh Jor (pawns of Oppressors), Nokar-e Estebdad (stooges of Dictators), Amaleh Estemar (puppets of Colonial powers), or Nokar-e Satan (stooges of Imperialists) As you all know (and we said before) Iranians created and used the Mythical Epic of ‘Muhharram and Ashura’ to talk about Iranian values like Fighting against Tyranny and Oppression, Fighting Against Zahaks, Deeves (devils) & all Ahrimani/ Evil Forces – including Tazis = Savage Arab Jews = Arab Islamists. Today, it’s quite clear who is the Oppressor, who is the Traitor, who is worse than Yazid & Shemr, who is Charlatan, and who is Turkmenchay & Zellat, and who accept Turkmenchay & Zellat, Who is FATF & Satan, and who accept FATF & Turkmenchay & Great Satan’s dictates! Today even the ‘Muhharram and Ashura’ mocking & fucking Rouhani & all Mullahs & their Treasons & Turkmenchy! In these years, Iranian people use the Mullah Islamic terminology in many sarcastic ways ! And It’s so obvious why Iranians cannot deprive themselves of the joy of using the Bad guys’ terminology in a sarcastic way! It’s so obvious why all people of Iran hate Trump & Trump’s cows including Arab Islamists & Monarchists & Terrorists (MEK/ MKO) Today, only the Anti-Iranian pigs including Arab Islamists / Basjis support their Imam Ali ibn Rockefeller ( = Khamenei) and his Zionist Turkmenchay & his Zionist FATF & IMF plans! Islamists & Basijis worship and support their Shemr & Yazid-e Zaman ! = their Jewish Hassan bin Rothschild ( = Rouhani) + their Jewish Imam Ali bin Rockefeller = Khamenei = CIA Iran Project ! “.

Persian Humor 10: Some wise Iranians say: “Shits are Shits, and Khamenei is Yazid, Rouhani is Shemr, and Traitors are Traitors! Their clothing are not important ! Shits, Traitors or Mullahs = Arab Jews are actually Anti-Iran pigs in the Jewish Clothing! Al-Pahlavi, al-Rajavi and al-Rouhani and other Mullahs , Monarchists (Pahlavists) or Mujaheds ( = Jihadis = MEK / MKO) are the same Jewish shits, the same Anti-Iran shits. Most of them are Secret Jews or Anusim. The story of Anusim or Crypto-Jews (Hojattieh, Donmeh etc) is a very long story, that is so Comic-Tragic and so so informative (we have already written about it (check Archive), and we will write more about it later) Secret Jews or “Crypto-Jews” are Jewish Charlatans who pretend that they are Christians or Muslims ! The Secret Jews are called Anusim in Hebrew ! Now if you google for Anusim Crypto Jews, or Anusim Secret Jews, you can find many good things ! Now even the Jews confess: Anusim are a group of Crypto-Jews and Arab Jews who pretend that they are not Jews !!! (and even they) are Anti-Jew (!!!) .. Crypto Jews, Anusim and Secret Jews are synonyms .. (Satanic Jews = Secret Jews have Satanic-Jewish proverbs) like “Catholic by Pretence, Jewish by blood” (!!) or “Islamist by Face, Jewish by blood” !! …(or Islamist by Slogan, Jewish by blood !! ) And it’s what the Jews say! In Iran, Crypto Jews are called Jedid al-Islam, Anusim, Hojatieh, Rouhani, Ayatollah etc. Anusim or Secret Jews often have Orwellian names like Sadegh Zibakalam ( that means: a Truth-Teller with Beautiful words !!! ) or Ali Motahari ( = Ali Clean !! ) It’s so laughable, and so so informative ! In fact, in the World of Jewish Pigs, a hair-less man (Kachal) is called Zolf Ali = a very hairy monkey ! Now even the Jews confess to good things. For instance, But their own Jewish or Non-Iranian Basijis (like Kuchak-uff = a Russian Basiji of the Mullah Majlis) confess that Mullah Motahari was a Pashtun Jew / Afghan Jew ! The Jews even talk about why and How Jews created Arab Islam! Just search the internet ! Jews even say (in Jew Wikipedia) : Anusim is a legal category of Jews in Halakha ( = Jewish Sharia) who use Jewish Lies and Jewish Deceptions to pretend that they are not Jews !! Can you believe it ?! Now Jews openly say that Jewish Lies & Jewish Deceptions = Religious Charlatanism is a good and legal thing in Jewish Religions and their Halakha = Jewish Sharia / Jewish laws ! And it’s not a joke! It’s Reality ! It’s what Jews say! Now in 2018, Jewish Websites and Jewish Media even say: Pashtuns are Jews of Afghanistan. Pashtuns claim they are descended from one of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel (!) .. and even their new name, Afghan is from Afghana, a grandson of the Jewish King Saul (!!) Can you believe it?! It’s so funny, and it’s a great confession, isn’t it?! As you all know, Taliban are Pashtuns & Arab Jews. In fact, Taliban are Jew Afghans & Jew Arabs = Secret Jews. Israel, Saudi Arabia & Taliban are Jew shits. Of course, we Iranians know that many Pashtuns are good guys (and hate Anti-Iran pigs) and they are Not Jews or Arab Jews. Pashtuns don’t speak Persian (Pashtuns are Not Iranians) But as you all know, the native people of our Great Khorasan including Great Herat, Balkh etc are Iranian people who speak Persian. But Secret Jews like Mullah al-Afghani and other Jew Agents of UK created many Fake Things & Horrible Disasters in our Great Khorasan. The Anti-Iran Freemason Mullah Al-Afghani was a Jew! All informed people know that Mullah al-Afghani was a Mason & UK Spy. But now their own media confess (that the main point is that) the Mullah Al-Afghani was a Jew, a secret Jew! It’s what their own Basijis & Jews say now! It’s so laughable and informative, isn’t it ?! Al-Khamenei is exactly like Al-Afghani. CIA’s Islamists & Khamenei love Al-Afghani and Al-Rouhani / Al-Larijani so much! But why?! Maybe because their Imam Ali inb Rockefeller = Khamenei is a Jewish Kohen gadol ! The Kohen gadol wear Mitznefet = Ammameh or Turban! But it’s not the whole story. The Kohen gadol also put a Crown upon their Ammameh! In fact, Kohen gadol is Vali Faqih = Jewish King! Many Iranians have published many pix/ cartoons of Khamenei with both Ammameh & Crown = Turban & Taj ! (like below pix) It’s so important”.


Persian Humor 11: Some wise Iranians say: “In 1979, King or Shah Didn’t went, only Pahlavi Went ! (Shah Naraft , faqat Pahlavi Raft ! ) Almost all Iranians know it. In 1979, The Monarch and Monarchy Didn’t went, only Pahlavi Went ! (SaltANat Naraft , faqat Pahlavi raft ! ) It’s so important that all Iranians are aware of this issue : The Islamic Regime is Islamic Monarchy, and Vali Faqih or Khamenei is Shah, Islamic Shah of MI6 ! SaltANat = Monarchy = Satl of ANts ! ( = a cesspit of Ants !) or Satl of AN (a cesspit of shits !) is what Ants & Shits = Monarchists & Mullahs love it so much ! The Shah of Mullahs is Khamenei = a Jewish Kohen gadol with both Turban & Taj ( Taj = Crown) The main symbol of a Jewish Kohen gadol is Turban + Taj ! Kohen gadol is Jewish Shah! Khamenei is Jewish Shah or Kohen gadol = Vali Faqih = Jewish King of Secret Jews. But is it a joke or a reality?! Who knows! Of course, all wise people know! Today, Basijis and their Imam Ali inb Rockefeller (Khamenei) should Die of Shame. Just look How their Imam Ali inb Rockefeller = Khamenei defends FATF & Rouhani & Rockefeller’s Iran Project ! Today, all Basijis & Islamists should Die of Shame. Their Imam Ali bin Rockefeller = Khamenei created FATF Coup of 2018 to help Trump. Their fucking Imam Ali bin Rockefeller = Khamenei is CIA Iran Project, and that’s why Khamenei helped Trump & CIA’s Iran Project, by attacking all Sarafies to create the Greatest Economic Chaos & Economic Instability in Iran’s history ! = FATF Coup of 2018. And it’s what their own Mullah TV (IRIB) and Mullah media confessed, and confess now! And It’s so obvious why all Iranians are so Angry, and if you see Iranian people in Iran’s streets you can see why & how all Iranians say: Anti-Iranian Traitors & Terrorists like Mullahs and Trump’s Cows (Rajavi, Pahlavi & other Secret Jew Arabs) and Khamenei = Rouhani must be tried and executed for High Treason against Iran & Iranian people. And it’s so funny & important that even their own Basijis & Islamists say such things Now, in August 2018 ! Today, even stupid animals = the rank & file of Basijis talk about the FATF Coup of 2018 (above pix) because now even stupid animals / Basijis know How The British Mullahs including Khamenei = Rouhani implement FATF Plans to help Trump = to create Economic Instability/ Chaos. And it’s not a joke. Khamenei is a joke. Rouhani = Khamenei is CIA Iran Project. Today, Everything is clear. Today, there is no real differences between jokes and realities! As the witty Iranian say: One night, Rouhani = Khamenei said to his Arab Jewish wife: Hey Arab Wife! Please get up! I have just been divinely inspired ! Get me a pencil and piece of paper at once! His Arab wife, Sahebeh Arabi, lit a candle, fetched the pencil and paper, and handed it to Rouhani / Khamenei ! .. Khamenei wrote something, and his Jew wife said: Please read me what you wrote! Khamenei says: It’s a Satan’s order ! Satan or Great Satan wants that we Mullahs creating Economic Chaos & Economic Instability and Economic Coup ( = FATF Coup of 2018), and aiding Trump .. His Arab wife says: But What is Satan’s goal?! What is your Goal? Khamenei = Rouhani says: it’s so clear. Our goal is : Joon beh Lab kardan ! = Making people sick and tired = Khaste Kardan. We Mullahs want to create new Turkmenchays, and we Mullahs want to give in to America’s bullying and threats, but our main problem is that Iran’s people don’t accept such things .. his Arab wife says: But it’s your End ! It’s the End of Mullahs. It’s the Death of Islamic Regime. What is your Project ?! What you do think ?! Rouhani = Khamenei says: We just obey. We don’t think! Our Islamist motto is : Death to Brain, and Death to Thinkers ! Death to Those who have Brain! Death to Those who Think ! We Islamists just obey The CIA’s Iran Project = Rockefeller’s Iran Project. Khamenei is a CIA slave. Rouhani is a CIA. Zarif is CIA Iran Project. Larijani is a CIA Arab slave. And Slaves don’t think. Slaves just obey. Our Islamic Regime is a CIA Project. Even our Islam is a British Project ! But in these years, people refer to Jewish-British projects as CIA, or CIA projects !”

Persian Humor 12: Some wise Iranians say: “Now many of the so-called Secret Jews, Anusim or Crypto Jews are not hidden or secret ! For instance, Rouhani and the Jewish Isaac of Rouhani (Jahangiri), with a Jewish nose & a Jewish family mafia are not secret Jews! They are open Jews! Now even the Basiji media & Mullah media confess that the Jewish Isaac Jahangiri = their Vice President, is coming from a Jewish family, and all his Brothers have Jewish names like Abraham and Jacob (Yaghub) ! Can you believe it?! They say: the Jewish Brothers of Jahangiri including Abraham and Jacob and Isaac Jahangiri are Jewish crooks or embezzlers! It’s what their own Mullah media say in August 2018 ! But now Iranians make jokes, and say: we ask Jew Rouhani’s vice president = Jew Jahangiri : Are you just three Jewish Brothers –
Isaac, Abraham & Jacob?! Don’t you have any other Jew bother?! And The Jew Isaac Jahangiri says: our Brother Benjamin ( = Netanyahu) works abroad ! Our Brother Benjamin is the Prime Minister of another place !! (Benjamin-e-moon ye ja dige Nokhost-Vazire !! ) Now even idiots ask: How should the Jew Isaac Jahangiri and his brothers Abraham & Jacob Jahangiri should prove that they are Jews?! Their Jewish Big Nose and their Jewish signs are not enough?! It’s so laughable & so informative that the Jew Islamists like Keyhan’s ShariatNadari, Mullah Mesbah & Jahangiri and also Reza al-Pahlavi have Big Jewish Nose! If you know the Biblical story of Abraham & Isaac & Jacob, then you know why Jahangiri Brothers = Abraham & Jacob & Isaac Jahangiri are Jews! Now in 2018, millions of Iranians have started to talk or care about Secret Jews & Jewish Mullahs & Jadid al-Islam = Anusim and the Jewish Secrets of Arab Islam & Islamic Regime! It’s so good & so important. It’s one of the so-called Barakat ! = Benefits of their Islamic Turkmenchay & Treasons ! As their Jewish Hassan Rouhani says: Ala BarakatAllah ! = Ala ShabPalallah ! (= Islamist-Jewish Motto of Moses! ) It’s the so-called Barakat of their Jewish Islam & Islamic Turkmenchay ! It’s the so-called Barakat = Benefits of their Islamic Regime that all of them are Jews or Masons! All of their Mullah / Islamist leaders are Jews or Masons ! Ala BarakatAllah ! = Ala ShabPalallah ! It’s a Jewish-Islamic Miracle of Masons! Ayatollahs & Rouhani are Jewish Masons ! Ala BarakatAllah ! These Arab Jew Mother-fuckers and their fucking Arab Islam have polluted our Iran. But now their Secrets and Treasons & Turkmenchays are being revealed, and it’s their End, the End of the Game ! Persian Jews are often good guys, and we don’t have any problem with them. As you all know, the Persian Jews are neither Ashkenazi nor Sephardic. The Persian Jews are Persian or Iranian. And all Iranians are first Iranians or Patriotic, and then Muslims, Jews or Christians or any other Religions. The Iranian Jews are good guys, and Iranians. But Arab Jews, Crypt Jews or Secret Jews are Anti-Iranian pigs. In Iran, Crypto Jews or Secret Jews are “Mizrahi” or Arab Jews (In Spain, Crypo Jews are Sephardic Jews ..) In parts of Iran (and in modern Iran) the story of Secret Jews or Anusim began in Safavid Era. But in Mashad, it began in the 18th century. Their own Jew historians say: In the year 1746, nearly 250 years ago, Nader Shah decided to relocate 40 Jewish families to his new capital, the city of Mashad ! But the main question is : Why 40 Jews families ?! and these original 40 Jews families were selected by whom ?! and for what reason ?! (We will write more about this issue later) But after 100 years, thousands of Jews lived in Mashad ! They created many disasters and treasons and Evil things in Mashad. So, in the 19th century and in a Big public riot against Traitorous Jews & Jewish Spies – that was a Tragic Farce that British Masons created it – only about 30 Jews lost their lives ! And it’s what their own Jew Historians say! Only 30 Jews died ! But after that, Masons and Jews created Anusim in Iran and Mashad ! And now the Jew pigs defend Religious Charlatanism & Anusim ! The shitty Jews have no shame, and no brain ! Their Big Nose and their Big Lies don’t allow them to see beyond their nose ! (And it’s a Persian proverb) The Secret Jews started their new Sadistic & Satanic lives as Jadid al-Islam = New Islamists ! = Jews who pretended that they are Islamists, specially Islamic Extremists & Islamic leaders !! Some of them adopt Jewish Arab names such as Baal / Hadad, Isaac, Abraham and Jacob. And some adopt Arab Islamic names such as Hassan (Rouhani), Hussein (ShariatNadri), Ali (Khamenei), Ruhollah (Khomeini), Habibollah (Elghanian / Asgaroladi) etc. Jews refer to these names as Kosher names! Jews specially love names like Abdollah, Ruhollah, Habibollah, Azizollah, Nourollah, Goozollah, Zoorollah etc and if you know the meaning of these Arab names and Arab Jew Baal & Baal-worshipers = Satan-worshipers, then you know why Jews love them! Now if you google for Jadid al-Islam Secret Jews, you can find what the Jews say! Their Jewish Lies are so laughable, and so informative!”

Persian Humor 13: Some wise Iranians say: “Now many talk about Anusim or Secret Jews = Jadid al-Islam = New Islamists ! (Jadadi = New, al = Arabic sign; So, Jadid al-X means: New X) But the witty Iranians prefer to talk about Jadid al-Iranian! = new Iranians ! Jadid al-Iranian ! are Arab Jews who pretend they are Iranians! Reza al-Pahlavi, al-Rajavi, Rouhani and almost all Ayatollahs are Jadid al-Iranian! There is also another group called Jadid al-Intellect ! = New intellects! Jadid al-Intellect are stupid Charlatans or fake intellectuals who pretend they are Intellectuals ! All Intellectual whores including Noam Chomsky are Jadid al-Intellect! The whores who work for the Ayatollah BBC and VOA are Jadid al-Intellect and also Jadid al-Iranian! The Exiled Whores and those Stupid pigs who defend Rouhani or Reza Pahlavi or Trump are Jadid al-Intellect and also Jadid al-Iranian! They are Jew Masons like Sadegh Zibakalam = a Jew Arab Basiji Fascist. There is also another group called Jadid al-KosKhol = Jadid al-Pig = Jadid al-Shit = Jadid al-Basiji ! = Jadid al-Arab = Jadid al-Retard ! = New Farts & Retards ! = those retarded idiots who defend Jadid al-Intellect or support Jadid al-Iranian! Some experts say: Donald Trump is a Jadid al-Basiji ! ! = Trump is a Jadid al-Arab! But most believe that Donald Trump is an Old Fart = Old Arab / Basiji ! (not a new one!)”

Persian Humor 14: The Wise People including the Wise Iranians truly say: Reason, Rationality and Facts are stubborn. As the facts become more widely known and understood, the unreasonableness of the Tyrants position becomes more clear to more people The Tyrant or the Evil Empire goes to hell, as more people recognize the Emperor has no clothes .. You can choose your battles. You can decide when to ignore, yield to, appease, or accommodate this or that .. You can also decide how and when to confront the unreasonable behaviors and insist on Change. You ordinary people have the real Power. You must choose your battles .. Privilege and power are distinct from talent. A rich, powerful person may not be very bright while a poor person might be very bright, hard working, creative, and talented. Don’t forget it .. And don’t forget that Tyranny is childish .. Maturity is about using wisdom to achieve constructive results. Tyrants lack maturity & wisdom of many things .. Kings & Cult leaders = Tyrants behave like little children, because Tyrants are actually little kids, without any maturity. If you have doubts, just take a look at Trump, Arab Dictators, British Monarchy, US leaders or Shah / Mullah ! .. Tyranny is so childish .. The Evil Empire, Tyranny or Sustaining oppression requires a narrow worldview based on false beliefs and childish beliefs … all their beliefs are childish beliefs like Trump’s beliefs! Their IQs are exactly like Trump’s IQ ! .. Their Lies are so childish, and now even little kids can Expose their Lies … So, Expose their Lies and strengthen the people and civil society … And Don’t work for The Evil Empire of America ! Don’t work for Cults and secret societies = spying agencies! .. Sunlight is the best disinfectant ! … So, Shine the light on Tyranny & Evil Empire to purify it .. Don’t join Cults or secret societies! Don’t help Dictators! It’s so simple! Don’t live like Bad Guys! Don’t tell Big lies ! Don’t defend Treasons & Big Lies! Be Humans ! (Adam Bashid!) It’s so simple! .. But If being a Human or normal person is so hard for you ! (Agar Adam budan baratoon kheili sakhte !! ), then you are a sick Psychopath and you need a good Doctor. So, Go and find a good Doctor !

Persian Humor 15: Many people say: What is Donald Trump’s favorite nation? Discrimination! … And Iranians say: What is the US or the West’s favorite plan in Iran? Islamization! .. What is Rouhani or Ayatollah’s favorite Islamist principle? Americanization! .. What is Islamic Regime or Islamic Economy?! The Jewish Zionist IMF Plans ! … Iranians say to Mullahs: Which kind of Islamists you are ?! (Islamist-e Ki budi thou ?!) And Mullahs say: We Mullahs are Rockefeller’s sons! We Mullahs are Saudi Arab Islamists / pigs ! … Iranians say to Basijis: Which kind of Islamists / Basijis you are ?! (Basiji-e Ki budi thou?!) And Basijis say: We Islamists are child of Rothschild ! We Basijis are The CIA’s Iran Project ! … And some wise Iranians say: “How Mullahs should prove that Islamists are Jews, and Islamic Regime is Jewish?! Both Rouhani and Khamenei are Jewish Freemason Faggots who create Turkmenchay after Turkmenchay! Now even Anti-Iran traitors and stupid animals confess that Their Caspian Sea deal is a new Turkmenchay! Rouhani = Khamenei is a Zionist Agent whose job is making Turkmenchay, creating Turkmenchay ! (August 2018) It’s important to note that the Zionist pigs like Rouhani, Larijani and Khamenei and other Jew Mullahs refer to our Caspian sea or Mazandaran sea as Khazar !! As you all know, Khazar is a Jewish name. Khazar is the Jewish name of a Jewish tribe. The Khazar were a group of Turkish Barbarian who became Jews, and then polluted our Caspian sea. The story of The Jewish tribe of Khazar is a long story (we will write about it later) But it’s so funny & so important to note that the whole world and non-Iranians refer to our Caspian sea as the Caspian sea, but the Jewish Islamists and Mullahs refer to our Caspian sea as the Jewish Khazar !!! In fact, only Islamists and Mullahs use a Jewish name for our Caspian sea = Mazandaran sea ! So, How Islamists and Mullahs should prove that Islamists and Mullahs are Jewish pigs = Anti-Iran Jews = Anti-Iranian Jewish Barbarians ?!”

Persian Humor 16: Some wise Iranians say: “On 11 August 2018, the Mullah TV (IRIB) happily & proudly reported: Khamenei and Janati and their Guardian Council approved FATF, FATF Coup & FATF plans !!! No, this is not the start of a joke. It actually happened ! Even their fucking Press TV happily & proudly reported the Islamic approval of Zionist FATF and The Mullah approval of FATF in English language ! And this is their fucking Islam, and their fucking Islamic Honor ! Their own media talked about how two Jewish Mullahs Jew Jannati & Jew Rouhani create FATF Coup! The Jewish Ayatollah Jannati is a Jew pig and a part of the CIA’s 2009 Coup & the CIA’s 2018 Coup = FATF Coup. The Jew Jannati is a Jewish Mullah, a Hojjatieh = Secret Jew. But it’s not the whole story. On 13 August 2018, the fucking Khamenei = CIA’s Ayatollah Khamenei defended Rouhani & FATF plans & FATF Coup of 2018 !! And this is not a joke. It actually happened ! The CIA’s Ayatollah Khamenei is a Jew Joker. The Jewish Ayatollah Khamenei again proved that Khamenei is Rockefeller’s son; Khamenei is Rothschild’s child; Khamenei is CIA Iran Project, and that’s why Khamenei has defended both AhmadiNejad and Rouhani, when they were committing great crimes and great treasons. Only a Jewish CIA agent like Khamenei can defend both AhmadiNejad and Rouhani, and both the 2009 Coup & Nuclear Turkmenchay ! Khamenei is a Jew faggot like Jannati & Mesbah & Makarem and other Jew Masons = Masonic Mullahs. In their fucking Arab Islam, Islamic Resistance is nothing but Total Surrender and implementing FATF orders and to give in to America’s bullying and threats! This is the Satanic Islam of Islamists & Khamenei. This is the Satanic Islam of Arabs = Cows of America. This is the Satanic Islam of Mullahs = Arab Jew Masons. And it’s obvious why all Iranians say: the Jewish Arab Mullahs like Jannati = Khamenei = Rouhani must be tried for all their Treasons against Iran & Iranian people. Today, even if you ask a Cow or Basiji : Who can defend Rouhani & Trukmencahy & FATF ?! Cow or Basiji says: Only a stupid CIA agent like Khamenei or Jewish Jannati ! The Jewish Khamenei is Rockefeller’s stooge. Khamenei is CIA’s Iran Project. Khamenei is Rockefeller’s Iran Project. Khamenei is FATF = Fucking Asshole Traitor Faggot (FATF) ! Khamenei is Zionist IMF = Islamist Motherfucker Faggot (IMF) ! Khamenei is a Jihadi Jew = Jannati = Netanyahu ! = FATF !”

Persian Humor 16: In these days, our Iran’s people change the old Iranian Folklore songs into new funny songs like this : Atal Matal Rouhani ! .. Turkmenchay of Rouhani ! .. Treasons of Rouhani (Khiyanat-e Rouhani !) … (Baazam Begam, Ya Midani ?! ) Should I say more ?! or You know them all ?! .. Do you know the depth of Tragedy, the depth of Disaster ?! (Omge Faje-a-ro Midani ?! ) .. Atal-Matal Ravani !! (= Psycho) .. Turkmenchay of Rouhani ! .. Death to all of Ravanis = Rouhanis (Marg bar har-chi Rouhani ! ) We shit on all Rouhanis ! (Ridim beh har-chi Rouhani !) .. Fuck Mullah Rouhani (Ridim be Qabr-e Rouhani !) Go to Hell Rouhani ! (Boro Bemir Rouhani !) … Atal Matal Ravani ! .. Rouhani-e Ravani ! (Rouhani is Psycho ! ) .. Their Religion is Religion of Psychopaths (Diin-e ye mosht Ravani ! ) .. their Islam is Treason & Secret deals with Great Satan! ( .. Khiyanat va Tabani ! ) .. Islamists say that their Treasons and Turkmency is Islam = their Religion ! You all know this ! (Turkmenchay va Tabani, Migan Diin-e ! Midani ! ) But what is the name of their FATF Turkmenchay & Treasons?! Do you know it?! (FATF va Tabani, esmesh Chi-e ?! Midani ?! ) .. Fuck you Mullah Rouhani ! (Tof to Ruh-et Rouhani !) Rouhani is shitting on his Religion = Arab Islam that is Turkmenchy & Treason & FATF ! (Ridi to Diin-et Rouhani ! .. eeno ke khoob midani !! .. Diin-e FATF, Tabani .. Khianat-o Tabani ..)

Persian Humor 17: Some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots and Basijis confess that Jahangiri Brothers = Abraham & Jacob & Isaac Jahangiri are Jews! But today, Iran’s people ask: It’s the story of 1000 Famil = 1000 Families; all of them are Famil ! (members of a Big Family), but why ?! What is their secret ?! What is the secret of their intermarriage = why do they keep marriages among themselves?! And the wise witty Iranians say: Eyval ! (Bravo) It’s a good & fundamental question! Their secrets are Jewish secrets, or the secrets of Secret Jews & Masons! The Secrets of 1000 Famil are secrets of Anusim & Crypto Jews ! Lets shed some Iranian lights on part of it ! .. But Wait ! There is No need to the Iranian lights! Now even the Jews are revealing many things! Now if you google for Jadid-Al-Islam Anusim, you can see that Jews say : In Iran and Mashad .. the first problem of Jadid-Al-Islam = Secret Jew Islamists was the problem of kashrut and keeping a kosher home! The Secret Jew Islamists had to buy their meat from kosher stores! Their Jewish Islamist women refused to allow any non-kosher meat into their homes. All non-kosher meat was immediately discarded or fed to the dogs (!!) .. There was also the problem of praying in the mosque (!!!) Islamist Jews attending the Friday prayer in the mosque (!!), and then secret places to welcome the Sabbath (!!) .. On Shabbat and holidays, since they had to keep their stores open, the Islamist Jews often hired help to run the stores for them! The help was instructed to turn customers away with various excuses (!!!) But the main problem of Secret Jews = Islamist Jews was Marriage !! (But they solved) the problem of Marriage (in this Satanic way) : 1 Jews would often married off their children at very young ages, around nine or ten (!!!) 2 the Jews and Jew Islamists keep and kept marriages among themselves (!!!) And it’s exactly what Jews & Jewish historians say! In fact, Crypto Jews and Secret Jews marry each other. And it’s one of the Secrets of 1000 Famil ! For instance, a secret Jew like Zibakalam marries to Crypto Jew Ahmad Tavakoli = a member of Jewish Clan of Larijani .. A secret Jew like Ali Larijani marries to Crypto Jew Motahari .. A secret Jew Mason like Hadad Adel marries to Arab Jew Khamenei … But is it a joke ?! No, Their Islamic Regime is a joke ! Their Jewish Islam is a bad joke ! The West is a sick joke ! The UK is a bad joke ! Now if you search the internet (in Persian and even in English), you can find millions of facts and millions of good things that non-Iranians and also millions of wise & educated Iranians say about such issues. Just search the internet ! Now even stupid animals / Basijis confess to such facts ! It’s so laughable !”

Persian Humor 18: Some wise Iranians say: “Who want to shed crocodile tears for our Caspian sea & our Great Iran ?! The Anti-Iran Traitors?! Arab Basijis ?! Jewish Mullahs or Masons?! or Jewish Monarchists and other Anti-Iran Whores / Jew whores = Rajavists / Pahlavists or Exiled Whores?! Those Jew whores = CIA’s whores who supported Nuclear Turkmenchay and defend Anti-Iran Trump & American Barbarians, and still defend Nuclear Treasons & Turkmenchay, now want to repeat (QerQereh konan) what we Iranians have already & repeatedly said about Islamic Turkmenchay?! The Anti-Iran Traitors & Terrorists like Pahlavists, Rajavists and Islamists / Mullahs are Not Iranians. They are Anti-Iranian pigs. They are part of The Anti-Iran Mafia. But it’s not the whole story. The 2009 Traitors and all Anti-Iran Traitors = Secret Jews & Masons like Jew Zibakalam (TaziKalam), JewNejad (AN), Jew Janati, Jew Hassan (Rouhani), al-Reza Pahlavi, Jew Ali Nourizadeh (TaziZadeh), Jew Amir Ahmadi, Jew Ebrahim (Nabavi) and al-Masoud Behnoud must be tried & executed for High Treason against Iran & Iranians. Those who defend Nuclear Turkmenchay & Rouhanis & Trump & Savage Arabs & Jew Barbarians & Islamic Tyranny & Turkmenchay and Anti-Iran Jew Arabs & American Barbarians must be tried for High Treason against all Iranians & all Humans. Anti-Iran Traitors and those who defend the Satanic USA & UK Rouhanis & Nuclear Turkmenchay cannot shed crocodile tears for our Great Iran!”

Persian Humor 19: Some witty Iranians say: “Now in 2018, Ahangaran and other Islamist pigs sing & should sing Islamist songs like (its rhythm is : Lala Lala La = Aho Vavey-la ! Lala Lala La ! Aho Vavey-la ! Read this song with such rhythm ! ) : Hey Rahbar-e Bi-Khayeh ! , Seyyed Ali Bi-Khayeh ! Aho Vaveyla ! Hey you the ball-less King = Khamenei ! .. Sayyid Ali Khamenei has no balls ! .. Lala Lala La .. Hey Kos-k(.)sh Bi-Khayeh ! , Khamenei Bi-Khayeh ! Aho Vaveyla ! The Islamic Leader is a ball-less Pimp ! .. Khamenei has no balls ! Hey Rahbar-e Koon Dadeh ! , Az kei Koon Dadan Azadeh ?!! Aho Vaveyla ! Hey you the Faggot Leader ! You created Nuclear Turkmenchay = Koon Dadan-e Qahramane! But since when Sodomy = Giving Ass is free in your Islam?! Een Rahbar-e Bi-Namoos ! , Een Rahbar-e Koon Dadeh, Sharm-o-Haya Nadereh ! Aho Vaveyla ! Khamenei is Coward & Faggot, Khamenei is not Honorable .. Khamenei is Irreligious & Immoral man ! Een Rahbar-e Bi-Khayeh, Een Rahbar-e Koon Dadeh, Mage Sharaf Nadereh ?!! Khamenei is a Sodomite in Chief .. Does Khamenei have no dignity & no honor ?! Een Rahbar-e Bi-Vatan !, Een Rahbar-e Bi-Sharaf, Mage Diin-ham Nadereh?! Khamenei is not Iranian, Khamenei is not Honorable .. But Khamenei is not a Religious man, too?! Een Rahbar-e Bi-Vatan, Een Rahbar-e Bi-Sharaf, Mage Mokham Nadereh ?!! Khamenei is not Iranian, Khamenei is not Honorable .. But is Khamenei a Brainless man, too ?! Een Rahbar-e Bi-Honor !, Een Rahbar-e Bi-Sharaf, Hich Honar-i Nadareh !! Khamenei is not Honorable .. Khamenei is good for Nothing ! .. Khamenei has no skills, no knowledge and no Arts ! Bi-Hame Chiz, Bi-Honor .. Bi-Sharaf & Bi-Vatan .. ANgal-e Baq-e Mola !, Aho Vaveyla ! Khamenei is a useless parasite ! Khamenei is a little vermin, a shitty parasite ! ….”

Persian Humor 20: Some wise Iranians say: “In these days, the Jewish Mullahs preaching (Roze mikhunan) and talking about Moharram & Hussein in this way: What was Hussein’s goal ?! Turkmenchay! .. Hussein wanted to negotiated with Great Satan, and to create Turkmenchay .. Imam Hussein loved Tyranny & Turkmenchay! .. Imam Hussein loved Yazid & Velayat ! .. Who killed Hussein?! Those who hated Yazid & Turkmenchay ! .. Today, Rouhani is Shemr, and Khamenei is Yazdi! So we should love Yazid .. Imam Hussein loved Yazdi & Shemr & Turkmenchay & Telling Big lies ! .. Imam Hussein loved Treasons & Turkmenchay .. Imam Hussein loved Traitors & Liars & Rouhanis ! .. Imam Hussein loved Zellat ! , and Rouhani’s Turkmenchay ! .. Imam Hussein loved FATF & to give in to Satan’s Threats & Bullying … Imam Hussein fought for what?! For defending Yazid & Rouhani & Shemr & Khamenei & Big Lies & Treasons & Turkmenchay ! .. Imam Hussein loved Rockefellers! .. Imam Hussein loved Rockefeller’s Iran Project ! .. Moharram is Month of our Aqa, Rockefellers = our Masters! .. Today those who want to fight against Tyranny & Turkmencahy & Satanic Velayat of Khamenei & Rouhani are Enemies of Imam Hussein ! … Today, our Aqa, Trump is Hussein = Rouhani is Hussein! Today, Netanyahu is Hussein = Khamenei is Hussein! = Turkmenchay & FATF is Hussein ! .. God Bless Satan! God Bless Rouhai ! ”

Persian Humor 21: In these days Iranians mocking Islamists and their shitty Islamist songs = Nohe / Nowha of Islamists! = shed crocodile tears ! Some witty Iranians say: “Islamist pigs like Rouhanis, Basijis and Ahangaran – whose sons live in UK & Canada & America- creating Turkmenchay & Treasons and then yap or sign Islamist songs (Zoze mikeshan) & shed crocodile tears! Ahangaran is a Basiji faggot / singer who now sings Islamist songs like this : Ya Hussein ! Ya America! (His Tokhme-Sag = his Basiji son lives in North America! ) Ya Hussein ! Ya America! .. Basiji Tokhme-Sagam (my son) .. ba Visa (with Visa) .. Raft America (went to America) .. Hussein! .. Basiji raft America ! (Basiji went to America) .. Ride-shod to America ! (America is fucked up!) .. Hussein ! .. Trump ham Basiji-e! (Trump is a Basiji, too !) .. Mirine to America ! (Trump is shitting on USA!) .. Hussein ! .. Yazid ham Hussein-ie ! (Yazid is Hussein! ) .. Turkmecnhay Hussein-ie! (Turkmenchay is Hussein’s legacy! ) .. Hussein! .. Yazid yepa Khomeini-e !! (Yazid is Khomeini ! ) .. Zellat Hussein-ie ! .. FATF Hussein-ie ! (FATF is Hussein’s legacy! ) .. Khamenei Yazid-ie ! (Khamenei is Yazid ! ) …”

Persian Humor 22: Some wise Iranians say: “The story of Rouhani is like a very ancient Persian story, when they asked a Persian: From whom you learned Culture & Civilization ? Who did you learn your manners & Culture & Civilization from? (Adab Az Ke Amookhtee?) And The Wise Persian sarcastically said: From uncultured & uncivilized people = Barbarians ! (Az Bi-Adaban !) They said: How?! How is it possible ?! The Wise Persian said: It’s so simple. What the Barbarians do are barbarian things. What the uncultured & uncivilized people = Barbarians do are uncultured & uncivilized things. So, you can learn from Barbarians what is uncultured & uncivilized ! And if you don’t do these barbarian things, then you become a Cultured man! If you don’t do the uncultured & uncivilized things, then you become a Civilized man, a Human ! Such Ancient Persian stories show the depth of Persian Wisdom = Aryan Wisdom = Iranian Wisdom in Ancient times, when our wise Iranian ancestors created Human values & Human Civilization. Our wise Iranian ancestors learned from whom?! Now you all know the Answer ! And it’s like the story of today’s world. Today, we Persians still use our ancient Persian methods = what our wise Iranian ancestors did. Today, we Persians still try to learn from Barbarians ! We Persian still try to learn from Evil men & Spies & Traitors & Masons = Satan’s children = Zahak’s children! And now you all know what it means ! Good becomes Good, only when Good learns from Evil ! But which kind of things the Good learns from the Evil ?! Answer is clear: The Evil things , that the Good should Not do them ! The Evil things , that the Good should fight against them ! And now we Persians want to Make Iran Great Persia again, so We Persians try to learn from Traitors or Masons like Rouhani, Trump, Netanyahu, Arab Jews & Mullahs & British Pigs and All Anti-Iran Barbarians!”

Persian Humor 23: Some wise Iranians say: “It’s so obvious why the Wise witty Iranians sarcastically say: today we Iranians learn ‘Persian Patriotism’ (Vatan-Paratsi) from The Anti-Iran Traitors ! = Vatan-Forushan = Iran-Forushan = America-worshipers (America-Parast) + Arab-worshipers (Arab-Parast) = Ajnabi-Parast ! = The West’s stooges ! Today, you all can see the true face of Arab Islam & Islamists. Now the Satanic Islam of Arabs & Islamists create Turkmenchay = Zellat & Nekbat ! Now the Satanic Islam & Arab Islamists are Prostitutes & Crooks & Thieves like Sasha Sobhani = Basiji Zina-zadeh. Islamic Zina-zadeh & Arab Whore Sasha Sobhani is a Zina-zadeh of Islamic Regime, and now all Iranians talk about this Basiji Sodomite, and say: Did you see their fucking Islam and their fucking Islamic whores = Basiji Kooni = Sasha Sobhani = Bache Kooni / Little Sodomite of Arab Islam ?! Did you see their Islam (Chetori Lokht-o Damar bood !!! , Didi Che Khabar bood ?!! ) Didn’t you see it ?!! This is their Fucking Arab Islam. This Little Sodomite Sasha Sobhani = Islamic Whore of Mullahs is just one of their Arab Islamic Whores & Sodomites. And their story is a long story, a long and important story (We will write about these Islamist pigs & Islamic Whores & their Recent Scandals later, in the next posts) An Islamic Sodomite like Sasha Sobhani is Islamic Whore = Worthless Whore = 2-zari whore, but this Worthless Whore Sasha Sobhani is a symbol, symbol of Arab Islam & Islamic Regime. The Zina-Zadeh (Aqa-zadeh) just show & prove that their Arab Islam is Religion of Whores = Religion of Zena-Zadagan = Religion of Sodomites & Satanists. The Satanic Islam of Arabs is exactly like that famous reality joke: A man is nu-de with six na-ked Po-rn Stars? Quick, call the Morality police chief. Oh No, He is what? He himself is the Islamic Morality police chief !! And it’s not Joke. It’s Reality. It actually happened ! In the Porn Industry of Islamic regimes, their Islamic Porn Stars chant Islamic slogans about Hijab/ Efaf & Efat !, and participate in Islamic Prayer (Namaz-Jomeh) & Islamic Mourning (Azaa & Rozah) ! The Candy Charms-gate or Candy-gate = Whore-gate is a famous example ! (check Archive) Their Islamic Porn stars say: We love both Porn & Hijab !, and we Islamic Porn wear Hijab ! We stop filming our Porn videos on Islamic Mourning days! We stop filming our Porn films on special days because we Islamic Porn makers respect Islamic laws & Islamic Morals! The Masonic Porn Industry of Islamic Regime is like Turkey’s and the Sexy Islam of Turkey ! (check below) The Islamic Porn Industry is Not Joke ! The Sexy Islam of Turkey, or the Sexy Islam of Malaysia & other Islamic countries is Not a Joke ! (check Persian Humor 39 etc)”

Persian Humor 24: Some wise Iranians say: “The Jewish Islam of Arabs is a Satanic Religion. The Jewish Islam of Arabs is Religion of ISIS & Saudis & Hojatieh & Mullahs. Their Arab Islam is Jewish Religion of Yapping & Farting (Zoozeh & Goozeh ! ) Their Arab Islam is Jew Religion of Shedding crocodile tears! After their Nuclear Turkmenchay, the Mullahs have created a New Farce : Now Mullah do more & more Rozeh & Zoozeh & Goozeh ! , that means the Mullahs shed more & more crocodile tears, and the Mullahs have more Islamic Mourning days! Now they have discovered new Islamic Mourning days! – for the first time after 1979 ! – and these new Islamic Mourning days are about Omol-ANin, Omol-Faqih, Omol-Farter = Omol-Fesad, Omol-Fased = Omol-Fuckers etc! (Omol means Fanatic or Bigoted in Persian! But in fucking Arabic, Omol = Om (mother) + ol (of) .. So, Omol-Fuckers means: Mother of Fuckers!) It’s so obvious why the Mullahs have discovered or created new Islamic Mourning days! , after their Nuclear Turkmenchay. Mullahs believe Religion is Opium of People, so Mullahs must force people to use more and more Opium, to forget or ignore all Islamic Treasons & Turkmenchay. But almost all Iranians know this Satanic trick, and that’s why all Iranians spit at Mullahs, at Islam of Mullahs and at their Islamic Yapping & Farting & Shedding Crocodile tears = Islamic Rozeh & Zoozeh & Goozeh ! All real Religious people of our Iran are aware of such issues, and spit at Mullahs, shit on Mullahs. The Jewish Mullahs say: For 2 months = 60 days, all kinds of joys & laughter & fun is forbidden !! And their fucking Mullah TV (IRIB) = Satanic TV of Islamists is a mourning TV for 2 months, that means they don’t show any comic things and they only weep & weep & yap & shed crocodile tears for 60 days! In their Satanic Islam, Laugh is forbidden, Happiness is forbidden, but Hypocrisy is Free, Treason is Free, Telling Lie is Free, Turkmenchay is Free, Barbarity is Free, Slavery is Free, FATF is Free! Today, after Nuclear Turkmenchay, only and only Whores & Sodomites & Satanists defend Islamists. And it’s Not a joke. Now Only a Trump or a Satan-worshiper can defend Arab Islamists & Arab Terrorism & Rouhani’s Turkmenchay & Islamic Treasons & other Evil Acts of Islamists. All Iranians including Religious people of our Iran know what is The Iranian-made Epic of Karbala and its main messages. And that’s why All Iranians including all Religious people of our Iran fuck Rouhani & Mullahs & Turkmenchay & Tyranny & Saudis & ISIS & Basiji & Trump & Islamists etc. Mullahs and their Islamic Barks, Farts & Yap ( Zoozeh & Goozeh! ) and shedding crocodile tears just create more and more Anger & Hatred towards Islamists & Arab Islam”.

Persian Humor 25: In these days, Iranians change the old funny Folklore songs into new funny songs like : Atal Matal Shekayat ! ( = Protest / Complaint ! ) Turkmenchay & Velayat ! (Velayat = Islamic Regime = Jewish Islam of Arabs) Is it a weird story ?! (Ajibe een Hekayat ?!) .. Their Arab Islam is Yazidi = Enemy of The Truth & Hussein! (Yazidi Velayat !) Their Arab Islam = Velayat has created Turkmenchay & Treasons & Evil things! ( .. Khianat-o Rezalat ! .. een-e Samar-e Velayat ! ) Fuck Velayat ! Fuck Islamic Regime ! (Chiz to Koon-e Velayat !) All Iranians shit on Islamic Regime ! (Ridim beh een Velayat !) .. The Islamic Islamic is Satanic & Anti-Iran (Yazid-e een Velayat !) .. Atal Matal CIA ! .. Rouhani is CIA ! .. Who have seen such Spies & Islamists?! (Hamchin chizi ki Dideh ?!) .. Rouhani has shitted on Religion & Everything ! (Rouhani to Deen Rideh !) Their Islamic Regime is going to hell ! (Nezam-e-shun be Gaa raft !) their Arab Islam is going to hell, to WC of history ! (Islam-esh to Khela raft !) … Atal Matal Gorbachev! .. Rouhani is Gorbachev ! .. Who have seen such Gorbachev = Mullah Gorbachev ?! (Hamchin Gohi ki Dideh?!) .. Can you tell us about something that Rouhani has not Shitted on it?!! (Begoo to Chi Narideh ?!!) .. Atal Matal Salavat ! .. Rouhan is Cow, a confused Cow! (Rouhani-e Gow zadeh Qat ! ) .. Basijis = Islamists have no Morality & no Brain! (Na Deen Dareh, Na Vojdoon ! ) .. their Jewish Religion = their Arab Islam is British and from England ! (Deen-e-sho bordan Engles-toon !) .. Mullah = Rouhani is a stupid animal (Rouhani hast ye Heyvoon !) .. Mullah = Rouhani has no Honor & no principles & no Brain ! (Bi-Sharaf va Bi-Vojdoon ! ) .. So, Where Rouhani = Ayatollah should go ?! To Grave ! (Koja bere ?! .. Qabrestoon ! ) .. And Rouhani = Ayatollah deserves what ?! To be dead and buried in UK, and burned in Hell ! (Layeqe chie ?! .. Gurestoon ! Oon ham to Engles-toon !! )

Persian Humor 26: They ask Qazanfar: How to Create Economic Instability and How to Help Trump ?! Qazanfar: It’s so simple. You just need CIA’s Mullahs like Khamenei, Rouhani and Larijani. They implement FATF plans, attack all Sarafais & close them down, and suddenly dollar price will increase from 3500 Toman to 12,000 Toman! It’s so simple. It’s a CIA’s Economic Coup by the CIA’s Jewish Economic Terrorists like Rouhani & Larijani & Khamenei … They ask Qazanfar: How to Wage Economic War against Iranian people? Qazanfar: It’s so simple. You just need a CIA’s Economic Terrorist like Rouhani or Khamenei. They create Trukemenchay, implement IMF & FATF Plans, attack all Sarafies & Attack Free Market & Attack all elements of Open Market, and then a huge Economic Instability & Economic Chaos will be created. It’s so simple. You don’t need an Enemy like Trump or Anti-Iran Barbarians. You just need a CIA’s Economic Terrorist like Rouhani or Khamenei, and a CIA’s puppet regime like the Islamic Regime of Mullahs! It’s so simple ! .. And it’s not a joke ! Their Islamic regime is a joke. Their Islam is a joke. Their Ayatollah is a joke. Their Arbab = their Big Brother = their Kad Khoda = America is a joke !

Persian Humor 27: It’s Part of An Iranian-made Love Song for Noam Chomsky ! : You help Islamists, you betray the mass .. You help Mullahs, you kiss their ass .. Oh Chomsky, Where is your Brain ?! In your ass !! …. Fuck you, stupid Chomsky, You are a stupid Yankee! .. You defend Tyranny, You The Jew intellectual .. You are a Secret Zionist, Mr. Jew intellectual …You help Mullahs, you are a Fascist Intellectual .. You support Dictators, you The Nazi intellectual ! .. Fuck you, stupid Chomsky, You are a stupid Monkey .. You lick Dictators’ ass, you are a Jew Fascist .. You defend Islamists, you The Jewish Fascist .. You are a Capitalist, you The Jewish Marxist ! .. Fuck you, stupid Chomsky, You are a stupid Donkey .. Oh, Mr Jew Supporter of IMF Plans, you are a joke .. Mr. anti-War activist supports the 2009 coup! .. Chomsky defends IMF, Imperialist Coup ! .. You Chomsky are a stupid joke .. You defend Mullahs, Do you use coke?! .. Chomsky defends Tyranny & the 2009 coup! .. Oh, Jewish Chomsky, Do you use coke?! .. You Chomsky defend Dictators, you smoke dope! .. You are a CIA, You are a Joke!.. You are a big idiot, You are a bad Joke .. Fuck you, stupid Chomsky, You are a stupid Monkey .. You say you are poor, but you have a lot of money .. You fuck and fool people, while you call them Honey .. You mislead people, you get a lot of money .. You brainwash kids, and earn good money .. Fuck you Chomsky, you betray people for money .. Oh, Jewish Chomsky You are a bad Monkey .. You love Chavez, you love AN (AN = AhmadiNejad = Shit ! ) .. You lick the ass of politiciANs .. You love shit, you eat shit man ! .. You love power, you are a rich man … Oh, man, you are a fucking politiciAN ! .. Fuck you Chomsky, Fuck you man !!

Persian Humor 28: Some witty Iranians say: “They have decided to give the Noble Prize for Economy to Qazanfar because His Economic plan is so amazing: Close down the Mullah Majles for 4 years, and make a good use of the Money that you are wasting on Mullahs & Majles. They have about 300 Islamist MPs (Member of Parliaments) and each Islamist MP gets 20m (= 20 Millions Toman) each month! But with 20m you can buy 4 milky cows. In fact, each month you can buy 1200 milky cows, and then after one year you have about 14500 milky cows that produce more than 1 million litter milk (even a bad cow produce about 10 to 20 litter milk per month; about 100 to 250 litter par year). So, after 4 years, you have about 60,000 milky cows that produce more that 1 billion litter milk, that is equal to Denmark’s Total Production or Denmark’s GDP ! … You can ask about cow’s foods and how we want to feed cows. The answer is clear: Each Mullah or Islamist MP eats more than 4 cows! So, when a country can feed Mullahs of Mullah Majles for 4 years, then it can certainly feed 60,000 milky cows in 4 years! … Iran even can feed 1 to 2 millions milky cows, because more than 500,000 Mullahs and Arab Islamists live in our Iran – that each of them are worse than 4 Cows! If these 500,000 Mullahs and Arab Islamists are replaced with real Cows or milky Cows, then Iran suddenly becomes a World Power! For two simple reasons: 1 Cows are much more useful & productive than Mullahs / Islamists 2 Islamists / Mullahs betray our Iran, but real Cows don’t betray !!”

Persian Humor 29: Some wise Iranians say: “As you know Arabs are piss-eaters, and Arabs drink Camel’s piss. Saudi Arabs drink piss, camel’s piss. Saudi Arabs eat piss & shits, many shits! It’s an important issue (and we should write several posts about this issue) One day, before recent years, when you searched in Persian, and googled for Saudis drink piss / Arabs drink Piss, then you found few results! But now in 2017 / 2018, If you search in Persian, and Google for Saudis drink piss / Arabs drink Piss, then you find Millions of search results & good pix & good facts !, despite The 99.9% Censorship law! It’s so important. But now, if you search in English, and Google for Saudis drink piss / Arabs drink Piss in English, then you still find few results (not millions of results!) So, the Large Army of the Good guys including Iranians and non-Iranians must change this situation, that means: When you Google for Saudis drink piss / Arabs drink Piss or Arab Shit-eaters / Arab Piss-eaters in English, then you must Find millions of search results, despite The 99.9% Censorship law … And now people must ask : Who try to hide the Facts & censor all Facts about Savage Arabs & Saudi Arabs who drink piss = Arab Piss-eaters ?! Think about it, because it’s so important. Who defend Savage Saudi Arabia & 9/11 Arab Terrorists & Arab Piss-eaters?! It’s obvious why Iranians say to Arab Islamists and their America & Trump: You are proof that Evolution can go in reverse !! And one day (it’s a Persian Joke) an Arab billionaire who suffers from the Arab disease (ie Eating Piss & Shit) goes to Iranian hospitals. At first, for testing his urinate, the Iranian nurse gives him a paper cup (and as Arab knows little English) says: Down, Down the stair! To Urinate! Urinate! … So, Arab goes and does it. Then the Iranian nurse says: Now, Up! Go Up! To Test your Urine! Test Urine! (Boro Bala ! ) .. But Arab suddenly drinks piss / urine ! , and says: I tested it. It tastes good !! Arab loves piss ! …”

Persian Humor 30: Some Iranians ask Qazanfar: Have you seen the picture of Rouhani & Soleimani and their Masonic Handshake (below pix) ? Can you see how their CIA’s Hajj Ghasem (Soleimani) = Arab Mason = Hajj Ghasem Freemason kissed Rouhani’s ass? Qazanfar: After Masonic handshakes between Rouhani & UK’s prime ministers, now we see Masonic handshakes between Rouhani & Soleimani ! Even Basijis say that their Masonic Handshake revealed many things; now even their own Basijis ridicule their own fucking Hajji Mason = Hajj Ghasem Freemason and Rouhani & their Masonic Handshake (below pix) But who is this fucking Soleimani or Hajj Ghasem? Is he that black-face Hajji who sings: Hajji Mason am Man ! Hajji Mason-am Man ! Sali N-Ruz-am Man! .. = I am Hajji Mason ! I am Hajji Freemason ! .. Iranians: Yah ! But this mother-fucker Soleimani is Arab Jew, not Iranian. Soleimani is a Jew Arab, an Anti-Iranian shit, an Arab Basiji of CIA. Qazanfar: But I think this Hajj Ghasem is exactly like that Mash Ghasem of Uncle Sam ! = Uncle Napolean (an old TV series in Iran) This Basiji Mason = Hajj Ghasem speaks a lot about his Jang-e Kazeroun ! = Kazeroun war in Iraq! , and his Fake & Masonic tales – for instance about Pushaki (diaper)- is so Aabaki ! (so ridiculous & childish) and just produce a lot of Shishaki (Boo) among Iranian people ! Iranians: Yah, now Iran’s people make jokes and say: When an Arab Jew Mason becomes Hajji, what do you call him?! A: Hajj Ghasem Soliemani ! When Arab Jew Mason becomes Mullah or Ayatollah, what do you call him?! A: Rouhani or Khamenei ! Uncle Sam’s mass media say this Uncle Sam’s Basiji Soleimani is enemy of his Uncle Sam! But his Uncle Sam, CIA al-Monitor and the CIA Iran Project love him & his Kazeroun War in Iraq so much! And now Iraq betrays Iran, and Iraq helps Trump & Uncle Sam .. Qazanfar: Hey guys, but it’s a Keyhan-style joke ! I don’t want to play a role at the fucking Keyhan jokes. It’s an insult to Qazanfar’s intelligence ! .. And Iranians say to Qazanfar: Eyval ! (Bravo) But you must fuck & ridicule Mullahs with their own style & language! Qazanfar thinks, and says: Yah, their Hajj Ghasem is Mason & Arab Jew of Iraq. The CIA’s Iran Project & Al-Monitor love him so much. His Masonic handshakes with Rouhani and his Treasons are very important things; now even stupid Animals / Basijis talk about it ! (Below pix) All of them are Masons or Arab Jews, and it’s so important. Just open your eyes! Just take a look at their Brotherhood ! = their Traitorous Turkmenchay’s Brotherhood = their Satanic & Masonic Brotherhood !


Persian Joke 301: What do you call Trump on a toilet? A: American Democracy !! or American Relief ! … What do you call the Killer of America, someone who puts an End to the United States?! A: Donald Trump ! .. What do you call Rouhani on a toilet? A: the Islamic Regime ! or Jewish Islam of Arabs ! .. What do you call the End of Arab Islam and the Death of the West’s stooges = Masons = Mullahs, Monarchists, Marxists and all other Political Whores ?! A: Making Iran Great Again ! .. And What do you call the End of America, the Death of United States ?! A: Making the World Great Again !

Persian Joke 302: (It’s a Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) Our Religious teachers say that a person who commits the horrifying act of facing another man in combat confronts one of two conditions: either he overcomes his opponent and kills him, or else he is killed ! If he kills the enemy, he has shed an innocent man’s blood, and in consequence he will sooner or later follow his victim ! And if the foe overcomes him, again he will follow the path to hell ! So, How should a wise man undertake an action having such potential ends? The Elite and (Rouhanis) say: live in shame, but live long !!

Persian Joke 303: (It’s a Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) Some Definitions: The Real Intellectuals or The Man of Learning = A Person who can not even earn his own livelihood !! .. The Ignorant = the Boss or Fortune’s favorite! .. The Jew or Miser = The wealthy ! .. (The Coward = America & its allies! ) .. The Miserable = The Mullahs / Theologian ! .. The Foreman = Thief ! .. The General = The thief of the warehouse ! .. The Constable or Policeman = Someone who robs by night and asks the shopkeeper for his wages by day ! .. The Judge: He who is cursed by everyone ! .. The Mediator or (Masonic Thinker) = One with whom neither man nor God is pleased ! .. The Clergyman: One who preaches but does not practice ! .. The Fox = A Rouhani or a man of God who always accompanies the Kings and Big Brothers ! ( = Great Satan! )

Persian Joke 304: Trump’s mother says to Trump: Jews and Jesus love you! But everyone else thinks you’re an asshole ! .. Khamenei’s mother says to Khamenei: The Jewish Arab Islam loves you! But Iranians and everyone else thinks you’re a Pig or Spy = Ali bin Rockefeller! .. Netanyahu’s mother says to Netanahu: Moses and other Jewish Perverts / Prophets / Sodomites love you! But everyone else thinks you’re a sick pig ! .. And Rouhani’s mother says to Rouhani : UK, Jews, Masons and British Queen love you ! But Iranians and all wise people and all normal humans think you’re an Anti-Iranian Pig & Traitor & Spy !

Persian Joke 305: In about 700 years ago, the Great Persian Satirist, Zakani said: A super idiot lost a ring in his house. But he was searching for it in the street because it was too dark in the house !! … And it’s exactly like the story of Rouhani and Ayatollahs. They created many problems & disasters in our Iran, and they create the FATF Coup of 2018 and deliberately increase dollar price by + 300% ! They have lost their credibility and their Religion & their Future and their Everything in our Iran. But they are searching for the Reasons in the outside world and outside of their own Islamic Regime because it’s too shitty and too dark in their Islamic Regime of Mullahs = an Islamic puppet regime of CIA & MI6 !

Persian Joke 306: (It’s like a Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) A man who is shameless and impudent ( like Rouhani or Ayatollah or Trump) will do whatever he pleases! But the decent man who is known for his Morality and his Moral shame will be left behind doors ! , and in waiting rooms he will be beaten by the shameless men! So, we conclude that you should definitely not pay any attention to Anything, even to your Religion ! In this shitty world if you want to become somebody, you should live like a Traitor & Cuckold and (a Qoromsaq like Rouhani = Khamenei !) For enjoying your life like (Trump = Rouhani), your should not heed the Morality or Humanity or any Human norms, so that you may fully enjoy Treasons, Savagery & Evil acts !!

Persian Joke 307: What is Islamic Honor (Ezzat Islami )? Basiji1 says: We Arab Islamists refer to Turkmenchay and Bi-Sharari (honor-less) as Islamic Honor ! Basiji 2: We Arab Islamists believe that FATF, Total Surrender & Treason is Islamic Honor ! Basiji 3: Our Imam Ali ibn Rockefeller (Khamenei) = Qoromsaq Rouhani is a symbol of Islamic Honor; his Islamic Turkmenchay is a symbol of Islamic Honor ! His Islamic Koon Dadan-e Qahramanane = his Islamic Sodomy = Giving his Islamic ass to his Great Satan is Islamic Honor ! … And its not a joke. Their Arab Islam is a Satanic joke. Their Islamic Ideology is a bad joke

Persian Joke 308: Characteristics of the Chosen Ones ! = The Ethics of the Elite is a famous book by the Great Persian Satirist Obeyd Zakani. This book was written in about 700 years ago, in which Zakani sarcastically says: Sow your seeds unlawfully ! So that your children will become Stupid Bastards like The Elite, Theologians, Sheikhs and Kings and Politicians ( or Jewish leaders ! ) = Chosen Ones !! … In fact, Zakani says: Sow your seeds unlawfully ! So that your children will become Trump or Saudi / Rouhani !

Persian Joke 309: (It’s an Ancient Persian joke of 1000 years ago) A Conqueror and new ruler just conquered (Qazanfar’s) town (this new Conqueror was like Rouhani or Ayatollah or other Mullahs = Ajnabi in Iran) One day, He declared :”Hey people, come here and help me with something. I am trying to think up an honorary title for myself. I want it to have the word God in it, just like other Islamist conquerors such as ‘From-God,’ ‘God’s Warrior,’ ‘God’s Soul,’ and ‘One-With-God.’ Do you have any suggestions for me? And (Qazanfar) said: “How about ‘God-Forbid ?!! .. The Best title for you (Arab Mullahs) is God-Forbid !!

Persian Joke 310: Qazanfar walks into his house with a Turkey under his arm ! He walks up to his wife with it and says, “This is the pig I’ve been having sex with ! ” His wife says: But that’s a turkey! Qazanfar replies: I wasn’t talking to you ! I was talking to Turkey !!

Persian Joke 311: Mullahs used to say : Islamic Donation (Sadaqe) remove threats ! But now after Rouhani’s FATF Coup and devaluation of Iran’s currency, The Mullahs issue new Fatwa = Fart-War, and say: From now on If your Islamic Donation (Sadaqe) is below X dollars / Tomans, then it will not remove any threats !! (Az een-pas Sadaqe zir-e X Toman high Bala-i ro Daf nemikone !! ) … And Iranian people say: Islamic regime and all Islamic things just create threats and disasters ! Islamic regime and Arab Islam don’t remove any threats ! They just create more and more threats & disasters! The Islamic Regime and their Arab Islam create more and more shitty things including threats & disasters = Nekbat & Zellat & Turkmenchay!

Persian Joke 312: The 1919 Deal was like Rouhani’s Turkmenchay = Islamic Turkmenchay of Khamenei -from Nuclear Turkmenchay to FATF & Caspian Sea Turkmenchay. It led to an explosion of nationalist passions in Iran. At that time, Iranian Satirists -including Arefe Qazvini (1870s -1933) and Mirzadeh Eshghi (1893 – 1924) who are among Great Men of Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1905 – said in their Satirical Persian Poets : Hey Vosoqudolleh = Rouhani / Khamenei & Zarif , our Iran is not your fucking father’s property (Iran-e ma melk-e Babayt babud ! = Iran-e ma melke oon Pather-e Arab-e Dayooset nabud ! ) , and is not the price of your childhood’s sodomy = when you sodomites Arab Mullahs gave your ass to others in your childhood ! (Ojratol-mesl Zaman-e Bachegihayat nabud !! ) and is not the wages of your whore daughter who sleeps with many people in one day !! ( Mozde Kar-e Dokhtar-e Har ruz Yek-jayat Nabud !! ) … And it’s exactly what Iranians say to Larijani & Rouhani & Zarfi & Khamenei in 2018 ! Now Larijani, Rouhani, Zarfi = Khamenei is Vosoqudolleh !

Persian Joke 313: Basijis say: We Basijis who live under the Mullah regime think that if we died and went straight to hell it would take us at least a decade (10 years) to realize that we don’t live in the Islamic regime anymore !!

Persian Joke 314: The witty Iranians say: “After the UK’s 1921 Coup, the British Spy and UK’s Mullah Vahid Dastgerdi = Arab Mason/ Mullah wrote a poem in praise of the UK’s Coup leader = Reza Pahlavi = Reza Pofyooz (Reza Shah), and attacked Iranian freedom-fighters like Eshghi and others. Eshqi wrote a long and devastating reply in a long Satirical Persian Poem, and said: Oh Vahid-e Dastgerdi, the fucking Mullah & filthy-mouthed sheikh, Who call your Crap & the filth of your mouth poetry ?! .. Hey Shit-eater Sheikh, you the Mullahs are full of shit and crap ! .. You the Mullahs think the Shit in your mouth is poetry ?!! ..Your turban is like a white shit or black shit on your head ! .. Look in the mirror if you doubt my word ! .. Every word of yours is like a fart in the air !! .. Your tongue in your Islamist mouth is like Shit in a British Toilet ! .. Now you the Mullahs openly defend The UK and British puppets like Pahlavi ?!! .. Fuck your Arab Religion ! ( = Fuck British Islam ! ) …. It’s so funny, and important. And it says a lot about British Puppets from Pahlavi to Mullahs. Now many Iranians say: In the near future, all Masons and British Puppets – from Mullahs & Pahlavi to Media Whores & Ayatollah BBC’s whores – will pay the price of all their Treasons & their Great Crimes against our Iran & Humanity”.

Persian Joke 315: Some Philosophical questions that Qazanfar asks The Iranian philosophers are : Why is it that most nudists are people you don’t want to see naked? ! .. Where do they get the seeds to plant seedless watermelons? ! .. If you’re not supposed to eat at night, why is there a light bulb in the refrigerator?! .. Why does the God give brain to Mullahs and Basijis = Arab Islamists, when they don’t use their brain, and their brain is totally useless?! (Mazq-e-shoon Akband mimoone)

Persian Joke 316: If you ask What is Racism? America says: Racism is when Iranians criticize America, because America insulting all Iranians, America imposing Sanctions on all Iranians, America is hurting all Iranians, and America is punishing all Iranians! American Racism is Not Racism! But If Iranians criticize our America & our American Racism, then their Criticism is Racism ! Telling the Truth is Racism in America ! But Racism = the unfair treatment of all people who belong to a different race or a different country is not Racism in America! .. Netanyahu says: Racism = Jewish belief that Jews are better than others is not Racism! The Jewish Racism = Jewish belief that all non-Jews should be slaves of Jews is not Racism !! The Jewish Racism is a Kosher thing !, a Kosher Racism ! But If Iranians criticize Jewish Racism, then their Criticism is Racism !! .. Arabs say: Our Zionist Brother Netanyahu is right! Our Arab Islam is a Zionist Religion, and Jewish Racism is Arab Racism = Semitic Racism, that is not Racism ! .. UK says: Racism is Jewish ! Racism is so Jewish ! But the UK defends Jewish Racism! The UK loves Jewish Racism! Our Masonic Racism is Jewish ! Our British Queen is Jewish! Our British Queen is a Sayyid = Cohen ! The British Racism is so Kosher !, and Kosher Racism is not Racism !!

Persian Joke 317: The wise witty Iranians and others say: If you can stay calm while all around you is chaos, then you probably haven’t completely understood the situation !! … If you are repeating the same mistakes in life for so long now, then you should start calling them Traditions !! … If you still see the West or America as a good guy or a good force, then you should go to see a good doctor, because you suffer from Mongolism or Mad Cow Disease = Trump Disease !!

Persian Joke 318: Some people cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go ! .. Trump and Rouhani and all Anti-Iran Barbarians belong to the group 2 = those people who cause happiness whenever they go to hell !

Persian Joke 319: Rouhani’s Arab Jew mother says to him: My Jew son Rouhani just look what happened to those who used their brain or their heart. Mr X used his brain, and his works were intellectual works, but they kicked his head and killed him. Mr. Y used his heart and his emotions, and his works were emotional words, but they kicked his heart and killed him. Thank Jewish God that you Hassan Rouhani have no brain and no heart! But my son, you Rouhani should be cautious about your ass and your asshole, because your works are so shitty !! (Tho ke Mazq Nadari .. Karaat kheili Tokhmie! / Gohie ! .. Mozabe Tokhmat Bash !! )

Persian Joke 320: They ask Qazanfar: What’s the difference between Mullah (or Trump) and a mosquito? Qazanfar: A mosquito stops sucking when you slap it ! … And Qazanfar ask them: Do you know the Arab Mullah’s wife or Trump’s wife ( = whore) goes where each morning ?! They : No! Such a whore goes where each morning?! Qazanfar: She goes to her own house !

Persian Humor 31: Iranians say to pigs like Rouhani and Trump: Are you stupid? Are you an idiot or traitor? Out of your mind? Are you retarded? But pigs like Trump and Rouhani just say: Yah, we are stupid, what is wrong?! Yah we are idiots & traitors, what’s you problem with that?! Yah we are retarded, it’s a nice thing ! All people should be stupid idiots and Traitors !

Persian Humor 32: It’s part of an Iranian-made Love Song for Trump & Obama : Arab-Lover / “Mullah-lover” is your name .. Visa System is your game .. Your Embassy has no shame .. Fuck you Monkey = Yankee ! , Fuck your Game ! .. You hate people, you love fart ! … Sit on their face and then fart !.. It’s your motto, It’s your art !.. It’s what you say, you just Fart ! .. Fuck you Farter = Trump, Fuck your Arts ! … You are Rapist, It’s a shame … You are Faggot, such a shame! . You and Mullahs are the same .. Arab Mullahs love your game … You the Faggot = Trump, have no shame ! … You love Arabs, who just Kill … You and Arabs, make a deal … You and Mullahs want a Deal .. You the faggot = Trump, it’s your will ! … Fuck you Monkey = Trump, Fuck your Will ! …

Persian Humor 33: Some witty Iranians say: “In these days, Iranians compare Traitors & Satanists, and say: Ajab Shebahati ! = What a similarity ! For instance, Iranians compare MKO’s Bitch (Rajavi) and Gollum / Smeagol (of Lord of the Ring), and say: Ajab Shebahati ! = What a similarity ! (below pix) Iranians compare CIA’s Whores (al-Pahlavi, al-Rajavi) and MI6’s Whores (al-Rouhani, al-Larijani etc), and say: Ajab Shebahati ! = What a similarity ! Now Iranians and even non-Iranians talk about the Jewish Gollum or the Arab Gollum, but most of their pix / points are censored or boycotted ! (the links to Jewish Gollum pix or Arab Islamist Gollum pix are now dead links! ) Now we all can see Who is the Lord of Whom ! For instance, Donald Trump = Lord of The Pigs ! Trump is also the Lord of The Arab Terrorists. Trump = Lord of the Arab Cows = Islamists! .. Pimpeo = Load of The Pimps ! .. Saudi King = Lord of The Piss-eaters ! .. The UK Queen = the Lord of The Shits ! .. Netanyahu = Lord of the Shit-eaters ! .. America = Lord of the Shit-lovers! .. Britain = the Lord of the Barbarians .. Jew Religious leaders =Jewish Leaders = Lord of The Shit-worshipers! .. Rouhani = The Load of Treasons. In fact, Rouhani = The Load of Turkmenchay .. Khamenei = Lord of The Sodomites ! (= Heroic Ass-givers !) .. Mullahs = The Lord of the Anti-Iran Arab Jews .. And all Anti-Iran Traitors & Pigs like al-Pahlavi, Monarchists, Islamists, MEK/ MKO & other Arab Jews of CIA are Arbab-e Kos-Khola ! = The Lord of The Retards!”


Persian Joke 321: Abadani guys use terms like Volak or Ka / Kaa (Brother / Folks) a lot. When an Abadani guy wants to introduce his brother to his friends, he says: Ka Becheha , Becheha Ka ! .. Becheha means Kids, friends. So, Ka Becheha means: (my) Brother, they are friends; And Becheha Ka means: Friends, he is (my) brother ! … One day, the Japanese guys say they have invented a Robot that can tell your nationality by asking your name! The Japanese try to test this Robot in Iran. They ask a Tehrani guy: what is your name? He says: Sohrab. Robot says: He is Iranian. They ask an Isfahani guy: what is your name? He says: Javadi. Robot says: He is Iranian. They ask an Abadani guy: what is your name? He says: Ka Ki Mo ? (Brother, who? me?) Robot says: He is a Japanese man !

Persian Joke 322: In these years, we all can understand that the ancient Iranians were really wise people who said wise & true things like: If you sodomize a boy / girl a lot, then S/He becomes a Sheikh, Mufti / Mullah or a Celebrity ! And if you sodomize a boy / girl more than this, then S/He becomes a Grand Mufti ( = The Pope ! ) or a Supreme Leader ! .. And finally if you sodomize a boy from morning to nigh (all days), then (He becomes Trump or Arab Jews like Rouhani, Netanyahu or Saudi King ! ) !

Persian Joke 323: (It’s a Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) Some facts and definitions: The Doctor = A Person who wishes everyone sick ! .. (Ayatollah, British Politician, Mason or Trump) = A Person who wishes everyone stupid & brainless ! .. Heaven = Seeing & sleeping a beautiful girl ! .. The Bachelor: A Person who enjoys the world ! .. The Unlucky: A young man with an old wife ! .. The Cuckold: A Clergyman, or an old man with a young beautiful wife ! .. The Charitable: A man who makes love to an old lady ! .. The Forger: The goldsmith ! .. The Physician: The executioner ! .. The Liar: The Sheikh! ( = The Pope!).. The Unfortunate: The fortuneteller ! .. The Imam = The seller of prayers ! .. Islamic Wisdom (Basirat) = The cause of every trouble !!

Persian Joke 324: (It’s like a Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) They asked Ayatollah, “What is real Religion?” Ayatollah replied, “I am a follower of Arab Islam = Jewish Religion. Why should I know about real Religion ?!! … One day, Iranians ask an Arab good guy: Why do Saudi Arabs & other Arab Islamic Barbarians don’t care about God or Morality and Humanity?” The Good Arab said: “These days Arab people are so oppressed by tyranny and terror that they can think neither of God nor of Morality or Humanity or anything else !

Persian Joke 325: What’s the difference between Trump / America and a vampire? A: At some point the vampire will stop being bloodthirsty ! …And Do you know why most Americans don’t care about other humans / other nations and even God or Morality and Humanity?! It’s so obvious, because they are followers of the Satanic Christianity of America! They know nothing about real God, real Religion, or real Morality or Humanity! Most Americans are so fucked up by media, Cults, Fashion, Sex industry and other Brainwashing tools in America that they can think neither of God or Goodness nor of Morality or Humanity or anything else ! Their fucking America is a cesspit of stupid fuckers, and that’s why someone like Trump becomes their fucking US President! Today, America is Evil joke!

Persian Joke 326: Some wise Iranians say: “In these days, all Humans can see how the fucking Iraq and Savage Arabs of Iraq betray Everything and show that Arabs are so so ungrateful; Inhumanity, Betrayal and Barbarity is part of Iraq’s DNA and Arab DNA. Now the Arab Barbarians of Iraq = Satanic Babylon again show and prove that Arab Islamists deserved ISIS / DAESH; Savage Arabs & Iraq deserved ISIS / DAESH, and our Iran had to refuse to help the ungrateful Arabs. Now Arab pigs and Arab Islamists of Iraq and other Arab shit-holes show and prove that If you help Arabs (ungrateful Arabs = pan-Arabs = Arab piss-eaters = Arab Islamists = Arab Barbarians) you actually betray Humanity and all Humans and all Human principles. If you help these Arabs, or if you help these Jews = the most ungrateful jerks, you actually help Satan & Evil forces who are Anti-Good & Anti-Humanity & Anti-Human values. In fact you should say: Tarahom bar Arab-o Jew-e Tazi .. Setam-Kari bovad beh sabk-e Nazi ! = Any Human sympathy for Tazi (Tazi = Savage Arabs + Savage Jews) .. is Equal to Betraying & Hurting all Humans in a Nazi way!”

Persian Joke 327: Some wise Iranians say: “The Satanic Babylon = Iraq = the Satanic Land of Satanic Semites has always been the Land of Betrayal and Inhumanity and Ungrateful pigs. As you know, the Savage Iraq and Arab Barbarians of Iraq and their pan-Arab Sodomite Saddam invaded Iran in 1980. During 8 years, Arab Barbarians of Iraq & Satanic Arabia = all Arab Barbarians showed the true face of the Satanic Islam of Arabs = the Anti-Iranian Islam of Arab Barbarians & Savage Semites = Jewish Islam of Arab Pigs. But the depth of Tragedy & Comedy is that all Mullah leaders and Basijis leaders were and are Arabs of Iraq ! From 1980 to 1988, two groups of Iraqi pigs = The Arab Zina-zadeh= Arab Barbarians of Iraq were fighting against each other, but in the name of Iraq-Iran war !!, and at the price of our Iran! Now the Arab Barbarians & Iraqi Arabs of Basiji & IRGC trying to find the fucking dead body of Arab pigs = Anti-Iran Barbarians, call them Martyrs ! or Arab Martyrs = Arab Killers who killed Iranians! They say both groups of their fucking Arab war, ie Basijis and Arab pigs of Iraq who killed Basijis are Martyrs ! In fact, both the victims and those who killed the victims are martyrs !! = their fucking martyrs of their fucking Arab Islam! They actually say : not only the victims of ISIS / DEASH are martyrs, but the members of ISIS and DAESH = Killers are martyrs !! And this is Not a joke. Their Islam is a joke. When Basijis shed crocodile tears for their so-called martyrs, Iranians just laugh and say: Hey Arab faggots of Iraq & Satanic Arabia = Basijis, you shed crocodile tears for whom?! You Islamists shed crocodile tears for both Shemr & Hussein ?!! for both Yazid & Hussein ?!! For both Arab Killers & Victims of Arab Killers?!! Fuck your Arab Islam ! Fuck Iraq & Fuck Iraqi Arab pigs who have polluted our Iran. Fuck Iraq & Fuck Iraqi Arab pigs who betray Good guys and kill Good guys – from Iranians to Hussein, their own Imam Hussein! This is Arabia’s DNA or Iraq’s DNA = Betrayal & Treason & Inhumanity & Ungratefulness

Persian Joke 328: Some wise Iranians say: “As you all know, our Iran saved Iraq from ISIS / DAESH. Our Iranian money and Our Iranian military saved Iraq from Arab Barbarians of ISIS / Saudi DAESH etc. Our Iran defeated ISIS / DAESH. Our Iran defeated Arab Barbarians of ISIS / DAESH. Our Iran helped Iraq’s ungrateful Arabs to get rid of ISIS / Saudi DAESH & all Arab Terrorists of CIA & USA. But now the ungrateful pigs of Iraq including al-Abadi = al-Iraqi Barbarian say that their fucking Iraq = Arab shithole of Iraq will help Trump and Trump’s Sanctions & Sadism against Iran !! And it’s not a joke! This is Arab DNA! We Iranians have already & repeatedly said that Savage Arabs = Arab Islamists & Iraq are so so ungrateful = Ahl-e Koofeh. But now even Stupid animals can see that we Iranians were right. Now it’s quite clear that Even If an Arab Islamist is dying from hunger, you should not help Arab; because even if you put a lot of Honey on your hand, and then put your hand & honey in the Arab mouth, do you know what the Arab will do ?! (It’s an ancient Persian proverb) The Arab will eat honey, and at the end the Arab will bite your hand ! ! Even a Dog is more grateful ! If even you help a Dog or Animal, feed them or save them, then this animal or Dog will be grateful or so grateful. But Arab Jew is so so ungrateful. And it’s not a joke. It’s the reality of Arab Jews. If you have doubt, Just look How the ungrateful Arabs and Jews do and say many Anti-Iran Things in recent years! Even the good Arabs & Jews are aware of this issue, and talk about it. Just search the internet. Good Jews or good Arabs are normal humans who hate Arab Barbarians & all ungrateful Semites / Sodomites”

Persian Joke 329: Some wise Iranians say: “Never tell an Arab or Jew ( = Semite) : Let me give you a hand with this or that problem! Never help Semites, specially with your hand ! Never stretch out your hand to help Arabs / Jews! But do you know why ?! Because Semites bite your hand ! ( that means : Jews bite your hand ! Arabs bite your hand ! ) Jews and Arabs bite any hands that has helped them! If you have doubt, just take a look at Iraq ! (Iran has helped Iraq a lot) or at Israel & Jews (our Persia has helped Jews a lot) Arabs and Jews are always willing to lend a hand, and then biting the hand that has helped them !! Apparently, it’s part of their DNA = their Religion = their Culture, that’s why they are called Ahl-e Koofeh = Ahl-e Khianat / Bakhieh ! = so so Ungrateful pigs! = Children of Satan / Ahriman ! = Zina-Zadeh / Haram-zadeh”

Persian Joke 330: (It’s a new version of an Ancient Persian joke) A man walks into a pet shop to buy a parrot. Man says: I want this parrot .. Shop owner: “this parrot costs 500 dollars”. Man: Why does the parrot cost so much?! The owner: “Well the parrot knows how to speak English ! The man then asks about another parrot. The Owner says: this one costs 1,000 dollars because it can do everything the other parrot can do plus it knows how to use Computer ! Man asks about another parrot. The Owner says: This costs 2,000 dollars. Man: 2000 dollar ?! Why ? What can it do?! The Owner. To be honest I don’t know! I have never seen it do anything; but the other two parrots call him The Professor (Ostad) or The Boss !!

Persian Joke 331: Iranians say to Rouhani & Mullahs / Basijis: If laughter is the best medicine, you and your Face (Nekbat) must be the Best Disease ! … And One day, Rouhani asks Qazanfar :If I were a medieval slave, how much would I cost? Qazanfar : But you Rouhani are a medieval slave now! .. Rouhani: please answer .. how much would I cost? Qazanfar: 500 dollars! Rouhani: What? Just the clothes I’m wearing now are worth 500 dollars! Qazanfar: Yes, exactly, I factored the clothes into my price !

Persian Joke 332: After 1979, Qazafar went to LA, California ! One day, he is lying on the beach, wearing nothing but a cap over his crotch. An American woman passing by remarks, “If you were any sort of a gentleman, you would lift your hat to a lady.” He replies, If you were any sort of a worthy or sexy lady, the hat would lift by itself !

Persian Joke 333: Hamid, friend of Gazanfar suddenly died. So, Gazanfar didn’t know how he should inform Hamid’s wife about his death. But finally, he went and said to Hamid’s wife: Hamaid has married again ! Hamaid has married a young girl ! Hamid’s wife said: Oh God, I wish Hamid die. Oh Hamid, I wish they bring your dead body for me ! … And then Gazanfar suddenly says: Oh, God! Lady you are a saint ! God love you so much! because God has asked us to bring Hamid’s dead body for his wife !!

Persian Joke 334: Who hates questions about his stupid bastard brother?! A: Rouhani’s Brother ! … If Rouhani or Donald Trump had a sense of humor, he would die laughing after looking in the mirror ! … They ask Khamenei / Rouhani’s son: What is your job? He says: I work for my father. They say: What is your father’s job = Khamenei / Rouhani’s job?! He says: Sitting and shitting ! , shitting on the country ! .. and sometimes giving his dirty Islamic ass to his Great Satan ! = his Koon Dadan-e Qahramanane !

Persian Joke 335: Iranians say to Trump’s fans and Basijis: Is it cute when you talk about things you don’t understand ?! Sorry I didn’t get that – I don’t speak idiot ! .. It’s better to let someone think you’re stupid than open your mouth and prove it !! … And as you know Trump’s fans = Islamists / Basijis just try to repeat what Iranians and other Wise or Good guys say! (QerQereh Mikonan ! ) Their only Art is Copying and Repeating (QerQereh kardan), without any Thinking and using their Fossil Brain ! In fact, They and their Brain are like a Fossil that is unable to think, to accept new ideas or to create or analyze anything, but Shit !

Persian Joke 336: Why do Arab cows love Trump?! A: same reason Sheep and Christian Sheeple love a Shepherd ! … What do you call a building full of Trump’s fans? A: Jail ! , or Madhouse = Asylum ! , or Nazi Germany’s Hitler Hotel ! … What do you call a country that someone like Donald Trump is its President?! A: Saudi Arabia or a Shithole Country, or Nazi Germany !

Persian Joke 337: (It’s like a Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) One day Rouhani went to a doctor and said, “My beard aches.” Doctor: What?! What have you eaten? Rouhani: Bread and ice (and a lot of shits!) Doctor: Go and die ! Neither your food resembles that of a human being nor your sickness !! … And one day Rouhani went to a mental doctor, said: My Turkmechay failed ! Now We Mullahs should eat both Piaz (Onions) and Choob (Sticks) We didn’t listen to all Iranian advices, and Now We should have both Tahrim (Sanctions) and Turkmenchay .. Doctor says: Both Tahrim and Turkmenchay ?! Are you Crazy?! Are you Psychopath? Why don’t you idiots withdraw from Nuclear Deal = Turkmenchay ?! Rouhani: We Mullahs are stupid Psychopaths of CIA; we Mullahs are slaves of the CIA .. Doctor: So, what are you doing here?! And Why didn’t you listen to what Iranians said before your nuclear deal, and even after that?! Rouhani: oh, doctor, lets forget the past .. our Arab Islam is enough for us .. But what should I do now, with these Islamic diseases = Fatal diseases. Rouhani needs help .. Doctor says: Go and die Rouhani ! Neither your Deal resembles that of a human being nor your excuses & your Islam = Arab Religion!

Persian Joke 338: (It’s a Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) Some Definitions: Judge = someone who is cursed by everyone .. Sheikh / Mullah = someone who never tells the truth ! .. The Lady = someone who has many lovers! .. The Housewife = someone who has a few lovers! .. The Virgin = A name denoting nothing !! … And some of the Zakani’s Satirical advices for young people : Consider being a bachelor and not married as the foundation of Happy Life ! .. Don’t fall into the traps of women, especially widows ! Do not marry daughters of Clergymen/ Sheikhs and other Elites ! If such a union does take place against your will, have anal intercourse with your bride lest her evil origin show itself and your children become a stupid bastard like (Trump or Rouhani !) ! Don’t marry the daughter of a Preacher / Clergyman, let her to marry a donkey, and to give birth to an ass !! …

Persian Joke 339: In about 700 years ago, the Great Persian Satirist Zakani said many funny, sarcastic & satirical things in his famous book The Ethics of the Elite ! For instance, He sarcastically tells the Elite: Love the Clergymen / Mullahs, because the Clergymen are liars and charlatans; lick their ass ! .. As much as possible refrain from speaking the truth! .. Engage in ribaldry, cuckoldry, gossip, ingratitude, false testimony, selling heaven for the world, and playing the tambourine, so that you may become somebody, may enjoy your life ! .. As long as you live, live happily without a thought for other people ! .. Have intercourse with women on their death bed as much as possible and consider this a great opportunity to become a rich man !! .. Do not be ashamed of cuckoldry, if you want to become a great Mullah or Politician = Elite !!

Persian Joke 340: About The kids of the 21st century ! Kid 1: “Hey, I bet you’re still a virgin.” Kid 2: “Yeah, I was a virgin until last night .” Kid 1: “As if.” Kid 2: “Yeah, just ask your sister.” Kid 1: “I don’t have a sister.” Kid 2: You will in about nine months ! …

Persian Humor 34: It’s a very beautiful poem of Iraj Mirza (1873 –
1925), A Persian Intellect of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1905 : The Mullahs and their Islamic promises are nothing but Bullshit & Big Lies (Har Vade ke dadand be ma Baad-e Hava bood ! ) The Mullahs and their Islamic gestures are nothing but Charlatanism & Hypocrisy (Har Nokteh ke Goftand Qalat bood va Ria bood ! ) … The Mullahs are the West’s stooges = the Wolves in the Sheep Clothing (Choopani een Galeh beh Gorgan besepordand ! ) But this Satanic Jewish Tradition / Masonic Tradition is a Tradition of Whom & Where ?! (een Shiveh va een Qa-ede-ha Rasm-e Koja bood ?!! ) .. The Mullahs said they are Anti-Britain (Anti-American) & blah blah blah ! (Goftand Cheninim va Chonanim, Dariqa ! ) But what the Mullahs said were just Big lies to fool and deceive people & sheeple ! (een-ha Hame Lala-ii Khabandan-e maa bood !! ) You Wish the people didn’t Trust The Cats = Thieves / Traitors / Bad Guys = Mullahs etc (Eykaash Dar-e Dizi maa Baz nemimand !! ) And We wish The Cats = the West’s leaders & intellects were Not such Shameless Bastards !! (Eykaash ke dar Gorbeh kami Sharm-o-Haya Bood !!! ) … Such a beautiful poem! You must know Persian, and read it in Persian. It’s a great & beautiful poem; you think the Poet (Irai) is still alive, and talks about Today & Rouhanis!

Persian Humor 35: Some wise Iranians say: “The stupid bastards pretend that the US or the West is the land of the free !, but the wise people say: Yah, the US is the land of the free pigs like Trump, who freely Fuck Freedom & Democracy! The West or the UK is the land of the free Barbarians or the land of the Free Fascists, who freely Fuck Freedoms & Human Rights & all human norms! They censor all news & all facts, but say it’s Freedom ! In fact, Censorship is Freedom of Fascists !! , as Rape or Pedophilia is Freedom of Free Faggots & Rapists ! Now the West and Trump show that Stupidity is as necessary as intelligence, and as difficult to attain !! Orwell said Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows! But the West’s Freedom is Orwellian. In the UK and English mass media, they censor everything and tell Big lies, because British Freedom = Orwellian Freedom = the freedom to say that 2 plus 2 make 1000, or 2 + 2 = 80,000,000 !! 2 Anti-Iran Traitors (Khamenei & Zarif) + 2 Anti-Iranian Traitors (Rouhani & Larijani) = 80,000,000 millions of Iranians !!! And it’s the British Logic ! It’s the American values ! If you have doubts, just ask Trump or British Queen !!”.

Persian Humor 36: Some wise Iranians say: “The soup is too salty, and their Islamic Treasons are so clear and undeniable. So, now even their own stupid animals / Basijis confess to many Facts, including: Rouhani is a Spy of the West’s spying agencies, You can be sure about it !! (below pix) And it’s what their own Basijis say today! The soup is too salty, and that’s why they themselves confess to such facts, and say: There is no doubt that Rouhani is a Spy & Stooge of the West ! (below pix) It’s what their own Basijis say in recent days ! In fact, Basijis confess that Khamenei is a British Agent ! It’s the logic of 2 + 2 = 4 ! Now Khamenei defends Rouhani & FATF & all Treasons & Turkmenchay. So, If Rouhani is a Spy of the West, then Khamenei is a British Agent, too. If Rouhani is a Spy of the West’s spying agencies, then Khamenei is CIA Iran Project ! It’s the logic of 2 + 2 = 4 ! No one can deny The Rockefeller’s Iran Project ! Even their own fucking Mullah TV (IRIB) confessed to the CIA Iran project ! But the main question is: Who are the agents of the CIA Iran Projects in Iran ?! And their own fucking Mullah Media & Mullah TV (IRIB) confessed that the answer is Clear: Zarif, Khamenei, Rouhani, Iraqchi, Salehi, Larijani and other Arab Jews of Iraq = Islamic Regime’s leaders ! It’s so important. The Islamic Regime of Mullahs is The CIA Iran Project. Now even if you check the CIA Iran Project’s official websites, including Al-Monitor and TheIranProject.c-o-m, you can easily see that these American CIA media are exactly like Basiji media ! , and they can easily show you why The Islamic Regime of Mullahs is The CIA Iran Project. Now instead of checking Basiji websites or Mullah websites, you should check the CIA Iran Project websites, if you want to know more about Basijis, Mullahs and their Islamic plans! And it’s not a joke! It’s what all informed people do ! Now Iranians repeat the famous Poem of Mirzadeh Eshghi : Rahbar-e Melate Iran Agar een Bi-Pedar Ast ! , Bar Chenin Rahbar-o Ruh-e Pedarash Bayad Rid !! , that actually means : If the so-called Leaders of Iran are such British Spies & Stooges like Khamenei = Rouhani , then we and you all must Shit on Such Leaders & their Father & Mother = UK & Masons & British Queen ! Now people ask Khamenei: What is your Islamic Resistance ?! Khamenei says: FATF = To give in to America, but in a heroic way !!”.


Persian Joke 341: In his youth, Rouhani was becoming a British Spy, so he attending English Class for learning English language. His Teacher asked him: What’s the word for ‘baby cow’ in English language? Rouhani didn’t know the English word, so he replied: I know England well, because I am a British Agent ! In England, we don’t call a baby cow anything. In England, we just wait until it grows up, and then we call it a cow ! … And now They ask Rouhani: What’s the word for your Turkmenchay = Rouhani’s Great Treason in English language?! Rouhani: We British Agents are traitors, and what we Mullahs do is Treason. But Great Treason .. let me see .. In England, we don’t call a Great Treason = Turkmenchay anything. In England, we just wait for some years, until it grows up, and then we call it a Regime Change! or The End = The Death of Islamic Regime !!

Persian Joke 342: Rooster Cocks, Dogs and Monkeys/ Donkeys wanted to leave the Islamic regime. We ask them why ?! Cocks said: they play a lot with clocks, prices, and other things! So, we don’t know when we should sing or do our jobs and when we shouldn’t .. Dogs said: We don’t know we should bark & bite, or Basij should bark & bite, or IRGC should bark & bite, or police should bark & bite, or Rouhanis should bark & bite .. Donkeys / Monkeys said: We don’t know we are monkeys / donkeys, Basijis are monkeys/ donkeys, Mullahs are Monkeys / donkeys, CIA’s Monarchists are Monkeys, or the CIA’s Islamic Regime supporters are monkeys / donkeys! All monkeys & donkeys have lost their identity in this CIA’s Islamic regime of Mullahs !!

Persian Joke 343: They ask Qazanfar: What do you call an American dinosaur? Qazanfar: A TrumpoSoreAss !! .. And What do you call a British dinosaur? Qazanfar: A British-Barbarian-oos ! , or A Tyranny-Toopes ! ( = Tyranny is Good ! = Monarchy is Good !) or A QueenoSoreAss ! .. What do you call an Arab dinosaur? Qazanfar: A Piss-Eater-oos !! .. What do you call a Jew dinosaur? Qazanfar: A Shit-Eater-oos or A Kosher Monster ! = KossherMonster-oos! .. What do you call a Pahlavi = Monarchist dinosaur ?! Qazanfar: A Shit-Lover-oos ! .. What do you call a Rouhani = Mullah dinosaur ?! Qazanfar: An Arab-Jew-oos ! = A Traitor-oos! .. What do you call a Trump’s fan = Christian dinosaur ?! Qazanfar: A New-Jew-oos = New-Jesus ! , or a Kos-Khol-oos ! = Retard-oos ! .. And What do you call a Khamenei or a Basiji = Islamist dinosaur = a Lover of Islamic Tyranny & Turkmenchay ?! Qazanfar: A CIA-Puppet-oos ! , or A Koondeh-oos !! = An Ass-giver-oos !!

Persian Joke 344: A worldwide survey was conducted by the UN. The only question asked was: “Would you please give your honest opinion about solutions to Food problem in the rest of the world?” In Africa they didn’t know what “food” meant. In the UK and Europe they didn’t know what “honest” meant. In Jew & Arab societies they didn’t know what “opinion” meant. In the Christian countries and Jewish Arab Islamist regimes they didn’t know what “solution” meant. In the southern United States they didn’t know what “please” meant. And in the whole USA they didn’t know what “the rest of the world” meant !! .. Only In Iran and Great Persia and many parts of India (and some part of China) they knew both the problems and solutions since the ancient time, but their regimes and their politicians were puppets of the West (= Masons) and they just repeated what the West dictated !

Persian Joke 345: (It’s like a Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) Turk Islamists and Arab Islamists love deceit, greed, lust, sycophancy, perversion, scorn of the old Iranian values & virtues ( = Human values), extremes of wealth and poverty, violence and Bloodshed and Barbarity ! But do you know all Islamists including Arab Islamists hate which kind of things ?! Islamists hate The Truth & Humanity & Human Morality & Justice & Free Will and Free men ! … Don’t believe the sermons of their Muftis / Mullahs (clerics), lest you go astray and end up in hell !!

Persian Joke 346: (A Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) Iranians asked Talkhak about the meaning of cuckoldry! Talhak said: this question should be asked of Sheikh / Mullah !! … Since thousands of years ago – before Arab Islam and after that- Iranians have had comic figures like Talkhak = Dalqak = the court jester = an Iranian-made comic figure since the ancient time. Talkhak or Dalqak was actually a standup comedian / joker who told jokes and funny things in front of the people and the Elite. Talkhak or Dalqak = court jester is the main figure of Siah Bazi and the ancient Persian comic traditions. In fact, Siah or Siah Baz is nothing but Talkhak or Dalqak = Court jester .. (Zakani wrote about Talkhak, and many Talkhak’s jokes. For instance) one day Talkhak’s wife called her husband Ugly Pimp! The husband = Talkhak said, “Oh, Thank God that none of it is my fault ! The former comes from God and the latter from you!

Persian Joke 347: After the Nuclear Turkmenchay Farce, Rouhani is speaking to Basijis / Islamists, and saying: We Mullahs / Islamists don’t act like a coward! We Islamists accept the West’s dictates and what the West dictates to us, but we are the Boss and we say the last word ! The West gives orders to us, and the West tells us what to do, and the West dictates what we can have, but we Islamists say the last word, and the last word is: OK, We Islamists will do want the West wants ! ( = Chashm ) !

Persian Joke 348: After their Islamic Turkmenchay, Qazanfar was looking at a bunch of Basijis / Islamists. They ask him: What are you doing ? Qazanfar: I was wondering that God has created you, or God was shitting instead of creating ! But one of the Basiijs said: Now (even we Basijis hate Basijis & our Arab Islam myths !) We Basijis wondering that our Basiji father was shitting on our Basiji mother’s va-gina instead of watering our Basiji mother at our creation night !

Persian Joke 349: Anvari Abivardi, a 12th century great poet of Iran wrote in about 800 years ago: Anvari will not tell Dirty Jokes about the Elite , Since he still hopes for a donation from the Elite ! .. He does mention Donkey’s Dick / Penis, But does not yet mention its location !! (He still hopes for a donation from the Elite !) .. And also Anvari wrote in about 800 years ago: Whatever ill descends from the heavens, Even if intended for someone else, Before reaching the earth it asks Where’s Anvari’s Home / residence !! (Khane Anvari Koja bashad !! )

Persian Joke 350: The Persian Satirist Anvari said in about 800 years ago: They make the weather, and then they stand in the rain and say ‘Shit, it’s raining!’ ! … Anvari, a 12th century great Humorist Poet of Persia wrote in about 800 years ago : This stupid bastard ( = Aqa-zadeh = son of a Ruler) has vowed To fuck anyone that I fuck ! .. But How can he fuck his own mother and sister ? !! .. But if he does it nevertheless, How can he possibly fuck himself ?!! Perhaps he’ll teach us a new lesson !!

Persian Joke 351: (Persian jokes made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) An Arab Mullah is asked by a man if he wants to sell his Mullah Turban and cloak. An Iranian bystander says: If a Hunter sells his net, how is he going to hunt ?!! …. And Two donkeys had sex in a village! A pretty woman was the owner of the he-donkey, and the she-donkey’s owner was a man, who told the woman: You want 5 Toman for the services of your donkey whereas if I want to have s-ex with a woman she would demand 10 Toman from me? The woman said: bring me a Big dick like this Donkey’s dick, and then I would give you 50 Toman !!

Persian Joke 352: (A new version of Zakanai’s jokes & ancient Persian jokes) These days people are so oppressed by Tyranny and Religion / Mullahs that they can think neither of God nor of Religion ! … Mullah Nasrudin brought a small container to the milkman and said, “Give me one liter of cow’s milk.” The milkman looked at his container and said, “A liter of cow’s milk won’t fit into your container.” Mullah: OK, give me one liter of goat’s milk !

Persian Joke 353: Anvari, a great Satirist of Iran, wrote about Marriage in 800 years ago : To get married in this era is nothing but pure pimping ! … And two donkey were fucking each other in front of a beautiful woman in an alley, while she was walking with a group of women! So the beautiful woman turns to her companions, saying, “If Sex is what this donkey does, then our husbands just shit on our cunts !!

Persian Joke 354: (It’s a Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) If you desire favors from the masters of our time ( = Big Brothers), Beg shamelessly, Work as an apologist for Big Brothers (Maleh Bekesh) and be a Whore or libertine ! … Unless a man is feared no one will obey his orders, and all people will feel themselves equals ! A King or Ruler who practices justice (God forbid ! ) and refrains from beating, killing, and fining his subjects, will not be feared by anyone. Such Leaders / Kings will be killed ! In fact, Justice bequeaths adversity !!

Persian Joke 355: (It’s a new version of a Persian joke made by the Great Hafiz in about 700 years ago) They close the doors of the Discos and the Bars (wine-taverns) They open the doors of the house of deceit and hypocrisy! They drink wine and do many many immoral things & inhuman things in their secret societies, but in the public places they preach & talk about Morality & & Humanity & Moral things ! They create Turkmenchy / Zallat, and lick Great Satan’s ass, but chant : Death to Great Satan! Death to Zellat = Turkmenchay !! They are stupid animals who are called Mullahs or Rouhanis = Ayatollahs = Religion’s leaders !

Persian Joke 356: They ask Iranians: Who is Qoromsaq ?! Iranians say: It’s so simple: Qoromsaq is Rouhani, who attacks all Sarafies ( as FATF plans) and increase the dollar price and create Economic Instability, but shamelessly says: We want to fight against Trump and those who create the Economic Instability !! .. Qoromsaq is Khamenei, who defends Rouhani & FATF Plans & Islamic Turkmenchay = Islamic Koon Dadan-e Qahramanane ! .. Qoromsaq is Basiji, who defends Khamenei and his Koon Dadan-e Qahramanane = his Zionist IMF & FATF & CIA’s plans ! .. And a stupid Qoromsaq is someone who still doesn’t know why Rouhani is Qoromsaq = why Mullah is Qoromsaq = why Ayatollah is Qoromsaq !

Persian Joke 357: They ask Iranians: What is Jakeshi ? And Who is Jakesh ?! Iranians say: Jakesh or shitty pimp wears an Islamic beard and a Jewish clothing ! Jakesh is a stupid animal, but doesn’t have tail or horn! (Jakesh keh Sakh-o-dom Nadareh ! ) In fact, Jakesh is Basiji; Jakesh is Islamist; Jakesh is Rouhani = Khamenei ! And Jakeshi is what a Jakesh like Rouhani does! … One day Rouhani says to Europe: Your European Help in the form of money and non-money will be very welcome for our Islamic Regime Mullahs! .. Then European Help arrived in the form of Regime Change & FATF Plans / FATA Coup in 2018 !

Persian Joke 358: Qazanfar went to America! One day Qazanfar and an American Pervert and a Briton were chatting about women. Qazanfer says: Woman is like a flower. You look at it, you smell it and you water it. American pervert says: Woman is like a record player. You play one side, then you turn it and play the other side. Briton says: Woman is like a newspaper. You read it, and then you pass it to other people to read it !

Persian Joke 359: You know you’re a British Mason, a British Politician or a British Journalist when : 1. You refer to Barbarians as Civilized people ! 2. You think or pretend that the Land of Barbarians (UK) has a long history of civilization! 3. You think killing and eating children is a civilized thing ! 4. You think drinking Human blood is so civilized ! 5. You have an endless supply of Lies & Big Lies from the British Lie Factory ! 6. Your parents raped you and sodomized you because they believed Sodomy & Incest make you a true Mason or somebody ! 7. Your mother is a Mason & Whore like British Queen 8. Your national motto is God Save the Whore = God Save the Queen ! 9. Your British Queen = British Bitch is a Jewish Arab Sayyid who believes in Jewish Hijab of Islamists & Jews ! 10. You think Monarchy is Democracy! Tyranny is Democracy! You think your British Bitch (Queen / King) is great because of her Jewish Blue blood !

Persian Joke 360: (It’s an Ancient Persian joke) Mullah Nasrudin had a cousin who went to live far away, and left some of his possessions with Nasrudin. One day, the cousin’s cat died, and Nasrudin sent him a message that bluntly said: “Your cat is dead.” The cousin, very upset, sent a message back that said, “You must give people bad news more tactfully. Instead of just telling me flat out that my cat was dead, you should have let me know little by little. You should have started off by saying, first told me, ‘Your cat is acting strange,’ then later said, ‘ your cat is jumping all over the place,’ then still later told me, ‘Your cat is missing,’ and then finally broken the news and said, ‘Your cat is dead.’ A month later, Nasrudin’s cousin received a new letter from Nasrudin, which said: “Your mother is acting strange !!

Persian Humor 37: Some wise Iranians say: “The internet is full of Bad & shitty American jokes. It’s really hard to find good American jokes. If we Iranians were like many Americans, we would choose their bad shitty jokes, and would say many Bad things about all Americans! But we Iranians are not like them. We know that they have good guys, good comedians, good jokes, and we should try to find them, even if it’s a difficult thing! (In this post you can find about 50 American Jokes, and 50 Trump jokes in below sections (In Persian Humor 40 to 70, and 75 to 100) These America jokes are among the Best America jokes; they are our Hand picked jokes) If you search the internet, you can see that almost all of the so-called Jew jokes or Jewish jokes = the Jewish-made jokes are very shitty & bad & evil jokes. In fact, Sick Jews = Religious Jews had No sense of humor, and their so-called jokes are shits, or shitty words! (We will write more about this issue later) Only secular Jews or self-hating Jews can make real jokes ! A group of American comedians are really good comedians. They are humans, not stupid animals like Trump’s fans or Obama’s fans or Shit’s fans ! (We don’t know why) Most of the American Jokes and Western jokes in the internet are so shitty and so unfunny, deeply unfunny ! (But we didn’t use them here) If we Iranians were like Anti-Iran Americans, then we could use their shitty & unfunny jokes to show how good & funny Iranian jokes are! But we Iranians are not like them. We Iranians are not like British journalists or American media ! We use their Best jokes, and maybe their rare funny jokes, to show that at least a group of Americans and a group of Westerners are wise & witty people, like Iranian people. And It’s one of the Key differences between us (our Iran) and them (= Anti-Iran Barbarians of the West) We use their Best, not their Worst ! because we are Iranians, the people of a real Great Nation = Great Persia. We Iranians want to show them what is A Great Nation! , and what is the real meaning of A Great Nation! We Iranians want to show them what is Greatness or being Great! And what is the real meaning of Greatness or Being Great. Many many many American jokes are Sick jokes and Racist jokes, real Racist jokes about Jews, Blacks and others. (But we don’t use them here)”.

Persian Humor 38: Some wise Iranians say: “Do you know the Sexy Islam, and the story of the Sexy Islam in Turkey and Malaysia = Islamic countries ?! It’s so funny, and so informative! Do you know Harun Yahya ?! (below pix) The Masons and the West say: Harun Yahya is one of the world’s 50 most influential Muslims !!! Turkey’s Harun Yahya says: “Turkey will control the world with The Islamic Sex Cult !!!!! Can you believe it?! He is a Jew Islamist of Turkey ! Harun Yahya is a Jewish name : Harun = Aaron (older brother of Moses), and Yahya is Jewish John or Johanan (a Hebrew name) But they say this Jew Islamic Mason is one of the world’s 50 most influential Muslims !!! Just search the internet ! The story of Jew Islamists like Erdogan, Harun Yahya and The Islamic Sex Cults is a long story (we have written about it (search Archive), and will write more about it later) Now they talk about Islamic Turkey: First halal Sex Shop in Turkey !! Can you believe it ?! In Turkey’s websites, their Islamists say: Contact Turkey’s Islamist for a sex establishment license if you want to run an Islamic sex shop or adult cinema for Islamists !! , or make Islamic porn films for Islamists !!! And it’s not joke! Turkey’s Islam is joke! Turkey’s Islamic Dictator Erdogan is joke. Turkey Islamists are jokes. The Evil Empire’s Islam is a Reality. Today in so-called Islamic Countries, Halal sex shops are part of their Halal Porn industry !! Can you believe it?! If you have doubt, Just search the internet ! Now both Islamic Zionists and Jew Islamists openly talk about Halal Porn = Kosher Porn = Islamic Porn in Turkey and Islamic countries! In Turkey and Malaysia, they have created Halal Sex shops and Halal Porn Industry !!! Just search the internet ! In Turkey, their Islamists and Islamic leaders like Harun Yahya talk about Halal Bikini ! and say: Bikini is Hijab !! Bikini is Islamic Hijab !! And it’s not a joke! Turkey’s Islam is a joke ! Malaysia’s Islam is a joke ! In Malaysia, Islamists say: Threesome or Group Sex is Halal & Islamic !!! Just search the internet ! It’s not a joke ! Harun Yahya is a Hero in Malaysia, and has a lot of fans in Malaysia !! , and it’s what Malaysia’s good guys say. Turkey’s good guys and Malaysia’s good guys hate Harun Yahya & Erdogan & all Islamic Masons and all Islamists & Fanatics. Jewish Religions just try to create Slavery and other Evil things & Orwellian things. But stupid animals worship such Satanic Religions. Many Sheeple and Islamists = stupid pigs live in Turkey, Malaysia and those Islamic Countries who love Saudi Arabia! Those who worship Savage Arabia = Saudi Arabia are so Satanic & Orwellian. Those who worship Savage Arabia’s Islam are Satanists or Masons = Arab Jews or Animals / Beasts in the Human clothing = ISIS / DAESH / Taliban = Trump’s Islamists = Saudi Terrorists of 9/11 Attacks. Their leader is Trump = CIA = British Masonry. Zionists, Saudis and Arab Islamists of ISIS & Savage Arabia talk about Kosher Rape ! (Halal = Kosher), Halal Sodomy, or Kosher Pedophilia! Both Islamists and Zionists talk about Kosher Incest, Halal Rape, or Kosher Sadism! The Jewish Mullahs = Rouhanis talk about Halal Treason = Kosher Treason = Halal Turkmenchay! Their Religion is Satanic joke. Their Religion is Trump’s Religion!”

Persian Humor 39: Some wise Iranians say: “Great Paradoxes and Orwellian things – like War is Peace- are Not jokes anymore! As you know, You cannot be both Islamist & Sexy !! It’s a Great Paradox. It’s Orwellian. You cannot be both a Basiji = Jihadi & Porn star! You cannot be both a Religious Fanatic & Sexy Whore! It’s so Orwellian. You can be a free Human (Anti-Fanatic / Anti-Cult ) or Good guy, or even Anti-Religion, and then make sexy films to ridicule The Pope or Mullahs / Islamists. You can make sexy films to ridicule Religion or Hijab or Religion Fanatics. But you cannot make sexy films to defend Hijab or Religion & Religious fanatics !! It’s a Great Paradox. You cannot make Porn films to defend Hijab or Religion & Religious fanatics !! It’s so so Orwellian. But it’s Not a joke. It actually happened in America, Turkey and many other parts of the world. It even happened in our Iran! In the Pahlavi era, they made sexy films to defend Islamists & Religious fanatics!! These films were called Aabgushi films! = Crappy films. Pahlavi = AtaTurk was a Jew Islamic Mason like Harun Yahya or Rouhani = Erdogan = Khamenei = Saudis = Anti-Iran Islamists of CIA & MI6. Today, Harun Yahya & his Orwellian Islam = sexy Islam remind many of Pahlavi and Pahlavi era, and how they tried to do the same things in Iran. Pahlavi was a Religious Fanatic, and also a Charlatan! Pahlavi was full of shits & shitty Paradoxes. If you know why Harun Yahya is so Orwellian & Stupid, then you know why Pahlavi = AtaTurk was so so Stupid & Orwellian. You cannot make Po-rn films or s-exy films to defend Islamists or Fanatics! You cannot say: Good is Evil ! War is Peace! Evil is Good ! Trump, UK Queen or Porn Star is Religious Leader !! You cannot say Bikini is Hijab !! , or Turkmenchay is Hussein / Halal ! Their Halal Turkmenchay is like their Kosher Sadism and Kosher Thievery, Halal Slavery, Kosher Satanism, Halal Savagery, Kosher Barbarity and other Satanic things in Jewish Religions including Arab Islam. It’s so so important. Jewish Religions including American Christianity or Jewish Islam of Arabs create Satanic things like Saudis, Taliban, Trump, Turkmenchay, Rouhani, Erdogan, Jew Khamenei or Harun Yahya or Saudi ISIS. All of them are Jewish shits. Their main goal is Slavery & making people slaves, so they use both Sex & Religion to enslave people. They don’t care about their Paradoxes or Orwellian concepts! When Trump or UK Queen is a Religious Leader, then even a Porn Star is a Religious Leader ! And it’s not a joke ! It has happened ! Do some research about Christian Televangelism (= sexy Christianity) or Disney version of Islam or The Sex Cult of Islam or Islamic Sex Cult ! Today Religious fanatics are Porn Stars, or Rapists = Arab Basijis or Saudi ISIS. Now the Islamic Regime of Mullahs and their Basiji are Harun Yahya = Rouhanis = Sasha Sobhani = Zina-zadeh (Aqa-zadeh) If you want to know the future of Basijis & Mullahs, just take a look at the sexy Islamic kittens of Turkish TVs, or read more about ‘Harun Yahya & Islamist sex cult’ ! It can show you How Sex Becomes Religion! It’s so important. Do some research about Turkey and Ottomans = Turk Jews + Arab Jew Islamists. Harun Yahya is Jew Islamist or Ottoman. Harun Yahya is a Trump or a Combination of the type of Evangelical preachers one sees on American TVs and the head of a CIA Sex cult in USA! Do you know who are being brainwashed & becoming sex slaves, and saying: the most revealing bikini is Islamic Hijab!, or Slavery is Progress !!, or FATF, Total Surrender or Turkmenchy = Giving Ass to Great Satan is a good or Heroic thing?!!”


Persian Humor 40: Americans tell many Jew Jokes. Some of these jokes are funny, like this US Jew Joke: Why do Jews have such big noses? .. Because the air is free !! …. We Iranians don’t say and don’t think that such American Jew jokes are racist jokes, because they are funny jokes, Not racist jokes.

Persian Humor 41: Many American jokes are Racist jokes. Many American Black jokes (about Black people) and many US Jew jokes and other kind of American jokes are Racist jokes. You can easily find them in the internet. But here (in our website) we don’t want to publish or talk about American Racist jokes, because they are so Bad & Racist, and we Iranians hate Racism and American Racism. But many American Jew jokes are funny jokes (and NOT Racist) like these American Jew Jokes: What did the Jewish pedophile say to the child? A: “Wanna buy some candy (for me)?” ! … What happens to a Jew man if he walks into a wall with a full erection? .. He breaks his nose !

Persian Humor 43: If we Iranians were like American pigs, then we said: The American Jew Jokes say a lot about relations between ordinary Americans and Jews ! , and about Christian Racism, and the Racist relations between Christians and Jews ! But here lets ignore the relations between Christians and Jews! Funny Jokes are jokes! So, lets take a look at some funny Jew Jokes in America: Why do Jewish men have to be circumcised? .. Because a Jewish women wont touch anything unless it’s 20% off ! …… Why do Jews watch por-n backwards? Because their favorite part is when the hooker gives the money back !

Persian Humor 44: Sick minds and Sick people create Racist jokes, and that’s why Racist jokes are sick jokes, Not funny jokes. In America and the West, you can find many Racist jokes simply because many Barbarians = many Sick minds and Sick racist pigs live there. Event US good guys & the West’s good guys know these sick pigs & sick minds of the West. Their normal comedians create jokes like these US Jew Jokes: Q: Why did the Jew soundproof his house? So his kids couldn’t hear the ice cream truck ! .. Q: What is a Jews biggest dilemma? A: Free Pork!! .. American pigs say: There is a relationship between Joke & Racism! But there is NOT a relationship between the Naked American Racism and Racism !! The American pigs of CIA even say: Jokes are not always Jokes !! America Racism is not always Racism ! American Sadism is not often Sadism ! American Barbarism is Not Barbarism, as American Terrorism is Not Terrorism ! These Americans are sick jokes! They tell big lies & bullshits about Iran & jokes! , but say: Trump is not joke !! USA is not Joke !! You cannot tell jokes about US & US President (Trump) !! And we Iranians sarcastically say: Yah, Your fucking Racist US president is not a joke! Your American Racism is not a joke ! Your American Racism is a reality! Your American Barbarism & Double Standards is a reality ! Your American Stupidity is a reality = a Trump !

Persian Humor 45: Some of the West’s Jew Jokes are funny & good jokes like: Two Jewish beggars are sitting side by side on a street in Rome. One has a cross in front of him; the other one the Star of David. Many people go by and look at both beggars, but only put money into the hat of the beggar sitting behind the cross. A good guy comes by, stops and watches them, and then says to the Jewish beggar behind the Star of David : This is a Catholic country .. People aren’t going to give Jews money, especially when you sit there with a Star of David in front of you, and especially when you’re sitting beside a beggar who has a cross. In fact, they would probably give to him just out of spite.” The Jewish beggar turned to the other beggar and said: “Oh, my Jewish Brother, look who’s trying to teach the Jews about marketing !! ( Good guy: Are you brother ?! The other beggar: Yah, .. and this Cross & Star of David is a just one of our Jewish tactics ! .. )

Persian Humor 46: Some American Jew Jokes are good & funny jokes because they are like the Old Persian Jokes. For instance, read this America joke: The Jews love money so much, and hate spending money. So, when a Jew wants to be your guest, you should (say your address to them in a special way! For instance, tell them: ) Come inside and push the button for the elevator with your elbow. Once inside, hit floor 14 with your elbow … then, hit my door bell with your elbow. When the Jew asks: ‘but why must I hit all those buttons with my elbow?” You say : ‘What, your coming empty handed?” !

Persian Humor 47: Some American Jew Jokes are Political jokes & good jokes like this US Jew Joke: How many Zionists does it take to replace a light bulb? Four ! One to stay home and convince others to do it, a second to donate the bulb, a third to screw it in and a fourth to proclaim that the entire Jewish people stands behind their actions !! … Some good American comedians are Jews, like Woody Allen who says: The last time I was inside a woman was when I went to the Statue of Liberty ! … And now it’s clear why we Iranians say: A Jew can become a good comedian, but only when this Jew hate Jewish laws = Jewish Sharia, and all shitty Jewish traditions = Satanic Traditions of Jew Fanatics. Otherwise this Jew is a sick joke, a Tragedy-maker !

Persian Humor 48: Some American jokes are exactly like Persian Jokes. For instance, read this American joke: A guy believed that his wife is cheating on him, so he hired a private investigator. The cheapest he could find was a Chinese man. This was the Chinese PI’s report about what he found: “Most honorable, sir. You leave house. I watch house. He come to house. I watch. He and she leave house. I follow. He and she go in hotel. I climb tree. I look in window. He kiss she. He strip she. She strip he. He play with she. She play with he. I play with me. I fall out tree. I not see. No fee. Cheng Lee.” !!

Persian Humor 49: Some American jokes are funny because they are like Persian jokes. Take a look at this US Joke : A little boy walks into his parents’ room while they’re having sex. The boy asks, “What are you doing?” The mother explains, “Your daddy was full of air, so I was jumping on him to get it out.” The boy says, “That’s funny. Every time you leave for work, your sister comes and blows him right back up.”

Persian Humor 50: The American Bastards say American Racism and their Anti-Iran Racism is Not Racism !! The American Sadism or their Anti-Iran Sadism is Not Sadism !! , but when we Iranian make jokes about ourselves It’s Racism !!! Can you believe it?! Their American Stupidity is unbelievable ! They say We attack our own race !!! ( = we Iranians attack Iranians) and it’s Racism !!! But if their Trump and America attack our race it’s Not Racism !!! If their fucking Trump & America attack all Iranians and want to punish all Iranians and to put Sanctions & Sadism on all Iranians, then it’s Not Racism !! But if we make jokes about ourselves it’s Racism !!! So, it’s obvious why we Iranians say to these American pigs: You stupid animals need a good doctor! Go and see a doctor, of course if your doctor is not like your Doctor Donald Trump!! When your beloved President is a racist fascist pig, then what we can expect from you pigs?! Your real Life in America is a joke, a bad joke ! Your American values are Sick Jokes, like your Donald Trump! So, Go & Die, Drop Dead, if you love Trump! But we Iranians also know that many Americans are good or normal people, who make American Jokes like: What’s the difference between a hooker and a drug dealer? A hooker can wash her crack and resell it ! .. What do the Mafia and pussies have in common? One slip of the tongue, and you’re in deep shit !

Persian Humor 51: Some American jokes are like old Persian jokes = funny jokes. For instance, read this America joke: A family is at the dinner table. The son asks the father, “Dad, how many kinds of boobs are there?” The father, surprised, answers, “Well, son, a woman goes through three phases. In her 20s, a woman’s breasts are like melons, round and firm. In her 30s and 40s, they are like pears, still nice, hanging a bit. After 50, they are like onions! “Onions?” the son asks. “Yes. You see them and they make you cry! This infuriated his wife & daughter. The daughter asks, “Mom, how many different kinds of willies are there?” The mother smiles and says: Well, dear, a man goes through three phases also. In his 20s, his willy is like an oak tree, mighty and hard. In his 30s and 40s, it’s like a birch, flexible but reliable. After his 50s, it’s like a Christmas tree! “A Christmas tree?” the daughter asks. “Yes, dead from the root up and the balls are just for decoration !

Persian Humor 52: American idiots talk nonsense about Jokes and Everything! American Racist pigs talk nonsense about our Persian Jokes and their own American Racism! But we Iranians know that American good guys exist; American funny guys exist, and they say, for instance: What’s the difference between a pregnant woman and a lightbulb? You can unscrew a lightbulb !! …. Q: Why is being in the military like a blow-job? The closer you get to discharge, the better you feel !! …. These Americans are like Iranians, specially like those witty Iranians who make jokes, and say: A weird Arab boy weighing 20 kilos is born. Arabs follow the Jewish tradition of Circumcision immediately. After the circumcision, the boy weighs 1 kilo !

Persian Humor 53: American idiots and American sick minds have a very sick, stupid & superficial analysis ( = Tokhmi / Aabaki ! ) about Everything including Jokes & Satires! Their American Analysis = their sick, stupid and superficial analysis is a joke !, a bad & sick joke ! For instance, they say the following American joke (that is like Persian jokes) is not good because this American joke is Anti-Woman !! This America Joke is: Have you ever wondered why A, B, C, D, DD, E and F are the letters used to define bra sizes? If you have wondered why, but couldn’t figure out what the letters stood for, It is about time you became informed: A = Almost Boobs! .. B = Barely there! .. C = Can’t Complain! .. D = Damn! .. DD= Double damn! .. E = Enormous! .. F = Fake !!

Persian Humor 54: Some American jokes are funny religious jokes, and just remind you of the Ancient Persian jokes. Fro instance, American comedians say: Two boys suddenly saw a woman bathing naked in the river. All of a sudden, the second boy took off running. The first boy couldn’t understand why he ran away, so he took off after his friend. Finally, he caught up to him and asked why he ran away. The boy said to his friend, “My mom told me if I ever saw a naked lady, I would turn to stone, and I felt something getting hard, so I ran !

Persian Humor 55: Many Persian jokes have become universal jokes. But it’s the nature of jokes, and it’s a good thing that jokes become universal things – so rapidly & easily. Many jokes have become universal jokes, and you can find them in most countries & cultures. Of course, you can trace their roots – the roots of many of them- but (lets ignore this here) We Iranians say: Jokes are Jokes, and let people have fun with jokes ! (instead of talking nonsense about jokes, their meanings, their analysis, their roots etc!) Many American comedians are Not stupid, and just try to say funny things like: What’s the difference between your wife and your job? After five years, your job will still suck ! …. But some American comedians hurt some women, when they tell Not-Good jokes about women. They say for instance: Why did God give men penises? So they’d have at least one way to shut a woman up … Q: What does a 75-year-old woman have between her breasts that a 25-year-old doesn’t? A: Her navel

Persian Humor 56: Some American jokes are Not so bad. For instance : Q: What kind of bees produce milk? A: Boobies ! ….. Q: Why do women rub their eyes when they get up in the morning? A: They don’t have balls to scratch ! …. But many many American jokes are Not Funny (= Bimazeh ! ) But here lets ignore them! You can find a lot of them in the internet!

Persian Humor 57: In America, you can find Many Racist jokes about Black people. The American jokes about Black people are often Racist, really Racist ! You can find a lot of them in the internet. But some American jokes about Black people are Not so bad. But now we are Not able to Find any of them ! = any good or acceptable American jokes about Black people !, because now (in Trump’s era & Obama’s era) the internet is full of American Racism and American Racist jokes about Black people ! If you want to know its reasons, you can ask Donald Trump !

Persian Humor 58: Some American jokes are funny Language-related jokes (ie they play funny games with English words), like: How do you embarrass an archaeologist? A: Give him a used tampon and ask him which Period it came from ! .. Some American jokes are so informative, like : How is a push-up bra like a bag of chips? As soon as you open it, you realize it’s half empty !! .. And This American Joke shows that the half empty bags of chips & snacks is a Global problem! not a special problem of Iran!

Persian Humor 59: Some American Religious jokes are so funny & good jokes, partly because they are exactly like the Persian jokes ! For instance, American comedians say: Four nuns are in line to go into heaven. God asks the first nun if she has ever sinned. She says, “Well, I’ve seen a penis.” So God puts holy water on her eyes and lets her enter. He asks the second nun the same thing and she says, “I’ve held a penis,” so he puts holy water on her hands and lets her enter. Then the fourth nun skips the third nun in line and God asks why she did that. The 4th nun replies, “Well, I need to gargle it before she sits in it !!

Persian Humor 60: In America, you can find Some good jokes about Arabs, like: Q: What do you call an Arab virgin ? A: Never Bin Laid on ! … But the Best American jokes about Arabs is Donald Trump ! , who loves Saudi Arab Terrorists and defend the Arab Terrorists of 9/11 Attacks & Saudi Arabia, but attack the Anti-Islamist = Anti-Arab-Islamist Iranians !! This American pig Donald Trump is an Arab-lover & Arab-worshiper who defend Arab Islamists & Arab Dictators & Arab Terrorists, but attack all Muslims and also all Iranians who hate Arab pigs = Arab Islamists so much ! Maybe, this American Pig Donald Trump is Arab Jew ! Who knows ! When they say their Obama or their British Queen is Arab Jew or Sayyad ! , then Everything is possible ! Now this American Pig Donald Trump defends Arabs & Jews = Islamists & Zionists, maybe because this American Pig Donald Trump is Arab Jew or Jew Islamist ! , who is doing his Jewish Jihad ! = Islamist Jihad of Arab Jew Barbarians

Persian Humor 61: Some American Religious jokes just remind you of the Old Persian jokes. For instance, Americans say: Josey wasn’t the best pupil at Sunday school. She often fell asleep and one day while she was sleeping, the teacher asked her a question. “Who is the creator of the universe?” Joe was sitting next to Josey and decided to poke her with a pin to wake her up. Josey jumped and yelled “God almighty!” The teacher congratulated her. A little later the teacher asked her another question, “Tell me who is our lord and savior?” Joe poked Josey again and she yelled out, “Jesus Christ!” The teacher congratulated her again. Later on the teacher asked, “What did Eve say to Adam after their 26th child?” Joe poked Josey again and she shouted,
“If you stick that thing in me again, I’ll snap it in half and stick it up your ass ! !

Persian Humor 62: The American Christian fanatics hate Religious jokes, because These American Christians are like Islamists or worse than Islamists. But many Americans tell good Religious jokes like: Do you know Who do mice pray to? Cheesus ! .. The American good guys talk about the Jewish Perverts / Christian Perverts and say: Q: How do you get a nun pregnant? A: Dress her up as an altar boy = a church boy ! ( = a Jewish temple boy ! ) ! .. And some American jokes about men & women are universal jokes: Q: Why do men get their great ideas in bed? A: Because they’re plugged into a genius!

Persian Humor 63: Some American Political jokes are really good & funny jokes (We talk about them in the next Section = Trump jokes ! ) Some of their jokes about England, Queen or even US police are funny, like: Do you know Why is England the wettest country?! Because so many kings and queens have been reigning there !! … And I went to (America and became an American citizen) .. I was walking down the street and I punched of a white guy and then I was arrested for assault. The next day after I got out, I punched a black guy and I was arrested for impersonating a police officer !!

Persian Humor 64: Some American political jokes just remind you of Iranian jokes and what Iranians say in Iran! For instance, American comedians say: Do you know Why doesn’t Mexico have an Olympic team? A: Because everybody who can run, jump and swim are already in the U.S. !! … And Do not be racist; be like Trump! He’s a German gay, who was made by a British whore, loves Arab Terrorists & Arab Racists, speaks like a Nazi (Hitler), acts like a Racist Fascist, and grabs coins like a Jew !!

Persian Humor 65: American comedians say: Donald trump and my child’s diaper needs to be changed often. And for the same reason! … The wise witty guys already said: Politicians and diapers have one thing in common: they should both be changed regularly; and for the same reason !! .. It’s one of the Best Political Jokes. And it’s so obvious why Iranians said & say: The Ayatollah = Vali Faqih = King / Shah and diapers have one thing in common: they should both be changed regularly; and for the same reason!

Persian Humor 66: In these days, American comedians say: If I wanted to kill myself, I’d climb Trump’s ego and jump down to his I.Q. ! … And What happens when Donald Trump takes Viagra? He grows taller !! … In these days, Iranian cartoonists publish funny cartoons about Rouhani & UK and British Mullahs. Such cartoons are like Iranian people’s jokes about British Mullahs & UK. For instance (in one good cartoon that is like a good Persian joke) Rouhani is speaking in the Mullah Parliament ( = Masonic Lodge of Mullahs) and telling Big Lies & Bullshit as usual, but when Rouhani wants to swear to God of Islamists, Rouhani says: I swear to our British Bibi = British Queen = British Mother of Mullahs! And then while pointing at a British Flag & Queen pic, Rouhani saying: I swear to this Holy UK ! = the Holy House of British Barbarians ! ( = beh Hamin Qeble Qasam !! ) !

Persian Humor 67: American says: What do tornado and women have in common? They both scream when they come and take your home too! .. And in about 1000 years ago, the ancient Iranians made funny reality jokes like: They ask an Arab Jew Pedophile: What’s your best memory? He says: An alley and a kid. They ask: What’s your worst memory? Arab Jew Pedophile says: An alley and me = as a kid !!

Persian Humor 68: American comedians say: Women may be able to fake orgasms, but men can fake whole relationships ! … The good American comedians are like Iranians, and say: A slut is someone who’ll have sex with anyone, a bitch is someone who’ll have sex with anyone except you ! … And Iranians say: Modern Love means: telling someone to go to hell and worrying about them getting there safely !

Persian Humor 69: The Best American joke (that we could find) is: A few months after his parents were divorced, a little kid (little Johnny) passed by his mom’s bedroom and saw her rubbing her body and moaning, “I need a man, I need a man!” Over the next couple of months, he saw her doing this several times. One day, he came home from school and heard her moaning. When he peeked into her bedroom, he saw a man on top of her. Little Johnny ran into his room, took off his clothes, threw himself on his bed, started stroking himself, and moaning, “Oh, I need a bike! I need a bike!” !

Persian Humor 70: Some wise Iranians say: “Now millions of Iranian people publish good things including good pix / cartoons about the Mullahs and the West’s stooges. They show why and how the Mullahs are British Queen’s sons (below pix) or the Great Satan’s children (below pix) Now millions of Iranian people publish such things, and talk about the West’s stooges including Exiled Whores like al-Masoud Behnoud and Ali al-Nourizadeh (= TaziZadeh) The story of this TaziZadeh, Ali Nourizadeh, who is a Jew Arab = a Secret Jew Arab has become so comic-tragic and so informative. Now Arab Jew Masons like Ali Nourizadeh and Masoud Behnoud are symbols of all Anti-Iran Traitors in exile. The Anti-Iranian whores like Ali Nourizadeh and Masoud Behnoud are members of the MI6 / CIA and the Evil Empire’s media including The Ayatollah BBC & VOA. All Iranians know and hate these Zina-zadeh = Tazi-zadeh = Ali Nourizadeh and Masoud Behnoud (When have already written about them (check Archive), and we will write more about them later) Now millions of Iranians publish good things about them (like below pix) Now many Iranians publish photos of Ali Nourizadeh in Arab clothing, or his photos with Mullahs & Rish-Pashm in 1970s & 1979 ! = When Ali Nourizadeh was a Basiji and a Mullah = a Savak Islamist ! (we will write more about it later) When Savakis became Basijis, Ali Nourizadeh and Masoud Behnoud were among their leaders = one of the leaders of those Savakis who became Basiji / Sepahi. Today, this Savaki Basiji = Ali Nourizadeh = Arab Jew has become a Pahlavist again, and licks Pahlavi’s ass again !! The MI6’s Nourizadeh is Arab & Arab-worshiper = Shit-worshiper ! And it’s not a Joke ! Just look what he days/ does, and what millions of Iranians say about him ! The MI6’s Masoud Behnoud is a member of MI6 & Masonic Mafia against our Iran & all Humans. The MI6’s Masoud Behnoud is a worthless shit & clown like Zibakalam, and (we write about them) only and only because the West’s media & BBC and all mass media care about these worthless whores, or even give them Free Speech Awards !! It’s so so funny that Arab Islamist Zibakalam and Nourizadeh love & defend each other, while Zibakalam (as Pro-regime) and Nourizadeh (as Anti-regime) should hate each other ! But why do they love & defend each other?! It’s so clear : Because both of them are Anti-Iran Masons & Members of The Anti-Iran Mafia of CIA / MI6. The members of this Satanic Mafia are known as Arab Jews, Mullahs, Ashura Traitors, Islamists, The 2009 Traitors, Crypto Basiji, Exiled Whores, Masons, Monarchists, MEK etc. It’s so obvious why the Iranian people say: The 2009 Traitors and all Anti-Iran Traitors = Secret Jews & Masons like Jew Janati, Jew AN (ANnejad) Jew Amir Ahmadi ( = a Mason of Savak/CIA ), Jew Ali Nourizadeh, Jew Homan Majd ( = Jew Haman), Jew Abbas (Abdi & Iraqchi), Jew Ebrahim (Nabavi), Jew Hassan (Rouhani) and al-Masoud Behnoud must be tried and executed for High Treason against Iran & Iranian people”.


Persian Joke 361: Do you know why the British army and other invaders including Arab invaders and others never captured northern part of Iran? Because, They had to go thru Ghazvin ! …. And one day a Ghazvini goes to USA and see some women on the side of the road. He asks how much? American Whore says: 1 dollar to do it right here! 5 dollars to do it in the car. 10 dollars in the Park. 50 dollars to do it in the Hotel ! The Ghazvini gives her 50 dollars! The American whore says: ooh how classy! lets go to the Hotel ! The Ghazvini says: forget the Hotel, 50 times right here !!

Persian Joke 362: Some wise Iranians say: “Do you know what Basijis say in August 2018? They say Massoume Ebtekar is a Jew, a Crypto Jew of Mashad! And there are many documents about her Jewish family! But do you know who is this Jew Ebtekar ?! This Jewish Whore Ebtekar is a CIA’s Islamist leader of The Hostage Crisis of 1979 !! … In Aug 2018, IRIB and Basijis also confess: Massoume Qomi, a Basiji whore of Qom has a Basiji family in Qom. All members of her family (her mother & her sisters etc) are Islamists and Basiji whores! But now this MI6’s Jew Basji Massoume Qomi has changed her name to Masih AliNejad !! (= AhmadiNejad = JewNejad !) and works for The Ayatollah BBC & VOA !! .. Today, Reality is worse than all Jokes .. Do you know How they say “fuck you” in Washington? A: Trust me !! .. How do you kill an American President like Trump? A: Give him a knife and say “Who’s special?!” ! .. Marx was a self-hating Jew like Netanyahu and his son! The Jew Marx said: Behind every Tyrant (Dictator) there is always a Jew ! So, Who is behind Trump?! Who is behind Rouhani ?! Who is behind Ayatollah ?! Who is behind Arab Dictators?! Who is behind UK Queen ?! .. You can ask Netanyahu & his son !!”

Persian Joke 363: Rouhani becomes Qazanfar, or Qazanfar becomes Rouhani !, and says : One day my Islamist family and Basji friends were complimenting me, and saying good things about me and my Turkmenchay! But I wanted to be humble, and so I said to them: No, you are exaggerating! I am just a stupid idiot like you ! (manam yek Khari hastam mesl shoma ! )

Persian Joke 364: (It’s a new version of an ancient Persian joke) A teacher is teaching a class and she sees that (Johnny) isn’t paying attention, so she asks him: If there are three ducks sitting on a fence, and you shoot one, how many are left? Johnny says: None! The teacher asks: Why? (Johnny) says: Because the shot scared them all off ! The teacher says, No, two, but I like how you’re thinking! So, at the end of class, (Johnny) asks the teacher: If you see three women walking out of an ice cream parlor, one is licking her ice cream, one is sucking her ice cream, and one is biting her ice cream, which one is married ?! The teacher says: The one sucking her ice cream! (Johnny) says: No, the one with the wedding ring, but I like how you’re thinking !!

Persian Joke 365: Iranians say to both Rouhani & Trump: Hey Rouhani, Hey Trump You’re not stupid; you just have Bad Luck when thinking ! Instead of Thinking, you are Shitting !! .. If you really want to know about Mistakes, you should ask your parents, who created you, and it was The Biggest Mistake ! .. Please, keep talking. We always yawn when We are interested and specially when a stupid animal = Rouhani / Trump is speaking or lecturing ! ..

Persian Joke 366: Qazanfar went to America. Now he talks about his memories, and says: One day I asked a Chinese girl for her number. She said: Sex! Sex! Sex! Free sex tonight! I said : Wow! Wonderful ! God Bless America! But her friend said: She means 666-3629 !! … In America, if you ask Donald Trump or his fans if he knew any bible verses. They reply: Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Deport him and you don’t have to feed him again ! (Bible, Trump 9:11 ! ) .. Do you know what do they call an Arab Jew stripper in America? Youseen memuff = mameuff ! …. Do you know What they call Trump or American Terrorist in America? A: a Selfie !

Persian Joke 367: An Iranian man goes to America. In a hotel lobby he accidentally runs into a woman beside him and his elbow bumps into her breast. They are both quite startled. Iranian turns to her and says: Ma’am, if your heart is soft as your breast, I know you’ll forgive me! The American woman replies: If your penis is as hard as your elbow, I’m in room 469 !!

Persian Joke 368: Iranians and specially Qazanfar say: As you know, your teachers said a group of animals are called Mammals = Those who have Mame ! (= Boobs) = Boobs-owner ! You all know Mammals, but (you don’t know that the English word Mammals has a Persian root: Mame = Boobs) And your teachers didn’t say that there are many other groups of animals like: Boobs-renters ! , Boobs-grabbers ! , Boobs-eaters ! , Boobs-suckers ! , Boobs-fuckers ! , Boobs-lovers ! , Boobs- rubbers! / Boobs-Squeezers !, Boobs-molesters ! (= Trump etc) , etc

Persian Joke 369: Gazanfar goes to America ! An American asks Gazanfar: Which sexual position produces the ugliest children? Gazanfar: Ask your mother ! … They see Qazanfar as America expert, and ask him: Why do US officials and Trump do such stupid acts ?! Qazanfar: Because in America they say to stupid idiots: Stupidity is not a crime, so you’re free to go ! …. They also ask Qazanfar : What’s the difference between Russia and Reality? Qazanfar: Trump had connections with Russia ! .. Trump hate Reality, but love Russia ! .. The Reality is that Putin / Russia and Trump are the same Jewish shit !

Persian Joke 370: How does an Iranian lose 20 pounds ( = 10 kg) ? A: They lose their Brain! .. But How does an American Politician or Trump lose 20 pounds? A: They go to Toilet ! They Lose part of their shits! (because they are full of shits!) .. How does an Arab Mullah lose 20 pounds? A: They shave their face and their beard !! .. How does a male Po-rn Star lose 20 pounds? A: They lose their dick !! .. How does a Jew lose 20 pounds? A. They do a nose job !! .. How does a female Po-rn Star or a hot Blond lose 20 pounds? A. They do a Boobs job !! .. How does an old woman lose 20 pounds? A. They do a boob job or an Ass job !

Persian Joke 371: In Abadan, two Abadani guys were looking at a mountain. Abadani 1 says: Do you see that ant on the summit of the mountain ?! Abadani 2: Which ants? That ant that has closed his eyes, or that ant that her eyes are open ?!! … A Shark ate an Abadani guy. After some hours, the Shark said to his friends: Volak, I am a giant whale! .. In Abadan, If you look at a small lizard (Marmulak), he says to you: Ha chie Aamoo ! (Why are you surprising !) Have you never seen a Huge Dragon like me ?! (ta hala Ej-deha nadidi ?! )

Persian Joke 372: Some wise Iranians say: “Iranian expats (specially those who live in LA, California) translate Persian Jokes in English in this way: In Adaban Every evening at sunset, their radio (TV & all their megaphones of the city-hall) announce: Becheha Hava tarik shode, lotfan Rayban-a ro dar biyarid ! … But which kind of translation is this ?! Is this Translation ?! If non-Iranians read this joke, they understand nothing, or as Iranians say: Yaru Chiz-dard migireh !! –
that means they will suffer from Head-ache and Thing-ache = Chiz-dard ! (Chiz-dard is like Head-ache but means: Chiz-ache = Thing-ache ! Chiz-dard or Thing-ache is a wide-rage of aches including head-ache, Ass-ache, Dick-ache, Boobs-ache, vagina-ache, and all kinds of dirty aches! ) The last part of the joke – that has left un-translated-
means: Hey Folks, now it’s night and dark, please don’t wear Ray-ban sunglasses any longer !”

Persian Joke 373: (It’s a Persian joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) If you want salvation, detach yourself from Clergymen, and attach yourself to the service of the Wise Witty guys (= R-ends) in order to be saved ! Clergymen or Mullahs have a sick Satanic mind. But the Wise witty guys have a pure & open mind = a real human mind ! Free from any writ, even free from the fear of non-existence ! They are the Shah / Kings of their time, though they have no political power and Nothing ! .. under any circumstances they are reluctant to harm anyone. So, Is it right to harm them, and help Mullahs = Clergymen?!

Persian Joke 374: As you know, Tyranny or Terrorism is a Bad and Evil thing, but if Trump and Americans do it, then it’s a good thing! If the UK and British Barbarians do it, then it’s a civilized thing! If France and French Faggots do it, then it’s Culture! If America allies = Jewish Barbarians and Zionists do it , then it’s Self-Defense !! If America allies = Arab Dictators & Arab Islamists & Puppet Dictators do it , then it’s an American value ! If America’s friends = Arab Barbarians & Arab Terrorists do it, then it’s not an important thing ! , like the 9/11 Attacks that is not important at all ! , and America deserved the 9/11 Attacks & Arab Terrorists of CIA ! .. And only if Iranians and other victims of Tyranny or Terrorism want to defend themselves, then it’s Terrorism or a Bad Thing ! , and it’s exactly what the Ayatollah America and the Ayatollah Trump say!

Persian Joke 375: (It’s a new version of an Ancient Persian joke) A poor man walking in the forest feels close enough to God to ask: “God, what is a million years to you? God replies: My son, a million years to you is like a second to me! The man asks: God, what is a million dollars to you? God replies: My son, a million dollars to you is less than a penny to me! It means almost nothing to me! The man asks: So God, can I have a million dollars? And God replies: In a second !!

Persian Joke 376: After all Jewish Betrayals in these years, we Persians / Iranians have started to create Jew Jokes ! (Before the 2009 Coup, the number of Jew jokes was so small – near zero – in Iran / Persia ! ) So, Do you know what is the root of Jewish ?! It’s so clear. As many Jews were like Netanyahu – that means they were so Bad, Ungrateful and Evil pigs- people used to call them: Hey Jew Bitch, JewBitch, Jewitch, Jewish !! And it’s the way this word, Jewish, was born ! … And as the holy Jew Perverts and other false prophets say in their holy Jewish Book, A Fake History of Jews : one day the holy Yahweh (= Yahoo + Web ! = Yahweb ! ) asked Netscape and Yahoo to merge their products ! , to create ” Net&Yahoo” !! ( = Nethanyahu ! ) !

Persian Joke 377: One day in Abadan they had a special singing contest for seeing who can sing like Ebi and Googoosh! ( = two Famous Iranian singers) But when Ebi and Googoosh heard about this event they decided to participate in this competition secretly ! .. At the final day, Ebi finished in forth place ! (ie three Abadani singers were a better Ebi than Ebi ! ), and Googoosh finished in third place !

Persian Joke 378: (Persian jokes made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) A (Jew) had a very thin horse. Iranians asked him, “Why don’t you give this horse some barley?” (Jew) said, “Every night he eats ten pounds of barley.” Iranians: “Why then is he so thin?” “Because,” (Jew said) I owe him one month’s barley !! …. And one day (Trump) shot an arrow at an Iranian bird but missed. His friends shouted: “Bravo!”.. (Trump) was upset and said: Your are making fun of me ?! The friends said: No. I was saying ‘Bravo’ to the Iranian bird !!

Persian Joke 379: In Abadan, there was a weird Abadani guy. When someone died in Abadan, this guy went to their grave and said: Koone Laqesh ! ( = Fuck you! I don’t care about you! ) But finally one day this weird Abadani guy died ! Many people of Abadan went to his grave to take revenge = to say Koone Laqesh ! But when they took a look at his grave, they saw that he had written in his own grave: (Maa ke Raftim!) I leave this shitty world ! (Koone Laqe Digaran!) Fuck you all ! Fuck all people of this shitty world !

Persian Joke 380: Some wise Iranians say: “What are facts?! The facts are for instance: 1- you cannot lick your own nose 2- you cannot count your hairs 3- you cannot trust UK, Trump and Rouhani = Liars 4- You cannot make a Shit-eater a Human ! = you cannot make a Saudi Arab Islamist a civilized human! You cannot make Trump a Human ! 5-
You cannot make Rouhani an Iranian ! You cannot make Reza Pahlavi an Iranian! 6- You cannot defend Rouhani’s Turkmenchay or Ayatollah’s Tyranny or Pahlavi’s Evil acts but call yourself an Iranian ! 7-
You cannot breath by your nose, if your tongue is out of your mouth ! 8- Now, you are doing the number 7, and testing it ! 9- Most facts or rules have an exception 10 – Sometimes you can do number 7, but just look at yourself, you look like a dog ! .. It’s so good that you try to Test Facts. All Humans must try to check Facts = test Facts. But when you are testing Facts or Doing what Leaders / Elites say, just Look at yourself in the mirror, and Think about what are you doing!”

Persian Humor 71: Many witty guys say: The sign in the Trump’s office wall reads: The situation is not as bad as you think .. it is worse !! … But The sign in the Ayatollah’s office wall reads: The situation is not as bad as you think .. It is the End, your End ! … The sign in the Rouhani office wall reads: The situation is not as bad as you think! .. But, sorry, you never think! You just obey the CIA & MI6! So don’t worry! The CIA & MI6 think instead of You! So, Implement FATF & IMF Plans, and obey the CIA !

Persian Humor 72: Some wise Iranians say: “What is Islamic Morality ?! It’s so obvious! You can ask Basjis (Sasha Sobhani etc) or Harun Yahya or Rouhani or America and its Terrorist allies = Saudis & other Islamic Terrorists of CIA = Al-Qaeda, ISIS & other Savage Arabs & Anti-Iran Barbarians – from Mullahs to Arab Islamic Barbarians. You can also ask the UK & British Queen = Masonic Mother of Mullahs & Islamists .. What is Jewish Morality?! You can ask The Jewish Ayatollah Netanyahu and his sons and his Fanatic Jews! .. What is Christian Morality?! You can ask Rabbi Donald Trump! You can also ask America’s Christian sex cults: Children of God ! (2018)! It’s an American report in 2018 ! In America, Christian Satanic cults are called Children of God !!”

Persian Humor 73: Suzani (1072- 1140?) a 12th century Satirist poet of Great Iran wrote in about 900 years ago : (He used to attack his contemporary poets in poems which he wrote in the same metres and rhymes as theirs ! But we replace the name of poet with the name of Trump, because it’s more meaningful in these days! ) Trump is not dead but I assume he is , And write this elegy in verse, For if I do so after he dies, What’s the use when he hears it not? .. Let that dog of a wife-whore = Trump die like dogs .. Now even this little Dog (Trump) says he will fight us like a Lion !!

Persian Humor 74: Some wise Iranians say: “There are many American jokes about Trump. American people joke about Trump, and show many things. At least US comedians know what The Trump & Mullahs love affairs mean, and why now Trump says: If the Mullahs want to meet, I’ll meet with Mullahs !! Now FATF, Mullahs & Trump show : Dava Sar-e Lalaf-e Mullahst !! ( = It’s a fake war ! Trump & Mullahs make love, not war ! ) Now the Mass Media confessing: Trump is willing to meet Mullahs, any time they want to & without preconditions, a break from his bluffing and (bullshitting & Eating Shit policy of Trump ! ) ! Trump’s eating Shit policy is not a new thing. It just shows that Trump is a Coward & a Sick Pig (Psycho) who wants to hurt our Iran & Iranians & all Good guys, with the help of Arab Jew pigs = Jew Arab Terrorists & Islamists – from Saudis to Mullahs = Anti-Iran Mafia of CIA. Now even Americans & Non-Iranians create good pix / cartoons about Trump, show Trump as Arab, or Trump as UK Queen = female whore!”.


Persian Humor 75: (Trump Jokes 1 to 3) The good Americans truly say: Donald Trump is the first joke I’ve ever been offended by ! … And What is Donald Trump really trying to do? A: Make America Hate Again ! … And How do you make Halloween great again? By carving a Trumpkin! .. And If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in a boat and it capsizes, who survives? A: America !! … And it’s one of the best things that Americans say bout Trump & US politicians!

Persian Humor 76: (Trump Jokes 4 to 6) The American good guys say: What’s the difference between God and Donald Trump ? A: God doesn’t think he’s Donald Trump ! .. American comedians say: What’s the difference between Donald Trump and a sewage plant? Nothing they’re both full of shit ! .. US comedians say: Donald Trump watches Zootopia and realizes its a satire about his presidency !…. Such American jokes show that many Americans are Not blind or stupid

Persian Humor 77: (Trump Jokes 7 to 9) The good Americans say: Q: Wanna hear a racist joke? A: Donald Trump ! … And What’s 18 inches long and hangs in front of an asshole? A: Donald Trump’s tie !! .. And what is Trumpcare ?! Trumpcare: If you like your cancer you can keep your cancer ! …. In fact, many Americans hate Trump so much. Only Jew or Christian Barbarians, Masons, American Basijis, Arab Jews and Arab Islamists love Trump !

Persian Humor 78: (Trump Jokes 10 to 11) The American comedians say: Q: Why can’t you compare Donald Trump to cancer? A: Because sometimes you can get rid of cancer !! … And Iranians say: Donald Trump is not the first America’s Dictator! Trump is not American Hitler ! Trump is Arab Jew whore of Hitler ! But Trump will put an End to the United States, and Trump will kill America .. History repeats itself; At first, it’s a Tragedy (= Hitler), but then it becomes a Farce = a Trump!

Persian Humor 79: (Trump Jokes 12 to 13) The good Americans say very funny things like: What’s the difference between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan? A: If Trump gets Alzheimers his IQ will go up !! … Americans also say to Trump: Hey Trump, I’d like to see things from your point of view, but I can’t seem to get my head that far up your ass !! … In fact, the good Americans are like Iranians

Persian Humor 80: (Trump Jokes 14 to 15) Many Americans say: Q: Why don’t black cats cross Trump’s path? A: Because they are afraid of pussy grabbers ! … And At a news conference, a journalist said to Trump: Your secretary said publicly that you have a small penis. Would you please comment on this. “The truth is,” replied Donald Trump, “That she has a big mouth ! …. There are many American jokes about Trump’s small penis and small brain ! (and we will write more about them later)

Persian Humor 81: (Trump Jokes 16 to 17 ): American comedians say funny things like : Q: What do Donald Trump and an adult film star have in common? A: They are both experts at switching positions in front of a camera ! … And Scientists say the universe is made up of neutrons, protons and electrons. They forgot to mention morons ! ( = Trumptons = Mullahtons = Arabtons = Jewtowns !! ) … In fact, the super-idiot pigs like Trump or Mullah / Rouhani = Arab Jew is a godsend for all Comedians in all around the world – from Persia to America !

Persian Humor 82: (Trump Joke 18) Americans mocking Trump’s IQ, and say: Stupid presidents, smart presidents, white presidents, black presidents – doesn’t work! What this country needs is a crazy Third World dictator. (In fact) What this country needs is a Donald Trump !! … Many Americans are not blind or stupid. But the main problem is that they are Not in the majority in America !

Persian Humor 83: (Trump Jokes 19 to 20) The American comedians truly say: What is Pure Comedy in America? In the US, Trump is everyone’s fault. And there’s no turning back. That’s pure comedy! … They also say: Hey Trump, Your family tree must be a cactus because everyone on it is a prick ! …. But they should not forget that The Pure Comedy is actually Tragedy, or Pure Tragedy ! And Donald Trump is a Pure Tragedy, a Complete Farce!

Persian Humor 84: (Trump Joke 21) Some American comedians say: Donald Trump never apologizes; he’s never wrong no matter what crazy thing he says (In fact, Trump is an Ayatollah ! Trump is Shah ! Trump is Vali Faqih !! ) We used to have Jonny Cash, and Bob Hope. Now we have Trump, no cash, and no hope !!

Persian Humor 85: (Trump Jokes 22 to 23) American comedians say: Trump’s plan for America is to fire everyone. He will make America grate again, after which many of them will migrate again ! … And How do you know when Trump is Not lying? His mouth is closed ! … In fact, many Americans know that when Trump opens his mouth Trump only tells Lies & Big Lies !

Persian Humor 86: (Trump Joke 24) Americans say: Bill Gates has agreed to pay for Donald Trump’s wall. On the condition he gets to install windows ! … And Iranians say: Proper Forms of Addressing a Trump fan or Supporter of Trump : Shit-lover, Fascist Faggot, Retard, Pig etc. In fact, the proper words for Addressing a Trump fan, a Mullah fan / Rouhani fan, a Pahlavi fan, and other shit fans and shit-lovers are the same !

Persian Humor 87: (Trump Joke 25) American says : Despite Donald Trump’s tough stance on immigration, Trump Modeling Agency hiring lower-paid foreign models, but Trump says those aren’t laborers, those are ‘future wives !! … In fact, many Americans know only a stupid American pig like Trump – who comes from an immigrant family, and his parents and his wives are immigrants- can attack immigrants ! It’s so comic-tragic that in the land of Immigrants (USA), they attack immigrants!

Persian Humor 88: (Trump Joke 26) American comedians say: Donald Trump has canceled a planned trip to Israel. When asked why, Trump said, ‘They already have a wall ! , and a fear of Muslims. My Jewish Plan there is done ! … It’s an important America joke. Think about it !

Persian Humor 89: (Trump Jokes 27 to 28) American comedians say: A poll found the words most associated with Donald Trump are idiot, jerk, stupid, and dumb ! In other words, he really is a real US president ! …. And What do you call it, when a brainless creature takes over the world? The Trump-ocalypse ! … It’s good that many Americans know their US Presidents. But unfortunately, these millions of Americans are a small minority in America! There are + 300 millions people in America, and even if 10% of them are good & wise people, then they are 30 millions people! ( = many people), but still a small minority = 10% !

Persian Humor 90: (Trump Jokes 29 to 30) American comedians say: Trump is kind of like the movie Snakes on a Plane. Sure the idea is entertaining. But an actual snake on your plane would be terrifying. And that’s what’s happening now !! …. And How is this possible? Whenever you say something bad, you get in trouble. Whenever Donald Trump says something Bad, he gets more supporters in America !! … And it’s an important American fact. Think about it

Persian Humor 91: (Trump Jokes 31 to 32) Americans say: Did you know what was Donald Trump’s birth-name ? Fuckface von Clownstick ! … And Trump had medical deferment (during Vietnam) he had inter-rectum cranial inversion – which means his head is up his ass ! … And these American jokes show that many Americans hate Trump so so much !

Persian Humor 92: (Trump Joke 33) American comedians say: Racism is embedded deep down in a (typical American person’s soul) Racism has been embedded deep down in many many American souls .. I’ve looked into Trump’s eyes. But Donald Trump even doesn’t have a soul ! … And it’s an important fact ! Think about it

Persian Humor 93: (Trump Joke 34 to 35) American comedians say: We comedians love Donald Trump! If God gave comedians the power to invent people, the first person we would invent is Donald Trump !! … They also add: What is to be expected from a silly Clown that is (like) a grown-up version of a child emperor ?! … In fact, some Comedians see Trump as God’s gift to comedy! But ordinary people and most Humans see Trump as Satan or Tragedy, or Satan’s gift to Tragedy !

Persian Humor 94: (Trump Jokes 36 to 37) American comedians truly say: Guys, stop comparing Trump to Hitler. He thinks it’s a compliment ! Call him a middle-aged woman or a peaceful Arab Islamist ! … And it’s a good and subtle point! It’s exactly what Iranians have already done, and it’s what all other good guys should try to do! The most important thing about Trump is Trump’s Paradoxes = Trump’s shitty Lies & Paradoxes, including Trump’s love affairs with Savage Saudis & Arab Terrorists & Arab Islamists & other Anti-Iran Barbarians. It’s so important. It’s America’s Achilles heel. In fact, Trump is Achilles heel of America ! .. Iranians make jokes and say: Now Qazanfar says to America / Trump or Rouhani / Khamenei: You’re such a beautiful, intelligent, wonderful person! (or wonderful country) Oh I’m sorry, I thought we were having a lying competition !!

Persian Humor 95: (Trump Jokes 38 to 40) Americans say: How does Donald Trump change a lightbulb? He holds the bulb and waits for the world to revolve around him !! .. Iranians ask Trump: What does GOP stand for? Trump: Grabs Our Pussy !! .. Americans say: Trump is actually a phone-sex operator. He’s just whispering whatever dirty little racist fantasies Republicans want to hear !

Persian Humor 96: (Trump Jokes 41 to 43) Americans tell some good & important jokes like: Trump is like a diaper ! Self absorbed and full of shit !! …. And What happens when you take a joke too far? A: The 45th president of united stated of America ! .. American comedians say: How do you know you’re reading one of Donald Trumps books? It starts on Chapter 11 ! .. It’s easy to joke that (Rouhani) or Donald Trump is a ‘clown’ or a ‘moron’ or a ‘dog fucker’ or a mother fucker or … Trump or (Rouhani) tells his masters: Don’t worry, I’ll soon do something worse and all this will be forgotten !

Persian Humor 97: (Trump Jokes 44 to 46) There are many jokes about Trump’s penis size! There are also many American jokes about Trump’s wives!, like: They ask Melania: How did you and Donald Trump meet? Melania: It was love at first a first grab ! … Melania says to Trump: Good News! Your doctor called with your colonoscopy results. Good news is they found your head ! = your Brain ! … And I knew that Donald Trump wins. He’s got enough ex-wives to vote for him !

Persian Humor 98: (Trump Jokes 47 to 50s) Many people including Iranians & non-Iranians say to Trump, America and its Arab Terrorist allies: The real Fart was smarter than you, the Farter! and smelled better too! .. And do you know Why Trump and his Arab Terrorists (and also his Rouhani) cannot understand simple things?! Talk to them in Hebrew, they might understand ! … And an Arab Jewish family member of Trump family asks Trump: Donald, am I more Jewish or more Arab? Trump: Why do you want to know? Arab Jew: Because a guy is selling a bike for $100 and I want to know if I should talk him down to $10 or just steal it !! …. And Iranians say to Trump and also Rouhani: Calling you an idiot would be an insult to all stupid people!

Persian Humor 99: Some wise Iranians say: “Now the whole world can see deeper cooperation between America & Arab Terrorists / Islamists, and it’s what the US media confess in 2018. Trump is showing & proving many things! So, we should thank this American Barbarian Trump! This shit = Trump shows that how his shitty country that has 250 years history (or 500 years) desperately tries to threaten the Home of Human Civilization & Human values = Great Persia / Iran = a proud nation /country with at least 3000 years history of Systematic Government / Empire (and 8000 years history of City / Urban Civilization, and 15,000 years history of Rural Civilization) Now their own media talk about deeper cooperation between America & Arab Islamists/ Terrorists !!, and all normal humans just laugh and say: America deserved the 9/11 Attacks! Arab Terrorists had to kill more Americans, to create more deeper cooperation between America & Arab Islamists / Terrorists !! Now you all can see the story of Canada and Saudi Arabia and how this Arab Shit-hole = the Tiny Cesspit of Saudi Saudi = Saudi Arab Piss-Eaters = Saudi Terrorists threaten Canada with the new 9/11 Attacks ! You all know what it means. But as Iranians say: Who made these Piss-eaters (Saudi Arabs) such Shameless Savages?! Who made these Piss-eaters & Shit-eaters = Saudi Arab Terrorists such Shameless Terrorists who threaten Canada with the new 9/11 Attacks ?! (benin Shash-khora = Araba = Chalquza che-qadr porroo shodan !! .. ama ki porroo shoon kardeh?!!) In August 2018, their own media report: Trump’s Arab Terrorists and Trump’s Saudi Arabia threaten Canada with the new 9/11 Attacks ! Do you know what it means?! It’s so obvious why we Iranians and Iran’s people say to Canada & all Canadian Good guys: We Iranians strongly support you, if you say: Fuck Saudi Arabia & Fuck Trump! Fuck Arab Terrorists! Fuck Arab Islamists! We Iranians back Canada’s good guys in their fight against Trump and Trump’s Savage Saudi Arabia & Arab Islamists. We Iranians Fuck Trump & Saudi Arabia, and if Iran had an Iranian regime (not an Arab & Anti-Iran regime like Mullah regime) then Iran and Iranian regime would have many many things to do and to say, when Saudi Arabia threaten Canada with the new 9/11 Attacks ! It’s the Best opportunity for all Humans and for Iran to show and prove many things. But why the Mullahs defend & help Trump & Trump’s Saudi Arabia shithole?! Why IRIB and so-called exiled journalists & exiled media don’t talk about this important fact that Saudi Arabia threaten Canada with the new 9/11 Attacks ?! If you think about such facts, you can understand the true meaning of The Anti-Iran Mafia, and this fact that The Mullahs are just part of The Anti-Iran Mafia = The Masonic Mafia = The Evil Empire of America”

Persian Humor 100: Some Wise Iranians say: “We Iranians know that the good Arabs exist, and even Saudi Arabia’s good guys exist and they hate Saudi regime & Saudi Dictators & Islamists & Terrorists so much. In the fucking Saudi Arabia, good guys = good Arabs are victims of Trump & Saudi Dictator & Islamists. We Iranians know what Saudi Arabia’s wise women talk about Trump & American Treasons and How America betrays Human Rights in Arabia. We Iranians support all Good guys, including good Arabs and good Jews. But we all know that the good Arab is an Arab who cares about Human values, and that’s why the good Arab says, and must say : Death to Arab Islamist Dictators. Shame on Arab Islamists / Terrorist. Death to Savage Saudi Arabia ( = its bad guys & its dictators) Now even the good Arabs and other non-Iranians create good cartoons about the 9/11 & Saudis & Canada & Trump & Arab Jew Islamists / Terrorists etc. Their good cartoons about Arab Jews (below pix) are funny and important. Their good cartoons about The 9/11 Attacks & Saudi Arab Terrorists & Trump are important. Even the good Arabs know How Trump and America fuck Human Rights in Saudi Arabia. The good Jews or the good Arabs are good guys like other good guys, and we Iranians don’t judge people by their race or religion. It’s our Iranian legacy. It’s one of our Persian gifts to mankind. And We Iranians know Who’s Afraid Of Great Persia & Cyrus The Great? (We have already written about this issue in posts like Who is Afraid of Iran and Iranian Legacy? (2013) etc; check Archive) Now in 2018, even the non-Iranian media and the Western media talk about Who’s Afraid Of Cyrus The Great ?! (2018) But they just say silly things = lies, bullshit or Ko-sher / Kosher things! The little pigs like Trump’s cows or Trump is Afraid of our Cyrus of the Great. Trump loves Arab pigs & Arab Terrorists, because Donald Trump is Afraid of our Great Persia & our Persian Legacy & our Persian values = Human values. Now even Americans say: Donald Trump is Bowing Down To 9/11 Terrorists of Saudi Arabia ! (2018) All normal humans know the story of the 9/11, Trump & Saudi Arabia, and this fact that Trump said Saudi Arabia was being behind the 9/11 attacks! “Who blew up the World Trade Center?” Trump asked his pals at Fox and Friends on the morning of February 17, 2016. “It wasn’t the Iraqis, it was Saudi – take a look at Saudi Arabia, open the documents !!! Yah, open Trump’s documents!! Open Trump’s anus !! , and see Trump’s shitty secrets !! , many people including Americans say, and create many jokes & cartoon about it ! Just search the internet ! Trump says: Without U.S. support and protection, Arab Terrorists, Arab Dictators and Saudi Arabia wouldn’t exist for very long !! And it’s really true. Without U.S. support and protection, Arab Terrorists & Arab Dictators and many other Evil forces = Anti-Iran Forces including Mullahs and their Islamic Regime wouldn’t exist !


Persian Joke 381: After the Nuclear Turkmenchay, the media said Rouhani knows the English language and the Western politicians well ! But one day, they saw that Rouhani is licking part of his Islamic Turkmenchay = Nuclear Deal ! They ask him: What are you doing, idiot ?! Rouhani said: Some things / some signs in this Turkmenchay said: For Lease ! .. and For Release ! = Re-lease !! …. And the Mullah TV (IRIB) asks Iranians: What Trump and Rouhani = Khamenei should do to make people happy ? Iranians say: It’s so simple: Drop Dead ! (Beran Bemiran ! ) Hey Trump, Drop Dead ! If you want to make people happy ! Hey Rouhani = Khamenei, Drop Dead ! If you want to do one positive thing in your shameful life !

Persian Joke 382: In these days, Saudi Arabs and many Arab Islamists, Basijis and Saudis worship America and Hollywood ! So, one day Muslims ask Saudi King: Give a name of a prophet that conversed with animals? Saudi King says : Hazrat-e Tarzan ! = Prophet Tarzan ! … And they Ask Arab Islamists & Basijis : Give a name of a prophet that negotiated with the Enemy and made deal with the Enemy?! Arab Islamists & Basijis say : We can Give name of 4 prophets ! ( = 4 Jew prophets) Hazrat-e Rockefeller and Ali ibn Rockefeller = Khamenei ! .. and Also Hazrat-e Satan and Muhammad bin Satan ! = Bin Salman !

Persian Joke 383: The Mullah Car or Islamic Car is an American Ford = Korean Pride ! So, lets see what Iranians say about Islamic Car ! Q. How do you make Islamic Car accelerate 0 – 60 mph in less than 15 seconds? A: Push it off a cliff ! .. Q: What is found on the last 2 pages of every Islamic Car owner’s manual? A: The bus schedule ! .. Q: Why do Islamic Car come with heated rear windows? A: To keep your hands warm while you’re pushing them ! .. Q: What do you call Islamic Car at the top of a hill? A Miracle ! or A mirage ! .. Q: What do you call two Islamic Cars at the top of a hill? A real miracle ! .. Q: What do you call Islamic Car with brakes? A: Customized ! .. Q: What do you call Islamic Car passengers? A: Shock absorbers !!

Persian Joke 384: The British masons say: Iranians have the worst memory in the world ! But when you ask them: You mean Iranians forget everything?! The UK masons say: No, Iranians remember Everything! God damn it ! Iranians have strange memories, and remember all things. God Damn it ! … And one day they asked Gazanfar: Iranians make a lot of jokes about you and Turks, does it make you uncomfortable? Gazanfar said: My dear, these are jokes for you, but for us they are memories !

Persian Joke 385: (It’s an ancient Persian joke) They asked Bohlul: How Arabs eat Cheese, while they don’t have any Ch ?! Bohlul said: It’s clear. Arabs eat Shit = Goh, while Arabs don’t have any G ! (in their Arabic alphabet) Arabs eat Piss, while Arabs don’t have any P ! (in their Arabic alphabet) ! Arabs eat a lot of shits & talk about a lot of things that don’t belong to them! … And on day, in the 21sh century, A Saudi Arab Islamist of CIA takes an American girl home from a nightclub! She says: Show me it’s true what they say about Arabs ! .. So this Saudi Arab does a Terrorist Attack ! , stabs her and then explodes himself and her !

Persian Joke 386: One day they ask Qazanfar: What is Parasite ?! Qazanfar: Parasite is Trump; Parasite is Shah, Parasite is Mullah = a person who doesn’t work and always benefits from other people! As you know, Arab leaders don’t work, many Jews don’t work, Kings and Monarchs don’t work, Mullahs don’t work, but they are millionaires or billionaires ! So, they are parasites on Human society! Parasite is Pahlavi or Arab King. Parasite is Rouhani = Khamenei = Trump ! In fact, Parasites are Politicians! Parasites are all Jewish Leaders !

Persian Joke 387: (It’s a Persian Joke made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) On day a (Jewish elite) said to his slave: “Get a chicken from your own money and prepare a dish from it. I will eat it and set you free! The slave was happy, and prepared a fried chicken. (The Jew) ate part of chicken, and then told the slave: “Add some peas and water to it. Tomorrow I will eat it and set you free.” The salve obeyed and prepared a new dish. Again (the Jew) ate part of it, and said to the slave: “add some water to it .. and then sell part of this food and get some butter and make it into another dish .. Tomorrow I set you free.” The slave said: “O master, ( I don’t need your Jew generosity! ) Don’t set me free, but for god sake set this poor Chicken free !!

Persian Joke 388: (Persian jokes made by Zakani in about 700 years ago) A muezzin would call out and then run. He was asked, “Why are you running?” He said: They said that my voice is beautiful from afar. I was running so that I could hear it from a distance! … And Mullah Nasredin went to Mecca on a pilgrimage and his turban was stolen. He said: O God, once in my life I came to Your house and You had my turban stolen. If you ever see me here again, have my teeth broken !

Persian Joke 389: (It’s a new version of an old Persian joke) A man and woman had been married for 30 years, and in those 30 years, they always left the lights off when having s-ex. The man was like Trump, and he was se-xually disable. So, lets call him Trump! .. Trump always used a dildo on her wife. But all these years she had no clue. One day, she decided to reach over, and flip the light switch on, and saw that he was using a dildo! She said : I knew it, asshole, explain the dildo! Trump said: Oh, No, you, whore, Explain the kids!

Persian Joke 390: (It’s an ancient Persian joke) One day Qazanfar went to the local doctor and told him: Every night for the past month, I have dreamt a dream in which I have wrestling matches with donkeys! The doctor gave Qazanfar an herb and said: Eat this, and your dreams will go away. Qazanfar: Can I start taking them tomorrow? Doctor: why? Qazanfar: Because I’m scheduled to wrestle in the championship match tonight !

Persian Joke 391: The Iranian woman says to his husband: I thought of you today! It reminded me to take the garbage out ! … And as you know women love to talk and talk and talk to each others! So, the Iranian women often say to their husband: For about 5 minutes, I go to see the lady X . I want to talk to her for about 5 minutes; The food is cooking; You just check the food and the oven every 30 minutes !! (man 5 deiqe miram khune X-khaum, thou har nim saat yeh sa-ri beh Qaza bezan !! )

Persian Joke 392: Iranians say to Rouhanis & Islamists, and also to Trump and his fans: Brains aren’t everything! In your case they’re nothing !! … A wise Iranian says: When I was a kid, I was wondering why my parents use a lot of F-words when they were driving in Tehran! But now, when I have my own driving license and my own car, I can understand my parents, and I just say myself: Why did my parents use a few F-words when they were driving in Tehran ?!

Persian Joke 393: They ask Iranians: How do you know an Iranian is Abadani (from Abadan) or not ?! And Iranians say: It’s so easy! Just check whether or not this guy is wearing Rayban sunglasses ! … And they ask Abadani guys: Walking behind a crowd of Iranians, how can you tell who is Abadani ?! Abadanis say: Just loudly say This Ray-Ban belongs to whom?! Who ever turned their head back is Abadani !

Persian Joke 394: American comedians say: Donald Trump is so dumb, he ordered NASA to arrest illegal aliens ! … And Iranians say: If Arab Islam or American Christianity means Morality, then Up means down, left means right, Rape means Love, Mullah means Morality, Inhumanity means humanity, Tyranny means Democracy, and Cow or Trump means Human !!

Persian Joke 395: Some wise Iranians say: “Have you see any recent British or American documentary films about animals and wild nature ?! They go to oceans, 7000 meters below the water, and then find a poor fish, and then hurt fish and try to kill fish, and when the poor fish reacts, they say: This fish is a Monster !! This fish is among the most Dangerous Monsters on earth !! …. But we Iranians and all sane humans just say to these Western animals in human clothing: Hey stupid bastards, you are monsters, who try to hurt all living creatures !”

Persian Joke 396: (it’s like an Ancient Persian joke) A Basji goes to America! In the US, Basiji goes to the WC and knocks at the door. An American says, “What ?!” Basiji says: Well now, what’s your name? American says: Alex James Morrier. Basiji says: You scoundrels! Three of you American faggots went to the toilet together ?!!

Persian Joke 397: In about 700 years ago, the Great Persian Satirist, Zakanai, described the Politicians and Mullahs (Clergymen) in this way: Nothing = Their existence ! .. Hollow = Their civility ! .. Vanity and Folly = Their talk ! .. Dishonesty, Greed, Malice and Envy = Their characteristics !! .. Justice and Humanity: Their Enemy !! .. Roguery, Violence, Hypocrisy, Dissimulation and Falsehood = The ways of the Elite !!

Persian Joke 398: What do you do when a Turk or Trump throws a grenade at you? A: Pull the pin and throw it back ! … What do you call a US President = a Trump with half a brain? A: Gifted ! … What do you call an Arab Leader with half a brain? A: Miracle ! … (And it’s an ancient Persian joke) Mullah Nasrudin used to say: If your wife doesn’t pay attention to what you are saying, the solution is so easy: Just Whisper it to another woman in a low voice !!

Persian Joke 399: An Iranian college student is taking a walk in Central park in New York. Suddenly he sees a little girl being attacked by a pit bull dog . He runs over and starts fighting with the dog. He saves the girl’s life, but the pit bull is killed in the process. An American policeman who was watching the scene walks over and says: “You are a hero, tomorrow you can read it in all the newspapers: “Brave New Yorker saves the life of little girl” The Iranian says: But I am not a New Yorker! American cop: Oh , then it will say in newspapers in the morning: Brave American saves life of little girl” ! Iranian: But I am not an American!, too American cop: “Oh, what are you then? ” Iranian says: I am a proud Iranian! I am a real Iranian! I am an Anti-Islamist Iranian ! … The next day all American newspapers say: An Iranian or Islamic extremist kills innocent American dog !!

Persian Joke 400: In about 700 years ago, the Great Persian Satirist Zakani sarcastically & satirically said: If you take a look at (this shitty world) you can see that Sincerity is the source of loss and animosity ! One who is sincere will never prosper ! As much as possible a man must flatter kings and politicians, and tell big lies and please them, and always use the phrase “The King says the Truth” as his motto! .. Whatever pleases stupid people should be said ! .. The Truth is so bad and so harmful ! .. If a Truthful man gives a hundred truthful testimonies, not only he will not be appreciated, but those who hear him will even be annoyed and will bring forth a hundred lies & interpretations to falsify him ! … But if a Big liar or Charlatan = an Evil man wants to give a false testimony they will bribe him in a hundred ways !, and lavish various considerations on him so that he will give that false testimony … So, Don’t tell the Truth! … Always tell Lies ! .. And it’s their Religious Morality ! ( = Arab Jewish Morality) , and it should be your motto (in this shitty world), if you want to become Somebody ! – Somebody like Rouhani, Trump and other Somebody!

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