Anti-Iran Barbarians: America & Arab Islamists

The following post was written in May 2017, but we could not send it due to Rouhani’s Internet Censorship. We could not send our posts –
including the following post- in 2017 (and until now) due to Rouhani’s Internet Censorship = The West’s Internet Censorship. Rouhani is just one of the West’s puppets. The fucking Rouhani’s Internet Censorship is the benefit of their Nuclear Deal / Turkmenchay. We have already written about their Nuclear Turkmenchay, and also about Rouhani’s Filter-net = Rouhani Internet Censorship and How the West and Rouhani try to block the Internet in Iran, and to replace the Internet with a domestic network ( = Filternet or Evil Intranet) The Internet Censorship, IMF Plans and Increasing Prices and Everything is going from Bad to Worse after their Nuclear Deal, and it’s the only benefit of their Nuclear Deal & Islamic Nekbat. The West censors all news. The West is a Lie Factory . The West is behind Rouhani. The West is the true Evil. As some wise Iranians say: “In 2012/ 2013, and at the peak of Sanctions, the West bullshitted you about ‘the Impact of Sanctions‘ mainly because their Mullahs & IMF Plans decreased the value of Iran’s Currency, and Dollar rate reached to 3000+ Toman (and below 4000 Toman) But now, their Nuclear Deal has destroyed the value of Iran’s Currency. Now because of the Impact of Nuclear deal or as Iranians say, because of the Impact of Nuclear Turkmenchay the value of Iran’s Currency has decreased by 50% !!, and Dollar rate has reached to 4500+ Toman !! Can you believe it ?! In fact, even their so-called Toughest Sanctions in history was much better than their Nuclear Deal ! , which is the Worst deal in history. In fact, the Islamic deal is the Stupidest deal in history. Now the Dollar rate has reached to 4500+ Toman, but the West and all media censor news & facts! It’s so important that the fucking Western media, all media and all journalists censors news & facts, and support CIA’s Rouhani / CIA’s Mullahs / CIA’s Monarchists etc. Now the Dollar rate has reached to 4500+ Toman because of the Impact of IMF Plans and the Impact of Rouhani = the impact of Islam & Islamic Lies. In fact, Rouhani proved that the impact of Mullahs = the impact of Turkmenchay = The impact of Islam is worst than all sanctions and all disasters in history! Now even stupid animals can see that their Nuclear Deal and Islamic Deal is the worst deal in history = the Stupidest deal in history!”. It’s true. Evil things like IMF Plans or Rouhani’s Filternet = Terrible Internet Censorship is the only benefit of the West & their Rouhani & their deals. In July 2017, ie after their SELection Farce, their fucking Rouhani cabinet announced that they have implemented a New Phase of The Internet Censorship Project called “Maturity” ( = Boluq ! ) ! In fact, they officially declare that Their fucking Rouhani Internet Censorship has reached maturity ! But no one says nothing! All media and journalists censor news, and have closed their dirty mouths & their dirty eyes, and even support Rouhani & Tyranny & Turkmenchay & Terrible Censorship! And it’s the so-called Benefit of their Nuclear deal ! The West is the true Evil. It’s obvious why the West supports Rouhani, or why the West loves Rouhani & Islamic Tyranny & Turkmenchay & Internet Censorship. But just look how the Lefts and so-called Anti-Imperialists and Alternative media censoring all news/ facts, and defending Tyranny, Turkmenchay, Internet Censorship and so-called Imperialist Evils and IMF Plans. The West and their Rouhani celebrate The maturity level of Internet Censorship and the maturity level of their fucking Filternet = Rouhani’s Internet Censorship in Iran, but the Lefts and all media and all journalists have closed their dirty eyes & their dirty mouths. Now there is no doubt that The West is behind the Mullahs = Arab Islamists. The West is the true Evil. The West is behind Arab Dictators. All Arabic-Islamic regimes are the same shit. The Islamic Regime is a puppet regime – worse than Pahlavi & Qajar. Mullahs or Islamists are Anti-Iran puppets of the West. Marxists and Noam Chomsky are the Big Brother’s agents. Rouhani or Ayatollah is a puppet dictator. Ayatollah or Rouhani is a stooge of the West. The Islamic Regime or The Islamic Tyranny & Turkmenchay is what the West wants. Now there is no doubt about such undeniable facts. The good guys should not remain silent. As the wise Iranians say: “The Sheeple (aka the sick & stupid people) are not good guys. The Sheeple are Bad guys, or help Bad guys. The Sheeple suffer from serious diseases including Stupidity & Inferiority Complex. But the Sheeple are minor Criminals / Psychopaths, not the major ones. The West and Masons use Sheeple to create Great Disasters & Great Crimes against Humanity. The West is the root of all Evil in Iran and the world. Now the whole world can see how America supports Arab Islamists, and why and how the Iranian people chant: Death to Rouhani; Death to Islamists. The 2017 Iranian slogans – including ‘All Iranians Say Death to Rouhani / Death to Mullahs’ (Shoar-e Har Irani, Marg Bar Rouhani ! ) – exposing the West’s Big Lies. This Iranian slogan, Death to Rouhani, is so important and exposing the West’s lies. The West is a Lie Factory. The West’s lies about Iran and Rouhanis/ Islamists are Orwellian jokes. If you want to know the West or the US, just look how they support Savage Arabia and Arab Islamists; or think about How the West supports Rouhanis & Arab Islamists. Rouhani is a new Khomeini, and Rouhani’s Turkmenchay is a new Islamic Nekbat / Disaster for hurting Iran & Iranians. But just look how the Left and the West support Rouhani (= new Khomeini ) in recent years. Recent years exposed many things. Marxists and Mullahs are Masons , and their Islamic Turkmenchay = their Islamic Koon Dadan-e Qahramanane ( = Islamic Capitulation) can show you everything. Now even idiots can see that the West & Freemasons created Mullahs and Islamists -from Saudis to DAESH & Basiji- for hurting & exploiting Iran and other nations. Now even stupid animals can see that Islamic Revolution was a Satanic Revolution = The CIA’s Iran Project. Now many can see what The 1979 Masonic-Islamic Revolution = The CIA’s Islamic Plot (The CIA’s Islamic Fetneh) means. Now even stupid animals can see that Rouhanis and Basijis are Rockefeller’s children. Islamists and Basijis are CIA’s children. Now even stupid animals can see the true face of the Arab Islam and the Benefits of the Arab Islam including their Islamic Capitalism & Islamic Economy ( = Jewish IMF Plans ), Islamic Lies, Islamic Censorship, Islamic Internet ( = Jewish Internet = Kosher Internet), Islamic Hijab & Islamic Porn ( = Islamic Candy Charms !) , Islamic Rapists, Islamic Crooks, Islamic Rockefellers, Islamic Rothschild, Islamic Zionists or Islamic Faggots ( = Basijis = Arab Islamists), Islamic Tyranny, Islamic Savagery, Islamic Barbarism & Islamic Satanism ( = DAESH, Basij, Wahhabi, Mullah, Saudis etc), Islamic Nekbat / Zellat, Islamic Capitulation, Islamic Independence ( = Nokari Ajnabi, Nokari Qahramanane !), Islamic Honor ( = Koon Dadan-e Qahramanane ! ), Islamic Turkmenchay and other Islamic shits. Basiji = DAESH = Saudi = Rouhani is a symbol of Islamists = Anti-Iran Barbarians, who serve the West’s interests. Now Zionists and Arabs = Rouhanis can show you why Islamists = Zionists, or why Islamists = Satanists, and why Islamists are puppets of the West, and why Their Arabic-Islamic Culture is a Satanic culture = Jewish Culture of Jewish Barbarians. The Arab Islamists are Satan’s children. Now Saudis, Rouhanis, Zionists and Arabs can show you the true face of The Arab Islam. ISIS, Saudis and Mullahs are Arabs. Their Islamic King, Saudi or Khamenei is a puppet Dictator. Mullahs are Masons. Mullahs = Arab Islamists are little puppets of the West. Arab Islamists are little shits (Chalquz). The West is the true Evil. In 1970s, the West supported Khomeini & Arab Islamists & Islamic Terrorists & Islamic Destruction of Iran (= the CIA’s Islamic Revolution of 1979). The Freemasons created the Masonic-Islamic Revolution of 1979, and it’s a historic fact, and now even their own Basijis and Mullah media confess that The Freemasons supported Mullahs and Islamic Revolution of 1979 !! It’s so funny that now their own historians confess that their fucking Islamic Revolution was a Fetneh = a CIA Plot. If you read history and analyze all facts you can easily see How Freemasons created the Islamic regime of Mullahs (…..) The West is the true Evil. In 2009, the West supported Khamenei & Islamic Barbarians & Islamic Coup & Islamic Savagery & Islamic Dictatorship & Barbaric = Islamic = Satanic Suppression of Iranian people; and now the West supports Rouhani & Islamic Turkmenchay & Islamic Nekbat / Zellat & Islamic Lies & Islamic Censorship. If you think about the whys, you can understand many things better. The West is The Evil. The West loves Rouhani, but now the Iranian people chant: Fuck Rouhani / Death to Rouhani ! that means Fuck the West’s Lies, Fuck the West’s Censors, and Death to the West – that is behind Rouhani & Islamists. Death to Mullahs / Death to Rouhani actually means: Death to The West’s stooges ( from Mullahs and Monarchists to Marxists and Rajavists (MEK/ MKO) etc ) Death to Rouhani means Death to Nuclear Turkmenchay & Islamic Nekbat. Death to Mullahs/ Death to Rouhani means Death to Nuclear Deal and Death to the West, the Anti-Iran West. Now the world’s all sane people ridicule the West, The American Shit (Trump) and his American Shithole. Now Iranian people chant: Death to Trump & Death to Rouhani & Death to Mullahs, that actually means Death to America’s shithole = White House = America’s Shit House ! The America Shit (Trump) and the Islamic Shit (Mullah/ Saudi) are the same shit. The American Shit (Trump) and Islamic shits – from Saudis to Rouhanis – are the same Masonic shits; and now you can see How shits support shits, ie How America supports Arab Islamists ! or How The West supports Saudi Arab Terrorists ! Now you all can see How Barbarians support Barbarians, ie How the West supports Arab Islamists & Zionists. The West is the true Evil. The West is behind Islamists & Zionists; and Death to Khamenei / Death to Rouhani means Death to The West’s puppets. Death to Ayatollah or Death to Rouhani means: Death to Arab Islamists; Death to British Masons; Death to France Freemasons. The West censors all news of Rouhani’s evil acts & Rouhani’s Internet censorship, mainly because Barbarians including US & UK & France are behind Rouhani and Rouhani’s Internet Censorship. But now in 2018, Iranian people openly chant Death to Rouhani (In Persian, Rouhani means Mullahs) and it’s so important. Mullahs are Masons, and Death to Mullahs means Death to Masons = Death to USA & Europe that support Islamists. Death to Rouhani is a very important slogan. In fact, Death to Mullahs = Death to The West’s puppets = Death to Arab Islamists = Death to Anti-Iran Barbarians = Death to The Evil Empire of the West“. It’s true. The West is the main obstacle in the way of Freedom, Democracy and Progress in Iran. The West is the true Evil. The West is behind Arab Islamists. The West is behind Rouhani & Anti-Iran Barbarians. The West is behind Rouhani’s Internet Censorship. The West is behind Rouhani’s Filternet. The good guys should not remain silent. The fucking Rouhani’s Internet Censorship is just part of the West’s war against Freedom & Democracy & Progress in Iran and the world. The good guys should not remain silent. The West’s Evil Empire will collapse and will go to hell, if the good guys don’t remain silent. For more information about the fucking Rouhani’s Internet Censorship, check our posts in 2017 & recent years including “Rouhani Internet Censorship (Feb 2017)“. Now, lets read our main post that was written in May 2017:

“The Farce continues! The Farce gets worse every day. The Big Brothers and their media insult your intelligence in a childish way. Their Televisions Telling Lies to Your Vision, and that’s why the wise people refer to Television as Tell Lie Vision! But The stupid people or Sheeple don’t think, and don’t have any real intelligence; so they even don’t know What is an insult to people’s intelligence, and who are insulting people’s intelligence. The Sheeple don’t think; they believe what they are told to believe; they are mind-controlled slaves. The Big Brothers say: The past should be erased from the minds of the people. The Big Brothers and their media demand that you focus on their current Lies, and forget the past, and forget the Reality! But the stupid people (= Sheeple) just obey. The Sheeple accept that the False Images & Fake Images that the Media suggests as reality are Reality! The stupid people or Sheeple are victims of the Mass Brainwashing. The Sheeple live in Deception. In a daily dose of Brainwashing, the Big Brother and the media repeat their lies again and again and again, and finally Lies become Truth, that means the stupid people accept Lies as Truth or Reality. The Big Brothers openly say: If you repeat lies over and over, then one day your Lies become Truth! And If the Reality contradicts your Lies, you should change the Reality! When you repeat a Big Lie over and over, it will become a Reality – that means the stupid people will accept Lies as Reality! Big Brothers insult your intelligence, but many even don’t know What is an insult to your intelligence”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Just look what the Anti-Iran Barbarians do and say. The American Farce gets worse every day. After awarding Saudi Arabia’s Islamists ( = the 9/ 11 Terrorists) a CIA medal, the US and Trump say the Anti-Women Saudi Arabia is a Defender of Women rights! And this is not a joke. Now the US, the West and their so-called United Nations (UN) elect Saudi Arabia, the most Anti-Woman society on the planet, to the UN’s Commission on Women’s rights! Can you believe it?”. In these days, the Anti-Iran Barbarians insult people’s intelligence in a silly way. Now almost all posts / articles on the Anti-Iran Barbarians are censored or boycotted. So we have decided to write a new series of posts / articles about the Anti-Iran Barbarians and their Anti-Iran Plans. As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the Anti-Iran Barbarians just look what the US and the West do and say. Now the US and the West elect Saudi Arabia as a defender of women rights! And this is not a joke. Now even the West’s good guys ridicule the so-called American values , and talk about ‘Anger over Saudi appointment to UN Women’s Rights commission’. But as Tragedy at its peak is Comedy, the best way to talk / write about the recent Farcical events – which are so Tragic & so awful – is a Sarcastic / Satirical way. Now there is no difference between Reality and Jokes in the US and the West ! Just look what U.S. Fascist whores like Alex Jones and Donald Trump do and say! The CIA’s Fascist whores like Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Noam Chomsky and Oliver Stone are Orwellian jokes and Orwellian stooges of the CIA Mafia”. They also add: “America’s good guys can see the truths. They refer to Trump as the Racist Fascist Dictator. They truly say: Trump is a Racist Fascist Dictator (2017) But America’s sheeple love and support the Racist Fascist Dictators & Terrorists – from Trump to Saudi Arabia, Zionists & Islamists. Now in 2017, America’s good guys publish articles like : ‘CIA’s Social Engineering and Mind Control in America’ (2017), ‘Propaganda in America – Mind Control on a Massive Scale’ (2017) , ‘Creating a New Era of Mind Control (2017), and talk about The Greatest Deceptions of All Time. They know the CIA’s mind control agents like Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone, Alex Jones or other Shitty & Lefty whores of CIA. They know what the Mind Control, the Trump Farce & the Love story of ‘America & Arab Islamists’ mean. They know who created the 9/11. They know how the CIA’s Arabs created the 9/11. They know who support Arab Islamists. They can see how Trump & America support Islamists. But America’s Sheelpe have even forgotten How Arab Islamists created the 9/11. They have forgotten the 9/ 11 Farce! In America, The 9/ 11 Farce has been forgotten! So in a new series of farcical moments, America defends Arab Terrorists! America & Trump support Arab Terrorists who created the 9/11 ! America & Trump thank Arab Islamists for creating the 9/11 ! “.


As some wise Iranians say: “If you search the internet, you can see that US good guys have created Fuck Trump movement, and talk about Fuck Trump movement ! Their Fuck Trump movement, like Fuck Mullahs movement in Iran, is actually Fuck America movement = Fuck Bad Guys movement. After the Trump-gate and UN-gate, you all can see what is the so-called American values and American Standards! Trump & Arabia can show you the true meaning of America’s Standards! The American Farce – from the 9/ 11 Farce to the Trump Farce- is so informative. In the American Logic and the West’s Logic, The Saudi Terrorists = The 9 /11 Terrorists are Heroes ! In the American Logic and the West’s Logic, Trump and Saudi Arabia are defenders of Women & Women’s rights ! Trump’s Grab them by pussy is the logic of all Anti-women pigs in America & Arabia”. They also add: “The US and the UN say: Saudi Arabia, DAESH / ISIS and Arab Rapists empowering girls and women! So now even Americans ridicule America, and say: How is it even possible that the Saudis will be on a committee dedicated to the Women’s rights?’ (2017) But when A Racist Fascist Pervert (Trump) becomes US President, then Everything is possible ! Now Everything is possible ! Now the West and UN’s Women’s rights commission openly declare that Saudi Arabia’s Sharia = Islamist Sharia = Jewish Sharia is the West’s Standards for Women’s rights ! The Anti-Iran Barbarians are such medieval Brains. Now even idiots can see why The CIA and the West are the brains behind the Islamic Regimes of Mullahs = Sheikhs = Arab Dictators. Now even stupid animals can see that Mullahs are Arabs, not Iranians. Now the West and Mullahs insult your intelligence in exactly the same way; but now many talk about How The West becomes a bad joke, elects Saudi Arabia as a defender of women’s rights ! Now even the West’s good guys ridicule Trump and the West, and say: DAESH / ISIS and Saudi Arabia are protecting women rights?!! That’s a cruel joke of the West ! UN women’s rights commission is a joke .. The West is a bad joke’ (2017) But the main issue is that the US, the UN, the UK and Mullahs insult your intelligence in exactly the same way. They tell lies, and they censor Facts in exactly the same way. The US-Saudi gate or the UN-Saudi gate is a great scandal, but as the West’s good guys report: Yet, no mainstream U.S. media has reported it .. But Why are not the U.S. big media reporting it?’ ! The US lies and the US Censorship are exactly like the Mullah’s. Now The West presents Saudi Arabia as a Defender of Human rights ! In the American Logic, Hitler is a defender of Jews !, and ISIS / DAESH / Saudi Arabia is a Defender of Human Rights ! In the American Logic & the West’s Logic, Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Terrorists are fighting Islamic Terrorism! Rouhanis are fighting Islamic Tyranny & Turkmenchay! Rapists, ISIS and Saudi Arabia’s Anti-women Islamists are defending Women’s right by Grabbing them by Pussy! Trump’s grab the Pussy logic is the West’s logic = the Logic of Anti-Iran Barbarians, and that’s why The US and the West see Saudis as a defender of Women & Women’s rights!, as they see Rouhanis as a defender of Democracy & Free Election !! The West’s Logic is so amazing: Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world to ban women from driving & Everything, so Saudi Arabia is a defender of Women! Apparently the UN’s Women’s rights commission is located in the UN’s locker room! And now in the UN’s locker room, Arab Islamists & Trump talk about Women’s rights and Grab them by Pussy, or Grab them by Hijab, or Grab them by Sharia ! ( Sharia = Jewish laws = Arabic-Islamic laws) Now there is no difference between Reality and Jokes in the US & the West !”. They also add: “Now if you take a look at America & Arabia & Trump Farce, you can easily see Why Tragedy at its peak is Comedy, why Comedy at its peak is Tragedy, and what is Great Deception or Great Game. Unfortunately, many still don’t know pigs like Alex Jones, Noam Chomsky, The Ayatollah IMF, the Ayatollah Obama, the Ayatollah Pervert or The Ayatollah Trump or the Ayatollah Rockefeller. Many still don’t know the Devil’s Game, and how hard facts are censored ( hard facts = information that is definitely true and can easily be proven) We Iranians have already talked about Hard facts, and How the West censors Facts & Hard Facts (Check Archive for posts like: American Paradox: United States of Arabs ?, Western Barbarians, Savage Arabs: Devil’s Game, French Farce: Savage France, Saudi Barbarians, IRIB-gate, CFR-gate, IMF Plans, Whore-gate, Turkmanchay, 2009 CIA Coup, Rouhani’s internet censorship etc ) But The Farce gets worse every day. Now the US and the West present Saudi Arabia’s Sharia as a role model for the West’s Women Rights! And this is not a joke. They themselves declare that The Barbaric-Islamic Saudi Arabia is an America’s ally, and a defender of Human rights, and a creator of the good Terrorist attacks like the 9/11 attacks! In the American logic, the real Terrorists, Perverts and Rapists are Heroes! Saudis & 9/11 Terrorists are Heroes! And it’s what Trump & US media say”. They also add: “Now America’s good guys refer to Trump as President Pervert !, but the US media whores support their President Pervert (Trump) and Saudi Terrorists ! The US President Pervert (Trump) is exactly like The Ayatollah Pervert = Ayatollah Turkmenchay.Trump & Ayatollah are exactly the same shit. Both of them are Anti-Iran, Anti-Women, and Anti-Truth. The US officials and Ayatollahs are Anti-Iran Perverts who love Arab Islamists”. They also add: “Once again, recent events show why the wise people talk about Mind Control, Brainwashing, Programming People, Programming the Nation, Mass Distraction, Social Programming, Social Engineering, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, and say: Maybe you don’t know; (but) Manipulation of thought and behavior is a part of your daily lives’ ! (2017) Now even the fucking CIA analysts talk about the CIA Psychological Warfare and the CIA Mind Control methods to Control the thoughts and minds of the Nations ! Now in 2017, they talk about how to “turn secret agents into Revolutionaries and revolutionaries into secret agents! In Iran, since 1970s, you can easily see how they turn their secret agents into Revolutionaries, and How they turn Revolutionaries into secret agents & puppets of the West ! But now their own analysts confess: “Ayatollah, Rouhani or Trump is the obvious Establishment choice ( = Big Brother choice ) The CIA has established a strategic intelligence network of magazines and journalists, as well as student and cultural organizations .. The CIA psychological warfare operations have directed against Iranian people, American people and others’ ! (2017) The Orwellian world of mind control is a present day reality. Just look How The 9/11 Terrorists & Trump Dance, and How The 9/11 Terrorists / Arab Terrorists greet American Pigs with Welcome to Savage Arabia! Welcome to the Land of the 9/11 Terrorists !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The West is a very Orwellian world. America is so Orwellian. Now America protects Arab Islamists & 9/11 Terrorists !, while even the West’s good guys ridicule America & the West, and say: Saudi Arabia is The West’s Standards for Human Rights! .. Choosing Saudi Arabia, the most gender-segregated society in the world, as a member of the UN Women’s rights commission is an awful message of disregard for Women’s rights .. In Saudi Arabia, many public buildings even ban Women from entering ! Is it among the Women’s rights ?! .. Trump defends Erdogan! Trump Congrats Erdogan On his Islamic Dictatorship! Its an awful message of disregard for democracy .. Trump and America sending many awful messages of disregard for Democracy .. Trump and America sending many awful messages of disregard for Human Rights .. America is the Enemy of the people in all around the world’ (2017) It’s obvious why people ridicule America & Islamists. Now even Americans talk about The painful Truths about America! , and truly say: Trump is symptom, not disease! .. Trump is the result of centuries of US Racism and (British Barbarism) .. (British Barbarians are fathers of American Barbarians) .. Sorry folks , Donald Trump is everything Americans deserve .. Trump is the epitome of the American values .. Now the world is laughing at the US .. Now America receives world-wide condemnation .. (Now the world can see) How close America is to Islamists & Terrorists & Dictators ! .. (Just look) How close American bigotry is to Arabic-Islamic bigotry ( = Jewish bigotry) .. Sorry folks, Trump is everything America deserves … Trump is the epitome of the American Values .. Trump is symptom, not disease ! .. America is the very epitome of Evil‘ (2017) It’s obvious why even Americans ridicule America, and truly say: “(Just look How Trump & Arab Islamists dance, and show that) America embraces Islamists; America embraces Dictators; America embraces Terrorists‘ (2017) America is so Orwellian. In the American Logic, defending Dictators and supporting Islamists & Fascists is called the development of Democracy and the protection of Human Rights ! America defends Islamic Dictators like Erdogan, Rouhanis and Saudis, and this is their fucking American Values! Helping Dictators and supporting Terrorists are American values ! The West’s women’s rights is a joke. The West’s women’s rights is Grab them by Pussy !! or Grab them by Sharia = Jewish Laws = Islamist laws! America is the Enemy of the Women. America is the Enemy of the Iranian people and all real Humans in all around the world. Now even stupid animals and their media confess: America sends an awful, awful message (!) and reveals that America is a Friend of Islamists & Terrorists & Dictators ! (2017) Now even idiots can see why The UN is United Neanderthals !, and The US is United Sadists !”. They also add: “Just look what the UN ( = United Neanderthals) and the US ( = United Sadists) do and say. Just look Who support Mullahs, Arab Islamists and MEK / MKO / Mujahedin-e Khalq ! Now The US and the West openly & shamelessly support The Mujahedin-e Khalq ! Mujahedin means Jihadis! They are Islamist-Marxist Jihadis. But now Trump & America defend Marxist-Islamist Jihadis ! And this is America’s development of Democracy and the protection of Human Rights! In America, helping Mullahs, supporting Rouhanis and Defending Monarchists or Mujahedin-e Khalq (= Islamist Marxists) and supporting Saudis & Islamic Dictators and Monarchists is called The development of Democracy and the protection of Human Rights !!”. They also add: “The US and the West ask you to ignore the Reality and to forget the Past & all events! But why Whatever happened just a few years ago is actively rejected or forgotten?! You all should ask Why? The Propagandists don’t allow people to remember the recent past and important events. In the West, the propagandists are called journalists, analysts or commentators! Logic is the enemy of Propagandists. Critical thinking is the enemy of Propagandists. They try to use your emotions, and to shut down all reason and critical thinking. So, you all should ask yourself: Are you able to remember the past ? What level of awareness you currently have? Are you able to think critically? Are you able to remember the past & important events, and to learn the lessons of the past? Now even the US good guys say: ‘ the CIA is using many mind-control techniques on the American people to make them easier to control .. Mind control is the shaping of a person’s attitudes and beliefs without the person’s knowledge or consent .. (Almost all humans including) Americans are victims of Mind Control projects .. Psychological warfare is being waged against all people .. In America, the pseudo-intellectuals are called ‘experts, intellects, journalists, commentators, analysts, celebrities, scientists, professors etc’ .. the people don’t know How the Social Media is Being Used to Control their Mind, (What is Misinformation and Disinformation) and How Social media is being used to manipulate people .. Messaging Apps & Social media (like Facebook, Telegram, Instogram etc) are the CIA’s tools to manipulate people‘ (2017) The story of these days is so laughable & informative. Now Rouhani censors & blocks millions of Websites, and only one website, Telegram, is free! Rouhanis ( = Mullahs) openly say that only one website is equal to the whole Internet ! Mullahs say: the Internet is Telegram! The Cyber Space is Telegram! In fact, the CIA’s Islamic Internet = Rouhani’s internet freedom means: Censor & block millions of Websites and ban almost Everything, but only allow one website! It’s Rouhani’s Freedom! Rouhani’s national intranet is Telegram. Now the MI6 & CIA use Telegram in their 2017 SElection Farce to manipulate sheeple into voting for the MI6’s Rouhani or CIA’s Basijis ! Now The MI6 & CIA use Telegram to manipulating sheeple into supporting the CIA’s Monarchists or the MI6’s Islamic Regime of Mullahs !! Now only one website, Telegram ( = CIA’s Telegram = Islamic Internet ! ) is free in Iran, and sheelpe use it, and the CIA & MI6 manipulate sheeple with it. But the West says it’s Freedom or Internet Freedom! The West talks about Rouhani’s Internet Freedom !! The West says Censoring millions of Websites and Blocking the whole Internet means Freedom! The West talks about Rouhani’s Internet Freedom !!, because Rouhani blocks millions of Websites and censors the whole internet, but only one website ( = CIA’s Telegram) is free ! The West is so Orwellian, and Sheeple are blind. But now all normal humans can see Who Support Censorship, Tyranny & Terrorism, Who Support Arab Terrorists, Who protect Islamists, Who aid Mullahs, Who are Anti-Iran Barbarians, and Why the Islamic Regime is run by Anti-Iran Barbarians ( = Why The Islamic Regime is run by the CIA / MI6), and Why the Anti-Iran Barbarians support Arab Terrorists & Rouhanis & Islamic Dictators & Islamic Tyranny & Turkmenchay”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Fuck Trump movement is good, and shows that many Americans & Westerners are not so stupid. But why Do so Many Americans Act Like Barbarians and Support Trump & other Barbarians? Trump is a symbol of U.S, Barbarians. The Anti-Iran Barbarians including American barbarians are so stupid. Now many ridicule America, and say: Trump shows that Saudi Arabia is American Standards for Human Rights ! ! (2017) Trump loves Arab Islamists; and Islamic Terrorists love Trump. It’s so funny that Arabs love Trump, and call him Abu Ivanka !! Arabs call Trump a Hero and a “true friend of Islamists” !! And it’s what the West’s media and the Arab media report. Arabs love American Pervert, and call him Abu Ivanka, Abu Talib / Abu Taliban or Abu Arab ! But Why ?! You all should ask: Why Arabs Love Trump, and call him Abu Ivanka?! Why Terrorists Love Trump? Why Arab Islamists Love Abu Pervert (Trump) ?! Trump is actually Abu Incest! But Arab Islamists love Abu Incest or Abu Pervert, because it has deep roots in Arab history & Arab traditions. It’s a long story (We will write more about it later) Pigs like Abu Ivanka or Abu Incest or Abu Pervert has always been a hero in Arabia ! In the Jewish culture of Arabia & Se-mitic lands, Perverts were called Prophets or Heroes ! In the Jewish religions, pigs and perverts are called Jewish Prophets or Holy Perverts! So it’s obvious why Abu Ivanka, Abu Incest or Abu Pervert is a hero in Arabia! Even the recent story of Abu Ivanka or Abu Incest shows that the Arabic-Islamic culture of Arabia is a Satanic Culture. If you take a look at their Jewish Talmud & Jewish history, you can see who are their Jewish Holy Perverts !, and why Trump or Abu Ivanka is a Holy Pervert / Prophet for Arabia ! If you read the Jewish history & Arab history, you can learn many important things (We will write more about this issue later) In the Jewish-Arabic cultures, Holy Whores and Holy Perverts were called Prophets or Heroes ! So it’s obvious why Abu Ivanka or Abu Pervert is a hero in Arabia !”. They also add: “After Trump’s Muslim ban, Arabs call Trump a ‘True friend of Islamists’ !! And it’s really true! Trump is a friend of Islamists, and an enemy of Muslims! Even Trump’s Muslim ban shows who is who ! The Good guys or the good Muslims are on the Trump’s list, but Islamists are not on the Trump’s list ! , because Islamists are Satanists. Now even US good guys ridicule America, and say: The Land of Arab Islam, Saudi Arabia was excluded from Trump’s Islam ban ! .. The Land of Islamic Terrorists, Saudi Arabia was excluded from Trump’s Muslim ban ! .. But why The 9/11 Terrorists = Arab Islamists & Saudi Arabia Not Included In Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ ?!! .. Why is Saudi Arabia not on the list? ! Why is Egypt not on the list? ! Why is Turkey not on the list? ! Why are Arab states not on the list? ! All Americans would expect Saudi Arabia to be at the top of Trump’s list! .. even Arab states like Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar , United Arab Emirates and Jordon are not on the list ! .. Taliban was created by Saudi Arabia and CIA … the CIA and Saudi Arabia created al-Qaeda .. the CIA and Saudi Arabia created ISIL / ISIS / DAESH … The Saudi Osama bin Laden worked closely with both the CIA & Saudi regime .. If not for the British and French, Saudi Arabia would not exist ! .. If not for the British and French, Turkey would not exist ! .. If not for the West, Arab states would not exist ! .. British Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill described Saudi Arabs and Ibn Saud’s tribe as akin to the present-day DAESH / ISIS, telling the House of Commons in July 1921 that Saudi Arabs are ‘austere, intolerant, savage and bloodthirsty’ .. Trump supports Saudi Arabs! .. But instead of banning Muslims, you should ban Saudis & Arab Islamists from entering America .. If you really hate Islamic Terrorists, Ban Saudi Arabia’s Islamists from entering the US’ (2017) But Trump & America love Arab Islamists. ‘I love Arab Islamists. I think they’re great people,” Trump told CNN in September 2015 ! Trump is Abu Arab ! Instead of banning Saudi Arabia, Trump & CIA Reward Saudi Arabia for creating the 9/11 Attacks! Instead of banning Saudi Arabia, the West and the UN elect Saudi Arabia as defender of Human rights & Women rights! Of course, The West and the Media censor such news, but the US good guys say: Why are not the U.S. big media reporting such events?! Even the Lefts and Left-wing media are silent ! .. Why did Trump send the CIA director to reward Saudi Arabia’s Terrorists ?! Saudi Arabia’s Islam is Terror. The Wahhabi Islam is Terror .. After all, is America First or Arabia First ?! .. An award to Saudi Arabia for fighting Terrorism is akin to an award to Hitler for fighting Nazism ! .. An award to Saudi Arabia for fighting terrorism is akin to an award to Stalin for fighting the Soviet communism ! .. ( An award to Saudi Arabia for fighting terrorism is also akin to an award to Ayatollah / Rouhani for fighting Islamic Tyranny & Turkmenchay ! ) .. How does America expect to fight Islamic terrorism by rewarding Islamic Terrorists? ! (2017) Now all Iranians and even good Americans say: Fuck Trump and Fuck Islam of Arabia! Fuck America & Fuck Islam of Savage Arabia ! It’s obvious why Americans talk about Trump Treason, and say: Trump is a Traitor’ ! Trump is like Mullahs. In fact, the Ayatollah Trump is like the Ayatollah Rockefeller or the Ayatollah George Soros! Now even idiots talk about the Love story of Khamenei & Rockefellers, and the love story of Khamenei & George Soros! Now even idiots confess that Khamenei is a puppet of Rockefellers, and Khamenei = CIA’s Ayatollah = Ayatollah Rothschild = Ayatollah Rockefeller = Ayatollah George Soros who created The 2009 Coup and Islamic Turkmenchay. The Ayatollah Turkmenchay (Khamenei) and The Ayatollah Trump are the same shit, and now even the Mullah media confess that Mullahs love Trump, and Trump loves Mullahs !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious why The West and Trump love Mullahs & Saudi Arabia. Mullahs are Arabs; Mullahs are Arab Islamists, and all Arab Barbarians are Anti-Iran & Anti-Truth & Anti-Humanity. Even the good Arabs know why the Land of Islamic Terrorists, Saudi Arabia was excluded from Trump’s Muslim ban ! Even the good Arabs hate Arab barbarians and America. If you search the internet, you can see that even the good Americans ridicule the Fascist Pig Donald Trump. Now you cannot deny the undeniable facts. Now the West’s Leader is a fucking Fascist Faggot like Trump, who openly defends Racism, Fascism, Sadism, Arab Islamists & Anti-Iran Barbarians. Now the West’s Leader is like Mullahs, and even worse than Mullahs. Now the West’s leader is a stupid Pig, Trump, who just reveals why & how the West defends Islamists & Dictators & Terrorists. Now The West’s leader is an illiterate & brainless Fascist Pig (Trump) who reveals why The West is the true Evil, and why the West defends Islamic Barbarians, Islamic Terrorists & Islamic Dictators, from Saudis & DAESH / ISIS to Mullahs/ Rouhanis. Trump is the true face of the West, and the West is behind Rouhani & Rouhani’s evil acts including Rouhani’s Internet Censorship & Islamic Nekbat. Trump is the true face of the West. Trump is the true face of The West’s war against Freedom & Democracy & Progress in Iran and the world. If you search the internet, you can see that even the good Americans ridicule the Fascist Pig Donald Trump, and hate an open fascist like Trump . They know why Arabia and America support international Terrorism. They know what Jewish-Arabia-Trump love affairs mean. They even publish good articles like Donald Trump Praised Saudi Arabia’s Sharia Law !, and report: Trump loves Saudi Sharia ( = Jewish Sharia of Arab Islamists) .. Trump says: Men in Saudi Arabia have the authority to divorce their wives without going to the courts. It’s great !! … (America’s beliefs or) Trump’s beliefs about women is like Saudi Arabia’s beliefs about women (2017) Now even Americans talk about What Trump did in 100 days, and all the Terrifying Things That Donald Trump has done as US President ! (2017) The Fascist Pig Donald Trump is a symbol of America and American values. Now even Americans talk about The Fascist Pig Donald Trump and the embarrassing Lies & Censorship in the American media, and say: The fact is that the U.S. president is a 70-year-old child ! (2017) It’s not wrong. But the true fact is that the U.S. president is a 70-year-old Psychopath; The U.S. president is a 70-year-old Barbarian, with a medieval mind-set”. They also add: “US good guys are not blind. Now they publish articles like: American Barbarians in The Trump era (2017), or Is there a difference between Trump and a Barbarian ?! (2017) The US good guys know American Barbarians = Americans who are admirers of Barbarism, Racism, Fascism and Terrorism. They even know why the Islamic Regime is a Zionist construct, and an evil deception. They know Islamic Dictators – from Mullahs to Saudis & Erdogan. They know the Islamic Freemasons, and how the Islamic Dictator Erdogan is fucking Turkey, or why Saudi Arabia is the Top Sponsor of Terrorism. They know Savage America & Arabia. But they are not in the majority in America. Only a minority of American people know such facts and other Hard Facts including the Saudi-CIA role in creating Islamic Terror. Now these informed Americans talk about the CIA role in creating The Islamic Regime, and say: Rules for a CIA Revolution (like Islamic Revolution) are: ) 1- Corrupt the young, make them religious or anti-religious! Make them superficial, bigoted and ignorant. 2- Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial issues of no importance. 3- Destroy people’s faith in their national identity and in their national legacy by holding the latter up for contempt, ridicule and disgrace 4- Always preach democracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible! 5- By (implementing IMF Plans), destroy the national economy and produce years of inflation with rising prices and general discontent 6-
Incite public anger, encourage general discontent, and adopt a hostile attitude towards ordinary people / protesters 7- Cause breakdown of human values: honesty, integrity, Tolerance, Thinking etc (2017) Unfortunately, Mind control or Indoctrination is not a local issue. Now even the West’s good guys say: Indoctrination is taking place in schools all over the West. It’s happening in the UK to all children, it’s happening in the US to children of Christians & Jews, as it’s happening in Arab states / Islamic States / Jewish states .. The purpose of (CIA stooges like Noam Chomsky & Alex Jones) is to delude and deceive you with imagery, so you’ll be disinformed and make irrational choices and remain under Control’ (2017) But Only a minority of people are aware of such facts. And it’s a Big problem. Only a few people know the information that pigs like Chomsky & Alex Jones present as ‘Truth’ is based in the Lies of Big Brothers. Only a few people know pigs like Edward Bernays: the Father of Mass Mind control & Propaganda. Many don’t know that the CIA & Ayatollahs & Trump & Saudis are the same shit. Many still don’t know the truths”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now both Iranians and Americans talk about Treason from within! The American Barbarians and American Traitors say: Trump is correct in his backing of the Arab Islamists ! (2017) Now the US Journalists, who come from incest-abused family, praise Trump and say: Trump is correct in his backing of the Islamic Dictators ! (2017) Trump is correct in hurting the Iranian people, and helping the Islamic regimes ! (2017) Trump is correct in his backing of Arabs & Islamic Terrorists ! (2017) The US pigs are so proud that Trump is a friend of Islamists, and Trump is an enemy of Iranians ! They ask America to hurt the Iranian people, and to help the Islamists ! (2017) The US Journalists are CIA whores, and it’s obvious why the American Journalists = CIA’s whores say such things”. They also add: “In Iran, Treason from within is not a new thing. Since 400 years ago, and since 1970s & 1979, Persia or Iran has been a main victim of Treason from within. The Iranian traitors help the Anti-Iran Barbarians. The Iranian traitors help Anti-Iran Dictators = Islamic dictators & Western Fascists. In 2009, the Iranian traitors helped the Mullahs & the CIA & the West in creating the 2009 Coup and killing & suppressing the Iranian people (for more info, check Archive) The Iranian traitors help Mullahs & Nuclear Turkmenchay. The Iranian traitors are pigs like Asghar Farhadi. Now Asghar Farhadi has become a political whore and a Khayamel (ass-licker), who licks Rouhani’s ass. Now the British media and the UK Guardian of Mullahs & Masons report: Farhadi endorses Rouhani ! Farhadi threw his weight behind Rouhani ! He votes for Rouhani ! ( ie Farhadi votes for Islamic Tyranny & Turkmenchay ) (2017) Fuck Farhadi ! And it’s obvious why we Iranians say: Fuck Farhadi ! Fuck you, Farhadi ! This Motherfucker, Farhadi, knows that what he is doing is betraying people’s blood, betraying Iran & Iranians, and Helping Dictators & Bad guys. This Motherfucker, Farhadi, knows the 2009 Coup and the 2009 Massacre. But Farhadi is a Traitor. Farhadi is a dishonest Khayemal (ass-licker) In 2004, Abbas Khayemal (Kiarostami) defended AhmadiNejad. In 2004, Abbas Kiarostami became Abbas Khayemal (Abbas the Ass kisser !) ! And now in 2017, Asghar Farhadi becomes Asghar Khayemal ! Fuck Farhadi ! Fuck you, Asghar Farhadi! Now Farhadi himself shows & proves that Asghar Farhadi is an Islamic Freemason, who betrays people and defends dictators, helps Anti-Iran Barbarians and supports Islamic Tyranny & Turkmenchay, and maybe that’s why they gave him two Oscars. The story of recent Election Farce and Treason from within is a long story (that we will write more about it late) Now many talk about the Western media’s role in Social engineering and Mind control. Even the US good guys say: The American intellectuals are the mouthpieces for the CIA (2017) They know journalists and film-makers and other pseudo-intellectuals, and say: All of them are agents of the CIA in spirit and often in fact (2017) They know Government’s control strategy, and Critical / Logical thinking, and say: ‘Critical thinking is the very essence of rationality .. The CIA creates myths, but the CIA’s myths are called “beliefs” and “opinions” and are often disguised in moralistic language .. the protests and dissidents are controlled and diluted .. The CIA myths are carefully engineered and delivered to the people through the media and the polling organizations and other (mind control organizations) All of these are branches of the CIA in spirit and often in fact (2017) Unfortunately, the bad guys try to turn people into unthinking zombies, and many people including the American people are easily fooled and controlled. The American Shamelessness & Brainlessness is really unbelievable. Now their own US media reports that Trump’s Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says: ‘It is in the American interest to see a strong DAESH / ISIS, a strong Taliban, a strong Al-Qaeda and a strong Saudi Arabia! (2017) As America’s good guys say: That’s the way we do things in America! The collective self-delusion in America is so shameful. The Anti-Women Trump supports Saudi Islamic Terrorists ( = 9/11 Terrorists), while many Americans still refuse to chant: Fuck Trump, Fuck Arab Islamists, Fuck Arabia & America !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The US good guys know that Fuck Saudi Arabia is part of the Fuck Trump movement , as Fuck Mullahs / Fuck Ayatollahs & Fuck Arab Islamists is part of the Fuck America movement. Now if you search the internet, you can see the US good guys say to Trump: Eat Shit, and Go To Hell .. Eat shit and die Trump .. Hey Trump you can eat shit, and you can go straight to hell ! (2017) What The US good guys say to Trump is exactly like What Iranians say! But many Americans are not wise or good guys. Now if you search the internet, you can see that many Americans say: Trump is The Anti-Christ ! (2017) The US religious people say: Trump is Anti-Christ!, and they try to prove why Trump Is The Antichrist ! It’s so laughable. Of course they don’t confess that Trump is Anti-Christ & Anti-Iran ! But now even the stupid US media publishes articles like Donald Trump, The Antichrist ! or Rouhani, the Deceiver ! (2017) Now even the Islamic media talks about the Love Story of Trump and Stupid Cow Saudi Arabia ! Now even Muslims say: Fuck Islam of Saudi Arabia ! Fuck Islam of DAESH ! Fuck Saudi Islam ! The soup is too salty. So it’s obvious why all good guys say: Fuck Trump! Fuck Saudi Arabia’s Islam! Fuck Jewish Islam of Arab Islamists! Fuck Arab Islamists! Fuck France! Fuck Britain! Fuck Mullahs! Fuck America ! Fuck Islamists! Fuck Zionists!”. They also add: “Unfortunately, many still don’t know that Savage Arabia’s Islam is a Jewish religion, a Jewish cult. Those who say: Fuck Zion ! Fuck Jewish-Islamic Zion! , know why Islamist = Zionist, or Saudi = Zionist. But many still don’t know why Saudi Arabia is a Zionist country with a Jewish Religion. Only those who read history – including the history of Jews & Arabs & Jewish religions / Se-mitic cults- can see who is who”. As some wise Iranians say: “US good guys ridicule Trump, and say: LOOK! TRUMP + PIG = INSULT to PIG! (2017) They know why Trump is Pig, or why Trump is Taliban ! They truly say: Trump is a pervert, a religious pervert ! Trump is Taliban! The story of American Taliban & Trump is actually the story of Holy Perverts and Holy Whores (we will write more about it later) Now even Americans put comments in the media, and say: Trump is pushing American people to be more Racist, Cruel and inhumane .. (After Trump’s election) Many refer to the US as a rogue state because of America’s Evil acts and American support for dictators & terrorists around the world .. Trump is an evil man .. Trump is a Traitor .. Trump can unite Europe against America … Trump can unite the whole World against America … Trump is a neocon faggot & pedophile .. Trump has proven he is no different. Same shit. Fuck Trump .. Trump is a servant of Satan (who defends) the synagogue of Satan (2017) The Synagogue of Satan = The Church of Satan = the Arab House of Satan is where Satanic values = Barbaric values = inhumane values are called Holy values ! Now even idiots confess that Saudi Arabia is the House of Satan, and they can see why the ancient Iranians were wise people who said: The Savage Arabia is the Land of Satan & Zahak. When Satan wants to find a silly savage Stooge (Zahak) for fighting against Iran & all Good Guys & Goodness, Satan goes to his homeland, ie the deserts of Savage Arabia! It’s a very famous & ancient Iranian story. And now you all can see How Satan (Trump) goes to Savage Arabia, and How Arabs Dance with Satan! It’s so funny that now even Americans say: Trump is Satan ! (2017) Yah, America is Ahriman, Trump is Ahriman ( = Satan) who tries to find a new Zahak! But today is not the Stone Age = the Age of Zahak! Today is another day ! Now the Love story of Satan & Saudis (= Trump & Saudis) just make people laugh, and all normal humans just say: What A Horrible Country America is .. What A Terrorist Country America is! Now Trump & Anti-Iran Barbarians just make people laugh, and all normal humans just say: What A Racist Country America is .. What A Fascist Country America is! Now even idiots can see why Satan ( = Trump = America) is so stupid. Now even Americans say: Trump is the very epitome of Satan! Yah, Trump is Satan, and Anti-Iran Jews / Arabs are Children of Satan! Trump = Satan is so stupid ! Only The CIA’s pigs like Alex Jones , American Fascists, Zionists and Islamists can love Trump and Satan !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious why the normal humans say: Fuck Saudi Arabia & Fuck Trump! Fuck Trump & Fuck Islam of Arabia! Fuck America & Fuck Islam of Savage Arabia! Fuck UN & Fuck Arab Islamists! Fuck America & Fuck Arabia! Trump and Mullahs are the same Anti-Iran shits. It’s so funny & informative that Mullahs help Trump, and Mullahs protect Trump by censoring those who talk about the true face of Trump & Anti-Iran Barbarians! Of course it’s so obvious why the Mullahs just help the Anti-Iran Barbarians and Anti-Iran plans. Trump and Rouhani are the same Anti-Iran shit . Both Trump and Rouhani are Freemasons, who implement Anti-Iran Plans. Both Trump and Rouhani are CIA agents, who implement the same Anti-Iranian Plans. Both Mullahs = Rouhanis and Trump are Anti-Iran Barbarians, who implement the Anti-Iran Plans of the Big Brother. Both Rouhanis and Trump love Savage Arabs / Jews = Anti-Iran Barbarians and their Satanic Islam. Both Rouhanis and Trump support Anti-Iran Arabs = Children of Satan and their Satanic Islam. Trump and Mullahs are brothers. Trump and Arab Islamists are brothers. But now even Americans say: Fuck Trump & Fuck Saudi Arabia! Fuck America Religion & Fuck Islam of Arabia! Now even Americans talk about ‘Top 10 Everyday Things Banned in Saudi Arabia’ (2017), and say: (The UN and the US love Saudi Arabia because of the Banned things in Saudi Arabia!) The Top 10 Everyday Things Banned in Saudi Arabia are : 10 Arab Banned: Freedom ! In Saudi Arabia, the “Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice” known as the Religious Police have prohibited all kinds of Freedom 9 Arab Banned: Women! Even in Saudi Arabia’s local malls, women are banned from entering ! 8 Arab Banned: Cinema & Theaters ! Movie theaters are prohibited in Saudi Arabia! Cinema, Theater and going to a Movie theater to watch a film / theatre is prohibited in Saudi Arabia! 7 Arab Banned: Music ! Music is forbidden in Saudi Arabia ! Malls and stores do not have music playing through speakers in order not to offend The Religious Police & Islamists ! In Saudi Arabia, schools and universities do not teach music! 6 Arab Banned: Art school & Music School ! Art is forbidden in Saudi Arabia! So, Art schools ( Music Schools & Cinema schools etc) are prohibited ! 5 Arab Banned: Gyms and sports for women ! In Saudi Arabia, the Religious Police ban women from any actives. In their girls’ schools and female universities (!), there are no gym classes or sports teams ! 4 Arab Banned: Tolerance and Religious Tolerance: (Saudi Arabia says Tolerance is not Islamic, and only Intolerance is Islamic ! ) It is against the law for non-Muslims to worship in Saudi Arabia ! In Saudi Arabia, there are no houses of worship to cater to non-Muslims! All religions are forbidden! Only the Arab religion (Wahhabi Islam) is free ! 3 Arab Banned: Women working! Women are not allowed to do most of the jobs in Saudi Arabia. Arab companies are not be allowed to hire women as engineers! There are only a few employed women in Saudi Arabia, (and all of these few) employed women must hide & cover their faces at all times while working ! 2 Arab Banned: Women Traveling ! Over in Saudi Arabia, Women cannot travel alone ! Women under 45 must either travel with a husband or father or else hold a permission card !! Arab Islamists say the freedom of mobility for women is Haram ! (Islamic illegal ! ) So, Arab Islamists strictly forbid women in their home from leaving the house ! 1 Arab Banned: Women driving ! This is the most notorious ban involving Saudi women. But many don’t know that the main reason for preventing women from driving in Saudi Arabia is that it may cause women to leave their houses ! In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to travel alone! Women even are not allowed to leave their houses! A number of Arab women tried to obtain driver’s licenses, but were shocked to find out that the computers at Arab offices aren’t able to look up their information when their Arab ID numbers are entered, as the database only includes men !! (2017) And now because of these Banned things, the UN and the US say that Saudi Arabia is a defender of Women & Women’s rights ! In the Trump-Saudi-UN Charter, which is a new American-Arabic Bill of Rights, Women should not be allowed to leave their houses! And the freedom of mobility for women is illegal ! Such Jewish laws or Arabic laws are not new things. But now the UN and the US defend such Arabic / Jewish laws, and it’s a new Farce ! If you read the Jewish Talmud and take a look at what the Jewish Fanatics do & say, you can see that Saudi Arabia’s Islamic laws are Jewish laws. Saudi Arabia is a Jewish state, and Saudis just obey the Jewish laws. In Saudi Arabia, women have been put to death in Wahhabi villages for simply appearing in the streets! And it’s not a hidden fact. Just look what DAESH = Wahhabis = Saudis do ! The Jewish / Arab Barbarity and Saudi Savagery is not a new thing. But Just look how the UN and the US defend Arab Barbarity & Saudi Savagery! Their Abu Pervert (Trump) is a medieval barbarian; but Saudi Arabs say: Abu Pervert is a Hero !! (2017) It’s obvious why the Arab barbarians love Trump! According to a famous Persian Proverb: Idiots love Idiots! Barbarians love Barbarians! Perverts love Perverts! So it’s obvious why Arab Islamists love Trump, and why USA & Trump love Arabs. Now even idiots and the Mullah media talk about Why ISIS, Arabia and Mullahs love Trump! This stupid Pervert Trump is Satan, and Arab Islamists worship Satan; Satanists worship Satan! It’s quite simple! All Islamists including Arab Islamists are Satanists, and what’s why Islamists lick the ass of their Great Satan! It’s obvious why the people’s media report: Netanyahu-Trump love affair begins with anti-Persian measures ! (2017) Arab-Trump love affair begins with anti-Persian measures ! (2017) Trump-Islamist love affair begins with anti-Iranian measures ! (2017) Yah, the Mullah-Trump love affair begins with anti-Iran measures. But when they say Savage Arabia and Savage Islamists empowering girls and women ! , what can you expect from them?! It’s obvious why they and other Barbarians hate Iran & Iranian values including Truth, Tolerance, Humanity etc. The US and Trump love Arab Barbarity & Arab Terrorism. Have you forgotten The 9/11 Farce?! The US and Trump love the 9/11 Attacks, and those who created the 9/11 Attacks”.


As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the American Values, you should know Saudi Arabia and The 9/11 Farce ! Even America’s good guys know why US officials and Trump are naughty little rascals, why Tillerson is Killer-son, and how Killerson helps Killer & Islamists. All people know that Saudi Arabia is a cesspit of Terrorists & Islamists. But Barbarians including the UK, the US and France love Saudi Arabia = Islamic cesspit of Terrorism & Barbarism. The Bad guys love Savage Arabia, but the good guys including America’s good guys refer to Trump and Saudis as Bad little Savages ! As you know, Little is used between an adjective and a noun to emphasize that you dislike something or someone, although they are not important. So it’s obvious why people say: Saudi Arabia is a bad little shit ! In 2016, even the stupid Trump confessed that without U.S. support and protection, Saudi Arabia wouldn’t exist! If you search the internet, you can easily find what Trump said about Saudis in 2016. Both Saudis & Ayatollahs are Anti-Iran stooges of the CIA/ MI6. Even this stupid animal (Trump) knows, and the current events – from their Election Farce to the America-Arab Farce – show that without MI6 / CIA support and protection, Ayatollahs & Islamic Regime, Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Pahlavists / Monarchists and MEK/ MKO and Saudis wouldn’t exist. Just look how the CIA journalists and the CIA media help Ayatollahs and protect Rouhanis. The current events are so laughable & so informative (we will write more about it later), and again show that without Foreign support and protection, Ayatollahs wouldn’t exist. Rouhanis = Ayatollahs = Arab Islamists are bad little shits. Even idiots know why Saudi Arabia is a bad little shit-hole. But Saudi Arabia is a bad little cesspit which reveals the real American Values! Now if you google for ‘Saudis drink piss’ or ‘Saudi Arabia Camel Piss’ you can find many Facts, which show you why Savage Arabs & Saudis are Shit-eaters & Piss-eaters, and why the shitty Americans & Trump are Shit-lovers, who love Shit-eaters = Arab Islamists!”. They also add: “Now even Americans ask good questions: Why Isn’t Saudi Arabia On Trump’s List Of Banned Muslim Countries? ! Why do Trump & America defend Saudi Arabia ?! Saudi school texts teach hatred toward other religions .. Saudi school texts promote Intolerance and Terrorism .. Saudi textbooks containing derogatory and intolerant references to Shia and non-Muslims .. Saudi school texts say that Arabs should Hate Christians, Persians and other races & religions ! .. Saudi school texts say that all Muslims should follow the Saudi Islam, and if they don’t follow the Saudi version of Islam, they are unbelievers! .. Saudi school texts say that all unbelievers should be killed ! .. Saudi school texts say that both Iran’s people and the West’s people are unbelievers ! ” (2017) So it’s obvious why American Barbarians and Jewish Barbarians love Saudi Arabia. It’s obvious why Mullahs and Zionist and other Anti-Iran Barbarians love Savage Arabia & its Arabic-Islamic Sharia = Jewish Sharia. In the Jewish Islam of Savage Arabia, the Jewish Hadith, the Jewish Feqh, the Jewish laws and The Jewish traditions are called The Arabic-Islamic Sharia. Both Israeli school texts and Saudi school texts teach Racism & Fanaticism & Terrorism & Barbarism. Both Israeli school texts and Saudi school texts say that unbelievers ( = non-Jew = non-Arab = non-Islamist) should be killed and tortured ! Savage Jews = Savage Arabs = Savage Se-mites love Intolerance, violence, savagery, oppression, destruction, and deaths. It’s part of their Jewish-Arabic-Satanic culture (….) Even the good Arabs know what recent events mean. Now the Arab media proudly reports: Netanyahu confessed to cooperate with Arabs against Iran ! Zionists confess to cooperate with Islamists against Iran ! (2017) It’s so funny that now the Arab media & Jewish media say: Arabs do not consider Israel as their enemy! Arabs love Zionists! Arabs are Zionists! Arabs love Israel ! (2017) And this is not a Joke. It’s what Netanyahu says in 2017 ! The Jewish Barbarian (Netanyahu) has badly confused, and badly confessed to Jewish-Arab secrets! Now Netanyahu says Israel and Sunni Arabs are Brothers! Zionists & Arabs are Brothers! (2017) And this is not a Joke. It’s exactly what Netanyahu says in 2017 ! Now their own Jewish / Arabic media reports: Netanyahu revealed Israel close relations with Arab states, and said he has sent a Jewish Rabbis delegation to Bahrain ! (2017) Now Netanyahu says Israel & Arab Islamists are working together ! (2017) Maybe in the near future, Netanyahu will confess to other parts of the Truth, and will say: Yah, the Arab Religion is Jewish; the Jewish Islam is a reality, and the Arab Mullahs are Jewish Rabbis ( = Jewish Mullahs) who just use Jewish Taqqiya ! ( = Jewish Lies & Deception) to hide their true face! But the informed people already know the Anti-Iran Barbarians including the Anti-Iran Jews & Arabs & Arab-Israeli axis = Satan axis! Now even the good Jews talk about ‘Jewish and Islamic extremism’ and ‘Jewish and Arabic Terrorism’ ! , and say: Saudi Arabia is Islamic Zionism; Israel is Jewish Zionism; and America is Christian Zionism ! (2017) The West is the true Evil, and Islamists are the Evil stooges. But unfortunately, many people are still ignorant. Many people are gullible ( = easy to deceive). The Mass Mind Control is a present day reality. And we all should think and ask: How people are manipulated ? How people are controlled? How UN, UK, USA, Trump and other stupid barbarians can play such silly games ?!”


As some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious why the good guys, including America’s good guys say: Fuck Trump! .. Trump GO FUCK Yourself ! .. Trump is a Bastard .. Trump is a Motherfucker ! .. Trump is a Barbarian’ ! (2017) Trump is a bad little bastard; Trump is not important. But Trump is a symbol of American Barbarians, who send many awful messages to the whole world. For instance, Trump visits Saudi Arabia & Israel on his first foreign trip! And so, even the US Good guys say: The entire World is in danger with President Pervert (Trump) ! (2017) Now The US President Pervert (Trump) just shows that America is the Evil ! Now even the US good guys talk about America’s shameless U-turns, and report: ‘ In 2016, Trump said that Saudi Arabia ordered the 9/11 attacks. Who blew up the World Trade Center? It wasn’t the Iraqis, Trump informed Fox & Friends in February 2016! It was Saudi Arabia – take a look at Saudi Arabia; open the documents, Trump said .. Trump also said: Saudi Arabia wants women as slaves’ ! But Trump’s shameless U-turns again show that Cheating, Lying, Deception & Stupidity & Barbarity is part of America’s DNA! America has no shame & no brain. Now in 2017, Trump dances with the 9 /11 Terrorists ! ( = Saudi Terrorists) Trump defends the 9 /11 Terrorists = Savage Saudis. The President Barbarian (Trump) thinks Savage Arabs and a new 9/11 can save his presidency! But a new Watergate ( Russia-gate / Saudi-gate/ FBI-gate etc) awaits Trump at America, and Trump’s fate can be like or worse than Nixon’s fate or Kennedy’s fate. The fate of all Anti-Iran Barbarians is almost the same. All of them went to hell, and all of them will go hell”. As some wise Iranians say: “The Arab media & American media say: Trump is a ‘True Friend of Islamists’ ! (2017) America is a ‘True Friend of Islamists’ ! (2017) In fact, they confess America is the true Evil! The stupid Trump showing the world many things about American Stupidity, American Tyranny, American Hypocrisy, American Fascism, American Savagery, American Deception and American Barbarism. In fact, the stupid Trump can be a useful idiot ! All Anti-Iran Barbarians -including The President Barbarian (Trump) – and their evil acts make people aware. The President Pervert (Trump) actually says to all Humans: It’s time you wake up to the fact that America is the Evil; America is the true Evil!” They also add: “Now all sane people can see what we Iranians have repeatedly said about America and Islamists (check Archive) is true, absolutely true. Now even Americans ridicule The US & US media, and talk about ‘How Fake their ‘Real’ News Is ! (2017) Americans truly say: In America, Television is Tell – Lie – Vision .. In America, TV or Tell Lie Vision is a very powerful tool that is used to manipulate people .. Americans don’t really think; they have opinions and feelings. Television creates the opinion and then validates it .. Television tells people what to think about politicians, restricting choices to those acceptable to the Big Brothers .. In America, Television tells people what is Reality! Everything else is filtered out. And only few people have the urge to seek the truths and Reality .. In America, few people think; few people seek the truths & Reality; few people are free men’ ! (2017) Now America’s good guys publish good articles like The Science Of Brainwashing (2017), and say: the American people live in deception .. Many know nothing about the mass brainwashing of citizens .. It works on a principle of Tension & Release: Create tension, in a controlled environment, increasing the level of stress. Then provide a series of choices that provide release from the tension! As long as people believe that the choices presented are the only choices available, even if they are at first glance unacceptable, people will nevertheless, ultimately seek release by choosing one of these unacceptable choices .. It’s called a Brainwashing Process .. The key to the success of this brainwashing process is the regulation of both the tension and the perceived choices. As long as both are controlled, then the range of outcomes is also controlled. The victims are induced to walk down one of several pathways acceptable for Big Brothers … Adrift and confused, people seek release from the tension, following paths that acceptable for Big Brothers‘ (2017) Now if you open your eyes you can easily see How the CIA & Bad guys use The Evil Science Of Brainwashing in America, Iran, France, Britain and other parts of the world”. They also add: “The lack of Thinking, the lack of critical thinking & logical thinking creates many problems. People tend not to think about many things. It’s a very serious problem. The general public have no idea the media and the pseudo-intellectuals are feeding them worthless lies, half-truths and fabrications to deliberately undermine them to benefit Big Brothers. Most people only realize their mistakes when it is too late. So you all should ask yourself: Do you have the ability to detect Lies, and to realize your mistakes? Do you have the ability to seek the truths, and to criticize everything including yourself and your beliefs if necessary? Do you have the ability to learn from your mistakes and other people’s mistakes? Do you have the ability to correct your mistakes ? The stupid people just Repeat their mistakes. They are Ablah & Bimar & Oghde-ii, ie they suffer from many Mental Complexes including Inferiority Complex; they don’t think; they just obey media, fashion etc; they live like sheep and trust herd instinct. But if the people just follow the herd and If the people don’t think, then Nothing will change and the American Farce gets worse every day! The British Farce gets worse every day! The West’s farce gets worse and worse ! The French Farce gets worse every day ! The Arabic-Satanic Farce gets worse every day! The Jewish Farce / Islamic Farce gets worse every day! If the people live like sheep, and just obey media & Big Brothers, then Nothing will change and Everything gets worse and worse. The real Change will occur only when people start to think, and to ask for Change. The Mass Mind Control is a present day reality. Trump is the tip of the iceberg, and you should not forget Gullible people = Sheeple. Now many talk about Gullible people. The English term “Gullible” has a Persian root “Gull” (Gull Khordan, Gull malidan etc) For instance, Iranians say: Sheeple are a gullible and easily manipulated public. They are gullible ( = rahat Gull mikhoran) This Persian concept (Gullible) has the same meaning in English language: Gullible = too ready to believe what other people tell you, so that you are easily tricked . Unfortunately, many people are gullible, because they don’t think, and they live like sheep (….) Today’s world is like the Matrix, where The blue pill would have put people back to sleep in the fake world of the Big Brother ( = the Matrix), and where the red pill would wake people up to the real world and the real problems ! But Do you choose blue pill or red pill ?! Do all people choose red pill ?! Why do some people choose blue pill and the Orwellian world of the Big Brother ?! Such questions are important questions. Think about it”.

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