Whore-gate: British Mullah, UK Ayatollah Prostitute

September 18, 2016

In these days, the Terrible Internet is so terrible in Iran; and many days we cannot use the Internet because of Rouhani’s Internet Censorship, ie because all ports & protocols, all HTTPS connections and internet connections are blocked, or throttled to the point that internet speed or download speed drop to near zero. As some wise Iranians say: “Now Rouhanis, with the help of the West, implement a new phase of their Satanic Censorship & Filtering projects. And it’s the so-called benefit of their Nuclear Deal. All HTTPS connections or internet connections are almost blocked in Iran, but the West’s IT companies and the West’s Internet companies visit the Islamic Regime, make love with Islamists ( = Rohuanis), and openly aid Rohuanis in implementing Censorship & Filtering projects in Iran! It’s the so-called benefit of their Nuclear Deal ! Now in many days we cannot use the Internet because of the Rouhani’s Internet Censorship, but the West that is behind Rouhani, and the West’s companies openly help Rouhanis to filter & block the Internet in Iran, and to censor & filter the Internet more and more. This is the so-called benefit of the Nuclear Deal ! The West and Western media censor all news of Iran, including all news of Rouhani’s Internet Censorship. This is the benefit of their Nuclear Deal ! (We have already written about How the West & Western companies help and support Rouhani & Islamists, and How the West and Western media censor all news of the Terrible Internet Censorship in Rouhani era; Check Archive for posts like Internet Tragedy, Evil Censors: West or Devil , which talk about The Internet Tragedy in Rouhani era, How the West helps Mullahs ( = Rouhanis), and How Rouhanis -with the help of the West- run attacks on all HTTPS connections) The Savage West wants all good guys to remain silent or inactive. But If you the good guys don’t remain silent, and If you the world’s good guys openly and strongly condemn the Savage West for helping & supporting Rouhani & Rouhani’s Internet Censorship, then you can force the West, Western Companies & Western media to Stop supporting Rouhani’s Internet Censorship, and to Stop censoring all news of Rouhani’s evil acts. Don’t remain silent. The Savage West and The Evil Empire want all people to remain silent/ inactive”.

“In these days many talk about The Ayatollah Candy Charms or The Ayatollah Whore, The UK Hiyatollah Whore! Even stupid Animals know what recent events mean. Now even stupid Animals can see the Death of Islamic Values/ Slogans, and the Death of Islamic Ideology! Now even stupid Animals talk about their Oil Turkmenchay (IPC) and many other parts of their Islamic Turkmenchay! Now stupid Animals talk about their Islamic Corruption and Islamic Lies & Islamic Paradoxes, and about Satanic Islam of Saudi Arabia & DAESH because now even stupid Animals can see why Arabia is Satanic & Zionist, or why Ayatollah is British Whore. Now even stupid Animals talk about Islamic Dayus and Islamic Dayus-i ( = Dayasat ) ! Dayus-i means: What a Dayus does! Dayus-i is what a Basiji or Mullah does. In Persian language, Dayus/ Dayoos, Qoromsaq, Jakesh, Bi-Namus or Bi-Sharaf are synonyms, and mean: Someone who makes money by selling his soul, his honor, his pen, his principles, his religion, his wife, his children, his family, his friends etc; someone who has no Honor ( = Sharaf) and no principle, and enjoy a Religion of Lies & Shitty Paradoxes & Immorality. So it’s obvious why Ayatollah is Dayus, why Mullah/ Rouhani is Dayus, why Islamist is Dayus, why Basiji is Dayus. Their Islamic Turkmenchay proved many things. Dayus, Jakesh, Ko(..)Kesh etc are funny slang terms in Persian, and Iranians use such slang terms a lot in recent days & recent years !”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Recent events are so important & so informative. After CFR-gate & IRIB-gate, Mullahs create Whore-gate = Po-rn-gate or Candy-gate! The news of recent Islamic Dayus-i ( = Dayasat ! ) is short, shocking, so laughable & so informative: British Po-rn star Candy Charms paid a visit to the Islamic Regime ! (Aug 2016) And it’s what their own media -UK media & Mullah media- said in Aug 2016. A British Po-rn star – that the witty Iranians call her Ayatollah Candy Charms ! – was granted an Islamic visa to the Islamic Regime, and was escorted by Islamists. This Brit Po-rn star even took pictures with Basiji & Chafieh ! (Chafieh is a symbol of Basij & Islamists!) This British Po-rn star, Candy Charms, says: I have been on holiday in Islamic Regime’ ! (Aug 2016) And it’s not a joke. A British Po-rn star has been on holiday in Islamic Regime! It’s worse than all jokes! But this Po-rn gate -like CFR-gate or IRIB-gate-
is a reality, and a real eye-opener. Now even idiots can see what Iranians already said about ‘the West & Mullahs & UK’ was true, absolutely true”. They also add: “The fucking West & Western media censor Everything, even Iranian jokes & Iranian comments. Now Iranian people say funny & important things like: ‘If you want to know the Islamic Regime & their Arabic-Islamic Morals, you must take a course with this Po-rn Star Ayatollah Candy Charms, who is a professor of Arabic-Islamic Ethics! .. If you want to know more about Islamic Corruption & How UK’s Jewish Mullahs & Islamists are Spreading Corruption on Earth just take a look at Islamic Turkmenchay, or at Islamic Barbarians (DAESH, Basij, Saudi etc), Islamic lies, Islamic crooks, Islamic whores or even this British-Islamic Po-rn Star Ayatollah Candy Charms! .. the UK, the US and the West created the Islamic Regime, because the Islamic Regime is Kosher / Kossher ! They Fuck & Filter the internet in Iran and say: the internet is not Halal = Kosher ; but Brit Porn Stars & Sadism & all Satanic acts are Halal ! This is their Islamic Kosher / Kossher ! .. Islamic Filtering means: Censor & Filter all things for Iranians, but allow British Po-rn & UK Porn Stars for Islamists! This is the MI6 Islam of Rouhanis .. Islamic Filtering means: Block the internet and Block all ports & all HTTPS concoctions in Iran, but sleep with your Great Satan & UK Po-rn Stars in Islamic Harem! This is the CIA Islam of Rouhani .. Which Islamic Hejab can hide this size of breasts of UK Po-rn Stars? this UK Candy & UK Po-rn whores don’t need airbags! Apparently the CIA & MI6 re-design their Islamic Hijab for hiding Huge tits/ Cow tits of their Masonic-Islamic whores = UK Po-rn Stars ! … (Now Iranians say to the West & Mullahs: ) What a British Po-rn star is doing in your Islamic Regime?! She is doing Islamic Jihad for you?! .. (Iranians put comments and say to the outside world 🙂 Don’t forget how Iranian people live inside Iran, and how MI6’s Mullahs impose their Sadistic-Islamist laws on Iran’s people, while Mullahs widen their Arab anus for British Porn Sl-uts! Don’t forget Saeed Malekpour and many other Iranian victims of Islamist laws against S-ex .. Don’t forget their fucking Moral Police and how our Iranian women have been beaten & arrested just for the fucking Hijab, but now Islamists widen their anus for British Po-rn Stars! .. Don’t forget their Fucking Islamist Filtering, that blocks Everything for Iranians, but allows Islamists to have British Po-rn Stars! .. Don’t forget the Fucking Islamist Morality Police; their Islamic Police attack Iranian people but defend British Po-rn Stars!’ ! It’s obvious why the West censors Everything. The West is like Mullahs. The West is behind Mullahs, and now their Po-rn Candy openly says: It’s very common for British Porn Stars to visit Islamic Regime ! (Aug 2016) In her recent interviews, The British po-rn star Candy Charms also says she has many Islamist friends inside the Islamic Regime! (Aug 2016) Now even stupid animal can see that Mullahs and Islamists are whores of CIA/ MI6, and the Islamic regime is run by CIA/ MI6″. They also add: “After CFR-age & IRIB-gate, the West’s Whores & Mullahs create Whore-gate or Po-rn-gate! But for what?! Mullahs suffer from Terrible Madness & Mad Cow disease and now they themselves announce the Death of their Islamic Revolution, the Death of Islamic Ideology! Now they themselves show & prove that Ayatollahs are British Whores , and the Islamic Regime is Anti-Iranian Regime of Arab Whores & Faggots = Masons! Now even retards can see why the Islamic Regime is the Regime of Whores & Faggots! Now even stupid Animals can see (and confess that) Arab Islamist = Mullah = Islamic Freemason / Dayus = Islamic Zionist ! Now even stupid Animals/ Basijis talk about the love story of Arab Islamists & Zionists and Ayatollahs & Zionist Whores! Now even stupid Animals/ Islamists talk about the Zionist Agenda of Arab Islamists!, the Satanic Islam of Arab Islamists, and Why & How Arabic-Islamic regimes are stooges of Zionist Satan! It’s very very laughable. Now if you search the internet, you can find lot of things about Islamic whores, Islamic faggots, Islamic Sex Jihad (Jihad al-Nikah !) and the Satanic Religion of Saudi Arabia & Arab Islamists”. They also add: “As you know, the British media report and confess: ‘British girls leaving Britain to join Islamic State .. British girls travel to Syria from Britain to join Jihadis & DAESH’ ! Their own Brit journalists talk about ‘How Brit whores & Brit girls prostituting themselves to Islamic State! So this Brit Po-rn Star Candy Charms is just one of many British girls who perform MI6’s Jihad of Sex! This MI6 Candy Charms is one of the Harem’s whores ( = Molazeman-e Harem!) and one of many Masonic-Islamic whores of MI6/ CIA who prostituting themselves to Satanic Cults. Now CIA/ MI6 Whores including Saudis/ DAESH & Rouhanis announce the Death of Islamic Ideology!”. They also add: “Now even If Animals start to think about the 2009 Coup & Ayatollah CIA/ MI6 & his Islamic Turkmenchay & Islamic Values/ Slogans & Candy Charms-gate & CFR-gate & IRIB-gate & many other parts of Islamic Turkmenchay, then they can see why the Islamic Regime is run by MI6/ CIA. Now UK’s Mullahs are creating a lot of Historic scandals (scandal after scandal), and showing the depth of their Confusion & the Death of their Islamic Ideology. Mullahs and their Masonic masters have badly confused, and badly suffer from Mad Cow disease & Goh Gijeh (shitty Confusion) ! So now even idiots can see that Hassan Dayus (Rouhani) & Ayatollah Turkmenchay (Khamenei) are British Dayus or British Whores. Now the UK’s whores including Rouhanis & Saudis suffer from Mad Cow disease, and now both Saudis & Mullahs announce the Death of Islamic Values/ Slogans = the Death of Islamic Ideology! Now even idiots talk about this issue! Now even idiots can see Saudis = DAESH / ISIS; the Islamic Regime is a puppet regime, and Islamists are whores of MI6/ CIA. Now even idiots confess: In the Jewish-Arabic Islam of Arab Islamists (form Saudis to Mullahs), Faggots & Whores are called Jihadis !, and Sodomy & Rape is called Jihad ! (2016) In fact, this Brit Po-rn Star Candy Charms is just a Basiji or Jihadi ! The Ayatollah Candy Charms and other Basiji & British whores prostituting themselves and call it Islamic Jihad = Sex Jihad = Jihad of Hijab = Jihad of Nikah / Efaf = Masonic-Sadistic-Islamic Po-rn !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The story of Islamic Whores & Islamic Barbarians is actually the story of ‘The Evil Empire & Colonialism & Imperialism & Control’. The story of Islamic Whores & Islamic Barbarians is the story of ‘Masonic-Islamic Lies & Masonic-Islamic Paradoxes’, and even idiots know why this story is important, and why Iranians care about this story, curse & ridicule it, and use many F-words when they talk about it. The story of this British Whore Candy Charms is part of the story of ‘Masonic-Islamic Lies & Paradoxes, and that’s why we Iranians care about it. The MI6’s Candy Charms is a Basiji or Jihadi ! The MI6’s Islamists & Arab Islamists prostituting themselves, and say Prostitution is Jihad ! And it’s not a joke. The UK, Islamic Freemasons and Arab Barbarians (= Islamists) openly talk about the Holy Barbarity and the Holy Prostitution and the Holy Whores and the Holy Whorehouse! They see Paradise & Heaven as a Holy whorehouse, in which they can have se-x with Holy Whores ! (= Huries/ Angels) And it’s not a joke. Arab Islamists become Terrorists, kill themselves & perform Holy Barbarism, because they think & dream about going to the Holy Whorehouse and having se-x with the Holy Whores for ever! And it’s not a joke. It’s the reality of the Jewish-Satanic-Arabic Cult of Islam. In Islamic Cults, British Po-rn stars wearing Hijab and becoming Holy Whores! And it’s not a joke. A British po-rn star wearing Hijab & spending her holiday in Islamic Regime! And it’s not a joke! Now realities are worse than all jokes! Now the West’s media & UK media say: ‘British girls prostituting themselves to Islamic State .. Arab girls travel to Syria to prostitute themselves in Islamic State .. A large number of Brit girls leaving Britain to join Islamic State, and to prostitute themselves!‘ ! It’s not a joke. It’s what the UK media say! The UK Islamic whores travel to Islamic State to perform Holy Prostitution! The UK Whores, Arab Basijis & Saudis are the Harem’s whores ( = Molazeman-e Harem) !”. They also add: “In the Jewish Islam of DAESH (= Arab Islamists), Rape & Barbarism is a Holy thing! And it’s not a joke. In the Jewish-Arabic Islam of Arab Islamists, the Evil things are Holy things! If you read history, or even take a look at the Arabic-Jewish media or at the so-called holy texts of Jewish fanatics, you can learn many things about Jewish Arabs, Jewish Barbarism, Jewish Hijab, Jewish Beliefs of Islamists and Jewish Roots of Islamists. Now even US media say: Jewish Women wearing Burqas! Now even stupid Animals & Mullah Media talk about Jewish Islamists, S-ex Jihad & Satanic Islam of Savage Arabs = Islamic Barbarians! The soup is too salty! “. They also add: “Islamists are whores of MI6/ CIA. Iranian people hate them, and make jokes about them. The fucking West & Western media censor Everything, even Iranian jokes! But what Iranian people say & joke about Islamist whores & British Whores clearly show that Iran’s people know and hate Islamist Lies & Islamist Paradoxes & the West’s Lies & bullshit. Now Iranians make good jokes about Islamists & West. Iranians actually express their Anger and show their Awareness. Now Iranian jokes are so funny & thought-provoking (and If you know the slogans of Islamic regime, then you can have much more fun with Iranian jokes) Now Iranians say many good & funny things. For instance, Iranians say: In their new Fatwa, Islamists say British Po-rn Stars are the Holy Whore or the Holy Slut (= Huris) and British Po-rn is nothing but the holy Jihad of Se-x ! .. When this Brit Whore Candy Charms went to Khomeini’s airport (and also to Hawza & Namaz-Joma), Basijs and Mullahs welcomed her and chanted: Salle Alla Mohammad, Ko(..)e Imam Koshamad !! ( = Welcome the Imam’s Pus-sy !) Een Ko(..)e ParPar az Koja Amadeh , Az Safar Britannia Amadeh ! (= this ripped & used pus-sy is a Holy pus-sy from Britannia!) Salle Alla Mohammad, Yar-e Imam Koshamad ! (Welcome the Imam’s Slut ! ) Een Ko(..)e ParPar az Koja Amadeh , Az Safar London & Karbala Amadeh ! ( = this ripped pus-sy is a Holy Pus-sy from London & Karbala!) Een Ko(..)e Candy az Koja Amadeh .. (this Candy pus-sy is a holy pus-sy from .. ) .. When Basijis & Mullahs were fucking themselves with such Islamic slogans, Brit officials & MI6 agents went to Khomeini’s airport, thanked Mullahs, rubbed Candy cu-nt and chanted : Een Ko(..)e ParPar shodeh , Hedieh beh Rahbar shodeh !! ( = this holy pus-sy of Candy Po-rn Star is a gift to Imam !) Een Ko(..)e ParPar-e Mast , Hedieh beh Rahbar-e Mast !! (= Our holy pus-sy of UK / MI6 is a gift to our Ayatollah Turkmenchay! ) .. Candy Charms started to speak, and just said: Thanks, my Basiji Brothers! My cu-nt and my ass is a gift to you, to the Harem’s faggots (Modafe-een Harem !)! My big boobs is a gift to Imam Ayatollah, who has created Islamic Turkmenchay! My huge tits is a gift to Islamists! My Big Boob is a gift to Basiji! .. At this time, Islamists & Basijis became so emotional, used their Islamic Honor (Qeyrat-e Islamic ! ) and chanted: Hussein, Hussein Shoar-e Mast , Ko(..)keshi Eftekhar-e Mast ! (Our slogans are Islamic; our Arabic-Islamic Pride is Ko(..)keshi = Pimping & Prostituting!) ! Hussein, Hussein Shoar-e Mast , Ko(…)dadan Eftekhar-e Mast ! (Our slogans are Islamic; So our Arabic-Islamic Pride is becoming Faggots & Whore)! Hussein, Hussein Shoar-e Mast , Turkmenchay Eftekhar-e Mast ! (Our slogans are Islamic ; So our Arabic-Islamic Pride is Islamic Turkmenchay !) Ko(..)e Englis Sarvar-e Mast , Fahesh-i Rahbar-e Mast ! ( = Our Master is a British slut ! , Our Imam is a British whore!) Great Satan Arbab-e Mast, Englis ham Yavar-e Mast ! ( = Great Satan is our God / Master, England is our Supporter !) Mason-e Ko(..)i Rahbar-e Mast, Englis ham Arbab-e Mast ! ( = Freemason Faggot is our Islamic leader, England is our Master !) Hey Rahbar-e Ko(…)dadeh , Amade-im Amadeh ! ( = Hey Ayatollah you are Faggot, and all Islamic faggots are ready for you !) Hey Candy-e Ko(…)dadeh, MI6-e Hal-dadeh !, Amade-im Amadeh ! (Hey British Whores, all Islamic faggots are ready for you!) .. Iranian people, who watching this shitty Love story of ‘UK whores & Islamists’, just laugh and say to Basijis & Islamists: Hussein, Hussein Shoar-e tan , Ko(..)dadan Eftekhar-e tan ! (= Your slogans are Islamic, but your Arabic-Islamic Pride is Sodomy & Prostitution!) ! Hussein, Hussein Shoar-e tan, Pofyuz-i / Dayus-i Eftekhar-e tan ! ( =.. your Arabic-Islamic Pride is Dayus-i ..) Hussein, Hussein Shoar-e tan, Turkmenchay Eftekhar-e tan ! ( = Your slogans are Islamic, but your Arabic-Islamic Pride is Islamic Turkmenchay!) Hussein, Hussein Shoar-e tan, Jendegy / Bargedy Eftekhar-e tan ! ( = ..Your Arabic-Islamic Pride is becoming Slaves & Whores!) ! .. If you want to know Who is Dayus? Who is Ko(..)Kesh?!, then Haddad Adel (ie Khamenei’s bride = Great Satan’s bride) and The Ayatollah Candy Charms can show you the answer! .. Even If you carry out linguistic studies, you can easily see that Basijs & Ayatollahs are Dayus & Ko(..)Kesh! ( x-Kesh means x-puller; Ko(..)Kesh is Pussy-Puller or Pimp) ! The story of Ayatollah Candy Charms proves that Islamists are Ko(..)Kesh! Rouhani is Ko(..)Kesh! Ayatollah is Ko(..)Kesh ! …”. They also add: “Iranian people make many good jokes, and express their Anger and show their Awareness. The West’s whores = the West’s journalists bullshit you about Iran & Everything. They censor Everything. They tell lies about Everything. This UK Candy Po-rn posted her Hijab picture on her websites! Even in this picture, you can see Chafieh behind her head-scarf ! She openly says that many British Po-rn Stars travel to Islamic Regime! (Aug 2016) But now even idiots can see why the CIA & UK support Hassan Dayus (Rouhani) and The Ayatollah Dayus, and why the Islamic regime is run by MI6 / CIA, or why the Islamic Regime is a Dayus regime. Now it’s quite clear that Islamists & Mullahs are Anti-Iranian Freemasons & Dayus! Iranians have already talked about The West’s Whores & Islamic Dayus/ Pofyuz (Check Archive for [1]: ‘The West = The Evil Empire of Lies & Censorship’ etc) Iranians have already talked Rouhani?s evil acts (aka Rouhani?s Pofyuz-i / Rouhani’s Dayus-i ) [1] Iranians have already talked about the Islamic newspapers of Freemasons (Qanun, Lesarat, Keyhan etc) and showed Who is Dayus? Who is Anti-Iran Whore? or Who is Pofyuz? ! [1] But now even stupid Animals can see what Iranians already said was true, and Islamists are Pofyuz & Dayus! [1] If you take a look at ‘Memoirs Of Hempher, The British Spy To Middle East’, you can see even the 18th century British Spy said: ‘Mullah Muhammad of Najd was my protĂ©gĂ© .. I said to Mullah Muhammad, ‘Come on, let us each get a woman by Mut’a! We will have a good time with women! .. I hurriedly went to Brit Whores who had been sent forth by the Ministry of Colonies with the task of seducing Muslim Clergymen ! .. I gave this Brit whore the nickname Safiyya ! .. Mullah Muhammad of Najd was thoroughly in Safiyya’s hands now … This was part of his Ijtihaad (!!) .. Thanks to Safiyya, I put an halter on him (!!) I was sending monthly reports to London. Mullah Muhammad was following the path I had drawn for him .. This Mullah Muhammad of Najd was Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab (= Father of Wahhabism & Saudi Arabia)’ ! [5] The UK is still using British whores, and give them Arabic nickname! Apparently the UK’s Mullahs gave this British Candy Charms the nickname Safiyya or Sakinna 3-Pestoon ! (= Sakinna with huge boobs! ) ! In UK websites, Brit whores say: Hey (Basiji / Jihadi), Watch Brit Pussy live all day ! Spread Brit pus-sy & fuck UK sl-ut ! UK Hotties for (Jihadi & Basiji)! For Big Boob Lovers’ ! (2016) A picture can speak 1000 words; so just look Mullah & Basiji import such a Holy Slut & Holy Po-rn from UK to Islamic Regime! The UK calls her Candy (Ab-Nabaat !) for Mullahs! Now CIA whores & MI6 prostitutes are granted Islamic visa = MI6 visa = CIA visa to Islamic Regime! This Islamic visa is a Rockefeller visa ! After CFR-gate & IRIB-gate, even idiots know what a CIA/ MI6 visa or a Rockefeller visa means! Ali Rockefeller (Khamenei) has revealed many things. Now even the 3% / idiots say: If you have a CIA visa or MI6 visa, then you can easily travel to the Islamic regime and make love with Mullahs, even if you are a Po-rn star, a Zionist, a CIA, a Great Satan’s spy, a Zionist whore of MI6/ CIA, or a British Po-rn Star of MI6 / CIA !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Saudis, DAESH, Arab Islamists and Khamenei’s Turkmenchay (even this Candy-gate) show that their Arabic-Islamic values/ slogans are bullshit, and ‘Deeds count, not slogans’ ! Saudis/ DAESH & Mullahs show that Deeds not Words are what counted ! Now Saudis & Khamenei & other British Whores clearly show what the fucking Arabic-Islamic Morals of Mullahs mean! All recent events – Khamenei’s Turkmenchay, CFR-gate, IRIB-gate, Po-rn-gate etc-
reveal that Khamenei’s Efaf & Khamenei’s Islam & Khamenei’s Jihad = Sex Jihad of Arab Islamists & Satanic Islam of Saudi Arabia. Now even Mullah TV & Western TVs talk about Arabic-Islamic S-ex Jihad’ ! (= Jihad Al-Nikah) Even the mass media confess that Brit Whores & Arab whores go to Islamic State for ‘S-ex Jihad’ ! Now If you search the internet, you can see that many talk about ‘S-ex Jihad’ and this fact that Arab Islamists & Jihadis = Faggots & Whores. But it’s obvious why Arab Islamists = Whores & Faggots. Their Jewish-Arabic Religion is the Religion of Whores, the Religion of Slaves. In the Jewish Religion of Arab Islamists & Zionists, Rape is a holy thing, Genocide is a Holy thing, Barbarism is a Holy thing, and Prostitution is called Jihad or Efaf ! Now the West and Zionists and DAESH and Saudis clearly show you the reality of Satanic Religion. Only in a Satanic religion, Arab women and Islamists are allowed to prostitute themselves and call it Jihad !, Islamic Jihad ! Only in a Satanic religion, Islamic whores/ faggots are allowed to implement the Jewish Plans & the Zionist IMF Plans and call it Islamic Economy! Only in a Satanic religion, Islamic whores/ faggots are allowed to create Turkmenchay – from Nuclear Turkmenchay to Oil Turkmenchay (IPC) – and call it Islamic Resistance! Only in a Masonic-Satanic religion, Turkmenchay is called Islamic Resistance !, IMF Plans is called Economic Resistance !, and British Spies are called Ayatollah & Rouhani! In the Jewish Religion of Arab Barbarians, Satan is called God, and whores & barbarians are Holy Jihadi or Holy Whores ! ( = Chosen people or Chosen whores !) ! Now Prostitution is called Islamic Jihad ! And it’s not a joke. Now British Po-rn Stars pay a visit to the Islamic Regime! And it’s not a joke ! Now DAESH, Arabic-Islamic whores and their fucking Hijab and their fucking Jihad is not joke. If you want to know more about The Jewish-Satanic Religion of Arabs, just take a look at DAESH, Savage Arabia, Is-rael & Lebanon. Saudis, Zionist, DAESH & Hezbollah are the same shit. Hezbollah showed its true face in 2009. Lebanon’s faggots & whores are Hezbollah. Hezbollah’s faggots are Arab-Islamic faggots. Arab faggots openly talk about Holy Rape or Holy Sodomy! They openly say that Islamist whores/ faggots/ rapists try to empower Islam! They have no shame. They have no brain. Basijis = Hezbollah’s faggots & Arab faggots showed their true colors in 2009. But now even their own Islamic TVs talk about the Satanic Islam of Arab faggots! Now even idiots can see that many Jewish-Arabic laws are Satanic; even the Jewish-Arabic Jihad & Hijab is Satanic”. They also add: “Iranians are cultured & civilized people. Iranians are very different from Arab Barbarians, Jewish Barbarians, the West’s Barbarians & other Barbarians. Arab Islamists and Saudis are animals, not humans. But the good Arabs, the good Jews, the good Westerners and all normal Humans are like Iranians; All civilized Humans are like Iranians, that means: They have many problems, but they are not barbarian, sadist & animal ! Being Barbarian or Being Hezbollah/ DAESH/ Zionist/ Saudi/ Basiji/ Freemason or British Barbarian is equal to Being Animal, not Human. Iranians and all normal humans hate British Barbarians and other barbarians, including Jewish-Islamic Barbarians. Barbarians say Barbaric-Satanic things. For instance, Arab Mullahs/ Muftis say: Islamic necessity makes permissible the prohibited; Islamic necessity makes permissible Satanic acts! Can you believe it?! If you search the internet, you can see Arab Islamists (= Arab faggots) hide explosives in their ass!, and say: Arab Islamists widen their anus for Arab Islam !! Saudi Mullahs & Arab Islamists openly say: Arab Islamists / Jihadis ( ie Terrorists & Suicide bombers) should allow their fellow Arab Jihadis sodomize them to widen their anus to fit more explosives! Can you believe it?! This is their Arabic-Islamic Morality! ( = Efaf / Efat ! ) If you search the internet, you can find many things about the Arabic-Islamic Sodomy! The Holy Sodomy of Saudis & Arab Islamists is not joke. Their own Arab Mullahs issue Fatwa about it ! For instance, Mullah Abdullah Al-Khallaf, an Arab Mufti, says: JIihad comes first, for it is the pinnacle of Islam, and if the pinnacle of Islam can only be achieved through Sodomy, then there is no wrong in it (!) For the overarching rule of (Arab Islam) asserts that ‘necessity makes permissible Satanic acts! (In our Arabic-Islamic Jihad) it becomes obligatory to perform Rape or Sodomy, because there is no greater duty than Jihad’ ! Can you believe it?! This is their Arabic-Islamic Morals! ( = Efaf ! ) This is what Arab Mullahs say, and you can easily find their Satanic-Arabic Fatwa in the internet. Iranians and other civilized people know what such Satanic Fatwa mean. Now Arab Islamists and Arab Mullahs (= Mufti or Sheikh) issue Fatwa and say: Arab Islamists can sodomize Arab Islamists! Arab Islamists can rape people! Arab Islamists can widen their anus for Arab Islam, and their Jewish-Arabic God ( = Satanic God of Saudis) will reward these Jihadis ( = Islamic faggots ! ) ! The internet is full of such Arabic Fatwa, which are Satanic Fatwa, Jewish Fatwa. In 2009 and all years after 1979, we Iranians could see that such Satanic Fatwa / Arabic Fatwa is not a myth. But now the internet and the Arab world is full of such Satanic Fatwa. Now ISIS, DAESH or Satanic Islam of Arab Barbarians is not a myth. Now many facts and many news seem like jokes! But they are not jokes. They are facts, tragic facts. In the Satanic Religion of Arabic-Islamic Barbarians even Rape & Sodomy & Child-killing & Suppression & Tyranny & Barbarity & Saving Islamic Tyranny at any price and by any means is called the most important Islamist Duty ! (= Ojab-e Vajebat !) ! In 2009, Iranians saw the true face of the Satanic-Arabic Islam. In the Masonic-Islamic TVs – from IRIB to Fadak TV & Saudi TVs – Arab Sheikhs (= Mullahs) openly say: Islam & Jihad is the greatest priority, So anything and everything that is otherwise banned becomes permissible! Arab Mullahs say such Satanic things, and talk about Holy Rape & Holy Whores & Holy Faggots & Holy Sodomy! (We would write about this issue later) In 2009 and all these years, Iranians could see what the Satanic-Arabic Islam of Arab Islamists mean. Now Saudis & DAESH show, and all normal humans can see, that Arab Islamists are faggots, whores & barbarians. Now all sane people seeing contradictions in Jewish-Arabic Religions/ Cults. Now even good Arabs & good Westerners say: Arab women (ie Arab Islam women) are forced to be covered head-to-toe! But in the service of Islamic Jihad, Arab women are allowed to prostitute their bodies! Sodomy is forbidden, but Arab Islamists and Saudis are allowed to sodomize each other ! Lying is forbidden, but Mullahs and Islamists are allow to tell lie & Big lies to empower their Arabic Islam! (2016) If you search the internet, you can find many things about the S-ex Jihad, including pictures of Islamic whores, Hezbollah’s whores, Hezbollah’s faggots & Arab faggots”. They also add: “Hezbollah’s whores and DAESH / Saudi whores are the same shit. Rape & Sodomy is part of the Jewish-Arabic Cults of Islam. You should not forget that Sodom was an Arab-Jewish city ! You all have heard the biblical story of Sodom (Lut) and Sodomy (Lavat). But Sodom was Se-mite. Sodom city was a Se-mite city = Jewish-Arab city. Their own books/ texts say & confess that Sodomy is a Jewish-Arabic tradition ! In fact, what Arab Mullahs do in their Hawza, or what DAESH & Saudis & other Arab faggots do is not a new thing. The only new thing is that now Arab Islamists sodomize each other, but call it Jihad !“. They also add: “Now many things are so laughable and important. Now their own Ayatollah talk about Islamic Dayus & Islamic Dayusi = Dayasat ! It’s very very laughable that now their own fucking Mullah says: Islamic Turkmenchay = Islamic Dayus-i ( = Dayasat !) !! (2016) Now Mullahs refer to Islamic Dayus-i as Dayasat, and openly confess that Their Dayanat ( = Religion) is Dayasat ! All Iranians and informed people know what Khomeini and Mullahs already said about their Dayanat ( = Religion) and their Sayasat (= Politics)! But now their Dayanat ( = Religion) is their Dayasat = Dayus-i ! And it’s what their own Mullahs say in 2016! Now Mullahs and their CFR-gate, IRIB-gate, Po-rn-gate or Candy-gate clearly show that Their Dayanat ( = Religion) is their Dayasat ! (= their Islamic Dayus-i) ! Their Sayasat (= Politics) is their Dayasat, too! Now a Basji newspaper says: Who is Dayus? ! (2016) But CFR & IMF, Great Satan’s bride, Haddad, Great Satan’s whores & Rockefellers & CIA Leveretts & Khamenei & Candy Charms & Haddad Adel clearly show Who is Dayus! The Islamic Turkmenchay and all recent scandals clearly show that Ayatollah is Dayus, Rouhani is Dayus, Khamenei is Dayus, Regime’s whores = Regime’s supporters are Dayus. Now even idiots make jokes, and say: ‘Did you hear the one about a British Po-rn Star who went to Islamic Regime to do Islamic Jihad with Mullahs?! No, this is not the start of a joke. It actually happened ! All informed people know the story of CIA’s Basijis & MI6’s Islamists who called themselves ‘Rich kids of Tehran’ ! These stupid faggots were children of Islamist crooks & thieves & terrorists (= Basijs) who steal Iran’s oil & Iran’s money with the help of CIA & MI6. These Islamists and Basijis are Arab Islamist Kids of CIA & MI6, not kids of Tehran, and all Iranians (97% + 3%) hate them so much. Now these Arab faggots, these Arab Islamist Kids of CIA & MI6 ( = Basijis) create the British Po-rn Star scandal, and prove many things. The media report: This British Po-rn Candy used a Porsche (a Basiji Porsche) in Tehran! (Aug 2016) Candy Charms openly says that Her lovely Islamist friends (S-ex-bunny, S-ex-Jihadi / Basiji etc) helping her with her Islamic Visa & everything! (Aug 2016) If you think about all recent events – from the story of Candy Charms to the story of GEM TV & Islamic whores of Savak, or How The MI6’s GEM TV in London work with Mullahs & Islamic Cinema of Savak ! – you can see that UK & Mullahs actually announce the Death of Islamic Revolution, and the Death of Islamic Ideology & all Arabic-Islamic Values! It’s so important. Now even idiots can see Khamenei is British Whore, Khamenei is worse than Qajar & Pahlavi, or Khamenei is worse than all Dayus”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The West’s whores = the West’s journalists just insult people’s intelligence. The UK’s lies and the West’s lies are like or worse than Islamic Lies & Paradoxes. In the West’s Whorehouse (ie the West’s media) and in the Arabic-Islamic whorehouse, the stupid whores & faggots crap about Iranian women and ‘po-rn star look’ & other bullshit. It’s so laughable that British Po-rn Sluts have become Islamists, and talk like Islamists! It’s so laughable that The West’s Whores & Gays & Faggots talk and behave like religious fanatics! In fact, Western Paradoxes = Islamic Paradoxes = Jewish Paradoxes. It’s so laughable & ridiculous that The West’s whores ( = journalists) and the West’s Sluts & Faggots ( = Freemasons) defend Islamists & Arab whores, but say: It’s Bad that Iranian women are beautiful and Anti-Islamist ! In fact, the Savage West and Islamists are the same shit”. They also add: “The UK and Freemasons are the world’s stupidest pigs. Just look How they support Mullahs. The UK and Masons know that their Rouhanis ( = Mullahs) have no public support in Iran. But do you know how the UK & Masons try to support their Mullahs? They ask CIA/ MI6 Po-rn whores to support Mullahs! They say: Mullahs have no public support in Iran; Mullahs are so hateful & helpless; All Iranians hate Mullahs; So Mullahs need that the CIA & Rockefellers & Brit Whores & Brit Po-rn support the Islamic Regime! The Islamic Regime needs the support of British Po-rn Stars because the Islamic Regime has no public support in Iran! If UK Po-rn Stars support Mullahs, then CIA & UK media can pretend that the Islamic Regime is legitimate & not bankrupt ! And it’s the British Logic! But even kids know that if CIA / MI6 Whores & Po-rn Stars support Islamists, then it’s just an Eternal Shame & Eternal Damnation for Islamists (Az Sad Ta Fosh Bad-tare .. ! ) ! The UK & Masons are so stupid. Now the UK media stupidly say that Iranians should not be mad at UK whores (ie at Candy Charms/ Rouhani / Khamenei etc) because UK Whores confess that Iranians are so civilized, so kind and generous! It’s exactly what the UK media say! The UK Barbarians and their childish tactics just make Iranians laugh! Iranians know British methods/ British tactics, and that’s why all Iranians hate the UK so much. All Iranians hate the UK & British whores -from Mullahs to Masons- so much. In these days, Iranians say many funny & thought-provoking things about the UK & Islamists, but the fucking West and Western media censor Everything”. They also add: “Now even the West’s good guys can see the true face of Islamists. Even the West’s good guys say: ‘A man is nu-de with six na-ked Po-rn Stars? Quick, call the Morality police chief. Oh No, He?s what? He himself is the Islamic Morality police chief ! It’s a Persian joke, but it’s good that the West’s good guys repeat such jokes. Now many good jokes have been made about Islamists & British Whores! Some should try to collect and translate all good & thought-provoking Iranian jokes. The fucking West and Western media censor Everything, even Iranian jokes! because Iranian jokes show that Iranian people are not blind or stupid. Iranians jokes show that Iranians hate Rouhanis so much, and Iranians express their anger at Rouhanis & West. So the fucking West & Western media even censor Iranian jokes! The stupid West & its Media & its Mullahs insult people’s intelligence by Lying, by Censoring, by Shitty Paradoxes, by Orwellian tactics. But now even the 3% / idiots can see Who is Nofuzi ( = infiltrator), and What is Nofuz (= infiltration) ! Now even stupid Animals can see that The real Nofuzi are the Mullahs & the leaders of Islamic regime. The real Nofuzi is Ali Rockefeller Khamenei ! Even idiots know that all recent events just show and confirm that the Islamic Regime is run by MI6/ CIA. Mullahs are Anti-Iranian whores. The Religion of Mullahs is Masonic & Satanic-Arabic. In the Arab Islam of Mullahs, their fucking Arabic-Islamic Morality means: Mullahs impose Hijab on all women, but Mullahs love British Po-rn Stars! In her recent interviews, this British Candy Po-rn says that many of her friends in Po-rn industry travel to Islamic regime! Apparently, they try to create an Islamic Po-rn Industry in Islamic regime! But as Iranians say & joke, the British-Islamic Po-rn Industry of Islamic regime has its own unique characteristics! For instance, Islamic Po-rn stars say: We did this Po-rn and dedicated it to the Imam and his Harem ( = Modafeen Harem) ! Our Po-rn and Our tits & ass & pus-sy is a gift to the Ayatollah and his Harem ( = Modafeen Harem) ! In the Po-rn Industry of Islamic regime, their Islamic Po-rn Stars chant Islamic slogans about Hijab/ Efaf & Efat !, and participate in Islamic Prayer (Namaz-Jomeh) & Islamic Mourning (Azaa & Rozah) ! Their Islamic Po-rn stars say: We love both Po-rn & Hijab !, and we wear Hijab Bartar ! ( = Chador or Borqa) ! We stop filming our Po-rn videos on Islamic Mourning days! We stop filming our Po-rn films on special days because we Po-rn makers respect our Islamic laws & Islamic Morals! The Masonic Po-rn Industry of Islamic Regime is Orwellian; their Islamic Po-rn stars participate in regime’s demonstrations and chant Islamic slogans !, and Mullah TV & BBC & UK Media say: Just look how these decent whores support Islamic regime! These decent whores show that our Islamic regime has a real public support !” They also add: “Iranians are angry, and Iranian jokes show why & how Iranians are angry. But what is said about Islamist Po-rn or Islamic Po-rn stars = Harem’s whores (= Molazeman-e Harem) is a reality, not joke! Now Arab girls & UK girls perform ‘S-ex jihad’ ! As the good Arabs say, S-ex jihad means these Islamist women should have se-x with countless men, countless Jihadis! But the Arab Mullah / Mufti say: these Islamist women (ie Islamic whores) who have se-x with countless Jihadis are doing a legitimate Islamic Jihad ! Islamist women are making sacrifices (!!) -their chastity & their dignity- in order to help se-xually-frustrated Jihadis (!) Islamist whores try to empower Islam in Syria! The Arab Mullah / Mufti are really Sag Maz-hab, that means their Islam is a Jewish-Satanic Religion. Now even Muslims can see that the Religion of DAESH & Saudi Arabia is Satanic. Now good Muslims say: The Arab Islamist girls in Hijab are prostituting themselves for what?! for Islam?! Such Islam is a Satanic Religion. Even good Muslims know that if a Religion or a Prophet/ Sheikh says Religious Sodomy, Rape or Barbarity or any Satanic Acts (= Barbaric, Sadistic & Inhumane acts) is permissible for Jihad or Jihadis or any special person, then this Religion is 100% Satanic, this Prophet/ Sheikh is 100% Satanic. There is no doubt about it. All good Muslims and all normal humans are aware of this issue : Only a Satanic religion can say Satanic Acts are permissible! Even idiots are aware of this issue. In the Satanic Religion of Arab Islamists & Mullahs, all Satanic acts are permissible !, Everything is permissible !, of course when you do it in secret but chant Islamist slogans in public! In the Arabic Religion of Mullahs, you can sleep with Great Satan, create Turkmenchay and become Great Satan’s bride (= Great Satan’s whore), and make love with Zionists & CIA & Rockefellers, and become a Pervert with British Po-rn Stars, and fuck yourself with Satanic Acts! But you should chant Islamic slogans in public! DAESH / Saudis & Mullahs are two sides of the same shit. Their Arabic-Islamic traditions are Jewish Traditions & Masonic Traditions. Even their Hijab and their Taqiyya is a Jewish tradition. Now If you search the internet, you can find many good things about Jewish Hijab & Jewish Taqiyya. If you search for ‘Jewish Taqiyya ‘, you can easily see why The Holy Deceit or Taqiyya is a Jewish tradition. All Crypto Jews including Noam Chomsky, Arab Islamists & Ayatollahs follow their Jewish tradition of Taqiyya, and try to deceive people. They are stupid whores. Even the West’s intellectuals & journalists are stupid whores; they are MI6/ CIA’s whores. Now they defend CIA & Basij Friendship! (2016) Now in the CIA/ MI6 media, including the CIA’s Huffington Post, they publish articles like [2]: ‘Signs of Friendship toward the Great Satan are Everywhere in Islamic Regime Today ‘ !! (June 2016) In the CIA Lefty media, Huffington Post, a CIA whore writes: I could see better than many first-time visitors (!) evidence everywhere of the Islamic regime advertising a stark public message of increased friendship toward the Great Satan (!!) .. Now Islamists and Mullahs have replaced their anti-American murals on the walls of Tehran with positive images (!) .. One even features a full-length portrait of Obama juxtaposed with an Islamic hero! (Now Basiji) Islamists come up to Americans and tell them spontaneously: (Islamists love Great Satan! ) ! .. (It’s clear that) ‘all of the problems of the Iranian nation are caused by the West, by the UK, by America‘ ! But (do you know what the Islamic Regime says?! Now) Basijs and IRGC guards tell us again and again: This is not what we Basijis think (!!!) We Basijis Love America (!!) We Islamists love the Great Satan (!!!)’ The number of such incidents is more intense now, after the signing of Nuclear Deal’ ! Can you believe it?! It’s exactly what CIA agents write at the Huffington Post in 2016 ! And it’s exactly the Death of Islamic Revolution, and the Death of Islamic Ideology! Now the CIA whores & Jewish agents of CIA put aside their Jewish Taqiyya, and openly talk about CIA & Mullah Friendship! In 2009 to 2016, Mullahs put aside their Jewish Taqiyya and create Turkmenchay, 2009 Massacre, IMF-gate, GMO-gate, Monsanto-gate, CFR-gate, IRIB-gate & Po-rn-gate! Now Saudi Arabia & Arab Islamists put aside their Jewish Taqiyya and openly make love with Zionists & Is-rael ! Now the Jewish CIA openly talk about CIA & Islamist Friendship! So now even stupid animals can see what Iranians already said about CIA & Islamists was true, absolutely true. The CIA whores have low IQs, and stupidly say: After the 2009 CIA Coup & Nuclear Turkmenchay, Iranian people have become pro-American & pro-Mullah & pro-Obama! After the 9/11 attacks, American people have become pro-Arab & pro-Saudi & pro-Islamist ! After the Holocaust, Jewish people have become pro-Nazi & pro-Hitler ! Now the UK & US media say such Orwellian lies, and insult your intelligence in such a silly way”.


As some wise Iranians say: “All MI6/ CIA whores, from Mullahs & Masons to Journalists & Jihadis are ultra-stupid Psychopaths. MI6’s Islamists & British Mullahs defend Hijab & Po-rn Stars & S-ex Jihad ! British Queen is a pedophile, a child-abuser and child-eater. A Brit Po-rn Star, Ayatollah Candy Charms, says: ‘I had a short holiday in the Islamic Regime; What all the attention is over?’ ! (Aug 2016) This MI6’s Candy, that is a candy (Ab-Nabaat) for Mullahs, is a sick joke. All Iranians know what Mullahs already said about Nuclear Deal & Candy (Ab-Nabaat) ! But now Mullahs create Turkmenchay, and the UK thanks Mullahs for creating Turkmenchay, and send Mullahs a Candy (Ab-Nabaat !) Charms ! It’s very very laughable & important that The West’s Candy (Ab-Nabaat !) or the UK’s Candy (Ab-Nabaat !) for Mullahs is actually a British Po-rn Star, Candy Charms! Now even idiots ridicule Mullahs, and say: The CIA & MI6 want to thank Mullahs for creating Nuclear Turkmenchay, so this UK Po-rn Star Candy Charms is a gift (and a Candy (Ab-Nabaat !)! ) for Mullahs, who serve the West’s interests! Now even the 3% can see that Mullahs and Islamic Regime are worse than Pahlavi, Qajar & Hajji Baba! But Mullahs even don’t know that This MI6’s gift, This MI6’s Candy (Ab-Nabaat !) Charms is a great Historic Shame. Mullahs will go to hell soon. But Iran & Iranians & History will never forget Mullahs & their Islamic Nekbat & Zelat & Dayus-i = Islamic Turkmenchay. Now even the stupid pigs like Noam Chomsky confess that Iranians have strange memories . Even this Jewish pig, Noam Chomsky, says at the MIT: Iranians have strange memories, and remember all things ‘ ! In fact, now even stupid pigs can see that Iranians will never forget Crimes & Betrayals. The West is a stupid Evil. But Iranians know that all criminals say to victims: Lets forget our crimes; This is history! Forget what we criminals did to you! This is an ancient history! But victims have memories, and you cannot tell them: Lets forget everything! If you say such silly things to Iranians, then Iranians say to you: If you can forget the Holocaust or the 9/11, or if you can forget the Karbala, then we Iranians can forget the 2009 Coup, the Islamic Turkmenchay, the Anti-Iran Sadism & all Western-French crimes or all American-British crimes against Iran & Iranians. We Iranians never forget. We can forgive, but we never forget. We Iranians never Forget your crimes, your big lies, your betrayals & your barbarities. It’s obvious why all Iranians hate the UK so much. We Iranians never Forget Sadists and Traitors. And We never Forget recent years – from the 2009 Coup to the Nuclear Turkmenchay, IMF-gate, CFR-gate, IRIB-gate, Po-rn-gate, Oil Turkmenchay (IPC) and other parts of Islamic Turkmenchay . We never Forget Ayatollah Obama and Ayatollah Hillary Clinton. This American Bitch, Hillary Clinton, is like or worse than Donald Trump = American Hitler“. They also add: “Now even idiots can see that The Savage & Satanic West is behind Islamists including Saudis, al-Hindi (Khomeini), al-Afghani, al-Turk (Khamenei) and other Anti-Iranian whores. Now even idiots can see why this Jewish Turk (Khamenei) and all Mullahs are the Enemy of Iran and the Enemy of Iranian people. Now even the 3% / idiots talk about the Oil Turkmenchay (IPC) and many other parts of Islamic Turkmenchay & Islamic Dayasat, and actually say: Islamist is Dayus; Islamist is Pofyooz; Islamists are Barbarians of Arabia who hurt Iranians and help Iran’s enemies; Now even the 3% confess to such facts. The 3% are Iranians, but they are stupid Iranians who already thought that the Islamic regime cares about Freedom & Independence of Iran and Iranians! But now after the Islamic Zelat/ Nekbat/ Turkmenchay, the 3% can see the true face of Islamic Regime. It’s so important. Mullahs will go to hell soon. Now after their Islamic Turkmenchay, it’s quite clear that The 1979 Fetneh = Islamic Revolution was nothing but a CIA / MI6 Plot to stop Iran’s progress & Iran’s advanced programs (including Iran’s nuclear programs in 1970s) Now in 2016, even the fucking Mullahs confess to this issue! The soup is too salty!” They also add: “It’s so important that now even the 3% / idiots can see, and confess, that Mullahs are Arabs, not Iranians. Now their own Mullah TV confess that Basiji leaders are Arabs, not Iranians. Now in Aug 2016, the Mullah TV says: the Head of Basij, Naghdi, is Arab, not Iranian .. our Arab brother, Naghdi, who is the chief of Basij, is an Arab from Iraq. He is not Iranian .. Even in 1980s, he was an Ajnabi / Iraqi, and worked as an Arab / Iraqi soldier of al-Majlis of Iraq’ ! (Aug 2016) Can you believe it?! It’s what their own Mullah TV says! Now in Aug 2016, their own Mullah TV confess that the leaders of IRGC & Basij are Arab & Ajnabi, not Iranians. It’s a great historic confession. Now even stupid Animals can see why Iranians said & say Basijis and Mullahs are Arab & Ajnabi = Anti-Iranian whores. Now even idiots can see why all Iranians (+97%) hate, ridicule and curse Akhund-e Dayus / Akhund-e Arab / Akhund-e Ko(..)Kesh ! (In Persian, Akhund = Ayatollah = Rouhani = Mullah) Now even idiots can see what happened in the 1979 Fetneh (= CIA’s Islamic Revolution) : A bunch of CIA Arabs & MI6 Mullahs who were non-Iranian & Anti-Iranian ( = Yek Mosht Akhund-e Dayus & Arab & Anjabi) were sent to Iran to serve the West’s interests and to stop Iran’s progress (= to ruin Iran) Now even idiots and their media confess that Akhund-e Dayus (= Rouhani / Mullah) is Arab & Ajnabi. Now their own IRIB & Mullah media confess that The chief of Basij is Arab, not Iranian! The Arab chief of Basij is a CIA Arab barbarian who created the 2009 Massacre. In 2009, the Arab & Ajnabi leaders of IRGC & Basij (= CIA Arab Barbarians) created the 2009 Coup & the 2009 Massacre. And now they create CFR-gate, IRIB-gate and Po-rn-gate! The MI6’s Po-rn Star Candy Charms is just a CIA/ MI6 gift & candy (Ab-Nabaat !) to them for thanking them for creating the 2009 Coup, Islamic Turkmenchay and Serving the West’s interests (Khosh-Khedmati beh Qarb!) Now even the 3% confess to such facts. The soup is too salty. Now even Sports and Olympics games show & confirm that Rouhani is an Anti-Iranian whore, worse than AhmadiNejad, and the Islamic Regime is Anti-Iranian ( = Ajnabi) Now Rouhanis & Islamists say the worst Anti-Iranian crap in their media, attack our Iran and defend savage Arabs or West ! Now the Islamic regime’s officials talk and behave like Zionist Arabs & Sworn Enemies of Iran & Iranians (We will write more about this issue later) But it’s obvious why Mullahs and Islamic regime’s officials talk & behave like Zionists, Arab Barbarians and Sworn Enemies of Iran & Iranians. The Islamic Regime is an Anti-Iranian regime of Arab Faggots & Freemasons. Now even idiots can see why the Islamic Regime is Arab & Ajnabi = Anti-Iranian. Now even the 3% can see how Ayatollahs (= Rouhanis) create Turkmenchay, serve the West’s interests, hurt Iran’s people, and help Iran’s enemies . Now even idiots can see why Mullahs are Foreign Spies. Now even the 3% can see (and confess) that Basiji leaders and Ayatollahs are Arabs & Ajnabi, not Iranians. Basiji leaders and Ayatollahs are British Whores, Arab Faggots or Foreign Spies. It’s so laughable and meaningful & important that all Iranians hate the Islamic regime, but non-Iranian pigs including Arab faggots, British whores & CIA agents love & support this Anti-Iranian regime of Mullahs! Now even idiots can solve this puzzle: What is X ? The UK & CIA & Non-Iranian pigs love X, but all Iranians hate X. What is X ?! (the answer is clear : X = the Islamic regime! ) Now even the 3% / idiots can see why the Islamic regime is an Anti-Iranian Regime, and why & how the Mission of Mullahs is ‘Playing the role of a Brake Pedal for Iran‘ and Weakening Iran, at a level that the West wants ! Now stupid Animals confess: Rouhanis play the role of Brake Pedal in the path of Progress in Iran. It’s their mission. It’s what the West asks Mullahs to do! Rouhanis are Nokar-e Anjabi (= Anti-Iranian stooges)!”. They also add: “The Lies & Paradoxes of the West and its stooges help idiots to see Who uses criminals and prostitutes to defend the Evil, and to expand the rank of its supporters! Now even the 3% can see why Khamenei is a follower of Muawiyah & Yazid & MI6 ! Now even the super-religious people equating UK’s Hiyatollah Khamenei with Yazid & Muawiyah, because Khamenei’s evil acts are a real eye-opener. Now even idiots can see that those who utilize prostitutes to service their goals are pimps, oppressive pimps = Ko(..)Kesh ! But the West’s Journalists are Whores who defend Islamists & oppressors! The West’s journalists love and defend Hassan Dayus (Rouhani), Arab Dayus (Arab Islamist), France Dayus, Javad Dayus (Zarif), Saudi Dayus (Saudi Terrorist), Turkey’s Dayus (Erdogan) and Ayatollah Dayus! The West’s journalists are really Dayus! As you know, The UK is a Whorehouse and the West’s journalists are whores; but just look what the West’s whores say about Iranians. The West is The Mother of all Whores. The UK or the West is The Mother of Mullahs & all Dayus! But just look how the fucking West & Western media censor Everything, insult Iranians, and defend Islamist whores & Rouhanis = Anti-Iranian whores of MI6/ CIA. Now all Iranians ridicule Islamic lies & Islamic bullshit & Islamic Paradoxes, and use a lot of F-words to curse Islamists & the West & UK Mullahs & UK Whores! It’s so obvious why all Iranians curse & ridicule The West and Islamists, aka the Dayus, the Barbarian Dayus! It’s funny that the West refers to the Dayus as Moralist! It’s important to note that British Spies call themselves Professor of Ethics! British Mullahs/ Masons call themselves Teacher of Ethics! British whores -from Masons & Mullahs to Candy Charms & Brit Po-rn Stars- are really Professor of Ethics!, Masonic Ethics = Satanic Ethics = British-Arabic-Jewish Ethics! Masons and Mullahs refer to Savagery & Slavery & Sadism as Ethics or Morality! Islamists & Basijis are Whores, Crooks and Thieves who call themselves Morality Police! And this is The Satanic Islam of Arab Islamists ( = Mullahs = Saudis etc) This Sakinna 30-Pestoon = Ayatollah Candy Charms – known for her huge Cow breasts-
is not important. But her fake tits, Cow tits or Big tits is a symbol of the Big Islamic Paradoxes of Islamists. Now even non-Iranians create funny pictures and ridicule Arabic-Islamic paradoxes, and say: A picture can speak 1000 words!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now it’s obvious why all Iranians hate Arab Islamists, or why all Iranians hate the UK, Masons & Mullahs. But If you want to know more about the Arabic-Islamic paradoxes of Islamists you can do some research about ‘Zion’, Bani Israel, Islamic Zion & Solomon’s Temple! As you know the Temple of Solomon is a Masonic symbol, but do you know where is the Temple of Solomon?! And what Arab Islamists call it?! Now many talk about Islamic Zion, Islamic Zionists and Bani Israel (Children of Israel)! As you know Zion is a holy place for Zionists. You are called Zionist if you worship Zion. In fact, Zionist is a Zion-lover or Zion-worshiper (Zion-parast) This is the definition of Zionist. Those who refer to Jerusalem or Zion as The Holy Place, and want to return to Zion, are called Zionists. It’s a classic definition of Zionist. But do you know who refer to Jerusalem or Zion as a Holy Place (= Beit al-Moqadas)?! Arab Islamists worship Zion, and refer to Zion as a Holy Place (= Al-Quds or Beit al-Moqadas) ! So, Arab Islamists are Zionists. It’s a simple logic, or as Iranians say: This is the Logic of ‘ 2 + 2 = 4’ (Hesab-e 2 ta 2 ta 4 ta) ! Zionists love Zion, and see Zion as a Holy Place (= Al-Quds or Beit al-Moqadas) ! There are many important facts about Jewish Islam, Jewish Arabs, Jewish Beliefs of Arabs and Jewish Traditions of Arabs (We have already written about part of them, and about ‘Jewish Roots of Islamists‘; Check Archive) If you do some research, you can understand many things better. For instance, as you know, King Solomon is a Jewish king, and Solomon’s Temple is a main symbol of Freemasonry & Zionism. But it’s so laughable and so important that Arab Islamists worship Solomon’s Temple = the Jewish Temple of Freemasons, and call it Harem al-Sharif ( the Holy Temple) ! The story of the Islamic Freemasons, the Islamic Zionists and the Arabic-Islamic Paradoxes is a very long story, and a very important story. Now all people should read & think more about Islamic Zion and Islamic Zionists (We will write more about this issue later) Now If you search the internet, you can see that they have a ‘Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement” ! A Partnership between the Hebrew Union College -Jewish Institute of Religion, and Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation! It’s so laughable, and so informative. If you check their websites, you can understand the Jewish Roots of Islamists better !”. They also add: “In the Satanic Religion of Arab Islamists, Zion is Holy Place !, and Rape & Sodomy is Jihad ! Islamists say what their Islamic whores & Po-rn Stars do is Islamic Efaf & Jihad ! So now all normal humans, Iranians & non-Iranians, create many good cartoons (above pix) and good jokes about the Satanic Islam of Arab Islamists. Saudis, Basijis and Mullahs are Arab Islamists. Now even idiots can see, and confess, that Mullahs are Arabs, not Iranians. Now it’s obvious why the West loves and supports all Anti-Iranian Whores (including Islamists & Savage Arabs/ Jews), and why all Iranians curse & ridicule The West and Islamists, aka the Dayus, the Barbarian Dayus! Now even idiots can see Who is Dayus?! Who is Whore?! Who is Ko(..)Kesh?! Only the Barbarian Dayus including Obama, Hillary Clinton, the UK & France & the US can love & support Saudis, Islamists, Rouhanis and The Ayatollah Turkmenchay = The Ayatollah Dayus! Now all Humans hate Satanic Islam or Satanic Religion of Arab Islamists (= ISIS) Now all normal Humans hate and condemn Arab Islamists and the Satanic Islam of Saudi Arabia & ISIS. But Mullahs are stupid Arabs, not Iranians or normal humans. Mullahs still defend Savage Arabs and the Satanic Religion of Savage Arabia! Mullahs, Basijis and Islamists are Arab Dayus, and very proud of their Arabic-Islamic Dayus-i, and now they openly say: Dayus is an Islamic word ! (2016) It’s so laughable, and Iranians just laugh & say: Ajab! (Wow! ) You Arab Islamists are Dayus, even according to your own Satanic-Arabic-Islamic logic?! Yah, you Islamists & Ayatollahs are Dayus & Qoromsaq & JaKesh & Bi-Namus, even according to your own Jewish-Arabic-Islamic logic! Your Islamic Dayus-i (= Dayasat ! ) -from your Islamic Turkmenchay to your Hajj-gate, Yemen-gate, CFR-gate, IRIB-gate, IMF-gate & Po-rn-gate- clearly show the true face of Islamic Dayus and Islamic Dayus-i“. They also add: “Now even idiots can see why & how Mullahs work for CIA & MI6. Mullahs are children of MI6 / CIA. In the 1953 CIA Coup, Mullahs including Mullah Kashani & Khomeini helped CIA and MI6. In the 1953 CIA Coup, Mullahs including Mullah Kashani & Khomeini were stooges of CIA & MI6. And it’s what their own historians confess now. In fact, Mullahs were & are like Saudis. Both Mullahs & Saudis have been created by the West, and both Mullahs & Saudis are Anti-Iran and Anti-Iranian. Now if you read & think more about CIA/ MI6 spies like Ann Lambton, Baghai, Ayat & Ayatollah, you can understand many things better. Islamists worship this British Spy Hassan Ayat, and call him Shahid Ayat ! It’s so laughable, and so informative. In their Islamic Regime, Freemasons & British Spies are called Islamic Martyrs!, and British Po-rn Stars spend their holiday in Islamic Regime! If you do some research about Freemasons & British spies like Mozzafar Baghai and Hassan Ayat, you can easily see who created Velayat Faqih (Islamist Theocracy) Now even their own historians confess How British Spies created Velayat Faqih (Islamist Theocracy)! Now even their own historians confess: Baghai’s father was Freemason, and Bahai / Sheikhi! (As you know, Sheikh = Mullah) Hassan Ayat was Baqhai’s protĂ©gĂ© .. Mansour Rafizadeh, the head of Savak in USA, was Baqhai’s son .. Baghai was a Masonic Master of Islamist groups .. Ann Lambton, Baghai & Mullahs were close friends .. Baghai and Mullah Kashani were close friends! .. British Spies including Baghaqi and Ayat proposed Velayat Faqih’ !” They also add: “Recent events remind many of UK Spies & UK Hot Traps! Candy Charms remind many of Ann Lambton. Of course Ann Lambton was really ANN ! (ANN = shit) But Who is this British ANN ( = shit), Ann Lambton?! The British Bitch Ann Lambton (1912- 2008) was a British Spy, a British Mason and a British Bitch of MI6. Ann Lambton was born in 1912 to a British Freemason family. Maybe, like Cathay O’Brian and other Brit Masons, she was a multi-generational incest-abused spy. As you know, most of the British Freemason families are pedophile families, who abuse & pedophile their own children, who grew up to be prostitutes & pedophiles or politicians & spies. Ann Lambton had such Masonic family & background. The UK Spies including this Brit Bitch Ann Lambton had a key role in the 1953 Coup & 1979 Coup in Iran. But it’s important to note that British Spies, British Whores & Masonic Spies often call themselves Scholar ! Ann Lambton was a stupid whore, but called herself Scholar! Baghai was a notorious Freemason & British spy, but called himself Professor of Ethics! Maybe in the near future, this Brit Po-rn Star Candy Charms would call herself Intellectual or Scholar !, and like CIA’s Leveretts, would publish a Book, MI6 Porn Going to Islamic Regime!”. They also add: “The 1953 CIA Coup reminds Iranians of CIA / MI6 Spies including Donald Wilbur, Richard Cottam, John Waller, Robin Zahner, Ann Lambton, Mullah Kashani, Khomeini, Navab etc. In the UK & US, spies and sluts call themselves intellect or scholar or professor of University! For instance, Robin Zahner was an MI6 Spy at Oxford ! Their own historians say: Robin Zahner was a British scholar at Oxford, but he was a covert operative for the British intelligence, and (he loved Mullahs)’ ! Donald Wilber was a CIA agent at Princeton! He and John Waller were high-ranking MI6/ CIA agents who paid Mullah Kashani & other Mullahs during the 1953 Coup! The love story of ‘CIA Richard Cottam & Khomeini is a real eye-opener. The shameful story of ‘Richard Cottam & Khomeini‘ is like the story of ‘CIA Leveretts & Khamenei or ‘CIA Rockefellers & Khamenei“. They also add: “Ann Lambton was a stupid Slut of MI6, but called herself Scholar ! Ann Lambton is one of the most notorious English spies in Iran. She loved Mullahs, and dictated the BBC’s programs. If you want to know more about the Ayatollah BBC & MI6, you should know British Barbarians like Ann Lambton & other Masons. Ann Lambton was a senior MI6 Whore / Freemason who dictated what the BBC should broadcast in Iran, specially in 1950s during the 1953 Coup! And it’s what their own Western media say! The story of this British Bitch, Ann Lambton or Ann Nancy Lambton is a typical case or typical story of all Masonic Spies. This typical story is the story of recruiting abused-kids of freemasons for mind-control projects, and recruiting multi-generational incest abused children for the MI6, the BBC, the British Po-rn Industry & Politics etc. This typical story is the story of Wendy Sherman, Catherine Ashton, British journalists, British po-rn stars & British politicians including the new Prime Minister of UK ! Even the UK Queen comes from such Satanic-Pedophile-Masonic-Barbaric families, and now many people including the good Britons talk about this issue”. They also add: “The UK Queen is the Mother of Mullahs & all Dayus = Masons! It’s not a hidden fact! The UK Queen is a Barbarian-Satanist child-eater, child-killer and child-abuser. And it’s what their own British Mass Media say (above pix) The British Queen is the Mother of Satan, and a symbol of People-eaters. The so-called British Culture is the Culture of People-eaters. British Barbarians only care about money, power and Barbaric-Sadistic things. They try to pollute the world, and that’s why many say: The UK is the head of the Snake! The UK and USA create & support & supply weapons to Saudi Terrorists, ISIS/ DAESH and Arab Islamists. The UK & USA are behind Rouhanis = Mullahs = Islamic Dayus. Now even idiots talk about how the CIA or BBC is helping Rouhanis! Mullahs are Britain’s whores, and now even Western historians say: ‘British spies became Mullahs .. Ann Lambton advised the UK to ally with Mullahs .. Ann Lambton & British Spies were friends of Mullahs .. British spies wrote the blueprint for Theocracy in Iran .. (So, it’s obvious) why all Iranians hate Britain‘ ! Mullahs & Arab whores are the same shit. Even in Lebanon, you can see Hezbollah’s Candy Charms = Islamist Po-rn stars who support Hezbollah! All Arab pigs are the same shit. Saudis are faggots; Saudis sodomize each other, and Arab girls prostitute themselves, and say: It’s Jihad or Efaf ! This is their Fucking Arabic Religion. Arab Islamists and the Islamic Turkmenchay’s supporters = the Islamic Regime’s supporters are whores & Dayus. Now even idiots can see why Basiji or Islamist is Arab whore = Anti-Iranian whore = British whore”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even stupid Animals can see that the British Media is a Whorehouse, and British journalists are whores who work in a whorehouse. But the whole West is like the UK. In the United States of Al-Qaeda (USA), their journalists are whores, who defend Saudis, Mullahs or Turkmenchay! In the United States of Animals (USA) , their public intellectuals & journalists are stupid whores or stupid Animals, who insult people’s intelligence in a silly way. Now MI6/ CIA whores including an unknown whore of MI6, Dominic Waghorn, write Orwellian articles like [3] : How Iran is changing (!!), one year on from the landmark Nuclear Turkmenchay ! (Aug 2016) This MI6 prostitute, Dominic Waghorn, tells many silly lies & big lies, but makes a good confession & says: ‘We were filming Friday Prayers in Tehran (!) We had wanted pictures of Basijis & their Mosque delivered (!) It is the Iran we have known for almost 40 years (!!!) But even here there is a sense of change (!!) Next to me a Mullah sat hunched over his US smartphone (!) .. We love Basijis, (and Basijis) proclaim their love of the UK and the Islamic Hijab (!!) Don?t you like England? I asked one Basiji demonstrator clad head to toe in a black chador (!!) Basijis love us. I tell them: We?re from England (!!) There was no animosity (!) (Basijis & Mullahs love England ! ) What happened to all that Anti-Western stuff about ?America the Great Satan? and ?Britain the Little Satan?, I asked one (Basiji faggot) (!!) He and his Basiji friends laughed out loud, and said:. ?Basijis love Britain & America (!!)’ .. But Iranians on the street are not feeling any benefit of Nuclear Deal (!!), it seems (!), average Iranians are growing increasingly disillusioned with the deal and its architects’ ! [3] (Aug 2016) It’s a confession of British Spies. But do you know what it means?! They actually announce the Death of Islamic Revolution, and the Death of Islamic Ideology & all Arabic-Islamic Values! It’s so important. British media is a Whorehouse of silly contradictions. Dominic Waghorn is one of many CIA/ MI6 Spies who love Mullahs & Basijis, and praise the Non-existent Benefits of Nuclear deal, but confess that the Islamic Regime is Death, and Iranian people hate the Islamic Regime & Nuclear Deal & its architects! This MI6 prostitute, Dominic Waghorn, is a typical stupid bastard and a typical spy of MI6 / CIA. If you can analyze his lies & bullshit, you will find typical MI6 / CIA tactics, that many MI6/ CIA spies use. For instance, Dominic Waghorn says: Only after the nuclear deal, Iranians can use advanced tools and technologies ( like laptop !, smart-phone !, smart-filtering = the filtered internet !! etc) .. In Tehran Malls, Iranians can indulge a love of western brands and consumerism (!!) But Outside such places, much of Tehran & much of Iran remain deeply conservative (!!!) [3] Can you believe it?! UK Spies tell such childish lies. British journalists are MI6 agents who love Basijis [3], and pretend Anti-Iranian Arabs are Iranians! [3], or Anti-Iranian Mullahs are conservative Iranians !! [3], and much of Iran (ie the 97% of Iranians who hate Rouhanis & all Islamists & Dayus!, the 97% of Iranians who are more modern & informed & wiser than their Western Counterparts) are deeply conservative Arabs! [3] If we or you say: Bin Laden was a deeply conservative American !, and Bin Laden was an American who loved America!, then it’s less laughable than what British whores say in UK media! If we or you say: the Nazi Hitler was a deeply conservative British Jew, and the Nazi Hitler was a British Jew who loved the Jews !, then it’s less laughable than what CIA/ MI6 whores say in their mass media! US media & UK media insult people’s intelligence in a silly way. British media is a Whorehouse of silly contradictions. For almost 40 years, they were filming Friday Prayers! [3] They had wanted pictures of their Basijis & Mullahs delivered [3] It is the Iran they showed you for many years, before Nuclear deal [3] They censored the real images of Iran & Iranians for many years! And it’s what they themselves confess [3] But now, suddenly after their Nuclear Turkmenchay, they deliver a very small part of what they had censored for many years, but pretend that the real image of Iranians and what the West had censored for many years belong to one year after the Nuclear deal They insult your intelligence in such a silly way. The UK media and British whores know that their Mullahs will go to hell soon. So now they attack our Iranian people, and defend their own Non-Iranian Spies (= Mullahs / Rouhanis)! But Mullahs will go to hell soon, and its reasons are clear. The MI6 & CIA love Mullahs, but we all know that their own recent news reports just mean: The Islamic Revolution is Death! The MI6 & CIA play silly games, and if you have a normal IQ, you can easily see how they play silly games, Childish games. They use Basijis as their reliable sources! [3] The CIA / MI6 media love Basijis like Fuad Izadi ! [3] Fuad Izadi is a Basiji, and a member of the CIA Iran Project! And it’s what their own Mullah TV say! The CIA’s Fuad Izadi is a Basiji member of the Rockefeller’s Iran Project , who can show you many things about Islamic Freemason or Masonic Basiji ! It’s important to note that Islamists & Basijis like Fuad Izadi & Sadegh Zibakalam are reliable sources of US media & UK media & Mullah Media!”. They also add: “We Iranians have already talked about ‘Satanism, Morality and Religious Fanatics (Check Archive) Iranians have already talked about the Immorality of Islamists and Immorality of Religious Fanatics (Check Archive) But now even idiots can see what Iranians already said was true. Saudis are piss-eaters, who drink Camel’s piss! Savage Arabs are shit-eaters & piss-eaters, and say: Camel’s shit & piss are Holy things! Rape & Sodomy are Holy things! They refer to Camel’s shit & Camel’s piss as Holy Shit ! or Holy piss ! And it’s not a joke. If you search the internet you can see How Arabs drink camel’s piss & talk about their Holy Piss! Now the Savagery & Barbarity of Arab Islamists ( = Tazis) is not a myth. Now even idiots – including Mullah media & Western media- confess that Savage Arabs and Saudis are Piss-eaters ! Now even idiots confess: Sex and violence are the main pillars of Jewish Religions , including the Jewish Religion of Islamists! Now even idiots talk about ‘Jewish Roots of Islamists’. Now even idiots can see How the United States of Al-Qaeda (USA), British Barbarians & American Barbarians help and support Saudis, Arab Islamists & Rouhanis. After all recent events, even idiots can see why the West loves and supports Islamists & Basijis = Harem’s whores or Harem’s defenders = the Khajeh of the Harem = the Faggots of the Harem = Cultists. In all Satanic cults, including Islamic cults, you can see the same Satanic things. Now the good Westerners talk about ‘Cults of Christianity’, and The Church of Pedophiles, and say: ‘The Church of Satan is The Church of Britain .. the Church’s leaders are whores, faggots & pedophile .. Christianity had and has its own veiled prostitutes & veiled nuns .. the Jewish Hijab of Christian Nuns is (like the Jewish Hijab of Islamists)’ The story of Jewish Burqa, Jewish Nighab or Jewish Hijab is actually the story of veiled prostitutes, Jewish prostitutes, and the oppressed & enslaved women of Jewish-Arabic tribes. Their Jewish paradoxes = Arabic paradoxes are so laughable and so informative. Now if you search the internet, you can see that Arab Barbarians and their own media, al-Arabiyya, publish articles about Breast Feeding of the Adult ! DAESH, Saudis & Arab Mullahs issue many Satanic Fatwa = Arabic-Islamist Fatwa, and reveal the reality of the Satanic Religion of Arab Barbarians“.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even stupid Animals confess that the Religion of Saudi Arabia is Satanic, and full of shitty Lies & Contradictions. In the Satanic Religion of Arabia, normal sex & normal life & human values & Tolerance and living like Human (Mesl-e Adam) are bad things or evil things! , but Barbarity, Tyranny, Slavery, Rape / Sodomy, Savagery & inhumanity are Holy things! DAESH and Islamists are followers of such Satanic Religion. Now even idiots talk about the Masonic Islam, the Satanic Islam or the Jewish Islam of Saudi Arabia & DAESH. In the Jewish-British Islam of Saudi Arabia, they have Sheikh & Mufti (= Arab Mullahs) who issue Satanic Fatwa, and try to cut the head of Religion with the sword of Religion, and it’s what their own Mullahs & Masons say. Now even stupid Animals say: DAESH & Savage Arabia want to disgrace & destroy Religion ! Now even stupid Animals talk about Satanic Sheikh & Mufti ( Sheikh = Mullah , Mufti = Ayatollah/ Mullah) ! They even talk about British Spies and How the UK created Saudi Arabia and Mullahs! Now if you search for ‘Confessions of a British spy‘ you can find [5]: Memoirs of Hempher, A British Spy Who Created Wahhabism’. This book is pro-Islamist and pro-Arab. ‘Memoirs Of Hempher, The British Spy To The Middle East’ actually defends Arab Islamists & Mullahs. British spies use childish tactics, and tell many childish lies in their books including Memoirs Of Hempher. But if you know History and Arab Islamists/ Mullahs, then you can easily see when they try to tell silly Lies & to insult your intelligence, and when they actually make a confession. Many parts of the British books are Kossher = Lies and Bullshits of a British bastard. Buy if you can do ‘Kossher Zoda-ii’ = removing Lies and Bullshits = removing all Kosher things = removing all Kossher things! ( Kossher = Kosher !), you can find the real British Confession”. They also add: “In this book [5], an early 18th century British spy revealed covert operations designed to create Islamic Cults including Wahhabism (and Mullahism, Bahaism etc) [5] If you want to know more about a fake country like Saudi Arabia, and why the so-called Arab states are fake & new-born & European-made states, you should read history. If you want to know more about British Islam & Islamic Freemasons, you should read history. Now even Islamic- Western historians confess: ‘Europe and Britain created Arab countries & Saudis .. Arab states are new-born and fake countries .. the UK and British Spies created a flag for Arab barbarians to use in battles, which was known as the ‘Flag of the Arab Revolt! This flag would later become the model for the official flags of many British-made Arab states‘ ! Now it’s clear why the Savage West and its stooges hate Iran and Iranian values ( = Human values). This British Spy, Hempher, made good confessions about British fear of Iran & Persian Patriotism. He says: (Even) China and India don’t worry the British government .. The people living in China and India were hardly likely to have any feelings of Patriotism .. We were designing long term plans to wage discord, ignorance, poverty, and even diseases in these countries .. What frazzled our British nerves most was Persia .. (The Persian Patriotism is dangerous .. The Persian Wisdom is so dangerous .. Persia is the Heart & Brain of the East) .. The most dangerous people for us (= British Barbarians) are Iranians .. We are very anxious that Iranians might notice our plots and foil them‘ ! [5] It’s a great confession. The Secret British Plots were and are: to ruin Iran as much as possible, to use non-Iranians as politicians, clergymen and intellects in Iran, and to pretend that these non-Iranians are Iranian elites who should rule Iran! [5] This 18th century British Spy, Hempher, said: ‘Parts from Iranian lands must be handed over to non-Iranians (!!) For example, the Persian gulf to Arabs, and (X and Y) to the Khaarijee group (!)’ !! [5] And it’s the real story of the fake Arab states of the Persian gulf, and the real story of Turkmenchay. In the past, the West’s plots were secret plots. The 18th century British Spy said: ‘After (creating Wahhabim & Saudis) We shall invent Islamic Hawzah and Islamic sects in the Shia world .. The first one is suitable for Najaf, the second one for Karbala, the third one for (Qom) .. We shall (try to) educate vicious leaders and cruel commanders (= puppet Dictators & puppet Mullahs) , to bring them into power and thus to pass laws enforcing (Jewish-Masonic traditions) ! [5] It’s a great confession. The Savage West = Colonialism & Imperialism has always feared Iran, an independent Iran, and has always said: Iranians should not rule Iran; Puppet dictators, Masons & Mullahs (= Ajnabi) should rule Iran! Now in the 21st century, the CIA Spies – in their MIT speeches and their CIA Going To Tehran- openly say: only the Islamic regime can serve America’s interests ! .. Persian Patriotism, Secular nationalism and Independence is so dangerous .. Shah became a threat, because shah, in his last years, (wanted an independent Iran, a strong Iran with nuclear power) ! So the West wanted to remove Shah from power .. America’s patience ran out when Shah began dealing with the Americans as an independent partner’ ! Now all normal humans can see that the West loves & supports Mullahs because only a puppet regime like the Islamic regime can serve America’s interests and create an Islamic Turkmenchay for the US !”. They also add: “In recent centuries, the West’s plans were secret plans. In recent centuries, most humans & Iranians were naive, and didn’t know the Savage West & its plans. Iranians were good and civilized people who naively thought that all modern humans are as Good as & as Civilized as Iranians. But it was a wrong assumption. Europe was barbarian. Iranians had wrong assumptions. The West was not modern. The West was Barbarian, but wore a Modern Mask. Iranians could not see behind The Mask of Modernity of Western Barbarians. The UK & European Barbarians used & still use The Mask of Modernity . The Savage & Satanic West used and still uses The Mask of Modernity to fool all people. The 18-century British Spies said: We must disguise our spies as monks and nuns and clergymen (Mullahs) .. We must use them as leaders of Islamic movements .. We must to be patient and to advance step by step ! [5] They depraved administrators and Islamic leaders by filling their houses with Jewish & British women/ whores! [5] And it’s what their own British Spies say! [5] Now many talk about the British wives of Mullahs, the British wives of Ayatollahs or the British wives of Arab dictators – from Assad to Saudis. Now such facts are not hidden facts. Cooperation between British Spies & Mullahs, or Cooperation between Masons & Mullahs is important and undeniable. No one can deny Cooperation between British Spies & Arab Islamists. The 18th century UK Spies said: Both Muhammads (ie Inb Saud & Wahhab) followed the way we showed them! [5] But now even idiots can see how Arab Islamists -form Saudis to Mullahs- follow the way the West shows them. After the Nuclear Deal, even stupid Animals confess that Ayatollahs/ Rouhanis follow the way the UK & USA show them! Now even idiots can see How Mad Mullahs follow the path their Great Satan & Rockefellers draw for them! In 18th century, British Spies said: We shall eat the fruit we have prepared. For we have done whatever is necessary and sown the seeds! [5] Now Islamists, DAESH, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Zionists & Mullahs & Saudis / Wahhabis are the Fruits that the West had prepared ! [5] But the fruits of their Satanic seeds – ie Islamists & Zionists & Terrorists- are poisonous foods that will kill them soon. Those who sow Satanic seeds, GMO seeds or Monsanto seeds, will eat Satanic fruits = Poison!”. They also add: “Now even Arabs say: Arabia is Zionist .. Arab Islamists & Saudis are Zionists! Now many things are so laughable. Now child-killers and human-eaters talk about ‘Human Rights’ ! Now pedophiles talk about the ?rights and welfare of children? ! Now US experts talk about the Church’s Pedophiles & American Cults & American celebrities including Madonna, Britney Spears, Tom Cruise etc. Ayatollah Candy Charms is just one of many Cult whores in the West. Ayatollah Madonna, Ayatollah Britney Spears and many other American Celebrities are actually US Ayatollahs of American Cults! As Americans say, this American whore Maddona, the Ayatollah Madonna !, has become heavily involved with the Jewish Cult of Kabbalah! Now many ridicule The Ayatollah Britney Spears! Now many ridicule US whores, Islamic Cults & American Cults. But if you want to know more about Islamist Cults & American Cults, you should know the Jewish traditions and also a Barbarian shithouse like the UK, and the history of this Barbarian shithouse (Britain). If you read history, you can see that Britain is the Land of Barbarians and People-Eaters (We have already written) about Britain = the Land of Barbarians & Barbarism (check Archive) One day Human-eaters and barbarians wore a Mask of Modernity, chanted modern slogans, and pretended that they have become Human! But the West’s slogans were like the Tazi slogans. Now Iranians say to the West: We thought that you barbarians have become modern Human! We thought that you are humans or good guys (Fekr mikardim Shoma Adam-id ! ) We thought that you really care about Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights and Human values! But now you show your true colors! Now you show you are barbarians; you are sadists & fascists; you are stupid animals, not humans. Now you & your Rouhanis show your true face! Thank God that you dig your own grave with your own hands’ ! Now many talk about Donald Trump and Pedophile rings in America! Now even the good Americans talk about US pedophiles, CIA pedophile rings and The Roy Cohn clique, and say: ‘Who is Roy Cohn?! Donald Trump’s mentor was Roy Cohn! .. Roy Cohn ran the CIA’s child abuse rings .. You should read Senator John DeCamp‘s book, The Franklin Cover-up (which is a book about Barbarism & People-eating & Child-eating & Masonic-Satanic-Barbaric rituals in America) The Franklin Cover-up involved a number of high profile ‘Children?s organizations’ that were acting as conduits and providers of Children for Satanic Ritual Abuse and children prostitution to America’s leaders! .. One of these organizations was Boys Town ! .. (Many know) Bush?s connections to pedophilia networks .. the Clinton family are linked to the CIA and organized crime and murder .. Uncle Sam is Barbarian .. Uncle Sam is pedophile, and People-eater .. (Ask and think) about ‘Bush & Clinton families and CIA Projects. Who were laundering the profits of Drugs trafficking? Who are behind trafficking underage girls & prostitutes, smuggling underage kids and Missing Children?! Who are supporting Saudi Arabia ( = the 9/ 11), Arab barbarians or Islamists ?! (2016)” . Think about it.