Filter Bubble, Media Bubble: Bubble inside Bubble!

“Network (1976) is a famous film by Sidney Lumet. If you have not seen this film yet, you should see it. Even If you have seen this famous film, it’s not bad that you see it again, and think more about its themes. This film can show you many things about the West & the West’s Game = the Devil’s Game = Orwellian Games. Sidney Lumet’s Network (1976) is one of the imdb’s top films. This film is about the Media Bubble and the Orwellian Bubble in the West, or how the West and their media try to fool and control their Sheeple with Orwellian tactics. This film talks about the Orwellian reality and the inhuman reality of the West. If you take a look at [1]: Network (1976) and its quotes/ dialogue, you can see that this 1976 fiction is today’s reality, the reality of the West and the Media”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “This film doesn’t talk about many important things including the long and dark history of Barbarism & Barbarians in the West. This film ignores many important things including the real roots of problems. But this film talks about the Orwellian & inhuman reality of the West and the Media. If you can ignore the Hollywood’s lies and bullshit in this film – or see it as a result of American Censorship or the Hollywood’s Censorship- this film is not a bad film. In this film, they confess: In America, the media and the press never tell you about what is really happening [1] In America, journalists are whores; journalists are prostitutes [1] In America, the Media is a Whorehouse ! [1] It’s really true. Now the US media and the West’s media censor all news and all facts in a silly way. Now we all can see why Sidney Lumet truly said : ‘In the West, the Media is a Whorehouse, and Western journalists are whores who work in a whorehouse ! [1] You all know what we (ie Iranians) and they (ie the West & its Media) already said about this Anti-Iranian Rouhani, Nuclear Deal, Sanctions, Dollar price & Economic problems in this Anti-Iran Regime of Mullahs. So now, after their Nuclear Deal / Turkmenchay, you all can see that The West is a Lie Factory, and we Iranians were right. Now it’s quite clear that the American Media is a Whorehouse, and American journalists are whores who work in a whorehouse [1] In fact, American journalists are like Arab & Basiji journalists. Now if you ask yourself What the West is Hiding from You? The answer is clear: Everything ! Almost all facts and all real News are censored and covered up by the West. Even the very Big news, like the Big news of the 2014 Referendum, IMF-gate, CFR-gate, IRIB-gate, Rouhani’s Internet Censorship or the Terrible Internet Censorship in Rouhani’s era and all terrible Economic problems & all Anti-Iran Plans in the fucking Rouhani’s era ( = the Benefits of Nuclear Deal/ Turkmenchay ! ) are censored and covered up by the West. This level of Censorship and this level of Misinformation clearly shows that the West is the Evil Empire; The Savage West is behind Mullahs and all main problems in Iran. In recent years, the West’s Censorship & the West’s Lies are so stupid & childish. Now even the West’s good guys talk about the West’s Systematic Censorship and the West’s Systematic Lies. Now it’s clear why The West is Orwellian. The West’s Systematic Lies and the West’s Systematic Censorship are so important and clearly show the true face of the West”. They also add: “The stupid animals and US Sheeple are still blind & stupid. But now the West’s good guys can see, and openly say that The West is Orwellian; The West is Barbarian ; The West is Fascist; The West is Masonic; The West is Satanic. The West’s stupid animals and the US Sheeple are mind-controlled salves. They deny the reality, and worship the illusion [1] They don’t know the Devil’s Game or manufactured democracy (= fake democracy), manufactured Imams, manufactured intellectuals, manufactured opposition or manufactured Alternative. They live in the Bubble (= in the Matrix). And Sidney Lumet’s film is about the Bubble. The story of CIA intellectuals, Manufactured prophets and Manufactured alternatives is a long story. Sidney Lumet’s Network can show you part of this long story, and how they try to control people and public rage. In this film [1], CIA whores know why & how the American people are angry at the US regime, and why the US people want somebody to express their rage for them! CIA whores say: ‘the American people are turning sullen .. they’ve fucked themselves, and nothing helps .. our (CIA report) concludes, ‘The American people want somebody to articulate their rage for them .. American People want a prophet, even a manufactured one, even if he is as mad as Moses! .. So (CIA) wants angry shows! (CIA wants) Anti-establishment! .. (CIA wants) a show developed based on the activities of a Terrorist group‘ ! [1] In this film, they talk about public rage in America and Controlling public rage in America! (‘Rage = a strong feeling of uncontrollable anger’) But do you know how they try to control public rage & anti-establishment attitudes?! They create a mad Imam = a manufactured prophet, and asks him to create a manufactured revolution ! ( = Fetneh ! ) [1] It’s a typical CIA tactic, a typical Masonic-British tactic. Sidney Lumet’s film was produced in 1976, three years before the 1979 Fetneh = the 1979 CIA Islamic Revolution. This film actually shows how they created the 1979 Fetneh and a manufactured prophet like Khomeini ! In this film, they create a mad prophet, like Khomeini or Obama or Donald Trump , who says to American people: ‘I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad ! It’s a depression .. the air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat .. We know things are bad –
worse than bad ! They’re crazy. It’s like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don’t go out anymore. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we are living in is getting smaller, and all we say is : ‘At least leave us alone in our living rooms! Just leave us alone. (But they not) gonna leave you alone … ‘ [1] The CIA’s Imam, who is a typical manufactured prophet, adds: ‘So You people should (open your windows and) yell – ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!‘ .. Open your windows, and yell: ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore !’ [1] In fact, their manufactured prophet tries to create a manufactured revolution to control public rage. In a brilliant part of Sidney Lumet’s film [1], while no one believes that American people would follow the mad prophet’s advice, you can see that almost all American people open their windows and yell – ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore ! [1] They actually create a fake & manufactured revolution, and their mad leader is a mad prophet of the CIA ! [1] And it’s exactly like the story of Obama or Donald Trump! It’s the Orwellian Story of Managing & Controlling public rage. In fact, the CIA’s mad prophets including Mad Mullahs, Mad Dictators, Mad Marxists, Noam Chomsky & Donald Trump & Ayatollah Clinton & Ayatollah Obama have been manufactured to manage & control public rage. At first they talk about Change or Revolution, chant anti-establishment slogans, and even ask people to yell: ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!‘ But finally they create a new Dictatorship, a new Cult, a new Satanic ideology, a new Slavery, a new Turkmenchay, a new Disaster, a new Animal Farm or a new corrupt establishment that is like or worse than the old one ! Sidney Lumet’s film can show you that Mad Islamists, Mad Marxists, Mad Dictators or Mad Mullahs and other CIA Imams – from Noam Chomsky to Donald Trump- are actually mad prophets who have been manufactured by the Big Brother. It’s so laughable that now the CIA’s Imams including Donald Trump, Noam Chomsky, Putin, Erdogan, Khamenei and other Jewish-Masonic Imams still talk and behave like the mad prophet of Sidney Lumet’s film! Now even idiots can see why the CIA’s Imam Khamenei is a British Whore! Now their own Media report: UK Whore Candy Charms visits the Mullah House! .. British Po-rn Star Candy Charms visits British Ayatollahs & Basiji-Islamic faggots’! (Aug 2016)”.

As some wise Iranians say: “The West’s stupid animals and the West’s terrorists love and support Rouhanis, or Saudis or other Sadists / Terrorists / Fascists. But now even the West’s good guys write good articles like [2]: ‘Mind Control: Orwell and Today?s Reality. They can see how the West helps dictators & terrorists, uses mind-control methods, and creates Orwellian Bubble. They say: By the mind-control methods, a bubble has been created, in which the majority does their thinking. Inside the bubble are (the media and what the Western leaders & sadists & journalists say) … Outside the bubble is the real world (!!) .. But the real word is invisible to those inside the bubble. The Media allow the truth to be hidden from people’ [2] It’s good that they know the first Bubble. It’s good that they are not totally ignorant. Inside the Bubble (first bubble) are the Sheeple, the mainstream media, the mainstream Cults, and the slaves of mainstream methods/ fashions. But this Bubble is just the first bubble, and Mind Control Outside the Bubble is more important. Outside the Bubble are Orwellian Alternative, Orwellian Opposition groups and Orwellian intellectuals, not the real world ! In fact, even outside the Bubble is a Bubble. And that’s why the wise Iranians and the wise people talk about The Bubble inside the Bubble . The Bubble is like The Matrix. When you’re in the bubble, you don’t see it. Sometimes you think you are outside the Bubble (the mainstream bubble), but you are actually inside the Bubble, inside the Alternative Bubble! If you don’t know the true face of pigs like Noam Chomsky, Stupid Lefts and so-called alternative media & alternative journalists, you actually live in the second bubble, the Alternative bubble!”. They also add: “If you search the internet, you can see many talk about ‘Inside the Bubble’ or ‘Outside the Bubble’ ! But they just talk about the mainstream Bubble, or the first Bubble. They know nothing about The Bubble inside the Bubble. Unfortunately, many people -who think they are not Sheeple of the mainstream Bubble- live in the Alternative Bubble, in the second Bubble! Unfortunately, many good guys just know the first Bubble. Many of the West’s good guys know nothing about The Bubble inside the Bubble or The Bubble outside the Bubble! They don’t know the true face of Noam Chomsky and so-called alternative journalists & alternative intellects, who are nothing but CIA’s alternatives or Big Brother’s alternatives. Many still don’t know that most of the Lefty media & Alternative media are CIA media or MI6 media. Yah, we & you all already knew that the mainstream media or the British Media is a Whorehouse, and British journalists are whores who work in a whorehouse. But now, after 2009, the American media, the Lefty media and the Alternative media are showing their true colors. Now the Alternative media and the Lefty media are worse than the CIA mainstream media! But many still don’t know The Bubble inside the Bubble“. They also add: “It’s good that now many people, including the West’s good guys, talk about the Big Brother Bubble, the Filter Bubble, the Censorship Bubble, the Orwellian Bubble, the Media Bubble or the Cult Bubble. But many, specially the Sheeple, even know nothing about the Filter bubble or the Media bubble! They know nothing about the Bubble (= the Matrix), ‘Reality and Fantasy‘, and living in a fantasy world = living in a bubble. They know nothing about mind-control projects, cult-making projects, internet censorship projects (= internet filtering projects) or how the Savage West & Google creating the Filter Bubble! Now Google and search engines censor & filter all search results, and in the best case just tell you: Excuse me, some Results have been removed ! Now in 2016, If you use search engines like you see that they censor search results, but say to you: Sorry, some Results have been removed ! (2016) It’s so ridiculous and Orwellian. Now many talk about the Filter Bubble , and say to Western people: Have you heard of Google filter bubble? .. Search engines and Google censor & filter search results, (but) you still have no idea what a Google filter bubble is! If it is something your government has requested to be censored & hidden, Google won’t display it ! In short, with every search you do, Google censors & filters search results. This is the Google filter bubble’ (2016) The American Sheeple and the West’s sheeple know nothing about such facts. As Sidney Lumet said: they are slaves of the media, slaves of the tube ! (tube = TV or Media) [1] Sidney Lumet said to American Sheeple: You do whatever the tube tells you! You dress like the tube, you eat like the tube, you raise your children like the tube, you even Think like the tube! This is mass madness, you maniacs! People are the real thing; Journalists are the illusion! [1] But the West’s Sheeple & American Sheeple are still maniacs who deny the reality, and worship the illusion! The 2016 US Election Farce just re-reveals that American Democracy is Sheepocracy = Orwellian Tyranny / Fascism”. They also add: “People who live like Sheep are Sheeple, and the Western countries – from the UK to the US-
are full of Sheeple. Even their own top films say: The American people are becoming mass-produced, programmed, numbered, insensate things [1] And it’s a reality. In America, ‘Right now, there is a whole, an entire generation that never knew anything that didn’t come out of this tube (= TV or media). This tube is the gospel, the ultimate revelation; this tube can make or break presidents, popes, prime ministers; this tube is the most (Orwellian) propaganda force in the West’ ! [1] Sidney Lumet was right. Today’s America is so stupid. The CIA’s Imams are so stupid. The CIA’s Imams including Putin, Erdogan, Donald Trump , Noam Chomsky and Khamenei still talk & behave like the mad prophet of Sidney Lumet’s film! They are big liars & bad hypocrites, but they talk about ‘Denouncing the Hypocrisies of Our Time’ ! [1] They say: X is a Rockefeller, or Y is a Rothschild ! But they censor CFR-gate & IRIB-gate, and desperately try to hide this fact that Khamenei is a Rockefeller ! They even defend Khamenei, because their Khamenei is a Rothschild and loves IMF, CFR, Monsanto & Zionist Satan! All cult leaders, including Erdogan, Saudis, Rajavi & Khamenei are mad and manufactured Imams of CIA/ MI6. All Masonic Imams – from Khamenei and Turkish/ Arab Islamists to Noam Chomsky & Marxists- are the same shit. Now even the 3% / idiots can see why Islamists, ISIS / DAESH and Saudis are children of CIA/ MI6. Now even the 3% talk about British Mullahs or British Amama! (= Mullah hat) and say: British Mullah is a reality; British Hiyatollah is a reality; British Islam is a reality’ ! (2016) Now even the 3% & Basijis talk about How British Spies created Islamists, How British Spies created Saudi Arabia and How British Spies created Mullahs or Wahhabis (Saudis)! Now the soup is too salty, and that’s why they confess to such facts. Now many talk about British Hawza, How British Spies created Hawza, and How British Spies became Mullahs & Ayatollahs. Now even stupid Animals/ Basijis can see that : Candy Charms & Mullahs are British Whores; Rouhani or Khamenei is a British whore; Ayatollahs are British whores! It’s very very laughable that now even Basijis/ Islamists talk about British Hiyatollah, British Mullahs & British Amama ! (Amama= Mullah hat) !”


As some wise Iranians say: “Now it’s quite clear why the Savage West and the Left love and support pigs like Putin, Erdogan, Rouhani or AhmahiNejad (AN). AN was a Jewish Spy and a bad psychopath. But Rouhani is worse than AN. In AN era, Internet Censorship was so bad. But in Rouhani era, Internet Censorship is Going from Bad to Worse! AN was so bad, but Rouhani is worse than Bad, worse than AN ! But the West loves Rouhani ! All Iranians hate Rouhani, but The UK loves & defends Rouhani ! The Rockefellers and the CIA support Rouhani ! The Zionist France helps Rouhani ! This British Spy Rouhani is a Freemason, an Anti-Iranian stooge of CIA/ MI6. This UK Spy Rouhani is a mad Psychopath, worse than AN. Rouhani’s lies are worse than AN’s. Rouhani’s IMF Plans & Rouhani’s Turkmenchay are worse than AN’s. In the fucking Rouhani era, almost everything is worse than AN’s era. For instance, In Rouhani’s era, Internet Censorship is worse than AN’s era. No one can deny this fact. Rouhani’s Internet censorship is worse than AN’s. No one can deny this issue. This British Motherfucker, Rouhani, has fucked all HTTPS connections. This British-Masonic Motherfucker, Rouhani, blocks HTTPS or runs the Man in the Middle Attack on all HTTPS/ SSL connections in Iran. And the West helps Rouhani. The fucking West & Western media even censor all news of blocking and manipulating HTTPS in Rouhani’s era. With the help of the West & Western companies, this British Spy Rouhani sends fake digital certificates and creates fake login pages/ sign-up pages. But the West’s media & the West’s journalists censor all news and all facts. The Fucking West is behind Rouhani; The Fascist West supports Rouhani, while all Iranians hate Rouhani. In the 2014 Referendum, which was the biggest referendum in Iran’s history, the 97% of Iranians officially declared that they hate Rouhani. But the West censors all news of this historic Referendum! Even a single line or a single word was not written about this Great Historic Referendum in US media, UK media, Lefty media and Western media! This level of Censorship is unbelievable. This level of Censorship is shocking. But this level of Censorship clearly shows the true face of the West and Western puppets, including Rouhanis”. They also add: “The West’s Bubble & the Lefty Bubble are so stupid. The West and the Left censor & deny real Referendums, real Facts, and the real people movements (like the great people movement of 2009) But they love and defend the fake polls of CIA & Rockefellers! Now CIAPoll calls itself IranPoll !, and publishes fake polls about Iran! It’s so laughable that they live in America & Canada but their calls itself, and publishes fake polls & Orwellian polls about Iranians inside Iran! They are a bunch of CIA’s whores, CIA’s Basijis and CIA’s Marxists who live in America, Canada or Europe. All of them are Anti-Iran, Anti-Iranian, Anti-Truth & Anti-Democracy. They defend Dictators, they defend Tyranny, but they shed crocodile tears for Democracy! They defend Big Lies & Liars, they are Liars & Hypocrites, but they shed crocodile tears for the Truth! Now in 2016, they and their mass media stupidly confess [4]: ‘CIA’s Polling gives a dark forecast for MI6’s Rouhani ! (2016) It’s what the MI6 media & CIA media including CIA-Log (LobeLog) and the UK Guardian of Rouhani & MI6 say in these days! Now they publish CIA polls and confess to a very very small of the truth and say: The 74% of Iranians surveyed in June 2016 say there has been no improvement in the economy as a result of the Nuclear Deal / Turkmenchay (!) .. The shift in Iranian opinion with respect to the Nuclear Deal has been sudden and sharp’ !! [4] (June 2016) Can you believe it?! They mix truths with lies and say silly jokes (about the Shift etc), because they know : From day one all Iranians (+97%) hated Rouhani & Nuclear Turkmenchay. Rouhani is a fake hero of the West & Western media. But in Iran, all Iranians hate Rouhani ( = Mullahs) so much. Only the CIA’s whores, MI6’s Islamists and anti-Iranian Arabs (= Basijis) love Rouhani / Mullahs and their Nuclear Turkmenchay. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) ridicule UK’s Rouhani, CIA’s Mullahs or Islamic Turkmenchay. And that’s why the CIA & MI6 media confess: Almost all Iranian people broadly disapprove of Iran taking steps to limit its nuclear programs and/or dismantle uranium enrichment centrifuges! But Rouhani and Mullahs agreed to do both under the terms of the Nuclear Deal/ Turkmenchay’ ! [4] It’s a great historic confession. But ‘Rouhani remains one of the most popular political figures for (CIA & MI6)’ ! [4], and CIA & MI6 don’t care that all Iranians hate Rouhanis so much! Rockefellers and RAND Corporation and other Think Tanks of CIA & MI6 love Rouhani, Khamenei and his Turkmenchay; so what all Iranians want is not important for the West = the Evil Empire!”. They also add: “The West is so stupid. Thank God that they show their true face and dig their own grave with their own hands. Now in 2016, the MI6 / CIA lies and bullshit are so laughable. As you know, the 2009 ClA Coup and all American Betrayals in recent years (ie from 2009 to 2016) have changed How Iranian people see America. What occurred in 2009 to 2015 planted the seeds of anti-American hatred in Iran. And it’s what their own US analysts confess. They know that the 2009 CIA Coup, the Ayatollah Obama and his Anti-Iran Sadism clearly showed that America is pro-Mullah & Anti-Iranian. But now in 2016, the CIA/ MI6 media stupidly say: After Nuclear Turkmenchay (and after what happened in 2009 to 2016), Iranian people love or praise America, Rouhanis and Ayatollah Obama! (2016) Can you believe it?! If they say: After the 9/11 attacks, American people love or praise Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda & Bin Laden ! , or if they say: After the Holocaust (aka Holo-Hoax), Jewish people love or praise Hitler & Nazis!, it would be less laughable! The West is a stupid Animal Farm. US lies & UK lies are so ridiculous, and just show why Sidney Lumet said: The American man is full of bullshit ! [1] Now when you take a look at UK / US media, you can easily see why The American / British man is full of Lies & Bullshit ! [1] Now it’s quite clear that America is Evil; America is a friend of Arab Islamists, Saudi Terrorists, Mullahs/ Rouhanis and other Arabic-Islamic pigs. America deserved the 9/11 & Saudi Terrorists. The Fascist America is Anti-Iran and Anti-Iranian, but pro-Mullah, pro-Arab, pro-Islamist, pro-Saudi, pro-Terrorist, pro-Fascist and pro-Dictator. Now it’s quite clear that The Fucking America is the Enemy of Freedom & Democracy & Human Rights. The Fucking America is like the Barbarian Britain & the Savage France. Pigs like Hillary Clinton, Noam Chomsky & Donald Trump and America’s barbarians – ie US leaders and their fans-
are savage fascists, racists and psychopaths who still live like their savage ancestors in the West = The People Eaters . The Human-eaters are not humans, and cannot think or live like humans (Mesl-e Adam!) ! This is the root of many problems in the West”. They also add: “the West’s good guys fight against the West’s barbarians. Many American people are good guys. They talk about CIA games, CIA cults or US Cult tactics [2] They even know & say: ‘CIA agents are sent in to join the cult, not only to observe and report, but also to provide organizational skills ! .. One of the first large-scale deployments of Cult Technology was the creation of the Jihad Cult (ie Islamists) by the CIA (and the UK) .. In CIA experiments, they study how a cult leader should operate, how people are drawn into a cult, how loyalty is maintained, and how people can be brainwashed and pushed into extreme beliefs and actions’ ! [2] It’s good that they know & talk about CIA Cults, CIA Games, CIA labs (Cult labs) & CIA Evil science. They say: ‘After (all CIA experiments on) a cult, the cult?s leader and members were often killed, so as to hide the evidence of what had really been going on in the CIA experiment ! .. Dravidians & Waco (are just one of many examples) [2] Even Sidney Lumet’s film shows how they create a Cult & a mad prophet, and how they finally kill their own mad prophet [1] This film can remind you of many mad prophets of CIA including Gaddafi, Bin Laden, Saddam, Rajavi, Rouhani, Mubarak, Pahlavi, Hiyatollah, Saudis, AN, ISIS etc. Even Americans know & say: ‘the Jihad Cult (aka Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, Basiji, Wahhabi, Saudi, Erdogan, Saddam, Rouhani/ Hiyatollah etc) has proven to be an extremely useful tool for America’s Evil Empire (in pursuit) of US geopolitical objectives’ [2] Now even stupid Animals/ Basijis can see the true face of British Hiyatollah = The Ayatollah Whore, The Ayatollah Candy Charms or The Ayatollah Prostitute! “.


As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know more about CIA Games and CIA whores, you can take a look at Russia, Turkey or Saudi Arabia. The CIA games are Orwellian games. After a fake coup in July 2016, the CIA Islamic Dictator Erdogan created a real coup in Turkey. The CIA’s Turkish Coup was Orwellian. This CIA terrorist Erdogan created a fake coup & killed hundreds of people, and after that he created a real coup and arrested thousands of judges, officers, reporters & opposition figures! As you know, this CIA Islamist Erdogan = DAESH / ISIS of Turkey. Turkey’s Islamists & Turkey’s barbarians support CIA terrorists including Erdogan & ISIS / DAESH. The CIA, Arab Barbarians & Turkey’s Islamic barbarians are the main supporter of ISIS / ISIL / DAESH. It’s not a hidden fact. But you can ask yourself: Who Stood With Erdogan?! Who Stood With Erdogan & DAESH?! Who Stood With Erdogan & Islamic Zionists?! It’s so ridiculous & so informative that the CIA, Russia, Israel and Khamenei Stood With Erdogan! After his CFR-gate & IRIB-gate, the Jewish-British Hiyatollah (Khamenei) Stood With Erdogan & DAESH & Israel ! Even stupid Animals / Basijis know the love story of Turkey’s Erdogan & Israel, or Turkey’s Erdogan & ISIS/ DAESH. But Ali Rothschild (Khamenei) Stood With CIA’s Erdogan! Now even idiots ask Why Mullahs Stood With Erdogan ! Even idiots know Iran’s enemies and pigs like DAESH & Erdogan & Israel. Even idiots know ISIS/ ISIL and Turkey’s Jewish-Islamic Barbarian Erdogan. So now even idiots ask: Why Mullahs Stood With Turkey’s Erdogan & Israel?! But now Khamenei himself tries to prove: Khamenei is a Turk & Donmeh; (Saudis & Erdogan are Donmeh = Zionists) so Khamenei Stood With Erdogan & ISIS & Crypto Jews (= Donmeh = Zionists) ! Ali Rothschild Khamenei is showing his true face to his Basijis ! Even his Basijis & his cult members know What Turkey’s Erdogan did to Syria, and how Turkey’s Islamic Barbarian Erdogan support ISIS/ ISIL & Israel & Jewish-Arab Barbarians ( = Iran’s enemies) But now Khamenei himself insists on showing & proving that Ali Turkish Khamenei is a CIA / MI6 stooge, and he just obeys his masters -ie Rockefellers/ Rothschild / CIA & MI6. Now Ali Rothschild Khamenei himself insists on Showing his true face ! So now even idiots can see why Khamenei is a Rothschild or why Khamenei is a Rockefeller whore”. They also add: “The love story of ‘Ali Saudi Khamenei and his beloved Savage Saudi Arabia’ is exactly like the love story of ‘USA & Saudi Arabia’ ! Now even idiots can see why the USA is The United States of Al-Qaeda (USA) ! Now the love story of ‘America & Saudi Terrorists‘ clearly shows why the USA is The United States of Arabs (USA) ! The phony war between America & Saudi Islamists is as ridiculous as the phony war between Mullahs & Saudis (ie between Ali Saudi Khamenei & Saudi Piss-eaters) Such shitty Phony War cannot fool Iranian people and other normal humans. Ali Monsanto Khamenei is a mad whore of CIA/ MI6. He is like his Zionist friends Erdogan & Rockefellers & Savage Saudis of CIA! Now even idiots ask: Why Mullahs Stood With Turkey’s Erdogan & Israel & CIA Islamists! Even idiots know Turkey & DAESH. Turkey’s Islamists support DAESH. Turkey’s Islamists are stupid animals, like DAESH. Even Turkey’s good guys know Turkey’s stupid animals. (We don’t know) how many stupid animals live in Turkey today; but this fake coup in Turkey and the real coup of Erdogan show that the number of stupid animals in Turkey is large and considerable. The stories of DAESH and this CIA Islamic Coup in Turkey clearly shows that Turkey is a home of Islamic barbarians. Turkey is a home of DAESH / ISIS / ISIL. The story of Turk-Mongol barbarians is a long story. But now even Turkey’s good guys know Turkish barbarians, Turkey’s Islamist barbarians & Turkey’s stupid donkeys”. They also add: “All Iranians (97% + 3%) hate Islamic barbarians including Saudis, DAESH, Turkey’s pigs & Arab barbarians. Ayatollahs are not Iranians. Ayatollahs are Anti-Iranian whores. And that’s why the CIA & MI6 love & support Ayatollahs. Erdogan is a stooge of CIA. Erdogan is a Zionist; Erdogan = ISIS/ ISIL & Masonic Brotherhood; Erdogan is a puppet of America! (Nokar-e America!) And it’s what Basijis & Basiji Media said & say. But now their CIA leader, Ali Rockefeller Khamenei, defends Erdogan & CIA Islamists including DAESH of Turkey! Now Ali Turkmenchay Khamenei badly suffers from Shitty Confusion (Goh Gijeh) His recent speeches are like the shitty & childish speeches of a mad & confused prophet of CIA. Now Ali Turkmenchay (Khamenei) actually says to his Basijis: ‘I have confused; Do you why I defended Nuclear Turkmenchay? I have confused; Do you know what was my Red line?! Sorry, I have forgotten my own Red lines! I have forgotten my own bullshit! Do you know what was my Red line about Sanctions or Nuclear deal ?! Do you know why I , Khamenei, created this Turkemchay?! Do you know why I accepted US Nuclear deal? I was so stupid; Do you know What I should do now? Why I was so stupid? Really why?! Why Khamenei was such a stupid pig, and created the 2009 Coup, 2009 Massacre, Nuclear Turkmenchay, CFR-gate, IRIB-gate, IMF-gate etc?! Do you know why I Khamenei was such a stupid puppet of America?! Do you know why Khamenei made loves with Rockefellers & Great Satan?! Sorry, I don’t know why I Khamenei created this shitty Islamic Turkmenchay .. ‘ ! The CIA games are so ridiculous. You all know what the West & Rouhanis said about Sanctions, Economic problems and Benefits of Nuclear Deal/ Turkmenchay ! You all know what we Iranians said about the West?s Lies and Rouhani?s Lies. In the past years (and in posts like [3]: ?UK Rouhanis, Sanctions, Bullies and Barbarians?, check Archive) Iranians said: Today the UK?s Rouhanis say: all problems are sanction-related ! Sanctions are so important ! We cannot solve the problems, because our problems are sanction-related ! But Tomorrow, ie a day after their Nuclear Deal, they would say: Sanctions were not important at all ! No problem is sanction-related ! We cannot solve any problems, because our problems are not sanction-related ! [3] This Iranian Prophecy was & is so important. Now in 2016, it?s quite clear what Iranians said about the West & Rouhanis was true, absolutely true. Now in Aug 2016, the CIA stooges including Basijis & their Ayatollah Turkmenchay (Khamenei) show : what Iranians said about the West & Ayatollah is true, absolutely true. Now in Aug 2016, Basijis & Rouhanists go to their Mullah TV and say: before the Nuclear deal, the West and our Rouhanis said that our problems are sanction-related ! Sanctions are so important ! But now, after the Nuclear Deal, we and our Rouhanis should say: No problem is sanction-related (!!) We cannot solve any problems, because our problems are not sanction-related ! !! (Aug 2016) Can you believe it? Can you see how the Iranian people were 100% right, and what Iranians said about the West & Hiyatollah was absolutely true. The Iranian Prophecy is very different from the prophecy of CIA’s prophets & MI6’s Imams! The Iranian people are not prophets, but they make true prophecies simply because Iranians know False prophets & False prophecies of the West and its stooges! Khamenei & Rouhani are British Spies, and remind many of British Spies of past centuries. Now even stupid animals/ Basijis talk about British Spies, and how British Spies said to Islamists: Tu keh Mehr Ali mineh Delatah, Naft Melli si Che-Netah ? ! ( = If you love Ali & Islam, then it’s enough for you, and you don’t need Oil & National Oil industry !) Now even Basijis say: Now in the 21st century, British Spies including (MI6’s Rouhanis & CIA’s Mullahs) say to Basijis: ‘Tu keh Mehr (Ali Khamenei) mineh Delatah, Nuclear Energy si Cheh Netah? ! ( = If you love Ali Khamenei, then it’s enough for you, and you don’t need Nuclear Energy!) Can you believe it?! The soup is too salty, and that’s why even stupid Animals/ Basijis say such things. The story of British Spies is a long story. Now many talk about ‘ Confessions of a British spy‘ or Memoirs of Hempher. This British Spy, Hempher, is just one of many British Spies & British Mullahs in the Middle East. It’s so laughable that now even Basijis, Islamists & stupid animals talk about Wahhabism, Islamism and Confessions of British Spies! Now many talk about the Jewish Arabs and the Jewish tribes of Arabia, and say: Now the Jewish King Soloman (Salman) is the Jewish King of Saudi Arabia! (2016) All documents show that Mohammad bin Saud or Mohammad bin abdul Wahhab was a British spy. No one can deny such facts. Even their own British Spies made films and books – from Memoirs of Hempher to ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ – and confess to such facts. Muhammad bin Saud (so-called founding father of Saudi Arabia) was a British Spy and a Jewish-Arab Barbarian. The UK created the Saudi / Wahhabi Religion. It’s what their own British Spies say. The UK created Hawza & Mullahs. As you know, UK’s Mullahs refer to their Jewish-Masonic Hawza as Hawza Ilm-iyya ! But the witty Iranians say: Mullah Hawza is Mason-iyya ! Hawza Englis-iyya ! ! (= Hawza is British & Masonic ! ) ! Now even Basijis & the Voice of America (VOA) talk about British Spies in Hawza ! , and How British Spies went to Hawza and became Ayatollahs ! The soup is too salty, and that’s why they confess to such facts. Of course, the UK still censors all facts. Now if you search for ‘British Spies & Hawza’, you can see they censor all facts, and their search engines just show you Hawza of England ! in ! It’s so laughable. If you search for ‘British Spies & Hawza’, they filter all facts; Even the recent Love story of British Po-rn Star Candy Charms & British Mullahs is filtered ! (We would write more about it later) But now even animals can see why Mullahs are British whores! Now even this British whore Candy Charms shows: Ayatollahs are British whores! Now even stupid Animals/ Basijis know why British Spies -from Jack Straw to Ayatollah BBC- love & support Mullahs (= Rouhanis), and say to Basijis: Tu keh Mehr Ali Khamenei mineh Delatah, Freedom & Independence si Che-Netah ? ! ( If you love Ali Khamenei, then it’s enough for you, and you don’t need Freedom & Independence! ) ! Tu keh Mehr Ali Khamenei mineh Delatah, Aql & Sho-ur si Che-Netah ? ! ( If you love Ali Khamenei, then it’s enough for you, and you don’t need Brain & using your brain !) ! Now even stupid animals can understand why Iranians said & say: Mullahs are Masons; Rouhanis & Islamists are Arabic-Islamic Whores of UK & CIA; Mullahs still talk & behave like Jewish Rabbis, Saudis or British Spies“.


As some wise Iranians say: “American Paradoxes are so ridiculous & so Orwellian. Now America is supporting Savage Saudis = those who created the 9/11 attacks! So now even America’s pigs (Trump etc) talk about the Love story of ‘America & Saudi Terrorists’, and how America created ISIS/ DAESH, Al-Qaeda and other cults of Arab Animals. The Love story of ‘America & Saudi Terrorists’ or ‘America & Arab Islamists’ speaks volume about America. But many Westerners are blind & ultra-stupid. Many Westerners just remind you of Albert Camus’s The Plague (check Archive) Now they talk about ‘Internet Censorship and Control = Filter Bubble‘ in the West ! Those who didn’t care about the Western-made plagues in Iran including the Western-made Censorship & Filtering in Iran = the Western-made Filter Bubble in Iran, now suffer from the same plagues. But they deserve it, because they were not humans and they had & have no sympathy for human pain in Iran & other countries. As the ancient Iranians truly said: If you have no sympathy for Human pain, the name of Human you cannot retain. Even Sidney Lumet said: these Americans (are) Indifferent to suffering; insensitive to (humanity; their) life is reduced to the common rubble of banality; War, murder and death are all the same to them as bottles of beer! They are madness, Virulent madness’ ! [1] Sidney Lumet truly said that America or the West is becoming humanoid – ie creatures that look human but aren’t ! [1] The West’s Dehumanization is so important. Now many Westerners look human but they are not human [1] They don’t care about human pain, human decency or human values [1] The American life is a corrupt comedy –
[2] Pigs like Noam Chomsky and other Lefty-Marxist-Capitalist animals who support Rouhanis and other Arabic-Islamic fascists -ie Saudis & Arab Barbarians- are not humans. They are animals, worse than animals. They help & defend dictators. They support Arabic-Islamic Barbarians, Jewish Barbarians or Western barbarians. They betray & hurt ordinary people. They have no sympathy for Human pain. So, the name of Human they cannot retain. It’s the Logic of Civilization & Culture, the Logic of the Cradle of Civilization & Culture (= Persia / Iran) This Humane Logic is very different from the Inhuman, Racist, Jewish, Marxist, Lefty, Shitty, British or Barbaric & Satanic Logic of the US, the UK and other Barbarians. Those stupid animals who have closed their eyes to the Western-made Tragedies, including the Western-made Tragedy of Internet Filtering in Rouhani era are not humans. The West and its barbarians who support Rouhani & other Islamic-Arabic animals -ie Saudis & Arab Barbarians- are worse than animals. They are worse than pigs; and as the witty Iranians say: if you compare them with animals, you should apologize to animals!”. They also add: “Now even the Westerners say that the West is destroying any credibility that it may have had by Censorship and by attacking Basic rights. They say: ‘European Union (EU) has recruited internet communication companies to delete/ censor comments and search results ! .. Snowden’s revelations were (important) .. The UK’s Censorship (is important) .. Censorship in the UK extends to personal opinions. The UK spits on Freedom of Expression in many ways .. (Now) France and Britain advocate Censorship of opinions‘ ! (2016) This is the true face of France or Britain, and now many can see it. France or Britain is Orwellian Whorehouse. They use cult methods in a large scale. The West’s Sheeple are blind & stupid, but the West’s wise guys are not blind; they say: ‘In the West, the Internet’s promise of open communication & transparency is threatened by both censorship and manipulation .. Manipulation can take many forms, from degrading performance to such an extent that a user does not want to use the service, to using Internet communication to generate propaganda, to publishing fake polls/ fake surveys, to filtering search results .. They limit your exposure to opposing information , (and now) you are living in a Filter Bubble .. No one knows more about you than Google! You share your problems with your search engine, and Google saves all of them with your profile! Different results are shown to different people! Search Results are tailored to you, based on your country, your search history, your click history. You are living in Orwell’s 1984′ ! (2016) Now in 2016, even the West’s good guys say: ‘all spy agencies using fake digital certificates and running attack on HTTPS/ SSL – an attack that?s technically possible and now is being used by all spy agencies .. all major websites and all Email Service providers are among the services under constant attack of the West & Dictators & Spy agencies! The UK spy agency argues it should be allowed to spy on people, and attack people’s computers! The UK is a total tyranny .. the UK ask all internet users to install back doors in their computers’ ! (2016) In fact, the UK is the teacher of Mullahs; The US or the UK is worse than its pupils. Now the MI6 & CIA media openly defend Censors & Dictators, and openly talk about ‘How Internet censorship protects Iranians! Can you believe it?! It’s exactly what the CIA media & al-CIA say! As you know, the Definition of Censorship is clear (Censorship = the control of the information and ideas circulated within a society) If they decide what you should see !, what you should read !, or what kind of information and ideas you should have !, they actually censor you & censor Everything. Even idiots know that Censorship or Internet Censorship helps and protects no one, except the Big Brother. Only in Big Brother’s world, Satanic Cults or Animal Farm, their Orwellian media talk about ‘How Internet Censorship protects people! Now even the West’s good guys ridicule the West and say: ‘The West censoring & filtering the Internet is sounding a lot like Joseph Stalin?s whitewashing of the Gulag-Filtering = Google-Filtering’ ! (2016) Now the West and its stooges openly defend ‘Smart Censorship’, ‘Smart Filtering’ & Smart Sadism , Smart Barbarism, Smart Fascism and Smart Nazism ! It’s so laughable that they use such Orwellian terms, and defend such Orwellian concepts! ‘Smart Censorship’ or ‘Smart Filtering’ is actually Smart Sadism = Smart Fascism and Smart Nazism! But now the West, the UK and the US openly defend Smart Sadism and Smart Barbarism!”. They also add: “The West’s Sheeple defend Fascism, Sadism and Censorship. Now the West’s good guys say to the West’s Sheeple: ‘Before you use the ‘I have nothing to hide’ argument (you should know that all Dictators ask people to use such arguments) Do you think that’s freedom you’re breathing? ! Do you think you live in a democracy ?! Forget the Internet Filter Bubble; It?s called Censorship, (Terrible Censorship) ! .. They block or censor everything, and censorship circumvention tools are detectable and can be blocked .. Do you think that’s freedom you’re breathing ?! Do you think you live in a democracy?! (2016) It’s so ridiculous that many of the West’s people defend Surveillance, Censorship & Dictatorship, but they pretend that the West is Democracy, or Tyranny is Democracy! They even don’t know what is Democracy, what is Tyranny, what is Censorship, or Why Tyranny & Censorship are bad things! But when they don’t know such basic things & such obvious things (Herro az Berr tashkis nemidan ! ) !, can you call them modern people?! These Westerners are actually the real backward people of the Third-world ! The West’s Sheeple are real backward people who live in so-called Third World countries & backward countries of the West. They stupidly think they live in a Democracy because they think Tyranny is Democracy! After Snow-den’s leaks, we all can see that The West’s Sheeple think Tyranny is Democracy, War is Peace, and Censorship is Freedom! The West is full of such stupid animals & backward people “. They also add: “Now even US good guys hate Orwellian America, and say good things about the reality of the US & US Cult tactics. They say: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump phenomenon provides an excellent example of cult tactics in action .. Obama phenomenon (also) provides a good example of cult tactics in America .. The US mind-control operation is (shameful), but amazing! .. In the US, Sheeple and cult members are given things to do and sacrifices to make (to turn USA into a Police State) .. In America, the CIA control of media goes a long way towards programming people?s minds .. But it is not enough .. In America, Anyone who presents Evidence contrary to the official story (ie Big Brother’s story) is seen as ?conspiracy theorist? ! .. Conspiracy theory meme was launched by the CIA in the 1960s .. the US mainstream media (censor all news & facts, But they stupidly and shamelessly) say: Any story not appearing in the US mainstream media (ie in the CIA media) is a conspiracy theory !‘ ! [2] And it’s the reality of the West & its Bubble”.

As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know more about the West’s Bubble, or about ‘The Bubble inside the Bubble’, you should watch Sidney Lumet’s Network [1], and think about it. This film can show you how they create mad Imams, CIA’s Imams, to control public rage and anti-establishment people = anti-regime people = all people who hate the system and corrupt politicians who control society. The CIA’s Imams fool people by chanting anti-American or anti-establishment slogans! [1], and by ‘Denouncing the Hypocrisies of Our Time’ ! [1] It’s so laughable, and it just reminds you of Noam Chomsky, Mullahs, Marxists, Islamists and other stooges of CIA / MI6. The CIA’s Imams say to people: You all should yell – ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!‘ [1] They pretend that they hate Imperialism, Zionism, Capitalism, IMF, CFR, World Bank, Jewish Bankers etc! But they create CFR-gate & IMF-gate ! The MI6 / CIA knows that The people are so angry, and want to express their rage [1] So the CIA / MI6 manufactures opposition groups, opposition leaders or intellectual leaders who mix a few Truths with a lot of Lies and create a new Cult, a new Big Brother, a new Satanic ideology, and a new tool for Controlling / Enslaving people. And it’s the true story of Control in recent decades & recent centuries; it’s part of the Truth of what really happened. But as the wise Iranians & wise Americans truly say: ‘In the UK, the US and the West, Official history is merely a veil to hide the Truth of what really happened‘. Now we all can see how they censor all facts in a silly way. They even censor CFR-gate & IRIB-gate! They even censor the 2014 Referendum, which was the Biggest Referendum in Iran’s history, in which the 97% of Iranians showed that they hate Rouhani and all Mullahs & CIA / IMF Plans so much. The UK and the US even censor the news of their Nuclear Deal & its results! The West is a Lie Factory. Now even the West’s good guys say: ‘the West’s official history is merely a veil to hide the truths .. When the veil is lifted, again and again we see that not only is the official history not true, it is often 100% wrong !’ (2016) Now many can see why the West is the Evil Empire. The US & UK create Masonic Networks or Networks of spies, journalists, Islamists, Marxists, Mullahs, Masons or Mad Prophets to control people & public rage. But in America, ‘American people are turning (Sheeple); the US people have turned off, shot up, and they’ve fucked themselves limp, and nothing helps [1] A mad prophet like Nomak Chomsky or Donald Trump can play with US Sheeple. If you want to know more about US, Noam Chomsky, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, you should watch Sidney Lumet’s Network (1976) [1]”. They also add: “American Sheeple know nothing about Masonic Plans or CIA plans for controlling public rage. But the CIA knows that US people want somebody to articulate their rage for them [1] So the CIA says to their intellects or think tanks: ‘I want anti-establishment (!) .. I want a mad prophet .. I want a show developed based on the activities of a Terrorist group, Joseph Stalin and His Merry Band of Bolsheviks, .. This is what you’re paid for ! [1] Their operations are aimed at moving people back into the bubble, because they can see more and more people are becoming angry or ?waking up? to the reality of false-flag events, US government Lies, the deep corruption of the US & the media [1][2] They create the second Bubble, the Bubble outside the Bubble, to move so-called ‘Waking up’ people back to the Bubble. They create CIA cults or CIA prophets like Noam Chomsky, Richard Stallman or Alex Basiji, Alex Saudi, Alex Rajavi, Alex Pahlavi, Alex Rouhani or Alex Bones-eater to chant anti-establishment slogans! ‘It begins with the revelation that ?evil bankers? run the world ! , blending with the energy of the people, and then shifts that energy in a direction that serves the interests of the establishment and evil bankers! It’s clever, very clever indeed’ ! [2] And it’s what US good guys say. They know many problems, but unfortunately, they don’t know the true colors of Noam Chomsky or so-called Alternative Media, which is one example of a mind-control operation aimed at those live Outside the Bubble (first bubble) In America, even Alternative Media like ‘Democracy Now’ are CIA media; they are actually ‘Tyranny Now’ !, ‘Turkmenchay Now’ !, ‘Control Now’ or ‘CIA Now’ ! The CIA Post (aka Huffington Post!), CIA-log (aka Lobelog!), CIA Now (aka Democracy Now!) or al-CIA (aka al-Monitor) are CIA media who defend Islamic Dictators & Islamic Turkmenchay, and openly say: Let’s Celebrate Islamic Turkmenchay ! (2016) They refer to CIA agents as intellects! It’s so laughable that the notorious CIA agents go to the MIT university, call themselves CIA intellectuals !, and talk about their CIA intellectual journey !, and how their CIA Going to Tehran ! All Iranians know ‘Basij of University’. In Iran, ‘Basij of University’ invites Masonic-Islamic whores to the university, and they give speech to Basiji students and try to fool and brainwash them. All Iranian students are aware of this issue. And all Iranian students know and hate ‘Basij of University’, Basiji students & Masonic-Islamic whores. But it’s funny and important to note that American universities and MIT have ‘Basij of University’ = CIA of University, who invites CIA agents to American universities, and CIA agents give speech to US students and try to fool and brainwash them! Now if you search for ‘MIT, Leverett, Chomsky’, you can find [4]: their video at MIT, and how Basij of MIT / CIA of MIT defends Tyranny & Turkemenchay! In the MIT’s video [4], the Jewish whore Noam Chomsky making love with CIA Agents (Leveretts) and defending CIA Lies & CIA bullshit ! At the MIT, this Jewish pig Chomsky openly defends the CIA’s Islamists, the 2009 CIA Coup and CIA Going to Tehran ! [4] It’s so laughable that the US universities and the MIT have Basiji students =Masonic students, who defend CIA pigs & CIA Going to Tehran! [4] At the MIT university, the notorious CIA agents – ie Flynt Leverett & Hillary Leverett who are officially the Jewish Agent of CIA & US regime- call themselves intellectuals ! [4], and talk about their intellectual journey inside the CIA & US Gestapo! [4] But the MIT’s whores praise them! We Iranians don’t know how many whores (= Masonic-Basiji students) are at the MIT, but it’s so shameful that the MIT’s good students don’t talk about MIT’s whores, and don’t condemn them. It’s so shameful that Noam Chomsky -a mad prophet of CIA and a defender of brutal Dictators- is a hero of the MIT ! It’s so shameful that even their MIT’s students live in the Bubble, and don’t protest against this CIA Clown, Chomsky. Noam Chomsky is a mad prophet who defends dictators, Islamists, 2009 Coup, Turkmenchay, fascists and other evil forces, but American students & MIT students see this Jewish Whore Chomsky as their Hero! As the witty Iranians say: God Bless Basiji students! (Baz sad Rahmat beh Basiji students! ) It’s so shameful that even their MIT students, who should be top students of USA, are such stupid whores & Sheeple. It’s so shameful, but speaks volume about the real problems of America”. They also add: “If US university students become whores & sheeple, then CIA’s clowns & prostitutes call themselves intellectuals [4], and talk about their intellectual journey inside CIA & Pentagon & White House! [4] If US university students become whores & sheeple, then Richard Stallman, Noam Chomsky or Adolf Hitler or Donald Trump becomes their hero! Now this Jewish whore Richard Stallman -who defends Rouhani’s internet censorship & Terrible Internet Censorship in Rouhani’s era- is US fake hero of the Internet Freedom & the Free Software Foundation! Now, America is Orwellian Whorehouse. In America, whores are heroes!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Sidney Lumet’s film [1] has some bad, weak & stupid parts. These stupid parts of Sidney Lumet’s film are actually the Hollywood’s lies and bullshit. For instance, their Big Brother says to their mad prophet: Big Corporations are the nations of the world today. We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies (!!) The world is a college of corporations; the world is a business’ [1] Their Big Brothers mix truths with lies, and try to mislead & misinform their mad prophets and their Sheeple. They express their evil wishes, but they pretend that their Evil wishes are realities or facts! America is a Satanic & Backward country. Millions of American people are cult members or religious fanatics
like or worse than Mullahs & Basijis. ‘There are a number of Shamans working in Wall Street; they counsel their clients by use of tarot cards magic, predicting the future, predict tomorrow’s news for you! [1] There many religious pigs & irreligious pigs in America. In the West, many people have lost their humanity. They defend Barbarism & Inhumanity, and refer to the real humans as Sentimental guys [1] But what they refer to it as Sentimental is simple human decency [1] They hate Human decency, but worship Act of madness, Act of Insanity ! [1] They acting insane, they are Psychopaths, but they pretend otherwise! Of course sometimes they confess: Well, I’ll tell you what happened: I just ran out of bullshit ! Bullshit is all the reasons we give for living. we Americans always have (US bullshit !) ! .. The American man is full of bullshit ! .. But I don’t have any bullshit left. I just ran out of it, you see’ ! [1] In many parts of this film [1], the Hollywood don’t have any bullshit left; the Hollywood just ran out of it !”. They also add: “America & Hollywood’s Bullshit & Lies are Orwellian. Now even the US good guys say: America?s unreal definition of ?the real world? is Orwellian, and has real consequences! In America, their real world is the Bubble = the unreal world. The wise Iranians say to Americans: In America, your real world is the Orwellian world that they (media & whores) have created for you, and they control it; they define your realities, and they impose on you what is reality and what is not! They ask you to Think like the majority’ ! or ‘Think like all other people who live in the Matrix ! (= in the Bubble) ! The British / American barbarians create disasters and Bad things, and then say to people : It’s a reality ! It’s your reality ! It’s the reality ! In US Bubble, they create problems/ disasters for you, but their disasters are your realities’ ! America is a bad joke, a sick joke. The UK or America is a system of ‘creative destruction’ ! [2] And it’s what Americans say. You all should ask yourself: Do they (media & whores) tell you what is real or unreal, or you yourself do researches, think, analyze, and decide what is real or unreal? If They tell you what is real or unreal, or if they decide for you, then you are a Sheeple, and your government is a Tyranny or Sheepocracy, not a democracy. Now American Democracy is a Farce or a ‘bad Joke’. In America, they have – and they openly defend- puppet leaders, puppet dictators, puppet prophets !, puppet journalists, puppet terrorists, puppet intellects and puppet Marxists/ Islamists etc. Chomsky is a fucking fascist and a puppet. But most Americans don’t know the true face of this fucking fascist Noam Chomsky. Iranians say to Noam Chomsky: You fucking fascist defends brutal dictators & brutal fascists including Islamists. Shame on you Noam Chomsky, the Fucking Fascist! But many Americans are so stupid, and worship Fucking Fascists like Noam Chomsky or Donald Trump! Many Americans are so stupid. Many Americans think women belong in the kitchen! [1] Many Americans are worse than Basiji Islamists. They worship Madness & Barbarism [1] They are becoming Humanoid – ie creatures that look human but aren’t [1] America’s Dehumanization is so important. In today’s West many look human but they are not human [1] They have no sympathy for Human pain, and they hate Human values [1] American barbarians and British Barbarians are not humans. They look human, but aren’t [1] British Barbarians or American Barbarism can explain many problems in the UK, the US & their Evil Empire. Their Barbarian culture, their Druidic-Barbaric culture is the Culture of People-eaters & Human-eaters. In a Barbarian shithouse like the UK, their standards of Humanity have always been the standards of Barbarians & People-Eaters. Their high standards of Journalism have always been the high standards of Whorehouse ! [1] Even the UK’s good guys are aware of this issue. In the UK, barbarians and people-eaters run the UK. In the US or the UK, they know that their media isn’t a respectable network [1] They’re a whorehouse network[1] They are the president of a whorehouse‘ [1] But they call themselves Democracy! The US president is the president of a whorehouse, but he is so proud of it ! America is so stupid & Orwellian. The US leaders are godless prophets who think God speaks to them! [1] Their shitty Paradoxes are so laughable. US Prophets say: I am prophet, but I am Godless ! [1] Their Paradoxes are so laughable. They call themselves Prophet, but they don’t believe in God & Religion! [1] They are Masonic Imams or Orwellian prophets. Masonic Imams are Godless, but they act like Religious Fanatics!, and US Sheeple worship them! US Sheeple are ultra-stupid. Sidney Lumet said to them: ‘You’re never going to get any truth from media .. the media tell you anything you want to hear; Journalists lie like hell ! They’ll tell you that (the Barbarian West is not Barbarian !), They’ll tell you any shit you want to hear. They deal in *illusions*, man! .. But you people sit there, day after day, night after night, all ages, colors, creeds (and) You’re beginning to believe the illusions Journalists are spinning .. You’re beginning to think that the tube is reality, and that the real world is unreal‘ ! [1] Television is not the truth! Television is a God-damned amusement park! Television is a circus .. Journalists are in the boredom-killing and (the Truth-killing) business! [1] And it’s what their own Hollywood says! The West is a Circus [1] In America, a psychopath becomes a prophet because he or she is on Television! [1] The West and its Media lie like hell [1] Even US journalists confess that US Journalists lie like hell! [1] This is the so-called ‘Corrupt to the Core‘. This is America’s mass madness! [1] The West and America are becoming Humanoid, creatures that look humans but aren’t [1]The US’s Dehumanization process speaks volume about The End of America. Even their Hollywood confess: What is finished (is) the myth that America is dedicated to the Freedom! .. This is no longer a (notion of Freedom or Democracy in America) .. America is becoming humanoid [1] Now in 2016, even the US good guys put comments in the internet and talk about Sidney Lumet’s film and say: ‘this is one of the amazing looks at the US & the Media ever presented on film .. Almost everything he shows us has actually happened – it’s so scary to realize how correct Lumet was! .. There is no Democracy in America .. American Democracy is illusion .. American people are becoming humanoids .. In America, Profit is Prophet .. American people (know nothing) about Mind Control games, Orwellian Games (or) the Great Deception operating in the US .. US media & US leaders encouraging Americans to become Psychopaths, to lose their humanity, and to remove (from their hearts every last vestige of humanity and sympathy)?. Think about it.

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