Cult or Mafia? Ayatollah, Rockefeller or Rothschild?!

July 11, 2016

“After CFR-gate & IRIB-gate, even the 3% talk about Ayatollah Rockefeller or How Islamists make Love with Zionists & Rockefellers! Now even the Mullah Media talk about Islamic Corruption, Islamic Lies, Islamic Crooks, Islamic Thieves, or Islamic Regime of Crooks & Thieves, and say: Islamic leaders/ managers are a bunch of crooks & thieves, who steal oil money & people’s money! The soup is too salty, and that’s why they confess to such things. Now all sane people and all Iranians (+97%) know & hate Rouhanis, Islamists and Arabic-Islamic Regimes of Crooks & Thieves & Terrorists. But USA, UK and France protect & support Islamists -from Savage Saudi Arabia & ISIS to Arabic-Islamic Regime of Mullahs. The story of their Zionist Monster Monsanto & GMOs in Arabic-Islamic Regimes is so laughable, and so informative. After the Islamists’ love affair with Their Zionist IMF, now their Zionist Monster Monsanto has become the Ayatollah Monsanto! Now even the 3% and Mullah Media talk about the love story of ‘Rockefellers & Ayatollahs & Monsanto, or how Islamists go to bed with Zionists!”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “We Iranians care about facts & true stories. Recent events – from Nuclear Turkmenchay to CFR-gate & IRIB-gate – are facts & true stories, not myths or conspiracy theories. Recent events are so important. But if you want to know more about recent events and also about ‘Islamic Lies, Islamic Paradoxes, and Islamic Values of Arabic Animal Farms, you should know modern history and Jewish-British Cults, including Hojatieh. Hojatieh is a Cult or Mafia, a small part of the Masonic Mafia. And it’s what their own Islamic media said ! In 1980s, Mullahs and Khomeini talked about American Islam (!) and a group of Mullahs who work for Imperialists! In 1980s, when Mullahs and their media wanted to say: He is a Freemason, He is an illuminati, He is a Jewish-Arab Spy or He is a CIA/ MI6, they just said: He is a Hojatieh ! / He is Hojjatieh ! ‘Hojatieh or Hojjatieh is a Jewish-British Cult and a Masonic Lodge; British Masons & Crypto-Jews created Hojatieh’ ! And it’s what their own Islamist historians say! In 1980s, Hojatieh was a synonym for Freemasonry, British Islam, American Islam !, CIA’s Islam, MI6’s Islam or Masonic Islam! Even now in 2016 & 2015, their own Mullah Media say: ‘During 1980s, the Hojatieh represented American Islam. In 1980s, Khomeini said the Hojatieh are American / British agents and if the Hojatieh control the Islamic regime, it would be equal to the Death of Islamic Revolution (!!) But now, Zarif is Hojatieh! IRGC is Hojatieh! Basiji leaders are Hojatieh! Islamic leaders are Hojatieh! Now the Hojatieh control Islamic Regime’ ! And it’s what their own media say! Now if you google for ‘Hajatieh’, you can find many things including what their own Historians say about Hojatieh, Jewish Islam & Crypto-Jews ! All Iranians know what Khomeini and Mullah Media said about Hojatieh in 1980s. At that time, Mullahs said: The Hojatieh is Masonic & Savaki ! The Hojatieh is illuminati !, and the Hojatieh is behind all the Satanic-Islamic activities’ ! But now they are so proud that The Islamic Regime is Hojatieh! In 1980s, the Mullah media used ‘the label of being a Hojatieh’ ! and said being a Hojatieh is equal to ‘being an illuminati, being a Crypto Jew, being a Savaki, being a CIA / MI6 spy or being a Traitor! But now in 2010s, their Javad Zarif openly says that He is a Hojatieh! Now their own Islamists & Islamic media say: ‘Javad Zarif is Hojatieh, and Khamenei loves him! .. Khamenei loves Hojatieh; all Khamenei’s men are Hojatieh’ ! Now even the 3% say: Khamenei loves Hojatieh (because) Khamenei is Hojatieh; Khamenei is Hojjatieh Leader! Now if you search the internet, you can see that even the 3% talk about the story of ‘Javad MadarShahi & Khamenei’ ! Javad MadarShahi is Khamenei’s advisor & Khamenei’s aide, but Javad MadarShahi is a Hojatieh, and also a Savak agent! And it’s what their own Islamic media and even Basijis (‘Ezzat Shahi’ etc) say! It’s also funny and important to note that Basijis are Shahi or Savaki; even their family names are MadarShahi (Mother of Shah), Ezzat Shahi (Honor of Shah) or Shah-Baz (Hawk of Shah)! It’s so funny, and informative! Now if you search the internet, you can see that many talk about the Hojatieh General Salimi, who died in 2016 (below pix) The people media say: ‘General Salimi was a Hojatieh, a notorious member of the Hojatieh Lodge ! But he was Khamenei’s advisor & Khamenei’s close friend ! All Khamenei’s men are Masons’ ! (2016) Now in 2016, even the Mullah media talk about the Hojatieh Lodge!, which is a Masonic Lodge, and say: ?the Hojjatieh was affiliated to Freemasons and British Intelligence service (!) The Hojatieh was condemned in 1980s, but now (the Hojjatieh Lodge control the Mullah regime)’ ! Their own historians say: The Hojjatieh Lodge Born out of the 1953 Coup .. After the 1953 Coup, the CIA & MI6 created the Hojatieh, Savak and other Evil organizations to control Iran .. the Hojatieh worked with Savak & CIA/ MI6 .. Hojatieh is Arabic-Islamic Freemasonry .. Hojatieh is a cult of Islamic Masons & Crypto Jews!”. They also add: “In 2009, the MI6/ CIA and Hojatieh created the 2009 Coup and killed Iran’s people. But Who is Hojjatieh?! In 1980s, their own Mullah media talked about Who is Hojjatieh?!, which meant: Who is British Spy? Who is illuminati?! Who is Crypto-Jew?! In 1980s, their own Basijis wrote books against Hojatieh, and listed the members of Hojatieh! In fact, they already showed Who is Hojatieh! For instance, they said: the notorious members of Hojjatieh are Ali-Akbar Parvaresh, Javad MadarShahi, Nahavandian, Ali-Akbar Velayati, Haddad Adel, Ahmad Tavakoli, Sayad Shirazi, Salimi and many other generals of Army/ IRGC .. Ayatollah Mesbah, Ayatollah Khazali and Ayatollah Jannati are high-ranking members of Hojatieh .. In Tehran, Hojjatieh and Islamic Masons had two Cultic schools, Alavi and Nikan. In 1979, even Khomeini stayed at the school belonging to the Hojatieh! Many leaders / managers of Islamic Regime that emerged after 1979 – ie pigs like Kharazi, Faraj Dabaq (Sorush), Haddad Adel, Nahavandian, Taghi Banki, Kolahdooz, Khamooshi and many other Basijis- come from the Hojatieh’s Alavi & Nikan. They are called The graduates of the Hojatieh! And it’s what Islamists said in the past ! But now in 2016, Islamists are so proud of the Hojatieh! Islamists are so proud that Khamenei’s men & Rouhani’s men are Masons! The Basiji media proudly say that Nahavandian, Javad Zarif, Haddad Adel, Velayati, Basiji leaders & IRGC leaders are Hojatieh! Now in their Islamic Animal Farm, their Islamic slogans/ values have changed, and now they talk about ‘The Propaganda of Khomeini against Hojatieh’ ! Now their own fucking Imam Khomeini has become a Propagandist who misled / misinformed people about Hojatieh & Freemasonry! In 1980s, they talked about Hojatieh members who infiltrate the Islamic regime! But now they are so proud that their Islamic Regime is Masonic & Jewish & Arabic ( = Hojatieh = Anti-Iran) ! Their Islamic Animal Farm is so ridiculous & Orwellian. Now The Hojatieh create Islamic Turkmenchay, But Islamists are so proud that the Hojatieh’s Zarif & Khamenei create Turkmenchay! In 1980s, they attacked The Hojatieh’s Ayatollahs including Mesbah, Makarem, Khazali, Jannati and other Crypto Jews! But now The Hojatieh’s Ayatollahs are their Big Brothers! Now Basijis are very proud of the Hojatieh’s Ayatollahs including Mesbah, Makarem, Khazali, Jannati & other Arabic Masons! In 1980s, a Basiji called Emad Baghi wrote a famous book against Hojatieh. Baghi was already a Hojatieh, but in 1980s he made a U-turn, became Anti-Hojatieh !, and wrote a book against Hojatieh. But Baghi makes a U-turn regularly ! Now Baghi has made a U-turn again!, and defends Hojatieh ! Basijis, British Masons & Mullahs love U-turn or 180 Degree Change! Now in 2016, their Basiji TV (Ofogh TV = IRIB’s Ofogh channel) airs a program in which Basijis make love with so-called Neo-Liberals & Masons! Do you know what’s the name of this program? The official name of this program is 180 Degree! Can you believe it? After Nuclear Turkmenchay, Basiji TV airs a program called 180 Degree or U-turn, in which Islamists openly make love with so-called Neo-Liberals & Zionists! Can you believe it?! It’s so laughable, but it’s not a joke! Arab Islamists, Masons and Mullahs make a U-turn regularly! They are so stupid, and just reveal their Jang-e Zargari (= Phony war) and the true face of Islamists! Arab Islamists or Saudis are little savages & little stooges. Now even idiots can see why Basiji & Islamists = Saudi Arab Barbarians = Britain’s stooges! Recent events clearly show why Ayatollah = Arab Zionists = Saudis = CFR’s stooges, or why Mullahs = America’s puppets = Savage Saudis = Zionists = Arab Barbarians = Sworn enemies of Iran & Iranians. Now in June 2016, Iran’s people talk about ‘Haddad Adel, Great Satan’s Bride, Khamenei, Rockefellers & Monsanto‘ ! The West and Western media censor all news & recent events, including the story of ‘Haddad Adel & Khamenei & CIA’, simply because recent events explain why Khamenei is Great Satan’s son or why Islamists are Satan’s whores = Satan’s brides! Haddad Adel is Hojatieh. Islamists like Javad Zarif and Haddad Adel are Savaki & Savaki-zadeh / Mason-zadeh! And it’s what their own Islamists say! Now if you want to know Who is Khamenei, you should simply ask: Who is Javad MadarShahi?! Who is Haddad Adel?! Who is Hojatieh? Who is Savaki?! Who is Tazi, Saudi or Arab Barbarian?! Who is Crypto Jew?! Who is Islamic Zionist?! Who is Illuminati?! Who is AN, Lari-Jani or Hassan Freemason (Rouhani)?! Who is CIA Gary Sick, Leverett, Noam Chomsky, Brzezinski, Rockefeller or Monsanto?!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Iran’s problems are just part of the Global Problems, the whole world’s problems. Mullahs are just a small part of the Anti-Iran Mafia, the Masonic Mafia. Now even idiots can see why ‘Basijis & Khamenei are Rockefeller’s children. After CFR-gate & IRIB-gate, even idiots can see why Khamenei is the Wall Street’s son! Now even the 3% / idiots can see how the Ayatollah Rockefeller’s Khamenei implements Zionist IMF Plans, and tries to create The Islamic Wall Street! Now even idiots can see How CIA’s Khamenei & Arab Islamists try to create the Islamic Wall Street or the Arabic Wall Street! Recent years & recent events speak volume about Islamic Capitalism & Arabic-Islamic Wall Street! Now even idiots talk about the Jewish Side of Khamenei & Arab Islamists! Now even the 3% talk about the love story of ‘Islamists and their Zionist IMF & Monsanto’ ! Now even idiots can see How ‘Islamists make love with the Zionist Monster Monsanto’ ! Now Ayatollahs and Islamists openly defend their Hazrat-e Rockefeller !, Hazrat-e Rothschild !, Hazrat-e IMF or Hazrat-e Monsanto ! (Hazrat-e = Holy Prophet; Majesty) Now even the Mullah media talk about Rockefeller Mafia & Monsanto Mafia in Arabic-Islamic Regimes! (June 2016) It’s so important that they talk about Rockefeller Mafia, Monsanto Mafia, GMOs and Zionist Mafia in their Islamic regime! Now even the 3% and Mullah media talk about ‘The Role of Rockefellers & Zionists in Arabic-Islamic Regimes’ ! (June 2016) or ‘The Role of Zionist Monsanto in Islamic Regime ! (June 2016) They actually say: Javad Zarif is Rockefeller’s son! Khamenei is Monsanto’s son! Rouhani is Rothschild’s son! Now If you read the Mullah media’s articles, you can see that they actually confess: Khamenei is the Wall Street’s son ! Islamists and Khamenei are Monsanto’s children! What the Marxist & Islamist media say about Monsanto & Rockefellers is quite clear, but as Iranian people truly & sarcastically say: if Monsanto is Zionist !, then Ayatollahs and Arab Islamists are Zionists ! If IMF, CFR, Rockefellers or Monsanto is a Zionist entity ! , then Arab leader or Ayatollah is a Zionist entity ! If CFR or Rockefeller is Zionist !, then Khamenei is Zionist ! No one can reject this strong Iranian Logic. Now even the 3% talk about How Monsanto, CFR & IMF are running the Islamic Regimes!, simply because Recent Events are quite revealing! Now even idiots can see How Rockefellers, Zionists and Freemasons are running Islamic Regime of Mullahs and other Islamic regimes of Arabs! Now in June 2016, the Mullah media say: ‘the Zionist Monsanto and GMOs are polluting Iran .. the (Islamic Zionists and their Godfather Rockefeller & Monsanto) are poisoning Iranians .. Islamic regimes import GMOs including GM wheat & GM corn from Zionist companies in US & EU .. This is Arab Islam! .. the Islamic regime destroys Iran’s agriculture, and imports foods & fruits from Zionist GMO companies. The Islamic regime imports more than 90% of cooking oil & oil seeds from Zionist GMO companies in US & EU .. (This is their Islamic independence !) .. the 48% of rice in this Islamic regime is GM rice ! .. The Islamic regime and its Islamic Agriculture are run by the Zionist Monsanto and Zionist GMO seeds! .. In the AN era (after 2004), Monsanto and GMO seeds entered Iran .. (Anti-Iran Arabs and their Jewish Spy AhmadiNejad (AN) were) stooges of the Zionist Monster .. In the AN era, more than 1.3 millions hectares of Iran’s agricultural lands were polluted by the Zionist Monsanto & GMO seeds .. (This Jewish Spy AhmadiNejad (AN) and other Islamic Zionists = Arab Barbarians) used Zionist GMO seeds in Iran, polluted Iran, poisoned Iranian people, and created the highest rate of Cancer in Iran’s history .. These Anti-Iran Islamists (are) Rockefeller’s stooges who poisoning Iranians .. The Islamic Regime has only (created) Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Food Pollution, Environmental Pollution, Dust Pollution and other Pollutions .. Islamists – with the help of Monsanto & Rockefeller Brothers Fund- produce GM rice and other GMOs in Iran!’ (June 2016) It’s what their own Mullah media say! Now the soup is too salty, and that’s why they say such things (We have already written about GMOs and Monsanto (search Archive), and we will write more about them later) Now even stupid animals can see that all Arabic-Islamic regimes are Anti-Iran & Anti-Iranian. Now even idiots can see that Mullahs are Arabs or Tazi, not Iranians. Now even the 3% / idiots can see what MI6 Ayatollah, CIA Arab, CFR-gate & IRIB-gate mean! Ayatollahs are Arabs or British-Jewish Masons, not Iranians. The West and Non-Iranian pigs love Ayatollahs and Arab Animals. But Iran’s people hate them, and make jokes about them. After CFR-gate & IRIB-gate & all recent events, Ali Khamenei should be called: Sayyid Ali Rockefeller !, Sayyed Ali Rothschild !, Sayyid Ali IMF !, Sayyid Ali Monsanto !, Sayyed Ali Zionist , Sayyed Ali Illuminati, Sayyid Ali Freemason, Sayyed Ali Turkmenchay, Sayyid Ali Saudi etc. Iranians are not blind or stupid, and that’s why they make many good jokes, and say for instance: All Iranians know and hate Ali Rockefeller (Khamenei); But UK & CIA love Ali Illuminati (Khamenei) ! All Iranians know and hate Ali Rothschild (Khamenei); But CIA & Marxists & Rockefellers love Ali Monsanto (Khamenei) ! Ali Rockefeller Khamenei is Fetneh! Ali Freemason Khamenei loves Fenteh, because the real Fetneh is Ali Illuminati Khamenei ! The True Fetneh is Ali Rothschild Khamenei ! Iranian people are not blind or stupid, and they know What is Nofuz (= infiltration), and Who is Nofuzi ( = infiltrator) ! The real Nofuzi is Ali Rockefeller Khamenei ! Ali IMF (Khamenei) loves his Zionist IMF ! Now even idiots can see How Ali IMF or Ali Zionist (Khamenei) implements Zionist IMF Plans! Now even the 3% can How Ali Saudi (Khamenei) licks the ass of Little Savage Saudi Arabia! Now even the 3% can see how Ali Monsanto (Khamenei) makes love with Monsanto & Rockefellers! Now even idiots can see the true face of Ali Rockefeller Khamenei ! Now even idiots can see why Ali IMF Khamenei is the Wall Street’s son! Recent events clearly show the true face of Ali Rothschild Khamenei !”. They also add: “Now Iranian people and all normal humans – in all around the world- are so angry at corrupt politicians & Big Brothers. We all can see what is happening in Europe, America, Africa or Asia. Now the good Turks talk about Donmeh Erdogan or Donmeh Saudi Arabia! They refer to Islamic Masons or Secret Jews as Donmeh! Now even Non-Iranians say many good things. Even Basijis and their Historians say: ‘Crypto Jews are (Turk & Tazi Barbarians); Crypto Jews of Mashhad are Turkish Crypto-Jews who went to Mashhad’ ! But it’s funny & important to note that Khamenei is a Turk who went to Mashhad ! So maybe Basiji Historians actually say: Khamenei is a Crypto Jew, a Donmeh! As you know, their own Gary Sick & Akbar Ganji, in their ‘Who is Ali Khamenei’, openly said : In 1960s, for the first time in Iran’s history, a (Masonic Mullah) openly defended the Brotherhood, and translated The Brotherhood’s books in Persian (Do you know who was this man?) This man was Ali Khamenei’ ! It’s exactly what their own Akbar Ganji said in his Masonic article ‘Who is Ali Khamenei’ ! And then the CIA’s Gary Sick confirmed Ganji’s article, and said: Because of what Akbar Ganji said in ‘Who is Ali Khamenei’, we Americans (and all Freemasons should love and) support Khamenei’ ! (2015) It’s obvious why the CIA and Gary Sick love and support Islamists or The Brotherhood’s children! It’s obvious why the Ayatollah Brotherhood defends CFR and Rockefellers, and create the 2009 Massacre, Islamic Turkmenchay, Yemen-gate, Saudi-gate, CFR-gate etc. Now even idiots can see why the West, Ayatollahs & Arab barbarians are Anti-Iran & Anti-Persia”.

As some wise Iranians say: “All Cult leaders, including Saudis & Rajavi & Khamenei, are the same shit. All Cult leaders have Foruqe Javidan ! (= Eternal Sunshine)! They refer to their Turkmenchay or Great Defeats/ Disasters as Foruqe Javidan ! (Eternal Sunshine !) All informed people know Rajavi’s Eternal Sunshine, and its consequences. The ex-members of Rajavi Cult say: If Rajavi had (even 1% honesty or honor), Rajavi had to Die of Shame after his Eternal Sunshine .. All changes in Cult of Rajavi -including Doubt, Disillusionment, Decline and finally Destruction & Death of Rajavi Cult- happened after Rajavi’s Eternal Sunshine’ ! And now Khamenei’s Eternal Sunshine remind you of Rajavi’s. Khamenei’s Eternal Sunshine is his Nuclear Turkmenchay, Yemen-gate, Saudi-gate, CFR-gate, IRIB-gate and all recent events. After his Turkmenchay & all recent events, Khamenei should Die of Shame, if he has even 1% honesty or honor. The stupid Basiji say: Khomeini (had 1% honesty ! because) Khomeini died of shame after his great defeat and drinking his cup of poison’ ! Even their Basiji historians talk about the death of Khomeini and the rise of Khamenei, an old member of the Hojatieh Lodge, to the leadership of Islamic Regime! A very few Cult leaders are 1% honest, but 99% dishonest & Satanic; they are like Khomeini. But other Cult leaders are 101% Dishonest & Satanic! They are like Saudis, Rajavi or Khamenei. After all recent events, if Khamenei has 1% honesty or honor, Khamenei should Die of Shame; but Khamenei is a typical Masonic Cult leader, a typical MI6/ CIA Cult leader. All MI6 Cults have Foruqe Javidan ! (Eternal Sunshine), and stupidly try to justify their Big Defeats, their Big Lies & their Big Paradoxes! Instead of Dying of Shame, they play the ‘Shame Game’, ie they shame their followers to make them more susceptible to further manipulation! But such tactics make Cult members realize that What they thought was true or good is not really true or good ! It’s called Disillusionment or Death, Cult Death! After Khamenei’s Eternal Sunshine!, Islamists and Basiji should Die of Shame.And now their rank and file are dying or becoming disillusioned”. They also add: “Cult leaders create Turkmenchay or Great Farcical Disasters, and then instead of Dying of Shame, they play the Shame Game with their slaves! It’s a typical tactic in all CIA cults. Khamenei and his cult members are not new or special things. All brainwashed cult members kill themselves for Cult or Cult leaders! Rajavists burned & killed themselves for Rajavi! Arab Islamists, ISIS, Saudis & Al-Qaeda are suicide bombers, ie they kill themselves for their cults! So what Basijis do is not a new or special thing. DAESH, Basiji, Islamist, Rajavist, Saudi Terrorists or Suicide bombers are Cultists, ie brainwashed members of Cults. If they kill themselves for their Cults, they are merely Satanic Martyrs or Masonic Martyrs! They can call themselves Saudi, DAESH, Basiji, Mujahed, Modafe Harem or Modafe Harem-sara! But it just makes people laugh. Now Basijis = CIA’s Arab Islamists go to IRIB and say: we Basijis are not defenders of Iran (Modafe Iran), but we are defenders of Arabs (!!) we are defenders of Harem’ ! (2016) Now CIA’s Basijis and their Masonic Martyrs openly call themselves Modafe Harem & Modafe Arab! (Modafe = defender) But all Iranians already knew that Basiji is Modafe Harem-sara (Defender of the Harem of Cult )! As you know, the Harem or Harem-sara is the King’s whorehouse, the Cult whorehouse or the whorehouse of Cult leaders! But now the CIA/ MI6 ask Basijis to call themselves the Harem’s defenders! It’s so ridiculous. Basijis are stupid Arabs, not Iranians. If they were Iranians, they would at least call themselves Modafe Iran or Modafe Iranians! But they officially say that they are not defenders of Iran (Modafe Iran), but they are Modafe Arab = Modafe Harem-sara = Modafe Mason! Now even idiots can see the true face of Savage Arabs, Locust-eaters, Lizard-eaters and Arab Barbarians. Now even idiots can see that The Savage Saudi Arabia is the House of Satan. Now even idiots can see why Iranians truly said: The Savage Arabia is the House of Satan / Ahriman & Zahak! But Arab Islamists including Mullah & Basiji are Satanists, and worship Savage Arabia, Savage Saudi Arabia! Now even idiots can see why Islamists are Anti-Iran, or why Saudi Barbarians & DAESH & Ayatollahs are Anti-Iran Tazi ( = Savage Arab Jews) As you all know, In Iran, the Tazi language is Ajnabi language. All Iranians including our Great Ferdowsi fought & fight against Tazi language, and preserved Persian Language. But Khamenei, Haddad Adel & Islamic Freemasons love and worship Ajnabi language / Tazi language (= Jewish / Arabic language), simply because Islamists and Khamenei are Ajnabi & Nokar-e Ajnabi. They are Tazi, Arab-worshiper or Ajnabi-parast. They are Crypto-Jews and Hojatieh. The story of this Tazi Mason Haddad Adel is so informative. Qolam-Ali Haddad Adel, that Iranians call him Olaq-Ali Hadad is a Hijatieh, a Savak agent and a Tazi protégé of Hussein Nasr & Farah Pahlavi! And it’s what their Islamic Media say! This Islamic Freemason Haddad Adel loves London, UK & US (ie Great Satan!) ! His children, His Arabic-Islamist Daughters, live and study in USA, in the land of Great Satan! Now in June 2016, this Tazi Freemason Haddad Adel goes to IRIB and openly says: one of my daughter is Khamenei’s bride; and one of my daughter is Great Satan’s bride! ( = CIA’s bride !) My daughter is a Basiji & Islamist, but she lives in USA (!) and she has married to an American guy (ie a CIA agent !) who works in Microsoft & Great Satan’s companies in USA! (June 2016) The West censors such news/ facts, because such facts are so informative : On the one hand, Islamists chant Anti-American slogans and pretend they hate Great Satan! But on the other hand, Islamists go to bed with Great Satan and become Great Satan’s bride! or Great Satan’s whores! Islamists are such Hypocrites. Islamists are such CIA agents. Now all Iranians use many F-words (Foshe Khar-Madar) to curse Haddad Adel & Arab Islamists! Now even the 3% say: Haddal Adel is a CIA agent, a Nofuzi ! All Iranians hate Haddad Adel & Arab Islamists so much. All Iranians know that Haddad Adel = Khamenei. Haddal Adel is a close friend & family member of Khamenei. So when Haddad Adel is such a stupid Mason, Hojatieh, Nofuzi or CIA agent, then it’s obvious Who is Ali Khamenei !”. They also add: “Khamenei’s Eternal Sunshine is badly Shining ! Now the Mullah Media say: (and in the past their own stupid Karrubi said: ) Haddal Adel worked for Savak & Hussein Nasr & Farah Pahlavi ! .. Haddad Adel is Hussein Nasr’s protégé (= Kif-kesh Hussein Nasr! )’ ! Karrubi used the term Kif-kesh, which reminds Iranians of Ko(..)-kesh, Ja(..)-kesh and F-words! In the past, Karrubi used the term Kif-kesh! But now all Iranians, even the 3%, use many witty F-words – including Ko(..)-kesh or Ja(..)-kesh- to curse Haddad Adel & Arab Islamists”. They also add: “All Basiji leaders including this Olaq-Ali (Haddad Adel) are Tazi & Masonic Crypto Jews. Only a Tazi can name his child BentolHoda or Vahab! All Iranians -even religious Iranians- never use such Tazi names. Only a Tazi, who is 100% Ajnabi, can use Tazi names like BentolHoda, Vahab, Abu-Vahab or Abu-Lahab! All Iranians are aware of this issue. If you want to know why Basijis & Islamists are 100% Arab & Ajnabi (= Anti-Iran & Anti-Persian), you can simply take a look at their names or their family names! They name their children BentolHoda, BentolJoha !, Vahab, Abu-Vahab or Abu-Lahab! When hearing such Tazi names, Iran’s people just say: What?! Abu-Vahab?! Abu-Lahab ?! BentolHoda?! Who is this Motherfucker Arab, Haddad or Abu-Lahab?! Who is this Arab-Islamic whore BentolHoda Rothschild of Microsoft?! In 2009, CIA’s Arabs & Crypto Jews like Abu-Lahab & Abu-Vahab killed Iran’s people in Iran’s streets. Ayatollahs and Basijis = Saudis = Arab Barbarians; they showed their true colors after 1979, specially in 2009 to 2016. So it’s obvious why all Iranians hate Arab Islamists or Arab barbarians. Now even the good Arabs know and hate Arab Islamists or Arab barbarians. We Iranians don’t judge people by their race or religion. We know that good Arabs or good Jews exist, and they know why we Iranians hate Arab barbarians, Jewish barbarians and all Bad guys. All normal humans can see why Zionists and Islamist-Arab pigs such as Mullahs, Saudis, DAESH and Al-Qaeda are Satan’s children, MI6 / CIA children. Now many can see why IRGC / Basij, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Taliban, Saudi, DAESH or Hojatieh is a Jewish-British Cult, a Satanic Cult or a CIA Cult. Now it’s clear What is Conspiracy, and What is Mafia, Cult (= Ferqeh) or Fetneh !”.


“Many have already talked about ‘Cult-making projects‘, and why & how the Masons and the UK’s Evil Empire were making Cults in recent centuries. Some refer to Cults as New Religious Movements (NRMs) ! The story of ‘Freemasons and NRMs’ is a long story. In the UK and the US, mind-control projects, cult-making projects and Orwellian projects were called scientific projects! The Masonic Sciences, like Masonic Religions, are so Orwellian. In the Barbarian West, almost all good things have become Orwellian or British / Barbarian !”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “US leaders and British leaders are The People Eaters = The Human Eaters. They cannot think or live like Humans (Mesle Adam!) simply because they have a long history of Barbarism, Cannibalism, Satanism and Savagery in the UK and the West. The Human Eaters are not humans; they pollute and poison all good things, maybe because Barbarism is part of their DNA ! Their Wendy Sherman and other People Eaters & Freemason Barbarians in the US and the UK are shameless Barbarians, and Inhumanity & Savagery & Barbarism is part of their DNA = their Barbarian traditions / Culture. They try to pollute the whole world. MI6 cults or CIA cults are polluting everywhere. Their cults use the same methods in the whole world – from California and Texas to Ashraf Camp, Sohanak or Cult town / Cult campus in all around the world. Their Cults typically isolate people, to prevent ‘Reality Check’ ! Their Cults typically instill the belief that Outsiders (= non-cult people) are dangerous and wrong! Their Cults typically create a Cult campus to isolate members. Liberty Camp or Ashraf Camp is a typical Cult campus. In America, you can see many cult towns/ campus like Liberty Camp! If you search the internet, you can see US experts talk about US Cults and also cult temple, cult castle, Cult Campus or cult towns in America. In Cult town or cult campus the only people you are communicating with are the members of the cult. And it’s obvious why ‘Cult members become the person’s only social contact and feedback mechanism. It’s obvious why Cults cut off members from the outside world. It’s obvious why Cults use Filtering & Censorship & Controlling information. You can see This kind of isolation in all cults. Cults isolate their members to prevent them from the Reality ! By Controlling information and By Filtering & Censorship, the Cult is the only voice which knows what is right and what is good ! All people should know ‘How Cults Work‘. Cults even tell you what to eat and what to wear ! Cults want to Own Your Mind & Body. Thought Reform is an umbrella term for any number of manipulative techniques used to get people to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do. All people show know Cult indoctrination methods. All cults try to create a Sharp distinction between ‘Cult members’ ( = Khodi) and ‘Outside World’ (= Qeyr-e Khodi). In all Cults, ‘us’ (ie Cultists = Khodi) are good and saved !, but ‘them’ (ie all humans & all things that don’t belong to the Cult) are Bad and create Corruption (Fesad/ Enheraf !) Building more and more complete control over all aspects of life is an essential part of all cults. They even try to control what you read or watch! Only Cult books, Cult films, Cult TVs or Cult websites are allowed to read or watch! Almost all books, websites or TV channels are forbidden because they mislead you and corrupt your mind ! In all cults, Lie is Truth, but Truth corrupts your mind ! In all cults, the real Truths & Facts corrupt your mind ! Cult books are holy texts !, but all other books are Bad & Harmful = Zalleh ! All cults use the same tactics. So all people should know Cult brainwashing techniques. All people should know why and how Cults Isolate people. Liberty Camp is a typical cult campus. MEK and IRGC, like all CIA cults, have their own cult towns. In the fucking Ghalibaf’s era, the Cult of IRGC / Basij has built many Cult towns (Shah-rak) in Tehran! Ghalibaf is a Hojatieh, from Mashhad ! In recent years and in the fucking Ghalibaf’s era, Tehran’s gardens are destroyed, and instead, Cult Campus and Cult towns (= Shah-rak) are built in Northern Tehran! Cult towns like Shah-rak-e Mahalati, Shah-rak-e Velayat etc are IRGC Cult towns. It’s funny and important to note that a place like Sohanak (in Northern Tehran) was already belong to the Cult of Bahai, and now the Cult of Basiji control this cult town! Such similarities can explain many things about the Cult of Bahai, the Cult of Basiji and other CIA-British cults. Hojatieh, Basiji or Bahai are the same shit. But Mullahs are worse than Pahlavis. This fact that now almost all hills and mountains of Northern Tehran -from West to East- have been polluted by Cult towers & Cult buildings is shocking. It’s really shocking. Most of these new buildings are empty now. But these stupid towers and apartments just remind you of the pictures of North Korea, Communist countries and Capitalist America’s cult towns! This Jewish-Islamic motherfucker, Ghalibaf, is a Hojjatieh Freemason. He is destroying Northern Tehran, which was a beautiful place with many beautiful gardens. This Masonic motherfucker, Ghalibaf, is trying to destroy Tehran’s identity. It’s his mission! And it’s what their Mullah media say! His role model is Communist & Capitalist America! This CIA motherfucker, Ghalibaf, is destroying Tehran’s gardens & Tehran’s mountains, and doing their Masonic Cult-town-building projects (Shah-rak sazi) in Mountains, Jungles or Gardens of Tehran! Now if you take a look at Northern-Western Tehran, around Chitgar and that new Lake, you can easily get a shock. A stupid mixture of Communism & Capitalism & MI6/ CIA Cult Towns is really shocking. Iranian people and average Iranians don’t live, and cannot live, in such silly cult towns. Only Basijis, Cultists, Tazis and non-Iranian pigs can live there. They build such silly cult towns because it’s what CIA & MI6 want. When you take a look at Sohanak and its mountains, and how stupid Basijis live in those cult towns in Northern Tehran’s mountains, you can easily see how they isolate Basijis = Cultists. IRGC cult town is a weaker version of Liberty Camp, North Korea’s towns or America’s cults towns. The people who live in IRGC cult towns are not like Tehran’s people or Iran’s people. They are Arabs, Tazis or Cultists. The Islamic regime’s rallies in Tehran are so silly & Orwellian. You cannot see any normal people or any real Iranians in these rallies, because when they have a rally or an event, their Basijis are bussed from their Cult towns to Tehran! It’s so silly & Orwellian; but the West and CIA/ MI6 media defend them, and pretend that these Cultists & Anti-Iranian Arabs are Iranian people!”. They also add: “the soup is too salty; so even US pigs and their CNN talk about ‘Armageddon and Hojjatieh’ ! (CNN) and say: ‘Ayatollah Jannati leads the Hojjatieh .. Ayatollah Janati and Mesbah are reported to be the highest ranking members of the Hojjatieh .. Tavassoli, a former chief of staff of Khomeini, says: ‘the Islamic government and the leaders of IRGC have been hijacked by the Hojjatieh’ ! .. The Hojjatieh has been described as ‘an underground Masonic messianic cult which hopes to quicken the coming of Apocalypse .. In a clear parallel with Jewish views of Armageddon, Islamists believe in (Jewish Apocalypse & Armageddon) .. the Hojjatieh holding the tyrannical control of power in Iran ‘believe their Lord will reappear only when Iran has become full of oppression and tyranny! .. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What follows will chill you to the bone’ ! (CNN) It’s what their own fucking CNN say! US Zionists and Jewish pigs wish that the World becomes full of Corruption, Oppression & Tyranny! The US Jewish fanatics openly say in their websites: We Jews make po-rn films (!!) and do (x & y) because we Jews want to corrupt people and to (quicken) the coming of Apocalypse & Armageddon’ ! Now if you search the internet, you can find many things about ‘ Druidism and Judaism‘ !, and how their cults try to pollute the world”.

As some wise Iranians say: “AhmadiNejad (AN) was a Crypto Jew. But AN was just one of many Crypto Jews in this Arabic-Islamic regime. The list of Crypto Jews of Islamic Regime is a long list, and even their own Islamic historians talk about this long list! Many Ayatollahs are actually Jews, as many Saudis, Turkish leaders or Arabs leaders are Crypto Jews = Donmeh. Many Marxists are Jews or Crypto-Jews. Many of the so-called Western / American intellects are Crypto-Jews. Noam Chomsky is a Crypto Jew, that means: Noam Chomsky is a Jew, with a Jewish family, but he poses as an Anti-J-e-w! Saudis, Ayatollahs, Noam Chomsky and AhmadiNejad are Crypto-Jews, ie they are Jews who pose as Anti-J-e-ws! We Iranians think all Jews are not bad guys. At least in Iran, many Jews (many Iranian Jews) are not bad guys. We Iranians are not Anti-J-e-w, because We don’t judge people by their race or religion; it’s part of our Iranian Legacy. Persians or Iranians are the first Civilized & Cultured people, who fought against Racism, Sadism, Inhumanity, Intolerance and other Evil things. And this is a fact, an undeniable fact. But unfortunately, the West and Savage Arabs/ Jews are so ungrateful, and so shameless”. They also add: “Crypto Jews are Big Liars. The Jewish Lodge of Hojjatieh says: Hojjatieh is Anti-Bahai & Anti-Marxist’ ! But in the real world, Hojjatieh is Anti-Iran & Anti-Persian. Now if you search the internet, you can see that many talk about ‘Crypto Jews of Mashhad’ or ‘Mashhad’s Jews’ ! Their own Historians say that the UK and British Colonialism brought Jews (Arabic Jews & Turkish Jews) to Mashhad, and Many Jews became Ayatollah, Hajji or Mullah! And it’s what their own Islamic historians say! The Islamic Jews or Crypto Jews created many Cults, including Hojatieh! Mullah Halabi, the founder of Hojjatieh, was Islamic Jew. Iranians focus on his family name, and sarcastically ask: Why he called himself Halabi?! Was he a Pit Halabi ?! ( = a Tin Butt) But this Jewish Ayatollah was not a Pit Halabi ! He was actually a Jewish-Arabic man from Halab of Syria. In Iran, family names have special meanings. For instance, Tehran-i means ‘from Tehran’; Shiraz-i means ‘from Shiraz’; Halab-i means ‘from Halab’. As you know, Halab is a city of Syria. In fact, Mullah Halabi was a Jewish Arab from Syria. ‘Ayatollah Halabi was a Jewish-Arab Spy who worked for the UK .. Mullah Halabi worked for MI6 and Savak ! And it’s what their own historians say. They say many things about Mashhad’s Jews and the Hojatieh Lodge in Mashhad ! For instance they say: the founding board and board of directors of the Hojatieh Lodge lived in Mashhad .. In Mashhad, the Jews developed a considerable Jewish education system! .. The UK & Islamic Masons & Jewish Masons created an event which became known as the Allahdad ! .. Many Mashhad Jews live in Is-rael and New York .. About 10,000 Mashhad Crypto-Jews live in Is-rael ! .. About 4,000 Mashhad Crypto-Jews live now in a New York suburb .. Jewish Mullahs and Islamic Jews run the Hajji Synagogue in Jerusalem’ ! It’s funny that they talk about Jewish Hajji or Hajji Jew ! The Ayatollah Jew or the Jewish Ayatollah is some one like Mesbah, Makarem, MahdaviKani, Haeri, VaezTabasi, Khazali, Jannati and other Masonic Mullahs (As we said before) it’s obvious why Ayatollahs and Arab Mullahs/ Muftis dress like Jewish Rabbis! Rabbis = Jewish Mullahs are like Rabies virus that infect all stupid animals!” They also add: “The Hojjatieh Lodge is Jewish. The Hojjatieh Lodge is the Islamic Coalition Society (Motalifeh) and the Hojjatieh-founded Haqqani School. And it’s what their own historians say. Their own Mullah Media say: ‘Javad Zarif is Hojjatieh; Nahavandian is Hojjatieh; Ahmad Tavakoli is Hojjatieh .. AN’s men and Rouhani’s men are Hojjatieh or Crypto-Jews’ ! The Cult of Hojjatieh, like the Cult of Bahai, is a Jewish-Masonic Cult. They believe that sin and corruption must reach their height to create the conditions for the Jewish Armageddon and the return of their Jewish Imam! Now they go to IRIB & publish films/ videos in the internet, and openly say that the Hojatieh’s Imam Mahdi is Israeli !, and his mother is a Jew of Jerusalem (= Zion) ! Can you believe it?! You can easily find their films/ videos in the internet. It’s so shameful & so ridiculous and that they themselves refer to their Imam as Prince of Jerusalem !, Prince of Rome !, Prince of Zion ! or Prince of Israel ! & Bani-Israel ! This is CIA’s Islam, Zionist Islam! Now their own Islamist historians talk about the Jewish Kabbalah!, and say: the Hojjatieh’s Mehdi is the Jewish Messiah of the Kabbalah (!) Mahdi or Mehdi is a Hebrew word, and both Mehdi and Messiah have the same Jewish-Hebrew root (!) Hojjatieh’s Mahdi is son of Israel’ ! Can you believe it?! Islamists openly refer to their Prophets / Imams as Princes of Jerusalem or Princes of Israel & Bani-Israel ! This is Masonic Islam or Arabic-Jewish Islam! Now Islamist Cinema & Islamist TVs praise Bani-Israel !, and make film about them & worship them. But do you know what Bani-Israel means?! Bani-Israel officially and literally means: ‘Son of Israel ! Children of Israel ! Can you believe it?! Islamists are such Hypocrites. Islamists are such Zionists. Islamists are Children of Israel, Children of Zion & Zionists, and it’s what they themselves say! But most people, especially non-Iranians, cannot believe such facts because such facts are so Shocking & Unbelievable for them! The Cult of Bani-Israel is the Cult of Saudis, the Cult of Wahhabi, the Cult of ISIS/ ISIL, the Cult of Hojjatieh, the Cult of Ayatollahs and the Cult of Arab Islamists”. They also add: “Islamists have different groups/ cults. They have One Big Brother, but different groups/ cults ! The West and the UK created all of them. The West and the UK created Ayatollahs & Arab Freemasons to control & manipulate the Middle East. And it’s what Islamists say! They write articles like ‘Did you know X or Y was a Freemason ! or ‘Hojatieh Lodge: 60 Years in the Shadow’ ! Their Basiji historians talk about a book published in 2005, in AN’s era, authored by Sajadi, a leader of the Hojatieh Lodge! In the book, titled ‘The Decade of Reappearance’ this British Spy Sajadi predicts DAESH/ ISIS/ ISIL and a Bloody war in Syria under the command of Salafi (!), and finally the assassination of Saudi King by al-Qaeda ! And such events lead to the Armageddon! And it’s what Basiji historians say! But it’s obvious why Masons can predict DAESH / ISIS ! British spies know CIA / MI6 plans!”. They also add: “Now even Islamists say Hojjatieh and Crypto-Jews believe in the spread of tyranny and oppression; If you stand in the way of tyranny and oppression then you delay the coming of the Armageddon & the coming of Jewish Imam, the Hojjatieh argue! It’s funny that Arab Islamists love Jewish beliefs of Zionists! Their own Islamic media say: ‘In 1980s, Khamenei & Hojatieh were the representative of American Islam! .. In 1983, Khomeini attacked Hojjatieh and said, ?There is a group whose thesis is that we should let conditions become worse so that the Imam arrives sooner! But for what reason would the Imam come? Remove these Deviations! … After Khomeini’s speech, the Hojatieh members said they are Khomeinist ! .. Resalat newspaper was the media of the Hojatieh Lodge .. In 1980s, a fake movement was born to purge all members of the Hojatieh Lodge! .. But now in 2010s, the Hojatieh Lodge control Islamic regime! All Khamenei’s men are Hojatieh .. The Hojatieh’s Haddad Adel, Javad Zarif and Nahavandian worship London & New York, and enjoy their many trips to London & Masonic Lodges in London & New York ! Nahavandian is Rouhani’s aide. Nahavandian is a Hojatieh, and a CIA Islamist with US Green Card ! Now even the good Turks / Arabs say: ‘Turkey or Saudi Arabia is a Zionist state controlled by the Donmeh ! Now many talk about ‘Jewish Control Of Turkey’, ‘Jewish Control Of Saudi Arabia’, Donmeh Arabia or Donmeh Arabs! Now many can see the Donmeh March, the Hojatieh March, the Masonic March”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now it’s quite clear that Anti-Iran Mafia or Masonic Mafia is not a Myth. Mullahs, ‘Arab Islamists and Islamic Masons in Middle East’ are a small part of the Global Masonic Mafia. The story of ‘Islamic Freemasons in Middle East’ is a long story, and many have already written about it. But many don’t know the story of ‘Islamic Freemasons in the US and the West’, which is so informative, and can show you ‘How Freemasons create Islamists or Islamic Cults in the West and the whole World’. Now If you search the internet, you can see US experts write good articles like [1]: ‘Freemasonry and the Muslim Movement in America‘ ! They talk about ‘The influence of Freemasonry in the US Nation of Islam! [1] They say: The order of Freemasonry is the grandfather of (all cults and) all fraternal organizations [1] British Masons tried to fool and manipulate Black Slaves in America. So even ‘African-Americans have transformed Freemasonry into social and religious cults’ [1] The CIA & British Freemasons used Masonic-Islamic cults to control and manipulate Black Americans & Black Slaves [1] It’s a sad story, a story of Control. The US Nation of Islam is a Masonic-Islamic Cult [1] Elijah Muhammad himself had been a Freemason and a member of the Masonic Lodge! [1] This Islamic Freemason Elijah Muhammad (1897- 1975) is exactly like UK’s Mullahs & Saudis, and many of his teachings and theologies were based on Freemasonry! [1] In One of his speeches entitled ‘A True Mason‘ (!!), Elijah Muhammad says: a Mason cannot be a good Mason unless he knows Quran (!!) It’s the only book that will make a true Mason (!!)’ [1] Can you believe it?! This Islamic Freemason Elijah Muhammad, the Leader of US Nation of Islam, also says: ‘the only way to understand Islam is in the higher degrees of Masonry’ !! [1] Can you believe it?! This is CIA’s Islam, MI6’s Islam or Masonic Islam! It’s so laughable & ridiculous that US Islamists say: a True Mason is a true Muslim!, or a True Muslim is a True Mason! [1] Now many talk about an Orwellian book, ‘The Secrets of Freemasonry’ !, written by Islamic Mason Elijah Muhammad ! [1] In this book, this stupid charlatan Elijah Muhammad states: There are 360 degrees of knowledge (!), and the Masons have 33 degrees of that knowledge (!!) (But Jewish Islamists or Arabs) have 360 degrees of that knowledge’ !! [1] Can you believe it?! Now many sarcastically talk about ‘Beyond 33rd degree’ ! Elijah Muhammad’s bullshit are not jokes, but can make good jokes: Brits talk about ’33rd degree Masons’, but according to Elijah Muh., a 360th degree Mason is Islamic Freemason! Saudi or Ayatollah is a 360th degree Mason! Elijah Muhammad is a bad joke, but can show you How CIA & Masons control and manipulate Religions. Islamists drew a great deal of their teachings from Freemasonry, and applied them to the Nation of Islam! [1] Elijah Muhammad also used Masonry to reassure his followers (and his Masonic Masters) that he was the ?savior? of the black man in America! [1] And it’s what Americans say. It’s the Tragic-Orwellian story of Control in America. Elijah Muhammad was a CIA Islamist, who said: ‘Many of the founding fathers of America are high degree Masons (!) They have sworn oaths not to reveal secrets’ ! [1] Many know that the founding fathers of America were Freemasons, and the American Revolution was a Masonic Revolution. In fact, the American Revolution was like the Islamic Revolution of 1979! Their anti-UK slogans soon changed, and their Great Satan Britain, which was their greatest Enemy, became the US’s closest friend ! All Masonic Revolutions are the same shit. Now, after 250 years!, many Americans say: Freemasons control America ! In America, almost everything is Masonic or Orwellian! Even the Black leaders, the Marxist leaders, Alternative media/ journalists, Noam Chomsky and the Nation of Islam’s leaders are Freemasons! Louis Farrakhan made several references to Freemasonry in his speech at the Million Man March! [1] In this speech, Louis Farrakhan defends Masons & Washington, and says: the first President of this land, George Washington, who was a Grand Master of the Masonic order (!!) laid the foundation, the cornerstone of this Capitol Building where we stand’ ! [1] This Islamic Mason Louis Farrakhan also adds: ‘Oh, Black Man. The secret of the Masonic Order is the secret of Religion (!!) .. Most of the founders or leaders of the Black Muslim movements are Freemasons’ ! [1] It’s a great confession. The story of Islamic Masons in America is a long story. Some of them changed their names to the Nubian Islamic Hebrews! [1] They again changed their name in 1972 to the Ansarullah Community! [1] And now you can see them in Yemen and Arabia! It’s funny that Americans talk about Islamic Hebrews! [1] Terms like Islamic Hebrews, Islamic Jews or Crypto Jews are synonyms. They create Islamist Cults, and say: the Islamist Cults ‘are based on the true teachings of Freemasonry! [1] Unfortunately, such facts are not myths or conspiracy theories. ISIS, Saudis, Mullahs, Elijah Muhammad, Taliban, Ayatollahs, MEK, Ansarullah, Hezbollah, Hojatieh and Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic Freemasons are the same shit, and the children of the same Big Brother. US Islamists say: Jewish Islamists are the true seed of the Quraish Tribe, the Jewish Arabs! [1] Islamists are so stupid. They are the Barbarian Britain’s Brothers, and they are so happy that the UK made Freemasonry a religion! [1] If you read history, you can see why & How the MI6 & CIA created many Masonic-Islamic cults including the Muslim Brotherhood, Hojatieh, Fadayan Islam (Devotees of Islam), Nation of Islam, Ansarullah, Saudi, Hezbollah, Basiji, Bahaii, Mujahed, Taliban, Al-Qaede, ISIS/ ISIL, Wahhabis, Ayatollahs and other Islamic masons. The Middle East is full of Islamic Freemasons. But even in the US and the UK, the Islamic groups grew out of Freemasonry [1] Islamists mix Freemasonry with Islam! [1] In fact, the real problems are very Bigger than Mullahs or Basjis. The real problems are very very Bigger than Khamenei, Pahlavi, Khomeini, Hojatieh, Saudis or ISIS. Khamenei and Arab Islamists are just very little pawns in the Devil’s Game = the West’s Game”. They also add: “It’s funny that now even MIT university defends Freemasonry! If you search the internet, you can find MIT’s articles like [2]: ‘Difficult Questions About Freemasonry’ ! or ‘Is Freemasonry a cult?’ !, in which MIT guys defend Masons and say: ‘Freemasonry is not a cult .. Freemasonry is a good religion’ ! [2] Apparently, MIT is a Masonic cesspit, and MIT stands for ‘Masonic Institute of Technology’ ! When a stupid Jewish Mason like Noam Chomsky is a hero of MIT, then it’s obvious why MIT is a Masonic cesspit that just aids CIA & Big Brother in creating Orwellian Technology. The US’s Masonic universities can remind you of the Masonic-Islamic College of El-Azhar in Cairo! And it’s obvious why all Masonic cesspits -from MIT to El-Azhar- say: There is no conflict between Freemasonry and Islam and other Religions! [2] MIT guys even say: Masons freed Latin America! Bolivar was a Mason ! [2] They defend Venezuelan Freemasons – from Bolivar to Chavez ! [2] They proudly say: Freemasons played essential roles in creating the New World [2] Freemasons created the United States! [2] American Revolution was Masonic! [2] They are so proud that ‘US presidents were Masons’ ! [2] They proudly say: Many of the Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution of the United States were Freemasons! [2] MIT guys are so proud that their Founding Fathers are Freemasons! [2] They openly say: Why Can’t Christians Pray in Lodge? Of course Christians can pray in Masonic Lodge! ! [2] Christian prayer is a Lodge prayer ! [2] Those who receive the degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry are Christian Heroes! [2] MIT guys just show why MIT stands for ‘Masonic Institute of Technology’ and why MIT helps Big Brother in creating Orwellian Technology. Pigs like Rothschild and Rockefeller are like Babak Zanjani or Saudi Prince. They are not really important. Pigs like Rothschild and Rockefeller are merely symbols. According to dictionaries, Symbol = someone or something that represents a particular thing. Pigs like Rothschild and Rockefeller are symbols of the Masonic Mafia & The Evil Empire. The Big Brother’s whores create Conspiracy theories to fool, mislead and misinform people. Idiots worship Conspiracy theories; but the wise people and normal humans care about facts and true stories, not myths or Conspiracy theories”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Unfortunately, Mullahs or Arab Islamists are not new or special irrational animals. The Celtic barbarians in France, the Druidic Barbarian in England, and the British / Jewish Barbarians of America are worse than Mullahs. They are actually the fathers / godfathers of Mullahs. Celts are European Barbarians, and Celtic = Barbaric. Celts and Druids are People Eaters. But these savage barbarous people are the roots of the West, the ancestors of the West. The savage barbarous people who lived in Britain and Europe created many Barbarian Cults, known as Celtic or Druidic cults & secret societies. The main Celtic-Druidic cult is Freemasonry & Illuminati, which is the Mother of Nazism, Fascism, KKK and all Cults. The top authority in Masonry is always the Big Brother! Celtic or Druidic countries are Barbarian countries like Britain and France, who have created many great Crimes against Humanity in all around the world. Now in 2016, their Western media report: The Savage France Demands Google Censor Internet Worldwide! France is a Fascist country. Now in 2016, their own media report: The UK and France demand Google wipe out & Censor search results! France is like Britain, that means: France is Fascist; France is Freemason; France is Barbarian; France is Orwellian. Britain or France is The Animal Farm. In French Animal Farm, their media report: France defends ‘Right To Censor‘ ! (2016) Now Britain and France try to Censor The Internet Globally! France and Britain are the mother and father of Mullahs! And now All Iranians say: Fuck the father & mother of Mullahs!, that means: Fuck Britain & Fuck France! Now France shows its true face. Now their own mass media report: ‘Google goes to France’s highest court (because) France asks Google to Censor all search results! .. France Wants To Impose the French Censorship Laws On Google Worldwide ! .. France Fines Google For Failing To Censor Search Results Worldwide ! (2016) The Fucking France is so Orwellian. The Fascist France is the Animal Farm. Now Google censors the links and search results based on your IP address ! (ie based on your location / your country! ) But France says it’s not enough !, and Google should censors all search results globally! And it’s what their own Media say! Now the West’s good guys say: Searching on a European edition of Google, such as Google France or Google UK is like Searching on Chinese edition of Google, Google China ! ‘ ! (2016) But France says it’s not enough !, because ‘Outside the EU, this censorship will not be in place’ !, and Google should filter/ censor all links globally! France is so Fascist. France is worse than Nazi Germany. Now they talk about ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ (RTBF) = Right To Be Censor or Right To Censor Everything ! They ask Google to create a Censorship button! = RTBF button! France defends Censorship & Censors! France is such a Fascist country. France is such a stupid Animal Farm. Now the West’s good guys say: If you live in France or UK, (you can see) they censor all search results .. Google France or Google UK censor everything .. France pushing Google to censor the global internet ! .. French Fascists/ Freemasons can demand Google remove certain links from showing up when people search! .. This ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ (RTBF) is now being used by many Fascists/ Freemasons trying to hide true information they just don’t like being known’ ! (2016) Now all sane people can see that the so-called French Rights or The French Human Rights are Fascist-Barbarian rights such as RTBF, Right To Be Fascist !, Right To Be Barbarian!, Right To Be Censor ! , Right To Be People Eater !, Right To Be Psychopath !, Right To Be Sadist !, Right To Be Terrorist or Imperialist ! Now even idiots can see that France is the Land of Censorship, Dictatorship, Barbarism, Fascism & Freemasonry. France’s good guys say: Google tried to appease the French regulators ( = French Fascists/ French Freemasons) earlier this year with a big change where even if you went to from France (rather than the default of, Google still censor the links based on your IP address! But French regulators said not good enough, and told Google it needed to censor globally! (2016) Now many talk about the Great Firewall of France! Now many can see the Great Fascism of France! The Fucking France is not merely an Enemy of Iranian people. But The Fascist France is the Enemy of the Internet. The Fucking France is the Enemy of Good guys in all around the world. Now even the West’s good guys ridicule France, make jokes, and say: ‘Hi French Google! I’d like Tiananmen Square to be forgotten worldwide. Thanks China’s censors! .. Hi France! I’d like Nazism and Hitler to be forgotten worldwide! Bye, your Nazi Brothers! (2016)”. They also add: “The CIA and the Barbarian Britain & France created ISIS, Saudis and Mullahs. The Barbarian Britain & France still help Islamists -from Saudis & ISIS to Mullahs. The Zionist France is the Friend of Islamists. The Savage France is the Enemy of Iranian people. The Zionist France is the supporter of Mullahs! France is the Land of Barbarism & Freemasonry. Now even the West’s good guys talk about ‘France?s Guillotining of Global Free Speech’ and France?s Guillotining of Freedom & Democracy! They know what France?s Guillotining of Freedom or France?s Guillotining of Human Values means! They know why France = Fascism, France = Freemasonry, France = Orwellian Tyranny & Censorship. French Freemasons or French Barbarians are so-called leaders of France! They are so stupid. France & Britain openly defend Censors, Dictators and Fascists because Britain & France are worse than Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin; And it’s what the West’s good guys say in 2016. They even talk about The West Worldwide Censorship Plan; they know what The French Worldwide Censorship Plan means. Now Google and France help Mullahs. Now USA, Google, Britain & France help Islamic Fascists. Now the West & Google help Islamists in censoring the Internet and all Search results in Iran. The West’s good guys say: The Fascist horrific ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ (RTBF) concept was initially announced by EU, UK and France .. Nazis are better than France & Britain .. In the near future, Europeans will say: ‘Nazi Germany, Russia & China had more Freedom & Democracy than France & Britain’ ! (2016) The West’s barbarians try to pollute the world. The West and all Cults promote a vision of an ideal ‘new life’ or ‘new self’ ! All Cults say that their Cult is the one and only way to Salvation! No one goes from rational person to Cult member overnight. And all cuts are not small groups. Some cults are mass cults, ie they do mass brainwashing, mass surveillance, mass indoctrination, mass filtering & censorship and mass control. They use cult methods in a large scale, a global scale”.


“Now Islamic Barbarians, Jewish Barbarians and Christian Barbarians are the same shit. But unfortunately, many think Jewish Barbarians or Christian Barbarians are good barbarians!, while Islamic barbarians are bad; or Islamic barbarians are good barbarians!, while Christian Barbarians or Jewish Barbarians are bad. Many don’t know Barbarian Beliefs, Barbarian Cults, British Barbarians, British Cults or Orwellian Ideology. Unfortunately, many don’t know Why & How the US & the UK create Cults, and How Cults control & manipulate people. For having a better world, all people should know Cults & ‘Cult methods of influencing and brainwashing people”, some wise Iranians say. We have already written about Cult and Ideology (check Archive) But as the wise Iranians say: “Many still don’t know Cult or Mafia, and how it works. If you study about ‘The Cults in America ‘, you can see the true face of America, ie the true face of a third-world, backward, Orwellian, fascist & fanatic country. The US experts say: About 5,000 Cults operate in the United States alone! Cults are tools of Control, and America is a Jungle of Cults! Cults use brainwashing or mind control techniques to indoctrinate people. Cults are factories that produce Sheeple & mind-controlled Slaves. You can define Cult as a Religious Mafia or an Ideological Mafia. Cult is a synonym for Control, Indoctrination, Brainwashing, Slavery etc. Cults ‘destroying their followers’ ability to think critically and to make independent decisions. It’s so important. Cults have Big Brother. In each cult, Big Brother is omnipotent and the Cult is infallible. The Cult Leader is Big Brother, Imam, Godfather or a manufactured Prophet who says to his followers: Choose the right! Follow the Prophet! Just Do it! Obedience is the first law of Heaven! As you know, Obedience is the first law of Satan & Slavery, but Cults praise Obedience & Slavery. Sheeple and stupid slaves obey their Leaders, and say: Obedience & Slavery is a sign of Wisdom ( = Basirat ! ) ! They even say: Slavery is Salvation! Cult is a factory that produces slaves, proud slaves! Cults demand unquestioning devotion and submission. In all Cults, normality, normal life, normal thinking or critical thinking is sin or evil, but Control, Slavery & Submission bring you Salvation! In all Cults, they have Velayat (= Big Brother’s Control) and Zob dar Velayat (= unquestioning submission/ devotion) ! Velayat = Bardegy = Slavery is an essential part of all cults. If you take a look at American Cults -or British cults including the Cult of Rajavi, the Cult of Khamenei, the Cult of Saudi, the Cult of IRGC/ Savak/ Basiji/ Bahai / Hojatieh/ ISIS etc- you can see the same patterns. All Cult leaders say: Doubt is evil, you should submit to the will of the Leader ( = the will of Cult / Velayat); the Cult and devotion to the Cult is the only thing that will bring you Salvation!“. As some wise Iranians say: “Khamenei is a Cult leader, a typical cult leader. What he says is like what all cult leaders say. In all Masonic Cults and all American Cults you can see the same Jewish-British-Masonic things. Some primary characteristics of a Cult or a Jewish-British Cult include: Charismatic Leader (ie Big Brother), Use of Censorship & Filtering, Isolation (physical or psychological isolation), Demand for Devotion & Submission, Strict Censorship & Control over people’s life, and a Sharp distinction between ‘Cult members’ (Khodi) and ‘Non-Cult people (Qeyr-e Khodi); In the Cult language, ‘us’ = Khodi = Cultists, and ‘them’ = all people who are not Cultists. In the Cult language, ‘us’ = Cultists are good and saved !, but ‘them’ = all humans who are not members of the Cult are bad and going to Hell ! All cults are the same shit, and say the same things. All Cults say: our Cult members are saved, but Non-Cult people are bad or lost souls (Monharef !)! In all cults, questions & doubts are systematically ‘turn around’ so that the doubter feels wrong, worthless, ‘Evil’ for questioning! The member is loved again when he renounces those doubts and submits to the will of the Leader!”. They also add: “The Cult of Khamenei is a typical British Cult. ISIS / DAESH, Saudis or Basijis are typical cultists. They are not new or special things. Cultists (ie Cult members) are devoted to the Leader. The Cult leader is Imam, and there is no questioning of his decisions, his Crimes or his Turkmenchay! All CIA cult leaders – from Saudis to Mullahs- are the same shit. The so-called Cult apologists like Noam Chomsky try to whitewash CIA Cult leaders. They try to create a Cult of Personality around all Dictators. The CIA pigs like Noam Chomsky and Leveretts trying to reduce Dictators to a mere puppet. All Masonic Cults or Jewish-British cults are exactly like what you can see in The Mad Max film. The Mad Max world is the world of British Barbarians and British Cults“. They also add: “British Barbarians say: Knowledge is power; so all people should be ignorant sheeple! In British Ministry of Truth, they chant : Ignorance is power! Ignorance is Strength! All Jewish-British Cults are based on a Satanic Ideology = Orwellian Ideology . Almost all American Cults are Jewish-British Cults. Now even almost all Islamic cults are Jewish-British Cults. USA is so Orwellian. The CIA Masons stupidly say: our Secret Society is a Private Society! A better term than ‘secrecy’ is privacy’ ! (2016) Their Orwellian tactics are so childish. They defend cults, and say: a true believer wants to sacrifice Everything for the good of Cult / Religion ! In all MI6 / CIA Cults, they say: a true believer willing to sacrifice all human values for the good of Religion / Cult ! This Jewish-British Belief, This CIA Masonic-Barbaric Belief creates Saudi, Basiji, DAESH or Islamic Barbarians. In all Jewish-British cults, mind-controlled slaves giving up se-x or anything the Cult leaders want! They even kill themselves for Cult & cult leaders! So, what Basijis do in the Cult of Khamenei is not a new or special thing”. They also add: “the West’s barbarians say: ‘Without the option of ( x or y or z ), a lie cannot be uncovered ! This is why cults should isolate people and to separate members from the real world ! Cults should say: All people are bad or corrupted, and only the Cult can save you! The worldview given by the cult is the only truth, and nothing else can be accepted! All Cult leaders follow such Western advices! All Cults make demands on people to fit the Cult’s standards, and anything seen not to fit the Cult Standards is seen as Evil or Fetneh! This monopoly on Truth & Judgment is a characteristic of all cults. All cults say Orwellian things. They say: Barbarians are moral people! Barbarism is a good means! All Cults use any means to gain their ends. Marxists, Mullahs, Saudis or Islamists are not new or special things. They are exactly like American Cults & Masonic-Jewish Cults. Mafia or Cult is a kind of Secret Society, and they try to deceive people, and make them Sheeple or Slaves. But If you live like a human, not a sheeple or slave, cults cannot deceive you”.

A some wise Iranians say: “Now if you do some research, or even search the internet, you can find many good things about ‘Brainwashing, Mind Control, Thought Control and the Cults’. Most cults are religious cults. Satanism is a religion, and Satanists are religious people. They just refer to their God as Satan or Lucifer! Satanic cults are religious cults. But being religious or irreligious is not important. Some cults are irreligious cults or even Anti-religion cults. Many sadists and barbarians are Anti-Religion! They are worse than religious fanatics/ terrorists. But they all are members of Cults. Their cults are The Cult of Racism, The Cult of Fascism, The Cult of Barbarism & Druidism, The Cult of People Eaters, The Cult of Money & Power etc. All normal humans should know How Cults work, and which bonds can bind them to Cults. Unfortunately, many don’t know How cults indoctrinate people. They think cults convert normal humans to brainwashed devotees overnight ! But ‘no one goes from rational person to brainwashed man overnight; instead the indoctrination is a series of small steps’ ! And it’s what their own experts say! Cults don’t say: We are Satan’s children; we want to deceive you! But Cults say: we are Children of God; we want to help you! In America, there are many silly & satanic cults such as Evangelism, Mormonism and The Children of God ! America’s good guys truly say: ‘Gradually they lose any real humility, fully believing they are God’s sole spokesman to the world ! .. Reality is whatever they are teaching! Apostasy is going back to believing non-Cultic views! It’s a great sin in all cults’ ! In fact, all Cults are like Mafia; All Cults, and the Masonic Mafia, are like Hotel California: you can easily check in, but you can never check out! In his 1984, George Orwell talks about Cults, Big Brother’s cults, and truly says: ‘(Cults praise) the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to (Cult) ! .. Crimestop means protective stupidity! But stupidity is not enough. On the contrary, orthodoxy in the full sense demands a control over one’s own mental processes as complete as that of a contortionist over his own body! (Cult) rests ultimately on the belief that Big Brother is omnipotent and that the Party is infallible. But since in reality Big Brother is not omnipotent and the Party is not infallible, there is need for a moment-to-moment flexibility in the treatment of facts! The key word here is BlackWhite .. this word has two mutually contradictory meanings! Applied to an opponent, it means the habit of impudently claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts. Applied to a (Cult) member, it means a loyal willingness to say that black is white when (Cult) discipline demands this! But it means also the ability to believe that black is white, and more, to know that black is white, and to forget that one has ever believed to the contrary! This demands a continuous alteration of the past, made possible by the system of thought which (is) known as Doublethink’ ! In his ‘1984, George Orwell talked about British Cults, Masonic Cults or Big Brother’s Cults. Even in this new stupid film ‘The Mad Max’ you can see the British Death Cult and part of Britain’s Barbarian traditions”. They also add: “Now many Humans are becoming aware. Now many talk about the Satanic Cults in America – from Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to Scientology and Mormonism. America is really a Jungle of Cults! America’s good guys are like Iranian people and other good guys in all around the world. But unfortunately, many American people are stupid Sheeple. Many Americans -including US Leaders, Obama, Clinton, Rockefellers, Noam Chomsky, Donald Trump & their fans- are psychos, sadists, racists, masons, satanists, fanatics or fascists. Unfortunately, America is full of fanatics & Sheeple. In America, they have many cults, and they refer to ‘Cult of X’ as Church of X ! Americans have Church of Satan, Church of Ahriman !, Church of Scientology and many other churches/ cults, which are actually Church of Psychos, Church of Sadists, Church of Barbarians or Church of Cannibals! Now even US experts say: America is the Land of Satanic Cults .. In America, many Cults (have) celebrity members (like Tom Cruise) Tom Cruise is a cult Psycho (and can show you) How a celebrity can use his fame to the Big Brother’s advantage! If you study about Satanism or Cults in Texas, California, Nebraska and other states of America, you understand many things better. Books like The Franklin Cover-up say a lot about the Satanic America. The Franklin Cover-up is a book By John DeCamp, a Republican Senator! He is a Senator, a CIA agent, and a close friend of the CIA director! His book is about Child Abuse, Satanism and Cannibalism in Nebraska, and speaks volumes about American Barbarians & American Barbarism. American leaders/ cult leaders – from Ayatollah Obama and Charles Manson to Bush & Romney & Donald Trump-
are barbarians or psychopaths. American Barbarians and British Barbarians are The People Eaters, the Human-eaters. They are worse than Locust-eaters & Lizard-eaters (ie Savage Arabs) If you read history, you can see that the West or the UK is the Land of The People Eaters = The Human-eaters. French Barbarians and British Barbarians still live like their savage barbarous ancestors. Now their Barbarian Cults, their Jewish-Celtic Cults, their Druidic Cults specially Freemasonry/ Illuminati is the Mother of all Satanic Cults and secret societies. Now The People Eaters desperately try to fool & control all people, and to convert the human world into the Barbaric-Satanic world, the Mad Max world. Their Cults try to control your Free Will & your Humanity. But even their own experts say: After Brainwashing, free will itself remains intact, but its basis has changed! The basis of people’s free will is their belief system and worldview. People make their choices and decisions, based on their beliefs & values. If a cult can influence and change a person’s beliefs, then it can influence and change a person’s will, and the choices people make’ ! In fact, they try to deceive you. But if you use your brain, doing Research & Reality Check, and stop living like Sheeple, then they can never deceive you”.