IRIB-gate: Rockefellers, Mullahs, Anti-Iran Mafia

June 12, 2016

“Do you know What happened after the CFR-gate?! Do you know What happened after showing a documentary film called [0]: Godfather in their Mullah TV (= IRIB) -in which they, for the first time, talked about Rockefellers & the Iran Project & the love story of ‘Rockefellers & Ayatollahs & CFR / C-IA?! Do you think the Islamic Regime and Mullahs said: ‘Oh, Yah we should punish / fire those Traitors who work for Zionists, Rockefellers, Great Satan & CFR/CIA Iran Project?! You are so naive, if you think in this way. In May 2016, some days after the CFR-gate & IRIB’s Godfather documentary, the Mullah media reported: (instead of firing those Traitors who work for Zionists & Rockefellers), they fired the director of IRIB ! .. (Instead of firing Seif, Zarif, Rouhani etc) Sarafraz was fired ! .. It’s the first time that Khamenei fires IRIB head’ !! Can you believe it?! This IRIB-gate is a historic scandal, and speaks volume about the Death of their Islamic Ideology and the Death of their Islamic Revolution“, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “IRIB-gate is so important. For the first time in 30 years they fire the director of their Mullah TV (= IRIB) ! Even Basijis and stupid animals know that such events just expose Islamic Lies & Islamic Paradoxes: Instead of firing those Traitors who work for Zionists & Rockefellers!, the head of their fucking Mullah TV (= IRIB) has been fired for defending their own Islamic slogans & principles of their own fucking Revolution! It’s a great shame for Islamists. Such events are just Exposing Islamic Lies & Paradoxes and the Death of Islamic Ideology. Even Basijis and stupid animals know what the CFR-gate & IRIB-gate mean. Even Basijis and stupid animals know what Firing the director of IRIB after the CFR-gate means! It’s a great historic scandal, and explains why the Islamic Regime is run by CIA/ MI6, and why Ayatollah is an Illuminati pawn. Now even Islamists and stupid animals can see the Death of Islamic Ideology and the Death of Islamic Revolution. The West’s journalists and the West’s media censor all news and all facts as usual ! But it’s funny & important to note that only the Rockefeller’s media, especially al-Monitor (aka al-CIA), talk about IRIB-gate and stupidly say: ‘the head of IRIB, Mohamed Sarafraz, resigned abruptly after only 18 months into a five-year assignment’ ! (May 2015) The Left, the West and all Western media censor & cover-up CFR-gate, IRIB-gate or the real reasons behind firing IRIB head ! But Rockefellers & their Al-Monitor talk about ‘The real ‘Back Pain’ behind head of IRIB’s resignation’, say many silly things, and add: ‘(Rockefellers & CIA can fire IRIB head, and) This is a lesson that the head of IRIB learned the hard way (!!) .. Al-Monitor followed up on Sarafraz’s resignation, speaking to several sources within IRIB (!!) .. There have been bigger issues at play than ‘back pain’ in the abrupt resignation of IRIB head only 18 months on the job (!) .. Sarafraz might have felt safe in doing / (making films against Zionists & Rockefellers) But this seems to have been a miscalculation (!!!) … (CIA spies and) No one felt safe (!) Sarafraz had eyes everywhere (!), the IRIB manager told Al-Monitor (!!) .. Sarafraz tried distancing himself from Rouhani and (the CIA Iran Project’s Mullahs) So ( In the CIA Iran Project ), everybody knew he had to go ‘ !! (May 2016) Can you believe it? Al-Monitor is the media of the CIA Iran project, and it’s what even IRIB said in that documentary film Godfather [0] But now Rockefellers fire IRIB head, and Al-Monitor and CIA media openly say that If Basijis & Islamists think that their Leaders / Mullahs are anti-American, anti-Zionist or anti-Imperialist and they can feel safe in making films against CFR & Zionists & Rockefellers & Great Satan & Imperialists (ie Estekbar ! ) & their Spies / Stooges, then it’s a great miscalculation! This is a lesson that the head of IRIB learned, and showed all Basijis! In fact, Al-Monitor clearly shows that the Islamic regime is run by CIA/ MI6, and Ayatollahs are Rockefeller’s puppets or CFR / CIA stooges”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Recent years and recent events including CFR-gate & IRIB-gate show that the Islamic regime is controlled by the Illuminati & Rockefellers. In the Islamic Regime, MI6/ CIA and Rockefellers can appoint or fire the leaders/ managers of Islamic regime, including the directors of IRIB ! Some days before firing IRIB head, they fired the director of IRIB’s Documentary Channel (Mostanad channel) ! (As we said before) In Feb 2016, IRIB (Documentary Channel) aired ?The Press Conference of Savak Staff in 1358? that is actually a press conference in 1979 (after Revolution) In an important part of this 1979 Press Conference, Savak?s managers talk about ?Mossad plans in 1978? & Khomeini’s picture on the moon, and say: ?In 1978, Mos-sad brought us a new plan. We got $20 millions from Azhari?s administration for implementing this plan, in which Savak & Mossad (= S&M) tried to help and promote ?Religious Fanaticism and (Khomeini) in Iran. According to this Jewish plan, S&M manufactured many rumors -including seeing Khomeini?s picture on the moon … In 1978 Savak & Mos-sad manufactured the story of Khomeini?s picture on the moon to help and promote (Khomeini & Fanaticism) .. In 1978, S&M manufactured many silly stories (to help Khomeini & Ayatollahs); for instance S&M and their media (ie BBC etc) talked about Khomeini?s picture on the moon, or they said this or that Ayatollah has magical powers, or this or that Mullah has divine power .. these things were part of Savak & Mossad?s plans to help and promote ?Religious Superstitions, Fanaticism & (Khomeini) in Iran? ! (Feb 2016) This is what IRIB showed in Feb 2016; and this is History, Historical fact, Historical evidence. But now in May 2016, they fire the head of IRIB and also the head of IRIB’s Documentary Channel ! Of course they cannot change or fire History and Historical events, including recent scandals or relations between Savak & Khomeini & CIA / MI6 or How CIA & MI6 manufactured Khomeini & Khomeini?s picture on the moon or How CIA & MI6 help and promote Ayatollahs and Islamic Superstitions & Fanaticism. Now it’s obvious that what is said about the Masonic Mafia is not a myth. If you take a look at the history of Barbarism, Satanism, Cannibalism or Druidism in Britain, France & Europe, then you can understand many things better. All people should read the history of Druidism = Satanism & Barbarism & Cannibalism in the Barbarian Britain, France and Europe. Now If you google for ‘Druidism & Freemasonry’, you can find many important things. The West’s historians say: Druidism is the base root of the Illuminati! Even the West’s intellects – including Thomas Paine (1737- 1809)- talk about ‘Origin of Freemasonry’, and Druidism! (We will write more about this issue later) Thomas Paine says: ‘Masonry is the remains of the religion of the Druids (Druids = British Barbarians = Human-Eaters / Adam-khora) The Druidic origin is the deepest secret of Freemasonry (!), from which its unique concealments and rituals extend (!) The Masons keeping this a secret (!) !”. They also add: “It’s obvious why the Masonic Mafia and their media including the CIA media and the Lefty media say silly things (= Kosher things = Kos-sher things = Bullshit ) about Iran, History and Everything. It’s obvious why all Western media & Lefty media censor CFR-gate & IRIB-gate. They know that if they talk about the CFR-gate –
or say: A few days after the CFR-gate, IRIB shows a documentary film about the Love story of ‘Rockefellers & Mullahs & CFR/ CIA’; but a few days after showing this Film Khamenei fires IRIB head and defends CFR & Rockefellers! – then all humans & all animals will see the true colors of Mullahs, Marxists and Islamists. They know that CFR-gate or IRIB-gate is a fact, not a myth. They know what the wise Iranians say about the West & Mullahs/ Islamists are undeniable facts, not conspiracy theories. So they desperately try to hide such facts. The West is a stupid Lie Factory, the Ministry of Truth !“. They also add: “The directors of IRIB are Arab or Anti-Iranian pigs. Sarafraz and Asgari -the new head of IRIB- are the same shit. They are not important. But it’s important that CIA & Rockefellers appoint or fire them. This Islamic Freemason Sarafraz was an Anti-Iranian whore, but showing a film about Rockefellers & CIA’s Ayatollahs is not one of his sins. The one and only positive thing in Sarafraz era was this fact that the 3% (ie regime’s supporters) made a few good films about CIA Islamists & CIA Ayatollahs. But The 97% of Iranians have no voice in IRIB. The 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani & IRIB so much, and now even the Mullah media confess: the Iranian people hate IRIB & Rouhani .. IRIB has failed to reverse the declining viewership! This is a fact that all Iranians hate IRIB = Mullah TV. After their Turkmenchay, and after their CFR-gate, even the 3% can see why Khamenei is an Illuminati pawn, or why IRIB = Mullah TV = Masonic TV = Rockefeller’s TV = CFR’s TV = MI6 / CIA TV. There are two groups in IRIB: (A) The 3% (B) The Ajnabi = Arabs & Basijis = Non-Iranian agents of C-IA / M-I6. IRIB and Islamic regime is actually a Cult, that is run by C-IA/ M-I6. The 3% are the rank and file of this Cult. They can’t fire the 3%. The 3% are believers, who believed Islamic Ideology & Islamic Lies of Islamic Regime; their leaders cannot tell them: What we say are Islamic lies & bullshit! Our Islamic slogans are lies & bullshit! We don’t believe in our own Islamic ideology! Our Islamic ideology is Bullshit (= Kashk) ! Our Islamic ideology is dead! Their leaders cannot say such things to the 3% (…) Now the 3% are shocked, because they can see the Death of Islamic Ideology. Now the chain of events -from the 2009 Coup to IMF Plans to Nuclear Turkmenchay to CFR-gate & IRIB-gate etc- clearly shows who is controlled by the Illuminati, who is an Illuminati pawn, and Why & How their Islamic Revolution is run by CIA / MI6″.


As some wise Iranians say: “Assholes, Marxists and CIA’s Leftists love to talk about the Illuminati & Rockefellers! They say silly things about the Illuminati or Rockefellers. But they censor & cover-up the Love story of ‘Rockefeller and Khamenei’ or ‘Rockefellers and Ayatollahs’ – which is a fact and a real eye-opener! They censor all facts, and just say silly things to fool & misinform people. But now the soup is too salty. Now the US media say: Rockefellers Paved the Way for Ayatollahs!, and many non-Iranians say: ‘For years I thought such thesis is a baseless conspiracy theory, because the implications of the thesis are too frightening to think about. The level of the Treason and Betrayal that is taking place against the people of Iran & other countries is beyond most people’s imagination’ ! (2016) Now if you google for ‘Rockefellers Paved the Way for Ayatollah‘, you can find [1]: the Bloomberg’s article written by Peter Waldman in Sep 2015. This American article, known as ‘Rockefellers Paved the Way for Ayatollahs‘ [1] is one of the American articles that IRIB’s documentary [0] talked about it! In April 2016, and in Godfather documentary [0], the rank and file of Basijis said: ‘We Basijis are shocked after reading the Bloomberg’s article! Now US media & Bloomberg talk about the Iran Project and how Rockefellers Paved the Way for Ayatollahs. So we Basijis are shocked (!) The Bloomberg’s article is important, and needs more attention’ !! [0] Can you believe it?! Now even stupid animals and Basijis are shocked because the truths are undeniable (Digeh Bad-juri Gandesh Darumade!) US media say ‘Rockefellers Paved the Way for Ayatollah‘ just means: Rockefellers Paved the Way for Ayatollah’s Nuclear Deal/ Turkmenchay! But it’s a very small part of the truths. Rockefellers Paved the Way for the 1979 Islamic Revolution = 1979 Fetneh = Fetneh 57. There are many interesting facts about CIA Ayatollahs & CFR & Rockefellers. For instance, do you know who was CFR Chairman in 1979 ? If you do some research, you can see why the experts say: In 1979, and in 1970s, CFR Chairman was David Rockefeller, and Rockefellers Paved the Way for Ayatollahs! If you search the internet, you can find many things about, for instance, Rockefellers and Hostage Crisis and How Rockefellers looted Iran’s money with the help of CIA’s Islamists – who created Hostage Crisis. If you do some research, you can understand many things better. If you do some research, you can understand why Iranians and informed non-Iranians say: the UK, Rockefellers and CIA created Islamic Revolution and Hostage Crisis, because they wanted to destroy Iran’s image, to stop Iran’s progress, to stop Iran’s advanced programs including Iran’s nuclear programs in 1970s, to destroy Iran, to wage war against Iran (Iraq war), to steal Iran’s money, to stop Iran & Iran’s progress for decades etc. There are many interesting facts about Rockefeller’s Chase bank, Rockefeller Fund, and ‘Rockefellers & Mullahs & CIA’. Now even Americans say important things about ‘CIA, Khomeini & Secrets of the Islamic Revolution‘ and why Ayatollahs & Khomeini were CIA agents! Now If you google for ‘CIA Khomeini’ or ‘CIA Ayatollah’ you can find many good and important things. There are also many interesting stories about Rockefellers, Khamenei, The Secrets of the 2009 Coup and the Love story of ‘Rockefellers & Khamenei’ – which are so informative. In 2009, Iranians asked: Who is defending Islamists?! Who is defending Islamic killers / rapists? Who is defending Ayatollahs? Who is fueling the fires, who is killing Iranians? In 2009, the Left & Islamists & Marxists defended Rockefellers & CIA-Rockefeller’s fake polls, and stupidly said: Based on CIA polls conducted by Rockefeller’s Terror Free Tomorrow (TFT), Iranians love Ayatollahs! These (CIA fake polls) were reported both in (MI6 & CIA media) including the BBC, the ABC, the CNN, the Huffington Post & the Guardian! These polls are funded by Rockefellers’ !! (2009) The love story of ‘Marxists & Rockefellers & Mullahs‘ is so informative. In 2009, the CIA & Rockefellers and their fake polls said that all Iranians love Khamenei & AN ! The MI6, CIA, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the CIA’s Iran Project (aka the Rockefeller’ Iran Project) supported and protected Khamenei and Mullahs in 2009. This is a fact, an undeniable fact. Now even non-Iranians talk about the Nuclear Turkmenchay and Why America & Obama Betrayed the Iranian People in 2009, and say: ‘Why did America & Obama refuse to support Iranian people in 2009, but supported Islamists & ‘Arab Spring’ in Egypt in 2011?! .. In 2009, millions of Iranians filled the streets of Iran, denouncing the Islamic regime and crying out for freedom. But America didn’t help them. Quite the contrary. America’s leaders were making love with Mullahs! Rockefellers, Obama, Hillary Clinton and (the CIA Iran Project) helped Islamists to kill & suppress Iran’s people’. You all can ask yourself: Who are the Iran Project’s members? Who are Leveretts?! Who is Gary Sick?! Who is Frank Wisner?! According to the US media: Frank Wisner is a key member of the Iran Project ..Frank Wisner is a high-ranking officer in the CIA .. Frank Wisner (CIA) was also on Secretary of State Cyrus Vance?s senior staff during the Islamic revolution and the hostage crisis in 1979 ! [1] In fact, Frank Wisner is a high-ranking member of the CIA’s Iran Project, and also of the 1979 CIA Coup = the CIA’s Islamic Revolution of 1979. Even IRIB and stupid animals know what such facts mean, and why such facts are important [0]”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Rockefellers and CIA’s Ayatollahs are actually revealing The Secrets of the 2009 Coup. Now many can see why the 2009 Coup is part of the CIA Iran Projects. Now you can ask yourself: What Rockefellers and the Iran Project did in 2009 ?! Now even the US media talk about Hillary Clinton Emails, the Iran Project and the Love story of Hillary Clinton and Khamenei in 2009 / 2010 ! They even admit CIA’s & America?s role in the 2009 Coup! Recent events and the Nuclear Turkmenchay clearly show why the UK and CIA created the 1979 & 2009 Coups in Iran. Now you can ask yourself: Why did the Rockefellers & CFR & CIA & Hillary Clinton & Obama support and protect Khamenei and Mullahs in 2009 ?! Now even Americans and US media talk about How Obama Betrayed Iranian people, How Hillary Clinton Helped Mullahs, or How America Betrayed Iranian people! Of course they say many silly things; they just confess to a small part of the truths. Maybe one day they would report: US government admitted that the CIA and the UK orchestrated the 1979 Coup & the 2009 Coup in Iran! Today they censor facts, but cannot hide The Secrets of the 2009 Coup. In 2009, the West’s mass media talked about ‘CIA poll funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and conducted by the TFT! The story of CIA-Rockefeller’s fake & Orwellian polls in 2009 is a real eye-opener (We have already written about such fake polls; check Archive for [2]: ‘the Secrets of the 2009 Coup‘ (2012), ‘West and Polling Organizations’ (2012) etc) In 2009, the M-I6, C-IA and Rockefellers published the worst fake polls in history, and told the Biggest Orwellian Lies in History; for instance, they said: ‘Among those who voted in the 2009 election, Eight in ten say AhmadiNejad (AN) is honest [!!!!] .. Most express confidence in the Mullah election process and the declared results [!!!] .. Eight in ten say they are satisfied with the process by which Mullahs are elected [!!!!] .. most Iranians express support for the current Islamic system of government [!!!!] Nine in ten say they are satisfied with the Islamic Regime [!!!!] They express confidence in all major Islamic government institutions [!!!!] .. Two thirds express a lot of confidence in Mullahs [!!!!] …’ [2] Can you believe it? These Orwellian Lies are part of the Rockefeller’s Lies, aka CIA Lies / MI6 Lies in 2009. It’s funny & important to note that all Big Brother’s websites -from Western mass media & CIA media to Khamenei’s website and other MI6 media, Islamic media, Masonic media & Lefty media- published & defended Rockefeller’s Lies = what Rockefeller’s TFT, WPO and other CIA polling organizations said in 2009. The UK media & the Guardian published Rockefeller’s Lies under the title ‘AN / Khamenei is who Iranians want’ !! Now If you google for ‘AhmadiNejad is who Iranians want’ you can find [3]: the UK Guardian’s Orwellian articles written by CIA/ MI6 agents in June 2009, ie when Iranian people were being killed by CIA’s Basijis & MI6’s Islamists in Iran’s streets. The Guardian of MI6 or the MI6’s Guardian (GU) published Rockefeller’s Lies, and MI6 agents wrote in GU: ‘Our poll undertaken by (the MI6) and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and published in ABC News and the BBC .. Our polling was funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund ‘ !! [3] What the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and CIA/ MI6 did & said in 2009 clearly showed that AhmadiNejad or Khamenei is who Rockefellers want! And now in 2016, even the 3% / idiots can see why AhmadiNejad, Rouhani or Khamenei is who CIA & MI6 want! In 2009, when Iranians became aware of Rockefeller’s Lies & CIA Lies, they just laughed and said: God Bless Goebbels! God Bless Hitler! Compared to Rockefellers & UK & USA, Goebbels and Hitler seem like innocent children!‘ ! [2] Iranians knew that Rockefeller’s Lies clearly showed that the 2009 Coup is a CIA Coup and part of the CIA’s Iran Project = the Rockefeller’s Iran Project. And now in 2016, even stupid animals and Basijis talk about CIA’s Iran Project = Rockefeller’s Iran Project ! [0] In 2009, Basijis, Ayatollahs and Islamists defended Rockefeller’s Lies & Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s fake polls. In 2009, Iranians knew that Ayatollahs and Islamists ‘Listening to the Goebbels?s advices and following the Goebbels?s tactics’ [2] But now in 2016, even idiots and US media like confess that All the Ayatollah?s Men = All the CIA’s Men = All the UK’s Spies! They say such things because the Nuclear Turkmenchay and recent events are quite revealing. If you read history and do some research, you can easily see why Mullah or Ayatollah is who CIA & MI6 want . Now many talk about ‘The Great Deception & The Creation of The Islamic Regimes By The Freemasons’. Now the US media talk about ‘Soft Coup in Iran’ !, and say: the CIA has succeeded to stage a soft coup in the Islamic Regime under a carefully planned ?Iran Project?! They even talk about ‘How the CIA & Rockefellers make a deal with Khamenei ! [1] Now even idiots talk about How West manipulated Islamic Regime Into Capitulation! Now even idiots talk about The Ayatollah?s capitulation to the West, and say: Ali Khamenei has awarded another capitulation to foreign powers on a much more important issue than the Shah did’ ! The Islamic Turkmenchay & recent events are quite revealing, and that’s why even the 3% / idiots talk about The Ayatollah?s capitulation to the Great Satan!, and say: the Islamic regime has granted a shameful Capitulation to Imperialism! Now even idiots confess: The Mullahs and Islamists have sacrificed Iran?s national security and sovereignty in return for survival of the Masonic-Islamic regime! Now in 2016, the CIA media say: ‘USA and CIA Worrying That The Ayatollah might Stop Trusting America’ ! Can you believe it?! Khamenei & Islamists trust Rockefellers and Great Satan, and still defend ‘Polls conducted in 2009 by the Rockefeller’s organizations’ ! Islamists are so proud of Rockefeller’s support! Recent events clearly show What is Nofuz ( = infiltration), and who is Nofuzi ( = infiltrator) ! Recent events clearly show why Islamists are CIA’s soldiers, or why Khamenei is Rockefeller’s stooge. The CFR-gate and IRIB-gate speak volume about Mullahs, Marxists, Islamists and their Godfather Rockefeller (= Aqa-shoon Rockefeller !)”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In these days Rouhani’s Censorship or the Terrible Internet Censorship in Rouhani’s era speak volume about the West’s Fake heroes and the West’s charlatans including A Fraud called Richard Stallman. Now Richard Stallman defends Rouhani and Rouhani’s evil acts, and says: ‘Rouhani is not one of the Mullahs’ !! (May 2016) Can you believe it?! Now the CIA / MI6 media, Freemasons and Richard Stallman tell the same Orwellian Lies / Orwellian Jokes; they say: Rouhani is not Mullah! .. Hitler is not Nazi! .. British cannibals and British barbarians are not barbarians! .. Mussolini is not one of the Fascists! …’ ! The West is so Orwellian. In Iran, We cannot login into most websites because Rouhanis send fake SSL certificates & fake login pages, run MITM & Phishing attacks, block HTTPS etc. This Terrible Internet Censorship in Rouhani era is censored & covered-up by the West and the Left. As you know, the good guys – including the West’s good guys- should at least condemn Rouhani, Censors and this Terrible Censorship. But this Jewish whore Richard Stallman defends Rouhani, Rouhani’s Internet Censorship and the UK Guardian of Rouhani! Only a stupid bastard, a fascist or a freemason can defend Rouhani and say: Rouhani is not one of the Mullahs! Hitler is not one of the Nazis! Richard Stallman is one of the CIA’s fake heroes. Now the CIA’s Islamists and Rouhani ‘carry out Man-in-the-middle attacks to spy on use of web sites through HTTPS’ in Iran. But Stallman defends Rouhani and such Evil acts. Shame on Richard Stallman. This Jewish Motherfucker is a hero of ‘Open Source’?! The CIA made him a hero. The CIA says: Stallman is the hero of ‘Free Internet’, ‘Free Software’, ‘Open Source’ etc! The West loves fake heroes, and says: Richard Stallman, Censors, Fascists and Rouhani are Defenders of Free Internet & Internet Freedom! The West is so Orwellian”. They also add: “Stallman just disgraces all good internet activists in the West. Shame on you, Richard Stallman. Pigs like Stallman and other fake heroes killed Aaron Swartz (for more info about Aaron Swartz; check Archive for ‘Aaron Swartz and Death of American Democracy’ (2013), ‘Aaron Swartz, Friends, Friendship, Western Culture’ (2013) etc) Iranians already said: Stallman and those who hurt and betray Iranians and other humans are those who ruined Swartz?s life, and killed ?American Democracy?. Now you all can see why The Jewish Pigs like Noam Chomsky and Richard Stallman are part of the Devil?s Game and Big Brother?s Mafia“. They also add: “one day we thought that Stallman is not a bad guy. But now Stallman is a stupid apologist for Rouhani’s internet censorship. Ayatollah Richard Stallman says Rouhani is not Mullah! Hitler is not Nazi! This Jewish Pig Stallman repeats British Lies and says: the Mullahs are above the elected president Rouhani (!!) Rouhani is not one of the Mullahs’ !! (May 2016) Ayatollah Richard Stallman is one of the CIA’s fake heroes. Stallman is Rouhanist & defender of Rouhani’s Internet Censorship. Now we all can understand why ancient Iranians said: ‘It?s better to have an Enemy that is honest than to have a Friend who?s putting you down secretly’ ! Now the UK media and the West’s fake heroes remind you of Orwell’s 1984. They openly say: Rouhani is not a Mullah! Hitler is not a Nazi! It’s so Orwellian. They say: There is no Internet Censorship in China, says China’ top Censor! (2016) Now the UK media, CIA’s journalists and MI6’s Rohanis say: ‘there is no Internet Censorship in Rohani era; we don’t censor the internet; we just manage the internet content people are allowed to see. It’s smart Fil-tering’ !! (2016) Can you believe it?! In fact, There is no Internet Censorship in Rouhani era, say the US & UK’s Censors! The West is a stupid Lie Factory. There is no Internet Censorship in Rouhani era, say the West’s top Censors!”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now you all can see why we Iranians talked about the Anti-Iran Mafia (Check Archive for posts like: ‘Iranians Should Stop Anti-Iran Mafia, not Mullahs‘ etc) Iranians already knew the Anti-Iran Mafia, and said: ‘The Iranian people are victims of the anti-Iran Mafia, and the Mullahs are just a small part of the Anti-Iran Mafia’. Now the Rockefellers and their al-Monitor openly defend IRGC / Basij, and publish articles like [4]: ‘The IRGC’s plans to win hearts and minds’ !! (al-Monitor, March 2016) Now the CIA’s Iran Project defends IRGG, make loves with IRGC, and their al-Monitor (al-CIA) says: ‘(The CIA should help Islamists because) Islamists faced a crisis of legitimacy after the suppression of the 2009 uprisings in Iran, IRGC leaders told Al-Monitor’ !! [4] It’s a great confession. But al-Monitor (al-CIA) adds: ‘IRGC leaders and Basijis told al-Monitor: (After 2009) the Iranian people began to turn away from Islamists. We Islamists know that Iranians hate us .. We should win them back. We (with the help of CIA/ MI6) should give them manufactured heroes (like Hajj Qasem & CIA Basijis)’ ! [4] Can you believe it?! In 2009, CIA’s Islamists kill Iranian people, and in 2016 they want to make CIA’s Islamists heroes for Iranian people! And it’s not a joke. It’s exactly what the CIA and their al-Monitor say in 2016! [4] This is their CIA-IRGC plans to win hearts & minds! The CIA & IRGC actually say: the 9/11 terrorists & Bin Laden can be a hero for American people! The Nazis & Hitler can be a hero for Jewish people! The West is so Orwellian. As you know, it can be shocking that the CIA and Rockefellers openly defend IRGC, Basijis, DAESH/ ISIS and Islamic Barbarians. It can be shocking that Islamists and IRGC openly make love with Rockefeller & CIA Iran Project! But this Love story is so informative, isn’t it?! In 2009, the CIA asked IRGC/ Basijis to kill Iranian people, and now in 2016 the CIA asks IRGC/ Basijis to win hearts and minds! It’s so informative, isn’t it?! Now the CIA’s Iran Project and their Al-Monitor openly try to make a hero out of Basiji killers! [4] Now the CIA’s hero is their Hajj Qasem! [4] Now the CIA’s Iran Project and Al-Monitor defend their Hajj Qasem! [4] Now it’s quite clear Who is behind IRGC / Basij. Now the CIA’s manufactured heroes are DAESH / Basij / IRGC and those who kill Iranian people! [4] But even stupid animals know that If Bin Laden can be a hero for American people, then the CIA’s Hajj Qasem can be a hero for Iranian people! If the Nazi Hitler can be a hero for Jewish people, then the CIA’s IRGC Hajji can be a hero for Iranian people! Even stupid animals know such things. But Rockefellers, CIA and their al-Monitor (al-CIA) say such Silly & Orwellian things, and openly defend Basiji killers/ rapists and their Hajji ! Now in 2016, The Love story of ‘Rockefellers & IRGC/ Basij’ not only exposing the Death of Islamic Ideology and the Death of Islamic Revolution, but it speaks volumes about so-called American Islam, CIA’s Islam, Rockefeller’s Islam, British Islam, Masonic Islam or MI6’s Islam ! Now you all can understand why Iranians say The Mullah Regime is run by CIA/ MI6. Recent events clearly show why IRGC, Basiji and Khamenei are stooges of Rockefellers & CIA/ MI6. Just look what Masons & Anti-Iran Mafia do: Chomsky & Rockefellers defend Islamists & IRGC .. IRGC leaders defend Nuclear Turkmenchay! .. IRGC and Khamenei make love with Rockefellers & IMF & CFR ! Now their Revolutionary Guard commanders tell CIA media: In Iran, there is too much distrust and hate against IRGC & Islamists for oppressing the 2009 movement‘ ! [4] It’s a great confession. In fact, they (ie CIA & Islamists) know all Iranians hate them so much. But they are stupid charlatans, who commit new Evil acts ‘with the aim of cleaning up the 2009 CIA Coup & Crackdown’s image‘ ! [4] The West and its stooges are so stupid. Just look How the Jewish CIA Monkeys Flynt Leverett, Hillary Leverett and Gary Sick support and protect Basjiis & Islamists. If you want to know the Big Brother’s Mafia better, you should know pigs like Gary Sick & Leveretts. Now many talk about the CIA’s Leverett and Mohamed Marandi, the son of Khamenei?s personal physician! But Who is Marandi?! Who is Leverett?! Marandi is a CIA Basiji/ Islamist, who was born / raised in America! He grew up in the US, and became a CIA agent. Now he is a close friend of Khamenei & Leveretts! This CIA Spy Marandi is Khamenei’s spokesman in the English-language media! This Islamic Freemason Marandi is a close friend of Flynt Leverett, who joined the CIA in the 1980s. The US media say: ‘Returning to the CIA briefly before retiring from US government service in 2003, Leverett moved on to the Brookings Institution! .. Flynt Leverett is a senior member of the CIA and a Senior Director for Middle East Affairs at the US National Security Council‘ ! This CIA monkey Flynt Leverett loves Khamenei ! Now Basijis and their Flynt Leverett, who is the member of the CIA & George Bush?s National Security Council say: We Basijis & Americans love Khamenei, because Khamenei is a great strategist for Turkmenchay’ ! (check below pix) Such facts clearly show What is Nofuz, and who is Nofuzi ! MI6’s Mullahs and CIA’s Ayatollahs love & use terms like Nofuz ( = infiltration ) or Nofuzi ( = infiltrator ) a lot ! But recent events and recent years – including the 2009 Coup, Islamic Turkmenchay, CFR-gate, IRIB-gate or the Love story of CIA’s Leveretts & Marandi & Khamenei‘ – clearly show What is Nofuz, and who is Nofuzi ! Now even idiots ask: Why do the CIA & Leveretts should love & support Basijis and Islamists like Marandi, Talib-zadeh or Foad Izadi?! Now many talk about Leveretts, The CIA’s Man in Tehran or The CIA’s Monkey in Tehran! Even idiots ask: Why do the CIA and a member of the Bush National Security Council should love & support & protect Khamenei and Mullahs?! What is Nofuz, and who is Nofuzi?! Now their own IRIB says: The CIA agents love Basijis, and say to Basijis: Ager Khasteh Jani Begoo Ya Hussein! ( This is a Basiji Islamic slogan) ! The CIA’s Leveretts and Gary Sick say Ya Hussein and defend Hussein Obama & Ali Khamieni / Khomeini! Their own IRIB says: The CIA high-rank officers love Mullahs, and say: Ya Ali ! Ya Hussein! ( = Islamic slogans) So even idiots ask: What is Nofuz, and who is Nofuzi?! Why do the CIA and Leveretts defend both the 2009 Coup & Nuclear Deal ?! Why do the CIA agents say Ya Ali or Ya Hussein?! The CIA’s Leveretts & Marandi can remind you of Ernest Prone. Maybe the story of ‘the CIA’s Leverett/ Marandi in the House of Khamenei’ is like the story of Ernest Prone in the House of Pahlavi’ ! Maybe the rumors are right. Who knows. But we just care about facts, not rumors or myths. Recent events including CFR-gate is a fact, and clearly shows who is Their Master (= Aqa-shoon! ) IRIB-gate says a lot about their Godfather ( = Aqa-shoon) ! Now even idiots can see why Khamenei is Rockefeller’s pawn. Al-Monitor and CIA’s monkeys like Leveretts, Gareth Porter and Gary Sick speak volume about The Dance between CIA & Ayatollahs. Gary Sick and Leveretts are CIA monkeys, and can show you How Anti-Iran Mafia works”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The West is the Jungle of Mullah, and it’s what their own Javad Larijani says in their IRIB in May 2016 ! Jungle of Mullah or Jungle of Mula (= Jungle Mula) is a funny slang term in Persian, that is used when you want to talk about Orwellian Chaos, the most terrible mess & the height of stupidity! The Iranian people, specially anti-Mullah Iranians, use such terms because they hate Mullahs & Jungle of Mullah. In the rational & logical world, it’s obvious why Mullahs should not use terms like Jungle of Mullah! But as you know, Mullah is not a rational animal. Mullah is Mason = Sag Maz-hab! The world of Mullah is the Jungle of Mullah = an Orwellian, irrational, illogical and stupid world. The Mullahs & Islamic Freemasons such as Larijani bothers are British Brothers, who come from Masonic-Arabic clans. Larijanis are Mullahs, and so hateful & infamous in Iran. All Iranians hate British Brothers like Larijani bothers or Rashidian bothers. But it’s important that now even the Mullahs say that the West is the Jungle of Mullah! The West supports and protects Mullahs & Islamists/ Saudis simply because The West is the Jungle of Mullah! Now you all can see why France is the Jungle of Mullah! Now Obama, US Congress, Trump, US Fascists and their stupid US Election Farce clearly show why America is the Jungle of Mullah! Larijanis worship UK, but it’s quite clear why The UK is the Jungle of Mullah! Even if you ignore the domestic protests & domestic problems in the UK, then the British media and the English Guardian of Lies & Censorship clearly show why Britain is the Jungle of Mullah! If you read history, including Iran’s modern history, you can easily see why The West is the Jungle of Mullah, and why the West is the Mother of Mullah! If you know Islamic Freemasons like Hussein Nasr, Vali Nasr, Ali Ansari and other Pahlavists who work for Masons & Mullahs, you can understand the Jungle of Mullah better. Pigs like Hussein Nasr, Vali Nasr, Ali Ansari and other Islamic Freemasons in the Pahlavi’s family & Savak speak volume about the Jungle of Mullah. Ali Ansari works with the Mullah TV & Basiji media, while Ali Ansari is a high-rank member of Pahlavi family and a Freemason member of the Chatham House! If you google for ‘Ali Ansari & Chatham House’, you can see that this notorious member of Pahlavi family works for the Chatham House & Masonic Mafia. Now Ali Ansari has become an Ayatollah, who preaching Rozeh (= Islamist sermon = Islamist lies & bullshit) in the Mullah TV & Basiji media! Monarchists & Pahlavists like Nasr and Ali Ansari were part of the 2009 CIA Coup & the 1979 CIA Coup. And it’s important to note that many members of the Jungle of Mullah are Monarchists and members of both Pahlavi regime & Mullah regime! In fact, the Jungle of Mullah is not a rational world. The Jungle of Mullah is the world of lies, paradoxes, contradictions and silly things. The Jungle of Mullah is a Satanic World = Masonic World = Orwellian World. In the Jungle of Mullah, War is Peace, Lie is Truth, Slavery is Freedom, Myth is Fact, Clown is Intellectual, Censorship is Freedom, Enemy is Friend etc (We will write more about the Jungle of Mullah later) But now many can see why Savaki = Sepahi / Basiji, why & how Pahlavi’s Savak became Islamic Savak, and why & how Savakis ( = Savak agents) helped the West in creating the 1979 Islamic Fetneh. There are many interesting facts about Savakis before & after 1979. There are many interesting facts about Hussein Fardoust, Hajj Mansour Rafizadeh, Mozafar Baghaei, Ayat,Ghorbanifar, Aalikhani, Baquer Namazi and many others. Let’s give some examples. Example 1: When the West’s mass media talk about the Mullah-Contra (aka Iran-Contra), they say Ghorbanifar was a businessman, an Islamic Businessman! But in reality, Ghorbanifar was Savak agent. If you do some research about the Mullah-Contra (aka Iran-Contra) – which is a true & important story about Israel & Mullahs & CIA – you can understand The Jungle of Mullah and the Masonic Mafia better. Now their own official documents and their own historians say: ‘Islamist agent recruited by CIA & Mos-sad was Ghorbanifar, a Savak agent .. After 1979, Ghorbanifar and other Savak agents worked for Ayatollahs .. Savak agents were Double agents and worked for both C-IA & Mullahs .. Khomeini’s Secret Police is (nothing but) the Shah’s Savak .. Savak’s Ghorbanifar was a double agent working for both the Mos-sad and Islamists’ ! Example 2: Now the West & Mullah media talk about a high-rank member of the Pahlavi regime & Savak, Baquer Namazi, who is a key member of the Ayatollah Lobby and Mullah Mafia in USA! Example 3: If you do some research or google for Mansour Rafizadeh, you can find many important things. Hajj Mansour Rafizadeh is the SAVAK director in the United States throughout the 1970s. Now many talk about His book, Witness, and also about his relations with CIA, Mullahs, Mozafar Baghaie, Hassan Ayat and Islamist students in USA. There are many interesting stories about Rafizadeh, Savak in USA and Islamist students in USA! For instance, if you google for Rafizadeh in Persian, you can see that their own Islamic historians say: Before 1979, many Islamist students lived in the US and worked for Rafizadeh & Savak & CIA .. After 1979, these Islamist students who worked for CIA became managers of Islamic regime .. they are still managers in the Islamic regime .. The US Islamist students – from Saeed Emami to Syrus Nasseri & Zarif – worked for CIA & Savak .. Now Zarif, Syrus Nasseri and their friends create the (Nuclear Turkmenchay) !’ ! Savakis and Pahlavists work for Mullahs, simply because Mason & Mullah & Savak & CIA & MI6 & Mafia are synonyms and part of the same shit. The important facts are censored & covered up by the West & the Mass Media. But they cannot hide all facts. Now their own Islamic media talk about the love story of ‘Great Satan & Mullahs’ and their Track 2 Diplomacy! Now their own US media say: Rockefellers and Obama want to strengthen the hand of Ayatollahs & Rouhani!! (2016) Now even idiots can see why & how CIA, MI6 and Freemasons control the Mullah regime. Now many talk about the Baboons of the Jungle of Mullah (Boozine-haye Jungle Mula)! Now their soup is too salty; so now even the Baboons of the Jungle of Mullah confess that the West is the Jungle of Mullah!”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now it’s quite clear that ‘Iranians Should Stop Anti-Iran Mafia, not Mullahs. The Iranian people are victims of the anti-Iran Mafia, and the Mullahs are just a small part of the Anti-Iran Mafia’. You can call them Masonic Mafia, Big Brother Mafia, Global Mafia, Anti-Iran Mafia or anything else; their name is not important; what they do and say is important. They act like Mafia, because they are really Mafia. According to dictionaries, Mafia = a corrupt & powerful group of people within a (world) who support and protect each other. Rockefellers and Noam Chomsky are part of Mafia, Masonic Mafia. The West’s fake heroes, Marxists and Mullahs are part of Masonic Mafia. When all Iranians (+97%) demanding a total regime change and departure of Khamenei and all Mullahs from power, the UK & CIA & Chomsky & Masonic Mafia support and protect Mullahs and Islamic regime. From 2009 to 2016, we all could see How the Anti-Iran Mafia works, and who are members of the Anti-Iran Mafia. Their own Evil acts expose lies and speak truth. According to dictionaries, Expose = to show something that is usually covered or hidden; to show the truth about someone or something. And now their own Evil acts expose Islamic Lies, Masonic Lies and Western Lies. So now even the 3% can see why the Islamic regime is a puppet regime that is run by the Anti-Iran Mafia. They even can see why the MI6 / CIA was helping Ayatollahs in 2009 & 1979. Now you all can see how The IMF, the CFR, the UK, the CIA, the Left, Marxists, Rockefellers and Chomsky support and protect Mullahs and Islamists. The Big Brother Mafia is not a myth. Now in May 2016, Mullahs and Islamists openly defend Islamic Americanization !, and Islamic Westernization! Now in May 2016, Marxists & Islamic Masons go to IRIB (= Mullah TV) and defend Monsanto, GMOs and Agricultural Colonialism & Imperialism! Can you believe it? Now Mullahs and Islamists openly defend Monsanto, GMOs, Great Satan’s companies & Great Satan’s shitty products (= AN & Goh)! It’s so laughable & important that Mullahs and Islamists defend Monsanto’s seeds & GMOs! Mullahs and Islamists love shitty things (= AN & Goh) Their ideology, their Arab-Jewish Religion, their values and the brains of Mullahs and Islamists are full of shits and shitty things (= AN & Goh) But it’s a new thing that Mullahs & Islamists openly defend Monsanto & GMOs, and say: We Islamists should ask Monsanto to go to Iran .. USA and Monsanto should create an (Islamic Agriculture) for us’ !! (May 2016) Can you believe it?! Their Great Satan and Monsanto create their Islamic Agriculture, as their Zionist IMF and IMF Plans create their Islamic Economics ! And it’s a fact, an undeniable fact, not a joke or a conspiracy theory! So now even the 3% / idiots can see why the Islamic Regime and Islamists are the worst puppets of the West”. They also add: “Now even idiots can see that the Mullah Regime is run by Masonic Mafia. Now even idiots can see How The Left & the West support and protect Islamic Dictators and Islamic Fascists including Rouhani and Arab Islamists. Now even non-Iranians can see the true colors of the Left, the West and their Mafia. Now even non-Iranians talk about ‘How the British and US Governments Installed Khomeini into Power in 1979’ ! They even know why CRF, Rockefellers & Brzezinski openly agree with Marxists & Noam Chomsky! They know why Rockefellers stole more than $15 billion from Iran with the help of Mullahs. They know how the Masonic Mafia and pigs like David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Noam Chomsky, Leveretts, Brzezinski and Gary Sick support & protect Khamenei and Ayatollahs. The US or the UK is really the Jungle of Mullah. Now they defend Mullahs but talk about the Death of Islamic Ideology! In April 2016, their own Ayatollah BBC defends Mullahs but says: ‘Islamic values are not real values; Islamic principles are not real principles; Mullahs & Khamenei are pragmatists, and their main Islamic principle is Opportunism (!) Mullahs & Islamists are Opportunists’ ! In April 2016, their own Ayatollah BBC talks about the Death of Islamic Ideology, and says: Now Islamists are Swingers! One day they were Marg-Talab (= Death-seeker), but now Basijis & Islamists are Lezat-Talab (= Swingers)! The Islamic Regime has lost all (Credibility & Legitimacy) Now Islamists & Basijis are Lezat-Talab in a Hysterical way! (beh Shekli Hysteric Lezat-Tabal hastand ! ) Now Mullahs and Islamists are Swingers in a Hysterical way!‘ ! (BBC, April 2016) Can you believe it?! It’s what their own Ayatollah BBC says in 2016! The BBC is the Jungle of Mullah. The BBC defends Rouhanis, Islamic crooks, Islamic Rapists & Islamic barbarians, but at the same time the BBC talks about the Death of Islamic Ideology! It’s obvious why the UK defends Mullahs, Islamists and Masonic-Arabic Islam. It’s obvious why the West and the UK support & protect Islamic Barbarians -from Saudis & ISIS/ DAESH to Mullah & Basiji. In 2016, after Nuclear Turkmenchay, the BBC and the head of CIA’s Iran Project talk about ‘Dealing With Iran?s Ballistic Missile Program’ and say: If UK’s Rouhani and Khamenei can continue in this new direction (!!), Rouhani and Khamenei could find it similarly smart to contain their high-cost strategic missile systems! (2016) Now It’s obvious why Iranians say: Mullahs are Masons = Nokar-e Ajnabi .. Mullahs are Arabs/ Ajnabi & Nakar-e Ajnabi’. Now even the 3% can see obvious things, and that’s why their Ayatollah BBC talks about the Death of Islamic Ideology and says: one day the Islamic Ideology was Ideology of Zohd & Ria ( = Islamic gestures) But now the Islamic Ideology is the Ideology of Swingers, the Ideology of Joy ! ( Ideology of Lezat ! )’ !! (BBC, April 2016) The IRIB & BBC even confess: the Nuclear Deal / Turkmenchay shows that our Ayatollahs and Islamists believe that Everything is Mo-Amele-Pazir ! ( = Everything is Saleable ! )! (BBC, April 2016) Can you believe it?! Everything is Saleable just means: their Islamic Ideology is Kashk / Pashm! (= Bullshit) Now they themselves say: In the Islamic Ideology, Everything is Saleable = Pashm! In fact, the Cult of Mullah – like the Cult of Saudis, the Cult of Arab Islamists, the Cult of IRGC/ Basij, the Cult of MEK, the Cult of ISIS/ ISIL etc- is an Orwellian Cult. Now in May 2016, the Islamic media proudly report: ‘Ayatollah is Scared of America?s Hardliners on Nuclear deal .. IMF deputy director met with Islamists .. The IMF’s First Deputy Managing Director David Lipton went to the House of Mullahs in May 2016, and met with Islamists! (May 2016) Now Mullahs, Islamists and their Islamic Lies & Paradoxes just show that their masters & their Godfather (Aqa-shoon ! & Arbabe-shoon) are Machiavelli, Rockefellers and CIA/ MI6″.


As some wise Iranians say: “The West is Orwellian and Machiavellian. One day they create stooges/ spies and defend stooges/ spies. And one day -when spies/ stooges become hateful & useless- they betray stooges/ spies, destroy stooges/ spies. If you read history, you can see How the US, the UK and the West destroy and betray their own Spies/ Stooges -from Mubarak and Pahlavi to Hajji Baba & Ayatollah. Now in 2016, their own Media & their own BBC = Khomeini’s media in 1970s, confess to Khomeini’s secret relations with CIA/ MI6 & Great Satan! Now in 2016, their own BBC & IRIB confess Ayatollah is CIA / US stooge, and all facts including CFR-gate & IRIB-gate confirm this (…) The UK is the Jungle of Mullah. The UK & BBC is a synonym for Masonic Mafia, but now they show How Masonic Mafia works: In the 19th century, and after Turkmenchay, they betrayed Hajji Baba and those masons who created the Turkmenchay; And in 2016, after Nuclear Turkmenchay, they betray their Islamic Hajji Baba and those Islamic Freemasons who created Islamic Turkmenchay/ Fetneh! History repeats itself, and that’s why Islamic Hajji Baba is pissed off. Islamic Hajji Baba is a stupid puppet of the West, but he knows How his Western Masters betrayed the Qajar Hajji Baba, the Pahlavi Hajji Baba and other puppet dictators. Mullahs are worse than Qajars & Pahlavis, but they know sooner or later The West betrays Islamic Hajji Baba. They know why their Ayatollah BBC talks about declassifying some of their classified documents about ‘Khomeini & CIA’ ! They know why their own Ayatollah BBC talks about ‘Khomeini’s secret engagement with Great Satan, and says: the CIA’s documents show that Khomenei worked with the CIA ..Khomeini severed America’s interests .. Khomeini was a (Masonic / Orwellian puppet) of the US and (UK & Savak)’ ! Of course the BBC, the CIA Iran project and CIA’s pigs like Ayatollah Sick, Ayatollah Gary Sick still defend Khomeini & Mullahs! IRIB says: Gary Sick is a key member of the CIA Iran Project[0] But now CIA’s Gary Sick openly defends Khomeini, and make Iranians laugh. All informed people know Gary Sick, and what Keyhan & Basijis said about him! But now Gary Sick has become Basiji & Khomeinist = Khomeini-lover! This CIA Basiji Gary Sick is part of the 1979 CIA Coup, the 2009 CIA Coup and the CIA-Rockefeller’s Iran Project. The Ayatollah Gary Sick is a key member of the Mullah Mafia (= Anti-Iran Mafia) in the US. Now the Jewish CIA & Gary Sick openly defend Khomeini & Mullahs, but Iranians sarcastically ask: Basijis & Keyhan have forgotten what they said about CIA & Gary Sick, or their Gary Sick is Basiji or Ayatollah?!! Now even idiots can see why Ayatollahs are CIA-UK children, and why the Islamic Regime’s slogans are like the Animal Farm’s slogans. In the Animal Farm, Pigs change their ideological slogans and say: All animals are equal, but some are more equal ! And now Ayatollahs say: Death to America, but Long Live CFR & CIA & NSA! Now after Nuclear Turkmenchay, Ayatollahs say: Death to America, but Long Live Rockefellers! In the Islamic Animal Farm, their Islamist slogans are: Death to America, but God Bless IMF, CFR & CIA! .. Death to America, but God Save the Rockefellers & Imperialists & CIA! Now their own BBC says: Khomeini Exchanged Secret Letters with CIA, Kennedy, Carter, Rockefellers & Zionists Asking for Support ! They confess to such facts because they stupidly try to win hearts! They know why & how all Iranians hate them. After 2009, all Iranians hate the BBC and all Mullahs. The UK or the BBC is the Jungle of Mullah! The UK media and MI6/ CIA whores – from Marxists to NIAC & Kambiz Zarrabi & Hooman Majd- defend Mullahs & Iran’s enemies because ‘Iran’s enemies including IRGC leaders & CIA Leaders Endorse Nuclear Turkmenchay’ ! Now Islamic Masons or Islamic Whores including Reza Kianian, Hajj Mansour, Hajj Rambod, Hatamikia, Hajj Mehran Modiri, Hajji Marxist (Ferasati) and other Basiji faggots/ psychopaths defend Turkmenchay & Iran’s enemies including Anti-Iranian Mullahs, Arabs or British pigs. These Islamic freemasons/ faggots -from Reza Kianian to Hatamikia- are little whores of the Big Brother’s Mafia. They are not important. But they can show you How Anti-Iran Mafia works”.

As some wise Iranians say: “The West is the Animal Farm, and that’s why they censor all news/ facts including CFR-gate & IRIB-gate. Recent events speak volume about the Jungle of Mullah and How the West and Mafia appoint & fire Islamic managers including IRIB head. Now even the West’s analysts confess: ‘Iranians Rise against Islamists to preserve Iran?s Sovereignty .. Islamists celebrate Nuclear Deal/ Turkmenchay. But the Islamic regime’s officials and their families are not the Iranian people .. Recent events prove Rouhani and Mullahs do not have domestic support’ ! Now even the US media say: Mullahs have been backed by the Western powers .. John Kerry stated that Khamenei?s words were for ‘domestic consumption’, meaning that Khamenei wanted to fool (the 3%), while Ayatollah privately agreed to US demands! .. Their nuclear deal is pure capitulation. The Islamic Regime is surrendering decision making authority on its energy policy to foreign powers .. Mullahs regard the survival of their Islamic regime more important than Iran?s national interests. The Islamic regime intends to give up Iran?s national rights and sovereignty in return for the West?s backing of the Islamic regime?s survival’ !! It’s what the US media say! The soup is too salty. The West and the Left try to hide the Love story of ‘CFR & Mullahs & Chatham House’, simply because their own historians and the UK’s experts say: The Illuminati in England operating under the name of the Chatham House (= British Institute of International Affairs = Royal Institute of International Affairs) ! Marxists and Islamists pretend that they hate Masons, Great Satan or Estekbar which is equivalent to leftist use of Imperialism & Capitalism! But recent events expose their Islamic Lies, Marxist lies, Leftist lies and the Left & the West’s Paradoxes & Bullshit. Now even the West’s good guys talk about The Left’s support for Tyranny & Censorship & Sadism. Now many talk about ‘How the West Creates an Islamic Enemy’ or How The West Creates a fake Enemy! In the West, many good guys know The West’s Game, The Devil’s Game, the Great Deception etc, and say: ‘the Left’s & the West’s historical support for Tyranny & Censorship & Sadism & Barbarism is so shameful .. the West’s & the Left’s embarrassing track record of supporting Tyranny, Censorship, Sadism & Barbarism is not a hidden fact .. In the West, Journalism is dead .. In the UK, Free Press is dead .. In Britain and France, Freedom & Democracy is dead’ (2016) Now the West’s Lies & Censorship just show why The West is the Animal Farm, the Orwellian World. The West’s Leaders, Marxists and Islamists say Orwellian things and defend the glory days of the Barbarians in Britain! But we Iranians say: Your ideology is a Satanic Ideology, if Lying and cheating in order to help the spread of your ideology is allowed ! Your ideology is so Stupid, Satanic & Orwellian, if you say: Slavery is Freedom! X is Anti-X ! , and if you defend the Big Lies, the Good Sadists, the Good Censors, the Good Oppressors, the Good Barbarians or the Good Barbarism!”.