Nowruz, Norouz, Norooz: New Year in Persia

The following post was written in Nowruz, but we couldn?t send it due to the Terrible Internet Censorship -including Terrible attacks on HTTPS connections. We have already written about this Western-made Problem in posts like : ?Internet Tragedy, Evil Censors: West or Devil ?? (Check archive; that post talks about The Internet Tragedy in Rouhani era, How the West helps Mullahs, and How Rouhanis -with the help of the West- run attacks on the Internet & HTTPS connections)

“In Nowruz (= Persian New Year) People of Persia often think or talk about the past, the present and the future. In Nowruz, People of Persia prefer to talk about Good things. Nowruz is actually the Day of Hope -when a harsh Winter goes, and a new Spring comes”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “But recent years are like the Zahak’s era, when Ahriman (= Great Evil) and its stooges hurt Iranians & all Good guys a lot. Ahriman and its stooges -ie Barbarians- have always been Anti-Iran & Anti-Civilization. Ahriman and its stooges -from UK / US leaders to CIA’s Arabs- still try to destroy the Iranian values (ie Human values), and to hurt Iranians & all Good guys. It’s their mission. They are savages, and their favorite world is the world of ‘ Mad Max‘. Now they even make films about their ‘Mad Max‘ world, which is the world of Psychopaths & Barbarians = the British world = Ahriman’s world or American world. If you take a look at Britain’s history, you can see that Britain was the Land of Barbarians & Savage cannibals, and the Ahriman world or the ‘Mad Max‘ world is actually the British World. American Barbarians are children of British Barbarians. So their favorite films & their favorite world is the ‘ Mad Max‘ world, ie the world of Psychopaths & Barbarians“. They also add: “America is truly Fascist. Now the fucking America openly supports Arabs, Islamic Dictators & Islamic Nekbat. America is Evil. In their fucking Obama era, Internet Censorship is Going from Bad to Worse. In their fucking Rouhani-Obama era, all problems are Going from Bad to Worse. After their new Nuclear Deal / Islamic Nekbat, Internet Censorship, Economic problems, increasing prices, Systematic Lies, Censorship and all problems are Going from Bad to Worse in Iran. But the fucking America & Western-barbarian countries censor all news/ facts. Of course it’s obvious why the Fascist France, the Barbarian Britain and the Fucking America censor all news, and just support Rouhanis. Now the American Monkey (Obama) works as the Leader of the Mullah regime, and says to Iran’s people: ‘You should support the Islamic Regime and the Islamic Turkmenchay, and (you never see) the so-called economic benefits of the Nuclear Turkmenchay’ ! It’s what the Ayatollah Obama says in the 2016 Nowruz! The Ayatollah Monkey (= Obama) and the American monkey business are so stupid. Now they clearly show why the Mullah regime is run by CIA/ MI6, and Why & How the Great Satan and Mullahs say the same things, tell the same Lies. But it’s not the whole story. Now in March 2016, this American Monkey Obama openly defends Surveillance & Tyranny in America . Just look what this American Monkey Obama says about Encryption & Internet in March 2016, and How he defends Orwellian Censorship & Surveillance in America! This new year is the Monkey year, and as Iranians say: In the Monkey year, this American Monkey (Obama) will go to hell‘ ! This American Fascist Monkey (= Obama) created the 2009 Coup and many other Evil things -including a new version of Anti-Iran Sadism. This American Fascist Monkey (Obama) helped Mullahs and killed, tortured & hurt millions of Iranians in 2009 & recent years. This CIA Monkey (= Obama) is a symbol of all American Animals (= US politicians) in the United States of Animals (USA) Now in the Monkey year, this American Monkey (Obama) will go to hell, but a new pig, a new monkey or a new monster will become US president, and will run the United States of Animals! And it’s the real tragedy. Now all sane humans can see the Rise of Fascism & Naked Fascism in America. But in the United States of Assholes (USA), many people live like sheep, and know nothing about American Fascism or American Sadism, and also about the CIA’s Islamists, the CIA’s Rouhani, the CIA’s Mullahs, the CIA’s Marxists, the CIA’s Lefts etc”. They also add: “The good Americans, like Iranians, know the American Lies, the American Censorship, the American Lie Factory or the Evil Empire of America. They can see How France, the UK and the US support Arabs & Rouhanis (= Iran’s enemies) But in the United States of Animals (USA), Saudis & Rouhanis are heroes, CIA heroes! In the United States of Arabs (USA), Savage Saudis and Savage Arabs are America’s allies & America’s close friends! In the United States of Ahriman (USA), they censor all news, rewrite history and censor all facts. But now many can see How the UK & USA censor all facts and rewrite history, or How the UK & USA support Savage Arabs & Islamists, or how the UK & USA censor Everything, including Historical facts”. We have already written about [1]: “Nowruz Ceremonies: Iranian Gifts to Mankind” (Check Archive) But it’s important to note that when you write about ‘Iranian Gifts to Mankind’ or about [2]: Nowruz, Norooz: Iranian Legacy vs the West (Check Archive), they try to censor & boycott you! Even when you write about Iran’s history or about [3]: Nowruz: Iran vs Mother of Darkness (Check Archive), they try to censor & boycott you! As the wise Iranians say: “It’s important that the West and its stooges censor all facts, falsify the past and the present, and distort the Truth. It?s important that the Enemy of Iranians has always been the Enemy of the Truth and the Enemy of the Good [3] Iran?s enemies have always been Barbarians & Bad guys [3] Nowruz can remind you of many things including the long history of Iranian Civilization, and the long history of European Barbarians & British Barbarism [2][3] You cannot ignore The Sick & Psychotic Mindset of the West. Unfortunately, The Mindset of the West is still the Mindset of Barbarians. They desperately try to hurt all humans, to control/ enslave all humans, to censor all facts and to rewrite history, because The Mindset of the West is the Mindset of Psychopaths & Barbarians“. We have already written about [4]: Iranian Mindset (check Archive), and why and how the Iranian mindset is different from the Western mindset or Barbarian mindset [4] We have already written about [5]: “Sick, Psychotic Mindsets: Mindset of Barbarians” (check Archive), and why The Mindset of the West is the Mindset of Psychopaths, and why & how the difference between Persia and the West is the difference between a human mindset and a barbarian mindset [4][5] Now it’s quite clear why the wise Iranians say: “If you read history – and take a look at recent centuries or recent events- you can easily see why The Mindset of UK & USA is the Mindset of Psychopaths & Barbarians. The West, like Psychopaths, just try to hurt & exploit Human beings, and to corrupt all Good things including Science. In recent years, we all can see why The West is Evil (= Ahriman) The story of these years, like the story of Zahak’s era, is actually the story of ‘Iran vs Barbarians’ or ‘Iran vs Ahriman’. Barbarians or Ahriman’s children (= The Devil’s children, Satan’s children) still try to hurt Iranians & all Humans. Now Ahriman’s children are actually the CIA’s children and the MI6’s children. Ahriman’s children created the 1979 Fetneh, the Islamic Turkmenchay, the 2009 Massacre, and many other Disasters. Ahriman’s children are Arabs, Ayatollahs and other stooges of the West. Rouhani & Ayatollahs are Ahriman’s children / Zahak’s children. Ahriman’s children worship France, Britain & Savage Arabia. Zahak’s children attack Persia & Iranian values, but defend Tazis ( = Savage Arabs/ Jews), Jewish God ( = Tazi God) and Tazi values ( = Arab / Jewish values) Ahriman’s children are Anti-Iran Arabs/ Jews and other Barbarians who defend Tazi values like Intolerance, Racism, Sadism, Genocide, Killing children, Killing & Exploiting other nations, Hurting Humans, Tyranny, Censorship, Oppression, and Controlling / Enslaving humans . (Because of the Terrible Internet Censorship, we could not use any new Nowruz pictures. So because of this Terrible Internet Censorship, and as this new Year is the Monkey Year, we preferred to use the Monkey pictures in this Nowruz post)


As the wise Iranians say: “Iran’s people created and introduced new year ceremonies into the world. Nowruz is the oldest New Year celebration in the world [1] Nowruz is a symbol of the Iranian Legacy, and says a lot about both Iran ( = the land of Aryans) and the West ( = the land of Barbarians) [2] Iran’s history is The History of the Civilized World. Iran, as the world?s oldest country, has had a lot of ups and downs [3] One day, the Land of Aryans (ie Iran) created and introduced Culture, Civilization, Human values and many other first-rate innovations into the world. And one day, Iranians underestimated Barbarians & Ahriman, and then Barbarians could hurt Iranians & all Good guys a lot. These lessons of history are important, and show that you should not underestimate Ahriman & Barbarians even if you live in Persia, the Land of the Good & the Cradle of Civilization. In fact, even the Home of Civilization (ie Iran) is vulnerable. The long history of Aryan / Iranian Civilization shows that We Civilized people should not underestimate barbarians & psychopaths & their Evil plans. We civilized people should not take great pride in ourselves & our achievements, and ignore Barbarians. We civilized people should not ignore or underestimate Ahriman & Barbarians & their Stupidities & their Evil Plans. These lessons are the lessons of Iran’s history“. As some wise Iranians say: “Ayatollahs are not Iranians, and that’s why they hate Nowruz, Yalda and Iranian values. Now even idiots can see why Khamenei and Rouhani are Ajnabi & Nokar-e Ajnabi. Khamenei and Rouhani are Ahriman’s children. Now they lick their Great Satan’s ass & Tazi ass (Saudi ass / Zionist ass), create Islamic Zellat / Nekbat, and refer to their Zionist IMF Plans or ‘the IMF / CIA Recipe for Disaster’ as their Islamic Economy (ie Eqtesade Moqarebati) ! So now even the 3% can see why Ayatollah is Ahrimahi. Recent years clearly show why Ayatollahs are Anti-Iran & Ahrimahi (= Forces of Evil) Savage Arabs/ Islamists have always been Ahrimani & Anti-Iran. If you read history, you can see that Savage Arabs like Ghazali (1058- 1111) said: ‘Nowruz & all Iranian festivals must be abandoned and one should not even mention the name of Nowruz, 4Shanbe Soori etc’ [2] Ghazali is the God-Father of Masons & Mullahs. ‘Savage Arabs & Anti-Iranian pigs like Ghazali said: ?Nowruz and all Iranian traditions will become degraded and no name or trace of them shall remain? ! But these Anti-Iran pigs & their evil wishes went to hell (.. een Arezoo ro beh Gur bordan) [2] The Devil’s agents -including Savage Arabs/ Jews/ Islamists- are Big losers. Now not only Iranian intellects & Iranian scholars but average Iranians say: Those savage Arabs who invaded Persia in 1400 years ago were like DAESH ( ISIS / ISIL)! It’s what Average Iranians (not Intellects) say in Iran. In recent years, and in Bazaars, Taxis / Metros and other public places in Iran you can see that ordinary Iranians (not Intellects) say: ‘DAESH ( ISIS / ISIL) and Savage Saudis just show us Why & How the Savage Arabs invaded Persia in 1400 years ago‘ ! It’s so important that now kids and ordinary Iranians (not Intellects or scholars) say such things in Iran. It says a lot about Public Anger, Public Rage, and also Public Awareness in Iran (…) Iranians are angry, and they should be angry. In the 2016 Nowruz, like the 2014 Yalda & all these years, Islamists & Ayatollahs (= the Ajnabi) attack Nowruz & Iranian traditions. In this Nowruz season (Esfand), when you go to Tehran’s Bazaar you can see why Basij is DAESH, and how Basij & Mullahs (= DAESH & ISIS) use military forces & military equipments in Tehran’s Bazaar to ban Nowruz, and to attack Iran’s Nowruz ceremonies! Mullahs themselves declare that this heavy military presence in Tehran’s Bazaar is ‘for banning Nowruz Street Markets, and for banning Nowruz traditions! In 2016, Ayatollahs & Rouhani (= DAESH & ISIS) still try to ban Nowruz! In 2016, Mullahs still try to ban Nowruz in public places! After the 1979 Fetneh, Islamists desperately try to ban Nowruz in Iran’s public places! Rouhani & Ayatollahs are Arabs & Ajnabis, like DAESH. In 2009, all Iranians (the 97%) could see how Tazis & DAESH (= Basijis) kill & hurt Iran’s people in Iran’s streets. But now even the 3% can see how Tazis & DAESH (= Mullahs = ISIL = Basijis) attack Persia & Iranian Civilization. Hezbollah, Basijis & Ayatollahs are Arabs, not Iranians. And it’s what their own Leaders say. For instance just look what Hassan Nasrallah says about Persia & Iranian Civilization. This Savage Arab, Hassan Nasrollah, is part of the 2009 CIA Coup. In 2009, and in a notorious video (that you can easily find it in the internet), this Savage Arab, Hassan Nasrallah, talks like Zionists/ DAESH/ Saudis, and attacks Persia & Iranian civilization and says: ‘There is nothing in Iran called Iranian culture or Iranian civilization (!!!) What exists in Iran is Islam and Arabic culture’ !! (2009) Can you believe it?! In their Arabia, their Religion is Religion of Lies, Religion of Satan. So they tell such Blatant Lies in the name of Religion. Only Freemasons and Satanists like Saudis, Mullahs & Nasrallah can tell such Big Lies in the name of Religion. Of course besides his Arabic Lies & Jokes, this Savage Arab, Hassan Nasrallah, makes a good confession and says: ‘ Ayatollahs are Arabs, son of Arabs .. Khomeini is an Arab, son of Arab .. Imam Khamenei is Arab, Sayyed, Son of Arab, from Quraish, from Hashim, from (Savage Arabia !) .. Mullahs are Arabs .. Ayatollahs are Arabs, sons of Arabs .. Now the Iranian people try to put an end to (this Arabic regime of Mullahs) The Iranian people wants the fall of (this Anti-Iranian) Arabic Regime of Islamists. These are nothing but mirages (!!) (We Savage Arabs, CIA’s Islamists & CIA’s Arabs will kill Iranian people and will suppress Iran’s people with the help of the CIA & UK ! )’ ! (2009) It’s important that the Hezbollah leaders say that Ayatollahs are Arabs, and son of Arab ( = Ajnabi) ! It’s important that Savage Arabs like Saudis & Hezbollah attack Persia & Iranian Civilization. In 2009, and after what CIA’s Hezbollah, Basijis & Nasrollah did and said in 2009, all Iranian people (the 97%) chanted: No Gaza, No Lebanon (ie Fuck Gaza, Fuck Lebanon) We all defend our Iran’! And it’s obvious why this slogan became one of the main slogans in 2009. Now even the 3% praise the Iranian wisdom in 2009, because now they can see Savage Arabs & Zionists are the same shit. Now even idiots can see that Arabia and Zionists are Brothers (…) Even Islamists know that their so-called Arabic Culture is the Culture of DAESH & Saudi Arabia = Culture of Piss-eaters & Shit-eaters! Even they themselves know their Arabic-Barbaric history, their Age of Ignorance & Barbarity, and the Barbaric-Arabic Culture of Saudis, ISIS & Jewish-Arab Barbarians. But they worship Satan, and tell Big lies. In 2009, Iran’s people had Wisdom or Basirat !, and they chanted: Fuck Gaza, Fuck Lebanon, Fuck Arab barbarians, Fuck Zionists & Fuck Hezbollah! In 2009, Iran’s people had Wisdom or Basirat !, and knew that Savage Arabs, Zionists and Hezbollah are the same shit. And now in 2016, all sane humans can see how Arabia & Zionists make love, and why Arabia & Zionists are the same shit, the same Anti-Iran shit. Savage Arabs, Zionists & Hezbollah & Ayatollahs are CIA’s children, UK’s children or Ahriman’s children. In 2009, Iran’s people had Wisdom or Basirat !, and were aware of such facts. And now in 2016, even Westerners can see why Islamic State & Islamic Regime are puppets of the West. Now even Westerners write about ‘the Alliance of Arabia & Israel’, ‘the Arab Alliance with Zionists’, ‘the Jewish Alliance with Arabs’ or ‘Islamic State: the CIA’s Army of Psychopaths’ ! Now even the 3% can see that Islamic State (ISIS / Saudis) & Islamic Regime (Mullahs) are the CIA’s Army of Psychopaths or the UK’s Army of Psychopaths. Now even the 3% can see, and openly say that, the Jewish-Arab Religion is Religion of Nekbat, Religion of Zellat, Religion of Barbarity or Religion of Lies. Iranians already knew and said that The Religion of Piss-eaters & Blood-eaters is nothing but a Satanic Religion. But now even the 3% / idiots say that The Religion of Savage Arabs/ Islamists / DAESH is a Satanic Religion! This Savage Arab, Mullah Nasrollah, is one of CIA’s Islamists who massacred Iran’s people in 2009. But the CIA & Chomsky whitewash him. Hezbollah & Nasrollah, like Savage Saudis & Zionists, attack Persia, Persian Civilization & Persian people. The Savage Hezbollah leader, Nasrallah, is Anti-Iran. He himself says that he is Anti-Persia & Anti-Iranian. But CIA’s Chomsky & CIA media still say that CIA’s Hezbollah and their leader, Nasrollah, are pro-Iran & pro-Iranian! Such CIA’s Lies just show that Mullah Nasrollah is MI6 / CIA agent. What ISIS, Hezbollah, Saudis, Zionists & Ayatollahs do and say about Persia & Iranian Civilization clearly show that all of them are Anti-Iran & Ahrimani, and all of them are CIA’s children & MI6’s children”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the 3% can see How Islamists & Mullahs ( = MI6’s children = CIA’s children) create the Nuclear Turkmenchay, as the CIA’s children ( = UK’s children) already created the 2009 Coup, the 1979 Coup and the 1953 Coup. Now even the 3% / idiots can see why Basijis, Salehi and Iraqchi are CIA agents & Arabs, or why Rouhani, Zarif and Ayatollahs are CIA agents & Freemasons. Now the American Monkey (Obama), British Barbarians and all CIA media & UK media openly defend the Islamic Regimes and the Islamic-Fascist Leaders -from Rouhanis to Saudis! Now the CIA media & UK media openly defend Mullahs or Saudis! Now after their Nuclear Deal, Internet Censorship, Economic problems, increasing prices, IMF Plans, Systematic Censorship, Systematic Lies and all problems are Going from Bad to Worse! So now even the 3% can see why Khamenei or Rouhani is CIA/ MI6 agent. Now only the West, the UK & the US openly defend Arabs, Rouhanis & Islamic Regimes! The West’s Barbarians are so stupid. But you should not underestimate them. Iran’s history shows that only when Iranians ignored or underestimated Barbarians & Ahriman, Iran became weak, and then Barbarians invaded Persia and created many problems”. They also add: “The Tazis who invaded Persia were like DAESH. They created many disasters in a short time. And finally, they went to hell. But if you read history, you can see that Iranians tried to teach Civilization to Tazis. Persians even tried to insert Iranian values ( = Human values) into Tazi Religion! As all informed people know, The pure Tazi Religion is the Religion of DAESH, Saudis & Zionists. In fact, The pure Tazi Religion is a Satanic Religion. If you read history, you can see that Iranians -including Iranian Sufis/ Arefs/ Mystics- tried to insert Iranian values ( = Human values) into Tazi Religions/ Jewish Religions. So now you can see two different kinds of Beliefs in Religions: (a) Tazi-Jewish Beliefs = Barbarian Beliefs (b) Iranian Beliefs = Human values. The DAESH / ISIS evil acts revealed many things. So now even the 3% and Religious people say: Religion without Iranian values ( = Human values) is nothing but a Satanic & Barbarian thing. Now it’s quite clear that Tazi values like Intolerance, Sadism, Racism, Tyranny, Censorship, Slavery, Killing children, Killing Non-believers etc are Satanic values”. As some wise Iranians say: “Iran, that means ?the land of Aryans?, has a long list of traditions that have became Global traditions now [4] For instance, Tolerance is a Persian tradition. If you read history, you can see that Most Iranians have always cared about Goodness & Good guys, not about a special religion or a special race [4] And it?s Persian Tolerance [4] Historians and Non-Iranians have already written about Persian Tolerance or ‘Iranian Tolerance towards different religions & different views [1][4] Persian Tolerance is so important, simply because the Dark & Long history of Intolerance & Religious Racism/ Barbarism in the West and Western/ Jewish Religions is important & undeniable. As you know, ‘The Jewish God (= Western God) praises Intolerance, Racism and Barbarism. He asks his slaves to kill children and non-Believers ( = Free Men)! He loves Slaves, and kills Free Men! [4] Tazi God (Western God) loves Genocide. But the Persian God is the Good & the Truth. He is full of love & tolerance [4] And it?s a key difference. Barbarians including Savage Arabs/ Jews are proud of their Intolerance & Barbarism. But Iranians are proud of Persian Tolerance & Civilization. It?s the Persian Religion & Persian Mysticism that is the glorious peaceful religion Philosophy of the world [4] No one can deny it, because there are many many texts and evidence about it [4] The Iranian Religion is Religion of Love, while the Tazi Religion ( = Jewish/ Arab Religion) is Religion of Barbarity, Religion of Lies or Religion of Satan. In Persia, God means Hagh (Truth) or Khoob (Good), and such God cannot love Islamists & those who tell Big lies, kill children & torture people [4] But the Tazi God loves savagery, slavery, tyranny & inhumanity [4] The Jewish God (Western God) is the God of Barbarians & Psychopaths [4][5] The Barbarians still rule the UK, the US and the West, and openly praise bullying, barbarism & sadism [5] These psychos and sadists -who rule and control the West- have a very psychotic mindset [5] They openly defend enslaving & hurting all humans and all nations. But instead of spending their life in psychiatric hospitals, these sick psychos rule the West ! They are called the West?s leaders or the West?s elites ! [5] They have created the Islamic State, and now they openly defend Rouhanis, and talk about ‘Britain?s Biggest-Ever Trade Mission to Visit Mullahs in May 2016’ ! Now Islamic Freemasons like Nahavandian & Rouhani openly give Masonic Handshakes to UK’s leaders & France’s leaders! In 2016, Islamic Masons like Nahavandian & Zarif go to London, and remind many of the Pahlavi & Qajar era! Now if you take a look at the British Media -from the BBC to the Guardian- you can easily see the Hidden hand behind Ayatollahs . Now even the 3% can see that The Hidden hand behind Mullahs is the UK’s hand & CIA’s hand ( = Satan’s hand ) ! Now even non-Iranians say: the Hidden hand behind Islamists is the Hand of the CIA/ MI6 ‘ ! (2016) Now even Westerners write about ‘The Hidden hand behind Islamists’, and say: The West not only created ISIS & Islamists, but the West (openly) supports Saudis and (Rouhanis)’ ! (2016) CIA’s whores / charlatans like Noam Chomsky say: ‘Why do you say that the West created Islamists & Mullahs? (!!) The West has only created Islamists like ISIS (!!) If the West created Mullahs, then why do the West condemn Mullahs, and why do Mullahs condemn the West?’ !! They know why the West & CIA’s Islamists condemn each other. They know that the West condemns ISIS too, but also created it! But they (ie US’s Lefts & Basijis) stupidly say: Yah, the CIA & the West created ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Saudis etc .. But the CIA & the West didn’t create Islamists / Ayatollahs’ !! Their childish paradoxes & stupidities are so laughable. If they really know why the CIA and the West created ISIS / ISIL, Al Qaeda etc, then the answer of this question: Who do you say the West created Ayatollahs?, is so simple: The West created Mullahs for the same reasons that the West created ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Saudis etc .. For the same reasons the West & UK created Ayatollahs’. All CIA’s Islamists -from ISIS, Taliban, Mullahs & Saudis to Bokon Haram, Basijis, Hezbollah etc- do and say the same things. All of them are Anti-Iran & savages, and serve the West’s interests. All of them worship the Tazi God. Their Tazi God is the God of DAESH/ ISIS. The Tazi God is the God of Zionists & UK’s Mullahs. The Tazi God is The God of Savage Saudis & Islamists. In fact, their Tazi God is Ahriman. By attacking Iranian values & Persian Civilization, they just show that: Hezbollah = DAESH, Arabia = Israel, or Hezbollah = Zionists = ISIS/ ISIL = Basijis = Saudis = Satanists. Now after their Islamic Turkmenchay, even the 3% talk about Islamic Nekbat & Islamic Zellat & How Islamists bow down to America & Ahriman! Now even the 3% talk about How Rouhanis and Khamenie bow down to America & Great Satan! (… Moqabele America & Estekbar Zanu zadan ! ) This Arab faggot Hassan Nasrollah is a little Freemason, and a piece of CIA shit. He is not important. But it’s important that Zionists, Hezbollah / Nasrollah and DAESH & Saudis say the same Anti-Persian things. Now even the 3% can see why ISIS & Hezbollah are Zionist / Masonic organizations, why Islamists & Saudis are Zionist / Masonic agents, or why the Saudi Regime or the Mullah regime is a Zionist / Masonic regime”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Celebrating Nowruz is like Celebrating the Death of Dictators. In this Nowruz, Masons or Ahriman’s children like Mullah Vaez Tabasi, Khazali, Salahshur, Zibakalam family etc die and go to hell. Such deaths ( = Death of Dictators/ Devils) and public happiness or people’s reactions to such deaths can remind you of this fact that Celebrating the Death of Dictators is actually like Celebrating Nowruz = Celebrating the Death of Harsh Winters = Celebrating the Death of Dark Forces. Now even idiots can see why America, Ayatollahs, Zionists & Arabia are Ahrimani forces (= Forces of Darkness) Now even the West’s media talk about ‘The Alliance between Arabia & Zionists’ ! or ‘Allied Brothers: Arabs & Jews’, or How Arabs & Jews Shape a Satanic Alliance! Now their own Mass Media talk about ‘Allied Barbarians (Arabia & America) and say: ‘America and Arabia are as savage as each other’ ! (2016) America is a Fascist ‘United States of Animals’ (USA), simply because their top intellectuals are Nazi intellectuals / Fascist intellectuals like Noam Chomsky – who openly defend brutal dictators, Fascism, Islamic Fascists, terrorists, capitalists, imperialists and other Evil forces. Noam Chomsky is worse than Donald Trump and other American Fascists. Now America is like Nazi Germany, and Noam Chomsky is worse than Nazi Intellectuals. Now Islamic Fascists & Savage Arabs are called America’s allies! Now the CIA Fascist Monkey (= Obama) and the CIA Fascist Donkey ( = Chomsky) openly defend Islamic Regime, Islamic Fascism & Islamic Turkmenchay! Now in 2016, the MI6 and CIA Media are Apologists of the Islamic Regime! Now even Non-Iranians can see How the US and UK Media are Apologists of the Islamic Regime & Rouhanis!”. They also add: “After Snow-down & Lavabit etc, America’s good guys can see why The US is turning into a Fascist Police State. But the current social atmosphere in America that led to Chomsky’s popularity or Trump?s popularity is actually worse than the build-up to Fascism in Europe”. As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know Barbarians and Fascists, you should know the West and the Tazis. The so-called Arabic Culture or Jewish Culture (= Tazi Culture) is the Culture of Barbarians like DAESH (ISIS), Zionists & Saudis. If you read history, you can see that when Jews/ Arabs were worshiping Racism, Barbarism & Inhumanity and were eating shit, piss & blood, and when European Barbarians & Britons were eating human flesh and human blood, the Iranian people were writing about Human Values, Religion of Love etc. When Persia and Iranians cared about the Good, Truth, Tolerance & Humanity’, and talked about ‘Good thoughts, Good wills & Good deeds’, Arabs of Savage Arabia were officially Barbarians, and lived in the Age of Barbaric Ignorance. And it’s what their own historians say. All Arabs are not Tazis, Liars or Bad guys. Now the good Arabs & the good Jews hate Tazis and their Evil acts. They know that what Iranians say about Tazis or Arabs are historical facts. Arab Barbarity, Jewish Racism, or Arab/ Jewish Savagery is a Fact. Iranians condemn Racism, but Iranians tell the Truth. When you eat piss, you are piss-eater! When you love to eat shit, you are shit-eater! When you eat locust, you are locust-eater! This is Fact or Truth, not Racism, Insult or anything else. Savage Arabs didn’t wash their shitty/ dirty asses, so they were called Arab-e Kun Nashur ! This is Fact. Savage Arabs are piss-eaters, locust-eaters, Kun Nashur etc. What Iranians say about Arabs are facts, undeniable facts. Now DAESH & Saudis can show you why ancient Iranians condemned Arab Barbarians, and said: ‘Arab barbarians who eat piss, shit and lizards, now want … (Zeh Shah-e Shotor Khordan & Susmar, Arab ra beh Jaii residast kar .. )’ Saudis & Arab Islamists are still piss-eaters. If you search the internet, you can easily see how Arabs drink camel’s piss, or how Arabs wash their faces with camel’s piss! This is Fact, undeniable fact. So Iranians truly said: ‘Savage Arabs eat Piss & Shit, simply because their Tazi religion is a shitty Satanic religion, in which Piss & Shit and other dirty things are holy things‘ ! If you read history, and do some research, you can find many things about Arab barbarians and their barbaric invasion to Persia & Civilized World. Many Historians have already written about How Savage Arabs invaded Persia & Civilized World. The Savage Arabs, who were like today’s DAESH, massacred millions of women & children in Persia and other countries. But it’s not the whole story. If you read history, you can see that most historians say: ‘The Arab invaders (talked like DAESH and) said that Persian books, Iranian books and all modern books are not needed, because they should have only one book !, and their Tazi holy book is sufficient for them! Thus, Persia’s huge libraries were destroyed and the books or the products of the generations of Persian scientists and scholars were burned in fire. Many Persians who were literate, with most Iranian historians, writers and scholars were massacred and their books burned .. the history of Persia after the Arab Barbarian invasion can be summarized in three words: Brutal Oppression, Genocide, and Resistance‘. And here (lets talk) a little about The Iranian Resistance to Arab Barbarians. Many (know) ‘Yazdgird’s letter to Omar’. Some historians say this letter is not a real letter from Yazdgird to Omar. But it’s quite clear that this letter is what Iranians always said to Tazis after the Tazi invasion. So lets take a look at part of the so-called Yazdgird’s letter to Omar, which is actually the letter of all Iranians to Savage Arabia: (you can easily find this famous letter in the internet) From: Persia .. To: Tazis … You barbarians want to direct us towards God?! .. You ‘Little Savage‘ offer us to worship (your Tazi God = Satan) ?! .. It has been thousands of years that Persians worship God, and pray to God Five Times a day .. This land of Culture & Art (hate you Barbarians) .. When we established the tradition of Civilization, Cultured Life & Good deeds in the world, (you were eating piss & shit & blood) .. We Persians waved the flag of ‘Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds’ .. You Tazi people are Savages and (Devil-worshipers) .. Tazi people have no value for God and God’s creatures. You kill children, Rape Women, bury your daughters alive, kidnap people’s wives & steal their property .. You Tazis love Barbarity and Genocide. Your hearts are made of stone. We condemn all these Evil which you do. How can you talk about God when you commit these Evil acts? .. Persians know God, but you (Tazis are Devil-worshipers) .. We are not the same as you. We are not in the same level as you. We help other human beings, we spread Love among humanity, we spread Good throughout the Earth .. We Aryans have been spreading Civilization & Culture & Love & Tolerance throughout the whole world for thousands of years .. But you in the name of your Tazi God invade other nations and other men’s lands. You mass murder the people, and create disasters .. You are Evil forces .. Your Tazi God commands you to murder, to rape, to pillage & to destroy .. (this Tazi God is definitely Satan / Ahriman) .. You Arab Barbarians want to teach people the love of God by your Barbaric invasions, your Barbarian acts, and your Logic of Sword?! You are Savages .. the Civilized people like us (hate you, the little Savages) .. We Persians have thousands of years of Culture & Civilization behind us .. You Tazis are savages, and your barbarianism, mass murder & pillage in the name of your Tazi God is (a clear sign of your Satanic Religion) .. We suggest you & your gang of bandits pack up & move back to your deserts where you used to (eat Camel’s shit & drink Camel’s piss) .. You and your band of thieves (are) ‘Savage Beasts with hearts of stone’ (who) mass murder people, kill children, rape wives .. Don’t do these Evil acts in the name of God .. Put a stop to your criminal Barbaric behaviors .. ‘. This letter is an old & historical letter. After the Tazi invasion, the wise Persians have always said such things to the uncultured Arabs. This letter is just a symbol of Persian Wisdom in Ancient Iran. Now If you want to write a letter to Saudi leaders, Zionist leaders, Hezbollah/ Mullah leaders or DAESH leaders, you will write the same letter, and it says a lot about the Wisdom of Persia & Ancient Iranians”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Nowruz (= Persian New Year) is celebrated in Great Persia, from the Persian Gulf to Central Asia, and wherever you find Persian culture, including even parts of China, India and Eastern Europe. The Enemy of Nowruz and the Enemy of Iran have always been Barbarians and Evil Forces. Tazis are just one group of these Evil Forces. Now in the 2016 Nowruz, we can see Tazis in Tehran. Now Tazis & DAESH try to ban Nuwruz in Tehran’s Bazaars. Basijis & Ayatollahs are Tazis & DAESH (= ISIS/ ISIL) in Iran, who desperately try to hurt Iranians and to ban Nowruz in Iran’s public places. Tazis -including DEASH, Saudis & Mullahs- hate Nowruz. If you read history, you can see that Nowruz has been banned or suppressed by Barbarian groups like Savage Arabs, Savage Turks, Muftis/ Mullahs, Taliban, Ayatollahs, DAESH, Basijis, Savage Saudis, Savage Turks, Savage Russians, British Masons/ Mullahs and other Barbarians. If you read history, you can see that Nowruz was made illegal by Arab Barbarians who invaded Persia. Nowruz was also made illegal by the Soviet Union and Russian barbarians who invaded Persia. Nowruz was made illegal by the Taliban. Nowruz was made illegal by Savage Turks & Mongols. Nowruz is still made illegal by Savage Turks, Turkish Islamists, CIA’s Turks & CIA’s Islamists in Turkey & other Fascist-Islamist countries. In fact, all Barbarians including Savage Arabs, Soviet Union, Taliban, Savage Turks, Mullahs and DAESH have tried to ban Nowruz, but failed to curb the popularity of Nowruz and Iranian values. Now even the 3% say: ‘the Soviet Union tried to ban Nowruz & celebrating Nowruz in public places .. but after their downfall, (our Iranian Brothers who lived in that occupied part of Persia) -from Azerbaijan to Tajikestan- could freely celebrate Nowruz in public places, sports stadiums etc’ (2016) It’s true. After the Death of the Soviet Union, people in many parts of Great Persia -from Azerbaijan to Tajikestan- could celebrate Nowruz in streets, sports stadiums & public places. But in the Satanic Regime of Mullahs, Iranian people cannot celebrate Nowruz in streets, sports stadiums & public places, simply because Mullahs & Islamists are Ajnabi / Arabs / Tazis who have occupied our Iran. After the Islamic Turkmenchay, even idiots can see why the Mullah regime is an Anti-Iranian regime, or why The Tazi Regime of Mullahs is a puppet regime. Now even the 3% can see How the Arabic Regime of Mullahs serves the West’s interests. Now all sane people can see why ‘The Masonic-Arabic Regime of Mullahs is the worst Anti-Iranian regime‘ [3] Now even the 3% can see why ‘Mullahs and Islamists are insane animals, and Non-Iranian puppets of the West‘ [3] If Iran had an Iranian regime, and if Iran was ruled by Iranians, then Iranian people could freely celebrate Nowruz in streets, sports stadiums and public places. But as Iran’s people truly say: “The Mullah Regime is Arab, Ajnabi & Anti-Iran .. and only after the Death of this Anti-Iran Regime of Mullahs – who have occupied our Iran- all Iranians will celebrate Nowruz in streets, sports stadiums & public places”. They also add: “Islamists & Ayatollahs are Ahriman’s children, who just serve the West’s interests. The MI6 / CIA’s children including Ayatollahs, Zionists & Saudis are Anti-Persia. But if you read history, you can see that Barbarians & Ahriman’s children have always been the Enemies of Persia & Nowruz. If you read history, you can that the Jewish-Arab culture was a Barbarian culture. Even the good Arabs and Arab scholars talk about their Age of Ignorance, or when the Arabic culture was a Satanic-Barbaric culture. Now ISIS & Saudis try to prove that the Arabic culture is still a Barbaric culture! The good Arabs are normal humans, but Savage Arabs & Saudis are still piss-eaters, shit-eaters, and insane animals. Tazis and British Barbarians are the same shit. Just think about British Colonialism & British invasions = The Neo-Barbarian Invasion. As you know, UK’s neo-barbarians & Western neo-barbarians tried to invade all countries, to massacre native people, and to exploit & enslave all nations. They referred to this Barbarity as Colonialism! The West did such Barbarities in the name of Religion! In fact, The West = The Tazi. If you watch their own films about Europe’s Nazis & Fascists, you can see that Europe’s Fascists & Nazis were exactly like DAESH (ISIS). It’s so important that the West’s Fascists & Nazis, British Barbarians & DAESH (ISIS / ISIL) do the same Evil acts “. They also add: “The story of Modern Iran is clear. Iran?s Decline began in the 18th century, and then in the 19th century the West’s neo-barbarians invaded Persia. They killed millions of Iranians, and occupied many parts of Iran, including today?s Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Persian lands/ islands in the Persian Gulf, etc [1] France, Britain and other Barbarians are sworn enemies of Iran & Civilization. ‘Even the Westerner scholars say that Iran is like a large museum of arts, culture, and civilization. When the archaeologists try to study different parts of Iran, they just find many evidence of a great civilization’ [1] But do you know what the archaeologists find in France or Britain? They often find many evidence of cannibalism, barbarism, and savagery’ ! [1] It’s so important. Now even Iran?s enemies confess: ?Iran was a real Super-power .. You can not ignore the Iranian nation that has Grandeur/ Greatness in their DNA? ! [3] (….) It’s obvious why Barbarians -from American barbarians to Arabs & British Barbarians-
hate Persia (…) Iran, the Land of Aryans, has always tried to teach Culture & Civilization to Barbarians -from European barbarians to Tazis, Turk-Mongols etc. If you read history, you can see that one day Barbarians were in the majority, and all of them were Enemies of Iran & Culture & Civilization & Iranian values (= Human values) But such things didn’t disappoint Iranians and their hopes. Thus today most humans are civilized people (…) But one day Barbarians were in the majority. One day Genocide, Sadism, Racism, Barbarity, Slavery, Inhumanity, intolerance and other Jewish-British-Barbarian values were part of the daily life in the West and many parts of the world [3] But now Barbarians are not in the majority. Now Barbarians are forced to pretend that they care about our Iranian values (ie Human values)’ [3] It’s a great victory. Now US officials, French/ British Barbarians and Jewish/ Arab Barbarians are among the last remaining parts of Barbarians. They still try to hurt Humans. Now even if you write about Nowruz or History, they try to censor & boycott you! Ahriman’s children and Barbarians still exist, and the story of ‘Iran vs Barbarians’ or ‘The Good vs the Evil’ is still continued. But now the Iranian values are universal values. Now our Iranian values are called ‘Universal values’. And it’s a great victory for all Good guys. Now British Barbarians, Western Barbarians, Tazis (Tazis = Savage Arabs + Savage Jews) and other Barbarians cannot defend their own barbarians values and their own barbarian traditions. They are forced to pretend that they care about our Iranian values, aka human values. And it’s a great victory for all good guys. Now Non-Iranians say: ‘Nowruz ceremonies are symbolic representations of two Iranian concepts: Good and Evil [2] Now most humans hate Jewish values, Western values, British values or Barbarian values such as Genocide, Sadism, Racism, Barbarity, Savagery, Slavery, inequality, injustice, inhumanity, intolerance and other Jewish values, Tazi values or Western values [3] ‘Now most humans care about our Iranian values –
including Truth, Tolerance, Humanity, Logic, Justice, Equality, Liberty, Kindness, Happiness etc. In fact, Good is alive, and Evil is dying [3] And Nowruz can remind you of such facts, such signs and such hopes [3] Nowruz is the Day of Hope, a real Hope. Nowruz’s message is clear: The harsh Winter goes, and finally a real Spring comes’. Barbarians -from Islamists to Western Barbarians- are on the wrong side of history. The Savage West, Barbarians and ‘Those who tell big lies, falsify the past and the present, censor News / Facts, hurt other humans and bully other nations are on the wrong side of history, and sooner or later they will go to hell. It?s what Nowruz, the Iranian Legacy, and the History of Iran, as the oldest country on earth, show all of us’ [1][2]

Happy Nowruz, Happy New Year

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