Ayatollah BBC: British Barbarians, UK’s Mullahs

March 27, 2016

The following post was written in Feb 2016, but we couldn’t send it (until now) due to the Terrible Internet Censorship -including Terrible attacks on HTTPS connections. We have already written about this Western-made Problem in posts like [1]: “Internet Tragedy, Evil Censors: West or Devil ?” (Check archive; that post [1] talks about The Internet Tragedy in Rouhani era, How the West helps Mullahs, and How Rouhanis -with the help of the West- run attacks on HTTPS connections [1] Now it’s quite clear why the Iranian experts said: “The West?s companies provide SSL-cracking capabilities to Islamists / Bad guys .. So now any bad guys (Har Naneh Qamari) can buy & use Evil tools like SSL pro-xy to run attacks on HTTPS, and to break SSL. The West aids Mullahs and other Cyber-criminals in using fake SSL Certificates and running MITM attacks against all SSL connections’ [1] or ‘American Company Blue Coat is the biggest name in the SSL interception, and they provide such Evil tools for Rouhanis. France, the UK and the US help Mullahs in keeping all Iranians under Surveillance. The SSL interception devices often cause certificate errors and browser errors, and Iranians know such errors well (But now even the West’s people experience such plagues, and talk about) ?How the N-SA and your boss break SSL?, and say: ‘There are many ways to attack SSL .. But why go to all that trouble when you can just buy Blue Coat Systems to do the job for you?!? ! Now Rouhanis use their Great Satan’s tools, and don?t allow Iranians to log on to websites in a normal way. Rouhanis use British-American devices to spy on all SSL connections. Rouhanis use their Great Satan’s tools/ plans to hurt Iran & Iranians, or to launch the Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks on your HTTPS connections, even when you use Anti-Fil-Ter apps in Iran’ [1] ) Now lets read the following post, which was written in Feb 2016:

“The good guys, including the West’s good guys, are becoming aware. Now even the West’s good guys say: ‘Because people from different countries don?t talk to each other and the international media are (Big Brother’s Lie Factory), People think that their problems are unique to their own country. (But) this is far from the Truth. (Orwellian Tyranny and) Oppression, Censorship, mass mind control, puppet regimes, economic enslavement, political control and media control are part of (a Global satanic project) for complete domination of the world. But many people don’t know (USA, UK & their puppets) and their satanic projects’ ! Recent years and recent events say a lot about the Main Problems and the Roots of Problems in (Iran and) the whole world. Recent events say a lot about The Barbarian West, their puppets & their projects. If you want to know real problems and real solutions, you should know The West’s Barbarians and their old and new projects?, some wise Iranians. So lets take a look at part of the old problems, hard facts and recent events – which say a lot about their old and new projects ( This post is a long post; so we publish it in a series of two parts (ie two posts), and here is the first part: )

Some wise Iranians say: “According to dictionaries, ‘Subtle = not easy to notice or understand unless you pay careful attention’. In the past, many talked about ‘Subtle methods of control by media’, and said: the West, the UK and their Media do their Evil acts in subtle ways; the UK and the British Media censor news in subtle ways; the UK and the BBC tell Lies in subtle ways; the West, the UK & BBC help Mullahs in subtle ways. But after 2009, many things changed. Now the West, the US and the UK behave in a silly & childish way. Now the BBC is a Basiji media. Now the UK media and US media are like or worse than Mullah TV & Mullah Media. Now the UK media & US media behave in a very stupid, childish and embarrassing way; so now even idiots can see how the CI-A, France, Britain & BBC help Mullahs. Now even the 3% can see that The BBC = Mullah Media. During this stupid Masonic-Islamic Farce / Circus, that the UK and CIA call it Election!, even the 3% could see How UK’s Mullahs and UK’s Media do and say the same things. Now even the 3% say: ‘The BBC defends the Mullah regime for the first time (!) .. Now the BBC advocates Mullahs & Mullah Election Farce, and for the first time, The BBC begs Iran’s people to participate in the Mullah Election Farce‘ ! Non-Iranians don’t know why Khamenei and BBC tell the same Lies. But Iranians know why Khamenei and BBC say the same things, why Basijs and BBC do & say the same things, why the CIA and Basijis do & say the same things, or why the BBC, the IMF, the CIA and Khamenei / Rouhanis do and say the same things. Mullahs are Britain’s children. The Mullah regime is run by CIA / MI6 and Islamic Masons. Savage Arabs and Ayatollahs are Enemies of Iran & Iranians. Islamists and Mullahs serving the West’s interests so well. Islamists and Rouhanis are Anti-Iran & Anti-Persian. So it’s obvious why the US and UK love and support Savage Arabs and Rouhanis. Ayatollahs are Britain’s children. So it’s obvious why the UK and the BBC desperately try to protect Ayatollahs, and to save the Islamic regime from imminent death/ downfall. Now the UK, the CI-A/ M-I6 media and the BBC desperately try to heat up the ‘SElection Oven’ -as it’s described in Iran. Now the British pigs and British chameleons behave in silly ways, not subtle ways! Now the UK and the BBC openly, shamelessly & stupidly defend Mullahs and Islamists! But Why do they behave in such silly ways?! Why do the UK and the BBC openly beg Iran’s people to help UK’s Ayatollahs, and to save the Mullah Regime from imminent death?! The answer lies in the concepts like Confusion, Frustration, Bankruptcy, Death and Downfall”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the 3% & idiots can see how the BBC and the Mullahs do and say exactly the same things. Now even the 3% can see whythe BBC is the Ayatollah BBC. Now even idiots can see how the British media and the Mullah Media tell the same Lies. But it’s not the whole story. Now even the American mass media (ie CIA media) are like or worse than Mullah media & Stalin’s media. Now the CI-A media -from Lefty media to all US mass media- praise or defend this stupid Masonic-Islamic Circus, and call it Election! It’s so laughable that the CI-A, the UK and their Mullahs -who created the 2009 Coup- now beg Iran’s people to help a UK-backed Regime that killed Iran’s people/ voters in 2009! It’s so laughable that the CI-A, the UK, Khamenei & BBC push for large election turnout! Now even idiots ask: Why do the BBC, the M-I6 and CI-A media push for large SElection turnout in their Mullah regime?! After 2009, it’s quite clear that there is no Election in Iran under the Mullah regime. After 2009, all Iranians (+97%) could see that the Mullah regime (= British / Islamic Monarchy) is like or worse than the Pahlavi regime (= British / Secular Monarchy), and Election is totally meaningless in such puppet regimes. It’s funny that now even the 3% talk about How or Why the UK, the BBC, Khamenei and CIA Media push for large SElection turnout! As you know, the opposite of ‘Subtle’ is Obvious (= easy to notice or understand) And now it’s Obvious that the US, UK and France are helping Savage Arabs, Mullahs and Islamic Dictators. Now even Basijis and Non-Iranians talk about How the CI-A, Britain and France are helping Savage Saudis, Islamists & Rouhanis! Now it’s Obvious why the West, the C-IA & the UK are so worried about Election Boycott in Iran. They know the Power of Iranian Logic and Election Boycott. They want to save Mullahs from imminent death. The UK, the US and their stooges are so confused, pissed off and worried about Election Boycott & Public Anger in Iran. They have badly confused. For instance, UK’s Khamenei stupidly says: ‘I know you Iranians hate our Islamic regime, but please participate in our Election Show .. You Iranian people hate our Islamic regime, but please help our Islamic regime’ !! (2016) Mullahs have lost all their credibility & legitimacy in Iran. But it’s so laughable that the UK’s Hiyatollahs say to Iran’s people: ‘We know that you hate us, and you want to topple our Islamic regime, but please help us to save our Islamic regime from imminent death (!!) We kill you and hurt you and betray you, but now we beg you to help us to kill you, hurt you and betray you more’ !! UK’s Ayatollahs do drugs, and tell such silly jokes. Now even the American media -from CIA Post (ie Huffington Post, Washington Post etc) to CIA Times (ie New York Times, CNN etc)- tell the same silly jokes. Now it’s so Obvious why the West is the Mother of Darkness, and why the West is the Mother of Mullahs Now the West’s pigs who have created Mullahs, 1953 Coup, 1979 Coup, 2009 Coup, Anti-Iran Turkmenchay, Anti-Iran Sadism, Anti-Iran Sanctions and all Anti-Iranian Evil acts pretend that Iranian people love Anti-Iranian Sadists / Barbarians -from UK, France & Ayatollahs to America and Savage Arabia! The West is a very bad joke, a very bad Lie Factory. Now it’s so Obvious why The US, UK & France love and support Islamic Dictators. After the Islamic Turkmenchay, even idiots and the 3% say: ‘Islamists (from Saudis to Ayatollahs) serving America/ Britain/ France’s interests so well’ ! Now CIA’s whores like Noam Chomsky cannot hide the truths”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now Basijis report: ‘For the first time (!) Noam Chomsky gives an interview to a Basiji TV’! (Feb 2016) This American Fascist Noam Chomsky is a passionate advocate of Islamic Fascists, Islamic Dictators and Basijis/ Islamists. But in 2016, and in a shitty Basiji program in the Mullah TV (Channel 2), this Fucking Fascist Noam Chomsky gives an interview to his Basijis, and openly defends Islamic Neo-Conservatives (!), Islamic Capitalists, Islamic Turkmenchay, CIA’s Islamists & IMF Plans in Iran! The love story of ‘CIA’s Islamists and Noam Chomsky’ is so laughable, and so informative. In 2016, this Jewish Freemason Noam Chomsky and his Basiji-Islamic Brothers openly defend Capitalism, Fascism, Neo-Conservatism, IMF Plans and Imperialist Plans! Now the Jewish CIA’s Noam Chomsky is the spiritual father of Basijis, Islamic Fascists and CIA’s Islamists in Iran. Now Basijis defend Chomsky, and this Jewish Freemason Chomsky defends Turkmenchay, Imperialism, Capitalism, Islamism, Fascism and IMF Plans! It’s so laughable that now Basijis / Islamists call themselves ‘Islamic Anarchists’, Islamic Fascists’, ‘Islamic Capitalists’ or ‘Islamic Neo-Conservatives‘ !, and now CIA’s Noam Chomsky defends Islamic Neo-Cons or Neo-Conservatives! It’s so laughable, and so informative. The story of ‘Jewish CIA, Chomsky and 2009 Coup’, like the story of ‘Noam Chomsky, Mullah TV and BBC‘, is so informative. Now even little kids ask: Why Do the BBC and Mullah TV both love and defend Noam Chomsky?! Now it’s obvious why their Imperial Powers & Noam Chomsky, Mullahs & Great Satan defend Nuclear Turkmenchay, IMF Plans and Islamic Capitalism, as they already defended the 2009 Coup & Islamic Fascism. Now it’s obvious why the CIA and Chomsky defend the Islamic regime & Islamic Turkmenchay. Now it’s clear why America’s good guys say: Noam Chomsky is a Jewish Freemason and a CIA agent’ ! Now even American people say many good things. Many of them can see Obvious things. Now many can see that those who created the 1953 Coup are those who created the 1979 Coup & the 2009 Coup. If you do some research about the notorious M-6/ C-IA agents like Richard Cottam, Khomeini, John Waller, Mullah Kashani, Ann Lambton, Mozafar Baghai, Hassan Ayat, Islamist Students in USA, Savak’s Rafizadeh, Saeed Emami, Syrus Nasseri, Hojatieh’s Javad Zarif, Richard Helms, Gary Sick, Mullah Beheshti, Brzezinski, Huyser, Fardoust, Gharabaghi, Gharani and many others you can find & understand many things about the Systematic relations between the 1953 Coup & the 1979 Coup. The CI-A, The BBC, Noam Chomsky and Mullahs tell the same Lies. Noam Chomsky is a Jewish son of British Barbarians. So British Barbarians = British Freemasons and their whores including BBC’s whores & Islamic whores help Chomsky and CIA (…) Pigs like Noam Chomsky are worse than Khamenei & Basijis”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In Feb 2016, Iran’s state TV aired a good and important program about Savak ( = Pahlavi’s Gestapo). This program called ‘The Press Conference of Savak Staff in 1358’ is actually a press conference in 1979 (after Revolution), and now they show it for the first time after 1979. But why this press conference is important, why they already censored it, or why the West & Whores try to hide it?! In an important part of this 1979 Press Conference, Savak’s managers talk about ‘Mossad plans in 1978’, and say: ‘In 1978, Mos-sad brought us a new plan. We got $20 millions from Azhari’s administration for implementing this plan, in which Savak & Mossad (= S&M) tried to help and promote ‘Religious Fanaticism and (Khomeini) in Iran. According to this Jewish plan, S&M manufactured many rumors -including the story of seeing Khomeini’s picture on the moon. In 1978 Savak & Mos-sad manufactured the story of seeing Khomeini’s picture on the moon to help and promote (Khomeini & Fanaticism) .. In 1978, S&M manufactured many silly stories (to help Khomeini & Ayatollahs); for instance S&M and their media (ie BBC etc) talked about Khomeini’s picture on the moon, or they said this or that Ayatollah has magical powers, or this or that Mullah has divine power & divine guidance (Khab-nama shode … ) These things were part of Savak & Mossad’s plans to help and promote ‘Religious Superstitions, Fanaticism & (Khomeini) in Iran’ ! (Feb 2016) Can you believe it?! This is the First time that Mullah TV airs such things. (As we said before) there are two groups in Mullah TV: (A) The 3% (B) The Ajnabi = Arabs & Basijis = Non-Iranian agents of C-IA / M-I6. After the Islamic Turkmenchay, the group A (ie the 3%) say good & new things, while the group B (ie Non-Iranian agents of CI-A / M-I6) still defend the Islamic Nekbat/ Zellat and the Masonic Regime of Mullahs. The story of seeing CIA’s Khomeini on the moon reminds Iranians of many things. For instance, it reminds Iranians of Ali Nourizadeh and his Lies. The CI-A & Savak & Mos-sad & MI6’s BBC were behind Khomeini & Khomeini’s picture on the moon, but this M-I6’s Islamist Ali Nourizadeh and other Masonic whores desperately try to hide the truths, and to pretend otherwise. Now it’s quite clear that Ali Nourizadeh is MI6’s Basiji. Ali Nourizadeh is an Anti-Iranian Pofyouz. Now the M-I6’s Ali Nourizadeh & Sadegh Zibakalam openly defend Savage Arabs, Savage Saudis, Ayatollahs, Khamenei, Rouhani and other Enemies of Iran and Iranians. Now the so-called Masonic Brothers openly defend their Islamist Brothers, and vice versa! Now Masonic Brothers & their Basiji Brothers openly talk about their Common ground, ie the Common ground or Common points between Islamists and CIA / MI6 ! So it’s obvious why now even the 3% say: the Islamic regime is run M-I6 / C-IA ! Now as Iranians say: ‘Dige Bad-juri Gandesh Darumade’ ! (they badly revealed their … )”.


Some wise Iranians say: “If you pay more attention to, and do some research on, important news/ facts such as Missing children, Mind Control, CIA’s slaves and mind-controlled slaves in the West, then you can understand many things better. In recent months, their own mass media talk about Syrian refugees & Missing children in Europe. In this year (2016), the mass media report: ‘ More than 10,000 refugee children missing in Europe .. Thousands of children have disappeared raising fears they are being exploited, says Europol, Europe’s police agency .. more than 10,000 refugee & migrant children have disappeared in Europe, Europol said. The number relates (only) to the past 18 months. The 10,000 is likely to be a very conservative estimate’ ! (2016) Now many ask Where missing children go; and many talk about Mind Control projects in UK /EU, Child-Sacrifice in UK/ EU, Masonic & Satanic rituals in UK/ EU etc. Even the good Brits talk about England’s Satanic cults, ‘Human Sacrifice in UK’, Britain’s Barbarian traditions and Exploiting children for s-ex, slavery, Satanic rituals and Masonic projects in Britain. If you take a look at Britain’s history, you can see that eating children, drinking human blood, being washed in the blood, sacrificing children, eating human flesh and other Barbarian traditions in Britain are not new things (We have already written about a small part of the long History of Barbarians & Barbarism in Britain; check Archive) Now even the good Brits talk about the long and dark history of British Barbarity or British Barbarism. They know ‘Child Sacrificing & Satan Worshipping in Britain’, as they know British Barbarity, Freemasonry & British Monarchy. If you search the internet, you can see that the West’s good guys talk about ‘CIA’s Experiments on Children’, ‘British Queen & Missing Children’, ‘MI6’s Experiments on Children’, ‘CI-A and Mafia’ etc- and say: ‘How many children go missing each year? Over 25,000 British children go missing in the UK every year .. the experts analyze FBI reports, police’s reports and other official reports and (talk about) millions of missing children (in the US & the West)’. The story of Missing Children and Mind Control Projects is so important and so informative. According to their own experts, ‘Manchurian Candidate’ is a kid who could be programmed to kill, to torture, to Spy, (to Censor, to Tell big lies, and to do all Evil acts) In fact, they refer to the products of Mind Control Projects as Manchurian Candidates. Indeed, CIA’s Islamists, DAESH, Basijis and ISIS / ISIL are Manchurian Candidates. The BBC’s whores (Media whores) and the West’s Journalists are Manchurian Candidates, too”.

As some wise Iranians say: “The Systematic Lies and Systematic Censorship in the UK and the West are not only a matter of Tyranny. If you read history, you can see that the UK is the Land of Barbarians. The UK’s leaders / celebrities are still barbarians or psychopaths. A normal human cannot work for the BBC or the British media, and tell many Big lies on a daily basis. Only mind-controlled whores and Psychopaths can do such evil things (for more info about Psychopaths, check Archive) Those who work for the BBC, the Guardian and other Masonic Media are Psychopaths or mind-controlled whores – who often come from pedophile families (= Masonic families) Even their own Fucking Freud said that the root of their problems is in their childhood ! In fact, their own Freud talked about their Mind Control projects, and how they systematically abuse children to create psychopaths. Now even Westerners refer to Sigmund Freud as Fraud, and say: Sigmund Freud is the Father of Mind Control projects (We will write about Freud later) Their own Freud, who is the Father of their own Psychology & Mind Control projects, says if you want to know them you should know their childhood’s se-xual experiences! Their own Freud said that by understanding the crucial events of their childhood you could shed understanding on their adult life! Their own Freud actually explained why the Guardian’s whores, the BBC’s whores or British journalists are multi-generational incest-abused kids/ slaves. In fact, their Mind Control projects are Freudian projects, and American/ British journalists and other American/ Masonic/ British spies are the products of Freudian projects. The West’s media whores, including CNN’s whores, BBC’s whores and UK Guardian’s whores often come from pedophile families or multi-generational Masonic families. Western experts even say: ‘Once pedophiled, the adult of that child, becomes an abuser himself or herself, thus they turn pedophile, psychopath, journalist, spy, politician, (Mason, Mullah or) clergyman’ ! Now even the good Britons say: ‘The BBC employs easy-to-control child abusers .. the MI6 recruiting multi-generational incest abused kids .. BBC staff are controlled by M-I6 … BBC staff work for Big Brother … BBC governors are top M-I6 spies .. only a top M-I6 spy can become a governor of the BBC .. British journalists are actually slaves or officers in the British secret service’ ! (2015) Now even the Westerners talk about the Sick minds of the British barbarians, and say: Britain is the land of pedophiles, child-killers and child-eaters! You all know the story of BBC’s Jimmy Savile and other BBC’s pedophiles (…) But as Islamists / Mullahs are Britain’s children, you can see the same things in Mullah Hawzah, Mullah TV etc. PressTV’s whores or Mullah TV’s whores are Islamic whores, and their teachers are the UK and Masons/ Mullahs. Now many talk about the Mullah TV’s se-xual scandals, including the story of a CIA Basiji, Hamid Reza Emadi, who is just one of many Islamic faggots/ rapists in Mullah TV. The se-xual scandals in Mullah TV are important, because these Islamic Whores / Rapists are the Moral Police or Islamic Moralists in Iran! Now their own media report: ‘An Islamist Was Caught on Tape Asking a Mullah TV Whore to Have S-ex With Him’ ! or ‘The news director of the Mullah TV, Hamid Reza Emadi, is an Islamic Whore / Rapist’ ! (2016) This Basiji faggot, Hamid Emadi, is a CIA’s Islamist and a part of the 2009 CIA Coup. Animals and Islamic whores like Hamid Emadi and Sheena Shirani are Basijis and the products of the Islamic-Masonic Regime of Mullahs. The MI6-CIA’s Islamic whores like Sheena Shirani, Elham Charkhandeh, Mir Gholikhan, Afshar, Emadi and all Basiji whores (from BBC’s whores to Mullah TV’s whores) are the Real Whores. Most of them are double agents. Now even the Mullah media report: ‘A former manager at Mullah TV, Shahrzad Mir Gholikhan, is a CIA whore and a double agent’ ! (2016) Now even idiots can see that the Mullah TV’s Islamic whores such as Mir Gholikhan and Hamid Emadi are exactly like the whores in the BBC, the VOA and other Masonic media”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even Westerners talk about ‘The intimate links between Journalists & Secret services in the UK and the US’. Now even Westerners say: The BBC and The Guardian use ‘fake stories’ manufactured by the MI6′ ! Now the Lefty media & US media -from CIA-Log (LobeLog) & al-CIA (al-Monitor) to CIA Post (Huffington Post) & CIA Times (New York Times)- are like or worse than Kayhan & Mullah TV. During the recent SElection Farce & Masonic-Islamic Circus, the West’s journalists showed their true colors again. Now British Journalists and American Journalists clearly show that the West’s journalists are the products of the CIA’s Mind Control Projects. Now French/ British Journalists and US Journalists defend Tyranny, Turkmenchay, Rouhanis, Fascists and Big Lies, mainly because the West’s journalists are Big Brother’s whores. Many of them are multi-generational incest-abused kids/ spies. Now the West’s journalists tell Big lies, Censor everything, and just try to set the scene for Big Brother’s Show or SElection Farce, simply because the story of Western Journalists is like the story of Cathy O?Brien or Javad Zarif. The CIA’s Javad Zarif himself has written about his own Masonic-Islamic life in his sick-fanatic family, and how his very Fanatic / Masonic family and Savak sent him to USA and C-IA schools when he was a little kid. And now even the 3% / idiots can see How the CIA’s children create the Islamic Turkmenchay. Since the 19th century, and since the 1979 Fetneh, the UK’s children and the CIA’s children have created many problems in Iran (…) Now Javad Zarif’s visit to London, like Rouhani’s visit to France, is so informative. In 2016, Javad Zarif goes to London, and also to the British-Masonic cesspit of ‘Chatham House’ (aka “Royal Institute of International Affairs’) We all know what Basijis, Islamists, Marxists, Lefts or Westerners said & say about the Council of Foreign Relation (CFR) or Chattam House / Rothschild’s House! But now this Islamic Freemason Javad Zarif gives a speech at both the CFR and Chatham House!, and shows why Mullahs are Rothschild’s sons, or why Islamists and Ayatollahs are the UK’s children and the CIA’s children. Now even the Brits say: The UK is The Doorway To The Cesspit. But Mullahs are Masons, and worship the UK. Even the good Britons say: the UK was (a Barbarian country) run by Child-eaters .. Satanists, Paedophiles and Freemasons are leaders, police chiefs, judges, journalists or media owners in the UK .. British Empire is Empire of Lies’ ! But Mullahs are Masons, and worship The Evil Empire of Barbarians, aka the British Empire. In Iran, since the 19th century, Mullahs/ Masons said their secret sciences = their rules of Magic (= Jadoo Jambal ! ) is equal to Science, Progress & Modernity! The UK’s Masons such as Mullahs & Mirza Malcom said such things, and pretended that shamans and magicians are Scientists or Men of God ! British Masons such as Mirza Malcom, Akhund-zadeh, Mullah Al-Afghani, Al-Hindi (Khomeini), Ali Freemason (Khamenei) and Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) said & still say Charlatans/ Shamans are Men of God, whores are scientists, Tyranny is Democracy !, Turkmenchay is Progress !, or Ignorance is Strength! They openly say Religion is Slavery, and people should become Slaves. But now all Iranians ridicule UK’s Mullahs & UK’s Media. The UK is The Doorway To The Cesspit, but now the British Lie Factory (BBC etc) is bankrupt. Now even non-Iranians praise Iranian Logic, Iranian Wisdom or Iranian Legacy, and say: (the CI-A, M-I6) and BBC definitely fail in their mission to protect the Mullahs and the Islamic regime!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “This is hard to believe, but now even the mass media talk about Mind Control Projects, Magnetic Mind Control or Magnetic Morals! Now their own CIA media like the CNN talk about ‘Magnetic Mind Control’, and openly say: ‘(C-IA Scientists) have shown that it’s possible to manipulate moral judgment by directly intervening in brain processes’ !! Now the West’s mass media report: ‘Magnets Can Alter Moral Judgement By Changing Brain Activity (!!) CI-A scientists have discovered that appyling a magnetic field to a particular place on the scalp can alter people’s moral judgment’ ! If you search the internet, you can find many things about ‘Magnetic Mind Control’ (we will write about it later) Unfortunately, what is said about Satanic Projects or Mind Control Projects in the West is not a myth. This is hard to believe, but unfortunately it is happening. The story of missing children and eating children in UK & West is a long story. If you do some research, you can easily find what the West’s insiders / whistleblowers say about missing children & eating children in the UK. For instance, former UK / US officials talk about ‘British Cults & Missing Children’, ‘Missing Kids in UK’ or ‘Official list of missing children in the UK’, and say: ‘Hundreds of thousands of children and adults are reported missing in Britain alone every year .. some children are taken into Satanic rituals for human sacrifice, others are abducted into secret CIA / MI6 Mind Control Projects‘. There are many official reports and official documents about Mind Control Projects / Evil projects in the UK and the West. No one can deny such facts. But such facts say a lot about the Barbarian West and the roots of problems. If you search the internet, you can see that ‘In 2006, Dean Warwick -a former US intelligence official- talked about ‘hundreds of thousands of missing children‘ and ‘Networks of satanic pedophiles & cannibals in the UK’. The story of Dean War-wick -like the stories of Robin Cook, David Kelly etc- is so informative. In 2006, Dean War-wick -a US official- talked about missing children & eating children in the UK. But after several weeks (in 2006) the media talked about ‘the strange Death of Dean War-wick’ !, and reported: ‘Dean War-wick collapsed and died in Oct 2006 while speaking at Probe International?s conference in Blackpool, England’ ! As you know, what is said about ‘Induced Heart Attack’, ‘Induced Cancer’, ‘Induced Diseases’, Biological wars or Biological warfare capabilities, ie creating new diseases and new viruses for biological wars and killing people & dissidents is not a myth. There are many reliable documents about such matters. If you search the internet, you can find many things about ‘CIA Assassinations by Induced Diseases’ or ‘MI6 Assassinations by induced Heart Attack (including the murder of Robin Cook, an M-I6 / UK official) Unfortunately, what is said about Barbarism, Cannibalism, Satanic Projects or Assassinations by Induced Diseases etc is not a myth or conspiracy theory. The Barbarian countries like Britain and France are still Barbarian, and words like C-IA, M-I6, Mafia, Big Brother, Mason or Barbarian are synonyms (…) So Iranians read or think about History & historical facts, and say: Do French/ British Barbarians and these savage naked cannibals (Adam-khora) want to tell us What is Good, What is Progress, What is Modernity, or What is Democracy, Liberty, Logic, Science etc ?!“. Think about it.

Some wise Iranians say: “In recent months, Americans reported: ‘The C-IA Predict Hassan Rouhani and Nuclear deal in 24 TV Series produced in 2010 .. In a part of TV series 24 -Season 8- Episode 1 (they predict Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and his Nuclear Turkmenchay!) The C-IA predicts Hassan (Rouhani) .. they also predict 6000 nuclear centrifuges’ ! Now it’s obvious why even the 3% talk about Fatehe Enqelab, Fatehe Velayat or Fatehe Nezam ( = Death of Islamic Revolution / Regime)! Now even idiots say: Rouhani is Islamic Gorbachev! Now even the 3% can see that their Rouhani is a new Gorbachev! Now it’s Obvious why the M-I6 & C-IA can predict Rouhani, AN, Khomeini, Turkmenchay, 1979 Coup etc. They create Rouhani, and then they predict Rouhani! They create a problem, and then they predict that problem! They create Khomeini, and then they predict Khomeini! They create a disaster, and then they predict that disaster! Such predictions don’t need high IQs, special abilities or magical powers! They create a project (a coup etc), and then they predict that project ! There is a long list of their Satanic projects. For instance, historical facts/ documents show that the C-IA, the UK and MI6 agents like Mozafar Baghai and Hassan Ayat suggested and created ‘Velayat Faqih’ (= Islamic Theocracy), and ‘Islamic Guardian Council’ in 1979. There are many many facts/ documents that are more important (and also more interesting) than ’24 TV Series’. If you read history, you can see that the West & Masons created Hawzah / Hawza, Qom, Mullahs, Khomeini, Jihadis, Saudis and Islamists. Masons created Arab states. Because of oil and masonic projects, they created new & fake countries like Arab states and Jewish state. If you read history, you can see why Arabs and Jews are Brothers, or why Savage Saudis, Arabs & Zionists are the same shit. All of them are barbarians, and sworn enemies of Iranians & Civilized people. Now even the good Arabs hate Savage Arabs, and can see why the ancient Iranians said: The Savage Arabia is the Land of Satan & Zahak. The ancient Iranians truly said : Savage Arabs and other Piss-eaters & Shit-eaters & Blood-eaters are barbarians or animals, not humans. If you read history, you can see that Arabia was the Land of Savage Piss-eaters & Shit-eaters (…) Mullahs are Arabs, not Iranians Ayatollahs are Arabs or Arab-worshipers (= Satan-worshipers) Who love or worship Piss-eaters & Shit-eaters & sworn Enemies of Persia & Iranians? The answer is clear. Ayatollahs are Arabs & Enemies of Persia and Persian values. Ayatollahs are Enemies of Iran, Nowruz, Yalda and other Iranian traditions. Now even idiots can see why Rouhanis/ Ayatollahs are Anti-Iran & Anti-Persia. Ayatollahs/ Rouhanis are Enemies of Persia, Truth, Humanity & Iranian values (= Human values). Savage Saudi Arabia is the House of Satan, but who love, support or worship Savage Saudi Arabia? The answer is clear. Now in 2016, UK’s Ayatollahs still defend Savage Arabia & Satanic Hajj of Savage Arabia! But now even the 3% / idiots can see why Ayatollahs are Arabs & Anti-Iran, and why Israel & Arab states are the same shit. Most of the Arab states (specially in the Persian Gulf) are newborn countries and fake countries. Even the good Arabs know how the West and the UK created Saudis, Zionists, Arab states and Is-rael (…) The BBC is not important. But it’s important that the BBC is Mullah Media. It’s important that the British Media -from the MI6’s BBC to the Guardian of MI6- are worse than Basiji media & Stalin’s media. It’s important that the US media -from al-CIA (al-Monitor) to CIA Post (Huffington Post)- are worse than Mullah Media & Stalin’s media. It’s important that Exiled Media such as Gooya.com, Payvand.com, RoozOnline etc are worse than Mullah TV & Basiji media. It’s important that Exiled Media are MI6/ CIA Media. It’s important that a single mafia control all mass media & media whores”.

Some wise Iranians say: “In Barbarian countries like Britain, France and Saudi Arabia, their Barbarian traditions and their Barbarian history – ie the long history of Barbarians and Barbarism in Europe & Savage Arabia- are their Totem & Taboo! It’s Obvious why the West’s Barbarians & human-eaters (Adam-khora) support Savage Arabs, ie piss-eaters & shit-eaters. If you read history, you can see that Savage Europeans and British Barbarians were like Jewish-Arab barbarians. The West’s historians say: ‘The Scandinavians and the Britons buried children alive in an effort to stop plagues and to appease their gods (!) … Britons & Europeans sacrificed children, and human sacrifice was practiced from the earliest days in Europe .. (Britons are Druids), and One Druid ritual was to bury a child under the foundations of a new building or to sprinkle the child?s blood on the site ‘ ! The UK is worse than Arabia. Now their own historians say: ‘(the Brits are the Druids) and the Druids ate human flesh and drank human blood, and they consulted the gods via human entrails .. In the UK, they sacrificed humans on a large scale .. Evidence of human sacrifice, especially children, can be found in almost all parts of Britain‘ ! Now even the Westerners talk about British Spies, and say: ‘their families belong to secret societies that s-exually abuse their children generation after generation to produce mind-controlled slaves’ ! Unfortunately, the British journalists are the products of such Evil projects; DAESH, ISIS / ISIL and Savage Islamists are the products of such projects , too. Now their own media say: the M-I6 is using Children as Spies (2015) The BBC is MI6 media, as the Guardian is MI6 media. They use Sick kids as spies or journalists. If you want to know more about them, you should know British barbarians like Ann Lambton. This British Bitch, Ann Nancy Lambton , was a British barbarian/ spy of M-I6, but they call her ‘Scholar’ or ‘BBC / British Scholar of Iran’ ! (We will write about her later) But they still refer to whores as scholars! In their 2016 Farce, they refer to little kids as pundits! In their 2016 Circus, they refer to mind-controlled whores/ spies as scholars & intellects! They know, and even say: ‘the UK and the US are responsible for the Islamic Regime?s survival and even maintenance over the years’ ! (2016) But they -including Britain, France & Western journalists- still defend the Mullah regime. But what can you expect from the UK or France?! They are barbarians & human-eaters (Adam-khor) They are animals, not humans. British traditions are Barbarian traditions such as eating children and drinking human blood. If you read their history, you can see that ‘British = Fascist = French = Freemason = Barbarian ‘. The West’s historians say: ‘Who were the Druids? Before the Roman invasion, those who lived in Britain were called the Druids .. (In fact,) Ancient Britons are Druids .. When the Romans conquered the Barbarians (ie Celts & Britons), they gave unflattering descriptions of the Druids. They described the druids as bloodthirsty barbarians who were addicted to cannibalism and human sacrifice .. Information about Celts and Druids can also be gained from archaeological evidence .. they have been found in Britain, France etc’ ! The British Barbarians can not hide the truths for ever. Now even their own historians say: The Celtic world = The Barbarian World = Britain, France etc. The UK is really The Doorway To The Cesspit. But now we all (ie all humans) should read history, think about today & true facts, and ask ourselves: Do the Savage Dictators, the British Barbarians and the West’s Barbarians want to tell us What is Good or Decent, What is Reality or real News, or What is Election, Democracy or Civilization?!“. Think about it.