Forouzan: Iranian Actress in 1960s and 1970s

“In recent days many said: ‘Forouzan, the Iranian film star, died in Tehran; Forouzan, a famous star of Iran’s Cinema in 1960s & 1970s, died in Iran’. Unfortunately, it’s not a rumor; Forouzan died in 2016 at the age of 78. Forouzan didn’t give any interviews after 1979. People heard nothing & knew nothing about her and her life after 1979. So it’s not clear what has happened to her. But it’s clear why Iranians like Forouzan, but hate Islamists and Islamic Whores”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Forouzan was one of many victims of the 1979 Fetneh, aka Fetneh 57. Before 1979, Forouzan and most Iranians didn’t know Islamic whores, CIA’s Islamists, MI6’s Islam or Islamic Turkmenchay / Fetneh etc. But the 1979 Fetneh and its consequences made Iranians aware. Now after the Islamic Turkmenchay, even idiots can see How Islamists and Ayatollahs work for CIA, MI6 and Great Satan. Now even the 3% (ie regime’s supporters) ridicule Islamic Lies & Islamic Paradoxes. It’s so laughable and so important. Now even the 3% and Westerners talk about ‘the Death of Islamic Revolution’ or the End of Islamic Ideology in Iran! Now their own analysts write about ‘the Death of Islamic Revolution’, and say: ‘Now the Ayatollah’s ‘Death to America’ chants (just make people laugh) Everybody knows the boat is leaking! (ie Islamic Revolution is dying) Everybody knows that the Captain lied’ ! Now the Islamic Turkmenchay is showing & explaining why the UK and the CIA created the 1979 Fetneh, aka Fetneh 57 or Islamic Revolution. We all should thank those idiots who created the Islamic Turkmenchay!, because now even idiots and the 3% can see why the so-called 1979 Islamic Revolution was CIA Fetneh, MI6 Fetneh, Masonic-British Fetneh or a Jewish-Satanic-Arabic Fetneh against Iran. Mullahs love Fetneh, and use this term a lot. But the real meaning of Fetneh is ‘an Orwellian Plot; a secret plan by bad guys to do Evil things in the name of good things’. In fact, what the West and Mullahs did in 1979 was a Fetneh or a Satanic Plot against Iran & Iranians. It’s funny that now even Westerners & American Lefts talk about ‘Secrets of Islamic Revolution’, CIA’s Ayatollahs, CIA’s Islamists and why Khomeini was a CIA agent ! Those who read history and think about today & true facts can see the differences between Conspiracy Theories & True History. What Mullahs, France, UK and US do today are a real eye-opener, and say a lot about the past. Now even little kids ask: ‘When today, at the age of internet / information, they censor all news/ facts, tell Big lies, and make love in a silly way, then what did they really do in the past?!’ ! Now even Americans talk about the Secrets of the 1979 Fetneh, and the systematic relations between the 1953 Coup & the 1979 Coup in Iran! Now even the 3% can see How Ayatollahs lick the ass of Anti-Iran France or Britain, and why Rouhani, Khamenei & Zarif are Masonic slaves of France, Britain and CIA. Now even non-Iranians and the 3% refer to the Mullah Islam or Saudi Islam as CIA’s Islam, MI6’s Islam or Jewish / Masonic Islam! Recent events are important. Now the story of Spy Swap (aka Prisoner Swap) between Mullahs & Great Satan is a historic Farce, and clearly shows why America = Islamist Regime, or why the Judiciary system in America is as corrupt as the Mullah judiciary system. Recent events show that Big Brother and CIA control America -from the media to the judiciary. The story of CIA’s Whores like Jason Rezaian & Siamak Namazi and the story of Spy Swap (Prisoner Swap) say a lot about America & Ayatollahs; so now even idiots can see why the United States = the Mullah regime, or why Iranians say: Death to Ayatollah America! Recent events and recent years clearly show & prove why America = Ayatollahs, Saudis and Islamic Dictators. Now even Westerners say: America and Saudi Arabia are as savage as each other! (Time, Jan 2016) Now even idiots talk about the Love story of ‘Savage Arabia, America and Ayatollahs’ ! Now even the 3% talk about Islamic Nekbat / Zellat and How Mullahs lick the ass of Anti-Iran France, Britain & Estekbar (= Imperialism) !”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now it’s obvious why all Iranians hate Ayatollahs & Masonic-Islamic Whores, and why most Iranians like or defend Foruzan – who is famous for her dances and her se-xy-comic roles in Persian films. It’s obvious why Iranians praise Foruzan, and say: Foruzan was so much better than (Sag-esh Sharaf dasht beh) Islamists, (Journalists & Masonic whores) Ayatollahs and Islamists are Sag Maz-hab! Ayatollahs and Islamists say: Dance, Music, Arts, Joy, Happiness & other good things are bad, but Lying, Stealing, Raping, Killing, Barbarity, Slavery, Savagery and other Evil things are good ! (In Iran, Sag Maz-hab or Sag Massab is a funny slang term that means: someone who has a shitty Orwellian Religion, in which Iranian values (aka Human values) are bad things, but Barbarian values and Evil things are good things!)”.


“Forouzan (1937- 2016), born Parvin Kheirbakhsh, was a famous sexy-comic actress in Iran. She had her own weak points, her own stupidities, and her own problems. But Iran’s people truly say: Forouzan was so much better than Ayatollahs, Basijis and Islamic whores’ ! (Forouzan Sag-esh Sharaf dasht beh Akhund, Basiji … ) Forouzan was not saint or angel. Forouzan was not intellectual. Forouzan was an entertainer. But idiots cannot understand such things. They even cannot understand the differences between Entertainment & Ass-Licking (Khayemali), as they cannot understand the differences between Clowns & Intellectuals”, some wise Iranians say. They also add : “Islamists and Ayatollahs say: Lying is worse than Adultery! But from morning to night, they tell many Big lies! Mullahs and Islamists are slaves of sex, money & power. But it’s funny that Islamic whores and Islamic Rapists pretend that they hate s-ex! Of course all Iranians know that Mullahs and Islamists are rapists, s-ex addicts or charlatans; many of them are drug addicts (= Amali), too. Mullahs and Islamists are crooks, thieves, liars and charlatans. Now all Iranians (+97%) are aware of this issue. Now people can see that Savage Arabs, Mullahs and Islamists worship Satan, and that’s why Islamists love Lying, Stealing, Thievery, Killing, Raping, Barbarity and other Evil things. In fact, Mullahs and Islamists are Sag Maz-hab”. They also add: “After the 1979 Fetneh, Forouzan was banned from acting in any film. Forouzan never gave any interviews and did not attend any public events after 1979. (We don’t know) why Forouzan was silent. But we Iranians know why Islamists and Islamic whores attack Forouzan, but defend Lying, Stealing, Raping, Barbarity, Nekbat, Zellat and Turkmenchay. Freemasons and Islamists are Sag Maz-hab! Now Islamic whores attack dance and dancers, while Masonic whores pretend beautiful cunt = beautiful mind ! The West and Freemasons love stupid cu-nts (= Kos Khola) And it’s clear why Both the West and Mullahs pretend that stupid cunts are intellectuals! You know the main meaning of cu-nt. You also know that, according to dictionaries, cu-nt also means: ‘a stupid or unpleasant person’. Cu-nt & stupid cu-nt are slang terms in both Persian and English. But it’s funny that the West and its stooges pretend a stupid & unpleasant person or a stupid cu-nt is Intellectual ! The West and its puppets use entertainment, modeling and fashion world to control people and to enslave people. But the witty Iranians say: ‘some people want to be fashion models, singers, dancers, actors, por-n stars or journalists. It’s not bad. She or he has a beautiful face, tits, ass etc. It’s not bad, and people can enjoy it. But the main problem is that they pretend a beautiful face, tits or ass = a beautiful mind ! They say Cu-nt is Kant or Celebrity = Intellectual ! They say a beautiful cu-nt is a beautiful mind; and it’s the main problem! In the West, they want to control and enslave people; so they encourage people to worship celebrities or beautiful cu-nts. But in Iran, we say: OK, she or he is a beautiful cu-nt; she or he is a top model; she or he has physical attractions; we have no problem with physical attractions; we have no problem with beautiful cu-nt, tits etc. We like them! But we don’t worship them … But they pretend that a beautiful cunt is a beautiful mind! And it’s the main problem!”. As some wise Iranians say: “You all know what Fashion Model, Dummy or Mankan (Manikin) mean. As you know, dummy also means ‘someone who is stupid’. In fact, dummy (= Mankan) is not intellect or thinker! But both the West and Dictators pretend that a dummy (Mankan) is an intellectual. Both the West and Dictators use dummies or celebrities to fool and control people. They ask people to worship celebrities, because they use shop-window dummies or celebrities to control and deceive people. In Iran, Islamic clowns like Rambod Javan and other Masonic-Islamic whores pretend that a beautiful cu-nt is a beautiful mind. But the witty Iranians say: OK, you can have a beautiful eye, nose, face, cu-nt, tits etc. It’s a good thing; and people can like and admire your physical attractions; but it doesn’t make you a thinker, intellectual etc ! (…) But Masonic whores, Islamic whores, CIA’s whores, BBC’s whores and Big Brother’s whores ask people to worship celebrities, and pretend that a pretty ass is equal to a good thinker !”.


“Forouzan didn’t pretend that she is a thinker or intellect. Forouzan knew that she is just an entertainer. She knew her limits (know your limits = know what you are good at doing and what you are not good at) But stupid Celebrities don’t know their limits. Stupid cu-nts pose as Intellectuals, but they even cannot understand simple things. For instance, they cannot understand that you can like or dislike this or that music. They even don’t know that Music or Art is a matter of taste. Some have similar tastes in music, while many people don’t have similar tastes in music. But CIA’s whores and CIA’s GoozAli cannot understand such obvious things. They even don’t know that sometimes you are in the mood or in no mood for this or that music”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Forouzan was a sweet, funny and se-xy actress. Some of her se-xy-comedy films are funny films, and many of her se-xy-comic performances in Persian films (even in weak films) are admirable. Many Iranians (including us) like some of her sexy-comic roles in Persian films. Even compared to Hollywood’s actresses, Forouzan is a good comic actress. But Pahlavists (= Monarchists) tried to use her to fool & control people. Forouzan appeared in many cheap & weak films (= Abgushti films) Pahlavists, like Mullahs, tried to fool / control people with Abgushti works. All puppets of the West -from Mullahs to Monarchists- are the same shit. Monarchists, like Mullahs, used celebrities for political purposes and for brainwashing / enslaving people. The story of the so-called Film Farsi or Iran’s Cinema in Pahlavi era is a long story. And If you (write about) just one part of this long story, it can create misunderstanding”. It’s a good point. According to our own experiences, short articles or short posts can create misunderstanding or incorrect interpretations. Some of our posts in 2011 -including ‘Iranian Celebrities in 1970s & 2010s’ – have created some misunderstanding or incorrect interpretations. As some wise Iranians say: “Idiots don’t know the differences between Entertainer & Khayemal ! Idiots even don’t know that If celebrities become Khayemal ( = Ass-licker) and slaves of money & politics, and if celebrities help dictators / bad guys, then all Iranians will hate them. The story of Eftekhari, Habib and other Islamic whores in 2009 is so informative. Eftekhari was a famous singer in Iran, but when he became an Islamic whore and helped AN and Islamic dictators in 2009, all Iranians fucked Eftekhari, attacked him and sent him to the trash can of history. What Iranian people did to Eftekhari, Elham Charkhande and other Masonic-Islamic whores had clear & important messages”. They also add: “In 2009, celebrities like Shajarian refused to help Islamists. Before 2009 (we didn’t like Shajarian & his works) But after 2009, we and all Iranians respect him because he didn’t help dictators, and instead, he tried to help people in 2009. (We like Leila Forouhar and admire her) because she has many good points. Leila is on people’s side. After the 2009 Coup, Leila Forouhar sang a good song about Iran and 2009 events. (We like and admire Leila Forouhar) because she cares about Iranian values, good things & good guys. But if tomorrow Leila Forouhar would become dishonest & Khayemal, we don’t hesitate to condemn her. In the past, (we liked) Googoosh for the same reasons. But unfortunately, Googoosh is gradually becoming Dishonest or Khayemal in recent years. Googoosh has suffered a lot of pain in her life since her childhood. We Iranians had a lot of sympathy for her. But now Googoosh seems like a very naive / dumb blonde, and if she wants to help Dictators, Pahlavists or Islamists, we don’t hesitate to condemn her (…) In recent years (after 2011), Shahram Shab-Pareh has had some good TV interviews. In these interviews, he seems like a good, honest and open-minded Iranian. He even says good things about the Fucking America (ie Ayatollah America) and its real problems. (We don’t want) to judge him by rumors & by what media says about his family members and their relations with Mullahs & Mafia. If Shahram Shab-Pareh is really honest & open-minded and cares about human values, then (we all can see him) as a good guy. In recent years, NooshAfarin gave a good TV interview, too. In this interview, NooshAfarin seems like a beautiful, honest and open-minded woman. She says many good things”. They also add: “Being honest and being open-minded are so important, as being Human (Adam budan) is so important, and as caring about Iranian values (= Human values) and refusing to help Dictators/ Bad guys are so important. (We don’t expect) celebrities to be intellects, saints or angels! (We only expect) celebrities to not be Charlatan & Khayemal, and to care about Iranian values (aka Human values) Being honest and caring about Human values are so vital. Forouzan was not an intellectual. Forouzan was an Entertainer (= someone whose job is to entertain people) Forouzan was a successful entertainer in 1960s. As Iranian people truly say: Forouzan was so much better than (Sag-e Forouzan Sharaf Dasht beh) Ayatollahs and Islamic Whores like Deh-Namaki, Afkhami, Elham Chakhandeh, Merila Zarei, Bahareh Rahmana and other Islamic whores in Mullah TV & Mullah Cinema”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots, the 3% and the Western analysts talk about the Death of Islamic Revolution and the Death of Islamic Ideology in Iran, mainly because the Islamic Turkmenchay is a real eye-opener. But now even if you take a look at their Islamic Cinema or Islamic sports stadiums, you can see that Mullahs and Islamists are totally bankrupt in Iran. Now even the 3% and the Mullah TV openly confess that their Islamic Cinema is totally bankrupt, and all Iranians hate Islamic Cinema and Islamic regime! In these days, even if you take a look at the Mullah TV & Islamic media in Iran, you can easily see the Death of their Islamic Ideology and the Death of their Islamic Revolution. For instance, Islamic media and a new Basiji TV called TV+ (TV plus) openly defend Islamic Corruption, Islamic Crooks & Islamic Thieves like Shahram Jazayeri Arab! Jazayeri Arab is an Arab/ Islamic version of Jack Abramoff, and a symbol of Islamic Corruption. But now the CIA Basiji TV+ and other Islamic media defend Jack Abramoff and Islamic Jack Abramoff ! Now this Arab-Islamic Jack Abramoff justifies himself & his Evil acts by Islam & his Islamic Morality! But now even the 3% know that what Islamists -from Saudis & ISIS to Jazayeri Arab- say about Islam is worse than all insulting remarks (az Sad ta Fosh Bad-tareh …) Now even little kids ask: ‘If notorious cooks & thieves justify their Evil acts and their Thievery by Islam, and If Islamic Barbarians, Savage Arabs, Dictators, Mullahs and ISIS justify their Evil acts- ie their Barbarity, Turkmenchay, Tyranny, Savagery etc- by Islam, then what would happen?! This would encourage people to like Islam or to hate it?!’ ! Now their Islamic Fetneh -from 1979 Fetneh to Saudi / ISIS Fetneh- remind many of this fact that British Masons used to say: You should cut the head of religion with the sword of religion! It’s obvious what would happen if dictators, charlatans, crooks, thieves and barbarians defend Religion and justify their Evil acts by Religion! If you read history, you can see what happened in European Middle Age and what is the story of ‘The Death of Religion’ in Europe. (As the wise & witty Iranians say: ) Religious people should be worried about ‘The Death of Religion’; it’s none of our business. But now when US analysts and CIA pigs write about ‘the Death of Islamist Religion’ or the End of Islamic Ideology in Iran, they stupidly pretend that it’s equal to the Death of Iranian values, the Death of Morality/ Ethics, the Death of Iranian Traditions and the Rise of American-British-Barbarian values! They actually express their wishes and part of their plans in 1979 – part of the 1979 Fetneh. Now they talk about China’s Model ! But now all Iranians care about Iran and Iranian Legacy. The Death of Islamist Religion/ Regime is just equal to The End of Ajnabi and their Jewish-Arabic-Masonic Ideology in Iran. Iranian values / Human values are independent of religion & politics (we have already written about ‘Morality, Ethics and Religion’, and why Ethics and Human values are independent of Religion; check Archive)”. They also add: “Now Mullahs and their Islamic Lies & Islamic Paradoxes clearly show that Mullahs and Islamists are ‘Sag Maz-hab’ or Devil-worshipers. Now If you take a look at Mullah TV and Basiji TV+ you can easily see that Mullahs and Islamists are followers of Machiavelli (ie their Hazrat-e Machiavelli !) Now even the 3% talk about why ISIS & Islamists are Anti-Religion, or why Islamists don’t believe in God ! Now the ISIS-Islamic Fetneh and the Islamic Turkmenchay -from Nuclear deal to Oil Turkmenchay- are making the 3% aware (= Khar-Fahm) So now even the 3% ridicule Islamic Lies & Islamic Whores. Recent events say a lot about the Death of Islamic Revolution and the Secrets of 1979 Fetneh, aka Fetneh 57”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now Islamic whores can show you many things about the Death of Islamic Revolution or the Death of Islamic Ideology in Iran. For instance, Behrouz Afkhami is an Islamic whore and an Islamic Psychopath ( = Bimar-e Ravani or Divooneh Zanjiri !) He works in Mullah TV & Mullah Cinema. Afkhami is a CIA Basiji or CIA Islamist who poses as a Reformist or Intellect, but openly defends Hitler, Fascists, Bashar Assad, Dictatorship and Dictators. Behrouz Afkhami is an Islamic Psycho who openly says that he is Charlatan and Opportunist! Afkhami openly says (in Mullah TV): ‘I can sell myself to politicians .. if they pay me good money, I can compromise my Islamic principles (!) .. I am proud to be charlatan / Opportunist (!) .. if they pay me enough money, I can compromise so easily, and I can do something which is against our Islamic slogans and Islamic values (!!) .. they can buy me & my Islamic principles/ standards, if they pay me good money (!!)’ (2015) Can you believe it?! Islamists and Afkhami are Sag Maz-hab & La Maz-hab! Islamists are stupid Psychos & Sadists. In recent months, this CIA’s Islamist Afkhami openly says (in Mullah TV): ‘I know all intellectuals hate me; I know Iranian people hate me; but I don’t care .. Me and my friends (= Islamists) love to hurt you Iranians and to make you angry (!) But we want to know which of us is the Best (Islamic Sadists) If you send us SMS and tell us how much you hate us (!), and which of us make you angrier (!), then we give you a gold coin (!) We know that you Iranians hate us, and we (Islamists) make you angry, but we want to know which of us make you angrier (!!) …’ ! (2015) Can you believe it?! Now Islamic Sadists and CIA’s Islamists openly say such things in their Mullah TV ! So now even idiots can see why all Iranians hate Islamists, or why people talk about Islamic Sadism, Islamic Insanity, Islamic Psychos, Islamic Lies, Islamic Bankruptcy etc. Afkhami and all Islamists are ‘Sag Maz-hab’. They have no humanity, no morality & no principle, but they pretend that they are ‘Men of God’ & ‘Men of Principles’ ! They even call themselves ‘Principle-ists’ ! or ‘Men of Religious Integrity’ ! (…) This CIA Islamist Psycho, Behrouz Afkhami, is a symbol of Islamic Cinema after the 1979 Fetneh. So it’s obvious why all Iranians hate Islamic Cinema and Islamic Regime”. They also add: “Now even idiots can see why it’s so important and meaningful that Iranian people like Forouzan & Dancers, but hate Ayatollahs & Islamists. Iranian people see that Ayatollahs & Islamists are Sag Maz-hab. Now even the 3% can see why Islamists are Satanists, and why Rouhanis are Satan’s children. Now even the 3% and their State TV confess that their Islamic regime is worse than Pahlavi & Qajars! Now even the 3% and their TV talk about Oil Turkmenchay & Death of Islamic Revolution! Now the Islamic Turkmenchay -from Nuclear deal to Oil Turkmenchay- says a lot about the 1979 Fetneh (…) Now Basiji TVs & Mullah Media praise the Taqoot era ! (= Pahlavi era) Now if you take a look at their new Basij TV+ (TV plus), you can see new things. For instance, Bahman Mofid is in Tehran, and Basijis praise him! Basijis already said people like Bahman Mofid are Taqooti & icons of Taqoot Era ! But now Basijis and their Basij TV+ praise the so-called icons of Taqoot era! Their Islamic Lies & Paradoxes say a lot about the Death of their Islamic Revolution. Now Islamists and Basij TV+ do interview with M & P ( = MalekMotiei & Pouri Banaie)! But M & P say good things, and actually reveal the depth of the bankruptcy of Islamists & Western puppets in Iran. If M & P become dishonest or Khayemal, people will hate them and (we will condemn them). But now everybody knows the real meaning of recent events. Now even their own Keyhan newspaper talks about the Death of Islamic Revolution and says: ‘Now we should ask Pahlavi & Hoveyda to return and to rule Islamic regime (!!) (Dige Bayad Begim Shah & Hoveyda Bargardan .. !! ) But Iranians say to Basijis: Yah, your Islamic regime is dying, but you should ask Shah Sultan Hussein to return! Your beloved King is Shah Sultan Hussein, and after your Islamic Turkmenchay you should ask Shah Sultan Hussein to come back and to save your Islamic regime !”. They also add: “Dancers are entertainers. Real whores are those who defend Tyranny, Turkmenchay, Rouhanis or Western Bullies/ Barbarians. You can like or dislike the old Persian dancers/ actors including Foruzan, Jamileh, Haleh, Aram, LiLi, Shurangiz (…) Real whores are those who defend Sadism, Fascism, Barbarity, Tyranny & Turkmenchay. Film stars are entertainers. Real whores are those who defend Ayatollahs, American Fascists/ Sadists and French / British Barbarians. Real whores are those who have sold their souls and their humanity, and defend Dictators, Fascists, Barbarians and Jewish-Islamic Nekbat / Zellat“.


“There are many rumors about Forouzan and her life. In these days, you can hear all sorts of rumors about Forouzan and her life. Unfortunately, Forouzan, her family and her close friends said nothing, and still say nothing, about her life after the 1979 Fetneh. It’s so shameful that even her old friends -including Malek-Motiei, Pouri Banaie or Bahman Mofid who have recently become active in Basiji TVs or Mullah Cinema – say nothing about Forouzan and her life. It’s so shameful that her old friends and almost all Iranian film stars say nothing about Forouzan, Forouzan’s silence or Forouzan’s life in Iran under the Mullah regime”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Now even Islamic whores of Islamic Cinema confess that the Mullah Cinema is much worse than Film Farsi ( = Pahlavi’s Cinema) ! Now even Islamic whores confess that their Islamic Cinema is totally bankrupt, and all Iranians hate Islamic Cinema & Islamic Regime. Now even idiots can see why almost all Iranians care about Forouzan, but hate Islamists & Islamic Cinema (…) Who are Islamic moralists or their Islamic celebrities?! Islamic moralists are Sadists, Charlatans, Liars, or Crooks & Thieves like CIA’s Nasseri (Halliburton’s man), Jazayeri Arab, Iraq-chi, Haeri, Makarem, Mesbah and other Anti-Iranian Arab Freemasons. Their Islamic celebrities are whores and faggots like TaTali, Amali or Afkhami ! In the best case, their Islamic celebrity is an Islamic Whore like Ferdosi-pour – who is Ajnabi-parast, Rohani-parast, UK-parast and Europe-parast ! (X-parast = X-worshiper) Ayatollahs and Islamic whores including Ferdosi-pour are Anti-Iran and Anti-Persian. They stupidly try to pretend that Iranians are bad, but Western Sadists, Western Idiots, Arab or British Barbarians are good ! They try to promote Ajnabi-Parasti (= worshiping the West) and Khod-Bakhtegi (= destroying national self-esteem), and to degrade Iran, Iranians, National Pride, Independence, Sovereignty and Progress in Iran So it’s obvious why the CIA and MI6 love Ayatollahs and Basijis -from Mesbah, Haeri & Zibakalam to Ferdosi-pour. Compared to Ayatollahs & Islamic whores, Forouzan seems like a saint or angel !”. They also add: “Iranians know obvious things. We know that being sexy is not bad; being slave of se-x is bad. Being Slave of se-x, slave of money, slave of religion or slave of the West is bad. Se-x is not bad; being Ayatollah / Akhund is bad, ie being Liar, Charlatan, Mason, Crook, Thief or Barbarian is bad. Iranians know obvious things, and that’s why they ridicule British-Islamic Lies and American-Islamic Paradoxes. Real whores defend Rouhanis, Turkemchany or Western Sadists/ Fascists. But Iranian people refer to these stupid whores as the Regime’s whores (Faheshe Hokumati), BBC’s whores or Masonic / Islamic whores etc. Iran’s people know Political whores, and hate them. Now all Iranians hate Islamic whores -from Ayatollahs to Rouhanists & BBC’s whores”. They also add: “The West and its stooges ask people to worship celebrities. They even say all girls should become models or se-x objects! They stupidly encourage all youths to become models or slaves of fashion. According to dictionaries, ‘Model = some one whose job is to show clothes, hair styles, bodies etc’. In Iran, Dummy and Model are often called Mankan (Manikin) Being Model is not bad. But the US & the West ask or encourage all girls & boys to become Mankan or Model. They actually ask all people to become slaves -slaves of fashion, slaves of se-x, slaves of money, politics, religion etc. And it’s obvious why they want to create more slaves or more sheeple. In the West and the World of Big Brothers, public figures and celebrities are shop-window dummies, who try to shape, deceive and control public opinions (…) Big Brothers use many dirty tricks. But now even non-Iranian historians say: ‘the father of all Islamists, Mullah Al-Afghani wrote: We want to cut the head of religion with the sword of religion .. the method used to this end is the practice of a false but showy devotion‘ ! Now even idiots and the 3% can see the truths. The Islamic Turkmenchay is making them aware. Now Islamists and Islamic celebrities are non-believers and charlatans/ whores like Rambod, Juleh, Tatali, Amali or Afkhami. But in an Ideological system or an Ideological regime it’s equal to The End, to The Death of Ideology. When fans and supporters of an ideology are non-believers and those who have a fake but showy devotion, then it’s equal to The End or Death of that Ideology”.

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