American Paradox: United States of Arabs ?!

September 7, 2015

“They chant Orwellian slogans. They shed crocodile tears for Freedom & Democracy, while they openly defend Dictators, Control and Dictatorship! They openly defend Arab dictators and Arab Islamists, but they stupidly pretend that they hate Islamists and dictators! They chant anti-Islamist slogans, but they openly support Savage Saudis, Savage Arabs, Jewish Islamists and other Terrorists. They make love with Mullahs, but they pretend that they hate Mullahs! They make love with Savage Arabs and Islamists, but they pretend that they hate Savage Arabs/ Islamists! American paradoxes are so Orwellian. The month of September reminds you of the 9/11 and Saudi terrorists. But now, in September 2015, and in the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Saudi king and Saudi terrorists go to the US, and Ayatollah Obama welcomes Savage Saudis! In September 2015, Obama and US officials meet with Savage Saudis / Islamists because they want to celebrate the 9/11 attacks, and to thank Savage Arabs / Saudis for creating the 9/11 !”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “America and Obama are like or worse than Ayatollahs. Now in Sep 2015, US pigs including Ayatollah Obama say that Savage Saudis and Savage Arabs of UAE -who kill Yemeni children and Yemen’s ordinary people- are Martyrs ! (Sep 2015) Now in Sep 2015, US pigs including Ayatollah Obama openly say that Islamic Terrorists / Killers are Martyrs! So according to Obama’s logic, Osama Bin Laden was a Martyr, too! US witty guys say: Obama is Osama! And it’s really true. Now according to US Logic and Obama’s logic, the 9/11 terrorists and those Savage Arabs and CIA’s Islamists who created the 9/11 are Martyrs, too! American Veqahat ( = shamelessness) and American Hemaqat ( = foolishness) are so Orwellian. In the month of September, the month of 9/11 attacks, US pigs defend Saudis and those who created the 9/11 ! Now it’s clear that the USA is the United States of Arabs / Jews! Who can forget the 9/11 and the US Farce?! America’s paradoxes are like or worse than Islamic paradoxes. In this year (2015), all sane people can see why America is Ayatollah America, and why Obama is Ayatollah Obama. Even if you ignore the love story of ‘Great Satan and its Mullahs’, you still can see why America is Anti-Democracy, Anti-Freedom and Anti-Human Rights. Now America openly and shamelessly defends Savage Arabs, Arab Dictators and Savage Islamists in the month of September & 9/11 ! America’s paradoxes are so ridiculous and childish. Now Obama and US officials openly say that America is a close friend of Savage Arabs, Islamists and Islamic Dictators, but an Enemy of Iran, Iranians and all good guys. The United States of Animals is such an Orwellian cesspit. Now they openly say: Zionists and Arabia are brothers; Jews and Arabs are brothers; Savage Jews loves Arabs, and Savage Arabia loves Jews! In America or United States of Arabia (USA), Bullies and Barbarians are called good guys! In America or United States of Arabica (USA), Savage Arabs, Islamists, Baby-killers, Terrorists and Savage Saudis – who created the 9/11- are called America’s Allies or America’s Martyrs! America’s paradoxes are like Ayatollah’s paradoxes. So even US good guys make joke and say: the US president is Obama or Osama?! They know why Obama is Osama, or why Obama is Arab or Ayatollah. Now it’s clear that ‘Obama and Khamenei / Rouhani are the same shit, because both are Anti-Iran & Anti-Truth, and both love Savage Arabs/ Saudis, Islamists, Terrorists & Iran’s enemies. Now even idiots can see why Obama is Osama, and how USA helps Islamists”.


As some wise Iranians : “Now even idiots can see why the West, Savage Arabs and Zionists are the real axis of Evil. The West and is stooges are the Axis of Barbarians. In the United States of Assholes (USA), even their public intellectuals are CIA agents or Big Brother’s whores. In the United States of Arabica (USA), the Jewish whores and stupid liars such as the Ayatollah Noam Chomsky are called Intellectual ! The Ayatollah Noam Chomsky tells many Big lies -about Iran, Shah’s nuclear programs, 1979 Coup, 2009 Coup, 1953 Coup, Islamists, Savage Arabs/ Jews, Terrorists, Dictators etc. The Ayatollah Noam Chomsky is like or worse than the Ayatollah Obama and US Senators. The Ayatollah Chomsky and the Ayatollah Jewish CIA love Islamists, Dictators, Terrorists and other Evil forces. The US and the Ayatollah CIA have created many disasters – from the 1953 Coup to the 9/11 and the 2009 Coup. But US Sheeple still defend US Ayatollahs (ie US officials)! Now we all can understand why US good guys ridicule US Sheeple, and say: America is A Nation of Sheep! Now in the month of September & 9/11, US officials meet with Savage Saudis, and defend Savage Arabs/ Islamists, and insult people’s intelligence in a silly way, but America’s people don’t protest ! Now the love story of ‘Obama and Savage Saudis’ just shows that America deserved the 9/11. Now the love story of ‘America and Savage Arabs’ clearly shows that the US deserved the 9/11”. They also add: “In Persian language, Angol-a, Gagola or Mongola are slang terms & mean: Stupid Retards. So when the media reports: ‘Angola Bans Islam, Destroys Mosques … Angola is the first country in the world to ban Islam’, Iranians just laugh, and say: Angol-a / Gagola are good jokes! Just look what the United States of Angol-a (USA) says / does! Now Ayatollah Obama, US Gagola and US media openly defend Saudis, Sadists and Islamists! Now US officials openly say: Bravo Arab Terrorists! America and all Angol-a / Gagola are so stupid. They love religious fanatics, terrorists and dictators. They openly defend dictators, religious fanatics, Christian/ Jewish fanatics, Savage Arabs / Islamists and other stupid animals. They attack ordinary Muslims, but defend Islamists, Savage Arabs and Savage Saudi Arabia! America is really a Nation of Sheep. In the United States of Arabs (USA), Ignorance is Strength, Tyranny is Democracy, and Slavery is Freedom. The United States of Animals (USA) is Anti-Iran and Anti-Humanity, but pro-Arab, pro-Islamist and pro-Fascist. US bullies & barbarians – from US senators to US journalists- don’t care about Human values. America is a Big Lie Factory, but US good guys say: ‘Many are asking Obama to declassify the congressional report on 9/11 .. this report (describes) Saudi government ties to the 9/11 hijackers .. the US and US allies -Saudi Arabia etc- provide financial and logistical support of Terrorism … Why Does the U.S. Support Saudi Arabia, a Country Which Hosts and Finances Islamic Terrorism?’ ! US good guys are not stupid. They know who created the 9/11 or ISIL. They know the CIA and its Islamists. They know why & how the UK, the US and the CIA created Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS / ISIL, Bokon Haram, Basijis, Saudis, Wahhabis, Salafis, Muslim Brotherhood, Mullahs etc. They openly say: ‘Who were the 9/11 hijackers?! Saudis and CIA’s Islamists .. Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi Arab’. They create many good cartoons (like above/ below pix) about America’s Allies, Saudi Flag, 9/11 attacks, Savage Arabs, US Pigs etc. But unfortunately, they are not the majority in America”.


As some wise Iranians say: “America is a Nation of Sheep, because the majority of Americans love or defend Obama’s bullshit, Obama’s lies, America’s bullshit, America’s lies and America’s paradoxes. The US paradoxes and Obama’s paradoxes are like or worse than Islamic lies and paradoxes. America is really a backward country. US Sheeple even don’t know that Iran is not Arab; Iranians are not Arabs; or Arabs are not Iranians! US Sheeple even don’t know Iran/ Persia, and why and how Persians/ Iranians hate Tazis = Savage Arabs + Savage Jews. US Sheeple and all Mind controlled sheep know nothing about the Land of Aryans (Iran), Iranian values and Iranian Legacy. But many Humans, including good Americans, are not stupid. They know the Orwellian America, and even the Jewish Religions of America & Islamists. They make jokes about Ayatollah Obama, Lawrence of Arabia and ‘Hussein of America’ ! They know this American Motherfucker (Obama) and US Senators. They know why this American Baboon (Obama) and US Senators love Saudis, Islamists, Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic dictators. Now even non-Iranians – from good Arabs to good Americans- talk about ‘the demonstrations against the Islamic regime in Iran in 2009, the anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations in Egypt in 2013’, and say: ‘In Egypt in 2013, as well as in Iran in 2009 and all these years, the demonstrators were protesting against Islamic states .. But the West and the US didn’t (stop supporting) Islamic states .. a common view among experts on Iranian politics is that the Green Movement would have been able to change Iran’s political system if (USA & West) would have stopped supporting Islamists .. the Green Movement asked for international help to stop the government using force against Iran’s people, but the West supported the Islamic regime, not Iran’s people; and that is the main reason why the Islamic Regime was able to suppress Iran’s people‘ (2015) The world’s sane people are not blind or stupid. They are not like US Sheeple or Senator Schumer. This Jewish-American faggot Senator Schumer is a Jewish Zionist. He says: Arabs don’t believe in the Torah. They don’t believe in King David. So, they don’t think it’s our holy land, I-srael’ !! But now this Jewish pig, Senator Schumer from New York, defends Arab Islamists, and attack Iranians! Now even the US media says: ‘Senator Chuck Schumer opposed Iran & Iranians, and defended Arabs, Islamists ( & Islamic killers of Iran’s people in 2009), because he’s going to defend the interests of Is-rael’ !! (Aug 2015) It’s important that Zionists like Schumer and Leverett defend the 2009 CIA Coup in Iran, and Basijis & Mullahs defend Zionist CIA agents like Leveret and Schumer! We all should ask: ‘Why Chuck Schumer, a Jewish Zionist from New York, should defend Basijis and 2009 Coup?! Why US Jews and US animals like Leveret and Schumer and other Jewish CIA agents should attack Iranians, and defend 2009 Coup & Islamists?! Now if you search the internet, you can see that Americans say: ‘Schumer is faggot, and he announced his support for US faggots in 2009 ! .. (US faggots like) Schumer and Lindsey Graham love the Muslim Brotherhood .. In August 2013, after Russia granted asylum to Snow-den, Schumer attacked Russia’ ! This Jewish CIA agent, Chuck Schumer, is Fascist, Terrorist and Sadist. Now US media and US senators say: ‘Chuck Schumer’s going to defend the interests of Israel (!) and it’s legitimate he do so (!!) There’s nothing wrong with that’ !! (Aug 2015) In fact, they are happy that America is a Jewish/ Arab country, and instead of defending American people, US officials defend Jewish/ Arab states! So now many sarcastically say: Chuck Schumer is US Senator or Is-rael’s Senator?! Barak Hussein Obama is US President or Arab President ?! .. US Congress is Jewish, but only 2% of US population is Jewish …’ ! It’s so important that both Mullahs and US officials are Anti-Iran, but pro-Arab, pro-Islamist, pro-Zionist and pro-Tyranny. It’s obvious why the CIA agents -from Gary Sick, Schumer and Flynt Leverett to Basijis like Marandi, Akbar Ganji, Mullah MPs etc- love Savage Arabs, Islamists and 2009 Coup. Now even non-Iranians say: ‘In 2009, the streets of all major cities in Iran filled with protestors, very bigger than all crowds that had massed against the Shah in 1979 .. But the US (preferred) to defend the Islamic regimes and Islamic dictators, and (to betray) the brave people of Iran .. the US had two options: support Mullahs & Islamists or support Iran’s people & freedom and democracy in Iran …’ (2015) In fact, all sane people know Islamists and their Western / American supporters”.


As some wise Iranians say: “US officials and United States of Ayatollahs (USA) hurt Iranians, but defends Islamists & Savage Arabs because America is a Terrorist state, a Fascist country. This American Monkey (Obama), US Faggots (US Senators etc) and their sham Fights (Jang-e Zargari) are so stupid. American Neanderthals and Ayatollahs are the same shit. Now even idiots and the 3% ridicule Ayatollahs and their Daryoozegi / Vadadegi (humiliating capitulation) Now when Iranians watch the Mullah TV, they just laugh and say: ‘Thanks God ! After a lot of Arro-Gooz (= barking & farting), just look how Mullahs accept this humiliating Capitulation (bebin beh che Daryoozegi oftadan … ) Just look how the US bullies humiliate its Mullahs / Basijis ! .. Now their Great Satan & Estekbar humiliate and bully Mullahs, but just look what Mullahs do. After a lot of Arro-Gooz, Ayatollahs just lick the ass of their Great Satan / Estekbar, and stupidly say (like little girls): ‘Why our beloved Great Satan/ Estekber / US Bullies use Bad words .. ! (Eva Chera Bad Harf mizanan .. ! )’ ! Now even the 3% can see why Mullahs are Masons, and why Islamists and Ayatollahs are little cowards, and little puppets of the UK and the US. Now only the UK & US animals defend Ayatollahs, and stupidly say: ‘(We love Islamists because) Islamists and Khomeini made humiliating concessions to their Great Satan .. (the West loves Khamenei because) He said he would not allow inspectors to have extensive access. But in the end, he allowed his negotiators to strike a deal that allows inspectors extensive access to his nuclear facilities .. Khamenei made a deal with his Great Satan (!) … Khamenei (making) humiliating concessions to (his Great Satan) and drinking a cup of poison’ ! (NBC, Aug 2015) It’s obvious why the UK and the US love Hiyatollahs. UK’s Khamenei, UK’s Rouhanis, CIA’s Ayatollahs, CIA’s Islamists and Saudis are the same shit. Now UK’s Mullahs & CIA’s Islamists – from Basijis to Saudis – openly lick the asses of their Great Satan, their Zionist IMF, their Zionist France, their Masonic Britain etc. Now even the 3% ridicule Islamic Zionists / Freemasons – from Khamenei, Iraq-chi & Mullah MPs to Zarif, Saudis, ISIS, Basiji leaders and the CIA’s Ali Akbar Salehi, who is an Arab/ Iraqi CIA agent. Now even idiots can see how the UK and the Jewish CIA defend Mullahs and Islamists. Now even Americans say: ‘Senator Schumer is a Zionist. His family is Jewish & Zionist. But he defends (Arabs, Basijis and 2009 Coup)’ ! Now even non-Iranians ridicule the West and the United States of Arabs/ Jews – who created Salafism, Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Mullahs etc”. They also add: “Now US good guys talk about American Sheeple and Edward Snow-den, and say: ‘In August 2015, a new poll of 2,069 American voters carried out by (CIA whores) found that 53% of the US public want Snowden to face trial (!!), and those who support the whistleblower make up just 26% of the US public’ !! (Aug 2015) Many American polls are fake polls. But it’s important that US journalists claim that most Americans support NS-A, Fascism, Mass Spying, Mass Surveillance, Control and Tyranny! Now US media say: ‘(CIA polls and NS-A polls ask Americans: ) Do you support or oppose the NSA? Do you support or oppose (American Fascism?!) Do you support or oppose the US government pursuing a criminal case against Snow-den for leaking classified information about the way the NS-A conducts its intelligence gathering ?‘ !! (Aug 2015) US media even say: ‘Most Americans ‘strongly support’ criminal charges against the whistleblowers (Truth-tellers & Messengers) ! Most Americans ‘strongly support the CIA and NS-A’s evil acts’ !! (Aug 2015) They actually show you why America is A Nation of Sheep, and why America has become a real third-world and backward country”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The West cannot hide the truths by Censorship. Now all good guys ridicule Obama, Saudis, ISIS and CIA’s Islamists. Now even non-Iranians ridicule the Fucking Arab Spring or Obama’s Spring! Now even the good Arabs ridicule and curse Ayatollah Obama, Saudis, Obama’s lies, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS etc. Now even non-Iranians can see how the UK and the US created ISIS/ ISIL and Savage Islamists. Now even the good Arabs ridicule the Fucking Arab Spring, Obama and Brotherhood ! Now only whores and sheeple defend Ayatollah Obama, Ayatollah America or United States of Arabs/ Jews. Now in the United States of Animals, the CIA whores defend the Islamic Turkmenchay, and their media stupidly say: ‘MIT’s experts (or MIT’s CIA agents) defend the Nuclear Deal with Mullahs’ ! (Aug 2015) But it’s obvious why the CIA and so-called MIT’s experts, who killed Aaron Swartz, defend Nuclear Turkmenchay! Now many say: the MIT is the House of CIA’ or ‘the MIT is a branch of the CIA’ ! The stupid animals like Noam Chomsky and MIT’s whores tell childish lies. All informed people just ridicule Chomsky’s lies, Chomsky’s bullshit and Chomsky’s paradoxes. But the Jewish Noam Chomsky, like MIT’s whores, is a symbol of the Orwellian America. The Jewish CIA’s agents like Noam Chomsky, Leveretts, Gary Sick, Brzezinski etc are symbols of the US Evil Empire. Iranians have repeatedly talked about Chomsky’s lies, and How Chomsky helps Brzezinski and Imperialists (for more info, check Archive) Chomsky and Brzezinski work for the same Big Brother. Chomsky’s childish lies clearly show that Chomsky is Big Brother’s agent. But how many Americans know the true colors of Ayatollah Noam Chomsky?! Now all sane people can see how America – from US officials to US intellects- defend dictators, Islamists, terrorists and other Evil forces. Now even idiots can see how the West and the US defend Savage Arabs, and try to create more terrorists, more Islamists and more disasters. These years revealed the true colors of the Fucking West’s barbarians. In these years, the fucking America’s Bullies and Fascists clearly showed why America is Anti-Democracy, Sadist, Fascist, Terrorist and Anti-Iran. Now even idiots talk about the fucking West’s terrorists, and how the fucking UK, US and Savage Arabs/ Jews destabilize the world. Now it’s quite clear that the US is not a good guy. Now even idiots can see that the US is the Bad guy, simply because the US defends Dictators, Islamists, Savage Arabs/ Jews, Mullahs etc. This American Animal (Obama) and other US animals (US senators etc) openly defend Saudis and Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK / PMOI)! So now it’s clear why America is the Bad guy. The idiots still defend Public Ignorance and American Ignorance, but Iranians sarcastically say: since when Ignorance has become a sign of modernity?! Since when Ignorance is a sign of progress?! Since when you are a modern country if your people are stupid and ignorant?! Since when Ignorance and living like sheep are pillars of a modern country?! US idiots cannot even understand that US Ignorance and US Sheeple just show that America has become a third world country, a read backward country. We don’t talk about regimes; America’s regime is like the so-called Iran’s regime (…) We talk about people. Now even idiots can see why Iran’s people are modern, brave and educated people. The 2014 Referendum was so important, and that’s why the West’s media censored it. Iran’s people have no illusion about the Mullah regime and the Main problems. But America’s people have many childish illusions. The 97% of Iranians know main problems/ paradoxes, but How many Americans know main problems/ paradoxes?! 1%, 5%, 10%, 20% or what?! Even the US good guys know that sooner or later the country’s level of democracy will adjust in accordance with the society’s potential. When many Sheeple and Stupid people live in the US, sooner or later their system will adjust in accordance with their foolishness, and that’s why even Americans talk about the End of America, the rise of American Fascism etc. America’s good guys and the West’s good guys can see the truths: The West and its Sheeple are so stupid. They still live in the 19th century ( = Ahd-e Boogh !) But today is not Ahd-e Boogh”.

British Ayatollahs: UK Created Islamists

September 2, 2015

“The Wise people say: Past events must be studied to see how they have affected and influenced conditions existing to-day. In recent centuries, the West, the Ministry of Truth and Lie Factory tried to mix Truths with Lies, and Fictions with Facts, because they wanted to rewrite history, to fool people, and to create an Orwellian world or an Animal Farm. But today is not the 19th century. Today we all can see what they do / say. We all can see it with our own eyes. We all can see how they tell Big Lies, and how they censor all news. Today is not the 19th century. Now British animals, the UK’s Animal Farm or the Big Brother’s whores cannot fool Iranians and other good guys. Now the UK and its stooges have badly confused. Just look what this British Spy Iraq-chi says in the Masonic Parliament of Mullahs (Mullah TV -IRINN- airs this historic confessions in Sep 2015) Just look what British Hiyatollahs, CIA media and UK media say in recent days. Just look how the West and the UK media censor all facts, and praise / defend Ayatollahs and Islamic Turkmenchay in a childish way. They tell childish lies; they censor all news in a childish way; and they don’t care about their own credibility/ legitimacy! Now the UK and the CIA openly express their love and support for their ‘Hiyatollahs’ ! Now British Ayatollahs (Larijani etc) go to New York, and openly make love with the so-called Zionist Leaders of the Masonic Parliament of Britain & France! Now even idiots can see that Truth is not Conspiracy theory! Now even idiots and the 3% can see the true colors of Islamic Zionists, Islamic Masons, British Ayatollahs, Masonic Regime of Mullahs and Big Brother’s media – from CIA media to BBC, Telegraph, Guardian, Economist etc”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “If you take a look at history books, you can see that even the Western historians talk about ‘How the UK created Islamists and Islamism’. The West’s historians talk about the Great Game, the UK’s Evil Empire, the Devil’s Game, the British Empire’s crimes, The Brotherhood’s games etc. If you read history, you can see that Britain was the Land of Barbarians, and British Barbarians, like French Barbarians & European Barbarians, were specialists in nothing but drinking human bloods and eating human flesh (for more info, check Archive) But one day -when Aryans (Iranians), the land of Aryans (Iran / Persia) and the Civilized world were naive, exhausted, and busy with silly problems- the West’s Barbarians could wear new masks (civilized masks), could create the Evil Empire of Brotherhood, and caused great disasters, great crimes against humanity, and great problems/ troubles for the world. Those who created world wars and killed billions of people in all around the world – from Africa and America to Australia, Asia and Europe- were British Barbarians & Western Barbarians, ie the Worst Barbarians in history. One day – when most people were naive, ignorant or uneducated- Barbarians could fool people. But today is another day”. They also add: “We Iranians care about the Truth. Since the ancient times, we Iranians say Goodness or being Good Guy is independent of Race or Religion. It’s part of our Iranian Legacy. When we Iranians take a look at their media or their history books, and see how the UK and the West tell Big lies and censor all Facts, we say: Truths must be separated from falsehoods, and fiction from fact. But idiots and Conspiracy theorists just try to mix truths with lies, and fiction with fact, and help the Bad guys. Now even idiots can see why Iranians say: the UK, the West and their Media & their Mullahs tell the Biggest Lies (Doruq Migan Mesl-e Sag .. ! ) ! Now only Sheeple know nothing about Systematic Lies and Systematic Censorship in the UK and the West. Sheeple know nothing about the 2009 Coup, IMF Plans, Anti-Iran Sadism, the West’s Bullies, the 2009 traitors, Rouhanists and other stooges of the West -including Marxists, Mullahs, Mujadehs, Monarchists etc. Now UK’s Ayatollahs -from Khamenei and Larijani to Rouhani and Basiji leaders- openly make love with their Great Satan, their Zionist France, their Masonic Britain etc. In recent days, all Big Brother’s whores – from Noam Chomsky and Hollywood stars to Islamic whores – defend Nuclear Turkmenchay and Ayatollahs! In recent days, the UK media happily report that a few Stupid whores (Jafar Panahi, Shirin Ebadi, Nasrin Sotoudeh) defend Nuclear Turkmenchay! They are happy that Jafar Panahi & Nasrin Sotoudeh have become such stupid whores or political whores ! (We would write more about these whores and recent events later) Now the UK, the West and their stooges show the depth of their bankruptcy & confusion in a childish way. So now even non-Iranians and the 3% are becoming Khar-Fahm ( = aware) Now if you search the internet, you can see that even idiots talk about Nuclear Capitulation, British Islam, Masonic Mullahs, CIA Islamists, Islamic Zionists, Devil’s Game etc. If you search the internet, you can find many books and articles about ‘UK, Islamists and CIA’. For instance, the Westerners write articles such as [1]: ‘Al-Afghani and The British Subversion of Islam’ ! They say silly things, but it’s not the whole story. They also talk about Historical documents and historical facts. These historical facts or true facts are not new things. They are historical documents and historical facts that all informed people are aware of them (and we Iranians care about such true facts) For instance, they talk about ‘this fact that Al- Afghani was the founder of the Arab Mason Society , and say: this fact is something (that even) the Encyclopedia Britannica acknowledges quite openly‘ ! [1] Truth-seekers and Historians care about Al-Afghani, because Al-Afghani is the father of Islamism and the father of Mullahs. As the non-Iranian historians say: (there is no doubt that) Mullah Afghani was a British agent .. Al-Afghani attempted to gain and manipulate power by organizing his followers in a Masonic lodge, of which he became the leader’ [1] The story of British Ayatollahs or British Islamists like ‘Jamal ad-Din Al-Afghani (1838- 1897), Muhammad Abduh (1849- 1905), Muhammad ibn Abd Al-Wahhab (1703- 1792), Ibn Saud (1882- 1953), Hasan al-Banna (1906- 1949), Mullah Nawab, Bahais, Khashani, Al-Hindi (Khomeini) etc is actually the story of Mind Control projects and creating Satanic Cults in recent centuries. Even the Western historians talk about British Controllers of Mullahs or Mind Controllers of Islamists, and say: ‘the British controller of Mullah Al-Afghani was W. S. Blunt, who, himself, was controlled by Lord Randolph Churchill and (Masonic agents)’ ! [1] Wilfred S. Blunt was an Orwellian agent of the British Brotherhood. Even the West’s historians say: Wilfred Blunt was an official agent of the British Empire, but he pretended that he is a true anti-imperialist !‘ ! [1] Some refer to such British / Orwellian Games as the Great Game or the Devil Game. In this Orwellian Game -one day in the name of Reform, one day in the name of Anti-Imperialism !, one day in the name of Religion, and one day in the name of Anti-Religion ! – they try to fool and manipulate people with Orwellian methods. One day in the name of X and one day in the name of Anti-X, they try to control the naive people. In the 19th century, most humans were ignorant or uneducated. But it’s important to note that even in the 19th century, most Iranians hated Mullah Afghani. Now even the West’s historians say: ‘In Iran, Afghani’s influence was less than is suggested by British writers as Edward Browne‘ ! [1] The story of this British Freemason, Edward Browne , is a long story. Many have already written about this British spy Edward Browne and Babis, Bahais and Mullahs (we would write more about this issue later) This British faggot Edward Browne is a symbol of UK’s Ministry of Truth, and can show you how the British pigs create or help Evil forces, and try to rewrite history. But today is not the 19th century, and now many talk about ‘the Western Use of Islamism‘, CIA’s Islamists, ISIS, Saudis, Arab Freemasons, Wahhabis, Salafis, the Masonic Roots of Islamists, the Jewish / British Roots of Ayatollahs or the Masonic Roots of Mullahs“.


As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the so-called Great Game, you should know Little Britain, Islamists and Jewish / British Barbarians. Recent events are very informative, too. So now even idiots and the 3% can see who have created ISIS / ISIL, Saudis, Basijis, Rouhanis and other Islamists. Now even the 3% can see how British Ayatollahs accept Capitulation and Nuclear Turkmenchay, and why Khamenei and Ayatollahs are puppets of UK, US, France and Zionists. Now even idiots and the 3% can see why the Islamic Parliament is a Masonic Parliament, and why Mullahs are Masons. If you read history, you can see why Iranian intellects said: ‘In the 19th century, Masons and British Brothers tried to create Islamic Pope, Islamic Priesthood, Islamic Church and Islamic Vatican. They created Islamic Pope and called it Vali Vafiq, Grand Mullah or Grand Mufti. They created Islamist Priesthood schools and called it Hozeh. They created Islamic Vatican … ‘. If you read history, you can learn many things about Mullahs, British Money (British-Indian money), Hozeh, Muslim Brotherhood, Fadayan-e Islam, Terrorism, Taliban, Saudis, Wahhabis, ISIS, MEK, Basijis, Bahais etc. The West asks people to read the Ministry of Truth’s books! But now even the Westerners are becoming aware, and say: ‘(It’s so funny and important that ) the main primary materials in English are books by the British Masonic Agent, Wilfrid Blunt [!] (who was the Masonic controller of Mullah Al-Afghani)’ ! [1] In fact, they know the English Ministry of Truth. They even know why ‘Mullah Al-Afghani praised Freemasonry, and said: ‘Masonry is paramount to establishing a leadership authority and serving (its interests)’ ! [1] They know Islamic Lies and Islamic Paradoxes, including Mullah Al-Afghani’s paradoxes. For instance, Mullah Al-Afghani never got married ! [1] Mullah Al-Afghani was a religious fanatic & Islamist, but at the same time, he said Anti-Religion things! Mullah Afghani said: ‘Religion imposes on man its faith and its belief, whereas, philosophy frees him of it totally, or in part’ ! [1] Al-Afghani and all Ayatollahs are bad psychopaths. Many described A-Afghani as ‘a foolish British spy’ ! [1] In fact, Mullah Al-Afghani was like today’s Ayatollahs, Saudis, ISIS and Basijis. Mullah Al-Afghani and his Islamic paradoxes can show you many things. Mullah Al-Afghani defended Satanic Brotherhood, Islamic Priesthood and British tactics! [1] Mullah Al-Afghani’s teachers were the ideologues of British Intelligence [1] For instance, Blunt was a British Freemason and a British agent, who taught Al-Afghani Orwellian tactics. In his Diaries, ‘Blunt wrote: the British Empire is the greatest engine of Evil now existing in the world ! .. We (British Barbarians) are like (other Barbarian invaders) But we do it over a far wider area and more successfully’ ! [1] Mullah Afghani was a stupid as his British masters. ‘The British {Illustrated London News} of December 1891, under the title {The Persian Crisis}, says: Thirty years ago, our learned people (i.e. Mullah Afghani) in the East conceived a great desire to know why Eastern races were not able to assimilate the European civilization [!!!] .. our learned people (i.e. Mullahs) have succeeded in formulating a new doctrine, which, however, agrees perfectly with the essence of Islam [!!!], while it is in perfect harmony with European civilization [!!!] .. our learned people (ie Mullahs/ Muftis) sought to discover in religion the principle which serve (the West’s interests) !’ ! [1] And it’s not a joke. It’s what British pigs said in the 19th century. The so-called Al-Afghani’s plan to reform Islam and to create Islamic Brotherhood was a Masonic Plan. He and other Islamists/ Masons just want to create new cults to serve the West’s interests, and to help Colonialism and Imperialism. All historical documents show that Mullah Afghani and other Masons/ Islamists were children of Colonialism and Imperialism. They openly attacked Iran, Iranian values and Nationalism, but defended Satanic Brotherhood, Tazi / Masonic values and Colonialism/ Imperialism / Islamism! They, like Khamenei and Rouhani, said that Capitulation or Turkmenchay is a good thing, and you should be Brother of Wahhabis, Western Bullies, Barbarians, Savage Arabs and Sworn enemies of Iran & Iranians! We all should ask: Why Masons – form Mullahs/ Islamists to all children of Colonialism and Imperialism- have always attacked Iran, Iranian values and Iranian Legacy?! Why Masons and Mullahs hate the Cradle of Culture and Civilization (Iran / Persia) but love Savage Arabs/ Jews, the UK and Barbarians?! Now the UK media openly praise Hiyatollahs, and British Ayatollahs -from Khamenei to Rouhani- openly defend Capitulation, Turkmenchay, Satanic Brotherhood, Satanic Hajj of Saudi Arabia, Rapists, Saudi killers of Yemenis, Zionists, Zionist France/ UK, Savage Arabs and sworn enemies of Iran and Iranians. But why?! All humans should ask: Why?!”. They also add: “All Islamists -from Saudis to Ayatollahs- are the Brotherhood’s children. As the Westerners say: ‘the British W. S. Blunt was instrumental in installing the Ibn Saud family as Kings of Arabia. And it was Randolph Churchill who provided a British stipend to King Saud‘ [1] Even idiots know the story of Savage Saudis and the Lawrence of Arabia! Even idiots know how British Masons created Saudi Arabia and other new & fake countries. British pigs wrote Orwellian books, and try to hide the true facts. In His ‘Secret History of the English Occupation of Egypt’ !, Agent Blunt says many Orwellian things [1] But if the sane people want to know the real ‘Secret History of the English Occupation of Egypt or Arabia’, they don’t read Blunt’s books or Orwellian books of the Lie Factory of Occupiers! But Masons are so stupid. Islamists and Masons use the same tactics. For instance, they say: ‘the British never have permanent friends or enemies, they only have permanent interests’ ! [1] In fact, Islamists and Masons hate real friendship / brotherhood. The Jewish-Islamic-Masonic Brotherhood is actually a Satanic Brotherhood in which all Bad guys become Brothers and help each other in serving the Big Brother’s interests. British Ayatollahs like Khamenei and Afghani love such Satanic Brotherhood, and that’s why they openly defend Wahhabis, Saudis, Hajj Rapists, Baby-killers, Zionist France/ UK, Savage Arabs and other Bad guys. Islamic Paradoxes, like the West’s paradoxes, are so important. You cannot ignore Islamic Paradoxes. Even Westerners know that the primary characteristic of Al-Afghani, Islamists and Masons is Satanism [1] They say: ‘During the second half of the 19th century, Mullah Al-Afghani acted as a British agent and a Freemason agent of the West .. the so-called Afghani idea of Pan-Islamism was nothing but a British Intelligence invention … (Mullahs and Masons tried) to create a ferment for the destruction of sovereign nation-States, and the establishment of a New British Imperial World Order .. Mullah Afghani was a Freemason and a British agent, but they had constructed for him a profile image of being the hero of anti-western civilization [!] and especially of anti-British Imperialism ! .. Mullah Afghani’s Pan-Islamic activities generally coincided with the time table of the British geopolitical strategic of the Great Game of subverting and breaking up nations-states throughout Asia .. This puts Mullah Afghani directly in the community of agreement with such neo-cons luminaries as Brzezinsky, Bernard Lewis, and Huntington of today .. Mullah Afghani’s Pan-Islamic intention was a united movement for war, which was run by the British Intelligence Services with the collaboration of French Intelligence .. Mullah Afghani changed roles in accordance with the changes in the background, like a Chameleon .. (Many Historians) say Afghani was born in Kunar, Afghanistan … (very soon) Mullah Afghani was identified publicly as (an enemy of Iran)’ ! [1] It’s really important that Al-Afghani and Mirza Malkum, like today’s Mullahs and Masons, are not Iranians. Mullah Afghani was not Iranian, simply because he was not born and raised in Iran. Afghan was the name of a group of Turk-Mongol Barbarians who lived near China’s borders. Now even idiots can see that Al-Afghani was not Iranian, simply because he helped British Barbarians & Iran’s enemies to occupy Eastern Iran, and then he wrote Afghan History! In 1944, the Afghan Masons moved the bones of al-Afghani to Kabul ! But Iran’s enemies still tell silly lies. People of Great Khorasan / Herat (ie most parts of today’s Afghanistan) were Iranians. They are Herati, Khorasani, Balkhi etc, not Afghani ! Afghan is a British name. Afghan is Barbarian, Mongol and Anti-Iran. Our Brothers and sisters in Herat, Balkh and other parts of Great Khorasan are Iranians, with Persian Language. They are not Afghan (…) British Masons and British Mullahs tell many childish lies. Their childish paradoxes are so laughable. Now they openly defend ‘Followers of Muawiyah & Yazid’ or ‘Followers of the Umayyad & Abu Sufyan’ ! Now they openly defend Mr Char-lie Heb-do (Fabius) or Mr Satanic Verses (UK) ! Now Saudis and Ayatollahs openly make love with Zionists and Netanyahu’s Brothers (Fabius, Hammond etc), and the UK openly defend its Hiyatollahs !”


As some wise Iranians say: “If you know Al-Afghani and British/ Orwellian tactics, then you can easily see the true colors of Islamic Freemasons like Sadegh Zibakalam, Motahari, Tavakoli, Haeri, Mesbah, Jannati, Ganji, Rouhani or Mr Hiyatollah, that the Jewish CIA and the UK love him so much. The story of ‘Renan and Al-Afghani’ is so informative. ‘In 1883, Afghani traveled to Paris where he joined the Grand Orient Lodge of France. This is the period in which Mullah Afghani debates Ernest Renan at the Sorbonne, on the subject of Religion and Islamic role in science and philosophy’ [1] Now if you search the internet, you can can easily find the so-called ‘Response of Al-Afghani to Renan‘. You all should read it. It clearly shows why Mullah Afghani, a religious fanatic / Islamist, was actually Anti-Religion and Freemason. Even non-Iranians say: ‘Mullah Afghani’s Anti-religious response was in total agreement with Renan ! … Mullah Afghani determined his degree of usefulness for British Intelligence’ ! [1] In fact, Islamist = a Religious Fanatic like Afghani, Zibakalam, Ganji, Haeri, Mesbah or ISIS / Al-Qaeda terrorists, who even don’t believe in Religion! This level of Stupidity & Charlatanism, ie when a Religious Fanatic is Anti-Religion !, is Orwellian / Masonic Charlatanism. It’s so important that savage Islamists and their Father, Mullah Afghani said: ‘All religions are intolerant [!], each one in its own way .. But Christian religion seems to advance rapidly on the road to progress and science, whereas Muslim society has not yet freed itself from the tutelage of religion [!!] .. I cannot keep from hoping that Muslim society will succeed some day in breaking its Islamic bonds and marching resolutely in the path of civilization after the manner of Western society [!!!] .. Muslims live in barbarism and ignorance [!!] In truth, the Muslim religion has tried to stifle science and stop progress [!!]‘ [1] All humans should know more about Mullah Afghani, and ‘Response of Afghani to Renan’, and why even non-Iranian historians say: ‘Mullah Afghani was a Soldier of Satan, who tried to manipulate popular ignorance, in the name of religion .. Mullah Afghani went even further in agreeing with the British colonialists in saying that the West or Christianity was a more advanced religion’ ! [1] The West’s paradoxes and Islamic Paradoxes are so important. What the UK and Islamists say are Doruq-e Shakh-dar ! ( = Lies with horns; or apparent paradoxes)! Islamists are the West’s children, and many see this fact as one of the Biggest Secrets. But it’s obvious why Saudis, Islamic dictators, or defenders of 2009 Coup, IMF Plans, Jewish CIA, UK / French Zionists and Nuclear Turkmenchay cannot be Anti-Zionist or Anti-Imperialism! Saudis and Ayatollahs are puppets of the West. Ayatollahs and Masons have always tried to hurt Iran, and to help the West. ‘In 1891-92 Afghani went to England, where he joined the (Freemason) Mirza Malkom in making public speeches against Iran and the Shah .. In the summer of 1892, Afghani arrived in Istambul, where he was welcomed by the Sultan and the religious leaders of Turkey. He spent several years organizing his (Masonic Islamists) and stepped up his campaign against Iran to the point that Iran’s Shah was assassinated by one of Afghani’s terrorists in 1896’ ![1] What Mullah Afghani did in London, Paris, Turkey etc is a long story (we would write more about it later) But it’s important that even non-Iranian historians say: ‘In 1884, Abduh joined Afghani in Paris, where, together, they created the Journal Urwat al-Wuthqa, in which (these two British Agents wrote Ant-British jokes and tried to fool idiots ! )’ ! [1] Now even the good Britons talk about ‘Mind control operations by the British Brotherhood’, and say: ‘The Brotherhood name organizations in a way that leads people to believe their aim is the opposite of what they are really there to do! For instance, they say if you want to run drugs, do it through an anti-drug agency! If you want to (serve the British interests, do it through British agents or regimes that chant anti-British slogans and make Anti-UK gestures!) If you want to run a Satanic ring, do it in the name of God’ ! In fact, many know British pigs and Mullahs. The fate of Mullah Afghani, like the fate of Hajji Baba, is so informative. When Al-Afghani implemented the UK’s plans, and Iran’s Shah was assassinated by Afghani’s followers in 1896, freemasons tried to get rid of Afghani ! Freemasons killed this Masonic Brother in 1897! Mullah Afghani died of cancer of the jaw in 1897, while he even was not able to speak. Many say: Masons poisoned him. Al-Afghani’s fate is like the fate of all puppet dictators”. They also add: “In 1883, Al-Afghani founded the Salafiyya Society [1] In 1878, Al-Afghani founded a Masonic lodge of Scottish rite in Cairo [1] The great leader of the Salafis was / is Al-Afghani and Abduh. And now even non-Iranians say: ‘Mullah Afghani did not propose to bring scientific and technological progress to Muslims, but to brutalize Muslims by having them hate and fight against the idea of science and progress in their own minds. Afghani was prepared to march Muslims even further into the bowels of hell than his British imperial masters did’ ! [1] And it’s what the West’s historians say. In fact, they know that Islamists and their Religion ‘tried to stifle science and to serve (the interests of) Colonialism and Imperialism’ ! [1] In the 19th century, French Freemasons openly defended Mullah Afghani, aka the Masonic Sheikh [1] And now the UK and British Media openly defend the Masonic Sheikhs, including Rouhani, Mr Hiyatollah, Jannati, Larijani, Motahari etc. It’s funny that even non-Iranians say: ‘Mullah Afghani added even more to the argument of Renan, by justifying the Western Imperialists in waging war against Islam because of its regrettable rejection of science and technology! Renan said : ‘Sheikh Afghani seems to me to have brought considerable arguments for my fundamental thesis’ !! [1] Today Ayatollah Turkmenchay stupidly tries to play the role of Al-Afghani, and his British Masters call him Hiyatollah! But now even the 3% curse or ridicule the Ayatollah Turkmenchay or the Ayatollah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei. Now even non-Iranians say: ‘Little wonder that Wilfred Blunt was so happy with his pupil Mullah Afghani. How can British Intelligence object against a Mullah who wishes keep his own colonial people in bondage, and is willing to kill them to prove himself right’ ! [1] In fact, all sane people can see the true colors of the UK and British Ayatollahs. Now Mullahs, their Nuclear Turkmanchay and their Islamic Paradoxes are making all of the 3% aware. What Media whores or Big Brother’s whores say is not important. But it’s important that even the 3% curse Mullahs. It’s important that even non-Iranians say: ‘From 1871 until 1879, Afghani was in Egypt .. It was during that period that Afghani recruited his main student Abduh .. From 1876 to 1879, Mullah Afghani became the Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge of Alexandria .. the Afghani-Abduh team created a number of newspapers .. In 1877, Mullah Afghani joined the Scottish Rite freemasonic {Eastern Star Lodge}, which was used as an occult base for his operations, in affiliation with the Grand Lodge of England …the Eastern Star Masonic Lodge, with Mullah Afghani as its leader, was to become an important political instrument in the growing Egyptian crisis of 1878 and 1879′ [1] It’s important that even non-Iranians talk about ‘Mullah Afghani’s interest in freemasonry‘ [1], and say: ‘Mullah Afghani was recruited by British agents in London. From that moment on, Mullah Afghani became a British agent, with Blunt as his controller. In London, he wrote a couple of articles against the British rule in Egypt to bring attention to himself, and to leave big paw tracks of his anti-British sentiments for British Intelligence and his followers to take notice of’ ! [1] Now even non-Iranians talk about ‘the Little Britain’, and say: (Why) this small gnat calls itself the Great! (they are Great Barbarians, Liars or what?!) The Little Britain suffers from a deep rooted inferiority complex !”.

As some wise Iranians say: “It’s good that even non-Iranians are becoming Khar-Fahm ( = aware) For instance, they say: the West (tries to) create ‘a state of slavery from which there is no hope of escape! They even talk about the 19th century’s Masonic Projects, and say: ‘Knowledge of the methods they used is of importance, because it set the pattern they followed in other countries afterwards’ ! Now even the 3% and idiots are becoming aware, and talk about Systematic Censorship, Systematic lies, and Systematic deceptions in the UK and the West. They even say: ‘In the West’s Evil Empire, the people are still being used as ‘Pawns in the Game’ … (Masons still praise) ‘Fooling the younger members of society by teaching them theories and principles we know to be false’ ! Even the West’s good guys know that ‘the West’s Lie Factory or the West’s Ministry of Truth still dictate which facts should be censored, and which lies should be fabricated’ ! They know that the UK or the West thought to itself: ‘today we censor the true facts and tell Big lies, and tomorrow we would claim that these true facts are conspiracy theories, but our Big Lies – ie what Orwellian media and our Lie Factory said or say – are true things’ ! The UK and the West are really stupid. They still try to hide or censor the true facts of Islamic Capitalism, IMF Plans, 2014 Referendum, 2009 Coup or what Iran’s people say about Rouhani and Turkmenchay. They even censor the story of ‘Milk and Palm Oil’, Rouhani’s lies, Increasing prices, Dollar price, AN’s corruption or Islamic Corruption, because such news reveal the truths. It’s obvious why they try to hide the true facts about Islamic Capitalism, Islamic Corruption, Islamic Lies and Islamic Paradoxes. It’s obvious why they love Islamic Corruption & Islamic crooks and thieves like AN, Rouhani, Jazayeri, Baghai, Rahimi, Zanjani, Rafsanjani etc. It’s obvious why Rouhanis and Khamenei are pan-Arab, pan-Turk, pan-France (Francophile), pan-England (Anglophile), but Anti-Truth and Anti-Iran. Now even non-Iranians and good Arabs say: ‘Saudi Islam or ISIS Islam is a Satanic Religion .. Islamists are not Islamic’ ! (2015) But Mullahs and Masons still defend Savage Arabs, Satanic Cults, Satanic Hajj, Rapists, Islamists, Turkmenchay, Satanic Brotherhood etc. Now even the West’s good guys talk about ‘the British Royal Family and the Islamists’, and say: ‘the Queen of England is the Mother of Islamists, and the Mother of Freemasons’ ! (2015) Now even idiots can see why the UK loves Ayatollahs, or why the UK created Ayatollahs/ Islamists. But the British Masonic Mass Media still say: ‘British foreign secretary is in the House of Mullahs with the hopeful expectation of forging closer ties with the Ayatollahs .. But British Iran Experts say: Iran’s Ayatollahs Will Never Be Friends of the UK” !! (Aug 2015) The UK is really the land of Veqahat & Hemaqat (Shamelessness & Foolishness)! Now even non-Iranians know British Hiyatollahs, and say: Abduh was a Freemason Brother at the time of the British invasion of Egypt in 1882 .. (British pigs such as Lord Cromer shamelessly) said: the Egyptians were too ignorant to rule themselves ! The British had to bring civilization to the poor backward and ignorant people of Egypt ! .. (But Who was Lord Cromer)?! Lord Cromer was the leading Freemason in Egypt, and he belonged to the same Masonic Lodge as Abduh .. In order to gain full control over Egypt, Lord Cromer also had to take over control of the Islamic religion. For that purpose, the UK and Lord Cromer selected Abduh, the favorite student of Al-Afghani, and promoted him to the status of Grand Mufti of Egypt to serve under the British command‘ .. (the Grand Mufti is like the Grand Ayatollah) The Grand Mufti is the head of the Muslim religion .. the Grand Mufti was allowed to change the application of Shari’a Law! So, the UK used Abduh to control and use Islam to serve the British interests’ ! [1] In fact, even non-Iranians know the British Games and British Ayatollahs. They write books such as ‘Imperial Adventures In the Muslim World‘ ! [1], and say: ‘ Both Mullah Al-Afghani and Abduh opened the door for the degradation and bankrupting not only Egypt, but also the entire Muslim world .. During a period of ten years or so, Blunt would deploy Al-Afghani successively to Egypt, Turkey, Iran, India etc to increase the power of the British Empire .. In Iran, Afghani tried to organize a state of rebellion, which ended with the assassination of the Shah by one of Afghani’s pupils’ ! [1] Now even the 3% talk about British Islam or British Ayatollahs. Now even idiots and the 3% can see why the Religion of Islamists, like the West’s Religion, is the Religion of Satan. In all Satanic Religions, Lying, Killing, Raping, Slavery, Barbarity, Intolerance, Bigotry and Savagery are good things, but Honesty, Truth, Tolerance, Humanity, Love and other Iranian values (aka human values) are bad things! In all Orwellian Cults and Satanic Religions, Crooks, Liars and Rapists are called Heroes, Barbarians are called Brothers, Slavery is called Salvation, Whores and Salves are called intellects, and Nuclear Capitulation / Islamic Turkmenchay is called Resistance or Islamic Resistance!”. They also add: “Mullahs and other Islamic whores are Ajnabi or Ajnabi-parast (Devil-worshipers), and that’s why the West loves them. They don’t are about the Truth. But all normal humans know that If you are a good guy, a scientist or an intellect, then you must care about the Truth. Even if you are a religious people, then you must care about the Truth. It’s obvious that Liars, Thieves, Killers and Rapists cannot call themselves Moral People or Defenders of Humanity! But now the West talks about the Dictator’s Democracy ! (Ayatollah’s Democracy etc), or pretends that the Savage West and Barbarians want to ‘Save Civilization’ !! It’s so laughable. Now now even the good British say: ‘the UK is a monstrous abortion of lies and deceits’ ! (2015) Now when people ask: ‘What action must we take?’ Iranians and the West’s good guys say: Don’t be slave; don’t live like sheep .. Don’t trust media; Use your own brain; Use your own research .. Don’t be whore, sheep or slave .. If government is to be Of the people; by the people; for the people’; then the people have every right to know every detail of what is going on’ ! The UK and the bad guys say: There are no morals in politics .. the best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals‘ ! They actually ask people to become Terrorists / Barbarians, to lose their humanity, and to remove from their hearts every last vestige of humanity and sympathy’ ! In fact, British values are Satanic values or Barbarian values (…) The Little Britain has committed Great crimes against Humanity, and the British Lie Factory cannot hide the truths. The UK and its stooges still live in the 19th century ( = Ahd-e Boogh !) But today is not Ahd-e Boogh”.