Ayatollah UK, British Mullahs, Islamist England

“Recent years and recent events say a lot about the Bad guys. Now it’s clear that the Bad guys use the same tactics. They do and say the same things. They tell the same Lies. They use the same excuses. They try to exploit, enslave or control people in the same way. They use the same methods. According to dictionaries, ‘Tyranny = cruel or unfair control over people; something that limits your freedom to do things the way you want to’. ‘Tyrannical = behaving in a cruel and unfair way towards someone you have power over’. And now even idiots talk about ‘Tyrannical Regimes’ in the West. Now even idiots can see why Jewish/ Islamist democracy and Western democracy is nothing but Tyranny and Tyrannical Control. According to dictionaries, ‘Police state = a country where the authorities and the government have too much power and control people’s lives too much‘. And now even idiots can see why the UK is a Police State. Now even Americans can see that the US is a Police State simply because their security agencies have too much power and control people’s lives too much. Now even the Westerners can see why France is a Police State. According to dictionaries, ‘Excuse = a reason that you invent to explain an action and to hide your real intentions’. And now many ridicule the West’s excuses. Now the West’s excuses, like the Mullah excuses, are so ridiculous and so laughable”, some wise Iranians say. They also add : “Now even the 3% and idiots talk about Childish Excuses because now even idiots can see how the Bad guys -from the Mullahs to the West- use the same childish excuses. Now even idiots can see that ‘there is no excuse for the Mullah’s behavior or the West’s behavior, that means: their behavior is too bad to be explained or accepted. Now even the West’s idiots talk about ‘the Failure of Democracy In Europe’ !, or ‘the illusion of Democracy within the EU’ !, or the British Police State, and say for instance: ‘the UK internet filters (is like or worse than) the Islamic internet filters in (Iran under the Mullah regime) ! .. (Now) a service that helps British users circumvent web-blocking filters in the UK has grown to become one of the country’s most popular websites! .. For citizens of the UK, web blocking or internet filtering is becoming a hot topic .. A large and growing list of websites currently blocked by British ISPs ! … Filters and Restrictions are being put in place by UK government and UK Internet service providers .. To block websites, the UK government (try to) create a national firewall, which would censor sites for everyone‘ !! (Aug 2015) Now even idiots can see why the Mullahs are the UK’s children, and why the UK and its Mullahs use the same methods. Now even the 3% ridicule the love stories of ‘the Mullahs and Zionists’, ‘the Mullahs and Saudis’, the Mullahs and their Zionist France’, and ‘the Mullahs and their Masonic Britain’ ! Now it’s clear that Ayatollahs are Satan’s children or UK’s children. In fact, Ayatollahs are UK’s Ayatollahs. The message of Fabius’s trip or Hammond’s trip is quite clear: The UK’s Ayatollahs are Zionists or Masons. Now their media happily say: ‘Mullahs, Britain Reopen Embassies’ ! (Aug 2015) But all Iranians just ridicule the UK’s Ayatollahs, and the Ayatollah UK ! Iran’s people know the Ayatollah BBC, the Ayatollah UK media, and the UK’s Ayatollahs. Even the 3% and idiots know the Old Fox (UK), as they know the Anti-Iran France and French Zionists like Fabius. Even the 3% and idiots know the stories of ‘Saudi Arabia, Hajj, Rape, Yemen, etc’. All Iranians, even the 3%, know why Iran must ban / suspend Hajj or pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. But the Ayatollah Freemason (Khamenei) and Mullahs love Saudi Arabia, Rapists, and killing Yemenis! Now even the 3% can see how Khamanei and Mullahs aid Iran’s enemies, help Saudi Rapists, and celebrate killing Yemeni children in the Savage Saudi’s War in Yemen! So now even the 3% ridicule Mullahs and their ‘Qeyrat-e Islami’ ! ( = Islamic honor) ! Now even the 3% and idiots can see why Khamanei is a puppet of the UK and the US. Now even the 3% can see how Khamanei and Mullahs help Zionists, the Anti-Iran Arabs, Savage Saudis and Hajj Rapists. Now even the 3% can see why Mullahs, like Saudi Wahabis, are Satan’s children. Now even the 3% ridicule Islamic Paradoxes, Islamic Turkmenchay and the Mullah regime’s Humiliating Capitulation. Now even idiots can see how Mullahs aid the Enemy of Iran, and how the West helps Mullahs. The West censors all news in a childish way. But now in Aug 2015, even the Mullah media talk about ‘Price increases’ and increasing price of Dollar in recent days. The West censors all news, because they know if they talk about the real news, including ‘Price increases’ and increasing price of Dollar after the Nuclear Turkmenchay of Vienna, then all humans will know the British Lies, the American Lies and the West’s Lies about Sanctions, Iran’s Economy, IMF Plans, Rouhanis etc. In these days, the West’s media and the Big Brother’s Lie Factory say many Orwellian crap. For instance, they defend Bullying and Capitulaiton, and say: ‘people should tolerate Bullying (!!) people should tolerate Oppression’ ! And it’s not a joke. In Aug 2015, the Time and US / UK media openly say: ‘Iranians should accept Nuclear Capitulation, because Iranians should tolerate Bullying’ !! (Aug 2015) Masons are such retards / mongols. One day they said: people should tolerate the slave trade; people should tolerate Slavery and Savagery; people should tolerate Fascism and Barbarity. And now they openly say that people should tolerate Bullying and Capitulation, as people should tolerate Tyranny and Oppression! The West’s God or the Jewish/ Masonic / British God is Satan, who says to people: ‘you are sheep; you are slaves, and you should tolerate it’ ! In fact, the British God is the God of Barbarism & Colonialism”. They also add: “Now even the 3% can see how the UK and Ayatollahs say the same things. Now even idiots can see why Islamists and Mullahs are the Sons of Colonialism, Zionism and Freemasonry. Khamenei’s Humiliating Capitulation to the Zionist France, the Great Satan or the Masonic Britain is not a hidden fact. Now even the 3% talk about ‘Islamic Paradoxes’ and ‘Khamenei’s Humiliating Capitulation to Estekbar & Estemar’ ! ( = the West’s bullies) ! Now even the American idiots talk about the US paradoxes, and say: ‘The Freedom Agenda was ultimately about people, not regimes or rulers .. the goal was to empower people (But now) the US and Obama (just try to) to empower the Mullahs and Khamenei ! .. the only solution to the problem of Iran is the people of Iran .. this deal ignores the people of Iran and strengthens their oppressors’ ! (Aug 2015) Now even idiots can see why Iranians ridicule the Ayatollah Britain or the Ayatollah America, why Death to America, Death to England, Death to France or Death to UK = Death to Ayatollah UK / US etc. Now it’s clear that Mullahs and Saudis/ Islamists are the West’s dogs or Satan’s dogs, who wear Qalade-haye Tala ! ( = Golden Dog Collars) ! Now even the 3% ridicule Islamic Lies and Islamic Paradoxes. Now even the UK’s idiots confess that England is responsible for a long list of crimes against humanity in Iran (Aug 2015) Now even the 3% and idiots can see how the UK media and Masonic Media – including Ayatollah BBC, the Ayatollah Guardian, the Ayatollah Economist, the Ayatollah Telegraph etc- defend Mullahs, Savage Arabs and Iran’s enemies. Now Iran’s people make jokes, and say: ‘After the Nuclear Turkmenchay of Vienna Basijs just chant: ‘the God’s dirt, Khamenei, has brought shame on Islamists’ ! (Khake Khoda bar sare ma, Khamenei Rahbare ma) !, or ‘What a great Shame, Freemasons are Islamic leaders’ ! (Khake .. bar sar ma, Freemason-ha Rahbare ma ) ! Now even the 3% ridicule the UK’s Ayatollahs, and sarcastically ask: Do you know Why after the Nuclear Turkmenchay of Vienna, the UK, the Zionists, the Ayatollah BBC, the UK Economist etc praise (UK’s Khamenei) or Hyatollah ?!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots can see the true colors of the UK’s Ayatollahs or Hyatollahs ! Now even the 3% ridicule the UK’s Rouhanis, the Ayatollah BBC, the UK Guardian of Mullahs, the Masonic Parliament of Mullahs, and the Zionist/ Masonic Regime of Islamists. Now even non-Iranian idiots ridicule the Masonic Parliament of the Islamic Regime! If you know the Mullah ideology, the Mullah terminology, or the Cult of Mullahs, then you know what Mullahs already said about Estekbar, Nezame Solteh, Qeyrat-e Islami or Qeyrat-e Dini ! (Islamic Honor) ! In Iran, even the 3% know such things. So now the stories of their Zionist France / UK, Zionist Fabius / Hammond, Saudi Arabia, Hajj, Rape, Yemen, Nuclear Capitulation, Islamic Turkmenchay etc shock all of the 3%! Now even the 3% say to Mullahs: ‘Shame on you ! (Khak bar saretoon .. ! ) ! Now even the 3% and idiots can see why ‘Mullahs are Nokar-e America; why Ayatollahs are Nokar-e England; why Islamists are Nokar-e Zionists, France etc’ (Nokar-e X = puppet of X) Now even idiots can see that Mullahs are Arab-parast, Tazi-parast, Ajnabi-parast, England-parast, France-parast etc ( Z-parast = Z-worshiper) Now even idiots can see why Mullahs -from Rouhani and Zarif to Iraq-chi and Khamenei- are not Iranians. Now Mullahs openly defend their Zionist France, their Savage Brother Saudi Arabia, killing Yemenis, and Raping Islamists in Hajj trips! Now Mullahs and other Islamic faggots openly say that ‘defending Rapists and Satanic Hajj of Arab Zionists and Baby-killers is equal to Honor (= Qeyrat) ! In the past, Iran’s intellectuals like Sadegh Hedayat talked about Mullahs / Islamists & their non-existent Honor. But now all people can see the true meaning of Masonic-Islamic Honor. Now even idiots and the 3% ridicule Mullahs and their Islamic honor. Now only the Islamic Clowns or Masonic Clowns like Sadegh Zibakalam, Akbar Ganji and Basijis defend Rape, Rapists, Oppressors, Bullies, Turkmenchay, Capitulation etc. These Islamic Clowns or Islamic Faggots are the UK’s children. They openly say that their Imam is UK or Al-Ghazali ! In fact, their Masonic Imam is Al-Ghazali. Masons and Islamists love Al-Ghazali, because Al-Ghazali defends Slavery, and attacks Iranian values. Al-Ghazali is Anti-Science, Anti-Logic, Anti-Iran and Anti-Iranian values, and that’s why Mullahs and Masons love Al-Ghazali. This stupid faggot, Al-Ghazali, openly said: Religion is Slavery, and religious people should be good slaves or good sheep! So it’s obvious why the UK and Masons love Al-Ghazali. The UK, Mullahs and Islamic Freemasons like Sadegh Zibakalam openly defend Al-Ghazali, Islamic Slavery, and Opium of the people! Mullahs are Drug addicts, and defend Slavery. But now even non-Iranians say: ‘One of the most powerful weapons in the Brotherhood’s war against humanity has been addictive and mind-altering drugs’ ! So it’s obvious why almost all British spies, CIA whores, the 2009 traitors and Mullahs are Drug addicts”. They also add: “Now it’s clear why Mullahs and exiled journalists are puppets of the West. Now even the 3% can see why people like Akbar Etemad ask: ‘Why the so-called Iran’s regime, Opposition groups, Journalists and Exiled Activists say nothing and don’t protest against the Nuclear Turkmenchay and the current historic Scandals ?! How many journalists and public figures have talked about the Anti-Iran France, the Anti-Iran UK / US, the Anti-Iran Mullahs and the Anti-Iran West and the Nuclear Turkmenchay?! So now even idiots can see that all Opposition groups and all Journalists & Exiled media, like all Mullahs, are puppets of the West. Now the stories of Nuclear Turkmenchay, Fabius, Yemen, Hajj, Rape, Saudis, UK etc clearly show that Mullahs and Islamists are Slaves of Satan or Slaves of Estemar & Estekbar ! ( = Colonial powers) But it’s not the whole story. All media and all journalists are like or worse than Mullahs. Now Basijis and Islamic Freemasons like Ali Motahari and Ahmad Tavakoli openly defend the UK and the IMF, and all Masonic media – from Alef to Gooya – defend Iran’s enemies, and attack Iran’s people. But now even the 3% ridicule Islamic Freemasons like Ali Motahari, Ahmad Tavakoli and Mullah MPs. Now even the 3% talk about ‘Amame-haye Englisi’ or English Mullahs! Now even the 3% talk about British Islam or British Mullahs! Now even idiots know that Britain and the UK’s Ayatollahs were never friends of Iran and Iranians, and Masons and Mullahs will never be friends of Iran. Now even the 3% ridicule UK’s Rouhani, UK’s Khamenei or UK’s Ayatollahs. Now even the 3% can see that UK’s Mullahs -from Larijanis to Rouhani – are the same shit. UK’s Rouhani, UK’s Iraq-chi, UK’s Mullahs, CIA’s Zarif, CIA’s Ayatollahs and CIA’s Islamists do and say the same things because all of them are puppets of the Brotherhood. Now even American idiots talk about the Brotherhood and ‘the New Middle East in the Aftermath of the Nuclear Deal’ ! (Aug 2015) They know what recent events mean. They can see that the Islamic regime is Anti-Iran, and the West and its Mullahs just want to weaken Iran. They know that the UK’s Rouhanis or the UK’s Ayatollahs ‘have long been attracted to the so-called Saudi model or China model, whereby a regime enjoys foreign support ( & Big Brother’s consent) at the expense of losing all its credibility / legitimacy (among people) ! (Aug 2015) Now even idiots can see why Iran’s people refer to Mullahs as the UK’s Ayatollahs. Iranians know the Old Fox (UK) and British animals, and that’s why Iranians say: Death to England = Death to Ayatollah England ! Now Iranians don’s say: Beware England ! But Iranians say: Fuck England, Death to England = Death to Ayatollah England ! All Iranians know the Little Britain, and the UK’s Ayatollahs. In recent years, we all can see why it is the UK and the UK’s Ayatollahs who are to blame. But now even the 3% talk about the stories of UK’s Rouhanis, France, Saudis, Hajji, Rape, Yemen, Zionists, Turkmenchay etc and sarcastically say: ‘Contradictions Mullahs! Congratulations Great Satan & Zionists! Congratulations Estekbar! Congratulations Estemar! …’ ! (Aug 2015) In fact, now even the 3% can see why Islamists and Mullahs are children of Estemar & Estekbar ! ( = Colonials powers) ! Now even idiots can see why Masons, Mullahs or Muftis love Harf-e Muft ! (Muft = cheap; Harf-e Muft = total bullshit) ! Now even the 3% can see that what the UK, Islamists and their clergymen (= Mason, Mullah or Mufti) say is Harf-e Muft or total bullshit. Now even the 3% can see that Khamenei accepts Turkmenchay, Capitulation and US Fact Sheet of Lausanne. Now if search the internet, you can see that even idiots talk about ‘Nuclear Capitulation’, ‘Masonic Islamists’ or ‘Masonic Parliament of Islamic Regime’ ! Even Islamists say that their Islamic Parliament is actually a Masonic Lodge, a Grand Lodge! They talk about ISIS, Saudis, Muslim Brotherhood, ‘Freemasons’ in AhmadiNejad’s Cabinet’ or Freemasons in the Mullah era’! Even Arab Islamists talk about such things, and created pictures like below picture. Now even Non-Iranians say: ‘the highest rank in the Egyptian mystery schools was called a Muse or Mose .. Jewish traditions came from the Egyptian mystery schools … (Mullahs are not Iranians, and instead of using Iranian Architecture, Mullahs use) the symbols of the Brotherhood, including the Pyramid, in their Islamist regime !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now If you google/ search the internet, you can see that many talk about the Masonic Parliament of Mullahs, the Masonic Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Masonic Parliament of the Islamic Regime, Wahhabis, Saudis, ISIS and other Islamic Freemasons or Islamic Zionists. Now even non-Iranians say: ‘Nothing has served the Freemason Agenda more than Religion. Still today in America religion controls the minds and limits the thinking of the Christians’ ! It’s funny that even the Ayatollah UK and the Guardian of Mullahs say: ‘Mullahs widen (the Masonic roads) with access for BBC following nuclear deal’ !! (Aug 2015) Now even the 3% and idiots talk about ‘Ayatollah BBC in Iran’, ‘IMF in Iran’, ‘McDonald in Iran’, ‘Fabius in Iran’, ‘Zionist France/ UK in Iran’ etc ! Now even idiots can see how the Masons, the Ayatollah UK and the Ayatollah CIA / the Jewish CIA love and praise the Americanization of the Mullah Regime! It’s obvious why the Savage West and its Mullahs/ Masons have always attacked Iran and Iranians, but defended the Arabization of Iran, the Saudization of Iran, the Americanization of Iran, the Islamization of Iran etc. The Ayatollah UK loves Mullahs, because Mullahs hate Iran and Iranian values. The Ayatollah Britain loves Savage Arabs/ Islamists, because they hate Iranian values / human values. The Ayatollah UK and Masons hate all good guys – from Iranians to the good Americans and the good Arabs/ Jews. The Ayatollah Britain and Masons love Slavery and Sacred Deception! The Brotherhood loves Satan and Control. Now even non-Iranians are becoming aware, and say: A characteristic of Evil is control – that is the desire to control others and to enslave others‘. If you read history, you can learn many things about the UK Brotherhood, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Devil’s Game and the Brotherhood Mullahs – from Arab Muftis, Al-Afghani and Seyed Qutb (Sayyid Qutb) to Fazollah Nouri, Navab Safavi, Kashani, Khomeini etc. Now even non-Iranians talk about British Islam, Fadaian-e Islam, Muslim Brotherhood and the Brotherhood Mullahs including Sayyid Qutb. They say: ‘Do you know who translated Sayyid Qutb’s books in Iran?! (Brotherhood whores like Akbar Ganji and Gary Sick can show you the answer)’ ! It’s obvious why the Brotherhood Mullahs and the Brotherhood intellects / whores love the Brotherhood Democracy = Tyranny & Dictatorship. It’s obvious why they openly defend Censorship and Big Lies, and say: the Truth is Harmful ! (2015) In the past, Iranians and the wise people said: ‘We should certainly insist on the right to ask any questions without being molested .. the right to be wrong has to be maintained’. But now the stupid West talks about the Right to Censor, the Right to Tell Big Lies, and the Right to Censor the people’s voices! (2015) They openly say: ‘To control humanity through the mind and emotions you simply have to control the media. Without that it’s impossible’ ! They know what would happen if Iran’s people and other nations have media. They are so happy that Iran’s people have no voice and no media, and all journalists and all media betray Iranians and other humans! Now even the West’s ex-journalists say: ‘In the West, most journalists are manipulating … they are stunningly uninformed and often incredibly arrogant … ‘Arrogance and Ignorance is the mental combination that produces journalists in the West .. In the UK, they bribe or twist British journalists .. British Journalists dance to the official tune and become the copy typists for the official version of life, aka (the Big Brother’s version of reality)’ ! Even the UK’s good guys say: the UK’s politicians, the UK’s journalists and the UK’s masons are Satan’s children .. (Masons and British Barbarians love) drinking human blood and eating human flesh’ !”. They also add : “The West is so stupid. We all saw what happened in 2009 and recent years. We saw those historic events and what happened in recent years with our own eyes. So now we all can see how the UK, the US, British Barbarians and Masons tell Big lies & Childish lies. Iran’s people made a big mistake in 2009. In 2009, Iran’s people thought that the West, the US and their public intellects are humans! (Fekr mikardan Qarb adam-e … !) But it was a big mistake. These years clearly showed that the West’s regimes, the US regime, the West’s media and the West’s journalists are not human (Adam nistan .. !) ! So now we Iranians say to the West: Iranians already thought that you are human ! (Fekr mikardan Shoma Adam-id … ! ) ! But now it’s clear that you are still Barbarians and uncultured savages, worse than stupid animals! The US, the UK and British Barbarians have low IQs, and their low IQs and their small brains don’t allow them to understand obvious things. In 2009, many Iranians thought that the US is anti-Mullah! They didn’t know the Ayatollah America! In 2009, many Iranians didn’t know the true colors of the US, the 2009 Traitors or Islamic Freemasons like Akbar Ganji, Behnoud etc. In 2009, many Iranians thought that the West and the US want to fight against Mullahs/ Islamists, not against Freedom, Democracy and Independence in Iran! In 2009, many Iranians didn’t know the fucking West / USA. But now all Iranians (97% + 3%) can see that the US or the West is the number one Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Independence in Iran, as the UK is the number one supporter of Islamists and Dictators in Iran and the world”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now its’ clear that the West and Mullahs are the same shit, and the Teacher / Master of Mullahs is the UK and the West. Now even the Westerners talk about ‘the unimaginable scope of governmental surveillance, censorship, collusion, and concealment by the British and U.S. governments’ (Aug 2015), and say: ‘the UK’s regime is like or worse than the Mullah regime’ ! Now in Aug 2015, they talk about ‘French Fascism’, France’s surveillance laws, or ‘Surveillance of all citizens in France and Britain’. They can see why ‘French / British government is Fascist and Orwellian’. Now even the UK’s good guys say: ‘drinking human blood and eating human flesh were (and are) rituals of the Brotherhood and Satanism in the UK’. They know Barbarian rituals and Satanic rituals in the UK, and that’s why they talk about ‘Satanic rituals and human sacrifice, especially children sacrifice, in the UK’, and say: ‘these rituals and human sacrifice are the foundation of the Brotherhood Religion in the UK’ ! They know the highest-ranked members of the Brotherhood. They know obvious things, and say: ‘the highest-ranked members of the Brotherhood are the highest-ranked members of Politics, Religion and Media. They even say: ‘the Ku Klux Klan created by the Brotherhood .. the Satanic sacrificers of children are pillars of the British Society’ ! They even talk about ‘missing children’ and say: ‘the parents are told their children have died when in fact they are taken away to be sacrificed or to be used in the mind control projects’ ! Now many talk about Satanic rituals or Mind control projects in the UK and the West. Now many talk about the UK Lies, the British censorship, or the UK internet filters. Now even the media talks about ‘David Cameron’s proposed ban on Encryption’ !, and says: ‘David Cameron’s Proposed Encryption Ban Would ‘Destroy the Internet‘ ! (July 2015) Now even idiots can see why Mullahs are nothing but pupils of the UK. Now the media reports: ‘the British Prime Minister told Parliament that he wants to ban Encryption, because he wants to ‘ensure that terrorists do not have a safe space to communicate (!!) … The British Prime Minister said that he would try to destroy secure communications ! .. His comments sparked an immediate flurry of condemnation from internet activists. But (Masonic UK) is not backing down .. Cameron’s comments (again) show that the UK is a Police State .. the UK’s Cameron proposes ban on secure communications ! .. the UK government is determined to try and implement an encryption ban! (In the near future : ) UK citizens would be banned from using secure software, and UK companies be banned from producing secure software ! .. people couldn’t download secure apps, search engines couldn’t answer queries about secure software, and every packet would be inspected to ensure it isn’t being encrypted with secure systems! .. Systems like iPhone would ban their users from installing secure software, and systems like Microsoft Windows would be redesigned to prohibit users from installing secure software! .. Anyone entering the UK with a phone or computer would have them conform to UK Orwellian standards, and border control would seize any devices that fail to do so! UK researchers would be prohibited from researching secure systems! … Cameron is actually demand that cars redesign their engines so as to limit their speeds to 60 kph so bank robbers can’t get away so fast ! .. David Cameron (has a very low IQ) and cannot understand the (stupidity of) his proposed legislation’ ! (July 2015) Now it’s clear why the Brits talk about ‘the fact that Oxford or Cambridge has always been a major Brotherhood centre, an is a key recruiting ground for manipulators of the next generation … Britain, like America, is a one-party-state while the public go on thinking they are free because they have the right to put a cross on a piece of paper every five or four years and choose the next Brotherhood puppet to run their country‘ ! In the UK and the West, Democracy is Tyranny. The West’s Democracy or the British Democracy is the Brotherhood Democracy or Orwellian Democracy, which is the worst kind of Control, Dictatorship, Deception and Oppression. According to dictionaries, ‘Dictatorship = a system in which one group has total power and uses it unfairly and cruelly’ ! And recent years can show you why the US or the UK is Dictatorship. The stupid West still tries to create a global centralized dictatorship. They still talk about ‘Global Control’, the Pyramid of Manipulation or The Pyramid of Control ! But they have low IQs, and they don’t know the fatal weakness of such centralized systems. The West is really stupid, and now even idiots talk about the Brotherhood tactics, and for instance, how they Start the war and then negotiate the ‘peace’ to suit their Agenda! Now even idiots can see that those who create ISIS, terrorists and Islamists are those who create puppet regimes or puppet dictators, and those who try to engineer the wars, to engineer the revolutions, to engineer fake protests, and to control the people. Now it’s clear that most of our main problems in Iran are Global problems or Western-made problems. Even pollution crisis and water crisis are among such problems. For instance, now the US media talk about ‘California Drinking Water: Not Just Vanishing, But Also Widely Contaminated’ (July 2015) and say: ‘California wells have high levels of dangerous contaminants .. In normal years, California residents get about 30% of their drinking water from underground aquifers. And in droughts like the current one groundwater supplies two-thirds of the US most populous state’s water needs .. (Now) the toxic elements have leached into groundwater .. California drinking water (now has) high concentrations of contaminants like arsenic, uranium, and nitrate … uranium heightens the risk of kidney trouble and cancer .. the latest USGS study suggests that the California vanishing groundwater supply is widely contaminated’ ! (July 2015) Even the stories of Palm Oil, GMO foods, Corrupt industries, Air pollutions, Sick economies, IMF Plans and other Brotherhood plans show that the West’s puppets and the West’s stooges try to create the same problems in Iran, Asia, Europe, Africa etc. The West and the Bad guys still live in the 19th century ( = Ahd-e Boogh !) But today is not Ahd-e Boogh”.

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