Ayatollah Turkmenchay, Satanic Brotherhood

“Sharm or Shame is a Persian word. In fact, ‘Shame’ in English has a Persian root (Sharm) Iranians, experts or informed people have already talked about ‘Persian origins of English words’ or ‘Iranian origins of European languages’ (check Archive) But the story of Shame or Sharm is funny and informative. Now the witty Iranians sarcastically say: ‘The UK had no ‘Shame’ ! The UK was Shameless! And it’s obvious why Barbarians and Human-eaters (Adam-khora) had no ‘Shame’ ! If you know the History, the Barbarian West, and the Iranian / Aryan / Persian origins of Culture, Civilization, Human values and other Good things in the West, then you certainly know why the West had no ‘Shame’, and why the UK was the Land of Shameless Barbarians. Even If you are not an expert in Linguistics, you still can see why Shame or Sharm is a Persian term and has Persian roots. It’s obvious why the UK, Locust-eaters, Shit-eaters and other savage people had no Shame, isn’t it?! Could Barbarians and Human-eaters (Adam-khora) have Shame?! No, it’s impossible!”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Ancient Iranians said that you should be ashamed of your bad behaviors. It’s part of our ancient traditions in the Land of Aryans (Iran) Ancient Iranians truly said: if you are a good guy, you should be ashamed of your bad & inhumane behaviors. But the West and Barbarians have no shame. They tell Big lies in a shameless way. Just look what they say in 2015 ! The West and its stooges – including Journalists, Islamists, Zionists, Marxists, Mullahs, Masons etc- have no Shame. They are not ashamed of their Big lies and their Orwellian / Barbarian behaviors. Now even idiots talk about ‘the shameless way the UK and the US lie to us’ ! Now even idiots ridicule the shameless way the West and its Masons and Mullahs lie to people. The West and its stooges have no Shame and no Brain. In the Cradle of Culture & Civilization (Iran), we Iranians/ Aryans care about Truth, Tolerance, Humanity and Human values. But in the Land of Barbarians (UK, France etc), they still praise the Lie Factory, the Ministry of Truth, Racism, Sadism, Fascism, Barbarism, Charlatanism and other Evil things. They are still Barbarians, but in a modern suit! Now the UK, the CIA and their Mullahs -including the Ayatollah Hajji Baba, the Ayatollah Turkmenchay or the Ayatollah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei- tell the same lies and the same Orwellian jokes. All members of the Brotherhood – from British Masons, British Mullahs and French Freemasons to Islamists, Zionists and Marxists- tell the same lies, and use the same tactics. But now their Orwellian / Masonic tactics, as our people say, are ‘Rosva & Vaqih / Vaqihaneh = something bad that is blatant, clear and easy to see, but the person responsible for it does not seem embarrassed or ashamed’ ! Now even the 3% can see that the West and Mullahs are Rosva & Vaqih. What the West and its Mullahs say and do is Vaqihaneh, and now even idiots are aware of this issue. Now even the 3% can see why the Mullah regime is Velayat Vaqih, and why the Mullah leader is Vali Vaqih. Now even idiots can see why Iranians talk about ‘Veqahat = the worst kind of shamelessness’, and say: ‘Masons and Mullahs are synonyms for Veqahat’ ! Now even idiots can see British Veqahat, Masonic Veqahat, Mullah Veqahat, American Veqahat, French Veqahat, Islamic Veqahat, Jewish Veqahat, Arabian Veqahat etc. These days are the anniversary of the 1953 Coup. The 1953 coup was a British-American coup against the Independence, Freedom and Democracy in Iran. The 1953 Coup was like the 2009 coup. Both coups were against a free, independent, and strong Iran (for more info, check Archive for ‘The 1953 coup and The 2009 coup’, etc) The UK and the CIA created the 1953 Coup, but now instead of apologizing, the Guardian of Barbarians and the MI6 media say: ‘Iranians must take responsibility for their role in the 1953 coup’ !! (GU, Aug 2015) The British Veqahat is really the worst kind of shamelessness, as the British Barbarians were/ are the worst kind of Barbarians. Now the UK is Rosva & Vaqih. But the UK’s Orwellian Lies are still so informative! Now in Aug 2015, British Masons and MI6 Media say: ‘Iranians did this to themselves in cooperation with the CIA and MI6’ !!! (GU, Aug 2015) Can you Believe it?! In the UK, their Veqahat is a result of their Belahat (= stupidity) ! In the Land of Barbarians (UK, France etc), Masons tell the most stupid & ridiculous lies in history. Now even idiots can see why Mullahs are Masonic products, and why the Mullah Veqahat is actually the British/ Masonic Veqahat. The CIA and MI6 created the 1953 coup in cooperation with thousands of Whores, Mullahs and other Masonic agents. But now the UK’s mass media openly say: thousand of Iranians, ie 1000 = 75,000,000, ie all Iranians! Now even idiots can why Iranians already talked about ‘How the UK and the West say : 2 + 2 = 75, 000, 000 ! The Masonic Lies and British Lies are the Silliest lies. Now in Aug 2015, the British Masons and their mass media openly say: ‘(the Masonic-Islamic Nuclear Turkmenchay) is a unique opportunity to overcome history (!!), and to move forward the limited democracy in Iran’ !!! (GU, Aug 2015) Can you believe it ?! If the Nazi and Hitler said: the Holocaust and the World War II is a unique opportunity to overcome history, to move forward the limited democracy in Europe, the Little Britain and the Jewish state, it would have been less laughable! But it’s not the whole story. Now the British Masons and the UK mass media openly say: ‘Change means forgetting the old days, forgetting the Past, forgetting what (British Barbarians and Masons did in the past)’ !! (GU, Aug 2015) Can you believe it?! The UK and Masons still live in Animal Farm or 1984″. They also add: “Now even the good Britons talk about the Brotherhood and the Systematic Lies, Frauds and Deceptions in the UK. For instance, they talk about the Brotherhood’s universities and the Brotherhood’s intellects, including the Brother James Watt or the Brother Francis Bacon! They say: ‘the founder of Freemasonry is Francis Bacon .. Between 1607 and 1616, two anonymous manifestos were published throughout Europe. These were (about) The Brotherhood .. the author of these Masonic manifestos was Francis Bacon .. Fancis Bacon was a politician .. the King James knighted Francis Bacon and appointed him to many political positions, including Lord Chancellor of England’ ! In fact, this Masonic faggot Francis Bacon was like today’s David Cameron or the Ayatollah Jack Straw. The good Britons say: ‘Francis Bacon was a member of the House of Lords and the House of Commons at the same time! .. In 1618 Bacon became Lord Chancellor of England, until his fall from public office in 1621 ! … Francis Bacon loved Machiavelli … Bacon described the basis of a new society that would emerge in The New Atlantis (1624) .. Bacon said: I am laboring to lay the foundation not of any sect or doctrine, but of utility and power … Francis Bacon said: we filter reality to suit our present state, not seeing what is really there! .. When the Royal Society was formed in 1662, the founders named Bacon as their model and inspiration … Francis Bacon was tireless in lobbying the King and Masons to colonize America’ ! If you want to know the UK, Masons and British Lies better, you should know pigs like Francis Bacon (1561- 1626) Now even the Brits talk about ‘Francis Bacon and his Secret Society’, and say: ‘the founder of modern Freemasonry, Sir Francis Bacon was a (whore created) the rituals of the Freemasonic Order (!) … (the story of) William Shakspere is a myth .. Francis Bacon was actually the son of Queen Elizabeth .. there’s a lot of Shakespeare in Freemasonry and a lot of Freemasonry in Shakespeare’ ! The Brits even talk about Bacon’s coded message or the King James Bible, and say: ‘Francis Bacon was a Freemason, a Satanist, a Sodomite ( = a stupid faggot), and a great charlatan’ ! The world should know more about this British faggot, Francis Bacon, who is a symbol of the Modern Barbarian UK (We would write more about him later) Of course many know the Brotherhood. Now even idiots know how the UK and the Brotherhood created Saudis, Wahhabis, Bahais, Mullahs and Islamists. Now even idiots can see how Saudis and Islamists make love with Zionists, and why Brits, Savage Arabs and Zionists are Brothers. Now even idiots talk about the brotherhood of ‘Zionists and Arabia’, or about ‘Jewish Islam of Saudi Arabia’. Now even Non-Iranians created cartoons (like below pix) and talk about Islamic Zionists, Jewish Islam, Savage Saudis, Muslim Brotherhood or Islamic Freemasons”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Iran’s people know British tactics or Masonic tactics, including Divide and Rule. We Iranians have no problem with the good Arabs, as we Iranians have no problem with the good Jews, the good Brits, the good Americans, the West’s good guys and all good guys. But we Iranians have serious issues with Bullies and Barbarians, including the Anti-Iran West, the Anti-Iran Arabs and the Anti-Iran Jews. Since the ancient time, we Iranians believe that Goodness or being Good guy is independent of Race and Religion. When the Barbarian West, Savage Arabs and Savage Jews were praising Racism, Sadism and Barbarism, Fanaticism, Intolerance, Bigotry, Barbarity etc, the ancient Iranians said: Goodness, being Good or being Good guy is independent of Race and Religion; and it’s part of the Iranian Legacy, and one of the Iranian gifts to the Mankind. It’s obvious that if you want to know Iran, you should know Iranians, not Mullahs, Masons and other non-Iranians! But the West’s pigs pretend that Non-Iranians are Iranians! Mullahs are Tazis, Turks and/ or Masons, and that’s why Mullahs love Iran’s enemies, including British/ French Zionists, Savage Arabs and Savage Islamists. But Iran’s people know and hate Barbarians and Satanic Religions. Iranians know that if you say: you can lie about everything if it serves your Religion!, then your Religion is a Satanic Religion. If your God defends Intolerance, Inhumanity, Slavery & Sadism, and says: you can or should kill children, critics or unbelievers, then your God is Satan. If your God and your Religion allow you to tell Big lies, to fool people, to play with people, to loot & exploit people, to enslave people, to kill critics, to kill children, to praise Genocide and to defend Racism, Sadism and Slavery, then your God is Satan, and your Religion is Religion of Satan. But Mullahs and Masons love Satan and Satanic Religions. Masons and Islamists tell many Big lies, and do many Evil acts, because their God is Satan, and their Religion is Religion of Satan. Now only the British Barbarians and the West / UK media praise ISIS, Savage Saudis and Savage Islamists / Zionists, while almost all good guys know that ISIS, Saudis and Savage Arabs/ Jews are followers of Satan, or sons of Great Satan. Now in Aug 2015, Mullahs & Mullah TV openly defend Saudis, Savage Arabs and Iran’s enemies!, while all media talk about ‘Strengthening cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Is-rael’ and ‘How Savage Arabs & Saudis kill Yemenis and others, and desperately try to hurt Iran and Iran’s interests! Now even idiots can see that ‘There is much in common between Savage Arabs and Zionists. Both are fake countries and illegal regimes occupying lands’. The Savage Arabs have occupied our Iranian lands in the Persian Gulf. The Savage Arabs and Zionists are the same shit. But Mullahs love these shits. Masons and Arab / Jewish Zionists refer to the city of Zion or Quds as the holy land ! In Aug 2015, even Mullahs (Velayati, Mullah MPs etc) refer to the city of Zion or Quds as their holy land ! But Iranians sarcastically say to Mullahs: ‘Oh yah, you are Zionists and Masons, not Iranians. If you were Iranians, you would refer to our Iran as your holy land. But you Mullahs are Zionists and Masons, and that’s why the city of Zion / Quds and other Tazi / Masonic lands are your holy hands’ ! Iranian people are not stupid. Iran’s people say: no land is holy land; but even if we Iranians want to call one land a holy land, then this land is certainly our Iran, the Cradle of Culture & Civilization. But Mullahs are Masons / Zionists, and that’s why they hate Iran, and love Iran’s enemies. Now even the 3% and idiots can see the Saudi-Zionist alliance, and the stories of the Fucking Hajj trips, Yemen, Syria or what the Savage Arabs/ Saudis do and say. Zionists & Saudis are Tazis. Now even the West’s media and the mass media talk about ‘Saudi close ties with Is-rael’, ‘the close relations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv’, or ‘the close relations between Arabia and Is-rael’. Now even the idiots can see the true colors of the Savage Arabs/ Jews, who are Anti-Iran and Anti-Humanity. But now in Aug 2015, the Masonic Mullahs like Rafsanjani give the CIA media (Al-Monitor etc) interview, and say: ‘Mullahs do not inherently have any issues with Saudi Arabia or Anti-Iran Arabs’ !! (Aug 2015) As you know, Al-Monitor is an American media in the US. But this CIA media has an Arabic name! This Orwellian media, that its real name is Al-USA or Al-CIA, now says: ‘In an exclusive interview with (us) Rafsanjani says: ‘Mullahs do not have any issues with Saudi Arabia or Anti-Iran Arabs’ !! Now even the Mullah leader, the Ayatollah Turkmenchay (Khamenei), repeats Rafsanjani’s crap and openly defends Iran’s enemies and Anti-Iran Arabs! So now even the 3% can see why Mullahs are not Iranians. Even the 3% know why Mullahs and Islamic crooks don’t have any issues with Saudis, Zionists, ISIS and Western Barbarians. Even the 3% know that during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq War, Saudis and Savage Arabs were behind Saddam. Even non-Iranians know ISIS and Saudis. The dark history of Tazis & Arab Barbarians clearly shows How Savage Arabs and Tazis have killed millions of innocent people, children, women and defenceless civilians. ISIS/ ISIL is just a symbol of Tazis (= savage Arabs + savage Jews) and what Tazis did in the past. But it’s important to note that all Iranians hate Tazis, while Mullahs openly defend Tazis, Anti-Iran Arabs and Enemies of Iran. Now even idiots can see How Mullahs love & defend Zionists and Tazis. So now even the 3% ridicule Islamic lies and Islamic paradoxes. Now even the 3% ridicule Islamic Corruption, Islamic Capitalism and Islamic Capitulation. The story of Islamic Corruption and Islamic Veqahat is a long story. But in recent days, Shahram Jazayeri and Mullahs have created a new Farce. Shahram Jazayeri is a symbol of Islamic Corruption. He is an Islamic version of Jack Abramoff (We have already written about ‘Jack Abramoff’ and ‘Lobbyists and Lobbying Industry in USA‘; Check Archive) Now Shahram Jazayeri, like Jack Abramoff, have released, and after his release from prison, he says: ‘I am laughing at Iran’s people’ ! In Aug 2015, the Mullah media ask this Islamic Jack Abramoff: Why are you laughing?! And he answers: I am laughing at the people !! (Aug 2015) The West censors all news, including the recent stories of Jazayeri, Zanjani, AN, Jahangiri or even that corrupt football referee. The Lefts and the West desperately try to hide the true facts about the Islamic versions of Jack Abrammof, or about Islamic Capitalism, Islamic Corruption, Islamic Lies etc”. They also add: “In the Jewish Religion of the West and its Islamists, Thievery or Corruption is a good thing, and crooks and thieves are heroes! In the Satanic Religion of the West and its Mullahs, pigs like Shahram Jazayeri and Jack Abramoff are heroes! The West and the Left desperately try to hide the truths about Islamic Capitalism, their IMF Plans in Iran, or their Islamic versions of Jack Abramoff – including Jazaheri, Zanjani, AN, Rafsanjani, Rouhani, Basiji leaders, Grand Mullahs etc. They try to hide many facts. For instance, the full name of this Islamic Abramoff is ‘Shahram Jazayeri Arab’ ! In fact, he is Arab/ Tazi, not Iranian. And it’s really important that non-Iranians control the so-called Iran’s regime. It’s really important that Mullahs are of Jewish/ Arab/ Turk/ Tazi origins. It’s important that Mullahs and Masons -from Mullah Al-Afghani and Malkum to current Rouhanis- are not Iranians. It’s important that pigs like Zarif, Salehi, Iraq-chi, Larijani, Rouhani, Basiji leaders etc were born or raised in Tazi/ Masonic lands, not in Iran. Now many created cartoons (like above & below pix) about Islamists and their connection to Zionists and Great Satan. But now Mullahs openly defend and praise Saudis, Wahhabis or Anti-Iran Arabs! And as our people truly say: the main issue is that Mullahs and Islamists are Nokar-e Ajnabi, Nokar-e England, Nokar-e America or Nokar-e France (Nokar-e X = puppet of X) Mullahs and Masons lick the asses if Iran’s enemies -from Fabius, Saudis and Zionists to IMF, UK, France and other Bullies, Barbarians and Bad guys. But we Iranians hate all Barbarians, Bullies & Bad guys – including Islamists and Iran’s enemies”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now if you take a look at Arabia, Yemen or Syria, you can easily see why Islamists are Zionists. Now even idiots talk about the stories of Oil Price, Saudis, Yemen, Islamic Turkmenchay etc. Now even idiots can see how Saudis, ISIS, Rouhanis and Islamic dictators serve the interests of the West. Now even non-Iranians say: ‘In Iran, Mullahs and Masons have historically been considered agents of Britain and (Barbarians)’. Now what Islamic freemasons like Hadad Adel, Rouhani, Velayati, Akbar Ganji, Borujerdi etc say clearly show that all Islamists are the same shit. Islamists and Masons love the Jewish laws. As the good Americans say: ‘the Talmud is the most racist document on Earth. Here are just a few examples of the Jewish laws in the Talmud : ‘Just the Jews are humans, the non-Jews are cattle .. the non-Jews have been created to serve the Jews as slaves .. Se-xual intercourse with non-Jews is like se-xual intercourse with animals .. Jews must not drink from a bottle if a non-Jew has touched it … Non-Jews have to be avoided even more than sick pigs .. As you replace lost cows and donkeys, so you shall replace non-Jews’ ! If you search the internet, you can see what the West’s good guys and the good Jews say about the Talmud, Talmudic law, Jewish laws, Biblical laws and Islamist laws. The good Jews say: ‘many Jews rebelled against the Talmud and its Racist laws !’ ! Now even non-Iranians talk about the West’s Satanic laws or the Satanic Brotherhood, and say: ‘the Brotherhood (try) to control the minds of the masses .. Do you know who are the founders of Freemasonry? (British pigs) like Francis Bacon .. Francis Bacon was the Grand Master (of a major) force in the creation of Freemasonry .. It was under the influence of Bacon and other Masons that the spy networks across Europe, now known as British Intelligence were created .. Many (know that) British and French Intelligence are the same organization .. the British Masons created the CIA .. Under Bacon and King James’s patronage, the secret societies joined forces under one name, Freemasonry’ ! In recent years, even the Britons talk about ‘the secret societies and Satanic rituals in the UK’, and say: (this or that cult) is another cult or religion which very powerfully locks into the Brotherhood network, as now almost all religions & cults do .. the human race has been manipulated and controlled through Masonic Religion and Satanism .. the Brotherhood would support a country when it suited them and then immediately seek to destroy it if that advanced their Agenda … One of their common methods was to bankrupt any person, business or country that opposed them .. the British Empire was actually the Empire of the Brotherhood’ ! Now even the Britons talk about the Brotherhood covert Control, and say: ‘Covert control, ie control you cannot see, can go on forever because you don’t rebel against something you don’t know exists! A person who thinks he is free will not complain that he is not ! … (In the 20th century) overt control from the UK and the West was replaced by covert control … As Overt empires, particularly the British, have appeared on the surface to contract, they have left in most countries the secret society network, bloodlines and structures to rule as before, but now with no danger of a challenge from people with no idea of who is really in control ! … London is a Mecca for the Brotherhood .. Paris, Washington and New York are other key centers for the Brotherhood … We still talk of Britain as the ‘Mother of Parliaments’, but it’s a Big lie’ ! In fact, even the UK’s educated people know that Britain is the ‘Mother of the Brotherhood’ and the Mother of Lies. Now even non-Iranians talk about the West’s Empire Empire, and say: ‘After the world war II (and after the 1953 Coup) Overt control was replaced by covert control‘ ! But it’s important to note that after the 2009 Coup and Snow-den’s story, the stupid West has badly confused, and now covert control is being replaced by overt control, and it’s equal to the End of the West’s Myths, and the Death of the West’s Evil Empire”. They also add: “It’s important to note that now even the British people say: ‘the Brotherhood (say) If you want to control the outcome of a game, you have to control both side .. One of the most effective methods of manipulation by the Brotherhood is to create or infiltrate all sides and so control the outcome .. they know that knowledge is power, so the last thing they want is an informed population .. as the power of religion began to wane, another mental prison cell was created: Masonic sciences .. through the Freemasonic networks, the Royal Society was formed in London to influence on the direction of Sciences .. All members of the Royal Society were Masons .. The Royal Society was a secret society controlled, indeed created, by the Brotherhood to limit vision and breadth of Scientific works .. the US has always been controlled by the Brotherhood .. Benjamin Franklin was an asset of British Intelligence, a Satanist, a sacrificer of children .. Franklin was the Henry Kissinger of his day. It was Franklin who, on December 8th 1730, printed the first documented article about Freemasonry in his newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette … He officially became a Freemason in 1731, and Grand Master of Pennsylvania in 1734 .. In 1734, Franklin printed the first Masonic book in America and the first recorded American lodge was founded in his province .. Franklin was at the heart of the Brotherhood operation to take over America and replace overt control from London with covert control .. the main Founding Fathers were obvious Hypocrites .. they wrote that all men are created equal while keeping many black slaves and writing elsewhere that black people are genetically and intellectually inferior to whites ! .. The Brotherhood, via the Freemasons, controlled and manipulated both sides in the American War of Independence … The Brotherhood controls the governments as much as they control the Banks .. they say: Give me control over a nation’s currency and I don’t care who makes the laws .. A network of banking, politics, media, and secret societies controls the world on behalf of the Brotherhood .. the Brotherhood controls the West .. the Brotherhood controls the media to ensure that people never find out about the real truths .. (many know) nothing about the Brotherhood universities in the US, like Harvard and Stanford … the Brotherhood universities in Britain are Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and other Universities .. The Brotherhood wanted a global war to destroy the global status quo so allowing them to rebuild the post war world .. they created the First World War .. the Brotherhood universities like Oxford, Cambridge and London School of Economics produced many of the ‘radicals’ of the political ‘Left’ .. But (most people know) nothing about Mind control operation by the Brotherhood .. The Brotherhood name organizations in a way that leads people to believe their aim is the opposite of what they are really there to do! For instance, they say if you want to run drugs without being suspected, do it through an anti-drug agency! If you want to destroy land and kill wildlife, do it through a wildlife protection agency! If you want to run a Satanic ring, do it in the name of God’ ! In fact, even non-Iranians know the Orwellian West and its stooges including Islamists. The West and its stooges try to fool people with Orwellian slogans, Orwellian cults or Orwellian media. But many know the Satanic Brotherhood, their Media and their Orwellian games. Many humans, including many Westerners, are not blind and stupid. The stupid West and its stooges have no shame and no brain. They still live in the past ( = Ahd-e Boogh !) But today is not Ahd-e Boogh”.

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