The West, Islamists, Zionists: Good Barbarians ?!

“Now even idiots are becoming Khar-Fahm ( = aware) Now even the 3% say good and important things. Now even non-Iranians talk about ‘The Biggest Secrets’ and ‘A centralized Global Control’, and say: ‘Ignorance is bliss, we say, and that’s true -but only for a while. It may be bliss not to know (X o Y) is coming because you have no need to worry or take action … But while your head is in the sand, the tornado is still coming. If you looked up and faced it, disaster could be avoided, but ignorance and denial always ensure that you will get the full force and the most extreme consequences’ ! After the story of Snow-den, even Americans write books such as Lifting the Veil (2014) ! Of course such books have only good titles, and they just say a few good things about Orwellian America, NS-A, C-IA, MK-Ultra, Mind control projects and other Evil projects in the US -which are not new things. But it’s good that even Americans talk about Lifting the Veil and Removing the Mask from the Face of the Barbarian West. It’s good that the West’s good guys write about the Big Brother, the Brotherhood and British Barbarians, and say: ‘now whistleblowers feel like the cow who runs into the field screaming: ‘Hey, you know that truck that takes some of our friends away every month? Well they don’t take them to another field like we thought. They shoot them, bleed them dry, cut them up, and put the pieces into packets. Then those humans buy them and eat them! .. But (the media and sacred cows / intellects) say: it’s a conspiracy theory! .. We create our own reality by our thoughts and actions. For every action or non-action there is a consequence. When we give our minds and our responsibility away, we give our lives away. If enough of us do it, we actually (allow the Bad Guys to control everything) and that is precisely what we have been doing throughout the West’s history. This is why the few have always controlled the masses .. You should have an open mind and to be prepared to synthesize new information into your worldview“, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “this year (2015) and its historic events can change your worldview even if you have a low IQ. Now in August 2015, the West’s mass media report: ‘Larry Cohler-Esses is one of the first Zionist journalists for a pro-Israel paper that receive an Islamic visa (!) .. Larry Cohler-Esses a Zionist journalist from a pro-Israel newspaper was granted a visa to Iran this summer, and published his first report from Tehran (!) .. To ensure Cohler-Esses’s safety, (the CIA and the Forward) waited until he had returned to the US to make it public that (this Jewish CIA / Zionist journalist) had been reporting in Iran! His first piece is being translated into Hebrew and will run in an Is-raeli publication on Friday’ !! (Aug 2015) Even if you still don’t know the stories of the Jewish CIA, Leveretts, the CIA Lefts, the IMF, the 2009 CIA Coup etc this year (2015) can make you Khar-Fahm (= aware) In 2015, even idiots talk about the story of Yediot Ahronoth’s Zionist emissary, Orly Azoulay, and about the Love stories of ‘Mullahs and their Zionist France, French Zionists, Fabius and other Zionist whores’. Now even idiots can see what Iranians say about Islamic Zionists, Islamic Freemasons or the Zionist Regime of Mullahs is not a myth. Now in August 2015, the West’s whores openly praise the love story of ‘the Mullahs and the Forward, an influential pro-Israel newspaper in the US! They openly say that the Forward is pro-Israel and pro-Mullah! Even idiots know that their Zionist France, French Zionists, Fabius and other Zionist whores (US Barbarians, Saudis, ISIS etc) are Anti-Iran and pro-Israel. But now Mullahs and Islamists make love with Zionists, and no one can deny such facts. So now even idiots say: Mullahs and Islamists are not anti-Zionist .. Mullahs and Islamists are Zionists and pro-Zionist’ ! Now even idiots can see why Islamists are Zionists, and why Savage Arabs, Savage Saudis, Basijis, ISIS/ ISIL and other Islamic Barbarians are Zionists, Freemasons, Anti-Iran and Tazis. Now the Big Brother’s whores even don’t try to hide this fact that the Jewish CIA and Zionists love Mullahs, and Zionists go and see the House of Mullahs! So now even idiots and the 3% say: ‘(Is-raeli officials and Netanyahu can easily receive an Islamic visa and visit Mullahs ! ) If Netanyahu visits the House of Mullahs, Basijis and Islamists welcome Netanyahu, dance in the streets and sing: Sele Ala Mohamad, Yar-e Imam Khoshamad ! (God Bless Zionist supporters of Islamists !)’ ! (July 2015) Now even idiots and the 3% ridicule Islamic myths and Jewish myths, and that’s why even non-Iranians say: ‘Is-raelis visit to Iran causes a stir in Tehran’ ! Now even idiots can see that the Saudi regime, the Mullah regime or the Islamic State is actually the Zionist Regime of Islamists or the Islamic Regime of Zionists! Many know why the West created ISIS/ ISIL. Many know why the West created the Masonic / Zionist Regime of Mullahs in 1979. Many know why and how Mullahs and Islamic Zionists destroy Iran’s nuclear programs in 1979. The informed people know the Jewish Roots of Islamists (for more info, check Archive) But now even idiots are becoming Khar-Fahm ( = aware) Now even idiots know that Jewish Zionists, Christian Zionists and Islamic Zionists are the same shit. In April/ March 2015, the Zionist journalist Orly Azoulay made love with Mullahs (for more info, check Archive for ‘The Barbarian America, The Jewish Islamists’) The story of this Isr-aeli whore Orly Azoulay, like the story of Zionist France, French Zionists and Fabius shocked the 3%. But the 3% are still shocked because they can see the ‘Mullah – Zionist’ love affair or the ‘Islamist – Zionist’ tango is not accidental, and you cannot say: ‘it’s happening without being planned & intended’ ! The Anti-Iran Zionists -from IMF, France & Fabius to Saudi / Israeli fascists- are friends and Brothers of Mullahs, and now no one can deny this fact. Now when Zionists, Fabius and other Fascist-Zionist whores, including Is-raeli journalists, go and see the House of Mullahs, Iranians laugh and say: ‘Such a great Awakening! Such a Masonic-Islamic Awakening! The West, Mullahs and Zionists/ Islamists are showing their true colors in the Best way … This is the Best thing that ever happened ! (Ajab Rosvaii ! Ajab Eftezahi ! … Dige Behtar az een Nemishe … ! ) ! Now even American idiots wonder why the Zionist journalist was granted his visa at this time! Now even idiots and the 3% can see the true face of the Zionist Regime of Mullahs. Now all Jewish Lies, Islamic Lies, Masonic Lies, British Lies, American Lies and Western lies cannot hide the true colors of Mullahs and Islamists. Now the West’s Childish lies are like or worse than Islamic myths, Islamic lies and Islamic paradoxes. Now even the 3% ridicule Mullahs and their Jewish myths, Jewish beliefs & Jewish paradoxes. Now in August 2015, even non-Iranian idiots refer to Cohler-Esses’ lies, the Forward’s lies and Jewish lies as ‘a whitewash = a report or examination of events that hides the true facts about something’ ! They know how the West and its Orwellian Media try to hide the true facts! They know that all Western media try to whitewash or to hide the true facts about the Islamic Zionists and the Sons of Great Satan (ie Mullahs, Marxists etc)! Now this Jewish faggot, Cohler-Esses, and other Western faggots write articles such as [1]: “A Zionist Journalist’s Exclusive Look Inside Iran’ ! (Aug 2015), ‘A Jewish Whitewash of the Islamic Regime’ ! (Aug 2015) , ‘Why We Sent a (Zionist Reporter) to Iran’ ! (Aug 2015) They talk about the first journalists from pro-Israel publications to be granted a journalist’s visa since the 1979 Coup! [1] But since 2009, the Jewish CIA and Zionists have regularly gone to the House of Mullahs! Now even idiots can see why the Jewish CIA and Islamic Zionists created the 2009 Coup, and killed Iran’s people. The 2009 Coup, like the 1979 Coup, was really a
Masonic-Islamic-Zionist Fenteh (Sedition), and now even the 3% can see the truths. Now even idiots can see why Mullahs, Saudis, ISIS and other Islamists and their Masonic Islam / Jewish Islam are a real Fenteh (Sedition), a Masonic-Jewish Fenteh. It’s funny that the UK, the Jewish CIA and Jewish whores say they love Rouhani and Mullahs, because as they say [1], the regime hard-liners and Islamic leaders are British-trained ! [1] In fact, they openly say that they love Mullahs because Mullahs and Islamic leaders are a bunch of British-trained spies and British-trained Masons! It’s laughable, isn’t it?!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Today is the season of Awareness (Khar-Fahm shodan) ! Now Islamic Zionists and Western Fascists tell many stupid, Orwellian jokes. For instance they say: Make love with Zionists, but Chant Death to Zionists! Now the British Barbarians even say: ‘Islamic State is often called ‘medieval’ but is in fact very modern (!!!), a (Masonic Model) that promises freedom and prosperity to all’ !! (July 2015) Now the UK and British journalists say that Islamists and Islamic State are Good Barbarians, as the UK and British Barbarians are Good Barbarians! Now the West’s Barbarians praise Orwellian concepts and Orwellian terms such as Good Barbarians, Good Fascists, Good Dictators, Good Tyranny, Good Fascism, Good Savagery, Good Sadism, Good Slavery etc! Now they openly say: Jewish/ Islamic Barbarians adjust their direction to the West’s benefits!, and many people from the cities of Europe and the US love Zionists or Islamists ! (July 2015) Now the UK Barbarians and their most prestigious media openly say: ‘British women have traveled to Islamic States to offer their services to Islamic States’ !! We all know that the long history of Barbarism and Barbarians in the UK can explain the allure of Islamic State among the Brits and London girls! But they still say: British Barbarians are good Barbarians! Now they even say: Savage Saudis, ISIS and Islamic Barbarians are good barbarians! The West’s psychopaths already said: Zionists and Jewish barbarians are good Barbarians! But now they openly defend Rouhanis and Saudis, and stupidly say: Islamists are good Barbarians! The West and the US see Saudis, Mullahs and Islamic Dictators as Good Dictators! And it’s obvious why they see their puppet dictators as good dictators! Now they openly say that Fascism is a good thing, and Western Fascists are good Fascists! But it’s important to note that now even the West’s stupid faggots talk about the brave Iranian people [1], and why Iran’s people are brave, wise, and politically aware [1] Now even the Zionist faggots say: ‘I was repeatedly struck by the willingness of Iranians to offer sharp, even withering criticisms of the Islamic government on the record‘ [1] Iranians say to US / UK barbarians: ‘this Islamic regime is your regime, not ours; this British faggot Rouhani is your representative, not ours; The Islamic regime is an Anti-Iranian puppet regime of the West’. But the Masons and the West’s media whores still refer to the Masonic & Anti-Iranian regime of Mullahs as Iranian regime or Iranian government ! [1] Even the West’s retards know and confess that what’s going on in these years is not the will of the Iranian people [1] They know why Iran’s people say: Iran must have Nukes and Democracy. They know why Iran’s people hate Rouhani and all Mullahs. They know why Iranians reject Nuclear Capitulation and the West’s Bullying. Now even the West’s stupid faggots confess that the Iranian people are not blind, partly because Iran’s people know the results of nuclear deals ! [1] Now even the Zionist whores confess: Iran’s people know that such deals will not ‘make any special change in the lives of people in Iran [1] Iran’s people know that the UK, the US, the Jewish CIA and the Anti-Iran West were behind the 2009 Coup, the 1979 Coup, the 1953 Coup and other disasters in Iran. The West and Zionist whores love the suppression of the Green Revolution of 2009 [1], because they are Anti-Iran and Anti-Democracy, but pro-Islamist and pro-Fascism. Now even idiots can see why the Arab Zionists and Saudi faggots openly say: We welcome replacing Iranian embassy compound in Riyadh with an Israeli embassy, then launch a shared war on Iran’ !! (2015) Now even idiots know why Saudis are Jewish Sons of Satan, and why Saudis & Savage Arabs are Little Cowards. Tazis, Saudis and all Zionist Arabs and Arab Zionists are stupid faggots and little cowards who are only experts in killing children and defend-less women. Since the ancient time, Iranians knew Tazis ( = Savage Arabs + Savage Jews), who are little rabid dogs. Now even the good Arabs and the good Jews can see why Saudis and other savage Jews/ Arabs are Locust-eaters and Sh-it-eaters. But now the West says ISIL and Saudis are good Barbarians!, as Rouhani, Mullahs and other Islamists are good Fascists and good puppets of Zionists!”. They also add: “Now even non-Iranians can see why Tazis, Islamists and Saudis are Satanists, and why the West creates ISIS, Mullahs, Muslim Brotherhood and other Satanic cults. Now even non-Iranians talk about Cults and Child Abuse, Cults and Brainwashing, Cults and Mind Control, Cults and Systematic Lies, Cults and Big Brother’s tactics in the West. Now even non-Iranians say: ‘The West motto is the Freemason motto ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ – order out of chaos. Create the chaos and then offer the way to restore order, your order ! ‘ In fact, the West creates ISIS, Mullahs, Zionists, Islamists or the Chaos, and then offer a way to create its own order! Now the West’s mind control tactics are childish tactics. Now even the Westerners say: ‘It’s an old, old adage that if you want someone to do something, get them to believe it is their own idea ! … You can define mind control as the manipulation of someone’s mind so that they think, and therefore act, the way you want them to. Under this definition, the question is not how many people are mind controlled, but how few are not’ ! The West and the Big Brother’s Mafia want you to believe their lies. But if you do your own researches, and don’t live like sheep, then they cannot fool you. Now even the West’s good guys say: ‘We create our own reality by our thoughts and actions. If we change our thoughts and actions we will change the world. It’s that simple. So will the global fascist state be realized in the next few years? That question can only be answered by another: are we going to become people or continue as sheeple?’ ! It’s good that even the West’s people say such good things. The stupid West, Sheeple and stupid animals cannot see beyond the end of their noses. The West is so stupid, and so ungrateful. They know ‘the role of Persians in freeing the Jews of Babylon from their exile and sponsoring their return to their home’ [1] But the ungrateful Jews and Western faggots say: ‘Persians and Cyrus the Great (freed the Jews, wrote the first charters of Human Rights, and) exported human rights to the other nations … But our Historians reject each of these claims (!!!) But Iranians believe them, (and) it’s part of a relentless propaganda campaign conducted by the Shah of Iran (!!!), Pahlavi’ [1] The ungrateful Jews really deserved Hitler and Arabs of Babylon. The ungrateful Jews didn’t deserved Persian mercy and Persian Tolerance. Now the ungrateful Jews remind many of the Shah’s mistakes. The Shah trusted the Jews and Bahais. The Shah trusted Zionists. The Shah didn’t know the Anti-Iran Jews. If you take a look at the story of the Shah’s nuclear programs, you can see that the Shah trusted Is-rael, and it was the Shah’s big mistake. If you read history, you can see How the Jews betrayed the Shah, and How the Anti-Iran Jews tried to destroy Iran’s nuclear programs in 1970s, and to topple the Shah. Recent years again showed that the Jews are so ungrateful. They know that Persians built an empire on peace and love in an ancient world that filled with bestial savagery [1] Now even the stupid animals and the stupid Jews know such obvious things and confess to part of the truths. They know the Great people of Great Persia, and they confess: ‘I was repeatedly struck by the willingness of Iranians to offer sharp and strong criticisms of the Mullah Regime’ [1] But they don’t say who created the 2009 Coup or the 1979 Coup, and who killed and hurt Iranians in these years. They know ‘Iran’s martyrs for human rights. And there are so many -like Neda and others- who were killed during the mass protests’ [1] But they don’t say who killed Iran’s martyrs for freedom, Democracy and Iranian values, aka Human values. They don’t say who defended, and still defend, Islamists and other Killers, Oppressors and Brutal dictators. They know that ‘the people of Iran want in some way to show the world that (all Iranians hate Rouhani and the Mullah Regime) [1] But they still try to pretend that Iranians love Masons, Rouhanis / Mullahs, Tazis, Jewish Racists / Fascists and other Enemies of Iran! The West is so stupid and so childish. They hurt all Iranians, they impose Anti-Iran sanctions on all Iranians, they create the 2009 Coup, they help Mullahs in killing Iranians, they openly defend Racism & Sadism & hurting all Iranians, and they openly say that they hate a free, powerful, independent and democratic Iran, but they stupidly shed crocodile tears for Democracy or Human Rights! Isn’t this the most ridiculous lies in the world?!”


As some wise Iranians say: “If you talk about the West’s Lies or the West’s Empire of Lies, they would censor you or boycott you! But now even idiots can see the West’s true face. Now even idiots can see that the story of the 1979 Coup and the Mullah regime is actually the story of the deception, the lies, and the betrayal. Iran’s people have repeatedly said that the Mullahs and the Islamic regime are based on the deception, the lies, and the betrayal, but now even the 3% and idiots can see why Iranians said such things. Now even idiots can see that The West is the Mother of Mullahs, and the Mother of Darkness. Now even non-Iranians talk about ‘Censorship and Fascism in Europe’ or ‘Huge Loss For Free Speech In Europe’ ! (July 2015) They report: ‘The European Court of Human Rights (!) says Websites should Censor User Comments! .. The EU dealt a blow to freedom of speech by making web sites responsible for comments posted by the public .. the EU says websites can be declared liable for things people post in comments (that means:) websites should censor people’s comments ! .. Now the EU and the European court (openly) say that people’s comments should have been censored straight out ! … the EU (actually says) websites should not allow free comments and free expression! .. It is going to force many sites to either shut down open comments, curtail forums or moderate / censor them much more seriously‘ ! (June 2015) In fact, the West is the Mother of Censorship. The West is the Mother of Lies, but they claim: the West’s censors are good censors, as the West’s Fascists are good Fascists! In fact, they say: the West’s Fascism is Democracy, the West’s Slavery is Freedom, the West’s War is Peace, and the West’s Ignorance is Strength! Now as Iranians say: the West, the Mullahs and the US are Rosva, Bi-Abero, Bi-Etebar etc (ie they have lost all their credulity, legitimacy etc) In the West, Journalists = the Ministry of Truth’s agents or the Big Brother’s media whores, and now even idiots are aware of this issue. Now even the American Baboons (Obama etc) express their concerns about America’s credibility! But Iranians say to American animals: Hey stupid animals, you have already lost all your credibility in 2009 to 2015 ! Now you should say Bye-Bye to America’s credibility! After 2009, and after Snow-den story, and after all historic scandals in recent years, you stupid animals should say Bye-Bye to America’s legitimacy, America’s credibility, America’s positive image and America’s good days! Now even idiots can see that your America is a Fascist America or a Tyrannical America . We Iranians have already warned the US about sowing the Seeds of Hate and showing their true colors in such a silly way. But they didn’t listen. Now Iranians compare Obama and US officials to stupid animals, but sarcastically add: if you compare them with animals, you actually insult animals! or ‘Of course we should apologize to animals for such comparison’ ! The stupid animals are really wiser and better than American politicians, US journalists and US officials – who sowed the seeds of Hate and showed the true face of America! Now even America’s good guys know why Iranians refer to Obama, US officials and US journalists as American Animals or the United States of Animals (USA) or the United States of Ayatollahs (USA) ! Now Islamists, Mullahs, Saudis and Savage Arabs are friends and allies of America, while Iran’s people and all good guys curse America, ridicule America, or say: Fuck America, or Death to Ayatollah America! Now it’s clear that Death to America = Death to Ayatollah America! = Death to American supporters of Mullahs, Islamists, Zionists and other Terrorists & Barbarians. Now even idiots know why America is a big loser. Now the US idiots say: there is no victory for the US. Now the West’s whores, including Rouhanists or 2009 Traitors, stupidly praise the United States of Animals (USA) and stupidly say: American bullies and barbarians promote freedom and democracy ! (Aug 2015) Now Anti-Iranian animals like Akbar Ganji and other Islamic agents of the CIA say: Nuclear Capitulation, Turkmenchay, the 2009 CIA Coup, killing Iran’s people, supporting Brutal Dictators, and helping Mullahs and Brutal dictators in killing people and killing freedom & democracy are good things = the American ways of Promoting Freedom & Democracy’ !! Now Anti-Iranian animals like Akbar Ganji and other Islamic Freemasons stupidly say: Fascists, Freemasons, Sadists, Censors, Islamists and Dictators want to promote freedom and democracy’ !! The UK clowns and the CIA clowns – including Marxists and Islamic-Masonic faggots like Akbar Ganji, Velayati, Zibakalam, Motahari, Tavakoli, Larijani, Rouhani and other Islamic faggots / freemasons- desperately try to save the Islamic Regime from total collapse! They know that Mullahs and Masons have no future in Iran, but the UK / CIA media stupidly say: ‘Will Rouhani, Larijani (ie Islamic Freemasons) reshape Iran’s political landscape? ‘ !! (Aug 2015) So, it’s obvious why even idiots ridicule the West’s media. Now even idiots talk about ‘Most Ridiculous Censorship Stories: American Style / British Style (ie Masonic Style / Orwellian Style)!”. They also add: “Mullahs and Islamists just give the West excuses to hurt Iran and to deny Iran’s rights. If you still ask yourself : what’s the role of Mullahs, and how the West uses Mullahs? The answer is clear and simple: (1) Mullahs and Islamists just give the West excuses to crap about Iran. Without Mullahs/ Islamists, the West has no excuse to hurt Iran and to crap about Ian (2) Since 1979, the West has asked Mullahs / Islamists to destroy the image of Iran, to destroy Iran, and to destroy Iranian traditions and Iranian values. It’s the Mullah Mission. But Mullahs have only destroyed their own Religion! Iranians truly say: Iranian values, Ethics and Humans values are independent of religions. Iranians know how Islamists make love with Satan, or how Mullahs give the West excuses to crap about Iran and to deny Iran’s rights. But Iran’s culture and Iranian values give the West no excuse to crap about Iran and Iranians. The West, Bullies and Barbarians know that they cannot fight against the Iranian Logic, the Iranian values and the Iranian legacy. So they use Islamists, and pretend that these Anti-Iranian agents are equal to our Iran! But now even idiots can see why Mullahs are not Iranians. Now this American Faggot (Obama) says: ‘Iranians say Iran must build a lot more than just one like Fordow, but (Mullahs help the US and try to destroy Fordow) ! (Aug 2015) In fact, It’s obvious why the US loves Rouhanis, and why Mullahs are the Sons of Great Satan. The CIA’s Islamists / animals like Akbar Ganji, AhmadiNejad, Rouhani, Velayati, Salehi, Zarif and Iraq-chi are not Iranians. These Anti-Iranian animals and the West just want to weaken Iran, and desperately try to close the doors on democracy, progress, independence and other good things in Iran and the world. But their evil acts just backfire. Just look what has happened from 1979 to 2015, or from 2009 to 2015. Iran’s people have become more and more wiser, informed and educated, and more dedicated to restore Great Persia and to put the Savage West and its stooges in their place. Basijis are Zionists and Tazis. This Zionist faggot, Cohler-Esses, says: Basiji guards told me ‘more of you should come! .. On a visit to Khomeini’s shrine (!), Basijis knew me, and the Revolutionary Guard on duty waved me through with a huge grin, allowing me to enter with my camera, against the rules (!) Basijis asking what Americans think of the IRGC (!!) .. Basijis said: America is a rich country with advanced technology, a huge army, enormous size and a large population. But Iran is a small country (!!) with a small army (!!), much less developed technology and much poorer (!!)’ ! [1] (August 2015) Can you believe it ?! Mullahs, Basijis and other Islamic Zionists are such Anti-Iranian pigs. Basijis and other Islamic Zionists love their Great Satan and their Zionist Brothers, and now even idiots talk about The Zionist Myth Of Arab-Islamist Jihad Against Zionists ! (2015) Now even the 3% and non-Iranians can see the true face of the Zionist Regime of Mullahs, and say: Zionists, UK and US Created Mullahs! Now even non-Iranians write about ‘CIA roots of Islamists’ (2015), and say: ‘For all the anti-Iran rhetoric we heard from the US and its western allies, they took a very shameful line towards the violence meted out by that regime against Iran’s people .. Do the western media sympathize with Iran’s people ? No, (Islamic Tyranny) is not considered a problem’ ! (2015) The Jewish CIA monkeys -including Noam Chomsky, Leveretts and Gareth Porter- love Islamists, lies and self-deception. They and US media try to fool and mislead American people. But now even idiots can see why Mullahs are Zionists, and why ISIL, Saudis and Islamists are Zionists”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even American animals confess that ‘A nuclear-armed Iran changes their equation’ ! (Aug 2015) Mullahs serve the interests of the West, but on the other hand, ‘a free Iran and a nuclear-armed Iran changes that equation’ ! (Aug 2015) And it’s what the US analysts say! In fact, even American animals know why a powerful Iran or a nuclear Iran changes all equations, and put the West and Barbarians in their place. So American animals love Mullahs, but hate a powerful, democratic and independent Iran. Now even this American faggot (Obama) and all defenders of Islamic Turkmenchay openly say that they want to strengthen Is-rael’s security, and to weaken Iran’s security’ ! (Aug 2015) Now if you take a look at Yemen, Iraq Syria etc you can easily see the true meaning of their Islamic Turkmenchay, Islamic Nekbat and Islamic Zelat. You all know what happened to Yemen after the Islamic Turkmenchay of Vienna & Lausanne. But the story of Yemen is just part of their Masonic-Islamic Capitulation. Masons and Islamic whores pretend that Turkmenchay or Capitulation is a Heroic act ! They use Heroin and CIA drugs, but say: drug addiction is a Heroic act, and drug addicts are heroes! They steal -ie Mullah-khor / Sag-khor – $800 billions and $150 billions, and say: Thievery is a heroic act ! In Aug 2015, their Mullah TV talks about How $150 billions suddenly become $6 billions ! or How Mullahs defend such Islamic Miracles and Islamic Thievery, aka Mullah-khor kardan! As the witty Iranians say: If you want to understand Jewish miracles or Islamic miracles better, just look How $150 billions suddenly become $6 billions ! or How Jewish Mullahs and Western Barbarians tell the world’s biggest Childish lies about Sanctions, Iran’s economy, IMF Plans and sanction relief ! Now even idiots know why Mullahs and Masons say: a good Muslim should be a good slave ! It’s obvious why Tazis and Masons say: a good religious man should be a good slave, a good sheep ! Tazis, Mullahs and Masons see Religion as Slavery. In their Satanic Religions, a good believer or a good person is a good Sheep or a good Slave. Their Islamic Slavery is like Masonic Slavery or Jewish Slavery. They defend feelings of weakness, stupidity, inferiority and envy, and they try to create such feelings in religious people, because such feelings help Colonial powers. Now Masons openly say that Barbarity and Slavery are good and modern things !, and Savage Islamists are modern guys! British barbarians openly say such things, and French Zionists openly make love with Savage Arabs, ISIS, Rouhanis, MEK and other Savage Islamists. But now even idiots ridicule such shameful things. Now even idiots can see that the good irreligious people and the good religious people actually say the same things, as the bad irreligious people and the bad religious people do and say the same things. It’s really important that ISIS, British Barbarians, Savage Islamists, Savage Jews and the Savage West do and say the same things, while the good guys, irreligious or religious, care about the Truth, Tolerance and other Human values. Since the ancient time, Iranians have always said that being religious or being irreligious is not important, but being Human / being Good guy (Adam budan) is important. And now even idiots can see why Iranians said such things. Now even idiots can see why the world should bow before the Iranian Wisdom”. They also add: “Now even idiots know that the funniest and most ridiculous examples of Censorship come from the UK and the West. Now even idiots know that the British Censorship is the most ridiculous Censorship in the world ! Now even the West’s pigs know that their Nuclear deal will Backfire, and will lead to a new (Anti-West, Anti-Islamist and Anti-Ajnabi) Revolution in Iran! They know why all Iranians care about national sovereignty, national interests, national pride, national legacy and national values, aka Human values, and why all Iranians hate Mullahs, Tazis, the Anti-Iran West and other Bullies and Barbarians. All Iranians hate the Enemies of Freedom, Democracy, Progress and Independence in Iran . But the stupid West pretends that Iranians love Iran’s enemies, but hate a free, powerful and independent Iran! Isn’t this the most ridiculous lies in the world?! The West’s Sheelpe are blind and stupid. But now even the American good guys say: ‘Why do we Americans follow blindly like sheeps any crooks and any media (lefty media & mass media) .. When we will stop living like slaves/ robots and say its enough of this bullshit …’ ! (2015) In fact, many humans, including many Westerners, are not blind and stupid. The stupid West and its stooges still live in the past ( = Ahd-e Boogh !) But today is not Ahd-e Boogh”.

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