The West Childish Lies: The Empire of Silly Lies

“According to dictionaries, ‘Childish = behaving in a silly or immature way. This word is generally used to show disapproval, and to suggest someone’s behavior is silly or immature’. Childish Lies are very bad & stupid lies, and now even idiots can see how the West and its Media tell many Childish lies in a childish way. Now the West and the Media censor all facts and all news in a silly, childish and embarrassing way. It’s a historic Farce, and says a lot about today’s West and today’s World. Now in August 2015, Iran’s people say and Iran’s media report: ‘Now all prices, including dollar price and food prices (dairy price, beans price, rice price etc) are increasing in Iran! .. the price of everything is increasing .. Even the Dollar price is increasing ! .. Instead of decreasing prices, all prices are increasing after their fucking nuclear deal ! .. Now this (British Spy) Rouhani officially tries to increase the price of Dollar in Iran ! .. Now Food prices (prices of dairy products, meat, rice, beans etc) increase by + 20%, while Iran’s people ask: Is it the result of their fucking nuclear deal?! Is it the so-called benefits of nuclear deal?! ‘ (Aug 2015) But the West and its media censor such news and all news, and just tell Big lies in a childish way”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The West is the Empire of Childish Lies. But now even idiots and the 3% ask good questions like: Why after their nuclear deal you just see a new wave of price increases and Economic Crises in Iran?! The West and its Media censor such news because these news can reveal the truths, and can show How the West and the Media tell many Silly & Childish Lies about Iran, Iranians, the Economic consequences of the Nuclear Deal, or the Benefits of Nuclear Turkmenchay! But now even idiots are becoming Khar-Fahm (aware). Now even the 3% talk about ‘Nuclear Capitulation‘, Islamic Capitulation or Mullah Capitulation, and say many good and important things. Now even idiots can see that what the West and its Mullahs say is nothing but Big lies and Bullshit. Now even the 3% ridicule Mullahs and Islamic Lies. Now Islamic whores or Islamic faggots say: Defeat is Victory ! Turkmenchay or Capitulation is Eftekhar or Ezzat ( = Honor) ! Khamenei, Zarif, Rouhani and other whores and ass-lickers are Ba-Qeyrat ( = men of Honor ) ! But such Orwellian jokes remind Iranians of ancient stories such as: ‘once upon a time, a male whore – who was often prostituted to generals and powerful guys- wanted to hide this fact that he is a male whore or a faggot. He asked powerful guys: How can I pretend that I am a man of honor, not a faggot? And they answered him: Go and say to people: When I go to their houses, I fuck them; they are my male whores, and I am the one who fuck them! Don’t worry, the people don’t know who is who … So this stupid faggot went and said such things to people .. but people just laughed, and said: Oh, the stupid faggot you are so stupid. The normal people know (Aqelan Danand … !)‘ ! So now when Khamenei, Zarif, Rouhani, Salehi and other Islamic faggots talk about their victory in this Nuclear Turkmenchay, Iranians just laugh and say for instance : ‘the normal people know (Aqelan Danand … ! )! Now even idiots know (Ablahan ham Danand … !) ! In fact, Iran’s people and normal people are not blind. Now Mullahs and Islamists lick the asses of their Zionist France, their Great Satan and their Estekbar !, but pretend that faggots, ass-lickers and whores are Ba-Qeyrat or Khosh-Qeyrat (= men of Honor) ! So it’s obvious why Iran’s people ridicule Rouhanis, and say: Since when whores and ass-lickers have become men of honor?!”. They also add: “Iranians have repeatedly said that what the West and the Media say about Iran, Iranians, Nuclear Deal, Sanctions, IMF Plans, Mullahs and many other things are nothing but Big lies or Childish lies. But now even idiots can see why The West is The Empire of Lies. The West and its Media just tell silly & childish lies, and their small brains and their low IQs don’t allow them to understand why you should not censor all facts in such a childish way, or why you should not tell many childish lies and show your true face in such a silly/ embarrassing way. Now even if you focus on the Economic Consequences of their Nuclear Turkmenchay, you can understand many things better. As you know, the stupid West already said Dollar price & all prices have increased in Iran because of their Sanctions! But it was a Big Lie. Now even idiots can see that Dollar price and all prices are still increasing because of the IMF Plans and because Mullahs implement the IMF Plans. Now even idiots and animals are becoming Khar-Fahm (= aware), and can see Why and How the West and its Mullahs tell silly & childish lies”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In recent days, the Fucking Rouhani and his Masonic Cabinet openly talk about increasing Dollar price and all prices after their Nuclear deal ! But just look how the West censors all news, and how the West tells the Biggest lies, aka Doruq-e Shakh-dar (Lies with horns)! The West actually says: Iran’s people love this nuclear deal, because Iran’s people love Iran’s enemies, Economic problems, Capitulation and Hurting Iran! The West just tells Orwellian & Childish lies. But now even the 3% say: the Price of Dollar was 1000 Toman, and then became + 3000 Toman; but the West and all spies said: this increase is a result of Sanctions (not IMF Plans!) ! So now after their nuclear deal, the Price of Dollar should become 1000 Toman! It’s a good and important point. Now even idiots talk or think about the economic consequences of this Nuclear Deal (aka Nuclear Turkmenchay), specially about story of Dollar Price, Price increases and IMF Plans in Iran (we have repeatedly talked about this issue; for more info, check Archive) In fact, now even retards and animals can see why this British Spy Rouhani and all Mullahs are Masons and stupid puppets of the West. Now even idiots can see how Mullahs helped the West and Sanctions, and how the West stupidly referred to the results of IMF Plans as the results of Sanctions! Now even idiots can see why the Mullah regime is a Masonic Regime or a Zionist regime, and why Ali Freemason (Khamenei), Hassan Freemason (Rouhani), Javad Freemason, Sadegh Freemason, Akbar Freemason, Abbas Freemason and other Mullahs and Islamists are Nokar-e Estemar & Estekar ! (= puppets of Colonial powers)”. They also add: “Now even retards and animals can see that what Iranians have repeatedly said about the West, the 2009 Coup, Mullahs, Sanctions, IMF Plans etc was the plain truth. Now even idiots can see why all Islamists -from ISIS & Saudis to MEK & Mullahs – are Masons, Zionists or Sons of Great Satan! Even the 3% know what Mullahs and other Islamic whores and Islamic faggots already said about the West, America, IMF, Zionists, Nezam-e Solteh, Estekbar etc! The Mullah terminology is so disgusting. But now even the 3% ridicule this fucking Terminology, and talk about their Islamic Nuclear Capitulation because what Mullahs do is nothing but Taslim-e Nezam-e Solteh !, Taslim-e Estekbar !, Taslim-e Great Satan! Even the 3% know that Taslim or Submission = the state of being completely controlled by the West, and accepting that you have to obey them! So now even the 3% ridicule Mullahs, and say: the Estekbar and the Great Satan force Mullahs into submission! or ‘Mullahs surrender themselves to their Great Satan & Estekbar’ ! or ‘What is the Mullah answer or Islamic answer to ‘Tahdid, Tahrim & Terror’ (Threats, Sanctions & Bullying) ?! Their Islamic answer is Taslim (surrender or submission)! In 2015, even the 3% made documentary films, and said such things! These documentary films about Lausanne and Nuclear Turkemenchay -that even the Mullah TV showed them- are historical documents”. They also add: “Now even idiots can see that Iranians reject bullying, and say to the West: If you threaten us, we will make you regret it’. But Mullahs & Islamists love Evil things, and say to the West: ‘If you threaten us, we will lick your ass, accept Capitulation/ Turkmenchay, and surrender to our Great Satan’ ! The ancient Iranians said: the Worst people (Meanest people) are those who: (1) Lick the ass of the Oppressor and love Submission to Oppressors & Bullies (2) Hurt ordinary people and love Oppression, hurting poor people or oppressing ordinary people‘. In fact, Islamists and Mullahs are the Worst of the Worst. Iranians said and say: We don’t Oppress others, and we don’t not allow others to Oppress us’. But Mullahs, Tazis, Islamists and other Slaves of Satan say: You must Oppress others, and you must allow your Arbabs (= masters) to Oppress you’ ! Now even idiots and the 3% can see why Mullahs & Islamists are Nokar-e Ajnabi, Amaleh Jour, Nokar-e Estebdad & Nokar-e Estemar ! (puppets and stooges of Colonial powers / Oppressors … ) ! Now even idiots can see why Mullahs & Islamist are the Sons of Great Satan. Now even the 3% and non-Iranians know the Sons of Satan. Now even idiots are becoming aware (= Khar-Fahm)”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now the American Animals including this American Monkey (Obama) make childish speeches on their nuclear deal, and clearly show why America is the stupid Devil, and why many refer to Obama as Stupid Monkey, Stupid Faggot, ‘Son of Satan’ etc. It’s obvious why this American Baboon (Obama) loves his Nuclear Turkmenchay and says: It is a very good deal ! This American Barbarian (Obama) created the 2009 CIA Coup, helped Mullahs in killing Iranians, and showed the true face of America in an unprecedented way. What this American Faggot (Obama) says about Iran, Iranians, Rouhanis, Zionists, Arabs, America, and even the Shah and Iran’s efforts in the 1970s to develop nuclear industries are nothing but Childish lies and total bullshit. But just look how all media and all journalists lick either the ass of this American Faggot (Obama) or the asses of other American Fascists (US senators etc)! Now the West and the Media tell many stupid lies and big lies in a silly, childish and embarrassing way. Iran and history will never forget these days. Now If you take a look at the UK media and the US media, you can find what these stupid animals say. This American Animal (Obama) and other British / American animals are ignorant of Iranian society. They think their own Mullahs and Masons are equal to our Iran and Iran’s people! They even pretend that Arabs and other Non-Iranians are Iranians! They pretend that Iranians love America and Obama because Iranians love Iran’s enemies, Anti-Iran Sanctions, Anti-Iran Monkeys, the 2009 CIA Coup, killing Iranians, hurting Iranians, destroying Iran etc! Their childish lies are so ridiculous and Orwellian. But it’s important to note that all media and all journalists censor the important facts, and tell the same lies. It’s important to note that this American Faggot (Obama), the UK, Mullahs and other Masons tell the same lies. And it says a lot about the Big Brother’s Mafia”. They also add : “Their childish lies are so laughable. For instance, their Big Brother Media including their fucking CNN say: ‘the Nuclear Deal pushing Iran in a democratic direction (!!). The deal enjoys solid support among the Iranian public (!!!) as well as among Iranian civil society leaders’ !! (CNN, July 2015) Can you believe it?! This level of Censorship and this level of Lying and telling Childish lies in the West is really shocking! Maybe they think the Western people are silly little boys and silly little girls! But all humans are not like the West’s Sheeple. Many humans are not blind and stupid. They know that if you say: Iranians love Iran’s enemies! Iranians love those who kill and hurt Iranians!, then it is so stupid, so childish and so Orwellian! But the West behaves like a childish madman or a stupid psychopath. Just look How childish the West can be ! They even cannot explain their sadistic, paradoxical and childish behaviors, and that’s why this American Monkey (Obama) openly says: ‘I know that sounds very childish and naive, but … ‘ !! (Aug 2015) In fact, even they themselves know that their childish lies, their childish views and their childish theories – which are based on Masonic ideologies and Orwellian values- are so ridiculous. Now if you take a look at their media, you can easily see why Iranians say: Now in the West and the US, all people and all critics are categorized into two groups: (1) those who love and defend Nuclear Deal, Turkmenchay, Capitulation, 2009 Coup, Mullahs, Western pigs, US Sadists and other Barbarians (2) those who love and defend War, Barbarity and more Sadism and Barbarism; they oppose the nuclear deal because they hate freedom, progress, independence and other good things in Iran; they just want a worse kind of Turkmenchay, Capitulation, Tyranny and Oppression in Iran! But the West and its media pretend that all people and all critics are categorized into these two Masonic groups! The West and the media love these two groups, and don’t care about real people, real critics, real experts etc. These two groups are Masons or Big Brother’s whores, and both serve the Big Brother’s interests. But now these two groups and their ‘Jang-e Zargari’ (Sham fights) cannot even fool the 3%! Now the West is the Empire of Childish Lies, and that’s why now even idiots can see that Jewish lies, Islamic lies, American lies, British lies and Masonic lies are actually the same thing. Now even idiots know the fake intellects – who lick the asses of dictators and bullies, but blame ordinary people ! These stupid animals make Gestures of intellectuals, but blame ordinary people and lick the asses of politicians !, the ass of Power !, and the ass of the Savage West ! In the West, such idiots and ass-lickers are called intellectuals! In the US, the CIA whores – from Noam Chomsky, Zizek and Lefty whores to the Right-wing whores- play the role of public intellectuals, while the American good guys and the real American intellectuals are systematically censored, boycotted or ignored. In fact, the West’s intellectualism and the West’s public intellectuals are actually Dead“. They also add: “Now if you take a look at the exiled media, you can easily see that the so-called exiled journalists and exiled activists are just a small part of ‘Big Brother’s whores and spies’ in the West. Now even idiots can see why the so-called exiled journalists and exiled activists are actually exiled whores, exiled faggots or exiled spies. Now even idiots say: ‘If you cannot defeat an invading army, it is better to (at least) remain hostile to it, than surrender and become a pillar for it’ ! (Aug 2015) But whores and journalists try to become a pillar for Tyranny, Barbarity, Ignorance and Darkness!”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the West’s idiots talk about ‘Banksters’ economic invasion of Greece’, and say: ‘The IMF-Banksters’ economic invasion of Greece was the act of tyrants punishing a rebel province. Suffering and humiliation are their goal’ ! (Aug 2015) But they say nothing about the love story of ‘IMF & Islamists’ or ‘IMF & Mullahs’. The West is the Empire of Silly Lies. They know that the West and the US overthrew the Shah because of the Shah’s programs, including his nuclear programs. They know how the UK and Masons created and supported Mullahs, Islamists and the 1979 Coup. Now the West and the US openly refer to Zionists, Saudis and Savage Arabs as a ‘dear friend and ally’ ! (Aug 2015) This American Animal (Obama) even says that the West create ISIL, because ‘Iran is being forced to respond to the threat of ISIL’ ! (Aug 2015) This American Animal (Obama) openly says that the United States of Animals (USA) or the United States of Ayatollahs (USA) creates a set of challenges for Iran ! (Aug 2015) American animals openly say that they create ISIL, Islamism, Barbarism, Tyranny, 2009 Coup etc as a set of challenges for Iran !! American animals and American barbarians are such stupid psychopaths. They love Mullahs & Islamists, but hate Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights. In the United States of Animals (USA), it’s easy to play on people’s fears, to censor all things, to falsify everything, to tell childish lies, to brainwash people and to enslave people. The Great Satan knows its sons, and says: ‘Threats will force them into submission ! or ‘Sanctions and Threats will force Islamists into submission’ ! (Aug 2015) But now even idiots ridicule Mullahs and the sons of Great Satan! Now even idiots ridicule the story of ‘Mullahs and their Zionist France & Mr Zionist Char-lie Heb-do’ ! Now even the 3% talk about Mullah-khor / Sag-khor kardan – ie about how Islamic crooks and Islamic thieves have stolen $800 billions, $150 billions, half a trillion dollars etc. The West censors all facts, and tells childish lies. But now even idiots talk about the role of Mullahs & Masons in destroying Iran’s modern revolutions – from the 1905 Revolution (aka Mashrouteh) to the 2009 Uprising. In the 1910s, Mullah Fazlollah Nouri and other Masonic Mullahs were followers of the notorious freemasons like Al-Afghani. Mullah Fazlollah Nouri, like Mullah Al-Afghani, was Nokar-e Estemar & Nokar-e Estebdad (puppets of Colonial powers & Oppressors) Masonic Mullahs such as Mullah Fazlollah Nouri helped Iran’s enemies and the Brutal dictator, the Ali Shah. But Mullahs name streets and squares after the notorious Freemasons like Mullah Al-Afghani and Mullah Fazlollah Nouri, because today’s Mullahs are the sons of ‘Estemar’ (Colonial Powers) and notorious Freemasons such as Nouri, Akhund-zadeh and Al-Afghani”. They also add: “The West is so stupid. The West attacks Iran’s independence !, and the West’s stooges say: ‘Capitulation and Turkmenchay restore the country’s dignity and independence’ !! (July 2015) The UK media, the British agents and the Guardian of Big Brother (GU) even write: ‘How to think about Islamic State’ !! (July 2015), and say: ‘Islamic State is often called ‘medieval’ but is in fact very modern (!!!), a (Masonic Model) that promises freedom and prosperity to all (!!) .. (Islamists and Islamic State) adjust their direction to our benefit (!!) .. (the West loves & uses) their exhibitionistic brutality, especially towards women and children; and most significantly their brisk seduction of young people from the cities of Europe and the US (!!!) … (Islamic State is a Western-backed ) cults of violence and authoritarianism .. Islamic State is the product of (the West) .. many British women have traveled to the Islamic States to offer their services to Islamic State (!!), despite the fact that the Islamic states have enslaved and raped girls as young as 10 years old … What explains the allure of Islamic State among London schoolgirls ? (!!)’ (GU, July 2015) But it’s obvious why the UK, British Barbarians and other Western Barbarians love Islamic State. The West’s barbarians created ISIS and Islamists. All Iranians hate ISIS, Saudis and all Islamists. But now many members of ISIS and Islamic States are people from the cities of the UK, the US & the EU. And it’s what their own media say. So now even idiots can see which countries are the real third world states or backward countries. But the stupid West still tells many childish lies. For instance, they say Iran’s people love Iran’s enemies, or the Iranian people would agree to what they would view as a total surrender of their sovereignty !! (Aug 2015) Of course they know that their childish lies are ridiculous, and that’s why their American Monkey (Obama) says: How could we justify that to (normal people)? (!) How could we justify that to the world ?‘ ! (Aug 2015) The stupid West cannot hide its childish paradoxes. Bullies, Barbarians and Warmongers cannot pretend that they care about Peace, Freedom, Democracy or Human values, aka Iranian values. The stupid West and its stooges still live in the 19th century (Ahd-e Boogh !) But today is not Ahd-e Boogh”.

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