Anti-Iran France, Zionist Mullahs, Islamic Zionists

“Now even idiots, retards and animals can see that what Iran’s people already said about the West and its Islamists / Mullahs is not a myth or conspiracy theory! Now the Anti-Iran France and French Zionists go to the House of Mullahs, and all people can see how Islamists including Khamenei, Rouhani & Zarif sleep with Zionists and Great Satan! In July 2015 – when the media reports: ‘French Zionists go to the House of Mullahs’ or ‘Mullahs, Rouhani & Zarif meet with French Zionists, and defend the Anti-Iran France’ ! – even idiots and animals can see that Mullahs are Islamic Zionists / Masons. Even the 3% know that France’s Fabius’s visit to the Mullah House has only one meaning: Mr. Zionist Char-lie Heb-do Go to the Mullah House, and Rouhani, Khamenei and Zarif say: Je Suis Char-lie’ ! Now even idiots can see why Saudis and Mullahs are Islamic Zionists, and why the West created and supported Mullahs and Islamists”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Even idiots know that Saudis and DAESH (ISIS) are Islamic Zionists. Now even stupid animals talk about the love stories of ‘Zionists and Arabia’, ‘Great Satan and Mullahs’, ‘Zionists France and Mullahs’, ‘Zionists and Arab Islamists’, etc. Even animals know why France is Anti-Iran, and why France is the Enemy of Iran & Iranians, but the Friend of Zionists, Mullahs, Anti-Iran Arabs and other Barbarians. Who can forget what the Anti-Iran France and French Zionists did and said in 2015 ?! Now the Anti-Iran France is just a symbol of the most Hawkish, Barbaric, Satanic and Masonic Enemies of Iran, Iranians and all good guys. But now Mullahs, Rouhani and Zarif openly defend their beloved Anti-Iran France and their Zionist Brothers! Now even the 3% say: the Anti-Iran France’s Fabius’s visit to Tehran is like Netanyahu’s visit to Tehran’ ! (July 2015) But even if Netanyahu and Israeli officials / Zionists go and see Mullahs, it would be less laughable than this fact that the Anti-Iran France and Fabius go and see Mullahs after Islamic Turkmenchay! Now even animals and mass media say: Fabius trip to Tehran is a ‘Key Test’ ! (July 2015) And it’s obvious why the mass media say: The Mullah regime’s reception of most (Anti-Iranian, Masonic and) Hawkish foreign minister serves as litmus’ ! (July 2015) It’s obvious why even stupid animals like Hollande say: ‘Fabius’s visit to Tehran is a key test for the Mullah regime’ ! (July 2015) The media reports that this French Barbarian, Hollande, has said: ‘The way our Foreign Minister (Fabius) will be received is a test of their behavior (ie Islamic behavior)’ ! (July 2015) In fact, even the stupid French Faggots know that the current events are equal to the Death of Mullah Ideology, the Death of Islamic Slogans or the End of Islamist Myths, and the West cannot hide the true meaning of the Mullah regime’s reception of the Anti-Iran France and French Zionists. Now even retards and animals can see that the current events just show that Mullahs are Islamic Zionists, and the Mullah regime is actually the Zionist Regime of Mullahs or the Islamic Regime of Zionists / Tazis / Iran’s Enemies. Now even idiots and the 3% know what Islamic Nekbat, Islamic Zelat, Islamic Turkmenchay and Islamic Lies mean. Now even the West’s whores talk about ‘Attacks by Iran’s people against France’ !, because Iran’s reaction is quite clear. Iran’s people, ie all real Iranians, hate Bullies, Barbarians and Iran’s enemies, including the Savage France and French / British Barbarians. But Mullahs are not Iranians, and now even animals can see how Mullahs help Iran’s enemies, and hurt Iran and Iranians. Mullahs are Masons or Tazis. Mullahs are stupid puppets of the West, and now even the Mullah media say to Mullahs: Iran and the world just ridicule us and laugh at us (‘Iran va Donya darad beh Ma Mikhandad … ! ) ! (July 2015) Now in 2015, even the rank and file of the Basiji say: ‘Shame on Islamists/ Basijis .. Islamists / Basijis are not Humans .. Islamists don’t have dignity, honor, humanity, morality and even religion … ‘ ! (Khar Bar Sar-e Basiji-ha .. Ma Basiji-ha Adam-im? (!!) Ma Ezzat darim? (!!) Ma Sharaf darim? (!!) Ma Din darim? (!!) Ma Adam-im? … ! ) ! It’s so laughable. But its obvious why they say such things. Even if they don’t know the stories of the 2009 CIA Coup, the Jewish CIA, Jewish Leveretts, the Zionist IMF, the 1979 Coup and many other things, they all know the story of the Zionist France, the Nuclear Turkmenchay or recent events. These days are Historic days, and now Mullahs and all Islamic Freemasons show their true colors in a silly way. So, now even idiots and retards can see the truths”. They also add: “All people know the Anti-Iran France, specially this Jewish French Faggot, Fabius, aka Mr Zionist Char-lie Heb-do! So when Mullahs and Islamists openly praise and defend Mr Zionist Char-lie He-bdo, Iranians just laugh and say to Mullahs /Islamists: Fuck you and Fuck your Religion! It’s funny that now the Mullah Media say: Fabius is a Jew, a French Jew; but (Mullah leaders) say that you should (love) this French Jew / Zionist, who says many Anti-Iranian things …’ ! (July 2015) Now even idiots can see why the Religion of Islamists is a Satanic Religion. And in this Satanic Religion -that you can call it Masonic Islam, Jewish Islam, Tazi / Saudi Islam etc – Lies, Hypocrisy, Barbarity, Savagery, Thievery and other Evil things are good things, but Iranian values like Truth, Tolerance, Decency, Dignity, Humanity and other Human values are bad things! In the Jewish Religion of Saudis & Mullahs & West, Religion is a tool of Big Brothers. As Iranian intellectuals like Hedayat truly said: the Jewish Religion of Islamists is just a tool of Colonialism and Charlatanism. In all Jewish/ Satanic Religions, religious leaders tell many big lies. For instance, they lick the asses of their Zionist Brothers, but chant Anti-Zionist slogans! Now even animals and Basijis know that Zionists = France = Britain = Great Satan! Even Islamists and animals say: France = Britain = Great Satan (USA) ! or Zionists = France = Britain = Freemasons ! But now Mullahs sleep with Zionists -form the Zionist IMF to the Zionist France – and Mullahs, Rouhani and Zarif openly defend a notorious French Zionist and a Jewish French Faggot like Fabius who is Anti-Iran! Now the UK’s Rouhanis and the CIA’s Zarif openly say: Anti-Iran France and Zionists just had a little misunderstanding (Su-e Tafahom !) with Islamists and Mullahs ! And it’s exactly what Rouhani, Zarif and other Islamic Freemasons say in recent days. In fact, now Islamists, Mullahs, Rohani, Khamenei and Zarif say: Je Suis Charlie! Je Suis Zionist ! Je Suis French Faggot ! Je Suis Freemason ! Je Suis Tazi ! Je Suis Anti-Iran etc; and Islamists just had a little misunderstanding (Su-e Tafahom !) with Zionists! The West and its media censor all news and tell big lies in the same silly way. But now even idiots talk about ‘the Red Carpet for Zionists’ !, and say: ‘The Islamic State has already been exposed as a Zionist plot” ! The 3% already saw Saudis and ISIS/ ISIL as a Zionist plot, but now they can see that the Islamic Regime and the Mullah regime is a Zionist plot. And it shocks them. Now even the 3% put comments in the Mullah media and say: ‘If Netanyahu and Is-rael go to the Mullah House, then Islamists dance & sing: Welcome Zionists ! … ‘ ! (July 2015) Now even idiots and the 3% know that Islamic Turkmenchay, Islamic Capitulation, Islamic Nekbat and Islamic Zellat mean: they threaten you with nukes and genocide, they bully you, they impose sadistic sanctions on you, but you lick their ass, defend them !, praise them !, and proudly surrender to them! So now even the 3% refer to Mullahs or Islamists as Nokar-e France, Nokar-e Zionist, Nokar-e America, Worse than Pahlavi / Qajar etc! The West and its Media censor all news, but they cannot the truths”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Independence, Freedom and Republic were Iranian slogans, not Islamic slogans. Mullahs and Islamists licked, and still lick, the asses of Colonial powers and Iran’s enemies. But Iran’s people said, and still say: Iran must have (Democracy and Nukes) Iran must be a powerful, independent and free & democratic country. Now even stupid animals can see why Iran’s people say: Islamic slogans or Mullah slogans are Lies & Bullshit (Hamash Kash-keh … ) ! Now even retards and stupid animals can see why Iranians said and say: Mullahs are puppets of the West; Mullahs are sons of Great Satan; the Mullah regime is a Puppet Regime; the Fight between the West and Mullahs is a complete sham (Jang-e Zargari) Mullahs are a complete sham. In 1979, Mullahs just repeated (QerQereh) what Iranians said. Now many Iranians use Khomeini’s tone and mock Khomeini’s speeches. But now if you replace the Islamic regime with the Pahlavi regime in Khomeini’s first speech in 1979 in Tehran cemetery (Behesht Zahra), then this speech can be so informative and so laughable, specially when you read or say it in his tone: This dirty Traitor, Ali Khamenei, is a stupid puppet of Iran’s enemies (Khamenei, een Khaen Khabis, Nokar-e Ajnabi-st … ) Just look how Khamenei and his men lick the asses of Zionists and Iran’s enemies, form the Anti-Iran France & UK to IMF & USA. Just look how this Islamic Dictator Khamenei and his men destroyed Iran, killed Iran’s people in 2009, created prosperous cemeteries, destroyed Iran’s nuclear industry, destroyed all industries and water resources & created dependencies, implemented IMF Plans and lick the asses of Zionists and Iran’s enemies (Khamenei, een Khaen Khabis, Qabrestan-ha ra Abad kard, Dar 1388 Koshtar kard, Fordo ra Park kard !, Hasteii ra Nabud Kard ! Zionist IMF Plans ra Ejra kard ! … ) ! Hey Army officers and Army guys, we want you to be independent and be master of your own fate and destiny. We want you not to be a stooge and a puppet of Anjabi, America, France, IAEA, UK, Zionists etc … You don’t want to be independent ?! You don’t want to be master of your own fate and destiny?! You want to be a puppet of America, France and Anjabi ?! (Hey Arteshi / Sepahi, Ma Mikhahim Tu Mostaqel Bashi, Nokar Na-Bashi … Ey Arteshi / Sepahi, Ma Mikhahim Tu Nokar-e Ajnabi, Nokar-e America, Nokar-e Englis / France NaBashi .. Tu Nemikhahi Mostaqel Bashi? .. Tu Mikhahi Mozdoor va Nokar-e Ajnabi Bashi? ! ) This Islamic Dictator Khamenei and his men created a new Turkmenchay and destroyed all achievements (Khamenei, een Khaen Khabis … ) This dictator, his government, his Parliament (Majlis), his Regime and his Turkmenchay are illegal and illegitimate; all of them are traitors and criminals, and they should be tried for their traitorous acts; and we bring them to trial (een Adam, Dolat-e een Adam, Turkmenchay-e een Adam, Majlis een Adam, Regime een Adam Hama Qeyr Qanuni-st, va een-ha Hama Khaenand … ) ! It’s so laughable that this 1979 speech is actually a speech about today and the Mullah regime – which is the worst puppet regime in Iran’s history. In 1979, Masons asked Khomeini and Mullahs to repeat (QerQereh) what Iran’s people and Iran’s intellects said. They wanted to control people and people’s demands by creating a fake opposition, a fake revolution, a fake enemy, and other fake things. But now many things have changed. Now even the regime’s supporters (= the 3%) can understand why Iranians mock Khomeini’s tone, ridicule Khamenei and say (for instance): This puppet dictator, his government, his Parliament and his Regime are all Masonic, Zionist and Non-Iranian puppets of Iran’s enemies ! (een Adam, Dolat-e een Adam, Majlese een Adam, Regime een Adam Hama Masonist, Zionist, Ajnabist va Nokar-e Anjabist … ! ) ! Now Iranians, even the 3%, say to the 3%: You don’t want to be independent and master of your own destiny?! You want to be a slave of Ajnabi? You want to defend Satan, Zionists, Rouhani, Turkmenchay, Masonic Velayat etc? (Tu Nemikhahi Arbab-e Khodet Bashi?! … Tu Mikhahi Nokar-e Ajnabi Bashi?! .. Tu Mikhahi Modaf-e Sheytan, Turkmenchay, Velayat-e Masonic, Rouhani & Zionists Bashi?! … ) ! “. They also add: “the Fucking France is not important, but it’s so important that Mullahs openly defend French Zionists. What the Zionist Regime of Mullahs do and say is so informative! The West censor all news. But in these days, many things are so laughable & informative . For instance, some of the 3% went to the streets to protest against the Anti-Iran France and French Zionists. But the Zionist Regime of Mullahs, which is worse than the Shah regime, arrested protesters! In the Zionist Regime of Islamists, their Islamic Police arrest the Anti-Zionist protesters! But it’s not a new thing. All Iranians (+97%) know what the Zionist Police of Islamists and their Islamic-Zionist thugs did in 2009. But now even stupid animals can see why Islamists are Zionists, and why they killed Iran’s people in 2009. Now even the 3% can see that their Mullah Leader should be called Seyed Ali Zionist (Khamenei) or Ali Zionist (Khamenei). And Seyed Ali Freemason (Khamenei) is the main responsible for the current events, and also for what happened in 2009 and all these years”. They also add: “Iranians and informed people know the story of the 1953 coup, the 16 Azar, and what Mullahs and Islamists already said about the assassination of Zionists! In the past, they talked about the assassination of pro-Zionist guys, and referred to such terrorist acts as Revolutionary Acts (Edam-e Enqelabi … ) ! But now they openly defend Fabius and Zionists! France’s Fabius is worse than Mr Satanic Verse or Mr Zionist Char-lie Heb-do! But now Mullahs, Rouhani and Zarif are pro-Zionist guys -who openly defend the worst Zionists! But it’s funny that now their Islamist Terrorists have become whores and faggots, and instead of talking about their fucking Revolutionary Acts, they and their fucking media talk about ‘the Possibility of Throwing Egg or Tomato at Zionists, Zarif or Fabius (!), and stupidly add: ‘Oh, no, even throwing Egg and Tomato at Zionists and Fabius is not a good thing, and we (Islamic Terrorists should respect Zionists) and Fabius’ ! (July 2015) It’s so laughable that even their Islamist Terrorists have become such whores and faggots! But now even the 3% have changed. Now even idiots and the 3% can see that their Islamic lies and their Islamic paradoxes are among the Biggest Paradoxes and the Biggest Lies in history. Now even the 3% ask: What (the fucking) Hozeh, Qom and Kafan-Poosh (Hezbollah) do about the Zionist France and French Zionists’ trip to the House of Mullahs ?!‘ ! In the past, the Big Brother and Masons asked their fucking Hozeh, their fucking Qom, their fucking Bazaar etc to be closed down, to protest against such trips to Iran! But now their fucking Hozeh / Rozeh, their fucking Qom, their fucking Islamist Bazaar, and their fucking Kafan-Poosh (Hezbollah) defend Zionists -from their Zionist IMF to their Zionist France! So now even the 3% can see that Islamic slogans or Mullah slogans are Lies & Bullshit (Hamash Kash-keh), and Mullahs are Zionists, Ajnabi or Nokar-e Anjabi. Now the West and its Mullahs desperately try to censor all news, to block internet connections, to send parasite, to tell silly lies, and to do all evil acts to hide the truths. But they cannot fool the people, or hide the truths. Now Iran’s people, even the 3%, compare Mullahs with animals or dogs, and sarcastically say: Even Animals & Shah were better and wiser than Rouhani & Mullahs ( … Sag-e Shah Sharaf Dasht beh Rouhani/ Akhund … ) ! or ‘Even animals and stupid dogs of Qajar & Pahlavi were better and wiser than Mullahs (Sag-e Qajar & Pahlavi Sharaf Dasht beh Mullahs … ! ) ! Now Iranians compare Mullahs / Islamists with animals or dogs, but sarcastically add: ‘Of course we apologize to animals and dogs for such comparison’ ! (Albateh Bala-nesbat-e Sag … !) ! Now in 2015, the West’s mass media openly say: “the Mullah deal increases Israeli security [!!] Arabs and Islamists (from Saudis to Mullahs) increase Is-raeli security [!!]’ Now many things are clear”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the 3% can see that what Mullahs say is total Bullshit. Now even idiots can see that the Mullah Ideology and all of their Ideological slogans are lies and crappy things (Hamash Kash-keh) ! Now even the 3% can see what Sham Fights (Jang-e Zargi), Islamic lies or Islamic paradoxes mean. Now even the West’s idiots say: ‘( X or Y) has started the countdown of the End of the Mullahs in Iran’ ! Now even idiots can see that the desire of the Iranian people is not the desire of the West or Islamists. Iran’s people want a free, powerful, independent and democratic country. But the West and its stooges want to keep Iran unfree, weak, dependent and under Tyranny. Even in about 100 years ago, Iranian intellectuals like Sadeq Hedayat knew why the West and all Bad guys love Satanic Religions like Mullah Islam, Masonic Islam, Zionist Islam, British Islam or Jewish Islam, and why such religions are only good for looters / plunderers (Qaarat-garan) and Colonial powers (Estemar-garan). If you read Sadegh Hedayat’s best books (Toop Morvai, etc), and if you can ignore some of his mistakes or unimportant details, then you can see how Hedayat gave a brilliant analysis of Satanic Religions, the Jewish God (ie Satan), the sons of Satan, the Barbarians, the Colonial Powers, and those who want to control, enslave and exploit people. In the past 1400 years, Iranian intellects and Iranian Sufis gave a brilliant analysis of our Iranian God and our Iranian values, and also of their Tazi God, their Jewish God, their Barbarian values and their Satanic Religions. And now in 2015, even idiots and the 3% can see that what the Great Men of Persia said in the past was not wrong”. They also add: “Mullahs and Masonic clowns such as Salehi or Javad Zarif are bad jokes. For instance, Instead of saying: ‘We walk away from the NPT because you bully us and threaten us; and only if you stop threatening us, and Is-rael accepts the NPT, then we would accept the NPT or any nuclear deal, this CIA faggot Zarif says: You bully us and threaten us, and We accept the Nuclear Turkmenchay and Capitulation, and we say to our Zionist Brothers: We love you … and now it’s your turn’ !”. They also add: “All Islamic Zionists/ Masons, from ISIS and Saudis to Mullahs, use the same tactics. Now even idiots and their media talk about the Orwellian tactics of Islamists, and say: ‘What they say is not important .. what they do is important .. the facts are the facts, and we are not concerned about what Islamists say’ ! (July 2015) In fact, they know that Islamists chant Anti-X slogans, while Islamists are in bed with X, and lick the ass of X ! But it’s funny that now even idiots say: ‘All Mullahs’ slogans turned out to be sham and hypocrisy’ ! Now even idiots talk about ‘Secret Deals between Mullahs and Great Satan’ ! Now event idiots can understand why Iranians say: ‘Iran must have Nukes; Iran must have Democracy; Iran must get rid of Mullahs and all puppets of the West’. Now even idiots can see how Mullahs hurt Iran & Iranians, but help the Anti-Iran France / UK, the Anti-Iran Arabs/ Tazis and other enemies of Iran. If you search the internet, you can see that many talk about the CIA Islamists or Jewish Islamists. Even the West’s idiots say: ‘Saudi Royal Family is Jewish .. Saudi King and Prince are all Jew .. Wahhabis are of Jewish Origin .. Saudis are of Jewish Origin’ ! Of course the West’s idiots say nothing about real evidence and important facts. They even say nothing about the Devil’s Game, the Islamic Regime of Zionists, or the true face of the Zionist Mullahs, Masonic Mullahs or Anti-Iranian Mullahs. The West knows that Iranians are Aryans/ Persians, but ‘Most of high rank mullahs in Iran are non-Iranians and of Tazi / Turk/ Jewish origin’. Now in 2015, even the Jewish media and Western media talk about ‘Israel and Arabia form alliance against Iran’ ! or ‘France, Is-rael and Arabia form alliance against Iran’ !, and say: ‘Iranians are ethnic Persian / Aryan and Iran was once called, Persia or the Land of Aryans … But Israelis and Saudis are Arabs / Se-mites. The (Tazis = Savage Jews + Savage Arabs) are well aware that Great Persia (was and is an enemy of Barbarians & Bad guys) .. Today’s Iranians seek to be the successors to their Persian ancestors’ ! Now even stupid animals talk about ‘How Great Satan and its Mullahs show similarities’ !, and add: ‘It’s quite striking how in many ways (Mullahs and Zionists) are mirror images of each other’ ! (July 2015) Now even idiots can see that the God of Mullahs is the Taiz God, the God of Lies. But all Iranians hate such Jewish God (ie Satan or Ahriman) which is the God of ISIS, the God of Barbarity, the God of Saudis, the God of Savagery, the God of Inhumanity, the God of Thievery and the God of Turkmenchay”. They also add: “The Cult of Mullahs is like the Cult of Zionists, the Cult of ISIS, the Cult of Saudis or the Cult of Tazis, because Mullahs are the Sons of Great Satan, and all Satanic cults are the same shit. The Mother of All Satanic Cults control Mullahs, Saudis, Zionists, ISIS etc. Now even the stupid story of ‘Mullahs, Saudis and Yemen’ can make people aware. Saudis kill Yemenis and destroy Yemen, but the fucking Islamists of Yemen even refuse to bomb Saudi oil wells or Saudi oil facilities, and to stop War and Savage Saudis! Now even idiots can see that both Saudis and Islamists of Yemen are Islamic Zionists/ Masons, and they just obey the Big Brother’s rules, and that’s why they refuse to bomb Saudi oil wells and Saudi oil facilities, and to stop the fucking War and the Savage Saudi invasion. Now even idiots and animals can see the true meaning of Islamic Lies, Islamic Zionists, Islamic Zellat, Islamic Nekbat, or Islamic Turkmenchay / Capitulation”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots and the 3% can see that the Islamist Ideology and their ideological slogans are nothing but Lies & total Bullshit. Now even idiots and the 3% can see how the Mullah TV work as Zionist TV or Masonic TV, and why the Mullah TV is much worse than the Shah TV. The Mullah TV is actually a branch of the Ayatollah BBC, and now a non-Iranian pig, a stupid Tazi or an Arab faggot is the official manager of the Mullah TV. Now even the 3% have no voice in the Mullah TV ! The 3% are the rank and file of the Mullah TV, and now they are shocked to see how Mullahs defend Zionists, Anti-Iran France, Great Satan’s fact sheet of Lausanne, Islamic Turkmenchay/ Capitulation etc! Now even idiots and the 3% can see why the Jewish CIA and the CIA Islamists created the 2009 Coup, and implemented the Zionist IMF Plans. But the Jewish CIA and its stooges including Leveretts, Marandi, Gareth Porter, Talib-zadeh, Gary Sick, Akbar Ganji and other Basijis and Jewish agents are not important. Even France or UK is not important. The Fucking France is just a symbol of the Barbarian West. Non-Iranian faggots like Zarif, Salehi, Rouhani, Iraq-chi and other Anti-Iranian whores and faggots are not important at all, because they are merely stooges of Iran’s enemies. Now even idiots can see that the Big Brother’s Mafia and a single Big Brother control all media, all journalists, all puppet dictators, all stooges, all Islamists, and almost all terrorists and trouble-makers. And it’s the main issue”. They also add: “Now even idiots can see why Islamists are Zionists/ Tazis, and why their Tazi Religion is the opium of the people. Now even the 3% can see how History repeats itself in a sarcastic / farcical way, and why the Mullah regime is worse than the Pahlavi regime. Now even if idiots take a look at what was said in 1970s or 1980s, and even if they take a look at some good films of 1980s, they can understand many things better. For instance, Red Line (Khate Qermez) is an Iranian film of 1982. Kimiai’s Red Line (1982) is his Best film. Now Massoud Kimiai has become a stupid whore, but Kimiai’s Red Line (1982) is a good film, maybe because at that time Kimiai had not become a stupid whore. Red Line (1982) is a good film about the 1979 Coup, Islamists, Marxists, Savak, the West etc. In the past, this film was censored and banned. But now you can find this film in the internet. All people should watch this film, Red Line (1982). The story of Red Line (1982) is actually the story of the Mullah Regime, its first days, and its final days. This film talks about Believers, Dalals and those who create fake enemies, fake slogans, fake opposition, and other fake things. Dalals, brokers, opportunists and Hezbe Baad (the Party of wind) are those who go where the wind is blowing. ‘Average people and those who protests in the streets are believers (and real protesters), but their leaders and those who control them are Dalal’, and it’s what Iranians said in 1979 and also in Red Line of 1982. In fact, even if in 1979 many Iranians knew that Mullahs and Islamists are Dalal, Opportunists, Hezbe Baad (the Party of wind) or Ahl-e Bakhieh! Even in 1982, many Iranians knew that the CIA, MI6 or Savak created Islamists, Marxists, Mullahs and other shitty opposition groups. Even if you watch Iranian films like Red Line or the Mission (Ferestadeh), you can see what Iranians said in 1982 or 1983. Parviz Sayad’s the Mission (1983) is a good film. Parviz Sayad was, and still is, one of the best critics and theatre-makers in exile. Parviz Sayad’s the Mission (1983) is one of his best films, and says good things about Mullahs and Great Satan, and also about Believers, Charlatans, Slaves of Ideology etc. In the Mission (1983), the CIA Mullahs ask a believer to assassinate a man who knows how Savak and Big Brothers paid Mullahs and used Mullahs in dirty works. But the believer starts to learns the truths, while Mullahs want the believer to obey orders, and to act like a professional killer or a professional terrorist. But the believer says: It’s exactly like what Shah and Dictators (and Satan) say; and a true believer or a real religious man should not turn a blind eye to the Truth, Moral values, Human values or what is good and decent‘ ! Films like Red Line (1982) and the Mission (1983) actually talk about Mullah lies, Satanic paradoxes and current events or current situation. Now all of the 3% are like that Believer in the Mission (1983). Now what Rouhanis do and say about their Arman (= Ideal), their Afsar (= Bridle) and their Akhor (= Manger) clearly show who control Mullahs. Now all Iranians, even the 3%, know Mullahs, their Arbab (Arbab = Master), their Afsar (Afsar = rein/ bridle) and their Akhor (manger). Now Iran’s people just laugh / spit at Rouhanis, and tell them: Iranians know Who control your Arman, your Afsar, your Akhor etc ! Now even the 3% can see how Mullahs become defenders of Zionists and Iran’s enemies including the Zionist France!, how crooks and thieves become defenders of morality and poor guys!, how dictators become defenders of Democracy !, how serial killers and sadists become defenders of human rights!, how censors and fascists become defenders of Freedom !, and how the Barbarian West and Western Sadists become defenders of both Human Rights and Brutal Dictators! Now even idiots ridicule such ridiculous paradoxes. The West and its stooges cannot hide their paradoxes. They still tell stupid lies, and try to hide their stupid paradoxes in a silly way. The stupid West and its stooges still live in the Age of Ignorance (Ahd-e Boogh !) But today is not Ahd-e Boogh”.

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