Islamic Turkmenchay: Masonic Regime of Mullahs

“Now even animals, retards, mass media and media whores talk about the Deals or Secret Deals between the Great Satan and its Mullahs! Now even the Mullah media talk about the love story of ‘Mullahs and Zionist France’ ! Now even the 3% laugh at the Islamic Zionists and their Zionist France and their Islamic Turkmenchay. Now even the West’s mass media say: the Nuclear Deal includes secret side deals’ ! (July 2015) But their Secret Deals or their ‘Secret side-deals’ is not a new thing for Iranians. Iran’s people already knew the fucking West and the Sons of Great Satan (ie Mullahs, Marxists etc) ! In July 2015, the fucking US media say: ‘the United States and other Western powers agree to a “Secret Deal” with Mullahs ! or ‘Obama is selling out (X or Y) with a Secret Mullah Deal’ ! (July 2015) But Iranians already knew the Sons of Great Satan, and since 2009 Iranians have repeatedly talked about the Secret Deals Between the Mullahs and Great Satan. Now the fucking US media pretends that ‘They Expose the Secret Deals Between the IAEA and Mullahs‘ !, or ‘They Expose the Secret Deals Between Mullahs and USA‘ ! But Iran’s people have already exposed the love affairs and the secret deals between the West and Mullahs. Iranians have repeatedly said that those who created the 2009 CIA Coup, implemented the IMF Plans (their Zionist IMF plans !) and followed the dictates of the West are those who create and defend the Islamic Turkmenchay”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Marxists and other Masons still defend Mullahs, IMF, Imperialism and Colonialism! But now even idiots and the 3% can see the true face of the Mullahs and the Masonic Regime of Mullahs. The Love story of ‘Mullahs and Zionist France’ is so important. Just look how Mullahs make love with their Zionist France, the French Zionists and the Anti-Iran France, and why the Islamist regime is actually the Zionist Regime of Islamists or the Masonic Regime of Mullahs. You all know the important story of ‘France, Zionists and Saudis’. In this year (2015), you all know what Savage France did and said. France’s Anti-Iran acts is not a hidden fact. Even the Western media say: ‘France has become de facto the voice of Israel and Saudi Arabia‘ ! (July 2015) But now the media report that France and Mullahs agree to boost their Masonic cooperation! Now the UK’s Rouhani phones the Zionist France’s Holland, and the Zionist France and the UK’s Rouhanis agree to boost their Zionist cooperation after nuclear deal ! (July 2015) Now the media even reports: (the Zionist French Faggot) Laurent Fabius wants to visit the House of Mullahs on July 29, 2015! Now Basijis, Islamists and other Islamic Freemasons want to dance in the streets to welcome the Zionist France and French Zionists, and to thank Zionists and Iran’s enemies for their Anti-Iran acts! And this is the true meaning of the Islamic Turkmenchay”. They also add: “Now even France, Fabius, Netanyahu and Is-raeli Zionists are warmly welcomed by Islamists and Basijis! So it’s obvious why Iranians make jokes, and say: If France, Fabius, Netanyahu or Is-raeli Zionists visit Iran, Baijis and Islamists dance in the streets, and sing: Sele ela Mohamad, Yar-e Imam Khoshamad ! (Welcome the Zionist supporters of Mullahs) ! Now even idiots can see why and how Mullahs love France, Fabius, Netanyahu and other Zionists/ Masons. Now if Fabius or Netanyaho visits the House of Mullahs, Islamists dance in the streets and sing: Sele ela Mohamad, Yavare Rahbar Amad ! (Welcome the Zionist supporters of Mullahs) ! All Iranians and many non-Iranians know that there is no real difference between Netanyahu, Fabius, Philip Hammond, UK, France and Zionists. But Britain, France’s Fabius Dayus, Netanyahu and other Zionists and Masons are welcomed by Mullahs, because Mullahs are Masons. Mullahs love their Masonic Brothers! But now even idiots and the 3% can see that their Mullah leaders are actually Masonic leaders or Zionist leaders. And it’s really important. Now the 3% are shocked. Now only non-believers defend the Masonic / Zionist Regime of Mullahs! And it’s equal to the End of Mullahs and the End of Mullah Myths. The West’s Censorship and the West’s Lies cannot hide the truths”. They also add: “Yah, the West’s Censorship and the West’s Lies are still Shocking. It’s still shocking that almost all western journalists are CIA agents or Big Brother’s whores. It’s shocking that all journalists and all media in the West are Big Brother’s whores and Masonic/ Orwellian media. It’s still shocking that all exiled media and all exiled journalists (aka exiled whores, exiled faggots, exiled spies etc) are Big Brother’s agents. It’s shameful that almost all journalists are whores, spies, ass-lickers etc. But now even idiots are aware of the Myth of Free Speech and the Myth of Free Media in the West. Now even idiots know that CIA media, MI6 media, US media, UK media or Big Brother media is not Free Media or Free Press! Now even idiots can see how the Big Brother Mafia controls the Mullah regime and the Mullah leaders. Now even many Westerners know the CIA whores and the CIA faggots, including Harvard-educated whores and MIT-educated whores. Now the CIA faggots like Ernest Moniz and Akbar Salehi make all people aware. Now the mass media talk about Salehi and Moniz, and How two CIA faggots (= two CIA scientists! ) created the Nuclear Turkmenchay! The witty guys say: Moniz is Koniz (= faggot)! But the CIA faggots like Ernest Moniz and the Islamic faggots like Salehi, Zarif and Iraq-chi are the same shit. Salehi is a stupid faggot. Salehi was born in Iraq. Salehi is Iraqi, not Iranian. Salehi is a CIA agent, an Arab/ Iraqi CIA agent. Now the CIA’s Mullahs and the CIA Mullah TV openly praise Salehi, Iraq-chi, Zarif, Hajji Baba and Turkmenchay! Salehi’s recent interview with the Mullah TV is a Historic Farce, and says a lot about Islamic Nekbat, Islamic Zelat, Islamic Turkmenchay, Islamic lies, Islamic corruption and Islamic Zionists/ Masons. What the CIA’s Mullahs and the CIA’s Salehi say about Arak, Fordow, fucking Red Lines and everything is a real eye-opener. Now the Masonic leaders of Mullahs – from the West to the Ayatollah Freemason- openly defend and praise Zarif, Salehi, Iraq-chi and other Islamic agents of the CIA. But it’s obvious why the West and the Big Brother love the Zionist Mullahs, the Islamic Zionists or the Islamic Freemasons -from Khamenei to Rouhani, Zarif, Salehi and other Islamic Hajji Baba, Hajji Faggot, Hajji Zionist, Hajji Freemason etc. It’s obvious why the US and the West love Saudis, Mullahs, Islamists, the Masonic Regime of Mullahs or the Zionist Regime of Islamists, isn’t it?!”


As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs are the Sons of Satan or Great Satan, and now even idiots and the 3% know that Mullahs are a complete sham. They even know that their Nuclear Turkmenchay or the Islamic Turkmenchay is Capitulation, a complete capitulation! The Mullah’s Capitulation remind many of Khomeini and his bullshit. Now even idiots and the 3% know Islamic Capitulation, Islamic Zelat, Islamic Nekbat, Islamic Lies and Islamic Zionists/ Masons, while Mullahs and Masons are happy that their Islamic Turkmenchay is complete capitulation, and the Mullah’s Capitulation is the worse of the worst ! Now even idiots know that Ali Freemason (Khamenei) = Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) Now even the 3% ridicule Khamenei’s Turkmenchay and Khamenei’s Terekmun – which is worse than Qajar’s Turkmenchay and Shah Sultan Hussein’s Terekmun. Now even the 3% can see the true face of Ali Freemason (Khamenei). And it’s really important. Islamic Freemasons and Masonic Clowns love Turkmenchay and Capitulation! They love Mullahs and Zionists! But it’s funny that even these retards and animals know that ‘With or Without a deal, Mullahs and Islamists will go to Hell ‘! Now even idiots can see that Khamenei’s Terekmun in 2015 is like Khamenei’s Terekmun in 2009. Even the West and its Mullahs know that ‘With or Without a deal, the Mullah regime and Islamists will go to Hell soon’ ! But they just want to buy time, and to loot/ steal/ plunder more things. Now even the Westerners talk about British lies, American lies and ‘Undemocratic Secret Side Deals’ !, and say: ‘No one expected the Senate hearing to be anything other than a circus’ ! (July 2015) Now even the 3% say: ‘Their Vienna deal is actually the fact-sheet of their Great Satan, and shows that Iran’s Red lines have not been observed‘ ! Now even the 3% can see that Mullahs are the Sons of Satan or Great Satan, as Saudis, ISIS and other Islamists are the Sons of Satan or Great Satan. In July 2015, the stupid Mullah & Masonic media celebrate their Islamic Turkmenchay, and say: ‘WHO chief goes to Iran .. IMF chief goes to Iran .. Zionist chief goes to Iran’ ! They praise the love story of ‘Zionists and Islamists’ ! But now even the 3% can see the true face of the Zionist Regime of Mullahs, and the true colors of the Islamic Zionists or Islamic Freemasons. It’s funny that now even idiots can see that the Islamic faggots and the Mullah TV whores like Rambod Javan and other Basiji /Sepahi faggots are non-Iranians or non-believers who defend Mullahs, Islamic lies, Islamic Turkmenchay / Nekbat, Islamic Zionists and Iran’s enemies! Now if you want to know more about Islamic Turkmenchay, Islamic whores, Islamic faggots and the love story of ‘Islamists and Zionists and their Secret deals’, you can take a look at what Mullahs, Saudis, Arabs, Mullah TV or Masonic Media say. What they say and do about their Zionist France is so laughable. (Even) what they say about Coburg Hotel, their Masonic Brothers or Masonic Brothels is laughable and informative! In July 2015, even Reuters -in articles like Vienna nuclear talks: Brothels and (Basijis)– says: ‘As the manager of a local brothel said, when the Nuclear talks are in Vienna, ‘Business is booming’ (!!) (Basijis and Islamic) journalists are pleased in Vienna’s Brothels! … Brothels are legal in Austria -so much so that last month an Austrian night club announced it was offering customers free s-ex (!) .. Vienna’s Palais Coburg hotel, a 19th-century palace, has hosted most rounds of the talks since February 2014, and for all that time (many talked) about a network of underground tunnels connecting it to brothels and other (Masonic establishments) !’ ! It’s obvious why Islamic faggots love Austrian hospitality of their Masonic Brothers! All faggots are the same shit. Now all Masonic-Islamic whores -from Basijis and Mullah TV whores to exiled faggots and Western journalists – defend Zarif and Turkmenchay, and talk about the benefits of Capitulation! But Iran’s people are not blind. Now Iran’s people make joke, and say for instance: ‘Do you know what Zarif and Salehi did in Vienna?! Salehi dropped his trousers, and his Great Satan (…) ! Zarif pulled down his pants, and his Great Satan (…) ‘ ! In fact, Iran’s people know the true meaning of Islamic Turkmenchay and what Mullahs did in Vienna! Now even idiots and the 3% know that Mullahs and all Islamic faggots have pulled down their pants in Vienna, and their Great Satan (…) ! In fact, now Iran’s people have caught Mullahs and Great Satan with their pants / trousers down! As you know, (and according to American dictionaries) catch somebody with their pants/ trousers down = to discover that someone is doing something that they should not be doing or has not done something that they should have done. And now Iran’s people have caught Mullahs and Great Satan with their pants/ trousers down! Of course it’s not the first time that Mullahs and their Great Satan are caught with their pants down. But it’s the first time that non-Iranians and all humans can see the truths, and no one can deny this historic Farce”. They also add: “Now even the West’s idiots talk about ‘Mullahs, Greece and the Rule of Game’ ! (July 2015), and say: ‘Mullahs and Greek Politicians had a choice: (Big Brother’s side or People’s side) But Why did Mullahs decide to play by the rules ( = the Big Brother’s rules)?!‘ ! In fact, even idiots know that the Mullahs are puppets of the West, and the Mullahs play by the Big Brother’s rules. Now even the 3% ask good questions like: Why did we decide to create or support the fucking Revolution of 1979 ?! ( khob Chera aslan Enqelab kardim … ?!! ) So why did we hate Pahlavi or Qajar, and create this fucking Revolution ?! Khob, Aslan Baraye Chi Enqelab kardim … ?!! ) Did we want to hurt Iran, and to help Iran’s enemies, including Arab states?! Did we just want to destory Iran, and to create and support Dubai, UAE, Qatar and other tiny shit-hole of Savage Arabs?! In the 1970s, Iran was already the regional superpower … Saudi Arabia and all Arab states licked Iran’s ass and Shah’s ass … So why did we create this fucking Revolution in 1979 ?! To hurt Iran, and to help Iran’s enemies ?!‘ ! Now all Iranians, even the 3%, ask very good and important questions about the 1979 Coup, and also about Pragmatism, Principle-ism and Islamic Lies and Paradoxes. They know that Khamenei should behave like his Imam Ali, not like Muawiyah! But in these years, Ali Khamenei is actually Ali Muawiyah! Khamenei should be either Ali or Muawiyah. But now Khamenei tries to be both Ali and Muawiyah !, while now even the 3% are aware of such Islamic paradoxes, and say: You cannot be both Ali and Muawiyah ! You cannot be Ali, a man of principle, and also a pragmatist, like Muawiyah !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now all Iranians, even idiots and the 3%, know Islamic lies and Islamic paradoxes. But it’s not the whole story. Now even idiots can see the true face of the UK media, the Masonic media, the Guardian of Lies, the Guardian of Mullahs, the Guardian of Masons, the Guardian of MI6 etc. After the Nuclear Turkmenchay, the MI6 media – from the Ayatollah BBC and the Guardian of MI6 (GU) – defend Rouhanis and Islamic Turkmenchay, and talk about the benefits of Capitulation and Turkmenchay! They censor all news, but publish Stupid Orwellian articles like [1]: ‘How the UK’s Mullahs are trying to win back the youth of Iran‘ !! (GU, July 2015) or ‘How Mullah Media prepared the public for the nuclear deal‘ !! (GU, July 2015) The MI6 Islamists like Hossein Bastani and other MI6 agents write such Orwellian crap. This Islamic Freemason Hussein Bastani is MI6 whore at BBC. He tells many big lies, but has a few good confessions like: ‘A week after a framework agreement was announced in Lausanne in April 2015, (the Masonic Leader of Mullahs, Khamenei) said the congratulatory messages that IRGC/ Basiji officials were sending him were “meaningless” because nothing had yet happened !, and (the Masonic Leader) even claimed he rejected the US Fact sheet .. But since the final nuclear agreement on 14 July 2015, Khamenei has praised the negotiators and defended (Nuclear Turkmenchay & US Fact Sheet of Lausanne) ‘ ! [1] Now even Basijis and MI6 agents like Hussein Bastani confess that ‘In the past, Ali Khamenei regarded both any ‘retreat’ from uranium enrichment and talk with the Great Satan as ‘Red lines’ that the Mullah Regime should not cross’ ! [1] But now Ali Freemason (Khamenei) is crossing all Red lines, including his own red lines! The UK and MI6 agents still support their Ali Freemason (Khamenei) and their Hassan Freemason (Rouhani), and stupidly talk about ‘How Mullah Media and Western media prepared the public for the 2009 Coup’ ! But they know that their Khamenei, Mullahs, Basijis and Islamic Freemasons already ‘portrayed sanctions as completely unimportant and Iran’s uranium enrichment as a vital element of national interest’ ! [1] But now Mullahs say: Uranium enrichment or nuclear industry is completely unimportant, but Sanctions is of vital importance to their Masonic / Islamic economy! But now even the 3% and idiots know what these Islamic lies and Islamic paradoxes mean”. They also add: “This MI6 whore Hossein Bastani is Khatamist / Rouhanist / Basiji. This MI6 faggot Hossein Bastani works for the Ayatollah BBC. He loves Basiji faggots/ whores = strong supporters of the regime! He and his MI6 ask Mullahs to prepare the supporters of the regime for Islamic Capitulation! ‘This needed to be explained to the supporters of the regime (= the 3%)’ ! [1], they say. But it’s funny that they themselves confess that Iranians don’t listen to the West-Mullah lies & bullshit: ‘Iran’s people blame the Mullah government’s mismanagement and corruption (not Sanctions) for worsening economic conditions in Iran‘ ! [1] In fact, Iran’s people know that what is said about Sanctions and the effect of sanctions is total bullshit. Iran’s people know Islamic Freemasons, Islamic lies, and the Masters of Islamists (ie the West) The fucking UK / US and the West censor all news and all facts, but all Iranians can see and feel all price increases, all lies, all IMF Plans and all increasing prices -from the price of dollar and the price of petrol to the price of everything. Iran’s people are not blind. Now even the 3% and idiots can see that what the Big Brother’s whores -including Guardian Staffs, BBC Staffs, Mullah TV Staffs, MI6 Staffs or CIA Staffs- say is total bullshit. Now all exiled media and all CIA-Islamist Media -from Alef, Rooz and Gooya News to Payvand News- defend the Anti-Iran West and/or the Anti-Iran Rouhanis. Now all Masonic media – form UK media and Arab media to the Masonic newspapers of Mullahs- portraying Qajar, Hajji Baba or Zarif as a national hero! The Masonic newspaper Ghanoun says all Iranians are stupid, because all Iranians hate traitors and non-Iranian pigs like Zarif, Rouhani and other Islamic Pofyouz, Dayous or Chalquz! Masons are angry, because now even idiots and the 3% can see that the Mullah TV and all Mullah newspapers are Masonic Media, and all of them are like Keyhan & BBC. Now the Mullah TV and the BBC just show and confirm that Mullahs are controlled by the West”. They also add: “Now the West and Islamic Freemasons talk about Khamenei’s Pragmatism, aka Muawiyah’s Pragmatism ! But all Iranians know the story of Pragmatism and Principle-ism. Khamenei and Mullahs have always said, and it’s the main pillar of their ideology, that Ali was a man of principle, and Ali rejected Muawiyah’s Pragmatism, and Ali fought against Muawiyah’s Pragmatism and Charlatanism! So it’s obvious why Khamenei, Mullahs and Islamists cannot use and defend Pragmatism, aka Muawiyah’s Pragmatism or Abu Sufyan’s tactics! But now Mullahs and Masons say that their Seyyed Ali Muawiyah (Khamenei) has become a pragmatist and a follower of Muawiyah! It’s so laughable. Their Islamic Paradoxes are so important, and even the 3% are aware of this issue. Mullahs and their Seyyed Ali Abu Sufyan or Seyyed Ali Freemason (Khamenei) cannot defend Pragmatism, because Mullahs pretend that they are followers of their Imam Ali, not followers of Muawiyah, Abu Sufyan or any other Tazis! Ali was not a pragmatist. Ali was a man of principle. And it’s what Mullahs themselves said and say! The Masonic Regime of Mullahs cannot solve such paradoxes. So now even the 3% say: ‘After a lot of lies, crimes, traitorous acts, barking, farting etc now they make love and deal with their Great Satan ?! (Badaz inhame Arro-Gooz & Khiyanat & Jenayat & … Hala bah Satan/ Great Satan Moasheqe & Mofaheme Mikhonan … ?!! ) Even the 3% know that those Savage Islamists who defend Pragmatism & Muawiyah, but shed crocodile tears for Ali & Principles, are like Saudis, ISIS or Khawarej ! It’s obvious why Iran’s people ridicule this Ali Muawiyah (Khamenei), and say: now this stupid faggot, that called himself a man of principle, has become pragmatist and defender of Pragmatism ?! (Hala Yek-dafeh vase ma Pragmatist & modafeh Pragmatism shodan … ?!! ) Now all Iranians, even the 3%, can see that Khamenei = Rouhani, Rouhani = Khamenei = AN, and the West and Zionists = Mullahs and Saudis”.

As some wise Iranians say: “the Masonic Regime of Mullahs cannot hide or solve its paradoxes. Now even idiots and the 3% ridicule the stupid paradoxes of the Zionist Regime of Islamists! Now Mullahs and the Sons of Great Satan openly lick the asses of the Zionist France, the French Zionist, the IMF chief, the WHO chief and other Zionists and Freemasons! So now even idiots and the 3% ridicule Mullahs and Islamists. Now even the US idiots ridicule Obama’s Secret Side Deals with Mullahs ! Now even idiots can see that Mullahs are the worst puppets of the West. Mullahs are really the worst stooges of the Great Satan. Mullahs and other Islamic liars call themselves Sadegh (truth-teller)! But Mullahs and the worst Islamic liars, including Sadegh Zibakalam or Sadegh Kharazi, just remind you of ancient Iranian proverbs such as: Their name is the exact opposite of their nature ! (Bar-aks Nahand Name Zangi Kafur ) ! Now all Basiji leaders and Islamic Freemasons – from Jafari, FiruzAbadi, Zibakalam and Sadegh Kharazi to Safar Harandi of Keyhan- openly defend the Nuclear Turkmenchay! But now even idiots can see that Mullahs, Basijis and those who create or defend the 2009 CIA Coup and the Nuclear Turkmenchay are Jewish Fetneh or Masonic Fetneh (Jewish Sedition or Masonic Sedition)! Now even idiots and the 3% can see why Mullahs are Omol Fetneh (Mother of all seditions) ! Mullahs are so stupid. They think If Islamic Freemasons such as Safar Harandi of Keyhan, and Basij / Sepah leaders like Jafari and FizGoozAbadi openly defend their Great Satan’s Deal and their Great Satan’s Fact Sheet of Lausanne !, then the 3% would say: Long Live Great Satan, and God Bless Great Satan and CIA Islamists! Mullahs and the Sons of Great Satan have low IQs. Now even idiots and the 3% can see that Mullahs and Islamists = Zellat, Nekbat, Belahat, Hemadat, Kesafat, Rezalat, Daryoozegi, Vadadegi, Veqahat … ( = the worst of the worst … ) ! Now even the 3% can see that Mullahs and Islamists are not Iranians. Mullahs and Islamists are Masons and the Worst Puppets of the West. Now even the US faggots say: ‘We are now discovering that Obama and John Kerry made several secret side deals with Mullahs (!!) … They are refusing to allow the people learn about the details of those secret side deals’ ! (July 2015) Now even the US whores say: ‘Secret deals made between the Islamic Regime and the Great Satan as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) will remain secret and will not be shared with the public (!!) .. Many things are secret and entirely free from public scrutiny ! … Obama thinks that he can make secret deals with Mullah) without ever telling America what he has done. He really does think he is an emperor’ ! (July 2015) Now even the US mass media say: ‘It turns out the US made several secret side deals with Mullahs’ ! (July 2015) But it’s not a new thing for Iranians. Iranians already knew Mullahs, ie the Sons of Great Satan, the Stooges of Great Satan or the Slaves of Great Satan. But it’s a new thing that the mass media talk about a small part of the secret love affairs and the secret deals between the Great Satan and the Sons of Great Satan! Now even US Senators, US Savages, US faggots or US whores say: ‘One of the things that we are told to accept and believe every day is the superior intelligence and IQ and competence of (American faggots !) .. they say they are the best and the brightest, and they are the Wizards of Smart ! .. But they are the exact opposite … they are self-absorbed megalomaniac who haven’t the ability to know what they don’t know ! … they believe that they are universally loved and appreciated ’cause they are (American faggots) ! … (the West’s whores, faggots, retards and idiots) are People who think they’re smarter than everybody else, people who think they are the smartest people in the room’ ! (July 2015) In fact, now even idiots know the Stupid West and its stupid whores. The stupid West and its stooges still live in the 19th century ( = Ahd-e Boogh !) But Today is not Ahd-e Boogh !”.

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