End of Mullahs, Islamic Great Satan Myths

“It’s obvious why Iran’s people ridicule Mullahs and the Nuclear Turkmenchay of Mullahs, and say: Ajab Eftezahi ! Ajab Rosvai-i ! (Wow! Such a great scandal /debacle!) Ajab Vadadegi-i (Wow! such a total surrender !) Ajab Terekmuni ! (such a Huge mistake ! ) Ajab Eftezah-e Tarikhi ! (Wow! Such a historic Scandal !) Al-Fateha !! (This is the End of Mullahs !) Ajab Gandi / Terekmuni zadan ! (Mullahs have made huge and historic mistakes) Al-Fateha !! Ajab Zellati / Khefati (Such a Great Humiliating Defeat for Mullahs!) Ajab Gohi khordan ! (Mullahs eating a very bad and poisonous shit !) Damesh Garm ! (Thank God ! It’s the Best thing!) In these historic days, you should know Persian laughable if you want to know the true meaning of what Iran’s people say. Now all Iranians, even the 3%, know that the Mullah Turkmenchay is the Biggest Zellat / Khefat / Humiliating Defeat for Mullahs. It’s equal to the End of Mullahs and Mullah Myths. Now even the 3% say: the fate of the Mullah Regime is like the fate of Fordow ! (July 2015) This Islamic Turkmenchay or Terekmun is the Biggest Terekmun in history, and it will put an end to the Islamic Myths, the Great Satan myths, and the Orwellian Myths of Islamists, Marxists, Mullahs and Masons”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “This Islamic Turkmenchay is the Biggest Humiliating Defeat for Mullahs/ Islamists, and a great Victory for Iran, Iranians and all good guys. So now all Iranians, even the 3%, ridicule Mullahs and the Nuclear Turkmenchay of Mullahs. But it’s funny and important that the so-called Del-vapasan (ie The Worried) have shut the fuck up about their Nuclear Turkmenchay! The Worried are Islamic Freemasons, and now even the 3% sarcastically ask: Why Basijis and the Worried have shut up about this nuclear farce … (chera Basijis & Del-vapasan Khafe Khoon gereftan .. Chi shod Del-vapasan Vadadan .. ?!! ) The Worried are Islamic Freemasons like Rasai, Kuchik-zadeh, Mason-zadeh, Arab-zadeh, Zena-zadeh, Tazi-zadeh, Taliban-zadeh etc. In fact, the Worried are non-Iranian Tazis or Masonic puppets of Iran’s enemies. In July 2015, even the Mullah media sarcastically say: ‘What has happened that the Worried become the Thankful – ie Thankful for Rouhani’s Turkmenchay?! (Chi shod Basijis / Del-vapasan yek dafe (Khafe Khoon gerefte) Moteshaker shodan ?!! Chi Shod Del-vapasan modafe Rohani va Turkmenchay shodan ?!! ) In fact, now even idiots can see that Basijis and the so-called Worried are Islamic Freemasons and stupid puppets of the West”. They also add: “the story of ‘Nuclear Deal, Censorship and Lies’ is a long story. Now even Google and search engines help the Mullah regime in a silly way. Now in Iran, if you google / search for Nuclear Turkmenchay in Persian, you can see that they have deleted, boycotted or hidden almost all things, even what Iran’s people have already said in April and May 2015 ! The fucking West and its Mullahs are so stupid. Their Censorship and Lies are like the Nuclear Terekmun or Turkmenchay! All Iranians know them and their Terekmun or Turkmenchay! Now all Iranians, even the 3%, know that Mullahs surrender to Great Satan! As you know, surrender = to give up; to allow yourself to be controlled or influenced by something. And now even the 3% can see how Mullahs surrender themselves to their Great Satan! Mullahs surrender to the West’s demands, and it’s not a hidden fact. Now even the 3% say Mullahs give in to Great Satan ! Mullahs give in to Pressure! Mullahs give in to The West’s Demands! Mullahs give in to Satan and Satanic Demands! Now even idiots can see that Iran and Mullahs are totally different. Iran will never give in to pressure, but Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs are non-Iranian puppets of the West”. They also add: “In Persian, Kalaq Par (= Crows flew) or X Par actually means Crows or X will go to hell in the near future. In 2009, Iranians sang: Kalaq Par ! AhmadiNejad Par ! Bye-Bye AN ! And now Iranians say: Bye-Bye Great Satan & Mullahs! Bye-Bye Mullahs! Kalaq Par ! Mullah programs Par ! (Fordow Par, R&D Par, Arak Par … ) Their independence Par ! Kalaq Par ! Khamenei Par ! Rafsanjani Par ! Rouhani Par ! Basiji Par ! Mullah Regime Par ! Kalaq Par ! Mason Par ! Mullah Par ! Mozdur Par ! Basiji Par ! All 2009 Traitors Par ! Kalaq Par ! Ajnabi Par ! Tazi Par ! Arab Par ! … Now Khamenei openly defends Great Satan Deal and US Fact Sheet of Lausanne and Deal with Devil ! Now Khamenei tells many Big & childish lies, and make a fool of himself in a silly way. So now even idiots and the 3% can see that Khamenei loves Great Satan, US Fact Sheet and Turkmenchay, because Khamenei is a US Agent / UK agent. Ali Khamenei is a Masonic agent of Iran’s enemies, and that’s why he openly defends Turkmenchay and Freemasons such as Rouhani, Zarif, Iraq-chi, Salehi, AN, etc. Ali Freemason (Khamenei) is the worst puppet dictator in Iran’s history. Now even the 3% ridicule Khamenei, and say: ‘His remarks are either ridiculed or taken as a joke .. Now All Iranians ridicule Khamenei’s shameful and humiliating concessions to his Great Satan!”. They also add: “Now even the 3% know, and the JCPOA and UNSCR 2231 show, that Mullahs are The Real Losers. Now the West and its stooges desperately try to produce clouds of dust, and to hide the truths. Now small bits of dust dancing in the air or the streets! But as Iranians say: the dust will settle soon! Media whores, Basijis, Islamists and other stupid whores are the small bits of dust (= Gard & Qobar or Khas & Khashak) ! The West and The Media can create a cloud of dust, but they cannot hide the people, the truths and the history under a cloud of dust! As you all know, the dust will settle soon! But Iranians and many other humans even don’t need to wait for the dust to settle, because they know the Fucking West and its Mullahs. Now in July 2015, even the 3% say very good things. For instance, they compare the Nuclear Turkmenchay with Benzin Bazi / Bazi bah Benzin ! (Playing with Fire / Fuel ) ! It has a double meaning. On the one hade, they talk about Petrol Game and Petrol’s Price game in Rouhani’s era. They all know how this British Freemason Rouhani played Masonic games with Petrol Price. On the other hade, they say that the Nuclear deal is actually Playing with Fire and adding a huge amount of fuel to the fire ! In fact, they now why this Shameful Deal with Great Satan = the End of Mullahs. Now even idiots and the 3% can see how Islamists and Basiji leaders dance and celebrate licking the ass of Great Satan! Now it’s clear that the UK’s Mullahs, Hojjatieh and Masonic Mullahs love Satan and Great Satan. Mullahs and their Javad Zarif sleep with Great Satan, and now even non-Iranians talk about the love story of ‘Zarif and Kerry’, and say: Mullahs are in bed with their Great Satan !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even non-Iranians create good cartoons (like above cartoon) They know the CIA agents like Javad Zarif. They know how this CIA agent Javad Zarif and other CIA Mullahs sleep with Great Satan. They know that Masons, Marxists and Mullahs managed to cultivate the myth that they fought against the West and Great Satan ! But in the real world, Mullahs are puppets of Great Satan. In the real world, Mullahs are UK agents and US agents. Those who read history know that the first Masons in Iran were Akhund or Akhund-zadeh (= son of Mullah) In Persian, Rouhani = Akhund = Mullah, and if you read history and take a look at current events, you can see that Mullah = Mason, and Masons = Mullahs. It’s really important that the first Freemasons in Iran – from Hajji Baba to Akhund-zadeh, Malkum and Mullah Afghani- were non-Iranians or Mullahs/ Islamists. Today Islamists and Mullahs -from Khamenei and Zarif to Zibakalam and Rouhani- are the sons of Mullah Afghani, Malkum, Akhund-zadeh, Hajji Baba and other notorious Freemasons. Now in 2015, Basiji leaders and Sepah/ IRGC faggots -including Jafari and FizGoozAbadi – openly lick the ass of Great Satan, and celebrate Turkmenchay! The West censors all news, but now in July 2015, the Basiji leaders like FizGoozAbadi (= Mr Fizz&Fart ) openly say: Basijis should celebrate Turkmenchay and licking the ass of Great Satan! But now even the 3% say to the Basiji leaders: Shame on you .. you Basiji leaders are puppet of Great Satan! Now even the 3% can see How their Islamic Razmandegan (Soldiers) have become Raqsandegan (Dancers)! After the Nuclear Turkmenchay, all Iranians could see how Razmandegan-e Islam (Islam’s soldiers or Islamic soldiers) have become Raqsandegan-e Islam (Islam’s Dancers or Islamic Dancers)! The West censors all news. But now even idiots and the 3% can see How the Basiji and the IRGC support the Turkmenchay and defend the US Fact Sheet of Lausanne, the Great Satan’s Fact Sheet! Now even the 3% laugh/ spit at Basiji leaders like Jafari and FiruzAbadi = FizGoozAbadi = Mr Fizz&Fart! Now even non-Iranians say: ‘Iranians are agreed on who the losers are. The ultimate losers in the current crisis are the Mullahs who appear confused, divided and desperate’ ! Now even the 3% can see why the Basijis leaders are MI6/ CIA agents, and why they created the 2009 CIA Coup. After Lausanne-chay, the 3% were shocked because IRGC / Basiji leaders openly defended the Islamic Turkmenchay. Now the 3% laugh and spit at IRGC leaders. But now (in July 2015) the 3% are shocked because the Mullah leader Khamenei openly defends the Islamic Turkmenchay and the US Fact Sheet of Lausanne! Now even the 3% can see the true face of Ali Freemason (Khamenei), and that’s why they are shocked. Now even idiots and the 3% can see that Khamenei’s red lies are jokes and bullshit. This motherfucker, Khamenei, already rejected the US Fact Sheet, and talked about 190,000 centrifuges, 190,000 SWU and many other things! But now this stupid faggot, Khamenei, openly says the US Fact Sheet and 5000 SWU is a victory for Mullahs and Masons! Now this stupid whore, Khamenei, rejects his own red lies, and celebrates the US Fact Sheet of Lausanne and 5,000 centrifuges/ 5,000 SWU ! (instead of his own 190,000 centrifuges/ SWU etc) ! So now even the 3% talk about Khamenei’s treason and Khamenei’s lies. They know what this Masonic Imam said in their Eid Al-Fitr. What this Masonic Imam says in July 2015 is like what this Satanic Imam said in June 2009. But now even the 3% can see how their Satanic / Masonic Imam tells many big and childish lies, and helps the West and Great Satan! The West and its stooges censor all news, but they cannot hide the truths. Now the 3% put comments, and openly say for instance: ‘Is our Imam Khamenei a scarecrow (= Matarsak) and a slave and puppet of America (= Nokar & Mozdur-e America) (?!!) Is he our Imam (?!!) He wants to resist Satan by licking Satan’s ass (?!!) .. Why Khamenie has become a slave and stooge of Great Satan & Imperialism (Jadeh Saf Kon America, Estekbar & Estemar !) (?!!) Sham on us Basijis (Khak Bar Sar Ma Basiji-ha) that bow before the Great Satan (!!) .. Tell our stupid leader, Khamenei, that if he wants to bow before America, he should stop making a fool of himself by telling us silly lies ! .. Why Khamenei tell such lies to us (!!) .. If America is Great Satan, you should not make love and dance with your Great Satan (!!) .. Do you think we are stupid kids?! In recent years, you just talk about Badr & Kheybar (Shoma keh dar Moze Badr & Kheybar budid .. !! ) But now You Khamenei are surrendering to America and world powers; you the coward, Khamenei, are selling everything and making huge concessions to Great Satan (hame Dastavard-haye mellat ra Bozdelah be Sheytan taqdim kardid … !! ) Where are the Red Lines ?! (Kojast Khotut Qermeze Ma ?!!) You accept American dictates; you lick America’s ass ( = Kornesh & Taslim-talabi dar barabar Sheytan … !!) You are a puppet of America; you have destroyed everything (Hame chiz ra beh Baad dadid … !! ) You Khamenei have have destroyed everything, from Religion to Nuclear program! Khamenei is so weak and coward .. Now Silence is equal to Treason, High Treason (Sokut bish az een Khiyanat ast … !! )’ And it’s exactly what the 3% say. It’s so important, and all people know what it means. In July 2015, the 3% say very good things. For instance, they talk about ‘Sokut & Khafaghan Resanei ! (media silence and censorship), and say to Basijis: ‘your Silence just helps Satan / Great Satan; your Silence is equal to the greatest Sins and the worst traitorous acts’ ! Now even the 3% can see that those who created the 209 Coup and killed Iran’s people in 2009 are those who create and defend the Nuclear Turkmenchay. Now even the 3% can see why the American Monkey (Obama) says: This nuclear deal meets the national security interests of America and Israel ! .. Mullahs (serve) our interests and our allies’ interests’ ! (July 2015) Now even the US media ridicule the UK’s Khamenei, and say: Death to America or Deal with America! (July 2015) They know why the UK’s Khamenei loves Great Satan! In fact, even idiots know why Khamenei is a ‘US agent’, and why Seyed Ali Freemason (Khamenei) actually loves American and Deal with America!”. They also add: “It’s obvious that what the 2-cent whores say is not important. All puppet dictators have their own whores, and enjoy ‘Khod Goozi, Khod Khandi ! (self-deception & self-congratulation) All puppet dictators pretend that Licking the Ass of the West is a great victory! It’s not a new and important thing. Now even the British lies and the UK Media’s lies are not new and important things. Now the UK media including the Guardian of Lies, the Guardian of Whores, the Guardian of Big Brother, the Guardian of Mullahs etc have showed their true colors to new generations and future generations. Now even idiots talk about the Myth of ‘Mullahs & Great Satan’, and write: Mullahs to America: Thank you Great Satan!’ ! (July 2015) Now even idiots know why Khamenei did voice guarded appreciation of the Nuclear Turkmenchay ! Now even idiots can see that Khamenei is a dictator and a puppet, re-installed by the CIA in a coup in 2009. Now it’s clear that Mullahs -from Khamenei to Rouhani- are controlled by the West’s invisible hand”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots and the 3% can see why Mullahs are Masonic Puppets of Great Satan. The JCPOA is like or worse than the US Fact Sheet of Lausanne. But Masons and Mullahs – from Khamenei to Rouhani- try to put make-up on the face of the US Fact Sheet of Lausanne, aka the Great Satan’s Turkmenchay! Now even the 3% talk about Mullahs & Great Satan, their secret deals, the Secret parts of the Nuclear Deal, or the Secret Parts of Turkmenchay! They know the story of Amano, IAEA, IMF and other parts of the Mullah-Satan deal. But even If you take a look at the JCPOA, you can find many shameful things in this 159-pages Turkmenchay. Now all Iranians, even the 3%, know or talk about the details of the US Fact Sheet of Lausanne and the JCPOA Turkmenchay (So here lets ignore the ridiculous but important details of the Nuclear Turkmenchay) Now the most important thing is this fact that the Mullah Nuclear Turkmenchay is equal to the End of Mullahs, and the End of Mullah Myths. Now only Non-Believers, whores and crooks defend the Mullah regime and the Islamic Turkmenchay. But now even idiots know that in all Ideological systems, including the Mullah system, the ideology and the ideological system are dead when they reach a point where only whores, crooks and other Non-Believers defend the ideology, the ideological system and the ideological leaders! Now even the 3% curse Mullahs, and only CIA kids, MI6 kids, Masonic whores and non-Iranian faggots defend the Mullahs. And it’s the End of Mullahs, and the End of the Mullah Regime. It’s not important than when – within 2 months or 2 years – the Mullahs and the Mullah regime will go to the hell. The exact time is not clear. But it’s clear, and it’s so important, that the Mullahs and the Mullah regime have destroyed the last vestiges of their own legitimacy and credibility. The Nuclear Turkmenchay was a huge historic mistake. The Mullahs have actually destroyed the last vestiges of their own legitimacy and credibility. And all Iranians are so happy that Mullahs have made such a huge historic mistake. Mullahs and their Western Masters behave like Deevs (devils/ demons) If you read the long history of Iranian Civilization, you can see what Iranians said about Deevs, and fighting against Deevs. The ancient Iranians truly said: The main Enemy of Deevs is the Truth. Deevs are the enemies of the Truth and Iranian values (ie Human values), and the main characteristic of Deevs is that If you say to Deevs: Do X; Don’t do Y, then Deevs will do Y, and will not do X ! Mullahs are Deevs! Mullahs and Deevs don’t care about the Truth and the good guys’ advice. If you say to Mullahs or Deevs: Don’t create the 2009 Coup; Don’t kill people; Don’t hurt Iran’s people; Don’t help Iran’s enemies; Don’t oppress people; Don’t create Nuclear Turkmenchay; Don’t implement IMF Plans; Don’t follow the West’s Dictates … , then Mullahs or Deevs do the exact opposite of what you tell them! So the best way of fighting against Mullahs or Deevs is Telling the Truth. If you tell them the Truth, and warn them about the outcome of their Evil acts, Mullahs or Deevs say no just to spite people! What Mullahs or Deevs do is the exact opposite of the Truth, and if we tell them: Don’t kill yourself / Don’t fuck yourself, then they just dig their own grave with their own hands! And it’s the Best thing for us, isn’t it ?! Since the ancient time, Iranians knew how to defeat Deevs. Since the ancient time, Iranians know why the Truth and caring about the Truth is the best weapon against Deevs, Bad guys and Dark forces”. They also add: “Mullahs & Masons are Deevs. They and the worst Bad Guys think, talk & act like Deevs. Masons and Mullahs behave like Deevs. And Iranians know how to defeat Deevs. The West and its Mullahs/ Rouhanis are so stupid. They desperately try to hurt people and to fight against the will of the people, but Iranians just laugh and say: Such a good thing! you are digging your own grave, and you will go to hell soon (Ba Mardom Laj mikonid .. Cheh aali ! Dige Kalak-e toon kandast .. ! ) ! All Mullahs and all stooges of the West, including Rouhani and Rouhanists, have low IQs and cannot understand such things. Their best Philosophers or Ideologues are the CIA Clowns or the CIA faggots like Ramin Jahanbegloo, GoozAli Abazari or Zibakalam! In the West, Brainless whores are called Intellect or Philosopher ! In the stupid West, this brainless faggot Ramin Jahanbegloo is called Philosopher ! In the Big Brother’s media, Baboons and Monkeys like Zizek are called Philosophers! But our Iran/ Persia is not like the Retarded West, the Barbarian West”. They also add: “Now even idiots and the 3% sarcastically say: ‘If Mullahs and Basijis had lived in the Qajar era (ie in 19th century), they would have celebrated Turkmenchay !, and they would have danced in the streets to thank Fath Ali Shah & Hajji Baba!, and their Fath Ali Shah, like Khamenei, would have said: Turkmenchay is a Victory ! But Fath Ali Shah was very wiser, smarter and better than Khamenei, as Qajars and Pahlavis were very wiser, smarter and better than Mullahs! Now Mullahs celebrate their Turkmenchay, and it’s a Historic Farce worse than the Turkmenchay itself ! Now what the MI6/ CIA agents like Rourhani, Khamenei, Zarif and Salehi say is a Historic Farce. Even Qajars and Pahlavis didn’t say such silly things. Salehi is an Iraqi CIA agent. Salehi was born in Iraq. Salehi, like Iraq-chi and other Mullahs, are Arabs and Tazis, not Iranians. But this Iraqi CIA agent, Salehi, this Masonic CIA agent, Zarif, and this Iraqi MI6 agent, Iraq-chi, tell the worst crap and the worst jokes in Iran’s history. Iran, Iranians and History will never forget and forgive these Islamic lies, jokes and Orwellian crap. Now in 2015 even idiots and the 3% say: Mullahs are worse than Qajars .. Mullahs are worse than Pahlavis .. Mullahs are the worst puppets of the West .. Mullahs are the worst Anti-Iranian whores in history’ ! But it’s funny that Mullahs and Monkeys even don’t know that they make a historic fool of themselves! Iran and History will never forget and forgive Mullahs and other Masonic Monkeys”.

As some wise Iranians say: “in these days, the story of Iran’s frozen assets is so funny, important and informative. As you know, the West and almost all Western media talk about $150 billion of Iranian oil revenue or $150 billions of Iranian assets, and say: ‘their bank accounts and $150 billions of their revenue got frozen and they were not able to get money for the oil sales that they’ve made’ !! All Western media talk about the seizure in foreign bank accounts of $150 billion of Iran oil revenue. Now in July 2015, even the former CIA directors talk about $150 billions of Iranian assets. Even the stupid John Kerry says : Trust Me, Iran Can’t Use Unfrozen $150 Billion for (x or y)’ ! (July 2015) In fact, the fucking West and all media talk about 150 billions of dollars, and the Jewish media say: Mullahs receive more than $100 billion in assets that have been frozen overseas ! But you do know what the UK’s Mullahs and this British Freemason Rouhani say now ?! Rohanis say: $150 billions is actually $29 billions (!!!) Mullahs and this British Spy Rouhani openly try to steal 150 billions of dollars !, as Mullahs stole $800 billions of Iran’s money in the AN era. Now this British Crook Rouhani and the Islamic Regime of Crooks and Thieves stupidly say: we don’t get $150 billion dollars. Maybe we get $20 billion or $29 billion instead’ !! The Mullah regime is really the Regime of Crooks and Thieves. But now even the 3% curse and ridicule this Islamic Regime of Crooks and Thieves, which is the worst puppet Anti-Iranian regime in history. Now even idiots can see how the West and it’s Mullahs tell big and childish lies about Sanctions and Iran’s Economy. When $150 billion suddenly become $20 billion !, the witty Iranians make a lot of jokes, the 3% see the truths, the retards enjoy such Islamic Miracles!, and the sane people celebrate the End of Mullahs and all Masonic-Islamist myths”. They also add: “Now the American Monkey (Obama) openly says :’Without a deal, our inspections go away and we’d lose the ability to closely monitor Iran’s programs ! … Without a deal, our sanctions regime will unravel with little ability to re-impose them‘ ! (July 2015) In fact, they confess that their Sadistic Sections or their Sanctions regime was collapsing, but the Zionist Regime of Mullahs desperately tried to help sanctions, and to aid the West in trading sanctions with big concessions from Mullahs! Now even the 3% can see that the Anti-Iran regime of Mullahs help the West because Mullahs are puppets of the West. Mullahs are Zionists, Tazis and/ or Freemasons, and that’s why they implemented the IMF Plans and helped the West and the collapsing regime of sanctions. What the West and its Mullahs/ Islamists did in all these years was a real eye-opener. So now even the 3% can see the true face of the Islamic Zionists or the Zionist Regime of Islamists. Now the Zionist Regime of Mullahs stupidly wants to invite the Zionist France’s Fabius Daiyus to the House of Mullahs! So now Iranians laugh at the Zionist Regime of Mullahs, and say: If Mullahs invite Netanyahu & Is-raeli Zionists to the Mullah Party (!), and if Basijis and Islamists dance in the streets to welcome Netanyabu & Is-raeli Zionists (!), it would be less laughable that inviting the Anti-Iran France and the Zionist French to the Mullah Party’ ! Now even the 3% can see the true face of the Zionist Mullahs or the Zionist Islamists. And this is the End of Mullahs and all Mullah Myths. Now even idiots know why Iran must have Nukes and Democracy. Now even idiots know why Iran’s people will never accept this Nuclear Turkmenchay, and why Mullahs are neither Iranians nor representatives of Iran or Iranians. Now even the 3% can see that the Anti-Iran Regime of Mullahs is the worst puppet regime in history. But the stupid Zionist Regime of Mullahs is still happy that their American Brothers talk about X or Z ‘Reasons why the Nuclear Deal is good for the U.S‘ ! (July 2015) Now the American pigs openly say: ‘The Nuclear Deal Strengthens America’s Military Option’ ! (July 2015) The Americans openly say: ‘the nuclear deal strengthens the military option in a number of different ways … the intrusive inspections of the nuclear deal will strengthen the military option by allowing the United States and its allies to better map out Iran’s nuclear programs ! (We will know more about) Iran’s nuclear facilities, their exact dimensions, as well as the entire supply chain ! … (our experts said) ‘complete destruction of Iran’s nuclear program was unlikely’ even if U.S. airstrikes are carried out to “near perfection’ (!) … (But now) inspections will give the US and its allies better intelligence to successfully eliminate Iran’s nuclear program ! .. Most importantly, the new nuclear deal will give the US and Is-rael time to develop the capabilities they need to carry out a military strike (!!) .. while their nuclear program will be frozen in place for over a decade, we (ie the West) will be free to strengthen our military capabilities! .. (the US cannot destroy Fordow now, but) Washington will have a bomb capable of destroying the Fordow plant in ten year’s time (!!) … the nuclear deal will undoubtedly make airstrikes against Iran’s nuclear program more successful (!!) For this reason alone, the deal is worth supporting (!!)‘ !! (The National Interest, July 2015) It’s exactly what the American Brothers of Mullahs say! They just want to buy time and to increase their evil spying activities, and the Zionist Regime of Mullahs help them! Now even idiots can see who is who, and who supports whom. Now Masons, the CIA Islamists and those who killed Iran’s people in 2009 and created the 2009 Coup pretend that they are Anti-War ! Now even the British Barbarians and the American Barbarians and all warmongers pretend that they are Anti-War ! It’s so laughable. The West and its whores/ Idiots say: War is Peace, Warmonger is Anti-War, Bullies are Peace Makers, Barbarians are Human right activists, and Bullying & Sadism is Peace & Love ! The West is so Orwellian. But now almost all normal humans know the West and its Orwellian whores. The West’s pigs, the Dark forces and the Deevs still live in the Stone Age (= Ahd-e Boogh !) But today is not Ahd-e Boogh !”.

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