Satanic West, Mullahs, Masons, Goats & Sheep

“These days are historic days with historic news. Their Nuclear Turkmenchay and what the West and its stooges do and say is a historic farce. In July 2015, the Mullah TV reports: ‘(Anti-Iran Rouhanis are making love with the Anti-Iran West .. Mullahs still lick the ass of France) Now Rouhanis import about 1000 goats and sheep from France‘ !! This news is funny and important, not only because the love story of ‘Mullahs and their Zionist France’ is important, but because such news remind Iranians of the old jokes of the Pahlavi era. If you know Iran and Iran’s modern history, you know why the story of ‘importing goats and sheep from France‘ is worse than the story of ‘importing mules and donkeys from Cyprus /Europe in the Pahlavi era. In the 1930s, the Pahlavi tried to import some mules/ donkeys from Europe! At that time, Iranians made a lot of jokes about Pahlavi’s donkeys and Europe. But now the old jokes about ‘Donkeys from Cyprus/ Europe’ (Olaq az Qebres .. !) are less laughable than new jokes about ‘Goats and sheep form France’ ! You all know the story of the 1979 Farce and that Air France flight – by which ‘Goats and Sheep’ (ie Mullahs and Masons) were imported from France! It’s a historic fact. Mullahs and other Islamist-Masonic goats and sheep were imported from France, Britain and Tazi land. In these days, when Iranians hear about importing goats and sheep from France, their first reaction is making jokes & saying (for instance):But they have already imported goats and sheep from France! Mullahs, Masons and other sheep and goats were imported from France and Britain! Iran’s people know how ‘Goats and Sheep’ (ie Islamists & Masons) were imported from France in 1979. But the Satanic West and its stooges are so stupid. They sill try to make a fool of themselves and to import Sheep, Goats and Freemasons from France!”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: ‘In July 2015, the mass media talk about the Grexit Referendum, ie the Greek Referendum on EU-IMF plans. But in 2014, all media and all journalists censored the Big News of the Iranian Referendum on IMF plans. The story of the 2015 Referendum in Greece and the 2014 Referendum in Persia is important, and can show you many things about today’s Persia, Greece, the world and the Ministry of Truth. In Persia, the 97% of Persians said No to IMF and Mullahs and other Evil forces. But in Greece, only about 60% of Greeks said No to IMF and other Evil forces. Of course it’s good that at least a weak majority (60%) of Greeks can see the real problems. It’s good that Greece can make Europe aware. But you should not forget that Persia is very wiser and smarter than Greece. In Persia, the 97% of Persians – who had no media and no voice- made a Miracle in 2014, 2009 etc. The West tells many Childish lies in a Childish way. The West’s Lie Factory (ie the West’s Media) censors all news of Persia. The Fucking West is an evil factory of Lies and Censorship. The West is still Barbarian, Uncultured and Orwellian. But Persia is still great, and the 97% of Persians can make great miracles in the Age of Deception – ie when almost all other nations are brainwashed and enslaved”. They also add: “In Persia, idiots/ retards are called Goats, Cows, Sheep etc (Bozqaleh, Gusaleh …) But in the West, many live like sheep and goats. In the West, many are proud to be sheep and to behave like sheep! But Iranians know why the West and the Devil love Sheeple, ie people who live and behave like sheep . As you know, ‘if people behave like sheep, they do not think independently, and follow what their shepherds say. It’s obvious why the bad guys love Sheeple. But many Westerners -from Brits/ French to Americans- behave like sheep, and don’t know why the West and the Devil love Sheeple”. They also add: ‘the West’s Sheeple are so stupid. In the West today the media plays the role of the religion, while media whores and journalists play the role of the clergymen (Mullahs) or shamans. In fact, the media is the new religion, and the journalists are the new Mullahs/ shamans – who just tell big lies and try to mislead, misinform, brainwash and control the people. Now even US journalists say: ‘In the West, you would be so foolish to write honest opinions (!) .. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone (!) In the West, the business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell the humanity, the truth or the country for his daily bread .. We Journalists are the tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We Journalists are intellectual prostitute‘ ! And it’s what the ex-American journalists say. In the UK, the US and the West, journalists are dishonest whores. And it’s what we all can see with our own eyes. Now the West’s journalists just tell big lies and childish lies about Iran, Iranians and other good guys. In the West, journalists play the role of Mullahs/ Shamans, while the fake intellects or pseudo-intellectuals play the role of new prophets. In the West, the Jewish whores such as Noam Chomsky are their new prophets! The West’s Sheeple are so stupid. But many Westerners are not sheep. Now even the good Americans say: ‘Chomsky is part of ‘controlled opposition’, permitted to raise some issues but bury others .. In the US, the Masters of the Media decide which issues can -or cannot- be debated .. the Masters of the Media decide who is the ‘hero’ and who is the ‘villain’ .. the Masters of the Media decide which is good or bad … they do not want your children to be educated. They do not want you to think too much. That is why our country and our world has become so proliferated with silly
entertainments, television shows, amusement parks, drugs, alcohol and every kind of (stupid entertainment) that keep the human beings ignorant and brainwashed
.. A lot of people are scratching their heads today, wondering how life got to be so surreal and Orwellian, so fast in the United States (of Ahriman !)’ (2015)”.


As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know more about the Satanic West, Mullahs, Masons, Turkmenchay, Ministry of Truth, Mass Delusion etc, you should behave like free thinkers or scientists. If you seek the Truth and care about the Truth, you should not behave like sheep, shamans or charlatans. Free thinking or independent thinking means Not behaving like sheep. Of course some people don’t behave like sheep, but they are charlatans or behave like charlatans. Charlatans and conspiracy theorists mix truths with lies, and try to mislead people. They actually help the bad guys. But the good news is that many know charlatans -ie Marxists, Islamists and other stooges of the West. Now if you google/ search the internet, you find good articles such as [1]: ‘How the media brainwash you’ or ‘How To Escape The Age Of Mass Delusion’ (2015) Now even the West’s good guys know why the Western media is a Lie Factory – which tries to enable a small group to control what people believe [1] They know the Matrix of Deception, Dictatorship Through Deception, and the power of an informed public [1] They know who try to manipulate and shape public opinion [1] The West’s Lie Factory, aka the Western Media, tries to fool the West’s Sheeple with false news and fake polls. The West’s fake polls are so laughable. For instance, they say: Most Iranians love Rouhani, while they censors all news of Iran – including the Big news of the 2014 Referendum, the 97% of Iranians, Rouhani’s lies and Rouhani’s evil acts in Iran. Now not only Iranians, but even the West’s good guys say: ‘they try to shape Public Opinion .. they say Public Opinion is determined by the desires and wishes of (Big Brother) ! .. they love control of information through the mass media … this Tavistock-promoted notion -the notion of Public opinion, usually transmitted through various types of (Orwellian polls) ..The polls themselves, through the structure of their questions, can shape a desired outcome. Thus, polls, as Tavistock said in the 1940s, are used to create public opinion and keep people (ignorant and brainwashed)‘ .. Bernays, Lippmann and (Tavistock agents) created (Orwellian) techniques for polling’ [1] We all know the CIA polls in 2009. Their fake polls in 2009 were among the Biggest Lies in history. For instance, they said: 90% of Iranians love AN and Mullahs! And now, in 2015, they say: the 97% of Iranians love Rouhani and Turkmenchay! They tell such Big lies because they have badly confused. Now they just show the depth of their confusion and their bankruptcy. Now even idiots can see why the End of America is near”. They also add: “Iranians are not blind. Now even the 3% can see why Mullahs are the sons of Great Satan. Now even the 3% say to Mullahs/ Islamists: you are slaves/ followers of Satan .. (oon Namaz / Roozat beh Kamaret Bokhoreh .. ) ! Now even idiots and the 3% can see that the products/ results of Tazi Religions are Islamic barbarians such as ISIS, Saudis, Basijis and Islamic crooks and thieves. Now even idiots and the 3% can see that Mullahs and Islamists are liars, crooks, thieves, killers, barbarians and evil men (Dozd, Mal-e Mardom Khor …) The Jewish Religion of Islamists is really the Religion of Lies, the Religion of Satan. Just look how Arabs sleep with Zionists, and crap about Iran. Just look how Mullahs sleep with the Anti-Iran Arabs or Zionist Arabs. Just look how Islamists and Mullahs sleep with their Zionist IMF, their Zionist France, their Zionist USA/ UK etc. Mullahs and Islamists shed crocodile tears for their fucking Gaza in their fucking Qu-ds say, while they sleep with their Zionist Brothers -from their Zionist IMF to their Zionist France- and try to create a Zionist Nuclear Turkmenchay in their fucking Qu-ds day! Mullahs and Islamists are the worst slaves of Satan, and Iran’s people tell them: You, crooks, liars, Barbarians and Satanists believe in God?! (Shoma Dozd-ha, Doruq-guha, Barbar-ha, Bi-Hame-Chiz-ha Khoda & Peyqambar saretoon mishe?! ) ! Mullahs and Islamists are Masons, and that’s why they tell many big lies, attack Iranian values (ie attack Truth, Logic, Tolerance etc), hurt Iran’s people, and help Iran’s enemies – including France, Tazis, UK, Great Satan etc. In this Ramadan, even idiots can see why Islamists are
Devil-worshipers. What Islamists -from Saudis & ISIS to Mullahs & Basijis- do and say clearly show their true colors. So now even non-Iranians say: The West and (its) Mullahs/ Islamists actually see and use the religion as the opium of the people (2015) Now even the 3% say to Rouhanis, Saudis and other Islamists: you are slaves/ followers of Satan .. (Oon Namaz / Roozat beh Kamaret Bokhoreh …) ! Now even the 3% say: ‘today you (can only) see the Bad guys, the Satan’s men, the evil men or the worst idiots in mosques’ ! It’s funny that even the Ayatollah Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) says such things. Masons have always tried to destroy religions, ethics/ morality and humanity. They’ve succeeded in destroying religions. But ethics/ morality and humanity are independent of religions, as human values or Iranian values are independent of religions”. They also add: “Is-rael and Arab states are fake, new-born and European-made states. Tazis are anti-Iran and anti-Civilization. Mullahs and Islamists worship Tazis (ie Anti-Iran Arabs/ Jews) But Iran’s people hate the Savage Arabs/ Jews (= Tazis) Iran’s people care about the good guys, including the good Arabs and the good Jews. Iran’s people care about Iranian values (ie human values), and hate Tazi values”. They also add: “Iranians are not blind. Now even the 3% know why Masons and the UK media refer to Iraq-chi as Araghchi ! In English, they should write Iraq, not Aragh! Do they refer to Iraq as Aragh?! In English, Aragh is Iraq, and Aragh-chi is Iraq-chi. But Masons and the UK media know if they use his real name, Iraq-chi, then as Iranians say, Gandesh Darmiad ! (they reveal their secrets) and all humans can see that Iraq-chi and other Mullahs are not Iranians”. They also add: “Now even the 3% and non-Iranians talk about Hojjatieh and Islamic Freemasons, and say for instance: ‘Rouhani’s right-hand man, Nahavandianm has U.S. permanent residency (green card) .. Nahavandian has never denied his membership and active participation in Hojjatieh’ (June 2015) In fact, many know that Islamic Freemasons like Zarif and Nahavandian are CIA whores with US Green Card. The story of Islamic Turkmenchay, Mullahs and Masons is a long story. But the good news is that now even the 3% are becoming aware. Now even the 3% say: Without Rouhani’s treason, and without AhmadiNejad’s treason, Iran’s enemies could never succeed. Now even the 3% and non-Iranians talk about Javad Zarif, AN, Mesbah Yazdi, Khazali, Jannati and other high-ranking members of the Hojjatieh or Freemasonry. (Now many things) are so laughable. Now some sheep, goats or spies from California, USA, go to the Mullah TV and say: ‘God loves idiots (Ablah-ha) and shallow guys’ !! (July 2015) But Iranians laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, it’s obvious why your Masonic/ Jewish God (ie Satan) loves idiots! Iranians know religious idiots and irreligious idiots. Iranians know that all Sheeple, religious or irreligious, are the same shit, and their main religion/ ideology is Idiocy, Stupidity and Being Sheep / Slave. Now it’s clear that there is no real difference between Mullahs, Masons, Jewish whores, Basiji whores and other whores, goats and sheep from France, Britain etc”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The US media and the UK media still pretend that Tazis, Basijis and other non-Iranian goats and sheep -which were imported from France, Britain etc- are representatives of Iran or Iranians! Now the MI6 agents like Ian Black are in Tehran, and tell many silly lies in the UK media. You can ask: Why such MI6 agents and British Spies are allowed to go to Tehran?! But now the MI6 agents like Ian Black are in Tehran, and make love with their Basiji Brothers! In July 2015, this MI6 agent Ian Black writes many big lies in the Guardian. But do you know his sources in Iran ?! He himself says that his sources are Basijis and British Brothers such as Sadegh Zibakalam and Saeed Leylaz! The CIA/ MI6 agents in Tehran -including the BBC’s spies and the Guardian’s spies- love and praise Basijis and Masonic Brothers like Brother Sadegh Zibakalam! But in Iran, everyone knows why the US and the UK love Rouhanis and Basiji Brothers like Zarif, Zibakalam and Laylaz. In Iran, everyone also knows that the Anti-Iran pigs like Rouhani & Zarif have the blessing of the Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei. Now the CIA agents like Akbar Ganji play the role of a passionate advocate of Khamenei. But now all Iranians know the 2009 Traitors and the CIA agents like the Ayatollah Akbar Ganji. Now it’s obvious why the MI6/ CIA agents say: ‘the prospect of a nuclear deal and the end of sanctions has transformed Iran (!!) Grasping that is in the West’s interests’ !! (July 2015) Now it’s obvious why the MI6/ CIA agents say: ‘We wish, we dream for (the Nuclear Turkmenchay)’ !! (July 2015) Now it’s obvious why the MI6/ CIA agents say British spies = Iran’s think-tanks! Now it’s obvious why the MI6/ CIA agents say Tazis, Basijis and other non-Iranian whores, goats and sheep from France and UK = the Iranian elite! Now it’s obvious why the MI6/ CIA agents say the Anti-Iran Arabs and Iran’s enemies = Iran’s people! Now it’s obvious why the MI6/ CIA agents talk about ‘the idea that dictatorships breed stability’ ! (June 2015), and say: ‘Supreme leader is the unquestioned dictator, who breeds stability’ ! It’s obvious why the West and the colonial powers love Islamic dictators, Islamist Freemasons like Nawab-Safavi and Al-Afghani, and Islamist-Masonic groups like Fedayan-e Islam, Muslim Brotherhood, MSA etc. Now even non-Iranians talk about ‘Freemasons and Colonialism’ (2015), and say: ‘In the past two centuries Britain and (British Mullahs) have been in the frontline of plots and treachery against Iran and Iranians’. Now in the 21st century, even non-Iranians write books such as Builders of Empire: Freemasonry and British Imperialism , and say : ‘Freemasonry developed primarily in medieval Scotland and England .. Beginning in the eighteenth century, masonry spread along with the British empire, and facilitated the work of empire .. Joining the masons meant that you now had a surrogate family that would supply a safety net for you no matter which continent you started from, and no matter where you wound up .. The Masonic embrace of former slaves (in Americas) and Muslims (in Asia) had considerable international propaganda value, particularly if British masons could boast that they had outpaced their French counterparts (!)’. Now even the Brits say: UK is run by a Masonic Monarchy .. the UK is not a democracy. The UK is a Masonic Monarchy .. the Royal Family are involved in Freemasonry in England and it’s no secret. .. Queen Elizabeth II is the Patron of the UK Secret Society cult known as Freemasonry .. The UK Royal family are heavily involved with this Secret Society cult .. The UK head criminal, Queen Elizabeth II, is the Head of the Church of England (ie the Church of Satan)’. Now many talk about the UK Masonic cult, the Masonic handshakes, and Freemasons like Brother Tony Blair, Brother Netanyahu, Brother AhmadiNejad (AN), Brother Hussein (Obama), Brother Hassan (Rouhani), Brother David Cameron, Basiji Brothers and Muslim Brotherhood. Now even non-Iranians say: ‘All historic documents show that Mullah Al-Afghani was a leader of a Masonic lodge .. Al-Afghani was the father of Islamism .. Mohammad ‘Abduh, a pupil of Al-Afghani, became both Grand Mufti (= Grand Ayatollah) of Egypt and Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge of Egypt’ ! The bad guys cannot hide the historic facts, as they cannot hide the 2015 Referendum in Greece, and the 2014 Referendum in Iran. As the West’s good guys say: ‘they take active steps to dupe the people, to provide misinformation and disinformation, to disguise their many abuses. They think It is advantageous to them to maintain the people in a state akin to that of a flock of sheep or a herd of cows – docile, unthinking, easily controlled, incapable of resisting’ (2015) But the bad guys and their silly/ dirty tricks are so stupid. For instance, now their CNN talks about their secret deals, and says: ‘(the West and its Mullahs) would declare that sanctions are lifted, allowing Mullahs to claim at home that they got immediate relief ! But (in the real world) the sanctions would only be lifted over time, allowing the West to stick to its commitment to conditional relief’ ! (July 2015) They think they can fool Iranians with such silly tricks. But now any sane person can see who is who. Now what the West and the media say and censor just show who is behind Rouhani. Now what the 2009 traitors and the CIA agents such as Akbar Ganji, Abbas Abadi, Ebtekar etc say clearly show why even non-Iranians write about The Real Hostage Crisis in Iran: A CIA Covert Op! Now even the 3% know the so-called 1000 Famil (1000 Families) in the Mullah regime. Now even in the Iranian universities, the 3% openly ridicule and spit at Zibakalam, Tavakoli and the so-called 1000 Masonic families in the Mullah regime. No even idiots and the 3% talk about the Whorehouses in Vienna, and how Islamists, Zionists and their Brothers are active in Vienna’s Brothels! Now only the CIA agents like Akbar Ganji, Leveretts, Marandi, Gareth Porter, Abbas Abdi and other non-Iranian whores love Rouhani and Rouhani’s Turkmenchay. Iran’s people are not blind. Now only the West and its Sheeple -ie those who live & behave like sheep- cannot see obvious things”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Conspiracy theorists pollute the reality with unreal things; and Whores, Goats and Sheep from France and Britain pretend that truths and real things are conspiracy theories! Whores, Goats & Sheep from the West censor all facts, but pretend that Censorship is Freedom, Slavery is Salvation, and Ignorance is Strength! Now even the good Americans say: ‘most Americans are so ignorant .. But there is a popular illusion among most Americans that they consider themselves “very well informed’ !! In fact, the American Sheeple are like Basijis and Islamists. But it’s obvious why the brainwashed whores, retards and idiots consider themselves “very well informed’ ! If they knew that they are stupid and ignorant, then they would not be retards or idiots. As you know, MK-Ultra is a real thing; Mind Control is a real thing; Evil Science and evil scientists who work for the bad guys are real things. But idiots don’t know what is real, and what is not”. They also add: “the Founding Fathers of Mind Control can show you many things. One of the Founding Fathers of Mass Brainwashing, Edward Bernays, was the double nephew of Sigmund Freud. His mother was Freud’s sister, his father was Freud’s wife’s brother. Now many talk about Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann, pupils of Freud, and the Founding Fathers of Mass Mind control. Many see Freud or Bernays as a Jewish Freemason or Tavistock agent, while others talk about ‘how the theories developed by Sigmund Freud were used by his nephew, Edward Bernays, to manipulate the masses’! In fact, there is no doubt that pigs like Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays were corrupted pigs. As their books and articles show, the stupid pigs like Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays worked on the evil science of Propaganda, mass deception and mass brainwashing. They worked on Redefining Freedom and Democracy in an Orwellian way ! [1] Nearly 100 years ago, Lippmann wrote about ‘the manufacture of consent’ in his shameful classic work, ‘Public Opinion’. On the heels of that book, Bernays penned a book called ‘Propaganda,’ in which he stated that the Big Brother would always (guide the public), and the public would then act upon as the Big Brother nudged them into it! [1] When you take a look at their works, you cannot ignore what is said about Tavistock. The Westerners say: ‘Tavistock is located in a suburb of London .. It’s controlled by the British Masons. Since its founding in the 1920s, it has studied the means to control the minds of large numbers of people’ [1] Lippmann was the first to translate Sigmund Freud’s works into English [1] Lippmann’s book Public Opinion published one year after Freud’s Mass Psychology, which touched on similar themes [1] The media’s function today is to create what Lippmann called ‘pictures inside the heads of human beings’! The nature of these pictures’ is determined by an oligarchy. It is through the media, Lippmann writes, that most people come to develop those ‘pictures in their heads,’ giving the media ‘an awesome power’ ! [1]”. They also add: “Sigmund Freud’s family and friends were bad guys; some of his own works are evil works; and that’s why many say: Sigmund Freud himself was an evil scientist (or Mr. Jewish Fraud !); Sigmund Freud was a Jewish Freemason; Sigmund Freud was Tavistock’s first director; there is a large statue of Sigmund Freud near the entrance to the Tavistock Center [1] Sigmund Freud (1856- 1939) was born into a Jewish family. But it’s not important. The main issue is the dark side of Freud’s life, and what is said about Tavistock, the Mass Brainwashing Institute. The Tavistock Institute in London, UK, is widely regarded as the first mind control institute in the world [1] (we would write more about Tavistock and Sigmund Fraud later) Now even the Britis say: ‘the UK institute was researching into ways of mind controlling the British population without them knowing .. Tavistock was established in the aftermath of World War I .. It always had secret ties to British Freemasonry. Its aims include social control, mind control, information control, and media control .. British oligarchs used Tavistock to shape and control public opinion in order to manipulate the British public’ [1]”. They also add: “Edward Bernays (1891- 1995) worked with his uncle, Sigmund Freud. Born 1891 in Europe to Jewish parents, Edward Bernays is regarded as the ‘father of Propaganda’ and the ‘father of Manipulating public opinion’ ! [1] Now many talk about Bernays’s techniques for manipulating public opinion [1] In books such as Propaganda (1928) and Crystallizing Public Opinion, Fraud’s pupils showed their true colors. In books and articles such as ‘Manipulating Public Opinion’, ‘The Engineering of Consent’, ‘Mass psychology’, ‘Crowd manipulation’, Fraud’s pupils tried to create an evil factory of deception. They talked, and still talk, about Propaganda Machine, control of the masses, shaping public opinion, brainwashing, mass brainwashing, and Friendly Fascism or Fascism With A Democratic Face ! They still say that they should gain control of the media, because with the media they gain control over public opinion; With control over public opinion they gain control of politics; And with control of politics, they take control of the nation’ ! If you read the history of Mind Control, you can easily see why the Western Media has always been a Lie Factory, or an evil factory of deception. (Now) they have lost their minds, and they openly refer to whores and faggots as scientists! Now they openly talk about CIA scientists, MI6 scientists, sanction experts or sadism experts! (2015) Apparently they think all people are sheep and goats from France or Britain! But many humans are not like Mullahs, Marxists and other Sheep and Goats from the West. Many know Mass deception and Mass delusion [1] Now even the West’s good guys say: Free expression is always the prime target of (the Satanic West and) Tyrants because it promotes logic, the search for truth, and friendship [1] It’s really good that even non-Iranians talk about such things, and about instilling loneliness and then delusion in people [1] It’s good that even non-Iranians are becoming aware”. They also add: “Now even non-Iranians are becoming aware, and talking about ‘Why Western Democracy Is Mind Control And Invisible Government’. Masons still say: Resistance is Futile [1] But Iranians and the West’s good guys say: Resistance to tyranny is not as futile as submission to tyranny .. Resistance to Oppression/ Bullying is not as futile as submission to Oppression/ Bullying ! [1] (2015) The West’s good guys think and behave like Iranians. But the West’s bad guys are like or worse than Mullahs/ Islamists. Now the 3% are becoming aware, and say: ‘It is evident that day by day the Old Fox is becoming weaker and weaker and sooner or later, the British tricks will have no effect on the minds of the people across the world‘ ! The sheep, whores and goats from France and Britain don’t know obvious things. They even don’t know why their own Lipmann said: ‘the masses and the victims of mass brainwashing should not be aware that their environment was being controlled‘ ! In fact, if the people become aware, then mass brainwashing and other dirty tricks will not work. It’s obvious that If the people can see that the media is a Lie Factory, then the media cannot fool and manipulate people. But the West and its media are as stupid as Chupan-e Doruq-gu (the Shepherded, the Liar)”.

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