Anti-Iran France, UK’s Rouhani and Turkmenchay

“In recent days, Mullahs are awarding France a one billion dollar contract ! In July 2015, the Mullah TV reports: ‘France signed a contract to (fu-ck the Mullah railway stations) France and Mullahs signed this 1 Billion dollar agreement on 1 July 2015 (that means: the Anti-Iran France is given a 1 billion dollar award for France’s anti-Iran rhetoric and France’s anti-Iran acts)’ ! This news is a real eye-opener, and that’s why the West and the mass media censor this news. The love story of ‘France and Mullahs’, ie the love story of The Anti-Iran France and The Anti-Iran Mullahs‘, is a real eye-opener and can show you why Iranians say: Mullahs are Masons; Mullahs are not Iranians; Mullahs are Tazis; Mullahs are Anti-Iranian puppets of the West”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “You all know France’s anti-Iran rhetoric and France’s anti-Iran acts. You all know what the Anti-Iran France says and does. Now even the mass media say: ‘(France is Anti-Iran) France plays role of hawk in nuclear talks with Iran‘ (June 2015) Now even idiots and their media say: ‘France waging cold war against Iran .. France near the top of anti-Iranian governments‘ ! (2015) But now the UK’s Rouhanis award this Anti-Iran France a one billion dollar contract ! Rouhanis (= Mullahs) are the worst Anti-Iranian pigs in history. The Mullah regime is the worst puppet regimes. Now even the mass media see ‘Arabia, Is-raeli and France’ as the Anti-Iran Front. France is a close ally of Zionists and Arab Islamists, but a sworn enemy of Iran and Iranians. You all know what the Savage France and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius Dayius do and say. But now the UK’s Mullahs award this Anti-Iran France a one billion dollar contract! Can you believe it?! It’s a Historic Farce. It can show you the true meaning of the Islamic Turkmenchay“. These days are historic days. In these days, many things are important and informative. As some wise Iranians say: “the UK’s Mullahs and this British Spy Rouhani are breaking the world record for Treason and Traitorous acts / Anti-Iranian acts. Now even the Mullah media and the 3% talk about the Anti-Iran France, but the UK’s Mullahs reward the Fucking France for France’s anti-Iran acts! If you still want to know why Mullahs are Masons, and why Mullahs are not Iranians, just look what Mullahs do and say. The UK’s Rouhanis are shattering all illusions about Mullahs and Masons. Now even idiots and the 3% can see why Mullahs are worse than Qajars & Pahlavis, and why Mullahs are Ajnabi or Nokar-e Ajnabi. Now even non-Iranians talk about Why Iran hates Britain so much, Why Iranians hate the UK and Rouhanis so much, or Why Iranians hate France and Freemasons so much. As you know, Savage Arabs + Savage Jews = Tazis, and Barbarian Britain + Savage France = Freemasons. France and Britain are the worst Barbarian/ Masonic states. Britain or France is the Enemy of Iran and all good guys. Since the 19th century, British Masons and French Freemasons have committed great crimes against humanity and against Iran. The UK’s Mullahs love this Fucking France, but now Iranians say: Death to Ayatollah France, Death to Fascist France, Death to Savage France. Now when Mullahs lick the ass of the Anti-Iran France, all normal humans can see why the Mullahs are the worst Nokar-e Ajnabi in history, ie why Mullahs are the worst puppets of the West. Now French faggots -including French FM Fabius Daius- openly do and say many Anti-Iranian things, but the UK’s Rouhanis lick the ass of this Anti-Iran France, and the UK’s Mullahs award the Anti-Iran France a one billion dollar contract! It’s so important and informative. The UK’s Mullahs give one Billion Dollar to the Fucking France and France’s national state-owned railway company, because Mullahs are Masons. Mullahs work for Iran’s enemies. The Mullah regime is the worst puppet regimes in Iran’s history. If you want to understand the true meaning of the Nuclear Turkmenchay or Islamic Turkmenchay, and why Mullahs are Masons, just open your eyes! If you read history, you can see that Mullahs and France are old friends. British and French Freemasons are the main creator/ supporter of Mullahs and Masons such as Mullah Al-Afghani and Al-Hindi (Khomeini). Freemasons are the main creator and supporter of the Mullah regime. And now even idiots and the 3% can see how Mullahs/ Rouhanis are committing High Treason against Iran’s people, and helping Iran’s enemies in an unprecedented way”. They also add: “The West is really the Land of Lies and Censorship. Just look how the West censors all news and all facts in a silly way. The West is the Land of Big Lies, mainly because the West was the Land of Barbarians. If you want to know the current shitty world better, you should know those barbarians who created this shitty world, and those barbarians and psychopaths who still try to manage and control the media in this shitty world. If you want to know this shitty world better, you should know the Barbarian West, the West’s bullies, the West’s fascists and the West’s whores. The current events are so important. When Rouhanis / Akhoundis go to Paris and lick the ass of the Anti-Iran France, and when Mullahs award the Fucking France a one billion dollar contract, then even idiots can see what Islamic Turkmenchay, Jewish Turkmenchay, Masonic Turkmenchay or Jang-e Zargari (Sham Fights) means. Now even the 3% can see why Javad Zarif is a CIA agent or a Masonic mind-controlled whore. Now when their Leader Khamenie strongly defend spies and traitors such as Rouhani, Zarif, Salehi, Iraq-chi and other Anti-Iranian whores, then even idiots and the 3% can see why their Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei is like or worse than Rouhani and Zarif. When Mullahs award the Anti-Iran France a one billion dollar contract, and when French Fascists -including Fabius(e) Dayius- talk about their plan to visit the Mullah House if the Nuclear Turkmenchay is signed with Mullahs !, then even idiots and all of the 3% can see why Mullahs are worse than Pahlavis and Qajars”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Recent years provide a golden and unique opportunity for all good guys to know more about the Savage West and its whores, and about the World’s main problems. In recent years, all important events -from the 2009 Coup, the IMF Plans and Snow-den’s revelations to the current farcical stories of the Nuclear Turkmenchay- say a lot about the West, the West’s whores or the West’s puppets, including Islamists, Marxists and Mullahs. Now even idiots can see why the West and the CIA created the 2009 Coup, and why the Mullah regime is the worst puppet, anti-Iranian regime in history. Now it’s clear that Death to America = Death to Ayatollah America ! = Death to the United States of Ayatollah (USA) ! Now many things are clear. The Ayatollah Great Satan is behind Mullahs, Tyranny and all main problems in Iran. The Ayatollah America is anti-Democracy and Anti-Iran, but pro-Tyranny and pro-Terrorism. The American barbarians support Islamists, Marxists and Terrorists – from MEK & ISIS to Saudis & Mullahs. The US Sadists or the US Senators support brutal dictators. The American Neanderthals support Savage Saudis and Savage Arabs. The American baboons support Islamists and Zionists. The American Monkeys support Mullahs. The US barbarians and the CIA media like the New York Times (NYT) and the Washington Post attack Persia and Iranians, but defend Savage Arabs, Saudis, Zionists and other Barbarians. Now even the American good guys are aware of such issues”. They also add: “Now Mullahs say: Sanctions is the main issue, and we want to Focus on sanctions relief ! But Iranians say to Mullahs: you and your AN created sanctions; you give them the so-called weapon of sanctions; you and your AN said the West should impose more sanctions! All Iranians warned you and your AhmadiNejad (AN) But you and your AN (AN = shit) openly said they (ie the West) should impose more and more sanctions until they get tired of imposing sanctions! You, the fucking Mullahs. and your AN created sanctions; you helped sanctions; you didn’t listen to all Iranian advice. But now you, the fucking Mullahs, suddenly say sanctions is the most important thing! Sanctions is the main issue! (Hala yek-dafeh Tahrim-ha mohem shod … !) Fuck the Father/ Mother of Mullahs …’. Now even the 3% say such things, and even idiots can see that Mullahs are equal to the worst traitors and the worst kind of treason from within’. Even if you ignore their traitorous acts, the UK’s Mullahs and their Islamic Turkmenchay can remind you of ancient stories (such as:) once upon a time thieves attacked a naive man, and stole all his belongings. The man started to protest, and to make a lot of noise about his stolen belongings. It was the most natural thing in the world. But the chief of thieves that knew this naive man well asked thieves to steal the man’s hat, and to divert his attention from the real problem. When thieves stole his hat, the naive man forgot everything, and just focused on his stolen hat, and made a lot of noise about his stolen hat. Then the chief of thieves asked his friends to return the man’s hat. And when thieves returned his hat, the naive man thought that he is a great winner, and Getting his hat back is a great victory! So, the naive man thanked thieves!, forgot everything, and went home without all his belongings! This is one of the ancient stories in Persian literature (…) Now the UK’s Rouhanis just focus on their stolen hat (ie sanctions), and openly thank thieves (ie the Anti-Iran West)! Mullahs are really the worst idiots and the worst traitors in Iran’s history. (Now even) the West’s analysts say: ‘(Rouhanis just help the West’s sanctions, while the West’s sanctions are collapsing !) What are you going to sanction next, oxygen? (!!!)‘ (June 2015) In fact, they know why the regime of sadistic sanctions is collapsing. But the UK’s Rouhani and Rouhanists are retarded pigs. Rouhanists are the 2009 Traitors. In fact, Basijis and the CIA agents like Akbar Ganji and Abbas Abdi are the 2009 Traitors. Basijis and the MI6 agents like Masoud Behnoud, Zibakalam and Khatami are the 2009 Traitors. Rouhanists or the 2009 Traitors openly defend Iran’s enemies – from the Anti-Iran West to the Anti-Iran Mullahs. The 2009 Traitors or Rouhanists are Anti-Iran, Anti-Truth, Anti-Democracy, Anti-Freedom and Anti-Humanity. The 2009 Traitors or Rouhanists are Ajnabi, Tazis and/or Masons”. They also add: “Just look who love and support Rouhanis: The UK and the CIA agents such as Gareth Porter. Gareth Porter is a Jewish CIA agent. And if you want to know more about the Jewish CIA and the Manufactured Coups like the 2009 Coup, you should know more about the Jewish whores such as Leveretts, Chomsky and Porter. Now if you google/ search the internet, you can see that now even idiots talk about ‘Why Persians Should Never Sleep With Jewish Whores‘ (!), and say: ‘the Jewish leftist journalist Gareth Porter cares naught for Iran or its people, but is merely an opportunistic (Jewish agent) .. (Mullahs and Islamists sleep) with the Jewish Porter and his many associates from the Jewish left who work hand in hard with the Zionists they supposedly exist to criticize .. A nation can survive its fools .. But a nation cannot survive treason from within .. (Jewish whores) such as Gareth Porter, who is reportedly Jewish, (know that) their Jewish ideology is racist and supremacist to the core, (but Jewish whores) exist to make sure nobody figures out the deception .. they wearing the mask of ‘anti-war’, operates treacherously right in your midst, stabbing you in the back every chance you give them’ ! In fact, even idiots can see obvious things. Gareth Porter is a Kosher whore. The Kosher CIA whores are actually Anti-peace. The Kosher CIA agents created the manufactured crises such as the 2009 CIA Coup, the IMF Plans, the Islamic Turkmenchay, killing Iran’s people and hurting all Iranians. Leveretts and Gareth Porter are Jewish whores, Jewish liars and Jewish baboons. The only thing that you cannot see in their dirty faces (monkey faces) is honesty, humanity, decency and Goodness. Leveretts and Porter look like monkeys, because they are the CIA monkeys. The Jewish monkeys like Leveretts and Porter don’t care about truth, logic, humanity, peace or any good and decent thing. The Jewish CIA and Jewish baboons like Leveretts and Gareth Porter travel to Qom and make love with Masonic Mullahs in Qom! The love story of ‘Mullahs and Jewish CIA’ is a long story, and we Iranians will never forget and forgive their 2009 CIA Coup and their crimes against humanity and against Iran. Jewish whores and Jewish baboons support the 2009 CIA Coup, and now their WSJ says ‘In 2009, Secret Dealings With Mullahs Led to Nuclear Talks‘ ! (WSJ, June 2015) Now they themselves openly say: In 2009, the CIA and Mullahs created secret channels ! (WSJ, June 2015) Now they cannot the truths about the 2009 CIA Coup, the love story of Mullahs and Great Satan, Lausanne talks, Vienna talks or the Nuclear Turkmenchay”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, like almost all days in 2015, the UK’s Rouhanis try to increase the internet filtering and the internet censorship in Iran. Iranians have repeatedly said why the UK’s Rouhanis do such evil things, and why the West censors such big news (for more info, check Archive) They stupidly try to hide the truths and the real voice of Iran’s people, and to pretend that their own spies (ie a bunch of whores/ faggots) are equal to Iranians! It’s obvious why Masons and Mullahs love the Kosher Censorship and the Kosher internet. It’s obvious why Britain, France, savage Jews and Islamists love the Kosher internet filters. Even if you don’t know the Jewish roots of Islamists, the stories of the Kosher internet and the Kosher filters can show you many things. Now If you google/ search the internet, you can find articles such as [1]: ‘Jews Rally to Keep the Internet Kosher’ (!), ‘The Kosher Internet Company Blocks Access To Many websites’ (!) or ‘Making the Internet Kosher’ (!), in which Americans say: ‘(In the US’s New York), more than 40,000 Jews attended the Anti-Internet Rally (!!) .. Billed as a Jewish-only Anti-internet rally, the gathering actually centered on filtering software that can keep out unwanted web contents (!!) .. New York’s Jews (defend) this method of mass filtration and mass censorship, specifically censorship of news and blog posts (criticizing) Rabbis ! .. the reason why this protest was organized was because of the great threat that freedom of information poses to the power of Rabbis ! .. New York’s Jews use JNet, an ISP catering to the Jewish community, which often switch from using a blacklist to block certain sites to a white list that blocks the whole internet and only allows a list of pre-approved sites (!!) .. JNet works by rating the content of websites in real time and implementing blocks based on the content .. The Jewish Kosher Internet filters are blocking access to sites for purely political reasons‘ ! [1] In facts, the bad Jews and Mullahs are the same shit. JNet or Jewish Net are like MNet or Mullah Net. In the US, the Jews attend the Anti-Internet Rally, and openly try to censor the internet! It’s funny that Americans say: ‘(Even) In New York, the Jewish Rabbis are likely to rule that the Internet may only be used if it is censored by a kosher Internet filter (!!) .. Jewish teachers ask their followers to replace facts with myths .. Now Judaism is loosing credibility in the eyes of Internet generation’ ! [1] And it’s what Americans say. They know why the Jewish pigs love blind faith [1] They even say: ‘Jewish beliefs contradict clear reality, so (Jewish pigs) ask people to ignore facts and reality and believe in a dogma instead .. the Jewish rabbis say: the Internet is a danger 1,000 times greater than television, which was banned 30 years ago (!!), and is liable to bring ruin and destruction upon all Jews .. the Jewish filtering software eliminates all inappropriate web sites’ ! [1] The UK’s Mullahs are like the Jewish rabbis. The UK’s Rouhanis or Tazi Mullahs love Kossher internet and kossher filters, because Mullahs and Jewish rabbis suffer rabies. Now many talk about Signs of rabies in animals, or Signs of Rabies in Rabbis! The UK, Mullahs, Jewish Rabbis and Rabid animals behave abnormally. For instance, the Ayatollah Hassan Dayous (Rouhani) increases the terrible internet filters in Iran, but the US/ UK media censors all news! The UK media even refer to their Ayatollah Hassan Pofyouz (Rouhani) as a defender of internet freedom because their Ayatollah Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) just increases Internet Censorship and Internet Filtering in Iran! The West is so stupid. Now the UK media, the CIA media or the Kossher media say: ‘(with Rouhani’s Nuclear Turkmenchay) Iran remains a non-nuclear state and advances U.S. interests in other respects’ !! (July 2015) But Mullahs have always advanced U.S. interests. And now all Iranians, even the 3%, can see the true meaning of the Islamic Turkmenchay and the love story of the Great Satan and its Mullahs. Now even idiots and their media say: Talks between the Great Satan and Mullahs has been a taboo for a long time! But now (Mullahs are making love with their Great Satan and creating Islamic Turkmenchay) ! (June 2015) Now even non-Iranians can see obvious things, and say: Mullahs were used by colonial powers .. Khomeini and Mullahs opposed the Shah’s Anti-Feudal land reforms and right of voting to women .. the West and colonial powers (loved) Mullahs and their traditional ties with Feudalism, Capitalism and Colonialism‘. Those who read history know why Mullahs were/ are agents of Colonial powers (Estemar), and why historians say: Colonialism would keep their colonies the most undeveloped, the most illiterate, and superstitious. Such backward attitudes are at hand through clergymen. Plundering and looting of the colonies, without the help of clergymen (ie Mullahs), could not be easily committed in the history of colonialism’. In fact, Mullahs have always helped the Colonial power (Estemar). And it’s funny that the Lefts and Marxists still defend Mullahs, Mullah Capitalism, and the agents of imperialism! Now all historic events -from the 1953 Coup and the 1979 Coup to the 2009 Coup and the IMF Plans- clearly show that Marxists and Islamists are Masonic Brothers. In these years, the Lefty media, the CIA media – from the Huffington Post to the Washington Post- and the MI6 media – from the Guardian to the BBC- tell the biggest lies and publish the biggest fake polls in history. Their big lies and their fake polls in 2009 to 2015 are historic facts. They still think kossher polls and kossher lies can help them. As the good Jews say: ‘Censors look for a kosher filter for Internet’s destructive influences!’ But censors just disgrace themselves. Now even non-Iranians say: ‘Iranian people are too clever to listen to British lies, Rouhani’s lies and Western bullshits’. Now the Iranian people hate the West’s bullies, and ridicule the West’s bullshits. Now all Iranians want a Free, Powerful and Democratic Iran. And it’s clear why Iran must have Democracy and Nukes”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs loved to use religious excuses (= Pirahan-e Ottoman) to cause trouble. But now Iran’s people can use a real Pirahan-e Ottoman (like Nuclear Turkmenchay) to topple Mullahs. The Nuclear Turkmenchay will be stronger than all Islamic excuses in history. The Islamic Turkmenchay will give the real cause for the new Revolution in Iran. The Nuclear Turkmenchay will convince all Iranians (97% + 3%) that Mullahs are Ajnabi or Nokar-e Ajnabi. The Islamic Turkmenchay will convince all Iranians (97% + 3%) of the necessity of the Anti-Mullah and Anti-Ajnabi Revolution in Iran. Now even the 3% can see that those who created evil things such as the 1953 Coup, the 1979 Coup, the 2009 Coup or the IMF Plans are actually those pigs who try to create the Nuclear Turkmenchay. Now even idiots and the 3% can see that the West, Mullahs and Rouhanists hate Iran and Freedom, Independence and Democracy in Iran. Now it’s clear why Mullahs are Ajnabi or Ajnabi-past, Arab-parast (Arab-worshipers), Tazi-parast and Devil-worshipers. What the CIA Lie Factory and the UK Lie Factory say about the Vienna deal is total bullshit. Their Big Lies and their Zigs & Zags – aka their Zert & Pert- are not important. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) hate the West’s bullies and the UK’s Rouhanis. Now Mullahs badly suffer from shitty confusion (Goh Gijeh) Now their Keyhan talks about Iran’s Red lines, and says: ‘the nuclear talks will collapse/ fail, simply because a good deal for the Anti-Iran West is a bad deal for Iran‘ (July 2015) It’s not wrong. As Akbar Etemad and almost all Iranian experts say, any nuclear deal -and any deal – between the Anti-Iran West and Mullahs is (Turkmenchay = a bad deal for Iran) We Iranians will never accept any deal between the West’s Bullies (ie Estemar etc) and Puppet Dictators (ie Mullahs etc) The Nuclear Turkmenchay will make all of the 3% aware, and will unite all Iranians against the Ajnabi, ie against Mullahs and the West. And it’s a godsend for Iran. All Iranians, including the 3%, will never accept the Nuclear Turkmenchay. If the West’s bullies dictate any limits on Fordo, Arak, Iranian reactors, Iranian sites, the number of centrifuges, R&D or anything else, then the deal is the Nuclear Turkmenchay. Iran’s red lines are clear. The West has no right to dictate how many centrifuges Iran can have, or how Iranian sites such as Fordo should work. The Barbarian West has no right to dictate any limits or anything on Iran. And this is the main red line. The West has no right to talk about the number of centrifuges in Iran. The West has no right to dictate which sciences and technologies, or what weapons, Iran can have. And this is the main red line. The Red Lines in Iran, as an independent nation, are quite clear. Iran, the Cradle of Culture & Civilization, will never allow a bunch of barbarians to succeed in bullying. Now even idiots can see why Iran must walk away from the NPT, or why Iran must walk away from the IAEA. Iran, the Land of Aryans, has a very strong Logic. Our Iran cares about Truth, Logic and the Law of the Truth and Justice. The West and Barbarians cannot fight against Iran, Truth, Logic, Honesty, Humanity and other Iranian values. But Islamists and Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs are the worst traitors, the worst cowards and the worst puppets in history. Now even the 3% curse the UK’s Mullahs. Now even the mass media talk about ‘What Iranians Really Think About The Nuclear Talks’ ! The mass media tell many silly lies, but have a few good confessions. For instance, they say: ‘the Iranian people want a good deal which treats Iran’s independence with respect .. (Now) there is no confidence in the West inside Iran .. the Iranian people oppose limitations on Iran’s nuclear programs and Iran’s nuclear research .. all Iranians hate idea of the West ruling that Iran cannot expand its scientific base .. Iranians say the West tries to keep Iran uneducated .. (things like) access to military sites (are) things that only a country that is defeated in war would give up (!) .. Mullahs will have a hard time selling the deal if the Iranian public thinks that they gave too many concessions to the American side‘ (June 2015) And it’s what the West’s mass media say. They say such things because now the soup is too salty. Now all Iranians hate Western Bullies, Islamists and Zionists. Now Netanyahu (ie Netan-yabu) just shows that Israel is worse than ISIS. Now it’s quite clear that ISIS is Jewish, and Netanyahu is ISIS’s boss. Now even idiots can see that Netanyahu is ISIS’s Big Brother, and Saudi Arabia = ISIS = Israel. Now the ungrateful Jews just help Arabs and Islamists, but these idiots actually reveal the Jewish roots of Islamists. Now the media reports: ‘Is-rael’s government released an animated video clip comparing ISIS to Iran! (July 2015) It’s obvious why the Jewish pigs love and support Saudis, ISIS, Arabs, Mullahs and other Islamists, but claims Iran Is like ISIS! The Savage Jews are Tazis, and Tazis are Anti-Iran, Anti-Truth, Anti-Culture and Anti-Civilization. Now even non-Iranians say: ‘Israel is part of the Arab world (ie the Tazi world)‘ ! Now even idiots can see why Arabia + Israel = ISIS. Now even idiots can see that the Jewish ISIS has nukes. Now even idiots know who created Hamas and other Islamists, and why. Now even idiots talk about Crypto-Jews and Jewish Islamists. Now when the Jewish-British barbarians talk about ‘A Dangerous Modesty‘ ! (June 2015), many just laugh, and many think they talk about Iran’s modesty and the modesty of Iranian people. Now many things are clear. Many know why the Jewish-British barbarians hate Iranian values like Truth and Tolerance. Many know why The West’s main law is the Law of the Jungle. The West and its stooges just care about Orwellian Laws and the Law of the Jungle. But Iranians care about the Law of the Truth. Since the ancient time, Iranians talk and care about the Law of the Truth, or the Law of the Truth and Justice. As Iran’s people truly say, ‘Being Iranian means Being cultured & tolerant, caring about Truth and Iranian values, and not listening to Bullies and Barbarians’. Iranians know problems and solutions. Iranians know how to create national industries, more jobs, more exports, more power, more productivity etc. Iranians know why all Barbarians hate a Free, Powerful and Democratic Iran. It’s clear why Barbarians create groups such as United Against a Powerful / Democratic Iran. A Free, Powerful and Democratic Persia can put the Barbarian West and other Bullies and Barbarians in their place”.

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