Kosher Barbarians and Bully Boys: Kosher Deals !

“All good guys hate bullies and barbarians, and now even the West’s good guys say to the Western regimes: Lets not be the bully boys of the world’ ! (June 2015) Now even the non-Iranians can understand why Iranians like Akbar Etemad say: ‘If you’re weak, they (ie the Savage West) attack you. (But) If you’re not weak, they won’t attack you. We have to be a strong country and end these humiliating threats. And being strong means not listening to the foreigners’. The Non-Iranians even say: ‘that is the attitude of Iranian people who hate the current regime. There is little prospect of Iran, under any leadership or political evolution, agreeing to give up its (good programs including nuclear program)’ (2015) But in these days, the West’s bullies and barbarians say many stupid and ridiculous things. For instance, they write/ talk about ‘Making a Kosher Deal With Mullahs’ ! (June 2015) In the UK/ US mass media, the Jewish Rabbis – who suffer from the Rabies disease – now write/ talk about ‘a Kosher Deal’, and say: ‘We (should apply) the needs of kosher food verification to Iran’s nuclear programs (that means) we need to use the strongest means of verification and inspection possible’ !! (June 2015) The Jewish pigs talk about kosher deals, kosher bullies and kosher barbarians! In fact, Kosher is Kossher (kos-sher) !”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Even the good Jews hate the savage Jews and their Jewish laws. The savage Jews say: Something that is kosher is (halal, legal) and Jewish. In the Tazi terminology, and also in the Arab-Jewish religious terminology, kosher is synonym of halal. Muslims use this term (halal) only when they talk about foods and some other things; but the savage Jews and the so-called Jewish Islamists use this term (kosher) a lot – in almost all situations and about almost everything. In these years, when the Jewish pigs talk about the kosher internet, the kosher sadism/ racism, or the kosher deal with Mullahs, you all can see that Kosher really means Kossher! In Persian laughable, kossher (kos-sher) is a slang term that means ‘crap, nonsense, total bullshit etc’. And in these years – when the ungrateful Jews and the Jewish Barbarians crap about Persia, and threaten Persia and all Persians with nukes, genocide, etc- we all can see that their Jewish religion is really the Religion of Barbarians, and the Jewish Religion of Barbarians is kosher or kossher! Iranians have already talked about the Jewish Roots of Islamists, the Jewish Barbarians, the Jewish Fanatics, the Jewish Theocracy, the Jewish laws, the Jewish Bible, the Jewish God etc (For more info, check Archive) And now the Jewish pigs say that the Islamic Turkmanchai is a kosher deal ! Now the Jewish pigs openly say: ‘if Mullahs were seeking kosher certification (!), what would that deal look like?! According to Jewish law, factories or establishments that want certification of providing kosher things must agree to (barbarian-Jewish laws)’ !! (June 2015) The Jews pretend ignorance, because they know that Mullahs and Islamists have already gained kosher certification! The Jewish religion of Mullahs is already a kosher / kossher thing! Now even idiots can see that the main problems in Iran are Jewish/ Masonic-made problems. Now when the Masons, the savage Jews and Arabs/ Islamists sleep with each other, and say and do the same Anti-Iranian things, Iranians sarcastically ask: the Jewish things are kosher or kossher (kos-sher)?! What the Jews say is kosher or kossher?! Now it’s clear that the Savage Jews and their Jewish rabbis suffer from the rabies disease, and that’s why they openly talk about the kosher sadism, the kosher nukes, the kosher weapons of mass destruction, the kosher racism and the kosher genocide! They openly say that their Jewish Racism or their Anti-Iran Sadism is a kosher thing! And it clearly shows that kosher is kossher. As you know, the Jewish pigs openly talk about the kosher internet, and it’s not a new thing. But it’s important to note that the so-called ‘halal internet’ is just a translation of the ‘kosher internet’, which is a Jewish term. Mullahs/ Islamists just use Tazi/ Jewish terms, Tazi / Jewish laws, and Tazi / Jewish traditions. In the Jewish religion of Islamists, almost everything is Jewish or Masonic. Even the good Jews and the good Muslims know that Zionists and Arab Islamists are Brothers. The savage Jews and Islamists are two sides of the same coin. In these days, Islamists and Arab/ Tazi CIA agents such as Adnan Tabatabai write in the CIA media: “the Islamic Regime is in the process of implementing a foreign policy shift from Resistance towards engagement and cooperation (with Great Satan !) .. In Iran, some say that Iran as an anti-imperialist state should not give concessions to world powers. Other voices argue that Iran is able to stand on its own feet and survive economically even with sanctions in place. But the vast majority of people (!!!!) support Rouhani and Rouhani’s team’ !! (June 2015) The Arab/ Jewish Veqahat (= shamelessness) is really like the Masonic/ British Veqahat. They stupidly pretend that the 97% are not the vast majority of people! They still see the 3% as the vast majority of people! But now even the 3% hate Rouhani and curse Rouhani, while the CIA agents still repeat their old silly lies. Islamists and Arab CIA agents such as Adnan Tabatabai are stupid and unknown spies/ pigs. They are not important. But it’s important that the UK, the Lefts, the Marxists and the CIA media praise such retarded pigs. Now the US media (ie US Lie Factory) and the UK media (ie UK Lie Factory) sayl many Anti-Iranian things. Just look what the American Barbarians say. US Senators or US Barbarians are worse than Hitler and Stalin. French Barbarians are eating extra shits. Savage France and France’s Fabius Dayus play the role of the bad cop or the rabid dog. But just look how Mullahs and their Zarif lick the ass of Savage France. If Javad Zarif was not an Anti-Iranian Freemason, then Zarif would react strongly to France’s Fabius Dayus, and he at least would refuse to meet France’s Fabius Dayus. But as even the 3% say, France’s Fabius Dayus is Javad Zarif’s Brother, as Wendy Kos-Sherman is Iraq-chi’s grandma! But it’s not the whole story. Now the Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei openly defends Zarif, Iraq-chi, Hojjatieh and Freemasons. Now even the 3% can see how their Fath Ali Shah Khamenei defends Mirza Abol Javad Zarif and Mirza Abol Hassan Rouhani. Now even idiots can see when their Mullah Ali Shah strongly supports Zarif & Rouhani, he actually supports his Great Satan, his Nuclear Turkmanchai, and the Masons and Western Barbarians such as Wendy Kos-Sherman and France’s Fabius Dayus. Mullahs and Masons play silly games (ie kosher games) The UK’s Mullahs and the Jewish Mullahs love kosher lies ( = big lies) and kosher polls (= fake polls) Mullahs are like rabbis. But now even the good Jews can see that their rabbis are rabid dogs, and rabbis suffer from rabies, because their rabbis openly defend genocide, sadism, racism, slavery and other Evil things”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In recent days, Rafsanjani refers to the AN era as ‘the era of the distemper or rabies disease (Maraz-e Haari) ! It’s true. But it’s just a small part of the truth. AhmadiNejad (AN) was a Jewish dog, a rabid dog, and the AN era was ‘the era of rabies disease’. But it’s not the whole story. The Mullah era, ie all years between 1979 and 2015, was ‘the era of rabies disease or the era of the Mad Cow disease. The 1980s or the Rafsanjani era (1990s) was ‘the era of the rabies disease, too. And that’s why all Iranians hate Rafsanjani and other Mullahs. Now even idiots and the 3% can see that all Mullahs are Anti-Iran and Nokar-e Ajnabi (= puppets of Iran’s enemies) The UK’s Mullahs are like the Jewish rabbis who suffer from the rabies disease. Rabbis like Rabbi Ovadia Yosef are officially rabid dogs who praise sadism, racism and genocide. If you study the behavior of AN, Jewish rabbis and rabies virus, you can understand many things better. AN was a Jewish spy, and his mission was ‘destroying Iran and Iran’s image’, and paving the way for Iran’s enemies. In and before 2009, all Iranians (97%) warned the regime about AN’s evil acts. And now, in 2015, the stupid Mullah regime just confirms that what all Iranians (97%) said about AN and AN’s evil acts was true. Now Mullahs confirm what the so-called Greens or all Iranians (97%) said already and knew already. The Greens and all Iranians (97%) have already talked and warned about AN’s corruption, AN’s evil acts, IMF Plans, weapon of sanctions, and many other things. In fact, the Greens and all Iranians (97%) had Basirat ! But Mullahs and their Leader did have Basirat. In the Mullah terminology, Basirat means insight, vision, wisdom etc. And now what Mullahs say and do about Sanctions, AN, Rahimi, Baghai or AN’s traitorous acts – from stealing 800 billions of dollars, destroying Iran’s image and creating the Anti-Iran sanctions to destroying Iran’s water, Iran’s soil and Iran’s environment- clearly showed that the Greens and all Iranians (97%) had Basirat; but Mullahs, Basijis and their leader Khamenei didn’t have Basirat. Now even idiots can see that AN was a Crypto-Jew, and what AN said about the Holocaust and other stupid things just helped Zionists and Iran’s enemies. Mullahs and their AN tried to create a bad image of Iran, and to unite all humans and all countries against Iran. AN was a Jewish spy or a Crypto-Jew. But who strongly defended AN ?! The Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei, Basijis, the Jewish CIA and other enemies of Iran. Now even idiots and the 3% talk about the stories of AN, Sanctions, IMF Plans, Corruption and all Evil acts in the AN era. But it’s not the whole story. Now all Iranians talk and warn about Rouhani’s evil acts. Now it’s clear that Rouhani is like or worse than AhmadiNejad (AN). Rouhani just hurts Iran’s people, and helps Iran’s enemies in an unprecedented way. But just look what the UK and their Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei do and say. Now even the 3% and idiots can see why and how the UK loves Khamenei and Rouhanis, why the Mullah regime is a Masonic regime, or why all Mullahs are Pethar-Sukhteh (shitty bastards) The West and its Mullahs are kosher idiots (= big idiots) They love kosher polls (ie fake polls) and kosher lies (ie silly lies). In June 2015, the Guardian (GU) says: ‘the majority of Iranians support Rouhani (!!!) The majority of Iranians support a nuclear agreement with (the West’s Bullies !) .. the nuclear deal would improve people’s standard of living in under a year (!!) .. most Iranians gave Rouhani high marks for improving Iran’s economy (!!!!)’ (GU, June 2015) Can you believe it?! Now it’s clear why many refer to the Guardian (GU) as the Lie Factory, the MI6 media, the Masonic media or the Orwellian media. The UK Guardian of Lies is the Guardian of Rouhanis and the Guardian of Lies & Censorship. They stupidly try to censors all news -from the news of the 2014 Referendum to what the 97% of Iranians say about Rouhani’s evil acts in Iran. But now all Iranians hate the UK and the UK’s Rouhanis. Now it’s clear who is behind the current lack of political freedom and the chaotic state of the economy. Now even the mass media report: ‘In 1978, the UK media and the Western media said: Mullahs are guardians of the democratic wishes of the people (!!)‘. Now even non-Iranians say: ‘In Iran, much of the common anger is directed at Rouhanis and at America and Britain’. Now what the Anti-Iran pigs such as Abbas Abdi and Faheshe Ebtekar say and do remind many of the CIA-made crises in 1979 and 1980s. The story of destroying Iran’s image, and creating the hostage crisis – which was a CIA-made crisis in 1979- is a long story. If you search the internet, you can find many things about Islamists, CIA, hostage crisis, Cottom, Yazdi etc. Even non-Iranians say: ‘Khomeini and Mullahs used the hostage crisis to force out their rivals; and the US and the West used the hostage crisis (to destroy Iran’s image, to wage war on Iran, to implement their Evil plans in the Middle East etc)’. Now this Faheshe Ebtekar craps about dust storms, and instead of resigning from the government or trying to solve the problem of dust storms, this motherfucker Ebtekar says: We (Mullahs) cannot solve such problems; Iranians have to bear the dust storm; Iran’s people have to grin and bear it – ie accept it without complaining’ !! (2015) These Islamist Motherfuckers – from Abbas Abdi to Ebtekar- are those spies/ stooges who implemented the Cottam’s plan or the CIA plan in 1979, and paved the way for the Tazi invasion. If you search the internet, you can see that even non-Iranians and official documents say that Richard Cottam was a high rank CIA member, and a close friend of Islamists. During the 1953 coup, Richard Cottam had been in charge of the CIA’s Iran Desk, and also he had been in close contact with Mullahs and Islamists. Now it’s clear why and how the West and its stooges create fake crisis, and use such fake crises to hurt Iran and all Iranians”.


As some wise Iranians say: “You can wait and check the US Fact sheet with their final deal. It’s can be informative. But If you want to know more about Great Satan and its Mullahs, you should know the history of the Devil’s Game. (For instance) the story of the Mind control projects in the US and the UK, and its effects/ impacts on Iran can be so informative. Pigs like Richard Helms can show you many things. According to official documents, Richard Helms as the CIA director had a key role in the MK-Ultra mind control projects. But in the mid 1970s, Richard Helms, the former CIA director, became the U.S. Ambassador to Iran! Now the US official documents confirm that Richard Helms knew about the Shah’s cancer (while even the Shah himself and his family knew nothing about his cancer) The story of the Shah’s cancer is important (we would write more about it later) But as many say or guess, the CIA and Richard Helms caused or created the Shah’s cancer & Alam’s cancer. The Shah and Alam can be victims of the mind control projects. In the past, many things were unclear. But now many -from the mass media to the official documents- talk about the Evil sciences, including the science of creating diseases/ disasters, or the Mind control science that is the science of enslaving people, killing people and torturing people. Now many talk about Evil sciences and Evil scientists (ie kosher sciences & kosher scientists) in the West. Of course the UK still pretends that their evil scientists are decent faggots. But the US media report: ‘the scientific community is facing a ‘pollution problem’ in academic publishing (In the US and the UK) Research misconduct, like falsifying or fabricating data or concealing serious violations is a serious threat to the ‘trustworthiness, utility, and value of sciences’. In the US, 40% percent of scientists report that their colleagues falsify data’ ! (2015) If you search the internet, you can see that many talk about the US/ UK mind control projects. Even if you watch the new films such as the Imitation Game (2014), you can see that they openly say that their Alan Turing was a decent faggot (ie kosher faggot !), and they actually killed Alan Turing (at age of 41) in their secret mind control projects. It’s important that Alan Turing was a faggot and MI6 agent. And it’s important that Alan Turing became a victim of the UK mind control projects. The story of the mind control projects is not a myth. Even the English mass media report: MI6 pays out over secret LSD mind control tests (!!) .. MI-6 has agreed an out-of-court settlement with mind-controlled victims (!!) .. these men are victims of the MI6 mind-control experiments .. these people were duped into taking part in the experiments and had waited years to learn the truth (!) … The LSD experiments were conducted by scientists working for MI-6 who were trying to discover a ‘Truth drug’ (for the Ministry of Truth !) .. M-I6’s counterparts at the CIA also did LSD experiments on men without their knowledge to try to control their minds .. Victims said MI6 scientists gave them LSD .. Victims saw walls melting, cracks appearing in people’s faces .. Victims say: MI6 scientists treated us just like guinea pigs .. Victim are glad MI6 has finally admitted its crimes’ !! And It’s what the British mass media say. It’s so important that their own mass media and their own fucking UK Guardian say such things. In fact, the Soup is too Salty, and many know and talk about the Mind control projects and the LSD experiments on children and adults in the UK. Now many know why the UK is Doorway To The Cesspit”. They also add: “the British Lies and the UK shitty paradoxes are so laughable. In recent days, the UK Guardian (GU) and the MI6 media talk about ‘What Iranians really think of Rouhani’ ! They tell many silly lies and make a few good confessions. In their new Orwellian articles, the MI6 media such as the UK Guardian (GU) say: ‘Beyond the polls and (British Lies), what Iranians really think of the nuclear talks (!!) .. When I extract myself from the (British spies, British lies and the British Lie Factory), I notice few Iranians are engaging with the nuclear negotiations as passionately as I’m being told they are (!!) .. Iranians say I’m naïve if I think anything’s going to change (!) .. Iranian people don’t support (Rouhani and his nuclear deal) .. Iranians aren’t excited about the nuclear deal (!!) The lack of excitement still confounds me (!!)’ (GU, June 2015) The UK shitty paradoxes are so laughable, specially when you know what the UK Lie Factory and the Guardian of Lies did and said in April 2015, after the Lausanne-chay. Now the UK and the Guardian of Lies actually confess that what they said about the street celebrations after the Lausanne talks was a very Big Lie. Now the soup is too salty. Now even idiots and the 3% can see the true colors of the UK’s Spies/ Stooges, including the UK’s Rouhanis and the Masonic Delvapasan. Now a bunch of Anti-Iran Freemasons call themselves ‘Delvapasan’ (the worried) They criticize Rouhani, but they openly defend the notorious Freemasons such as Mullah Al-Afghani ! They are Anti-Iran Basijis like Marandi and his friends. The Anti-Iranian CIA agents such as Marandi and his Basiji friends love Leveretts and other Jewish CIA agents. They are like the Mullah Afghani. They are not Iranians, the 3%, critics or any thing else. They are the so-called Masonic Islam. And now even idiots and the 3% talk about British Islam or Masonic Islam. No even idiots can see the true face of the Islamic Freemasons and Sacrificers (Fadai/ Kafan-poosh) No even idiots ask: they want to sacrifice themselves for what? for defending the Nuclear Turkmanchai?! for defending the Islamic Turkmenchay?! for defending the Islamic Zellat?! for defending their Great Satan? for defending their Zionist IMF Plans? or for defending the Tazi and Tazi values like Hijab, the Jewish Hijab?!”. They also add: “Now even the 3% know that the real critics are ordinary Iranians (97%) and Iranian experts such as Dr Akbar Etemad, the founder of Iran Atomic Energy Organization in the 1970s. Now even the 3% care about Akbar Etemad, who says: ‘If I were still director, I would never have allowed Iran to join the NPT, which is in fact an stupid treaty meant to grant a special concession to some powerful countries .. the IAEA inspectors are all spies .. one of the Mullah regime’s mistakes was (making love with) IAEA inspectors .. We have to trust and support our youth so Iran can stand on its own feet’. Now it’s clear why and how the Jewish-Western bullies and barbarians tried to destroy Iran’s good programs in the 1970s – including Iran’s nuclear programs. Now many can see the true face of the Jewish-Western bullies and barbarians, aka kosher barbarians and bullies”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even non-Iranians can see obvious things, including the love story of ‘Savage France and Arab Islamists’ or the love story of ‘Zionist and Islamists’. They can see how Zionist and Arabs make love in the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Even the Westerners refer to the CFR as a Masonic Organization or a den of CIA agents and psychopaths. Now even the Westerners talk about the love story of ‘Is-rael and Arabia’, and say: ‘Arabs are the genetic cousins of Jews. They are both se-mi-tic, that is science and no one can deny .. Jews and Arabs are Brothers, and no one can deny this fact’ ! (June 2015) The West’s good guys can understand why Iranians like Akbar Etemad say: ‘Iran had purchased 10% of the shares of France’s Eurodif uranium enrichment plant for one billion dollars in 1975, enabling it to avoid bankruptcy, but has never received any uranium from the plant, even though it is a shareholder .. We cannot allow our technological future to be controlled by foreign forces .. Iran can resist the foreigners and obtain its rights’. In 1979, Mullahs tried to destroy Iran’s nuclear programs, and it was their mission. As Akbar Etemad says: ‘In 1979, we had plans and we were able to build at least one nuclear power plant (a 1000 megawatts plant) in each year. So now Iran would have had about 30 nuclear power plants. But they didn’t allow us …’ (2015) Now it’s clear who created the 1979 Coup, and why. Now people can see the true face of the West and its Islamists. Now it’s clear why Iranians say: ‘Iran should become a major nuclear power .. Because of the water crisis and other problems, Iran should have more than 100 nuclear power plants .. Because of the West’s Bullies and Barbarians, Iran should have nukes .. Because of all barbarian threats against Iran -which hurt all Iranians- Persia must have nukes, and Persia must put the Barbarian West in its place .. Iran should not restrict itself to relations with the West .. Iran must train 100,000 nuclear experts and technicians (now Iran has about 10,000 nuclear experts) .. Iran should produce 1000 tons of heavy water per year .. Iran should have all advanced technologies and all advanced weapons, and the Savage West can go to the hell and fuck itself’. The West is really stupid. They claimthat the West’s bullies and barbarians are decent bullies or decent barbarians! They even say that the MI6 scientists like Alan Turing were decent faggots! The British pigs are so retarded. Now the British pigs put comments in their own mass media and say: ‘Obama could make the Persia a whole lot better -at least for Americans (!!)- by just giving it back to the British Empire (!!!!)’ (June 2015) The UK pigs and the US pigs are the worst retarded psychopaths in history. Now even the Westerners say to the British pigs: Your idiocies and your racist anti-Iranian ideas are clearly born of the insufficiency of your school system! The story of the Little Britain and the so-called British Empire – which was the Empire of Barbarians or the Empire of Faggots- is a long story. But unfortunately, the UK is still savage. In the Land of Barbarians (UK), faggots, pedophiles and psychopaths still rule and control everything. The West’s good guys say to their politicians: Lets not be the bully boys of the world ! But the West’s politicians are stupid psychopaths. They loved Mullahs, mainly because Mullahs have served the West’s interests since the 19th century. In the Mullah era, Mullahs have only implemented the so-called Western-colonial policies – form IMF Plans, Kham Forushi (selling raw materials) and destroying Iran’s industries to destroying Iran’s image and Iran’s resources. So, the kosher barbarians love Mullahs”. They also add: “Now the Jewish pigs openly say: ‘a kosher deal with Mullahs would need to include: – Destroying and Dismantling Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, including reprocessing capacities – Lengthy and phased relief from sanctions – A long deal, in terms of decades, not years (!!)’ (June 2015) In 2013, and in their Geneva farce, they and their Javad Zarif talked about temporary limits, in terms of months, not years. But now they stupidly say the temporary limits (in terms of months, not years) will become Long-term Limits! It’s obvious why all Iranians (97% + 3%) reject such things. When the Savage France talks about Freezing Iran’s Research & Development (R &D), the Iranian people just laugh and say: Iran’s regime should talk about Freezing the UK/ France’s Research & Development (R &D). But the Mullah regime is an Anti-Iranian regime, and Mullahs just lick the ass of the West. It’s obvious why all Iranians reject what the West’s bullies and barbarians want. It’s obvious why all Iranians reject the Lausanne-chay or the Islamic Turkmanchay. It’s obvious why the US barbarians say: ‘West ready to help if Mullahs limit their atomic program’ !! (WSJ, June 2015) The Ayatollah West, UK and USA have always been ready to help Mullahs if Mullahs and Islamists hurt Iran and Iranians. But now even the 3% are becoming aware. Now even idiots ridicule the West, when the West says: we are worried about the safe site of Fordo because Fordo is resistant to air strikes! The West’s bullies actually say that you should help them to bomb you & to kill you! So now even idiots laugh at the West’s bullies. The West and its stooges are badly retarded. But Iranians now Dictates for Dictators. Iranians know problems and solutions. But the West’s stooges just implement the IMF Plans and the West’s dictates, ie Dictates for Dictators. Iranians care about Iranian values such as Truth, Tolerance, Humanity, Honesty, Liberty etc. But the West’s stooges just care about Tazi-barbarian values. Iran, the land of Aryans, is the first nation that talked about Tolerance and Human Rights. Since the ancient time, the Iranian people have said that your race or your religion is not important, but being human & being good guy (Adam budan) is important. But Barbarians and Tazis don’t care about Iranian values, aka human values. Bullies and Barbarians are those who cannot live like human (mesl-e Adam) and those who bully and threaten all nations and all Iranians with nukes, genocide, wars, sadistic sanctions and other barbarian and sadistic things. Barbarians are racists, sadists, fascists, cruel and uncivilized. But now most humans and all good guys in all around the world hate Bullies and Barbarians”.

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