UK’s Rouhanis, Sanctions, Bullies and Barbarians

“Do you know who say: ‘the West’s Sanctions work .. those who say (Corruption, Mismanagement and IMF Plans are much more important) than Sanctions are ignorant .. Western sanctions have hit wallets hard (!!) .. Sanctions are effective .. Why some belittle the impact of sanctions on Iran? (!!) .. Western sanctions have hit Iran hard (!!) .. the West’s sanctions have a great impact on Iran (!!) .. the West’s sanctions work .. You should not belittle the impact of sanctions on Iran’ ? Do you know who say such things? US officials? Netanyahu? the head of the MI6 or CIA? Zionists? no; it’s what Rouhani says in June 2015 ! Can you believe it?! Now Rouhani openly and shamelessly helps Iran’s enemies and the Enemy’s Sanctions! Now Rouhani openly says that the West’s sanctions work! The UK and the West censor all news, including such important news. But now even the Mullah media talk about Rouhani’s lies and Rouhani’s traitorous acts, and the Jewish media report: Rouhani says his critics (ie Iran’s people) belittled the impact of sanctions on Iran’ ! (June 2015) Now even idiots and the 3% can see that what Rouhani says and does are not merely lies, big lies or sadism & masochism, but Rouhani’s evil acts are equal to an Act of Treason, High Treason or Treason of the worst kind. Now even idiots and the 3% can see how Rouhani is openly Aiding the Enemy and committing Treason against the Iranian nation (ie all Iranians)”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “But it’s not the whole story. Now even the 3% ask why their fucking Parliament refuses to impeach Rouhani. As you know, they must impeach Rouhani for telling many big lies, helping the Enemy’s sanctions, implementing the Enemy’s plans (IMF Plans etc), hurting Iran’s people, increasing prices, making Iran’s people even angrier, aiding the Enemy etc. If the Mullah regime was not a Masonic and Anti-Iranian regime, then their President would not openly and shamelessly implement the IMF Plans and increase prices, but say: Western sanctions work! Western sanctions have hit Iran hard ! Instead of saying: We will break the back of Sanctions, Rouhanis say: Sanctions will break the back of Iran !! If the Mullah regime was not a Masonic and Anti-Iranian regime, then their Parliament would impeach their Anti-Iran President. Now even the 3% say that Rouhani is worse than Banisadr or AN, but just look how Mullahs help their own Banisard (ie Rouhani)! All Mullahs are the same shit. As Iranians have repeatedly said, the Enemy’s plans or the West’s plans were and are clear (for more info, check Archive) For instance, at first the Enemy asks its stooges to implement the IMF Plans, to weaken Iran’s economy, and to hurt Iran’s people; and finally the Enemy asks its stooges to pretend that Sanctions (not IMF Plans) have a great impact, and Iran must surrender to the West’s Bullies and Barbarians because the West’s sanctions have a great impact! Rouhani and Rouhanists are really breaking the world record for Treason and Traitorous acts. Their Veqahat (shamelessness), Hemaqat (foolishness), Rezalat (wickedness) and Khiyanat (treason) is really ‘VaqeAN Nobareh’ ! (= new, surprising, ridiculous & stupid) Do you know who has said: ‘Sanctions work .. Sanctions have broken the back of Iran’ ? the CIA chief? Netanyahu? Zionists? no; it’s what Rafsanjani or Rasmanjani has said in recent days! Instead of saying: We’ve broken the back of the West’s Sanctions, Mullahs say: Sanctions have broken the back of Iran !! So now even idiots and the 3% can see why Mullahs/ Rouhanis are the worst traitors in Iran’s history. Those who help Iran’s enemies in 2015 or 2009 are those who have helped Iran’s enemies in all these years, including during the Masonic-Iraqi war against Iran. The West censor all news. But in June 2015, and in their Khomeini’s shrine, even their Leader Khamenei talks about the stories of 1980s, and says: ‘At that time (after Iran’s victories and freeing Khoramshar) some countries wanted to give Billions of dollars to Iran -as compensation for Iraqi Saddam’s war against Iran- but Khomeini (Rafsanjani and other Mullahs) didn’t accept this offer in 1982 (and didn’t stop the war when it was good for Iran and Iran’s national interests) ! The West and its whores censor all news/ facts, even their Khamenei’s speeches! But all Iranians (+ 97%) know Turkmanchai and Jam-e Zahr (Cup of poison), as they know Sham fights and power struggles between Khamenei and Rafsanjani. It’s obvious why the Anti-Iran pigs such as Rafsanjani, Rouhani and other Mullahs love Turkmanchai, Jam-e Zahr, IMF Plans and licking the asses of Bullies and Barbarians. It’s obvious why, as Sadeq Hedayat said, Mullahs and their Rafsanjani love books such as ‘Jame-ol Abatil val Azdad’ ! (the book of Crappy contradictions and Total bullshit) Mullahs publish such Orwellian books, and their British/ Masonic Masters praise such books. Tazis, Mullahs and Masons are sworn enemies of Truth, Logic, Persia and Iranians. Instead of talking about the 2009 Coup, the IMF Plans, AN’s traitors acts, the West’s Evil acts and all Anti-Iran acts in recent years, they talk about licking the ass of their Great Satan, their Zionist IMF or the Anti-Iran West ! And this is the true face of Mullahs. Now even idiots and the 3% can see that Mullahs are the worst Nokar-e Ajnabi (ie the worst puppets of Iran’s enemies) in history”. They also add: “Just look how Mullahs make love with their Great Satan. Now even the 3% can see why their Great Satan created the 2009 CIA Coup. Now it’s clear why Iranians say: the 2009 CIA Coup is like or worse than the 1953 CIA Coup. The Great Satan loves puppet dictators and puppet regimes, and the Mullah regime is the worst puppet regime and the worst Anti-Iranian regime in history. Now even the 3% say: God Bless Pahlavi / Qajar ! (Baz Sad Rahmat beh Pahlavi / Qajar)! Before the 2009 Coup, Iran’s people imagined that the US hates Mullahs, and cares about Freedom and Democracy in Iran. But now it’s clear that the US is behind Mullahs, Tyranny and Main problems in Iran. Now it’s clear that ISIS / ISIL and US / KKK are two sides of the same coin. Now it’s clear that Bullies and Barbarians rule the US and the West. Even the West’s good guys are aware of this issue. Today’s West is the real Third World. Many Westerners are so ignorant and stupid. But in Iran, even the 3% put comments in the Mullah media and say: Rouhani is the worst Nokar-e Ajnabi and the worst puppet of the UK and the West in Iran’s history (Rouhani digeh Rouye harchi Nokar-e Ajnabi ast sefid kardeh … ! ) And it’s what the 3% say in June 2015. Now even the 3% talk about the story of Dozd & Kelyd (Thieves & Keys), and ridicule the UK’s Rouhani and his Key. Now even the 3% and Iranian exapts create cartoons (like below pix) and sarcastically repeat an ancient Persian proverb: If the Thief has the Key, then … ! (Cho Dozdi bah Kelyd Ayad … ! ) ! Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) ridicule the UK’s Rouhanis, their Keys and their Western/ Masonic masters”.


As some wise Iranians say: “the UK media or Rouhani’s media – form the BBC to the Guardian- censor all news and all facts, and just care about silly games and silly circus such as banning or not banning sports female fans! The UK media circus is so ridiculous. They censor all news, including the Biggest News, and manufacture silly stories like ‘Rouhani and women’ ! The UK media stupidly try to hide Rouhani’s evil acts and why and how all Iranians hate Rouhani so much. The UK and Masons stupidly think they can hide the real problems with their media circus. But now all Iranians (97% + 3%) ridicule the UK and its Rouhanis. Now it’s clear why Rouhani is actually the UK’s Rouhani. Now even idiots can see why and how the UK loves and supports Rouhani and other Mullahs. But the UK’s Rouhanis and the UK’s journalists/ spies are stupid psychopaths with low IQs. In June 2015, even their Mullah BBC (ie Mullah TV) stupidly reports: ‘the UK and London praise Khomeini (!) In some conferences/ seminars in London, the UK’s experts praise Khomeini and Mullahs’ ! (June 2015) Their Mullah TV even reports: (UK’s Larijani) goes to Ireland (ie part of the UK) ! .. Larijani says: the Irish/ British officials strongly defend and support Mullahs and (Mullah Turkmanchai)’ !! (June 2015) There are two groups in the Mullah TV: the 3% and Tazis/ Basijis. The 3% are Iranians, and sometimes try to ridicule Tazis and Iran’s enemies. But Tazis and Basijis are not Iranians. And now it’s not clear why Tazis and Mullahs openly praise the UK ! Maybe Mullahs think that if they say the UK and London love and support Khomeini and Mullahs, then the 3% would say: such a great thing! such a good thing! The stupid UK and the UK’s Rouhanis have low IQs. Thank God that they are just making all of the 3% aware. Now even the 3% ridicule the UK’s Rouhanis. Now the UK, the UK’s Rouhanis (ie UK’s Mullahs) and the UK media have badly confused, and say: ‘What we talk about when we talk about Iran’ !! (June 2015) They even don’t know what they talk about! They even don’t know why all Iranians hate Bullies, Barbarians and Iran’s enemies & UK’s Rouhanis! The UK’s lies and their childish paradoxes are so laughable, and just reveal their low IQs and the depth of their foolishness, their confusion and their bankruptcy. The UK media and the UK’s journalists/ spies still live in the 19th century. But all Iranians know the UK’s Mullahs and the so-called Sandis-Khor, Bussed Clowns or fake rallies. In Iran, those whores and mercenaries who are bussed into streets/ squares by the Ministry of Propaganda (ie Ministry of Truth) are called Sandis-Khor, Autobus-i, Autobus-i clowns (bussed clowns) etc. All Iranians know fake rallies, Sandis-Khor or bussed clowns (Clown = a stupid or annoying person) And it’s obvious why the West and the UK media love clowns. In this year (2015), the UK media -including the BBC, the Guardian, Financial Times, Economist etc- openly defend Rouhanis and Sandis-Khor in Iran! The West and the UK media hate the real people (ie the 97%), the real protests and the real events in Iran. They censors the Biggest news/ events such as the 2014 Referendum and what Iran’s people say about the UK’s Rouhanis. The UK and its Mullahs love silly lies, fake rallies and fake things. In 2009, and in its great days -from 18 Khordad, 23 khordad, 25 khordad and 30 Khordad to 6 Dey- millions of Iranians and real people were in the streets and created historic events. But the UK’s Mullahs, the UK media and the CIA media love the bussed clowns, the Sandis-khor and fake rallies like 9 Dey (2009) or 28 Mordad (1953). All puppet dictators and puppet regimes have a day like 9 Dey or 28 Mordad. They name some streets or squares after such Masonic days. And the US and the UK praise such Masonic days – in which ordinary people were killed/ suppressed by the West’s stooges, while whores and puppet dictators were celebrating killing ordinary people and licking the ass of the West”. They also add: “The story of Sanctions and the 2009 Coup is so important and informative. In 2009, the West refused to impose the Anti-Mullah sanctions, and the West’s spies/ stooges said that Sanctions are bad and ineffective! But in 2012 to 2015, the West imposes the Anti-Iran sanctions, and the West’s spies/ stooges say that Sanctions are good and effective! In fact, they say If the aim of sanctions is toppling the Mullah regime and caring about good things such as freedom, democracy and human rights, then sanctions are bad things! But if the aim of sanctions is hurting all Iranians, creating more tyranny and more problems in Iran, and destroying Iran, Iran’s rights and Iran’s good programs/ plans, then sanctions are good things, and sanctions are effective! We Iranians will never forget what the West, the Left and Islamists do in these years. Iranians know that sanctions are effective, only and only when Iran’s people want. And now Iran’s people know that the West is Anti-Iran, Anti-Freedom and Anti-Democracy, but pro-Islamist, pro-Tyranny, pro-Terrorist etc. In and after 2009, the West badly showed its true colors. When the UK and the US openly defend Mullahs, Islamists, MEK, ISIS, Saudis, the 2009 Coup, the IMF Plans, ANism, Rasman-janism or Rouhanism – which is worse than AhmadiNejadism or ANism- then all Iranians, even the 3% can see the West is Anti-Iran, Anti-Freedom and Anti-Democracy. When the US openly defends MEK, Saudis and Savage Islamists, then all Iranians can see that the US is the bad guy. Now it’s quite clear that America is the bad guy, who supports Savage Islamists -from Saudis, ISIS and MEK to Mullahs and Basijis. MEK or NCR is Marxist, Islamist and Terrorist. The 99.9999% of Iranians know and hate MEK. But the West and the US openly and shamelessly support MEK, ie
Marxist-Islamist terrorists! Now the US media openly say that US allies are Savage Saudis, Savage Arabs/ Islamists, ISIS and other Barbarians! The USA is really the bad guy, and the UK is the worst bad guy. Now even idiots can see why Iran’s people refer to Mullahs as the UK’s Mullahs, and say: Mullahs are made in England! Now even the Brits and the 3% refer to Rouhanis as Made in England or Made in Glasgow! Now even idiots and the 3% say: Corruption, mismanagement and a lack of planning in the current and previous governments have had much more impact than sanctions”. They also add: “Iran is a country that has invented the water management systems. The first water management systems in the world have been created and invented by Iranians. But the UK’s Rouhanis desperately try to destroy Iran’s water resources and Iran’s water management systems, and stupidly say: All things depend on Sanctions relief; even water and drinking water depend on Sanctions relief ! Now this Anti-Iran traitor Rouhani openly says such things, and the West’s whores praise him and say: ‘this demonstrates that sanctions can be effective in convincing / forcing a country to make a deal ‘ !! (June 2015) Now it’s quite clear, and even the 3% say, that Rouhani and Rafsanjani are worse than Banisadr and AN; all Rouhanis – from Mesbah to Rafsanjani- are Masonic puppets of the West. Rouhanis think if they show signs of weakness to the West, and if they make all gestures that would show their weakness to the West, then the West would help Mullahs to do Arro-Gooz (barking & faring) in Iran, and Iranians cannot see/ understand that Rouhanis are weak cowards and weak puppets! Mullahs and Masons think people love Monarchy and Tyranny! They praise Islamic Monarchy or Secular Monarchy! But Iranians say: Religious Monarchy and Anti-Religion Monarchy are two sides of the same Masonic coin. Now even the 3% can see that the Islamic Republic is actually the Islamic Monarchy. Now even the 3% can see why Mullahs are worse than Pahlavis”.

As some wise Iranians say: “According to dictionaries, ‘Bully = to put pressure on someone in order to make them do what you want; to threaten to hurt someone or frighten them’. In fact, what the US and the West are doing is an act of Bullying. The US and the West try to Bully Iran into accepting what the West wants. The US and the West are stupid Bullies and Barbarians. According to dictionaries, ‘Barbarian = someone who does not behave properly, and does not show proper respect for Human values; someone who behaves in a way that is cruel and uncivilized’. In fact, the UK, the US and the West are still Barbarians. And the UK’s Rouhanis (ie Mullahs) still try to lick the asses of Bullies and Barbarians. Now the UK’s Rouhanis talk about the Right of Bullying !, and say to the West’s bullies: ‘Your bullying and your sanctions work; but please lift your sanctions; we beg you to life your effective sanctions’ ! Mullahs beg Bullies, but now even the 3% say to Mullahs: Stop begging! Don’t let them bully you into doing this or that; Stop showing weakness! Stop begging Bullies! If you say their sanctions are effective, then they will never lift their sanctions. If their sanctions are effective and have a great impact on you, then why they should lift their
(June 2015) In fact, even the 3%, idiots and little kids know obvious things. But the UK’s Rouhanis have very low IQs. Mullahs are Anti-Iranian Freemasons such as Haddad Adel, Zibakalam, Mesbah and Rouhani – whose IQs are less than the Cow’s IQs & the Goat’s IQs (Bozqaleh & Gusaleh …) Iranians have already talked about How Mullahs help Sanctions, and How Mullahs help Iran’s enemies (for more info, check Archive) But now Rouhanis claim that thieves have the right to steal your money, and you should praise thieves! Rouhanis talk about the rights of thieves, and say: great thieves are good guys, because great thieves will return part of your own money, if you give them what they want (!!) The West and its stooges are so stupid. Do you know who has said : ‘Rouhani prepares Iranians for delay in lifting of sanctions !‘ It’s what the UK media and the Financial Times (FT) say in recent days! They openly say their Rouhani prepares Iranians for this or that! But in 2014, all UK media and all UK’s Rouhanis prepared Iranians for the 2014 Referendum! But what happened?! The 97% of Iranians showed that today is not the 19th century, and the West and its stooges are too stupid to fool today’s Iranians. Now even the 3% and idiots know that the UK’s Mullahs and their Rafsanjani – aka Rasman-jani- just defend their Great Satan, implement their Zionist IMF Plans, and help the West in destroying Iran’s image and hurting Iran’s people. The UK’s Rouhanis cry wolf. But all Iranians know that Mullahs/ Rouhanis cry wolf, and Cry wolf = to ask for help when you do not need it, so that people do not believe you when you really need help. Iranians know the stories of the 1970s, as they know the stories of recent years and the 2009 traitors – from Akbar Gaf to other stooges of Akbar Shah. Now all Iranians care about people like Akbar Etemad, who defend Iran’s rights and Iranian values, and attack Iran’s enemies, including the Anti-Iran West and Tazis”. They also add: “In 1973 during the Yom Kippur War, it was reported that Is-rael had assembled a dozen of atomic bombs. Pahlavi knew the stories of Is-rael, India etc. Pahlavi wanted to have nukes. But in the 1970s, the West said: ‘Regime change is the best way to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program; and Mullahs, Marxists & Islamists helped the West. Now in 2015, the UK and the US still say the same things, and stupidly dream of replacing Mullahs with MEK, ISIS or other puppet dictators! But now all Iranians know Mullahs, Masons, Marxists, Monarchists, Islamists and other stooges of the West. Now all Iranians know why and how the UK media and the UK officials openly defend the Mullahs. The UK and the West are Anti-Iran and Anti-Democracy. And Mullahs love the Barbarian UK and the Barbarian West. But it’s funny that now even non-Iranians say: The US is truly the bastard child of Barbarian Europe .. the Barbarian Europe and its child, the US, have no real allies and friends, just vassals and sycophants that they have bullied, bribed and blackmailed .. The US is now a crypto-fascist state .. Genocide is good, If Genocide serves the West’s empire and its elite ! .. the West says Killing children and babies is good, but Killing Nazis and Fascists is genocide and murder ! .. If the West doesn’t like you, you are guilty until proven innocent .. A tyrannical dictator that beheads people, stones women, denies women’s rights, finances terrorists is called by the West: a good Islamist / Saudi, a reformer, or the West’ ally! .. The scum of the Earth, demonic filth, are the Elite, the West’s Elite .. The Barbarian West cannot teach anyone about freedom, democracy, liberty, equality and justice .. Is our world about to become a ‘western values’ dog-eat-dog jungle, where one must hide from marauding gangs who kill, rape and destroy? No, it cannot be allowed to happen’ (2015) It’s really good that even non-Iranians and the West’s people say such things. The US is an infant country. Being only a couple of hundred years old, the US cannot grasp/ comprehend the long history of Iranian civilization, Iranian culture, Iranian values and Iranian traditions. There is not and never were any place for ‘Western / Barbarian values’ in Iran. Persia stands for Truth and justice. Our Iran stands for Truth, Logic, Tolerance, and other Iranian values, aka Human values. Now even what the American terrorists/ fascists did/ do to the US people, including the Native Americans and the Black people of America, are making people aware. Now many can see that If you take a look at their history, you can see that American/ British barbarians and Tazis (= Savage Jews + Savage Arabs) are two sides of the same coin. Now the good Arabs, the good Jews, the good Brits and the good Americans – like Iranians and all good guys in all around the world – hate Sadists, Bullies and Barbarians”.

As the wise Iranians say: ‘the Iranian people use the same logic in 2009 and 2015. As you all can see, Iranians use the same logic in all these years. Iranians have always said: Take a firm stance against bullying behavior, and against bullies and oppressors. In 2009, the Iranian people said: Take a firm stance against bullies and barbarians (ie Mullahs, Basijis and MI6/ CIA agents who kill, hurt and betray Iran’s people) And now in 2015, the Iranian people say: take a firm stance against bullies and barbarians (ie the West’s bullies, Tazis and other barbarians) Even scientists and good psychologists say: Take a firm stance against bullying behavior. Not only scientists, but even diplomats know why you should Take a firm stance against bullying behavior. But as our people say, Mullahs are Ahl-e Bakhieh! or Mullahs are Hor-hori Maz-hab or Sag Maz-hab!, that means Mullahs have no morality, no principle, no humanity and no brain, and the Mullah religion is the Religion of Lies, the Religion of Pigs. Mullahs don’t care about Iranian values. Mullahs don’t care about Truth, Logic, Science and other good things. Rouhanis even don’t know what is diplomacy, what is compromise, or what is wisdom. Rouhanis say: telling big lies, hurting Iran’s people, helping Iran’s enemies, and the humiliation of silly surrender = Tadbir & Omid (= Wisdom & Hope) ! It’s obvious why all Iranians hate and ridicule the UK’s Rouhanis. Now all Iranians, even the 3% can see that the UK’s Rouhanis try to hide their flaws, their terrible corruption, their terrible mismanagement and all their stupidities/ idiocies behind sanctions. The UK and its Rouhanis are too stupid to fool today’s Iranians. Now even the 3% say: ‘Today they say: all problems are sanction-related ! Sanctions are so important ! We cannot solve the problems, because our problems are sanction-related ! But Tomorrow, ie a day after their Nuclear Turkmanchai and (even if the West lifts all sanctions), they would say: Sanctions were not important at all ! No problem is sanction-related ! We cannot solve the problems, because our problems are not sanction-related ! (June 2015) Now not only the 97% and average Iranians say such things, but now even the 3% put comments in the Mullah media and say such things. Iranians know that Bullies are cowards. Since the ancient time, Iranians know how to deal with Bullies, Barbarians, Devils and Demons. And now not only Iranians, but even the West’s people talk about ‘Ways to Beat Bullies’ or ‘How to Beat Down Bullies’, and say: ‘Bullies nearly always are insecure individuals having low self-esteem .. Bullies are cowards in that they target only those they can easily dominate .. Bullies don’t want their weakness and their flaws to be discovered .. Bullies just try to keep others from taking notice of their flaws .. There are (many ways) to deter bullies: Don’t show signs of weakness; Try to stand straight and be firm .. Bullies pick on people they think are weak .. Don’t give in to pressure. Be firm .. STOP thinking like a victim; some might start to believe what the bully says. This is Victim-think’. In fact, even non-Iranians, and those have a short history of civilization, know how to beat bullies. Now not only Iranians, but even idiots and websites such as the Foreign Policy talk about ‘How to Beat Down Bullies’, and say: ‘You should take a strong stand against Bullies .. It is time for global security and international law to push back strongly against (Bullies & Barbarians)’ ! In fact, even idiots and diplomats know that if you give bullies & barbarians what they want for threats, then they just commit more and more Evil acts, including more bullying and blackmail. It’s obvious why the West’s bullies/ barbarians should know that they cannot succeed in bullying Iran, and Iran will not give them what they want for threats. It’s obvious why Iranians say to the West: We will never give you what you want for threats. If you threaten us, we will make you regret it’. But Rouhanis/ Mullahs are not Iranians. Rouhanis just like the asses of bullies/ barbarians. Even the 3% and little kids know that Iran’s regime should say to the West: If you openly bully and threaten Iran, we will walk away from the negotiation with you, bullies & barbarians. As Akbar Etemad, and almost all wise and educated Iranians say, if the West continues to hurt Iran’s people and to bully and threaten Iran, then not only Iran should leave and walk away from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), but Iran must leave and walk away from the so-called International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). It’s obvious why Iranians say such things. But Rouhanis are Mashang and Malang (bad retards) The West and its Rohanis desperately try to destroy Iran’s image and to convert Iran into a new Greece, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. These idiots still don’t know Persia and Iranians. But now almost all Iranians know why Iran must get rid of Islamists, Mullahs and Masons, and then after that, Iran should leave and walk away from the NPT, the IAEA, the IMF and other Masonic organizations […] Now what Rouhanis do and say is universally considered a sign of weakness and foolishness. In Persian laughable, Dabeh Kardan means Renege. When you say: They Dabeh Mikonan, it means they renege on their promises, pledges and agreements. Now the stupid Rouhanis say: the West and the US Dabeh Mikonan! And Iranians, even the 3%, say to the stupid Rouhanis: When you show weakness and all kinds of weakness, it’s obvious why they Dabeh Mikonan! When you lick the asses of your Great Satan and other Bullies and Barbarians, its obvious why they Dabeh Mikonan. When they Dabeh Mikonan, you just lick their ass and show weakness, more weakness. So it’s obvious why they don’t respect you, and why they Dabeh Mikonan’. Iranians know what is a sign of weakness and what is a sign of strength. Iranians know oppressors and bullies well. For thousands of years, Iran’s motto was and is: You must not Oppress others, and you must not allow others to Oppress you”.

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