Rouhanis, Islamic Turkmanchai, 1828 Turkmanchay

“The West and its stooges still live in the 19th century. They still think that Bullies, Barbarians and the so-called Imperialist / Colonial powers can create problems/ crises, deny their roles, and manipulate the people. In the 19th century, most people were illiterate and ignorant. But today is not the 19th century. Now most people can see who create and support MEK, ISIS, Saudis or Savage Islamists. Now people can see how Arab Islamists sleep with Zionists. Now it’s clear that the West is behind Rouhanis and Islamists. Now all Iranians, even the 3%, hate Rouhanis, IMF Plans and the West’s Bullies and Barbarians. Now the media and the intellectual whores cannot refer to the truths as myths or conspiracy theories. Now we all can see the truths with our own eyes. Now what the West and its stooges do and say is quite clear. Now it’s clear who defend Rouhanis, Iran’s Enemies and Islamic Turkmanchai. Now only the West and its whores love and support Rouhani and Rouhani’s traitorous acts, including his IMF Plans and his Turkmanchai. Now all Iranians ridicule Rouhani, curse Rouhani and spit at Rouhani. Now even the 3% talk about Rouhani’s lies, Rouhani’s evil acts or Rouhani’s Turkmanchai”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “the West’s Bullies / Barbarians created the so-called Turkmenchai Treaty in the 19th century. But today is not the 19th century. After the story of Lausanne, even the 3% can see that Mullahs and Islamists are slaves/ stooges of the West. And it’s so important. The West censors all news. But if you know Persian language, you can take a look at part of the ‘Reactions to Rouhani’s anti-Iran Acts or Rouhani’s Anti-Iranian Speeches’. Now the soup is too salty. So now even the 3% talk about Rouhani’s Lies & Rouhani’s traitorous acts. Now what Rouhani says and does -including what he does & says about IMF Plans, Sanctions, Water, Price increases etc- clearly shows that Rouhani is Ajnabi or Nokar-e Ajnabi. In Persian language, Ajnabi is a non-Iranian pig who is Anti-Iran & Anti-Iranian. And Nokar-e Ajnabi (Nokar = puppet/ stooge etc) is equal to Stooge/ Puppet of Iran’s enemies. Now this British Freemason Rouhani says and does many Anti-Iranian things. But now even the 3% say for instance: Rouhani’s speeches are full of lies and paradoxes. There is no need to criticize Rouhani or his evil acts. If you just publish Rouhani’s speeches, all humans would see (the true colors) of Rouhani’ ! (June 2015) In fact, even idiots and the 3% know why the West’s censor all news/ facts, including Rouhani’s speeches. If the West and the media just publish what Rouhani says and does in Iran, then all humans would see the true colors of Rouhani, and all humans can understand why Iran’s people hate Rouhani so much, and say: Rouhani is not Iranian; Rouhani is Anti-Iran; Rouhani is Ajnabi or Nokar-e Ajnabi. Now even idiots can see that the UK media – from the BBC to the Guardian- work as Rouhani’s media, and the UK is Rouhani’s country. Now all Iranians hate Rouhani and curse Rouhani. But it’s funny that the UK media and other Masonic Media still refer to this Anti-Iran Rouhani as Iran’s Rouhani !! The UK’s Rouhani hurts Iran’s people; Britain’s Rouhani implements the West’s plans and the IMF plans in Iran; the UK’s Rouhani helps Iran’s enemies. But the UK media refer to this Anti-Iran Rouhani as Iran’s Rouhani ! It’s so funny, isn’t it? The UK’s Rouhani and his Masonic masters have low IQs. Now the UK’s Rouhani stupidly tries to relate Better Water to Sanctions Relief ! But now even the 3% and the West’s idiots say: ‘Better water through sanctions relief ?! (Ha ha ha !) Why Rouhani tells such lies?! Why Rouhanis helps Iran’s enemies in such a silly way?! (June 2015) In fact, now even idiots can see why and how Rouhani helps Iran’s enemies. Hassan Psychopath (Rouhani) is really worse than AN and Hajji Baba. Hassan Pofyouz (Rouhani) and Rouhanists still pretend: Iran’s people hate AhmadiNejad (AN) = Iran’s people love AN’s Brother or Rouhani ! Hassan Chalquz (Rouhani) and Rouhanists stupidly pretend that Iran’s people love Rouhani’s lies and Rouhani’s Anti-Iran acts, but Iran’s people hate AN’s lies and AN’s Anti-Iran acts! Rouhanists have low IQs. Rouhanists are the 2009 Traitors or a bunch of Basijis & Non-Iranian pigs who work for Iran’s enemies. But Iran’s people know the so-called Yellow Dog or Purple Fox! Now all Iranians hate Rouhani and AhmadiNejad (AN), and say: Fuck both of them; Both of them are liars, traitors, and spies/ stooges of Iran’s enemies. Now even the 3% say: Rouhani just repeats AN’s lies; Rouhani just repeats AN’s mistakes (June 2015) Now even idiots and the 3% know why Rouhani, The Purple Fox of England is like or worse than AN”. They also add: “Mullahs and Islamists are Ajnabi or Nokar-e Ajnabi, and that’s why they defend Iran’s enemies, Tazis and Turkmanchai. Basijis are Ajnabi or Nokar-e Ajnabi, and that’s why they defend AN and Ajnabi’s plans -from the 2009 CIA Coup to IMF Plans. But now all Iranians, even the 3%, curse Mirza Abul Hassan Rouhani and Mirza Abul Javad Zarif – who are worse than Mirza Abul Hassan Elchi (Hajji Bab) Mullahs – from AN to Rouhani- just show and prove that Islamic independence means Zellat or following the West’s Dictates; Islamic Freedom means Censorship & Tyranny; and Islamic Republic means Islamic Dictatorship, the 2009 CIA Coup and killing/ hurting Iran’s people. Now the Islamic Turkmanchai is making all of the 3% aware”. As the wise Iranians say: “Now many talk about Turkmanchay or Nuclear Turkmanchai. The so-called Turkmenchai Treaty was created in 1828, after decades of British-Russian wars against Iran. In the 19th century, Barbarians invaded Persia. The story of Russian invasion, British invasion and British Betrayals in the 19th century is a long story. All humans should know more about the Russian-British invasion to Persia and the so-called Turkmanchai. (But now) if you google/ search the internet, you even cannot find the full text of the so-called Turkmenchai Treaty in English! The West stupidly tries to censor all facts. But such evil acts cannot help them. Now even idiots and the 3% talk about the West’s Bullies/ Barbarians and the West’s Anti-Iran plans -from IMF Plans and AN’s evil acts to Nuclear Turkmanchai and Rouhani’s evil acts. Now even the 3% say: the Islamic Turkmanchai is worse than 1828 Turkmanchay. If you read the 1828 Turkmanchay treaty, you can see why Iranians refer to the Mullah nuclear deal as Turkmanchay. Barbarians cannot hide the history books or the full text of the 1828 Turkmenchay treaty in Persian or Russian. In the 19th century, the Barbarians invaded Iran, occupied many parts of Iran, and killed many Iranians, but finally said: Iran should pay Compensation to the Barbarian invaders! It’s one of the most ridiculous things in history. It just reminds you of the story of Rouhanis, Sanctions, 2009 Coup, IMF Plans and Western Dictates in recent years”. So, here Lets take a look at a full text of the 1828 Turkmanchay Treaty in English. We have used the Russian version of this treaty (you can find it at:
ht-tp:// ) and also the Persian version : (We just summarized or shortened a few stupid and unimportant details, and they are given in parenthesis)


The Turkmanchai Treaty
February 10, 1828

In the name of God Almighty. His Majesty the great Emperor and Autocrat of Russia and His Majesty the Qajar king, still driven by a sincere desire to put an end to the disastrous consequences of the war, (and to) restore the past traditions of good neighborhood and friendship between the two countries. (Russian officials who are adorned with diamonds and other medals, and Qajar officials) gathered in the village of Turkmanchay and (negotiated) in a proper manner, and concluded the following articles:

Article I: From now on, (there will be) friendship and perfect agreement between His Majesty the Emperor of Russia and His Majesty the Qajar King, and their heirs and successors to the thrones of their powers.

Article II: As the war between the Contracting Parties had arisen and now have happily terminated, the Gulistan treaty and (part of its) terms and regulations will be revoked. His Majesty the Russian Emperor and His Majesty the Qajar King recognize the necessity of (creating the current treaty) which will arrange more friendship and peaceful future between (Russia and Qajars).

Article III : The Qajar Shah on his own behalf and on behalf of his heirs gives the Russian Empire the Khanate of Naxcivan and Erevan. As a result of this concession the Qajar Shah agrees that, not later than six months from the signing of this contract, all the files and public documents relating to the management of both Khanate will be handed over to the Russian rulers.

Article IV: With the consent of both parties, the new border line between two countries will be: starting from the point of the border of the Ottoman dominions, (and as a straight line from) the top of the Lesser Ararat, the border line will go to the top of this mountain views; thence it will come down to the upper reaches of the river Lower Karasu arising from the south side of Mount Ararat; And then the border line continues with the flow of that river to its confluence with the Aras at Sherur; from this point it will go on to the riverbed of the Aras to the Fortress of Abbas-Abad; Here on the right bank of the Aras there will be a circle – breadth half-Agach or 3½ mile in all directions- and the land space contained in this circle is wholly owned exclusively by the Russian Empire. (Starting from the place of aforesaid circle), the border line will be on the bed of the river. (There is) a Persian possession extend along the riverbed of the Aras up-to 3 Agach, ie 21 Russian mile. Then the border line goes straight through Mugan steppe to the Bolgar river, and to the site which lies by 3 Agach or 21 miles below the junction of the two small rivers of Odinabazar and Sarakamysh. From there, the border line continues along the left bank of (the Bolgar river); then by the right bank of the East Odinabazar to its headwaters, and from there goes to the top of Dzhikoirskih heights, in a way that (ie the rule is that) all rivers and all the water flowing from the heights of the Caspian Sea will belong to Russia, and all the water that flowing on the side of Persia, will belong to Persia (!) At this point the border line is determined by mountains. All slopes face towards the Caspian sea should belong to Russia, and other sides belong to Persia. From the heights of Dzhikoirskih, the border line goes to the top of the Kamarkuya mountains – which separating the Talish from County Arshi. And here Mountain tops, which separating water on both sides, will be the border line in accordance with (the aforesaid rule). Then the border line continues from Kamarkuya to Zuvanta District and Velkidzhi, and follows the same rule. Thus Zuvant area, except the part lying on the opposing side of mountains, should belong to Russia. From the border district Velkidzhi, the border line – in accordance to the aforesaid rule – will go to Kloputy mountains and the north source of Astara river, and thence along this river to where it flows into the Caspian sea – where it ends with the border line between two countries.

Article V: the Shah of Qajar, as proof of his sincere friendship with the Emperor of Russia, and on his own behalf and on behalf of his heirs, would recognize that all lands and all islands lying between the aforementioned border line and Caucasus mountains and Caspian Sea as well, and all peoples living in these areas would belong to the Russian Empire.

Article VI: the Shah of Qajar – in respect of a lot of money that the Russian Empire has spent on the war, and the losses and damages to Russian subjects – undertakes to pay compensation. The amount of this award or compensation will be ten Kurur or twenty million silver rubles. The details of paying this award will be discussed (in a particular contract).

Article VII : As Majesty Qajar Shah (declares that) the heir to the throne of the Qajar will be his son, Abbas Mirza, then the Emperor of Russia, in order to publicly prove that he is (so friendly towards the Qajar), undertakes to recognize Prince Abbas Mirza as the heir to the throne of the Qajar.

Article VIII : Russian merchant vessels have the right to float freely on the Caspian Sea and along the coast; and in the event of a shipwreck, they will receive every assistance from Persia. In the same manner, the Persian merchant vessels are still entitled to float on the Caspian Sea. Regarding the military courts, as some warships under the flag of the Russian military had already been in the Caspian Sea, the Russian warships still can enjoy this exclusive right. But no other Power can have military ships in the Caspian Sea. Only the Russian Empire’s warships can float on the Caspian Sea.

Article IX: His Majesty the Emperor of Russia and the Qajar king grant that mutual ambassadors and ministers would be received with honors and dignity corresponding to their rank and local customs. The (details) will be discussed in a special protocol.

Article X: His Majesty the Emperor of Russia and the Qajar king recognize that the trade between the two states (is important). They will arrange all the orders relating to protection and safety of mutual trade subjects. The Qajar king provides the Russian Emperor, as it was before, the right to appoint consuls and sales agents wherever he wants. The Qajar king undertakes that Russian consuls and agents – with a retinue of not more than ten people- would enjoy honors and benefits corresponding to their rank. The Russian Emperor would do the same to the Qajar consuls and sales agents. In the case of complaints, if the Qajar complain about the Russian agents or consuls, then the Russian Minister at the court of the Qajar King, would decide about these Russian subjects – would remove them from their positions, and (would replace them).

Article XI : All debts, paying orders and other matters that stopped after the war, will be resumed and resolved in accordance with Justice after the conclusion of peace. Both sides (would settle their debts) immediately and completely.

Article XII: For the benefit of both parties subjects, both governments provide the ones that have immovable property on both sides of the Aras a three-year term, during which they can freely sell or exchange their properties. The Russian Emperor has the right to exclude Hussein Khan, the former Erevan’s General, his brother Hassan Khan and Karim Khan, the former governor of Naxcivan.

Article XIII: All prisoners of war on both sides, as well as all prisoners of both governments, should be released and returned within four months. They have to be provided with vital supplies and sent to Abbas Abad (to be transferred to their homes).

Article XIV: Deserters and those who converted to allegiance to the other side, before or during the war, are exempted from the above rule. In order to prevent the harmful effects, (both sides follow a few simple rules).

Article XV: The Qajar king will give a perfect and complete forgiveness to all residents and officials in Azerbaijan. None of them, whatever category may belong, can be prosecuted for their collaboration or their behaviors during the War and the Russian occupation of Azerbaijan. Moreover the Qajar king would grant them a one year permission to immigrate to Russia. They can sell or export their properties without (any obstacles and without any duty or tax).

Article XVI: By signing this treaty, and without delay, both sides will send proper commands for an immediate cessation of hostilities. This treaty, made by two of the same content copies, signed by (both sides). It is approved and ratified by His Majesty Emperor of Russia and his Majesty Shah of Qajar, and within four months, (they will exchange the ratifications).

Enclosed in the village Turkmanchay, February 10, 1828 and 5 Shaban 1243 Hijri.
(MP) Ivan Paskevich, (MP) A.Obreskov, and the Naib-Sultan (MP) Also signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mirza Abul Hassan Elchi

Private articles to the Turkmanchay Treaty :

(Private Article) I: A direct consequence of this contract is that the Qajar Shah will withdraw his troops (from all Persian territories that Russia will occupy as a result of the Turkmanchay treaty) within two months from the date of signature of this agreement, and transfer them to the Russian forts. (The Russian Empire will decide about almost all details).

(Private Article) II: The Qajar king will pay compensation to the Russian Emperor. The amount of Compensation is ten Kurur or twenty million rubles in silver. We agreed that the three Kurur will be paid to the Russians in the first eight days immediately after the signing of the agreement. The two Kurur within fifteen days, three Kurur by 13 April, or the 26th day of the following Ramadan, and two remaining Kurur will be paid by January 1830.

(Private Article) III: In order to provide the Emperor of Russia timely and full payment of the compensation, both parties agreed that until the final payment, the whole province of Azerbaijan will remain under the direct authority of the Russian troops, and will be managed exclusively in the interests of Russia. If God forbid (the Qajar refuse to pay the compensation, then) the whole province of Azerbaijan will be separated from Persia (But if the Qajar pay this compensation) Russian troops will be withdrawn from Azerbaijan no later than a month, and Azerbaijan will be returned to Persia. (Return or Occupation of) Azerbaijan depends on the (full payment of the Compensation!)

(Private Article) IV: Since the Russian army should temporarily occupy Azerbaijan, and in accordance with the will of the commander in chief of the Russian army on the whole Azerbaijan, the Persian forces in any part of Azerbaijan immediately clean it and retreat into the interior provinces of Persia.

(Private Article) V: To prevent (any harmful things) during the time of temporary occupation, both parties agreed that any Russian deserter who enters on the side of the Persians, is subject to immediate arrest and (the immediate transfer to Russian forces)

(Private Article) VI : Immediately after the exchange of ratifications, the two sides will appoint commissioners in order to proceed with the demarcation of the border line, which is (defined by the main contract)

These private articles designed to complement the main contract. Enclosed in the village Turkmanchay, February 10, 1828 and 5 Shaban 1243 Hijri.
(MP) Ivan Paskevich, (MP) A.Obreskov, and the Naib-Sultan (MP) Also signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mirza Abul Hassan Elchi


This is the so-called Turkmanchay treaty. As some wise Iranians say: “Turkmanchai or Turkmanchay is a symbol of the 19th century’s world. In the early 19th century, British and Russian Barbarians invaded Iran, occupied many parts of Iran, and finally asked Iran to pay compensation to the invaders! It’s one of the most laughable/ ridiculous episodes in human history. But today is not the 19th century. Now it’s obvious why the UK and the West love Turkmanchai, Mirza Abul Hassan Rouhani, Mirza Abul Javad Zarif or Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei. They love Rouhanis, because Rouhanis are worse than Qajars. They love the Religion of Mullahs, which is the Jewish Religion of Lies. Now all Iranians, even the 3%, can see that the Jewish Religion of Islamists, which is the Satanic Religion of Lies, can only produce liars, crooks, thieves and evil men. Now even the 3% can see that ISIS, Savage Saudis, Basijis, Rouhanis and other Islamic crooks/ thieves/ liars are the products of the Tazi Religion of Islamists. Now even the 3% can see that the Tazi Religion is like the Masonic Religion. Now even the 3% ridicule Rouhanis and the West, and talk about the Nuclear Turkmanchai and its public and private articles -from humiliating inspections to ridiculous R&D. Now even the 3% can see why Mullahs are worse than Qajars. Mullahs allow the West to dictate how many centrifuges, sciences, technologies, R&D etc Mullahs can have! Now it’s quite clear why Iranians, even the 3%, say: the Islamic Turkmanchai is worse than the 1828 Turkmanchai. In the Mullah regime, the West dictates how many x or y Mullah can have! In the Mullah regime, the West dictates what is Progress, Reform or Sedition! But now even the 3% ask: Why we created the Islamic regime?! For listening to the West’s orders, following the West’s dictates (IMF Plans, nuclear dictates etc), (helping Tazis, hurting Iranians) and serving the interests of the West and Iran’s enemies?! … The West should dictate how Iran’s money will be spent?! Is this your Islamic Independence?! The West should dictate How many sciences, technologies etc Mullahs are allowed to have?! This is your Independence?! (2015) In fact, now even the 3% can see that Islamic Independence is equal to Islamic Zellat, licking the ass of the West, and listening to Foreign dictates. Now all of the 3% are becoming aware. And it’s so important. The Islamic Turkmanchai is a godsend for Iran, and will unite all Iranians (97% + 3%) against Ajnabi and Nokar-e Ajnabi, including Mullahs. Now the West and its stooges have badly confused. Just look How Rouhanists attack Persia & all Iranians. Just look How Rouhanists defend Iran’s enemies & Turkmanchai. Now if you take a look at their Masonic media -from BBC & VOA to Gooya & Qanun- you can easily see what the MI6/ CIA agents and Rouhanists say and do. Now they openly, stupidly and shamelessly attack Persia and all Iranians, but defend ISIS, Savage Islamists, Savage Saudis, the Savage West and Sworn enemies of Iran and all Iranians! It’s so funny that the 2009 Traitors and all Anti-Iranian pigs show their true colors in such a silly way. They have badly confused. Now all Masonic cesspits – from Alef, Gooya & RoozOnline to the US/ UK mass media- have confused. Now it’s clear that Rouhanists, Khatamiss and the so-called Exiled Journalists are a bunch of the MI6/ CIA agents. Now Only the enemies of the Iranian nation are against Freedom, Independence and Democracy in Iran. Only the enemies of the Iranian nation are against a real Resistance to Bullies and Barbarians. Only the enemies of the Iranian nation are lovers and supporters of Dictators, Islamists/ Rouhanis, IMF Plans and Islamic Turkmanchai. Only the enemies of the Iranian nation are against Iranian values such as Truth, Tolerance, Liberty, Honesty and Humanity”. They also add: “Those who attack Iranians values or human values, but defend Tazi values, Western values and other Barbarian values are worse than animals. And it’s obvious why the West loves them. It’s obvious why the West loves ISIS, Saudis, Islamists or Masonic Clowns such as Zibakalam, Abbas Abdi and Basiji leaders. But now all Iranians hate such Clowns. Now the story of the Islamic Turkmanchai, like the stories of Corruption, Embezzlement, and Financial fraud charges against almost all top officials in the AN administration, are making all of the 3% aware. Now even the 3% say: Mullahs are eating both ‘Onions and Sticks (Chub & Piaz) ! Now even the 3% talk about AN’s traitorous acts and Rouhani’s traitorous acts. Now even idiots can see the Chain of Events. Now even the 3% talk about what AN did to Iran’s economy, Iran’s image, Iran’s water, Iran’s soil, Iran’s environment etc. In fact, now even idiots can see that what AN did -from 2009 Coup to IMF Plans- was an act of Treason. AN just helped Iran’s enemies. AN paved the way for Iran’s enemies. And now Rouhani is like or worse than AN. The Ajnabi and the traitors to the Iranian nation desperately try to hurt Iran and all Iranians. But they and their Nuclear Turkmanchai just unite all Iranians (97% + 3%) against the Ajnabi, and create a new & real Revolution in Iran. It’s really good that the Savage West and the stupid Washington Post praise ‘An Anti-Iran Alliance’ ! (June 2015) In these days, what the Guardian’s spies and the Washington Post’s spies say are informative! You all should read the Washington Post’s article, ‘An Anti-Iran Alliance’ ! (June 2015) It’s a historic confession. Now the US, the UK and France openly defend ISIS, Savage Arabs, Savage Islamists and Brutal dictators. Now it’s quite clear that the US, the UK, France and the EU are like or worse than the Soviet Union and the Nazi Germany”. They also add: “Now even the 3% say many good things. And it’s so important. Now even the 3% curse Rouhani, but praise people like Akbar Etemad, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization in the Pahlavi era! In June 2015, the 3% and their Mullah TV show a documentary film, ‘I, Akbar Etemad Split Atoms‘ ! You all should see this documentary film. For the first time in history, the 3% and their Mullah TV talk about the Pahlavi Patriotism and the good plans in the Pahlavi era! In this film, the 3% actually talk about How Mullahs/ Islamists helped and still help the West and Iran’s enemies. Now for the first time in history, the Mullah TV says: Pahlavi was a Patriot (!) Pahlavi could become a democratic leader (!) In his last years, Pahlavi was fighting against American Bullies (!) The US and the West hated Pahlavi’s nuclear programs (!) The Pahlavi regime needed Reform! (June 2015) Now the soup is too salty, and that’s why even the 3% and their Mullah TV praise the Pahlavi Patriotism. But it’s obvious why all Iranians (97% + 3%) care about people like Akbar Etemad. All Iranians (97%+ 3%) hate Barbarians, Nokar-e Ajnabi, and those who hurt Iran’s people & other good guys, but help Bullies, Barbarians and Iran’s enemies”.

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