The West = The Evil Empire of Lies & Censorship ?!

“In Persian language, that is the language of Culture and Civilization, you can see many funny terms. For instance, Nobareshe or ‘VaqeAN Nobareh’ is a Persian slang term that means: surprising + shocking + ridiculous & stupid. Iranians use this Persian slang when they want to talk about something that is new and surprising, but ridiculous and stupid. Now Iranians use this Persian slang a lot, specially when they talk about Rohani, UK, France and other enemies of Iran. Now Rohani’s stupidity & Insanity = ‘VaqeAN Nobareh’ ! Now what the UK and the West say and censor, and this level of Censorship, Lying and Insanity in the West = ‘Nobareshe / VaqeAN Nobareh’ ! After Snow-den’s story, the Fascist West is removing the mask from its face. In this year (2015), the new Censorship laws in France, EU, UK, US and Canada are so shameful. But it’s not the whole story. One day they said that British Censorship or Western Censorship is a subtle form of Censorship! One day they said the UK and the West censor news in a subtle way! But now British Censorship or Western Censorship is the most silliest / blatant form of Censorship. Now the UK and the West censor all news, even the very Big news -like the Big News of the 2014 Referendum and the Big News of Rohani’s Evil acts in Iran”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Now the UK and the West censor the Biggest news in a silly way. Just look what the UK, the US, France and the EU do in this year (2015) Now they tell the Biggest lies in the Silliest way. Now the story of the UK and Rouhanis, or the story of ‘France & Islamists’ says a lot about the West. After that Farcical Rally in Jan. 2015, and just after some months, you all could see how France makes love with Islamists of Saudi Arabia & ISIS’, and how the West tries to censor such Important News and Apparent Paradoxes. In April 2015, you all could see what the UK and the West said about Lausanne Agreement (aka Lausanne-Chay) and its economic outcome! But now, only after one month, they censor the Big News of Price Increases in Iran! In April 2015, you all could see how the UK and the West tell the Biggest Lies about Lausanne Farce, Iran’s people, Rohani and Iran’s economy. But in May 2015, after just one month, they censor the Big news of price increases, high inflation, IMF Plans, Rohani’s Evil acts and Economic results of the Nuclear Farce! Now the UK and the West censor the Biggest news, and tell the Biggest lies in a silly way. This level of insanity and this level of censorship just prove or confirm that The West is the Empire of Lies and Censorship. But it’s not the whole story. In the past, they told Big lies/ Orwellian lies in a more subtle way. In the past, one day they said X is Black, and then after some years when they thought that people have forgotten the past, they said X is White or Black is White! But now, the West acts like insane psychopaths: Today they say X is Black, and tomorrow – ie just after one day or one month- they claim: X is White! Now they just show that the West is the Empire of Psychopaths“. They also add: “Now this British Spy Rohani clearly shows that the outcome of Nuclear Talks is high inflation, more price increases and more Economic disasters, while the UK and the West actually talk about the outburst of joy and dancing on the night the price of petrol increased !! And this is the West’s true face. The West is the Empire of Psychopaths. In the UK or the West, Journalism is equal to the Art of Lying, the Art of Censorship and the Art of Hypocrisy. In the 20th century, the West was the Empire of Hypocrisy. But now they show their true colors in a silly way. Now the West is the Empire of Stupidity. Now the West is the Empire of Insanity . Now any sane person can see why the West is Evil, why the West is Orwellian, why the West is Fascist & Sadist, or why the West and the UK love Rohani and other Islamic Pofyuz & Islamic Chalquz. As our people say, Mullahs and Rohani have learned the Art of Pofyuzi from the UK and France! This British Freemason Rohani is a lying son of a bitch, aka a real son of the UK !”. They also add: “Just after one month, and only after one month, the West censors the outcome of the Nuclear Talks in Lausanne! (for more info, check our previous post) This level of Censorship and Insanity is so important, and that’s why now even idiots can see the truths and say: This is the beginning of the End of the West; This is the beginning of the End of America; The West is the Evil Empire of Lies & Censorship, no doubt about it !”. These days are historic days. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s so important that the West censors the Big News in such a silly way. It’s a clear sign of their bankruptcy and their confusion. This British Pofyuz Rohani creates new Economic crises, but like the story of the 2014 Referendum, the UK, the US and the West censor such Big News! This is ‘VaqeAN Nobareh’ ! And it says a lot about the End of America or the Downfall of the West. Now we all are watching or witnessing the Downfall of the West and the End of America. In the past, most people knew nothing about the Systematic censorship and the systematic lies in the West. But now, people are watching and witnessing the West’s Systematic Lies, the West’s Systematic Censorship, the West’s Orwellian Tyranny, the West’s Insanity or actually the End of the West. One day the Iranians were the most pro-American nation in the world because the Iranians thought / imagined that America cares about Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights. But now America itself tries to create the image of the US as the ‘Great Evil’, the Great Bully, the Great Psychopath or the Great Sadist / Fascist/ Terrorist etc. Now you all can see how the UK, France, the CIA and the West support Rohani, Mullahs, Saudis, ISIS and other Islamists. Now all Iranians know this British Psychopath Rohani. Now Iranian people make jokes and say: This British Donkey Rohani is a specialist in what?! in Lying, Khayemali & Pofyuzi ?! This British Monkey Rohani is just a specialist in ridiculing himself, telling silly lies and licking the ass of the UK ! But Rohani is Chalquz ( = little shit) The main issue is his Arbabs (his Western Masters) and this level of censorship and this level of insanity in the West. In these days, if you take a look at the Western media, you can easily see what is the true meaning of Free Press or Free Exchange of Information in the West, and why the West is the Evil Empire”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, all Iranians talk about Rouhani’s evil acts. But the UK and the West censor the Big News and real news of Iran because such news (can show you) why Iranians hate Rouhani, and why Iranians refer to Hassan Rouhani as Hassan Freemason, Hassan Pofyuz, Hassan Dayus, Hassan Bi-Namus, Hassan Chalquz or Hassan Psychopath ! In recent days, this British Freemason Rouhani and the so-called Rouhanists ( = those who love & support Rouhani) show the depth of their insanity and stupidity. In recent days, this British Dayus Rouhani reminds Iranians of the story of Khas & Khashak. In recent days, Rouhani’s media and Rouhanists openly and stupidly say: ‘Iran’s people are stupid, because Iran’s people hate Rouhani, ridicule Rouhani or curse Rouhani. Iranian people say why Rouhani tells Big lies, why Rouhani increases petrol price, gas price, bread price & all prices, why Rouhani implements IMF Plans, why Rouhani creates many Economic Crises, why Rouhani helps Iran’s enemies, why Rouhani hurts Iran’s people, or why Rouhani is worse than AhmadiNejad (AN) because Iranian people are stupid (!!) All Iranians hate this British Spy Rouhani and Rouhani’s evil acts (aka Rouhani’s Pofyuz-i / Dayus-i) because all Iranians are stupid’ !! (May 2015) And it’s what Rouhanists and the newspapers of Islamic Freemasons (Qanun) say. Now it’s quite clear why Iranian people refer to Rouhanists and other Islamic Freemasons as Pofyuz, Dayus, Chalquz, Psychopath, Motherfucker etc. Now it’s quite clear why Rouhani and Rouhanists are not Iranians. Now even the 3% can see why Rouhani and Rouhanists are Anti-Iranian Pofyuz & Dayus. In Persian language, Dayoos/ Dayus, Qoromsaq, Jakesh, Bi-Namus or Bi-Sharaf are synonyms, and mean: someone who makes money by selling his soul, his humanity, his honor, his pen, his body, his wife, his children, his family etc. So their evil acts in recent years (from 2009 to 2015) clearly show why Rouhani and Rouhanists are Dayus, Qoromsaq, Jakesh, Bi-Namus, Bi-Sharaf etc. In Persian language, Pofyooz or Pofyuz (Pof + yuz = Puff + Cheetah) means someone who deals, acts, barks, bluffs or behaves from a Position of Weakness and Foolishness; So as their Islamic Turkmanchai and Rouhani’s evil acts show, Rouhani and Rouhanists are Pofyuz. Iranians care about Truth, Logic, Science and Scientific approaches. Iranians provide logical & scientific answers to questions like: Who is Psychopath? Who is Pofyuz? Who is Fascist? Who is Dayus? Who is Whore? Who is Sadist? Who is Liar? Who is Orwellian? or Who is Terrorist? But Masons, Rouhanists and other Psychopaths & Dayus/ Pofuz people love Harf-e Moft & Arajif (= total bullshit) In 2009, the world saw that Iran’s people are great, wise and brave people. In 2009, the whole world bowed before the great and brave people of Iran. Since the ancient time, Iran is called the land of the Brave (Daliran) And in 2009, the world saw why Iran is the land of the Brave. But in 2009, Islamists and Rouhanists/ Khatamists proved that they are Pofyuz and Dayus. All Iranians and informed people know why Islamists -from Basijis to Khatamists/ Rouhanists- are Dayus and Pofyuz. In and after 2009, all normal humans could see why Khatamists/ Rouhanists are Dayus and Pofyuz, or why the so-called 2009 Traitors are Pofyuz, Dayus and Chalquz. But it’s funny that now these Dayus/ Pofyuz pigs crap about the great and brave people of Iran. Now it’s obvious why even if Iran’s people can forgive criminals & killers, Iranians will never forgive Traitors; and in the near future, the 2009 Traitors and all Masonic Dayus/ Pofyuz pigs will be hanged from the lamp posts in Iran’s streets”. They also add: “It’s obvious why the West love pigs such as Mirza Abol Hassan Elchi (Hajji Baba), Mirza Abol Hassan Rouhani, Mirza Abol Javad Zarif and other Freemason Pofyuz pigs. The West and The UK love and support Rouhanists, because Rouhanists are Freemason, Chalquz and Pofyuz pigs with very low IQs. Iranians use logical and scientific methods, and show why the West and its Islamists (including Rouhanists) are psychopaths, sadists, fascists, Pofyuz or Dayus. But the UK and its Rouhanists suffer from the Mad Cow Disease. QerQerh or QerQereh kardan is a Persian slang that means: Repeating people’s words in a childish way. And now what the UK and its Rouhanists do is QerQereh. Iran’s people say Rouhani is Chalquz, or Rouhani is Pofyooz (As we said before) after the 2014 Referendum, Iran’s people refer to Rouhani as Pofyus, Dayus, Chalquz, Martikeh Pofyooz-e 3-darsadi etc. Now all Iranians hate Rouhani, and ridicule Rouhani and Rouhanists. But instead of dying of shame, resigning from the government, resigning from all posts / parts of public life, or instead of regretting, begging and apologizing to Iran’s people, Rouhani and Rouhanists blatantly say: Iranian people are stupid because Iranian people hate Rouhani ! In fact, the UK and its Rouhani and Rouhanists suffer from the Mad Cow Disease . Rouhanists are Kodan, Khereft, Pofyooz & Dayoos. But it’s not whole story. The 2009 Traitors and Rouhanists are a bunch of Psychopaths and Anti-Iranian Spies/ Slaves of Iran’s enemies. In 2009, the Jewish Spy (AN) killed Iran’s people and called them Khas & Khashak (= unimportant people) And now in May 2015, this British Spy Rouhani hurts all Iranians, and the newspapers of Islamic Freemasons (Qanun) and Rouhanists openly say: ‘All Iranians are stupid because all Iranians hate Rouhani and boo Rouhani and his Anti-Iran acts’ !! Now it’s quite clear why Rouhanists are Anti-Iranian psychopaths”. They also add: “Rouhanists are Pofyuz and Dayus. Rouhanists are Ravan-Perish (Psychos) But who are Rouhanists? Rouhanists are the 2009 traitors, and those Basijis, Islamists and Khatamists who killed, tortured or hurt Iran’s people in 2009 and recent years. Rouhanists are Masonic psychopaths and Anti-Iran agents of the CIA / MI6 such as Zibakalam, Abbas Abdi, GoozAli Abazari, Laylaz, Akbar Ganji, Nabavi, Behnoud and other British Freemasons such as the Ayatollah Jack Straw, the BBC’s whores or the Guardian’s spies. In fact, Rouhanists are Masons and Non-Iranian pigs. In 2014/ 2015, Rouhani and Rouhanists showed their true colors (for more info, Check Archive) For instance, Rouhanists and their KhabarOnline openly said: Hurting and Humiliating Iran and Iranians is a good thing, and the main goal of Rouhani is ‘Hurting and Humiliating Iran & Iranians’ !! (2014) In 2015, Rouhanists and Islamic Freemasons/ Psychopaths such as GoozAli Abazari openly said: Iranian people are so stupid because Iranian people hate Mullahs and love Iranian Musicians! (2015) And now this Masonic newspaper (Qanun) says: Iranians are stupid and [..] because Iranians hate Rouhani & Rouhani’s evil acts! (May 2015) As you know, the newspapers of Mirza Malkum and Mullah Afghani, the two notorious Freemasons, was called Qanun. In fact, Qanun is a code word for Freemasons such as Mirza Malkum and Mullah Al-Afghani (Code word = a word that they use instead of a more direct one when they want to avoid shocking people) Rouhanists are children of Malkum & Al-Afghani, the notorious Freemasons. But it’s funny that, by calling their Anti-Iran newspaper ‘Qanun’, they openly try to signal that they are children of Mirza Malkum, Mullah Afghani and other Freemasons. It’s so funny and important. Now even idiots and the 3% can see why this English Pofyooz Rouhani is a Psychopath, and why the real name of ‘Hassan Rohani’ is ‘Hassan Freemason’, ‘Hassan Pofyuz’, ‘Hassan Dayus’ or ‘Hassan Psychopath’. Now even the 3% refer to Rohani as Robahe Banafsh (Purple Fox), Purple Pig, Purple Wolf, Purple Sheep or Purple Shit etc! For instance, the 3% and their media say: Why this Robahe Banafsh ( = Purple Fox = Rohani !) insults the people’s intelligence in such a silly way ?! The West and its Robahe Banafsh (Rouhani) want to (fool people in this way) ?!‘ (May 2015) In Iran, the UK is called the Old Fox, and now even the 3% and idiots can see the true colors of the Old Fox (UK) and its offspring – including this Purple Fox (Rouhani) & Rouhanists. Now the Old Fox (UK) and its offspring suffer from the Mad Cow Disease, and show their true face in a silly way. And it’s a godsend for Iran and all good guys in all around the world”.

As some wise Iranians say: “the Old Fox (UK) and its offspring, including Rouhanists/ Masons/ Basijis/ MEK, are stupid psychopaths. In recent days, the UK media – from the Ayatollah BBC to the Guardian- create a Historic Farce. Do you know what they say in recent days?! The Masonic UK Guardian (GU) – aka the Guardian of Mullahs, the Guardian of Masons, the Guardian of Lies etc- censors the Big News of Rouhani’s evil acts, but says: ‘Rouhani clashes with Mullahs over Bad Hijab’ !! (GU, 26 May 2015) Can you believe it?! This is British Journalism! In fact, British Journalism = Censoring Big News, Telling Big lies, and defending Psychopaths/ Dictators in such a silly way. In recent days, the Ayatollah BBC censors the Big news of Rouhani’s Evil acts, but says: ‘Rouhani defends Freedom of Speech’ !! (BBC, 26 May 2015) And this is British Journalism = Orwellian Journalism. This level of Orwellian Lies & Censorship is really one of the Biggest Scandals in the history of Journalism, and clearly shows that the British Empire of Lies & Censorship is actually the Empire of Psychopaths. In the Land of Barbarians (UK), Censorship = Free Exchange of Information, War = Peace, Slavery = Freedom, and Systematic censorship & systematic lies = Free Press & Freedom! For thousands of years, the UK was officially the land of Barbarians and Barbarism; so it obvious why the UK is such an Orwellian cesspit of psychopaths. Now even idiots can see that the Guardian is Rouhani’s media, the BBC is Rouhani’s media, and the UK is the Mother of Rouhani. Now it’s quite clear why Rouhani and Rouhanists are Freemasons and Non-Iranian spies/ stooges of the UK and the West. In the past, many asked: Why Rouhani is not Iranian? Why Rouhani is an Enemy of Iran and Iranian people? Why Rouhanists are not Iranians? Why Rouhanists are Masons and sworn enemies of Iran & Iranians? But now the answer is clear. Rouhani and Rouhanists are stupid psychopaths with low IQs. They themselves say that they hate all Iranians, and they just want to humiliate Iran and Iranians! But If Iran’s regime was an Iranian regime, then such anti-Iranian spies/ pigs would have been allowed to control the government in Iran?! The Mullah regime is an Anti-Iranian regime of Masons. Now what Rouhanists say is like or worse than what Zionists, Tazis or Wendy Kos-Sherman say. Rouhani is really worse than US Senators. Rouhanists and Non-Iranian agents of the CIA/ MI6 like Hajj Abbas Iraq-chi love Wendy Kos-Sher-man and Iran’s enemies. Now even the 3% say that Wendy Kos-Sherman is Iraq-chi’s grandma!, or France’s Fabius Dayus is Javad Zarif’s Brother! Now even idiots can see why Basijis and Rouhanists are worse than France’s Fabius Dayus, Wendy Kos-Sherman, US Senators and other Anti-Iran Fascists in the West. Now even the 3% and average Iranian expats say: ‘US Senators are Racists and Fascists. US Senator Lindsey Graham suggesting that all Iranians are Liars. There is no place in today’s world for such racist comments, and we call on (US Fascist faggot) Graham to immediately retract his remarks and apologize’ (May 2015) But now Rouhani and Rouhanists are worse than US racist/ fascist faggots such as US Senator Lindsey Graham and Wendy Kos-Sherman”. They also add: “It’s obvious why Iranians are angry. The West and its stooges (Rouhanists, Tazis etc) insult and hurt all Iranians. Now the West censors the Big News of Rouhani’s evil acts, and shamelessly says: ‘Anxious for economic relief, the majority of Iranians are desperate for a nuclear agreement” !!! (CBS, June 2015) The West’s journalists are really psychopaths. (As the witty Iranians say:) In the West, all mass media are like the UK ‘Daily Kos’ ! The US, the UK and their Rouhanists love Kos-sher or Daily Kos ( = crapping, bullshitting & trash taking on a daily basic) ! In the UK and the US, their media are DailyKos, Fox News, Wolf News or Chameleon News! And Saudis, Mullahs or Tazis love Locust News, Lizard News, Camel News, Shit News or Sheep News. In the US, CBS News = Crappy, Bad & Silly News, CNN = Crappy Neanderthal News, ABC = A Barbarian Cesspool, NBC = National Barbarian Crap, NPR = National Psychopath Radio etc”. They also add: “Now it’s clear that the West is the Evil Empire of
. So now even Westerners talk about How the West created ISIS, How the West Created Mullahs, How the West Created Muslim Brotherhood, How the West Created the Islamic State, How the West Created Islamism, How the West Created Islamists or How the West Created Saudis, Wahhabis, etc. Now many know the Devil’s Game, and say: the West is ISIS, the West is Devil, or the West is Evil. They know how the West created Muslim Brotherhood, Mullahs, Saudis, Wahhabis, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS or Bokon Haram. They even know why the Ideology of Mullahs is the Ideology of Bokon Haram, and why the Muslim Brotherhood is a Masonic Brotherhood. The Western analysts even say: ‘While flirting with the extremists, Western countries use the so-called policy of controlled chaos (!) in far-away regions’ ! (May 2015) They know the US’s terrorist allies. They know the UK / France and its terrorist allies. The soup is too salty. So even the American Faggots and the American Conservative write about ‘Making Enemies‘ ! (if you google it, you can easily find it), and say: ‘according to (US officials), Shin Bet -the Israeli counter-intelligence service- created Hamas .. Is-rael created Hamas .. In creating radical Islamism, Is-rael was following in the footsteps of successive British and American governments .. Martha Kessler, a senior analyst for the CIA, has said, ‘We saw Is-rael cultivate Islamism as a counterweight to Nationalism’ ! .. Hamas was a project of Shin Bet .. Hamas was a bitter opponent of Palestinian nationalism .. the Muslim Brotherhood is a creation of British colonialism .. the British created the Muslim Brotherhood as a means of keeping Egyptian nationalism and
anti-colonialism in check (!) .. (the UK created the pan-Arabist like Nasser) .. (But Following the Masonic) Nasser’s rise to power in 1954, both the British and Americans (used) the Brotherhood as a useful weapon (for creating Divide & Rule) .. the Brotherhood tried to assassinate Egypt’s President Nasser, the pan-Arabist .. In his book Sleeping With the Devil, former CIA officer Robert Baer describes the ‘dirty secret” in Washington, namely that ‘the White House looked on Islamists as a secret weapon! .. Al-Qaeda itself springs from the Muslim Brotherhood .. In playing the same game as the Brits and Americans – the ‘Devil’s game’ – Is-rael created Hamas and other Islamist groups .. But If you make monsters , you shouldn’t be surprised if they come back to bite you’ ! It’s so funny and important that the US pigs (not US good guys) confess to such things. In the near future, even the US pigs will confess how the West created Khomeini and Mullahs, and how Mullahs served the interests of the West. Of course what they say about Hamas is not a new thing. We all know the story of Hamas and Saddam, and how Hamas helped Saddam is his war again Iran and all Iranians. Hamas is Anti-Iran and Masonic. Many have written about Masonic organizations such as Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas defends Saddam or Savage Saudi invasion to Yemen. But Mullahs are Masons / Tazis, and so Mullahs defend Anti-Iran Pigs & Masonic organizations such as Hamas and other Islamists & Enemies of Iran. But after the Mullah regime, Iran will defend a real Resistant movement. Instead of supporting Islamists, Iran will support the good guys, the cultured people, the real friends of Iran, and the Real Resistance to Bullies & Barbarians”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now many talk about the new surveillance and censorship laws in the EU, France, Britain, Canada, America and the whole West. The so-called Bill C-51 in Canada is like the new surveillance and censorship laws in France, UK and EU. Now Obama, NS-A and US Congress try to create new surveillance and censorship laws in the US. It’s so shameful. They officially try to convert the US into the Land of Fascism or the Land of Lies and Censorship. The West’s good guys and America’s good guys are aware of this issue, and protest against it. But unfortunately, many Americans and many Westerners are so stupid and ignorant”. They also add: “the story of the West’s Orwellian acts is like the story of watching Cinema Paradiso in the Mullah TV. As you know, the main themes in this film (Cinema Paradiso) are censorship, censoring films, s-ex, love, bigotry, fascism etc. This film is about 170min. But in May 2015, the Mullah TV showed a full HD version of this film (Cinema Paradiso), but censored all parts/ main themes of this film! It’s so funny and Orwellian that Mullahs show a film about Censorship & Censoring films (in the West), but Mullahs censor all parts of this film! Watching Cinema Paradiso in the Mullah TV is a funny Orwellian experience. But now many events and many things in the West are more laughable/ ridiculous and more Orwellian than watching Cinema Paradiso in the Mullah TV”. They also add: “Now the West’s good guys talk about ‘Big Brother’s Right to Censorship and Erase History!‘ (2015), and say: ‘EU ruling on the ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ in which (Big Brothers) have the right to ask search engines to remove links with (critical information) about them .. the EU ruling that they have the right to remove material about themselves from search engine results! .. Google is Undermining the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ .. (they received) 40,000 Censorship Requests in First Hour ! .. the Right to be forgotten is a dangerous form of censorship. (It’s equal to) the right to Censorship and Rewriting history‘ (2015) Now many talk about the EU’s Right-to-be-Forgotten law, and this fact that Google search results indicate ‘right to be forgotten’ Censorship. It’s so shameful that the EU openly talks about the Right to Censor, and the Right to be Censored ! It’s so shameful that the EU tries to censor websites under the EU’s right-to-be-forgotten law. Now even the West’s people say: ‘Thanks to The EU Right To Be Forgotten, the Search Engines now Censor The Press’ ! (2015) The West’s Ideology / Religion is really like the Religion of Psychopaths -in which sadism, censorship, lying and other evil things are good things, but honesty, truth, logic, tolerance and other good things are evil things. In the Religion of Lies or the Religion of Psychopaths, celebration = mourning, mourning = celebration, Lie = Truth, Peace = War, Barbarity = Humanity, Censorship = Freedom, Slavery = Salvation etc. The West, Tazis and other Barbarians love such satanic religions. They are like British Masons. They hate honesty and to ‘discuss the matter honestly’. Now even the West’s good guys are aware of such issues, and that’s why they talk about ‘An Empire of Lies: The CIA and the Western Media’, and say: the West is the Empire of Lies & Secrecy’ (2015) But unfortunately, many Americans and many Westerners are so stupid. And it’s an undeniable fact. So now even their stupid mass media say: ‘Why ISIS recruiters win in the West‘ !! (CNN, May 2015) or ‘Why ISIS lures so many Americans’ ! (CNN, May 2015) In fact, they say Why so many Americans are fanatic, sadist and backward people, or Why so many Americans are mind-controlled slaves. The West’s good guys should pay more attention to the Mind Control projects and the Mind-Controlled slaves in the West. Now the soup is too salty, and so even the stupid mass media say: ‘(Why a very stupid book like) ‘Harry Potter’ is one of the most popular book series in the West (?!!) .. Why many Americans are Brainwashed and crazy? .. What makes ISIS so attractive to British / American/ French youths? (!!)” ! (CNN, May 2015) Of course they provide silly answers, and try to hide real answers and the root of problems. They say nothing about Mind control projects. They just say Barbarians or ISIS recruiters win in the US because so many Americans love money, girls & guns! They actually say that so many Americans/ Westerners love money, raping girls, guns and killing people! But only psychopaths love such things. If you love lying, stealing, raping and killing, then you are a psychopath. Apparently their own mass media want to say that they are a nation of psychopaths and barbarians! But we Iranians know that all of them are not bad guys. The West’s good guys exist, and try to protest against the West’s psychopaths and barbarians. In the US and the West, many people are not bad guys. But they should not forget the story of Fascism/ Nazism, and they should know that if they remain silent, then the West officially becomes the Empire of Fascists. Now even if you read/ think about the food industry in the US, or watch documentary films such as ‘Food Inc’ (2008), then not only you will see part of the inhumane conditions and Orwellian idiocies in the US, but you will be shocked by this fact that How fast the US is turning into an Orwellian Empire of Fascists & Psychopaths. If America’s people remain silent, then in the near future, most of them will say: It all happened so fast I didn’t even notice that America is becoming Fascist and Orwellian”. In this year (2015), many things need more attention. As some wise Iranians say: “the new surveillance and censorship laws in the EU, France, UK, Canada etc are so shameful. Now the West and the EU openly talk about the Right to be forgotten !, that is equal to the Right to Censorship and the Right of Deception! It’s so shameful and so laughable. The West is officially becoming the worst Orwellian Animal Farm in history. But now many are witnessing the Downfall of the West. Many know that only in the Evil Empire of Lies and Censorship, Truth is Treason. Now many talk about the West’s Orwellian Arts, including the Art of Lying, the Art of Censorship or the Art of Deception. They know why even sports events such as the stories of FIFA president, FIFA Fascism, FIFA scandals and FIFA corruption say a lot about the West and the Evil Empire”.

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