Kosher Barbarians and Bully Boys: Kosher Deals !

June 28, 2015

“All good guys hate bullies and barbarians, and now even the West’s good guys say to the Western regimes: Lets not be the bully boys of the world’ ! (June 2015) Now even the non-Iranians can understand why Iranians like Akbar Etemad say: ‘If you’re weak, they (ie the Savage West) attack you. (But) If you’re not weak, they won’t attack you. We have to be a strong country and end these humiliating threats. And being strong means not listening to the foreigners’. The Non-Iranians even say: ‘that is the attitude of Iranian people who hate the current regime. There is little prospect of Iran, under any leadership or political evolution, agreeing to give up its (good programs including nuclear program)’ (2015) But in these days, the West’s bullies and barbarians say many stupid and ridiculous things. For instance, they write/ talk about ‘Making a Kosher Deal With Mullahs’ ! (June 2015) In the UK/ US mass media, the Jewish Rabbis – who suffer from the Rabies disease – now write/ talk about ‘a Kosher Deal’, and say: ‘We (should apply) the needs of kosher food verification to Iran’s nuclear programs (that means) we need to use the strongest means of verification and inspection possible’ !! (June 2015) The Jewish pigs talk about kosher deals, kosher bullies and kosher barbarians! In fact, Kosher is Kossher (kos-sher) !”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Even the good Jews hate the savage Jews and their Jewish laws. The savage Jews say: Something that is kosher is (halal, legal) and Jewish. In the Tazi terminology, and also in the Arab-Jewish religious terminology, kosher is synonym of halal. Muslims use this term (halal) only when they talk about foods and some other things; but the savage Jews and the so-called Jewish Islamists use this term (kosher) a lot – in almost all situations and about almost everything. In these years, when the Jewish pigs talk about the kosher internet, the kosher sadism/ racism, or the kosher deal with Mullahs, you all can see that Kosher really means Kossher! In Persian laughable, kossher (kos-sher) is a slang term that means ‘crap, nonsense, total bullshit etc’. And in these years – when the ungrateful Jews and the Jewish Barbarians crap about Persia, and threaten Persia and all Persians with nukes, genocide, etc- we all can see that their Jewish religion is really the Religion of Barbarians, and the Jewish Religion of Barbarians is kosher or kossher! Iranians have already talked about the Jewish Roots of Islamists, the Jewish Barbarians, the Jewish Fanatics, the Jewish Theocracy, the Jewish laws, the Jewish Bible, the Jewish God etc (For more info, check Archive) And now the Jewish pigs say that the Islamic Turkmanchai is a kosher deal ! Now the Jewish pigs openly say: ‘if Mullahs were seeking kosher certification (!), what would that deal look like?! According to Jewish law, factories or establishments that want certification of providing kosher things must agree to (barbarian-Jewish laws)’ !! (June 2015) The Jews pretend ignorance, because they know that Mullahs and Islamists have already gained kosher certification! The Jewish religion of Mullahs is already a kosher / kossher thing! Now even idiots can see that the main problems in Iran are Jewish/ Masonic-made problems. Now when the Masons, the savage Jews and Arabs/ Islamists sleep with each other, and say and do the same Anti-Iranian things, Iranians sarcastically ask: the Jewish things are kosher or kossher (kos-sher)?! What the Jews say is kosher or kossher?! Now it’s clear that the Savage Jews and their Jewish rabbis suffer from the rabies disease, and that’s why they openly talk about the kosher sadism, the kosher nukes, the kosher weapons of mass destruction, the kosher racism and the kosher genocide! They openly say that their Jewish Racism or their Anti-Iran Sadism is a kosher thing! And it clearly shows that kosher is kossher. As you know, the Jewish pigs openly talk about the kosher internet, and it’s not a new thing. But it’s important to note that the so-called ‘halal internet’ is just a translation of the ‘kosher internet’, which is a Jewish term. Mullahs/ Islamists just use Tazi/ Jewish terms, Tazi / Jewish laws, and Tazi / Jewish traditions. In the Jewish religion of Islamists, almost everything is Jewish or Masonic. Even the good Jews and the good Muslims know that Zionists and Arab Islamists are Brothers. The savage Jews and Islamists are two sides of the same coin. In these days, Islamists and Arab/ Tazi CIA agents such as Adnan Tabatabai write in the CIA media: “the Islamic Regime is in the process of implementing a foreign policy shift from Resistance towards engagement and cooperation (with Great Satan !) .. In Iran, some say that Iran as an anti-imperialist state should not give concessions to world powers. Other voices argue that Iran is able to stand on its own feet and survive economically even with sanctions in place. But the vast majority of people (!!!!) support Rouhani and Rouhani’s team’ !! (June 2015) The Arab/ Jewish Veqahat (= shamelessness) is really like the Masonic/ British Veqahat. They stupidly pretend that the 97% are not the vast majority of people! They still see the 3% as the vast majority of people! But now even the 3% hate Rouhani and curse Rouhani, while the CIA agents still repeat their old silly lies. Islamists and Arab CIA agents such as Adnan Tabatabai are stupid and unknown spies/ pigs. They are not important. But it’s important that the UK, the Lefts, the Marxists and the CIA media praise such retarded pigs. Now the US media (ie US Lie Factory) and the UK media (ie UK Lie Factory) sayl many Anti-Iranian things. Just look what the American Barbarians say. US Senators or US Barbarians are worse than Hitler and Stalin. French Barbarians are eating extra shits. Savage France and France’s Fabius Dayus play the role of the bad cop or the rabid dog. But just look how Mullahs and their Zarif lick the ass of Savage France. If Javad Zarif was not an Anti-Iranian Freemason, then Zarif would react strongly to France’s Fabius Dayus, and he at least would refuse to meet France’s Fabius Dayus. But as even the 3% say, France’s Fabius Dayus is Javad Zarif’s Brother, as Wendy Kos-Sherman is Iraq-chi’s grandma! But it’s not the whole story. Now the Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei openly defends Zarif, Iraq-chi, Hojjatieh and Freemasons. Now even the 3% can see how their Fath Ali Shah Khamenei defends Mirza Abol Javad Zarif and Mirza Abol Hassan Rouhani. Now even idiots can see when their Mullah Ali Shah strongly supports Zarif & Rouhani, he actually supports his Great Satan, his Nuclear Turkmanchai, and the Masons and Western Barbarians such as Wendy Kos-Sherman and France’s Fabius Dayus. Mullahs and Masons play silly games (ie kosher games) The UK’s Mullahs and the Jewish Mullahs love kosher lies ( = big lies) and kosher polls (= fake polls) Mullahs are like rabbis. But now even the good Jews can see that their rabbis are rabid dogs, and rabbis suffer from rabies, because their rabbis openly defend genocide, sadism, racism, slavery and other Evil things”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In recent days, Rafsanjani refers to the AN era as ‘the era of the distemper or rabies disease (Maraz-e Haari) ! It’s true. But it’s just a small part of the truth. AhmadiNejad (AN) was a Jewish dog, a rabid dog, and the AN era was ‘the era of rabies disease’. But it’s not the whole story. The Mullah era, ie all years between 1979 and 2015, was ‘the era of rabies disease or the era of the Mad Cow disease. The 1980s or the Rafsanjani era (1990s) was ‘the era of the rabies disease, too. And that’s why all Iranians hate Rafsanjani and other Mullahs. Now even idiots and the 3% can see that all Mullahs are Anti-Iran and Nokar-e Ajnabi (= puppets of Iran’s enemies) The UK’s Mullahs are like the Jewish rabbis who suffer from the rabies disease. Rabbis like Rabbi Ovadia Yosef are officially rabid dogs who praise sadism, racism and genocide. If you study the behavior of AN, Jewish rabbis and rabies virus, you can understand many things better. AN was a Jewish spy, and his mission was ‘destroying Iran and Iran’s image’, and paving the way for Iran’s enemies. In and before 2009, all Iranians (97%) warned the regime about AN’s evil acts. And now, in 2015, the stupid Mullah regime just confirms that what all Iranians (97%) said about AN and AN’s evil acts was true. Now Mullahs confirm what the so-called Greens or all Iranians (97%) said already and knew already. The Greens and all Iranians (97%) have already talked and warned about AN’s corruption, AN’s evil acts, IMF Plans, weapon of sanctions, and many other things. In fact, the Greens and all Iranians (97%) had Basirat ! But Mullahs and their Leader did have Basirat. In the Mullah terminology, Basirat means insight, vision, wisdom etc. And now what Mullahs say and do about Sanctions, AN, Rahimi, Baghai or AN’s traitorous acts – from stealing 800 billions of dollars, destroying Iran’s image and creating the Anti-Iran sanctions to destroying Iran’s water, Iran’s soil and Iran’s environment- clearly showed that the Greens and all Iranians (97%) had Basirat; but Mullahs, Basijis and their leader Khamenei didn’t have Basirat. Now even idiots can see that AN was a Crypto-Jew, and what AN said about the Holocaust and other stupid things just helped Zionists and Iran’s enemies. Mullahs and their AN tried to create a bad image of Iran, and to unite all humans and all countries against Iran. AN was a Jewish spy or a Crypto-Jew. But who strongly defended AN ?! The Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei, Basijis, the Jewish CIA and other enemies of Iran. Now even idiots and the 3% talk about the stories of AN, Sanctions, IMF Plans, Corruption and all Evil acts in the AN era. But it’s not the whole story. Now all Iranians talk and warn about Rouhani’s evil acts. Now it’s clear that Rouhani is like or worse than AhmadiNejad (AN). Rouhani just hurts Iran’s people, and helps Iran’s enemies in an unprecedented way. But just look what the UK and their Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei do and say. Now even the 3% and idiots can see why and how the UK loves Khamenei and Rouhanis, why the Mullah regime is a Masonic regime, or why all Mullahs are Pethar-Sukhteh (shitty bastards) The West and its Mullahs are kosher idiots (= big idiots) They love kosher polls (ie fake polls) and kosher lies (ie silly lies). In June 2015, the Guardian (GU) says: ‘the majority of Iranians support Rouhani (!!!) The majority of Iranians support a nuclear agreement with (the West’s Bullies !) .. the nuclear deal would improve people’s standard of living in under a year (!!) .. most Iranians gave Rouhani high marks for improving Iran’s economy (!!!!)’ (GU, June 2015) Can you believe it?! Now it’s clear why many refer to the Guardian (GU) as the Lie Factory, the MI6 media, the Masonic media or the Orwellian media. The UK Guardian of Lies is the Guardian of Rouhanis and the Guardian of Lies & Censorship. They stupidly try to censors all news -from the news of the 2014 Referendum to what the 97% of Iranians say about Rouhani’s evil acts in Iran. But now all Iranians hate the UK and the UK’s Rouhanis. Now it’s clear who is behind the current lack of political freedom and the chaotic state of the economy. Now even the mass media report: ‘In 1978, the UK media and the Western media said: Mullahs are guardians of the democratic wishes of the people (!!)‘. Now even non-Iranians say: ‘In Iran, much of the common anger is directed at Rouhanis and at America and Britain’. Now what the Anti-Iran pigs such as Abbas Abdi and Faheshe Ebtekar say and do remind many of the CIA-made crises in 1979 and 1980s. The story of destroying Iran’s image, and creating the hostage crisis – which was a CIA-made crisis in 1979- is a long story. If you search the internet, you can find many things about Islamists, CIA, hostage crisis, Cottom, Yazdi etc. Even non-Iranians say: ‘Khomeini and Mullahs used the hostage crisis to force out their rivals; and the US and the West used the hostage crisis (to destroy Iran’s image, to wage war on Iran, to implement their Evil plans in the Middle East etc)’. Now this Faheshe Ebtekar craps about dust storms, and instead of resigning from the government or trying to solve the problem of dust storms, this motherfucker Ebtekar says: We (Mullahs) cannot solve such problems; Iranians have to bear the dust storm; Iran’s people have to grin and bear it – ie accept it without complaining’ !! (2015) These Islamist Motherfuckers – from Abbas Abdi to Ebtekar- are those spies/ stooges who implemented the Cottam’s plan or the CIA plan in 1979, and paved the way for the Tazi invasion. If you search the internet, you can see that even non-Iranians and official documents say that Richard Cottam was a high rank CIA member, and a close friend of Islamists. During the 1953 coup, Richard Cottam had been in charge of the CIA’s Iran Desk, and also he had been in close contact with Mullahs and Islamists. Now it’s clear why and how the West and its stooges create fake crisis, and use such fake crises to hurt Iran and all Iranians”.


As some wise Iranians say: “You can wait and check the US Fact sheet with their final deal. It’s can be informative. But If you want to know more about Great Satan and its Mullahs, you should know the history of the Devil’s Game. (For instance) the story of the Mind control projects in the US and the UK, and its effects/ impacts on Iran can be so informative. Pigs like Richard Helms can show you many things. According to official documents, Richard Helms as the CIA director had a key role in the MK-Ultra mind control projects. But in the mid 1970s, Richard Helms, the former CIA director, became the U.S. Ambassador to Iran! Now the US official documents confirm that Richard Helms knew about the Shah’s cancer (while even the Shah himself and his family knew nothing about his cancer) The story of the Shah’s cancer is important (we would write more about it later) But as many say or guess, the CIA and Richard Helms caused or created the Shah’s cancer & Alam’s cancer. The Shah and Alam can be victims of the mind control projects. In the past, many things were unclear. But now many -from the mass media to the official documents- talk about the Evil sciences, including the science of creating diseases/ disasters, or the Mind control science that is the science of enslaving people, killing people and torturing people. Now many talk about Evil sciences and Evil scientists (ie kosher sciences & kosher scientists) in the West. Of course the UK still pretends that their evil scientists are decent faggots. But the US media report: ‘the scientific community is facing a ‘pollution problem’ in academic publishing (In the US and the UK) Research misconduct, like falsifying or fabricating data or concealing serious violations is a serious threat to the ‘trustworthiness, utility, and value of sciences’. In the US, 40% percent of scientists report that their colleagues falsify data’ ! (2015) If you search the internet, you can see that many talk about the US/ UK mind control projects. Even if you watch the new films such as the Imitation Game (2014), you can see that they openly say that their Alan Turing was a decent faggot (ie kosher faggot !), and they actually killed Alan Turing (at age of 41) in their secret mind control projects. It’s important that Alan Turing was a faggot and MI6 agent. And it’s important that Alan Turing became a victim of the UK mind control projects. The story of the mind control projects is not a myth. Even the English mass media report: MI6 pays out over secret LSD mind control tests (!!) .. MI-6 has agreed an out-of-court settlement with mind-controlled victims (!!) .. these men are victims of the MI6 mind-control experiments .. these people were duped into taking part in the experiments and had waited years to learn the truth (!) … The LSD experiments were conducted by scientists working for MI-6 who were trying to discover a ‘Truth drug’ (for the Ministry of Truth !) .. M-I6’s counterparts at the CIA also did LSD experiments on men without their knowledge to try to control their minds .. Victims said MI6 scientists gave them LSD .. Victims saw walls melting, cracks appearing in people’s faces .. Victims say: MI6 scientists treated us just like guinea pigs .. Victim are glad MI6 has finally admitted its crimes’ !! And It’s what the British mass media say. It’s so important that their own mass media and their own fucking UK Guardian say such things. In fact, the Soup is too Salty, and many know and talk about the Mind control projects and the LSD experiments on children and adults in the UK. Now many know why the UK is Doorway To The Cesspit”. They also add: “the British Lies and the UK shitty paradoxes are so laughable. In recent days, the UK Guardian (GU) and the MI6 media talk about ‘What Iranians really think of Rouhani’ ! They tell many silly lies and make a few good confessions. In their new Orwellian articles, the MI6 media such as the UK Guardian (GU) say: ‘Beyond the polls and (British Lies), what Iranians really think of the nuclear talks (!!) .. When I extract myself from the (British spies, British lies and the British Lie Factory), I notice few Iranians are engaging with the nuclear negotiations as passionately as I’m being told they are (!!) .. Iranians say I’m naïve if I think anything’s going to change (!) .. Iranian people don’t support (Rouhani and his nuclear deal) .. Iranians aren’t excited about the nuclear deal (!!) The lack of excitement still confounds me (!!)’ (GU, June 2015) The UK shitty paradoxes are so laughable, specially when you know what the UK Lie Factory and the Guardian of Lies did and said in April 2015, after the Lausanne-chay. Now the UK and the Guardian of Lies actually confess that what they said about the street celebrations after the Lausanne talks was a very Big Lie. Now the soup is too salty. Now even idiots and the 3% can see the true colors of the UK’s Spies/ Stooges, including the UK’s Rouhanis and the Masonic Delvapasan. Now a bunch of Anti-Iran Freemasons call themselves ‘Delvapasan’ (the worried) They criticize Rouhani, but they openly defend the notorious Freemasons such as Mullah Al-Afghani ! They are Anti-Iran Basijis like Marandi and his friends. The Anti-Iranian CIA agents such as Marandi and his Basiji friends love Leveretts and other Jewish CIA agents. They are like the Mullah Afghani. They are not Iranians, the 3%, critics or any thing else. They are the so-called Masonic Islam. And now even idiots and the 3% talk about British Islam or Masonic Islam. No even idiots can see the true face of the Islamic Freemasons and Sacrificers (Fadai/ Kafan-poosh) No even idiots ask: they want to sacrifice themselves for what? for defending the Nuclear Turkmanchai?! for defending the Islamic Turkmenchay?! for defending the Islamic Zellat?! for defending their Great Satan? for defending their Zionist IMF Plans? or for defending the Tazi and Tazi values like Hijab, the Jewish Hijab?!”. They also add: “Now even the 3% know that the real critics are ordinary Iranians (97%) and Iranian experts such as Dr Akbar Etemad, the founder of Iran Atomic Energy Organization in the 1970s. Now even the 3% care about Akbar Etemad, who says: ‘If I were still director, I would never have allowed Iran to join the NPT, which is in fact an stupid treaty meant to grant a special concession to some powerful countries .. the IAEA inspectors are all spies .. one of the Mullah regime’s mistakes was (making love with) IAEA inspectors .. We have to trust and support our youth so Iran can stand on its own feet’. Now it’s clear why and how the Jewish-Western bullies and barbarians tried to destroy Iran’s good programs in the 1970s – including Iran’s nuclear programs. Now many can see the true face of the Jewish-Western bullies and barbarians, aka kosher barbarians and bullies”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even non-Iranians can see obvious things, including the love story of ‘Savage France and Arab Islamists’ or the love story of ‘Zionist and Islamists’. They can see how Zionist and Arabs make love in the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Even the Westerners refer to the CFR as a Masonic Organization or a den of CIA agents and psychopaths. Now even the Westerners talk about the love story of ‘Is-rael and Arabia’, and say: ‘Arabs are the genetic cousins of Jews. They are both se-mi-tic, that is science and no one can deny .. Jews and Arabs are Brothers, and no one can deny this fact’ ! (June 2015) The West’s good guys can understand why Iranians like Akbar Etemad say: ‘Iran had purchased 10% of the shares of France’s Eurodif uranium enrichment plant for one billion dollars in 1975, enabling it to avoid bankruptcy, but has never received any uranium from the plant, even though it is a shareholder .. We cannot allow our technological future to be controlled by foreign forces .. Iran can resist the foreigners and obtain its rights’. In 1979, Mullahs tried to destroy Iran’s nuclear programs, and it was their mission. As Akbar Etemad says: ‘In 1979, we had plans and we were able to build at least one nuclear power plant (a 1000 megawatts plant) in each year. So now Iran would have had about 30 nuclear power plants. But they didn’t allow us …’ (2015) Now it’s clear who created the 1979 Coup, and why. Now people can see the true face of the West and its Islamists. Now it’s clear why Iranians say: ‘Iran should become a major nuclear power .. Because of the water crisis and other problems, Iran should have more than 100 nuclear power plants .. Because of the West’s Bullies and Barbarians, Iran should have nukes .. Because of all barbarian threats against Iran -which hurt all Iranians- Persia must have nukes, and Persia must put the Barbarian West in its place .. Iran should not restrict itself to relations with the West .. Iran must train 100,000 nuclear experts and technicians (now Iran has about 10,000 nuclear experts) .. Iran should produce 1000 tons of heavy water per year .. Iran should have all advanced technologies and all advanced weapons, and the Savage West can go to the hell and fuck itself’. The West is really stupid. They claimthat the West’s bullies and barbarians are decent bullies or decent barbarians! They even say that the MI6 scientists like Alan Turing were decent faggots! The British pigs are so retarded. Now the British pigs put comments in their own mass media and say: ‘Obama could make the Persia a whole lot better -at least for Americans (!!)- by just giving it back to the British Empire (!!!!)’ (June 2015) The UK pigs and the US pigs are the worst retarded psychopaths in history. Now even the Westerners say to the British pigs: Your idiocies and your racist anti-Iranian ideas are clearly born of the insufficiency of your school system! The story of the Little Britain and the so-called British Empire – which was the Empire of Barbarians or the Empire of Faggots- is a long story. But unfortunately, the UK is still savage. In the Land of Barbarians (UK), faggots, pedophiles and psychopaths still rule and control everything. The West’s good guys say to their politicians: Lets not be the bully boys of the world ! But the West’s politicians are stupid psychopaths. They loved Mullahs, mainly because Mullahs have served the West’s interests since the 19th century. In the Mullah era, Mullahs have only implemented the so-called Western-colonial policies – form IMF Plans, Kham Forushi (selling raw materials) and destroying Iran’s industries to destroying Iran’s image and Iran’s resources. So, the kosher barbarians love Mullahs”. They also add: “Now the Jewish pigs openly say: ‘a kosher deal with Mullahs would need to include: – Destroying and Dismantling Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, including reprocessing capacities – Lengthy and phased relief from sanctions – A long deal, in terms of decades, not years (!!)’ (June 2015) In 2013, and in their Geneva farce, they and their Javad Zarif talked about temporary limits, in terms of months, not years. But now they stupidly say the temporary limits (in terms of months, not years) will become Long-term Limits! It’s obvious why all Iranians (97% + 3%) reject such things. When the Savage France talks about Freezing Iran’s Research & Development (R &D), the Iranian people just laugh and say: Iran’s regime should talk about Freezing the UK/ France’s Research & Development (R &D). But the Mullah regime is an Anti-Iranian regime, and Mullahs just lick the ass of the West. It’s obvious why all Iranians reject what the West’s bullies and barbarians want. It’s obvious why all Iranians reject the Lausanne-chay or the Islamic Turkmanchay. It’s obvious why the US barbarians say: ‘West ready to help if Mullahs limit their atomic program’ !! (WSJ, June 2015) The Ayatollah West, UK and USA have always been ready to help Mullahs if Mullahs and Islamists hurt Iran and Iranians. But now even the 3% are becoming aware. Now even idiots ridicule the West, when the West says: we are worried about the safe site of Fordo because Fordo is resistant to air strikes! The West’s bullies actually say that you should help them to bomb you & to kill you! So now even idiots laugh at the West’s bullies. The West and its stooges are badly retarded. But Iranians now Dictates for Dictators. Iranians know problems and solutions. But the West’s stooges just implement the IMF Plans and the West’s dictates, ie Dictates for Dictators. Iranians care about Iranian values such as Truth, Tolerance, Humanity, Honesty, Liberty etc. But the West’s stooges just care about Tazi-barbarian values. Iran, the land of Aryans, is the first nation that talked about Tolerance and Human Rights. Since the ancient time, the Iranian people have said that your race or your religion is not important, but being human & being good guy (Adam budan) is important. But Barbarians and Tazis don’t care about Iranian values, aka human values. Bullies and Barbarians are those who cannot live like human (mesl-e Adam) and those who bully and threaten all nations and all Iranians with nukes, genocide, wars, sadistic sanctions and other barbarian and sadistic things. Barbarians are racists, sadists, fascists, cruel and uncivilized. But now most humans and all good guys in all around the world hate Bullies and Barbarians”.

UK’s Rouhanis, Sanctions, Bullies and Barbarians

June 22, 2015

“Do you know who say: ‘the West’s Sanctions work .. those who say (Corruption, Mismanagement and IMF Plans are much more important) than Sanctions are ignorant .. Western sanctions have hit wallets hard (!!) .. Sanctions are effective .. Why some belittle the impact of sanctions on Iran? (!!) .. Western sanctions have hit Iran hard (!!) .. the West’s sanctions have a great impact on Iran (!!) .. the West’s sanctions work .. You should not belittle the impact of sanctions on Iran’ ? Do you know who say such things? US officials? Netanyahu? the head of the MI6 or CIA? Zionists? no; it’s what Rouhani says in June 2015 ! Can you believe it?! Now Rouhani openly and shamelessly helps Iran’s enemies and the Enemy’s Sanctions! Now Rouhani openly says that the West’s sanctions work! The UK and the West censor all news, including such important news. But now even the Mullah media talk about Rouhani’s lies and Rouhani’s traitorous acts, and the Jewish media report: Rouhani says his critics (ie Iran’s people) belittled the impact of sanctions on Iran’ ! (June 2015) Now even idiots and the 3% can see that what Rouhani says and does are not merely lies, big lies or sadism & masochism, but Rouhani’s evil acts are equal to an Act of Treason, High Treason or Treason of the worst kind. Now even idiots and the 3% can see how Rouhani is openly Aiding the Enemy and committing Treason against the Iranian nation (ie all Iranians)”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “But it’s not the whole story. Now even the 3% ask why their fucking Parliament refuses to impeach Rouhani. As you know, they must impeach Rouhani for telling many big lies, helping the Enemy’s sanctions, implementing the Enemy’s plans (IMF Plans etc), hurting Iran’s people, increasing prices, making Iran’s people even angrier, aiding the Enemy etc. If the Mullah regime was not a Masonic and Anti-Iranian regime, then their President would not openly and shamelessly implement the IMF Plans and increase prices, but say: Western sanctions work! Western sanctions have hit Iran hard ! Instead of saying: We will break the back of Sanctions, Rouhanis say: Sanctions will break the back of Iran !! If the Mullah regime was not a Masonic and Anti-Iranian regime, then their Parliament would impeach their Anti-Iran President. Now even the 3% say that Rouhani is worse than Banisadr or AN, but just look how Mullahs help their own Banisard (ie Rouhani)! All Mullahs are the same shit. As Iranians have repeatedly said, the Enemy’s plans or the West’s plans were and are clear (for more info, check Archive) For instance, at first the Enemy asks its stooges to implement the IMF Plans, to weaken Iran’s economy, and to hurt Iran’s people; and finally the Enemy asks its stooges to pretend that Sanctions (not IMF Plans) have a great impact, and Iran must surrender to the West’s Bullies and Barbarians because the West’s sanctions have a great impact! Rouhani and Rouhanists are really breaking the world record for Treason and Traitorous acts. Their Veqahat (shamelessness), Hemaqat (foolishness), Rezalat (wickedness) and Khiyanat (treason) is really ‘VaqeAN Nobareh’ ! (= new, surprising, ridiculous & stupid) Do you know who has said: ‘Sanctions work .. Sanctions have broken the back of Iran’ ? the CIA chief? Netanyahu? Zionists? no; it’s what Rafsanjani or Rasmanjani has said in recent days! Instead of saying: We’ve broken the back of the West’s Sanctions, Mullahs say: Sanctions have broken the back of Iran !! So now even idiots and the 3% can see why Mullahs/ Rouhanis are the worst traitors in Iran’s history. Those who help Iran’s enemies in 2015 or 2009 are those who have helped Iran’s enemies in all these years, including during the Masonic-Iraqi war against Iran. The West censor all news. But in June 2015, and in their Khomeini’s shrine, even their Leader Khamenei talks about the stories of 1980s, and says: ‘At that time (after Iran’s victories and freeing Khoramshar) some countries wanted to give Billions of dollars to Iran -as compensation for Iraqi Saddam’s war against Iran- but Khomeini (Rafsanjani and other Mullahs) didn’t accept this offer in 1982 (and didn’t stop the war when it was good for Iran and Iran’s national interests) ! The West and its whores censor all news/ facts, even their Khamenei’s speeches! But all Iranians (+ 97%) know Turkmanchai and Jam-e Zahr (Cup of poison), as they know Sham fights and power struggles between Khamenei and Rafsanjani. It’s obvious why the Anti-Iran pigs such as Rafsanjani, Rouhani and other Mullahs love Turkmanchai, Jam-e Zahr, IMF Plans and licking the asses of Bullies and Barbarians. It’s obvious why, as Sadeq Hedayat said, Mullahs and their Rafsanjani love books such as ‘Jame-ol Abatil val Azdad’ ! (the book of Crappy contradictions and Total bullshit) Mullahs publish such Orwellian books, and their British/ Masonic Masters praise such books. Tazis, Mullahs and Masons are sworn enemies of Truth, Logic, Persia and Iranians. Instead of talking about the 2009 Coup, the IMF Plans, AN’s traitors acts, the West’s Evil acts and all Anti-Iran acts in recent years, they talk about licking the ass of their Great Satan, their Zionist IMF or the Anti-Iran West ! And this is the true face of Mullahs. Now even idiots and the 3% can see that Mullahs are the worst Nokar-e Ajnabi (ie the worst puppets of Iran’s enemies) in history”. They also add: “Just look how Mullahs make love with their Great Satan. Now even the 3% can see why their Great Satan created the 2009 CIA Coup. Now it’s clear why Iranians say: the 2009 CIA Coup is like or worse than the 1953 CIA Coup. The Great Satan loves puppet dictators and puppet regimes, and the Mullah regime is the worst puppet regime and the worst Anti-Iranian regime in history. Now even the 3% say: God Bless Pahlavi / Qajar ! (Baz Sad Rahmat beh Pahlavi / Qajar)! Before the 2009 Coup, Iran’s people imagined that the US hates Mullahs, and cares about Freedom and Democracy in Iran. But now it’s clear that the US is behind Mullahs, Tyranny and Main problems in Iran. Now it’s clear that ISIS / ISIL and US / KKK are two sides of the same coin. Now it’s clear that Bullies and Barbarians rule the US and the West. Even the West’s good guys are aware of this issue. Today’s West is the real Third World. Many Westerners are so ignorant and stupid. But in Iran, even the 3% put comments in the Mullah media and say: Rouhani is the worst Nokar-e Ajnabi and the worst puppet of the UK and the West in Iran’s history (Rouhani digeh Rouye harchi Nokar-e Ajnabi ast sefid kardeh … ! ) And it’s what the 3% say in June 2015. Now even the 3% talk about the story of Dozd & Kelyd (Thieves & Keys), and ridicule the UK’s Rouhani and his Key. Now even the 3% and Iranian exapts create cartoons (like below pix) and sarcastically repeat an ancient Persian proverb: If the Thief has the Key, then … ! (Cho Dozdi bah Kelyd Ayad … ! ) ! Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) ridicule the UK’s Rouhanis, their Keys and their Western/ Masonic masters”.


As some wise Iranians say: “the UK media or Rouhani’s media – form the BBC to the Guardian- censor all news and all facts, and just care about silly games and silly circus such as banning or not banning sports female fans! The UK media circus is so ridiculous. They censor all news, including the Biggest News, and manufacture silly stories like ‘Rouhani and women’ ! The UK media stupidly try to hide Rouhani’s evil acts and why and how all Iranians hate Rouhani so much. The UK and Masons stupidly think they can hide the real problems with their media circus. But now all Iranians (97% + 3%) ridicule the UK and its Rouhanis. Now it’s clear why Rouhani is actually the UK’s Rouhani. Now even idiots can see why and how the UK loves and supports Rouhani and other Mullahs. But the UK’s Rouhanis and the UK’s journalists/ spies are stupid psychopaths with low IQs. In June 2015, even their Mullah BBC (ie Mullah TV) stupidly reports: ‘the UK and London praise Khomeini (!) In some conferences/ seminars in London, the UK’s experts praise Khomeini and Mullahs’ ! (June 2015) Their Mullah TV even reports: (UK’s Larijani) goes to Ireland (ie part of the UK) ! .. Larijani says: the Irish/ British officials strongly defend and support Mullahs and (Mullah Turkmanchai)’ !! (June 2015) There are two groups in the Mullah TV: the 3% and Tazis/ Basijis. The 3% are Iranians, and sometimes try to ridicule Tazis and Iran’s enemies. But Tazis and Basijis are not Iranians. And now it’s not clear why Tazis and Mullahs openly praise the UK ! Maybe Mullahs think that if they say the UK and London love and support Khomeini and Mullahs, then the 3% would say: such a great thing! such a good thing! The stupid UK and the UK’s Rouhanis have low IQs. Thank God that they are just making all of the 3% aware. Now even the 3% ridicule the UK’s Rouhanis. Now the UK, the UK’s Rouhanis (ie UK’s Mullahs) and the UK media have badly confused, and say: ‘What we talk about when we talk about Iran’ !! (June 2015) They even don’t know what they talk about! They even don’t know why all Iranians hate Bullies, Barbarians and Iran’s enemies & UK’s Rouhanis! The UK’s lies and their childish paradoxes are so laughable, and just reveal their low IQs and the depth of their foolishness, their confusion and their bankruptcy. The UK media and the UK’s journalists/ spies still live in the 19th century. But all Iranians know the UK’s Mullahs and the so-called Sandis-Khor, Bussed Clowns or fake rallies. In Iran, those whores and mercenaries who are bussed into streets/ squares by the Ministry of Propaganda (ie Ministry of Truth) are called Sandis-Khor, Autobus-i, Autobus-i clowns (bussed clowns) etc. All Iranians know fake rallies, Sandis-Khor or bussed clowns (Clown = a stupid or annoying person) And it’s obvious why the West and the UK media love clowns. In this year (2015), the UK media -including the BBC, the Guardian, Financial Times, Economist etc- openly defend Rouhanis and Sandis-Khor in Iran! The West and the UK media hate the real people (ie the 97%), the real protests and the real events in Iran. They censors the Biggest news/ events such as the 2014 Referendum and what Iran’s people say about the UK’s Rouhanis. The UK and its Mullahs love silly lies, fake rallies and fake things. In 2009, and in its great days -from 18 Khordad, 23 khordad, 25 khordad and 30 Khordad to 6 Dey- millions of Iranians and real people were in the streets and created historic events. But the UK’s Mullahs, the UK media and the CIA media love the bussed clowns, the Sandis-khor and fake rallies like 9 Dey (2009) or 28 Mordad (1953). All puppet dictators and puppet regimes have a day like 9 Dey or 28 Mordad. They name some streets or squares after such Masonic days. And the US and the UK praise such Masonic days – in which ordinary people were killed/ suppressed by the West’s stooges, while whores and puppet dictators were celebrating killing ordinary people and licking the ass of the West”. They also add: “The story of Sanctions and the 2009 Coup is so important and informative. In 2009, the West refused to impose the Anti-Mullah sanctions, and the West’s spies/ stooges said that Sanctions are bad and ineffective! But in 2012 to 2015, the West imposes the Anti-Iran sanctions, and the West’s spies/ stooges say that Sanctions are good and effective! In fact, they say If the aim of sanctions is toppling the Mullah regime and caring about good things such as freedom, democracy and human rights, then sanctions are bad things! But if the aim of sanctions is hurting all Iranians, creating more tyranny and more problems in Iran, and destroying Iran, Iran’s rights and Iran’s good programs/ plans, then sanctions are good things, and sanctions are effective! We Iranians will never forget what the West, the Left and Islamists do in these years. Iranians know that sanctions are effective, only and only when Iran’s people want. And now Iran’s people know that the West is Anti-Iran, Anti-Freedom and Anti-Democracy, but pro-Islamist, pro-Tyranny, pro-Terrorist etc. In and after 2009, the West badly showed its true colors. When the UK and the US openly defend Mullahs, Islamists, MEK, ISIS, Saudis, the 2009 Coup, the IMF Plans, ANism, Rasman-janism or Rouhanism – which is worse than AhmadiNejadism or ANism- then all Iranians, even the 3% can see the West is Anti-Iran, Anti-Freedom and Anti-Democracy. When the US openly defends MEK, Saudis and Savage Islamists, then all Iranians can see that the US is the bad guy. Now it’s quite clear that America is the bad guy, who supports Savage Islamists -from Saudis, ISIS and MEK to Mullahs and Basijis. MEK or NCR is Marxist, Islamist and Terrorist. The 99.9999% of Iranians know and hate MEK. But the West and the US openly and shamelessly support MEK, ie
Marxist-Islamist terrorists! Now the US media openly say that US allies are Savage Saudis, Savage Arabs/ Islamists, ISIS and other Barbarians! The USA is really the bad guy, and the UK is the worst bad guy. Now even idiots can see why Iran’s people refer to Mullahs as the UK’s Mullahs, and say: Mullahs are made in England! Now even the Brits and the 3% refer to Rouhanis as Made in England or Made in Glasgow! Now even idiots and the 3% say: Corruption, mismanagement and a lack of planning in the current and previous governments have had much more impact than sanctions”. They also add: “Iran is a country that has invented the water management systems. The first water management systems in the world have been created and invented by Iranians. But the UK’s Rouhanis desperately try to destroy Iran’s water resources and Iran’s water management systems, and stupidly say: All things depend on Sanctions relief; even water and drinking water depend on Sanctions relief ! Now this Anti-Iran traitor Rouhani openly says such things, and the West’s whores praise him and say: ‘this demonstrates that sanctions can be effective in convincing / forcing a country to make a deal ‘ !! (June 2015) Now it’s quite clear, and even the 3% say, that Rouhani and Rafsanjani are worse than Banisadr and AN; all Rouhanis – from Mesbah to Rafsanjani- are Masonic puppets of the West. Rouhanis think if they show signs of weakness to the West, and if they make all gestures that would show their weakness to the West, then the West would help Mullahs to do Arro-Gooz (barking & faring) in Iran, and Iranians cannot see/ understand that Rouhanis are weak cowards and weak puppets! Mullahs and Masons think people love Monarchy and Tyranny! They praise Islamic Monarchy or Secular Monarchy! But Iranians say: Religious Monarchy and Anti-Religion Monarchy are two sides of the same Masonic coin. Now even the 3% can see that the Islamic Republic is actually the Islamic Monarchy. Now even the 3% can see why Mullahs are worse than Pahlavis”.

As some wise Iranians say: “According to dictionaries, ‘Bully = to put pressure on someone in order to make them do what you want; to threaten to hurt someone or frighten them’. In fact, what the US and the West are doing is an act of Bullying. The US and the West try to Bully Iran into accepting what the West wants. The US and the West are stupid Bullies and Barbarians. According to dictionaries, ‘Barbarian = someone who does not behave properly, and does not show proper respect for Human values; someone who behaves in a way that is cruel and uncivilized’. In fact, the UK, the US and the West are still Barbarians. And the UK’s Rouhanis (ie Mullahs) still try to lick the asses of Bullies and Barbarians. Now the UK’s Rouhanis talk about the Right of Bullying !, and say to the West’s bullies: ‘Your bullying and your sanctions work; but please lift your sanctions; we beg you to life your effective sanctions’ ! Mullahs beg Bullies, but now even the 3% say to Mullahs: Stop begging! Don’t let them bully you into doing this or that; Stop showing weakness! Stop begging Bullies! If you say their sanctions are effective, then they will never lift their sanctions. If their sanctions are effective and have a great impact on you, then why they should lift their
(June 2015) In fact, even the 3%, idiots and little kids know obvious things. But the UK’s Rouhanis have very low IQs. Mullahs are Anti-Iranian Freemasons such as Haddad Adel, Zibakalam, Mesbah and Rouhani – whose IQs are less than the Cow’s IQs & the Goat’s IQs (Bozqaleh & Gusaleh …) Iranians have already talked about How Mullahs help Sanctions, and How Mullahs help Iran’s enemies (for more info, check Archive) But now Rouhanis claim that thieves have the right to steal your money, and you should praise thieves! Rouhanis talk about the rights of thieves, and say: great thieves are good guys, because great thieves will return part of your own money, if you give them what they want (!!) The West and its stooges are so stupid. Do you know who has said : ‘Rouhani prepares Iranians for delay in lifting of sanctions !‘ It’s what the UK media and the Financial Times (FT) say in recent days! They openly say their Rouhani prepares Iranians for this or that! But in 2014, all UK media and all UK’s Rouhanis prepared Iranians for the 2014 Referendum! But what happened?! The 97% of Iranians showed that today is not the 19th century, and the West and its stooges are too stupid to fool today’s Iranians. Now even the 3% and idiots know that the UK’s Mullahs and their Rafsanjani – aka Rasman-jani- just defend their Great Satan, implement their Zionist IMF Plans, and help the West in destroying Iran’s image and hurting Iran’s people. The UK’s Rouhanis cry wolf. But all Iranians know that Mullahs/ Rouhanis cry wolf, and Cry wolf = to ask for help when you do not need it, so that people do not believe you when you really need help. Iranians know the stories of the 1970s, as they know the stories of recent years and the 2009 traitors – from Akbar Gaf to other stooges of Akbar Shah. Now all Iranians care about people like Akbar Etemad, who defend Iran’s rights and Iranian values, and attack Iran’s enemies, including the Anti-Iran West and Tazis”. They also add: “In 1973 during the Yom Kippur War, it was reported that Is-rael had assembled a dozen of atomic bombs. Pahlavi knew the stories of Is-rael, India etc. Pahlavi wanted to have nukes. But in the 1970s, the West said: ‘Regime change is the best way to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program; and Mullahs, Marxists & Islamists helped the West. Now in 2015, the UK and the US still say the same things, and stupidly dream of replacing Mullahs with MEK, ISIS or other puppet dictators! But now all Iranians know Mullahs, Masons, Marxists, Monarchists, Islamists and other stooges of the West. Now all Iranians know why and how the UK media and the UK officials openly defend the Mullahs. The UK and the West are Anti-Iran and Anti-Democracy. And Mullahs love the Barbarian UK and the Barbarian West. But it’s funny that now even non-Iranians say: The US is truly the bastard child of Barbarian Europe .. the Barbarian Europe and its child, the US, have no real allies and friends, just vassals and sycophants that they have bullied, bribed and blackmailed .. The US is now a crypto-fascist state .. Genocide is good, If Genocide serves the West’s empire and its elite ! .. the West says Killing children and babies is good, but Killing Nazis and Fascists is genocide and murder ! .. If the West doesn’t like you, you are guilty until proven innocent .. A tyrannical dictator that beheads people, stones women, denies women’s rights, finances terrorists is called by the West: a good Islamist / Saudi, a reformer, or the West’ ally! .. The scum of the Earth, demonic filth, are the Elite, the West’s Elite .. The Barbarian West cannot teach anyone about freedom, democracy, liberty, equality and justice .. Is our world about to become a ‘western values’ dog-eat-dog jungle, where one must hide from marauding gangs who kill, rape and destroy? No, it cannot be allowed to happen’ (2015) It’s really good that even non-Iranians and the West’s people say such things. The US is an infant country. Being only a couple of hundred years old, the US cannot grasp/ comprehend the long history of Iranian civilization, Iranian culture, Iranian values and Iranian traditions. There is not and never were any place for ‘Western / Barbarian values’ in Iran. Persia stands for Truth and justice. Our Iran stands for Truth, Logic, Tolerance, and other Iranian values, aka Human values. Now even what the American terrorists/ fascists did/ do to the US people, including the Native Americans and the Black people of America, are making people aware. Now many can see that If you take a look at their history, you can see that American/ British barbarians and Tazis (= Savage Jews + Savage Arabs) are two sides of the same coin. Now the good Arabs, the good Jews, the good Brits and the good Americans – like Iranians and all good guys in all around the world – hate Sadists, Bullies and Barbarians”.

As the wise Iranians say: ‘the Iranian people use the same logic in 2009 and 2015. As you all can see, Iranians use the same logic in all these years. Iranians have always said: Take a firm stance against bullying behavior, and against bullies and oppressors. In 2009, the Iranian people said: Take a firm stance against bullies and barbarians (ie Mullahs, Basijis and MI6/ CIA agents who kill, hurt and betray Iran’s people) And now in 2015, the Iranian people say: take a firm stance against bullies and barbarians (ie the West’s bullies, Tazis and other barbarians) Even scientists and good psychologists say: Take a firm stance against bullying behavior. Not only scientists, but even diplomats know why you should Take a firm stance against bullying behavior. But as our people say, Mullahs are Ahl-e Bakhieh! or Mullahs are Hor-hori Maz-hab or Sag Maz-hab!, that means Mullahs have no morality, no principle, no humanity and no brain, and the Mullah religion is the Religion of Lies, the Religion of Pigs. Mullahs don’t care about Iranian values. Mullahs don’t care about Truth, Logic, Science and other good things. Rouhanis even don’t know what is diplomacy, what is compromise, or what is wisdom. Rouhanis say: telling big lies, hurting Iran’s people, helping Iran’s enemies, and the humiliation of silly surrender = Tadbir & Omid (= Wisdom & Hope) ! It’s obvious why all Iranians hate and ridicule the UK’s Rouhanis. Now all Iranians, even the 3% can see that the UK’s Rouhanis try to hide their flaws, their terrible corruption, their terrible mismanagement and all their stupidities/ idiocies behind sanctions. The UK and its Rouhanis are too stupid to fool today’s Iranians. Now even the 3% say: ‘Today they say: all problems are sanction-related ! Sanctions are so important ! We cannot solve the problems, because our problems are sanction-related ! But Tomorrow, ie a day after their Nuclear Turkmanchai and (even if the West lifts all sanctions), they would say: Sanctions were not important at all ! No problem is sanction-related ! We cannot solve the problems, because our problems are not sanction-related ! (June 2015) Now not only the 97% and average Iranians say such things, but now even the 3% put comments in the Mullah media and say such things. Iranians know that Bullies are cowards. Since the ancient time, Iranians know how to deal with Bullies, Barbarians, Devils and Demons. And now not only Iranians, but even the West’s people talk about ‘Ways to Beat Bullies’ or ‘How to Beat Down Bullies’, and say: ‘Bullies nearly always are insecure individuals having low self-esteem .. Bullies are cowards in that they target only those they can easily dominate .. Bullies don’t want their weakness and their flaws to be discovered .. Bullies just try to keep others from taking notice of their flaws .. There are (many ways) to deter bullies: Don’t show signs of weakness; Try to stand straight and be firm .. Bullies pick on people they think are weak .. Don’t give in to pressure. Be firm .. STOP thinking like a victim; some might start to believe what the bully says. This is Victim-think’. In fact, even non-Iranians, and those have a short history of civilization, know how to beat bullies. Now not only Iranians, but even idiots and websites such as the Foreign Policy talk about ‘How to Beat Down Bullies’, and say: ‘You should take a strong stand against Bullies .. It is time for global security and international law to push back strongly against (Bullies & Barbarians)’ ! In fact, even idiots and diplomats know that if you give bullies & barbarians what they want for threats, then they just commit more and more Evil acts, including more bullying and blackmail. It’s obvious why the West’s bullies/ barbarians should know that they cannot succeed in bullying Iran, and Iran will not give them what they want for threats. It’s obvious why Iranians say to the West: We will never give you what you want for threats. If you threaten us, we will make you regret it’. But Rouhanis/ Mullahs are not Iranians. Rouhanis just like the asses of bullies/ barbarians. Even the 3% and little kids know that Iran’s regime should say to the West: If you openly bully and threaten Iran, we will walk away from the negotiation with you, bullies & barbarians. As Akbar Etemad, and almost all wise and educated Iranians say, if the West continues to hurt Iran’s people and to bully and threaten Iran, then not only Iran should leave and walk away from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), but Iran must leave and walk away from the so-called International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). It’s obvious why Iranians say such things. But Rouhanis are Mashang and Malang (bad retards) The West and its Rohanis desperately try to destroy Iran’s image and to convert Iran into a new Greece, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. These idiots still don’t know Persia and Iranians. But now almost all Iranians know why Iran must get rid of Islamists, Mullahs and Masons, and then after that, Iran should leave and walk away from the NPT, the IAEA, the IMF and other Masonic organizations […] Now what Rouhanis do and say is universally considered a sign of weakness and foolishness. In Persian laughable, Dabeh Kardan means Renege. When you say: They Dabeh Mikonan, it means they renege on their promises, pledges and agreements. Now the stupid Rouhanis say: the West and the US Dabeh Mikonan! And Iranians, even the 3%, say to the stupid Rouhanis: When you show weakness and all kinds of weakness, it’s obvious why they Dabeh Mikonan! When you lick the asses of your Great Satan and other Bullies and Barbarians, its obvious why they Dabeh Mikonan. When they Dabeh Mikonan, you just lick their ass and show weakness, more weakness. So it’s obvious why they don’t respect you, and why they Dabeh Mikonan’. Iranians know what is a sign of weakness and what is a sign of strength. Iranians know oppressors and bullies well. For thousands of years, Iran’s motto was and is: You must not Oppress others, and you must not allow others to Oppress you”.

Rouhanis, Islamic Turkmanchai, 1828 Turkmanchay

June 16, 2015

“The West and its stooges still live in the 19th century. They still think that Bullies, Barbarians and the so-called Imperialist / Colonial powers can create problems/ crises, deny their roles, and manipulate the people. In the 19th century, most people were illiterate and ignorant. But today is not the 19th century. Now most people can see who create and support MEK, ISIS, Saudis or Savage Islamists. Now people can see how Arab Islamists sleep with Zionists. Now it’s clear that the West is behind Rouhanis and Islamists. Now all Iranians, even the 3%, hate Rouhanis, IMF Plans and the West’s Bullies and Barbarians. Now the media and the intellectual whores cannot refer to the truths as myths or conspiracy theories. Now we all can see the truths with our own eyes. Now what the West and its stooges do and say is quite clear. Now it’s clear who defend Rouhanis, Iran’s Enemies and Islamic Turkmanchai. Now only the West and its whores love and support Rouhani and Rouhani’s traitorous acts, including his IMF Plans and his Turkmanchai. Now all Iranians ridicule Rouhani, curse Rouhani and spit at Rouhani. Now even the 3% talk about Rouhani’s lies, Rouhani’s evil acts or Rouhani’s Turkmanchai”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “the West’s Bullies / Barbarians created the so-called Turkmenchai Treaty in the 19th century. But today is not the 19th century. After the story of Lausanne, even the 3% can see that Mullahs and Islamists are slaves/ stooges of the West. And it’s so important. The West censors all news. But if you know Persian language, you can take a look at part of the ‘Reactions to Rouhani’s anti-Iran Acts or Rouhani’s Anti-Iranian Speeches’. Now the soup is too salty. So now even the 3% talk about Rouhani’s Lies & Rouhani’s traitorous acts. Now what Rouhani says and does -including what he does & says about IMF Plans, Sanctions, Water, Price increases etc- clearly shows that Rouhani is Ajnabi or Nokar-e Ajnabi. In Persian language, Ajnabi is a non-Iranian pig who is Anti-Iran & Anti-Iranian. And Nokar-e Ajnabi (Nokar = puppet/ stooge etc) is equal to Stooge/ Puppet of Iran’s enemies. Now this British Freemason Rouhani says and does many Anti-Iranian things. But now even the 3% say for instance: Rouhani’s speeches are full of lies and paradoxes. There is no need to criticize Rouhani or his evil acts. If you just publish Rouhani’s speeches, all humans would see (the true colors) of Rouhani’ ! (June 2015) In fact, even idiots and the 3% know why the West’s censor all news/ facts, including Rouhani’s speeches. If the West and the media just publish what Rouhani says and does in Iran, then all humans would see the true colors of Rouhani, and all humans can understand why Iran’s people hate Rouhani so much, and say: Rouhani is not Iranian; Rouhani is Anti-Iran; Rouhani is Ajnabi or Nokar-e Ajnabi. Now even idiots can see that the UK media – from the BBC to the Guardian- work as Rouhani’s media, and the UK is Rouhani’s country. Now all Iranians hate Rouhani and curse Rouhani. But it’s funny that the UK media and other Masonic Media still refer to this Anti-Iran Rouhani as Iran’s Rouhani !! The UK’s Rouhani hurts Iran’s people; Britain’s Rouhani implements the West’s plans and the IMF plans in Iran; the UK’s Rouhani helps Iran’s enemies. But the UK media refer to this Anti-Iran Rouhani as Iran’s Rouhani ! It’s so funny, isn’t it? The UK’s Rouhani and his Masonic masters have low IQs. Now the UK’s Rouhani stupidly tries to relate Better Water to Sanctions Relief ! But now even the 3% and the West’s idiots say: ‘Better water through sanctions relief ?! (Ha ha ha !) Why Rouhani tells such lies?! Why Rouhanis helps Iran’s enemies in such a silly way?! (June 2015) In fact, now even idiots can see why and how Rouhani helps Iran’s enemies. Hassan Psychopath (Rouhani) is really worse than AN and Hajji Baba. Hassan Pofyouz (Rouhani) and Rouhanists still pretend: Iran’s people hate AhmadiNejad (AN) = Iran’s people love AN’s Brother or Rouhani ! Hassan Chalquz (Rouhani) and Rouhanists stupidly pretend that Iran’s people love Rouhani’s lies and Rouhani’s Anti-Iran acts, but Iran’s people hate AN’s lies and AN’s Anti-Iran acts! Rouhanists have low IQs. Rouhanists are the 2009 Traitors or a bunch of Basijis & Non-Iranian pigs who work for Iran’s enemies. But Iran’s people know the so-called Yellow Dog or Purple Fox! Now all Iranians hate Rouhani and AhmadiNejad (AN), and say: Fuck both of them; Both of them are liars, traitors, and spies/ stooges of Iran’s enemies. Now even the 3% say: Rouhani just repeats AN’s lies; Rouhani just repeats AN’s mistakes (June 2015) Now even idiots and the 3% know why Rouhani, The Purple Fox of England is like or worse than AN”. They also add: “Mullahs and Islamists are Ajnabi or Nokar-e Ajnabi, and that’s why they defend Iran’s enemies, Tazis and Turkmanchai. Basijis are Ajnabi or Nokar-e Ajnabi, and that’s why they defend AN and Ajnabi’s plans -from the 2009 CIA Coup to IMF Plans. But now all Iranians, even the 3%, curse Mirza Abul Hassan Rouhani and Mirza Abul Javad Zarif – who are worse than Mirza Abul Hassan Elchi (Hajji Bab) Mullahs – from AN to Rouhani- just show and prove that Islamic independence means Zellat or following the West’s Dictates; Islamic Freedom means Censorship & Tyranny; and Islamic Republic means Islamic Dictatorship, the 2009 CIA Coup and killing/ hurting Iran’s people. Now the Islamic Turkmanchai is making all of the 3% aware”. As the wise Iranians say: “Now many talk about Turkmanchay or Nuclear Turkmanchai. The so-called Turkmenchai Treaty was created in 1828, after decades of British-Russian wars against Iran. In the 19th century, Barbarians invaded Persia. The story of Russian invasion, British invasion and British Betrayals in the 19th century is a long story. All humans should know more about the Russian-British invasion to Persia and the so-called Turkmanchai. (But now) if you google/ search the internet, you even cannot find the full text of the so-called Turkmenchai Treaty in English! The West stupidly tries to censor all facts. But such evil acts cannot help them. Now even idiots and the 3% talk about the West’s Bullies/ Barbarians and the West’s Anti-Iran plans -from IMF Plans and AN’s evil acts to Nuclear Turkmanchai and Rouhani’s evil acts. Now even the 3% say: the Islamic Turkmanchai is worse than 1828 Turkmanchay. If you read the 1828 Turkmanchay treaty, you can see why Iranians refer to the Mullah nuclear deal as Turkmanchay. Barbarians cannot hide the history books or the full text of the 1828 Turkmenchay treaty in Persian or Russian. In the 19th century, the Barbarians invaded Iran, occupied many parts of Iran, and killed many Iranians, but finally said: Iran should pay Compensation to the Barbarian invaders! It’s one of the most ridiculous things in history. It just reminds you of the story of Rouhanis, Sanctions, 2009 Coup, IMF Plans and Western Dictates in recent years”. So, here Lets take a look at a full text of the 1828 Turkmanchay Treaty in English. We have used the Russian version of this treaty (you can find it at:
ht-tp:// ) and also the Persian version : (We just summarized or shortened a few stupid and unimportant details, and they are given in parenthesis)


The Turkmanchai Treaty
February 10, 1828

In the name of God Almighty. His Majesty the great Emperor and Autocrat of Russia and His Majesty the Qajar king, still driven by a sincere desire to put an end to the disastrous consequences of the war, (and to) restore the past traditions of good neighborhood and friendship between the two countries. (Russian officials who are adorned with diamonds and other medals, and Qajar officials) gathered in the village of Turkmanchay and (negotiated) in a proper manner, and concluded the following articles:

Article I: From now on, (there will be) friendship and perfect agreement between His Majesty the Emperor of Russia and His Majesty the Qajar King, and their heirs and successors to the thrones of their powers.

Article II: As the war between the Contracting Parties had arisen and now have happily terminated, the Gulistan treaty and (part of its) terms and regulations will be revoked. His Majesty the Russian Emperor and His Majesty the Qajar King recognize the necessity of (creating the current treaty) which will arrange more friendship and peaceful future between (Russia and Qajars).

Article III : The Qajar Shah on his own behalf and on behalf of his heirs gives the Russian Empire the Khanate of Naxcivan and Erevan. As a result of this concession the Qajar Shah agrees that, not later than six months from the signing of this contract, all the files and public documents relating to the management of both Khanate will be handed over to the Russian rulers.

Article IV: With the consent of both parties, the new border line between two countries will be: starting from the point of the border of the Ottoman dominions, (and as a straight line from) the top of the Lesser Ararat, the border line will go to the top of this mountain views; thence it will come down to the upper reaches of the river Lower Karasu arising from the south side of Mount Ararat; And then the border line continues with the flow of that river to its confluence with the Aras at Sherur; from this point it will go on to the riverbed of the Aras to the Fortress of Abbas-Abad; Here on the right bank of the Aras there will be a circle – breadth half-Agach or 3½ mile in all directions- and the land space contained in this circle is wholly owned exclusively by the Russian Empire. (Starting from the place of aforesaid circle), the border line will be on the bed of the river. (There is) a Persian possession extend along the riverbed of the Aras up-to 3 Agach, ie 21 Russian mile. Then the border line goes straight through Mugan steppe to the Bolgar river, and to the site which lies by 3 Agach or 21 miles below the junction of the two small rivers of Odinabazar and Sarakamysh. From there, the border line continues along the left bank of (the Bolgar river); then by the right bank of the East Odinabazar to its headwaters, and from there goes to the top of Dzhikoirskih heights, in a way that (ie the rule is that) all rivers and all the water flowing from the heights of the Caspian Sea will belong to Russia, and all the water that flowing on the side of Persia, will belong to Persia (!) At this point the border line is determined by mountains. All slopes face towards the Caspian sea should belong to Russia, and other sides belong to Persia. From the heights of Dzhikoirskih, the border line goes to the top of the Kamarkuya mountains – which separating the Talish from County Arshi. And here Mountain tops, which separating water on both sides, will be the border line in accordance with (the aforesaid rule). Then the border line continues from Kamarkuya to Zuvanta District and Velkidzhi, and follows the same rule. Thus Zuvant area, except the part lying on the opposing side of mountains, should belong to Russia. From the border district Velkidzhi, the border line – in accordance to the aforesaid rule – will go to Kloputy mountains and the north source of Astara river, and thence along this river to where it flows into the Caspian sea – where it ends with the border line between two countries.

Article V: the Shah of Qajar, as proof of his sincere friendship with the Emperor of Russia, and on his own behalf and on behalf of his heirs, would recognize that all lands and all islands lying between the aforementioned border line and Caucasus mountains and Caspian Sea as well, and all peoples living in these areas would belong to the Russian Empire.

Article VI: the Shah of Qajar – in respect of a lot of money that the Russian Empire has spent on the war, and the losses and damages to Russian subjects – undertakes to pay compensation. The amount of this award or compensation will be ten Kurur or twenty million silver rubles. The details of paying this award will be discussed (in a particular contract).

Article VII : As Majesty Qajar Shah (declares that) the heir to the throne of the Qajar will be his son, Abbas Mirza, then the Emperor of Russia, in order to publicly prove that he is (so friendly towards the Qajar), undertakes to recognize Prince Abbas Mirza as the heir to the throne of the Qajar.

Article VIII : Russian merchant vessels have the right to float freely on the Caspian Sea and along the coast; and in the event of a shipwreck, they will receive every assistance from Persia. In the same manner, the Persian merchant vessels are still entitled to float on the Caspian Sea. Regarding the military courts, as some warships under the flag of the Russian military had already been in the Caspian Sea, the Russian warships still can enjoy this exclusive right. But no other Power can have military ships in the Caspian Sea. Only the Russian Empire’s warships can float on the Caspian Sea.

Article IX: His Majesty the Emperor of Russia and the Qajar king grant that mutual ambassadors and ministers would be received with honors and dignity corresponding to their rank and local customs. The (details) will be discussed in a special protocol.

Article X: His Majesty the Emperor of Russia and the Qajar king recognize that the trade between the two states (is important). They will arrange all the orders relating to protection and safety of mutual trade subjects. The Qajar king provides the Russian Emperor, as it was before, the right to appoint consuls and sales agents wherever he wants. The Qajar king undertakes that Russian consuls and agents – with a retinue of not more than ten people- would enjoy honors and benefits corresponding to their rank. The Russian Emperor would do the same to the Qajar consuls and sales agents. In the case of complaints, if the Qajar complain about the Russian agents or consuls, then the Russian Minister at the court of the Qajar King, would decide about these Russian subjects – would remove them from their positions, and (would replace them).

Article XI : All debts, paying orders and other matters that stopped after the war, will be resumed and resolved in accordance with Justice after the conclusion of peace. Both sides (would settle their debts) immediately and completely.

Article XII: For the benefit of both parties subjects, both governments provide the ones that have immovable property on both sides of the Aras a three-year term, during which they can freely sell or exchange their properties. The Russian Emperor has the right to exclude Hussein Khan, the former Erevan’s General, his brother Hassan Khan and Karim Khan, the former governor of Naxcivan.

Article XIII: All prisoners of war on both sides, as well as all prisoners of both governments, should be released and returned within four months. They have to be provided with vital supplies and sent to Abbas Abad (to be transferred to their homes).

Article XIV: Deserters and those who converted to allegiance to the other side, before or during the war, are exempted from the above rule. In order to prevent the harmful effects, (both sides follow a few simple rules).

Article XV: The Qajar king will give a perfect and complete forgiveness to all residents and officials in Azerbaijan. None of them, whatever category may belong, can be prosecuted for their collaboration or their behaviors during the War and the Russian occupation of Azerbaijan. Moreover the Qajar king would grant them a one year permission to immigrate to Russia. They can sell or export their properties without (any obstacles and without any duty or tax).

Article XVI: By signing this treaty, and without delay, both sides will send proper commands for an immediate cessation of hostilities. This treaty, made by two of the same content copies, signed by (both sides). It is approved and ratified by His Majesty Emperor of Russia and his Majesty Shah of Qajar, and within four months, (they will exchange the ratifications).

Enclosed in the village Turkmanchay, February 10, 1828 and 5 Shaban 1243 Hijri.
(MP) Ivan Paskevich, (MP) A.Obreskov, and the Naib-Sultan (MP) Also signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mirza Abul Hassan Elchi

Private articles to the Turkmanchay Treaty :

(Private Article) I: A direct consequence of this contract is that the Qajar Shah will withdraw his troops (from all Persian territories that Russia will occupy as a result of the Turkmanchay treaty) within two months from the date of signature of this agreement, and transfer them to the Russian forts. (The Russian Empire will decide about almost all details).

(Private Article) II: The Qajar king will pay compensation to the Russian Emperor. The amount of Compensation is ten Kurur or twenty million rubles in silver. We agreed that the three Kurur will be paid to the Russians in the first eight days immediately after the signing of the agreement. The two Kurur within fifteen days, three Kurur by 13 April, or the 26th day of the following Ramadan, and two remaining Kurur will be paid by January 1830.

(Private Article) III: In order to provide the Emperor of Russia timely and full payment of the compensation, both parties agreed that until the final payment, the whole province of Azerbaijan will remain under the direct authority of the Russian troops, and will be managed exclusively in the interests of Russia. If God forbid (the Qajar refuse to pay the compensation, then) the whole province of Azerbaijan will be separated from Persia (But if the Qajar pay this compensation) Russian troops will be withdrawn from Azerbaijan no later than a month, and Azerbaijan will be returned to Persia. (Return or Occupation of) Azerbaijan depends on the (full payment of the Compensation!)

(Private Article) IV: Since the Russian army should temporarily occupy Azerbaijan, and in accordance with the will of the commander in chief of the Russian army on the whole Azerbaijan, the Persian forces in any part of Azerbaijan immediately clean it and retreat into the interior provinces of Persia.

(Private Article) V: To prevent (any harmful things) during the time of temporary occupation, both parties agreed that any Russian deserter who enters on the side of the Persians, is subject to immediate arrest and (the immediate transfer to Russian forces)

(Private Article) VI : Immediately after the exchange of ratifications, the two sides will appoint commissioners in order to proceed with the demarcation of the border line, which is (defined by the main contract)

These private articles designed to complement the main contract. Enclosed in the village Turkmanchay, February 10, 1828 and 5 Shaban 1243 Hijri.
(MP) Ivan Paskevich, (MP) A.Obreskov, and the Naib-Sultan (MP) Also signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mirza Abul Hassan Elchi


This is the so-called Turkmanchay treaty. As some wise Iranians say: “Turkmanchai or Turkmanchay is a symbol of the 19th century’s world. In the early 19th century, British and Russian Barbarians invaded Iran, occupied many parts of Iran, and finally asked Iran to pay compensation to the invaders! It’s one of the most laughable/ ridiculous episodes in human history. But today is not the 19th century. Now it’s obvious why the UK and the West love Turkmanchai, Mirza Abul Hassan Rouhani, Mirza Abul Javad Zarif or Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei. They love Rouhanis, because Rouhanis are worse than Qajars. They love the Religion of Mullahs, which is the Jewish Religion of Lies. Now all Iranians, even the 3%, can see that the Jewish Religion of Islamists, which is the Satanic Religion of Lies, can only produce liars, crooks, thieves and evil men. Now even the 3% can see that ISIS, Savage Saudis, Basijis, Rouhanis and other Islamic crooks/ thieves/ liars are the products of the Tazi Religion of Islamists. Now even the 3% can see that the Tazi Religion is like the Masonic Religion. Now even the 3% ridicule Rouhanis and the West, and talk about the Nuclear Turkmanchai and its public and private articles -from humiliating inspections to ridiculous R&D. Now even the 3% can see why Mullahs are worse than Qajars. Mullahs allow the West to dictate how many centrifuges, sciences, technologies, R&D etc Mullahs can have! Now it’s quite clear why Iranians, even the 3%, say: the Islamic Turkmanchai is worse than the 1828 Turkmanchai. In the Mullah regime, the West dictates how many x or y Mullah can have! In the Mullah regime, the West dictates what is Progress, Reform or Sedition! But now even the 3% ask: Why we created the Islamic regime?! For listening to the West’s orders, following the West’s dictates (IMF Plans, nuclear dictates etc), (helping Tazis, hurting Iranians) and serving the interests of the West and Iran’s enemies?! … The West should dictate how Iran’s money will be spent?! Is this your Islamic Independence?! The West should dictate How many sciences, technologies etc Mullahs are allowed to have?! This is your Independence?! (2015) In fact, now even the 3% can see that Islamic Independence is equal to Islamic Zellat, licking the ass of the West, and listening to Foreign dictates. Now all of the 3% are becoming aware. And it’s so important. The Islamic Turkmanchai is a godsend for Iran, and will unite all Iranians (97% + 3%) against Ajnabi and Nokar-e Ajnabi, including Mullahs. Now the West and its stooges have badly confused. Just look How Rouhanists attack Persia & all Iranians. Just look How Rouhanists defend Iran’s enemies & Turkmanchai. Now if you take a look at their Masonic media -from BBC & VOA to Gooya & Qanun- you can easily see what the MI6/ CIA agents and Rouhanists say and do. Now they openly, stupidly and shamelessly attack Persia and all Iranians, but defend ISIS, Savage Islamists, Savage Saudis, the Savage West and Sworn enemies of Iran and all Iranians! It’s so funny that the 2009 Traitors and all Anti-Iranian pigs show their true colors in such a silly way. They have badly confused. Now all Masonic cesspits – from Alef, Gooya & RoozOnline to the US/ UK mass media- have confused. Now it’s clear that Rouhanists, Khatamiss and the so-called Exiled Journalists are a bunch of the MI6/ CIA agents. Now Only the enemies of the Iranian nation are against Freedom, Independence and Democracy in Iran. Only the enemies of the Iranian nation are against a real Resistance to Bullies and Barbarians. Only the enemies of the Iranian nation are lovers and supporters of Dictators, Islamists/ Rouhanis, IMF Plans and Islamic Turkmanchai. Only the enemies of the Iranian nation are against Iranian values such as Truth, Tolerance, Liberty, Honesty and Humanity”. They also add: “Those who attack Iranians values or human values, but defend Tazi values, Western values and other Barbarian values are worse than animals. And it’s obvious why the West loves them. It’s obvious why the West loves ISIS, Saudis, Islamists or Masonic Clowns such as Zibakalam, Abbas Abdi and Basiji leaders. But now all Iranians hate such Clowns. Now the story of the Islamic Turkmanchai, like the stories of Corruption, Embezzlement, and Financial fraud charges against almost all top officials in the AN administration, are making all of the 3% aware. Now even the 3% say: Mullahs are eating both ‘Onions and Sticks (Chub & Piaz) ! Now even the 3% talk about AN’s traitorous acts and Rouhani’s traitorous acts. Now even idiots can see the Chain of Events. Now even the 3% talk about what AN did to Iran’s economy, Iran’s image, Iran’s water, Iran’s soil, Iran’s environment etc. In fact, now even idiots can see that what AN did -from 2009 Coup to IMF Plans- was an act of Treason. AN just helped Iran’s enemies. AN paved the way for Iran’s enemies. And now Rouhani is like or worse than AN. The Ajnabi and the traitors to the Iranian nation desperately try to hurt Iran and all Iranians. But they and their Nuclear Turkmanchai just unite all Iranians (97% + 3%) against the Ajnabi, and create a new & real Revolution in Iran. It’s really good that the Savage West and the stupid Washington Post praise ‘An Anti-Iran Alliance’ ! (June 2015) In these days, what the Guardian’s spies and the Washington Post’s spies say are informative! You all should read the Washington Post’s article, ‘An Anti-Iran Alliance’ ! (June 2015) It’s a historic confession. Now the US, the UK and France openly defend ISIS, Savage Arabs, Savage Islamists and Brutal dictators. Now it’s quite clear that the US, the UK, France and the EU are like or worse than the Soviet Union and the Nazi Germany”. They also add: “Now even the 3% say many good things. And it’s so important. Now even the 3% curse Rouhani, but praise people like Akbar Etemad, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization in the Pahlavi era! In June 2015, the 3% and their Mullah TV show a documentary film, ‘I, Akbar Etemad Split Atoms‘ ! You all should see this documentary film. For the first time in history, the 3% and their Mullah TV talk about the Pahlavi Patriotism and the good plans in the Pahlavi era! In this film, the 3% actually talk about How Mullahs/ Islamists helped and still help the West and Iran’s enemies. Now for the first time in history, the Mullah TV says: Pahlavi was a Patriot (!) Pahlavi could become a democratic leader (!) In his last years, Pahlavi was fighting against American Bullies (!) The US and the West hated Pahlavi’s nuclear programs (!) The Pahlavi regime needed Reform! (June 2015) Now the soup is too salty, and that’s why even the 3% and their Mullah TV praise the Pahlavi Patriotism. But it’s obvious why all Iranians (97% + 3%) care about people like Akbar Etemad. All Iranians (97%+ 3%) hate Barbarians, Nokar-e Ajnabi, and those who hurt Iran’s people & other good guys, but help Bullies, Barbarians and Iran’s enemies”.

British Satan: The Barbarian British Royal Family

June 10, 2015

“The month of June reminds Iranians of the 2009 Coup, and also of the great days of 2009 (like the 18 Khordad) in which Iran’s people clearly showed/ proved that today’s Iran, like the ancient Iran/ Persia, is a wise, brave and great nation. The month of June reminds you of the goodness and greatness of the Iranian nation, and of the wickedness and foolishness of the West and its stooges, including Islamists. After 2009, many things became clear; and people learned a lot from the West’s Bullying, the West’s Sadism and the West’s systematic Lies and Censorship. Now it’s quite clear that Islamists and Rouhanis are children of the West or the Devil. Now even idiots know why the UK loves & supports Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and other Mullahs and Masons. Now even idiots can see that the Western Media is A Lie Factory”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Now even the 3% can see how and why the C-IA and the UK defend their Rouhanis (ie Mullahs), their 2009 Coup, their Islamic Turkmanchai and their Nuclear Camp David. Now even the good Britons talk about ‘Crimes of Empire’ and ‘Satanism and Pedophilia in the UK’. Now even Westerners see the UK as ‘Doorway To The Cesspit’ ! The UK and its stooges hurt all Iranians and all Humans. So as Iranians sarcastically say, we should return this favor ! (Bayad az Khejalateshun Darbiaim) !”. They also add: “In this year (2015), even the US media talk about ‘British children in Satanic Paedophile rings’ & ‘Organized pedophilia in the British establishment’, and say: ‘British Pedophilia has been making Headlines lately .. the UK establishment is awash with Pedophilia, Satanism and cover-ups. You can see over 100 articles from the mainstream press over recent years about (such facts)’ (2015) You all have heard about the shameful stories of the BBC’s scandals and Sir Jimmy Saville, aka Sir So-vile! Now even their own media confess: ‘Numerous high ranking British politicians are being investigated for their involvement in an extensive pedophile ring .. (Now they cannot hide) Satanic rituals, (Barbarism and) Child sacrifice in the UK .. At least forty British MPs are implicated, but this is really just the tip of the iceberg .. The organized pedophile ring involved at least 40 British MPs and (many journalists/ reporters) of the BBC and (UK mass media)’ (2015) Now if you google for ‘Satanism / Pedophilia in the UK’, you can find many good things, including articles such as [1]: ‘Monsters Inc: The Satanic British Royal Family‘, ‘Satanist Pedophiles Rule Britain’, ‘The UK Pedophile Rings’ etc. Now even Britons talk about ‘the unimaginable scale of child murder and human sacrifice in the UK’ [1], and say: ‘Satanist Pedophiles Rule Britain .. (now the media talk about) Jimmy So-vile; his paedophilia and necrophilia; his liking for se-x with little boys; his extremely close relationship with the British Royal family; and how he procured children for the British royals and top politicians .. Saville supplied the British Prime Minister Edward Heath with young boys .. UK Prime Minister Edward Heath was as a pedophile, Satanist and Child killer .. Saville had close relationship with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher .. the Conservative Party and Thatcher government was (a cesspit of) Paedophiles .. Thatcher had replaced the paedophile Edward Heath as leader of the Conservative Party in 1975 .. Are we to believe that the British intelligence network didn’t know about Saville and the widespread paedophile activity in the Thatcher administration? .. Paedophiles, Satanists and secret society watch each other’s backs .. these Satanists, Paedophiles and Freemasons are politicians, police chiefs, judges, journalists or media owners in the UK. They are a cancer within the body politic and the British society .. We now have the chance to use the British example to show the world how (Barbarians & Psychopaths rule the West)’ [1] And it’s what Britons say. All people should think about it”. We have already written about the British Barbarians and the long history of Barbarism & Barbarians in the UK (check Archive) But as some wise Iranians say: “Now many talk about ‘Cannibalism, Cabalism or Satanism in the UK’. Now even the British people say: ‘Pedophilia is common practice in the British establishment’ [1] or ‘British PM’s are pedos!’ [1] In the UK, Member of Parliament (MP) is actually a freemason, Satanist, Pedophile or Evil man [1] British Satanists and British Masons are actually the modern British Barbarians who rule the UK. These modern Barbarians are like the ancient British Barbarians – who were Human-eaters (Adam-khor) and Child-eaters. But unfortunately, Child-killers and Child-eaters still rule the UK and the West. In this year (2015), many talk about disappeared children, missing children, or the story of Mexican children. And many know the relations between such issues and Mind Control projects & other Masonic/ Barbaric/ Satanic projects in the West. Now even Britons say that the British Royal family is Satanist, Pedophile and Freemason [1] UK Prime Ministers are Pedophiles and Barbarians, too. According to Britons, ‘the British Prime Minister Ted Heath was a well-known se-xual degenerate and pedophile’ [1] ‘The UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown was a well-known pedophile’ [1] ‘Tony Blair -Prime Minister Blair- ordered a D-Notice (the draconian British Censorship law that prohibits the press from talking about certain ‘national security cases’) to protect pedophiles working in his administration’ ! [1] And it’s what Britons say. They even say: ‘the British entertainment industry is crawling with pedophiles’ [1] Britons talk about pedophile rings in the British media and the British government [1], and say: ”Call me anti-Briton, but I don’t want to celebrate a country run by pedophiles (!) .. The only question that remains: are Brits ready to face the truth and do something about it?‘ [1] It’s a good question. Brits and all humans should know the truth about the British Barbarians and the long history of Barbarians & Barbarism in the UK. They should know the truth about Mind Control, Satanism, Pedophilia, Cannibalism, Human sacrifice and other Barbarian things in the UK. The story of Tavistock Institute is as important as the stories of ‘the British Royal Family and the Masonic / Satanic / RITUAL se-xual abuse of defenseless children who are sold like prostitutes in the UK’ [1] The story of the British Barbarian traditions is a long story. (Even) Britons know Britain’s Barbarian traditions, and say: ‘The word ‘Tradition’ is described by the Cambridge Dictionary as being; a belief, principle or way of acting which people in a particular society or group have continued to follow for a long time’ [1] If you read history, you can see that Barbarity, Barbarism, Satanism, eating human flesh, drinking human blood and other Evil and Barbarian traditions are Western / British traditions. And the world should know more about Britain’s Barbarian traditions and other Barbaric traditions – from Tazi traditions to European traditions”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now many can see why Britain is the Land of Satan. Now many can see why the Little Britain was the Great Satan. Now the soup is too salty, so even the West’s media talk about Paedophilia and Satanism in the UK. Now if you google for such facts, you can find many good things including articles such as [2]: ‘Satanic Pedophile rings in the UK” (2015), ‘Paedophilia and Jewish Satanism in the very criminal UK State’ (2015), ‘Kids Expose Pedophile Ring In UK’ (2015), ‘Pedophile Rings in Britain – Myth or Fact?’ (2015), ‘Paedophilia, Satanic Ritual and Cannibalism’ (2015), ‘Filthy Britain’s Satanic Secrets’ (2014), ‘The British Establishment – Pedophiles Everywhere‘ (2013), ‘About the Satanic & Pedophile practices of the English Royal Family’ (2013), ‘UK Paedophile MPs Recap’ (2014) etc. In these articles, Westerners say: ‘The biggest story of our generation is unfolding in the UK’ [2] They know that the British leaders are death eaters, child eaters and human eaters [2] Even Britons say: ‘the British leaders are not child lovers; the British leaders are child eaters, child rapists, and child killers’ [2] In fact, the good Britons are not blind or stupid. In the Land of Barbarians (UK), their leaders and their elites are still Barbarians. But it doesn’t mean that all Britons are bad guys or barbarians. In the ancient Land of Barbarians (UK), many still live, think or act like their savage ancestors. But it doesn’t mean that all Britons are like their leaders or their barbarians. Britain’s good guys exist, and care about human values or Iranian values. We, Iranians, don’t judge all Britons by the evil acts of the British barbarians. Since the ancient time, we Iranians know and say that goodness or badness is independent of race and religion. The British Barbarians have created a Barbarian culture. Britain’s Barbarian culture lies at the root of many problems. But the British good guys care about the human values, not about the British values. The British good guys hate the British Royal family and other British Barbarians. They , like Iranians, know that the British Queen is the Mother of Mullahs & Masons. They know why Iranians say: “the UK Queen is the Mother of Rouhanis; so Fuck the Mother of Rouhanis! Fuck UK Queen …’. In today’s world, many know Britain’s devilish leaders and Britain’s devilish media. Many know why and how the West and the UK created Islamists and Mullahs. Today is not the 19th century. Now many can see, for instance, How the UK defends Rouhanis; How Arabs and Arabia sleep with Zionists; How Zionists and Israel sleep with Arabs and Islamists, or How the West and France sleep with Islamists and Tazis. Now it’s quite clear that Arabs and Zionists are Brothers, Tazi Brothers or Masonic Brothers. Savage Arabs and Zionists are Tazis, and children of the Great Satan”. They also add: “The UK and its offspring have low IQs. Just look How Is-rael and Arabia make love, or How France defends Islamists. Just look How the UK defends Rouhani, and how Rouhani licks the ass of the West. It’s obvious why the UK loves this British Psychopath Rouhani. Hassan Psychopath (Rouhani) hurts Iran’s people, and helps Iran’s enemies. But this British Freemason Rouhani is just one of the British spies/ masons in Iran. Now Masons and Anti-Iranian agents of the CIA/ MI6 such as Masoud Behnoud, Masih AliNejad, Akbar Ganji, Abbas Abdi, Nabavi, Zibakalam and other Basijis, Khatamists/ Rouhanists / Exiled Journalists or Freemasons do and say many Anti-Iran things. Now Anti-Iranian media like Gooya and RoozOnline censor all news and just repeat the English Lies in Persian! They just translate the English Lies in Persian, and their low IQs and their confusion don’t allow them to understand obvious things including this fact that Iran’s people can easily see & feel Rouhani’s evil acts, including Price increases & Rouhani’s Lies. The UK and its stooges have low IQs. Now they and their Islamic Turkmanchai are making all of the 3% aware, and showing them that the Main Enemy of Iran is the West and its Mullahs/ Islamists”. They also add: “After Snow-den’s story, all normal humans can see that the UK and the West are serious threats to Freedom and Democracy in the world. What the West’s governments say and do after Snow-den’s revelations is not a hidden fact. Instead of regretting or apologizing, they act like stupid bullies/ tyrants and try to create more and more spying, surveillance and censorship laws! The West’s journalists just try to justify the Western Fascism. As the Brits say: ‘In the UK, journalists and politicians are Satanists and Paedophiles’ [1] Normal humans cannot tell Big lies on a daily basis. British journalists are psychopaths and mind-controlled whores. The story of British Journalism can remind you of the story The Tavistock Institute Of Mind Control in London (we would write more about it later) Now even Britons say: ‘Jimmy Saville hosted the BBC television show Jim’ll Fix It ! Jimmy fixed it alright! He fixed up members of the British Royal family with kids to (…) ! … (All people should know) the British elite, Satanism, child murder, rape and necrophilia in the UK Parliament, the Prime Ministerial and Royal Family levels of UK society .. the major figures in British society, the BBC and the Royal Family are Satanists and Pedophiles’ [1][2] Briton’s good guys know why the British Royal Family is So vile. They know that the Queen Mother is the Mother of Masons. Some Britons say: ‘the British Royal family have been linked to perverse s-ex scandals for centuries .. the British Queen should have been hanged for High Treason .. (In the 1970s) the UK Prime Minister, Edward Heath was molesting young boys from various children’s care homes around the UK .. one of (pimps who) bringing children for (UK Prime Ministers and UK Royal Family) to abuse was Jimmy Saville .. the UK Queen was a paedophile .. the Queen is the head of the Church of England ! .. Sir Saville, a paedophile (pervert), was a frequent visitor to the UK Royal household .. many members of the Royal family are (officially faggots, pedophiles, Satanists or Cannibals)’ [1][2] Britons know who killed the so-called Princess Diana. Some Britons say: ‘Diana, in a self preservation exercise had made a tape recording of one of Charles’ valets telling of how he was raped by a senior member of the Royal Household .. The Observer ran this story in November 2003: ‘Secret confessional videos made by Diana – which would have caused huge embarrassment to the UK Royal Family (!) if they had been made public’ ! [1] Many Britons are not stupid, and say: ‘Murder is nothing new to the Royal family. They have been getting away with it for centuries. Richard III, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I etc’ ! [1] They know that The British Mafia is actually the British Royal Family. The Queen may be head of the Church of England, and head of the Mafia of England. The Queen and the British Royal Family run the Church of England! But they are all Satanists [1] And it’s what Britons say. In fact, many know the British Barbarians, the British Masons or the British Dark forces”.

As some wise Iranians say: “the world should know more about the Little Britain and its Great crimes about humanity. Almost all historians know the British crimes against humanity in recent centuries. The British lies are Orwellian lies, and cannot hide the truths. They even cannot hide the truths about their typical crimes and famous stories such as the assassination of Diana [1][2], ‘the murder of David Kelly’ [2], ‘the murder of Robin Cook’, [2] or the story of the “abducted little girl Madeleine McCann’ [2] (we would write more about such stories later) Many know the truths. Many know why and how the UK created Saudi Arabia and Wahhabis, as many know why Saudi Arabia = ISIS, or why ISIS / ISIL = Saudi Arabia. Now even Britons say good things such as: ‘Whenever you investigate Paedophilia and Satanism in the UK, you will find that Freemasonry and other secret societies eventually come up !‘ [1] In fact, many know Barbarians, Masons and the Jewish-British traditions”. They also add: “Tazis were and are savage people. Tazis are Anti-Iran and Anti-Humanity. Iranians knew Tazis. But now even non-Iranians talk about Tazis ( = Savage Arabs + Savage Jews) Now even non-Iranians can see the true face of Tazis – from ISIS to Jewish barbarians. Now it’s clear that Saudis and Zionists are Brothers, not only because both of them are Tazis, but because both of them are children of the UK and the West. Even the good Arabs, the good Jews and the West’s good guys know the Devil’s Game, and how the UK and the West created Saudis, Islamists and Zionists. If you read the history of the UK or the West, you would know why even Westerners talk about ‘Satanists in the UK parliament’, or ‘Paedophilia and Jewish Satanism in the UK’ [1], and say: ‘The UK Political Pedophile Ring Scandal is just The Tip of the Iceberg’ [1] Britons say: ‘the paedophile-satanic rings operate within Freemasonry’ [1] They know who is ‘Doorway To the Cesspit’, and ask: Why Is the BBC Protecting Satanists and Paedophiles’ ! (2015) It’s funny that Britons say to their politicians: ‘You are pathetic, ladies and gentlemen (!!), truly, truly pathetic’ !! [1] They know British Barbarians and ‘Crimes of Empire’ [1][2] Now even the Westerners talk about Organized crimes in Britain’s establishment, and say: ‘US and British media are servants of security apparatus’ ! (2015) Now even the West’s people say good things such as: ‘British Journalists manipulate us in the interest of the Powerful .. US and British media are so one sided .. The Satanic British Empire Masonic leaders created Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia .. the Satanic British Empire deliberately created the Islamists … The Satanic British Empire and now Satanic Anglo-American Establishment created Saudis, Wahhabis, ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda etc’ (2015) It’s important that the West’s people say such things. It’s really important that Britons say: ‘There are (hundreds of thousands of) Freemasons in Britain today all supposedly loyal to the Queen. The British Government, Police Force, Judiciary, Secret Services and the Armed Forces are dominated by freemasons at the highest level’ [1] It’s important that Britons say: ‘In the UK, Illuminati members are above the law and partake in pedophile rings without fear of prosecution’ [1] The story of ‘BBC star Jimmy Saville, who was a very close friend of the British Royal family’ [1] is important. It’s important that British journalists and the leading members of the British Royal family are Satanists, pedophiles, child killers / cannibals etc [1][2] And it’s what Britons say. They even say: ‘Young children se-xually molested and physically abused by British leaders are quickly used as sacrifices’ [2] Britons know the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry [1], and its crimes. Many know why the UK media see Rouhani as Made in Glasgow !, ie a slave/ puppet of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry”. They also add: “Now even Britons know the stories of Mind Control projects and ‘Trance-Formation of America’, and say: ‘What has happened to Cathy O’Brien and her daughter is horrific .. But this is happening daily all over the UK (and the West) to enormous numbers of children’ [1] Britons say: ‘In the UK, Satanists and paedophiles are placed in the key public offices to hide their activities .. Children are supplied for the UK Royal family and prominent members of British society through the orphanages’ [1][2] The 2015 events are not hidden facts or conspiracy theories. Now it’s clear why Britons and Westerners write books like ‘Hitler was a British Agent‘ ! Some parts of such books are conspiracy theories, but some parts are consistent with the reality or reliable sources. For instance, they say: ‘In the UK, we live in a Mafia State. The UK is ruled by a mafia of paedophiles .. Freemasons have a high rate of child-rape, paedophilia and incest, with accounts suggesting that Freemasons se-xually abuse a third of their children .. In the UK, Masons control the media, the police and judiciary’. Now we all should ask why Britons say: ‘Hitler was an Illuminati Agent .. Hitler worked for a foreign country (Britain) and a foreign ideology (Freemasons) .. Osama Bin Laden has been an American agent for the last 30 years’ [3] We all should think more about such issues. Now the US/ UK most prestigious media are worse than tabloid media. The BBC or the Guardian is really the worst tabloid media. As Iranians say: God Bless Tabloid media or Yellow newspapers! The BBC or the Guardian is the worst Lie Factory. Just look how they defend their Rouhani. Just look they censor all news, and tell Big & childish lies. Now even the Westerners say: ‘the BBC and publicly funded media organizations and established institutions in the UK are working to assist known Paedophiles & Satanists. Paedophilia and Satanism often seem to go hand-in-hand and they’ve flourished in the dark recesses of the British establishment’ (2015) Now Britons say: ‘UK Prime Minister Edward Heath, Prime Minister of England from 1970-74, was a pedophile .. Prince Andrew is (called) the Paedophile Prince .. A biographical book called ‘Elizabeth: Behind Palace Doors’ reveals that Prince Philip’s mother was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic .. the British Royal family is a paedophile family .. In their Satanic parties, young boys specially brought over from several children’s homes would be plied with drugs and alcohol .. In his book ‘The Biggest Secret’, David Icke describes the UK Royal family’s connection to Satanism and paedophilia .. In the West, governments are being controlled by the bloodline cabal via paedophile and Satanist politicians and ‘leaders’ who dare not resist the demands of the Big Brother .. From the public schools to the Catholic and Anglican churches in the UK, child abuse has been allowed a sanctuary’ [1][2] The stories of ‘Barbarism, Satanism and Pedophilia in the UK’ need more attention, and we all should think more about it”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the Westerners say: ‘We all know Britain is run by lying, sociopathic, thieving, murderous, paedophilic filth’ [2] The Little Britain is the ancient land of Barbarians. And it’s a historic fact. In recent centuries, the Little Britain has committed Great crimes against humanity. And it’s a historic fact, too. The educated people know the British Barbarism and the British inferiority complex, and ask for instance: ‘(Why) a small island should call itself Great Britain?! Their inferiority complex is pathetic’ ! Many know the Little Britain and its Great crimes against humanity. Even ‘an article printed in the Guardian in April 2012 entitled ‘Deny the British empire’s crimes? No, we ignore them (!!)’ will give you some idea as to the mass genocide that took place in order for the British Royal Family to add to their already obscene wealth’ [1] And it’s what Britons say. They know British Barbarity, British Barbarians and British colonial atrocities [1] They know the British Barbarity of the so-called British Empire, and say: ‘the British used pliers to mutilate women’s breasts. They cut off inmates’ ears and fingers and gouged out their eyes. They dragged people behind Land Rovers until their bodies disintegrated. Men were rolled up in barbed wire and kicked around the compound … This is a vast, systematic crime for which there has been no reckoning’ [1] All humans should know more about the Little Britain and its Great crimes against humanity. All humans should know why ‘Paedophilia & Satanism is rife within the high ranking British elite’ [1][2] ‘Maybe you call them demons; or devils or Djinn or Satan himself, maybe they are just a bunch of Barbarians who are trying to kill off the human race’ [1][2], Britons say. ‘For years now, rumors have been floating about ‘Westminster Pedophile Rings’ .. they murdered many young boys. (Even) the Independent headlined, ‘Tory MP Killed Boy During Se-x Attack’ … British public figures have been involved in outrageous and exploitative se-x-ual misbehavior, including Pedophilia .. ‘Elite pedophilia’ charges circulated very widely in tabloid media, usually in the context of Satanism and ‘Masonic/ Satanic rituals .. But now (it’s clear that what is said about) our Elite perverts and our (Elite Barbarians) in the UK is not a myth .. British politicians are indeed real monsters’ ! [2], Britons say. They know Satanism & Cannibalism in the UK Royal family, and why the Royal family insist on breeding within their own bloodline ,aka ‘Blue bloods’ ! [1] The so called ‘Blue bloods’ are actually (British Barbarians and Human-eaters) who made up a group which is known as the Illuminati or Freemasonry [1] The so called ‘Blue bloods’ are Paedophiles, Satanists, Cannibals or serial killers [1][2] And it’s what Britons say. They even say: ‘In the UK, the Big Brother’s systems are used to destroy the incriminating evidence’ [2] But the British Ministry of Truth cannot hide the truths. Now even little kids can see why Britain is the Mother of Mullahs & Islamists. Now all normal humans are becoming aware, and seeing the true colors of this Little Fox (UK) Now the UK and its media just remind you of ancient stories of ‘Fox and Lion’. Now if you want to know more about the British Pofyuzi and the British Fox, you can read the ancient stories of ‘Fox and Lion’ in Persian literature (since the ancient time, Lion is a symbol of Persia) Now what the UK and the British Fox say or do, and this level of Censorship and Lying, is a clear sign of their Weakness or Pofyuzi. Now even Britons and Westerners talk about the British weakness and the British wickedness, and say for instance: ‘the British Elites and the British Royal Family see no wrong in abusing, raping or even killing children and babies during their filthy gatherings .. There are hundreds of satanic paedophile rings in the UK .. the UK Queen is a prostitute; the Queen’s husband is all but King’ ! [1][2] The UK’s good guys ‘seriously question the morals of a Queen who takes tea with tyrants, and socialises with paedophiles’ [1] But the stupid Brits chant: Long live our Noble Queen ! [1] In the UK regime, Nobel means prostitute, pedophile, satanist, barbarian or cannibal/ human-eater! The UK was the land of Barbarians. And in recent centuries, they just wore the mask of sanity and modernity. Even the good Brits are aware of this issue, and say for instance: ‘Do you know the story of the Slave trade? .. Do you know how many Slaves were killed and tortured by (British pigs)? .. Slave-ships owned or part-owned by the UK Royal Family throughout Queen Victoria’s 64 year reign’ [1][2] They even say: ‘the Queen is a major shareholder in the Bank of England, the Royal Dutch Shell and the British Petroleum (BP) … (British pigs) and the British monarch tried to rape the Iranian oil-fields’ [1] And it’s what Britons say. They even say: ‘David Cameron and Tony Blair were both cousins of the Queen .. the elite pedophile ring in England isn’t a myth unfortunately .. the Satanic & Pedophile Practices of the English Royal Family is not a myth … In the wake of overwhelming public evidence that Sir Jimmy Savile was a pimp for the British politicians and the British Royal family, how many more children need to suffer’ [1][2] Now it’s clear why British media and British journalists tell many Big & childish lies, and censor all news including the very Big News in a childish way. The so-called British Elite have low IQs. They are not good or normal humans. The so-called British Elite are stupid psychopaths. Now their British Lies (ie Orwellian Lies) just make people laugh”.

The West = The Evil Empire of Lies & Censorship ?!

June 4, 2015

“In Persian language, that is the language of Culture and Civilization, you can see many funny terms. For instance, Nobareshe or ‘VaqeAN Nobareh’ is a Persian slang term that means: surprising + shocking + ridiculous & stupid. Iranians use this Persian slang when they want to talk about something that is new and surprising, but ridiculous and stupid. Now Iranians use this Persian slang a lot, specially when they talk about Rohani, UK, France and other enemies of Iran. Now Rohani’s stupidity & Insanity = ‘VaqeAN Nobareh’ ! Now what the UK and the West say and censor, and this level of Censorship, Lying and Insanity in the West = ‘Nobareshe / VaqeAN Nobareh’ ! After Snow-den’s story, the Fascist West is removing the mask from its face. In this year (2015), the new Censorship laws in France, EU, UK, US and Canada are so shameful. But it’s not the whole story. One day they said that British Censorship or Western Censorship is a subtle form of Censorship! One day they said the UK and the West censor news in a subtle way! But now British Censorship or Western Censorship is the most silliest / blatant form of Censorship. Now the UK and the West censor all news, even the very Big news -like the Big News of the 2014 Referendum and the Big News of Rohani’s Evil acts in Iran”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Now the UK and the West censor the Biggest news in a silly way. Just look what the UK, the US, France and the EU do in this year (2015) Now they tell the Biggest lies in the Silliest way. Now the story of the UK and Rouhanis, or the story of ‘France & Islamists’ says a lot about the West. After that Farcical Rally in Jan. 2015, and just after some months, you all could see how France makes love with Islamists of Saudi Arabia & ISIS’, and how the West tries to censor such Important News and Apparent Paradoxes. In April 2015, you all could see what the UK and the West said about Lausanne Agreement (aka Lausanne-Chay) and its economic outcome! But now, only after one month, they censor the Big News of Price Increases in Iran! In April 2015, you all could see how the UK and the West tell the Biggest Lies about Lausanne Farce, Iran’s people, Rohani and Iran’s economy. But in May 2015, after just one month, they censor the Big news of price increases, high inflation, IMF Plans, Rohani’s Evil acts and Economic results of the Nuclear Farce! Now the UK and the West censor the Biggest news, and tell the Biggest lies in a silly way. This level of insanity and this level of censorship just prove or confirm that The West is the Empire of Lies and Censorship. But it’s not the whole story. In the past, they told Big lies/ Orwellian lies in a more subtle way. In the past, one day they said X is Black, and then after some years when they thought that people have forgotten the past, they said X is White or Black is White! But now, the West acts like insane psychopaths: Today they say X is Black, and tomorrow – ie just after one day or one month- they claim: X is White! Now they just show that the West is the Empire of Psychopaths“. They also add: “Now this British Spy Rohani clearly shows that the outcome of Nuclear Talks is high inflation, more price increases and more Economic disasters, while the UK and the West actually talk about the outburst of joy and dancing on the night the price of petrol increased !! And this is the West’s true face. The West is the Empire of Psychopaths. In the UK or the West, Journalism is equal to the Art of Lying, the Art of Censorship and the Art of Hypocrisy. In the 20th century, the West was the Empire of Hypocrisy. But now they show their true colors in a silly way. Now the West is the Empire of Stupidity. Now the West is the Empire of Insanity . Now any sane person can see why the West is Evil, why the West is Orwellian, why the West is Fascist & Sadist, or why the West and the UK love Rohani and other Islamic Pofyuz & Islamic Chalquz. As our people say, Mullahs and Rohani have learned the Art of Pofyuzi from the UK and France! This British Freemason Rohani is a lying son of a bitch, aka a real son of the UK !”. They also add: “Just after one month, and only after one month, the West censors the outcome of the Nuclear Talks in Lausanne! (for more info, check our previous post) This level of Censorship and Insanity is so important, and that’s why now even idiots can see the truths and say: This is the beginning of the End of the West; This is the beginning of the End of America; The West is the Evil Empire of Lies & Censorship, no doubt about it !”. These days are historic days. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s so important that the West censors the Big News in such a silly way. It’s a clear sign of their bankruptcy and their confusion. This British Pofyuz Rohani creates new Economic crises, but like the story of the 2014 Referendum, the UK, the US and the West censor such Big News! This is ‘VaqeAN Nobareh’ ! And it says a lot about the End of America or the Downfall of the West. Now we all are watching or witnessing the Downfall of the West and the End of America. In the past, most people knew nothing about the Systematic censorship and the systematic lies in the West. But now, people are watching and witnessing the West’s Systematic Lies, the West’s Systematic Censorship, the West’s Orwellian Tyranny, the West’s Insanity or actually the End of the West. One day the Iranians were the most pro-American nation in the world because the Iranians thought / imagined that America cares about Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights. But now America itself tries to create the image of the US as the ‘Great Evil’, the Great Bully, the Great Psychopath or the Great Sadist / Fascist/ Terrorist etc. Now you all can see how the UK, France, the CIA and the West support Rohani, Mullahs, Saudis, ISIS and other Islamists. Now all Iranians know this British Psychopath Rohani. Now Iranian people make jokes and say: This British Donkey Rohani is a specialist in what?! in Lying, Khayemali & Pofyuzi ?! This British Monkey Rohani is just a specialist in ridiculing himself, telling silly lies and licking the ass of the UK ! But Rohani is Chalquz ( = little shit) The main issue is his Arbabs (his Western Masters) and this level of censorship and this level of insanity in the West. In these days, if you take a look at the Western media, you can easily see what is the true meaning of Free Press or Free Exchange of Information in the West, and why the West is the Evil Empire”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, all Iranians talk about Rouhani’s evil acts. But the UK and the West censor the Big News and real news of Iran because such news (can show you) why Iranians hate Rouhani, and why Iranians refer to Hassan Rouhani as Hassan Freemason, Hassan Pofyuz, Hassan Dayus, Hassan Bi-Namus, Hassan Chalquz or Hassan Psychopath ! In recent days, this British Freemason Rouhani and the so-called Rouhanists ( = those who love & support Rouhani) show the depth of their insanity and stupidity. In recent days, this British Dayus Rouhani reminds Iranians of the story of Khas & Khashak. In recent days, Rouhani’s media and Rouhanists openly and stupidly say: ‘Iran’s people are stupid, because Iran’s people hate Rouhani, ridicule Rouhani or curse Rouhani. Iranian people say why Rouhani tells Big lies, why Rouhani increases petrol price, gas price, bread price & all prices, why Rouhani implements IMF Plans, why Rouhani creates many Economic Crises, why Rouhani helps Iran’s enemies, why Rouhani hurts Iran’s people, or why Rouhani is worse than AhmadiNejad (AN) because Iranian people are stupid (!!) All Iranians hate this British Spy Rouhani and Rouhani’s evil acts (aka Rouhani’s Pofyuz-i / Dayus-i) because all Iranians are stupid’ !! (May 2015) And it’s what Rouhanists and the newspapers of Islamic Freemasons (Qanun) say. Now it’s quite clear why Iranian people refer to Rouhanists and other Islamic Freemasons as Pofyuz, Dayus, Chalquz, Psychopath, Motherfucker etc. Now it’s quite clear why Rouhani and Rouhanists are not Iranians. Now even the 3% can see why Rouhani and Rouhanists are Anti-Iranian Pofyuz & Dayus. In Persian language, Dayoos/ Dayus, Qoromsaq, Jakesh, Bi-Namus or Bi-Sharaf are synonyms, and mean: someone who makes money by selling his soul, his humanity, his honor, his pen, his body, his wife, his children, his family etc. So their evil acts in recent years (from 2009 to 2015) clearly show why Rouhani and Rouhanists are Dayus, Qoromsaq, Jakesh, Bi-Namus, Bi-Sharaf etc. In Persian language, Pofyooz or Pofyuz (Pof + yuz = Puff + Cheetah) means someone who deals, acts, barks, bluffs or behaves from a Position of Weakness and Foolishness; So as their Islamic Turkmanchai and Rouhani’s evil acts show, Rouhani and Rouhanists are Pofyuz. Iranians care about Truth, Logic, Science and Scientific approaches. Iranians provide logical & scientific answers to questions like: Who is Psychopath? Who is Pofyuz? Who is Fascist? Who is Dayus? Who is Whore? Who is Sadist? Who is Liar? Who is Orwellian? or Who is Terrorist? But Masons, Rouhanists and other Psychopaths & Dayus/ Pofuz people love Harf-e Moft & Arajif (= total bullshit) In 2009, the world saw that Iran’s people are great, wise and brave people. In 2009, the whole world bowed before the great and brave people of Iran. Since the ancient time, Iran is called the land of the Brave (Daliran) And in 2009, the world saw why Iran is the land of the Brave. But in 2009, Islamists and Rouhanists/ Khatamists proved that they are Pofyuz and Dayus. All Iranians and informed people know why Islamists -from Basijis to Khatamists/ Rouhanists- are Dayus and Pofyuz. In and after 2009, all normal humans could see why Khatamists/ Rouhanists are Dayus and Pofyuz, or why the so-called 2009 Traitors are Pofyuz, Dayus and Chalquz. But it’s funny that now these Dayus/ Pofyuz pigs crap about the great and brave people of Iran. Now it’s obvious why even if Iran’s people can forgive criminals & killers, Iranians will never forgive Traitors; and in the near future, the 2009 Traitors and all Masonic Dayus/ Pofyuz pigs will be hanged from the lamp posts in Iran’s streets”. They also add: “It’s obvious why the West love pigs such as Mirza Abol Hassan Elchi (Hajji Baba), Mirza Abol Hassan Rouhani, Mirza Abol Javad Zarif and other Freemason Pofyuz pigs. The West and The UK love and support Rouhanists, because Rouhanists are Freemason, Chalquz and Pofyuz pigs with very low IQs. Iranians use logical and scientific methods, and show why the West and its Islamists (including Rouhanists) are psychopaths, sadists, fascists, Pofyuz or Dayus. But the UK and its Rouhanists suffer from the Mad Cow Disease. QerQerh or QerQereh kardan is a Persian slang that means: Repeating people’s words in a childish way. And now what the UK and its Rouhanists do is QerQereh. Iran’s people say Rouhani is Chalquz, or Rouhani is Pofyooz (As we said before) after the 2014 Referendum, Iran’s people refer to Rouhani as Pofyus, Dayus, Chalquz, Martikeh Pofyooz-e 3-darsadi etc. Now all Iranians hate Rouhani, and ridicule Rouhani and Rouhanists. But instead of dying of shame, resigning from the government, resigning from all posts / parts of public life, or instead of regretting, begging and apologizing to Iran’s people, Rouhani and Rouhanists blatantly say: Iranian people are stupid because Iranian people hate Rouhani ! In fact, the UK and its Rouhani and Rouhanists suffer from the Mad Cow Disease . Rouhanists are Kodan, Khereft, Pofyooz & Dayoos. But it’s not whole story. The 2009 Traitors and Rouhanists are a bunch of Psychopaths and Anti-Iranian Spies/ Slaves of Iran’s enemies. In 2009, the Jewish Spy (AN) killed Iran’s people and called them Khas & Khashak (= unimportant people) And now in May 2015, this British Spy Rouhani hurts all Iranians, and the newspapers of Islamic Freemasons (Qanun) and Rouhanists openly say: ‘All Iranians are stupid because all Iranians hate Rouhani and boo Rouhani and his Anti-Iran acts’ !! Now it’s quite clear why Rouhanists are Anti-Iranian psychopaths”. They also add: “Rouhanists are Pofyuz and Dayus. Rouhanists are Ravan-Perish (Psychos) But who are Rouhanists? Rouhanists are the 2009 traitors, and those Basijis, Islamists and Khatamists who killed, tortured or hurt Iran’s people in 2009 and recent years. Rouhanists are Masonic psychopaths and Anti-Iran agents of the CIA / MI6 such as Zibakalam, Abbas Abdi, GoozAli Abazari, Laylaz, Akbar Ganji, Nabavi, Behnoud and other British Freemasons such as the Ayatollah Jack Straw, the BBC’s whores or the Guardian’s spies. In fact, Rouhanists are Masons and Non-Iranian pigs. In 2014/ 2015, Rouhani and Rouhanists showed their true colors (for more info, Check Archive) For instance, Rouhanists and their KhabarOnline openly said: Hurting and Humiliating Iran and Iranians is a good thing, and the main goal of Rouhani is ‘Hurting and Humiliating Iran & Iranians’ !! (2014) In 2015, Rouhanists and Islamic Freemasons/ Psychopaths such as GoozAli Abazari openly said: Iranian people are so stupid because Iranian people hate Mullahs and love Iranian Musicians! (2015) And now this Masonic newspaper (Qanun) says: Iranians are stupid and [..] because Iranians hate Rouhani & Rouhani’s evil acts! (May 2015) As you know, the newspapers of Mirza Malkum and Mullah Afghani, the two notorious Freemasons, was called Qanun. In fact, Qanun is a code word for Freemasons such as Mirza Malkum and Mullah Al-Afghani (Code word = a word that they use instead of a more direct one when they want to avoid shocking people) Rouhanists are children of Malkum & Al-Afghani, the notorious Freemasons. But it’s funny that, by calling their Anti-Iran newspaper ‘Qanun’, they openly try to signal that they are children of Mirza Malkum, Mullah Afghani and other Freemasons. It’s so funny and important. Now even idiots and the 3% can see why this English Pofyooz Rouhani is a Psychopath, and why the real name of ‘Hassan Rohani’ is ‘Hassan Freemason’, ‘Hassan Pofyuz’, ‘Hassan Dayus’ or ‘Hassan Psychopath’. Now even the 3% refer to Rohani as Robahe Banafsh (Purple Fox), Purple Pig, Purple Wolf, Purple Sheep or Purple Shit etc! For instance, the 3% and their media say: Why this Robahe Banafsh ( = Purple Fox = Rohani !) insults the people’s intelligence in such a silly way ?! The West and its Robahe Banafsh (Rouhani) want to (fool people in this way) ?!‘ (May 2015) In Iran, the UK is called the Old Fox, and now even the 3% and idiots can see the true colors of the Old Fox (UK) and its offspring – including this Purple Fox (Rouhani) & Rouhanists. Now the Old Fox (UK) and its offspring suffer from the Mad Cow Disease, and show their true face in a silly way. And it’s a godsend for Iran and all good guys in all around the world”.

As some wise Iranians say: “the Old Fox (UK) and its offspring, including Rouhanists/ Masons/ Basijis/ MEK, are stupid psychopaths. In recent days, the UK media – from the Ayatollah BBC to the Guardian- create a Historic Farce. Do you know what they say in recent days?! The Masonic UK Guardian (GU) – aka the Guardian of Mullahs, the Guardian of Masons, the Guardian of Lies etc- censors the Big News of Rouhani’s evil acts, but says: ‘Rouhani clashes with Mullahs over Bad Hijab’ !! (GU, 26 May 2015) Can you believe it?! This is British Journalism! In fact, British Journalism = Censoring Big News, Telling Big lies, and defending Psychopaths/ Dictators in such a silly way. In recent days, the Ayatollah BBC censors the Big news of Rouhani’s Evil acts, but says: ‘Rouhani defends Freedom of Speech’ !! (BBC, 26 May 2015) And this is British Journalism = Orwellian Journalism. This level of Orwellian Lies & Censorship is really one of the Biggest Scandals in the history of Journalism, and clearly shows that the British Empire of Lies & Censorship is actually the Empire of Psychopaths. In the Land of Barbarians (UK), Censorship = Free Exchange of Information, War = Peace, Slavery = Freedom, and Systematic censorship & systematic lies = Free Press & Freedom! For thousands of years, the UK was officially the land of Barbarians and Barbarism; so it obvious why the UK is such an Orwellian cesspit of psychopaths. Now even idiots can see that the Guardian is Rouhani’s media, the BBC is Rouhani’s media, and the UK is the Mother of Rouhani. Now it’s quite clear why Rouhani and Rouhanists are Freemasons and Non-Iranian spies/ stooges of the UK and the West. In the past, many asked: Why Rouhani is not Iranian? Why Rouhani is an Enemy of Iran and Iranian people? Why Rouhanists are not Iranians? Why Rouhanists are Masons and sworn enemies of Iran & Iranians? But now the answer is clear. Rouhani and Rouhanists are stupid psychopaths with low IQs. They themselves say that they hate all Iranians, and they just want to humiliate Iran and Iranians! But If Iran’s regime was an Iranian regime, then such anti-Iranian spies/ pigs would have been allowed to control the government in Iran?! The Mullah regime is an Anti-Iranian regime of Masons. Now what Rouhanists say is like or worse than what Zionists, Tazis or Wendy Kos-Sherman say. Rouhani is really worse than US Senators. Rouhanists and Non-Iranian agents of the CIA/ MI6 like Hajj Abbas Iraq-chi love Wendy Kos-Sher-man and Iran’s enemies. Now even the 3% say that Wendy Kos-Sherman is Iraq-chi’s grandma!, or France’s Fabius Dayus is Javad Zarif’s Brother! Now even idiots can see why Basijis and Rouhanists are worse than France’s Fabius Dayus, Wendy Kos-Sherman, US Senators and other Anti-Iran Fascists in the West. Now even the 3% and average Iranian expats say: ‘US Senators are Racists and Fascists. US Senator Lindsey Graham suggesting that all Iranians are Liars. There is no place in today’s world for such racist comments, and we call on (US Fascist faggot) Graham to immediately retract his remarks and apologize’ (May 2015) But now Rouhani and Rouhanists are worse than US racist/ fascist faggots such as US Senator Lindsey Graham and Wendy Kos-Sherman”. They also add: “It’s obvious why Iranians are angry. The West and its stooges (Rouhanists, Tazis etc) insult and hurt all Iranians. Now the West censors the Big News of Rouhani’s evil acts, and shamelessly says: ‘Anxious for economic relief, the majority of Iranians are desperate for a nuclear agreement” !!! (CBS, June 2015) The West’s journalists are really psychopaths. (As the witty Iranians say:) In the West, all mass media are like the UK ‘Daily Kos’ ! The US, the UK and their Rouhanists love Kos-sher or Daily Kos ( = crapping, bullshitting & trash taking on a daily basic) ! In the UK and the US, their media are DailyKos, Fox News, Wolf News or Chameleon News! And Saudis, Mullahs or Tazis love Locust News, Lizard News, Camel News, Shit News or Sheep News. In the US, CBS News = Crappy, Bad & Silly News, CNN = Crappy Neanderthal News, ABC = A Barbarian Cesspool, NBC = National Barbarian Crap, NPR = National Psychopath Radio etc”. They also add: “Now it’s clear that the West is the Evil Empire of
. So now even Westerners talk about How the West created ISIS, How the West Created Mullahs, How the West Created Muslim Brotherhood, How the West Created the Islamic State, How the West Created Islamism, How the West Created Islamists or How the West Created Saudis, Wahhabis, etc. Now many know the Devil’s Game, and say: the West is ISIS, the West is Devil, or the West is Evil. They know how the West created Muslim Brotherhood, Mullahs, Saudis, Wahhabis, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS or Bokon Haram. They even know why the Ideology of Mullahs is the Ideology of Bokon Haram, and why the Muslim Brotherhood is a Masonic Brotherhood. The Western analysts even say: ‘While flirting with the extremists, Western countries use the so-called policy of controlled chaos (!) in far-away regions’ ! (May 2015) They know the US’s terrorist allies. They know the UK / France and its terrorist allies. The soup is too salty. So even the American Faggots and the American Conservative write about ‘Making Enemies‘ ! (if you google it, you can easily find it), and say: ‘according to (US officials), Shin Bet -the Israeli counter-intelligence service- created Hamas .. Is-rael created Hamas .. In creating radical Islamism, Is-rael was following in the footsteps of successive British and American governments .. Martha Kessler, a senior analyst for the CIA, has said, ‘We saw Is-rael cultivate Islamism as a counterweight to Nationalism’ ! .. Hamas was a project of Shin Bet .. Hamas was a bitter opponent of Palestinian nationalism .. the Muslim Brotherhood is a creation of British colonialism .. the British created the Muslim Brotherhood as a means of keeping Egyptian nationalism and
anti-colonialism in check (!) .. (the UK created the pan-Arabist like Nasser) .. (But Following the Masonic) Nasser’s rise to power in 1954, both the British and Americans (used) the Brotherhood as a useful weapon (for creating Divide & Rule) .. the Brotherhood tried to assassinate Egypt’s President Nasser, the pan-Arabist .. In his book Sleeping With the Devil, former CIA officer Robert Baer describes the ‘dirty secret” in Washington, namely that ‘the White House looked on Islamists as a secret weapon! .. Al-Qaeda itself springs from the Muslim Brotherhood .. In playing the same game as the Brits and Americans – the ‘Devil’s game’ – Is-rael created Hamas and other Islamist groups .. But If you make monsters , you shouldn’t be surprised if they come back to bite you’ ! It’s so funny and important that the US pigs (not US good guys) confess to such things. In the near future, even the US pigs will confess how the West created Khomeini and Mullahs, and how Mullahs served the interests of the West. Of course what they say about Hamas is not a new thing. We all know the story of Hamas and Saddam, and how Hamas helped Saddam is his war again Iran and all Iranians. Hamas is Anti-Iran and Masonic. Many have written about Masonic organizations such as Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas defends Saddam or Savage Saudi invasion to Yemen. But Mullahs are Masons / Tazis, and so Mullahs defend Anti-Iran Pigs & Masonic organizations such as Hamas and other Islamists & Enemies of Iran. But after the Mullah regime, Iran will defend a real Resistant movement. Instead of supporting Islamists, Iran will support the good guys, the cultured people, the real friends of Iran, and the Real Resistance to Bullies & Barbarians”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now many talk about the new surveillance and censorship laws in the EU, France, Britain, Canada, America and the whole West. The so-called Bill C-51 in Canada is like the new surveillance and censorship laws in France, UK and EU. Now Obama, NS-A and US Congress try to create new surveillance and censorship laws in the US. It’s so shameful. They officially try to convert the US into the Land of Fascism or the Land of Lies and Censorship. The West’s good guys and America’s good guys are aware of this issue, and protest against it. But unfortunately, many Americans and many Westerners are so stupid and ignorant”. They also add: “the story of the West’s Orwellian acts is like the story of watching Cinema Paradiso in the Mullah TV. As you know, the main themes in this film (Cinema Paradiso) are censorship, censoring films, s-ex, love, bigotry, fascism etc. This film is about 170min. But in May 2015, the Mullah TV showed a full HD version of this film (Cinema Paradiso), but censored all parts/ main themes of this film! It’s so funny and Orwellian that Mullahs show a film about Censorship & Censoring films (in the West), but Mullahs censor all parts of this film! Watching Cinema Paradiso in the Mullah TV is a funny Orwellian experience. But now many events and many things in the West are more laughable/ ridiculous and more Orwellian than watching Cinema Paradiso in the Mullah TV”. They also add: “Now the West’s good guys talk about ‘Big Brother’s Right to Censorship and Erase History!‘ (2015), and say: ‘EU ruling on the ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ in which (Big Brothers) have the right to ask search engines to remove links with (critical information) about them .. the EU ruling that they have the right to remove material about themselves from search engine results! .. Google is Undermining the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ .. (they received) 40,000 Censorship Requests in First Hour ! .. the Right to be forgotten is a dangerous form of censorship. (It’s equal to) the right to Censorship and Rewriting history‘ (2015) Now many talk about the EU’s Right-to-be-Forgotten law, and this fact that Google search results indicate ‘right to be forgotten’ Censorship. It’s so shameful that the EU openly talks about the Right to Censor, and the Right to be Censored ! It’s so shameful that the EU tries to censor websites under the EU’s right-to-be-forgotten law. Now even the West’s people say: ‘Thanks to The EU Right To Be Forgotten, the Search Engines now Censor The Press’ ! (2015) The West’s Ideology / Religion is really like the Religion of Psychopaths -in which sadism, censorship, lying and other evil things are good things, but honesty, truth, logic, tolerance and other good things are evil things. In the Religion of Lies or the Religion of Psychopaths, celebration = mourning, mourning = celebration, Lie = Truth, Peace = War, Barbarity = Humanity, Censorship = Freedom, Slavery = Salvation etc. The West, Tazis and other Barbarians love such satanic religions. They are like British Masons. They hate honesty and to ‘discuss the matter honestly’. Now even the West’s good guys are aware of such issues, and that’s why they talk about ‘An Empire of Lies: The CIA and the Western Media’, and say: the West is the Empire of Lies & Secrecy’ (2015) But unfortunately, many Americans and many Westerners are so stupid. And it’s an undeniable fact. So now even their stupid mass media say: ‘Why ISIS recruiters win in the West‘ !! (CNN, May 2015) or ‘Why ISIS lures so many Americans’ ! (CNN, May 2015) In fact, they say Why so many Americans are fanatic, sadist and backward people, or Why so many Americans are mind-controlled slaves. The West’s good guys should pay more attention to the Mind Control projects and the Mind-Controlled slaves in the West. Now the soup is too salty, and so even the stupid mass media say: ‘(Why a very stupid book like) ‘Harry Potter’ is one of the most popular book series in the West (?!!) .. Why many Americans are Brainwashed and crazy? .. What makes ISIS so attractive to British / American/ French youths? (!!)” ! (CNN, May 2015) Of course they provide silly answers, and try to hide real answers and the root of problems. They say nothing about Mind control projects. They just say Barbarians or ISIS recruiters win in the US because so many Americans love money, girls & guns! They actually say that so many Americans/ Westerners love money, raping girls, guns and killing people! But only psychopaths love such things. If you love lying, stealing, raping and killing, then you are a psychopath. Apparently their own mass media want to say that they are a nation of psychopaths and barbarians! But we Iranians know that all of them are not bad guys. The West’s good guys exist, and try to protest against the West’s psychopaths and barbarians. In the US and the West, many people are not bad guys. But they should not forget the story of Fascism/ Nazism, and they should know that if they remain silent, then the West officially becomes the Empire of Fascists. Now even if you read/ think about the food industry in the US, or watch documentary films such as ‘Food Inc’ (2008), then not only you will see part of the inhumane conditions and Orwellian idiocies in the US, but you will be shocked by this fact that How fast the US is turning into an Orwellian Empire of Fascists & Psychopaths. If America’s people remain silent, then in the near future, most of them will say: It all happened so fast I didn’t even notice that America is becoming Fascist and Orwellian”. In this year (2015), many things need more attention. As some wise Iranians say: “the new surveillance and censorship laws in the EU, France, UK, Canada etc are so shameful. Now the West and the EU openly talk about the Right to be forgotten !, that is equal to the Right to Censorship and the Right of Deception! It’s so shameful and so laughable. The West is officially becoming the worst Orwellian Animal Farm in history. But now many are witnessing the Downfall of the West. Many know that only in the Evil Empire of Lies and Censorship, Truth is Treason. Now many talk about the West’s Orwellian Arts, including the Art of Lying, the Art of Censorship or the Art of Deception. They know why even sports events such as the stories of FIFA president, FIFA Fascism, FIFA scandals and FIFA corruption say a lot about the West and the Evil Empire”.