Rouahnis, Freemasons, Islamic Turkmanchay

“On 25 May 2015, the Mullah media reported: (Again) Rouhani has raised Fuel prices by 40%! (Again) Rouhani is increasing price of petrol! In the whole world, the prices of (oil), petrol and fuels have decreased, but Rouhani is increasing the price of petrol (gas & fuels) in Iran! Rouhani is implementing the Third Phase of IMF Plans! Rouhani has decided to destroy a multi-billion dollar rationing program! In 2015, and under the plan that’s being discontinued, monthly consumption of (X or Y) liters was at 7,000 Rials a liter. But now (after the Nuclear Turkmanchai of Lausanne (= Lausanne-Chai) Rouhani is implementing the Third Phase of IMF Plans), increasing the price of everything, and creating new Economic crises/ Economic shocks’ ! As you know, the Mullah regime spent / wasted billions of dollars on their fucking Petrol’s Managing/ Rationing plan. But now, in May 2015, this British Spy (Rouhani) destroys this multi-billion dollar program, this British Agent (Rouhani) wastes Billions of dollars, and at the same time, this British Freemason (Rouhani) increases petrol price from 7,000 to 10,000 Rials a liter! But it’s not the whole story. On 26 May 2015, the Mullah media reported: (Again) Rouhani is increasing price of natural gas supplied to households and businesses! .. But Managing Director of National Gas Company, ie (Tazi / Anti-Iranian pig) Reza Iraqi (!!) says: the low price of gas supplied to petrochemical complexes (ie to Tazis & Mullah Crooks / Thieves) will remain unchanged’ ! But as you know, the West censors this Big news. The story of the West’s Empires of Lies, the West’s Systematic Censorship and the West’s Systematic lies is so ridiculous. Now almost all Western media and all Masonic media – including UK media & US media- censor this Big news! Only a few Western media reported it in a silly way”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “It’s so important and so funny that the West censors Big news in such a silly way. As the witty Iranians say, Now the British Lie Factory (ie British Media), the BBC, the Guardian, the CNN and other Masonic media in the UK & the US should report: ‘Rouhani increases the prices of petrol, bread, gas and everything, and Iranians react jubilantly -both in the streets of Iran and online! Rouhani increases the prices of petrol, bread, fuels and everything, and it’s the outcome of Nuclear Talks! Rouhani increases the prices of fuels, breads and everything, and Iran’s streets pack with cars flashing, honking or waiving flags!, because Iranians celebrate Economic Crises, Corruption, Mismanagement, Increasing prices and high inflation, ie the outcome of Islamic Turkmanchay ! Iranians were glued to their television sets, and Iranians poured out on the streets to celebrate price increases! Rouhani’s decision to raise fuel prices is certainly a cause for celebration! This British Spy Rouhani increases Tyranny, Censorship, sadism and economic crises, and this is certainly a cause for celebration! Rouhani has increased internet censorship; this British Spy Rouhani is increasing prices of petrol, gas, bread and everything; But this is certainly a cause for Celebration!, and that’s why Iranians pour out on the streets to celebrate Rouhaniv’s Evil Acts and Price increases! All Iranians say: Fuck Rouhani & Fuck Rouhani’s Mother/ Father, because all Iranians love Rouhani ! This British Freemason Rouhani increases gasoline price, fuel price, bread price and all prices, and that is certainly a cause for celebration’ !! The West’s journalists are Psychopaths, and Psychopaths love Rouhani and celebrate Evil acts. Psychopaths or Non-Iranian agents of the CIA/ MI6, including Saeed Laylaz, Zibakalam, Abbas Abdi, the BBC’s whores and the Guardian’s spies and other Freemasons/ Psychopaths celebrate Crimes, Disasters or Economic Crises! Now, after the Nuclear Turkmanchai or Lausanne-Chay, Rouhani increases all prices, implements the Third phase of IMF Plans, and the West and the Media censor all news! But like Lausanne’s story in April 2015, British Media & Western Media (ie Masonic Media) should report: Iran’s people celebrate and dance in the streets because all people love Economic Problems! Despite the average people’s propaganda that claimed Corruption, Economic Crises & High Inflation are Evil things, all Humans love such Evil things! Rouhani increases the price of petrol & everything, and all Iranians try to Thank Rouhani and to Celebrate Rouhani’s Economic Disasters!”. In these days, many things are so laughable and so informative. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now the UK and the US show their true colors in an unprecedented way. Now even idiots can see why the West is the Empire of Lies and Censorship. The current events are historic events. This level of Censorship or this level of Systematic Lies & Systematic Censorship is unprecedented in history. The West is really the Empire of Psychopaths. Just look how the UK and the US censor Big News. Can you believe this level of Censorship?! Only Psychopaths can create this level of insanity and censorship”. They also add: “Rouhani announced his plan to Price Increases on 3 Khordad ! And it’s a slap or fart in the face of their own Mullah Ideology. So now even the Mullah media talk about ‘Rouhani & 3 Khordad’ (‘Hedieh Rouhani dar Ruz-e Azadi Khoram-Shahr’ ) ! Mullahs already said: 3 Khordad is the day of Iran’s victory against Iran’s enemies! But Rouhani shows that 3 Khordad is a Masonic day. Now 3 Khordad is the day of Aiding the Enemy, Helping Iran’s enemies, and Hurting Iran & Iranians. The story of 3 Khordad, Rouhanis & Zionist IMF Plans has a clear message. And now even idiots and the 3% talk about this message. Before current events, the 97% of Iranians said: Rouhavi is Ravani (= insane pig) But now all Iranians (97% + 3%) can see that Rouhani is a mad Psychopath (= Divooneh Zanjiri)! Rouhani is much worse than AhmadiNejad (AN)”. They also add: “Iranians prefer to talk about Iran’s enemies (the West, Tazis etc), but Rouhani just tries to prove that Rouhani is a psychopath worse than Tazis, Saudis, Zionists and AhmadiNejad (AN)! As our people say: Rouhani has an itchy ass (Khodesh Kunesh Mikhareh)! Now Rouhani acts like very insane and rabid animals (Rouhani Ram-kardeh or Rohani Afsar-pareh-kardeh) because it’s what his Masonic Masters want. Apparently the West thinks that their ANwar Sadat (ie Rouhani) needs a Khalid Islambouli ! Now it’s quite clear that the CIA and French/ British Freemasons control Rouhani. Freemasons are Psychopaths. They openly say that their Rouhani is ANwar Sadat, and their Lausanne Accords is like Camp David Accords! But as our people sarcastically ask: So, who is Khalid Islambouli?! As you know, Khalid Al-Islambouli was an Islamist and an Egyptian army officer who assassinated Egypt’s President Sadat in 1981. Islambouli stated that his primary motivation for the assassination was Sadat’s signing of the Camp David Accords! So, if Rouhani is ANwar Sadat, and Lausanne is Camp David -and it’s what Rouhani’s Arbabs (Arbab = Master) and Rouhani’s lovers openly say- then you cannot ignore Basijis who can play the role of Khalid Islambouli! In Tehran, Mullahs named a street after Khalid Al-Islambouli, and in honor of assassinating those who singed the Camp David Accords! In fact, Mullahs openly defend such Terrorist actions. Mullah Lies & Paradoxes are hidden facts. So now even the 3% can see why Mullahs will reap what they sow”. They also add: “Rouhani is a mad Psychopath, because all Freemasons are mad Psychopaths and just obey orders. Rouhani, like AN, is a Psychopath. Now Rouhanis (= Mullahs) just make Iran’s people even angrier. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) say: Rouhani is a Big liar and a Psychopath, worse than AN. Now Rouhani is very hateful in Iran. So like the story of AhmadiNejad (AN), Saddam or Gaddafi, if they topple Rouhanis, or even if Islambullies / Basijis assassinate Rouhani, then all Iranians will pour out on the streets to celebrate. Those who hurt Iran’s people, sow the seeds of hate, listen to the foreigners & the West’s Dictates should know that their fate is worse than the fate of Gaddafi, Saddam, Razmara, Sadat etc. Ayatollah Straw or the Ayatollah West loves Rouhanis and other puppet dictators. But all Iranians hate those who obey the West’s orders, help Iran’s enemies, and hurt Iran’s people. Before 2014/ 2015, Iranians preferred to wait and see how Rouhani shows his true colors. But now all Iranians (97% + 3%) say: Fuck Rouhani & Fuck Rouhani’s Mother/ Father ! (ie Fuck UK, Fuck USA, Fuck France or Fuck the West) !”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Rouhanis are insane psychopaths. Rouhanis, like all puppet dictators, cannot see obvious things. Now when Iranians watch Mullah TV and see Rouhani, all Iranians just make a grimace of disgust and spit at Rouhani. Now all Iranians say: Rouhani is much worse than AhmadiNejad (AN)! or God Bless AN ! (Baz Sad Rahmat beh AN) ! But Rouhani is a blind and stupid psychopath. Rouhanis, like Pahlavis, think that their Masonic Masters can help them! They think Masons control the world, revolutions and everything! But all revolutions are not Fake and Masonic Revolutions like their 1979 Disaster. Revolution, Downfall or Extinction is a real thing. And Mullahs become extinct only one time. Now idiots say everyday is a revolution day !, or in reactions to any evil acts, Iranian people should create a revolution! Idiots don’t know what is Revolution, and why Revolution, Downfall or Extinction happens only one time! Idiots don’t know oblivious things. But after 2009, Iranian people know that Protest or Reform is meaningless in the Mullah regime. Now all Iranians just want a real Revolution. Now all Iranians just want Extinction / Downfall of Mullahs. And it’s clear what would happen if Iran’s people break their Silence. The meaning of the silence of Iranian society is quite clear. One time, and only one time, Iran’s people break their silence and break the neck of the Masonic Regime of Mullahs. This event happens only one time. Hanging Mullahs from the lamp posts in Iran happens only one time. Stringing all Mullahs/ Rouhanis up from the lamp posts in Iran doesn’t happen all days or all the time! This event will happen only one time. But idiots still hurt Iranians, make Iranians even angrier, and sow the seeds of hate”. They also add: “The West and Iran’s enemies dream of a Civil War (between 97% & 3%) in Iran. But it will never ever happen. Iran will never become Syria. All Iranians want to get rid of Mullahs and Masons. And in the near and inevitable Revolution in Iran, the 3% will help the 97% in toppling Mullahs. In the near future, even the 3% will insist on Hanging all Mullahs/ Masons from the lamp posts in Iran’s streets. This Islamic Turkmanchai and Rouhani’s Evil acts just convince all Iranians (even the 3%) of the necessity of an Anti-Mullah / Anti-Mason Revolution in Iran. Rouhanis are so stupid, and they are just creating a National Demand for Hanging all Masons/ Rouhanis from the lamp posts in Iran’s streets. But such events happen only one time – in the near future, when Rouhani’s Evil acts and Islamic Turkmanchai will make all the 3% aware”. In these days, even the 3% say good and important things. As some wise Iranians say: “the 3% know that their Khomeini said: ‘if Hojjatieh gets in power, the Islamic revolution is over‘ ! It’s what Khomeini said in the 1980s. At that time, Basijis said: Hojjatieh’s members are mostly Crypto Jews and Masons! In the 1980s, when Basijis/ Islamists wanted to say that a Mullah is Mason, they said: this Mullah is Hojjatieh member! But now Islamists like Javad Zarif openly say that they are Hojjatieh members! Now even the Western media say: ‘the memoirs of Javad Zarif show that Zarif had a family upbringing with the Hojjatieh’ ! If you google, you can easily find articles like ‘Javad Zarif is a Religious Zealot‘ (2014), in which Westerners say: ‘Zarif’s memoir has just been published in Tehran .. his book accurately reflects Zarif’s (Masonic life) .. Born in 1960 into a religious fanatic family, Javad Zarif (had a Masonic/ Religious fanatic upbringing) … the Zarifs (ie Javad Zarif, his father etc) were members of the Hojjatieh Society .. the Shah’s Intelligence and National Security Organization (SAVAK) wholeheartedly supported the Hojjatieh Society .. The allusions to the Zarifs’ Hojjatieh leaning are clear enough. Zarif even admits that he attended the (Masonic sermons) of Hojjatieh’s Founder ! … Neither newspapers nor television were to be found in the Zarif home ! .. In high school, socially isolated and friendless, Javad Zarif (had a Masonic / Islamist upbringing) .. (But it’s funny that) Javad Zarif also discloses that it was through the (help) of a devout Hojjatieh friend of his father’s, who later turned out to be a SAVAK agent (!!), that Zarif (went) to the US (at the age of 16 !, ie two years before finishing High School) ! .. In the US, Javad Zarif (worked with other Islamist/ Masonic/ CIA agents)’ ! (2014) The story of Javad Zarif or Rouhani is like the story of Cathy O’Brien, Hajji Baba and other Masonic/ Mind-controlled salves. In recent years, Iranians preferred to wait and see how Zarif or Rouhani shows his true colors. And now the Islamic Turkmanchai reveals many things. Now in May 2015, the so-called Iran Project or CIA project openly says: ‘ Zarif, a right man at the right time !‘ !! (May 2015), and adds: ‘Henry Kissinger (loves) Zarif … Zarif simply knows how to bargain (ie how to lick the asses of his CIA Masters and Big Brothers) ! .. Zarif is a (result of) A Decade of Cultivation in US ! .. Zarif enjoys immense support from (Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei)’ ! (Iran Project, May 2015) It’s obvious why they say that their CIA agents are right men at the right time, isn’t it ?! Now Rouhanis, Hojjatieh and Masons try to create the Islamic Turkmanchai in 2015, as they created the 2009 CIA Coup and the 1953 CIA Coup. Even in the stupid terminology of Mullahs and Masons, Hojjatieh is equal to Evil ! Before 2013, Mullahs and Masons used this term (Hojjatieh) a lot ! But now their foreign minister openly says that he is Hojjatieh or Islamic Freemason! Now even non-Iranians and the 3% say: ‘the Hojjatieh Society was affiliated to the Freemasons and the British Intelligence service .. During the 1980s, the Hojjatieh represented American Islam, during the 1990s they represented Reactionary Islam, and during the 2000 they were close to Khazali, Mesbah and AhmadiNejad .. the Hojatieh were British agents (ie Masonic agents) … Khazali believes that (Mullah Fath Ali Shah) Khamenei and the Hojjatieh Society enjoyed good relations (!) Now Hojjatieh controls the Mullah regime’ ! As many know, in the 1980s and in the Mullah terminology, Na-Mahram was Hojjatieh! The 3% still talk about their Khomeini’s speeches about Na-Mahram-AN & Hojjatieh! But now Na-Mahram & Hojjatieh control the Mullah regime! So now even the Mullah MPs say: ‘Who is Na-Mahram? Parliament (Majlis) is Na-Mahram? or Mardom are Na-Mahram? or the UK, the USA, Is-rael and (Masons) are Na-Mahram? (!!) …”. In these days, many things are laughable and important. As some wise Iranians: “Now many things, including Power Struggle Between Rouhanis & Rouhanis or Power Struggle Between Masons & Masons (Wolves & Wolves) are so laughable and so informative. Now in May/ April 2015, even Basijis talk about the stories of Rouhani in 1980s! Now If you search/ google (for instance:) ‘Khomeini Rohani/ Rouhani Is-rael’, you can find many good things (in both English & Persian) For instance, you can see that even Basijis and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) say: ‘You’ll all be shocked to hear how Rouhani (helped Iran’s enemies) ! .. Rouhani isn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing (!!) Maybe Rouhani is a sheep among wolves (!!) Rouhani is a very canny sheep (!!) ‘If you don’t bare sharp teeth before Khomeini,’ Rouahni advised Is-raeli spies (!!), ‘you’re going to have troubles all over the world. If you threaten Khomeini with military force, Khomeini will kiss your hand and run (!!!) .. Rouhani suggested a strategy for getting the West’s hostages released: ‘If for instance, you said to Khomeini, ‘You must release all of the hostages in Lebanon within five days. If not we’ll deal you a military blow and you will be responsible for the results,’ (So Khomeini kissed your ass) Do it again, show that you are strong, and you will see results, Rouahni advised Is-raelis (!!!) Rouhani also said: ‘If we analyze Khomeini’s character, we will see that if someone strong stands opposite him, he will retreat 100 steps; and if he is strong and someone weak faces him, he will advance 100 steps. Unfortunately, you have taken a mistaken approach. You have been soft to him. Had you been tougher, your hand would be on top, Rouahni advised Is-raelis (in the 1980s, during Iran-Iraq war !)’ ! (WSJ) Now even Basijis create cartoons (like below pix) and show that they know why Zarif, Rouhani and other Mullahs are the worst puppets of the West, worse than Pahlavis & Qajars. Qajars, Mullahs and Masons created the Turkmanchay or Turkmanchai in the 19th century. And now Masons and Mullahs stupidly try to create a new Turkmanchay! But Today is not the 19th century”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Even if you don’t know Masons or Hojjatieh – from Mesbah & AhmadiNejad (AN) to Zarif & Rouhani-, their Islamic Turkmanchay can show you many things. Now even idiots and the 3% can see that their Islamic Turkmanchay = Islamic Zellat. In their Mullah/ Islamic terminology, some terms -like Zellat (= Humiliation; humiliating defeat etc), Norkar-i America, Estekbar (West arrogance), Nokar-e America (Nokar = stooge/ puppet/ servant etc)- are so important. They already talked about Not Accepting Zellat (Heyhat …) ! But now Islamist or Mullah is a synonym of Zellat ! Now their Islamist Turkmanchai = Islamic Zellat. Now even the 3% say that Islamists and Mullahs love Zellat, Nokar-i America & Estekbar!, because now even idiots can see their Islamic Zellat in everywhere -in Lausanne, in IMF Plans, in French Farce, in Yemen, and even in tiny countries such as Djibouti, UAE, Qatar or Saudi Arabia! Now even the story of their Mullah ship to Yemen/ Djibouti, like the story of their plane to Djibouti, reveal their Islamic Zellat. Now their own media say: ‘The Mullah aid plane for Yemen barred from landing in Djibouti ! Iran has built Djibouti’s Parliament (Stupid Mullahs) have wasted/ donated hundreds of millions of dollars of Iran’s money to Djibouti ! But just look what this tiny Djibouti (does) Despite coordination with the UN (!) and the World Food Program (!), the Mullah plane was not granted permission to land in Djibouti (!!) (But the story of) the Mullah ship heading for the Yemeni port of Hodeida (is more shameful) They were forced to change course after warnings from Great Satan! Is this Islamic Ezzat (honor) ?! Is this Islamic Tadbir (wisdom)?! Why Rouhanis and Mullah TV acted in such a silly and shameful way?! ‘ !! (May 2015) It’s obvious why even the 3% say such things. Their Islamic Zellat is so shameful. Now all Iranians ridicule Mullahs. All Iranians know the story of that Mullah ship to Yemen because the Mullah TV fucked/ killed itself with Ridiculous Propaganda. For about 10 days, and from morning to night, the fucking Mullahs and their fucking Mullah TV were stupidly Bluffing: ‘We will go to Yemen, not to other countries (Djibouti etc)’ ! or ‘there Will Be No Inspection Of This Ship’ ! Even the CIA or Western agents onboard the Mullah Ship said: ‘Why should we drop the goods in Djibouti and let the UN deliver them for us? (!!) The Mullah regime has received permission from another sovereign nation, Yemen’ (!) The United Nations cannot be trusted (!!)’ (May 2015) Apparently these CIA / Western agents onboard the Mullah Ship wanted to create crisis, or to humiliate Mullahs. And they succeeded in humiliating Mullahs and revealing Islamic Zellat. But Iran and Iranians just laugh at the West and its stooges, including Mullahs & Islamists. Now Iranian people say, for instance: Just look how Mullahs lick the asses of their Great Satan & Tazis (Bebin beh cheh Gooz-Goozi Oftaden) ! .. After a lot of huffing and puffing, Mullahs eventually gave in to their Great Satan’s request ! .. After Lausanne-Chay, even tiny states such as Djibouti and Saudi Arabia fart in the face of Mullahs! .. the Mullah Gooz-Gooz (humiliating retreats) is so shameful. This is their Islamic Ezzat (Honor) ?! …’ ! (May 2015) It’s obvious why Iranians, even the 3%, say such things. The Islamic Turkmanchay is not merely a nuclear issue. The Islamic Turkmanchay = Nuclear Turkmanchai + IMF Plans + 2009 CIA Coup + Love story of ‘Great Satan and its Mullahs’ + all Humiliating retreats + other Masonic plans. Savage Arabs and Saudis are little shits and little ANts. The Savage Saudi invasion to Yemen is a ridiculous Masonic war, because Yemen refuses to defend itself, and Yemeni Islamists refuse to bomb Saudi oil fields & Saudi oil facilities, and to stop war / to stop Savage Saudis! Islamic Zellat means Obeying Big Brother or Kad-Khoda, as the 3% say. Islamic Zellat means Nokar-i America = implementing IMF Plans and killing/ hurting Iran’s people in 2009 and recent years because it’s what Big Brother or Kad-Khoda wants. Now even the 3% can see that Islamic Ezzat = Zellat. Mullahs are Masons, so they use Orwellian terms. After 2009, AN and all Rouhanis just show that the Mullah Ideology or the Mullah Religion is the Religion of Lies or the Jewish / Masonic Ideology. It’s so important that Rouhani is a Big liar and a stupid Psychopath, because Akhud = Mullah = Rouhani = the symbol of their Islamist Religion. Now Islamist or Mullah is a synonym for Lie, Liar, Crook, Thief, Stealing, Begging, Humiliation, Shamelessness etc ( … Zellat, Daryoozegi, Doruq, Vadadegi, Veqahat etc) Now Mullahs, Islamists, Khatamists and other Islamic Freemasons say that Diplomacy = Licking Ass, acting from a position of Weakness, and kissing the ass/ hand of Big Brother or Kad-Khoda! Now it’s obvious why Iran’s Intellectuals like Sadeq Hedayat said: ‘Islamist or Mullah is Kodan, Khereft, Zalil, Past-o Ahmaq-o MatharQabeh (So stupid, so mean and Motherfucker) Now even the 3% say many good things about their Islamic Turkmanchay, their Islamic Weakness, inspection of their military sites, inspection of their bedrooms, or inspection of their shorts, bras etc. Now US and French Faggots fart in the face of Mullah leaders, but just look how Zarif & Mullahs lick the asses of US, French Freemasons, Saudis etc. Now even the stupid West talks about Rouhani’s Failed Foreign Policy: Dealing from a Position of Weakness ! (May 2015)”. We would write more about this issue later. But as some wise Iranians say: “Instead of giving concessions to Iran’s people, and standing firm against Iran’s enemies, Mullahs just help Iran’s enemies and hurt Iran’s people because it’s what Masons and Big Brother (Kad-Khoda) want. It’s not important that, as the 3% say, Mullahs and Basijis Negotiate with Wolves. But it’s important that they didn’t negotiate with Iran’s people in 2009. And now they praise the Negotiations with Great Satan or the Negotiations with Wolves. Their foolishness, their wickedness, their Weakness and their Anti-Iranian acts just show that Mullahs are the worst kind of Masonic Slaves. Now even the 3% can see the true colors of Mullahs”. They also add: “the West and its stooges are Psychopaths. Just look what the UK and the West do and say. Do you remember what they said about Iran’s Economy and Nuclear Turkmanchay, aka Lausanne-Chay?! But now they censor all news of increasing prices after Lausanne-Chay! The West is the Empire of Psychopaths. You all remember what the West said / says about Rouhani, Economy and Lausanne-Chay, because it’s not an old thing or an old news belongs to the ancient time! The West’s crap, the West’s lies, the West’s bullshit and the West’s systematic censorship are so ridiculous, but so important, and just show that The West is the Empire of Psychopaths. Now it’s clear why the West is the Empire of Lies and Censorship. The West and its stooges even censor the Biggest news, and tell the Biggest lies. The West and its Islamists are stupid Psychopaths. If you want to know Islamic Freemasons better, you should take a look at their media -including Alef, BBC, RoozOnline, Entekhab, Gooya, Amaryoon, VOA, KhabarOnline etc. In these day, they show their true colors in an unprecedented way. Now all Masonic Media – from big cesspits like CNN, Guardian, BBC & Mullah TV to small cesspits such as Alef, RoozOnline & Gooya- can show you why a single team or a single Big Brother manages and controls them. Now if you open your eyes, you can see many things. The West and its stooges can only fool Sheeple or Mind-Controlled Salves, who know nothing about Conspiracy Theories or Manufactured Crises (check Archive) Super-Idiots worship Lies & Idiocies. But Iranians and other good guys care about Truth & Logic, not Lies or silly theories. It’s obvious why Iranians hate Rouhanis, but care about people like Akbar Etemad and real Iranians. Akbar Etemad, who ran Iran’s nuclear program in the 1970s, says many good and important things. Akbar Etemad truly says: ‘If you’re weak, the West attacks you .. But If you’re not weak, they won’t attack you. We have to be a strong country and End these humiliating threats. And being strong means not listening to the foreigners‘. It’s what Akbar Etemad says in an interview with the Time. Akbar Etemad says many good and important things (that we would write more about it later) Akbar Etemad is an Iranian, and talks like Iranian people. Iranians know why being wise or strong means not listening to the foreigners. Iranians know IMF Plans, as Iranians know Dictates for Dictators”.

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