Mask of Sanity: The Axis of Psychopaths

On 5 May 2015, they blocked our post about ‘France and Saudi Arabia’. And on 17 May 2015, they un-blocked all blocked posts. After about two weeks, they un-blocked our two blocked posts. So lets close the book on this matter. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “many events are historic events. Just look what Tazis do and say. Just look how Mullahs help Iran’s enemies, and how Mullahs lick the asses of Iran’s enemies. Just look what the West and its stooges, aka Iran’s enemies, say and do. Now they openly and shamelessly threaten Iran and all Iranians with Nukes and Genocide! Now British Barbarians and French Barbarians openly support and defend Islamists -from ISIS & Saudis to Rouhanis. Now the West and its stooges, specially the Jewish/ Islamist Psychopaths, try desperately to destabilize the security and stability of the World and the Middle East. Now all sane people can see who threaten the security and stability of Yemen, Iraq, Syria & other countries. Now it’s quite clear who create, defend and support the Islamist Psychopaths of ISIS & Saudi Arabia. Now even idiots can see How the West and its stooges love, praise and defend Wars, Genocide, Barbarism, Sadism, Bullying, Barbaric Invasions, Censorship and other Evil things. Now France, Arab/ Jewish Barbarians (ie Tazi Barbarians) and American-British Barbarians openly talk about ‘Hurting all Iranians’, ‘Nuking Iran’, ‘Killing / Punishing all Iranians’, ‘Genocide of Iranians, Anti-Iran Sadism / Racism and other Evil / Barbaric things. Now the West talks and acts like Tazis, Nazis and other savage people. Now it’s clear that Barbarians and Psychopaths rule the West. But it’s funny that if you talk/ write about the Western Psychopaths and this scientific fact that Psychopaths rule the UK, France, the US etc, then they would censor, block or boycott you! In fact, they stupidly try to fight against Truth, Logic, Sciences, Scientific evidence and Scientific principles. It’s funny that their own scientists – in their famous books such as [1]: ‘The Mask of Sanity‘ – have talked about Psychopaths and their characteristics. In fact, their own scientists have already said why they are Psychopaths. Their own media say: ‘Hervey Cleckley (1903- 1984) was a pioneer in the field of Psychopathy. His book, The Mask of Sanity, provided the most influential clinical description of Psychopathy’ ! In fact, Scientists like Cleckley and Robert Hare have already talked about the Characteristics of Psychopaths (for more info, check our recent post, [2]: ‘Psychopaths Rule the West?’) But when you know the
Characteristics of Psychopaths
, you can easily see why the West’s politicians and journalists are Psychopaths, as you can see why ISIS/ ISIL, Taliban, Saudis, Zionists and Islamists are psychopaths. Censors cannot hide such facts and truths by Censorship. The West and Censors cannot fight against Sciences and Scientists in the 21st century. Now many talk about The Barbarism of ISIL/ ISIS, Wahhabis & Saudis, or about the Sadism, Fascism and Barbarism of France, UK and USA, and say for instance: ‘Only barbarians do such things; and only barbarians and psychopaths defend such things ‘. The West’s good guys even say to their governments: ‘Don’t use barbarians and psychopaths as your proxies’ ! (May 2015)”. In these days, Barbarians and Psychopaths show their true colors in a silly way. As some wise Iranians say: “Now US Congress and American-Jewish Barbarians such as US Senator Marco Rubio repeat Sheldon Adelson’s barbarian crap, and openly threaten Iran and all Iranians with nukes and genocide! Now Tazi / Jewish Barbarians such as Moshe Yaalon, Is-raeli War Minister, openly and shamelessly threaten Iran and all Iranians with nukes and genocide! In May 2015, their alternative media report: ‘Is-raeli War Minister Invokes Hiroshima and Nagasaki In Response to Iran Question’ ! (May 2015) But just look what the fucking UN, the so-called international organizations, the Mass media and Mullahs say and do! If you want to understand the depth of tragedy better, you can ask yourself: What would happen if you repeat or say something like what the Jewish War Minister (Moshe Yaalon or Moshe Maalon) has said?! In recent years, we all could see How the Barbarian West and the Anti-Iran Axis love and praise wars, barbaric invasions, nuking Iran and killing/ hurting all Iranians. Now Anti-Persianism, Anti-Iranism, Anti-Aryanism or Anti-Iranianism is much more important than the so-called
Anti-Semi[..]ism. Now Tazi/ Jewish Barbarians and Western pigs badly show their true colors. Now the West openly refers to Sadism, Racism, Bullying or Barbarism as a foreign policy tool ! (May 2015) Now it’s quite clear why The West is Barbarian, Machiavellian and Orwellian”. They also add: “Now it’s clear that the so-called Anti-Iran Axis is the Axis of Psychopaths, the Axis of Barbarians or the Axis of Evil. Now it’s quite clear why Iran must have Nukes and Nuclear deterrence. Now it’s obvious why Iranians should focus on Iran’s enemies. Now it’s clear that Iranian people should fight against the Anti-Iran Axis, and Mullahs are just a small part of the Anti-Iran Axis. The Mullah regime and Anti-Iran spies/ stooges like Rouhani, Janati, Mesbah and AhmadiNejad (AN) and other Mullahs are just part of the Anti-Iran Axis. Mullahs are like Moshe Yaalon or Moshe Maalon. The Anti-Iran Regime of Mullahs just help Iran’s enemies, and hurt Iran’s people. Now instead of fighting against Iran’s enemies, Mullahs and this British Psychopath, Rouhani, talk about implementing all IMF Plans/ Masonic Plans, hurting Iran’s people, and ignoring the 2014 Referendum and what the 97% of Iranians officially declared ! Masonic Mullahs such as Rouhani, Janati, AN and other Mullahs are like or worse than Moshe Maalon. Just look What these British Psychopaths, Rouhanis/ Mullahs, say and do. Just look How US Barbarians, US Congress and US Senators humiliate their Mullahs, and how Mullahs lick the ass of their Great Satan. Now even the 3% can see that their Islamist Turkmanchai is worse than the 1828 Turkmanchai. Now even the 3% can see that Mullahs are part of the Anti-Iran Axis. Now All Mullahs/ Mullahs, including this British Mason, Rouhani, openly try to help Iran’s enemies, and to hurt Iran and Iran’s people. In fact, Saudis, Zionists and Rouhanis are the same shit. Now even the 3% and idiots can see why Mullahs are children of Great Satan, and why the West and Islamists help each other. Now the story of Islamic Turkmanchai is changing many things. Before 2009 and recent years, most people didn’t know Western Barbarity, Western Insanity, British Barbarity, French Fascism, American Insanity etc. But now it’s clear that the West is Orwellian and Barbarian, and Western Barbarism is like Tazi Barbarism or Arab/ Jewish Barbarity. In the West, their so-called Elites are Psychopaths. Even their intellects and journalists are psychopaths, because only a psychopath can tell many Big lies (Orwellian Lies) Only a psychopath suffers from the lack of conscience, lack of humanity, lack of shame, lack of empathy, pathological Lying etc [2] In the West, Journalists are really Psychopaths. And If you want to know the West, the Western Media or the Western journalists/ think tanks better, you should know more about ‘the Psychology of Insanity’ and the Characteristics of Psychopaths [1][2] Psychopaths of the UK and France love Sheikh or Mullah (In Persian, Sheikh = Mullah; so Sheikh X means Mullah X) In the 2015 French Farce, as the French media reported, you could see Sheikh Netanyahu (!), Sheikh Abbas (!), United Arab Emirates FM Sheikh Abdullah (!!), Saudi Arabian Mohammed Al-Sheikh (!!), the Islamist Prime Minister of Turkey (!!), Bahraini FM Sheikh Khalid (!!) and other Tazi / Masonic Sheikh. So now even idiots can see why the France’s motto or the West’s motto is: Je Suis Saudi / Savage, Je Suis Fascist / Terrorist, Je Suis Censor / Sadist, or Je Suis Sheikh !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to have a better world and a better life, you should know the British Lie Factory and the UK Ministry of Truth. The UK media – from the BBC to the Guardian- are the worst Orwellian media in history. The Ayatollah UK media – from the Ayatollah BBC to the Ayatollah Guardian- tell the Biggest Lies in history. For instance, just look what the Ayatollah Britain and the Guardian say about their Rouhani and the 2014 Referendum. About one year ago, Iran experienced the 2014 Referendum, one of the biggest Referendums in history. The 2014 Referendum was officially a referendum on Rouhanis and IMF Plans. And the 97% of Iranians officially said what they want (for more info, check Archive) In 2014, and in one of the most interesting episodes in the History of Systematic Censorship and Orwellian Censorship in the UK and the West, all British media and all Western media censored the news of The 2014 Referendum, and said nothing – even a single word- about the 2014 Referendum and the 97% of Iranians. But it’s not the whole story. Now after about one year, the UK media – from the Ayatollah BBC to the Ayatollah Guardian- create a new Historic Farce. The 2014 Referendum was a referendum on the so-called AhmadiNejad’s cash handouts or IMF Plans. All Iranians are aware of this issue. But now Psychopaths of the Guardian, aka the Guardian’s spies, censor all facts and just defend their beloved Rouhani and say: ‘Rouhani (can) no longer afford AhmadiNejad’s cash handouts’ ! (May 2015) British journalists are really psychopaths. The 2014 Referendum was officially a referendum on the so-called AhmadiNejad’s cash handouts. But just look How the UK and all Masons censor such facts and what the 97% of Iranians officially declared. Even after one year, the UK media – from the Masonic BBC to the Masonic Guardian- censor the news of the 2014 Referendum, and say nothing – even a single word- about the 2014 Referendum and the 97% of Iranians. But now it’s clear why Rouhani is a British Agent or a British Mason. Now it’s clear why his Western lovers say: Rouhani is Gorbachev! or Rouhani is Anwar Sadat!”. They also add: “It’s quite clear what would happen if this British Psychopath, Rouhani, and other British Mullahs really try to ignore the results of the 2014 Referendum and what the 97% of Iranians officially declared. But it’s not the whole story. We all should ask: Why British Mullahs try to create such Crises in Iran, and to help Iran’s enemies is such a silly way? Why British Mullahs openly try to create a Civil War / Cruel Revolution in Iran?! Why this British Spy, Rouhani, openly tries to create new crises, to threaten the security and stability of Iran, to hurt Iran and Iranians, and to help Iran’s enemies at this moment in time? British spies and Masons stupidly think they can create a Civil War in Iran, and weaken the position of Iran at this moment in time. But now Iranians know The West’s Game or the Devil’s Game. Now the West and its stooges dream of a Civil War between the 97% and the 3% in Iran, but it will never ever happen. Now even the 3% are becoming aware, and say many good things. Masons and Anti-Iran spies/ whores control the Mullah regime. They are not Iranians. They are the so-called Mullah leaders/ Basijii leaders, but their number is very small, less than 10,000 pigs. The rank and file is not like their leaders. The 3% had many illusions, but now the Islamic Turkmanchi and current events are shattering their illusions and making them aware. It’s so important. Now even the 3% talk and think about the 2009 CIA Coup, AN, IMF Plans, Islamic Turkmanchai and chain of events. AhmadiNejad (AN) was a Jewish spy, and just tried to weaken Iran and to implement the West’s plans in Iran. And now this British Spy, Rouhani is worse than AN. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) hate Rouhani so much. And it’s so important. Now only the UK and non-Iranian pigs love or defend Rouhani”. They also add: “The story of IMF Plans, Subsidies cuts and that partial replacement after subsidies on staples such as electricity, gas, water and bread were cut is not a hidden fact, as the story of the 2014 Referendum, the West’s systematic Lies and the West’s systematic Censorship is not a hidden fact. All Iranians know the stories of IMF Plans, Subsidies cuts, Systematic lies and censorship, the 2014 Referendum and the monthly payments of £10 or $15! (for more info, check Archive) But the West and its Media censor all news, tell big lies, and show why the West is the Worst Orwellian Animal Farm in history. Now even idiots can see why the BBC is a cesspit of psychopaths and whores, and why the Guardian is a cesspit of psychopaths and fascists. Now the Guardian’s psychopaths openly and proudly say: ‘Western sanctions imposed on all Iranians as punishment for Iran’s Nuclear program (!!) … the West sees Sanctions (Sadism, Racism, Bullying or Barbarism) as a foreign policy tool‘ !! (May 2015) It’s obvious why Machiavellian/ Barbarian countries such as France, US and UK see Sadism & Barbarism as Leverage or Foreign policy tool. For thousands of years, today’s Fascist / Sadistic countries such as France and Britain were officially the land of Barbarians and Barbarism. Fascist and Terrorist states such as France, USA and Britain are the worst of worst. As Iranians sarcastically say: God Bless Hitler/ Stalin/ Goebbels ! (Baz Sad Rahmat beh Hitler / Stalin/ Goebbels) ! We all know Iranian Sarcasm. Now the West and its spies/ stooges, including the so-called Exiled journalists and their Masonic Media like Rooz & Gooya, say many Barbaric and Anti-Iran things. So it’s obvious why Iranian people making sarcastic comments such as: God Bless Zionists / God Bless Goebbels or God Bless Keyhan ! (Baz Sad Rahmat beh Keyhan) ! In these days, Masons badly show their true face. Just look what the CIA agents such Abbas Abdi and Khatamists say and do. Now the CIA Basiji agents such Abbas Abdi openly defend Tazis, Iran’s enemies and Islamist Turkmachai. Just look how the so-called Exiled journalists and their Masonic Media like Rooz & Gooya attack Persia, Persian Empire or Iranian people. Now it’s clear why Iranian people say: God Bless Keyhan! (Baz Sad Rahmat beh Keyhan) ! The West’s stooges -including Anti-Iranian pigs such as Abbas Abdi, Masoud Behnoud, Akbar Ganji, Hadad Adel, Zibakalam, Rezaii, Basijis or Khatamists- are psychopathic members of the Anti-Iran Axis. But the US pigs call them Good Psychopaths! Now the US pigs openly talk about America and Good psychopaths !! (2015) And their good psychopaths are Saudis, ISIS, Savage Arabs, Basijis and Rouhanis. It’s so funny that the West and the Anti-Iran Axis use Orwellian terms such as good psychopaths or good barbarians!” They also add: “Scientists have tried ‘to say what the psychopath is in terms of his actions and his apparent intentions‘ [1] So now we can see why Those who work for the BBC, the Guardian, the CNN or the West’s Mass media are psychopaths. Psychopaths are not ordinary criminals [1] Psychopath has no shame [1] Psychopath is a big liar [1] Psychopath shows a remarkable disregard for Truth [1] Psychopath lie about any matter, under any circumstances [1] So it’s clear why the West’s leaders and journalists are psychopaths. Psychopath tells many big lies, and has no shame [1][2] Cleckley said: ‘(if) the true dignity of man is his ability to (criticize) himself, the psychopath is without a means to acquire true dignity’ [1] Since the ancient time, Iranians know the importance of Self-criticism (= when you judge your own behaviors, especially when you have done sth bad) But Psychopaths hate Self-criticism, Honesty, Decency, Truth, Tolerance, Sympathy and other Iranian values”.

As some wise Iranians say: “It’s so shameful / shocking that Psychopaths have Nukes, and openly threaten others with Nukes, but the UN, the World and the Media are silent. The Media and journalists even defend those Barbarians who openly talk about Hurting all Iranians, Nuking Iran or Genocide of Iranians! Of course these idiots just show why Iran must have Nukes, and why Iran needs Nuclear Deterrence. But it’s so shameful that today’s West seems like the World of Psychopaths. It’s so shameful that psychopaths control the West and the Media. Now even US good guys say: ‘Most Americans deny problems … They don’t even recognize the problems / the crises’ ! Now many express disappointment at the slowness of the progress . But fortunately or unfortunately, the Acceptance Process or the process of Becoming Aware (Khar Fahm Shodan) is a long process (We have already written about Khar Fahm Shodan, check Archive for [3]: ‘Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change’) Humans are not Sheep, and so the Acceptance Process is not a simple process. But If most humans become aware (Khar Fahm), and ask for Change, then the real Change will occur [3] So all people should know more about the process of Khar Fahm Shodan [3] or the Acceptance cycle. Now many talk about 5 stages of Acceptance, stages of Coping, or How to Cope With Crises/ Problems. The cycle of Acceptance is actually the cycle of Khar Fahm Shodan. The experts say: ‘the Cycle of Acceptance is a predictable cycle most people and organizations go through upon receipt of very bad news (All humans should know the Stages of Acceptance, ie the Stages of Khar Fahm Shodan) The key steps/ stages are: (1) Denial, (2) Anger, (3) Depression, (4) Bargaining, and (5) Acceptance‘. Understanding the Acceptance Process can be so helpful. If you know Acceptance cycle, then you can see that most Americans are at the first stage, the Denial stage. But the good news is that they have entered the Cycle of Khar Fahm Shodan. In Iran, many of the 3% are completing the Process of Khar Fahm Shodan, while many of the 3% (like most people in the US & the West) are at the Denial stage or the Depression stage. But the most important point is that the 3% and the West’s people have entered the Cycle of Khar Fahm Shodan. The Cycle of Acceptance, Awareness or Khar Fahm Shodan is actually the Cycle of Shattering illusions and waking up to Reality. So Historic events such as Islamic Turkmanchai, IMF Plans, Rouhani’s Evil acts or the West’s Orwellian acts are so helpful, because they create a very rapid acceleration in the Process of Public Awareness & Khar Fahm Shodan. Before any Real Change or Revolution, the process of Khar Fahm Shodan should be completed [3] If you take a look at, for instance, the 3%, their Reactions to Islamic Turkmanchai, their Reactions to Bad News or their Reactions to Reality, you can easily recognize different stages; you can easily recognize that this is denial; this is anger; this is depression; this is Bargaining or this is more denial. Their reaction are natural reactions, and in the near future, they will complete the Process of Khar Fahm Shodan, Shattering their illusions and Waking up to Reality. And after that, the real Change / Revolution will occur”. They also add: “Now even idiots can see that the Anti-Iran Axis is the Axis of Psychopaths or the Axis of Barbarians. Now many know the Masonic Psychopaths of Britain, France, BBC, Guardian etc – who are like or worse than Tazis, Savage Islamists and Arab/ Jewish Barbarians. And that’s why now even idiots confess :UK or Saudi Arabia is the one country that all Iranians hate ! (May 2015) Now even idiots can see the true colors of Western Psychopaths. Now it’s clear who see Sadism, Racism or Barbarism as Leverage or Political tool. US officials and EU officials are brainless psychopaths, and their motto is: Je Suis Saudi / Savage ! or Je Suis Sadist / Psychopath! Now it’s clear why the West’s leaders and journalists are psychopaths. Scientists revealed the Characteristics of Psychopaths. Cleckley provided a ‘clinical profile’, describing characteristics of a psychopath, including Lack of Shame, Unreliability, Untruthfulness, insincerity, and Lack of insight [1] Cleckley talked about The psychopath as businessman [1], The psychopath as gentleman [1], or even The psychopath as Psychiatrist ! [1] He knew the West’s sick minds. Cleckley knew the West’s psychopaths, and so he talked about Western Cults, Cult leaders and ‘Cults of intellectuals’ ! [1] He knew US psychopaths, and said: ‘(In the US, cult leaders/ prophets) continually predict the end of the world, giving precise and authoritative details of what so far has proved no less fanciful than the delusions of patients confined in psychiatric hospitals … (in the US) thousands of followers accept these prophecies … (There are) numerous examples of such behavior .. In a small Georgia town (cult leaders) convinced people that midnight will bring the millenium! .. A clergyman in California, whose more numerous followers are likewise disappointed when the designated moment passes uneventfully, explains that there is no fault with his divine vision but only some minor error of calculation (!!) – which arose from differences between the Biblical and the modern calendars .. a religious leader had thousands of people, in New England and in other states, out on the hillsides expecting to be caught up to glory as dawn broke. Indeed, conviction was so great that at sunrise many leaped from cliffs, roofs, and silos, one zealot having tied turkey wings to his arms the better to provide for flight. Those who had hoped to ascend found gravity unchanged, the earth still solid, and the inevitable contact jarring .. Hundreds of other examples like those mentioned are available to demonstrate that many (cult leaders, politicians and journalists are charlatans and/ or psychopaths)’ [1] Cleckley was a famous psychiatrist in the US. Cleckley was one of their own famous scientists. So, they cannot deny or reject him or his famous book. According to Americans, the writing of Cleckley and his use of the label ‘Psychopath’ in The Mask of Sanity brought the term into popular usage. Scientists like Cleckley listed the Characteristics of Psychopaths [1][2] So now you can see why the West’s politicians and journalists are psychopaths, and why the Anti-Iran Axis is the Axis of Psychopaths. Of course Fascists, Racists and Charlatans use terms such as Psychopaths in a silly and unscientific way to attack Basic Rights, Basic Freedoms, Truth, Tolerance and other Good things. But Iranians and all good guys/ scientists know ‘the necessity for men to allow each other freedom to believe or not to believe, however sacred, or however false [1] Barbarians and Fascists hate Truth, Tolerance, Liberty, Logic, Science and Human values. Psychopaths of the BBC and Psychopaths of the Guardian/ Economists/ Financial Times and other English Media don’t care about Truth, Logic, Humanity, Honesty and other Iranian values, aka Human values. But Iranians and other good guys say: ‘Let us not mistake unsupported assumptions for actual evidence’ [1] Iranians and good scientists know the differences between unsupported assumptions and actual evidence. But Barbarians and Psychopaths don’t care about Sciences, Human Legacy and Human values”.

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