French Farce: Savage France, Saudi Barbarians

“This year (2015) began with the French Farce, and that Shameful / Farcical rally in Paris. The French Farce was/ is so ridiculous. In the West, Savages, Censors and Sadists – who enjoy hurting all humans, censoring news, telling Big lies, and creating/ supporting savage Islamists- still shed crocodile tears for Free Speech or Human Rights! But just a few months after the Charlie Hebdo Farce, just look How the Savage France openly defends Savage Saudis and Savage Islamists! The West has no shame, and no brain. Now Savage France and the West’s Psychopaths openly and shamelessly defend ISIS and Savage Saudis! The story of the Fucking France, Savage Islamists and Charlie Hebdo is so ridiculous. Now even little kids laugh at the Fucking France, and say: France loves and supports (Savage Saudis / ISIS / Savage Islamists) because France cares about Freedom & Human Rights ! Ha ha ha ! The 2015 French Farce clearly shows that France is a real third-word, barbarian and backward country. Do you know How many French men/ women or How many French faggots/ whores now rally and protest against the love story of ‘France and Savage Islamists of Saudi Arabia and ISIS’ ?! The answer is clear”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, the West and all psychopaths make sane people laugh. As some wise Iranians say: “Savage France is a backward and Orwellian country. Barbarians and Psychopaths rule France. Even France’s good guys are aware of this issue. They can see how the West, Savage Arabs/ Jews and Savage Saudis destabilize the security and stability of the Middle East and threaten the security and stability of Yemen, Iraq, Syria etc. Savage France and the Barbarian West have created ISIS, Savage Saudis and savage Islamists. Islamism is a Western creation. French-British Freemasons have created Islamism and Islamists. Those who know history are aware of this issue. They know the Devil’s Game, the West’s Game. But now any sane person can see that The Devil’s Game is not a myth. Just look How the Savage West and the Barbarian France openly and shamelessly defend the psychopaths of Saudi Arabia and the psychopaths of ISIS“. They also add: “Savage France is still savage and uncultured. French Faggots, like British Barbarians, are close friends of Islamists and Savage Arabs, but sworn enemies of Iranians and all good guys. In this year (2015), even idiots can see that what Iranians said & say about the West and its Islamists is not a myth. In March 2015, some Western media talked about the story of ‘Sweden and Savage Saudi Arabia’, and said: ‘Swedens foreign minister has dared to tell the Truth about Saudi Arabia’ ! (March 2015) If you google it, you (can find it) In March 2015, a few Western media dared to report: Sweden has dared to tell the truth about Saudi Arabia [!!] Swedish foreign minister denounced Saudi Arabia. As the Savage Saudi Arabia prevents women from traveling, conducting official business or marrying without the permission of male guardians, and as girls can be forced into child marriages where they are raped by old men .. the Swedish foreign minister went on to condemn the Saudi Arabia for ordering Raif Badawi receive 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for setting up a website that championed Free Speech! These are Mediaeval methods and a cruel attempt to silence Freedom of Expression, the Swedish foreign minister said .. (then) Saudi Arabia withdrew its ambassador and stopped issuing visas to Swedish businessmen! The United Arab Emirates joined it ! .. But Outside Sweden, the western media has barely covered the story, and Swedens EU allies have shown no inclination whatsoever to support Sweden .. Sweden (condemned) the Saudi version of Sharia law. They said that it was unethical for Sweden to continue with its military co-operation agreement with Saudi Arabia. The (Savage Saudi) Arabias denial of business visas to Swedes was (so laughable) .. Saudi Arabia has turned criticism of its brutal version of Islam into an attack on all Muslims .. they say all Muslims are Wahhabis or (Islamists) ! .. But (the West and France) don’t defend Freedom of Speech and womens rights !‘ ! (28 March 2015) Most of the West’s media censor such news. But now, in May 2015, when France openly makes love with Savage Saudis, they cannot hide the truths. Now you all can see what is The Real Lessons of Charlie Hebdo! The West creates Savage Islamists, supports and defends savage Islamists, and then sheds crocodile tears for Freedom, Democracy or Human Rights! The savage massacre of innocent people in Yemen by Savage Saudis and Western/ French Barbarians is not a hidden fact, as the 2009 CIA Coup was not a hidden fact. Only retards still know nothing about the savage massacre of ordinary people in Iran and other countries by the Savage West and its Islamists. Only idiots still don’t know why Islamists and Mullahs are stooges of the West. Now even non-Iranians can understand why France loved Khomeini, and why France loves Savage Saudis and Islamists. French terrorists, like British terrorists, are the main enemies of Freedom and Democracy. French Barbarians, like British Barbarians, hate Free Speech, Liberty, Humanity, Truth, Tolerance and other Iranian Values (aka Human values). French savages, like British savages, have created Islamists such as Saudis and ISIS. Many are aware of the stories of Ibn Saudi, Abdul Wahhab, Freemasons, Muslim Brotherhood and Savage Arabs/ Islamists in recent centuries. They know who created the Savage Saudi Arabia and other Arab shit-holes, after the Ottoman Empire. They know who supported that savage Locust-eater, Ibn Saud, who was living like his savage ancestors in their Age of Ignorance. Saudis lived within camel’s shit and piss. Ibn Saud was a poor shit-eater & locust-eater. Ibn Saud and Abdul Wahhab were Tazi psychopaths, savage Barbarians and Masonic agents. Ibn Saud and Abdul Wahhab were like or worse than today’s ISIS”. They also add: “It’s obvious why Savage France loves Saudi Arabia. Now in May 2015, their media reports: ‘The (French Faggot) Hollande went to Riyadh, met with (Savage Saudi officials), and both (defended ISIS and Savage Islamists, and attacked) Iran ! .. France’s commercial success was highlighted on (May 4, 2015) when Hollande signed a $7 billion deal in the Qatar to sell Rafale fighter jets. Paris is also in talks with the UAE for some 60 jets ! (Savage Saudis) have a real fear that when sanctions are lifted Iran will be able to (stop Savage Arabs/ ISIS) ‘ !! (May 2015) The Barbarian West and Savage France are bad retards. They can love and support their ISIS, their Savage Saudis and their Islamic State. They can steal Arab’s oil and Arab’s money. They can fuck and kill each other. But they cannot pretend that France hates Islamists! or the West/ France cares about Freedom, Democracy or Human Rights! Now it’s quite clear that Savage Arabs, Savage Jews and the Savage West are the real Axis of Evil”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Tazis, the West and other Barbarians and Psychopaths censor all news/ facts, tell Big lies, hurt all Iranians, and insult all Iranians. But we, Iranians, know and say that all Arabs are not savages, as all French are not savages and all Britons/ Americans etc are not Bad guys or Barbarians. The good Arabs/ Americans/ Jews/ French etc exist, and say many good things. In this year (2015), they put comments and say, for instance: ‘Saudi Arabia is actually the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) that operates according to their Satanic Sharia. But (France & Savage West) defend Savage Saudis. Shame on the US (Shame on France/ UK etc) .. Saudi Arabia (aka the Islamic State or IS/ ISIS) is the worst countries in the world … the West and (France) love Saudis, Tyranny, (Censorship, Fascism, Sadism, Genocide,), sexual abuse, rape, honor killings, forced marriages, etc ! .. Saudi Arabia has been chopping off hands and stoning women since its inception in the 20th century. Ibn Saud was (a Tazi and a British agent) .. most people in the media (love Tazis or Savage Arabs/ Jews) We havent sold our souls – they have been sold for us .. Do you think that they will risk their Arms trade for the sake of Human Rights ! .. France and Britain (created) Islamists and Islamism … Sweden tells the truth. It is the cowardly rest of us in Europe, who should hang our heads in shame .. Today the Saudis are bombing Yemen and blockading Aden, but America, Britain and France defend this horrible country We Europeans should hang our heads in shame .. Saudi Arabia have publicly stated that the only Rights they recognize are those found in (their Satanic/ Jewish traditions) ! .. (but the West says) History only began a few years ago and if the facts do not fit the prejudice, forget the facts! .. Saudi Arabia and its brutal version of Islam is equal to all Muslims?! .. All Muslims are not Wahhabis or Islamists!’ ! (2015) Many know obvious things. Saudi Barbarians are worse than animals. Saudi Islam is a Tazi / Satanic Religion, in which Savagery, Barbarity and Brutality are good things, but Truth, Tolerance and Humanity are bad things! As you know, Saud-i Arabia is a fake name and a fake country. Saud or Saudi is the name of a savage family or a savage clan. If you refer to America as Bush-i or the Bush America !, then you can use this Masonic name (ie Saudi or Saudi Arabia) for referring to a country and all its people! Saudis are savage beasts, but those who live in the so-called Saudi Arabia are not Saudis. They are Arabs. Many of them are Tazis. But some of them are good Arabs & good guys. Saudi is a Savage/ Satanic Clan, and Saudi Arabia is not a real country, but a cesspit of locust-eaters, barbarians and shit-eaters who lick the West’s ass and the Devil’s ass. Saudis are Arab-e Kun Nashur (ie Arab pigs who don’t know what is Hygiene, WC, culture or civilization), as the old Iranians said. Even the good Arabs know and hate Savage Saudis and ISIS”. They also add: ” Sweden has decided not to renew the military cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia due to expire in May 2015. It’s not a bad thing. Even it’s an empty gesture, it’s not a bad gesture. But Savage France is officially a Barbarian country. The Barbarian France has no shame, and no brain. Savage France just shows that the Fucking France and their fucking Charlie Hebdo deserved what they got, ie what the Savage Islamists did to them. This French Pig, Hollande, just show that France deserves Terrorism committed by Islamist fascists. Savage Islamists are children of the West. And when France openly and shamelessly defends and supports Islamist terrorism and Islamist Fascism in Saudi Arabia and other savage Arab states, France deserves Terrorism committed by Islamist savages. Savage Arabs/ Islamists should kill more French faggots, because France deserves it. They deserve what they get. After 2009, Obama and US pigs showed why the US deserved the 9/11 Attacks, and now France shows that France deserves Terrorism committed by Arabs/ Islamists”. It’s obvious why the angry Iranians and other good guys say such things. As some wise Iranians say: “All normal humans can only hate this Savage France and Savage Saudis. Now even idiots can see why French barbarians love Islamists and Arab shit-eaters. Now even the good Arabs and the good Muslims know why the West loves and supports Islamists and Savage Arabs. Saudis and savage Arabs are still locust-eaters and shit-eaters. Saudis are shit-eaters, and lick the West’s ass. Zionists and Saudis are Brothers – Tazi Brothers and Masonic Brothers. Zionists and Saudis are Tazis. They are the sons of Satan. Tazi means Rabid Dog. And now even the good Arabs and the good Jews can see – and ISIS and Saudis clearly show you- why the ancient Iranians helped the good Jews/ Arabs, but said: the Savage Arabs/ Jews are Tazis or Rabid dogs! Tazis are like or worse than Nazis. Now the stupid West’s Bullies and Tazis just show why Iran must have Nukes! Now Great Satan and all psychopaths including Zionists, Saudis and French Barbarians just show why Iran needs Nukes and Nuclear deterrence. Mullahs are not Iranians, and so they just like the ass of their Great Satan and Saudi faggots. Savage Saudis and Islamists Rape each other in their fucking Hajj trips! But Mullahs just say: It’s not a big deal ! Apparently, Rape is part of Hajj and Islamist traditions! Now Iran’s people make many good jokes about Savage Arabs, Mullahs, Great Satan and Islamic Turkmanchai. For instance, Iran’s people say: Apparently, Raping and Lying is part of their Islamist traditions, and that’s why Mullahs love faggots and rapists! or Hypocrisy, Barbarity, Savagery, Sadism, Lying and Raping is part of Hajj and Islamist traditions! or Apparently, Rape/ Raping is part of Hajji and (Saudi) Islamist traditions, as Lying and Stealing is part of the (Jewish) Islamist traditions, and as Sadism, Savagery and Barbarity is part of the (Masonic) Islamist traditions! Almost all Iranians (+97%) know and hate Tazis, Savage Arabs and the Saudi / Tazi traditions. But now even the 3% and the rank and file of Basijis ridicule and curse Mullahs, Tazis and their Islamic Turkmanchai. It’s so important. Now even idiots and the 3% know why the stories of Raping, Savage Saudis, Yemen, Mullahs, Islamic Turkmanchai etc are historic events and a complete farce. Now even the stories of Oil Price, Hajj, Yemen & Saudi faggots clearly show that Mullahs are Tazis, not Iranians. Now Mullahs openly say: Mullahs and Savage Saudis are Brothers! And Iranians just laugh and say: Yah, Mullahs and Savage Saudis are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranians. Mullahs, Saudis and Zionists are really Brothers!”. They also add: “Wahhabi Islam or Saudi Islam is a Satanic Cult. The Jewish-Saudi pigs are not Human. The Jewish-Arab pigs don’t care about Human values or Iranian values -including Truth, Tolerance, humanity, honesty, sympathy etc. Now many things are becoming clear, and so now even idiots and the 3% talk about why Iran needs Nukes and Nuclear deterrence and why Iran must stop all bullies and barbarians, including the Barbarian West and its Tazis / Islamists. Now even the 3% ridicule their Islamic Turkmanchai, and say many good & important things (we would write more about this issue later) Now it’s obvious that the Barbarian West and its stooges destabilize the security and stability of the world. Now even idiots can see How US bullies and Western Barbarians threaten the security and stability of the World. British Barbarians, French Barbarians and American Psychopaths are enemies of all humans & all good guys. Savage Saudis are little shits (Chalquz) Saudis are little puppets of the West. Now even idiots can see why Persia must have Nukes, and why Persia -the Cradle of Culture & Civilization- should put the Barbarian West in its place”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots and the 3% can see why Mullahs are Arabs, not Iranians. Savage France and Saudi Barbarians attack Iran, Iranians and Iran’s allies, but Mullahs just lick the asses of their Great Satan, Savage France, Savage Arabs and other Anti-Iran barbarians! Now even the 3% say many good things about this puppet regime of Mullahs and Islamic independence which is worse than Pahlavi’s independence! Now even the 3% curse all Mullahs including Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) Anti-Iranian Mullahs such as Iraq-chi and Javad Zarif – who lick the Saudi ass and their Great Satan’s ass – are not Iranians. Now it’s quite clear why Mullahs are Nokar-e America, Nokar-e England or Mozdur-e Ajnabi (puppets of America, puppets of England, or stooges of Iran’s enemies) Now it’s clear that Mullahs are Tazis. Mullahs, Zionists, Saudis and all Tazis are sworn enemies of Iran, Iranians and all good guys. Now even idiots can see that the Savage Saudi invasion to Yemen is a Masonic war. In this ridiculous war, Yemen should not defend itself ! Now for about 1 month, Savage Saudis kill Yemen’s people and destroy Yemen’s infrastructures, but Yemen is not allowed to bomb Saudi oilfields & Saudi oil facilities, and to stop Savage Saudis, and to increase oil price. Savage Saudis and all Islamists are Masons. The Savage Saudi invasion to Yemen is a Masonic War, in which Islamists serve the interests of their Western Masters. All Islamists are Masons, and that’s why they love Wars, specially Masonic Wars. Islamists are psychotic slaves of the West. Now even the 3% make jokes about Islamists, Islamic Turkmanchai & Islamic Resistance! And it’s so important”. The also add: “The story of the Barbarian West and Tazis is a long story. As you know, almost all of the so-called Arab states of the Persian Gulf, including the so-called United Arab Emirates, are fake, new-born and European-made countries. The UK occupied part of Iran’s lands and islands in the Persian Gulf, and then killed Persian/ Iranian inhabitants and moved Savage Arabs to our Persian lands. And then, for instance in the early 1970s, the UK called part of these occupied lands United Arab Emirates!, aka United Arab Barbarians or United Locust-eaters / United Shit-eaters! Mullahs love Arab shit-eaters, simple because Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs are Tazis. Islamists, Tazis and United Shit-eaters/ Locust-eaters just lick the Ass of the West and the Ass of the Devil. All puppet dictators just obey the West’s orders, and serve the West’s interests. Iranians, the West’s good guys, the good Arabs and all sane people (not Sheeple) are aware of such issues. But you can ask yourself: Is there any rally against the love story of France and Savage Saudis/ Islamists in France?! Apparently in the French Farce (ie in 2015 Orwellian Rally in Paris) the French faggots actually said: ‘Oh, Chant with me: ‘Saudi Islamists and Savage French are Brothers! / Saudi Barbarians, Islamists and French Barbarians are Brothers … !”. They also add: “What the Savage West and its Lie Factory (ie Media) say is shameful. The psychopaths of the BBC, the psychopaths of the CNN, the psychopaths of the Guardian, the psychopaths of the New York Times and other American psychopaths, British psychopaths and French Psychopaths love and defend Rouhanis, Islamists and Savage Saudis! They love big lies and censorship. They love medieval methods, Jewish methods or British/ Orwellian methods. They, like Savage France and its Charlie Hebdo, play Silly / Masonic/ Orwellian games. For instance, (1) they create a Barbarian, (2) they support this Barbarian (3) they censor all facts (4) they ask their journalists to ridicule this Barbarian (4) they kill their own journalists (5) they shed crocodile tears for Freedom, and pretend that their own beloved Barbarian is equal to all Muslims! (6) they continue to support Barbarians and Islamists! The West’s games are really silly games. But the Love story of Savage France and ISIS / Saudi Arabia is important, because it reveals the depth of the West’s bankruptcy and the West’s confusion. We, Iranians, will never forget such historic events. We, Iranians, will never forget and forgive Barbarians such as Savage France and the Barbarian UK/ US. But it’s interesting to know that the West’s Sheeple love savages! In the Barbarian West, their names are ridiculous things such as Mr. Savage or Michael Savage! Western Barbarians still call themselves Mr. Savage, Mr. Barbarian, Mr. Psychopath, or Mr. Neanderthal ! The Savage West is a bad joke. In the West, barbarians such as US Senators or Michael Savage write shameful crap, and other Western barbarians put comment and say: ‘Well said Mr. Savage‘ !! (March 2015) Unfortunately, pigs such as Mr. Savage, Mr. Barbarian , Mr. Psychopath and Mr. Neanderthals rule and control the West. So, it’s obvious why Savage France and the Barbarian UK/ US are becoming as hateful as Tazis and Mongols. It’s obvious that French Terrorism and French Barbarism cannot help Savage France. We, Iranians, hope that France’s good guys don’t remain silent. The first victims of French Fascism, Orwellian France or Savage France are the French people”. They also add: “It’s so shameful that most of the West’s media censored the story of ‘Sweden and Saudi Arabia’. But it’s obvious why the Savage West and Savage France love and support Saudi Arabia, Islamists and Arab pigs. If you lick the West’s ass and allow the West to loot/ exploit/ plunder your oil, your national resources and your everything, then the Barbarian West supports you, even if you are a savage Barbarian or a Tazi ! But it’s not the whole story. Sooner or later, the West betrays its friends and its stooges. The stories of Mubarak, Bin Ali, Saddam, Sadat, Naser and other stooges are the lessons of history. But puppet dictators don’t learn the lessons of history”.

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