A New Farce: France Loves Islamists

“In the past, you could see many things as conspiracy theories, myths or metaphors. But in this year (2015), many things have become clear. Now it’s clear that Empire of Lies, Ministry of Truth, Lie Factory, Orwellian World and many other things are not myths or metaphors. Recent events are not myths. What you can see in this year is not a metaphor, it is the plain truth”, the wise Iranians say. So here lets take a look at some of the recent events – which are funny and important events. Many refer to such events as Historic Lessons or the lessons of History.

On 5 May 2015, they censored / blocked our post about ‘France and Saudi Arabia’. And as some wise Iranians say: “In May 2015, Amnesty International published an article, ‘The new Big Brother: Five shocking facts about Frances attempt to monitor your communications‘ (if you google it, you can find it), and said: ‘France is about to take one step closer to becoming a ‘Surveillance State’ with a new bill up for a first vote on 5 May 2015 .. France’s bill dramatically expands the French governments power to spy on what people do online and offline .. The French authorities claim the bill is needed to better prevent terrorism and any form of foreign interference! … France will be able to intercept all your online communication. French authorities will be able to secretly look at the emails people send, the information they store in the cloud, their confidential online records, including the searches they do on engines such as Google. The French authorities will be able to secretly hack computers and mobile devices and spy on emails and texts of anyone they ‘suspect’ of being in contact with someone involved in suspicious activity, even if the person isnt aware or does not intend to participate in this suspicious activity … French authorities will have the power to force companies to reveal information about the dates, originators and recipients of any messages individuals send online … French authorities can even place bugs in cars and apartments. No place will be off limits !’ (Amnesty International, May 2015) In fact, this year (2015) is a good time to know French Fascism and French Terrorism. Now the Fucking France openly helps Islamists/ Saudis/ Terrorists, and openly hurts all humans, including Iranians and France’s good guys. Now even idiots can see that the Fucking France is actually Fascist France or Savage France. Now even websites such as
Foreignpolicy.com write about ‘Frances New Big Brother‘ (May 2015), and say: ‘France’s intelligence bill -that passed the lower house of Frances Parliament- (intends) to legalize some activities that French spies are already doing illegally .. The bill approved by a vote of 438 to 86, has been intensely criticized by civil society groups for its embrace of mass surveillance .. This surveillance bill will give French intelligence services the power to hack you computers .. France will be able to intercept the metadata of anyone .. Under the French surveillance bill, intelligences services would not need a warrant to carry out (Orwellian measures) .. the bill has often been described as the French version of the U.S. Patriot Act, passed in the panic of the 9/11’ (May 2015) France was & is a symbol of the West and Europe. And now Frances talks and acts like Islamists, Fascists and Terrorists. Now even idiots can see Why and How France loves and supports Islamists and Savage Arabs. Now it’s clear that France is Fascist and Terrorist. France openly supports Islamists, Zionists, Terrorism and Fascism. But French spies, French Freemasons, French Terrorists and French Fascists still shed crocodile tears for Freedom or Democracy! They have no shame, but Iranians sarcastically tell them: ‘Arvahe Amatoon! You are liberal, democrat, civilized or cultured ?! Areh Arvahe Amatoon! Since when Barbarians, Sadists and Fascists have become defenders or symbols of Freedom, Democracy or Civilization ?!”

Truths and Facts are myths or conspiracy theories. A some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots can see that the West and Great Satan love Mullahs and Islamists. Now their own media report for instance: ‘the Islamist / Basiji trade team in rare US visit’ ! (May 2015), and say: ‘Basijis and American traders are interested in cooperating with each other ! … In April 2015, a 22-member US trade delegation was visiting Iran to (make love with Mullahs and to) explore the avenues for post-sanctions investments’ ! (May 2015) Now even the 3% and the Mullah media talk about the Islamic Turkmanchai and the Anti-Iranian Mullahs such as Rouhani, Zarif, Iraq-chi, Salehi or Mohsen Rezaei, former Revolutionary Guards commander. Now even the 3% ridicule the Anti-Iran Masons and Mullahs such as Olaq-Ali Hadad Adel, Abbas Abdi and other Basijis who lick the asses of Tazis and Saudi Rapists. Now the UK, the US and France openly defend Islamists, Mullahs and Tazis, and actually show you who is the world’s leading state sponsor of Terrorism. Now British Barbarians, French Terrorists and US Terrorists clearly show that their so-called Free world is actually the Fascist world. Now it’s clear that the UK and France = the Fascist world, not the Free world. The love story of ‘France & Islamists’ is an Orwellian story. France and Islamists make love with each other, but at the same time, they chant: Death to Islamists or Death to America! The West and its stooges are Orwellian. They even censor the story of ‘France & Saudi Arabia’ and the story of ‘Sweden & Saudi Arabia’ In March 2015, the Swedish media said: ‘Sweden has dared to tell the truth about Saudi Arabia [!!] As the Savage Saudi Arabia prevents women from traveling, conducting official business or marrying without the permission of male guardians, and as girls can be forced into child marriages where they are raped by old men, the Swedish foreign minister condemned Saudi Arabia for (fucking/ violating Human Rights and) Free Speech .. These are Mediaeval methods and a cruel attempt to silence Freedom of Expression, the Swedish foreign minister said .. (then) Saudi Arabia withdrew its ambassador and stopped issuing visas to Swedish businessmen! The United Arab Emirates joined it ! .. But Outside Sweden, the western media has barely covered the story, and Swedens EU allies have shown no inclination whatsoever to support Sweden .. (Sweden condemned) the Saudi version of Sharia law. (They) said that it was unethical for Sweden to continue with its military co-operation agreement with Saudi Arabia .. Saudi Arabia has turned criticism of its brutal version of Islam into an attack on all Muslims .. they say all Muslims are Wahhabis or (Islamists) ! .. But (EU & France) don’t defend Freedom of Speech and womens rights !‘ ! (March 2015) Now in May 2015, France openly supports Savage Arabs and Islamists, and stupidly tries to create a new Axis of Evil, an Anti-Iran Axis! Now even idiots know why France loves Saudi Arabia and Islamists. Now in May 2015, their own media report: ‘(French Fascist) Hollande went to Riyadh, met with (Savage Saudi officials), and both (defended ISIS and Savage Islamists, and attacked) Iran ! .. France’s commercial success was highlighted on (May 4, 2015) when Hollande signed a $7 billion deal in the Qatar to sell Rafale fighter jets. Paris is also in talks with the UAE for some 60 jets ! (Savage Saudis) have a real fear that when sanctions are lifted Iran will be able to (stop Savage Arabs/ ISIS) ‘ ! (May 2015) France is Terrorist, Fascist and Anti-Iran. But it’s not the whole story. Just look how Mullahs lick the asses of the Anti-Iran France and the Anti-Iran Tazis. Sweden has decided not to renew the military cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia due to expire in May 2015. But France has no shame, and no brain. And Mullahs, Islamists, Saudis and Terrorists are children of the West. France and the West censor all news. But when France openly defends and supports Islamists, Saudis and other savage Arabs, it’s obvious that France deserved what they got, ie what Islamists did to them. Now many ask: France’s motto is: Je Suis Saudi / Sadist/ Terrorist / Fascist / Censor or what ?!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, if you take a look at the Mullah media, you can see how Masons and Non-Iranian whores defend the Anti-Iran Saudi Arabia, and how the 3% laugh and spit on Mullahs/ Basijs. Now even the 3% say many good things, because they can see How Mullahs lick the asses of their Great Satan, UK, France & Tazis. Now even the 3% laugh and spit on the IRGC / Basiji leaders such as Mohsen Rezai, FiruzAbadi and Jafari – who openly defend Islamic Turkmanchai (ie Mullah-Satan deal) and openly lick the asses of their Great Satan and Saudi faggots. Now even the 3% ridicule Basijis such Mohsen Rezai -who openly defend Tazis and Savage Saudis. Now even the 3% can see why Mullahs and Basiji faggots like Mohsen Rezai are not Iranians. Now even the 3% can see why Mullahs and Basijis are Tazis, Arabs and Anti-Iran, and why Iranian people said and say: Mullahs and Basijis are Bi-Namus, Bi-Sharaf, Bi-Vatan, Bi-Hame Chiz etc. Now Savage Saudis and Islamists Fuck & Rape each other in their fucking Hajj trips, but Mullahs say: It’s not a big deal ! So now even the 3% can see that Mullahs have no dignity, no honor and no morality (Bi-Namus, Bi-Sharaf, Bi-Hame Chiz etc) Now Iran’s people make many good jokes about Savage Arabs, Mullahs, Great Satan and Islamic Turkmanchai. For instance, Iran’s people say: Apparently, Raping and Lying is part of their Islamist traditions, and that’s why Mullahs defend Saudis and Hajj rapes. Now even the 3% say many good things about Mullahs and their Islamic independence which is worse than Pahlavi’s independence. Now even the 3% curse Mullahs and Basiji leaders. Now the 3% go to Qom and Hozeh, and in their public speeches for Basijis & Mullahs, they say: ‘We, Mullahs/ Islamists, are Human ?! (Ma Adamim ?!) This is Ezat (Honor/ Dignity) ?! This is Independence?! Shame on us ! (ie Shame on Mullahs) ! We, Mullahs/ Islamists, are Human ?! ! Are we Iranians?! We, Islamists, have no honor and no dignity … We have created an independent country?! Is this our Islamic Independence?! This (Islamic Turkmanchai) is our Honor or Independence?! We want to defend our martyrs bloods by this (Islamic Turkmanchai) ?! …’ (April 2015) It’s so laughable and so important that the 3% say such things in Qom and in Mullah/ Basiji meetings. The West censors all news, but now even the 3% know and say that Mullahs/ Islamists are animals, not humans. Now even the 3% can see that Mullahs are enemies of Iran, Iran’s people, Iran’s independence and Iran’s culture and civilization. Now even the 3% can see that Mullahs/ Islamists are Non-Iranian stooges of the West. It’s so important. Anti-Iranian Mullahs such as Iraq-chi and Javad Zarif – who lick the Saudi ass, the French ass and their Great Satan’s ass – are not Iranians. Now even the 3% can see why Mullahs are Nokar-e America, Nokar-e England or Mozdur-e Ajnabi (puppets of America, puppets of England, or stooges of Iran’s enemies) It’s so important. Now Anti-Iranian Mullahs such as Rouhani, Mohsen Rezai, Zarif, Abbas Abdi, Hadad Adel and other Masons openly defend the Anti-Iran West, Tazis and Sworn enemies of Iran. And it’s a Historic Farce. Just look How Anti-Iranian Masons such as Hadad Adel licks the Tazi ass and the West’s ass, and attack Persia and Persian language. The Masonic faggots such as Hadad Adel openly defend Tazi Language, and attack Persian language and Great Persians such as Ferdowsi. But it’s funny that this Anti-Iranian Mason/ Mullah, Hadad Adel, is the head of an organization that its main job is Defending Persian Language and Persian Legacy! Masons and Mullahs such as Rouhani and Hadad Adel love London, Paris, USA, Tazi Barbarians, and they openly defend the Anti-Iran West, the Anti-Iran Arabs and other Enemies of Iran. Now even their own Mullah Parliament says: ‘Why Mullah children and Mullah families should live in the West, and why Mullahs should have US green card or Canada/ UK citizenship ?’ !! Now the Islamic Turkmanchai clearly shows why the Ayatollah America, the Ayatollah France and the Ayatollah Mason/ Britain defend Mullahs and Islamists, and why Iranian people say: ‘End the Tazi Occupation of Iran .. End the Masonic Occupation of Iran .. Now Iran is a country under Foreign Occupation … Islamists/ Mullahs are Tazis and/or Masons … Iran, the land of Aryans, must get rids of Tazis and Masons .. In the near future, Iranians will take back Iran from the hands of Tazis and Masons“.

As some wise Iranians say: “the West and Psychopaths defend Saudis, Mullahs and the 2009 CIA Coup. The story of ‘France and Saudi Islamists’ is like the story of ‘France and 2009 Coup’ or ”France and Infected Blood scandal’. France’s Fascists are really Barbarians. Even Westerners talk about [2]: The ‘Bad Blood’ of French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius (2014) (if you google it, you can find it) They know France’s Fascists such as Laurent Fabius. They say :’Without exaggeration, no other contemporary Western diplomat has as much bad blood in his political veins than the French foreign minister … Fabius sinister political history has previously seen him involved in other acts of state Terrorism, including the manslaughter of thousands of people around the world through the criminal selling of poisoned blood products .. In the ‘Blood transfusion scandal’ – the biggest health controversy ever to hit France, (many) were infected by blood contaminated with HIV and Hepatitis C. Among several countries affected by importing blood products from France was Iran’ [2] France and French Fascists like Fabius are Anti-Iran, Anti-Humanity and Anti-Democracy. But Rouhani, Zarif and other Islamists love France & French Fascists like Fabius and Hollande. French Terrorists help and defend Saudis, ISIS, Islamists and other enemies of Iran, but Mullahs just lick the asses of French Terrorists and French Fascists. Iranian people are not blind. France, UK and other Barbarians are friends of Islamists/ Tazis, and enemies of Iranians. France, like UK, is still Savage and uncultured. The educated people know the Long History of Barbarians and Barbarism in France. The so-called French, aka Franks, were part of the Germanic tribes. And as you know, the Germanic tribes were Barbarians and Human-eaters. Even the West’s good guys know and say that The Franks were ‘Barbarians of Europe’. The Ministry of Truth cannot hide the truths. The Franks -from whom the ancient name of ‘Francie’ was derived- were savage and barbarian tribes. Even the West’s historians talk about such Historic facts, and confirm that the Franks and French Barbarians were among those European Barbarians who attacked the so-called Roman Civilization, and destroyed it. France’s Barbarians cannot hide their shameful History. The Barbarian France still defend Tazis and Barbarians. Now French Defense Minister openly defend savage Arabs/ Islamists, and attack Iran, the Land of Aryans and the Cradle of Culture & Civilization. Now even the West’s good guys say: ‘France’s obvious support for the Saudi invasion of Yemen is so shameful .. France should be ashamed of itself for pretending to be an advocate of human rights .. France is a weak and little country. France was an occupied nation in World Wars I and II .. who cares about the (Little France)’ ! (May 2015) The West’s good guys know France’s Terrorism and France’s Fascism, and that’s why they say: ‘Today the Savage Saudis are bombing Yemen and blockading Aden, but the West and France defend this horrible country . We should hang our heads in shame’ (2015) In fact, the West’s good guys know who are Terrorists and who support Terrorism, and who destabilize the security and stability of the Middle East and the World. France is a Masonic/ Orwellian country, and we all know How France loved and supported Mullahs – from Al-Afghani to Al-Hindi (Khomeini). France and Mullahs are old friends. Since the 19th century, when Masons created today’s Mullahs and Islamists, France has been a sworn enemy of Iran, the land of Aryans. French savages, like British savages, have created Islamists. Many know the stories of Ibn Saudi, Abdul Wahhab, Freemasons, Muslim Brotherhood and Savage Arabs/ Islamists in recent centuries. Now the West and its stooges openly Hurt & Bully Iran, but they just show why Iran must have Nukes! Now Great Satan and all psychopaths including Tazis and French Barbarians just show why Iran needs Nukes and Nuclear deterrence. Mullahs are not Iranians, and so they just like the ass of their Great Satan. But Iranians know and hate Big Brother and its Masonic Brothers. Now when Hamas and the fucking Gaza support Savage Saudis, even the 3% can see that Saudis, the fucking Gaza, Saddam, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and all Islamists are Masons and Children of the West”.

As some wise Iranians say: “This year (2015) began with the French Farce, and that Shameful / Farcical rally in Paris. But now just look How France openly defends Savage Saudis and Savage Islamists some months after that Historic Farce in France. The West and France act like Psychopaths. Now France and the West’s Psychopaths openly and shamelessly defend ISIS and Savage Saudis! The story of France, Islamists and Char[..] Heb[..] is so ridiculous. So even little kids laugh at the Fucking France, and say: France loves and supports Saudis/ ISIS/ Islamists because France cares about Freedom & Human Rights! Ha ha ha! France’s regime is a psychotic regime, as the UK regime is a psychotic regime. But it’s not the whole story. The 2015 French Farce clearly shows that France is a real third-world and backward country. Do you know How many (French people) now rally and protest against the love story of ‘France and Islamists of Saudi Arabia and ISIS’ ?! The answer is clear. France is a backward and Orwellian country. Barbarians and Psychopaths rule France. Even France’s good guys are aware of this issue. But it’s not the whole story. France’s regime and other Western regimes openly defend Saudis and Islamists, but their people are silent. And this shameful Silence is important, specially after that Orwellian/ Farcical Rally in Paris in 2015. It clearly shows that many people in France and the West are mind-controlled slaves or Sheeple. They defend Arab dictators, Savage Arabs & Islamists in the name of National security or National interests! The West openly defends Islamists, brutal regimes and brutal dictators, and the Western Sheeple support the Western Sadism, the Western Fascism and the Western Terrorism. Unfortunately, many Westerners are fanatics and backward people. In March 2015, AlterNet.org had a new report about ‘American Christianity’. In this report – that its full title (for googling it) is [1]: ”The Glaring, Brazen Hypocrisy at the Heart of American Right-Wing Christianity’ – they talk about How the US Christian fanatics kill their children [1] They talk about ‘A Biblical View of Childhood’ [1], and say: ‘the (Jewish) Biblical formula for parenthood is based on several core assumptions: Children are property of their fathers .. A fathers right of ownership extends even to killing his child ! This is why it makes sense for Abraham to sacrifice Isaac .. Children are born bad and must be beaten (to become good) ! In the (Jewish Bible), a man can sell his child into slavery’ !’ [1] In fact, the West is like or worse than Saudis and Islamists/ Tazis. US fanatics even kill their own children ! [1] American parents kill their children, and in some US cities they have sought and won the right to deny children basic education [1] And it’s what US good guys say. ‘Evangelical Christian leaders fought the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, making the U.S. one of two countries (along with Somalia) that failed to endorse it. In some U.S. locales, like the State of Virginia, they have sought and won the right to deny children basic education, including the ability to read and write’ [1] It’s so important, and so shameful. It’s obvious why Iranians say to US pigs: You are Modern People?! Arvahe Amatoon! USA is a modern country?! Areh Arvahe Amatoon! Even the America’s good guys know American Saudis or American Taliban. They know why the West’s pigs love and support Saudis, Mullahs and other Islamists. They know why the Jewish/ Christian fanatics say: Women and Children are like livestock and slaves! [1] In the Jewish Bible, children, like slaves and livestock, are chattel [1] And many Christians defended Slavery, and they cited the Bible to back up this view ! [1] The Jewish / Christian fanatics are like or worse than Islamists. So it’s obvious why the West loves Islamists and Tazis”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Iranian people know Jang-e Zargari (sham fight or phony war) The West’s Media games and the West’s Orwellian games cannot fool Iranians. Mullahs and other Anti-Iranian pigs lick the asses of the West and Barbarians. When US Congress or US House of Psychopaths (aka House of Representatives) Passes their Anti-Iran Bill, Mullahs and their Masonic Parliament just defend Nuclear Turkmanchai and lick the ass of their Great Satan. But now even the 3% ridicule Mullahs, and compare Mullahs with Gaddafi & Saddam. It’s so important. Now Mullahs and Masons even cannot fool the 3%! Now even the story of Islamic Capitalism and Islamic Crooks/ Thieves that the West calls them Rich kids is making the 3% aware (We have already written about ‘Islamic Capitalism’, IMF Plans or ‘Islamic Westernization’; check Archive) Psychopaths of Britain, including Psychopaths of the BBC and Psychopaths of the Guardian tell the Biggest Lies in history. But it’s funny that now even Psychopaths of the Guardian confess: ‘After years of Resistance to US hegemony, Iranian citizens are now questioning the purpose of their sacrifices .. Iranians had thought of the US as a friend of the Iranian people and a country that really desired democracy for Iran. But (2009 Coup, Anti-Iran Sadism, Sanctions etc) have changed Iranian peoples minds‘ ! (April 2015) It’s funny and important that even whores and psychopaths confess to such facts. Now the soup is too salty, and that’s why they confess to such things. Now almost all Iranians can see that the West is Anti-Iran, Anti-Truth, Anti-Humanity, Anti-Iranian, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Democracy and Anti-Human Rights. Now the British Lie Factory (ie British Media) and the British Psychopaths (ie British Journalists) have showed their true colors. Psychopaths of the UK Guardian or the Guardian’s spies have showed the true face of the British Journalism. Psychopaths of the BBC and the Guardian have clearly showed why the UK is Orwellian, and why the UK is Barbarian. Now France, UK and other Barbarians, Bullies, Sadists and Fascists are creating a great Public Awareness, and we all should thank them! Now the UK Guardian’s spies say: ‘the things we gave up to get the sanctions lifted are things we can eventually put behind us. We can consign them to the dustbin of history’ ! But Iranians will consign British Mullahs, Masons and British Barbarians to the dustbin of history. Iranians will consign all psychopathic pigs, including British Spies and Masons to the dustbin of history. Now all Iranians know why Iran must have Democracy and Nukes. Psychopaths of the BBC and the Guardian say: Iranians have no time to watch television .. they are busy with backbreaking work, and (say) What happens out there makes no difference to us’ ! Psychopaths of the BBC and the Guardian are really the stupidest liars in history. The UK Orwellian Lies are so laughable. If you remember their old lies & recent lies, you can see that their Paradoxes are so laughable. The UK and France are the Worst Orwellian countries in history”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots can see why France is Anti-Iran, and why France is Fascist. Now even idiots can see why France is Anti-Iranian, and why France is Sadist and Terrorist. France loves Islamists/ Mullahs, and their own media report: ‘France and Saudi Arabia/ Islamists jointly called for a harder line on Iran! .. The statement coincided with a meeting of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council at which French President Francois Hollande (defended savage Arabs and Anti-Persian Islamists) ! … After the meeting, France’s Hollande and Saudi Arabias Salman (ate shit) and called for action against Iran and Iran’s regional influence’ ! (May 2015) Mullahs are not Iranians, so Mullahs just lick the asses of France and Sworn enemies of Iran. But all Iranians, even the 3%, say for instance: ‘If Mullahs are Iranians, why they just defend France?! .. Those who defend Saudis and France are not Iranians .. They should call for action against Britain/ Frances regional influence; they should call for action against ISIS, Tazis and Western Imperialism; but they just (lick the asses) of France, their Zionist Brothers, their Great Satan and Iran’s enemies’ ! (May 2015) Now even the West’s good guys laugh at the Fascist France, and say: ‘French surveillance bill is about protecting Censorship … Under the surveillance bill ISPs and phone companies would need to comply with French spies by handing over customers data to the government .. French surveillance bill is a French Patriot Act. It will cripple Freedom of expression, suppress civil liberties and open the door for Big Brother’s Police state .. Frances (loves wars) and Islamists .. Do you think that they will risk their Arms trade for the sake of Human Rights .. France is (embarrassing) the rest of us in Europe, who should hang our heads in shame .. All people (know) Saudi Arabia. But France and Europe (openly) support Saudis/ Islamists! .. We Europeans should hang our heads in shame .. the West supported and (created) Islamists and Wahhabis … (but the West says) History only began a few years ago and if the facts do not fit the prejudice, forget the facts !‘ (2015)”.

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