A New Censorship, A New Farce

On 5 May 2014, we had a post about “the French Farce”, but now it’s not visible. We don’t know what has happened. We don’t know who has censored or blocked our po-st. What has happened is not clear. We don’t know who tries to censor or block our previous p-o-st. We don’t know who is responsible for this event, Word Press or others, many others.

On 5 May 2014, we had a post, “French Farce: Savage France, Saudi Barbarians”, but now it’s not visible and you cannot see it. On 5 May 2015, we wrote about the Western Farce, the French Farce, or the Love Story of ‘the West and Islamists’. We wrote about the important story of ‘Sweden and Saudi Arabia”, and also about the shameful story of “France and Saudi Arabia”. All people know Saudi Arabia. All good guys know Savage Saudis, ISIS and Savage Islamists. But in the middle of the Savage Saudi invasion to Yemen, the French Pigs travel to Saudi Arabia to defend Savage Saudis and Savage Islamists. The Love story of ‘France and Islamists’ is so shameful and so ridiculous, especially after the Charl[..] He[..]o Tragicomedy or the French Farce in 2015. This year (2015) began with the French Farce, and that Orwellian rally in Paris. But now France openly and shamelessly defends Savage Islamists and Savage Saudis. In our pervious post, we wrote about such things. But now a further dimension is added to the French Farce or the Western Farce. Apparently they stupidly try to censor the voices of those who talk/ write about their ridiculous/ shameful Paradoxes. It’s very very shameful. Because of the Terrible/ Orwellian internet filters in Iran and the Terrible/ Orwellian censorship in the West it is difficult to judge what has really happened. But apparently, the West or France’s regime is even worse than the Mullah regime. In these days, what the West does and says is really unbelievable. It’s very very shameful that France and the West act in such a Silly, Psychopathic, Fascist and Orwellian way. This Level of Censorship, this Level of Foolishness, this Level of Insanity, and this Level of Orwellian Fascism in the West is really unbelievable. It just shows or confirms that ‘Psychopaths Rule the West’. On 5 May 2014, and in our previous post, “French Farce: Savage France, Saudi Barbarians”, we wrote about obvious facts, apparent paradoxes and obvious things. We don’t know who has censored or blocked our previous po-st. What has really happened is not clear. But it’s obvious that Big Brothers openly try to censor all news of Iran, all news of the Middle East, and all news of the World. Those who censor the voices of Iranian people and tell Big lies about Iran & Iranians are actually those who are behind ‘Tyranny, Terrorism, Sadism, Oppression, Suppression and Censorship in Iran and the world. But Iranians know them and hate them. The Big Brother’s Lie Factory and those who censor the voices of ordinary people are on the wrong side of history. Iranians and all good guys know what will happen to those who fight against Truth, Logic, People and the Will of the People. We all know what will happen to those who openly and stupidly defend and support Fascism, Terrorism, Sadism, Racism, Genocide, Massacre, Islamists/ Fascists, Wars and Barbaric Invasions. Here lets end this short post with some lines of the censored po-st: “Sweden condemned Saudi Arabia for …. But Outside Sweden, the western media has barely covered the story, and Swedens EU allies have shown no inclination whatsoever to support Sweden .. Sweden (said that) it was unethical for Sweden to continue with its military co-operation agreement with Saudi Arabia ….. But Just look How the Savage West and the Barbarian France openly and shamelessly defend the psychopaths of Saudi Arabia and the psychopaths of ISIS … (the West and France can love) and support their ISIS, their Savage Saudis and their Islamic State. They can steal Arab’s oil and Arab’s money. They can fuck and kill each other. But they cannot pretend that France hates Islamists, or the West / France cares about Freedom, Democracy or Human Rights. Now it’s quite clear that (Who are) the real Axis of Evil, (the real Psychopaths, the real Barbarians, the real Enemies of Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights)”.

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