A New Farce: French Fascism

On May 5, 2015, we had a post about the French Farce. But now its not visible. It’s not clear who has censored or blocked our post. Some things are not clear; but many other things are clear. As the wise Iranians truly say: “It’s clear who is Fascist or Terrorist, and what is Fascism or Terrorism. According to their own famous dictionaries, ‘Fascist = someone who is cruel and unfair and does not like people to argue with them; someone who supports fascism’, ‘Fascism = a political system in which people’s lives are completely controlled by the state and no political opposition is allowed’, ‘Terrorism = the use of violence such as bombing or shooting to obtain political demands’, ‘Sadist = someone who enjoys hurting other people or making them suffer’. In fact, it’s clear who is Fascist, who is Terrorist, or who is Sadist. But apparently, the West and its stooges want to fight against all Dictionaries! They love Orwellian glossaries. Scientists have already talked about Psychopaths and the Characteristics of Psychopaths (for more info, check our recent posts) But apparently, the West and it’s stooges stupidly try to fight against Science, Scientists, Scientific facts and Scientific principles. These brainless idiots don’t know that they just show and confirm that they are Psychopaths”. After 2009 and after Snow-den’s story, any sane person can see who love and support Fascism, Censorship, Tyranny and Orwellian Society. As some wise Iranians say: “In this year (2015), (If you search the internet, you can see that) even the West’s good guys talk about the West’s Psychopaths, the West’s Fascists, the West’s Terrorists and the West’s Sadists/ Bullies. We all know who are fascists and terrorists, who support fascists and terrorists, and who love Fascism and Terrorism. The love story of ‘the West and Savage Saudis/ Islamists’ is just the tip of the iceberg. In this year (2015), many Westerners talk about the new Censorship Laws in the EU, the UK and France. In this year (2015), if you search the internet, you can see that their media say: ‘French government pushes through Internet censorship law .. France’s Hollande has pushed through new legislation in France, forcing internet service providers (ISPs) to block political websites .. French government says (the 2015 French Farce) has changed the mood of the French public towards government control on the internet, allowing this fascist bill to be passed when it previously was shot down! .. The new law is part of a larger move in Europe to bring more government control on the internet .. The European Union (EU) recently voted on a ‘web site reporting’ program, allowing the EU to be notified if a site is showcasing terrorist activity or promoting violence .. this bill will allow the EU and the French government to censor the internet, and to remove Freedom of speech .. UK Prime Minister David Cameron recently tried his own hand at the internet surveillance battle, claiming governments should have the right to backdoor internet encryption! .. Labeling (critics and dissidents) as ‘Terrorists’ is shameful’ (Feb 2015) In fact, the European Union tries to become a new Soviet Union, or a new Nazi Germany. It’s so shameful”. As some wise Iranians say: “the new wave of Censorship and Blocking / Censoring the internet and people’s voices can be a direct result of the new Censorship Laws in the EU. In this year (2015), the UK, France and the European Union act and talk like the Soviet Union. Now the EU, the UK and France just remind you of Stalin, Hitler and Goebbels. Now their own media report: ‘French government begins shutting down websites with unpopular political views .. France and Hollande are currently considering legislation that would hold websites like Facebook and Google accountable for allowing the publication of (X or Y) ! .. As reported by Agence France Presse (AFP), the French government has blocked several political web sites’ ! (2015) This is Fascism, plain and simple. French Fascism is so ridiculous. In March 2015, their own media talked about Frances Censorship and Surveillance, and said: ‘France is censoring websites and pushing for broader surveillance powers .. France’s Interior Minister says: ‘I do not want to see sites that could lead people to take up arms on the Internet’ ! .. French governments plan is to send blocking orders to ISPs and Internet companies .. Frances blocking order (is like Nazi blocking orders) .. On the surveillance front, the French government is trying to make it easier to hack into citizens computers and mobile devices, and to conduct mass surveillance with the help of Telecommunications companies’ ! (March 2015) In April 2015, their own media reported: ‘France launches a Fascist campaign .. French government invests more than $100m in a plan on cracking down on Online Freedom .. French government will spend 100m on a three-year plan, including the setting up of a new unit to monitor and fight websites and online Freedom! .. (Freedom, Privacy and) Passivity on the internet is over,’ (the Fascist) Hollande says .. French government (tries to arrest) people who insult France’s police officers !’ ! (April 2015) This is Fascism, plain and simple. French Fascism is like British Fascism or German Fascism (ie Nazism) Now what the EU and France do and say just remind you of Hitler’s Nazis or Mussolini’s Fascists. We all know that Labeling dissidents or critics as ‘Terrorists’ is an act of Fascism and an act of Tyranny. The US, the UK and the Fucking France are behind Censorship, Sadism, Tyranny and other Evil acts in Iran and the world. As Iranians have repeatedly said, the Fucking West is behind the Orwellian internet fire-wall / fil-ters in Iran. The US, the Fucking France and the Barbarian UK are behind the anti-Iranian Mullahs, the Islamist Tyranny, the Tragedy of internet and almost all main problems in Iran. It’s obvious why the love story of ‘Savage France and Islamists’ is important. Savage France, Savage UK and the Barbarian West hurt the people of Iran, and help Islamists in hurting the people of Iran and other countries. Those who hurt the people of Iran, hurt all humans and all good guys in all around the world. Now the West’s Fascists hurt the West’s people, too. Now even Westerners talk about ‘Battle To Stop British Fascists’ or ‘Battle To Stop French Fascists’ ! In April 2015, the West’s good guys create cartoons (such as below cartoon) and show that they know French Fascism, Orwellian France or Fascist France”.


As some wise Iranians say: “5 May 2015 was (a historic day). On 5 May 2015, France’s officials or French Fascists were in the Savage Saudi Arabia, and praised the Savage Saudis and Savage Islamists! (But it’s not the whole story) In April 2015, their media talked about Unacceptable Surveillance of French Citizens soon to be Adopted, and said: ‘On 5 May 2015, the final version of France’s Censorship Bill will be submitted to the French National Assembly! In fact, 5 May 2015 was a good time to see the true face of France and French Fascism, and how the Fascist France supports Islamists”. As some wise Iranians say: “We all should think more about Relations between British/ French Freemasons and Islamists/ Mullahs. In these days, the Anti-Iran France says and does many Anti-Iran things, but Mullahs and most Mullah media censor all news, and even praise France! It’s a historic Farce. Savage France helps and defends Savage Saudis, and attack Iran. But the Anti-Iran Regime of Mullahs lick the Ass of France! In these days, Islamists and Rouhani have increased the Terrible internet censorship in Iran. Now it’s even hard to do a simple search about Savage France & Saudis! But why? Why do Mullahs defend French Fascists, French Freemasons and Savage Saudis? Why do Mullahs try to hide the shameful relations between Savage France and Saudis?! Why do Mullahs try to hide this Fact that France is Anti-Iran, France is an enemy of Iran, and France is a Fascist state?! In these years, the Anti-Iran France has showed its true colors. All Iranians (+97%) know the Anti-Iran Arabs and the Anti-Iran France. In these days, the stupid Mullah TV censors all news. But Iranians sarcastically say to Mullahs: Why you should defend France in this way ?! Are you spies/ slaves/ stooges of France ?! ( … Mage Shoma Vakil-Vasi / Mozdur / Nokare France hastid ?!) These days are (Historic days) Do you know what the Mullah TV says about France?! On 8 May 2015, ie when Savage France and Savage Saudis crap about Iran, the Masonic Mullah TV defend the Anti-Iran France and French freemasons, and say: ‘France’s Peugeot wants to return to Iran … The French automobile industry and France’s Peugeot say that they want to (re-plunder) Iran’s market’ ! (8 May 2015) Can you believe it?! If Mullahs were not Masons, and if Mullahs were Iranians, then they would say such things?! France is a sworn enemy of Iran and Human values. It’s obvious why the Fucking France’s Peugeot and other French companies should not be allowed to work in Iran. But Mullahs openly defend France and Saudis, and shed crocodile tears for Yemen! If Mullahs were not Masonic pigs, then at least they would close the Saudi embassy in Iran, and their Javad Zarif and other Anti-Iran Mullahs would not make love with Savage Saudis and France. Saudi Arabia is like or worse than Is-rael. But just look what Mullahs do/ say”. They also add: “If Iran had an Iranian regime, then Saudi Arabia and France will not be allowed to eat such shits and to do such Anti-Iran things. But Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs hate Iran, but love Iran’s enemies. Iran must give France or Saudi Arabia a ‘Slap in the Face’, that means: Iran must punish those Sadists who openly and shamelessly hurt Iran’s people, bully Iran, kill innocent people and support Sadism, Barbarism and Barbaric invasions to other countries. Even in the world of diplomacy it’s obvious why Iran must give France or Saudis a slap in the face. But just look what Mullahs do. They don’t know what is Diplomacy. What they do about Is-rael, Saudi Arabia, their Great Satan and other Enemies of Iran are full of shitty paradoxes and crappy contradictions. Their Islamic Turkmanchai is a complete farce. In these days, even the 3% say many good things, because Islamic Turkmanchai is making them aware. The 3% and even the rank and file of Basijis say many good and important things in these days. But it’s so laughable, ridiculous and shameful that the so-called Exiled Media or Exiled Journalists lick the asses of Mullahs and Iran’s enemies, while even the 3% and even the rank and file of Basijis attack Mullahs and defend Iran and Iranians (ie the 97%) Now it’s clear that the so-called Exiled Journalists are like notorious freemasons such as Al-Afghani and Malkum. In the past, they were called Traitors or Vatan-Forush. But now it’s clear that they are not Iranians. They are a bunch of anti-Iran spies/ stooges and prostitutes (va Tan Forush). In these days, the Psychopaths of the BBC, like the Psychopaths of the Guardian and the Psychopaths of the New York Times pretend that historic events such as the 2009 CIA Coup and the 2014 Referendum show that the 97% of Iranians love Rouhani, Mullahs, the West, Iran’s enemies, IMF, Islamic Turkmanchai or the Love story ‘ Mullahs and Great Satan’ ! Censors in Britain and France censor all news and all facts Censors or Psychopaths of the West have no shame, and no brain. They think if they censor the Love story of ‘France and Saudi Arabia’, then they can pretend that France hates Islamists! In recent days, if you google for ‘France and Saudi Arabia’, then you can see How the West censors the Love story of ‘Savage France and Saudi Arabia’ in a silly way. The West and its Mullahs are the same shit. Mullahs help Iran’s enemies and lick the asses of France & Savage Arabs, but desperately try to hurt Iran’s people ! Mullahs are really the worst stooges of the West”. They also add: “the West and its stooges are psychopaths. In Feb 2015, their own media reported: ‘Social Media Censorship Gaining New Ground in U.K. and France .. French and British lawmakers call for censoring social media .. British lawmakers (aka UK Fascists) recommend stepping up criminal prosecution of people who make bas comments on social media! .. France and Britain express hope that European countries will work together to censor social media! .. French police have detained almost 70 people for Criticizing (police and defending) Free Speech, including a man who shouted France deserved what they got‘ ! He was sentenced to 3 months in prison! .. A new law that went into effect in France this week allows French police to shut down websites (in the name of ) promoting Terrorism! .. (In fact) France (is like) China or Saudi Arabia’ ! (Feb 2015) It’s so shameful. Apparently if you criticize the love story of ‘France and Islamists/ Saudis’, and say France deserved what they got, then the Fascist France would censor you! French Fascism, French Terrorism and France’s double standards are so ridicules. France’s Orwellian laws just show that France is a Fascist state, as the love story of ‘France and Saudi Arabia’ in the middle of Saudi barbaric invasion just shows that France is a Terrorist state. They cannot hide the truths by censorship”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Even the Western media such as Spiegel refer to France as The Big Brother of Europe ! They know what the new level of Censorship and Surveillance in the UK and France means. France’s Censorship Bill just shows that France is the Enemy of Internet. France’s Censorship and France’s Evil acts clearly show that France is the Enemy of Freedom, as France is the Enemy of the Open Internet and Online Freedom”. They also add: “Mullahs are Masonic slaves of the UK and France. Now the Psychopaths of the Guardian, the Psychopaths of the BBC, and the Psychopaths of the UK media, the French media and the US media defend their beloved stooges, Rouhani and Islamists. But now even the 3% and idiots say: ‘ Rouhani and his men maintain one of the toughest Internet censorship regimes in the world, blocking millions of websites … Despite his election campaigns promises, Rouhani has increased the internet censorship .. the media censorship and the internet censorship in Iran after Rohanis presidency not only has not improved, but has worsened‘ (April 2015) But Psychopaths of the Guardian, Psychopaths of the BBC, and Psychopaths of France, the US and the UK love their Hassan Freemason (Rouhani), because he hurts Iran’s people, and helps Iran’s enemies. The West loves and defends Rouhani because Rouhani serves the West’s interests and because Rouhani has increased Censorship, sadism, tyranny, oppression and all kinds of Evil plans in Iran. It’s obvious why Psychopaths of the UK, the US and France love pigs such as Hassan Freemason (Rouhani), Hassan Elchi (Hajji Baba), AN, Sadat, Saddam, Gaddafi, Saudis etc”. They also add: “It’s funny that the West’s Sadists/ Fascists write Orwellian articles such as [1]: Fascism as Sadism ! (if you google it, you can find it), and talk about Sadistic regimes! They are useful idiots. They actually show you why America, UK and France are Sadistic regimes. Those who openly defend and praise Bullying and Sadism, including Anti-Iran Sadism or Hurting all Iranians, know that ‘Sadism is the enjoyment of cruelty against others‘ ! [1] They know that ‘For sadistic regimes, it is not enough to win a war; it is at least as important to see the pain of the victims ! [1] They actually know why the West, the US, the UK and France are Sadists and Fascists, and why the West helps Mullahs/ Islamists, and hurts the people of Iran. We all know the stories of the 2009 CIA Coup, the IMF Plans, the Evil Fire-wall, the Terrible Internet Filters, the West’s systematic lies, the West’s systematic censorship, the West’s Anti-Iran Sadism and other Evil acts in these years. But even Sadists know that ‘Nazis were ordered outright to suppress any personal impulse of decency or mercy, and to deliberately act sadistically against (the people)’ ! [1] Now the UK, USA and France are like or worse than Nazis. Today’s most threatening version of Fascism is British Fascism, American Fascism and French Fascism. The West’s Sadists hurt all humans, including Iranians and Western people. Even idiots know the link between Sadistic cruelty and Fascism [1] Those Sadists who hurt Iranians and help Islamists are actually those Fascists who hurt their own people, ie the West’s ordinary people. Now the Fascist France hurts its own citizens. Now the West’s good guys say: ‘France’s Censorship laws would make France a European country where the Internet is subject to the most censorship, regulation, control and surveillance .. France would make it the responsibility of each ISP to ensure that users don’t have access to unsuitable content ! .. the list of banned Web sites would be provided by France’s Interior Ministry !’ ! (2015) France has a long history of governmental censorship. As the West’s good guys say: There is a strong governmental control in France .. Censorship in France or Internet Censorship in France is not a new thing’. But now, UK or France’s double standards are so ridiculous. Now it’s clear that UK and France are Masters of Mullahs/ Islamists. Just look Mullahs lick the ass of France or UK. Instead of doing simple things such Halting/ Changing all relations with the Anti-Iran France and Saudi Arabia, Mullahs just shed crocodile tears and make love with Savage France and Saudis”. They also add: “Saudi Arabia is a little shit. The main issue is the Orwellian West, and the question of Free speech in France and UK . Now in all countries which are most censored by the government, the UK and France are becoming the number one. Now even the West’s good guys talk about such things, or write about ‘Britain and France: Censorship and Identity’ ! (2015), and say: ‘If this is shocking and disconcerting, it should be’. They refer to French laws as ‘A Cover for Fascism’, and say: (French Fascists) want to re-establish a level of censorship not seen since the fall of Napoleon in 1815′ ! They know Self-censorship in France , and say: ‘In France, Marxists and Fascists say: the End justifies the means’ ! They know French Fascists and their widening imperialist interventions. They write about ‘Data Collection and Censorship Laws Proposed in UK and France’ (2015), and say: ‘France issued a decree which would block inappropriate websites! .. For instance, if a website compared the innocents that have died in French bombing campaigns in Syria, Iraq or Yemen with those who died in Paris, it would be blocked ! .. Meanwhile in the UK, David Cameron has promised to introduce new Censorship laws and Fascist legislation. This means that data devices such as Whatsapp and Messenger could be monitored under the guise of national security’ ! (2015) The UK and France are officially becoming the worst Fascist states in history. What they do and say is so ridiculous. Sadists and Fascists sow the seeds of hate, but say: ‘You cannot show your anger or hatred towards those sadists/ fascists who hurt you’ ! Sadists and Fascists don’t like people to argue with them. If you read about the dark history of Barbarians and Barbarism in the UK or France, then you can understand many things better. Now the most laughable things is this fact that Barbarians and Fascists want to tell us what is Culture, Civilization, Freedom or Democracy !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In the past 200 years, Iran’s main enemies were: Britain, Russia and France. Before 1953, America was not Persia’s enemy, and Iranians didn’t see America as an enemy. But after 2009, America has showed its true colors in an unprecedented way. In the past 200 years, the UK and France played many dirty games. They pretended that they care about Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights! They pretended that they have become cultured or civilized people! They could fool many people, ie naive people and illiterate people. In the 19th and 20th centuries, many people in all around the world were naive or illiterate. Even in Persia, the Cradle of Culture and Civilization, many people were naive and illiterate. In Persia, many referred to the West and France as Farang, and naively imagined that Farang is not Bad, Backward or Orwellian. In the past 200 years, even most of the so-called educated people were naive or ignorant. In the past 200 years, most of those who loved and praised the West, like most of those who criticized the West, often said stupid and irrational things. They didn’t know the world, the history, and the so-called Farang. But now many things have changed. Now even idiots can see the true colors of Farang. After 2009, Farang showed its true face. So in this year (2015) even idiots can see that Farang is equal to Fascism, Sadism and Terrorism. In fact, the West or Farang is equal to the Worst Kind of Fascism & Terrorism in human history”. They also add: “In the past, the so-called Farang’s lovers didn’t know the world, the history and the so-called Farang, but they stupidly used Farang as a synonym of Freedom, Democracy, Science, Technology, Modernity or Progress! Farang’s critics didn’t know the world, the history and the so-called Farang, too. They stupidly imagined that our Iranian values like Tolerance and Liberty are Farang’s values! They didn’t know Tazi values and the West’s barbarian values. They didn’t know the long history of Barbarians and Barbarism in the West or Farang. In the past, both the West’s lovers and critics didn’t know the so-called Farang, its weak points, its dark history, its real values, its true colors, and its true face. But now many things have changed. Now most Iranians and many non-Iranians can see the true colors of the West or Farang. Now after 200 years, the so-called Farang is showing its true colors in an unprecedented way. And it’s really a godsend for Iran and all good guys. If Iranians and all good guys in all around the world want to have a better world and a better future, they should know their enemies and the roots of problems. For thousands of years, the so-called Farang was officially the Land of Barbarians and Barbarism. And now Sadists and Psychopaths rule Farang. The so-called Farang is the Great Evil. They love Sadism and Slavery. They love Ignorance and Ignorant people. What Farang says is Jafang (crap/ crappy lies / silly lies) Now Farang and its Jafang can only fool the ignorant and illiterate people. If Humans become aware, Farang and its barbarians will go to hell. Now the Anti-Iran France openly defends Fascism and Terrorism. In fact, France is showing its true face in an unprecedented way. France is Anti-Iran, Anti-Humanity, Anti-Democracy and Anti-Freedom. Only a fascist and terrorist country can defend Orwellian censorship, Barbaric invasions, Brutal dictators, Saudi Arabia and other notorious evil forces. In these days, even the 3% talk about Zarif’s lies, Rouhani’s lies, Islamist lies and the West’s lies. The West, its stooges and its Islamic Turkmanchai are creating a great Public Awareness. And the Evil Empire will collapse, if most humans become aware and know French lies, American lies, British Lies and other Orwellian lies. The Big Brother’s Evil Empire will collapse, if most humans know the Barbarian West and its stooges. In his 1984, Orwell clearly says: (the West) seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power .. the German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods .. (But) we are not like that .. Power is not a means, it is an end .. the object of power is power .. We are the priests of power. God is power ! And it’s the Wests Logic, the Machiavellian Logic. As Orwell truly said: Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. But in the West and all Orwellian systems, two plus two dont make four. In the UK and its Orwellian media, 2 + 2 = 80,000,000 ! In the Big Brother’s world, Sadists, Fascists and Psychopaths define or dictate what is freedom, democracy or human rights. But in the world of good guys -ie the civilized world- Sadists, Terrorists and Fascists are bad guys, and two plus two make four”.

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