Psychotic UK, USA: Psychopaths Rule the West ?

Our previous post about The Empire of Lies had a weird/ stupid story. Now you can see this post as a double post (two posts), and it’s a result of this stupid/ Orwellian story. But lets such double posts remain as double posts. Such double posts (in 2014, double posts were: “Rouhani is worse than AhmadiNejad ?”, “English Barbarians vs Iran: Behind the Evil Firewall” etc ) can serve as a reminder, and can say a lot about the West and the Orwellian story of the Internet in the Rouhani’s era. As the wise Iranians say: “the West and its stooges are Psychopaths. Psychopaths censors news, tell big lies, and hurt all people. They have no shame, no conscience, and no humanity. Acting human is something that psychopaths cannot understand. Those who tell Orwellian Lies and perform Orwellian acts are not normal humans. They are Psychopaths. As (good scientists) truly say: ‘What makes Psychopaths different from all others is the remarkable ease with which they lie, the pervasiveness of their deception, and the callousness with which they carry it out. Their frequent use of contradictory and logically inconsistent statements (ie Orwellian lies/ Orwellian language) is unbelievable’ ! Now in the Age of Psychopaths, the West’s Journalists are Psychopaths, as the West’s Politicians are Psychopaths. Even (non-Iranians are aware of this issue)”. It’s a good point. If you search/ google for “Psychopaths Rule the World” or “Psychopaths Rule the UK, the US etc”, you can find many good things. In 2014 and 2015, even non-Iranians and good Americans write about, for instance [1]: “Psychopaths in Power”, “Masters of Manipulation: Psychopaths rule the world”, “Psychopaths Rule our World”, “The Establishment Plagued with Psychopaths”, “Politicians are Psychopaths – plain and simple”, “Western journalists are Psychopaths” etc. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the good Americans talk about the US Psychopaths [1], and say: ‘Western Politics breeds Psychopaths’ [1] Now even the West’s good guys say: ‘In the UK & the US, nearly all members of government are psychopaths [1] They openly say: Obama is a Psychopath [1] or David Cameron is a Psychopath [1] It’s what the West’s people say. The good Britons openly say: ‘Almost all members of the UK government are Psychopaths’ [1] Now it’s clear that the West’s Politicians are Psychopaths. But it’s not the whole story. In the West, the so-called think thanks and people in the media are Psychopaths [1] Now even the good Westerners write about Western Journalism, and say: Western Journalists are Psychopaths [1] In this year (2015), when you take a look at the Guardian or the New York Times, you can easily see that those who write/ work for the Guardian are Psychopaths, as those who write/ work for the New York Times are Psychopaths. As scientists truly say, Only a psychopath can tell many Big lies (Orwellian Lies) Only a psychopath suffers from the lack of conscience, lack of (humanity), lack of shame, lack of empathy, pathological Lying etc. In the West, Psychopaths control the Media and almost everything”. We all should know more about Psychopaths. As some wise Iranians say: “the good scientists such as Hervey Cleckley, the author of The Mask of Sanity (1941), have already talked about the Characteristics of Psychopaths. Scientists like Cleckley and Robert Hare, the author of ‘Without Conscience: Snakes in Suits’, can show you many things about Psychopaths. In the UK or the US, ‘Barbarians in Suits’ or ‘Snakes in Suits’ control everything. Masons, Marxists and Capitalists are Barbarians or Psychopaths, but wear The Mask of Sanity. Jewish psychopaths, British psychopaths, American psychopaths and Islamist psychopaths are the same shit. Saudis, Rouhani and Basijis are like UK / US psychopaths. The UK Election Show and the UK Masonic Tyranny just remind you of Mullahs. The Mullah media and the UK media are the Media of Psychopaths. American Fascism and what the US psychopaths do to Black people and other humans is like Islamist / Jewish Fascism. The main symptoms of Psychopathy include: Pathological Lying, lack of conscience, lack of shame, and lack of empathy / sympathy. The ancient Iranians said: If you have no sympathy for Human pain, the name of Human you cannot retain. And now the good Scientists say: ‘If you have no conscience, no shame, and no sympathy for Human pain, then you are a Psychopath – worse than animals. Even a Chimpanzee is closer to the average human than is a Psychopath’ ! Normal humans enjoy seeing other people happy, or doing things that make other people smile. But the Psychopath enjoys the exact opposite. The Psychopath enjoys making others suffer! The American Culture, like the British Culture and other Barbarian Cultures, is the culture of psychopaths, that means their culture breeds Psychopaths. And it’s what Americans say [1][2] The good Americans truly say: ‘Psychopaths thrive in Western cultures based on competition and exploitation of fellow man and nature .. Superficial friendships, transitory alliances and partnerships manifest as psychopaths perceive others in terms of their utilitarian value as tools or steppingstones toward achieving their success’ [1] ‘A new study in Britain, and a survey to assess the presence of psychopathic traits in the the UK showed that CEO’s, media honchos, lawyers, military generals, police officers and the clergy all scored highest‘ ! [1] Psychopaths don’t care about the Truth and Human values. As scientists say: A Psychopath is a person who has no conscience, and no sympathy for or empathy with other humans. Lack of conscience permits Psychopaths to ignore Human values. Psychopaths love big lies, extreme dishonesty and fraud. The Orwellian language is actually the language of Psychopaths”. They also add: “Psychopaths have the ability to lie, to cheat, to steal, and to torture / kill men, women and children. The West’s Mind Control projects try to produce Slaves and Psychopaths. Now (if you google, you can see) Even Americans talk about Manufacturing psychopaths such as ISIS, Saudis and Islamists. They know that ISIS or the Army of Psychopaths is a Western creation. They even know why the West says: the best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals (ie a psychopath)! The West loves Psychopaths. ‘Without any conscience, remorse or guilt, Psychopaths wield increasingly absolute power and control over the earth’s dominions, causing unconscionable amounts of suffering and pain to fellow human beings in this world’ [1] The West’s Politicians are Psychopaths – plain and simple [1]”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots can see why Saudis, Islamists and Rouhani are Psychopaths. It’s obvious why the West and its stooges are Psychopaths. The soup is too salty, and so even the West’s people say: ‘Psychopaths dominate the halls of power in the UK & the US … The West’s economic, political, military and legal system breeds Psychopaths, rewarding Psychopathic behavior and punishing those with conscience and integrity‘ [1] The West is becoming the Land of Psychopaths – who operate without conscience and any genuine level of empathy toward others [1] As the West’s good guys say: ‘In Britain, the inducement of Psychopathy is institutionalized’ [1] The UK and the US praise The Psycho-path to Success! [1] The soup is too salty. So, now even the West’s mass media say, for instance: ‘What a humiliating shambles the West is making of its policy over the Middle East. In Iraq we are allied to Shia Mullahs (against) the Sunni psychopaths of ISIS. In Yemen, we are allied to the Sunni psychopaths of ISIS & Saudi Arabia to stop the Shia! In Lausanne, the West makes (love with Mullahs), while Mullahs are imposing a more ruthless reign of terror over Iran’s unhappy people than ever’ !! ( Telegraph, April 2015) In fact, even idiots can see that the West is Psychopath, and the West hates Human rights and Democracy. Now even idiots know why this British Psychopath (Rouhani) hailed in the West as a ‘moderate reformer’ ! The West and its media love and support Psychopaths; some of them support Psychopaths such as Mullahs or Rouhani; and the rest of them support Psychopaths such as MEK/ NCRI or Bahais! All Western media refuse to support normal humans and good guys in Iran, ie the 97% of Iranians. Almost all Western media are the Psychotic Media, the Media of Psychopaths. The West’s Psychopaths are modern copies of the West’s Barbarians. In the Age of Barbarians , the West was officially the Land of Barbarians and Human-eaters. And now in the Age of Psychopaths, Psychopaths Rule the West. The West’s Elites are Psychopaths [1], and still live like their Barbarian ancestors. The West’s journalists/ politicians love Sadists & Dictators. They love Sadism and hurting other nations. They love War, Bullying and Bombing others. They are officially Psychopaths, and that’s why even the good Americans talk about ‘Political psychopaths in the US’ or Barbarism American Style!, and say: Obama is a Psychopath .. US Senators are Psychos .. the US House of Representatives is the House of Psychopaths’ ! [1]”. They also add: “If you take a look at the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (PCL), you can see why Rouhanis, Islamists, UK Officials, UK journalists, US media and US officials are Psychopaths. As scientists say: ‘Psychopaths are liars and deceivers; they are ruthless; they have no sympathy and no regard for other people; they act immorally; they have no regard for Truth; Psychopaths enjoy Lying and hurting others; Psychopaths dont feel shame’. So, it’s obvious why many say: ‘UK Queen is a psychopath .. British MPs are psychopaths .. Islamists are psychopaths .. Zionists are psychopaths .. Mullahs are psychopaths .. Obama or Kerry is a Psychopath .. AN or Netanyahu is a Psychopath .. Cameron or Rouhani is a Psychopath .. UK Journalists are Psychopaths’. Psychopaths are pathological liars. They tell Orwellian lies. In fact, the West’s Journalists, and those who work for the Economist, the Financial Times, the BBC, the CNN, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post and other Orwellian media are Psychopaths”. They also add: “Now even the West’s good guys say: ‘Bullying is a common description of a Psychopath when he is not on his best behavior’ ! [1] In fact, they know why US Bullies and US officials are Psychopaths. They even say: ‘Obama is a Machiavellian pathological liar of the first order‘ [1] They know that ‘politicians and dictators have the same corrupt and destructive characteristics as local psychopaths who operate on a smaller scale’ [1] They even know that ‘Slavery and Colonialism are manifestations of psychopathic-type control’ [1] They know why the West is Psychopath. They even know the Mind Control projects, and why the UK said: ‘Obedience is not enough. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing’ [1] In Britain, they even had ‘the practice of sending young children away from home to be placed in the care of strangers’ ! [1] This early parental detachment and the social pressure to repress emotions can foster Creating (Psychopaths / Mind controlled slaves)’ [1]”. Psychopaths have no shame. As some wise Iranians say: “Just look what the CIA psychopaths say. Now the Islamist CIA agents such as Hussein Mousavian, the Jewish CIA agents such as Leveretts and Garry Sick, or the CIA media such as Lobelog openly say: ‘Lausanne is a new Camp David‘ !! (Lobelog, April 2015), and add: ‘In the past four decades, the greatest achievements of American diplomacy were the Camp David Accords .. At Camp David, Is-raels Begin wanted to keep the settlements and air bases that they had built in the Sinai after seizing that peninsula from Egypt in the 1967 war, but he failed. Egypts Anwar Sadat (compromised) with Is-rael .. President Jimmy Carter (was like Obama) .. and Lausanne is like Camp David’ !! Can you believe it?! In the past, when Basijis wanted to say X is Evil, they said: X is like Camp David ! But now the Supporters/ Masters of Basijis and Rouhani proudly say: Lausanne is like Camp David! Maybe they actually say the fate of Rouhani is like the fate of Anwar Sadat! Do the 3% accept this Camp David ?! Now even the 3% openly talk about the End of Mullahs. The 3% even talk about Assassination of those who create this Turkmanchai or Camp David ! The world of psychopaths is a dirty world. Now Rouhani’s supporters and Rouhani’s masters openly say: Rouhani is Gorbachev! or Rouhani is Anwar Sadat! Now Islamic psychopaths such as Rouhani, Zarif, Salehi, Iraq-chi and other non-Iranian Mullahs openly try to prove that Mullahs are worse than Qajars & Pahlavis! Now even the 3% say: In the Mullah regime, the West should dictate how many X or Y you can have! In the Islamic regime, the West dictates how Islamists should do X or Y ! Islamic Independence is worse than Pahlavi Independence’ ! Now Mullahs/ Islamists are treated with utter contempt (Oje Zellat) by the West. Their Islamic Turkmanchai is the deepest contempt (Oje Zellat) Now even the 3% can see that their Islamic Resistance = Camp David or Turkmanchai ! But as you know, their Islamic Turkmanchai, like their 2009 CIA Coup and their Anti-Iranian Sadism, just complete the list of the people’s demands for the new revolution in Iran”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Psychopaths rule the UK and the US. Now even the West’s good guys say: ‘Psychopaths Run Our Governments [1], and add: Psychopaths Teach Us about How to Succeed ! [1] It’s really important. The good Americans even write about [2]: Official Culture in America: A Natural State of Psychopathy ! (if you google it, you can easily find it) They truly say: ‘Americans had been programmed by mass media propaganda for a very long time and that it is simply a very normal part of American life .. In the US, the Orwellian propaganda is so complete that not only are most people in the US ignorant of what is taking place in the US, and in the world as a direct result of US policy, they are ignorant of the fact that they are ignorant! .. American people have been duped via this Official Culture mind control imposed through the educational system and the mass media. But there are some of us who seem to have the ability to question, to wonder, to open our minds’ [2] It’s really important. Most Americans are ignorant or stupid. But the normal humans and good guys are everywhere, even in the Orwellian USA. The bad guys cannot fool all people. The good Americans exist, and talk about the obvious Psychopathy of American leaders and Western leaders [2], and ask good questions such as: ‘What is the ‘Fog’ that surrounds America and the minds of its people?’ [2] or ‘What happened to ‘Give me liberty or give me death?’ [!] Because surely America has chosen death in giving up their liberty !‘ ! [2] The good Americans even talk about the US Cultural programming or Mind Control projects [2], and say: ‘Are Americans just ignorant and ignorant of their own ignorance? Is this ignorance strictly due to ‘Official culture programming’ – programming that seems to be designed to encourage ignorance? .. Psychopathy is adaptive and likely to increase .. The conclusion is that the American way of life has optimized the survival of Psychopaths‘ [2] It’s a very important issue. ‘Psychopaths are extremely successful in American society’ ! [2] In the US, or ‘in a world of psychopaths, those who are not genetic psychopaths are induced to behave like psychopaths simply to survive. When the rules are set up to make a society ‘adaptive’ to Psychopathy, it makes psychopaths of everyone‘ [2] And it’s so important. The Barbarian UK and the US just try to make psychopaths of their people. It’s part of their official culture. The good Americans truly say: ‘Psychopathic behavior seems to be on the rise because of the very nature of American capitalistic society‘ [2] The Masonic/ American culture just tries to make psychopaths of everyone [2] In the UK and the US, they worship psychopaths such as Noam Chomsky, Zizek, Marxists and Leftist psychopaths. Now the West is in the Age of Psychopaths. ‘The media, the entertainment industry, the sports industry, the corporate world in a Western system, are all areas where psychopaths naturally rise to the top [2] It’s so important. ‘The British/ American way of life has optimized the survival of psychopaths [2], and the creation of psychopaths. They ask people to behave like psychopaths simply to survive [2] So, as a consequence, a very large number of Americans are effective sociopaths or psychopaths [2] It’s what the good Americans say. Psychopaths are successful in the eyes of the West! [2] Psychopaths are especially successful in the West, Politics and Capitalistic systems (Masonic systems) [2] It’s so important. Psychopaths and Modern Barbarians in the UK / US control everything, and praise the creation of psychopaths! But the good Americans say good things such as: ‘In the US, people are concerned not about the world, not about life, not about freedom or democracy. They are concerned about Fashion! .. Americans actually pride themselves on their ignorance! .. If you are not willing to lie, cheat, manipulate, steal and kill to get ahead, you are never going to be a Congressman, an American politician, or the president of the United States! .. How dare we Americans allow our government to cause such misery in the world … The truth is we Americans are guilty. Our conscience as a nation must trouble us. We must confess our sins .. American government is corrupt. In America, people of conscience are being ruled by Psychopaths .. We Americans cannot escape a certain responsibility for what is done in our name around the world’ [1][2] Some Americans even say to Iranians: You have missed the Fact that many Americans are just like Theocratic Tyrants! Many Americans are just like the Mullahs ! The good Americans say many good things, and it can raise hopes”. They also add: “the wise Americans are aware of many things. Their voices are censored. But they say good things such as: ‘the most important reason behind the collapse of the Rial, tie in with the advises of the IMF. The Islamic Regime with cutting the subsidies followed IMFs prescriptions .. IMF does not like unions and syndicates; does not like subsidies’ ! They know that Islamists are psychotic slaves of the West, as they know that the US and the UK are Psychopathic systems. In a psychopathic system, Media is a Lie Factory, journalists are psychotic whores, and public intellectuals are psychopaths. In the UK and the US, even many psychiatrists and psychologists are psychopaths! They work for the CIA/ MI6, and on Evil projects such as Mind Control projects. They officially praise Psychopaths! ‘The Stanford Graduate School of Business writes, because Psychopaths cant feel emotions, they are well suited to executive decision-making‘ !! [1] As the West’s good guys say, the West’s cultures of business and politics reward behavior associated with psychopathic traits! [1] In fact, United Killers (UK), United Savages (US) and their United Neanderthals (UN) are actually United Psychopaths. They ask all people to lose their humanity, and to become psychopaths. They openly say: ‘A true soldier/ believer/ nationalist/ Christian should be able to kill men, women and children without the slightest feeling of guilt or remorse’ ! or ‘a true manager should be able to fire (all workers) without the slightest feeling of guilt or remorse’ ! [1] These Barbarians call themselves modern people!, and proudly say: Rich men, CEOs, lawyers and journalists are Psychopaths! It’s so shameful. Barbarians and psychopaths rule the West. In the UK or the US, Psychopath is called Elite! [2] In the West, Psychopaths dictate how you should live, how you should think, what is right, what is wrong, what is success, what is good or what is evil ! It’s so shameful”.

As some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious why the good scientists talk about psychopathic dishonesty, and say: only Psychopaths (can love) Untruthfulness, Insincerity, Unreliability, Ungratefulness, Irrational thinking, and Pathological Lying. All psychopaths are like the West, its journalists and its Islamists (ie Arab/ Jewish Psychopaths) All psychopaths are like Marxists and UK Media. Psychopaths are deceptive, deceitful, mean, manipulative and dishonest. They love the use of deceit and deception to cheat others. They don’t care about the well-being of other people -even their family members. US officials, British politicians, journalists or US Senators exhibit the traits of Psychopathy [1] Crazy demons like Obama, John Kerry or US Senators are bad Psychopaths [1] Many scientists believe 1% to 6% of people are genetic psychopaths. It’s a bad news. But the worst news is that ‘Psychopaths rule the West, and Psychopaths control the media and everything in the UK and the US’. It’s obvious why the UK and British media love and support Rouhanis, MEK, Bahais or Basijis. British Masons are the worst psychopaths in history. Masons and psychopaths such as US officials and US Senators are the descendants of British Barbarians”. They also add: “Lying, deceiving, bullying and barbarity are natural talents for Psychopaths [1] If you study about Psychopathy, you would know How to recognize psychopaths, What makes some people Psychopaths, or why the good guys say: Politics and Media Are Filled With Psychopaths! The worst Psychopaths are like Dr. Hannibal, or The Cannibal Lecter. But most Psychopaths wear The Mask of Sanity. They are charming or attractive liars. So all people should know the main Characteristics of the Psychopaths, including Lack of Conscience, Lack of Shame, Untruthfulness, Unreliability and Hypocrisy. In the West, psychopaths control the media, and as the US good guys say: ‘We see the world through the lens of their media .. you will learn not about the real world, but about the world they wish you to see .. they feed you disinformation and lies .. (the West and its media love) the Cult of Death and the Cult of Deception (aka the Cult of Psychopaths)’. The US good guys even talk about ‘Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the US and the UK Tell us’, and say: ‘Obama has not only run with the fascist torch handed off to him by his predecessors, but he has rammed tyranny and oppression down America’s throat , now left gasping for air with our long lost and stolen liberties and fast dying freedoms laying in ashes amidst the Orwellian nightmare come true of an oligarchic militarized police state’ [1] Now many can see that ‘the UK regime and the US regime have declared War on the Truth in general and on (Truth seekers) in particular’ [1] If the West’s ordinary people become aware, many things will change. But now as the good Americans say: ‘American public is stupid. They are far more concerned with NFL scores and TV series than anything that is really meaningful. They get what they deserve .. Almost all Americans and everyone around me (and these are well educated people) dont like to talk about serious issues (or ‘unpleasant’ issues!) They are ‘stressed’ and want to only converse about games, movie stars and fantasy novels!’ [1] But it’s not the whole story. The good Americans also know or say: ‘It’s impossible for our psychopaths to have power-control over the people if the people ever wake up to the truth … yah, many use the internet (in a silly way) But the good news is that the awakening via the internet is unprecedented in all human history’ [1] The good Americans know that ‘Western Elites are Successful Psychopaths ! [1] They know that US Senators and US officials who talk about ‘Hurting Iran’s People’ or ‘Bringing the People of Iran to Their Knees’ ! are officially Psychopaths. Only Psychopaths can talk about ‘Leveraging Sanctions with Iran’, and see Barbarity and Sadism as Leverage! The West’s wise people know that ‘Persian contact brought European countries out of the Stone Age’ or ‘Iranian contact brought Europe out of the Barbarian Age’. But the West’s psychopaths still talk nonsense. The so-called Western Elites are stupid Psychopaths. But the West’s good guys say good things such as: ‘the barbarians are governing America .. What separates us from the psychopath is our conscience, and our conscience must become the voice of truth .. Obama has only continued the psychopathic policy of using Savage allies (like Saudis, Islamists or dictators) .. Like all psychopaths, corporate psychopaths have a remarkable capacity for lying, fabrication, ass kissing .. Like all psychopaths, the US (loves) Control over human beings all in the name of national security and Empire .. Psychopaths are able to take on chameleon-like colors according to their particular social setting and company .. Psychopaths are able to manufacture crocodile tears for effect whenever it suits & benefits them .. (Don’t lose Hope) A period of dictatorship is sometimes the only hope for freedom .. It’s (important to note) that the more you understand how the psychopaths rule our world, the more you free yourself from the illusion that they have any power over you .. US psychopaths have nothing to do with truth, honor, decency or consideration for others .. Bullying and hurting others is the nature of the US psychopaths .. US Psychopaths praise US allies, Saudi Arabia & ISIS ! (but at the same time, talk about) ‘the disadvantage of locking the US into a coalition with (Savage Arabs/ Jews) whose values and interests differ greatly from its own! .. US Senators are psychopaths .. We want the US psychopaths punished for their crimes against decent people, and to be kept away from us because of their (terrible insanity) .. We should stand up to their lies and injustice to fight and defeat these psychopaths .. we should hold the US psychopaths accountable for their crimes against humanity .. Serial killer psychopaths ruin families. Political psychopaths and Corporate psychopaths ruin societies .. the greatest threat to the world and its peace comes from psychopaths ( ie ) from those who want war, who threaten (bully) others, who hurt ordinary people, and who try to make us accomplices to their psychopathic plans .. Psychopaths at the very top of this power pyramid just create ‘War after War after more War in a never ending war against all of humanity’ [1]”.

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