The West, Empire of Lies: Religion of Lies

“In these days, the US, the UK and their Islamists tell the worst Orwellian Lies in history. Now you can easily see why the West is Orwellian, and why the Western media is a Lie Factory. One day Iranians thought or said: It would be an exaggeration to say that almost all Western media are Big Brother’s media; almost all Western Journalists are Big Brother’s whores; the West is an Orwellian Animal Farm … But now we all can see the West’s true colors. In recent years, we all can see How the West censors all news/ facts in a silly way. Now we all can see How the West tells the Biggest lies in a silly way. Now the West’s Censorship is as Orwellian as the Western Lies. Now the West’s systematic Censorship and the West’s systematic Lies just shatter all illusions about the West. Now it is no exaggeration to say that the West is the Empire of Lies. It is not a metaphor, it is the plain truth. In the West, their God is the Father of Lies. In fact, their Lucifer, Satan, Big Brother – call him what you may – is the Father of Lies. The West and its Islamists censor all news, and tell the worst Orwellian lies because as many know or say: the West is the Devil, and Islamists are the Agents of the Devil. In this year (2015), British lies, Islamic lies, Jewish lies, American lies, Arab lies and all Masonic lies can show you that the West’s Religion is the Religion of Lies, the Religion of Satan. Recent events can show you many things about the Empire of Lies and the Religion of Lies”, some wise Iranians. So, here lets take a look at part of the recent events, and their historic lessons.

As some Iranians say: “After their silly deal/ farce in Lausanne – aka LausanneChai or Nuclear Turkmanchai – the stupid West told many bad and big lies. One of these Orwellian lies was about Iran’s economy and the economic result of Nuclear Turkmanchai. The West tells silly lies about Sanctions and IMF Plans in Iran. But now all prices, including dollar price and bread price, are increasing in Iran ! As (we have repeatedly said), the main issue is IMF Plans, not Sanctions. So even if they remove all sanctions, nothing will change. In fact, the Mullah-Great Satan deal in Lausanne – aka LausanneChai or Islamic Turkmanchai- just creates more economic problems! The result of their LausanneChai is: Increasing all prices, and creating more Economic Problems! As you know, the stupid West said Dollar price and all prices have increased, because of their Sanctions! But it’s a big lie. Dollar price and all prices are still increasing, because of their IMF Plans and because Mullahs implement their Zionist IMF Plans. In recent days, the Fucking Rouhani and his men openly talk about increasing all prices, including Bread price in Iran! But just look how the West censors all facts, and how the West tells the Biggest lies, aka Doruq-e Shak-dar (Lies with horns)! Now it’s obvious why they call this British Motherfucker (Rouhani) a new Gorbachev! He just obeys the West’s orders, and destroys the last vestiges of their own legitimacy. Thank God !”.

As some Iranians say: “In this Nowruz season, the internet filters and internet censorship were so terrible. Since the early March 2015, Rouhani has increased the terrible Internet censorship in Iran. Almost all Anti-Filter tools don’t work properly, and the internet speed is so terrible. (As we said before, and as) you know, the Fucking West and all Western media censor the Tragedy of Internet & Internet Censorship in the fucking Rouhani’s era. Even in March 2015, ie when the internet was almost disconnected in many Iranian cities, the US, the UK and other Masonic countries censored this important fact. But we, Iranians, were aware of relations between their Fucking Filters and their Islamic Turkmanchai. We knew that they wanted to silence the internet and the voices of average Iranians, and then pretended that a handful of cyber whores & Masonic whores are equal to Iran and Iranians! The West is really the worst Animal Farm in history. When most Iranians had serious problems with their Anti-Filter tools and using the Internet, the UK media and the US media told the worst Orwellian lies in history The UK and their most prestigious media, the Guardian (GU) officially said: Many Iranians bypass states filtering system to post positive messages about (Filtering system, Fucking Rouhani & Nuclear Turkmanchia) !! (GU, April 2015) The UK is the worst Lie Factory, and British Lies are the Biggest Lies in History. But the West and all Western media just repeated British Lies! They tell Childish Lies, and they still think all people are Sheep or Mind controlled slaves! They don’t care about the public reaction to such Orwellian methods! They openly praises the value of systematic deceptions! They openly say that their Western people are mind-controlled Slaves! They openly defend their Mind Control projects and ‘fooling the younger members of society by teaching them theories and principles we know to be false’ !! They openly say: the people are still being used as ‘Pawns in the Game’ ! They still think that a small group of Western whores and gangsters can use all humans as Pawns in the Game! The West is really the Land of Veqahat & Hemaqat ! (Shamelessness &
Their United Neanderthals (UN), United Killers (UK) or United Savages (US) still live in their Dark Age, the Stone Age, the Age of Barbarians”.


As some Iranians say: “Now even idiots and the 3% can see why Mullahs are Masons, why IMF Plans are worse than all Sanctions , or why Mullahs are stupid faggots and brainless slaves of their Western Masters. Now the stories of Mullahs, their Arab Rapists, their Zionist Sisters, their Great Satan and their Zionist IMF are making even the 3% aware. Now the British-Islamic Freemasons such as Ahmad Tavakoli and Rouhani are revealing many things. All Iranians know what British-Islamic Freemasons such as Ahmad Tavakoli already said about the IMF, Fixing Prices, their Zionist Brothers and their Great Satan! But now just look How this British Freemason, Ahmad Tavakoli (aka Mr Fixing Prices) loves and praises his Zionist IMF, his Ayatollah BBC, and his Zionist Brothers! Now all Islamic Freemasons (Rouahni, Zibakalam, Tavakoli, Mullah MPs etc) repeat their Ayatollah BBC’s lies, and defend their Zionist IMF ! We all know the story of Mullahs, Sanctions or IMF Plans (check Archive) But Islamic lies, British lies, American lies and Western lies are so ridiculous. They already said: ‘Sanctions created all problems; Sanctions increased the price of dollar and the price of everything in Iran’ ! But now Masons say: before Lausanne, we (ie West & its Islamists) said Sanctions created all problems; but now after Lausanne, we should say Iran’s Economic problems are not sanction-related’ ! British Agents such as Rouhani and Tavakoli have low IQs. But now even the 3% are becoming aware, and talking about Sanctions & IMF Plans! Now even the 3% say to Mullahs: ‘If removing sanctions will not solve economic problems!, then you motherfucker deserve to be severely punished for lying, making love with Great Satan, surrendering and selling everything … (Goh Khordid mozakereh kardid; Qalat kardid Turkmanchai sakhtid & HameChiz ro Vadadid & … !) !”.

As some Iranians say: “the West censors all news in a silly way. The West tells many Big lies. But now even the 3% say, for instance: the Price of Dollar was 1000 Toman, and then became + 3000 Toman; but the West and all spies said: this increase is a result of Sanctions (not IMF Plans!) ! So if they remove sanctions, then the Price of Dollar will become 1000 Toman?! It’s a good and important question. It can show you many things about Sanctions and IMF Plans. Now British Masons such as Rouhani’s men and their Central Bank openly say: Even if they remove all sanctions, then the Price of Dollar will not decrease [!!] We have increased all prices (because of the Zionist IMF Plans, not because of the Western Sanctions!) ! In fact, they stupidly confess that what Iranians have repeatedly said (about the West, Mullahs, Sanctions and IMF Plans) was the plain truth. Now even the 3% ridicule their Mullahs, and can see that the Mullah Religion is the Religion of Lies. Now it’s clear why the Ayatollah Motherfucker says: Savage Saudis and Arab Rapists are our Brothers! In the Religion of Lies, Rape, Lying, Hypocrisy, Barbarity and Oppression are good things. In the West’s Empire of Lies and in the Religion of Rapists, Sadism, Barbarism and Charlatanism are good things! Now the West and its Mullahs stupidly try to create Masonic Circus such as the Circus of Censorship, the Circus of Silly Lies, the Circus of IMF Plans (Rayaneh), the Circus of Islamic Turkmanchai, or the Circus of Increasing Prices after their Nuclear Turkmanchai ! Rouhani, aka Islamic Gorbachev, still tries to create more economic problems, and to increase all prices. Thank God ! This British-Islamic Gorbachev (Rouhani) is really a godsend. Now even the 3% curse Mullahs. Now Rouhani openly shows, and Mullahs and Masons openly say, that LausanneChai or Nuclear Turkmanchai just create more economic problems and increase all prices! So it’s obvious why even their own 3% curse Mullahs, and say: “Pas Goh khordid & Qalat Kardid keh … ! (then you eat shit and you dig your own grave …. ) !”.

As some Iranians say: “In the Religion of Lies and all Masonic cults, they worship Hypocrisy and Big Lies. Many non-Iranians are ignorant, but almost all Iranians know who is a real Stupid Bastard (= a real Harum-Zadeh). Islamists, Mullahs and Masons are the real Harum-Zadeh, because as even religious people say: Only a real Harum-Zadeh can tell many big lies and worship Hypocrisy and Charlatanism, as the pillars of the Religion! The recent years had a lot of Historic Lessons, including the Lessons for Knowing Masons (Mason Shenasi). As you know, a religious Fanatic cannot be Anti-Religion! As you know, X is not Anti-X ! As you know, War is not Peace. So, when a Religious Fanatic talks and acts like Anti-Religion people or irreligious intellectuals, then this religious fanatic is certainly a Freemason, an Orwellian/ Masonic Brother. Mullah Al-Afghani is one of the first and good examples of the Masonic Mullahs. If you read about his life, you can see an interesting fact: In the East, Mullah Al-Afghani talked and acted like a religious fanatic, but when he was going to the West, Mullah Al-Afghani started to talk and act like an Anti-Religion man and/or an irreligious intellectual ! Mullah Al-Afghani was officially a Freemason and a British agent. But it’s not the whole story. If you read about the life of Khomeini, Mesbah, Navab, Rouhani and other Masonic Mullahs, or if you take a look at what the Masonic Mullahs such as Mullah Haeri, Mullah Mesbah, Motahari, Larijani, Tavakoli, Jannati, Rouhani and other Masonic Mullahs do and say, you can see that all of them are like Al-Afghani. Now Rouhani, Mullah Mesbah and Mullah Haeri are good example of Masonic Mullahs. Mullah Mesbah and Mullah Haeri are savage Islamists, but they love and praise the US, Canada and the UK! Mullah Haeri, like Al-Afghani, is a savage Islamist, but he says: Muslims are bad and backward people, but the American people and the British people are good and modern people! All Islamic Freemasons talk and act like Al-Afghani, Haeri, Mesbah, Jannati, Rouhani and other non-Iranian Mullahs. Their Religion is the Religion of Lies”.

As some Iranians say: “Since the ancient time, we, Iranians, have always said that being religious or being irreligious is not important, but being Good guy or being Human (Adam Budan) is important. But Islamists, Mullahs and Masons are not Humans (Adam Nistan) They hate Iranian values (aka Human values). Only a Freemason or an Orwellian whore can say: I love X, but I am anti-X !, or ‘I agree with X, but I disagree with X’ ! All normal humans know why you cannot say: I love X, but I am anti-X ! It’s Orwellian. You cannot say: I love Satan, but I am anti-Satan ! or I love America, but I am Anti-American ! or I am Religious Fanatic, but I am Anti-Religion! Only Orwellian/ Masonic Brothers say: I love X, but I am anti-X ! Such paradoxes are 100% Orwellian. When a Mullah talks or acts like irreligious intellectuals, this Mullah is certainly a Masonic Brother! Pigs such as Mullah Haeri, Mullah Mesbah, Ali Motahari, Ahmad Tavakoli, Jannati, Rouhani and other Basijis Brothers are Masonic Brothers. They are like the notorious freemasons such as Al-Afghani, Mirza Malkum, Zibakalam, Akhund-zadeh and the BBC’s whores. As you know, an intellectual cannot be a religion fanatic. When a stupid faggot call himself intellectual, but says: ‘I hate science and I love religion, because religion is slavery! or ‘I hate Science and Logic, but I love Religion because religion is a stupid, illogical and irrational thing’, then this fake intellect is certainly a freemason. Pigs such as Sadegh Ziba-kalam are Freemasons. Sadegh ZibaKalam is a Basiji, Islamist or Religious fanatic, but the UK calls him Intellectual ! But when an intellectual talks and acts like a religious fanatic, and openly defends Slavery, Obedience and Ignorance, then this Intellectual is certainly a Freemason. The stupid faggots such as Sadegh Ziba-kalam or Akbar Ganji are stupid Freemasons, and that’s why the UK and the West love them, and care about them”.

As some Iranians say: “If you want to know more about why Mullahs are Masons, and why the Mullah religion is a Masonic Cult, you can take a look at their Mullah TV, and what they do and say for outside Iran and for inside Iran. Mullahs and their Mullah TV use British dual policies. For instance, In Iran (for inside Iran), their Mullah TV attacks 13-Bedar, 4-shanbeh soori, and all Iranian traditions. In Iran (for inside Iran), their Mullah TV says: 4-shanbeh soori is a bad thing !, Islamists hate 4-shanbeh soori or 13-Bedar ! In Iran, the Mullah TV even refuses to use the name of 13-Bedar or 4-Shahbeh Soori! But in the outside world (for outside Iran), their Mullah Press TV doesn’t say that 4-Shanbeh Soori is a bad thing !, or Islamists hate 4-shanbeh soori ! In the outside world (for outside Iran), their Mullah Press TV praises 4-Shanbeh soori or 13-Bedar ! In fact, Mullahs use British-Masonic policies, and it’s really important. The West censors such facts. But we all can see how Mullahs use British-Masonic dual policies. In Iran, Mullahs attack and arrest our Iranian women, and call Iranian women Bi-Hejab or Bad-Hijab! But in the outside world, their Mullah Press TV pretends that Mullahs love Bi-Hejab or Bad-Hijab women! If Mullahs were honest, and were not ashamed of their Tazi religion, then their Press TV would say to the outside world: We love Hijab (Burka/ Chador), but Iranians hate us. As you can see in Iran’s streets, Iranian women are Bi-Hejab or Bad-Hijab. But our beloved women are Islamic whores such as Elham Charkhande, who wear Burka/ Chador’. But Mullahs are ashamed of their Tazi Religion, and that’s why their Press TV stupidly tries to hide obvious facts. In Iran (for inside Iran) their fucking Mullah TV attack Iranian women, and defends Burka/ Chador and Basiji / Islamist whores! But for outside Iran, their Mullah Press TV defends Iranian women -who hate Burka/ Chador, Hijab and Islamists! In fact, Mullahs are ashamed of their Tazi religion. Mullahs are Masons, and their Islamist Religion is a dead, Satanic and hateful cult”.

As some Iranians say: “Mullah Hypocrisy, Masonic Hypocrisy or Jewish/ Islamic Hypocrisy is so important. What Mullahs and their Mullah TV do and say inside and outside Iran is so important. Their double standards are so ridiculous and Orwellian. For instance, in Iran, their Mullah TV openly attacks Dance, Music, Joy, Happiness and all Iranian traditions. But for outside Iran, their Mullah Press TV pretends that Mullahs love Iranians, Dance, Music, Joy and Iranian traditions! In Iran, from morning to night, the fucking Mullah TV attacks Dance and Iranian women, but defends Burka, Hejab or Hijab – ie the fucking veil in the Tazi traditions (ie Jewish-Islamist traditions) All Iranians know the story of Elham Charkhandeh and Burka/ Chador. In Iran, from morning to night, the fucking Mullah TV defends Tazis and Islamic whores such as Elham Charkhandeh, who wear Burka/ Chador. In Iran, Mullahs attack women, and arrest Iranian women because Iranian women hate the fucking Hijab or Burka. In recent days, their Mullah TV says: ‘Iranian men and women should not dance, and should not have fun. Iranian men and women are not allowed to dance in Iranian cities, including the cities of Khuzestan. We, Mullahs, arrest Iranian women, who are bi-Hijab and bad-Hejab’ ! But in the outside world (for outside Iran), their Mullah Press TV says: We, Mullahs, love bi-Hijab and bad-Hejab women! Mullahs love Dance, Music, Happiness and other Iranian things’ ! Such terrible Hypocrisy is so important. Mullahs are so ashamed of their Tazi religion. If Mullahs were honest, their Press TV would say: We forced all women to wear Burqa, and to became Islamic whores such as Elham Charkhande! We, Mullahs, hate Iran and Iranians; We, Mullahs, hate dance, music, joy, happiness and Iranian traditions. We, Mullahs, love Rozeh, forced Hijab, Mourning (Azaa), Lying and other Tazi traditions. This is our Tazi Religion’ ! But Mullahs feel ashamed of their own religion. Mullahs are bad Masonic retards & hypocrites”.

As some Iranians say: “In Iran, Mullahs and their Mullah TV openly say: ‘In each month, Laughing is forbidden for several days! or In each year, Laughing is forbidden for several months’ ! In Iran, their Mullah TV is officially Rozeh TV. For several months in each year, the Mullah TV only airs Rozeh programs or Satanic/ Tazi programs. Non-Iranians don’t know what it means. So (lets give some examples) In many days, the Mullah TV only airs the following programs from morning to night: (1) a fucking Mourning ritual (2) crying and shedding crocodile tears (3) Mullahs cry and perform their Satanic Tazi rituals (4) Mullahs cry wolf (5) A Mullah fucks himself with Mourning ritual (6) Lying, Crying, Barking and Shedding crocodile tears (7) all kinds of Music is forbidden; Nothing should give people even a little smile (8) Laughing is forbidden; for all men and women in the Mullah TV even a little smile or a faint smile is forbidden! (9) All TV programs should try to create a depressing, unhappy and sad time! So, when non-Iranians watch this Rozeh TV for just one day, they often say: It was one of the saddest days of my life’ ! If Mullahs were honest, then their Mullah Press TV would act like the Rozeh TV, ie a real Islamic TV. If it’s really nothing to be ashamed of!, why their Mullah Press TV is ashamed of their Tazi religion, of their Rozeh TV, and of what Mullahs do in Iran ?!”.

As some Iranians say: “Now even the 3% can see that Mullahs are worse than Qajars. Even the worst Qajar king, Fath Ali Shah, was not a Freemason. He didn’t talk about Heroic Flexibility! He didn’t defend Turkmanchai ! He didn’t refer to his Turkmanchai as a Heroic act or Islamic Resistance! Fath Ali Shah was very stupid. But Fath Ali Shah was not a Mason. He didn’t not lick the UK’s ass, and he didn’t defend Turkmanchai & Heroic Hypocrisy! He didn’t say: I neither agree nor disagree with Turkmanchai ! But Mullahs are Masons, and love Heroic Hypocrisy and Heroic Cowardliness. Mullahs defend their Turkmanchai, and even celebrate their Turkmanchai ! Mullahs are the worst puppets of the West, and the worst British Masons in history. Now Islamists say: Islamic Turkmanchai is Islamic Resistance! They openly say: Licking the ass of Great Satan and surrendering yourself to your Great Satan is called Islamic Resistance! But now even the 3% and the rank and file of Basijis ridicule their Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei, his Big lies and his Orwellian Paradoxes. Now even the 3% and the rank and file of Basijis talk about End of Mullahs and Eating both Onions & Sticks! Now even the 3% compare Mullahs with Gaddafi and Saddam!”

As some Iranians say: “the story of Yemen, Savage Saudis and Mullahs is so informative. Mullahs even refused to close the Savage Saudi embassy! Mullahs even defended their Savage Saudi Rapists and the fucking Hajj trips to the Savage Arabia! Now Iranians make many jokes about Mullahs, Saudi Rapists and Basiji faggots. But the West and its Mullahs just tell silly lies. The stupid West says that the Savage Saudi invasion to Yemen is a proxy war! The Savage Saudis directly attacked Yemen, but the West says: a direct war is a proxy war! But it’s not the whole story. The West loves the so-called Saudi proxies, ie ISIS and Al-Qaeda! The USA and the West openly and shamelessly defend Savage Saudis and the so-called Saudi proxies, ie ISIS and Al-Qaeda! The Savage Saudi invasion to Yemen was really a Masonic war, in which victims should not defend themselves. Savage Saudis kill Yemen’s people and destroy Yemen’s infrastructures, but Yemen is not allowed to defend itself ! If their war was not a Masonic war, and If Iran’s proxies were really existed, then Yemen could bomb and destroy Saudi oil wells and Saudi oil facilities. It was good for Yemen, and for Iran. If Yemen bomb and destroy Saudi oil wells and Saudi oil facilities, then (1) Savage Saudis would be forced to stop their Savage invasion (2) Oil price would increase! We all know what the US and Savage Arabia (Saudi Arabia) did to the oil price. We all know the story of Oil price. So, the Savage Saudi invasion to Yemen could easily backfire, if Yemen bombed and destroyed Saudi oil wells and Saudi oil facilities. The Oil price could easily increase , and it was in Iran’s interests. But the Savage Saudi invasion to Yemen was a Masonic War, in which victims should be killed without defending themselves! Islamists are Masons, and just obey the West’s orders. Arab Barbarians and Savage Saudis are little shits, Pawns in the Game. Mullahs, Islamists and all savage Arabs, like Saudi Barbarians, just serve the West’s interests”.

As some Iranians say: “Now all sane humans can see who tell big lies about many things, including Sanctions and IMF Plans! Now it’s clear that who are praying for an Orwellian deal ! Masons (the West, Islamists, Zionists etc) are praying for the Islamic Turkmanchai. Masons already said, and still say in English (and for non-Iranians): ‘Sanctions, not IMF Plans, created these economic problems, and so, the prices are sky high’ ! But now Masons say in Persian: ‘the prices are sky high, but western sanctions are not important! Western sanctions didn’t create these economic problems’ !! It’s what the Masonic media (Mullah TV, BBC, VOA etc) say in recent days! It’s one of the Biggest Paradoxes and Biggest Orwellian Lies in history. Now the Orwellian story of Sanctions and IMF Plans can show you many important things. The West is really the Worst Animal Farm in history. The West is the worst Empire of Lies. In the West’s Empire of Lies, like the Religion of Lies, Lie is Truth, Censorship is Freedom, Slavery is Salvation, Idiocy is Wisdom, and Lie Factory is Media. The Orwellian West says: the Economy is everything! So even the non-Iranian good guys ask: Well, what is the Economic result of this Islamic Turkmanchai?! Why Iranians should love (Iran’s enemies including Rouhanis & the West), the Islamic Turkmanchai and IMF Plans, and why Iranians should be happy?! The answer is simple. The 97% of Iranians already showed you the answer. But now the Orwellian Agents of Big Brother say: Iranians and all humans love Tyranny, Censorship, Sadism, Internet Filtering, increasing prices, High inflation, Economic crisis, Poverty, Embezzlement and Economic problems!”.

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