The Barbarian America, The Jewish Islamists

“These days are Historic days. In these days, you can understand many things better. Now the Ayatollah Fox News reports: ‘Peace with Mullahs Could Limit Ability to Bomb Iran [!!], warns McCain. ‘The Iranians know well and good that if they abandon their nuclear program exactly the way weve asked them to [!!!], we can kiss bombing them goodbye [!!], McCain said, shaking his head ruefully. ‘Its a damn shame! Sometimes I think the President Obama cares more about making the Iranians happy than about making the (Jewish-American) people who want to bomb the Iranians happy [!!!], John McCain added’ (April 2015) Can you believe it ?! American Barbarians talk and act like Hitler and Nazis, and don’t know that their Shitty Bullying, their Barbarism and their Shameful Crap just show the true face of The Barbarian America. American Barbarians have low IQs. American Barbarians like John McCain, Obama and US Senators are close friends/ supporters of Savage Islamists and Savage Saudis. We all could see how this American Barbarian, John McCain, supported Egypt’s Islamists, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s Islamic Dictator (for more info check Archive) The so-called Republicans and other American Barbarians are like or worse than Hitler, Obama and Stalin. Now American Barbarians play silly games, and just show that the Barbarian America is the Worst Barbarian Animal Farm in history”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, many things are important and informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Just look How the US Congress and American Bullies shit and fart on the face of Khamenei and Mullahs, and How Mullahs lick the ass of the Barbarian USA! Just look How Great Satan and US Barbarians humiliate their Mullahs, and how Mullahs lick the ass of their Great Satan, and create a Historic Farce. Now the Barbarian USA humiliates its Mullahs, and it’s really a godsend. Now all Iranians just laugh and say: Thank God ! This Islamic Turkmanchai is revealing many things. In these days, you can see why Iranians talked about the Jewish Islamists and the Zionist Mullahs, and said: Islamists/ Mullahs are Masonic/ Jewish stooges of the West. In these days, some Mullah media and also the good Jews report: Newspaper «Yediot Ahronot» revealed in the weekly supplement in April 2015 that a prominent Israeli journalist (Orly Azoulay) visited the Land of Ayatollahs! .. The visit was part of a tour (of Jewish CIA agents) organized by the New York Times ! … She (was spying) for Zionists and Great Satan, (but Basijis and Islamist Guards slept with her, and welcomed her to the House of Ayatollah!) … Mullahs knew that she is an Is-raeli, who works for a Zionist newspaper’ ! The stupid story of Orly Azoulay reminds many of the story of Mullah-Contra, McFarlane and Oliver North in the 1980s. The Love story of ‘CIA and Mullahs’, like the Love story of ‘ Zionists and Mullahs’, is so important & informative. This Isr-aeli journalist, Orly Azoulay, is a Zionist whore. She -like the Jewish CIA agents, Leveretts- is an Enemy of Iran, but a Friend of Basijis/ Islamists. This Zionist whore, Azoulay -like the Jewish CIA Leveretts- openly goes to the House of Ayatollahs!, and openly writes about ‘Going to Tehran’ ! This Zionist whore (Azoulay) and the Jewish CIA Leveretts just tell very Big & Blatant lies, and actually reveal why Zionists & Islamists are Brothers, and what is the real Islamic Turkmanchai! (So, Lets take a look at Azoulay’s crap). On 31 March 2015, this Isr-a-eli whore (Azoulay) says [1]: ‘The Iranians are praying for an agreement’ !! She writes: ‘At Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Airport (they checked my passport) .. He suddenly stood up and walked over to consult with other officials .. One of them approached me and asked if I was born in Is-r-ael. I nodded. I couldn’t deny it ! It says so in my passport .. The centrifuges in my mind kept spinning [!], enriching (Stupidities !) … (but) finally (Basijis) returned with my passport .. They told me (Welcome to the Land of Zionist Ayatollahs!)’ ! [1] Basijis escorted this Zionist whore, and as she says: ‘I began my 14 days and nights (in) the land of the Ayatollahs and centrifuges [!!] .. In front of framed photographs of Ayatollahs Khomeini and Khamenei was the face of the Isr-a-eli prime minister [!!] (Mullah TV) was carrying a live broadcast of Netanyahu’s address to the US Congress. Iranians didn’t like what they were hearing [!] ‘After a speech like that, Iran should go all out to achieve the nuclear capabilities it desires,’ Iranians said to me … A little later, at the café of the Laleh Hotel [!] (ie the notorious Basiji Hotel in Tehran, that Basijis control it), (I read Mullah newspapers) .. But despite the (empty slogans), one should also read between the lines – no longer ‘the Zionist entity,’ but the State of Is-r-ael [!!] .. ‘Obama is strangling us [!]’ said one (Basiji Beggar man) near a restaurant … He saw me with a box of Marlboro and asked for a cigarette [!!] When I gave him one, he ran his fingers over it longingly [!!] … I gave him the box [!!]. ‘I have four children,’ he said. ‘The prices are sky high, and wages are only $50 a month [!] I’m not only hoping for an agreement; I’m praying for one’ !! [1] Can you believe it?! This Zionist whore says this Basiji Beggar, ie a silly beggar/ whore that begs for a cigarette, is the symbol of Iran and Iranians !! Basijis escorted and controlled her. They knew that she is a Zionist Spy. On April 10, 2015, this Zionist whore, Orly Azoulay, writes more about her Travel in Ynetnews, and says: ‘Soon it would be time for the evening prayer service … but when I met my Iranian escort [!] (ie her Basiji escort), the blood drained from his face .. (but) ‘I have to pray [!!]‘ I said, and looked him straight in the eyes. ‘Are you really going to prevent me from praying? [!!!] You’re a man of faith [!!!] (my Basiji Brother)‘ ! … Wait 5 minutes. I’ll call (Agent R), and he’ll go with you, my (Basiji escort) said … (the Basiji Agent) R showed up 3 minutes later and got into the cab with me, angry and stressed out. I met Agent R. earlier that afternoon … Agent R says: It’s a crime for Iranians to visit Is-r-ael – for the Jews too .. But I asked him why he was so anxious. Agent R. said: “I’m afraid .. After all, youre from Is-rael [!!] … They understood I was Jewish, and Is-r-aeli too! Agent R., my escort, appeared uneasy …’ !! If you google for ‘Orly Azoulay in Iran’, you can easily find and read her crap. This Zionist whore and her Basiji escorts Worship and Pray for the same Jewish God (ie Satan), the God of Hypocrisy and Barbarity. As she says, Basijis knew that she is Is-raeli. But she just tells part of the truth. As the funny Iranians make joke, At Khomeini’s airport, she has said to Basijis: Oh, my Dear Basiji Brothers, I am a Mossad Agent, a Jewish CIA, a Zionist Sister! So Basiji Brothers made love with their Zionist Sister, and welcomed her! Mullahs love the Jewish CIA and Zionist spies such as Leveretts and Azoulay. Rouhani has already made love with Zionists, and with the CIA Oliver North -who had a key role in the CI-A Drug Trafficking. The love story of ‘Zionists and Mullahs’ or ‘Jewish CIA and Mullahs’ is a very long but a very important story. Their Hypocrisy and their Sham Fight is so important. And now, even the 3% say: they have badly shown their true colors (Bad-jouri Gandesh Darumadeh !) ! Now this Zionist whore, Azoulay, can show you why Iranians already said: ‘When Netanyabu went to the US Congress, then US Senators stood and chanted: Sele Ala Muhammad, Yavare Rahbar Amad ! (God Bless the Jewish supporters of Mullahs) !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots can see why Mullahs and Rabbis are dressed alike, and worship the same Satanic things. Mullah in the Tazi/ Islamist tradition stands for Priest in Christianity, or Rabbi in Judaism. Mullahs are really like the Jewish Rabbis. Mullahs, Zionists, Saudis and Basijis are Brothers. They all serve the interests of the same Great Satan! Now even the stupid West’s historians talk about ‘the Mullahs who served the British imperial interests’ or about ‘the Islamists who worked for the European empires that dominated the world’ ! They cannot deny all facts. They are like this Jewish whore, Azoulay, who tells many Big Lies, but has good confessions. For instance, this Zionist whore, Azoulay, says: In Iran, the Jews say: We are Iranians first and foremost; We love Iran, our country .. Iran’s Jews are adamant in their loyalty to Iran’ ! It’s a good confession. But It’s obvious why this Zionist Spy, Azoulay, sees Iran and Iranians as ‘a country desperate for a deal’ ! This Zionist spy, like all Western Barbarians, claim that their own gang of Mullahs is equal to our Iran and our Iranian people! They openly say: 97% is equal to 3%! or ‘1000 non-Iranian whores = 80,000,000 Iranians’ ! After the Jewish CIA ‘Going to Tehran’, now Isr-a-eli spies openly make love with Ayatollahs, but Mullahs say: ‘It’s not important. It’s not a bad thing that (the Jewish CIA travels to the House of Mullahs) ! The only bad thing is that they openly write about such trips’ ! (April 2015) And it’s what the Mullah whore, Marzieh Afkham, officially says. The love story of ‘Mullahs and Zionists’ is as important as the love story of ‘Mullahs and Great Satan’ or the love story of ‘Savage Saudis and Mullahs’. This Nowruz (2015) was one of those historic moments that History will never forget it. In this Nowruz (2015), the Islamic Turkmanchai, the Islamic Lies, the Islamic Hypocrisy and the Islamic Barbarity are a Historic Farce. In this Nowruz (2015), Mullahs/ Islamists clearly proved/ confirmed two important things: (1) Mullahs/ Islamists are not Iranians. Mullahs/ Islamists are Masons and/or Tazis (Tazis = Savage Arabs + Savage Jews) (2) The Tazi Religion of Mullahs is a Satanic Region. The Jewish Religion of Islamists is nothing but Saudi Islam or Masonic Islam, ie the Religion of Silly Lies & Sadism. The Religion of Islamists is a Jewish / Masonic Cult. In the Jewish Religion of Islamists, Intolerance or Barbarity is free, but Humanity or Tolerance is forbidden. In the Masonic Religion of Islamists, Savagery or Slavery is free, but Free-Will or Freedom is forbidden. In the Masonic Religion of Mullahs, Lying is free, but Honesty or Telling the Truth is forbidden. In the Satanic Religion of Islamists, Censorship is Free, but Truth is forbidden. In the Jewish Religion of Islamists, Evil things such as Sadism, Lying or Hypocrisy is free, but Good things such as Joy, Happiness, Honesty or Good feeling is forbidden. Now all Iranians, even the 3%, can see that Saudi Islam or Tazi Religion of Islamists is really a Jewish/ Satanic religion. Savage Saudis and Mullahs worship Satan. All Islamists are Devil-worshipers, because they tell big lies (worship Lying), they hurt other humans (worship Sadism), and they use all Evil tools to achieve their Satanic goals (worship Barbarity/ worship Machiavelli)”. We should write more about the 2015 Nowruz. But as some wise Iranians say: “This Nowruz and the Islamic Turkmanchai revealed many things. In this Nowruz, Mullahs/ Islamists were licking the ass of their Great Satan in Switzerland, but at the same time, Mullahs/ Islamists were fucking themselves with their Tazi Religion and their Satanic mourning rituals in our Nowruz Celebration in Iran! In the 2015 Nowruz, Mullahs/ Islamists were fucking themselves with their Tazi mourning rituals in our National Celebration! But at the same time, the fucking Islamists/ Mullahs were making love with their Satan and with their Saudi/ Zionist Brothers, and the Savage Saudis were Raping Mullahs & Basijis in the Savage Arabia and Hajj trips! In the 2015 Nowruz, you could see why Iranians say: ‘God’s punishment makes no sound’ ! (Choob-e Khoda seda nadareh) ! In this Nowruz season, all Iranians used a lot of F words about the Mother of Mullahs, and then as funny Iranians say, God fucked the wives/ sisters/ mothers of Mullahs in this Nowruz! The wives, sisters or mothers of Mullahs -including Khatami, Khamenei, Rouhani, Jannati and other Masonic Mullahs- died in this Nowruz, and the same time, Savage Saudis and Savage Arabs Raped Islamists and Basijis in Hajj Trips. As our people sarcastically say, Thank God ! This was God’s warning / God’s punishment! In this Nowruz, Islamists fucked Islamists; Islamists raped Islamists; and Islamists showed the true colors of Islamists! Thank God ! In this Nowruz, Savage Saudis and Savage Islamists showed the true face of their Tazi Religion in a way that even the Islamic media referred to Saudis and Savage Arabs/ Islamists as ‘Savage Barbarians – who have always been savages and uncultured’ ! This Nowruz and its events, including the Islamic Turkmanchai, showed that the New Year, as the funny Iranians say, is the Year of Fucking the Mother of the Mullah Regime ! (Sal-e Khar-Mathar-e Regime) ! In this Nowruz season, all Iranians used a lot of F words (Fohsh-e Khar-Mathar) about Mullahs, and then even God showed that this Year is ‘Sal-e Khar-Mathar-e Regime’ !”. In this new Iranian year, Iranians say many good, funny and important things. As some wise Iranians say: “After what the Savage Islamists and Basijis did in 2009, we all should thank Savage Saudis for what they did in their fucking Hajj. Savage Saudis raped Islamists and Basijis in the fucking Hajj Trips, and Mullahs licked the ass of the Savage Arabia, and said nothing about ‘Namus-e Islam’ (Genitals of Islam)! Before 1979, Mullahs used to open their dirty mouths and to talk about Genitals of Islam! But now, Mullahs and Islamists have no honor and no dignity (Bi-Sharaf & Bi-Namus ! ) ! Now Mullahs openly praise the Islamic Turkmanchai and Licking the ass of their Great Satan! Now Mullahs even lick the asses of their Zionist Brothers and their Savage Saudi Rapists! Now Mullahs allow Savage Saudis and Savage Arabs to Rape Mullahs and Basiijis! Now Mullahs say: Raping Basijis is not a big deal; Rape is not important’ ! And it’s not a joke. Just look what Mullahs, including their Fucking Qom and their Fucking Hozeh & Rozeh, say and do. Mullahs are really Masons. Mullahs already talked about the Genitals of Islam or the Mother of Islam, but now they even defend Rapists and […] ! Now Mullahs, who are not Iranians, say to Iran’s people: Why do you insult our Arab Brothers, ie Arab Rapists, Savage Saudis & Anti-Iran Arabs? !! And this is the Religion of Mullahs, the Religion of Shamelessness (Veqahat). The Religion of Mullahs is a dead Religion. Mullahs, like Mongols and other extinct animals, become extinct in a way that History will never forget. Now even the 3% say: Saudis, Savage Arabs and Islamists are Pawns of the Devil ! Now it’s clear that the Savage Arabia (Saudi Arabia) is the House of Satan. Now even the 3% are knowing Tazis and Mullahs. Now even the 3% compare Khamenei with Gaddafi and Saddam! Now even the 3% talk about Eating both Onions & Sticks (Choob & Piaz)! They know that Mullahs now face Extinction! (In 2013, we wrote about Eating Onions & Sticks; check Archive) Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) can see that Mullahs and Islamists Az Bikh Arab-An! (Az Bikh Arab-An is a Persian slang that literally means: ‘they are too much Arab/ Tazi’, but it actually means: they are so stupid, so retarded and so uncultured) Now even the 3% talk about the Jewish Islamists and Crypto-Jews! Now it’s clear Who created the 2009 CIA Coup, the Islamic Turkmanchai, and also the 1979 Tragedy”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The current Islamic Turkmanchai is revealing many things. Now even idiots can see that Mullahs are very different from Iran’s people. Iran’s people say: You should not oppress others, and you should not allow others to oppress you. Iran’s people have always supported the oppressed people, and opposed the oppressor. But Mullahs are Arabs, not Iranians. Now all sane people can see How Mullahs openly lick the asses of the Oppressor and Bullies. Mullahs are Arab/ Jewish pigs. Iranians are friends of all good guys, including good Americans, good Jews, good Arabs or good Westerns. But Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs are enemies of all Good guys, but friends of Western Barbarians, Savage Arabs/ Jews and other Barbarians. Now Mullahs openly lick the asses of American Barbarians, Tazis and other uncultured Barbarians. Islamic Clowns, like Zionist Clowns and British Clowns, tell childish lies. But now even the 3% ask, for instance: After the story of Yemen and Raping, why Mullahs still refuse to close the Savage Saudi embassy? [!!] Why the CIA and the West’s Zionist media should support Mullahs and this Islamic Turkmanchai?’ [!!] If the US fact sheet (aka Fact-Shit !) is not true, why Mullahs refuse to publish their own Fact-Shit ? [!!] If the US Fact-Shit is really wrong, why don’t Mullahs publish their own Fact-Shit ?‘ !! In fact, even idiots and the 3% are becoming aware, and seeing the truth colors of Mullahs. They even can see why the West’s Evil Empire loves and supports Mullahs and Islamists. Now it’s obvious why the West’s Empire of Lies and their media – from the Ayatollah Fox and the Ayatollah New York Times to the Ayatollah Guardian, the Ayatollah BBC and the Ayatollah CNN- tell very Big lies, defend Mullahs, or attack Iranian people. It’s obvious why The Ayatollah CNN says: Will the Mullah supreme leader drink the Poison of Peace? [!!] (April 2015) and adds: ‘Desperate for a deal, Iranians were glued to their television sets [!!!], and tens of thousands poured out on the streets to celebrate (Islamic Turkmanchai)‘ !! It’s obvious why Iran’s enemies -including Zionists, American Barbarians, British Barbarians and all Orwellian media and all Masonic media tell the same Big lies, and censor all news/ facts in the same way. In the West’s Empire of Lies, 50 or 60 spies/ whores are equal to all Iranian people!, but Historic Events like the 2014 Referendum, the IMF Plans, and what the 97% of Iranians do and say about the Fucking Rouhani and the Fucking West should be censored and ignored ! In the West’s Empire of Lies, War is Peace, Lie is Truth, and Ignorance is Strength ! In the West’s Empire of Lies, the notorious Islamist Freemasons such as Sadegh Zibakalam are called intellectuals! In the West’s Evil Empire, the Ayatollah CNN openly and stupidly says: ‘Iranians are divided between moderates – led by Hassan Rouhani [!]- and hardliners, who (love) the regime’s ideology’ !! The West’s Evil Empire is really the Empire of Silly Lies”. In this year (2015), the stupid West is revealing many things in an unprecedented way. As some wise Iranians say: “Now it’s clear that the West is worse that the Orwellian World of 1984. The West is really like or worse that the World of Mafia ! Just look how their Media manufacture Silly lies. Just look how American Barbarians talk and act like Hitler and Nazis. Just look how the Savage West and the Barbarian USA love and support Savage Saudis, Savage Arabs and Savage Islamists. The West’s Neanderthals even don’t know that some things, like Extinction, Death or Downfall, happen only one time! Events such as Death, Downfall, Revolution, End of America, End of Mullahs, or Hanging/ Stringing all Mullahs up from the lamp posts in Iran happen only one time. But they even don’t know that when they create more and more Hatred, Anger and Awareness, then one time, and only one time, they see the Big Bang and the Big result of their Evil acts. Only one time, they become extinct! But they, like their Neanderthal Brothers, cannot understand such things. They like Neanderthals just set the scene for their own extinction. It’s interesting to know that in this year (2015), even the Americans write about ‘US Neanderthals’ ! For instance, they write about [2]: A Neanderthal Foreign Policy ! (2015) in websites such as Foreign Policy In Focus ( They say many stupid things, but they know American Neanderthals and the West’s Neanderthal Foreign Policy! Now even the West’s idiots say: ‘After 2009, and under the Obama administration, America has only grown closer to the Islamic Regime! In 2008, (even the stupid) George W. Bush said: ‘America respects the people of Iran’. But in 2015, US Senators crap about Iran’s people, and the Ayatollah Obama says, ‘America respects the Mullah regime, and the US loves Mullahs! (Even the stupid) Bush said: We (hate the Mullah regime), but we honor Iran’s people, and we respect the great history of Iran’. But now (the Ayatollah Obama and the Ayatollah UK / USA) love and support Mullahs’ ! The West’s Neanderthals were stupid Barbarians, and became extinct. But the stupid West still talks and acts like Neanderthals. They still support Tazis (ie Savage Arabs/ Jews). The West’s Barbarians still support Savage Arabs and Islamists. The Savage West and American Barbarians still talk and act like the KKK (Ku Klux Klans) and the Nazis. American Barbarians and American Fascists still say: ‘the KKK were true Christians’ ! US Barbarians still say: Barbarians are on the right side of the history! They still think Lying, Hypocrisy, Bullying, Barbarity, Savagery and other Evil things are good things! It’s obvious why British Barbarians and American Neanderthals hate the Iranian values (aka Human values) and the greatness of the Iranian people and Iranian civilization. It’s obvious why the West acts like Neanderthals. For thousands of years, Barbarians and Neanderthals lived in Europe. Maybe what the ancient Iranian myths and the ancient Iranian stories said about Deev (Devil/ Demoan) or the Human Eater (Deev-e Adam Khar) were actually true stories about Neanderthals and Barbarians in Europe. Now even the Americans openly talk about their Inner Neanderthal ! [2], and say: Neanderthals were Europeans like us [!!] .. We should Listen to Our Inner Neanderthal ! [2] They talk about War and Peace, Neanderthal-style ! [2] Now many things in the West, including their Lies, their Idiocies and their Orwellian Arts are Neanderthal-style! [2] Now they openly talk about the selfishness of their genes! [2] They even talk about their Neanderthal DNA ! [2] They say that their Neanderthal genes force them to listen to their Inner Neanderthal, and to act like Neanderthals and Barbarians ! [2] They know American Neanderthals and the Barbarian America. They even talk about the extinction of Neanderthals, and say: ‘Its not entirely clear why Neanderthals died out .. (But) at best, were only doing what the Neanderthals did! [2] They know and say that the American Sheeple and U.S. officials act like Neanderthals, and their fate is like the fate of Neanderthals [2]”.

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