The Fascist America: United States of Ayatollah

“Before the 2009 Coup, most Iranians thought that America cares about Freedom, Democracy or Human Rights. Most Iranians imagined that the US doesn’t have a positive relationship with Mullahs, and doesn’t support Islamists. So, most Iranians were not Anti-American. Before 2009, Iran’s people were Anti-Mullah and Anti-Islamist, but not Anti-American because most Iranians naively imagined that America hates Islamists and the Mullahs regime, and America cares about Human Rights, Iran’s people, Freedom or Democracy in Iran! But after 2009, many things changed. America showed its true colors in a silly way. In recent years, all Iranians and all sane humans could see that America is a Fascist Country and an Orwellian Police State, which loves Bullying, Barbarity and Big Lies, but hates Democracy, Freedom and other Iranian values (aka Human values). This American Monkey Obama showed the true face of the Fucking America. In and after 2009, any sane person could see that America is a Friend of Islamists & Mullahs, and an Enemy of Iran, Iranians and all good guys. After the 2009 Coup, and after the stories of Snow-den and the Orwellian America’s War on Freedom, Democracy and Basic Rights, only Sheeple and Mind-Controlled Salves still don’t know why America is a Fascist/ Orwellian country. In recent years, all sane people could see why the Fucking America is actually the Fascist America”, some wise Iranians say. These days are historic days, and can explain many things. As some wise Iranians say: “Now you can understand why the Fucking America created the 2009 Coup, helped Mullahs in killing/ hurting Iran’s people, and censored all news of Iran in a silly way. Now US officials and US media just shatter all illusions about the Fucking America, the Love Story of ‘Great Satan and its Mullahs’, and why Iranians say: the 2009 Coup was the CIA Coup. Now the CIA agents openly talk/ write about [1]: ‘The Real Achievement of their Mullah Deal’ ! (Atlantic, April 2015), and say: the details arent what matters. What matters is the End of Americas 36-year-long cold war with Mullahs [!!] .. For the United States, positive relationships with Mullahs could bring enormous benefits [!!] .. What George Bush failed to achieve militarily, Barack Obama may now be achieving diplomatically [!!] .. the United States need a large, stable, oil-producing ally’ !! [1] American pigs have low IQs, and now reveal the aims of their 2009 CIA Coup in an unprecedented way. Now the CIA agents openly and stupidly say: This (Nuclear Turkmanchai) may pave the way for a positive relationship with the Mullah regime that is actually undergirded by a positive relationship with the Iranian people’ !! [1] US Neanderthals say that Tyranny is Democracy, and supporting Dictators strengthens Democracy! [1] American Neanderthals openly say that a positive relationship with Dictators and Islamists proves that the US is Anti-Islamist & pro-Democracy! [1] The American CIA agents openly say: American hawks seem to think that the more hostile Americas relationship with the Mullah regime becomes, the better the United States can promote Iranian democracy [!!!] But the truth is closer to the reverse [!!!]‘ [1] Can you believe it?! The American CIA agents actually say that the US supported the Mullah regime, and the US created the 2009 CIA Coup because the US wants to promote Iranian democracy !! US Neanderthals and American Fascists are such brainless pigs, and say such silly Orwellian jokes. And this is America, the Fucking America, the Orwellian America. Now the Fascist America openly says: the US created the 2009 Coup, killed Iran’s people and helped Islamist Dictators for promoting Democracy !! So, It’s obvious why we all should say: Fuck America! or Death to the Fucking America!”. In these days, many things are so laughable, and so informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now we all can see why the Fucking West is the Worst Orwellian Animal Farm in history. The 2015 Nowruz clearly showed that what is said about the Masonic world or the Orwellian world of the West is not a myth. The West is badly Orwellian, or Masonic. Masons or Big Brother’s agents control almost everything – including media, journalists and intellects- in the West. A single Big Brother controls all media and almost everything in the Fucking West. Even their Alternative Media and their Most Prestigious Media are CIA media or Big Brother’s media. Just look how they censor all news and all facts in the same way, and how they tell the Biggest Lies and the Worst Orwellian Jokes in the same way. Even their so-called Alternative Media or Free Media censor all news and all facts, and just repeat Big Brother’s lies. The Fucking America is like the UK. Now the American CIA agents openly defend Basijis, and talk about [2]: ‘Why Their Revolutionary Guard Supports the Nuclear Turkmanchai ? !! (LobeLog, April 2015) A CIA whore, N. BajOghli, writes this crap. She is actually Kos-khol-Oghli. She is just one of those Basijis and CIA agents who tell the Biggest lies in a silly way, and reveal US plans. This CIA whore -who lives in the US- openly says: ‘The majority of members in the Revolutionary Guard and Basij actually want open relations with the West [!!] Our understanding in the West of Basiji forces comes almost exclusively from second-hand reports [!] … Neither of these sources captures the complex reality [!] of the internal dynamics [!] of the Guard and Basij [!!!] …. After the 2009 crackdown in Iran, I interviewed over 150 members of the Revolutionary Guard and Basij [!!] Most wanted an easing of relations with the West [!!!] … Following 2009, Basij became a bad word in Iran’s society [!], [But USA & CIA love and support Basij and Evil forces !]’ ! [2] Can you believe it?! This CIA agent works with the BBC, the Huffington Post, Lobelog, IranWire and other CIA media. This CIA-Basiji whore openly says that Basijis and Islamists love their Great Satan, and adds: ‘Basijis told me they consider the Green Movement protestors traitors … But Basijis (and Mullahs are the real Traitors; now even the 3% say that Mullahs are the real traitors!) .. Despite this criticism, we cannot fully understand the Guard or Basij – and what they desire for the future of the regime they vehemently support – if we continue to view them only through the lens of oppressors [!!!] We must understand their stories [!!]‘ [2] Can you believe that the CIA and the Great Satan openly defend Savage Islamists and Basijis in this way?! Now the CI-A agents and the CI-A media in the USA (ie almost all American media) say such silly things, and support their Basijis, their Islamists, their 2009 Coup or killing/ hurting Iran’s people! It’s now obvious why the CIA loves and supports Basijis/ Islamists. Now even the 3% talk about American Islam, American Basij, American IRGC, American Velayat etc because they can see how ‘CIA Head defends Mullahs’, and how both CIA Head and IRGC Head praise the Islamic Turkmanchai and the love story of ‘Great Satan and its Mullahs’ ! As US media reports: ‘CI-A Head says Critics of Nuclear deal Disingenuous! On April 7, 2015, C-IA Director John Brennan told an audience of students and faculty at Harvard University in Massachusetts: I certainly am pleasantly surprised that Mullahs have agreed to so much here ! … ‘Citing Mullah’s concessions,’ including agreeing to a dramatic reduction of centrifuges, Brennan said: Boy, nobody ever thought Mullahs would do that at the beginning ! .. Ali Khamenei gave a green light to Rouhani to try to broker a deal with Great Satan, Brennan said’ ! It’s obvious why the CI-A chief says such things, and why IRGC and C-IA say the same things. Now the Head of Basij and the Head of CI-A say the same things, and both praise their Islamic Turkmanchai. It’s not a hidden fact. Now even the 3% and their rank & file know what it means. Now it’s clear why the CIA head is actually the head of Basij & Sepah (IRGC), and why they create and praise the Islamic Turkmanchai, the 2009 Coup, the IMF Plans and other Masonic Projects. What the C-IA Director said at Harvard University on April 7 was shameful. He said he loves this Islamic Turkmanchai because their Mullahs have agreed to make so many concessions to the Great Satan! But now even the stupid 3% laugh, and say: Oh, yah, Mullahs/ Islamists work for (CI-A), and make so many concessions to Great Satan!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “History will never forget and forgive the Great Satan and its Mullahs. After 2009, many things became clear, and that’s why now even the 3% know why both C-IA Chief and IRGC Chief Praise the Nuclear Turkmanchai. We all know that their rank and file is very different from their leaders. In the Mullah regime, their leaders are non-Iranian whores – who work for the Great Satan and other enemies of Iran. But the 3% and their rank and file were merely so stupid, and thought their leaders were fighting against the Great Satan and other enemies of Iran! But now, the Islamic Turkmanchai is making Everything clear. Now even the 3% compare Mullahs with Qajars, and it’s so important. Now their leaders praise this Islamic Turkmanchai, but their rank and file, like all Iranians, hate it and ridicule it. Any sane person knows why it’s so important. The stupid West and its media censor all news, and tell Big lies. But we all know what Legitimacy, Death or Downfall means. The West is a Big loser. Do Censorship, Telling Big & Blatant Lies, the Ministry of Truth and Lie Factory add to their credibility/ legitimacy or destroy all their credibility/ legitimacy?! The West is so stupid. Now all Iranians, even the 3%, laugh at the Fucking West and its Mullahs. Now the CIA agents say: ‘Rouhani, like Gorbachev, wants to end Mullahs cold war with the Great Satan [!!] And like Gorbachev, he is (obeying CIA orders) [!] .. As Columbia University expert Gary Sick recently noted, ‘if you want regime change in Iran, meaning changing the way the regime operates, this kind of deal [ie Islamic Turkmanchai] is the best way to achieve that goal [!!] The best evidence of Sick thesis is the euphoric way (the Masonic media) have reacted to the current deal [!] …Obama has now begun (open Lovemaking with Islamists)! In so doing, he has improved Americas strategic position’ !! [1] But when the CIA agents say such things, even the 3% (ie regime’s supporters) ridicule the US and its Mullahs. Now the CIA monkeys openly say: ‘Reality Check: Great Stan Needs Mullahs’ !! (April 2015) These CIA monkeys – ie the notorious Jewish CIA agents, Leveretts- openly say that Great Satan Loves Mullahs! In their recent Orwellian crap – whose real title should be: ‘Reality Check: Why the Jewish CIA Created the 2009 Coup’ ! – they openly say: Americas position in the Middle East is in free fall, and the only way Out is to realign U.S. relations with the Mullah regime [!!]‘ In fact, they openly say that Mullahs just serve the interests of Great Satan! And it’s a good and important confession. The CIA created the 2009 Coup because Mullahs serve the interests of the USA. And now even the 3% are becoming aware of this issue. The Islamic Turkmanchai will clear many things, and will change many things”. They also add: “Now even the 3% can see why and how C-IA Chief and Basij Chief say the same things, and How and why CIA Brothers and Basiji Brothers do and say the same things. It’s so important. What the US, Mullahs and the UK do and say in these days are so ridiculous, and so informative. In Iran, we have a funny term ‘beh Rishesh Mikhandan‘ that means ‘people laugh at him and ridicule him, his low IQ, his idiocy and his beard’ ! And now even the Mullah Leader says and knows that Iran’s people ‘beh Rishesh Mikhandan’; The whole world, even the 3%, ‘beh Rishesh Mikhandan’ ! In the 19th century, the UK and Masons used Hajji Baba and created Turkmanchai. At that time, they said Hajji Baba is a Genius! But very soon, even the stupid Hajji Baba saw how his UK and his Masonic Masters ‘beh Rishesh Mikhandan’ ! And now the Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei is worse than Hajji Baba. His Masonic Masters say he is a Genius !, but at the same time, they ‘beh Rishesh Mikhandan’ ! Hajji Baba, Rouhani, Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei and all Masonic stooges finally will see How the people, the world, the history and even their own Masonic Masters ‘beh Rishesh Mikhandan’ ! Now all Iranians ridicule the West and its Mullahs. Now all Iranians laugh at Islamists and at the Fucking Religion of Islamists. The love story of ‘Mullahs & Saudis’ or ‘Savage Saudis & Savage Basijis’ is so funny and important (we would write more about it later)”. In these days, many things are laughable, important and informative. As some wise Iranians say: “All Iranians know why the UK says: The Mullah deal is Better than Expected !! (April 2015) All Iranians know the UK and its Mullahs. Now what the Ayatollah BBC and the Ayatollah Guardian say just confirm that what Iranians already said about the Fucking UK and Mullahs is really true. But here lets ignore the British Barbarians or the Barbarian Britain. Just look what the Fucking America says and does. American insanity is unbelievable. US Neanderthals have fucked America. In 2009, the Fucking America refused to put any sanction/ pressure on its beloved Mullahs, who were killing/ suppressing Iran’s people in the streets. US pigs and the Fucking America created the 2009 Coup, IMF Plans, Anti-Iran Sanctions and Anti-Iran Sadism, and now openly praise the Islamic Turkmanchai and the love story of ‘the Fucking USA and its Mullahs’ ! The Fucking USA sowed the seeds of hate, and now all Iranians spit at the Fucking US and this American Baboon, Obama. As Iran’s average people say: this American Baboon, Obama, badly showed the true face of America (Badjuri Aberuy-e America ro bord … !) ! US Baboons -from Obama and US Senators to US media- just showed that America is the Land of the Evil. The US sowed the seeds of Hate, and now Iranians say: American Lies, American Hypocrisy, American Censorship and American Sheeple clearly show that America is the Land of Neanderthals. American Bullying, American Barbarity, the US Law of the Jungle, and American Barbarians clearly show that America is the Land of Barbarians’ ! US Pigs -from Obama and Chomsky to US Senators – just show the true colors of American values. Now in his stupid NPR interview, the Ayatollah Baboon (Obama) openly says: if we sign this nuclear deal, we strengthen the hand of the Mullahs in Iran [!!!] (April 2015) It’s a historic confession. Thank God that this American Baboon (Obama) and all American Bullies have such low IQs. This American Baboon Obama is full of shit and shitty paradoxes. He makes good confessions. For instance, he openly says that America just wants to buy time! In his stupid NPR interview, the American Baboon (Obama) says: Essentially, we’re purchasing for 13, 14, 15 years assurances [!!] .. Now we have much better ideas about what it is that their program involves [!!] We have much more insight into their capabilities [!!!] And the option of a future president to take action if in fact they try to obtain a nuclear weapon is undiminished [!!] … And at the end of that period, maybe they’ve changed … If they haven’t changed, we still have the options available to me! .. Their economy has been severely weakened [!] … But that doesn’t mean that if we just apply more pressure, then somehow we get a better deal [!!] … (our IMF Plans should fuck their economy … their economy should depend on us) … And If their economy becomes more integrated with the world economy [!!], then in many ways it makes it harder for them to engage in behaviors that are contrary to our norms [!!] … We don’t have to count on changes in the Mullah regime .. we have to make sure that even if the regime doesn’t change, (Mullahs still lick America’s ass, and still serve U.S. interests !)‘ The Ayatollah Baboon (Obama) is a useful idiot. What this Baboon (Obama) says in these days are historic confessions – which can show you many things about the aims of the 2009 Coup, IMF Plans and other Orwellian/ Masonic projects in recent years. Now instead of saying: Fuck Obama, Fuck the mother/ father of Obama!, Iranians say: Fuck America, Fuck the Mother of America! Fuck the Fathers of America! Now many know ‘How Masons made the US’. Even Americans talk about ‘How Masons created the United States’ ! Now it’s clear why the USA is actually the United States of Assholes (USA), the United States of Animals (USA), the United States of Ayatollah (USA) or the United States of Neanderthals”.

As some wise Iranians say: ‘the C-IA and Sick pigs such as Gary Sick and his Sick friends openly support Mullahs. But its now obvious why they love Mullahs, and say: ‘With the help of Mullahs, Obama has improved Americas strategic position’ !! [1] (April 2015) Sick Pigs like Gary Sick and other Sick Shits in America created the 1979 Tragedy and the Mullah regime. The USA is really the United States of Ayatollah. US officials are Orwellian pigs. Now they say, for instance: ‘Obama and his (Mullahs) brightened the prospects for Iranian freedom’ !! [1] (April 2015) The US and its Sick Pigs tell such Orwellian jokes and shatter all illusions about America. Now the US officials just reveal the depth of their bankruptcy, their foolishness, their shameless and their wickedness. American pigs such as Gary Sick, Chomsky and Leveretts are Jewish Baboons or Nazi Neanderthals. The Jewish Neanderthals and all American Baboons still worship Stalin, Hitler or Genghis. They still think Barbarity, Bullying, Terrible Censorship or Big Lies are helpful, and Mind-Control projects and Brainwashing campaigns can help the Fucking America! But now in Iran, even the 3% say many good things, such as: ‘Oh, Fath-Ali Shah rests in peace, because Khamenei is worse than you! (Fath-Ali Shah asudeh bekhab keh Khamenei bidar ast !) ! (April 2015) It’s exactly what the 3% (ie regime’s supporters) say. In these days, even the 3% say : ‘Mullahs are much worse than Qajars & Fath-Ali Shah ! (Qajars & Fath-Ali Shah ro Rusefid Kardan !) ! .. God Bless Fath-Ali Shah! Mullahs are worse than Qajars’ ! Now even Khamenei knows How even the 3% ‘beh Rishesh Mikhandan’. Iranians, even the 3%, are not like American/ British Sheeple. It’s interesting to know that in recent days even the 3% and their state TV air programs about Freemasons and Turkmanchai !! It’s funny and important. In fact, even part of the 3% and their stupid TV try to show the true colors of Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and this Islamic Turkmanchai ! It’s so funny. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) ridicule ‘the Fucking West and its Mullahs’. Now Iranians refer to the Love story of ‘Great Satan and its Mullahs’ as A Very Long Engagement !, A Very Long Love affair ! or A Very Long Brotherhood ! ! A few Masonic Brothers praise the 2009 Coup and the Nuclear Turkmanchai, but all Iranians, even the 3% now say: ‘the West and its Mullahs badly show their true face! (Bad-juri Gandesh Darumade .. ! ) ! Now even the 3% can see -or openly say- that the Dark secrets of Great Satan & its Islamists have been revealed ! (Bad-juri Gande HameChizeshoon Darumade .. ! ) ! American pigs, like British Neanderthals, censor all news and just tell Big lies in a silly way or ‘Kheili Tablo’ ! (, as Iranians say). But you should ask yourself: Why the UK and the US censor all news and tell Big lies in such a silly way (Inqadr Tablo !) ?! This question is important. Now the US media and the UK media tell the Worst lies in history, the Biggest Lies in history. They are worse than the Nazi Goebbels. Now British Lies and American Lies are much worse than Nazi Lies and Stalin’s Lies. And it’s so important and so shameful. The US and the UK tell the Biggest Lies and the Most Blatant Lies in history, because the US or the UK is the Worst Orwellian Animal Farm in history. The UK regime is much worse than the Nazi regime and the Stalin regime. And the US regime is like the Masonic Regime of the UK. American Censorship and American Lies just reveal the depth of their bankruptcy. Now it’s clear why even the good Americans talk about End of America or Death of America”. They also add: “The UK is the Worst Animal Farm in history. Iranians have already talked about British pigs such as Sadegh Zibakalam and other British Basijis, British Spies and British Masons. But now, in April 2015, the stupid UK and the Guardian openly praise British Basijis/ Islamists such as Zibakalam and Abazari! It’s so funny that the British Neanderthals support their spies/ stooges in such a silly way (Inqadr Tablo)! British Basijis/ Masons such as Zibakalam, Ali Motahari, Ahmad Tavakoli, GoozAli Abazari, Rouhani, Iraq-chi, Jannati and other non-Iranian Basijis work for the UK and Iran’s enemies, and that’s why all Iranians (+97%) hate them, but the UK and the British media love and support them. In these days, the UK and its Mullahs act like retarded Neanderthals. So, now the 3% are shocked ! Even the rank and file of Basijis are shocked. The 3% are shocked because they knew nothing about the love story of ‘the West and its Mullahs’. The 3% are shocked, because they didn’t know that the UK is actually the Ayatollah UK. The 3% have been shocked to hear that Mullahs wants to accept the Nuclear Turkmanchai! The 3% have been shocked to hear that the love story of ‘Great Satan and its Mullahs’ is not a myth. But the 3% are not alone. Now many people are shocked, too. Western Censorship and Western Lies shock many people. The West’s Systematic Censorship and the West’s Systematic Lies are so important and so informative. So, now even idiots are becoming aware, and put comments and say: The Biggest Lie in this lifetime is: the Mullahs and the West are enemies‘ ! or ‘America is the deepest/ worst Hypocrite! Now even non-Iranians see the US and the UK as the Axis of Evil, the Axis of Big Brother, the Axis of Fascism/ Barbarism etc, and their media report: the UK and France are censoring web sites for political opinions, and Australia and Canada are proposing legislation to do the same .. the Washington Post owner gets money from C-IA! The Washington Post gets lots of money from the C-IA and Big Brother agencies .. Canada’s proposed law for more state surveillance is shameful .. the UK regime defends mass surveillance and (Orwellian Society) .. the UK regime claim the Right to censor news, to violate Basic rights, and feel no shame about it! .. the UK Internet Filters is like or worse than (Mullah Internet Filters)’ ! (March/ April 2015) Now even the good Westerners say: In America and Europe, the so-called Civil Society is dead. And Snow-den’s story and what happened in recent years show that it’s not wrong. In the West, mind-controlled Slaves and Sheeple don’t protests against the real Evil Acts. The story of Snow-den in 2014, and the story of the French Farce in 2015, clearly show that : In the Fucking America and the Fucking West, their so-called Civil Society is Dead. Their Big Brother media and their Orwellian governments dictate what they should do/ say, how they should think/ protest, how they should live etc! The US, like the UK, is a real backward and third-world country. But it’s not the whole story. Now even the good Americans can see that the US, like the UK, is the Worst Orwellian Animal Farm in history”.

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