Nuclear Turkmanchai: Great Satan and its Mullahs

“In Persian language, that is the First language of Culture and Civilization, we have many funny terms that can describe the Mullah Turkmanchai or the Nuclear Turkmanchai in Lausanne. One of these Persian terms is ‘Kuse Rosvaii’ that you can translate it as ‘the Horn of Scandal’. In these days, all Iranian people -even the 3%- talk about the End of Mullahs, the Death of Mullah Religion/ Ideology, the worst Cup of Poison (Jam-e Zahr), the worst Cup of Shit (Riq-e Rahmat) etc. But as you know, and as you can guess or predict, the West and its media, specially UK media which is the Worst Lie Factory in history, censor all facts and just tell Big Lies and Orwellian jokes in a silly way. Now it’s quite clear, and even the 3% say, that Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) is much worse than Hassan Elchi (Hajji Baba), as the Mullah Ali Khamenei is much worse than Fath Ali Shah or Shah Sultan Hussein. Now even the 3% can see that Mullah is Nokar-e England and Nokar-e America (Nokar = stooge/ puppet; e = of; so, Nokar-e America = Stooge/ Puppet of America)! Now even the 3% say that Mullahs are the worst puppets of the West“, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Now it’s quite clear Who are the real Fenteh and who are the real Spies/ Stooges of Iran’s enemies. Now even idiots and the 3% can see that Mullahs are not Iranians, and Mullahs work for Iran’s enemies. Now it’s quite clear why Basijis, Rouhanis and Islamists are Ajnabi (= non-Iranian pigs) or Nokar-e Ajnabi. Iranians inside Iran, and also those who know Persian language, can easily see what Iran’s people, including the 3%, say in these days. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) say many funny and important things about the West, Mullahs, End of Mullahs or Death of Mullah Religion/ Ideology. Now even little kids can see why the Ayatollah Freemason and the Ayatollah Great Satan created the 2009 CIA Coup and other Masonic projects in these years. Now it’s quite clear why Rouhanis, Basijis and Islamists are Nokar-e America and Nokar-e Britannia. In recent years, the Chain of Events -from the 2009 CIA Coup and IMF Plans to the current Nuclear Turkmanchai- revealed many things, and that’s why now even the 3% – ie regime’s supporters- openly talk about End of Mullahs, Death of Mullah Ideology, or End of Islamic Regime! In this Nowruz, all Iranians can see that the Fucking Religion of Mullahs is the Religion of Lies, the Religion of Satan. In this Nowruz, Mullahs openly make love with Satan and Great Satan, but fuck themselves with their Fucking Jewish/ Masonic mourning rituals in our Nowruz Celebration in Iran. So it’s obvious why now even the 3% talk about the Death of Religion/ Ideology of Mullahs. Now even idiots and the 3% know How this Islamic Turkmanchai will change many things in the near future”. These days are Historic days, and as some wise Iranians say: ‘Now even the 3% say many good things. But the West censors all news, tells Big lies, and creates a Historic Farce. Now, after all Orwellian Games from 2009 to 2014, we all can guess or predict what the Fucking West and British Neanderthals will do and say. In these days, the Masonic UK and All Media in the UK & the US confirm our predictions! (We ask you all to) Take a look at the UK media and the Guardian -Link: ht-tp:// – and see what the Worst Masonic Media and the Worst Lie Factory in history say! It’s so funny. It’s a Historic Farce. As you know, the UK and the US censor all news of the Fucking Filtering system in the Fucking Rouhani era. But now they say: Many Iranians bypass states filtering system to post positive messages about (Filtering system, Fucking Rouhani and Nuclear Turkmanchia)‘ !! (GU, April 2015) It’s exactly what the UK Guardian (GU) says! British Lies are the Biggest Lies in History. British Neanderthals even say: ‘Mullah nuclear negotiators arrive in Tehran amid warm public welcome’ !! Now it’s obvious what even the good Brits say to the UK media: What a revolting and full of lies media. Shame on you’ ! UK media is really the Worst Lie Factory in history. Now the US, the UK and their Mullahs show their true face in an unprecedented way. Now the British Lie Factory and their Guardian have headlines such as: ‘Nuclear Deal (Turkmanchai): Iranians find ways to celebrate on social media’ !!! or Britain must act now to bring (its) Mullahs in from the cold !! Thank God that they show the Truth of what Iranians said/ say about the West and its Mullahs. Now there is no doubt hat the Guardian is the MI6 media, and the UK is the worst Masonic Tyranny. Unfortunately, all Western journalists are like British Neanderthals. And it’s so important and so shameful that almost all Western journalists are CIA agents, MI6 spies or Masonic whores – who just tell big lies & censor all facts. American-British Neanderthals think if they censor important news/ facts such as the 2014 Referendum, the Terrible Censorship and Internet Filtering in the Fucking Rouhani era or what the 97% of Iranians say about the Fucking Rouhani, then they can pretend that 1000 Masonic spies/ whores = 80,000,000 Iranians! Now even the 3% say many good things, but the West and the UK still pretend that a Handful of Masonic Spies/ Whores – ie 2009 Traitors such as Behnoud, Akbar Ganji, Nikahang, Nabavi and other Khatamists/ Basijis- are equal to Iran or Iranians! In these days, British Neanderthals and their Savage Arabs tell many Orwellian jokes. For instance, the Arab media (Al-Arabia etc) say: this Islamic Turkmanchai is not a great defeat for the Islamic regime in Iran, but it’s a defeat for Iran’s society’ !! (April 2015) Saudi Islam is really the Religion of Silly Lies and Sadism. What British Barbarians and Savage Arabs say and do in recent days can shatter all illusions about Saudi Islam, Masonic Islam, Masonic UK, British Mullahs, British Islamists and British Masons. This year (2015) is a very good time to know How the UK Lie Factory and the British Ministry of Truth tell the Biggest lies and the worst jokes in history. If you want to know more about the Masonic Islamists, the Masonic Regime of Mullahs, or the aims of the 2009 Coup and the 1979 Coup, then you must take a look at the UK media and US media in these days. These days can shatter all illusions about the West and its Mullahs. In recent years, the British Masonic Dictators for Mullahs – from the 2009 CIA Coup and IMF Plans to Nuclear Turkmanchai- were not hidden facts. So, now even the 3% can see that the Mullah regime is a puppet regime that takes dictated terms from London and Washington. Now, in April 2015, even the 3% openly say: the Mullah regime is Dead ! The Islamic regime Dies ! (Enqelab Islami/ Nezam Islami Tamam Shod, Mord) ! Now many of the 3% talk about Fatehe Velayat because they can see that Velayat Faqih is Satanic/ Masonic Velayat, and Islamic Regime is Satanic-Masonic Regime, the worst puppet regime in Iran’s history”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs and their Masonic Masters (UK & US) are bad Neanderthals. Now before signing the Islamic Turkmanchai, they stupidly try to Test public reactions. In these days, the stupid Mullahs, or as Iranians say, the stupid Mules think people are stupid (Khar-ha/ Olaq-ha Mardom ro Khar Farz Kardan !) ! Western Neanderthals, specially US-UK Neanderthals, and Masonic-Islamic Neanderthals such as Rouhani, Salehi, Zarif, Iraq-chi and other non-Iranian mules insult the people’s intelligence in a silly way. As our people say: Islamic animals think people are as stupid as themselves! (Gusaleha/ Gaw-ha Mardom ro Gaw Farz Kardan !) ! Animals such as Zarif, Salehi or Iraq-chi are Non-Iranian shits. Mullahs are Masonic-Islamic Neanderthals. They work for Iran’s enemies, and think that a silly and vague joint statement can hide the truths. But all Iranians know and hate Islamic Neanderthals such as Rouhani and Zarif – whose only skill is Ass-licking & Lying in a silly way. Mullahs think Iran is like the stupid USA, in which American Neanderthals say that the American people are brainless retards who need ‘A Dummy’s Guide to the Nuclear Deal’ ! In these days, If you take a look at US fact-shit, Mullah bull-shit and what Mullahs, US officials and all media – from Mullah media to other Masonic media including UK media & US media- say, you can find their Dummy’s Guide to their Nuclear Turkmanchai, in which they say: Mullahs have agreed to reduce by two-thirds their installed centrifuges [!!] … Mullahs will go from having 20,000 installed today to 6,000 installed, with only 5,000 of these enriching uranium [!!] All centrifuges should be IR-1s, the first-generation centrifuge! .. Mullahs have has agreed to not enrich uranium over 3% for at least 15 years! .. Mullahs will not use Iran’s Advanced Centrifuges to produce enriched uranium for at least 10 years ! .. Mullahs have agreed to reduce the current stockpile of 10,000 kg of low-enriched uranium (LEU) to 300 kg of 3% LEU for 15 years .. The architecture of US nuclear-related sanctions on Iran will be retained for much of the duration of the deal [!!] and allow for snap-back of sanctions [!] .. For 10 years, Mullahs will limit everything, even Research & Development [!!] .. The robust inspections of their uranium supply chain will last for 25 years! Mullahs have also agreed to not build any new nuclear facilities for 15 years’ ! (April 2015) This is the Islamic Turkmanchai – which is worse than the 1828 Turkmanchai- and now even the 3% say: God Bless Turkmanchai ! (Baz Sad Rahmat beh Turkmanchai ! ) ! God Bless Fath Ali Shah! – that means: Khamenei is worse than Fath Ali Shah. It’s obvious why all Iranians (97% + 3%) say: We, Iranians, will never accept this Nuclear Turkmanchai. Even the 3% know that the Mullah Fath Ali Shah Khamenei is the direct responsible for this Nuclear Turkmanchani. Now even the 3% know that Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) is a little British Spy, and the British Mullah Shah Sultan Hussein Khamenei is the direct responsible for this Islamic Turkmanchai, as he is the direct direct responsible for the 2009 CIA Coup, the IMF Plans and other Masonic projects in these years. It’s obvious why the Ayatollah Great Satan loves the Ayatollah Freemason, why even the 3% talk about the End of Mullahs, and why even their own CNN says: Khamenei flirting with the Great Satan! or Khamenei welcomed Obama’s (Nuclear Turkmanchai) ! Now the Ayatollah Freemason or the Ayatollah Fath Ali Shah openly licks the ass of his Great Satan; and Obama and the Ayatollah Great Satan say: It is a Good Deal ! (April 2015) Western Neanderthals and their silly Masonic Games/ Orwellian Games are so stupid. They just show/ prove the Truth of what Iranians already said about the West and its Mullahs. Only Neanderthals and Retards still don’t know why Mullahs are non-Iranian puppets of the West, and why the West should be called the Orwellian West, the Barbarian West or the Savage West. Now even the 3% have become aware of many things. They know the Ayatollah Monkey (Obama) and this British Spy, Rouhani. They know the meaning of Kuse Rosvaii. Now many of the 3%, like all Iranians (97%), say: Fuck Obama, Fuck Rouhani, Fuck UK, Fuck England, Fuck Khamenei, Fuck America, Fuck the West and its Mullahs. In these days, even the 3% can feel the taste of Islamic Lies, Islamic Crap and Islamic insults to people’s intelligence. Now even the 3% make good jokes about Mullahs, Great Satan and Islamic Turkmanchai. They can see how Mullahs tell big lies, and why Islamic Lies are Orwellian Lies. They know the meaning of Aroo-Gooz (Barking & Farting), Taslim (surrender), Daryoozegi (bad begging), Vadadegi (bad defeat), Harum-zadegi (bad bastardy), Fateha (bad End), Cup of Shits, Cup of Poison and many other things. The West and its Mullahs insult the people’s intelligence in a silly way. Now the American CIA agents say: Cup of Poison is Cup of Peace! Khamenei drinks Cup of Poison, ie Cup of Peace’ !! (April 2015) The CIA agents are such Neanderthals! They happily say: Fordow is closed down, Shut down! Mullahs lick the Great Satan’s ass! And it is Peace’ !! In their Dummy’s Guide to the American-Islamic Turkmanchai, they officially say: ‘Mullahs have agreed to not enrich uranium at Fordow for at least 15 years [!!] .. Mullahs have agreed to not conduct Research & Development associated with uranium enrichment at Fordow for 15 years [!!] .. Mullah will not have any fissile material at Fordow for 15 years [!!] Almost two-thirds of Fordows centrifuges and infrastructure will be removed [!!] The remaining centrifuges will not enrich uranium [!!] Mullahs will remove the 1,000 IR-2 centrifuges currently installed at Natanz [!!] .. Their centrifuge manufacturing base will be frozen [!!] .. Inspectors will have access to uranium mines and everything for 25 years! .. the original core of the Arak reactor will be destroyed [!!!] .. Mullahs will ship all of their spent fuel to Russia [!!] Mullahs have committed indefinitely to not conduct reprocessing or even R&D on spent fuel [!!] Mullahs will receive sanctions relief, if they verifiably abides by their commitments’ ! (April 2015) This Islamic Turkmanchai is a ridiculous deal between Great Satan and its Mullahs. But Iran and Iranians will never accept such shitty/ illegal deals. Mullahs are neither Iranians nor representatives of Iran or Iranians. The US and the UK love their Mullahs. The US and the UK love & support their Mullah regime and their silly Turkmanchi. It’s none of our business. They can fuck each other, or humiliate each other. It’s none of our business. The West and its Mullahs are very different from Iran and Iranians. In 2009 and all these years, including the 2014 Referendum, all Iranians (+97%) have officially declared that the Mullah regime is an illegal, illegitimate and non-Iranian regime. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) openly say: Iran must have Nukes, and the West and its Mullahs can go to hell and fuck themselves! It’s obvious why all Iranians (+97%) say: Iran Must have Nukes; Iran must Have Democracy We, Iranians, know what the chain of events -the 2009 CIA Coup, IMF Plans and now Nuclear Turkmanchai- means. Iranians know the Masonic Dictates for the Mullah Dictator. Western Dictators for Mullahs, or Masonic Dictators for Mullahs, are not hidden facts. In and after 2009, we all could see the West’s Dictates for Mullahs. Now the CIA and the worst Jewish CIA agents (Leveretts, Chomsky etc) openly say: If America is to recover its strategic position, it must with Mullahs [!!] Americans can Advance U.S. Interests Through Cooperation With Mullahs’ !! Flynt Leverett and Hillary Leverett are CIA monkeys, and they are officially known as: CIA analysts !, CIA experts ! or CIA agents! These CIA monkeys show that the Love story of ‘CIA and its Mullahs’ is not a myth. These CIA monkeys want the Mullah regime to be a puppet regime in Iran that takes dictated terms from Washington! These Jewish CIA monkeys, Leveretts, openly talk about ‘Why a fundamentally different relationship with the Mullah regime is in Americas interest !! (ie Great Satan’s interests !!) (March 2015) Basijis are Brothers of these Jewish CIA agents. The UK, Basijis/ Islamists and the Jewish CIA created the 2009 Coup. Basijis such as Marandi, Talib-Zadeh, Mason-Zadeh, Arab-Zadeh and other non-Iranian Basijis/ Islamists openly work with their Jewish CIA, and call it ‘New Horizon’ ! The UK, the CIA and their Mullahs openly refer to the Love Story of ‘CIA and Mullahs’ as New Horizon! Now they openly say The Islamic Turkmanchai is a New Horizon, too! But it’s obvious why the UK, the Jewish CIA and their Mullahs say such things, isn’t it?!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “This Masonis-Islamic Turkmanchai is not merely a Nuclear issue. Many things are part of this Islamic Turkmanchia. For instance, the story of Yemen and the Savage Saudi invasion to Yemen is part of this Islamic Turkmanchai. The Great Satan dictates all things to Mullahs and Arabs. The West dictates what Mullahs are allowed to do and say. The West dictates IMF Plans and other Masonic plans to Mullahs. The West dictates Everything -from Medieval Tyranny/ Fascism, Foreign relations, 2009 Coup and IMF Plans to Evil Fire-wall and internet Filtering/ Censorship. The West dictates Everything to Mullahs. And this is the Islamic Turkmanchai or the Mullah Turkmanchai. But now even the 3% and idiots can see the truths, and that’s why even the 3% make good jokes about Mullahs and their Turkmanchai. Now Iran’s people say many good and impotent things. For instance, Iranians say: ‘the White House is truly the Devil’s house, the Satan’s house and the Monkey’s house. Now this American Monkey, Michelle Obama, says that their Argo/ 300 was actually a film that praised our Great Persia & our Nowruz! … This fucking Monkey Obama and other American Neanderthals are bad jokes. They openly say that Savage Arabs/ Saudis and Sunni Jihadists of Islamic State (ISIS) fight for American values! … Do you think Savage Arabs/ Saudis and Sunni Jihadists of Islamic State and other America’s allies fight for Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy?! No; they fight for American values, ie for Bullying, Barbarism, Sadism, Genocide, and other American-Satanic things! .. The Ayatollah America has lost its mind. The Fucking America, (like Mullahs), has lost all its credibility .. Mullahs said: We should have 200,000 centrifuges! But they even cannot have 20,000 centrifuges! The West should say how many centrifuges Mullahs can have! Now Mullahs are only allowed to have 5,000 centrifuges, the most basic model (IR-1), ie 5,000 SWU instead of 200,000 swu! Now Mullahs should beg & buy Everything, even Bushehr’s fuels, from the West ! This is their Islamic Independence! .. Mullahs will not be allowed to use Iran’s more advanced models! The West dictates what Mullahs can have, and what Mullahs can use! And this is the Islamic Independence! .. Great Satan dictates that Mullahs should massively reduce their stockpile of low-enriched uranium from 10,000 kg to 300 kg! And Mullahs obey Great Satan’s orders! Mullahs lick the ass of their Great Satan. And this is the Mullah Islam, the Religion of Satan & Silly Lies .. Now Basijis and Hezbollah should change their old Song to a new Song like this: Mashallah Hezbollah (Mashalla Hezbolla)! Nokari America, Mashalla Hezbolla! Licking the Ass of America, Mashalla Hezbolla! The Nuclear Turkmanchia, Mashalla Hezbolla! Nokari Britannia, Mashalla Hezbolla! Basijis & Islamists are the Worst Puppets of America, Mashalla Hezbolla! Basijis & Islamists love Great Satan & Turkmanchai, Mashalla Hezbolla! Islamists lick the ass of Great Satan, Mashallah Hezbollah! Islamists & Hezbollah are the Sons of Satan, Mashallah Hezbollah! Islamists & Hezbollah are the Worst Slaves of Great Satan & America, Mashalla Hezbolla! .. This Nuclear Turkmanchai is a Great Defeat for all Mullahs/ Islamists, and for all Western supporters of Mullahs. If Iran and Iranians want to Celebrate one thing, they Celebrate this Great Defeat for Mullahs and the Fucking West, which is behind Mullahs … What the West and its Mullahs say is worse than ‘Khod Goozi & Khod Khandi’ ! .. Masons talk about Sanctions and Putting pressure on Iran’s economy, and say: What is the goal? The goal is to put the people against the Mullah system! But this is a very Big lie simply because of what happened in 2009. The West’s goal is to keep the Mullah system safe. In 2009, All Iranians people were in the streets and fought against the Mullah system. But the West just aided the Mullah system in killing and suppressing Iran’s people. So, Fuck the West and its Mullahs .. All Iranians know that Sanction is not the main issue. IMF Plans and the West’s Dictates are the main issues. Mullahs and IMF Plans, not Sanctions, have created all economic problems. So, even if they remove all sanctions, then nothing will change. All Iranians (97% + 3%) are aware of this issue. Mullahs are Anti-Iran puppets of the West, and it’s the main issue. IMF Plans, Mullahs and other stooges of the West (not Sanctions) have created all problems, including Economic Problems .. Islamic Regime is the Regime of Crooks & Thieves, the Regime of Spies & Sadists. The Fucking West and its Islamists have created all problems .. Islamic Republic Dies simply because their main slogans: Republic, Freedom and now Independence are Dead .. the Mullah regime is the Islamic Monarchy .. this Islamic Monarchy is a Satanic Monarchy, a Masonic Monarchy, a British Monarchy .. The Fucking West is a bad joke. They steal our Freedoms, and then talk about Stealthy Freedom! The Fucking West steals Iranian Freedoms, and then sheds crocodile tears for Stealthy Freedoms! .. Western media and Masonic-Mullah media (Alef, BBC, Gooya, KhabarOnline, RoozOnline etc) are the same shit. Just look How they tell the same big lies, and how they censor all news/ facts in the same way! .. The fate of this Islamic Turkmanchai is like the fate of their Treaty of 1919 … the Fucking West and its Mullahs have lost their minds. Now their analysts say that They asked the Mullah regime to give its legitimacy, and gets immunity !! .. This is their Heroic/ Islamic Flexibility, ie Masonic Flexibility! In their Islamic-Masonic Dictionary, Lie = Truth, Defeat = Victory, Limit = Modernize, Shut down = Upgrade, Satan = God .. In this Fucking Mullah regime, Licking the Ass of Great Satan is called Resistance! .. Islamists surrender themselves to their Great Satan, but call it Resistance! .. This is their End; Their Islamic Regime Dies; Thank God ! .. Javad Zarif is really a Javad, a (Masonic/ Islamic Neanderthal) who just tells silly lies in a sill way .. Iraq-chi works for the MI6, and Salehi is an Iraqi CIA agent .. Salehi is nothing but a CIA agent from Iraq .. Zarif is a Freemason, a member of Hojatieh, a stupid CIA agent .. All Iranians hate shits like Rouhani & Zarif … Now Basijis & Islamists say: Long live Great Satan! Islamists love Great Satan! But All Iranians say: Fuck America! Death to America! Death to Ayatollah America! Death to the Fucking America! .. Only Masons such as Tavakoli, Behnoud, Ali Motahari or Zibakalam love & defend this Nuclear Turkmanchai .. Just look how the Ayatollah BBC defends this Islamic Turkmanchai’ ! In these days, even the 3% say many good things. Now even the 3% put comments and say good things such as: ‘Rouhani is worse than Gaddafi & AN .. Why CIA and (UK & West) are happy, but all Iranians just ridicule this shameful deal ?! .. (If you read the 1828 Turkmenchai, you can see that) the Mullah Turkmanchia (Lausann-chai) is worse than the 1828 Turkmenchai .. It’s a great defeat for the Islamic regime .. Why our Mullah TV and all Mullahs celebrate, and defend this shameful Nuclear Turkmanchai? .. Lausanne-Chai or LausanChai is much worse than TurkmanChai .. The West should say How many X or Y will you be allowed to have or to do?! Is it your Independence?! .. All Basijis should die; Shall Great Satan should humiliate Islamists in this way and with this Turkmanchai? All Basijis should die from this Great, Historic Shame .. Is it our Red Line?! Is it our Independence? Is it the result of the Blood of our Martyrs and our Nuclear Martyrs? [!!] .. These stupid faggots (Rohani, Zarif, Iraq-chi etc) want to fool whom?! All Iranians know & hate them so much .. Fordo will be closed down, and become a football stadium for Qom & Hozeh! … This (Islamic Turkmanchai) is equal to the Death of Islamic Regime .. Fordo will be closed down; Fordo will become Bustan-e Velayat ! (ie a stupid Park)! .. The Islamic Regime died; Mullahs gave everything, and got nothing; Mullahs surrendered themselves and all they had to the West, and just got a silly candy .. God Bless Pahlavi; God Bless Qajars. Mullahs and Rouhani are worse than Pahlavi and Qajars (Pahava va Qajar ro Rosefid Khardid !) ! .. Even a retard or a stupid mule (Har Khari) could do what Rouhani, Zarif and Iraq-chi did, ie making all concessions and reaching to this Nuclear Turkmanchai ! .. Their negotiations was a silly game; even a little kid or a stupid mule (Har Khari) could get this shameful Turkmanchi, without any effort’ ! (April 2015) Now all Iranians, even the 3%, say many good things. But the West censors all news and all facts in a silly way. Only some Mullah media publish a small part of Iranian comments and Open Letters. If you know Persian, you can find and read part of the Iranian comments and Open letters. They can show you many things”.

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