Western Barbarians, Savage Arabs: Devil’s Game

“In this year (2015), if you take a look at the Western media – from their Mass media to their Alternative media- you can see that the West is worse than the Orwellian world of Animal Farm or 1984. Now the West’s Games or the Devil’s Games are so stupid and so ridiculous. Just look how Western Barbarians and Savage Arabs/ Saudis wage war against Yemen. Just look how the Western Pigs and the Fucking America openly help and support Savage Arabs, Savage Saudis and Savage Islamists. The Love story of ‘America and Savage Arabs’ is so ridiculous. Now the West and the US openly and shamelessly support Savage Saudis and Savage Arabs/ Islamists. Now it’s clear that the US really deserved the 9/11 attacks”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The West’s Animal Farm is so ridiculous. As George Orwell truly said, even the West’s dissidents and the West’s opposition groups are Big Brother’s whores. In the West, the Brotherhood and Big Brothers control almost everything -including Alternative media, dissidents and opposition groups. In the West, many people live like Sheep. In the West, many people are stupid Sheeple and mind-controlled Slaves. The West is the worst Orwellian Animal Farm. Even in their so-called Free Media or Alternative Media, they just tell big lies, censor all news, and repeat Big Brother’s crap. Now the Fucking America and American pigs openly support Savage Saudis and Savage Arabs/ Islamists. They still say: War is Peace, and Ignorance is Strength! We all know who created ISIS/ ISIL and Savage Islamists. Now it’s clear that US officials, Savage Arabs and Islamists don’t believe in God or Religion. Now even the good Westerners and good Arabs know or say: ‘Persians were cultured people … (Tazis = Savage Arabs/ Jews) were savage barbarians; they were like or worse today’s ISIS/ ISIL. They were described as ‘wild and untamed beasts’, ‘bloodthirsty’, ‘beastly’ and ‘barbaric’. These Arab tribes were known for ‘robbery and warfare’ in a ‘beastly and bloodthirsty manner’. These savage Arabs invaded other countries. The Barbarity of these Arab invaders (was like) the Barbarity of Turko-Mongol Barbarians. These Arab invaders were actually (Tazis or rabid dogs) Tazis were ‘villainous and God-hating Savages’. The Satanic-Barbaric acts by Tazis in the 7th century were no different from what ISIS, Saudis and other Islamists are doing today. The barbarians who conquered brutally and governed tyrannically were not human but sons of the desert, corrupted, bringing dissolution, worshiping Barbarity and Insanity. They had no respect for old age, orphans, the poor, or pregnant women. They said that their God loves such Evil and such Barbarity! (Their Jewish God was Satan), who said: If you don’t accept our religion and our rule, then we would (commit Genocide and) kill all men, women and children’ ! If you read history and take a look at the current events, you can easily see why the good guys say such things about Savage Arabs/ Jews, Savage Turks/ Mongols, Savage Islamists and other Barbarians. If you read history, you can understand many things better. Western Barbarians support Savage Arabs/ Jews, because Western Barbarians and Savage Arabs/ Jews have the same Satanic-Barbarian values”. They also add: “Now we all can see How Western pigs & US Barbarians openly help and support Savage Saudis and Savage Arabs/ Islamists. No one can deny this undeniable fact. The Devil’s Game or the West’s Game is really stupid. Only the West’s Sheelpe and mind-controlled slaves still know nothing about the Devil’s Game or the West’s Game”. In these days, if you open your eyes, you can see many important things. As some wise Iranians say: “Now you can learn a lot about the West and this shitty world, even if you ignore the ridiculous story of the Nuclear Turkmanchai, the Love story of ‘Great Satan & Mullahs’, the important story of ‘Western Censorship and Internet Censorship in this Fucking Rouhani era’, and why all Iranians are laughing/ spitting at the Fucking West, the Fucking Islamists and the Fucking USA, and why Iranian people say: Fuck America & Fuck Mullahs. Even if you ignore such important stories, there are many other important facts/ signs. Just look how Barbarians wage War and invade Yemen. The story of Yemen, ISIS/ ISIL, Savage Saudis, Savage Arabs and Savage Turks is so informative. Just look how British Barbarians and Savage Americans help and support ISIS/ ISIL, Savage Saudis, Savage Arabs and Savage Turks. Those who officially created ISIS/ ISIL in Syria and Iraq, now invade Yemen. Savage Saudis and Savage Arabs are little shits (Chalquz) They are little puppets of the West. This barbaric invasion on Yemen is a Masonic War or a Masonic Game. You can ask yourself: Why Yemen doesn’t respond to Saudi invasion?! With the help of the West, Savage Saudis try to kill Yemen’s people and to destroy Yemen’s infrastructures. So, Yemen should bomb Saudi oil wells and Saudi oil facilities, and stop Savage Saudis. Buy why they don’t react to the Savage Saudi invasion?! Saudi is a little shit, and so vulnerable. If Iran was behind Yemen, and if Iran supported Yemeni people, then they would react to this barbaric invasion, would bomb Saudi oil wells and Saudi oil facilities, and would stop savage Arabs. We all know how Yemen can stop this Barbaric invasion. Savage Saudis and Savage Arabs are little shits. Yemen can easily destroy all Saudi oil wells & all Saudi oil facilities. But why do they refuse to stop Saudi attacks, and allow these little shits to kill Yemen’s people and to destroy Yemen’s infrastructures?! This Masonic War is Orwellian, illogical, irrational and ridiculous. Saudis and all Islamists are the Masonic puppets of the West. If Iran was behind Yemen, then Savage Arabs could not invade Yemen. Now all Iranians, even the 3%, say: Yemen should bomb and destroy Saudi Oil wells and Saudi Oil facilities, and stop Savage Saudis’. We all know what it means. If Iran supported Yemen, then many things would change. In the ancient time, Persia (Iran) had good relations with Yemen. For thousands of years, Iran helped the good Yemenis to fight against Savage Arabs and Tazi Barbarians. When Iran supported Yemen, Savage Arabs and Tazi Barbarians were controlled by Yemenis. Even in the Pahlavi era, all Arab kings licked the ass of Iran’s Shah. But Mullahs are not Iranians. Now Mullahs praise Savage Saudis, Savage Arabs and Savage Turks -who openly crap about Iran! In recent days, the Masonic Mullah TV openly says: ‘Saudis invaded Yemen, and killed many Yemenis … (But) Mullahs and Basijis want to go to Saudi Arabia, to do Hajj, and to help Saudis’ ! (March 2015) Can you believe it?! It’s exactly what their Mullah TV says. Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs and Saudis/ Wahhabis are Brothers. Now Mullahs openly attack Iran & Iranian values, but defend and praise Savage Saudis, Savage Arabs & Saudi Islam/ Wahhabi Islam! These days are historic days. Now Savage Turks and this Turkish-Islamic Barbarian, Erdogan or Ardogan, openly say Anti-Iran things. Now this savage Turkish Dictator, Ardogan or as Iranians call him KhArdogan (the Donkey Ardogan) openly defends Islamic Fascism in Turkey, openly supports ISIS, Savage Arabs and Savage Saudis, and openly say Anti-Iran things and Anti-Iranian carp. But you can ask: How do Mullahs react to this Savage Turk?! Now even the 3% and the Mullah media say: Why Mullahs don’t react to Savage Turks or Savage Arabs?! It (just shows) that Mullahs are not (Iranians)’ ! (March 2015) In fact, now even idiots and the 3% can see why Mullahs are not Iranians. If Iran’s regime was an Iranian regime, then they would act and talk like Iranians. But Mullahs are Arabs and/ or Masons. So, Mullahs just act and talk like Savage Arabs, Masons and other enemies of Iran”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, any sane person can see what is the Devil’s Game or the Masonic Game. The story of the Nuclear Turkmanchia, or the Love Story of ‘Great Satan & Mullahs’ is so funny and so informative. After a lot of Barking and Farting (Arro-Gooz), Mullahs openly lick the ass of their Great Satan. Mullahs are much worse than Pahlavis and Qajars. And it’s so important. History and the stories of the British Colonialism, Saudis, Wahhabis, Tazis, Mullahs, Hajji Baba, Turkmanchai, Seyed Jamal (Al-Afghani), Seyed Hindi (Khomeini), Muslim Brotherhood etc can explain the current events. Even the story of the Nuclear negotiations between the Shah and the USA in the 1970s can show you many things. If you read history, you can understand many things better. For instance, you can understand why The West toppled the Shah, and why the West created the 1979 Coup and the Mullah regime. As you know, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) was established in 1974. As US officials say: Between fiscal years 1975 and 1976, the AEOIs budget was expanded from $31 million to more than $1 billion. But the US and the West didn’t like Iran’s nuclear programs. The West and its Mullahs wanted to keep Iran weak and dependent. In the 1970s, the West and Mullahs/ Islamists said: Iran doesn’t need the nuclear energy! The West and its Mullahs even said: Iran doesn’t need modern weapons! If you google for ‘US-Iran Nuclear Negotiations in 1970s’, you can find many documents, including [1]: ‘National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 268’. In this official document, Americans say: ‘During the 1970s Iran argued for a Nuclear energy capability on the basis of national ‘Rights,’ while the Ford and Carter administrations worried about Iran’s nuclear programs, according to newly declassified documents published by the National Security Archive for the first time ! [1] If you read history, you can understand many things better. Now the USA officially says: During the 1970s Washington’s greatest concern was that the Shah (of Iran) sought a capability to produce plutonium [!!] [1] In fact, what the Jewish Marxists/ Masons such as Noam Chomsky say about Iran’s nuclear programs in the Pahlavi era are Blatant Lies or Masonic/ Orwellian Lies, and just show/ prove that pigs like Noam Chomsky are Big Brother’s agents. It’s so important that the Jewish Marxists/ Masons such as Noam Chomsky and American Leftists defend Mullahs and other dictators. They stupidly try to hide what happened in the 1970s. But they cannot hide the truths for ever. Now even Americans say: ‘the official documents show that two U.S. presidents dealing with Iran, Ford and Carter, put concerns over Iran’s nuclear programs .. From 1974 to 1978, Iranian officials argued that Iran had ‘Rights’ under the NPT to develop nuclear technology. But the US government sought an agreement that put (illegal) controls over Iran’s programs. The 1970s nuclear negotiations have other parallels with the current situation’ ! [1] If you read history, you can see Why the West toppled the Shah, and Why the West created the Mullah regime. You can ask yourself: Who enjoyed the benefits of the Shah’s downfall? The answer is clear: The Savage West, Savage Arabs, Savage Turks, Savage Jews and other enemies of Iran. If you think about Costs and Benefits, you can understand many things better. If you study about ‘Costs and Benefits of the 1979 Coup’, you can see that Iran and Iran’s people paid its Costs, but Iran’s enemies enjoyed its Benefits! And it can say a lot about the 1979 Masonic Coup”. They also add: “Do you know who has said: ‘No country has a right to dictate nuclear policy to another? It’s what the Shah’s chief atomic energy official said in 1977 [1] Now it’s clear why the UK and the US toppled the Shah in 1979, and why Masons (ie Mullahs, Marxists etc) helped the West. If you try to study about the 1979 Tragedy, you can find many facts and many documents that show why Mullahs were puppets of the West, and why and how Mullahs served the West’s interests. Even if you read Western books -such as ‘Devil’s Game’ and ‘Hostage to Khomeini’ – you can see How the US and the UK created Islamists and used Mullahs, and how Islamists and Mullahs served the West’s interests. Even Western people like Dreyfuss, who tell part of the truths, can show you many things about the aims of the Western Colonialism or the Barbarian-British Colonialism”. They also add: “In the 19th century, British Masons openly said that Iran should not remain a powerful country because Iran is the heart/ essence of the East. They said If Persia (Iran) becomes a powerful country again, then Western Barbarians cannot exploit the East and the World. If you read history, and if you take a look at current events, then you can see that Devil’s Game is not a myth, as the love story of ‘Savage Turks, Savage Arabs and Western Barbarians’ is not a myth. Now Savage Arabs and Turkish Barbarians openly do and say many Anti-Iran things. But just look how Mullahs have closed their dirty mouths. Mullahs even praise Savage Turks & Savage Arabs! Now even the 3% say: Who are the Friends of the Anti-Iran Turks & Savage Arabs? AhmadiNejad (AN), Basijis, Islamists, Rouhani and other Mullahs’ ! (March 2015) Jewish/ Islamic Freemasons such as AN and Rouhani openly defend and support Turkish Barbarians, Savage Arabs, Western Barbarians and other Iran’s enemies. And it’s really important that Mullahs openly defend and praise Savage Saudis and the Savage Arabia. In Iran, all Iranians can see how Mullahs and their Mullah TV defend and praise Savage Saudis and Saudi Islam. The Tazi/ Wahhabi/ Saudi Islam is Jewish Islam or Masonic Islam. The Savage Arabia is a sworn enemy of Iran and Iranians. But Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs are Savage Arabs. Mullahs and Saudis are Brothers. Mullahs just serve the interests of Iran’s enemies. And it’s an undeniable fact. Now all Iranians know how AN, Rouhani, Basijis & Mullahs serve the interests of Iran’s enemies, and attack Iran, Iranians, Iranian culture and Iranian values”. They also add: “In these days, the British shits, British Neanderthals or British Masons desperately try to defend their Mullahs, to justify their Nuclear Turkmanchai, and to help their Rouhanis. It’s so funny. These days are historic days. Now even the 3% know what’s the fate of Mullahs and those who accept the West’s Dictators or the Nuclear Turkmanchai. Now the CIA shits like Gary Sick say: ‘the most severe restrictions ever imposed on a state will reportedly be accepted for a decade or more before Mullahs are gradually permitted to assume its position as a ‘normal’ member of (the Masonic world)! … Arak will be permanently modified, so it produces near zero plutonium [!!] Mullahs have dramatically reduced its stockpile of enriched uranium’ ! (March 2015) It’s obvious why the CIA shits like Gary Sick and Brzizenski, who created the Mullah regime, say such things. It’s obvious why the CIA shits like Gary Sick, Chomsky, Brzizenski and Leveretts openly support the Mullah regime, the 2009 Coup and the Nuclear Turkmanchai. It’s obvious why the US regime and the UK regime love and support Savage Arabs, Savage Islamists and other enemies of Iran. You can ask yourself: Who are the so-called America’s allies?! Now the US media openly say: America’s allies are Savage Arabs, Savage Saudis and Savage Islamists (MEK/ NCRI/ ISIS etc) In this year (2015), all American media openly say that Saudis and Arabs are America’s allies! From morning to night, and in all of their fucking media, Americans openly and shamelessly say that Savage Saudis and Savage Arabs are America’s allies. It’s an undeniable fact. So it’s clear why Iranians just laugh and say: So America deserved the 9/11 attacks. Savage Saudis had to kill more Americans. America deserved it. Savage Saudis and America are Allies or Brothers! Savage Arabs and America are (Masonic Brothers) ! So America deserved the 9/11 attacks. Savage Arabs should kill more Americans! The US deserves it ! Iran’s people know the West’s Game, and say: Fuck America, Fuck Islamists. But in the West, only a few people know the Devil’s game. In 2015, some Westerners say: The US and the UK even don’t know what a free society means [!] The US and the UK even don’t know what Democracy or Free Media means [!] Almost all UK universities have rules restricting freedom of expression. The US government says encryption, privacy and anonymity are a lawless zone ..’ ! But How many Westerners know or talk about the Devil’s Game or ‘US and UK cooperation with Islamists and Dictators?”.

As some wise Iranians say: “If you want a better world, you should know the UK, the US and Tazis (Savage Arabs + Savage Jews = Tazis); you should know the history of the Barbarian West; you should know Tazis, Nazis, and Western Barbarians; you should know the Love story of “Great Satan & Mullahs’; you should know why Iranians say: Death to America is actually Death to Ayatollah America! America is actually the Ayatollah America! Great Satan is actually the Ayatollah Great Satan! So, Fuck America! If you want a better world, you should know the Saudi Islam, Wahhabi Islam, the so-called Jewish Islam, American Islam, British Islam, Mullah Islam or Masonic Islam. You should know why ISIS and Saudis are Satanists. You should know why Mullahs are not Iranians, and why Mullahs have always served the interests of Iran’s enemies. Now even their own Mullah media have good confessions about Mullahs, Iran’s Flag or the story of the Red Lion & Sun. In March 2015, the stupid Mullah Media confess: ‘the Lion & Sun was the symbol of Iran and Shia. In 1906, the Red Lion & Sun officially became the symbol of Iran and Shia, while the Red Crescent was the (Masonic symbol) of Ottoman Turks and Savage Arabs. (But after 1979) Mullahs (destroyed) the symbol of Shia, and accepted the symbol of Sworn enemies of Iran and Shia’ ! It’s what their own Mullah Media say. The recent Mullah confession about Iran’s flag, Iran’s symbols, Lion & Sun etc show that even the 3% know that the Mullah flag is a Masonic, Arabic, non-Iranian flag. Now even the 3% ask serious questions such as: ‘Why AhmadiNejad (AN) and Rouhani should defend and support the Anti-Iran Turks, the Anti-Iran Arabs and the Anti-Iran West?’ ! Now the soup is too salty, and even the 3% can see who is who, and why the Mullah regime is an Anti-Iranian puppet regime”. They also add: “All normal humans know who created ISIS/ ISIL. Now non-Iranians create cartoons (like above pix) and say: the West, Savage Arabs and Savage Turks created ISIS/ ISIL. Now it’s clear that almost all members of ISIS/ ISIL are Arabs, Turks and Europeans. Almost all Savage Islamists are Masons, Turks and Tazis. Even the good Arabs and the good Turks know and hate Savage Arabs and savage Islamists. The good Turks are normal humans, but the Savage Turks are still Brainless Barbarians and love Barbarian things (Barbari things) If you read history, you can see who are the Savage Turks, the Ottoman Turks or the Turko-Mongol Barbarians in Turkistan and Mongolia. Only Neanderthals and Jewish/ Islamic Freemasons such as AhmadiNejad (AN), Rouhani, Ganji, Khatamists, MEK, Basijis and other Enemies of Iran can love and defend Savage Saudis, Savage Turks, ISIS/ ISIL or the Savage West. Iran’s people and all normal humans don’t love or defend Barbarians, Bullies and Sadists”. They also add: “If you want a better world, you should know why the West is the Great Evil, and why America is Orwellian. The US is like the UK. In the US, even the Alternative media are CIA media or Big Brother’s media. In the US, even their opposition groups and their dissidents are CIA agents or Big Brother’s whores. Now their Alternative media (like Democracy Now) openly make love with the worst Jewish CIA agents (Leveretts etc) The USA is really the United States of Big Brother, or the United States of 1984. In these days, there is no need to ask: What do Iranians think of the US? What do Iranians think of the West? or What do Iranians think of Mullahs, Savage Arabs, Savage Turks etc? The answer is quite clear. Iran’s people are aware of many things. But unfortunately, the West’s Sheeple are blind and stupid. The West’s people are not Khar Fahm (Aware). They are not Aware of many things”. We have already written about Politics, Power, People, Change, ‘Khar Fahm Shodan’ and ‘Khar Fahm Kardan’ (check Archive for: ‘Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change’ etc) But as some wise Iranians say: ‘the West’s Sheeple are mind-controlled slaves. They even don’t know why Iran’s people hate both Mullahs and the Fucking West. The mind-controlled slaves just praise the Western Barbarity and the Western Bullying, and just repeat the Western Lies and the Western crap. The West is still savage and sadist, because many Westerners are mind-controlled slaves. Many Westerners don’t know obvious things. But it’s obvious why we, Iranians, only care about the West’s good guys. It’s obvious why Iranian influence is growing in the region every day and it will only get stronger after the Mullah Regime. Mullahs are puppets of the West. Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs lick the ass of the Savage West. But Persia and Iranians will not allow the West and Western Barbarians to hurt and exploit other countries and other nations. Mullahs and Islamists are enemies of Iran and all good guys. But Iran is a Friend of all good guys in all around the world, including good Arabs, good Turks and good Jews. After the Mullah regime, Iran and all Iranians will declare: all Good guys -independent of their race or religion- should know that Iran supports them. If you are a good guy, then Iran supports you. Iranians are natural friends of all good guys -including good Arabs, good Jews, good Turks or good Westerners- who care about Human values. If you are a bad guy, a bully, a barbarian, a fascist, a racist & sadist, you should know that Iran is not your friend. But if you are a good guy or a normal human, then you should know that Iran is your natural friend, and Iran can even protect you from bullies and barbarians. Mullahs Accept U.S. Bullying. But Iranians Reject U.S. Bullying. Mullahs lick the ass of the UK or the US. But Mullahs are not Iranians”. As some wise Iranians say: “For having a better world, the number of idiots, Sheeple, whores and barbarians should decrease. Barbarians don’t care about Human Values, and whores only care about money. Whores worship Money. Whores are slaves of money. In this shitty world, almost all politicians, journalists and Mullahs (ie clergy men) are whores. The Lefty intellects and Marxists are stupid whores. The West’s intellects and journalists are Big Brother’s whores. In the West’s Mind Control projects, all people should become whores or slaves. But the good guys and all normal humans don’t want to be slaves or whores. They hate this Western-made shitty world. They want a real change. They want a better world. They know why Iranians say: ‘the change speed is very very slow … the abolitionists worked more than 200 years without any serious result; The womens activists worked more than 150 years without any serious outcome .. But finally the Change occurred. In fact, when the process of Khar Fahm shodan completed, the real Change occurred‘. The history of ‘Mind Control projects’ and other Masonic projects in the UK and the US shows that they can only fool slaves and idiots. Now Barbarians and US Bullies openly say: the US can impose whatever sanctions it wishes! the US can eat whatever shits it wishes! the US can do whatever Evil acts it wishes! But now you can ask yourself: Who love American bullies/ barbarians and American Fascism?! Who openly defend Bullying, Barbarism, Sadism, Censorship, Hypocrisy, Lying, Slavery, Savagery, the Law of the Jungle, War and other Evil things? Who openly attack Democracy, Privacy, Freedom and Basic Rights? Who have forgotten the stories of the 2009 Coup, the Anti-Iran Sadism, the West’s Evil acts, Snow-den, Lavabit, Obama, ISIS, Saudis, US Senators and other Historic scandals?”.

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