Ayatollah Obama, American Neanderthals

“After 2009, their veil has lifted. Now it’s clear why Scientists say: Neanderthals were Europeans. Neanderthal Man was Western Man or European Man’. Now it’s clear why (even) Western scientists say: Europe was the Land of Neanderthals. During the Stone Age, Neanderthals lived in Europe. After that (European Neanderthals became European Barbarians) … The first inhabitants of Europe (ie the West) were Neanderthals, (and then) Barbarians or (Human-Eaters / Adam-khora) lived in Europe’ ! Even If you check your English dictionaries for ‘Neanderthal’ or ‘Neanderthal Man’, you can see that they say: ‘Neanderthal or Neanderthal Man = an early type of (Barbarians) who lived in Europe’ ! In fact, they themselves know and say that the West was officially the Land of Neanderthals! But it’s not the whole story. Neanderthals and Barbarians still live in the West. Now Neanderthals and Barbarians rule and control the West, and call themselves ‘politicians’, ‘journalists’ or intellects”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “the West was the Land of Neanderthals, and now a retarded Neanderthal is the US President. Now retarded Neanderthals rule and control the UK, the US, France and other Western countries. As you know, Neanderthal also means Retard or Super-Idiot. According to dictionaries, Neanderthal also means ‘very stupid, savage & primitive’ or ‘Neanderthal = an idiot who has old-fashioned ideas and opposes change’. Before 2009, Iranians said: Mullahs are Neanderthals from Britannia/ Arabia!, or Mullahs are British Neanderthals/ Tazi Neanderthals. But after 2009, the UK and the US clearly showed that UK officials and US officials are like or worse than Mullahs. American Neanderthals, like British Neanderthals, are Anti-Iran and Anti-Iranian, but pro-Mullah, pro-Arab, pro-Islamist, pro-Terrorist or pro-Barbarian. American Neanderthals, like UK Neanderthals, created the 2009 CIA Coup, and killed/ tortured/ hurt Iranian people. American Neanderthals, like English Neanderthals, made love with Mullahs and imposed their Sadistic Sanctions on Iranian people -who are Anti-Mullah. American Neanderthals, like British Neanderthals, showed and proved that the West has no respect for Democracy, Human Rights and Freedom. The West is still Barbarian. They only wear new masks. The Barbarian West is the main Enemy of Freedom & Democracy in Iran and the world”. In these days, the bad guys play silly games, and make historic farce. As some wise Iranians say: “US Neanderthals (US Senators etc) and their US President are like or worse than Mullahs. Now even Americans refer to this American Neanderthal Barack Obama as Ayatollah Obama! In fact, the Ayatollah Monkey (Obama) is so hateful. Only Neanderthals still love or praise him and his America. Many Americans and all Iranians (%97 + %3) hate Obama and his America. After 2009, the Ayatollah Obama just showed the true face of America. Even the Snow-den’s story and Obama’s war on whistleblowers & Truth-tellers clearly showed that Obama and his America are sworn enemies of Democracy, Privacy and Basic Rights (Human Rights) Now it’s clear why all Iranians say: Fuck Ayatollah Obama, Fuck Ayatollah America! In and after 2009, the Ayatollah Great Satan showed its true colors. Now the love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan’ is not a hidden fact. Now it’s clear why the Ayatollah Great Satan created the 2009 CIA Coup. The love story of ‘Obama and Khamenei’ is a Historic farce. They exchange green signal in a silly way. Now this stupid Monkey (Obama) openly says to Iranians: the US loves Mullahs and Mullah Fatwa! (March 2015) This American Monkey Obama is a retarded Neanderthal. In his so-called 2015 Nowruz Message, this American Neanderthal Barack Obama openly says: America loves Mullahs! He actually says: America created the 2009 CIA Coup, killed Iran’s people and helped Mullahs; so Iranian people should love the Fucking America! The Ayatollah Neanderthal (Obama) is a bad joke and a bad retard. The Ayatollah Monkey (Obama) thinks if he openly says that America loves Mullahs, or America killed Iran’s people, helped Mullahs, and created the 2009 Coup, then Iranian people would say: We love the Savage America! The Ayatollah Obama and other Neanderthals have low IQs. The West’s Neanderthals are like or worse than Mullahs. If you talk/ write about the Savage West, British Barbarians or American Neanderthals, then they censor your voice. The West’s Neanderthals think if they censor all news and all facts, then they can fool & manipulate people into loving Mullahs/ Neanderthals or believing Mullahs/ Neanderthals! They say: People are Stupid. But Iranians laugh and say: Yah, people are stupid, but they are not as stupid as you the Western Neanderthals (Areh Kharand, Vali na inqadr … !) ! American Neanderthals are the worst idiots in history. They even don’t ask themselves: Why do all Iranians know and hate Islamic Lies and Islamic Liars? Why do all Iranians know and hate ISIS, Savage Arabs, Islamists and British Barbarians? The West’s Neanderthals stupidly try to ignore the meaning of the 2014 Referendum or the 2009 Movement. American Barbarians still think that all humans are as stupid as Americans or Mullahs. But now only Neanderthals still don’t know that Mullahs are not Iranians, and all Iranians (+97%) hate Rouhanis (ie Mullahs) so much. Neanderthals play silly games. But now any sane person can see that the West is Orwellian, Western media are Big Brother’s media, and Western journalists are Big Brother’s whores. After 2009, the Barbarian West proved that Western values are Barbarian values and/ or Orwellian values. After the 2009 CIA Coup, the veil has lifted. Now the love story of ‘Great Satan and Mad Mullahs’ is so informative”. They also add: “The West is the Mother of Darkness. The West is behind Mullahs. The West is the Great Evil. But our ancient Nowruz, our Iranian Nowruz, has a very clear message: the victory of Good over Evil; the victory of Spring over all harsh winters; the victory of Iran over the Mother of Darkness and all Dark forces. It’s obvious why Islamists and Islamic Freemasons such as Rouhani and his Leader hate Nowruz and Iran. It’s obvious why Hassan Freemason (Rouhani), his Leader and all Mullahs are sworn enemies of Iranian values and Iranian Culture. This 2015 Nowruz (that we will write more about it later) is really unprecedented in history. A Dying puppet regime is revealing the depth of its confusion, bankruptcy and insanity; and a Great nation is showing the depth of its wisdom, greatness and maturity. It’s obvious why the West and its puppets (Islamists & Mullahs) hate our Nowruz, our Iranian values, and our Iran. Mullahs are Savage Arabs/ Jews (= Tazis). Mullahs and Islamists are Freemasons and/ or Tazis. They speak Persian with Arabic/ Tazi accent! They are not Iranians. They worship the Devil. They have low IQs. They even don’t know our Nowruz, our Iran and our long History. The West’s Neanderthals refer to Mullahs as Iran! British Freemasons and other Neanderthals pretend that their own Mullahs/ Islamists are representatives of our Iran because the 97% of Iranians hate Mullahs/ Islamists so much! This is the Masonic Logic, the Logic of the West’s Neanderthals. They pretend that Jewish/ British Freemasons such as Iraq-chi, Salehi, Tavakoli, Jack Straw or British Masons are Iranians! The West’s Neanderthals are bad jokes. Now Britain, France and USA -aka United Neanderthals/ Barbarians- ask their Mullahs to take ‘Difficult decisions’ and to accept ‘Nuclear Turkmanchai’ ! (March 2015) They even say: our Mullahs have not made Enough Concessions in nuclear talks !! (March 2015) They openly say that they want Further Concessions from their Mullahs !! (March 2015) American-British Neanderthals ask their Mullah Fath Ali Shah and Hajji Baba to crap about Iran and Nowruz, and to make Enough Concessions to Great Satan !! They openly say that the Mullah Ali Shah or the Mullah Shah Sultan Hussein is a genius because he is a puppet dictator who licks the West’s ass and makes concessions to the West! (March 2015) Their mass media openly say: (In 2015 Nowruz) the Mullah Dictator throws support behind the Nuclear Turkmanchai’ ! (March 2015) They say that the Mullah Fath-Ali Shah wants to accept 10 years Freeze (Taliq), 6000 centrifuges and all Western Dictates, to fuck the so-called Independence, and to prove that Mullahs are worse than Qajars or Shah Sultan Hussein! But even the Mullah Qand-Ali Shah knows why such Nuclear Turkmanchai is equal to the End of Mullahs, and the Death of the Mullah Religion/ Ideology. Now Iranians say: The West should allow or dictate How many centrifuges, X or Y they should have?! Is this their fucking Independence?! Mullahs are worse than Qajars. Mullahs are the worst puppet regime in history. In 2015, even the 3% and their stupid Mullah TV talk about Puppet Dictator, and sarcastically say: ‘Puppet Dictator thought that he is (x or y), but he was not even Shah Sultan Hussein’ ! (2015) In fact, even idiots know who is worse than Shah Sultan Hussein. Mullahs and those whose Difficult Decision is ‘Accepting the Nuclear Turkmanchai’ and Crapping about Nowruz and Iranian values just reveal the depth of their low IQs, their illiteracy and their Foolishness. Their Arbabs (= Masters) in London & Washington can play with them, and ask them to accept the Nuclear Turkmanchai ! Their Arbabs in London & Washington can ask them to hurt Iranians, to implement IMF Plans, to convert Internet into Filternet, to make Iran’s people even angrier, to dig their own grave, and to act like the worst puppet dictators in history. They are mind-controlled slaves of the West. Mullahs are Masonic Slaves of the West’s Neanderthals”.


As some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious why Iranians and all normal humans hate Jewish Neanderthals like Netanyahu and Islamic Neanderthals like Savage Saudis and Mullahs. But Obama and other American Neanderthals are blind and stupid. They even don’t know why America has lost credibility, and why Mullah has lost credibility. One day Iranians thought that America cares about Democracy, Freedom or Human Rights. One day Iranians thought that Mullahs are religious people. One day Iranians thought that Mullahs care about God, Religion, Morality, Truth, Good and such Iranian things. But after 2009, Mullahs and Islamists clearly showed that they are like or worse than ISIS/ ISIL. In all these years, specially from the 2009 Coup to the 2015 Nowruz, Mullahs just tried to show/ prove that the Tazi Religion of Mullahs is a Satanic Religion, in which Happiness, Joy, Humanity, Honesty, Truth, Logic, Wisdom and other good things are evil things, but Shamelessness, Lies, Sadism, Barbarism, Savagery, Lying, Hypocrisy, Thievery and other evil things are good things. In these days, Iranians are happy and celebrate Norwuz. In Iran, Nowruz is a time of joy and happiness. But Mullahs are worse than ISIS/ ISIL. They are Anti-Iran, Anti-Nowruz and Anti-Happiness. In these days, Mullahs are fucking themselves with Mourning and shedding crocodile tears. Mullahs and all Islamists are insane animals who just love mourning, yowling, barking, farting, lying, licking Satan’s ass and doing all Evil things. Mullahs and Islamists are Devil-worshipers. In Iran, people can easily see and feel that Mullahs and Islamists are Anti-Happiness, Anti-Music, Anti-Culture, Anti-Arts, Anti-Dance, Anti-Joy, Anti-Humanity, Anti-Truth, Anti-Good, and Anti-Human Values. Mullahs and Islamists openly say: You should not be Happy and you should not laugh! You should cry, weep and yowl for almost all days of the year! This is the Religion of Mullahs. In the Jewish Religion of Islamists, hypocrites, sadists, savages, killers , torturers, crooks, thieves, charlatans, liars and Satanists are called Men of God or religious people! The 2015 Nowruz -like the 2014 Yalda and all Historic Events- again showed why all Iranians hate Mullahs/ Islamists so much. Basijis, ISIS and Mullahs are Islamic Barbarians. They are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian Culture. This Nowruz (2015) just reveals the Depth of their Crises, including Crisis of Confidence, Crisis of Credibility and Crisis of Legitimacy. Now even the 3% know why all Iranians hate the ISIS & Mullah Religion so much. Now even the 3% know or say that the Tazi Regime of Mullahs badly suffers from Crisis of Confidence and Crisis of Legitimacy. As you know, ‘Crisis of Confidence = a situation in which people no longer believe that a government or a system is good or legitimate, and will no longer support it’. The current Crisis of Confidence in the Mullah regime is unprecedented in Iran’s history. Even the Pahlavi regime didn’t suffer from this level of ‘Crisis of Confidence’ in 1978/ 1979. Now it’s quite clear that the Mullah regime is a Dying regime, and has no future. Only the West and its Neanderthals can help and support a dying regime that is suffering from the Crisis of Popularity, the Crisis of Confidence, the Crisis of Credibility and the Crisis of Legitimacy”. They also add: “Mullahs and other Islamic Barbarians are insane slaves of the West. Mullahs and their Masonic Masters have badly confused, and cannot see obvious signs. This Nowruz is a big warning sign. But the West is politically, intellectually, morally and totally bankrupt, and that’s why they don’t see or don’t care about warning signs and undeniable facts, including the very very large gap between Iran’s people and the Mullah regime. American faggots censor all facts, and think it can help them! American retards censor all news, and think it can add to their credibility! American Barbarians think Bullying and Barbarity are legitimate means! In the US, all politicians and all journalists, pro-Obama & anti-Obama, are stupid Neanderthals (because) they think American Barbarity, American Bullying, American Censorship, American Lies and American Wickedness are good things! Now US Neanderthals talk about two options: (1) War with Iran! (2) Peace with Mullahs (ie Love with Mullahs) !! American Neanderthals think they can defend their puppet dictators (Mullahs/ Arabs) in such a silly way. But Iranians just laugh and say: Fuck America, Fuck American options! Now even US idiots say: the Voice of America is actually the Voice of Ayatollah! (2015) or Do we (want to) make Iran’s people our enemies, and the Mad Mullahs (Islamists/ Savage Arabs) our friends?! or How America loses 80,000,000 Friends in Iran! (2015) In and after 2009, all Iranians could see that the Voice of America is the Voice of Assholes. The Voice of America is actually the Voice of Neanderthals. What the Fucking America did in 2009 and all these years were so shameful. Now even the US media say: ‘Iranians loudly chanted on the streets of Iran in 2009 uprising and asked the (Fucking America) to support them, not the Islamist dictators. But what did the (Fucking America) do?’ ! (March 2015) In these years, America openly defends Mujadeh (MEK/ NCRI), Mullah & Monarchist, and attack Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights and Iran’s Rights. Now America is the main Enemy of Democracy, Freedom and Human rights. Now they openly confess: Problem is Iran, not the Mullahs or the Shah‘ !! (March 2015) It’s a good confession. Their Problem is Iran and Iran’s people, not the Mullahs and other stooges of the West. Now they openly say that Iran should not be a free, strong and independent country! (March 2015) Now they openly crap about Iran’s Power or Iran’s influence across the Middle East! (March 2015) They love Mullahs, but hate Iran. American Neanderthals say: Iran’s influence has spread, and we are concerned about it !! (March 2015) American Barbarians openly say that they are enemies of Persian people, Persian values, Persian culture and Persian civilization. With Iranian blood on its hands, the United States of Animals (USA) openly & shamelessly supports NCRI/ MEK, ie the Islamist-Marxist Terrorists, the Worst of the Worst. The United States of Assholes (USA) openly refer to Savage Arabs & Savage Saudis as the USs Arab allies! This is the Fucking America! American Circus, American Farce, or the stupid Media Circus in the US can only fool Neanderthals and Mind-controlled slaves. Who can forget the 2009 CIA Coup, and what happened in 2009? Who can forget the IMF Plans, the Anti-Iran Sanctions, the Anti-Iran Sadism/ Bullying, the love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan’, and other Historic events in these years? Who can forget what happened in the 1970s? The story of the nuclear issue in the Pahlavi era, or the US-Shah nuclear negotiations from 1974 to 1978 is so important and so informative. American Neanderthals cannot hide the truths for ever. American Neanderthals or CIA agents like Leveretts, Chomsky, Brzizenski, Sick, Gareth Porter and US Senators can only fool Retarded Neanderthals. Neanderthals don’t ask themselves: Iranian people did rise against the Tyranny in 2009, but why did the US, the UK and the EU support Mullahs and Islamic Tyranny?! Iranian people did rise against this Tyranny in 2009, but what did the Left and the West do at that time?!”. They also add: “Mullahs lick the West’s ass, but Iranians say to the Fucking UK, US and EU: ‘You should answer to our inspectors questions about your nukes, your crimes against humanity and your evil acts in the past 200 years, and many other things’. Neanderthals have low IQs. But any sane person knows Why and How the UK and the US created ISIS/ ISIL and other Islamists. Many even know that Mullahs and Great Satan are Masonic Brothers. Brother Hussein (Obama) and Brother Hassan (Rouhani) are revealing many things. The Ayatollah Monkey (Obama) says: the Nuclear Turkmanchai is the Best opportunity for (open) relationship between Mad Mullahs and Great Satan !! (March 2015) But Iranians just laugh and say: Fuck America, Death to Ayatollah Great Satan! We will never forget and forgive your 2009 CIA Coup; we will never forget and forgive your American Sadism/ Barbarism & your Anti-Iran Evil acts. American retards don’t know why all Iranians say: Fuck America, Fuck Obama. But now even Canadian idiots and Western idiots know obvious things, and say: ‘(Payback time is near) One day, in the near future, the Iranian people will live free from Tyranny and Oppression … (Good Guys) join with Iranians in seeking the Return of Spring to Iran and the World …’ (March 2015) Canadian Neanderthals -who lick the UK ass or the US ass, and support MEK (Marxist-Islamist Terrorists) Monarchists and other Evil forces- are very Bad guys. But Good guys in Canada, America, Europe and all around the world join with Iranians in seeking the Return of Spring. They hate the West’s Evil Empire, and want a better world – which is free from Tyranny, Oppression, Sadism, Bullying & Barbarity “.


As some wise Iranians say: “All Americans are not idiots. The good Americans are like Iranians. They care about Truth, Logic and other good things. Even American comments in American websites (reddit etc) can show you many things. They say, for instance: ‘I’m American, but I hate America .. America is the most selfish, inconsiderate, lazy, greedy, and Hypocritical nations on Earth .. America is just one Giant Hypocrisy’. The good Americans are not blind. Their voices are censored, because they talk about Obama’s war on whistleblowers, Obama’s war on Democracy, America’s war on Freedom, America’s war on Basic Rights etc. We, Iranians, don’t know the exact rate / number of good Americans. Their voices are often censored or boycotted. But we know that they exist. We, Iranians, don’t say that America = Obama, or America = American Neanderthals. But US media and US officials -including US Senators & other US Neanderthals- hurt all Iranians, bully all Iranians, threaten all Iranians, and crap about all Iranians. We know that the good Americans say: America is Racist; America is Sadist. The good Americans talk about many good things. For instance, if you google/ search for ‘American retards, American idiots’, you can find many things that are written by Americans – including: What make Americans Retarded, How They Make America Retarded, Americans Are Functionally Retarded, America is the Land of Idiots, America is the Land of Retards etc. The good Americans talk about such things. If you google for ‘American idiots American retards’, you can find many things. The good Americans even say: ‘US adults are dumber than the average human .. (many) Americans are retards or heartless bastards .. Americans can’t even get a SIMPLE thing right’. They talk about American Idiocy and American Sheeple. The good Americans are normal humans, but the American Neanderthals have the brain of a retarded pig. If you ask: Who are American Neanderthals? The answer is clear: US Senators, US politicians and US journalists (shits like Thomas Friedman of the New York Times) US media whores and US politicians are American Neanderthals; and those Americans who see these Neanderthals as their leaders/ intellects are American Neanderthals, too”. They also add: “US media force Iranians to ask: ‘Do only Neanderthals live in the US ?! Why American Neanderthals rule the US, and convert the US into the United States of Neanderthals? Why do American Barbarians and American Neanderthals control the media, the government and almost everything in the US? Unfortunately, the voices of the good Americans are often censored. Of course the US is a little better than the UK. If you google for ‘American idiots American retards’, you still can find many things. But the British Censorship is so ridiculous. British Barbarians are worse than American Neanderthals. If you google/ search for ‘British Barbarians’ or ‘Britain is Barbarian’, you find nothing! If you google/ search for ‘Western Barbarians’ or ‘the West is Barbarian’, you can find many things. But if you google/ search for ‘British Barbarians’ or ‘Britain is Barbarian’, or ‘the UK created Islamism’ and other important things about the UK, you find nothing! The UK Masonic Miracles are so ridiculous. The British Censorship is the worst kind of Censorship in history. The British Lie Factory is the worst of the worst. But unfortunately, the US -like Mullahs- suffer from the British-Masonic Syndrome. It’s so shameful that the CFR and US media repeat UK crap, and openly say: the Mad Mullah is a genius because he wants to accept the Nuclear Turkmanchai’ ! (2015) Apparently Americans want all Iranians to refer to the USA as the United States of Assholes (USA), the United States of Animals (USA) or the United States of Ayatollah (USA)!”. They also add: “Mullahs are British Neanderthals. But all Iranians know that the West has no Right to say how many centrifuges Iran can maintain !!, what types of those machines !!, or how much X or Y Iran would be allowed to produce !! If the West says such things, then Iran and Iranians have the Right to say how many centrifuges the West can have, what types of those machines, or how much X or Y the West would be allowed to produce! Neanderthals don’t know the difference between a historic Farce and a Historic opportunity! Mullahs and American officials have the brain of a retarded gnat. But normal humans ask: How Mullahs hope to sell a 10-year freeze/ limitation on their nuclear activity to their country?! (March 2015) It’s obvious why Iranians say to Mullahs: They (ie the West) should dictate how many centrifuges, X or Y you should have?! Is this your fucking Independence?! You Mullahs work for Colonial powers. Mullahs are Masonic puppets of Colonial Powers, aka Colonial Faggots’ ! But American Neanderthals like Tom Freidman (New York Times columnist) have low IQs and say, for instance: ‘Geopolitics is all about leverage [!!], and we are negotiating with Iran without the leverage of a credible threat of force [!!!!]‘ (2015) But according to their own logic, Iran must have Nukes or a credible threat of force !! According to the Logic of American Neanderthals, Iran must have leverage, specially Nuclear Leverage; Iran must have Nukes & other Leverage, and put the American Barbarians in their place; Iran must work on the expansion of Iranian influence across the region and the entire world ! American Neanderthals have low IQs. But Iranians and many other Humans are not as stupid/ retarded as these Americans. Neanderthals praise the Wests crappy influence over the Middle East, but crap about Irans influence over the Middle East. The West and its Neanderthals love the Law of the Jungle. US Neanderthals like Tom Cotton and Republican Senators (ie Republican Neanderthals) openly praise the Law of the Jungle, Bullying, Barbarity and Sadism. US Neanderthals just show you why the good Americans say: ‘America is becoming The Land of Idiots, Retards, and Whores’ ! American Neanderthals such as Obama and US Senators are pigs of low intelligence. As you know, Intelligence is ‘the ability to learn or understand … also: the skilled use of Reason’. According to US experts, America is one of the Low IQ societies. But Iran is one of the High IQ societies. US media and US officials are bad retards. As the wise Americans say: ‘This is why Americans are so retarded. We have idiots representing us’ ! The wise Americans know America’s problems. They know many problems. The wise Americans are like wise people in Iran and the world. We, Iranians, know that Goodness or Wisdom is independent of Race, Religion, Nationality etc. We, Iranians, are not racists. Iran’s people care about all good guys in all around the world. It’s part of our Iranian culture. Iran is the Cradle of Culture and Civilization”.

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