Nowruz: Iran vs Mother of Darkness

“Nowruz, or the New Year Festival in Iran, can remind you of many things including the long history of Iran and Iranian Civilization. Iran, as the world’s oldest country, has had a lot of ups and downs. But it’s important to note that the Enemy of Iranians has always been the Enemy of the Truth and the Enemy of the Good. It’s so important. Iran’s enemies have always been Barbarians and Bad guys. Iran’s enemies were/ are Enemies of Culture, Civilization and Humanity. They created many problems for Iranians and all humans. But they finally went to hell. Iran, the Cradle of Culture and Civilization, could cope with all ups and downs of this long journey. But do you know why? Why all Barbarians and all Evil forces – from the Devil and Western Barbarians to Savage Mongols and Savage Arabs- could not destroy the Land of the Good (Iran/ Persia) and the Home of Human Values (Iran/ Persia)? If you want to know the whys, you should know the Iranian Legacy, the Iranian Values, the Iranian Culture and the Iranian Wisdom. Now even Iran’s enemies confess: ‘Iran was a World Super-power … You can not ignore the Iranian nation that has Grandeur/ Greatness in their DNA‘ ! (March 2015) In fact, even idiots and Iran’s enemies know that Iran’s people are not like the so-called Iran’s regime, which is the worst Anti-Iran regime in history. Now even idiots know that Mullahs and Islamists are not Iranians. The Tazi Regime of Mullahs is the worst Anti-Iranian regime and the worst puppet regime in history. The Devil, the Mother of Darkness, the Savage West and all Barbarians and Bad guys are behind the Masonic Regime of Mullahs. But the Iranian nation can solely fight against all Bad guys, all Barbarians and all Evil forces. And it’s the true meaning of Greatness and Grandeur”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Iran’s enemies have always been the Evil forces, specially Bullies and Barbarians. Iran’s enemies -from the Great Deevs (Devils/ Demons) to the Little Britain and other Barbarians- have always had delusions of grandeur. They didn’t know that Barbarity is not Grandeur. They don’t know that Barbarity, Lying and other Evil/ Barbarian things cannot create Greatness and Grandeur. They even didn’t know why Iranians and all normal humans just laugh at Barbarians, stupid parvenus and little upstarts. British Barbarians and all Western Barbarians are like Mongols. They are uncultured pigs and little parvenus. Barbarians and Bad guys -form Britannia to Mongolia- have the same fate. As the reason and the history show, these barbarous parvenus can only hurt or fool humans for a short period of time. Now you, normal humans in all around the world, hate Barbarians and their values because barbarians and bad guys were a dying breed. Now all normal humans care about our Iranian values. Now our Iranian values are known as Universal values or Human values. Now all normal humans hate Genocide, Sadism, Racism, Barbarity, Savagery, Slavery, inequality, injustice, inhumanity, intolerance and other so-called Jewish values, Tazi values, Western values, British values or Barbarian values. Now all normal humans care about our Iranian values – including Truth, Tolerance, Humanity, Logic, Justice, Equality, Liberty, Kindness, Happiness etc. In fact, Good is alive, and Evil is dying. Nowruz can remind you of such facts, such signs and such hopes. Nowruz or the New Year celebration in the Land of Aryans (Iran) goes back as far as recorded history. Nowruz is the oldest New Year celebration in the world. Nowruz is still alive because the Good and the Hope are still alive and strong”. We have already written about Nowruz (for more info, check Archive for “Nowruz, Norooz: Iranian Legacy vs the West”, “Iranian Gifts to Mankind: Nowruz Ceremonies”, etc) As some wise Iranians say: “now only idiots and mind-controlled salves know nothing about Nowruz, Persia or Persian values. In recent years, normal humans say: ‘What an abundance of symbolism. Ancient Iranians were wise people .. In harmony with rebirth of nature, the Persian New Year (Nowruz) begins on the first day of Spring. The concept of the new year beginning with Spring is so fitting. The world should (bow to the Iranian Wisdom)’ But idiots and mind-controlled slaves still know nothing about the Iranian Legacy. The West still tries to falsify the past and the present, and to distort the Truth. The Savage West -from British Barbarians to Savage Americans- can create problems for a short period of time, a very small part of history. But Barbarians and Bad guys were and are on the wrong side of History. Barbarians were and are a dying breed”. They also add: “Since the ancient time, Iranians knew the ups and downs of the human life. Iranians even said: ‘these ups and downs are worth enduring’. Iranians even said: Barbarians and Bad guys actually help the Good by revealing the true colors of the Evil, the Darkness and all Evil things. If you take a look at the human history, you can understand the Iranian Wisdom better. One day Barbarians were in the majority. One day Genocide, Sadism, Racism, Barbarity, Slavery, Inhumanity, intolerance and other Jewish-British-Barbarian values were part of the daily life in the West and many parts of the world. But now Barbarians are not in the majority. Now Barbarians are forced to pretend that they care about our Iranian values (ie Human values) History can show you many things. Even recent decades and recent years can reveal many things. Just look what happened from the 1979 Nowruz to the 2015 Nowruz. They created the worst puppet regime in Iran’s history. They tried to destroy Iran. They created many problems. But they could not enslave Iranians. Now Iranians are among the most educated and informed people in the world. Now all Iranians (+97%) hate Islamists/ Mullahs and the Mother of Mullahs, ie the Savage West. What happened in recent years, from the 2009 Nowruz to the 2015 Nowruz, were so important. In 2009, most Iranians were not Anti-American or Anti-West. But now all Iranians laugh/ spit at the Ayatollah America, and say: Fuck America, Fuck Islamists, Fuck Britain, Fuck all Western Barbarians. What the Savage West and its stooges did and do just create more and more Awareness and Anger. And it certainly brings a Real Change, a Great Change”. They also add: “In this Iranian year, the Savage West and its stooges (Islamists, Marxists etc) just revealed the secrets of their 2009 Coup and their Evil plans. The story of the Nuclear Turkmanchai is funny and important. The story of the 2014 Referendum was funny and important, too. The Love story of ‘Great Satan and Mad Mullah’ is so informative. Now any sane person can see that Mullahs and Islamists are Masonic puppets of their Great Satan and their Zionist IMF. This year and the 2014 Yalda, like the current 2015 Nowruz (that we will write more about it later) again showed and confirmed that Mullahs/ Islamists are not Iranians. Mullahs/ Islamists are Masons and Savage Arabs/ Jews (= Tazis), and their Tazi/ Masonic Religion is a Satanic Religion. Now it’s clear why the funny Iranians say: Islamists and Mullahs are Sag Mazhab or Sag Massab!, ie the Religion/ Cult of Islamists/ Mullahs is the Religion of Pigs or Religion of Lies. In this Nowruz, like Yalda, all people can see that Islamists/ Mullahs are Sag Mazhab, Sag Father and Enemies of Iran and Iranian Culture. The Cult of Islamists is a Masonic Cult. Their Tazi/ Masonic Religion is the Religion of Lies, the Religion of Sadism, the Religion of Barbarians. Only in the Land of Barbarians (UK) -or in the Masonic/ Jewish Religions of Sadism and Barbarism- liars, crooks, thieves, killers, rapists, sadists, racists and barbarians are called men of god or religious people. All Arab/ Jewish Barbarians including Islamists are the sons of Satan. They worship the Devil. They are really ‘Sag Mazhab’. Even good Arabs, good Jews and good Westerners hate Arab/ Jewish Barbarians. But the Savage West is behind Arab/ Jewish Barbarians and other Anti-Iran Barbarians. The West loves and supports Anti-Iran Mullahs, because Mullahs are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian culture. The Savage West helps and supports Islamists (ISIS, Basijis, MEK, Savage Saudis etc) because Islamists are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values. The West is savage, sadist and uncultured. The UK and the West love and support the Fucking Rouhani, while all Iranians (+97%) hate Rouhani and Islamists so much. Any sane person knows what it means. The West is the Mother of Darkness”.


As some wise Iranians: “this Iranian year was an important year. The 2014 Referendum was unprecedented in modern history. Now it’s clear why all Iranians (+97) hate Rouhani and Islamists, and say: Rouhani is worse than Zionists and Saudis; Rouhani is worse than AN (AN = Shit)! In these days, all Iranians ( 97% + 3%) say: Rouhani is worse than AhmadiNejad (AN)! This British Motherfucker (Rouhani) is a little shit (Chalquz) and a little faggot/ puppet. In this year, he badly showed the true colors of himself and his Masonic Masters. Hassan Freemason (Rouhani), like all British stooges, has a very low IQ. Mullahs and Islamists are stupid pigs. ISIS, Basijis, Mullahs and Savage Saudis are the same shit. All of them are slaves of the West, and enemies of Iran. This year revealed many things. The story of ‘Math Nobel Prize’ showed how Iranians can Make History. And the story of ‘Islamic Capitalism, Islamic Westernization’ showed how Islamists serve the interests of the West, and lick the ass of the Savage West. This Iranian year had a lot of lessons. The West’s big lies, the West’s Censorship and the West’s silly games showed that the West and its stooges have badly confused. Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and his Masonic Cabinet are bad retards and bad jokes. In recent days, the Fucking Rouhani and his Masonic ministers say: Iranians eat a lot of chicken. Iranians eat a lot of Fruits. It’s a bad thing. In Iran, eating fruits and vegetables is X times more than the international standards. It’s a bad thing’ ! Can you believe it ?! It’s exactly what they say. They actually say: In Iran, Culture and Civilization is X times more than the West and international standards! So, it’s a bad thing. In Iran, Public Wisdom and Public Awareness is X times more than the West and international standards! But it’s a bad thing! The West and its Rouhanis/ Islamists have badly confused, and that’s why they tell the worst jokes in history. Now it’s clear that Rouhani is a British Agent. Rouhani is a British Freemason, and that’s why he tells the worst anti-Iranian crap, and just licks the asses of the IMF, the UK and other Barbarians and Iran’s enemies. In this Nowruz, Mullahs baldy suffer from Shitty Mourning (Azaa gereftan), while Iranians are happy. Now all Iranians just laugh/ spit at Mullahs/ Islamists. This Nowruz, like the 2014 Yalda and all these years just confirm that Mullahs and Islamists are insane animals, and non-Iranian puppets of the West. Now even their Supreme Leader openly says that Islamists and Mullahs badly suffer from Shitty Mourning (Azaa gereftan) and Shitty Confusion (Goh Gijeh gereftan). All puppet dictators are the same shit, suffer from the same disease, and have the same fate”. They also add: “Just look what US media and UK media say about the love story of ‘Mad Mullah and Great Satan’. Now the UK media have headlines such as: ‘Dear Ayatollah’ ! (March 2015) The masonic CFR and US media openly say: the Mad Mullah is a genius, because he wants to accept the Nuclear Turkmanchai’ ! (March 2015) The West’s bad guys have badly confused. Now they write about ‘Rouhani: Fading Hope’ ! (March 2015) because they know that their Rouhani, their Mullahs and their puppets have no future in Iran. The 2014 Referendum revealed many things. Now Iranians just laugh at the current Media Circus in the US and the West. US Senators and other American animals are like or worse than America’s Arab allies. Now it’s clear why the US regime sees Savage Arabs and Savage Saudis as America’s Arab allies. The Ayatollah America is worse than Savage Arabs. After 2009, many things became clear. In recent years, the Savage West and American Barbarians showed their true colors. And now any sane person can see why the West is the Mother of Darkness, or why the West is the Devil. Now it’s clear that the United States of Assholes (USA) is actually the United States of Animals (USA) or the United States of Ayatollah (USA) Now it’s quite clear why the UK, the US and the IMF created the 2009 CIA Coup. Now any sane person can see why the Ayatollah Great Satan created the 2009 Coup, the 1953 Coup or the 1979 Coup. Now Iranian people ask: ‘Do only Neanderthals live in the US?! Why American Neanderthals rule the US, and convert the US into the United States of Neanderthals?! Now it’s clear that American Barbarians and American Neanderthals control the media, the government and almost everything in the US. It’s so shameful. Now the US is like the UK. Now the UK mass media openly talk about their ‘Dear Ayatollah’ ! (March 2015), their Dear Dictator or their Dear Devil ! British Barbarians are so stupid. In the UK, Barbarians and Neanderthals control everything. But the UK is just a symbol of the Savage West. Now the West’s childish lies, the West’s terrible Censorship and the West’s silly games/ evil acts show that the entire West suffers from Barbarian/ British Syndrome or Masonic Syndrome”. They also add: “when the Savage West openly and shamelessly defends and supports all Evil forces – including Jihadis/ Mujaheds (MEK/ NCRI), Monarchists, Mullahs, Islamists, Marxists, Zionists, Terrorists etc- only whores and retards can love and praise the West. Only Neanderthals can praise the love story of ‘the Devil and the Dictator’ or ‘Mad Mullah and Great Satan’. Now even idiots know or say: the West loves Mullahs; the West helps Mullahs; In the Rouhani era, Internet is Filternet because the West is (the Mother of Darkness and helps Mullahs)’ ! Now it’s quite clear that the White House is the House of Satan. Now American monkeys cannot fool normal humans. The Ayatollah Monkey (Obama) can only fool retards. The Ayatollah Donkey (Chomsky) and the Ayatollah CIA can only fool monkeys and mind-controlled whores. Now it’s obvious why even the 3% say: the Nuclear Turkmanchai or the Mullah Turkmanchai will be equal to Fatehe Nezam or Fetehe Velayat (End of Mullahs)! The Ayatollah Jack Straw or four jerks (Jack-o Javad) can support Mullahs and British stooges. The stupid West can censor all news and all facts. But they cannot hide the facts. They cannot change the fate of their puppet dictators. What the UK and the US do and say in the Fucking Rouhani era is unprecedented in history. What all Iranians say about the Fucking Rouhani, IMF Plans and Rouhani’s Evil acts (Price of bread, Price of telephone, price of electricity, price of gas, price of chicken, price of public transport, price of fruits etc), Rouhani’s Big Lies, Internet Censorship, Evil Firewall and other Evil acts in the Fucking Rouhani era are not hidden facts. But the Ayatollah UK and the Ayatollah USA censor all news in a silly way, and make a historic farce. The Ayatollah UK and the Ayatollah USA actually make all normal humans aware, and encourage them to know more about ‘West and Rouhani: Censorship and Devils Game’. And If most humans know the Devil’s Game, Biblical Barbarism, Jewish Roots of Islamists, Western insanity, British Barbarity, Masonic insanity and other important facts/ truths, then the world will really Change and become a better place”. They also add: “Nowruz and the start of spring and the beginning of a new year can remind you of many things, including Zarathushtra’s birthday. Zarathushtra and Ancient Iranians were wise people. Now even non-Iranian experts say: ‘Ancient Iranians emphasized good conduct, which involved a human life (instead of living like sheep, slaves or animals), no killing and not eating flesh, being kind and friendly, and living in peace with other people … Iranians are considered to be the first real cultured people of human history … Iranian doctrines talked about (two important things): Light, the good; and Darkness, the evil .. In Iran, Light is characterized by knowledge, wisdom and free will, whereas Darkness is ignorant, (insane and inhuman)’. Ancient Iranians cared about Culture, Civilization, Humanity, Truth, Tolerance, Goodness, Wisdom, Joy, Happiness and other good things. But at that time, the West or Europe was officially the Land of Barbarians and Barbarism. At that time, Europeans, Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews) and other Barbarians openly praised Genocide, Sadism, Racism, Intolerance, Barbarity and other Evil things. Their bad guys still praise such evil things. But you should not forget that now many Westerners are good guys and care about our Iranian values, aka Human values. The Iranian Nowruz is celebrated in all parts of Great Iran, including todays Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Turkey Kurdistan etc. But now all normal humans and all good guys in all around the world, who are in the majority, hate Barbarians and Bad guys, and care about the Iranian Values and the Iranian Legacy”.

Happy Nowruz, Happy New Year

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